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The Cariboo Sentinel Apr 3, 1875

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-��� :
������'���   .���   \
-���<. *', v.
Barkerville,- William.. Greek. B.C., Saturday^Aprati 3   1875,
. .���������   :-'��� :���������'. 'pipyy .
....   ���.;;,,,* "-~-~
PnbIishedoveriy Saiurday b&yy. I;
(../.^���.is'^^iiuriii ���    -yy-^ypyp   -
Subsoriptionv >y-; 25 Cents per Week.
For.>no sqixii^re{ono I iicIV),-fl rs-iTnserifion;; .   $3 ���
��'-.-- ���"*      y -^--fp k'oii^m:onlhV,Uy^;-^.
,- FortVosqnaVb8.jlrs(i-.bsort|o^it'-' :Xi"��ypy\4%\.;
��� ,;*'' -. y :'  ���  .'.. "hf n��'*wth V- ������ v^--?J::-:-\- :'.-'.;l':'
Agents for the*: Cariboo SeiitinolVV^
Vnn WlnkK y.; Kv~    -f *'Hi y-. ,...���    .-Un'VVr
Quesnelmouth, : >*.y.v :���-.-���.������:.        B;irnar.d*> Express
R �����I :i Creck,   ������-s��,.v('f��   . : ��� ���"*. ..-    ��� Barri a r<t 11 fi$ jn'rs.'1
eilMton,    ���     "'-  .   ���       -     '-���    Kiirn.ird'p Sxprw
V ilc.       '���."." ���     -  ���*1',.< ''"
V��iv \7^sM��'HRtar "'v :��� Ji.hii Murr*y
Viftf^vri,      ���      .      ..     -      ���      Mr Shak^j^arc
0  *i r."it ,���*���, .��� -.....':' 30 Co>-nlii 11���", 1,**nAoh. K. C
^iy^ % \ k-! ;;,; ^^'MlSpELLANEOUSr-
Winter. Arr    _
Cards, yjreuinrs T?M��Hersand f*i"o rrammeFf r
..  Balls tivl Theatrics iRnlertulnmenis y
r-^^Tomu-flii with neat.ne^��:nriMdispatoh.^Q=gf
.  (Carrying Her Majesty's Mails.) ...y .
*    ,;       ." h ' ENTERPRISE? X'\\ 7,   '_
;Wonciitn�� Ya le tn tlma. to ��ohnect'\v Ith the y   ''      v
"st * nrc tt? lift.Ti'fi'v I f "P- ?: "Kfl-SRi'T-4
a rri v i n* a t C11 n tofi o n w^iiebday s" ami *$ arker
Vilj�� ou'Satnrdays.&?  .        -p'P
- , y=i ii(!i8 leavij-Birlc^rvllh)."on Sundays,   arrlvM'��,.
^Vfvwlf    .    1   lircvilAt* f   c ���liiii����i.��*i�� Th'u rsday3ft��'iy:,,"on. Saturdays.
,.',^fl'y ^        *_^ i    #      c.nn<;i:JS a( Cichc -iret-k with Vtinee's KxprcsB lor
(jk'ift m��n.
ARK pr|p-irv���l'to !'urn 1 J-'h r,uinher nf' thclr Mills,
A     Wili^Lj-.Crcelc'. .���rlelivor it to ordnr.
1.      y ?:' >f r.�� :.y* y-;T'"-^-     .-   ��� -��S   ���
H triaiic���*;Pt;>nliii��,.y*cbln��v V" ^P^ra'ion tbey w.
Van jVolkaiibai-gh & Co
A11 )J2ifm wiih K.T2ii'^n?�� Rxpr-ssf hr J-tjlooct.
An I wiih (J.iligii; r's .Kxpro** tor IMr Crci-n. ���..:!���
A:   Qi'i.'fcK-imcu i h ;��� w i'th  SyIvceU-r^   Kxpress   fcr
.:   F.   J-   BAR
FrMght nn-J:P.��senjj-*r? carrleJ through at rraRon^.
Uihi- r-'K s ' ��� -.      ..   ������' ���'
Forntcs of Freight an.'. RiJ��j?app. ��PPly to
���   ���; - ... .OEO. BVRNTES,;Agont,.:     -
Barkerville. v i
.;   PItOrRIETOrk
Tlie Celebrated,XXX
-:- ��� ���.''
y'^XMu ��KT/nARGAINS.,L��^:
p.P'-[[Successors "to D. Kurtz',& Go ,]���
\vl1\^,e manufac-nrea and sold by^VTholesula aad B��
tai.l to 1 ts pud ty, a ati ��� ��� -    :. y.   . ���-  ..;������,���
The bqst ;Liguorsr & Cig&r^
constantly kept on hand, v f ��� (    ' p-- \ y ��� ;   ::,      .;
ing .'���"'
; '-vv:;
..    '���',
will, hevalway * carefully attenilcfl't6,"fintl the b<-.��< ���
Uous }.au J ��� aoc.'iniinodathn " provided:' for Uiei r rus*.
.buK-rs  \.:[.y./x    :..y-.'.',       ixX   x-dvl*
:-;'. '���;-;- ��������� " '���
\>h2j: ������;������': >'���/��� ���"'<" ii":.'.:.*'-;.;".v'
'.' ������' j- ���
From 6 to 12i cents pex
Dry G^oas;i
FLOUR, r    .
liUTTKIC,    ....
'$8 per 10i);ib*.
(iOccnta pr'r Ib.j
row e
'.-'jfeS-'Ail Ooojl'sof the Bast Quality and at.lh*.
Lowest Prices.
' B.irkeri*iilct M.'.y 9. ' ' fnvS6n>::
��� r
b:st quality of mm meats
Always on-hand.-
XK\V W E TM IN"������'���>: R- DISTU Ittt.   '
V OT IC K IS i i �� U K mr i... ���. N, hi ac����r r] n nco wi J h
|\ th.* priviViii'ui* oi'tliu '��� X;in 1 Act. 1^74.v (tint. i:io
ft.lhi'w iiiti; liiiul.s st:uuicln"tln; District <��i N��w- \\*c?t-
mlupt'*r.?'h'fv��!f''hot,u ^uhiiivi-yv.J hy survi-y,. itn ! ;.tf��..*
M.p tl.��i*,,,jf his b>frnAhjpi'tn'tPii intlw oihccoi'Mr ti.
V. EUnjoudSjNew \\rustimu.ster:
,. ���,   X  <-' TOWNSHIP NO. 13.       ;.
���v ���������'*    " !' " -'
-Soctjcnsl. 2.11. 12, I3,,%'22, 23, 24, 25,20. 27, U,
^u, and oG.
TOAVMSIIU'KO. 14.   .    =   [P.
��ccth-n^ S,\ 16, 17, IS, is,'20, 21,. 2S,  29, SI an.l"
TOWN^niP NO. 18,
TVVsl 11h 1C rif ^of ii>n I��� ���'��� ���.
K-s^half-orS��H;!i'>n..2;   .
: 'W'ostliiHrof St!.'li1��n I2.'y   ''
K'ist. hfill'of SocH"U:l-L    ��� **
^o'utliwtst <iu:��rt��T ot'S.'ciion in. ��.
&ii.utoast -ftu.irter of. Sk:tion 14,
'������<J'liOUPM"lT..   '���' ��� :"X
I/oty 6 an*i 8 on Burluu** I'r.iiie,  in Township Xo��
group r.
1 /An 2aa, 2331, a n 12.1!5, !i��� ;a r Port Jh.��o ly.
A%v\ Vi-it t:\iim uits of nuv p->r|.l-ni 'of this lin 1 who
bAM-   WALKER,;'
-di��3 Barki rvillo.
L   and g-t ris,much comfort lor lUp.-.inner.inan i.��
'iiiy. other min'c^.n.'pryvlde (or the 'same amount of
cttsu in the siiapo ol ^-  t*.'^' '.;;-���> iv     ,.
. P:pPy : OF-THE BEST QLTALTTV.  v'    ;-'
NIB .���To CH up t ho" .ti me,;-. I Will alt end to-th*
And ��� SEWING ��� M ACHIN F. work ] oT every. :rteicriptfoa
wilKhe done at the KhorU'iit unlfco at reasonabl<��
Quesnelmouth, B,CM
Privalr Secretary's OhIcp.
���      17th December. 1874.
.His Excellency   the  Lieutenant Governor
his Ixrti ploasoil to appoint Ai.hkkt Norton
Kichakds. Msqiiirn; n Barrister of British Cull 11��hi.i, io he a Notary Public,
Private.^crelary's OflSce, ;
P yp'P'X: lOiii December,-;I87��J-.;/;.
IT ia Kkc*'1 1 e'n ayi tl ie Lieu le n a n U Go v era o r.
wa* on llie-Mth Jiine. 1873, pleased-to appoint
11 knk v Ui.\m!i��' 0< .tiHTN KYj Esq ui re, AI lor-
ney tin rl t>olk'itor in iho Supreme"i" Court of
lirkisli Columbia, io he niNo'tary .Public,   ,
' His Excellency 'the i/ieuienant.-Govemor in
Council hns been plea^e<l.to ftj^nint Au.lx
(tKaiiam.1 of- ManVjon Oreek, '���Enquire, to be;
Coroner in ft ad for the District oi Oin'meca/
H'ia Excellency   lie*' LiuutenftntGovftrnor
in Council lm oeen-jileasH to  place ;A.i,u\"
Gkaiiam. ol >luna,'n  Creek, Inquire, on ihe
Commissi oh of lh^ Peace in and for the pw-
trie* i��f OminecH. ���. ' ���   '���    -     	
< U^;i��8     , ...
VOTICE IS Tl KttEBY G1V EN. that the rescrvaUon
[\ ��� ��i ��� I>,nva in tii��- No w Wont mi\w ter Ih'silie t, (tatoo
l?iih .inly, aS'-h .luiv, ami *i--v Do'inbcr, 1871; so mr
us iipi>Jic.t!��l-! Ij.-tiu'.t iiiclu'lea witlila tiw h/um-lancsi
'r T���wiHhip? N��.   1, 3- *, 5, S, iue.lii-.lfig Westurim,
Where.there aro still plfn'y of .tho best branJs bj
'Jiriljia.OoluiabiA;   ,
FLOUIl, '       . ���
Aud other F.irm rro.iucc, at VERY .LOW HATES.
Also, a gr-aeral liBsoriratrntof
-+��>',,���-        X
-.   -As
������������ xx$
:,;;������;   -;^
'   X-.i
P xxl
;'-.������ ..������:%.
" ���.'-"'. ''Pi
'���   . V\��
��� .,*j
,8S5r Commission;' Stiirage.and Forwartllug basihes
���dou ent roasoiuib lc. ratc��. ; .
