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 -.-���ni-i'iM--;,-:  B IB "IB  ^y$��:  ^O]  ^$  ���A  ' ���^:r,.'*-^'--rS*^!:t.fli^*^g  *-��*��  ^X-  %'j#^   fv/*w  ���r      ���i  The time to buy-goods of all kinds is when  stock is fresli.    See our new ^  a-*,-;---*-"* ' ��  iIP J^*'*i*?^?.l^n*8?-��?^?^" -at# ^O^ldfc^fom the effects of  LAWN WAISTS,  LAWESVHATS,  CORSETSi GINGHAWS;  SHOES, SUITINGS,  LAWNS, ETC  S^  Greenwood's Big Furniture Store  During -AiprU we will; give  FOR GA9H "OFF ALL  arpet Squares  Bostock. A large variety in Velvet, Brussels,  m    Tapestry and An-Wool Ingrains.  r nuine ba rga ins  ry thing in the Furniture Line,  M. Gulley & Co.  HOUSE FURNISHERS -   -  Phone 27  Violet Borated Talcum  IN POUND BOXES  Bach box contains as much as six  25 cent boxes, and costs only 50  cents,   a  clear saving to you of   a  one dollar.    The powder Js fully  borata-d and nicely perfumed.  By mail for 20 cents extra.  THOMAS DRUG & MUSIC CO,  THE STORE OF QUALITY.  r  P. BURNS & CO.  Wholesale and Retail Dealers in  Fresh Meats  Poultry and Game  Copper Street; Greenwood, B." C.  i  casionally :.he  gets'-toi  fflji'fficiehf to'])ay for^a/tie : pass 'across  Wie imaginary line, and  if he hzs no  creditors onl the .North-Pole side he  may make the venture..  Still, and much more "serrii-occas-  ionally, he makes good in the place  his debts have driven him, and he  doesn't care to hike northward some  more and doesn't give a hang whether  he ever sees a creditor again or not.  Some get just as far away as their  fear, and their pecuniary circumstances  will permit, and just here I may say  that down in San Diego, only 12 miles  from the boundary of the land of  Greasers, I met Charlie Pittock, who  for **o many moons dished out the  luscious flap jack, flavored with the  odor emanating from the adjoining  livery stable. Charlie is now in the  real estate, business and is handling a  subdivision of the largest city'in the  world (in area).  At a theater, whence I had gone to  witness the faking prowess of Eva  May Fay, I caught a glimpse of the  smilrhg countenance of Charlie, the  Trader, now known in polite society  as Tennessee Stooke. No more  does he swap off to the unwary the  moth-eaten cinch strap, or the glue-  stiffened buggy-whip. Nay, nay. He  He is now following in the footsteps  of his namesake of the luscious flap  jack, and is dealing out in large chunks  to the tenderfoot great gobs of hot  air on the virtues and possibilities of  some arid portion of alkali mud., Ah,  yes. Charlie still peddles the bull.  : But wonders do not cease at this  stage of the game, and I found before  leaving the city of Panama Canal  destiny, that your old townsman and  socialist eccentric, Kirkwood by name,  is holding down the position of building inspector. I understand that he  was chosen because of the last syllable of his nanie, as they were.very  short of timber for the position at the  time;  Being forced to cut short my visit  to the Panama X. P. O. city, for what  reason is my own business, I came to  to the city of Angels, in which particular it is the metropolis of the Pacific coast, and here I find among the  plutocrats, Elmer Miller, once a popular pill mixer of the Boundary metropolis? E. M. is all to 'the* velvet,  and makes a' noise like coin when he  mixes up in a deal in farming land,  oil land, salt marsh or'timber.  Strolling through; the 'corfidors of  the. Hotels may* occasionally be. met  the ex-bee, king -of' California, e)cr  theateryprorriSter,' miner, charcoal  burner, insurance collector, etc., etc.,  W. S. Fletcher, now a promoter of  the first water, and it is reported that  water is plentiful in many of his promotions.  In one of the largest wagon factories of. the city may be found, stroking his expansive forehead, Tom  Winnett, secretary of the Canadian  club, Canadian advisor to the Chamber of. Commerce, and a Canadian  to the backbone, which, by the way,-  is not a very long journey. He, also,  has accumulated bunches of the ma-  zuma.  Now, Mr. Editor, pursuant to the  above, and in behalf of my regard for  your delightfully somnolescent community, let me extend to all your readers a cordial invitation to come down  here, even though you are exposed to  the hot air doses of Tennessee Stooke  or the wily insinuations of wealth  gathering propositions th?t may be presented by Fletcher or your ex-pill  driver. Comedown, for I say unto  you that even a Gaunce, a Ketchum,  or a Pat George could keep out of, the  clutches of the hungry wolf in this  country, where Native . Sons are a  rarity, and where $4- is not considered  a stake. Take my hunch and make  the trip. You, will sure like it and  will prove it by never making enough  to get away again, and later on you  can send for Jim Grier to join you,  and thenceforth the natives of this  great state will know a spade  spade, if not, as an old shovel.  Fare thee well.  Waiter S. Keith  ^^0M^h^pY^oi-, the' Arig1��car|  ������^Vg-^-'-^^ Kodte^  |fe#:j the, AuIdi.C^^ # .<-  a  strbke.pf yparalyisiij Which attacked him  6h-Vtheyeveniiig: of April 6. Since  that time little hope has been held; out  lor his recovery, and he gradually  grew weaker until on April 11 when,  after a. refreshing sleep, he rallied  somewhat, but since that time there  had not been any change in his condition. The funeral took place on  Monday last from Holy Trinity cathedral, New Westminster.  In the death of Bishop Dart, the  see of Westminster loses its second  bishop, and tne church in British Columbia one of its staunchest and  truest sons.  The late bishop was born in England in 1837, and consequently was  73. years of age. He received hit  education at the University of Oxford,  taking holy orders in 1860. Coming  to Canada, he spent some years in the  Maritime provinces, becoming a canon  of the cathedral at Halifax. Fifteen  years agOj in 1895, he was chosen to  succeed the late Bishop Stillitoe, as  bishop of the diocese of Westminster. He: also had charge of that  portion of the province known as the  diocese of Kootenay, as up to the  present time it has never had a bishop  of its own. Owing to the late prelate's advancing years, the last meeting of the synod some months ago,  held in New Westminster, authorized  the appointment of a coadjutor bishop,  to assist Bishop Dart.- His last official  appearance in New Westminster was  only a few Sundays ago, when he administered the rite of confirmation in  St. James' church and in St. Michael' s church, Mount Pleasant.  BRIDESVILLE BITS  The Bridesville hotel is full to  overflowing. Tom says "Me  heart is broke."  It is reported that George  O'Neill has sold his farm to W.  Brown, of Rock Creek.  A hardware and farm implement store, and a blacksmith shop  are the latest Bridesville acquis!,  tions to be erected by Mr. Kane,  of Chesaw.  Alex Broomfield, of Westbridge,  was a visitor on Friday. He drove  down a party of railroad engineers  who are looking over tbe country.  C. A. Sullivan, ot Moscow,  Idaho, paid a visit to Bridesville  this week looking over farm  property. ' He returned to Moscow, but is expected back shortly.  Bruce White, the well known  mining man of Spokane, with a  party of capitalists, arrived on  Saturday. They are looking over  mining properties in the Bridesville district, and at Camp McKinney.  INCOMING HOSTS  y Jt is expected that 100,000 British emigrants who will leave the  old country for Canada this yew  will probably represent a capital  of $5,000,000 in cash. Hundreds  of emigrants are now paying $2.00  extra via New York because they  are unable to obtain direct passage to Canada.  LUCKY MAJOR  as a  Major R. G. Edwards-Leckie/  familiar to all the old timers in  the Boundary, has been offered  the command of a new regiment  of Kilted Highlanders to be  raised in Vancouver. The Major  sold a business block in Vancouver for $140*000 recently.  WANTS CASTLE  I: Quiy Greenwood  Boy Scouts are  the recipients of further honors. Last  W^wday week, at a meeting of the  Scout? at their  headquarters,  letters  to*f:y^artin   Burrill,    M.  P.,   and  Hon.Richard McBride, were read to  the boys by  F.   W. McLaine, who,  with J. S  Birnie, paid the boys a visit.  