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 tetz&jM-jyy-iA ������ :������ '���������  !^;^7^7*i,7-'-;';V**'!v/'-1,^i'^V-^I  ^^':^:,V".V^;.''^*-��  '   * -".'.'.7 ���   :!r..'��>"  ^o^^^-^.^^^^  Published Weekly in the Interests of the Boundary Creek Mining District  Vol. VIII.  GREENWOOD. B..C. THURSDAY, JULY 4, 1901.  No.  ,jV  n  INTERVIEW   WITH  JOHN   MIEKLEJOHN ON MINES IN B. C.  LAWS  Chan-.es  Suggested ��� Believes  That  Prospects are not Being Held Too  High���Mining Notes-  John Mieklejohn who is interested  in the Similkameen and who has had a  long- and varied mining-experience in  South  Africa,  Australia,  Yukon  and  .elsewhere, has given the following- interview to a press representative. After  stating that he visited the principal  cities of England, Scotland and eastern  Canada last winter he said : "I found  an apathetic indifference among- mining people in the cities I visited towards investing in British Columbia.  A number of people complained they  had lost money already in worthless  British Columbia mining veutures and  were too cynical and prejudiced to  think favorably of anything that came  from this province; a,great many were  ignorant of the mineral resources, and  others, especially in eastern Canadian  cities, stated that when the people of  British Colunibia showed their confid-  '- ence in their own country by investing  in their mineral claims, contenting  themselves with profits from legitimate mining enterprises rather than  from the staking and the sale of  claims, then they might expect to get  more eastern capital.  "The value contained in the ore and  the size of, the ore bodies in this province compare favorably with that  found in the other colonies, and I consider there is indeed a great future for  mining here*    f.  am   of   the   opinion  ' however, that the indusl.rj' would have  a much better chance of progressing  under encpur-ig*enient from the government instead of being hampered  from  , its birth, as it is at present, by excessive taxation, Some of the Australian  laws could easily be adonted to ad vant-  age. .I agree with Mr. Herschel-Cohen  ,. when he states that mineral claims are  too lightly held and advocates a ihore  stringent labor condition attached to  all holdings. If a greater amount of  labor had to be expended, men would  be more careful of the real value of the  ground they staked, and it woul.i have  the effect of forcing- development and  \showing up a great amount of natural  -^wealth^that'iiow^^  conditions���hidden and unknown and,  in numerous instances, shepherded by  restaking from year to year. If continuous labor was enforced, as it is in  Australia, exemption only being  granted iu cases that justly merited it,  we would not find the ���* 'wildcatter'  among: us who goes out and stakes for  position  and  then  calmly' spends his  time around hotel offices  hawking his  location for sale."  "Don't you think a regulation of this  description would be a hardship on the  prospector?"  "Not by any means," Mr. Meikle-  john firmly answered; "the genuine  prospector has every- wish to devt-lop  his ground; it is the 'wildcatter' who  would consider it a hardship, as a  regulation on this basis would be his  funeral knell. The Australian prospectors are surely against the man  who attempts to shepherd his ground  without working it, and they would  bitterly oppose a change in the regulations which "would give one person a  monopoly of nearly 52 acres of possibly  valuable ground under the paltry labor  condition of $100 per annum expended  on work, or the other choice of abandonment and restaking the claim with-  out'any work being done. He would  also figure that the demand for labor  would be considerably decreased under  this regulation. -Every claim which is  being developed and shows up well is a  further running- advertisement of the  resources of the province and the community here cannot afford to allow the  natural wealth to lie undeveloped and  unknown."  "How do the prices for good claims  here correspond with what is paid, in  the colonies you have been in?" was  next asked. :  "No comparison can be drawn at all,  because the investor has it all his own  way under the system of bonding that  is extant here and the prices are away  below anything I have ever seen. Possession is general.}-given in this province on long terms for a purchaser to  find out the value of a property before  completing his purchase.. Only in a  few instances have I known this kind  of deal to be entered into by the claim-  holder in Australia or South Africa. In  those countries possession or title is  ver.v seldom g-iven until the purchase is  complete, but even then the terms are  not generally over such a long period  as is the common case here. An investor can get no fairer or more reasonable deal as far as prices and terms are  concerned in any part of the British  colonies than what caii be procured in  the , mining districts of this province,  and I have no hesitation in saying in  contradiction to what Mr. Sword is  stated to have said in a late interview  published in the Rossland Miner, that  the system of bonding as practiced here  together with the small prices generally involved would be sufficient inducement for me to invest locally ,in  preference to any other part I have  been in, if I were so financially situated." he concluded.  -A meeting of the "Western Copper  company, limited, was held in Massam  & Laidlaw's office on Thursday last.  The'follo'wihg" officers"" wei.e~^eTecte"dT  President, E). J.Wilsoii'Vice-President,  F. H. Oliver; Sec-Treas., H. A. Price:  Managing-director, Prank Watson aud  Director, Andrew Laidlaw. The company owns the Grey Hound in Dead-  wood camp. Work will be resumed on  the property at an early date.  Fresh strawberries received   twice a  week at Semerad's, Copper street.  ^ 4--.fr 4--*$*- 4444444444 4��-4��-*fr ������$-������&���&-& 4*4* 4*3*  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  y \ *i>  ". 4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  \4  0      I       �� J.   JL&JmJ      $      $      $  NO PSE-'S,  NO WATER,  NO V/ORIC  NO TIME.  "SOMETHING NEW.  ANY INK,  ANY PEN,  ANY PAPER,  ANYWHERE  PftlCE $2.00.  -FOR SALE BY-  SMITH & McRAE,  BOOKS, STATIONERY, OFFICE SUPPLIES, WALL  PAPER.       PHONE, V. & N. 34.  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  xt  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  HOW   CANADA'S   NATIONAL   HOLIDAY WAS  SPENT.  "JAKE"  AND  HIS FAMILY  Of City Boys Had a Big- Time���Picnics  at Midway���The Grand Forks Celebration���The Fire Boys Win-  [444444444444444444 f 4-4444^*  The twenty-fourth anniversary of  the confederation of the provinces into  a Dominion of "Canada was quietly  observed in Greenwood save by the  small boys and "Jake" Barrett. Jake  is always loyal to Greenwood and if he  could hot keep the big boys' at home on  Dominion Day, he at least succeeded in  giving the little . fellows a jolly timr.j  Jake marshelled his army of youngsters about nine o'clock in the morning  and until nearly midnight the beat of  drums, the boom of bombs and the  sputtering of rockets told that Jake's  juvenile army was abroad. The boys  all voted "Jakey" a prince of good  fellows and mildly suggested that they  were cosmopolites and were quite prepared to celebrate the Fourth of July  or any national holiday of any  country under the sun.       '  Tne early train to. Grand Forks was  well crowded with pleasure seekers.  Phoenix was practically deserted on  Mondaj", nearly all of its inhabitants  having gone to "the Kettle River city.  Greenwood would have made but a poor  showing had the census enumerator  turned up as the majority of those who  didn't take in the Grand Forks celebration picnicked at Midway. AU of  the latter reported an enjoyable oiiting.  The Grand Forks celebration was a  great- success from point pf numbers.  The Kootenay trains and the Boundary  all contributing a large number of  visitors. The visitors found themselves at the Hot too tender mercy of  an ami}- of grafters whb fleeced them  at every available opportunity and this  to a large extent detracted from what  would otherwise have been a very  pleasant excursion.  The Grand Forks Dominion --Day  celebration drew the largest crowd  ever seen in the Boundary. Midway,  Phoenix, Eholt and Greenwood contributed liberally, and when the early  Monday morning's special, in to sections, pulled into Grand -forks depot,  fully 700 people entered the Gateway  City"frony~acTos��Tfrehiountains. It is  estimated that 1,500 visitors from all  points took��in the sports.  *" The hose team from the Greenwood  Fire Department covered itself with  glory in winning from Rossland the  hub-and-hub race, notwithstanding  that it was- heavily handicapped by  reason of being forced to carry hose.  The firem.n's races, held down town,  was a feature of the two-days celebration. Rossland sent over a large  crowd of backers, who offered liberal  odds that their firemen would take  everything in sight. Fate however  decreed otherwise for the local boys  won handily in the hub-and-hub. In  the wet test the Rosslaud teams were  witiners, with Grand Forks a good  second, hi the foot races Smith of  Rossland carried off the honors.  The horse races at the new West-  mount park half mile track drew large  and enthusiastic crowds both afternoons. The prizes were liberal and  thanks to a good management there  was no attempt at jockeying���it was  dead straight racing iu wliich the best  horse won.  The lacrosse match Monday morn-  .ing- between Phoenix and Grand Forks,,  resulted in a poor exhibition, in which  the Grand Forks boys made 12 straight  goals to nothing. Phoenix however  showded them how to play football  winning by one to nothing in a well  contested game. -Monday's programme  was concluded at the opera house by  a middleweight boxing contest between  Charlie Goff of Spokane and Bob  Hodge of Idaho. Goff was too speedy  for his opponent, putting him out in  the second round. The prelirhiuery  I bout of eight rounds between Kid Lee  and Dick Lewis (colored) lasted the  limit, and while popular opinion gave  the fight to the colored gent the referee  decided in favor of Kid Lee.  Most of the Greenwood delegation  stayed the two days returning home on  Tuesday evening's regular. As the C.  P. R. failed to provide for the proper  handling of such a big crowd, over  half were forced to journey to the  Forks in box-cars. Coming home the  local fire boj's and some of their  "rooters" captured a box car and held  a "sing-song," being met on the arrival of the train by Fire Chief McKenzie and escorted to the fire hall  where they were felicitated oyer their  victory.  ��#-;H^.^*#-?*^-s<ff!.*f!!^#7!H;H;'Ttf��'i('*^��;.*  9 9  *  *  *  *  *  *  9  *  *  *  I*'  *'  *  9  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  A public meeting will be held  In the city hall Friday evenin?,  LABOR DAY *  GELEBRATION. |  *     *  *  *  *  9  *  *  July 5th, for the purpose of *  *  *  *  ��  *  A  large  attend- *  w 9  % ance is urgently reauested-  9  iS  *      .  ���ft  9  organizing a citizens' committee to arrange a Labor Day  Celebration.  *  9  9  9  *  9  *  9  9*99*99**********999******  R. W. JAKES,  Mayor.  CUSTOMS RETURNS.  The following, are the returns for the  local customs office for the year ending  June30th: Inland revenue year ending June 30th, 1901, ��15,090.03; Customs  year ending June 30th, 1901, $30,756.63,  total $45,846.66. Importations free,  S3S,120; Importations duitable, 3105,012,  total 5143,132, Excise for month of  June, 1901, Sl.951.92; Customs for  month of June, 1901, S2.976.45, total  $4,822.37.  V-  A. T. Kendrick and family will leave  in a few days for Rttaville, Wash.,  where Mr. Kendrick will engage-in the  mercantile business. His fine residence on Church street has been purchased by Duncan Mcintosh.  Take your prescriptions to the  Windsor Drug Store, W. E. Anderson,  Greenwood.  J. R. Brown of McLeod and Brown  left today on a visit to his old home in  Ontario.  X CONCERT RECITAL X  JL-lLi  ���iffiTSZ***  RS  THE GREAT VIOLINIST  Assisted by  MISS HELEN HALL,  COKT-iALTO.  -Mrs. M. SHELDON'PEARCE  PIAMSTE,  Uinler the Maiiaa-emcut of  FBEDERIC LOEME.  Reserved  Seats S1.00  at  Sprott  &  Macpherson's.  ROUTE   OUTLINED   TOUCHES   THE  BOUNDARY CAMPS  BEFORE REACHING REPUBLIC  Will Bring tlie Ores to the Natural  Smelting Point Boundary Creek.  Where Smelter will ibe Built-  Mr.  are  James J. Hill is essentially a railway  man. He builds railwa3rs to secure  business, consequently he sometimes  does thing's' that astonish men who  think thej- know it all. ��� Last, week' the  Spokesman-Review published a map  showing- the route of the Marcus-Republic railway and Spokane men are  wondering- why Mr. Hill comes north  into British territory and south ag-ain  in order to reach Spokane. The reason  is plain. Mr. Hill does this because he  is a railway man and is after business.  He builds his railway where he will  get the greatest possible business.  In the district traversed by  Hill's proposed railway there  mines that will just pay and other  mines and propositions to lean to  tempt operators or investors. In order  .to secure the greatest development of  the natural resources of the district,  a development necessary to a profitable business on the part of the railway, the railways itself runs, be so  constructed so as admit of economic assembling of the vaiious ores at some  central point where thej- can be treated at the lowest possible, cost. The  natural centre for this is Boundary  creek and Mr. Hill builds his railway  accordingly.  The route as outlined by the Spokes-  man-Review map shows that the whol<_  mineral district is to be tapped in the  shortest possible distance to a natural  centre. After leaving- the Kettle River  valley and following Fourth of July  creek, northward towards Summit  camp, Wellington, Phoenix and Sum-,  mit,camps are tapped. By continuing-  the road down Boundary creek through.  Greenwood and towards Midway, a  down hill haul is secured for the ores  of the camps mentioned and those of  Long Lake, Providence, Skj-lark,.  Deadwood, Copper, Smith's and Central as well. All the camps of Boundary are tapped in the shortest possible  distance. Then the road continues by  a natural route from Midway to Re-  piiblic.^'Btit'tl-i-ris" "no Fail"." If is the  intention to continue the road west to  Mj-ers creek, Canjp--McKinney',-West'  Fork and Okanagan.  It. will be asked why Mr. Hill does  not build his road direct from Marcus  to Republic and run spurs into the  Boundary camps. The reason is plain.  The whole road is built to secure the  easiest and cheapest communication  from all the camps to one natural  point for the assembling- of the ores.  That point is Boundary creek.  The railway man is after business  and must go to the smelting point.  The smelter man cannot come to him  because ho must chose tlie. best point  for assembling the various ores and  .luxes required to make the mixtures  he desires and thr-re is no point more  advantageous than Boundary ciec-k. *  The dry ores necessary to'make workable and profitable mixtures can be  conveniently hauled from Republic  nnd other points across the line to  Boundary creek to meet there the ores  of Boundary. The ores of West Fork,  and Camp McKinney can also be more  conveniently hauled to Boundary than  to any other smelting point. As hns  already been pointed out by the Times, .  there are points acro-s the line equally  ns good as those on this side, but the  smelters will not be built there. Build  smelters immediately across the line to '  treat Canadian ore and immediately an  export duty is imposed by the Dominion government. The Amet ican  government might feel like retaliating-  against American ores coming- to  Canadian smelters, but they are without the power since the constitution  forbids an export duty on the natural  products of the country.  The principal shareholders in the  Dominion Copper company are associated with Mr. Hill in the railway  undertaking*. Their smelter expert  Mr. Breen will build his smelter at  Greenwood and the railway will be  built so that the ores from all points  may be cheaply hauled to the smelter.  "f;  -  : '-A-'Sr\  ��  y^4  '%  ������;';/.; ������'���.������..  $&sy.  j  :!_*���'.-;V'  W;B  ���~  '�����������';������'���": 7.  ti  im  a .-������������>:���-,  hyy'  <    ;  x   ,)  1), ���.���;, ���.;..; >  1  ������  hym  "- '1  ������"���  :!:  -��� <-���  i  '.'.".-'���-'..  -.'��� �����;.-��� .���'-* H"  i"*' .���*"-...  M7  ll  ,-*'  /  > ���'..  Page 2.  THE  GREENWOOD.WEEKLY TIMES.  DROWNED.  The sad news of the death of Mrs.  J. M. Hagerty was conveyed here today. Mrs. Hagerty, who resides at  the Six Eagles mine on the Similkameen above Loomis, had started over  the river ..in.a small boat for the purT  pose of getting" milk for her three little  children and it is supposed that the  boat was capsized, thereby throwing  her into the river where'she met her  death by drowning. Mr. Hagerty is in  the east on business affairs connected  -with the company. He has been summoned home by telegraph. The children are being taken care of by Mr. and  Mrs. John McDonald, of Oroville.���  Chesaw Times.  Goods promptly delivered to any part  of the city. Semerads Columbia phone  107.  A miner named L3'Ons from the  Jewel mine, visited Deadwood camp on  Tuesday. His horse fell and broke its  neck and rather seriously injured the  rider who was taken to the Greenwood  hospital for treatment.  Fresh strawberries daily at Seme  rads.  For' Rent���Corner store with three  ooms, papered, rent about S20. Apply The Times office. tf  Fresh candy at Semerads.  Fresh candy at Semerad's, Copper  street.  Dr. Mathison, dentist, over Bank of  Commerce.   Both 'phones.  TRANSFER OF LICENSE.  Notice is hereby given that thirty  days after date I intend to apply to  Board of License Commissioners in the  city of Greenwood for a transfer to  P. Andersen of the license now held by  nie for the Commercial Hotel, Copper  street, City of Greeny*, ood.  A. BRANSON.  Dated Greenwood, June 14th, 1901.  You can get the very best apple  cideij by the gallon at the B. C. Wholesale Liquor Co.  For lessons on violin, piano, mando-  in etc,, see   Prof.   Kautfman.  G<-ae n  wood Music Store.  Dont forget to go to the South End  Grocery for fresh eggs, good spuds,  good mocha and Java coffee, good- tea  and fresh groceries.  Rooms at the Clarendon 50 cents per  night.  Mail orders promptly filled���Anderson's drug- store.  Strawberries fresh from my ranch in  nny quantity from 1 to 500 crates at  Cro.vston's. tf  "Bromogrip cures colds���25 cents-  Anderson's Pharmacy.  The K. F. & A. Co., sells wood   coal  and ice.    V. & N. Tel. 123. tf  "MINERAL ACT. 1899.  Certificate of Improvements-  NOTICB.  .'PIN-TOOK",   "VvORLDS    FAIR    FRACT-  ���~I-i=-lO*S"aiid"MISSI-KG-I"IX-K=-N0.--2.PR:AC.T-  ION" mineral claims, situate in ilia Kettle  Kiver Miniiiyr Division of Yak; District.  Where located :    In Greenwood Camj..  'T-'AKE NOTICE that I, I=aacH. Hallelt as  JL      af_e.ii for C'eorjj-e R. Naden. Free Miner's  Certilicate No 14j.'7a. and James S. C.  Fraser,  Free. Miner's   Certilicate  no.   ___'I23..   intend,  sixtv days from date hereof, io apply to the  MUi'i.njr Recorder for   Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining- a Crown.  Grants of the above claims.  And further take notice that actions, under  section 37. musi.be commenced before the issuance of such Certilicates of Improvements'.  Dated this 25th day of-February, A. D. 1901.  3m-_ I. H. HALLETT.  ;y.'. mineral act!, Wi. ���'���' 'v  ^Certificate of Improvement.,.,  N-bxrcB.  -*.i>  l.'W^UWJW'*  A NICE,  Famly Porterhouse or  a  Tenderloin, T. Bone, fop;  "Sirloin.or.^Plain Steak.  Pork Chops, Pork Tenderloin and Mutton Chops  also Fish and Poultry.  AT THE MARKETS OF  and:  m  L E s<   c,- m. @uiiy % Co.  COPPER STREET.  AND  Lunches  put up���Short orders at all htmrs���Private  ��� dining-room   for   ladies ��� Best service   in   the   city.  lerner -SrPitto'ck" ��  ��* Proprietors  THE BEST BEER IN TOWN IS MADE BY  PORTMAN BROS. & CO.,  Proprietors.  ASK POR  -.JL  The Elkhorn Lager Beer Contains only Pure Malt Hops, Try  It! It is kept on Draught or in Bottles by all the leading Hotel.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate   of  Improvements.  'NOTICE.  IVA LENORE Miin_ral' laim, situate   in   the .  .   Kettle  River Mining- division of Yale dis- ���  trict.   Where located:   In South Deadwood  i.amr. ���  TAKE  NOTICE that I,   Isaac  H.   Hallet...  Free   Mi.ier's   certificate     No.    1..61A,  in-tend,        ��� sixty days from        tlie-  date hereof, i.ueml.to : apply-to the mining '  recorder for a certificate of improvements for  the pinpo.'e of oDl:itniu{.' a crown grant t > lhe  above ciuim.  And ' fi rlher t-U'C  notice that   action, under  section 3", must be cotnmeiic_d before the issuance of si ch certi "icafe of improvements.  Dated this 29th dav of April. Will."  l.H.HALLETT  '���"���  .IS.THE.FINANCIAL AND  ; THE BOUNDARY CREEK Dl  l**T*YT*��'",*r-T'*r^--M^'a'���^'g'*^^=aTg^^*"'r^1'*^gT"^  W'lGAMP:' MeKIMEY  ...HI  s ? Hugh Cameron :-: Prop.  Best   Brands   Wines,   Liquors  and  Cigars.   Good Stabling-.  CAMPMeKINNEYrBrCr  ���   e   o  m->:s?.\r-:>.  ALTA   Mineral Claim,  situate in the Kettle.  River Miniuir Division   of Vale   Disrict.  Where located:   In Providence  camp, adjoining the Rob Roy  mineral claim.  TAKE   NOTIE   that   I,   Arthur  Murdoch'  Whiteside, as agent for C, X. Mar-Ion.  free miner's ceriiiieate No. II 2143'. Denny Moy-  lad. free miner's certificate Xo. 112 "'5684, J". W.  Dillon, free miller's certilicate No.  Alf'3.", and  Louis    I.    Ostrusl.i    free    miner's  certificate  No.    18.r/16    intend      sixty     days    from    the  date liereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder  for a Certificate of   Improvements,   for   the  purpose  of obtaining a  Crown Graut of fhe  above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37,  must be Commenced before tlie is-  miauce of such Certilicate of Improvements.  Dated this l.tli day of April, l'��l.  A. M. WHITESIDE.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  XOTICE.  "JO DAXDY" "OLD KENTUCKY''"RILEY'  ,'LOST HORSE"-TEMERAIRE FR ACTION" "EMM.v FRACTION" and "TEXAS  FRACTION" Mineral claim., situate in thc  Kettle River Mining Division of Yale  District. Where located : In James Creek  Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac II. Hallett. as  agent for Leonard S. MoiIHon Barrett.  Free Miner's Certilicate Xo. *}-...�����.. intend  sixtv davs after date hereof to apply to the  "Min.m. Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of. obtaining a Crown  Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that  action -under  Seetion 37   must   be   commenced   before   the  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this IStli tlav of Mav. A. D.. IW).  ' I. H.   HALLETT.:  GREENWOOD. DEADWOOD,        CORRER,  SUMMIT,      LONG LAKE,      SKYLARK.  WHITE AND ATWOOD WELLINGTON,  SMITH'S.  And Otner Boundary Creek Camps.7  HAVE BRANCHHES IN THE CITY,  #       ��       @  , , , , For Prices of Lots and Other Information, Address  GREENWOOD, B, C,  Beans per can.../.:.....!.. ........:..::.,.. $0-15'  Peas. -..,. ........:...       15  Corn .       15  Tomatoes......       15  Potatoes per cwt    1.75  Raisins per package       15;  Raisins per lb..:       10  Currants loose,       15  Currants. Package       20  Salmon", per can        15  Salmon, 2lbs....'.....1       25  Mackerel, per can fresh       15.  Herring, per can, fresh ���..      .15  Herring, tomato sauce       20  Preserved bloaters       20  Flour, Hungarian   1.50  Flour. Gold Drop   1,35  Potatoes, per cwt.... -  1.7J  Oil, per case    3.  BANNERMAN BR07. 9\  \\t  THE GREENWOOD WEEKLY TIMES.  Pag-e   3.  COPPER MOUNTAIN.  Enquiry at the Sunset elicited the information that R. A. Brown  is shortly  ��� expected at the camp.  ' The owners of the  Rifle  are doing  assessment-  work. * and-..  the    present  ��� showing' is most encouraging. ..This is  ,also true of the' I'. X.7L-, a nearby-  claim, where the work of opening the  ore body is now progressing.  