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 ���**it<l��**��&L^^  **^*��-gi3*��&��^  1  !  If;*'  }:  I ���(������>  :3&  n  -O.  0  c(3  *1'-fc-f;  Published Weekly in the Interests of the Boundary Creek Mining District.  Vol. VII  ' GREENWOOD, B.^ 5, 1900.  No.'752.  B.  our Interests  you  make  RESULTS  OF  SMELTING   AT  HALL WINES, LTD.  THE  close examination of  the Special drives m.2�� X X  Men's Suits  Shoes  Furnishings  Co.  A. H. SPERRY  COMPANY, LIMITED.  oft  %% T H B  *��  *���  ..���*���  2*  ����  ����  ����  ����  -f*  2*  *��-  n^��� :   If GENERAL MERCHANDISE  ����   :   ���*  ��� .  *��  ����  ��*  *��*  '*��.���  *��  ��*  *��.  ��*  ��  *����  *��  ����  ����  GOODS  V DELIVERED  7ii/.5j��t^-:  TO ALL PAPTiJ  OF   THE   CITY  AND DISTRICT,  According-   to   the   report   of Supt.  R. R. Hedley the cost per ton of ore of  smelting to matte for the year ending  September 30,  1899, was rediiced from  $3.66   in   thc previous, year to $2.96,  mainly   owing   to  the small furnace  used previously being replaced by one  of  large area.   This sura  was divided  as follows:   Flux, $0,196; fuel, $1,445,  and labor; etc., $1.32.   The matte averaged 45 per. cent copper, 29<Xoz. of silver,   0.77 oz.   gold per tony The gold  returned in matte shows a gain  of 296  oz.  on  the original ore or Over 10 per  cent of the total amount of gold  contained   by   assay.     The    silver   loss  amounted   to 42,835    oz.,     the   total  amount charged being 532,837 oz.   The  ore averaged 2.49 per per cent coppei,  and the yield was 2.34 per cent, some  90,000    lbs,    of    copper b eing    los  in the slags.   One of the reverberatory  furnaces was lengthened and repaired.  It was found that the brick bottom was  extremely thin���in places-but 2.5 in. of  the original 9 in. remaiuing. - In other  respects the bottom was  good.    After  20 days' work smelting base metallics,  with very poor results, it  was [deemed  advisable to tear out this bottom, finding therein,  after very careful sampling, about 25 tons of copper, 20,000 oz.  silver and 400 oz. of gold, part of which  had been  accumulated during the last  campaign.  MINE SIGNALS.  MIMG IN THE BOUNDARY.  News of the Smelters���Mother Lode Developments at 300-  Foot Level-Old Ironsides, Knob Hill andB. C. Increasing Their Output���Winnipeg and War  Eagle Improving-Jewel to Ship Ore.  ZZ**'*��******t.******a***w  Times  Going to Pick-up...  TThe following is a copy of a circular  issued to the gold commissioners, mining recorders and other officials by the  provincial  minister of mines:    "It is  my - intention  to recommend that the  government, at the next session of the  legislature, introduce a .bill  establishing   a uniform code of signals, to be  used   in   all mines  in  this province.  Will you be good enough, therefore, to  consult   with   the mine   managers in  your vicinity  and forward to me any  suggestions they may make regarding  the attached code, .which  is similar to  that of Montana, U.S. A./, and which  it is proposed to recommend for adoption in this prbvinceJ   You will also be  good enough  to bring this circular to  the   notice of the executive officer of  any Miners' Union within your jurisdiction, for the same purpose."  A copy of the proposed code of mine  signals may be seen at the office of the  mining, recorder, Greenwood.  School  And in view of an increase in  ���we will receive  Business  wFRESH FISH TWICE PER WEEKV.  TUESDAYS AND THURSDAYS,  Fresh Poultry Every. Thursday.     ....Pipe Us You* Qidej,  ('    -PEQM>T DEUVESY   IS  PUB  f^QTTO.       )  P* Burns �� ����  Tub ***. AlvfH  9*  :t>  We have constantly on hand  all the School  Books in use in  our public X X  schools.X.X X  ALSO  ��u-_s___u_K__-'  SLATES, SLATE PENCILS,  CRAYONS, ERASERS,  DICTIONARIES,    SCRIBBLERS, EXCERCISE BOOKS  ETC.   ETC.  The   month. of   August   witnessed  some important occurrences affecting  the material interests of the Boundary  country.   Chief among these was the  starting   of   the   Granby    company's  smelter at Grand Forks, the beneficial  influence of the success of which is being felt to an increasing extent throughout the whole.of the district.     Then  there were developments of more than  ordinary significance in several  of the  mines, the most notable-being the cutting of good bodies of shipping ore at  the 300-foot level of the Mother Lode,  Golden Crown and Winnipeg respectively.   Several circumstances combined to prevent the total quantity of ore  shipped during the   month    from attaining to such 'comparatively   large  proportions as some - published; reports  led the   public   to   look for.   Among-  these were repairs and requisite alterations   to   timber in connection with  putting a cage in the main shaft of the  B. C. mine, this necessitating  a temporary stoppage of pre hoisting operations.    At other mines, so it is stated,  delays occasionally arose   in  getting  cars, .so that shipments were to some  extent also .; affected   by   this   cause.  These   and   other   reasons   kept   the  month's aggregate of shipments down  to about 6,000 tons as against about  6,500   tons   during "July.   The   latter  half of the month, though,  made up  much of   the shortage of the earlier  half,.and mines and shipping arrangements, are now;.: in such shape that if  sufficient cars be available the September total should.easily  reach  15,000  tons and probably, more.*" '  ,THE SMEI/fERS.  The Granby company's smelter was  blown  in on the morning of 21st ulto.,  and since then it has been running  without a hitch, using.one furnace of a  nominal daily capacity of 250 tons but  actually  treating more than 300 tons  per.diem.   A second furnace of like  capacity;, will probably  be started in  the course of a few days and thereafter, with about 4,000 tons of Boundary ores being treated weekly, at this  smelter alone, and with returns giving  a fair margin of profit, it should not  take long to amply demonstrate that  mining in the Boundary is a paying  industry,  "Pending the receipt of the machinery  and plant for the Greenwood smelter  matters. appear to the casual observer  to be at a standstill at this establishment, but such is certainly not  the  case.   About the same h u tnber pf men  are on the payroll as for weeks past,  and these are fully employed in putting in a dam and laying pipes for  water supply,  in erecting the furnace  and in preparing the laboratory for its  important part in    connection    with  smelting   operations.     Next month's  review will no floubt include a report  of   further   substantial   progress   to.  wards the final co.mpletiou and equipment of these works.  A s;te near Boundary Falls having  been secured for the Standard Pyritic  Smelting company's pyritic smelter,  the necessary surveys have been made  and levels taken and a profile of the  ground accompanied by the data requisite for the preparation of the plans  for buildings,   foundations, etc., has  -UNDERTAKERS AND ElftBALMERS-  Smith...  & McRae  COPPER STREET  been sent to the manufacturers of the  smelter furnace and plant at Denver,  Colorado. Iiy_m��diat<.iy after receipt  heire of these plans the work of construction will be pushed on with.  Meanwhile the managing director,  Mr. Andrew Laidlaw, is arranging all  other preliminaries so that there may  be no unnecessary delay in erecting and  equipping this smelter.  DEADWOOD CAMP. '  About 400 feet of work was done in  further development of the Mother  Ivode mine during the month. Most of  this was at the 300-foot level on which  the north drift, at about 200 feet from  the shaft, is now in ore.   Two cross  cuts have been run from this drift, one  at 90 feet from the shaft and the other  at 140.   No.   1 passed through some 20  feet  of  good   ore  and   No.   2 lately  entered what will probably prove to be  the  same shoot of  ore.   Further developments   must   be   awaited to   determine  whether  or not the ore now  showing in the face of the drift, some  50 feet north of No. 2 crosscut, has any  connection with that cut by the crosscuts.   Some ore having.shown in the  south drift about 20 feet from the shaft  a   crosscut was run  east and west to  ascertain what quantity of it there was.  Bunches of very fine ore, almost solid  copper pyrites, -were met with in the  west working, but the ore was not continuous, as it is in the north crosscuts.  The east end of the crosscut is  in ore  which will proba.bly  be found to be a  continuation of that cut north of  the  shaft.   No.  2 crosscut soutli is also in  ore, the occurrence here of which suggests that it is the same pre shoot ap-  appareritly   entered  by  all four crosscuts���two north and two south of the  shaft���along   a   distance   of 250 feet,  with   ore   showing   in each of   these  crosscuts   to   the'east.   Consequently  the month's developments at the 300  level are regarded as very satisfactory  At the 200-foot level a winze, sunk in a  crosscut that had missed the ore, is in  ore at 40 feet depth, showing that the  ore body pitches under the level in this  part of the mine.   The particular im-  Iportaiice   attached   to  finding ore iu  this winze /lies in the fact that it indicates that the big ore shoot, already  prpved, to.extend 350 feetalong this  lever1 continues .for an other ,100 feet at  least   and is going" down so strongly  that its occurrence as well at the 300  level is  confidently looked for.   The  north  drift is being put in shape for  double-tracking   and  the  winze connecting with the old crosscut tunnel  above is being widened to meet working .requirements. .The   foundations  for the 35-drill compressor and boilers  have been completed and the two'100-  horse power bailers to furnish power  for this compressor are being pla.ced  in position.   