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 Vol. 11.  GREENWOOD, B. C. FRIDAY   MARCH 1, l<��07.  w  mi  it*  1W CHIEF OF POLICE'THE B. C. COPPER CO.  Who Is Responsible for the  Same ?  CAMP EAST OF TOWN  Colgate Hoyt Elected President of Corporation  WHAT MR, WARREN SAYS  Travelling ..-. Song  Is it Warm Enough for You Song  The Whistler and his Dog Inst.  Yankee Grit.:   .*.... .....Two Step  Shy Try Two Step  Nedra Waltzes ......!   I'm Just Crazy 'Bout You    Song  Songs of the Ragtime Boy   Song  Cherry.  ....Two Step  Bubbles  ...Two Step  Tickled to Death.......: Rag  Afloat on a $5 Note.....  ;..-.'. Song  What's the use of loving if you can't love  all the time .;....'....: :   Song  You  ..:       ���..'��������� - - Song  The whole Dam Family   Song  My Name is Morgan but not J.P.    Song  An interview Witto the Late Conservative Candidate and His Attitude  On a 'Burning Question.  NET  YEARLY   $1,000,000  Appears to Be  Making a  Record.  EVERYONE ENCOURAGED  Newman Ert Elected Chairman of tbe  Boartf   Of   Directors -Highly  Satisfactory Prospects.  At What the High Grade Properties  There Are Showing Wltb Development Now Gotnsr Ob.  Our stock of Boots and. Shoes is the largest-  and best in the Boundary district, all the  =^_best-Ganadian^and^AmencM^JEaELl^_  ufactuters are represented. Come  in and see our  display,   we  can please you, and our  prices are right.  Women's Goods  Men's  Goods  >s\*s'\*/r*<rr'<�����'WW  In order to get at  the   true   inward  ness of the muddle over the appointment of the new  chief of police, and,  if possible, to locate the responsibility  for what is considered a grave mistake,  and   knowing, that  the responsibility  rested witn the Conservative party, if  not with its late candidate for parliamentary   honors,   a representative of  the Times waited on Mr. E. G. Warren  and submitted to him a. list of questions  to which he asked replies.    We subjoin  herewith a list of such  questions and  replies thereto, made by Mr.  Warren,  and submit the  same to the public as  the best available  information on the  present situation:  Question���Did you promise Chas. J.  McArthur, or anyone else, that if he  gave yon his support in the recent  campaign you would see that police  commissioners were appointed that  would remove Chief McKenzie?  Answer���No.  Q.���Do you know of .any specific instances of wrong doing- or incompetency on the part of Chief-McKenzie  warranting his dischargV?  A.���I do not. bat am aware of several  people who consider him inefficient.  Q.���Is it not a fact that in the Con-1  servative committee, when the question  of police commissioners came up, you  were opposed   to tho   appointment of  Mr. McDonald, but that the  majority  overruled you, claiming- that  you  had  promised Chas. McArthur that in consideration  for  his support  you would  recommend commissioners pledged to  work  for  the   dismissal   of the chief,  and 'that   you   subsequently   stated to  the secretary of your committee   that  ,if'trouble arose ov^r .the  appointment  you would claim that the name  of the  commissioner had  become  mixed  and  that Mr. Fleming- should have been the  party named on the board?  A.���I consider that, question very  impertinent. As you should know, it  would be impossible- for me to publish  anything in connection with the proceeding of the Conservative executive  committee. 0  ��� Q.���Are you satisfied with the appointment of Mr. Jas. Foulds as chief  of " pol icer an d-if-not-wh at- steps.d o^you  propose to take to rig-ht the wrong- done  to the good name of this community by  such appointment?   ���  A,���I am led to believe that this is  only a temporary appointment. If it  is a permanent appointment lam very  much opposed to it. I assume no responsibility for the act of the present  board of police commissioners. If,  however, a wrong- has been done the  public, so far as fam concerned I will  use every efi"ort.,to right it.  Q.���Were you approached   by   Chas.  J, McArthur in regard to the matter of  appointing police commissioners? :  A.- No.  It is evident from the replies given  that Mr. Warren is conscious of a  wrong done the public in the matter in  question, and it is equally evident that  he feels in duty hound, so far as he is  able to reach the ear of the govern  ment to see that the wrong-  is  righted  at once.  We await his further action in the  premises, and feel hopeful that the  Foulds regime will be short-lived.  According to  an  official  announcement that has just been made, Mr. Colgate Hoyt has been elected president of  the British Columbia Copper Company,  Limited,  succeeding Mr. F. L. Underwood.    At the same meeting Mr. Newman Erb was elected chairman of the  board  of directors,   Mr.   B.  B.   Lawrence, an  expert  mining engineer of  wide reputation, and Mr.  F.  L. Som-  mers were elected vice presidents, and  Mr. R. H. Egglestpn was elected  secretary and treasurer.  Mr. B. B. Lawrence, Mr. Edwin  Hawley and Mr. C. A. Starbuck were  elected members of the executive committee, together with the officers. ������.*  The British Columbia Copper company is one of the strongest and  most  important organizations operating in  the British Columbia  region.   It was  organized in 1898,  under the laws of  West Virgina, with .a capital stock of  $2,000,000, in shares of the par Yalue of  $5 each, which sum has recently  been  increased to $3,666,000.     Tlie company  owns copper mines at Greenwood, B.C.  with adjacent properties, and is: actively   operating   them.     Important   important improvements   have   recently  been completed iri connection  with its  I furnaces   and    operating    plant. -"It  originally  had  two furnaces  and   an  operating plant and during the past  year three modern furnaces,  having a  daily capacity of about 700-tons each,  or about 2,000 tons in all, bringing the  total capacity  up to about 2,500 tons  daily.     Various other   improvements  have been  made,  no as to bring the  plant   up   to   the   highest   degree ,of  efficiency.   It is expected that the com  pany will now. be able to produce refined  copper; at   about   8>��   cents per  pound, and, with two furnaces  and  at  the present price oi copper,: be  able to  earn approximately  $1,000,000  net per  annum, to be increased^vhen .the three  new furnaces are in operation.  The company has also acquired considerable additional mining property  of great promise.  For the future the outlook is highly  encouraging, and it is expected that  the payment of dividends will have to  be^fecbrdedin'the-near-future.���^-^^=.^.  Large expectations are entertained  of the new   administration.    Mr. Colgate Hoyt brings to bear great experi-  encs in connection with   the  handling  of  important   railroad,   financial  and  industrial   interests.     He.   is   United  States trustee of the Netherlands Fire  Insurance company, and  director  and  trustee of many other  important   corporations.  The district  just east  of town,  and  embracing the southern part of Providence and the northern part of Skylark ���'  camps,  appears   to   be   the centre o*  attraction just now in the high  grade  belt.    The Providence,  prove* by the  greatest   depth   in   the camp to be a  great mine, has dropped out of public  question, if not of interest, and  other -  claims establishing the bona fides   of  mines are matters of greater regard.  The Skylark, too, having passed the  experimental stage,  and  having  paid  its  purchase price,   development   and  equipment   out   of   ore   proceeds,   ao  | longer causes anxiety to either owners  lor   the   public.     Its   dividend day ie  within hailing distance.  :   The properties on  the east hill on   ���  which the most interest centres are the  Crescent, Crescent Fraction  aad  Bay,  all closely situated, and all being developed with encouraging results.  ���   Tn no camp we know of, save it may  be'Goldfields and Cobalt, are results so  quickly asked for as in the Greenweed  high grade belt.  The matter of a large  treasury before development work is  begun   on   claims  in the   Greenwood  belt   is   not   generally   very seriously  regarded.     -Developmeut,   as   a.   rule,  take's*- care *Sfv itself    by   its- outpat  almost from the grass roots;  In the Coeur d'Alenes it is no uncommon thing to invest' from one  hundred to five hundred thousand dollars before pay ore is reached, but here  pay ore is asked for from the very  beginning  The Crescent, Crescent Fraction,  Bay aud Prince Henry, all indicate  that they will be close competitors  with the Providence and Skylark In"* a  future uot very remote. On all of  them fine ore is being worken on as  development proceeds, on all of them  ore in increasing size of vein and  value as the works have deepened.  