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 *HIMHfl^l..iM-Ui^^  ':y:#77777  ��� �����������1 ���%���*??������?:���  w  ���x.-t  /  Q>  1X3  3t  Published Weekly in the Interests of the Boundary Creek Mining District.  Vol. VIII.  GREENWOOD, B. C, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 1900.  No. j�� | >  HAS GONE DOWN  TO BED ROCK.  -< O, HAVE-  ������**.  ���* -   >  .-  BARGAINS; IN   WINTER  ...GOODS.~  THE LABOR  CANDIDATE  Chrs Foley Addresses a Large  Audience.  IN   THE    AUDITORIUM,  He,is Assisted By   James   Wilkes.  Politics Discussed From the lnde-  ' pendent Party point of View.  N^,  'iMt  __ - -*���*-_ , ��� - - i      ���-  *#<���*#$��###.��*����.������ .��-'.*&-'.*-.^^  1      FHEPARE FOR WJNTER.    !  Stew-  -' ,.  arts  -  Celeb-.  *.v  rated  Good  ,��� '*  Cheer:  s'to^  , _.  Are  .ip-<  __?f."'  The-.  __i_--ii  f-K5*5^  Best  -  "^v5-^.  *  '*  -9  *  9  -ft  .   , WE   SELL; THEM:     ALL   SIZES  JfcB, Sperry gompany Ctd  99*��*********9**********'*****^********��**.************t  V  n.*<.**j&#*��*****��.******#^^  ...J*  * *  .  *  *   **  .   9  ...*��'  '<X  .--��������  9  ��� ;-��� -*���  4 **.r.  .*-.^*.'  . ��� 9  ���"���*���.��*  : -''.*���:  -:-*���  - ��  -�����  - ��� :������ *'  ���������:���  We Handle all K3n3s  of Shelf and Hea^  ���:Hap-iw^&.'-^:i^^';^-;'-  ���letiif H ��tfi)p M ctf fti Mersfr flardtare;  Do6f�� ^^  :   Plasters^ Hair^  The Independent Labor party got up  considerable enthusiasm -in favor of  their candidate on Saturday night.  Th* supporters of Chris. Foley co1ild  applaud the utterances of their leader  without running any risk of having  "this sound 'waves.-solidifted -into, frozen  chunks as the Auditorium was sufficiently well heated. The clemency  of the weather outside and the greater  heat in . the furnace within, combined to raise the temperature* of the  building at least half a hundred degree* above that at the meeting-addressed by Hon. Clifford Sifton. This  helped to make the Saturday night  meeting a more satisfactory one to all  partifes. ,  J. J. Caulfield made an ideal chairman, and seated with him on the platform were: Mr. Foley, the candidate  James Wilks of Nelson, R. T. Eyans,  T. B. Winnett, Mike Kane, A. J. Kirk-  wood, McDonald and other supporters of the labor man.  ^ The Greenwood Glee club, comprised of Messrs. Winnett.Millis. May-  ���nard and Collins, interspersed catchy  {campaign songs,-Mr. Millis'bringing  down the house with a -"Turn Over"  songspecially preparedito"p?Om'b'te~N-r.  ���Foley'* candidature.  Mr. Foley had a fairly large audience to address, among whom were  several ladies. It was an orderly audience too. His own supporters liberally  applauded his utterances while those  who did xiot.agree with him refrained  from offering any 'interruption. Mr.  Foley can talk as the boy in the "gods"  remarked: "Like a streak .of' chain  lightning.'! For over two'hburs, the  words simply enjwded each other as  they flowed ffom K;m.t It Is easy to  realize tHat'wittt siifh rapidity of utterance a* good deal of talking would  be done in two hours, aiid Mr. Foley  not only*- referred to.matters Canadian  but at. length described the industrial  conditions in the' United Statfes.  Mr. Caulfield, as chairman, said it  "gave him great pleasure to-preside at  the first political" meetiag held "in  Greenwood in the interest of! the labor  candidate.    ��� ���   ., i  He  then   introduced   the' Glee club  ���AMAu.  ���"ySte^hSj1; Toys, Fstticy  Gcods/Chih^W'a-'e, Leather-  Goods, Xmas Cards (with  Y local- views) _-are; arriving  ey&y day, .and will be  ready for yottr inspection  in one week.  '...IT MAY BE UNCERTAIN.  WHO  will be our representarive after  tbe election, but there is no  uncertainty about the fact we  have a greater variety from  which to select, and that we  can and do give better Value  for the money than can be got  anywhere else.  We are  HEADQUARTERS.  t 2J2JESTIKATES GIVEN FOR TIN' ROOFING.^-.". J  9 ' ���-.   '*.    '-**~ 'y^'tyyi-- ,.;  ���'. - * -..������.-.:��� : ���* -* ��� '".���..������ *."��� ���*���.*���    ���--���;*��� - **��  ant9*******9***$**************************************  BOOKS. STATIONERY. .WALL  PAPERS, FANCY'GOQDS.   -  who favored the audience with a political chorus: "Cast' Your Votes for  Brave Chris. Foley." The chairman  briefly introduced Mr. Foley.  Mr. Foley stated that it gave him  great pleasure to ad dress a Greenwood  audience ou political questions from  the -standpoint of a working man. The  last meeting he had addressed in  Greenwood: was remarkable for the  number of yellow-legged dudes who  we're present, he would tonight enunciate .principles that would probably  shock many of his hearers. He had  for years" been devoting much .time to  study; along socialistic lines and had  come to the conclusion that no methods  adopted by- either of the old parties  would ever give ultimate satisfaction.  Heretofore the old parties had been a  drawback to human ^progress. Inde-  peudant action has been forced upon  the workingmen. We have tried to  remedy the evils for years but have always been met with promises that  have never been fulfilled.. Iyabor must  now organize in the attempt to reform  the government of this country. The  speaker hoped that these movements  might be the: germs of a goodcause.  In order to succeed we. must have recourse to independent legislation. The  laborer at present is not receiving a  just share of what he produces. Labor  is in the majority and is therefore entitled: to protection; against ��� any foreign race brought into the country.  The mechanical ingenuity during the  last forty years has revolutionized  working methods, but the profits have  all gone into the pockets of capital.  Not satisfied with that they urge upon  the government to introduce into the  country a cheap class of labor. This  is opposedNto both justice and common  sense. It has prevented the forward  course of many nations in the past���  China, Turkey and Russia have all  suffered from this. These countries  are now as a result undeveloped. In  Germany on the contrary and in England the resources of the country are  fully developed. Mexico and southern  countries have cheap labor and they  have remained in the same state for  the last 300 years. The^United States  and Canada" have progressed but we  must beware of cheap labor. The  general conditions of this country at  present show everywhere ware houses  overstocked with what labor has produced and still we are poor and our  women go hungry. This condition of  affairs mnst have something rotten in  its makeup. The time has arrived  when we must do something to remedy  these evils. In* many cases we dare  not take a prominent stand. Some  years ago on the C. P. R. a derrick fell  and killed three men. For fear of  Idslng their jobs the men working at  the time perjured themselves at the  trial and saved the company thirty or  forty ' thousand dollars. The man in  charge of the job should have received  a heavy sentence but escaped scott  free. Then there is the evil of company stores and boarding houses when  men are forced 'to -trade and board.  After the passage of the. Truck act  many of them were forced to abandon  this method, but are now keeping it  up in an underhand way. The importation of cheap labor must result in  great-harm to business men. ��� Put  yourselves in the place of labor. If  cheap labor^were brought in and you  were thrown out of employment, you  would organize, raise arevolution and  overturn the government, but the moment labor attempts to use violence the  militia is turned against them. I have  always beeii.. opposed to violence but  there is "sdmetime^'just excuse for it.  It is a.mistaken;idea to suppose that  by means of boycott, strikes, etc., a  ���hange can be expected. The only  way is to capture political power. If  a strike takes place the capitalists  bring in a horde of cheap foreign labor  and in a short time you are compelled  to submit to the dictates of your  master. In the Kootenays a short time  ago we had an illustration of this.  The surrender of the striker was unconditional; are you content to let  things remainn as they are, or will you  vote for a pause that will give you  justice?  Turning our attention to the two old  parties, the candidates for the Conservative party have been telling you  that they are the only friends of labor.  It is the same old cry that has been going up, through all the ages, in every  country. They claim that the Conservative party built up the couatry,  but no one party can lay claim to that.  