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 ..> ���*���'*'-.'  s  ��>  $5  ��    v~-~ -----  i     y   A ^ #__-.'  Published Weekly in the Interests; of the Boundary Creek Mining District,  Vol.. VIII.  GREENWOOD, B.C., THURSDAY, MARCH 6, 1901.  No.  *>0000000<>000<>(X>0��<>00<>0000<X>0<>000<X><>00<>0<><X>^OC  Science      ���  preserves for us  all things  which  the world has  found. "'-.'���-���.  The science of  selling clothing  is to sell such  goods as will,  keep, for you all  patrons once  gained. .  This store sells  '  Shorey's Clothing  with the private contract that money is to be  refunded if goods are not satisfactory.  Overcoats and Ulsters sold by us ...  ... are not made to Order, but to Fit.  Third Annual Meeting a Most Successful One-Important  Resolutions Passed.���Declare for an Open Door  Policy for Railways.���New County Boundaries.���The President's Address.  JLR Sperry Company, ��!&  ���~M-S  The third annual convention of the  associated Boards of Trade of Eastern  British Columbia, opened at Greenwood on Friday-morning-, 1st inst. It  had been intended . to commence the  business on Thursday but owing* to  the train having been delayed on the  Columbia and Westeriv Railway in the  snoun-kins east of Cascade . by snow-'  slides for about eight hours, the majority of the delegates did not arrive-,  in Greenwood until nearly midnight,  so that it was out^ of the^question to  rheet that night.  Next morning the delegates were in1  attendance at 10 o'clock at" the city  hall, courteously -placed at their disposal by the city council. In "the unavoidable absence in.California of the  president of the associated boards,  Mr. J. .Roderick Robertson, of Nelson,  Mr. C. Scott Gallo\yay, president of  'the Greenwood: board of trade, was  voted to the chair. . After he had welcomed the visiting delegates, the following were appointedjja committee  on credentials: Messrs. Ross, 'Greenwood, Bentley, Fernie, "Holt, Netoon  Goodeve, Rossland and Goodenough,  Kaslo. This committee later reported  the following as entitled. to*.:seats as  delegates: Columbia, Jno. Sperice,  W. H. P. Clement, J. B. McArthur;  Cranbrook, Jas. RyanyH. Haines, A.  -.eitch; Nelson, G. V. Holt, T. G-.  Proctor, Captain Duncan; Kaslo, G.0.'  Buchanan,'G. A7Carlson, A. W. Good-  .nough; Fort J3f eele,: C.L,. Hanning-  *on, J. 'F.. Laidlaw, J. A. Harvey;  Pnoenix, J*. F. Hemenway,  R. B. Ker,  G. W. Rumberger; Grand Forks-  Smith Curtis, M. P. P., J. B. Hender  son, Iy. A. Manly; Moyie, J. P. Farrell,  N. A. MacKenzie, L. Thomson; Fer-  'uie,.'H. Bently, G. G. Henderson, T. C.  Thompson; Cascade, A. Cameron, H.  S. Turner, G. C- Rose; Trail, E". S.  Topping, J. P. Byers, D. B. Stevens;  Kamloops, F. J. Deane, T. F. Patterson, N.J. Hopkins; Greenwood, C. S.  Galloway, H.-C. Shaw, D. Rosa; Ross-  ���and, W. O. Lalonde, A. S. Goodeve,  vV. T. Oliver. Several of these gentlemen were represented by proxy. The  report was adopted .and Messrs. A. C:  Flumerfelt, Victoria board of. trade,  John Boyd, Vancouver board of trade,  J. F. Bledsoe, citizens association of  Vancouver, and Jeff Davis," president  Grand Forks boar.1 of tra.de, who were;  also present, were invited to take part  in the deliberations without the right  to vote. Press representatives and  others interested were also invited to  be present. .'.:'."���  The following- were elected the committee on resolutions: Messrs. Buchanan, ' Kaslo; Oliver, Rossland;  Procter, Nelson; Farrell, Moyie; Ker,  Phoenix; Deane, Kamloops; McArthur,  Columbia; Haines, Cranbrook; Topping, Trail and Henderson, Fernie.  A letter of apology and regret at his  absence from the president was read,  also a telegram wishing- the association a successful meeting. An apology for unavoidable absence was also  received from Mr. J. S. C. Fraser,  Rossland.*, The secretary then read  the report of the retiring president as  follows:  dence which we trust will be strengthened and assisted by wise and generous  legislation looking to a prolonged period of prosperity and good feeling. The  depression and uncertainty of the past two years have left iu their wake consequences which it will take some time to counteract. It is to be hoped that good  judgment and common sense will aid in obliberating any harsh feeling or bitter animosities which may have been engendered through recent labor differences in the mining district. Such conventions as this doubtless have'it in  their power to aid-in such restoration of mutual good feeling between employer  and employees.-and it might possibly assist in obviating- the future difficulties  from these directions were this convention to appoint a committee of arbitra-  trators whose duty it shonld be to oifer their good services in endeavoring to  avert disagreements in the future shouldsuch unfortunately arise. Were this  convention to empower the executive to nominate such sub-committee, representing as it would the combined weight and1 influence of the associated boards  of Kooteuay, it might prove of the greatest good to the entire community.  NECESSITY OF MORE SMELTERS.  Recent events have shown that the present capacity of the local smelters  is altogether inadequate to treat the silver lead ore product of the Kootenay.  The withdrawal of the American smelters from the market for British Columbia ores has demonstrated that the present smelters in Canada can only treat a  very small proportion of the present, output, probably less than one quarter.  The American smelters claim that they are practically driven out of the field  by excessive railroad rates. Now that a permanent fuel supply appears to be  assured the Kootenays it is hoped that this will result in the erection of further  smelters in Kootenay, and as this is an important local industry it would be  within the province, we think, of this convention, to urge upon the Dominion  and Provincial governments to bonus and provide assistance in the construction of such smelter plants.  MINING LAWS AND TAXATION.  The mining industry in Kootenay has met with such serious setbacks during the last ten years, first, from the heavy depreciation in the values of its products, due to the heavy fall in the price of silver, etc., subsequently owing to  altogether unexpected alterations in its legal hours of labor and regulations  respecting the introduction of miners and others from other parts of Canada,  etc., arid more particularly within the last few weeks on account of the, in  many instances, heavy increase in the cost of smelting, that we trust we shall  escape any further dramatic alterations in our mining- laws and taxation. We  feel convinced that when the Provincial Mining Commission promised meets  the evidence laid before it will conclusively demonstrate the increased cost of  operations since the introduction of recent mining legislation aud taxation,  and we trust that no attempt will be made to further increase the taxes or  place any restriction at present on the export of British Columbia ores. Our  smelters are confessedly unable to grapple with the product and an export  duty imposed at this juncture of affairs would not assist the present local  trouble, but would undoubtedly work a great hardship on shipping* mines,  probably in many instances necessitating their closing down and so paralyzing  the mining industry of Kootenay. It will be time enough when the Provincial  and Dominion government by wise and just assistance encourage the erection  of local plants sufficient to treat all local ores it will then be ample time/if it ia  t hen advisable, to put on an export duty.  RAILWAYS  IN  PROSPECT.  We have to congratulate the board upon the prospects of still further extensive railroad construction in our district. The great Canadian and transcontinental line is constructing bridge connections across the Columbia river  at Robson, which will greatly assist the interchange of traffic and business,  between the different centers in Kootenay. It appears to be definitely settled  that a railroad will be constructed this year in the Lardeau district, and it  seems not improbable that within eighteen months or two years there will be a  further railroad connection between the Boundary district and the coast by  way of the Similkameen.  v Various matters will be submitted to yoii for your consideration and deliberation,and.in concluding-1 can only express my-most sincere regret that I am unable to be present to take part with you, but I look forward with pleasure to  receiving the annual report of the Third "Convention of the Associated Boards  of Trade. .  I think it would be well to continue the practise of nominating a committee to personally lay before the members of the Government the various  matters dealt with by you at these annual Conventions.  Yours very truly,  J. RODERICK ROBERTSON.  * RETIRING PRESIDENT'S ADDRESS,  By direction of the chairman the secretary then read the following address  of the retiring president, Mr. J. Roderick Robertson of Nelson. -  ..'���-. 7 February'13, 1901.   *  To the members and delegates of the Associated  Boards of Trade of East-  ���in British Columbia, in convention iat Greenwood, B. C, 28th of February,  i901���Gentlemen:   ; The constitution ofour Associated Boards under Section 5  provides thata convention shall be held annually on Thursday of the week  ollowiug that in which the Legislature of Biiti.sh Columbia meets in annual  session.... It ha's been the custom of .he'.retiring President on the occasion of  the annual conventions to present an address to the members, and in following  .nis precedent I would take the opportunity first of again .thanking the member":- for having elected me to the high and responsible position which it has  oeeii my privilege to hold"since August "last. The manner in which the delegates conferred upon ine this honor was especially gi atifying under the circum-  tance-;, arid I can orily reiterate what I then stated that they had conferred  upon ine an altogether undeserved expression of  their kindness and good will.  ' MEETING OF EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE.   .  Since the general convention in August last a meeting of the executive  committee was held at Nelson on the 12th December, a copy of the minutes of  which had been duly forwarded you by our Secretary, Mr. Jackson. At that  ��� neetiug it was resolved to approve of theappoiutment by the Hon. Minister of  the In teriorof a special commission _to inquire into the relations of. the public  policy of the -Dominion to the mining industry, including the mining, transportation, smelting, refining and marketing of the ores and their products. A  resolution was also pas-ed expressing the opinion that the Board of Trade  -should take all necessary steps towards laying before such commission, if appointed, facts and arguments relating thereto; it was also suggested that the  association should*-have the privilege of nominating gen tli men qualified to act  as suc'h commissioners, the names being submitted being those of Mr. G. O.  Buchanan of Kaslo, Mr. Duncan Ross of Greenwood, aud R. F. Tolmie of Nelson. Copies of these resolutions were duly forwarded to tke proper quarters.  The thauks of the convention are due to Messrs. Daly and Jackson, who were  appointed a special commitiee to draft and forward these resolutions. Correspondence from the Greenwood aud Vancouver boards of trade relative to  admitting the Coast.boards into this association et cetra, were referred to this  convention, and will doubtless receive your consideration. .. Other matters  which were brought before the executive vyeie also referred to the annual meeting, and will also be laid before you. ��� ���  The various matters dealt with at the general convention held at Nelson on  August 2nd and 3rd of last year were duly laid before the Provincial and Dominion governments and the various departmental officers concerned.  PROVIXCIAI, GOVERNMENT BULLETINS.  The members of the government have on several occasions both at Victoria  and Kootenay, expressed tlieir willingness to heartily co-operate in the publication of periodical and official government reports as to the output of the  mines. Inquiry amongst many of the larger mining companies elicited the  fact that.it: was, considered that a monthly bulletin would entail considerable  extra clerical work, and owing to the fact that in the spring and fall shipping  is often entirely suspended on account of impassible roads, such monthly  reports would not be so valuable for comparison as quarterly reports. It was  also felt that an itemized statement showing the output of. each mine might  not in all instances meet with the approval of the boards of directors, and that  an incomplete list would be worse than none at all. Our own view is that a  quarterly official statement giving the gross value of the output of precious  metals; lead and copper, etc., together with their tonnage, might be very beneficial to the Province, and that these figures could be collated from the sworn  quarterly tax returns furnished by all the shipping miners. In view, how  ever, of the possible objection to each mine'soutput being stated in de.ail, per  haps it would be well to give these figures in grand totals."  DELEGATION TO VICTORIA.  Shortly after the date of the last convention and during the sitting of the  legislature last fall, the committee appointed by you to wait upon the government to lay the resolutions of the convention personally before the government proceeded to Victoria and were accorded an appointment. The various  members of the committee received a very favorable reception at the hands of  the members of the government, who evidently took a keen interest iu the  various matters laid before them, and undertook to give them most thorough  and careful investigation. As is well known the last session of the local legislature was held, however, practically for the sole purpose of voting the necessary estimate and only passing measures-required for their purposes. Writing-  this address before the publication of the government's intentions as regards  the business of the approaching session we are necessarily unable to refer  thereto, but as the executives frequently conceal more than they disclose in  such speeches from the throne, it perhaps will be well for the convention to  make its own representations independently of such information;  IMPROVED  BUSINESS OUTLOOK.  The past few months have disclosed a notable" improvement in the general  condition of the mining industry in the Kootenays and the-renewed influx of  capital which is already taking: place,lsl an evidence that the investor'ha5_ renewed his confidence in the present government of British ColU-_ibia,*'a confi-  Several resolutions submitted by  the Phoenix board of trade were re-  ferred'to the committee on resolutions,'  as also was a lot of correspondence.  The report and financial statement  of the secretary-treasurer was submitted. The latter showed that there  was a debit balance at the beginning  of the year of $10.75; receipts for the  year were $223.75, expenditures, $213,  leaving a debit balance at close of  year of $10.   These were adopted.  It was resolved to telegraph the  C. P. R. diyisional superintendent  asking that a special train from  Greenwood be provided, so that delegates who were delayed on their way  in, might return to their homes without having to wait over until Monday.  This.convenienccAvas^AOurtepusly^pror  vided by the C. P. R.  The election of officers for the ensuing year resulted in the unanimous  election of Mr. C. Scott Galloway, of  Greenwood, as president, and the similar re-election of Mr. H. W. C Jackson, as secretary-treasurer. Both gentlemen returned thanks.  Mr. Geo. W. Rumberger, mayor of  Phoenix, and president of the board of  trade there, extended a cordial invitation to delegates to visit Phoenix,  for whose accommodation conveyances  would be provided. A vote of thanks  was accorded Mr. Rumberger for this  kindness, and the convention then adjourned for luncheon.  On resuming, the report of the committee on resolutions was received and  considered. Taking first a number of  resolutions adopted at last year's convention, the following is a synopsis of  a number of them, appearing in the  printed report of that convention, that  were re-affirmed. (1). That the provincial government designate the  mineral region occupying the Kettle  river basin as the "Boundary District"  and so define and name it on the official maps of the province. (2). That  no addition to a city be registered  without the approval of the local municipal authorities and of an engineer  appointed by the provincial government. (3). That the provincial government be requested to publish a map  showing location of occupying land in  outlying districts of the province. (4).  That a department for the preservation  of the forests of the province be organized and a rigid system of protection  of forests be enforced. (5) That 20  per cent'of royalty paid by mines within municipalities on their ore output  be apportioned for construction and  maintenance of roads in such municipalities to those mines. (6). That an  import duty on manufactured lead be  increased to a parity  with  the duties  on other manufactured goods and that  other lead products be charged 20 per  cent import duty. (7). That the. government borrow money for the construction of needed roads and bridges  in mining districts, (8). That a general railway act, with no restriction as  to building to the international boundary be passed. (9). That the C. P. R.  be requested to^ give suitable district  freight rates on provincial farm produce. (10). That the Companies Act  be amended to admit of inexpensive  transformation of joint stock companies from a non-assessable to. an assessable basis. (11). That the riven. b=  opened for the running of logs to  :"points of manufacture. (12). And that  more promptness in the transaction of  public business be required of all pro-  vincial government officials.  Concluded ou Fourth Page.  ouvenir  0ard$:  ���  OUVENIR of the B.  C. Co.'s Smelter,  blown in February 18th,  1901 j and of the Standard  Smelter which is slated to  blow in shortly,  On the face of this card  are excellent views of the  smelters above mentioned.  