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Boundary Creek Times 1910-03-18

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 *"f-.M-fer,*?  s-p.-k-LW*  ��� ind jish. Wirei^ their principal  irt On thc Sunillcameert, whet*  i-neos now stands, there lived a  ~-���, bantl of Indians am one whom  wlsj^h^notcd, hunter and bis Wife  His'nifme was jSKulock He always  had -plenty of venison and was yen-  liberal to his neighbors   _  Now, it did not please some ot the  older Indians, who bad marriageable  daughters that Sholopk should keep  but-one wjfe^scfoiiey held a meetui*-,  which he waft-invited, faj-Jht-^pl-r.  by Alderman  By Alderman Dixon,  -Walkers letter be received ;  and the clerk notify him of  mCetine Carried  Moved by Alderman biter,  jnded by Alderman Buckless, fftat  the letter from the Greenwood/City  Water Works Co be received and  fyled, and the clerk inform them th-it  the arrangement is saiisi-tCtory Car  ���ed  Finance renprted th-*>*^f6wiiiK ac  counts r-  Grecnw-  ,Co   "'"  *th*Z-  =-5v  �������  Razors made,  tv-eF against  $>-&*  t��J  *^rff  :b.  ,mt, to share ���- _t  iw Ake-r, his former-*;  " see"��^oun-jer  'Oman come to their wigwam, and  lid everything m her power to make  , isleck t&Ee lecond place, but all to  no aVui, the youn-r wite became tbe  fgr-yonte, the old one the -slave  Asleck gave birth *o a ion on which  the fathe- doted   He was always With  hisson'itnd young wife,   never With  Aket     She did the house  work, she  :ked tbe bernes she fetched both  id water���she was the slave  uned to bave revenge, she  Asleck,  but how she did  Eow, she would take her basket  Jo into the mountains, pick bernes   Fscheme    Cominghome oneeve  nine, with her basket nearly full o:  bernes, she camfr across a srnall basin  surrounded with loose rocks In the  she saw a nice grove of sarvice  bernes, and started down to fill -her  basket wben she heard a rattling below  She stopped and rrr*. le the discovery  that she had nearly walked into  tlesnake den She returne-1 ti  brink and began to throw stones at the  snakes The noise of her throwing  aroused die snakes, and she saw that  the place fairly swarmed with them  She stopped throwing Here was  her chance! If she could only get  Asleck down in the basin, then arouse  the snakes,-here would be no escape  But how could she get her down'  she walked around the basin���there  were snakes on all sides She sat down  to think While she was thinking and  watching-the sup wjff�� down behind a  mountai-rrpedcandShe snakes began  to disappear Ab' she hud it, if she  could get Asleck down in the basin  before the sun struck in the morning  she would have her, the snakes would  make their appearance with the sun,  and then she would have her revenge  She started for home and t-aid Shu-  lock and Asleck of ber great discovery  of bernes, and if Asleck would come  with her the next day they could gather  enough for the ivinter Shulock consented, as he was going hunting that  day, but he told Aaleck to be sure and  be home when he returned  The next mormiiu the two women  went to the basin The sun had not  reached It- it would not for an hour  Asleck laid her baby down on a large  flat rack, and tb<^ waned picking but  Aket ww watchiiigthcsun She made  an excuse and left the bafrfn before the  sun reached it Asleok picked -��way,  ���Ainklpe'-'je-ir--)early iwilrn to -f-reluimo  b���et ^uahftnd,wh(!!n she hc-mtherchild  ������tpream. -She dropped her baslcet and  rail to hex Miild She found him ������ov-  Drct|-'witKiwtI*=l'i>-4ina!fcB all around  both hpt#Mwr. Child She picked  himftpjgd-jfejpd^ of the basin,  the erfak-sa^jSpMli ftemjelvcs to her  *kimar^��sgt��j Every step she was  wrucfc'by-ffiefr' -cruel fangs, and she  reach>S|l'tb-sftoO only to fall a corpse  *��� tywSS&W iom-BanitoU the neigh-  (U taj-spf her-flijfijfe eWape antl or  ^^^^chpiVaeUb Shulock  as foi  J  Tsort  rkins,  are ro-  lently confirmed orire-placed  by their respective teams     ���*���*���'  The^pennjendent has given his  consent td^s3��cripnons for the association I^ni'&qlfccted tfroueh the  oftf e ���" TB^^^ectors vr&e ap-  pointe-J^a^s^^'l ?n3 football  grounaV?��re % b*$j|��- *-D n-^-^S  ik^j^fltrfef^eto  :ftfe J���UteiJ'*���ft1���eaS-  McLau  Xhe^eWttaive-  D R TaSf*^d<��,  aprl ftrfirfRnJ  XjfrfaxW4&   _____  ,.__  DeSdwoorfK Jk^A   Mtfn xr&>nd  Eholtt A, ReadeflrE        __, _.-_,  J _i McHasti-r., Green jJftod,.E -G.  ipoferitie'ceived-a'iid-'"  ���Earned  .Moved by Alderman Buckle.  nhdpd by Alderman Dixon, ths  nayor f-hance committe and clerk  be authorized to sign and seal a note  for $3,��00 in favor of the Bank'bf  Mrjntreal for value recen ed   Carried  -Rem-uning committees reported  progress  Moved by Alderman  Dixon   sec  ided by Alderman. McKee, that the  health ofGcet be instructed  to put the  -y on a sanitary oasis     Carried  Mo\ed by Alderman Craig, seconded by Alderman Dixon, that A-  Gillis be appointed pound keeper and  the pound be at the usual place Carried  Moved by Alderman Buckless, seconded Alderman Craig, that the  Council do now adjourn     Carrie.  TEN YEARS AGO  (From BoHn-Urv C-reet-r T men ol Hth 17  The British are closing in  the Boer positions  There are several cases of  small pox at Grand Forks  There is a complete change of  program at the Alhambra theatre  this week  The Graves syndicate have  completed payment of $20,000 on  tbe Tip Top, in Greenwood camp  F J  Finucane, manager of the  Bank of Montreal, will take  three months trip to Europe next  month  Vice-president A K Stuart  presided at the meeting of the  Greenwood Liberal association  last night  Paul Johnson Is thc best advertising agent the city could have-  he looses no opportunity to booit  for tlitn city  The funeral of the late Alice  Palmer took place from the Jipjs-  copal church last Thursday afternoon, Rev W A Robins officiating  log, E> Oliver  S M. Jdhnson, G  Ciintungham anrl W* W drug  ���^tMt*^ JnnF ~  antf George  ��� lu ��H ��� ^ alternates, T  W  ^^r^eJvL^J*-^ and J  Mc-Mofe^,,  -V WOMAN HAN)  l>e hrown ano- -white*  iockey   --4W fed hiin tofwHcn!  