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 __________!_}%fi__\  ggyaM  m  m,  ���rt  Boundary^] Leads  m Ore Shipments  Greenwood isfh.&  ���t*  etropoiis  r-i-  ip~  ^voiv. x.  GREENWOOD. B.C.".  FRIDAY, NOVEMBEF~29 ,  1901.  oci-ollefl's  I Complete and in Many Lines Overstocked. I  NOW  icience  preserves lor us  all things  INTERESTING DESCRIPTION OF THE  GREENWOOD   CAMP  PROPERTY  BY E. JACOBS.  the world has  found.       ^  The science of  selling clothing  is to sell such  goods as will  . keep for you all  patrons once  gained.  This store sells '  Tlie Company Owning the Property  Has Ample   Funds  For Its  Development.  A Big Showiu_r And tne  Best Facilities For Transportation of  Ore.  �����  r,9  with the private contract that money is to be  refunded if goods are not satisfactory..  Overcoats and Ulsters sold by us,-.. ^   x  ,      ... are not made to Order, but to Fit.  ��  ��-.,;.#Sh:. ��**!���*���;��� *"K**^^  1 We Arc Crovvding Out tlieOverstocked Lines at Close f  I Prices,   IM us up il You Want an Overcoat, Suit I  f "    ��� ��� oJ. Clothes, Pants, Sliirl or 'Underwear, |  *        ���_?  ELL  ck -  "STRONGEST IN THE. WORLD"  Assets . . $304,568;063.49 Surplus- .  . $66,137,170.01  H ALLENBERG, Manager,  605-606-607 Empire Stale Building*, -- Spokane, Wash.  CHARLES T. KIFP, Cashier-  Office Tel. Brown, 211. Residence Tel. South, 801.  -,/vv'  'W  ST<  nr_F.._._  ell  J U   ill  H _1 _: M si Si a  hhn'nripi.r.n.'.;.].  _TP 11'fr }|iC"V"r   II li In)  Ia 1809'the British  Cohmibia" (Rossland  and  Slocan)  Syndicate,  Ltd.,  a  London, England, company  having a  capital of .��100,000, secured  an  option  on the Snowshoe mine,  situate  about  six   miles   from   Greenwood,   in    the  Boundary    district    of   B.    C.      The  chairman  of  the syndicate then,    as  now, was  Mr.   Geo.   S.   Waterlow,   a  director of  the   well known   London  publishing- house of. Waterlow & Sons,'  Ltd., and the managing- director, Mr.  Authony J. McMillan, of Rossland, B.  C,   a gentleman  of considerable ex-  periance in Canada and who for. years  was agent general in England for the  province of Manitoda.    When Mr. McMillan commenced the development of  of the Snowshoe he secured the service  as consulting engineer of Mr,  J.  W.  Astley, C.E., wlio  after fifteen  years  engineering and mining experiance in  Montana and Idaho,   including  nearly  five years at the Drumlomond mine,  MarysvUle,   Montana,went to Rossland in 1896 to take charge of Mr. Aug.  Heinze's  mining  interests in  British  Columbia.   Mr. Astley has since directed the development of the Snowshoe,  visiting it at frequent intervals.   After  the    acquirement    of    the Snowshoe  several adjoining mine-ial claims  were  purchased by the syndicate.  In  June   of   the   current   year   the  Snowshoe Gold and Copper inines,;Ltd  was formed in London to  acquire  and  operate the  Snowshoe  group,; consisting of the  Snowshoe  min'e   and the  Pheasant, Almo fraction and "Eairplay  fraction mineral claims, containing iu  all about 120   acres. 7   The   Snowsh.ce  company  has   a   capital   of   ^*250,CC0  divided into 250,000 shares at ��1. each  of which 150,000 fully paid up are to be  issued;to the British  Columbia  (Ross-  and   Slocan)   Syndicate,   vendor   and  promoter (which spent more than ��2i>,-  000. on �� buildings, -  machinery    and  development work. on  the Snowshoe)  as the purchase price of the  property  to the new company.-   Of  the remaining 100,000"'shares  50,000  were offered  for public subscription at par,  payable  5s. per share on applicationand 5s. per  share on allotment, and balance.in call  not exceediug'5s. each and at intervals  of not  less   than   two   months.-    The  dir'ectors-of the new company  are the  Earl  of   Chesterfield,  chairman; Mr.  G. S. Waterlow, deputy chairman; Mr.  C. G. Pym, M. P., Dr. H. Lewis Jones  and Mr.  A.  J."McMillan,  managing-  director. 'A statmeut issued recently  in London by the directors showed that  the   total  number    of  shares allotted  under the terms of the prospectus  and  upon wliich  10s.  each  has been  paid,  was 47,706.     The  accounts  then  sub-  7ii i .tedycxl.il- l t&t" irtSb: "' blliiWSy-'-it  credit of the company of ,��17,372, ($86,-  S60.  The first underground developmcn1:  done on the Snowshoe was the sinking  of an incline shaft, now down 200 feet.  From this levels were run at 100 and  200 feet depth respectively. On the  former level-some 520 feet and on the  latter about 740 feet of cross-cuttiug  and drifting have been done, aud two  raises have been made from the 100  level to the surface. Much of this  work, which is in the eastern part of  the claim, about midway between the  north and s.uth boundary lines, is in  ore, a considerable quantity of which,  taken out in the course of development  iies on the dump. The company's  property extends easterly, and the ore  bodies dip the same direction.  The mouth of the above mentioned  shaft is higher thau the level of the  railway which crosses the property.  Below the railway and in the southern  part of the claim, since the shaft was  sunk, a tunnel has been run westwards  into the hill which raises rapidly to the  western boundary of the properly.  This working is iu an ore body apparently a parallel one to that in which  the shaft is sunk. Eor about 300 feet,  excepting the a 25-foot dyke of waste  crossed it, thc tunnel was continuously in ore. Beyond this for another 300  feet the tunnel was extended exploring  for other ore bodies, in case there  should be any ahead. About 650 feet  of crosscutting and drifting has also  been done on this level, mostly in ore. J  A raise on the incline 150 feet to the  surface was also in ore, except w*here  it passed through one intrusion of waste  About midway'betweeu the tunnel and  the surface an intermediate level runs  west 35 feet aud north 160 feet and it  is still being driven north. From the  the tunnel level a winze goes down  vertically 10.0.teet toNo.2 level. At 40  feet down the ore dipped out but a  crosscut from the bottom of the winze  ran tnto it at 8q feet, and thence for  170 feet continued in ore, encountering  the wall at that distance.'��� About 380  feet of drifting has been done besides  on this level and a raise 140 feet on the  incline has. been made in ore to the  tunnel level. From No.2 level a winze  was sunk 20 feet when water came in,  so the diamond drill, with which a considerable' amount of prospecting has  also been doue on both levels, was  put  Edison having bee i trying the latter  at intervals for more than a year.  Experiments are being continued, but  development is now approaching a  stage requiring that a decision be  arrived at, at any rate for the present,  even thouirh later it be found advantageous to adopt a different method.  The ores appear to contain the self  fluxing constituents that make the  treatment of the prevailing low-grade  ores of the Boundary district possible  at a profit The following s'tatemeut,  taken from a report on the mine made  in November, 1900, by Mr. E. Nelson  Fell, of Felson, B. C, manager of the  Athabasca Gold mines, Ltd., relates to  the ore body in the tunnel:���I took a  representative sample across 25 feet of  the vein with the following assay  results: *  Gold     ,32ozs.       Iron     13.5 percent.  Silver 1.60 " Lime   24.2    "      "  Copper 3.30 per cent Si-ica 20.1 "  The commercial value of this ore  it  may be added would be S10.88 per ton.  It is unlikely, though, that the general  run  of  Snowshoe   ores   will  average  nearly so high as this.    But  since the  Granby company, whose mines  are on  the   same    mountain    and   within   a  quarter of a mile of the Sowshoe,states  that it is making a profit out of its  ore  there   need   be   little   question   as   to  whether or not Snowshoe ores  can  be  made to pay, especially wheu it is  remembered that ihey occur in  immense  bodies and that open cuts have shown  the presence of ore along a distance of  about 1.100 feet in the Snowshoe claim  alone.    But little development has yet  been done ou the other claims of the  group, but a 50-foot prospect shaft on  the Fairplay fraction is  in. a  mass of  brecciated material cemented togeather  by iron pyrites,  carrying  gold  values  but no copper, this  ore  being entirely  different to thut on the Snowshoe  and  having ub known connection with it.  No great depth     having  yet   beeri  reached     on     the     Snowshoe      the  ^fi  V  its development was entered upon by  its British owners, consequently these,  unlike some others who have had au  oposite experience, have no good reason  to regret having ventured upon mining in British Columbia.  CITY COUNCIL  )|iA��A��/J  7 ���������    1  is a large aad vai'led one, every line is complete in  itself, and strictly first-class, Not a shoddy article in  any of the lines. They alPconcede that our stock of  Groceries is the nicest and freshest in the city, Prices  consistent with the quality of the goods, We would  dislike very much to be considered the "-cheapest" place  in town, there are so many VERY CHEAP OENS,  but we do think that we come very near being the  best.    Try us, and tell us what you think.  AN OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU.  Following up our custom of the past  two years, we have this year a beautiful line of Xmas  cards  ou which we  will mount views of local interest, and  Ion  the opposite side   of inserted leaf  ���will be a verse suitable for such a card,  We will award a prize, a beau if ul sea  grain  album, for   unmounted    photograph 5 x7 iu. aud smaller, which  will  also contain a number of local  views.  To the person   favoring  us   with  tlie  most suitable  verse,  the same  to be  chosen by  the   following   committee,  Duncan Ross, Rev. D. McRae and  W.  