They are selling at  sight, You will miss it if  you do not make it a point  to see them at once.  $mitb$lt-cRae  Books. Stationery, Wall  Paper, Office Supplies, etc.  ���Phone,   V.   &   N.    34.  t A��/A^-'W''WA��/A^AAr'WA'\/"'>"V'','Vr/,*VA-?  _ sd., (  l-.w  ..   '*'        - V ,'t  .      -.... 'i  March 6 th,  1901.  THK GREENWOOD WEEKIA ..TIMES.  'Nitrous-- oxide a n d  oxygen furnishes the  latest, safest and best  method for the painless extraction of teeth.  There are no bad after  effects.  Dr. R.. Mathison  Both 'Phones.    Greenwood.  smelter running, etc., etc." After the  fake was exploded C. P. R. officials  declared they were misrepresented by  the newspapers and admitted the facts  as stated above, but not before the  sensational report was sent broadcast  to prejudice the people of the east.  To use the expressive military term  of ex-Mayor Goodeve of Rossland, the  '* Commandeering of tra in loads of ore  and coke is all done for effect and not  because of any requirements of thc  local smelters."  #-  SWAM HOUSE  Com form ble. furnished rooms.  Private, ftiy.ird. Home Cook-  ini*,\ l_oiml nnd room from  S" a w<_o.k*uK\ upwards.  $...._.,��� .,...������__.__ _-._..__-.-_-__ .   Weekly Xitiies*  PUBLISHED BY  The Greenwood Times Printing and PublisliinK  Corapany, Limited.  Duncan Ross...... "Editor.  <Ui.lONj^^JL.ABEL>  C. il2. Shaw, C. E.. and James Kerr  returned by Monday's afternoon train  from Vernon. Their many friends,  who were alarmed because the explorers were several days, overdue before  reporting at Ko.lowna, were m��ch  gratified to lind that the trip was a  most successful one and nnaccompai.  ied by any exciting' incidents, Thc  party followed the West Fork to its  headquarters and found that thc topography of the conn try was different  from that shown on the maps. After  thoroughly exploring the section, they  followed a branch of the west fork to  the headwaters of Mission creek, and  then (he latter to Ivelowna. They report the route an exceptionally good  one for railway construction.  In addition to groceries, candy,  spuds, etc., we have five good unfurnished rooms to rent cheap. South  End Grocery Store.  THURSDAY, MARCH 0, 1901.  SUCCESSFUL MEETING.  ���The annual meeting of the Associated Boards of Trade-was the most successful since the organization of the  .association. Every board belonging  to association was fully represented.  The subjects considered was of great  .importance and the discussions were  .of much interest. The citizens of  ..Greenwood also maintained their refutation for genuine hospitality and  the visitors returned home fully im-  -pressed with the importance of the  ,city and magnificent future before it.  -VERNON--WEST RORK RAITWAY  The resolution passed by the Associated Boards of Trade in reference  -jto the Vernon-West Fork railway  should .receive the serious attention of  ,i)je government. The railway will  :not only be a benefit -to . the localities  -.through which it runs but it is of  .provincial importance since it furbishes a splendid opportunity to save  the province $40^. annually. As is  welt known to secure the fppstiuctio  of the Shuswap & Okanogan raUvya^���  .a branch running from S?camous oil  the main line of the C. P. R. to Okanogan lake, the government guaranteed the interest, on $25,000 per mile.  Owing to the local nature of the road  .the business secured was limited, and  ^consequently the province has been  paying* $40,000 guarantee of interest.  The continuation of this railway to  JSock creek will connect.the rich farming district of Okanagan with the  promising mining sections of West  Eork, and thus secure a large volume  .of business and insuring the probability of relieving the province of the  heavy burden now carried to maintain tne S. & O. road.  __-^The_projected-railway^does iiot..-Con-^  flict with any of the mooted thiough  railways. In the probable event oi*  the Coast-Kootenay railway being*con-  structed it cannot serve the districts  through       which       ihe Vcrnon-  Rock Creek road will traverse.  In the general public interest as well  as in the interests of the districts more  directly affected the charter should be  granted and inducements offered to secure the completion of the road.  WEALTH OF ROMANCE.  For a good meal try the Gem Restaurant.   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Big orders went in from the  smelter to the coal oompany in the attempt to cjowd the latter so that it  could be telegraphed all over the  country that the Trail smelter could  not get its orders tilled. The coal  company* was equal to the occasion and  filled the orders so promptly that the  smelter had no place to store the supply. Under the circumstances the  management of the Trail smelter telegraphed Paul Johnson of the Greenwood smelter: "Have thirty cars of  coke en route for which we- have no  place! Will you take it?" Mr. Johnson replied: " Don't need coke but  will take it off your hands." Here  ���was a glorieus opportunity for the C.  P. R. Next morning* under scare  headlines a C. P. R. organ stated,  "Shortage    of   Coke at    Greenwood.  Use Mellor's f!P  Mixed Paints.  J. W. MELLOR  V- & N. 'Phone 76.  Times Bldg.     -     -     Copper. 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HALLETT & SHAW,  Barristers, Soucitors,  Notaries Public.  C-liK. Address :   t' hauett."  CODES  Bedford M'Neill's   Greenwood,  Morel 11 _r & Ncal's  l-ie'-ber'-.  I. H. HAIXBTT.  B. C.  H. C. SHAW.  PRINGLE & WHITESIDE,  Barristers and Solicitors,  Notaries Public, Etc.  Offices: Over Bank of MontreaVGrecinvood.  /V/CLEOD & BROWN  Barristers and Solicitors,  Notaries Public, Etc.  Offices: Naden-Flood Mock, Copper street,  Greenwood, B.C.  J. K. Brown. J. P. McLeod.  FORBES M. KERBY, CE'  Provincial Land Surveyor.  Offices:   Greenwood, B. C *  also J, A. UuswortU's Store, Midway, B. C,  F. W. GROVES,  Civil and Mining Engineer  Provincial Land Surveyor,  greenwood, b. c.  Mineral Claims Reported upon.  Underground Surveys.  CHARLES AE. SHAW,  Civil Engineer,  Dominion   and3 Provincial  Eand Surveyor.  GREENWOOD.   ;      ;      ;      :   B.   C  BAUER A ASHCROFT.  Provincial Land Surveyors  Mining and Civil Engineering.  M:fT*ral Claims Surveyed and Crown Granted  '"*    J"<3":{] and Engineering Surveys  #. A. BAUER: P'Cl /../.�����'.        ,.' E* ASHCROFT CE iP.LS  VANCOUVER tji-K!���000  Wood   Block,  nest door   jt(5   ����'?WY?   ��(].??'  GREENWOOD. B. C '  The  largest   hotels and finest  residences in B.C. were furnished by us throughout  WE1LER BROS.  VICTORIA, B. C.  DAWSON   &0 CRADDOCK  Cigars and Tobaccos.  Smokers' Sundries,  0 Comfortable Club Booms.  Copper Street, Two Doors Below  Rendell Corner.  NOTICE.  The Columbia and Western Railway  Company will apply to the Parliament  of Canada at its next session for an ac  assimilating- its bonding powers in respect to its railway and branch lines  west of Midway to the powers already  given in respect of its lines constructed  east of that point, extending the time  within which it may complete its rail-  wa3's, and authorizing it to construct  such branches from any of its lines  not exceeding in any one case thirt3*  miles in length as are from time to  time authorized by the governor in  council, and for other purposes.  H. Campbell Oswald,  Secretary.  Boundary Valley   Lodge  '���':-.' Ho. 36, I.O.O.F.  hA EETS every Tuesday  _.....-.    J \   Evening   at  8.00  ia  'heir lodge room at. Masonic hall.   A cordial  invitation is extended to all sojourning bretta-  -*rn.    �����-.     "���-. G. B. Tavloh,. N G.  FB-_p_B. Soimee, JE-ecrSec, , - ..���....,,  Established In 1836.  Incorporated by Royal Charter.  Paid-up Capital ......$4,866,666  Reserve Fund.......... :$..58_,666  London Office:  3 Clemeut's Lar.e, Lombard .Street, E. C  ��� jM_  '*l*~~  COUKT of Directors": 0  J. H. Brodie, John James Carter. Gaspard  Farrer, Richard H. Glyn, Henrv I. R. Farrer,  Ed. ArtluirHoare, H. J.B. Kendall, J. J.Kings-  ford, Fred Lubbock, George D. Whatman.  Secretary, A. G. Wallis.  Pead office in Canada: St. James St., Montreal  H. Stikcman, general manager.  J. Elms-cy. Inspector.  Branchks in Canada:  Loudon, Brantford, Hamilton, Toronto,  Kingston,Ottawa, Moutrcal. Quebec, St. John,  N. B., Fredericton, N. B.. Halifax, Winnipeg,  Brandon, Victoria, Vancouver, Rossland,  Kaslo, Ash'*.roft. Greenwood. Atlin Dawson,  Klondike, and Sidney, C B.  .IGBNTS IN THE UNITEn STATES:  (���Spokane���Traders' National Bank and Old  National Bauk. New York���(52 Wall street)  \V. Lawson aud J. C Welsh, agents. San  Francisco���(124 Sansonic street) H. J. Mc-  Michael and J. R. Ambrose airent...  London Bankers:  Tlie Bank of England aud Messrs. Glyn & Co.  Foreign Agents:  Liverpool���Bank of Liverpool. A stralia���  Union Bauk of Australia. New Zealand���Union  Baud of Australia, Bauk of New Zealand,  India, China aud Japan���Chartorcd Mercantile  Bank of India, London and China. Agra Bauk.  West Indies���Colonial Bauk. Paris-Marcuard.  