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The Cariboo Sentinel 1871-04-15

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 I  ���������    .4k...-    ifllk r   *tteVi    J&J:/��������� yjk>f  '^ifts  /,i-i':lA"'!  c '.ry.,,!'.;?. ���������'t^nyyy'y i^'* }.-oyToiyv.) p- ���������.'-*: rr--*.  Wmy^;i.iyjl;a^  ������t    hj-  :-J   fliV. tit At A \i>    >,;:.���������   *.������'   ft...*..*.     <.{    ���������������   *   ,    .?'*  Published every Saturday by  ...'.'-   ^^RATE������ 0F,^I)VRRT/SINTG..;v       j;  *$&������ nne,,.squam?(.pne4l acli ysflfttilnsbrtfop, w^? $3&  "         ' *���������'                         one mouth,   -   -      5  For two squares, JlrstfTtfsertibfl,.     - ,.-...- r-, ft,6 ,  Agents for ihe " Cariboo^������entiM:eL',|  Van Wjjilclo,-  Q.itosnchiiouth;  ������?ml&. Creek  %  No w Wt������a tini u stfir ��������� -  Victoria,  Mr -J~-W--L1ndhart :  Ba nisi rd' fi Ex press  ���������otlnCreek,.* . - ��������� --.-.���������- . -^ Barnard'sExpress  ���������Jiiiton, ���������>*._ jj ji.. Jft-.'jfVf.-f-: - ������a^- Bar>iard?#'Express  ktlS$ ;.^^^^-:M-ii:,Ev.iVrfsp . dcM* ���������* *' . do 7^  row Westminster- -'. - ��������� ;' - .-���������..��������� Cbirkson &Cfl  rictoria, ��������� .-������: - -: - '��������������� ������.; Jol>ji'Collr.-ns  tlP^Mr, ���������g.n-^p^f raj|j San������ncisco  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  Ua rd s,��������� ;Qi re u 1 are .Post erff ail d Pr o sr amm es for  ��������� Bn-lls i?b.tidfTh ett tn^efal3*1 En ter tai-nmen ts      .  ^^E.vecuted witli niea triess and dispatch.^^zf  T ermfjafrn o d er a t e.������������  o"H"������'������Tin������������iBii'.w������������''<w  'r >A->:V"  'T'  "GOLOWtN- SMITH ON THE EUROPEAN  ���������,i.:^;^y-y^ipiyVm^XS^y.y^Pi,yy.,y.  ?-*.'���������������!  i lv.   (rol ������l\vin Smith,,Pno fespor of History. for-  juei'ly.of pxfcu'd. rebt^ntiy; ..dellvet'e^^ari elo-  * ] 11 e n t j e c t itr eat, To rou to on ^,. T b e European  <;'ns1 J'of 1ST07^^:'";'"' .": """���������:-'' '"'���������"~  :;  The lecturer compares the,sudden declafa-:  Ti on"'" o!"' 'th e JPYa iico-Br vissi n n wa r to" a IhVi n -  ;d e i'b oUo ii t -of * ti lis b Itie c 1 o ii*u s," an d con s id-  . -ers tjiattlie,c"kmd/ont.;\of; wliichy the bolt fell  av as. that great,, -\i n e m*p 1 o y e d F re n ch army.  ���������en c It. so Id i er i n win end ream ed of ; th e m a r-  * shh!?s baton���������; which "he* hadf' been assiired lie  \par r i e d., i ti his 1cn ap stick .* *'" Wi th * ih ch an arm y  ���������war wsts. sooner or later, inevitable; and  mntii it f.horihrbe,reduced or destroyed, there  *-wns no hope-for Europe-of. secure peace.  -\lie,theri go.es._over, at.great 1 engfch, the his*  to r i ca 1 au te ceo* e n ts o f th e yy a r,. from th e period  '������������������just b efore.'th c great F rench Re vol u ti on ,'v/hen',  .'to use .hi.1? own r-words, " Europe; was- finally  -passing friom feudalism.^n'd .mediaivjal. Catho-  i rcism1 fo'a more advancetl,' State pf.. ci.yili za-  iJo n, and m<7r<? raf;.|o n al -i"orms of b el ief, by a  '���������})rocess quiet anti-gradual,but visible enough  to tlie eye of liislovy. Suddenly "France, witli  /Ce 1 tic    i m \m 1 si v en ess ��������� and   se j f-co n fid en c e,  * r n s h e d to f.iVe fro n t of.��������� 1 tie'-mo ye me n t, and a n -  .  derlook  not- only, to  inform' herself, which  wiiii 1 d ha \;e been ashfliciently arduous tusk,  "but to ivgenei'ate "man kind." .......  A fi e111ay I ng bke tcli ed so me o f tbe a f ro c \ ties  0f [ha*i-lixn% Tfrerrbli ReVrfJ'iition, he poin'is out  11 ovv Frati.ee, h w i ng 1 ost what b rief Iiberty she  had achieved, ati d I at 1 by a Io v e; o f mill tgry  gin ry, tu r n e d, h er v I dtp ri Q������is arms rig a i n s t G e r-  i 11 a r^ y���������' 11 m I. co uni ry \v li i c hi s now rein r n t n g  w 11 it such deadly! n tei'es t th e jwrp ngs fro m  ��������� f o rtn erGall ie i n vasi o iis.  *.  ." No ty' say s h e, J:i i 11 a & Ft* onch am bi tion h ad  ���������ever slept in the first transports -of reroln-  t i o n.a ry ph i ] a n (11 to p y ; in 'th e ve ry honey mo o n  of universal love France had'be^un to encroach^ upon the covenautpd rights,Of tho German Emjiire ;; and\ tlie���������fi;'s.t.,countries which  welcomed-the French as deliverers.-soon Iiad  mnmn.Jo 'own tho truth.of. tb������ saying, "that  "���������the brotherhood of the French revolution was  ��������� a brotherhood of Cain."  ���������: On  their restoration, the Bourbons pro-  ��������� celled to parser to the war spirit ; and  ���������^1 jo ugh ;Loais Ph i 11 ippe real ly desi red pea ce,  he was Compelled to tkeep up a monstrous  standing ann y,. ?to. i nvade A3 gie rs, aad to  ���������q11 ar re I per io cl ica 1 ly wi l,h Eu ro pean po w ers.  IfftTeJI, and then followed an ephemeral. Tv.e-  pnblic, which, without tbe shadow of a pretext, invaded and captured the sister Republic  of Rome--an act not to be forgotten when  a&teoRte are made io shift the guilt oi aggros/  ^jon from rhe/Fr^nch������j^opjf Iq. thelrjrnle'rs;  Bu^upoi&the^bradle of Ihe^ ire[|nblic jfelltlie  shadows of the returning empire j.' and soon  b ay o nets rep lace d a Bo n a p ar I e. op th e in i 1 i ta ry  throned i; To > allay?tlie alaon mife avoid- the  hostility of the European powers, the Empire  pro e la im e d i tself p eac eA,a n d a, t on co p ro ceedfe d.  JoXnltiltlie hiw.of its feinglby ihvolvihgAthe  whole world in war.   Next came the Crimean  war, th en the Ital ian wan then. Ijijj Mexi c an  wariibeii tlie^ntrigue; with'ieflin/maskVd^b'j?''  p ro fessi otis of the w a v m est fr ten ds h ip fo vi-A us -  tria, which brought.^on the/jAustro-prussian  war.J|Tbe;)Eirjperor] was/fied b^aliiaiural  xniscalculation,to assume that, as he had found  tbe Anstr-ians^tough, Mol tk%an;d the Erussiauso  iwpii lid finil them ton ghery; ItSa t Soth^artf ek  . won 1 d . b q exh a us te d by along war,, ami. th a t  be and France would then be at liberty, to  he 1 p ��������� th e in se I vesrs to an v a dd i tio n s o G terr i tor y  j%h^li ^rj|icj geography^nd the������in|s gsspepfc-  sih g 'tl)e'ri n lien ta^ico p ( tlie" Carl oy i'ti'gi an r e m -  pire. based on ihe"horipn tha11he grea 1; Karl  ;was^a l^gdchman.' migfitf sii^gggt. .'-|^uti;)ieg  ��������� Nap ol eb n III." c augh t a' B i si n ark.'% n d d re w  upon himsolf a rebuff ��������� whicli deep 1 y wq.iinded  the mil!t-ary: spirit of France, wliiio^wjitl������the  gro w tho f��������� Ger m an u h i ty u ode r P ri iss i ah'le acl-  . ersh i p, |g re w th e mad d en i u g c o n v i c I i 6 ii th at  ^ n^: t na t sid e th e fa mil i aivga te o f F re n c h ambition  would, be forever closed    There can  be no dcuSfc that from.this moment, though tlie  u sua! p mice h o m i 1 i es co n t. inn ed to b e preach e d  fro in;; the..;, th rpi] e, an d. even ft at te ri n g.. s il^ges -  tio ns of ge n er a 1 d isar m a m e ri t' wo re fro m i iin e  y-tin .vne unassep  yan o th ei*  l n fi 11 en ce e o u s p i red y vvi th '��������� vy p n n d i: d  -military! ambition,to* bring' ���������:bft/'iVarV'^:''A'Uiei"4  :as-; Napole6ri III. was a;hvays;;ahd in)alI. tlvi.u������-s.  u tier ly': reg������ ni less- n ?������������������ ap parenjly; u n conscious I  ai he.-; wa s i j) ro f i gli 11 is' w I j ������ 1 e c a r eer o f Ui e ex-  is t a ii ee of a Goo s b o v������ !i i i n o r o f a" y p i ce o f  God within hiin. he,��������� never.s!iowed his- allieism  more than ui restoring1 lor. hi? political purposes the. Roman  Catholic Church."while..he  affected to whisper into the ears "of. German  p li i I osopher.4 11 is b is to ri c do n ft te abp u i the ex-  istence of 'Christ/ . That Charch. a 1 arnied ��������� by  tlie   growl fi g   ascend an cy; pf  a  Protes tan t,  p o w e r. fo nnd a n o rga n d f its fears i n th e fa i r  partner c f t he Em p e ror's tliro n e--a t|iorou *rh  d au gtiter of  S p a in, ato n ce p) eas ure- j o v i n ������  a n d d e v o ii t. a n d e q*i i a I ly loyal to 'too n it eta a u d  reliquiarie.^,  to crinolines.;!and confessors.���������r  Bavarian priests as well as ;Hanoyeriaii-' exilesft re* th ed e arn es t en t re a ti es a n d to1 d. fl a i -  tering. tales.   