Although it may be too soon to say  to the world that they are mines, it- ia  not too soon to say they are all fine  properties, with the probabilities of  their making mines becoming certainties every day.  Taking the Providence, Skylark,  .Bay,_Strathmpre, Prm^Heary^jCree-  cent, Crescent Fraction aad Elkhorn,  STRAIGHT JOLTS  A   good   example   of    Conservative  rule���the new chief of police.  Isn't revenge sweet? Now, ex-chief,  you'll be good and let house-movers  obstruct the Bridges over Sunday.  A Few heavy  weights to be  cleared out by 1st March at prices away below regular.   Worth your while to investigate.  W. BLSON  Rheumatic Pains Relieved.  B. F. Crocker, Esq., now 84 years of  age, and for twenty years justice of  th*. peace at Martinsburg, Iowa, ai.ya:  "I am terribly afflicted with sciatic  rheumatism in my left arm and right  hip.     I   have   used   three   bottles   of  The man whose political methods  depend for success on "back-biting"  might find more profitable employment  in sawing wood.  Chamberlain's Pain Balm and it did  me lots of good.-' For sale by all  druggists.  Few people are happy enough in  their political affiliations to get a promise and see it materialize within a few  days. But our Conservative friends  don't forget parly obligations.  SESfKJ  A few hours after being sworn  in as  chief   of   police   of   this   city,   James  . Foulds,with his former staff of knights  I of the   green   cloth,   had   his  friends  ephone Sockane  Florist"Co., Main  s", | Hned  UP in  front of * bar maWinK a  Spokane. 5-30    j regular Fourth of July hurrah.  say; as a group, we do not believe any  camp on the continent, barriag those  named, can make as good a relative  showing as these between moneys returned in development and moaeya invested in purchase and work.  There are single properties in the  Coeur d'Alenes today that have had  expended thereon $400,000, and as yet  uo output. That amount, we vesture  to say, is greater than the entire investment in all the high grade properties combined if values received - be  deducted. Our outlook is certainly  cause for congratulation.  Do Not Crowd tbe Seasoi.  The first warm days of spring bring  with them a desire to get out and enjoy  the   exhiterating   air   and    sunshine.  Children that have been housed up all  winter are brought out and you wonder  where they all came from. ��'The heavy  winter clothing  ia  thrown  aside aad  many shed their flannels.   Then a cold  wave comes and people say that grip is  epidemic.    Colds   at   this   season are  even   more   dangerous   than   in ��� midwinter, as jhere is much  more danger  of pneumonia.      Take   Chamberlain's  Cough Remedy, however, and you will  have nothing to fear.    It always cures,  and we  have   never   known-a-cold te  result in pneumonia when it was used.  It is pleasant aud safe  to  take.    Children like it.    For sale by all druggists.  For nice iresh flowers  for  funerals  decorations and weddings, write T te  Wanted���Your old stove in exchange  for one of our best, new Steel Raogoa.  . A. L. White  &  Co., house  furnishers,  i Phone 16 3-&-X7 BOUNDARY  xEEK   TIMES  She  Boundary Creek Times  Issued Every Triday  BV THE  Boundary Creek Printing and Publishing  Co., Limited,  .1. W. Elms    Manager  SUBSCRIPTIONS IN ADVANCE.  Per Year...'     2 00  Six Months  1 2-r  To Foreign Countries 2 50  :���;;*.;,;.(3��Ki...ABELx  FRIDAY, MARCH 1,  1907  THE NEW CHIEF OF POLICE  Whether or not Kenneth McKenzie,  until Wednesday last Greenwood's  chief c f police, was a fitting person for  the office is not the question now disturbing the public mind, but whether  or not his successor in office is.  There is something very anomalous  in the appointing of the chief of police. , That officer ij the appointee of  the police commissioners, and the po  lice commissioners are the appointees  of the Provincial government. The  police commissioners fix the salary of  the chief pi" police, but the city pays  the bills, and is directly affected by his  administration. Until a few years ago  it was the custom of the government  to recognize nominations by the city  council for the office of commissioners.  Laterly, however, this custom hi>s  fallen into disuse, and the governmen  has made the appointments under the  law independent of the advice of the  council. The idea obtains that the  government in the present, as in other  instances, has been guided rather by  the advice of its political friends than  by those most vitally interested. Under  the law the police commissioners of a  town must be the mayor, one alderman  and one other not a city official. The  representatives of the town board ap  pointed recently on the police board  were Mayor Bunting and Alderman  Sutherland The outsider chosen was  Philip McDonald. Although no official  notification had been received by the  city of the constitution of the board,  Alderman Sutherland called a meeting  of the board for Wednesday last. Mayor  Bunting appears to have objected to  action taken by, the board  until such  ! official notice was at hand, arid as a  j result withdrew from the meeting.  The remaining commissioners, however proceeded with business and appointed James Foulds as chief of po  lice, his duties to begin on the 27th  inst. As a result Foulds was sworn in  on Wednesday last and now wears the  city's badge ot office.  Under the law there appears to be,iio  redress for the city, so far as the appointment goes If the city feels the  salary fixed is excessive, it can appeal  to the governor in council for relief,  but against the appointee it i.s powerless, although obliged to pay his salary  and.accept such service as he gives.  At Wednesday's meeting the board  issued instructions to the new chief of  police to rid the city of all suspicious  characters, and to thoroughly clean it  up.  Thi new appointment does not appear to be meeting with the approval  of the citizens. Even a large clement  of the local Conservatives censure the  board, and feel that the government  has been badly advised, and that the  police board has acted very unwisely.  From comments freely expressed it  would look as if the confidential advisers of the Conservative party had  had a case of run awry and bad smash-  up, and that some bones had been  broken too badly to be re-set.  Is Greenwood to'emulate the Phoenix  of the past, is now the question on the  lips of many.  Thb Boers appear to have got the  best of it in the recent elections in  South Africa. The first Transvaal  ministry will comprise General Botha,  premier and minister of national affairs.  The colouial secretary, General  Smutts, was prominent also in the late  war, as well as in the government of  President Kruger.  EDITORIAL NOTES  The women of Victoria are opening  a vigorous campaign against the S500  Chinese head tax. the need of help in  the kitchen rising superior to the matter of politics. The scarcity of kitchen  help suggests the alternative of going  out to board, or keeping house with  mother, queen of ihe kitchen, and  father, knight of the coal scuttle.  Trying alternatives surely with family  betterment in favor of the latter.  ThRRE is a part of Tacoma harbor,  known as the place where the Ardalena  sank, that is very deep, too deep for  anchorage, too deep for divers to go  down to rescue a fine ship. The Tacoma authorities are evidently trying  to fill the harbor at this point, having  recently dumped over $6,000 worth of  slot machines there, confiscated since  the last wave of municipal virtue  struck the City of Destiny.  3a*SBSB!iaS3K!i3a5EaESaaBSSEB*SnBJ8EffllaBBEECOI  ���   *   /  *>  t��   t*  Is under the management of  Greig and  MorT4son.^^J^he^r-oojiis^^are���XLomf^rtabl]L  furnished, and the bar contains   the best  brands  of  wines,   liquors and  cigars  in  the citv.  Thb Colonial conference in London,  Erifrland, i.s called for April 15lh, and  as Premier Laurier must leave on or  abouc April 5th to attend the same, it  is expected that the Dominion parliament will be prorogued not later than  April 7th.  Pari.iamknt was recently the scene  ot an exciting tilt between Ross of  Yale-Cariboo, and Fowler of King,  N. B. Honors appear to have been  about even, if the story as told in the  Mail-and the Globe is correct.  ^mmmmjmmmm^m^mwmjimmiK  CF*  CF"-  CF*  Cr*.  CF;  CF*  CF*  CF---  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  (r*  CA**  o=a  0^  CF'<  CF*  CF-'  Q=,.