Krauss & Co.   Lyons���Credit Lyonuais.  mmimmmmmm^  J. ANDERSON, Manager.  Greenwood   B. C  X.   X    ^  ��v  CHOICE CIGARS AND  TOBACCOS X XXy~;  FINE���  11  *����� N*/~ <���������  +>**       *\t      +*%r  News Papys, Periodicals;  Cir culating Library, Fancy  Goods, Candies, Etc, Etc.  *r_r   _v   _v  *****   ���*%>   ���'*'  COPPP STREET  Eseaaa  CF*  CF*  Cr*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  <F*  S-  <��*  &  ��__  <F*  CF*  9 9  99  gastasltej. Pacific  and $00 Cine  '���������  FIRST-CLASS SLEEPERS.  on all   trains   from   Revelstoke  and Kootenay Landing.    :   :   :  TOURIST CARS...  Pass Dunsmore Junction for St.  Paul on Sundays, Tuesdays,  Thursdays and Fridays. Toronto  on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Montreal and Boston on Saturdays   Same cars pass Revelstoke one  .    day earlier   For Time Tables and full information call on or address nearest  local agent.   :::::::  E. R. REDPATH. agent, Greenwood, B.C.  J. S. CARTER. E. J. COYLE,  D. V. A., Nelson, B.C.      A.G.P.A., Vancouver.  mcEntire  IticDonnell $ ���o,  # ��- #  Mines < < ���  and eal Estate  Capital, all paid up, $12,000,000.  Re8t..:..���.......:47,000)000.  President:   Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal,  Vice-President:   Hon. George A. Drtjmmond.  "*-   " General Manager: ,-E. S  Ci.ot.ston.   .-       - .   ���      v_.       .    .  Branches in London, Eng. lb1t.��?%PriSStta.| .M Tort,vCMcafe  Buy and sell'Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers', Graut Commercial an  Travellers' Credits, available in any part^of the world.'" ���'���'- ���"-'-���'��� -'���'��� -���-.->..    .-.-.  Greenwood Branch,    F. J. FINUCANE, Manager.  TiMMMMMMMMmmMmMMMMMmmBK  -��=_)  te_>  *-=_)  *"*=2  K-9  *��  AND  TRUST CO,, LIMITED LIABILITY,  REPRESENTING:  PHOBNIX FIRE ASSURANCE CO.,  .- . - .. OP LONDON, ENGLAND.  OF TORONTO.  WESTERN ASSURANCE CO.,  BRITISH AMERICA ASSURANCE CO.,  OF TORONTO  LIVERPOOL AND LONDON AND GLOBE  -ASSURANCE CO , OP LONDON, ENGLAND  BIRKBECK INVESTMENT & LOAN CO..'  '      ; *. OF TORONTO.  GEO. R NADEN,  Manager  CABLK ADDRBSS 1  MAORI.  CODB :  MOR_l_NG_.& iNJJAL.'  I  THOS. MILLER, Mgr.  TO LET :   Building suitable  for Stores or offices.    Lot on Copper Street,  business  centre.  'FOR SALE:   Well F.urnished five roomed house, easy terms of payment.  GREENWOOD, : Tr r e; C.  i  Vf  COMPANY.  LIMITED.      R. GREIGER, MQR.  x x x Agents For Pafcst Beer, x x\x^  Complete Line Bar Suppliesy y  y-  &REENW0O���>X  -i^mi'^0  Harvey & Robins. Proprietors.  vi3'��  ".'' tyi- *,'"'>   >  '.rl <:'t^'  ���. \:&  ^.'S*:*'  ^���t>:-\W:>e. "*-���"? y  Cbc Best Stock. Cbe Hiatest Rigs.  Cbppei. Street, "Grcca-wboA  i *- TOE BE^TBEER IN-rOWN,IS M^DE BYr,^;  The Elkhorn Lager Beer Contains only Pure Malt Hops, Try  It! It is kept on Draught or in Bottles by all the leading Hotel  DD  LIMITED.  pro  Also NELSON. B. C.  VANCOUVER. B. C.,'733 Pender St,  ..  Wc are Manufacturers and direct Importers, and carry a larjre stock of Balances, Furnaces,  Fire Clay (foods, Scientific and Practical Books, Glassware, Platinum Goods, Acids, Chemicals  and all other Assayers'and Miners' requirements.   Sole agents for Morgan Crucible Company,  Battersea and Standard Firebrick Co., Crucibles and Muffles.   Becker's Sons'Balances, Etc  Catalogue and full particularr sent on application.  Braun's Gasoline Furnaces and Cupel Machines.  ;ssaaa_----_-__--a---3-->!=y^^^  >i  njoy Yourselves..  ��� 99.  Smoke a William Pitt Cigar.   A jolly given  with every cigar at Jacobs'-    Ask for.it  t  .   �����  ������  Cite t is 5 Biortb *t Ciwitig  When you   can   get   the   best   cigars  the   country   at   JaCObS.    :"   :;   :    :    '.  Don*! = be - a; = Dead --One  CLARENDON HOTEL BLOCK.    -    - -    .   C6_)��er Street.  Greenwood and Myers Creek. J ^^^^^^^^i^^^^^^^^S^LmSassaSavSS^^^ram^^iKm^^   -. - ������-������:t^-=^cu^t<r-^^j^>^^i--r^.T5^i&rj-.. ��� > .- -.        -   f       -.    ������ ��� __________  mnorrrnirnsacs'  xaxaasaeasasoB.'  _ ���& II"  -XA  ty^'?y,pr-Wi\  THE .GREENWOOD WEEKLY" TIMES  March 6th,   1901.  I     i  BI%PLANT  for Dominion 'Jopper  Company for  Phoenix Mines.  "t.ast we^k the Dominion Coppercom-,  :pai-y placed a large order for. mining-,  ihadhinery. ' The Jas. Cooper Manufacturing Co;, of Montreal, through  its resident agent, H. R. Kirkpatrick,  sold' the company, 'one Ingersoll-Sergeant Corlisscross.compound air compressor of twenty drill capacity, steam  cylinders,; 18x34 diameter with 36  stroke, air cylinders 18 inch diameter  ���with 36 stroke; 10 Ingersoll-Sergeant  3X drills',.10 double screw columns, 10  lengths air hose, one air receiver, 54x  12 feet one feed water heater, 200  horse power capacity. All to be delivered in about three months. -The  firm also received a Vcoritract for imr  mediate shipment and installation, one  five drill Ingersoll-Sergeant compres  sor, one 60 horse power locomotive  boileri otie feed pump', and all necessary steam pipi'rfg- to connect this  plant; also one Bullock diamond drill  of 1000 feet capacity with 1000 feet, of  rods. The latter "plant is for immediate installation on the Stemwinder.  The Banauet at the Windsor.  There were more than 100 persons  present at the banquet on Friday night  "tendered by the citizens of Greenwood to the delegates of the Associated Boards of Trade and in recognition  of the formal blowing in of the local  smelting-plants." ���  The chair was filled by the mayor of  Greenwood,' Dr. R. W. Jakes. The  toast list was as follows: "The King,"  "Associated Boards of Trade of British Coluinbia,?7"Our Smelling Indus  tries," "Our Mining Industries,''  "Our Commercial Interests,": "The  Relations of the Coast to the Boun-  dary-Kootenay Country," "the Provincial Legislature," and "Tho  Liadies." ������  The smelting industry was spoken  toby Messrs. Topping*, Breen, Paul  Johnson, (Greenwood smelter), aiid A.  C. Flumerfelt, (Granby smelter, Grand  Forks).; The mining industry was  dealt with by Messrs. F; Keffer,  (Mother Lode mine),   S.  F. Parrish,  (3- ey���. ��?h J-JjyB$?f,, B^^-y"  S-ntl   Stemwinder  niitie^!   and  A. C  ... Jf*i  FlUtnerfelt, Old Ironsides and Knob  HiU group,, ilr. I?7 Bentlj-/of Fernie,  was also called upon to.respond on behalf of tlie Crow's ?*^tectal mines. -';.  Some excellent speeches were, "also  made in connection with other toasts,  by Messrs Jno. Boyd and J. f. Bledsoe, Vancouver;;A, C. Flumerfelt, Victoria; W. T. Oliver, A- S" Goodeve,  and W. O, Lalonde, Rossland; G. O.  Buchanan, Kaslo; G.V, Holt, Nelson;  and several others, The proceedings  ended at.a late Hour by the company  singing the .National Anthem and  "Auld Lang Syne."     '.'.';  .Now that the smelter has started  every one ^ should 7-ia-ve a dinner pail  We have therii* and can fill them. Apply South End Grocery.; '.       '   ' tf  ������' Messrs.. Smith Snd McRae have-just  received private postal cards on which  are splendid views-vf' the. two Greenwood smelteis. The cards are dairity  souvenirs  of  the   Greenwood smelter  ���jvi. ���'-..��� -������.���������  and a splendid advertisement for the  city.    .'.'������'      -..' .��� ;-, " ���'.  A.A. Crowston's stores, Government  street, for groceries, provisions, produce. Headquarters for green fruits, tf  A public meeting has been called by  his worship, Mayor Jakes on Friday  night at eight o'clock for the purpose  of discussing matters connected with  the construction of the Coast-Kootenay  railway. As the matter is very important, a full attendance is requested.  The best pastry in the city is at the  Horseshoe Cafe. y -  W. M. Downie, the new superintendent of the C. & W., F. P. Gulelius  and J. L. Lawrence were a parly of C.  P. R* officials registered at the'Armstrong on "Wednesday.  For instructions oti piano, violin,  mandolin, etc, see Prof. KaiifTmann,  Greenwood Music Store.  Robert. Woon left for the coast on  Thursday on matters connected with  the applicftion for a railway charter  between Vernon and Rock Creek.  James Kerr leaves on the same business on Saturday. Duncan Ross joins  the committee from the associated  boards of trade win leave for Victorin  on Saturday to discuss the resolutions  passed with the provincial government. ��� ���   ���'���  For R-SNT���Corner store with three  rooms, papered, rent about $20. Ap  ply The Times office. tf  Fanchon, the Cricket, was presentee!  "to a full house at the Auditorium on  Wednesday evening, hy a company of  clever local amateurs, under the direction of Mr. and. Mrs. F. A. Millis.  who possess a large amount of dramatic; ability. Mrs. W. C. Tilsley, as  Fade- the Witch, was exceptionally  good.. TJ^g |j|ay po^ rjance,' by;��*-_-���  company, "Wasl weii executed. Between the acts, Bert Mclntyre of Phoenix and J. Vivian sang pome popular  songs. - Aiwrng those who took part  were G. Q Palmfidge, F. A. Millis, I".  G. Mundy, J. W- Evoy, J. H. Ready,  F. Hilbeft. ]M.rs., Peteysori, Misses  Pearl and Maud Butler,  Tomato, cabbages, cauliflower, etc.,  for re-plaijtitig from Furguson's hothouses. Apply Ejhrlich & Humphrey,  Copper street. 