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 f*jUgg^UX^^  k-xx-  Vol; 10.  Barkeryille^, ^Villiam CJreek^. -. B .0., Saturday,: April 29, 1871:  No; 26  m  TEM G 4;RIB.0-0 &E^-T^ELl8h^1' PYqYe * su^stai^al  benefaction,: we  ^     ���������-*-' ^-*- should"select tbe  wife of a Irish gentleman.  ������������������;���������-. y-Published every .Saturday ?by -^ :  JR;0/B;i it T   ��������������������������� H 6 L L O W i: Y.  ���������������������������:'��������� Subscription,   v..'-   50 Cents per Week.  RATES OF ADVERTISING.  For one sqiiJire (one inch), first insertion,, .-   $3  ' P. X4* [[[���������*'���������/*'' ...%   :������������������:���������    ...orieraoatli,../. -/. 5  For two squares, first.insertion, \, -   J -   -     5  ���������*-.-. /*'       one nionthy-  '-'/--' - y-'-y' S-  Agents for the " Cariboo SentirieU"  Van Winkle,-'" ������������������'-    .  Qiiesnehhnuth,  Sbda-Creel:/-   :.r���������"'������������������  Clinton,    -      X \,  .Tale;/  '.   //'  {  Now Westminster;  Victoria, --1 *���������*.*���������' ���������:-���������'  L. P.-; Fisher,  Hntlson & Menet,'.  ���������  Mr.JyW. '.'It nd hart ~  PPii ByrU/irti^sJKxpress  ,.;. /,. .. Bahiurd' s Express  J-i/t    Barnard's Express  --  -,.      ���������     d0;        "'-,   <!(>.���������  ���������*���������'. ..���������.",.:...'i^{i\n. ^fnrrny ..', v1  :./ :-;:y.TJ fi.' John. Co!Ions  c, -    . -:      San Fri/h Cisco  .���������������������������-.���������-   .   .,, .  New York.  THE  PRINCESS :^ATRini5 <^tND:; THE  /MARQUIS-OF-ELY,        -   /.;  The rumor that the,precedent- of Ihe Princess L ou ise is,'- I Heel y/ to.. ;fi n d j ni i 1 atibh: p h th e  p a r t o f he r y rii in ger :��������� sister^ ��������� m ay Or. tft ay. n o; t  He fiuiKtworiliy ^lijit will' iriORfc -assure<Ily ��������� be  popular. No w a VI a ys th el i n e of d e marca-ti o n.  \) o\ ween p .e pr and com m on er. is "too fai n t to  j11������r.in i ti:' of an yya d yahrta ������ps to... the. -form er.���������  AV I iere th o b i r th of b o th is eq n al, tli. e''irl ist in c-  ftio n; social ly.-^jpajifl^^ far  ,fr.f ni mhrringes.siich as .these/serving' 'fo: se-  Nor wouId the position be unworthy of ber  Royal High ness7 station. There ��������� are- few  names known :to -Garter, Clarehcieux, or  Mo'un tj o yy fo r a m 6 ve distinguished re cord  than th at b o rne b y the y o u ng p ee r to whom  report contracts her; there are not many dp-  mains in . the kingdom more splendid thau  that wherein, with proud humility of title;  Ely Lodge, in Lower Lough Erne, near En-  niskillen, rears its pilastere'd facade. There  are- no fc- very rn any hsfi nor "Co dirts p f Ei i ro pe. in  one of which she could reign with higher state,  and ..d.ign i ty/. vT here is th rough on t Eu ro p e no  people whom her presence copld win to a tenderer love, a truer loyalty. The day that sees  an Ehgliah princess weddcd to ah Jrish genii eman; and establishes as 1 he resident queen  of a resident aristocracy,; that day marks the  d eittMo f Irish d i saffec tio ii. /I t is b u 11 o b e re-  gi'e t ted that the: extreme y pi l.tli of b e r Roy a I  Highness-forbids its, immediate ani icipa tion.  Rut if bSppi Iy",and;ih the fn 1 ness of tijne it  should indeed'dawii,.itjyilj give into her girl's  ban irl / a -i see p tre of rarer, power than Lord  Strathnairh's baton���������the power of compel ling  the chivalrous; affectionate feaJity of a brave  .and'chivalrous people.  attacks of.'Indians,  and. willed it to bis son  elude the;^^  order from father to son, arid at last became  /the proper ty; 6f Heiniich Van.'Schrenbendyke,  a ^ood-natured. stolid.Teuton, whose son Jo-  haurieS) a bright anil lively you lb of sixteen  years, was told to saddle the -horse and ride  to tbe mill with the grist, and hurry back.-^-  T he grist - W as on such 6 ccasio os ��������� p 1 aced in  one end of the bag and a large stone in the  other end to balance it. Johannes having  fliiro.wn^e;..ia^iioTOa^ffbe liorseJs hack.- and  got the gi ist evenly divided, had no need of  the stone to balance it. He ran to his father  and cried: "Oh, father, come arid seel we  don7t need the stqne;any more?'  The, old; gentleman calmly siuveyed the  scene,'aad, with a severely reproachful look,  .said;.-.   -,������������������     ...   . ���������..-...;;- ���������:,.��������� _t, .:;.     ������������������ y"~-. \  " Johannes, your fadder, your grandfadder,  und your great-graadfadder, aU'weat fode  mill with de stone in one end of de pag, und  de grist in de odder. tTnd now you. a mere  poy, sets yourself up to -know more as dey  do. Yoa put de stone in de pag, und never  more let me see such smartness like dat."  y e r fn 1 'va ssa 1 s. th ey rather. r eh der * Her> rferSo n  nnd ��������� dignity familiar to the widesf possible  oi rcl e: o f pVi c i e t y; through, th e, conn tl ess ram ifi-  ���������cations which bind the. ^reat houses-to the  tieople.;. Sri oh is jespep'iall y tb(v oa^wi th ther  ^oiise ^ofi Loftusv ^The^fconnectldni- of this  powerful family with the gentry of the? Pale  ; are-legion^ and sbmeihingo-mqre.> -JFhere are  16-fi ay very few ge nd era erf of s landi n g: in Ir������e-  1 and to.whbm the Marquls.Is not kin, by how-  ever remote a tie.   The Wood of-Old .I)octor  Adanoi L'oftus, .first^Provost' of Trinity .College.'  th an ks to th e prod uciive and patri o ti c energy  ������of each of his seven daughters, flows in the  ^einspf a myriad^Irishmen* /To each pi these.  aii^d evehf to the dependents" of each of these.  rthe union of a, dsughter*of:England with their.  ���������chief would be inexpressibly flattering.   Nor  :could a nobler ^ac^bo^^off^'iig^D^ichito  ���������graft ihe; stock of ? royalfry'^thfen :the race froin  which has sprung;.the iiouse ^f Morningtoii  "ami tbeoaine o^Wellesleyi. and which, had it  'B orn e.'b u t a. si n gl e hero^ were fere yer famous  iq'.English story with the fame of the greatest  -soldier England has eter known. -  y y^al^there:are,broa^ thaii!  these 'upon which ibf ^rGrpodjtoa^H^tobej  comniended.   It seems to oflfer "a guarantee  *that \a; portion <>t her Majestyfs . dominions  1 'hitherto too mu*eh neglected is about! at last  'to be received into the sunshine of royal  favor.   That royal favor means a good deal.  It means a periodical 'court, with the consequent abrogation of absenteeism, and, if it  meant nothing snore, would do, more for the  country than any dos^h Acts-'olF Parliament.  Let the Irish people but'gain the opportunity  of frequently, and. regularly meeting ttieir  landlords face to face/and: nine-tenths'of the-  evfls of which they complain will have vanished. '^e'-inoV^aV-n^'-'mtny'1 study as  this intercourse would compel could not but]  produce a. mutually beneficial effect, and we  long to see it promoted accordingly.'       ���������  It isvthe' Marquis of Ely whom we should j  desire to nominate as Earl Spencer's successor.; while, of all the princesses available for .        ��������� ^  .. j  *��������� s^' ^fi ��������� u *u������  attained.   .U is a sure anil effective remedy.   