The visitors were shown over the barracks by Scoutmaster Hargreaves, and,  after an inspection, Mr. McLaine addressed the boys.    He explained that  Mr. Burrill, our representative at Ottawa; wrote that he would give a gold  medal to the best Greenwood scout;  that Mr.   J. R.   Jackson,   M. P. P.,  would be responsible for a silver medal  for the second best scout, and that he  himself would present a bronze medal  for the third  best scout.    Mr. McLaine also read a letter from the pre  mier, saying that the silk flag had been  ordered to be  sent to  Greenwood  The Scouts almost raised the  roof at  the close of Mr. McLaine's remarks.  Mi*. Birnie also addressed the boys  and gave them good, wholesome advice, which the boys appreciated and  cheered in proper Scoutlike  manner.  Messrs. A. S. Black and W. W.  Craig were likewise visitors during the  evening and examined the boys in  ambulance work, which was more  than satisfactory.  TEN YEARS AGO  (From Bonm-Urr Creek Tlmea of April 23,1900)  J. P. Myers Gray has returned  from Vernon.  Mike Kane is president of  Greenwood Labor Council.  Hon. Joseph Martin, Premier  of B. C.j visited Greenwood this  week.  Mr. and Mrs. Robins will take  up their residence at tbe National.  The Armstrong hotel register  this week contains the following:  W. Williams, Montreal, (father  to) W. K. Williams, Phoenix;  W. Yolen Williams, Phoenix and  R. P. Williams, Rossland.  Mr. Robins, of the livery firm  of Harvey and Robins, has returned from Alberta with 21  horses. Thirteen are s a d dl e  horses. There are three teams  of pretty blacks for driving.  VISITS WEST POINT  -FOOTBALL  The final match' between the  Mother Lode mine and, Greenwood took place on Wednesday  afternoon last, at 3 o'clock. As  usual, the result was a victory  for the wearers of the brown and  white, the Mother Lode team, by  4 goals to 0. A great number of  Greenwood sport enthusiasts witnessed the game, at the ball  grounds, the weather being superb. The Mother Lode lineup  was as follows: Davidson, goal;  Hut I and Thacker, full backs;  Henderson, (iravenor and Addie,  half backs; Phillips, Harrison,  Clark, Mf-iorn- and Uailcv, forwards. On-iTiw.Mid ._ Marshall,  goal; B. Supples, II. Supples,  full backs; Bra)*, Jones and Hart,  half backs; de Wiele, "Watson,  McDonald, Bradley and Schult-  ress, forwards.  A BALKAN EMPIRE  A STRIKE  DECLARED  By a referendum vote, taken at the  Mother Lode last Friday, and at  Greenwood last Saturday, the Greenwood Miners' union have declared a  strike against the B. C. Copper Co.,  which took effect on Tuesday morning last. In consequence, the big  smelting plant is idle once more, and  the Mother Lode mine machinery is  silent. This order effects about 375  miners and smeltermen, employees of  the B. C. Copper Co. The strike  was called as a result of the refusal of  the company to dismiss the few employees who were not members of  the Miners' union.  JAPANESE FLY  There is every evidence of the  approaching birth of a new  ���'world power," in Europe. The  early confederation of the kingdoms of Turkey, Bulgaria, Rou-  mania, Servia, Montenegro and  Greece is more than a probability. With Czar Ferdinand at  its head the United States of the  Balkans would be a formidable  power in Europe and Western  Asia.  AN ANSWER  Editor Boundary Creek Times:  In answer to your puzzle in last  week's issue, re rifle shot in same  direction as train going 60 miles  an hour, would say that any time  you wish to stand in front of said  rifle, we will have a practical illustration and find out facts.  Yours,  Rifleman.  A BASE BALL  John F. Burns, a member of the  freshman class of the Renssalaer  Polytechnic institution, New  York, died from a blow on the  temple by a pitched ball at a baseball game last week.  The Japanese military aeroplane investigators have reported  favorably of an airship smaller  than any now in use, invented by  Captain Hino. He also has invented a military aeroplare  shaped like a dragon fly with two  propellors.  DESPERATE FIGHT  The Seattle Express to Vancouver was the scene of a desperate battle last Monday. Six  hoboes, who refused to leave the  train, were put off by force after  a serious fight, Constable Lane,  of Mission Junction, being killed.  A GOLDEN STREAM  Catania aud its neighboring  Sicilian villages are estimated to  have more than made up, from  the increased tourist trade, incidental to Mount Etna's eruption, for the damage done it by  the Volcano.  C. P. R. FARMS  The present supply of C. P. R.  ready made farms is exhausted.  Settlers, who have bought these  developed farms, express themselves as delighted with them  and the next supply is eagerly  looked for.  A woman's strength lies in her  lack of it.  By his own request, the visit of  Lord Kitchener to West Point  last Saturday, was unmarked by  ceremony. The famous general  arrived by rail at 12:20 and after  a luncheon at the residence of  Colonel Scott, superintendent of  the United States military academy, spent the afternoon viewing  the school and studying its methods. After luncheon Lord Kitchr  ener watched the usual inspection  and review of the cadet corps and  the baseball game. He returned  to New York later.  TO BE MARRIED  The engagement is announced  of Miss iSfchel G. Adams, of London, England, a daughter of the  late Capt. Adams, of the Royal  Welsh Fusiliers, to Mr. T. Stuart  Palmer, late of 3 troop, A squadron, Strathcona Horse, The  wedding will take place at Calgary early in August, and Mr.  Palmer has the congratulations  of his many friends in which the  Times joins.  SHOTGUN CLUB  D. D.'Mann, who drew a lot in  in the Dunsmuir estate sale a few  days ago, now seeks to purchase  Dunsmuir Castle from ihe lucky  winner. It is said that he wants  to make a home in Victoria during  the winter month*.  The following is the score ot  the initial Meet of the Greenwood Shotgun club last  Sunday:  Sliotat Broke  A. Logan  40 34  J. D. McCreath  40 31  J. X,. White....,  40 31  A. J. Logan  40 33  R.J. Sanders  40 34  K. N. Ree��  30 22  8 PER CENT  The British Columbia Electric  Railway has declared a dividend  ���f 8 per cent for the half year,  THE CANADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  UE.AD   OFFICE. TORONTO  ESTABLISHED 1867  B. J5, WALKER, President  ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager  Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000  Reserve Fund, -   6,000,000  Branches throughout Canada, and in the United States and England  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT  Deposits of $1 and upwards are received and interest allowed at currem  rates.     Accounts   may  be opened in the names of two or  more  persons and withdrawals made by any  one of them or by the survivor. 124  J. T. BEATTIE, Manager - Greenwood   Branch  A Positive Guarantee  ������ \  Given   vvith  every   length  of  Hose  sold   by  us,   either  "MOLDED."  "KINK-NOT"  or "COTTON.  We have a complete stock in  both   ><   and  J-,'-inch.  RRICES   RIGHT.  The Hunter-Kendrick Co, 1  LIMITBI-"*  HARDWARE MERCHANTS  PHONE 9  *A��wA��*'  -"V-W ^N  Ob*  ��?*-*  </���**-���  IP**-  ^1  Kr9|  tf~t;  (?����;  a-3*!  ��?=**  G=*\  -?**!  0s*1'  <P**  0��  ank of Montreal..  Rest ,....,$12,000,000.  __       ESVABLISHED 1817  Capital, all pail up, Si4,4��0,O00  UM>!V1��ED   PROFITS   $217,628.56  ]!<.������. President:    Lord Stbathcoka. aud Mount Royal, <*��� C. **��� -*������  1'r.siileut :    Sik (.'eokgk A. fjKCMMOND.K.C. M. G. .  Vice-''resident and Oeueral Manager :   Sik E. S. CtooiTON, Baht  Branches in London, End. {c^TVri<Sffi..r-\lw Tort, Chicago.  Buy aud sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfer-- ; Grant Commercial an  Travellers' Crodits, available Is any partjof the world. ; ���*������.';?  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT  Interest allowed at current rates?  Greenwood Branch,    W. F. PROCTOR, Manager.  ^mmmmmmmmimmimmmmM  a a a  ��� ������  > 0  **2  iw-9  Wc-9  ****2  *^  1836  THE BANK OF  orth Amenc  a checker team to redeem, our  checkered career. All aboard fdr  the checker tournament.  