ifc tweoSd'h his fsvarife  the child held faif wher  i3 per sis  here   lie  v   .wftllfgreol the>^5reenwood  Sn-theiH    Followni-s ihetx  f-fthe  -V*rfl>ri| T-ranches    f  :oTjtd   io;    Jlagl-inrl    bate  Sd   theinserce's ihe    ' Duke s  etc,*j*nid Mr^fiargreaves  alWl|Aas obtained  thepermwfiiia*-1fjfc'jfiutti'in. Slcb-  srdVBcide to nanrfPthe Green-  J wooJ��oy Scoutgjne     r^rem c  leya^b-^^SsTToWf-t B C  has a  ' ~ ~       ^   imeat whetttftit be Con  Warn>u, J  U Coles, 'V^B Efttf^ aervatl^e or Lit-&a�� as long as  Greenw-o-bd has eaget Bttjt Scouts,  they will he known officially^ as  ih"e~Pr(amTer's f$fra Good luck  to them, u, y  INDIGNANT YUKON ,  The Klondyke countri has be*n  roused to *a stqrra ofproteit oy  mt-erviewa  given   the preaa.i  Canada and U S A , tu whi^  is state* that   prospecting ft*]  thing of tbe past in the Yu)j|  A cttapaign will be started ten  fute theafr charges and prove that  ^^  Ae Yukon is the scene of morft  tried-, prospecting and mmitJff activi1^  *-**-'1*th'��n ever  Last weeic -we recorded 4rh"e aad  .news of -tfae^death of-^c&i Flesh-  er, of the Dommito4%id ~**"~  Winnipeg Mr i%l��ty  born st Forest Moo*^fensejYorti;-  s^ipe, but was brougnfeto danad**  infant, lmnv for many  years in the r-efgHborhodd of  Orangeville, Ont ^Jn- bia  brother William, he afterwards  moved to Flesherton, of which  enterprising village he -was the  father and, to which be gave his  name There1 he carried on a  general store, milling and grain  business Turning his attention  to politics, he soon obtained a  seat in the legislature, representing Cardwell from 1873 to 1879,  and did much to establish the  predominance of Conservative  principles in Canada Coming  west nearly 30 years ago he entered the Dominion lands service  in Manitoba and for ]7 years was  agent in Minnedosa From there  he was moved to Winnipeg and  continued to hold an important  position antil his death  ,    FROM STUART LAKE  ^rank Kosher -who has charge  of A G Hamilton's store at  Stuart lake, and C Devereux  from the same place reached Fort  George the fore part of the week,  coming by way of Stuart river  aud the trails an estimated distance of 135 mile9 They report  having experienced rather a hard  trip, owing mainlv to reient  thaws Stuart river was open for  the first ten mllei froth the lkkc,  ���ml from there on triveling on  the river was bad, owthg to flooded  The temptrVw-fe at Stuart  lake has been exceptionally mild  since Christmas, seldom rejjfistt-i-  ing" below zero.  17 MILE TUNNEL  The Great Northern is planning a 17 mile tunnel from Chi-  waukum to Skykomish in order  io escape such disasters aa thc  iNWUng ton snowslide, This  JVould be the longest tunnel in  |l��e world and would cost fifty  ^niUions  idSreaoy to ?-^^^.%^:5*f  --   ^   *- hank^c(rnetacfi_   ^^^  ��� "Sm-eV customeSIS"  around the placewiigj  aevger-. -whose -inw-^r*  ithfir men iw^-jr %  BARTHOy  As!*ftrp  felt ifi San Fram  The motion was long' ^-^  Telephone  aarl 'teWgri^^cg  panjes-teport that -itjtrae.fe^  other parts of ttejitaig_     ���  NEWEST^GOLD FmCEU,  ihip^  -jxKnbined       Curtiss,   WrigtfS  He  ��- u maLt   a  fligb.yn a few days  Gold  discoveries  are reporteo  from   the  district   around   Fort  Matacbewan   neat Clear Water ���  lake    discovery   making   being '  rendered easy by the many ^exposures of rock  ENACE INDIA    (Jfe,  is bringing prea^u*. .<  ;hiaa to have her troop  rom Thibet where thcy  ;ce to the n**" past  -f India  . jStUrnetTio  fthem cany Atle-.ii.  me and hurv them ftWoplanes took pi  frjiwi��w and ini'ver* . w,*������ inBt  duappearfl-l m (hef^n, France, last  Ima-iacIs  ;  k     iuvlatnraebcaped Milhurt  EG1TPTIAN TROUBLES  Since the foul murder of the  ^EJgyptiftn premier more murders  .of Dgyptwn and British officials  ate predicted and expected.  SESSION ENDED  lo-'-hl    Th-   JP-' .*E*at   wash  fl�� *8WJgh' Sj jl ��� 1 ait Friday ,  ���aftcrawti, ifljiu* i' I  THE CANADI^,1  Brt,-.^  OF COM!  Paid-up Capital, $10,000,00)*-  DRAFTS ON   FORE1C**' 'CC?   _ : j  Arrangements hovp ret-enll*>  been tompleled undLi" Vlilr-ri thc  *   _  of this Bank ere able ta Issue Drall-i un Hit- pr ud>%il pai-ttf  In the following count I- v  Amtrft Htwgary    Ftntaod. 1 eland  Belgium Formoaa Itulj'  Brazil France s"  * Sulgarur. FrchCa-hsn Cbma ^  Ouylon Germany  >  China Great Br-itaio  Crete Greece tNoru-aj  Denmark Hotlaad Persia  Egj-p Iceland Phillip n    il  Faroe Itlanda India 'mniii^j  NO  DEtAY  IN  ttaUINQ r UUL-f * rT 1CULAB8-ttN  APflfcl  matti  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTfflteT*  J. T, BEATTIE, M... ^     ',       .��-.   dfeu<  ���-*> .     *^J*  HOUSE  FORBIOQ  BY  NEW VACUUM acXiU-^ \  This Machine For Ret;!, Sl-frfr ��?y  EASY, CHEAP. SANITARY, / ''       *.   '  CLBANE EVFitf THING  The Hunter-Kendrick  - LIMITED  -ST"'''*  r.jn ���<"���?���  ���rWJ&*��;!  ;Bou^ftiii!ii  tt&*i;i  ���������s*?*-.-.  ynyuKf--  ���to"  |  *^l  <T  \  Cr**-1  I*-/*-*  <F*\  CF<\  ������V-O5**!  ���ic-"  ���vr  ..Bank of IplS^  ���*������*=?  ESTABUSHEB 1817,  .-:-������*&  Capital, all paid up, $14,400,000.   .: XitesV,*-^id:.|l2,000)000.  UNDIVIDED   PROFITS  $ii7.6^_!8_S*        ',        y  Hon. President:   Lord STKATJfcCoi-iA AN-> Mouht-Kitty* L, l��. C. M.��.  Presitlet-t:   Sir Gko_*��.j- A. DIWMMOND.K.C. M. .G:,S- ���-...  '.'ice-President and General Mattivfer :   Sir B.'f. CLtC-STON, Bart  Buy and seU SterlWg ".-.chantfe a^^ Grant Comifc-ercial an  Travellers' Credits, availablein any par^rthe-wot-ld,  SAVINGS BAJ��KtiP^��E?tT  Interest aliowr^.kt c*-**^  sfei brandies in London, Bug:  T;5_E*_j' ��-iw   iMf-i ��-��_l Rt_*rll_rfi-f 3?-_ci  _. Greenwood Branchy   W��-^  cr*  TOR; Manager.  ��  __#  *N-9.  < itr Gfeentyood, "and .we" are' not  _ial_ way^t^ougfeMarch^yit is  &ra^ing.J.*-^ Our  climate is*;go.pi^v.-'a-|i|i'-'aMed to that  W-fj-liave i^r_e_v^f Mirls, sports th-ej^^rf  hunting atjcj^th  pie you evefeasLw.  ,-*-.��� -*.-*������-  THE BANK OF  poweV?iQ^$ii��C* ^gteiif _aad ���Vaiijtcgr  merise tract of fifw; territory  be opeded'uojjf it.  jea^'rou^l goo*  fishing^p|;||||  hunting atjc&the best \i0v��$m% ��Lmm&  ������-;  b_&  OF  *y-**J  IrtilEOT EVENTS  ^;^fe_4i^hi3-*it lady police mag:  -^S^^ratileiti  Margaret Difeb-  ��� '.-���Ay: j.V,_ V'-"���'*-.. ���'������   '���    ���" '   .  ' ^vi^*iiow-  ��^gitl^;^e<S_.ly car  t&t>YY^'JY:Y]:  by opening an account**-*  North. America an%|��  Monthly deposits?.,  . J-|*icx3.5,starts a S^-ng-Q-c-c-yunt and Interest  'r fs" cum-rjpunded ^yi^fest current rates.  Whole district will benefit from  the mix up.  VANCOUVER'S GRAVE  . ,jr��.  ., .      .   .  *mg(rv-y>.: >t *   l^yfijtf s t  ^���Cbantecfer"  ^:,  '^il^a_^l_g_1#d'^pR^ mem*  *- ^^erribie from all. pirts^j^thVv Contir  nent at Toronto next" Jline, for a. reunion in celebration of the Semi-Cen-  tennial of the regiment. The fes-r  tivities will commence Saturday. June  t     ��� ��� ,'r '���  .*jj 18th,-with a reception at Government  ^Hoiist^liis honor, the lieuter&nt-ROv-.  