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 \  03  -M  <2,  Published Weekly iii the Interests of the Boundary Creek Mining District  T-rr-r  Vol) VXI.  GRBEJMWOOD,B. C,, SATURDAY, APRIL 21, 1900  197  No. 32.  S?r  .".-���.Ss:,  Head Office and Works at  .Bei^evii/le, Ont.  Branch Office and Works at  TRAII,, B.C.'  THE  (tjXAC (WtACHINE Co., Limited,  '  ' J{ ." s   ; ::     ' * . -,.:-,���. ',' Manufacturers ot  Air^Compressors; Roc Drills, Hoisting and Stationary Engines, Boilers,  ���yjly 7 yl        Ore Trucks, Ore Cars, Ore Buckets, etc.  Agents for Knowles Steam Pump Works  *  Our Shops at -Trail are most complete, consequently we  are in  a position  to handle all  7 kinds of Repairs.   If you are troubled with your Drills freezing, or wish to  save money buying repairs, then USE   OURS. J. P. BYERS, JVi?r;.Trail.B.C  ^iiiiiiiuiuiiuuiiuiiiuiuiuiuiuiiiiiiiuiiiiiuauiuuiaiiiiiiiiiiiiuim  *#  -MONTREAL, QUEBEC,-  .    MANUFACTURERS OF  *#  1 It^ieai^lg *Sij*parit  *'������  ������  B  BOILERS, HOISTS, PUMPS, Etc.  R. JI, ��. mcttally, Rossland, B. g.  ROCK DRILLS, STRAIGHT LINE  DUPLEX arid^GORLISS AIR COMPRESSORS .. . .���'.-'������'  COMPLETE MINE EQUIPMENTS  OF A LI. KINDS.  STOCK CARRIED IN RQSSV N *.  R. R. Kirkpatrick, Greenwood, B. C.  .���^rri^ixFif-  s Machine Co  Always on  HMd at  Bossland Depot.  PLANTS  BUCKETS.   CARS,    ROPE,    SINKING AND STATION  PUMPS,   CHAIN  BLOCKS,  RAND  DRILLS   AND  compressor F. R.MENDENHALL, Agent.  *^f$rt80li% Played llai^gut l^ebacc:�� ^ ^  KOOTENAY BRANCH, NELSON, g. 6.  Liquors;   Cigars,   Dry Goojls,   Tobaccqs,  Carets,   QWqa Matting, Bqots,  Ten^ Ore Bags.  WRITE  BOM   CATALOGUE. '  Vietotfa, B, Gj  London, Eqg.  Vancouver, B, G  NOW AT7BEIRA  Force of General Carrington  On the Move  NO NEWS OF IMPORTANCE  There Are Crave Fears Concerning  the  Mines at Johannesburg  Being Blown Up.  ; London, April 19.���The arrival of  General Carrington at Beira,, Portuguese East Africa, is the only news  which appears in to-day's cables.  Weeks must elapse before General Carrington will be able to concentrate his  forces on the borders of the Transvaal  or approach Mafeking. According to  a rumor in circulation at Lorenzo  Marquez, a Boer force has been sent to  intercept General Carrington, but it is  riot thought to be of sufficient strength  to cause any anxiety...  The Natal Merctiry is responsible for  the renewed fears concerning the mines  printing accounts from newly arrived  refugees, saying elaborate preparations  for the,destruction of all the Johannesburg shafts have been carried on under  the supervision of the state engineer,  who is reported to haye requisitioned  for all the copper wire iu the town for  the purpose of making connections.  According to a_dispatch from Ladysmith dated today; the \ Boers are much  disconcerted by the present condidion  of affairs. Their fortifications and  forces; numbering about fifteen thousand, are spread over the ridges in contemplation of a British advance  through the Wasch Bank valley, north  of Ladysmith, which has not been  occupied. 7   , ��� ���  A letter from Capetown, which is  printed in M. A. P. of some days back,  tells a characteristic story of Lord  Kitchener: "The difference since  Roberts and Kitchener arrived here is  something stupendous. Kitchener toddles about, walks into hotels, sniffs  after young subalterns strutting about  in staff uniform, and makes himself  generally 'unpleasant.' The other day  he presented himself before one of  these peac'ocky gen tlemon, who was  lolling about in the grounds of the chief  hotel here, surrounded by a crowd of  female admirers, and abruptly asked  the young gentleman what his name  was. : The young ^ei^tlem^^ sprang  up, stood tq attention, aqd informed  himr���'.^nd-y--ha.t are youdbirigL here?'  said Kitchener. 'Hetw!' replied the  beauteous youth, 'I haye just come  down from Maddah Rivah !' 'Oh !' said  Kitchener, 'well, perhaps you had better go back to Moddah River. The  train starts at 9 o'clock tonight I' and  then he went in search of tjys next  staff officer. He is a holy terror to the  gilded youtt^ who ljave come out here  to play at picnics."  BREHANY CONCERT.  V  Hall  *THISi*Lg { i  ".Zt.\        \% m ��H�� Scotch Whisky  =.ANI>���  SEAGRAM'S  The jest ���?!n��*l����-'  SOLE AGENTS:  r. ;p,;.rithet n'!  .'...-.::?���������';- VICTORIA    b.c  &' Co.. Ltd.  ^FOR SAI^E)���  QO D  XH0MAS & MBWC0MS  T~**j.*i��>**nmr*-��f-  MIKING OPERATORS & STOCK BROKERS.  We Want First class Copper Prospects.  301-3 Fernwell Block,    ::   :     :    Spokane,. Wash.,. U.  S  D. Carr, a basso. Their solos were  appreciated, but they, were heard to  better advantage as the wealthy farmers in the second act of." Martha."  The attempt to stage " Martha" in  Miller's hall was rather a travesty, but  nothing could detract from the glorious  music of the quartettes, duets and  arias that make up the act.  The Louise M. Brehany company  deserved a better hall and a more appreciative audience, but *;bese are  growing times in Greenw vd, and  when they next come may th----be wel  corned in a neat opera house.  PROSPEROUS McKlNNEY.  A Newsy SLetter From the Famous Free-  ��� Milling; Camp.  Camp McKinney, ApriM7.���[Special  to the Times.]���The great strike on  the Dayton continues to be the talk of  this camp. A new sensation is promised  soon and those on the inside believe  those lynx-eyed prospectors, Hamilton  and Yonkin will cut the ledge on adjoining ground, presumably on the  Porto Rico. An open cut on the'Dayton, 120 feet from first discovery, shows  the ledge as strong as ever, the ledge  matter under the oxidized -stuff panning gold freely.  One mile from the Dayton is Omaha  camp, where the Lemon company's  properties are located. The Lemon  stamp "mill was compelled to shutdown  today for thirty days-to await another  ore-feeder which is en route from  Peterborough, Ont. Omaha camp is a  clean-cut, well-built camp, located on  the government wagon road. Mr.  Greevy, president of the company is at  present here.. An important strike  was made monday in a���: drift at the 210  level, and a new formation two feet  wide, resembling the Cariboo ore, is  coming in.  The Waterloo company are ordered  to start their mill on May Ist. The  Graham boys, who are largely interested in the Waterloo, have taken hold  of the property, and it is due them to  say that under their management it is  on the road to triumphant success.  They are now in. five feet of solid ore,  identical with that being milled, by the  Cariboo. From this out the Waterloo  is going to the front on its merits.  The Sailor folks are busy pushing  development.  The stages and private vehicles are  bringing in mine-owners who are  planning their season's work.  That nestor of the camp, McCauley  of the Cariboo company, is due here  tonight.  ON THE RESERVATION.  Grafters Getting in their Work in. Locating  Settlers.  Chesaw,_Wash., April 17.���[Special  to the Times.]���Word has reached here  of. a gang of men claiming to be surveyors locating settlers on government  land on the reservation between Chesaw and Okanagan river. The fee  charged for locating a settler on 160  acres is $25. Nine families with their  outfits are said to..be _a.lrea.dy:_.located  ifi_LJ -  Shis'tf_.d.erslBi_ed Ku rood ' Ary pine wood  for. sale, ilrfaye orders at Frasee's Grocery  ccjroer Ueadwood and Copper Streets.  ~*-/  FRITZ   HAUSSgNER.  LIMITED.  VANCQJJVER, B. C., 733 Pencer ��t........  .Also NELSON, B. C  We are Manufacturers and diregt Imppr^er-i, and carry a larue stock of Balances, Furnaces, Fire  Clay eoode, Scientific and Practical Bdok3, Glassware, Platinnm Goods, Acids. Chemicals, and all  other Assayers' and Miners' requirement!}. Sole agents for Morgan Crucible Company, Battersea.  Becker's Sons' Balances, Etc.   Catalogue and full particulars sent on application.  Brann's Gasoline Furnaces and Gupel Machines,  A High-Class Entertainment in Miller's  Last Evening,  Even a X40u.se M. Brehany could not  arouse enthusiasm in Miller's hall. Its  wretched acoustic properties and lack  of proper ventilation -.vould destroy  proper appreciation o,tv the part of even  the mos.t ardent lover of good music.  If- the concert last evening was not an  enthusiastic success, the fault did not  lie with the members of the .Louise  Brehany compai_j\ Every member was  an artist, and under more favorable  conditions the concert would have been  voted the most enjoyable ever heard in  the city.  ! The accompanist, Sauvlet, is a  pianist of the yery highest rank. Olga  Schmitt, 'a -pretty'maid of 16 summers,  is a musical marvel. As a violin solo  ist she easily takes first rank.  The' prima donna is, of course,  Louise M. Brehany. Blessed with a  sweet mezzo-soprano voice of great  power, a'pleasant manner and a pretty  face, $hg immediately captures} her  audience. Her singing of " Could I,"  " Thine Forever" and "Annie Laurie,"  as an encore, made good the claim that  she is one of America's, greatest ballad  singers. Jessie B.Monroe has a pure  alto voice and was heard to good advantage in " Spring Tide."  The male members of the company  are Louis J. Miutz, a tenor, and Forrest  and have commenced farming operations. From a party who has just  come in over the road from Brewster,  it is learned that over twenty families  are on their way in, being scattered on  the rqad. f rqm Brewster to Chesaw. As  is well known, the reservation has,not  been thrown open for settlement by  the government, so. those who are  foolish enough to pay their $25 are  simply throwing their money away.  Af great d_eal of fine farming land is  being- staked for placer, hoping thus to  hold it when the reservation opens up.  As this is, an injustice to bona fide  settlers, the government should do  something to put a stop to such work.  WAS DROWNED  Boundary Creek Claims An^  other Victim.  SING LU1E, A  CHINAMAN  While Drawing Water He Slipped In  and the Swift Waters Closed  Over Him.  Sing Luie, Chinaman, aged 23, was  accidentally drowned in Boundary  creek just before noon Thursday. From  information obtained from a cousin of  the deceased, it seems that Sing, who  recently moved into the Home laundry,  on Silver street, went down to the  creek to get a pail of water. The  Chinamen in that vicinity are in the  habit of drawing the water at the back  of Hop Lee's laundry, where the bank  is a little high above the water. Sing  somehow slipped off from the bank,  and the swift current carried him down  the creek as far as the South End  grocery, where his body was pulled out.  