Sunday's baseball' match was  an education in itself. Almost  as interesting as an aviation  meet. Everyone went up in . thfe  air. One unkind spectator .said  he used to play-baU with'-ifae umpire 40 years' ago���or ^as "it ,20?  74 Years In Business. Capital and R-tsarv* Ovar $7,000,000.  The Saving Habit  is the foundation of  independence.  Begin saving now  by opening- an account with the Bank of British  North America and making regular Weekly or  MoiiLhl}- deposits.  $i.oo starts a Savings Account and Interest  is compounded at highest current rates.  Greenwood Branch<v/R. A. CHESTER, Manager,  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  /. H. HALLETT  V.akkisti'k, Soucitok.  Notary Ptblic.  Cable .Address:       ���' ll.-xi.iin ."  ..   >  I'.cilfuril M'Neill's  CoiiHS - M..ivimf .v Meal  / f.eili.-r'f-;  <"}��j-f��tvooD, B. O.  JOHN D. SPENCE.  Ba.ri-i.stki- and Solicitor,  Keiuk-'l   Block,  Gruhnvjood, B. O.  C. AE. SHAW,  Dominion*  anh   Pkovinciat.  i.an1j sukvkyor,  Greenwood. B. C.  P. O. Bus ;T, I'linne 32.  WILLI AM FLEMING,  TRANSFER . DRAYING  Furniture AlOYingr a Specialty.  Leave orders at Matthews' Cig-ar Store.  H. W. FARMER & CO.,  REAL ESTATE AGEMTS,  Rock Ckeek, B. C.  ��&Ys3&V2 BOUNDAKV   VALLEY   LODGE  ' ^-,i.w^" No. 3 8.1. O. 0. F.  Meets every   'I uesdav  Evening al 8 00 In the  I. O. O. F. Hall.     A  cordial itivi tation is ex  tended to all sojourning brethem.  FK1*I> I!. HOLM BS, l'\ K.I5ROWN,  X. G. V. G.  AT,HURT LOIiAN, Kciv Sec.  Che  Boundary Creek Times  Issued Every fridav  SUBSCRIPTIONS IN AOVANCE.  Per Yeak        ....   2 00  Six Months  1 25  To Foreign Countries  2 SO  X*@P55K  <UHION(#(*-lLABf:L>  FRIDAY. AI'KIL 2*, 1110.  AN  ENCOURAGING VIEW  That the recent slump in  (Iranby shares does not of necessity mean the end of Granby activity, or allow of the assumption, tbat because the total ore  reserves in the Phoenix mines is  less than was supposed, the  smelter will have to cease smelt-  in*.; ere lung. Even supposing  tbat the I'hoenix ore reserves are  limited to <,,000,OoO tons, the  Granby Oo. owns from 12 to 15  per cent of the shares of tbe  Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co., whose  coal deposits at Fernie are estimated to contain twice as much  coal as there is in the entire  Alaska deposits, over which the  concession is Is are now bagg-ling*.  The Crow's Nest properties  contain billions of tons. Granby's  interest in this company alone  may eventually be worth more  than the present selling price of  its own capital stock.  The Granbv smelter has a capacity of about 4,500 tons a day.  The entire  Boundary country is  Midway ranchers got away with  the city delegates, and yanked  the Fall Fair to their 'townsite,  but it is doubtful if they can pull,  haul or coax the $1,500 of Greenwood money, which was available  for prizes, and which would have  been donated by this city and its  merchants.  The announcement of the forthcoming wedding of a Long Lake  resident, which appears elsewhere  in this week's issue, is a fine example of what a Greenwood  bachelor can do if he makes up  his mind to it. It's the difficulty  of making up one's mind that  makes so many cranky, bald-  headed, disagreeable old bachelors  abound in this country.  Richard McBride, Hon. F. ; J,  Fulton;,' Campbell Sweeney,*-,;Rj  Marpole)s^F;y.dy;Gamble,  andriR^  M. Chaledcotty ..' ��� ..;[.  MM^iMi/iNE  dotted witb copper prospects and  mines. If tbe Granby did not  have a ton of its own, the smelter  could be operated as a customs'  plant, and tho the tonnage would  be smaller, the profits per ton  would be greater than the company's profit on the treatment of  its own ores.  The Granby owns the entire  water power of the Columbia  river at a point in the state of  Washington within 35 miles of  its smelter. There is a market  these days for electrical power  and the Granby, as a power company, could earn good interest on  its stock at much above the present price.  Those who hold onto tbeir stock  are more than liable to reap a  good reward.  OLD TIMERS  It is always pleasant to receive  letters from old timers. Time  was when Greenwood was inhabited by Ihe present pioneers of  the hundred and one new settlements springing up in all parts  of this province and the prairies.  The old timers of ten years ago  are now the argonauts of Northern B. C , the advance agents of  cities to-be, on the rugged coast  line, on the farther frontiers of  our vastly mineralized province.  Some are the leading merchants  and professional men of the centers of Alberta and Saskatchewan, some, who migrated to our  immediate south, are magnates  and to be reckoned with in the  money markets of their chosen  new home lands. Almost all of  the old timers are doing well,  and it is a pleasure to hear ot or  from them. Who knows, when  our turn comes to go into the  outer world, in search of adventure, wealth, health or position���  (or a wife)���there may be some  of the old guard left, who will  appreciate news of our welfare,  as we today appreciate news of  those old Greenwoodites, who  have settled in the Sunny Southland of California. That any  old timer thinks enough of his  one time home town to send a  newsy letter to the editor of the  paper is a good sign of his love  of association, and it is witb  great pleasure that we publish a  letter from one of the early day  Greenwoodites in this issue.  OUTLINES OF  CURRENT EVENTS  Grand Forks bas  organized  a  Baseball club.  Prince Rupert is no  longer   a  wide-open town..  Harry K. Thaw  has  been  declared a bankrupt.  Professor Goldwin Smith is recovering from his accident.  Harry Whitney is about to  head another Arctic expedition in  July to secure specimens of big.  game for museums and .Zoology  ical parks, and incidentally to ob*  tain ���' Dr.- Cook's' insfniments at  ���Etati.     . \Y"^'-Y'^/ V!"Y'.,'y  .'. The^ officers,;;of .the-J&read-  ttought. who^were.the/'victims of  the Abyssinian", tioaxf ascertained  the indentityof ihe hoaxers and  thrashed theni; The woman,  who took part in the hoax, was  exempted.  Chinese attacked the Wesleran  inland mission at Lang Tiang,  last Friday. The mob forced  thp abandoment of the British  Consulate. Four British gunboats have gone to quell the disturbances.  The top of Mount McKinley,  Alaska, was reached April 3rd  by the Fairbanks expedition.  No trace of the alleged records of  Dr. Cook were found on the summit, according to Thomas Lloyd,  the leader of the expedition. It  took a month to -reach the highest peaks of the mountaiu from  the base.  James J. Hill purposes to have  a railroad feeder from the interior to practically every sea port  on the Pacific coast north of and  including San Francisco, with  the intention after the Panama  caual is completed, of dominating'the traffic situation in Northern California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia Idaho and  Montana.  ���*���"   '<     ��� '\':-'T~: ���-'������':'������"��-���'������  :?-M-fss; MarjrMtLat--e'. tbe.eccen-;  tana, who first''caimep:mW7wblic:  notice;^ sev^n"_��� years ' ago-  as   arf  apthoi- of rather -mo-rbi-il: tenrTen-  ..;.���-.������   ��� ,..���"������������" .-��� ��:,���������?.!:; ���,i-,--..'^---.; ������:.  cies; is home^again ;aft*ajry*several:  years spent in Vgainin^iinpress-,  ions and experiences' in] wb-iji- she.  '���-* /! "��� - ��� ���..' -j . -'��� f* '..' ������/�����*-���..'. -"W -���  calls.the "mystenous/East.,'A.'It"  ���' YY ry '���   ���. ,    '���..,���':. ."-.-v-'-':'-0\>-, .".  is said she. will ebntiue ���.tdt-foI-Mw.  her literary bent and wUl;,.'pttblisi-  iahptber'-btiiok shot?fty.s Sn^'ib. a��  -woman of, ability^Qfy a kind) and  if her literary efforts wefe more  seriously directed 7might yet give  us something worth while,���  Weekly Observer.  aa***  Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription  Is the best of all medicines for the cure of diseases,  disorders and weaknesses peculiar to women. It is the  wlj^jjreparation of its kind devised by a regularly gradu-  Pphysician���an experienced and skilled specialist in  'the diseases of women.  '-'It is a safe medicine in any condition of the system.  