Sold  the purpose of drawing, after ber across the. Jy ail Drn^ista.  channel a glittering train of. iaahioa which i. Directions accompany each  lAkCKSTBit ;^isi)OM--In Pennsylvania, not  many years .ago, dwelfc the descendants of  Peter Van Sen reu b eri Ay ke, wb 6 had c 1 earn d  his own farm, guarded it care fully from the  NEW ADVERTISBiMENTS.  THE BRITISH COMMBIA:  <List/ of fiette^S  Remaining in BARNARD'S EXPRESS OFFICE, AprW  yy':..;/-. y ':'22,.iS7i;':;//,/",/'^ /y../-"  BUSINESS NOTICES.  The Great Family Medicine of the. Age.  .     THIRTY i'EAHS  Hare elapsed since the introduction of the Bun  Killer to the public, and yet at the present time it is  more popular and commands a larger sale than ever  before. Its popularity is not confined, tu this country  alone y all over the world its' beneficial effects in  curing the " ills that flesh is heir to," arc aclcuowl  edged and appreciated, and as a pain" killkh its fame  is limited to no country, sect uor race. It needs only  to be known to be prized. *  Thirty Years is certainly a long enough time to  prove the efficacy of any medicine, and that the pain  killer is deserving of ail its.propriet.ors claim for it,  is amply proved by the unparalleled popularity4it has  bottle,  spl  Anderson John  Ayn ls;ftic .<��������� _"''-/  Arwing Mr/ /  BriggS'Sainuoli:���������.y ��������� ;';  Baker William.; /���������  Brassey T .//���������// ,v/'  Beschamps E Lonard:  B*akin Michel" Z\  Brown Henry R    ���������  '  Bieavenu Dame Joseph  Carrigau Owenv:  Constable Bell *  Christian Henry  "���������'���������..  Garlin Rodger :      .    ,*.  ChorlcyRobt  ChiBg/'Ge./' ::f   "':/.-:   ���������  Connors Dcnnis;,. ,..,,,....  Corbett Eicliacl'  .Dietz William   .��������� r:  Jpiclcsoa. Charles  Davis Wm 1/  Douglass Daniel    -  Drake John  .'  DinhenonHonour '".-'  Davis John Wx   ������������������/������������������--..  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PpreyHick  Schmidt Julia  Stephen Barnard  Savuccn-DD ;,  Tynon Thos  Thompson Wm J  Varchereau Louis.   >  "Williams Jno R'  Wheeler Mrs Ann  Westhko W"  . WooilTlios  ���������Write H J  Wilson Geo  Wing Pan Ti  JAMES WIGKHAM, Agent.  Slieet and Cast Iron Stoves  A. GILMORE,  GOVERNMENT STREET, VICTORIA, V.I  EAS ON HAND, AND IS CONSTANTLY receiving, ft  large .assortment of CLOTHS, CASSIMBRES  and YESTINGS. -which he is prepared to make to  order in tho most approved styles.  ;8Sr Parties on  William   Creek can  have their  measures taken by Mr AtcCallum, Barkerville.  jfif3- All orders from Cariboo promptly attended to.  jolStf  ALt JOBBING  WORK IN TIN, CbPPERjSheet  ��������� Iron, Zinc and Lead Piping; attend-ed to with  promptness, and .warranted  to give entire   satia  fact on. .,--, .... , ....    ��������� /'��������� .-  Hardware  Iron & Steel  TC  **���������*'  ;FORiSALE/    :p: pp.  PP^ . P  Bafkbrvillb and Quesnelmouth.  v^an yolkeiibiirgli '&.., Go.  Barkerville, Richfield  ���������-AM)���������  E.  A SUPPLY OF THE  BEST QUALITY OF FEESH  ���������  ALWAYS OH HAND.  rn  SYLVESTER'S  sprees  yj*  The Omineca Express will connect with B&rnnrd's  Express at Quesnel mouth and William Creek,- wawi^  parcel and leLters will be received. .  i*w- A General Express busings conduetod.   y  .KUJa-S SYLVESTER.  j8������- a genen  nih^a nam  Tfffi'-q'ABIflOO SENJINEL  1AW. X  SATURDAY, APRIL 29, 1871.  '������������������'���������  THE GOVERNMENT AND CARIBOO.:;  Tbe kind interest felt lathe affairs of Cariboo by the Government has never been better  displayed than hs the action taken on tbe appropriation re������ommb<aded by the Legislative  Council ef$500for our Fire Department. As  will be seen by reference to the copy of the  letter from tbe Colonial Secretary io'reply to  the applies tide from (fee Brigade, which ap-  $������ari/la another tsoluma, " The amoniit asked  tor by thi Fire Brigade was not placed oh  the Estimates: tbe vote of the Legislative  ' "Council "has ho effect, as it was not initiated  by tbe Governmsnt." Then why, if votes of  the Legislative Council have no effect, were  they allowed to go on from day to day losing  ��������� thbe and public money iii voting money -for  *Mi arid dtber purposes'?/and why was not  ilie ampnnt, or a greater; qnflplace^-on the  intimates?   Ia th������ existen^  m Carihfoo to be'totalljrMirnored when  ^rsTehtt'eTs to o������;coi5ected?^ft; would seem,  iu <judge': by past A egislatio n ���������$. du ti es, road  tolls, mining licenseaj^pibrding and laying  <om fees,v grp^nc^reh&, double court Tees;  Everything Th'! we5 shape of money that can 'he  fqueeaeotdirectly or indirectly, is to be taken  from\ihei patient,; jong-sun^riDgCa^poifees^  but when any expenditure is asked for the  district; a his Exceliehcy regrets that tjie jpres-  ���������eSt-position of tbe 'flnances do not permit him  1 to com pi y with The recomm en datibn ot the  'Council" i 1  Now on the Estimates -as press n ted to the Council.we find the sunr of $750  appropriated as aid to the Deluge Co, of Victoria;/;df/ course.; ,y i^Tbe   position .;; 6tX the  ^flr^^lhce8T, aiithoriies this ; \mt we should 1 ike  ts' kfl.ow which has The -best right to any:- such  ��������� ���������P|iropriatibh~Vicwria^or.j5a.riboo't Again,  .another -nice Tittle^ Act /has/been passed for  .tb* benefit of tbe\yictpVia;Fjre Companies^  n?hicb ^provides -fcbatjj* Whereas1 It is expedfen t  ihti.% turtberprpj iJMb& should; be raafo: for the  raising of fuhdsHbr theysupport of the v Fire  Establishments of th e ��������� ci ty of Vi c fcoria. i n ad-  ���������eTtion to the provisions contained is the Fire  ���������Companies' iMA, Ordinance,  1869,"  every  ftJWV pt'i',#n Insurance Company for Victoria  t Bhall ipay,Tn addition to previous rates, au  ���������-- an&mal tax of $ SCO towards the support of the  v'fl re establishineri t;   Now j ��������� th e Ordihan ce ef  HS69 already provides that the / Insurance  Companies shall pay a tax of one-eighth per  ������<mt. upon all insurances effected upon prdp-  r*������rty in Victoria towards the same object, in  .-addition to which there shall be levied anmi-  ^ially a rate not exceeding one-quarter per  cent? upon the value of each building within  Aha ci ty - .1 im i to r Now, supp osiug the value o f  these' bniidiegs in the great commercial city  v4>f Victoria, the emporium of wealth and  capital of the colony, to be only.,two millions  of dollars, the last rate would, produce $5000,  ���������   to say nothing of the taac on Insurance Com-  jmniea, who now are to pay an additional  /direct tax, although their business extends to  ���������effeetihjg insurances in Cariboo and every  other part of the colony.   Is this impartial  legislation ?( If so, we must plead ignorance  ���������of the subject.   And still an appropriation of  ;$750 is made for the assistance of a local fire  .company jti Victoria, and nothing for Cariboo.   To use the mildest terms we can, we  rennet characterize the whole proceedings as  . aatrageous aod contemptible.   The people of  ^<Cariboo are no beggars ; they do not whine  at the gates of administration   askings for  favors to which they ba^e no right.   They  ask merely for common justice.   They are  ^'willing to pay taxes for the support of the  ^Government on a liberal scale, aud wish to  .me every department kept up efficiently ; but  .there is a limit to everything, even to their  forbearance, when they find that after contributing more than their fair quota of expenses  ������fcbe smallest return is denied them.   