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Boundary Creek Times 1905-05-05

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 is  IlllSftllll^^  .���A'-:-:.;]-  ���^���*���^^^^     ���' /-V.1 ���'���*,���������*'���'������' -^."rC.'.,���/���:  ' >-v-''i''V *: ' ,'-   "'��  :mjmj'i'-'iv'':.'/"!.  ���".1''-:v.,'Y>1  *:***;:a;  K'i'K"*  l-W  J':';''f'  i&=W  /'.''If;  ^f'Si'":  ^-;g  ifeVV  ���'./v.. r.  -r'.^v-'  &i;r;'v  ���>;^-  ,*^^*^  '-,  .,'*-r,  ^i  i^f^W^W  ,^  7%  a-"*,^:!'/1.'"'.  ���J!f)  -?-: l'i.f'>Vv->;*^^.:v/i';;!l'.f:��ij;.*:;*i;v*;/;r-jivA .v*;;;S;w^ f^���:,*,* ��� '���-. i.*;*^.  ���i ������-.v-v/^v-w aa.;a:'���.;{AJt'';mA' 4"v?;: ;*.��� /*; ��� *;... a-��� -v.?- to. liUr.;i*r^';,'/ .!>��������  >-:^i*f"te'-  ������ V" ���'v,v'*��i''>T-.*.''l''i-.,->:,'^ .���-*'���';���"���>.  -~v;c^;*  ������VvV-  ;ixr  r*irl!rf^^^S'-^^'v  sitet.the* bityt.h^  bench where "the presentroad to the  Twin arid Barbara'runs,i.wbicli;,witli a  much easier grade;than the Phoenix  road, could be made^'tb/ serverall; the  claims.-; named' "and "give at the same  tinic;a,inuch shorter.; arfEf;easier, (road  to.iiaul'. their ore for, shipment. ..The  s aine, g e n 11 emen e yen: we tit fart her _ an d  got,:in'" Estimate '.-'from" aiw.ell-kn'C''vv.'ii  con tractWV for-building  land; tlie 'bid was* less th arir;$1.006. 'i A The  lands,and works department; 'at .V ic-  itoria,<thepfoyincial government agent  here/and;-the ;iocaUcon^  govern ment; in power .Have. ;beeii, ap-|  -,..������*   v-;1-.' ;���,  .;        :-���",-."-"--'..'  ���������-!'��� "\* ;���-���������;���;: ���'���-���';r:."**.;M*-: ���,': I  ;pealedrto;again:andagainV'^it.hout'an.jr;  ,t-esuit,^ri^  iitfe^ake^e 'riia|ter ^prf arid^gy^ bij^u^  ���lii^ng; th e^abt^^O* g^tbe}a^.thorjrti^BJi  Itbtise^theAurgeri^^  :sOmething-;for ilie^.metr ^hoiar-ejiaxed  ;*tb:ihe;tu*ne|:c^i.itwo. ;;il*^C|in|^^on^^ii^  ���^reGari&icir-i- whichif: they; receive,^ wtiati?-  S-ifffie:iBay��woulii;( amoun t ;V t jj' i\$^v��|>|;  ���per iceoft; of- $^($^1^  ���fp^utt��mg|^|^  J-ia&itbetm^su^  ?Ba$$frap.tf^^^  ^i^^tiuiltfthey^  ;ifo��(&:&i^  fccJutinubus shipments  ;inp��ctft*^  jroa^&pay  With Oyer $4,000 Wortli  ;       of Ore' on Dump.  A^WAG0N: ROAD NEEDED  A):DescriDtioii of the yBay! and ithe;  ?tl;;'vW':;*::-W^  ;^  ^:.TJie; writer:^  -Tue8d,ay..fiast|.{nflcom'^  oFuliei^": iyvl^;^ vi^y ^feiridij^; s'prbyideiiiej A 'N^?p;l|?  ���man-f iorwiving.^^thjjW^  'Opefting^up^tHegtouritry^^^^  /Wasjtiaj^ejto *gr in.d^rh;th ,  .on theijfoYernment for refusingthe.aid  *fA'i.*i*��':{J��;o*^/V^';tr'=;,v-*i;;;'..y:^i-**::>OW;:':*-J��Srvr^  ire-q��^st^dv;butiwe;dbymos^jrespiecjifully:  request the chief commissioner aud^he  ;mittife):er*ipf amiirtsf taseriouslyjcOnsuier;  ^tite|ra^ter^n^%iTC.Ji^  ii^rft^iffiuclSimc&ey.!jin^th  ���������..S^vSf-**,'!***:-.-^^^  .atfdjreaped :subh' popigjeturns a-ixhanpe:  5tb|^,maS|?go,od^  'iin^sja^e^cb'frep^  ������.'itH'isM^ne'fly^rftview.'e'd^  fbwn'ersi4tpbk^holdi!'bf-athe;*;iprbperty;'ih':^  jJa!huarY^i904yand;;hi,i*vei\beeh:wbi;kini^  |--VJ..' -,.  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S'ii-y  Should Be Constructed This  1 "��� x- - - - - SesLSim^^i^f;mAAf -  miSl��i  i^ii^i:fe^||ltiiiiii'isw^  Aplease5d|to1or-d^fe^gr.*jouia;t^^  ���l;��bfli|^a^tO;|[^i;^*|^  :>id-'^'r!fS's:,-:s?'9vS';'i^*;^^4k*;'*:-i��**<'*'"^    .<f.*  5����'..'"*."     -                             , pJ'*a{*:  ������v  ^��M% .                                                           .:'.->���!'  ^  .\mZmZ:.'������::'a'A'������������ '������'���: *A: '�����  <���(.-  f��M    ���  ���"..  ,��*-���     ���                                   '���-���'."*".  ������>  ^���M   .  ��� ^ih> -;*...  �����~ '���"���';-'           :'������".���"'���'-  fc:;, ���-                *-.*>r,T  .*..   .  /���~-*.r **. Af-y.-',.; /���, s .��; s  V'1- ���"  ':���?-.���-,.* - sr *.���-�� ������i**^s.u->  li/,*' :-  -1^ ��, ' * .,  "'.If  r,?":'a,"'we  commetice ��� this-r special  '���$.���'���': *:* ^V>*;; '"*"������ --��� AA '���'��� ���'-AA^Ai Ai^A^i-AA'r^. "*���'*,-'���''. ��� /:'>.'������.'  :1|���"  li:>s^e-^ ^very ^te^ will be of X  C* ��� ;^^ special interest to ladies^Qif* >i ;  ���^^';:''*v:rG;reenwooH;::->;,'->v '^aA-a': aaa;-':-;'a  A'itjAVVi-i -A ;���::���:.,;: .'A.-���] .A'{'A .AA''- :-;-:;';aaAA ��� j; ���. ::A.  A\-  ;9?&r:.-  =*'*J  . ������-r.'t  A'A-  ;^v  mPc-m>  $g.tfg$\  'm^mmSi$^^^j^  AAr$AfA''  '���ViJ-vK'V  Ap(;$AAz  'aCA'-<  ||!  i<,'VA;iT;v  thorit.v  l-ovv^iv.-:^"."^^^^  from shipments-made from .the .15 .^IJ  vrieighborl^icedapvlan-d^  present ���jbeingywprked^.w  'oVii'Al^'rt*^ c*':*0��*i/��/��'ac*c*4-nrrvi>i��;c^ Siei AWwAwt^aWl'r'^toiiiSl ftl%;,*/'i,!f;-,:i.'i'.( ^"'?,-J''i'!  ���ta^ibmiWis^tt^iats;^^^  ���getheriwith^^^bre*^-^  7fp.^shipment^at|^^^  ' iar>;j3lii^^  ;^ain��-^ftibj&'^ptti^  isuTBcifent'^to^'atr^  !in^��nder^king^rie::W.o^  ���M|^iie?$iy^qwrilers ;iti^^alr*ea^|spen 't-:  ������ibVer|^6^H'n(-%ttaii^  ���^uiidin'glja^d'.iia-^^^  ;^yin^ia^^bo^i|-e^s:jif^s^  ipgated^tSfatedvi^Hai^  pav:;tiie;2 per' cen*fatax<s:f dt'i'.iifStheyare1  .rr:-���,;/i-)-*;S^'*7-*>-.w-v,'/g;f:-*r''i*i'':;/';*"i*\t'i.  to teceLveno/benefits ���in,the; shape of  the :yeVy':brdi'na^  ii'il'i-y ^,* :��n/i**x_.i;i:/:.*l:^^iiu'_li''^:ii'^^i^i:*  ^^in^nsskjare lEi^eries- ^of vMaitns* an&  "mines;fe'acli*;pfrwhich:has;-;:eith^i|cdn[r;  ���s id^rable;; w brk ^dbne1; an d.Sis; ^hipping,;  or.'ready'itp sri^  'sufficieri t" 'l inilicatibn|'bi ^'gob4; pay in g  leadr^stO; -jy^rran t v* tlie'v expeiiiditure? 'of 1  considerable- sums)*bf 5money.��� to thbr-;  bughly prospect -them;:.;^A'AKA^^AaA'-:A:  ^Stirting' ^ifrpmj>"the^, town; the^ first  claimis}*^  B P' U, then the Bay, ;aboye^which to  the.sputh,��� southeast andjsouthwest are  the Mavis'; Tip .Top, .Silver Cloud and  .SilyerXloud; Fraction.,AA;'; *.;>... .  On. t6e':-.Tip Top,]. Silver' Cloud and  ���Mavis - active development".; work is in;  progress^ .On the Tip Top' and Mavis  there is every prospect that the operators have on ,thc properties the Bav  free-gold ledge. On the Silver Cloud,  as outlined- in last week's istue, -the  owners have struck good pay ore, and  that portion of the camp looks very  promising, in'every; respect. ��� -���'-./ .  . .For years the owners of the E P U  have been put to enormous expense  trataining the ote; down the tramway  tjuilt for that, purpose, and now the  owners of the Bay 'are^i'u^ 'against the  sterii fact that, although tHe ore house  is chock.full of high-grade^pre, worth  at a'very;conservative estimate S4,000  net, arid the anen are-sinking a winze  in;a splendid lead, they cannot ship a  pound of the ore, 'because there is uo  Way of getting it to the railway short  of putting their hand in their own.  pockets, and building a connection  with, the' roundabout 'government  -wagon road just completed- to Skylark  and connecting, with The Greenwood-  Phoenix main trunk road.> . '���' ���-'��� ...  '- Puncah Mclntoshof the E PU and  H..V. Fuller of\: the-Baj- have had a  j'sarvey made of a road, starting oppo-  ;sHippingv;iniri^;':^;get;^tlVeir:C(re^to  pnly^ayaiiaM^irailway'lpoirit^G  'svood.'^  vFqr ���.Sale^First^-clasisv; pjikno^-iless,  ihari-lialf price^F^r;pairtic��^  to tWin'.' Fie riling^ ;a:A;a;A.^Aa'S:vIaA  THE BAND CONciftTl  ThWbarid ���concept' iVi!t'heliAuditorium  Mdnd ay even ing * was 'not- so: well attended'as many^ especially^ the per-  formersV would have-Hiked : to - see."'  However, t^e"'*.ticKe.ts'^w.fere-.'',"s:oI(Ji' .so  tlieVe is the consblatibiv of'knowing  thatt the band did well financially.;  Their work on Monday eventng wasa  sort of a revelation, arid in some'of*the  selections they were 'listened-to' with  delight, and after the coiicert niiany,  congratulations were tendered Bandmaster Hallett. ... . t,, /  The concert, though very, good, wai  altogether too long, the result being  that the vocalists on the second part  only sang to; half an audience. Had  the programme been - cut-*in" two it'  would have just been the right length.  The following ladies and "gentle,  men assisted: Me'sdame* W.^Uisbn;'  H. iMcCutcheon,\ Sidney ^Oliver, arid  Miss.Fisher, and Messrs. A. M.^Whi^e-.  side; A.rthur Wheeler, H.* T. ���PembeT-  tori arid lv.- Bruce Hodge. -,Mrs<-McCutcheon and Mrs. Oliver were the accompanists and ; did ��� their work- cori-  scientiously, although : the piano wdls  placed so far back on the stage that  half the tinie the ���sing-ers-rfeceived ati*  soiiitely no support on account -of the  sound going up into the "fliers" instead  of out into the hall.-""V ,  ^fty,^e^a^rift^trasvru  ���jeastitp^pickii^pt;ag^nV  'l^en;tstmck>Kndra:winze^  :^ri-fheitveincWhic:lK;tisWvery-*c  '���r-i-i-ii -*-. > ^>y,*.-~ii-<--* vs-,.-'*:!^.v,.^J*:i.7-.v.'.i.,-.i.v>'..,,.-?-i-v *���;*���:��� :.r;^:Ai:^'!'A  .;fined^ln^"spleiia��^  tore( ii-sVJai; tri^eMi^Ser^  ;.takeriyjout'^*^^  ���.ou^w,*.inpreey^"nt^  ���ofi-^theleia^M^Mi^JF  'ri^uch-:neede^*supplies'iaad:vlu'nibd^^  .they;'wer^^epari[*^:tbcpu^  i6a;ryJ4mettiMi3^a^^G^^  All the;work bcirig idotie riowiii in the "rtA^^Ati  nature pf^develppment wprkJand'it is: 1 .A^AAAA  ari?u rifbrtUnaite fact-that5; the^tne** will AA ^AA 'tst  be closed dowtCarid' several'mieni'thrown;';;.'���;, ��� -AAAc  put of a^gOOd iqib";if something: ia ribtAA^'AAA  'done'a~?oti:-t$ ea& AAA:  t]^^^.'n'.i^v;^ilj;;,*:*.i^  0'.As'**;8tatedi;:':tiw6'>'-'.cars;:--wer  over .the sleigh(^pad last winter, .which.  netted at TrailTSli9.^7per'torifchitfly -;���;'.��� '      i  in.gold...; .:,:;-:-:..;.a:.?.A;A.A' A A ���*'���. ".:"-.''...���' -;;,.*; **;���-���'���  --A shaft exists- a  few yards, to the  south of  thet present   workings   in*o .  ��������� -i'.i.' ;'.,.'.-.)^r.--,-1--.,.-, .*��������� ,   .    .-.,. * ��� ,*v  which the surface water is "drained  and from which '^a syphon trrains-'the  accumulated i water. .The syphon in a  1-inch iron, pipo, with.a  stop valve at  .,,.���-...-.,.,       ;fA;*U, i.j;      ti;;   -.*���    i,iri"l  the outlet, and it is kept ranuing about  eighteen hours a dayj..this' being sufficient,to k^ep the water under control.  