V  frHE OftE REMEDY which con tains no alcohol  r -   '.and nd injurious  habit-forming  drugs and which  '.', "*.-creates no \ craving'' for':sucb ttimulants^  '  y.   THE ONE^REMEDY so  good   that   its   maker. .-  .��� "A;.aro. hot  afraid  ter' prini Uii  every ingredient on ���'  * -   each  outside   bottle-wrapper   und   attest*" to   the  truthfuittiiss of  the' same under bath.-yyi  ������'���'��y.Itji-f^old by medicine dealers everywhere, and any dealer who hasn't it'^can  I'l-l'".*-?-! ���'-*���'��� Don't take a substitute of unknown composition for. this medicine of  yV^&WN composition. No counterfeit is as good as the genuine and the'druggist  ':"\'���JyPSi.-'l-Vs something else is "just as good ai''ipri-Piercefs" is either mistaken  ���I., or is* trying-to deceive you for his own selfish benefit. Such a man is not to-be  K- trusted. Heris trifling with your most priceless possession���your health-  may be your'life itself.    See that you get what jou ask for.  When   in doubt do the other  thing.  Mark Twain has returned from  Bermuda, he is far from well.  The Emperor of Austria received Col. Roosevelt with royal  honors.  There are 3,500 people at  Prince Rupert and SEO" buildings  on the townsite.  The spring gold cleanup in the  neighborhood of Fairbanks,  Alaska, is nine million.  The French 20 knot turbine  battleship Vergniand,was launched at Bordeaux, last week.  Sir Edward Grey will be Col.  Roosevelt's host for a few days  at his Northumberland home.  Col. Roosevelt has promised to  address the National Conservation League on his return to the  U. S. A, _���'���-      '  King Edward's last year's  Derby winner, Minoru, is being  trained for the City and Suburban Handicap.  A nine storey, residential palace  is being erected at the west corner of Queen's Gate, London, for  John D. Rockefeller.  EDITORIAL COMMENT  Keep your eye on the coal mine  at Midway. Greenwood is liable  to have a coal baron's club ere  long.    Mother Lode has squelched  Greenwood a* hockey, football  and baseball.    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Railway station at Midway, from the 1st  July next:  Printed notices containing- further information as to conditions of proposed contract may  bf si-en and blank forms of Tenders may be  obtained at the postofiices of Greenwood, Anaconda, Boundary Falls and Midway, and at the  otlice of the Postoffice Inspector,  l'ostoffice Inspector's office, Vancouver, B.C.,  1st April, 1910.  JOHN R. GREENFIEM),  34 Postoffice Inspector.  It is well to have on hand  a reniedy, simple, effective and  easily applied, for mosquito  bites, insect sting's, sores,  bi'uises, sunburn, aud injuries  to the skin, and forty other  ailments not always dangerous, but which can be cured  by outward application. Such  a remedy is Davis' Menthol  Salve(TheD.&L.), which comes  iu tins for 25 cts. at druggists.  !  Electric current ..supplied - for.  MINERAL ACT  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  " Gem " aud " Emerald " Mineral Claims, situate iu tbe Greenwood Mining-Division of  Yale District. Where located: Long-Lake  Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, C. JR. Shaw, agent  for Spencer Itemierman. Free Miner's  certificate No.- B14423, and Fred Moser, Free  Miner's certificate No. B14082, intend, sixty  days from date hereof, to apply to the Mining-  Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant  of the above claims.  And further take notice that action under sec  tion 37, must be commenced before the issuance  of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 16th day of'December, A. D. 1909.  32 C. JE. SHAW, B. C. t,. S.  MINERAL ACT-  Certificate of Improvements  NOTICE  ���-Sally," "Rob Roy,' "Nodaway," "Highland  Queen," "Hard Times," "'Tunnel Frac  tional," "Pueblo Fractional," "Duncan  Fractional," "Alice M. Fractional," " Sally  Fractional," "Castor Fractional," "Kid  Fractional," and '.' Excel sir Fractional "  Mineral Claim, situate in the Greenwood  Mining Division of Yale District. Where  located:   On Wallace Mountain.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett,  as agent for The Vanconver and Boundary Creek Developing and Mining Company,  Limited Liability, Free Miner's Certificate No.  B14321, intend, sixty days from date hereof, to  apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates  of Improvements for tbe purpose of obtaining  Crown Grants of the above claim.  And  further take  notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this )5th-ttay-ojf February, A. D. 1910.  ���YYr    1. H. HALLETT.  MINERAL, ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.       .mL ���  "Buckingham Fractional" and "Ragnarock  Fractlonal" Mineral Claims, situate In the  Greenwood Mining Division of -Yale District.   Where located:   In Deadwood Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, David A. Good,  Free Miner's Certificate No. B26560, intend, sixty days from date hereof, to apply to  the Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for tlie purpose of obtaining  Crown Grants of the above claims.  * And further take uotice that action, under  Section 37, must be commenced befor* tbe  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 10th day of February, A. D. 1910.  D. A. GOOD,  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvents.  , __ NOTICE.  " Kholt," " Tanglefoot" and " Sovereign Fractional" Mineral Claims, situate lu Greenwood Mining Division of Yale District.  Where located:   In Skylark Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I.C. tt. Sbaw, agent  for Fred Moser, Free Miners'Certificate  No. 1120433. and John Zurtiuh, Free Miners  Certificate No. 1120485, Intend, sixty days (rom  date hereof, to apply to tbe Mining Recorder  for Certificates of Improvement*, for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of tbe above  claims.  And   further take notice that  action, under  Section 37, must be commenced before the Issuance of such Certificate, of Improvements.  Dated this 7th dav of Marcli, A. D. l*)ll).     ,  C. M. SHAW, H. L. S.S.  OVER e0 YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  Trade Marks  y    DESiaNS  .... Copyrights 4c.  Anyont fending ��� sketch end description may  ������---��� -���-��� ���-������ ��������-Tfhe"*~- ���  sent free. Oldest  Patents taken  .juts.  receive  aasne-r for secnnnapatei  �� _���,.._ ������.- tnrongh Mann & co. re  tttelal notic4, wltbont charge. In tha  Scientific Jlmericatt.  A handsomely Uhutnted weekly. iArgeit clr-  enlatlon of any (dentine Journal. Terms for  Canada, $4.75 a yesr, postage pnpald. Sold by  sll newsdealers,  Myiol^Srh'tNewYork  Branch OSloe, SK V St, Washington. D. 0.  *  *  *  4-  4*   Power, Lighting, Heating and  Ventilating. Power furnished  for Hoisting and air-compressing plants, with an absolute  guarantee of continuous power  service for operating.  Get Our Rates. 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ANY available tomlnlonlands within the '  Railway Belt In British Columbia; may: be  liomeateaded by.auy person who is the sole head  of-a family, or any male over IS years ofa-je,  to the extent of oue-quarter section of 160 acres,.  more or less. > ��� ;  Entry mist-be made personally .at the loca |  laud office for tjie disrict iu which the land- Is  situate.   Entry   by "proxy  mayj" however,-, be ]  made on  certain  conditions  by    the. father,  mother, son, daughter, 'brother brslster, otait ,  Intending- homesteader.  -'The homesteader, is required. to preform the  Conditions connected  there with under one of.l  tkeJf6llqylng'plans; Y'-Y'. ���-������-.'���  l) At least six months' residence upon and  cultivation of the land in^^ each year for  three.  yeaSrsK-;"; -.^ V. : ,.' x   y '���- *  (2) If the father (or mother, if the father- is. de- .  ceased), of the homesteader resides upon a farm j  in the'yfclr-Jty of the land .entered for,   there  quirements as to residence may be satisfied -by '  .such MrMn residing; with the father or mothei.  '���������$lf*-S'S,MttIei*^ residence  -*^''fttffi'fa|?1attto'-(>wn^  ity of his homestead,-the requirements as to res  lde,nce<may be satisfied by residence upon the ,  sal'd land.-'       .  