Dr. Schon was shortly on the scene,  and an effort was made to resuscitate,  but without avail. In the mean time  the whole of Chinatown was informed;  and there was an exodus from the  laundries in the direction of the South  End grocery.  When a Times representative came  to the place where Sing's body was  lying on the ground, he found a motly  collection of the deceased's countrymen examining the remains. Across  the right eye was a contusion, probably  caused by the head striking violently  again-ta snag in the creek as the body  was carried swiftly down. Such an  injury might have rendered him at  once unconscious land unable to help  himself. The body was taken to  Gully & Co.'s undertaking parlors and  is now being prepared for interment,  which will take place tomorrow-  Sing Luie had been a resident.of  Greenwood for nearly a year. He was  of good habits and industrious. Only  just recently he had, bought the Home  laundry and gone Jn to business for  himself.. On his person Dr. Schon  found a purse containing $16, which  was turned over to Chief of Police  McLaren. "-.,-.  Dr. Jakes, the coroner, may hold an  inquest, as there appears to be reasons  for supposing that Sing Luie's death  might have been caused otherwise than  by accidental drowning*. ���  ���'���.  SHOULD BE SUFFICIENT.  New York, April 19.���The appraised  valuation of the estate of Cornelius  Vanderbilt amounts to about $60,000,-  000, says the World today. The estate  was supposed to be worth at least  $125,000,000. At the time of Cornelius  Vanderbilt's death last September,  Chauhcey M. Depew's' estimate was a  most conservative one, and was mad  only to assist those attempting to get  some idea of the residuary estate coming to Alfred.  STRENGTH AND SKILL-  Berlin, April 19.���A series of interesting wrestling contests is ,ia progress here this week, the competitors  being giants in size and strength.  Among them is an American known as  " Washington." Professor Von Boges  has given a fine bronze statue of his  own modeling as apprize of honor to  the wrestler making the best record.  A VALUABLE RELIC.  New York, April 19.���The Peary  Artie club today sent to the musem of  the Royal Naval College at Greenwich,  England, in accordance with instructions from the Lords of.the.Admiralty,  the sextant left at Repulse, Greenland,'  in 1876 by Lieutenant (now Admiral)  Beaumont of the Royal Navy, and  brought.thence to Fort Conger in 1882  by the late Lieutenant James B. Lock-  wood on. his return from his farthest  north exploration and recovered by  civil engineer Robt. E. Barry, U. S. N.,  in May last. With the sextant was the  original record deposited by Captain  (now Admiral) Sir George Mares, commanding the expedition, in a cairn on  Norman Locyear island in 1875.  Distinguished Artist Dead.  London, April 19.���Robert Allan  Mowbray Stevenson, the artist is dead.  Stevenson was born in Edinburgh,  March 25th, 1847.  WAS MISINTERPRETED.  New York, April 19.���Aiient the  threatened trouble between the United  States and Turkey, the Herald's Washington correspondent quotes Aii Fer-  rough Ber, the Turkish minister to the  United States, as saying : "I am sure  that had the Sultan given his promise  to pay, an immediate settlement should  have been made. I am of the opinion  that in the translation of his remarks  there was some misinterpretation; the  promise he speaks of is a declaration  that an inquiry would be made through  I the proper ^executive department."  A PLEASANT OUTING.  Chicago,. April 19.���A special train  containing 114 members of the Brotherhood of Locomotive engineers an<l  their families arrived in the city last  night. The engineers have been to  the Coast and are now on their way  home. They were given a vacation  for 31 daj-s and supplied with a special  train. THE. GRJMNtWOOJD WEEKLY TIME&  ���ra-s-TTi-i  meekly times.  PUBLISHED BY  The Greenwood Times Printing and Publishing  Company, Limited.  Duncan Ross ...Editor.  SATURDAY,   APRIL 21, 190D  THE GENIUS OF DESPERATION.  The Grand Forks Gazette is a perfectly beautiful illustration of the  great doctrine of heredity. Considered  from any other point of view there is  not much in the paper, but as a psychological study it is an unmixed delight to those who used to read the  parent journal, the Grand Forks Miner.  When one reads the Gazette and observes how it wrestles with facts and  sees the facts invariably get the worst  of it, one's mind is recalled to the good  old days when the Grand Forks' Miner  could promise an astonished ��public  that a city rivaling Chicago would  shortly be situated in the valley of the  Kettle river; that all the big mines  along Boundary creek would be moved  to Grand Forks, and that in a short  time some 9,000 tons would be smelted  daily in the ambitious city. The  surest gauge of depression in Grand  Forks was the Miner. When the town  prospered the Miner was satisfied with  the facts and had spasms of respecta-  bility,when the town became dull, when  the beautiful castles built by enterprising boomsterscame tumbling down, the  Miner ran to fairy tales. The Gazette  does the same. Monday's issue contains two paragraphs, oue telling how  jealous Greenwood is because Grand  Forks gets a supreme court registrar  and the other goes into statistics dealing with the voters'. list. Both paragraphs are remarkable for the small  amount of truth they contain. Greenwood gets a supreme court registry, as  the latest number of the B. C. Gazette  will show. Here is the announcement:  NOTICE.  His Honor the Lieutenant-Governor,  under the provisions of section 6 of the  "Supreme Court Act Amendment Act,  i899," has been pleased to establish, at  the City of- Greenwood, a Registry of  the Supreme Court, to be known as the  Greenwood Registry.  Such Registry to be established on  the 15th day of May, 1900.  By command.     Geo. W. Beebe,  Provincial Secretary.  Provincial Secretary's Office,  llth April, 1900  The Grand Forks Gazette is a convincing proof of the old saying that  figures never lie but liars sometimes  figure. Its official list of voters is  very much astray. Greenwood is given  credit for exactly 182 voters less than  appear, on the list. The official list  shows that there are 160 more registered voters in Greenwood than in  Grand Forks. The Gazette is not  sacrificing anything when it indulges  in those remarkable statements. It  has no reputation to lose and consequently is free to say anything that  may tend to raise the drooping spirits  of the citizens or increase the confidence of those who have invested in  the town. Nothing it will say can influence the future of Greenwood. As  the commercial, mining, banking and  smelting- center of the Boundary district, Greenwood is so firmly established that it can very well afford to  .sympathize with the smaller places  that have be6n left hopelessly behind  in the race for supremacy.  IrAURIER AND MARTIN.  At a public meeting held in Saanich  last week, Hon. Joseph Martin endeavored to convince his hearers that  Sir Wilfrid Laurier was not opposed to  him and that the Liberals who are not  following him are traitors to the party.  Mr. Martin read a letter from Sir  Wilfrid to corroborate his statement.  After reading the letter one c.tnnot  but admire Martin's bluff. No one  excepting himself would have the  temerity to use the letter to prove his  case. Sir Wilfrid says in the plainest  terms that he does not intend to help  Joe Martin. Sir Wilfrid did not hesitate to go to the assistance of Premier  Hardy in Ontario and Greenway in  Manitoba, but he tells Martin that  there are no party lines in his programme and that he will not interfere  at all. Here is Sir. Wilfrid's letter :  Ottawa, April 2.  My Dear Martin : I have had for  some days your last letter. I did not  answer immediately because your request required some consideration. On  the whole I have come to the conclusion that I should not interfere in any  way at all. This will not surprise  you after receiving my first letter. I  realize the force of keeping party lines,  but the reasons which I have given  you in my first letter must make it  plain to you that if ��� party lines are to  be maintained, I will expect that the  policy of the federal government will  be respected. There are no party  lines in your programme, and I appeal  to you that it would have been easy for  you to give way to the policy which  we have enunciated. At the same  time, whilst I cannot interfere in your  behalf, I will not interfere against  you. This I do for many obvious reasons, and moreover, I cannot forget  the voice of friendship. I would feel  much more pleasure if I could write to  you in a different way, but it is preferable that you should know exactly  where I stand; and if 1 do not interfere actively in your b'.half you will  acknowledge that the .fault is not  mine. Believe me, as ever, my dear  Martin, yours very truly,  Wilfrid Laurier.  FOREIGN   MINING   COMPANIES.  Hon. Smith Curtis, minister of  mines, has announced that the Martin  government, if returned to power, proposed to repeal the amendment to the  Placer Mining Act passed last year to  exclude aliens from the placer mines of  the Province, and practically aimed at  the Americans in- the Atlin district.  They also intend to issue free miners'  nertificales to foreign companies incorporated under the laws of the Province.  The section under which the certificates  are to be issued is as follows:.  No joint stock company or corpora  tion shall be entitled lo take out a free  miner's certificate under this act,  unless the same has been incorporated,  and not simply licensed or registered  under the la>YS of this Province, and  unless such company or corporation it-  authorized to take 9Ht a free miner's  certificate by the HeHtenftnt-groyernor-  in-council. Such authorlKation may at  any time be cancelled, and in ease of  such cancellation such company or  corporation shall not be entitled to  take out a free miner's certificate under  this act, but any free miner's certificate already taken OMt shall remain in  force until its expiry, The woid  "person" in this section' shall include  only such companies and corporations  as aforesaid.  The Semlin government refused to  grant certificates under the ueetion  quoted and baaed its refusal upon thc  opinion then given by the attorney-  general, Joseph Martin, that it would  be illegal to grant cei titicates to such  companies. Repeated applications  were made to the government, and in  one instance at least the applicants  went so far as to offer to give bonds to  any extent required by the govern  ment that, not a single share of the  stock of the company would be allowed  to get into the hands of any person  not a British subject. All of which  goes to show that Mr. Martin has  changed his views.  