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•^      JAM 30 1807
' slature
■■*CT->-*Vu.    <*y.
Vol. 11.
No. 21
Mines and Smelters of Yale Are Sure
of Cheap Power:
Through the acquisition by the shareholders of the W. K. P. & U. Co. of all
the shares and the charter of the South
Kootenay Water Power Co. the W. K.
P. & L. Co. have been enabled to so
arrange matters that they can now
lawfully supply power and light and
transact all necessary business in the
district of Yalo. It will be rememoer-
ed.that at the last session of the legislature the W. K. P. & L. Co. applied
for an amendment to their charter so
as to enable them to supply power and
light in the Yale district. This application was defeated through the intervention of the Cascade Water Power
company, which company alleged that
it had vested interests amounting to a
monopoly in Yale district. Shortly
after the closing of the last session of
the legislature, the West Kootenay
company entered i'nto negoialions for
the purchase of the. rights of the South
Kootenay Water Power company,which
was incorporated in 1897 by Lionel H.
Webber, at that time of Rosslrnd, and
Home others. These negotiations have
lately been brought to a successful
conclusion, The West Kootenay company now control the South Kootenay
Company.     They    sell   to   the   South
■Kootenay company such power as is
necessary for tlie mines and smelters
in the Yale district, The powers of
the South Kootenay company are most
comprehensive and will enable that
compai.y to supply power wherever it
may'oe desired in the - Yale district.
Much credit is due to L. A. Campbell,
the .general manager of the West
Kootenay Power & Light Co.. for thus
bringing about a condition under which
the mine aud smelter owners of Yale
district can now rest assured of a permanent - and economical supply of
It follows from this that there is
no longer any necessity for the West
Kootenay Power & Light company
making'any further application to the
legislature for an amendment to their
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N. G. RecSec
In last week's issue of the
Timea, reference was made to a
letter containing a vote of thanks
from the Miners' union  to G. R.
Naden, for his services in  the 1
settlement of labor disputes be- "
tween the Union and  the smelt- j
ers.    By mistake the Times rep- [
resented   this letter   as   having I
been received as an acknowledge- (
ment of his services in  the late '
labor troubles, when in reality it 1
had reference to the dispute that j
wan amicably settled over a year :
ago.   The Times apologizes  for ■ J
this mistake in dates, and wishes {
it clearly understood that the re- )
sponsibility for this slight  error j
rests with the Times alone. \
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Conservative Speakers Fail to Arouse Enthusiasm Friday Night.—Defeat on 2d Feb. Certain
The big guns of the Conservative
parly have come and gone, and the
local magnates of the party are busily
engaged figuring up the results. It
was a good meeting numerically, a
large and representative gathering, in
which the ladieB prominently figured,
turning out to hear the various speakers. The meeting was, on the whole,
a quiet one. While there were numei-
ons questions and remarks shot at the
occupants of the platform, there was
no marked hostility shown to any
speaker, nor was there any particular
preference displayed, that is, if one
could judge by the applause, which at
no stage of the meeting could be termed enthusiastic. Greenwood audiences
are not prone to enthuiasm anyway.
In order to get the reception public
speakers bo much desire, you have got
to "show" them, as the Missourian
says. Apparently the Conservative
orators and thsir ally, the Socialist
candidate, failed to do. this. On the
whole the results of the meeting were
not of a character that will bring much
comfort to the local conservatives.
Dr. J. E. Spankie occupied the chai**,
and with him on the platform were the
three candidates for this riding, as well
as Premier McBride and his lieutenant,
W. J. Bowser, of Vancouver.
E.G. Warren, Conservative standard
bearer, spoke but briefly, not over ten
minutes of the twenty that had been
assigned to each of the local men.r He
merely touched on some of the issues,
cordially endorsing all of the late gov
ernment's. acts,, and requested the
electors to support him in his'endeavor
to continue in office the government of
which Mr. McBride was at the head.
G. R.?Naden, the Liberal candidate,
was next called upon. Mr. :Naden"went'
more fully into the issues at stake than
his predecessor. He made it clear that
the policy of the government had been
more destructive than constructive in
character. He showed how, by its
preference and subserviency to the
C. P. R., the government had retarded
'he prosperity and development of
Southern B. C jriving the government's treatment of the V., V. & E.
and Midway & Vernon as examples.
He spoke briefly of the school act,
and cited local examples of the hardships it worked on the taxpayers. In
the course of his remarks he asked the
Premier some very pertinent questions,
of which mention is made in another
column, and closed by  making an ap
peal tc the electors to assist him in
bringing into office a government free
from any corporation connections.
Edgar Dynes, the Socialistic candidate, was the next speaker. Apparently the Socialist nominee is utterly
unable to euter into a discussion of the
questions at issue. His remarks were
almost entirely confined to local matters, in which the Boundary Creek
Times occupied a prominent place. No
defense was made of legislation which
was made possible only by the Socialistic vote in the house, and his reception by the audience when he again
attempted to drag in the meat scandal,
must have convinced eyen the most
hidebound Socialist that this question
is considered a chestnut by the intelligent public.
W. J. Bowser next addressed the
audience. Mr. Bowser is a fluent talker,
but he is handicapped at the present
time by a severe cold. His remarks
were a repetition of former addresses,
and beyond some quick passages at
arms with some of the audience, was
not of an interesting character.
Premier McBride closed tbe meeting
by a lengthy address lasting well on to
midnight. His remarks were closely
followed by the large audience, but it
was plainly apparent by the entire lack
of applause that the great majority of
those present were not in sympathy
with the ' policy of the speaker. His
explanation of his railway policy was
practically the same as given in Nelson
and ot*her points. No light was thrown
upon the retirement of his chief col-
leagues, and little or no attempt made
to answer the questions framed by the
liberal candidate, to whom he paid his
respe- ts in the usual election campaign
method"' /:" 'v;"\ .
Mr. McBride made strong efforts to
create the impression that the Ottawa
government was after his political scalp
and endeavored to appear as the champion of B. C. against the encroachments of the Dominion government
upon provincial rights.
Upon the question of better terms
he dwelt at considerable length, and in
closing made an urgent appeal for the
Greenwood electors to assist him in
'this fight for what he terms the rights
of the province. During the latter
part of the address the Premier spoke
to a rapidly diminishing audience, and
his failure to hold the attention of his
hearers to the finish occasioned considerate comment.
and getting in the supplies necessary
to tide them over the high water period.
As there is no bridge across the Kettle
river  adjacent  to  the mine, sufficient
until the river will  permit of fording.
The Riverside, which is owned by
Ben Perkins and associates, has more
than once been under bond and considerable work ;ias already been done on
the property, which is purely a tunnel
The present syndicate has the advantage over previous operators not
only in having substantial financial
backing, but in having associated with
them a practical mining foreman
whose long experience in the  business
J. A. Macdonald, Liberal
leader will address the Greenwood electors in the Auditorium, Saturday night. :Mr.
F. J. Dean of Nelson, who is
perhaps one of the best posted men on public affairs in
B. C. will also be in attendance, as well as the Liberal
candidate G. R. Naden who
will in all probability open
the meeting.
Invitations have been extended   tO   the   Conservative   *s *l guarantee that the work  will be
,   0      •   I* ' j»j 'done to the best possible advantage.
and bocialist   candidates   to     Ml.   Dernl0f*v, wh0 win personally
appear   and   Speak   for   their   superintend   operations,   leaves    next
respective parties. weeJ for RDf creek' la lay<,utthe
___£_ f_ work required.
P. J. Dermody, of Granby mines
fame, but more lately superintendent
of the Providence mine, has taken a
lease and bond on the well known Riverside group of claims situated on the
east si le of the Kettle river, midway
between Rock creek and Westbridge
Associated with Mr. Dermody in this
enterprise are Sater & Johns, proprie
tors of the Norden hotel, Greenwood,
and some outside capital represented
by Spokane parties. The bond, which
is for S60.000, covers a neriod of IS
months and calls for continuous operation.
