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 *-^  :\j.#-^c'Vti/w;^  -q  OCT 311905  o_  Vol. 10. o  GREENWOOD, B. C. FRIDAY   OCTOBER 27, l%5.  THE>    &I���3      &TOJG?a?>  The  Big  Store  '���"���������. ". - i  irst  REMINDS us that, we must prepare for whiter.   If you are  in need of a. good cloth coat for yourself or something, warm  \t-   ���  for the little ones,, we can supply your wants.   OuHLadies'   ��  cloth coats are splendid value for the money.  Our Special Eitte of  Cbildfen's Fur Koais  ';'.    , -Will   be   just' what ��� you are  '  .looking.for. .   ,  eiderdown  Dressing Jackets  at prices ranging from $2.50 to  $9.00, we think you will find  these' excedtionally attractive.  <VT  Perhaps you are looking  for something in  -FINE FU  ��� -������  We have just received a shipment of Sable, Sealette and Beaver Furs from  Quebec, and can fit you out with a nice Boa or Muff:  An old worn out* watch requires considerable  : '��� - 7 expense to * keep it iu repair. 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Jt is thought probable by  Loss & Macdonald, the contractors for  construction, that tracklaying will be  commenced in a'bout a month,  wanted:  Position as bookkeeper or clerk by a  young man. capable aiid can furnish  good recommendations. A. L., P. O.  Box93r   NOW  OPEN UNDER  NEW MANAGEMENT  Having-rented the dining  room and lunch counter  of the Pacific Hotel, I  will open to the public  the large Dining* Room.  Everything* throughout,  has been renovated, and  guests -will "find this the  cleanest and most comfortable dining room in  the city    .   :.    .    .    .    .       *'  Open Day and Night  Patrons   will    find    the��  Cuisue   Excellent     .     .  WM; JOHNSON - - - PROP.  Late of Camp McKinney.  ANNUAL MEETING  Of the Providence Mining  Company Tuesday.  SHOWING FOR THE YEAR  Good Balance on Hand���The Board of  Directors.  The annnal meeting of the Providence Mining company was held Tuesday last. There was a good attendance ofJocal shareholders at .the'tneet-  ing, as'well^as those representing the  Chicago interests in'the company. The  reports of the managing director, the  superintendent, and the balance sheet  for the ^ past year, were read and  adopted. Directors were appointed to  fill the statutory vacancies on the  board, the following being the complete board of directors:  M. F. Madden, president and managing director. ,  Dr. Frank Brynes, vice-president. ������  J. B. Heeney, secretary-treasurer.  Directors���D. B. Scuttly, H. J.-Fitz-  gerald, Franklin Rudolph) W. S.  Macey, J. H.  Hiidrith,  M. S Madden.  Below will be found the balance  sheet and the superintendent's report:  ,   -        SUPERINTENDENT'S REPORT  Gentlemen : I beg herewith to offer a condensed'report of the work performed under my supervision in the  Providence Mine from November 1st,  1904, when I undertook the management of the mine, to the 30th day of  September, 1905.  I found the mine in very poor shape,  all available ore "was on the 300-foot  level, arid was. ,43 feet long, 12 feet  ���high and.6 inches in thickness,. This  ore I stoped and shipped.  I started crosscutting at several  places on the surface of the claim, and  did much work thereon, working until  snow fell, and I succeeded in finding  ore ou the surface south of the entrance  of what is now called the No 2 tunnel  (the 300 foot level), and I stripped the  wash off and opened the vein up for 100  feet, stoping down for 12 feet, the vein  being about 8 inches in thickness. This  ore I shipped.  After demonstrating that this ore  was continuous on the surface, I  started a drift on the No. 4 (200-foot  level, from the point where the previous work had ceased, and running  south passed through the dyke, which  was about twenty feet in thickness,  and-immediately encountered ore.   I examined the north drift of the No.  4 level and drove this for about 25 feet,  but found no ore. There was a break.  I ran three upraises, about 60 feet, but  without results.  To dale I have drifted on the 200-  foot level \347 feet, crosscut 20 feet,  sunk 12 feet and raised 30 feet.  On the 300-foot level I have drifted  south 300 feet (this drift is about 14  feet high), raised 20 feet, drifted north  42 feet, and made three raises of 30  feet each.  I have sunk the main shaft 75 feet  and crosscut to the ore 120 feet. I have  drifted on, the 400-foot level. 286 feet,  14-feet high, sunk a winze 26 feet,  raised 100 feet, and widened drift 150  feet. I also timbered and put in  chutes on the 200-foot level 130 feet,  timbered and put in sill floor And  chutes on the 300 foot level 185 feet,  and timbered and put in chutes on the  400 foot level 190 feet.  In addition to this I did a consider-  able^mouut of surface work, includ-.  ing cuts. The following is a memo of  the cost of the above work :  500 feet drifting at S24. 7 . $13,920  955 feet drifts and tunnels at  S12    11.460  160 feet open cut at $6.         960  313 feet open cut at SI  ..        213  1200 feet ditch at SI..      1,200  75 feet shaft at S20      1,500  12 feet shaft at S20  ...... 240  329.593  During this period  I mined 657 tons  Of ore at an  average cost per ton of  S19.83, "  ,,  In   addition,  during   the year,   the  mine   buildings have  been   improved  and  an up-to-date plant, including a  new boiler and air cotrpressor and  1,200 feet of piping for water** supply,  has been installed.  The mine at the present time is in  much better condition than when I first  took charge and will bear inspection  by the Board.  I would respectfully recommend that  the Board take up the question of installing a complete electric plant, including a shaft house, drying room  and ofiice building1, as the present supply of wood is beginning to become  very limited. I estimate that these improvements would coac in the neigh-  bornood of 830,000.  In conclusion, I would ask to point  out that, owing to the friction in the  directorate of the company, the mine  was practically running only seven  months out of the eleven months  covered by this report.        *  All of which is respectfully submitted.    Yours obediently,  P. J. Dermody, Superintendent.  ' auditor's report.  , Gentlemen : I beg to report having  completed my audit of your books for  the year ending September 30, 1905,  and hand you herewith copy of balance sheet and profit and loss account.  On referring to the balance sheet  you will find included in the assets  " Diamond Claim, $8,000." The stock  issued in payment of this claim is also  included ,in the liabilities. I understand the litigation in connection with  the purchase of this'claim is not yet  settled, consequently these entries-can-  not.be removed from your books.  You will also notice included in the  assets is an item of "$516.16, Suspense  Account." This is for disbursements  in connection with litigation and before passing the expenditure it will be  necessary for me to look-.thoroughly  into the legal aspect of the same, consequently I think it will be better for  the shareholders to deal with this  item.  A considerable amount has been  written off for.depreciation, and'you  are to be congratulated onr having directors who take* such a conservative  view of your affairs.  All statutory requirements have bee-  complied wilh, except the registration  of a list of your directors. This should  be attended to after your next annual  meeting. Respectfully submitted,  E. R. McDermid, Auditor.  assets.  Providence Mine $150,000 00  Less depreciation  7,��00 00   $142,"*00 00  Development     .(4,814 27  Less depreciation  11,203 56      33.610 71  Buildings and bins.  075 36  Less depreciation ��� 67 30           603 00  Plant and tools  10,911 04  ���Less depreciation  51104        9,700 00  Furniture and tixtures.... 69 as  Less depreciation  9 85             60 00  Inventory���Explosives  75 50  , Mine sudplies  s5 ��0  s      Fuel  250 00           411 00  Diamond claim _ 8.000 00  Supenseact-Jeffery claim 259 00  Litigation expenses.... ;>57 05  Ore���In   transit, 300 tons' '  at $160  4,800 t.  On hand 30 tchsat S30 900.0        5~,700~00"  1. H. Hallett, trust act  82 o+  Canadian Smelting-works 1.63** 86  Batik Commerce, bal  5,09c* 01  $207,976 67  LIABILITIES  Capital stock-  Authorized  5200,000 00  Subscribed and paid.. $158,500 00  Sundry creditors��� f  Payroll, September...     