. i fl ��� i    l    i'< ('   <-. I   . 11 :i   ���- Ii (..'.   ��� ' r     iiui    ji   '(  vi   mi   ui     tin"   �� .��*.���   i    v ii"       tJl        iiMiii-.i-'i'.      .--..       ~,     ���,     -j,        /. �� -r -^ "
liivi' -iv.t oUtaiait'U ennvn iiriwn lUirtw, f\t*oih\ Tilhury. an I IMsin Ii'hoilP, itl.t.lc-3 N-��ru.. Jv.mp to
jir-Vo up IJi'i-ir cl.Ums in act\H-wucj with Cl,iu.*�� 21 Wwt, on ! Iho Ul*��c:t nt 1/Mil Hiiu.itu UUva-vn hou?
i.inl Ae��ytft74. '."" .   I: l^. 132, 135, 138, 141, -14T, (jmuu 1, nii;l ��w ^"
Vurru.s ol |>rt��*r oii'l I> ol ir.iturn em ho ;obhin<ul at   :l> Wn< -20d '^06, 207, J&8, Villi, 4ifl, '/11, -;l��, JW, 2W,
iii:? oiiie-e ol' the G��>mmi^ioii r. Noa* W.sluni^l' r.
Cl ii of Coin u��irf.-i" ��u-,��� r 1.111is a n i Wo r'.; ?
L'n1?s Rftj Work's Of lii-?,
Yict-ri i, U cl. "J I, 187*1.  '
2L5, 216, 217, 51*5, Uivao 1, h*m bi'ui ivr-uin M.
Cl it ff C'onVm i ;��� s lou er Lii ji Js an *i Worlif
fon-lPAnl Wiirks IVpn-UiH-Jii,
Yjcu.ru,101b mruiury, 1875. ,
nuH   in
-AT   TUB���
Keen on hand everything
<*��&���� so liberally oxtendod to the olji^flrm
i! > flG;TO Aii NOUXCF. 7 RAT TH fe Y HAVE R F.5!0 V1* 6
i >'. to. tlie.soucitms prftnjscsrorjnerly.lcoov.n /i.4'.ti <��
���t t:: G<"��r{:e 3n loon;, wher<�� th��jr  wi 1 f h c a t a 11 I iu;< *  .
proparod toiuihlsh ��� ';   '   "  '
.BOARD.  AN.D. MEALS   :      ���
���gTlw* BAR is furnished wllh the Oneet WIKE8!
iltJUORU-aiid CIGAUS.     .
Board,   -   $12 4per Week.
��� ���..���
.'.��� r,
rhe above Restaurant is now Opened at
I the U)iper ��*ii��l of inwri, wlu ro Board cm be ha<l
���y Jin* wet k or ^iii^K- meats.. A fine Saloon i^ wi'.-**
.ttscliedjSuiipli.'d with
The "best Liquors & Cigars.
and Cakes daily.
<x* Blouse.
!l il I't-Wny li ��!iv. i.- n->w pivpur-!il t<= c.flVT SiM��l
iceoiiiOKMlatiilns io To;u^ur-. A supply of Oa.u
inl Hay will always be k-pi ou hand Mid sojd s��t
ivafon-Uilc r.t-F.
1"!:u I5irlj?*upp" ��d ������viiu tuv bf"St Win* . U^i^p**
Mill l/ljPH. m  immmW^M^M^  ".pr sai'urdayv' 'twwu xrmzypy fy  i y  1;    :-X  I'-; '  r .���������.���������������������������&*  *   "@^- :������������������-  REPORT OK TilR-CfURF^OMM^StONEfti  .    pp'\;   ���������  OK.LA^DS AND WORKS.     lf  ������ -  y^'l^yy^  We hftve roceired a copy ot I h<> Hon. RobL  ���������������������������-*:,   J5eaven*s,Reiiortupon y the Public.-Works,of  the Provjnc^ plajpe1l under const ruction--.- in^  1 ��������� ��������� *' [U iljry^pplp^m'g,^ d e ta i led -a I ti t era e n ti of U bfe;  * 1 *x penditure thereon from, the Ist December.  , .;* .?187,7.#>f/^  c -also no annual statement in reference-to ..the  LandyDepartment. ;The Cluefciommissionf������r  tjity^'the location*^nnd^onstrnctiixny of 'tnajn  roads has been one of tho leading features in-  ,    the season'g Wp>rations.V On the "East coast of  ip J^jittto been  ^l"t^rvutr by^ptr^cN, and, when completed,  tvilr form port ion? of n mtim (Funk road be-  >     t ween Un w i ch a n a n rl Nan a im o ������������������' 0 o t be Main -.  ������ '' land por'iotViOf the PiwInca;lhe^amortrunk  , vrbad -������yp( em. c^m oiericin or n t Lad nor"a" La nil  ���������iner,. o*iv the Foii Ih arm of the Lower. Frasei';  X nnd nxlwdlng^o'ihe'townof FTopV.-a di^ance  nf on>vdiundred mites -Ayalsr.^fitfcfcV'lihdiVcAn  tract  la������tf:pi3snn.    Five sections have hpeo,  yjeojnple^ fa.*t;approachini  '  46 in p 1 ������?. 11 oh ;i; TlifeYfrst'm i ne' m lies of t h is ro ad -  1 commencing nt Lvln^rl^Landinfc'w;ts Very  '  prn ich in the nature of an experiment, but wn?  i 'o'ip���������������lr.ncledj,yith'.a view to inantriiralpHf "cuo  TI e >tcreag^o| v liuid/ surveyed and placed  bn ler survey'"'In; lSHy al thou glr far exceed ing  :tn'(Jiiantity and-extent that of "former years?  'has yet been inadequate to meetfhe grow-inp-  reqnircments ot the province, and settlers in I  Valleys where no suiweys had-preyioualy vbeen*  imade^re now anxious that their claims shbulli  not be oyHooked. , ; -  iw v -        f s ._pi.   *��������� ���������  ./The results of last year's Explorations hay-  j ng .been snirce^sfuj ^ bbt fc in regard; I o��������� tlie i dis*  ao very o f go Id  prod n cingc reeks and viand  suitable. for;set tleinent,;it was deemed ad visa-  ..bin to con tinnedn a measure that policy, atid  dispatch a prospecting pali^ through the fni*.  merlyMjaexplbred con u try bet wee rtf he S keen a  and.: Stick e'en riy.ersy   No gold discoveries  were made by' this partyV -* ���������P:  Pre einpt ibiis- u iider 'ii '��������� Land ^Ord in a nee  1870; -?; ] 1 of Ce rt i ficates of Record ji pb n [iUji.  surveyed 1 jand, undei{-^tjand AcUCl8T0i^88:  Homestead Pne*_emp I ion Records^ u n'jjer Land  Acl;, 1874-; Free Grants. 5 \ CerlificMes of lin  prbyen)eni,3:2;" Cer^tificateai.uf ^Purchase';, 15^v  Crown Grants. Minder Land icl, 102; Cro wii  Qraniss tinder.:rM.|ne.Ml" Ordinance, 186J), fl���������:���������  Cro wh-' G ran t s u n der Go 1 d ��������� M i id n p A c t, 18.7 8.  Sp Certificates , of To re Ira's**. Town Lots, '42, y\  CrowaGKniaVTown Lolsyl-Pi  WW,   ADVERtrSEMETS;^  nS i.-^'p'pp*  NE\V ADV^^i^EMENT^  ri-  IX  a.  Cliisteip Biamond Pin,'";-:  Will be rn^d'nt! the VULCAN-'SATiffON  STAS L KYv on Sa (ii rday, i he 24th of A pri I.  100 :c]iaaces. $5; a ��������� -clmnac. ��������� The '.-highest:  throw; tb bike the'Rbig^tItivlowest the Pin. ;  Brth nrticles nre H-rst:class, tht* Ring .heing  onevof'/thii mosrvalnubfe in tlu������JconuM*y;   ;���������  ��������� "lickris can tjejobiaiued at Mio, Vulcaa S '-.  Ufoii; ������ n d^o f J osep h Deni ��������� y .Li gb t ni11g,Creek.  A-acticrteerrC o ni 211 i s s i 0 ^  ���������;;;ia2id.Mining,Jbgexitp P  ��������� &3rGo{.H\8 rtpoi ra<\������''ml ������iore.1 I ii vFIHE-PRor ia;  qKLiLARv.rtn/l'liberi uuidi- ousi.mf������   ,  reasonable  rat./B..;'   ��������� '���������������������������'���������>' ": ���������^'"���������' ��������� Hl  , I ha ve bcen, inst ru cf ed t o se 11; by A uct i o n,  :'p AT -STANLEY;'' '"^ '";;; - 'y-  .Ou THURSDAY, thkfiih du^ of AprilJ p  Affqiiiirittty |of"prbods^coirsjsiinff of Prints  LiiiseyW; GiugliamsyP^iids. Rihbons^ Cloves.  H^its.r,nootSiJ;Flaunel������: S<>cks. Braids,,HiuKm  ribiris.?vI)rawyi's.-;!laiidl^erchi^rs^ Gold jflafrs;.  yrxB:y^K^^0fiEr:,  The prjee of Board nt .this'; Resranriun lias  v / been reduced to   . [   ���������.,������������������.  :   S1XGLE MEALS.   -   FIFTY CENTS;  UE9SfV-; FIFTY SCENTS:  -���������y -.^a^-j i.,-.-.. ���������,i.-r\ :i:y  'yel/jod the test: and fully carried out the jnosf  X   p'n.njruine'anticipation's as to, its .benefit, 'and  L-uid G.iBce. Vic.toda. 'from 1st J an tiary. to 31 st  ;P,ece'nibL'r.'"l'87f; 217) i *��������� - - - ���������- - * ' 'i  s' A "perusal. of the JRrpf>r,t'will- sho?v lii������  onnrous (lntieS'ai,tachedto ���������'������������������ihe officj* orCb|er  rq mm ission^i'vor Land l*aa d vWbrks. ami in me  bu.t.the"���������.nio.sl bicji'ois j>o;li������icaiiopponijMt .wiiff  be' "-inclined'"to udtuiy.-Mr Beaven iivat credii  Turp er fo nn in g: b is a I in os t;m ul.ri t u (1 i ri o ii s d u 11 es.  l;i a man ner cied i.tnb !e to dii njspl f' ������nd ��������� boon-  fici d to the Province.; All therirausaci!������������us;of'  the, J}i^ atid  every;dfdlar% the^ lai^e amunnt  of public  moii'������y passing Fti-rmi������|ji. the Coninn^sionrrV  li ..,/!..   A'l'.vli i-.l i,    ^k>x.-.l: t ��������� -:A''-c ���������������������������_ ������������������-   t-    v _������i 't  .     i    .  noiiJSE ^NT)  tURNfTIJRE. owned 1/v H  MT.- Al a uett a ,���������S I a 111 ey.  IXAlLUvMiBE^C^VRI^ iifRr U^* ������riHonh;Sli������  T&tf  from'6;ipf^  sswmkrX  ���������$^jM'r*l^tH)r^^-'  (50'-Cent?*.'p������*r iu.  ANT) ALLlEiNLS Oi"  'llous.; lately occupied hVrXh.u^.       