The  large  army  vote against  the plebiscite, given as it must have been in  spire of the most powerful coercion, showed  th a t d ei a y was dan gerp ns I o th e dyn n s ty.   A  pre te x t wti.s foinul, or porfei ps fn side: w h i c h  might iso1 ato PrnsKia from Germany, and war  .was . dec la re ti..,. T i) e i;e w a s bc lire el y a sh a dp w  d f o pposi Iii>n.  C6 m mereo, rio dou bt. ni o.iu'ricd  in soci'ot: but I always folt.'wiien Mr Cobden  and other English statesmen who in.I respected.  rec k o ned out he" gr o w th *o f F reneh co rs i ii fi roe  a s. a fi? c ii ri ty fo r p Bace .that iin. t h e 11 rs t p!: ic e,  corninerce con hi not control the passions ol  .the army or the policy of a Gove rum cut rest-  irig on fo51 itbvy supphrt: arid, in tne second  p 1 ac o th a t it wa s w lib Fra. nee a s  with  o I, I i e r  nations and  with  sn.tn���������however groal; her  material proMjK'i'iiy intgtit be, s'io could  not  live by bread alone ; besides .brrwl ������lie would  want, inFFUary glory.' The Protestant clergy  of Faniice alone yprnly s[)ol-;e' a^aiuHt, war���������  for the Mwnnwsun. probably, which led the  Jesuits to speak for ii.  eye ry where' mi nirl ed>v w i th I res o 1 u i i p h -, ���������������a n d  te ar fn 1 1 ea ve ".ta k i tigs fi 11 ed,; ��������� ti i e, la nil'. .Such  r ne n are 1161, li ke 1 y to. fp 11 o w 11 io dm ni of, a nil -  bill o ii. ': TI icy, are ii o t' t i i r c o s an d Zo u a v es.'  I i i red b i i lo he rs an d m aViiiul evs, b u t c i l i * e lis  h rined i n d efence of, t heiri coun fcry,' nnd wheni  t'h ey, are wo il^h d ed i f i ei t* coup I. ry, 1*1 ec ds.,  Ji i s.  triie,. t hat, not con ten t with, mere ly parvy i,ilg  ' t !i o., blow aimed a t li er 1 i fe, Gi >r m a h y lias folio wed: u p 111 e aggressor, sr'ru c Ic -; h i in 16 tlie  ea r th ;'d i s arjii e d him,; ta law fro m hi ih -:tl iW f ro ni  tier .1 nviresses> wh iph. hp i\sed <������is- sai 1 y;-j)or ts iOf  inyusion; inliicted uppn��������� him such;pVui.a 1 ties as  wi 11, ma ke li iih bp ware of assaj ling her j or. a n yi  otlier riatioii;������'for:;the^fnttirc^and'ii/isJtrU^tmit  thei; p en al ti es ���������- h a vo risen i ni am dti A ti n l p r o p.or-!  tion to ithetlpngtfi .ipf^r.esisLance���������<��������� >and; theyiiirj.  creased exp en ditu re of; (Jer ra an- bl o p d.,,. W b e n  the. Sikhs .in y ad ed on r Indian. em "p i ro,, d id pot  we/.af ter ropelfi n|r.: i lie ;iin v! aders,! p'aSs't he 'feiit:  lejv-a'rirt^exfcniJftiW  h'OrpjlHid^lipid.opfc.^!^;^^^^^^^  b a i'ded Lab ore.. as .*; we d id, bo mb ard, Luck-,  n6 wy'a n d w o t ild p p t j h e'; a go ny h ave ,b een as  jrfeat- ih Ijalipre as it.^as' iii Paris V '-.-Tlie bom-'  bardkien t :ob suph: a Ci ty as#?arias is th e;d i resi  of the diremecessities .ofi'-wai*: j ..but would it  be:,possible :tp permit^the existence, in the  mi i'd s V o' rou r o pp. of ��������� an '���������'-in i i n e' n io {o i' tVeKS ati ft ���������  a'rseiialhw h ere *waf' is -a 1 wa'vs^; 1>rewi ii g"---'! tse 11������������������  abovei the d a ws o f w a t V' 1 i P tb e1 mid care er b f  ���������vii6ttpry-.'jw:ith;ythe:  ^ r as | >y th e ,,G e rm an .s, p.ftpre/l \, a n..,. a nil hti ce,,. a^  iiieinsiarico of'the powjerS' friehdiy to TF,rancci  \u)dy the   French: rhetoricians   repiu/tf^th^t'  KranpcNvoUld sweep J;hO barba.ria.nsifromlier  snered. R.6il.:yTliPv^accused ^En6;landywlierir  slje pIeii^led jor' the armi?ticeV'oft ;a, 1?^V?���������?^-1'%  aUempt1 to paviV the'^viriarfarniiesifrpm im--*  minent; destriVctipnv''Theliaz  rhetoric inv*whichvf)Frarice���������.*��������� has'-deligiitecbito  1 i'yevil las: do ub l^d';li}u^aiaihyjiesj: py<ih\wMf) k\  her to. I n i ni i j i a I i ng. ,tr n: j hs*-, Tp; expe c.t that t li e  German s Pv o 11 Id. grci it n d  th e i r ii rm s b eca i i se  P raiice h ad I >e cb fn e a Re pub li c, e ve n.: if sh e  h n il--'i re ally , b ecom e a.HRe p u b 1 i c, wp u Id h a ve'  been .childish.;.., .T h e .Germ an s  h av'e ;b j tier  reason ��������� < p k n o w, i;h at a Pre n ch m an ^Iin per J al-  i st1 or Ttepublican ��������� is a ��������� Fren cii in an s li 1IV���������  Much* has been!.said; "since the 'German vie-  to ri es i n this >wa.r, ab ou t .the \vonder-w o rking  i n fhi epc e o f .Ger m a n sc.h oo Is ; anrl all th emt-  iion������Vof file''woidd seem  to be rushing to  so 11 o o 1. ��������� tli at; they in ay 1 earn; t h erp how to en t  their1 nei it h borfobroaL   Much*, no doubt, is  dlie; to -the.influence of. German schools, but I  supped as least as much is due to;-..the..-,infill?  en ce of thP Germ an h 6m e,   I bel i e ve th is to  h a ve b e eft ihe- case, es peel al 1 y in - those. p ai* ts  of a soldier's dury .in- the  performance of  whieh he is sustained by duty alone, without  the siIm,uln's.of,.excitenieht, without the spirit-  s" t irri n sr t Hi hi pet or the p o m p of war, an d i ri  w hie lv th e s ii per i o fi ty: of; the G e wn an s to the  Fre n ch  has b ee n so ��������� mar feed.   T h o ug h  not  pl.avi.shly,orthodox, at.least..not. so .reputed,  the Germans .as.a people are  religious, and  111 oy ar 6 a cc o rd i n g I y d e ri d ed a s ps a 1 m; s in ge rs  )>y tho partizuns of France.   Ever since the  d a ys o f G h s I; i vi i s. A do I p h us, w h en tb e %ou a v e  and  the psalm-si n ������;c r ,h a ve nictrthe psalm-  si rii cc r ii a a ��������� w mi.'' S o A t is t h a t tli ose w h o I ear  ���������;j.yVj^l:JSfNK^.; .^q^ck&v^  :.' ���������.i.-^nYii,.\>\:.i\y 7^-,.->-::m"> TiV-ni  y,: Thp GreatFaniily (Medicinoi.o;f tjhe -4 ge.^y  .\--vl  Have; ielnpsott;' sitfee tlvo ���������'* iiitr6iiiicf|oii * of ^\M h^iii  ' K' 1 If'r ,.t1? t hpc p u I pic, un'a. y ������it, ,a, V. x jii*j pff aent,- ti xra ii:i&  im ire popu I it? a ii li' m'immii aH s' jil-Vrqer' sul P uVii' a vhr ���������  bofprcj:; -rr-Itgj pi >pu luri tjd^iai 'ctfri lltf e ti to.'tli 'iW^.tmitryv..  iiy.*x>$ i/flU Gy='r;thv* w^rid^i^U^ficial' ���������M\'y'<?m iia, \  :cirrih^xlui'"ills;lHat- ftti$h*& iionv'^?,,;'aVb- ackoowi-? ���������  :ojt^ed; -AH-tl upnreci/itcti i?and ������'i������ a u������*i������.KTitBR-;ito,('amo -  I i a 11 iii' i&l ��������� toijni'' cfju ri try. ;.s,qoi nor race,. ,"l t .a t&tis 6a ly,  -i;ol������o'kii<)\vnm;b^prfjsvtL* 'l   "/���������"���������'^*,   ?'"''-'������������������'"������ ������������������ * *���������������������������"���������  ���������x Ti^nijvyXi-fARs. i^- ctar.tfijtt.ly. ajilQa/^^bojigb ibn^tp-..  ,proyo':t"Tic of 1 luficy.M'..*iiiy.ni<-*.<iiciuo,.itn11 ,tha11W-pajls. ��������� -.  .KiLLBKi/feilc^swrvfh'glii? alii.ite/i^lr^i^^V������r%^blairia*^fi:ft"*������ff j*" .'  is ��������� am ply; proyoVi.. byt. tn p u n r>:t.rti 1.1 ^od;:pupvii In rjj y. i li,l#o a:  sittliii'p,M11;; If"is .'��������������� sfrA������' u qiF Ei^ncp vj-i r'jih'etlyiJ7 Sold ���������  liy au prajfgistsi't *py <t&j fi*-;<,:-:',. ������_ Si'-^J-J-i.*"* -^**r"kv '  '-. Jliroclious.accompany.cacti bottle;^P.- ':.-. ?-- ...au'L  k'r  riiners. ana otixers; rer  ^quiring iMaohineryv--������'������^.  ������u%*\i -^d) ft-1������ .-" * --iX ���������'������ v\'fi .r>1 -; mid;��������� -^fi ^  RAica rtitAiCTy tavfhF sfafrfV* ;in>:tii/Y ?;I^velsV>rvo  ^C).>un;;4l;.Uia.t;thfj; iro^iil������Irj? io^rici<iiri:i>i\SrttH uctt ofj  s ft fflci cii t. capii c i ty,\, t< >.-; m n iiu f api 11 re" ;t I ic . m a c ly a <������ ry-  ���������reijiiirtid'riyHbe Tjaiie ^/KiirVz Co; f'a'tYii'th onfef jtlijif  , tbe nublic voay?nnt be?(mistotl byj-suchjguv^riuenIfr^v.  j fin (1 ill j iist ice to oursel y es j: we )i������y ti in state.- tb ai, n ii.r.  WHnnHry>"witfiyih&J\������rrn^iit Tablk: "cari*lri������ntifiiclVir'tf  Macbiuei-y .of TEJiVJ,T^UESi'jlie :c;ij)aG/ly;yOrtfiofv;hia^  Chi ii dry i in ported l;y the [La ne fe. Ki'j ri z CoiWpn n'K ami  as Cheaply as. it'cdii beJiiiparred I'rom'tfnri'FivihclECo;'  *,..> .     ^.  . -     ..'":..������I-UtAIT,Si IIIYlKG, -. ���������:.������,\  '': !'3'l:..; **������������������   !���������''���������-:���������' 5   ''���������'���������������*'-';'->'��������� lililon'Ifoh Works.'1.'-:  ��������� Victoria, B.C.,:. Jailuary 27. r.v' ���������''fyi/;.rmh'2&lm.i.���������-.::'  VfOTtC E ISHKURBT: 6 HEN1 TKaV IN Y"1 VlJltsOX'  i^(    or persons, Ton ml d es li> >y i ug ��������� -or ������������������������I amftgl h tr i.tlr4  Tr 3 egr;ip 11' Pol es" or w I res. \v i U ba ]) msec u ted w i t h tho c  utmost rigor of: the Iaxv? '}'.