Charles Powell has cause to be contented these days.. The recent work on  the Princess May, as stated in last  week's Star, was fruitful in exposing  some excepti.nally rich ore. An assay of samples that he brought to  town gave 11 per cent in copper.  J. Bernard Tierney, M. E., of Nelson  has obtained a*n' optiofi't'rain' 'Fred  Wampole, of Princeton,': for the purchase of the Buller and a three-quarters  interest-in the Little J.Gem Fraction,'  both on Copper Mountain.''; The'Buller  has a fine Surface showing "of gold-  copper ore. Mr. Tierney sampled both  claims, the pre being .sent- t'6 Nelson  for testing purposes. If the option is  lal.eu' tip development work will be  started this stimnier.  A resumption of workrori:'the Htim-  boit claim, adjoining the Oriole to the  west, is announced, when theoo-foot  shaft will'donbtless be iteepe-iect. Since  the Sn.owc.e_i boys start.ed.\vork on the  shaft it. has been put (3 own\ to:. a; depth  of 20 feet. * At the bottom a noticeable  change in the character of ore is to be  seen that is highly encouraging, as  galena���something entirely^ newou the  mqiuitain���is coming-'-iu'.in spots, and  is associated with the sttlphrets and  bornite.        "'" "'*���'���"���''" '"'"  Many camps have .been- es'-ablished  in this vicinity, and .work . is in full  swing on several of the claims. At  the Oriole, D. M. French, the Day  brothers and the Sno'wden brothers  have that camp. The claim, adjoins  the i Helen Gardner on the south and  east. The shaft is down 22. feet, passing through a capping of diorite. for  ��� 18 feet. . The last four feet is in ore,  containing copper sulphrite and bornite. Sampling bf .this ore after the  last round of shots gave 8 and 9 per  cent respectively in copper.���Similka-  n e_n Star.  ; Nitrous oxide and oxygen for pain  less extraction of teeth at Dr. Mathi-  son's.  "Flints Sarsparilla,* the spring tonic  ���SI.00.    Anderson's Pharmacy.  For RE-*T���Unfurnished rooms,, very  ���cheap. " See Smith & McRae-.  .    Fresh fruit of all kinds at Semerad'?;  Copper street.   '   -.  C..V. Semerad headquarters for ripe  ���fruit.   '--..'������'.')���    ���'������-���    .  Inspection of Metalliferous Mines.  INSPECTORS' DISTRICTS. .  THE Inspectors of Metailiierous Mines are  hereby assigned tUe following- as tlieir  respective Inspection Districts with headquarters as noted. Such assignment to take.place  rf rom June 15th, 1.01, until further notice.  Akchiuald Dick, Inspector.  Headquarters, Cranbrook. Office of Deputy  Mining' Becorder.  Inspection District shall comprise all of East  Kootenay and also Goat Riv.er Mining-Division^  "^^t'West'KootWiiiy'y~yy~~.y''���y^y'~  In  addition  to' the duties  of'-Inspector  of  ��-talU_ero��s Mines, Mr. Dick will also act as  -opector of  Coal   Mines; within    the   same  tiial .ct.  -James McGregor,  nspect'o_.     '., J y ��� *'-���-'  Headquarters," Office of 'Mining- Recorder,  Nelson. '  '    ,  Inspection District shall comprise all of West  Kootenay except Goat River Mining Division,  -and also the Grand Forks and Kettle River  Mining-Division of Yale District.  Thomas Morgan, Inspector.  Headquarters,      Government      Buildings,  Nanaimo.  Inspection District,  Vancouver  Island  and  ���Coast'District.  Mr. Morgan is also Inspector of Coal Mines  .ior this District.  Notice is hereby g-iven of such Inspection  Districts and that in accordance with the "In-  spection of Metalliferous Mines Act? 1897," and  Amending- Acts, notice of accidents to employes  'happening- within any of such Districts must be  .promptly reported both to the IuspeetotfO- sucli  District aud also to the Minister of Mines,  Victoria.  Iu mines not included in the above Districts  manag-ers  will   report,   iu   duplicate,   to   the  Minister of Mines direct, who, if lie considers it  ,.?-*.cessary, will as. inn an Inspector to specially  I'i port.  l.laul.  forms upon which to make reports of  such accidents may be obtained from the In-  pector  of   the    District,    from    the    Miniiit;  Recorder, or upon application to this office.  RICHARD McBRIDE,  Minister of Mines.  ���Department of Mines,  Sth June. 1.901.  MINERAL ACT, 1896.  Certificate of Improvement.  NOTICE.  "DY-CAMO" Mineral Claim, situate in the  Kettle River Mining- Division of Yale  District. Where located : In Skylark  Camp.  TAKE. NOTICE that I. Isaac H. Hallett. as airent for Anton Portmann, Free  Miners's certificate No. l_.1331i and Charles  Raering-, Free Miner's Certificate No.  __406'-.        intend sixty days from  the date hereof, to apply to the Mining-  Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, lor  the purpose of obtaining- a Crown Grant of the  above claim-  And further take notice that action, under  Section 37,  must be commenced  before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  -Dated this 17t"u day of June. A. D. 1901  ''-.'..   ���   -���   . --CH. HALLETT  GLASSWARE  CUTLERY  SILVERWARE  BAR-GOODS  The   larg-est   hotels aiicl:"fincst  residences in B.C. were-fur-  nislied by us throughout  CARPETS  LIK(  v    f        ���   ...,'-J  4~,  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  J&NCKES*  ���CO;  �����*:.#*'-���j.-'.-h-hs *".###3.  9 *    **.  | in stock i Hoisting Plants, Stamp Mills, Concentrators,  | ROSSLAND | Buckets( CarS( Rop��f sinking and Station Pumps.   Chain Blocks,  % Warehouse..% Boilers, Receivers, Etc,  * * ,  ************** -  '��  Compressors and Rand Rock Drills, in which the highest degree of Perfection has  been attained,  -.."JBENDENHALL,  GREENWOOD.   3.C.  BOSSLAMD.   B.C.  4  4  4  K  4r  4  4  ,  4*'  4  ������ 4 -��- 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 & 4 44 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 444.4 4 4 4 4444444441  vnLvx,^wni!i&jM**Bamr*rmp*vv*r^w*m,mU^*<A*i*Z8n&*t  ���w-Cft-wawwa-'-i xumj*��j**-xtH*xrwMimmi�� g  tiuitiiuii-iiM^ \,;  I X  V  \\  l if ,  1 t  -****��**tt*******��9999*999-:  7-B. B.V  munroe.���  -��y- ��*/"��� XmV*  .A,    -*k,    *%,  CHOICE CIGARS AND  TOBACGOS X X X v  FINE-  _, a,     ^.4^     ^,%,  News Papers, Periodicals, g  Circulating Library, Fancy  SURVEYS ARE NOW BEING MADE AND LOTS  WILL SHmRTLY BE ON THE MARKET. CARMI  CITY ADJOINS THE GROUP OR CLAIMS ON  WHICH  THE  CARMI  MINE IS  THE CENTER^  .Cbt.,Shipping (iroup of tbe  ���$%:?:.w  ��� ������  ��� ������  Carmi is the Mining Center of the Upper West Fork Country. The  Townsite adjoins the Carmi Mine, which shipped 2,000 tons of ore to the  smelter during tho past winter, and upon which development is being  pushed in order to be ready for continuous shipments when railroad is  completed to Carmi.  E3--  -*:*?  ��,��>  *_���?  FOR TERMS WRITE  ��armi,' ELK.  tffWWWWWm^  1HI 11 IS. II Ml!  :c.n?i.:'..y  1       i,:te;;t-  ���  ��#:.  ix-i'^t-ty  ���'**?;'-������  1 "'���*����-_  ' 'iiiSf-S;  :y^gc_a-_ga_a5a--'lgasg^i--^--<-,��g* -j"  --^ ���_________ Page 4.  THE.GREENWOOD WEEKLY TIMES.  Nitrous ��� oxide a n d  oxygen [furnishes the  latest, safest and best  method for the pain-  lesl. extraction of teeth.  There are no bad after  effects.  yDR. R. Mathison  Both' 'Phones.    Greenwood.  ZDz  PUBLISHED BY  The Greenwood Times Printing and Publishing  Company, Limited.  Duncan Ross.... _ Editok.  Had that order gone to the Miner, that  paper would have-had S+1.35 more than  the Times and there would have been  no kiclc coming" from the Times.  The Miner insinuates that because the  manager of the Times and Aid. Ross  are one and the same the Times cannot  legally do city work. The Times is an  incorporated company and the clause of  the municipal clauses act relating- to  matters of this kind follows:  "But no peson shall be held to be disqualified from being elected a member  of the council of any nuinicipil corporation b3r reason of his being a shareholder in any incorporated company-  having dealings or contracts with the  council of such municipal corporation."  The whole matter is small aud  scarcely worth serious discussion but  it is rather hard on members of the  present council who are conscientiously  endeavouring to rescue the city from  the legal entanglements and financial  difficulties into which it was plunged  through Thos Hardy's stupid blundering, that his Greenwood organ should  resurrect him and -parade him as a  model of wisdom   and  integrity.  MINING  REPORT.  successful working mines  in   the province todav.  GRAND FORKS-REPUBLIC RAILWAY.  THURSDAY   JULY 4, 1901.  MUNICIPAL   . COUNCILS,     PRE-  ""-"��� SENT AND PAST. , ' 7  The,Greenwood Miner has seen fit  to bring one Tho. Hard}- from the city  of Phoenix for the purpose of telling  the present city cou'ncillin.general and  Aid. RosSs in particular how the affairs  of a city' should be conducted. The  Miner is unfortunate in its references  to Mr. Hard3''s actions, in connection  with the sale of goods to the city. A  reference to the accounts for 1899 and  1900, particularly 1899, will show that  Mr. Hardy sold several thousand dollar's worth of goods to^the city through  Chas. E. Edwards,  Robt Hunter  and  i  other civic employees, that Mr.  Hardy  drew $500 from thecity treasury for a  ten days' jaunt to Victoria and  accomplished nothing, while the  mayor and two others made a.  similar trip for'a less amount of money  and accomplished something in the interests of the citv, that���but why continue with a long list of .Mr. Hardy's  actions. He retired to., that obscurity  to which he properly belonged aud it is  to be regretted that he did not take his  -jiewspaperplau^  swearing .away ."his responsibility),  srice its only mission apparently is to  damn! ever" action and discourage  every project that is in the interest of  t'~"_city of Greenwood.  The Miner makes the distribution of  the city printing a" excuse for bringing up the ughr. spectre of the past  municipal mal-administration.  Until the present council went .into  power the city work was done in the  Greenwood Times, first because, tbe  Times was the only newspaper in the  city; then because it tendered for the  work lower than a newspaper helped by  Thos Hardy et al, for the purpose, of  jruining an established business and  th because Thos Kardy was a part-  ��� in the Miner while he was mayor  Ind therefore could not legally take-  any work and he could not induce his  '..manager, James Grier to put in bills  under the circumstances.  Fortunately for Greenwood, T.-.os.  Hardy retired from the civic chair and  thc city and the. Miner was free to  accept city work. Since the Miner  acknowledges that the majority of the  Ross ticket were elected and could  therefore control the council, the Miner  neither legally or by usual practice  could expect city work but at the suggestion of Aid Ross, the work was divided equally between the two printing  offices in the city. Until June 24th the  amounts paid for work done in the  Miner office during the term of the  present council was as follows. S43.60,  ��39.60, S4, $3.20, S3, S13,. total 5106,40  also S15 for printing Board of Trade  reports but that need not be c-nsidered  here. There was paid for work done in  tbe Times office during the present  council S41.85, S29.20, S7.S0, S3.50 total  $92.05.Under the circumstances the city  clerk naturally placed the next order  Avith the Times. This amounted to 527  which was paid on Monday June   24th.  k*- :'���:���  The annual report of the minister of  mines has just been issued. It contains  a vast amount of information concerning the mining industry. Typographically it reflects the highest credit on  the government printing office. The  illustrations are excellent and appropriate. Among the latter is a fine view  of Greenwood. The volume contains  a lengthy r-.port of the Kettle River  Mining Division furnished by Gold  Commissioner McMynn in which he  reviews the work done in the district  during the year.  Mr. Robertson the provincial miner-  ologists has something to say regarding prospects and prospectors which  now that the subject is being discussed  will prove interesting. He says :  "While production must be the ultimate measure of our success as a min-  i ig commnnity, yet but a small portion  of the energy of the country is employed in a class of mining which is at  the present time productive. Every  accessible section of the province is  being 'prospected' more or less  thoroughly, and many sections: are  being developed with good promises of  success, while still others which are  known to contain- valuable mineral  must necessarily lie dormant until the  growth of the country proves sufficiently good transportation facilities to  enable them to be opened up.  