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The Cariboo Sentinel 1873-04-19

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Sru������5je!������MA^rU^^QoferamisBt ���������  tioaed a shah of wafat <)stehd to preVelat'the  yBubscriptidnv i:;i ^OCenWperWee^]^ encrSaohm^rirVof. English fishing^sels. '$f [ f  :i,_!r^Cri������a :t.j.?  oSrWM^H#y  *&.*'���������"���������?���������"?;  Jid  ���������'."tty ^*������ ',,#y: ?^^3^3M;.^:;f/. '  8evefC*llVn^8s'"of: ther P^pe theawiVaTservices  .Uk;WoaNlif-%tir<A������oT I^RUd wiit -be1  m HOTELS, RESTAiD^lA^TS/vfecV'  '.fl!f?\^f3  .������������������,^-J^,  SS'pfi'ifc&K- TaftSl'l-3yvyn:^/r/!:;y^5  S{&:S:#'l#:^  t-fiftftj  =-;-feKE"M? ^fftHQUMCE.  i.n  >i.': -,i'i  omywrn: ^m^j^mmo^^M^yy  avana, April lO^hojGity of San Saha-'  ^a^ijti^^ri^itta^te bteen dest^oyeS  bj^ahjIaYthf|uaM.  feijfehf bttudred pfeople-  Tan Winkle,  y ^Quesnelmouth,  i Ayp. M������f noes:*  'Barniird'fi E cpress  S?^f'':fc;'S'':;:^^^  ���������:^i^-^'lF0"^I^>^5l';^  ���������_y<h'-$y* .^?a^:.i ,>i5,o!-'...T. ���������^{���������<-v;y ',Hwi^     <��������������� "];.,���������;'���������������������������  s" I \tv%a'  ���������*.+!��������������������������������� ?-nvS-s..i������.rjJf  ������i&m&  ���������*-  7ft.-'Uflrff flo ^om?'?^? tjj-j'i-:^ *v,������i iy-J*w.-  (0 ?.)!:r<'s$/3f <ui/': ���������;--jo-n ^^ ?aJ������-;j������ )j> hh'tf  ^.-m  -a^ cbhfiagra tioti *f Sto��������� -inany^ -bhi 1 dto^? were  ?burneii^ovm^^r!a| (e^^a^ Several'Blight  shoijks Si earrt^iafce ���������*had occurred, but^io.  ier.ibiis^{W|^ enfertsprie^;) ^>r^  1^ x'^'^ '^^m^n^k^i^  '���������"   /%atid8|'6lfcu1firs. Pn^tA^n^ Programmes for  Bafts and TnerttricaliEntertaihments:  *Etou ted r^h^neafctiesiaan d dispatch^fef  ^I el'I^T^"3! hfe������ie#ateft'.        , :��������� /: vf  ^ale^^f^eri&44^^  .bu'retfr^m-and^ijl'qot^^  were' rerit in ^laa^rjlaces^ ;With^ wide; crafeK6y  InSf&olsfsuoiv to' th^foiind^' TSree violent:  shcMoks^rollowed ��������� in successicte. |Ohijdren  cdtfiuift'n cW& .'td^Wcreaoi^ati'd- tfou^td';nbt' Ve ypaci-  &ed;t ^orBe^^^rrnnti^ii^thet^M and  Hogs yfan^alitiait xhoSrling for i^ot^cil^tn.^  Every few^oiaents^hTjifiks- ofies^y^en^ef  n*&*ti*'faA ���������*������'���������'^?t?ba#>������r/������������T������*'^^xlir*iwi5i������i   71aooi*i'r>flfm*r  - fSTCCESSORS 'TO N.:tnDMCfcl 'p ^ W*.^^TO?.JfWo1^^^^'^^^^  ".y-fj      /v-:        "*"''" 'V"!,'1-:.' ?.;--" '���������'��������� "^^J i    ;..;( ^ ��������� -Cajfl'ITm; OflB1fftITS a'tf^ a>'3ft 'C|'fi2fi2;if^3*l  ^Ho'intllni ;4'ejr: hrt'eSi'^|ld4rl������ ^&ilr:tna)t;^^ .4910'i^l<^hQl^ Jlf^^  tt^etaken the tyell knoWn-premlsestiu Barkprville ;y4-������":/v;     ^,>     r % ^. A   ni\ ^*' %,t,\L*>  o long fav/,>rsbly'patronisedy while itttheoccupiitioD 'ylltfi'M rJ-TVft'rtwiV"---  f mi- kif^^yyy^Pyyyy.:.       .yys-y^yyk -^JUUCk:v&&M^  i.-dg&  B1eg  hitveite ....._  ...���������.,..  _.T     , n  eolong,favA>r������bly'putrohisedy while ia-.the'occupdttOD  ,of Mr N. Cunio;, y- , ���������,.,. ::   ,  ;  v yyyy  &B&^9MMMiMyy:  fe^r^ft.jbyjT?.-4|^'tjj[^v fc^': /*'jli"y%i^ "V" -  tall iniits purlty^tifird;  rbily^/:?'r! !?.>���������?e:'''0) Jfijf"^'^ fr;y/''r P*P . l^'/0-  y:v,c.  ^ot^!"r^/,*?���������e^cpne/i^ggars, descri  |ifiiti'ed'hotfees, pauife VtilcUeri people,  description;  yier&  ^pri'sg nnd si^ty pounds mail matter/ lef^-ifor  f H^mTriecatob Satnrday*in>������harge^ of CJaijflIner.  r 'iljj c Qoitjtal ^whp^etjir tied's ,afjfef' tei ng, on e ? day  ���������bui, rep ores the trait as Very5 heavy 'from J the,  ���������ojiuptUytOfrSoftfoow stiW or������ U.^/*,     .  The' sWamer''' Victoria ?is eWpected up in  ^boufe a tiye^k; iibd;ji^..^n^P^.GMn;OTre.  ;to_Soda..Oreek.i: .    p     h       . ,v ���������������������������'\  ** *'-lipvio\fi$ ftekW^eKlti^fte^ba  ���������get through to Barkerville, I  3^W:.' *ivK|.'-^ifeo^.-'P'f^6^!..; .  ���������iClinton, April ts^Wiik Kea<M^;^ithjfee  of alarm, bells, the beatitij? of /drums calling  , tb������.:f <>j^i^?s j������?1%S. M^l1 ^t^^^^iy^^^Wl^  y kderi ���������,, Miirtier *ar;d pil I age /sccompanied rtbe  tsf^nfhsiqn ajjend^ut ^ufeoiv .the great/di&thi  (^ira^/and the^mgnfe  'towhl���������������������������?������������������ We Indians from; the forest ?-cbibe.iin  to prey^andrare^l|^Ke^k  of soldiere[ poiitedsla- squads atahort dra  all; over the'city/ ' ,ff  p       " \        '   ������    j  T������ MO0OG "WXR^MURDfeE 'H3FJ^M-  ;4*U>rW uw   yCANBY; ..    ���������' .     ; j :. ;  :;!^���������l?L.BM; i$Mx. kprlilljjj&ytrexil^ AfiSil;  12���������YeBterday afteniopn : five  Indians j and  four sqiiawa^ ca,mj������ jut,o cao^p. and were made^  ��������� presen t$.:by������...^lier^  v������entr out>by;theui askingyTor';a talfc^thi^mbrr^  fh]$j|t.^poitft\b.o^  %rec; -Tlfis %iornin|r, ^(Btoii :fMrley^cWMe  i 11 an d to Id the i Gomm issio ners that Gapjtiain  #uck ahd Svs other Ihdiarrs wonld meet tne |  Gt>ifiimies^ners/bu(side onto;\i\nes.   About Mn  hofrr affe������'fiK::Separttt^  ���������A.";V|& y 'ileaebaint ^Mi^^DiatyiandiMr. Thomas1.  constantly kept, onjiand. ,   * -��������� F -  *y       ^     , ��������� pp  . ,-$pJ? i>^jpp- v //^, M ^- / .;: ;��������� /{;>4-.  ^wpjtbfe^aljWay^ajcai^fullyfBtton^Bd.itp^^ahd the^bejrti  Beds^ and :accbtnmo'd^non'.':proyidedifot.:theirs ,cns'  ;tomers: "v*,;*-r"./>is '.-.'* ^'',"' //:��������� ':���������'^:/;-/* /;i';/ /de!8c^^  ���������s-  yy^.;  ���������J;*;  irllfvo  -&.?/���������  b"i*i"ti5^:ih^5i:!.^  '^is^^ir tsb^is&i;  yr  ������lv  ^>l0:  ^y^  SAWIHG- PTJRGHASED THE ^ABO^E'  i^te^ftbmiMr J. J^fioherts(nii������fbegSjtav iilfornii  (the travelling publicyattd: the|Miners of; <Jaril)ort toat  'a e iWill;do ,hti Hitmost - ioT'su WQ<^h)al:-iweH^rAed:^i.(i  ijpf&tatioivofctbe house as;a-flr3t-class Hotel^ -. > my \^  iyr^ .l>-.:fj'^ ,y^(i5i- ^..yy' /v'y^-iByjr TOf>  s ju.j,/ n-'j:;;/ ? 'i It   ^?i i'y j i| t������N- \   :;or^  jffflm^;/��������� ������i4-o.i mpliPat ^^,Lm >pyM"  tify'iti y)m  'Vpy :&r ih\ vyj':</// ;y?f-;'/i#  '.,y  PiP.  ySI  j-  '''ii'v1 ' -  /��������� |^j:::  ' ^i������/;-.  ���������':.���������" }yp'. '���������-.  'i^;'?y..'..'  .���������  ������f;*y  y pftfpy  :   iyp')  .     :;ii:.:0J:,-''\  '       Ppi  y,:y  ���������;..   ..i:.!iA>/  '  .   ry s1 '���������  ,'y-v.  Si  yy?;- '-���������  .'/������  4y ��������� ���������  .!Hy|| ��������� ���������������������������  ifi^ "flightc^^be^easo^ wit/h^Fi'arilr: Ruldtoami hw'sqiia^r for iatet  ^f!|tr|������ij^l^^mp  /|)lace.   ^Teatber miM. v       -      <    '.:������������������/'-\'y.;  rUp Sfcage arrived at ^9 p;m, with to foliowj  Ing pasSng^rs^-S.'jB.jtomp^^  for BaScerKlte \ John Grant! for Soda C#sfek ;  Mr  Miller, for Bridge Cretfk '$  tw������ ilisses  -^huberVlor.,Ciinton,wA. ^ffcAlindeaj and J!i:  .    AX Mra^for-GacheaC^^f. j&Sn*ith, 'for  "iLyttoh.   .��������� ������������������' -  The down sta^e will arrive at 10 o'clock^  raakiog  time   froia   Barkerville   Bixty-iwV  ^./^mirs..,/ \, P,v ,ym       [,        .'.,'.;//!   t  / .VJohii^^3^  ".'BarkervHre and way,/teft Yale on Monday  morning.   ' v ;y  Messrs. T. Harper and I. Van VoTbehbnrgii  ;*left;0������:Sunday morning en route <or,pliatJun,  EUROPE. '   i  pyypy^.  IVitl ife usual &b furnished with the bw^the'Mrlwt'  'affotdb,- "��������������������������� ',;-tl   ���������'���������' ?���������" ���������*��������� "^ ,!r-'' "��������� : :;,'^'v---;',i.i--yy  lM^ell|a^irij^wltK^  Are con-tortably furnishedv and a targe addition; to  SbofumbertoTrodms ian^^teipgimid^i Af:i| j -*'}  ip-. K^ r^-1p.' %:  ��������� /;  cv'<^  Pp f������.>:.��������� ;)*;.*<> yx^'^P^^ yy:>fr~yr^\  '���������' ���������'c'   'Nf:  1 -y  Uhv  <PvPPM!!&;^'P^&w'  ���������>A>BnPPL^ftE.l!ki:v";<  -*.i������sj nHr "s-'tV.  CT  7;:Rotrre, Apt^il ll^Th������vFop������ la t  ��������� - fro in Irh e"U iriafciB fe ver &n&- u teerintf ?