-. v=f-.'���������'.:;���������  '4   >������������������" .?;y "y"?  By command^.... .,,...;-  ;;-;    'ry:-'    ""'} B. W. PEARSW.'---  Lands and Woi'ks Department; -��������� < ��������� ���������':���������'      . -;  . , .Feb..9U������,;iS.7l;.,:, y    ni:-- ���������.-..������������������   V mhlS^. ���������  God i.nost. ff c n(J.ra11y tear the devi I 1 o11> t;  and. when all has been said aboutititellicence  and nHedlb^iin^. the main <iimg# in buttle  iraist bo-, not l.h foar Vlcal.li. Barbarians, to**,  Lhi������ Onnans aro called ; aitd itwemjj fo bis  thought lliaUby call in .it tlieni w tlif?y can b������  made so. Hot real civilization consists not  i  OKKMf������,VY XOiVTUB fiUKAT KUKOPKAN POWER.  in poliMi-of mannors, nor evftn in lifei'avy cnl-  111 re. but in rm ri t v o f nlToc ti o ns,������iJ. 1 (-eon tro!,  and submission lo moral law,  Doforo. liowovor.'Oermany take������ up" politi-  Qe. rmany is no w ti i a p r������������n t ]) o w o r of 1 wi ro p o. o al q ������ ^s ti o n s, ��������� \v isflo m / co n nsol s -, li e r to pi������ c t?  Tf site in amnral pov/or, rdn������ will be the guar- jlun* unity out of peril. The BavmTan prie^l.  dirtii of Envojnmn p-ciico mid progress. If slip, j still stands in the way. Tint 44s e tjathrdicisni  is an immoral ttod a^grt^Kivi; powor.no doiih'  a great peril impands over tho/naiio'n?. Bnt  [ goe nd ft"roupds in her'li?sCory, in the-cli.ar-  nt South Germany is mainly Austrian*, all  Go rm: t n y a t fi rs t ������h o we d i ts el f Ten to n ie hy  a cc e p tin'ji" ti j o -. Re, Conn aj-io n. an d 111 er e To r e t h o  a c Mr o'f *! j e r jkm ip 1 e, or h er p res e rs I; c o rirl.uc t, vi tn II ty o t J Jav a ri a n J es i i i lis m a n d i \] trair. o n -  for such n. -fear. In history the roprop oh ol j tanism is*nol, likely to be g-rent nor its resist-  Cf-e r in a n y h as b <.^ on mtij e r pa.sai von e3S f V. an a [mi e e p o r rnnhen 11 y si. r o n ������'. A liberal m o v e -  te n den cy to agicressi o n. I������ the p rese n |; war I men t, f > f which ', tho great Ko m a n Ca tholic  she lias falcen'nrms to save her life. While | theologian. Dollinger, is,a distiii^iiished oi*  th e m a n i festo o f t H e Fve u e h l''m j j e rg r w as a ! pi n. h as al re u d y co m me no h d.' ' It is. n o fc ' i ni-  heathen gasconade,  the manifesto' of  Xintf I probable that the German provinces of Aus-  William was the ntternnce of.a.Christian, and  moral beinpf. and atldrcBsed to n people.wbo  did hot delight in warybitfc required those who  called them to arms to show %h������& war could  not be avoided. The soldiery <)\ Prance were  spoking, y-s the phrase is, for the fight; but  awoS������ the Gcrnmns. as v hnr r been told by a j than  ever  tria, and jierhaps those grasped by RiisVia in  the d ay o f G or m a n .weak n ������j ss, in a y one d ay  fall back into the Fatherland : while, on the  other hand, as the Germans will not care to  Dissolution of Partnership  mHE BUSIKESS. HRRETOFORK XARnjED. ON- AT  .1' Bjirkerviliu between T. x\({ Noiivion' anil Dn.vhl  Kttrl z}. mi<t er tb e:najne oi" ��������� j) a"' KOtJVIQ$ h KURTZ';.  te thfe d*xy <lfssolvocl-by mutual a������useiM* I) iviil Kiifiis  l������ a via u p u rclifise d the in to rest',"oC > T. dp Nouy i oir  l.hi'Wnn.. ������������������''' ,_    ..!,,,}   -r-* ';<���������!-,r^..-  D������ vk! Km rt 7. w III 'cn|k������ct '>i 1 f deb lis dti o to' tj*vq 'flrni  and pav al 11 ia b11 i ti&s ol" l-h'o samt>;   :;       '������������������ "''' !  .     * ��������� >  .       .-'��������������������������� T. PF/XOTIVION*.    '  .../,���������,     UAVli) KURTZ.  Bn r kc ry i !1 ^ Mn rch ST,. 3 ST J y     ���������. ,   : ��������� ��������� apt "1 in , .  yisroTicE.  'PUR RU^TXES? HERKTt^FORK CAKKTKD OV B7  I the nndi.-r.si?nod at V'ulif utiJ H-irksTvillo. ftrlU-U,  Go! u ni 11 i.i, h n .s 1������i -rn r-rj |-l to M r. C H A III, KS 0 V WE S ���������  If IS I.M MR, of \'������l<\ to wlimu h������1 otilwinihifnp 'a������:co������nr,i  in r������'rtfifjct tu tiiv aboveuT-utionod Uasiiieaa 'ure t" b������  |������akl. ���������  ,  Vfctori.n. Jnn. 31 ISTl: "���������    mWUm  sua.    tn���������  1-lpE.  MR. ������ BTR.N'E?, 5?horirr of 11H������.riifirfcl, liasovir  P< > vvtT of A1. torn ny /or f. b ������ <m I Ic c t ion of nil not t*#  A iv I  i������'e tion n ts < I iifi ��������� u i.    Ai} pttrsmis,  tl io r o5 o rs, In*  debtod to tbe undersj^u,������d .v.i 11 pl������ -ase p������y bi m.     .  *      '���������     . JAMES H,���������K15RK.&.S0N."  Barkerville, April ly isn, .[   '    ������pl Im  NOTICE.  i BOX OF CLOTinN'G AND OTEER ARTICLES  j\ havitur Kfeen ieli At tbe Court Hems*!, l^cbnoM,  iii ibe year i?<V>, m.'irlced on tlie ontsidc J. M0KKU5,  iuliw \r- iiyr������"I'y given th������t uiiluas ibe said J. Worn9  or bis amln������ria^l -:igent .sbaUckiim .'he same, on '<������r  , ,       ti i      i    i iioffiri liio 30th rt������y of APRlU' 1271, rtw.rt������mn will bo  incorporate  alien   ^leiiienja,, Pahuid   has a .^ ^|:uWi(. AU���������Uon.   '���������   *  halter chance of UWin? resin red bv Gorman v j"       " .,.    ������������������ fL ,y, p-AW#,  the had ol"  heing   refituretl" LiVI .   mpm^rym^n;^  I  3  X  5  1  most irastworlhy cje^ilm ^ sadntisc was I France,  )    Ri r.l*fui\l, B. C., M;��������� reh 30> Xb :i,  vyl 1j������  RummomwiMlllfflBIIIBB THRCAtlBOOSENT  SATURDAr, APRIL 15, 1871.  CONFEDKRATIOM-PASSAGB   IN   THE  HOUSE OF COMMONS.  Tb* Confederation rctblutioi*^ after fit^oijg  -opposition, passed throughi cowrh|ttae;ifethe  Hona* of Commons by a/fii^or%^^f 22, and  , W������ Anally adopted after ������ atron&Tesistance  from the Opposition by a majority of 18. The  resolutions were brought into the Senate on  3d April, and there k little doubt of fheir  pausing that body, where the Ministry are  ^apposed to have more influence than lathe  House.'':' .   ���������",.��������� 'jy'- i":\--"P-py-P: -���������  EUROPEAN NEWS.  The latest dates from Pariiieitbtbit a: frlgbt-  5fnl itate of anarchy as prevalent fejhai unfortunate -cityii; No ; Booneriwaii t^e presence  of rthe German troops withdrawn ih ft h a series  -of re vol u 11on ary"exce8se������ commenced, bidding;  fair to rival the reign of terror of tbe first  revolution.   Tho Communists hold sway in  .lie city, and great numbers of the National j by AroMeacon Woo,,8. and the Masonio ���������  ���������Guard nave fraternized with the tnsnrgentB. vice :     ^ WopiWpRl,   Mil8ter  of W  ^Garibaldi and lira two sons are am on? the  ������-chief leaders.. GenerateLecompte and Thomas  liave already b?en murdered; Gen. Chnnzy  :1a in prison ; Favre, Thiers. Trochn, Ducrot  and other prominent officers and politicians  ti������ve been denounced and their property or-  ^f������red to be seized, and threats have been  made to attack Versailles, the present seat of  thn provisional government. A decree has  Veen' issued pronouncing a separation Ibe-  tween Church and State and fuppresaing  religious bodies. Several conflicts havp tafcen  place between the. Nationals amjthe Government troops. On April 2d there was continuous fighting for several hours, and the puns of  Mount Valerien were opened on the insurants, who retreated with considerable !o������a  /'the programme of the Communists con tempi atos a nnivenial republic. The Batik \ of  yranee, to;������ave itself from being1 plundered,  Tub Late !Dr, Black���������Foiithbr Pabticu-  laks.���������'From the evidence at the Coroner's  Inqnest, held at New Westminster, it... appeared lb at Dr. Black-fcad been summoned to  Bnrrard In 1 ei-i������fattend a man named Brooks,  vrh6 had atteaip ted to edmm.it' suicide.: The  message vfas brought about three o'clock in  the morning, and: deceased immediately  started on horseback for the,Inlet?., Nothing  mure was known till some hours after day-  1 i gh t, ,w hen ihfor mat ion was b ro tight v to New  Westminster th n t a man arid horse had met  with an accident, and on going to the place  the body of l)r.;Blhck was found lying tn the  water-course alongside of the road underneath  the borae. Life was 'perfectly extiiicfc, and  death appeared to have been instantaneous.  