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 'J-.7"  i t  tf  Published Weekly in the Interests of the Boundary Creek Mining District.  :lt>r  yoL. viii.  GREENWOOD. B; C.. THURSDAY, JUNE 27, 1901.  No. ^  tH  . {*'<  SNOWSHOE   LODGE   NO.  STITUTED AT  46,    IN-  PHOENIX ON THURSDAY LAST  Teams From Greenwobd and Grand  Forks  Initiated   Thirteen   New  Members���The Officers Elect.  Last. Thursday     night    Spowshoe  Lodge No 46 was installed at Phoenix  J_y D. D._G. Ivl. W. M. Law assisted by  Jrand Lodge officers from   Greenwood  tnd Grand Forks.   Seven old members  vho had applied for the   charter   were  tdmitted from other  lodges   by   card  ud ��hirtecn new ones were instructed  a' tl,e Hiysteries of   Oddfellowship   by  _ams from Grand Forks   and   Green-  ���ood    lodges.,, This    work    occupied  I early the   entire night. 'Tht-oi-icers  ppoiutetl and installed "by  Snowshoe  {/odg-tf ware as follows:  N. G., D.Whiteside; V. ',G., C..A. Mc-'  liitig-; Conductor, R. A. Scott; Warden,  lyd. T.   Cotiltou;   Treas.,   Dr.   G.   S.  [ordon; K. S..G. R. Mead; F. S., J. K.  cCalliini; R. S. N. G., A. Fraser; ��� L.  N. G., Ed 1 o,ve; R. S'.'V. G.. Dr. R.  BoticherjL. S. V. G.. James Murray;  \ G., Marcus Martin; I. G., Ed. Scho-  |y; P. G., Thos. Hardy.  lAbout midnight the visitor's were  tertaiiied at a supper prepared by  arry Odams of the Knob Hill Cafe.  With the visitors present there were  arly 100 Oddfellows present in the  Igeroom that evening. ;. .  Several applications for membership  the Phoenix lodge has been received  d the prospects for Snowshoe Lodge  j_ excellent.       .������.-������  IT'S   NO PIPE  DREAM.  Yesterday afternoon a few mining  :n and brokers were gathered in a  ���vu town insurance office where on  :asions the crowd is .wont to congre-  te and swap yarns. It was a dull  y, and the drizzling raiti had caused  4 streets to become deserted so that  iti the irrepressible curb broker  [ild do no business. It was comfort-  .e inside and there was time to talk  ong the little group mentioned, so  en the scribe, sauntered in the con-  |-sation was going along at a merry  t. Current topics were discussed  *l_ex__austedy.when-one-of--the-;story-  jters  became  reminiscent.   This   is  yarn half prophetic half historical.  Jim.es may be a little quite and capi-  ! not coming iu as freely as we w*uld  - to see it, but I want to tell you that  -. Boundary is yet destined to  aston-  the world with its great lodes of  ipergold ore.' But what is the use of  ling you this you all know it.   These  lew grade ore bodies cost money to  ���ie.    Sinking four and six cornpart-  ment shafts is no picnic, its slow- and  expensive. You don't hear so much  about this.method now. Take Phoenix  camp for instance nothing particular  in this line is on the books. ' There's a  nigger in the wood pile and it strikes  me that something new is on the tapis.  Its no use quarrying into the bowels of  old Mother Earth and then hoisting  the ore up again to the surface, but  what is going to be done is to drive a  tunnel clear under Phoenix camp from  some point on Boundary creek. It may  not be done this year or even next year  out I'd like to bet what I have that the  enterprise- will be started, in three  years. I know that survey's'for this  stupendous'project have '/already be-Mi  made, and engineers claim it is quite a  feasible plan. A tunnel two tiiiie^ u  length would tap any of the ore bodies  in that camp, and what is more it  would be at a depth of 2225 feet. The  whole enterprise could be run by electricity the supply for which will come  form Cascade Falls. Electric pre car.,  electric drills, electric blasting, electric  lighting and so on all down-; the line  will be brought into play," aiid then,  and not till then will they be able to  talk about their economic mining.  Yes, boys, that's going to be the scheme  the immense ore deposits of Phoenix  and "Wellington camps wiil iri time be  worked from.down here in the valley  and it will require not one or two smelting plants but half a dozen big* oues to  take care of the pre. W.'.at do, you  think Breen is waiting* for? A spo. to  locate his smelter? Not a bit of it, he's  'framing' up plans to get capital to run  this mammoth tunnel. It will require  lot spf dough and brain workcombiued,  but-when you come to'think of how thej'  mine in the Cotier d.'Alenes," on a similar plan, this will only be child's piaj*.  In that country a tunnel two and a half  miles was laughed up, when its nervy  projector first announced his intention,  but its an actuality now and a- paying  proposition. This system is being  followed over in the P-ilnier Mountain  district where Johuv Boyd is running a  mile tunnel. Then there's the Sutro  tunnel that made millions for the Caii-  fornians. History is going to repeat  itself in this district and it will not be  long before the first tunnel is" under  way. This is no pipe' dream; its a  prophecy that you can bank on." The  meeting thereupon broke up it wanted  time to consider so gigantic an undertaking and the scribe takes this, his  earliest opportunity, of announcing to  the readers of the Times what is in  store for Greenwood in the not too distant future. ".    . ��� .  Fresh fruit of all kinds at Semerad's,  Copper street.  For Rent���Unfurnished rooms, very  cheap.- ~S'eirS~mitti~"&;"McRa.e~ "  MAIL CHANGES.  On   and   after   Monday   June   10th  mails will arrive   and   be   despatched  from Greenwood post office as follows:  Mails close going East 10:30 a. m.  *-���       -'       "       West 9:30 p. m.  .---Mails arrive from East 10:45 p. n\  "       "  '        " 'West 11:45 a. m.  v Registered mail closes   fifteen   minutes earlier than ordinary mail.  i. njuiumm-F<  $44 4  ��*�� 4 4 4 4 4 4 4* 4  ������> 4 -"$*"* <4 *&  ��� 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 2?  i-.  \4  j#��  4  4  4  4  4  \4  \4  ...THE...  A TO  i���r-ai'-raiTti-t^if-ii .v^.V-Y .���."'^f'''i*irmmwjr��-^T-rTiiT--r_.-*~ri���r  f^^T^  COPIES WHILE WRITING,  NO PRE;;S,  7  NO WATER,  NO WORK,  NO TIME,  SOMETHING NEW.  ANY INK,  ANY PEN,  ANY PAPER,  ,     ANYWHERE  PRICE $2.00.  ���FOR SALE BY���  SMITH & McRAE,  BOOKS, STATIONERY, OFFICE SUPPLIES, WALL  PAPER.       PHONE, V. & N. 34.  4  4  4  4  4.  ��&  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  PROPERTIES   OF   THE   FAIRWIEW  CORPORATION LIMITED.  A   NEW    ORGANIZATION.  Company to Ibe Refloated on an Assessable  Basis.    The Many and  Varied Holdings of Company-  \tt444444444444444444 fr444445*  Fairview, B. C, June 25.���(Special  to the Times.)���There is a full face of.  milky white quartz, in' the westdrift  on the third level of the Stemwinder,  now in 90 feet. Since the drift was  started no attempt has been made to  crosscut the vein to ascertain its width.  The drift is'entering-a point, under the  second level, Where the vein swelled  out to, as shown by the crosscuts, from  18 to 20 feet between the Avails, while  .the"average width of the veiti. is from  six to eight feet iu other parts, of the  mine. Then too, and what .is more  satisfactory to the management is the  noticable increase in the values. Foreman Campbell recently made 10 samplings, the averag*e of which gave S7.94  in gold and silver, showing- that the  value,-of the ore in' this drift has  greatly improved. - Development lor  the present will be confined to continuing the west drift and when it is in 100  feet-a crosscut will be run from wall to  Wall. The showing- is excepUonally  prpmising and the values are the best  averages of ore taken...from the mine.  It must be remembered by those outhe  outside thai, the t-temwinder is a; big  low grade free milling prop'ositiou,  capable however, with the most' econ-  omic'miiiing. and-low cost bf uiiiiiiig, of  becoming a profitable producer. .  Richard Russell, the manager of the  Fairview Corporation, Ltd, owning.the  Stemwinder mine, is at present in  Montreal in conference with the lead-  shareholders, and writes to the office  here that satisfactory arrangements are  progressing with a view to the reorganizing- of the concern on an assessible  basis. It is proposed to incorporate a  new undertaking to be called the New  Fairview Corporation, Limited, capitalized in the same amount as the old  viz 51,000,100 in 4,000,0*)0 shares of the  par value of. 25 cents each. These  shares will be exchanged for, the old  company's stock as paid up to 22 cents,  j��^_ng_ihree.-Cen^  up as the board of directors deem advisable. So that the scheme, will not  work a hardsnip the levy will probably  be a few mills per mouth. As the old  corporation still has about 1,000,000 in  its treasury unissued the three cent assessment will be confined to only the  3,000,000 shares issued. This will  bring* in, when paid up a sum equal to  390,000. Out of this amount the mortgage due to Messrs Gooderham &  Blackstock will be.repaid, arid the balance will be used iu the purchase of  additional stamps for the Tin Horii  mill, in the re-modelling of same and  the proper equipment of the-mine for)  the extraction of a large daily tonnage, j  The Fairview Corporation,  Limited,  is a unique concern in   many   respects  and its asset's are quite varied iu  character.    Beside   the   Stemwinder  mine  and Tin Horn mill referr-*d to the   corporation owns the   townsite   of   Fair-!  view, containing   320   acres,   less   the j  Government    reserve. .It    owns   thej  Hotel Fairview, one of the  best  hotels |  in the interior of the  province,  spleu- I  didly furnished aud well, managed  by I  S.iudy McAule}-. . It was  built  during  the boom here and with its furnishings I  represents au investment of over  6*20,-  000.    Opposite the  hotel   is  the   office.  and assay building fully equipped and  furnished.    Twelve    miles    north   of  town the corporation has  400  acres of  coal  lauds,   the   croppiugs   of   whicli  show a good quality of bituminous coal.  With proper development this land will  one daj- be worth many  thousands   of  dollars.   "Water rights to generate electrical power to use in the mine and mill  and light t;he town have not been overlooked, as the corporation has a   water  right on a stream emptying  into   the  I Okanogan    river   about   eight   miles  from town. The stream carries from  2,000 to 3,000 miner's inches and has a  fall of over 300 feet in a distance of  half a mile, capable when harnessed  of generating several thousand horse  power. Its other assets consist of 15  crown granted quartz claims, on which  more or less work has been performed,  all. within a radius of three miles of  Fairview. .  The Stemwinder mine is situated  about three miles north-east of and  1200 feet higher than the town, on the  Fairview-Keremeos ��� . -wagon road.  Running through the full length .of the  claim aud.tr.aceablefor several thousand feet additional through adjoining-  claims, and three well-defined parallel  veins. The ore is a white quartz car-  rj'ing gold and silver in the form of  free gold and sulphurets' the latter  consisting- of iron pyrites, galena,  chalco-pj-ri'te and in the, north vein  especially, occasional * bunches of  blende. The . principal development  has been confined to what is known as  the "maid" vein, the others being the  north and south veins.  The working shaft is a double compartment 5 x 11.feet in the clear, sunk'  on an incline of 60 degrees for 300 feet.  The first level was opened at a depth of  85 feet. A drift west w.s run for 185  on the main vein. In this distance a  crosscut was made north to the north  vein, which was also drifted on for 100  feet. At a depth of 185 feet the second  level was opened. At this.point the  dip of the vein carried at 16 feet north  of the shaft. This level has two drifts,  lhe east drift followed the vei'ti for 300  feet and the west drift 480 feet. At. a  point 150 feet in the west drift an upraise was made to the first level. In  the same drift also crosscuts were run  north and south to the two other veins.  