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Boundary Creek Times 1907-05-17

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 Wr  _*T "VT'  ~A-~"rr-��  T"~r,'iT'iT;^ni-f7ir''7"~,rjyn[inii''iTiirp"~  -___.  VOL. 11  GREENWOOD, B. C, FRIDAY, MAY 17,  1907.  No. ^T j  I1'-':.!  .. WINE-  i-*m^;_flt_3��j_B-S%a^^  PERFUMES.  NEW   ODORS NEW   GOODS  FLORAL COLD CREAM.  TALCUM   POWDERS,  VIOLET WITCH HAZEL,  ��� ''���.���-��� /  VIOLET AMMONIA.  BATH  POWDERS,  TOOTH   PREPARATIONS,  SPONGES, BRUSHES.  .���3.  We have the Finest Goods  in these lines.  m^L^mmiim^m f*f\      I TT)   iiwmffmsmimmsi  Men's and Boys'  Furnishings  We have decided to clear out our entire stock  of Men's and Boys' Furnishings, to accomplish our end quickly, we will reduce our   ���  prices on these lines, to lesSQthan manufacturers prices.    Don't "miss this  opportunity  of  purchasing first  ciass goods at discounts vary  ing from  Thirty to Sixty Per Cent.  Remember :'  Everything for men  and Boys  to wear at less than wholesale cost.  TERMS CASH.  omen's Models  Men's  Goods  OVER TO OROVILLE  The Trip at This Season of  the Year  A MOST DELIGHTFUL ONE  By Staue and Rail Through and Into  a Charming Sprine-time"  Country.  ^ JL TRUST  Watch  IN THE HANDS OE AN INEXPERIENCED PERSON. IF THERE IS SOMETHING  WRONG WITH IT BRING IT TO A  PRACTICAL WATCHMAKER. OUR  SPECIALTY IS WATCH REPAIRING.  ��UR la_0RK IS G^ARAKTEBB  From the metropolis of the  Boundary to the metropolis of  the Okanagan the journey by  stage and rail is replete with interest, at this season of the year.  The hills grown green by the  warmth of spring,- the bloom of  fruit trees, the murmur of the  smaller and the rush.of the larger  streams, the distant mountains  here ancl there still white, unite  to make a combination pleasing  to the eye aud soothing to the  senses. The V. V. & E. toils  slowly from Midway to Molson,  against a heavy, grade, and beyond Molson with a much heavier g'rade with it the train must  needs let itself carefully down  from Anarchist mountain to the  valley of the Okanagan.  From Sidley's to Oroville as  the crow Hies is a distance of  about eight miles. The stage  road lengthens it out to about 14  miles, while the V. V. & F. runs  it up to 25 miles,- because a fall  of 3300 feet must be discounted,  and so loops, and curves and  circles, triumphs of engineering  skill, are necessary to enable a  train to negotiate the drop.  Midway, to ' the writer's eye,  possesses ��� the highest charm of  natural beauty along the route,  surpassing the park-like "district  beyond Molson, or- the-lake aud-  foot-hill beauty.of Oroville.  It is ten at night when Oroville is reached but the town is  wide awake. Excellent hotel  accommodations especially for so  new-born a town await the traveller, who finds he is among a  people confident of themselves,  their town and their country.  The citizen of Oroville who does  not grow enthusiastic over his  town was certainly in hiding last  Sunday.  The man who goes to Oroville  expecting to find it a large edition of what Ferry was is doomed  to disappointment. The buildings are substantial; the places of  business well lighted, and although, church buildings appear  as yet to be unbuilt, law and  order: are characteristic of the  place. :_ Ho..places .of ���.l.o_ud���_and.  vulgar amusement are to be found  and^public gambling is strictly  forbidden.   *  Of course the . saloons do a  thriving business but everything  appears to be on the square, and  public officials are believed to be  unbribable.  The town is beautifully located on the peninsula at the junction of the Similkameen with the  Okanagan, and at the foot of  Osoyoos lake, a beautiful sheet  of water. The foot-hills all  about the town are dotted with  farms, while farther back, and  farther down river the ranges are  roamed by cattle aud sheep.  Lots in town and farm lands in  the valley are held at a high  figure, and are selling.  The newer town" about a half  mile north of the older is the  scene of about all the present  development, but if the wind  blows there much as it did last  Sunday afternoon we don't see  how the new can hold its own,  for^it was certainly, travelling  south in the dust storm'at a great  .rate.  In a few days the place will be  electric lighted. The wires are  all connected up with the plant  at the falls of the Similkameen  six miles up river, and the current  is to be turned on this week.  Y/e met quite a number of former Greenwood people in Oroville and all seem to be doing  well.  Some" of them, and many of the  citizens who have never seen  Greenwood are coming over to  help celebrate the 24th aud if  they return home as well impressed with the cordiality of our  people as we were with tbat of  theirs, they certainly will give  Greenwood a boost among the  dwellers  of  the  sage-brush  and  cactus belt.  BASE BALL AT OROVILLE  The Greenwood, nine put-up a fine  game of .ball at Oroville last Sunday,  although playing under very adverse  conditions. The grounds were very  soft and sandy, and the Oroville boys  who had both spiked shoes and a spiked umpire took the Greenwood boys at  disadvantage. The Nighthawk pitcher,  on the Oroville team, arid the Riverside catcher made a fine battery. The  Greenwood boys were the admiration of  the crowd not only by their game but  by their genteel bearing never once  kicking on decisions that everybody  but the umpire admitted were rotten.  The Oroville boys and the citizens  without exception showed the Greenwood boys the highest type of hospitality and the learn, joined by a large  contingent, is coming over h<:re on the  4th.  OLD PLACER MINING  Its Prospects of an Early  Revival  IN    BRITISH    COLUMBIA  According to Horace  F- Evans Who  Has Been Studying the Provincial Situation.  In  the  Mining World appears  an article from the pen of Horace j  tents of the entire ground.  The washing of Rock Creek gravels  in 1S61-2 \va_ carried on continuously  for a period yarying- from three to six  days according to the richness of the  material worked, when .the water was  shut off and the contents of the sluice  collected. These comprised two kinds:  (1) fluid amalgam from which the gold  was obtained by filtering through  buckskin and the ignition of the solid  alloy of the remaining gold and mercury and auriferous black "sand which  was concentrated from magnetite in  the usual way.  It has been estimated by a competent authority that the earnings of the  300 placer miners who worked on Rock  Creek between September, 1861, and  September, 1862, amouuted to an average of S6.S0 for every man that worked  or a total per day for the whole force  of SI,950 or $585,00 for the year.    The  17l     T-, ,      .   .     . ,       same authority   estimates   that   only  l<.  Evans  a  geologist of repute,' half th_ ^ .: .th . niinffarian rlnies  was saved.    Thus   gold   of   the  total  BIG SCHEME  "The"C. P. R. irrigation scheme in  the neighborhood of Calgary is a huge  undertaking, and they have great  hopes for the development of the district. They arc bringing in lots of  Americans from the irrigated states,  who are buying land, and they hope  for a larger increase in'the near future.  There is one thing that is particularly  attractive to Americans, that is that  they they have a guarantee of water  from the governm.n.. In the United  States questions of water rights arises  and a man who buys land often buys a  lawsuit. In the Calgary district when  a man buys land he has a government  guarantee that he vvill be always supplied with water at 50 cents an acre.  _____ _  NEW CUSTOMS OFFICE  Mr. J. S. Clute, Inspector of Customs  was in. town Monday, " en'"'route to  Chapaca where he is going.lu open a  ,ncw .customs p.ffice. .Chanf-i.*' .is situated at'the crossing of the international line ' by ' the Similkameen  river, and the customs house becomes  a necessity there now by the approaching opening of traffic on the "V.V. _, __/.  V. V. & E. NORTH  The V. V. <._ E. railway bridge across  the Similkameen which has held back  track laying so long, has been completed and. the ballasting of the road  north and tracklaying is being rushed.  Keremeos will be reached by rail on or  about June 15th, from present appearances.  A CONFERENCE  The representatives of tho Boundary  mining concerns -who recently went to  New York presumably to consult with  their superiors over the wage question  in the district have arranged with representatives of the miners to meet  them in conference next Mon.ay.  