It is supposed that the horse aligned on some  corduroy which had,been laid down recently  The funerali which took place on March 28lh,  was the lavgesf that was ever seen at; Kew  Westminster, and was attended by the Masonic body, the Oddfellows, the' Artillery  corps, of which be was an officer. theNew  Westminster Rifles, and the Hyack Fire Company.   The Episcopal burial service was read  and tbe Masonic ser-  by tbe Worshipful Master of Union  Lodge, after which the volunteer firing party  fired the customary volleys over the grave.  ECCLESIASTICAL���������ELKCTION OF CHURCH WaR-  dens���������the annual Easter Vestry Meeting of  St. Saviour's Church, Barkerville. was held  ou Wednesday last, on which occasion the  retiring Church -Wardens, Messrs. $: M. YYark  and J. Good fellow, who have during* the tost  year d������ne their utmost to advance the interests of the Church, were re-elected to the  offices tbey had previously filled. Mr Edwd.  Pearson continues Secretary of the Church  Committee. '  Magisterial���������We learn that A. T. Bnshby,  E^q., Stipendiary Magistrate at New Westminster and Acting Postmaster General, has been  appointed to Assume the duties of Stipendiary  Magistrate and Gold Commissioner at Yale  during the absence of MrQ?R������iMy ar, Omin-  eca.   The magisterial duties at New Westmin-  htis advanced three millions of francs to the  f'nsurjrents.   Rochefort has  recovered from!*^r will be attended  to  by F, G. Claude.,  his accident and is going to Paris. Biennrk  Ms consented to reinforcements betnx  broil irb t: to the arm y be fo re Pa ris; b ii t t hre* ��������� -  ���������eensi that if order is not restored by 16th April  the'.German, troops will r*-d ecu py the city.���������  Insurrections baa broken''"out inI'Marieiile**,  X������yons, Toulouse and other large cities, but  yord er was ge n era! i y restored an d th e a ii th or-  ��������� Hy of tbe Thiers Government recognized.���������  TH������: Peace Conference has commenced its  tiittihgs at Brussels. The marriage of the  Princess Louise,to the Marquis of Lorne was  * celebrated at Windsor with jrrent pomp. The  nu'Dttat "Xlmyersitv boat race has been won  by Ca"mb'r?iJge. The death of tlie Queen of  SVedfen is announced.  Tatvl Acctosnt.--We learn, by  the Pan  Fr ii u cis^o pa pf rs that Will tain Pa rk er, a li ��������������� s  Billy the Boatman, was drowned, on the eve  n.injr ftf the 7 th if arch while boarding: a ship  outside the beads.   His boat was capsized  . fc������t righted again, and he succeeded getting  into it. butbavinj? no oars and there bein# a  *3n������avy wind and strong: ebb tide, he was car-  rted otit to sea.   Another boat which came  ���������nlo������Hysid* the ship shortly after attempted to  follow the unfortunate man. but it was gettinp  dark'and they could not venture out. far to  **a.   Parker's boat was picked up next morn*  it,g on the beach all shattered.   It is feared  1+y' the'friends of Mr John Parker, for several  ymm a resident of this creek1, that he was the  party "lost, as he went by the name of Billy  the Bowtmanvand his antecedents correspond  with those of the deceased.  Bxprbsh 'MdyBMKNTs���������Barnard's Express  Arrived on Sunday-last with dates from Victoria to March 29th. and Mr W. Steeling and  Dr. Trevor as passengers. The down -express  !*ft next morning with several Omineca  m iners for Quenn el. TUarn ard 7s Express ar-  rived again on Thursday evening, six days  from Yale, and Victoria dates to 5tb inst..  and Mr R. J. Skinner. H.B. Co.. as passenger,  leaving again on Friday with Mr J. L. Crimp  as passenger for Clinton.  y^HB Civil Ltat B.rx��������� A public meeting to  p'otest against tbe Civil List Bill was held in  Victoria on 3let March. Messrs. DeCosmos  and'Humphreys were-the great cruns of the,  ocofiision. I>r. Helmcken deiWied tbe iiill  ;i.:fd bis action in the Hou?.4.  Esq.. of the Assay Office.    Edgar Dewdney,  Esq., has been gazetted J.P. for Skeena.    ;  Accident to .this Steamer Hope���������On March  26th the steamer Ho pe on ; her dow,n t Hp  struck a snag at Jeffry's bar. which knocked  a hole in the bottom close to the machinery.  ���������Th e vessel was prrori n.ded and ternporavy repairs effected, enabling her to^proceed on her  voyage on the 28th and reach New Westminster same day.  Six Engineers have arrived at Yale from  Scotland, for Messrs. Barnard; & Beedy's road  steamers. ���������������������������': -  Beef CatttjSt���������Messrs. Van 'Volkenbnrpfb &  ���������Go. will receive to-morrow their first band of  beef cattle for the season.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS,  AM)  General Agency,"  ap!5tf  JAMES   WJCKHAfVf,  Barkerville.  Express Line  of Stagesi  ri^HE COACHES OF THIS LINK ARK NOW making  REGULAR WEEKLY TRIPS;  C������irryJng >Jar������anl's Kxprt^?, rus.sengors m& Prd^tet,  lUiikiug close con nectluus with .Sinameraa teach uml!  BARNARD?S  .In cooncctioa .with WELLS, FARGO & CO., forwards  FREIGHT, PACKAGES. PARCELS.-LETTERS,  THEArfURE, COLLECTIONS, COMJIISrilON'S,  Ati<l trahEactR t.CDcnl Kxpr^s bnsincBS with rucc  Ui^Jir.y du.'i 'i.j>}iatch.  Yale  the first week of  arid ye ill be prepared to enter  tracts for tbe conveyance  Eiglit Days to Soda Creek  scbt in  Through Contracts  will be made as  soon as the condition of the roads per-  Barptard & BeEDYj  Managers  ap.3 tf  British Columbia Savings Bank;  STATEMENT of the poaition of.lhti Bruiah Columbia Savings Banks, at Slut December,  1870, publibhcd pur������uanl to the provUipusbLthe " 6ayi:!iga tianka Ordinance, l&GS.'y  GENERAL   BALANQB.y  ���������.'ij,*"  acas  LIABILITIES.  Due by tlie Bank to Depositors, viz.:  At Head Office, $62,280 93  ^ Nrtuahno Branch,        9,295 3y  " New     Wedfcininster  Branch. -7,004 SO  '* Yale branchy 632 97  "Cariboo Branch, 5,742 82  ASSETS.  Balance   at   credit   of  1   ''    Profit and Losa,  $85,157 01  825 51  Cash in band at Head OSice and  BraucheM; $     675 00  Chk!i in Bahlf of British Columbia,   3.307 62  Amount invested with the Govern-  ; v meat of Britiab Columbia,     * 79,000 00  Amount advanced on Government'  S^curiiieB (Exchequer D������bea*  ture������), 8.000 CKJ  $85,982 52  $������5M2 63  Victoria, British Columbia,  February 21st, 1S71.  PHILIP J. ifANKIN.     ) Coromi������5������ionera  E, GRAHAM ALSTON, \ of*  F. J, ROSCOE. J Savings Banbe.  I certify that I have examined the Accounts-of-tlie British CoIumbfafSavings Banks for the  vear emled 31st December; 1870, and have found the above Abstract to be correct.  * ROBERT Km.  Audit 0������ce, February 21st, 1871. Auditor General.  I hereby certify that the sum of.-Sevenjr-pine Thousand Dollars ($79,000) 1r the balance  standing at the credit of tbe Coinraiss*ioners of tbe British Columbia Savings Bask*, in th#  Books of the Government of British Columbia, *t tbe 31ai December, 1870. ���������'  Treasury, British (Columbia, JOHN GRAHAM,  ���������February 21st, 187-1, In Charge.  KOTICE.  ft SOUR LEASE OF TRK  ���������LDORADO   SALOON  Kxr>lr*fi on the 18th April, w������ beg to reQU4%������t. ftl! p<\r-  Ltes iudohied 10 uk tw call uud nenU Utefr aceouuts  before that date.  PODD & HOUOH.  8arkcr**iUe, B.C., April 8,1171. ap tt ^t  [TILL lt)ar<������ Barkorrillo on or about tho 12th ln?t.,  ������a l will nm.-iln a few U������ys at fho MOCTU OV  Qb'EsfKKLLK to give p*rO������K a ch:tnco nf liaviag their  Tft*tb attfjiacd to faet������'r������* Icavfriij for Oral ar 6a.  Barkeryillc, B.C., April S, 1S71?;  WHO WAS AT'THE CAMHOO MINES IK 1S6R,  and is .still bclWveil to bo in Britisli CoJumbM,  will coirjinanicato, dt-lier personally or by Itsttur,  with the Pruvath irKCRtTAKY, OfjV������.'rnn)(?ut House*,  Victoria, V.I., he will ruci'ivo vuluablo iulU'niatioD^.  A. G-ILMOKE,  Marcli 28, 1871.  iSTm     GOVBRNMBNT STREET, VICTORIA, V.I  Mining Claim for Sale.  0  SE-TaTRD OF T3IE SAN JUAX CLAIM, above tbd  Sawmill on Will^un Creek.  Apply to  wm. VQTWM,  Or at tbf 9tVTiKE 1 0Zr,'\ mMa  m* rarU<ip on  William  rw*fc cbd  hHV������ tb*Jr  mcafeaT*a taken by Mr WcColluus, Barkerrill^  4&T AC T*ew ft"������m Cariboo r>r^������ff^7 alt������a*������! to, ad
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W1LWAM CRKSK.        , ^   .,.:
Tbe Barker co. have struck flbme.gpod pay.
washing for one day's work 47 J psy; The Bal-
larat co. last week washed 70 ob. Romance
of the West to., 25 oe�� The ForeBt Koie co.
