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The Greenwood Weekly Times 1901-01-15

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Taylor, the returning officer,  was at the cily hall at noon Monday to  receive .nominations for mayor and  counctl. Thyiist is pretty much as  announced, excepting that Mr. A. E-  Ashcroft disc >vered at the last moment  that   his   qu_ lifications  were not suf-  ficent   and h  Thos. Miller.  }������ retired  in favor of Mr.  7Tlie full list of nomina-  *:   i  >r-f!  tions follow  For Mayor-4-R. W. Jakes, physician,  nominated bySciive Pringle and Sydney M. johns&u.  Duncan Rosjs, publisher, nominated  by J. J. Caulfield and W. B. Fleming.  For Alderm|n, North Ward���David  Bannerman, grocer, x.roposed by J. W.  Grier and Janjes Cameron.  W. J. Kirkwbod, carpenter, proposed  by C. Scott Gajlloway and R. T. Evans.  Thos. Miller, financial agent, proposed by Ralpn Smailes and Thomas  Miller. \  Geo. R. Naden, financial agent, proposed by Ralph Smailes and Thomas  Miller.       ~"*     .  The Three Police Commissioners, Mayor  Hardy, Alderman Sutherland and  C..-.J. M'ARTHUR HAVE FRAUDULENTLY  Added Names to the City List���Miners in Deadwood  Gamp Voters in Greenwood���A Desperate  .Effort to Win.  Whether Greenwood is to be rescued  from the power of desperate men who  will evidently stop at nothing in order  to retain their grip on office, depends  upon the determination of its right  thinking citizens. It is not sufficient  to exercise their franchise on election  day because their power in this direction has been weakened by the acts of  the three police commissioners of the  city. A few years ago the stiongest  enemy of Greenwood was Mr.. Hardy.  Afterwards he became a resident of the  city and was elected mayor. His career  as chief magistrate was a series of  blunders���and worse than blunders���  and then he took up his  residence in  w\v^w��V>V'V'V'V'V'V'  F0RGREP  *Sts^***t^r*xMr*xr*^r'^r��\fJt  Uxit  For Mayor-DUNCAN ROSS.  For Aldermen, North Ward-THOS.  W, J. KIRKWOOD. GEO.  R. NADEN.  For Aldermen. South Ward���J. J. CAULFIELD,  All in favor of good government and an un-  stuffed Voters' List are reauested to vote for  the above.  For Aldermen, South Ward���J. J.  Caulfield, merchant, pr6posed by T.  M. Gulley and E. S. Wooirich,  Geo". K. Cropley", feed merchant," proposed by D. J. Sullivan and A. M. Wilson.  D.J. Sullivan, gentleman, proposed  by James Sutherland and A. M. Wilson.     -  Jas. ..Sutherland, genileman, proposed by D.J. Sullivan, Ralph Smailes  andH. C.-Shaw.-'*'"  The polls will open at 8 o'clock  Thursday and will remain open until  4 p. m. ��  PUBLIC MEETING.  Joint Public Meeting at Auditorium  Tomorrow Night  . A committee from Dr. R. W. Jakes  waited upon the Ross committee on  Saturday evening last and it was  amicably arranged that a joint meeting should be held in the Auditorium  on Wednesday evening. This will be  the only meeting of the campaign and  doubtless will be largely attended.  BLOWN TO ATOMS.  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Previous to this date,  the commissioners appeared at'the city  hall armed with documents; purporting  to be agreements of sale from these  gentlemen to a number of miners and  non-residents of the city. On the  strength of these straw agreements,  the names were placed on the voters'  list and several new voters given to  the city. The law says the list shall  be closed on the first Monday in December, but the mayor- is mighter than  the law. When the list was returned  by him on the third Monday in December, according to the act, seven additional names appeared thereon in  the mayor's handwriting and initialled  by him. And who were they? Andrew Leamy, the city solicitor, who  lives in Anaconda and ��� who has no  proper qualification for voter in this  city; his son, John A. Leamy, who is  similarly situated; M. Eilderman, the  driver of the city fire team, who was  not a British subject until after the  list was closed; Mark Kay, a carpenter  living in Anaconda; and Patrick  Hickey, a prospector, living in  Anaconda. None of these persons had  any qualifications entitling them to be  placed on the voters' list, but the qualifications were manufactured for them.  The transfer books show that they  were staked to an interest in one of  Aid. Sutherland's lots, but there is no  record of the transfer having been  made..        * ,  , The three commissioners not  only  committed an outrage upon the electors of Greenwood, but on men whose  names they first placed on the list. They  knew nothing of the transfers, the  majority of them never received the  agreements of sale under which the  commissioners secured the names on  the list. They knew nothing of the  transaction and the majority of them  are indignant that such a free use of  their nanies should be made in connection with such a gross piece of work. .  The men who have been so treated are  as follows:       '  Lot  10, Block 5���T. J. Hardy to John  James, a miner; Eddie Dufor, prospector; Thos. Mildy (Milde), Mother  Lode;   Dan    Glasher   (McGlashan),  Sunset.  l/2 of Lot 15, Block 10���C. J. McArthur  to   Mttrdock   Kempt,    Sunset;   Jno..  Smiley, Mother Lode; Jas. Morgan,  ���Mother    Lode;   Ernest : Nicholsbr.,"  Mother Lode; Dan O'Connell (O'Connor). , ���  y2 of Loti5,Block 10���C. J. McArthur  to   Arthur   Jacobs,   Sunset;   Philip  Fraser, D. McBeth, Mother Lode; J.  Angregon,   Mother Lode; John  Mc-  -Beth,    Mother  Lode;   K.   McBeth,  Mother Lode.  Yz of Lot 14, Block 10���C. J. McArthur  to A. B. McDonald; Chas. Hooper,  Mother Lode; Joe Pilon, Mother  Lode; W.-Mclntomany, Mother Lode;  Robert M. Roger, Mother Lode.  Lot 17, Block E���Sutherland to John  Laurey; Geo. Shipley, Anaconda;  John Fraser, Minto Craigie, Angus  McDonald.  It may be said that this was the  work of the police; commissioners and  could not affect Dr. .Jakes. But  what are: the facts? No sooner  had Messrs. Sutherland and McArthur  successfully stuffed the list than they  circulated a petition asking Dr. R. W.  Jakes to become a candidate for the  office of mayor. The doctor announces  his candidature and accompanied by  M. Kane, the secretary of the Miners'  Uuidhyhe'-*igoes"to"'the*1 Sunset and  Mother Lode mines and interviews the  miuers for what purpose? Not to  strengthen 7them in their resolve not  to take advantage of a franchise ao  fraudulently placed in their hands, but  to appeal to them to come to Greenwood and "vote for him. In the mine,  in the bunk house, in the cabin, the  story was told, they were wanted in  Greenwood to assist in the election of  Dr. Jakes. The majority of the men,  if left alone, would not exercise such a  franchise, but when the mine doctor,  backed by the secretary of the Miners'  Union, uses their influence on them, it  is not surprising that some of then-  should have doubts regarding the  ���course to pursue.  The situation is simply intolerable.  The future of the town has already  been jeopardized by the acts of a man  who leaves it, and who leaves as his  representative another gentle'man  whose home is in Midway and who expects to be elected mayor of Greenwood by the aid of a fraudulent and  outside vote. Surely if the city is to  have a chance, it is time that Greenwood men and Greenwood voters should  control its affairs.  IMPORTANT.  :\i  ^\A7-  r7?4  i  -���i;_  .      f -  r-      "*    J  .rise  r, ;r  *'?  i ���} K  ��� >: \  .- -_* 1  The final meeting of the Ross Committee will be held TUESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 15TH. in the Committee Rooms, Copper Street. A full attendance is reauested.  J. J. Caulfield.       T, B- Winnett,  Chairman. Secretary  yyt  y-$st  ������_.-_..j.--r.,_ j_'i  iSStmttf^r  ^^gfeas^a^**"*^***:  y^yi&^^'y^^y^ *.. " *������  3J. JfsSSt fr' v_<��:__'3.