H. G. Belt.    Tlic   same   to   contain   a  verse of from  six to nine lines, said  verse     to     be      with      us      on      or  before   Monday,   December 2nd, 1901.  Contributors to sign   with   a  nom de  rlume an.l to forwatd their names and  i:on de plume in nn envelope  separate  from that containing- contribution.  Smith & MoRai*, Stationers,  Greeuwood and Phoenix.  a  a  B P f  1!  T     E_t      ??'*'*  i;    jlIoI  COMPANY, LIMITED.  U9    If  tuino  .En-El--*.  IIII lllll _.  S��   SB    S 1   1   S  E   )  SI V  ! Av>,^'',v/vv'^',^/>r^//^^'wV^V />--r^-v''-r'vy  ���JW^W  /vv>  Xmas Goods ere now arriving every  d.y. W3 will soon liave ready for  ycur inspection the largest arid  finest assortment of fancy Goods  and toys ever brought into the Boundary.  to work here and it is now drilling a  vertical hole to explore1 the ground  below. Much of the underground  now being done is for one important  object the-deterniinatiouv'of the best  place at which to sink a main working  shaft, the site, for which may be to  some extent influenced as well by the  location of the route for a second railway, already surveyed across the  property lower down than that of the  existing railway.  Other mines iu   the  district having  found it expeditious  and profitable to  quarry ore from the furfae'e, ..attention  has lately been given to   the  big surface showings on the Snowshoe.    The  surface debris has already been remov.  ed from an arela about 250 feet north  and south by 120 east aud west, aud it  appears probable that the area will be  extended to  about 450. feet north and  south..   Farther*southward -.cross au  intervening draw  or gulch  (in which  the surface  debris  is so deep that  it  would   not   pay    to   remove it   under  present conditions) a second but smaller  area is being stripped. The decomposed  ore, of which there is a large quantity  overlying the solid rock wherever stripped, has been found* by  bulk tests  to  contain values more thau sufficient to  pay cost of handling, freight aud treat-  juciit,_soj.hls;-.yiltj-bc  all   sent to the  smelter.   The present  intention  is  to  quarry out the whole of the ore down  to a level ih.ost convenient for loading  the railway  cars  from  ore bins with,  out hoisting the ore at  all,  and  it is  calculated that the open cut  into the  ore will go back 120 feet before reaching its western limit, where a  face of  about GO feet will be obtainable.     The  opening up of two quarries is in  progress, and the construcion of  ore  bins  below these and  the extension of the  railway switch under   the   bins   have  already been carried out.    The method  of handling the immense bodies of ore  lying below the level of the top of the  ore bins will be determened later, but  it is probable   that   the   level   of   thc  second railway already referred to will  b- sufficiently low to admit of a second  tier of quarries being opened up a    a  lower level,   whence  the  ore   can   be  trammed to  the railway cars  without  having to be handled more than once.  The Snowshoe ores vary in cha.iacter  the gangue being sometimes siluious,  sometimes calcareous, whilst again it  is a magnetite or a specular hematite.  All carry copper, cither freely  sprinkled througout or more geuerally  disseminated in very fine particles. In  parts of the mine the several varieties  occur in quite distinct bodies aud iu  others they are mixed together. . As  development has proceeded numerous  tests have been made with the object  of ascertainidg tlie best method of  treating the ores. Some of these have  been by smelters, to three or four  of  ���::i.       . .-. -  It *will be rembered that".'  soine  time  ago ou the 200  '  foot.level on the  Sunset in '  Deadwood camp  a body of '  ore was ��� encountered   from '  V7"hich '20 tons were shipped '  , to the Trail smelter,  which  ,  averaged  $20   to   the���ton.  .Almost     underneath  '.this  , body on the 300 foot level, a  ,  similar  ore   body   was   en-  1   countered.      Samples   were  taken   from   the   first  four  l feet of  this  which  yielded  ^ $21  to  the ton.    The body  ^ has been cut a distance of 20  i, feet but samples so far have  L been  taken  from   the ;Jirst  v  four, feet. Should the values  i  continue the Sunset is cer-  i  tainly a rich mine since it is  \  apparent that   the   ore   on  y the 300 foot is but' a contin-  \ nation of that  encountered \  \ on the 200 foot level. %  9l*n*J^"^rr^-,t*xr^%*^***x*r**J f^f^x^rii  Business Transacted at the Regular Meeting  Monday [Sight.  The first deadlock of the year occur-  ed at the regular meeting  of the  city  council  on  Monday  evening.     There  were    present "Mayor   Jakestand   Aid  Caulfield, Sullivan, Sutherland,  Kirkwood  and   Ross.     The deadlock v.ras  cccisioned by the   ballot on  the  ap-  p'i;ation for the the combined position  of chief of polce and  fire chief.     The  firemen's comunicatiou   containing  a  resolution recommending A. D. Hallett  tor the position of fire  chief and  that  he be given no other duties was  first  considered and the council unamiously  decided to inform the department that  they could not see  their way clear   t.  acce.de to the firemen's [request.    Applications   for    the combitul  position  were then read, from John Mieklejohn,  F. H. McKenzie, A. D. Hallett,  F.   W.  Hart and Kenneth McKenxie.      The  first ballot gave Hallett 3 votes Mieklejohn 2 and Hart 1, the second   gave  Hallett 3 and Mieklejohn 3.   The council then went into committee to further  consider the  matter  and as  the deadlock could not be broken, it was finally  decided that A. D. Hallett be temporarily appointed chief of the firedeparet  ment at S90 a  month,  and the council  recommended that the police commissioner make Mr.l Hallett a constable  without   extra   salary    aud   that   the  salary of constable Lawder be increased to ?90 a month.    As driver Currie is  also special constable,  and fire chief  Hallett will do.day duty as  constables  while the night work as heretofore will  be covered by constable Lawder.   The  election   by-law   was   finally    passed  after appointing  W.  E.  Hodges  and  Robt.   Wilson   as   deputies   to   assist  returning officer Taylor in the event  of an election.    The early  closing  bylaw was also finally passed, and order  ed published.  Dr. Schon medical officer of health  interviewed the council regarding improperly constructed cesspools and the  matter will be furthur considered and  on Monday- night, when the scavenger  will report-pn the condition;of cesspols  in the city. . At, the request of Dr.  Schon a formaldehyde sprinkler to be  used for disinfecting ia case of, cpufag-.  ious diseases, was ordered the instrument to costS7-  Mayor Jakes informedy.the coucil  that he would be absent frorii the city  for three or fonr weeks and asked that  an acting mayor be appointed by the  council. Aid. Ross was so appointed  and tke council adjourned.  SITUATION   HAS IMPROVED  SINCE  FAIRVIEW  CORPORATION CQftl-  MENCED OPERATIONS.  y-.t^y&mm  '"':y-y^#sk  -���'-SyBnmm  Believed That the  Camp Will  Yet  Prove One of the  Best  in the  Province,  Efficient  Management .and   Systematic   Development ywas  What  The District Needed.  ��� -Sss.  Fairview, B. C���. Nov.7 23, 1001.���It  is gratifying to note that at our  principal mine, .the'7yStemwinder, a  most encouraging feature at present i.;  the willingness of people-well posted to  put in their money; This has been  brought about by a change to au assessable company, arid, business like  management, under proper expert dir-/  ection, which will not fail to gi\-e  satisfactory results. It "v.ill soon. be.  known whether it is a'big^mijie'orViiot  for the stamps are nowttijopping. /The  mill was put up by^ojie oM&>est_rcil.l-.  men  in  America.    CTit-^yAJusienberg*  who properly is  put  in o.narge of his.-  own work by the good seiise^nd- foris?7  sight of a very efficient imanagef,  Mr..  Richard Russell.   People have so much'*  faith in the successof'the'Stemwinderi  proposition that the main.belt is being;:;  canvassed over again,:ajnd7it"looks7as7.  if it_wiH emerge f rom ..heiunderserved >  cloud under which it ':was71aying ..every.'  since the south belt damper.fell.\   It is;  now. remembered;that a great.number  cf properties 'in   this itiainytielt have  wonderful surface showingsiand ore of  a fair grade.   The main Or'central belt  contains many prospectsyvfell7 worthy  .of: development,"audiiniaers ��� are now  turning   towards   tliem:     This.camp  has   suffered   from yferriqsseiess  _wild_.  catting in days gone;by7ahd :not(|ha;v-  iiig any productive hiihe��� tOjCarryitjt on  was almost wholly. abandond v|lien the; ;  qoom burst,   but  no-vVvi-if Stemwinder y.  justifies the expectatraitf&^oji^d^Df'ityySy  capital will again Mfe^^6iMM7T?airr_S'7  view to mine in a l.egi^|a^|re|^^... _.y-^v  , ||l|RO^|c^5^::.    V;:7~7  AUDITORIUM- ST^|c?^^^Y'"3y;  ���'-'-. ���'.���r>yy>'^tyfi^^ii:'tt v'-'**y~  Successful  Performance.: atythe^sai.lpaitoriuK;��� :.-  ��� Thu^^^��i^^i^:yy:  i'i  I  4  !  t  m 'S  t����*f  .   A full house greeie^Se^^^^ri'uni yytyt ���-.'.-:  Stock company;^:tlie^ai|^^^^a^^|g?irg  snee in Greenwo^i^^^a^^^JK^II^^ill'  highly delighted ^^'^^^vWt0^^y$^0':3  rrXf.    ..:.__._     ITfr'tA r, v\      'lip'*.. rtmrtfltlV: V_i1./'   :1_: .  Spreads Like Wildfire.      V  When  things  are  "the   best"  they  become ",ttie best selling "' Abraham (give -,, .    ..,v^.,. ���   ,  Hare, a leading druggist, of Belleville,   afternoon  the   compauyy w^|||ve f^  O     writes:   "Electric Bitters are the   matinee,  the play: being-A^ii^ar^  night (Friday).''' they::conipani^ ^;?7;y7;7jy7717  -e "A Man of Mystery'',^7T^^row^777y.7y|;:!7  _.nnmi   t-hf.   comoaiiY*: wili-^Lvera ;^�� - '  "y**  best selling bitters I have handled in  20 years." Yon know why? Most j  diseases begin in disorders of stomach,  liver, kidneys, bowels, blood . and  n_rves. Electric Bitters tones up the  stomach, regulates liver, kidneys and  bowels, purifies the blood, strengthens  the nerves, hence cures multitudes of  maladies. It builds up the enti^  system. Puts new life atid vigor into  any weak, sickly, rundown man o  woman. Price 50c. Sold by Mille  Bros , and J. L. White druggist's  Ward,  a delightful conledy.'whu&yIs'������:.  sure to please.    On SatuMay; nj^t^tie:  company will conclude.; theii.|eng^|-;:.  ment in Greenwood wittfDaiy'&cjjme4y-;  "A Night Off".   The cbiripany7^jreil;  worth    hearing-   and   . seeing^.|��Tl|e;'  matinee  is sure to  pleaseytliegiadies  who will doubtless largely^rirplize. 7^;7  the first matinee held in Greemvo^l  '  KOOKS, STATIONERY,  WATJ, PAPF,R. ' "' Phone V -v N. ?>  which carload  lots from  each  of the  different faces have been scut- Other  tests include oil concentration and  electrolyti     treatment,  Mr. Thcs. A.  machinery equipment has  not  needed  to be extensive.    The  power plant on  lhe~ini'ne"_iticrull'e"s'='tw'o~sl"2  two air -compressors together rated at  about 12 drills,  air receiver,  machine  drills, hoisting engine at the shaft aud  au auxiliary hoist in the tunnel, steam  pumps, etc. There was a wise economy  practised in the direction of expending  money  on  building during the early  or prospecting stage of  the property.  Now   however   that   operations on a  larger scale have been  entered _upon  larger   buildings  are recjuired and a'  bunk house for about 75 men, boarling  I house, suitable quarters for the office  staff, aud a residence for mine foreman  Mr. J. H. Trevorrow,  have just been  completed.    A residence for the superintendent, Mr.  Astley,  is  being built  as well.  Reference has been made to the  fact.that a branch of the Canadian  Pacific railway crosses the property  and to surs'ey having been made for a  competing line. Excellent transpor-  lion facilities nre consequently assured  especially as two smelters are in operation, one within 20 and the other 20  miies of the mine. The right of wav  for the transmission line of the Cascade  Power and Light company, which has  announced its intention to be ready to  supply electric power to mines early  next year, passes within 500 feet of the  Snowshoe property, and keeping this  in" mind the Snowshoe management  intends having the larger air compressor that is to be installed at the mine  so constructed as to be worked by  either steam cr electricity, whichever  shall be found most advantageous.  Thc Snowshoe, like the Jewel, lately  described has had the benefit of capable  aud cartful management from the time  "Best" is a much abused word. Its  use can be twisted to meet various  circumstauces.i^J?orl_exajiiple, nearl**-  every life assurance company claims  to be "best" companies, there is only  one "strongest" company���and that  company is the Equitable���strongest  in the world���surplus sixty six million  dollars.  si'  m.  *���'.-?.��-'  H. B. Madden  this  week.purcliSaeSL'*'     .  one of the 25-foot lots'; on7wiii"6H||l-e | ;.'.  Pacific stands.      The/sale -vvasjn^ae,': .-'���'  through Arthur Mowat acting'* fpr��||ie y  owner J. Jennyn of Toronto,  therpricey7   '.  paid was S2.940cash, which shpwstliatj.  :  Oreen wogcI ''"ilTt��ir_Ms='i'��ts'Tri-6^"6t^^^r^  predating in value. " ;;  SSSJfey  Dont forget to go to the South '-^ci;&7'  Grocery for fresh,,.eggs,", good spu-ts,'-i|yy  '���-ood mocha and Java coffee," goo& tea ^\  ad fresh groceries.        *7'"-jy,/ .^'777^ -���|fe:*"  mt  :''���"*�����'I  ���Jii[i^####��#��##*:����"*��#*��  BOUNDARY ORE SHIPMENTS  'y^$M  -- -. zn.-iSi'i.-f..^. ���  ��������tt"��-'/,V  ,~-?i  1  *  The tonnage of Ore sWPDed ty* Boundary District  mines   during Nov. to  the 2 7 !H inclusive so far as has been ascertained from the mines is as under:       ...  " , 'I'OXS.  MINK.  Old Ironsides and Knob Hill Group 18 110  Mother Lode      ,     -  b. c .��� ; ;���;    �� S9��  Snowshoe '  g0  Winnipeg  o(?0  King Solomon  -^  No. 7 '.".'.'.'.'.'.'.".".   Sunset '  o9q  Jewel  "  Total   Shipments-during 1900 and for 10 months of current year ending Oct. 31st  were as'follows :  9  9  it  in.  9  9  9  9  j��  9  it-  Old Ironsides and Knob Hill Group....  Mother Lode   B. C .,   City of Paris   Golden Crown   Winnipeg   King Solomon   Athelstan   Carmi   Snowshoe    Brooklyn   Jewel -.   R. Bell   No. 7 ,   Sundry shipments   Sunset   1900  64 535  5 5G4  19 494  2 000  2 240  1 100  "i"200  " 1338  150  160  1: 000 ���  Total  9S 781  1901  189 740  71 465  38 457  Grand Total to date  436  ��  9  9  9  t.s**-s-.****^^  .->r*V ':.f*V._1___r*__-f ���!������>  ^K -  ^^mi^mitiy:y;^mm^:.  --���  -.?:������*-    ���.._____.______._:���������-.-'     .       ���  ���*������.*������  Ihe greenwood weekly times.  PROFESSIONAL CARDS  HALLETT & SHAW,  Bakkisters, 'Solicitors,  "NOTA-KIKS  PUBWC.  Cal-le Address :   " _____._.i.r-r."  Cooes  i. h. hallett  Bedford M'NeiU's   Greenwood,  Moreinfj & Neal's B. o.  Leiber's.  h. c. SIIAW.  pRINGLE & WHITESIDE,  Barristers and Solicitors,  Notaries Public, Etc.  Offices: Ore. "Bank of Montreal, Greenwood.  /VfCi-HOD & BROWN  Barristers and Solicitors,  Notaries Public, Etc.  Offices: Nadeii-Floo<l block. Copper street,  Greenwood, 1>.C.  _- J. V. McLi-on.  J. R. Brown*.  pORBES M. KERBY, C.E'  Provincial Land Surveyor.  Offices:   Greenwood, la. C.  also J, A. Uu.wortl-'s Store, Midway, B. C.  pm W. GROVES,  Civil and Mining Engineer  Provincial Land  Surveyor.  GREENWOOD,  B. C.  position, since he is likely to pursue  a  eimular course when   iu  political life.  The Province points out that Mr. Bodwell was counsel for the V.  V.,   &  ti.t  railway company, and the Great Northern aud that he made such a strong fight  for tliese railways that he almost drove  from the power those who opposed him  Mr. Bodwell has announced that he has  severed his connection   with all clients  that might in  any  wa;.   conflict  with  his duties  as  a  public  man,  but  the  Vancouver Province   apparently disregards this-announcement. Able men  are always dangerous when their conduct    is    antagonistic 'to   thc   public  interests, but the.surest way to perpetuate bad government is by  encouraging  mediocres   for fear   that men  ol  ability  could  apply"7themselves   in  a  wrong direction.     What is   wanted  at  the head of affairs in   this  province  is  brains.    The people  can be depended,  upon   to protect  the public  interests,  with brains at thc head of   affairs, but  without ability thej' are helpless.  Mr. Bodwell is bright, able, honest.  In his own profession he has earned an  excellent reputation. He sacrificics  his  most  lucrative   practice  to  enter  QUO VADIS PLEASES  Mineral Claims Keforid.^^^ ^^  OHARLES AE. SHAW,  Civil Engineer,  Dominion    and] Provincial  v      . Land Surveyor.  GREENWOOD.   :      :      ���'      ���'    S.   C.  Famous Play Presented to a Large and Appreciative Audience.,  The production "Quo Vaciis" with  its vivid presentation of the atrocities  enacted in Rome in the time of of Nero  awed, yet pleased an audience of large  proportion at Chatterlon's last night.  Thc play throughout was most agreeably recieved by even the most casual  theatre-goer.  None  other  of  all the  plays which  have been    dramatized   and modified  from Sinl.ewcisz'c  famous  novels  appeals to our sympathy for the oppressed Christians, as does-Quo Vadis.   The  scenery   carried  by   the. company   includes some very elaborate  views  and  imply    illustrates    Nero's   palace the  Garden of Aul us Platius, ihe Coliseum  the Roman arena, and the burning  of  Rome.      ti.  J. Carpenters production  well meets every requirement,  yriie clever acticg of Harry  Morton  who appears in  the r-*4e of Nero   the.  portrayal of the innocent and childlike  character  of  Lygia   by  Miss  Lillian  Lancaster,  who  recently  appeared at  Castle  Square  Garen,  and  James A.  Young as Marcus Viuicius,   a  tribune  all won liberal and deserved  appreciation.    Among the others who were  noi  lacking in applause arc Frc:l  B.  Clr.ii:  as Ursus, a slave to Ly.via.  and C.   II.  *  Great Luclc Of An'Editor.  "For two years all efforts to cure Eczema in the palm of my hands failed,"  writes Editor H. H. Lester, of Syracuse  Kan., "then I was wholly cured by  Buc'-leifs Arnica Salve." Its the  world's best for Eruptions, sores and  all sk'n diseases. Only 25c at Miller  Bros., and J. T.. White druggist's,  9i^/^rt^s\^s\*j^j\.^^y,/^r*^i*\r*^ 9  TSiri-V'Sj'iving Day Excursion Rates,  F.:r Thanksgiving day the Can. Pac.  Ry., will grant the usual fare and one  third r-turu rate loand from all points  in local territory. Tickets ou sale  Nov. 26th, 27th and 23th, good to return till Nov. ,30th.  J. S. Carter.    D. P. A.    Nelson.  EOR THE HOLIDAYS  -      AND COMING BALLS  Orders left at J. L. White's Drug Store  carefully filled.  Overcoatings iu all shades at All-  ���i_.cl.cr and Wilson's.  Sowing machines for rent. 2nd Hand  O. I. C.  Where can I get the best Cough cure.  McDowells White Pine Syrup, Andersons Pharmacy 5() cents.  Yes we want your housegbods,-. O. I.  C. Store 2nd Hand.  Will exchange Stoves with you see  Whi'.e the 2nd Hand in and.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of improvements.  KOTICa.  "I?LOKENCl. 1'l.ACTlONAt." MiiionU claim  situate, in tlie Kettle Kiver Mining Division of Yale Di.lriet.  Where located : Dcatlwou'l camp adjoining- tliB Crown Silver and C. 0. D. Mineral  claims.  TAKE NOTICE tli.il T. Clive Priutrle,  free Miner's Certilicate Ko. .1)31.,  in lend sixty days fri.m'llic date liereoL to -l.i-.-l}'  to tlie Mininy I'o-o.tier for a Certilicate of Improvements, for the piirpowo of obtaiiiiii(|- a  Crowii (.rant of lite above claim.  