A compressor house 36x6c  feet, of sawn lumber, with corrugated  iron   roof, is being erected and good  progress is being made with the new  dining"-r6pm,--which^should-be- completed, within a fortnight.  There are 63  men on the mine pay roll.  Operations on the Sunset during the  month were restricted to keeping the  mine free  from  water and  to stoping   and snipping two cars of ore to  Trail.   This ore yielded yalues chiefly  in gold and returned to the mine about  $10 per ton clear of freight and treatment charges.   The adjoining Crown  Silver,   also  owned by the Montreal  Boundary Creek Mining company, had  more attention.with developments that  are   very encout aging.   Sinking   the  double compartment vertical shaft was  continued   down to 154 feet.   At the  150-foot   level a crosscut  was run 55  feet  south,   encountering  10   feet of  shipping ore, part of which assayed  $12.50 and the balance about $9.   After  passing through   a low-grade streak  the  working  is in ore improving in  quality.   A   drift  north-west  on   the  strike  oi the lead  is in ore of good  value.    Both headings look well and  give promise of further improvement.  It is intended  to resume sinking right  away, going down to the 300-foot level.  The Sunset and Crown Silver are to-  gethei giving employment to 18 men.  About   60   feet of crosscutting and  drifting were done at the 100-foot level  of   the Buckhorn.   A test car of ore  was shipped to Trail and this gave a  gross   value of $24.32 per ton, in the  following  proportions:     Gold,   $5.70;  silver,  29 cents;  copper, $18.33.   The  management contemplates deepening  the main shaft, now down 220 feet, to  400 feet.   There are at present 10 men  on the mine pay roll.  The month's work done on the. Morrison includes a crosscut run*40feet  from No. 1 shaft at the 175-foot level  and a winze sunk 20 feet from, the  main tunnel. This winze is all in ore.  It is to be continued 100 feet, at which  depth the first level will be run. The  mine is reported to be looking very  well, with plenty of ore in sight. The  Greyhound shaft was sunk to 105 feet  and at the 100-foot level a crosscut was  run 28 feet. These workings are all  in ore, of which there appears to be a  big body here. The tunnel on the  Great Hopes was run 105 feet, making  its total length 180 feet. Where cut  the vein is broken, the ore being mixed,  with waste rock/ On the Marguerite,  owned by the Quebec Copper company,  a shaft now down 80 feet, is being  sunk between two ledges,, one a chal-  copyritic .ore and the other magnetite.  Copper now shows in the rock at the  bottom of the shaft, which a week  hence should be down to the 100-foot  level, when a crosscut will be run both  ways, with a prospect of cutting the  ledges within 50 feet of the shaft. It  is considered likely these two veins  will come together at greater depth.  A narrow vein of rich ore is being followed on the Gold Bug and the ore is  being sacked for shipment.  GREENWOOD  CAMP. _  The  Knob   Hill,  Old Ironsides and  Victoria mines were on the   1st inst., -"  together    employing   134   men.    The .  month's operations were chiefly getting  out and shipping ore,   completing new  buildings    and    installing   new   machinery   and plant;   Total, shipments  to the Granby smelter for August were  110 cars, averaging 28 tons���3,080 tons.  The  two   80-horse  power  boilers received early in the month for the Knob   '.  Hill   .compressor    plant    have   been  bricked in'and the 10-drill  compressor  shipped last week, is due to'arrive at  the mine shortly.   Two 9x12 hoisting  engines,   one each for the Knob Hill  and Old Ironsides, have been received  arid   the  latter  has   been   placed   in  position in the   newly-finished hous��  over the No. 1 shaft.   A cage has been  put  in this* shaft, thereby adding to  the mine's hoisting facilities..  A*new  house for .the Jhoist, already installed'���  at No. 2 shaft, is bei_ig1"erected. * Ad---  ditional railway switch accommodation  is being provided at the ore bunkers of  both mines, preparatory-to increasing  shipments, which it is intended shall  soon average about 600 tons per day.  The War Eagle is now opening   up  the  best shoot of ore yet met in this    *  min^   When drifting to make connection between the prospect shaft and the  upraise froin the east end of the 100-  ���f oot level the ore seemed to run more  to the west side of the drift.   Follow-"  ing   it on the incline it was found to  make   into   a   strong    body    dipping  westerly.   It is freely mineralized with  copper  and seems to be going down.  The current month's work should bring  about an important development here."  There are 16 men on the pay roll of  this mine.  ��JThe Snowshoe continues to look  well. The chief mining work done last  month was in the railway tunnel,  which is now in more than 300 feet.  A crosscut from this tunnel is in between 60 and 70 feet. little more can  at present be said of this property than  that it is full of promise with lots of  ore showing. The 70-horse power  boiler installed last month is giving  additional power, so that more machine  drills are now in use. The only other  mine in Greenwood camp calling for  mention is the Brooklyn, which recently shipped six cars of ore from its  dump. Nothing definite is yet known  as to when work will be resumed in  this mine and the adjoining Stem-  winder.  SUMMIT    CAMP.  From Aug. 1st to 17th work at the B.  C. mine consisted chiefly of completing  the new shaft house, timber-framing  building and blacksmith's shop, and of  repairing and altering the   timbers of  the main shaft so as to put these into  good shape  for lhe   safety   platform-;  cage, afterwards installed and how in;  running    order.   Some   development  work was done on the bottom level and -  ore   stoping  was maintained on   the  first and second lerels.   Between Aug.  17th and Sept. 1st about  1,500 tons of  ore were shipped to Trail and now the ������  daily   output is about 150 tons.    It is  intended to shortly resume sinking the  main  shaft, which   is down 272 feet,  but things are not yet quite in shape  m  .1  y**x  CCot-tittued. on Page 3.) September 5, 4900.  M_$ GREENWOOD WEEKLY TIMES,  "���"'���' j y 'i *-*. *i -fivn-if.-ia^.  Ji  X.X, persons, old and young-, should have  tlieir teeth examined ��� oucu every six  ��� ��� Mon ths by a competent dentist. Decay  wlll be present, aud tartar foriutuir, which  nothing- but a tliorouyh examination will ra-  veal. Professional service rendered in time  means hi^h-class work, less pain and great  economy. A tooth filled when decay is slight  will not lie sensitive, the operation not long,  and the filling? lasting, becaase the operator  , has more and better structureto work on. lie  is enabled to make the walls of the cavity  thicker aud stronger, and-with slight danger  of exposing the nerve, the dread and fear of all  when having teeth filled. Have your teeth  attended to in time. Uo not -procrastinate,  dive tTlc dentist good tooth-structure to work  upon, and lie will render you excellent service.  Many persons put 01T their visits to the dentist  when sensitive teeth have giveii frequent warning. With mind excited, body iu high nervous  tension, aud with excruciating pain aud suffering plainly written on every feature, they come  foi relief. How can the dentist be. expected to  perform the best operation when the patient is  in the worst possible condition to receive it ? If  your friend is sick do not wait until he i.s al-  mbsl dead before you do something for liim or  send for the doctor. The doctor may save him  by coming at the last moment, and should the  patient recover he is liable lo have bad health  the remainder of his life oil account of not  having received proper attention al the right  lime. Likewise, a tooth that is neglected may  be filled and saved al the last t-ioineiit, but will  probably have bad health the rest of its life.  One person in a hundred has good Icclh, ninety  nine persons iu a hundred could have good  teelh with proper attention.  DR. R. MATHISON.  DENTIST  Nadeti-Flood Block,     GREENWOOD  bench. Apart from his great brilliance  and reputation as an advocate and  judge, we may point but that he was  the militant enemy oP* the fraudulent  company promoter and the firm friend  of the newspaper which criticised with  honest motives the doings of these  gentry."  CUeekly Cimes*  PUBLISHED BY       '  The Greenwood Times Printing and Publishing  Company. Limited.  Duncan Ross Editor.  To prevent misunderstanding it may  be desirable to here state that the editor of the Times is in no way ans-\yerable  for the appearance in this issue of  information relating to himself personally. -His locum tenens has assumed the responsibility of disregarding Mr. Ross's expressed wish that,  there should be no more than passing  mention of certain interesting events  that took place last week.  Several matters affecting the public welfare have lately engaged the attention of the Greenwood Board of  Trade, with resulting advantage to the  town and surrounding district. It is  one thing to have an organization  nominally the guardian of the public  interest and another to have a real,  live, zealous body that acts rather than  talks only. Greenwood possesses the  latter and benefits accordingly.  ROSS-THOMPSON.  WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, 1000.  The Times last month published  some statements made by Mr. Felix  Hughes respecting a better and shorter  route for a wagon road to the main  Kettle river than that via Lost creek.  Mr; Hughes has since then again been  over the country lying between the  Mother Lode mine and the Kinkora  group, and now reiterates' his previously expressed opinion that for  directness, grade and low cost this suggested new route is far' and away  superior to the other, which he, asserts  is circuitous, hilly and very expensive  for road-making. The matter is certainly well worth being closely looked  into even though, for lack of funds,  nothing more can be done for the time  being.  