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 4*  6>_.4-*  Published Weekly in the Interests of the Boundary Creek Mining District.  Vol. VII.  GREENWOOD, B. C., SATURDAY, JUNE: 23, 1900.  198  No. 41.  immmmmmmn^  Head Office and "Works at  Belleville, Ont.  Branch Ofrice and Works at  Trail, B.C.  MINING, MACHINERY  THE  (tttAC (HXaCHINE Co., Limited,  Manufacturers ot  Air Compressors, Roc "Drills, Hoisting and Stationary Engines, Boilers,  Ore Trucks, Ore Cars, Ore Buckets, etc.  Agents for Knowles Steam Pump Works ���  Our Shops at Trail are most complete, consequently we are in  a position  to handle all  kinds of Repairs.    If you are troubled with your Drills freezing', or wish to  save money buying repairs, then USE   OURS. J. P. BYERS, Mgr./Trail.B.C  imiiiuiiiiuiuaiiiiiiiiaiaaiiuiiiiiuuauiiiiuiiiiiiuiaiiiiiiiiiiuiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiuiiiiiiiiis:  Jenckes Machine Co.  Always on  Hand at  Rossland Depot.  HOISTING  PLANTS  BUCKETS,    CARS,    ROPE,    SINKING AND STATION  PUMPS,   CHAIN   BLOCKS,   RAND  DRILLS   AND  compressors. f. R. MENDENHALL, Agent.  The James Cooper Mfg. Co,,    1  **-  -MONTREAL, QUEBEC,-  "   MANUFACTURERS OF  -##  lrtaer$oll=$erqeant  ������  machinery*.  BOILERS, HOISTS, PUMPS, Etc.  Iff. H. 0. MfcniHy/Rossiairid, B. c. __  ROCK DRILLS, STRAIGHT LINE ~  DUPLEX and CORLISS AIR COM- =_  PRESSORS .... 3  COMPLETE MINE EQUIPMENTS !Z3  OF ALL KINDS. -*������  STOCK CARRIED IN RQSSLAND. ^  ft* R. Kirkpatt-iek, Greenwood, B. <5. ~s  Interesting Letter Regarding  Events at Federal Capital.  MEMBER MAKES CHARGES  Regarding-    Worthless     Emergency  Rations���A Disorderly  Scene.  Pumping Machinery For Mine Wort.  WE ARE PREPARED  To fnrnish Pumping Machinery of various types for  all Mining- duties. Our long experience and up to  date" "plant" 'and "methods ~7m_.ble~lis"tb~~waxrarit~dur"  Pumps unapproached for design, durability,.compactness and general serviceable qualities. - -We would be  pleased to furnish catalogue and estimates.  Nortliey MI'g Co. Toronto, Ont.  CUNLIFF & ABLENT, Agents at Rossland.  MACKAY & WALKEN, Agents at Vancouver.  WM. SMITH, P. O. Box IW, Agent at Greenwood, B. C.  Ottawa, J une 16.���Somewhat better  progress has been made-this week with  the serious business of the session,  but if on the one hand the legislation  on the order paper has"been'-put-forward .a few. stages, other matters have  developed which give every indication  of lengthening out considerably a  session which has already fully run  the average length. The principal  item under this latter head which has  materialized this week has been the  charge made by .Mr. Monk of Jacques  Cartter against the militia department  of purchasing worthless emergency  rations for the South African contingents, to which reference was made  last week. When the worthy member  first launched his tirade against the  minister of militia; he; was evidently  not prepared for the very prompt manner in which he was taken up by the  government, and promised his committee of inquiry if only he would lay  before the house something definite to  inquire into.  MODIFYING klS CHARGES.  So specific, was the challenge that  Mr. Monk had no alternative but to  accept itf and in due course his indictment was presented; It was at once  seen that'the honorable member had  mostymateriaUy^. niodified.=v;his .accur  sations, for instead of fraud, malfeasance of office and .sundry other high  crimes and misdemeanors,.which were  either definitely charged or broadly  insinuated in his first harangue to the  house, the most serious accusation that  he dared definitely make against the  minister - was one, of "gross and culpable negligence." But this is serious  enough, of course, and the government, after a frank and convincing  statement by the minister, which puts  the affair in such a position that the  opposition is now getting little comfort  out of it, promptly implemented their  promise of a committee of investigation. The. opposition now has one  more chance to squander public time  and money in a wild-goose chase aftel  an election cry. Their success at this  sport has not been strikingly manifested in the past; it remains to be  seen what luck awaits them this time.  ^^_.iSNsro)_"7Bisi^^  The ingenuity of oppositionists is  elected by a majority twice as large as  the biggest majority ever obtained by  a Tory in that riding, and thirteen  times greater than . that secured  by his predecessor over the same  opponents two months ago. These are  a couple of samples of the nonsense  which is being talked about government disintegration. It is to be feared  that thc Tories themselves are not getting much comfort out of signs no  more convincing than these. Another  writer,���a fairly representative sample  of his tribe,���incautiously remarked  before the election last week in British  Columbia that "Joe Martin declares he  will have no Laurier in his," and that  "Mclnnes of British Columbia has  shaken the dust of Ottawa off his feet."  In view of the fact that Premier Martin has been so emphatically repudiated by the electors of British Columbia  and that Mr. W. W. B. Mclnnes found  it necessary to very emphatically assure'the electors that he was not a  Martinite to secure his election, it may  uot be unreasonable to ask for a clearer explanation of how the British  Columbia local election is a condemnation of therLaurier administration ?  CHAMBERLAIN'S VIEWS.  The  ��MAS & NBWC0FIB  ...MINE AND STOCK BROKERS...  & 3 Fernwell Block, Spokane,  Wash., U. S.  have  buyers  for Winnipeg,    Brandon   and   Golden  .rrison. Knob Hill,   Reservation,   Mt.   Sion,   Jim  |Blainc, Princess Maud, Black Tail, Evening Star. *  YOUR STOCK TO US FOR CAREFUL ATTENTION  fine, line OF.  lUR GUARANTEE-  We guarantee to furnish a better Cash Register  than any other company and at a lower price.  Ationai ��ae0 QPte-jie^et Co.  Pipes, Cigars,  Tobaccos and Pouches.  IN CHINA  Several  Thousand Russians  Under the Walls of Peking.  ADMIRAL SEYMOUR'S MEN  Are Enduring Hardships���Everything  Quiet In South Africa���No News   .  From Lord Roberts.  JUST RECEIVED.  Coryell's  Map  of  Wellington  $1.00.  Camp  J. A. HUN,  DRUGGIST,  MIDWAY,   B. C  DAYTON, OHIO.  _.&y;ess all communications to  A. H. WALLBRIDGE, Sales Agent,  Vancouver, B. C.  THISTLE  Is the Best Scotch Whisky  -AND���  SEAGRAM'S  The Best Canadian.  SOI/E AGENTS:  Rithet & Co. Ltd.  VICT9R1A    B.C  being severely taxed these days to discover those signs of disintegration in  the ranks of the liberal party which  are being so earnestly hoped for, but  which so obstinately refuse to manifest themselves. Because half a dozen  or so supporters of the government in  the present House of Commons have  intimated their intention of retiring  when their present term expires, we  hear the old familiar cry that "the  Grits are on the run." A typical sample of this is the case of Mr. Speaker  Bain, who has, it is well known, been  anxious to retire from public life for  some years past, and who is now unhappily compelled by failing health to  carry that desire into effect; but even  his twenty-eight years of faithful service, during which his political conduct has never once been called into  question even by his most bitter opponents, does not protect him from the  miserable insinuations of small politicians. So, too, the intimation that  the minister of customs may not offer  himself for re-election in North Grey,  is taken as an indication that he fears  the result of a contest there; whereas  IT IS PERFECTLY WEM, KNOWN  By every man who makes any pretense  of being informed of the facts that  Mr. Paterson only sought the suffrages  bf the electors, of North Grey because  the constituency happened to fall  vacant by tbe death of the sitting  member at the time of his entering  the  government,   and  he  was   then  Great Commoner Makes Some  Pertinent Observations.  London, June 20.���Joseph Chamberlain, secretary of state for the colonies,  addressing a meeting of the Women's  Liberal Unionist Association, said the  colonies tia-d seen through the haze of  the South African anti-bellum negotiations when Sir Henry Campbell-Ban-  nerman, the Liberal leader of the  house of commons, and others were  mystified. Now that the war was concluding, he "added, all were unanimous  that whatever the final settlement may  be, it must be final, and should not  leave .behind it the seeds of further  mischief, and make a repetition of ' the  trouble possifeiiJ?^ The opposition  wanted to know when a general electionwould be called:* ''"He was unable  to gratify their natural curiosity,' but  whether the election took place tomorrow, or was postponed indefinitely,  it would be one of the most momentous  presented to the people of the United  Kingdom during a. century, involving,  as it did, the question of the future of  South Africa and the future" of the  empire.' Referring to cdntinen tal criticism, Mr. Chamberlain, after remarking that England always expected this,  went on to say: "But there are quarters whence even a note of disapproval  would be a matter of serious concern.  I refer to pur colonies and the United  States. I think we are happy in that  we have their good opinion and approval. It is true this good opinion of  the United States is not unmixed with  other sentiments. I will not now enter  upon the causes, partly political and  partly sentimental, which have led  certain Americans to sympathize with  wh^V~tlieyncairarepublic7 although" its  whole existence and practice has been  one perpetual denial of the principles  upon which tlieir own great republic  is founded. I believe the great majority of the Americans recognize that  our claims in this war are as high and  unselfish as those which Animated  themselves in the Spanish-American  struggle. They fought them for justice and liberty, not for their own subjects, but for those whom they believed  to be the victims of oppression, and  we did not enter into quizzical disquisitions or technical discussions, but  recognized that they were carrying  out as Anglo-Saxons a great work of  civilization and humanity. Now we  are asking their sympathy, and we believe that in the long run we shall get  in the final seal of their approval."  