They claim that the protective tariff  has done much good for the country  and that it has for its object the protection of all alike, rich and poor, but  capital has reaped the sole benefit from  it; they have encouraged immigration  of Japanese labor and have gradually  reduced wages till now wages can go  no lower. If we -had never had a protective tariff we would have been bet  ter off today. Wages have been pulled  down to the same level with the cheap  labor that has been brought in. They  constructed the C. P. R. and built up  the western country and then handed  the country over to the C. P. R. They  gave the C. P. R. $25,000,000 in cash  and large tracts of land which is free  from taxation in perpetuity. They  have also paid them $10,000,000 to ��� relinquish rights over suutting out competing roads. No party should want  to take credit for such financeering.  The Conservatives imported 8,000  Chinamen to work on the C. P. R. and  t'.ien turned them loose on the community.. They drove whitemen out of  sawmills and the canning factories  and now even here in the interior we  are troubled with them. In Vancouver  I tried to obtain employment in /the  sawmill and was offered $30 a month,  I realized.I could not. live on this so I  had to come out here to work in a mine.  This evil will continue until the government takes steps to stop it. Cheap  labor from China and Japan will drive  you east over the Rockies where you  will meet coming westward a flood of  cheap immigrants from Europe. In  order to check this we must have recourse to legislation and labor and  business should'combine to do so.' The  business man is as vitally interested  as the laboring man. Cheap labor  means less profits for the business  man. We have been fighting for years  to have this matter remedied. Promises  have been made before election and  broken after. We demand a stop be  put quickly to this importation of cheap  labor into the country which is robbing  us of our birthright. The Conservative party occupies the position of, a  dead man and I hate to back-bite it.  They filled the senate with a lot of old  moss-backs who have resolved to oppose the great claims of labor. They  pronounce the ; sentence of damnation  on aqy measure to passed for the benefit of the workingman, but they are  dead and I don'tf.el justified in spending" more time on them.  Some accuse -me of having been  brought out by T. Mayn Daly for the  purpose of splitting the Liberal vote.  There is absolutely no truth in the  statement. All, the labor legislation  the Liberals have put through was  simply for the purpose of catching  votes. Mr, Foley then at length told  how useless tho alien labor law was in  the^ Slocan strike and also inrthe Fraser  river strike."  With reference to the Chinese question, Mr. Laurier pledged himself that  he would be guided by the representatives from British Columbia. They  insisted on *e $500 tax.but. the tax was  only increased $50 per head. Laurier  said he interviewed Mr. Chamberlain  who suggested that the Natal act be  applied, but Laurier said he was afraid  that preachers and Conservatives  would defeat it; that was his way of  evading the issue.  The,charter:for the Kettle.River Valley railroad was disallowed by the  goyernme.nt; that was not a .friendly  act toward the people of this district  and shows what power the C. P. R. has  over the government. 'On the Crow's  Nest Jrjass railway some of the worst  crimes were committed": against the  workingmen. It was proved that some  of the C P. Ry officials were criminals  and should how be serving long terms  in the penitentiary, but the resignation  of one"official was all that took place.  We advocate the public ownership of  all important industries, such as railways, canals, telegraphs *and telephones. In Germany it pays and we  have ah instance of it in our Intercolonial/-' Mr. Blair says if we don't  own the railways the railways will  soon own us. Another thing we would  urge against, is allowiug individuals  to take up large tracts of land and hold  them without improving. Mr. Price  Ellison in Okanagan owns a tract of  fertile land 60 miles long-by six miles  wide which, if properly used, would  support 15,000 people. On land wbrth  a million dollars, he pays $1,200 a  year taxes. The government of Australia has solved this problem by buying up large farms, and. putting every  acre to practical use. -A railway company can force you to sell your land at  a fair valuation if their line crosses it*  therefore we ought to force these men  to give up the land they dont't utilize.  (Applause.)  Mr. Foley closed with an appeal to  the electors and was followed by James  Wilkes who delivered an eloquent address. There were no other speakers  and the meeting came to a close.  GENUINE PATRIOTISM.  Ladies of Canada:  While statesmen and politicians  argue the Zollverein and differential  trade within the Empire (which they  will do while jaw displaces common  sense), settle this matter for yourselves. i!  Your brother colonists of Ceylon and  India are growers of pure teas, black  and green. Canadian and United  States importeis supply you with 11,-  000,000 pounds annually of Japan teas,  yet they know Japans are arlifically  colored and adulterated. Let the knowledge of these facts and the sentiment  of patriotic sisterhood- move, you to  help the British planter.  British-grown black teas hold the  Canadian market. Drinkers of Japan  tea should try the greens now coming  on the market, and your dainty palates will approve them. Yes, we hear  your grocer's ' excuses; but insist.  Ladies can always get what they want.  Remember how;.you ran your husband  to���well, do they;still think it paradise?  They, certainly rwill if you give them  Ceylon and India green tea. Blue  Ribbon, Monsoon and Salada 'packets  are now obtainable.���Colonist.  SIR CHARLES  TUPPER  Conservatiue Leader Makes  a Political Speech.  DENOUNCES THE LAURIER  Government-Preferential Trade Champion on the, Platform ��� Hon. T.  Mayne Daly Describes the Sins of  Laurier and His Party.  Time does hot appear to deal harshly  with Sir Charles Tupper, Bart. He is  as sprightly and vigorous as ever and  his imagination is as vivid as it was in  the days when he earned the title of  "The Great Stretcher." No one who  knew him not would realize that the  gentleman who used strongest adjectives to hurl at his opponents had  passed his four-score years and had  announced his retirement from political life.'  Sir Charles and his party came in  by Tuesday's train and registered at  the Armstrong. The same evening he  addressed a well attended.meeting at  the Auditorium. Seated with Chairman' James Kerr, J. P., on the platform were H. C. Shaw, Hon. T- Mayne  Daly, of Rossland, and' Joh n Lcrvvles,  ex-M.P. for the constituency of Hag-  gerston, London, Eng. - -  The first speaker was Hon.T. Mayne  Daly who is a good stump speaker. He  referred, to the fact that he was in  Greenwood exactly four years ago and  congratulated his audience on the  rapid strides made since then. Branching into ^politics he paid a glowing  tribute to his venerable leader, Sir  Charles Tupper. He regretfully  pointed out that the Liberals were in  power for another five years; that the  Conservatives Were in bad shape in",  this constituency owing to the retirement- of: Mr. McNeill, but with John  McKane as their standard bearer they  were not discouraged. He suggested  that as the government had an overwhelming majority, they should send  aa opposition man from this constituency. He then got after the French  Canadians for giving Sir Wilfrid such  a big majority and under the circumstances, it would be in the interests ,of  this, Dominion that every other province should send strong opposition so  that they might restrain Tarte who  was at the helm and iwis backed by  his friends from Quebec. Mr. Daly  asserted that the annual expenditure  by _ the. Liberals was $53,000,000. Sir-  Charles Tupper in his speech accused  the Liberals of having increased the  annual expenditure $11,000,000 which  added to $38,000,000 would fall four  millions short of Mr. Daly's estimate.  Mr. Daly maintained that the policy of  protection had built up this country,  had made it great, and that the Liberals had stolen this policy Holus Bolus-  "Would you support a party that  would act thus?. " he shouted. ,He  went- back, to the days prior to '78 to  attack the administration of Hon.  Alexander McKenzie and sneered at  his amphibious railway scheme. He  criticized Sir Wilfrid Laurier's imperial policy and stated that he got a.  great rebuff in the province of Ontario.  He did uot tell the audience that although the Conservatives have a majority of some 22 members in Ontario,  their popular majority is about 2,000  and this is made up in a populous center like Toronto, nor did he tell his  audience that the voice of the people  of Ontario is thwarted by a villainous  gerrymander foisted on them' by Mr.  Daly and his friends during their term  of office and up to the present maintained by a partizan senate whose  members were appointed by Mr. Daly  and his friends.  