<  CF-  .$11,000,000.  �� $  Capital, all paid up $14,400,000.  UNDIVIDED   Pit OF ITS   $1S9.831.84  Hon. 'Presi.dcni ;   Lord Strathco.-w. and Mount Royai, G. C. M. G.  President:    Sir George A. Dkoss .vsonii, K. C. M. G.  Vice-President and General Managvi :    IS. S. Clous-ton.  Branches in London, Eng. Jc^r^SU ^w York, Chicago.  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers ; Grant Commercial an  Travellers' Credits, available, in any partjof tlie world.  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT  Interest allowed at current rates.  Greenwood Branch,    W. F. PROCTOR, Manager.  7lMMMmmMmMMMMMMMl}MMM^SMWK  UcD  *=*��  (*�������>  ��-4  fe=0  The United Mine "Workers of America have secured in the Fernie Ledger  a well-edited, wide-awake organ and  mouthpiece. Editor Mott will remain  in charge, aud, we doubt not, make the  journal useful to a wide and deserving  constituency.  REED Smoot, senator for Utah, has  had an uncomfortable time for three  years past in holding onto a very comfortable seat in the United States senate. The upholstering has been pretty  well worn in the fracas, but Smoot  keeps the seat.  Thb Toronto Globe editorially comments very severely on Mr. George  Fowler, member for Kings, N. ��.,  anent his recent vigorous attack on Mr.  Ross. The Globe says the manner of  reply was without precedent iu parliament.  IjiKK the , game of our childhood  when we decided results by drawing  straws from a chum's hand, the patrons  of the railways have been drawing  straws of late���one marked "long  rates," the other "car shortage."  The air is filled with farewells to  winter, the parting guest, and signs  multiply that spring approaches. Buds  are bursting, birds are calling, s.nd  beau:y is looking into the matter of  spring millinery.  Advices from Victoria indicate that  Attorney General Fulton is not likely  to rush into prosecution of offences  vagainst the Sunday Closing Act, which  goes into effect today.  The war between church and state  in France goes merrily on. M. Clem-  enceau showing no disposition to recede from his former position.  Copper St.  ijauamjuuiir '"imw  Greenwood  BBUaiUmMlH'nBfUmBgiSBEffil  Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is Boih  Agreeable and Effective.  Chamberlain's Cgugh Remedy has  uo superior for coughs, colds, and  croup, and the fact that it is pleasant  to take and contains nothing in any  way injurious has made it a favorite  with mothers. Mr. W. S. Pelham, a  merchant of Kirksville, Iowa, says:  "For more than twenty years Chamberlain's Cough ~R��ined}~~lias~_b"een"^my  leading Remedy for all throat troubles.  It is especially successful in cases of  croup. Children like it and my customers who have used it will not take  any other." ������ For sa.e by ali druggist*.  The Palace Livery  lie Finest  Tniils in l  I!  ���ML  ** ^JlA1-.'*���'/.--^->; *'U* .  India, the land of mystery, is rapidly  coming to the front in variors fields of  industry. The Indian empire, possesses  no fewer than 15 coal fields, while iron  is worked on an extensive scale in  three districts, two of which are situated  in the immediate vicinity of Calcutta.  Nor are oil fields wanting; 17 more or  less important ceniers are engaged in  this industry in the provinces of Bengal  and Assam, while tobacco cultivation  is anoth***jr valuable asset to .Assam, as  well as Madras.  *>*>-. *r  ^^l^io^*-*:'- s ;.^.Uf-?.*,'.._-\ ..: ���������:  DRAYING -- We Can Move Anything  Cinnamon stone, known also as es-  souite, is a variety of garnet; it is a  silicate of aluminum and calcium, and  occurs mass've, or in large separate  crystals that belong lo the regular system and have rnombic faces. In color,  the mineral resembles cinnamon bark;  it has a resinous and vitreous luster  when fractured, and seems tilled with  fine fissures. The finer specimens of  esaonite are used for jewelry.  5ANK  Paid-up Cspital,$10,G0,00O.- Reserve Fund. $5,000,000  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO  <&. ft. WALKER, General Manager ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Genl Mamga  BANk MONEY ORDERS  safiuea at tws  J 5 and imctai   CweK $5 acd aot? exots-edtiw: $M��   "   $ii?       " '- &30....  OLUWMW* KATES'.'      s eisai*:-  S cents  5-9 cents.  $:���&  $30.  53 centa  hese Orders are Payable at IPi-ir at any office in Canada, of a Chartered Bank  '{Yukon excepted}, and at the principal banking points in the United States.  NEGOTIABLtt AT A FIXEO RAVi AT  THE CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERCE, LONDON, ENG.   *  They form tin excellent method of remitting small sums of money  with safety and at small cosst.*  Savings Bank Department .  Interest allowed on deposits from SI upwards at current rates.  Greenwood Branch  j. T. 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It is guaranteed to cure or your money  is returned. The price is 25c. per bottle,  and all dealers in medicine sell 314  SHLLrO  This remedy should be in every household.  CANADIAN  iR'-'A I-L'.'W'.A-'Y!  Leave Nelson 7:30 a. ra.  Arrive Vancouver 11:50 noon.  Arrive Victeria 5:45 p. m.  One  Night  En   Route  Vancouver-Vctoria Route,  S. S. Princess Victoria  Victoria-Seattle Route,  S. S. Princess May.  Standard Sleeping Car  '    NELSON-SLOCAN  CITY  Berths, $1.00  Car can be occupid at Nelson  Union Depot at 9 p. rn:  For  rates, folders  and tickets  apply to local agent, or to  E. J. COYLE.  J. S. CARTER.  0    A.G.P.A.Vancouver D.P.A.Nelson ��������� 0  �� GREENWOOD, ��  <K)00000<X>v^^KKH>0<>000<XK>00  DISSOLUTION NOTICE  Queen Victoria���Recently the fjuc-ii j  Victoria   mine   at  Beasley,   made   its  first shipment, since the purchase of the j  property by James Cronin   and  as--.i*ci- 1  ate-i, one car load going- to the Cciiisolt-  dated smelter at Trail.  White Bear���Two ore shoots of on 11- j  siderable magnitude and of tfood grade !  have been located on the 800 foot 1< Ac] i  of the White Bear. The inanag-eincu! :  is much pleased over the finds and feels  confident that the White Bear has tho  maid Jigs of a valuable mine.  canal, near its head. The Brown-  Alaska Mining Co., of Seattle, own  the principal group of mines there.  This company has 100 men "at rror*,  and intends very shortly to put in a  concentrator and to beg-in the shipping  of concentrates. There were 160 locations made there last year and the aec-  tion promises to be a good one when  more development work has been done.  From ��3.50 to $4 a day ia being paid  to miners aud others.  Copper Queen���A fine body of ore  has been struck in the Copper Queen.  Van Anda island. Mr. Cox of Seattle,  and associates, are now working th-.'  Copper Queen under a bond, with  promising resulta. What makes tlie  find remarkable and most promising is  that it dips toward Uie Marble Buy  lead. In the 800 foot level of the Marble Bay the lead changed from the  southwest to the southeast, a most remarkable fact, which was contemplated  by none of the numerous experts who  have examined the mine, and the lead  continues to produce a fine body of ore  Call   at   the  Greenwood   Bakery  for  New England bread.  .Potassium nitrate posseiaes a quality  which distinguishes it from sodium  nitrate, and gives it a greater value,  namely: That it is notably less liable  to dclinqucscence in ihe presence of n  moist atmosphere. Itn chief use is io  the manufacture of gunpowder and  lire works.  The cage signals at the Copper  Queen mine in Arizona are given by  bell rope alone, but at the Calumet &  .Arizona group, no one but the cage  tender uses the bell rope to signal the  engineer. To signal the cage tender,  the incandescent flashlight system is  used, electric lamps being placed at  each station.  Lost Cabin���The famous Lost Cabin  placer strike on Firth river, a tributary  to the Arctic, north of Chandelar, has  been found, and a stampede ib now  under way. Advices coming from  Circle City are that William McLeod.  who has been searching for years for  the place, has written to Fort Yukon  urging his non John to come and help  work the property. He, Bob Schafer  and three others have gona. Two men  who made the origin il find took out  $26,000 and started for Seattle vi.-*  Herschell island and -Behrinjf strait.  Their small boat capsized in Retiring-  sea and one man was drowned. The  other was taken to St. Michael, where  he was taken ill and died. Before dying  he wrote a letter telling McLeod where  to-find the diggings. The old man at  last has succeeded.  Sullivan���'Ihe total amount of ore  shipped from the Sulliyan mine to the  smelter at Marysville for-treatment  was '600 tons for the week ending February 8th. and 3,600 tons for 1907 up to  the same date.  