���about usual pay; <
: fRZKCEL CKKKK*      p --P  " ���
The North American co. stmck some very
good pny in ttieir blind shaft, a we��k ago. and
Sate been engaged since in vSgffing pmups.
The Talisman co.; last week washed 27 oz.
from four Beta of Umbel's.
The Lightning: co. hWt week; washed 376 02.
The Spruce co. 94 o&  ..The..' Whirl poot a 11 d
.Eldorado are ��ot doing mwch. The South
Walercq. are drifting across the channel and
'.-getting a little gold, hut are not on bedrock.
The Vancouver -co. expect, to 'break into the
channel daily. The Vaiiwihkle;co. have got
in an extra set "of pumps, and cart now pump
yabout 80Q gallons per mliinte. but the water
, in the creek-has not Increased yet sufficiently
to give them the requisite. power. The Vie-.
lorja :co. fea^e/their machinery nearly corn
pleted and intend-to 'commence' coking next
week. The Gladstone co. will: resume operations next1 week.'1 ,.'���; ,
The Cltrke���cb..art *relii n tr jr norl prospect�� f.
/they wasfewd. last; week .pi' oi.^rem a small set.
The A��mijg*mah*d ?co, last week washed 20
���;02.: y.-:    '.'; p'^y ]���:���:���{? Pp. ypl Pp>p -.'���: -,
..���'^knBRSO^CRBBK.-   ;
The TCtev*n of Kn j�� 1 and co; are pTojrrepsing
,   fftvOrnlilv��. J Thvy have commenced -sinking
' rtivbedwk.'._.'";
TnKxnitfi I��oyau���The ,Amateftr Minstrel
���performa 11 c<* 'on Saturday eyenHtfj-. iast was
. ���   >v ��d 1" ati ended. ain do h t liewhole -ga ve m it ch
*rttis^action.   The first, or regular MinsirH.
������:part,'waS'';SO!^cely> sb^goqd-as, we!!have seen
���. on *ome pre viftiis ��cca?ionsi hot some of the
softp*.. Were  terjllwey rendered, especi a i ly
Our Cabin <on flrp-inn/*;. a son jr.* written by
San Fkanoisco, March 21.
Brevity is said to be the soul of wit: such
I will guarantee shall be the soul of my correspondence.   The special topic for treatment]
shall be the various national festivals.
; St. Patrick's followers turned out en masse
on the 17th. The procession consisted of the
various military companies (of democratic
military belief) nnd 1 riah benev0lent and
political associations, the tail-end being com1
posed of a party from the country, riding nags
of'all sizes, colors and descriptions. For a
��� *����, ���, Urtt a Apftti.of rain
r to aeltaspect, ttdls honor to go to��� l��s
tiitc maiesty, and invites Sambo to join
an old Carihooltt*, Mr John Fannin, and dedi-
cHted to twnof onr amateur minstrels. Messrs.
-Houeh and���'Devfi.h.   The second part of the
r-entertainment- was very soecessfuVthe trio,
*4 Darling Be*sU)<of tlie Lea,,J by ihreeof fee
am'ntimrs, waa well si\r\# and received'a"well
deserved encore.   "Mr W, W. Dodd's -eomic
��� -nong in character, POyvere and overe %*h
my leetle vee to^?' was splendid and elicited
rapturous applause.  The manner in which
the gentleman wns^otup for the. occasion,as
an old'Kmokerhocker, was unapproachable
and excited the -surprise and admiration of
-every'one. "Mr'Dodfl is worthy of a high
rank amon^ amateuryoomic singers as was
���well provedi!by this bis-second.appearance on
���oiir'theatricijl^boarids; and we. hope the pnb-
lic will have tlie pleasure of often hearing
* Mmagain.   The comic lecture on "Woman's
'Rights." by Miss'Olivia5Long, another ac-
qnlsition to tbe amateur ranks, was admirably
delivered and 'thoroughly brought, down th<*
house, tlie demeanor -atvfl style of the dark-
- complcx5oned:lady being snch as to create
incessant roars of laughter, and render the
vehement applwnse by wlusb she w��s called
out a second time a simple act of appreciative
justice.   The costume, chignon included, was
.deservingof nmc& credit, and would have
merited tbe highest praise on a more pretentions stage than that ol our. humble Cariboo
theatre,   Mr Hough's comic song and dance
created much amusement, ami the winding up
'"Walk Around," -commemorative  of poor
old Billy Patterson and his unknown assail-
.ant, waft well-executed by 'the corps.   We
hope that the Minstrels will\m future not let
��o long a time elapse between their performances as hitherto, as they are always welcome
and can command a good aimMence; all they
want is a little practice to keep^heir band in
The next performance of the Amateurs, we
learn, is fixed for this mg^bt fortnight, 29th
ApriI, on whkh occasion thetfavftrite d ram*.
-*' The Porter's Knot," will be brought forward..
Mti Jobn-G�� McKay, an old and respected
resident of Victoria, died io Lb at dty oa th^
Ot  ail Sizes, vtiiuio ��,.v��  ���___.  ,
wonder, (be day was fine.   Np( a d rop of 1 ai 11
(ell to wet tlie thirsty throng.   Ireltmd owned
Frisco that day.*   Nine-tenths of the faces
seen in the public streets bore indisputable
evidence of Hibernian parentage.   The sidewalks were. 1uh*1 with the children of Krin
from'town and country. Shamrocks appeared
everywhere/ St, Patrick's day in San Francisco is nothing more or less than  a grand
democratic demonstration.   Heretofore it has
beea the custom of the Germans to full in
li no and pay homage to I relan d7s palro n su i n t.
The antagoitatw sympaUiies of the two nationalities, arising from the Franco -Prussia 11
war. have effectually put an end lo all future
co operation.. The followers of.^le expeller
0f, frogs and analtes resorted to deijperate
ratans to ���11 up the gap createdin their ranks
thereby.   Michael Murphy, "Esq., *' a good old
rrish'gentleinan," hus always breh the avowed
enemy of the w- naygnr."1 iieiias looked upon
him, in the past, as being an in ten or 'creature
���~a Sotoeihing between tbe human and ,,the
brute.   To condescend to become Ins asso
ciate���to take hi in by (fee hand and call him
*������* man and a brotber?J���wiis-altogether; out
of the Question.   The breach between him
and: Fittz has eaused him to reconsider his
p re nous conduct:   lie even tual 1 y co n ciud ed
that'he had acted wrongly.   Sambo is undoubted ly a man- -*' as ��� gopd as any other
man 11 w\ a ������A si gh t b etter." beca use he
now possesses a to te.   So a rgt 1 ed M n vpM y ;
And so h��� sacrifices dignity, shows the back-.'
door ' * ��"������ w.<��n,.'^ prn to liis;
-in the;procesaion uu ����. * .*..  ,. .
*'*me^s aynaouse," and snubs Miirphy by
p t d i t el y t el ling hi tri t h at he d oes hot wish! to
become aW better acquainted with him.
M i ke waded th rough t tie mu d, al 0 n e, an d pai d
his cidwted: friend i*n cenis nvxvday (or ipol-
isinng his bootfl. tioyr hunViliating I Pt>oi',
degeuttated Murphy!
The Priacess Louiaers; marriage is to be
celebrated to-night by the British llenevolent
Society by a ball. The affair is to he of the
most aristocratic character, as the price of
admission ($10) will certify. The majority
of the British residents ridicule it on that'account, and are perfectly disgusted with the
whole affair.
8T. davtd's hat. [
St. David's day was duly "Observed by the
sons and daughters of Cifri&ria,   Over four
hundred and j, wen ty sat dotvn together to 11
sumptuous  baiiquet.   Literally exercises and
;'dancing.- cwiBtbtitied the balance of the pro-
Germania^ great peace celebration takes
place to-mnnrew. Immense prepavaMons are
b��dng made >'feo nuke the day's proceedings
Time wflV'ttot permit me to write any more
now.   In wy next letter I 'will promise to
give myfrog^pond friends a lutle of the history of the. Ban Francisco Fire Department,
which is, probably one of the most efficient]
on the continent.   To my literary friends. Ij
promise a brief account of Bret Harte. the I
most popular, at present, of American liter-
March 22������ The consideration of. the Civil
List Bill was resumed in committee. Oh the
clause providing a salary of $1940 for a Sur-
v ey or General vyrb ich aft er Contederal ion is
proposed to be a separate office -froin Chief
Commissioner of Lands and.Works, Mr'Nathan
moved that the salary be $2245, as he ��� considered tlie officer would be practical'head"of
.the most Important department in the colony,
and' mlist} be a;gentleman of ptofossipQal
Knowledge..'���' fl.;._ ���" ���    : y;
Mr Humphreys attacked the department in
general, saying that no o&ic��rhad been more
baneful to the colony than the Chief Commissioner, who had bean paid for doing nothing
in his departineDt.and had been half, if not
the whole, Governor of the colony, instead of
discharging his proper duties.