A boiler has been  erected above the '  shaft, which provides'steamr for a  pump in'the present working!, arid by  means of which the water is kept down.  ���The claim is magnificently .. tim-  bered and there are enough trees uncut  to keep the mine gbirig'foryekVs;  Should the : oft-rjipeited -'"road be  built, a raise will be run to .connect  direct to thesurf ace 'with* the present  winze and save tramriiirg" from the T  winze toithVfoot of the<shaftvrli :���:  :���,::��� At present, the. mine is .mucked out  each shift by.a -Bvinch and horse. Two  shifts are kept at work', foiiririen'to  each shift;'two miners a mucker and a "  blacksmith. * - ���'*���'������' "���'"���' A A.:.    ���    �� '.  .For Sale Cheap, ^a new. 3 -roomed  house in Anaconda, and lot, well fenced,, good chicken house, good spring  water. Apply R. G. Pexson, Anaconda  New. Furniture  Store.   A share of  Only one" piece left���all wool-carpet,  very pretty ..pattern,' at SliOO per yard, j the public patrdnage  solicited. :.(F. II.  O I C, A. L. White'& Co. Hart, cor. Deadwood atid CbpperSt. I    '-I  ,  1 f j  1 v ��! r*-'   , *-  y -    -     . -a.    ���   /*.,        ' a a- "      -      -'-   *  .*��� < ���  1     ' -'  BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  /.   H.   HALLETl  Barrister, Solicitor,  . Notary Pubwc.  Cable Address : '    hallett. "  Pmv.  j Bedford M'Neill's  CODBS   -\ Moremg. & Ncal.s  Leiber's.  , GttEBIVM/OOO,     B.     O.  J. P. MOLEOD  Barrister a>-d Solicitor,  Offices in P. 0. Box 31.  RENDELL B1|0CK Phone 81  Over Bank of Montreal      GREENWOOD B.C  A. E. ASHOROFT.  Dominion aad  Provincial Land Surveyor.  Alninc and Engineering Surveys.  Rcsldeuce:   Church St. 'Phone B15.  GREENWOOD, B. C.  ARTHUR M. WHITESIDE.  BARRISTER and SOLICITOR  Rendoll Block, Greenwood, B.C  CHARLES AE. SHAW.  Civil Engineer, ���'  Dominion   an��    Provincial  Land Surveyor.  Office -with Gaunce & 'Wickwire.  Telephone No. 32.  GREENWOOD,   s     ;      .���      :   B.  O.  PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYOR  RICHARD H. PARKINSON,  A. M. Can- Toe C. E. ���  f i  Surveyor and Civil Engineer.  .   , Surveys on  Kettle   River   and   West  Fork promptly attended to at regular  prices.  Address :   FAIRVIEW P.   O., B. C  IV. H. JEFFERY.  Consulting Mining Engineer.  Properties examined aud reported  on.   Will  ���take charge of development work.  Correspondence solicited. '  GREENWOOD.  B��   O*  ��be  Boundary Creek Times  "Issued Every Friday  Duncan Ross  Managing Editor  SUBSCRIPTIONS IN ADVANCE.  Per Ybak    2 00  Six Months .-��� _ 1 25  i  To Foreign Countries 2 50  LABEL>  FRIDAY MAY S, W05  Electric lights are now within  -the reach of alLin_Greetiwood.   _.  The Calgary Eye-Opener says  the school question has not  reached that city. British Columbia is still safe. v  The railway situation remains  unchanged.' It is not even a  question of Providence. Our  fate depends-upon Jim Hill and  the Dominion parliament.  The "Week, a Victoria publication, wishes "country" editors to  bear in mind that it is not a "society" journal. If it is not, there  can be no reasonable excuse offered for its continuance.  About the only place not yet  mentioned from which the Great  Forthern will commence construction into the Similkameen is  Incammeep. Great commercial  centers are sometimes overlooked  by railway corporations.  The recent strike of free gold  near Eholt is too near the line of  railway to cause much excitement.  To have a successful gold excitement, it is necessary that the discovery should be made in some  almost inaccessible spot.  There was an attempted burglary at Grand Forks the past  week. The Gazette naively puts  it: "The work showed that the  gentleman was not au expert."  The burglar evidently never heard  of the Grand Forks Summer carni-  val ov he would /not have opened  his kit in that city.  No -power on .earth can stop  the progress of a community  whose people are loyal to each  other and to the enterprises of  their town. And just so, no  power on earth can produce  growth in a community whose  people are divided and disloyal.���  Enderby Edenograph.  The following address to the  teachers of the province at their  annual convention held in Revelstoke last week, by President  David Wilson,inspector of schools  for Kootenay, will doubtless  be of interest to many readers of  The Times;  The subject of the president's address was a reply to accusations sometimes made that non-sectarian schools  were "Godless" and "pagran." The  speaker detailed the circumstances  under which the school system of  British Columbia was first organized,  when the province became a part of  the Dominion, showing it -was the almost unanimous wish of the people to  have* free non-sectarian schools. The  wisdom of this, decision is found in  the fact that no one creed can ��� be decided on to be taaght, and that different denominations cannot agree to  formulate any common religious faith.  It was not necessary, as some people  asserted, to teach a creed to teach  morality. It may , be assumed that  children have learned the Drvmary  truths of religion in the home or at  church, or at Sunday school. Assuming* this, the teacher may give instruction in the moral truths which all  could accept. In .addition to this the  teacher,' may use all subjects as a  means of moral training. < Children  should be trained ,to habits of regularity, punctuality, neatness, obedience, truthfulness, honesty. Besides,  common moral and religious truths  appeared' in their most attractive  form* in lessons in history and literature. * ,   '  The speaker recognized the importance of moral and religious teaching,  but held that the schools are now' doing more towards carrying out the  work than is done through any other  agency. Our schoolsx are permeated  by religious, teaching. They form the  character on which the church has to  build.    l  While parental responsibility has  weakened, the influence of the public  school has increased, vlt is the saving  force of modern society! The term  "Godless" or "Pagan" cannot be  justly applied to schools in a Christian  community! in which the highest religious morality is required to be  taught in an atmosphere of self-denying service, inspired by the living personality of the teacher,  TO WN TOPICS T  <^  Grand Forks will celebrate Victoria  Day.  W. H. Norris, J. P., the Midway  rancher and fruit grower, was in the  city Tuesday. ,  The Freeland Concert Co. will give  one of their excellent entertainments  in the Auditorium this evening.  The partnership in the Clarendon  hotel between Bruce Craddock and R.  A. Nicholson has been dissolved, Mr.  Nicholson taking charge.  A splendid road has been built to  to the Skylark mine under the superintendence of Jos. Welmhurst, the  government road foreman.  J. L. Watson, principal of the Greenwood public school, returned Saturday  from Revelstoke, where he had been  attending the meeting of the Teachers'  Institute, a brief report of which appears in aaother column.  Howard Pannel, the Midway poultry-  man was in town yesterday and reports his incubating machines running  full time. He has had more custom  orders than he could fill, and is turnout 1,000 chicks a month. He averaged  about 80 per cent.  The Greenwood Electric company  has reduced the price of lighting for  residences to 50 cents per month for 16  candle power. This is, of course, for  continuous service. The old rate will  be charged for lights in use for only a  portion of the year.  G. C. Hodge, of Nelson, the district  superintendent of the telephone company, was in the sily Wednesday afternoon, on his way home from a trip to  Rock Creek, undertaken to figure on  the cost of putting up a line from Midway west. After estimating probable  receipts and expenditures he came to  the conclusion that such a lice would  be a losing gam*?.  GREENWOOD PUBLIC SCHOOL.  Following is the monthly report of  Greenwood public school for the month  of April:  DIVISION I���J. I,. WATSON, TEACHER.  Pupils actually attending . . .33  Average daily attendance 28.43  Percentage     86.15  Pupils who attended every session:  Olive Bunting, Archie Bunting, Howard Nelson, Hazel Skelton, Willie  White, Gladys Wickwire, Vivian Wickwire, Ray Parker, Helen Rees.  DIVISION  II���C   M.   MARTIN/TBACHER.  Pupils actually attending 29  Average daily attendance 27 36  Percentage   94.35  ��� Pupils who attended every session:  (jeorge Eales, Mildred Handcook,  Alexander Hunter, Leslie Jones, Chas.  McArthur, Hazel Redpath, Winnie  Skelton, Ward Storer.  Wanted���To borrow $400 on good  security, for one or two years. Apply  at this office.  Why Suffer From Rheumatism f  Why suffer from rheumatism when  one application of Chamberlain's Pain  Balm will relieve the pain ? The quick  relief which v this liniment affords  makes rest and sleep possible, and that  alone is w^rth many times its cost.  Many who have used it 'hoping'only"  for a short relief from suffering have  been happily surprised to find that  after a while the relief became p'er^  manent. Mrs. V. H. Leggett of /Yum  Yum, .Tennessee, U. S. A., writes; "'I  am a great sufferer from rheumatism,  all over from head to foot, and Chamberlain's Pain Balm is the only thing  that will relieve the pain." For sale  by all druggists.  ^       ' A Challenge. s "h >  The three lawyers in the Rendell  Block will ou Saturday next at the  hour of fonr of the clock in the after-  toon'play, at Captain Swain's bowling alley, situate on Copper street, in  the City of Greenwood, Count of Yale,  Province of British Columbia, the three  colored lawyer*^, to wit,' Black', Brown  and ��rray, for the championship.  >��� These> are therefore ' to command,  entreat 'and. defy the said colored  lawyers to be aud appear at the bowling alley* of the said' Captain Swain,  on the day and hour above mentioned,  with the object of engaging in. a game  of skittles for the championship of the  world. ' By Command.,       's    >    l  Dated at Greenwood, B. C.', this 5th  day of May, in the year" of Our' Lord,  one thousand nine hundred and five.1  , <  You can save money by buying your  Wam, Paper at Smith 8cMcRae's.      '  FRENZIED FINANCE.  A man wanted a ticket to Olathe,'  and had only a $2 bill. It required $3  to get the ticket. He took the $2 bill to  a pawnshop, and pawned it for $1.50.  On his way to the station he met a  friend, to whom he sold - the pawn  ticket for $150. That gave . him $3.  Now, who's but that dollar ?  a   BOUNDARY  VALLEY   LODGE  '^K^-^ No. 38.1/0.0. P. \  Meats every_ Tuesday Evening at 8 00 in the  I. O. O. F. Hall.    A cordial invl tation is extended to all sojourning brethern.  W. Elson - Fred B. Holmes.  N. G. Rec.-Sec.  DR MATHISON   DENTIST  Opposite Post Office-  GREENWOOD * -  - . B C  T. F. SUTHERLAND  PROVINCIAL ASSAYER  Shippbrs'JAgknt. Entire charge taken  of consignments of ore. Checking,  weighing, sampling and assaying  of samples.  GREENWOOD, B. C.  S.BARRY YUILL  i     r  PRACTICAL      WATCHMAKER      AND  JEWELLER.  All work guaranteed   GREENWOOD  Sfmmm^^  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  <Cl  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  <��*  <F*  CF*  CF*  CF*  <��i  CF*  CF*  Capital, all paid up, $14,000,000.  President. 'X<ord Strathcona. and Mount Royal,  Vice-President:   Hour. Georob A. Drttmmond.  General Manner:   E. S   Clouston,  [New York, Chicago.  Branches in London, Eng. -\ c^��e?,h!nI>rbaaci^a.  Buy and sell Sterling- Exchange and Cable Transfer's ;' Grant Commercial an "  Travellers' Credits, available in any partjof the world. i   ,   ..-���  Greenwood Branch,    W. F. PROCTOR, Manager.  **3  *=2  imBmmmmmmmmmmmmmlM  Mine  Stocks  Real  ^-^4.-^4. ^'$"&'* 4. * * 4.4.4. **4�� ^4.4* * * if as,  X      REPRESENTING:  The Phoenix Fire Assurance Co. of London, Eng.  Liverpool and London and  Globe Insurance Company.  [The British  America As-  1 surance Co., of Toronto.*  1 r \ 1  1 The    Caandian   Birkbeck  I In-vestment ' and' Savings j  'Co.        '  , .= \ y  ,qW^~  ii  r  .  GEORGE   R.   NADEN      -:-       M A N A G E R T  THE CANADIAN BAMK  '},. = * -of tOMh/ntmm   I  Paid-up Capita!, $8,700,000 ,    \ Reserve Fund, $3,500,000  /     ,NHEAD OFFICE,"TORONTO o ; *"      ^  -  <��� B. E. WALKEk, General Manager     '   ALEX. LAIRD, Asst.' Gen'l Manager /  BANK MONEY ORDERS^  *x r   t I88UED ATTHE FOLLOWING RATES: ' '  ���',$5 and' under .*- ' .< \   3 cents       V       \ ��   '  1        Over $5 and not exceeding $10......    6 cents  $10  < $30..  10 cents  ^ -    ,, ?J'   $30     ." " $50..' 15 cents' ' V      M"    -   ^ <  These Orders are Payable at Par at any pffice iri Canada of a Chartered Bank  ^ (Yukon excepted), and at the principal banking points in the United States* \     l  I ��� ������ '        ** '     -    <       i   ' ,'  '       *> \ s **, ���.'  'i    ' .    i     '  i l    NEGOTIABLE AT A FIXED rATK AT , 1,,1 ���>       r '     |      ft  THE CANADIAN BANK OF.COMMERCE, LONDON, ENG.V' ' '   *  They-form 'an excellent method of remitting small sums of money  ''      with safety and at small cost.      '   ��������� V-,      '���>       -   -   "*'  Greenwood Branch  W. ALLISON, Manager.  Greenwood Liqttor iC0  ==H  WHOLESALE DEALERS IN  WINES, LIQUORS anl CIGARS  . i (   / ,  ml     \ "l  Sole Agents for PABST FAMOUS BEER.  ^ ,        ���** ���      ���  Build up Your System With Iron Brew  "TV ��� T���  JAS. McCREATH, Prop.,   Greeenwpod  r<*WWW4  ��o*aaotttt��*eo*o*o��ott*��*��o��o*��������<"*����*��0e��***o*o**��aai����e0��  %  *  ��  ft  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  *  *  ��  ��  ��  *  ��  ft  ��  ��  *��  Greenwood, 1  B. C��  e0ftsftttftftttft����a����fteaftft��ftft��**sea��ft����ft��tfftft��*fi����ftftftft��*ftaft  ��L>B HSWSPAPERS/-���-^^  25 cents per hundred .at this office. -' ���",  ���" !$&*   sl*"C      ii-%  -\   ' *-*-,)  ��" 'iV ���' ��^ ��.  -^r  -\ *\*- w   ^1    I- '    '>'"*  i.-^. i ^��- i*-"v   7 ���*-   " i r ^  i."   '  i'  i  ��� (  / -1 *  v�� ,*  LJ_.   I     >  -P-  BOUNDARY CREEK   TIMES.  r  /    ,  THE RECORDS-      *   1  .   >         ~t-  Follqwing are-the records at thegoy-  ernment office for April'   .        .        %  , '      locations'.    , �� ,  April 1-���June "Bug,  Smith's camp,  -.   Frank Archer. ���  j 4���Bertha,   Boundary   Falls,   Chris  Johnson.  7���One o'alock, Skylark camp, Hugh  M. L/ang.  10���Clifford,  Skylark camp,  L,.   A.  Smith. '  13���Tip -Top,  Smith's, catnp, Hugh  McKee.  '       17���Emma, Boundary  Balls, Harty  Benson.  Beehive,     Boundary    Falls,   Chris  Johnson.  18���Preston.   Skylark \camp,   John  Mutzenberg.  25���Radium, Smith's camp, Wm. McDonald.  27���Good Friday, Wallace mountain,  Geo. W. "Wheeler.  28���Starlight, Central camp,  W. J.  "Wartman.  29���Emerald,  Greenwood camp, M.  H. Kane.  ���*,  N      Granite,   Greenwood  camp,   James  Sutherland.  certificate: ov work.  April 3���Monte Grande, Jno. Mnlli-  .' gan.  White Cloud, W. McCormick.  Spear,   and   Scotland  Yard,  A.s E.  \      'Ashcroft.    ' ' ,  Flag of All Nations,  W.  H. Dock-  .steader. "  Rubj Fraction, Geo. Cook and W. G-.  McMynn. v      _,  -    s 5���Black   Wamoi.'lJjllen J.  Archi  bald. '    '     -  rN   QDeflance, W.-E  McArthur."  Kitchener, TU�� Patterson et al.  6���Sally,   Highland   Queen,' Excelsior, -Nodaway", ,Silly Fraction,  Duncan, Castor, and Kid, Vancouver and  B. C. Development Co.  -   * 7���Little Frank, J. .Ty McDowell.     ,  ' Copper King, C. L. Johnson et al.  11���Summit, Thos. .Roderick et al.  Ajax, John MuUij. an et al.  Croesus, Joa. Welmhurst. '  - ( , Jersey,' H. St. J. Wright et al.l  > 12���X,ygia and Queen, W. H. Norrte.  Champion, J.' Martin et al.  s, Union, Geo. Cos.  v  14���Keppwa, George Henderson.  v.1     15���Caraboo  and Morning  Star, Tf.  " -1   Baillieet al. ���'       '    /,  17���Monday,' Jas Pasc^zzi et al.  18���G-olcon'da,' York,  Cleveland and  ;        Laocoon, J. C'Haas et al.    ,   I  N  , -*     Edward VJI, H: Bennett.  ' 19���Iron Clad,-David Smvth.  / 22���Granite, ^T.-H.'Katie. ���   {  1  --    25���Lulu, 2 years, M, McDonald et al!  iDiamond Joe, 3 years, W. Elson etal.  - 26���Henrietta, Davi-.'. Ecach.  >t 27���Hummingbird,   3*, years,   Isaac  1    J"   Skidmore. '     . v  '    ,    Hazard, Jno. Glover. ���   . ,  29���Rex, J. TL,. Marfen.'  Northern Bell', W. H. Bambury et al.  Eholt, Fred Moses. ,.  '  \ Wonderful, Annie Chiistensen.  Jubilee, A. T?l Day.     ,     -   -  CERTIFICATE- Or IMPROVEMBNTS.  1 April   6���tfo.   12   Fraction,   M.   B.  . Schenck.'! -        ,  '        t 11-rDixie, Vancouver and B. C. Min-  , ^       ��� ing and Development Co. -,  Paymaster, Robt. Wood.* -  '      Gipsy, John Mulligan.'1  ' Slate Formation,^. C.1 B. Frith.  30���Ute Fraction,' John Moran.  MINERAL ACT  Certificate'of Improvements.   . , NOXICS,���-       - ���  No. 9 Mineral Claim, situate in the Gieenw ood  Mining- Division of Yale District "WUeie  located: In Deudwood Camp ad*joiiun*r  the BuckUorn Mineral Claim. '  TAKE NOTICE that I Si dnev M. Johnson,  Hctinir as ap-cnt for Put Uicliey, Fiee  Miner's Certifi-ito No B 8049G, rr.uik J. Miller, Free Miner's Certilicate No J? SOSrtJ, Wm.  M Law. Tree Miner's Certificate No. ]$, SOs'.S,  H. Ij. Morgan, Free Jlinei's Ceitificate No  B, S0448, and Dnuc.ui Mclnlosli. tree  Miner's Certificate No. US56T7, intend, si\t>  days fiom tlie dale heieof, to appb to tlie Minintr Kccortler foi a Certificate of Imprnvementu  fot the piuposeof ot>tamiii|r a Crown Giant of  tlie above claims  And further take notice tliat .iction, under  section 37, must lie commenced "oefoie the  issuance of such Ceitificate of Iiupio-.eiiieuiti.  D.itcd this 3id day of March, A. P.. 1905  .SYDNEY M. IOHNSON.  LAND REGISTRY ACT.  In the matter ot the title v)J William Mac-  keii/i*e to .in undivided tluce-foimli-. mloi^st  in llic"Um 111.1" nmioral cl.um, lot S')l. 'o .in  undivided half inteiost in iho "Jumbo" mm  er.il claim, !ot 5'>2, to in undivided tlncc-  fourtlis interest in the "Minnie Sloirp" mineral claim, lot 5')3; to nit uudiwded tnrec-  fourtlis interest iu the ''Mountain Lion" mm-  ertii claim, lot "?94, and to an undivided three-  fourtlis interest tu the "Maltic D.ivi"-'" mineral  claim, lot 795; all s:ii<l lots beinj;- situated in  in the Osvoos Division  of tlie District of Yale.  Whereas the Certilicate of TiHeef William  Mackenzie lo the above mentioned i'ltcrosts has  been lost or destroyed, aud application lias  been made to me for a duplicate thereof.  Notice is hereby (riven that a Duplicate Certificate of Title will be issued at the expiration  of onemonHi from the date hereof unless in  the meantime valid objection to the contrary  be made to uie in writing,.  Dated at Kjiniloops. U. C. this 31st day of  !Marcli,190S. W. II. EDMONDS;  10-14 inc. District Registrar.  {  MINERAL ACT    '  Certificate of improvements  NOTICK  "RolMiTt I.** Mineral Claim situatpin UieGreen-  vvood   Minintr  Division   of   Yale   District.  Wiirre located:    In Caitrnii Creel: camji  TAKE NOTICE  that   I. Isaac II.  Hallet'..  Free Mioer'-i   Certificate  No.   IIS'U-V".   iiiteiui.  sixtv days from the date hereof, to apply t'> the  ' M'lifinjr Kecorder fora Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crov.-n  - Grant of the above, claim.  Ar.if-.rtJier tiike notice that action unrlersec-  tion 37, must be commenced before ihe issuance  of such Certificate <if Improvements.  Dated this Vita dav of April. -A. 1��. l"0l.  U624 ^"  "        I. H. HALI,ETT.  s.*Nevef in the history of the Bounda^' has the district .had a bfightec, outlook than today.    With the successful de  *��P ,'velopment of the immense large bodies of low grade ore and the enlarged and much improved facilities for treating ^  JN      "', i 11    L        a     "*   a-I J  x" 1 '�� ' '    C 1   '     '-L '   1      %   ' a.' J     xl 'L - Lt '.1     ���      J     ^.   _C'i.