ADVICE TO CROAKERS.  A few croakers, including a dyspeptic correspondent from Midway,  could profit by following the advice of  the Spokane Chronicle. Here is what  it says in reference to a Portland  croakar, who wanted a reason -and a  remedy for dull times in Portland :  You poor thing !  You want a reason ? You want a  remedy ? Well, take it.  ""Quir-your^grunting.��� Get- inland  hustle. Don't go around croaking like  bullfrog with dyspepsia. You've got a  good town ; don't be ashamed of it. If  you haven't confidence in it���if you're  not too proud of it to utter wailful  whimperings like that���then get out of  it on the first freight train or sailboat  you see, and don't come back.  Don't come here, either. We've had  some folks like you up here���mighty  few of 'em, though, thank fortune,  and we don't offer any inducements  for them to stay. There have been  people in Chicago who thought the  Windy City didn't need anything but  a white fence and a job lot of tombstones to be a first-class cemetery, but  they died and Chicago didn't.  Reason? Remedy? Here's one for  all the kickers. Take off your green  glasses���get a mirror and practice  smiling at it until you get so you can  do it easy���scrape the moss off your  own back first and then tackle your  neighbor's say good things about  your town and your friends amd the  preacher or keep your mouth shut���and  see how long it takes you to catch  yourself wondering how you were ever  lucky enough to get iu half so good a  world as this is after all.  .The issue.  The electors should not be blinded  by the alluring promises of Joe Martin's platform. In a previous.contest  in another province Martin made  similar promises, but they were never  fulfilled. The great disideratum is  whether the people are going to endorse the action of the lieutenant-governor, who usurps their prerogatives  "end foists upon them a government  which represents no one but himself.  The federal government have placed  the issue before the electors of British  Columbia. Sir Wilfrid Laurier ro-  gards the Mclnnes letter of explanation as inadequate and he has asked  the "ieutenant-govemor to. explain in  particular why, after dismissing the  ministers with seats in the legislature,  he should choose those without seats  or experience. Ottawa regards the  action of the lieutenant-governor as  subversive of parliamentary government and outside of our system of  carrying on public affairs. If the electors endorse the action of the lieutenant-governor, the hands of the federal  government are tied and they can do  nothing in the direction -of punishing  a man who has shown a total disregard  for constitutional praotice, On the  other hand, if the people defeat.Mar-  tin at the polls, then .the Ottawa government is free to dismiss the man  who plunged the proyince into the  present political quagmire, The fate  of the.province rests with the people.  It is for them to say whether they want  liberty or an autocric.y.  OUR  GROWING  TIME-  The concluding words of Finance  Minister Fielding's great budget  speech accurately describes the remarkable prosperity of the country  since the Liberals came into power.  He said:  And now, Mr. Speaker, my task is  done. And I trust it is an agreeable  statement that I have presented to the  house and to the country this day. It  is a stoty of very prosperous times.  It is the story of a country that has  not a dollar of floating debt tipday. It  is the story of an overflowing treasury  under reduced tariff duties. 1__ is the  story of .liberal grants for every useful  public service. It is the story of a  people occupying a country stretching  from ocean to oreau, nearly all of  whon. today are busy, prosperous, content and happy. And it is the story of  a people that have given freely' pf  their blood and treasure for the defense  and honor of the empire in lands far  across the sea. May we all realize the  gopdjy land in which we dwell, and  ina.y we ajl r��inen}t)e). wj.th j-'i.a.efi.J  hearts the blegsjn^s- that Ppqyjdeflce  has showered upon thjs QQm.n.Qn Qf  Canada, .  THE  BANK   OF  Established in 1836.  Incorporated by Royal Charter.  Paid-up Capital.   $4,866,666  Reserve Fund.:.......... ...$1,460,000  London Office;  3iC_ement's Itare, Lombard Street, E. C  , -#-   '   ���  Court of Directors':o  J. H. Brodle, John James Carter. Gaspavd  Farrer, Richard H. Glyn, Henry I. R. Farrer,  Ed, Arthur Hoare, R.J.B. Kendall, J. J. Kings-  ford, Fred LitTatiock, Georpe X>. Whatman.  Secretary, A. G. "WalUa.  Pead office In Canada: St. James st., Montreal  H. Stlkemati, general manager.  J. Elmsley, Inspector.  Branches in Canada:  London, Brantford, Hamilton, Toronto,  Montreal. Ottawa, King-ston, Qnebec, St. John,  N. B., Brandon, "Winnipeg-, Fredericton, N. B..  Halifax, Victoria, Vancouver, Rossland; Kaslo,  Trail, Ashcroft. Dawson Citv, Klnndik?, N. AV.  T., Greenwood. Atlln and Bennett, B. C.  AGENTS IN THE  UNITED,STATES: ,'���  Spokane���Traders' National Bank and Old  National Bank. New York���(52 "Wall street)  W. Law-son and J. C. Welsh, agents. San  Francisco���1124 Sansome street) H. J. Mc-  Michael and J. R. Ambrose agents.  London Bankers:  The Bank of England and Messrs. Glyn & Co.  Foreign Agents:  Liverpool���Bank of Liverpool. A stralia���  Union Bank of Australia.,New Zealand���Union  Band of Australia, Bank of New Zealand.  India, China and Japan���Char-tared Mercantile  Bank of India, London and China. Agra Bank.  West Indies���Colonial Bank. - P.aris-Marcuard.  Krauss&Co.   Lyons���Credit Lyonnais.  F. T. SHORT. Manager,  Green-wood    B.  C  THE SIMILKAMEEN.  J. TTEAt,.*  J. WATT  ���   ���  ��� 9  ^^S***!* <.*$*#$#<��� <_#*.-���.<���$.*$)(.)���  |    THE   PEOPLE'S -FORUM.  *' ��� -,  To thr Editor : When a man com'  mits any nuisance that contaminates  the water or air that hit*, fellow-citiaens  have to use, it is justly regarded a�� a  reprehensible act. Laws are enacted  for the protection of people in civilized  communities from the carelessness or  sanitary ignorance of individuals. In  some cities a man is not allowed to  contaminate the atmosphere of the  streets by tobacco smoke, or the sidewalks by tobacco expectoration,, so  righteously jealous are the people of  the purity of. the great essentials to  health and life���pure air and water;  pure air being the first and the last  want of all animal life, our first sigh  and our last gasp attesting its power.  In Butte, Mont., a few years ago,  the citizens rose in their might against  the polution of the life-giving air by  the fumes from the roasting of ore  heaps and the nuisance was abated.  But in Greenwood we have an alderman, doing business on Copper street,  who has no scruples about publicly  cremating aboti ta dozen-cases otrotten  eggs within nine feet of a public well  and 20 feet off the back doors and  windows of a residence, the occupants  of which have been compelled to keep  their doors and windows, closed to exclude the smoke and fumes, which have  been ascending for 24 hours, causing  headaches and sickness among several  people. This is a lawmaker's mode of  cleaning backyards with a vengeance 1  If the health officer would take a walk  around Kimberley and Providence  streets he might discover something  that would cause him to defend his  olefactories. This is the same neighborhood where a short time ago the  people were unwittingly indulging in  cat soup���not catsup, from the effects  of a feline getting into a well, whether  from accident or design, deponent  saith not. Argus.  ���*&   $   $  Will be the terminus of the Columbia  & W^teRl l?i.��.Y.'..tV    .- "  .. JN THIRTY DAYS.,,  *&��� Now is the time to Invest, "^  We haye Snaps in Eits*iness and Fesu  dental J*et��. - Pa--., qv Terms. -  -��� *  pall, Wi'itttar.WIpp ,  W. B, Rickards & Co.  MIDWAY, B, C.  A ! ! :  FINE LINE OF. ..  Pipes, Cigars,  Tobaccos and Pouches.  JUST RECEIVED.  Coryell's  Map  of  Wellington   Camp  ''...'  $1.00.  ..f  y  DRUGGIST,    :   . :   MIDWAY, B. C.  ���EOR���  Bar mirrors,     Plate.  Sbcet  or Coloured Glass,  Wall Paper*     Paints,      Oils,  Uamisbes,   Room   .  and Picture ttlouldinas.   Etc.  . WHITE   ���   '*  W. F. Askew; Grand Forks, B. C.  .Boundary Creek representative of J.' W. Melh  f Victoria, who carries   the largest Htockr  bove lines in B. C.     As nearly all  of iuop  goods are imported via Cape   Horn thechoe  f reiglit excludes eastern dealers  R FCoates  & Co X'  Contractors  0 Builders  House Moving a  Specialty.  THE PROPOSED SAMPLER.  At tomorrow's meeting of the city  council the proposition to bonus the  proposed sampling works will be up  for discussion. It is probable that L.  P. Wolfe, representing the Slocan  sampling works, in which R. L,. Armit  is interested, will! address> thfe5 city  fathers on the subject. The Times is  in receipt of another letter bearing on  the question from L.. Iv. Patrick, a  well-known Spokane mining engineer,  who is now in charge of the work on  the Poland China mine in the Myers  Creek camp, and is thoroughly conversant with such plants. His letter is  as follows:  Chesaw, Wash., April 14.  The Editor: I am of the opinion that  the sampling plant, such as you men- '  tion, will not only be a benefit to!  Greenwood and the surrounding coun- j  try but would also be a paying concern j  for the owners. The Poland China is  about to make its initial shipment, and '  were the sampler in operation, would,  gladly patronize it with this as well as ,  future shipments. Yours very truly,  L,. L,. Patrick.    !  FOR SALE.  Otta Aerial Tramway Cable,   length  6,500 feet, with buckets and fixtures  complete.  Modern   Concentrator,   capacity    100  tons, makers Fraser  &   Chalmers.  45 K W Dynamo, Ledgerwood hoist  lpair 16 in. and 1 pair 8 in. Water  wheels, and other plant.  The above are almost new and in  good condition. For particulars apply  to P. O. Box 122, Revelstoke Station,  B. C. *  MINERAL ACT. 1896.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENT.  NOTICE,  "BARROW" Mineral Claim situate in the  Kettle River;Mhilutr Division of Yale  District. Where. Located : In Skylark  Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett, as  agent for George R, Naden, Free  Miner's Certificate No. 14357A, lean P. Desrosiers, Free Miners Certificate No. B_04��, John  I^ayear, Free Miner,s Certificate No. B6355,  Frank H. Parker, Free Miner's Certificate No,  B61S0 and Earnest J. Llverraore, '  Free Miner's Certificate No. B6321, I  intend sixty  days from  date  hereof, to ap.  