London, June 20.���Several thousand  Russians are now under the vails of  Peking with artillery. The attack is  being made on two sides, in order to  divert the attack of the Chinese on the  foreign legations. On June 16th, the  Chinese troops commanded by Tung  Ching, fired five European buildings.  Rumors that all foreigners were killed  are unconfirmed. Admiral Seymour's  column is now on an arid plain, without food or good waterj and surrounded  bv hostile forces. A United States  transport with 1,200 troops from Manilla landed at Taku. Admiral Kernpf  with an effective fleet of gun-boats is  enroute for Tien Tsin. The ninth infantry has sailed from Manilla to  China. The Russian government declares her movement is only to assist  other governments in the defense of  common interests. The attitude of  apan is equally conservative. The  British flag is reported. visible at the  south gate of Peking and is presumed  to indicate the arrival of Seymour.  The* summoning'of Li Hung Chang  to Peking is regarded as a change of  front on the part of the Manchus op- *  posing foreign powers. The Boxer  movement is however spreading all  over China.  London, June. 20.���The war office  publishes a long list of casualties  hitherto not reported, from engagement with the Boers. The wires are  cut to the rear and there have been no  advices from Lord Roberts since June  16th. The Boers are gathering in force  nearFricksburg underDevilliers. They  are trying to break Rundel's lines  which extend forty miles. Roberts is  arranging for the retraasportation of  part of the army.  _C. P. R.TELEGRAPR.  R. E. Gosnell, having been called  away to the Coast on business, has requested E. Jacobs to act in his stead in  collecting specimens of Boundary district ores for inclusion in the display  the Provincial government intend  making at the Winnipeg Exhibition,  to be held shortly. Mr. Jacobs will be  glad to receive from mine managers  and others interested three or four  specimens, not to exceed two pounds  each in weight, from the different  mines in the district. These maybe  addressed to him and left at The  Times office or Imperial Hotel, Greenwood. It is desirable that name of  mine and of company owning it, depth  from which ore came, width of ore  body and average assay value accompany each lot of specimens.  The upper story of the Naden-Flood  block is being brought out flush with  the street, the work being in charge of  Smith Bros. & Travis.  Company's Officials Pay The City a  Visit-  Jas. Kent, general manager of the  Canadian Pacific Railway company,  Montreal, and his son, C, S. Jenkins,  general superintendent, Winnipeg,  Jas. Wilson, superintendent for. the  Pacific Coast, A. A. Goodehill and  George Hodge, Montreal, were a party  of telegraph and railway officials who  arrived by last evenings regular train  and registered at the Armstrong.  Mr. Kent was making his first visit  to Greenwood and was astonished at  the size and importance of the city.  The party left by today's train and  will return home via the Crows Nest  railway.  Yesterday Thos. Skinner one of thc  English directors of the C. P. R. and  R. Marpole the Pacific Coast superintendent were in the city.  Yesterday, the men at thc Old Iron  sides engaged in stoping, were temporarily laid off, simply because the bunkers are full and there is uo place to put  the ore. There is now 8,000 tons in the  bunkers and at least double that  amount stoped out in the mine. Shipping will begin early next week and as  soon as the present overflow is met,  work will be resumed.  J. Lukov, the Copper street merchant, collected S10.10 among his  immediate friends for the India  Famine Relief Fund and forwarded  the same to James Crosby Brown, the  treasurer, in Now Yfork. As the cause  is a most worthy ''one, others should  follow Mr. Lukov's example.  m  -j y*> THE GREENWOOD WEEKLY TIMES.  ftt^iiiiiSiimxmxfmitm^y  meekly Csrsies.  PUBLISHED BY  The Greenwood Times Printing and PuWishlng  Company, Limited. ���������  Duncan Ross ' _ Editor.  SATURDAY, JUNE 23/1900,  GIVE   THEM   A   CHANCE  Two years ago the people of British  Columbia said they were tired of Turner and they turned him out. Iu the  turning, Semlin was turned in. The  most striking feature about Semlin  and his party was that they were opposed to Turnerism. Their political  strength was of a negative order and  they soon became the prey of one  Joseph Martin who had positive and  personal strength. The political whirl-  a-gig brought Joe out on top. Now  when the people turned out Turner  they did not expect to have Joe Martin  on their hands and when they got an  opportunity they turned down not only  Joe Martin, but fairly wiped out of existence Mr. Semlin's party because  tliey made little use of the opportunity  given them in 1898. When the people  have to make so many changes iu so  short a time and there is not a wender-  ful variety to choose from, it is not  strange that Turner should be thrown  to the top. He does not appear as star  in the company this_ time but he has  given to the play what little reputation  it possesses and he is better known  than his leader.  We think that the leaders of the present government must realize the fact  ' that their own virtues did not place  them in power. They are creatures of  fortune who have profited by the vices  of Joseph Martin. They have no mandate from the people in regard to ques-  ��� tions of public policy nor have they a  certificate of public confidence in their  ability to give this Province a wise  and progressive administration.  They are an experiment���something  to fill the gap. Their success must  depend upon their own efforts. There  is not a member'of the government  but what is personally honest and who  has the best interests of the Province  at heart, but if the government does  not wish to run up against public  opinion they will steer clear of what  is commonly known as Turnerism.  They will remember,; that Victoria is  not the only city in the Province and  that Vancouver Island is not the whole  Province; they will no longer allow a  public office to be regarded as a private  snap; they will give land-grabbers and  charter-mongers a wide berth; they  will realize that it is more profitable  from a political, as well as fro.m a public, point of view to encourage the development, of the Province by the  judicious expenditure of money where  it is needed rather than throw away  the public funds in building roads io  every f arm.house in the rural districts  t on the Coast; they will be wise to appreciate the danger of. continuing to  disfranchise populous mining districts  ���while a mere handful of farmers return two representatives, and. they will.  take advantage of the very earliest  ol>]wtunity~to^^  that   has    been    done    districts   like  Boundary. '  The resurrected Turner party comes  into power with the distinct advantage  of having some acquaintance with the  errors and vices of Turner, the "tin-  regenerate, and they are thus able to  avoid those things which brought down  the retribution of an angry electorate.  The people are tired of politics and  will be willing to give the government  a chance, but they have written large,  "Remember Turner! and Semlin! and  Cotton!' and Martin!" And the fate  which befell the politicians in the past  few years should serve as a warning  to those who find themselves entrusted  with the administration of Provincial  affairs.   PUBLISHING A DAILY.  column to.a six-c6lumn paper, is still  in the field, and intends to remain  there, believing, as do all the other  business institutions in the city, that  the depression is only temporary and  that in a short time there will be a  decided change for the better.  The publication of a daily when Conditions were not as favorable as were  confidently looked for has been rendered possible by a generous support of  the Greenwood business men. .On the  olher hand there are business men who  fully appreciate the value of a daily  paper to the city and have nothing but  words of encouragement for the publishers but who do'their advertising in  outside newspapers and get their job  work done elsewhere. There are business men who" say they cannot afford  to advertise but they are taken in for  every fake advertising sc'.ieme that  comes along and are generally the  victims of cvery'agent for an outside  newspaper.  A public interest attaches to the  publication of a newspaper. A daily-  paper retlecta the character anci stat-  ibility of a town. The merits of the  paper are generally dependent upon  the support it receives. A city of live  enterprising business men liberally  patronizes the home paper, fills its advertising pages and enables the publishers to improve it from time to time.  By working together they can advertise the stability of theeity bv making,  a healthy looking daily. By expending  their money on. outside newspapers  they can starve out a home paper arid  tell the outside world that their city is  not progressive enough to support a  newspaper.  Business nieii very properly complain when money that should be expended with them goes into the coffers  of Timothy Eaton or some other outsider who has clone nothing to build up  Greenwood. A newspaper has a similar  right to complain when it finds that  preference is given to outside newspapers.  There are times in -the history of a  city when the disadvantages of depression can be materially lessened by a  proper exhibition of local patriotism.  By a determination to do everything  that will promote the city's interest  and maintain its standing, the citizens  can succeed in tiding over a few  months of hard times.  