ernor,;lt^ce many  other notables, being an* ex-member-' of the  crack regiment.    Oh Sunday a monster church  performance    o f j parade of gx-meinbers and  the  pres-  in   Paris realized '���     t membej:s will  be a unique .affdr.  During the  week,   'grand   historical  pageants  on a scale  only equalled at  the   Quebec Tercentenary, and  will  be given by several thousand performers on the Rosedale Athletic grounds.  In  addition  there will be  numerous  social meetings of old comrades.    In  nearly .every town and city in the Do-  *-_nimoii,   and   many   in  the   United  Spates and elsewhere,   are  men   who  hafp?r,served  in   the  Queen's Own,  -'���''-,'���-,- ---YYyiy,..  Irps^;cp1in^e|^|f:;  technical^��a&fete*i  pf^befbrei otte oiii'he judge's -of  jW=��':V.- i* .-*...��� :--���' 'YY^yy^yyyy^-^yy  \tfie; J>H^rior'CJotjMt��of *|tl^^iaijed  ^te|^;^'|i^ha^'dri  s^h_^ desiU-t*6ry;.wa^^  *i ' " a's'^ y ctir��d^ tjw_^  ^���^j^i-i'j-Oe'S' latest enterprise is to,  ^vt^% huge sanitorium \^ M-ed-  icit^ajie.^ . . ". '-.������'-."'y'XYY.  te*  The Brusselff^Kposi tiOn, p.  ned for the past* eight years, wi|t;  be opened ApHl 28-  Masked   robbers   held, up the,  home<, of   Nathan   Anderson   in  Spokane  last .week  aud  secured  Golf ax,   Cheney, add-i^  Wash.f ace^a few of Hhe'";feit-  ,'��������*;:  -he southif^f --^is .to sxn&GrYYY^mM '&ft  ���'^it^iXy-' '-���-'���      ������������������ -s^^n itat  serious fl  H. W. FARMER AGO.,  REAL ESTATE AG I  Rock Cj^e|k, B. C.  Capt.  George   Vancouver,  the  discoverer of .Vancouver island,  orer>of British Colambia> and  ir whom the westw-^v  K'"' "MM  lies in the church:  ersham,  a charming  ihtohed village near Rich-  about 14 miles southwest  0$, England.   No monu-  .r_ve<>n placed over his re-  ^'csdfthe grave is in an  lectedrendition, cov-  erfkand rank  grass,  aiid^its existence almost entirely  anknown.    In this instance, it  ty?--#r'  -a ��� -'���__���_"������������'������������"'��� "���������_  -dst be] admitted; that England  i��-j*|of gotten to honor one of her  great "inen, even.ilifter: 4eathy..and  it canuot-y^uim^l^^'^-  fittine memorial.sliou-i^l  i&p*  The- E-tipl^Tqji^v^^  has opened-WBfiiiY  *-���    '.'-^?;j^4V*;  Burns ���&YG$$$;''  business i^mts^own  BOUNDARY   VALLEY   LODGE  Sw-*<" No. 38.Ii,C. O. F.  Meets every  Xnesda; Evening at 8 00 in the  I. C. O. F. HalL    A cordial Givi tatioa I* ex  tended to all sojonming brethern.   ���  F RED B. HOtMES, F. E.BROWN,  N. S.  ALBERT LOGAN^Rer*. Sec.  jf--'Wc  pity Creek Times  Istuet. ���u$ry fridav  SUflSCHlRyiONS IN ADVANCTi.  Bb* VBJ.lc-......i.-. *....,:    J 00      1 25   2 ��0  Si3 Months.-,   i*0-FOBEIOW CtUDNTRIEa ..  ������:>-���  -__s_  !-���-  V^..  spot of his burial.','''-_-6^|^*^^  lumbian's might undertake 'Hii  themselves.  ^lafjie Semi-Centennial   committee  iijlferous  of getting   personally in  T0y..'  ^H|^ith as many of them as possi-  J0Y^T6 that end it will greatly facilitate matters if the   ex-members who  cv||_ni3^will  h;_j;|^tQ-.H&'p^ti:ac)_-; of what he was  'try^''g}M'pie^ent,/:i_nd the judge  has -just /vented, a suggestive  iyawn. v'.. -"'.-'  "I sincerely trust that!l am not  unduly trespassing on the time of  this court," said the lawyer, with  a suspicion of sarcasm in bis  voice.  "There is some difference," the  judge qitietly observed, ''between  trespassing on time and encroaching on eternity."  '���*"���' *��� ���''��.*>���    �����* ~  jr^ath Is.fte summit of  being-;  ju^ce.is the "t^gplicatiou of it  to  a  For Pale  Delicate People  Builds up Strength- brings back the  ruddy glow of health'-by creating a  natural appetite for nourishing food.  Get only the Ji. & L., the original.  50c and $1.00, at all drag-Hj_ts_r  Davis & Lawrence Co., Montreal;-  disea-se  stoMcii(|  m  i6h.m^Y^^yi  havd^fieir origin in a diseased WQdition o   .  ethof organs  ot digestion smd  nutritloii,. ��r  ."/''���   "   '���'"���-������-.   :-.rY: ��� i '������ : .'������'-���'y-'M '���"'  y'      The strong man Jtati a atron$  Take ihe ab&re recommend*  erv" and yog>may haVe a at  ach and aattoa&hody.YYy-JpYYYYYX^r:. y Y'Yt^M^i  - ���   ��� ���-���-   ':-'r.y.y . '���**"_���'-v..ijt*'-y*tr-^y- '-:'   r^i^S'^v^'  GhtBN AwAY.4-Df. Piercers Comm-oft^^  ��rir?"i-*..-i'  The Q. J..* mine, in Okanagan  county, Wash,, is, now*under option tp. Vf .Newhouse, of Salt  Lake City, for $2,200,000.  The marriage of Princess Patricia, of Connaught, to King  Manuel of Portugal will take  place this coming summer.Y ...  .The C. ��� P. R Irrigation company announce they will spend  $12,000,000 extending, their irrigation system  between   Calgary  * ��nd Medicine Hat.  -S~f SwSi'-S-  ROAD TO NO. 7  ������<UNtCN  -a��j&jg_-  ,��.;,   FRinAV/MARCH T*. 1910.  ....   ���.-���> 'V, ���  ?*���������: 3bsss*T'  .^js  h%U-  %BA��||ALL  T5i'  "Tp^  All roads lead to Greenwood,,  but Greenwood ha3 no direct road  to the No, 7 mine There is an  old mountain road, of a kind-,  from near Boundary Palls to tbis  newly acquired. property of the  Canadian Consolidated, but it  does not appear to be sufficient  for the needs, ef this important  mining company, for the city of  of Phoenix is planning to build a  good wagon road from that enterprising centre to tbe No. 7,  if tbe Government will stand  half of the expense of construction. There is no doubt but that  such direct connection with a  J/ ������ ge working mine  would  most  _d.he$��n^er*'i_t over "int. eonew Unquestionably benefit Phoenix.  B,..,'i!l .  -  .-"**v? -:':���)�����. ��� ��       rt :-  ww&.  m&Yyrim  WyW^?-  mYYwm,.  \ '"**-'* *"ri't".-V-'     '"  fe  ^fW&riiA with 'it tW;#ittter's sports,  m h^My, curling, skating, etc.  Pt^b^-a-^etf^f.sp'ring, ten-  aiis bas already commenced in  ^fWen wood, and i^'j^^omjija, ohe  ���l' with a challenge irftmihe Mother  Lode '.nine lo Greenwood to play  ball whenever the twcJ teams can  get... tegr-_|fier. No better wav of  prc^notmg social intercourse exists than thc periodic'-*! contests  for p^e-eniine*hce' between two  closely connectedycenters as the  Mother^|Lode andV^Greenwood.  Every effort on behalf >pf either  plfics to g-ct up some good ball  g^m-yC ro��yibe season should meet  with'encouragcaief-l from us all.  Of coiuse'we know that the mine  has man-y' sturdy ball players, but  here in town we have all the elements that go to *.ni.ikc up a first-  ... class ball teafn, if ���'.- r? Only get  YY together and practice. 