Mr. Daly concluded by an eloquent  reference to the sending of Canadian  volunteers to fight the battles of the  empire and who were sent despite Tarte  and his friends. In his patriotism he  rose to heights of eloquence, forgot his  bitter reference to the French Canadians and was fair enough to��.cknow-  ledge that they were just as loyal as we  are. Mr. Daly's eloquent peroration  was loudly cheered.  John Lowles was the next speaker.  He is a prominent member of the  United Empire -Trade League, and is  associated with Sir Charies Tupper in  the ownership of the Velvet mine,  Rossland. He is a strong supporter of  preferential trade. Mr. Lowles. is a  clever speaker but the cause which he  espouses must necessarily be weakened '  by the fact that one of its strongest  champions dragged it through the mire  of party politics in Canada and turned  himself into an advocate of the lost  cause of Sir Charles Tupper. Mr.  Lowles'  reference to the good feeling  (Cone-tided on Page Four.) -4.  v-  November 29,  I960.  THE GREENWOOD W��#SV TIMES.  I have added to the equipment of my dental office an  apparatus for the administration of  Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen  for dental operations. This  is the latest, safest and best  .method for the painless extraction of teeth "or removal  of the pulp���destroying the  nerve.  Galliher was one of the first to sign  petitions asking that it remain on the  statute books. Mr. McKane has failed  to make out a case against Mr. Galliher, but has succeeded in calling at-  | tention to his own attitude on  eight-hour law.  FOUR YEARS AGO.  EDITORIAL NOTES.  the  Dr. R. Mathison  Both 'Phones.    Greenwood.  iUeekiy Citnes*  PUBLISHED BY  The Greenwood Times Printing"and Publishing  Company, Limited.  Duncan Ross .......Editor.  THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 1000.  THE MAN FRIDAY.  Ever since Robinson Crusoe made  his memorable discovery there have  been innumerable handy men who  came and went without the advantage  of having an able chronicler like Daniel  Defoe. John H. McKane is an ideal  Man Friday. Good natured and enthusiastic, he is always ready to step  in the breach, where wiser and more  cautious men refuse to go. It was he  who took up the cudgels in defense of  the Turner government when there-  were hone other to do them honor and  it is he who becomes the Conservative'  standard bearer when the more cautious  McNeill declines to waste no time on a  losing fight.  But Mr. McKa'ne appears to serve a  double purpose in this campaign. He  is not only the champion of those Conservatives who believe in making a  fight at all times and under all circumstances, but he is also endeavoring  to help Mr. Chris' Foley. The reasons  for this is not hard to see. Mr. Foley  is backed up by the laboring men because he is the'stalwart champion of  labor. The people of Rossland are  filled with a 'selfish local patriotism  that is a good thing for Rossland.  Would there was ; more of it in other  towns. The people of Rossland want  the representative for Yale-Cariboo to  be a Rossland man. If Mr. McKane  cannot be elected himself, he can at  least help Mr. Foley, the other Rossland man. He can stay in the field  and secure the votes of those Conservatives who in the absence of a Conservative candidate would rather vote  -for. a Liberal_than-_a=Labor.candidate  and at the same time he can attempt  to injure the Liberal candidate, Mr.  Galliher. With the latter object in  view, Mr. McKane has undertaken to  prove that Mr. Galliher was once an  opponent of the eight-hour law. Even  admitting that his contention be correct, Mr. Galliher at least would have  the distinction of being in the good  and jolly .company of Mr. McKane  since he was always a strong opponent  ef the eight-hour law. By making the  charge Mr. McKane could scarcely  hope to make votes for himself, although he might succeed in helping  the other Roisland candidate, Mr.  Foley.  Now as to Mr. Galliher's position on  the eight-hour law.' After much search  Mr. McKane has succeeded in linear th-  'ing a petition to the government to  which he alleges that W. A. Galliher's  name is attached. But it so happens  that there ie not a word in this petition  against the principle of the eight-hour  law. It will be remembered that the  law was hurriedly place:l on the statute  books and the announcement of an  equally hurried enforcement created  considerable hard feelings in the mining districts, particularly Slocan.  Union miners, business men and professional men with a view to preventing if possible,the serious consequences  which afterwards resulted in the Slocan, petitioned the government aot to  repeal the law but to delay its enforcement for a short time until some satisfactory arrangement could be made between the mine owners and the miners.  If Mr. Galliher did sign this petition,  he did only what many a good union  man also did and what, if acted upon  by the government, would have prevented the year's stagnation in the  Slocan.  John McKane does not tell the electors that when he and others attacked  the principle of the eight-hour law  and   demanded   its   repeal,   that   Mr.  Greenwood has grown in four years  A reference to the files of the Bonn-,  dary Creek Times will show this. The  front page of the issue of four years  ago is devoted to a "write up" of Rendell & Co. Accompanying the article  is a cut of their old building on Govern-,  meal street. Today the same firm ars  doing business in a handsome three-  story block on Copper street. The old  building has been enlarged and today  contains two stores, a flat of furnished  rooms and a public hall. On the second  page are mining notes, among them  one announcing that Thos. Walsh is  doing assessment work on the Black  Rock on Hardy mountain. Today Mr.  Walsh is a business man in Greenwood. Another item tells of some high  assays E. A. Bielenberg secured from  the Anaconda. Mr. Bielenberg sold  the Anaconda and has made some big  mining deals since that time.  Four years ago the announcement  was made that Mr. Thos. Miller, a  gentleman from New Zealand, was so  favorably impressed with the cpwntry  that he decided to remain here,  Mr. Wood set apart five acres for a  cemetery but the town grew so rapidly  that the council had to acquire a larger  area of land "farther out for cemetery  purposes.  There were disappointments four  years ago. The announcement was  niade : that a Milwaukee, syndicate  would build a smelter at Midway, but  the smelter never came.  Anaconda was a place of considerable importance four years ago. Today it is a suburb of the larger city,  Greenwood: The Anaconda Commercial club was organized four years  ago. Thos. Hardy, the mayor of  Greenwood, was its president,' and W>  M. Law, "now one of Greenwood's leading merchants, was vice president.  The first funeral in Greenwood took  place four years ago. The deceased  was Geo. Taylor, a native of England.  His remains were interred in' the  Greenwood cemetery and last summer  they were removed to the new cemetery  at Hall's ranch.  The Times announced the appointment of Mr. McMynn as registrar of  the county court at' Midway. Today  Mr. McMynn is talso registrar of the:  Supreme court and the offices have  been removed . to *, the ; commercial  metropolis ���Greenwood.  Four years ago the charter for the  Columbia Telephone company was  secured. It was never used until about  a year ago when Davey & Donald built  the line.   *  The Oddfellows lodge was instituted four years ago. Today the Masons, Knights of Pithias and Foresters  have lodges in the city.  The stage lines ���; between Greenwood  and Marcus and Greenwood and Penticton advertised in the Times four  years ago. Today the space is taken  up by the Canadian Pacific Railway  company announcing the time of ar  rival and departure of daily trains too  and from Greenwood.  The nearest minister too Greenwood  four-years ago was Rev.-T;:Paton,of  Grand Prairie. Today all the denominations are represented 'a the city.  There was no banks in Greenwood  four years ago.   Today there are three.  The Boundary Creek- Mining and  Commercial association was organized  four years ago. Today Greenwood has  ah incorporated Board of Trade.  The development of the city has  been remarkable. Any one who feels  blue should come and read the Times  of four years ago. They will then  realize the rapid strides Green wood has  made.  AFTER' listening to Mr. Chris. Foley  for two hours, one is forced to the conclusion that the mantle of Nicholas  Flood Darvin has fallen on: worthy  soldiers. Mr. Davin went down with  other Conservative spell-binders, but  in the event of Mr. Foley's election,  the House of Commons will have at  least one talking machine from the  wild and woolly west.  In the absence of food for criticism,  Mr. Foley and other campaigners continue to assert that the Laurier government has disallowed the Kettle  River Railway act. The Laurier  government has not disallowed the ac  and has no intention of doing so.  