Let them  ask for what tbey will���������a trifling outlay for  the Fire Brigade, for opening trails through  >the mines, or surveys of the country, the  stereotyped answer is ready, " The present  position of the finances will aot permit,"���������  &o, uor tfe* future either.  tHE ASSAY OFFICE.  We are; happy to say that the business of  the Cariboo Branch Assay Ofiice Sai steadily  increasing! During the first J^ur^nt^  the preseut- year!*, ihe period when the least  gold is being taken ou^. there has been assayed no less than $88,3^5, and the receipts  of tbe office have beeu $435 25, against $297  for the -corresponding period of last year.  This gratifying increase shows the appreciation, now rapidly gaiuing ground among  the miners, of the benefits conferred by this  ofSce, and it is worthy of note that last year  at this time the Bank of British CbTumbia had  all their dust assayed in Cariboo, while now  nearly all the business of both banks is doue  by the Assay office of the-Bank of British  North America at Victoria, which proves  that the increased patrouage is drawn from  the producers direct.  We were disappointed at hot 'seeing the  staff of the Assay office, at least of this branch,  placed on the Civil List Bill! passed by tlie  last Council, but we trust that the ad rainia-  t ratio a which will have the. preparation of  the next Estimates will have the, commoii  sense not to attempt to abolish so useful an  institution from any paltry spirit of fictitious  economy, as the benefit/to the ; community at  large'by -far exceeds any trifling expense  w hich it may cost the conntry, while if the  rev e nue o f the office co ri tin n es to in crease as  it bas been doing lately, it bids fair to be-.  co Die nearly self-supporting.'. We won Id sug  gest to the head of the department tbe propriety of reduciu g the mi hi n ii ai. charge from  $4-for an $800 bar to %2 for $400, cqmmehc-  iog the ordih ary half per cent, rate ; at the  1 atter amp un t���������a c U ange w h ich we t li i n k  would brtHg a material increase of business.  ���������������������������*���������  GENERAL .NBW&  \:  The Confederation Terms passed;Tie Do*  minion - Senate after a sbarp debate,ion 6th.  April,. by a ma j o ri ty of 171, ��������� Al I now ^wanted  is the Queen''s Order in Couh'cil to make us  Canadians^���������Telegrapbic news from Paris is  to 12th April. A; veritab 1 e reign of;terror  prevailed in the city. The Archbishop of  Paris was in prison, having been stripped,  tied to a pillar and scouiged for the/ aninse-  m ent of the rabb le. Theprisor a were fi I led  with prieBts and nuns, arrested as citizen?  styling themselves servants of a person nann d  God. Tbe Church of Notre Dame had been  sacked. 160,000 persons had fled from the  oity in ten days. The insurgents bold the  walls and sp vera! of the Southern forts, but  most of their batteries had been silenced by  the Sre of tbe Government troops, witn whbra  severe fighting has been going on daily. It  was expected that an attempt would be made  immediately to carry the city by assault/in  anticipation of which barricades were erected  and torpedoes arranged in the streets.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS  MANAGER.  SECRKTAKV,  J. Z. HOUGH.  O.N.  MARSHAL.  TH B    C A RIBO O    AMAT1URS  : Wlligive a performance on .  Saturday Eveii'gv April 2 9  On which occasion will be presom������d the ravorito and  . /   lateresting drum* (iu two Acts) entitled  THE  PORTER'S   KNOT.  Captain Onkum,     -      -      -      Jtr H. WcPerm oU  Hamson Burr (;t r������tlro������^Porter),    MJ  S. TbornpHou  Augustus liurr (his *>e>,'     -;.      Mr (4. N.--MiiMlia.il ;  Smoothly Smirk {* Moncy������l>onder), Mr Ed. PeaMony  Stephen .Scatter (a Medicul Studtiiii), Oomn'r Johba  Boh,       .-.', / ���������  -    -      ���������       -      Mr KeilSfiaw;  Mrs Burr,        -      -"     ���������    '������������������'* -v   V\ nn-nco Wilsoa  Al ice (ulcce to Mrs 6.)  -,     -      Mrs S. ?. ParktT    .  Doors open at 7.30; performance to common co at 8  o^clock. Admission, $ I; Reserved S������at?i," $1 60. ���������  Tickets for the Roserved Seats can be obtained of Mr  Marshall, BurcervUle. :'������������������: :���������';.- :.���������/'-*/" v ���������' ��������� ���������  J.  J.   ROBERTSpN      ,  EGS TO' ANNOCKCE THATHK HAS OPENED A  B  AT STANLEY. -  - LIGHTNING!; CRE)EK,  Th e Tahle wll 1 al w;i ya be. pu ppli ed w j th .tho lii est  articles that'ean be got in Can boo, and the Bar with  the/ y ';.. " ". - ������������������ ;/.. -..../' ���������   ��������� "._ "���������     /'���������;,  Finest Wines,   Liquors  and Oigrars;  ap22  Stanley (Mouth tot Chance Creek.) f  April 20 1871.    . y >  Eldorado  Billiard & Dancing Saloon  HPHE PARTNERSHIP HITHERTO KXISTING BE-  :I -tween W. W. Podd s>'nd J. Z. Uou^jh has to-day,  eipiriu, by. limitation/ The business will be carried  on-hereafter by ���������'. / ������������������;;���������;';'.���������. XX -x ������������������ iVi'. '���������'.. p:-'  DOD  5  who hrts purchased the premises, and he^s to thank  his frien* a and thopuidic for the pairftnaK������h������stowed  on the late firm,; u continuanee of. which he will  tlways use his best endeavors to merit.  NO UQBORS OR CIGARS  Are kept in the Bar  THAT CAN BE PROCURED IN CARIBOO.  Barkerville, April 19tb, 1871.' ap22 '  MISCELLANEOUS.  To Miners and others re-  qmring M^  R. CARSALL harinjr stated in the Logislative  Council that the Foundry'in Victoria wis not or  sufficient capacity io manufacture .the machinery  required by the tane & KurVs Co.; and In ordtr thai  the public may not be misled by such statement?,  aud in Justice to ourselves^ we have to state that uyj  Foundry, with the present Tools, can man u la ci ure  Machinery of TEN TIMES the capacity of; the machinery Imported by the Lane & Kurt* Company, aad  as Cheaply as It can be imported from San Francisco.  SPRATT & IRVING,  Albion Irbn Works.  Victoria, B.C., Januarys*. mb26 lm  Dissolution of Partnersliip  THS BUSINESS HERETOFORE CARRIED ON AT  Barkerville between T. de Nouvlon abd David  Kuns, under the name of 1)b NOUVION k KURTZ,  is thU day duaolvod by tiiututd couaent, David Kurtz  having purchased the interest of T. de Nouvioa  tlnrrelu. ���������     ../'"/  Duvid Kurtt will collect all debts due to tke firm  and pay all liabilities ol' the same"      /    ,  T. J>E NOTJVION,  DAVID KURTZ.  Barkers ille, March 2?, 18ft/ apl lm  ������/ Qi BYRNES, Sheriff of this District; baa oar  Power ol' Attorney lor tho cn|lection ol all notts  uii-1 acuc'Unts uuc us.' All pernoak,  thtreloro, indebted w iiia unatTsigned will please nav him.  JAMEci H   KliKR & frOK.  Barkertille, April 1, 1871.   , apl Ma  NOTICE.  BOX OF CI^OTHINO AND OTHER ARTICLK3  buving been left at the Court House, it ich 11 lo,  in the year 180S, marked on the outside J. MUKK13,  notice ia nert*oy given that unless tlie said J /Morrw  or Ms authorUo i agent shall el tiui tile same i-n or  bei'urd.the 30th day oi APiUL, 1871, the same W������U|bJ  sold by Public Auction.  t.-'- y .-' ;  H/M. BAI.L..'^ ���������.  Stipendiary Magiiitrue..  