The crosscut north caught the vein  which has 100 feet * of drifting. - The  crosscut south lias not been driven far  enough to encounter the vein and work  in this direction has for the time being  been suspended. It is 011 this level, in  the w est drift, that the notable showing cf quartz occur.. Throughout the  main vein is exposed without a break  and as a rule with only part of the vein  exposed, it being- wider than the drifts.  In the west drift a distance of at oat  100 feet the veins starts to widen out  and for a length of 100 feet where crosscuts iu two places from wall to wall  measure from 18 to 20 feet in width.  Samplings of 165 feet of this drift gave  an average of $4.34. The average  value of the ore in the north vein is  reported to be S4.45, though this vein is  smaller than the main one.  On the third level, at a depth of 289  feet, and which has only recently been  opened the drift west is in 90 feet, with  Ltheiy.ein._show:ing1_e.videuce_6f���widening-  and the values increasing.  .- The present equipment, consisting ot  boiler, hoist, fcur Rand drill air compressor etc is considered sufficient to  develop the miue.to a depth of 500 feet,  which is proposed to be done as rapidly  as possible. It is estimated by E. S.  Thurston M. E. who examined the  mine in Januarj* last, the ore can be  mined and delivered at the mill for a  cost of SI.75 and milled at 75 cents, or  a total cost of S2.50 per ton. These  figures are given on a daily output of  not less than 150 tons with a mill of 60  stamps. These figures however do not  include office expenses, which would  come out of other revenues derived by  the com pan j*. On a basis of these  rates Mr. Thurston computes that with  a 60 stamp mill, ore running- ��3.CO per  ton, will a little more than pay expenses: thai: J4.00 will give a profit of  S5,000 per month and if his conclusions  prove correct aud a steady t.5.00 grade  can be maintained, a profit of $10,000  could be derived.  Regarding the coal land, it is understood, that if the funds will permit,  some exploration work wiil be attempted this year. The 400 acres owned by  the corporation lies in a belt of sandstone about three miles wide bounded  wi'.h granite. The only work done on  the same consists of a 60-foot circular  shaft 4feet 6 inches iu diameter, sunk  about the centre of the property. This  shaft is now full of water. J. H. G.  Riley, a miniug engineer, who reported  on the land states that the shaft passed  thtough a seam of coal and carboniferous schist about 5 feet 3 inches in thickness. On the floor there is a seam of  bituminous coal vary from one to two  feet in thickness,  overlaid  with  thin  MARCUS-REPUBLIC ROAD WILL BE  BUILT IMMEDIATELY  BY    CONTRACTOR   SUM'S  Uncler -Direction of Chief Engineer  J Jolin . F.   Stevens���Intention   to  Continue to tlie 0_.ana.raji.  The Marcus-Republic road will be  built, at once. Peter Siems a well  i-nown railway contractor will do the  work tinder the direction of Jno F.  Steven's chief engineer for the Great  Northern system. No contract has.  been let to build the road Mr. Siems  doing the work under the approval of  the engineer. Already plant and men  are being rushed with the object of giving* Republic railway communication  by November 1st. 'ihe rolling stock  for the road was purchased last week.  The road will leave the S. F. & N. at  Marcus, follow the Kettle river to Cascade, join there with the V. V. & E.  system, and from Carson will follow  the Kettle river to Curlew, continuing-  there fo Republic.  The Great Northern intends to coin  tinue its system into, the Okanagan.  Last week articles of incorporation of  the Washing-ton & Great Northern  railway were held at Seattle. The incorporators are James J. Hill and other  Great Northern officials. -'The railway  will-give'connection to Myers Creek,  Loomis and other mining camps across.  the International 1-ioundary.. The  western portion will connect with- the.,  eastern section at Midway, continuing-  to Rock Creek, thence to Bolster Wash,  on to Molson and to Os03'oos Lake and  will diverge southward to connect with,  the present Great Northern system at  Wenatchee.  The distance to be covered in the  above from Marcus to Wenatchee _��.;  about 250 miles and the estimated cost  is 89,000,000.  The Boundary country will be lapped,  from Midway, a branch running up  Boundary creek through Greenwood  and on to Summit camp, continuing-  around the eastern slope of Boundary-  creek to Phoenix  The   Dominion   Copper   Company's  smelter will be built near Greenwood, '  where direct   railway   comminication  can-be*secured"fo^  camps, Republic, Curlew, Camp McKinney; Rock Creek and all the mining-  camps in the west. Connection can  here be secured to ship the product of.  the smelters over either the Great  Northern or Canadian Pacific railway  system.  The V. V. & E. charter is controlled  by the Great Northern and the intention is to build to the coast, connecting"  at Osoyoos lake with the portion of tbe  system described above.  (Continued on Page 2.)  Fresh strawberries received twice a.  week at Semerad's, Copper street.  IN THE LONG LAKE CAMP  C. S. Wallis has returned from a trip  to the Long Lake section of the  Bour.~  ary, where he has started work on his  property, the Ethiopia. A crew of meu  is now at work stripping the ledge, and  these wiil, be employed all summer.  Later underground work will be commenced, but the amount of surface  water to be contended with at the pre  sent time makes it advisable to confine  the immediate work in hand to the sur-  lace.  D air. Wallis v:"sited the Jewel mine,  where a force of some 35 men is at  work. Development is being carried  on extensively under ground, one of  tie features under way beiny a new  t vo-compartrnent shaft about 650 feet  to the north of the old shaft. Which is  down a distance of 330 feet. The new  shaft has already reached a depth of 60  feet and good progress is being made.  The mine has 20,000 tons of ore blocked,  out, and the work under way will substantially increase this reserve. It is  understood that the company proposes,  to erect a mill at an early date���Rossland Miner.  1  __���  1*  .57 Page 2.  THE  GREENWOOI) WEEKLY T'MES.  FAIRVIEW MINES  (Continued from Page 1.)  layers of slate and coal alternately to a  thickness of 5 feet 3 inches. The body  of carboniferous schist outcrops in several places in a dry creek 43 feet to the  north of the shaft. The coal is bitum"-  .nous of good quality and suitable for  making steam and coke. The following is the analysis of samples:  Aver.   Picked  Moisture       .90 .90  "Volatile matter   15.65 24.3(  Fixed carbon   44.65 68.63  Ash     38.80 6.17  100.00    100.00  Coke 83.45. Heating effects, one  pound of coal 6.66 lbs steam.  Surrounding the company's laud are  3,000 acres owned by Robert Wood''  John Douglas -'.nd associates of Green:  wood. With capital properly applkd  these coal deposits will doubtless some  day become extremely valuable. ��� Ah  effort at least should be made to exploit the land instead of allowing it to  remain' idle.  A IMPORTANT  EXPLORATION-  PROMPT  DELIVERY  V. & N. TEL, 123.  KOOTENAY FUEL AND -AGENCY CO..  ���-SELLS-   Wood, Coal, Ice, Oils, Tile, Fire Brick, Cement, Etc,, Etc.  Seasoned Fir or Tamarack j Wood any lengths,  Crow's Nest Pass Coal $7,00 a Ton,  LOOK LAKE ICE DELIVERED. DAILY  OFFICE OPPOSITE WINDSOR HOTEL  '  ���  JOMU Mc HARTIilNB.-'MANAGER.  5. ���>'^_~V J\^rA~ .  ,A^rJ^V^  ,"'V\/-'VWW\*. '^V^^.-^^^Va/"^  Provincial Mineralogist y. HI Visit an Important  tarto. th-. Interior.  At the end of the present  week,  Mr.  W. F. Robertson, provincial mineralogist, starts ou an official trip through a  portion of the province that of late has  come into great prominence though  some sections of it have hitherto been  little explored. The party will consist of five, Mr. Robertson, a packer, a  cook aud two McGill students who will  join at Vernon and make the trip   for  7the practical experience it will   afford  the'iii.',  Leaving Vernon with a pack train  the party will visit the mine, in the  Fire. Valley, thence make a trip to the  head waters o_ Kettle river, a region  that is practically unexplored and turning south will next proceed to Rock  creek and the Boundary country.  Turning west they will pass through  the Similkameen, and passing over the  "Hope Mountains will come to the coast  tsirough the Fraser valley. It is expected that three months will be required to make the journey, and as the  country is that through which a railway to the'coast would traverse, reliable official information on the district will result from the exploration.  Of course the reason for the trip is to  enable Mr. Robertson to visit the  mines already opened out in the district, and to g_t a general idea of tha  miueral possibilities where as yet  there have been no mining operations.  ���Colonist. ���  STYLES,  A NICE,  Famly Porterhouse or a  Tenderloin, X Bone, Top  Sirloin or a Plain Steak.  Pork Chops, Pork Tenderloin and Mutton Chops  also Fish and Poultry.  AT THE MARKETS OF  Ul  \ft**\f*r*\ff%* ���-*>  THE BEST BEER IN TOWN IS MADE BY  awd-  PORTMAN BROS. & CO.,  Proprietors.  ASK FOR  ___-  The Elkhorn Lager Beer Contains only Pure Malt Hops,'Try  Iti It is kept on Draught or in Bottles by. all the leading Hotel  ���      'ii  ���'Broniogrip cures  colds-  Anderson's Pharmacv.  _ent.s  The K. F. & A.  and ice.    V. & N.  Co., sells wood   coal  Tel. 123. tf  M.'\ERAL ACT. IS...  Certificate of hnprovemeJils.  'PINHOOK". "WORLDS FAIR 1"RA~CT-  IOM'-aucl-'MlSKlNG LINK XO. 2 FRACTION" mineral claims, situate in Hie Keltic  River Mining Divh-ioi; of Yale. District.  i     Where located :    In Greenwood Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that 1. Isaac* II. Kallelt as  asrc-.tiv for George R. Nuclei.. Five Miner's  CertiI'iC.ale No. 14357.1 i a-.-.d James S. C. Fraser,  Free Miner's Certificate no. B2')>34. iiilcml,  sistv davs from dale hereof, tn ap-iiy lo Ike  Mining "Recorder for Certificates ol Improvements, for the. purpose of obli-ining a Crown  Grants of tlie above clai ins.  Anil I'nrtlier take notice  that actions, under  section 37. must be commenced before tlie issuance of such Certificates of I'm provements.  Dated this'islli day of February, A.-J*). I'W!.  3m-. '"     I.H. HAI.LETT.  isa  GREENWOOD  d a .Li  CEW  -INANCIAL AW  lUNDARY CRE  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate   of  Improvements.  NOTICE-  IVA LENORE Miueial   laim. situate   in   lite  Kettle  Kiver Mining division of Yale district.   "Where located:    lu Soutli Deadwood  camp.  TAKE  NOTICE tliat I.   Isaac  H.   Hallett.  Free  Minor's   certificate    No.    19C61A,  iu-tend, si-'"'y days from        tbe  ilate liereof j'Uciid, to apply to the mining  recorder for'a -"ertigcalc of improvements for  the purpose of obtaining a crown grant to the  above claim.  And further t'lUe notice lhat  aciion, under  section?,", n-.ust be eoii'meue.d before the issuance of such ci-i'tilicate ol improvement!-.  ���  Dated this _,.tli rtav of April. 1901.    ' ..  I.0...ALLETT  MINERAL, ACT, 1S96.  IK DtSTRIC  SSI:  mk  ^fSr^  Wi  MINERAL ACT, 1S96.  Certificate of Improvement.  XOTICE.  ALTA  Mineral Claim,   situate in the Kettle  Kiver Mining -Division    of  Yale   Disrict.  Where located:    In Providence   camp   adjoining the Kob Roy   mineral claim.  T'akENOTIE  that   I,   Arthur  Murdoch  Whiteside, as agent for C. N. Mardon,  free miner's certilicate No. 11 21435, Denny Moy-  la-i. free miner's certilicate Xo. B2.S6S4,  P. W.  Dillon, free miuer's certilicate Xo.  A18597, and  Louis    I.    Ostroski    free    miner's  certificate  No.    185% 'intend     sixty     days    from    the  date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder  foi-  a  Certificate of   Improvements,   for    the  purpose of obtaining a  Crown Grant of fhe  above claim.  And further take  notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this IStli day of Auril, 1901.  A. M. WHITESIDE.  MINERAL ACT.  -a-  Iml  E?o��PXJX^rx��r.=3-i��"=c:  i^C-^ax^JL*r^n:a-.gc,**yj-?r^aagKP=CTca  (aRpn fc*.  -i_B_jrt  3ai=M  8  *TEL��  LONG LAKE,      SKYLAt  And Otnec Boundary Creek Camps.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  "JO DANDY" "OLD KENTUCKY" "RILEY'  .