coal miners on the Island will be satisfactorily settled so long as the head of  one rival company is also the leader of  the government.  Out of the political quagmire Turn-  eeism has been resurrected. It is laborr  ing under the distinct disadvantage of  having. Dunsmuir for its sponser. Do  we see in Joe Martin's recommendation  to the governor the genius of a  Machevelli ? Of all the men returned  on Saturday there is not one who would  not give greater satisfaction and less  material for the machinations, of the  demagogue. Dunsmuir as premier will  divide the electors as no other man  could. He is an Island man; all his  interests are on Vancouver Island -and  rightly or wrongly the sectional cry  will break out-afresh. Rightly dr  wrongly he is considered an enemy of  the labor interests and a glorious opportunity will be afforded the political  charlatan to trade upon the prejudices  of the laboring classes and weaken  their position by dividing their  strength.  The interior, which is now the most  important part of the Province, turned  down Turner and it will not be wedded  to Dunsmuir. The lieutenant-governor has again chosen a man who does  not represent .public opinion in this  Province.  THE    SITUATION    IN    BRITISH  -COLUMBIA.  THE   NEW   PREMIER.  The publication of a daily in a small  ���city generally proves more profitable  to the cily than it does to the publishers. The difficulty in.niaking both,  ends meet in publishing a daily paper  does not arise because the field is too  limited, but rather .because people do  not properly appreciate a home paper  avid spend on outside newspapers what  the local paper could justly expect.  Already the Graud Forks Daily  Gazette has ceased publication, because the publishers believed they had  contributed sufficiently to the public  interest at a loss to themselves. The  Republic Miner has changed owners  since it first appeared as a daily, and  has been considerably reduced in size  with a view to making  the paper pay.  On the other hand, the Greenwood  Times has been  enlarged from a five-  Lieutenant-Governor Mclnnes has  made another mistake. He staked his  official life on the result of the general  election and lost; consequently he  should have insisted on Martin's remaining in office until he (Mclnnes)  resigned and his successor was- appointed. The verdict of the people on  Saturday last was that Mclnnes could  not be entrusted with the task of  choosing men to lead the government  of the Province, and he should have  heeded this verdict and deferred action  until the appointment of his successor.  A man occupying Mr. Dunsmuir's position is often not half as bad as he is  painted. Personally Mr. Dunsmuir is  a most estimable gentleman, but the  very fact that he is the head of a*  gigantic corporation like R. Dunsmuir  & Sons makes*; him an unsuitable and  djuigerous man to have as premier of  this Province. Mr7DTTns1nu}f;is largely  interested in the E. & N. Railway  that carries an enormous land grant;  he is head of several coal companies  that employ thousands of men. His  coal companies are quarrelling with a  rival and powerful coal company, and  the Province is directly interested, as  titles to valuable coal areas are in dispute. "  No matt ;r how well fitted Mr. D.ms-  muir may be for the position, and even  his qualifications are a matter of grave  doubt, his interests are so large and so  likely to clash with those of the Province, that we believe he should not  even be a member of the legislature  let alone the leader of it. The same  principle holds good in reference to  federal politics. It is detrimental to  the best interests of the country to  have a gigantic corporation like the  Canadian Pacific Railway company  represented in the Commons and Senate by several men who are mouthpieces of the railway company. Most  people, will agree that there are times  when the public interest and those of  big corporations clash, and the public  interest is often sacrificed because in  what is supposed to be the people's  parliament are found the company's  representatives.  ��� There is certain legislation which  the people insist upon having and  which because of his heavy personal  interests Mr. Dunsmuir is likely to oppose. He has already declared his  opposition to the eight-hour daw; it is  scarcely likely that he will favor legislation looking towards the restriction  of cheap coolie labor nor is it probable  that questions of vital interests to the  THE   CABINET.  As was predicted, the old Turner  party is on Lop, and already two mem.  bers*.of the Turner government have  been called by Hon. Mr. Dunsmuir and  have accepted office. Hon. J. H. Tur-  uer is a highly respectable business  man and was a greater success as.  minister of finance than as leader of  the government. Hon. D. M. Eberts  while in office exhibited some ability  and a large amount of indolence. In  opposition he shook off his lethargy  and the exhibition of ability was considerably increased. f he keeps up  the pace developed in opposition, the  chances of .his proving an efficient  attorney-general are considerably, increased.  As usual, the Island already has the  majority of the cabinet positions. We  would uot be at all surprised to find  that its completion would be brought  about by the appointment of Mayor  Garden of Vancouver as minister of  public works and that of J. D. Prentice  as minister of mines. It is a cabinet  that will give anything but satisfaction  in the" interior. Its only redeeming  feature is that it serves to save the  Province from the blighting influence  of Joseph Martin.     ,  REDISTRIBUTION.  On June 9th "there were 1,110 votes  cast in Boundary- district alone.  Boundary elected no member. It was  a portion of the Rossland district.  Both candidates were from Rossland,  and their nomination was engineered by  Rossland. In Esquimau district less  700 votes were polled, and two members were elected; in Southeast Kootenay about 900 votes were polled^and  one member was elected; in East  Lillooet 209 votes were polled,., one  member elected; New Westminster  polled 1,170 votes, one member; North  Victoria, about 380 votes, one member;  South Victoria 467 votes, one member;  Slocan-l,188.v.otes,_a^ejra^niber;___?__��*  Yale 997 votesy one member; Comox  628 vote.s, o*ae member; West Yale 503  votes, one member; South; Nanaimo  474 votes, one member; Cowichan 304  votes, one member; Cariboo about 900  votes, two members. A careful- perusal of the full returns; show that  there is scarcely a single-meinber constituency in xhe Province with a larger  voting population than Boundary, and  there arc several constituencies with  two members that have a smaller  voting population.  There can be no excuse for delay in  redressing what is a palpable injustice.  Boundary should be granted representation at the very first session.  We cannot but think that the people  of British Columbia judged wisely in  rejecting the Martin government and  the Martin programme. We grant that  Mr. Martin did good public service in  Manitoba, and that Liberals can have  no quarrel with his record in the Federal parliament. But Mr. Martin is a  destructive rather than a constructive  statesman, and a new country requires  constructive rather than destructive  legislation;; Then Mr. Martin has  faults of temper that unfit him for  leadership, and we do not think it can  be successfully argued that he is more  scrupulous than many of the politicians  whom he holds up as the creatures of  corporations and the slaves of financial  interests, The truth is that Mr. Martin  loves power and is ready to take the  easiest road to the place he covets, and  is indifferent as to tbe character of the  instruments he employs to serve the  purposes of his ambition.  There were good features in his c;im>'  paigu programme, but he was inconsiderate, reckless and revolutionary in  his m-.tho.ls, and uo one could tell in  what spirit - he might carry on the  government of the Pacific Province.  ���British.:Columbia needs capital, and he  practically advertised himself as a foe  of capital. -British Columbia has  many interests iu the earlier stages of  development, and these were unfit to  bear the radical and Pooulistic legislation furthered during his career as  Attorney-General aud threatened ,in  case of his success in the elections.  British Columbia needs a government  whose policy will tend to reconciliation  between capital aud labor; Mr. Martin's policy tended to strife aud  disin-  -    X*  tegration. British Columbia needs  commercial stability; Mr. Martin's  programme and methods threatened a  long continuance of commercial instability.���Toronto Globe. *  the Lind-creek system the moment the  water supply runs short the amount  expended on it becomes a total loss to  the city.   Yours truly,  -.. cTE. Shaw, C. E.  The letter from C. M. Shaw, G.E.,  appearing iu another column should  be carefully read by all rate-payers in  the city. There has already been too  much money expended on costly experiments- in the city, and the city  should pause before undertaking such  an important project without being  sure of its success. Mr. Shaw makes  out a good case against Lind creek.  The Rossland board of trade, in  taking the initiative in securing the  removal of Governor Mclnnes, are  doing the Province a service. It is  not a question of politics at all. It is  a question of'business, and a business  institution like the board of trade have  a right to interfere.  A.   F.   &   A.   M.  GREENWOOD LODGE, A.F. & A <M  Regular Communication first Thursday in  everv month. Sojourning bretbron cordially  invited. R. ��. COATES.  A. S. Black. W. JiI Secretary  AT MILL  Martin, Harris # Co.  li.. E.^IARDWICK, BUSINESS MGR.  PRINCETON, B, G .  All Roads Lead from the  ORE SHIPMENTS.  