Work will be started up next week,
as soon as arrangements can  be niado
The Grip.
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X Li\L/R\   CA����A    li&ES  Boundary Creek Times  Issued every Friday  BY THB  Boundary CrccK Printing and Publishing  CO., LIMITED,  A. Robinson 'Editor  J. W. Ellis    Man a oki*  SDBSCRIPTIOIS'S IN ADVANCE.  Per Ykak        ....   2 00  Six Months     1 25  To Forkigm Countries.  2 50  ^^^m^7���  FRIDAY, JANUARY 25, 1107.  A REMARKABLE ADMISSION  Premier McBride and his followers  in discussing the Kaien island transaction, have repeatedly assured their  audiences that the deal was a gond one  for the province, and took no little  credit to himself and colleagues for its  successful consummation. It now appears as if the government has undergone a change of opinion in regard to  the value of the lauds surrounding  Prince Rupert townsite. Recently  agents of the G. T. P. railway completed a deal with the Indian tribe,  whose reservation is adjacent to Kaien  island, whereby 13,000 acres of the  Indian reserve was to be handed over  to the G. T. P. for a consideration of  $7.50 per acre. The Dominion government, as the guardian of the Indians,  offered no objections to the deal, but  the provincial government, on being  requested to santion the transfer,  absolutely refused on the ground that  the railway in question had already  received sufficient of the public domain, and that the land in question,  when a great city had arisen at the  Grand Trunk terminus, would be worth  millions.  Surely if it was a good deal for the  government to dispose of the townsite  itself for $1 per acre, it is certainly a  better one to dispose of land adjacent  thereto for $7.50 per acre. And further  if the Grand Trunk Pacific are now  willing to pay $7.50 for land not embraced in the townsite, does it not  appear reasonable to suppose they  would have paid more for the townsite  itself, and that apart from the underhanded, .suspicious manner in which  the sale was made, the action of the  McBride government in disposing of  these lands for the paltry sum of $1  was, to put it mildly, a most unbusinesslike and careless proceeding.  Attempts are being made by government supporters to make capital out of  McBride's refusal to sanction the  transfer of the land involved in this  last sale by citing it as an example of  the paternal care he exercises over the  public domain.  Th75y���are"welcbme--to"iwhat'comfort  they can get from such a peculiar  opinion, but to the intelligent public it  will appear either as an example of ill  will towaid the Ottawa government or  an admission that a mistake had been  made in disposing of Kiaen   island at  y  the price they received, and  that here  after the   big   railway   company  will  have to pay dearer for what they  acquire iu that part of B. C.  Incidentally it teaches a lesson to  the Grand Trunk Pacific. They had  no business lo attempt to secure land  in B. C. without first securing the  services of the noted coterie that were  so conspicuous u feature of the late  administration, and it is more than  likely, had the Anderson's services  been requisitioned, the lands would ere  now have been in the possession of the  Grand Trunk PacificRailway compr.ny.  A DISTORTED ACCOUNT  The Greenwood correspondent of the  Nelson Conservative organ, in his  report of the McBride meeting here on  January 18th, has demonstrated that if  he is not a lineal descendent of Annias  he is at least possessed of the qualifications that made that gentleman  famous. The "enthusiastic mas meeting" which brought the "political  interest in Greenwood to its highest  pitch," was from a conservative point  of view, a dead failure.  There was not, to begin with, the  spontaneous, hearty welcom-*: that is  generally extended to the leaders of  political parties, and Mr. McBride's  sneering, offensive criticism of the  platform appearance of the Liberal  candidate antagonized a large portion  of the andience, who, regardless of  political leanings, fell that the attack  was coarse and uncalled for, and entirely foreign to the subjects for which  the meeting was called. In addition to  this, as the meeting progressed it became apparent to all, except some of  the most hidebound partisans, that the  chief Conservative speaker was utterly  unable to explain satisfactorily the  many serious charges brought by the  opposition press and speakers against  the late administration. Would any  sane, unbiased individual./after listening to the premier's remarks, acknowledge that he was convinced of the justice and propriety of the Kiaen island  deal, or the C. P. R. taxation question,  or the Columbia & Western land grant  or the half Gotten other issues of this  campaign? No one was, no one could  be, and none are better aware of that  fact than the local leaders of the Conservative party themselves. Even the  premier's frantic endeavors to create  a feeling of resentment against the  Ottawa government for its alleged  injustice on the "better terms" question,^ ellflat.and.jw.erejreceivedMnab-  BACK  3'RONi  OF  COAT  Dotted lilies  show  Alteration  From the Pattern  Because we know all  about this stooping-shoulder  type from the standpoint of  anatomy and tailoring, we  know all about the little points  that take away the somewhat  exaggerated " round - shouldered" appearance.  Glance at this pattern-  note the lines for the original  type-see where we alter-through the dotted marks.  o  We cut off cloth from the front of coat to  lengthen the back.  Then by tailoring the coat with full roll and  lapel, we relieve the appearance of round shoulders  arid give the wearer an eredt and upright carriage.  We tailor all suits to the try-on Stage only.  Delivered two hours after fitting.  J  ��  c=a  &\  158  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  /. H. HALLETT  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary Ptblic  Cable Address:      ���' Hallett."  ( Bedford M'NeiU's  Codes < Moreing- & Neal'i-  ( Leiber's  Greenwood, B. G.  J. P. M��LEOD  BARRISTER AND SOLICITOR  Offices in P.O. Box 31  RENDELL BLOCK Prone 81  Over Bank of Montreal     GREENWOOD, B.C  J, R   BROWN.  BARRISTER AND SOLICITOR  Tel. 92. Notary Public  t Offices, Wallace-Miller Block,  Greenwood, B. C.  A. HARRY H00K  PROVINCIAL ASSAYER  Control and Umpire  Assays a Specialty.  ^^"Samples received by" mail  or express assayed and returns  made next day.  Correspondence Solicited.  GREENWOOD,    ,    *    B. C  ��g mmmmmmmmmmmmmmw.  solute silence or but faintly applauded.  The fact of the matter is, the Conservatives candidates' chances of  electiou are absolutely nil, and even  the profuse oratory of Bowser and McBride failed to revive the drooping-  spirits of their Greenwood followers.  This was plainly evidenced by the  coolness of the party leaders' reception  Friday night, and no garbled, distorted  communications by irresponsible correspondents will have the least influence in returning a government supporter on the 2nd of next month,  A DISTINCTION WITHOUT A  DIFFERENCE  P. W. GEORGE & GO.  The Socialist candidate at the Conservative meeting on Friday night,  attempted co make a mountain out of a  mole hill over the slight mistake in  dates regarding the letter to G. R.  Naden, containing a copy of the resolution passed by the Miners' union  tendering him a vote of thanks for his  services in connection with the labor.,  troubles at the smelter. His attempts  to create the impression that no such  letter was forwarded must appear as  the very acme of nerve, even to those  within his own ranks who are conversant with the facts in the case.  For those who are not acquainted  with the facts, we wish to state the  following:  The lotter in question was sent to  Mr. Naden on January 5,1906, acknowledging his services in the settlement  of the troubles which existed some time  previous to that, and conveying to him  a unanimous vote of thanks from the  union for his work in their behalf.  