Bichaeld, B.C., March 30, 11*71. :^ apV lih  Dissolxition of Partnersliip  ffHE FIBM OF WEICH k LATHAM IS TUlii DA If  X   -ofewolved t������y muiuur cwnsvni.      r  ;  ���������   AU  UebU   will   bo  Collectod aud   paid, by   Wm.  Welch: ,,.-���������  wxl< wklch: ���������  //./:���������;/. thos. latham.  Qttesnflmouth, .'April 10,18"1. .*&&������ lm  Ret0rned���������Wp are glad to see a number  of our old Caribooitee returning. Among tbe  last arrivals we n������tice our friend Mr William  Stephenson, accompanied by his bride; Mr  Henry Coulter ; 'Mr *M. Chambers, of Lightning .creek, who has been on a visit to Ireland ; aud Mr Lewis Wintrip, who has been  to England, and if now accompanied by bis  brother. A good many -claim-owners on the  dififerent creeks in this vicinity, who have  been wintering at Victoria and other places  in the oolony, have also returned.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  Grerow& Johnson's Stages  WILL LEAVE BARKERVILLE EVERT WEEK,  connecting with tbe Steamers at Quesnel-  mow th and Yale, with H.M. MAIL, EXPRESS and  Passengers  FOR YALE & INTERMEDIATE PLACES.  QEROW   aTloHNSON'S  Express and Stag������ Line  CARRIES  Setters, treasure, valuables,  express freight and passengers  AT    REDUCED    RATJES.  Express Line of Stages.  rpHE COACHES OF THIS LINE ARE NOW making  REGULAR WEEKLY TRIPS,  Carrying Barnard's Express, Passengers and Freight,  making close connections with Steamers at each end.  BARNARD'S  ILL leave Barkerville on or about tbe 12th inst.,  j������nd wftl:remain a few days at the MOUTH OF  QUE������N������LLJC to give pur ties acbtmce of having thtir  Tueth attended to betore leaving for Omineca.  Bttrkerville, B.O., Aprils, 1871. ���������  Lightning Creee.  AND TRADERS will flndJ it to their ad  Vantage to purchase at this Store, where there I  3  la connection with WELLS, FARGO & CO., forwards  FREIGHT, PACKAGES- PARCELS, LETTERS,  TREASURE, COLLECTIONS, COMMISSIONS,  And transacts General Express bnslnesB with Pane-  - tuality and dispatch.  apI5 F. J. BARNARD.  COMMISSION, STORAGE,  AND  or the very best description on band, a1 tod the Steck  constantlyreplenisbedby new arrivals. The propria.  tore will soil Goods  AS CHEAP AS ANY Of CARIBOO.  OrdersprompUyailed tend forwarded with dispatch  BEEDY & MNDHARB,  Van Winkle, Proprte %&n  General Agency P  ap!5tf  JAMES   WICKHAM,  Barkerville.  Collections, Commissions and General Express  business done with punctuality and dispatch.  AST Office ol the C>riboo Agency at  WH OAVIO KURTZ'S STORE,  Hp29 Barkerville.  SAWNEY'S   LETTERS  ANP  C A R f B O O    RHYME������  BT JAMES ANDERSON,  PRICE,       ."    ���������      -        ONE DOLLAR  Fey sale at the gRMTtfia ������See   and forward** fey  p.OKtt fret of charge  HE  UNDERSIGNED  BEGS   TO   WFOBM  frieudsan d th e public ,that he bis fitted up so^e  in bis new bnildlsg, where be is prepared to give  good Beets at a reasonable price. Those who will  favor htm with their patronage, may depend on the  cleanness and comfor t ol his house.  He takes also this opportunity to remind the Carl*  booites that hie Brewery hag received tho FIRST  PRIZE of the Colony for hlBCOlebrat&d  And tbe true amateurs wiUbc able to judge by tbem  selves that sunn honorable prise has bees jestly  awarded to him.  N. B, ���������A large fro&t?oom to hat, ���������~,-A  Burkef7illa������5ft������, tt% 1A6&. 1?. 9W^  ^y  M  mi  ��������� &&':
1 -
"".    SATURDAY/APRIL 29. 1871.
' //.'vriLUAMCRKKK./i'������/.���'   :.
The claims be t ween the canyon and Cameronton can do little now till after the spring
freshet, or ti 11 tlie creek clear? Itself a, channel, a^th* surface water, which is now increasing, percolates and gets lost In the enow,
finally tn akin fir its way through old cave's into
the bedrock drain. /*
: The' Barker 66.1 a st week wa sh ed 32 oz.. but
have been obliged to stop. The Romance of
tlie West co. have also been stopped; The
Ballarnt co; did not work full time last week;
they washed 40 o%.
STOUT'S GULCH.     /   '.,':' \
The Golden Hope, co., at the month of the
gulch, are fixing and re-blocking their flu mo
��� preparatory-to'-ground sluicing as soon aa tbe
water rises.
The Brown ce. last week washed 57 oz.
GROUSE CftKSKy '/,;/ '
The Talisman co. have1 no.tr been working
full time, being engaged'' in buildinsf ��� houses
and fixing up. This week I hey are getting
prune coarse gold���one piece weighed about
$40. y/-.p:yxXry..yX''iyXlXPiPyypp i-yp
PyX" ../���/ BKGGS^ oclch. . .
There are about 20 men oh this gulch, usually making good wages. :
;    AKTI.KK CnKKK.        ;*....,' ;*"*'���
A good many men have started for Antler
to make preparations for the summer's work.
,     /      HAHVKT CKKKK, P
This creek 1 ooks well fo r the next �� ^asori.
The M i n n eh a lm c< ��. a re now pet t i n g som e very
pood pay/ I1 he Manitoba co. are still ninn
I h 2: a h ead w i i h th eir t u n nei. The New Po -
minion co. ��re making goad progress with
tlieir,tunnel/^-- &:Px "    "���- \'PP
['���:.. r WGHTNlNO CREKK.
The /J%htning co. last week washed 104
o?. i The Spruce co. .washed 78 o%. The
Booth Wall's co. cannot get to work fairly, till
t.hi*. water increases. The -Vancouver co.V
thinkingthey were too low in their bedrock
driv��*. -rawed in tlie rock and struck gravel
ehi* ,w��fk��/ ThHr. belt has .broken, however.
brid they have,had to stop in-consequence for
repuirs. ���'. :y    .. '������ '"'-V p'":' \y'       ?r .'
Porter co.���April o���Recorded in favor of
A Porter and J. portman, two hill claims on
ri^ht hank, commencing at mouth of Porter
tunnel and running up stream 200 feet, s
Porter co. (Water)���April TT���Recorded in
favor of Porter co.. 40 inches of water, to be
taken about GQ0 feet.above Porter tunnel.
Tie Ley co.���April 6���Recorded !n favor
<it Ah Tan. Ah Wing, Ah Low. lo trust for
Tie Loy co.. the ''O'Neill ground of three hill
claims: and Ah You, Ah Teung, Ah Loy.
three bill claims, commencing at upper lioe
of same, all to form one co.
Tie Loy c<x���(Water)���April 17���Recorded
in favor of Tie Loy co.. 50 inches waters to be
taken about 900 feet above Tie Loy co.'s upper, line.   '
lff��26tu April���Recorded in favor of B. Gallagher, one hill claim on right aide, about 800
feet from Antler creek.
Lightning co.���April 4���Recorded in favor
of John Gannon. Peter Glendianmg, 150 feet
of ground, commencing at lower line of Aurora co. and running down to tipper line of
jjightning co.; to form part o flatter.
West of England co,���April 17���Recorded
in favor of Jas. Job. Thos. Job, Richard
Wright, Charles Towns. Wm, Bailey, Thomas
Taylor Hugh Phillips, Thomas Bell, William
Treleese, John Tregonning, each one interest
Gladstone co.���20tb April���Recorded fn
favor of M. Bray, H. P. Or ton, John Hill, Jos.
HolmeSj Ralph Watson, Jas. Dodd, Thomas
Aikenhead, Henry Lucas, Charles Wilson,
each one interest; James Bell, J.D.Paris,
Robt Hill, Thos Burton, G, Veiatti, T. Lavery^
*ach half-interest.   Re-record.
erteon, Robt Magirl, J. C. McMillart, each one
Interest;   W. Clark, H. Collins, F. McBrien,
each three-quarter interest; Geo. Byrnes, A* 00 a sjj0rf; 7i8ft to California when he was so
Townsend, J. Johnston, M. Connolly, and D.
Burns, each half-interest; Johu BlacK, ono-
quarter-iaterest.   Re-record.