Eight hundred tons of ore shipped to  the smelter is an encouraging showing  for one week when it is considered that  local smelters are uot yet ready to receive ore and that shipments from  some of the big properties are being  delayed until advantage can be taken  of cheaper transportation rates for a  short haul. The Knob Hill and Old  Ironsides will probably ship to the  Granby smelter this week, and this  ought to double the total. It is only a  question of a few months until Boundary takes a leading place among the  big shipping districts of the province.  LIND CREEK SUPPLY.  To the Editor:^-I understand that a  project is on foot to establish a system  of waterworke for Greenwood, with  L,ind creek as the source of supply. I  aTn^ajtisfiM'thatthiswill'be'a^failure,-  as Lind creek is a short stream, only  about five miles or less in length, with  a very small basin, or drainage area,  and in dry seasons such as we are subject to in this district, there is scarcely  any water in. it. I myself have seen it  f.o nearly dry a couple of miles up from  the mouth that it was difficult to find  a place where a small tin of water  could be dipped up, and I have no doubt  there are plenty of "old timers" here  who have repeatedly seen it in this  condition, and after Anaconda got its  share of the water there would be noth-  left for us but the taxes. There is also  every probability that the stream will  be poluted by the pumpage from the  mines in the same way that Twin creek  is at present. I understand that the  claim is advanced that the city has the  power to prevent the polution of the  creek; if this is the case why not put  this power in force with regard to Twin  creek and use the water from it ?  thus saving an" outlay of about  $30,000 on an experiment that has  failure written on it. We will undoubtedly have to get our water supply-  in the near future from Boundary-  creek. This rut's through a granite  formation in which no mineral frag  been found, and it will therefore not  be contaminated by drainage from  mines. There is an ample supply of  water for all purposes, and the outlay  proposed on Lind creek would put in a  pumping plant and reservoir which  would supply Greenwood for some time  to come, and later.ou the water could  be brought from further up the stream  by gravitation., still utilizing the reservoir and pipe line, and the pumping  plant would always be on hand _n case  of accidents or repairs to the Hume,  etc., so that the plant will always be  of full value to the city, whereas with  u  To /1* c  Copper Mountain,  Twenty Mile,  Granite Cree,  Rocne River,  Tulameen,  Big Soo and  Nicola.  Rates Reasonable.  John-II. Jackson, Soive Proprietor.  PRINCETON, B. C.  G.  VI  ..  Horseshoeing and  General Blacksmithing.  Princeton, B. G  J. WATT  l/-_f\ ** ^  Keremeos is tlie Center of the  Siimialmeen Mining Belt,  ^j  First- Class Accommodation.  EVERYTHING NEW  AND UP-TO-DATE.  Rates Reasonable  A Life and Death Fight.  Mr. W. A. Hines of Manchester, la.,  writing of his almost miraculous escape  from death, says 7 " Exposure after  measles induced serious lung trouble,  which ended iu Consumption. I had  frequent hemorrhages and coughed  night aud day. All my doctors said I  must soon die. Then I began to use  Dr. King's New Discovery, which  wholly cured me. Hundreds have used  it on my advice and all say it never  fails to cure Throat, Chest and Lung  Troubles. Regular size, 50c and S1.00.  Trial bottles free at Miller Bros'. Drug  Store.  HO! FOR THE  SittiHRattreen,  Stage now running from  Fa_w_tw to  Keremeos,  Leaves Fairview on Mondays, '7  at  8  a.  m., returning leaves  Keremeos on Tuesdays at8 a.m.  m. Sine, manager.  Fairview and Keremeos!  FULL STOCK OF ... 7  GENERAL. .  MERCHANDISE]  Ht Keremeos,  Harness and Saddletj  m Fairwiew.  Fairview Drag ini Boot Stof  ���-'* JOHN LOVE & GO. j.  Druigtsts aii^ Stationel  *' _*��� **  v,p       -%.-      -'IX-  FAIRVIEW and CAMP MfcKINNEYJ  _.'��,        vVj.        .ML  "j".'     ���*!!"���    .Vf  A   full, line   of    Drugs,'   Station!  Druggists Sundries.'"''       I  f  Prescriptions  Carefully -. Compouij  .MIDWAY  cr  vtf*     '.,x-      w  Will be the terminus of the Coluj  & Wesiern Railway  ...IN THIRTY DAY&l  P&- Now is the time to Invest  We have Snaps in Business and  dental Lots.     Cash or Term)]  Call, Write or "Wire..  W. B. Rickards & i  MIDWAY. B. C.  ���FOR SAM���  wool  The undersigned has good dry pin I  or sale. I<eave orders at F razee's- C|  orner Deadwood and Copper Streets.'.  FRITZ   HAUSSENl  Established 1862.  tf*m�� ntx tt mmimii�� w .t*t tat i n>I  FurnitJ  Carpetej  Linolei  Cork Carl  Coftaifl  WalljJ  Complete House Furnishing  A   large  stock  of  Pine  and   Met'j  Priced Goods in above lines.  Send for Samples and Prices*���frcl  A  Imiwimmtw��� i����i��ti 11�� <Mt��x����fr������il  <��  LAND REGISTRY AC  j  Lot 3, Block P���  | C\ly pf Qreenvyopd, Men!  WHEREAS the certiffcate of title oil  A. Jones to above-mentioned heredit;!  bearing date the 31st day of January, 18|  numbered 2450a, has been lost or destroy!  application has been made for aduplj  such certificate.-  NOTICE is hereby given that such dul  will te issued unless cause be shown [  contrary in writing within one month fi j  date hereof.  W. H. EDWARD!'  District Rei|  Dated this 12th day of May, 1900. v*  "Cand Registry Office, Karaloops, B. Cl  Subscribe for The Daily Ti ���mnwpi  Z4^  THE GREENWOOD WEEKLY TIMES.  Kit__i9n  > ten i i i  .im T*m   i-tMlliitf ranattTi^iilii  -*��&.  \%$%mt��mm.  Will Be Changed by the Action  of the Chinese.  THE FORTS SURRENDERED  To the Warships of the  Powers -  General Botha Still Holding Out  in South Africa.  THE CITY COUNCIL.  London, June 19.���The guns in  China which have been fired Jwill  change the map of Asia. Advices from  Ghee Foo and Shanghai are that the  forts at Taku opened fire on the thirty-  two warships of foreign powers with  twelve in eh guns. A number of. warships wei" struck. After six hoursfight  ing, the forts surrendered to fleet.  The casualties are: killed, British 1,  German 3, Russian 1, French 1; 400  Chinese were killed and two forts demolished. There were two British; one  American and-five Chinese warships in  Chee Foo harbor. The powers are rushing1 troops to Chinese strongholds and  Russia \ is massing 40,000 men at  Kaiarchta*. Japan, France and Germany are on the alert.  London, June 19.���Lord ��� Roberts  sent a message to Botha from Macada-  dorp, complimenting him'on the bravery of the burghers and suggesting  disarmament." Botha asked for a six-  day's armistice. Roberts consented to  five. Botha'declined, Hostilities were  ���renewed, and Boersretired to Middle-  burg, followed by British cavaliy and  artillery. ,The Boers have abundant  arms, ammunition, dynamite, oxen and  wagons. They will make a stand at  Lydenburg. Kruger has bar-gold  valued* at ^S.OOO.OOO'/atLydenburg, recently produced from Barbaton mines.  President. Steyn has proclaimed the  Orange   State   free   and   independent  *** t ~ ''  and'decl'ares Lord Roberts'  occupation  .. is contary to international law.  SITUATION IN THE PHILIPPINES.  Manuka, June 18.���Judge Taf t arid  his colleagues of the civil commissions  are studying the* different legislative  phases'bf the situation preparatory to  the work of enacting new-laws bn September 1st, when they assume legislative power. The people of Manilla  seem pleased with the democratic  course of.the commissioners and with  their' habitually courteous demeanor.  The earlier feeling of .disappointment  is'.slowly disappearing. ' The United  States forces had two engagement of  importance last week. The troops  under General Funston and General  Grant organized an advance with parts  of five regiments and two guns, against  five hundred rebels in a mountain  "stronghold east of Biacnabat^where-it  was supposed Captain Roberts, of the  35th regiment, who was captured last  month at S^an Miguel de Ma'yuma. was  held captive. The Americana operated  under many, difficulties and over an  exceedingly' rough; country, but .the  rebelslretreated. As the result;of last  week's scouring, sixty Filipinos were  killed. 200 were captured and 300 rifles,  with 23,000 rounds of ammunition were  surrendered. Three Americans were  killed..  Business transacted at; the Regular  y   Meeting Held Last Night.. '���'���;.:  'Alderman Sutherland, Sharp and  Sullivan were present at last night's  meeting of the council, with Mayor  Hardy in the chair.  Communications were read from  Dr. Schon, J. M. Cropley and Green-  wooa Clarendon Co.  The Greenwood Clarendon Co. asked  permission to place temporary supports  under the balcony of. the hotel, while  the said balcony was being repaired.  Decided that the nature of the supports put under the balcony be submitted to engineer, and if satisfactory  the request of the Clarendon company  be granted.  J.'M. Cro'pley's letter calling- the attention of the council to the fnet that  some person ; had dumped refuse; ou  the cemetery grounds. This matter  was referred to the ' scavenger committee.  Dr. Schpn's letter, dealing with the  condition of C.P. R. closets, was received and filed.  The finance committee's report was  adopted, and the follow ing accounts  ordered paid:  Greenwood Electric Company... S101 80  Greenwood Hardware Company  "34 61  W..M. Law.;. .......           H2h  A. H. Sperry Company, Ltd..;.... .............     6 00  Atwood & Thompson  ...   33 S3  Great West Saddlery Company         57  Fashion Livery Stable.......    .   15 00  Hunter-Kendrick Company, Ltd         40  J. L. White ...:..:     1 50  Greehwoo'd Times.... :...... ........    19 85  L. H. Wright       4 25  W. B. Fleming-     2 50  Caulfield & Lainont.....'..:.......:;.' .........   11 00  H. C. Holder. ..... ..:..... ;.      3 50  Bourk & Fera .....      3 00  ' The street, water, cemetery and  scavenger ' committees reported pro-  grees.  By-law 48 was read-first and second  times.  Alderman Sullivan moved and Alderman Sharp seconded the following  resolution, which was carried:  " That in order to allay any impression that is conveyed in the letter appearing in the Daily '^ imes of the 16th  inst. over the signature of C. _^E.  