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 ^^  <J2\  - M  &&***. U^  at^  c~fi  J-A- J  i\  a-  ��      ,*   * y\...x  Published Weekly iti the Interests of the Boundary Creek Mining District  Vol,. VII.  GREENWOOD, B. C, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 1900.  187  No. 21.  ���!Ltd  i!"-.   St' 3 ;r:    _,'.       _  BUILDERS^ pFyyL_  9  jgjVj^j^^j^)g=a<teJ^^  EKY  s*-*.**??!^?'5^-^^  Contjactors lor the design and construction:  ��� '�����?��� :ig;-tiIfflorination,:Gyanide anfl  **���" ������-.�����-.���' "*  61 complete 7 Stamp iffls^ - Concentration,  Smelter Equipments,    ���  .  5. W   JJ -  'j  "C_'-'t.i   C    ��� '      SC'i-"t ! l*-  ��� .52' ^pog>.|5 ���%*{-.  -.fl  *,"!���>  CO  ��  CO.  ��� A**1  ,0  :���:��� -t .  -*s.-  crq  ��� ���"_=?.'  S'  a>  ������.  ��<  x-:  o  ���Or.:*  Jp*'''  p  rt-f  'a:-.  _�����:���..  ���?������.-.  fi*  :&3t  GOEBELjJWOUNDED  Was the Unsuccessful Candidate for  Governor of Kentucky.  WOUND   NOT    THOUGHT    FATAL  Tremendous : Excitement   Followed    in   the  Grounds of the Capital Building.  One Man Arrested. ,  '.GO-'  .0 -���  1���1  CD ...  crq.. .-���  t_..ii  r-t-.  ���w-'  ft  o  ��'  w  B). .  CO--  .'.6.  70 ���-  .*-+-  o  ���-�����  Head Office and Works .  FBTBRBiiR��, 0NT.J-V!(j111j| i]  '.'���'���������������'������ ' ....���:'  ���: .',   ��� 3H,- !.'!.'!*!������ 3 i' [f  ���   Branch Offices! ;  7V77/'1 '.y>. 'Z,  ji l^-j Cre^n^bbd, ''"'BX^ habiy: how^j|: Agent \  ;;"*i'M:};fi.V*-.-t-,     ���*"t .ij ,~. .- )       ;.{(-;.jqi-i-,v:V'.'?  ���*__��. ��� "'  ���#####>###'#-#^^##^'#####  ft ..- i.i �� iii-yiyjii i t���� l  w--tf iiStirai Mayer's Haw ���ut Cebaceo7-*74  &MWt B^^tOll J go:  ���kj,u - vj i? 11 s-*j-r-^ .lit W-i tdf ���������:! ������*  '���-.KOOTENAY BRANCH; NELSON, B7 G:;;v: '::;;5;:;\:,'';.���;;::7  Liquors,   Cigars,   Dry Goods,, Tobaccos,   Carets,   China Matting,  Boots,  Tents, Ore Bags.  :    WRITE   F-OR   CATALOGUE,    y    '7 =  Victoriaf B. G. London, Hng. V      '���,'.;���.'. Vancou^errB. C. ^;  r  i___  *:  S=:  Head .Office and Worlcs at.  B_ji.i<Evn.i<E1 Ont.  ;   Branch OiSce and Works at;;  :      TR All,,  B.C.; :::.;  ,-������"'��� ' 'I i   ........������  THE TlttAC (WtACHINE :���o��� Umited,  Manufacturers of  Air Compressors, Roc Drills, Hoisting and Stationary Engines, Boilers,  Ore Trucks, Ore Cars, Ore Buckets, etc,  Agents for Knowles Steam Pump Works  Our Shops at Trail are most complete," consequently we are in a position'"'.tp handle all  kinds of Repairs.   If you are troubled with your Drills freezing-, or wish to  save money buying-.repairs, then  USIO   OURS.        ���   "'    ,  TiuuuiUiUiiunuuuiiiiaiuiuaiiiiiiiiiiuiiuiiiiiiiiUiiiiiuiiauiuiiiaiiiiiiiiiUi  ^imiiMiimimiimmmmmmmM^^^^^^  ...FOR  <r   3:  lift. Ik;;  rr   ;;���_       ^i.   fjr. ? ��* ..   ...... ���- -..- *,,-.,  MW&.  ressors  Branch O^ce, Rossland,.B. C.  7Joiie.D;W;i|F.  ^imrnmpifflmnmtnwii!n��m?nnffltiiffininmn��!flm^  Fraukkoet, Ky., Jan. 30.���William  G-oebeV the unsuccessful democratic  Candidate fbr-goverrior in the late state  election, and .-who is now contesting  the election before the-le^islature, was  shot and 'seriously injured���-.-:at:, ten  .minutes after: 1 .o'clock- toclay: w.hile^  passing through the /.state, ,house;... yard  on his way..;, to .the,, capitol. building-.  Mr.Goebel, in company with'��� Colonel  Jack Chiiin and Warden Ephrairh" Liil-  lard of the Prknkfort 'penitentiary,'  was walking* ttp"the sidewalk' leading  to the street to the capitol buildingy  Goebel being on the right. When-they  were two-thirds of; the -..distance 'from:  the street to. the capitol building, a.  shot w.as.-iredfrom the third, story of  ;the buildingr occupied by.the office's.jof,  the ��� governor, .the secretary of state,  and other,,.leading- officials.,,. The ball.  struck Mr. Goeb^el in.,the. side. and', he  iiistantlj .dropped, tpl.th.e payenient.  Chinn and Liillard seized him, Chinn  saying as he did so: "I guess theylve  got you, .G-oebel.'V,,. '-y.esi'', replied,  :Goebel,;"I g-aess they,have got me, .for.  sure.".,.While.Chinn was--.holding,'.the,  wounded.man, suppprtiri^liis.jhead; in,  His arras,.fooir -more shots ,were fired at,  the little,party. .All, ,of;. tliem.7struck,  close, .Jtiiakiiig: the; dustv!flY_; from-rthe  brick ,pave-nent., Neither.* C.iinn. not  tillard lup.v.ed,until the .-..firing .ceasedj.  thenXijlard'ran for,help.    ...;:_>>7,,,,,..,  An,examination nmde.by. Dr., Hume  and several other.,,physicians,.resulted  in the.annpu n cement ^that the ���..wound  was riot-nec^psariiy,'fatal',' and that Mr.  .G-pebe^had.a.chance ,t*q.;,recpver.7'.The  'Jbail,^,4,_yas>-3tou^,^had.,;in  wound;,-\liich -.was,,. sbrixevyhat  pf'-,,; a  g-lahcijig;.., nature ..and-*' had  ribt-.g'o.ne.  through, th e' lung in a ^direct]Iine as; Dr.  Hume.(had ^thought., uBon;.:'the'.' first,  'examination'.';- -.Had 'tt.e7''ball; str.nck  th'ej rchestj about' half ..an'   inch 7 to  'the,'. right,   it, ...would   'have-. ..caused,  certain death. .'.......,;,,....,,, ,7:..7,;: ���/,' ,.-.;'.;��� ,  ,,The house;was iaj.sessio.tt when .:the;  shooting occurred, and the senate was  to meet wi thin twenty: minutes.   The  capitol,building was' therefore filled  with liieinhersof'tlve legislature and to  say that exciteirieritfollowed is: putting  ii.mild.   From   both' halls   men 'rah  wildly down,the steps without hats .or  coats, and  oxxe  member of the house  came out carrying in  his hand a bill  on whtcK-h'e'-had been'" arguing vvheii'  tlie J.sli6oiiiig-'occurred: ; By: 'the -time  itx6 _ tijemtjeig -' - of the j legislature had:  . r each^dTTt fieT7 lo^wen"^jlool"v77!h5weverr  Gbepel was on his way. to the office of  i)'r...Hume....,,The,  members-;.hastily  rushed back to their, .desk's,., adjourned.  with mosti',uricerem6oiou!./ias'te and  poured'-'.'aown in to" the streets again;  Iti a:!fe\Y;'-uJi"_iutes the crowd -'was  hasteriiiig" toward the capitol ; fro*in  eyerj direction. r Within three'minutes after the shooting a-line -of .men.  'was; .thrown around .. tlie "- building  whence the shots had. ci-me,,,,.-,-......-,,.  John W. Miles, an aged citjzen of  Frankfort, was standing at the foot of  the stairway leading from the first  floor of the office when, a mtin' evidently a mountaineer, came' rushing  down*the steps. Miles' instantlj- threw  his arms around the�� man's body and  held liim until help came. Men closed  around the prisoner on'every sidewith  drawn revolvers and the slightest attempt1 at resistance would have resulted in his instant death. He submitted to arrest very quietly, claiming  again and again that he had nothing  to do,with the shooting. ,; He gave his  name as Harland, Whittaker, and said  he had been in the state office building  when he heard the shots,,and believing;  the long-predicted battle had come at  last, had hastened out to see what was  going on. He was searched at once  and three large revolvers, all  fnlly loaded, were taken: from  him; None of the cartridges  were exploded and there was  no sign of any of the weapons having  been in use. He ..was. hurried to.the  jail three blocks awa3', it being feared  that an attempt might be made to lynch  him if the crowd should be able to lay  hands upon him. He was very quiet  and did not lose his composure for'an  instant, 'notwithstanding the excitement around him'.- '"I kho*.v no more  about it than any of you," he said.  The r��pubiicau officials. acted   with  greatest promptitude.   Adjutant Gen  era. Collier at once telephoned.to the  armory on the hill, where ail during  the gubernatorial contest the local com  pany of infantry had been held in reserve, and within 20 minutes a com-  panj' of infantry had been drawn up in  front of the capitol building. Guards  were , placed at every gate leading to  the capitol grounds and nobody was  permitted to enter or leave.  As soon as it had been noised around  that Goeble had been shot, members of  the legislature made a wild rush for  the telegraph offices and filed voluminous messages to their constituents and  within an hour replies, began to pour  in, the general run of them having one  tenor, which was "We are coming." It  was expected that fully 5,000 men  would arrive in Frankfort during the  evening. All of the military strength  of the state was to be' called but and  hurried to Frankfort, it was said! i  '  The    democrats ��� kept   exceedingly  close watch: over the person of J. C. W.  Beckh amj . the: con testan t : for  . the ���  position   of lieutenant, governor. ,. lithe event of the death   of   Goebel,, he  would be their  only; hope,   and  they  declared    with    earnestness    that   if  Goebel should die,'there would' be rib  governbrbutBeckharii'.' He was- kept  in   his ' robni   at .the Ca'pitolhotel arid  will be guarded'very closely -until-the  trouble, is over.   He* declared  that, he,  needed  no   guard,'?but the,democrats  paid no.attention to his remonstratipn.s. .  ..Frankfort, Jan. 30.���Dr. Hume .announced" late tonight-, that. the chances ,  had* turned   very   much, against   the  wounded man,, and .the probability, was;,  that he would die before^riiprnxrig-.  i' Frankfort, Jan. 30.-^-While Williarii  Goebel lay at the point of death in his  room as the resultof an assassin's bullet, the, contesting boards which, for!  tw,o weeks, 'Had beeii listening to the  evidence"m''��� his*'contest'-'for the gov-''  errior's-chair,' declared' -him'.