There is good ground for the hope that  after the question is fully threshed out,  some fair ground of compromise may  may be found and the industry proceed on terms equitable as wellto those  who have embarked t'leir money as to  those who invest their labor.  BIG ONES  From a report on the Foster mine in  Cobalt we quote the following:  No 1. On the lake edge, yielded  several cars of high grade ore, strike  northwest, and was worked by an  open cut seventy feet long and thirty  feet deep; vein FOUR inches wide.  No.. 4. Northeast strike. Small  shaft, ?.5 feet deep, vein one inch to  TWO inches wide.  No. S. Large, well-defined silver  and cobalt vein, northwest strike. Iu  places, 14 inches wide on the surface.  WONT APPEAR  The entire staff of the Anaconda  News is laid up this week���editor, reporters and printers all being under  the weather. As a result .this week's  issue will not appear, and for live  local news we have had to use the  scissors more freely on our other contemporaries.  WEATHER EAST  (SPECIAL TO THE TIMES.)  Moxtkea.17     May    4th.���A.   rather  severe snow storm here today.  Toronto, May 5th.���Several inches  of snow fell here yesterday.  ST. Cathhrns. Ont., May 4th���We  had a 4 inch fall of the beautiful today.  Fort William, May 6th.���The harbor here is still ice bound, and navigation inpossible.  and to whose accuracy and  authority mining men give close  attention, on placer mining in  British Columbia. As some of  his references deal with matters  with which our readers are familiar we subjoin several quotations:  Although complete data are not  available for a connected history of  this branch of the mineral industry  some interesting information on the  subject has been obtained by personal  investigation, which 1 propose to present briefly for the information of the  readers of The Mining World.  The record of placer mining in  British Columbia is one of great interest and importance since it comprises territory from the Wild Horse,  in East Kootenay, to Rock' aud Boundary creeks, thence along the Similkameen to Granite creek and the Tulameen, thence to the Fraser aud Cariboo  and to later familiar and interesting  fields.  As there is a lingering impression  that a revival of placer mining in  British Columbia is one of the signs of  the timeB, and as a number of well informed persons connected with the  mineral industry are of the opinion  that this may happen at any time, it is  desirable that information in relation  to early placer mining iu the province  should be revised and presented even  if only in a disconnected way, as mining history, like political history often  repeats itself. "   "���  The creeks intimately associated  with my subjects will be selected for  the present. These are Rock and  Boundary. The first named has its  source in the neighborhood of Camp  McKinney, a few miles west of the  west fork of Kettle river and about the  same distance north of the international boundary a little west of the 119th  meridian. This creek flows into the  west fork of the Kettle near the old  mining town of Rock Creek. Boundary  creek has its source in the neighborhood of Greenwood and after taking a  wide detour empties into the main  Kettle river near Midway.  At Rock Creek in September, 1861,  about 300 miners were at work in the  bed of the creek and they continued  working in the gravel for about a year,  when in consequence of reported richer  diggings north the force scattered aud  left for other "diggings," which was  the term used in those days. The  ground worked was the gravel filling  the stream; the greatest thickness was  estimated to be about 16 ft. with an  average"breaath^bf^S^fetT^TE very"  placer miner was allowed 10. ft. following the bed of the stream, the  breadth being the breadth of the valley. Three or four adjacent claims  were usually worked as one enterprise  by the co-operation of the owners. The  stream was usually deserted to one side  for the purpose of getting at the gold  bearing ground, and a sluice was made  of boards in a rectangular form and  put in an inclined positiod on rough  stone abutments and a stream of water  was constantly maintained.  The gravel extracted from the bed of  the creek was thrown on a rough grating made of pine slats and placed  about 2 in. apart. The floor of the  since was lmed with pine wood gratings placed longitudinally. The gold  and other heavy materials fell into the  hollows between the gratings, where  they were protected from the wash of  the current passing over them. It-  some instances boards with shallow  transverse notches and the laiter being filled with mercury were used in  addition to and alternately with the  gratings. This arrangement was  known as the Hungarian ri'lle.  For the purpose of getting out all the  gravel it was necessary to establish a  system of drainage as the hole deepened. This was accomplished by installing a small undershot wheel in the  free current of the exit water of the  sluce, which raised the water from a  sump at the lower end of the claini by  the agency of a chain of buckets.  The sluces were usually put up at a  higher elevation than was the practice  in European mines of that day, as the  chief end was to obtain a rapid current  and, therefore, power to work over  large quantities of gravel,  ate  value of SI,170,000 wns collected in the  sluices of Rock Creek in .1861-2, but  half of it was lost in the process of  washing.  At Boundary creek, about 7 miles  east of Rock creek, placer mining began a., little, later, but it was abandoned about the same time that Rock  creek placers were deserted, due.to the  rvsh to Caribco and Oregon fields.  THINGS DOING  P. B_rn_ <._ Co. plans to erect a soap  ���factory-in Vancouver, that will cost  3150,000. .. ���  San Francisco has had another disturbance, this time an industrial earthquake in the shape of a strike.  It is understood that the' British  government has decided to make a  grant of S75_,000 gratis to Jamaica and  to guarantee the island a loan of S5,-  000.000 lo assist in its rehabilitation.  THE LEROI BOSDEJ)  A McKinney   Property   to  the Front.  A VERY  UNIQUE   AFFAIR  James Copeland Has Bonded His Property to Practical Men. Who ,  Will Work it.  Spain rejoices iu the possession of a  baby heir to the crown. The etiquette  of the court has been scrupulously  observed and the new-born babe has  passed through hands enough to guarantee the event.  John Walker and associates of the  Victoiia- Harbor 'Lumber -cdmpariyv  have -bought out the business- of the  John Cook company, whose mills are  at Spragge, 90 miles west of Sudbury.  The price for the limits and riiills was  S2,000,000.  For many years! James Cope-  laud has been working for the  Leroi, a copper property in McKinney, and now he has made  arrangements to let the Leroi  work a while for him. He has  bonded his claim to Messrs.  Bailey, McKay and Patterson,  three practical miners of Phoenix.  The consideration of the bond is  $30,000 on which $300 in cash  were paid. The bondholders  moreover agree, to pay Cope-  laud a bonus of $100 a month  during the life of the bond. The  bond is to run for two years, with  the provision however that if at  any time prior to its expiry the  purchasers desire they may put  up the price and save the monthly bouus to Copeland.  The Leroi has had considerable  work done on it, has a gcod*  showing of ore, and man 7 people  have sought to buy or bond it.  But Copeland has held firm  through very discouraging years,  years when' everything in the  camp was shut down, and now  has made a deal along lines  marked put by himself.-  The building of the V.V. & E,  west, and across Anarchist mountain a short distance south of this  property is doubtless due to the  rev.iyal. which ^��eems ^imminent  for McKinney.  The school teachers of Oregon are  undertaking to raise $50,000 to defray  the expense of Peary's next voyage in  search of the North Pole. A five cent  subscription is to be taken up. It is  kind of our neighbors to be so willing  to help explore Northern Canada.  The C. P.'R. which a few years ago  ran a tri-weekly train on the Sicamous  and Okanagin, now runs daily trains  and is planning to inaugurate a train  service that provides fer a daily passenger and express train and for a  freight train each way daily.  The government plans to compel the  Doukhobors to take out naturalization  papers, and become full British citi-  Kens.-Trhose-whOfrefuse^lo^complv.and.  make regular entry will be given sufficient land on which to maintain themselves, but will not be given homesteads. The Doukhobors are understood- to consider this proposition  acceptable.  WHERE'S THE BLAME ?  