1 l's a good  line, push it along, and form a  boundary 'eag^ic^with Grand,  ���Forks   and " P%enix,    and   the  Why should not Greenwood get  this trade connection? There is  a large appropriation for road  building this year, in this riding,  aud a direct road to the No. 7.  mine would be a boon to Greenwood and its trades people. I_etB  get busy and build it.  ii-^-K* Vanderbilt is to be  telfywith the order of the  I_-eJPSi_';$.. Honor, by the French  Government, in recognition of  her work for the poor of Paris,  at once communicate  |?fi8js||ermanent Secretary, Mr.  11^,36 King street east,  , and prevail (upon all the  other ex-members they know to do  the same. Mr. Riddell will promptly  send them particulars. .   ,.  Medici i-*s that aid nature_are always  most successful. Chamberlain's Cough  -Remedy.acts on this plan. It loosens  the cough,   relieves the  lungs, opens  "the secretions and aids nature in restoring the system to a healthy condi*-  tion. Sold by all druggists aud dealers. .'���:..  NOTABLE FIRES  MINERAL ACT  tfi  John D. Rockefeller, Jr., has  retired from all corporations with  which he is connected to devote  his life to oversee the disbursement of his father's great wealth  in the cause of charity.  A world-wide disorganization  of the money market is believed  to be inevitable by London financiers as a result of the evident  impossibility ot passing the governmental budget before the end  of the fiscal year.  Unfaithful to his promise to  marry Lucia Tuorila, Alexander  Lilji, a miner recently of Finland, more recently of Ladysmith,  Vancouver island, was last week  condemned to pay her $2,500 and  and the costs of her suit.  Chicago, 1871; Boston, 1872;  Baltimore, 1904; San Francisco,  1906. ''_ ':'  Fully nine out of every ten cases of  rheumatism is simply rheumatism of  the muscles due to cold or damp, or  chronic rheumatism, neither of which  require any internal treatment. AH  that is needed to afford relief is the  free application oi Chamberlain's Liniment. Give it a trial. You are certain to be pleased with the quick relief  which it affords. Sold by all druggists  and dealers.  QUITE A LOSS  Great Britain has lost $142,-  000,000 in revenue through the  rejection of the budget by the  Lords, according to an announcement made in the House of Commons by David Lloyd George,  chancellor of the exchequer.  A Great Bu-lder.---T-.fae d. & L."  Emulsion is a great builder.* It gives  weight, adds healthy flesh, and altogether overcomes any downward tendency of health.  Some men's ways of flattering  themselves is to exaggerate the  cleverness of those who cheat  them.  Bearine (from Canadian Bear grease)  applied to the roots of the hair, keeps it  glossy   and  proventa its falling out.  SOc. a jar.  When a headache  keeps a girl  Medford, Ore., a  little city  ol j from seeing  a caller  it's*a sign  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  "Gem" and ���'Emerald" Mineral   Claims, situate  in  the Greenwood Mining Division.  .,Yale District.   Where located:   Long Lake  Camp.   . /i-  TAKE NOTICE that I, C. JR. Shaw, mgiu%:  tor Spencer. Bennerman, Free Miner's;  certificate No. Bl-��423, a^nd Fred Moser, F-jee*  Miner's .certificate No. B14082, Intend, siit*ty'  days'from date bireof, to apply to the Minlng  Recorder for a. Certificate of Improvements,  for the purpose of obtalding* a Crown G.rarjt;  of the above claims;--.*.* ,*   --'Y^\  And further take notice that action under? sec  tion 37, must be commenced before the issuance  of snch Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this I6th day of December, \'. D..1909.  32 C. M. SHAW, B; C, fc'.'S,  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements,  NOTICE.  "Buckingham Fractional" and '-Ragnarock  Fractional" Mineral Claims, situate in the  Greenwood Miniug* Division of Yale District.   Where located:   In Deadwood Cfimp,  TAKE NOTICE that I, David A. Good,  Free Miner's Certificate No. B26560, in-  tend, sixty days from date -hereof, to apply to  the Mining "Recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for the ~purpoi>e of obtaining  Crown Grants of the above claims.  ���And further take notice that action, under  Section 37, must be commenced befor* the  Issuance of such Certificate of improvements.  Dated this 10th day of February, A. D. 1910.  D. A. GOOD.  MINERAL ACT.  fhe Best  Winnipei  ��� *l ��� -:*1  ���>&-';  ���thei!  saimm-;  --���>l8k;  .���������*"�����  + ,$���+###*$$?#.  mmY:  .Ys^mY^i  m&Y* ������  OO0OOO0<k>b<K>0O0O0<>04tM��j|(><K^  Certificate of Improvents,  NOTICE.  "Eholt," "Tanglefoot" and " Sovereign Fractional " Mineral Claims,' situate tn Greenwood Mining Division of Yale District.  Where located:   Iu Skylark Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I,C. M. Shaw, ageut  for Fred Moser, Free Miners' Certificate  No. B26433, aud John Zurfluh, Free Miners  Certificate No. B2M85, intend, sixty days from  date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder  for Certificates' of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants ofthe above  claims. ;jm    -  And further take'notice that action, under  Section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 7th day oT March, A. D. W10.  C. _E. SHAW, B. I<. S. S.  Dissolution of Partnership. .  EDITORIAL COMMENT  Dig down deep for the combined  rink, and smile while you do it.  Lord Kitchener is to be the  next Viceroy of India, the right  man in the right place.  This is the month of mud, but  even mud feels good under foot  after months of rubbers and wet  snow. But with the warm sunshine of this week even the mud  will not be long with us.  '*-_.  ir*.  y :  J'-3'  200  0,000, leads the world in  wagons" with a total of  cars, or one for every 30 people.  And Medtord is well equipped  with garages, up to date in every  particular, to care for them.  The 3lst of this month will  see the end of the Customs fiscal  year. From the present outlook  it is expected that the revenue at  the Vancouver office will total  over $4,000,000, an increase of almost 25 per cent, over the revenue  for the preceding year.  "jii-  Nofc  for  many  years  hav  beeu-h!fes3ed with  <-.uch   . r_  -,-ai  springf*^||enni_. is being  Jia;.a|_._ec_ricity    wi:  _*f-T^ -V- _.-       *  -i  The   Alberta  Government  hras  favorably received  a deprttjtt".'  asking for assistance to build tbe  railway between  Mediciae   Hai-tl  and Calgary, south of the C.   P.-  *���'   u!.-^in line.    It is reported that  the    motor  that he isn't the right one.  