-LOST HORSE" 'TEMERAIRE FRACT-  ION" "EM*M__FRACTION" and "TEXAS  FRACTION" Mineral claims, situate in the  Kettle River Mining- Division of Yale  District. Where located : In James Creek  Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett, as  a"er.t for Leonard S. Moulton Barrett,  free Miner's Certificate No. B297S9, intend  sixty days after date hereof to apply to the  MiiiiiigRe-Orderfora Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that   action under  Section 37   must   be   commenced   before   the  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 18th day of May, A. D., 1900.  I. H.. HALLE TT.  ��� ��  $ 9  Certificate-of Improvements.  ,' NOTICE.  ".CARMI" Mineral Claim, -situate' in thc  Kettle River Mining Division of Yale. District. Where located : In Cavmi camp on  the West Furl: of Kettle River.  nr'AKE XOTICE that I, Forbes M. Kcrby,  A C.E., as agent for Ediiiuuiui Heathcotc  Tlirustoii, sree miner's certilicate No. 271.21,  George . A Sou neman. free miner's certificate  No. .E.2020, and Joseph E. Branscombe,  free .miner's certi licate No. B42011*, intend sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to the Milling Recorder for a Certilicate of  Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a  Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further   take notice tiiat action, under  section 37,  must be commenced before the  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 10th day of April. ISOI.  FORBES   M. KERRY  ^^-^.MISE'RAL^ACr.iyiSSo..  Certificate of Improve merits.  NOTICE. -. .'  '  "DUDLEY" mineral claim, situate in the Kettle River Mining division of Yale district.  Where located:   In Providence camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac IT.. Hallett,  free miner's certifica'eXo. '-5X1*03, for myself, and as agent .for James Moran, free  miiierss certilicate Xo. 3.297-1, iuteiid, . sixty  days from the. date liereof, to apply to the  mining, r. .order for a certificateof improvements'for ihe purpose of obtaining a crown  grant of the above cla.im.  And further.- take, notice lhal action, under  section 37, must be commenced  before the issuance of such certilicate of improvements.  Dated this lo-1   day of A pril. i.0_.  1. II. HAI.LET  MINERAL ACT.  HAVE BRANCHHES IN THE CITY,  , , , , For Prices of Lots and Other Information, Address ....  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  ������BIG     FOUR",    '-PARAGON",     -'LULU"  "GRAND   "CENTRAL"    and    "NARA"  Mineral Claims situate in the Kettle River  Miuing Division of Yale District.  Where located :   In Kimberley Camp.  TAKE NOTICE th��it T Isaac H. Hallett. as  agent for John-Dun n, Free Miner's Certificate 'Xo. B48.86, James L. Steele, Free  giner's Certificate No. B3.542, Dennis Dillon,  Free Miner's Certificate No. B-2_f>, aud Joseph  P. Kelly, Free Miner's Certificate No. B:iS44,  intend sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of lni-  grovements,   for the purpose of   obtaining   tt  row i'i Grant of the above claim.  And further take, notice tnat action   under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificateof Imorovements.  Dated this 12th day of April, 1901.  ju30 I. H. HALLETT.  or l. 5  GREENWOOD, B, G  MINERAL ACT, 1896.  Certificate of Improvement-  NOTICE.  HONALULU mineral claim, situate in the  Kettle River Mining Division of Yale District. Where located : In Copper camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I. C. St. Shaw as.  agent for James R. McMackson, Fre-^  Miner's Certificate No. B13 56 and William H.  McMackson, Free Miners Certilicate No. B1359S  intend; sixty days from date hereof, to apply to  the Miniug Recorder for a Certificate of Im  provements for the purpose of obtaining- a  Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action under  Section 37 mus;t he commenced before the is  suance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated the 20th day of November, 18.9.  192 C. _��. SHAW. ��L  (<?/  1  THE GREENWOOD WEEKLY TIMES.  Page   3.  METAPHYSICAL STUDY-  to  , "When Rutledg-e, the bank robber and  .murderer, killed himself; he had in his  breast pocket a bible which was g-iven  to hi in by his wife last Octobor, and on  the fly leaf of which he had written a  ^request that it be given to his pal, Rice.  When Rice was told of Rtttledge's  death heat first received the news  with apparent sang- froid but what  left alone with his t.-iard he burst into  tears and told him that Rutledg-e had a  bible in his pocket he would like to get.  The jail officials were suspicious and  narrowly exam n :d the volume to see if  any other than .spiritual benefit was  concealed in it, but nothing- could be  found which indicate that any other  Value attach, d to it. Tie incidei t  opens up an interesting,train of speculation in connection with this dramatic  series of tragedies. Can a man be of a  religious turn of mind and at the same  timeg-o on comniitin'g bank robberies,  contemplating and commiting murder  and suicide, asks the Ottawa Citizen?  Outside the mediums of religion and  creeds do men who habitually transgress the temporal anddevine law  still secretly maintaina"religious' atti-  ude on the basis of some unformulated  creed of their own ? If such men openly professed religious belief they would  by scoffed at as hypocrites.' The only  logical basi-i for the maintenance of  such an altitude in a spiritual sense  would be an inward conviction that  they are the victims of circumstances,  ���-bound to the wheel"'as the llamas of  Thibet phrase it. helpless victims of a  predestination over which they feel  that they have no-control. : Time: and  again it has been shown that conventionally bad men have much that is  generous and intrinsically good in  their natures. Occasionally it finds an  opportunity to vent itself and incident,  are not uncommon where hardened  criminals in penitentiaries have sacrificed their lives to save others, persons they have no particular interest  in usually, though it said that "greater  love hath noraan than this that a man  lay down his life for his friends." The  spiritual attitude of what may be called  the. conventionally wicked, for*lack of  a better term, who secretly maintained  an uucreeded faith may be something  akin to fatalism, a conviction that they  are following out an uncontrollable  destiny and that allovyance will be  made for them by an allwise. power.  In any case it is rather an interesting  problem for metaphysicians.���Nelson  Economist.  Inspection of Metalliferous -Mines.  INSPECTORS' DISTKICTS.  XHE Inspectors of Metalliferous Mines are  hereby assigned the folio-ring- as their  respective Inspection Districts with headquarters as noted. Such assignment to take place  irom June 15th, 1901, until further notici*.  ARCiiriiAi-U Dick, Inspector.  Headquarters, Cranbrook, Office of Deputy  Miniiig- Recorder.  Inspection District shall comprise all of East  Kootenay. and.also.Goat- River-Mi ning- Division  f"West Kootenay.  In  addition   to  the  duties  of  Inspector  of  A.-ialliferons Mines, Mr. Dick will also act as  -������oj_ector of  Coal   Mines   within    the   same  Oxsl .ct.  James McGregor,  rispecto  Headquarters, Office of Mining- Recorder,  Nelson.  Inspection District shall comprise all of West  Kootenay except Goat River Mining-- Division,  and also the Grand Porks and Kettle River  Wining- Division of Yale District.  Thomas Morgan, Inspector.  Headquarters,      Government      Building's,  Nanaimo.  Inspection District,  Vancouver Island  and  Coaat District.  Mr. Morg-au is also Inspector of Coal Mines  lor this District.  Notice is hereby g-iven of such Inspection  Districts aiid that in accordance with thc "Inspection of Metalliferous Mines Act, 1897," and  Amending- Acts, notice of accidents to employes  happening- within any of such-Districts must be  promptly reported both to tlie'Inspectorof such  District aud also to the Minister of Mines,  Victoria,  In mines not included lu the above Districts  managers will report, in duplicate, to the  Minister of Mines direct, who, if he considers it  necessary, will assign au Inspector to specially  report.  Blank forms upon which to make reports of  such accidents may be obtained from the In-  p'.'.br of  the    District,   from    the    Mining  RtLirdcr, or upon application to this office.  RICHARD McBRIDE,  Minister of Mines.  Department of Mines,  5th June. 1901.  MINERAL ACT. 1896.  Certificate of Improvement.  jsroTics.  "DYNAMO" Mineral Claim, situate iu the  Kettle River Mining Division of Yale  District. Where located : In Skylark  Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I. Isaac H. Hallett, as agent for Anton Portiiiaun, Free  \ Miners's certificate No. I_4l331i and Charles  jHaeriug, Free Miuer's Certificate No.  33.0607       intend sixty days from.  'the date hereof, to apply to the Mining  Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for  [lie purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the  Sbove claim"  And further take notice that action, under  ection 37, must be commenced before the is-  uaitce of such Certificate of Improvements.  't Dated this 17th day of June, A. D. 1901.   '  i I.H. HALLETT..  Nitrous oxide and qxyg-en'for-pain  less extraction of teeth at Dr. Mathison's. '  ^.veiJiwaBaBB^waswais!iia!9iiiii��iM wb-bt-  FURNITURE-  CARPETS  ^���~-_&,;"i&---. -  .-^pr*^  CROCKERY  GLASSWARE  CUTLERY  SILVERWARE  BAR-GOODS'  The  larg-est   hotels  and-finest  residences in B.C. were furnished by ns throtig-hout  WEILER BROS..  VICTORIA, B.C.  EEW  9**********************9  *.������.'- 9  1 X F. J. 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B.C.  4  4  \  \  \  4  4  4  X  4  4  ���>',-���  Ui  ^_S0  -~m��  'f'  ���v-".  ...__. _   I  t*>o^l  %-  SURSAEYS ARENOW7BETN& MADE AND LOTS ���.  .          ���                  ���                       _                                   :              '          ;                    ��� -������ ��� ������������- *~**,i  WILLSHORTLY BE ON THE MARKET. CARMI II  CITY ADJOINS THE GROUP OF CLAIMS ON f��  WHICH THE CARMI MINE IS THE CENTER. B  tbe $blppind Group of tbe  ���������District**  Carmi is the Mining Center of the Upper West Fork Country. The  Townsite adjoins the Carmi Mine, which shipped 2,000 tons of ore to the  smelter during tho past winter, and upon which development is being  pushed in order to be ready for continuous shipments when railroad is  completed to Carmi.  1  *3-hI  Si  7:7.  x'C; -A  ���'. ������:!  ��=;>  %  %  %  . FOR TERMS WRITE ,  ��� ��L/*  ^mn????f??f!?f?M?!!n!!H!!n!?f??nrfirHff!?H?!?m?!????fnf!?!!?!!!n??!rffff!?fHfH?H?Hff??f?ff?!f???^  li/f  SiBIlIltHB  y\~ Pasre 4.  THE GREENWOOD. WEEKLY.TIMES.  Nitrous oxide and  oxygen '-furnishes the  latest, safest and best  method for the painless extraction of teeth.  There are no bad after  effects.  Dr. R. Mathison  Both 'Phones.    Greenwood.  "Cbe  rhe 4.  "The  PUBLISHED BY  'e^nwood Times Printing and PutlisWng  Company, Limited.  DCNC-N ROSS  . Editor.  THURSDAY   JUNE 27, 1901.  public have not been informed ���pftt-eirj  grievances aud have no means'of arriv-',-!  irig at a couclu&ioti in regard-to the na-'  ture of the complaint they haveag-ainst  the company.   But whether the strike  be "sympathetic" in its nature or not,  itis unfo:t mite from ev_ry   point   of  view, aud is likely to prove   disastrous  to the participants.  There is a probability that the white  fishermen on the Fraser river will refuse to cast a net this season be the  year a lean or fat one, the run great or  small. The canners are world.'y wise  men and have two strings to their bov .  They have the Japanese in reserve ana  can dictate the terms on which operations shall be carried on. It was a  great strategic stroke tostock the batiks  of the river wi h such a willi ng people,  but it is not likely to increase the popularity of corporations yenerally, and  it is a very evil thing for- British Columbia. Capital surely owes just a  trifle more to the countries iu which it  carries on its operations thau the earning of dividends for stockholders. If  it hopes to earn dividends with regularity it should take some interest in the  welfare of the community in whose  midst it is invested.  