$Pg&*  C  A mannfadtory in this "city was destroyed  fay lightning yesterday, aind 40 persons buried  v;|������ the KTOs. r,I?ivev were killed aaCseweutetan  }f^buiidi;<i;.^^ .yip, I p\*y py.yy&yt^. uA\  London. April 11���������Three Socialist leaders;'  charged with feeing of&cials of tfee Ia*ertia-  ;tionalists, have been tried at Copenhagen Mid  ^_������ShVenced'tbVix''yeara.Liib^risonment.~  Madrid, April llP-^yrjiig to the interruptions ot trains 4������y'tfie Insurgents on.the uppjer  ���������section of the $ oft h western JRaHroad, Gn-^erk- \  tnent granted a/feeraporary concession W th������  Oompaj^,a������^ of  steamers ffieHft'Santiago to Bay on he fer the  'ifansportiaUofl of passcEgertf to and from'13s.  *era,.,��������� ..^ dispatoh frooi HnegWrda; daidiil'tb*  ^ thereat in thV Upper Country, ^nd will;!;; /.,,.;  alwayB be well supplied with Hay and Grain^ 'xyZ,,..y.  So Mi & <���������$&.*<,  pt.eters;isjaried fqr -thje piajce:apnointe.d.  5*he,  \>aKyviirrived' at the aplpointed place, j Mr  fee*rcha,ni .made;������; Bpfech^tp the. In di ana,... jfoi-  ^weo^iiy* general ��������� 6ah by: atid^ Mif ^bomas.  The iii Jack mad^a. speech, asking that; Sat,  <Jre%R a���������d'0ott6iiwooc|f,'ihe'place'now odcu-j  ypA*d b^ Fairchi 1 ds, ������e set %part; fof a reserV-o  :aiibiii; iltfr)" Meacham ipl^p 'Jack it wafl'* nor  po^slfiie to-give him what be asked. ^Spbo(������*cin  r^f'se ito repl f- to Meiicbaml ��������� Wliiie Schonchin.  ^vas talking^,Capt.; Jaefcr got up,<walked bo-  h i rii tiie other a nd . t timed ;b acky and;: ex-  .claimed " All readyV'- drew bis. pistol and  Sired* at-���������General-Oanby.   TheTBeneral fell  dead, shot under the right eye.   Schoncin  afaoVMtf MeaBhattf inthe shoulder/nri'd head,  W&MrVitUValive 'BoBton tJharley^and kn-  Htwfcy Jrm followed Diat noma distance, ttul Jfy.t,eSi.'WhocaliteRttrytotheeffleacy of my system,  j *f^SbrxatSooHEf he'-te prepared to '  Di ar tu r nod o n h i in'wit h bis p is tot in n and. j to again make public the Tact that I y .*" I- h   - y        '  '   ,'  GASIT../AWL. KINDS <My  . j.;  i?>|0  .TCi.  the1  ,Ho.o% $rtr and. another Indtethen,knocked  .RiddleMisquawtdbwnv  /?".' iJl- /;��������� ������������������- '- ^- '  The troops are now about a mile in the  Lava Bed, Jyipg on iheir arms, ar^d will prbb-  ab ly ad varice to-h igh t/ niid^r /cbVer' o f d ark>  ness. There are here about 500 troops whSfcb  ca'n' b������: broiigh t;l in to > "activeJ ��������� Ber vied. ���������l M r  Meacham is not expected to survive.  The sad news of the murder of Gen. Canby  , anrJ-MF5fhtfmas'waB tecMyeil5nere' ��������� with .profound rfgret. The public iudignafcion against  Secretary ^Delano *lr vety ^riterise/' and our  people hold him responaibje for the result of  his pea^e policyi /His efiigy Waa bitrQ^d' tonight    __ ( .   . i.  '"^Sw'llW^^^^'i^A Herds'fiaVana  special eajs the Gaptktri-Qehe'raV states1 two  tetters fiom^Gespedes were found on Its cor-  ii-*   *'.:)  sday, says after the;failnrafpf >t^e'f':aitack;������ labt. T^oAdeat^nd'JO'Kelly will be trdate^as^a  uigbX ihe eatke' Cwiist lores withirtw before ������#v* **  Moses' Hair Invigorator  - -. -v"-:f    /: ^'"' .A    , .:' :f.'' ;;-!���������' f T >^-*!      "���������������������������' sw  WILLPREVteNT BALDNESS,  ..RESTORE JiATR THAT .IS BEJCOpFflTHIN ��������� y  l \y oil )PARCING ���������'OFFrAnd-erlpctjiany-J '.* 3\   ....  CUBE SCURF OR DANDRUFF.        /  (Msis net armere-assertion"on-, my partvas i hdVt.  in my possession nutnerous testimohialscertifying to  the succesB of my remedy. , J-  I do not of course pretend that I (flan make toe Mir  grow on heads which have5been bald for years } but  I will guarantee to stop, the hair ftom falling off, to  1 ncrease its *groWtb;(a&d dflcctuallyremove Sfenrf or  Dandruff/ '   -���������   Vy     '���������'������������������ -': W, D- W-  *���������:���������:.. -.: ./���������/.��������� Barkerville,B.Cs  >���������:��������� '.:,.���������; y. ."I .'��������� A .<���������-'..    ���������,.���������������������������������������������  CKfttlFICATB.  This is to Certify t-hat- daring last spf tng my hai  Was rabidly failiug out and ������y. head was fast bofcom  '".   '))  v-������pRK,.:f,M,:/:;v ^  V-* ���������j "''���������'-' " "'".;'���������/ At tte' slibrtest'noticed'"r: \ v ./t,  2^(B0XBS-'iftftt sirfii hand b^dast $b t^dei1  ���������tiie Store is also' siipplied with a general assorttnenl;  of floods,' wmdhHe; intehdsio ^11 at a small profit'.  its former healthy state*  Bai&nfville Dec* 2M&&01  DAVID  H  FletcJjer^ ^eatiHg Ap^it&'wlt^&ijfir^ s'-: .  Saves thef expensj������ of Stoves, Fuel and labor \  and, ieascnsjfihe' dafi^ef. 6f dtp.  it is a"a welt iaatfiM .  fgbtni  Ko?ember t\ TftV3s " tm GMlBiO SENTINEL
)>    ������.i'!.,-:iiV;..i,-
SATORDAYi' ApRn-f!&rl87S.
���    ^ #A.^nepma
--iKoo is a subject erf vital lntportari<^. to the
��� . . Vrof ince a* larpre,-and a: eursory glenee. ai
\ IVnrprjMjjnt posrtion may not bo withoat good
*-���- >. <[��Suits.
;; It would: Wldto -toTjdony (feat the winter
ihrouffhCwl&S^wWWe^aet passed has.jhien
, . ������  *^
vyweren��ft -wholly dependent on their ow^r^
''���>".      ieonwee^oT^the prosecntionof the varionaH
��� ^'^^^^^^^ ^ cWparf tlyelyjemail,
yield of gold and consequent
* jploymanl-fiNi labor added mftte%ftlly:4��( our
��� '���* 7 ,y :Tbe - fido?' I Irowever, ybaa| fnow| ftafned'.
��� '   Thanks io the indorailabie;p
*     energy!of our miners, at least onelcreek has
������. -v-.'.--.-������ -���--��� /"��'^;wijnjltgQv--i-^--------~~-^~
company are good, and the *Lnnehaba co.
"hare #read^proved their ground to be rich.
��� Theie . are'alap^numerousother^reeks in the
diBMetv6n* ^
prospecfSng with good remtl^^d^hieh wg
will r^fer to'bnwanother occasion. -We think
we have said jgnpnirh ��fc present "to/convince,
the people of the Province]thatCCariboo may
still, justi^bolcFhigli ranlc^M 'a. ii ��IT- mittib^-
jftnntry, and that it only, require* time,
patience, and,; perseverance to-ideyelpp *
k*A& v
us to justify ns in saying that a new and pros
,        v  serous era. is about to. dawn1,on us;; and that
:    -     WoretliCclose of thecoming season* "old
'.���������'���'������-   .���".������;-.. ���.���.'..   ...-' ".'���J.:.:..-:',ifr '-''ft'-'. Vx-'  '���':���'���' -"-i". '[��� '���������\ '���\1'-' ���'- /'���'"t,';--- ���    :i..,-.i'toiy.j .-'ST  .-.."���.   .'..',.-"���   ."���;.,,,.'���:.'��� ���;:-_.���
v times will come >K��fy ??w�� :D?bra��" !ffjk*ni|ff���
tmek al��6 old "friends wbot. oTisconraged -al'
>��� '���'* their ^rbfipeetarieft us 'to, try. therr for tone' in
tainea more easfl^  worked than those of
.Tho results of fhe prospecting on Lightr^
cannot be overrated, for^ it Is now stibs
1st \y   % field for   prontablo   investment
fclA ��mi�� -:i'.'   k^BA.' '������ Mm��'j* wm*��*m m*^*m ��� ' i|a����mmI ������ ��� ". �� ~m
}) ,\>:
, -value, and -yy'y on1 those, still unprospected
I will bs'pashed forward with increased vi^or.
Several of the coinptmles^tend to avail.
, - tbenwcflvea   f ft& advantages tobederived
from the nse^of steam power, and are negoti^
,   -.' ,>���! :r
-fttiog f^r-ibe     _ ^ 	
; %^s; toon ym /%pikjn9^��rjrin^nwnrB ^��re�� per
���������r?!T*.-.i- -��� ,n.-
��� ���',.���!������.--.���?''
lafgbtnlngCreek maybe anticipated
On Williams Creek the prospects^way, not
&�� quite, bo .Sattenng at; present:.":The; old
i drifting claims, with at few? exceptioBs| are
iiow nearly worked out ? but at the upper
'     ��rid ofkthe ;��reek valuable hydraulic .claims-
":��rJA1^wlneh//w(li cCntlnus1 to yield good^re-
tnrns for years.   At the lower en d, the kane
andtoirtss Compalay^re preparing to prpse-
ente wort with All ihe:appljances which akill
i and eapttel^xsan? procure iand; the veryi en-
eonragiag proepeet"bbtoined-laBt.fall>:almo^t.
yiy Insuresibe success ofithis- great initial enter-
fi rise, on w htch-the fu tu re prosperity of {the
Oariboo district so large% depends^'"   i " .