Proper attention to tne hair  ���ind scalp is the best preventive  of baldness. An occasional application of Bearine Hair Pomade keeps the scalp in healthy,  condition:-" It. nourishes the  hair folicle? and supplements  lhe natural oil of the head.  Boajine not only prevents falling- hair but stimulates new  growth. 50 cts a jar at your  druggists.   ..-  NOTICE Is hereby given that the copartnership heretofore subsisting between  the undersigned as confectioners and. tobacconists, etc., under the firm name of Holmes &  Kennedy, Greenwood, B. C., has this day been  dissolved by mutual .consent. The busiuess  will hereafterbe-carrled on by Fred B. Holmes,  by whom all debts of the old firm will be paid,  aud to whom all outstanding accounts due the  old firm must be paid. '';:*...,  Greenwood, B. C, February .19,1910.     .".-   ' *  W.'G. KENNEDY.  FRED B. HOLMES.  Witness:   T. W. Hebbard.    .',..���'���  i OVER 66 YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  MMS  Trade Marks  >        DesIot-s .  .,..,....      Copyright* 4c.  Anyone sending B sketch and description mnv  iulcklr *ucert_ii-Pour'ovlnlon-free"itnotlior an  Invention u pro&ablr P��t��i*!J*b!e  sent free. Oldest, aj-enoy lor���wcufTiJBPurenta.  p��t��nta Uken'jfirotiirji Munn^* <o.   tvtciolnotiet, wltbont charge, lathe  CONTRACTOR  AND BUILDER   m  /      Dealer in  all   kinds  Of ,-v .  "rY'Yy yy_-;y-y^Y^,  Rough said ^P6sse*d-  Lumb^ Mo^dingSj i  ���  :,Shingles, Aricks^|g|  \- ���;'. "Cemen-i Et$|^''J  ESTIMATES lriURJNISrtE& fi$  GREENlrYOO^St- WM  YYY>M  r  Quickly Mcertai-Pouroplnlon-free^   _���  rnventlon UprooablypaM^blev/Communlcn-.  Mom strictly corinflfcntlal.HSWDBMR on PateuU  -  "���'���*������j for (eeurinBPateiits.  fh Munn * co. recelre  Ju-t the t i  m lor camper-*   hanterF  w-cll as for those that stay at home.  25c a box.  DAVIS Sc LAWREKCK. Montres:.  A. handtomely Uluitiated ynplsly." I*TO-t. <At-  colation of any sclentlflc* Journsl...--Xernur.for  Caiuuts,* JMB a year, ptxttge-prepaid. 8old by.  ��UhewadeaUra^ ���' * -."*-  ��l��0_2"^w'����'��'  oaice. ��6 T BU,WMht*o��ion.  '"    "; '^yyrzy?-'  and  -Leaves  Greenwq  copifect v*ith_  at-2".P-m yvt\  Tym  i&m  St.  MI^K^ArliACTr  Certificate of Improveiueiits.  rA'-i.  &-.  ,._ y   :notice.   ; . y ys��  Paymaster ^rsictioiial'?   Mineral Claim]  ate In the* Greenwood Mining Dlvilfe  Yale District.   Where located:   tn Graham  Camp   south of  aud-:adjoinltrft*  Granady^  mineral claim. . * ^i.^lf.' ������Y"''^  AKE  NOTICE that f, Georcre R. Naden,  Free Minerg*   Certificate  No?��272W, ln-  nd, sixty days from the date h-ereof, to apply  . & the Mining* Recorder for a Certificate of Im-  -  t-rovements,    for the   purpose ol obtainlug*a  .Crown Grant- of the above clai ut  _ nnder  Si  ��-"_F_Pjrf-'fi*_r_t-i  %  w  ���*-,���   ,-.--*^<*V.;.;,.  *   "*���'  "'��� *^bI-!6J  ���.�����~iYLB$yps'?  ��� ������.*?*,,���;.> ���       ,  ,   ���-"2:00^  *��  �� 8:3O0i>:-  ��..,.-   Y.fy-Y"  Saturday  last    ata��<5  % "Motherllifi&i6 p. m.   Reffl  % leaves Greenwood 10 p. m. ���  ��;   ���4  "���-. y  Greenwood Office  HOTEL  ;l-C*��rr  Rfaci^,-^^ifpai��%foig ^  Jan.affo^iiot'toaee tbebookafia,  for yourwrili of its'value^itb yon 1 ?���"-  y.:-T?(g|l--?JS *-6.W to the editor and pd  ? HCfeACE J. ST  -������'���-.   \  36, SHRIyDON BvJlLDINi  TON. MICH., \j.k$  /  %  -f. ���WM  _fr_^^*p7��--*r-T  BgiPN GI?_-g,' TIMES  1  -M.-'fj  C_      "Jit  u-Ae  l(p**in a "better  -A    lr ^dJrt^ark basaltic a  i Jg.com  Pfcrcfi, the m-  rf demonstration of  fe Dominio   {ro-**  4 ^Hon    Edgar  Dewdney    formerly  nicinenui't governor of British Colum  bia, has returned :*��� from the Oid|  Country where he went qifbusn  He arrived in London wliorf'*there  was nothi-if*; doing but politics, and he  thinks therAWill be no launching out  pital for new enterprises  itiral siluatipn in England is-jftf  Hf^-f-Jund that  Tjndoa were well up  UM") and   were  ir properties  >r*&few people- realized the resources  oun4^tha_^eniq*^_Tr^f-^' Similkameen   itwas only the  -50    .-  . ^*-!laclt^-trar*sportatioii that had held it  back, anr&tow that this difficulty was  to-be1 tiyerconie    he was sure great'  things would  be heard   of from that  district.    Vancomer, he-thought; had  a  tremendous future before it, and _ _    _. _  where the railways were being built Suud-ay a-shool   2 30-p  4-none-rwtiuld bi-^pjpnt-ful,  Are you freqi  bave that n  thiMt?   Dbi  at night aad do"  tnornin-r*'   Do *������*.__ ,__  takeChamberI_^pria*(EVRemt-.J   yo i wiJLbe pleased   TSj-p W all Orag  ���ptborch   of   the  Sacr<&  Heajrt ���Bivir-e service 1st, thi rd and  fourthl^nnda.-j'-.-ln  cach*-"month.. Holy..  massatrlOja. m.; vesper's-and benediij^  at 7 30 p   m    Sun-lay school a*  pnj "Rev J   A   Bedard ���>.}_��� I  e-atitcH ov-SfcctK-t-u*. (St: Jiide'B]���  .Every Sun-taj, Morning" and evening.  Matins, lfea.ni. Evensr-iij, JU p m  oohool, 2 30-p.in. -Holy Com-  |*ji union, 1st ��n0 3ra^m\(Jsyt,-at 8am  other Sundays  at Jl a m ."'  Sainta'-'Day services as announced  i Church    %   *  JRev. F Vernon Venables. Vicar*  Tb��-co-dJraGts^f_^-.btiiidifig ti*-a4J  new Argentine dreadnoughts  Which are to be the largest and  most formidable battleships in  the wbrld. bave been awarded to  an American shipbuilding con  The American firm bid at  the"-r2te-.ot--$40 a ton less thau  tne lowest English bid or a total  ot cer_$l DOO 000 leas rn each  ship^y. The Americans offered to  itnrn out the snips in from 24 to  27;m6nths- tjnie, while the. British'would offer nothing less thi  33 months'  bRTHWEST  It^wrS fear_  wSl  ward  r, Edmonton, Wlnnliiee  OCK  IG  nd rial-administration that takes a crack'  Ty-5-j-at the railroads nature has been do-  I M-fng her share for the past week The  railroads, all of them, that came into  the Northwest, have had hundreds of  of dollars in extra expenses  against them; as a residr-of  Is, snow blockades, arid slides  mountains.' It wouid be a  matter for a technical railroad  |man to take a pencil and figure out,  even; approximately, the - enormous  which the railroads have sutured - during the jjast few weeks.  lertainly it will run into seven figures,  le Northwest, as well as the rail  tads, 'suffer. The transcontinental  lines-have beeu working hard preparing for the great rush of settlers into  the -Northwest *with the coming of  the Spring>riionths^*: -The recent oc  currences in the mountains will some-  ha* upset their plans, for thousands  of dollars which woufd. ordinarily have  gphelnto eastern newspaper and mag  azine advertising settine forth the great  advantages of the North west, will now  be diverted) for the purpose of meeting this great and unexpected expense.  