3,517 12  Accounts      3,663 31        7,180 43  _     _ $165,080 43  Profit and Loss account in  excess of liabilities 42,296 -*"���  520 (,976 (.7  I hereby certify that 1 have examined  the books, vouchers, etc, of the Providence Mining Co., Ltd., for the year  ending September 30. and the above  balance sheet is in my opinion a full  and fair one and exhibits the true  financial ��tau_ir*g of the company as  at September 30. 190_, subject, nevertheless, to detailed report.attached.  E. li. McDermid. Auditor.  PROFIT AND LOSS ACCOUNT NO. .1.  OreAccouut���Miiiirig. 313,028 69  Hauling       543 52  Assayiufj        259 60.)  Smelting .s.    6,237 99 S20.0G'* 60  Expense, Special       708 75  'Office        75 5o  Chicago Office         3i 90  _    General        sr<b 04     1,417 19  Salaries.........  7S<) s0  Interest and discount-  168 92  Taxes..... _ 1,149 86  Depreciation Account-  Development...  11,203 56  Building's         67 36  Providence Mine    7.500 00  Plant und too s       51104  Furniture and fixtures,... 9 85   19 291 81  ���|" ���   _   , , S4* 884 78  Bal Profit and loss act No 2 19,<*34 76  S01,91V 54  PROFIT AND LOSS ACCOUNT NO. 2.  Oct. 1. 1904, balance $23,261 48  Balance from Profit and Loss account No. 1, beinjf net train for the  year ending Sept. 30th. 190*,  19 034 76  S42.296 24  Certified correct,  E   B. McErrmid, Auditor.  No. 8  _*_"*fv ���ite-tfftt^^tii-s^^  BaKnvmmimw9wnmMmmw  ���nwwjBjBBBBag  BOUNDARY   OREEK   TIMES  PROFESSIONAL CARDS..  /.   H.   HALLEY i  Barrist���k, Solicitor,  Notary Public.  Cable Address :      h.a.l._h_t."  Codes  Bedford M'NeilVs  :'S  ~) JMorein_ _ Neal's  . ' Letber's.  Sitewwooo.   n.   c.  J. P. MCLEOD  Barrister and Solicitor,  OFFICliS IN  RENDELLBLOCK  Over Bank of Montreal  . P. 0. Box 31.  P HON* is 81  GREENWOOD B.C  fl. E. ASHCROFT.  Dominion and  Provincial Lund Surveyor.  .Alnlng and Euginccrlnc Surveys.  Residence:   Cliiircli St. 'Plione-1115.  GREENWOOD, U. C.  ARTHUR M. WHITESIDE,  BARRISTER and SOLICITOR  Rendoll Block, Greenwood, B.C  OHARLES AE. SHAW.  Civil Enoinkkr,  Dominion-   ant*-     Provincial  TyAND Survevoh.  Office with. Ganuce & Wickwire.  Telephone No. 32.  GREENWOOD.    ;      :      : (   ;    3. ,C.  VV. H. JEFFERY,  Consulting Minintf Engineer.  ���l'ropertics examined  ami  reported   on.   Will  take, charge-oi! .development work.  Correspondence .solicited.  GREENWOOD,  B..   C.  T.l3MEi!ffi  3-. SSc.  PROVINCIAL ASSAYER  Shippers' Agent. Entire charge taken'  of consignmencs of ore. Checking,  weighing, sampling and assaying  of samples.  ���GREENWOOD, B. C/  ?(<?������&  BOUNDARV   VALLEY    LODGE  ~-"~l'.Jt^~ No. 38.1. 0. 0. F.  Meets every  Tuesday  Evening al SOO in the  I. O. O, F.'Hall.    A* cordial nivi union is ex  tended to all sojourning.bretlierii.  J. McCheath ������'.' Fred IL' Holmes".  N. G. Re.tt.-Sec  <>Bnwww<B>iwMniwi ���'������������ w��w imm mwro*ai��y ^Tm *����� wmaiimmiBo"  Boundary Creek Times  -Issued ewerv 'fridav .  Duncan Ross  Managing Editor  SUBSCRIPTIONS IN ADVANCE.  Per Ykak ...........:  .   200  Six Months    .......J. 1 25  To Fokkign Countries  2 5G  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1905.  THE  GREENWOOD   SPIRIT.  During- the past few weeks' a  number of prominent men have  visited Greenwood and surrounding* district. Some of them represented large capital that is ���Seeking" new fields of investment.  They came here and went away,  and any favorable impression  they may have carried away with  them, or any merit they discovered in its resources were  largely the result of .their own  efforts. A few of these men who  are naturally observant discovered that outside of its mineral  resources the Boundary has a  climate unsurpassed, aud large  areas of fruit lands which properly subdivided and. irrigated  would provide homes for hundreds of fainilies.. The residents  of the district discuss the fruit-  irrowius: virtues of the Similka-  meen ?ud the Okanagan and  overlook the merits of their own  district. It is high time that the  people should organize for the  purpose of exploiting tke wonderfully rich and varied resources  of the Boundary. A seemingly  unshakable letharg\*has fastened  V -elf on business men and others  a:;., time when the greatest activity  should   be   shown.     The  Hoard of Trade is in a state of  hopeless inocuous disuetude. Its  president is 110 longer a resident  I of the city and its secretary is  i temporarily absent, aud no one  apparently has" the courage to attempt to revive it. Kindred organizations are evidently filled  pith the idea that Greenwood can  just grow as Topsy did.  The outlook was never brighter  than it is today. Events which  will make the Boundary one of  the greatest districts in the world  and Greenwood its center, are  crowding- fast upon each other.  All that is. needed is to arouse a  proper public spirit, to secure a  citizenship that is working first,  last and all the time for Greenwood.  The time to do the right thing1  is NOW.  CRITICISM.  The Conservative press having  tired of eulogizing* Sir William  Mulock, are now- traducing his  successor, A. B. A3-lesworth. He  is charged with having acted in  a legal capacity in connection  with the events which led up to  the Gamey investigation, and the  Hedley Gazette accuses him ,of  -having opposed the V., V. & Ev  before the railway commission a  few days before he accepted office.  At the same time the Gazette did  hot publish the fact th'atduring  the railway fight last summer A.  B. Aylesworth saved the ' situation by as masterly an argument  as was ever heard by* the railway  committee, and this with only a  few hours preparation. So far as  his opposition in reference to the  plans was concerned it may be  stated that Mr. Aylesworth's firm  were solicitor's _or the Similkameen and Keremeos railway.  That his firm filed the plans for  this railway company and was  naturally engagedto defend those  ���plans.  Unless the Conservative press  have something* stronger to urge  against the new minister than  his record as an active and brilliant' legal,practitioner, would it  not be much better to withold  criticism until he has a record as  an administrator of an important  department.  Regarding the criticism of public men President Roosevelt recently gave some sound advice  which applies with equal force  to the public men of Canada, and  -he~uhfa_r"way in-which theyare  sometimes assailed. The president said : ���  "Ss far from asking .that you  be lenient, in your judgment of  any public man, I hold that you  are recreant to duty if you are  lenient. Do not be lenient, but  be just If you dislike a man's  policy, say so. If you think he  is acting in a way so misguided  that he will bring ruin to the  state or nation,, say so; but do  not accuse him of corruption unless you know he is corrupt. If  you have good reason to believe  that he is corrupt, then refuse  under any plea>pf party expediency, under any consideration,  from refraining from smiting him  with the . sword of the Lord and  of Gideon."   -��� jj  Alleged hotels are being  erected for Lloyd A. Manley and  C. Thomas on the right of way of  way of the V. V. & E. Should  licences be granted to those places  the instructions of the attorney-  <>-eneral will be violated, the  wishes of the railway companies  disregarded, and the lives of the  workmen endangered. It remains  to be seen whether the Manley  ���grip still securely clutches the  board of license commissioners.1  and Sunshine." It describes the  Okanagan valley and its resources. This garden spot furnishes  an abundance of first-class material for the, writer and the illustrator and none of it was overlooked in the "preparation of this  interesting work. '  ��__ffmiiniiH2__aBmiimmHH_m^4  It was a drastic way of attempting to secure an advance  from the Eastern Townships  Bank at Midway.  ���/ ....  ANOTHER  SMART  TRICK  The C. P. R. Tries to Obstruct Midway and Vernon.  Further invasions of the Canadian Pacific Railway company's preserve iri Southern British Columbia by the Midway and  Vernon railway company has  turned-tke attention of the officials of Canada's national highway to its less pretentious rival.  Some time ago the work of grading the Midway and Vernon was  commenced on Myerhoff's ranch  and .continued westerly along the  Kettle river. Plans were filed  showing where the Midway and  Vernon would run east of the  Myerhoff ranch. From these  plans C. P. R. officials ascertained  that a crossing would he made  with their contemplated line west  of Midway. Immediately a ga'ng  of men were sent to Midway and  active construction and tracklay-  ing was begun from the Midway  terminus of the C. & W. westward to where the Midway and  Vernon would cross. The object  of this sudden activity in railway  building without the customary  governmental assistance was'apparent. The C." P. R. wanted to  get to the crossing first so that  the* Midway and Vernon would  have to pay for the crossing "and  its maintenance. But the C. P.  