IVTOTICE Is hereby civen that the partner-  l jl ship heretofore existing between Roy &.  Boyer Bros., hotel keepers, has this clay been  dissolved, and the business hereafter will be  carried on by A. A. Roy ��nd O. Buyer. All  moneys now due the above 5rin i�� to be paid to  the undersigned, and who will assume all unpaid accounts.  Dated at Greenwood. Feb. 23,191)7. c  A. A. ROY.  24-29 O. BOYER.  Near Ashcroft, in British Columbia,  are a number of small lakes, whose  shoies and bottoms are covered with a  crust containing boiax and soda in  such quantities and proportion*-; th.:t  when cut out it serves as a washing  compound The crust is cut into blocks  and handled in the sanie manner as ice.  and it is estimated that one of the lakes  contains 20,000 tons of this material.  Marks���Say, old man, did I ever tell  you about the awful fright I got on my  wedding day?  Parks���S-sh! No man should speak  that wnv about his wife.���Boston  Transcript.  Cariboo���At the end of January the  1 ich gravel recently struck by Edons  Dow and Thompson, was the chief  mining news from this vicinity, says  the Ashcroft Journal. Their tunnel at  that tint': had penetrate! the pay gravel  a distance of twenty feet, showing  from eighteen inches to two feet deep  of gravel which prospects as high as  $3 to the pan. The gold is coarse and  well washed, indicating a continuous  lead, not a mere patch or spot. The  ground consists of a bench, on the  south side of Lightning creek extending upstream from the mouth of Last  Chance creek, and the owners do not  know yet whether their pay gravel is a  bench of Lightning creek or a back  channel of Last Chance; in either  case, the richness and extent of the  gold bearing gravel seems assured.  Mr. Thompson has refused an offer of  820,000  cash   for   his   three-eights in-  The better grades of carbons for  diamond drilling are selling as high as  $85 per carat. Fifty years ago they  were worthies s, and in the 70s sold as  low as S5 per carat- There has been a  gradual rise in value, and it would not  be surprising if the limited supply (all  from Brazil) and the unique application  of the carbons,-would- guarantee high  pricea for an indefinite period.  SHAMEFUL WASTE OF MONEY  Pa Smith threw down his paper in  disgust.  "It's shameful,"-, he exclaimed, "the  way these 'ere colleges waste money  on furniture! Here's an account of  somebody giving Harvard $200,000 for  a new chair." --Judge.  ONE GOOD WAY  An applicant for'trie.:poit of teacher  in a country school was being questioned.  "And what is your position with  regard to the whipping of children?"  one member asked.  "My usual position," she replied, "ia  on a chair, with the child across my  knees, face downwards."���Chicago  Journal.  "i)o you believe that the {rood die  young?"  "I guess they do, if all my wife telle  me about her first husband is true."���  Houston Post.  SUNDAY SERVICES.  terest.  Portland Canal - Mr. W. G. Humble,  of Rossland, who has been in Northwest British Columbia for the past six  months, visited Prince Rupert, Port  Simpson and the Portland Canal. Mr.  Huruble reports that there are 200 men  working at Prince Rupert, clearing: the  townsite. They are principally Japanese and Indians, only a few white men  being employed. He says that the  climate of Prince Rupert is similar to  that of Vancouver. There is plenty of  rain, seldom any snow, aud very little  cold weather. Mr. Humble describes  the Portland Canal mining section as a  good one. Neatly all the ground is  located   011   the   Canadian   side of the  CaThouc.���Church of the Sacred  Heart.���-Divine service 1st, third and  fourth Sunday in each month. Holy  mass-at 10 a. m.; vespers and benediction at 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school at  2:30 p.m. Rev. J. A. Bbdakp, O. M. I.,  pastor.  Anglican���St. Jude's. Rev. John  Leech-Porter, B. D., pastor. Services  at 8 a. ra., 10:45 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.;  Sunday   school,  12   p. m.     All   seats  free Services alternate Sundays at  Boundary Falls, at 4 p. m., and Eholt  at 3 p. m.  "Presbyterian���St. Columba, Rev.  M. D. Mckee, pastor. Services 11 a.  m. and 7:30,p. m.; Sunday school 2:30  p. rn.  Methodist���Rev. H. S. Hastings,  pastor Services at 11 a. m. and 7:30  p. in.; Sunday school. 2:30 p. m.  For CUT FLOWERS.  Pot Plants, Bouquets, Etc.,  Write or phone  FRACHE BROS., Columbia, B. C.  funeral deslgns-of rrery description.  I  NOW IS THE TIME TO ORDER  Itching Piles.  If you are acquainted with anyone 1  who is troubled with this distressing  ailment you can do him no greater  favor than to tell him to try Chamberlain's Salve. It gives instant relief.  Price 25 cents per hex. Sold by all  dragg-ista.  At the Boundary Creek Times  IllCJF  BiWHIMUaiMWWl  m  w  asal  **M.  f&  W  Do you know there is big money in raising poultry? Do  you know there is more money in running a good incubator  than in almost anything else you can do for the amount ot"  time and trouble it takes? Do you know my incubator will  pay you a bigger profit than any other thing j-ou can have  on your place?  Well, all these things are true, and I can prove it.  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Chatham Incubators and Brooders will make you money, fora  Chatham Incubator will hatch a live, healthy chicken out of every  fertile egg put into it, in 21 days. ^  Will you write for my book  today? Do it now while you think  of it. Just say on a postal "Please  send me your Incubator Book"���  that's all. Address me personally.  Manson Campbell  President  The Manson Campbell Co., Ltd.  Depl. , Chatham, Ont.  NOTE���I carry lareestocks and  ship promptly from branch houses at  Caleary, Alta., Montreal, Que.; Bran  don, Man.; Halifax, N. S., Victoria,  B.C., and factory at Chatham.  i&  Ladies*  Knitted  ���with the fancy zig-r.ag pattern in front, with blouse  sleeves.   Warm chic and dainty.   Just the thing  for all winter sports as well as street wear.  We also make  ri>iiimci;����t[f*Tnn&j  SWEATERS with  TUQUE,  SASH and MITTS  to match.  We carry these in practically all colors���and  make special designs and color combinations at  short notice. Write for catalogue if your dealer  cannot supply you.  THE KNIT-TO-FIT MANUFACTURING CO.  P. O. BOX 2339, MONTREAL.  ���i^SmWsssm^sse^mX^gss^s^Bimass^s^sssES.'s  Everybody  ^ rees.  that  COD  LIVER OIL and IRON  are  beyond question the greatest medi- '  cines known. Then why does not  evc-ry'iody -"-ake Cod Liver Oil and  Iron? Simply .because most people  cannot take the Oil and few can digest  the Iron in any ordinary form. These1  difficulties have been entirely removed  by the introduction of FERROL, in  which the lion is scientifically combined with the  Oil, rendering the Oil  palatable   and   tb  While  Iron    diyestible.  !"f* f^ TT'li W%  H fa li/ 1#  mt*s*  ~MB^H~  is manufactured f:or;: the best quality  of Cod Liver Oil (the whole of the Oil)  and is richer in oil than any other  eimil-ion, and while it contains just the  rig lit .".l.intity of the best form of Iron  ���md Phosphorus, it is so scientifically  prepared that r.yt on'* person in a thousand finds -tny tioi.b!*.: in taking it,  ind infants digest it without difficulty.  Moreover the weii-established value of  he    Oil    and     Iron  tlie  immense v  LAND NOTICE  NOTICE Is liereby jtriT'en'tliaf altty ��aj��  after date T intend to apply to the Horn., the  Chief Commissioner of Lands nnd < Works, for  permission to purchase the following- described  lands situated in Kast Yale district: Com-  menciii"!* at a post marked B, Colbaru'e 3. W.  corner post; thence west W chains to land no*.  utueiu on. Boundary line; ttaeuca north 80  chains: thence east 20 chains; thence toath 80  chains to the place of commencement, e��atai��-  iiiR; 160 ncres.  Dated December IT.-lWo.  20-30 JOHN CRAIC.  MINERAL ACT, 1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  ���'Maple Leaf Fractional" Mineral Clal*��, site-  ate in tiie Clreenwood Mining Division of  Yale District. Where located: In SikyUrk  Camp1=_.  ���"TAKE  NOTICE  That   I,   T.   W.   CroTea.  1      Free Miner's Certificate No. S0��, Intend,  sixty clays from  the date hereof,   to apply  to  the Minintr Recorder for a Certificate of Im-  provements  for the purpose of   obtaining   a  Crown Crrant of our interest in the above claim.  And   further  take notice  that action under  section 37, must be commenced  before ''the is.  uaccc of such certificate of lmpn)reoientt.  Dated this 17th day of J*��nuary,*>1907.  