Fly to the Mining-Recorder for a certificate of I  raprovements, for the purpose of obtaining, a I  crowtt Grant of the above claims. I  And further take notice that action, nnder  Section 37, must t��e commenced before the issuance of such certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 16 day of March. 1900.  5847 I. H. HA-CI-.ETT,  UU  ��� ��� ���' ���  *��� - -1    ���   ��� - ��� -''','*'' i ���.' ,*  Keremeos is the Center of the  Simialmisa Mining Belt,  First-Class Ac;;oiiii|dation^  EVERYTHING NEW  AND UP-TO-DATE.  Rates Reasonable  C. E. THOMAS  Nl  1  PRINCETON^ G,  il, lifi  1  Conveyancing Clone, Information on  Mining Properties furnished at reasonable rates., -.'��� -; -:  ���    y  ���<���  y.; ~ry-y,"-' :  .... \  PRINCETON, B,ci       . (if ���  BUTCHERS  H  Special   Attention    Givehv io    the  Supply of ���  ���������*���������-���  PRIMCET0N, B.C.  All  Lead from tlie  n  . JLLf   v  To ��� v t> '���"-"-'     '���������-'������ :'t  Twenty Mile,  Granite Cree,     *;  Rocne River,   7      ^\  - ^ vTulameen,^ y^.-j}y:.  Big Soo and  Nicola; *:* ���"  Rates ReasonaWe,  John H. Jackson, S6i<_5 Proprietor,  PRINCETON, B/G.   /;  Aa. W  I!  .0. ALDOUS.  J,BUDD  ALDOUS & BUDD  Hauling! and Packing  To Mining Camps -^  - A1 Specialty ,: .^;-  Best Accommodation.  A  VI  Horseshoeing and  %  Princeton, B, G.  HO! FORTHE  Similkamefti*  Stage now running from        ' 7:7';  *       - - *���   V ( -   . -.  leaves' Fairview on'Moh-lays  -._���:  at -'8?:air" m.y, returmnff yieaves     y;  -,.:���.-.. -..y.,->-vI,H -ys b*;'..-Jh-     :������ -i  Kt:remMaon;Tue8days'at8^a.in,      -<  ���^y^.y^ 7W*:l$ln*, manaa��s*.  -��� 7- i^"'-      Vairvlew and Kereineos  EUJ.i;:STOCk,0F,.r.:-j.    v   y.;y  ���MyiEiER&if.  ���:^.;7JltEMlK11DiSE.  JHt Keremeos.      ~ "*."���:  '.'-'--i.-iii4____.-i_.  Harness and Saddlery  51t Fairview.   -.     f  Fairview Dri^M Book Store.  '������::���--. ���������];_ xi :���;-���"'    i .    ;     .��� y.  -   ���  (���AIRVIEW aiid CAMP^MclJClNNEY.  'A  full  line   of 'rDrugs,*"-*tStationery  ^v..yy Druggists Sundries, ^^g"  Pjcestriptiqnk" Carcfally ^Go^i^idcd  il  WM. A. NlCHOLliS^  ���������-���   -��� .-��� ,-...���. .- .:������.'��� x.- :{-^y        -  n^H  Spokane. Wasjj.;:U^S^���'-*.-.:,  -.       ���   ���* i-.*������>������  ���������!  ���..  -V*  ,- MISS _k.^SWANSpNi��7i'iy.'  ' 7, ~       y~ "I" ���Prop?letere��i_.-/y...  Headquarter8^fo^i:*Bounda_ty^..^iriillg  Operator's".     - "y   "'k  ROSSLAND,;:;_ '. i *f.'li. ��� C.  AT MILL.  rati  ���III 1KB  Martin, Harris & Go.  E. E. HARD WICK, BUSINESS MGR.  PRINCETON, B, C  The Greenwood-^^  Electric tofflpany.K^^-  Are now prepared to undertake the installing of lights  on premise^ -of intending  consumers. Before any build-   Ing- is connected to the Com<-  pany'j*; mains., ihp .wiring  . ...Will have to.be.lnspected by  an officer of the Company.  AU -\yprk, must be. done in  accordance witli the- rules_:6f  -���'������ the National Board of Fire  Underj^riters. Prices and  any further particulars can  be obtained at the office of  the Company" located , on  Deadwood street. \-  \ -  Greenwood Electfic Co / /  i--Gken^oM^W*^C.  ll  .-���i.S \>1  MB GREENWOOD WEEKLY ^IM'#&  _.*-i?VT��W_-'i~iriMYi'ii 11 i -inf i ii*. *i3-  WORK HAS STARTED  On the Construction of the  Green-  y w6od:Ph6enix Tramway.  WILL BE SEVEN MILES LONG  Interview With George H. Collins, Secretary of  the  Company ��� Araerlcin   Railroad    7  Capitalists Interested.  ^On account of the late hour in receiving the  news on   Saturday,- only the  briefest   mention  starting of   work  was   made   of   the  by   the; Greenwood  and Phoenix Tramway company, in  the.preliminary surveys for the location' of the proposed line between this  city.and Phoenix. This enterprise  originated by local men, gives promise  of becoming tlie bit-.gest enterprise of  its kind in the Boundary district. Ever  since the defeat of the original Corbin  charter-lor a railroad into the Boundary _district, a few gentlemen have  been -working and ' planning quietly  with a view of securing a charter toj  enable them'to build a competingVoad  "with the C. P. R. to tap the camps of  the district. This charter was secured  underthe name pf the; Greenwood and  Phoenix Tramway company from the  provincial, government but a few weeks  since7'at a, time when the Canadian  Pacific was fighting its hardest at  Ottawa to prevent a bill being passed  for the Kettle River Valley company.  In speaking of the plans of the company, St cretary G.H. Collins briefly  outlined the same to a Times man this  morning., He said: "We approximate  tfie cost ��f fl'c first sevon miles of the  r.iad between Greenwood and Phoenix  at $150,000.' At. the Phoenix"terminus  sub-spurs will be run to the different  mines: in. Greenwood camp and on to  Wellington camp. We also .propose  building into Deadwood and "Summit  camps; This is'not: all. ��� To get competition for Boundary freight a connection must of necessity be made  1 somewhere, with an American road.  (This we propose to .do by running a  line down- to Midway/on the International boundary line, where we are  alteady assured of a connection with  the Great Northern road. Fully $500,-  000 will be expended before the system  is completed. , Arrangements have  already "been completed for electric  ���power.: from the Cascade Light and  Power company, ..who are building  a dam at Cascade City for the purposes  jof generating electricity for long-distance transmission. The right-of-way  fpr their pole line is now being cut out  [between Cascade and Phoenix."  Speaking -of the financial arrange-  ;ments of the company, he continued:  ' While I am not at liberty to give out  he names of those behind the coni-  any7I can assure you of one thing,  hiy'are men of means who also have  x thorough understanding of the plans  i>f the company. They are prominent  \merican railroad .capitalists. Backed  |vith: ample-capital, the company is  low in a position to push forward the  ork to a speedy completion. You  vill remember we (the prompters)  ��osted a $5,000 cheque with the city as  .guarantee for bur undertaking. We  on't propose ..for., one mpnientto lose  Ihaib cheque. It was put up as bona  Tides of our intentions. Duncan Me-  iitosh. the president of the company,  as been in the east for some weeks,  rid a portion of his time has been  jaken up with manufacturers figuring  ti the necessary,plant for the system^  gitess we have stolen a march qn tlie  P. R.," he laughingly concluded.  The applicants for the charter; were  onald Harris; Duncan Mcintosh,  eorge H. Collins and Duncan Ross,  'atrick Welch, the railroad contractor,  now in the city figuring on a con-  act for the work.  JEWSOFTHE RAILS MDWIRESS  ��".' �����  John  G. Sullivan, chief engineer of  .nstructibn   on  the   C.  &  W., spent  lesterday in the city.  General Superintendent Osborne and  Superintendents Milestone, Bury,  Cameron, Niblock and James are in  consultation at Winnipeg with the  telegraph operators of Western Division of. the . C. P. R. in regard to the  new schedule. The telegraphers are  represented by F. J. Reynolds, of Calgary, J. W. Harmer, of Canmore; W.  J. Uren, of Ignace, and D. McArthur,  of ISfapings. Both the company and  the men expect the settlement to-be an  amicable one.  Arrangements have been completed  whereby a regular daily stage service'  will be run between Grand Forks and  Bossburg to connect with the trains, on  the Spokane Falls and Northern railway. Bell & Duncan will operate the  stage line between Bossburg and Cas-:  cadej and- connection from that place"  to Grand Forks wilt be made by the  Model stables. The service goes into  effect today.  lCffective Sunday next, the Spokane  Falls and Northern will change the departure of its northbound to conform  to the change on the O. li. & N. and  Great Northern, leaving Spokane at  10:25 a. m., instead of 8:15 a. m. ;ts now  in effect. 'There will be no change in  No. 2, the down train, which will arrive at "Spokane at 6:15 p. m. as at  present. The new schedule will put  passengers into Nelson at 6:30 p. in.  and Rossland at 5:20 p. rn. Relative  to inaugurating a buffet service on the  Spokane Falls and Northern, Superintendent Forest stated that a strong  effort was being made to secure such a  service, but nothing of a definite nature can be announced at the present  time. Passenger traffic has beeu unusually active on this line the past two  weeks owing to increased travel to  British Columbia mines.  Captain J. W. Troup, superintendent of the Kootenay division of the C.  P. K., arrived in the city at noon on a  freight from Grand Forks and returned  to Nelson on the afternoon regular.  While here his time was taken up with  several of the merchants. He said he  had nothing for publication except  that he was given to understand by  the construction department of the C.  & W. that just as soon as the trestle to  the Granby s,melter at Grand Forks  was completed they would pioceed with  the completion of track-laying between  Hartford Junction and Phoenix and  the mines in Greenwood aud Wellington camps.'.He also said that he was  daily keeping the wires hot endeavoring to get trace of the.new first-class  coaches promised' by the, Montreal  officials for the C. & W. branch. F. W.  Peters, assistant general freight agent,  and , H. E. McDonnell, travelling  freight agent, accompanied Captain  Troup as far as Grand Forks. Mr.  Peters will return to Nelson aud Mr.  McDonnell will visit Republic.  R. A. Dickson and P. T. McCallum  give notice under the Tramway Company Incorporation act, of an application to incorporate the Boundary Rapid  Transit company, for the purpose of  building, equipping and operating a  tramway and telephone and telegraph  lines in.connection therewith, the general route of which shall be as follows:  Cominencing at a point without the  distance of "one half mile from the international boundary line at or neat-  Cascade City, in the District of Yale in  the Province of British Columbia;  thence following the valley of the  North Fork of the said river to a point  on said North Fork fifty miles distant  from Grand Forks ;^and beginning at  a point/'without the distance of one-  half mile from : the said international  boundary line, at or .near Carson City ;  thence northerly and easterly to the  City of Grand Forks, and from Grand  Forks or from some point on the line  extending up the said North Fork.by  way of Phoenix and ���Greenwood to a  point without the distance of one half  mile from the international boundary  at or near Midway.  