The letter is a well worded type-  written documentj-prLated^onJWjssteii-r  Federation paper, stamped with the  seal of the union and signed by Ernest  Mills.  Since the publication of a letter in  the Ledge, by the president of the  union, in which Mr. Naden was made  to appear as the enemy of an eight  hour day, the Times has repeatedly  urged upon Mr. Naden the advisability  of publishing this communication from  the union, but so far  without success.  Mr. Naden takes the stand that he  received this at a time when he was  not looking for political honors, -��nd  that he is not going to seek to make  political capital out of what he did or  tried to do at a time when politics did  not enter into the questions at issue.  But if the Socialist candidate wishes  to verify the existence of this letter,  he can call at Mr. Naden's office and  see the document for himself.  The only thing in which the Times  erred was in the dates of the labor  troubles. There is no mistake as to  the existence of the letter or to the  hearty sentiments conained therein,  and any hair splitting distinctions that  may be drawn by the Socialist candi  date will not obscure this fact, that the  Socialists themselves, when not laboring under the stress and excitement  incidental to a losing election campaign, recognize G. R. Naden as a  staunch supporter of the rights of  labor, and any attemps thev are now  maning to paint him as anything dit-  ferent is only an election dodge to  catch the votes of those not familiar  with the circumstances.  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  <*=*  ����<  S^  Q=*<  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  Q=<  CF*  CF*  CF*  �� 0  Capital, all paid up, $14,400,000.        Rest $11,000,000.  UNDIVIDED   PROFITS   $159,831.84  Hon. President:   Lord Strathcona and Mchxt Royal, Q, C. M. G.  President:   Si* George A. Drummond, K. C. M. G.  Vlce-Preiident and General Manag-er :   E. S. Ci.oubtoh.  Branches in London, Eng. \ c^t^S. \ New YorK, Chicago.  Bny and sell Sterling: Exchange and Cable Transfers ; Grant Commercial an  Travellers' Credits, available in any part'of the world.  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT  Interest allowed at current rates.  Greenwood Branch,    W. F. PROCTOR, Manager.  TmmmmmmmmmMmiimmmssm  OF. COMMERCE.  Paid-up Capital,$10,00,000.   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And further take notice that notion, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.  Dated -hia 23rd day of November, A D.. 1900.  17-26 J P. McLEOD.  OCK>0<*M>CK>0<>OO<>CK*M>CH>CK>0K>CK*-CK  THE LATEST CHARGE  R A I L W AY  IMPROVED COAST  SERVICE  Leave Nelson 7:30 a.m. Daily.  Arrive Vancouver 11.50 Noon.  S. S. PRINCESS  VICTORIA  Arrive Victoria 6 p. m.  ONE NIGHT EN ROUTE  S. S. PRINCESS  BEATRICE  VICTORIA���SEATTLE  Standard Sleeping- Car .  NELSON���SLOCAN CITY  Berths $1.00.     Can  be   occupied  9 p. m.  E. J. COYLE, J. S. CARTER.  A.G.P.A.Vancouver        D.P.A.Nelson    o  ^���000<K>C^)<*<>C^>000  MINERAL ACT, 1896,.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  "Maple teaf Fractional" Mineral Claim, situate   in   the   Greenwood  Mininir Division  of  Yale  District.   Where located:   Tn  Skylurlc  Camp.  "AKE NOTICE That   1,   F.  W.   Groves.  Free Miner's Certilicate No. S0S6, intend,  ajxty clays from the date hereof,   to apply  lo  tbe Mininrr Fecorder  for a Certificate of Im-  provements for the purpose of   obtainiii;r   a  Crown Grant of our interest in theabove claim.  And   further take notice that action  under  section 37, must be commenced before the  is  nance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 17th day of January, 1907.  The publication by a Vancouver  daily newspaper of an article 'accusing  the ex-commissioner of lands and  works of accepting- a huge bribe from  eastern capitalists in connection with  the issuance of coal leases to the  Transcontinental Exploration Co., will  be read with feelings of dismay even  by those who differ politically from the  ex-minister; for while there was a wide  spread opinion that the public affairs  of this province Lave been for years  carelessly and loosely managed, and  that a change is imperatively necessary, there are few but who will feel  it almost as a matter of personal disgrace that a public official of this province would descend to the gross corruption charged in the article men  tioned. Tt' is a. matter of regret that  the public business of this province is  conducted in such a manner that even  a suspicion of crookedness should be  created, for the mere fact of such  charges (whether true or false), being  published, has ���*, tendency'to lower the  standing of public morals, destroy  what little faith in the integrity of  public officials still remains, and furnishes to ��� demagogues and professional  agitators weapons which they will, not  be slow to use..  Without expressing an opinion as to  the veracity of the charges  published  in the World, it may   not  be   amiss to  recall the  fact   that   R.   F. Green left  the   cabinet   under    peculiar   circum  stances,   and   that   the   premier   and  the remaining members of  the  executive have entirely ignored all   requests  for  an  explanation   of his  retirement  from   public  life.    The silence of the  premier on this   matter   must   now   be  broken.    It  is  out of the question   to  suppose that Mr. Green could carry out  the deal in question without the knowledge or   consent   of his colleagues  in  the ministry,  aud   further   refusal on  -the-par-t-of=-Mr1.-McBride-tO-explain_Mr,,  Green's withdrawal  from   the  cabinet  can only be construed as an admission  that   the   charges   published    in    the  World are,  in  the  main,   correct.    At  the presen time strong efforts are being  made to secure Green's version   of the  story, for until this is given  it  would  be unfair   to   pass judgment.    R.   F.  Green at no stage  of his  career could  be classed as an orator,  but  for  once,  at least, his   remarks   will be eagerly  followed by the reading public regardless of political persuasions.  deavor;  'Mr.   Graham read   a  lengthy :  report from the Session, and  Mrs. McKee.   reported on   work   done  by    the  Friendly Visitors' society.  The reports submitted by the varioui*  treasurers show the church to be progressing? every branch showing large  gains over last year.  The Minagers' report shows the  church's income for the year to be  $1,768.12, against a total of $1,452.05  for the preceeding year.  The Ladies' Aid have raised during  the year $377, and the Mission Board,  .Sunday School and Endeavor societies  all report great increase over last year's  work.  The following gentlemen were appointed managers for the present year:  Messrs. \vaiteside, McRae, McCutcheon, Wilson, Robinson, McKenzie,  Belt, McQuarrie, Bishop, Inglis, Hook  and Smith.  After the meeting, tea and cake were  served by the ladies, and a. social time  indulged iu for the remainder ot the  evening.  Try This for Your Cough.  To relieve a cough or break up a cold  in twenty-four hours, the following  simple formula, the ingredients of  which can-be obtaiued of any good  prescription druggist at small cost, is  all that will be required: Virgin Oil  of Pine (Pure), one-half,ounce; Glycerine, two ounces; good Whisky, a half  pint. Shake well and take in teaspcoti  ful doses every f cur hours. Thedesned  results can not be obtained unless the  ingredients are pbre. It is therefore  better to pui-chase the ingredients separately and prepare the mixture yourself. Virgin Oil o�� Pine (Pure) should  be purchased in the original half ounce  vials, which druggists buy for dispensing. Each vial is securely sealed in  a round wooden ca'sp which protects  the Oil from exposure to light. Around  the wooden case is an engraved wrapper with the name���"Virgin Oil of  Pine (Pure)"���plainly printed thereon.  