BarQ8,Jaek-of?Ciub9, Lowhee, Grouse;'and
Antler Cr��eMgive{ promise?'of good re turns i
On Burns Creek,f the prospectors are meeting
y> with en^quraging ^resnltsj fand -sosse ol ]tbe
��� * ^tatmi��aw'aa^
of Clubs may yet prove to be second: to none
40- far diftc/ Tered^'and prbsprcting is being
^jgorousiy pursued. One claim on this creek
'���u...,;..-^the > Two , Sisters-^-has taken., ont,; abjou t
^: ��50,006 during tbe past year, and continues to
V !'-flr>JJii9^iW^Wp;  '^Py 'y..?yB:'V " ���:Pi
Lowhee will also,turn put well. Three
^;0f#rg* ciaimB^beyBlack Bull; ^ctpria;and
.r-y-^iliaVeTM���iaVe^ to work, the
pi last; earned >cprapariyybaying struck a good
prospect within the last fewsdays.        '���'...) y
11 ��� On>��� Grbuse %ree% the -Waverle^ -Tniinel
Co."aTdipreparlhg^to work the new diggings
atitbe lower end of their groan ds^uek during
'the winter, and the result, judging from the
r prospect obtained; will :no doubt prbvesatij-
factory , to the shareholders.   The hydraulic
' elai^s willal^ make^ returns.
On Antler Creek excel lent prospects h ave
bean obtained by'the Lothair Company, and
fa a short time tbey will be taking out big
pay.   The Nasbn and Eureka companies are
confident of a like result >
Harvey Creek will also, we believe, contri-
fcnte its quota to the general prosperity, m
-r* P.���'' Pi < t a$ 'i��� i r pf y>'' p '���"%������$'.," ���; r:;] -.'���
Jyyyy-i:.xP^-%i^UAyn^p^^y^^^^ rypppy,
ness, offers for sale the Stanley, Hotel     j
r:.,.;,AND���SJ^t;.ES. '\:pt
C'For^term^%nqaire w the * premises J^ .     :ap3$/,,
'���y j^t^^^^'<"''��':,'.,���     ,'j^f\-   r-" ypy>
������    TO BEHELD AT >
LAKE    LA    H AC to;
.;. < ^y-y^4y�� ' y ��� ^.;ii yvl^y T'^'X-^i ,.'.;;" y * K: -if;
���s^^^^s^-��� ^y:;v:;;;;:,.: vj^^^^^TjAy^ ;y-'.:;; y/yprtip
Tbe Purses amount to over Seven Hundred
Dollars.     iv ^   \  . y -y ���';   y1      ' .^  *r* ������
:.f.^U For partjcutars. fipe small ^illnl    ���  -;?���
0'EAIjED TENDERS WXL&^BBi?eeei?red
IO ybnthe WndersiKneCi
the right '.er maintaining a FERRY,  for ther term, of
three years, across Fraser River, at or near Qucsnel-
month,y /^.y.,��� :;   .ICC.;- w^,^'" >'*;:     ' .yp^p
The said BJerry'ttf he worked by horse-power^and
^^^apable^of 'C^irytng!iipt less than "ten pftc^: ani?
m'als an'i their loads.  '<        , *''.,,
" #be Ferry right io extend for a distance e�� six niiles
above and below Qu^nelmottfeh:, ������ V "    '
* SChe lowest or Any to der n^t necessarily? accepted.
,' Chief Commissioner of Lands *nd WJorks,
Lands find Works Department, \-'/  = ,-v     ', ,' r:
^/ p 31^'March^l8T3y y -v;y rn ^1F ':> T il
X-  woaW call, the attention or Landowners in Cariboo ��istrict^to the pth|Gl^se^8aid =4^^izg:^ ' J ^
��� >S.  ��very owner of Land fa any\ JDistrip^ BhalLf at
some time dnring.the;menthsVof Marchi"or Aprif,-in'
ewery'year,'himself^?or tij -bisEagent, obtaintifrom'a'
Post .Office^ fill up. sgn,  and deposit in-a iPost"Office^
prepaid, and' addressed to the ABsessorof the; pis.t
trlct, aland^Tax Assessment*paper, containing a de-^
scription efstheiland .owned?'fry him, his name inifull,1
his place of resiclenee,;the tot,i��l quantity of; his land;
ithe^aantityllable^/to >be;pay^ent of .Land ITax^iaad
the nature of the improf ements^ the vaiue^ thereof,-
and the value of the land,   Such Assessment piiper.
shall be verified:by, a Declaration made by tbe owner"
;or-hls-agent."��� }* ')    yyi  \       ��� .    i-r^
' '     ' r 6- BYRNES,   .-'i-.^n
;*k*>-,-  f -ji ^Collector and.Assessor of Wsld-liind Tax
'"'*. ���/''"',';;'? VC^ reasonabie"tera��^  ][y-t     J"
^ ^^aBibrders left at Mr Kelly^BaTkef vllle,
wilLbe,attend;ed5te.y'']jrs,?>^n ^,^^25 tf
;EKKCBSMNE(K3B^^: ���������
-; l'\^'^^yp^yypyPr-.: ���
t^   .:I^Ea)]|rD:{^L
������ .��.��*.���' i        ������''!. '.: ''���   1-      ,
;;. '-L,i ,o atf n, ,i;:k .&;;' q;r :e:;b!,k y(
-'.j.j; v-  ,   ,'--':-ri'���.:      ^.-.^.ttyi*;.;.'.     ^- r   ^f, ...,.'���.������. ,. __
:'Ife^fi-''-;-'-//-.ta'/'ii'- fi
,r^ryyy;? y^-.-Vv
; ���*>.; Vi ;j.| y ;yy;y y:y y '���/;-. ps ��� /< ��� i f^^"i]^::; h > yyy p- ��� y. ������ ���'���;;
;.;;t;"";;yvy:; ;..v::";1'  .,<>:;;y f?Jv:: ;-^i?S'^?'-;>y \ p'. -
Pp.PPPPPPPy:'ip,..i,^:ppPr-yyyp^;:- :.:
< Passage,, $2; for, the ronnd^rip,, $3.,     q .
: apl2      ���   y> v  .j:     ,��. u. wiLMtri^,
,:i;y^.:;..,A ^,^-.J y ^.^",  y.^'-yV,, ^''^y y,, ,^.: ���..
y' -i' ;";.,-  ;������-������, yn*^y--^-^.y'y /':;-""*' *^y.^ :
;^{/ WILLIAMSifCRBBK;^ '^Tfils ��� clahal, Is-paylnf,
;ii S /i ft�� ;Vi;W '-��� ^:* -'���'-- ^v'-' '"'-: '^ i" - "
.���i.'-.v 'm '.v,; -4- -ii ���' t- sr .a ���^":f^-<i ��� ������ .!'
p yp    } D E E 0 T    F O R
^n.':-.'.J .'' : -:'i sV.':^'-*>���;-y'������������"*  ^^iv1 ..^y.y.-1's >vri . ������'���
on hand.    [    "'     '      % ���   no23...
���''������'--���-��� . ���->; 'i-'' ''������'���----���������   - ��� ���- ������ -ii^n i.*...���.?
j!  JLuniber!
iPnPz-'p p}Piz��pP^Pit. ^pyPFyii iy;
r ���>*���������.!<-{; iif.1; .".<�����,.   ..���������.-. ���;���; .
^4 RE prcparcd|*to furnish j Lornbcr at' t]heir��Ullb,
}jjl " /William Creek, or deliver It to; order..
ry^y, y (-
���'Viyy. y; y/A"'- ���
HaVlnic a Planing Machine In operation tbey wll
-v:;v;/.' ^' :y;=' :^y;PP"pyPpppii' PPP-' r
"y/ ��� y'y-yy ������������ ������ %���<'��� %yi-- ���,* :'y ������?. fe*5'^:.-��'���"��� ^y^.,^^.- ��� i
r ry- yJ- ��� < ji'5-'��t'-'-y; ?H ��� ��� -^ ri. -;i ������ :j; :< .js>?"i 1 �� ��������� y yj? -v s 5^'-! > y vp.-'i ���'������
the well-known Eleven ot England Claim.-. ^   .*���!
Clear Bills ol Sale guaranteed. ���.; f..,  .-  ,' .-
>.' .: ;r,'*. ��� i I 4rr >--i"{^ J:    i.'-'jJ*'���fi '    "'���-":''lr     v:;-. >*. 1
The above Claims are offered^fpr ^ale, In.; consequence of the had health oif the 6wncr,o and are well
known to be first-class mining propertjy   ysy
: -yA): -'-"ipply.to,/;"    r?v --<^ - * r.   -t-,*��
���\   ���>,*f��<;:^^"    ^M. TRRLA1SE; r;/'r*
narM ;m '  Pf.     ' / -t - Will io ra Oreek   ,,
f.-.-.V.:. j.% ���      ���,,: j . ,;.,,.. ... a     - V.J,.        .-j- ���;.- t     i e u-j.j. -- "V ,,    ^   -ff-
- ':���"/ ���'��� ��� y> *yy t-y �����* r*��;<?
r y,5; Jr J ;,;nn  ^'.yi m:M.
','��� i'
.;����2y���/.-������(j.'i ..
���.txt ���
_  0
f. ��, 4n .?''; ;* ?r   .v ���.',*'' i'* '?S-Vi��* **'-���*   1'*��.: id** \ -
.'.-' tii'-thoi spacious: premises''fflrnierlvlknown,;aa the.
St; ^Gewgc (Saloon V' wherii; Wej$ wilf o^ ;at ��� al I ti w s '
prepared tofurnlsh ���;���     ,. y ,),* \" .y   *"":
,   B 0 Ki'tftiy-A 'It D^ti E A t.'S     ;  '
y,;.//yf^'-i!/t.y''*���;���'���/:/ii/>���'/''������'''   !i'i.i.y/;',y:''���"���'7 i'. ���"���'��������� .
' The* BAR     furnishod with Lthe finest TWINES
tJQUORS and Ct^ABSi '  r y^>py 'i'^.^-y
\,.Phr-rrp^-yp^ym:Jy-y'  .-���.���-..
[making same time as her
���'������ ��� majesty's Emails,]
wrix ieavs
Saturday; April 26th,
Aad coimecting at Qnesnelmouth and Yale -with the
y^yyy--      -.- steamcra.'    r        ���'���.;���.''. ���'./'
ClieValierls Li^i^ll Haiir
'"t   COUGH:LqZBNjGfES,,'46.,.&t>-\' .,
'r.'-im- Teeth;care^iyi:^x-
tfacted:; '^^PSfiSXi^Pyy '"������'''':
��� ^^rPrescriptions andlFamily Recipes accurately'prepared.--;  :'���������>/)���./:/;'.Kv; ry;ri-iH:\ 'r<;-
Barkerville,;Nov. 20y 1872^y ��� '-'' ;l��o23
5 s'S^^ST|M||pf y;/
; is always supplied with the best; of everything
that can be-procured in Cariboo. ���i' : v
. < i ��� f
���-' t.' i:
ap!9 Ira
Where you can v get snpplied with the beat
y  '' yy ���, ���; ��� article, of/.;������ ���     '..,., ,|> ['",
Extra ^^ti|)e2^iie Flour,
Lillooet Beaiis, ':if7S,.-"^C;
- - $12 per Week
*    ' fi : .   '' ' : ���:'��� ' !".i",
.,:;*, '   .       ���       'J,     \    itf   -������     :':      j-v^./iJ      . '.