The mining news published in the  New York Engineering and- Mining  Journal is generally supposed to be re  liable, but the few references that have  lately been made in its correspondence  columns to the Boundary district have  been marred by errors. For instance,  in its issue of Aug. 25 there appears,  under" the heading of East Kootenay  district, the following: "Granby  smelter���The smelter at Grand, Forks  has .begun work under the superintendence of Mr. Paul Johnson." The Rossland correspondent of that journal is  evidently not posted on Boundary matters.  During the week ended Aug. 23  "thereI weresold in^New-^York -2,200-of  the British Columbia Copper company's  'shares and in Boston 375, total 2,575  shares, at prices ranging from $11.50  to $12 per share. The capital stock of  this company consists of 200,000 shares  at $5 each. Latest developments at  the 300-foot level of the company's  Mother Lode mine, situate near Greenwood, are, -as reported in this week's  mining intelligence published in another column of this issue, increasingly  satisfactory.  The holding of the half yearly meeting of the Presbytery of Kootenay in  Greenwood and the attendance thereat  of ministers from nearly all the towns  of East and West Kootenay and thc  Boundary, are further testimony to the  growing importance of Greenwood, the  metropolis of the Boundary district.  These evidences of recognition of its  claims to be in the lead that this town  receives from time to time, though  only what it merits, are nevertheless  very gratifying.  The change in the Penticton mail  arrangements which involves inward  passengers stopping over all night at  McCuddy's, where there is little if any  hotel accommodation, appears to have  been made without regard to the. most  ordinary comfort and convenience of  the travelling public. Outward passengers will make Fairview for the  night's stop-over, but no suitable pro-  ' vision has been made for those coming  in, who should either be permitted to  stay the night at Fairview or Camp  McKinney.  An exchange remarks: "The death  of Lord Russell of Killowen, Lord  Chief Justice of England, has removed  the ablest and best man on the English  must fain be content to briefly assure  them that these were fully appreciated.  He thanked tlieni very sincerely, both  on behalf of his intended wife and himself. .     - ' y.*.7���-  Toasts, speeches, recitations and  songs followed until, at about 11 p. m.,  "Auld Lang Syne" was sung by all  and the company then dispersed.  A PRETTY WEDDING.  On Saturday morning, 1st inst., Mr.  Duncan Ross, editor of the Greenwood  Times, was married' at St. Jude's  Episcopal church, Greenwood, by Rev.  W. A. Robins, M. A., to Miss Mary  Thompson, who for nearly a year had  also been a resident in Greenwood.  At the particular request of the bride  the ��� wedding, was a very quiet one.  Miss Thompson was driven to the  church in a carriage drawn by a pair  of greys. She was accompanied by.  Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Sperry, the former  giving her away. The groom was tin1  attended, the only other persons present during the ceremony, besides those  already named, being two lady friends.  The bride was simply but prettily  dressed in white French muslin. She  did not wear any ornaments but carried a bouquet of white flowers.  As the bride and bridegroom entered  the carriage after the ceremony they  we're showered with rice, and as they  drove away old shoes were thrown  after them for 'good luck; The wedding breakfast was served at the home  of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Sperry, who  ���with Mrs. Sperry, senior, and Rev. W.  A. Robins, were the only friends to  join the newly wedded couple at breakfast. Before noon Mr, and Mrs. Ross  left for Loomis, Wash., where they  purpose spending a fortnight visiting  the parents and friends of the latter.  Upon their return to Greenwood they  will make their'home in this town.  A number ot presents we're received  by the bride, whilst Mr.> Ross was the  previous evening presented with an  address and a purse containing a sum  of money. The address was as follows:  Presented to Duncan Ross, Esquire,  together with a ptirseof gold, by a few  friends, ,.on the occasion of his marriage, as a slight token of the respect  and esteem in which he is held by  them. They are his well-wishers in  Jairhis undertakings Jandin^noneniore  so than the important step he is to take  tomorrow. That he aud his wife may  live long together and enjoy to their  fullest extent worldly prosperity and  happiness is the earnest wish and desire of their sincere friends:  Robert Wood, F. J, Finucane, Thos.  Miller, Marguerite Graham, Evan  Parry, C. Scott Galloway, Frederic  Keffer, Paul Johnson, Thos. McDonnell, T. M. Gulley, W. Harvey, W. O.  Robins, Duncan Mcintosh, W. T.  Smith, J. J. Caulfield, Geo. R. Naden,  Ralph Smailcs, Julius Ehrlich, Chas.  F. Alston, Jas. Anderson, D. C. McRae, I. H. Hallett, James Kerr, A. H.  Sperry.  Greenwood, B. C. August 31, 1903.  The presentation was made at the  Imperial Hotel by Mr. Thos. Miller on  behalf of the subscribers. Mr. Miller  spoke in appropriate terms of praise  and appreciation of the excellent service Mr. Ross had rendered the town  and district during the three years or  more he had conducted the Times.  He acknowledged, too, the many other  ways in which Mr. Ross had persistently worked for the public good,  and bore testimony as well to his worth  as a private citizen and good sociable  fellow. On behalf of all who had  joined in making the presentation  hearty good wishes were tendered and  earnest hopes were expressed for happiness, prosperity and long life to Mr.  and Mrs. Duncan Ross.  Mr. Ross feelingly replied, acknowledging the gratification he felt at this  generous expression of appreciation of  his efforts and the liberality of his  friends who had thus united to do him  honor. Words failed him in which to  adequately convey to them his sense of  their kindness  and   goodwill,   so  he  A pretty wedding took place yesterday afternoon at the residence of John  Mouat, Silica street, when his eldest  daughter, Margaret E., was married to  Richmond Kirkland Stevens, of Greenwood. The ceremony was performed  by Rev. G. B. Greig, acting pastor of  St. Paul's Presbyterian church, at 1:30  o'clock in the presence of a few.inti-  mate friends. The bridal p:trty stood  before a floral bank aad beneath a  handsome design in cat-nations as the  nuptial knot was tied. The bride was  becomingly attired in a blue travelling costume trimmed with white satin,  and carried a beautiful bouquet of pink  and white chrysanthemums. A handsome display of wedding gifts evidenced the esteem in which the bride,  who was the pioneer trained nurse in  Nelson, was held by her friends here.  Mr. and Mrs. Stevens left on the afternoon train for their home in Greenwood.���Nelson Tribune.  * Mr. Stevens is the popular steward  of the Greenwood club and the Times  joins his many friends in extending  congratulations.*- /  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  HALLETT t& SHAW,  Barristers, Solicitors,  Notaries Public.  Cable Address :   " jiallett."  Cnr-Fs J Bedford M'Neill's   Greenwood,  i_odes ���< Morei���fc, ___ deal's -  ( Jjeiber's.  t. H. HALLETT.  8. C.  H. C. SHAW.  PRINGLE & WHITESIDE,  . Barristers and Solicitors,  Notaries Public, Etc.  Offices: Over Bank of Montreal, Greenwood.  THE  BANK   OF  Established in 1836.  Incorporated by Royal Charter.  Paid-up Capital $4,866,666  Reserve Fund.... .......$1.581,666  London Office:  3.Clement's Lai'.e, Lombard Street, E. C  Court of DirkctorS':-  J. II. Brodie, John James Carter, flaspard  Farrer, Richard H. Glyn, Henry I. R. Farrer,  Ed. Arthur Iloare, II. J. B. Kendall, J.J. Kinys-  ford, Fred Lubbock, George D. Whatman.  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There are  now about 70 men on the mine payroll,  i The drift at the 80-foot level, .of the  R. Bell is now in 175 feet from tlie  crosscut from the shaft.' An-upraise  will soon be made to connect with a 35-  foot winze above and to reach which 65  feet pf a raise is required. It is expected that a shoot of nice copper, ore  will be met with in this raise. There.,  is nothing new to' mention respecting'  the Mountain View, the crosscut not  yet having encountered an ore body.  WELLINGTON CAMP.  The Winnipeg-continues to improve.  The winze on the ; first vein north of  the shaft at the 300-foot level is.now  down; 18. feet and the the lead now  gives-10 feet of shipping-ore. "Work  in the crosscut at-the 100-foot- level has  been 'discontinued. Throughout the  month ore was extracted from what is  -known as the railway ledge and quite  lately another shoot or ore came in-but  _very little is yet known of this. The  latest development is the discovery; of  what it is believed will pro-veto be the  hanging wall of the main vein of the  Winnipeg. No. 2, or the incline shaft,  was some time ago sunk 65_feet on a  vein at an angle of 57 degrees. - Near  the surface some rich ore occurred, but  deeper it made'into.pyrrhotite that did  not carry much value. A crosscut from  this vein at 35 feet depth has encountered what _appears to be the hanging  wall and it shows.that there is another  vein to the north of'that above-mentioned, coming in against it an. angle  of 32 degrees and that these two apex  together at the surface. The ore in  this newly discovered vein is quite distinct from that in the vein previously  sunk ou and apparently.carries high'  values. Developments here are being  watched with much interest. The mine  _has shipped to date 44 cars of ore and  now has 17 men on its pay roll.  .. The  Athelstan last .week sent out  two  cars of ore, making founin all,-  and  will ship more as cars shall be  available    Stoping at  the 50 and 100-  " /*' * "*"  foot levels is now in progress, j\MH excellent ore being sent to the^Miktfe.'  A comfortable 7-roomed house_for;the  manager was last mouth built at-the  -mine and a bunk house is to be put up  soon. At present the Athelstan miners  find, accommodation at the Winnipeg  camp. The J. and R. is now making a  showing of very pretty ore���pyrrhotite  and chalcopyrite in a quartz gaugue.*  Starting at about a foot in width  where uncovered near the surface,' the  ���vein, widened to nearly four feet of ore  at 32,feet in depth. A 16-foot drift has  been -run on, this vein and-ore is being  raised with the intention of sendhig 'a  test car load to the smelter at Grand  Porks. The same" lead is being worked  on the adjoining Hard Cash claim with  equally. promising results. No particulars relating to the Golden'Crown  :..were obtainable in time for inclusion  in ithis-summary, "but it is believed  that the month's operations at .this  mine included ore-raising and shipping  besides^ome new development work.  OTHER CAMPS.  The only property at work in Long  Lake camp last month was the Ethiopia  on ; which a tunnel, now in about 200  feet, is being driven. It is stated that  the Jewel will commence' this week to  ship ore to theSilica works near.Ross-  . land, and that should its treatment  there prove successful, up to 500 tons  . will be shipped. No late news has  been received from the City of Paris  mine, in White's camp. The'Rambler,  at Pass creek, has. nothing of importance to report. '.'  The   next   meeting   is to be held at  Camp MoKinney.  GREENWOOD VS. GRAN D FORKS.  A ��� Greenwood team went over--to  Grand,Forks on Labor Day atid.played  a friendly game of cricket with a  :Grand ., orks eleven, whom they beat  easily. The. scores of the respective  teams were: Greenwood, first innings,  80; second innings, 66; total, 146 runs.  Grand Forks, first innings, 26; second  innings, 22; total, 48. The individual  scores of the Greenwood players were:  Atwood 18-7, Stowe 4-12, Robins 0-3,  Chesterton 0-4, Robertson 23-1, Cole  9-6, Dill 3-9, Stuart 11-8, Noble 4-9,  Taylor 1-0, Myers Gray 0-4, Sundries  7-3, totals 80-66, Grand Forks played  two men short in the. second innings.  The ��� visitors were hospitably entertained by their Grand Forks,hosts and  returned by the night train delighted  with their day's outing.  STORY OF A SLAVE.  To be bound hand and foot for years  by the- chains of disease'is the worst  form of slavery. George D. Williams,  of Manchester, Mich., say's. ' "My wife  has been so helpless for five years that  she could not turn over in bed alone.  After using' two bottles of Electric  Bitters she is wonderfully improved  and: able to do her own work." This  supreme remedy for female diseases  quickly cures nervousness, sleeplessness, melancholy, headache, backache,  fainting and dizzy spells. It is a godsend to weak, sickly, run-down people,  Cure guaranteed. Only SOc. Sold by  -Miller Bros., druggists.  . PROTESTING   UNAVAILING,  . Notwithstanding the practically  unanimous protest of the metal mining  industrialists of the province, the proposal for the doubling of the present  mineral tax of 1. per cent has been  carried, Mr. Turner's policy of increasing expenditure by leaps and bounds,  and far in excess of. revenue,'rendering this, in his -and his colleagues' opinion inevitable. It is  specially unfortunate that in levying  this added .taxation; no -discrimination  is made between .high ! and low grade  ores. "*It Will, as a rule, be! far"*-easier,  for example, for $100 ores from the  Slocan to pay a-2 per cent duty on ore  output, after deducting freight and  treatment charges, than for Boundary's copper-gold ore to pay 1 per  cent on the output of $8 and $9 ores,  after making like reductions. A 2 per  cent duty on the latter class of ore will  lessen ouly too appreciably ainone too  large presentmargin f or profit.���News-  Advertiser.  OLD TIMERS MEET.  The Kettle River and South Okanagan Pioneers held their second reunion at McAuley's hotel, Midway, on  Saturday-night, 1st inst. A short business meeting was first i held, with >the  president, Mr. Thos McAuley, in the  chair. At supper Mr. Hardy presided  and there were present: Messrs:  Geo. Cook.John R. Jackson, ]_., Keight-  -ley, C. J. Lundy, Jas. Lynch, T. McAuley, D. McGillis, J. McNicol,-.W.  Powers, W. B. Rickards and -C. C.  ���Warmoth, of Midway;R. Donegah, G.  A. Guess, Thos. Hardy, J. P. Harlan,  Jas. Kerr, J. Kebugh, R.M. McEntire,  J.   W.   Nelson   and  Thos.  Walsh, of  * Greenwood; J. W. Lind and H. Morgan  of Anaconda; L.. A. McCarren and  John Thornton, - (Jolly ���- Jack) of  Boundary; Falls; S. T. Larsen, of  Rock Creek; H. Cameron and W.  Edwards, of Camp McKinney; R. L.  Cawston, .of Keremeos; and R. A.  ���Bros.n, of-the Sunset  mine, Simil. a-  ��� meen. Numerous toats were given  and responded tc, speeches made and  songs sung,, and   altogether   a  very  -sociable   and happy time__ was spent-  6RAND FORKS AND KETTLE RIVER  LINE.  The passing bysthe Provincial Legislature,- after .keen debate. and much  obstructive effort, of the bill to enable  the construction of the Grand Forks  and Kettle river railroad, is regarded  with the greatest satisfaction in Grand  Forks. It is there expected that the  railroad now authorized willbe built  speedily-jind on being connected with  a line running south to the mining  country, in which are the Republic and  other mines, cause large shipments of  Washington ores, useful for fluxes, to  be made to the Granby smelter.���News  Advertiser.  NOTICE.  Having sold my interest in the  Columbia Hotel, -Eholt, to C. E.  Roberts, I will not be responsible for  any debts contracted on account of  said hotel from this date.  J.  H.  BlvACK  Eholt, August 16th, 1900.  S00 LINE  AND  U  RENOWNED.  ' ��� ���: 1 ; .T ������ ._    ��� ,  1)  I DO!  f  "WTTh direct connecting service to  ��  . and from  'Boundary Creek  and Kettle JRiver District.  .Eirst-class- Sleepers on all trains from  .  .- Arrowhead and Kootenay Lauding-.  Tourist cars pass Medicine Hat daily for St.  .Paul, Saturdays for . Montreal .and . Boston,  goi-days and Thursdays for Toronto.    Same  cars-pass Revelstoke one day earlier.  Ei^Sini: Daily Train Ex. Sun.  ll:45lvGTeenwoodar 22:30  For rates, tickets, and full information, apply to agenc Greenwood, B. C., or  W.T.Anderson,      E. f. Coyle,  T.P.A.,*Nelson, B.C.   A.G.P.A. Vancouver.B.C  The  Centre  of  the great gold and  copper mining  camp of Canyon  creek.  -:o:  Highassays,large  showings. Strong  company operatr  ing there. Sawmill  being, erected.  Roads being built  by the company to  the city.  !B  me.  ?_M  W��  Wt  Tfisism  N  '���   i|M0C'UL6RPUP.  6 3l.LUVArKflAPMU  ...;F0R PARTICULARS-APPLY,,..  W.S. FLETCHER,  CANYON CITY.  iGEOJR* NADEN,  GENERALAGENT. GREBNYVOOD,,B. C. ______  I  *'***   ���U--*****M-^****I************__^^  fS*\rA^S'*^J**\*^*^^  Centre of  ,,,,FROM THE CITY:RQADS LEAD TO> ���/ <  WHITE'S      ATWOOD,  SMITH'S j AD OTHER  BOUNDARY  GREEK CAMPS.  ,',SVV_5'��*��'^:I'SW_��' riVV*5"'*f*:  [��*i^^��i-."K-*.l��Ck*i"_.^._.m"_.%.3_i��_i_.i:  For Prices Lots And Other Information  Address:'.'..  mm  ^^t^WOT^-2  greenwood, B* ����� THE) GREENWOOD WEEKLY "TIMES.  >v  I    *i_     Ti'_Ti.1i_i  ROSSLAND ORES.  Interesting  Interview  With   T. G.  Blackstock, of the War Eagle.  { "Rossland's great problem is that of  ;*. the economical treatment of its low-grade   ores,  and I  am confident that  * this question is not far from solution,"  * said T. G. Blackstock, vice president  ���: of the War Eagle and Centre Star  " Mining companies, yesterday. Mr.  : Blackstock is in the city on his -way to  - the coast, having spent some time in  : the interior of British Columbia. Geo.  ' W.  Good'erham, president  of the  big  companies, who is west .-with Mr.  : Blackstock, did not come with him to  Spokane.  "While   the wealth of the camp in  ' high-grade ore. has been amply demon-  .. strated, and there is no question of the  T presence of  immense   bodies   of   ore  that will pay handsomely to ship at  ; the present cost of treatment and will  give a large output for many years, the  greatness of the camp will undoubtedly  ���rest  in the mining of its lower grade  ores,V.continued Mr. Blackstock. "Of  ;these there are almost unlimited quantities, ��� but with the present cost of  (treatment they will not pay to mine.  'What could be done in the camp with  ^the mining.of these bodies at a profit  !is wonderful to think of.-  * "But we have gained much and 1 believe we shall shortly secure the rest.  '.The cost of mining is being reduced to'  the lowest possible point by the installation of machinery and operation  on a large scale. A reduction from $11  and $9 per ton for freight.and treatment to $6 has already been obtained  from the Canadian Pacific, and a lower  rate than this can be secured, but it is  still - not low enough tp justify, us in  making large contracts to supply ore.  ' Negotiations are in progress, however,  and I believe the solution of the. difficulty is near. The Canadian Pacific  is favorable to the plans of treating  low grade ores. The- Trail smelter is  being greatly enlarged by thecompany  and with this additidn to the plant  there seems little doubt-that terms will  be seemed that will be . satisfactory to  both the mine-owners and smelter, and  . that will mean  a great deal for the  ?afflB-  .'The conditiqn of Rossland is exceedingly good.    The labor difficulties  are p/yer and  j:hpy seem.to liaveb_een  ^olved in a way that i�� wholly satisfactory.   A large amount o| development  \$ gnder vpay and good progress  .s be-  . jng- made,   "We s_iall tjegin shipments  ^.pq September 1 and will increase them  ; rapidly.   