-' entitled to ���  the seat.' The' vote' was a:strictly party'  one of 10 to 1; and'.William Go'epelrwas  decldred' to 'have'"'..beeii leg-ally'electeid  gpSrerribr of Kentucky. '  /'7!      :���':"'������������'  :i FR__Nki^R^*Ky.;7Jari7 31!���William''  Goebel.was shortly before 9 o'clock-tb-  night'sworri'it_: as   governor;j o'f''Keti-V  tucky, and^J. C. W;: Beckham,'^ a "few :  minutes later,.took the oath of; lieuteh-  .ari^t^goyerilbr.7',,,;,.7.7:���77-^^^.^,7/���v3^.i'^. "  y7 ^11''.day' the shadow'of. ;death hung'  over\Mr. G-bebel'kt the   Capitol   hotel. ���  ;^.t npbn-'it; was 'declared that*1 he could  live but'a short tithe,' arid'at'i'o-clock"5  i^was'said'that-death ''-was'' upbii' himV  This eyeniiig he called' for 'a'. clergy-'  ^man,'' and a clerical friencl"rresp6ridirigj  came'iri'a'nd remarried for'an' hdur'at  .his; heclside."!Thb" physicians declare  that there is nothing that could"keep  him so long but his wonderful -rserye  arid '.'will' ppwerJ  There" is 'absolutely  no hope, and they sa3r death can no. .be  away'niore thari a few hours,' ;      :"  :   Frankfort was quiet in  the extrfiine'*  today7 There was excitement sufficient'  for anybody,'btit.not'.the-slightest sign-  of disorder.- .;     -..-, ?������..-;!;���;, ;<,*!.,:-.-.::-.,-.,.-:���;  PEOPLE'S FORUM.  =r**To THE-EJoiTOK^It-is nbtmy-wish-to^  protract controversy in the press, so  far as .the letter in last Sunday's Tiriies  is.concerned, tvmake it a rule1 to take  nonoticebf aribnyriius letters'. : I know  a* man who attacked an unknown crea-'  tu re arid found itto be'a skunk;" I may  be allowed a word in view of your editorial of the same issue. It is riot for  me to defend ri_iriistersr of Greenwood  against insult. ; No' doubt1 tliey are all  aware that much the greater part of  world's work in all departments, even  that of editing papers, is .lone by very  commonplace men, and it would be  needless <presumptibn on their part to  pretend to be anything more. I need  not take up the defense of the church.  On the principles of political economy  noiinstitution has a stronger defence.  Church abusing is a story nineteen centuries long, and is likely to be a great  deal longer before many are wise  enough to cease tripping over pebbles.  One thing the founder of Christianity  never attempted, was to provide amusement for the world or go the music  hall one better. His Christianity may  have been nseless and impractical in  the light of the Timesoffice, but wisdom  is justified of her children. My purpose  at present is to state again the point of  my former letter which you seem to  have missed. I was not pleading the  cause of the church, I was not condemning places of amusement, but  only suggested that any place -of  amusement holding a license from the  city should not be immoral. . I have  spent five years, mostly in the mining  camps of the country, and am not yet  convinced hut that a very Urge majority of the men in camps and about the  streets are capable of enjoying, and  prefer a place of amusement that is  freo from vice. 1 did not suspect that  the daily press would support a lower  standard.   - Most sincere^-,.  Duncan. Camfbeu-  P. S.    1 "shall make no reidy   to any  further commr.nicitions at lhe present  time. THE GREENWOOD WEEKLY TIMES.  Che  (Ueeliiy Ciiiies*  PTBLJSHED BY  Tbe Greenwood Times Printing and Publishing  Company, Limited.  DUNCAN ROSS. : ElMTOR.  SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 1900.  SHOULD   BE   AT   GREENWOOD.  The special from Victoria an nouncing  the intention of the government to  establish a registry office in the  Boundary district. The necessity of  the office is acknowledged by everyone  acquainted with the growing importance of the district. If the government avails itself of the data in its  possession and make further inquiry,  it will come to the conclusion that  Greenwoo'd is the proper point for a  registry office. The office should be  established where it would meet the  requirements of thegreater number of  people. Those who will have the  largest volume of business with the  office are the members of the legal  profession. The legal centre of the  Boundary is Greenwood. There are  at least twelve lawyers engag-ed in  active practice in the city. The only  other towns that can claim the office  are Midway and Grand Forks, There"  are only five or six lawyers in Grand  Forks and none in Midway. The  government will make a grave mistake if it establishes the office at any  point other than Greenwood.  CONNECTION "WITH COAST.  Discussing the proposed road to the  Similkameen district, regarding which  Messrs. A. Howse and James Anderson aie now at the capital, the Columbian says:  It is hardly necessary to do more than  hint at the immense benefits that would  flow to New Westminster, district and  the coast cities, from being directly  connected, by the cheap means of  transportation of river and wagon  road, with so rich a mining region, in  process of rapid, development, and the  building up, in a few years, of a second  Rossland or Green .ood, or even a  larger mining town. British Columbia has suffered the loss and humiliation of seeing the principal commercial : benefits accruing from the  development, of .the. Rossland and  Boundary districts. go to swell the  trade and fatten the producers of  cities and agricultural districts south  of the international boundary line.  ���Here is a chance���that must, however,  be improved, at once���to keep the trade  of perhaps the richest mining region  of the province for our own merchants  and farmers.  MAKING   CHAMPERTY    LEGAL.  It will be remembered that a short  time ago Hon. Jos. Martin . was sus-  spended by the bar association for  practising champerty. The ex-at  torney general will not be caught the  same way again if he secures the pas-  ^sa^e-ofthe^biil^which^he^has^intro^  duced in the house. The following is  the chief clause:  Notwithstanding any law or usage  to the contrary any solicitor or barrister in this Province may contract,  either under seal or otherwise, with  any person or persons or corporations  whatsoever, as to the remuneration to  be paid him for services rendered or to  bejrendered to any such person,persons  or corporations in lieu of or in addition  to the costs which by any tariff in  force are allowed to the said solicitor  or barrister, and the contract entered  into may provide that such solicitor or  barrister is to receive a portion of the  proceeds of the subject matter of the  action or suit in which any such solicitor or barrister is or is to be employed,  or a portion of the moneys or property  with regard to which such solicitor or  barrister may be retained, whether an  action or suit has been brought for the  same or a defence has been entered,  and such remuneration may also be in  the way of commission or percentage  on the amount recovered or defended,  or on the value of the property about  which any action, suit or transaction  is concerned.  joying a place of amusement that is  free from vice ; so does the Times. We  are in full consonance with his views  to that extent, but we quarrel  with his wisdom in railing  against an institution       that  secures a patronage because men in  mining eamps want recreation. ' If  they cannot g-et that which comes up  to their standard they . take the best  that is. offered. ^The abolition of a  music hall will only aggravate the  evils which Mr. Campbell and every  other earnest minister of the' gospel  war against. , We will not cavil at Mr.  Campbell's statement regarding the  founder of Christianity, but we will go  a little further, even if we are charged  with heresy for doing so. We believe  he was, or is, sufficiently versatile to  do such things as will secure a firm  hold on the masses. Mr. Campbell  will remember that he did something  more than rail against existing conditions when he discovered there was  no wine forthe wedding; he made wine.  TREACHERY   IN GOVERNMENT.  If the insinuations contained in *an  editoral in the Coionist of recent date  be true, the sooner dissolution is  granted and an appeal made to the  electors, the better in the "interests of  the province. If one of the ministers  is making overture-* to the opposition  without consulting his colleagues, the  people ought to be given an opportunity to show their disapproval of  such contemptible tactics. The  Colonist says: ���������".__'������'  The present uncertain balance-'-of  power by which the government of the  province is maintained, wouldyunder  ordinary circumstances, be remedied  by a coalition of the diverse demerits  of the; house, which differ only on  what may be called fractional points.  But in the present instance,such a  course is rendered impossible by the  absolute distrust felt by the opposition  towards one minister of the crown,  without whose admission into a  coalition ministry he; speaking for his  party, declares coalition to be impossible. This distrust is accentuated by  the fact that twice this minister has  made a distinct and direct proposal to  the opposition to initiate such a  coalition, and on each occasion, as the  opposition well know, but few of the  members of his party, were cognizant  of the approach made by him to their  opponents. To those who were not  apprized of his' attempt his conduct  can only be described as extremes-  treacherous, and * the . opposition  thoroughly realize that a man, who is  ever ready to betray those who have  placed him in power, would be liable  to sacrifice when the psychological  moment arrived,, those who affiliate  with him to keep him there.  