Either the acoustic properties of the  court house are at fault, or the tones of  the lawyers too modest, or our hearing  dull, or the undertone conversation in  the back of the room-too common, but  something is wrong, because sitting  back at,a distance one cannot hear  much of what is going on in court.  WHY IS IT?  The fare over the V.V. & E. from  Midway to Oroville, 56 miles, is S2.00.  Upon inquiry we learned recently that  the amount was made up by charging  four cents a mile on the part of the  road in British Columbia, and three  cents a mile on the part jn Washington. The extra cent in British Columbia, is not chargeable to international courtesy, but simply to the law  which permits it.  PIT! I   -  The Wednesday half holiday movement is making great progress iu  western Canada. The merchants of  Stratlicona, Alberta, have agreed to  close their places of business at 12  o'clock every Wednesday from May to-  September. Ca'.gary, Red Deer, In-  nisfail and Wetaskiwiu have adopted a  similar agreement and in a majority  of these cases it has been supported  by a municipal by-law.  Rumors of serious trouble al Morocco  City have come in here from native  sources. It is declared the powerful  Rahuia tribe have- seized the town and  given all foreigners orders to leave  within a fortnight. ��� They offer to  escort the foreigners to ille coast.  The Rahmas refuse to recognize the  new governor of Morocco City, Bang  hast,,and declare that they will oppose  his entrance with armed force.  The first paper mill to be established  in British Columbia will, it is expected, soon be under way. The Canadian  Pacific Sulphite company, which operates at Swanson bay. will very shortly  call for tenders for its mechanical  equipment, and in this connection J.  M. Mackiunon, the manager of the  company, is to leavo in a few days for  New York. Tenders for live boilers  for the company's  works   are now be-  W. A. Clark met with an accident at  ehe Mother Lode mine on Wednesday  that resulted in his death at the Sisters'  hospital here the same day. It appears  that Clark was coming out of the tunnel when he was overtaken by some  ore car's. The driver of the latter  called to him to get out of the way. In  attempting to do so he stepped to the  right of the track instead of to the left.  The'Vight'wall was only 11 inches ft 0111  'the cars', while the passage on the left  is much wider. The result was that he  was caught between the cars and the  wall and seriously crushed. The evidence at the inquest went to show that  the men are all instructed to take tlie  other side of cars when passing. Cl.irk  knew of the custom and of it*, nccessity  but apparently forgot it iiV his hurry.  He. had returned to the mine only a  few days before having beeu in Uie  hospital from previous injury.  The corner's jury returned a verdict  Thursday afternoon in accordance  svith the above. No blame attaches to  the company, the case being one of a  class that frequently occurs wherever  large number** of men are employed,  aud whera men preoccupied or unthinking do une.vplaitiable things.  THE ONE RAIL  in a! ing   called,   and   a   large   amount   of  short   time  regardless  of the  loss re- | machinery is being shipped to Swanson  suiting    from     such     an     inefficient | bay.  method.  It was estimated at the time by com See  our  new   landscape   borders   in  petent miner* that  the   loss   of gold j wall paper,  thus incurred was half  the total con-   & Frith.  The   latest   thing.    Coles  35-36  From London comes the announce-,  ment that a* British inventor has  achieved a great triumph of science in  the perfecting of an invention which  enables railway engins and trains to  be safely operated on a single rail.  The application of his principle to  practical uses was submitted to severe  tests before a large crowd of scientific  and practical men and was pronounced  a success. The Royal Society claims  that the discovery places the inventor  hiwh on the roil of honor and among  the names of Newton,. Watt and  Stephenson.  if^  _3SB  r.-._s  .*.<_*_ r  _.��-��_  m  _*_" rmmunriKimmrnmmrtmnirTm  THE   B0HHBARY   CREEK   TIMES;.  CF*  Cr*  CF<  Cr*  Cr*  Cr**-  <F*  Cr*  Cr*  CF<  Cr*  <r*  Cr*  Cr*  t*___  v.-=.  Cr"*��  ��  Capital, all paid up, $14,400,000.        Rest $11,000,000.  UNDIVIDED   PROFITS   $159,831.84  Hon. Preside-! *.    Lokd Stratucona .anu Mount Royal, G. C. M. G.  Branches in London, Eng. -! ctf.. W'SX-SIl . flw York, Chicago.  Buy and sell Sterlia*. Exchange and Cable Transfers ; Grant Commercial an  Travellers* Credits, available iu any parl'of the world.  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT  Interest allowed at current rates.  W. F. PROCTOR, Manager.  Greenwood Branch,  -=_*-  *=_������  >=_.  *���_  *=-  ?*%  _���__>  L_9  **=2  *=-_>  Paid-up Capital,$10,00,000.   Reserve Fund. $5,000,000  HEAD OFFICE,. TORONTO.  B   E   WALKER, President. AEEX. I.AIRD, General Manager.  H. H. MORRIS, Supt, Pacific Coast Branches.  AN1. MONEY ORDERS  J88UEO AT THE FOU-OWifcO RATES I  $3 and *_o<__.     _���_*_-��  Over S5 and not exceeding $W    6 centa  "   $_0      " " ���       $30......  .0 cents  "   $30       " " $50   15 centa  '/"iie-<- Orders are Payable at Par at any office in Canada of a Chartered Bank  (Yukon excepted), and at the principal banking points in the United States.  NEGOTIABLE AT A FIXED RAVE AT  THE CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERCE, LONDON, ENG.  They form an excellent method of remitting small sums of moue.  with safety and at small cost.  Savings Bank Department  Interest allowed on deposits from Sl upwards at current rates.  Greenwood Branch   -   -    -   -   J. T. BEATTIE Manager  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  /  H. HALLETT  Barrister, Solicitok,  Notary Ptbi__c.  Cable Address:       "Hallett."  I lie-ford M'Neill's  Codes X Moreiug & Neal'.  I Leiber's ,  Gresnwooo, B.  F. M. LAMB,  Provincial Land Surveyor.  o  Office with _. W, McLaine.  Coppre Street. Greenwood, B, C  ^^^I'BOUNDARV  VALLEY   LODGE  >%...#���** No. 38,1.0.0. F.  Meets  every  Tuesday Eveninp at 8 00 in the  I. 0. O. "F. Hall.    A cordial m.i tation is ex  tended to all sojourning-brethem.  TC. U. MORTIMER, E. ANDERSON,  j?. G. Rec.-Sec  She  Boundary Creek Times  Issued every Triday  BT THE  Boundary Creek Friuting and Publishing  Co., Limitxd,  J. W. l.i.-iR '   Managbk  SUBSCRIPTIONS IN ADVANCE.  Per Ykak    2 00  Six Mouths - ... *��� 25  To  FORKIQM COUNTRIES-  2 ��0  "FRIBAT-rM-AY-r-riow-  martly, is not rights, and we even  doubt if it is good practice particularly in a jury trial, for a  jury for the most part composed  of fair minded people do not  sympathize ������with such a course,  while the judge who when a  lawyer was doubtless guilty of  the same plan of procedure does  not allow his mind to open to the  unfairness of it all. It may be  considered clever to discredit or  even to confuse an honorable and  truthful witness but we confess  to holding to the opinion, that it  is not a high type of practice.  the most beneficial, Nevertheless,  when it refuses to pay more than the  historic three per cent, on deposits  when money has risen in value two to  five per cenl., it is taking an undue  advantage. The bank deposits should  be rising rapidly, yet in March they  declined several millions. People are  drawing out their savings and investing them elsewhere."  The  Week  says  among other  things :  "Victoria's currency is entirely controlled by Eastern banking institutions; that these institutions have persistently and wrongfully taken and  used the currency and wealth of Victoria for other distant cities, thereby  withdrawing the life-blood of the  mercantile life of Victoria, to the  detriment of the entire city, and the  ultimate stagnation of all enterprise.  Currency is the stream which carries  capital, wealth and money throughout  the. entire community; it is au artificial  stream built by man, and can be dammed and deflected at his will; it was an  easy matter, for the Eastern banks���  which, as we have pointed out, entirely  control our currency���to temporarily  cease exporting our capital, and permit of its carrying out its natural purpose in Victoria."  *   *   *  "There are two cures for this great  evil; one is a united demand by (he  mercantile community for just terms  coupled with the utilisation in Victoria's deposits. This will do good as  long as the Eastern managers imagine  we are awake; the moment they think  we are lulled to sleep, they will resume  the evil habits they have acquired  through a long stage of somnolence on  the part of Victoria. The other and  far better plan is a Victoria Bank for  Victoria people, we have money enough  in this city to carry out every item of  our currency needs; nay, we will go  further and say we can also attend to  the entire needs of Vancouver Island.  