Shaw, C, E., this council expressly declares that no agreement exists by  which the council is in any manner  bound to construct a system of water  works having Lind creek for a source  of supply, and further declares,thnt no  "money shall be'expended in connection with the Lind creek scheme unless  ..l sufficient supply has been found by  actual measurement taken during the  dry season.of the year,"  MclMES  Reported That the Governor  Will Be Dismissed.  HE REFUSES   TO   RESIGN  On the Grounds That no  Tory Convention Should Advise a Literal  Government���the Convention.  ADVERTISING  THE  CELEBRATION/  C. P/R. Officials are Doing Effective  Work���Big Crowd Expected-  W/F. Anderson, travelling passenger  agent for the C. P. R., came in by the  circus train last night and left for Nelson by today's regular. Mr. Anderson  is doing effective work in the Kootenay  cities to advertise the excursion rates  to the Greenwood celebration. In  yesterday's Rossland Miner the following notice appeared.:'  J ''On Junfe 29th and 30th jthe city of  Greenwood will hold its Dominion cel-  e^ration, and such preparations have  b,een made that the event will be one  of the largest and most successful yet  held in the interior of the TP^ovince.  For the benefit of those wishing to attend, the Canadian Pacific Railway  company will make a single fare round  trip rate from Nelson; Rossland and  intermediate points, available 28th and  29th, good returning until��July 2nd.  They will run a special returning service from Greenwood on Sunday, July  1st, ou the regular week-day schedule."  | MINING ITEMS CONCENTRATED |  *����� *  ##��$*!".!.$$.:. #.$ ft.-}.*!. ##*!��!��*# ��*#.*.>##���  . Hughie Cameron  has started a force  of men on the Vernon claim in Camp  McKinney.  A. M. Law and W. G. Gaunce spent  yesterday iu the Mj'ers Creek camp  looking over claims on Buckhorn  mountain.  It is said that plenty of English  capital is now forthcoming to place the  Stemwinder minej in Fairview camp,  on a substantial basis. Rumor hath it  that a mill with a 60-stamp capacity is  to be erected this summer.  A promising strike is reported on the  Silver Plume claim, in Summit camp.  FrMrKirby- is* iu charge-of- the development." One shaft is already down  35 feet in solid ore said to average $14  tc* the tqq. _\ new shaft is now being  sunk 500 feet from theJUmma line, and  after going through four feet of granite rock it encountered a blind lead  that is turning out well.  Notwithstanding the' encouraging  reports from the Waterloo mine the  stock in this company is sinking daily.  It was offered in Spokane the end of  last week: at;. 3% cents per share. A  Spokane broker says that insiders are  ''bearing" the market with a view to  crushing out small holders. Some day  Waterloo 'will .take a big jump upwards, and the knowing ones will say:  "I told you so." If one is looking for  a cheap investment, what better is at  present offered in shares than Waterloo?  It is certainly being economically managed, has plenty of ore iu sight that  runs well, and next to the Cariboo is  without 'doubt the best property in  Camp McKinney.  GRAFTED DIVORCE.  A divorce was granted to Clarissa H.  Nichols yesterday from George"Crosby  Nicfto^s. T|ie husband djd not appear.  The wife, who is, apparently still in her  girlhood, went on the stand and told  how she had taught dancing and worked at other employment during the  three years of their married life in order to provide for her support and that  of the baby. The child-wife told an  apparently . straightforward story of  the desertion of her husband. There  was no community property and the  custody of the baby was given to the  l young woman.���Spokane Review.  Victoria, June 20.���[Special to The  Times.]���The political crisis has about  come to a head and there seems no  reasonable doubt that Lieutenant-Governor Mclnnes: will be dismissed. Today private telegrams from Ottawa  stated tie had been asked to resign 03'  the federal government on the grounds  of general dissatisfaction and its understood that Sir Henri: Joly bf Quebec  would succeed him. Last night the  government secretly stated that Mclnnes had refused to resign, for as he  put it in his telegram to Ottawa, he  would not recognize the right of a Tory  convention to advisethe Liberal government at Ottawa how to act.  This of course- refers to' the  resolution passed by the great  majority of the members of the legislature asking the dismissal of Mclnnes.  As federal politics have been barred  out of provincial issues, this wiU bring  things to a head, for the leading Liberals are as strong against Mclnnes  as> are the Conservatives. While returning members from the convention  are inclined riot to talk, yet iti* learned  that in view of the strenuous opposition of oome of the Mainland members, Turner agrees to drop out of the  cabinet after the first session, and it is  generally understood that he will be  given the post of agent-general of the  Province atLon(ioa. Qapden of Vancouver says he wil} not accept a place  in the cabinet, and it is understood  that this refusal. is because he fears  he might not be reelected if he went  before his constituents again, as must  all members when they accept ofliee.  Dunsmuir Is assured of general support, and the latest report is that McBride of Dewdney will be taken into  the cabinet as commissioner of;lands  and works, and Green of Kaslo wiU be  made minister of mines in place-of  Smith of Lillooet to appease the dissensions of the caucus. One thing  seems certain, and that is that Mclnnes  will be forced out of the gubernatorial  chair in short order how.  ministry, while wholly unsupported in  the legislature and giving him such an  unwarranted time to complete his cabinet, and his completion of the same  by gentlemen unendorsed by the electorate, was contrary to the principles,  usages and customs of constitutional  government, and detrimental to . the  best interests of the Province; and  after having been emphatically con  demned by the electorate at the late  general elections, respectfully request  the premier of Canada to lay these  facts before the governor-general of  Canada, humbly suggesting that the  usefulness of His Honor, the lieutenant-governor of British Columbia, is  gone."  The convention met again at 9 o'clock  and   did  not break  up till  midnight, |  when an adjournment was made until j  10   o'clock   tomorrow,    AH   members!  were sworn   to   secrecy,   but   several'  points soon  became public,   The discussion  was very spirited and  several  apologies were made, ��� I  Several Mainland members main-1  tained a strong opposition to the Duns-  uiuir and Turner government. Many  refused to become members of what  would be like the former Turner administration, Tlie discussion wound  up with a speech from Richard McBride, .Dewdney, the tenor of whose  remarks was: ''You see how \\ is, Mr,  Dunsmuir, and wh.Y we cannot give  you all the support yon ask,"  A resolution was passed that Laurier  should have raised the Chinese tax to  $500 while he was about it, should  have included the Japanese and made  provision for an act similar to th*.  Natal act,  Victoria, June 18.���Victoria is sore.  Lberts and Turner are looked upon as  traitors to Dunsmuir, If Dunsmuir  has nerve he wiU throw both overboard  and come out on top.  GETTING AFTER THE GOVERNOR.  MINERAL A.CT,' 1896.  Certificate of improvements.  NOTICE.'  'PHOENIX" and "PLATT" Mineral claim  situate in the Kettle River Mining- Division  of Yale District   Where located :    In Dead-  wood camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett,  as agent for Phil Aspimvall, Free Miner's  Certificate No. 3480lA,intend sixty days from the  date hereof, to apply to the Mining- Recorder  for a Certificate of Improvements, for the  purpose of. obtaining- a Crown Grant of fhe  above claim.  And  further take notice that action, under  section 37,  must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 31st dav of Mav, 1900.  41-50 I. H. HALLETT.  AGAINST McINNES.  Vancouver Convention Take Action  Against Lieutenant-Governor:  The following telegrams were sent  to the Nelson Tribune in connection  with the Vancouver.conventionr:  Vancouver, June 18.���Cojitary to  general expectations, the opening session of the convention of the late opposition of the provincial house was an  exceedingly unanimous ojie. There  were very few members, of the opponents of ex-gremier Martin absent, ^nd  every one present, f��o.m ByenverBims.  muir and his two cabinet ministers, already chogen, down to the end of the  long list of private members, signed a  resolution addressed to the government  at Ottawa, saying that it was in the  interests of the Province of British  Columbia ...that Governor Mclnnes  should, resign. Captain Tatlow of  Vancouver gave out this afternoon that  he intended to .move this resolution  just as soon as the convention convened at 4 o'clock.  It was a tentative resolution proposed to test the feeling of the members  E.x-speaker Booth was in the chair this  a.ttrnoon, and ex-minister Pool ey was  the most aggressive supporter of the  resolution. After an hours' discussion  Dunsmuir, Turner aud Eberts retired,  believing that their oaths of office prevented them from further participar  tion. When everyone else had agreed'  to the resolution objection was made  to the ministers not signing also, so  the "latter yielded to the lobbying  solicitations of Mr.- Poqley and reentered the room. The three ministers  then signed tjie petition for the removal of the governor although t..ey excepted office under him.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate   of  Improvements.  "STANDARD" Mineral Claim situate in the  Kettle River Mining-Division of Yale District. Where located : In Deadwood Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett, as  agent for Phil Aspinwall, Free -Miner's  Certilicate No. 34801A. and James Johnson,  Free Joiner's Certilicate No. B7S52!, intend,  sixty ori.vs from the date hereof, to.apply to thu  Mining- Recorder for a Ceriiiieate of Improvements, for the. purpose of obtaUting a Crown  Grant of tlio above claim,  And  further take   notice  that action, nnder  section 37,  must be commenced before the issuance uf such Certificateof Improvement*).  I. H, HALLETT.  Hated this . Ui day of February, 1900.35-44  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  "PEACOCK" Mineral Claim, siKtato in the  Keitle River Mining Uivinion of Yale District, Where located : In Deadwood camp  TAKE NOTICE lhal 1, Isaac U. Hallett, as  asre'U for Edward IX. Mortimer. Free  Miner's Certificate No. 1.6034,George. R. Naden,  Free Miuer's Certificate No. H357A, aud C. H.  Drown, Free Miner's Certificate No. 19559A, intend sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to the. Mining- Recorder for a Certificate., of  Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining-a  Crown Grant of ihe above claim.  And further   take ltatica that action, under  section 37,  must .be commenced before ihe is;-  stiance of snch Certificate of Improvements.  I. H. HLLLETT.  Dated tlais20th day of October; 1899.   35-44  Vancouver, June 18.���The following is the resolution re Mclnnes passed  at the -afternoon session of- the convention : Moved by Captain Tatlow,  ^seconded by McBride, and unanimously  carried, that in the opinion of the  undersigned members-elect of the!  legislative assembly of British Co- \  lumbia, the action of the governor in j  Rossland Board of Trade Asks for  . His.Removal.  A special meeting of the -Rossland  board qt trade was held on Saturday,  and the following telegram was sent  to all the boards qf. trade in the  Province: *'Will yon join the Rossland board of trade in sending a strong  protest to the Dominion government  against ��he further retention in office  of H/ieutenant-Governor-Mclnnes, urging his instant removal on the ground'  that his continuance in office is a menace to the prosperity of the Province"?  A RECORD WEEkT  Over 800 Tons of Ore Sent From  Boundary Last Week to Trail.  Bholt,. June, 18.���[Special to The  Times.]���Something over 800 tons of  ore left Eholt for Trail last week. The  shipments came from the B. C, Winnipeg, Athelstan and Golden Crown.  This amount will be increased to over-  1,000 tons this week.  The machinery is now in position at  the R. Bell. The big boiler is in place,  the gallows frame is erected and everything is iti'readiness to begin work- tomorrow. The lower shaft will b,e.stVrifc  and a tunnel run to.tant^e upper-shaft.  BUILDING   HOMES,  Many Pretty Residences, are  Being  'Constructed.  jSTevev iti the history of the city has  thefe heen such a large amount of  "residental "building~goiiig on"at* one  time as there is just at present here. A  conservative estimate of the number of  dwelling houses now under construction  or for which.contracts have been let is  fully 30. On Kimberly avenue alone  six residences are.being built and contracts let for five more to Greenwood &  Kirkwood, contractors. Christopher  Wood is erecting two two-story houses;  W. O. Robins has completed two, cottages; Mr. Creighton has about finished a pretty home; J. J. Caulfield and  C. J. McArthur are also to build homes.  In the south end of the city a Times'  representative counted nine new resir  dences along silver street and parallel  streets.  GLORIOUS NEWS  Comes from Dr, D. B. Cargile, of  Washita, I. T. He writes : "Electric  Bitters has cured Mrs. Brewer of  scrofula, which had caused her great  suffering for years. Terrible sares  would break out. on her head and face,  and the best doctors could give no  help; but dow her Health is excellent."  Electric Bitters is the best blood purifier known. It's the supreme reined}*  for eczema, tetter, salt rheum, ulcers,  boils and running sores. It stimulates  liver, kidneys and bowels, expels poisons, helps digestion, builds up the  strength. Only 50cts. Sold by Miller  Bros., Druggists, Greenwood. Guar-  i anteed.  Mineral Act, 1896.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS,  NOTICE.  ROBERT EMMET Mineral claim; situate in  the Kettle River Mining- Divlsiou of Yale  District.  TAKE NOTICE that _,:C. JE. Shaw, acting as agent for C. J. McArthur, Free  Miner's Certificate 6227b, G. R, Naden,-Free  Miner's Certificate 14357a and the 1'. AXarpey  estate, Freo Minor's Certificate No,  396291'       intend sixty:      . Uaj*s fruni;  tlie dato hereof, to apply to the Mining  Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements; for  the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the  above claim'  A��<1 further take notice that action," under  Section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 12th day of April, 1900.  3347 CJE. SHAW.  MINERAL ACT, 1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE,  ELECTRIC mineral claim situate in the Kettle  rieyr   ntiuiil_f division    of    "Vale    district.  Where located :   In Long- Eake camp.  TAKE NOTICE that we, The Vancouver  and boundary Creek Development  and' Miniiiff Company, Xi... L. Free  ininer's certificate No. 2'>759 sixty days from  the d*_te liereof, to apply to- tlie Miniiiff Recorder for a Certi licate of Improvements for the  purpooe'of obtaining a Crown Grant for the  above mineral claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced* before tlie issuance of such Certificate of Improvement.  Dated this 2nd day of Juue_, 1900.  Vancouver and IJcuiulary Creek  Development and ''Mining Co.-, Xi.X,.  MINERAL. ACT, 1896.  Certificate  of  Improvement.  . NOTICE.  LAURA mineral claim, situated in the Kettle  River mininp division of Yale district.  "Where located :    In Long- Lake camp.  miner's certifidate No. 14357a, and the P. A.  Larg-ery estate, Free Miner's certificate No.  2%29b intend, sixty days from the dat e hereof  to apply to tne miniiiy recorder foracertiri-  cate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining- a crown grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the is>-  suanceof such certifictte of .improvementc.  Dated this-12th dav of April, 1900.  +1-50 " C, JE. SHAW.  Mineral Act. 1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  IDAHO Mineral Claim, situate  in   the  Kettle  River   Mhiinpr   Oi vision   of   Yale   district.  Where, located :    lu Loufr Lake camp.  TAKE NOTICK that I, CJE. Shaw acting  as atfeiit for .1. T.ncy, Free Miner's ceitifi-  cale _033n and tile' 1". .A Largey estate  Freo. Miner's certificate 2.(>2*"ii, intend sixty  davs from the dale hereof, to applv lo the  Mining-Recorder for a Certificate of Impiove-  humiU- for the purpose of obtaining a Clown  Grant of the above claim.  Aud further lake notice that action, under  section  37,   must   be  commenced   before    the  Issuance of such Certilicate of Improvements.  Dated this 12th dav of April, A.  D. WOO.  41-50 ' C. _E. SHAW.  Mineral Act, 1896.  Certificate   of  Improvements.  XOTICI*.  MARGRIE mineral situate in the Kettle river  Mining Division of Yale District. Where  Located in Skylark camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I. C. JB. Shaw acting  as agent fur Marry McArthur, Free  Miner's Certificate7734b, and George R. Naden,  Free Miner's certificate No. 14357a intend sixty  days from the date hereof to applj' io the  mining recorder for a certificate of improvement for the purpose of obtaining a crown  grant for abo'vi. claim.  And further take notice tliat; action  unier  cectiou 37'must be commenced before the issuance of such certificateof improvements.  Dated this 17th day April, A. D. 1960.  .41-50 C. JE. SHAW.  MINERAL ACT, 1900.  Certificate  of  Improvement.  NOTICE  -���JOLIETTE FRACTIONAL" Mineral Cla.m  situate in the Kettle River Mining. Division of  Yale District. Where located:: Deadwood  Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I. John P. McLeod,  Free Miner's -Certificate No. b6356. as  agent ..for- John li, Desrosiers, Free Miner's  Certificate No; 1.6043. intend,' sixty days from  the date liereof, to apply- to*'Ibe Mining  Recorder.for a Certi licate of Improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining-a Crown Grant of the  above claim.  And  further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the is--  suance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 3rd day of March, 1900.  J. P. McLEOD.  MIN ERA     ACT.  MINERAL ACT, 1896.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENT,  NOTICE.  ."BARROW" Mineral Claim'situate'-"In tlie  Kettle River Mining Division' of Y.ile  District. .Where Located : Iu Skylark  Camp.  '-pAKR NOTICE that I, Isaac H, Hallett, as  1      t\gent   for    George    R.    Naden,   Free  Miner's Certificate No. 14357A,  lean P.   Des^  J osiers, Free Miners. Certificate!. No. I"_04c.. John  ^ayeax, Free ,Miner,s Certificate No.-B6355,  FrauH H, Parker, Freo Miner's Certificate No.  B16150 and Earnest J. Livennore,  Free Minor's Certificate No. B6321,  intend-sixty days front date, hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of  Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a  crown Grant of the above claims.  And  further take notice that action,  under  Section  37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certilicate of Improvements.  Dated this 16 day of March, 1900.   58-67 -_=^^i^=_^^__I._H._HALLETT,J^.i=_i_;  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  BENDIGO mineral claim; situate in the Kettle  River Mining division of Yale district.  Where located:    In Kimberly camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I. Isaac H. Hallett, aR:  agent for Nicholas Garland, free miner's  certificate No. 19661 A, intend, sixty days fiom  the date liereof. to apply to the mining recorder  for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant to the abov-  claiin.