fc'r-IevertheleSf," sa/s H. C. Nuft,  one of the high officials of the North-  Pacific, "we realize how much  .ei-ery new settler means to the Northwest and-we will brine them as fast as  they will come. We are working  with'the commercial bodies ofh thj  Northwest in encouragjiig immi|��ra-  come to the Northwest. The  more we'induce to ccme.Jbe better it|  will be for the "railroads as well as for  every corner of-Washington, Idaho,  Oregon and British Columbia;"  Chamberlain's Stomach and I<ivei  Tablets i a variably brin-ff relief it  women ��offeriti(*r from chronic .cot-Mi  in headache, biliousness, di-**-!-  sallowuesa of the skin and dye-!  pepeia.Sold by all druegiats and deal-  ITY  OUR DUTY  In a tew years the German  Dreadnoughts ready for action  will number thirty-lhree_,  Vessels of this character alone  now count in battle line.  Britain has within lhe United  Kingdom a food supply lhat will  carry her for two months, or perhaps less  On the hazard of one battle,  then the fiitt- of Britain and the  tCmmre- depends.  Should that battle be di  against tbe Empire stan  will be the enemy's-most  ful ally-  Without invasion, a  merely closing tbe trades routes,  British Empire may be  brought low  Io such an event, where shall  we be?  Effective co-operation in the  batt|e line from the oversea dominions, such as Canada cooper  ation.-.ot the character asked for  by Britain would help preserve  the Empire  Why not give it?  Britain's appeal Canada's duty  th&Empire's right unite to de  jnand that we be prompt, liberal  and effective tn the giving of aid.  -eWorld, Vancouver.  A married man - bas the same  dread of a dry goods store that a  f-Afmer has of a lightning rod  agent. ^_____   Handy' tn the  bouse ��* * oiotw.  |-QY**-ff_>      ���jDavWMcnlliol Salve cures quickly a  lOI y& ,. Unreal many   of  tlie  ilinple  (-..Iir-* lit*  ���noli   as  out-,   -kin   Injiirf-*-*,   Iniecl  bit-** ahd ttHng.,*" IS-*, i tin at <1rit-r<  ��lsU,  fid Into    I     The largest-mau   uf   native  v I copper ever mined was found in  ���"' Htha-Mitine-Qt-i, mine,   Mich, In  1865     It Wei-jhed 4.20 tons  We rtcooimeD-1 Ferrovim, the i  tratlug trjnle, ta-eldcdf people t  itrengtli !��� beglnain-r to. wane, and  rrho iuff��r frMQentl-f from1 attacks of  ���ndden, eihauitlon, chifine��i weak  herfl-tMtlQn, ��toi Ferrovitn couUlna  ���fresh Jean tM^.CttVi^ of-I-yn, and  lpor��oWSi5<9>ii'-9herr-*^Wiiie ��,00  bottle. ��� I  JST-qwleon's hand writing was  ^^^Mtagj^nly Illegible; it is-naid  .hat  v Km|etter3-toa G��to'pJay *o Jose-  ^P^Khe were at  firat taken  f  rough maps oi the seat of war.  S^A. OhtcajjcT'-ctergymun ad  ^rteacwiipolsorynianiagei  Tl  ^*ce i,    - ) ia reserved for whil  %ae bachelors think of t  Chamberlain's -Stontaeh. and  L  Tablets ire safe, siire and T��rihfe.r��-id  been   praise-]  by   thoiisaad-t  n   trho   haye  been   reilored   to ���  health thrtngb tkSpiffentle aid aodJ  curative p^-^tle��    Sold by ^  IfisUaad      ���*  by  BATTLE OF MANAGUA  The insurgent movement  igatnst Managua, the capital of  Nicaragua, has resulted disastrously for tbe insurrectionists.  The government forces ar* reported to have been strengthened,  at a critical time, by the addition  of 500 fresh Hon du ran troops.  These turned the tide of battle  and the insurgents fled in panic,  leaving SOO dead and wounded,  There ara five Jhundred imllio  aus in the Milky Way.  liNDEtZBID BPITfSH  ���t  S\-  BUY YOUR MILK  *-ROM THE -  WOOD DAIRY  an! Cream Delivered Daih  ~^t  FECIALTy  Fred .^ojk-s,  Prop'r,  24th oil^jriii mc teif^1  s in al-r&osr *vei*y C  The 24th  lirations in alrmoikVvery C^SlaJ'*  tan town of any si/e and impoVt  ance. Will Greenwood standi  aloof and allow Ihis national,  memorial holiday to pass uncelebrated? It is not too early to  commence a 24th of May campaign, and never to late to mend  of recent years  known lawyer of Vt\  sued .ihe C P E for his stfaref-  ih settling the mechanics' strike,  died last week at Field. Mr.  Potts, 10 years ago, was a member ot the law firm of Pring]-  Whiteside and Potts, of Gree~-|  wood.  ^  GKEENWOOI  t Stage Line  -faEWS   C1GAH STORE  ^ I re ^.ht  [G1LUS -icyLAING, PRS.  WxOXg^  Od* you wtot^lo -EriBlixalj jjjMal note t>  paper  and envelopes  to   write   your f!  j1 letters on?    If you do ^ i'  Call at THE TIMES OFFICE ','  Prices moderate ',  Jflt  Ever^ people who are usually  healthy occasionally require  some kind of a food tonic. Ferrovim, that excellent combination of beef, iron and sherrv  wine, if-taken M-hen the ^system is run down from overwork or a slights-cold, will  prevent a more serious illness.  Ferrovim gives strength to convalescents and all thin-blooded  people;   $1.00 a bottle.  f72  ^PIASTER  e of the Muscle*. LumtuEO  ���iche. Don't throw iwny  wonhl���iJinfUHo-uJ.by un-  Cimcs  MINERAL ACT-  Certificate of ImDrovements  Everybody should help the census taker. The head of each  family should have all thc children counted.by the time he calls.  Neglected CoHS, Pain I" -he Chest'  and all disease* of the Lungs, are  cured by ufdoff Allen's Lwg Uslsam.  THB MAXIM AEROPLANE  Sir Hlroio Maxim, the great  inventor of fire arms, has constructed an aeroplane to carry  three passengers. Sir Ilirain-rs  machine la of the bi-plane type,  He will next devote bis energies  to the development of a gun to  use on aeroplanes and dirigiblea.-|  OMINOUS  Germany may or may not"hej  preparing for war with G  Britain. The fact remains that  ���he ha-i issued an order without  pre��de%fcC All her available cit-  nena in (he"JUnited States are  "pAKE  cisM.FracIlim:  aslnr    fr-u-llon  VHe District.   Whei  e Mou*y*l-i,  il I, ItMC ll. UllW  Llmlifl LlibUllj.J  ��t nucli Cailllk-aW "I  PIONEER WEEKLf  IJ It li  N  OTICE 1" litreli  .1 Lul 1AW  jll'��lB-(, Ihemf no*  Sittdthl.WilMl  n��;  ���jtootfor r-pal an-i -Jtlrul'**-*" *"���.'"�� fo"*  d-acrllwdUnJ*' -liua"*'�� ***', ,��� J,���  raroar ot Lot Z331, f"^"'^��� ���  -ctatairt��W����lWcVa*B^  ^yj  Send for the paper,  Subscribe for it,  Advertise in it  And let us do  h '«Hm:;'S0MM;e*^^
r&rEj£y\&$%?F^--.   ■'ryi0'Y:Z?!!QfR&yy' Y^>^^^$Y^f^:YY^"y%YY[ry
..-.-,   ,,i--„-.. •■..-.*.;";.-•■■"■■ ■    ■■ ti.y~y.:Y... r *>JJ»^--v •>■*•.,■ v-r-jsiys •mt.*-*™^* ;?*-'*•    ■*■ * ■■*"-- ■•■
'-J^ai. ;,'*&*■»««•■■[.♦   - *j-| --rf-lf T>i»l *lr**-*(¥3'''1,**jirltt''iji,,li J-h'*il'^'J^'''*^***.^„     ~-*':*1' V-'*:-* -    "'
^'... .-
centeuulafcrw be. -h£lc£a$J
Tbton-tb:^he week .; CQ-mtniefic^ig:
Tune y IS,
page 2.