We. have business men able enough  and. wealthy enough to furnish one of  the strongest boards of directors in  Canada. Why should Victoria continue this pusillanimous method of entrusting the keeping of her wealth into  other hands at a beggarly three per  cent., when the money, if employed  here, would produce from eight to  fifteen per cent., would build up otir  industries, and, best of all, would prevent the mercantile community of  Victoria from being beggars at the  feet oi the men whom they have lent  Victoria's money.".....7-  funds collected by the preacher  in his revival services should be  seized to meet the law costs aud  as a guarantee that while preaching the gospel of peace and good  will to others, he should practice  it himself.  SHARPS AND FLATS  A TRICK THAT FAILED  BV   J.   -1AKVIN   NICHOT.S.  Insist on yourself; don't imitate.  mortem   kindness    brings   no  Post  cheer.  There's no market  iugs.  for   unkind   feel-  In Cleveland, Ohio, a lady returning  unexpectedly to her home early in the.  evening found two burglars fast asleep  in her bed. She chloroformed them  and on her way. to the telephone to  summon lhe police fell insensible from  the effects of the drug which she had  inhaled. When she awoke she found  that the "undesirable citizens" had  escaped with all the plunder they could  conveniently carry with them.  <>CK><K><><>-OO-CK><>CKJ-C>0��><^  r  To  BANKING  Because we are free we are therefore  responsible.  A man who has no will of his own is  characterless.  Generally speaking,   lhe sensational  is always degrading.  The  man   who   knows just  a little  usually gets drowned iu his own depths.  The person who peddles a scandal is  no better than the one who starts it.  Plenty of big jobs now a-days, and a  world full of small men  to  take them.  As ruts prove the usefulness of a  road, so convolutions do not prove an  idle brain.  EDITORIAL NOTES  becoming a race  We  are  fast  of bakers,   at least  most of us  seem to (knead) need the dough.  The banking system of Canada  is generally conceded to be a  superior one, on account of the  security and  elasticity provided.  The banking custom of Canada  however, is coming in for some  strong criticism on the coast at  present, and some of the papers  are asking for the introduction  there of methods that prevail to  a marked degree in the United  States. Our neighbors to the  south have a system of local  banks which are believed to be  more vital to the welfare of the  locality than the Canadian custom of large banks with head  offices in the east aud agencies in  the west.  .The strictly.iocalTbank may be  Its gratifying to know that the  baby prince of Spain did not realize his sufferings as he was passed  along from his mother's chamber  through hands of sundry officials  to gratify time-honored custom.  A good spring medicine for the  Greenwoodite would be a trip to  some American town whose proportion "of enthusiasm to resource  is about 10 to I, where ours is  about 1 to 10. The enthusiasm  catches the newcomer though.  THE WAYS OF THE LAW  To sit ih the court room and  listen to the cross-examination of  a witness makes a man wriggle.  The most candid witness may be  mercilessly badgered and even  bullied by a lawyer and he is  helpless. He mav be telling the  truth and yet because he cannot  explain, but must simply reply to  catch questions by a lawyer, he  is made to appear as either telling  an untruth or holding back part  part of the truch.  Any man can remember facts  and . events, for years back, and  yet no man can place the exact  date of such au event, except,  under some particular circumstance or condition. Any man  may remember that four or five  years ago he saw James Dpe  knock Richard Roe down on  Copper street but he cannot place  the date from memory, possibly  cannot place the month or even  the year. And yet when under  oath he states that he certainly  saw the act but cannot tell the  date the opposing lawyer -will  sneer at him, tell him he has a  good memory for some things  and a bad one for others, and intimate to him that he thinks he  is lying anyway.  a weak affair but it  is closely indentifled with home development.  With home owned capital, a  home directorate and home interests, its welfare is that of the  community and strictly local enterprises and local men find it  more generous and more friendly  than mere agencies of vastly  stronger quality but hi emergency  controlled by. influences out of  touch with local spirit.  This is where the Canadian  system appears most of all to fall  short. When a local enterprise  most tieeds. assistance the manager of a branch, who being on  the ground ought to be the best  judge of the situation, finds himself compelled often to be guided  entirely by the judgment of the  head office. Then again the frequent change of managers in the  branches west works a hardship  often, for it frequently happens  that just when a man comes to  thoroughly know his patrons, he  is called away aud a new man is  called in to become acquainted  with the bank's clientage, aud  incidentally perhaps to tighten  up the strings which control  j; local affairs. But we did not in-  I tend to discuss our banking  I methods, we merely wanted to  ! tell of what has recently ^happened in the west and to quote  from the Week  as  to how it has  In order for the Rockefeller  millions to make good in educating the Chinese, it is necessary  to preserve the'children from starvation, aud we wonder if some of  those millions were employed to  save'tlie^starving ones'-if-it^wbuld  not be better than to use them all  in educating the ones that may  survive.  Dig for your coin, and dig hard���  that's allright. But be the master of  your dollar, and not its slave.  Because you can't keep the birds from  Hying over your head is no sign you  can't keep them from building nests in  your hair.  Affection can never be wasted. When  proffered to enrich'the heart of another,  if refused, it will return to the heart  like a sweet, refreshing rain. There  is infinite pathos in the tragedy of a  heart. After all, ,.it is the refusing  heart that shrivels and turns to stone.  CONTRACTOR  AND BUILDER  Dealc.7 in   Sash,   Doors,  Tutx'-ed Work and  jti side Finish,  Etc,  'Employers of Labor:-*.-  Are you conversant with the Workmen's Compensation  Act. The only absolute protection offorded is a Liability Policy. The "OCEAN" Policies, (the largest  accident' company in the world, with assets of .over  Seven Million Dollars) provides a complete indemnity  against all liability, relieving you from all responsibility, worrv and trouble.  eric �������. iv_.^___.i__-___*-'.  District Agent, Greenwood, B. C.  ���_.. _���  ESTIMATES FURNISHED.  GREEUWOOD, .'.   B.  C,  PilONP. 65.  00-00 O OOOOOOOOO 000-00 00000-00  House,- sign and all exterior anil  aud interior painting and decor  ating promptly done.  $<  Send in your spring orders.  I am now conducting" the wood  business  formerly owned, by Hugh McKee and am pre-  -prepared to supply the best quality of wood  at  lowest   prices.     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The surrender of  the former to the latter, so frequently, so marked, after a few  year's residence in the west, leads  us often to wonder if a happy  medium between the two would  not be better both for the individual and the commonwealth.  And all that too under the pro ..     ��� .  ,       ,  \,    1 been received, uased on a lengthy  the 1      . ���  article on the following from the  Canadian Courier :  tection of the court, because  lawyer wears a gown and  witness is helpless and in  toils.  We  submit  that  such  is  the  the  not  "The Canadian banking Association  is one of the greatest monopolies in  Canada and in  some  ways it bas been  The indications multiply that  a storm of race riot is about to  break in India. A vigilant government may prevent it becoming  an organized rebellion and it may  not. But whether it be riot or  rebellion India has cost the empire too much of human life not  to suppress at auy cost the native  disorder. One hundred thousand  dead as the result of the mutiny  of '57 make an appeal to government and people that will not be  unheeded.  Evangelist Torrey appears to  have passions like other men.  