>',���.!-.*. ���  fSf  ��� -V.T- _fc!__l��4i-W.*-rw-iia--; ,,  Yj> ^    /    i_��^_t .  ~W(.   ^r-v   January i5, 1901.  THB GRKBWOOft WEEKlA TIME&  ti "_iTtri*xxr i ti  _-_r^TW-A.-_-^��ft^��W-r _���_*  " il rn   1i--nii1r-i_fTi-T^-iri-t_\  I have added to thc equipment of my dental office an  apparatus for the administration of  Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen  "for dental operations.' This  is the latest, safest and best  method for the painless extraction of teeth or removal  of the pulp���destroying- the  nerve.  Dr. R. Matthison  Both 'Phones.     Greenwood.  Sleekly Cimes.  PUr.T.lSIIEl. HY  Tlic Greenwood Times Printing and Publishing  Company. Limited.  Duncan Koss    Editoh.  MONDAY, JANUARY 15,   1901.  MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS, 1901-  To thc Electors of the Municipality of  the City of Greenwood:  I-.ADIKS ANT)' GENTi,.iM-.N:��� I am a  candidate for the office of mayor at the  approaching municipal election and respectfully solicit your votes and in  iluence. During the campaign I will  have opportunities of explaining my  views at length. Briefly stated, I am  in favor of the following:  The present state of city finances  and the stringency Of the money market make it impossible to enunciate  a well defined policy of public improvements. An adequate system of waterworks is necessary and' also some suitable plan of sewering the city, but  these and other improvements must be  - deferred until, the city is in a better  financial position. I confidently believe that by the exercise of wise judgment, the finances of the city can.be  placed upon such a sound footing that  necessary public works can be constructed without placing excessive burdens upon the present taxpayers.  The credit of the city must be restored  and maintained. Litigation should  be avoided and lam in favor of an  amicable settlement with tliose who  have just claims against the corporation.        '...',-.'-.''���  If Greenwood is to occupy the prominence to which she is entitled by natural advantage, the city must be  brought into the closest touch with the  surrounding mining camps. During  1901 every effort should be made to  .secure the construction of the tramway  without imposing additional burdens  on the ratepayers- beyonrl those to  which they are already pledged.  The strength of every cit3*, particularly one -Situated in the heart of a  mining district, lies in its workingmen  and its future depends upon them. I  am iu favor of recognizing their claims  to proper protection. I believe eight  hours should constitute a legal day's  work and tliis pfihcip'.r"shbuld"'be  adopted by the municipality. Generally  speaking, I am in favor of  municipal work being carried on "by  day labor, but in the event of contract  work being necessary, I would insist  that contractors should pay the current  wage.  1 am opposed lo the employment of  Chinese and the encouragement of  Chinese immigration and any power  granted to the corporation by the  Municipal Clauses Act should be exercised lo the fullest extent iu restricting  their eniploymeut-in the city.  The mayor's time should be devoted  lo the work of the city. I am not rich  enough to do this without compensation and if elected I will expect a sufficient sum to properly represent the  city_without losstc. myself.  The first of each year, estimates  should be prepared giving each section  of the city an equitable share of thc expenditure and these estimates should  be religiously followed.  I am your obedient servant,  Duncan Ross.  MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS 1901.  " Greenwood, Dec. 2'J, 1900.  A. E, Ashcroft, Esq.. P.L.S.  Dear Sir:���We, the u-iclers'jjuetl residents  nml ratepayers in the North Ward, respect-  Gully request j-ou to become a candidate for  alderman. Recognizing that an important  time in the. history of the city has been reached,  we believe that our best men should take charge  of civic affairs and We pledge you our votes  and influence should you consent to become a  candidate.   Sinned  Thos. Miller. Duncan Mcintosh,  J. J. Caulfield, *W. J. Kirkwood,  And thirty-five others.  To Mr. Thomas Miller and others:  Gentlemen:���ln reply to your request to al  low myself to be nominated as a candidate fft_-  the oosition of alderman forthe North Ward iu  theensmnir municipal election, I hereby consent to stand, and will, if elected, do my best to  promote the interests of tlm city.  ALBERT ASHCROFT.  awKu'**MJMiy'w*fAJ<aBW'!!*j'  USE ONLY THE BEST  IELL0RS' PURE  -JU-JU. �������--��  MIXED PAIMS.  r,^fcr,+00fi I Strictly Pure  ���uuaranteett ] imper-ai Measure.  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Correspondents will be expected to  furnish thc Chamber of Mines with all  development going on at the iuines;  the installation of machinery, shipments of ore and value, aud generally  such news as will attract the attention  of capitalists aud cause them to in  vest-gate arid invest.  ���  Applications to be addressed to the  CHAMBES OF MINES,  Southern British Columbia,  (Kootenays and Yale)  P. O. Box 578. ROSSLAND, B.C,  TENDERS WANTED.  Tenders -w-mtecf foi hauling 150,000  pounds of machinery and building material from Boundary Falls to the No.  7 mine, Central camp. Apply at once  for particulars at the No. 7 Miniug  company's office, Anaconda, P. Keffer,  manager.  IHtf JLMWlK*X,X*JKiK,mt  ���u_^^^a---lJ^aJ^u-Jull'���v^%'fll'^^"���'l1^��^__J"^^  SWAM HOUSE  Comfortable furnished rooms.  Private Board. HomeCool.-  ing. 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ANDERSON, Manager,  Greenwood   B.C  ��� ''���.  m-'a. �����**   ,     m-\  CHOICE CIGARS   AND  TOBACGOS XXX^  FINE-  ��r- ���*/" -US'  News Papefs, Periodicals^  Cifcu] aliiig Libr af y, Fancy  Goods, Candies, Etc, Etc.  -.-     ^.s. ^y> SB^"  *-1U mf%/      ���    ��'*'���  COPPER STREET  T!  _ m wl  ""First-Class Sleepers on all-^-Trains From���  Revelstoke   and   Kootenay   Landing.  TOURIST CARS-  ��� Pass Duumore Junction daily for St.  Paul, Satueday's for Montreal and  Boston, Monday's and Thursday's for  Toronto.  Same cars pass Revelstoke o_ie day  earlier.  *  **^��s#-,".**��i:. ��.��##.### eft*******  1   X   A PpINTER   X    t  ������_  *  9    --.-- *���- ���   -"*'-(,- - ���     .- ������������ *  9 For vour eastern'trip, is to Sep that your 9  ">. " TICKl'.T* HEADS VIA. '    S  �����     ��� - ..* ',' -    I  I   CANADIAN PACIFIC   *  TRAINS DEPART.  14:35 } For T-ossland,.Nelson, San-  F,x. Sun. J don, etc., and all eastern  points via Crows Nest rout, connecting  at West Robson for Nakiisy, Revelstoke, Main Iyino and Pacific Coast.  15:45 )-For Midway, where stage  Ex. Sun. . connection is made for Rock  Creek, Camp M'cKjnney and polv.l|.e  Reservation points.  For time-tables, rates, and- full in.-  formation call on or address nearest;  local agent, or  E. R/REDPATH. agent, Grcwood, B.C.  E.J.  A.G.P.A. VancouTer.B.G  E. JACOBS  ran, in, uo.  GREENWOOD.  CF*  CF*  (F*  CF*  Cr*  CF*  CF*  <��?  ���S-  CF*  CF^  CF*  SS  CF*  CF*  CF*  Cr*  Cr*  CF*  Capital, all paid up, $12,000,000.  Rest:, ....$7,ooo;ooo.  President:   Lokd Strathcona and Movint Royal,  �� Vice-President: . Hon. George A. Drommosd.  General Manager:   E. S  Clouston. . .        ���  Brancbcs in London, E114. -j c^L?H<.n��'ricr,^1a.. New YorK, Chicago.  Buy and sell Sterling Excbauge and Cable Transfers ; Giant Commercial an  Travellers' Credits, available in any part]of the world.  Greenwood Branch,     F. J. FINUCANE, Manager.  *$.  fed?  >"=2  k-9  99.  .ealey Inves  ������  AND  TRUST CO., LIMITED LIABILITY.  REPRESENTING :  PHOENIX  FIRE  ASSURANCE CO.,  OF LONllON, RNGLANn.  WESTERN ASSURANCE CO., OK TORONT0..  BRITISH'AMERICA ASSURANCE CO.,  ���       ���   OF TORONTO       :  LIVERPOOL' AND LONDON AND GLQ&E  ASSURANCE CO ,<5p LONDON, ENGLAND  BIRKBECK INVESTMENT &���' LOAN CO..  ��� :  t OK TORONTO.  :       :       :       :        Manager  GEO. R NADEN,  CABl.R  ADDKKSS :  MAORL  CODK :  MORRtNG. SciNKAI,.  win tt in on  tl  rrx  THOS, MILLER, Mgr.  TO LET :   BuiUling*  suitable  for Stores oi.-of.5c.es.     T.ot on Copper Street,  business   centre.  FOR SALE :   Well Furnished five roomed house, easy terms of payment.  GREENWOOD, : : : B.  C.  li in  COMPANY.  LIMITED.       R. GREIGER, MGR.  x x x Agents ForPabst Beer, xxx  Complete Line Bar-Supplies.  .GREENWOOL  ace  Harvey & Robins, Proprietors.  tbe Best Stock. Cbe neatest Rigs.  Copper Street, Greenwood.  THE BEST BEER IN TOWN IS MADE BY  REWERY  - -..-���  PORTMAN BROS. & CO,,  Proprietors,  ASK FOR  The Elkhorn Lager Beer Contains only Pure Malt Hops, Try  It! It is kept on Draught or in Bottles by all the leading HoteJ  I)  LIMITED.  YANeoyVER, B. C, 7 33 Pender St  Also NELSON, B. C.  Cataloirut! and full particularr sent'nn aipijUiiatinii,  Braun's Gasoline Furnaces and Cupel Machines.  If sq  get  him a -/Xmas Box''frQrii our  exteosiye stock of    ;    ���;    i    >.    i   \    ���    \  .'.:.* .SMOKERS   SUNDRIES, . .  which is  bound  to  plense  him.    It' incluclps everything- used in Smoking, and each article is the best"  of its kind���THB BEST IN CANADA.  THE QUEER CIGAR STORE  I, ROBERT JACOBS, Manager.  Ordws by Mail, T��!��_rtt��ie or Telegraph jroimptlj: ��__c����t*4.    Qftx  ever* d'aj until Mid-. iffW.  i��ar^1  :1  *��k{-.:?:���<-._ -"���'"'"���  MMBansar rag GREENWOOD WBE$.t��- tflMES  �����1MWvb1_l^MH  , _r -i;  MUSIC LESSONS  1  t  tl  Miss Flesher is prepared to take  pupils in piano or organ instructions'  after the 1st of October, Apply at the  home of Mrs. C. VEt. Shaw.  i H. T. Ceperley, the Vancouver .insurance agent,was Jn town, during the  week.  /_J.--_vS-_  Ezcr-y?-fl  K'SfTVi       I    I Li  If  ^* JL.J  <rt>  its lunctioii -\\11li tlie Simil-.aiiic.eii ri\er at 01  neai Princeton, or .is au alternative route from  the aaid iuiiction of the Cold Water ,iud Nicola  Kiveis following- the \alle_. of the Nicola rivei  to Nicola lake, thence aloiiff the south shoie of  the said Nicola Lake to Quilchena cicck thencu  following- the valley of theQuilcheua creel, to  the divide of Oiie Mile pr< Graveyard creek,'  thencp down the valley of One Mile or Graveyard creek to Princeton at the junction of the  Tullameen and Similltaraeen fivers aforesaid,  thence from Princeton following down the valley of the said Similkameen-river to a point  west of Osoyoos Lake, thence in an easterly  direction to the Osoyoos river, crossing- the said  river above Osoyoos Lake or at other convenient, points, thence in an easterly direction to  thedivideof Rock creek, thence down one of  the tributaries of the Kettle river to the valley  of the Kettle river, thence following the Kettle  river dpwit stream to the town of Midway jtlience  from the said town of Midway along- the valley  of the Boundary, creek to the City of Greenwood and from the said City of Greenwood in  a southeasterly direction to the City of Grand  Forks with power to construct, operate and  maintain branch lines to Aspen Grove Camp to  the Tullameen River camps and to Copper and  Kennedy Mountains and other points and with  power to construct operate and maintain all  necessary bridpes, roads, ways and ferries and  to construct, acquire, own and maintain  wharves and docks in connection therewith anil  to construct, own, acquire, equip and maintain  steam and other vessels and boats and operate  the same ou any.navigable waters and to construct, operate and main tain telegraph ami  telephone lines alou_r lhe routes of said railway  and its branches or in connection therewith aud  to transmit messages for commercial purposes  and to collect tolls therefor and to generate  electricity and supply light, heat and power  and lo acquire and receive from any government, corporation or persons grants ot land,  money, bonuses, privileges or other assistance  in aid of tlu construction of tlie company's  undertaking aiid to connect with and enter into  traffic or other arrangements with railway,  steamboat or other companies and forall rights,  powers and privileges necessaay iu or incidental  to the premises and for other purposes.  Dated  at  Vancouver,   15. C, this 10th day  of  .November. 1900.    "  WILSON ���'& SI.NKLI.R,  Solicitors for the Applicants.  Corporation of the City of  Greenwood,  IWe can strongly recommend this  Pump.to (hose requiring its special type.  The extreme convenience of the outside  packed form enables it to h^ readily  packed and taken up. The absence of the  projecting valve gear Is a valuable feature in avoidiugbreakagesdur'uig hoisting aud lowering in the confined space-  where these pumps are used. It is htu.il  with convenient suspending hooks and  the piping arrangomen't takes up the  least possible space. Mining superintendents and those interested iu Mining  Machinery would consult their interests  bv sending for catalogue and quotations  before installing their plants. We  'manufacture.-.Pumping- Machinery for  every conceivable duty.  We have given special attention to the  construction of all Pumping Machinery  redulred for Mine Work ana also manufacture any type of Pump for any Special  Duty. Tumps actuated by Compressed  Air, Pumps ror Bad Mine Water, Station  Pumps, etc.. etc Catalogue and specifications upon request.  wwm  ��� '���'.'���.   "LIMITED  TORONTO,  ��� CANADA,,  Cunliff  & McMillan,: agents  at.  Rossland; .Geo.   A. Walkem &  Co.,'agents at Vancouver;  V  NOTICE.  BUREAU OF PROVINCIALiSFORMAilOS  IN ORDER that tbe (.overntiieiit may be in  pos_e_sion of deliuate ii formation with  which to supply those seeking investments in  this Province, I am instructed to invite particulars from those who have properl'es for sale,  and who may feci disposed to forward such  particulars to thi. ofliee for the purpose in  question.  In-view of the proposed -early, re-organization  of the Agent General's Oflic�� in Loudon,- ling-  land, the desirability of having on file a list of  farms and other properties for sale, with full  and accurate details, is obvious. 'Properties  submitted may include farms and farm lands,  industrial or* commercial concerns, timber  limits, water powers, or other enterprises  affording opportunities for legitimate invest,  men-'... ;  It is hot proposed to recommend properties  to.intending' investors, but to afford access to  .the classified list, aud all available information  connected therewith, and to please enquirers*ifi  communication witli the owners.  The fullest particulars are. desired uot only  of the properties themselves, but the localities  iu which Ihey are situated, aud tbe conditions  affecting ilieui.. For this purpSse printed  schedules will, iipon application, be forwarded  to those desirous of making sales.  *..'"'- R- E. GOSNELL,  Secretarv, l.ureatt of Provincial Information.  NOTICE OF PRIVATE  BILL.  Notice* ts hereby .given that application will  be made to tiie Legislative  Assembly  of the  Province of British Columbia at its next session  for an act to incorporate a company with power  to construct, equip,   maintain.