Slxi months' notice fn writing should begiven  '-to<*dt-5-CoaSmlsiilon'er ot*Dcml-iildn iatids at pt  tawa of Intention to apply for patent. ���.>.���������,.-      y  Coal.���Coal mining- rig-tits may be leased for aV,  period of twenty-one years at an annual rental J  pf $1. per acre; -JJotmore than 2,560 acrts shal! ]  bejeas^Hbodelndivldualor?company.** A roy-."'  ;att*?rat'the--rateipf fiye cents pet toniBhall be  collected on'the. merchantable coal-mined.  ���    W. W. CORY,     "    | :,�����  Deputy ofthe Minister of the Interibi .  N.B.���Unauthorized publication of this ad-  vfrtf^meiitwill not be paid for. Y  Leaves Greenwood  2:00 p.  8:30.. p.  m.  m.  Saturday last stage leaves  Mother Lode 6 p. m. Returning,  leaves Greenwood 10 p. m.  Greenwood Office  NORDEN    HOTEL  'Jtjtjtjtjtjtjtjtjtjtjtjtjljtjijt'jlm  New Edition of the  COW?�� HANDBOOK  Vol. VIII., issued May, 1909, contains  1,500 pages, with nearly SO percent?  mifrre matter than, the preceding��ditioiB;  -The..chapters witfe"--Siine- descriptions  and on statistics have ��� been ca'refuliy  revised and the bulk of the matter  therein is  i.YY ^ENTlteLY NEW  There are 25 chapters.  Goyering Copper History. Geology,  Geography,. Chemistry, Mineralogy,  Mining, Millingi LeachingrSmeltihgi  ^efinrng, Brabdsy^  JVnoy8,Uses,'Sub8titutea,Termiii��logy  Deposits by Districts, States.Countries  and Continents, Mines in Detail, Statistics of Production,/"Consumption, Ini-  ports, Exports, Finances, Dividends,  etc.  . The Copper Handbook is coacededly  the--   y} y I     :''   ^,;|-  Worldi^ StMafd Reference  ^ Book on Copper.  . /The Copper Handbook contains, in  this new and greatly enlarged edition,  about SO per cent, more matter than  the Bible���though not necessarily a  better book because of its great bulk��,.  It is Milled with FACTS of vital importance to.  i  THE INVESTOR  THE SPECULATOR ..     -:  THE METALLURGIST .'.  ;    y    ;    THE CONSUMER  --���'    TjjB MINER  Price is $5 in Buckram with gilt top,  or $7. SO in genuine full library morocco.  , ./TERMS aretmost liberal. Send no  iari'oney, but order the book sent to you,  .all carriage :chaiges prepaid, on one jj||  -week's approval, to be returned if unsatisfactory, or paid for if it suits. Can  .youfcafford not-to see the book and judge  for yourself "of its *?aTu'e to you ?  WRITE NOW to the editor and publisher,  HOB ACE J. STEVENS  36, SHELDON BUILDING, HOUGH-  -'���'-������ TON, MICH., U.S.A.  ���*i*-sr.-ni"**��TT si**"--*-*- MINERS GRIT  S.    EUft C.   Miner was  the man  hose grit and money or credit made  G&nby.    He was at that time both  Gunge-,, in years and experience than  e now is���otherwise  Granby   might  lievifc.have  been   made���at least Vy  iiriil^It is neither here or there how  e came to put his money into a Brit-  h Coftimbia  mining speculation, or  ���    ��*K'-:.".. . ,  hetlie,!, Gi a ves or White was the  ndividual who provided the persuas-  on. Suffice it to say that Miner was  [in at the birth, arid thrt he was the  an who provided the wherewith to  ake of Granby the most successful  ining proposition in British Colum  13."  As already intimated, the big con  olidation began with a mine or pros-  ect known as Knob Hill and another  ne known as Old Ironsides.    They  ere,   and  are,   located at Phoenix,  C.    As' work progressed,   it be-  ame evident that failure would be the  utcome   unless    smelting    facilities  could be provided close at hand. The  result   was  the   organization of the  ran.by   Smelting, company.      The  'tmelter was  erected  on the  Kettle  iver, at Grand Forks, some consid-  rable distance from Phoenix.    Later  [were taken in a number of other com-  anies,   representing; a considerable  erritory of ground in  which  copper  xisted, or was supposed  to exist, in  aying  quantities.    In the  end, the  proposition became a formidable one,  and had it not been for  Mr. Miner's  large financial resources would prob  'ably never haye succeeded.  A great deal of high grade copper  ore was being 'shown in Montreal,  those times, as coming from mines  situated in various districts of British  Columbia. The ore coming from  the properties forming the Granby  roup was of low quality. Evidently  the virtues of this high grade ore had  been expounded upon to the detriment of the Old Ironsides and Knob  Hill, for Mr. Miner was' wont to remark somewhat testily that thpse high  grade propositions would be dead and  buried long before his low grade pro  position hhu reached its zenith. In  support of his. conlontion, he would  refer to the experience of well known  copper mines, such as Rio.Tintpi Arid;  the results certainly confirmed.h}$  tentions. The advantages of Mfnert-s'  low grade proposition was;ttiati*mjnitfg'  became, quarrying. ^he"'valuggj5i*^e"  disseminated  in siichta "'-manner-'.'that  "���     ���   "v.'     .'      .'--'-���.    '���%  picking and grading were * .abandoned*-'  .* - *. . / - .-   *������-. -  and it was decided; that theold r-rnount-  ain should be removed and shoyetl,  into the smelter. ..The-'steam sbovels*  simply scoop it up in. sections, and in,;  the subsequent operations the mineral  is saved and the residue finds its way  back to the dump. Had it riot beeii  for certain self-fluxing qualities attending the scientific mixing of- the  ores, the ultimate outcome would  have deen problematical. As it was,  one difficulty after another was surmounted, but not until Mr. Miner  had personally backed the proposition,  itis.said, to upwards of $1,000,000.  Then came the consolidation of various properties into the Granby Consolidated Mining, Smelting & Power  company, with a capitalization of  ���$15,000,000, of which $13,363,030  was paid up. Mr. Miner was president and Jay P. Graves vice-president  and general manager.  The first dividend was paid December 16, 1903, and consisted of 1  per cent. At the following annual  meeting, for the year ending June  30, 1904, Mr. Miner resigned the  presidency, N having been identified  with, the property for seven years.  He still remained one of the largest  shareholders at that time. The fact  is, Jim Hill and his Great Northern  Railway interests had obtained control, Hill's object being to make the  mine serve as a source, of supply of  freight for his railway.  The par value of the Consolidated  company's shares was originally $5.  The mines have had many ups and  downs during their ten years of operation, and the stock of the Consolidation has experienced many fluctuations, as dividends were declared and  became doubtful or were passed  altogether.    During 1904,"'the stock  sold down to 25 $ef.cent:of its par  value. In 1907, they shares having  been converted inta.$l<5(> -.shares,, the  price, reached. 151;v being^��^.record!-.  i^Msytheyshares'', remain-^  -,. -   .   /       '���" ' '.  V'-.-v'* ''"��� -���'������ ''���'��� 'i*    ������������, '  trig in the tjreasur-y^efevundei^rjttfelti^  *���"'''*. ���  , . - Y' '-.*''      1      -i. v "��� *������������*���*-   ,*,'���   -,-������ .   fi   u >   '--'"'"r  at 85,."**,hd;the;(5t6V^-tliis' 'week/brok^  AT THE CHURCHES  tTHopisx;^-J��ev:y^ B. Hibbert  *r*#|lConduct sleivices iii' the Methodist  ?Cnurcli every Sundays-Morning, 11  a. m^ Sunday School, 3 p. m. Evening.  ���7YYiO.Yt\Y:Yhr''-'' Y  P��E3BYTbrian���St.   Columba.   Ser-  ,to3>,#r��b'r^Satoday NighY^ ---��� vif ^f�� be conducted ntorning^aud  ff-v .^.yy^^Aj^jYV.Y-i   ��� i ;-;v evening, 11 a. m. and 7.30 p. m.   Sun-  ' ^y-YYY-r&^Z- 'l 1 *���>;;��� '*��� -��� ^ y^^'-^-'Schodl  2.30   p.   m.   .Rev.   J.  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Did the hen or the egg come first?  How far away is the nearest star?  Should a young man stay after ten?  Is Brazil as big as Saskatchewan?  Are women more honest than men?  Is essence of peppermint good  for a  ' cold?  Are there fishes that really cant see?  Would you rather they named  a cigar  after you.  Or made you an I4, h D?  Are the  mountains and sea-shore the  best for the health?  Are   the   olo-uds,  as 'tis said, silver*  lined?  Is spring better than fall for planting  sweet peas?  Do two pair beat three of a kind?  Is-country life better than city life?  Should everyone follow his bent?  