And  further v.-il'c notice thai action   under  section .-*7, must be commenced  before  tlio issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated llli.. nth day of November, A. D.; 1.01.  CLIVE L'RINCLK.  I)  Cjr  ..r"5  Halc3'on is the best mineral water on  the market. B. C. Wholesale Liquor  Company general agents, ,  _. arnham   as  Petron'-us,    Arbiter    of  political  life,   and   the   fact   that   he   Elegance.     The  company  by  spcci.i:  served faithfully aud ably those who  intrusted their business to him, is the  very best of recommendation,when he  undertakes to serve the public.  PUBLIC MEETING.  BAUER & ASHCROFT,  "--^-Ui-y.-,^ Provincial land Surveyors  ~~ 'mining and Civil Engineering.  Mineral Claim-  Surveyed and Crown Grained  . 7.1,audai-J Eusfiiicei-int- Surreys  tf.    A.BAUER. C.r . P.L.S. A. E. ASHCROFT C.E iP.LS  Vancouver greeuwood  Wood   Block,   ne-M  door    to    Custom   office  GREENWOOD. B. C.  request, wiil play   a return  dale  here  o-mcrrow evening.���Chicago Tribune.  SOCIETIES.  Eoundary   Yalley   LoSge  No. 3S. i.O.O.F.  EETS every Tuesday  -"-- i    _   Even in--   at  S.OC-  in  eir lodge room al  Masonic  hall.   A  cordial  vttation is extended to all sojourning  breth-  e'n. D.A. Ma.c_.__k7.ie. _s' G  W. Ei.so**, Rec. Sec  K.   OF  P.  SuccKSSVur,   public   meetings   have  been   held   at    Victoria,    V.aucouver,  Chill-.va.cl-, Ladner and other points in  the province at which resolutions were  passed axpressing no confidence in thc  Dunsmuir  government.      Among  the  speakers at these meetings was  Smith  Curtis, M. P. P.   for this  riding.     As  thc people  of the mining districts are  deeply interested in tlie railway question,   it  would  be  well  thatja. similar  meeting should be held  in  Greenwood  so  that the  citizens might hear   the  views of the members and others.  Mr. Curtis wc feel sure will be only  loo glad to meet his Greenwood constituents.  -That Thro'obinfr Headache-  Would quick1}' leave you, if you used  Dr. King's New Life Pills. Thousands  of sufferers have proved their match  less merit for Sick aud Nervous Headaches. They make pure blood and  build up your health. Only 25 cents.  Money back if not cured. Sold by  Miller Bros and J. L. White druggist's  ���At THE���  COMPANY, LIMITED.  iii * :-:t ���;��� ���:��� a. m. �����. ���;. ..* .if * _���*.:..:_.:. *h * .:��� *:��� .:*.:. .:* *��? -s * * .s th *:r n* * *:t ��u * * * �� ^ * * .:>..:. fp # w * ����� ��t * *:* ^ I-t  /-AREENWOOD LODGE NOi 29, K. OP V..  /r-\CX--iuee's every Wednesday cveruiijsr. at i:30  '  in t'ie Masonic ball, Greenwood. . Sojoiinmur  brethren cordially invited. M. Berger, <_. U  ...A. D. IIALLET, K. K. & S. >;��� -.;-.-  Postuni and Grape Nuts at the South  End Grocery. W. S. Graham, proprietor.  Bring me your prescriptions to fill  Precision, Exactness, quality and right  prices rule. W. E. Anderson, Phm., B.  Windsor House Pharmacy.  READING ROOM.  .COOKS MD WAITERS UMQMOiMt  -..:~yyf.-        "'������   :7��7:;^' NOTICE OF MEETING.;   .  :7nr*3a*EBoundary cooks and .wa.it-  "<.-��'.>)]&*.ers Unioii No. 117, meets first aud third  STti.eHcl-b = of eacliiiiouth at Uuiou Hall.   Visit-  "ing-^H-enibcrs    iri'. (food    standing    cordially  iavited.  /{Robert G. Wood, CnAs. Daiinkan,  'xt'-' President. Secretary.  -W.-D- WILLSON  CONTRACTOR.  I  have bought R.  F.  Coates  House  Moviii<,'-  1 equipment and will carry on the Business in  future.  Branches :   Grand Forks and Rossland.  Leave orders witli Pacific Transfer  Silver Street.. ���  "Cb c  Issued every fridayy  ���BY���  Greenwood Times Printing &��� Publishing  Company, Limited.    -!  -Dl-KCAS Ross....������...-.���  . . M ANAGING  EMI OR.  *W.*  have   been   informed   that   the  public reading  room  is not iu a good  position financially and t'l.hougli it is"  /popular .in  -the   city,   the    necessary  funds  are riot  forthcoming  to keep it  it alive.    We have not been  furnished  vrith the details of the  reading room's  position nor do  '-ve know  what stefS  have been taken to keep i_ on  a sound  financial basis, but we  do know that it  is  an   institution  that should  be   encouraged aud   the   public  should  get  together to discuss -ways and  means to  keep it afloat.  GOOD NEWS.  This announcement that engineers  are locating the route for the Midway  and Vernog road is gratifying news.  The country through which the road  will be built is rich in mineral, timber  and agricultural products. It will  connect the Okanagan with the Boundary affording a good market for the  products of the richest farming section  in B. C. The development of the  West Fork country which can be accomplished only by railway commitui-  cation-is-iu-itself��au.iin portant-.f actor.  Corporation of tlis City oi Greenwood.-  NOTICE.  Applications will be received by the  undersigned up to Monday, Nc.v. 25th  for the combined position of Chief of  Police and Chief of thc Fire Department in thc City of Greenwood. Salary  S100 a month. G. B. TAYLOR,  ... City Clerk.  __i_-.v*��-J=��ri��=^=��ii='JC*'2*,s**='  IN THE  MATTER  OF  THE   "LAND  ,    REGISTRY ACT" "     *  _.   ''ty'.;        ' -.and." ' ."������������'.���������  In the -flatter of. the Title of an un-  divideti one tiaii. Interest or moiety  of Lot 20* in Block ll, in the City  of Greenwood in the Osoyoos  Division of Yale District, according to the man or plan of a subdivision of the "Dark Horse"  Mineral Clailn, being Lot 597. in  Group One, in said Osoyoos Divis-  ion.Sdeposited in the Land Registry  Office at Kamloops and Numbered  21-  'WO OFFICES on ground floor  ONE LARGE OFFICE on first floor  All heated by hot water.  ���louses, Rooms and Store- to Let,  ���PATRONIZE HOME INDUSTRY-  ��o  mp*  mm:  .GEO. R NADEN,  Manager  'C-.I.U.MHIA    T-LSPKOSE  No.  40.  VERNON- & Kelson Ye'-Ei-i-one Ko. 21.  SUUSCR1PTIOKS IN ADVANCE    .....S  Pek   Ykak    Six Months   To I-'okkicn Countries  00  . 1 2-1  ,. 2 50  WHERFAS the Certificate of Title of  James . Smith, being- Certificate of  Title No. 1347A, to tha above hereditaments has been lost or destroyed,' and  application has been made to me for a  duplicate thereof >'  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a  duplicate Certificate of Title to an undivided one half interest or moiety, in  said Lot will be issued at the expiration  of one mouth from thc date hereof, unless iu the meantime valid objection to  the contrary is made to mc in writing-.  Land Registry office. Kamloops, B.C  the 22ud day of November,  A.t).. 1901-  W. H. EDMONDS,  District Registrar of Titles.  CF*  CF*  CF*  (F*  CF*  CF*  6=**  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  ���tr=*  CF*  (F^-  CF*  <��.  CF*  LIBERAL   ASSOCIATION  Hold  r/i  dies  t'RH.AY, XOVEMKER *".,  1001.  ti. V. liOOWELL/.  'K7  Mr. l.odwells advent into the political  arena has placed one newspaper. The  Province'.-- coiiduct',iu;bittc.rly assailing  Mr. Bodwell because he has decided to  enter political life, calls attention to fhe  elisc with which a newspaper can wan-  r. er from the path of duty for which it  was created. The daily Province was  fb-indcd by Hewitt Uostock who at the  ' inie had plenty of money, and stood  by the people. Financial trouble  forced Mr. Jiustock to lose control of  thc paper, and to-day it is found  ckainpioniuy: a railway moiiop.oly and  abusing a man because he has sufficient  ability and stability lo warrant those  anxious io seegood g-overnment in this  province in urging him to enter public  life. .  The gravamen of the Province's criticism is thg.tMr. Bodwell having* ability  and perservance he served his clients  so well that it is really dangerous to  place such a man in a prou.ine.it public  Annua!   Mcetiri-   and   Elects Offccrs  on Wednesday Last.  A well attended meeting of the  Liberal association w;;s held in the  city hall ou Wednesday evening with  President J. R. Brown in the chair. A  resolution was passed declaring for  parly lines iu provincial politics, the'  holding of a. convention at the earliest  possible date at some central potnt  either Kamloops or Revelstoke preferred. Thc secretary was instructed  to notify the provincial executive and  other associations ot* thc passage of  thc resolution and urging associations  that had not ui ready done .so tola!.,  si mil ar fiction.  The meeting being the-annual one-  President llruwu reviewed the work  done during th*.: year and coinpliuient-  Secretary Wilson upon the efficient  work done by liim. Oflicsrs were then  elected af follow.-:.: President, J. "R.  Brown l.e-electe-!): Vice-President, C.  J. McArthur; Scc-Tivia.-.., C. *..'. Wilson  (re-elected). Lsecutive : C. Scott  Galloway, Aid. Ross, Aid. Sullivan, A.  A. Crowston, \V. ... Graham, J. II.  McFarlane. The executive were  a'uthoriz.-d to arrange for holding* a  public meeting to discuss provincial  matters.  BLttention I  Capital, ail paid up, $12,000,000. Best... $7,000,1)00.  li    President:   Lord Stkatiicoka and Mount Royal,  Vice-President:    Ho_.-. Gi-Hrt.uE A. Drummcnd.  General Manager :   E. S   Cloustox.  Brandies in London, Eng. -j ^^SsL} Sew YorK, Chicago.  Buy anti sell Stef-iny Exchange and Cable Transfers ; Grant Commercial an  Travellers' Credits, available in any part'of Uie world.  Greenwood Branch,-    F. J.. FINUCANE,'Manager.  *=_?  IT IS  NO CHEAP C[GAR BUT EQUAL TO THE -BEST  IMPORTED.  YOU WILL ENJOY IT AND AT THE SAME TIME  ENCOURAGE A LOCAL INDUSTRY.  FRED ROY,  Proprietor.  'Phone:. Columbia.155.  THE BANK OF-   $$& # 4* fy 4* fy fy fy fy fy fy t fy fy fy fy fy fy fy fy-fy fy fy fy��  4*       ���  ti*��-j-ca��^��att��?a>.h>J��u=gi'T>��M*��^f-'=r-''  ~.r..*~w^~ ���..^.-j-.-. nr -ra. -��-:j-v��r ^  Wc have opened out a  Tailorin.g- iCstablislx-  mcnt on Copper street.  opposite  block.  the   Rendell  *.*.'���-_  vvc  Make a Specialty of  Ladies* Tailoring-  oo  ��HIE  o*?