Il is not necessary for us to point out  that these strikes must have a serious  eii'ect upon business in British Columbia. There should be a less barbarous  v,-_.y of settling disputes of this  character than tests of endurance and  obstinacy between employer and employee. We cannot expect the C. P. R.  to be forced into an increase, of its  monthly expenditure by S300.000; uor is  it reasonable toask the canners to pay  a price for fish which they assert would  mean a loss to them upon the season's  operations. The country is vitally interested in the dispute and owes something to both capital and labor. ; No  time should be lost .tt- creating-' a . tribunal for the adjustment of such differences.  ^^\x  IvABOR TROUBLES.  __ _The rel-.-Mons between capital and labor on this continent are becoming  more strained with each recurring season. Possibly the tendency to viol-  e^ve is somewhat less pronounced; but  that -s uncertain. No one knows what  a-4ja.y tq,ay"'bring forth.when thousands  of ia* men are gathered together to  disci^ what they may conceive to be  the injustice v. hicn i& being meted out  to them. It has become a trite saying  that the workmtu gains nothing by  striking. He his at least vastly improved liis, position by agitation, and  it is extremeiy doubtful if it would  have had much efiect against that  -which is said to ha.e neither soul nor  (sentiment 'Mthout the menace of a  strike behind it. Tnere is no doubt  whatever about these conflicts being a  great evil. Thej bung privation and  suffering to Die innocent. The strikers:  are not the ch e_ sufferers. If they  r v.ere-vtctoiy would not in so .many  ���cises perch upon tne banner of the corporation:.. But the evil effects of the  closing down of mriu itiies are not by  any means con'ined to the families of  the at-tive parln.p_.iits in this form   ���->���  Tee geological surve3* of Canada will  soon be compelled to offer better in'  dttcements to members else it will lose  all the brains it has so long boasted of.  The latest member to desert the ranks  is J. C. Gwillim, for several years a  valuable member of the survey. Mr.  Gwiilim has accepted a more lucrative  position as consulting engineer to a  large mining 'syndicate- operating at  N lson, P. C. Among oth.r. members  who have resigned from the geological  survey during the pa..t year are: A.  P. Low, who goes to Labrador for a  Phila.delphia iron and steel syndicate;  J. McEvery, who weilt to the Crow's  Nest coal fields for Toronto capitalists;  J. M. Beil, accepted a position as geologist for the Ciergue interests of Sault  Ste Marie; A. 33. Barlow has gone to  -.udburg for an English nickel syndicate. With the resignation of such a  number of able aud prominent members the survey must certainly feei the  effects.���Western Mining World.  A Montreal dispa-^ff-saTys^Waf  Hugh Sutherland, manager of the  Dominion Copper company, had arrived there and stated that a contract  had been awarded for the erection c-f z  tically a whole community. In some', hundred ton smelter iu the Boundary  cases*not only communities but nations j district.    The location will   be decided  are .affected. Business is diverted into  stherchannels aud stays in them. The  "���..ever again rises to high water  Shirk. Machines which would have  been built at home and were required  immediately were obtained from the  United States. Orders from South  Africa, Australia, Bitrmah and India  poured into American manufacturers  and-caused the tremendous expansion  of foreign trade of which we have heard  so much. In the cuse of the locomotives  for the Northwestern railway the experiment was not a success, but failure  did not follow in every instance. The  Britisli are a patriotic people, but they  never; allow patriotism to interfere  with business. If they can get superior articles from abroad at reasonable prices thej- will buy them. The  fact that the Yankee knocks off one-  third of the home-price to secure the  foreign market has nothing to do with  the case. No doubt the same feeling  prevails in the colonies. Therefore it  is clear that strikes are an economic  mistake and that it will be well with  the nation which first solves the problem of abolishing them. The German  workman is not so aggressive as his  British or American brother. Whether  it arises from the discipline which  compulsory service in tne army inculcates or -from the natural attributes of  the individual we shall uot undertake  to say, but it is the fact. Probably it  accounts for the great industrial strides  the Fatherland has made in late  years. If it be a matter of discipline  the German military system may not  be such a heavy burden after, all, as  long as wars dread alarms are not  sounded.  ,'The trackmek of the CvP_ Ri ai'e out  rUist.   Q-tumteia.   The  upon next week. It must be ready for.  operation in October. The dispatch  evidently misquotes Air. Sutherland  since the Dominion Copper company's  smelter will have at least 1.000 tons  capacity and it would be impossible to  have it in operation within th'_ time  stated. A meeting oi the directors of  the Dominion Copper company will be  held shortly in Toronto when the plans  of the company wiU be decided upon.  PROFESSIONAL/CARDS..  HALLETT & SHAW,  Barristers, Solicitors,  Notaries' Public.  CaMe'Address :*��� '* hallett."  Ccxnv<i J Bedford M'Ncill's   Greenwood..  vonES  ^ Muretng- & Neil's  ( Leiber"-..  x, h. hallett:  a. c.  H. C. SliAW-  Heavy' and SIielMardw&re,* Gt  revisions.  _E HOME* INDUSTRY-  IT IS NQ1GHEAP'.CIGAR BUT EQUAL TO THE BEST  :  '    'IMPORTED. *  PRINGLE & WHITESIDE,  . 'Barristers and Solicitors,  Notaries Public, Etc  Offices: Over Bank of Montreal, Greenwood..  Mct-EOD t& BROWN  Barristers and Solicitors,  ' -; Notaries Public, Etcm  Offices: Nadeu-Flood bloclc. Copper street,  Greenwood, B.C.  J. R. Brows. J. P. McLkobJ.  PORBES M. KERBYyCE"  'Provincial.Land Surveyor..  Offices:   Greenwood, B. C.  also J, A. UnsworUi's-Store. Midway. "8. C_  p. W. GROVES,  Civil and Mining Engineer-  Provincial Land Surveyor.  , greenwood, b.c.  Mineral Claims-Reported upon.  Underground Surveys-  <tj*  J&-*  YOU WILL ENJOY IT AND AT THE SAME TIME  '"'T ENCOURAGE A: LOCAL INDUSTRY, ,  FRED''7.ROY;. Proprietor.  tee^urtrxtssA' .iJttjjw_.erTr*wta^3ta^'"*,��tr/n*a<jn\' _> OMirTi""**M--*1  fl imm ������"���'  _ynH   i-.u-uIHiji  'Phone: Columbia 155.  During the ten months ending-  April 30th, Canada exported gold in  dust and nuggets to the value of S17,-  570,925. The bulk of it 517,395,923  went to the United States from the  Yttkon. Iu what way was this large  value reuinied to .Canada ? Was ic in  American goods sold to the miner's of  the Yukon ? The value of unrefined  copper exported during- the same period  was 32,046,258, of lead in ore $2,133,76'.,  of -ucl.le matte SS59,720 and of silver  ore S2,032,8S9.  The Rossiand Miner thinks the  surest -.vay of securing an impartial  commisiion to investigate the mining-  situation is tc vigorously point out the  evils that exist. The only difficulty  about that is that the public might be  slow to accept the Miner's dictum as  to what constitutes an evil.  Fresh candy  at Semerad's, Copper  street.  "Flints Sarsparilla, the spring tonic  S1.00.   Anderson's Pharmacy.  Seasoned   fir  Phone V. &  N.  ery.  or   tamarack    wood.  123.   Prompt   deliv  tf  ���ICX'V.fSfiiner-td headquarters for  filuit. y;y  ripe  iif-p  IIP  \fSrtJiv1  li'iSJ?.  \F^f.  \-m  m  fe'-~*JJBS:  TFIS;:Br:CrWMOI^SAI:&-BaUQR-���QMgAN^l  ARE GENERAL AGENTS FOR THIS POPULAR  NATIVE WATER,  TV*, "--r-*"-?   <r-_ /.r~V<*''I  p  i_-_3'o  0  _yy_f&  Sili^fii^H^^S  11'  1  i  B.m  1$  K:  m  "*' -,;"^^"55--^.fr7��^>h*(.ivr-'_f^>^  OH A RLES AE. SHA Wi  .Civil: Engineer,    .  Dominion    and ' Provinciai,.  Land Surveyor.  GREENVVOOO.    ;      .'���-..���'   ��� .���'   8.   C~  BAUER & ASHCROET.  Provincial Lane! Surveyors  Alining and Civil Englnccrlug^  Mineral Claims Surveyed and Crown Granted  . Land and,Engineering Surveys  XV. A. BAUER; C.E., P.L.S. A. E. ASHCROFT C.E -.F-.LS  VANCOUVER BREENXVOOD  Wood   Block,  next door,  to    Custom . office.  '' ���.    (.REE--.WOOD. ... C.  _-_.ii_i-i.-is.jjuicj-_.s  TheK. F.'& A. Co., sells Crow's.  Nest coal; seasoned hard-wood, any.  lengths, Loon Lake ice; daily delivery.  Office opp. Windsor Hotel. V. &.. N.  Tel. 123. . 7   .,: - c:t'f  MINERAL ACT 1S96.  Certificate of Improvements.'���-  NOTICE.  "DUDLEY" uiitieral claim, situate in tlie Kettle River iMini'.i^'diviBion of Ynie district.  AVliere located:    In Providence camp.  TAKE'XOTICE that I, Isaac ll". Ilnlle.it,  free iniiii_.'R certificate No. 1"SC03, for myself, aiul as aprcnt for -lames Moran, fiee..  miners k certificateNo. U2978I. *.li.te:-.il, sixty  davs fn.m tlie dare liereof, io api-'lv <o tlie  miiih'.H- rt-order for a ceriiiieate of imjirove-  meiils for i he ��� j.ti. pose of obtaining a.crown.  trraiit of. the above claim.  And further taki.  notice that action, under,  section 37, must be commenced  befoie the issuance of such certificateof improvements.  Dated this lo     dav of April. VX).'  1. H. TVAM.KT  *to*m*.TV?* iaTe*tsr>-x*-3**ir'*r-jr* i.rtw---��vi��: n-wsg-rr. ia*  mx-irvra ���&&wxrzr~nai**^irv*x&m'.'V'r**f vtx  ���abCdi^V III!wklhC  rj *   Va  km TRUST  ��\f$ 9  Ln F?,?; 3 "TT*1 ST* "C"\       n  teiiibD L  1ABI  ity.  REPRESENTING :  PHOENIX  FIRE ASSURANCE CO.,  OF LONDON, ENGLAND.  WESTERN ASSURANCE   CO.,  OF Toronto.  BRITISH AMERICA ASSURANCE CO.,   '  OF TORONTO  ���    LIVERPOOL AND LONDON AND GLOBE  .   ASSURAXCE CO ,��F LONDON, ENGLAND  BIRKBECK INVESTMENT & LOAN CO..'  OF TORONTO.  GEO. R NADEN,  Manager  Rarvey & Robins. Proprietors.  MINERAL. ACT.  Certificate of Improveinents.  NOTICE.  '���BIG    FOUR",    "PARAGON",     "LULU"  '���GRAND     CENTRAL"    and    "NAPA'*-  M'nieral Claims situate'in the Kettle River-  Mining Division of Yale District.  Where located :    InKimbeiluy Camp.  TAKU NOTICE Una 1 Isaac H. Haiiett. as  a;_'ent for John Dunn, Free Miifpr's Certificate No. 1.4-'XS(>. James T_. Steele, Free.  S'nier'R C.rlificate No. B3-.i'42. Den nir. Dillon,  Free Miner'-; Certificate i\o. !..���_���_., and .IokujiIi  P. Kelly,'Free Minor's Certilicate No. ___,( &'Ay  intend sixty days irom the date hereof, lo applv  to the Mining- Recorder for a Ceriiiieate of lm-  provemeiits, for tiie purpose of obtaininir a.  Crowu Gram of the above claim.  And further take notice tnal action under  section 3���, must be commenced before llie issuance of such Certi ficate of Imiirovemenls.  Daie.d this l*;th day of April, i''01.  mSO I. H. HALLETT.  .   .MI-NTERAJL. ACT, 18%.  Certificate of Improvement-  NOTICE.  HONALULU mineral   claim,   situate   iu   thc  Keltic Kiver Miniuir Division of  Yale  District.   Where located :     InCoppercamp.  TAKE   NOTICE   that   I.   C. Jr.. Shaw as  aireut for James   R.    McMachson. Free  Miner's Certiricate No! H1350 and AVilliam H.  Mciiacl-sou. Free Miners Certilicate No. i!l35.S.  Jititcnd; sixty days'fconi date hereof, to applv to  lhe Miniiijr Recorder for a Certilicate of Ira  provements for the purpose  of  obtaining  a��  Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action  under  Section 37  must be commenced  before tlie is  suance of such Certilicate of Improvements.  Dated the 20th day of November, IS. 9.  192 C. _E. SHAW.  MIN-ERAL, ACT, 1896.  Cei^ificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  " CARMI"   Mineral   Claim,    situate  in  the  Kettle River Mining-Division of Yale District.   Where located :   In Carmi camp on  the West Fork of Kettle River.  TAKE NOTICE, that I, Forbes M. Kcrbv,.  C.E., as apeht for Ednr.tund Heathcote  Thruston, sree miner's certificate No. 27021,  Georpe A Sonneman, free miner's certificate  No. ___42020, and Joseph E. Branscombe,  free miner's certificate No. B42019. intend sixty days from the date hereof, to applj-  to the Mining- Recorder for a Certificate of  Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a  Crown Grant of the above claim.  