XX \      <  -        ANT) ALLJCIM  :iyyxpiXxXX--ixiiypxiiyppxpypf        ^n^;f-Trtii;S^  /c.T-W:5Pr^pn>_ TWOS njrjv   BUILD  "'VV A 'ii -m   a ' r  ���������M-  ntiim - of; tlie Free ���������Grnut system."a sufficient  j "acreage coubi. have - been -disposed,of to pay  the en tire, cost; of the road.'   The system upkh  1 which -llji<" portion * is   c^nslruV'ted   is   very  ejmplQ-fvigl- by cutting two wi<ie and deep;  t ^ditches^ 21 fectapa^^ on^; the 'township line,  p riiid by; builaingtn'p. in,the centni-:'bi������tween two-f  walls of-sod, the mnterial excjivated from the  fiitcbejs/ a roaclvvay^and dyke .is, formed,  tho  dttches��������� "draining -the  I MO  1N STANLjEY.; bpjiosiUi  AfitrS H^  :l(;OD���������,      ,  ..     ,     . n   ,   . .   .     , ���������'       "    i.j   t  :'    ^ -f   ���������   V ���������      ������������������    -"     ���������'    rr-  '     '  "      "-^ '"'���������'���������'     ' ": ��������� ' "   ���������" '      -   -      -  ;.:vy-  -' Tkwm- O.a-sil',:  > s .   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M,r' Urqiihart left  fitsi Horniv.abput sixteeji.'years ago." iroiug ��������� at  ?Jl?2.���������vWi^.'i!l!?!^Kdift'lb^^^vi'icjv -was";'(|ikki in^  SE:?Sy!l|.���������f^,'$������$&JSi^cofivhy^? lie pVi rs>������edi  ;tlie:; o������ctfj)a tiovf of min ing;Wifb liu t in d ifier'eni i.-  .^ticcesy y il J ,iiv|; I tl e^yer it'^f-a r";0giV^ wliefe ��������� h <������  14 si rjick'i f ricfi." ia miner 'sp a'rl a licur" and in  and' irtto^he'difJeiNh- 'n'Short.tinie f<m|>d hiin*p||woNh thp^iiniTSij^  pf^S^.OOfl i$;cp;^ ia sevr  p v^loughs and dUiefcontlets* and ^by puiffn^ ia   - *������Mw Wicop*  ;;^)dgato that close by  &���������   aU-uift orosiaiorra of  -all slnn>yha  r,������i^.i��������������������� ^-wm-: ���������.-������������������**���������������- ��������� ���������,'      ^^.. .(i  ,   otitside ditch of this roadway is used by the  .r.fcltiers.for conveying suppliesrintb \he Inb;-  r i or. b y c a n oe t fo r by op i mi n g. th e f lo od ga te  y of  the^ditch-where-U,empties into the Eiaser  ���������* a ndde{ ting in the Jvutef by the rise of. the  -tide, a canal; sufficiently deep enoucrhiafloat  n laden ciooe,or boat was ^obtained; and to  :; settle rs. who lm ve how h ee I e d y eh i c 1 es t h is li as  : pro'vecl n- great assistanco. : The-road throws  y.ope'V any immense. ex tent. o7hd nab br land/un^  knowh:to and never:befpre' visited by white]  s* ��������� 111 e r s. ,0 n e o f iho^j) r I n cip a I o b j ec ts i n op en -  ing this road; lias be>n fo enable farmers in  '��������� i he in i *��������� r io r [ to b id rig t h ot r b eel ca tile to t Ire  I 'i:   i ' 't...K '��������� *���������; *    r ��������� ''x'hK ta���������c���������������^   *o11iiiiiviitoie.  f.-Pj'KXM, ihimp^ycn^l pi;rseveran.ce'-\ini met  wi i h': re Wi'd^aatl^ft ,Unj a hart ��������� re i u rn s to ti is  .wj"������:abf|;.-fainily. Whom;: he Jiad-? left behind;  with,sufficient: miMins to;.enable)him^ foidive ii������  com fort for the rest- of;.liU d:'������ys;:'y 'xi  ^The^)iiyejvUrqoha^  well know ii- in this-disfrict as a  quiet, ppafc  3,imingman--the possession of great .iiciu'S'l  did not in the least disturb liis Well balanced  mind-^and   bis   friends   here   will tie ^glad  to learn ofliis good nirinne in feachinjr lion:e  withthe siinor littl������snin of  $r>^ OOP in coin-  to say nothing of Ids .rich claims.    The only  wonder we have heard expressed is al Oliver's  VrOTTCKT^HBRKnY-OIV^Y^  iV ^fOis witMnytm' KicliU.rl !^la^'ji:ion>r,:ah^ Qu-:*  a������tm������������ath rolliuj,' Olvi^i -n-;..or -r!j"-0^rihr������*-'-''Pi������TicI  who ,are JiuliU t'������ piy  Hoal Tix for tho y.iMr 1876  C������n hest^rii-jit tlie n������il'*������:iiiU pl-iuv������������:4.    ?    .ps*i r .  ���������"'   " Coti rf IP iii^,-' X M i������:Wr. ���������   .-���������"   i' .:-"���������' '"    ���������" -:  i  ^JVl-'iirinU:0.tl^'?;V:inWjiiKto. ,  , Past'..Olflpi', Quc\-ju:,*luj������>uin: /'./'  ������������������''':"���������' y .'.- ,JA3fE3 UXD������AY,  yv x      P y   ....-,   .. ,������������������ ��������� Coii<>ci������av  nu rkeryt11h Fob. S!! i, tST5 - ^_ -  ':p'i': v- .ROAD-', TAXy . .-'.  ..'ijly.' Eoha-\\'Ufiin-rttio;':;:y:;":_;���������;      .-���������/'.:.���������    yr.'   ,-v  KEITHLE^  of tli c Ch ri l> on: fij ���������? i ri ft t tA Bn rkor VM1 -i: w ho a r<* 1 i Od  to paj'- i?i������(J; T.ts :!V������r thr; ycur; IS75 hu.s Ijc.'h- p >.-ii.'U at  thji JuIlo\niig'ptt������;/s:;.:..;.;.. .;'-...";��������� -.;  :.''iir.-S^rriiL'li?.������ ��������� >l\ St>vr*?- H irvi������y' rr^f-k?'-.'. .  . ^: -��������� Mcssr'-i-YHrH *' Oo>,: :K-'iiiiVy:'"" ���������"���������"���������"   ���������'���������"'. :y -...  ;... ISuvtriimtnt Oihce;"F������a;ks ������lvQii^so L :'  '���������''  ",'��������� l" . -ryy';   ;-:'' yP^'ipP V:   ��������� OLIYKIt IlrVRF,,    '������������������'!  ''���������i '���������:'..    ''���������   X:    ���������    --������������������-.    '���������..���������I...,    .-.   .. X.   O/ll.'CtOr '  yFi;r!;8.orQiiosMl, .Inn. 1- 1S75.  ^y ,;'^ ''  J^Pprtertand;paal^rkin -f     *i>  k*'    i**y ��������� . I p' j ������������������ t.; 'I** .y*!^,.^ ������������������* ���������' i��������� *.��������� ���������' i:'- ���������'  i4!^:^^^MJm$4 P"  Wm  1  1  I  I  I  nl  pp.  I  3BOCEBIES. and i:  ;   v  . r; " PROVISIONS  ���������    '.'. ,WniCil.IJiv,U'JLL:.S!lLI.  >heai>;iiim  ROAD   TAX.  frotrcB  reaboardynnd-Itbe. Government hnv������  ���������,Cd > m^oM? h> np.t.Pqn^iing his. coin a.trifle  evi ry, f'fio>t,to o;blain, reliabie information as j hjmk'r: ^to uo eVfl������ Hmonut-8ay $00,000.  ; ,io the valley- of ��������� the  ^:e,.da,_n'nd KarnJoops- j tawa. Sh -Mr Brown" c -siially Wy fl.  Ihe  trail -via. Jhe Goqnebnl!a;cofnneDiiog ati ^'in^ida  First  thaty'vKrae tli������ Vurk first na������  Jbo  heatr of  i\icola Lnke" "v;i1i .the Nirtola! '������,irfV*t,-lfr'-v WB* P'^^ff.    Whan Uih (bv'afor  ; wagon  mA.\ and; thus tn^gi^ tharrbnvlj.g!^!^r uy^Vn^"^^1^" b,,f tWil P:lir  ^VlemtmtradT,i;My,nrn������t,,,;?.^ " ^^   a;'u1 .^ Jo^-" ������������d if they hun  TOB  IS--'HERKBY���������"������! VEX. that (CV.tit of all por  y   LII.LOOKTOrVI.SlQN  of tip������ijn������H.>i*t'I������isinc'..whn jiro liable to p-iy Ro:irl T������*ix  fer th,.yjiar JS75 u-.u b'c.iseeu at my nfflc*! fl;0ly.  /���������    v "    -���������-" '/_"    A. W. SMITH,  V As.^esS(>r atnl Collector.  Till^'r-t;-Jan 0.1S7o.  "Exm^^^XPy  ���������":���������'- ������������������ '.'*-'.:t > 'V.'-'Ti! ^. ',"-���������; ��������� P' P :i, i. ���������������������������.' ���������  ielson   Itancli,  t-et 11 e|n v n t i n d I r<*c f co 101510 njen 1 io ji with Ija d-  r������ e v'��������������� L a n d * n i?, w ill- be se i \ ��������� c; ed. Th 1������ tr h m k  roMd.systetn has also l/������en extended to Nicola  yaUev, .Tlw w.>.rk of the n^part/npnt tijrou������rh  been   Omisitvhlively   inclined." theV" won Id  ha.vo..." been   ilfre   si ill."    ������������������{>."  i  . uirt 'lffnornn*  creature^ said G. B.y <][v yt* no kenibat  tbey. aolit  at the instigation o' th*������ deevil 9>-  ;*ul Ihe o.l:er- dj������rtc^. of; tho p.ovl^o '^iJJS':' ^a '^ >-' "'^ ���������'"������ ������������-  been  of an   exteriMl^  character,.    Seveiu.  ; bridge lniy������4-heen constnicted on ihe  Isliind ,  Kid Maiiiiand  and H (lrst*c!a������s bridge -will be I    Qu,;^������*'h\hurn| BunrnK.���������Ths contract  for  Ibe; eunsirnction. ������f   this  bridge   has'been  awarded tu Mr ft F.^Adama. ������    J  PUBLIC   NOTICE...  I YJ0TI(>K IS HKHEHV. (ilVKN* that ������ List of nil p(?r-  I iV .sons within tha 0 is'trirt'ol* Clin ton and Willi.tins  " '.:������k������* l>i\*ift'i<ai of. tlie r ai'iijf<j 1 >t*tr*J������t who a-fir; li eI*].