MINERAL ACT  enhanced by tlie process of manufacture, and as tlie formula is freely exposed it is not to be  wondered at tliat  physicians     everywhere     have    fully 1  endorsed FERROL and used it largely!  in their practice.    FERROL is invaluable for the treatment* of any kind nf j  Lung or Bronchial  troubles, while for  wasting diseases it has no equal, and  "You Know What  You Take"  White Bros.. Red Cross Pharmacy  Druggists and Opticians.    Greenwood  Certificate of Improvements  NOTICJJ  "Bell   Flower'1   Mineral   Claini, situate in the  Greenwood Mining Division"of Yale Dietrlct.  Where located: In Lone Lake Camp  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett,  A as ajreut for Spencer ISenermsn, Free  Miner's Certificate No. B2122,intend, sixty days  from the date liereof, to apply to the Mining-  Recorder for .1 cerliiicate of Improvement*, for  the prrposc of obtaining a Crown Grant of  their interests in the above claim.  And further lake  notice   that 'action,   under  I section 37, ir.list, he cumnienced before the  issuance of such certificate of iruprorements.  Dated thi*. .list dav of Peoimber, A.D. 1906.  21-30 I. H. HALL1ETT.  MINERAL   ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.   r_-  MINERAL ACT.  Claim,  situate  in   the  Division  of Vale Dis.  "Ulack  Bc*s"   Mineral  Orcein*.*,: od    Mining  trict.   -\Vlnire located:    West Fork of Kettle  Kiver near the Kambler Fraction.  TAKE NOTICE that I, John P. McLeod. as  aire 111 for Philip B. S. Sttuihope, Free  Miner's Certificate Xo. 'iJ'i2937, 'iitetici, sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaiiiin***: a Crown  Grant of the above claini.  Ami further ml;**- notice that action, under  section 3". mu=t be commenced before the is*a-  flnccof sucli C'ertiiii-aie.*; of Imoro-femeuts.  D?tn<i :hls 23rd (lHVuf   Nor^atBrr, A* P�� JSOfe.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  '���Mable I-'racti-jual" Mineral Claim, situate iu  ihe Oreeiiuood Mining Division of YaleDistrict. Where located: In Greenwood Camp.  TAKK NOTICK 'hat I, Isaac H. Hallett.  as A-fen 1 for John Mullifl-an, Free Miner's Certificate \'o. B2021, intend, sixty days  from the date hereof, to apply to the Minintr  Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements,  for the puroose of obtaininu* a Crown Grant of  the above claim.  And   further   take notice  that action, under  sei-lion 37. must be  commenced   before  thr   i**-  A.'iatiee "f such Certificate of Improvements.  [J3Le<i '.hi* ..Itn davwf Detnglpj, X- &��� WOa.  21-30 I7H'. RA3A-tiV%, r.A  yips RSTllI    p -  rf>�� Ml   'Haifa      I'l  Ell i  PAY ORE COLUMN  I">rifti ny on the Prince Henrv   st-tris  in a few days  WET WEATHER WOSkI  ..!..."-.*.'i '.ij,;*r.-.ili!Uiiliiill2i!iis  Treat  A syndicate i.s being formed locally  to acquire the Diinmui Kraciiou, ail-  joiniug the Providence and the Testis.  Work ou the Tip Tup is progressing  favorably. At a depth of 75 ie-t the  lead is about a fnot wide and 'he ore  favors that of \.h<: 'Jay ami Mavis.  Portman    Brothers,   who    own    th  Dynamo, are now down 50   Wet  on th'  new shaft on the ledge.    The  tire is a  foot  wide  and   it  looks as if it might  run into high values.  About 14 men are working on ihe  Strathmore, which is developing ii.to  a wonderful property. The ore now  being worked on is very rich, running  strong in native silver.  HEALTHFUL  AND  PLEASANT  IF YOU WEAR  WATERPROOF  OILED CLOTHING  BLACK OB VBU.OW  perfect Protection  Longest  Service  Low  In Price  Sold Everywhere  a ������*������ ���  ^P55 ��� <     - - ��� m ^ W    flit   */ I  11 said the student;   ��, y^!/W^>  "-��� ��   J *?'-  Hi.  The cooper mineral chrysocolla occurs in rciiiform or stalactitic masses,  and has a specific gravity of 2.2. It is  of an emerald color, and when of par  ticiilarly line quality, might be mistaken for turquoise.  I  ���*"* S  <F,  OUR GUARANTEE:  NO PAY UNLESS CURED  When Yoia Need a Specialist, Consult One cf  -  Wide Experience.        j  W�� aro rust now completing oar twentieth year aa specialist k in men's diseases.  During thefte years oi" close application to  a single claxs ol ailment* we h;*ve on��in-  atod and perfected the only sdtMUiric and  certain methods by which these diseases are  cured. If we accept your case for treatment, a euro is but a matter of a reasonable  time.  We guarantee every man a lifelong  cure for Varicocele, Hydrocele, Urethral Obstructions,.Blood and Skin Diseases, Prostatic Troubles, Piles, Fistula, Loss of Vital Power, Kidney,  Bladder and Special Diseases. Wo  especially offer our services to those  who are afflicted with weakness as>  result of their own follies or excesses.  i  Owing- to bad  roads, shipments have  been temporarily suspended   from   the  Napoleon.    Meantime the B. C. Copper  Co, will mine and  ship  iron   ore  front  the Morrison.    'The  Morrison,   it  will  be remembered, is in   Deadwood camp,  and was reorganized  from   a.   non-liability corporation   of a million   dollars  capital to  an   assessment   one  tyf one  hundred thousand capital and assessable up to 10  cents   per   share.    Under  the  management of   Fred  H.   Oliver,  the Morrison became celebrated   for its  Irish dividends, paid by the stockholders to the mine and uot vice versi.  r?s best to be prudent�����Jfc853  IS  S2  M     r' ;���**������   mi   ft  House, sign and all exterior and  and interior painting and decor  ating promptly done.  i  Our methods are up-to-date, and p  are endorsed by the hijjhest medical ���  authorities of Europe and America,  Hence our success in the treatment of  Men's Diseases. Remember, our specialty is limited to the diseases of MEN  and MEN only.  We cover the entire field of nervous,  chronic, deep-seated and complicated  diseases.  CONSULTATION FREE.  If you cannot call, write for Symptom Blank.  Many cases can be cured at home. All correspondence confidential.  A SEASON OF SIMPLICITY  All Exaggerations Disappear from the  Costs for the Fall Season.  "Severity" and "plainness" are the  watchwords for 'he. fall and winter  fashions in men's clothing. All exaggeration lias been taken from the coat,  and the trousers are being cut in more  rational mode.  The plain black and blue "Blttnpz"  serge suits. Semi-ready tailored, and  sold in Semi-ready Wardrobes from  Coast to Coast, at the same price, $20,  are having a tremendous vogue in  Canada. "We had to meet another  advance in price to get enough Blunoz  serg-e from the mills, said the general  manager of the Semi-ready company.  P. W. George & Co. will be pleased  to show you how what "Semi-ready"  tailoring profits the wearer.  Send in your spring orders.  ftXbotnps1  Box 255, Greenwood.  Shop Government street.  SiaaiSlJr!i��i2��MS��lHS3EiMS  We have them from S10 up. 1906 leaves us with three  good drop head machines that we had to take back and  which we are offering at reduced prices. Call and see  them at once, as we have only three left; $3 a month  takes a new drop head Singer or Wheeler & Wilson, the  two best machines on the market today.  McRAE BROS. & SMITH. LIMITED  NOTICE Ts hereby g-iven, that three months  from the date hereoi, the Company here  tofore -bearing the name McRae Bros. & Smith,  Limited, will apply to the Lieutenant-Governor  iu Council for an order changing its name to  McRae Brothers, Limited.  Dated at Greenwood, B.  C, this 9th dav of  February. A. JD. 1907.  ARTHUR M. WHITESIDE,  24-36 Solicitor for.the said Company.  1 W. B. LAM0NT,-Agent.  \  Copper Street        < Greenwood, B. C.  SCOTT  MEDICAL COMPANY  109 Marion St., Cor. First Ava.,  SEATTLE, WASH.  ENGLAND'S WEALTH.  HANDBOOK  England, long been known as tlie  banking* house of the world, is esti  mated to have more than $12,000,000,000  invested in its colonies and in foreign  countries. A large proportion of this  foreign Investment is in the form of  foreign government and railroad securities. For instance, approximately  $80,000,000 of the securities of the  Pennsylvania railroad are held in  England. To pay the interest and  dividends on these securities the Pennsylvania railroad fiuds it necessary to  always carry a large balance on deposit  with London banks,  ^he^sam^.js^lrae, with every govern  ��� (New edition issued Nov. 15, 1906)  Is a dozen books in one, ..covering Ihe  history, Geography. Geology, Chemistry, Mineralogy Metallurgy, Terminology, Uses, Statistics and Finances of  Copper. It is a practical book, useful  to all and necessary to most men engaged   in  any  branch  of  the  Copper  Induetry.  Its facts will pass muster with the  trained scientists, and its language is  easily understood by the everyday man.  