The minister to whom reference is  made is undoubtedly Mr. Cotton. He  has been charged with sacrificing his  political friends in the past and he has  evidently not yet forsaken his bad  practices.  A   LESSON IN  ECONOMICS.  wn liberality or minimize the dignity  of the Canadians who will enlist at  his expense, and Strathcona's Horse is  a name which would probably suit the  patriotic creator of the force.���Toronto  Telegram.      ���   VACCINATION.  Now that smallpox is prevalent on  the other side, all should take the precautionary measure of getting vaccinated. It is generally accepted that  vaccination is the best safeguard  against the dread disease. The cost is  nominal, and the inconvenience from  vaccination is only slight if ordinary  precaution be used.  EDITORIAL   NOTES.  IT is stated by the Boers that since  the beginning of the war their losses  in dead have been only 200. There is  a suspicion that in addition to an ability for setting traps the burghers add  also to that accomplishment easy extemporaneous prevarication.  Advertising promotes cordial relations between seller and buyer. Newspaper readers become interested in an  advertisement which appears daily,  and quickly feel a like interest in the  advertiser, speaking of him as familiarly as they do of personal friends.  These relations |ire not only desirable  but necessary in business; for upon  them' wholly depend the merchant's  success.���Vancouver World.  Mr: J. M. Kellie has again distinguished himself by asking permission to introduce in the legislature  a bill to regulate the length of hair of  men engaged in underground mining.  The bill should have the. effect of  keeping the Chinese and populists out  of the mines, for the Chinaman wears  a queue* and the populist is supposed to  pride himself on the superabundance  of his hirsute appendage. Or perhaps  Mr. Kellie's bill may have some religious significance, for the New York  Journal, after careful investigation,  has arrived at the'belief that dwellers  in the heavenly kingdom do not wear  whiskers. The London News, evidently an authority on the question,  ventures the suggestion that "for  climatic reasons there are no superfluous hairs on the heads or faces of  the sojourners in the other -place,  either."���Nelson Economist.  THE PEOPLE'S FORUM.  Not long ag-o a,certain merchant decided that because Spokane was a  rarge^plafdeTrlfe^  cured there cheaper and better than in  Greenwood. He sent an order to a  Spokane printing- house, secured prices  that were lower than those charged by  Greenwood printing establishments,  but when he paid out express and duty'  he found that his stationery cost him  twenty-five per cent more than it  would in Greenwood. He also came to  the Times office and acknowledged that  the work was not as satisfactory as  that done by the home offices and that  the experiment had completely convinced him that it was better to  patronize offices in the city. The incident points a moral and adornes. a  tale.   City fathers might take a hint.  OFFER ACCEPTED.  MR. CAMPBELL'S LETTER.  Rev. Mr. Campbell is wise in deciding not to continue a newspaper  controversy. His two letters to the  Times clearly show that if he were not  better adapted for something- else he  would never rise above the level pf the  common place. The church needs to  be defended more from those who use  her as a stalking horse behind which  they discuss matters about which, they  know little, rather than those who  occas&ionally are driven to tell her  some unpalatable truths. The! -Times  and Mr. Campbell agree on several  points. Mr. Campbell does not defend the music hall; neither does the  Times. Mr. Campbell believes that  the majority of men in camps and  ���about the  streets  are capable of en-  The offer of the British Columbia  government to raise and equip one  hundred men has been accepted. Recruiting- stations have been established  at Fort Steele,, Revelstoke, Kamloops  and Victoria. There are many more  applications than will make up the  number required, and the recruiting  officers will have some difficulty in  making- selections from the many good  men who are anxious to enlist. App'.i-  cants must be 5 feet six inches tall, 34  inches around the chest, of sound constitution, and be good riders and shots.  MIDWAY, B. C.  First-Class Accommodation. Best Brands Liquors and Cigars  THOS. McAULAY, Proprietor.  I GREAT WES ~  ���..COUNTRY-..,'.', ft  Prospectors save packing by buying 3-our outfits at West.. . 7..7.^3.  Bridge, Ten Miles Above Rock Creek.    A full stock on ^g  hand of Miners' and Prospectors' Supplies: Boots and ^3  Shoes, Groceries, Hardware and Gents' Furnishings .'..., ��� ' -rg:.  G,��. GUISE |  Successor to HERBERT & GUISE.     ^  Pauaiiuiuiuuutiauuaiuuii.iiiiiiuiuuiinataiuuaaiaiti  ..MIDWAY..  Will be the terminus of the Columbia  & Wesiern Railway  .. JN THIRTY DAYS...  *&��� Now is the time to Invest. "��&  We have Snaps in Business and Resi-  dental Lots.      Cash-or Terms.  Call, Write or "Wire   W. B. Rickards & C ti  MIDWAY, B. C.  ���FOR-  Bar  Wail  and  Sfnet  mirrors,     Plate,  or Coloured Glass,  Paper,.    Paints;  Uarnisbes,   Room  Picture mouldings,  WHITE.* -_,  F. Askew; Grand.Forks, B. C.  Oils,  etc  w.  Boundary Creek representative of J. W. Mellor  of Victoria, who carries the largest stock in  above lines in B.C. As nearly all' of those  (roods are imported via Cape -Born thecheap  f re'srht excludes eastern dealers.  THE  BANK  OF  Established in 1836.  Incorporated by Royal Charter.  Paid-up Capital $4.86 6,666  ' Reserve Fund $1,460,000  London Office:      -'-  3iClenieat's I/arc. Lombard Street, E.C  STRATHCONA'S  HORSE.'  "Strathcona's Horse" is the most  appropriate name which could bede-  vised*>for the troopers who are to g-o to  South Africa at the personal expense  of Canada's high commissioner.'  *- Strathcona's Own" has a vainglorious sound,, and would tend to put  the brave troopers in the relationship  of chattels to the peer who is so splendidly illustrating- his patriotism.  No man could be less anxious than  the high commissioner to magnify bis  To thi: Editor : I see hy your morn  ing's issue of today that a Colonel  John** on is about, (or within three  months) to put gold dredgers, or to be  more correct, dredgers, on the Kettle  river to work on the auriferous bars of  this river. Now, Mr. Editor, how is it  that Americans get hold of all the good  things in this country of ours ? The  answer is easy: Because they have  more get-up, more enterprise and are  quicker to get on to a dead sure thing.  My object in writing this letter is to  remind some ten men of my proposal  to them about just one year ago on  this very scheme of dredging the  Kettle river. Mr. Alexander Dick was  .thendntown^l I told him what I knew  of the value of the different bars on  this river, and he was so taken with  the project that we then and there put  down 10 men to form a syndicate to  take up 25 miles on lease of the Kettle  river with the idea ot ultimately forming a dredging company. Now, I wish  to put on record the various rebuffs I  got from the gentlemen to whom I put  forth my idea iu writing. These are  the clever remarks I met with :  "You bald-headed idiot, you are  crazy. Why, Ferguson, you are batty;  old man, you are nutty. Ferguson,  placer mining is played out."  '- Old man, if there was anything in  the Kettle river it would have been  found long ago."  These are five replies I got to my  proposition; from men supposed to  have brains. These same men have  put thousands into sinking shafts, running tunnels, etc., on claims, the surface showing of which have been $2 a  ton and upwards, and in many cases  only traces, against one pan of gravel  that would produce 10 cents���with no  necessity of hunting for a man to bond  the claim, as it is now'necessary. Most  people know I have one and a half  miles of Boundary creek leased from  the government, and if I had the  money I would put up $10,000 that in  this one and a half miles there is more  gold than there is in many of the pro-  l.erties floated for millions. Good  luck to the colonel you designate as  "A Colonel Johnson.!' Yours truly,  A. Ferguson.  Court of Directors-:o  J. H. Brodie, John James Carter. Gaspard  Farrcr, Richard H. Glyn, Henry I. R. Farrer,  Ed. Arthur Hoarc, H. J.B. Kendall, J. J. Kinffs-  ford, Fred Lubbock, George D. Whatman.  -    Secretary, A. G. Wallis.  Pead office in Canada: St. James St., Montreal  H. Stikeman, general manager.  J. Elm.ley, inspector..  Branches in Canada:  - London, Brantford, Hamilton, Toronto,  Moutreal. Ottawa, King-ston, Qnebec, St. John,  N. B., Brandon, Winnipeg-, Fredericton, N. B..  Halifax, Victoria, Vancouver, Rossland, Kaslo,  Trail, Ashcroft. Dawson City, Klondike, N. W.  T., Greenwood. Atlin and Bennett, B. C.  AGENTS IN THE UNITED STATES:  Spokane���Traders' National Bank and Old  National Bank. New York���(52 Wall street)  W. Lawson and J. C. Welsh, ag-ents. San  Francisco���(12*1 Sansome street) H. J. Mc-  Michael and J. R. Ambrose ag-ents.  London Bankers:  -The Bank.of. Eng-land_andJt^ssrsJLjGl3rn_&_Co.  Fobeion Agents:  Liverpool���Bank of Liverpool. "Australia-  Union Bank of Australia. New Zealand���Union  Band of Australia, Bank of New Zealand.  India, China and Japan.���Chartered Mercantile  Bank of India, London and China. Agra Bank.  West Indies���Colonial Bank. Paris-Marcuard.  