���������  o p:iy lUmtl 'I\t x for t ho year 1875 has bt-en pi������s ted a I  ho i'o*lowing pl'tot'u:  Apply to  fel3 3m  TIIADDEUS: JiAT?rEfL  . Cti.iton.  Conn Ht'uso, Oliuton.'..  AtrYpat.^ go tin ( r*"k.  Kist OMir;.', 150, Mil- House.  P.*il Oilla-?, Po*; (Jivok.  Olin*nn, .T;jn. 13. 187r,.  C. E.  POPE,    '  t'-llector.  ,.}      L vr i.;ii .������- Mr 0 r o wn rp a y si i p v i v e. - - f G i i n  erected at Qaesneltn^r.ht!ii3.3uaKilur.  NOTIC  7{  LL   PEilSONS   I  to mm  *, ��������� underpinned, by ,ei������ht������r Note or Hunts  AeC'Mint, un1' n*(jip',Mfed lo settle lluun forifi-  with. Accounts rem am ing .nopiid after H\  April will be placed in G<������urt .for C'ilb*ctinn.  F. NKUKKLDKU.  Barkerville, Feb. 27  J>>'7o. ' h'M  LA-DIBS- & OH tLDRKNAS W] STKR BOOTS  GENTK  l,ADIE,4? & CIULDR������K:S KQB-  \mi ovKitSHoics.  .TWBBD    WATKRPROOK    CLOTH   "FOR  hAWm* DKI^SKS.     ���������  OHJ-LDftKK'S WITTS <*; GLOVES.  LADIES'-   ilOODS   &   CLf)UbS������   fiLA������  YKLVKT HATS, HOiSK. Ac,. Ac.J  [ will dnrinoflbe win tpr receive other Goftf1������  selected from the best Houses in Victori*.   '  p&* AU orders -from on*lying districts  prntnniiy attended to and ihauklully ^*  cojved..  All the. above G-oods Cheap  for caeh.  m  Barkervillo. D-?c. &.  i j  """   iilS&ki  ^  <iUl.milWH't11iULIIIH.UI  ,<?>*J������'rr.ii,������in������.__ H  -p pM^W&iiA p-RiL tyte-5::[ pp':  'raBitR'AfiB'-tOF^TflB C6>jM6n '']  One thing,.we���������,mi^fairl^-suy, that;thesaeri  lioeSi;.wh icily we; hipcalled; upon lo make-if  sacrifices 11 icy, may; fairly be galled rpnye snob  :������I a, Ave; a ro yvu dy lo, in kke. not only from; a isel  fi*IVpo!nt of ;y ie wi :btitJn the In Ieres tf of'. .1 fn.?  w ft d te of Ihe -P ro un ces of Ihe Do m hi ion* : We.  h  MLNT-INTG,'IN.TELIG I0NCE.  ; Van W ml? I e co. had 9 % oz I as t wool? and 50  oz. ori Wednesday.    Victor hi'.; co. all \*ry last  Tbe.-'-exhiDit.t>r tne trade, ofi'Oie l>omimon, imperial task���������a bisk ereatervthan. w������c������; ever ^^'^fe":;iffi(f i;;5"V-k������������������ oii'"'W*������dtne^dR^::'-:"'*t;cjsiello-^ii  ^ccordinsMo^  - ' ���������.  *-,  :���������:*���������������������������,-������������������'- ���������";'.;*"::���������-������������������-.;���������;-���������������������������'.;-..;.,:'���������:;.'.';���������'���������: .:'���������:..-.";;yy       sourcesHifhatof colonizing- aml:;develnpie<r a  itteady fari(V cow ?$l?e total' Thel jeve[xhni'To '>��������������� .ycertiun^exjeut-':-we- iii:jy  ���������aiprg repa te tor Herein yeit^frpm June3u\- iSCSJf: .$ i* j& u fe ��������� W mintte...j o -forepo: other fin prove-J  io June 30 .187H:is:.;as"foJlows���������':'���������������������������: "'-' p  Kxport^  EnteredTorj Consumption.,};    X r'   ITutv.  ��������� ���������>iMmMm4fpp'!k pippp^fmtQjo^  For 1873 the Exports.Werc,$fi9 7������i\922   ���������'���������  :;   ,Mi,nf.l������74" '   i '-'J *������������������������*.,' ������������������'     .������13i)L!)^ '������������������  For 387::MheImpnytsWere $128 011.2*1''���������  For.l>?74y.Px?* v;;:X"-.:���������-."= 1 *>82'78,r*R2". . i  Entered -fbr consamption; 1873 1 ?7;ol4M4* X  X *r ������������������������������������ ii yp ruX r; xxm^.nr,4Q4.\W y  ���������-'-:��������������������������� ���������;;' ' ; Puty..]W.3. ..13,0*17 7B0    l  .-: ;'-P j .,.y,'..y J.,;. 1)11lyj 1 S7$< 1*1.421 ;8S2;���������/-.;:  Tn the year; 1874 Jthe ^toi������1 "'���������;' Domin ion ;F!x!  Iiangi andiiJifiports- Inclndo rim fp|!#witi#  1 * in '> ft n t s 'for. Ma nt t) ^a",lb7tish;ColMinbia;,:nnd;  f'i'ince Ed'ward Inland���������:-���������>'��������� ��������� - \]   \  ���������Man'it'hi-,, Kfvpori.������. S737.7(?2   To/al Imports,;  .,     -ST 7M.7.0?.;$.    'Kntered������������������������������������:for cr������ri"������T!0pjiOn.���������  fit e n t a o f jjrea t p rvsen t va 1 u e. I. a lap ���������; b e Uey^  ihut it is better we shoi11dnlo.so*. ih. ordur to  iineet tlie oldi^aiions: to ��������� wKich;I have referivd.  [ ��������� tie h'ey e ��������� t h a t V yer y: m.aiv"'Wh*b..v )i as \ip.������* id V' owy  co ri s i do in b 1 e;��������� a 1.1 *������ n tf 6 ii' \a ��������� t ji e,q\ i es i b > nf o f tli e  ' t"u> mp of Uaii ad a is n ''epan^l/ to ������������������, admi t. thai  with us it is a sir i������jpjirl f* f** i r.. it ho, f p osf* jib j! i ty \;p\  '��������� carryinirX oii t. a,, d istiii.e.t. naIiona 1:.;existoirce.  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It? 1* * M\i "l^ li-UV^ - ���������; w J ^ H  : iry \ ii\tpoi ipxxr *iLi^>yrtis'^11>��������� ."tftni ei������"utilfy i<  ;,,^^Cr,mV;1S^jIK.-IJ^Q^;��������� AtJij:Ejyt;is!.weIl;\b  pn t ;dn reca rd -\ h ic n am es o f (hose members p j  the-^L^isiatiye'V^Assembly- 'who ' rjtace,:-the  gratification>;f their persd'naV.malice, fl^ainst  ' he i n viabi* rs of the. L a c al! Go j e r n m e R t n-b o ve  , t h ei A u.t y I he v o we ��������� t o i t h eirf c o n 8 >itne h t fly and  the country; p If-Mr Matw's nmendmen fc to- the  rep I yl to: th e address h. \ d h e e ir cm r ne d ��������� th e  Local Governmerit Vwpnbl have been oustej  wantj-Jpf;^confidence ini the honesty*,of thf;,  thorn it tioff 'G-'rt'vern men t .declarcirlWnd":'tbe:s������t;:  Uoment rif;;tlie R-dlway depute defe red: for  *rn"indefinite" period. Jlappily, ho we ver. ihe  ������.solid phalanx'' >of> lion est men in; the -Lep:.  illtfeei d ef e aled tli m mac iiina lions offlm-8 fac  iionics*: The origlh;ii Ciiiiise. was carried by  ihe fojlosving vote;     ' ,     ,      ;     '      '  -i IkyKs-r-=\Vsilitem^'Bcnyen. VAsh./fAimi^ror.g;  Todd. bncl<v1iuirhiss.B*>oi^^  TMoCreiijht,' Uobinsm, Semlinf,A. U.,Robert;  >o\\.;.y P. . ';> X/xpxic :.yipp.y xyyyp i ��������� l  , ; .Noks,^ RidiSpTi .TTumphreyp; v W^AV. Robe i^  nop. Holbr<Kdv;;CrownySinithe, Mitra, Sinilb;  andToUiiie., ; .--'���������;:.-.;" ,.*-y x  . . r;-'--*i '^-P^.- "  : "M11 \V i n. Pa tt h J1 o,. i) f Ha rvey G reck.. w r? t e  ;t o; a f r ie n d; i 111 ow u: tli at*! i edi. j s: q.i ij fc(*i recoy ercd  .������������������;'. .RKliT=.Toa^JX'l^U.KRi\f;R.: ,^(J| l'#������C/ 'Pijbi.il ^;:'..''  !*��������� o :vi ii mi 'ei* ra-'fi i 'b* 'on - it lm St. J*a* i lel< ^  c -ur-b matter yestjrday brolc������ tip qtiietly^at  TiVst, but as aeon as Af r Senrnf *k.P.PM whVhiS\  s;o>k������a:������tjai'iss;c,v..������r|eal preten4'>ns, app(vired ; y ���������  oji the: trei I, he was seteaii ujion by'thrusands  of' fan sit cal(; Roman CaihoUcs; ot" the tower  oivfei^ who we're" tnnvt' tig for his fjjood.   If'it   ,   'X  5vad .not been tor two prions]wKo'\i\ipiuTipiX  j ist in the nick of time, ht wouldrhayo yen    .  .^orn-limb f om limb.   If t ulc; atf theFp^wer ���������     ;  p th i, pnfStsTo.s iViy i Itn, ,audv he wast^foL  lowed to hvs, hotel ' by V yell law cro^d *s wlio. ���������:��������� ,..���������  ,waite I to attack, turn, apiri 'as lm went to ihe  Louis hit va Assemblvdn the afternoon.--. ��������� ���������-. ���������  : p MpntreaL'i I ������b -The Rev 'Father Ol'ji'quy. X,pp  thp pon v ert e |i, Rom an Ga I h o l ic p ries t, Iu 8 b e^e a  ^lelivcrin^'a^series of lectures again������t^tlie    X  Roman Catholic church Which have aroused- iy  theirc..pf^ the^ Frcij^ .;  have attacked -the iiudidnce1 hearing"1 him.   Lv ��������� ������������������.'' .���������'  ,'tha French'; Protestant'jcliurch da/t tvuiin*5fii ; Vv;..  free fight of a-mastJdisgrnctJftil ch !v a"' er ^ensued y The'^oliceyihpuffh- called,Jon/;.boW'.*";-:.-.  sidi-Pv-declined^tb^in^ke imply y  ;"  /iejiajallag.. lUe, he)ligr������aUl":���������'.,..',[pp ...j, iyXi,p\ y i- -;  Af it ;P.'X*axe ta leaves Cari'.;pb! Sy to ny r , >  row's Express, and will, webeHeve, turnintmoo ���������  ba si ness in ^tlie lower conn fry. y Mt^ MiincUa^s;     '  friends \n Cariboo -.will; w^a'r hinj succe^ in .  