~1^1        i^  ���^fp at a very small tost,   the continued opening, up. of new high grade properties and their successful and profitabl   ^<-  -���^| operation has tnade the Boundary famous as.ai mining centre, and every day adds more to the list of new finds and h^  ^W bigger values,   It is readily admitted that Greenwood is the Eldorado of the^Boundary with>all roads leading thereto, j^  ,*%? and'surrounded-Tas it  is, with such magnificent resources is destined in a few years to be a second Butte,  Jf'yo'u'^*  '^0 therefore v/ant to participate in its  future prosperity, now, is the time to invest both in mines and real estate,   For ^7  ���@ NINETY DAYS we intend giving you a chanceto make a safe and profitable investment. Every lot 'we own' will be g  �����<m P1** Pn Sa^e.at 1,0C^ ^ottoni Prices during the above period;  Prices ranging from $50.00 up,'at terms to suit the pur/ J*  chaser. <��� Make your selection and make it earlyi";     -       ' *    ' > j?  _^. ^���, j-,--.: -��_** v mi'   ^twff'iafir ir^ ^ V  @  ��.<<��- ���   .��S^  IAGENT FOR THE GREENWOOD TOWNSITE C9MPANY. ^.  A ,��i<tZ  *"%  %1SSS^:  ���i_<fcsjr��ir=!ijaiai  l^ir1^  Synopsis of Regulations Governing the Disposal of Dominion Lands within the  Railway Belt In the Province of  British Columbia.       s  2$ LICENSPJ to cut timber can be  ���*"'^acquired or>ly at public competition.  A rental of S5 per square mile is charged for ail timber herths excepting  those situated West of Yale for which  the rental it. at the rate of 5 cents per  acre per annum.  In addition to tho rental, dues'at the  following-1 ;ite*s are charged :���  'Sawn lumber, 50 cents per thousand  feetB.M.  Railway ties, eight and nine feet  long-, TV* and 1^4 cents each.  Shingle bolts, 25 cents a cord. '  All other products, 5 per cent on  sales.  A license is issued so soon as a berth  is granted but in unsurveyed territory-  no timber can be cut on a berth until  the licensee has made a survey thereof.  Permits to cut timber are also granted at public competition, except in the  case of actual settlers, who require the  timber for their own use.  HetHers and others may also obtain  permits to cut up to 100 cords df wood  for sale without competition.  The dues payable under a permit are  SI.50 per thousand feet B- M.', for  square timber and sawlogs of any  wood except oaV; from \�� to 1^*2 cents  ct,ui_ per lineal foot for building- logs;  froni 12l/z to 25 cents per cord for wood;  1 cent for fence posts; 3 cents for rail-  <  way   ties;   and  SO cdnts per cord on  shingle bolts. ���   '  Leases for grazing purposes are issued for a term of twenty-one years al  a rental ot two cents per acre per anil .im.  Coal lands may be purchased at $10  per^acre for soft coal and S20 for anthracite. Not more than 320 acres  may be acquired by one individual or  company.  Royalty at the rate of 10 cents per  ton of 2,000 pounds is collected on the  gross output.  "Entries for land for agricultural purposed may be made personally at the  local land oflice> foi ihe district in  which the land to be taken is situated,  or if the homesteader desires, he may,  on application to the Minister of the  Interior at Ottawa, the Commissioner  of Immigration at Winnipeg, or the  local agent for the District, within  which the land is situated, receive  authority for some one to make entry'  for him.  A fee of S10 is charged for a homestead entry.  A settler who has received an entry  for a homestead, is required to perform  the conditions connected therewith  under one of the following plans:���  (1) At least six months' residence  upon and cultivation of the land in  each year during the term of three  years.  It is the practice of the Department  to require a settler to bring 15 acres  under cultivation, but if he prefers he  may substitute stock; and 20 head of  attle, to be actually his own property,  with buildings for their accommodation, will be accepted instead of the  cultivation.  (2) If the father (or mother, if the  father is deceased) of any person who  is eligable to make a homestead entry  under the provisions of the Act, resides upon a farm in the vicinity of  the land entered for by such person as  a homestead, the requirements of the  Act as to residence prior to obtaining  patent may be satisfied by such person  residing with the father or mother.  (3) If the settler has his permanent  residence upon farming land owned  by him in the vicinity of his homestead, the requirements of the Act as  to residence may be satisfied by residence upon the said land.  Application Ofor a patent should be  made at the end of l^hree years before  theplocal age'ut, sUbagerit or a homestead inspector.  Before making an application' for a  patent, the settler must give,) six  months' notice in writing to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at.Ot-  tawa, of his intention to do so.  \ W.-W. CORY,  Deputy of the Minister of the  Interior.  Ottawa, February 4th, 1905.  NOTICE OF FORFEITURE.  To John Nelbon, J. A. Muiison and H.  Mag*nnsoii or to au> person or ptrbonsto whom  they may have transferred their interest In the  Morning Glory and Rainstorm Mineral Claims  situate on Cedar Creek, main Kettle Ri\er, ui  the Greenwood Mining- Division of Yale  District.  You are hereby nntifled that we have expended the sum at $400 for w ork on the aboio mentioned claims and S10 for recording the f.ime  for assessment work for two >ears, such bcinc  required and ncccssarv to hold Kaid claims for  the years ending the 6th of June. 1903 and ;904,  under the provisions of the Mineral Act and  Amendinir Acts and if.at the expiration of  ninety days from the date of first publication  of this notice in the lioundarv Creek Times,  jou fail or refuse to contribute your portion of  such expanditure together with ,01 costs of advertising, your interest in .said mineral claims  shall become Invested in us, your co-owners,  upon filing- in the proper office in that behalf  the affidavit required by section 4 of the "Min  eral Act Amcnilinir Act, 1900."  Dated 3rd Marclu 19O5.  CHARGES E. JOHNSON.  JOHN BERGMAN.  A Safe Coueti Remedy for Children.  In buying a cough medicine for children never be afraid to buy Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. There is nov  danger from it. and relief is always  sure to follow. It is especially valuable . for colds, croup and whooping  cough.   For sale by all druggists.  mm  0-S. FLOYD. Proprietor.  PURE MILK  AND CREAM  Delivered Daily to any part  of the city. -  1. __ \  ^  V       T  BOUNDARY ' GREEK' TIMES  TEACHERS' INSTITUTE.  On April 25th tne eighth annua'  meeting" of the Provincial Teachers'  Institute was held in the armory at  Revelstoke. Many of the leading  educationists of the province were  present and took pait in the proceed  ings.  Previous to the opening the hijll had  been tastefully at rayed with tne work  done by the pupils of many of the leading public schools of the Inteiior.  This exhibition, which showed the  pupils' work in penmanship, composition, nature study, design, freehand,  model aad water color drawing, was  of very high order, and reflected great  credit on those who actually did the  work and\he super visors thereof.  During the thice days  the Institute  was in session many able and instructive   addresses   were   delivered.   The  worthy   president,   Inspector Wilson,  opened the proceedings by reading a  <paper on "Moral Education in Schools."  The masterly way in which he handled  this   difficult    subject    aroused    very  favorable comment on all sides.    Dr.  G. U. Hay, editor of the  Educational  Review, St   John, N. B,, was  present  and read two  papers,  one on "Nature  Study," the other on " History." Both  papers   were   highly appreciated | b}-*  those   present as  was shown by  the  hearty applause and ihe "favorable discussion which followed  the reading of  ' these.    William1 Burns,  B. A., principal  of  the  provincial   rformal  school,  took up the subject of literature for  high   school    entrance   examination.  Mr1. Burns confined his remarks mostly  to Scott's "Lay of the Last Minstrel,"  which  is on the course of study for  next year.   His address' was most interesting to all and especially  helpful"  to   those   who wilh be teaching* ^this  poem as entrance literature.    He also  gave "an  interesting  talk ��� on  "Rural  Schools.'' --Mr. Blair^ drawing'master  of the normal school, gave in his own  inimitable^ way   two "lectures   on. the  "Public School  Drawing Course.", il-  lustrating-his method of taking up^he  wort by  suitable  drawings.    He also  called attention to some changes which  make the drawing.more artistic.  , Mr.  Buchanan,-also of  the  normal  school  staff, dealt with the subject ot   "Primary- Number."   The   address called  forth   some   very   livelj-    discussion.  This same gentleman  also  illustrated  his method of dealing with' composi;  tion as found  in, Sykes' text book on  , this subject.    Henfy Dunnell,  supervisor 'of   manual    traininig   for    the  province, read' a good paper on ' 'Color  in Public Schools."  All   the   meetings  of the Institute  1 were well attended.   Interest and enthusiasm    prevailed   throughout   the  whole  proceedings.     All   seemed vto  enter   heartily  into   the  discussions,  which  are a very helpful >feature of  conventions of thie  kind.  ^The president "and the committee are to be congratulated on the excellent  nature of  the. programme provided "and the remarkable degree of suecess which attended all their efforts.���Com.  quent occurrence, there is nothing so  good. It soothes the wound and not  only, gives instant-relief from painf  but causes the pa'rts to heal in about  one-third the time 'required by the  usual treatment. As it is an antiseptic all danger from blood-poisoning is  avoided.    Sold by all druggists. ���  Death of Hon. Jas- Sutherland.  Don Jas. Sutherland, minister of  public works, died at his home in  Woodstock, Ont., Wednesday last.  