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the ,'��� is-  suance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 8th dav of March, 1900.  I. H. HALLETT.    ,  MINERAL   ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  RATTLER Mineral Claim, situate in/the Kettle River Mining division of Yale district.  Where located :Iii"Wellingtoii camp!  TAKE NOTICE that I. Isaac H. Hallett, as  agent for William Garland, free miner's  certificate No. 18680A/ intend, sixty days from  the date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements for the  purpose of obtaining a crown grant to the  aboveclaim. .     V;  And  further take notice that'action,   under  section 37, must be commenced before- the issuance of such/certificate of improvements.  Dated this 6th day of March, 1900.  I. H..HALLETT.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements:  .���.������:       NOTICE.  TINTIC Mineral Claim, situate in the Kettle  River  Mining "division* of  Yale   district.  Where located:   In Deadwood camp.  TAKE NOTICE that 1, Isaac H. Hallett,  free miner's certi licate No. 19510A, intend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the  mining recorder for a certificate o.t improvements for the purpose of obtaining a crown  grant of tha above claim.  And further, take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificateof improvements.  Dated this 12th day of March. 1900.  I. H. Hallett.  MINERAL ACT, 1896.  CERTIFICATE    OF    IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTICE-  HAMILTON    Mineral Claim situate   in   the  Kettle   River   Mining   Division   of   Yale  District.       Where     located:        Kimberly  Camp, L  TAKE NOTICE that 1, Mary l.arlaud, Free  Miner's Ceitificale No. 19632a intend  sixty days after date liereof to apply to the  Mining'Recorder for a Certificate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  Qraut of the above claim.  And further take notice that action nude  Section 37 must be commenced before tit  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 27th day of Februarv, 1900.  il 28-37 MARY GARLAND  TVllNERAL^ACT.  T.  MINERAL   ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  BUTCHER BOY Mineral'Claim, situate in the  '      Kettle River Mining division of.Yald district.    Where located:   In Deadwood camp.  AKE NOTICE that I, Is��a<" ^- Hallett,  _ is agent for the Butcher Boy Gold and  Copper Mining compkuy, limited,noh.personal  liability, free miner's certilicate No. B28965,  intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to the mining recorder for a cei tificate of im��  proveineiits for the purpose of obtaining' ai  crown grant to the above claim.  And  further take notice that action, unde  section 37, must be commenced before the issu  ance of such certilicate of improvements.  Dated this 6th dav of March, 1900.  "I. H. HALLETT.  Mineral Act. 1896.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTICE.  ANACONDA, COLUMBIA AND KOOTENAY Mineral Claims, situate in the  Kettle River Mining Division of Yale District. Whore locrted : About two aud one  half miles northerly from Greenwood.  AKE notice that I, J. A. Kirk acting ns  asent for Wm. T. Ollivcr, Free  Miner's Certilicate No. '35674A  intend  sixty   days    from   lhe     date    hereof,  ^ to apply to the Miniii-.   Recorder for a "Certificate   of   Improvements,   for   the   purpose   of  obtaining a Crown v rant of the abOTe claim.  And   further   take notice that action, nnder  Section 37, must be commenced  before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 1st dav of Mav. VW_.  J. A. KIRK.  T;  WM. A. NICHOLLS  TJ  il  calling  upon Joseph Martin to form a  Spokane, Wash. U. S.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  BALLARAT   Mineral  Claim, situate   iu   tl ���  Kettle River Mining division of Yale district.   Where located:    In   Kim-berly lamp.  AKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett, as  _     agent for Nicholas Garland, free miner's  certificate No. 19661A, intend, sixty  days from  the date hereof, intend to apply to the 'mining  ! recorder for a cerligcate of .improvements for  j the purpose of obtaining a crown grant to the  I above claim.  j    And further take  notice that  action, under  : sed.ion 37, must be commenced before the issu-  i ance of such certificate of improvements.  j    Dated this 6th day of March. 1900.  I. H. HALLETT.  Bar mirrors,     Plate.     %\m\  or goloured  diass.  mail Paper,     Paints,      Otis,  Varnishes,    Koom  and Picture mouldings,   etc.  II <       WRITE  W. F. Askew; Grand Forks, B. C.  Boundary Creek reprcseutativ of J. W.-Mclh  f Victoria, who carries    the largest stockr  bove lines in B.C.     As near ly all  of i nop  goods are imported via Cape   Horn thechoe-  freight excludes eastern dealers THE GREENWOOB W^KtYfTIMijg.  Admiral Seymour  Readies Peking.���Russians Will Act  Independently���Legations  Said  to  be ' Safe. ��� The  Situation in South Africa.  London, June 21.���The advices from  official sources are meager concerning  the situation in China. A dispatch  from Chaugha says:  ''Admiral Seymour arrived at Peking  Sunday afternoon. The Chiuese, with  a large force, made five attacks, aud  were repulsed with a loss of 500 to the  Chinese.    Our loss was slight."  The exact state of affairs in Peking  is uncertain, as no news has been received from the legations.  The Italian consul at Shanghai  wires that the legations are safe, but  that the rebellion is spreading far and  wide.  "United States Consul Fowler, at Chee  Foo, says the mission at Fan Chow  v was looted. The Chinese general carried off the missionaries to an unknown place. Fowler chartered a  steamer for the rescue of the American and British missionaries at Yang-  tse-kiang.  The British cruiser Undaunted ar  rived at Woo Sung yesterday.  Advices from Berlin are that lhe  Germans fix the responsibility for the  trouble wholly on the Chinese g-overnment.  A dispatch from St. Petersburg says  the Russians will act independently of  Admiral Seymour at Peking. This  presages trouble. The Russian loss at  Taku was greater than that of the  other naval forces.  London, June 21.���The British are  resting at Machadorp. Kruger is still  at Alkamarp. An informal truce of  five days is in force between General  Botha and Lord Roberts. General  Methuen routed Commandant Devvett  at Heilbruen on Tuesday.  General Kitchener had a narrow  escape from capture in the engagement at Leeuw last Friday while sleeping ou a repair train at 3 o'clock in the  morning by Dewett with a force of  900 Boers. Kitchener escaped ou his  horse.  Lieutenant Governor Mclnnes  Dismissed [From Ottawa. -  SIR HENRY JOLY SUCCEEDS  Will Leave Ottawa For Victoria Immediately���Coast is Jubiliant Over  Mclnnes' Dismissal.  VANCOUVER CONVENTION.  Dunsmuir to Have Temporary Support  of Mainland Members.  The Nelson Tribune yesterday had  the following dispatch from Vancouver :  The so-called opposition convention  closed harmoniously tonight. The  Mainland gave in, temporarily at least,  to,the Vancouver Island delegation,  this being the only way in which, as  one member put it, ex-premier Martin  could be effectively extinguished. The  convention unanimously agreed to  support Premier Dunsmuir and his  government in passing all necessary  legislation at the coming session, with  the understanding that there will be a  thorough reconstruction of the cabinet  after the session, which takes place  early in July. This will be a very  . short one, lasting only about ten days,  for the voting of supplies, and- no  contentious bills are to be brought forward. This leaves the millionaire-coal  king practically master of the situa-  ��� tion. There was a fear this afternoon  that Governor Mclnnes, who has been  asked to resign, would dismiss the  3 ministers who had been unfaithful to  him iu asking the governor general  for his dismissal and thus playing into  Joe Martin's ha-nds by precipating an-  . other serious situation-.  Just before adjournment an important resolution was passed to the effect  7 that members of the legislature there  assembled agreed to the principal of  the eight-hour law.  There was no arrangement, although  "that wasmootedf that Finance-Minis-,  ter Turner and Attordey-General Eb-  erts should resign as a necessary preface to the reconstruction of the cabinet. Mayor Garden of Vancouver  may be nominated premier in the reconstruction of the cabinet.  Later.���Mayor Garden has definitely refused a portfolio under the present  adminstration. He has, however,  agreed to supporting Dunsmuir as a  temporary measure. Mclnnes tonight  refused to resign, uot being willing to  be bound by a Conservative convention.  THE DISMISSAL OF McINNES.  The Laurier government had an unpleasant duty to perform in the dismissal of Lieutensnt-governor Mclnnes  but no other course was open to them  since he interfered in matters over  which he properly had no control and  was fast establishing personal government instead of responsible govern  ment. The issue of the last campaign was not as Gordon Hunter suc-  cintly put it, public ownership of railways but private ownership of government.  Lieutenant-governor Mclnnes' has  had to form three governments in two  years. Two of them were dismissed,  one with a majority at its back, and  another he refused to permit to meet  the legislature to see where it stood.  A *=olid vote of the legislature was recorded against' the selection of Martin as premier, yet Mclnnes refused to obey this and called upon him  "to form an administration and afterwards dissolved the legislature to permit Martin appealing to the province.  The result was that Martin met with  an overwhelming defeat, and now 25  of those who were elected out of a  house of 38 members have passed a  resolution asking for the dismissal of  the lieutenant governor. What is  peculiar about this is that three ministers whom Mclnnes has just sworn in,  and whose bounden duty ought to have  been in that case when they did accept  office to have defended their governor,  have instead signed a resolution demanding his removal. These ministers were Dunsmuir, Egberts and  Turner.  