The Attorney General thought the member
for Li lionet was out of place ih attaching an
absent party, when the House' was merely
cal 1 ed u p011 to deal w ith offices uiider a hew
system.   Some members appeared to think
that Responsible Government could be carried on without. heads of departmenis, and
that the present Government had some'. per-;
sonal interests in Ihe bill.   The present Government had no interest in the matter wliat-
ever.   It wovild.be.tor, the Lieiitenant Governor appointed by Canwda. to call around
him such men in the House or outside of it as
could carry on the Government, and all these
Ministers would be alike consulted arid alike
responsihle.   The premier was only so by
n h m e fro m  the ; m e re ci 1 cu m s tan ce -. o f.: his.
ha v in 2 been called up on to form a cabinet. ;
Mr Bunster opposed the Civil List. He had
had the Sheri (fin his ho��ses fo rr. taxes all 0 h
account of salaries being too high.
Mr DeOosmob uaid there were salaries in
the I iat which were ton high a u d 0 the m >y hi ch,
were too low, but he would have nothing to
do with subordinates'; he would only vote
tor heads of departments.
D r.��� Ca rr al I said the ge n tl em an won) d on 1 y
vote for a/salary vrfaicsb,-he hoped to take him-
selC..'������/������������ ������_:.���':���    ' '   yy::iy^-py> 'p ']: ���
Mr DeTJosm08 protested against such personalities.''     '-���"..;��� ''.,���..' ���" ",1     .pT*iry''
v DrCarrall thong.ht it ��� only natural that after
twe 1 ve yea ra on th e op p ositiou benches'- h e
sbouhi aspire to an ohice,: .,-^
}>\ r De(j osm os accu sed Or. , Car rail of vio f ���
I a t i 11 g the p led ge. h e had  given to v oie 'fir
Gorite<lerati6;Hv'".- y;:yypp-<py>:,,-.. .f-y. \y i''-.':;
Dr. Gar rail denied the charge,  lift' bad
cumslaaces be did not tliink they would keep
an office in the colony. y-'Pp
Mr DeCosmos supported the"'���"^l^8l;^^vtf<l:r,.*���-
wished to. see.alltelegmph companies /doings
business ih the colony treat all:alike.  He asserted that the Western 'Uniou Telegraph C6.
had charged*different parties different rates;
and he accused the Attoraey GenaraV and th��
member for the chief commercial city of taa
colony with doing violeribe tdtboVsentimento *
of English fair play;
A long rtwcussioa,) abounding in parson-
aiities, ensuea, and on a division being tatetf>.'--
the bill was thrown oiit.\     - -y - ���
:   March ,23���The Civil List was again tJ&ea
lUpiitjCbnimittee, ppy       t ,-��� -.������ *r.-.ry:y;.'������ ^^'.
'��� Mr Humphreys aga>.endeavored to ��h��it '
the bill; in a violent spet��jlt The people of
the colony, he said, had >een gulled and
never would allow it to bet^a\^tvThp
Queen would 0ever sanction sho�� a |aw. Th**;
officials had become rich";. some 01 ti,em ^
made as ranch as two hundred. *td gfty
thousand dollars.'
The Attorney General explained thaw t^e
object of the bill was to prevent the Minls^
from altering sal a ries 'without coming to thV
.House, but it did not prevent t|^m from dU*
misflinir.any.o8iciaL: y
t,. Dt\ Hetnicken said be regarded 'the remarks
of the member tor Lillooet as a tissue of the
Grossest insults, to which"he would not deign
to reply.   ������.'���-���
kThe- committee having risen their wportr
jwas adopted and the bill read a third ttnjor*
and. passed, p'-y'p������... PPP- <iyy'���'.'; ���)P^,    .���.4;'(,..;:'
The Cattle Exempiioh Bill was read a third :^
time and passed;; ��� *; \ ^':'-- PP -���
The Statutes Repeal; Bill waa- debated In:'
comii|i 1 teei and being' Tep6rted compiete wi*;
read �� third time and pusseil. y
��� ;A: ���;'Bill ;to incorporate Cbariiable A&soa'*
at ions w as i n trod u ced by the: At torn ey General , ahd read the first and secbnd; times,      vi >
erai, ana reHuinc wio*��������.������w...,
'A Bill fox the Payment of Arrears of Teach*
ersf Salaries ; was intro^uced by Mr Nathan
arid read.the first time; " ���        ...-..-''_���';):''    /:  ';
Mr DeC osmos m 0 ved th at the Go vernbt b*
asked to lay before the lions�� anydoenmenii'
regarding the management of the Telegraph
1 ine.betwejen Victoria ahdGArib00. /Carried.;
March:24-^A biill io'conipiie;and print ihfi
hi ws of the colony was introdn ced .read the
tot,.second and third times and passed..;.
A hi\\ amending; the) Merchant Seamen1*
Desei'tion Act was introduce,d an4 reai' $16
'Srst'time.' ���'���. ���'������.'��� '":: ."ipyy'^y
���The Charitable AsscciAtion��, bill was flo-
bated in coromUteei^read �� third time and
always supported practical measures,^at the
hon, member for Victoria district alwavs
vv ahlefi,! so met hi 11 g i m p rac flea b le, and always
lost, as he ought to do. He 'had opposed
every tb i n 2'. i 11 c i u d i n jr Co n fed eration.   .
Mr DeCosmos denied that he had <^ver opposed Confederation.
��� A bill to abolishjlloftd Tolls on every
passing 6ver iho roads fronj tho interior wa��
i n troducedt; read ���the first; ;secorid and thirJi
times and passed with out discussion.
I    Mr Humphreys complained ���, at a breach of
[privilege on the part of the Colonist uews-
sed Confederation. 1 paper in reporting his speech on the Civil
DrvCarrall���CUum by claiige you voted Lilsi W11''wWr^.:W^W,-��Vli^--i^-*ii*��
��� charged the officials with making fortunes by
*��-: ^mi'fl u    He denied, having
Mr ISathan's'motion was carried.
Oh $ 38S0 ;b em g pro posed as salary to tli��
Attorney General.      :    . ".'
Mr Humphreys moved to "Insert $3000.V%,T-
Mr Nathan supported tb 6 mo tipn. y     ,
The moiion was lost a ad the original item
carried.    ;. '. :: '    .'..... ���
Mr 1-ItrmpHveys moved that the.remainder
of the 'bUl be struck  out.    Lost���Nathan.
Skinner, Humphreys, Bunster and BeGosmos
vofingtor the motion. .      ' '
"looting the public."    He denied, having
ever accused them of acting dishonestly.
March 27���The Investment and Loan Societies. Cattle Exemption, Merchant Seamen'��
Desertion, and Controverted* Elections bills
were debated in committee, and having been
reported complete, were severally read &
third time and passed.
��� March 28���The Council having assembled,
I the Governor entered, and taking the Speaker's chair, proceeded to read, the prorogation
"-���--�� **���*��* ikon nt\ ciVi taken by
Skinner, HU.n|)iii-��ys, duoS��=. ��-.jr-TrP.- .��..���0na.*��������?  "  ,,-,hi ���0tioa taken by
L^creport w^adopted ,       - -    .   .        \u no reason to �� & ^.^
QtBskiswcouTtt, April 12.
the report wa* auopieu.
Mt AtStoa;mov��dtl,�� mamig*^ W,�� ��������$�� ^ifadopt a rimikr course
Til��gnph UmpanieB; bill. . H�� contended Z,,^0^,,.,,. gef8ion. W�� may now, therefore.
that telegraph coinpam 12s were ?comwoa cur- -       -������ ��� ���'-�����-���--*��� <wa
riers. and should be in a. positron'to sue lutd
be sued, and that they abodld allowno privilege to one person over another*
Mr Humphreys seconded ifoennotfoiu.
Dr. Heltuckeii moved th& -i^octiau of the
bill, for which he saw noTeaaonvwhen we
were about to hand over the tehqpraph to
Cat 1 ad a. The bill was an : attem p I;1 U�� con tr ol
the telegraph system'of North Anranca, a.nd
as the Western Union Company -c-uly rbOB-
h��&kmI ft lew miles of line iu the cdk> ny it was
'likely  they would submit - te dicUition
****** bere is. delightful, and ^he j ^.U�� ^"^ all, or, if. restrn ted. send
V!Z tofie person a,,, private d.sp, kh.
during, their session.  t.v ^ ...
confidently anticipate that within a short tinie
the iermal declaration of nnion will be proclaimed " Alter referring to the Acts-passed,
in reference to the change of Constitution, ho
said :���'��� Yo\\t existence as the first Representative Legislature of the United Colonies
ot British Columbia and Vancouver Island
will be ephemeral�� but your members may
reflect with pride that to you has been con-
tided the privilege of deciding upon the most
important   questions   which   have  hitherto
arisen or are likely to arise for years to com��
in the history of the colony.   To yv\t belongs
the honor of extending the limits of the Brii-
Comoderation to the shores of
:       ,,;;����� nt'i'son M*,pnvaie��.ispn wn.���       pacifte, ani 01 ����i"' ""' ��       h(>B(S (nmr<,
SSL *���>^ to p., t. ^i^-gju KS
bnt one of 1�� ��>I��CI'' ro^ection   with . m
Ihe reniatiiuei.. . (,e0onite<! U> ^motion
Tb�� AUoW^^^a.ta* ��d would
tl��eu ������'����Ow* ue co'lonv.    T! m company
to withdraw it��n ��elclHi���,��� ���_���<! raam-
farmew are Roughing and preparing to sow.
with tbe-tope of reaping a rich Immst. Mr
G B Wright arrived here on the 8th (rom the
GJMORie partagc He report* Ihe riwr," Iron,
the canyon np. to bebloc^-l with iee.but
expects that IS will ��e clear in a few days, so
that the spiiug ^fl��et for 'Ominwa will be
...Unff sta dMarUira onot about the 1 j tu.���
Onineca, and the traders and hotel-keepers h^e'no    P' ���^/ tUe Act cf    1^564, and if
mdriw ���fcr��*��**��*   A Cart��e r'am,M    lfmn* * t^tsand- do   no . fulfil them
br Qv    men Mt here on tbe Uth. out witt W i*|J��to m ^ t
��� - ����� *��' 1 ft��V me lu, *ie \Z^\*<^ -won hi by tins bill
..erne an or nnd
be reached ?���
imnisoneu, ���\"i~ .y ih~ f .rft,nfc the com-
( .wh American Oonieoeriuum u* -..-
isli 1 ^lts P*w^*�� an<* ��^ cetnenllng tlie foundations
terminate my
connection   with  tho
meet the LegiM*-
UV     live      UJ.VAI     a-vi��    �����-���-    - f
hive to lie over at the canyon.    VU���� ����' j tney aro ..-��� '���;"Yranoisco. "woo 1.1 by
twentv-three boats and him w -m ready ��o oompaij/ * ^�� fl, ,M tor nli. ^emea
makea start far tt�� new Eldorar1 A a��d nearly he.liufeie .0 ue in nld he be ym
Dm-       ���     '  -���* �����'   f;yot.Salmofi.i^^oned,bjtBow^ t,
colony.   I may not agiiin	
tore in session assembled, but whatever miy
h<smy future fortune i shall carry away with
me from Britiih Columbia, and I hope you
will retain, a pleasant recollection of pood
teeliug and mutual assistance in hcconiplwb*
in^ the work which wen nd**r took to perform.''