THE  BANK   OF  Established ia 1836.  Incorporated by Royal Charter.  Paid-up Capital $4,866,666  Reserve Fund $1,581,666  London Office:  3 Clement's Lare, Lombard Street, E. C  ^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmn^  A.A. Crowston's stores, Government  street, for groceries, provisions, produce. Headquarters for green fruits  tf  Sixty-five dollars will buy a good pipe  tone organ.    Greenwood Music Store.  For   Sale���First-class   cook   stove  dishes, carpet, etc.    Apply at Watson's  cigar store. Copperstreet.  GREAT LUCK OF AN EDITOR  "For-two years all efforts to cure  Eczema in the palms of my hands  failed," wiites Editor H. N. Lester, of  Syracuse, Kan., "then I was wholly  cured by Bucklen's Arnica Salve." Its  the world's best for eruptions, sores  and all skin diseases. Only 25c at  Miller Bros.' drug store.  For Sale���Household furniture, including two bed-room sets, carpets, etc.  Apply Greenwood Steam Laundry.  TO THE  DEAF.  . A rich lady cured of her deafness  and noises in the head by Dr. Nicholson's artificial ear drums, gave $10,000  to his institute, so that deaf people  unable to procure the ear drums may  have them free. . Address No. 14520C,  The Nicholson Institute, 780 Eighth  .Avenue, New York, U. S. A.  MUSIC LESSONS  Miss Flesher is prepared to take  pupils in piano or organ instructions  after the 1st of October. Apply at the  .home of Mrs. C. _3_), Shaw.  'Court of Directors.:.  J. H. Brodle, John James Carter. Gaspard  Farrer, Richard H. Glyn, Henrv I. R.-Farrer,  Ed.-Arthur Hoare, H. J. B. Kendall, J. J. Kings-  ford, Fred Lubbock, Georg-e D. Whatman.  Secretary, A. G. *Wa"l'a.  Pead office in Canada: St. Jaraea nt., Montreal  H. Stlkeman, general manager.  J. 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The development on  Nos. 1 and 2, up to date, has not been  very satisfactory; that on No. 3, which  is-the largebt vein on the property, his  been very satisfactory to myself as  well as to the directors of the mine.  There has been about 300 feet of drifting oa this vein, and thc last 100 feet  has.added very materially t�� the-value  i)lt: the property.. Two . hundred feet  east of * the main shaft, which, by the  Way, is 160 feet in depth, a crosscut |  has been made on. the vein which  shows 40 feet of ore, 15 feet of which  will go $8 to the ton. We are how  opening up stopes on this vein, and  After lying dormant'"for"'nearly ai ] ui-tifsutlTtime as the raises are made  year,  the properties of the Domini6nvj I   am'not able definitely to state the  WILL   RESUME   WORK  A Million Dollar Deal ���Mew York  Capital BebirKj Mr. Breen ���Report:  * on tbe Morrison Mine ��� Mining  Notes.  . _ _  i-*  ��� i <  - Copper company are to be developed  on a large scale. James Breen,-the  well known mining and smelting man,  is now in control, and as he .is. oiia of  the most successful mining men in the  country, there Is every assurance that  the promising- properties of the company will be exploited in a manner that  will not ouly bring large dividends to  - - the shareholders of the company, but  will also contribute, to no small extent, in making the Boundary one of  the greatest mining districts in the  world. Mr. Breen did not take��Hold of  the Dominion Copper company without carefully investigating the, prbp-  , "erties w,hich;they own.   He visited-the  * Boundary * last summer and spent  several days examining the property.  When he went out. he said nothing  about' the' Stemwinder, Brooklyn or  Rawhide, but be used the most flatter-  Zing terms in describing the adjoining  properties owned by the Msner-Gravas  syndicate. A well known Butte smelter  man was in the district a few  months  , * ago.   He    announced   that   he    was  ,. simply   taking   a holiday and had no  particular object in coming to the dis-  , trictr but as he is closely, identified  ;   with Mrl Breen, in all 5probability tne  * deal "*witlf Itfle {Dominioxi Copper eom-  ��� - pany* was- *in* vi��_"w when heraade. tlt^  ���= '��� <- .li      **��� _    . "-/    ��     --  ^vtsit. ���*��  Mr.  Breen's control of the company!  insures another smelter in'the district.  He is too good a smelter man himself  to  allow the profit to go to another  concern and it is safe to presume that  as soon as development warrants, thc  ... company'will begin 4hc erection *t a  ~ smelter.   The plans' of the company  with .reference to the location,of'the  smelter will not likely be changed'by  Mr.  Breen. * They  had decided upon  .Boundary  creek to secure, thsadvan-  "* -**t-tgfe oi a short haul for their ores and  ** as Mr. Bresn appreciates thc importance of  this  advantage, the smelter  will be built n��ar Greenwood".  The   first inkling of the d��al with  Mr. Breen and the commencement of,  work  on the properties was received  from. J. E. Boss who arrived ia tha  city' last week.. This was confirmed  by     the     arrival    on     Friday    of  E.       R.      Wood,     Senator     Cox's  confidential"   agent    and    secretary-  - treasurer of the Dominion Copper company.   In company with W. T. Smith  and J.'E. Boss'he went up   to  the.  properties on' Friday - "and  returned  Saturday.  ~ 7 - Behind Mr_ Breen in-the i_.det-_a_-.ng  7 areseveral New York capitalists." T-he  ^ terms;of "the arrangentent 'by wliich  they  secure control of th* Dominion  Copper company is not announced but  it is understood, they put up one million dollars to develop the properties.'  The principal properties owned-by  the Dominion Copper company 'are the  Stemwinder, Brooklyn "and ^Rawhide.  They also own the' Emma and other  claims in Summit camp and claims in  .different  camps in the district.   Before acquitting   the  properties J,   B.  Boss, representing MacKensie A; Mann*  and others, purchased the interests of  Farrell  &  Andgerin  of the, Parrott  Smelting company, in tke mines and  did  considerable  development* work,  .Others  interested  in  thcT properties  were W.T. Smith, of Greenwood,-and  E.   J.    Roberts,   of   Spokane,    and  Mayor Rumbcrgerlof-Phoenix;* Thiejr  .' hold   a large amount of stock in the  Dominion Copper company. Ty  When this company was organlieVl  by MacKenzie & Mann, Senator Cox,  Rabert Jaffray aud other eastern mil*  lion aires, it was : expected a large  amount of .work would be done, but  their large railway ente. prises engrossed the attention ef the principals  and no work was done for nearly ar  year. This will now .of course bs  changed since practical mining men  areln control. Mr. Breen requires no  introduction, to. those acquainted with  the hwtbry of "northwest mining.. He  was superintendent of the Trail snaeltea.  foiljseveral years. He built and was  part owner of the Northport smalter  but he recently sold his interest' to' the  B. A. C. He is one of tbe best smelter  builders and operators in the country 1  FredlH. Oliver, saanaging-directoff  of the -Morrison Mines, limited, arrived from Spokane a few days ag*o<  Mr. Morrison recently issued the fol��  lowing statement to the sbarehoWera:  amount of or�� we can ship per day  However, if the ore body we now have  on the lower level goes to the, surface  without breaking badly the amount of  ore that we can ship per day is limited  only by 'the amount of men we may  employ in stoping. When it is understood that a rate of $4.50. for freigh't  and treatment has been offered us, it  is readily seen that there is plenty of  profit in this ' body of ore to the company; and I have reason to believe upon the completion of the two smelters  now under "cons|ruction ou Boundary  creek; one three and the other 'five  miles from us, that we will get a rate  even better'than this. It is my belief  that before the pyritic or custom  bmelter can operate their plant they  must have our ore, in fact, they'have  promised < us a premiuun. on five and  six dollar ore. By tliis I mean they  will pay Ins a royalty over and above  thc cost of mining on this grade of or_  I hope in the near future to bf able to  make a report te the stockholders to  the effect that we'are skipping so many  thousands tons, of ore a ntonth, and  that' it is netting rio much money to  the campatny. ThU-report will be clear  to jail, wHether they are miniug or  business men, and provided'the smelt-  ^rvstart __s anticipated shbuld'be'made  about Jan. I', 1901." '/ "     -  Wm. Price.��� president of the Stand  ard Copper company and president of  the Standard Pyritic Smelting com*  panjr.-and hla brother, H.' E. Price,  bbtti of Quebec "city, arrived by ifon-  day's train to spend a week in thc-district. They were shown the mining  prppeJties of the company and the  smelter by,Andrew Laidlaw, the managing "director. -Mr." Price*"-is well  satisfied with' the mines .and "the  smeltery-He is so encouraged by'the  showing on the Marguerite, that a  plant has been decided upon. It will  have the capacity necessary to sink to  the 400-foot level. Recently a splendid showing of magnitite andchai-  copyrite has been exposed in the east  drift at the.lOO^oot level "on the Marguerite. The drift .has been continued  through the ledge'for a distance of 25  feet aVd no-wall has been encountered'.  