^ and  operate a  single or double line of railway of standard or  narrow gauge for the   purpose of conveying  passengers and  freight, from a point,'on Bur-  rard Inlet at'or near the City of Vancouver,  thence via" the city of New  Westminister iu  an easterly direction along the south side of  the valley of the Fraser -river to some point on  the said Fraser river between the-junction of  the Chilliwack river with the said Fraser river  a,nd the town of Yale, thence In ait easterly  direction along tlie valleys of the Chilliwack,  Coquhalla, Tulameen and Similkameen rivers  or some of them or the tributaries thereof or  some of them   by the most feasible route to a  point betweeu,Penticlon  and  the international  boundary oxx the watercourse connecting Okanagan and Osoyoos Lakes thence by the most  feasible route to a point on the  Kettle river at  or near Rock creek, thence by  the most feasible route to a point at or near Midway, thence  by the most feasible route to a point at or near  -tlie-City of Grand Forks, with power to construct, equip, maintain, and operate, from any  ^pointonth- aaidrailwayv-branches-and extensions of the same of not more than thirty miles  in length, and roads, bridges, ways,   ferries,  wharves, docks, and coal bunkers; with power  to; build, own, equip,   operate   and   maintain  'steam and-- other vessels and boats, telegraphs,  telephones,' and  tramway, aerial or otherwise  aud  to  carry   on a general  express business  ���".cither as separate undertakings or in connection  with the said  railway  and the said branches  and extensions; with  power to generate electricity for the* supply of light, heat and power  and dispose of and deal with the same at aprofit  in any of the districts' or localities through-  whicli the said  railway,, branches and extern  sions pass; with power to expropriate lauds for  any of the purposes of the company and  to acquire lands, bonuses, privileges, or. other aids  from any geverument, municipality, or other  persons or bodies corporate; with power to construct,   equip,   acquire,   lea^e,,  fy-yuitjir,, and  operate g'rj.'.t.u.f,' VwlllijttS.i. i!e.4'1."-���7 .oucen-  " ('f'-^S'i V ��1'^-!!*'"<>������ k's for'tiaudlitig ami treat-  jiy__it'o_ o.es;''witli power to acquire aud opcr-  pte'cdal 'ttuuls au4 disposo   of   t|ie   proceeds  fl|e|^bt| V>:M\ poiyer \<\ _tcquire, cptistrtict, and  mierate hot^l.-; will!  power  lo make traffic or  [|t|ier arrangeitieiits or amalgam,ate or connect  tyi(l) any railway, slaambQat, or othercompany,  pr lease, pui'pliase, orqtherwise acquire the as  sets of ii'iiy such  coiqpaqy; and with power to  build wagqn roads t�� bo used in the construction  nf said railway and its extension and branches  Rild iiiadvanccof the same and to levy and col-  lect*|blls from all parties nsing and all freight  passing.over any such "roads; or any such aforesaid docks, wharves, railways, ferries, or vessels owned or operated by the company1 whether  .   built before orafter the passage of the act hereby applied for and with all other usual, necessary or incidental i-iy-lits, powers or privileges  as may be necessary or incidental  or conducive  to the attainment of tlie above objects cirof any  of them.  HUNTER & OLIVER.  "'   ���<���' Solicitors for the Applicant.  ���-���������* PUBLIC NOTICE  '*'*   -���"-. :"*���.���'  Is hereby g-iven to the electors of the murii-  cipalitv of the City of Greenwoon that'I require  the presence of the said electors at the City  Hall, Greenwood, on the l4th day cf January,  1901, at 12 o'clock noon, for the purpose of electing- persons to represent them in the municipal  council as mayor and aldermen.  The mode of nomination of candidates shall  be as follows: ���  The-candidates shall be nominated in writing-; the writing shall be subscribed by two  voters of the municipality as proposer and seconder, and shall be delivered to the Returning-  Officer at any time between the date of the  notice and 2 p'.'m. of the day of the nomination,  and iu the event of a poll being necessary, such  poll will be opened ou the 17th day of January,  1901, at the City Hall, Greenwood, of which  every person is hereby required to take notice  and govern himself accordingly.  Sec. 14.���The council of every City Municipality incorporaied after the 23rd day of April,  1S92, and of every City Municipality hereafter  incorporated under the "Municipalities Incorporation Act," shall consist of a mayor and not  more than nine nor less'thau five aldermen:  '.. (a) After tlie lirst municipal election, the pet-  sons qualified to be nominated for and elected  as the mayor of such city shall.be suclf persons  as are male British subjects of the full age of  twenty-one years, aud are not disqualified under any law, and have been for the six months  next preceding tjie da3- of nomination the registered owner, in the Laud Registry Office, of  land or real property in the city of the assessed  value, ou the last municipal assessment roll,  of one thousand dollars or more over aiid  above any registered incumbrance or charge,  and who are otherwise duly qualified as municipal voters:  ib) After the first municipal election,the persons qualified to be nominated for-and elected  as aldermen of such city shall be stick persons  as are male Uritisli subjects of the full age of  'twenty-one years, and are not uot disqualified  under any law, and have been for the six  months next preceding lhe day of nomination  the registered - owner, in .the Land Registry  Office, of laud or real property inthe city of  the assessed value, on the last municipal assessment roll, of live hundred dollars or more  over aud above any registered incumbrance or  charge, and who are otherwise qualified as  municipal voters..  fi. B. TAYLOR. Returiiiiiff Oftic'er.'  COMPANIES' ACT. 1897.  Morrison  Mines, Limited (Non-Rer-  sonal Liability).  ��� Take notice lhat the shares in the Morrison  Mines, Limited, (Noii-Persounl Liability) hereinafter described, have been declared in default  and will be sold at public auction to the highest  bidder for cash, at the office of the said company, Rendell building, Copper street, Greenwood, "B.C., on Friday, the 1st day of February,, A. D., 3.901,''at the hour of four o'clock  in the afternoon, to satisfy assessments wliich  have been made thereon and are iu default for  a period exceeding si>;ty days after notice and  demand of payment of such assessments.  Notice is hereby given that application will  be" ntade-to the Legislative Assembly of the  Province of'British Columbiaat its next session  for a private bill to incorporate a.company to  bnil'd, equip,".'maintain'-'.and operate a liije or  line's of railway of. standard guage with any  kind of motive power from a point at or near  the town, of Midway to .a point ai or near the  mouth of Rock creek, thence in a northeasterly  direction to the Wost Foi'k of Kettle river,  tlience following the West Fork of said river to  its head, thence by the most caiiveiiient route  via Okanagan Mission valley to^Vernon, with  power- to construct, operate 'arid-.maintain  branch lines to any point within twenty miles  of the main line of railway, and with power to  construct, operate and maintain ill! necessary  bridges, roads, ways and ferries, and to construct, - acquire, own and maintain wharves  and doqkp |n connection therewith, and to construct, own, acquire, equip and maintain steam .  and. other vessels and bpats and operate*the*  same on any navigable waters,atid to construct,  operate and maintain telegraph and telepboue  lines along the routes of said railway find its  branches or in connection therewith, and to  transmit messages for commercial purposes, to  generate electricity and supply light, heat anti  power, and to erect, constrHct, buikLatid maintain the necessary buildings aud works, and  .witli'power to take water from the falls on  Spallumcheou or Shuswap vivor nearLltmby  and on the West Fork of Kettle river neat-  Bull creek, lo iretterate anv kind of pewor for  the purposes aforesaid or in connection therewith for reward, and to acquire and receive  from any gove.nraeu'vcQrporation or persons  grants of land, money, bonuses, privileges or  other assistance in aid of the construction of.  the company's undertaking, and to connect  'with-and.'enter into traffic or other arrangements with railway|, steamboat or oilier com-  pS-iiesr'a.id'Tor "all" ri"ghisyifiowe-S���alfd privileges necessary in or incident to the premises  and for other purposes,  Dated at Vancouver, Ti. C, this 22nd day  of  December, 1900, ���'     '  WILSON & SENKLER,  Solicitors for Applicants.  