R. ran up against its own game.  The Myerhoff property was recently secured by the Midway  and Vernon, and when the C. P,  R., officials tried to get the necessary right of way they discovered  that they had to deal with the  company upon which they were  trying to play one of those smart  tricks for which the C. P. R. is  noted.  A Judicious Inquiry.  A well known traveling* man who  visits the drug- trade says- he has often  heard drug-gists inquire of customers  who asked for a cough medicine,  whether it was wanted for a child or  an adult, and if for a child they almost  i n variably, recomniend^_Ch_a_mb^lain-s  Cough Remedy. The reason for this  is that they know there is no danger  ,_i��a_it and that it always cures. There  is not the least danger in giving it,  and for coughs, colds and croup it is  unsurpassed.- For sale by all druggists  DRMATHISON  DENTIST  Out of Town Lor a few.-wee.k9.  GREENWOOD  B  C  ���AND���  Elastic Felt  MATTRESSES  Make the lazy winter nights  a dream of pleasure and*life  worth living.  KM*B_HWB��MK>-MIWHa__N*-H_��_m____n___M-|H__  SATISFACTION  GUARANTEED  We have just received from the  ofiice of the Vernon News a booklet entitled '* The Laud of Fruit  \ The 0 I C New & j  \ 2nd Hand Store   I  \   A. h>. WHITE   }  �� Phone 16.  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  ���<?*>  <F*  <?**\  CF*  CF*  ���S  -s  CF*  ��� ��  Capital, all paid up, $14,400,000.        Rest $10,000,000.  '.  / President.   Lord.Strathcona and Mount Roval,  Vice-President:   Hon. Georob'A;"Drum'mond.  ��� ���������   ' General Manager :   E. S  C_o"0Ston.  ;BrMche_ta*L^ New York, Chicago.  .   Buy and sell Sterling Exchange arid Cable Transfers  Travellers" Credits, available iu auy partjof the world.  Grant Commercial an  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT  Interest allowed at current rates.  Greenwood Branch;    W. F. PROCTOR, Manager.  *���-���_  *=_  *=_  H!  HS  *<  Hi  **"_  H?  *���_  H?*  *"���-_  **%  H?  **"_  -*"���*"_  inmMmMmmmMmmMmMMmMMMM  4-  COMFORTABLE 7*RO0MED HjpUSE  On Kimberley Avenue  4*  *  *  4*  4��  *  Apply to GEO. R. NADEN, Mgr.  _���  THE CANADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  Paid-up Capital, $6,700,000 Reserve Fund, $3,500,000  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO  B. E. WALKER, General Manager ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Manager  BANK MONEY ORDERS  ISSUED AT THE FOLLOWING RATES:  $5 and under     3 cents  Over $5 and not exceeding $10     6 cents  �����   $io       " " $30  10 cents  '  ��    $30       " " -$50    15 cents  These Orders are Payable at Par at any office in Canada of a Chartered Bank  ' (Yukon excepted), and at the principal banking points in the.Unitea states. *  NEGOTIABLE ATA FIXED, KATE-AT  THE CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERCE, LONDON, ENG.  They form an cxcc!l'.*;il in*;.hud of remitting small sums of money  with safety ;i:il-1 at small cost.  Greenwood Branch  -  -   -   - *W. ALLISON, Manager.  \ WE ARE SOLE AGENTS IN  Evariste  Dupont' &  Co's Clarets and Sauternes.  Sanderson's Scotch-WhiskieV. *--=   Fromy, Rogee & Co's Brandies.  Deinhard & Co's Rhine Wines.,  Red Raven Splits for High Livers' Livers.  Kinderlen's  uFreebooter" Genuine Holland Gin.  '/.    .  Pabst and' Calgary Beer.  . GREENWOOD LIOU0R  COMPANY  We carry a full line of Bar Fixtures and Glassware;  ���k^x-^KHK^-W"^  y  r  ?  f  5*  5*  r  r  :.  THE BARN WHERE IS' KEPT  THE BEST OF DRIVERS AND  RIGS AS WELL AS SADDLE  AND PACK HORSES ARfe ALWAYS  AT  YOUR  DISPOSAX.  Our Hay, Grain'^Feed Store I  Can supply you wants in all kinds of ^  Chopped Feed, Hay or Grain! :    :  Livery Plione 19. Feed Store Phone 124  GEO. H. CROPLEY,  Proprietor.  -��'X~x-*<":^;--4-*^ BOUNDARY   OREEK   TIMES  r>  \  VOL 11,1. 8, OCT. 27,1905  LOCAL NEWS ITEMS.  Next week the Times will enlarg-e to  eight pages.  Mr. Brown of Sarnia, Ont., is visiting hi* son, J. R. Brown, M. P. P.  Hugh Mckean, of McLean Bros.,  Vancouver, was a visitor to the city  . thb week.  R. T. Long-ly, formerly superintendent at the Carmi, returned from, the  east last week.  Jack Luce left this morning for Chicago to complete a deal for his Bead-  wood properties.  Al. Sanderson leaves for Toronto tomorrow to settle up the estate of a  brother, lately deceased.  The waterworks extension is completed, and Greenwood now has as  good a system as there is in te interior  both for fire protection and domestic  purposes.  The sale of coke, advertised for last  week did not come off. The Coal company made a slight reduction on the  -original price, the C. P. R. carved  their freight charges, and the smelters  tosk the coke.  R. H. 'Anderson, formerly superin -  tendent of the.B. G. mine, has returned  to the district, After the'.close down  of the B C Mr. Anderson went to Ross-  land as superintendent of the LeRpi  under Mr. Parish. He still represents  the B C Chartered company, which  owns the B C mine,,and it is quite possible that work may be resumed on the  property.  A committee of the Granby smelter  emdlc-yes waited on .Superintendent*  Hodges yesterday and made a request  for eight hour* shifts.-instead of the  present twelve hour periods. Mr.  Hodges stated that personally he  favored eight hours for the men now  working twelve, and promised to send  the request to New York so that it  would reach there in time for the next  directors' meeting.. The men now  working ten hours, however, he thought  should be satisfied with their present  condition.���Grand Forks Sun.  How to Cure Corns and Bunions-  First, soak the corn or bunion in  warm water to soften it; then pare it  down as (closely as possible without  drawing blood and apply Chamberlain's Pain Balm twice daily, rubbing  vigorously for five minutes at each application. A corn plaster should be  worn a few days to protect it from the  shoe. As a general liniment for sprains  bruises, "lameness and rheumatism,  Pain, Balm is unequaled. , For sale by  all druggists.  Copper tubes free from laminations  can be made by electrolytic precipitation of copper on a revolving mandrel  constituting the cathode. It has been  found that the' tensile, strength ,of the  copper increases with the speed of  cathode rotation. Any' stoppage or  variation /'of the--speed of ��� rotation  causes lamination.   ' .  GRANBY MAKING MONEY  Profits for P.ast Year Were $712,000  and Company Out of Debt.  Profits aggregating 5712,649 are announced to shareholders of the Granby  Consolidated Mining, Smelting and  Power company in the directors' report  submitted at the annual meeting in  New York on the 17th inst.  The company's position set forth at  the close of the fiscal year is as follaws:  " The mines, at which development  work is being constantly pushed, look  well; the quantity of ore blocker1, out  is largely in excess of that of last  year. The smelting works, than its to  improvements recently introduce*.!!' are  in a high _tate of efficiency. The company is entirely fiee frorn debt and in  addition to a large cash balance on  hand,'has other available assets in the  shape of blister copper in transit from  the smelter to the refining works."  The bullion produced during the  year ended June. 30 was as follows:  Fourteen million two hundred and  thirty-seven thousand six hundred atui  twenty two poinds fine copper, 212,189  ounces fine silver and 4,2s4 ounces of  gold. The! average price net received  for copper was" 14.36 cents; .fine silver,  58.3 cents. The total amount realized  from the sale of these metais was  $2,749,145;    '���'���,'' "��� ,:  The cost of operating mines and  smelter and general expenses was  $1,797,964. Customs ores were bought  to the extent of 5238,531.  The net surplus from the previous  year as corrected is placed at S342,22o,  and with lust year's net profits added,  a net surplus" of June 30, 1905, of  $1,554;875 is shown in the report. It is  not stated what form the surplus takes.  The company's assets are divided as I  follows: Laad.jreal estate, machinery,  <i-*--'M---X'-***-e-^X  A  Y  Y  Y  "_  Y  *  G   GUNDERSON  P���OPF?lETOR.  Finest wines, liquors and  cigars at Bar.  First class Dining Room in  connection-  FINELY FURNISHED ROOMS.  <$ ���:..;..x.��jm.x..:.m,x^  Before buying Lots see me  for prices  C. P. R. Land Agent.  