Krauss &. Co.   Lyons���Credit Lyonnais.  F. T. SHORT. Manager,  Greenwood,   B.  C  Fainiew Drug And Book Stoie.  9 JOHN LOVE & CO. ��  Druggists and Stationers  FAIRVIEW and CAMP McKINNEY.  -- $ ;��� #r*tf-* -a '���!?, t ���-, * -J.  A   full   line   of ' Drugs.*" "Stationery","    '*  ��� -    -      Druggists. Sundries. ,  ,._._  Prescriptions -.Carefully, Compounded  Mill  Urn       ^  ROP'S.'-_,..,*-,  ���vs,Thur8--/  McKinney,.  ��� W. J. SNODGRASS & Sot  Leaves Peatlcton'at "j a.m. on T  days, and Saturdays for Can.     .__  Rock Creek, Midway, Anaconda, Greenwood,  Carson and Grand For.cs. ... i :'.  Leaves Greenwood daily at- 8 a. m. for _G rand".  Forks, daily excepting Sundav; Sta/m, for.  Camp McKinney, Chesaw, Rock Creek and:  Midway. : i..:   * *       -    :  Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, 8 a. m.;  for Penticton, Falrview, Chesaw, Camp Mc-'  Kinney and way points. > /;'  Through tickets to all points east and west vi*  C.P.R. v ��� ���--.  Carries the Mails, Passengers and Express.  tSf Wllls.c-1 through Tickets to "Vancouver "  Victoria. Seattle or Portland.   ' :  -"������  H. KEMP...,  ....J. HOLMES '  i.  OFFICES,  KEMP & HftLMEiS,  WINDOWS  STORES AND  ���CLEANED.���  Carpets Swn, laid and Cleaned,  PRIVATE NURSING  FOR GENTLEMAN....  Established 1862.  imnmnim m*t*t* m  _-����.** Furniture  Carpets  Linoleums  Cork Carpet  Curtains  Wallpaper!  Complete House Furnishings.  large stock of  Fine  and  Medium  Priced Goodsaln above lines.  Send for Samples and Prices���free.  mm bro.., ram it  ,w�� am.****��������*��*!�������� *i  ��i����wim  Card of Tfcanks,    ������������  Greenwood, B. C, 2nd Feb., 1900.  To The Editor : The committee  in charge of the Pay! Pay! Pay! concert desire space in your paper to express our appreciation of the extreme  kindness and patriotism displayed by  the owners, of the AlhambraThealre  in giving over the theatre Wednesday  evening for the behefit of the widows  and orphans' fund, and also to the  public of Greenwood and surrounding  district for their generous patronage  and support.    ,,     The Committee.  R.F.Coates  Contractors  # Builders  House Moving a  Specialty.  ���FOR SALE���  W O OD  The undersigned has good dry pine wood  for sale. Leare orders at Frazee's Grocery-  corner Deadwood and Copper Streets.  FRITZ   HAUSSENER.  Leave Orders at Henry SaUve's  Stand* Copper street,  The Greenwood  Electric Company .^^4-  Are now prepared to under-  ,. take the installing of lights  on premises of intending  consumers. Before any building is connected to the Company's mains, the wiring  will have to be inspected by  an officer of the Company. ...  7 -A-M work must be done iu  . accordance' with the rules of  the National Board of Fire  Underwriters. Prices and  any further particulars can-  be obtained at the office of.  the Company located ^ on  Deadwood street. -    ;   Greenwood Electric Co.)  .      Greenwoodiy^B- ��.r  * ������.- -. 7: . ;AND ':* \ -���.; \:^\ ':��� "?'  m  Fresh Oysters *?>***}  Meals at AH Hours  DAY OR NIGHTS. - -'������>��� \y"���'  Copper St, Greenwood? I- .'  -I; V i%i V��_*.  THE. GREENWOOD WEEKLY. (TIJ-IES.,.  IN; CAMPJcRIfflEY  Fred M. Cummings Tells trie Times tbe  Latest News.  BIG ORE CHUTE IN THE CARIBOO  Semi-Monthly Clean-Up oa the Waterloo-Mammoth Showing Up Well���From the Records���Mining; Briefs.  Fred M. Cummings returned recently  from a visit to Camp McKinney. He  reports that the camp is quite active  and that mining development is proving its worth every .day. To a Times  man he said: "In the face of the west  drift-on the first level of the Waterloo  they are working in a breast of four  feet of solid quartz. This level is being continued to under the old or No. 1  shaft, where a connection will be made,  and in time the No, 1 shaft will be  made the main working outlet. When  this connection is completed the company will install a new ho'-st, capable  of sinking to a depth of at least 300  feet. The tramway connection from  the No. 2 shaft will be taken down and  replaced to connect with the mill from  the No. 1 shaft. The mill is .to be enlarged by an additional' battery of five  stamps. Hereafter the clean-up will be  made serai-monthly. -This property is  bound to become a "arge dividend payer  in the near future.  * THE CARIBOO.  " The' Cariboo Consolidated company  is working 50' men., The old levels  are now being continued through to  the Okanagan- on the'east. It will be  remembered that Jimmie Moran's remaining, interest in this claim was re;  cently purchased - for the company  for 920,000V ; At the present time I was  informed that they. were stoping one  of the largest > and richest bodies of ore  ever found in* the mine. The mine is  now sending'..ciowri concentrates here  for shipment -%6 llie.Hall Mines' smelter at Nelson. "   >  l J ,     '.. MIN-SrE-t-TAHA^MIU?.   . (i    ;" j   .,'  " The 10-stamp. mjlL on, the Minnehaha is about completed and'should be  pounding on ore in a,few .days. All  'that is to be done is a small amount of  work in. making^the* necessary flume  connections to'cohveythe* water to the  mill... The' main' shaft .'is being con**-  t'tnued dbwn."70re for the mill will be  stoped from the' ,iwo levels already  opened .up.. .    '���'-..       ,,    . ��� - .'  THE '"KATaivOOPS:  " The Kamloops, on the same ledge  as the-Minnehaha, is .'also being-developed by a shaft, which is to be sunk  to a depth of 100 feet, when a crosscut  will be run to a vein. .Their new hoist  is now installed arid everything is running smoothly.       -L.  THE MAMMOTH.  "The Mammoth it* looking well. This  is one of "the few properties owned by  an assessable company, and as a consequence-funds are -always in hand to  prosecute the' development. _. may be  remembered .that the Mammoth is one  of the few tunnel sites in camp. The  development work consists of tunneling on the vein. It is a big one, "with  four feet of quart*; in the face, carrying good values. A recent sampling  act oss the face gave a value of- $25 in  gold, "''  ,.       THE GEORGE HEARST,  JiTHe_Camp_McKinney_Gold_ Mining  of this decomposed quartz assayed that  wen-t over $1,000 in gold. Mr. Kerr  says a conservative estimate of many  samples would go $100 to the ton. It  was' not definitely decided yesterday  what the new work will consist of. It  is probable thatlmore surface prospecting will be attempted, before the actual  permanent development of the claim  takes place.  THE LUCKY OWNERS.  The owners of the Dayton- are  Hughie Cameron, William Yonkin and  Charles Hamilton of Camp McKinney  and Harry McQuaid of this city. At  one time it was said that unless a deal  was made at the figures asked by the  owners that Hughie Cameron himself  would put up all the funds necessary  to develop the mine and put it in shape  for a stamp mill. The owners had the  claim' surveyed. As was stated in  yesterday's Times, the sensational  values obtained from the Dayton claim  caused prospectors early in the winter  to stake out all the available ground in  the immediate vicinity of the claim.  Most of these locations have been recently surveyed. It is known that at  least 36 claims surround, the new bonanza of the east, end ,of Camp McKinney. The future' development of  the Dayton w'ill be watched with, keen  interest on account of it passing into  the hands of such a strong local syndicate as that which secured it yesterday.  company, of- Greenwood, lias resumed  work on the.George'Hearst claim. A  message received by 'phone by the secretary of the company said that a vein  three feet in width had been struck.  The company intend doing considerable work on this property, which is  one bf a, group of seven in thc central  part of the camp.  The Dayton claim in Camp McKinney was yesterday bonded for  $54,000, to a syndicate of local miniug  capitalists. The bond was taken in  name of James Kerr, of the miniug  ���-okeragefirm of McEntire, McDonnell  & Co. From him a Times representative obtained the following information: Associated with Mr. Kerr are  Duncan Mcintosh, George H. Collins,  .James McNicol, Thomas McDonnell,  Pat Welch, and another party, whose  name was, for personal reasons, withheld from publication. One thousand  dollars cash was paid down, yesterday;  'the next payment will be made in - 60  days, and other payments extend over  a period of nine months.    -  -     .    . WORK TO START ATONCE."  The syndicate will, start the work of  ���  developing the claim on Monday. Supplies will go up to the camp today.   A  force of 10 men will: be   engaged,  but  ��� no. superintendent   has.__.as  yet'Tbeen  decided upon.    Under the terms of the  bond the syndicate is bound to expend  a large sum of money   in opening   up  ���theclaim.*     - *  WHERE SITUATED..  The Day tori is --situate d* in the east  end of Camp McKinney and came into  prominence a- few weeks' ago on account' of its splendid surface showing.  But little surface work has been . done  on it. There,are three open cuts exposing the ledge, but even its width is  as yet iinknqwn. It is fully .five; feet  in places and the ore is in oxidized  brown colored quartz, carrying visible  gold. Assays -of this ore have run up  itito fabulous figures! It was not an  uncommon occurarice to have samples  1 CONCENTRATED MINING NEWS. |  * *  The machiuery plant for the Pathfinder, on the north fork of the Kettle  riyer, has arrived at the. mine.  . A carload of machinery, including  the hoist, a part bf the air compressor  and the pump arrived at the depot for  the Sunset mine, .in Deadwood camp.  The balance'of the' machinery " is expected here sometime today;'      ]  '  .    *' -  <-��� J *t     - * i ' *    *! _ ���>  -"-*���* . * /���     i  ...The. end of .last month found the  long crosscut tunnel on the- Golconda,  in Smith's camp,' in7 a distance of 170  feet. The rock work is now easier,  being in porphyry. It, is probable that  after the 15th inst. a contract will be  let to complete the tunnel.  Xesterday the McRae Copper Mines,  Ltd., owning the Ah .There, in Dead-  wood camp,.placed an order with the  Jenckes Machine company for a 35  horse power vertical tubnlar .boiler; a  6x8 inch double.cyUnder drum hoisting  engine with 400 feet of steel rope, and  the necessary buckets, car, piping, etc.  _J* ~ _���^���^m~���  ' The hoist is now working on the War  Eagle, in Greenwood camp. It is hoped  to have the compressor plant start today. A Cameron pump has also arrived  and will be installed at once. The main  shaft will be pushed down as rapidly,  as possible. It has already reached a  depth'of 30 feet Six men are employed  in sinking the shaft.  The order for the-additional plant for  the Mother l..idh' mine; in,iDeadwood  camp, has been placed with the Jenckes  Machine company" and' the "Canadian  Rand Drill company.-- It includes 20  3'X Little Giant Rand drills and a~20x24  Corliss hoist, with two cages and cars.  The order is to be delivered within four  months and will cost in the neighborhood of $20,000. The machinery will  be of a sufficient capacity to hoist 500  tons from a depth of 1,000 feet.  KETTLE RIVER MIMING DIVISION.  enckes  Always on ,  Hand at  Rossland Depot.'  HOISTING  PLANTS  BUCKETS',    CARS, * ROPEy   SINKING, AND  STATION  PUMPS,   CHAIN   BLOCKS,   RAND  DRILLS   AND  compressors.   - p. R. MEN DEN HALL, Agent.  PUMPING MACHINERY FOR MINE WORK.  Outside Packed Duplex-, Pattern With Pot Valves.  WE ARE PREPARED  To fnrnish Pumping Machinery of various types for  all Mining duties. Our long experience and up to  date plant and methods enable us to warrant our  Pumps unapproached for design, durability, compact-  * ness and general serviceable qualities. We would be  pleased to furnish catalogue and estimates.  N0RTHEY MA\uoF^IX?,NG Toronto, Ont  January 30.  Myrtle, fractional, R M Mclntyre.  Grey Fox, W E Geort'c.  St Dunstan, Jame"* Fisher.  St Eupene, James Fisher.  Certificates of- Improvements.  ..-  _. i: , January 2t*. . i  Silver King-and Iron Cap to Silver Kiti|,r Gold  Mining company.  Made Youn_r Again.  "One of Dr, King's' New Life Pills  each night for two. weeks has put me  ih my-'teens'.again," writes D. H.  Turner of, Dempsey town, Pa.', They're  the best in the,.world for Liver, Stomach' au(3,,_13q��'el:^i^PureiYi Aeg��ablev  Never gripe. Only 25c at Miller Bros'.  DrHSJStore.-:.. ^ .^  ... .j, ...,.   ^ ..y ,,  .Also NELSON, B. C.  *   V . 11WWI1 ��   W   VI  LIMITED.  VANCOUVER, B. C, 733 Pencer St   $ m m  We are Manufacturers and direct Importers, and carry a large stock of Balances, Furnaces, Fire  Clay poods, Scientific and Practical Books, Glassware,"Platinum Goods, Acids. Chemicals, and all  other Assayers' and Miners' requirements. Sole ajrents for Moryaii Crucible Companv, _Jatters__v  Becker's Sons' Balances. Etc.   Catalogue and full particulars sent on application.  Brann's Gasoline Furnaces and Cupel Machines.  AROUND EHOLT.  ��� -**  ���.-.  wi-  :<*!_���  -i't * ).  ��� J" *~ ��� c    > * ��  -fy*     -Y *-< ���*  The-Shaft on the ���Swwterry* Is down 100  .; ^ Feet.  2.��� [Special  .Corres-  Eholt, Feb,  poridence to The Tl__jfe��:j^The Strawberry^ on the North' * Fork of "Kettle  river.:, is down 100 feet, and has  16 feet of "fine ore,'..copper and*-'gold.  There is reported a^good strike", bn. the  Rathmullen group, they are putting on  more '..miners and intend shipping  shortly. The Rambler has aMine'showing, the shaft is down-*40AfeeVand in  good ore. Mr. Pelkey blacksmith at  the B.. C. mine Was unfprtunate-to get  a piece of steel iri<_bis:feyeI.ari'd for a  time'thought he would loose it. Under  careful treatment of Dr. Kingston his  sight.js improving and the doctor says  he will save his eye. '"  "  'A.'y ���  Lkhorn Abbition  ~ TO THE CITY OF GREENWOOD  !" IS THE BEST SITE FOR   ....  "** x^at��^ameaamitMm9je^e��m*meaametf*m*m*m*meae  RESIDENT AL < LOTS.  r Reasonable Prices and Easy Paymynt  For Particulars Apply;to   :    :    :-    :    C.  L   THOME7.  Or E C, AUBIN, Real Estate Broker,  -     Guess Block, Copper Street, Greenwood, B. C.  TO   ESTABLISH. REGISTRY  OFFICE  Records of Locations 'for the -Period' Ending  " ": January "31, W00.1/  January 24.  Ida K, fractional, White's Bar camp,  William  Younkin.  Mayflower, fractional, Skylark camp, Charles  Tyeet.al.   -  January 25.  Fly Trip, Greenwood camp, F. M Gains.  January 20.  Ontario. Eholt camp, J B Desoosiers et al.  January 27. ...  Ottawa, Beaver camp, Alex Robinson.  Coldstream, Beaver camp, Alex Robinson.  January 2V.  Macliiafi, Camp McKinney, A G Swanland.  Lepal Tender, Canii-McKinney, AGSwanland.  January 30.  Ahtorla, Skylark camp, S.N. Johnson.. *  Standard, Lone Lake camp, C C Edwards.  '   Transfers.   . ���  Jannary23. ,'  Golden Eafrle, K interest, D E Canterun to W R  Williams.  January 24. .  Justina,   'A  interest,  W E McByer to Edward  Mortimer.  A G, fractional, all interest, ThosDobie to Carl  '.���Bender.  January 25. ' ���  : _  Tuck'and Boomerang-, % interest each, Iconoclast  and  Belzac,  and Chaperon, % interest  ���each, Lena. Peterson to Peter W Lover.      ���  .  Bengal,' Bristol and Badger,, all .interest, John  ti: Hassan, to H I Machin:        ������������**'  ..-." i--**'; '���'-'- .' January 26. .  .   -.^;-;::-.  Boldimingr,  all interest,-^J.;?3... Harris to J 'B  -������'Desrosiers. *' '" '  _---������ .January 27.      -'������-���:  Bntcher Boy, all interest, J'.E Tormey et al to  Butcher.Boj-.G'old and Copper company7  :'-������'���;..-   January29..  Tiger,l4interest, Thomas Murray to Fred N  Eden.' '';Y:  ''/   ' .7 ''-���'" '���".''  Dominion, K interest^ E Pope to Sanfred Dixon.  Jeaniej fractional, H interest. John Lucy, to' C  RPittock.  -...._. January30..     ,  Astoria, all interest, S N Johnson  to Harry H  Shallenberger. ������..;������  ���.  Certiflcates of Work..  . ��� January 24.  Justina,-W E McByer.  ;Mayflower, Georpe "Ponlds.      ���   *  January 26.  Idaho, John McLean. .  '.":".;���'   January27. .-.'���'.'���  Great Hopes,' fractional,'James Drum. ���  :    ���...,..". ;January 29.    *       i.  Hanover, C L' Werner.  Ballard, C L Werner.  At Either Greenwood, Grand Forks or Other  , Point oa,the C..& W.   r��    ..^  VicroitrAi  Feb. 2^-"[S'peoial Yo Tlie  Time��].���The government has decided  to establish a registry office at Greenwood, "Grand Forks or some other point  on the  Columbia and Western  extension.   The .act^.wiU. also vfix supreme  court sittings'^ at'j.Nelson^andiRo'ssiand^  twice a yea*.1' Tne choice of "a regisi-iy-  officiETi_Tl��ft tcTtlielieuteiiaht-governor*^  in-council and will rt". determined-by��  the relative importance of,.-the cities in  the   Boundary  district  when   the appointment is made.  MINERS ��� and -..:rt  prospectors; _���  ��� j*', ���*-  - -: *-*.!  should .Wear  Ames Holden Co*s.  M Columbia "  M Kootenay w  ' Vancouver "  ��� All of whicli are First.claKB F��.ol Wear  ...ASK YOUR GROCER FOR THE CELEBRATED.  R0UU5B   1*V_      &     |V*   OATS  # ^  T    ,   The Best That Money can Buy,   Take no Other,  (Manufactured by the*Brackmau-kerMillin��-'co., Ltd. Victoria,  Vancouver,   Westminister   . .  ^^dmontoii. Nelson:  REAL ESTATE AND MSNING  PROPERTIES.  ���;,; THE MART. v;  GAUNCE & WICKWlkE, ^^^a. .  I GREENWOOD - -.- -  i ASSAY OFFICE  -'���.'-   '  JOE. C. LUCKENBEL  ASSAYEft and METALLUBGISt  PROPRIETOR.  Mines* Examined and ���  ������   Reported on .7-      GREENWOOD.  THISTLE ::  is the Best Scotch Whisky  ���'     ���AND���  SEAGRAM'S  The Best Canadian.  ' SOLE AGENTS:  -R. P. TfcTHE-f -���'.& Co. Ltd.  ; VICTORIA     B.C -      ���  OUR GUARANTEE-  We guarantee'to furnish a better Cash RkgisTKK  than  any other company and at a lower price.  QUftottftf &.S0 ({Ugiafef Co.  DAYTON, OHIO.  Address all communications to  A. H. WALLBR1DGE, Sales AffCnt, Vancouver, 13. C.  THE BEST BEER IN TOWN IS MADE BY  PORTMAN BROS. & CO,..  Proprietors.  ASK FOR  t t  The Elkhom Lager Beer Contains only Pure Malt Hops, Try  It I It is kept on Draught or in Bottles by all the leading Hotels  Llll  o iX$;,*iy.  p'gif/y  *iitiytyiffy?^iyiy  7fe,.:;  'Wy~:  ;?i:!i��i&&yys{^':  ��� ���'.'-   '.  '������y^y^yyyy'y  THE GREENWOOD WEEKLY TIMES.  A GREAT SUCCESS  The Concert Last Night Will  Swell  the Mansion House Fund.  THE   ABSENT    MINDED    BEGGAR  Was  Not    Forgotten���The    Alhambra   was  Packed���Amateurs  and   Professionals  Receive Great Applause.  Greenwood did herself proud last  night and remembered "the absent  minded beggar" at the front, in a  patriotic and financially a most substantial manner. It was impossible to  get the correct amount of the proceeds  of the entertainment, as the treasurer  had not obtained a report of the tickets  sold previous to last night. It is certain to be over $500. The concert  given last night at the Alhambra  theatre in aid of the Mansion House  fund was an unqualified success. The  theatre was simply packed to the roof,  and the committee in charge of the  arrangements deserve the highest  praise for the manner in which the  programme was carried out, not a little  credit being due Delphos Laurence,  the stage manager of the theatre, for  helping the committee and making the  announcements. With the exception  of two numbers the performance, was  given wholly by amateur talent, but on  account of a change found necessary  at the last, moment in carrying out the  programme the assistance of Miss  Alice Hamilton and Miss Celia De  L.acy of the Alhambra staff was requisitioned and they very cordially  responded.  