There are many imitations and cheap  productions of Pine, but these nly  create nausea, and never effet the  desired results, 11-24  I'MHAII UkU( u*<m tn>n.��.  12, 13? 14, 15 and 16,1907  Five Grand Trophies and ?2,000 In prizes.    Two bands in attendance.  HOCKI'.'Y���International and inter-Provincial championships.  SNOWSHOE1NG���Championship of British Columbia.  TOBOGGANING��� A mile a minute down the "ZIP.'"  SKI-ING���Jumping and Racing.    Championship of Canada.  SKATING RACES���For championship of British Columbia,  CURLING���A  provincial   bonspiel.  Horse Raclnjr.    Masquerading-.   Tu-rs-of-War and other interesting- events.  Reduced railway rales on all lines, Por further particulars applv to  J. S. C. FttASER, President.       God Save the Kinsr. E. ADAMS? Secretary  #���  ERNEST J. CARTIER, Proprietor.  Finest Furnished House in the Boundary  Steam Heated. Lighted throughout with electric, lights.  We offer special inducements to travellers as we have the  finest sample rooms in the city.    Our  bar  escells  all others.  FIRST-CLASS CAFE, OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  ADDITIONAL LOCAL  Smith's Pastime Co , a high class,  genuine colored show, will appear in  the Auditorium for two nights, January 30th and 31st. The troupe, nine in  number, are all up-to-date artists in  their own line, a special fsature of the  show being two younsters, one of 7  and the other 9 years of age, probably  the youngest members of their profession on the road. Tho this is their  first appearance here, they do not com ;  without recommendations. Exchanges  from many quarters contain flattering  references to their performance, so  that a good evening's enjoyment may  be expected. Admission, 50 cents; reserved seats, 75c.ents* children 25cents,  0,ur reference in another column to  the report of the late Conservative  meeting here., appearing in the Canadian, of Nelson, applies to the official  account sent out, presumably .by the  press member of the McBride party,  and not to that of the regular lo-.:al  correspondent, to whose story we t;ike  no objection. .  The annual dance of the Greenwood  Aerie, F. O.   E.,   will'   be   held iu the  Masonic hall, Government street, Feb  ruary   6th. ' The  committee   have ar-  r\nged for first-class music, and a good  Everybody knows that Cod Liver Oil is a wonderful  flesh producer, IF you can take it.  Nobody doubts that Iron is the greatest enricher of  the blood, IF you can digest it.  It is well known that Phosphorus is the ideal nerve  and brain tonic, IF it is properly administered.  "IF," ah! there's the rub.  But everybody does not know that Cod Liver Oil,  Iron and Phosphorus have at last been combined in  an emulsion so palatable that anybody can take it, so  easily assimilated that die smallest infant can digest  it without difficulty and so perfectly and scientifically  prepared that the value of the original ingredients is  enhanced fourfold.  This emulsion is known as  time may be expected.  POLITICAL NOTES.  ������p.-  LAND NOTICE  NOTICE Is hereby given that sixty days  afterdate I intend to apply to the Hon., the  Chief Commissioner of lands aud Works, for  permission to pnrehase the following described  lands situated in East Yale district: Commencing'at a post marked E, Colbnrn's S. YV.  corner post; tlience west 20 chains to land tnon-  -anient on Boundary line; thence north 80  chains; thence east 20 chains; thence south SO  Chains to tbe place of commencement, containing 160 icres.  Dat-Jd December 17,1906.  20-30 /OHK ORAIG.  ANNUAL MEETING  The annual meeting- of the Presbyterian church of Greenwood, was held  on Monday evening- at 8 o'clock in the  church building-. Tv e meeting opened  with prayer by the pastor. Rev. M. D.  McKee, ofter which A. M, Whiteside  was voted to the ch lir.  Congregrational Secretary F. E.  Brown read the minutes of the last  annual meeting, which, upon motion,  was adopted.  Reports received from the various  church societies were th^n received.  Miss B. McKenzie 'reported on Sunday school work, Miss B. M. Snyder  read the annual statement of the  Ladies' Aid, Mr. McKenzie that of the  managers, Mr.  McKee, Christian  fin-  L. A. Campbell? the McBride candidate, will carry Rosslaud, s>.ys the  Miner. Yes, it looks like it. Carry it  in the same way he did in the civic  election. A candidate who cannot secure a seat in the city council ean  hardly be looked upon as a serious  factor in a provincial campaign, especially when facing an opponent of  the calibre of J. A. Macdonald.  The Greenwood Ledge of last week,  in one of its many scurrilous paragraphs, tried to convey the impression  that the Liberal candidate, G. R.  Naden, while mayor of Greenwood,  had drawn the salarj* incidental to the  office while absent on his trip through  Northern B. C. Had the Ledge taken  the trouble to investigate this petty  charge it would have found that Acting  Mayor Mr. Herbert Bunting was paid  the mayor's salary during Mr. Naden's  absence, and that the latter was paid  only for the actual time he occupiedhis  seat at the head of the council table.  Try again, Ledge.  (Iron and Oil)  "FERROL "has wiped out the "IF."  "FERROL" has brought the wonderful and universally recognized virtues of Cod Liver Oil, Iron and  - Phosphorus within easy reach, of the multitudes who  need them.  "FERROL" is the only perfect emulsion of Cod  Liver Oil, because it is the only one that contains  IRON and no emulsion is perfect without it.   .  That is why FERROL is an unequalled system  builder?  FERROL is not a patent mystery. The formula is freely published. It is prescribed by  the best Physicians. It is endorsed by the most eminent Medical Journals. It is used in the  prominent Hospitals, Sanitariums, etc  WHITE BROS., RED CROSS PHARMACY,  Druggists and Optician Greem^ad,LC.  Duncan Ross, M. P., for Yale-Cariboo, is being subjected to considerable  abuse for his presence in B. C. during  the election campaign, instead of being  in his seat in the house at Ottawa.  There seems to be a wrong- impression  las;  'iH;..��?;i's ��?���'"  jffp-t-iii'li:^-.-��  i!iii:-r'  ?^��;3&*eS223i&S$&&S^  Perfectly  over Knit-to-Fit Underwear. Every suit is knit all in  one piece from neck to ankle���fits like a glove���won't  wrinkle at the waist or bulge over the hips���and holds  its shape without stretching or shrinking.  ���A��$isrt*EDt'MTitirtc��f 9  ^mmmftimWmBaSa^SBl^  Combination Suits  are without doubt the best made���and the most satisfactory��� undergarments for women's winter, wear.  Our trademark on each garment. Made in any size  or fabric. Send for catalogue if your dealer cannot  supply you.  THE KNIT-TO-FIT MANUFACTURING CO.  P. O. BOX 2339, MONTREAL.  abroad in reg-ird to the privileges enjoyed by ni em hers of parliament.  They are not paid unless they are in  actual attendance, so that if the honorable gentleman is absent from his  duties he is at least drowing no salary  as member during his absence. This  is one of the j-U'fitig points in the last  session indemnity bill and it will be  generally c needed that the insertion  of a clans'- making attendance compulsory was a 'vise provision.  The G. T. B.   Railway   Co.   has paid  or the 13,519 acres of land,  purchased  from the Inei'ins of Kaien island for  S103,202.50. The government received  for their 10,000 acres 510,000. It looks  as thuugh that Indian chief should be  given R. F. Green'.-, old job, should  McBride be returned to power.  