*  v  _    _  ^  are all this season's  oo  on    l  a  EstaSiisliccS 1S36.     lucorsooated by Royal eiia.te..  Capital, ^l,000f000-$4,866.66.  Reserve Fund, ^350,000-$1,703,333.33-  HEAD OFFICE:   LONDON, ENGLAND.  II. STlKCiMAM, General Manager, Montreal,  J, ELMSLY, Inspector, Montreal.  i__.-_-r.-r ".~'_  Krmichos ;uk1 a!ji_nls' hi   all  thc   principal cities   of   Cai.r.cin and ihe.  Uniictl Htates, ami corrcspoiKktUs in all parts  of llie world.  .A GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS TRANSACTED...  G.-'-e.nvoo". Branch:   W. G. 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C.  ��|~-  &  ^  ��?  4��  ����*���  el*  ��*��=>  ��)fy fy fy fy fy fy fy fy fy fy fy fy ^ ^d %% ^ ^ ^ *%' ^ ^ *���* fy fy$$  rn1  c  ���Vj'itti V/liich is Incorcofated.ths  BAKK OF BRITISH C0LUMBL  _-i_i4__'   s<_��s a i*L_��-,    *. Im-iin _ U.  lii  3S "-     '  mmMuu l^x  I.! \i lUil, \m  j Capital, $8,000,000.  HON. GEO. A. COX. President.  H;  ts  Rest, $25000,000  B. E. WALKER, General Mana_rer  R. DAYIDS0I1  ACTING MANAGER GREENWOOD BRANCH.''  S-J.--V  jlCtliWUOll  Liiylil)! ,vt3  __r_r_-'-_:_i_^=^r v=^_-.sr/*a.  ���?...  ���ttjr^  R^CREICER, Manager.  Wholesale Dealers in Liquors and Cigars,     Full Line Glassware and Bar Supplies.  15.--  J<r>*l  A  �����.  WA  m\  Merchant Tailors. Copper St.    ! i-^^i^ii^SM^  S^^MS^��^!  ���"-%_. �����'  !tfcout*age gitfeeits iaiicu  NOTICE OF FORFEITURE.  To:  D. _*. Campbell and A. C. McKenzie, laic ol  Greenwood in the Kettle River Mining Division of the Province of British Columbia,  and to any other person or persons interested or claiming any title to thc "Queen Cess"  rrilncral claim, situate in Long Lake Camp  "(formerly called Gold Drop Camp,] in tne  said Kettle River mining Division.  You are Hereby iiolilu-rt* that  Fraiilc  it.  Clootie, of ColvilU... Wash;, U. S. A., -��i'i W. (r.  Ml-  Myim, of Omen wood :_..>res:ii<l, lia-c ��x|>����  ���''  in  labour anil  liii|>foviMiieiits (lie   sum  ''f <"���',  humlrud dollars iiuon Hi a said    ��-."���������� }';��_,  1ui.11.ral claim, aud K.ftt r.-r.reconlunr i hrj.x.... ���  as  will appear bv a CerlUic.-.'e of     W< rly .-  corded ou tlic I31U June. IWI. in the (.n.ce ��>   t    ���  mining  recorder of   said M ���������-'* "IV^*;"/,1,  Greenwood aforesaid, in or.lci'to hoM th   sa .  clolm  under the provisions of sect ion 24 ol tu.  "Mineral   Acl",   such   bcluir  the  Mi��        re-  quired an.l necessary to liolrt die ��u.l   !��'��  tlm vear cii.lhiif the 1st day of Jt ily, I <I.a  if at the.expiraiiou of ui.ity .lays of ,.. b-.a*on  or Uiis  uo.ice you   fail or refuse lo co  tr Vi. te  your proportion  of   the expeuditnre      :f|u   i 1  ...idoAliesald .section 24 of   the "Mine-1 AU,  toirether with all c<-sts of  advcrtisms.'.  .<>��'  iiuerestin said claim shall become ^l"l  the said Prauh ��. Goetter and \V. O,  W    ��� i ���  [vonr co-owners] under section 4of the   i.Iiueial  Act Amendment AcL TWO". ......  DalPil ol Greenwood, aforesaid, Uus Slh ..ay  of August, A. D., 100I.  FRANK IJ. CrOETTER,  W. G. McMVNN.  "Quo Vadis'' will i_e here oil December 4th;. -    -  J. Kirkup, government agent, Rossland, spent last week p.ssessing the  outlaying* eistricts.  James Kerr and wife left last week  fsr Carmi where they will, reside in the  future. Mr. Ker.: was a valued citi..cn  of Greenwood and there is general  regret at his departure, but his heavy  interests on the.West Fork necessitated  residing there.  Lloyd Bros of Rosslaud and Grand  Forks have purchased J. R. Jackson's  milk business in Greenwood.  D. W. "Wilkins has sold his West  Fork stage business to Frank Carey of  Rock Creek who will add freight  waggons in addition to passenger and  mail stage. Mr. Wilkin's has leased  W. J. Francis' hotel at Beaverdell.  A regular meeting of the board of  license commissioners for the Boundary district will be held on December  16th at thc Norden hotel, Eholt. Vari-  ous applications for renewals will be.  considered.  Ii. McCutcheon collector of customs,  relumed from Nelson on Wednesday  evening accompanied by Mrs. McCutcheon aud two sons who arrived  from Picton, N. S., to reside permanently in Greenwood. They have taken  the Kendrick residence on Church  Street.  MINERAL ACT.  and Kodak Supplies.  A   Full   Liue   of  Photographic  Goods always iti Stock.  Films, Mounts,   Plates, Tipocls,  Cameras, Etc.  To -iomalne. Malcolm and any   Others  Concerned.  TAKE NOTICE that  I  hare caused to he  done on the ..lister aud Alaska Mineral claims  situated ou the West l'orl- of the Kettle River  iu  the Kettle Kiver MiniiiH- Division of Yale  District,, llie "work required by Section 24 of the  Mineral Acl, Cor the year which has expired,  audita e C-pcn-'ei. for < j_h  worl.  and  for  ri_-  cordtuff the ccilificrttes thc.eof the _um of two  hundrcl and fhe dolla.s .S2J5) a-id if at th_ j_.\  Virallo i of tinny dais fiom thc date of the fnsl  ^*'_"ul)ln.atr6ii''T)_-this notice, >ou fail to cotiti ibutc'  "jout jwportioif &f ->i (.h expenditure, nai-elv:  One hundre-l and hft}"i-l-rec doila-sana-ici-iily  lne cents .$15375] foi three-fourths mleiest in  & i d mineral cl inns, together with all cost    of  ad\erti'in^ ^oiu i.Uc'l t ut slid mn-p.-ilO miiis  shall be liable to forfeiture, as provided by thc  "Mineral Acl AmendiiieiH Act, 1900.  D a ted this 16th day September, 1.01.        *���-  -    KateT. McKe.is-ic.  pi. for ii. mm .mi  Carpets nlost new   this  is   no   josh  see2nd Hand O. I. C.  fauiyp  tent.  POSITIVELY THE  GREATEST  PLAY  EVER PRESENTED IN  GREENWOOD...  One Wight, December 4-th.  SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT !  sq D m     En fs���( R_s?HQ K_t  _\  t  D-SEt     %fB     ^-H-SH-l   SaSv B !  .. Splendid Scenic Production of  Sieakicwicz great story of Christianity,  Certificate of .Improvements.  NOTICE.   ���  BELTj  Mineral   Claim, situate iu  the Kettle  River  Mining- Division of  Yale-. District  ���Where Located:   In Heaver Camp on tlie.  West Fork of Kettle Ui ver.  TAKE NOTICE that I, .1. V. McLeod, Free  Miner's certificate No.__l.6S7 a:, asreiit for  John T. Bell, Free Miner's certilicate NO. S.30'  Cii6 and Robert W Jakes'Free MinersS certilicate  "No!" 40288, intend GOda.-s f:om thedate hereof,lo  apply to the Miuinur Kecovderfor a Certificate  of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining  a Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice lhat action, under  notion 37, must be commenced b.-fore lite  issuance of such Ccriificate of Improvement--'  Dated this .tli day of October, A. 1..1.01  J. V. McLEOD.  Hi  DOUGLAS &. M'KENZIE, Props.  EVERYTHING FIRST-CLASS.  Certificate of Improvement. ,  ,       NOTICE. ���������'..  '"GREAT HESPER" Mineral claim, situated  in tlie Kettle River Miniuir Division of  Yale District.' Where located : lu Smith's  Camp.  TAKE NOTICE tliat ,T. Isaac. U. Hallett, as akciii f>i_ -I. C. Haas, Free  Miners's certilicate No. mi).. 17, :i'ud .lames  McNicol, Free Miner'.. Ccriificate No  3J41465,   '   intend sixty days from  the date hereof, lo apply lo the "viiuiiiff  Recorder for a Certi fictile of Improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining a Crown (.rant of the  :ibove clainr *        ���  And further take notice thai action, under  Section"-.*"-",  must  be coninienced before tliu issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 9th day of September, A. D. 1.01.  I. II. 11AL1.ETT,  THE   BEST   OF   FOREIGN   AND  DOMESTIC WINES,. LIQUORS  AND   CIGARS.  FIRST-CLASS    SAMPLE    ROOMS  FOR   TRAVELLING   MEN.  ACCOMMODATION FOR 75 GUESTS  URSUS BATTLE WITH THE AUROCHS.  (au actual scene in this great production.)  js;a.1draraa,ti-iatipn:or: Hei.fy%?Sien  ���wic--'s^\yoriaerf_ii-"stpry.y.  r.---..���.-;���; ��� 6f tlie'Christtan"vvorld:7'-���; v7  : For-'stage representation "it* is"' di vicied  into SIX  ACTS AND NINE  SCENES.  Illustrating- in a  manner graphic and  convincing- the Dawn of Christianity  and Downfall of Pag-anism.  Cast with the full strength of  E. J. CARPENTER'S  Large and Powerful Dramatic Company  C/-aMC|**s7 (none required belonging to  oivuo-'j* theopei:a h0USe)  by  Thos.  Neville. '  f'Acil.lTIP'^ h\ Dcscalchi. Rich, bcau-  l-UMUIUCd     ^-f^ and historicaUy  corfect.  "Quo .Vadis is a sermon with no one  asleep in the pews."���Natchez, Miss,,  Daily Democrat.  NOTE���Universal praise from, managers and  newspapers ���where this fine company lias lately  appeared, justifies J, E. Ansiafcle, manager of  the Nelson Opera House, in offering them  special inducements to come, awl it is confidently expected to be the leadiB*; amusement event  of the season.  Sale of seats will begin Nov. 3Otli at usual  place. x  William Anderson 'manager of "the  Cascade   Power and jLigtit   company  was in the city this week;   He repbrts  that ll'miles of the company's  line is  completed from   Phoenix towards [the  comfjauy's   power   at' Cascade,.    The  power KottSe will also soon be'completed  and   the ' plant   is   expected to arrive  shortly from the east. ���-- ......    .,  Rev. W. A. Robins has returned from  a three weeks' trip after big game in  Similkameen district.  D. J. McDonald, the Rossland mining expert, was in thc city this week.  Dr. R. W. Jakes left ou Tuesday for  Chicago on a business trip. He expects  to be away about five weeks.  . H. J. McQuaid, Geo/E- Ewing, F.  G. White, Geo. D. Turner, Syd. T.  Coulton and D. N. Slack were a party  from Phoenix who spent Thanksgiving  in the city.  M. M. Walsh, a Bolster miuing man  was in the city on Thursday.  Harry Clark one of the shift bosses  at the Mother Lode and Miss Louisa  Stairs were married at the Hotel Imperial on Wednesday night, Rev. Dr.  McRae officiating.    -  The following officers were nominated by Boundary Valley Lodge I. O.  O. Fi at its last regular meeting : N.  G., F. B. Holmes; V. G., W. Elsou;  Rec.