Prospects are "promises," and the  degree of faith placed in their fulfilment will be measured by the manner  iu which our mines���the prospects of a  few years'ago���are now fulfilling the  promises then given.  The statistics show what these mines  have, during the past year (1900), paid  back in principal and interest to the  lenders of the money for their development.  J___Th__L-to_tQ-.L'ii.m^  in 1893,56,529,420; in 1S99, ��6.751,604;  and in 1900 reached the sum of 310,069,-  757; an increase of 49 per cent, over  1899, and 54 per cent, over 1898.  Prospects may be said to borrow  money on promissory notes and, unfortunately, many, "promising-prospects"  have failed to meet their obligations,  with the result that the capitalist can  only he induced to advance money by  the expectation of a high premium aud  a largo rate of .interest on the loan.  In consideration, of such high premium and rate of interest, the lender  must necessarily expect to make losses  in individual cases, but if, in a scries  of transactions, the principal and a fair  rate of interest is returned, then this  form of investment must be considered  a profitable one, and that it is so profitable is found by those who investigate  the matter.  These "notes" of the prospects have,  however, to pass through the hands of  promoters who, too often, uot content  with a regular commission, raise the  "notes," or add ou such a premium  that but a small percentage of the  original loan is available for the development of the prospect.  A prospect which gets, say 510,000,  might pa.v back such loan doubled or  trebled; but why should it be saddled  with a debt of 31,000.000 and expected  to pay this back with interest ? Is it  any wonder that a prospect like this  becomes a failure ?  "Why should mining investments not  be entered into as would any commercial business���only after serious investigation ?  If the investing public���the real  lenders of money to the prospects���  would exercise ordinary business  caution and see to it that the money  for the stock they buy is used as it  should be���on work and not to fatten  the   promoters���there would be more  Notwithstanding the encouraging  dispatches that have been sent from  Grand Forks telling of the immediate  construction of the Grand Forks-Republic railway, it now looks as if the  road would not be built. These dispatches intimated that Geo. S. Deeks  had been awarded the contract and  that active construction wouid be commenced immediately. Then it was  announced that Mr. Deeks had gone  east to arrange the financial part of  the contract and that work would be  started upon his return. Mr. Deeks  has returned and he says :  "There is positively nothing to say  concerning the proposed road. The  reports that work was to be begun at  once are without foundation. I not  only do not know when the road will  be built, but I am not in position to  say whether it will ever be built. In  short, the building of the road is not  .vet in my hands." When asked as fo  the Great Northern's plan he said :  "Yes, I had a conversation with Chief  Engineer Stevens while in St. Paul,  but it was on matters of a personal  nature. You can say, however, that  its road will be built. Contractor  Seims will, I understand, sublet the  construction work, and our firm may  be among the bidders."  It now looks as if the Great Northern would be the only railway in the  field and that it will make connections  with Republic from Midway and not  from Grand Forks.  The Times is in receipt of an invitation to the Spokane Industral Fair  which opens on ' September 1st.  I-Iebert Bolster is again manager and  this is a guarantee that the fair will be  up-to-date in every particular.  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  HALLETT & SHAW.  Barristers, Solicitors,  Notaries Public.  Cable Address :  ' UALLUTT."  c-onv .  i Bedford M'Neill's   Greenwood,  i_odj_s  s Mureinjr ssNeal's ���   '  Leibe-'s. . B* c'  I. H. HALLETT.  H. Ci SltAW  PRINGLE & WHITESIDE,  Barristers and Solicitors,  Notaries Public, Etc.  Offices: Over Bank of Montreal, Greenwood.  MOL.EOD & BROWN  Barristers and Solicitors,  Notaries Public, Etc  Offices: Nadeu-Flood bloc!.. Copper street,  Greeuwood, B.C.  J. R. Brown. J. P. McLeod.  PORBES M. KERBY, C.E'  ' '..    Provincial Land Surveyor!  Offices:   Greenwood, B. C.  also J, A. Unswortli's Store, Midway, B. C.  P, VJ. GROVES,  Civil and Misting Engineer  Provincial Land Surveyor,  greenwood, b. c.  Mineral Claims Reported upon. .  Underground Snrvej-s.  QHARLES AE. SHAW,  Civil, Enc-inker,  Dominion    and . Provincial  Land Surveyor.  GREENWOOD.    ;      :      ;      ;    B.   C.  BffiS&BS.!  Heavy and ShelMlardwdre,. Groceries and  .�����^^PATRGNSZE HOME INDUSTRY^  ciga:  IT IS  NO GHEAP CIGAR BUT EQUAL TO THE BEST  ���    IMPORTED.  &  YOU WILL ENJOY IT AND AT THE SAME TIME  ENCOURAGE A LOCAL INDUSTRY,  '  T  FRED ROY,   Proprietor.  'Phone: Columbia 155.  BAUER <& ASHCROFT,  Provincial Land Surveyors  mining and Civil Enf-lnecrlug.  Mineral  Claim-*  Surveyed and Crown Grained  Land anti Knyineeriiitf Surveys  XV. A. BAUER! C.E., P.L.S. A. E. ASHCROrT C.E if.LS  VANCOUVER GREENWOOD  Wood   Block,  next  door   to    Custom   office  GREENWOOD. B. C.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of hnprovements.  notice,  -big   fou_-'%   "paragon",    "lulu"  "GRAND     CENTRAL"    and    "NAPA"  Mineral Claims situate iu the Kettle River  Mining- Division of Yale District.  Where'located :    In Kimberley Camp.  TAKE NOTICE tluu I Isaac H. Hallett. aa  aireut for John Dunn, Free Miner's Certificate No. B48.86, James L. Steele, Free  giuer's Certificate Xo. B3.542, Dennis Dillon,  Free Miner's Certificate No. KM.., and Joseph  P. Kelly. Free Miner's .Certi ficaU: No. B_(844,  intend sixty days from the date liereof, to apply-  to the Mining- Recorder for a Certilicate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a  Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificateof Imorovements.  Dated this 12th day of April, 1901.  m-0 I. H. HALLETT.   "  Rooms at the Clarendon 50 cents per  night.  Mail orders promptly  filled���Anderson's.drug store. :'*-.'-''  WMWMBIM9M. ^^^_________%___M  ��������HALCYQti'.WATI  THE B, C WHOLESALE LIQUOR  COMPANY  -ARE--GENERAL=AGENTS^FOR^HIS POPULAR  NATIVE WATER.  -iORPE  NE*L*S0N, Bo C  5*5$  AND  TRUST CO., LIMITED LIABILITY  REPRESENTING :  - PHOENIX  FIRE)  ASSURANCE CO.,  OF LONDON, ENGLAND.  WESTERN ASSURANCE  CO.,  OF TORONTO.  BRITISH AMERICA ASSURANCE CO.,  OF TORONTO  LIVERPOOL AND LONDON AND GLOBE  ASSURANCE CO., OF LONDON, ENGLAND  BIRKBECK INVESTMENT & LOAN CO.:  * OF TORONTO.  GEO. R NADEN,  Manager  Harvey & Robins. Proprietors.  ���f>e Best Stock* :Cbe, tleafest Rigs*  Copper Street, Greenwood. cAs/tMfltt tz>-��.r*r* i��rKww  ^4  THE GREENWOOD WEEKLY TIMES.  Page  5.  y  LOCAL HAPPENINGS.  James C. Dale was down from Carmi  this week.  Potatoes and lots of them at Crowston's.       tf  Joe Taylor, Wellington camp, was in  the city on Tuesday.  J. P. McLeod has returned . from a  trip to Beavertotu  E. B. and John Massam have returned from the West Fori..  Smith Curtis, M. P. P., spent several  days in the city last week.  _!.. W. Ruff and wife, Rossland, are  ���feg-istered at the Arm.troiig-.  The city schools were closed on Friday for the midsummer holidays.  When at Crowston's stores don't  forg-et to get a supply of good potatoes.  Geo. A. Rendell and O. H. Becker,  Eholt, registered at the Imperial this  week.  Jas. Kerr and bride will return from  their honeymoon trip on Saturday  next.  Trooper Brent and C. W. Winters of  Keremeos were visitors' to G-reenwood  tliis week.  By getting your berries from Crowston you get them fresh from his  ranch. tf  J. P. Keane, superintendent of the  Cariboo, and wife registered this week  at the Imperial,  R. G. Tatlow, M. P. P., and wife,  Vancouver, were among the visitors to  the city last week.  John Shore, Vancouver, representing  the assignees in the-Geo. F. Williams  estate is in the city.  Miss Wilson is now prepared  to tak  pupils  in  piano   playing.    Residence,  next door to Baptist church.  Why not put up your own'fruit when  you can get home grown fresh berries  from Crowston's ranch.       tf  J. S. Clute, inspector of customs,.and  ���C.J.Major, New  Westminister,  were  visitors to the city this week.  J. W. Maid of Rossland C. P. R.  station accompanied by his family  made a flying trip to Greenwood on  Tuesday.  The Bank of B.N. A. has issued a  well gotten up brochure in which is  told the story of the bank's successful  year during 1900. ���    ... -  On Tuesday evening three loaded  cars ran or tne Mother Lode spur. The  accident delayed the service for some  time but no damage was done.  A meeting of householders was held  . in  the  city  hall on Saturday last for  the purpose of electing a trustee.     Mr.  Smailes was re-elected by acclamation.  Thos. McDonnell has returned from  Colville and Spokane. Mrs. McDonnell  who has' been ill for sometime remained over in Spokane for medical  t   . t.nent.  There are   about   200   subscriptions  to tha Times due this   week.    Look  at  the label on your paper.    If your   time  is up send us..two   dollars.    We   need  -^t he - mo n ey. ^=^-^^=���-^.---^-^=---=^^-^y.  V/MY  WS GUARANTEE THEM UNCONDITIONALLY.     CALL AND LET US  EXPLAIN ITS ADVANTAGES TO YOU.  JEWELLERS.  COPPER STREET.  CF  CF*  CF*  <F*  Cr*  CF*  CF*'  CF*  CF*  (F*  Cr*  CF*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  CF*  CF*  Capita., ail paid up. $12,000,000.  ..$7,000,000.  President:   Lour) Strathcona and Mount Royal,  Vice-President:    Hon. George A. Drummond.  General Manager:    E. S   Clouston.  Brandies in London, Eug. \ $.��'V'SSL. New YorK, Clricago.  Dny and sell Stcrliitfr I-XChaiifre and Cable Trans-furs ; Grant Commercial xtt  Travellers' Credits, available in any part of the world.  Greenwood Branch,  FiNUCANF  Manager.  *&>���-  *-_?-���  >J>'-  *��������'  ��__?**  ��___*���  >=*��  ��-_->������  ��3_*  YOUR HOUSES AND SIGNS  And Guaran.ccour work to be rig-lit, as we use only the "best  of materials and employ only competent workmen -   -  -   - , ^  -PAPERING AND DECORATING-  A full line of Wall-Papers, Paints  Oils,  Glass,  Mirrors,'  Sash and Doors, Varnishes,  etc. etc ,  Use Mellor's Pure Ready Mixed Paints  $2.00 Per Gallon  V. & X. 'PHONE 7').  COPPER STREET.  Barclay Bonthrone,  manag-er of the  Earl Syndicate pwuing- the Monarch in  * (Green wood camp  and  Dalziel Gordon  Smith   of   Vancouver   spent    several  days in the city this week.  Next Tuesday evening- District  Deputy T. M. Gully will install the  ofHaers of Boundary Valley Lodg*e.  Refreshments will be served and ah  visiting- brothers are cordially invited.  P. 3T, Parrish of the B. C. mine and  J. Hanly of the R. Bell were in the  city for several days this week. Mr.  Haul)- expects to ship about a carload  a day of rich ore to the Granby  smelter.  A meeting of the Rock Creek Con-  ' .solidated Placer company will be held  an Mr. Keffer's office on Friday evening next. It is the intention of the  ir.ijfffiva.xxy to ..ell -further shares and  continue the work.  A. B. McKenzie, C. P. R. agent:  Rossland, D. J. McDonald, the well  known mining expert, and J. M. Long-  of the Le Roi and wife arrived in the  city on Saturday and spent Sunday in  Phoenix.  Dr. C. J. Fagan, secretary of the  Provincial board of health was in the  city last week. He and Dr. Jakes  visited Phoenix to settle the bills in  connection with small pox epidemic at  that point.  Harry Dale and Earnest Cartier h ave  leased the new Windsor hotel and  opened on July 1st. Both are popular  and experienced hotel men and with a  first-class building in a central location  will doubtless do a larg-e business.  