Clark and Costello co,���21st April���Re-
corded in favor of Geo Byrnes, Thos Elwyn,
J. S. Thompson, A.Johnston, RobtLipsett, B.
Kurtas, 6 hill claims on left side, adjoining
upper line of Clark and Costello co.'s hill
claims, running up stream; io form part of
toar of
Jones, James Lewis, David Edwards, Edward
Blaekwell, eaeb 2 interests; Evan Phillips,
A.Pendoia, John'Williams, Lewis Wintrip,
Thos. Allen, eaeh 1 interest.
BURNS CHEEK.        /
Bjythe co,���22d April���Recorded In favor
of John Blythe, Wm Haiightbn, Geo Kendall,
Johu Smith j 4 creek claims.
'"/'���;.'���; CONKLTW GULOH.
New London co.���27th April���Recorded
in favor of, James Heal, 1 bill;claim, commencing about 4 feet above said co.'s tunnel,
fte-reccrd; '..;. ''-,
P;X',.-. CROTHBR's GULCH/ t ;   .
Discovery co.-- 17thXApril���Secorded in
favor of j Jos. Crothers, Joseph Rawley, Wm.
Simpson, Rubt. McDerruott, 4 hill claims on
left side, commencing about 100 feet from
mouth at .Peter's creek, running up stream
17tb April-i-Recorded in favor ot Thomas
Brydges, 1 claim on left side, commencing at
lower line of Discovery co., running down
, 24th April���^Recorded in favor of Geo. Me-
Leod, 1 bench claim, commencing at lower
line of Grey cc%, running down Btream.      j
���     :;'';,'': JACK-' OP ��� CLCB8 CREE&\; X
Two Brothers Go.-���25th Aprils���Recorded
in favor of B.Deffis, Jas. Wickbana, T. R. Pat-
1 u 116,; Al ex. Sha rp; I. Op p iin h ei'merV B. Van
TolkenburghvL Van Volkenburgh, Jonathan
Null, .8 bill claims, commencing at lower line
of Two Sisters co., and running down stream,
and eight creek claims, commencing at the
lower side line of /the hill claims, running
downstream, 300 feet ih width/
Two Sisters;Co.���26th Apri 1���Recorded in
favor of Robert Lipsett and Edwd! Lenning;
two creek claims, commencing at upper line
oi" Two Sisters co. creek claim ; to form part
of the same. / /   XXX- -;
X: i 8NOW8HOE CREEK;!       -     ;
/' 24th April��� Recorded in I favor; of; William
Luce, 1 bill claim on nortb bank of east
branch of Little Snowshoe creek, commencing 10 feet below inoutb of pre-eraptor's pres-
e at tu n nei, running up aI ream 200 fee t^-dis-
cbvery claim, j,'
Ong Lee co.���24th April���Recorded iii
favor of Ong- Lee and Kay v.Wow,f 2 bench
claims on right bank, adjoining lower line oP
Ah Hong co.. about one mile above Mitchell's
bridge. yPy:-''-.
/::'/^;-.:'/.'-.-;8UGAR.CRBEK.P /'���
Hamilton co. (Water)���27th April���Recorded in favor of Ab Tong, 50 inches water,
to be takeu in Hamilton co.'s ditch; re-
r��cord.    ���"   ������   y ������      '"���"'..'.-
At Richfield, from 1st to 21st April, 1871,
taken at 9 a.m. each day. showing the highest and lowest range tor the preceding 24
hours :
April 1, 45
2, 47
5, 48
5, 52
���, 46
7, 46
8, 52
9, 46
10, 46
11, 47
IS, 5fr~-����ta*.-v*
, v���4.^,,.
13, 42
14, 43
15, 46
16P 48
17, 51
, 9 :
18, 60
19, 48
20, 47
21, 49
.(ftBiTCART���We regret to learn that a telegram has been received from San Francisco
announcing th�� death of Mr Edward Tormey,
aa old and well known Caribooite. Mr Tor-
mey was one of the first settlers in this district
and amassed a considerable fortune in early
days, since which time he has been exten-
^CUrk and Costello co. (Amalgamated)-! d ln the butchering and cattle-
21st April���Recorded in favor of J. J, Rob-��.Bl"*J cwfc * ���** ��
raising business, and for some years owned
the 150-mile house and ranch.   He had gone
suddenly cut off.
Hudson Bat Co.���Mr R. Finlayson and
Mr jr. M. Wark, of the H.B.C., left for Quesnel
oft Tuesday morning.   Mr Finlayson goes on
a tour of inspection to Stewart's Lake, and
Mr Wark, we understand, to Victoria.   The
latter gentleman has been favorably known
as the Company's agent since their first es-
Srr^Z��r��.*   Jijf   *   I UblieWng* store in Barkerville.   Heisauc-
eo.���21st  April���Recorded   in  "*./:������ .    xg  &*-& n~
O. Jones, S Interests j Joha c^d^d rn the tgmy by Mr Hugh Roos,
Chitrch Institute Extbrtainjient. ���^ The
Concert and Magic Lantern exhibition given
oil Saturday evening last for the benefit of
the Church Institute Band was very well attended and gave universal satisfaction. The
Band performed very well, and give evident
proof of steady improvement. The selections
of Welsh and Scotch melodies were/particu
Tarty admired. ; Mr .ElSer/s;:cornet /solo of
melodies from La Traviata was exceedingly
well executed and received much applause.
The quartette for stringed instruments by
Rev Mr Reynard, Messrs. Scot, Elder and
Po.weili was very sweetly and tastefully rendered, and presented a new feature in the
musical performances of the Institute. The
vocal portion of the entertainment afforded
much pleasure to the audience, and was in
every way deserving of praise. The choruses
by the choir, accompanied by the band, were
as usual well sung and bad evidently been
carefully studied. The quartette, " The Minstrel Boy,7' by Mrs Brown, Messrs. Powell,
Price and Spruce, was sweetly sung and received* much appla'use. The/ glee, " The
Witches," from Macbeth. by Rev.Mr Reynard,
Messrs. Powell and Price? was exquisitely
rendered in a style which would have been
worthy of credit on any stage. A.regular
'ovation greeted Mrs Brown on, her comibg
forward to sing the ballad '6:Bonnie; Nellie
Brown/' Mrs B. has not sung in public for a
long time, and the reception extended to her
on this occasion showed the appreciation in
which she is held and the gratiflcation felt on
seeing her once more on the boards. The
ballad was charmingly sung and'Teceived- a
well merited encore, which was responded
by Mrs Brown singing a portion of the song
again. The ballad " Good by, Sweetheart^'
by Rev, Mr Reynard, was very sweetly and
correctly; sung and -loudly applauded.'/ Mr
Gomar Johns, a new aspirant for public favor
as a vocalist, made his debut with the ballad,
't Hove the free," which he sung in capital
style and Received a^rapturous/encore. The
magi c 1 an tern pictures, ill list rati ve of scenery
from the coast ot Eng 1 an d to the Holy Larid,
were very pretty and afforded-the;musicians
a little breathing spell to recruit their breath
between pieces.^; Mr Bey hard accorapaniei
the singers on the piano iu his usual masterly
sty lei The evening's entertainment concluded
with.the National Anthem by the band* y'"; X
yABORTrvjff Meetings���It having been announced that a series of monster meetings in
opposition to the Civil List Bill lately passed
would be held "from Dao to Beersheba,"
from Victoria to CJariboo, Messrs. Humphreys
and Kay started to carry out the programme
of the agitators. Their first attempt was at
New Westminster, where the meeting was
postponed sine die on account of the requisite
notice not having been given by the President of the Municipal Council. They next
tried Yale, where another fizzle ensued, and
then they started for Lillooet. That they will
carry out their design and come to Cariboo
is very doubtful. The people hew have
something else to do besides troubling their
heads about such nonsense.        . y
Tha Weather continues cold and backward. We have had one or two fine days;
but the nights have been cold and we have
had some pretty heavy snow during the week.