-Secy., W. B. Frith; F. S., Ralph  Smailes, and Treasurer, J. L- White.  The other ollicers are appointed the  night of installation.  Thanksgiving day was spent very  quietly in Greenwood. All the business houses were closed and most  people spent the dav at home. A few  attended the English church sale of  work in thc afternoon which although  the crowd was small netted a large  sum. In the evening the Auditorium  was crowded. There was also a good  attendance at the dance in St. Jude's  hall.  Smallpox has again broken out in  the district. There are two cases in  Rossland and this week a case was  discovered in the big bunk house at  Phoenix, which has been quarantined.  The disease is of a mild type. Greenwood so far has escaped the disease.  Wm. Dowuiej suberintendent, and  R. A. Bainbridge engineer of the  Columbia and Western were in the  city this week..  To rent-A boarding house, furnished  convenientaly located near smelter. Apply Times office.  W. H. Thornton an insurance man  of San- Francisco was in the city this  week to adjust some fire claims in  Phoenix.~A.ii-.^incendiary lire in the  Anderson'; blockv -yPhoiqix, y: was;; ex-  blinders in fhe Dominion  pa -^"-V  I 1 &J  0  ready to wear ** *�� & *�����  When you see the Label  CLOTHING  REG I STEREO  attached to tke left hand pocket  of the garments, buy them,  you are taking no risk.  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Hallett, a>*  a-ront for Vi-ciluric Kueffor, l-'rce Miner's Cerli-  Ucate No.15-. )'.*J4,and Wary Garlaiul Free Miners  Certi'ficato No. U405S1), intend, sixty days from  llie date liereof, to aj.-ply to th': ���.ui-i-Uj,- racj'rdur  for certilicate of improvements for the iiiirpysii  ���of obtaining Crowii I. rants of lhe above claims.  . And ff.rtliei- take notice that action, under  tiecltoi. 37, must be commenced before the is-  -iiiancs ci sucli csrtificate of improveineiits.  Dated this 23rd day of October, A. D. l'Wl.  I. H. IIALLKT  Ksar tlie Corner o.f.Govcrnmcnt and Grecinvooc!  Streets.  xt-i  ti.\ 4  P.fRitbct'&'Co.  LIMITED  t."*s  MINERAL AGs.  wholesale' grocers  wine and spirit  merchants. .  VICTORIA, B.  C.  *B  Te Charles, \Y. Edv/ards.   aad others  con.  cerned.  TAKK  NOTICE .lhal. I  have cau.inl lo be  ���doiiu on llie Uncle Same Mineral Claim sittttst _  in  R'.ylark  Canii-  til  tlie Kettle Kiver niliiiii;'  ���di vir.iun of Yale District, the work required  by  Section   21   of   the 'Mineral  Act,  for the year  Which has expired, and have expended f.ir snch  work and for recording:   the certilicate thereof  the sum of one hundred and two dollar-  and  lif'y cents (S-O-.So;; and if at the 'e.'-piration  of  ni'iety days from thedateof llie first publication  ���of  this  notice, you fail to contribute your proportion  of such cApeiidilure, viz. Thirty-four  dollars aud sevenlreu edits $31.17 for one-third  interest in said mineral claim, l'<;.reU:e. with al!  co ts of advertising your iii'ere.sl in said mineral  claim shall  be liable  to  l'ni'..ilu.., as provided  by the -'.Mineral Act Amendment Act,  1.0:).  Dated tliis 29l.lt dav of Aupusl, V'Ol.  KMASUEI. I'ASTKOKK.  STRAYED.  To my premises below Li id way a  light bay horse, branded on left j  shoulder, four white feet and white I  strip on face. If not called for the!  same will be sold to pay for keep and j  cost of this advertisement. i  A. IC.Ho_.r.Ti)..i.. i  (Mkhva;., Oct. 1st, 2P01.     '  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS  DEADWOOD SCUOOr.-HOUSE  SI.ALE!) TKNDEKS, indorsed ' Tender  lor School-House." will bo received by Uic:  the undcrsiKT.od up to noon of .Monday, the 251 li  November, l'Wl, for Uie erection and completion of a one-room school-house at Dead'.vo-d,  ]J. C.  Plans, specilicalious, forms of tender nnd  contract may be seen on and after the 15th  November, r.il. i-.t the tiovernmenl Ayeut's  oflico. ('reel!wood.  Tenders will not he cousidersd unless made  i!pun lhc printed ionus supplied for ihe purpose, and tliu airru-inaii- to execute a bond, appended to thc form of tender, is duly si_;iied by  lhe contractor himself and two other responsible residents of the Province in thc pinat  sum of-*_i.', for Uie faith f:;l performance of the  work.  Tiie lowest or any lender not necessarily  accepted.  Vi. S. GORE,  Deputy Coi!imissio:i2r of t,auds & Works.  Lauds and Works Department,  Victoria. IJ. C, lltli November, llul'.  __l.Uy-w..���      -_-  tWguistied7befbre:imiich:7Jclam  llamesv77ty ,'7777yy7 ��� '��� '^yr^-yy;yy;-yy  i_?li_rts^v^Smulsiotf: of cCqd Wyer ;C il  with Hypophosphit'es ;fof Hveak lungs,J  A flesh maker ��1.00.    W;  ti. Anderson  the Drng-g-est.  A ' meeting of the council of the  Board of Trade was-held on "Wednes-  dag- afternoon. It was decided to circulate a petition asking the post office  department to place a mail car on the  C. & W. as soon as the Robson bridge  is completed. C. II. Fair was appointed a member of the council to succeed  J. "W. II. Smythe, disceased.  W. ti. Anderson. "Windsor Housa  Pharmacy is the sole agent for C. C. C  C, the great nerve Tonic, pries SI.00  M. M. 'Walsh of Bolster, Wash., was  in town this week looking into the  feasibility ot employing the diamond  drill iu the exploitation of Buckhorn  property on Copper mountain. Mr.  Walsh "reports himself, as not satisfied  with the results attained in driv!i g  the tunnel now in over 700 feet and is  investigating the above named method  for further and more expedious work.  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Arrangements are being made for thc funeral -vhich will  probably take place tomorrow.  Pool table for sale or  rent.     O. I. C  2nd Hand Store.  David Death and ti. S. Moulton-  Barrett have returned from Revelstoke  where they met Geo. Taunt, a financial  man from London, England, who is  seeking mining investments in this  province. They gave options or. control of the Golden Eagle on the North  Fork. Mr. Taunt also took au option  ou Mr. Barrett's placer claims on the  Horsefly and au ; Omineca property  whish Mr. Barrett represents.  Mhscrs Attention ��� "Bromogrip"  curr-s colds. Safe and sure price 25c  For sale at Anderson** Drug S'ore.  ^fifflmmmmmmm!^  MONTREAL, QUEBEC,  MANUFACTURERS. OF  -��-��  n:2L,- I  ROCK DRILLS, STRAIGHT LINE   ^ ^ ]  DUPLEX and CORLISS AIR COM-'-^   - *  PRESSORS ....                        a  - BOILERS  HOISTS, PUMPS, Etc. C0MPT'E.Tf'AT,ic^,.PMEXTS ��1  ST ".y-'.k.      ��i rV.iV ' ' STOCK CARKll-D IN* ROSSLAND. ^  S^     A.cnts For The Bullock Diamond Drills* , .   ^��  f~ K. B. C. mclia.ly. Rossland, B. e. g   nia ���   | | ,|      rtw���mmm^      ������__i_i__iw.hjwi---.iiii1 ��� ��� .��� ���__��� _________������ ��� ��� ���   ���������*mrm*vm*mmn'tm m-n i  _..._���_���_��� inima  ^ilUUllilllllllUlillllllUllilliiliUilUlllUlUiliUUliiliilliUllillllUUliLtiUUllllUlIllUlUlililtillg  s'i'1  1   Hne He. ii ihi if.  3^g       For prices of lots and other  t^S,       information address   Greenwood is the financial and commercial centre of the  Boundary Creek District. It is the supply point for the  Mining* camps. From thc cit_y roads lead to Greenwood.  Deadwood. Copper, Summit, Long Lake. Skylark, White  aud Atwood, Wellington aud other Boundary Creek camps.  <.,  Robt. Wood or C. Scott Galloway, Greenwood. ��������� .���'���������:.t*msivt"^  �����_yi_.ij���_->_-_l^^-----.-.i-g.-fciiMMia-��-_fei--ruii'fcfu^|rf^ M^j-r.���*t*-H<.jfw**iJu*-ijra  i*m...-iJ^L w---.iV-;r fc-i_.wg_'j,-.-ji��t-p.*gw.i. ���i,m*uj\j*\*m*.. _..I*ii*n.rn.^*AtjrTi__.__.__��ft.j5___-���*��./i.____[ii__- -_*_��� w*-tb ���*_<_* .i .*_n .-Pb-  . TS-TTe.n^wVrtT'nHiWwTw* *��!__.--Jbrci-i. ___**   - *_____-_> ___��_k^TT*-^_T��^��v& ���?���-*. 7TE ��_-: ,-n _. ��.3/ S*^5i i-E ���\F*,__i*��__^_iTO_^_f2U *���*���** -Is* JU __-j.!��1j-_-��x_-__? raVL-w**������ sfciv?^.*^w-?--i-*  3-7 _ ^JJEAfci-"*!  1 J^*��l5C!-Pi-L--rf   ? ^" T ifraKTiBgBgfL * T__~JLS3 r<_���*^<^*}gJMi,j'-iU1nf   ^_%ffijr.y"_7'?S.j|l|PM��ii^^ jMiflfCfcl--***--*--fcMS--���^--'M' ��� "--i ***���   - I  a BE GREENWOOD WEEKLY TIMES.   ���  Particular  and  Prompt attention ..  given to our mail Jp|  order department ff^  ^^:*S4^6  REDISTRIBUTION  What Smith   Curtis  has   to   say   on   This  Subject!  Smith   Curtis,  M. P.  P', writing to  the Kamloops   Senitel   in   answer t.j  expression of opinion on redistribution  says;  Our provincial representation has  yearly grown more and- as both the  votes cast at the general election 16  months ago and this year's census returns have shown, it has become a  s;andtl. In preparirg- a redistribution  bill, the first thing will be to apportion  the number of representatives, the  Island and Mainland shall each have  and I contend that this should be in  the ratio of their population as shown  by the census. The urban and rural  areas and the various pursuits of" their  population are very much alike.  The proper preportional  repeeseuta-  tion for Island and Mainland will  be  the real contest.    The Island has furnished nearly all the  Cabinet material  and thc results to the country  to  date  are far from flatttering;  on  the  other  hand the Island  need not fear that the  Mainland having it full representation  will be inimical  to it  for thc  interior  members  are  not parochial   in    their  ideas of  provincial  development,  nor  prejudiced against the  Island  as  the  votes last session will show.  The subdivision of the Island and  Mainland into ridings will in most  cases present no great difficulty. For  instance the present Rossland riding  is entitled by population as well as by  taxes paid to be divided into three  ridings corresponding lo the three  mining divisions of which Rcsslaud,  Grand Forks and Greenwood are respectively the three chief cities.  Believing that the members of the  house promised to vote want of confidence   in   the   government,   are   iu   a  M BOTTLING WORKS...  ri..: cMircrs of  ���< &#>-  GREENWOOD anl GIJAND FORKS.  