Johu Empey representing the -7ound-  ary Mining company owning Vhe  "Washington-Idaho group of claims ai  Ren Jell arrived in the city last even  ing and will proceed to the West Fork  to resume operations on the properties.  Chas; Muilford advance agent for  Canaille Urso was in the cits- last week  arranjE'-ing for, the. appearance of the  famous violinist at the Auditorium i n  Saturday evening-.���'Mr.-Munford-w-s  here last year with the' Fisk Jubilee  Singers.'  Strawberries fresh from my ranch in  any quantity, from 1 to 500 crates .-it  Crowston's. 1 "*���  Comfortable furnished rooms.  _P___v^e,B__ard._;^Hom  ing.    Board  and   room   from  S7.a week and upwards.  Certificate of Improvements  NOTICE.  "CARMI" Mineral Claim, situate in the  Keitle River Miniiiyr Division of Yale District. Where located : In Carmi camp on  the West Fork of Kettle River.  TAKE NOTICE that I. Forbes M. Kerhy,  C._-., as airuut for .-dumuiicl Healhct'lu  Thruston, sree miner's certilicate No. 27021,  Geo.fc A Sonneman. free miner's certificate  No. -1-42020, and Joseph _.. liranscoinbe,  free minor's certilicate No. IM-Wl'l. intend sixty days from the date liereof, to apply  to the Mining Recorder for a Certilicate of  Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a  Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further  lake notice that action, under  section 37,  must, be commenced before the  issuance ot* such Certilicate of Im provements.  ��� Dated this lOlli dav of April. I.III.  FORBES  M*. KERUY  ��i/-?  CAMP  MCKINNEY  ...HOTEL...  Hugh Cameron :-: Prop.  Best   Brands  Wines,   Liquors  and  Cig-ars.   Good Stabling-.  I CAMP McKINNEY, B, C, |  .IC.  ib-.  1ST,  Beans per can SO-15  Peas         13  Corn .,.      15  Tomatoes       15  Potatoes per cwt    1.75  Raisins per package       15  Raisins per lb ;.      10  Currants loose,       15  Currants. Package       2 0  Salmon, per can        15  o  Salmon, 21bs       25  Mackerel, per can fresh       15  Herring, per can, fresh 15  Herring, tomato sauce       20  Preserved bloaters        2 0  Flour, Hungarian.....    L50  Flour. Gold Drop    1,35  Potatoes, per cwt  ..  1.75  Oil, per case....    3.65  d-  IS  &"_"*"  pLfi-S__f*>  ���Tu.  ��L__-VV*-��^_-*S��-i*4..  Established 1836.     Incorpooated by Royal Cliarter.  Capital, _a,OG0.OQQ---$4,866.66.  Reserve Fund, ��35GfQ"00~-$l,7G3,333.33  HEAD OFFICE:   LONDON, ENGLAND.  H- STIKEMAN, General Manager, Montreal,  J. ELMSLY, Inspector, Montreal.  \i  Branches and ag-ents  in   all   the   principal  cities   of   Canada and die  United States, and correspondents in all parts  of trie world.  ..A GENERAL BANKING  BUSINESS TRANSACTED''..,  Greenwood Branch:   W. G. K- BELT, Manager.  THE f AMMAN RANK OF fOMMERCE  JL.   w���-y-mT^ ^/  *^**~ar.n���mmnmtmMwmwxxtmw "jLr  "' ^^rejmKKyaan^nmmeuia*i   ^^J ***a*aamarM*mmm*mmmmmi���it���  .-������  With Which is Incorporated the  m HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO.  m Capital, $8,000,000.'-     -      Rest, $2,000,000  $%      HON. GEO, A. COX, President.   B, E. WALKER, General Manager    W,"  f-  *!  1.  ,  'J  t$-  V  manager Greenwood Branch  gjfeps.  ROSSLAND ENGINEERING WORKS.  & CUNLIFFE & McMILLAN :���:���$  FOUh'DEHS,.     BOILERMAKERS      and      MACHINISTS.  ORE CARS- This is our specialty. We make the best ore cars on the  market and sell them as fast as we can make them. Write us for references and full particulars.  SECOND HAND MACHINERY.     For Sale/   1���CO   H.   P.   ret.irri  ^---.���hoilero-lG -sMellHie.-i.<ls-,"y2-o^liied.��-^esteditoi180--lqs--co!'d-w'atter"pr'_ia.Hre.  '52 ft heavy 30 lb smokestack and all  fittings'complete.     1���9x12  HoriE-  outal'slide valve engine.    1���25 h. p. Locomotive type boiler and ei.g*ii_e  attached. ���������'���.  WANTED. 2���3 oi-4 drill air compressors. 2���Svn-ill hoists about 16 h. p.  small boilers 15 to 25 h. p. must be in tfoqd condition. .'.'���..  Third Avenue,  Rossland.  P 0 Bex 198  ->��V-;_.'-.cc-__n.^^.>-_--_-..___:._^  v    ,  i tf  iif.  *V_  $���'*.  . ��� $  t-.'y.  'i'i  �� �� ��  �� ��  Smoke a "William Pitt Cigar;    A jolly given  with  evrerv cigar  at Jacobs'.    Ask "for it.  ; maxiK-Hi ���  ��<��  \\mm  \%&  ne % is  When you can get the best cigars  the country at JSCObS. : : : : :  ��� _a m,    Wh  <���*  IJOtl  CLARENDON HOTEL BLOCK.  Cocper Street.  i *v*-���  , General Ofiice.               g^:  j Greenwood, }{. C.   JJ^T  I ITU. ���  PETER GENELLE. PRES. xj. GENELLE, VICE-PRES.  J.  POUPORE. SECRETARY.  ifttiiin  LIMITED.  ', Telephones :  i Columlvia No.  j Boundary Creek -Co.  Varuco & Xelscm  Xo. 26.  Our Yards and Mills are  located as follows :  Greenwood. Phoenix. Dead-  wood City. Eholt Xo. i. Ehol Xo.  2, J-ontr Lake, Rock Creek, Skylark Camp, Xaku.p, Robson,  Ymir and Rosslaud.  We .A��re Manufacturers  of all Kinds of : : : : :  10  if  ^m!!!f.!mf!in.!!m!nT!???1im!!!f!11!.f.U!HT!!fT!!Tr!!mtlTn^:  ZL Page  THE* GREENWOOD WEEKLY TIMES.  **Xxaan*x&aMxnxtavLiiQn m  Solo Aofiiits For Tlie B. C, Assay &  ���fiiical Supp3yCo.,"Vancouver..:B. C.  . /      - ** DIRECT IMPORTERS. OF v. ���.'./.  .cv-SSAYERS   AND   MTT.,1,   SUPPLIES     -:-    WE   HAVE   A   COMPLETE  ^'OCX__QF__A_LL  APPARATUS REQUIRED IK YOUR ASSAY OFFICE,'  tfOt-S' AG-EXTS FOR "BATTERSEA'' fj n, 1     Fx'>.\V\   fiFT   (XHM   Y\lWir0  fe^syr7^y^yiyvy:!j|ilj..il) li il Y$__  ���CABLE ADDRESS :  * 1  MAORI.  CODE :  MOREING  &.NEAI..  SOLD OUT TO P. BURNS & CO.  Licence to an Extra-Provincial Com-  ���y    7 pany. .    ,  .".COMPANIES ACT, 1897."  Cattle King's Firm Tak?s. Over, the Only Opposition.' 'n:_.iis?.S*rtio_i. -: y*:���������.J.  :V-yaugh'afa:..'&- JMcInSis- hayeyabld out  to.P. Burns'& C67: \#l|ll'etrfcedearwas  known, to'be pending-, no-'annbance-  nient lias been made of the actual sale  until this week.    The sale includes the  store  and   lot   in'   which    Vaughan   &   is authorized ard licensed to carry on business  Mclnnis conducted, business   in   Phoe-   within the Province of British CflumbU, Uuul  '.:''���*;      ?"-"���.    CanadaNi'v      t-':}��� I     .   :--..."'  Province or TikiTisH* Columbia  ("  THIS IS TO CERTIFY ahat the  -'Mout-  real and Boston Copper Company, Ltd."  to carry out or effect all or anv of the object1, of  th. Company to which the ltfyislative authority  of ihe Legislature of ..ihish Columbia extends.  The head ofliee of the Company is situate !n  Montreal, Province of Quebec, Canada.  The amount of the capijal of the Company is  ".'OO.OOO, divided into live thousand shares of  5100 each. -       "  The head ofliee of the Company in this Province is situate at Greenwood, and Clive  P'rini-le. l.arri.-te.-at-La-v, whose address i.s  | <_'r ecu wood aforesaid; is the attorney for the  nix,  the  Slaughter house at Hartford  Junction,   the stock of cattle, hog-sand  sheep on hand and the g-ood will of- the  business.    P.   Burns  &  Co.   will'take  possession Monday, July l_it.  .   Vaugha.ii & Mclnnis  have conducted  a retail'meat business  in .Phoenix  for:  the  last  three  years;or  .thereabout:  and have'beet-'very popular with the���] C'on.patiy  Given- under  iiiy   hand   aud seal of office al  my  Victoria, Province of liriiish Columbia, this  lltl. d:.y of March, one thousand nine hundred  and'one.. ' -  1...S.. S. Y.\yOQTTON,  Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.  The follow-inf. are the .objects for which the  Company has been established.: '  a. To mine, iiuavrv. work, mill, manufacture  and'prtpare for sale Ivy any process, audio  curry, sell and deal in coal, .coke, iron, iron  ores, -"lone. copper aud'cbprtaT ores, man-iranest.  and'any ..Uier'ui.ner-*is". clays or. miueral sub-  their price. 'This they have evidently  dont;, although it is not made public as  to the exact figure.  P. Burns & Co., although having- a  larg-e number of shops all through this  section, and practically controlling' the  meat business,, are well,'.thought of  generally. It is the intention to conduct two shoes in'Phoenix..One in each  end of the city, and Mr.'Brown is to  continue with the old Vaughn & Mclnnis shop, while, as of old, Joe Stir-  rett presides oyer the chopping block  at the store opposite the postoffice.  Mr. Mclnnis informs the Pioneer  that his firm, will now. confine.themselves to their ranch intesests, which  are extensive, and he .may open a feed  grain and produce establishment in  Phoenix. It is to be hoped that he  will remain here, as he is a man that  the -city will, regrettb lose, either, on  the council board or'in general business.���Pioneer.  Rooms at the Clarendon 50 cents per  nkj-ht.  Go to Anderson's 'pharmacy for  drugs, toilet, articles, sponges, soaps,  perfumes, etc., '-.reenwood.  To LET���A furnished  three roomed  cottage .   Apply Times office.  TO LET  THOS. MILLER, Mgr.  Building suitable  for Stores or offices.     Lot on Copper Street,  FOR SALE '   Well Furnished five roomed house, easy terms bf payment.  GREENWOOD, ' ��� " B.  C.  MINERAL ACT.  __Certificate*of improvements.  -,r-Tr--p :���-���-���-*- NOTICE.  -BIG    FOUR",    "PARAGON",    UVV���''  *" -"GRAND     CENTRAL"    and    '-NAPA'  *M*��eral! Claims situate in the Kettle River  Mihli-ff 'Division of "(Tale District.  *'      -Wpre located:   In Kimberley Camp.  '*FT��AK NOTICE that I Isaac H. Hallett. as  * X *IS��tifor. John Dunn, Free Miner's Ler-  -t-fic-ute^ro B4S986, James L. Steele, Free  _svSrt Certificate No. B3.S42, Dennis Dillon,  S^jliSr's Certificate No. B.2LG, and Joseph  IP J_!ett_-.'Free Miner's Certificate No. Bj-844,  li-��_k'slx{5-davs from the date hereof, to apply  %Vft��mxiing Reorder for a Certificate of tm-  ^e^nt-..   for the purpose of   obtaining   a  'F__����ro Grant of the above claim.  ^W further take notice t.iat action   under  -..waoa 37, Si st be commenced before the is-  SSo/sticUertificateof   niprovements.  ,,B^aisVthdayofApr^^_.LETTi  SALE UNDER CHATTEL MORTGAGE.  "C. C. C. C. the great nerve   builder  S1.00 at Anderson's Pharmacy.  MINERAL ACT.  CwtiifJcate   of  Improvements.  :'���'���. 'NOTICE.*  CROWN* FO-SNT Mineral claim, situate in the  Kettle-R'.verMtuiii','- Division of Yale District.. W*&fere_.located;: , Iii. Crown Point  Can-it.:. ".':. '        '..    ' '  TAKB'NOTICE that I. -iKsacH: Hallett,  FrCeM'iner's certicate No. BSD03, for myself and-ias-. ajreiit for John -Douglas, Fred  Miner's o.rtifi'c--tc No.IlSUT. John P. McLeod,  Free Miiier'sdiniFica't��i;2'i56'.,'A,N.l,e:iy. Free  Miners Certlfi'eatt: No.���2'.5_'), and;G. N. Bodjrcon  Free Miner's- c_?tificate N No. B29"!iS.' intend,  sixt.v davs'from she date hereof toapply t;i the  Minim. R6cordei*;f<)i- a Certificate or 'Improvements for'the- purpose of obiai-iiny a Crown  Graut of the-above, claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section'37. must- be commenced before the issuance of such'certificate of improvements.  Dated this-3rd d:_v of May, I'M).  ' ."������   .1; JI.-TIAIvLETT.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate^ of\ Improvements.  NOTICE.  ���_T*-m*  -* MiK:  tl-.c  BRAL ACT, 1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  ��� NOTICE.  C_HMI "   Mineral   Claim,    situate   in  Keitlc Kiver MiniiKf Division of Yale  Dis-  (rict.   Where located :    Iu Carmi camp on  the West Fork of Kettle River.  Y-* VKE NOTICK lhat 1. Forbes M. Kerby,  1      C.K.* as ajreiu for- Eduiuuml Hcathcole  ���    - ���   No.  27l'2i,  Under and by virtue oi the jjowers. contained  in a certain Chattle Mortgage, dated the 29th  day of September, 1900,Which will be produced  at the time of sale, and which said Chattle  Morttratje was, by Indenture of Assignment  dated fie Sth day of May. 1901, duly assigned  to The Ames Holden Company of Montreal,  Limited, there will be offered for sale by public  auction, at the store now or recently occupied  by Joseph L. Smith, situate on Lot34, Block  12, on tbe West side of Copper Street iu the City  of Green wood in the County of Yale in the  Province of British Columbia, at the hour of  11 o'clock in the forenoon ou Tuesday the 25th  day of June, 1901, the following property : The  stock of Groceries, dry goods, boots and shoes,  aud all wares aud merchandise of whatever  kind and nature, together with all the store fittings and furniture, and the frame building in  which said goods and chattels and fittings are  contained, situate on said Lot 34, Block 12, City  of Greenwood, aforesaid.  