What makes the lamb love Mary so?  Is it cheaper to move than pay rent?  Is twelve a week plenly to marry upon?  And is marriage a profit or loss?  Is the world getting better?   Are fish  a brain food?  Is hockey as rough as lacrosse?  Are  blue  eyes a  sign of  sweet constancy? 1  Was George Elliot a woman or man?  Is tipping a nuisance?   Are  poets all  mad?  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U.S. NAVY  The United States Navy department is planning to send a  fleet of battleships to the Pacific  coast tbis summer, provided the  Naval appropriations bill, which  passed the House of Representatives, is not pruned iu tbe Senate.  There is but one first class battle*  ship on this coast at present, the  Oregon, which is at Puget Sound  navy yard. Sixteen battleships  are together in the Atlantic fleet,  while three are on special duty  and ten are in various yards on  the Atlantic coast, Jt is likely  that some of the vessels sent to  the weet coast this summer will  be kept here permanently,  Diarrhoea should be cured without  loss of time and by a medicine which,  like Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera aad  Diarrhoea Remedy, not only cures  promptly, but produces no unpleasant  aftei effects. It never fails, and is  pleasant and safe to take. Sold by al)  druggists and dealers.  FOPER'S RANCH  The ranch and range cattle of  W. Roper, Cherry Creek, near  Kamloops, have been sold to a  British syndicate for $400,000.  The land comprises 14,000 acres,  owned out right, and 10,000 acres  leased from the Dominion government,   *  SAKAJAWEA  The women of North Dakota  intend to erect a monument to  Sakajawea,   the   Indian   woman  A chauffeur   stubbed his   toe _.,        .  . ,,   .    T .  ^ who acted as guide to Lewis and  Clarke, when these explorers were  against a small oblong package  in front of a Sixth avenue jewelry store in New York last week  and on examining- the obstruction  found a g 10,000 diamond necklace. He read the advertisement  arid he received from the owner  of the necklace half of its value  as a reward for his honesty.  DaviS' Menthol Salve is a handy,  pleasant and efficacious household remedy for insect and mosquito bites and  stings, skin diseases, piles, etc. Try  it.   25c per tin. t ���   ��� .  A GREAT PARSON  Capital Stock $125,000, Divided into  500,000 Shares at 25c Each,  A  NON-PERSONAL  LIABILITY  Now running a tunnel (in 200 feet)  under valuable claims adjoining  Greenwood Townsite on  Skylark Mountain,  The Rev. T. L. Frazer, pastor  of the Clarke avenue Friends  church, of Cleveland, O. haB contributed his salary of $150 per  month to pay of the mortgage on  his church, while he earns a living for himself and family by  working as a mechanic in a motor  car works. By May S, $500 must  be raised.  crossing the Rocky mountains iflrf  1804. The monument is to stand  in front of the capitol at Bismark.  There is already a statute of  Sakajawea in the park at. Portland, Ore.  A STOCK DIRECTORY  The branch of tbe I,ive Stock  commissioner at Ottawa has  issued a revised edition of the Directory of breeders of pure bred  live stock in Canada. According  to the preface page the work is a  compilation of information received through correspondence  from breeders in all the provinces  in regard to the size of their  breeding herds, and the number  of males and females of the sev-  erar breeds they have for sale.  The Directory is prepared to assist "persons in locating herds,  studs and flocks iu their respective neighborhoods, or in distant  provinces from which pure bred  animals may be procured. It is  stated in the Directory that copies will be sent to ranchmen,  stock breeders, secretaries of  farmers' institutes, agricultural  societies, live stock associations,  and others who may apply for  them.  Your tongue is coated. '  Your breath is foul.  Headaches come and go.  These symptoms show that your  stomach is the trouble. To remove the  cause is the first thing, and Chamberlain's Stomach and kiver Tablets wili  do that. Easy to take and most effective.    Sold by all druggists and dealers.  INTO SALT WATER  DUNSMUIR CASTLE"'"  The stately Dunsmuir castle,  put up in Victoria at a cost of  about a million dollars, has been  drawn for. Upon, the death of  Mrs. Joan Dunsmuir, the family  decided to subdivide the large  holding in the heart of the city  of Victoria, together with the  castle in ttie centre. ���About 130  lots were disposed of at $2,700  each, on the principle that they  were to be drawn for, with one  chance in addition for the castle.  fCach holder of a ticket therefore  got a lot. Col. Cameron, a well-  known contractor, was successful  in drawing the castle. There is  a standing offer of $50,000 for it,  but a much higher sum will undoubtedly be obtained.  Halley's comet will be about  thc lirst thing worth seoiug in  the paKt 75 years that has uot  been conimlU:d by an attraction  combine.  * When a woman loves she par-  dona even crime; when she no  longer loves she pardons not even  virtue.  The cheapest looking thing at  a bargain counter is always a  nian waiting for his wife.  J  Your Little Girl  Has a Cough  To meet an  unexpected  cold a bottle of  M Mathieu's  Syrup of Tar  and Cod Liver  Oil is needed.  Keep it in tlie  house. It not  only cures the  co/dhut makes  the children  stronger and less likely  to have a second cold.  ],��rge bottle 35 cts from all ilealer-t.  J. L Mathka Ca. fr^s.^herbr<>��lie, PjQ.  "JUWbuU.n for WMtrni rvu.a,!,  Vulajr  Bnn.   Ur~.ii* ��������� .  v .��� ,-,.,   uiiuouUhi.  Wluiilp.^.. ^  At a depth of 3,750 feet the  Calgary Natural Gas company  were forced to stop sinking a well  owing to encountering a large  body of salt water,. That depth  is about sea level. Geologists do  not confirm.the rumor that it is  the China sea, but at the same  time the phenomenon is a great  puzzle to them.  SAVED  HER  FINGER.  WANTED  The provincial police are search*  ing for James Tyrer. recently  postmaster at Agassiz, B. C,,who  disappeared on March 17 last, a  warrant being issued for his arrest on a charge of stealing $300.  He was last seen near Sumas,  riding toward the border on a  bicycle.  VARSITY RACES  Bearine, a simple and agreeable  pomade, made from Canadian Bear  grease, feeds the hair roots and makes  them grow.   SOc. a jar.  CRICKET  OLA LOFSTAD,  President.  A. S. BLACK,  Secretary.  Nelson is getting ready to beat  the 'world at Cricket and also organizing a boys eleven. Grand  Forks too is well organized and  many matches are being arranged  for the summer months.  Sufferers from rheumatism had instant relief in "The D. & L." Menthol  Plaster. Be sure and get the genuine.  Made by Davis & Lawrence Co.  The Universities of Washing'  ton and Wisconsin will meet in  an eight-oared rowing race on  Lake Mendota, Wis., June 4. Before going east the Washington  Eight will race with Stanford on  Lake Washington, Seattle, Mar  25.   Every family, and especially those  who reside in the country, should be  provided at all times with a bottle* of  Chamberlain's Liniment. There ia no  telling when it may be wanted in case  of an accident or emergency. It ia  most excellent in all cases of rheumatism, sprains and bruises. Sold by all  druggists and dealers.  ��� Anticipation is the cocktail  which makes it possible to accept  life with a show of appetite.  Un, ��. K. Bei-v.'ii, of ;w t'-.  TW^tor^lftftj., St. It.111if.1p, W.it i'|  W\���> " Huniij timo  I'SQ'lti** l-l'i    "  k 4iphtli��ri**wini*T v'illu ni ..-.h|,i  them th* poivgweiit-.iT-l at-.ii II ���= i:  pn th�� ler-fitd finger ut my 1 i*t, 1;  Tbisbeoniiie vyr-, kurej.n li-l <���1 1, ,.  ing soou a-tt-i.    K-.r n> -u. si . r ���  emldrimbWf-rdqiilts wi'il 1 w <t 111.  |Mf-p%��ar��iUoi^ Mjj'.y l"''l li .^ r.  ���Wktoh wm <u�� wi 'i i-jj..-.;Ui -\v 1  md in Itit-lf, \v���� nut ;.t r 1 V������������' ���  rh�� oonitMjuenceH, h>M-'v-i- <���; 1 u ..  iu(hiaior*tch,\verove ,-H^i- .-.������; .  "W'hentliahloo I- .oUon ii r>i-i inl i: ���-.  KUHioeitviinkiIv�� I li.i.l iu iii.- h .  ��M, kowevt-r. did nnt' >ivj tlio ut-  siTsot.   Quite on the c iit.r>ir*- i.ut r;  bsOMaa more and more EWullvn nm.  oolored. It then began to fo-t.