For CUT FLOWERS,  Pot Plants, Bouquets, Etc.,  Write or pboae  FRACHE BROS., Columbia, B. C,  rnneral 4��erg-n�� of evur-y deaGrisrcron. ���j^iVJK&XZii kjaikc V-JU^.'  .'V'.unji'iKZ'&.taz-jfju-.  BOUKC-AF.Y   CPvEE  *Z3  iiuiuum^^^^  ���*8"il  ���Hi S r  ii Si  (II  1PV  PTWfllfA  II? ��   1  id   r  Al*  uuuic a lyitiiii!  3U3Hn3-rn��-C3n��tcii�� !<r **v-*tr r^<*^*h b *-D-��i*u  stmro nun rrit��neinf**-wi. iraex**:- aji-jn '*(.;.����� r.:  f___     l-Hmffigg-rCTgffiK^^  I  <" ���Mgramaron^.ijji-unh-.-it:Jt*^v��>^-fc'iiw-.t-^n^  Dealers anclS'iiy-pers  ^ All Kinds of Produce, Hay, Grain? Coal., Wood, Hides, &c*  ^  ,���-*-- -^=^^=^r =, Colville, Xv ash. ^======. ;   r ��� ��� ��� r ������ t-i * * r ��� i r.r-i ��� lm-ism ��� fiirnruit j*ir  PAY ORE COLUMN  ���������- ���tnHWa^H,^diwrj��LH,AiretTt,ty3��rrtt..fUttggttar.tt.TCireHuw^wwTOMrywwr.iiw were��.iw��.t^M'W��B,.Taiw>mir..lj  n..tUwiru��n3ffJ��ifcJUiw,wireiM��attnmwMEiaBMMWw,uirtwriimMrmo����M^  **v lIX'' pBB n �����**��� J?Ki  ���H iii    J?,    ?-.' si i* {v.  a ii   p     '. V', J* ���*���  SB     B     S -iaV m3  -AN D-  rOK61  feii��5  Stages leave daily for Ferry,  Wash., Mother Lode Mine, and  Phoenix- West Fork stage  twice a week,  COMPLETE LINES OF  PIPE,S, CIGARS avid  TOBACCOS.  A. CMEH1&R,  PROPRIETOR  The Mother Lode n.inc wns closed  for a few days this week to adniit of  the changes being made, due to swinr-  ��� iig off from steam to electricity, The  Iiit!f compressor in the gul.h below tin  mine will hereafter be ono'Vilcd by  power furnished from tin* Kootenay  Falls. Quite a. change from tho condition of affairs existing in '97.  The Dominion Copper company are.  driving a tunnel on the Crown Silver  properly across tiie gulch from tlv-  Sunset. It is likely tin- work will he  ���done by contract.  The Elkhorn mine is shipping  another car of high grade ore toward  the close of the week which is expected  to eclipse in value any previous con-, Defied All Remedies for Seven Years.  signment. j       and Doctor Said, " No Cure."  The     Sunset     mine,   iri   Deadwood  apparent to all that in both ridings, it  oik- c .uld judge by the attitude of  ���host: present, the sentiment of the  eltxUirate is overwhehniugly Liberal  Premier McBride, whose platform attitude toward Mr. G. JR. Naden was a  decided improvement over that displayed at Greenwood, failed utterly in  his attempts to create a sentiment  favorable to his administration.  '.Vest of Boundary Falls the electors  an-for Naden, first, last and always,  and he will easily poll three votes to  one of the combined Socialist Conservative forces.  Is under the management of  Greig and  Morrison. The rooms are comfortably  furnished, and the bar contains the best  brands of wines, liquors and cigars in  the city.  SKIN COVERED WITH  SORES  Is  unexcelled, as is  evidenced  by   its  its popularity in all the towns  of the Boundary.  For Sale at al! Leading Hotels  Either'Draught or Bottled.  Patronize home industry by insisting on having  ."ELKHORN" BOTTLED BEER  TEL. 135  rtciusnrKiiin-nNiua* rn um ***�����  House, sign and all exterior and  and interior painting and decorating-promptly done-  Wall Papering*'  Send in vour soring orders.  0eo.f$Xb  Box-255, Greenwood.  Shop Government street  Dear Mother  Your little ones are n ���.���jnstaiit care in  Fall and Winter weather. _ fhey wtii  catch cold. Do you know about Shiloh's  Consumption Cure, the Lung i onic, and  what it has done for so many ? It is said  to be the only reliable remedy for ail  diseases of the air passages in children.  It is absolutely harmless and pl.:,isant to  take. It is guaranteed tocMtcoryour-nonr-v  is returned. The price is 25c. per bcitle,  and all dealers in medicine sell 314  I ..& I -H*  ji^^f *%*&' ,*.t. &.  - This remedy should be in every hour.rhnld.  MINERAL ACT.  camp, will again be equipped with machinery, and woik continued with machine.4', instead of by hand drilling, as  it ir, at. present.  The B. C. Copper company will in-  stttll a diamond drill on the Ruby  claim and thoroughly explore- that  propertv for ore. The RnViy furnishes,  some of the highest grade copper ore  in the camp, and if the main body  couid be located would soon take i*s  place as a dividend payer.  It is currently reported that the directors of the British Columbia Copper  company have decided to declare a dividend this month approximating 16 percent of the par value of the stock,which  is now ��13 per share. Assuming this  to-be correct, it-would appear that the  future of this locality is'a-bright one.  With the Granby dividend approaching  $2,000,000. and 'the. Dominian Copper  company afid B. C. Copper-company  each paying dividends in spite of the  heavy expenditures made in improve  ���ments, it seeti.s only reasonable to sup  pose th it other immense ,-low grade  properties adjacent to Greenwood will,  in-.the near future, attract the attention of capitalists, and eventually  prove paying investments.  The Bav mine at tlie present time is  exciting considerable attention among,  local mining men, on account of the  quality of ore at present being* extracted from both north and south  drifts, which have been run a distance  of 45 and' 60 feet respectively, all of  which was in good ore. But that  which is at present being mined is  more than ordinarily .rich, free gold  showing in plenty and distributed generally through the ore. Stoping will  be under way in a few daj*s and the  next shipment is looked forward  to as being the richest yet sent to the  'Smeiter-,----^i*he^Ba���Y.J3^  pany had its first annual meeting in  the Imperial hotel, Greenwood, last  week, when Ihe following gentlemen  were elected as officers of the company  for the ensuing year: President, A. O,  Truax, Te"*oa. Wash.; vice president.  H. O. Fuller, Greetiw-od; secretary-  treasurer, \V. A. Fuller, Greenwood.  These, with the following members,  constitute the board of directors:  Duncan Mcintosh, Greenwood; T. T.  Westfall, Spokane; E R. Frazer. Spokane; Isaac Bert, Tekoa, Wash.  ROCK CREEK MEETING  Yet Zam-Buk Has Completely Cured  So powerful are the healing essences  in Zam Buk that in some cases which  have been pronounced beyond relief  they have worked complete cure! Such  au instance is just reported from  Inveraray, Sa.sk. Mrs. J. M. McCor-  mick, of that place, says: "'About,  seven years ago my face broke, out in  rough red blotches, which burned and  itched and smarted in turn almost  beyond endurance. I coramencod to  try every known remedy I could get  for face -and skin troubles. Seme of  them gave a little relief, some none,  but no matter how much I used them,  as soon as I w.jnt out the trouble started  all over again. I consulted doctors,  and they told me there was absolutely  no cure for me, but that I should have,  to wait until I outgrew the disease.  "Finally my husband sent for a supply of 2Jam-Buk. We applied a small  sample lo'a small patch of the disease.  To our delight the portion treated with  Zam-Buk' very quickly healed. We then  obtained a proper'supply,'and bet>an  the Zain Buk treatment. I am now  delighted to state that after having  used a few boxes, I am free from the  old trouble and completely cured" I  will never be without Zam-Buk in the  house as long as I live, and to all who  are troubled with skin diseases in any  form I would say, waste no time in  obtaining- a supply of Zam-Buk. Since  proving it iu my own case, I have obtained a supply for an old lady who  had an uker on her leg for 30 years.  Three boxes were sufficient to close the  wound."  Zam-Buk cures cuts, burns, bruises,  scalds and all skin injuries, as well as  skin diseases. Applied to eczema,  scalp sores, pimples, poisoned wounds,  children's rashes, ulcers, boils', abscesses,   itch, sore back, festering and  Copper St.  Greenwood  ,*T1t*llTltta^lHI'iW*'iW"wru**"t*J'B**'*^  hkci  iw^i,iww^r��lmii.i^LiU^i.ynmrTOji;iJliMLWiajuiH��mi*jttMi.ij!ijaM  me Hni  Turnouts in me  DRAYING �� We Can Move Anything  PROPRIETOR  ��������:������:������}��� �������!