Dated this 13th day of June. 1901.  HALLETT & SHAW  Solicitors for the Assignee  of said Chattel Mortgage.  retail trade. They bought and fattened their own cattle, and \vereinde;iend--  ent' ol" the usual source of supply. Some  weeks since negotiations' were beg-iiii:  looi.u.o-. to the; taking over of their  business by P. Burns & Co., the latter  firm sv ish ing to supply Vaughan &  Mclnnis with the meat needed.. But  this did not meet the viesrs of the selling ^hriii; "/they preferred "to- sell out- \^��<��f *�������� *��'.-ny *"cfvy oji the trades of  ��   .     ,..'..  -     l ,.��� ;  l.imni; and coal.ovvuer.., irusa- masters, founders,  right aiid WOllicY'do so if tliey  could get j smeltui-sof metals, niidq-i-irrymen and ore and  iiieial dealers :  b. To purchase or acrtuire any interest in,-  aud'to hold, use or occupy-atiy lands; buildings,  coal aud otiiur mines, riiiueruls. mining or other  rights, easements it privileges, and the Com-'  pany may sell and convey the same by deed or  deeds with'ths  usual fall covenants or other-,  c. To hit or sub-let for" btiildiug, i'i hi ing or  any oilier vnirpose anv*. property, and to give,  -and grant any rig-Ins-'-iiius'fcs, easements or  privileges:-'. . ,���' ;���' .';��� ' A';  ���; d. ' To.coi.struct. purc&a^b. .alter, operate or  maintain, or to cotttribute to'the purchase, construction, alteration, operation or maintenance,  of any buildii_g'. railway, tramway, aire rope,  tramway, canal, bridge, pier, road, ship, steamer, barge or other work i_.,lculaiert to afford any  facility in carrying on. or extending the business of the-Conipauy- and' to- operate such railway, tramway, wire rope -rauiway.canal,wharf  bridge, pier,, road., ship, steamer,' barge, and  other works -by ste-cnv electricity or other  motive jynwerr  e. To purch-iS2�� l.L_e.. charter, construct,  maimain, ^puraro or nir.-iti-actc-.e for use in  connection wifchiau.y. business of this Company  any ships, steamers,. IHiKges. rolling stock,  machinery or. plant:-  f. To acctnire any e?-tt.lnsive riaht in letters  patent, franchise or patent rights or privileges  or lands in coiuniction. vs.Uh the t.iis_ms.s of the  Company.  g. To farinituiy land: held, by Mie Company,  and for that purpose _o> buyrs<_ll aud deal in  any farniing-aiock or pBoduce :���  h. To constructaiidiiiaiutaii'. telegraph and  telephones, and generally to carry on the business ol* a taleirraph. and! ti'lepluoue: company,  and to traiispoi-t:freightiandip:Wsengersou land  and water, iir.coiiuectioii'with and confined to  the business of.the Company :.  , i. To acquire the good-will of any business  within the;obj(,i_ls of- the Company, and any  lands, privileges,, rights and- r.out.aets apner-  tainiug totl-e'same; aiiil;in'Con_ieetK)n wiil.V  Such purchase-to-undertake th-e liabilities of  any company, association., partnership or  person :  j. To sell or otherwise.dispose- of the whole  or any bran oh'or, part of tha- business, or pro-  pert v of tlie-Company to' ruiy Coinpaaty carrying ou o-.forniedifor tliepurpsse of carrv-ing im  any objects, similar to- tliotfe^ of- th& Compauy  hercby incorporated:-  k. To'.aciiuli-u.- by original subKcription or  otherwi.so; aiid;to-ll))Hl, selio-Ot'Uet wise dispose  of share-).,.stocks, do.beutu.es or-debentnrestock  'of any _on_pany. carryiiigio-t,or formed for carrying on,, any,- trade- or business within the  objects of tlie_Cbmpany:  ���'���. 1. 1!b.purchase<. 16ase-on-otlteirwMisc acquire,  hold and enj6y.all;propentr, finainchises, rights  and privileges*, held or-ewj'.yed. by any other  company or.-cpmpauios. cainryiitgr or any business similarrto^ that wl-Saii this Company is  authorized toi.aarry om under the provision of  its cliarter. Said prope,r-j'��� rights, franchises  and.privileg.e_..wlien;puai_liased!4ease<l or other-  wisa acquiredlas.above. stated' shall be owned  and enjoyed by this- Company ��� as fully and  effectually as. the- sarae-were heretofore held  and- enjoyed}) by the- Company from which the  saine were. so>purchaoedv.teased,or otherwise  ac_quire*d";"su_l_eQ.t tOiaiia��_--_iitigr r^iid_liens and  charges.      ' :���     ���'     '  TAKE   no-Ice -that. I.  Isaac il  a_rent lor llie Krl Syiulicatj".  TAMARACK FRACTION. Mineral claim,  situate iu the Kettle Kiver Mining Division  of Yule District.. .Where located : In  Greenwood camp:  H.   ._all<!ll  Limited.Free  Miner's Ceriili'-ate Ko. J._..i>o,  intend sixty dny.s from the date hereof,  to aiiply to tlie Mining. Recorder for a Certificate' of Improvement!.,, fui- the '-purpose of  obtaining a Crow" gr.-tul of the above claim.  And    further   lake- notice that action  under  Section 37, must   be-'conimcnceij  before  the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this lCUi dav of May. l'Wl.  3U16. ���.������.��� I.-H. HALLETT.  5..'.-'"-.  Notice  to  PrerensptOrS  Lands-  of Crown  Seasoned   fir  Phone V. &   IS!.  ery.  or   tamarack    wood.  ,123.   Prompt   deliv  "' tf  '"Flints Emulsion of Cod Liver Oil  -the best���Andersons the Druggist.  Fooms at the Clarendon 50 cents per  night. tf  Halcyon is the best mineral water on  the market. B. C. Wholesale Liquor  Company general agents.  THE attention of' Pro-cmptorsv of Crown  lands is hereby called to an amendment  to the "Laml Act," passed-at the last session of  the Legislature, which provides as- lolloivs,  viz:��� ��� ./.':���.  '"J. Pre-emptors of Crown, land?,, whether in-  arrears iu payment of ;iistalii:ems of purchase  money or not, who at-ithe time o. coming into  force of this Act have obtained Cer.iificales of  Improvement, or w-lvo���������snail have obtained  Certificates of Iii.-.-o'venteut-wit-iiii twels-e  months thereafter, shall on coii-oriuing -svith  the provisisioiis of the. "Laml A-Ct," except as  hereby altered, be untitled.''io- obta-iiL Crown  grants of their pre-emption Claim ., upon com-  pleting payments of purchase money at lhe  rate of seventy-live (_nats.pe.r'-ai_r.u,.aud. Ci.-o-v.-ti  grant fees, which  payments  n:o.y. be made as  follows :���    Twenty-five cents per acre-on or. before- the  ��� Slst'day of December,. 190U  ���'Twenty-five cents-persncr.e on on before- the  SOth'day of Jitm...l902|.   '''.,  "and the re main in .jr.���  "Tweiit}--five cent*por.acre on or before- the  _Z__-_31st day of Decr.ui.bi.r,. 1H02;. and wkhnut  any   further  payment- of interest or ar- ���  rears of intcref.t.,"-  W.S..GGRE,.  Deputy Commissioner of- Lands &:"vS.orks,  Lauds and works Departm-mt;.   :  Victoria, 15. C, 1st June..190L. Jv.-t  MINERAL. A��.T.  Certificate, of Iinprowments..  .NOTICE.  LEAD KING. Mineral claim;, situate; xxx. the  Kettle River Miuing Divir-ion of Yule   District.   Where locoied:    ln Skylanteuamp.  T.AKEK-OTICE.Uiat Woe Hugh B.. Elliot  Eri.8 Miuer'sjrertiliacteTii.. Ii 2.4SM..Hei:bwrt  Hamlin K roe Ml ii er.'s certilicate. No. 1��403_", and  Walter J. Wartnatn I'ree^liuar.'s cer.'-ilioate No.  11 29')26, intend 6_.days f:oin.tlie date.- hereof, to  apply to the Miuiug'Kecordiu- for, a Certificate  of improvements, for the purpose ol ob_ai_uitg  a Crown Grant.nf lhc above.claim.. /  And further, lake notic__that aijtjon.. ujider  action 37, must ,be commenced.before ihe- issu-.  ance of such Cejti licate af.lir.proveaients..  Dated this22nd day of,;_Itiy',,_\-.D. 1.01  Thruston. sree miner's   ccrtilicUe  free miners certificate  E.- Urau.-combe,  X.>.     354'-019.    ii*-  ���W.o-rjre A  Sonneman.  _X^v.  I.B42U2-).    ar.d    Joseph;  Sfrtv.     miner's    certificate  iier-ist.xty days from the date liereof, to apply  ��. tin:   Minim.!-  Recorder for   a Certificate of  I j-..Ktav>vemeiits.  for the pun>'>**��* <>f obtaining :>  I Craa-a Grant of the above eland.  **A-_d further   i;.ki_-.i��*tice- titatactior  =;e-_tiou37.  must be commenced before  |._fEanc��of such Certificate of Improvements.  /.-He-l this 10th day of April. I'.'ni.  FO   "*""  , mider  the i.*-  n_i_s -m. iCERnv  L0CAL NOTICES.     .:...,..-..  Poultry and good steaks always on  nd at the Gem restaurant. :  Prescr i ptio n s fi lledxorrectly���An de r-  7s pharmacy.    - ,  loo.'  i The best ice creaaii*: daib'  lood Candy Factor^. We  \pure, C. V. Semerad. y.y  at  Green-  frtiarautce  MINERAL ACT 1896.  Certificate of Improvement.  NOTICE.  IDAHO Mineral Claim, situate in the Kettle  Kiver -.lining Division of Yale district.  Where located :    Iu Long Lake camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I. C. JE. Shaw acting  as agent for J. Lucy. Free Miner's certificate ?033ii and the P. A Largey estate  Free Miuer's certificate 2.62'"]-. intend sixty  davs from the date hereof, to apply to the  Miniug Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that  action,  under  section  3".   must   be   commenced   before    the  issuance of snch Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 12lh dav of April. A.  D. V-W.  .1-5. C. JE. SHAW.  The K. F. & A. Co., sells Crow's  ���Nest coal; seasoned hard-wood, any  lengths, Loon Lake icejdaily.deliyery..  Office opp. Windsor Hotel. V. & N.  Tel. 123. tf  Fresh strawberries received twice a  week at Semerad's. Copper street.  NOTICE-  Notice is hereby given that at the  next meeting of the Board of License  Commissioners for the city of Gresta-  wood I will apply for an hotel license  for the B. C. Hotel situate on lots.8.and  9 block   16,   map   21  on   Government  street in the city of Greenwood.  John KKOD.tSH.  Dated June 14th, 1901.  MINERAL   ACT,   18,9.6..  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  DANDY Miuerl Claim, situate- iii the Kettle-  River Mining Division of Osoyoos District  Whore located: In Greenwood camp, south  of the Tamarack Mineral Claim.  TAKE NOTIClibthat we��� Sydney M. John-  sou, Free Miner's C erlt'���cate No. B.-"120  and H. L. Morgan. Free Miner's Certificate No.  H2.614. intend, sixty days frym  the'date liwei  :  10 apply to uie mining recorder for a to,-, ti  cate of improvements for the purpose of obiai.  ing a crown grant of the above claim.  And  further take   notice that action, und r��  section 37, must be commenced before- the i  suanceof such certifictte of improvenieuts.  Dated this 16th dav of March, A. D.. 1901.  aUNEFAL ACT.  White-blouses* all sises and prices at  G. F. WHli-ut-s,.  < r _ m -iii rmiiiiiniiiniiiinnn mi i ��j�� n i  lias  the  NOTICE,  Notice is hereby given that thirty  days from the elate hereof I intend to  applv to the Board of License Coni-  miss'ioners in the City of Greenwood,  for a transfer of the licence now held  by me to Sidney O'iver, fer the premises situate on Gold Street, Greenwood, and known as the Ladysmith  Hotel. Ola Loi*stad.  Dated June 4t^, 1901.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of. improvements.  LAKE VIEW niiMR.sf cIp'is- ��"����� --"  '-  "--  Kettle Kivei nutung i/ivia.Ori ��.r   It-...  _��_  trict.     Wiiere   located:       Iu   Long   Lakt  Camp.  TAKE NOTICE lhat we, Robert .Wood.Free  ��� Miner's Certificate No. __2*'75., aud C. L.  Thomet, Free Miners Certificate Xo. B2.651.. intend sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to to Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Iiu-  prouenieuts, for the purpose of obtaining a  Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further  take  notice that action, under  section  37.  must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements  Dated this 4tU davot March, A. D.,1901.  3,n b.  . LARKIN  n   charge  of  th  oms in the  Hudiforium  Where she will be prepared to  look after all her old customers and as many new ones as  she can' entertain. <The rooms  are well furnished and comfortable; rates reasonable. If  you need ���  ROOMS  Call   .md   see   her   before   taking elsswhere.  Certificate of -OT9ri<yf*eme��.ts.  Dir TIKE*.. . .  "CLEVELAiSD '  L- OG.OOI:    *�����   L.C<_ IDA  FRACTfflON" md   *YOK:_i.   VAX 7_.-0>"  Miuer^Uilaim, siturtto.iii:iir    r <Kej ti* Riv_ r  Mininj,.,Division of.YiaU..IMs.rict..  Where yucated :   IajSmitlis Camp..  TAKE NOTICE thratiE.Isaac H.-Hallett, as  agesrt for J. C. H_iai*,.'