2t  THE LOCAL SMELTER,  ;. 'St. George Harvey and J. P. Vance,  C. P. R. engineers last week *made a  survey for. an additional spur shortly  to be built between the works and the  main, line of the C. & W. railway. It  will be used for sending out matte for  shipment.  Do 3rou feel at home when you go out  for dinner? Then you cannot do better than dine at the Merchant's Cafe,  where there, is always a.warm welcome. If you' are a stranger in town  and .wish to meet friends, dine at the  Merchant's Cafe and English Chop  House, Greenwood.  Gem Restaurant, Copper street, open  day and night; test service in the city.  Werner & Pittock Props.  _rrTrr-^-ZfTnnTff_-----E^i���*-^^  _9 *\m 9 ��H��X��l��t^l^HttN *���* ��^M-"f�� ���<*�����*�����������>'���**��  I City Gleanings J  '���^e��&:66&.S*6-:g-6@66(--:6t_-:66fr:ge^*  For Rent���Unfurnished rooms very  cheap. ..See Smith & McRae. r  George Miller, opt/ iian, was a visitor to Camp McKinney last week.  A. A. Crowston was in Nelson on a  business visit last week.  John Furgusson McRae of Rossland  was here last week on railway business.  ppffieg aft�� ^o^ghjli'ts oply]15 cents  at tH"e Ho-rs'e'sihqe'gafe'. 7  Rd, Masaam of the firm of Massam  __&^Lai_dlaw,^j-eturngd from a ylalt to  The regular meeting of the city  council W-is held on Monday evening,  ���with Mayor Jakes in the chair and all  the aldermen present. Several accounts were reported by the finance  committee and payment ordered. The  council endorsed the resolution re  county boundaries passed by the associated boards of trade and urged the  suggestions therein contained upon  the - government. The application at  the Hotel Armstrong for necessary  power for a three horse motor wheel  was referred to the city engineer to report if water can be furnished without  affecting- the' efficiency of the supply  for fire and domestic purposes.  Three by-laws, dealing with licenses,  health and laundries were given two  reading1** and Aid, Naden gave notice  to introduce fire limit by-law.  Spokane the end of last week..  All kinds of Taxidermist work done  by T. B. Winnett, Silver street.      tf  F. W. Rolt of'Rosslaud,  interested  in Sheridan camp has been here since  Friday. -: "."   "������''..   ',-      ; ���: ;-.'.-.������  %.Dr, Mathison; dentist, over Bank of  'CJ'Sn.merce.    Both 'phones.  The offices of the Times have been  removed to more commodious quarters  in the Wallace-Miller block'.  The, best meal in * the city for the  least money at .the Horseshoe Cafe.  Illustrated postal cards, views of  both smelters. Do uot miss seeing  them.   Smith &McRae.  For the best cup of coffee in the city  go the Horseshoe Cafe, Copper* street.  v I. H. Moore, West Stewartston, N.H.  has arrived in the city to'take charge  of the Mother Lode mine.  *v For   fine sleighs  or cutters call at  Winnett's carriage works.Silver street.  Hubert Haines, manager of the  Cranbrook branch of the Canadian  Bank of Commerce was one of the  early arrivals to attend the recent convention, y y:  Large collection of sheet music at 5.  10 .and 15 cents. GVeetiwood Music  Store.     y   "'"-..       ..;.��� .'     ,  The Canadian Bank of Commerce  has subscribed $20C towards the fund  for the relief of the widows and orphans of the victims in the Union  mine explosion.  Nitrous oxide-and oxygen for painless extraction of teeth at Dr., Mathi-  son's. *    ''���"'-.���' ���.'. tf  Fire Chief McKenzie and Driver  Currie w��re instilled iu .their respective offices on the; first of March. They  are getting things in ship shape at the  fire hall. The chief ha;s-arranged fetal-night "��� telsphone connection with  the Armstrong hotel, so that alarms  can be turned in any time from there.  For Rent���Comfortably furnished  three-roomed   cottage.   Apply  Times  oifice.;: ;:.'-7-. .-���..: - ��� - --���/- ���'.  ;  -- *-.  T0-THE  DEAF.  A rich lady cured of her deafness  and noises in the head by Dr. Nichol-,  son's artificial eardrums, gave $10,000  to his institute, so that deaf people  unable to procure the ear drums may  have them free. Address No. 14520C,  The Nicholson Institute, 780 Eighth  Avenue, New York, U. S. A.  CASH  QUOTATIONS.  Ha.s   taken  'charge  of   the  ,   rooms iii the ���  Where she will be prepared tp  look after all her old custom  ers and as many new ones as  she can entertain. -The rooms  are well furnished and comfortable; rales reasonable. If  you need ���  l Call   and   see   her   be- I  i fore   taking  elsswhere. i  *+**+*<***9-49**&-*4*>*-<a**+^>+**+<**m4**o<**0 -4  XMAS.  A box "of cigars is always appreciated as a Christinas "-ift,  We have thc following bc.atfdi. of  CIGARS,  LED A, ��1.75,    ���  "���HENRY VANE, $2.00  FLOR DE MELTA, 52.25,  JOSE RAMIEY, $2.75.  JOSE RAMIEZ CABINETS,   $3,25  Other splendid brands of Imported and domestic' cigars in  boxes of 25, 50 and 100. : : :  Pipes���Meerschaum" and Briar.  Leather Cigar and Cigarette  Cases from 85c to <$6.    :    :   :    :  ���st  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  JEHCKES 'MACHINE CO.  #����*# *** **** 999  9    ��� 9  | in stock | Hoisting Plants, Stamp Mills, Concentrators,  I I Buckets, Cars, Rope, Sinking and Station Pumps.   Chain Blocks,  % Warehouse, % Boilers, Receivers, Etc,  9 9        . *- .........      ...i      .i    -,  #���?��� *><(���***��*�����#"��"!���*    ��� : : ~���"���* *-" :���"���', : : .  BRILL C��.  Compressors and Kand Rock Drills, in which the highest degree of Perfection has  been attained, .....*-r  F. R.  R. P. WILLIAMS,  GREENWOOD.   B.C.  ROSSLAND.   B.C.  4  &  4  4  4  4  4  ���4  4  4  4  4   ; : . _ : . . -��-r  k%4 44 44 4 4444 "^*4 4-44 444 44 4 444444444444 44 44 4 4  MONTREAL, QUEBEC,-  MANUFACTURERS OF  ��� ���  ROCK DRILLS, STRAIGHT LINE  DUPLEX and CORLISS AIR COMPRESSORS ....  " BOILERS, HOISTS, PUMPS, Etc. COMPW3#ffiiSfig.PM,5H���  Agents For The Bullock Diamond Drills. ______________ STOCK CARRIED IN RQSSLAND.  <~    R. 3Ff, _. mcr.a5.y, Rossland. 3. *Z*  H. \X* Kirkpatrick, Greenwood, B. K._. ^  7i,mnmiiimm':m^^^^^^  eDinery.'ior  CANQY.  The old time prices must be done  away with. We want your cash trade  and are willing to quote you prices  lower than you ever heard of before.  Read o-.tr prices:���  Cranberries, per quart... $ .15  Raisins, seeded, 1 pound package..   .15  Raisins, cooking, per pound 10  Currants, cleaned, 1 lb. package....   .20  Currants, per pound IS  Codfish, per pound 10  Salmon........ ., 15  Herring, fresh, per can, 15  Heriiig.-.omatoc sauce, per can 20  Haddies,  per can 20  Bloaters,. per can , 20  Tomatoes, per can........;.,:.    .15  Peas, per can... IS  Corn, per can 15  Beans, per  can 15  Butter, creamery, per pound 35  Cream,  per can.    .15  Cream, 7 cans....  1.00  Sugar,  12 pounds for  1.00  Flour, per sack, Gold Drop  1.40  Flour, per sack, Huugarian  1.5S  Salt, _per satJk 10  Coal oil/per can  2.00  Apples,  first-class,  per box 1.90  ' All other goods at a big reduction at  BANNERMAN BROS'.  CASH GROCERY.  Copper Street. ������;���'       ^Jreenwood.  WE ARE PREPARED  To furnish Pumping Machinery of various tj-pes'for  all Mining duties. Our long experience and up lo  date plant'and methods enable us to warrant our  Pumps unapproached for design, durability, compactness andgeneral serviceable qualities.  We have given special attention to the construction of al1  Pumping Machinery required for mine work, and also manufacture Fumes for special duties, pumps actuated by compressed air.  Pumps for bad mine water, steam pumps, etc. Catalogues and  specifications sent upon request.  THE WORTHY CO., Toronto, Can.  .CUNLIFF, &. McMII��'CAN, Agents at Rosslaud.  GEO. A.'\yA-_KEM. & Co.,-Agents at Vancouver.  We have- plenty for all in  all grades and prices. Let  us supply your Christmas tree.  ROSSLAND ENGINEERING WORKS  CUNLIFFE & MCMILLAN,  Founders, Mrichinists cand Boilermakers���Manufacturers o. Ore Cars, Ore Bin  Doors, and General Mining- Machinery���Lots of Second Hand Machinery which  p&s been thoroughly overhauled and is practically new.  -25 H. P. Locomotive Type Boiler with �� 1���Sinking Pump 10x5x12 Outside, packed,  Engine attached,  complete with all ttt- ���'   plunger pattern.  tings-Jteadv to turn oirsteam. ���  1���6^x8  Double Cylinder  Friction Drum I 1���Sinking Pump.  No. 5 Cameron,   New  Hoist, built by the Ingersoll Company.       t    York.  Watch this ad for other lists or write us forcomplete list before you buv.   We  may have just what you want.   Agents for Morthey Pumps���Stock Carried.  THIRD AVENUE ROSSLAND P. O. BOX 1 9  9*****9#&#99***9*99**9*9**  9 ������'������������ 9  M.l_.B#r.&Co.  _. (Better known as Shorty.)  You will save-money by buying j'otir groceries from us.  We have cut down prices to  bed-rpclc and are prepared to  meet all competition. Our  goods are strictly the best.  "We have secured the services  of a first-class union baker  and we���  ��� ������  the  best  bread,   pics, cakes,  etc.,  etc.     :     ::::::  Goods Delivered to  all Parts of City  M.E.FRAZEE  GROCERY AND  BAKERY.   :    :  NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS.  