Map of the Similkameen at Smith &  McRae's.  It is about an even break which climate is the more deadly to working-  men, Chicago, U. S." A., or Warsaw,  Russian Poland.  Wanted���Furniture and cook stoves.  H. J. Clint, Copper street.  Egg$ for Hatching. ���  Single and Rose comb White Leg  horn. Also White Wyandotte. Apply  box 282,'city.  The temperature of an electric arc  has never yet been determined wilh  iiiv degree of accuracy. Such experiments as have beeu made show that  the temperature is not less than 3,500  degrees centigrade, -although it may  go up as high as 4,500.  Mr.  A Good Suggestion.  C.   B.   Wainwright of Lemon  MINERAL ACT.    .  Certificate of Improvements.   ���  ( NOTICE. ,'  "Globe" Mineral Cla'ms, situated in the Greenwood Miclng Diiislon of Yale District.  Where located:    In Deadwood camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, C. JR. Shaw, agent  for William Law, Pree Miner's Certificate No B80S18, and John Gray, Free  Miner's Certificate No. B8CSS1, Intend sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the, purpose of obtaining a Crown  Grant of the above claim.  And farther take notice that action, undei  section 37, must be commenced before the i��-  suance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 29tli day of Decembtr A D. 1904.  '    C. M. SH.VW. P.L.S.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  '    NOTICE. f  "La Tour" mineral claim, situate In the Green,  ���wood Minintr Division of Yale District.  Whore located:   In Copper Creek camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett as  agent for Kenneth C. B. Frith, Free Mirfer's  Certificate No. Bs��359, and Charles Elting Mer-  ritt. Free Miner's Certificate No. B80141, intend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining- Recorder fora Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining- a Crown  Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, mnst be commenced before the issuance of such Certificateof Improvements.  Dated this 18th day of April, A. D. 1904."  LIS 10 I. H. HALLETT.  1 MINERAL ACT.,  ������'.������, * *���  Certificate of Improvements.  "i  NOTICE. ��� '  > v  "Logan" Mineral Claim, situate in the Green,  wood Mining Division of Yale District  Where located: On' Wallace Mountain  adjoining the Duncan mineral claim.      ' ���-  TAKE i NOTICE that i, Sydney M. Johnson  Free Miner's Certificate No. B80515, and  as agent for F. M Elkins, Free Miners Ce. tif-  cate No. B80S36, and Thomas Murray, Tree  Miners Certificate No. B55599, intend, si\t> days  from thedate hereof.to apply to the Mining- Re.  corder for a certificateof Improvements, for  the prrpose of obtaining- a Crown Grant of  the above claim.  And further take notice  that action,  under  section 37, must be commenced befote the issuance of such certificate of impiovemettts  Dated this 29th day of March. A.D. 1995-  ->  SYDNEY M. JOHNSON  ,      'V/--V  I  -I1  RAILWAY.  /  The only all mil route between points east  west and south to Rossland, Nelson, Grand  Foiks and Republic.  Leave ,   Arrive  Sppkane 6:20 p. m.  - Rossland 4:55 p. m.  Nelson 6:30 p. m.  Grand Porks 3:33 p. m  Phoenix 5:20 p, m.  Republic 8:30 p. itf."  9:50 a. m.  10:55 a. m.  9:20 a. m.  11:20 a. m.  9:50 a. m.  8:00 a. m>  ' (  City, Fla., has written the manufac  turers that much better results are obtained from the use of Chamberlain's  Cholic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy  in cases of, pains in the stomach, cholic  and cholera morbus bY taking it in  water as hot as can be drunk. "That  when taken in this .way the effect is<  double in rapidity. "It seems ,to get  atthe" right spot instantly," he says.  For sale by all druggists. ' *   ���  C. L- Thomet of Midway was in the  city this week.    ,  A beautiful roll of .stairway carpet,'  35 cents a -yard, at the O, I C, A. L.  White & Co.  1^9  Sewing  machines for.'sale or rent.  y,  i      H. J. Clint, Copper st.   ,'  -^-First-class Side Saddle for sale at a  bargain.   D.C McRae.  m TUBS  X2C3C AND \XXX  STORIES  MINERAL ACT 1896.  Certificate of Improvement.  5  ,    .'    '-       NOTICE.        }  "San Juan"*aud "Champion' Fractional" Mineral-Claim situate* inthe Greenwood  Min-  " ng,' Division , of ' Yale   District.    Where  located: In 'Providence camp.  TA!KE NOTICE that I.Isaac H. Hallett.Free  Miner's Certificate No. B88S84, for myself, and  as agent foVJoseph Martin, Free Miner's Certificate No. B80568, intend, sixty days from the  date hereof,-to apply to the Mining-Recorder  for Certificates of Improvenients, for the purpose of obtaining- Crown Grants .of theabove  claims. -' ' A" ~-  Ai And further take notice  that action, under  sectiou 37, must be commenced before .the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Oated this 4th. day of March, A. p., 1905.  LIS 10   -V        - I. H. HALLETT.  NOTICE Is herebv given that The Vancouver, Victoria and Eastern RaiU\ ay and  Navigation Company, will apply to the Parl'a-  ruent of Canada, at the present session thereof,  for an Act declaring that the said company is  and been Bince its railway was by GlYictjrla,  chapter 89, declared to be a work for the general  advantage of Canada, a company under the  legislative jurisdiction of the Parliament of  Canada and authorizing the compauv to construct and operate in extension of the undertaking-alreadv authorised a lailnay from Olivers on the line ot the Victoria Terminal  Railway and Ferry Company to the south bank  of the Fraser River near Liverpool and to a  connection with the Bridge over the Fraser  River near Liverpool with power to connect  with railways operating in the State of Washing-ton and with the Vancouver. Westminster  and Yukon Railway Company, The Victoria  Terminal and Ferry Company and The New  Westminster Southern Railway Company or  any of them, and extending the time limited by  the Acts respecting the company for the commencement and completion of its undertaking-,  and for other purposes.       " I  Dated at Ottawa this31st day of Match, 1905.  McGIVERIN & HAYDON,  Solicitors for the applicants.  Buffet cars run between Spokane and Nelson.  Effective March 5th, 1905  In Connection With  i,  Corporation of The City of. Greenwood  WESfTFO'RK ITEMS  BISHOP  PLUMBER  A-  MINERAL ACT. t   t'J i  ���' . Certificate of Improvements;' ^  --    >       '        ���'      NOTICE. '      ',/,' -     .  LITTLE RUTH Mineral   Claim;  situate  ia  .'    the Greenwood Mining- Division of  Yale  i District.    Where located:    In^Deadwoo��  'Camp, adjoining the Moreen Mineral claim,  *-p'AKE NOTrCE that 1, Sydney M.,/John-  JL: sonyactlner as agent for Frank J. Miller  Free-Miner's Certificate No. B 80502, Wm.-M.  Law, Free Miner's Certificate No. B 80518 and  John Lucy Free Miner's Certificate No.*>B 86301,  intend, sixty days from the,, date h��'reof,  to apply to the Mining Recorder for. a certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining aJCrown Grant of the above claim.       -.  And further take.notice that action, nnder  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  , Dated this 3rd day of March, A. D., 1905.'  ,  f    ,    " ; ���[ SYDNEY M. JOHNSON  / ,   -  NOTICE Is hereby given that the assortment  roll for 1905, has been returned, and can be inspected by any person having an interest  therein until the sitting of the Court of  Revision. The first sitting o��^ the Cour* of  Revision on the said assessment roll will be  held iu tne City Hall, Greenwood City, on Monday, the 29th day of May. 190j, at ten o'clock a.,  m. Any person desiring to make complaint  against his or her assessment must give notice  in writing to the Assessor, stating 'the ground  of his or her complaint^ at least 10 days before  the said date.  . - G. B. TAYLOR,  C. M. C.  .Greenwood, B. C, April 6th, 1905.      ,   *��� '      *  NOTICE OF FORFEITURE.  Tuzo and his partners taive struck a  ledge of high grade ore on the Iron  Horse located in Curry gulch.  E. G. Cummings is getting out some  nice looking ore on the Napanee group  but the surface water is bothering considerable at present.  The Bcveii stamps at the Carmi are  -pounding away and turning out the  yellow stuff and lots of it. Robert  Longley expects to statt working the  mine about the first of May and running the mill day and night.  Thomas King and Hugh McKay are  driving a crosscut on the Colorado for  an interest in the property. They expect to cut the ledge in about 175 feet.  On the surface the ledge is three0 feet  ' wide and assays as high as 1400 ounces  in silver.  Clement Vacher has all the men he  can get a.t work on the wagon road  from Beaverdell to the Sally mine,  wheie he has two carloads of first-class  ere sacked ready for shipment- It is  understood that the Sally people intend working the mine all summer and  make regular shipments.  W. H. Rambo has a force of men at  work on the Rambler mine driving a  crosscut at the SO foot level. He expect* to crosscirt the ledge in about  20 feet, and intends making the/ Rambler class among the steady shippers  of "Wallace mountain this coming fall  andjwinter. Last winter the Rambler  shipped two cars of ore that netted S82  per ton.  A Good Family Liniment,  Every family should be supplied  with a bottle of Chamberlain's Pain  Balm. For cuts, bruises, burns, scalds  ^ijd similar injuries, whicli are of fre-  |@p1ft-|lpN;-  . \m .RAILWAY . ..  Daily till Sth May, Low Settlers'  Rates Westbound from  Manitoba, Ontario. Quebec,  Maritime Provinces,  New England and  United States Points to  Kootenays and Pacific Coast  MINERAL ACT '  **��� ,u   '  Certificate of Improvements.   '  ,   . NpTICE. ' .     <    \-  "Superior"  Mineral' Claim,    situate   in   the  Greenwood .Mining Division of Yale District.   Where located:   In   Tripple ��� Lake  , t    camp., >  j        .    j i ,,.   - ��  TAK13 NOTICE ���hat I, "John Gray, Pree  Miner's Certificate Ko. B805S1, intend,  sixty days from the date Hereof,'to'apply to  to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate ot  Improvements, forthe purpose" of obtaining a  Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that, action, under  section 37, must be commenced * before the Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 17th day of April. A. D. 1905.  ' _  TO J. P. *VTELI<S or to any person or persons  e - to -whom he may * have transferred his in-  ..' .terest in the Astro fractional mineral claim  l' situated in the Greenwood Minnie Division  of Yale District.   - . , u  YOU arfe hereby" notified that I hare extended the sum. of $100.00 (one himdreTd  dollars f6r assessment work on above mention-  -edclaims, such being required and necessary to  hold the, same for the year endintr 29th Dec.  1904, under the provisions'of the Mineral Act  and Amending Acts, and if at tne expiration of  ninety days from the date of **the Jirst publication of this notice in the "Boundary,Creek  Times" you fail^or refuse to contribute your  portioif of snch expenditute namely $25.63 due  by you J. ������ P. Wells- tog-ether wijh^ all  costs of advertising, youri Interests in" said  mineral claim * shall become vested in me  (your-co-owner(upOtt filing in ,the-proper office  in that behalf the affidavit required by section  4 of the "Mineral Act Amendment Act 1900."  Dated this 24th day of February, 1904. ^  TICKETS AllToPOINTS '  SHORT TvINE TO  STV PAUL,    DULUTH,    MINNEAPOLIS, CHICAGO and ALL POINTS  EAST. SEATTLE, TACOMA VICT-'  ORIA, PORTLAND and all LACIFIC  COAST POINTS.  Through Palace and Tourist Sleepers.  Dining ^aiidJJ Buffet Smoking Library  car-  2 Fast Trains.Daily 2  *- V J  For rates, folders and full information regarding 'trips, call on ' or ail-  dress a ageutvof the(S. F. & N. Railway, or x ,  H. A. Jacksojsi,  . G. F. a P. A.,  Spokane *  Wash.  '    -,' H. Brandt,  c p. &?. A.,  -7sl W RiverSide Ave"  ' Spokane, Wash  i 'f  NOTICE.  -S. H."STINGM3Y.  ~ MINERAL   ACT,,    ,"       ,.  t r ���  -,   v ",J���    - ,  Certificate of Improvements.  l'\    ';    NOTICE.    ,    '  'Ruby Fractional Mineral claim, situate in die  Greenwood'Mining-Division of Yale District, Where located: In Smith's Camp .  T**AKE NOTICE that we, George Cook. Free  ' Miner's ^Certificate No. B85503, and M.  McMynn, Free Miner's' Certificate B85502, intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to the Mining Rocorder for a Cprtificate of^Ina-.  provements for the puipose of obtaining a'  Crown Gfrataf to the above claini,  And further take notice that action, under  scction*37. must be commenced before the issuance Of such Certificate of Improvements. '���  Dated this 28th day of March. A. D. 1905.   ���  v     '        /MINERAL ACT,     5  j- i ���" '  Certificate of Improvement,       -   ,  i NOTICE. , /    ���  "Hurcriiuig- Hire;" Mineial   Claim, situate   in ,  tlie Gieenwood,   Mining Division "of Yale  District. .Where located: Iu Skylark camp.  TAKE NOTTCE   that I. Isaac'' H.   Hal  lett, acting .is agent forl6aac b kid mo re v  Free Miner's  Certificate No. B 80508, intend,  sixty dayt-froin thedate hereof,Ho apply to the '  Mining Recorder for-a Certificate of Improve  ments for the purpose of obtaining-''a Crown<>-  Grant of lite above claim.     f t >     1  And further take notice that action, uuder,  ^  section 37, must be commenced before the is   -'  suance of such Certificate of Improvements.. ^  Dated this 2nd day of March, A.p.; 190S.  > ',  I/IS io" \ ���>    ~ ~       I. H. HALLETT.'  In'the matter of tbe Estate of Gus Schllllne,  late of Greenwood In tbe County of Yale,  Free Miner, deceased.  NOTICE is hereby ifiven that all creditors  - and. others havtng- claims against the  estate of the said, Gus Schilling are' required,  on or before the 1st day of June, 1905, to send  by post or deliver the same to me at the Court  Honse, Greenwood, B. C, with full particulars,  and the inil securities, if any, held by them,  and further take notice that after such mentioned date I will, proceed to distribute the  assets of the deceased among the parties untitled thereto, having regard only to fhe claims  of which I shall then have notice.  All parties Indebted to the said estate are required to pay the amount of said Indebtedness  to,mc forthwith.  Bated this 28th day of April, 1905.  GEO. CUNNINGHAM,  Acting- Cold CommlBslonor.  MINERAL ACT.  : MINERAL ACT.    _ -  _-  Cerl Ifh-Jte of Improvement.    *   -  r       _,.       ''  ���     *     NOTICE.   v*,_,     .   '    ,^5_  "EPlurlbus Uuiini",'^'Lancashire Fraction"  < and "E. P. U.Fractional" ,Miueral CI a fins  1     situate in Greenwood Mining'Division of ' .  Yale District.  "'Where located:, >In   Sky-^ ,  lark camp. ij, t u       "  TAKE   NOTTCE'that  I,'Isaac   H.'Hal-    ,  lett,   acting  a��  agent  for William ������ T., '  Hunter, Free Mmeis' Certificate, No. "B857S9, i  intend, sitty   days from the dau liereof,   tot  apply to the Mining Recorder 101   Certificates*  of Imoro\eiuents for the purpose of obtaining-.-  Crown Grants of the above claims. *    ,  And further  take notice that actions,under   >  stfclion 37, mnst'be.commenced before tho issn-  anceof such ceit'licates oi improvements.  Dated this 28th day of February A. D. 190S.   \  LI510- '.    I.' H. HALLETT.     -  I  Send for your friends while low  rates are in effect. Prepaid  Tickets delivered by mail or  telegraph without additional cost  WESTBOUND TOURIST CARS  Lv. Montreal Sundays and Thursdays  Lv. Toronto Tuesdays and Saturrdays  Lv. St. Paul Daily.  For rates, tickets, tourist sleeper berths  and complete information apply to  ���" local agents or write  E. R. RBDPATH,   Agent,  GREENWOOD, B. C.  E J. COYLE,      J.  .G P. A. Vancou v**-r  S. CARTER,  D.P.A.   Nelson  Dissolution of Partnership.  Notice is hereby given that the partnership  heietofore subsisting between Bruce Craddock  and R. A. Nicholson, a? hotel keepers at Greenwood, B. C, is dissolYcd bv mutual consent.  All debts due the said firm are payable to R.  A. Nicholson, who assumes all liabilities  against the firm.  Greenwood, B. C, Mav 1st. 1905.  BRUCE CRADDOCK.  R. A. NICHOLSON.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of of Improvements.  NOTICE..  "Putnam" and "Eureka Fractional" Mineral  Claims, situate in the Greenwood Mining  Division of Yale District. Where located;  In Sonth Deadwood Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett, as  agent for John Matthews, Free Miner's  Certificate No, B80483, Intend, sixty days from  the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of the  above claims.  Andfnrther take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvemente.  Dated this 22nd day of April, 1905.  I. H. HALLETT.  Certificate of Improvements.  ��� nowcb:.  "Fremont'" Mineral Claini, situate in Grcen-  1 wood Mining Division of Yale District.  Where located: In Providence Camp, adjoining the "Providence" mineral claim.  TAKE NOTICE that we, Elizabeth Galloway and Robert Wood a Free Miner's  Certificate Nos. B85756 and B8M-15, respectively,  intend, sixty days from date hereof, to apply  to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the puipose of obtaining a  Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further talce notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.  Dated this 24th day of March, A. D��� 1905.  f- Certificate of Improvement.  .'     1 ������      1   .   ���  NOTICE.  j 1  "Gold Standard" Mineral Claim, situate In the  Greenwood   Mining   Division of Yale Distiict.   Wheie located- On Cranberry creek. ,  TAKE  NOTICE that I. Albert E. Ashcroft,  acting as agent for W. M. Law, Free Miner's  Certificate No. B80*VIS, A. L. Piper, FreeMiner's  Certilicate No. B02O4O, and Robert Mathison,  Free Mnicr's Certificate No.  JWifiOO, - Intend,  sixty days froni the date hereof,' to apply-to  the Mining Recoider for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of   obtaining   a  Crown Grant to theabove claim.  Andfnrther t.iko notice thot actions, under  section 37. must be commenced before the issuance of sucli certilicale of improvements,  Dnted tins 4th daj or March. 1905  LI510 'ALUERT E. ASHCROFT, P.L.S.  MINERAL ACT.  \  MINERAL ACT.'  1  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  "Messina" Mineral Claim situate in the Greenwood Mining Division of Yale District.  Where located: On Copper creek on Main  Kettle river.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett, as  agent for Alfred Cameron, FreeMiner's  Certificate No. B80591. Edward Tennessen, Free  Miner's Certificate No. B7^57, and Charles  Stooke, Free Miner's Certificate No. B8Q454, intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for Ihe purpose of obtaining a  Crown Grant of the above claim.  And farther take notice that action, nnder  section 37, mnst be commenced before the U-  I suance of such Certificate of Improvement!.  ���    Dated, this 1st day of April, A. D. 1905.  11621 I. U. SAW3T?.  Certificate of Improvements.-  NOTICE.  1  "Garnet," "Garnet Fractional" and "Minneapolis Fraction " Mineral Claims, situate in the Greenwood Mining Di\isiou 6f  Yale District. AVhere located:, ''Garnet"  and "GarnetFractional" in Smith's Camp;  "MiuneapolIsFractiori" in Deadwood Camp.  T^AKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett, as  ^ agent from for Kenneth B. Frith, Free  Miner's Certificate No. B8S629, intend, sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improvements,  for the purposa of obtaining Crou n Grants of  the above claims.  And further take notice that action, under  section  37,  must be   commenced   before the  issuance of such Certificates of Impnn cments.  Dated this 15th day of March, A. D. 1905.  I. H. HALLETT.  - MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE  "American Eagle" Mineral Claim, situate in  the'Greenwood Mining Division of Yale  District. Where located: In Skylarkcamp.  