{'�����' *�����**;��� *����hr.*��i ts *!!��-'���������'���-6* ���aawwwi;; ��  ���ii  fl is ch a rg UTg" wctutTdsTc'"finri't'"Sc'ts=l i ke-tr  charm. Its antiseptic ingredients kill  all jjerrns and prevent inflammation  and festering. Then its healing powers  come into operation and build up new,  healthy tissue. All druggists sell Zam-  Buk at 50 cents per box, or obtainable  from the Zam Buk Co., Toronto, for  price.    Six boxes for S2.SO.  MINERAL ACT  nit -s ���;��������*,��� *���' *��**��� '!��� if *:��� & $> >s ���*��� ���$ *!*** �����  �����  *��  tt  ��  tt  tt  tt  *  tt  tt  ��  tt  tt  We will have goods  ���svW  intended for the Holi  m.  Ipr  day Trade opened up  for inspection  ���j*!*?  anu  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  "Mable Fractional" Mineral Claim, situate, in  the Greenwood Mininir Division of Yale. Dis.  trlct.   Where located:    In Greenwood  Camp.  TAKE NOTICE Miat  I, Isaac  H. Hallett.  a? Ag-ent for John  Mulligan, Free Miner's Certificate N'o.  U2021,  intend,  sixty  flays  from the date hereof, to apply  io tiie Mining- j  Recorder for a Certificate   of   Improvements, j  for the purooseof obtaininir a Crxuvri Giant of j  tbe above claim. j  And further take notice that action, under j  section 37. ratist be commenced   before   the  is-I  suance of such. Certificate of Improvement*.       j  Dated this 31ts dav of Deccml^r. A   D. VM<6.    '  2W0 L U. RJlL.IjE.TX.      "ire.  A large and well attended uieetinq of  the elr-ctors of tiieft'>ck Crock district  '.va-i h-,:l'.l in tho school liouv,: at R.>.;'..;  Crei.-k S itur.ay^evenimr, J miliary 19th  As Rock Creek is the dividing line b ?-  two.".n the Greenwood and Similkatnei; u  ridings, it was sometlvnL* of a j)in*  meeting, and some of Ihe candidal! s  from boih ridings were in attendance  Premier McBride attended and spoke  in the interests of the ��..oiiserv;-nive  candidate for Greenvrood, as well as f-ir  L,. W. Shatford, who is contesting the  Siuiilkarneen riding as a. gover:*mc-ui  supporter and who made short speech I  of in Oefenr-e the  late   admirit-tvaticn |  R. G, Sidley championed tlie c.nsr-'  of Smith Curtis, who is etivraf.fc'.l in '.he \  western part of the riding and const'- !  queutl v could not be present at tlie !  meeting. '  T'ne most   noticeable   feature   of the:  Certificate of Improvements ~a  KOTICE -'  8-  "pell   Flower"   Mineral   Claim, Rititate in tlie    H  trrci'invond Minintr Division of Yale District.    "Ir  Where located:    In Long' Lake Camp  '"PAKE NOTICE   that  1,  Isaac It. Hallett.  '���      as  ni/eut   for Spencer   15eiiernian,  Free  Miner'.-. Civtificate N'o. I121-2.intend, sixty days  from  the dale lit!roof, to apply   to  tin;  Mining  Kecorder for a oaniticate of Improvements, foi  tlie  prrpose of obtaining   a Crown  Grain  of  their interests in the above claim.  Audi nr i tier take noticn thai action, undei  section .*-7, ii'iist be ct.muienc'.'d before the issu  :u:c- of si|i-li cei'lilicale of improvements. I ij]  D:i;ed this 3t:jt dav of Dac-'iiibji*. A.O. 1-W6.        I 5j  21-3J 1. il. HALLliTT      '  �����  ���ft  *&  ���ft  ��  *  ���*���  *  ��  *��  *  a  ��  ���*  -ft  *  "J*  "*=  '!���  ��  ��  ���*���  ��  ��� *  <t  ��  ���J  **"  te  te  ��  ���*>#��������� ���"����������� **���<���*��� o*������*�����)�� o*"��#*g*��*��#�����*!��� ���j'**��*��*��v*feit����*��as--r**3*������ft^  Something    New  - - - Furniture -  In  "SEE    THE    LINE."  L.  -*4  Houise Furnishers  ���pS����<  JGSSOG  ��  If you need one  ai the Clarendon  Hotel.  nieciing was the  hearty   nnd   enihusi-|  astic gr.'etiug accorded the Green*.*.'oec! I  Chiiniii-ys   cleaned,   windows cleaned  and caretakiu.ic.  ��r^��r-r^ For Tlie Times. $2  �� Spices  and Extracts  Received Highest Award  Dominion  >��ata*3EH*ssaEas q <  1906  m.mia��imjMtgg*?*esBa�� aM^iwyaMiBi^  "i  kA '1/  Most up-to-date Cafe in  .      the city.  Fresh Oysters,  Chicken  and all the delicacies of  che season,)  OPEN DAY AND  PROMPT SERVICE  PROPRIETOR  fi r**^jr,S>*\f*r**^mr*^yi A^^mr***^ $<  P. A. BENSON OLA LOFSTAD  One of   the   best  appointed  working-men's  Hotel  in the city,  The finest of bars,, stocked with  the best  WINES,  LIQUORS  and CIGARS  Lighted   throughout   with   elec-  tircity.   Hoi and cold baths.  RATES:  Board and room 51 per day.  Strictly First-Class Service  GREENWOOD  Copper Street  (nest to Holmes & Kennedy)  IS NOW  OPEN  EVERYTHING IS NEW  Strictly   first-class   service.  G. SWAYNE, Prep.  ))     OWN O TICS   [(  Dr. Mathison, dentist, Naden-Flood  block.  James McGregor, inspector of mines,  is in the city.  Canadian Almanac for 1907 for sale  at McRae Bros,  Clearance sale of Mackinaws, Overcoats at Russell-Law-Caulfield Co.  Retiring from the crockery busiaess.  Everything* going at cost Anderson  Bros!  Mr. Herbert Bunting was sworn in  as mayor of Greenwood by Magistrate  Hallett on Saturday  M. M. Johnson, M. E., consulting  engineer for the Dominion Copper Co.,  is registered at the Imperial  Full line of cash books, ledgers and  journals, also records, pocket and office  diaries.    Coles & Frith.  Twenty-five per cent off suits and  overcoats. Good till February 15th.  Russell-L<aw-Caulfield Co.  A. W. English of the Hunler-Ken-  drick company, has resigned his position there to accept a similar one with  the Dominion Copper company.  Friends of Mrs. Joe Williamhurst  will regret to hear of her illness in the  hospital of pneumonia. It is sincerely  hoped the attack will not be of a severe  nature.  On Monday evening, February 17th,  a fancy dress ball and carnival will be  given in the Masonic hall, Gavernment  street, under the auspices of the Odd  Fellows.  Mrs. Thos. Walsh, who has been visiting her old home in Pembroke, Ont.,  since last November, returned to Greenwood last Thursday, much improved in  health. P. S.���Tom stays in at nights  now,  3Master Mechanic Wilkes of the B. C  Copper company, Greenwood, has resigned his position and with his family  intends moving to Utah. A successor  to his present position has not yet been  named.  The total revenues from all sources  of the Presbyterian church in Greenwood for 1906 was $2,000.80, thus making it the most prosperous year in the'  history of the church since its establishment here.  The Greenwood curlers sent a strong  team to the Cranbrook Bonspiel last  Saturday. W. G. McMynn, the veteran  skip, headed the team, C. Wilson mate,  City Engineer Johnson plays second,  while Mayor Bunting will play the  lead stone.  Gorman West, the well known West  Fork hotel man, is spendinga few days  in town. Recently he had the misfortune to injure one of his fingers,which,  in spite of careful home treatment,  developed into blood poisoning, and  medical attention became a necessity.  Dr. Spankie attended the case in the  orthodox manner, tho Gorman's de  scrtption of it can be classed as strictly  unorthodox.  Raymond T. Wartman, an old and  respected resident of Anaco'ida, father  of James and Walter Wartman, the  well known masons, died at the hospital Sunday morning, aged 73 years.  JThejfiiujeral services were: held Thtirs-  ooooooooooo<-k-k>oo<>oo<>o<>oo<>o  H. BUNTING  CONTRACTOR  AND BUILDER  Dealer   in   Sash,  Poors,  Turned Work and  Inside Finish,  , Etc,  ESTIMATES FURNISHED-  GREENWOOD,   :   B. C.  6 PHONE 65?  (H)0<K)00<)0<K>OC<H>0<3��000<>000<)  Dr. Simmons, dentist, Phone 96  Wallace-Miller Block, open evenings.  Special edition of Phoeni*: Pioneer  for sale by McRae Bros.  For Rent���3-roomed house, clean  and nicely furnished, $9.    H.  J. Clint.  To make room for spring goods we  are clearing ont stock of suits, overcoats, etc.. at 25 per cent discount.  Russell-Oaw-Cauifidld Co.  