GREENWOOD, B.  C.  -���&-���-  ���^���'���-���x-*-*>*>x*--��^^^  DEALERS IN  FURNITURE  LINOLEUMS, ETC.  COPPER-STREET,  GREENWOOD.  <**��*-��x-<---><*-��x-^^^  ERNEST J. CARTIER, Proprietor,  _   I  Finest Furnished House in the Boundary  Steam Heated.    Lighted   Hi rough out   with   electric  lights.''  We  offer  special  inducements 'to1 travellers  as we have the    i  finest.sample rooms in the city'.    Our bar  excells  all others.  Ask Your Dealer for  The lines mado for dura-  bJHtyjpojsessaremarkable degree .of style, while the stylish  lines are very durable.  You cannot make a mistake  in buying Rubbers if the emblem of the Dominion is  branded ou them���You may if  it is not.  Ask for and insist on getting  Mapie Leaf Rubbers���there  no others just as good.  J.  Vancouver, B. Cv  Selling   Agents  For the West.  buildings and equipment, 314,451,565;  stocks, bonds and bills receivable,  $45,545; cash, copper in transit, less  advance,'3581.113; fuel and store supplies, 5158,346; total 515,239,570.  The auditors state that their examination of the company's books ot-.  August 5 last showed a .cash balance  of 53(;4.2 1.977  AcH'ti.-itis to the company's holdings  in Plwie-.ix camp and improvement*-- at  the smelter necessitated last year an  outlay of $486.567.81. Of this S142.-  603 53 went for the purchase of mining  properties. This year further large  outlays will be required.  YALE-COLUMBIA LUMBER COMPANY,  NAXUSP, B. C.  Applications lor Special Timber Licenses  i-pAKE NOTICE that tliirty days afterdate.  J. ve intend to auply Mi the Hon Cbi-.'f  Commissioner of I,ands aud Works for a  special license to cut ami cany "-way timber  from thcfollowiiijr described lands, in Osovooh  district:  1. 'Coiiimenciiiir at a post marked Yalc-oo-  lumbia Lumber Co's south west corner, cast of  C P. It. Block No. 363S on the West Fork of the  Kettle river, rtttiuiiifr thence north 100 chains,  thence east 40 chai.i.s, ^lionet* south 160 chains,  thence west 40 chains to the point of commencement.  -���Dated September _*tli, 10.0.')- =   2. Commencing- at a post marked Yale-Columbia Lumber Co's south wet corner, norm  of limit No. 1 aad east of C. P. K. Block No  363R, on the West Fork of the Kettle ri-ver.  running- thence north lf,0 chains, {hence east 40  chain*., thence south 160 chains, thence west  '0chains toilie point of commencement.  Dated September 19th, 10,5  3. Commencing at a post marked Yale-Columbia Lumber Co's sou tli east corner, on the  east side of the West Fork of Kettle rivei,  north of C. V. R. I'lock No. 2704, rutiniiifr wc-t  SO chains, thence north So chains' thence east  S-Ocruiius. thence -.outli SO chains 10 the point of  conimt* it cement.  D.-ued September 21sl, I'lOo.  4. Commencing at a pott marked Yale-Columbia Lumber Co's north west corner, on the  north side of tne main brar.cn of the Kettle j  river, and east of C. P, .K. i'lock No. 5705. rttn-  niiijr east 40 chains, thence south 160 chains,  thence.west 40 chains,.thence north 160 chains  to point of commencement.  Dated September 21st, r'1.15.  5. Conimoucir.jr at a post marked Yule-Columbia Lumber Co's norili west corner, <m tlie  north side of the main branch of the Kettl*.-  river, riinniiit,*. east W) chains: thence miuUi so  chains'thence west SO chains, thence north to  chains to point of coini* iiuceiiieut.  J>alcd September 2Ut, l*Ji_  6. Commend 11 cat a post marked Yale Co.  liim'oia Lumber Co's north-west corner.on the  north-west side'of the main branch of the Kel  tie. river, west of ;C. 1'. K. Block No. 3637, run  iiinjr east SO chains, thence south Up chains.  thence west SO chains. uiL-uee north HO chain���:  to point of oom!iM't:ciMi:ent.        0  Dated September -22iiJ, 1 'I'-*.  YaUK-COLUMBIA LUMBER CO., Ltd.  Nakusp, U. e.  NOTICE.  ! In tlie matter of the " Land Pediatry Act." and  in the iV.atterorthe Title to the South Half  1 of Lot 16. i'lock." D," Map- 2S, Greenwood  City.*  WHEREAS Certificate of Title cf Fran  cesco Fora. !>-_jt��ur C'.. lifieate Xuraber  3043a, to the above hereditaments, has b<;e:i  iosi or destroyed ami appticatlo.. has beeu  made to me for a duplicate thereof.  . NOTiCl-' IS* l'l-'XEf-Y (HVKN that a tlit-  pl'cateCertificate of Title to tlie alinv.,- here-  ditKineuts will i>a issued at the expiration of  one month from tlie dan* herein', unless inth;  meantime valid objection to the contrary b>:  ��iade to me in tt riiinir-  Laud.Rpffistrv Ofiice, Kamloops. n. C.. August  IS. 1W5."        " W.I.I   EDMONDS.  " District Registrar.  RAILWAY.  The only all rail route between points easi  west and south lo Rossland, Nelson, Grand  Forks and Republic.  Leave  9:45 a. m.  11:05 a. m.  9:20 a. m.  11:30 a. m.,  10:00 a. ni.  7:00 a. m.  Spokan6  Rossland  Nelson  Grand Forks  Phoenix  Republic  Arrive  6:20 p. m.  5:15 p. in.  8:45 p. m.  4:25 p. ni  6:00 p, ra.  6:30 p. in.  Buffet cars run between Spokane and Northport  Effective March 5th, 1905  '   Iir Connection With  TICKETS All To POINTS  SHORT LINE TO  ST.   PAUL,    DULUTH,    MINNEAPOLIS. CHICAGO and ALL POINTS  EAST. SEATTLE, TACOM/   VICTORIA. PORTLAND and all _��� ACIF1C  coas,t points.  Throup-h Palace and Tourist Sleepers.  Dining  and* Buffet  Smoking Library  car.  2 Fast Trains Daiiy-2  For rates, folders and 'full information reg-arding- Strips, call on or address a ag-ent of the S. F. & N. Railway, or  H. A. Jackson:,  g. f. & P. A.,  Spokane  Wash.    '  II. Brandt,   ,  '      C. P. & T. A.,  7sl W Riverside Ave  Spokane, Wash  In the Matter of the Railway Act and  .in the Matter'of the Vancouver,  Victoria and Eastern Railway and  Navigation Company-  NOTICE is hereby jriveu that the amended  plan, profile and book of reference of the Sec  tion of the Vancoti-ver, Victoria and Eastern  Railway from Lot 641, Group One to Section 3,  Township 66, which has been duly approved,  was. on the 13th day of September, 1905, filed in  the Office of the Registrar of Titles for th  District of Yale at Kamtoops. and that the  plans, profile and book of reference of the preliminary location covering said Section duly  approved were filed m said registry office on  the 16th day of June, 1"02.  A. H. "MACNErLL,  Solicitor V., V. & E. Ry. & N. Co.  MINERAL ACT  Certificate of Improvements  NOTICE  "Preston" Mineral Claim, situate in the Greenwood   Mining   Bivision  of  Yale District.  Wheru located: In Skylark Camp.  TAKE N'/TICE that I. 'Arthur Murdoch  Whiteside, as agent for Liviinrston Thomas  Dickasou, of Chicago, Illinois. U. S. A.,  Free Miner's Certificate No. B91418, intend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Recorder fora Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining- a Crown  ("* rant of the above clai in.  And further take notice that action under section 37, must be. commenced before the issuance  of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 3rd day of October. A.I"). lOOS.  Oc 6. A. M, WHITESIDE.  MINERAL   ACT.  Certificate of Improvement.   NOTICE   '���"Bulldog" and -'RnlMog Fractional'' Mineral  Claim, situate iu  the   Greenwood  "Mining  - Division of Yale Histrict.   "Where located:  In Providence Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I. Albert E. Ashcroft,  acting as agent for Charles Kinney. Free  Miner's Certilicate No. H'n517. intend  sixty days fiom tlie date hereof, to apply to  the "Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining- a  Crown Grant to theabove claim.  Aud fiirthei take notice that, action undei  -ectioit 37. must be commenced beforo the issuance of such certificate of improvements,  Ilnted this[2nd dav of October. A  D. 1905  Oc f>. ALliERT K. AbllCKOl'T. P. L. S.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  "Hard   Cash-'   Mineral  Claim, situate in the  cieeinvoiid  Mining  Division  of Yale  Dis.  trict.   Where located: Ileavur Creek camp.  TA K E N'OTIC li that we. George M. M ill_r.  Free Miner's Certificate No. liSsSO'", ami  William Kiu'i/.. IVec Miner's Certilicate No. It  SSsiH. intend, sixty days from the datehereof.to  applv to ihi.* Mining Recorder tor Certificates  of Improvements for the purpose of obtainiu*.  Crown Grants of the above claims.  Ami fun her take uotica that actions; under  section 37. must be commenced before the issuance of sucii cert'-licates oi improvements.  Dated this 2'Uli ilay of  September, A. D. VM)S.  NOT5CE OF FORFEITURE-  To Pim.iP H. S S-rANiforsi or to any person or  persons to who.u he may  have transferred  his interest iu  the. "1'rince of Wales" and  ".Princes*.! Louise"  mineral claims, situate  in   West  Copper camp,  in   tbe Greenwood  Miuiii*r Division of Yale District.  