v TAKE NOTICE that I, John P. McLeod,  Free Miner's Certificate No. B856S2. as agent  for John B. Desrosiers, Free Mi tier's Certificate  No. B85539, intend, sixty "days ''from the date  hereof, to apply to the Mining Recordei fora  Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of  obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claim.  And farther take notice  that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dited this Sth day of March, A.D. 1905.  . J. P. McLEOD.  \  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  "Porio Rico" Mineral claini, situate in the  Greenwood Mining Division of Ooojoos  District. Wlieie lncat d: In Davton Camp  adjoining the Dayton Mineral claim  TAKE NOTICE Hint T, Si dnev M. Johnson,  Tree Miiici's Certificate No. B80515. for  self and as agent for Jane Russell, Free Miner's  Certificate No. BS554S, and Blanche Lawder,  Free Miner's Certiiiuite No. B74694, intend,  sixt> davsfioin thedate hereof, to apply to  the Mining Recordei for a ceriificate of Improvements', foi the purpose, of obtaining crown  grant ofthe al>e-\ e claim.  And  further la1,e notice that action, under  section 37, must be commeuced before the issuance of -such certilicatesof improvements.  Dated thi=>2ud day of Februaiy, A. D��� 1905.  .SYDNEY M. JOHNSON.  MINERAL ACT  1896.  Certificate of Improvements'  NOTICE.  "SLATE FORMATION" Mineral Claim, situate in ihe Greeuwood Mining Division of  YaleDistrict.   ������Where located:   In Smith's  TCAKE' NOTICE tnat I, Isaac H. Hallett, as  agent for Kenneth C. B. Frith, Free  Miner's Certificate No. B85629, intend -sixty  dai s front the date l'ereof. to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certi ficate of Improvements,  for the pui oosc of obtaining a Crow n Graut of  the above claim. . .  A nd-furtl'cr take'notice that action, nnder  section 37, must be commenced before th��  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements. . ������,   .  Dated this 2lst dav of December, A. D.. 1904.  I. H, HALLETT.  /      } ���I   />_'���<,  Ns'  >/r~tTT'  �����    L."-  *y.i��JJ<J?~  U  BOUNDARY CREEK   TIMES.  Good  Spqrt  at  Capt. Swain's  Bowling  Clarendon Stock.  Copper Street.  THE CITY COUNCIL.  City Engineer's Report on -Water~  * \ works Extension Received and  Discussed,  price  $10.50.  A (' collapsible Go-Cart  .with the, comfort of the  larger ��� kind is something  appreciated byf all moth -'  ers. ,     '"        V ...  WHITSEY GO-CARTS  '., i   f-�� ,   '   - - -^ ��  , Are the best and .most reliable.  At Monday night's' meeting of the  city council there were( present,Mayor,  Naden and Aldermen Bunting, Caulfield and Parker.  Minutes of previous meeting .were  read and adopted.  Communications were read and  acted upon as follows.  From fire chief giving amount of  work done on streets by fire team. Received and filed, and amount ordered  credited to fire department.      ,  From city engineer, giving result of  his trip to ,St. Louis. Owing to heat  to melt connections, he found the pipe  injured to such an extent that he did  not consider it advisable to make the  purchase. He recommended that  wood pipe be purchased instead. The  amount required being 3,000 feet of 8-  itich, 5,500 feet of 6-inch, 1,400 feet of  4 inch, and 2,450 feet of 3-inch. Owing  to the large amount of wash 'encountered he found the dam (impracticable, and recommended that a reservoir be constructed of masonry. Received and filed.  From TS. W. Bishop,' reporting1 a  number of leaks in house connections  through freezing, - Received and filed.  From the Canadian and Pacific pipe  companies, asking for orders. Laid  over for(future consideration.  Alderman Parker, chairman of street  committee,, reported that Thos Jenkins  was willing to make repairs on Silver  street opposite his property in lieu of  payment of taxes. It was .decidedfto  al1ow Mr. Jenkins to 'do tl'e work under1 ..the supervision of the city engineer. Mr. Parker also recommended  that work blockedvout-on ' Silver street  be completed before the waterworks  .extension was  under^wky'and would  i i       , *.  require the whole time of >the,city engineer. Repairs to Government street,  opposite  the ping-pong grounds, and  f;  Send finvillustrated  ing 25,uew styles. _,  sheet show-  ^gBBBSmg^g  VBCrORBA.D.C  - \  are' manufactured' for men,  ���  ,-,, .' ,  who require boots, for ser-  vice and rough-and-tumble  boys, whose parents find it  almost impossible to keep  their feet covered." -They  are allNo. 1 leather, honestly  made, and will give infinite  satisfaction. .Thousands  who have worn them say  they are almost ironclad.  Ask your dealer to show  them to you. If he should  riot have them, seud his  name to  d  UU  LTD."  ��  MANUFACTURERS OP  LECKIE BOOTS,"  VANCOUVER,   B.   C  H  UARE-S  a sidewalk on" church street caused  considerable discussion, but no definite  action was taken.  The mayor reported that the medical  officer of health>had stated it would be  necessary to put in a ceptic tank at the  steam laundry.  , Alderman Bunting, chairman of the  Waterworks committee reported having gone up to the dam site in company with Alderman Caulfield,and had  decided to stop work until the city engineer returned. It had since been  decided to build a reservoir instead of  continuing work on dam.  The finance committee reported the  following accounts correct, which were  ordered paid:  Russell-Law-Caulfield Co ... $39 90  E. W. Bishop    . 67 00  Cameron & Huff ... .   22 95  T. M. Gulley & Co        20 00  Geo. Cropley & Co        27 00  Gem Restaurant '   . '..     2 00  D. D. McLaren    11 50  Gus Clerf        ... .   . ,   1 50  ���Bylaws 102 and 105 were reconsidered,  adopted and finally passed.  Council then adjourned.  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After meeting all the liabilities 4here  is'a handsome balance in the treasury.  > The following officials were'elected :  Vicar's warden, W- M. Frith; people's  warden, TS,. ^R.' Redpath. I<ay delegates to synod to be held at Nelson  next June 7 and 8', E. $,.< Redpath, A.  E. Ashcroft, J. D.'Daimpre, (Boundary  Falls.) Church committee, C. J. Eales,'  T. Williams, H. R. Plummer, W. C. H.  Wilson, Robert, Wood and W. F.  Proctor. ' , i ���', i  , The rector was in the chair and "informed a Times reporter that, the  parish was entirely^ self supporting,  had paid three times the necessary ^assessment to the Missionary Society of  the Canadian church and that in ad-  dition' to his regular 'stipend he had  received the Easter collection of, over  $36'.00.  /'if*,  'j  4��  4��  4��  ���4*  4  4  4��  4  4  4  4  THB�����  t  LIMITED.  Blectric  current   supplied   for  Power, 1/ighting,   Heating and  Ventilating.     Power furnished  for Hoisting  and air-compres  sing  plants,   with  an absolute  'guarantee of continuous power  servict for operating.  Get Our Rates. We Can Save You Money  *  " '     listen:  WE WANT YOUR TRADE  and are always wide awake  tb satisfy your  wants���not like the policemen who sleeps his  < ' ' 'shift through.  For  Order  %  Good Dinner  or Short  >     *.*Try The...     ^    t      >  ..WINDSOR CAFE..  HARRY COUTTS, Proprietor  *  ��  ��  ��  *  ��  ��  *  ��  ��  o  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftMftftftftftftftftftftft^rftftftftftftffftftftftfttffttttfft^Jit  \  STRIKE AT EHOLT.  , Mike Bellefontaine of Summit camp,  one and a half miles this side of Eholt,  was in town Wednesday, with some  pretty 'fine looking specimens of  quartzite, carrying free���gold. He says  he has struck "a 6-inch ^treak, bedded  in S feet of vein matter, on his claim,  the Buttercup. -   -,"  He'owns a three-fourths interest and  another Mike, ^whose surname is McDonald, the balance. He has run a  tunnel in 15 feet and' has" attained a  depth of'10 feet, and from the ex-  posed"quartz"~veinrwhich-is only one  inch on the surface, obtained the  samples, the assay of which gives,  vein matter $S, and quartzite $480 in  gold tp the ton. , ,  The claim was located three years  ago by Bellefontaine, who seems much  elated at his good luck.  i. A. Griersonl  ** ** ��c nr 0* ic it K* ** ar nr ���*���? jr ��c je *��� jf.  lb.  <*.  '%m  mm  HOUSE'  SIGN and  ORNAMENTAL  PAINTER  %;  mm  %\  f.  %  im  '(.  f.  I Greenwood, B. C. 5  JP ��P JP JP *P *��* X*7 If JP & # j? I? JP *S* ��C #���  ODD FELLOWS' ANNIVERSARY.  Sunday evening about seventy Odd  Fellows appeared in the anniversary  church parade, headed by the Citizens'  band. The services were held in St.  Jude'i., Anglican, chuijchjiy the Rew.  Lawrence Amor, rector. Eighty-six  years ago the orddr started with a  membership of S; it norr numbers over  1,500,000. Up to Dec. 31st, 1903, the  order paid out for relief $100,795,034.57,  and during the year 1903, $4,326,509.19.  In British Columbia there are about  fifty lodges with a membership of  4,000. For the year 1903, the latest  statistics available, there was paid out  in the province for 'relief $22,165.95.  The local lodge has a membership of  about 100, with available assets of  nearly $4,000, a large portion of which  is invested and drawing good interest.  The lodge is to be congratulated on  the personnel of the members in the  procession Sunday evening, a majority of whom were young men, representatives dT nearly every business  and industrial interest in the community.  Nice Stock of Wall  Pacer to choose from  Opposite the B. C. Hotel in Building formally occupied by the  Postoffice.   Phone 15.  STAR ilrBARERK  Fresh for Sunday  WHIPPED CREAM PUFFS  LADY CAKES, ETC     \.  Fresh Stock of Groceries always kept.  Phone us your order.  Have Yott ?  V  Call up  Made that resolution to begin the, new  yearbright by buying, your. Meats',, Fish,  Etc.  at the ;UNI0N   MEAT   MARKET.  That's us  J, P�� FLOOD,     Prop,  Thousands of acres'of good land for  ;�� sale'. Special opportunities for                * '  ^3  1 H@ME    SEEKERS!  S~ Prices moderate and terms easy. For,   .        ' i~s  ���fr Full Particulars  and maps apply to          '  ^3  1 FREDERIC W. McLAlNE, AGEN���-p- *��� lagnrdeInwood. b. c. 1  T  5  DEALERS IN  FURNITURE, x CARPETS,  LINOLEUMS, ETC.  COPPER-STREET,  GRi.ENWOOn.  