- .uuj',  to call in a docto'.   He liince.l t.lt- I ,.  to 1st out tho pu-, and yoti vim . M'k  how painful the Anger was!   *'!-iii  oar*, hower r. It ����fain-tinton:.! nn i  olatmentx, liniment*, t-odoiii i- ;>.- p  ttooi which th��4foct<>r gave ine     <-m  atMoltrtel*f-tR��blatabrl--C��i) >m  uy i- -.;..  "TbVdaot-irthereuponadvl-viliiiut  1  Into the!**--, HonUno* Ho'-'i'-U.   I i--;ir .,  thatir 1-went fi the JH��-i>lt-tl tl>" H-u^i-  would bo amputated.   We wore t :<l of :i  OM*ilmllartorarow*n.ln wliU'liXtm-link |  badefltootedaouraviien ���ver-rUting c <u >  had (ailed and tha doo I or hn<l niiid tl. .1 ���  only arapuUlton could nar>- tlio j.erson.i I  band. '  " We,, therefore, rteclit .   �� ^'vey,.nn- ���  BukfttrM, ir**.-euiiplv h*<-��1* oc-urcl. n.. I >  we eooimeneM tbai��-.111 nulc tr atim-ia. 1  Ul (talc needed a few ility* tn slum- i . -  ��rlajj|Mr*LttttliUnlep.   Tliel)loii.|.p���i.oiih-.  Mianiawatnatiiiii wer ��� re tucoil, llie j.uii. ,  beoane let- acute, and it w.m  cvi l- t  very abortly that t^e trouble -ran boin< .  red��oed ton less and etlll lesi nr. i\.   \\>  ^aMerered with tlie Znm Mii*c ��ml in i In-  .  _^ea the fe-iterliiK *��������'���' >-*���-�� 1 lin-on rlily  ;cleaned,  then  healed.   In  nn .-r I'm- ������  .mtfk** from flr-it cumnie .< inir with Z.. ,i  -BraJbt'Ute flni{or wi< enll.i-lj- "ell:  an .  kaa we applied/ im-Rukin tlielli--t|i'. ���������  Htatead of trylntc ordinary p:c|.nr'*i.-n-.  M doubt I  ahn'ild  litre  a*ivo I  m.   , ,.'  Mure * nd honr�� irf acut e agony."  411 mothcra ���lin-ild nn'e I'll* i'n��. Xvn l'. .. 1  If ai cure our* fnr blood.nnU.iiiliiv. |c-i��nn.', \  CUtw, lor-itrhna from h��rl>cl w>f, l.f !������ -. I  -io-Wna, f��*hM. tatter, i-.lt rlitiini, lno�� tor.--, i  ntotrt, -fllM, b-d lee. *r-*.ri<<�� ��� v In-, -ii'l nil |>  8laf'-Jnrl'����ndilifur*.   tfoHnn allilr"-.-- r  ���te and itorre or po-r, fr>�� fr-.m 7.un 11.ik ( c.,  ironto, for prlci.    Hrnd ln ��t*tnp lor |.<.ilUu<  ef tr��* trlil hoi.    Refn<ea)li i.imtl n-..  When  "anything goes," it is  safe to say that everything will.  IN THE matter of the Companies' (Consolida-  t'oa) Act, 1908.  AND  IN TBS matter ef th* Jewel ttold Mine*, Limited.  ' NOTICE U hereby given that the creditors  ef the aboT��-n��raed company, wbich is belaj-  TOlaatarily wound up, are required on or be-  fore tb* 6th day of Jkne neat, bein*: the date  lot that parpoH* laed by the ooderiixned, to  lend la their namei aad addreseei -tnd the par-  ticalare of tkeir debt* or claim** to Wllllani  Nell, of 3? Walbrook, in the city of London,  England, the Liquidator of the said companr,  aad if n> required by him afterwards to prove  *uch debt* or claims by affidavit, alter wbich  date the Liquidator will proceed to distribute  the assets of tit* company among the contribu-  tories having regard only to the debts or  claims of which he shall have received notice,  aad all other creditors (hall be excluded therefrom.  Dated thi* 6tb iay of April, 1910.  WM. N*IL,  Liquidator.  LADIES  I Do you want ��lb IngUal? initial note |  || paper and envelopes to write your I  j letters on?    If you do |  Call at THE TIMES OFFICE |  Prices moderate |  I  THE  Boundary  -IS THt  WEEKLY  -OF THB-  If  li Ni  Send for the paper,  Subscribe for it,  Advertise in it  And let us do I"*-.'    ,  You will be the loser if you fail to see our stocks, in case  you shauld need, thia>spring,afly  EXTENSION TABLES, SIDEBOARDS,  CHAIRS, ROCKERS, COUCHES; DRESSERS,  RUGS and LINOLEUMS,  Or anything  necessary  to complete your household outfit.  We have the stock at the right prices.  A.L.WHITE  The Furniture and Stove Man  Phone 16 Greenwood, B. C.  I        Phc  Hamatmmtm  TOWN TOPICS' T  Read James the photographer's  some   gold  friends.  locket  by his many  I REGINA WATCHESli  ��~~ i  Be sure and see  -*a  our  window  dis  Z&  play   of    these  ^3  WATCHES this  ~3  week.  ^  We carry a very  large   stock  to  -*ata��  choose from.  ~3  =3  All we ask is to  come  in and  get  our prices.  -�������  ZZ: Vmir wntcli and j welrv repairs will be safe in our hands. i ^j  ( JT. 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For terms and particulars apply to  G. K. Cou-WKi.r,,  Brandon. Manitoba..       For Sewing Machine   Needles   and  .  -, ,.       ���      rr,���,-,   rr,,,���-.~     Oil see A. L.  White, the Stove  and  Advertise in  THE   TIMES   ! Furniture man.   Phone 16.  FOR SALE-Seed Potatoes, "Burbank," a Northwest variety. Apply to  A. Menzel, Boundary Falls.  For Sams���Household furniture,  piano, stoves, bicycle, etc., cheap. Apply to Rev. F. V. Venables.  The provincial mechanical road  grader has arrived. -  C. vE. Shaw-drove to; Keremeos on Wednesday.  Father Bedard ��� is yisiting  friends in Spokane.   :.  Mrs. C. F. Stork arrived from  Spokane on Monday.   . ' y*  Fred Knight was a visitor from  Grand Forks this week.  Halley's comet rises 3.09 a. tn.  tomorrow, get up and see it.  The Amatuer Dramitic club's  play is indefinitely postponed.  Constable C. Taylor, of Phoenix, arrived in town on Wednesday.  The Tennis club are giving a  ball, in Eagles' hall, Friday  April 29.  W. Wilson is cultivating an  acquaintance with his ranch uear  Boundary Fall:*.  Walter Kennedy is moving to  Vernon whero he expects to engage in business,  A. Love, editor of the Plioenix  Pioneer, was a visitor to Greenwood ou Wednesday.  The St. Jude's Ladies Guild  will meet next Tuesday at the.  house ol Mrs. Fair.  Born���To Mr. and Mrs. McLennan, Kimberley Ave., Greenwood, April ISth, a son.  The Weekly Observer, Spokane, an excellent illustrated  journal only $2.00 per year.  The Presbyterian Ladies' Aid  will meet next Tuesday at the  house of Mrs. Duncan  Mcintosh.  Rev. and Mrs. F. V. Venables,  and children, leave for their new  home, near Montreal, on Monday.  Sebastian Pickelmann, M. E.,  visited Rock Creek last week in  company with Spencer Bennerman.  Married���Olaf Gunderson to  Mrs. Addie Campau, at Greenwood April 14, Rev. J. A. Petrie  officiated.  At the Fall Fair meeting,, held  at Midway last Friday, it; was  voted to hold the Fair at Midway,  this autumn.  Fred Jenks, who has leased the  city ranch, up Boundary creek,  moved to his new home with his  family this week.  John    Barclay     returned to  Greenwood   from    Spokaue, on  Saturday last and is visiting his  old friends for a few days.  Mr. Caie, of Republic, paid a  visit to Greenwood this week to  arrange for treatment of Republic ore at the local smelter.  S. T. Hall, formerly of Grand  Forks, arrived in Greenwood on  Tuesday, and will take charge of  this paper from Monday next.  Harry Dickinson, the well-  known powder man, was i a  Greenwood this week. Hi's old'  friends were pleased  to  see him.  The Mother Lode mine and the"  B. C. Copper company smelter  closed down, as a result of the  strike declared, on Tuesday morning.  Last Sunday's baseball match  between Greenwood and the  Mother Lode resulted in ah easy  victory for the mine team by 22  runs to 9.  With this issue of the Boundary  Creek Times, Randolph Stuart,  who has been Editor since June,  1909, will sever his connection  and shortly leave Greeuwood.  Died���At the Sacred Heart  hospital on April 18, JoeLoretto,  an Austrian, from cancer, after  an illness of 6 ihonths. The funeral took place on Wednesday  afternoon.  J. E. Mclntyre, who has been  connected with the Mother Lode  boarding house for some years,  left last week with Frank Mosher  for Stuart lake. Before leaving  he was presented  with a  hand-  GENERAL NOTES  The Jewgl.mine tjgijlywill start;  up in iaboiit'3 weeks. The ,en-  gineers of the South- Kootetiay  Power Go., -ate installing their,  transformersi;when complete, the  mill will begin crushing.  Joe Swabo, of Atiaconda,,.waX  arrested atthe instigation of: ��� jrlis  wife, last yw��e^ y for. ;;assaiilt.  Later- Job'-a^y'^ael'skojislki' was  arrested at -Eholt; *'being* in ��� pos-*  session of - Swaboys"rtrunk..^; Both'  ���eises are pending inyestig^tioii,"  S^ M. Johnson, prt^'; :Sm returned to Greenwood;' Tuesday  (iight.* Mr. Johnson .spent the  winter at Stratford and visited  Vancouver on his way home to  Greenwood. Mrs. Johnson and  children will spend the summer  in Stratford.  