It giyes the plain facts in plain Eng-  'ish without fear or favor.  Its lists and describes 4626 Copper  Mines and Companies in all parts of  the world, descriptions running from  two lines to sixteen pages, according  to importance of the property.  The Copper Handbook is conceded to  be the  'I  The Mining Man needs the book for  the facts it gives him about mines,  mining and the metal.  The Investor needs the book for the  facts it gives him about mining, mining investments and copoer statistics.  Hundred of swindling companies are  exposed in plain English.  Price isS5 in Buckram with gilt top;  S7.SO in full library morocco. Will be  sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any  address ordered, and may be returned  within a week of receipt if uot found  fully satisfactory.  HORACE J. STEVENS  Editor and Publisher.  453jPostoffice Block, Houghton.  Michigan,  ment and every railroad or corporation"  whose securities are held to any large  extent en England.  To pay the interest on its bonds held  by foreign investors and to meet its  other obligitions, Japan, during the  late war, carried a balance on deposit  | in Eondon, which was never allowed  to fall below S5,000,000, and which at  times amounted to more than  $20,000,-  000.  It is a well known fact that all of the  royal families of Europe,1 as well as  the leading statesmen, have large sums  always on deposit with the Bank of  England as a contingency against possible disturbance in their own countrj'.  It is evident that theamonnt of foreign  capital invested in London aggregates  an enormous sum���a sum which has  been variously estimated by different  authorities at anywhere from S250.000,-  000 tn 54,000,000.  Mr. Inglis Palgrave, undoubtedly  the leading authority in England on  monetary questions, recently made an  estimate of the number of banks carrying on business in Londor, either  directly or through agents. He estimates that there is a total of 1,271  banks, having aggregate resources of  approximately 322,800,000. Of this  total, 1,067 were colonial and foreign  banks with aggregate resources of over  317,600,000,000.  Synopsis of Canadian Homestead  Regulations.  ANY available Dominion Lands within th.  Railway Belt in British Columbia, mav  be homesteaded by auy person who is the sole  head of a family, or any male over 18 years of  af*re, to the1 extent of one-quarter section of 16:)  acres, more or less.  Entry must be made personally at the local  land ofiice for the district in which the land is  situate.  The homesteader is required to perform the  conditions connected therewith under one o1'  the following plans:  (1) At least six months'residence upon and  cultivation of the land in each year for three  years.  (2) If the father (or "mother, if the father is  deceased), of the homesteader resides upon a  farm iu the vicinity of the land entered for, the  requirements as tn residence may be satisfied  by Such person residing* with the father or  mother, '������ -       ���  (3 If the settler has his permanent residence  upon farming land owned by him in the vicinity of his homestead, the requirements as to  esidence may be satisfied by residence upon  the said land.  ~-Six*mOnths-notice-i".i-writin|j-shouldbeg-iveiL  to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at  Ottawa of intentiou to apply for patent.  Coal lauds may be purchased at S10 per acre  for soft coal and S20 for anthracite. Not more  than 320 acres can be acquired bv one individual or compauv. Royalty at tlie rate of ten  cents person of 2,00 pounds shall be collected  on the gross output.  W. \V. CORY,  Deputy of the Minister of the Interior  N.B.���Unauthorized    publication  of this ad  vertisenient will not be paid for. 32-59  -^  ��� ���xwg     wHMnnmiiiin nrnitmTr~jrriiniri~iiTTitnirrTi'rTii irnnn��r��rrn��ti��iTiiiitfnarniM*iii^���tihiiiiiiiiiimihi iiiiiii'uii ��hiiui iwhihiii���mwwiw>      Mw  COLUMBIAN COLLEGE  New Westminster. B- C.  i  j ���  f-v'C'  ,��� ���A&lf-r^z"-"      a-A~ ~���������������V-.-*.- ---  Why we are turning out more Job  Printing than any other office in the  Boundary Country. Big claim isan't it?'  Finest   Assortment of Types and Materials,  More and  Better Presses,  Never Substituting Cheap Stock, |  Employing only the best Mechanics,  Work  Delivered when Promised.  That's The  Reason  THE  BOUNDARY  CREEK  TIMES, LTD.  B        1  '������."-I'll'������'~'i'�����...���'��. m". ii ������   The Orator���"I believe that the great  body of American people are gentlemen." Voice in the rear���"You're  vrrong. The la��t census shows that  over half of them are ladies."���Troy  ��ta?g��t.  I Receives both ladies and urentlemen as retsi-  j dent or day students, bias a complete business  or commercial course. Prepares students to  jraiu teachers" certificates of all (Trades. Gives  the four years'course for the IJ. A. degree, and  the first year of the of the School of Science  course, in affiliation with Torou'to University.  Has a special "Prospectors' Course" for miners  v.-'no work in B. C. ;. ,  Instruction is also iriY��n in Art,Mn��*.<c, Physical Culture and Elocution.  Term opens September 17. 1')0d. For calendar.  etc., address      ,   COLUMBlAXCOLLBftE  ERNEST J. CART1ER, Proprietor.  finest Furnished House in.the Boundary  Steam Heated. Lighted throughout with electric lights.  We offer special inducements to travellers as we have the  finest sample rooms in the city.    Our  bar  escells  all others.  FIRST-CLASS CAFE, OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  -T.J- ^^^U^i^^*^^*^���^������'   ' iwwiroiM���^  IV;  fe'K TIMES  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  /;. H.  HALLETT  Bakrister, Soijcitok,  Notary Ptbuc.  Cable Addrusis:       " Haixiiti ."  (Bedford M'Neill's  Cokbii ���< Morelng & -NcalV  (I<eibor's  QReEinwooD, S. C.  J. P. IWCLEGD  BARRISTER AND  SOUCITOR  OrFICES IN  ,   RENDELI, Bl<OCK  Over Bank of Montreal  P.O. Box 31  Phone 81  GREENWOOD, B.C  P. M. LAMB,  Provincial Land Surveyor.  Office with 1'". W. Mct,aine.  Coppre Street. G-k ken wood, B. C  W. H. JEFFERY,  Consulting Mining Engineer.  I'ropsrties examined  and  reported   on.   Will  take charge of development work.  Correspondence solicited.  QREENWOOO.  B.   C.  A. HAR  Y  PROVINCIAL ASSAYER  Control and''Umpire  Assays a Sim-xialty.  .(SSfSamples received  by mail  or  express assayed and returns  made next day.  CORRBSPONDENCR   SOLICITED.  GREENWOOD,    ���    ���    B. C  P. A. BENSON OLA LOFSTAD   {  (One  of   the   best   appointed  working-men's   Hotel  in thecity.  The finest .of'bars, stocked with  the best  WINES,  and CIGARS  . Lighted   throughout   with   elec-  tircity.    Hoi and cold baths.  RATES:  Board and room St per-day.  Strictly First-Class Service I  0<K>0<KH>CKXK>0<>CK>DOOO-l>CKKK><>0  .--^s.m f.% y**-  ^"CONTKxSTuir  AMD BUILDER  Dcai-jJ:   in    Sash,   Doors,  T   ������;.*'' ed  Work  and  A. side Fkiish,"  Etc.  ESTIMATES FURNISHED  GREENWOOD,   :"  5 PHONE   65.  ooooo ooooooooo o o--.>o  c.  >oc po  stages leave daily for Ferry,  Wash.. Mother J...od<.'* Mine, and  Phoenix. West For* stage  twice a week.  COMPLETE LINES OF  PIPES, CIGARS and  TOBACCOS.  J.  PROPRIETOR  Meets   every   'iVo-<::.**  I. ��. O. V. !!.*JS.  taoded to all sojotii".-.;  *. U. MORTIMER.  N. G.  TOWN lOVIC  Dr. Mathison,   dentist,  N;;den  block.  Ralph Smailes left for Seattle on  Friday morning's Great Northern.  We are pleased to see Rev. H. Hastings returned from his eastern visit.  A good deal of complaint is heard  around town about the character of the  milk supply.  Kenneth McKenzie has been superseded by James Foulds iu office of city  chief of police.  G. K. Naden, M. P. P., left on Thursday for Victoria, where parliament  opens on the Sth inst.  Representatives of the estate of the  late Benjamin Perkins have been in  town for some time past.  James Marshall and Miss EfTie Rais-  cot, both of Phoenix, were married in  Spokane on February 21st,  A pleasant time is reported by the  patrons of the miisicale at Mrs, Whiteside's last Friday evening.  It is understood that George H. Collins has sold his comfortable home at  the south end to W. B. Fleming.  It is understood 1hat the Greenwood  Miners' union is seriously considering  the matter of establishing a co-operative store here.  Mr. Frederick Keffer left today for  Toronto, to be present at the annual  meeting of the Canadian Institute of  Mining Engineers,  The place to buy is where they have  the best goods for the least money.  That's A. L. White & Co., house furnishers.    Phone 16. 26.  