You    are: hereby   notified  "that   I  have expended the sum  of ?Z?7.G��  in  assessment work  on the above claims, such  work being required  ana necessary tn hold  ths saiii claims  for the  years endiiif/tlu* lOih day of July. 1905, and the  13ta day of August, r'ni.  respectively,  under  the provisions of ihe Mineral Act and amend-  in*_ acts, and if at the expiration of ninety days  froiti theda'.e of  the  first publication  of this  notice in'he Boundary Creek Times, you  fail  or refuse  to contribute  your portion   of  such  expenditure, namely, S42.04. together  with all  cests   of   adverrisi'i*.*.,   your  interest    in    said  mineral  claims shall become   vested   in   me.  you%-joow.ier.up*.��ii my lilinjfin the proper ofiice  In that behalf the affidavit required bv section  4 of the Mineral Act Amendment Act. 1900.  Dated this 13th dav of October. VMS.  : ROBERT LEE.  iR A I L W A Y<  :  THANKSGIVING  ! Oct 26  DAY    1905  FOR ROUND TRIP  Tickets on sale Oct. 25 and 26  at all Canadian Pacific offices,  Port Arthur to Vancouver, and  all Intermediate Branch Line  Points, {-rood returning- until  October 28, 1905.*  THROUGH   SLEEPING   CAR  ARROWHEAD to  VANCOUVER.  SUN. WED. FRIDAY  For full particulars, flr-t class o'r  to"fist sleeper reservations, apply to  local agents or write  .E   J*?.   REDPATH,   AGENT.  GREENWOOD.  E. J. COYLE. J. S. CARTER,  G.P.A.Vancouver,      '    D. P. A. Nelson..  PLASTERS AND  GENERAL MASONS.  TELEGRAPHERS  NEEDED  Annually , to fill the new positions created  bv Railroad and Telegraph Companies. We  want YOUNG MEN and LADIES of good  habits, to  . LEARN TELEGRAPHY  AND R. R, ACCOUNTINGEBHBa  "We furnish 75 per cent of the Operator's  and Station Agents iu America. Our six  schools are the largest exclusive Telegraph  Schools in the world. Established *>o  vears and endorsed by all leading Railway  Officials.  Ws execute a $2*10 Bond to every student  to furnish him or her a position paying  from S40 '.oJ60 a month iu States enst'of the  Rocky "Mountains, or from "*75 to SlOO a  month in Spites west of the Rockies, immediately Upon graduation-  Students can enter at any lime No vacations. Kor full particulars regarding  any of our schools write direct to our executive ofiice at Cincinnati, -J. Catalogue  free.i , '   ���' .  X  u  ij Cinclniiati. Ohio.  j Atlanta, Ga-  j Texarkana, Tex.  101 TtlHIi  Buffalo. N.Y.  LaCrosse, Wis.  San Francisco. Cal.  I GlIOOD - MIDWAY!  DAILY ST4GE        :_  !  ���_  y  ���*. lkavks : y  X GREENWOOD      9:00 a. m.- ��  $ MIDWAY      5:00 ..' m. Y  Y ' Y  y AKKIVKS: y   /  X MIDWAY ......    10:30 a. M. $  Y GREENWOOD ...      6:30 i>. M. f  ? FAR_$100,RttUSDTRIP$1.50.j  x  t J. McDonell, Proprietor x  immmmmmmm  Dining Room  _Wf��iiii  Our aim is to suit the most  fastidious.    On the table  will be found all the de-  licies of the season.  A new cook  having  taken  - charg, of thecullinery department    vour    wants  will cheerfully be given  the utmost attention.  Special Rates to Steady Boarders and Roomers.  mmmmmmmm  >  >     X  .*". '*.  '.'���  ,   I  '  I* _ _b_re~4 ^u Arf_*tMi ��K*4..u.t��  1  lBMU.J.IM.imLlft��� IHrteKrf*UhWlUgM.a��lUH.rigJ��WbgK.AaWWMW.rirtM.��  ,��.l,i>*i��i��m����Mm_��____I____SS,'__^  ���)  /  The famous Jameson raid in the  Transvaal of South Afiico w.iS :na-"e  in 1895 and its leader was L. S. J a meson, a physician by profession. Dttt-  disturbances berween the Boer*-, nnd  Uitlanders in th*- Smith African republic, Jameson, through ordert. given  by Cecil Rhodes, then premier at lhe  Cape, assembled a force on the Transvaal border to act in case of/emergency.  On December 29, wilh 600 troopers,  Jameson of his own will entered the  South African republic to aid in the  support of the Uitlander part's , arid he  and his entire force were caotured by  the Boers. Jameson and his officers  were handed over by I,rugcr to the  British government for trial and Jameson was sentenced to ten months imprisonment, bnt served only a small  part of lhe confinement, being-released  because of sickness. Some of the best  known mining men of the world were  with Jameson when captured.  - ���,<Tv  4>#<iMHMM!H^  Formerly there were mints for the  coinage of money in almost every  county in Great Britain, Besides the  sovereign, barons, bishops and the  main monasteries exercised the right  of coining. From William the Conqueror's time the greatest part of the  coining in Great Britain was done in  Loudon, but it was not until the reign  of William III that all the provincial  mints were abolished. The present  mint on Tower Hill in London was  erected in 1812. The London mint  supplies the whole of the coinage of the  British Empire, except Australia and  the East Indies, which are supplied  from branch mints in Sydney, Perth,  Calcutta and Bombay.  W, H. Armstrong of Vancouv&i  passed through,Monday on ltis way to  the Coulthard ranch, of which he is  one of the principal owners. Mr. Armstrong states that 2,500 fruit trees were  set out last spring and that 25,000 will  be planted next year. An irrigation  project is in process of construction,  which will-provide the whole estate  with all the water required. Mr. Armstrong has not yet begun his campaign of advertisement, but has no  doubt but what the ten acre lot.s, into  which the estate will be divided, will  find ready sale as .soon as transportation facilities are provided.���Vernon  News.   ���  Could Not Be Better.  The uniform success of Chamberlain' Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea  Remeda has won for it a wide reputation and many people throughout the  country will agree with Mr. Chas. W.  Mattison, of Milford, Va., who says:  " It works lik : magic, and is the best  preparation I know of. I couldn't be,  any better." He had a serious attack  of dysentery aud was advised lo try a  bottle of this remedy; which lie did,  with the resjlt that immediate relief  was obtained.  For sale by all druggists  The record'for economical mining is  proioabiy to be found in the Els-emere  & Stewarts companies in Victoria,  Australia. These are compos*.ed of  working miners and their capital is  small. For the past" live years they  have mined ore yielding S2 a ton and  have paid dividends. The cost of treatment at these mines is about SI.30 and  SI.05 respectively.  The steam   turbine, although ;>. com  paratively recent  competitor in power  plant   equipment,   snows   steam    consumption   as good as if not better than  the best reciprocating engine. .  The practical solution of the hoisting problem in the Lake Superior region has produced an immense, variety  of hoisting' machinery.  Crushing by stamps in cyanide solution is about to receive its tirst application in South Africa at the property  of the New Goch company.  The Spanish Peaks are two isolated  mountains hit Southern Colorado. The  summit of the highest peak is 13,623  feet high.  NOTICE.  Never in the history of the Boundary has the district had a brighter outlook than today.    With the successful de  W velopment of the immense large bodies of low grade ore and the enlarged and much improved facilities for treating  $% at a' very small cost,    the continued opening up of new high grade properties and their successful and profit abl  ->!>*$  very small cost, tne continued opening up ot new high grade properties and their successful and profit  operation has made the Boundary famous as a mining centre, and every day adds more to the list of new finds and  bigger values. It is readily admitted that Greenwood is the Eldorado of the Boundary with all roads leading thereto,  and surrounded as it is, with such magnificent resources is destined in a few, years to be a second Butte, If you  W therefore want to participate in its future prosperity, now is the time to invest both in mines and real estate.' For  >|��| NINETY DAYS we intend giving you a chance to make a safe and profitable investment. Every lot we own will be  put on sale at rock bottom prices during the above period, Prices ranging from $50.00 up, at terms to suit the purchaser.    Make your selection and make it early,       .. ��� ��� -  |s_��-  sm-  t_J5'  m-  .mi. ar rr" ~j*~i"i AIL* jeu?9  A-'pHcatJon for Transfer of Liquor  License.  Notice is hereby given that, thirty  days after dale. I wiil apply tu lhe  Board of License Commissioners .������ for  the City of Greenwood 'for. a transfer  of lhe liquor license held, by me for the  Greenwood hotel, Silver street, situate  on Lots 21 and 22. Block I>, City of  Greenwood, to J. M. Cropl.y. \  Dated October 26. 