NOTICE   OF   FORFEitURE.  No. of  Certificate.  49  '   50  il  52  84  .142  .   '156  157  '    153  159  102  191  201  202  203 :  204  205  206  207   .  215  229  335  252  "-.  204  205  329  .138  339 .  340  -.. 341'  34".  .343.  ���   344'  345  346  .347  355  . 35<i  357  414  415  416  432  .436  474  . 475  476  477  512  ______ 530-  534  retry given that application will  >  the   Legislallve Assembly  of  RJGTICE is lie  M   be made to  the Province of British Columbia at its next |  session for a private bill to incorporate a company to build, equip, maintain and operate a  line orliues.of railway of standard, g-sugf from  a point at or near thi. junction of the Cold  Water am. Nicola Rivers, thence following the  Cold Water River up'stream about 22 miles,  thence running easterly through a natural jiass  from the Cold Water River to the divide to the  wes. fork of the Otter Rive.r, thence, down the  west fork of the Otter river to tlir main river,  {hence following the Otter river to its junction  with the Tullameen river to Otter Flat, thence.j  To C. A. Peterson, laie of Eholt Creek iu Yale  .. district  Sir:    You  are hereby  notified  iliat  we have  expended $100 in labor and improvements  mv>r-  the "Silent Friend" Mineral  Claire,  5Uu.;.jeV'.f'   ,  Long Lake camp, fortutdy i.o-'fiV'EU'Uu '���"*.;���  V.. ���*,!!-* 7^Wf..N"^-W 1ULlf ''7'l7sion"of Yale  ^LH'S-.^^-**: -.lun'ib'ia, as'will appear bv  *". _*...iucate of Work recorded Decenibpr lsl,  1899, iu the office of the Minim, Kecprdur fo(- the  said Kettle Hivor Miniuir tlivision, iii order to  hold naid claim under- (lie provisions of Section  24 of the Mineral Act, stlcli being the amount  required to hold the sait| c|niill for thu year  ending HHU May', 1WM,  And if at the expiration "f tli'i'-ty I'.W) day- of  publication of this notice you fail" or- leftist to  contribute your proportion of t|i|.expi'udituiv  required under said spctiou 21, togethfi- with all  costs of advertising, vour interests in said claim  shall become vested in the subscribers (your co-  owners) under Section' 4 of the ''Mineral Acl  Amendment Acl, HHK1.  Dated at Greonwoocl. 11.C, this9lhd.iv of  November, 19(Xi. ' " .    '  TllO.MAK  Mcr.O.VNKl.t..  SPKNCKK  I-l-NIIl-MA.-*,  JOSKI'H  A.   PkAXK.  Hallett A Shaw, Solicitors.  nWice."^  NOTICK is herelrv* given that al the firs;  meeting of the Licence Commissioners for the  City of Greenwood held after thirty days from  the date hereof I shall apply for a transfer  from me to Thomas Pieckart and Phil McDonald of the Hotel Licence held by me for  the Arlington Hotel, Copper .street, in the City  of Greenwood,  J. 1., ..OOPl*.!*.  Dated December 3rd, I'too. -   .      \\  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that at the first meeting of the License Commissioners for llie City  of Greenwood, held alter thirty days from the  date hereof, we shall apply.fo:" a tr'ausfer from  us to Frank 1'era s. Co., of the hotel licence held  by us for the ',Ottawa Hotel" situated on  Silver street, in the City of Greenwood.  KNUT WILSON.  J. HAGEN.  589  59o  591  592  593  594  595  596  597  '598  599  600      .  601  602  Im  605  606  60.7  firis  67S  fifl  68T  713  "lii  71?  716  72X  73,*.   .  '734  735  736  733  742  743  744  .745  '746  <748*  754  755  ,756  757  75S  759  .  760.'?��.  SJ  763  1117  1118  1119  1120  1121  1122  1123  1124  No. of  Shares.  ��l,ooo ; .  ��� 2,ooo  2,ooo ���  5,ooo  5oo  5oo \  l,ooo  l,ooo  1,000   ,,  1,000  l.ooo  l,ooo  4,ooo  5.000  5,ooo  5,ooo  5,ooo ,  5,ooo  5,ooo  lo,ooo  Soo  8,000  1,000  Soo    -  '       5oo  l,ooo.  5oo  5no  ?oo  jsoo  5oo  Soo  Soo  .00  Soo    ;  5oo  1,000  5oo  Soo  Soo  5,ooo  1o,oqo  . 5,ooo  S.ooo  Soo  Soo  5oo  Soo  1,000  ,-_-_:5,00O_-.._  2,000  Soo  Soo  Soo  Soo  Soo  Soo  Soo  Soo  Soo  noo  Soo  Soo  Soo  ���','*'��  50,0  Sop.  5oo  . HX>.  ?���'<.  *"oo  xytft  lxfio.fl  1,00-1  1,' inn  fxVX  f.XXI\  Pxxt  ft\o  ��� 2.01 in  .  l.ooo  I,oon  Loon  1,000  .',ono  4o,ooo  5.ooa  l,ooo  ��� l.ooo  LOS..  l.ono  1,000  l,ooo   .  l,0oo  l,ooo  l,ooo  l,0oo  l,ooo  l.ooo  l.ooo  l,ooo  125  375  275  725  1-K-  4oo  1SU  34j-  Amount of   As  sessment   Due  ';��� and Unpaid.  S 2 00  400  400-  1000  ������  200  3 00 -     ' ���-  -          2 00 .- "  2 00  ���:  2 00.   .  2 00  200  4 00  16 00 .  .20 00  -   20 00  20 00  20 00  :..    2000  2000  "  20 oo  200  32 00  2 00 -  100       .  100  200,  .'".   '2 00  :     2 00  '   2 00  200  2 00    * '    ' *  2 00  200   . ..  200  2 00  200  ' 4 00  ' 2 00  2 00  200  20 00  4000    .  ' 20 00  10 00  1 00 :  100  100  100  ' ���" 2 00  ___.__i.1.1_20.00_-_ ___;._,-  44444444444444444444444444444444444444M  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  JENCKES MACHINE C��,  ***#!!'.>***!'*!'*�����*���*  9      . _   ���_'_._    '   '__.*  I in stock I H0{sting Plants, Stamp Mills, Concentrators,  I t Buckets, Cars, Rope, Sinking and Station Pumps,   Chain Blocks,  I Warehouse. I Boilers, Receivers, Etc,  9 9  ,9****99*9*****  GAMABIAN RANB BRILL C��.  Compressors and Rand Rock Drills, in which the highest degree of Perfection has  been attained,  R. P. WILLIAMS,  ROSSLAND.   B.C.  GREENWOOD.   B.C.  F. -R." MENDENHALL,  4:  4'  4  4.  4  4  4;  4  4::  4-  _*  -v.  *-^* **^* *-^-B -^^ *-^> -*^* *^* ���e5^a *,^s *^a *i?* -"-J* ���*?* *-^* fc'J?-* *,i5* *^* ���^* *^* -J^*ak^* *-J^- **^* *i0,i!, ��*^M *-^,s *^=s *^-* **��* *5* *^* *^-* 4 -^  ^m.wmww?m?m..,!mm  ���Mfg. Co,,  **-  ���MONTREAL, QUEBECr  MANUFACTUR-DRS OF  -**  oll-'Seraea  cbincry^  ��� y^jy.^y^^W'  ��� ������.'-*..'''.��� y !,"**,'T-*",.'-'>, -u  '���:y::!y.y^--y^^\  ��� r-'U-^y^-^.vi j  ..CHylif  ;.:���/-. ;;V Vr*'7; v',;-J?f  y;'SSSl|!  ROCK DRILLS, STRAIGHT LINE  DUPLEX and CORLISS AIR COM  PRESSORS  ��    ���    ���  BOILERS"; HOISTS, PUMPS, Etc. C0MPT^ffflEKiK&D_LPMENTS  ��r     Agents For The Bullock Diamond Drills.  1~    R. JI. G* mcllally, Rosslatid, B. e.  ���"* STOCK CARRIED IN RQSSI^AND. .���������������'����'.'  R. R. Hirkpatriek, Greenwood, B. ���.    _5;  ^iiiiuiiuuiuiiiiaiiiiiuiiiiiiiuiuiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiuiiiua;aiiaiaaiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiuiaiiiiiiiiiii^>  NOTICE  -The first sittiiijfs of the Cotiit of Revision  and Appeal, Jor. heariinf complaints, if any,  aj/ainst the assessments for A. D., 1901. in the  South Division of East Yale ami part of Rossland Ridiiipr, will l)e held as follows)  In the Government office, Fairview, 12th of  Jaiiuan-, 1901, at 12 noon.  In the Government oilice,'Greenwood, l-Hli of  January 1901, at 10 a. in.  I11 tlie Government office, Grand Forks', IStli  of Januarv, 1901, at 10 a. m.  D. RABBIT!*,  JudffC o�� the Court of Revision and Appeal.  Fairview, 'December IS, 1900.   .  Boundary Creek Mining & Milling Co.Ltd  Notice of Annual and Special General  Meetings.  Notice is hereby jriven ' that' tlie. annua  {reneral nicetinjr of shareliolders in the above  named company will be held at the ofliee of the  company, Greenwood, on Thursday, Janiiary  17. 1901, at 3 o'cloclt p. in., to receive a report of  the Directors'and Auditor for the year 1900,  and to elect directors for the ensuing year.  A special (reneral meeting' of Shareholders  will be held at.the sanis place at 3:30 o'clock p.  m., of the same day, to authorize the sale or  other disposal of the lands, properties and  other assets of the company upon such terms  or conditions, if any, as the said .meeting- shall  detenu ine,  J. W. NELSON,  ���   ' Secretary.  Greenwood, B. C, Decembei- 26,1900.  