Under the circumstances no other  course was open to the Laurier government, and while it is always unpleasant to take drastic measures with a  man who has been in public life for a  quarter of a century, he alone is responsible for his dismissal.  *  McKIEEY THE 1AH.  PHILADELPHIA, June 21.���  Albania yield the floor to Ohio  and Senator Foraker nominated  William McKinley for president  amid tumultous applause. McKinley elected by acclamation.  ROOSEVELT IN IT,  *  *��                         ���$  ��__���,._-__.���._._______���_-_^_,,________.______i_..,.:_.^^_.  %     PHILADELPHIA,   June   21.��� *  �� Colonel Roosevelt was  nomi- *  ** %  % nated   vice-president  by   925 %  # &  * votes. #  Mineral Act, 1896.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTICE.  ST. LAWRENCE Mineral Claim, situate in  the Kettle River Mining Division of Yale  District. Where located: In Deadwood  cami>. adjoiniii(��-the Mother Lode Mineral  clame.  TAKE NOTICK that I, Arthur Murdoch  Whiteside, as ajrent for llie Dead.wood  Gold Copper company, free miner's certilicate No. r."715, Intend, sixty days from  the date hereof, to apply tothe M*iniii|f'Recorder  for a Certilicate of Improvements for tlie purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant to llie above  claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced  before the is-  uauceof such certilicate ofiinproveiiieiits,  a Dated this 101 li day of Kebruarv. A. I). 1.00.  ism-.. a. m. Whites id i_.  MINERAL ACT, 1896.  Certificate of Improvement-  NOTICE.  HONA_VUI_U mineral claim, situate in the  Kettle River Milling Division of Vale District. Where located : InCoppercamp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, C. _E. Shaw as  aprenl for James R. McMackson, Free  Miuer's Certificate No. H1..5S6 and William H.  MC.Mackson, Free Miners Certificate No. M3593  i nlend; sixty days from date hereof, to apply to  the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Im  provements for the purpose of obtaining a  Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action under  Section 37  must be commenced  before the issuance of such Certilicate of Improvements.  Dated the 20th day of November, 18.9.  W2 C. JE. SHAW.  Ralph Smailcs returned last night  from the annual meeting' of the Grand  Lodge I. O. O. F., which took place at  Victoria. His son Ralph, who was  going to school on the Coast, returned  with him.  ViC'i-okia, June 20.���The axe fell today when Lieutenant-Governor Mclnnes was dismissed from office by the  Ottawa gavernment and as stated yesterday Sir Henry Joly has been appointed in his stead. Joly has given  up liis position in theDotnidion cabinet  }o accept the post, and as he is at Ottawa it will lake a short time before he  can get to Victoria to take nobis duties.  In the meantime Premier Dunsmuir  cannot appoint the remaining members  of a cabinet, so a lull is bound to ensue  until Joly arrives. Mclnnes feels very  sore, but declines to talk for publication, though he says that he will  give a statement to the press in a few  days. Joly cannot b<_ officially appointed until Mclnnes receives h.is dismissal by mail and acknowledges it.  There was great joy here today when  Mclnnes' dismissal was announced.  MINERAL  ACT,   1S96.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  "LE ROI" Mineral Claim situate in the Kettle  River Milling Division of Yale District.  Where located :   Camp McKiuuey.  TAKE NOTICE that I, John P. McLeod,  Free Miner's Certilicate No. i!6356 as a^t-nt  for James Copelaiul.Fiee Miner's Certilicate No  1-5567, intend, sixty days from the date liereof,  to applv to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of 'Improvements', for the pur'pose of obtaining- a Crown Grant of the above claim.  And  further take notice that action, under  section 37, mus    be commenced before the issuance of such Ce tificate of Improvements.  Dated this 28 day ot February, 1'JOO.  J. P. McLLOD.  MINERAL ACT, 1896.  Certificate  of Improvements.  NOTICE.  TEXAS mineral claim, situate ln tlie Kettle  River  Mining-  Division of   Yale District.  Where located :   Providence camp.  TAKE NOTICE that 1, Charles Noble  Collins, Free Miner's Certificate No.  19729a, intend sixty days from date hereof to  apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate  ot Improvements for the purpose of obtaining-  a Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action  under  Section 37 must be commenced before the issuance of such Certilicate of Improvements.  Dated this 26th day of February, 1900.  192 CHARLES NOBLE COLLINS.  MINERAL   ACT,  1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTIOE.  Ah Theke, Syd M. Johnson and Deadwood  mineral claims, situate in the Kettle river  mining division of Yale district. Where  located:   Deadwood camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Forbes M. Kerby  as agent for Geo. D. Ley son, free miner's  certificate No. B&472, intend, sixty days from  the date liereof, to apply to the mining recorder  for a certificate of improvements for the purposed obtaining a crown graut to the above  claim.  Aud further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 3rd day of March, 1900.  FORCES M. KERBY,  ��� ������  We have paid special attention  to the construction of Pumping  Machinery for duty in mines,  our unsurpassed facilities and  methods have given our Pumps  a Dominion wide reputation.  They are fully guaranteed. Our  designs include all types of the  ordinary Piston Pattern Mining  Pump, Solid Cylinder single and  Duplex Patterns, outside packed  Duplex Plunger Patterns with  Pot valves, also Vertical Sinking Pumps, both piston and outside packed double Plunger patterns. Mine superintendents  and those interested in Machinery would consult their interests  by sending for catalogue and  quotations before installing their  plants.   I  LIMITED.  TORONTO  /* i> *  ONT,  Gunliffe & Ablett,  AGENTS AT ROSSLAND.  Mackay & Walken  AGL-NTS AT VANCOUVER.  WM. SMITH,  PO. Box 166, agent at Greenwood. B. C.  Wm. and Jas. Hunter left yesterday  for Loomis, Mr. Wm, Htinter is heay  ily interested in the Palmer mountain  tunnel scheme.  FOR  THE  It will keep  vou  thoroughly  posted  in all the  ���      ���  mining  news of the  Boundary  country.  1    V %  LIMITED.  VANCOUVER, B. C, 733 Pender St   .Also NELSON, B. C  tt �� s  We are Manufacturers and direct Importers, and carry a larcre stock of Balances, Furnaces, Fire  Clay {foods, Scientific and Practical Books, Glassware, Platinum Goods, Acids, Chemicals, and all  other Assayers' and Miners' requirements.   Sole agents for Morgan Crucible Company, Battersea  Becker's Sons' Balances. Etc.   Catalog-lie and full particulars sent on application,  and Standard Firebrick Co.,Crucibles and Muffles.  BrautTs Gasoline Furnaces and Cupel Machines.  ^^<^v'^'#^^"''^"*��^^  ^ <2S    LOUIS BLUE, PRES.. PETER OENELLE, VICE-PRES.  J.  POUPORE,  SECRETARY.  ��&  ^  IP  &A  m  m  LIMITED.  General Office,  Greenwood, B. C,  Telephones :  Columbia No.  Boundary Creek No.  Veriien & Nelson  No. 26.  Our    Yards    aud  located as follows- :  Mills    are  mA *oc  *��?�� Greenwood,    "Phoenix,    Dead-  W>A'' wood City, Eholt No. i, Eliol No.  tgwf 2, Lonif Lake, "Rock Creek, Sky-  "fort lark  Camp,   Nakusp,    Robson,  5/���� Ymir and Rossland.  )^v*/v;  We Are Manufacturers  of all Kinds of : : : : :  A.   FISHER,   LOCAL   MANAGER.  THE BEST BEER IN TOWN IS MADE BY  THE ELKH0RN BREWERY  PORTMAN JBROS, & CO,,  Proprietors.  ASK FOR  mr*  t\  i *  ���**..  The Elkhorn Lager Beer Contains only Pure Malt Hops, Try  It! It is kept on Draught or in Bottles by all the leading Hotel  MIDWAY, B. C.  First-Class Accommodation. Best Brands Liquors and Cigars  THOS. McAULAY, Proprietor.  The Greenwood  Electric Company$Ii^  Are now prepared to undertake the installing of lights  on premises of intending  consumers. Before any building is connected to the Company's mains, the wiring  will have to be inspected by  an officer of the Company.  All -���work_must _be _dpne_ in  accordance with the rules of  the National Board of Fire  Underwriters. Prices and  any further particulars can  be obtained at the office of  the Company located on  Deadwood street.  Greenwood Electric Co.  Greenwood, *B. C.  PCoates  & Co ��^C  Contractors  m Builders  House Moving a  Specialty.  THE  LATEST  AND  MOST  POPULAR  NOVELS.  MAIL  CONTRACTS.  SEPARATE SEALED TENDERS, addressed to  tlie Postmaster General, will be received at  Ottawa until noon, on Friday the 6th Juty,  IWO, for the conveyance of Her Majesty's  Mails, on a proposed Contract for lour years,  three times and once per week respectively each  way, between Midway and Pen fiction and  Fairview and Oroville, "Wash., from the 1st  September next.  Printed notices containing further information as to conditions of proposed contract  may be seen and blank forms of Tender may  be obtained at the Post Offices of Penticton,  Okanajjon Falls, Fairview, Camp McKinney,  Rock Creek. Midway, Greenwood and Osoyoos,  and at this office.  Post Office: Inspector's Office I  Vancouver, B. C, 25th May, 1900. .  W. H. DORMAN,  Post Office Inspector.  WANTED.  Tenders for cutting and pileing 1,000  cords of four-foot wood in good timber.  For particulars write  KEITH LACKEY,  Rossland, B C.,  TO HAVE AND TO HOLD  MARY JOHNSON.  FED POTTAGE,  MARY CHOI,MONDEI.EY.  JOAN OF THE SWORD  WAND,  S. R. CROCKETT.  THE GREEN FLAG.  CONAN DOYLE.  RESURRECTION,  TOPSTOV.  BY THE MARSHES OF  MINAS,  CHAS. G. D. ROBERTS.  DAVID HARUM,  WESCOTT, x,  RICHARD CARVEL,  WINSTON CHURCHILL,  FABLES IN SLANG,  GEO. ADfi.  JANICE MEREDITH  FORD  FOR SALE BY  Smith & McRae  BOOKS, WALL PAPER,  OFFICE SUPPLIES.  GREENWOOD,  :    :    B.C.  PHONE, V. & N. 34.


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