An d a general assor lm en t; of, Gro<?erie�� at
prices that will defy competition. |    :'.v
'j^seid;;' '.'i
i (';���; *-'
if not paid on or before the FIRST OtJJjm.����*��
, Jar��blS,W8. *��� -niliy
yh-s��. ';^yt"*T^'-j������r'}^'?^*':yy-i''t  f������101WP):SEfriNEL s??������siig  ��������� fcwsi  raz^  ^'r^Shi*?^!*? ���������.' ������ -*F"j7>*! v* >v* s:ssv.'.  ^pgRD^Y^^ ;'  ..��������� ��������� *ia**<iM&$&;#r,r^;.p ���������g^yxi"yy-    '��������� yy>--  .,< --^y.ji.^^^^-���������*������jtr*������ -t^a]fpard^������fiwftMi  ;. :r:yWe^  ;��������� dvers rising fast i- :y;yyh.: ,,y, /v  ��������� v" - :"' ".'. ; victoi������j|l /  j-h? j' yy -  ��������� ���������'.    .- .'"������������������''       viKi"'HS!kii������>:r7:i.v  y ���������"'    '' !   -yr-'y'  Ytctori������������ A^riyi4^AmprBfftbe ^m^qpt^s  'who' left i byj tbe etetrmer Pr:ipoo Alfred was  MarcusJ^fb^ChieC Engin^w of #e CI IV R.  Survegin British'C.otad^l%%.ho_^b'dufld:ior  jQCtawaio% litisiness^ojf II m|%t������bce'connected  lyithtthe, railway, ^^jrfo^vthe government;  ||^ill b^ greaCiy-inmn "made  ; by:Mr ^ithjafi to^be^������ferenceof 4he routes  surveyed, akd from facta thai hav-e transpired  -- 1b ere ris little/doubt that Ho math co canyon  ; -and^$eymour Narrows wlllfbe favorably^re-  ported^aad^as ������i-matter������f ������courseuE9c^jinwtU  imade=the;actu^  P\ ^^Idli'iti^or, has of late^gaitiedorffdence  "that the*comrrje@oement of the railroad: will  ^pbstpoiwS: n������til Juiyrl874,������n^t^  meantime^ iioflhing-* more -than i survey ��������� of  yv^ancouver^Island, sd^farjas the/end^f the  ie-piopiifatiShi  children of the piblT������  schoolspassedwproceseron by twos,in nti'm-  1>er about SO������.; An pspression of >%reat ippj������  *pw is ^oaifele ������$on epery' countenance./" -   "  Bancroft ��������� ^ojilji resign .is deaiedr-'T^day be  ?rece wet ?*��������� ������ok pHm^ntai^Uot^^om ^^Qr*a|j j  and awbicbatin^es^  ttbe Emperor and Bisraark'.  v' fans, April .15���������Evening���������There is a ru ,  rnior on the Bourse thatffca^  there *!������> mo^^bbnftrmatipn/yfAfter reeeipt of  the. forefoing^ljthe lines wereJnterriipteffiy  storms between rJhoyehae^a^'O^aljal:     ���������  HATABNA������Tii^:^A:.  tftjttfcd.tp^ week.  will aacertalo, and report prdg^a next we.*k,  /.-Apdli5/.:y:;/-^;.,: y' :.yy:4'. PrOSTBCIMK/  y ���������  line is-eonwroed; \yill be\p"fqsecafed/l������i y^  f' H^vS?SeoWt''arrived1*:in T^iimalt fjarbor  - <yesterday/ morning ^at 11 b^l(>^i fl4^daya  '��������� t yfr^|Hp^U^  !"4 fair^ind:������bdefc  ���������,vt. iiiew, hours' steaming^pn Saturday last:J (Th������  ['} i: - 8.coii \'l Vepol*ts7rthe/p. TS... jhij) ^.pal ifornia^t  y ^qholul^. /Ef. ^;,&'^awei������ba6an^(for; the  y ^av'gatorj Sroiif),   Whilst,at, theSaudwirfi  Islnn������|8. Capt. Oato^ndofficere Sc^il  >gav;e a<^aU oa ^oard-it!wbicn/Kin^ Lrtlna^ilO:,  ., ^aa.4 Gourtw^re present/ Dancing commehced  A Tno<rn "aiid was���������fth������iained;untiT^^fli^t^-  Tbn Scout-b'nngsAa<^k tbejSah Jii^n Mar]nesf  who-wil 1 :re*iiro to/KniKland via PahimU; ger  Havana, i April 12^Ai!etterfro������ Wckwell  Hayida.ted.rMarchi24V:gjiyespar^  abortive attempt at^arrevblntionjat:5iGoiia^e������i.  tot which'MichaM: was leader. -Tnei(ithdritii������s  8ucc<!������ded^in (sjnelling the disiiirbahcei^nd 30  of those,impIfefrted wer������ ������xe^t^/ihcludi^!  the leader, Michaeli [who was a hair dresser  in b 1858 and becajoe a XSrenerai In I86cy 4fie;  madeagrandiio^uent speech on;" tiwVscafeifc  and said: that ;roen\ like Napoleon and'b^eris'  had "tlwHrdestiiy:*i, Cuitl!t and he bad fulfilled^  his.' ''��������� 1''P !':. -) :'?���������'' /���������'   P J J,^ ; W< 7 f /y ;-/-yy  ���������j-'-u'h.-'������������������"���������/''.;i ;?^���������"���������^#a>". >"������^-.^.'-'������^��������� ��������� ���������;);^  ���������MI^ING:INTELLiGENCB;'  ���������It.-'-  '"'���������/ .y.v-fts't'C^i  work i for J  /The'BailaTat'Co. wilicomra^eirce  tl������ season on; Moftiiayv^ The Calayetas co..  Lowtee^goiraigeod���������; prosjiect --rulining from  their new shaft, and^ SJtpe^^:be%kingiOiU  ^oodipay. In *a couple/ of wifekiV - The "Jwo*  ^Sistersf J"������cfe <if 01 n^/cbhMhu^s'paying well;  Ttie ^bthair <?o;^- Antleri&dri ti tihe^ to ^get *x-  ������eilent Uijilrospectai:;- and wi H put tiw -claim in  -06dWdriB������ order'fortfewitb., if y';; , .  5.' * % ��������� ..- y  -.' ; ������������^T^13^ ^RKKK.'' */< y '" ' ' j -' 'p"  The^gpriwe co/s;prospects are^ improyiSg;  washedi'up, 36 oz. on ��������� Wednead aytj'/have  ������������������'..:y-. ?-.������������������ ���������*��������� ������������������������������������:."        ' r:?p������������������&.���������:���������:���������  ��������� ai������]Bia^&ji'v'fSbid CemaaissionerJ :"ji.;:  *-'���������'< y'^ ^    ^-:t^! ������ Thursday, April 17;'  '������������������ SM^ock Drawt<?������; vsi Baldhtad Go/ (fiy  G������ ^,Robinson)i^Thislwas a*oit tor -tsiftsV  m^nts^duebvtheiBaldheadOo.as part^f the  DmiiGov    v^'\\f'":tp-l ������������������; ^-/:". ���������;���������;���������;.  Jin>the course of J.he.caee^Hr; 'Robioson  gB'ved" that he was not a������i owner in the fiald-  head^Gp.^ aha^:Mr^Kttice/tbe/80b  that claim, was ordered by the Gourt to defend^ the suit/ . jMl -Sy   . y -   : ���������:���������;.    ���������' : ., j'[P;;  :'r^bV indt^t������diresfl%fi ih������ B^tilkead Company  hamg been proved bn-behal f of plaintnfti^:  The Court dereii#dvviliat diefendant ww only  Habl^pn two Ihterests, as he had abandoned  40ft i������% 1 Mhfch/bad/been ^raateji by b<her  parties, arid wa9 Icnown as the MatticeCo f  / It^as^herefpre *je wed between Ihe parties  that MatUce %hpe 1 di pay "the ambu n t %ie' ;ob  %% two-1nteresitfe; and'|he case as agai hat him  ���������fee{withdrawn.5 p1 "v ((s /,/S '" 4 Aj^' *"p y u,u  ^Amouut s������edf6r;$209 64;s amxmrit; paid,  $m$0** ��������� ��������� -   ' -   ^^' ���������-������������������ ^��������� -  /Ofrosirft^ ^ri������fe 1 ^n^TT?^ ^?M!������;������������������  partial to ppp^tibns ofwery^in^^buf hicyre  especially^benoppoftitionifl likvly to tolS  outinditcements;inlbftpxoney^avjng line. A  new line: of Weekly 'Stages is advertised isi  ;our.^ cojHmns: iP^ay ^y^������������jWoll^aqwn fijm,  ,Mfspra Pearson Bro., soytbst;:tfeiVayelliug  piiblw may ehoriiy expert to- derive all th������  advantagesfaris^-lrpin^avi^ot^a com*  'i^'-Mf*^*-'  "^TORNfi  An accld <������rrV oc^rad' f ^L ^^  |^aiW.KNaaotffifl^  day ;ij ��������� ^ieh the enjrlneer/'Mr?CKHrS Wil-  ������6rj;*adonebft;bhj hindii v^ b^l^tnjnred  through ;get������ing;it-3a;mmea by the 'raaclftneryf  as' -W'^msslti^^iiie'ann ?vnb^oii^fJt, M^jviiiW  and-portlonf of one1 fitis;qu$ Th������v'^eYatioa  was ���������performed by Dr. Chlppi >.;; P /' v ��������� ,  iu.  :.i,  %ra1 HinlBn glantf 'ibrithfai Pfovitfc^;  ^T^������jr������aittejr%Pritt^e., Alfrect isailed ������for ^San  Francisco���������?' oh^tBAtMrday, night afll^b^loo^;  ui������j luaijiii vy^n^y brk^ng^the claim ^0/ a<������  count; of fthe^reatlweight theltimbeitetake,--  ^ip^riavi|co>fiba/ve��������� broken.7through',the! rim  ^ckwit^ their, top drive; have drifted about  four sets into graveL and have ahoat one ^foot  of rock inttbe face ^ they\obtained'aipTospinst  of $^to, the, pan; irTbere 18^ no doubt but *that  ,h?fore/another wje*>fe when they will feet jh  as fac. aajtheiold drive;i^y^will^ke out good;  y.J>{ M(JpaBc Vs. ^nningbans Qb/(by Mi Hil-  ^n^Suitfor $153 j^jltimber itiirnished.  Mij (Hii)p������i djd^np t4 d en ya the |< indeb tednf ts,,  bu|claimed a seCoS-.as SfcCapn, w.a9/,a,; pact-'  .ner ?inAtb e ;I<oird^ J^ifleriin Go. $> whi ohicobipahy  ^as Indebted \to������ tbi^nninghamiCo.for:lab('c  for the represeutation;0f on&ijaterest accord-.  