1905.  VI. J. SIMPSOr.'.  AGENT FOR THE GREENWOOD TOWNSITE COMPANY.  FLOYD & COX. Proprietors  PURE  MILK   AND CREAM  Delivered Daily to any part  of th-3 city.,  ���Wood's S-fcespTicaine,  The Great English Remedy.  j'.y^^yflv^ A positive euro for all forms ol  ���": A**P4'"&-?- ��� c����*> Sexual Weakness, Mental and  iikfukbaxu after Brain Worry, Emissions, Spermatorrhoea, Impotcncy, Effects of Abuse or  Kxcess, all of which lead to Consumption,  Iiiilrmity, Insanity ari&'an early grave. Price  vl per pics?., six for ?5. One will please, six -will  cure. Sold by all drug-grists or mailed in plain  package on receipt of price. Write for Pamphlet.  Tho Wood Medicine Co., Windsor, Ontario.  TO RENT  The Spencer Farm o:i old Gr,*K":  Forks road. 3 miles from Greenwocd. 4  to Phoenix.    Apply to  L. SFENCER,  On the premises, or Anaconda, ii. C  ��� .'?--*���. .r*_'"!~"'v-.'-^*_'1 _l  Synopsis of Regulations Governing t s Disposal of Dominion Lands witiiin t e  Railway Belt in the Province  British Columbia.  A LICENSE to cut timber can be  acquired only at public competition.  A rental of S5 per square mile is changed  for all timber berths excepting those  situated West of Yale for which the  rental is at the rate of 5 cents per acre  per annum.  In addition to the  rental, dues at the  following* rates are charged:���  Sawn lumber, 50 cents per thousand  feet B. M.  .Railway ties, eight and nine fe��t  long, 1>_ and lf{ cents each.  Shingle bolts, 25 cents a cord.  All other products, 5 per cent on sales  A license is issued as soon as a berth  is granted but in .unsurveyed territory  no timber can be cut on a berth until  the licensee has made asurvey thereof.  Permits to cut timb,r are also granted at public competition, except in the  case of actual settlers, who require the  timber for their own use. ''  Settlers and others may also obtain  permits to cut up to 100 cords of wood  for sale without competition.  The dues payable under a permit are  SI 50 per thousand^ feet B. M, for  square timber and sawlogs of any  wood except oak; from l/z to 1>_ cents  per lineal foot for building logs; from  12,*_ to 25' cents* per cord for wood; 1  cent for fence posts; 3 cents for railway ties; and 50 cents per cord on  shingle bolts.  Leases for grazing purposes sre issued for a term of twenty-one years  at a rental of two cents per acre per  annum,  Coal lands may be purchased at S10  per acre for soft coal and $20 fer anthracite. Not more thau 320 acres  may be acquired by one individual or  company.  Royalty at" the rate of 10 cents per  ton of 2,000 pounds is collected on the  gross output.  Entries for land for agricultural purposes map be made pejrsonallv at the  local land office for the district in  which the land to be taken i_ situated,  or if the homesteader desires, he mixy,  on application to the Minister of the  Interior at Ottawa, the Commissioner  of Immigration at Winnipeg, or the  ocal   agent  for   the  District,  within  which the land is  situated, receive au  thority for some one to make entry for  him.\  A fee of $10 is charged for a homestead entry.  A settler who has received an-entry  for a homestead is reduired to perform  the conditions connected therewith  under one of the following plans:  (1) At least six months' residence on  and cultivation of the land in each  year during the term of three years.'  It is the practice of the Department  to require a settler to briug-15 acres  under cultivation, but if he prefers he  may substitute stock; and 20 head of  cattle, to be actually his own property,  with buildings for their accommodation will be accepted instead of the culr  tivation.  (2) If the father (or mother, if the  father is deceased) or any person who  is eligible to make a homes*"eod entry  under the provisions Of the Act, resides upon a farm in the vicinity of  the land entered for by such person as  a homestead, the requirements of the  Act as to residence prior to obtaining  patent may be satisfied by such person  residing with the father or mother.  (3) If the settler has'his permanent  residence upon farming- land owned by  him in the vicinity of his homestead,  the requirements of the act as to residence may be satisfied by residence  upon the said land.  7 Application for a patent should be  made at the end of three years before  the local agent, sub-agent or a homestead-inspector.  Before making an 'application for a  patent, . the settler must give six  months' notice in writing to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa, of his intention to do so.  W. WI CORY.  Deputy of the Minister of the  Interior.  You cannot be expected to have faith in Shiloh'i  Consumption Cure, the Lung Tonic, as a cure for  Coldi, Coughs and all diseases of the air passages,  il you h&ve not triedit. We have faith in it, and  to convince you that it will cure you we j*uarantee  it. II it doesn't cure you it costs you nothing. If  it does it costs you 25c. That s fair. Try it  to-day.  Shiloh  has cured many thousands of the most obstinate  * cases, and wc do not hesitate to say that it will cure  any Cold, Cough, Throat or Lung trouble. If we  did not believe this we would net guarantee it  absolutely ns we do. Shiloh has had an unbroken  record of succe.'s for thirty years, lt has stood  every possible test without failure. ' Isn't that proof  of ila curative properties.    Further     .  it found in th? many testimonials of those who have  tried Shiloh arid been cured. Mrs. Archie Taylor,  Asaph, Pa., write:: ���  " I bought a bottle /.f Sfiiioh's Consumption Cure .  2nd found :t very heneficiil. I have two children  Nand the;' had a terrible cough. I gave them  everything 1 .-cuid tLiaVuf,' but they cot no belter  until one- eve..!*-.:* X7 husband bought a bottle of  Shiloh. Vv , .���;��� ,j: t> lb"*.children when they  went to _cl,-;r.:i tSey slept all n;?ht. Jt cured  then complete:;*. 1 shall always keep it in the  house." 602  ���SHILOH  25c. with miaranlec wherever medicine is sold.  Cook's Cotton Root Compound  The only safe effectual monthly  medicine on -which women can  depend. Sold in two degrees of  strength���No. 1, for ordinary  cases, $1 per "box; No. 2, 10 .degrees stronger for Special  Cases, $3 per box. Sold by all  druggists. Ask for Cook's Cotton Kobt Compound; take no  substitute.  The COQk Medicine Co.,      Windsor, Ontario, * ���*W*��W ���*~r*<0**��r'\f**^f^**~**~*r'*^q  Hlkliorn  eer if.  Has been a favorite  from it birth, as is  evidenced by is popularity in all the towns  ��� of the Boundary..  For Sale at all Leading  Hotels either draught or  bottled,  Insist or having  ,   "ELKHORN"  MADE. BY, THE '  PLEASED WITH DISTRICT  Midway and Vernon People Visit the  West Fork.  C. B. Schmidt of Pueblo, Colo., and  P. Harvey, London, Eng., returned on  Monday from a trip to the West Fork,  accompanied by A. R. T. Lackie, chief  engineer of the Midway and Vernon,  and Ralph Smailes. They went up as  far as Carmi,and visited as many properties as possible in the limited time at  their disposal. Mr. Schmidt was/.enthusiastic regarding the fruit growing  possibilities of the Kettle valley and  the natural beauty of the country tribu-  taky to the Kettle river. Mr. Harvey  was also favorably impressed with the  mineral resources of the district. They  left for Vernon on Tuesday to examine  the Okanagan valley.  Mr. Arthur was kept busy discussing  the details -of construction with the  local officials of the Midway and Vernon, and was therefore unable to join  his party in the Okanagnn. They return to New York by the Canadian  Pacific.  Nicely furnished rooms, single or en  suite, furnace heated, with baths at all  times. Reasonable Rates. Hotel National.  DEATH OF ANDY RIDOUT  What did you think of that  RUBDRY TOWEL?  ' Tell your friends about it. Wasn't  it a beauty ? Had all the good'  points we claimed for it ? Perhaps  you didn't take up our last offer-  Here it is :  SEND  CENTS  and we'll send you a sample of the  $fS.50 dozen kind. If you don't like  it, return it, and we'll return your,  money. /  ' THE RUBDRY is different from,  and ' better than any   other   towel  produced.,  IT FEELS BETTER  IT WEARS BETTER  WASHES BETTER  Made of little nubs of extra long  fibre, pure Egyptian coLton, which  have been likened to tiny sponges,  thirsting for water.  ,     NO LINT-SEND TODAY  He Was Well Known in Greenwood  irf the Early Days.  Andrew C Ridout died on Saturday  last at the Kearney Sanitarium for  tuberculosis in'Spokane. " A'jtdy,"  as he was familiarly called, was well  known here in 1899 as the chief sales  man for the A. H. Sperry company.  