All Kinds of Carbonated Beverages  Eolc Afrctils for TKE LION BREWING CO., Rossland, B. C.      -  Tlic Largest Brewery in British Columbia,  McCREATH & CO., Froprietors.  JAS.  MORTGAGE  SALE.  Midway���Vernon Railway.  Last Saturday Jas. Coylc, C.   ti..  of  Butte,  arrived  in  town having come  through from Midway over the line  of  the proposed   railway  between  these  ��� two points.   He made the  trip  in five  days, and effected  a  careful prelinin-  ary survey of the route, taking the elevations at different points.      He came  "'flown Hydraulic creek, but  it is  not  certain that this route will be   followed  as it is thought by some that  the line  ";%Mna_ght comedown Wilkinson creek,   in  which case  the  main   line   could   be  brbug-fit around by K clown a instead of  .building a spur into the town.  7 Mr. (Doyle thinks the route a splendid  ._'-������. oue,  presenting . no, difficuties    what-  ���    ever towards construction,.-and. states  &JiikiuL~:.j:iy^:'t':...thatit.can be built with a one per cent  m-y:y-cyy; ......gt-ade.....  - '-.He says that Mr.  Robt "Wood and  associates,   who   secured the charter  7r?tfii"i 'Spring,    have  secured American  iv.yn'-  ����*:'  \St''--A;J.i--(.%���'���  wmm  mm*-?  hsw.'.-*-'���.��� ;������.���.:  !!_^j.ital to back their scheme, and that  ty $30)000 will at once be expended in sur-  'fy.yey--. and other preliminary work.  yiyfhi-ee survey parties will be started  ^^y;yy;yy'pxit within a fortnight, he asserts, one  0��^y$yyy;of which will commence at this end.  llp'gt;i%i-|'' one from Midway, and the third from  ~"^'-'-'"-1 "'*'���" the *-yest Fork  af Kettle  UNDER ami by virtu, of llie rowers co::tiir.c_  m a certain Mortgage whicli will be ^roduccil  ;U tliu time of sale, ilu-rc v.-ill be offcrcil for sale  by Public Auction al tlie Post Office hi tile Cily  of Greenwood iu llie District of Yale iu H.ilisli  Columbia, at tlie hour of 10 o'clock in tlic forenoon ou  SATURDAY, DECEMBER U,  1901, the following property:  All tl.afpicce of land situate in the Osoyoos  Divisiou of Yale District and described as Lot  U, in Ulock'32 in the Town of Midway, as the  same is sliownon the Map or Plan of the said  Town deposited in the Laud .Registry office at  Kamloops, and numbered Three:  Also all that piece of land situate, lying- and  beinj,'- composed of Lot 23 in Block "J" according to a Map .or Plan deposited In the Land  Rejristry offiice at Kamloops and numbered .6  I of tlie Sub-division of part of the "Mammon."  Mineral Claim being Lot ST., Group one, on the  I official survey of said Osoyoos Division.  Also that piece of land situate in the Said Ci'*y  of Greenwood and being composed of Lot 18 iu  Bloc'!.,'A"Nr"'according to U'.e plan of the Subdivision of the said "MAminont" Mineral claim  deposited iu the Laud Registry office at Kam-  ldops and numbered 46.  Dated This 20th day'of'November, A. D., 1001.  HALLETT & SHAW  VENDOR'S SOLICITORS. GREENWOOD,  majority, I am prepared  to  support  a  government formed by them   in bringing     in    a    redistribution    measure,  providing it gives proportionate representation based on the census to Island  and Mainland, providing also that any  differences in the boundaries of ridings  that the government caucus  could  not  settle be by   Consent referred to  thc  chief  justice of the provir.ee,    whose  opinion will be loyally accepted as final  and also providing such a bill shall  be  passed and assented to before other bills  are put through     Area and immediate  future growth as well as population  to  be considered.     Cities clearly do  nit  require nearly so much  represulation  as extensive   areas like Alberni and  Cassiar, but  large  constituencies like  Cassiar and Cariboo suould be divided  into two, and uot have  two  members  each obliged to look after thc whole  oj  their vast areas.    As to the number of  members,   I see  no  necessity for  au  increase. I  1-Jeferring  to the   possibility  of  an  election being unexpcctedily called Mr.  Curits says:    "Were I to'rtiu as  candidate my first plank would be to  have a  bill passed as soon as the house, could  meet,   giving fair  ripresentation   and  then, to immediately dissolve and hold  a general election, and thereby  secure  a representative Legislature.  |    "W. A. Young and Ernest Fisher, two  handsome and talented young  actors,  assume" the   characters  of   "Marcus  Yinicius"   and  "Pctronius"  in  E.  J.  Carpenter's fine  scenic production of  "Quo Vadis,"  the reigning dramatic  favorite of the day.       Both  have  had  useful experience with various legitimate stars, and any two  more worthy  exponents of these difficult characters  could not be found.      Together  with  the full strength of the great Carpenter  company,    they    will  appeal* for one  performance at the  Auditorium,   Dec.  4th.  The costumes are historically correct,  and the company a large and well  balanced one.  R.  Bergman  of  Midway  leaves  tomorrow for England. '  Among the many talented members  of E. J. Carpenters "Quo "Vadis" company, none attract more attention than  a beau!i'ul young girl, named Millicent  Evens. She is the daughter of a well  known clergyman in a large western  city. Her undeniable talent command  th j interests of the audience from her  first appcarence, and career will-be  .followed closely by all who witness  her clnnning portrayal of "Eunice"  at the Auditori-m Dec. 4th.  Personal���Messrs. Hallett and Shaw  barristers.and solicitors Greenwood B.  desire to learn the whereabouts of  Frank Kernel, an who resided iu the  boundary district about two years  ago, having information that will be  of advantage to l_i-.il.  Miss M:icG:*.?gor, dressmaker. Wallace Miller Bios'...    Suite lo-  Allmacher and Wilson ar-: the. only  tailors which put the union label 6n-  Largest assortment of pantings ever  brought into lhe Boundary at Al-  macher au:l Wilson's.  C  I i.-..  For R:nt���mice house, partly fur  nisheel, 5 rooms, very close in. Best  well water in town. Electric lights,  woodshed, etc.,vcrv chctpi Apply at  "The Mart."  ���FVIFWl  BACK FROM   SIMILKAMEEN  BOLSTER,  HOTEL  fyfy fy  WASH,  i^i^feS'i''Carmi,   on  ''K-lf^^fe&V'iy1;1:!. river.  i'_^_1)&<i��itr:S'y ���.'.���.��� _,  Corporation of the City of  Greenwood.  BY-LAW NO. 68.  f��*S^vv.--i��;  ^M^r-ft'-'Mr. Covle is  an  old railway  man  of  A', varied experience, aud is very enthusi-  .astic over the business possibilities  of  the new road,  which will open   up a  splendid mineral section,  and connect  the farmers and fruit growers of  the  ��� Okanagan   with   the    camps   of   the  ������������ .������Boundary.   Mr. Coyle left on Tuesday  for Grand  Forks,  and  expects  to be  :  back iua course of  ten. days or  two  weeks. ."-'..  The news has occasioned quite a flut-  ;'   ter of excitement in town, and  sincere  y hopes are everwhere   expressed   that  y  the project will now be rapidly   pushed  forward to completion.  ^- ���JMrvXbyle did. not divulge the names  of the parties whom he represents, but  slat.s that they have ample capital to  carry ou \any schemes they* may enter  into.���Vt rnon  News.  *  I..  kh-  - Astondingr Discouvery.  Vrom O.oopersville, Mich., comes  word of a wonderful discovery a pleasant tastingiliquid that when   used be  A'By-lav to rca-ulate  tlie Closing of   Pliops  -within the Corporate Limits of the'City of  Greenwood.  WHEREAS a petition lias been presented to  the Municipal Council'of tiie Corporation of the  Citv of Greenwood, praying for the passing of.  a By-law under the  Shops   Regulation   Act,  WOO, requiring- the closing of  the classes  of  shops hereinafter named  situate   wilhiu    the  Municioalily, and for the   times   1 e.-ehuiftcr  specified, viz :  1'or shops wherein the business of Clothier,  Dry Goods, U.oceries, Hardware, Furniture,  Milliiu__s or Butchers is carried on not later  than 7 p- m.  For shops wherein the business of a Tailor is  carried un not later thau 8 p. in.   .  All subject to lhe following exceptions viz:  Ou  Saturdays and days previous lo public  holidays on  which days iho hour of closing  shall .iot be later thau 10 p. ni.  AND whereas thc said Council is satisfied  that such petition is signed by at least three  fourths In number of the occupiers ot shops  w-ithtis-lhe Mhuicipa!ily_beloug-.iiig-._to-.each-, of  the ttlasves to which sucli application relalrs,  and above enumerated :  Therefore the Municipal Council of the  Cily of Greenwood enacts as follows :  1. From and after thc 2S.h day of January,  1.02, all shops within the corporate limits of the  City of Greenwood of tile classes hereinafter  enumerated shall be dosed al lhc times and  honss hereinafter set out. ,  (11    J'"rom   shops  -wherein    the   business    of i o  Clothier,    Dry    Goods,    Grocer,     Hardware  Furniture, Milliners, or Butcher is carried ou  What   Frank Bailey ��� Thinks of the western  District.  Frank Bailey has just returned from  a three weeks trip in the Similkameen  looking after his coal interests. Speaking of his trip he said:   I paid Princeton a visit.      The  coal properties are  showing up well.    I saw coal burning  in the stoves in several houses and was  surprised to find thai   it  gave  better  results than cordwood, in fact it makes  excellent domestic coal.  Andrew Iyaidlaw of Greenwood,  has  sold some of  h.y coal  prospects  to  a  _��hicago syndicate, and the money will  change hands in a   few   days.      Considerable work ha:, been done on them.  On  one of the claims a  prospecting  tunnel has been   run   in   for 42  feet.  Most    of   my    properties   adjoiu   the  Similkameen Valley Coal Co's.,Jclaims.  Mr. Blakemorc and Mr.  Young came  in whilst I was there.    Mr. Blakemorc  came out to report on some coal prope: -  ties for a Toronto syndicate, who have  a bond on several thousand iict'es  of  Coal   adjoining   the   properties    M'%  L/aidlav.   