_Free Mi use's Cer.  tificate-Kex B29714, ar.0; G-aoqge E.-Eos-ierj^Free^  Mlner's, Certificami- . _SS. 16X ispecial)  intend^ sixty daj��- from, date- ������ hereof'to  apply tQ>ti_te Mining abaordi*r for a. Certificate  of ImppaKements foa-.tite.- parpose - of obtaining  a CrovynsGJrant of tha>abo��-e claims.  And, :^u.rther tak"�� notitos that atetlcm tinder .  Sect'tqm 37 must ba.-- apmuneuced before the is.  suanc��i.<*f such Certidtmaiteof Improvements.  Date* this 6th day. o�� May, A. D-v 1901.  m3> "'     I. H. HA*El--ETT.  Pat-American Exhibitton  Buffalo - -  $76.00.  JULY 2, 16. AUGUST 6, 20.  Illustrated postal cards, views of  both smelters. Do not miss, seeing-  them.    Smith & McRae.  *+*-4o**-.*****m<***m***: **+**+***  !."  LIMITED;  : 'as-7  WHOLESALE   GROCERS  mm and spirit  MERCHANTS.  VICTORIA, B.  C,      j  Epworth League /Heeling  San Francisco $50.00.  JULY 13. 14 15th.  Christian Endeavor Conven't  Cincinnati $68.50.  JULY 2nd an* 3rd.  National Educational  Assn.  Detroit $71.25.  JULY 2nd and 3rd.  E. R. REDPATH; agent, Greenwood, B^.  J.S.CARTER,   ^    )i LCfyhk.  D. P. A��� Nelson, B.C.    ' f��.G.P.��.,. T>* Vcdnver  54.U-,  >ie THB GREENWOOD WEEKLY TIMES.  Page 71  ?  A UHEAT CONTRAST.  There is no beating- of drums nor  blowing of horns to accompany the  Hon. J. K. Turner on his mission lo  Ottawa. "He." has': hot'even "gone to Ottawa but to Toronto/Even Mr. L/Ugrin  cannot be" induced to follow him:up.  The question suggests' itself: If  Dunsmuir plus Eberts plils - L.iigriri  could accomplish nothing' in- Ottawa,  what can. Turner, minus _-.ugri.i- ac-,  complish ? This is one of those.': in-it-'  ating conundrums which has' no answer. But after all the business which  Mr. Turner has gone east to accomplish  is not one usually accompanied by the  blowing of trumpets and the beating  of drums. Unconditional surrender is  usually a matter of reversed arms,  lugubrious appearance and sulky looks.  It is easy to imagine Mr. Turner's interview with the Sunny One at Ottawa.  It is almost possible to hear them  tilk. '      '    _  "My dear Mr. Turner, you must admit that in this matter the Government  of British Columbia hits placed itself  in a position which is constitutionally  untenable."  "I assure you we have been actuated  by ho desire to antagonize the Dominion government."  "_STo, quite so, I fully undestand  that. But it is difficult to understand  how the legal adviser of your Government, a Mr. Eberts, I believe, did not  more fully protect you from the very  obvious difficulties in which you have  been involved."  ���'Well, you know, of course, what I  say is confidential, but Mr. Joseph  Martin has a good deal of influence  with the Premier and. ���*���,*.*   *"  "Ah! I am quite sure that that  gentleman's, love tor the present  government of British Columbia is almost as strong as his- affection for me,  Mr. Turner. I have no doubt he has  endeavored! to place your government  iu a ridiculous position and me in an  awkward position, but he has not  succeeded in both his endeavors (and  here is where the sunny smile comes  in) not in both, of his endeavors', Mr  Turner," and so forth and so on.  The fact is that Mr. Turner has gon ���'  to Ottawa-without a shot in his locker  and the Dominion government knows  it, and Mr. Turner knows that it knows  it. In its relations with the province  of British 'Columbia' the Dominion  government ' kn'o'w.-s that to adopt a  position of antagonism to the Dunsmuir government will rather increase  its popularity than otherwise. The  interests of the province are likely to  suffer, just as- if they, had not suffered  enough locally.���Victoria Post.  NOTICE.  STEAM -BOILER    INSPECTORS'    EXAMINATION.  APPLICATIONS for examination for Steam  Boiler Inspectors will be received by the  Chief Inspector of Steam Boilers, New Westminster. 15. C, up to Jiti! 10th, 1901. Applicants must be between' uie a.res of 25 and 50  years, tliey must have had at least five rears'  practical'workshop experience as machinist", or  boiler makers, and must also have-a thorough  understanding of steam ensriiieerinf,'."  Forms of particulars may he obtained, on request of intend'uiir applicants, froni the Cliief  Inspector of Steam Boilers. New Westminster,  B. C. and must be properly filled in and returned to him oir.cj-.h,e.fore.t-ie above.mentioned  date. ���������.'.���  The candidates selected for examination will  _.t-2_':n_._lie_i_aotLfi_e_di.r.s^ to.!dateL.aiuL_.place__o_L_e.-_i  amination.      .-'������   tt-y."^'' ''-'t   -  The saiary will-be SlOO'per.iuonth. .>..'���'������' ���  :������- ���  *V.. C;.'"WELLS,  ''.���'��� y  Chief Commissioner :6f I,aiids &"\Vorlts  Land and Worl-fV-Departnient,  Victoria; U. C', 22n,-f M_,y, 1901.    . -mSO   ....  :._    MI^j��RA��7'AC;ri896,    7., '���".:'  Certificate of improvements.'.. -  - y];-y^^I^^t;,:..t[.;y;;^y:  "DUDLEY" mineral clatn., situate iri the K-Ct-1  tie Iiiver Mluin^divisiou of Yale ^strict.-  WhetS'loc'atedV"--"fn '"-^ovideri'te camp.    "������'-:  TAKE NOTICE, that I, Isaac H. Hallelt,  free miner's <;erti ficate No. ,_JS0.3, for mj;-  _e.f, and as... -ige^nt /for. James' .IMoraa,' '.free-  miners s certificate" JCd.-B2.781,.'intend, -sixty;  days from tk'e!*date: hereof,, to apply to the  mining- ri ;order fo-'-'a' certilicate of improvements for'ihe purpose of obtaining- a crown  irrant of the above claim. /  And  further take notice that action, under  section 3", must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this lo     day of April. 190..  I. II. HAI-LET  O  g  li. *�����#���������#<.<-��#��.#��������������$**��#-!-<. ###$^  *.  *  9  ft  *  *  *  9  *  *  *  *  *  *  ���ft  *  *  *  *  *.  *'  *  *  ���9  *  *  9  9  *.  *  *  9  9  9  *  *  9  *  *  *  9'  9  *  *  9  *  9  9  *  *  *  9  "��  a *  a  ��  -@  -)&&x  4  ��� * ��� l  #*$##**������'-!������**��'**##���:��� ������'��������-#��^  ��� �����  e���itle Is Perfect  <�����>��  -��  -a  -*��>>>  ��   *...  ^  a  r>f>3  li'.-.  ;;���:���;.��� ; -.    CORNER LOTS -SfOOTO $17.5.���  , ���-. INSIDE LOTS $75 TO $125.  ITERMS���1-3 Cash, 1-3 in four months, 1-3 in nine months.  -,'.��� ���-,  Townsite Agents for the Owners, Greenwood and Rendell.  .i��(��i,.*i��,.,i  ........ N. B,���Ggntcacts frave been let for a new hotel, general store, assay office  fyyy'h ?   y'yiyy   , '������'   ''���"' ': '  :       ���'��� ;y::'"'' :" t ' ���-.���-'t .   :  andr other buildings,' Fishers new saw mill at Rendell is running full blast,  o  o  9*  ^<*  iptitS    -i-        ^        -f-        T-i*        T        "f-        ^        "t-        "t-        -1-tV^T^        +        ^        -{-        -S-        T        TTT        T        "T  MINERAL, ACT, 1896.  Certificate of Improvement  NOTICE.  HONALULU mineral claim, situate in ' the  Kettle River Mining-Division of Yale District. Where located : InCoppercamp.  TAKE NOTICE that I. C. JR. Shaw as  ay-ent for James R. McMackson, Free  Miner's Certificate No. Bl35f. and William H.  McMackson, Free Miners Certilicate No. iltTi593  intend: sixty days from date liereof, to apply to  the Mining-Recorder for a Certificate of'lm  provements for the purpose of obtaining- a  Crown Grant of the above claim.  And   further take notice that action  under  Section  37  must be commenced  before tha is  suance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated the 20th day of November, 1S99.  192 C. _E. SHAW.  DAWSON   &   CRADDOCKi  Cigars and Tobaccos.  Smokers' Sundries, .  Comfortable Club Rooms.  Copper Street, Two Dooks  Below  Rendell Corner. .    j  ^inninitfimnH^imfHHHnnimmmmtHinHHHmmHifi^mnimmmmHniffinntnnHiim^  *9-  ���MONTREAL, QUEBEC-  MANUFACTURERS of  ������  ROCK DRILLS, STRAIGHT LINE  DUPLEX and CORLISS AIR COMPRESSORS ....  MINERAL ACT  1896.  Certificate of Imorovement-w  "���'". NOTICE. '   ":  ���vFOtTR'lC--" Mineral claim, situate "in" tVj__-  Kettle River Mfiling Division of Yale Disi���  rict.   Where located ;   In Greenwood camj>,-  TAKE NOTICE that I. Isaac*H.-Hal'et.yi---  agent for Robert Jaffray,   Free Minei's.  certilicate No. B29S10,  Williai-i T. Smith, ireer ���  miner's certificate No, B2')S33;, Robert 'VVwd^.-  free" niiner'^^ccrtificatb    Noi;    JJ-9759,   -unK.  Evan  'Parry'/   free' riiiner's   'certilicate  No_  B29955,    intend,   sixty     days   from    the   datt:-  hereofi' to   apply   to    the   Miuiiif,'   Reci��ci-e--  for a Certificate of Improvements for tl��_ p_ur���  pose of obtaining- a Crown Grant to the aWci.-  claim.  And further take notice that action, ntm-tes.  section 37, must be commenced  before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this loth day of April, 1901.  I.   H.   HALLETT-.  MINERAL ACT 1896.  i*} COMPLETE MINE EQUIPMENTS  ___j,OI".:ALL KINDS.  STOCK CARRIED IN ROSSLAND.  B BOILERS, HOISTS, PUMPS, Etc.!  5^;     Aeents For The Bullock Diamond Drills. ���  ���� R. JH. ���:��� mcSlally, Rosslaitd, B. 0. =3  Pm'.mam.lmUu.a.im_.i-.u..u  ~Snrig__i__L-. -  Certificate of Improvements..  NOTICE.  CLIMAX 'mineral claim, situate in the Kettrc  River Mining- division of Yale distritr-..  Where located:   In Skylark camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I. Isaac H. Hallett-a*,  ag-ent for George R. Naden, free minc.TV  certificate No. 14357A, John T.Bell, free.r___n_-  er*s certificate No. 1.S059, Arthur N. PB_ir_  free miner's certificate No. 29591, and G��r-  ald T. Hod-rsou, free miner's certific-tt*-  No. 297SSB, iutend, sixty days from t__-_.  date hereof, to apply to the mining reco_i_.��_-  for a certificate of improvements, for the jibv-  ooseof obtaining a crown grant to the atw>-.f_-  -laim.  And further take notice that action, Ereater  ���ectiou 37, must be commenced before ��J��_ *_=--  suance of such certificate of i in provements.  Dated this 12th day of April. 19<>1.  ���    I. H. HALLETT.  Mineral Act 1896.  CERTIFICATE OF -/���.PR0YEME..T3-.  NOTICE.  VIARGRIE mineral situate in the. Kettle'sanM.  . Mti-ii-c' Division of Yale District. _,W&u_-S..  Located in SVvlark cam. "  TAKE NOTICE that I, Q. M. Shaw actS-assr  as agent for Mary McArthur. _?������.-  Miner's Certificate7734b. and George R Nadniwr,:  ���Vee Miner's certilicate No. 14357a intend si-rt-v  lays from the date hereof to applv io tlws_-.  iiiniuy recorder for a certificate of impro-to���  uent for lhe purpose of obtaining a cromna  .'rant for above claim.  And further take notice that action nr��cfcr  :ection 37 must be commenced before th��.-5�����  ��� nance of such certificate of improvetncnts-  Dated this 27th day March, A. H.:l.-0.  20-34 C. JE. SHAW.--'7  ;'--   ���;:���������    MINERAL ACT, 1900. ���'.  Certificateof [mprovemenTs.-  NOTICE .'  '  tODERT EMMET  Mineral claim,   sitnte  in  the Kettle River Mining   Division  of   Yaltt  . District.    .  rAKl" NOTICE that I. C. _��. Sltaw actiRcr  as iiueiit for C. J. McArthur, Fret-  ���iiner's Ceriiiieate.f:227n. G.-R.. Naden. 5'rt;��  Iiner^s ceriiridate No.   14357a,-and the-P. A.  .aajrory:  estate.  Free'  certific-'.t.i.  days   from    lilt.  to    the     Mmi-iyr  in-sr  llier  -��. 2*2*)_.i..' intend,     sixty  r.te     liereof,   to      apply"  lecorder fur a Ce:-til...'iie'of Improvements.  iie purpose of obta'miiur a Crown Grant of  hove claim.  And further take notice that action_t.n__f._-  eciiou 37. must "oo commenced belore the issuance'.-)!'such Ceriiiieate of Improve.iiietits.  Dated this27th dav of ..larch, 1900. .  20-3. *���" .   c. -E.SHAW.  .      if:  la  '    FOR   ������  FX7m*!?J!Hx-ii!Aa?*;'-nrti--rr.:ri7ii  7/rmaifn.  \.        '  i ,15  \   '*'\  x  X;.  t*yyyyy0rMSmj' >  777isSfe^��lif1  j7;;i|illi|||y  \yyW0$Wi  -:-���-'i'-.-v.;.'..'-.--'.*i:?'-?,:4s.. '  .-.-',:��� ������,.-ii^?.V.'.-'*V-,^a,;-'l  , :;..���-���.;-;yysi'ttm-  ;:lyyyymgM  We have-paid special,atteritfon.  ��� to   the    construction   of  Pinnp-  ing   Machiiiery     for   . duty    in  .Mines;, our unsurpassed "facilities and- imroved methods  have g-iven our Pumps a Do--  -minion wide reputa.tion. They,:  'l are "������full.y.".' g-uaranteed.7 iQiir der  ' sig-ns -iiicli.de all; types''oi- the,  ordinary Piston .Pattern Mining-  Pitilip, So. id Cylinder, single and.  Duplex Patterns, outside packed .  