From here he went to Rossland and  was storekeeper at the LeRoi mine  under S. F. Parish. He was always  threatened with tuberculosis and had  to go south several times to ward off  the dread disease.  Mr. Ridout was 27 years of age. He  was born at Ottawa, Out., his father  being a prominent citizen of the  federal capital. He was a member of  Greenwood lodge, K. of P., which sent  instructions to Spokane lodge to look  after the funeral arrangements.  ATTEMPTED ROBBERY  ->s 4. 4,4.4.4,4,4,4.4,4.4,+��+ 4.4. %> 4.4.4,4,4,4,4,4, ��  Yb  ly  .��___ii  m^%&��&sm&&8S^&2&!sz��&iii  A VISIT TO OUR  riJSEE&Si  ���*-��*3ko,.��.B.C  0OOO<X)OOOOO<X)OOOOOOOOOO<>CK>  BUNTING"  CONTRACTOR  AND BUILDER  1  Dealer  in   Sash,   Doors,  Turried Work  and  Inside Finish,  Etc,  ESTIMATES FURNISHED.  GREENWOOD,   :   B. C. J  OOOOOOOC^KKKHWOOOOOOOOOOOO  would prove a revel ation to  |. many boot dealers as-well as  boot wearers. It is equipped  with the most modern machinery. j��Every department  is under expert ^supervision,  and none but No. 1 leather  and findings ever enter the  doors.  In  this  age when  all  is  substitution    and   adulter a-  tion, -we   confine   ourselves  strictly to the best materials  \  _that_money_,will_buy.. n _  Is it any wonder that  prospectors, loggers and  -miners, far and wide, insist on getting "LECKIE  BOOTS' ? They are a  WESTERN product for  Western people. Accept no  substitutes.  WHOLESALE BY  VANCOUVER.     B.   C.  CAUL. tfP A 86  STAR lirBAKERY  S.BARRY YUI'LL  Where there is always on hand a good  supply of  HOME MADE BREAD.  CAKES, BUNS, Etc.  Fresh Stock of Groceries always kept  Phone us your order.  BARTENDERS���You can get neatly  printed cards with the following on  them: "Tom and Jerry" ";Fresh  Buttermilk", "Hot Whiskies", "Egg*-  nsg" Ect., which are business bringers  for the bar, the same to be had at 35c  9. piece at the Titqes Job Dept.  Eastern Townthips Bank at Midway  Narrowly Escapes Looting.  Midway is fast becoming a town of  importance. Last Saturday night ��a  daring attempt at bank robbery was a  further indication of the growing times  in the railway town. Shortly after  nine o'clock Mr. Moe, the manager of  the Eastern Townships Bank, returned  to the bank premises aud discovered  two men busily engaged in removing  one of the bank windows. He lost no  time in opening fire on them, which  they returned The result was a regular fusilade which lasted several  minutes. No one was injured. Mr.  Moe itnmeeiately gave thhe alarm, but  the burglars escaped in the dark.  It is supposed that they were watching Mr. Moe's movements and had intended to get into the bank before he  would return. Upon his return he  would have been forced to open the  safe. Fortunately for him and the  bank he arrived on the scene in time  to upset the calculations of the bank  robbers. This is one of the few attempts ever made to hold up a bank in  this province, and is accounted for by  the proximity of Midway to the international boundary line.  FRANCESCA DA RIMINI  The tragedy of Italian history to be  presented here soon by Harold Nelson.  It eas been in such heavy roles as  "Richelieu" and "Hamlet" that Harold Nelson the favorite Canadian  actor has scored "his greatest success.  He comes to Greenwood Monday October 30th., in the greatest tragedy ot  Italian history "Francescada RiminiV  as dramatized bv Boker from" Dante's  immortal story.  Briefly, the play deals with the marriage oi* Lanciotte, a hunchpack cripple of a noble, family, to a beautiful  young girl. Tha cripple's brother,  who is young and handsome, is constantly thrown in the compay of the  wife during Lanciotto's absence, resulting in a mutual love, which the  husband discovers and in one of the  most intense acts iu the drama ends  the  lives of the three. 7  As Lanciotto, the deformed husband,  wronged by nature, by his brother and  his wife, Mr. Nelson has a tragic role,  seldom equaled in dramatic writings.  The beautiful lines. .Hie intense situations and the tremendous climaxes are  handled with masterly art.  " As Pepe, the court jester, Cliffon.  Lane'Bruce will have an opportunity  to further the most excellent impression he "has gained by his uniformly  clever acting".  Miss Helen Scott will look and act  the part of the beautiful Francesco to  perfection.  Manager C. P. Walker, who provides  Mr. Nelson with his complete productions, has been more lavish than usual  and supplied his company with a scenic  and costume equipment thr.t surpasses  anything heretofore seen' in Western  Canada,  Mr.' Nelson's engagement here is  looked forward to with much pleasant  anticipation.   Some Seasonable,Advice 1_  It may be a piece of superfluous advice to urge people at this season of  the year to lay in a supply of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. Ir is alnio.ij  sure to be needed before winter is  over, and much more prompt and satisfactory results are obtained when  aken as soon as a cold is contracted  and before it ha*-, become settled in the  system, which can only be,done-by  keeping the remedy at hand. This  rsmedy is so widely known aiid so altogether good that no otie should hesitate about buying it in preference to,  any other,    For sale bv'all druggists.  The Railway Fight.  The V.. V.  ��.,   Ei.  railway  company  ] has commenced action  in   tlie supreme  i oonrt at Vancouver to .secure   right of  ' way over tlie  l.ni-li*.  of  Hie Columbia  and   We.ttern   ne;ir Midway.    Formal  requests were refused  and  the matter  is being fought iu th*- courts.  The affidavits accompanying the.^petition state that a warrant of immediate possession is necessary, as the V,  V. & E. line is constructed on both  aides of the land over which permission to pass has been refused and the  company's operations .are seriously de-  laved. The application will be.heard  November 4th. '  4*  4��  4  *  4-  4-  4>  ���*  THO���-��  LIMITED.  "  EMectric  current   supplied   for  Power, Lighting, Heating and  Ventilating. Power furnished  for Hoisting and air-compressing plants, with an absolute  guarantee of continuous  power  service for operating.  Get Our Rates. We Can Save You Money  In  the   art  of  meat cutting  is  what'all butchers  should possess to ensure their customers of getting  just what they ask for.  ; This knowledge we-possess, that's why  THE UNION MEAT MARKET  1 is so popular. > \  All kinds of FRESH VEGETABLES'kept in big pans \  especially prepared in which from a fountain pure Lynn \  Creek water is constantly sprayed over .them,  keeping them., .>  fresh and clean. \  >ac>f,s��_M__inB_____B��>sM_nM-__Ma____a_a______HD-_M__B__ \  P. FLOOD,     Prop, j  -v$��i-i#tt#��tta*j-*'��e��ea#����<-��ei-t����a$ea^  The best  . ���  roducer  KNOWN  *  ft  ��.  ft  ��  ft.  ft  ft  a  �����  ft  ,*  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  *  ��  _  ��  >������ . &  a'*'��:*i����#a*fi,����#��#0��0e-)��������'ii  GREEN BONES, CUT FRESH  THREE TIMES PER WEEK  ��#��-f��^-^��'*-*i--����-r'��ftftft��#ftftftftft����a��ft*9ft����ftafteft-.  sor  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ^ft��9��������_����O��ft��ft��ftftftft0��ftftft������ft��aft����ftft*����ft��ftftft����f9sft��00����  Tit*sRIass Itieals Served  nigbt and Day.  Marry C��i-jtts.  Proprietor  PRACTICAL      WATCHMAKKH  .: JEWELLER.  All work guaranteed  AND  GREENWOOD  For Sale���Queen's hotel. Greenwood,  B. C. I will sell furnished and give  lease on property. Easy terms. Reason  for selling, going out of hotel business. Apply 011 premises to D. Manchester..    7-10  .Eight men are.'now sinking on the  old shaft of the Elkhorn. It is expected the ore will he reached in a  couple of weeks. Stoping is also being  done from t.ie old drifts. ��-  ��*!--  ���AM*!  PS  -cc*-  ���jM"-  IP  tttfrr  untain View  Hotel.  SITUATED AT SIDLEY, B. C.  ii On the direct travel between..  S2fcr  ^V-*-*"*"*;  "SK*".  ���WrSfi  w  m  MIDWAY, ROCK CREEK, OSOYOOS, FAIR-  VIEW, KEREIHEOS and HEDLEY. B. C  _#"2  m  *���*���-*���>  g_.  p| Rigs and Saddle Horses can be supplied at short  ^  ���v5j*> " . ��$&_f  notice. Sw  m  ���j_.-S  ���sflJS  ���***-S  Travellers will   find  this  the  best  aud  shortest  route  from  Greenwood  to the Similkameen  and  Okanagan Valle}T,  m  *>.->  *VK?��!P^  A ■mmmmrewrmmn
To reduce our present stock
of Chiua betore new goods
arrive we will give a reduction of
on any piece until ISTovember
Booksellers,  Stationers,   Wall
Paper Dealers, Etc., Etc.. Etc.