They-^ilJ be about 3Q0 tons  1 flajly at the cutset;   This will all be of  the- higher grade ore,   With a better  rate of treatment than we have now, I  am informed that-we could mine with  profit 1,000 tons per day.  "I visited the St. Eugene in East  Kootenay and was much pleased with  it. Though development has not gone  to great depth yet and the continuance  of the ore bodies below,' about 300 feet,  has not been proved, there is an immense amount of ore above lhi�� level  and . thgee is every* Indication that it  will__-Conti__ue_belowi-that_point.^���_,_Ehe=  water has been low recently and the  concentrator has been handling rather  less ore, but this was made up by running a higher grade of ore, so that  about an equal amount of concentrates  Jja�� beef} p/pdRced, Tjii��- giiestjpn of  writer supply will goon be solved, however, as an extra three miles of Burning- ie being put in that wiU give a permanent plentiful supply, The operation of the mine is being a decided  success, and there is promise that it  will greatly increase in value of output  as development continues."  In * reference to the attitude of the  War Eagle and Centre Star management toward labor matters, the following recent statement of |>(tr. Blackstock  to the Rossland Record Is of interest:  x -   -     'x     -   '.We haye no quarrel with the Miners'  ynion or any combination of workers.  J do not believe in attempting to fight  labor organizations, as it is a onesided contest from the start. The  ��� pitu^tjoni. as, we- found jt up to, a cer.  tain* point last year, was a perfectly  intolerable one and we will never submit to it again, no matter what the result may be.' Our expenses had grown  out .of all proportion to the results attained, and I believe that it was quite  true that we had become the laughing  , stock of all mining men owing to the  'mistaken course we adopted. For the  future, let me tell you plainly, t^e  mines will be; worked qn the strictest  t*Hs*ness principles, and in favor of the  Shareholders. Dp not mistwderstand  me- we will pay good wage* to good  men, but we will insist that the wages  paid are earned. I am not making any  axtravagant statement wtifin I say we  definitely ascertained, during the  period complained of, that many of thc  men only really worked one-half of  their time, and it became simply im-  y SeptemforS, 1900,  possible to carry the loid thus imposed.  Consequently we were obliged to close  down- as we did.  "I hope such a state of things will  never exist again; but," added the  speaker with a good deal of warmth,  <:if it ever does, we will close down  for so long that when we do start up  again there will be no fear of further  trouble. I wish it to be distinctly  understood that this is.not a threat,  but an iutimatiou of what we will be  compelled to do. During my visit I  have found a most decided improvement and I believe and hope it will  continue. We have many good miners  under contract," earning high' wages,  and there is a great change forthe bet  ter in many other respects."  Speaking of the frequent rumors  that thc two companies would consolidate, in the same interview Mr. Black-  stock said:  "Personally, we are in favor of  amalgamating the two companies, but  the other shareholders would probably  object. I was misquoted in.Tor on to in  this matter. What I said was that  shareholders of either the War Eagle  or Centre Star would object to having  the stock of the other unloaded on  them. We have perfect confidence in  both properties and I would not be  understood to reflect on .either one at  the expense of the other. We are pei-  fectly well satisfied with the way both  properties are coming on."���Spke_iman-  Review.  Cbe Queen..  g.gar go  ���������������  Clarendon Hotel Block,  Greenwood, B. C.  For Pipes, Tobaccos and Cigars  Wholesale and Retail,  PREVENTED A TRAGEDY.  . Timely information given Mrs.  George Long, of New Straitsville,  Ohio, saved two lives. A frightful  cough had long kept her awake every  night. She had tried many remedies  and doctors_but steadily grew worse  until urged to try Dr. King's New  Discovery. One bottle wholly cured  hea; and she writes, this marvelous  medicine also cured Mr.. L,ong of" a  severe attack' of -Pneumonia. Such  cures are positive proof of its; power to  cure all throat, chest and lungtroublef.  Only 50c and $1.00. Guaranteed. Trial  bottle free at Miller Bros'. Drug Store.  YARP AT DEAPWPOD, B. C.  We haye on hand   No, 1   Brick,   well  burnt and solicit yoqr patronage.  A. J, McGuire& Co,.  Deadwood,'B. C.  FOR_SALE  CHATHAM* WAGON ...$70.00  3 SLEIGHS (double tire?,) 30.00 each  HAI^ESS,. per sett...:.........! 16.00     .  APERAJOES (complete)......lS.00  --^ACKSADDLES::~r:.:-T:-^^r-"3.S0'i--"'  The. above although second-hand are  in first-class condition.    Apply  T, GRAHAM,  ALBERT CANYON, B. C.  M^ERAL ACT, 1896.  Certificate  of Improvements.  NOTICE.  BURNS, BURNS FRACTIONAL, COPPER  TRUST FRAC/TIONAT,, SCRANTON  OTIS TRACTION and . PICCADILLY  . FRACTION Mineral Claim ,.situate in tlie  Kettle River Mining Division of- Ya.lu  District. Where located: Ji. ".pa._-u.ood  Camp.  TAKI"! NfllUCE tliat I, E. A. I-ielcnbcrg  Free Miner's Certificate No.  n8"!(__, Intend sixty days from date hereof to  apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate  of Improvement.) for thc purpose of obtaining  a Crown Grant of the above claims.  And further take notice that action under  Section 37 must be commenced before the is-,  suance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 23rd day of June, A. X}., 19Q0,  ' * -1'   - E/'A. .U*at.ENI-ERG  Mineral Act, 1896.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTIOE.  "HERCULES" Mineral claim, situate in the  Kettle River Mining Division of Yale District. Where located; InCoppercamp.  TAKE NOTICE that I. Isaac H. Hallett, as  agenl for Edward I. .Tale, Free Miner's  Certificate No. 84408, intend, sixty days from  the dale hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder  for a Certificate of Improvements fo.r Hie piir.  pose of obtaining a Crown, <_.raiit to the above  claim.  And further take notice that action,  under  spctio'n 37, must be commenced before the is_  iiauce of such'certificate of improvements.  'Dated this 31st day "of May, 1900. ���  '4,2 '   I, '#.   HALLETT,  I. ROBT. JACOBS, Manager  nnr  _/UUl  ON REAL ESTATE  ?. lit lUcCeod  BARRISTER AND SOLICITOR  Room 4, Wallace-Miller Block.  DAWSON   &   CRADDOCK,  Cigars and Tobaccos,  Smokers' Sundries,  Comfortable Club Rooms.  Copper Street, Two Doors Below  Rendem, Corner.  MINERAL ACT,' 1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE. :"'';  'PHOENIX" and "PLATT" Mineral claim  ���'    situate in the Kettle River Mining- Div sion  of Yale District   Where' located :   In Dead-  wood camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I,' Isaac H. Ef-tUatt,  as agent for Phil Aspinwall, Proa Miner's  Certificate No. 3480lA,inteud si-.t"y days from the  date hereof, to apply to tiie Mining- Recorder  for a Certificate Qf Improvements, for the  purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of fhe  above claim.  And further take notice that action, under*.'  section .37, imist be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate ofilmproveruents.  Dated this 31st day of fiiav,-1900.    ���-���������������  41-50     .    I.H..HAX(k$$iT.   ...  Mineral Act. 1896.       7  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS,  NOT!QB,  ANACONDA, COLUMBIA AND KOOTENAY Rltnerfll Claims, situate in the  Kettle River Mining Division of Yale District. Where locrted : About two aud one  half mi-es northerly from GTeenwood.  TAKE   notice that!, J. A. Kirk acting as  ���asent    for   Wm.   T.        Olliver,     Free  Miner's Certificate/ No. 35674A  intond sixty days, from the date hereof,  to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of. Improvements, for .the purpose of  obtaining a Crown grant of the above claim.  And   further, take notice that action under  Section 37, must be commenced, before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 1st day of May, 1900.  J. A. KIRK.  MI^RAk ACT,  1896. ^  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE. 7  ELECTRIC mineral claim situate iii the Kettle  rieyr  mining: division   of   Yale   district.  Where located :   In Long Lake camp.  TAKE  NOTICE-that we, The Vancouver   =aiid���aBoundary_-_-i-Cileek-=-iDevelopni(ji-V  and Mining Company, L. Xy, JVee  miners certificate No. 29759, sixty days from  the dt*te hereof, to, apply to the fining Recorder fo.r. a'Cer-_ifiba-_e Qf Improvements for the  ft'uWobg'flf qbtalniug a, Crown Grant for the  _ibc*.ye mineral claim,  And. further lake notice that action, under  section 37, miisthE! commenced lieforo the issuance qf sjij'Qh Certificate of Improvement.  Paled tlliP 3'ld day of June, 1900.  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R# MENDENHALL, Agent.  1    The James Cooper Mfg, Co.,    1  *#���  -MONTREAL, QUEBEC,-  MANUFACTURERS OF  -##  I l_iger$oSS=$ergea_it  ������  mazh\nm<*  ROCK DRILLS, STRAIGHT LINE ^  DUPLEX and CORLISS AIR COM- 3  PRESSORS .... 3  BOILERS, HOISTS, PUMPS, Etc. COMP%\WDrEHK 3  ____,.______. STOCK CARRIED IN RQSSLAND. ^J  ���j-   H*B* e* mcnally, Rossland, B. %*  R. W* Kirkpatrick, Greenwood, B. e*   ^  ^iiuiiaiuiuuaiiiiiaiuiaiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiaiaiiiiaiiaiuiaiiiiiiiiiiiiaiaaiiiuuiuiaiuiiua^  Mineral Act. 1896.  Certificate  of Improvements,  NOTICE.  MARGRIE mineral sitiiate in tlio Kettle river  Miuing- Divif_*pfl at- Ya,\c District. Where  located. xx\ Slcylark camp.  XAKE NOTICE that I, C. JE. Shaw acting  asi'agent for Marry McArthur, Free  :r's Ccrtificate7734ii, and.George R. Naden,  FreeMiner's certilicate No. 14357a intend sixty _ ___  days from the date liereof to apply io tlic ~~_5  mining recorder for a certificate of improve-. -~<��j��  ment  for the  purpose of obtaining a. crovvn   "^  (rrant for above claim.    