jqjgHp'agreement."ip ,    ,,, ,^   ;Vj ;.yi\  Th^Gpart held tBat^privatejcontract cowld1  not be held?,for;a(c^pany^s indsbtedhess/  ftudgavef jn^gment^for plaintiffjwitb-^osta^^  ^ryypii- hi'pf:'---������-'^'"V.' --��������� ' -^'^:-^    1 *>y  ^Wk- renretto fieaf Hurt? otixv ^pwh^a^Hr  P. Eick. who ha* one- of bfe feet badly ;iuoKert  ^me^^Xii^eks^agoj wafl>obHge"d to^gei bno  of^hjai^oeey amputated ������n W^diwsday-; /Mr  Lord, who was- also badly t fro������en"'��������� abou i tho  same time^will, likely lose ail^tbo toes oa one  fooi? - -., .'������������������ -    v  ���������' r"   '.' . ������'   '     , y" ���������. ^  tlmttGil hert^Mnlcplm''Sproa'tv^"Es<|'jj'>. was iap^| pay.���������Th%Vancouver co. have laeen aoing a  |iiii n len^jb wa^ s j th*-^  dirt.;   on  .Wedne^day t������b������y wafb^d<np. ?f|^ira;  ^with alliirhtpaBSHiiger list, a?  -of  frejarhi w������n<iith#������ regnlar mails^ Treasure  *hippiiidper ^fteatn^r:  !W"eWs^KargowSd. Go.  $9,931?;,? Rank Poi British ������North- America.  ;$7aij4{-a5^.i4!^4yfC-;'.'.- v ^ PPp^^yd}\pp  H;MiS*;Petrel^leaves Esquimau harbor this  anorning for 'New; Zealand.   /   ii  Racks.���������Great ..prejHffl&tioas ��������� are' being,. made  by the inhabitants of Lake La Hache  for the suitable celebration"of this a������gpicious  day, and chief amopg theamusements will be  horse^ra^ng. ci^epiirs  be, as slarge "as ranyi ieyerf offered' before in  British ���������6lumbia,ahd a good day/ssport jriay  be antiefpated/as several well-known, horses  are likely to be entered. We underatandiit is  the intention of'���������'.-itno'"* cbmmf tteeJ,' to/pvibl!shi ������a  prdgrarame.rwaen^we>wili be able to/furnish  ^jMi^sitg,. Newos &Bd ^-Cameron., have pttr-:  chase^yB^tcbiajai raach ^tyGanbe /iOree^'loi'  gejbet; jWJjth overvfonr.bandred head of stoclct  j(oTi;]t^e.iftj*in;^f^|5iW^  goodiiarguia;fbr tbe purchasers.,; ���������>-���������>% ^  ^'''^^pR^''|rpm^^  ThecaHV������ in taJki La Hache vatley aredoiog  rWjelfe.  ."J.'^::-,.  ?,^";.  t^aii^ :...} b n Friday: they ~~    ~^      ������������������������������������i  ^TT7..  - !;;.'^  ^^TmflAJs will be��������� tewl^d^by^he Chief Gom-*  missionw of -Landsv';arid > Works/tip- to 19th  May' for the.fight'-op main taloingi. ferry" across  Fraserriver'a^'Qdesnelsnontb^ ''v'^'^r  WJ-T'  CouRT.~-Ther9r, werelonly: two un-  i mp or taati oases ������ b^^e;itfeis:Co������rt on Tbnra>  day,:..������;.'������/:'f  y; ^ ,.\  './���������  .:;, ;;?/:���������;;/;;|;thevmqdog^^ ';���������_;;  hews;of vtl&e twacherpns aa^aasination^pf:Gej!>  'Ci������inbyJ&y>/',^:f ! Whcfe  : rec ei y ed ;at ^^same t iai^: bf������: ���������, mwrdorslby |t b e  A pachefc^awaek ^profotindj fe<������) iug jof vgrief  and; indignation/winch^ finds expression in;all  quarter^lparticulariy in^he army, wbere Gen  ���������fContiy;^  Ofiicial reportsjp$ the maseacce were sent to  tl^^EreBWentat ia, late hour'last nigbt/ and  ���������|t^n^fGerman wiVb also:;apprised^ta]ljtt������  li o0 fiij^:oc<^^ th e  m ^jfe^gjnt and Gepi ISuterm^  arinouncement y&ere Qfy the most intense aqiv  row, and there^af^pt=an instanti's hesitation  /in; the declafaHilan?tnSt tfre.fModocs should be  made to sun^fc^^v^rejt penalty for their  crime.   It is^ no^^ident that the act was  long premedilatedv and Hits" fact adds to th������.  deepness of-������;the wrath that tbe/massacre has,  fcroiiaedi ��������������� Tfie^TreRident--'naS-vexpTeBsed his  *<anetion of tho severest measni������s necfasaj y  4o. properly, puniab the dodoes, and his view s. .   .  havobeenfully stated to ������^5 are stringing up  Th������FritsTt^ERKi^HAii; arrived not only;  behind time, but at a very- unseasonable hour  .���������baJtpas^/.2i/oJolock;;pnjSun^  ,and lift a^ajn *t!^/%������fe^ Thede^:^^|pianse^d;  by': tne{;m3rrrbfe'fc^ Set^eeit  '^u'e8^elmqjitli^  ber]pjfVcatiJe ;ba^ ing^^  renderinKitalmost^unfitfoT^ travel.'^ Of course:  fbspa^IimprpvPyth> ^aam������ by informing the !public/-^whilp^aiinoyed/ atyih?. ,>ncdn*;  yo ii;-of:tiiio^^p.t^tVon Lightning. > '   vonienoe.1 will'm'ike overy allowance'for, the'  r ��������� The Ophir co have let^0 .Messrs;��������� Bilsland   -^^es in the waf &ffiMti.6rii')ti&  5sGo. a contract to -.run a drain some SOOfeet,��������� ^ "*-vw  ^      ^       J.  waabe^ i^jR^pn^  work on t he pay dirtH?{>|fsports of ^ithe oper-  atioiis" ,of the other claims will be, found in,  our,MittingiCcit^sp������bdent^}ette / y;  /     MINING GORftl&PONDENCEr   ' y  ''   ���������      ^//.i/'fiTQHTNIXOCREBK, '. /' *  Eftiroit SifiKTiNKL :^-Having a few moments  li jfHav Mail ^may ;iet  fownoop;^^! ��������� p*>-ip  ipP%pyrrz  W0kliW  to arrive thir  ymPi������ypy:..  .������������������:aa������j������*'  *&m-.  ���������vf:w.v  ���������I'^fi-i *i"/ yr^/'vl  PROVlNcrA������.>SE������R15fA.in^l  Uv4thv March tl8f^-:^  the,. liieutenantrGoverBo?  road a^; tblsv aeason "of ^the vear; eipeciall^  Jahd after it^is'completed willsinka;bed-rock  shaf t;/: tbo/^cpmpany talk: of \ sending j for a I wben;thy,deteniiott;ft  b team' engine* , The ^Giadston6 co^arSa still of the- mail carriers.     ' " /"     :   / *' \\'t ������  running the)r������ balloon";driver and e$pe(ct to  tap tl^o wa^er this week, y This (^^ris look-  rag lip iii the mafrfeei^Tbe West of England  '00*.' will SQpa^feaveia meeting to commence  fc^eir, sutnm^^^bric^Tbp /Kleyen of EogT  land are no'it po ing .mkph ; tbey are not su p -  posed .��������� to be in, Ligb tni pg; ch an nei, but on; a  ben ch -if-Thp;':' Cpstei ip; co. h el da mee ti ng on  Wednesday,. and������Iiam ,ihfpjmH^d wilj.com-;  J^^^vflb.W^Pfi?.; im^'^ii^ieiyl^Tbjp Clarkt  oo\.. a^^tHnga;Uttje proa^ct;; .will be.on  !p rfy neit. weet.rf Thei- Y) t lcai i cp. are n ego ti a t-  ing for'steam' power with Wery prbbabil"t.?  ol swccess.-^The Vancouver co. took out last  rhasv'been:'":p1easey' fco'make [.'(bei\ following ap.  ^tiliSr^ei^to^Biafir'.;������ ^^^^^lla*^^iW^^^I���������8^S,,>5:  ! /JRxbffAitni^'Dpf Bs^^r/7ahcou ver Bland; ���������  HfeRT.:Vv:fetfosDB'?JWsV'fb*s^  New;Westminster; ? ������<i.   '   --v tt. y/l \&x*l'r  ',   P -      By command,- ,y.   ,  Pp-.^'--' '" -/' Z/TOHN'ASH, '"'":"  '      '  ing under tbe War'..Departmen������., .Gen. Sher-  jnab also telegraphed to Gen.'' Sch0Md ih-  etructions to move. at;.oppe u poh the Indiana.  ",. |-:/;^1'ijNi^& y'p  CorrinoiMAprii 15?^b������ most severe atorais  of the season are reported between Cheyenne  n ^andOmanav;prostrating the telegraph lines  '.������> an d obatrueting the rail ways. No trains have  ^arrived at!North:Platte;yofc;./;u,V'r//;"  PorUandvfX, April'16-^Mr Newell baa retired from the editorial department of -the  Herald,; Arid .--'Col. ��������� Bellinger will assum������;;UH>  ' 'duties., py::^i "i ;.y.\ .';/"',  The body of General Caoby will arrive  here about midnight to night, and will be  taken to his widow's (resideuce; On Friday  the remains: will lie In state; at the Armory,  'ftfter'w'tiieti^eyWil-i'be placed in a vault to  .await the arrival of Col, Hawkins, Mrs Cabby's brother,  who is on bisiway out to take  remain^ to Indianapplis for final inter-  naent;:/"'���������'���������'������������������'' -pp������������������:/���������"A-yy^:../y} [yy:py-[  Yreka, Gal. April 14���������The remains of Genl  Canby and Dr Thomas have, been lying in  put ling in curves. &c. and expect lo have tin  fou?, picks next" week.���������The Victoria have  about tbrep feet gravel 5 struck a good priDfi-  pect--ibma $5'(.^tc $8 to the pan--but watt r  Deing , scar'ce> are unable to wash.���������The Viui  Winkie have had a survey of their drain, and  ate now pumping their shaft out to work from  two places; expept to be in by let July.���������  The Point co. ate rnnning a tunnel for tbe  bench prospected 1 ast fai t wi th flattering re ;  suits;  will be in in two or three weeks.��������� j  The Spruce co. jaraehed up?S oss. last week  I think it will be1 a lasting claim, for the pay:  how is over sixty:feet wi^e, with a prospeut  of its cdntinnatiott.