8 00  200  2 00  2 00,  ,200  2 00  2 00  200  200  2 00  -2 00  2 0o  ;.<*���:  j 00  -.00  2 on ���  3 Oft  2(IQ  3on  3 ixfX  300  a 00  2 iXXX  ���2 xxxt  2 00  .2 <io  2 00 .  ��� S 00  ���I 00'  4 00  4 00  4 00  looo  K,o no  20 00  4 00  4 00  4 33  2 <ui  4 06  4 00  4 00  4 00  4 00  4 00  4 00  4 00  4 00  4 00  f>o  1 so  1 lo  2 9o  40  1 60  60  138  Mineral Act 1896.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTICE.  BURNS, BURNS FRACTIONAL, COPPER  TRUST FRACTIONAL, SCRANTON  OTIS FRACTION and PICLADILLY  FRACTION Mineral Claim ,situate ill the  Kettle River Mining- Division of Vale  District. Where located: In Deadwood  Camp.  TAKE NOTICIS that I, E. A. Bieleuberff  Free Miner's Certilicate No.  1)8206, intend sixty days from date hereof to  apply to the stilling Recorder for a Certilicate  of ImprovemeiiIs for the purpose of obtaining-  a Crown Grant of the above claims.  And further take notice that action uu'der  Section 37 must be commenced before the issuance of such Certilicate ot Improvements.  Dated this 23rd dav of June, A. D., 1900.  _._���..__���_:���_.���  ."-.���.���.-..'. A. BIELIJNBgRG.  IMPROVED SINKING PUMPS.  PISTON PATTERN.  This pump is of comparatively light  weight, ieasy [to-Ihandle and g-ives[un-  qualied satisfaction. It has no projecting valve gear or parts liable to  breakages- in handling. It is flitted  with convenient suspending hooks and  is easily repacked. .  c We give specialJattention to the Cons.ruetlon  of all Pumping Machinery require* for Mine  Work and Manufacture any Type of Pump for  any Special Duty���Pumps actuated by Compressed Air, Pumps for Bad Mine Water, Station  Pumps, etc. Catalogue and Specifications upon  request. ,  THE NORTHEY GOIWPRNY, LIMITED.  Toronto, Canada. (  CUNLIFF& MCMILLAN,  -���'���.'     Agents;at Rossland.  GEO. A. WALKEM & CO,  Ag-euts at Vancouver.  ./ -;'.-.:.'.". '���������������-:tyyir^^\  y '^y;0$y;yyy��_  ���:; \V;"-��.>:S'iES>|JS_H  yytyy&wm  tyyyyyyyy^m  ySHSii  :7#S||ii|  tyyi^yyy*$0i$^M  ���l[:-tyzy0��Mi\  ���'��� '���yt+ty^tftj&SxfL  yrs-yt��$yy!0fi  ���/"���.ttyyyyp'igjji:1,  7':7;7S|lliftlp  ������:������-. .���'���:wS5va-aSi  '.���."���"������������--v*.$*^?W;'"3H  -.ii---:-* s*"��� ;4��v:W��;  ..... ��� [;. -:-.|-7i_^���..._s?.j'i:>  :-<::-":. -'���"'iv^-i_**-*;v^'t^  "';"..'; -, 'i-'tyti^ff&lit  '������'������������������.���������������~&xm��iM-  ;%:'";':;'-*5y4ii>giSj  .���������' ���'���J:::i:tii*$^g��2i  ';'"-'. ."s..<-r<,_?_.^2'-'.''  -������������--.'-'.:;. ���'������?"j"5f-.-'ieeS  ���:.y^��l��i  .':y,7'7sg|lp^|  .': '��������� <-77y^^S>^*5*��i  ������''������":-'. :'��� ���'������~y$3'ltii$��.  '���"���' :S;"-'!',v!_;'Sl^fe!  -.".. ��� '.S:-''i'-4feiS*'**  MINERAL, ACT, 1896.  Certificate of Improvement  NOTICE.  THE COMMERCIAL  CENTER   OF  THE  .. -:-' ���'.*���������������. :'S/��-''v"iSS*-SPffir.  ������-������-:."���.:',��:;���*"?.��&&*  .-��� '.'.-��� i.'i- ������"���'ffyysf-^zx  ��� ['���'���:���    '--1'.'.'.-'.'-''-'^"j-^-^.  '���'-. -;' -*1':-'';,.-jy "J"^^  . . ^. '���-���','-'v:--,^*-'p^*r,?f.��^..  '���'- ''.':r;-:v-ijJ,J.,El.y��,;  ; ���-.������ '-���;:.���-^Sgts'lfe  y. yyy��&&  t\iyyy^i  ���'���iv 's'i. t*&i'-^y  v*yyp.��__e  yllfl  v. yy>yM  7'^ylip  ':ti~'yy'y,tR  ' *:/^'Slil  tricl.    Wl'e,:,*! 16'CiU--^, .  4     .nfe;*-'1'.'for James   R.  the  Dis-  HONAT-iUIvU mineral iXUV't, 'situate hi  K?t,tle I?,1,"'-'' :-,1V-V''''��'P.'l,'.sion of Yale  tricl.    Wl'e,:,*!. I.OCM--:, .     InCoppercamp.  I.   C. _E.  Shaw as  _,   _    ...   McMacksoiL Free  Nl>ut*.'s 'Certilicate No, nl3 56 and William U.  MC*uaclcsoii, Yx-xi* Miners Certificate No. 1-135-".-  inlend;**'tx.ty days from date hereof, lo. apply to  the Minhit,' Recorder for a Certificate of Im  provements for th�� purpose of ohtaiuiufj a  Crown C<rant of llie above claim.  Aucl  further talce notice Iliat action  iiiuler  Sectioii 37" in nsl be commenced "before tlie'i.-  snance of sucli Certificate of liiiprovemeiiis. -  Dated tlieZmli day of Novemher, IS'.)'*.  ���   . 19J '    C. Ai. SHAW.  tvUNRKAL ACT, 18%.  CERTIFICATE    OF    IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTICE.  -'MAl'TiE I/ICA1'"* Mineral Claim situate in  the'Kettle River Miniuir Division of Yale  District. Where located : In Skylark  camp".  TAKI. MOTICK that I, Isaac H. Hallelt, as  aireut for William J. Porter Free  Miner's Certilicate No. ii2'iS(-7, intend,  sixlv days' after date hereof to apply to the  Miniiifj Recorder for a Certificate ot improve-  meals for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  ('rant of the above claim. ���_.  And further take notice that   action under  Section 37   mnst.be   comineuccd   before   the  issuance of sn_h"Certifrcate of Improvements.  Dated tliis 24th dav of November, A. D��� V.t-M.  *  T. H. UALI^-TT.  y;:-ym  yy;$yt!$  ;yy$$M  ' folio**..HIT tie Tullameen river iovitx stream to I    Green-wood, B.C, Dec. Utlt, 1900,  Dated this 38th day uf Decembor, A. D., 1900.  A. F. OI.IVER,  Secretary Moirlsou Mines, Limited.  -    MINERAL   ACT,   1896.  '   Certificate of Improvements.  -      NOTICE.  JOHANN'l-S_U_R.7 Mlnerl   Claim, situate  in  the Kettle Klvur Mining Division of Yale  District.   .  Where locatod :   In Skvlarl. camp.  AKE     NOTICE    that    I,      Quo       Dil-    ler     Free      Miner's      Ceriiiieate     No  b7871, intend, sixty days from the dat e here��f |  to apply to tne rninine recorder for a certili- i  cate of improvemems for the purpose of obtain. ;  iiiL' a crown ffrant of the above claim. j  And  further  take   notice that action, under  section 37,  must be commenced  before the is |  suaiiceof such certifictte of improvements. ,  Dated this 3rd day of November. A. D.. Wm.    )  OTTE DILLER.  i-p/  Is the Supply point for the Mining Camps;  From the City roads lead to Greenwood, Dead/  wo6d, Copper, Summit, Long Lake,- White's,  Atwood, Wellington, Smith's and other Boon/  dary Creek Camps/ Three Chartered Banks  have branches in thc city,. For prices of lots  aiid,other information, Address   t ��� *   *   ��-*   ���  .-''���  tyt.yt;t&y<t��mi  '"y'";w��S&  .7 ;'' v' ^-^.-i^JKl  v.-- ���^^;;^U'-.���'���5Wlfl���5EK���  'yymmiM  ''���*'-'.-���. j^P-;MM  i-,~ ^.-~. .;-r��'.ii*:.;.;_u^__ri'^.  C. SCOTT GALLOWAY  GREENWOOD,   B.   C.  r " ii  un ni 11 'I'll  S_E-  _-__~t��a_S��S  ii-__-_-S_i__e_-sa_eB v-\'***'  -. I���..  '...It^^jjjj���;*:  ^^IpiippW^-'  January ll, i901.  ',��  S-E  ��_��  ���S&  SB  m  kite-  is?*  |S*U��_  7/fo  5j|v5  Diamond Jewellry,'  Pearl Jewellry,  WATCHES,  CLOCKS,  CUT CLASS,  PERFUMES  1  Souvenier  QUEENS WARE,  MIRRORS  ��   ��� .  LEATHER GOODS,  ETC., ETC.  KM*  yMet  _y*  m  _3*  ���*_.'���'*��  3*5.  il  j-Vl'-i  Good ore has been encountered in the  north drift of the Brooklyn, on the 250-  foot level. In the south drift on the  same level a raise has been started to  the 150-foot level and will be continued  on to the surface so as to provide an  additional ventilation shaft. J. E.  Parker,superintendent of the company,  also announces a find of splendid ore  in the Stemwinder, Altogether some  80 men are working on the three mines  now under development by the Dominion Copper company.  The Greyhound and Ah There, in.  Deadwood camp, are being developed  tinder one management. The two  properties afford employment for 19  men. Both are sinking propositions  and the aim is to get depth. Shortly a  crosscut from the Ah There shaft will  be driven to cSnnect with the Greyhound shaft. The McRae Copoer  Mines, L,td., owns the Ah There and  Western Copper Mines, the Greyhound.**  In time it is more than likely that the  last mentioned company? will secure  control of the former. Stocks in both  are being enquired for and the showing  in the two properties is reported to be  good.  