Recently in Montreal he turned  his vitriolic tongue on one who  dissented from him, and proceeded to publicly slander him. The  object of his vituperation, one  Norman Murray, got his Scotch  blood up and invoked the law  against the reverend gentleman,  with the result that Judge Math-  ieu issued   an  order  that all the  n      .        r   ^_5w.iS>-:SK-iur.'  DRAYING - We Can Move Anything  F. C  e  PROPRIETOR  ERNEST J. CARTIER, Proprietor.  Finest Furnished House in tne Boundary  Steam Heated. Lighted throughout with electric lights.  We offer special inducements to travellers as we have the  finest sample rooms in the city.    Our bar excells all others..  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Drink Pabst Blue Ribbon, and you put  health and strength into your system.  * When ordering beer, ask for Pabst Blue Ribbon.  Made   by   Pabst   at   Milwaukee  And bottled only at the Brewery.  P Greenwood Liquor Co.,  'Greenwood, B. G.  mmm��mmm��mLmmmm��wBm9m  We have them from S10 up. 1906 leaves tis wilh three  good drop head machines that we had to take back and  which we are offering at reduced prices. Call and sec  them at once, as we have only three left; ��3 a month  takes a new drop head Singer or Wheeler & Wilsuii, the  two best machines on the market today.  =���    <.  Copper Street.  N. H. LAMONT, Agent  Greenwood, B  . C.  FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE  Seven-room house and lot in Boundary Falls, convenient to smelter. "Will  sell cheap for cash or vvill exchange for  work horses. D. G. Smith,  32-36 Box 275, Greenwood.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  "EllaE" Mineral Claini, situate in the Green-  wood  Mining-Division of Yale District.  Where located: On Wallace Mountain.  T"*AK_ NOTICE ihat I, Isaac H. Hallett,  _L Free Miner's Certificate No. 15.1443, intend,  sixty davs from the date liereof, to apply to the  Mi ui n j,r Recorder fora Certificate of Improvements, tor the purpose of oblaluing- a Crown  t.rant of my undivided moiety in the above  claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such tJcrlificaleof Improvements.  Dated this 14th day of April, A. I). 1*)06.  34-43 ���    I. H. HAT-LETT.  I<IkMx^  ->#  r       tf  ****__  For Business Men  Letterheads,  Envelopes,  Billheads,  Statements,  Receipt Forms,-  Business Cards,  Posters.  Dodgers, .  Shipping Tags,  . For Rent Cards,  For Sale Cards,  Blotters,  Etc.  Society Printing  m  Wedding- Invitations,  Invitations for Balls, Etc.  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C.  ��-  #-  ��*  __*���  |_��<-  ���t���...  -^__4CJr  ,e of  In Short Meter  It is understood that  Lord Milner is  to visit Canada next autumn.  Mr. Borden is preparing'f or an ocean  to ocean trip in the interests of the  Conservative party.  "Ex-Governor Sweetenham, of Jamaica, will tour Canada en route to -ting-  land via the Suez Canal.  "Dr. John Watson, (Ian Mcl^areti),  died et 11-.5 a. ni. May 6th, at Mount  Pleasant, Iowa. The cause was blood  poisoning from  tonsilitis.  The report is that Mr. Roblin of  Manitoba, whose campaign methods  work admirably for his party is to ha\ e  charge of the reconstruction of the  party in the West.  ���Ernest Thompson-Scton, the naturalist, his reached ' 13d m on ton on his  trip of 1000 miles for the purpose of  studying everything of interest iu  animal and plant life in the far north.  Prince Fiishiina, the distinguished  Japanese statesman and soldier, a  cousin oi the Mikado, who is now on a  special mission to _(ou-Oti, will pass  through Canada in the early part of  June, spending about 25 days in the  country.  The new Department of Mines and  Geology will be organized forthwith.  It is said that the position of Deputy  Minister has been offered to Mr. A. P.  Low, director of the Geological Survey. Dr. Haanel will be director of  the miues branch,  ECZEMA AGAIN OVER-  .7     7 COME  Zam-Buk Cures a Case  Which For  Two Years had Defied Every  Remedy Tried.  No'oase of eczema, skin disease, or  ulceration, should be despaired of until  Zam-Buk has been applied. The case  of Mrs. Francis Renoit, of St. Anne's  (Man.!, is a powerful illustration of  Zatn-Buk's efficacv. He says-: "I  suffered from eczema for two years,  and tried a great number of remedies.  None of them, however, seemed to dome any good. 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EXPLANATION  jg-<P#'<P'<9-f^^  J. Enoch Thompson, tlie organizer  of Toronto's Rational Sunday League,  is coming in for a large measure of  anonymous abuse from Lord's Day Alliance fanatics. In replying to one of  these abusive contributions to the  press, Mr. Thompson says : "I was  formerly a strict Sabbatarian, and even  voted against Sunday cars; nor do I  now want to see a continental Sunday.  Perhaps my anonymous correspondent  will be surprise'd to learn that I attend  church regularly. I have been convert  ed to my present attitude by the tyrannical and unchristian methods of  tlie Lord's Day Alliance. My Knglish  blood revolts at tlie severity with  which poor and helpless people are  treated for trifling infractions of the  law. In our manifesto we declare that  'the religion which requires police,  fines and imprisonment to support it,  that causes strife, hatred and malice,  is not the Christian religion.' The  London Sunday League numbers  amongst its members : Sir Wm. Tre-  loar, Lord Mayor, president of the  league; Sir Robert Ball, astronomer  royal; Lady Bovyering, Sir E. Hay-  Curry, Earl Grey, our governor-general; Rev. S. D. Headlam, Lord Thur-  low��� Rev. W. F. Revell, Miss Helen  Taylor, Sir H. Thompson (and many  others). Vice presidents: The bishops  of Exeter, St. Asaph, Rochester and  Litchfield; deans of Rochester and  Windsor, the archdeacons of London,  Birmingham, etc., and many others  have officially endorsed the league.  These men are of the highest standing and have no motive but the public  good. I believe that Canadians will  ultimately' decide that these are safer  guides to follow than two or three disgruntled preachers who make a handsome living out of th*. agitation, while  no member of our Canadian Rational  Sunday League receives any remuneration. They are actuated by British  love of freedom and justice.*  FATHER PAT'S MEMORY  The Church of Ireland Gazette of a  recent issue tells how the memory of  Rev. Henry Irwin, M. A., formerly the  rector of St. George's church of this.  city, has been honored. It says: "The  Church of St. Matthew, in Newton,  Mount Kennedy, has within the last  few weeks, received great adornment  by the erection of a really magnificent  Easl window. It is given by his brothers aud sisters to the memory of  Rev. Henry Irwin, M. A., Oxon, who  was a devoted missionary, aud sacrificed his talents and life to the spread of  the knowledge of God, and of the  Kingdom of Our Lord and Saviour,  Jesus Christ. He labored for nearly  20 years as mission priest in the diocese of New, Westminister in British  Columbia, serving in the enormous  districts of Kamloops, New Westminister, Rossland and Fairview. He was  a pioneer missionary, ever going forward into darker territories, and pressing on into wilder regions where  Christ's religion was unknown. Having made full proof of his ministry in  this self-sacrificing .manner his health  broke down and he died a1 Montreal on  his way home, on Jan. 1..1U, 1902. He  was the eldest sou of the Rev. Henry  Irwin, who was the much beloved and  highly respee'ed incumbent of Newtown Mount Kennedy for 31 years. The  window is a four-light one. iu.which  the colors are charmingly blended. The  first light represents the Annunciation  of the Blessed Virgin Mary; the second  the nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ;  the third, His baptism; the fourth, His  Ascension. There are eight smaller  lights above, on six of them is represented a figure holding a shield on  which is emblazoned a. fitting emblem,  a lily over rhe representation of the  Annunciation, a star over that of the  nativity, a shell over that of the baptism, and a crown over that of the Ascension, and on the two lights of the  extreme ends of a scroll on each with  the letters Alpha and Omega; Alpha  on the right hand and Omega on the  left."���Rossland Miner.  _  OUR GUARANTEE:  NO PAY UNLESS CURED  When You Need a Specialist, Consult One o_  Wide Experience/  W_ _ro juvt. novr completing: oar twentieth year at specialist- in men'- di_e--e_.  ____I_____ea��i years of ..close application, to _  a single cU-s of' ailment, we "have originated and perfected the only scientific and  certain methods by which theae diseases are  cured. If wo accept your ca-e for treatment, a cure i* but a matter of a reasonable  time.  