J George Barber, who previous to the  Irst of the year was employed at the  /eight sheds, is again back in his old  fosition as shed foreman, having left  ervice of thc Wyrikoop-Stcphens com-  |any.  The trestle wrecked on the Nelson  Jnd Fort Sheppard road was replaced  ly the company at a cost of $+,000,  Jays the Nelson Tribune. The esti-  faated loss to the company through the  Jeceht   wreck   is   placed by   them  at  5,500.   Patrick Welsh, the. well-known railroad contractor, arrived in the city on  (Saturday, and will stay here a day or  two. It. is an open secret that he is  figuring on a contract to construct the  ^ramway line of the Greenwood and  "���hoenix Tramway company.  MOTHER LODE SHARES.  have formed the Retail Grocers and  Butchers' Association, the general  purposes of which association are:  (a) To foster a more social feel��ig  among members of the trade ; (b) to  patronize such wholesale houses as do  ah exclusive wholesale business; (c) to  establish a collection bureau for the  benefit of members, giving reliable information concerning persons unworthy of credit and assisting in the  collection of delinquent accounts ;  (d) to regulate the peddling of fruits,  produce, etc.; (e) to secure protection  ag-ainst adulteration of goods, fictitious  libels, etc.; (f) to discourage all "gift  scheme-." as an i.iduCi*m��*nt for the  introduction and sale of any article;  (g) to encourage the introduction and  sale of all goods on their respective  merits; (h) to shorten the hours' of  labor whenever practicable; (i) to  secure protection against unjust laws  affecting the trade by encouraging and  assisting favorable local and Provincial legislation. Article II of the  by-laws provides that any firm or individual of good repute engaged in the  retail business in the City of Greenwood, or any person of good repute  associated by virtue of his calling with  the retail business of said city, mav  become a member of this association  by vote of a majority of the members  at the meeting when the application  for membership is presented, upon subscribing to the constitution and bylaws and payment of $2 membership  fee.  AN UNQUALIFIED SUCCESS.  Miller's hall was comfortably filled  last night on the occasion of the ball  given by Greenwood Miners' Union,  No. 22. W. F. M. Fevy dances have  been held in the city that equalled it.  The hall was appropriately decorated  aiid every arrangement made forthe  comfort of the guests. A good floor  and music supplied by the Orpheus  Orchestra was all that the dancers of  the light.fantastic needed to while  away the hours until early morn. The  ball was a \lecided success, thanks to  the energetic efforts of the general  committee, composed of James Fisher,  E. P. Shea, "Thomas Peickert, Walter  Long and Mike Kane. The sale of  tickets had been large, and a neat sum.  will be oh hand for the object of the  ball���the erection of- a building suitable for lodge and meeting purposes.  The management desire The Times to  express their hearty thanks for the  support given by the business men of  the city.      "  EASTER SUNDAY.  .. The weather, yesterday, was that of  an ideal Kaster Sunday���brignt and  sunny. Large congregations attended  both tlie morning and evening services  jn the city churches, which for the occasion were decked in Easter attire.  Especially was this noticed in St.  J tide's Mission, where the ladies of the  "congregation had gone to special pains  to decorate the altar with an abundance of -flowers, covering a pure white  bar.kgroutfd. Many availed themselves  during the day to go riding, driving  or walking, and the wagon road between here and Midway was crowded.  Several went out ��� to Boundary Falls  and spent the afternoon there, returning in the cool of the evening. The  bicycle club mustered up a dozen riders  who had their initial run to Midway  and return.  OPEN THE RESERVATION.  A. special dispatch from Ottawa  ����.ys_: The demands of the telegraph  [operators on the Inter-Colonial railway  Jfor recognition of the Order of Rail-  [way Telegraphers and the granting of  ifteet. days'holiday to each  operator  *j��i_ig the year have been granted by  'minister of railways and  iudorsed  ���  the government..  The only shares of a British Columbia copper-gold mining company quoted  on the New York and Boston stock  exchanges is that of the British Columbia Copper company, owning the  well-known Mother Lode mine in Dead-  wood camp and now constructing the  smelter plant at this point. The last  issue of the Engineering and Mining  Journal received notes a sharp advance  on both exchanges of these shares.  The selling price during the last week  advanced from $10.25 to $12.75 per  share. The par value is $5. Reviewing* the New York stock market, the  correspondent of the Journal said:  ''British Columbia was gradually  worked up to $12 75 on the report of  new developments on the property."  The Mother Lode mine is having  sacked five tons of ore for ship-nent to  Leadville, Colo., where it will be tested  by the pyritic smelter process. Until  ore bins are constructed and other  facilities provided, which will not be  for some time, no shipments will be  made. The Deadwood spur has been  completed past the Mother Lode mine,  but thrr.e is yet considerable ballasting  to be done.  ~y^��r_e^iardisp.tch~ffmn~WasHrtigton,  D. C, says that the president has  signed a proclamation opening to settlement the northern half of the Col-  ville Indian reservation in Washington.  The proclamation will.go into effect  October 10th next. The land opened  to settlement is. all that part of the  north half of the reservation which  has not been allotted to the Indians,  and comprises about 1,500,000 acres.  It v. ill be disposed of under the homestead laws at $1.50 an acre. The right  to mine in the reservation was granted  several years ago, and it is now opened  up for agricultural purposes.  K. of P. AT PHOENIX.  PHOENIX, April 17.���[Special to The  Times.]*���Phoenix lodge No. 28,  Knights of Pythias, was instituted  here last night with a charter membership of 25. The proceedings started  shortly before 9 o'clock in the evening  and the candidates were about all initiated at 4:30 this morning when the  Greenwood contingent were, forced to  return-home. At this hour the election of officers took place. The Greenwood visitors express' themselves as  having a pleasant time at the ceremony. They were H. C. Holden, Max  ���Berger, A. W. Bennest, G. F. Miller,  Robert Graham and C. A. Jameson.  James Clarke instituted the lodge.  f LATEST NEWS OF TIIE MINES.  |  * ���.       . �����  *##&**##*#*&###*#*##��#*#<'<.  In connection with the various letters sent out to prominent mining  operators by The Times for information regarding the benefit to be derived by the establishment of sampling works in the city, the following  has been received from Frank Robbins,  M. E.. well known in the district in  connection with the enterprises of the  Dominion Copper com panj\ Mr. Robbins writes from Cranbrook., where he  is at present looking after the work of  the Nort.j Star Mining Company, Ltd.:  Cranbrook, April 12, 1900.  To the Editor : Sampling works are  the usual things in smelting centers.  Their great advantage lies in the fact  that small shipping mines may ship  their ore to them for sampling and  sal.-, and through them take the best  advantage of the market. For instance, one smelter may require a  silicious ore for llux, another a basic  one; one a dry ore, another a heav}-  copper or lead as a carrier. It is quite  obvious that should the shipper take  his dry ore to the smelter which is well  stocked with the same he will have to  pay a good round ��� smelting charge,  whereas the smelter who had a large  stock of copper or lead would be hungering for it and would pay him in  proportion to his needs. The well-  informed sampler, whom I assume, as  you see, to be a shipper's agent as well,  would know precisely where the ore  could be used to the best advantage.  Another point: In a new camp like  Greenwood, where small mines are  asking for money for development, a  sampler's certificate that the mine has  sent him so many tons of ore and that  it carried such and such values would  be better evidence to the investor of  the values contained in the mine than  a list of picked pieces of ore, Yours  truly, .   Frank Robbins.  POLITICAL POINTERS.  A meeting of the Grand Forks Liberal association was held last eveninj ,  The meeting turned down Hon. Smith  Curtis as the Liberal candidate in the  district, although an appeal was sent  from the coast urging the association  to endorse the candidature of Mr.  Curtis.  Premier Martin's itinerary for the  week includes meetings at Lytton tomorrow, Ashcroft Friday, Reveistoke  Saturday, and Nelson ��� next Monday.  Afterwards he will pass on to meetings  in East Kootenay, Boundary, the  Okanagan country, up the main line of  the- C. P. R. and back to Golden,  whence he returns to Vancouver aud  the Lower Fraser, his final meetings  in the jcampaign being held on Vancouver Island.  A public meeting of the supporters  of Hon. C. H. Mackintosh will be held  at Miller's hall on Friday evening  next. Dr. Bowes, Mayor Goodeve,  D. B. Bogle, Alexander Sharpe and  Alexander Dick of . Rossland and a  number of local speakers will address  the meeting. The chair will be taken  at 8 o'clock. This will be the third  meeting of a series of meetings of the  supporters of Governor Mackintosh in  the Boundary.district. The first meeting will be held at Grand Forks tonight, and the same speakers will address meetings to be held tomorrow at  Eholt and Phoenix.  C. E. Race, district organizer of the  Libl_ral-CohserVative"paYty7 i  the city. Mr. Race said last night:  "It will possibly be some three weeks  before Governor Mackintosh will be  here to address the electors, as he has  gone East on pressing business. He  will return in ample time before the  election to meet all his friends and  supporters and will hold public meetings at every town throughout the district, when he will express his views  on all public questions of importance.  The supporters of thr* governor are  now thoroughly organized in every  precinct. Everywhere his candidature  has been received with the greatest  enthusiasm by all classes, irrespective  of party, and it seems quite safe to  predict that no matter whom it is who  will be courageous enough to be his  opponent, the governor will win by  between 500 and 600 of a majority."  Mineral Act, 1896.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTICE.  War Eagle Mineral claim situate in the Kettle  River Mining-   Division  of Y=-le   District.  