Yesterday it commenced to rain a little, but
though the snow is settling there is little apparent diminution, nor has the creek water
increased any. Below Van winkle travelling
is bad, the snow being very soft, but between
William and Lightning creeks the sleighing
is still good. Altogether we consider the
season is fully two or three weeks later than
usual in spite ot the winter having been
milder than ordinary, and when once the
weather sets ia warm we may look for a
heavy freshet
For Omineca���Up to 21st April, tbe following boats and canoes had left Quesnel for
the new mines:���Boats���J. Jenkins and 12
men ; Jackson and .11 men; Wadley and 11
men; Mclntyre and 7 men; Lovell and 6
men ; Allard and 6 men. Canoes���Oscar and
4 men; Anderson and 4 men ; Archdale and
5 men ; Glendeauin and 5 men; McDawas
ind 5 men ; Graten and 5 men; Abbott and
5 men ; Ritchie and 4 men.
William Creek Firs Brigade���When the
Brigade recen tly ordered a.new hose carriage,
which is an absolute and ess^nu"at;wint, aa
application' was made to his Excellency the
Governor through^bur Stipend
trzte; ELM:Ball, Esq^lolr the grant of *^0O
which was passed by^the Legislative Council
at its last session, bn^ repre
sehtatire, Hon/ Dr. Carrall ;��� buiTusteid of
receiving the much-needed funds; tb�� Secretary has been favored with a cbj>y-of the fol*
lowingcommunication from the^OolohlaiaieoV
retary ..to Mr-Bali-: -. ���;,        ;;;\;���/. --,.'/-,
������>'-,?X.X. .��,. /Colonial Secretary's Office, J .
fx'ip '"y-Xyp /''i3th:Apriuig7^;;;:;. f
.Sir,���I have the honor to acknowledge the
receiptof your letter of 10th March/enclosing
an application from tb# Secretary of the William Creek Fire Brigade for a siim of $5ftQ iu
aid of the Brigade.
In reply, I am to acquaint you that the
amount asked for by the Fire Brigade was
not placed upon the Estimates: the vote of
the Legislative Council has no j effect, as it
was hot injtiated by, tbe - Gbvernment j and
bis Excellency regrets that the present position o f the fl nances do ho t pe rmi fc! him toT com *
ply with the recommendation of the CounciL
..:���;������.    ihave^&c,,/a j?HiM^j;.;HAXRiy;
X.yX'ii'P-p.. iXp9\opM^orpfAirjy'':
: .ExiSbsb^Movements���Barnard^,, and John-
bob ���& Gerow's expresses, theTatteir with tbe
mail, arrived o& Saturday"[ afternoon last,
bringingiVictcria dates ;to^H
R. Finlayson, H;BlG., H/ Murray, Bank of B*
N.A., Ui Wolff and W,.Hoffman came as pas-
sen gers by Barn ard's express ; and Sir and
Mrs W. Stephensort/ Mr 1. Coul ter,, .Mr
j. Stephenson- and Mrai "Alber^yby . Johnson 's. Bo th ex'gresies left oh; Su nday. Miss
E. Ebbetts went passenger by Johnson'* ex*
1 press. An ejetra stage of Barnard7k ^arrived
ion Wednesday eveningi with Messrs;;'L.jWln-
trip1; andybrother;: A. McPbers^*n\;.:Wi',^orTisi
and;D. Mil Is;: The expresses may be expected
to arrive to-day. r ������.���^������^'������K',r---'*^
,.,    tr   tr ���,.   ,;   f.*,;,.. j ... \".   r X, .���-X   '    v   '   j-    y
, QuES2^LMpUTff: NB^-^Mr;G..B: Wright bae
succeeded V in getting the Enterprise safely
through the Cottonwood canyon. .^ A number
of freight bonis are waitingjfpr goods to/ar^
rive to load for Omiqeca. The;Hudson Bay
Co. !s boats, fro m Ste war ^s I ake h a ve a rrfved ;'-
The Victoria;is making two. trips a week from
Soda creek. By telegraph weTearn; that the
Srst ot Barnard & Beedy's road, steamers left
Yale on Tuesday, the trial trips made at Yale
having proved successful. A very large
amount of freight for the upper country is
awaiting shipment at New Westminster. Both
stages left Yale rn Monday morning.
Precautions against Fire���We notice that
Mr W. W. Dodd is taking: a very prudent step
towards protecting his building from flref
whichywe wou Id recommend to our bouse-
holders in general for adoption, especially as
it can be done very cheaply^ The plan consists of laying a narrow platform along the
ridge,of the roof, on which it is intended to
keep barrets fil 1 ed wi th wa ter, and as the
greatest risk of fire is irora stove-pipes igniting the roof, a few barrels of water conveniently placed might be of inestimable
Theatre Royal���Don't forget the amateur
performance at the Theatre to-night, when the
celebrated, interesting and pathetio drama ot
if Tbe Porter's Knot/' in two acts, will b*
Police Court���Monday. April 24,1871���
Charley, an Indian, charged with being drunk
on Saturday evening, was sentenced to two
days' imprisonment with hard labor. Chailey
the Second (another native), charged with
being drunk on Saturday and threatening lo
strike Miss A. Hicknan with a bottle, was
sentenced, for conduct so unbecoming his
royal namesake, to one week's imprisonment
with hard labor, and to be whipped.
Countv Court���Monday, 24th April���
Kwong Lee Co. vs. Yong Lee���Defendant
having failed to pay the amount of rent
awarded at last sitting of Ceurt���$40���and
plaintiffs having produced their books showing that theyt had paid for the house, it was
ordered that the amount be paid by Tuesday
or possession rendered.
Fire at Stout's Gulch���On Wednesday
evening a fire broke out in a cabin belonging
to Mr Solomon Jones, on Stout's gulch, and
totally destroyed the house and all its contents, consisting of clothing, furniture, &c,
Tho QTigia ol the fire ie unknowu.
i. **  HARK TWAIN'S TRIALS < AND   TKIBU-  . vmjrivsfrs *&��������� ���������& *&*%?&&t. a  ^^^yyyy^^^S  &y-m  .*.;  ���������":JI wived j^;New;YOrk ' aifetjf days agpsv,and  ��������� ^ris^netively; l|qok^boms af tbe Asto^ House.^  ..^^ieiinre. Jphpft no���������,money, to?pay fbr^tiera,;  t^gUytfixy, tbin^ oftpajrIf^we are, only; good;?���������  -I^aY^al^|ys,madelt'a..-tulle ip have toe,J>esfe  ^^j^r^bing^ev^n^if J am pbligepYto get  ^t^usted^for it., jTlfe ^sterling; maxim ?rwas.,in-  ^stijled into iny^ind^y.,a Wnd father,; and;  ; v; ^bo shall say .that gr^rbaired^ald man is not  . ..���������^ro\i^Mj^ipx^\i^a boy ?;-,;, if,: ;; .��������� Jt =1,. y r������$ :���������������������������;-,  ���������, :.:BUT��������� THE TIMES��������� ��������� 'A������tffe?&ATO^.--v*y,��������� J>i  ���������MISCELLANEOUS.  MISCELLANEOIJS.  ^IBSip^L.  J3ii*li.'' 'v"'-  tin^^df^h(l'j[t yei^ giflhrilt to make' ooth  , <en ds meet aJnd' lay1 u p. mo ney besidesiy I ba d  ..riBpt been vat' the{As^inore^b8nf^ne;day;  y ;;rwben the^clerk^bro������glrt^e; ?my -SiJL ' ^Isj it  ' ���������'a.:citefonVary;^stiffii'!**'&ppy'Jrj;.tB^;!day ?J-*.j4iV  '^^a^Jn'jjnmj^Qf. y^r ,aiapp,r bexT^tied^  ������k w.l-^j.h������i-^n^,of a stainp do i you take-f me forV  :\.%-f������aid' 'lap" ^pnylpoU \ikpl^  $>'-Tie repliedj^mi^y thin. ;If'ariy^ '"  ;:: ^y-Hvefc' ifronce^du;d slick- like^jibunder.' But we '  v^^pp/.