Assessment Act and Provincial Revenue Tax Act.  per cent up to twenty thousaud dollars,  and three and one-half per cent ou the  remainder.  D���On   all  others   in   excess  of  forty  thousand dollars, three  and  one-half  per cent up to forty thousand dollars,  aud four per cent ou the remainder.  Provincial revenue tax S3.00 per capita.   Two  per cent on the assossod value of ore or mineral  bearing substances, payable quarterly, on the  last day of the months of March, June, September and December in each year.  Fairview, B.C., February 11,1901;  C. A. R. LAMBLY,  21-25 Assessor and Collector.  MORTGAGE SALE.  *  9  9  9  Corner Greenwood and Dead-     9  wood Streets. *  9  *  9******%*****************  E. JACOBS  IGllllftllim.  GREENWOOD.  Notice is hereby iriveu, tu accordance with  llie statutes, that provincial revenue tax, aud  all taxes levied under llie Assessment Act, are  now due for llie year 1-Wl. All of tlie above  named taxes, collectable witliiu^tlie South  Division of Kast Yale, and part of Rosslaud  riding*, are payable at my ofliee, Fairview.  Assessed taxes are collectable at the following- rates, viv.:  If paid ou or before the *>0th of June. 1001���  Three-fifths .of one per cent on real property.  Two and one-half -per cent on assessed value of  wild laud. One-half of one per cent on personal  property. On so much of the income of any person as exceeds one thousand dollars in  accordance with  the followiuir classifications, upon  such excess the rate shall be, namely:  Class A���On  one -thousaud dollars and uot exceeding ten  thousand  dollars,  one per  cent   up to "five thousand dollars, anO,  two per cent on the remainder.  Class U���On ten  thousand dollars am. not ex-  ceediiitr twenty tin.iisaud (tol.lars.otic and  ouu-lialf opr cent,  up  to  ten thousand  dollars, and  two and one-half percent  on the remainder.  Class C���On twenty  thousaud dollars and not  exceedinjr  forty  thousand dollars, Iwo  and   one-half  per cent   tip lo   twenty  thousand dollars, and three per cent oil  the remainder.  Class D���On all others i 11 excess of forty thousand  dollars, three per cent up to forty  thousand   dollars, and three and one-  half per cent on the remainder.  If paid 011 or after the 1st   of July,  1901.���  Four-fifths of one per cent on   real property.  Three  peJ cent ou  the assessed value of wild  land.   Three-fourths  of one per cent 011 personal property.   Ou so much of the  income of  any person as.exceeds one thousand dollars in  accordance with  the  following classification;  upon such excess the rates shall be,u."tmely:  Class A���On one thousand dollars aud not exceeding ten  thousand dollars, one and  half per cent up to live thousand dollars, and two and one-half percent on  the remainder.  Class B���On ten  thousand dollars and not exceeding-  twenty thousand dollars, two  per cent up to ten thousand dollars, and  three percent ou thc remainder.  Class C���On twenty thousand dollars aud not  exceeding-forty t-tonsaad dollarsjihree '  Under and by virtue of the powers contained  in a certain murlg-atfe which will be produced  at the time of sale, there will be offered for sale  by public auction at the postoffice i.u the Town  of Anaconda, in the Districtof Yale in British  Columbia, at the hour 01 10 o'clock in the forenoon 011 Thursday, the 28th day of February.  A. Ii. 1891, the following property:  All and singular that certain tract of laud  ami premises situate, lyliisr nud beiutr 111 the  City of Greenwood in British Columbia, and  beiuu: composed of l.ot One, in Block Fifty-live  according lo the Registered Map or Plan (deposited in the Land Registry ofliee at Kaui'  loops and therein numbered 70) of the Subdivision of Lot 711, in Group One on the Official  Map or lMan of the Osoyoos Division of Yale  District.  On the property are a house aud wood-shed.  Dated this 24th dav of January, A. I). l'Wl.  IIAI.I.KTT & SHAW,  18-22 Vendor's Solicitors  Section 37  must be commenced  before the is  suance.of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated the 20th day of November, 1899.   .  192 C. _E. SHAW.  MINERAL ACT, 1896.  Certificate of Improvement.  NOTICE.  EMERALD Mineral claim, situate iu thc  Kettle River Mining Division of Yale District., Where located:   In  Deadwood camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Sydney M. Johnson, Free Miner's Certilicate No. B. S"20  for self and as agent for I. U. Hallett, Free  Miner's-Certificate No. 8003 and Lindsay Mc-  Carreu Free Miner's Certilicate No.  B30022       intend sixty days from  the date    hereof,    to   apply   to  the. Mining-  Recorder-for a Certilicate of-ImprovcmcntSvfor^  the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of th��  above claim'  And further lake notice tliat action, under  Section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificateof Improvements.  baled this 1st day of Januarv, A. D. 1901.  SIDNEY M. JOUNSON.  Vernon & Nelson Telephone Company, Ltd  Pol? Tenter,  'J"etidcy. w.i. be received by the undersigned  up tn Monday, March 11,190I:  'Por supplying and delivering telephone- poles  along the wagon roads at stakt} ahout SO yards  aparl, between  Greenwood and Camp McKin  ney, and between Rock Creek and   the International Boundary line, near Bolster, Wash.;  Poles to be delivered by May 1st, 1.01:  All poles to be of good, sound aud well-shaped  cedar or tamarac wood, 25 feet in length and  not less than seven In-lies iu diameter at the  small end when dressed: i;  All bark and knots lobe neatly trimmed off  to four feet from the butt:  Tenders must state the price of cedar aud  tamarac and about the number of each to be  supplied.  H. W. KENT, G. C. HODGE,  General Supt. District Supt.  Vancouver, B. C. Nelson, It. C.  MINERAL ACT. 1896.  Certificate of Improvement.  KOTIC...  LAURA mineral claim, situated in the Kettle  River miniug division of Yale district.  Where located :    Iu Long Lake camp.  TAKE NOTICE thatl, C. _��.. Shaw acting  as ageut for Marry McArthur, Free.  Miuer's Certificate 77341!, G. R. Naden, Five  Miner's Certificate No. 143S7A, and the P. A  Largery estate, Free Miner's certilicate No.  2702. B, intend, sixty days from the date hereof  to apply to the mining recorder for a certificate  of improvements for the purpose of obtaining .1  crown i;raiiI of tlie _,b<\ve claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37,, must be commenced before the issuance.'>{ such certificate of im provements.  ptalcd this 12 day of April, l'HX).  3m-7. C. .15. SIIAW.  "MINERAL ACT. 1S99.  Certificate of Improvements-  NOTICK."  "������1NUOOK",   "WORLDS    FAIR     FRACT-  ION"aiid'-MlSSl.NG LINK NO. 2 FRACTION" mineral claims, situate iu  the Kellie  River Mining Division of Yale District.  Whore located :    lii Greenwood Camp.  TAKE NOTICE iliat I, Isaac 11. Hallett as  agent for George R. Naden. Free Miner's  Certificate No. 14357a. and James S. C. Fraser,  Free Miner's Certilicate no. 1J29234, intend,  sixty days from dale hereof, to apply to the  Mining Recorder for Certificates of improve-..  ments, for tbe purpose of obtaining a Crown  Grants of the above claims.  Ami further take notice that actions, under  section 17,  must be commenced  befoie the issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.  Dated this 25th day of February, A. D.1901.  3m-o I. H. HALLETT.-  MINERAL, ACT, 1896.  Certificate of Improvement-  NOTICE.  the  Dis-  HQNALULO mineral claim, situate in  Kettle River Mining Division of Yale  trict.   Where located :    In Copper camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, C. tie.. Shaw as  agent for James R. Mcjuaeksun, Free  Miner's Certificate No. u_356 aud William H.  McMackson, Free Miners Certilicate No. B13593  intend; sixty days from date iioreof, to apply to  the Mining Recorder far a Certificate of Im  provements for the purpose of obtaining- a  Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action under  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of improvements.  NOTICE.  LAKE VIEW mineral claim, situated in the  Kettle Rivet Mining Division of Yale District. Where located : In Long Lake  Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that we, Robert Wood.Free  Miuer*s Certificate No. 1529759, aud C. L.  Tliomet, Free Miners Certificate No. Jii)(xBD, intend sixty days from the date hereof, to apply-  to to Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Im-  prouements, i*C:r the purpose of obtaining a  Crown Grant of the above claim. -  And further  take  notice that action, under  section 37, must be  commenced before the i__-  suance of such Certilicate of Improvements  Dated V-is 4th day of March, A. D., 1901.  3-tt-6.  1    ., ~-   r   ��� ��� ��� 1   m^.. "1.   1 ...._��� l .in-    ���  j.._.]i -fifial^.  Iff  mi  m.  yy^M  *'..y_  5 ;���?-*_ \  -c^y  March 6, 1901.  .m.  GEENWOOD W$B  ht TlM^S  -THE ONLY  SCIENTIFIC  OPTICIANS  m9msSmmm^B~msSm~ssm  -IN THE-  BOUNDARY  COUNTRY...  Druggists  Jewelers and  XVX Opticians  GREENWOOD, B. C.  BOARD OF   TRADE.  