Where Located :     In Camp McKinney. ���  TAKE   NOTICE that  I, John  P. McLeod,  Fiee   Miner's   Certificate No.  B6356,  as  agent       for        William        Yunkin, Free  Miner's Certificate No. B5571.  intend sixty days from the date hereof,  to apply to the Mining- Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of  obtaining a Crown grant of the above claim.  And   further   take notice tliat action  under  Section 37, must be commenced  before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 28th dav of February, 1900.  J. P. McLEOD.  Mineral Act 1896.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTICE.  "GEM"  Mineral  Claim  situate  in  the  Kettle  River   Mining   Division   of   Yale    Dii'tricl.  Where located :   Camp McKinnev.  TAKE   NOTICE  that I,  John'I'. McLeod,  Free   Miner's   Certificate   No.   H6356.   as  agent        for Hugh Cameron,        Free  Miner's Certificate No. A1S742, intend sixty  days -from the date hereof, to apply  to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining- a  Crown Grant of the above claim.  And  further talce  notice mat action   under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificateof Imorovements.  Dated this 28th day of Februarv, 1900.  J. P." McLEOD.  MINERAL,  ACT,   1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  'LE ROI" Mineral Claim situate in the Kettle  River Mining- Division of Yale District.  Where located :   Camp McKinnev.  TAKE NOTICE that 1, John"P. McLeod,  Free Miner's Certificate No. 1)6356 as agent  for James Copcland.Free Miner's Certificate No  B5S07, intend, sixty days from the date hereof,  to apply to the Milliner Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obr  taiuing a Crown Grant of the above claim.  And   further take  notice that action, under  section 37,'must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 23 day of Februarv, I'm  J. P.'McLLOD.  MINERAL ACT,! 1896..  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  "DAISY    FRACTIONAL"    Mineral ' claim,  situate in the Kettle River  Miniiijr Division  of  Yale   District.   Where   located :     Camp  McKinney.  TAKE NOTICE that I, John P. McLeod,  Free Miners Certificate No. B635G, as  ag-eut for Duncan A. Cameron, Free Miner's  Certificate No. B5655. intend sixty days from the  date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder  for a Certificate of Improvements, for the  purpose of obtaining- a Crown Grant of file  above claim,  And further take  notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 28th dav of February, 1900.  -.-.-' J. P. McLEOD.  Mineral Act. 1896.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTIOE.  ST. LAWRENCE Mineral Claim, situate in  the Kettle River Mining Division of Yale  District. Where located: In Deadwood  camp, adjoining-the Mother Lode Mineral  clame.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Arthur Murdoch  Whiteside, as ageut for the Deadwood  Gold Copper company, free miner's certificate No. B7715, intend, sixty days from  the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder  for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining- a Crown. Grant to the above  claim.  And further take notice that action,  under  section 37, must be commenced  before the is-  uance of such certificate of improvements.  D Dated this 10th day of Februarv. A. D. l'JOO.  189-9. Aj M. WHITESIDE.  I. 0. 0. F. BALL.  APRIL BALL AT PHOENIX.  ANOTHER ASSOCIATION.  For the purpose of mutual protection  and social intercourse the retail  grocers   and    butchers   of   this   city  The April ball to be given by Phoenix Miners' union No. 8 will take place  on Monday evening-, April 23rd. The  reception ^committee is Messrs. Barrow, Colon and Veatch, while Messrs.  Davis, Blair and Peters will have  charge of the floor. No pains will be  soared by the officers of the union to  make the event.successful.  Invitations are out for the forthcoming ball to be given by Boundary Valley lodge, No. 38, I. O. O. F., in the  Masonic hall, Greenwood, on��Tuesday,  the 24th. Music will be supplied by  the Orpheus orchestra. The management committee is composed of M. J.  Phelan, E. F. Smith and D. A. Mackenzie, and "VV. M. Law, R. T. Evans,  R. Smailes, T. Gulley and J. McLaren  are on the reception committee.  Mineral Act. 1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  notice;.  COPPEROPOLIS and ^MAGNOLIA Mineral  Claims, situate in the Kettle River Mining-  Division of Yale District. Where located :  InCoppercamp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, George Riter Free  Miner'sCertificate No. 116585, intend, sixty  davs from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining- Recorder for a Certificateof Improvements forthe purpose of obtaining- a Crown  Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section  37,   must  be  commenced   before    the  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this J Ith day of Januarv, 1900.  GEORGE RITER.  =="--���MINERAIrAeTrl8%r'���-----  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  SYLVESTER K, Mineral Claim, situate in  Greenwood camp. Kettle Riyer. Mining-division of Yale district.. Where locavcd:  North of and adjoining- t.icCimerou mineral  claim.  TAKE NOTICE that I. A. M. Whiteside,  as agent for L. I. Ostrosl.i, free miner's  certificate No. 18S96A, C. Scott Galloway, free  miner's certificate No. B7777, J. Circu, free  miner's certificate No. B6350, P. W. Dillon, free  miner's certificate No. 18597A, D. Moylan, free  miner's certificate No. 11.146, sixty days Irom  the dcte hereof, to apply to the Mining- Recorder for a Certi licate of Improvements for the  purpooe of obtaining- a Crown Grant for tbe  above mineral ciaim.  Aud further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before tlic issuance of such Certificate of Improvement.  Dated this 15th day of Januarv, A. D. 1909.  A. M. WHITESIDE.  REGISTER NOW.  The registration of voters ceases on  April 21et, which is the day upon  which the lists at Rossland close. It  will, therefore, be necessary to get in  all names before Thursday at noon in  order to reach Rossland iu time. The  office, in Miller's block, next door to  the office of G. A. Stewart Potts, barrister, will be open every day until 11  o'clock each evening.   Register now.  MINERAL ACT, 1896.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS  NOTIO .  QUEEN OF SHEKA Mineral claim, situated  In the Kettle River Mining Division of Yale  District. Where located : Deadwood  camo.  TAKU NOTICE that I, George Andiews,  Free Miner's Certificate No. b 7726 for  myself aud as atfent for Loria A. Smith, Free  Miner's Certificate No. 157, intend, sixty days  from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining  Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, lor  the purpose of obtaining-a Crown Grant of the  above claim-  And  Turther take notice that action, --:i'.cr  Section 37,  must be commenced before .   _ issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 3rd dav of Januarv, 1900.  GEORGE ANDREWS.  MINERAL ACT, 1896.  Certificate of Improvement-  NOTICE.  HONALULU mineral  claim,   situate   hi    the  Kettle River Mininjr Division  of  Yale-District.   Where located :    InCoppercamp.  TAKE   NOTICE   that  I,   C.  j��.  Shaw as  ag-ent for James   R.   Mcyackson,  Free  Miner's  Certificate  No. IU3556 and William H.  -ticMackson, Free Miners Ceriiiieate No.  B13593  intend; sixty days from date "nereof. to applv to  the Mininir Recorder for a Certificate of Im  provements for  the  purpose   of   obtaining   a  Crown Grant of the above claim. ; "  And  further talce notice that action   i:nder  Section  37  must  be commenced   bafore Ui�� is-'  suance of such Certi licate of Improvements.  ��� Dated the 20th dav ol November. 1S99   "a '      ���   ���     C:. JE. SHAW.  MINERAL ACT, 1896.  Certificate   of  Improvements.  NOTICE..  , , ���  TEXAS mineral  claim,  situate  In  tlie  Kettle  River   Mliiiujf   Division of   Yale  District.  T\\ here located : Providence camp.  AKE NOTICE that 1, Charles Noble  ,,.-, (-,.>'l"s. Free Miner's Certificate No.  19i29a, intend sixty days from date hereof lo  apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certi Heat.-  of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining-  a Crown Grant of the above claim.  And  further  lake  notice  that action   under  Section  37 must  be comiiieiicc-)  before ihe issuance'of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 26th dav'of Febniarv, THX).  192 CHARLES NpKLE COLLINS.  MINERA  Certificate of Improvements.  notice.  BENDIGO mineral claim, situate in the Kettle  River Mining- division of Yal��> district.  Where located:    Iu Kimberly cant,-.  TAKE NOTICE that I. Isaac II. Hallett. as  agent for Nicholas Garland, free miner's  certificate No. 19661 A, intend, sixtv davs froth  the dale hereof, to apply to the -mining recorder  for a certificate of improvement.;, for the purpose of obtaining-a crown grant to the abov-  claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must bo commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements. :  Dated this 8th day of March, 1903.   , I. IL If ALLETT;  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  T1NTIC Mineral  Claim, situate iu  the Kettle  River  Mining-  division  of   Yale   district.  Where located;    In Deadwood camp.  TAKE NOTICE that 1, Tsaac II. Hallett,  free miner's certificate No. 19510A. intend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to applv to'the  mining recorder for a certificate of imi.rove-  ments for the purpose of obtaining''a crown  grant of tha above claim.  And  further takV notice that  action,  under  section 37, must be commenced   before the issuance of such certificate of iinproveinents.-  Dated this 12th day of March. 1900.  1. U. Hallett.  MINERAL   ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE. '  BUTCHER BOY Mineral Claim, situate in the  Kettle River Mining division of Yfllcl district. Where located: Iu Deadwood camp.  TAKE NOTICE: that I, Isaac H. Hallett,  as agent 'for. the Butcher Boy (told and  Copper Mining coinpl-ny, limited, noii.personal  liability, free miner's certificate No. B2S%5,  intend, sixty'days from the date hereof, to applv  to the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements   for   the   purpose  of obtaining-   a  crown grant to the above claim..   And  further tn!;e notice that action,-under  section 37, must be commenced before tlie issuance of such certificate of improvements.  . Dated this 6th day of March, 1900.  I. H. HALLETT.  