Ins new sphere of liibbi\      m������   x ���������������������������.  iCountt ' ComtTi--A bounty Court will be  -held~at IUchfield'oaMoiidityrive^ by Jiidir-a  -      ������������������������������������'''������������������. -X' '. 'if -    ;u ..     ..;..���������- "V    '  .: i X  '-���������(,'.-". "  Saunders*. ���������PpyP-PP': i,:^ i'   '..'���������/���������-   .   \ .'-������������������      ?���������  *\^&F^18'ifoFixi)m has .leased the bnlldlna-  ^iwi^ir as lhe;Roy^  tbriii for a" wholesale business house;/'* ?  ' Af ar "r o ;*-'A't ^ictorin j on^thfe 18.Ji. March v  Mr Urt\ rd Ku rtz to M issv M ii Hha Red fern.;.'. O {\  i*jeji2? a t ^ifai*c!iy Mry 1> IS mi tlit to;Miss:%isslo'-li   :  "- h iynX :-. ,: y t        ���������       .:' ' X ' : ;'���������.,; ���������.-  s*^-u iii;- oece hoWy imjiori;iat fl-if'jihic;;r~s j  IV hpnat^ty.^>.rt"ii//J.^5iVVje**\^.V^"'?'''^.^'���������*'*.'.<tl_*^Vt^fl^*by.  ^ i) u.i;e Pyi {ikely t b;;;becom ell:, T'UvQfin a din ii:  t .- \  i     , ������.-.-,    .������������������������������������.,���������. .,,���������., r.-   ;-.-P;iclft<riRiiii������v-oy!i.Vti:-l place;"-Ne^'^JVe'sl'finhTiUM5  ^..jrh.ly:  1������������:.ih..1^/t thtt't in.  18i2- ��������� P������^i j^^^^^ miI^u./ r^J, rjvulfLin ih^h W.h ^Kran  ^ ib* :uMb   in*?  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We have oouiplpteil Ihe lotercobaiial  Kaiiway iiiid'the 1'rioce Kdwurd.'Hand Rail:  way, and are therefore live to lorn our pner-  Itii.'S uw\ at Un i tion to lb** iaskol pularjriog and,  inipvoving:  our  eomOs and .cojistructln^-Ihe.  wiI' oa*������������������>'.. ns w4��������� hav���������������#j.e.ii: nb I 1 i\<e"t he U nipu  Pa J; fi o It a i \ w.a y: th ri iii jr li a d ese r I j b 111* I i i r< i ii':y; Ij  ������:; con iu i'y c.rp.ible ol ben ri ri"* a. vast popatar  tinn./-: Nntjji "ruVyi's I i k *��������� it i i������* e <������I 151 * i: t s b (./ o I u m'  oia- c w!o-; ''f������ ii iii Ur;d ri ���������: .tbo PaiufiCy co Vsty and  w h en tM dn m.nti i cat j o ns. are'V e't - b Us tied and  \ t a I o. as dove I o pe������ 1 .hi itiveeh: tl ;e Pa ci li c sh * i 'ivs  of.t he: I >������ ini "in j ��������� ii������ an 11 'v.C.hl n a,, J a pa ny and tweu  Aiis*ra 1 in*������������������:������;ftb"'can��������� iii^ubl 1 he/aiuportaht pnv\  '.vhfcir JiV.iti^h GdluiViiViti\ts' de"-*ttbed to ��������� play in  ���������j he\hi>ti������ry Of I be IIri jjiii Kmpire ?"'/  was obliged Po remain; .< n .fc e maun tain: al  ������iai������hMh#^  of bis hinds frozen"x   Mr Hut* was not awa:e  of lijs wisforltitie liniildie reiicbed  the cabin  'of Mr DOnaliL Ran kin I ho following m -rnlng  Thiols t!ie second'man who has lost his; way  and  been froz-n -th^^ tJu*  .���������iaiOe. trip.'. .It thas, b"'*n siia.Erested "i hat I he  (r'o,vet;nmerit sh-ui.ld be asked, to order. the  winter ��������� t rail', to. be- tli arpughly bb. zed /which  Ciiu���������be done at the pr��������� sant dine at a cost of  ��������� A ���������������������������;t,ifjautK^'afc J ap aneie-a c tors; and ;^ctrefise^  h now/perf*rminv^at" one iofi'th^-45jridvu  theatres. y Oka una, a youo^ giir-I of. 17, one of  thp/!jmncipaU  .vtreadyylound   nia'ny   adnib"ei;3,amon^; the      ;_  \ oun| inen1 ot Paris yTh^y p are^obliged, bpw-  .   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You bun-  riot ���������killa corpse/ Mr Spei:ker>^  13KNKVpi.kNCk.~Tbe'.['phirge.; siibsci i.p.tibn  ra "s<'d.'.'' in ��������� Cavi bon . durmg ihe past /few day?  t'o r* Pet e r U ������i ed - fn a I d..vv h o hVi'd ��������� t he." mis for tii n e  :/ bonUcalivdeitd.: "Every one.is afraid of.;him  thut.iss> far'as-lrut?tiiig;h'ira:sf-. -jV."-.:-- *"';-y'v.\'-  Rafpl'.\ V A :large so-itaire diamond ii ig.  t o i osc b is ,h a u AX������i lo w virion t h.s sin ce from the j f������ fa. b f i lie i i n est i ii:' I lie V ro v in c e; an d a. s p 1 e n  i-fiects ;V������f Vrortfi does Vcred it Ho tlie. spirit of j m duster rinjr. will bo rM -A at Dod.d's Yul  ./BKincKhET, S^'ptemfterjl8'0^'^GVn tleriieri;. :  [.feelita/duty/t oyvp^tpiyoi^jt^peXpreHs::Tny   ; -;  ^ratUtide for 1 be great beriofitj-I'liH ye dcri wd . ���������  by taking.-..*. Norion's Cnmpmile PiJl'si^ J.-X ap-  p lioil to you r aprnnK", Mr"���������; Pel 1,/ Berkeley, f*.*r .;  the above-named Pills, for wind in the atom������  ������ichyfrorn^wli\ch/PsiiflferM���������>eXer'������cialing:'pn\ri iy  Top a length ;of :tirne,; having tried heardy-������������������,.'���������<:  every ;;re,in_edy pceacribed,/biii ;withoU1;deriv^ >������������������  Vwipany;���������-bent fit /atj ntlv :; Art������t;/��������� taking' ;two  bo ��������� ties fjofv y pur/valuable: Pil IsJ^I was ojiiite   ; ���������  Tostbred ;to/ my aisuaUstale^of- heal tli;;. Pleisa  > v e tb: s pu b It ei t y fp r t he be nefi t. of *vlb osd  who: may lie 11 ius affiiclei3. ���������-t am. sir, trnly /  'Vliiirsl /HKMtr^AuJ'Ass^Toiibe/Pr^p^ / ::  by .Holtvox's CAJiOMiiyE;:Pir.r^",:/ : |   '  Notice.^- Mr Lindsay, of yiipiWinkle, will '���������'  act as 'tfgent for the Sbxtixkl ,;on, Ligh.tnin<j  Creek, and all.orders .'left with that gentlemen      ,  : w i 11:. be p ro m p t ly a tt e n d ed lo.,..-... Par ties at  ibe lower end or Lisrfi.thing desirous of sub- .  ).nevolenc<rwnich   rules, :=��������� and alwaysMiasj  on w    n ^ ~y..^ s^furda^   2-ith Apr 1 ^ribin<r. will please leav* their orders afc'vMc  ,,!,d. the hearts of, the people of this district;] ^ .^0,,^LJ Uf *���������' ������������ ^ * CT-V TH t:. ^rmoU>f- Stanley. Sent by Mail to sub  Vinebumlrpii audTifty dollars have-been col- One:-hunr|r^cl-otmii������^.-^o a chance, jmbc������-Uie<irib���������lfH--^t thfi rat0 o{ gl pcr month,.pay  ecied on yirbuiin^ and one thousand dplla ando1   ,ble in advance. ,  Canadian Pacitjc Railway,. We havomc?  ceedtHlia uiaking such urn*r^omenta wiih"  Ih'itisb Uiduinbia as, although iit>r involving  us iu- very considerable li;ibiiii!es,. are yet  within (air powyr -to . perform aliiiou^h  iiiHuy of us thouprbt Irom tlie beginning that  t he de i n a ml s in a d e u po n In si > y I. h n I' P rov i n ee  Were unreasoimble and undnlv ooer<oi������. we  ���������nn** prepared .to rtischui'p* our obligations  j aj rl v. p ri i rid ed ��������� f It ey cat i be brpugb t. within  due boiinds/   I have, no doubt, tbeivf. re, that  Nil  led on Light pin <r. \  o n AV i 11 i a m .���������* 0 ree Ic.,  11:'m e x a ec i ei\ Ihe a ni o 11111  will n?acb $2oO0 when the list is closed ns tlie  outlving creeks in thisriei jhboi'h'������������M|.'lu:ve not  yet been visited;by the Co.lectiop"co/imbt'u.  '.; PuosiM-orixo Paktv.���������A party will 1 eav  WiMiams Creri ia a iMwdays to prospect tin  creeks lying between Wiiloiv and i3ear rive;8  Tbey inieod taking ������������������their provisions to Bear  Lake and descending the river in acanoe. A  piMspi-ct was sH'uek ins creek, ii 'that neigh  borliood in 1871  by' Wilsu'n: the _fisherman.  Joseph Denny.  Sno w Si,ii)vi.���������A sno w.siide from the roof * f  i he tliea��������� re snu'sbe t iu 1 he roof of 111e. B������rker  co in f>an fi s !i a ft li������ its*- on Th u vmU y evening  '^ last; filling i-e building;wi h snow. For'u;  nately the slide < ccuiYed at a charter past ('  o'c'ock. short iy uf.'er the day shut 1 a I ������ooe  to supper, or etsa very probably .wo should  have to record a sen ais acddeiit.  Som������  m;\I ioio us person . sh o t  a   val a ab 1 ������j  vs  T: i k T k i. i-:< i:; a i m i L ia io i s s t i II e i tb' ��������� r ��������� d������������w n  nr working so badly.that-no ne.ws reports enn"  :. , ii     ���������   ���������������������������  i-     ,   ��������� i be sent-over  the  wires.    Some private m<s  li We i������eif*,evore m the course I have ludieateti n . ���������  ,, .    ��������� ' T?,*Af:.���������5.,   .u, ,,,.,,,1.  -��������� P     . .- t   ii  i     ��������� * ���������       si^es were received In������m \ ie,toria  this .weeKf  in u very short tune we Khali1 be in a posiiiou  , r; . ���������������������������. , (t  I   j. ���������y���������,..i  5,������r,irm������wr  . f ...   ,. .     .       ,;.     l^     .i .. but were only got, ihroiigti, we me  upoimeu.  ol. iIih big lest credU.    r.or ilie next lei1 veais     y.     , J t* ,..������������������ ,*������*.:.,.���������      -n,:a  t,u.fa  ,a  kT , ] ������,    '*,.,     will  ihe  grea est  dtiiooHy.    .Miss  state  oi  we uttivt bo prudent,  and  we  <������������������uij it  tin!,   of ,.       .     * ,    :    ,   yt .   ,��������� k j-t������������������������������������,, ti  i   .  .       *.  . .    -���������,-.,        . .    i ihiu-^a is verv-unnovtnx.  but  we sappose it  ih-Ii  into other engagements unit   we liuv;       r.     ,   y   ,    ..��������� .,  ������ ,;���������   (l.'Jt .. ,,..*,  ,:: ���������       , ���������,,..., .      ,-        , ��������� , i      i     e.tutbe helped, a id the public  must    gu.i  <ii-p������sed (tf   those   t"V  w tiich we are. already;!      ,,*   . ���������./?  -���������-  ��������� * y  K'S|MUisible ; and I am convinced that, un lei  m-1 l>0iiI' T '  some Bsisfuriune oxeriakes the  comiuerCe of     The    M.\it������s.���������The   summer    arrangement.  better known as the ** Swamp Angel.'' and it | t}oar belonging to Mison tt Daly a fewViavJ  is the intention of ih������. party tu. tho roughly. x \ liberal reward will be pai.1. for., tm  tefff tlie truth 'of bU statement. "f  '       . ff "���������.,.'  . ��������� discovei'V.of the.otr*noer.  COUNTY COURT.  COUNTY COURT WtLL BE HELD AT  RICHFIELD; .  On MONDAY, ftth April, 1S.T5, atll a.m.;  AT    QU������3ITELMOIXTH.".  On THUU.5DAY. April Sth; 1875, at 11 a. in ;  AT   SODA   CREEK.  On Saturday. April 10. 1S75, ut 12 noon.  By Qt-Uitf,  "*.I>������i> iiotiK FiX'MB Co.���������A private telegram  from Victoria says The' Le^idat;ve Assembly (  ! i si s g ran ti ��������� da re u e w al 6 f  the- aha r'te r of tb e  WillTams Creek Bed Rock Flume Go.  15 .utnx&n' & Co. h Kx pRKfl s wi t h ��������� th e mails  a n A ���������' a e p nw n st e r���������Ji i <l g'o Sa un d ��������� * rs ��������� a r: i ved  ������t i: o" c \ oe k this of tPi n a n iv M r P. Mai ie t.t a  wii; be a passenger by tbe down Express.  Rica a-Id, March 13, 1S75.  .rAMESUN'OSA^,  Regivtrar County Court.  tie   oes  i  bu  i*p������sen di   tno^e  t'-r vtmen we are aireaov;;     .;       -.,;    ���������  ���������   -..-������������������������������������ v      -       r������t *u-n>������--������ "-- ������........      ���������   ������������������������������������-���������  - - - -     ^^  pspuusible ; and I am convinced that.unb4 iU,,, hk)iiV ,L j.wil; be a passenger bv tbe down impress. |^  ���������miemisforiuueoxei-ialies dm -commerce. o|      T������b    M.MT^-The   summer   arrangement , .    h������ called for bv the!  ic countrv. for.which we cannnt reaH������uab!vi commenced yesterday, and the mails will tor      . '���������     t^*   .1 m ,^a  for the p������n������truclb)B  rV  H.fc. we.sbali b, able, liaanmallv. to ^iv.e ������u | tt,e next.se.en mouths  reach  Barkerville in j I>* ������������ ?'^   V        u   ni -v ty I   *  unorable account of oui^lvee la lUe iuuireJ seven days from Victoria, M lbo IvqumuL-.N.na.mo uii.v^, I  ���������ai  at  "h ..   (''
<", x
:>, '���
t��My.iLlf/TJ^**M- *'-<��-*Mi^X'. F'>^>JCTJ'f4W.m*ftT��^l��3fflM������*jL'g.aWBLBftHKM&iaiiBlitaaMM^JtT.LI^ AJ^iA^��� <�� *��y
v:i ������':. ''XX-'/'X X-XX'-::
y'xy   Has on hand ��oliot* " fetock of   v      ; y
Prvisious^ Crroo^iuesv"'
.���which he will sell; ��� ; -l-.   yiv . -y-X ���.,' y'-'y i:!' ���
/ , AS- THE CHEAPiSST.   .'    ���:   'V
��� ���" ���' "" ��� =��� y';y;1 ";.. Rui ."'���-���'       l-   y,y��" ���*"-���
*:D;'i.'aM ate d
^j^^v^B^Sr^-iA^r^ - stationery;
V     . IfEUFUMERY. and' other ikins, vy
1       '*   *i'i'l' AMargn slocft of       ���'���'  " :y'.}
*" '     * ;  ',  '    '   ' .' AT THK f . f  ,;      ; a ���
*r * . following are, tlie .Boundaries of the
Land Recording Districts in theyProYince of
^British (Johimbia:*  . *;\ -.' ;
/' NEW WJSrar^T^
minster: shall be', bounded ���"���' on t he Soil th hy
to ral iUiaiificLvhein �� also't \\e: No r-tfl-' Bast'corner -of'��� New n����[initiator District;; Ihence fol-.
'lowing the Nprther'n;and;EasiiPrir boiiiidaVirs;
of the Ya le La n d He c ord i ti g ' ft i ri si u a to the
point of;commencement., *:.   '���'���''.;"'
'y- blSTRIGT PQ0> T&LE 'P (OS0&Y(H)S;
/   DIVISION).       *        '' 'J   .
'���' The Oso oy o.nsr La ad Record ing J)isl rict
gha 11 be bounded on the So.idh:hy the 49th
Pahiileli cp^nme:nctng.j-.nc,a^fouit { being also
-. the:So ii t h ��� East', cor her; 6 F'Cf'he-'-ic a 1 e La rid 'Ee* i
pf North La1Vode ;��� 'oil. ,ibe.;East by Iy,j ^,i
M wi di a n; -��) f Vie **t V Lo i igi < ii de -;--''.a ii t he N i��h |
by ihe ..(iOth Para]lei:/ *iid ;du.i the West <%
AI aska. , a. Tei ritoiy ^f th b  U ii i ted S ta leg 0f
America.' ;���'   .   -[ .pyX.yXy. ip'P. ���'���>���- y
���ypp   'p^PypX^m^mE^Wy
���pi-Chief;Coihmigio.uei.Lands& Works.
: L r n d s a n d W o'rk ����� O ffi cci* -X ���  . ..,
1Cord i nk- fti vfwon)'";������������ i HeiicK ru n n i n g West;-1o f'
thoSuuthern-Donnclaiiyiof the.Pn^iiJCe. (th;^^^
4JfIh Parallel o? North  L.litnde) to anoint I ^^erfl^,0,V]^ W*r
al>r>iiiMiniles East tto
*,j- jhomsc-1 vesptv tlie/nnijf.:Mining f/nv and to pi
��U3Bi�� 'their^rouhd^ caii^ Ihivo/the'Survey: of tlle^sani
teoj llrtpa made Ijy addresslin^   ,.  .- ;- :      ;.   ,,
* - ; - p >,OABT. ;,0. J.-TRAVATLLpTr
,'��� ,    . .  TOWNSHIPgNO.^,  ,; ,,
J QTICE is, hereby ^iVen^bat' ln<nccoi'(l,j
%.' ,nnce with the provisioris*of-th'e,"'^ Land
I Act;r r87,4i?' th^follov/inglandfltfiliiateiiv-fhe
t I>istriot of;Ltllo,peti WpposHe (BigvDog pret?k;
��� i ij?l%bank^oJ!; j?rnseri Rl ver, ibaye been siiby
'divided by Survey?, and MapsUhereoT have
fheenr deposited in the; 'Oflice of 0. E. Fopei
'Esq-.-Glinlon :  .   .; t     Xv    ... , r.
.., r Sections 1." 2, 2/  y   ,.,:  ;'>   :
-/*���'jSast half of-Section rJ-. *-
'-, ��� y. y rytpp 'ip- ..-, '��..'- J ? 9;:.',;^:',- -;-'   "'������'-   .- ;'
- Keellons 10, H, and 12.': ���  -     ;, f .
'��� .;   ^FrHClionai Sectibhs 13^ 1 ^';.;..V;..i ivO/Kri '������ |'
We?t'baliot SecIion ���!5,��� >
> y  North half of Section 16.   , v;'
;    ;.S<*ciion3-26. 2L22. '    y    .  ;������'��� y. "
, Fractional Section 25; '.' ���: Pi    -Xi. --  p ���
������; * Sections; 20,27.28.29; 84.   ���/ '   s .
j      South half of Section *5.        **',.""���. ���
;,';   Fractional Section 3G. - - ;
, ^;;^.f^ir*i,>jtji"ii *K\bj['ajf ni'-fih tisj. Q'^ }a qy/J"jyo rtlpn" ,-:^?f 1 -ttti?
i^abilywho; have not vobtaihed:/Crowh Granta
vlljeredfsbbnldprove up their claims in/accordance with Clause 21. "Land AcV1874V
��� Fornis of^proof and, declarations e:m be
/obtained:ati tha o.ffice of.; tbe :0onimisalouerf
." Clinton. .-���''���.'   ' ��� : '���:'.���
^ l ROBERT BEAVENV -   ���
pppp ^Uie^Commissioner. Lands and Works;
:Landa and Works Office.
, r".:; -yiptprirfV I)ec.; If). lS.r.4... .y.'Pf Xpp'Pi^ly
p\. r,'p":'K-yP notice:"   -s. y--' -\x
���"V'OTICE TS HRREBY (JIir.K\T th:U the 'following tmd
, ..-t\" tli Ni*vv Weslmi nster D\ c5 triei M'o hereby, reserved
- ,\i. ii til i*Ur ther;.iio ii c. >':���'.-,   y . ",'
���';������    TOWN^FilP NO. 1..:
lllock No. 1 -Nr-n-n, Knug-i 1 W-:st, 'Seethn.3 .26. 20, :J6
������ ��� o{' S; c:i<>n 1.
��� B lijr-k .1 Xui'ti i, M l.n.L'C. 1 Wes t, S*n ti oy 27 ����f S<r,. 2. '
Is'orih^OHt i'r ;oiirf]j!ii q-i irt.T uf s c;ioua3, known as
Lot 17. ..     ���
p-���ulhonstqiKiriftr'of Section 0,
. jcSouthwi'^-i euurter of S''eti>ir6.