His Excellency then declared tha Council
all intend trying Uw route by
river. a�� tbe GIsCMsa* per*-
re.*dr ia ^��*-
not be
j. a
, m expected to mm to-dv
^ '  t.  ���������r���������", ������������������  ^ivas^.-xmr^ ���������-/; iz^rmy, ^v^^gsfSj^f?  MISCELLANEOUS. ;/  .-���������j.  *y?4  ti. *u  !fi'r  SHe;e1;M^fi;^W'I|oiii  ������^;;  proinptnefe,; a'nU'warr^tptt, vb, 0fe .entire^satis.  Hardware  Ia#a ^v**?^  ��������� ��������� -u*qr. ^���������h^^i0vyy^i:." v' -"-^pp1, p '��������� -.  ^LLAHEOUS-yvy-'''-��������� 'A" ? t/" .?.''���������   '���������-"���������.: MISCELLANEOUS,   rpyyry���������.. \ 4 **.'������# % f-PA.MEDXOALv  illSGELp  T;/  viFCliSALE.  ;<hKBrHfrLr;Bi;ANi)^^UKSNKiii.OtiTH.  ���������ev^ing  \ -i ��������� ������������������/-.  iA  /.��������� "... :'���������'/  J ��������� ��������� ���������  ^ yan tag 0 to p u rcjias'e^ th 1 s S itor e ^>*jfe r^.- th ere j-  "Oiiitli ejY.cr^h.csty escription;p,ri.Jja������ d, an tl: the.;Stbck  cbnS id n t1 vi* cpl enisf i e d b V no vv tfrr i val s' i JTI) e'vp ro|>he *  ;   -%ors will's el IQood a'"; '* Pp ���������' ������ ?V  :'  ebte'W if.  . *JKS* GHEAIT A;S ANY* IN' CARIBOO.  ,- brtl e rspronj ptlyflll e d ^ an d?; ibrwa rd ed ,v? 1 th Misp a tcib  ,-.yviV^$'X,';- ^yP^.k'^ipfPyytH-\-P ~xP>;P A- :  - #*y;^^V '^|  ?,>BJEEDyjft.oLlNDH^ItBJ::;-,..,  ���������yiiii..Winkle, V: y "y ; ^..v,..',p- \v^fyprietprs;  SAMUEL HILL, ��������� Agent,  iiiioilR^STEi^  Grand Ho tel>Building,  ���������^  SAN  FRANCISCO;  ,y ���������*���������'  r^^ SE^JD^FGR: CI^  /!/!  L..,).:LEA;:&;;PjER: .  ..-.'���������; i,;.:*--..;;.���������.��������� V ;:'- y;.Oele'bratq(l'.';.j!,r'.'i-,:.^y.--.l ;���������������  ,.;.  VVOFiOEST-ERSH  ,;-.  .JDeolured by ConuqiSseurs.t(r.;T>e.'.'y:'; |"; ^."  y' THE   ONLY VGOOB i-SAXJCE. !  p.$  ���������..'���������������U"f  S^?=������  ���������NfiTir: Yplf^Aiigiist ,.15t,h, 1808;  BU(?Htff Loko:LbA^v!ClBEBS^iJUNIPER  BEaRBiEfee-^" ������-^: .���������^���������������������������^-^ ^t^ ���������������������������J"y ���������  Mook op PrkparatroN.^Bnchii; Min , Vaciin  Juniper:Berrie's.3b^'di8tillatfon, to form a fim*  gi i?.������, Cub e b8.? ex true1 te,d -b jr s d ispl a cfMii e nfyif i Ui  %pifitsrObiiji ned from Juniper0arties{; {very  I ittle ;sugai};is; uaedj ��������� and& .am^i^propoi^ipn^f  =pi ri t.   It 'is in ore p al a tab 1 e th an a n y n o w in  use.  Buchnv asiprepnredi by Druggists; Tis of a  darlv, color.: ilfetia^^i^i'ihaHfniteJiB^frd  hat tbe j r.'.'nam cs jj ro/ upon" th c iviiXr J'kr  'PKRj.'aU^riTiiTOJi:.'!^'"0'' '���������. ���������' '"'���������:��������� _l'-.:':?; 'K'y;  6 i'ore 3 gii; ������in*j rlc 6ts 'h'av j 11 g ������������������b ee h'su p pi ied,  [ASK' yOB^LEA ��������� & 'NUBBINS'*: SAUCE -  and tosee th  LABKI.9, STOPP..  J  Some of tlie foreign  .wi th a sp 11'ri o us Worces.terBh i ra Sa u 6u, u ]>on. 1 Jiej ��������������� rap-  perand lands' of. which th.e,rian)es pl'^ea juut Perrius.  h a ve;. btic n '. foi-gO.tl, ;���������' L. f. a nd:, -P.'j gi ye 11 ptfcV 1 Ha t "Ui ey,-  ;lutve f ii rn isli ei I: 't li e i 'r c' or re spoa'd en ta f \v i t' h ��������� jib w cro!-,  attorney to" take .1 ha'tant' jirooetfdi'ng^^against ma^o*:  ^AOTURBitS and-vkxpobs of,sad)-,! orfaiiy,;oUicr iinita:--  i{ons. byr'vcliiclrtheirrightniay:-^?<n.5?.5gft*ivH-.iff* PP; '  Ask for LEA. <5zT BEKiBINS *.".', Sauce, -and���������' see.  :.;Narne:;oja:'i?^ra^er/?;.Lab.el^Bpttl^,' ijincl''  : Stopper.'.";..'-: '���������'.'-" ��������� P" ."��������� r"'" ���������'",'���������'���������"��������� .V'*...-'*'* ;i.-''' ;''t";':  ;' Wlioliisalii aiid' for export':hy the^Propnetors,. :Wor |  ces tie r ��������� Crosse: an d B la ck we 11, Jjqii d 0 n ;?& cv ,:&ei- \- a nd.  by Grocers and:Oiluicii;inniyersiilJj:^;:V ;v^ '': 'I'P'py  t'iii- ,v-:  i>;j.f* r  ft'r ���������  a?aii>;?tfiolkeabiiPgiL & ^ Go.  BAreKER^iliLE^  ICHFiEL^D  'i . '������������������     * .   ���������'.  *il! SUPPLY -OF^THEi  ���������^vfiiii  '?'a������w1Vs :6n kand;  'G#i������05E  3^ J  ���������fnil.B  UN0ERSK3NEP .l?K0S:iTO ; INFORXfi HIS  ;A i'rtendsandthopu 1>11c��������� thuther 11 asfittedttp,so01 e  , i n li isnew . b iii 1 din g\ > Wheic h e i s :prepa roil to give  ' JT' ,0d Bad a a t a reas ondbl 0 price.. ��������� T li oao ��������� who will  ref*vitt<hiin with tlieir. patronage, .1 n.ay depond on tli������  ��������� (ijen n ni'Ms an il.'co ni fi ��������� r t 0 f h 1 s: Ji.o as 0.":'        . ���������' ':  He ta k ea aj so t hi s o ppor tu ni ty: t or e ra in d t lie- Gari-  'liViniies 'tbat In's Brow ery* haft -received, the; FJiiST  :i>KIZ!S-o'f.t,he.Colony.'for.biscelebrated   .  -': ��������� -  XXX   ALE,  And the true amateurs nvlllbea-blc to judge by them  Ftsfees that such honorable piixe has beeu justly  .awarded to.him. '  JS������ n.���������A���������largf* fron troom to let, i'  Barkerviin,Jan. 2:;, 1869.  ��������������������������� N. CPKMJ  po'n inspecti  he a- Tin ctii re/as; hi a 'dp/j h; ���������Pliarniraco p06, "���������' nor  iS'lt'a-^fifr^H.nffWe^efore.- can-bo 4iped:!'iii  in^es where l^per^irijflainmsitj6ivyexist:: Jh  thifi/'yon haVe thclihowl^  sii.i������- iinti 'the' in oil������r;-'Of prep a ratiftnv '��������� -^"'" ^' ��������� i y  h*JiCiplogf'^.that,:^yoiiHnll4iavrir'itsV^i'M ^r^n^������  incl tli at ripoiv^nspectibrt^ifc^wni rneet^wiih  y'.birivap prbbatiohiv>' p''"'";;-s^^ '{Jf.] V^V" ^/'" *f  ,:' Wi th a- 'feel ihg' 6 f f profohiulr corificl e n^ceV'"-;'  . L:-yl am. veiy"respectdrllyf ^"y ?:-y^P..  !     ���������.";.. t.i -rn 3j 171 Afr*r������T n  ii|ili:li|  !M.':.i".  'SODA-CBEEK,y'- ;''-������������������ *���������  ^y^^TjVH*1 ���������*...*  fi-N-y.) -hftri:: ���������������������������)  i>i   ^'^QUESNEIiLE^and   - '��������� ;' ;''"' ���������'  J'j'y '.^r.'-:y^' .o-'JBARKEBVIIiLE  :������������������������������������ :'rr;.\ Pp: '������P :^^:y p' '^r^J.v.HARPBR/,;  I^HAVE been requested.by scve.rai respectable par-  .; ti os, wlib cal \' tcs'l 1 ry. to; t he efficacy ol" lay ays torn,  to again make public the fact, that \y   ' .Ts,-r: ���������':���������'-.<? ���������  Moses5 Hair^Inyifi:orator  !���������   < .1     v_*.  SYLVESTER'S  Tho 0mincea Sxprcss, wHI calmert vith ��������� fiarnard's  JCxpress a l.. Q u c: h cJino u th a n d M11 ia an Croc k, wher?  paro������'Is and 1 tit trirs 'will IM'reoeiv������������ 1.  /jf'iT* A genera 1 Ksprcss busin ckV eonrtuotcd.  mh25.   '   :    '.���������;���������..-���������.,   -ROJh'S *5VrA"K8TER,  .SAWNEY'S   LETTERS  C A R IB O O    R. H Y M E 8  BY JAMKS AN'i>KltS0\3..  PRICE,       -      .       -       'ONE DOLLAR  F������r.-.ale at th������ Sentinel OSes   and forwnr<.U>d by  .pofit, tree cl' cJiftrge t my'M  WILL PRKVKNT BALDNESS, ...