MINERAL   ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  BALLARAT   Mineral   Claim, situate  in   the  Kettle River Mining division of  Yale district.   Where located:   In  Kimberly camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett, as  agent for Nicholas Garland, free miner's  certificate No. 1%&1 A, intend, sixty nays from  the date hereof, intend to apply to the mining  recorder for a certigcate of improvements forthe purpose of obtaining a crown grant to the  above claim.  And   further take notice that   action, under  section 37, mast be coiuniciic.ri before tlie issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 0th day of.March. Vim. '  I. H. HALLETT.  MINERAL   ACT,  1896.  MINERAL ACT, 1.900.  Certificate  of Improvement.  NOTICE  '���JOLIETTE FRACTIONAL" Mineral Cla.m  situate in the Kettle River Mining Division of  Yale District. Where located: Deadwood  Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, John P. McLeod,  Free Miner's Certificate No. i��63S6. as  agent for John B. Desrosiers, Free Miner's  Certificate No. UXM3. intend, sixty days from  the date hereof, to apply to thc Mining  Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for  the purpose of obtaininv a Crown Grant of the  above claim.  And  further take  notice that action, under  section 37, must be_ commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 3rd day of March, 1900.  J. P. McLEOD.  Certificate of Improvements.  An Thi.ke, Syd M.Johnson and Deadwood  mineral claims, situate in the Kettle river  mining division of Yale district. .Where  located:   Deadwood camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Forbes M. Kc-rby  as agent for Geo. D. Leysou, free miner'!,  certificate No. B6472, intend, sixty days from  the date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder  for a certificate of improvements for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant to the above  claim.  And further take notice that action,  under  section 37, must be commenced  before  the issuance of such certificate of Improvements.:  Dated this 3rd day of March, 1900,  FORU.'S  M. KKR..Y.  MINERAL   ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  RATTLER Mineral Claim, situate in the Kct-  tic River Mining division of Yale district.  Where located :In Wellington camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I. Isaac II. ll.illeli, as  agent for William Garland, fiee utitier's  certificate No. ISGiDOA, intend, sixty days from  the date hereof, to uppity to the milling recorder for a certificate ol improvements for tlie  purpose of obtaining a crown grant to llie  above claim.  And  further take notice that  .-ic.ion,   under  section 37, must be commenced   before the issuance of such certificateof improvements.  Dated this 6th day of March. -WO.  I. II. HALLETT.  MINERAL ACT, 1896.  CERTIFICATE    OF    IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTIOE.  HAMILTON Mineral Claim situate in the  Kettle Kiver Mining Division of Vale  District. Where located : Kimberly  Camp.  TAKE NOTICL that I, Mary (.arland, Free  Miner's Cett'llicate No. 19032a intend  sixty days after date hereof to aptily to the  Mining Recorder for a Certificate ot Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  Grant of the above claim.  And  further take notice that   action  under  Seetioii 37   must   be   commenced   before   Lhe  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 27th Uav of Februarv, l'K!J.  28-37 MARY GARLAND.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that at the first meeting of the License Commissioners for the Citv  of Greenwood, held after thirty days from this  date, the undersigned will applv for a transfer  from A. Archambeault & Co. (fonnerlvlield by  Geanreau & Co.) lo Bailer & Co. of "the hotel  license of the Alberta Hotel.  A. ARCHAMBEAULT & CO ���  Greenwood, B. C, March 17,1900. THB GREENWOOD WBKKLY TIMES.  CITY FATHERS MEET  The Session Last Night Was of Some  Duration.  THE SAMPLER PROJECT DISCUSSED  Mr. Armit is  to Be Offered a  Bonus���The"  Tramway  Company  Desires  Additional Time.  POLITICAL POINTERS.  (From Wednesday's Daily.)  All the aldermen were present at last  night's meeting of the city council.  A number of subjects, more or less  interesting, came before the board for  attention. In the matter of granting  a bonus for sampling works to be  established here, a counter proposition  ���was made Mr. Armit which should  prove a sufficient inducement for him  to locate here. All the aldermen were  in favor of granting a bonus of some  sort, but led by Alderman Galloway,  who strongly opposed a cash bonus  such as was wanted, it was agreed to  modify.the city's first proposal, offering Mr. Armit instead, by way of a  bonus, $5,000 after 10,000 tons of ore  had been treated by the mill, which is  on a basis of 50 cents per ton. This  form of bonus was acceptable to all  present.  COMMUNICATIONS.  After the passage of the minutes of  the previous meeting, the following  communications were read and disposed of: From S. Morris, government  agent at Vernon, advising that water  records were due. On motion, the city  clerk was instructed to send check for  $46. Fire Chief Henton wrote the city  regarding sprinkling the streets. Trie  chief was instructed to procure a  sprinkler at once. J. W. Arbuckle  made application for. the position of  driver of the fire team. The fire chief  wrote suggesting the name of Mike  Ulderman for the same position. A. A.  A ndrews wrote advising he had drawn  on the city for $562.80, in payment of  supplies furnished the fire department.  Letter filed.  _._*; SAMl li. i.  Two communications were read from  R. L. Armit on behalf of the Slocan  Ore purchasing company, one declining the city's original proposition of a  bonus on the basis of 10 cents a ton for  30,000 tons put through the sampler,  and the second making a counter propo  sition to erect a sampler for a bonus of  $5,000, to be paid the company upon  the completion of the plant upon a  plot of ground to be donated by the  city after the same had been in opera  tion for a period of twenty days. The  remaining $2,000 to be paid when  20,000 tons of ore had been purchased  or sampled by the company. Alderman Galloway opposed paying a cash  bonus at all. Alderman Sharpe was in  favor of 'getting in such enterprises  and believed the best way to do so was  by helping in the way of a bonus. Alderman Bannerman suggested inquiring into the financial standing of the  company. He also moved that a further counter proposition be offered the  company to pay 50 cents a ton up to  10,000 tons run through the sampler.  The motion was seconded by Alderman  Sullivan and passed.  RE THE TRAMWAY.  H. C. Shaw, solicitor for the Greenwood and Phoenix Tramway company,  asking for an extension of time to  ~"complete -the-proposed���tramway��� be-_  tween this "city and Phoenix. . The  time provided was one year. This he  desired extended for three- months. He  said that work had already started, but  the company would require additional  time to complete their.arrangements.  After the application had been thrashed  out it was agreed to submit the same  to the city solicitor for advice.  WATER CONNECTIONS.  A discussion having arisen regarding the cost of making water connections, a motion was ordered placed on  the books that hereafter all persons desiring to have water laid on can do so  by paying for the cost of the necessary excavation from the mains, the  city supplying the piping and making  connections free of charge,  City Clerk Taylor reported "that the  police commissioners had decided to  cut down the p.lice foh_e by laying off  one man.  NUISANCE GROUNDS.  Acting Mayor Sutherland reported  that in company with Provincial Health  Officer Dr. Jakes, he Had visited the  nuisance ground and found it to be in  a most undesirable condition. The  city clerk was instructed to write the  scavenger calling his attention to the  matter, and asking him to carry out  his contract in a proper manner or  action would be taken against his  bondsmen.  The Clarendon Hotel company's request to place steps on the sidewalk  for an entrance on Greenwood street  was granted, subject to their removal  at any time the city deem necessary.  On motion Mike Elderman was appointed driver of the city hose team.  Council then adjourned.  WAS REMEMBERED.  Paris, April 19.���The editor of Les  Sieclen, on behalf of the readers of  the London Morning Herald, has presented a casket to Mine. Dreyfus. Her  husband was much moved by this  mark of sympathy.  Ralph Smith has been nominated in  Nanaimo city. He states that he is in  favor of Joe Martin's policy, but not  of Joe Martin. If Martin is elected  aud honestly endeavors to carry out his  election promises, Mr. Smith will support him, but he does not believe that  Martin will be ��� elected, and neither  does he believe' that Martin will attempt to carry out his policy if elected.  It is quite possible that Hon Smith  Curtis will be unable to secure the  Liberal nomination at Rossland. Dr.  A. C. Sinclair wants it. It is possible  that a labor candidate may be placed  in the field.  A. W. Neill, who represented Alberni  in the last legislature, has announced  himself a supporter of Joe Martin.  Hon. Smith Curtis is making a good  impression on the coast. He is considered a strong man, and the only  fault to be found with him is that he  is associated with Joe Martin.  MY EYTSBICIDED  William Smith, Civil  Engineer, Died  at ttie Arlington.  Deceased Had Been Drinking Heavily ���His  Family Is Well Connected���Was at One  Time City Engineer of Greenwood ��� An  Inxuest Will te' Held oh the Body.  Dr. Edward Bowes, Mayor Goodeve,  Alex Sharpe and Alex Dick of Rossland will arrive by today's train and"  will speak this evening at Phoenix in  Governor Mackintosh's interests. Last  night a meeting was held at Grand  Forks, and tomorrow the same orators  will hold forth in Miller's hall, Greenwood. The party did intend going to  Midway, but it was discovered that the  meeting at which the delegate to the  Rossland convention was elected was  composed of the said delegate aad tsyo  others. Under the circumstances it  was deemed advisable io leave Midway-  alone. .   ABOUT THE WAR.  Buying Horses In Canada���A lSew Hat Being  Sent to "Oom Paul."  Ottawa,   April   19.���The Canadian  patriotic   fund   to   date    amounts   to  ��237,517. __���  Toronto, April 19.���Major Dent of  the British war office remount department, who is here for the purpose of  buying horses for service in South  Africa, has announced that he has  sent out agents to all parts of the.  