And farther take notice that action, under  section 37, -must be commenced before the issuance, of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 10th day of AprU.-_.90_.  FORBES M. KERB"? ���H  m*-  THE GREENWOOD WEEKLY TIMES.  ���'h  Page   5.    *} .'  LOCAL, -HAPPENINGS.  ��� A. M. WJiiteside Jias. returnsd from  the coast.  E. H. Thurston of the Carmi has  returned from England.  F. H. Oliver,, managing-director of.  the Morrison Mines, is in the city}  Archdeacon Pentieath of Vancouver  was a visitor in the city this week..  Geo. O. Buchannan,.Kaslo, register,  ed at the Armstrong- on Friday last.  J. R. Miller, owner of the Miller  block;, spent several days in the city  this week.   .....  Ross Thompson, Rossland, and  Frank Watson, Spokane, were in the  city this week.  R. T. Daniel of Spokam- and- formerly of Trail paid Greenwood a business visit this week.  Miss Wilson is now prepared to take  pupils in piano playing-. Resideuce,  next door to Baptist church.  F. M. Elkins and-bride have rettined  from their honeymoon trip and have  taken up their residence.on Govern ment  street.    7     ''.-.'."  J. W. H. Smythe, manager of the  Bank of .Commerce has been confined  to the house with 'rheumatism for the  past week. .  For Dominion Day all C.P. R. agents  will sell round trip tickets at a fare  and one-fourth good tgoing 29, 30 and  1st. return till 2nd.  ~" R. I. Kirkwood, a brother of W. J.  ' Kirkwood bf this cityY- lias returned to  his home in Slucan City after spending  several weeks in the district.  Several important mining deals are  being negotiated and,if carried to a  successful issue will mean the development of some additional important  mines in the district'*  A special train will leave Greenwood  at 3:30 a. m. o'clock on Dominion .Day  for Grand Forks, returning wiil leave  Grand Forks at '11...pi. in. This is in  addition to the regular train. The  fare for the round ti'ip is 51-20,  Two Sisters- of Peace were in the  city this week collecting for tlie  hospital which they intend opening in  the city about July 1st. The present  school building, will in all probability  be used temporarily. It is the intention of the Sisters to erect a large  hospital as quickly as possible.  At Greenwood on the 17th inst., K.  M. Stet-hen, book keeper for the  Htiuter-Kendrick company, Grand.  Forks, aud Miss M. L. McQuoid late of  Wheatland, N. D., were married at the  residence of. W. T. Hunter, local manager of the Himter-Kendrick company.  Rev. J. R..Robertson, B. A., of Grand  "Forks, officiating.  Mayor Jakes and Ralph Smailes returned on Tuesday from the coast  where the representations made by  them in reference to the public school  received favorable consideration from  the government. H. C. Shaw another  _,-nie'.iibei*-of-the-dclegation-=-wiH" return-  early in Jul}', legal business detaining  him.  For sale at a special bargainfone nev,-  ��� upright Gerhard Heinizman Art Piano  very latest design, handsome walnut  case for S42..i:0, regular price 5600.00.  The Gerhard Heui.sman is the premier  piano of Canada, and is used in all  leading conservatories and endorsed  by the best professional musicians.  Bargain?, ou .new slightly used up  right pianos from 8275,^0 up. Terms  to suit.    Greenwood music store.  The members of the Greenwood club  entertained Mr. Clive Pringle. at a  smoker in the club rooms on Friday  evening last. Felicitous speeches were  delivered by several members all wishing Mr. Pringle bon voyage on tbe  momentous journey he w��i5 about to  take. Among- the events of the evening were three round sparring contests  between Messrs. Mieklejohn and  Pringle, and Stowe and Colter. They  all showed themselves adepts with the  gloves. Some capital songs were well  sung by Messrs. Finucane, Ingiis,  Mieklejohn, Stowe, Hodge an:!  others.  From all indications there will be a  large crowd go from here to the Dominion Day celebration���, at Grand Forks.  Mr. Kartline of this city has a string  .of horses coming up from Lewiston  and will be on hand early. In' the running events C. A. Wilson and F. J.  Mitchell, two sprinters of   more   than  ; local repute will face the starter in the  100 220 yards. The line up of the hose  team has been announced and the boys  of the fire department have been: deli-  gently training. The team will be  captained by C. A. Wilson. The make  up is as follows:   A. D. Hallett,   F.  J.  ' Mitchell, Charles Dunn, C. E. Mer-  ritt, E. B. Dill, P. G.  McLeod,   Harry  .*',, Conies, Harry Mitchell, W.' H.   Pierre,;  -..-���N-. McLeod and D. A. Mackenzie.  "rmrfwjrjggr  FOR  ^QjSVfcOJR.vw.-''-'���1  E?  yj%  Cr*  (r*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  C^  CF'-  Cr*  iiithi  'TnvifuW:  n  fl  WE GUARANTEE THEM UNCONDITIONALLY.  CALL AND LET US  - EXPLAIN ITS ADVANTAGES TO YOU.  lacpnerspn  JEWELLERS. I     ���   ���  COPPER STREET.  And Guanniteenur work to be riprht, as we uso only the best  of material., and employ only competent workmen  ....  ���PAPERING AND DECORATING-^  A full line of Wall Papers, Paints' Oils,   Glass,  Mirrors,  bash and Doors, Varnishes,  etc. etc.  Use Mellor's Pure Ready-Mixed Paints  $2.0.0 Per Gallon        7    .  1        If        If 1:1 .ll Hi  Capital, ail paid up.. $12,000,000.'  Cr*  CF*  Cr*  CF<  Cr*  CF*  Cr*  <F*  Cr*  0=*  (F*  BesL.:::..., 57,000,000.  President:   Lowi* Stkaxh*cona and Moo.vt Hoyal,  Vice-President:   Hon. GEOKnE A. Dkumsiono.  General ?i.an:ig-er :    __. S   C_.oUS.ton.  Brasciies ia Loadon, Eng. ^'eP.np1SU NewvYorli, Chicago.  Buy and sell Stcrliiiff Exchange and Cable Transfers ; Grant-,Corunierclal an  Travellers' Credits, available in anv pirt of the wot Id. \   '��� .  Greenwood Branch,   ' F.'J." FiNl'CAWE, taager/i  *_f "  SI  *=_>i  *=9.  mmmmmmmmmmmmm,  **9  <m~  ���THE BANK OF  '.hlH III    /UMW1  Established 1835.     Iccerpc.ate'i by R.yal Charter.  Capital ^1,000.000���$4,866.66.  Reserve Fund, _��3S0,000~$1,703,333.33  HEAD OFFICE:   LONDON, ENGLAND-  H- STIKEMAN, General Manager, Montreal,  'y.- J. ELM5LY.Inspector, Montreal.  Branches and ag-ents  in   all  the   principal cities   of   Canaua and the-  United States, and r'rrespondenTs in all parts  of uie world. ',"v  ... A GENERAL -''BANKING BUSINESS "TRANSACTED...' -  Greenwood Branctt:   W. G. __���' BELT, Managrer.  A' ^%*f '���,  -���-  V. & X. 'PHONE 79. COPPER STREET.  t-Al.--4-_3-___H!M  *wc**_��������-iai!.E-&i__-.v-uuu*M-^-i:.._i..i��.-f--. -_ "-^nrn*v..j..^.-^3J^ji  AMMAN RANK OF-f QMMERCE M''  With W'nich is Incorporated the  AKK-OF BRITISH COLUMBIA,  HEAD OFFICE, TOROl^'O.  U Capital $8,000,000.       -      Rest,-. ��2,000.000'  $& ,     \ ���    ���  ^      HON. GEO. A. COX. President.   B, E. WALKER; General Mauaeer  fi     ' "     I. W, e.,SMYTHE, H- .  ..-�� I  I  Lieutenant J.  Edyvards   Leckie   has  returned from a trip to Rossland.  G. E. Tovynsend   of Rossland  is  in  the city.  ^--Richard^Elew-man-of���the-'^W-in-iipeg"  mine was in the city tliis.yeee...        '  . Headquarters for  dressmaking-   and  iniliiiiery at G. 1?. Williams.  Halc3'on is the best mineral water on  the market. B. C. Wholesale Liquor  Compaiiy general ag-ents  Rooms at the Clarendon 50 cents per  niij-ht. tf  SWAYNE-HOUSE  Comfortable; furnished rooms.  Private Board."     Home Cook- -j  ing-..   Board  and   room  from '!  S7 a-week-arid upwards. ii  ma. 1. uj._..t__UKr._�������t���-.ij.....���_t--.s_-_r_r.._-g3yxi  "E'lints Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil  -the best���Andersons the Drug-yist.  "C. C. C. C. *he gie.it nerve   buildcr  31.00 at Anderson's Pharmacy.  To "CKT���A furnished three roomed  cottag-e .   Apply Times office.  Go to Anderson's phirmacy ' for  drug's, toilet, articles, sponges, soapy,  perfumes, etc., Greenwood.  Rooms at the Clarendon 50 cents per  nig-In.  Home cooked meals, just the same as  you used to get before you left the Old  Folks at Home.   At Kerfoot's.  CAMP' McKIMEY  ...HOTEL...  Hugh Cameron :-: Prop.  >  s Best, Brands  "Seines,  Liquors  and  ^ Cigars.'' Good Stabling-. '  i CAMP^MdK3NNEY. B. C, I  i.SO.15  .15  15  i.     IS  .   1.75  15  Beans per can   Peas '.....'...*   Corn ���   Tomatoes   Potatoes per cwt   Kaisins per package   Raisins per ib    :  10  Currants loose,           15  Currants. Package       20  Salmon, per can        15  Salmon, 2lbs.......'       25  Mackerel, per can fresh .'.       15  Herring, per can, fresh 15  Herring, tomato sauce       20  Preserved bloaters       2 0  Flour, Hungarian;,.........'   1-50  Flour. Gold Drop ..7.....*....   1.35  Potatoes, per cwt   1.75  Oil, per case .      .   3.65  BANWE8MAN BROS.  -    - i  Manager Greenwood Branch.     m.  it*--<(���> rt c ij   A tc_t"*-\    i***-" I'.s.<*"i g Txi v h-*< r>.-s vytif*    x>?-T <f>, ","��� > f <"*���  *-  ,\x  -CUNUFFE & McAilLLAM-  FOUKDESS.      EOiLER MAKERS      and      MAC!-|.i-;;ST3.  ORE OARS-    This  is  our specialty.     We  make  the beat o--e c i -. o.: the  m;_.rk_etJiii7L.^-Ly--^ ll">   -"'   i-*er- -f"  eiices and full particulars.  SECOND HAND MAOH.'NERY. For Sale. 1-60 IT P r.lma  boiler 5-16 s'leli. heads, i-2-o iiue.-.. Tested t.<> IS'..' Iq.. .m'.cI w a ]>.e .a e.  52 ft heavy 30 lb smokestack Ki.-d.ali _i t-iii ���___. compifte. 1 -. -12 Ho. .z-  onial slide valve engine. 1���25 h. p. Locomotive type boi.er ,u ci t. ^iui  attached.  WANTED. '2���3 or 4 drill air compressors. 2���Sm-.ill hoists about 16 ii. p.  small boiiors 15 to 25 h. p. mast be in good canuition.  (  T-Jird Avenue,  Rossland.  P O Box 198  f-^.:-w��^vri-S%w:?.-.5.:.7.K?S.:��K-:  !������:. 7*i*-^*        o  0  M  i ti  fy?  e ��  a *;  ' -*i ���  . ���*.  i-4  a  '<������>  S    .il'!^i.;W'    '    y v? fy Si **5 ^ ^ H    8 \> !"'  " %  OOO  Smoke a William Pitt Cigar.    A jolly yivcn  with   everv ci^ar  at Jacobs'-    Ask for it.  ...-.   ��0-  'i- ���.  When  }-ou   can' get   the   best   cigars  the   country   at   JaCQl'tS.    :    :    :    :    :  *%    CLARENDON KOTEL BLOCK.     '   -    ''     -        Coapsr Street.    U..  k:-5 ' ' ty..  ���Sfta"-��*^*,--K*'^-Iv^*_>(-i%V-^'^  &&ttttx?ttls>i&t>>..&''-tt<;zi''J^^  C' '���:���  1  a-fU-iiiii_iiiii-iiiiiiiiii_iiIUiliiiiiii-iiiliiiiiU-UJJi-iltiit_i��Ul.-_5  _^-o  tyS,    PETEft  GENELLE. PRES.  j. genelle, vice-PRES.   j   General Oflira.  _ ! Grcenwoud. I!. C.  J.  POUPORE. SECRETARY.  ilfilwiiifini  LIMITED.  Teleyhones :  Ciiliimbia Xo.  Boundary Crepk Xo.  Vernen i Xclson  Xo. _6.  __' 1_  1-3 Our    Yards    and   Jlills    are  yttS located as follows :  _^S Greenwood.-    Phoenix.    Dead-  -^* wood City. Eholt Xo. i. Ehol Xo.  !^_2 2. Lonir Lake, Kock Creek.  Sfcy-  ^J lark   Carari.    Xaknsp,    Pol>soil,  _ Ymir and Rosslaud.  We x.��re Manufacturers  of all Kinds of : : : : :  ROi ll OBflilfc 1  i  '*   \   t  I -     '  *���;"-    ,;   ;    " ** '        ��� '"   "   fj' '���   ���  L  <-._�����__-.  -j��ts*T=a. VgXt**' ���'  ______ Paee 6.  THE GREENWOOD WEEKLY TIMES.  ;i/->-*i  *>~V..  J1-,'-:"  Genuine  \T  THE  I-  ���-���^  hum.i' r  .0. hi!ULL0isM  u  ill  -.i_5  ���avJ.  CMS  *iv*>  -."_-'  PATRONIZE LOCAL MEN-  iHju  LiUUUl  1  ,*"��P;.?;"'��-_K-'ri'��^^ ,,     'v..y_.'/V'-N������;_.v.^  l> l> fl  DIRECT IMPORTERS OF  * i> *  SA.YERS   AND   MILL   SUPPLIES  WE   HAVE   A   COMPLETE  OCK OF ALL APPARATUS REQUIRED IN YOUR ASSAY OFFICE.  Vle _���'  \C_-RNTS FOR "BATTERSEA"  .UCIBLES etc, AND BRAUNS PAT-  ii ��. II Cl PRICES  The example which the city council  has set in making a local man 'chief of  police instead of sending to an outside  town for an officer may well be followed  in other ways. It may be imitated as  regards things inanimate as well as  animate. We take thc following from  the Spokesman-Review as stating in  tlie best way what is meant: .  Among the advantages of building-  up home industry are these: Tne  money will be kept here.  Employment will be given to local  workmen, local boys and girls.  The taxable property will be increased and taxes reduced.  Producers of raw products will come  here to market their materials and will  spend their money with local merchants.  The stranger will  are your factories.?"  numerous that they  ;selves apparent.  The town will more rapic-ly increase  iti population..  All kinds of reaii esta.te will advance  ia value. >.       ���'  Other transcontinental railroads will  come ia, and those aow here will increase their branch system.-  It i�� not expected that all these advantages will come iai a month* or a  year. They will come,. though,.io. time  and someof them will come quickly..  But.an; effort willbe required.-  Begin, today by. calling, for home products. Lf you are thinking of sending  east for-'me-rchandise camriedby. a.home  dealer, abandon the purpose.���Vancouver W.br.ld.  Licence to an  Extra-Provincial Com-  'COMPANIES ACT. 1897.'  .Canada :  Province of Bkjtish Coli'miiia  THIS IS TO CERTIFY*   that the  real a\  ITVA^B  __t'  ri1  not   ask,   "where  Tbe\- will   be  so  will   make   them-  B..C. IN LONDON.  ^T ,.T��Ft-r---iTff-^ii-"j^��tt��� "^vrj-y.yii��-rrtasa^aag^^ttnaa��naan>tr.ijHBttM��oa)B��gv-^^ i-.tit.1-7111  'HE.  Gbni  COPPER STREET.  BM  AND  Lunches  put  ���dining���room  up���Short orders at all hours���Private  :���.for__ladies ���Best service   in   the   city.  During a recent debater in the-B�� G.  -egislature^-wheii the vote-of. ten thattr  sand dollarsfor the establishment of  the Agent-General's office in Loudon  was being. discussed,, one of  the        representatives of the  miniug   constiuiences   complained- of  the   lethargy   of   the   government  in  l\ keeping- the potentialities of the   province before investors, aud-the Minister  of Mines is reported  to  have replied.:.  "We are  sending out circulars  every  month."    We are somethat  astonishe  at this statement coining*  from a member of the Government,  as no circulars  appear to have raached. this-conntry at.  alt,  and -it'would  seem  that, even- if,  circulars  are sent out  they  have   no  reference   whatever   to    the    miuer-al  wealth of British Columbia.    No  steps  have  ever been, taken by the Govern,  merit department, in. Victoria, to  disseminate useful information, concerning the Province's greatest asset.    W.e  are glad to hear, that an .appropriation  has been made to.supply the de__c___j-.ey,  and  we onlj*  v.oiee  the  opinion of all  those interested in. the dev.eiorjmeuts.of  this portion  of  Canada  when  we e: -  press the hope tliat the  suggested r. -  formation  will, be initiated   on.  comprehensive and. businesslike, lines,.���B.  C. Review (London)..  Werner  CABLE ADDRESS  MAORI.  CODE :  MOREING  &JNEAI,.  ii li _i  Mont-  and __o��toii Copper Company. Ltd."  is authorized aril licensed to can;,- on business  within the Province oi British Odumbi 1, and  to carry o:it or effect all or an v of the objects of  tlie Company to which the legislative authority  of the Letrislature of Bri;ish Columbia extends.  The heail olV.ce of the Company is situate 'n  Montreal, I'rovince of Quebec. Canada.  The amount of the capital of the Company is-  SrO.,lnK>. divided into five thousand shares of  S10J each.  The head ofliee of lhe Company in this Province is s'm;ate at Grtcn-.voou, and Clive  Pringle. Jlarnster-al-Law, whose address is  Creeuwood aforesaid- is tlie attorney for the  Company.  Given nnder my hand and seal of office at  Victoria, Province of Kritish Columbia, this-  11th dny of March, one thousand nine hundred;  and one.  [L.s.] S. Y. "WOOTTON,.  Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.  The following.-ar* the objects fo. which' the:  Compnny has been ��slabl ished ���.  a. To mine,quart-.-, work, nii.l^ manufacture-  and prepare- for sale by any process, and to  carry, sell and' deal in coal, coke; irou.iron  ores, stone, coppar'and copper ores, manganese  and any other minerals* clays or mineral substances, and jrenerallv to carry on the. trades of  niiuea-nd coal oynersy iron, masters, founders,  smolten. of metals,-and (jjiarry men and. ore audi  metali dealers ::   ���  b. To purchase or acquire- any interest int.  andtchold, use or occupy any lands, buildings*  coal and other mines, mii.er.n_s,.miniu]2"orother  rig-Utsveasemeritsor privileges,- and' the-Company may sell and convey.the same- by dbed: or  deeds with tlio usual full covenants-or otl.e_<--  wise : . ...  c. To let or sub-let for building mining- or  any oth*r purpose any property, and! to griv..  and' graut any rights^ licenses,, easements, or  privileges:  d; To-construct, piircUnse,. alter,,operate-or.  maintainyor.to contribute to the purchase,oan-  structibi-, alteration, operation or maintenance  of any building-, railwao-, tram way,.wire rayie  tramwayycaual, bridge;.p*er, road; shipi-.te-._rt-  er, barge or other work catonlated.to afford any'  facility ii_scarryin��- on ov extending the-busi--  uess-of' the: Com pany, amJ. tn operatesuch Hallway, tramway, wire rope tramway;canal;wl_-_rf  bridge, p*i_r, road,, ship,, steamer,, barge,-..ind  other works by steam,, electricity or odic.  motive power::  e.. To- purcliass,- hire,, charter, . construct,  maintain;, ope-raie. or. - manufacture for. use- iu  conncctiou: with any business of the���Company  any ships., steamers,. biurets, rolling.- stack,  machinery or plant:  f. To acquire any exclissive riglit-in letters  patent, franchise or paten'_\rk.hts or priviii_ges  or lands ikeconuection xvixii. the business c_.the  Company..  tt. To farm any laiid:!_e_d..by tlie-Coni;?an.v,  and for tli.Tt _>urposc- tor- buy. sell and <*:fc��l in  any larmirrg slock or prcAuci.:  ll. Tn construct aud main tain U'.legra;;__ and  telephones.- and generally.to.carry on. the-.busi-  ness of a teleirrapli auaS: tt-Icphoiie coiuipany.  and to transport: fnv.ght:__ud. passengers ou land  .md waier..iii-.C'>niiectioi:.' with and coii'Jh.ed to  the business of the Company :  i. To acquire the gc��d-vvit! of any bissiuess  within live, objects of tha Company, acvl any  laiuls. privileges, rights, and i.out.act"_-a -er-  taining l>s._lte same, an-fen. ccinuectiou \w-_i"*-1"  such pin'cliase to iiiidcptekt, the liabiwlies of  any company, assoi.;_.tk)i-. i.artner.hip or  person :'  j. To sell or ollierv;.se-dispose of the whole  or o.ny branch or part of the busine*- or ptv-  pertv of tire Compau_^to any  Compatry carry-  he  Yale Dis-  Cro-.vn    Point  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate   of  Improvements  ��*TICE.  CROV,***; POI-nT Mineral claim, situate in  Keltic Kiver Mining Division of  tricl.   Wiiere  located :  : In-  Camp.  TAKE XOTICE that I. Is-sac H. Hallett,  Freo Miner's certicateMo. BSiK'Si for myself and as agent for John Dougias. Free  Miner's certificate Xo.I'SllT, John 1-'. McLeod.  Free Miner's Cei-tiiieaw*R_?>509. A.X.l'e'.ly. Free  Miners Certificate No. 20*)-., and. ("1. _v.' Hodgson.  Free Miner's certilicaie .^o�� I5207.-S'.��� intend,  sixty davs from ihednte hereof to apply v llie  Mining Kei-order So,- a Certificate oi Iniprnve-  meius for the ].urpo..e 01 obtaining a Crown  l.r.uit of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37. nm-i be coiniueuced before the issuance of sncli certificate of ini-jrovenn-iiis.  Dated this 3rd day of M:tv,.T*. ..  1. II-. H.V-.LETT..  MINERAL ACT. '  Certificate of Imorovemsnts..  NOTICE..  TAMARACK.  VXLACTWX*.    Miueral   claim,,  situate in  the Kettle Kivur Miniuir Division,  of   Yale   District.     *iYlu.ra   local--: :       Iu  Greenwood', camp.  TA.K1_ n.."'_e thatl, Isaac H. Iialletf,. as.  agent for the Erl Svmlic'.U''. T-imileu.Free-  Miner's Certificate No. iC.^Ki,  intend sixty days from the date liereof,.  to apply to tho Mining Recorder-' for a Certili--  cate of Improvements,- fi��r the purpose of  obta'tiiinga1 Crown grant ofitlieabove claim.  And   further,   take notice that action, under  Sectipn-37. must   Ue commenced  before the issuance of such Certificate of-Improvement:*.  Dated this.lOUi day of May,.1901.  M16 I..H..HAL__Eia-;.  Notice to Pre-esnptorsv of. Grxxwn  Lands-   . *  THE. attention of Pre-emp.tor=r. of Crown'  lands-is hereby called to an., amend menu,  to the '-LaudAct;'.' passed at the.l__st session of.  the Legislature,, whicli-provides- as. follows,,  viz:^���  ���-... Ero-emptorsof Crown land.s��. whether in  arrears-iu.payraenf.of iii.staln:ems of: purchase.-,  money or: not, who .aXithe time ��_:coming.irtto ���  force of.this Act, have obtained-.Certificates-of r:  Improvanient,   or- \vl_iv^ shall   ha-ve    obtained!  Ceriilicates--of    Imp-O-.-ement   within   twelve v  months- thereafter.. staall on , comforming. witli.  the.��� pro-risisious ��� of tlie "Laud Act.v except as-,  hereby  ailtered,   be., fsititled   tx> obtain  Crown  grants^s-t'their pre. e-iiption claiats upon com-  pletiug payments o��. purchase, money at.the:  rate of'seventy-five..cents per =*_m_. aud Crown.;  grant. Sees.. which, y>aymeuts may be made as-,  follow*.:���  Twaiuy-live.cents per acre. on..or. before the-:  ___.. day of December, .l.'>9ti.  "TXveuty-tive ceut_. per acre on or  before, the.-  JOtit'ilay of J��sae,-'��2;  ''ami tbe .remaining���-  --'J-i-.venty-Sve cetws per acre on. ar before the  -____-] 31-st day of Rscembo.:-.  WOi. aud  without  any ��� further ��� payuieiit of- interest or ar--"  rears of iatesesu."'���  W. S...GORE.  Heputy ConraiissioneroC Lititds & .Works.,.  La_;��s and works. Repartitions-. ���  Victoria, li. C_- 1st Juiie_J-.i)3-. Jy.-* .  Mir.ERAL. ACT.  Certificate.of liiiBrovements,.  Dont forg-t-tTto goto��� tlie" Sditth; "End  Grocery for. fresh, eg^s,, gpoA s^uds,  g-ood mochatamliava coffee^ good tea  and fresh: groceries.  NOTICE..  LSAD KING.. Mineral _*a'-_-, siutats. in . the-v  Kettle Kivj-r.Miiiiuj!r.Uij"isum of-Yale Dis--  trict. *\Vli-_rc-.locoteil:. lu S-.ylar*-.camp.  AKE "XOaaCE that We. Hugh R. Elliot,  Vreo Miuui-'scertiH-une-Xo. B 2'.+,?..Herbert-.  jl'Ha--3.-iii Free-Mine:-'... cei_lific;..ieNo. 1*U4!CS7, audi  ing on onformed Tor sue purpose of ca-rrviug 011 j.-Walter J. "W sflnian EreeMi-ier's ceriiiieate No..  any objects similar'cor those of thaCompany ''^ -*^26' i"^-!.^'^days fj 0111 the dater hereof, to.  hereby incorporated::  And .fu_tlier take.-notice tliat aoUon. lui'der,-  of shares,stocks, deitentures or debeft-turestoc.*6j;ai_tion 37, 'a,est be co.ujmenced befor.c the. issu..  of any aompany car.(iragni:, or foi.ca.ed fdr c:i__.--l:ai'ce.of siVij_:_.Certiric:iteof_ln-provq��j,ents.'.  i-ipply to the.-Mining Htocoi-iier for :l   Certificate,!  ,��� .       ,   i; oil 1:1 pro v&r/n. tits. 10K the purpose .c&. obtaiuiug.-  1,.- acquire, by original   subscription ot-t._ Crown Grmt of theabov* claim.  otherwise, and to hold; sell orotlierwise.dispos<;4''  rying on, any  tradoor   business   wiliiiu. the-  objects of the.Company:  1;. Tbipurcliai-e,.lease or cthcnv��>:e acquire.,  hold andicnjoy all ;tct.perty, fraii-rliises, rig&ts-  and; privileges,, held or enjoyed _*." any other  company or compi-iiies carrying? ��>r. any bnsi-  ness similar to tl_at which this. Company, is.  authr_j_i!ed- to. catrvy on under t'isfc.provisio-toof  its charter. Said property, rigbrts,. franchises  and'privileges..when purchased:Ieased;or,o��iie_-  wise-acquirediassabove stated 3i-alli beo^vnedi  and- en joyed-b}'--tl-is~G(niipa-_��y^=as-f ully; an<J-  e-_ei2ti.ally asi bile same were:- lteretofa_e___eld  and" enjoyed- bn the Compan;i from whiahthe  samo-were- s<i>pttTchased, leiiaed; or ot__a-W.$se  ac:_nired-,.subjj3<jt to all exisiii-^Talid; lsteis-aoad  cbcirgesi  Dated tliis 22nd day of May, A..D. 1W1  JVIIHSJRAL ACT..  For lessous��-uu violin.^ pianov snando-  in etc,,, see- Prof. E_au-3f_n-a.il, Green  wood Music. Store-  THOS. MILLER, Mgr.  TO LET :   Building- suitable for Stores or offices.    Lot ori Copper Street,  "business   centre.  Well Furnished five roomed house, easj- terms of payment.  FOR SALE:  GREENWOOD,  B.  C.  MINERAL, ACT 1S96.  Certificate of Improvement.  NOTICE.  IDAHO Mineral Claim, situate in the Kettle  River Mining Division of Yale district.  Where located :    In Loug Lake camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I. C. JE. Shaw acting  as a-ent for J. Lucv, Free Miuer*s certili-  cate .033!-' aud the V. A Largey estate  Free Miner's certificate 29621b. intend sixty  davs ^roin the date hereof, to apply to tne  Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements " for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, tinder  section  37.   