The funeral of the late Dennis Mc-  Graith took place from the undertaking-  parlors of T. M. Gulley & Co.'s on  Saturday afternoon last.  The Miners' union will hold its election of officer** Saturday evening next.  It is understood that there will be several nominees for the office of secretary.  An example of high-class art in  painting is seen iu the express wagon  of the B. C. Transfer line. Aurora  hitched to a rainbow would probably  compare favorably.  J. T. Beattie, manager of the Canadian Bank of Commerce, was called to  Vancouver suddenly on Wednesday  morning last, on account of the serious  illness of his father.  A dog fight last Sunday morning instigated the delivery team of the Riverside Dairy to take a run. The horses  headed for home, but appeared ready  to quit when halted near the brewery.  Ralph Smailes, who has been absent  in connection with Midway & Vernon  matters for some time past, was a visitor in town this.week. He seems encouraged in his enterprise but is strictly  non-committal on details.  Jas. Ritchey, of James Ritchey &  Sons, lumber manufacturers at Maud,  B. C, was in town this week. He reports business good all along the line  of the Great Northern west, both in  Washington atid British Columbia.  Mr. Ernest F. Gunther, inspector of  the Norwich Union Fire Insurance  Socict-yr��wa!S-in .town^this^w^ek.^accpjn^  panien by his brother and wife. The  Norwich Union, founded in 1797, has  paid out nearly 100 millions in losses  and is still one of the big ones.  It was not our intention to boost Mr.  McKinney into the front rank . of con  cert artists, when iu last week's issue  we placed his name twice on the list of  those taking part in the Mother Lode  concert. We make the explanation  first in justice to those assisting and  who were overlooked, and secondly to  Mr. McKinney, who will, doubtless, be  sought after in concert circles unduly.  In No. 5 the progra u should have read  Mrs. McKinney and Mrs. McKay, and  in No. IS Mrs. McKinney and Mrs.  O'Hanley.    We regret the error.  Mr. Julius Khrlich and family left  on Tuesday's tiain for Mul.lau, Idaho,  where he goes to manage the Tigtr  Mercantile Co.    The business interests  Dr. Simmons, dentist, Phone 96  Wallace-Miller Block, open evenings.  James I). Whalen was this week  handed a draft by Gaunce & Wickwire,  agents for the Aetna Insurance Co.,  for the. full amojmt of insurance carried on his cottage in the south end,  destroyed by fire January 7th last.  BAD LUCK.  The B. C Copper company has been  having lots of trouble lately, at the  mine. The run of luck appears to have  been against them. On Thursday last  a rock slide carried away the big  crusher demoralizing things generally.  It will take some day�� to clean up  and restore order, during which little  or no ore can come down the hill. The  slide is the first reported in the camp  and is doubtless due to the rock and  earth having been loosened by years of  heavy shooting near by. The accident  occurs at a particularly unhappy moment, the company having been working to the point where all three of the  furnaces at the smelter could get into  commission,  AN APPEAL TO RICHARD  G-RBRNWOOI), B. C.  To Hon. -Richard McBride:  Most Gracious Sir���My appointment is now three days overdue, but  have not been idle in the meantime.  Called a meeting of police commissioners, have discharged the old chief  of police, and' our new choice is the  pride of your humble Bervitnts iu  Greenwood. Please hurry my appointment. Only this day was one of our  sj-w.pathizers fined by the corrupt government now in power, and if my appointment does not reach here by tomorrow all the bad element will be  driven from our city, the hotel business  ruined, and great disappointment will  be felt by your, most loyal subjects  here. We do not care if you give all  the lands to Mrs. Jimmy Anderson or  the C. P. R., so long as my appointment is rushed through so that this  great board of police commissioners  can transact their business in a legal  way. Your humble servant.  IN THE HANDS OF AN INEXPERIENCED PERSON. IE THERE IS SOMETHING  WRONG WITH IT BRING IT TO A  PRACTICAL WATCHMAKER. OUR  SPECIALTY IS WATCH REPAIRING.  0UR��d@RK IS GUARANTEED  Copper Street  K.  SbC  c  0  Greenwood  Always Ask for  A CASE OF JACK POT,  ####&#*#��(*#�� >!-s#��##wsh:tk-����  Police Magistrate Hallett g-ot a whole  lot of information on Wednesday,  Ignorant of the mysteries of, draw *  poker, he got enlightened on several  terms he was unfamiliar with. He was  at sea. in the matter of rake-off, and  jack pot and dummy, and knew nothing of the ethics and etiquette of the  game. To do justice to the case in  hand he was obliged to probe into such  thivigs, and his decision shows he  probed only coo well.  On Februarj' 23rd, James Kinney  drifted into town from Grand Forks.  He wasn't busy, and he seems io have  had no trouble in locating a comfortable place to spend the evening. He  elected the Windsor, as he had don��  beforehand sought the green table for  diversion as well as profit, and that  was the. origin of a case that occupied  the police court Wednesday last. Kin-  n2Y didn't seem to think he had got all  that was coming to him. He claimed  that a jack pot belonging to him went  to an of lTerT--^nable^t*cr"-persuade"the-  players. or the banker, that he had  been defrauded, if not out ��f his own,  of somebody else's hard earned dollars,  hi* chivalry led him to squeal against  the bouse, and so had Earnest J. Car-  tier hailed before the magistrate for  conducting a disorderly house, implying th.ere.bv a gambling house.  The magistrate went into the caBe  verv patiently in order to get at the  mysteries of the game, and the measure  of responsibility chargeable against  the -jzcused. It would appear, from  the judge's remarks, that the matter of  taking" chips from the stakes by the  house*, presumably to pay for cards,  rent and drinks, was what constituted  gambling under the statutes, and not  the mere playing for the amount involved While he thought four or more  men could set down and play a game  of thaw poker   for   money, and not be  DEALERS IN  9  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft:  ft  ft  '���-a  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ft  *  ft  ft  ft'ts*��*a��<nB��������ft!!*ft ��'�����#!���� ffS'ts ������#*�� ��ftft��^.*^wftft#raftft��ft��tt����fteftftft  Just   received .a  fine  carload of   Eastern   Oysters,  Clams, Crabs, Lobsters and all kinds of  Shell Fish  .runi'iK h <** -. err; tn ti<trn m ���.�� -n*** ���; j fetutisam i m  ����m.n��n**����t��'aiiw'-HTTr;*iir*-wt*t^��=r*��fu^  FISH  Einnen Iiaddie, Salmon, Halibut, Kippered Herring  n'jw.-*uw*xuifr��-.��^**4*j*u����^Hftj��a��i(��tsn  ,i��*s*.,  m  ���ny***  T    C  Copper Street  I-  ir ��  Prop  ^g^^ BOUNDAttV   VALLcY   LODGEa  ill    lilt;  111 is CX  ot Greenwood will miss Mr. Ehrlich.  who has been one of our most protui- j "lie-tabli; under the statute, he would  nent business men. and during a rcsi-| reM.'luway set his face againet gamb-  dcuce of nearly nine   vears   has   iK.cllj li'ig as he interpreted the  law, and the  ^identified with   everything  pertaining; dl-,fe;ic!;int  ,havi��^  *)lead    ��fnillV.   he  to the upbuilding- of the town.    Social  circles will miss   Mrs.   Ehrlich.   whose  home  was always open   to  her  many  friends.    We wish  Mr. and  Mrs. Ehr-  | lich success and happiness in their new-  home. Mr. Ehrlich, who has recently  returned from Mitllan, speaks very  highly of the place, its people and its  prospects. It is a compliment to Mr. j Silica is now melted in the electric  Ehrlich that Mr. I. J. Finucane, fur I furnace and shaped into crucibles,  some time manager of the Bai'k of muffles, dishes, tubes, plates and pipes,  ' Montreal here,* who io president of the | and such articles made of the pure  | Tiger Mercantile company, should : mHc;* do not crack, eveu with the  have chosen his weh known friend for \ moat sudden   and   violent temperatura  changes.  ���ji^VVW*"  ebb sssasESEsefis *88eb�� taetacssaBBa  would line him $100.  The principal demand for antimony  i-. for making type metal, anti friction  metai, Britannia metal ahd various  ornamental white alloys and shrapnel  i-iillets, which hold about 15 to 20 per  i cent antimony.  In f  act  FRESH OYSTERS,      HOT TAMALES  SPRING CHICKEN  everything in season is served at  ���e pacific  cafe  ;   -   LUNCH C0ljNTER  Open at al! Hours. Prompt Service.  MOORE & MCELROY.  ANI'EBiSi"J6oe   this rasptonsible position.  Proprietors.-  ���B lf=  ^  *��1P***W      ��� '  Now is your time to lay in your  spring suits. Until Feb. 15th, we  are selling Suits, Overcoats and odd  Pants at Twenty-five per cent discounts.  . It costs you nothing to look them over.  Russell-Law-Caulfield, Co. Lt(L  Hardware  Furnishings  Groceries  ��  ��  ��  ��  *  *  ��  *  *  *  ��  ��  ��  *  *  ��  ��  *  *  ��  *  ��  ��  ft  Roll Tod Desks,  Book Cases,  Arm and Oltice  Chairs,  The Prices Will Sell These Goods.  We are going to sell these so you had  beeter take a look at them.  !A. L. WHITE & CO.  Phone 16.  ���> ftftftWtf'Sftftftftftftftftftftftft'ftft  ft  ft  ��  ��  ft  ��  ft  ft  ft  *  *  ft  ft  ��  ��  *  ft  *  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ��  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  =��r  ft  ft  *  ��  ft  'ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  a  ft  ft  ft  ��  ��  ft  ft  House Furnishers  00��#ftft��ft*ftft����*����ftftftftftft*ft*ftft'*ft��**'��ftftftft'~-ft��ftft��ftftft����ftft'#ft  THE BOARD OFTRADE  seas  Met Again Last Saturday  Afternoon.  NEW    BLOOD    PRESENT  Fresti Interest Taken In the Board.  Makincr Readv for the Associated Boards  DO YOU APPRECIATE  In pursuance with notice, the Green -  wood Board of Trade held a meeting  last Saturday afternoon, principal^- to  complete preparations for the approaching meeting* of the Aaaociated  Boards of Eastern. BritiBh Columbia,  to meet in Greenwood on March 13th  next.  There were not what might be termed  a big crowd present, but there were  some new faces, and those who were  there were intent on work and apparently anxious that the city of Greenwood should maintain the name of be  ing at least alive, if not very wide  awake.  The secretary reported that Mr. W.  G. McMynn had very kindly placed  rooms in the court house at the disposal of the board for the meeting of  the central body, and this courtesy was  fully appreciated.  A committee consisting of Messrs.  Russell, Gulley, Beattie, Wilson, Bunting, Whiteside and Gaunce, was ap  pointed to arrange for the reception  and entertainment of the visiting delegates.  The delegates elected to attend the  convention were Messrs. Russell,  Whiteside, Beattie and Gaunce.  The secretary was instructed to notify the secretary of the association  that Greenwood would move to have  the association memorialize the Provincial government for repeal of subsection 118 of the Municipal Clauses  Act.  The effect of such repeal would be to  permit the city of Greenwsod, and  Other towns, to assess railway property  within the town for municipal purposes.  At present quite a large part of such  taxes are converted to the provincial  treasury, It is not supposed that the  Canadian Pacific railway will oppose  tbe resolution because it would appear  to be immaterial to it whether such  rates were paid into the municipal or  the provincial fund.  It was decided that the evening entertainment to be given the visitora  should be in the nature of a smoking  concert, to which the public will be  invited as guests of the Greenwoftd  Board. The time and place of thia  event will be announced in next week's  issue of both local papers.  The suggestion that the Greenwood  board endeavor to interest the Associated Boards to take action in the matter of the appointment of police commissioners was not looked on with  favor, it being pointed out that such a  measure would involve the question of  party^politicsj^and such action the Associated Boards has steadfastly dp^  posed.  The present membership of the  Greenwood Board is 28, and others  coming in.  HOW BILEANS SAVED  A  FIREMAN  Many a man has escaped perils of  fire and ocean to fall a prey to disease.  Bileans saved Fireman J. R. Flanagan  of Raglan Road, Kingston, from this  fate. He says: "I suffered terribly from  indigestion and constipation. After  food I had acute pain, a sensation of  weight at the stomach, and belching,  followed by a worn out, languid feeling. My bowels would not work  healthily, bad headaches were common  and I fell1 into a weak worn-out state.  What would have happened to me but  for Bileans I don't know! One box of  thia vegetable remedy greatly improved me and a few boxes cured me.  I have now gained weight aud am  quite restored." Bileans also cures  piles, female ailments, anaemia, spring  debility, blood impurities, pimples,  ernptions aud all liver and kidney  troubles. All druggists and stores at  fifty cents a box, or from Bileans Co ,  Toroatft, for yri����.  In the Bisbee, Arizona, copper mines  much of the ground is soft enough to  he removed b3' a pick alone, but it has  been found quicker to loosen it by  augur bores and blasting. The auger  is of the common earth type-with a  fixed wooden handle and four feet long.  The cutting diameter is the same as  that of hand drills, so that, if a boulder  is struck, the hole can bcEnished by  single jacking. For harder ground  single jacks are used, but experiments  i are now in progress vrith the hand  hammer air drills. For hard rock 3-  inch air drills requiring two men are in  vogue. The blasting is. always done  with 35 or 40 per cent dynamite.  New York, with au "estimated population of 4,014,000, consumes annually  12,500,000 short tons of coal, while  Chicago with a population of 2,020,000  consumes approximately 8,245,000 tons.  The consumption of gas in Manhattan  and the Bronx, in New York, amounts  annually to 21,000,000,000 cubic feet;  ia Chicago it ia 12,000.000,000.  Subscribe For The Times, $2:  Stamp duty is relative, depending  not only on the character of the ore,  but on the rate of discharge which has  been found to give the most economical  results. The metallurgist who has not  advanced to the point of tolerating the  low crushing efficiency per horse power  of the stamp mill for the sake of the  extraction by amalgamation which he  can make it yield, is in error at the  very foundation of the trade, says ah  authority on stamp mill practice. If  you are not gettiug your large recovery of gold values insi**le your batteries, there is something wrong with  your methods, or else you ought not to  be using a stamp mill, and your whole  process needs study and revision. It  should be borne in mind that it is not  necessarily the mill man who can put  through the largest tonnage who is  earning the most money. As an example, in a recent experience in California a recovery of 91.5 per cent was  obtained when crushing 0.121 tou per  stamp per hour; and by using the same  screen (0.028 inch diameter of opening)  and readjusting the mill as to drop,  discharge, etc., the duty was run up to  0.188 ton per stamp hour, with a reduction of the recovery tv. 77 per cent.  IF SO WE CAN SUTIT YOUR TASTE  Our Coffees range in price from 25 cents per pound,  and we feel sure thai a trial order will no doubt give  us YOUR Coffee Business.  Hunter-Kendrick Go., Ltd.  "The Big Store"  sc^**********^^^-^..^  How apt we are to be not at home  when our good spirit rings the door  bell.  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  Nice convenient cottage in north end of town,  with large garden.  Seven-roomed house in sovith end of town.   Well-  furnished and up-to-date.  Two-roomed house with 25xl00-foot lot.    Close  in, $500. __________  Houses, rooms, cabins and shacks in all parts of  the town to rent.  Mines, Stocks, Real Estate and Insurance.  *  ty  ty  ty  "*:  ty  ty  ty  % Bealey Investment & Trust Co., Ltd* J  <$g GEO. R. NADEN, Manager ��|,  ���f�� P.O. Box 126. BROKERS Greenwood, B. C 4*i  ?��*$����$.*$�� ��|��.ty '��$* :i$* "��$* ty mf. ������$* ��$j *$�� *$. *$* ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty&l  **mlm*l~Z~Z<'<<>'>4>Q*>Q*Z^^  Solid Oak  ressers  For beauty, styles, dura- y  ���'������������ y  bility     and     usefulness y  "'.    ������        . f  combined   with   moder- y  i......   .... .... .:._J   at   price our  Dressers, Stands, Sideboards, Dining \  Room Tables and Chairs %  have no superior.  ;<   We are leaders in Furniture.  \^T.M.MULLEYJ^l��D,  %       Furniture Dealers and Undertakers.   Greenwood and Midwaay.      \  TO REPRESENT THE  "The Ontario Fire Insurance Co.,"  "The Dominion Fire Insurance Co.,"  "The Accidenc Fire Insurance Co., "  "The Accident & Guarantee Co., of Canada,"  "The New York Plate Glass Insurance Co.,"  "The Indemnity Advertising Co."  The above companies are all operating under Dominion charters and are not affiliated with any combination. ' Thus they are  able to quote the best and fairest terms to insurers.  Make your application for territory at once, stating  your experience and giving references.    Write fully to  THE  INSURANCE   AGENCIES,   LT'D.  GENERAL AGENTS, VANCOUVER.


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