J. A.
his trip*.;
1910.y See: notice J| ^^|||nc6ttver:y^^j|^i
Look out for the  Mother Lode
baseball team. -•-..'-
J. D. Spence. attended court at
Nelson this week.
Tuzo -only remained at h~6foervf6x;
a mcmth   and'.says B.r®. is*th<e*
only couutry on fearthipr hit^^n* 'yMh^^Mflpc&idWe:-Wfc
See thelEckharts at Auditorium I tbe Bouhdary-the best part ofyB. ^^^^^W9?;^Mi&
tonight, and tomorrow night.        | C.    Hels glad to gei back".     V   ^j^^mi^^Sk
^ •= m0ij-- Kido--^o^.yancpu^ver-. palate?:
Mrs,.'Phillips, of  Denoro,  was
a Greenwood visitor this week, vy
Y.      ' ■ - .. '.'■''.'.•'. Y'-
Sam- Larsen, of Rock   Creek"^
-}wasa visitor to  town ou  Tues-
7:'.-■■': A":- ' ' Jy'1
"<^ Mr. and*Mrs. James Cunning-
hafh, of Eholt, were in town this
■••* *,V* -* - v -;: -,- ■ '-""T^*-*-** ^-%>?-v'y *%,.-? *
-v."*'*''"'-:''r?'.3?ii'ir -...'..na.'  '■^'•«Ti-Srii^*'a'--sitisi;;
of garii zed for thej
* J-HSjWr,,
.*    We have just received a
khixanent^of Clocks of the very
in Marteliz-ed
fo Something
fe Clocks.
Midway, was in town this  week,
on business*. t, ■■.'.■■
&. Matheson, Mayor of £bpe-
1 ntx, paid a visir*^ Green wooden!
1 Wednesday.. . yr y:'] ■ f
G. Arthur Rendell, of Eholt
Trading Go., 'was - in Greenwood
the early part of the week.      ,
A. H. Noyes, managing;;director ot the Midway Coal Co., returned from Chicago on Tuesday.
F. H. Knight, of Grand Porks,
wasa visitor to Greenwood and the
Midway coal property, tbis week.
There will be a meeting of
Greenwood tenuis club tomorrow
night, at the Court house, at
7.30. ■
If vou want neat bridge scores,
call at the Times office. We
have them for sale in pads of 100
each, —y \Y'Y-:':^' -
Coal afcihe f/ce'of the'Midway
Tunnel j*"*-u Halley's comet are
both coming. We are ready to
welcome both.
'if" I —■—~ ' W^——M——~~
We are
the latest and .most up-toj-date
line.oif Spring Clothing made by    -
■^Atvcrs of :tfi*h grade ready-to-wear Clothing
for men.    Prices:
, $25 and up to
In making a selection it will pay you
to sec these goods.
Lbst-r-^ebruary 13th.;   A thor-
.oUg^bred   collie dog,   14   mosy
;bia^S^at   and    light . breast
Fin^-ywiil be-rewarded;by leav
,ing.li|g|*t*R-:W.'"Georgej& Co's
itoreytyA-ny one keeping the dog
after^tbis nbtice—wilVybe pro-
5ecu^dVyv:.:vr::': - :Jy'■
: :lier many friends in Greenwood
eggatt,    barrister   fti- .inpthe.Boundary wil 1 be-grad to
fi-^jkr: that Mrs. Duficau McRae
has fully recovered, from bet^.re-*
cent illness and iinbw in. Princfe
**■- .  *-"     ■ .-.-V-I*.;
Rupert with her family. -Her
mother, Mrs. Stooke, lswith her
andywill remain in Prince Pupert
for a few months.
^meeting of shareholders bf
the A. A. Frechette Attachment
Co , was held at Mr. Fi^jchette's
office on Tuesday evening last,
and it was decided to obtain patents for Mr. Frechette's valuable
invention in Europe, as well as in
Canada and tbe United States.
Another meeting will be held in
the near future All those interested will be duly notified.
There will be a joint meeting
of the following I. O. O. F.
lodges: Snowshoe lodge. Phoenix; Gateway lodge. Grand
Forks; Boundary Valley lodge,
Greenwood; and Oroville lodge,
Oroville; on Tuesday evening,
March/22, at the L O** O. F. hall^
G r e e ri w o o ck Representatives
from Republic, Chesaw, Princeton an/1 Penticton are expected.
Lodge opens at 7.30 sharp.
The Rock Creek Threshing Co.,
held their annual meeting, March
S, at Myncaster. This compauy
has an excellent record, having,
during their first year, made a
profit of 20 per cent which is
being paid as a dividend.to their
shareholders, and have' $300 in
their treasury. They'^Beld Another meeting last Wednesday to
consider the advisability of forming an implement company' as
well.       .
for a.c&tfMd-ttR-bte^^
*: ■"-,:...   y:.:G.:-. ■■••:-■ I*" ■ >-.> ■ ■•   ■   *--'■'■_■   --■■■;-•■■ • *")>-
'■■■' -~v'„.*"*',^■*. ^y#r*'-*-..<■*£ ■•-,.«•;"-*-*;<-;-::;/.-\.
The-v. Newi- -;Jlr'ork-:2 '$i&0$*?.
change ^-closed on* Febjiia^ 12-,;
to -celebrated Lincqln^s btrthd^y
lun©   y
TtSt. ttttit tar i SlBiHe.C«M.
A.SO*. B«iae l«-a.Hj«vy CM.   _-^e
Jf $1.80 toMtJu a Oeep-ieiled Cooafc..•-.
■■.*-"-, saSffbyall Drue-cists.*;.-.    '..V
uAViS&',LMVRE-,'CBCO.. Montreal^
W$0!M^k^^ .. ':-YYY^$0$M
*.'/.-   ' •*■-•-*,.'     * •   ,     -•  ' ■■. i vl'       ■• ... .-JV'-,'-..-•. i>»-^-    .'i "K-lrri;' >t«i;-i-3s^*i**-w«4*^-«?»k
All suitji preS;
i-atfhding- out.
Fjljljl j*M jt *j*j*j» j* jt jt Jtjl J»J» jl JIJIJI jtjl jtjt jtjt ^
-ft :i-
-, >
•J-wf-<*j»jtjtjlj».itjtjtjtjtjjjt jt^jejtjtjtjtjtjiji^jtjijijtjijd
O-etjy E)AY and Night
-^» y.!r<.iliiu--oii i-n-fJ
■i-Oivii -,: j'S, C.ditlcii
laiit ap.n et;«:pf*iiiciit no
Mo properly
'•nn,    with
' •>-. .*-.! . is-jri* .
-j -j **     - *■.
yj'T'fi-riini ■-, YT-.iv,->..
AfP*spt.^r-VTHE Tixu
About 7 tons of loose hay, 6 ton's
timothy, 1 to.i grain hay.
Apply Fritz Haussner, Greenwood,
o-i Fred B. Holmes.
For Sewing Machine Needles
Oil see A. 1_. White, the Stove
Furniture man.
J. L. Whit,ev^ Gree^wbod's^po^u-
ular druggist, returned on Monday from a short visit to his parents at Calgary. ..---v   :;.