The Canadian Western Oil Co.,  whose shareholders are mostly  residents of Greenwood, have  given an option to English capitalists ou one square mile of  their oil holdings, for $100,000.  The company owns 3,000 acres  in Flathead valley in south eastern B. C.  has lost five million in ismn^die':''  ���Vy,."y. Y   '������'���    :  -'.-"-     "V  -:-��.   '. "YY/f:''*f  Viscount Sone, resided^geieral.;  of Korea hag resigned*-.'-to* "-��������� ������Y.-'J-''�����'..  ' i -' ������       *.^-c3-- .���.:-.'- ��� '-.��� <r?.yy- ;>.--..  Earthciuakey .sliddKs ��� in vGo'sta'.  Rica-are.the heaviest iti yeajt*st>-;���;  ���-��� ' ;. .-.-��� '������'   ,,- .  :     .-..:' ������ ::''^7^y  The Canadian Bank bi Gotn>  tnere'e., has;'opened  a yfygiApfy^it  Stewart^:-jri^y,_;-:'_ '^l^''"'"'"  ��� :'X; '-J^abartlii -of Trail is*;   .t   ;Cotfya1e^ept4:incl-*lefti last Ta^'rs;--.  day-fofeSall;Ivake"Ciiy:-.:.:-YyY *.: v;' -;  .'Returning -jpr'dscfectors -irom  Camel?s.BackflaWe declare the  gold -discoveries.areno .good;..   ~  Mr. and Mrs. Andrew/Laidlaw,  Miss Laidlaw and Miss .PhyliB  Laidlaw, of Spokane, are- attending the horse show. They are  regular visitors at Vancouver's  premier society event.  IN GERMANY  iv  MILLION FOR MINE  R K. Neill has floated the  Neill Development Co,, capitalized at $12k500,000, to purchase  and operate 12,000 acres of rich  placer in the Altar mining district, Mexico. The flotationis  financed wholly by Spokane parties. The purchase price of the  placers is $750,000 cash and one-  third of the stock of the company.  The property is known as the  Paloma placers and is located  about 15 miles east of the Gulf of  California aud about 25 miles by  an excellent wagon road from  Port Lobos, about 150 miles south  of the international boundary  line. They lie at an elevation of  about 600 feet above, sea level. So  tremendous are these deposits and  so extensive are the old workings  that examinations extending from  three to four 'months permitted  various engineers to report on  comparatively small sections. The  last examination made by Mr.  Neill himself and John V.'Richards, covered minutely an area of  only 100 acres. This block they  estimate to contain no less than  $6,000,000 in placer gold, and  both gave it as their settled opinion that several hundred acres  more are equally rich, while several thousand -acres additional  should approximate tne same  depth of gravel.  WORK STARTED  A start has been made on the  Hudson Bay Pacific Railway.  Engineers Attwood and-Taylor,  with a party of axeman, have  left for tbe north. The second  party is expected to leave shortly.  Never judge a persou by his  outward appearance. A shabby  coat may enwrap a newspaper  publisher, while a man wearing  a high plug hat, sporting a gold-  headed cane, may be a delinquent  subscriber.  Oae's discretion may be measured by the powers of observation  possessed by one's associates.  Japanese Menthol is unequalled as a pain relieving agent.  Applied in tlie_ "D. & L."  Meuthpl Plaster it is the most  '.Tfective remedy known for  I .umbag-o, Seiatiea,-Rheumatic  jAchcs aud Pains. Try a "D.  '& h" Menthol Plaster the  next time you are suffering  fiom any oue of these com-  1 >1 aiuts and be convinced. 25c.  each at druggists.  RRQVJM  & Splendid Tonic  Builds up the System  Strengthens the  Muscles  ���$ves New Life  CoZ -j Uy rJl acitlc-ino dealers.  1-j.vis cfc XiiRTctice Co., ilontreal.  J  The Berlin building trades  lockout, which already has made  a quarter of a million workmen  idle, appears to be the begiuuiug  of a long struggle affecting many  divisions of the national industry.  The employers have locked out  the men in an effort to put an  end, once" and for all,-to what  thev regard as the intolerable  demands ot the latter.  :pri2*Joy^i& .the time to'Brighten'up the home  '���������'y^-SlAfe have everything you. want in stock.  FLOOR LAC1  Hoor Paints   t^  Atostine "Wall Finish  att<t'ftn&it&'~'''  O   Outside and Inside Paints  Pecotiht Wall Finish  ������������'   Varnishes, Shelac-*.  OF AI,!, XINDS AT THE  Russell-Law GaulfieM Co.Xtd  GROCERIES,    CROCKERY,     HARDWARE,  GENTS'   FURNISHINGS,  Palace Livery Stables  FAMOUS HUNTER  Frederic G. Selous, famous as  a hunter, and as the pilot of Ex-  president Roosevelt across Africa,  is visiting his cousin Mavor  Selous ot Nelson.  SELL THIRTY ACRES  Messrs. Kerby, Atwood and  Kerman, of Grand Forks, last  week sold. thirty acres of the  Brown ranch toE. J. Hughes, of  Alberta.  LOST���Between Anaconda and  Greenwood, gents' watch fob; stiver  crown and shilling piece. Finder please  return to Times office.  Lost���At Rock Greek, or between  Rock Creek and James' Lake, during  the fall of 1909, a pair of brown sateen  wading trousers. Finder please return  to office of this paper. Suitable reward.  I  How few of us there are, who have  not hidden away in some bureau or  closet, some almost forgotten, almost  faded picture-memories of dear ones  who have passed to the Great Beyond.  Possibly, too, we have been fearfully  watching, as the years go round, the  steady butrelentless fadtag that promises, ere long, to make these dear treasures but a memory indeed. Why not  perpetuate these old picture-memories  while there is yet an opportunity? A"  few years hence even the faintest outline* may hare vanished forever.  Modern methods and modern papers  will give you a lasting copy of such  pictures, and skillful work Will preserve  to you the portraits that you have  almost despaired of and give them to  you in most cases even clearer and  more reminiacently than the faded  copies you now have.  .Why not bring these, old pictures to  me? I at least will truthfully tell you  whether it is too late to save them.  Yd. HY. JAMES,  City  Studio, .Deadwood Street.   -  GREENWOOD, B. C.  MINERAL ACT  Certificate of Improvements  NOTICK.  "Moruiuff Star'1 Mineral Claim, situate lu tbe  Greenwood Mining --Division of Vale District. Where located; Abrnit Hi tee m'.les  west of the Arlington lakes.  TAKE NOTIcfc That I, E. O. Smith, Free  lu It-era' Certificate No. B14301, intend,  sixty day* from date hereof, to appl.v to tbe  Mining R.corder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the ijurpote of obtaining- a Crown  Grant of (ne above claim. '  And further take notice lhat action, under  Section 37, must be commenced before tbe Insurance of snch Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 31st day of Marcli, A. I). 1910.  39 R. (J. SMITH.  MINERAL ACT.  Extra Wei  1)115  DRAYING���We Can Move Anything  P. G.  BUGKL.B-Si  PROPRIETOR  COPPER STREET; GREENWOOD  S  4-LB. PACKAGES 350.  3 for One Dollar.  53N3��33��53*i-2-5S5-^^  I  I  \i  I  f  v,  n  w  u.  i-  i.  G^RBY^SPlGlALSELECTED  m  U'::  I  ���greenwood Ciquor Co  IMPORTERS  V.5S^3WS^?55^5^53W5iNS  GREENWOOD.  ^^^^^^^��^$^$^i^S^^;^^f^f^H���^  if  I  ^��^��^^��^��^��^��^S���^f^^��i  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  "Crescent No. 2" and " Norene Fractional"  Mineral Claims, situate In the Greenwrod  Mining Division of Vale District. Where  located:   In Providence Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac ti. Hallett,  as agent . for Harry H. Shallenberger,  Free Miners' Certificate No. B2650ii, intend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose ot obtaining- Crown  Grants of the above claims.  And further take notice that action, under  Section 37, mur��t  be  commenced  Ixfore  the  issuance of snch Certificate  of Improvements.  Dated this2lst day of March, A. D, 1910.  -  39 I. H.:HAX,tETT.  i  ft:  ,r.  ?!-  ��  Wy  Z&&H5*:^��GS^'G��^^  ARE YOB BRY?  Beer  Beer  Beer  WE BREW GOOD BEER AND  ALL KINDS OF SOFT DRINKS  Call up 'Phone 138, Greenwood"  Phoenix Brewery Co.  BE��E��R  s  \*L J  WALLPAPERS  ELEGANT DESIGNS  Hundreds of Patterns to select from,    The cream of  Canada's Wallpaper manufacturers at prices  ranging from 20c to $1 per double roll  BOOKSELLER AND STATIONER, KODAK SUPPLIES  - *��R33^C3T3ggg-'T.v*.y-."-.--  aKr^r-sC3��--��rS:  -* -^--- ^*r--n��'*, -;*tBrMn;  mimmsmm


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