INBS0R   f4@TEL  ERNEST J. CART1ER, Proprietor.  Finest Furnished House in the Boundary  Steam Heated.   Lighted   throughout  We offer special inducements  finest sample rooms in the city.  with electric lig-hts.  to travellers as we have the  Our bar excells all others. 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Miller came .in from Spokane on  -Tuesday and will go up the West Fork  ��� Saturday to work on his claims. on  'Wallace mountain.  '  ,' About'the 12th inst. J. F. Royer will  'commerice'his through stage line from  : Phoenix.to Hedley. The stage will run  f from Cliesaw through Oroville to the  ���' Similkameen. * ������      <���  i. ���"' ���; j-  ; W. Gibbs of .the ,Bank of Montreal  .. staff, ~who has been in the hospital for  \',some*time suffering from an attack of  ,' typhoid fever, is very low, and slight  >, hopes are entertained for his recovery.,  , . The. members" of the band wish to  express their thanks to the ladies and'  gentlemen who took part in the entertainment and also to those who pat-  , ronized-it, ,. .  W. G. Belt, manager of the Bank of  B. N.-A. in Greenwood has gone on a  short visit'to eastern points., M. W.  Lewerjof the (Rossland branch,1a acting, manager during Mr. Belt's absence  .^ The drawing for the gramaphone  "' which is given with'every twenty-five  "cent purchase of White Swan soap,  * will ."take .place Saturday evening at  ,  the RijsBeH-IyaV Caulfield Co's store.  The business to the West Fork is in-  creasing<rapidly.'---Instead of a weekly  "__ stage*as heretofore, it has been found  \ necessary to run a through stage fwice  *' a week. Lately the stage has ''been  "���'- crowded each trip,   ; .'  f      H. V. Fuller, the principal owner of  -the.Bay and largely interested' in the  Providence   and.. Gold Bug,  .left   for  '. Spokane yesterday morning on a business trip. Mr. Fuller expects to return tomorrow evening.  ,    *  G, B. Taylor, city clery. has been  appointed delegate from- Boundary  Valley lodge, No. 38, I. O. O. F��� to  the grand lodge, which meets in Ladysmith tlje first week in June. F. B.  Holmes is the alternate delegate.  Jas. Drum, formerly foreman at the  E P U, 'left this week for the West  Fork, where he has a lease on a claim  on Wallace mountain.  J. A. McLean received a telegram  Fndav evening conveing the sad intelligence of the death of his sister in  Vancouver. He left Saturday morning by the Great Northern to Attend  the funeral.  Foulds Bros, have two shifts working on the Highland Queen. The tun  nel ia m 15 feet, and it is expected the  lead will be encountered some time  next week at av distance of about 30  feet from the portal. '  r  D. Smith, of Smith & McRae, returned this week from a trip to the  Similkameen. He saw J. Peck Mc-  Swain at Hedley. Peck has taken to  bloomers and white collars and cufts,  and other vagaries in dre&s only' in  vogue among the "best" people.  E. G. Warren, manager of the  Greenwood Electric Co., has secured  the contract for wiring the new zinc  concentrator at Rosebery on Slocan  lake, and putting in a txvo 9-Kilowatt  generators. The work will be commenced about the 1st of June.  Gus Cohenthaler, representing Harry  Jacobs fine cigars, was in the city this  week This is Mr. Cohenthaler's first  visit to Greenwood,-and he was more  than pleased with the results of his  trip. The Jacobs cigars are exceptionally'high grade and consequently  good sellers with persons who know  a cigar.  E. Gabel, representing W.E. Chal-  croft "& Co., manufacturers of the  "Broadway Brand" of clothing, was  in the city- this week.'* Russell-Law-  Caulfield Co. carry the "Broadway  Brand"., exclusively, and 'attention is  called to ^intending -purchasers of  offspring suits to their ad in another  column.  , '       ..    ���  ��� Dr. Schon came, in ' from the Similkameen this week and on his return  to Princeton his family will accompany  him. The doctor says the two Similkameen editors���Major Megraw and,  Jim Wright���met in-Princeton last  week, not in deadly combat, but, well,  just as editors should meet and tajk  the hours away.       \    '   - ,,     ^    '^  Ralph Smailes and'Robt. Wood re-  turned^from the coast~Jthis week, and  it is believed the Midway and Vernon  construction will be started this sum  mer. The road would have been commenced long ago we're* it not for the  clause in ���the charter for work to start  at Price Ellison's turnip patch as well  as at Midway. ' <  Roy H. Clarke of Spokane went' up  the West Fork Wednesday, to examine  the.Carmi, for which', itJ is said," there  is a deal^punding. Color is lent to" the  rumor by the fact that' E- H. Th'iuston  is at present in Spokane. A Times  representative interviewed Mr.Longly,  superintendent of the Carmi, when in  the cityti regarding the -rumor, but he  was not in a position to give out any7  thing for ^publication.  1 Adjutant Dean and Captain Pap-  stein, Nelson, and Captains Jones and  Knudson, Rossland, of the Salvation  Army were in the city Tuesday and  Wednesday in^ connection with _ the  social - work of the army. . Meeting*  were held in the Methodist church both  evenings. -Adjutant Dean sa>s she  has been very ^successful both here and  in Plioenix.- It is the intention to visit  all the towns of the .Boundary, paying  another visit to Phoenix."  R. T. Longly, superintendent of the  Carmi on the West Fork, was in the  city Wednesday. He says,at present  the mill is working on the old dumj)  with excellent results. Mr. Longly  claims there is enough ore in the Carmi  for continuous mining operations for  ten years. 'A few men are working in  the neighborhood of Carmi ^doing assessment work. ' On Wallace mountain, besides the Salty and Rambler,  there is considerable assessment work  being done." ""' .<  STYLISH  '*      HIGH  GRABS    ���*:-���,:  ATTRACTIVE DESIGNS  It will be decidedly to your interest if you aye contemplating the purchase of a Sprjng\orrSummer  Suit \o examine our large new stock of "Broadway  Brand" Clothing. Among themt are some rather  striking- patterns, yet refined. In fact our whole'  range is full of attractive designs and^stylesy - p  We can fit you with one ^^ , * *Wa%  "i ��{.''���* A A AAA]  of these high gr^ade summer suits giving yp^^!^et!teifei:||,M  fit and neater inx design and workmanshipytlfen-yx|i|^||  can be fitted elsewhere.- We are Leaders in.cibthing|||  -COMPANY: LIMITED.-  ���*���������-  Dealers iu Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Groceries, Chinaware,.Etc:  ��  DRUGS  SUNDRIES  2V&  ALT Y  plilil  ���^m'-aM^.  ���t-"i 'i'�� ���' 'V V*^ "*^J '���'  ���'���A** ���. :.<?-ir..i^v-  mm&AA.  '���*���'���'A$$i&  ^A'AKA  .v ,i  /i  AL\?A&&AAA0AA*AiiA$ y S  ^^|SSl^!;^��J*i;fefl  #S$*1  *tl' <������������ \AA. ^W^-'li1' A: ;'l  '�����i*.(ri*..  M"  ���mm?-  ;:*' vy^  \\*  "Vto..  .   - % ^V^$!R.,..   "\These bricks hav^i^hfSfiiS^I  testedm United;Statess#nd^  GaSSdaTaiv- ^^Amm^AmAM  1 t.    ....  '  are  useags-ex-;  usivelv by , C. P. Railwavpp^^is  LjO.  -bamples on appli^ti^|;^^:|  ��� WELLINGTON -raBEEfef iilf  ��� ;-: i Moose JdwfCN| ^ia��!flfij  W. M. Law returned Saturday from  the coast, having ^one as far as Portland^ On his way in Mr^Law met Pat  Walsh, the railway con tractor ,"and although nothing definite was stated, it  appeared to be ^the opinion of Mr.  Walsh that if the bill now before the Dominion parliament-passed, granting expropriation privileg es and the right to  cross the international boundary line  to the V. V. fe E., there % was no doubt  of construction being started from  Midway and connections made from  the Phoenix branch to that point.   ���  Chas. Mathison arrived from Alaska  ,this week and "went up to Tripple  Lake camp, on the Main Kettle river  Wednesday to do% assessment work on  THE, SOL.IB   KINB  THE KINB TO BUY  We are  showing  very fine line of .-  The very latest shapes and styles in Black. Chocolate and Tan.  Solid Leather  Thru'out.  Ranging from ifll to Ifl5  THOMAS  DRUG  CO.,  LTD.  his properties there. Mr. Matheson  came to the Boundary in 1895 and prospected here fora number of years, locating' thelvanhoe- and Tother~prope*  ties on the Main river, For the past  two years he has been working the  the shore placers in Alaska and making better than wages. It "speaks well  for his opinion of Tripple Lake camp,  that he would leave good paying placers to do assessment of his properties  here.   - >, -  John Sinclair and Everett Lee arrived in town Wednesday, after spending the winter trapping about eighty  miles from Greenwood. Last September they started west from the  Arrow lakes, intending to spend the  winter trapping near the headwaters  of Boundary creek, but either the map,  which they took as a guide,.was wrong  or they miscalculated distances, for,  after the season's work, instead of  IS or 20 miles in which they expected  to ren;h civilization, they found tlie  distance ever eighty. They left camp  last week with only a couple of days'  provisions, and fortunately shot a  silver-tip on tlie way out, which furnished a^a very necessary addition to  their larder. They left on Thursday  morning to bring out their season's  catch of furs.  Jas. McCreath, the iron brew man of  Greenwood, and Jim McLean, tinsmith, of the same burg, were among  the yjsitoris to Hedley last week. Andy  Sater, hotelman, also of Greenwood,  accompanied them. Jim McLean reports business in the Boundary to be  very good. He has generallv appeared  on ths scene in the early stages of  every local hustle. The Gazette met  him first in Vernon in the early nineties, in Rossland in '97, and in Greenwood in '99, and his hurried trip to  to the Similkameen last week felt like  a visit from the robins in the spring  time, for Jim is a precursor of good  times���and post-curser if they happen  to go bad again.���Hedley Gazette.  Floor Lac is the latest thing in floor  finishes, no varnish required. ' For sale  at Ruisell-Law-Caulfield Co.  KODAKS AM ' .    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