The' entire face of the drift is iq ore  that assays v$4 in gold and from 4 to  10 per c<.nt'coppen  "The firm of Massam A Laidlaw liave  aim  FOR  \ We have paid special attention'  to'* the. construction bf-Pumping   Machinery    for '"'duty, my  -Mines;    our  unsurpassed facilities    and     imroved !.- methods;'  have .given, our Pumps' i.'--Do?y.  itaiiiion   wide reputation.   They:.  7��re;-.fully  guaranteed; -Our de-;  | (sijjna include '-all'- tyfiea of ;the -  ordjnary Piston Eatteni7Minii_gy  Pump, Solid Cylinder single and  Duplex Patterns, outside packed  Duplex Plunger Patterns  with,.|  Pot valves; ?lso Vertical Sinking Pninps, both piston and out-  eidfe packed double Plunger pat-  terns*    Mine     snj>erintendents  andfthose interested in Machinery would consult their] interests!-'  by sending   for catalogue   and  quotations before installing their  plarits7-   ��� .-. ���'-. ������.������"_  . ..We are .# xperu ta the M&aaf4Clure.��f.  fuwapttot S$c��tsi Duties. Puasssciuat--:-  tt. to .Ooaereeifd A|r.-PiimM.for Bsd  Mlae Water, stsitoa Pants, etc., etc.  TORONTO,   CANADA^  :.<>"��� .-' ^unliffe & Ablett,���v  .AeCNTS AT ROSSLAND.  .  ,.���". 6eb. A. Walkem,  AfrENtS AT, YANCOOVCR.  - 7_-  WM. SMITH,  PO. Bo* 166, atreut'at Greenwood:' B. C.  taken ai.n interest iii '.the townsite of  Beaverton, on the West Fork. - They  have also in conjunction with F. J.  Finucane, Adolp,he Fisher and W. T.  Smith bonded .tlie Bounty mineral  claim from J. P. .McLeod and Sidney  M. Johnson. The Bounty is about one  mile from Beaverton. Ithasaladge  32 nches wide from which assays  showing 600 ounces of silver have been  secured.  W. A. Corbett. one of the pioneers bf  the..district, was in the city last-week  pii his way to Republic where he will  ���spend* the -winter. Mr. ~Corb-*tt" recently completed the-assessment work  on the. Sun_mit'!claim, owned by. hiiti.  There are two.tunnels on the prop-  ertyj' one 30 feet.and the"other.15 feet,  in .length. The ledge oh the surface  ;is only 80; feet wide and 'from the- re-  *> ��� ���'! ' *    . .       ���'���      :������   ���  cent;*-.workings;.'some rich looking copper gold ore was taken.  . The "Mother Lode can now be very.  Rroperly placed among the list of  stead shippers in the Boundary. Last  Friday 300 tons of ore wete sent down  from the mine to the smelter aiid since  then an average of nearly 100 tons 'a  day has been maintained. This will  be continued until the smelter is blown  in when , the daily shipments will be  largety increased.  N^TT. E is hercbv g-ivfen that .ippli. ation w ill  be made to the X, "-islative Ahsembl) of  the Province of British. Columbia at its next  __ss.on for a private bill lo incorporate a company to build, equip, .inainlaiu and operate a  line or lines of railwaj of ������taiidaid \!M\xta fioui  a point at or near the junction of the Cold  Water and Nicola Rivers, thence', following Mie  Cold Water River up stream about 22 miles,  ihence running-easterly tluoupli a natural pass  .from the Cold "Water River to.tlie divide to the  west fork of. the Otter River, tlience down the  invest fork of the Oiler river to the main j-> >���  .hence following the Otlei n.ei to its in ction  "pvith the**luUanieuii >i\er to Oltei l- Lit, tli-m-c  following tlie Tullameen merdoun stream to  Its junction with the -iinnlKameen ruer .it oi  .near Priuceton'or as an alternative route.from  -the said .'unction of the Cold Wa'er and N"icol->  'Rivers following- thevalley of the Nicola river  "<o Nicola lake, thence along- the south shore of  ;*he said Kicola I<ake to Quilchena creek tlience  /following-the vajley of the Quilchcua creek to  the divide of One Mile or; Graveyard creek,  thence down the valley of One Mile or Gi.ue-  ��yard creek to Princeton at the junction of lhe  !_Tullaracen and Simllkamoen riveis aforesaid.  Whence from Princeton follow ihr- dou n tlie . al-  .ley of the said Sinillkaiuceu n\er lo a point  .west of Osoyoos X<ake, thence in .in easterly,|  direction to the Osoyoos ri\er, crossing- the said'  river above Osoyoos Lake or atotlier convenient points, thence in au. easterly direction, to*  the divide of Rock cceek, thence down one of  ,the tributaries of the'Kettle n\er to the valley  ,Of the Kettle^river, thenye follow iiiff the Kettle  river down stream to the town of Midnaj ,th��encc  from the said town of Midway alontf the \alley  of the BouiMary creek fo tbe'City ofGiecn-  wood and from the baid, City of'Greenwood m  a southeasterly direction to the City of Grand  'Forks with power to construct, operate and  maintain branch lines to -Aspen Grove Camp to  the Tullameen River camps" and-to^ Copper and  tCennedy Mountains and other points and with  power to construct'operate and maintain all  necessary bridges, roads, wtiys and ferries and  to.-construct, acquire,- own- and -maintain  wharves and docks,iii'cohnection therewith and  to construct, own, acquire, equip and maintain  steam and other vessels and boats and operate  the same on any navigable waters and 'to construct, operate and maintain telegraph and  telephone lines along- the routes of said railway  and its branches or ih connection therewith'and  to transmit messages for commercial purposes  and to Collect tolls therefor and to generate  electricity and supply light, heat aud power  and to acquire and receUe from any government, corporation or persons grants of laud,  money, bonuses, privileges or'other assistance  in aid of the construction of the company's  undertaking: and to-connect with and enter into  traffic or other arrangements 'with railway,  steamboat or other companies and for all i ijjhts,  powers and privileges necessaay in or incidental  ta. the premises and for other purposes.  Dated at Vancouver, B. C, this 10th day of  "STovember, 1900.    -  WILSON  & SENKLER,  __ .    - Solicitors toe the Applicants.  COMPANIES'. ACT, 1897.1  Morrison Mines, Limited (Non-Personal Liability).       7  *;Take notice that the shares in'the Morrison  Mines, Limited, (Non-Personal Liability) hereinafter described, have been declared in default  and will be sold at public auction to the highest  bidder for cash, at the office of the said company, Rendell building-. Copper street, Grcei^  wood,B.C.,oii Saturday,the 22nd day of December,' A; D., 1900, at the honr.of. fo'iici'o'clock  in the afternoon, to satisfy assessments .which  have been made thereou and are: in default for  a period exceeding* sixty days after notice aud  demand of payment of such assessments.  No. o  , Certi ficaf  No. of  Amount of. As  te.  Shares.  sessment  Due  "and Unpaid.  49  l,ooo  S4 0C  50  2,ooo  8 00  51  2/oo  8 00  52  5oo  20 00  - k    84  5,ooo  5 00  -'     201  4,ooo  40 00  -   202  ' 5,ooo  50 00  "'     203  5,ooo  50 do  204  5,ooo  50 00  s   \<MS  5,oob  50 OO  206  5,ooo  50 00  207  5,(KH.  50 00  754  1,000  10 OU  755  ;. .  -,l,��iOo ..  10 i>o  756        ,  '."''���''.';1,OOU .  10 00  757  Vt,ooo  lo 00  -       ��� -758  ���'*l,ooo  10 00  '������       . 759  l.ooo  10 00  760  l,ouo  10 00  ���,,,.761  -."- 762*  1,000      .-,'  10*1X1  l,ooo"    "  '������    10 (X)  763  1,000  10 ou  '*    229  50O ���':'  3 50 -.  269  5oo  ' 1 00  292  l,ooo  2 00  233  lO.ooo ������  .--���   20 00  234  5,ooo  *   :  10 00  338  ;.      500  3 50   -  339  '���  5oo  350  340  5oo.  3 50  .341    '  ��� 5oo  3 50  342      '  5oo  3 50  3��  5oo  3 50  . 344.  5oo  3 50  ���-34S--..  ....-    5oo  3 50  ''���f    346 ���,.,'���  5oo  3 SO  347    ������'--  Soo  3 SO  3S3  3.ooo  12 00  356       -.  5oo  . S 250  357  5oo  3 50  401  5oo  .,     il 00  414  5oo  3 50  ��� 420  l.ooo  2 00  534  5oo  '     10 00,  680  2,ooo    .  3 50  b)0  .     ' 5oo  - 1 Ox)  694  l,ooo  -,    100.  695  ��� 5oo     ���  1 .   4 00  728  2.ooo  14 00  711  2,ooo  2 0-.)  733  l,ooo  4 00'  .   ,'i   734  1,000  4 00  * -.*���  -735  l.ooo  4 00  ��� ',       736       .  l.ooo  4 00  : ' su  494  346  815  750  7 50:.  820  5oo "  2 00  _-. 816  5,ooo  50 00  , ���,  ���   817  5,coo  SO 00  "     . 818  3,ooo  3000     ���  Dated this 19th day of November, A. D;, 1900  "'���';��������� . A. F.OLIVER,  u\. ':',      Secretary, Mot risen Mines, Limited.    I V_lUCe.  !eA����^��e0. e^��s^��e^-.*J����^����^i e^. e^t c^�� ^�� e^t ��^> t^p e^�� e^�� i^�� ��*|-�� ��^�� ��^�� ^*����0�� ������ e����e^�� e^�� ��^> ��|j. f^. ffy. t$px _^*^'*^_ ^  ���Ji.,  ���4��  JENCKES MACHINE C��<  4  %��(*ftii.i>J!._s.)!��iini.^��t*  9  I in stock $ Hoisting Plants, Stamp Mills, Concentrators,  Chain Blocks,  I ROSSLAND I BucketS( Gars, Rope, Sinking and Station Pumps.  % Warehouse, f Boilers, Receivers, Etc,  .9  9  #9*****9***9  GANABIAM RAN�� BRILL C<  r��  Compressors and Rand Rock Drills, in which the highest degree of Perfection has  been attained,  R. P. WILLIAMS,  GREENWOOD.   B.C.  F. RJ MENDENHALL,  ROSS LAIS D,   B.C  A -JL JL ��^> ��S_ ��^* *J�� *J�� ��J* *f* ��-f*'��^* *%��� *fy ��J* ��f*'*f* *-$���*��* *%* *f�� *"$" *f-" "-"(7- "-f* "^ ���-**- *-?�� "���f'  ���*?��  4  -i.-  smwwwwwww^^^^^  MONTREAL, QUEBEC,-  MANUFACTURERS OF .  -**  BOILERS, HOISTS, PUMPS, Etc.  :Agents For Tlie Bullock Diamond Drills.:  . ,    - - *.   ���  MMM-M-*MMi  ft H. e* ilSenallVt Kossland, B7 ery  ROCK DRILLS, STRAIGHT LINE g  DUPLEX and CORLISS AIR COM- 3  PRESSORS . . . . '^  ���*  'COMPLETE MINIS EQUIPMENTS ^  OF ALL KINDS.                   ' ^3  STOCK CAI-RIIiD IN KOSSLAN1V __2  f)* ft KirkpatricU, Grzznvo&od* B. U. _2  7i^i*ii^u^^^  'jllx.  PETER GENELLE, PRES. J. OENELLE, VlCE-PRES.  POUPORE,  SECRETARY.  .L  LIMITED.  C.  Gcuei-;il pflice.  ..   Greenwood, B.  -__->.' -"   '  ' -  Telephones :"  Columbia No.  --.oui'idao- Creole No.  Veriien & Nelson*  No.' 20.  &&'  %%  ���-3V53  W  'rixffrr  Our Yurds and- Mills are  located.is.fol]ovt> .  Greenwood, Phoenix, Dead-  wood City,Eholt No. i, EIiolNo.  2, Loiif.r Lake, Koclv CrteU, SK^ -  laik Camp, N..l_usp, _"ob_oii,  Ymir aiid Rosslaud.  We. Arc Manufacturers  of afl Kinds of : : : : :  ill i Dressed Hi.  H  .m-  ���m  s.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate   of Improvements.  "LITTLE BUFFALO'! Mineral Claim situate  iu the Kettle River Mining- Division of  Yale District. VVliere located : In Dead-,  wood Camp," adjoining the Oregon Mineral  Claim: ^  TAKE NOTICE that I, Arthur M ���Whiteside,'  as agent for Fred IT. Oluer, Free Miners'  Certificate No. B29505; and J. S. .C.'."Fraser,  Free Miner's Certificate No. '132.234, intend,  sixtj aa\sfrom the date heieof, to apply to the  Mining Recorder for a Certi ficate. of Improve*,  nients, for the piiroose of obtaining a Crown  Grantof the above claim.  And further, take notice that action, nnder  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements'.  ARTHUR M., WHITESIDE./  Dated,this 10th day of September, WOO.  MINERAL, ACT, 1896.    ,  Certificate of Improvement-  NOTICE.  HONALULU mineral  claim,   situate   iu   the  Kettle Ri-ver Mining Division of  Yale District.,  Where.located :    In Copper camp.  TAKE   NOTICE   that   I,   C. _=E.  Shaw as  agent for J.ime*i   R     McM.icl.soii, Free  Miner's Certificate No. i.13 5_  and William LI.  McMackson, Free Miners Certilicate No. B13593  intend; sixtj days fiuni date nercof, to apply to  the Mining Recorder for a CertificatevOf Im  pros emeu it, for  tlic   purpose   of  obtaining  a  Crown Grant of the abo\e claim; -^-.^_______-  And  further take notice that action  under  Section 37 must be commenced  before the issuance of sucli Certificate of .I'm provements.-  Dated the'20th day of November, 1899.  192 .   : ���'  C. JE. SHAW.  NOTICE   OF   FORFEITURE.  To C. A.Pelerson.lateof Eholt Creel, in Yale  distuct  ���Sir: You.arc hereby notified tlint we have  expended $100 lu labor and improvements upon  the "Silent Friend" Mineral Claim, situate in  Long Lake camp, 'formerly Cold Drop Camp,  in the Kettle River Mining Division of Yale  District iu British Columbia, as will appear by  a Certificateof Work recorded December 1st.  1899, in the ofliee of the Mining Recorder for the  said Kettle River Mining Division, in order to  hold said claim under the provisions of Section  24 of the Mineral Act, such being the amount  required to hold the said claim for the vear  endiug lOtli May, VlXk).  And-if at the expiration of ninety I'M.) days of  publication of this notice you fail or refuse to  contribute your proportion of the exp. liiliuiri'  required under said section 24, together with all  costs of advertising, vouriiitfiests in said claim  shall become vested in the subscribers [your co-  owners) under Section 4 of the -���"Mineral Acl  Amendment Act, l'llU  Dated at (.! reuuwdod,  H.  C, iIi'ik 9th dav of  November, 1900.  ��� ...- ' Thomas McDonnui.i..  '��� -- .' -- ' Sl>'l_NClil< ltl.Nl'KMAN,  JOSICIMI A. Fkank.  Uallett & .Shaw, Solicitors.  "~fcw<;^^_M^^��-_^_j*  Examination of Assayers for Licence  to Practice in British Columbia.  SIfflEHGUSE  Comfortable furnished rooms.  Private Board.' Home Cooking. Board and room from  S7 a week and upwards.  ��� ���  '���������������  Clarendon Hotel Block',  Greenwood, B^C.  For Pipes, Tobaccos and Cigars  Wholesale-and-Retail. -���^=���-l:  I .ROBT. JACOBS, Managed  C  mcDontiel! $ ��o;  VY*  iu  For the convenience eg our  friends and '-patrons ai a  distance who desire some/  thing gocidr for the holi^  days, we have issued a  special cataloguecvA pcfet  card brings it,  VICTORIA,  -13. C.  nmwi ��m+9'*t*>-9**oh9-4m>-*-**-9+Q>'m4��*t~i��-iQ>-��-tm>*9*m>-a,-ta  % P. Rithet & Co. 1  a  LIMITED. I  WHOLESALE   GROGERS \  AVHSE AND SPIRIT    j  ^MERCHANTS.      '   \  VICTORIA, B.  C.     |  **  ���<�����<����� 9<a+9M<**-%A avo ���<>��a--avo^����o-.at>-<-*8��*--i^  JAOOBS  UINTIMT illiliOD IW  riuuvuiiifiU 7-iiouiTUii'1 LiU.  GREENWOOD.  and Real Estate  Greenwood and Myers Creek,  NOTICE is herelvy t'iveii that, in accordance  with Section 12 of '���fJureau of Minos Act,"  a special examination for efficiency in the practice of assaying- will be held in the City of Nelson, on December 3rd. and such followiiifr days  as may be found necessary.  Details of such examination may be found in  the B. C. Gazette���on file in e;f_li government  office.  --Intending .candidates should make amplication for such examination 10 days iu advance  to the Provincial Assayer, Secretary  of Hoard  DAWSON   &   CRADDOCK  Citrars and Tobaccos.  Smokers' Sundries,  Comfortable Club Rooms.  Cowkk Stkekt, Two Dooks   Below  Kijndei.i. Corner.  Mineral Act 1896.  CERTIHCATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTICE.  I1URNS. I5URXS KR ACT I O.N AT., COPPEK  TRUST FRACTIONAL, SCR ANTON  OTIS PIRACTION and PIC-.ADILI.V  FRACTION Mineral Claim .situate in the  Kettle River Mining Division of Yale  District. Where located : Iu Deadwood  Cam i).  TAKE NOTICE  that  I,   E.  A. Kielenberg  l'ree Miner's Certilicate        No.  lui-lfffi, intend  sixty days    from  date   liereof to  apply lo the Mining Recorder for a  Certilicate  of Examiners, Victoria,   Such application to be : "^S'^ [S&X,!' "^'"^  accompanied with the fee of s>lo. .     Al���i   fUI-tiier take  notice  tliat action  under  .��� RICHARD Mcl'RIDE, I Section 37  mnst  be.. commenced  before the is-  Jlinister of Mines,     j suanci: of such Certificate of Improvements.  Department of Mines. j     Dated tliis^rd dav of June, A. D-, 1900.  Victoria, B.C., Stli November. 1900. ; "       E. A. _-IE__ENUER G  $2.  you.  you owe the Greenwood Times j'" . ,   ,   ,.'���     ,     , .  Your Subscription lable willtell I    Vc>   ��ot  overlook   the   sale of boys  Subscriptions   payable   in   afl.! clothing, and  reerer coats  at Rendell  I oc Co.'s  DON'T FORGET  The Annual Dinner  of tlie  St. Andrew's and  Caledonia Society  AT  Till:',  ��� ���D* v��  FRIDAY EVENING  November 30th.  ���*p'an' fn* yrr lion.st s  Great chieftain u" lln.'  Tin: u..i;-:j.  onsie face  pu.blin*   race.  Tickets .. S2.00  President,  Secretary,  Thos. Miller,  H. B, Munroe.  ___i_k I      .  X.  '    i-*  November 29, 1900.  GREENWOOD WEEKLY *_?IM#S  1    .. .A  DRUGGISTS AND  JEWELERS. .   .  QUALITY >  Richness, Style and dura- ��  biiity"these are the points ^  in our Jewelry that inter' !?  ests buyers; but even they  must depend on the hon/  esty and good judgment  of the dealer in the selection of the best qualities.  We are ready to refund |  the money for any article  not exactly as represented,  Copper Street  DRUGGISTS AND  JEWELERS.  .   .  Greenwood, Ii. C.  SIR CHARLES TUPPER  that exists between the mother country  and all points of the empire vrere  loudly applauded. He claimed that  the Britisher was willing* to discard  free trade and adopt protection in  order to secure preferential trade. He  thought Sir Charles should have been  returned to power and hoped the people here would elect a supporter of his.  The recepli m accorded Sir Charles by  his supporters was flattering-. He  thanked -them: for it and said that he  no lonyer appeared before them as a  leader of a great party but a defeated  candidate for the House of Commons,  as a private citizen. In this capacity  he cou'd speak more dispasionately  than he did when he addressed them a  year ago and as" an evidence of this he  told hi. audience that "you look in  vain for a single act of the Eyiberal  party during the nine years they have  been in power, that has contributed  one particle to the prosperity of Canada. He then went, back to confederaT  tion days and maintained that since  then every act that contributed to the  prosperity of this country was fathered  by the Conservatives. Had it not been  for the Conservatives there would be  no Greenwood, Rossland or Vancouver.  