niiisi  be   commenced   before    the  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated tliis 12th dav of April. A.  D. l"0i).  41_50 C. .E. SHAW.  SALE UNDER CHATTEL MORTGAGE.  NOTICE,  Notice is hereby g-iven that thirty  days from the date hereof I intend to  applv to the Board of License Com-  misskmers in the City of Greenwood.  ' for a transfer of the licence now held  by me to Sidney OUver, fer the premises situate on Gold Street, Greenwood, and known as the Ladysmith  Hotel. Ola Lofstad.  Dated June 4th, 1901.  Under and by virtue of the powers contained  in a certain Chattle Mortgage, dated the 2.th.  day of September. -WO. which will be produced  at the time of sale, and which said Chattle  Mortgage was, by Indenture of Assignment  dated the Sth day of May, 1901, duly assigned  to The Ames Holden Company of Montreal,  Limited, there will be offered for sale by public  auction, at tlie store now or recently occupied  by Joseph L. Smith, situate on Lot34. Block  12, on tbe West side of Copper Street in the City  of Green wood in the County of Yale in the  1'ioviiic- of British Columbia, at the hour of  11 o'clock in the forenoon oil Tuesday the 25th  day of June. 1.01, the following property : The  stock of Groceries, dry goods, boots and shoes;  and all wares and merchandise of whatever  kind and nature, together with all the store fittings and furniture, and the frame building in  which said goods and chattels aud fittings are  contained, situate 011 said Lot 34, Block 12. City  ol Greenwood, aforesaid.  Dated this 13th day  of June. 1901.  HALLETT .c SHAW,  Solicitors for the Assignee  of said Chattel Mortgage.  fl OTiCE-  Notdcfi* is hereby given that at the  next meeting of the Board of Lncensa  Commissioners for the city of Greea-  wood: 1 will apply for an hotel license  for t_d_e- B. C. Hotel sitnate on lots 8 aad:  9 blocir 16, map 21 on Government  street tn the city of Greenwood.  John Keough.  Dated June 14th, 1901.  MINERAL   ACT,  1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  DANDY Minerl Claim, situate in' -lie Kettle  River Mining Division of Osoyoos, District.  Where located: In Greenwood camp, south  of tlie Tamarack Mineral Claim.  TAKE NOTICE  that wc, Sydney M. Johnson, Free  Miner's C ertificate "No.  BS120  and H. L. Morgan.Free Miner's CertificateNo.  n2%14, intend, sixtv days from thedate here*  to applv to tne mining recorder for a certi-  cate of improvements for the purpose of obtai.  ing a crown gram of the above claim. '  And  further take   notice that action, undr.  section 37, must be commenced before the 1  suanceof such Certificttcof improvements.  Dated this 16th dav of March, A. D., 1.01.  White-btou_.es, all sizes, audi gniffies at  ��..R.'Wi_l_i-Lr_>s.  ���I iwm ��� 1  1 t - i -ti _ ���t-Trim ��� ma nw >__���* r *m ��� 1  Kas taken   charge- off the  rooms &_> the  Where she wiil be p-repared to  look after all ker old customers and as m__ny new ones as.  she can entertain. The rooms,  are well fu.r. ished and comfortable; ratees reasonable. If  you need ���  ROOMS  Call   ��_nd   see   her   before   taking- elsswhere.  Certificate, af Improsfe-fflents*.  Sc* Vies.  '-CIiE.��B-LANI_ X.. DCOO-v uG 1.0. !.IM  ER.AC.T.ION"'_.u��_ -YOR-i.. rH:A.'S._.01ci*'  MSaerftlclainXsituatein is    ti.Ive;- t-&&i*3-f.  =^-aliuini^D��N-iBioa.o_'--yale--*^fe:ric_:-,-7^====^^==^  VChere located.:   In Smiths Camp.  TAKE. NftiMCE that I. SPaac H. -3k.Ilett,as.  ag.ent.fjnQ-J. C. Haa__. E!rjee _vlii-��c's- Cer-  tifie-_te.No..B_--7t.,and George E.. Foster* Free  Miner's^ Centific-jte J.��- lfrv (speaal)  inttfsld. ��� sixty days frjai date- hereof to  apaly to.t3_e.-Mitting Recc*.-li;. for a Certificate  otljnpr.ovemeuts for the purpose- o* obtainingf  a^roiv.n-.GScan.t of the alxw-'e claims,  Aandi facUier take nowise that action, tinder  ;Soc.tion-. 3Sr ntust be cc-nmenced, t.*fcre the is,  !suance-o<sach Certificataof -.niprcvoments.  j   Dated tlijs.6tU day o-TMay,. A...E_. 1901.  I      moft t- g- HAX.I.ETT.  Illustrated postal cards, views of  both smelters. Do not miss seeing  them.    Smith & McRae.  Pan-American Exhibition  Buffalo - - $76.00.  JULY 2. 16. AUGUST 6, 20-  The K. F. & A. Co., sells Crow's  Nest coal; seasoned hard-wood, any  lengths, Loon Lake ice; daiH* delivery.'  Office opp. Windsor Hotel. V. & N.  Tel. 123. tf  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Ittiprovements.  LAKE VIE*W mineral c1*'w. �����������--*  '- "--  Kettlemvei Mining 1'ivti-ion 01   *��ii_ __..  trict.     Where   located :       In   Long   Lalct  Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that we. Robert Wood.Free  Miner's Certificate "So. B2">759, and C. L.  Thomet. Free Xiiners Certificate Xo. B29659, intend sixtv davs from the date liereof, to apply  to to Mining Recorder for a Certificate of lm-  prouements, for the purpose of obtaining a  Crown Graut of-the above claim.  And further  take   notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements  Dated this .th day of March, A. D.,1901.  3*n-0.  ���������a*��4 ���*,*.*�������������_��r.  M4M.I  |R. P. Ritliet & Co.!  i LIMITED.  I  f WHOLESALE   GROCERS I  WINE AND SPIRIT  MERCHANTS.  VICTORIA, B. C.  *t**mmwtm��*9 >o����iii*i^Mii��minil  Epworth League Meeting.  San Francisco $50.00.  JULY 13, U 15th.  Christian Endeavor Conven't  Cincinnati $68.50.  JULY 2nd ana 3rd.  National Educational  Assn.  Detroit $71.25.  JULY 2nd and 3rd.      >  E. R. REDPATH. agent, Greenwood, B.C.  J.S.CARTER,  D. P. A., Nelson, B.C.  E. J. C0YLE,  A.G.P.A., Vancouver  ���vy:*  .1  i  ,t  i  JL THE GREENWOOD WEEKLY TIMES.  Page 7.  DECIDED BY CARDS.  Bow an Aspen   Grove Hotel Man won Bis  License.  The Siiuilkameen Star is the authority for the introduction of the old  fashioned B. C. way of settling- disputed points. At the meeting- of the  Board of license commissioners in  Princeton, applications were received  irom D. Ivlunroe and Wm. Dodds and  the Star says :  The applications of D, Munroe and  "Wm. Dodds, ior a license at Aspen  Grove, caused considerable discussion,  there being no objections against  either applicant, and the board deciding to jfraut only one license.  The question was finally settled by  the applicants playing a game of cards  to decide which should withdraw. Dan,  -understanding the handling of the  pasteboards (probably with an ace in  his sleeve} won the game, so Mr. Dodds  courteously withdrew,- aud the license  was accordingly granted to Mr.  Munroe! -,.-  A little side issue is connected with  Mr. Munro's application. He expects  to take to himself a life partner in the  business, s<*> the old adage of ''Lucky  in love, etc.," has again proved true.  The little cun 1 est..-jvas carried on  with the utmost good'feeliug, and our  -worthy commissioners .heaved a sigh  -of relief when it was all over.  LOCAL NOTICES.  Rooms at the Clarendon SO cents per  night. "        tf   .  ������. ���    "Flints Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil  ��� the best���-Andersons the Druggist.  ..   '���(-.. C. C. C. the great nerve   builder  -S1.00 at Anderson's Pharmacy.   .'-  To lex���A .fun.__.hed three roomed  cottage .    Apply Times office.  Go to Anderson's pharmacy for  drugs, toilet, articles, sponges, soaps,  periumes, etc., (-.i-eeuwood.  Rooms at the Clarendon 50 cents per  flight.  Home cooked meals; just the same as  3'xnt used to get before you left the Old  Folks at Home.    At Kerfoot's.  Fresh  candy at  S.merad's, Copper  street.  '-"Flints Sarsparilia, tha spring--tonic  -ri.OO.    Anderson's Pharmacy..  Goods promptly delivered to any part  of the city. Semerads Columbia phone  107.  Dr. Mathison, dentist, over Bank of  Coniuierce..   Both  'phones.  You can get the. very best apple  'cider' hy the gallon at the B. C. Wholesale Licuior Co.  Take your prescriptions to the  "Windsor Drug Stove, W. F.. Anderson,  Greenwood,  The best ice cream  daily   nt Greenwood Candy   Factory.   We   guarantee  it pure, C. V. Semerad.  ���   . .       ,      _.  .        _  Fresh strawberries received   twice a  week at Semerad's. Copper street.  Mail orders promptly filled���Anderson's drug store.  Fresh candy at Semerads.  -Rooms at the Clarendon 50 cents per  night. -  Foi-: R:-.^.*T���Corner store wiih three  ooms, papered, rent 'about S20. . Apply Thc Times office. - ���    '   ���       tf  Fresh strawberries daily   at   Seme  rads.  MINERAL ACT 1896.  -*>@  NOTICE.  STEAM   BOILER    INSPECTORS'    EXAMINATION.  APPLICATIONS for examination fnr Steam  lioiler Icisnectors will b_ received by the  Chief Injector of Steam Iloilers. New Westminster. 15. C, up to Jvn; 10th. l'-Ul. Applicants must be between uie aires of -.. and _h)  years, tliey must have had at least five years'  practical workshop experience as machinists or  boiler makers, and must also haw a thorough  uuderstaiidiiii. of steam eiiiriiieerinji.  Forms ot" particulars may bi: obtained, on re-  ?uest of iiite.uliiitr applicants, from the Cliief  nspector of Steam Boilers. Xew Westminster,  B. C. and must be prop.rly filled iu aud returned to liim on cr before the above-mentioned  date.  The candidates selected for examination will  then be  notified as to date aud place of examination.  The saiary will tie $100 per month.  \V. C. WELLS,  Chief Commissioner of Lands & "Works  Land and Works Department,  Victoria, Jbi. C, -2nd May, 1901.  .    m30  ���m  N. B.���Contracts have bzen let for a new hotel, general store, assay office  and other buildings,    Fishers new saw mill at Rendell is tunning full blast.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  '���FOUR VCL" Miueial* cliim. situate in. the  Kettle River Mining- Division of Yale District.   Where located ;    Iu Greenwood camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I. Isaac H. Hallctt,-af  ajrent for. Robert Jaffray, Free Miner's  certificateNo. E2.S1., William T.Smith, free  ler's certilicate _\o, U2')53_, Robert Wood,  free miner's certificate No. B2-)759, ami  Evan Parry, free miner's ceriiiieate No.  B29.5"i, intend, sixty days from the, date  liereof, to apply to the Mining' Recorder  for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obiaining- a Crown Grant lo the abo-ve  claim.  And further take notice that action,  under  section 37, must he commenced  before  theiJs-  suauce of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this lulh dav of April, K01.  1.   H.   HALLETT.  MINERAL, ACT 1896.  Certificate of Imcrovements.  NOTICE.:  CLIMAX mineral claim, situate in tlie Kettle  Kiver ..lining division of Vale district.  Where located:   In Skylark camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I. Isaac H. Hallett, as  ai,'e;it for Georire R. Nadcu. free miner'.-,  certificate No. 1.357Ay"Jolni T. Bell, free miner's cei-tific.ite"No. I'.UJ'., Arlliur N. Pelly,  tree miner'-- cVrt.il;cat_ No. 2.i5->l, and Ger-.  aid T. Hodfj.on, free iiiiiier's ceriiiieate  No. 207S.1J, intend, sixty days from lhe  date hereof, to apply to the niiiiiiif; recorder  for a certificate of impioveuieuls, for tlie purpose of obtaining a ciown grant to tne above  claim. -  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be couiiiieuce.l before the issuance of such certificate, of improvements.  Dated this 12th djtv of April, 1901.  I. H. HALLETT.  Mineral Act 1896.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPHGVEiWEl'.TS.  NOTICE.  MARGRIE mineral situate in the Kcttlt riTSt  Jr'niup Division of Yale District. -.When  Located in Skvlark catno  TAKE NOTICE that I, C. JE. Shaw acting  as at'ent for Mary McArthur, Free  Miner's Certificate7734b. and George R Kaden,  Free Miner's certificate No. 14357a intend sixty  days from tiie date hereof to apply io the  miuiny recorder for. a certificate of iniprove-  ment for ihe purpose of-obtaining *a. crown  jj-raut for above claim.  And further take, notice that action under  cectiou 37 mast be commenced before the issuance or* such certificate of improver.] ents-  Dated this 27th cay March, A. I.'. 1900.  26-34 " C. iE. SHAW.  MINERAL ACT. IWO.  Certificateof Irnproversen.s.  NOTICE  ROBERT EMMET  Mineral' claim,   si tale  in  the Kettle River Mining   Division  of   Yale  District.���  '"PAKE NOTICE that I. C./E.  