We guarantee every man a ll.elone  cure for Varicocele, Hydr ocelo, Urethral Obstructions, Blood and Skin Disease., Prostatic Troubles, Piles, Fistula, Lots of Vital Power, Kidney,  Bladder* and Special Dlsoase?. Wo  especially offer our services to those  who aro aflllcted with weakness as a  result of their own follies or excesses.'  '* Our methods aro up-to-date, and  aro ondorsed by the highest medical  authorities of Kuropo aad America,  Honcoour suceossln the treatment of  Hon's Diseases. Remember, our specialty Is limited to the diseases of MEN  and MEN only.  Wo cover the entire field of nervous,  chronic, deep-seated and co_apl!c_.u_  dlteases.  CONSULTATION FREE.  If you cannot call, write for Symptom ISbnlr.  Many cases can be cured at bonce. All cor-  r.ip.ndc.ce co-fidential.  SCOTT  MEDICAL COMPANY  109 HuiuSt. Cor. First A.��..  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LAI-LETT.  <><K��KKK��>0000<X)O^K>0<X)000<KH>  6 .    10a  M INK RAJ., ACT  ceriificate of Improvements  NOTICE.'--  ADMIRAL DI.WEY MINERAL CLAIM,  situate iu tho ."reeuu-ooil Mining Division  "f Vale District. Where .Iocsled: Camp  Mcf.inne--  Miuer's Certilicaie .No. U'���lfM, intend,' si sty  days from the date lier.of, to apply to th*.  Minintr Recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  (".rant of lhe above claim.  Ami lurilier tnlfi* notice that action, under  section 37. must he commenced be fori, the  is-ii:*in:e of such Ceriiiiciilcs of   Improvements.  Dated thi< nth dav of March, A. 171007.  2"-'i-' \V. 17 G A I. NCI.  MINERArv ACT, 1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICK.  "Commander" Mineral Claim, situate in the  ('.reenwood Mini-,!. Division of Vale District.  Where located:   In Cupper Camp.  -p'AKK NOTICE That I,  Isaac  LI. Hallett.  Free Miner's Certilicate N'o. BOT-,intend,  sixty days front   the dale liereof.   to' apply   to  the Miuiiiir Koconlcr  for a Certificate of Improvements  for  the  purpose of    obtaining   a  Crown Craui of our interest iu the above claim.  And   further  tahe  notice that action  under  section 37. musl he commenced   -cfore  the is-  11ar.ee of such certificate of improvements.  Diited this Kith day of April. l'!i)7. !'  ���,3-3*' r. EI. ..ALT-ETT..  MINERAL ACT,  Certificate of Improvements.  -. NOTICE.  MONTANA MINERA... CLAIM, situate* in  the f.reeiiwood Minintr Division of Yale  District. Where located: Iu Arlington  Camp and ad'toiniii},'the Arlitic-ton Mineral  Claim.  TAKE NOTICE that I. William Lindsay  Carues-ie Gordon Free Miner's Certificate No.  ll!/)_i intend, sixty davs from the dare hereof,  to apply lo the Miuinc* Recorder for a Ceriificate  of Improvements for lhe purpose of obtaiu-  iiiff   b Crown Grant of theabove claim.  And further take notice that action, -tinder  seetiou 37. must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Daled this _th day of March, A,;P. 1017. 2S-30.  WIT-MAM _. C. GORDON  |R A I L WAY?  ^     _      . .  .  SUMMER   SAILINGS  ATLANTIC SERVICES  ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS  Montreal    -    Quebec  Liverpool  .Lake.Champ]ain _ May 25  Empress Britain May 31  Lake _Sri_...'..��� June 8  Empress Ireland  ..June 14  Lake Manitoba June 23  Empress Briatin.: .....Juue 23  and weekly thereafter.  Superior Accommodation.  Saloon,   Second-Class, Steeragre  For  further  particulars, rates  and folders, apply to,  E. J. COYLE.  J. S. CARTER.  X    A.G.P.A.Vancouver D.P.A.Nelson  g    33.    R.   REDPATH,   AGENT  g GREENWOOD,  0000<X>0<>O^AK;iWO<X><>(K>00<W>0  THE  HANDBOOK  (New edition issued Nov. 15, 1906)  Is a dozen books in one, covering- the  history, .Geography, Geoloyy, Chemistry, Mineralogy Mctallurj/y, Terminology, Uses, Statistics and Finances ol'  Copper. It is a practical book, useful  to all and necessary to most men en-  g-aged.. i 11 any Wancti of the Copper  Inuuetry.  Its facts will pass muster with the  trained scientists, and its language is  easily understood by the everyday man.  It gives the plain facts in plain English without fear or favor.  Its lists and describes -.026 Copper  Mines and Companies in all parts of  the world, descriptions running from  two lines to sixteen pages, according  to importance of the property.  The Copper Handbook is conceded to  be the  '.  ^Jf-*->-?r-%*>.viri'^*3-^vc-.y:P  ���Synopsis of Canadian Homestead  Rcfrulations.'   '"  ANY available Dominion Lands within the  Railway Belt in llritish Columbia,. may  be homesteaded by any person wlio is tlie sole  bead of a family, nr any male over 18 years of  aye, to the extent of one-quarter section of 160  acres, niore.or less.  . Entry must be made personally at tlie iocal  land oflice for the district in which the land is  situate.  The homesteader is required to perforin the  conditions connected therewith under one of  tlie foilowitur plans:  (1) At least six months'residence upon and  cultivation of the laud in each year for three  years.     .  72) If the father (or mother, if the fatlierjis  deceased!, of the homesti*ader resides upon a  farm iu the vicinity of tlie land entered for, the  requirements as to residence may be satisfied  by such person resiilinir with the father or  mother, '  ��� (3 If the settler lias his permanent residence  upon fartniiijr laud owned by liim in the vicinity of his homestead, the requirements as to  esideuce may be satisfied by residence'upon  the said laud. . ���   ��� .  Six mouths' nolice in writiuu should be (riven  to the Commissioner of Dominion Lauds at  Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.  Coal lands may be purchased at $10 per acre  for soft coal and ?.10 for anthracite. Not more  than 320 acres can be acq 11 ired by one individual or companv. loyally at the rale ol ten  cents per ton of 2,d0 pound.- shall be collected  on the 1. rossoiitput. '��  W. W.CORY,  Deputy of the Minister of the Interior  -T.B.���l'Jiiantliriri-/eil   publication  of  this ad  vertisement Mill not be paid for. 32-59  FoTXDT FLOWERS;  Pot Plants, "Douquots, Etc.,  Writ*.-* or plwtu.  FI-ACIIT. BROS., Columbia, B. C.  Funeral df-sitrns of every description.  The Mining Man needs the book for  the facts it gives him about mines,  mining aud the metal.  The Investor needs the book for the  facts it gives him about mining, mining investments and copper statistics.  Hundred of 'swindling companies are  exposed in plain English.  Price is $5 in Buckram with gilt top;  S7.50 in full library morocco. Will be  sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any  address ordered, and may be returned  within a week of receipt if not found  fully satisfactory.  HORACE J. STEVENS  Editor and Publisher.  453jPostoffice Blocks Houghton,  Michigan..  COLUMBIAN COLLEGE  New Westminster, B. C.  Receives both ladies and ireutlemen as resident or day students, lias a complete business  or commercial course. Prepare* students 10  iraiu teachers' certificatesof all grades, (.ives-  .thc fo 11 r years' cour*u* for Uie_H._A. defrree. and  "tinrfin-t year 7;fT[i^^f^_rScii(TolTif Scirtilce'"  coui-.e, iu atliliation with Toronto University.  Has a special "Prospectors' Courie" for miners  who work- in B. C.  Instruction is also (riven in Art, Muvc, l'hyn-  cal Culture and Elocution.  Term opens September 1". 1907. For calendar,  etc., address COL ITM Bl AN COl,\, let.(C  W^'SisTy^i^s W?��> you inure money" thaa you "caa make v.-itli bens���far more,  E'^��#      ^s   ^^ai-3 ^'ith less trouble.  tV^f^-K '   ^^   '^}l!s boo!�� tslIs >'0*1 ho*-*' mv Incubators aro made���*a1iv they are  ^ the best ever invented���aud v/hy 1 .ull them ON TIME'aud ou a  5-Ytar Guarantee,  ..ly Company has been in business ia Canada .or over JO years.  We are one o�� t.e largest vood-workias: factories in t!:e countrv.  We also operate a large factory at Detroit, Mich. We have the Incubator and Brooder business clown to a science.  Chatliaui Incubators and Brooders will make you money, for a  Chatham Incubator will hatch a live, healthy chicken out of every  fertile egg put into it, ia _I days.  f*A,ti-**--rs>,  Wiil you write for my boo���  today? Do it now while you th:r.!_  of it. Just say on a postal "Piease  _cnd we your Incubator Book"���  that's all. Address 1:1c person.-lly.  Manson Campbell  P.esidcrtt  The Manson Campbell Co., Ltd.  D.pl. , Ch-th-m. On:.  NOTi-. ��� I carry i��r_-e-tucks ac<l  f'nip prontpiiy f ro"i brunch houses at  C.-dt'.-rv, Aitr;., Montreal. Que.: Bran  t!.n.-iim.: Halliax. N. S . Victoria,  L. C. und t_.--.urr at Caathani.  T5- ��1-  I  FA;  'i.-4:-ft =>  ..^-t**  ^W<^^  i   _-\. L   r,. ,-_?-"��     ��<V   _-  ^.< ���^S-VV-*.'