If the Liberals. had their way these  places would have absolutely no existence, there would be ' nothing but a  desert. The members of the present  government were always in open hos  tility, every Rogue of Queb ;c was in  open hostility to anything and everything- that was for the development of  this country. It was a gross insult to  the intelligence of the people of Canada to say that the liberal government  were in any way responsible for the  present prosperity. He challenged' the  Liberal government to point to one  single thing which they promised and  he would name the day and date when  that promise was by them trampled  under foot. In contradistinction to  this he defied any one to point out any  irregularity on his part in his 45 years  -of=--p tiblic-1 i f e.-^Sir^Charlesthen- prb-_  ceeded to intake charges which had no  foundation in fact, but which gave  him an opportunity to hurl his strong  denunciations against the Laurier  government. He hada word to say to  hia Independent Labor friends. The  Conservatives were always the friends  of labor. The building of the C. P. R.  was a good thing for labor*  A voice: "You guve them the country to build the road''-  Sir Charles: "That man is unacquainted with the history of his country." He then proceeded to show that  every cent giyen was necessary to  secure the completion of the road. The  C. P. R. were paying 314,000,000 a year  in wages alone. He then paid a compliment to the laboring men and closed  with au appeal to send John McKane  to Ottawa.  Cheers for the Queen and Sir Charles  brought thc meeting to a close.  cular letter of the provisional committee will be:  1. To obtain accurate and reliable  information of the development work  and the installation of machtnety in  each of tne mines or claims i" all  camps in Southern British Columbia  and to put it in an attractive form before mining investors in these large  financial centers.  2. To obtain weekly the shipments  of ore from each mine in these camps:  the estimated value, the smelter to'  which the sanie has been shipped,  vhether in Canada or the United States  or elsewhere; the tonnage that may be  milled or concentrated and values ; the  tonnage of concentrates shipped and  value, also the,tonnage treated by the  cyanide or other processess, and value.  3. This information will be tabulated  by the officers of the Chamber of Mines  and cabled through thc press agencies  to London, Berlin and Paris, and by  Associated and Canadian press dispatches to the daily papers of the  United States and Canada.  4. To publish such information .by a  series of letters from its secretary to  the leading financial and Smininf*.  papers iu the various centers of Great  Britain, -Stir-ope, United States and  Canada.  To bring to the notice of mining investors any new camps which may be  discovered, and also to aid in directing  the attention "of the public to camps  already established, but which have  been neglected.  6. To present to the transportation  companies operating in the district the  information thus obtained.  7. To promote tariff and other legislation which will be of advantage to  the mining and smelting industries of  the province and to aid the Dominion  and provincial governments in their  efforts to promote these interests.  HE WILL BUILD.  CHAMBER OF MINES.  Head Office: TORONTO.  Paid Hp ��� Capital" $6,000,000;  HON. G.'A. COX.  General Manager:   B. E WALKER.  AssLGcncral .Manager: J.'H, PLUMMER  Greenwood Branch  Drafts and    Money  Orders  sold payable at any Banking  point in the world.  y- Is The Best Hotel in The City.  -- -Every} MpderrryGo nv e ale ri'o.e.  Mr. J. W- Mellor Will Erect a Larze  Block in-Greenwood.     ������-,-',  The solid business men of the province have confidence in Greenwood.  J. "VV. Mellor, the well known Victoria  business man who lias branch stores  at Rossland and Greenwood, came^in  by Saturday's train and after looking  around was so satisfied with the prospects here, that he purchased from  Otto Dillei.the.lot adjoining the Banic  of B. N. A. He is also negotiating for  the purchase of Mr. Smith's lot alongside. He intends to erect a two-story  building- on the property, so that he  may . have larger premises for his  Greenwood "'.business. ��� ;Mr.'.':Mellor  started business in Greenwood at the  very dullest time in its history, but he  is so confident of its future that he decided to invest. The building will be  erected immediately.':As Mr..Mellor  is the largest dealer in plate glass in  the province, the building when completed will be a standing advertise  ment for this branch of his business.  Corporation of      7  THE CITY OF GREENWOOD,  MUNICIPAL VOTERS' LIST.  NOTICE' is-:hereby given that in  pursuance of Section 6, *of the Municipal Elections' Act, any householder desiring to have his or her name placed  on the voters' list of the ^Municipality  of Greenwood for the year 1900, must,  on or before the 1st day, of Beceiuber,  make and deliver to the Assessor or  Clerk of the Municipal Council, the  statutory declaration required by the  said actr ~~      ������^~^=^^;-���~---^  Afd notice is hereby given that  the said section provides that only the  names of those persons-who have paid  AM, MONICIPAI, KATES, TAXES,.'. ASSESS-'  MENTS AND MCENCE FEES (if any) pay  able by them, shall be entitled to have  their names placed on the voters' list  of the Municipality. And notice is  hereby given that the names of all  persons who have not paid by the first  Monday in December next, all rates,  taxes, assessments and licence fees (if  any) payable by them, will be omitted  from said voters' 'list.  By Order,  7   G. B. Tayi.ok,  City Clerk.  Greenwood, B. C. November 6th, 1900..  TIMES BLOCKiOC;  COPPER STREET  ������������ ProprietbYs.  Gor; Copper/ahd De^^^dSt^cets/v,- /> ;���> Gi-eenwoosjl, E,_ G  To  Be Organized ��� Will Represent  Southern British Columbia.  With J. B. McArthur at its head, a  provisional committee has been appointed in Rossland for the purpose of  ecuring the organization of the Chamber of Mines of Southern British Columbia (Kootenay and Yale). *>The  necessity of a strong organization  that would command the confidence of  capitalists and to'whom they could apply for reliable information regarding  the mineral resources of the province  has been apparent for sometime. Mr.  McArthur and the other gentlemen on  the committee are certainly entitled to  every, encouragement. Mr. McArthur  announces that he has received letter*  from many prominent men indifferent sections endorsing the organization of a Chamber of Mines and wishing it every success. A general meeting of those desirous of becoming  m .rubers will be held shortly. As the  C lamber of Mines will represent every  mining section of Southern British  Columbia, Boundary should be well  represented. The objects of the Camber of Mines as Bet forth in the cir-  BUREAU OF PROVINCIAL INFORMATION  IN ORDER tliat the Government may be in  possession of (.-.finale ii formation wllh  whicli to supply those sceklnjr investments _in  this Province,! am instructed to invite particulars from tliose who have properties .or sale,  and who may feel disposed to forward such  purticulars to this office for the purpose in  question.  In view of the proposed early rc-org-atuzatiou  of the Atrcnt General's Office In London, ling-  land, the desirability of having on file a list of  farms and other properties for sale, willi full  and accurate details, is obvious. Properties  submitted may include farms and farm lands,  industrial or commercial concerns, timber  limitSj water powers, or other enterprises  affording opportunities for legitimate investment.  It is not proposed to recommend properties  to intending investors, but to afford access to  the classified lists and all available information  connected therewith, and to please enquirers in  communication with the owners.  The fullest particulars are desired not only  of the properties themselves, but the localities  iu which they are situated, and the conditions  affecting them. For this pnrp5_e printed;  schedules will, upon application, be forwarded  to those desirous of making- sales.  R. E. GOSXELt,,  Secretary, Bureau of Provincial Information.  Sprott & Macpherson, jewellers, are  moving into larger premises iu the  Wallace-Miller block.  Large collection of sheet'music at 5,  10 and 15 cents. Greenwood Music  Store.  i��&:&:&:&.��e@@��@g&'_'Si_  Ross Thompson,  of Rossfand, is at  thc Armstrong. '*--_  Pringle & Whiteside have opened an  office in Phoenix.  Dr. J. E. Schon has removed his  ofliee to the Miller block.  Dr. Mathison, dentist,.over Bank of  Commerce... Both'phones.