Wave Keith, who has had "a
long siege suffering -from blood
poisoning at the Sister's hospital,
is now convalescent.    .'.,••■"'
c-,There will be a; Farmers Institute meeting at &iv&rs.ide hall,
Rock Creek, March 2 5, to arrange
for an agricultural fall fair.
R. K. Steven, of Steven and
Se'ater, Vancouver, and formerly
of Greenwood, is doing a splendid
real estate, business at the coast.
The Mother Lode Athletic
association is open to meet any
baseball or football teams in the
Boundary coun.try at any old
After Easter the Greenwood
Dramatic company will present
"Between the Acts" under the
auspices ot St: Jude's Ladies'
Guild. -
Married—On March 5, at
Olalla, by Rev. A. H. Ransome,
Dr. M. D.- MeEwen, of Hedley,
to Miss Lillian E. Smitheram, ot
Rev. F. 'W. Venables, Rector
of St. Jude's church returned
last Friday, Mrs. Venables, his
mother, being considerably improved in-health.
James Ellis, who was formerly
connected with the Boundary
Creek Times staff, is now in
charge of the mechanical department of the Nicola Valley News,
at Merritt, B. C.
Miss Ida Shaw left on Tuesday
morning for Spokaue, where she
will become a member of the St.
Luke's Hospital  training school
The St. Patrick's Day ball was
'"• " ■->- nc>.".':-,s, G5v?:i uuder
the auspices of the Greenwood
Miaer's Uuion, at th,e old Masonic hall, it' was very largely attended, aad everyone had a good
A farewell banquet was tendered to A. B. W. Hodges,, manager of the Granby mines and
Smelter, at the Yale bote], Grand
Forks, by the business men of
the city, and was very largely attended.
Tf there are any old members of
the Queen's Own Rifles, of Toronto, in Greenwood they will be
interested   to  hear of the semi-
'-•■".''■-■.■;:■'■":■.■■■•..'■ >v:-\'.V-Sw-r'^-N'V-^SsS^S^^V'-fSS
OF ■&£}&MiNDtf-^
■  •■ - :--:k-yy^?^y;: 'Yyy^fy^^^^^^m
' 'SXn-   < .■'•■ ■...'-.'"■■ h** - ■*!^^r,-V-^^T-'sl-7>i i'v--^.-J
•'. ■. ■ . .-t'-TiL-' —'-J v. i> j ' -rJ." '■:; m*»->i» t *>s«L. *iri?*iif." ■.i*
.  ■**■■■■■•
March 17,1^ and |
AdmissipB,  75c. Reserve!
yjSQCv and 25c.
Mr. and Mrs. McGillivray, of
Phoenix, desire to thank their
many kind friends who so generously extended their sympathy in
their recent sorrow and who attended the last sad rites at the
funeral  of their   daughter. Gertrude.
In the principle thoroughfare
of Philadelphia last week twenty
thousand strikers jaud their sym-
pathers were badly whipped by
1000 mounted police who trampled
men ahdwomen, using-.clubs to
drive them to side streets.
There will be a meeting "of the
Combined Rink ' committee ynext
Monday evening at-..8 o'clock, at
the City Hall. Tjbe members atfi
earnest!y requested to;attend.y;  y
FOR SALE- Seed Potatoes; *- Burbank," a Northwest y-uiety.'-- Apply to
A4Menzel, Boundary Falls   -
For Sale or Rent—Pianos, Sewinf--
Machines. The O. i.'C. New and 2nd
Hand store.    A.  Iv.  White,  Phone 16.
Books, and, more Books. * See the
display in the window this week. Price
not considered. Do you want some
chteap reading? TheO; I. C. 2nd-Hand
Dump, phone IS, \. L. VPhitb.
Thursday ^iglht. MarcliJ ip
■    8 O'CLOCK i
.'■' ■ ~ i'-r-r- ye/,--: y."   ■ " '      ':.   .*./-.
.yfe have just-received ynew
• ■:■■■■■ shipment of y
Trunks^ Suit
Ciufc Bags, ^
t    ;     Telescopes,
trunk and
.  «*.,■       T-*
The New and 2nd-Hand Store
*"*'*... -      _-. -- -,-if:.'" ''-. ■       ■■   ■'"■'■
>HOrfel6y.-;    *■-':■.'
lo the uiatter. 6t the Wir-diri-r Up Act; being
. Chapter.-jf^pt-the. Revised. Statutes of Can-
ada,a-f(l-;AmedditirIr Acts, and-in the matter
* of ythe-Doiiii-alott;, Copper  Company,   In
Liquidation.   ; *i   .  ":'    v.
the orders .made-herein on January 21st, 1910,
and ' jSlebruary 21»t, 1010,' .re-jpectiTt-ly^by the■,
Honorable 'Mr. Jns«ice? Gregfory and the-Hon;
orable.Mr." Justice Murphy, that the;credlt-;
ors of the. above named company in 1-liqui-
dation are required on* or'before the 24thi day
of March, A. D. 1910, tc send their names,
addreaseB aDd particularB, of .their debts
and!, claims, and--the. * names and. addresses
of their Bolicltors, if any,'t» P." F. Roosa, the
Official Liquidator, at .the .City;of Greenwood,
and tbat if tauch creditors be io required on
notice by tbe said L'hjuidator ' the'-* are to come
aud prove their claims In Chambers iu the City
of Vancouver, at such .time as shall be specified in'such notice, or. in default thereof,
they be excluded from the' benefit of auy dis-
tribntlon that may-be made before such claims
are proved.  ~ .y»'' "■•'"'_ v. Y, "" ' .'.     .-':.':'*"..'.
Dated the^Mtf-dayox Febru«y', A\ D.l'-lO.
•     - - ■ :* ■' .#/.y,- .- r- "V^VRdOSA. :;-.
.■'.:.-•'-.',*■'. -^l|fl4qitWa,t6r.:.
Three-room furnished house, water
and electric lights in the house, south
of Capt. Swayne's, Silver street, we
pay water rent, $15 per month.
Five-room furnished house, water:
and eiecti*ic light in house, south of
Capt. Swayne's, Silver street, $21.50
per month;   We pay water rent.
Three room furnished house, by
Chas. Kinney's residenca, .electric
lights and water, $15. per months -,w"e.
pay water, rent.
Residence property for«'sale on easy
payments. A L. WfiiTa.
In the matter of the Land'Registry Act, and
in thernatter of the Title loan undivided one-
tbird idterest lu *uOt 13SJ;Group 1-, •'Palmetto"'
mineral claim,;Ospyops;j>lvisloh of ^Sale District.      .-*'"    ..Y-'..  /".'"■.■ -■■•-■",  --v;'.*   ■   .'■■■-..-■-■.-: ■-
WHERJEAS, .theaCertlficate.xpf .Title"to;the
above; Bereditan-*nto^'^Injj.jtcrt^
76S8A:: in the name* jif^Mp-tiSv'Sur'usyh-is* been
destro-fed, and .applis'jjti.^
me for a duplicate thereof, v-y.v^y -*.:?''   •■'' -^
- NOT? ICE Vis 'liefeby-j SrlVett - that" a- j d uolicate
Certificate;pf:".Title to the alwyfe hefedtontaftte
will beissnedatthe."e*tpimtlo^o%:^rte;:mo1nh
from' the date of the first" publfcatloh-hereof
unless In thef meantimey-valid bbjectibtyto the
contrary.is niade tcTtrir'lin v*ritiiijf.5» •: riy-.r-
■...■■■ "'.v'-^V :j;-.--,;-'\'W.:H.:EPM§f»^bSv'-':?
:"': Y'iyYr ■■bisirtcthi^-tlsltrar:.:
: l;and R-%.'atry'-^iK,',Kauio6pis,.'-.B'.'3C^,Oe*
cember 30,1909.    : ?y,:. -•;.::-  ": -y-YY-'Y
C|TF>*M ire;
■t.^. , LJ,,^
'•.-**■ r**w«,'" ■-—'■


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