^-prp^s^ this  rjM)iJI,or get outb?;Have-*you'the;money?W  *    ' li^fetitimabie;^  V " $a^^ . IPranklin^ w  SAMUEL  !Ageiit|  19 10NI&DMERT STREET, L SOUTH,  <n-  JiJ  Grand Hotel-Building,  .- ?������������������������������������  P&m^lKCE DECEASES?  ��������� :&  ." -A./''*m. ^,';'--'"-������: ^> '-''j'*' ���������y/^. i'y<^iivyy,,.>.^'f}-...; ^ ���������*���������<:.;  .TTnat eminent physician was atotieiime in the  ':-���������:. ^rydy>ip:yp>i}x\kym\m&>^t^rywtsy^J������ *,<.ficisiiji?  v : -proyerb b,iisiness, and^did a. gopd tb 1 nsr.; r He  1*s^aidy'among  ���������Otneri thing's,   that'���������*<} timei  is  -xvlnoney.y   Now; I Iiavn-t got any money, .but  ;.���������;>.'o us;^Tegafdsrtime;; J\am ln\affluent': circu!iP:  r" sfcarjpesY, and T if you ;wjll receipt ;that Jill; I���������  y >;%5tl:give^ou^a chijae^  o'tliinkv:equivalent; and.throw you in aebuple  ��������� ���������= *&lP&i���������-*������������������* ^fsVfUA- fey- -fe^y^yvy';!y.-.^,,,(.JT> ������������������  v of hours for your trouble/ ": ^;  , -jparM    '.>^ f ���������������<.'& - VX* Z\&l-h&*!*!,*')ity;# Si ������xx , - - :y =''; - J,  , y     HE MADE NO KEPLT,     ��������� T t , w     ,  .   -^n   yK.Ar-,,;,^   v; y t!::.(-v/'>/;   u:yy ^wyyyy..r_;  ;  '*?s"i' ^Vit',rrom^the;fact 61 .a p6rter;coinihffil^up^im-  y^nediately thereafter, Temoying^my^trunk !tb  yy^e, sidewaikt and^u^Hin^^^ I!  ^   anferredthat I wasn't considered a ^financial  ;sudcess. '���������*. ���������      r      .:���������-������������������_ ~,:y.y; iliy^.-p. Xn,n  4 Say, Mister.J said a small boy with a rery  *fwflbhgj Cpaii,^andrcap* with considerable' visbr^  ,. ^ ^^don't'tear yourself away:?;  ' Oh" ydir let." him  7^,tSalone^said ahbther^f bis^Otner^entf6$Wm;^  ^^Oh;''w^rid:thbu^arfc5lc^     "M^yHyy y[p r^  -piU  I-finm^i^tely called a^  . Oiilii^Uo^tak^^nie to" ^cheajj^fiut ^spectable  "OfipieKP'J^  ^''fi^ectable^Fshall; e^^  y 1* >^'Hfe dro w me;'tp^  ���������^^tbldliiml^washinder" ��������� ������������������';v ��������� ' ��������� 'Xtyxxrym i >,y  mvy.  FRANCISfiOi  ti'SXi^P'.yi  y.y^&&vm!iB^$pp  y-'.':   '     ya'.".    Celebrated t'       yv     ...���������"  WORGE-aJiERSHiRE; SAUCE  v^.y......Beclared hy.Connoisseiirstabe : ^;i   :''  r  ^^ THE   ONLY'' G-Obb; SAIJCE.  't.u.:>;;..;.'  'ifi .3*;'^H  SEND lFOR;cteCIlLARS.;  "l" mh25: .   y   .   ,  ���������/;���������* I  ppp  A GREAT.; OBtlGATrONi  ������t., fe him,, and.^;; at;:any;time,;I couldjdo; him Jt;  favbrtI:8bpul<a.f'elel.grieyed if Iie-jdidn/j?jpeaik  to in e" ab ou t it, for my pro u d spirit spurns ian  >������';^obligation:'".'"';:'- '*' '.'"'���������''[*' [s XPXXXX'.yy P'P-y  '-^ 'r ���������"? /'' rflf yon. aon^r=fprk;; "oyer ttiaf ;iripllar,,'said  i '.*.- '-heX- ihere,ll be a funeral in your farmly^'ahd  "��������� -Ifc;won't be yehr^wifeynor ribne of your ihil-  P- ;������reriVI^Kit^m  ^ vWreseningfort^  ^'; handle Of a 'cbntribn^io'n^bos:.1'; Xy L ^  "   t? kHe swore;atm  *";;^aW^^but" of''^.!lrui&^so ;;Je ibursted itr  "��������� ������������������rdj^kiii^ypypy^pyx'\ pp^'P'^'p^ZP] \p, .���������  ,, Xit, ?}lfc j^e cpnten ts of, that trunk 'are forlorn  'valuable, !fbr f cmrry it'fiUed Vithj^JusC  It looks just as respectable, and in anjemer-  gericy bf������tbis'kindis valuable. " ; y;  \I will not say this hackman looked daggers  i; >vat me.  '    Xi-''   :' '''':' '-*'���������''������'"'";."  ^ p   y She 'looked a whole arsenal, ���������--  'with a backroom full of bayonets ; and as be  mounted his .box and drove away the air was  ,fuliy blue with oaths.   He got off string after  _ ^l������tfiBg;witboufe making a single mistake, and  "he: must have had the devilV dieiidriary at  his tongue'i'end. ''" '"���������"���������'"' '    t  Jfc fairly^ curdled my blood tp hear him  swear such awful swears. ���������*  ';���������:'��������� k^I'afteraards'������eard.tbat this backman was  . always .very :wicked.���������and would not go to  Sunday SchopI ^hen he^.was a little boy ; but  '   >vhe;n his mother put on bis cap with a tassel  on it and gave him a ce,n,t;to put in the.con-  . tribution box, he would go off with the other  .   bad boys and pitch pennies." Is it any wonder  that he is a great horrid thing and uses oaths  '  xi'-hcn he swears ?     ;     . "  SODA;:CI^^^i^:^.;>-:^^f^  PPP 1. /\QUESNELLS,'and X: X,.X.-,,: '���������;  i 'BARKERVILLE.  iJfA  ? J. HARPER;:;  . Caution against Fraud .���������The success of this  most, delicious aud-, nhrivnllcd "Condimeut: having  caused certain dealers to apply the name of-" Worcos  tersliire Sauce* * the public ts hereby inl'oririedthat tht  only way to secure the gbnninoj is.to,*  ASK" POiRyLEA^ .&:1 PERR^^ SAUCE;  an d 'to sen th at their mimes arc upon th e wrai'pkr  labklS, stoppkk, and boti'i.e. .. , :  Some oi the foreign markets having been supplied  with a spurious Worcestershire Sauce^ upon the wrapper and labels pi which tho nanres of Lea and Perrins  liayo been! forgted^- L. and"; P."vfeivo notice that, tli'ey  liavo ��������� furnished their; cdrrespondehts:wi'th power oi  attorney to,.  EAOXUHESS  \foBs by which  Ask for. LEA & PERRINSriiSauce^ and see  '.; -Nanie;v on^ y\Vrappfer,l ;Iiabel^ iBottle, and  -Stopper.-/;.' *��������� '. , , I %-��������� -, ���������...'.-'  'Wholesale !ahd; for expbrtTjyit h e proprietors;, w or,  cester; tlrosse: and Black well pLorid on; &c.y &c.:-; and  by Grocers andjOUmeiiiuniversally;.:: yypxp'py p- x  Allow  ii  Restauranfeyand  THE Proprietor, of. thi s^ol^d and.;>ye11-known o stai>-  ��������� li'shmen't ��������� w'duld' respcclifully thank. his;miimcr-  o'iis friends and the public for tlie extensives patronage7  heretoforebostowed on < himV atfd trusts that by V his  usual strict attention to^ vbusincssjto\nqierjt|a cbntin  uance of theirconfidence and support. V y-  v P~  $"i^:j:per-;^eek.'j:';.  :^:NE^yoRKtAugustl5thti8G8,  me; to call your attention to mi  PREPARATION    OF^   GOM^OUND    E^  ^AG^BpOHIL^he;compone^risa  ; Monisyop I^eH  Juniper;Berries, by distillatlbn/tbTorm a fin^  gin- /.Cubehs extracted by displacement wii  spirits obtained Wm Juniper, Berries ��������� ver  litf.le;sugar is used, and a sbiaii proportion  spirii vltis more palatable than any now  use/;';' yp'.X'xXiy  v .PP'"''.:xXX:[     '   "\   :���������  Bnchu. as prepared bylDruggisfs, is' of  dark color; It is a plant that emiis its fri,  grari ce ; tlie ��������� a ctfn n o f. a flame, d es troy s th i  (its active-principle)/ leaving a dark ' an<  glutinous decoction. Mine is the color of h  gredients. Tlie-Buchu in my preparation pr*  dominates ;.tbe smallest quantity of the otiie  in gredients: are added;; to; prevent feirnen th  tion ; upon inspection it will be found not I  b e^ a Tin c ti jre> as m ad e v i n Ph arm a co j j co, n n  is i t; a Syrup~ and therefore -can.be ns*ed ii  c ases. where fe v er; or in flam m a t i on .exist. I  th is, y ou ha ve'tlie knb w 1 ed^e of the iugred  ents aud the mode of preparation.  