^ '��� 'V -_���-"��' .mUPMljW*1*" '     l^���.^*,*J'���^^.0^^��^^>^^ *,   *~ - ~       "���w' "*"��*        >t^" (J J ��^ &ARY   CHEEK TIMES.  Dr. Mathison,   dentist,  block.  Naden-Flood  R. Gardam of  the customs  at  way was a visitor this week.  Mid-  Mrs. May is visiting her mother'Mrs.  T_. J. Moffatt of Kimberley Ave.  Thos.   R.  Hanson   the  Rock   Creek  merchant was in the city this week.  ���7>$P   4%&\r> *��  <^f Vt* -N  V*  'TfV  tl j -Vg**  mW.%  TOIcON^*-  e>'<-   ^sdSIu*4*  R. A. "Nicholson left for Stewart  I.ake last Saturday going via Vancouver.  Miss Cotton, who has been a visitor  in Greeuwood for several weeks has  returned home.  Dr. Simmons, dentist, Phone 96  Wallace-Miller Block, open evenings.  Call   at   the  Greenwood  Bakery  for  New England bread.  Be ready for the warm  weather  get a hammock at Coles A Frith.    '  and  15-36  Charles Hitch wlio has been sick  since February is. again able to be out.  Settlors for Canada are pouring  through the Fernie gateway into the  northwest.  A. A. Frechette has patented a device in the form of a harrow attachment intended to keep the teeth clean.  COUNTY COURT  We  invite You   to come and ins'  Prepare���Large assortment of flags  for celebration, all sizes and prices.  Coles & Frith.    John Cropley has been out of commission for some days with an attack  of mumps.  Jos. Chenier has gone up West Fork  to do some assessment work. He will  be gone three weeks.  Charles Galloway has returned from  Vancouver where he has been atteud-  school and will spend the suuiinei between Greenwood and the farm at  Grand Forks.  our spring ana summer -Dints.  Agents for the Slater Invictus Shoe.    Guaranteed.  Stetson Hats,  15  different colors  and  shapes   to  choose  from.    Prices $4.50 up.  John McNames, aged 84, died on  Tuesday last at the residence of his  son J. H. McNames at Midway.  Mrs. Huff has disposed of her houses  and lots on Gold street to Miss Kelly  and has gone to the coast to join her  husband H. H. HulT for som; years  resident here and now iu business near  Seattle.  The County Court of Yale was opened by Judge Brown Tuesday morning  last.  Thirteen aliens were made naturalized citizens and then the cases on the  docket were proceeded with.  Pfeifei vs Petersen, (an action to recover a commission on sale of a house),  was dismissed. A, M, Whiteside for  plaintiff, J. P. McL,eod for  defendant.  Hudson Bay Co., vs. Owen Boyer.  Boyer Was ordered to pay $25 a month  on the debt. I. Tl. Hallett for plaintiffs. ...  McAuliiTe vs Heuderson. Judgment  for plaintiff. A. M. Whiteside for  plaintiff. *  Bowell vs Mountell. Judgment for  plaintiff.  Shaw vs Wake. Judgment for plaintiff with costs. 1- H. Hallett for plaintiff, J. P. McLeod for defendant.  Meyer vs. Wood. Adjourned till  June 15th. I. H. Hallett for plaint! 0*.  J. P. McLeod for defendent.  Dalton vs Mcltitominey, adjourned  next court. A. M. Whiteside for plaintiff, I. H. Hallett for defendent.  For strictly Fresh Groceries and all kinds of Fruit   ��  img  Hard  ware  Clothing  Groceries  Glassware Sale  on  Next week  TERMS OF SALE CASH  Formerly sold at $8,25,...  Formerly sold at Sll.50...  Formerly sold at $13.25..,.  Formerly sold at S15.00....  ��� ���-.Sale Price $6.50   Sale Price $9.4-5   Sale Price $10,90  .....Sale Price $12.30  Date of Sale May 15.  lie  ���^SSSLlm^fm^S^LmSmmmlltmSm^Lm^SmmmSS  Mrs. Duncan C. McR ie and little  ones have been spending the week at  the old home on the ranch west of  Midway.  "Wanted���-At the Queen's Hotel a  cook and waiter for May 24-25. Will  give special wages, cook 35, waiter S3  per day.  Duncan Ross, M. P., returned from  Ottawa on Tuesday evening last. Mrs.  Ross and daughter remained fora visit  in Spokane.  Jno. L. White, thoroughly recuperated by a few weeks of the Boundary  ozone has returned to the enervating  atmosphere pf the coast.  Hummel   who  played quite an   im  portaut   part   in   the   Thaw case, has  been   sent  to  prison  for  a year, on a  charge of conspiracy  in   the  Dodge-  Morse case.  Dorothy Jenks, the young daughter  of William Jenks, who resides at the  North end, was drowned in Providence  creek on Thursday last. The funeral  will be from the family residence on  Saturday at 2 p. m.  AN IMPROVEMENT  To clear out our stock of Shoes we have  put on sale   }  all our y  I  The  Finest  Line   of   Miner's  Shoes  in the City to   i  Select From. I  "W. C. Thomas, manager of the Dominion Copper Company, returned Sunday last from a trip to the Tulameen  country beyond Princeton.  -i*ijtt##e��-t����#<��*��*'RW*����*'?**W*  -��  -7.1  ���a  �����  JJ  . *  -r  -----  .DEALERS m  Tresb and Cured IHea  is  _  _���  a  *  ���    ������      ���   ��� ��  <?e*oa _����������_*��*<���-��* o��ai��fc"_ft^ 0 a ��ai_ a ��^  _  A few days more of the present conditions and good light is expected by  the citizens, for then the Water Power's  new plant will be in operation.  Abraham Ruef the one time dictator  of 'Frisco astonished court on Wednesday by withdrawing his plea of not  guilty. In hia confession one reads  between the Hues his charge of guilt  against Mayor Schmitz however.  We are? glad to observe the efforts  that C. J. Wilson, local manager for  P. Burns & Co., is making to relieve  condions at the slaughter house below  town. He is taking steps to.have the  slough which now forms a drainage  basin, entirely filled and will see that  all waste is cremated, and that the  present offensive smell is in measure  relieved.  Of course there must of necessity be  a smell about a" slaughter house, but  we are mere concerned that drainage  into the creek should be prevented  than that the mere smell should be  killed. The present improvements  .will do away with the drainage dangcr  aiid if any smell remains thereafter  that we can't stand as w*e walk along  the railway we will take to the highway road. ���;;���������  lacing your  next order for  ...  don't forg-et that \ve carry the largest and most complete stock in the c'it}r.  GIVE   US   A   TRIAL  Our goods are always fresh, and we guarantee  satisfaction.'  R. C. Hyde of Spokane, owner of the  drug store block at the corner of Copr  per aud Greenwood streets, came in on  Thursday evening's stage. Mr. Hyde  has not been in Greenwood for five  years and of course sees some improvement. He recalls that at that  time there were IS vacant stores on two  blocks oh Copper St.  SUNDAY SERVICES.  The Boundary Club has been dissolved. Thomas Russell will go to  Cobalt and David McLaren will conduct a cigar stand at the old place.  A. L. White is making some fine improvements in his residence and  grounds on Dundee street. His fence  puts one of the hill-side cut-offs out of  public use.  C.-W. Chesterton, formerly with the  Bank of Montreal here, but now of  Indian Head, is spending a few days  here reviving his many old-time  friendships.  The work of restoration of the  Pacific goes steadily on. The pla_ter-  ees are getting alcng nicely and the  kitchen and dining room will be in  shape' for business by the 24th.  Rev. Mr. Hall will-occupy the pulpit  of the Methodist church next Sunday  holding services at 11 a. in. and 7:30  p. ra. Rev. H. S. Hastings will be  absent attending conference.  Mr. 'V. Dynes who has acquired  several-hundred-acresofiver-y-fineland.  just above Beaverdell, has gone up to  his farm to do some improvements and  to make a start in the fruit line.  J. S. Neely, Esq., manager of the  Ocean Accident and Guarantee Company of London, England, spent a few  days this week in town, with his company's agent F. W. McLaine.  Catholic'���Church of the Sacred  Heart.���Divine service 1st, third and  fourth Sunday in each month. Holy  mass at 10 a. in.; vespers and benediction at 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school at  2:30 p.m. Rev. J. A. Bkdard, O. M. L,  pastor.  Angmcan���St. Jude's. Rev. John  Leech-Porter, B. D., pastor. Services  at 8 a. m., 10:45 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.;  Sunday school, 12 p. m. All seats  free. Services alternate Sundays at  Boundary Falls, at 4 p. m., and Eholt  at 3 p. m.  Pi.rsbvteki._n���St. Columba, Rev.  M. D. Mckee, pastor. Services 11 a.  m. and 7:30' p. m.; Sunday school 2:30  p. m.  M__H.OD.S_���Rev. H. S, Hastings,  pastor Services ate 11 a. in. and 7:30  p. iii.; Sunday school, 2:30 p. m.  Is recognized as the leading bakery in  the  city   for   MACAROONS   and   all  kinds Fancy Pastry, Bread, Cakes and  Buns.    Tel. a65.-  F. JAYNES,   -  Proprietor  i  :d<  W  m  m  n  v-'' ���  *7W  Always Ask for  (]a..i  wo<  !-3 s.  