And further take nQligc that action   under  coction 37 ntus^ b^ CQmiiiunced before tlio issuance o.f siipl. cor'tificato of improvements.  piiM this 17tli day April, A. li. 1-60.  .1-50 C. JE. SHAW.  yiiiiiiiiuiiiiwiijiiiimniiuiiiiuuiiaiiiiitiiiuiuuuujtiiiiaiiuiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiimiiijijuu^  iisiness J  ���FOR���  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby g-iven that at the first  meeting of the Licence Commissioners for the  City of Greenwood held after thirty days from  the date hereof I shall apply for a transfer  from me to W. W. Howe of the Hotel Licence  held by me for the Commercial Hotel, Copper  street, in the City of Greenwood,  Dated 17th July, Woo.  A. BRANSON.  MINERAL ACT, 1896.  Certificate   of  Improvement.  NOTICE.  LAURA mineral claim, situated in the Kettlo  River mining division of Yale district.  Where located :   In I_ong.Lake.camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I. CHH,- Shaw'acting  as agent for Marry McArthur, Free  Miner's CertiDcata 7i34u, G. R. Naden, Free  Miner's cei'Ufiliate No. 14357a, and the P. A.  Larger}- estate, "Free Miuer's certificate No.  3%2'"n intend, sixty days from the dat e hereof  to apply to t(ie mining recorder for a certi licate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant oj {ixx> above claim.  And furthii*" take  notice that action, nnder  section 3', myst be commenced before the is-  -HaiiQeqf such certi fictte of improvements.  Dated this I2.th day of April, 1900.  41-50 C, JE. SHAW.  /T^  Subscribe  Now. : : -   -IN THE .   - ��� . ���-._.  go)ville Indian Reservation  Which has been Thrown Open fot- Settlement by the President,  TTritr Fnr Pirtinilir- tn    miBi-inm.  Gleo* B�� Ulecbem, Rock 0reeK.. 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The; fourjth, half-yearly-^ meeting- of  the iCootenay Presbytery was opened at  Greenwood on-Wednesday, August 29.  There are twentyoneordained ministers  on the roll, and of these seventeen  were present at the Greenwood meeting as follows: Revs. D. McG. Gandier,  B. A., Rossland; A,,D. Menzies, B. A.,  Kaslo; John Munro, B. A., Trail; M.  D. McKee, B. A., Slocan; J. A. Fergu-  ison, B. A., Sandon; Henry Young, M.  A., Ymir; J.R. Robertson; B. A.,  ���Grand Forks; W; A. Alexander, B. A.,  (Columbia; D.Campbell, B. A., Green-  jwood; Alex.-Dunn, B. A., Moyie; W.  G. W. Fortune, B. A., Cranbrook; A.  |o. Macrae, Ph. D., Whitewater; J. G.  jColquhbun, B. A., Rossland mines; H.  Mack'ay^ B. A., Eholt. D. McK. Reid,  iB. Am Fprt Steele; G. Sutherland, M.  A., Phpenix7and R. P. Murray, B. A.,  Midway: also K. "W. Barton, student  [missionary, Cascade.  ���The Presbyterian church   was   the  [pioneer in  the Boundary country, the  ifirst church buildin g   erected - being  lat Grand Prairie on   a site now  near  it._e7 new  town  of   Columbia,     This  church was destroyed by fire only, last  .Wpnth. 7An brdaiuetf tninister, for a  |lbng while the only minister resident  (in the Boundary district, attended to  ! the spiritual needs of thethen scattered  population.   Afterwards:   a    student  missionary   made" Midway his  headquarters.   Later,    when.- Greenwood  came into existence, a missionary took  up his  residence  here   and for more'  ,than  a> year  held  the  only regular  T.hurch services that the growing town  |was provided with. Then came a break  [in the work through a teuipbraryin-  abili,ty /to find a suitable min ister to  continue it.   Eventually this .obstacle  [was overcome and now every town in  the district has its resident Presy terian  minister,   doing aggressive   work for  the church. ,,-''.'.  |j   The Kootenay  Presbytery was or  ifganized in Rossland on July 25,1899.  Its second meeting was held at Nelson  on Sept. 12 following, and its third at  Kaslo, on Feb. 28, pf the current year;  The last business sessions;of the Presbytery wjere held on Wednesday.Thurs-  day and Friday.   On Wednesday evening- the'ministers were entertained at  *t**a by the ladies of the congregation  . pjf thf Greenvvopd. Presbyterian church  'apd this and o^hef hospitality.cordially  7^tpnded to the visitor's, was much ap.  preciated apdT&tU^ly^^cknowiedged;  I Af. j;he  'VV'ednesday  evening session,  I which folio-ped the tea, a number of  niem^ers of t\ie G^eenvfpod cqngrega>  tjon were preserit^atte^s of partic-vilar  importance to theijpi occiipying the at.  tentiqn of the Presbytery.   On Thursday night a numerously ^attended public  service was, held, and at this the  Rev. Hector Macrae, B, A., of Ejholt,  was licensed and ordained.  Much routine business was transacted  at the several sessions.   The various  reports received were indicative of a  generally   improving   condition   aud  healthy    growth    of    church    work  throughout the  wide area of country  under the jurisdiction of the Kootenay  Presbytery.   The affairs of the Green-  wood\ congregation   had  careful consideration.   Rev. A.   D. Menzies was  appointed  to conduct the services of  the church in Greenwood on Sunday,  ,2nd inst., and at them to read theJBnd-  ing pf the Presbytery upon the several  matters tha.t had received its attention.  This asked that a new organization of  the local church be undertaken; authorized the congregation to purchase a site  opposite the Hotel Armstrong and tp  greet;    tl^erepn    a   chitrch   building;  granted pernijs^iQn to proceed with a  ��all to a settled pastor; and dealt fully  with several questions of purely congregational   interest.   The   term   for  which Rev. D.  Campbell had been appointed minister having expired, Rev.  Mr.   Gandier was chosen, as interim-  moderator for the congregation during  the vacancy in the pastorate, he and  Rev. Mr. Menzies being constituted a  ;  committee of  supply  for Greenwood  for  the sj��he period.   Commissioners  were   appointed  to thoroughly effect I  ���the suggested new organization and to  act   generally  in   the best interests of  the congregation.  Application  was made by the Phoenix congregation to be :p_aced on the  list-of congregations who receive aid  from the Augmentation Fund, with a  view   to calling; a   pastor.     Rev.   G.  Sutherland, the missionary  at present  in charge,  may" undertake work in a.  foreig-n   fielid,  probably  in Demerara,  British Guiana. .The site for a church  .building at- Phoenix, selected by the  congregation    was     approved.      The  'resignation  of Rev. JyMunro,   Trail,,  was.accepted, that minister   being desirous of taking duty in the East. :��� The  Trail congregation applied to be placed  on the augmented list for' six months.  The* Sandon  church  building hnving  been-destroyed by fire, the Presbytery,  in  view of the need of the congregation there, took up the question of aid  towards re-building.    It was decided to  ask for a grant of $500 from the general  Church and Manse Building Fund and  to appeal to the churches throughout  the synod of British Columbia, to r.tise  $1,000 as further assistance tothatend.  Arrangements were thus made to endeavor to meet this  emergency.     The  issue of  the customary certificates to  Revs. J. McCoy and J. M. Wallace,who  have  removed from this Presbytery,  was approved.  It was decided to invite Rev.-Peter  Wright, D.D7 of Portag-e La Prairie,  to visit the Presbytery in the interest  of the Century Fund, in connection  with which efforts are being made to  raise by June.next $1,000,000 for the  purpose,of paying off.existing debts on  church property in the Dominion and  to provide a fund,to place the work, of  the church on a thoroughly satisfactory  financial footing. Towards* this fund  the ministers have themselves undertaken to dot-tribute about $100,000; . .  Rey. Mr. Gandier resigned pastoral  charge of the Rossland congregation,  also as Moderatorof the Presbytery  and Convener of the Home. Mission  onimittee"...'.' The Rossland congregation was cited to appear, j.n connection  with the resignation -of its .pastor, at  an adjourned7 meeting of the presbytery to be;held in Rossland ot. Wednesday, 19th\inst. ' Rev. Aley.TDiinn was  appointed Moderator and Rey. A. -P-  Menzies Convener of the Home Mission  committee. The^ latter appointment  involved _the resignation of Mr. Menzies as Clerk to the Presbytery. 7  Much other business-was disposed of,  including an approval by .the Presbytery of, an overture from the General  Assembly, regarding the extension of  the powers vested in the'Synod of the  church7 with a view to relieving the  Assembly of some of the large amount  of work which under existing conditions: it has to do.: The meeting of  the Presbytery; closed in the usual  manner in time for the. ministers to  leave for their respective charges on  Friday.'"' ' ��������������'������'  The Supply Point for  SUMMIT,   LONG LAKE, PASS  CREEK, and NORTH FORK Mining CAMPS.  The Junction of all the s pur lines of Boundary with the  Columbia aiid Western R. R,        The famous B. C. mine  lies immediately South of Townsite,  ���AN ABUNDANT SUPPLY OF GOOD WATER-  Lots may be secured at reasonable prices and deed can be  .   issued at .once at once.    For terms etc, apply to :  H; t. WILGRESS, G. 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And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the  Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 12th day of April, A. D. 1900.  41-50 C. JE. SHAW.  MINERAL, ACT, 1896.  Certificate of Improvement  NOTICE.  HONA-VULU mineral claim, situate in the  Kettle River Mining Division of Yale District. Where located : InCoppercamp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, C. JE. Shaw as  agent for James R. Mciiackson, Free  ia_.it-er's^Certificate_No._Bl3 5<- and William H..  