sold for me in  Chicago.     I  visited the new townsite of  Ashnola,  which is situated in the coal belt abot.t  six miles south of Princeton,  and  has  a good site for a town but the   name.is  somewhat misleading, it being- located  over   forty   miles   from   the   Aslinblft.  country, and rive f of  the same .name;  When the mines  of  Copper and Kennedy mountains are developed, I expect  that they will  have  another  townsite  at their doors.  ......Av'liilst-^on_,my_   way I   stopped  at  twenty mile creek, and put some  men  The Only First-Class Hotel in the  Myers Creek District.  fy fy fy  CP0K&Y0ilNG;'-Pr6irietqVs I  NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION.  Taicr Notice that the partnership  heretofore subsisting between the  undersigned,/carrying on busiuessas  Hotel, Keepers, undei' the firm name  and sty'e of Madden aud Da.ias, has  this "cay been dissolved by mutual  consent....  " All debts owing to the said partnership are to be paid to Henry B. Madden  "and all claims against the said partnership will be paid by him.  The business will be continued by  the said Henry B. Madden.  Dated this 4th day of Nov. A.D. 1901.  Witness i tl. -B. MADDHtf  A. M. WHrrBsros.    : James Dallas  NOTICE OF FORFEITURE;  to niork on the. Cannon Ball, and Well  ington claims, situate on Twenty*Mile  creek, about one mile and a half from  the Indian Reservation, a tunnel was  run iu ou the lead, and exposed some  ^ood looking ore about twelve feet  f. q a thc surface.  1 stayed most of the time in Similka-  To Peter Sondgeratt and E. Kaney. both of  the City of Spokane, State of Washington,  United States of America.  You are hereby notified that we have.cxpcnd-  cd SiOO.OO iu labor and improvements ou thc  Mayflower Mineral Claim situate in Skylark  Camp in the Kettle River Mir.iuy- Division of  Yale District aud S2.50 in rccordl..-? said labor  and inip.ovc-mei.u. as an assessment, to count  as an assessment on said claim, as will appear  by a eertiiieatc of wo He recorded March 19th  i.Oi, in tli". ofliee of this Miuiny- liccprder for  the said Kettle River Mining Division of Yale  District, iu order to hold the said claim under  the provisions of Seclioii 24 of the Mineral Act,  s.iah bei.iff the amount required to hold said  claim for the year ending' March 2.th, 1.0i. '"���  And if at the expiration of 90 days of tue publication of this notice you faii or refuse to con  tribute your respective proportions of the  expenditure rcquired'aud made by us, toyre.her  witli all costs"of advertising, yourinteiests in  _5.aUJ_j:l:iim_shall become vested in us (the co-  owner's] "under* 'Scctidir"4yo-C't!ie~Miif.rali-AcL  Amendment Act. 1000. '  Dated at Greeuwood, B. ..  this 5th dav (of  August, A.D,. 1901.  PAT UtCKEY,  IDA BEfiGMAN,  '  Drop us a line and let  us quote our-- prices aud  further particulars.  *-*:.*-  VANCOUVER  ENGINEERING  WORI^B, LTD:  Successors to':..-'  Armstrong & Morrison,  ������Machinists, Iron rounders  Blacksmiths,Boilermakers'  - VANCOUVER, B.C. '.;  MEALS  AT  AIJ.  HOURS  PRIVATE  KOOMS. FOR  TOADIES.  '*���  nr_  >_*!_.��  Warner &  *  TRY  OUK   COIM-KK  Aopfs*  .Estate---ot-Malco_j_n_,JV.cCuaiff...__J^_^  Rock Creek, B. C-, deceased.  'si-  fur Consumption and never found its  eipial for Coughs and Colds." It's an  unrivaled life-saver when used for  desperate lung diseases. Guaranteed  bolik-s 50c and SI .00 at Miller Bros.,  and J. L. Whit's drug store. Trial hot-  lies free.  K-  Cvele Poco and Weno  Kawk Eye  ���my-  At  Manufacturers'   Prices  Supplies of all kinds for the  Amateur  Photographer at REASONABLE  PRICES  .-". K'.scli shops when so closed shall remain  closed until lhe moruiutfof llie next fi>lTt>wiiitf  leff-tl day.  ���'.. Xo shop of any of tho class or class.:.  horeMih. fori: ennuii-ratf.I shall be open during  the. limos ii.-iihiliit.il iu the ])rec_di:u. sections,  and every owner or occupier or uian..^i*r of a  ..hop i_elou;fiii^ lo any of llie classes lio.oiub.'-  fure cnunieraU'd v.-!m suffers or permits such  shop to remain unclosed ilu ri inr any of .li.-  limes h.rehv prohitiilt'il shall he ouill^- of au  infracliou or Ijii'.icm of ihis by-law,  ?..    Any P0.--O1I or pirM>HH who shall be :;u:!t.v  oi' any iufracliuii or or h.vacli of this liy.law or  no!:-conipli;uice ilu-iew-ili.shall   upon  conviction   thereof,   he for-   tin-    I'olice    MaHistrau:.  Jiis.ice or Justicesof U'.e   I'eace.   having j--.'is-  dicliou  in   ihe  matter, I'.rfoit. it ami ]>_t;.-such |  line or penalty as  the said   Police  .M.-i;r:..tral'', j  Mapor, Justice or Justic.s of  the  1'f-ace con-j  victin-f shallawaul. not  eiceidino' twenty-live i  dollars, together with ihe costs of  prosecution, j  and in default of pay ment of said penally, ami i  costsor costsoiily, lorthwitii. said   penalty and j  cosls or costs only shall be Collectable-  by  dis-j  tress aud sale of Ihe ���roods  aud  chatuisof  tile!  offender, and   in  case there  bcitijj  no distress j  found out of which the  said   j.c-nalty  can   be  levied,  the said   Police    Mauris.rate.    Mayor,  Justice or Justices of the I. eaci-convicting, may  commit   the   offender to  the common  troal or  nsurest lockup house for a term  uol exceeding  Ihirty days.  lllPfilfi  intend-' putting in another.larjfe large  .store. Several of.the pro..peclor.< and  miners employed around are huiidiny  shacks and house and intend ���.layint1,-  there. There are few fami'le.* qh the  townsite and a school house is shortly  expected. Tl*.e new town.'.ite bli.ek i:-  uder     construction. Freight      is  daily "ariviiKc] froni> Penticton, the  nearest C. P. R., transportation sta'-  ion which costs one and a. half cenls  per pound, the distance being' about 55  miles. Chas. Ii. Oliver, M. ti., is  ahout to build an assay and real esti'tc  otiice. J. A. McDonald i.s conslrucliiig-  another building. Tillman and coin-  pany are cutting- lumber, their new  mill runs well, and has adaily capacitv  of ly.OOO feet, and sells lumber from  S14.SJ0 p r thousand and up.  Atlantic Steamship Department  CJ.r._ST.-.AS SAILING  TO ENGLAND  ������The-following property is for  sale :  Lot 514, Group 1, Osoyoos Division of Yale District^ contaiuing  230 acres, situate on" the South  side of Kettle River near Ingram, s bridge, (Crown Grant.)  ST. JOHN", i\T. B. TO LIVERPOOL  Nti [Indian, Nov. 30  Tunisian, Dec. 14.  I'01-.Tr.AKD TO LIVBKPOOL  Cambroniau  Pariaian, I\ov  loniaii, I'ee. 7  Dominion. Nov. 23.  Vancouver, Dec. 21  -NOV.  30.  An undivided one-half interest  in Lot 498, Group I, Osoyoos  Division of Yale District, containing 253 acres, situate "to thc  South of Christina Lake near  Cascade City   (Crown Grant.)  II  VO see    ?i|.  Smoke a William Pitt Cigar.    A jollj** given  with   every cigar at BsMsr'.    Ask. for' it.  **_  Olortb-1 --Cioitifi  When   you   can  the   country   at  the  Fisliers'  sr*s��  i*��  '��*et  best  cigars  CL/IREHDOH HOTEL BLOCK  ���3  lead*-One.  Copper Street.  2& :^^.y^^'~'''^^-^-^i-  Sole Agents For The B. C, Assay ��  ' 0    Chemical Sunny Co., Vancouver, B, C.  BOSTON TO LIVERPOOL  IU  Iverr.i.., Nov. 23-  Nev.- En-., Dec. 4.  Siixonia, 1)xic. 7.  Ultonia, Dee. 21.  NEW YORK TO LIVERPOOL  J* L*  Books, Stationery, Office  Supplies, tic. i  ti. J. Carpenter,s grand scenic production of ''Quo Vadis" flian which no  greater success has ever been accorded  ..   This By-law shall come into force on  thc'& dramatic representation', "will   he   the  211.1 day of j.-u.uary. rm. j altraclion ilt thc! Auditorium Dec.  4th.  7.   This H.v-law may lieoitcil for all  as the Shop^- Ke^ulation Uy-law, lvul.  purposes .; Thcsla;-e win be cleared of all scenery  to ir  room  Passed the Council Xuv. L.tli. 1901. i belonging to the hour.--, ._      Reconsidered,  adopted   aud   filial!;.-   passed j spcc;al sets,  draperies,   perfect  copies  So-.-. 25th, 1W1. |    '   .        . ... - '    K  w j^i^^g l of furniture, utensus,  etc,   in   use  al  Mayo-,   that period of the Roman Empire. The  I_.TAYT.OR,  Xilv Cl-rlc.  Celtic, Nov. 2!i,  Geriiiai.ic,I\ov. 27  Majestic. Dec. 4.  Cymric. Dec. 10.  Oceanic, Dec. li.  Teutonic, Dec. 18.  Etrnria, Kov. 23.^  Campania, Kov. 30.  Uinbria, Dec. 7. -  Lucania, Dec. 14.  E'u*uria,.Dcc, 21, ���  Campania, Deo. 28,  NEW YOKY TG SOUTHAMPTON  Kavcrford, I-.ov.27. Philadelphia,Dec  St. Paul, Dec. It.      St. Louis, Dec. 18.  conti>.e::tal sailings  Of   Korlh   German* Lloyd,   Hamburg  Packet Co.. Holland American, Red  Star French and Anchor Lines on   :  application.  For reservation of births, rates and  complete information call or write  nearest C. P. R. Agent.  J. S. CARTER, t  A .!��. A., Nelsc.i., Ll a.c  J. COYLE,  1". A.,"-T,i icouver  Au undivided onc-hnlC interest  thc "Teazcr" rai.ieral cl.iim  (exceptint!,' buildings etc., thereon), situated at Camp McKinney  near the Cariboo claim, (Crown.  Graut.)  4..  An undivided one-third interest  iin the "Beaver" mineral claim  I situated'on 'Wallace mountain on  the West Fork  of Kettle River,  lying- between the "Bell, "Idaho"  and   "Tiger"  claims,   (.Surveyed  and live assessments recorded.)  For Terms and Furl-hef Particulars  apply to  Donald G. Mclennan,  Greeuvvccd, B. C.  or  " "McLeod & Brown,       i    ���TW_7.T rTTnm-TT ���  Solicitors, Greenwood, B. C,! MARTlN BURPfcLL, Pro?  , , , DIRECT IMPORTERS OF ���> , *  V^AYKKS_ANiD jm^^^AJ^^^  ^^^^3^ iim m nnn mm  -iH^^^lKECCMBn'XT  ���JNJSSAITIMIACES.    :    :    :.:. :    :.:  .���^''.H.  ....   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C,  All kinds of fruit trees, shade trees"and flowering  shrubs, roses, berry plants, asparagus and rhubarb  roots, etc. Strong home-grown acclimated stock.  We   are   hooking   orders   for  fall  planting now.  P, G, Box 33, V, ��. N< 'Phone 25  /


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