The programme was a lengthy one.  From 8:30 to nearly midnight the large  audience were kept amused and applauded enthusiastically every number.  The singing of the "Soldiers of the  Queen" by Miss De Lacey stirred the  house to such a pitch that it was not  quieted down until the chorus had  been repeated five times. Too much  praise cannot be given Neville Lees  and J. E. Hooper, for besides taking  the leading numbers on the programme  they have worked for weeks past to  make the entertainmeht what it was���  a decided success. Prof. Con Meich and  the orchestra also deserve words of  praise. In fact, every one who took  patt last night did their utmost, and  the citizens of Greenwood and the sur  rounding camps were unstinted in their  appreciation orpocketbook. The "Pay,  Pay, Pay," concert was responded to  as its most sanguine promoters wished.  It would take much space to credit at  any length the merits of the different  performers; all received encores, for it  was an appreciative audience. The  programme opened with a comic song  by F. Lewin. His rendition of "For  me, For me," was a good starter. T.  Murray followed in a song and dance.  C. W. H. Sanson created laughter in  his song "And the verdict was." C.  Strong was next with "The two  grenadiers." "He wanted something  to play with," by J. E. Hooper, made a  tremendous hit. It was rendered in his  best style and introducing, as the song  did, a lot of local hits it was deservedly  appreciated. W. W. Howe's comic  song, "Brown of Colorado," was also  laughable. A. G.Simpson of Phoenix,  firstsong wasr"It?s-a-kisid-of-assort  of a'," and in the second half, "The  bugler serenade;" he too received big  applause. Evan Morgan was clever  in Indian club and axe swinging.  A musical monologue, "The gentleman  ranker," or "Ordered to the front,"  the music of which was especially composed for the occasion by J. E. Hooper,  was given in truly military style and  dash by Neville Lees in his impersonation of Corporal Tom Charleymayne.  It was unique and popular, and his  singing of the "Absent Minded Beggar" was fruitful of excellent financial  results, as the audience became in-'  tensely patriotic and showered down  money on an outstretched flag. The  piece concluded the first portion of the  programme. After a short interval the  second half opened by a three round  sparring contest between Woods and  Needham, followed by another three  round go between Peter Jacksonoand  Charley Mitchell. Evan Morgan ref-  ereed both contests. The last was the  most amusing feature of the evening.  At the close Peter Jackson brought the  house down by taking one clip at the  referee's face, leaving it covered with  black from the gloves. Miss  Alice Hamilton, of the Alhambra  gave in her usual finished manner  "The Death of Nelson" and in answer  to an enchore greatly pleased everyone with her sweet singing "Coming  Through the Rye." Immediately after  came Miss Celia De Lacy, she was in  splendid voice and the house grew  enthusiastic recalling her four times.  Messrs. Hooper and f.eese, with the  assistance of Mr. Sanson* gave a most  laughable skit. Their "Round the  Town" duet being exceeingly  funny. The performance was  brought to a close by two exhibitions of  the Cornish style of wrestling. The  first bout brought out A. D. McLeod  and Ed. Richard, and the second James  Tregillis and Tom Watters. Both exhibitions were well contested. At the  end the audience all joined- in the  National Anthem, bringing to a  close   one    of    the    most   memorial  evenings in the history of Greenwood.  The Pay, Pay, Pay concert will help  swell the fund for those who are dependent on the brave fellows fighting  for her majesty the queen in the  Transvaal. Greenwood has done herself proud.  ######$#-��*#*$*##$��**###��#��  | AS TOLD TO THE INTERVIEWER. $  �� -��  Thomas McDonnell, who returned  with his wife from Spokane on Tuesday, was seen yesterday regarding the  prevalence of smallpox in the Falls  city. He said: "The epidemic in  Spokane is only a mild one. There are  some 50 odd cases in the pest house,  but not one, I was informed, of a violent nature. Great precautions are  being taken and in Rossland everyone  was rushing to get vaccinated. The  city is giving the vaccine points free  to the doctors, who charge a fee of Si  for administering same. The trouble  with the mails is about all over. There  is no excitement in Spokane. The  health department of the city is taking  every care to prevent the spread of  smallpox and its isolation hospital is  being properly attended to."  F. M. Munn, proprietor of the Northern hotel, Eholt, was in the city yesterday on a flying visit. "I came down  to see a few of my friends here and to  let them know that things at Eholt  were prosperous. We appreciate getting the Times. I want to tell you it'-  the best paper for its size in the province." But the reporter was more  interested in obtaining news and  switched the subject by asking how  things were in the mines. "Weil,  business is good." Mr. Munn continued: "-his is due to most encouraging reports coming from the mines  surrounding Eholt. There is quite a  force at the B. C. mine, and I understand they are taking out good ore from  the new crosscut at the 250-foot level.  Their machinery plant will soon be at  the mine. By the way, a carload of  machinery for the Jewel has arrived  and this will shortly be installed.  Good strikes are reported on the Silver  Plume, Red Eagle and the Twenty-  One claims. There are quite a number  of properties being opened up, but I  did not come down prepared for an  interview, its something new to me;  but the next time���well, I'll bring a  pocketful of notes," he laughingly  concluded.  Dr. Schon, medical officer of health,  said yesterday that at a meeting of the  physicians of the city,held in his office,  they had agreed, in view of- a possible  visitation of smallpox and in order to  socure an efficient precaution against  it, to ask everyone to be vaccinated.  A nominal fee of 551 will be charged for  vaccination. He said that Dr. C. J.  Fagan of Victoria, secretary of the  provincial board of health, had asked  to have the public strongly urged to  take all necessary precaution against  the likelihood of the spread  of the contagion here. Dr.  Fagan left here yesterday for  Spokane to investigate the epidemic  in that city. A circular on vaccination  adopted by the provincial board of  health -says: "Vaccination, recently  and properly done, will prevent, almost  without exception, the contraction of  smallpox, no matter how great the exposure." In proof of this statement  theT ^ifc1iil^~^otes^tHe^-,epbrtr^f "the"  royal commission as saying that of  10,403 patients 61 were well vaccinated  children under five years of age, with  no deaths; 182 were imperfectly vaccinated, with 21 deaths; 118 were doubtfully vaccinated, with 47 deaths; 677  were confessedly not vaccinated, and  among them 383 deaths. In the year  1771, 110 persons were engaged in the  Homerton fever hospital in attendance  on the smallpox sick. All but two were  re-vaccinated and all but these two escaped the disease. Of 734 nurses and  attendants on smallpox cases in London hospitals, 79 had had smallpox and  these escaped; 645 were re vaccinated  on entrance and not one took smallpox;  10 escaped vaccination and all took  smallpox.  | CONCENTRATED MINING NEWS. 1  ��#ft#_>#��tt��0��###��e*����<>��fte$e*  Fifty-two men are on the pay-roll of  the B. C . Chartered company, limited.  S. F. Parrish is the general manager.  The mine is shipping daily to .the  Trail smelter from 60 to 70 tons. The  greater portion of this is being taken  from the dumps, as little ore is at present being broken. The new machinery plant coming frcSm Montreal will  be at the mine this month. At the  250-fqot level the drift has cut the vein  on its dip for a distance of 40 feet.  W. Y. Williams, superintendent  of the different properties under Jay P  Graves, management, arrived in the  city yesterday from the City of Paris  and Lincoln mine, in Central camp,  To a Times man he said that they  were making preparations to send  down ore from that mine to theGranby  smelter at Grand Forks. This mine  will be the first one to ship ore to that  smelter. Shipments would have been  made a month ago but there has never  been sufficient snow to hanl the ore  down by sleighs. Even now tbe ore  will only be hauled to Fourth of July  creek by sleighs when it will be trans-  fered to wheels, and hauled the balance  of the distance that way. There are  500 tons of ore now ready for shipment, and between; three and four  thousand tons will be shipped this  winter to the smelter. This last ore  is ready to be stoped.. The mine is  developed by a cross-cut tunnel to the  ore body, 1,000 feet in length, with  drifts on the ore body running north  and south. The north drift is in 600  feet and is connected by a raise to the  surface 300 feet. In the south drift  the work has progressed about  500 feet. . A connection, is now  being made between this drift and the  old Lincoln shaft.  