McMacbson, Free Miners Certificate No. B_3593  intend; sixty days from date hereof, to apply to  the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Im  provements for the purpose of obtaining a  Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action under  Section 37 must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated the 20th day of November, 1899.  192 C JE. SHAW.  SWAYNEHOUSE  Comfortable furnished root?, s.  Private Board. Home Cooking-. Board and room from  $7 a week and upwards.  MINERAL, ACT/1896.  CERTIFICATE    OF    IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTIOE.  "SUNFLOWER" Mineral Claim situate in  the Kettle River Mining Division of Yale  District. Where located : In Deadwood  camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett, as  agent for Tho British Columbia Copper  Company,       Limited, (Foreign),        Free  Miner's Certificate No. B29S82, Intend,  sixty days after dale hereof to apply to the  Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  Grant of the above claim.  Aud further'take notice that action under  Section 37 must be commenced before the  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 10th day of July, A. D��� 1900.   I.   H.   HALLETT-  Mineral Act, 1896.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTIOE.  ROBERT EMMET Mineral claim, situate in  the Kettle River Mining Division of Yale  District.  TAKE NOTICE that I, C. JE. Shaw, acting as agent for C. J. McArthur, Free  Miner's Certificate 6227n, G. R. Naden, Free  Miner's Certificate 14357a. and the P. A.Largey  estate, Free Miner's Certificate No,  29029b       intend sixty days from  the date hereof, to apply to the Mining  Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the  above claim-  And further take notice that action, under  Section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 12tU day of April, 1900.  33-47 C. M. SHAW.  NOTICE.  To John Empey of the City of Rossland, in  British Columbia, and Robert E. L. Brown  of the City of Victorjia in British Columbia:  Sirs:���We hereby give you notice that 6n  behalf of our clients, Messrs. George A. Rendell and George R. Naden, both of the City of  Greenwood in British Columbia, the vendors of  the lands an* premises, lately contracted to be  purchased by you, the said John Empey, by an  agreement dated the Sth day of June, A. D.,  1899, and which lands and premises are described in said agreement as being a certaiu  -portion-of"the^Barbara=niineral"claitn,-beiiig-  lot eight hundred and seventeen (817) situate in >  the City of Greenwood in British'Colunrbia,  and more particularly described as situate on  the southeast side of Dundee street in said city  facing Copper street, and the northwest corner  of the lands agreed to be sold to be not more  than thirty-five (35) feet from the northeast  corner of lot one (1) in Block-*E" in the subdivision of part of the Dundee mineral claim,  being lot six hundred aud one (001) and "which  said described lauds were on the survey of the  Barbara mineral claim platted - and are known  as lots seven and eight (7 and 8) in Block "A" ,_  in the subdivision of said Barbara- mineral  claim.  That the day hereby fixed for completion1 of  the purchase is now long past and that the  vendors are ready and willing to make and  execute, and to procure the concurrence of the  necessary parties, if any, to a conveyance to  you, the said Robert E. L. Brown, to whom the  said John Empey on the 23th day of November,  1899, assigned his interests in said lands, of the  fee simple in possession of the premises comprised in the said agreement in accordance  with the conditions and stipulations of th  same; and that the vendors ret]uire you within  twenty-one (21) days from this date to complete  the purchase and pay thc remainder of the.  purchase moneys with iutetest up to the day of  such completion as provided bv said agreement; and we further give you notice that the  vendors will hold you liabel for all loss or  damage which* may be incurred by them by  reason of any delay or default on your part in  completing the said purchase or otherwise in  relation to the said agreement.  And wc further give _-ou .lotice that after thc  expiration of the twenty-one days, the vendors  will enter into possession of thc said lands and  all buildings thereon and will declare the said  agreement of Sth of June, 1899, cancelled and  void without further notice.  Greenwood, 11. C. the 9th day of August. 1900.  Hallbtt & Shaw,  Vendors' Solicitors.  Tsfrcw iwnummiiiiimK,  NOTICE.  SHEEP,   SHEEP.  For sale  600 ewes and ewe lambs.  About 200  are fat and will be sold by  live weight.   Apply   J. T. DAVIES,  Okanagan Mission, B. C.  ###*#���>#***���������###**<-**<-**  NOTICE is hereby given that at the first  meeting of the Licence Commissioners for the  City of Greenwood held after thirty days from  the" date hereof I shall apply for a transfer  from me to I. P. Armstrong of the hotel license  held by me for the Hotel Armstrong, Government street, in the City of Greenwood.  J. W. POWELL.  Dated 15th day August, 1900.  MINERAL   ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  HAM   FAT  Mineral  Claim,    situate  in   the  Grand   Forks Mining   Division   of   Yale  District.   Where located :    Summit camp,  about 1500 feet East and South of the R.  ���    Bell claim.  TAKE NOTICE that we Mary Garland,  Free Miner's Certificate No. r>8200, W. S.  McCrea, Free Miner's Certificate No. B30912,  Geo.A.Guess, Free Miner's Certificate No.n29740  intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a  crown grant to the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37. must be commenced before the issue  ance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 15th day of August, A. D'. 1900. ;i','.��-  '-tytsi-  September 5, 1900.  GMENWOO0 WEEKLY  _nteMDM  ^auauiiaiiiiauiiiiiuiaiuiuuiuuiiuuiiiiaiiiaaiiuauii^  Watch  Movements  AT'  ������  and Sewellers**  GREENWOOD,   B.   C-  ffmmtwtwifmmmtfmmmm^  gity Qicaninas  Wantkd���A young woman to assist.  Merchants Cafe, Greenwood St.  Dr. Mathison, dentist, over Bank of  Commerce.    Columbia 'phone 1-6.  On Sunday, August 26th, a son was  born to the wife of F. "W. Groves.P.k.S*.  Mr. Ronald Harris, M. I)., returned  last night from a visit, to H/Ondon,  Ontario.  Hon. T..Mayne Daly, Q. C, of Rossland, paid Greenwood another visit  last Saturday.  Mr. James Jones, C. P. R. lost  freight tracer, is now in the city upon  official business. ..:���'-.'.  Mr. Gilbert Mahon, manager of the  Jewel mine, returned from Rossland  last Thursday night.  Mr. D. C. Jenkins, editor of the Bolster Drill was a welcome caller at the  Times office last Monday.  The Methodist Sunday school-picnic  held at Boundary Falls last Saturday  was a very enjoyable affair. Harvey  & Robins, of the Palace livery supplied a number of rigs which conveyed  the children and their friends to and  from the Falls.  Reminder is given that the next sitting in Greenwood of the County Court  of Yale will be held on Monday, 24th  inst.  Mr. R.  Marpole,  superintendent, of  the Pacific division of the C. P. R.. is  expected to again visit Greenwood this  week. _______  _._:A^ball, js^toJDeLgiven^_qn^JTriday  night, 7th inst.. in Miller's hall, under  the auspices of the Greenwood Fire  Department.  An illustrated article descriptive of  the British Columbia Copper company's smelter near Greenwood appears in this month's issue of the B. C.  Mining Record.  There will be a refreshment room at  the firemen's ball under the supervision of E. Kerfoot, public and private  caterer, of the Merchants' Cafe, Greenwood street.  Mr. E. F. Massam, of Spokane, is  spending a few days with his partner,  Mr. A. Iyaidlaw, who is showing him  about the mining camps around  Greenwood.  A box car partially loaded with ore  was accidentally bumped over thc end  of the railway spur at the Winnipeg-  mine one day recently. '  Mrs. Jacobs, wife of Mr. J. R. Jacobs,  manager of the Midway Trading company, came in from Colville last Thursday night, and next day went down to  Midway.  Rev. D. Campbell, who for nearly a  year has been Presbyterian missionary  resident in Greenwood, proposes taking  a rest and change for a brief period before resuming church work.  At Phoenix last Friday John Dorsey  was fined $75 and costs for selling intoxicating liquors at Hartford Junction  -without a licence. Provincial Constable Darraugh prosecuted.  Dr. Kingston, of Eholt, intends  shortly making his headquarters at  Phoenix, that town being more centrally situated for the discharge of his  profession.il duties as doctor to the  miners] employed at several of the  mines.  Monday, 3rd inst., being Labor -Day  and a public holiday, no meeting of the  city council was held on that date. As  there was no business requiring immediate attention it was decided that  there was no particular need to hold a  meeting this week.  Mr. S. F. Parrish, superintendent of  the B.;C. mine, returned last "Wednesday night from. Deliver, Colorado.  Next day he went out to the mine, having with him as guest Professor S. F.  Emmons of the United States Geological Survey  '���-.'���  Miss Helen Moffat arrived on Monday night on a visit to her relatives in  this city. She is a second year pupil  of the New Westminster high school  and will take a vacation until the  Christmas holidays, when she will  return to the Royal City to resume her  studies.  The Rock Creek bridge, on the Greenwood-Camp McKinney road, which  badly needed repair, is now having  new stringers put in and the decking  is being renewed. The bridge over the  Kettle river at Ingrim's, between Midway and Rock creek, should also have  early attention. -**"'  Among numerous prizes taken by  Canadian exhibitors atthe-Paris-Expo-  sition were the following awards made  to British Columbia: Grand prize for  minerals; gold medals for cereals, and  to B. C. Experimental Farm for fruit,  and a silver medal to the Crow's . Nest  Pass Coal company.  