The Anaconda News made its appearance Wednesday after a month's  retirement, due to cold weather and the  illness of its enterprising editor, Mr.  R. Keffer. '  Many Greenwood people will tegret  to hear of the death of Mr, John  Keffer, father of Mr. Fred Keffer, of  the B. C. Copper company, which occurred lately at his home in Cleveland,  Ohio. Mr. Keffer, who had reached  the advanced age of 80, made many  friends here during his visi:s to Greenwood.  The following are a list of those  elected as officers of the various societies of St. Columba Presbyterian  church: Y. P. S. C. 13.���President,  Mr. S. Belt; vice president, Mrs. M.  D. McKee; secretary-treasurer, Miss J.  Murray. Chairman of Look Out Committee���W, S. Graham. Prayer Meeting Committee���A. H. Hook. Social  Committee���Miss B. McKenzie, Missionary Committee���Rev. M. D. Mc  Kee. The society is prospering and is  looking forward to a successful year's  work in 1907.  MASQUERADE CARNIVAL  The carnival at the skating rink last  night under the auspices of the Greenwood band, was largely attended and  proved a great success from every point  of view. Many of the costumes were  exceedingly picturesque, and the  judges, in some cases, had difficulty in  deciding to whom the prize should be  awarded. . Among the ladies, Mrs. C.  H. Fair as "Britania," and Mrs. Percy  Hallett as "Indian Princess," tied for  first prize, which, on a draw, resulted  in favor of Mrs. Fair, the prize being  a chatelaine watch donated by Logan  & Co., Mrs. Hallett taking second, a  sack of flour, donated by the Hunter-  Kendrick Co.  Howard Huff as the "Dutchman,"  carried off the gentleman's prize, a  gold headed umbrella, put up by P. W.  George & Co.  Alice McMynn as "Indian Girl,"  captured the girl's prize, a leather hand  bag, donated by Rendell & Co., while  Worthington Fair as "Uncle Sam,"  secured the handsome pair of hockey  skates from the Russell-Law-Caulfield  Co.  A handsome mandolin and case from  the Thomas Drug company went to  Ralph Coutts, who as "Pots and Pans,"  took-first place as the best comic costume, and for the most .original, Miss  Buckliss as the "Bat," won the prize,  a sack of flour, donated by Galloway  Bros. .  The judges were Mr. A. scott of  Montreal, Mr. Kendall and Mr. Ros-  seatt.  ��� " ���"  A SUDDEN CALL  day afternoon, many friend-* in Greenwood and Anaconda accompanying the  remains to the cemetery, Rev. M. D.  McKee conducting the service.  Charles Harrington, of Boundary  Falls, met with a peculiar accident  Wednesday night. While cutting some  taffy out of a dish with his jack-knife,  the weapon glanced from the hard surface of the candy and entered his left  hand nearly in th; center of the palm,  and running1 up ward toward the wrist  came out ou the opposite side. Mr.  Bach of the Dominion Copper company,  who happened to be passing, was hailed  and kindly drove the sufferer to Greenwood, where Dr. Openheimer attended  the- wounded member. The main  arteries were completely severed and  ten stitches in the palm aud two on the  back of the hand were required to close  the severe gashes inflicted.  Ben Perkins, the well knawn prospector of Rock creek, who only recently  bonded his property for a large sum to  P. J. Dermody and associates, died  Wednesday morning in the Sisters'  hospital of pneumonia. Deceased,who  was aged 63 years, has prospected over  the greater part of Southern B. C, and  was well known in Rossland, Greenwood and other camps, and, like many  another hill veteran, crossed the great  divide before benefitting from the results of his life's work. Little "s  known of his earlier history, and solicitor Hallett, who has charge of his  affairs, is at present endeavoring to  locate any heirs that may exist, with a  view of winding up the estate.  Word has been received from Tekoa,  Wash., of the death of A. O. Truax,  well known among local mining men  here, as the president of the Bay Mining X^oT���'^^="=^^i^^^=^-==^-���-"-ia^=^^  It is only a short time sinca Mr.  Truax was here in the best of health  and spirits, aud the news ot his death  was received with something like consternation by his fellow officers of the  company of which he was the head.  A. O. Truax was one of the pioneers  of the Tekoa district, a successful  business man, and one universally  respected and trusted by all who knew  him. In him the Boundary has lost a  goodfriend, as he had unbounded :aith  in the resources of this district and a  practical way of letting that be known,  as his investments here show.  Shortly after returning from his recent visit to Greenwood, he contracted  pneumonia, which in two days terminated fatally.  It is probable that a meeting of the  Bay directors wilt be held this week  to elect his successor as president of  the company. 0  Dangers of a Cold and How to Avoid  Them.  More fatalities have their origin in  or result from a cold than from any  other cause. This fact alone should  make people more careful as there is  no danger whatever from a cold when  it is properly treated in the beginning.  For many years Chamberlain's Cough  Remedy has been recognized as the  most prompt and effectual medicine in  use for this disease. It acts on nature's,  plan, loosens the cough, relieves the  lungs, opens the secretions and aids  nature   in   restoring  the system  to a  I healthy condition.    Sold   by all  drug-  I gists.  9TP   TT  >nr\  IN THE HANDS OF AN'INEXPERIENCED PERSON. IF THERE IS SOMETHING  WRONG WITH IT BRING IT TO A  PRACTICAL WATCHMAKER. OUR  SPECIALTY IS WATCH REPAIRING.  ��MRW0RK IS GUARANTBEB  Copper Street  GAN  Greenwood  Always Ask for  LU  fl  on  ���>  eeiweod Ciaiior  IMPORTERS  GREENWOOD  ��������������-*������*������'���**'���!-*&'{�� *������$��---������������#-*- �������������<��� ���*'e��0����'s*':-':fewf�� <>��*'���> �����**-��#���>*��*  �� ���     .: .0  ft  *  ft  ft  ft  ��  ft  ft  ft  o  ft  ��  ft    .  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ��  ft  o  $ '*  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  .. DEALERS IN  ��  *  *  *  ��  ��  6  ft  ft  ,   ft  ft  a  ft  ��  ft  o  ��  *  ���     *  *  *  ft��ftftft��-:f����#aBftftftftftft-a����fte��ftftftft^^A^ftftO��ft��ft��ftftftftftftat'0  Tresb and Cured Itleats  Fisb and Poultry.  astern  HFust^received-a���fine���earload-of=--Easter=n=,0-ystets,  Clams. Crabs, Lobsters and all kinds of Shell Eish  O.K.E.D     FISH  Einnen Haddie, Salmon, Halibut, Kippered Herring  iiTTilwirnw mimvnrnrjMwjkmmnmOt  I��N   MEAT   C��  Copper Street  P. FLOOD,     Prop  ft'-V-V/'-'  A. A. FRECHETTE  *B  ... Manufacturer of and Dealer in ...  Harness, Saddles, Collars. Whips and  _    all kinds of Leather goods.      MAIL ORDERS Receive PROMPT ATTENTION  Repairing of all kinds Neatly  and Promptly done.  "Sext door to Copper Street,  ��� PAL \CE LIVERY. f'KEENWOOD, B.C  M j,. JSJ4J ��� &j.>i*V)B.'.Wflr?-dr3#:<ZK,  i+mwjEG tsuitji&vaxiitiniaiiisx  ii-; * i^y^ut ij^^i^K^=sri^a^f'iuiuu��-u^txsa i3��-^3��mi:-J5ciiEsi.'��a����a''M  .A^j*^!::^-!!-  aa-*' :ix-.Trti ctjJusrw 3.' a-asoafl.**** .��������� ssr.s.s-jwaaw cm. tunimniuiaRwwM  BOUNDARY   GREEK TIME��,  *tt��MMi  s  mem  ile  iooa$  In Lunch and Breakfast Cruets, Toast Racks, Marma^  lades, Butter Dishes, Sugars and Creams^ Biscuit Jars,  Salad and Preserve Dishes, and many more pieces too  numerous to mention,  All the latest designs in Japanese Chinawere in  Cups and Saucers, Sugars and Creams. Salad Dishes,  Chodolate Jars, Tctaccc Jars, Eiscuit Jars, Jardineres,  etc.  Gold Traced Victor Stock Pattern Always in Stock  10 PIECE TOILET SETS  97, 102, 116 PIECE DIN  FROM  NER SETS FROM  $3.50 to$ 10.00  SIO.OO to $40.00  -VThe  Russell-Law-Caulfield, Co. L*  Hardware  Furnishings  Groceries  :^  ttit "-nr' ���������"���������"���* "*���* etitxaiu-BTiunRimRKMB  11  Ex-Commissioner Accused of Gross Corruption.     