P[HopingQtb.at j^u will favViiyt.'with a tria  and -thaVupo^^ it will meet wii  ,jppr6batibn.fSirl:   * >,:'. P) '    '  v  ;'Meals, $1.';  Bpard'?  BREAD z MADE .OF ^THE ��������� BESTr FLOUR  yOnr a  With a fee 1 i ng^ b f pro foil nd con fid en ce;  .    ; lam/very^respecti'ully. .  yPXy Pil:yX -:'yt ^B.-T/rHELMfeOLD;  phe'mist and'Druggistof 19 Year's^purienc  (FromHhe largest manufacturing Chemists ij  p.��������� ?��������� iyr.'Pp-P;' the worltt)\������   ;;;:.-*<ip: ������������������ '������������������  [��������� ���������- '���������'"������������������ ���������p'P'y:''y-::NdiyKyinKii 4, ISM.  ���������Kpf I: am a 'cqri ain ted; w i tu-AIr; 'Ii.1 T: l\ elm i> o id I  h e o c c upi ed. th e; Dim i g S to re ��������� o p p o s i t e 'my Ted  deh'ce, a n d w a s ���������! su c cess hi 1 i h c< >' ri d u c ti u % 11,1  busiri'ess ;where^ others; Ira rl not- been eomillj  soy;before; - binuC B; haye;- beeti ���������������������������Favorablyin|  p ressed w i th h i s c h a ra c Ie r a ri < 1 e hr t* r\ rri tw P ,.\  ;..'���������',:. ... p.yy;x; ^VlLLtAit. WI(SjFJTW AN.-  l&f&fTlnh- nf Powers and]Wi'tglSnuuv.Alaiin]  p-xy factiiririgrGhem?sis;,?NiiUh aucl lirowi  vpi:���������;. -StreetsVPhiladelpljia^ '���������;/  I re coinmendto tno; pub lief myy  -w.  "HAVE oeeri requested by severa 1 respectable par-  vitieSj-whocah testify to the efllcacy of my system7  to.^aiuniake.public the factrthat ,  y..,,s....������,j  WILL PREVEOT BALDNESS, ' :X.i':x '/  ��������� X  '��������� ���������' SESTOEE HAIR TJIAT IS BECOMING THIN  y ;/.,!:'; tOB!FALLING OEF^ and effectually .-.������������������  >.;XI..Pyy ..;$P^B.J^BF. OB DANDRUFF.: y .,.  [x Thls.ls nbt a;mere, assertion;cn; my';part;-:as I have  asi my possession numerous testimonials.certifying to  the;success oft my remedy.- '������������������    x "������������������ *���������" I:'"!    '   ���������  " I do not of course prcjten.d that, I caii make the hair  grow on heads which: have been bald', for years ; but  I will guarantee to stop, the hair-; from' falling off, to  increase its growth,' and effectually remove Scurf or  ^Dandruff.   -     ������'x  J ��������� ���������'y ���������'-:;--. (���������*��������� WS J). -MOSES'; :  y]  yy  [:, ���������������������������-���������;,<tryip:x: y---^' Barkerville,-B.G.   ���������  r-ypX py^y^i y CERTIFICATE)��������������������������� : ������������������"yPP - '  f Th is is .to pertify .that: during; -last spri ng V my hai r  was rapidly falling Out. and my head was fast becoming 'orI d,-J when I applied-to. Mr W.: D .MOSES, Ba r b er,  Barkerville, who in a few weeks restored my hair to  its former healthy state   ���������. DAVID GIBBONS.  Barkervillo, Bee. 29,1866. no261m  G/ROUND    COFFEE^   ';  wh iphM s a ^.uch s .upei:ior;arti cl e.t Bah an y wh i ch can  be had from- beioV. _ i /Roast and, Grind;Xtmyseli  and ch6ose'tue best berries, consequently ihe publit  may be sure 61 ttsbbingf ree f rom adulteration, f:...  -!���������X^p&i GOODSON.  '���������^���������i\X :  U\\  ^���������>������.-l;--v: ;  MESSRS. MEAOHAM & NASON are prepared to  furnish Lumber at their sMills, William Creek;  or deliver it to order.  LUMBER DELIVERED lOK LIGHTNING  CREEK;;AT THE SAME RATES AS ON  WILLIAM CREEK.   ;;]   -y 1 ',,  Having a planing Machino/in,operation they'wil  also furnish Dressed Lumber at satisfactory rates.  D   EXTRACT.  For SalOj  Miners' Provision  Store,  .BARKERVILLE.   -.,-.,���������.-  A  T  THIS STORE will always bo-found a well-  selected stock of the ���������'  ���������AT-������  , ;  fFornweakness.arising from indiserpJion. Thi  exhausted- powers of yNaiwye which; ������th m  com p an ied by so ; m a n y a I n' r m i rig; s v n i p i o n������si  among which.wii 1 -be found -Iirdisposition ui  Bxertion, Loss of JM emo ry,: "Wa kefirl o*m. 11 <>rj  ror of. Disease, or .P6re.bodings ��������� of Evil; id  fact, -Universal -Lassi ti l d e. F ro s tr a tion a n d i n|  ability;to enter into the;enjoyments bt sociiityj  ';;;TflE.(3pWITlJTI0K  on ce afFec ted w i tb'. Organ i c We r k n ess, r eq u i r?s|  the aid oft Med ici ne to &tiren gth e n. a n ci i n v ignr-  ate the, system,, which .HELMJiOLD'B -EX-  raACT ��������� BUCHU invariably does: If nol  .treatment is'sub'mitted to,Consumption or luj  8anityi" ensues. .���������' ....  HEimiiMnujBm  '-.::?.--"-.'A\J>'S ��������� ;   ���������   ''      ,  $ ^fMPrip^/ED >flbs������  WASH  will radically exterminate from 'the;system)  diseases arisi ri g fro m hab i ts o f diss i p a ti o n.������I.  little expense, litfeles;or;iio change in diet, no  inconvenience or exposure.       M ���������  FRESHEST    GROCERIES    AND  PROVISIONS   IN   CARIBOO.  BEST JAVA COFFEE  Roasted and Ground daily.  Branch Store at Last  Chance,  Where a good assortment or Goods will always be  found.    .       . .  ��������� I trust by strict attention to business and fair and  square dealing, to merit a continuance pf the liberal  patronage heretofore extended lo me, id  THOS.   FLETCHER'S  S,e co nd- ha n d; S t p re;,  BARKERVILLE.    ;,ijollv  '    CHEAP    QQQDSl.  .   C0MPR1S���������NG^-   ,.. .,      7. ,  Boots, Shoes Clothing and  G-roceries,      .  OP  THE  BEST, QUALITY,     ���������  Forsale at the Store of tho undersigned in Barker-'  ville^ opposite the Bankof British Cjolumbia. -  ;"'   ������������������'Wv-RENN-IJS;  ���������������cltf  as usualv  ppy   use    y'y  HELMBOIB'S FlUIfl EXTEiGTBUCHIIi  in all diseases of these organs, whether existing in male^or female, from whatever causeI  originating, and no matter of how long standing.   Those suffering from  broken down or  delicate constitutions, procure the remedy at  once.  AH-the above diseases require the aid of &  Diuretic. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCllU  is the great Diuretic.,';  J^^Sold by Druggists everywhere. Price  $1 25; per bottle, or 6 Bottles for $6 50. Delivered to any address. Describe Symptom*  ia all communications.  ADDRESS '  y      H; Tv HELMBOLD,  p&pG.Am Chemical Wakkhouse,  594 Broad way, Ne w York.,  Nqnb are Genuine- unless done up in steel  engraved   wrapper, with   fac-simile of mf  Chemical Warehouse, and signed  ������c2������     . H. T, HELMBOLD


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