��� ��� ** ���      -
.' T6\VNrfiiri> So: V
Group 2, .1(01163.
..    .      ��� y R. BRAVKV, "f^r-
..   fc'Chi','f C<no m i4,*ionof Lan.Is an j W ivkiC
Iiiriila ana Works I), ptriineiiit ���
Victr/fi.-i, K60. 12, ISTo.
G ii 1 f of; G aorgi a, said p o in t b ei ng the So"fi.t hf
EaKlerri'corner of New'-V/estniinster Drntrict.
a n d the Sou th: West er n cor rier o f the Y a! e
District;  on; the,East by a.line'.(beiiig also
i he W ester pb oi i n ol a ry o f; j h e Y al e D is tri ct)
5r n n ri in g N or th'- f r o rn H he; said So \\\ h'- Rti stern
corn erf cro?sing 'Fraser River abo at Smiles
above the month Of Lia.rri.son River^.tiia dis-
t a i ice [of.',a bant- -4o . iii i I es .arid the nee No r t h-
,\V est;; by "N b il h a b on i 51) in j 1 es, at a n a?tr * ge I
d ist ji:n cev i of. a bo 111' 1.(} in i I es pas t from lhe,g en -.'
eral; course of: ihe Douglas Portage, tr>th^
: Nor I h-Eastern- cor nei* :oj, ;:fiaidvi District, which
. i s; a^so xtti e Nor tl l-VYes fern'co r n ev}6 f Y a le Di a ���;
���trict j on Ilie North ��� by a line (being nlf-o ihe
Sonihern feotfn'dary,'.-in roirty<if th^Liltooei.
���District), lluuico running VVest fro'm skid I as I
���Uamed c wnpr. crowing- LHlooet Lake at -a
... po i n t a b qu t (*q u i ��� d is ta iVtvf i .o i n e i the r" ea d..,�� n A
fcoiujh^ng tlie exireuie^Noiithern point nf Jer
vis Inlet (which is the South \Vert corner o\
Jjtllpoei;���.���:.District) thencei to Foibtis!Biij o*it
:the rsh< re 'of ;..= Desolation -Sound;  andoa rii^
.West, by a line run nSjng- through I he in hid lv
;of tinmfray Cbannel  to Sarah Poini.;. ono
t hence in a straigh t Ii tie Sim I herlyto the ihbs
" We'starly'-point of Savary island ;  tInuice \P.
mid channel-oi'Guif OfyGeorgia;  Hienee t��
the centre of 8abiri> chaniiel tvriho boiindiirV
o f Nan ai rao La nd. I toco vd ing f) intriQ-r, r+i 11 o w
fn<r through'the centre ot said chKniu*! to ^
point opposite: Polo tU^
i hence loll 6 wing the ntid-channeb^nt he Strain
of (ieo.rgia to .the��� Noilh-Eastern coiner o:
CowiehWu iDfchiet-;-.fbonce';Wefit.=o'u'll��tt-'49tr
:=pHrflllel.'.to point1 of comnienceinentrand shal
include.;  the" following j:���Jsla^lds-:^-��� Roifyi'
.*. A(apr.y ��il^l vHley- ^.jMoreranX ��� 011er.' % Mi n k;.
> RaggeU,^ * Savary 1\ ..;��� Har^ced\l^-Texiida.
J:f:tjHr-ay;,:*','*-'Nelsbir,.? /.' CaptainV   >..Pearson.
\ Thorniandyr ' Trail,* *-Wfiit��f;>p. Ahvih! plh<
{��nct��,^y* Woolbrldge/   ^GuinhlerP tRenin ;
' .Ho ft en ���,'������-' Pauley/ '.Popham/ ��� W��volcnnibe.
and f Passage;' a nd aiU, other fiiriFiil;lslaads-uo '
enumerated within said Vbundaries^
tlien c e f p I lii wi live the So i i i fieri i a ii d Eas lie r n
bou nd a rifefi of said Land Recording Division.
ro t h e So iitli - W es l. \r ii corn er o f 111 w sa i i i Kl* in
1 oops L ai i d R ��co r d l ug :I) I y isi v P\ ��� t he ii pp d ii *-���
South atiuig the''"boiut^Ai^y, of iheiYajfli Litnd
Kt��cq rd ing.. i>iyUiorV' io ���;polti t! 0f co unm��iicement. ;-' >. py, xy ��� pi ..������ ��� [
PPP Ppp LiLLOOJ&rVI)ISTR^  . \fp
y Thee Land Reriord ing DlstricVof;-LUlpoe;:
?*hall be'bounded .on1,^tf^Eyial';bys��ijne<cbeinV'
also(the Western boundaryvfi^ pftrt,^of th'
The '^.Ta \ e Lii n d Rec q i'd ing D i vi ai oh shu I \
be bou nded on tlio \V��*st by a 1 ,'necoin inVnc;
ing On:the\"i4t) hParallel' of -North -Lniiiitdo
G5;inihjs Ea&t from tlie Guif of Georgia;jbviim:
a 1 so th^e Soil l'h - Easter n corner <) f; Ne \v !\Yesi':
ipinster Land:;:Recording District ;.��� iU'en'e<i
'Nor.lli|ibour45 iniles ; .thenc
45 mil es ; yilie n ce; No rlli> W est a l> ft u t 5 () rn i I e.t.
to.a pnint bt-ing the North*Easterly ;corh.��r nr
:ij. iiiilesto aVpoiiit hear the jiincliou of ihi:
Tli(>mpson andyNicbla 'Rivers ; ��� theiic#*;iu *r
So tub; Easterly -direction, rim nln^-iparallelVi.*.'
the; ge.11era 1 course of, the Niet>ja:��� Uxyej% an/!
dis/ant about:7;ini)esv(hereJrom,ioita (lisianc*.
o f a b ou t 3 V -MM i es to Go 1 d w a te"i' Ri vet; ������ tbVh ce
i rva Sim"CtierTy d irec t ion al ong i he' "trai j to ;��
pomi 2 miles West of Prince ti;n- thenctjdiH'
Soiu!v;tp;'thei4!)th..F.iwi.lleK about 3G rniH^ :
thence along the s a M. pa ral lei to the point ol
Eootehay;a^Districi.)^ ;conime>icing .'-iroin;''Uk;
Nor th* Eas tern corner < it) Ya I��;: - K! ec t<) ra 1 "Die.
r.r ic t;  t li e n ce fo Howl ng- a co 11 rse p\\ rd'Vle I; t
the g'oiif ral/con ine o f the CiA innbia \i\ yer an p
about ;tenr;rni)eif��;disfan^drt^
lo appoint ou, the-.5id Paraliel of North Unh\
���iido, which; is �� th^ * Nouh*Eastern cornerP""
���*aid. Lillooet'D:��J i let, and the firm Hi-foist ��*> '
bonier of (Janbpo/Difctrici;, on ilu*-North I ���
���h e Rai(\P> 2��I "V[k ra U h I (,bei ug a txo Ih��,i?1111 the���
;>onndafv' of Gorib'So;Distriot) cr��^���'s^iujr It  ���
1-aribbo  Ro^idyut the l'i*8th: nii'e p'isl forx
lif��t��4nc���� of about 220 niib's. iu a point on t' '
124th . M e r)tl ianv wn ic h is; i h a No/ th * \V es * e y =
:V\rner of saiolvLilioof't f)h*|i;icj>;fln'd the Sim:'.,.
vresiern corner <if Tlirihoo DUiriot y on if
Vest byi'lhe fiaid:l24i]i Af^'idiaiv. a dintaaf* ���
.: <f��� about ?i25:;uiites^:to' the ��� p<not;: wh^.re fl��� V
������.lid  Meridian, in^tt*rft'ects the 'Northern bbu.;
��ary  ot   New AVpsimlusier,' DiBirict,. at-,1'
Northern .exHVni'My Vjf Ji*ryts -.Inlet ;  en it.
v hi I h b v t ho  N o r t hem -bo ii i) A ar y  of   N��'
yyest.minster  District;' 10 Mhe North Esistei:
^���ortujr  r��f..fvnid"*������Distr-ict* (wb��ch  is also iu
%OYt li-AVestn i-.i i uu r o ��r- Of --Yiil o BiWts to ra I, D i
.rict) and thenc^hy. the N(uv hern Ijouodan
"i efo re A escri i ><ld,./ f sai ii.' Vn Ie K; ec to rail)i ���
rict.;-to Jhe Sno!h-hJaKferovc<inn,5r of said fji \
ooei-DIstrfct; wliich Is al*��o thoNorth-Eaatei
Corner of Yale Eleclorat District--
L**     k��^ .
diitoii I5tb- Mty. 18?2, .from s-n ohi nyiahi-
t.uuoi UoroIagshrun,' near Wuniiinster,
Wilts: ���    .
i o s !J y. V\ fn t yo ar Fi IJ ri *�� r f!
��r a>*5ano! I <; rj. Only
" T niust7��!so he
an '���x<,.:-ii^m,:oe 'j?:in .s ....
(io rnj ��y tfmxl   li'*;ij th,   SOHO'j   Pie* p,   ;iu'l
gooo a|jp��.'!iL..��,   Tiii�� 'Sowing t > tiiivi4ig your
.WliV   I'.iim JS-yeurr? OM.
The Knmloops Lnnd  Recording Division
shall be bounded on the South by. n lineco.ui
men'cinir at a point 2 miles West of PrinV-oton
running due East to the South point of (>kan-
agan Lake;; .thence oil the   Kast  by a Hno
rnna.inyr Northward,  and folio wine fhft K*ul-
ern* phore of Ok.anacan   L.ht<  to iubend :'.
thpfVe due1 North to Round Lake ��� thence oil
the fro ,.h by a line running duo F^sl to Iho
EuHieni boundary of Yale 'Electoral ,'Dktnct.
being also the \V*es:tnn  boundary of Kootenay  District;  lb*enpi> fo\iowing Ifj�� We��t^rn
br.uhdury of Kootenay District, to the Nor th-
East carrier of Yale tfteetond District ��� .tljPin*e
ori  tlie North by. tho Southern boundary, in
part of Lillooet District, running \7est. from
the said last mimed corner, and passingabon<
three nii:<*s Nonji of c'��>'moiir, io a distarw
.)'.. The L'��ndff^qonline I)istric
shall be .bounded, on. the, W'ont by \he; b.efoi ;
���'Iescribed,',Ens"tf 1 rn b'mi��dari*����� -of  Ynio ;Kie '
oral.and Xiljooei.:l);��tr;cts np to ,th^:.Norii '
Kin s te rn. co r n e r. o f;. f Ati a oet.. i) i at r i o t V, w \\ \ c h '
Usothn SonthrEavHrn corner .of Cariboo Di
rict. orfft I lie u ce: by ty I i n e, {.fjei n q:: ,-; s l.so :t h
STrnTn" Easte rn b o nnd a ry o f Ca r;b o o Disi r \ c
/'oil o w i ng, X he. gr�� her a I cou r^e .of tho Go In m by
f li yer. a n d, d i slant; in > >. n j j- abo ii t J ti nd i es.. t\
\  ftirthor distance -of . a bou t, 50 rh ilf*s, to..