Mr. R. E. L. Brown (known as "Barbarian" Brown) of New York, accompanied by Messrs. J. R. Stephens, of  San Francisco, and John Empey and  R. E. Pitcher, of Sjpokane, arrived in  town on Saturday night. Mr. Brown  is interested in several ������ properties  about Greenwood and up the West  Fork of Kettle River.  Mr, Gilbert Mahon, resident manager for the company owning the  Jewel mine, Long Lake camp, returned from Rosslaud last Wednesday  night. During his absence he made  arrangements for the treatment at the  Silica Reduction Works, near Rossland, of a quantity of gold-quartz ore  from the Jewel.  Capt. J. W. Troup, [superintendent,  and Mr. F. P. Gutelius, chief engineer  of the Kootenay division of the C. P.  R., and of the Columbia and Western,  came to Greenwood last week to ascertain what additional tracklaying is  required at the British Columbia Cop  per company's smelter.  A meeting of the congregation of the  Greenwood Presbyterian church is to  be'held on Thursday evening 13th  inst., with the object of acting on the  recommeudatiou of the Presbytery  that a thorough reorganization be  effected. A numerous attendance is  looked for, the meeting being regarded  as the most important yet convened in  the interests of the Greenwood congregation.  Mr. J. W. Astley, C. E., consulting  engineer to the British Columbia  (Rosslaud and Slocan) Syndicate, Ltd.,  was taken ill with some intestinal  trouble at the Snowshoe mine, Greenwood camp, on Friday, 24th ult. Later  he appeared much better, but early  last week he suffered a relapse, so was  sent to his home in Rossland by last  Friday's train.  Superintendent S. F. Parrish, of the  B. C. mine, who left Greenwood for  Denver, Colorado, on Aug. 4, returned  last. Wednesday night, 28th ult. On  going out to the mine next morning he  was accompanied by Professor S. F  Emmons of the United States Geological Survey, an old Colorado friend, to  whom he had much pleasure in extending a hospitable welcome.  In connection with the' projected  road from Princeton to Hope, to open  up the vast Similkameen country, a  proposition has been submitted to  strengthen it with sheet iron rails.  Though somewhat novel to most people, this idea has passed the experimental stage, as in the eastern states  their advantage has been proved more  then once in enabling the drawing of  of very heavy loads otherwise impossible.���Toronto Monetary Times.  Greenwood's athletes were successful  at last Monday's Labor Day celebrations. At Rossland Chas. Wilson won  both the 100-yard Union men's handicap foot race and "the 100-yard free-for-  all, and F. J. Mitchell carried off the  $30 stake in the 220-yard free-for-all,  beating four other sprinters. At Molson P. G. McLeod won the 100-yard  free-for-all, the high jump and the long  jump. ______  ' Mayor Hardy, Police Magistrate  Hallett and Messrs. Duncan Mcintosh  and R. P. Williams represented  Greenwood at the complimetary banquet tendered Mr. S. H. C. Miner,  president of the Granby Smelting company, at Grand Forks last Thursday  night. There was a numerous and  representative attendance and the proceedings were very enthusiastic  and harmonious. There was much  gratification expressed at the successful operation, of the Granby smelter  and too ���very* confident expectations  of .the further success ofvthe Miner-  Graves enterprises and "of ..mining  operations in the Boundary country  generally.   *  Mr..A.'.S. Griswold, superintendent  of the Columbia Telephone companj*,  left for Republic last Wednesday after  spending, a week in Greenwood and  vicinity on official business. ~ He was  accompanied by S. W. Houston, manager of the company's local office, who  returned to Greenwood the following  day. The company,is doing a deal of  work at Republic just now and to meet  the increasing demands of its business  in that town is installing a new and  larger switchboard there. Good progress is being made with .the work of  constructing the telephone line from  Bolster to Brewster, Wash. The poles  have been erected to Conconnully and  now the construction gang is pushing  southwards towards Brewster.  Mr. C. JE,. Shaw, P. L. S., has received instructions to at once survey a  route for the wagon road up the West  Fork of Kettle river, from Westbridge  to Beaverton, an appropriation of $8,-  000 for the construction of which has  been passed by the provincial legislature. Mr. Shaw will hasten his work  of laying out the road and will make  certain suggestions to the government  engineer with the view to so facilitating construction as to ensure the completion of the road all the way to  Beaverton before the .winter sets in.  Instructions have also reached Mr.  Shaw to examine the completed portion of the wagon road towards White's  camp and to superintend the construction of the two miles of road beyond  the No. 7 mine, Central camp, so as to  make connection between Greenwood  and the City of Paris mine, White's  camp.  ~  ������' MAIL CHANGES.  Changes have been made in the  times of departure and arrival of mails  between Greenwood and Midway,Camp  McKinney, Fairview, Penticton and  way points. The mail route has also  been changed west of McCuddy's,  Okanagan Falls being missed under  the new arrangement and the Fairview  route being substituted therefor. Mails  now leave Greenwood for the' west on  Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday  mornings at 6 o'clock, closing the previous nights at 9 o'clock. They are  due to reach McCuddy's at 5 o'clock in  the afternoon of the same days as they  leave Greenwood, and Fairview at 9:30  o'clock the same nights. They leave  Fairview at 1:30 O'clock the following  afternoons and "reach Penticton at 6  o'clock in th<*. evenings. Returning  Penticton is left at 7 o'clock in the  morning of Tuesdays, Thursdays-and  Saturdays and McCuddy's is reached  at 5 o'clock the same afternoons.. McCuddy's is left the following mornings  at 7 o'clock and Greenwood is reached,  at 7 o'clock in the evenings. '"The  night's stop-over is made'at McCuddy's  inwards and at Fairview outwards.      j  Mails for Oroville, Wash., leave  Fairview at 2 o'clock on Tuesday afternoons and arrive at Oroville >at 6  o'clock the same evenings. Return*-  ing, Oroville is left at 7-�� o'clock on  Wednesday mornings and Fairview is  reached at 11:30. Ooyoos is called at  both going and coming. A separate  mail service is provided for Okanagan  Falls;'  CONTRACT.  SEALED TENDERS, addressed to the Postmaster General, will 'be received at Ottawa until noon, on Friday the 5th October for  the conveyance of Her Majesty's Malls, on a  proposed Contract for four-years, 12 time per  ^vyeel.-.each-vvajv-bet-veenithe^Greenwood-Post  office aijd polumljla and Western Railway  Statjpii, frpnj the }sj! November next.  Printed notipes containing- further information as tf7conditions pf'proposed Contract  may be seen'and b'aitic fgrrus of Tender may be  obtained at the Post Office of Greenwood and at  this office.  Post Office Inspector's Office, j.  Vancouver. B.C., 24th Angust, l^oo  [  W. H. DORMAN,    "  __  Post. Office Inspector,  NOTICE  SALE OP  CROWN LAND  BY TENDER.  1R. P. Rithet & Co.  LIMITED.  WHOLESALE   GRbCERS  WINE AND SPIRIT  MERCHANTS.  VICTORIA, B.  C.  m��h��:  SEALED TENDERS will be  received   by  the undersigned up to  noon of Wednesday, 1st August,  1900, for the purchase of Iiot  1,57*/. Group 1, Osoyoos Division of Yale District, containing 2 22-100 acres, more or less.  *���-;������        yf. s. G.ORE,  Deputy Conimissibngr of Lands arid Works,  Lands and Works Department.  Victoria, B. C, 3rd July, IWO.   SOCIETIES,  Boundary  Valley   Lodge  No. 38, I.O.O.P.  EETS every Tuesday  _   Evening-   at   8.00  iii  their lodge room at Greenwood, B.C.   A cordial  invitation is extended to all sojourning breth-  ��rn. Duncan Ross, N.G. ���  J. J. Gullbv, Rec. Sec  /nB  A.   F.   &  A.   M.  GREENWOOD LODGE, 4- F; 4* A !M  Regular Communication first Thursday in  every month. Sojourning 6rethron cordially  invited. R. F. COATES.  A. S. Bx-ack. W. M Secretary  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  TINTIC Mineral Claim, situate in the Kettle  River Mining, division of Yale, district.  Where located:   In Deadwood camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H.' Hallett,  free miner's certificate No. 1.10A, in tend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the  mining- recorder for a certificate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining- a crown  grant of tha above claim.  And further take notice .that- action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 12th day of March. 1"300.  j I. B. Hallett.  ���32;      a  PSt      fcc  C__S    -<  ���Is the' greatest leader   of of all  Champagnes.     The importations 'for,*'  l;KiFwineln"1899 sw<E._^109r3037ica.seg7T  being 72,475 more than   any other  br^njii--��� a record never before  approached, y  * The importations* irorq January 1st fo July 1st  this year are 66,149 eases.oufcif a'; total of "}3$,ifci4,  thus showing that the "G. H. MUMM'S EJXT8A  DRY" imports are about half of the total  Champagnes.  Its Quality Can Always k Reliel IJpon.  To be obtained at all first-class refreshment places throughout  British Columbia,  >_^>=S��'-*"y-":-a>-"^^  IMPROVED SINKING PUMPS,  >axSSS__23__^S?5?SSS2��^?5S5S5.  PISTON PATTERN. *  Thjs I?jimp js of comparatively light weight  easy* to _i"}n'ole 411'd'g vgs! unqualified satisfaction, It lias'up projepting valve' gear <)r p-jrts  liable to breakages in Handling. It is fitted  with convenient suspending'hboksand in easily  reoacked. M(ue Superintendents and othpf.s  are invited to send for our catalogue and  figures before purchasing.  We manufacture a full line of Pumps for  mine'work.  Norbtey Manfg. Co.Ld.  Toronto, Ont.  CUNLIFFE <_. ABLETT  Agents at Rossland.  MAGKAY & WALKEN  Agents attVancouver.


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