John Dorsey, promoter of the __.ake  Shore and British Columbia Copper  company, has gone to Chicago to confer with the directors as to the advisi-  bility of installing a machinery plant,  to more expeditiously prospect the  Blue Bell and J. S. claims in Summit  camp. Also to provide for funds for  taking up the bonds. Development is  progressing satisfactorily on the Blue  Bell and last week Mr. Dorsey took  down to the Granby smelter some 500  pounds of ore for testing purposes that  is said to have netted $26 in copper and  gold values per ton.  iii V. Croll, Spokane, western manager of the D. P. Allis company, Milwaukee, "Wis., arrived here last Friday  and after a conference with local  officials of the British Columbia Copper company, returned to Spokane the  -following day. He will shortly.go east  on an extended visit. He reports that  his people are about to erect a new  manufactory in Milwaukee, which  will cover an immense area of ground.  The -buildings will be in the shape of  a solid square, in the center of which  will be a building to contain the electrical machinery, as all the plant is to  be driven by the invisible fluid. The  grounds will be approached by ti,vo  separate electric tramway companies,  and right. through the center of the  works will be four parallel railway  tracks. The ground, consisting of 100  acres, has been owned by the Alias  family for a number of years and is on  the outskirts of the city. The company at present[employes 2,500 operatives and with the enlargement of its  business this small army is to be added  to considerably.  ��*-&!  igjyti-i  A POINTER.  Greenwood men should control Greenwood affairs.  The total duty collected for the year  1900 by the customs and inland revenue office here amounted to $50,081.12  made up as follows:  Customs duty collected $ 36,446.80  Excise duty collected    13,634.33  ros*  MORE   MACHINERY  For the British Columbia Cop'  per Company.  A  CONVERTER   WILL BE  Erected Immediately and It Will Be  the First Converter Erected in the  SProvince���Mining Notes.  The announcement that the British  Columbia Copper company have let a  * contract to the F. P. Allis company,  Milwaukee, Wis., for the immediate  construction of a converting plant is  one of great importance. It will be  the first converter erected in the.province and the honor will go to this  city. That the company should have  placed the order before its smelter had  turned out a pound of matte, leaves  little room to donbt the immense  amount of confidence the directors  place in the ability of Paul Johnson,  the manager of the smelter department.  He designed the local smelter, and  much of the machinery is of his own  invention. There now appears every  probability that, ere the installation of  the bessemerizing plaint, the machinery  for which is to becompleted in three  months, that a second furnace will  have been added to the reduction works,  bringing the daily-capacity up -to -600-  tons. The contract calls for a blowing engine, 40-ton electric crane, one  stand of converters, crushing plant  and accessories. Mr. H. V. Croll, manager of the Spekane branch of the E.  P. Allis company, stated that the cost  would be in the neighborhood of ��40,-  000 at the works, and by the time it is  installed here an additional $15,000 wil!  have been added. It is to be capable  of treating a daily output of 600 tons  of ore, producing, roughly, 40 tons of  matte. This amount passing through  the converter means about 20 tons of  blister copper, averaging 98>_ to 99  per cent. The next step will be the  making of electrolytic copper, and in  time such a refining plant will be  added. With the exception of tbe  Butte smelters, none of the other western reduction plants have yet installed  converters. The Northport smelter  has a calcining plant to reduce the  sulphur excess in the ores.  There is another feature that might  also be mentioned in connection with  the installation of a converter. That  is' the possibility of the Standard  Pyritic Smelting company, selling its  matte to the British Columbia Copper  company. This would be a great convenience to the former company, and  doubtless a large saving in time and  expense.' It would avoid the Pyritic  people all trouble in shipping their  product to the New York refineries, if  it could be arranged to treat it locally.  However, the idea is only advanced, as  no such arrangement has been entered  into between the two companies.  Two shifts are at work extending  Rawhide tunnel under contract let to  J. Gillis. The tunnel is in over 500  feet and is being driven to crosscut the  Rawhide vein. The property is one of  the six claims owned by the Dominion  Copper company  iu   Phoenix camp.  The force at the Marguerite mine,  Deadwood camp, has been increased te  20. Work is being pushed in both the  crosscut tunnel and in the east and  west drifts at the 100-foot level of the  shaft. As soon as the two veins, No. 1  on the east and No. 2 on the west, have  been crosscut to their full extent, sinking will be resumed. The boiler, hoist  and pump are now in working operation. The tunnel has passed the 100-  foot mark. Ore bins are also under  construction and every preparation  made for placing the property on a permanent shipping basis.  James Gillis has completed a contract for, 175 feet of work on the O. P.  claim, Summit camp, owned by the  Smmit Gold and Copper Mining company of Grand Forks. He anticipates  receiving an additional contract sometime next month to extend the work on  this property.  It appears hardly probable that work  will be resumed on the Brandon and  Golden Crown before the end of the  present month. W. J. Porter is yet  awaiting definite instructions from  Brandon, Man.  W. A. Stone, of the Diamond Drill  company, Spokane, is again Phoenix  camp. This time he has secured a  contract for about 1,000 feet of drilling  on the Snowshoe.  Th" annual and special meetings of  the. Boundary Creek Mining and Milling company, will.be held next Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock.  The Bruce claim, near Midway, is. reported to be looking exceptionally well.  It is owned by local and Rossland  operators.  FOR  MAYOR.     ,  Vote for Duncan Ross.  IT GIRDLES THE GLOBE.  The fame of Bucklen's Arnica Salve  as the best in the world extends round  the earth. Its the one perfect healer  of cuts, corns, burns, bruises, sores,  scalds, boils, ulcers, felons, aches,  pains and all skin etuptions. Only infallible pile cure. 25c a box at Miller  Bros.  IN THE SOUTH WARD.  Vote for J. J. Caulfield.  Total duty collected............$ 50,081.12  Value of dutiable imports....$137,166.00  Value of goods free....    23,703.00  tfot fine sleig-hs br cutters call at  Wlnnett's carriage works.Silver street*  Large collection of sheet music at 5.  !0 and 15 centsi Greenwood Music  Store. ��� . -  ��� ���  ��� For Rent���Unfurnished rooms very  cheap.    See Smith & McRae.  mi  Head Office: TORONTO.  Paid up Capital $6,000,000.  Total value goods imported....$160,869.00  IN THE NORTH WARD.  Vote  Naden.  for    Miller,   Kirkwood   and  James T. Gates, Nelson,.traveling  representative in the Kootenays for  the Giant Powder company; has been  visiting in the city for several days._  IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE.  Greenwood and good government.  Seats will   be reserved for ladies at  the public meeting in the Auditorium.  TENDERS WANTED,  Tenders wanted for hauling 150,000  pounds of machinery and building material from Boundary Falls to the No.  7 mine, Central camp. Apply at once  for particulars at the No. 7 Mining  company's office, Anaconda, F. Keffer,  manager. .  TO THE  DEAF.  A rich lady cured of her deafness  and noises in the head by Dr.,Nicholson's artificial ear drums, gave $10,000  to his institute, so that deaf people  unable to procure the ear drums may  have.them free. Address No. 14520C,  The Nicholson Institute, 780 Eighth  Avenue, New York, U. S. A.  