The follo'ving- are resolutions passed  during the afternoon session:  "Whereas several applications haye  been made to the dominion parliament  and the provincial legislature for acts  incorporating railway companies to  build lines of railway in the province  of Brilish Columbia, connecting with  other railways' at the international  boundary; and whereas interested  parties are strenuously endeavoring to  create the impression that such railways, if constructed, would be inimical  to the mining and smelting interests  of this province; and whereas, in furtherance of their designs, the opponents of competitive railways have proclaimed that those interested in mining and smelting in British Columbia  are opposed to the granting of the  said railway charters; therefore, be it  resolved, that the associated boards ot  eastern' British Columbia, representing every town ^n the metalliferou*-  portion of eastern British ^Columbia,  and every enterprise whose success  depends upon the development of its  mineral resources, emphatically declares for 'free trade in railways,' and  believes that every bona fide raflway  company desirous of building railways  in the province should be allowed to do  so; and be it further resolved that this  association is strongly of the opinion  that cheap freight rates  are  essential  _in>uilding up the mining and smelting industries, and, in the "absence of  government ownership of railways,  these can be secured only by competition and the control of rates through  a railway commission or other effective  instrument; and be it further resolved  that this association petitions the Dominion parliament and Provincial  legislature to grant the charters applied for by  the   several    companies  " who ask for nothing beyond the privilege of constructing railways in this  province; and be it further resolved,  that copies of this resolution be  printed and forwarded to the members  of the Dominion and Provincial governments, the members of the House  of Commons, Senate and Provincial  legislature."  An amendment to the foregoing resolution was submitted, and after a  long and earnest debate, was lost by  live votes for to thirty-one votes against  the amendment, which was as follows:  "That this association desires to place  itself on record as Leing in favor of  free and unrestricted railway construction, not only in southern British Columbia, but also throughout the whole  province; but that in the matter of  the granting of a charter, now being  applied for, forthe construction of a  railway from the international boundary to the Crow's Nest Pass coal district, this association would urge upon  the dominion .government and House  bf. Commons that, because of the  prejudicial effects that  the existence  1 of such a railroad might have upon  the milling and smelting industries  of British Columbia, before the said  charter be granted, sufficient delay  should take place to allow of a thorough and exhaustive investigation  into the effects such a railway, ��� if  built, might have upon the aforesaid  industries."  "That this association desires to  support any movement tending to the  early construction of a railway from  a point on the Crow's Nest Pass rail-  , near Sand creek, in east Koot  enay,   following the   valleys   of the  Kootenay   and Columbia   rivers to a  point at, or near, the town of Golden."  "Whereas,    an     extension    of  the  Shuswap   & vOkanogau    railway    to  Rock Creek or Midway would traverse  an  agricultural and  mineral country  of great promise, a country which will  not be served  by  any  other  contemplated line of railway, and whereas an  increased   traffic   would  accrue   from  such   extension    to   the   Shuswap   &  Okanogan railway, such as is the opinion of this association would  go far to  relieve the province of British  Columbia of the  annual  liability  of $40,000  or thereabouts incurred, the provincial  guarantee of  interest,   be it resolved  that   this association  recommends  to  the   favorable   consideration    of   the  government any   proposal   calculated  to secure such extension, and expresses  its   opinion    that   any   such   scheme  would be worthy  of liberal  aid from  the Province."  "That, in the opinion of this association, the immediate construction of  what is known as the Coast-Kootenay  railway is an urgent necessity, and  it requests the governments of Canada  and of British Columbia, and the parliament and legislature respectively,  to aid its construction, and if any aid  be granted, that all proper and specific  precautions be taken to control the  freig.it and passenger rates, having in  view the ultimate ownership of the  railways by the government."  "That, in. the opinion of this association, nothing will tend more towards  the development of the great mineral  resources of   Canada,   or   will   be of  greater benefit to the mining industry  which is growing in  importance from  year to year,   than  the erection  and  establishment by  the government of  Canada   of a   portfolio   or bureau of  mines  under   the   immediate   charge  and supervision of a minister of the  crown, and this association would respectfully   submit   that   this    matter  should receive the   immediate and earnest  attention  of   the   government."  (This resolution   was  prepared  by   a  special committee   and  forwarded * to.  Ottawa   last December, and was now  re-affirmed by this annual convention.)  "That this association approves the  proposal of the Honorable the Minister  for the Interior for'the appointment of  a special commission   to enquire  into  the relations of the public policy of the  dominion to the mining industry,  including   the   mining,   transportation,  smelting, refining and  marketing   of  the ores aud their products."  "That in the event, of the proposed  mining commission being appointed,  it is the opinion of this association that  the boards of trade throughout eastern  British Columbia should take all"*nec-  essary steps towards the presentation  before such commission of facts and  arguments relating to all matters  which may be enquired into by such  commission."  "That, in the opinion of this association, the provincial government  should make as good a representation  as possible of the mineral and other  resources of the province at the exhibition to be held in Toronto this  year, but as to the Buffalo exhibition  that no action be taken in view of the  statement, publicly made by the minister of mines that funds are not available, and this association' expresses  regret that the government has been  unable to provide funds for this purpose."-- ���--_- =-_,^i____._.-_,v_,__-_^_-,--___-,---_.  by called upon to prevent", by -all the  powers at their command, such discrimination; and that the  parliament  of Canada   and   legislature of British  _> \  Columbia are hereby requested to arm  the governor in council and the lieutenant-governor in council with all  necessary powers to give immediate  effect to such action whenever it be  found necessary."       *  "That the secretary be instructed to  bring to the attention of the Honorable  the Post-master General, the facilities  afforded -for the transmission of mails  between points oh Kootenay __,akeand  points in eastern Canada and the eastern United States, by the connection  now being made via Bonner's Ferry,  Idaho, with the Great Northern railway, and that on behalf of this association, the Honorable the Postmaster  General be requested to establish a  service over the new route at the earliest possible moment; and that, further, a resident assistant inspector of  post offices should be' appointed for  Kootenay; aud that copies of this resolution be forwarded to the postmaster general and the chief inspector at  Vancouver."  "Resolved that, in view of the fact  that commissions have been appointed  by our government and the United  States to settle the boundary line in the  Mount Baker district, it is advisable  that the operationsof such commission  be extended to the eastern limits of  this province."  "That, in the opinion of this association, the time is inopportune for the  amalgamation of the associated  boards of trade of eastern British Columbia with the coast boards, and that  when we have more direct and quicker  communication with the coast cities  the matter may be ripe for consideration."  The convention re-assembled on Saturday morning at ten o'clock. There  was again a good attendance, with  President Galloway in the chair.  One of the resolutions 'adopted the  previous day was rescinded, so as to  allow of its being differently worded.  In its altered form it was made to read  as 'follows: "Whereas, owing to the  well known salubrity of the climate,  largeinumbers of consumptive-persons  res*6rt'to British Columbia, and whereas the dry belt of the province is peculiarly suitable for the treatment of consumption; resolved, that this association requests the governments of Canada and British Columbia to erect, or  aid in the erection of suitable buildings  forthe treatment of consumptive patients, and to take such other measures as may seem desirable."  