r\0 i n't o si. 1.11 ti 11S t h M e ri d inn, ab oil t". 15"- ni \ I �����
��� nt o rt.ii - Eas t; o f: t h e ��� B o a ty- Enc. on p rh*�� n i,. no
.;! i e n ee b y "t h o 1.18; li'M" rid ia u.{M njr al^o 111
:i)H s t e r n b o 11 nd a ry, i n . p art. o f -Qn si b o o  pis-'
.t net): 1i o* tha si i m rn i t ��� of i h e; Roc ky M o u n tai rif
;he vlCash>m bouiidr.ry of tho.��� Pro vinee ;  o
���tie East by the said Eastern.boundary of th,
Province;   and on the. South by  the *<9:
Parallel, the Southern bouudary. of   th�� Pro
,-i    DoclHrcdhy ConuolssetirMi. he : "
G au tio 2i against rraud.���fh**>��irc<ffi t-.r tTH-1
most delicious mol uarivdied ConcMhici��t;-hnvl !
onuaedcortniu ���JexieA? to upply U,e ni.n.< oi -\yt J .'*
tershira Sauc-a"' lo tlieir own inferior roii,p<������,iP o,:
:>iihlic U herchy lurnriiievi thiitthe only Ui.; ?
mroth��if��nuiu��, Is to:   .������ y\:ry . y,:-,.-.   .,:?,'���'. J
i^tl toso�� that their ii:nn.eear����.iip(ii) iii* wrai*��u-b
iiAWKLa;3TOPJ��KK,*n(! ��')TTTk, ''
���Slnpe-oltherpretgn mHrkftlVhn'vlW i*"e>nittrt^,i
with aspurtnuR W��rc<jst<cr��hiri Sntict':iip'oit tiuMrr'n
por ap<l-labels'of which tlie liamos'oMJoajinii IVni/.J
aavo^oenforprc.l, ^ ap��t ivy-iv'o noticf-th��t tli<-T
?iavo I u rn}sh eti t he i r onrrcsjiqnVl001 f \vUlrVwt '4
At.torney to. tnk.��:instan i-. prt'��c��if'"��inps'atfahisi wa'������ r.
���\iCTURKR9an i! VknBowV ni suohv or a iw oihor imiu*.
'. ion s by vr h 1 c h t li e I i r' 1 & lit rnI h. v I��ri utr 1 npc U ���       .
;vs k. ro r L E A ���& P ER RI NP' S fi r r p a h d * **
��� ^amf oh: Wrapper,,Label.*: BoUley and
/? Stopper.-'  ���   ' _'     -y    ".'��� - ���   " .; .   ^  .
;'.) .;\VhOl'?*ul ^ a net: for oxp^rthytSK' |^*oprr��*r-i:��t, W'-r-
��� fator;,Onr>is^ *;;Hi ick wr?;lb^ !^aotp>i;;f*^f;.>y&rV*;'::: sn 1
; v G n'C'*rji a ii * I Oi f no* n n to v r^<: I !y.
pr-P;,. Pubic JTotice,   r ��� -T
p a r y.vra 131 l;lX''
';-,. Ali;Appncnti<ins;ror PrivMo ^tll^Tp^ V 'i'y f?i*
i^l^ct of l^gi^Htioujjy ,t|n* f^^i-liriV'* .V,-?**iii?"iy i>f.
i Kjsh ijnl ti in hi.i, \v{ tli "����* 11 it? pu i' vP'w or *��� Tie- Un;>ii
;{;'rLli.;Ani';rica^Act.; 1807;" ^Itvijbr (m> fcfre Ar ^ii.-a ��>r
i ' n t p \ th e i n.n k j ne (��� t a Km iroa dv fi\i **irj*lic* ��� 1 ly ; ��r
t>' jjriririoji on* njfht <��t,F<rry; tlifi In"c-��fp��,r.a!/ i.-  !
E'""'-1^!^*^^^^I^'trii*?t��* "<��r.^Sl"i Hfti^T-'V--'Vr���it��Hj' "^ no-sV- --k
��� i ii i��;4u y.-: o r a th *-jr w iK- f* r ir r. i n t i ���> \* -i o a h y i \\ \ \ V f ��i \ I
y i ti :t vi��� I ii��1 ���*�����ny �� xchis; v��r v\r' p.',."cdlinr. ri^,;u it i:f iv
���������. '''ijjj.*��' whati*V*��� h���. n'r-r V>>r'��'a* nV <o��� y ai.��'i r .r *.r. i ln.!-g ���
.; iich in its <��p, rnth/n vv.��ulM: allrcV lh��j rno-i < t pni-
' xr "n r oi ho r p:��.r i i os, ��� fr. ry lu t *) t-���� j i n y par;l ir-u ������ i' h'c I��sa ���'
; ,:th\ comsnuiiitT; !<Wrlnraii{tSin^rtjiiy Vioyp'Iiii ;u .ti .i
ke ,'rjttlurp. 11) u uy, lV��rm��'r Act..i.��ir.i��� f r-:tjU i r�� ;s "iS't���'- ir-%
'���'���; irly^aiV-l afisM.noli'y'sp'-oifyinc tin- tifiiun'uiri oi j ci
;. ih ��� ��� .?��� p j >] ica \ f��5 ir, t'�� he p u'��i i s h ��rf ii .m f V il I fi vv ��, i- jj. ���
,A N o i ie<? j n .* cr t�� (I. in v I h *? ft ri ti * U 0:: 1 o ��u i��.hi��}. z ��� o��-,
���i d in ���' Via *���;.. n ?*v\?>p ** a;*r pa hh.sii*vi i r* r' 1jo,# i��i ni���*' ��I-,
���oto'I. or i f thtf'ro bc no n ��� ��*��p ip ��� r j��� a'��1 i ���*)�����'*! t'�����*r ii���,
uin in a ai*u>[> ip; r in .in-' a'i*xt uanr'jst a'ianct ia
"' liicii a'rioM'ep tp*'r is ��.iii)iiHhi'��i. ���"'.'   ;   ,P, ������ .
SIIC;J 11 >5 jCv rih.'01 I).' <;��� rll: J iJ0i.*:!"iIV CM ('!i Wl5�� f f
,p."rioi.I of ut 1 [*aM: s[k \vj* ik^�� fttin nir. 11 ��� o': i n ti; rva i "f
aio iK'twccn tlie ci����pj! <��t',Hhe ii��;xi pr*,oo-��.in|i l>vssi<ai
ii.lt j ie r,:airsi ifrali ������ .n or the p ���! inOn.
n-'Uire .���'.uy iVi iIi(>n j��r:iyin^ !'��� ��r,-!n*'V". ta 1*i\M
ia Privati' BilffirrVhe eri'di-'a' ��'{'.'a ;ti4|
on .��<;
of about .-20 miles ; thear4 in a direct'line' '^albd ofKorih LiUtodo I on \fo Eastb
about (b hjiUw. to u.'point on the Horit) ,,H' 12nh Kmdln��'af femV L^Mitudo*- o
Thompson Kiver (Xferidnm B��uid) about' lo lh,f N,"'[h by the ofjih Parallel f7n j �����" y
-mm* a.oV.h of KiimloojM ; thence in :. Mti*\ .&** by the l^Tth Meridian M East Lou-
line  about   Jo  miles  North  of   K <i.,loops ��� jlude- ' '
PT3TaiOT; OF CAUIBOd     "
The Land Recordinir DiHirict of Garlbo-
diall   be  boiinded on the* West by the 12-Itl
Meridian, which is also thb'Eastern boon dan
.f th* Coast District ;   on the Stmth by tli.
���V2d I'sntHel, which is also the Northern Ijonn*
' I a ry of Li 11 one r, t >i r�� tr i c f;  o n th e So n lb: Kas
���by ihe before described boundary, in part, o?
Kootenay District;  bu th�� East by the, 11 Sr J
Meridian of Wiad Lt*n#!finde, (bid ng also fin
Western bohndarv. in pari, of Ivootenav Dis-
rrict) to the ru nun it of the Rocky Mountain.'
md thenco North.Wrirl by the summit, of tin
ilncky .Mouuhtins. nnd by the 120th Meiidiai
of West L."n��ijfnile. the Eastern bouudury.'o
the Province;   and on the North by the 6th!
Parallel   of  North   Latitude, .the -JNurtUtm
boundary of the Province..'
{VbcniC'l lothoHan**,���thfspswon'-w.fwwaw intui-l
,^lt��n**iliion.rnrsuRh BiU.s'mll. np-ai tsivUtx-i^.m
.c�� prt.wi-.iiui i n the pr. c*d ia,e Rtr*|.'. -.\ }s*.> a i tlv> p.iino
; ai*?, and i a t lifts* m a-in w u n 'r, pj vn not foe. of iho r-i t vt
hlcn th��y iOtnn.l to ask-, tlioexO-nt o* th�� privilmy
oo height of tlie.nrct>K. the interval' lWwi��e�� tli*
aitroeiit? or pivrs forilie p;iss��g.�� of raft? or vtwK
.nil .monHoiiijiifiilart 'Whiah.-rthev in ton'! m> Prwi��
rawbrnig* or'not\ unit (h.d Oimfaiseaipor tin' samo,
...   . .1. ROWLAND HKTT,
J"4 - f-'lTlf ortlio���I.euiJflalivir Aiwmbl/.
The Lftiid l^cordiojr Hi at rict of Ominni
shall t>e bound:jd on tlw iSoiiih hy the 5M
Paralbd of'NorJh  Lititmlo ;  on tho East h
lbcncj in  a direct lino about r,() ihus (;), jj "J
tj,��<    |j       .l-faiifuiung, fr--'a tinmen, yours vry re-
��� tJuJi       -.        r ���   M  ^ Li mile post on the wairnri road from Yi.b. m
"    on an,l aiLfr tho
II Claim* In (ho C��r|l)of> Pi��tric.t nviv W 1��H arw
imiitiift-iOi-h May, ist.% siil.j.-ta t�� ihe yth Swim
" me Ooia MltJinjf; Amendment Ac?. IS72.
IUM    HAM,,
nichfiold, 7tU October, !Rf4,
Gold CatnijiiflHhatpr*
fheCassiar Land Hecordinf .Dktriet shal J
^ BARKERVILLE.       "
���      lor lots of (h)Ui Dual %y( Kil'tceu (ainces or unlet
fid for   . -.
he latter p-iyahle in advinco. '
tw. mvcurocK.
Augnf t,2iKti 1874 ��� * a a mm
^ yrty>,^
��m8WWMB JBJOSgES^BiS'iawaigB'gCaCTMl] JAI IMUiUiui.


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