Dominion to get 1,000 cavalry horses  and 500 ponies from 14 to 15 hands  high. The animals will be shipped  direct from. Montreal to Capetown.  Toronto, April 19.���A Globe cable  from Bennett Burleigh contains a tale  of real hardship. A Canadian soldier  was sentenced to 55 days at hard labor  for appropriating one Boer chicken,  while thousands who had committed  the same offense escaped scot free.  There was considerable indignation in  the Canadian camp over the affair.  London, April 19.���The war 'office  declines to give any information in  regard to the current reports that General Warren has been recalled. From  Wepener there is nothing in Lord  Roberts' message to indicate that he  has gained any particular advantage  at any point in the theatre of war since  the last official dispatches were received.  Montreal, April 19.���The white felt  hat which arrived at the Windsor station from St. Mary's, Out., on Saturday last, en route to Oom -Paul, Pretoria, was detained here longer than  was at first expected in order to allow  all C. P. R. employees aud hundreds  of others, who heard of its arrival, to  look at it before it left on its long  journey. The following "letter.-was  ~past��d"6n"l'_jfe~i_^  Paul, I understand yoii have bees in  your head aud therefore send you a  new bonnet. Hoping the owls in your  organ loft and the Jbats in your belfry  are giving ��you an occasional night's  rest, I remain/yours truly, Bobs. P.  S., I hope to see you at Pretoria soon.  Cronje wants you at St, Helena to play  checkers with him. The transportation, won't cost you anythiug."  AMERICAN WIRINGS.  Work Resumed on croton Dam-America After  Turkey.  Ckoton Landing, 1ST. Y. April 19,���  Work was resumed yesterday at the  Croton dam without opposition. About  two hundred men reported for duty.  Thirty teams loaded with cement were  driven from the wharf and escorted by  cavalrymen and arrived at the Croton  dam without interference from the  strikers.  New York, April 19.���The TJ. S.  charge-de-affairs at Constantinople  .will be directed to inform the sultan  that this government must insist on  the payment without further delay of  the $100,000 indemnity for outrages on  American missionaries and destruction of property, and unless prompt  action on the sultan's part is taken to  discharge the debt drastic measures  will be forthcoming.  Millions Given Away.  It is certainly gratifying to the pub-!  lie to know of one concern which is not  afraid to be generous. The proprietors  of Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, Coughs and Colds have  given away over 10,000,000 trial bottles  and have the satisfaction of knowing  it has cured thousands of hopeless  cases. Asthma, Bronchitis, La Grippe  and all Throat, Chest and Lung diseases are surely cured by it. Call on  Miller Bros., Druggists, and get a free  trial bottle. Regular size, 50c and SI.  Every bottle guaranteed.  William Smith, civil engineer, with  offices in the Flbod-Naden block, died  at 2 o'clock this afternoon at the  Arlington hotel. While the exact  cause of death cannot be learned positive^1" until an inquest is held, it is  believed to be through taking an overdose of a sleeping draught. He had  been drinking heavily of late, and his  nervous condition might have led him  to do an act which at any other time  would not have been meditated.  Mr. Smith came to this city from  Montreal and Quebec about two years  ago and was for a-time city engineer.  For the pust. few months he has been  the representative in this district for  various mining machinery houses, including Cunliffe & Ablett of Rossland'  The deceased was well connected,  and he- leaves a wife and children in  Rome, Italy. He was about' 36 years  of age. Dr. Jakes, the coroner, is arranging for an inquest.  PROSPEROUS   CANADA.  In spite of a; reduced tariff and a 25  per cent preferential, the revenues of  the country are continuing to grow  with amazing rapidity. The nine  months so far concluded of. the current  fiscal year shows a. gain of $3,791,000  over the same period of 1898-99. The  expenditure in the same nine months  has increased less than a million, so  that there is a. net gain iii the nine  months of $2,860,000. As the surplus  last year was. over $4-/700,000, it becomes apparent that, unless there is  some abnormal and at present unexpected excess of expenditure over  the revenue between now and  June 30th, Mr. Fielding's $7,500,-  000 surplus . is well in sight.  Impierial trade .returns are also of a  gratifying character, at least to those  who desire to see the bond of empire  so closely drawn, though probably the  "pound of-flesh" preferentialists will  get little comfort: therefrom. The  value of ^Canadian products taken by  England last month was $750,000 ahead  of the total in March 1899, and the imports received from Great Britain also  show a healthy increase. And yet Sir  Charles says Canada gets no benefit in  return for. the preferential,, It is a  fight between Sir Charles aud the trade  returns, with the people acting as the  referee. "' : '.:.' t  THE   BONUS   FOR  A  SAMPLER,  Under no. circumstances should the  city give a cash bonus for the establishment of sampling works in the  city. If the company intending to  establish the works here is bona fide,  if they have the necessary capital to  carry out the undertaking, they should  be able to earn the bonus before being  paid.' If they arenot in this position,  the city would be ^extremely foolish to  throw away $5,000 or any . amount.  The=offer^ made_ by-^the^ity^council at  its last meeting-��� is an exceedingly  liberal one. If the sampling works  are all that is claimed' by the prtr  moters, it can only be a very short  time until the bonus of $5,000 is earned.  CIVIC  IMPROVEMENTS.  If the city council intend undertaking any public improvements this  year, it is surely time to begin considering ways and means: It takes  time to pass by-laws/issue debentures  and secure the necessary money. Thc  best part of the season will be wasted  unless prompt action is taken. It is  hoped that if the council decide to  carry out improvements .they will  adopt a more systematic method than  that in vogue last year, and that there  will be no possibility of being mulcted  in heavy damages because of municlr  pal blunders.  Spreads Like Wildfire.  When things are "the best" they become "the best selling." Abraham  Hare, a leading druggist of Belleville,  O., writes: "Electric Bitters are the  best selling bitters I have handled in  20 years. You know why ? Most diseases begin j.n disorders of the stomach,'  liver, kidneys,' bowels, blood and  nerves. Electric bitters tones up the  stomach, regulates liver, kidneys and  bowels, purifies the blood, strengthens  the nerves, hence cures multitudes of  maladies. It builds up the entire system., Puts new life and vigor into  any weak, sickly run-down man or  woman. Price 50 cents. Sold by Miller Bros., Druggists.  Boundary Valley Lodge  tlo. 38. I.O.O.F.  EETS every Tuesday  Evening- at 8.00 in  tlieir lodffe room at Greenwood, B.C. A cordial  invitation is extended to all sojourning breth-  eru. Duncas Ross, N.G.  J. J. Gullf.v, Rec. Sec  ^��>4MN^  *#:.H*'".****:'���{���#���>-H*****^  J)EADWOOD, the latest town to seek public favor, is situated in the heart  of Deadwood Camp, about three miles from Greenwood, and an equal  distance from the B. C. Copper company's smelter, It is reached by a  spur of the Columbia and Western railway, It is surrounded by such  famous mines as the Mother Lode, Sunset, Buckhorn, and Morrison,  which of themselves assure a Large Payroll, but exclusive of these there  are a hundred partially developed properties surrounding the town,  many of which will become paying mines, so that it does not require  very much foresight to decide that the Town of Deadwood will have in  the near future a sufficiently large payroll to support a city of.some.im/  portance.   For Price of lots and other particulars, apply to  JAS. MCNICOL, Midway Agency,  Wallace/Miller Block, Greenwood, B, C W. B. RIGKARDS & CO.,  iM  For Me tori.  lex Pol  WE ARE PREPARED  To furnish Pumping Machinery of various types for  all Mining duties. Our long experience and up Lo  date plant and methods enable us to warrant our  Pumps unapproached for design, durability,'compact*  ness and general serviceable qualities. We would be  pleased to furnish catalogue and estimates.  Northey Mf g Co. Toronto, Out.  1  CUNMFF & ABSENT, Agents at Rossland.  MACKAY & WAkKEN, Ag-ents at Vancouver.  "WM. SMITH, P. O. Box 146, Agent at Greenwood, B. C.  ESTA-iLISIIED  1862.  ���inmiun��n����-<iM-i-������>-'i>-i*i<��-w"  Furniture-  Carpets  Linoleums  Cork Carpet  Curtains  Wallpape ,  Complete House Furnishings.  >*=xXF*  '     . ��  A  large stock of  Fine  and  Medium  Priced Goodsiiln above lines.  Send for Samples and Prices���free.  IP NOS JIWIU.I1. ���;  NOTICE.  NoMce is hereby srlven that; at tlic. first meeting of the Incense Commissioners, for the City  cf Greenwood, Held after thirty day-* from this  date, the undersigned will apply for a transfer  from J. W. Nelson to Deem & Co., of the hotel  license of the Pioneer Hotel.  J. W. NELSON.  Greenwood. B. .C, March 1*.. 1900.  *<*-    LOUIS BLUE, PRES.. PETER OEItlELLE, VICE-PRES  ��� POUPpRE,ZSECRETARY.  ���--��  niioino  LIMITED.  General Office, '  Greenwood, B. C.  Telephones :*  Columbia No.     . ||  Boundary Creek No.     sKC  Verneit & Nelson  7 No. 26.  Our Yards and Mills are  located as follows ;  Greenwood, Phoenix, Dead-  wood City, Eholt No.'.-, Efadf-l^b*.  2, Iionur I<ake, Kocli Creelf, S]iy-  lark Camp, Nakusp, Robson,  Ymir and Kosslaud.  We Are _\|anufacturers  of all Kinds of ; ; ; ; ;  A.   FISHER,   LOCAL   MANAGER.  OUR GUARAKTEE^���^  We guarantee to furnish a better Ca?r fl^ois?.*...  than any other company and at a lower price,  DAYTON, OHIO.  Address all communications to  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby given that I intend to  apply to the board of license commissioners of  the City of Greenwood at their" fi-st meeting:  after the expiration of thirty .days, for a licensij  to sell liquor by retail on thc premises kijowri  as the National Hotel, situated on Copper  Street, Greenwood, TJ. C.  Dated 15th day April, 1900.  I,OUlS BOSSHART.  A. H. WALLBRIDGE, Sales Agent, Vancouver, B. C.  A Woman For President.  Toronto, Ont., April 19,���The  Ontario ^Educational Association has  elected its first vyotnan president, Mrs '  A. M. Hughes, wife of public school  inspector J. Iy. Hughes.  MIDWAY, B. G. \  First-Class Accommodation, Best Brands Liquors and tig  THOS. McAUI,AY, Psoi-RieTOR,


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