���������Sputh Wales not doing  mnoh.���������Tho Lightning co; got a prospect oi  ^ oz. to the pan, and baye a block of ground  that is as rich as in its good old palmy days.  Eldorado co. not doingmncb.   Rois'co: still  blasting away in pot ho 1 ep;,expect to be cut  and oh pay next week.���������Whirlpool cor -still  running ahead for their bench.���������Wattyca  making over wages.���������Murdoch co., being ** a  drove by bimseH;'*i8 preparing to hydraulic.  / Thb Wratheb^-After considerable, hesitation, the Clerkrof;thi;l??eattipr has atlasicop-  sented to order a cbaoge 4n * tbey programme,  and uofortiinale hyperboreans have dolighte$  for. the past ..few days- in the/Jen joy uientUpr  moderatelyJ warm days and an': occasional  fflimpse at old Sbl?s bright';feojintenanco.^.6h  Thursday night we^;had a; sh6w;er- of Jaip>iand  on Tbnrsday a little sutishinp. nThei shbw is  now fastdisappca-ing;;amTthejwater .in.the  various creeks increasing;y':Minora;��������� arey^usj  preparlng for the summer campaigp, ahd in  a short time all tho claims will; be In full  biasu.'.;: ;'���������;���������������������������.-' :.-;; ''.i>:i:yPh:-.-/p:--ypy  ' Mr B. yANyptKE^BPBpH came|ri;jasf ;Satnr*},  day, bringing with him 26 bead of primo betf  cattle, which were driven from/the'Valley of  the Frasor, n������ar Lillooet'���������Gpnsidenn^ ;the  severity and duration of tbptwint^ind'^o  very long drive, we were agreeably surprised  to find the meat of such an excellent quality?  Mr VanVolkenbnrgh informs us that be will  have an ample supply of superb miittpn ver,?  soon..      ' .." 'i - ''���������' .'"'/  ���������s iP-pPp- f ���������PbOVINCIAL. SEXJRttTARTfS.OFFK38,  .'-,i,),>Mji: ;4tn.Mar^/18T3..,:  -.^  ;.  I Hrs; Excollency, jthp" Meiiteharit Gpyprnor  Sasbean^ lid' appoinV HiuNRy Shim  ^ASON.jBsbj,, to be DeputyRegistrar' of tho  Supreme Court of ^British-Cbiumbia.       ���������  1 ��������� hp ���������.,./���������:��������� ;,,Bv command, v:.^', p:hyy:P^P- ������������������  v, JOHN, ASH;   r      /  / "/ ./../'-.'     Provincial Secretary.  js.'/i .sty >^>YmvmstAXi SBJctt������tAitT*8 Ofpicb^  t;;..;/.-. .,..,/���������^i-���������,,;.,:4th^Marchi 1673.��������� ���������-.-���������$  \ HiB^ExceUencyytbe Lieuteoattt*Govpruor  has been pleased to "appoint W. G.3tiBRK.Lisr������  Egp.Vtb be Audit <Glerk for the Province of  BritisbColnmbia. '��������� ^     r ; -  ;,:��������� -*-:-    ��������� ��������� ���������������������������::''By command,? ��������� ������������������'    *��������� ���������..: V  ' -���������h- ������������������'  py JOHN ASH,, v/yy-:,,  Pivovinclal Secretary.  :S^  M tiie Supreme  Hotel for SAi-R^Tbat capital stand, the  Stanley /Hotel, Lightning Creek, is offered for  sale. The building ia-oommodious,. and lias  good stabling attached to it. In consequent  of the great rise in mining property on Light-  GENERAL ORDER.  NOTICE is hereby given, that the Supreme Court  : will alt itt Baae, tor the hashing of all motkina,  arguraeuts, appeaia, and other matters comlD.fj bofora  tae Court, in Banc, at tlw Supremo Court Room in the  City of Victoria, for tho following terms, 00 the day a  hereinafter:mentioned, namely:,  ning lately, and tho consequent increase of  GreaV "^^SS^A^m^^ the" boys on j Us population, the Stanley Hotel caaaot Ikii  Burps Cr<#k Vthisspring p15,1 htot was ob- to be a profitable invostmoat  .For Hilary Term from the, 16th to 25th February; .'  For Easter Term from the 15th to 25th April;  For Michaelmas Term from the 15th to 25th November.,  5 Th ero will he no sitting In Banc in Tf ini ty Tenia.  ,   In case any of the days pf the dates named for the.  beginniug or ending of tho Terms" should fall on a,  Sanuay- or/Pnblic ffoliOny, then the Term wlllbefcttt  or.-end on the noxt foUowing day. v*i      * ���������*    .! '*'* .*  ;A-> L' " f MATT .T. BE6&IE, Cf J.  fiiuV^'1 '"   'VHBSRYP.'HELtBWCRBAS^jr..  i^h,  ,-.���������,..., ,,;lj.jBa\l������lLTOKGRAVrX-fr :,-!.  WedVtctolia,January���������WhlWp*,    y int&ef;  ���������I-  1  I  **���������  P  f.'.'i ���������".  ' M ���������  ii&  %'���������- ''  jy  Mi  y  r,',\  y ���������  y ���������  ft  P.  ���������-yyy  ������������������ Ah ���������'������������������������������������  y. ���������  ������������������\:f    -'���������   i  pi������yp  iXpy  II  ���������'  y.<&- '���������������������������  "-<���������?. ���������' ^'-.r "    .'.. .'���������      ...���������  ���������,-. ������ .,!.. ,j,i-���������...-���������'.*.���������. ,. ���������������������������'.:,���������    .-*���������.'������������������ i. '      '��������� -^   ���������'( ���������:   .".'   * ;'^.f ^ V^> "  ���������w.....  ������. ���������t -��������� -������������������������ ���������  .-.������������������������������������ i r^^Bi^i^^antf^rf^^'irw^^iM^rrjWTaillMfcViTTTaViaaFiTfTiinrfl^iarf^  #U:-/-������~,-lc**>$,.'WW  W.W-'  S������^Ai:.-*.?l  . ,'-."* ''  1   ;-=���������'  VKMlMfl|^A8TREiTt.   ; ; *     ',; "  ihe^ d languished'" orator  '   ���������    :and recognised head^f^e'.Reptiblicin^ary .Tames Gordon Ben nei  <P'P In'Spain. rmturarly��������� -b'8i*a-l.eaffibg'7podKon in^piol^r^he>i^w/v  ^ "r^bVn'eV 5finistr^.  fie accepts tSe4 portfolio hinmnrv as:toCvvhat he  r;new  R  :v /organ;in;vMadr^id,Vv. He ibok part in thejnanij-  ������,.!   rection/of 18^,6, aqd Jo ugh t a ^he, barricades.  v / .IFor this diffuse be iwasj condemned *$i ^?*H?.\  'y     jbut succeeded-v In ymaking.his ^escapejTntp;  J 'i/C^aii'CO.-.: Hevreturnfid,,fc������-^W^'V^^*^  ���������v/������Hition of5 f868. ^hipb resulted lpi$<? pvei*  y throw of,;, the-Bonr'bon -moo}������rchy, and Mnce  ;'"   'then haslieen'oW^ of *'^ei most conffpicuous  ���������r^  ^pnblicraeriiB^pain.-(Thor^  ^"--'  -q.ience has cr6ssednhe;8eaB.sand1nTtbis;coun'  ���������**������������������>.'���������   i*.-.Mr,h* ih th������ mo������f. Air>AA'mAr1. Af SnariiKK Rtatfla-  ter^Jie saidtf* I<pay;at  [stryL ^He accepts tnert portfolio jmquir^a^Ot^hat 1  Afraire^G^  - yf y inSiJv He -was':bornMn l'8B2^r and. began : his,  poIiticaLcar.eer...as^aijoiiruaHflt.  "tn' d85^  ;Joan ch raoro^diffl'cnlfc; to /writeja goodLpara&raph,  ^ban^an averagfo article���������onat^aa it is|mncb  mbf^difficH It to naake a" good'pro verb than-itf  is to preach >in^y^age^Berraon;   The late  netfcjikft^  * wh^;m������esi>p n so IfoTtti}' ���������  heTpaioSifbt*edi tb riai|^mat������  ^PTlCESia;,,-; \p  ibirJ a f^baiter*) f >a ;#ol h hin^ twen^fiVelBpllnirB  ifpS half sPeblu mul "ahd'ten ^bnarslTo^ ^wli ole ���������  oblurnrii^  "yyy:,y  yyr  ;;0:  r;?^>.  if  ..���������;}���������  ;:;vr...KM.  -.Ailti  ';>A; NOTICES.  *i-i.-..;rtf.-,#.i  wasr  ���������f; s.o'3j;.v y*yi  if;" "  y>;'l'':-.:*;  ';/H1.';  ���������i'v:-i y ��������� '���������  ctfcybeia  eifteo.ni'jSd-: ofi. ,  ': "'U -'���������j.'1 V.->ii.Vi''������������������''-���������  '������������������ ' ���������  ^y  f-v -^'General -Fofriinao*"Fernandez1 v;,;   I)E-CORDOVA,-MINISTER OF WATt,       {   <  >y j-'i Javaif old soldier ^h&^oliti.^^  -y  ''milch service,in the  field and Cabinet. ^He  r ,J   -was born at Madrid id'1792, entered thearmy,  i ��������� ,Vitwhen a^ yOutbland'foticbt /in -the  ^..eobio  wa r*f and rose to I the grade? lot* ^General; ^n  in nearly all the i������e  '."    "���������'nutions-and insurrections with which Span.-  ���������   M>h hiatory ifiVo'pl^trfi^^  - zii&h eaV. ������&^^-m4������S^������i ar WnV'������ >ifn -1850 ��������� 'tie !was,  :r^*-;'*  'waa'-MMster of War.  ,    C������plain -General of Cuba.    Heassii  . -,-������������������ ^nidriving^pafb.ella-ovjt.of < 'the reouoti"y,1and  ,^>  ������' ��������� - \ wob<appomtod uaptam!*Genopal vof���������  ������ .yy ^1V>: Jle-'did' not, go^to-'-Giiba,1 bpw<jeer.t  liavinor been appointed5 Minister of Stafaby?  * i.-.-Shp Serrano Ministry.