������������������-   A  . ,.   RESTORE HAIR VTHAT I* JBBCOMINTr THIN",    ,.'  1A'"���������'":   ������������������ OR^ALMKG^OPEr/'and���������.eirp'ctoaHv"  fj-. '���������'-���������'������������������ '/- .ycORE SCURf OR ^DANDKUFF.  Th Is is not a ni ere a sserfipn en my pa rt^. as I h .ive  .in my possesFi.on, n i i in e ro us: te s ti in o u ials -eer ti ly i i\g to  the success of niy remedy.' "^ ;    '���������'"'���������  I do "not of course proton d.that I c.nn tnaJco the hair  grow on heads:which havo(bc������jn l)ald lor years'���������; hut  I w i U ^uara n roe i o s.lop th e ha tr from ��������� fa 11 i ng off, ��������� I o  i h croa si \ i ts gro w th,' a n d oflfe'e Ui all y r*irri: m* e .So urf or  Ouudruir. ;  y      :   ���������    "   ' W. I): MOSES;    :  .'.-.-���������.   BarkervUJe, B.C.  ' '..   CERTIFICATK.      .    '  Tliis is to certify that during last spring', my hair  was rajiitliy falling; oiit nm'i my head was last bocoui-  i!U< naM, when I applied to Mr W. OiMO.SKS, Barlier,  iJarkervillo, \\"hu\ii a lew weeks rwUvwl my hair to  its former healthy BLalu     ...        DAVID GIHHONS.  Barkerville, Dec. 20,-1806. no261ir  '' P, MANETTA, '  Miners'. Provision- Store,  BATIKERVILLE.'  rriH E Pro pti e tor pf % li'l s' old. a mi'- we 11 -kno wii ii?, tab .=  , l;xu. l ih 11 hi en t; w o ill dv nwpbc tf ii 1 ly ��������� th if ii \ph i s% \i m'er j  ���������oii's frie iitis 'and.xh:c'p ti bJi cTori tlj e|ex't.e������s1y epai roha^'  , h cretofo re b dsirt.W %{-\ oa. himj,. an < l,t r ti s t s.: t J j. a, t... by,'; \\ is  :; usual ,stric\attentioii I.o..,b|(siues,������ i}I in^ri C\k c.ou'tii|  u anc e o 1 th o i r c o u fi den c e'a n \: i's ii iip on?' r" r''' '.''.- *y  ���������'���������;��������� ���������������������������;;; y. '������������������ \-y^;yp ?ypy ;>?r?vp..y?(-i%   ::-.-.1:.  ��������� ���������*���������;**! (���������  :'-:.&e^ls7-.f'i'V:; -Boarcli. ^JM/'^er^"Weelrr^j  BREA:D;' 3rADE^P'^TflEvBESl? yFbOIJKi  I recommend to t:he public my-*    '"-f- 'r "'*   -'--;  ���������^���������y:/GFi!dy^N-b  ^������^-���������F^p:^  which is a rn u'c Ji s ii pe ri o r a r tic] ettilin "a ny wh i c h c a tf  bo ha11 from below. , I. Rons't, and. 0rjii fi" i t n 1 yr*������ 11j  an (I cboos ol he I) est li or rj i f'^,'c o nseqn c-ii tl y? t li e j i u b 11 c-  ma y be sa r.e, o i 1 ts b ei ng t'r e e. t" r oi ti^ad u ltrora. tioti-jp     !  y y, "y-y "I '���������p^Uf'- ;^:;J-:^fG^i)SpNv''  ZlyW, HELMnOLD.. ,  yheniistandSrnggistpf l^^arsEx^rjeoc?.  .(From the largest'tnarinVactuVihg.vtiemisfs in  thefvvorUl^ly  woi ';^';'^oyR^BKR-'# lto/y"  . '*?;! am ncqnuintecl with.JVir II. t. lie)mbold;  he occupiwl thb;J&r|i^Wr<5-:^cJ'pposite'liiy resh.  ^loncoy;und ^aSiauccessnU^  *b nsi ri,Hss:;: whore? S li ere.}ih a<i:n o.t b een* e?q n������1!y  sob efo.ro .hi ni.-' VI li ii y e -ty^i'ri^i if vaFfUHjriio-  pr esse d w i I Ji h is c ha r a ct e r -a nd ��������� ��������� oi 11��������������� r j '> r i s (������,";  ...,Py:,Firm of.Po^yers:������md W^igiifman?\M4i.iiu-  '       tncYifnhJr Gheiriists.. Ninth and Jiruwn  ' <t"   giretiteVPbiladelphia.1  ;'      "'     '\  FLUia-'-EXTiRACT:  ErC  '������������������S'A'KSSR^-.-JfBAOHA-M-. !& 'NASON" - are ; pre pa red' to  iu    furnish Lunibora'^ thoiivMills, ."vViiiiant Creek,  or deliver it to order... , -...,iV;' ������������������ ���������-.;,. \   -..��������� .\> ,vy.  LUMBER .DELiVERED, ,OnV:LIGHTNING  CKEEK 'AT THE SAME/RATES AS ON'  ;':wiLLiAM-.qfeE^K^   '\< 'y:^p[ ;;;.^r;  'Havi n.i?; a TI ant n g Ma cli 5 ri c in 'op o'ra tioii^ tlVey w i I  also furnish Dressed Lumber at satisfactory, rates.  ���������. '.ForVSaleV. : ���������-: ���������  MOST'EVEBYTMis': ::;;:  '������������������".TWB'USEFDl!  ow irrices.  ���������AT���������  .4 r T7I1S STORK  will always be found a well-  jT.v   selected stock of thu  FRESHEST    GROCERfES . AND  PROVISIONS   IN   CARIBOO.  BEST JAVA COFEEE  Roasted and Ground daily. >  Branch Store at Last  Chance,  U-'h^roagood assorlment of Goods will alw'j.ys he  fotuul.  J tniHt by strict n Urn tion to business and fair nnd  trpvsrn dealing, tn merit o con:iunance 'of the liberal  oatrt'lt-'z������ heretofore esicudci to ins, .  hi  THOS.   FLETCHER'S  Sa cond-liand Store,  BAKKERV IM7E. '���������   fclJ  CHEAP   G.  COJIJ'KISIN'C?  S !  Boots, Shoes Clotiling and  Groceries,  0 F  TJ1 B  Ii ES T   Q U A L TT Y, '  ForsaleatthoStoro nf the unileryifiimd in Bark-pr-  viile,opposite the Bank of British GoJumbja.  V. KKNNIIS.  BOOTS I.4B2 TO-��������� OBBSfi''*  ^o'r vvfi afenpss a r m n g fro ni;1 in <11 s c r^ f I o ri!; The  itt'x ban sled'powers f of Nature - which.; are hc-  ,c.o pi panied by so. jminy. a I arm In pj y in p to.nis f  a ni o ri g.wh i c'h w 111 he fo u n d I' n dis p o������ if: io n i o  ^xerii'bh.'Loss of ilembry, WakefiiIiiw. Hor-  'ror o.f' Disease.,'o r; 'Foic46 tf'l i tjjrs; b fyEv i i : i n  fac!���������, U n iversa;1 Lassi fctid e; i^robtrft 11 o h ail rl i n- ���������  ability to-enter.in to the enjoy men Is of socio ty  ;yiTllI,icDKSffiUTiW  p nee a fle c I ed w I th Q rj^an i c W;e a Ic n ess., r e q n i res  the ai tT ot & tl i ei n e to s ireh sr 11In-* n at U \ i ti y fp������r-������  nfe thH pvsiern;  whichV'lJK^^  y&'AG'&i&UO^  ���������ireflt.i������flnt in submiUetl (iOj.Gousiimption ior- in-  ..sunitYr ensues. *<t .. . iV *,!'*/, .',*;  ��������������������������� -rr* ��������� : % f 1 ���������  ,;jrVlPRpVED. ;ROSE- WASH: ;���������  w ii 1: ra (1 i c a 1 !y ex f e r m in a ie fruit n tli n pys fern  tl i seti sea' ar Iain g (r'nm ha b i ts o f.' tl i ������si pa i i (in," at  Utile expense, little or no*change in tttet, tio  iuconveuience or exposnre.      y. - ,  HEIMBOiFS EDIDiXTfiACTBIICHU  in all (1 is e ase? o f th esc org a n s. w I j o I h or nx! k t-  ittt? in male or (emalt?, from whntt'ver ctiuVo  o rigi naif npr, and, n o mad er o f ho w 1 on'nj s l a n tl -  i ng. TI j o so s 11 tU\ v ing*. IV o in - b ro k e n < 1 o w n o r  d i������I i eate cons ti 111 tio uai p.roc u re the. rt*in edy a t  once. ' '.  A11 the above disease? recjnire the aii of a  Diuretic. HELMliOLD^ EXTRACT BUCK U  is the.)?reat:Diuretic.   ,-���������-,-��������� ,' ;>  ffiSfh&o 1 (1 by Dm jrg is t.������ eve ry \v 11 ere. Price  SI 25 per bottle. oiv������ Bojfks lor $0 50. j5t*-  liverrxl to any. adrlress. LeHcrihe Symptoms  ta all communications. , ,'j . - ���������  ADDRESS ���������  HP T.   HELIV1BOLD,  Drtni js.?:n -Ciikmioal' ^akkhocsk.      .  5fl4 Broadway, Nvw York.  KtiXK a 1; w G k.n a isk ii n 1 ess' don o n pin s iopI  pn.srraved   wrapper,  wilh   fac-^imijo of   my  Chomical Warehouse, and wgn������rt  ocili '  K. T. HEL31BOL.P.


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