IMPORTERS  fs^n:^M^&M  Commencing last Wednesday there  was a change in the hours of arrival  anc departure of the Canadian Pacific  trains. In consequence there has been  a corresponding change iu the matter  of mails.  Of course the day as well as the event  will close the places of bxsiness on the  24th, but the plana of the committee  include their closing on the 25th as  well. The merchants are(requested to  close on that day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.  The C. P. R. advertise, account Victoria Day, they will sell round trip  tickets, at fare and third, to and from  all stations west of Port Arthur, in  eluding Kootenay rail and water lines.  Tickets on sale 22ad to 24th, inclusive,  good to return May 27th.  Now Open  Come   and   enjoy   a   first-class  home cooked meal.  All the delicacies of the season  will be found on the tables,  ��D_  *w  Opp. Thomas Drug Co.  A READY RESPONSE  The grant of S146 made by the  Society for Promoting Christian  Knowledge to St. Jude's church on  condition that the balance of the church  debt was raised, has been made securec  by the ready response ot the Parish to  the call of the Rector for assistance,  The balance needed to extinguish  the entire debt hasbeen quickly raised  by the -voluntary contributions that  have flowed in and an unpleasant_load  has been lifted from the shoulders that  have borne it.  OUTPUT OF BOUNDARY ORES  The i,ow grade miues of the Boundary, which first began shipment iu  1900, sending out 100,000 tons that  year, have been steadily increasing.  The 1906 shipments were 1,161,537 tons,  and that of 1907 will be a large gain  thereon.  The high grades, up to the end of  1906, had in the past four years shipped  out over 10,000 tons with a value of  over 21,000,000.  Mines. Total to Tons  Low GRADE. end 1906.       in 1907.  Snowshoe............7,  102,466 26,570  Dom Cop Co     400,000 59,046  B C Cop Co......... 1,070,000 75,707  Granby  Cop Co... 3,000,000 195,380  High grade.  Duncan..  18 40  Prince Henry...... . 1**  ��� ........  Preston.....  20   Mavis...........  40  Don Pedro........... 95    Crescent '.  90    Rambler.......  76    Strathmore  160 75  EPU  662  'Elkhorn  1,075 20  Skylark  1,176 "   204  Providence  3,948 '     520  Jewel  -    2,670   Riverside  90  Sally   310, 40  "But, sir,', insisted the peristenT  agent, "I want to sell you the most  wonderful cash register that was ever  put on the market. It will keep account of what you take in, what you  pay out, what you spend, how you  spend it and���"  "My dear man," interrupted Mr.  Meeker, with a wan smile, "I already  have a cash register that does all  that."  ' Indeed ! And may I ask the name?"  "Yes, my wife."  1  i>.7.*/;7 7*^7*7. ;V77l 17. X'^JxTiTs  Although one scarcely expects to see  a flower garden in a butcher shop, the  ���window of P. Burns & Co., looks as if j  one would be able to presently buy j  lilies of the valley there as well as f  beef steak. The area around the fish I  pond has been set to flowering plants |  which appear to be doing well.  The early Vegetables and Fruits are coming* in aud  now is the time you will appreciate them the most.  ==��� -.---- NEW-==���   NOW IS THE TIME TO ORDER  Capt. R. H. Elliott who left Greenwood seven or eight years ago, came,  iu on Monday's C, P. R. train. Capt  tClliott went through the South African j  war and has more recently been I  stationed with his regiment in Wrest I  Africa. His military duties will notj  permit him to make as long a stay as j  his friends would like. I  Bannanas,  Oranges,  Grape Frt_.it,  Lemons,  Lettuce, -  Tomatoes,  Green Onions,  Parsley.  "The Big Store"  5$c��> ty ty ty tyty ty ty ty ty ty ty tyty tyty ty ty tyty tyty tyty%%  *2��  ty  <*���  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ���=3-  ty  ty  Nice convenient -cottage iu ' north "end of towu,  with large garden.  . ...''.;���--.  -..   Seven-roomed house in south end of town.   Well  furnished and up-to-date.    ' '.'  Two-roomed house with 25xl00-foot lot.    Close  iu, $500. ; .' ;.,������-   '   -7- '  .���_;'������  Houses, rooms, cabins and shacks in all parts of  the town; to rent. ���   ,  Mines, Stocks, Real Estate and Insurance.  Bealey iBvestment & Trust Co., Ltd.  GEO. R. NADEN. Manager  P.O. Box 126. BROKERS Greenwood, B. C- ty  tyty ty tyty. ty tytytyty ty tyty tytyty tytyty tyty tytytyii  mm  //  WALKING ON  WM.  Wm3  -C&Mr^^^.'  ,W^.       ���  ���w!0m  is a sensation we should'all like  to experience. "But it can't be  gnined from poor carpels anymore than from b_re floors.   Our  CARPETS  AND   RUGS  have all the delicate, elasticity  that goes with a rich, well-woven  article. They are made of selected materials,wrought by skilled  hands; and they comprise all manner of patterns.    Our spring shipments  will arrive in the next week or so.  Greenwood's Big Furniture House.  1.  V..7-M  si}  ty7-'  ty   7  ty  ty  ty  'ty-'-.    ���  ty  ty -.    ,  ���      ' \  ���ty,.:-  ' ���$  ty  ' -��� *;  ty  ty ���������-���  ���I  ty-'-r  ���   ���{.  ty ���  _  ty ���'���  *. _.'  ���.���*.���������������'���  :' i  *  .ty.',-  Notice of Six Applications for Special  Timfcer Licenses-  Steele  Briggs Co's.,  and  Simmers'  Seeds to  hand.  NOTICE is hoivliT jf!von Hint thirty days  after ilate, 1 intend to apply to tlu; Hon.  Chief Comiuissioii?i-of Ijaiul and Works fora  special lici'-s�� to cut ami carry away timber  from tin; following descrilc.d lauds in tlie  Osoyoos District.  1. Comnu'iiciinr at .1 post marlced n. K.  Tait's N. W. comer post sitn.iled al.out four  miles ICast of liuiiiiilary Tails, It. C and rnii-  ninn East SOcliriiiK, tlirncu South Xd chains,  thence Wesi SO chains, theiirc Xorih SO chains  to post of commencement.  Y..I.1: ClIl.HMIU.V  TtllMI'.KK   Co.  O. K. Tait, Atreiu.  Muted  A]ii-:1 K.tli, r'Q7.  I. Coiniiieiiciiii.' at '>. H. Tail's NT. W, corner  post and running West-0 chains, tlience Koi'lli  Sti chains, theuce East Hi' chains, thence Soiitli  SOchaius to pu'uit of coniiiieitcem.-'ui.  Yai.k  Coi.i'.miiia bt'Mii-K Co.  J. McIn-tvkb, Aifeut.  llatml April U,itli, l'WT.  3. Coniinenciiur :u l>. K. Tail's K. W. corner  post and I'liuiiintrSoiitli -l chains, thence West  Sll chains, thouce >;ortU ,vl cliains, thence East  Sd cliains to point of coiuuienceinenl.  Y.LIv  Col.U.MIlIA   LllMlSKK   Co,  "W. H. Ckaii;, Afreiit,  Dated April 16th, l'��7.  4. Commencing at II. R. Tait's N. W. corner  post and run Din i*- North .U chains, theuce  Kast-0 cliains-, 111.nco South M0 chains, theuci*  West St) chains to point of commencement.  Y..r.i: C(-I.i;mi:ia Lomiiek Co.  V. Coi.i-ims, Agent.  Dated April 16th 1.07.  5. Commcnuin*; at a post marked'* J. Canier-  <ra's S. E. corner post" planted at N. Roy's N  W. corner a^ollt three niiles from the mouth of  lioundary Cr.e- on tha Kast side, and running  North SOchaius, thence West SO chains, theuce  South 80 chains', theuce East SO chains to point  of commencement.  Yale Con;, tma tciniKR Co.  J. CaME-ox. Agent.  Dated April 20Ui, 1TO7.  6. Commencing- at a post marked ** N. Roy's  N. W. corner po��t" planted on the East side of  lioundary Creeli about tliree miles from the  mouth, and runiiiu1-'- south S'. chains, thence  East .*.) chains, theuce North So chains, thence  W_st SO chains to point of commencement.  Yai.k Columbia ..*.-:--- Co.  N. Kov. A.^t-ut.  Ilaied April 20,1W7.  Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is Both  Agreeatle and Effective.  Chamberlain's Cough "Remedy has  no superior for coughs, colds, and  croup, and the fact that it is pleasant  to take and contains nothing in any  way injurious has made it a favorite  with mothers. Mr... W. S. Pclham.a  merchant of Kirksville, Iowa, says:  "Fro more than twenty years Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has been my  leading Kennedy for all throat troubles  is especially successful in cases of  Children like ii and my customers who have used it will not take  any other."    For sa.e b'y all druggists.  hi  TRADING  WITH  Subscribe For The Times, $2  FROM 25 TO  SO PER CENT.  SAVED ON _0UR GROCERY BILLS  We sell at retail at lowest wholesale  prices. Hotel and boardinghouse keepers, farmers, miners and lumbermen  will find it to their advantage to investigate us.  WE  PAY  THE FREIGHT  to any railway station in British  Columbia. We osiy handle first  class and puke goods. We guar- ���  antee prompt delivery. No order too  small, none too large. Write FOR  our price UST. IT IS FREE. Be  convinced that you can save money.  MIMESTER..    SUPPLY    HOUSE  259-261 Stanley fet., WINNIPEG, Man.


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