Opera House.    One Night Only
Mr.  C. P.  Walker presents the eminent actor
Supported by Clifford Lane
Bruce and a  capable  company in
da Rimini
The   greatest    tragedy    of \.
Italian^ history.
Scenic and  costume  equipment   surpassing   anything
heretofore seen in Western
$1*00 and 75 cts.
Seats on sale at White Bros., and
Thomas Drup Company.
ii    TOWN TOPICS   ,.
Julius Ehrlir-.h of P. Burns & Co. has
returned from a business trip through
the Similkameen.
R. Hodgins and E. B. Dill were on
a huntiug trip to West Copper'this
week.    They goi two deer.
D. J. Darraugh has been appointed
chief constable at Midway, Constable
Young returning to Kootenay.
Jas,   Fisher came  in front Rossland
"Sunday last. ""He and~W. Hannah have
a deal on for some mineral claims.
D. McKinnon, formerly with, the
Hunter Kendrick company here, died
in Spokane last week of tubercolosis.
The Rev. M. D. . IcKee has moved
into the house north ol and adjoinihg
the school house on Kimberlcy avenue.
. Hazlewood"&  Halcrow   are   making-
/ •■■... °
good progress on- their sinking contract at the Helen, about six feet a 'day
being made.
November 1st the Bank of Montreal
opens a savings bank department.
Interest will be allowed on deposits at
current rates.
Trafalgar day was not celebrated in
Greenwood. .
Contractor Bunting has completed
work on the new residence of C Scott
Galloway at the corner cf Desdwood
and Cnurch streets.
Duncan Mcintosh returned last week
front a trip to the West Fork county*,
where he had been inspecting the
properties with a view to investing.
A. E. Ashcroft, P. L. S., left Saturday for Vernon. Be will do considerable engineering work on the Coldstream ranch in connection with a
comprehensive irrigation scheme.
The boxing contest, advertised to
come off at Feri-3', Wash., Saturday
evening, didn't materialize, owing to
lack of patronage and consequent slim
gate reciepts. Boxing contests except in the/ No. 1 class do not draw
draw large houses.
Dr. Robert Bell, head of the geological department at Ottawa, was in
Greenwood on Wednesday on his annual tour of inspection. The doctor,
who is one of the oldest men in the
service, has been as far north as Dawson. He is inspecting the field work
for this year and arranging the details
of next season's campaign.
A number of callow youths, some of
whom are not more than sixteen years
of age, will appear before Police Magistrate Hallett this afternoon to answer
to the serious charge of being frequenters of houses of ill fame. It is
stated that the charge was laid at the
request of one of the parents, who exhausted every other means of saying
his wayward son.
J. J. Jeffery, secretary of the V., V.
& E., and A. L. Russell, of Evans',
Coleman & Evans, Vancouver, were
visitors to the city this week. Mr. Jeffery was here simply for pleasure. He
had earned a holiday and considered
the interior of the province a good
place to spend it. They visited Midway and other points of interest in the
Boundary. Before returning to the
coast they intended seeing Rossland
and Nelson.
The Times now has a rustler on the
road. When he strikes you just give
up. It will save time and hot air, for^
he has instructions to fasten and stay.
You'll hear him long before you see
him. If vou want job printing done
tell him. It's his business to corral it.
If you don't^want to subscribe, use a
shot gun before he fastens. He can't
be pried off. Don't speak, just go
down in vour pocket. He'll do the
talking and'handle the cash while he
talks. \
J The death occurred at Calgary Saturday last of Mrs. John Mouat, mother
of Mrs. R. K. Steven of this city. Mrs.
Steven last week received a telegram
that her mother had been stricken with
appoplexy, and left immediately for
her bedside. She was joined by the
other members of the family who were
all present when the venerable mother
passed away. Mrs. Mouat was "the
relict of the 1: te John Mouat, who
aied in Nelson about two years ago,
since when she has been living with a
married daughter in Calgary. A large
family of sons and~daughters_s~ left~ to
mourn the loss.
The playgrounds at the schoolhouse
are a credit to whoever is responsible
for them. They are not fenced, thaS
mud is a foot or two deep, and the
whole place has very much the appearance of a stocKyarcl corral with
out the fence. The grounds could be
made dry by running a ditch along
Church street and down to Kiinberley
avenue, to carry off the surface water
that comes from the hill. Either the
school board or the city council should
take some action. At present the
place is too filthy for children to move
tiboiit in it.
Perfect Harmony of Style and Good Taste;
an Even Balance of the Ntcities That
Render Our Clothing Superior,
There is harmony of taste and fashion in our garments that instantly
commends them to particular men.
Following the newest styles of the
clay, they unite the fashion, the fabric
and the color in a perfect blend of
good taste.
Du! I «J the perfect square cuts as
shown in illustration and the latest
for winter wear, from
$7.50 T© $Z©
OVERCOATS like the accompanying illustration and are quick
sellers,, they range from
$12 TO   $20
Ifor men who wish an extra fine gar-       "Uff] OfU  \ff\MT\"   0|ij|n    n|    (DF TH
merit we highly recommend the .... .       I.ULOLl* UttflllLr    Ollllo    HI    wM
Cheaper Lines and an extra good buy froin $1.00 and up.
F. M. Elkins returned from the coast
last week. While there he severed his
connection with the New York Life
and accepted the position of inspector
for B. C of the Sun Life of Montreal.
Thursday Thanksgiving day Was
quietly spent in the city. Services
were held in the- Episcopal church arid
a joint service of Presbyterians and
Methodists was held in the Methodist
H. J. Fitzgerald, accompanied by
Mrs. Fitzgerald, Judge Hildrtth and
Dr. Frank Byrnes of Chicago, were
visitors to the city this week. They
are interested in the Providence Mining company and came • here to attend
the annual meeting. Mr. Fitzgerald,
who is a wealthy trunk manufacturer,
was here several times before, but it
was Mrs- Fitzgerald's first visit to the
Boundary and she greatly enjoyed the
outing. Judge Hildrith.o a'though a
veteran   traveler,   never   visited   the
The Equal of Gut Glass in Appearance and Weight, at One-
Fourth The Price.
This lot of Vases was shipped to a dealer in a nearby town who has since gone
out of business.    We purchased them at a big- reduction and  offer  them to  you
at a little over wholesale cost.
See Window This  Week.
Ltd. j
Boundary. He was enthusiastic about
its resources, its climate, its scenery,
and its splendid future prospects. The
judge is one of Chicago's prominent
citizens who has been in public life
there for a great many years. Dr.
Frank Byrnes, the newly appointed
vice president^ of the Providence company, is one of the young* medical men
of Chicago who are rapidly coming to
the front by sheer force of ability. In
addition to attending to the affairs of
the company the visitors found time
to visit points of interest in the district. They returned home on Wednesday. Mr. Madden, the president of
the company, and Mr. Heeney, secretary, remain here for some time.
F. F. Ketchum, of W. A. Keith &
C, general merchants, Beaverdell,
came down  from the   West Fork on
Tuesday last. Mr. Ketchum' .says
business is fairly good at Beaverdell.
All the claims now being ' worked on
Wallace mountain are showing up well.
Between two and three cars of first
class ore ore will be shipped from the
Rambler as soon as there is sufficient
snow to rawhide it to the wagon road.
This ore will average in the neighborhood of $200 to the ton. Work will be
carried on continuously at the Rambler.
The Sally also has a large quantity of
high-grade ore in the bins ready for
shipment. Cabins are being built on
the Duncan, and development will be
carried on during the winter. Hugh
Cropley and Paddy • Murray are work-
in g on the Homestake. and Thos.
Murray and Geo. Henderson are
driving a 'tunnel on their properties near Carmi. For the past month
the Beaverdell sawmill has been running steadily. Bill Reid and Trapper
Smith are outfitting for the winter's
fur harvest. Occasional outfits of
of Midway and Vernon engineers are
seen by prospectors between Carmi
and the summit. All the residents of
districtTare" satisfied_triat~ with- trans---"
portation facilities the West Fork will
be one of the best mining- camps in
British Columbia.
A Sayings Department will be
opened in connection with the Greenwood branch. T     :
Deposits received from $1 and upwards.    Interest allowed. 8-9.
Having purchased tthe Tailoring business of Mr. B.
h. Wood. I beg to announce that I am putting
'in a very/handsome stock of fall and winter
suitings.   Jn the meantime I am offering  some exceptional bargains in
any of the suitings in stock
A Trial Order  Solicited
Special attention given to repairing and
Thomas Thomas
Next door to C.P.R. Telegrapb office. GREfeNWOGD.


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