A resolution favoring the creation of  a new county, to be called South Kootenay, offered by the Rossland delegates, was withdrawn in favor of the  following: . "Whereas, the dominion  parliament has voted a salary ^for an  additional county court judge for British Columbia, and whereas it is absolutely essential that siich judge should  be given to the Boundary district; and  whereas it is necessary, in order to accomplish such purpose, to divide the  preseut counties of Yale and Kootenay  into three counties; and whereas the  logical mode of division is to group in  one county points on the same line of  railway; resolved, by this association,  that the present counties of Kootenay  and Yale-should be re-divided into  three counties, as follows:" All the  northern portions of said counties  along the main line of the C. P. R. to  ���-__-*-___��.  -S-SSBa  _ "Whereas, at the present time there  are no lead refining works iu the Dominion of Canada, and the initial cost  of establishing such a plant or plants  is very great, it is the opinion of this  association that the Dominion government should encourage the establishment of such works by a grant for a  term of years of a bonus of $5 per ton  on lead .of Canadian originj smelted  and refined in Canada."  "This association hereby declares  that, whenever it shall appear that  any of the companies producing coal  and coke in British Columbia, are  found discriminating against the  smelters, refineries and other industries in British Columbia, thc dominion  and provincial governments are here-  b e "gr otrped." together "in too n e co ti n ty; -  the southern portion of Kootenay to be  a second county; and the southern portion ofYale to be a third county."  Resolved, "that the 'Small' Debts  Act' should be amended by introducing therein a provision giving the  right to garnishee before judgment."  Resolved, "whereas codfidence is being created and strengthened in the  metalliferous mines and allied industries of this province, and capital is  now seeking investment in the same,  and whereas the frequent changes in  the laws relating to mining cause uneasiness and uncertainty in the minds  of investors and act most prejudicially  against the investment of capital in  the province; resolved that this associ  ation do urge upon the provinical government and legislature that no material  change should be'made in the laws relating to metalliferous mining a*nd al:  lied industries and assessments of the  same."  Resolved, "that this association is  clearly of the opinion that the provincial minister of mines should at once  establish and actively "conduct a literary bureau in his department for the  the spreading abroad, at stated and  frequent intervals, through the press,  of the world, information showing the  vastness of the mineral resources of  the province, their development, the  output of the mines and its value, the  erection of smelters and^ refineries and  all other provisions for the reduction  and treatment of ores, as a means of  calling attention throughout the world  to the same, so as to induce the larger  investment of capital therein."  Resolved, "that the provincial government be aske.l to insist upon immediate selection by the B. C. Southern  Railway Co. and the C. & W. Railway Co., of the lands to which under their subsidy acts they are entitled  in order that the reserves now covering  an enormous extent of land in east and  west Kootenay and Yale may be cancelled." <  It was decided to extend, through the  proper official chanuel a cordial invitation to the Duke and Duchess of  Cornwall and York to visit the mining  districts of Kootenay and Yale upon  their return from Australia via Canada  to England.  Resolved, "whereas this association  has been informed that an advance in  local freight rates to the extent of  nearly 50 per cent has-been recently  made between certain sections on the  Crow's Nest Pass railway; and whereas the government has the power to  regulate said freight rates on this line;  therefore be it resolved.that this association respectfully requests the Honor-,  able the Minister of Railways to give.  this matter his serious consideration  with, a^view to relieving the sections  thus affected from the present excessive freight rates."  Resolved, "whereas no sitting of the  supreme court has ever been held in  the Boundary district, which has two  supreme court registries, four incorporated cities, and a very large i-rtid  growing population; and whereas the  present arrangements for the administration of justice throughout the whole  interior of the provincejafe exceedingly defective and inadequate; and  whereas- all the five supreme court  judges reside at the coas*, this associa-  requests the dv mi i tod and provincial  governments to remedy these grievances by requiring one of the supreme  court judges to reside in the interior;  and whereas great expense is inflicted  on the province as well as the people  by the fact that there are no sittings  of the supreme court in the Boundary  district, this association requests the  provincial government to have such  sittings held without delay both for  criminal and civil cases."  Resolved, "whereas from time to  time applications continue to be -made  to the legislative assembly of British  Columbia by private parties and companies asking for special privileges in  regard to water rights; resolved, by  this association that the 'water'dauses  consolidation act? gives every facility  to bona fide applicants to obtain water  for every legitimate purpose,aud that no  special legislation - regarding water  should be passed; and resolved, that  strongly'  ������V.:  _i* ������  \tr  ARMSTRONG,  VROPR1ETOR  erta  Is The Best Hotel in The City.  Every Modern Convenience  * ��� ... ���  drabam $ Parry,  Proprietors.  Cor, Copper and Deadwood Streets, >>.f V ��� ��� Greenwood, B. C  ..The Clarendon Gate.  THE   BEST   MEALS   IN   THE   CITY   SERVED.  SPECIAL ATTENTION TO DINNER PARTIES.  Most comfortable and well" furnished room-1, steam heat ed  and lighted by electric light.    Can be had from  .,$10 Per Month Upwards..  MRS. DOWDING, Clarendon Hotel and Cafe,  COPPER STREET:  OREN : DAY- ANL%: NIGHT.  Lunches put up ��� Short  orders at ail hours  Private  rooms for ladies.     :      -       :       -  Werner $ Pittock �� Proprietors  44444444444444444444 ���$ 444k  4  We have just received a fullas^  sortment of Greenwood Souve'-  nir Spoons with the B, C, Cop/  per Company's Smelter on the  bowls, The Smelter "blows  in" on the 15th inst. Come  and get a souvenir of the event  before they are all taken,  _,/*  -*r-  '"-���-,'.;  y ttlatcbmakers.  Cteppsr Street     ;.     Ulallaee-lttillerBloel.  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  th is association"-strongly "protests  against any legislation which might  override the control of cities over their  own water franchises and other franchises."  Several amendments and additions  to the constitution and bydaws were  made. ' Among them was the raising  of the amount of the annual contribution payable by each board belonging  to the association from $15 to $25.  The following were appointed a committee to proceed to Victoria to present to the provincial government the  various resolutions of the association  requiring its attention: Messrs. Procter, Ross, Lalonde, Deane, Henderson,  Ker, Hannington, Buchanan, and  Manly, with power to add to -heir number and appoint proxies.  It was unanimously decided that the  next annual convention oJLdelegates  shall be held at Kaslo.  Resolved, "whereas Mr. W. T. Oliver, of Rossland, is about to leave British Columbia to fill a high position in  the bank of British' North America in  eastern Canada, this association expresses its sense of the great services  that he has rendered to the association,  and hopes that he will have a prosperous career in his new field of usefulness."  After a vote of thanks had been  passed by the visitors to the Greenwood boa_*d of trade and citizens generally for the hospitable reception accorded them, and votes of thanks to  the C" P. R. for reduced rates and a  special train, to the coast organizations  who sent delegates and to the press, the  proceedings closed by singing the national anthem.  ^'*\r'*t*J\rJ*t^ft��\t**\f^tVj*\*er^*\rt*\f+  DIFFERENT  STYLES.  /vvvvvAw^i/vv^*'WA��-'Wi  oiinges*  m  G*m Gully $��o*  ^444444444444444444444444^  ���iwou^-m....... J-.-.J-4U���^.-i^^.^-^.^uuujii*>iii-w>u<aq����  The Rev. Robert Whittingdon.M.A.,  B. Sc, president of the Methodist conference of British Columbia wiU be in  Greenwood ion Monday next, and will  address a meeting in the Methodist  church at 8 p. m.  rnve  IIMI l����l H.IMMI ��������� umiiMHiKi**"     j��i��i��iI  x\  X  CAR EGGS 3C XX  CAR FLOUR   X   X  CAR PEARL OIL   X   X \  CAR BLACKSMITH COAL  CAR GENR'L HARDWARE  ii��iiiiimii��i'i��i **** �����_�������������� w��* mu  PRIGES: RIGHT..  th Russel.-=��aw=gaul_icld �����.  Begs  3s____  __H3___  rss  ___________  SSt.  -F""*.***  y.'-:-ifx\~;


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