S!:aw actimr  J. as a_rent for C. J. McArtliur, Free  Miner's Certificate c227i.. (1. R. Naden, .Free  Miner's eerii'-tlute No. l._'5T,., aim the P. A.  Lan-rfi-y   estate.     Free      Mim.-r's     (jeriiiicaie  No.   211.'.  in lend.  sixtv  Vr__]  ���t    s^><r.  ^US-MU>VX?V4-_Sn7  rom*  9*-  -MONTREAL, OUEBEC,-  MANUFACTURERS OF  -**  DAWSON   &   GRADDOCK  Cigars and Tobaccos,  Smokers' Sundries,  Comfortable Club Rooms.  Copper Street, Two Doohs  Below  "Rendell Corner.  ROCK DRILLS, STRAIGHT LINE  DUPLEX and CORLISS AIR COMPRESSORS ....  & BOILERS, HOISTS;1 PUMPS, Etc.l.^S^^^'i^PMEXTS '  ���^     Agents For The Bullock Diamond Drills. - stock carried in rossland.  R. 31. \Z* IttcRa.-y. Rossland, B. ��.  \  ^laiuiiuiuiiiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiiiiiuaiiiaiiuiuiiuaiiuiiiuaaiuiaiiiiiaiiiiiiiiiiiaiiiiiuiiiauiui^  days   from    il;u  :of,    to      apply      lo     the      Minim: .  Recorder fur a CeitiCi-iite of li-ipru.emeu's, for  tliu purpose of ob'.aiu'iii'.'-a Cru'.vu Grant  of  tiie  above claim.        '  And. further take  notice  tliat  action, under  scciiou 37. must  be comoieiicc-c! .beiore  the  issuance of such Ceriiiieate of Improvements.  Dai.d ihis27th dav of- March, 1'*'. O.  20-31 C. JE. SIIAW.  '.-__;' .T-JTL'-. : .-.?.>-.'T Z rX. V-���*���'.' vi'?^.'?'!?^?*?*3  Mil Mir**  "*.  '    m.      VliA  IS  PI I SI  :*_s;_^_.---;---  "vt ?i| j <rv ]p*. ���? y  i? V w  '_'?. j- mi  -___-SE_3-_:--_:u-*i-_:__=_jt k__e_.tj  "We have paid special attention  to the coiis-iractiij-i of Pump-  ino- Machinery for duty in  Mines; ��� our" ui.s.irpassed facilities and iiiiro vet! tncthotis  have jfiven our P-.insps a. Dominion wide reputation. They  are fnliy guaranteed.' Our de-  siyn_i include all types of the  ordinary Piston Pattern Mininy  P��nip, Solid Cylinder single and  Duplex Patterns, outside packed  L'upl'-.. Plunder Patterns with  Pot valves; also Vertical Sinking Pumps, bot!-, pis! jn and outside pacl-:t?d doable P'tiu-rer patterns. Mine superintendents  and those interested in Machinery would consult their interests  by sending for catalo:,Mte and  quotations before instaliiny their  plants.  We art exesrts in the Manufaciure of  Pumps for Special ".utics, i: urnps .iciu?.:-  ed by Cornpres.ea .��ir, ?uir.p_ for Cad  Mine Water, Station Pumc., ac. etc  1  I HE? til  LIMITED.  TORONTO,    CANADA.  Gunfiffe & Ablctt,  AGENTS AT ROSSLAND.  Thb Vancouvek Exgixeerixg Wokkj  Vancouver, B C.  TO. SMITH1,  PO. Box 160, a^ent at Greenwood. 15. C.  E. JACOBS  rain, ion, [ic  GREENWOOD. ' i^PIISPPfilSpjf  *.  Page   8.  THE  GREENWOOD WEEKLY TIMES.  ���THE ONLY���  S___2i_--_^-_^-_fi-_5_-SI-S-^__g  -IX the;-  br.  ODflTF  nt  y 3Mi$ill \Um  'AH ��    sn un  holidays, 10 and 12 o'clock respectively. The petition was received and  Aid Sutherland g-aye notice of the  by-law.. ���'-.���'���.  Invitations to mayor and aldermen  received from Grand Forks, Nelson ai.d  Vancouver to "attend Dominion D6y  celebrations. They were acknowledged.  The city eng-iueer reported on street  work being- carried ou aud his report  was accepted.  A committee from the fire, department waited on the council asking for  further sum to defray expenses of  team to Grand Forks. The council  decided to place ��-200 at the disposal of  the department such sum to cover all  incidental expenditure of the department for the entire year.  Robt. Co.migau. addressed the  Cjuucii on f_.ru.shing water to the cit.r  \ from a corye spring- on his property oil  - Skylark hill. He was asked.to submit  proposition in writing-.  Sister Teresa wrote in reference to  the Sisters' hospital in Greenwood, bi t  no action was taken pending result of  delegation's visit to Victoria.  Several accounts were reported by  the finance committee and ordered  paid.  The waterworks committee were  authorized to repair hydrants and  Hush tank.  inigglSi  -��������''&/  mj^\of'% 9.fA  M3/-  -U-JuClaild  $ i  i {  I GREENWOOD, B,C.     ��  $ ���         .-                ���.- *  TKE CiTY COiJNCSL.  Ets":icss   Transnctecl   at ���'Regular   Monday'  . Mceticg.      *���  y     ��� -;7 '..  In the absence of Mayor R. W. Jakes-,  Aid. Sullivan presided at the meeting  . of the city council held Monday evening and Aid. Caulfield, Naden, Sutherland and Ross were present. A petition  signed by 18 business firms was presented asking- for the earlj* closing of  shops, stores at 7 o'clock and barber  shops at So'cl^Dk, and on Saturday  nights  and  nights    preceding   public  GUESS-YOUNG.  Harry A.-Guess "brother of Geo. A.  Guess andformerlya resident of this city  and his bride were visitors to Greenwood this week. Mr. Guess is manager  of a mining company at'Keewatin Out.  He was married at Fort.Steele ou Wednesday 19ih inst. to "Miss Eva Young  of that place. The Fort Steele Prospector g-ives the -following-" particulars  of the pleasing '���ceremony.  A very.pretty wedding took place at  the residence of Mrs. V.7. S. Ross ou  AVedne.-day the 10th ins when Miss Eva  Young- was married'to HarrY A. Guess  of Keewatin, Out. The. bride who  looked charming in a becoming- grown  of white silk with renaissance lace and  a spray boquet of white llowers, was  supported by little Mioses Dorothy  Edwards and "Dinah" Ross, in blue  and pink respectively. Mr. George  Guess, brother of the bridegroom and  Master '-Billy" Ross were groomsmen.  After the wedding- the bride held a reception which was attended by many  friends.    The bridal party then  depa:-  -cRANE���  CELEBRATION.  JULY 1st AND 2nd.  Horse Races : Quarter Mile Dash, purse $200. Green Trot, half mile,  best two in three, 550. Pony Race, three-eights mile dash,350. Ladies-  saddle horse race, half-mile, 350. Half-mile dash $250. Three hundred  yards, best two in three, 3150. Gent's Saddle Horse race, one-fourth  mile dash, $50. Five-eights mile dash n200. Cowboy race, two hundred  iind fifty yards with turn, $50. One mile dash $250. A purse for a consolation race will also be hung up.  Drilling- contest for a purse of 8*200. ���  Lacrosse match between Grand Forks and visiting tenuis.  Wet contest 100 yard and one-fourth uiiie foot races ar.d other aitract-  tractions too numerous to mention.    Two days of sporting events.  A iirsl-cla;s band will be in attendance both days.  A Grand Hosing Totirnamenl. has been arranged for under the auspices  of the Grand Forks Athletic Association, the principals in the miodle-  v.-eitrht cUim. beiiig Charley Goff of Spokane vs. Hob Hodge, the champion of "Idaho. In the light-weight class, Dal. Hawkins of San  Francisco, formerly light-weight champion of thc world, will meet u  man in his class. A number of other attractive events will take place  between renre-sentatives of Washington and B. C. clubs.  EL ARM8IR0NS  JE'piL  /. P. ARMSTRONG  PROPRIETOR.  <vT>  ���?-_v  0UR  ST  V-3"Vn.ln_.  ��F^-*^-^  _s7-*  > ���  "TiV  Pli��.  ted on their . honeymoon. They w.'l  ���visit Greenwood, Banlf and other points  and will arrive at,tneir home in Kee-  watiti about the first week in July.  The bride was the recipient of many  costly presents. '���  Mr. and Mrs.   Guess   left   for   their  home in Keewatin on Tuesday.  PHOENIX WATERWORKS.  I 0  tt  iiilli  siioiki  is a large and varied one, every line" Is complete ih  itself, aad strictly first-class. Not a shoddy article in  any of the .lines. They all concede that our stock.of  Groceries is the nicest and freshest in the city, Prices  consistent with the quality of the goods, We would  dislike very much, to be considered the -������cheapest'' place  ia town, there are: so many VERY CHEAP OENS,  but we do think that .we come very near being the  "best..  Trv-us, and tell us.what you think. ���   ,    '  :���> -.:,:. ..."'���������������'������������  THE  innom  X\  ���ni-iltH  r;  tit BI' UI a  mult I  Why   the   Greenwood    Company    Refused  to go on. i  The Phoenix Pioneer is sore because  the Greenwood Electric company has  refused to furnish a waterworks  system for Phoenix. The company  submitted an offer to the city council  at Phoenix which was accepted. The  town of Phoenix wanted water from  Marshall lake and the Electric con -  pany offered to put in the necessary  plant, but it was found that the city of  Greenwood had a prior riy.ht to the  water in Marshall lake, that J. B..  McArthur has also a record ou Marshall lake, that iu any case Marshall  lake had not sufficient water to supply  the town of Phoenix, that the town of  Phoenix would confiscate the plant  when the company were unable to  supply.sufficient water from a source  which was inadequate and which belonged to other parties." The outlet of  Marshall lake is Providence creek  which empties into Boundary creek  near the Elkhorn Breweiy. The City  of Greenwood has a record for this  water. J. B. McArthur who owns the  New York mineral claim also has a  record so lhat the erection of a costly  plant to supply Phoenix with water  from this source would be a risky  venture. . . ...  It is now said that the Graves syndicate will install a waterworks system.  'TRANSFER OF L_CEF.SE-  ���-Notice is hereby , given that thirty  days after dale we intend to apply to  Board of License'Commissioners in the  city of Greenwood for a. transfer to  W. H. Craig- of the li'cense'.now held by  us for the Alberta Hotel, Situate lot 4  biock 11.    City of"Greer.wo'dd.< :  .���-'Ernst's.Bailey.  Jnne'lSth, 1901!  Prescriptions filled correctly���Anderson's pharmacy....  Poultry and good steaks always on  hand at the Gem restaurant.  COMPANY, LIMITED.  jpvssassts- Eouniary. Valley   Lodge  Tt#\ . - No. 38, I.O.O.F.  i^^^i^^M A\ SETS every Tuesday  / V Even in tr "at f.CO in  tiiRirlodpe room at Mnsonic liall. A cordial  invitation is extended to all 's niouriiiiig- bretli-  ren. ... * .    G. U.'T.-.lok,.  XG  Fred 1*.Ho-,_les. te. Sx-c,  J8.  \ ��S_  tail*  RENDELL c�� CO.  9  *8  Fifteen Dozen Men and Boys Shifts go on the Bargain Counter f  | "Tcvday�� X   X   We find this department overstocked with Z  ���*& ''.���...'..��� '   ��� ' -ilt  | men" and boys top'shirtsf so to interest cash buyers we.* have"f  I put the knife in a number of up^to^date lines.- JC Shirts all |  -r.?    ~ ~    ' " "~" ��� ��� ��� ;     ^t  f sizes, colors and styles in this sale* ^^^^/^^^^/^f^f^^j^  New E.n��flish Cambric  Shirts \  A*i.th fancy fronts ^"i P3  9  and cuffs, sizes 15to 171/2   &  ^%  SALK PRICK :.���  ���* ^  Regular price $1,25.  Q  MONDAY, JULY _.  "Conditions of drilling contest :  Double-hand���time 15 minutes, rock,  granite; steel, 7-3��� size; down holes.  Purse of S200 donated by Jtiy P.  Graves and A. C. Flumerfelt; S1S0 to  first, $50 to second.  Special prizes for Boundary  district  teams. -  1.    F. H. McCarier & Son, S25 cash. .  L. A Manly, 520 cash.  V/.  R.  Megaw, suit,  of clothes,  value S2S. ' '"  Hunter-Kendrick   &  Co., suit of  clothes, value S25.  o.  3.  ���"4.  TUESDAY, JULY'2.  Hose race (wet test) purse $100.  Condi.ions :  Run 100 yards to hydrant, la}' four  lengths of hose and'g-et water.  There will also be a hub. and hub  race, details of. which will be  announced.  W. A.  tSECRETAR.  /_������* ���  For official programme, entry or any  other information call on or address  GRAND FORKS, B. C.  i-rji*.. __,���_���_.������'������ i nvamjor^ara  Men's   Oxford Shirts  cuffs and collrrs attached  in   check   and   stripes,"  si;.es 15 to 17^.  SALE PEICli.   Regular price $1.00 '  *���"������*���"���-���'   ���-  11-iiwiwwiw-iM-L-   ���    ��� iniuili-mi��"HIII-i ,*.!,*-,  Men's . Fine Oxford  Shirts in pink and blue  plaid, sizes 15.to 17_4-  sale prick..;.,:.,.....:..:..:  Regular price 2.'50.  > x%  H  r{  5S*���  Men's  Eaig-lish   Cambric  shirts  with    plaid  -fronts and cuffs.     Sixes *1 p"  15 to 17y2.  SALE PRICE   Regular Price 1.35.  o  ��� ri-ii"^--i-inri'T*"T-"?'*nTr"**-"'-iH-  at-  Men's Eanc}r Elannel  ���Shirts  with  collar  tached, sizes 15 to IS  SALE PRICE   Regular price 1.00.  9  9  <>  9  9  9  '*  9  9  *..  9  9  Si  9  i'i  9  ���;������  9  9  9  9  9  ���i-r  *  9  9  *  9  *  .9.  'll  I1  ;i  i  *9***************************9**��***********��***************************9


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