Robert Donagin is in the city from  Chesaw. He owns the C. O. D. claim,  on the west slope of Thunder mountain  in the Myers Creek camp. This is the  same mountain on which the Crystal  Butte is located. Mr. Donagin has had  a small force of men prospecting his  property for some months back. The  work has been in opening the vein *by  a number of small shafts and considerable surface cross-cutting. He is well  pleased with the results, and values  obtained. Froin one shaft, at a depth  of 12 feet he says the ore went $29 in  gold and eight ounces in silver. He  speaks highly of the splendid showing  on the Mountain Chief. This mine is  owned by a Greenwood company. The  work consists of sinking a shaft to a  depth of 100 feet.' It was down when  he left 30 feet in good quartz. The  ledge measures from 8 to 10 feet, at a  most conservative estimate. Work is  progressing -satisfactorily on* the  Poland China and the Review mines..  Just before coming but he heard there  had been quite a fracas over the Chesaw townsite. Someone had attempted  to jump the toy. nsite and as a consequence a number of promient people  got mixed up in the affray and for a  short time there was a likely hood of  gun play. However, matters he believed, had been smoothed over.  B4*-&44-*4��*4-^-*l��4�� ��!���-*?  *  �� NEW SHIPMENT  OF  Clothing  Hats and  Caps,  *  ���*  4*  |   Neckwear,  4��      J ������-'���?;  4��      Etc., Etc.  4�� JUST ARRIVED.  4��  4��  IV-. M. LAW <�� CO.  4-.  NOTICE OF PRIVATE BILL.  Aiir Tgjll  ������<-_���-��� ���^n'mtm~~~~ft~9m-m-m���  Suit  SHOULD BE MADE BY  A Large  Stock  to Select  From.  PERPECT HT GUARANTEED.  F, J-   MITCHELL  Fashionable Tailor.  Greenwood St,      Greenwood  NOTICE.  NOTICE : The British Columbia Southern  Railway Company will apply to the Parliament  of Canada at its next session for an Act authorizing- the Company to complete at any time before the end of the year 1.04, its western section  as described in the Act of the said Parliament  (60^1 Victoria, Chapter 36) and a branch line  from a point on its main line at or near the  forks of Michel creek thence by way ofj Michel  creek to Martin creek, and for other purposes.  By Order of the Board.  0. CAMPBELL OSWALD,  Montreal, 17th November, 1899. Secretary.  12-21  Mineral Act. 1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  COPPEROPOLIS and MAGNOLIA Mineral  Claims, situate in (.he Kettle River Mining-  Division of Yale District. Where located :  InCopper camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, George Riter Free  Miner'sCertificate No. b6585, intend, sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining- Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for tbe purpose of obtaining- a Crown  Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37,  must be commenced   before   the  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this llth day of January, 1900.  GEORGE RITER,  Notice Is hereby.given that an application  will be. made to the Legislative Assembly of  the' Province of British Columbia at its next  session for au Act to incorporate a company  with power to construct, equip, maintain and  operate Telephone and Telegraph lines within  and throughout the Province of British Columbia and to construct, erect and maintain snch  and so many poles and other works and devices  as the Company deem necessary for making,  completing-, supporting, using, working, operating and maintaining the system of communication by telephone and telegraph and to open  or break up any part or parts of the said highways or streets as often as the said Company,  itsagents, officers or workmen think proper and  for the purpose of thc undertaking, to purchase  acquire oi lease and hold and sell and dispose  of lands, buildings or tenements within the  limits aforesaid and to purchase or lease for any  term of years any telephone or telegraph line  established to be established in British Columbia, connected or to be connected with the line  whicli the Company may construct and to anialg-  matc wil'u orlease its line or linesorany portion  or portions thereof to any company-possessing as  proprietor, any line of telephone or telegraph  communication connecting or to be connected  with thc said company's line or lines, aud to  borrow money for the purposes of the Company  and to pledge or mortgage any of the Company's  assets for that purpose and to receive bonuses  or privileges for any person or body corporate  and with all other usual, necessary or Incidental  rights, powers or privileges as mav be necessary or incidental to the attainment of thc  above objects or any of them.  Dated this 15th dav of December, 899  J. R. BROWN,  16-22 ���   Solicitor for the Applicant.  MINERAL ACT, 1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE. .  SYLVESTER   K. Mineral Claim, situate in  Greenwood camp, Kettle Rlyer Mining division  bf  Yale  district.    Where  located:  North of and adjoining the Cimeron mineral  . claim.  TAKE NOTICE that I, A. M. Whiteside,  as agent for L. I. Ostroski, free miner's  certificate No. 18S96A, C. Scott Galloway, free  miner's certificate No. B7777, J. Circu, free  miner's certificate No. B6350, P. W. Dillon, free  miner's certificate No. 18597A, D. Moylan, free  miner's certificate No. B6146,-*sixty days from  the dete hereof, to apply'to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for the  pnrpooe of obtaining a Crown Grant for the  above mineral claim. . ''���'���'   '  And further take notice that action, under  section 37,. must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvement.  Dated this 15th day of January, A. D. 1909.  A.M.WHITESIDE.  MINERAL ACT,   1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  ���    NOTICE.  MOUNTAIN VIEW Mineral Claim, situate in  the Kettle River Mining Division of Yale  District.   Where located: In Skylark camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett, as  agent for George Arthur Rendell, free  miner's certificate No. B7731: George Smith,  free miner's certificate No. 19767A; George B.  Taylor, free miner's certificate No. 161, and  Justin C. Sears, free miner's certificate No.  B7036, intend, sixty days from the date hereof,  to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claim.  ' And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of snch Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 20th day of November, 1899.  I. H. HALLETT.  NOTICE is hereby, given that'application  will be made;to the Parliament of  Canada -at its next������' session to incorporate' a company, with ��� power to construct,  maintain and operate a railway in Yale district,  in the Province of British Columbia,-of;.either .  standard or narrow gauge, and utilizing steam,  electric and other motive power,froru a point  on the international boundary liueatornear  Carson city, where Kettle river intersects the  said international boundary line; thence by the  best available route in a general northerly direction in ihe vicinity of Fourth of July creek  to a point at or near the junction of the East  and West Forks of the said creek; tnence in.a  general westerly course to the Phoenix Mining  camp; with power to constrnct, maintain and  operate a branch line from the starting point  above mentioned easterly to some point on the  Columbia and Western railway between the  said starting point and Grand Forks or easterly thereof; with power also to constrnct  maintain and operate branch lines from the,  Raid line of railway to the Central (or White's)  mining camp, the Wellington camp, the Skylark mining camp, the Summit mining camp,  and the City of Greenwood; with power also to  construct, maintain and operate telegraph and  telephone lines lu connection with the said railway and for other purposes; with power also  to coustruct, erect, maintain, and operate  smelters, reduction and other works for raising,  crushing, smelting, reducing, refining and  amalgamating all kinds of ores, metals and  minerals and their products and to render the  .ame merchantable and fit for use; with power  also to acquire, construct, own, maintain and  operate steamers, barges, ferries and other  vessels on Kettle river and its tributaries and  elsewhere In connection with the said railway  and otherwise; with power also to acquire,,  construct, maintain, own and use wharves,  piers, docks and landing places in connection  with the said undertaking; with power also to  acquire, construct, own, maintain and use  water powers for any; of the-purposes herein  mentioned; with power also to acquire, con-  struct,.erect,ow ii,mal ii tain and operate electrical  and other works- for the purpose of transmitting electricity, heat, light, and power, to- be  be used in connection with the said undertaking and for the raising,' crushing, washing, .smelting, reducing. - refining and  amalgamating ores, metals, minerals and their  products and to sell and lease electric power  and otherwise; with power also to acquire, take  on lease or agreement, or. by grant, and to  make traffic arrangements with any railway,  steamboat and other companies for running  powerso over any railways,' tramways, waterways, and other roads or ways which are now  or may hereafter be constructed and operated  to carry (freight, passengers, and .other traffic  to and .from mining camps' and other places  situate south of the boundary line; and also to  acquire all other necessary rights and privileges  and to do all things requisite for lhe purpose  of carrying out the object and intention of the  said company. S. C. BIGGS,  Solicitor for Applicants.  