Duplex Plunder Patterns with  Pot valves; also Vertical Sink-  ins,- Pumps, both piston and outside packed double Plunger patterns. Mine siiperiutenck'titii  and those interested in Machinery would consult their interests  by sending- for catalogue and  quotations before installing tlieir  plants.  Wc are cxrerts in Tl:e Manufacture of  Pumps for Special Duties, Pumps actuated by Compressed Air, Pumps for Bad  Mine Water, Station Pumps, etc.. etc.  i fflWliPffi  LIMITED.  TORONTO,    CANADA.  Gunliffc & Ablctt,  AGENTS AT ROSSLAND-  ��� The Vancouver Exoixeeuixg IVokks  Vancouver, B  C.  AVM. SMITH,  PO. Eox 160, agent at Greenwood. 15. C.  E.JACOBS  EOMH HI, ETC-*  ,1?  GREENWOOD.  ir ^lTB*    ������ . _p"iL"" *��� -*,---��":i_."��.   rn���.���m- ,.a  i4,  ��������*  GRBENWOODiaBW^^,F7B^i7  .*�����:  above have to be ratified by the Land ,  and Works   department.     The   main  point,  however.Jin my communicatiu  is  that  permission   to   sell is  hereby  granted you.  I have the honour to be,  Sir,  Your obedient servant,  ALEXANDER ROBINSON,  Superintendent of Education..  On motion of Aid.   Naden,   seconded  by Aid. Caulfield, a vote of thanks was  tendered the delegation   for their  successful efforts.  C. J. McArthur directed the attention  of the council to the almost ini passible  condition of the Phoenix road from the  city hall to the Last Chance mine. The  street committee were directed to attend to the part within the city limit.,  and the government v.-ill be asked to  repair their portion.  Medical Officer of Health J. Edward  Schon drew the attention of the council  to stagnant water-on the lots near Mr.  Molfatt's residence and stated that  owners refused to fill the same. The  communication was referred to the city  solicitor.  Robt. Donagin asked 315,000 for his  spring ou Skylark hill. He will be  informed that price .is too high.  The secretary of the Pacific Coast  Fire Chiefs' Association asked the  council'to send the Greenwood chief to  to the antiual convention at Tacoma.  Referred to the fire department.  "W. J. Kirkwood asked permission to  build a cesspit for waste water ou  street. Referred to street committee  and officer of health.  The city engineer's report was  adopted and he was asked to give an  estimate of work needed-on Long Lake  street, Church street, Louisa street and  Wellington street bridge, also to report-  on water supply.  JVI. Kane and W. Frawley representing the Trades and Labor council,  asked for the co-operation of the  council in having a Labor Day celebration on September 2nd. The  council heartily endorsed the movement and called a public rneeting of  citizens, notice of which, is given elsewhere. ,'.  ,_J��*  ADMMSTRATftRS Mfll^,  In The Supreme Court of British Colun|^]Ua.7  In the,matter of  Ai-i-BRT CasoL-S- Deceased'.  ARMSTRONG  PROPRIETOR.  NOTICE is hereby  g-i-ven that by an O-dJery^-i--*!  made   by   Honour  W.   VVaid;  Spin'csv Local.  Jud^e of the Supreme:Court, dated the-20th day  of June,   1901,. the  unde.siy.ned   was appointed  administrator  of the personal  estate   and  effects of  Albert Casole,  late of the City of  Greenwood in the-Province-of British Columbia,  deceased.     All    persons  having-  claims  au'ainst the estate of the above named deceased,,  are requested lo send the same duly  vecifiud to  the 'undersigned' before-the 31st day. ofi J ulv,.  1903,,and all persons indbbted to thesald. estate  are requested  fo. pay  the amount  of. such in-  debtuess to the midersir_ned forthwith.  Kamloops, B.C., June 27th, 1901.  *" ALEC MACIKTYRE,  Official Administrator for. theiDistrict of. Yale.,  i ' k-  In the Coiinty. Court of Yale,. Holdcii. it  ���;       Lamloops.  In tlie matter of I _,->-"**  Frank. Johnson, Deceased, f. .,-���������-**  . -. _^-  NOTICE Is hereby given thai, by an.order-  made by I_i�� Honour W. Ward Spinks, Judge.'-if  the County Cptir.to.. Yale, holden at Kamlobp.i,  dated the .20th, day of  June, 1001, the undet-  signed   wits  app'oiuted   administrator   ofi tht  personal estate, and effects' of Frank Johnson  late of the City of. Greenwood in the Province ef.  British Columbia, deceased.   All  persons, liav-  iiijj- claims against the 'estate  of  the  above  named dccea��edl,,are requested to send the same  duly verified to.tlie uuders.gaied before the 31st  day-o-t July. 1901';. and. all persons, u-dehtcd' to.  tlie said estate are requested. Ixj,pan,- the; antiount.  of such indebtness to the undersigned forthwith. ' '���-. y  Kamloops, B. C, June 27th, 1901.  ALEC D.MAC-NTYRE,  Official Administrator forthe District of Yale/  THE   DELEGATIONS'    SUCCESSFUL  MISSION TO VICTORIA.  IM REPORT TO CODES  is a large and varied one, eveiry line is complete in  itself, and strict% first/class, Nbt a shoddy article in.  any of the Hiaes. They all concede that our-stock of  Groceries is the nicest and freshest in the city,. Prices  consistent withthe, quality of the- goods,. We*would!  dislike very much to be consideredithe '"cheapest"' place  in town, there: are so many VERY CHEAP OENS,  but we do think: that we come very nearbeiag the*  best.    Tr)r us, and tell us what you think.  NOTICE. ���  -'Inssectlon of Metalliferous Mines. Act Amendment Act,, 1901. \  NOTICE, is hereby ' given .thatcuplcs of. tli6*  Code, of Mine Sig.nals. provided by the.  above.Ant,.which comes into- forae: on the Ist.  prox., camhe.obtaiued from t.'ie. Kind's Printer.,,  Victoria;. .,'-.'  CopJea.onipaper.\v.ll.be:furnishadi free, but a.  charge, ofi fifty cents willi be ntada: for those.on.  rubber cloth.  RICHARD McBJRIDE,  M-'u-ister of .Mines-  Department of Mines,  27th. June, 1901.  MADAM URSO-  .That Permission Has Been Granted to  Sell   Present    Building���Sistars'  ._ Josgitai-Laboi: Day Celebration. .  THE  Owing to  Monday being- a holiday  tlie regular meeting- of the city council  was held o\x Wednesday evening with  _Mayor Jakes presiding   and  Aid.   Sullivan, Caulfield, -STaden and   Ross present.   Sister Teresa   was   present   to  discuss the proposed hospital with the  council.   After going into details and  .a petition having been read asking for  the introduction of a S3,500 bonus bylaw   in   aid   of   the   institution.   Aid.  Uaden gave notice of the by-law.  ^___-__ Hal pi i _= Srn a il es, __._sec r e t ary^ __ of^ the  school board, was present .and he and  Mayor Jakes told what the delegation  _had done in connection with school  -matters in Victoria. Thej- found the  -minister of education very anxious to  -assist in securing good school accotn-  anod-itson in Greenwood and with this  ���object in view, premission to sell the  iprese-f-t building to the Sisters is con-  ���iained ia the following letter, received  since the delegation returned :  Victoria, June 25th, 1901.  _S. S*v-..rc._.S, Esq.,  Secretary. School Board,  Greenwood, B. C.  S..K : I am instructed to advise you  that tlie application made by yourse'f  and the other members of the Greer-  ���wood delegation who recently interviewed .the Honourable the Minister  of Kduc.vtion lor permission to sell the  school property at Greenwood has been  al-owec1. In view of the fact, however,  that this building i.s under the control  of lite Land and Works department the  school property in Greenwood generally is tnider that department until the I  next.   I  beg   '        ' '  ,   Madam Ursa is  no- ordinary  violin-  ise.    A brief sketch of her early life: in  view of her coming to Greenwood, may  be of interest.    Born of   poor  parents,  her early childhood was passed   in   the  old   town   of   Kantes,   on  the   Loire,  France.    The child's father was a. flute  player, and her mother a singer of some  j note: thus   she   inherited   a   love   for  I m tsic.   In those days it was con side red  tt shocking thing for a girl   to   play   a.  violin, but at the age of five   the child  had evinced such a passion for the  instrument that her father consented to  allow her to be taught.   At   that   age  Felix Simon took her in  charge.   Her  advance was   most   remarkable.    She  soon proved her   genius.    At   ten   an  effort was made to get her into thecon-  servatory of mu.sic   at   Paris,    Auber,  the composer, was at the time  director  of lhe institution and he refused to consider   the   application.    iSIo   girl   had  been admitted nor ever would be besides  she-was too young.    But   her   genius  could not be   long   ignored.    She   was  finally-admitted and.the_niasters__were  ready to lend every  assistance   to   the  child.    Ih a few years the first  concert  tour was   made  through   France   and  Switzerland.  Year after year the talented -artist  has extended her scope until, it may be  said, she has lifted the soul of every  music loving nation on earth high up  into the realms of purity and love by  her genius and bow. She speaks  through her instrument from a heart  overflowing with kindness, and iu a  language that all may understand.  mi s  COMPANY, LIMITED..  i  '�����  TRANSFER OF LICENSE-  Notice is hereby- giv.em that thinty  days after datewe intend'to apply, to-  Bpaxdiof License:Gonimis-iioners.i)iithe-  city of Greenwood for a transfer! to-  W..H- Craig of. the.license now held'.by1  us for the Alberta Hotel,. Situate- lot. 4-  block 11.    City of Greenwood.  Ernst & Bailey..  June 13th, 1901.  ���_-__-_..... ,,.,.��� ,^.^^,...^.^._,,^,^^__^^^^j^^^ ���,^,���-.-���_-__---_.--���_���_    --#&*������������:������:���*# ������h*-*-*':**-*'**^  9    -^W-/  Dozen Men and Boys SBSt&gc^ on the Eig^iti Cotititef  ���C   We find this department overstocked with ,*;  __K_  *  9-  "��r~  ��...  *���  m ~ . =���~ ���  | mea and boys top sjbtrts* so to interest cash buyers we haye |  1 put the knife in a number cl up^to^date lines. -3C Shirts  9   ������-������ ' ��� '-/'           I sizes�� colors and styles in this sale* J��Jt  Boundary   Vailcy   Lodge  Ko. 38, I.C.O.F.    /   \    Ercstiiiif   at   S.ft)   in  iiuir lodfre room at Masonic ltall.   A  cordial  nvitation is extended iu ail soiouvniiig brethren, (i. ]!. T.vVLok.. KG  FifKi. TJ.Ho-.M.-s, Rec. Sec.  New Englisli Cambric  Shirts with fancy fronts  and cuffs, sizes 15 to 17$4  SALE PRICE..... .....  Regular price SI. 25.  LOCAL NOTICES.  Poultry  and  yood steaks always on  hand at the Gem restaurant.  Men's  . re.  -Auder-  Presci-iptions filled correct!v-  son's pharmac}'.  daily   at  Green-  lst January  that after disposing- of the property h.  Grcemvood  for  the  sum named at the       The best ice cream  time of your interview"you  comnumic-   wood Candy   Factory.    We   guarantee  ate with the Land  and  Works depart-   it pure, C. V: Semerad.  ment in Victoria giving them  an  outline of the course you have pursued. It  mav be that the money will  have to be  paid by  you  to  that department and  the transfer made by  them   to   your  board.   I shall endeavor,  however,  to  arrange the matter  with  as  little  in- I    convenience to yourself as possible, Dont forget to go to the South End  but the selling of government propertj- Grocery fo* fresh eggs, good spuds,  by the school board is somewhat ir- j good mocha and j a va coffee, good tea  regular and   may   as   I   have   stated ' and fresh groceries.  You can get the very best apple  cidet) by the gallon at the B. C. Wholesale Liquor Co.  For lessons on violin, piano, maudo-  in etc,, see   Prof.   Kauffman,   G:ee a  wood Music Store.  9  9  9  Oxford Shirts  cults and collrrs attached  in   check   and   stripes  sizes 15 to 17^2.  SALE PRICE   Regular price $1.00  Men's    Fine   Oxford  Shirts in pink aiid   blue  plaid, sizes 15 to 17 x/>.  SALE PRICE .y -   Regular price 2.50.  Men's  English   Cambric  shirts with    plaid  fronts and cuffs.     Sizes  15 to 17^.  SALE PRICE ~   Regular Price 1.35.  Men's Eanc}** Flannel  Shirts  with  collar    attached, sizes 15 to IS.  SALE PRICE   Regular price 1.00.  VINCED THAT SHIRTS ARE  CHEAP.  4S-  *  ���*���  ���*  -tk  *  *  9  *  9  9  *  *  *  *  *���  *  *  *  *  *  *���  at  it  *  *  *  *  *  *  9  9  9  9  *  9  *  *  9  <*  -S  *t  *  9  *  *  *  s  -a-  9******9************************************************************************


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