-  John Rodger, of. Wellington camp,  was in the city this week.  B. Bullock Webster, "of Keremeos,  was in the city this week.   -  F. P. Gutelius, C. P.;R. engineer;  was at the Armstrong this week. .-'*.���'.-''<.  Xmas goods arriving daily;at ySprbtj:  & Macpherson's. .';- ���". ���"'���_   ';���-.  John Dorsey is; at his old home in  Mauitowaby Wis., where he is telling  the newspapers of "the wealth of Bout--:  dary creek.       '     ^. y y '".-.'���'-.7v'7-  '-'; Sterlingnovelties galore at Sprott. &*  Macpherson's. ��� ' '.���-'. ���: ,7       ...7:^**:  ���'T. S.~ Mattis, a" mining.-expert/of  Denver, is a guest of F. F. Parrish'!'-���'of.  the B. C. mine. ;'-  7.      ;7   '���''"���'"  QSprott & Mcpherson have just opened  up a niceline of [Xmas goods.; 7  Mayor Hardy today signed the agree-  meu. settling the suit of Rendell & Co.  vs. the city fo.r^$5,000.  ' Comfortable furnished xoon-ts.    Mrs.-  Kootitz, Oddfellows block, Greenwood.  City Clerk Taylor w.irremain; at the  city hall' on Saturday next until 9  o'clock ih the evening to accommodate  those desirous of registration as householders.        . ';7;. ���'���'��� '���'.: ���-..*_  For'Rent���-Unfurnished rooms very  cheap.-  See Smith & McRae.  H. TH). MeDonnell,; C: P. R,freight  agent, and J- Pearson, a mining min  of Nelson, aire at the Imperial.      7"  Wanted���Furniture for two rooms.  Apply Times Gffiee. ; - "  H..B. Munroe returned oh Saturday  from the West Fork road where he'had  charge- of. a gang. All those who  visited ths district gave Mr7Munroe  credit of doing better work and more,  of it than any other foreman on the  road. ,. ���-..".'  P. W. King aiid wife, of tondon,  __}ng., were at the Armstrong.for  sWeral-days'iastweek^^Mr.^Kiug-lias  been appointed representative of the  Ross1ar_d and Slocan Syndicate owning, the Snowshe mine. He arid Mrs,  King will reside at the mine.     .'-.-,  For instructions oh piano, violin,  mandolin, etc., see Prof. Kauffmann,  Greenwood Music Store.        .  Next Friday evening,. Nov. .30," W,.  A. Galliher, the" Liberal candidate,  will address a public meeting at the  Auditorium.���- Others prominent in  Liberal circles will address the meeting and an opportunity will be given  the representatives of both the Conservative and Independent Labor party  to address the meeting. '.'*���'���  Nitrous oxide and oxygen for painless extraction of teeth at Dr. Mathi-  son's. tf  H.-R. Kirkpatrick, resident agent of  the James Cooper Man uf actttri rig  company, temporarily takes charge of  the Rossland ofliee during the absence  of R. A. C. McNally in the east. He  will spend the greater part of his time  there and the Greenwood business will  be done* from the Rossland office until Mr. McNally's return.  The West Fork road muddle is still  unsettled. Late Satnrday night Engineer Shaw received a wire from the  Chief Commissioner asking the cost  of completing the road to Deep Creek  where it would connect with the Carmi  road. The information was sent but  no further instructions have been received from the government.  Dr. Schon has received the following  letter from Dr. Fagan, of the Provincial Board of Health: "There are thirteen cases of varioloid (smallpox modified by vaccination) in Nanaimo. It is  confined to three families; all are quarantined. Boats and trains leaving  Nanaimo are iuspected and all passengers vaccinated. General vaccination of Nanaimo and surrounding districts has been ordered. There is one  case of varioloid on Gabriola Island,  which is isolated, and forty-nine contacts are quarantined." .  THAT THROBR'NO HEADACHE.  Wonld quickly xaxvc you, if you used  Dr. King's New Life Pills. Thousands  of sufferers have proved their matchless merit for sick and nervous heac.-.  aches. They make pure blood and  build up your health. Only 25 cents.  Money back if not cured. Sold by  Miller Bros., druggists.  I XP. J. MITCHELL^  9  ���'���������      ���"���- - '���'������- -'���:.':  *  *'  *  ���9  9  9  9:  9  9.  -9  9  ���9  i.  9  9  ��� 9 ���  -��.-  .*  -*��  ���*;  rl  -*:  I  i  Shop, worn goods: 9  *-.y yy$-; 77/ ���:;���.���:" '4 y*  for__y6uf Fall  Suit '���*  when 'youcan secure  NeJw Goods of   the*-.��  ���'-'������-. ���'���".'���-;-;..-.-. *.;���'.���.'.T***-,-i'*.'H  tn o 8 t   fashioriabie *  ���!--.r.. -yyy--''- :,;-7v_tt'.*'"-  pattern which have *'.  ���yyj--.- y-^yy^yy-t:*;  just arrived.    .���-.-/.��� ���,��.;  ;   -.��������������� ".'���'.. ��� :"','.���:���-"'��� ��������� -'"��� :���'  -*-:.;���;.;���..,: .;;v;,;.���.;..��..:  [-^.-t:l;:.j: ���:��� ;���;:���>**���  ���_-a�� ^^^^S^^m^^^^  t yni>^  I assbftment of Fall Suifc"��-r7  J ihgs ever brought; into |  *ytheyBqu^d.fry^ '  11  THE TAILOR  ;7.(.reeiiwoo^/|  * Copper-St. ���  %^y-y^=^=yy^= ,  Mince 7yMeat^7 Xmas  ^* Fruit Gakes at >>  >'">��  ���y; SEMERABi'S.  Cry-OUT"'' yy-' -y  Karc Victoria - Cr��aai  Chocolates. The best  in the Marked   * v / y  Our Qooclsu    I;  For Sale -by G. 7F;  Watson and. the Soufii  End; Grocdry, >< ^-AX:-  Patronized  Home Industry.  gandy factory.  yMy:y^yy^0$y��0^^^  '* x��^h&'?yy^yy.~yy-t>::  I  ���.Fully equipped'.lAvith-: modern machinery for all  ��� /'��� classes, ot '.wiirk." Hotel 'ami vfnii. ily workR-iveu ���'.-���  ������->v' .��i>ectal;attc-itio.i: . Give,us a trial,- 'if-rour work :' *  .-....' ,'..*.���_ suits J-ou'tolly^iir friends; U not tell us and '������;  ly i.-'-'t'.'. ~-.,:> K'i'vV'. .we will-inake.it; suit,.- '.  ..'    ;  ;  1 y. & ^;:^^2*7v7l PfPJIfJUJlJP^:'} I Columbia Nov 129.  at  ;~-. <..."..-..._  OT07BES^7y^^��v:^^^  Mbst.^pi-tt!f^t.able-an^  :'y;^;;.and:;li^^r*b^l��rfri^lights y:Ganges had from     7 ,  ���.;;-������*  I^lioifflBtii  ��� Afl  Hotel aad Cafe;  'V-:-;  ���1. ���  "... ���   :��� ;f.'~   '. >'m- ���*���_ **-'  -puiBissoa;  ,'.atl.U9Ay:.pi(l|l  '7^^7y ^7W^^^^*P;,^3'1,:,t,^s~ '^na^3MWQM7I'^'rsj*-.2��^^r^"f~i  !: "'���''-%>*K..,li.".-'j-'VS'3';S'.,:$ /.*.y?"'B^^io^^tl^>"ntf:3--T_q,j.-[H ���.-;.���>":"��� '-.-������ ,.;���'.  ���V-i^l0.8lV.P.9W^.:5?!ini-f^'i8->s'pBM'Zil'"-*  \x\x il*>lVM .  , -:' ���sauitiij. hb hum 'spcaq 8-c  Ifcms 91-S" *EX8 'J3\10D3*1 JIVIB3IU3A 3��0  - "V   -siiUp e JB p34S|| 'jossaaa  -11103 iIV:.DB33J3S-HOSa33UI 81X21 300  ; '*';   y ���'\''i ���::M'.-:--:.'--i'i :.-7'- y'- ���'��� ������ '   '   '  :-Vi'"��*'"3 pooS.sc si ::_;,:. ���-;'���'-���. ���,'   .-���"���. ;���*'..       ..,'   ,  _ ..P?'*''TW?^*'?^?.'.-^lIl?*'b*P!.ftVS?')S sVl. H3,iU:tt,!pu>;ii up-Oouiqocpi piU-H puosas'.o.-jsi'i  '..���'"..��� ^'^'("IH^W^wiuilNtJt^pVO aSi.iot.jnuini- uj a')iv-P3',S  '"y^'^y^y^ti^ ,-��� ���..:,  ���S^aOM 3N10M3 QNVISSOM  >������ :���-#. ���<���������.- ������^���-y^-^.^y^ ������'��� -..;:��� ��� -  ��� i  $emerad��v  Confectioner,    Candies,  Froitsf Etc. Copper Si;  Boundary -Valley, 'fciwjte  yN6. j8,IX)'Ori-*777.  /W ElSTS eTen*" Tne-tday  . . l'\t-Evtf-tinsr ��� at VSJOO.-In'  their lodg-e room at Greenwobd,B.C Aicordial  invitation in extended toiM-Aoioiitaing trethr-  ��rn. i    '���'���"��� '" i DoieCAK Rosa, NiGi *.  J. f. Gut-.*.*, ftec Sec "  - W-Certiflcatft of Imp_*ove_nentS; ��� ?7;  -���*ft'y-7V'7:L>iS)TicE. yyiy- -^'-..y v::  JOBANMEsiB-.I?P" M_ne_l  Claim, sltujite in  ���.'' ^Uio'KettliB Rl��er- Mlninjf Division: of Tfale  .    'District.v     t        ���-..'���-   ;��� ..,���.'.*���:  '���'*'Wherelocated:. In'Skylark.camp.   -���  ��� r i  -rrrta&s, \ notice   that   i,-    otto . ��� du-  .-���tl. ' Tir ;T& Miner's . Certificate ' Ivtc.  B,787-,'"inftend, sixty days-from the date hereof  "td'*api.ly to theTmining'.recorder"for. a'cervifi-'  cate of iraprovejtttents fdrrthe purpose of obt-rin.-  :inra crQWn gr^'nt of the above claim.:- .'���--.  fi&rifi. iu'-ther<take notice' that action, under  -SK-tt6t_c3T, inii^t he cpnimenced before the is  Si2p4e'dtsucb-tertifictte'of improvements. "...  * Dattd'Atis 3ri day of No-ve'mber. A'i D., 1900**'.  -y- ���.-;      .- ..t��. ���-*,,.���   ;; OTTE-DH-LER. .<-  Nadet-. :  -A..-. sai��.    Apply7 G *iJR;  MINERAL ACT, 1896.   :  7 .CERTIFICATE    0F7 IMPROVEMENTS.  ������' ���"' -.'������ ;r :'������   '������������ -' ." .'-'���-'.'*-.  . <'>^--;:..-'y;;.^,-vi.pTip-3;'������''������ ���  "MA'PI/E I/EAP"  Mineral Claim  situate   in  :;   th.eKe'.tle River- Mining-Division of-Yale  D.strict.'   iWhere   located :    In    Skylark  " camp.  ~ J  T  ^.KE"MOT*rcE that I, Isaac H. Hallett, as  ���j "-agent-'   for   William   J. - Porter    Free  Mirier'?. .Certificate     No. j B29597,      intend,  sixty day",! after date hereof to. apply to the  Mini-Tg-Recorder for a Certificate of Improve--  ments..for'the purpose of obtaining- a Crown  Grant 61 the above claim. '������'._   ���'���  -And;further take notice that action under  Seeti6n'~.37 .rttnst be. commenced, before the  issuance of such-Certificate of rmprovewent.'  Dated this 24th day of No-*eraber,-A. I>��� 19O0.  .y-ry:.,-^-;y^ '  : I. H--HALI.ETT.


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