Toronto, January 10,1900.   .       185-9.  MINERAL ACT, 1896.  CERTIFICATE   OF   IMPROVEMEKTS.  * NOTIOB.  THE RUBY mineral claim, situate in the  Kettle River Mining Division of Yale  District. Where located : In Smith's camp,  about half a mile north easterly from  Boundary Falls.  TAKE NOTICE that I, George Cook, Free  Miner's Certificate No; D6519, for myself  and as agent for William Graham McMynn,Free  Miner's Certificate No. B6301, Intend, sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply to. the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of  the above claim.  Aud  further  take notice'that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvement.  Dated this 20th day of December, 1899.  GEORGE COOK.  Mineral-Act. 1896.  CERTIFICATE OP IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTIOB.  CRESCENT Mineral Claim, situate in the  Kettle River Miniug Division of Yale district. Where located: In Skylark camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett, as  agent for Charles Sweeny, free miner's  certificate No. 34821 A, inteud, sixty day's from  the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder  for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant to the above  claim. .    ,  .���_And_further__take_nptice__that_1 action,  under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 7th day of November, 1899.  5-11-9-9. I. H. HALLETT.  Mineral Act 1896.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTIOB.  " SHOO FLY " mineral claim, situate in the  Osoyoos Mining Division of Yale District.  Where located: On Rock Creek at the  mouth of Baker Creek.  TAKE NOTIOE that I, Forbes M. Kerby as  agent for Geo. E. Drew Free Miner's  Certificate No. 59184 "A" intend, sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply  to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of im-  pjovements, for tbe purpose of obtaining a  Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action   under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 1st day of November, 1899-  FORBES M. KERBY.  Mineral Act, 1896.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTICE.  Mountain View. Nightingale, and Clipper  Fractional Mineral claims, situate In  the Kettle River Mining Division of Yale  District. Where located: In Skylark  camp.  TAKE notice that we, E. C. Cargill, Free  Miners' certificate No. B, 28176 and E. T.  Wlckwlre, Free Miners' certificate No. B,  6025, intend sixty days from date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of  Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a  crown Grant of the above claims.  And further take notice that action, under  Section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 22nd day of December, 1899. '   Mineral Act. 1896.  CERTIEICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  **    NOTIOE.  C. O. D. Mineral claim situate in the Kettle  Rlter Mining Division of Yale District.  Where Located :    In Long Lake Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Arthur Murdoch  Whiteside, acting as agent on behalf of  Thomas Miller, FreeMlner's Certificate No. 5934  H. J. Cole, Free Miner's Certificate No. 19521a,  and C. M. Collins, Free. Miner's Certificate No.  19729 a, intend sixty days from the date hereof,  to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of  obtaining a Crown grant of the above claim.  And   further   take notice that action under  Section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 2nd dav of December 1899.  ' ) A. M. WHITESIDE.  NOTIOB.  Notice is hereby given that at the first meeting of the License Commissioners for the City  of Greenwood held after 30 days from this date  the undersigned will apply for a transfer from  the undersigned to J. T. Bedard of the Hotel  License now held by them for the St. Charles  Hotel, situated on Copper street in this city.  BERGER ��fc BEDARD.  Greenwood, B. C. Dec. 15th, 1899.  Certificate of the Registration of an  Extra-Provincial Company.  .   '' COMPANIES ACT, 1897."  "The No. 7 Mlslug Company. Limited."  Registered the 12th day of December, 1899...  T HEREBY CERTIFY that I have this day  1   registered   "The No. 7. Mining Company,'  Limited,?' aB an   Extra-Provincial: Company   :  under the "Companies' Act, 1897," to.carry out  or effect all or any of the objects  hereinafter  set forth to which the legislative authority of  the Legislature of British Colombia extends.  The head office of the Company is situate iu  the City of New York, State of New   York,  u.s.a. . ��� ..,;     :  The amount of the capital of the Company is .  $1,000,000, divided into.200,000 shares of $5.00  each, ..   .    , .  The head office of the Company in this Province Is situate at Anaconda, and Frederic  Keffer, mining engineer, whose address is  Anaconda aforesaid, is tbe attorney for the  Company.  The objects for which the Company has been  established are:��� v  Acquiring, by purchase, lease.or otherwise,  mineral landsor mineral rights, Including gold,  silver, copper and other minerals (except coal),  and any and every other form and kind of  mineral lands, and lands, estates and properties of any. tenure whatsoever, In either or all of  the States and Territories of tbe United States  of America, the Domlnlonof Canada, the Province, of British Columbia, or any or ettherone  of the Provinces of British North Araerlca;and  to hold, improve, develop, convey, lease, sell,  dispose.of, or mortgage all the same, or any  part or parts whatsoever; to purchase, or otherwise acquire, to-sell, dispose of, and deal In  and with mines, mining' properties.- mining  claims, mining rights, mills, smelters, plants  and machinery or works for the treatment of  ores and minerals, and all grants and undertakings connected therewith; and to buy,'treat  and sell ores and minerals of any kind or description: to acquire the holdings or lien of anv  corporation_orJndly_WuaUow.nlng.__or._holding.__.  mining or other property necessary for the  objects and business ol the Company; to discover, lay out and locate, take on lease or bond,  or otherwise acquire and develop, manage, Improve and operate mines, raining claims., tunnels, mill sites, furnace' sites, water rights,  mills, plants, machinery or works, and such  any and other estates and interests as are necessary and expedient for the interests of the  Company ; to join with, or consolidate with,  any person, firm or corporation for the purpose  of prospecting, locating, laying out, developing, improving and operating any mine, mining  property; to acquire by purchase or otherwise,  wise, build, construct, equip, maintain, work,  manage, carry out or control the necessary  railway and railroad facilities, branches, sidings and bridges, reservoirs, watercourses,  manufactories, sawmills, artificial and natural  lighting and power plants, warehouses, shops,  stores, and other works, plants and conveniences lhat are necessary and that seem calculated  to Inure to the benefit of and -advance the interests of the Company, and to sell, lease or  otherwise dispose oi all or any part or interests  that may be so acquired by the Company, as  above set forth or relating thereto ; and generally to engage In any aud all lawful businessof  the Company, and for the purposes appertaining thereto, and any or every act or acts, thing  or things incident to; growing out of, or connected with said business, or any part or parts  thereof; so far as authorized or permitted by  law, to purchase and sell shares of the capital  stock and mortgage bonds and other evidence  of indebtedness of other corporations, and to  purchase and sell the bonds, deeds and notes  and other evidences of Indebtedness of individuals and firms, and to negotiate for and borrow-  all money necessary for the conduct of the  business of tbe Company by bond and other  evidences of Indebtedness therefore, as may be  necessary for the proper conduct and operation  of thc business of the Company; to cause the*  Company to be registered as an Extra-Provincial Company In the Provlnceof British Columbia; to acquire a domicile and conduct any or  all of its business In the Dominion of Canada,  the Province of British'Columbia, or any or  either one of the other Provinces of British  North America. ..,.        Given under my hand and seal of office at  Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this  12th dav of December, one thousand eight hundred and ninety-nine.  [l. 6.] S. Y. WOOTTON,  Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.  MINERAL ACT, 1896.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS  NOTIO .  QUEEN OF SHEBA Mineral claim, situated  in the.Kettle River Mining Division of Yale  District. Where located : Deadwood  camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, George Andiews,  "��� Free Miner's Certificate No. b 7726 for  myself and as agent for Loria A. Smith,; Free  Miner's Certificate No. 157, intend, sixty days  from the date hereof, -to apply to the Mining  Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the  above claim- *-  And further take notice that action, under  Section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 3rd day of January, 1900. '  GEORGE ANDREWS,


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