- -He has latterly "J beM  t^:9nnffMiim������nAmAfl������m an rt j hna  ^GTICE!lSjHE^BrGI^  .^���������'���������^v-jjrja Pro'ClainHtioii. dat^d.^the ,;(4th 'March,-  1873, the ftoa(V Distrlcffi ft(e|eini(nameoiiwere  .created;undor ttie provisions of ,;ftThe Hoad  ExtenHion4Act.a873." "     "    ' ���������  "*y  S And that by Section 4, of. ^rrie, Land Tax  &cV���������,fl������7(S?^it^^ftfyfded IJilv.te Roadf Dis-  trie ts es tab I iBheoVii n der ������������������?. jtfe%oad Extension  Wfcl8i$���������t%f&\\ be^Bahd^ Tax ;Dis^ic  thep'urpoReaof the Act.   St 'p '.'pPP''''*    ��������� '*  ^^TheVBo'ad0i8tricti''>bi.tnOTtb/$BM  Ya neon ver Wan rl are ti d der tbe; sa rnb' s^cti o n  ���������! made iJaiM - TaxrlJls trie ts for ^ih������ p u rposes of  ;\^^yTrX.^r;:r-:  pa&lit ������'^VOSfiPB^W. TRUTCH;^^> y  iJ-n ^ Vi;l^y;^^^^'?l:#V,'i������r:*  ^*'^*iO ^;" yy<yy i'-..��������������������������� y-jyy&-   '" ";^*y'. y  ^iGTORI^^ l^Jtmf; .Grace' ������0f '<3^6f tbe  e ^nite^  ^'land, '^UK^Ni^efe^der of th^Fa1tE*cS;<������cl  To all. to;.w-hem,^these ������resents snail <come���������  <,���������;; ^mm^im^udn'^    i  ^yyiPPP  y,p-p.yyp Ai/FSJOCLAMATION^^m- ���������.  V^NOTK  the Act:  y.:v,:'y^  ap5^m^.^r 4 ^- +h - Provincial Secretary.  vt:>������������������'.??'.. "yy ^x^--^  to^fhai mbderete'Progresistafl, and!  .; ;���������','.';-V^':1 L-,y"<\ j- c.'. ^- '' ��������� ������������������  Hbat'firabinvonted;; alee^  ?riBBtu^any^fa^man-  ? ��������� ^ ^vWhti?oo^Wj5jSlwkp^���������" God'.- bless5 %* man!  old S&ncW^nzit;  ^rtpoatedfetha^ea^  ^uire7sbenisc������i;8in0etii8/time:   A celebrated  ^   -   ^-liner,f1n^the days^of Charles Lamb^  be-ran^shorii'o������sub]ects. comment  originatea in ijomoarayy?, and then ^ent  y  ^on tojerve a ^description of tbe Lombard  v r 1)ankora and tlte, transp) an ti ng Qf,->tyeir ������m-'  %1������������. rBe was, as the enstomvoxisted in th!p?e  days,-<paid;^penHyva lihe, ahd;it* isvsupposed  ?that everyjljne off jjijW*A'stbclc knecdote Wtedj  ... /him abouKa doUar before the* proprietors ��������� of *  : " >thepaper beganto-consider his writing apf  tb ate tfiW lie i IM idin g^ Con r fo const! tifCed i\ h der  >:iiTbe;G.old Mining iGrdihance^I867(? ^tiall:  ^ bo? aad is * here by ^ nierged^in i the 'County,  ^Gburfc'f and every^Cbunly' poort^Judge' of  V British iGohiEibia,Ishall havoH������nd-be fJoV-'  fljses^edjoffthe same jurisdiction^po^ers, Jatid  y airthorities,-asftbose ,bad* and ���������"? exercised ->byf  ^th^ifGold^GommiBsionersappbintedMcH^  ^ff>ai?d'. presiding as Ju^pos of tbesaid^Mining  j'{Co������art\Uandt ally piioceedihgs;;thereunder'  ,^1'.shall. be I bad'and Iffkea in ncc������rdance:witl/  ":the; provisions of ' The Gold Mining'drdlw)  " ranee/ -1867^ amf^ The Gold Mining Arielidf  *\ w&nt'AcyimtlU yyipm ,      ���������, |-, ���������!  Ahd-whereas^aprovisqis inserted tbatfthe  tA0 shonld^bnly ha^e^rfu|l^^rce^nd$ifect in  s|^b.vpp^fcipps jb^ifcbg^Provin  ^yer^rlip^Qonncii.^  jby Eroclamationydrder.��������� ,fu     '<**: \ >>'*    :'" 4  ^isAndjWherea-s, itvis^expedi^nt stbafe xtbel saM  Act should have full force andlTeffect in;>tKe.!  Ei(^tbral;I)istn  jtipnJ^reqf^knoi wh^asy?fch������e? OiniiteoatrPollinjar  Division, .and in .the^ElectoraL^l^tript^of  Kootenay-: ; ���������'������������������   --'P.    -"*'���������" ���������*   ...y^'l1  'NQ^'ENQ^^ and  proclaim Hhab^TbeiCbuttty Con" ft&HHk. terision  ���������Act^I87^%hallfi frbra^arid^attgr the Vlate:  bereofi lhave>ftal 11 force 'and -effeSt ti ni ���������-tKKIEl tfcV  jjtorai^istrict^p/ ^..Canbbo,)&cep������/tl^t4f)o.rti6'n*  thereof ^khoww1 as"Hhe i0mWe^aJ Polline ������������������ Di-  vis&ou/ltnd/ib the -Blectbral jSistriot of'Koo te*  '^pyPpPypiypyPypyPy^  y|rH:BNie*:;T.r ^DMbxDS^Esq.y Ur New w������ 1  A -nNRBft^-������**r#'p8rt ^sin'^on  Bknmmin P., Gi������Bm, Est, for Yale D:B I  trict.yHttI^M,.v?HM{:i8 ������������������-������������������'������������������I  ,   ALKXAKDKlt; KOBBj> BsQ..',fOr Nicola Difilrirf  trier  Di8/  Cornelius Booth, Esc������, 'for^iKooteriay Dig*  k*������$v.      .AiJK>T0r/  .-'-. r.,y  By command.  *w^-?ftfe5f.iT!iriT/--*-tj0H]^ ASH/^r/ ;:"''    ���������  ^^^3in-^,^'^^;f S^cretarr  eg=asife*a?tionibf  *^  ���������..        -v   ��������� -     u ���������. ,.���������*,       '  n'tU  Jt   .*���������-!  riagea-  EXTBI^C NOT1GB ;l^he^^'^velifStnat^n^'aiMi'-  sMaf ter? tnecjlst rdayof?,' at������ptem lierineiti iii I ��������� Births  Cnlu'inhla are to;be Reg^to.reil underf&m ptovirfonsof  ^The/R^Kistratlnhior^frih^Deatl^  ^.^l������7fi,?^ra,t...th6f/omct**6rtli^DiitriofRggU  |thp Distriot;wb^rejnItlib fiamo respectiveiy. shall take  pjacj?, and jVflthin^tli^jtltnesi:lWl0win^^atiS;tto gay:  BIRTHS^Rlthin 60y(laysifrom&thc^ate(thereb1/  DEATHS-rr���������Milmk$0--M$s after, ioterraent. > (H ^  ������������������MARRlAGES^TVithiii-W" days from the, date thereof  >. Ev<kry Honsohe^lc^Hea^ ^^apiily^lESeriyiaftOj  ?SKVm&nri  : v^-tVi'rJe^mnhofofiHils at times and dismissed -bln^j  ,���������...-*>..;, *,   I,l...i���������-rr.^v. ..������������������������������������..     f- ...-���������  An exchange has; been reminded of this nev r  7.'--*'ri',-.''/������"iT'   '' ���������, > " ' V'-*'"-'*'.   ^'''t   .1*''^'-'"'''���������'    Vvv'f    Sij/J        f  ���������  r"; fading fiubject wcotning across'an<^ber������s-  *r.ji!;;,������������aj|:-on..i^SIeep -Euglish ^ihaga^  y     7? n*������y .Ii^oHld>be;diflSchU to iestimate wbeth e;5  yv:more writing gbpd^  l>eed .pbblisbed tfh%le'^p. or on the different  ;^methods��������� of��������� 'gently  invrtihg  its; approach'!  :,jr..\I^ke'^thottbjEee-balls of ^Lcinjbardjr, sleep |ts  <o n e pf''tb6aeT themes that ess ay ists. when th j������y  *'^rg0t|jpnt'.of'; Bubjec^-'itppmr'ineyT^  ;' upon*.' ��������� Why' d o we sleep ?: As wo have *said  4 us much, let ne at least give, the /latest solr-  -4 on.   We s������o.'p oecanse. ihe vbrain becomes  P\ r n parat i vol y; blood less. By ex p er i me n ts < p  'animals, fhe'brain. when sleep wasapnroael-  ing, has been observed to become pale, and  ������������������ 'tgradually ��������� sink a 4ifctle. y-Witb; oonscimirae'ssT  its surface -rJses up and is su ffufiod: with the  *ed b l.usb ������ f returning ci rou \ a tio n." *  f PRdyMcEGF'BRITIsk OOLIjifBlii"f'*'  yiCTqRIA,f;by,..the������Oraoe������pf-fGod^ofthft  ^nited^Kingdom of Great Britain .and Ire*  ^ana^DKKN,^r>|t|Sde^  To alPro*wSan^ tn'esopresentr"Wi$$- come)���������?  Gkketing. *"    ... f .'.;  \ '"��������� ^*rJt M6cL^Mo^;f,: v-  ?Ga^^^;^a3daaK-f W^RMS fev'Seciion  lAttorney^General^;'*p *i''2'-*of 'We 5R6ad Ex-'  Aejisjon ^ Ax5(;'^W S^it gfet-projrid&li thatithe  tiieutenan^Gnyemor;jn Cqun-cil mny^ by, Pro-;  .clamativpn>:crea^e.f anyportipn or /portions of  the|lainlatfd'of Britisb Cbliim'batfinS W^Rbad  Districfror^Pisi^  ,h0j8hall;t|ijnfcfit,:2-^H}'1': omis j^rf'r^*u ^'..i-.  ���������# y^^lNk T^TiMpxy;iWhbrbo^ We' have caused  J  -��������� ^ %t ;tDese 0\ir-Letters to be sniade>Patent.i-a'h"d'  Pp -ihe; Great'Seal of tbe Pcovincetof *'liriti������h  v i ii& Go iu ni bia ;tb be ��������� bere*a h to^faftlxtild^^ W vc-<  y\f\ kbss', v������the   Honorable-'Joseph -Wiltjam  r ������?i: - Trutch, IiieuI eiiah^Goverhor ofitlie said<  ������������������ -::;������������Fr 6 v fn.ee.; of ;B rtt i lii- Op I u tnbi dim ihe M \ y  .**: ^^frVictoria^in^^he'eaid^Provihee.^  '* 'is ,*on r tb <i ay apt iM arch vi i h *thfr y^a'r o f Our  * ���������' LbrdiiQne tHbnsand^ight^littndred and-  i; ��������� a seven ty -three,' anby i titfee thii'ty-Hiarth' year  1 :*1������ -of :OtuyRwigb. -'jy  i V*'? ��������� ���������" *'���������' ���������'/;^'" J  "���������  By^^mniaind;?r;''^   ',"!,'M ?:  ��������� y >p :j&HtfUfl^^;iH^0::  Provincial Secretary.      mr22 4m;  \afort������ nnnie?