BUSINESS MENTION.  For Sale-  Naden.  -A   safe.   Apply G.   R.  Dr. Mathison, dentist, over Bank of  Commerce.   Both 'phones.  Nitrous oxide and oxygen for painless extraction of teeth at Dr. Mathi-   ' -'"-;���-"*-������-���^=^^tf =^_,  son's.  All kinds of Taxidermist work done  by T. B. Winnett, Silver street.      tf  Garrett G. Dalmage has arrived from  Wanted���A  nished house,  box 256.  four or five-room fur-  No   children. .   P.   O.  Don't forget the South End Grocery  store when buying fruit and groceries.  Wm. Graham proprietor. tf  A.A. Crowston's stores, Government  street, for groceries, provisions, produce. Headquarters for green fruits, tf  gg4- 4 4,4, -fr��fr>fr&-.4--4-.4��-fr 4 4��4��>-fr4��4��4-4��$-fr'i'-fr3;  " *.  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  To the Public  We beg-to thank our patrons for. the  good-will shown us in the year just  passed and hope for a continuance of  the same during 1901, when we will be  better able to fill all demands upon us  more promptly.  Wishing you  all  a prosperous New  Year. Respectfully yours,  S  PR0TT  ACPHSON,  WATCHMAKERS AND JEWELLERS.  Wallace-Miller Block.  4  4  4  4  4  4  <-��->  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  a  President:   HON. G. A. COX.  General lifanagcr:   B..E WALKER.  Asst.Gcncral Manager: J.H.- PLUMMER  tytyty*f>'fyfyfy'fy*frfy'%>'fy'%**v**v*'fy44444'$'44 &4  Greenwood Branch  - V * -   ���      t  Drafts and    Money  Orders  sold payable at any Banking  point in the world.  *******9***************9  9  9  9  9  .9  9  9  9  9  t  9  9  9  9  9.  *  9  ft.  *  *  *  *  -9  *  9  9  9  9  ���-*.  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9.  9  9  9  9  .9  *  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  X F. J. MITCHELL X  i.  I-  4.  Shop worn goods,  for your Fall Suit  when you can secure  New Goods of the  m 6-s t fashionable  pattern which have  just arrived.  The Biggest and best  * assortment of Fall Suitings ever brought into  the Boundary.  K.-n  *  MI  *.  *   .  r. d  i  llj.l  i  . lit  Aiu  THE TAILOR  Copper St,  *���  *  9  9  9  9  9  9  *  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  *  9  9  9  t  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  .9  9  9  *  * .  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  *  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  *  9  9  9  9  9*****9****************9  P  rinfittg  Tf you are in need  of any hind, try us  with an order* ec  ...the  Cirnei  -��r>x  yW7R^&7***~  ^P  ,-g;       -��|ii|gl|��  ARMSTRONG,  -     PROPRIETOR  Is The Best Hotel in The City.  Every Modern Convenience  airy,  Proprietors.  Cor, Copper and Deadwood Streets, '* v s , , Greenwood, B. C  THE   BEST   MEALS   IN   THE   CITY   SERVED.  SPECIAL ATTENTION TO DINNER PARTIES.  Most comfortable and well furnished rooms, steam heated  and lighted by electric light.    Can be had from  .,$10 Per Month Upwards..  MRS. DOWDING, Clarendon Hotel and Cafe,  ROSSLAND ENGINEERING WORKS  ...   ouniLiFFtS McMillan  Pounder., Machinists aud .-oilerniaUcrs���Manufacturers of Ore Cars, aud (.eneral  " >V","^R' M*><*h''*<*0'--I<i":to- Second-hand Machinery cm hand in first-class condition  One 9x12 _Ion.oiit.a_ Slide Valve Enjjine, complete; One S foot Pelton wheel, inside.  0��a feet S to 10 spiral rivitted pipe-ucw���never been used; One Inirersoll-Sarireai.t  ��� iV"1 *!,"- ?**�����* RocU d"*!R' -'Au'e bc?11 ."tl-drouK-lily bverliaule'l and worn parts replaced ���  One No, 2. Knowles Feed Pump in. lirst-class/condition; One "Gould.s Hand Force  Pump, Stopinjr Bars, BlaclvsniitU'sJ'eHows, etc.. etc.     *Wa  or -write  us for complete list before von buy.  Agents for Northey Pumps-Stock Carried.  THIRD AVlJWUE 7     - . . ROSS LAND  -  _ ...ce  Watch this ad for other list's  We may have just what you "need.  P70. BOX 198  PETER QENELLE, PRES.       -     .J. QENELLE, ./CE-PRES,  ��/.  POUPORE,  SECRETARY.  I  LIMITED  Gcueial Office.  G-reeinrood, B. C.  Telephones ;  Columbia No.  Boundary Creek No.  "Venien & Nelson  No. 20.  Site's  ii  ���H  i  Our    Yards    and  Mills  located as follows. :  Greenwood, Phoenix, Dead-  wood City, Eholt No. i, Eliol No.  2, Xioixk Lake, Rock Cicel., Skylark Camp, Naluisp, Kobson,  Ymir and Rosslaud.  "We Are Manufacturers  of all Kinds of : : : : :  A��^\Ar',^/>/ArA��r^��^^r^^A<rfAA^V��r'\A<'wV  ./���* /V  w  XMAS.  .*���������'������  A box of cigars is always appreciated as a Christmas, g-ift.  "Wehave the,following brands of  CIGARS.  TvEDA, $1.75.  HENRY 'VANE, $2.00  FtOR DE MELTA, S2.2S  JOSE RAMIEY, $2.75.  JOSERAMIEZ CABI  NETS,  S3,25  Other splendid brands of Imported and domestic cigars in  boxes of 25, 50: and 100. : : :  Pipes���Meerschaum and Briar.  Leather Cigar and Cigarette.  Cases from 85c to >$6.    :   :   :   :  Corporation of the City of  Greenwood,  CANDY.  We have plenty for all in  all grades and prices. ;Let  us supply' your Christmas tree.  H. A. KING & CO  For Rent���Comfortably furnished  hree-roomed cottage.' Apply Times  office.  PUBLIC NOTICE  Is hereby g-iven to the electors of the municipality of the City of Greenwoon that I require  the presence of the said electors at the City  Hall, Greenwood, on'tlie 14th day of January,  1901, at 12 o'clock noon, for the purpose of elect-:'-'  ing- persons lo represent them in the municipal  council as mayor and aldermeu.  The mode of nomination of: candidates shall  be as follows:  The candidates shall be nominated in writing-;   the writing-, shall,  be subscribed by two  voters of the municipality as proposer and sec- .  onder, aud shall be delivered to thc Returning.  Oflicer  at any time between the datc/of the,- :  notice and 2 p. ra. of the day o.'the nomination,  and in the event of a poll being necessary, such  poll will be opened on the 17th day of Jauuary, .  1901,  at  the City Hall,' Greenwood, of which  every person is liereby-.i'equired to take uo,tice  and govern himself according-ly. !'  Sec.'14.���The council of every City Municipality Incorpo.a-ed after thc 23rd day of .-April,  1892, and of every City* Municipality hereafter ,  incorporated under the "Municipalities Incorporation Act," shall consist of a mayor aud not  more than nine nor less than live aldermen;  (a) After the first municipal election, tlic persons qualified t<> lie nominated for^aud elected  as the mayor of such city shall bes-such persons  as arc male British subjects of; the full ae;e of  twenty-one years, aud are not.disqualified nn,--''  derany law, and have beet, for the six mouths  next preceding- the day of nomination the .registered owner, in the Land Registry Office, of  laud or real property in the city of theyassessed  value, on the last municipal asse'sshient roll,  of  one  tl.o'usand .dollars  or  more over  aiid ���  above .any registered incumbrance or charge.'  and who are otherwise duly qualified as municipal voters:  (b) After the first municipal election, the persons qualified to .be nominated "for and elected  as aldermen of such pity shall be such persons  as are male British Subjects of the full age of  twenty-one years/and are not not disqualified,  under any law, and have been for the six  months next preceding the day of nomination  the registered owner, in the Land Registry.  Office, "of land or real property in the city of  the assessed value, on the last municipal assessment roll,' of five hundred dollars or more  over and above any registered incumbrance or  charge, and who are otherwise qualified as  municipal voters. .  (i. B. TAYLOR, Returning Officer.  D�� you owe the Greenwood Times  $2. Your subscription lable will tell  you. Subscriptions payable in advance.


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