^ will ^liaJjift^ajpf^aVt^Jbr/each and  ia^uinsg .thevsai j(; -Act.,^. ^ yy\ ^n^Q [*t nv  -.jiLandtRegi^try^Ofllce;^ ^������*: *\s ^ b.mi iW?f$  :*c - -  ^,f> .Aug, Si; 1872. ,4 ������������������ ,/ Jj,lff j, ������������������ jt*.,-;>, m {'iMM^  ^iiail*  ;i u-  yiMB������y  ^RemainJUK finVither Barkerville?Post Office on  |s%,qr^Marph;*748T3^ ^iivPhrtiesi' cwllirig U\<  dettersjprthe following list,>will please uak  forAdy^tjs.ed^Lej;tera.ri:yyai^'?*!'^ isi>. ' f-i^:  AitB^y������^Ww;^TJ A,   yf ^Jnbneon*Arpb r  'Allen" JD- *-,C-iu\  >,^y>^Jones'������C;>P������i''-''^������������������'''   .  Bridges Tbos  Bray J^ry  -  Brodie Jho   V  GiappertoirlJ '">?  CamerbnVy S  CaiiipbtflltlAJC  DnviV' John ���������  ml  h Jenkins(John E <~y  '*Jbh)isohy*G*/* ^  ^iliewisl>'; "* ,,I������.  Llewellyn AVm ,/  SlcDonajd-nbuttld  '���������Mcrtinmih; Neil'  #lcCbrmick^ G-  intments.  *'/f'i'  >. ,!i?^:im  CbhrfclU as" a^oresajd?-hpd&.'and ��������� by'tvirtub; of  tb.b.'pbwmV-a*n&^  bjin^^n^G^vl^ilHaci^fQi^Bmld^ and- oCV-alli.'otfim*  j>o^er8(and^iyitl^rities ^him:.in ^hast behalf  enabling., 'battf ordered ithaV the Bqad ifiis-  trie ts, hereinafter raentioiied, be created :, [^  ate di^fbjlfiwing^Ro^p������tr).cTte:40>n:jite^'Jbi&v  land of Brit^'CoIumbiainhati^tb : -  ��������� r;'':THfi^CifelBC^)^ ROAD' DK5TRfCTr  which}shall' iiiicln'de: all that traetvof"land- jn^i  eluded- ijri> ihe ^aribooDtlstrict, as set forth in  the-ScKe^ule fax Tbeibo^stitutipji;^et>i871.";  y2.# ;ra  whi^fr shall include' all;rlHat; tract of land; in-  eluded ih;th^EaliboetlJistHctr^ in  the Schedule .tOi^TheCdhsfituMoo^A-ctv51871,.w  ,   B;TRE TAa^'^AQ'JjflSTRIOT^^wfii^fa  sbal,l inclu<le. all phpijYpci'oZ laad,included i  in the Yale District, as Bet forth in the? Schedule !^^.M:lt|]^<3aTOtliLtfdon:!Aet.v  ;: 4. T^ KOOTENAY *0AD DISTRICT;  which shall include all that.tract of land* included jn ibo''K6blooa^pjstrict,--ji8 rSotfortfif  ifr the; Seheifule to " the Gonstitutibn Act;  mTl^fpPPP^ v?" ?':-& <^P yyh.us'.j ,/;h y-  THE NEWi WESTMINSTER and-CO AST  i/Pp^i -t .-:i.PBbv;iNCrAri.Si������ORETA-ltV-79Opfick,  . :"��������� \ -?���������:;��������� ^ f''--.4th-Maroiul������73. rJ.;Ir  ; yHiiyBxcell en cy-f the yLieu teba^-Gbverhor  has iieen! pi easedy.to opiate ? the; ,fo tlowihgr ap-  poiritmeiits^ndery?;The;Sh^  ^ 'f-ftrolf ARnWbolef fsjaiidr  ;-,: 'HENBv';VrEn>������jiNnsy ^^^���������f^r���������^he^^^j of.  'Nfew'Wesirnlnst^r.;:. ��������� ;;''   t  ' l \P~ 'y ' ���������    'if  '.*t'-Gko������������k ByRx������s^l5^.^f()rX/aribfioV $P[-yi  mMPp '^i^.command,^- : '.*  pyp v yp<^p JOHN-ASH, -    ,.'y ' --:  V        y- v ^P rdy incial Secr���������itary.  ::v;'''PRovr^rki}'SEctoARY>3 OtfricKi  ipry-Hip, ::yp. ;> ��������� 4tn,'MarchriS73.-r;" y : y  Davis R^fs J;   ;;;:,"; p^pvnn'ii John  Da vim Frhricis ^Art^/^()vvmi W  Emerson AM-*  BatVmiGeo ? ^<  VpMlclmrd; R6bt*  ������.^:yjKi������iiiy^������������'.A^:i'  EriedmaiiiRichd^y'  Fredden Frank W;#f  Gartley Thos-P '��������� :  GiB-cife^v.r6T^f43it<  Hall^ennyWmM-f'  ?Johttston Pet������r ^ ? -  mi  f.';.i'ri  :>:*staiid&B*wo^K v  ; ?Sitd ei i u xGhuV I esf  ^Steveii;soh ^j^bn;;'"  Sim'ms'G'W'    - ������������������/-.  ^WiHiams WPr^ '���������*.;  ^WyatCr* ^<p:p.  .-, >.   .:    - PoQtkriasiter.  0;  Parangbjlphs vs. artrcr.E9.~Tbe St. Louis  y$$&0fni palis!atteqtibn to: the nptableAd  desirable change in American  jorrrnalisai,  f.Jbbing^e wifasiUntio^of.tiio;^ paragraph" for  the ������ articled on the editor'al page.   Commenting -onytbe cbaiigo it says:   "A ;fiiw  .years ago; nothing-less J bail a column in  length, was considered worthy of tbe pen of  an able editor, and five reader had to faeo  about Ih r ee Buefe; -io a (al mentis every > mo rbing,  ^r else burst in ignbrance of what the paper  #*Cto say^fpr 'its^^^bw ail tb������Jl^dih<>  - journals of the������.-country1 devote mora tuaii h;ilf  &5eir;������a^toaaVsiace"t0 fej  ROAp^ISTRICTS,>^hieb;shallincludedall  th at trac t of land in bin ded i p tbo, Ne w,, West-  mihster and Coast' Diatricts, as set forth in the  Sefeedule to" " TheCoristitution Act; 1871." :..  I * -Ml * TKSTmoN y Whkreof*; wo haW caused  y: tbese 0ur Letters to\be made Paten t, and  s, r j the Great Seal of-the: Province o i British  Columbia to be hereunto affixed: ,WiT;  xess.  the  Honorable Joseph: WriiJAM  ��������� > '���������; f. Tkutou, Lieutenant Governor of tbe -said  . ^Province of British Gp\\\mhS^%nAhoQ\t^,  ."[ of Yietoria,\p the said, Province, this  Fourth day of March jih the year of Oil r  ��������� Lord One Thoiisand eight hundred and  :     eeventy-three, and in the thirty������sia:fcbyear  .. pfjGnr ;Reiga.   .., ,.-,-. y > y*.??;.  command., r        ,,^ " ,  ^i'(M^'Mutyiy'p[ yy--y::''''"'-^-y'  Pro vin'M'il iSebrotaiy:  ':'His' Excellency, the Lieutenant  has 5been, plfeajed'Ifco I af)pdint.^KSttT Silte  Mason{*!$&$:������ioihe; Deputy;ife^istrar'; of !thb  Supreme Court pf. British Columbia.,  . "pi]  By com in and,:'; 'y. "'���������" ���������''. '-���������";  y\;yiyiy.y-y, ynSGM Ash;;: ;���������; ;;��������� .y������.  ;i���������������������������*"��������� ��������� ���������'������������������'���������'"!i": ; ^Provincial Secretary.  ,' Pn0VIXCtAf^SECRETAUt?8"dpPreE,  ��������� ������������������ r''P"';;:y(,y ^;';M^March;,1873y;��������� ���������;p  y^M' Exbelibnby^>tlie, LienteQiift^.Grbyefn.br  has been: pleased .to"appoibi W/Cl:BKiticELET,  ]^.ltb be Aiidjt X?lerk  BritishCbiumtbia. "���������';.,i''''^[^'liO'V^iZ]'.''...'^Z '.->  ;/;,'-_ 'By cbmmandi ^       ir-'iyp\  "y,;..-^  ��������� iy.y jdHN'^s^'.;,';::' yyy:^.  .      .      Proyibciai'Sobre^ary.  (Jeiohratod  , >���������  WORCESTERSHIRE; SAUCi  '   Declared by CohbolsBCurFto he  ?THE t)NLY-''liaQbD^sitJbB;-^:  ')>.}  "f'f.;;'':/i; :' PnoviNctAL Sbicrbtart^ Omce,  ���������* "������������������'���������" u } P'?';; " 'itb^March; 1873. ;'" ."  ,:. Ws: Excellen cy the Li,ett ten ant- Governor  has beeh. pleased, to ��������� appbibt the following,  gentlemen to be.Assessors,and Collectors ;iin-  d eV an d to carry, but the pro visions of *��������� The  .La'ndTaxlA'cL.l^S'^;:,' y"P:      y^p...,  Rivii Aitn Wpops,: 'E^Q., jp r Vic tori a JJish'\pit  Esqnim a J i an d M etch o sin (D is trie t, Esqn \mal t .  Town Districti. and Lake, and Saanicli Disr  tricts, ���������  y...:.', .._,,,-'';../; :,'/. ��������� ..-"T \'sf,yy.'>;  ,: William ,Stewart, Esq., for .Nanaimb pis  iriej^.,,;'y,-,t:i ".,   .i.;i'..',., r.V, ..', y^-p' I  John MoRLEY>f;EsQ./fb^  Spring Island Districts. s- ���������       ���������  r  Caution; agamst: iFiraud;~ThV' *������ cbesa 6f 'thW  5mos t: j(l cl.i eioti s- ;ji n d y* an ri vu 11 e d: Cond im en t HiaVing  caused certain dealers to apply thp-tianve of uWorccs������  tershi.ru,Sauce;' to. tiiejr- own.Inferior compounds, tho  :jp uhl i c Is h' erbb y i litqrm ed tha t'tht 6 ri ly ytju.y to pro-  eurethe.genuiiie^isjiojy"^''; f'-c'*;.'*"��������� 'Py '.y.  Ask '/: ^ob;?xea '^ti: ^ifc&KiNh* p[savc$  an������l to see that their namesaye upon tlie jrwrw*  LABELS, S TOPPKB ;��������� ah d BOTTLE'.'    ! '���������*.  K "������������������',"'.  ; Some of. th e foreign markets havl ng been supplied  wi t h a s |)u rl ous. Worcesterah freSau c e.jU pan th a, wrap-  per arid lahelsoi which the:names of Lea and Pewius  have been 'forged, L. aVd ; P. giyfi notice tliat ih������'y  have furnished1 their correspo'iid.ents $lth power ol  ,attornoy to .take instant'proceedings against sianu������  , actvaHas a n d vkm������ok a of a uchy or. any. other \mito-  oqh by whf c.lVt lie\ rrjgh!tm ay h e,infring<ed.-f  Ask for LEA & PERKINS' Sauce andffiee  Name on Wrapper, Label, Bottle, ana  ���������Stopper. ; ��������� '  :  W ho] esate a nd' f(or ex por 'th y t b e Proprl etors,, # wj,|W  eeate r 4 C ro esfcajft d ������1 ii bl# el 1 vEA$ti' ^vil, &c. ffifo' V  byGrocerbandOilmen universally  V  I-


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