Consternation in  Conservative  Ranks  The Vancouver Daily World, in its  afternoon issue of Tuesday 1 ast, pub-  published what promises to be the  biggest political sensation the McBride  administration has yet produced.  Briefly, the history of the transaction  ie as follows:  "In 1905 a company, called the Transcontinental Exploration Syndicate, applied to R. F. Green, then chief commissioner of lands and works, for  leases of 32 sections of coal lands on  Pine river, which, when the early construction of the Grand Trunk Pacific  railway through that portion of British  Columbia is considered, are certain to  become of great and immediate value.  Representing the Transcontinental  Syndicate was Sir Adolph Caron, form  ^erly^^Cjm^ervatiye minister of the  crown at Ottawa. ��� ���  "The application was refused by Mr.  Green, who alleged, as his reason, that  the dominion government had not then  selected the 3,500.000 acres of land in  the northwest corner of this province  which were conveyed to it by the terms  of Settlement Act under which, the  Esquimalt & Nanaimo railway was  built. Later, a private arrangement  was arrived at by R. F. Green, representing the B. C. government, and Sir  Adolph Carou acting for the Transion-  tinental Exploration Syndicate, aud  the leases were granted.  "Caron had previously written to  Green to name a friend who could be  trusted to hold shares in the syndicate  in his (Green's) interest. Green replied,  thanking Caron for his beneficence  and naming Mr. McKay, then Premier  McBride's private secretary as a safe  person in whom to vest the ownership  of the shares. Caron wrote Green  stating that the value of the shares  ���which were to be given him as a free  gift, and which were rated at ,��1 18s  each, was $37,000. Green replied,  thanking Cat on for his very great  kindness. The leases were then issued  by the chief commissioner to the  Transcontinental Exploration Syndicate. Caron also secured leases for  coal lands on Telqua river in the same  section of the country, for which Gresn  was given another share in the name  of Neil McKay.  "Later on there was a hitch. Either  Green thought he had not received a  sufficiently large share of the plunder,  or objection was raised by one of his  colleagues. Be this as it may, twu  eminent  Conservative   lawyers,   then  placed in Mr. McKay's name, is in  Vancouver at this moment. Special  attention will be directed to the fact  that, although the executive council  meeting at which Mr. Green's conduct  was exposed was held in May last, the  other ministers, immaculate Mr. Cotton  included, continued to sit and act with  Green until the 22nd of December,  when the pressure from Vancouver  conservatives became so great that he  resigned from the lands and works  department. He is now at Kaslo engaged in an effort to cover his official  tracks by the return of Mr. Neil McKay, his former deputy, whom he plans  to succeed him in the lands and works  department.  residing, and still residing in Vancouver, were retained by Caron to press  his claims. Armed with the correspondence between Caron and Green, they  interviewed the executive council. At  that meeting all the members except  Mr. Fulton were present. The lawyers  were persistent in pressing Sir Adolph  Caron's claims. Mr. Green put up a  show of resistance, but was dumb-  founded when confronted by 3ir  Ad jlph Car >n's letter and his own letter thanking Sir Adolph for his great  kindness and instructing him to issue  the shares in Neil McKay's name.  "Tho difficulties must have been  smoothed away, for it was stated in the  Province, a government organ printed  :n Vancouver, on the 10th of October  last, that the Transcontinental Explor-  afioli- Sy:nidicafe"had"-been"formed^iu  London with a capital of $400,000 to  explore and develop the coal measures  in Telqua valley. In the interval that  elapsed between the granting of the  lea&e and the mysterious and abrupt  deposing of Mr, W. S. Gore from his  position as deputy of the lands and  works department, Mr. Neil McKav,  the premier's private secretary and  holder of $37,000 worth of Transcontinental Exploration Syndicate shares,  for the gift of wh'ch Mr. Green had  thanked Sir' Adolph Carson for his  great kindness, was appoinfed deputy  in Mr Gore's place- It wis probably  felt that the cisto'lian of the shares  should be changed at ;iny rate, and the  name of Granville Cuppage, a junior  clerk in the lands and works department at Victoria, appears i 1 the Province of October 10th as one of the  directors of this company that is about  to spend 5400,000 iu developing coai  lands along the line of the Grand  Trunk Pacific.  "From whom Mr. Cuppage got his  shares is not at present known, but  there is reason to believe that the $37,-  000 worth of stock which was originally  conveyed to Neil McKay are the shares  which Mr. Granville Cuppage represents, and by virtue of which he sits,  as a director of the company.  "The above is a plain narration of a  most appalling instance of provincial  governmsnt corruption. Readers will  have uo difficulty in arriving at a conclusion unfavorable to the government.  The correspondence has been photographed, and Mr. Green's letter thanking Sir Rudolph for his munificence  and   requesting   that   the   ah;.res   be  ABOUT YOUR HEADACHE I  You Must Agree in This:  That headache does not necessarily  mean there is anything wrong with  your head! That being so, you must  look to some other organ for the  trouble. Is the ache in the forehead,  does it cease if you press it? That is  nouralgi,c headache. Is it on one side  of the bead only? That is what the  doctors call "megrim." Both these  forms arise from lack of tone in the  system. Is your headache genersl and  accompanied by sickness or foul breath  or constipation? That kind of headache  is due to liver and stomach disorder.  Nine headaches in ten arise from these  causes. There are two methods of  treatment. One is to take headache  powders. This is like trying to escape  pain by; taking chloroform. The other  is to correct the organs which by their  derangement are causing the trouble.  That is the Bilean way! Bileans cure  headache by their beneficial operation  on the digestive system, the liver and  the blood. Correct these properly and  you will have no more headuche.  Mrs. G. R. Black, of 35 Blevins  Place, Toronto, says: "I suffered  acutely from headache. The attacks  were most violent and made ,me so ill  I could hardly do anything. The headache was accompanied by digestive  trouble, heartburn and constipation,  and it seemed as if I was going from  bad to worse.' Until I tried Bileans I  was unable to get anything which gave  me relief. Bileans, however, acted like  magic, They not only cured the headache, but also relieved me of the iudi  gestion, heartburn and constipation.  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Because they make 100 frock coats  every week, the Semi-ready frock coat  is better made than any custom tailor  making ten in a season can possibly  make one. For $25 one can buy a Semi-  ready frock coat, vest and trousers,  made in fine black cheviots. Silk  linings and facings make the suit cost  a little more. Dress suits and Tuxedo  jackets made by the Serai-ready Company are equally good and reasonable  in price.  P. W. George & Co. will be pleased  to show you how what "Semi-ready'  tailoring profits the wearer.  THE NEW COUNCIL  The new council held its first meet  ing in the civic offices on Monday eve  ning, the members present being  Aldermen Sutherland, Nelson, Gully,  Derosier and Wood, Alderman Sullivan  being absent. The oath of office was  administered by the police magistrate.  Owing to ' the absence of Mayor  Bunting, who is taking in the Cranbrook Bonspiel, little business was  transacted.  The auditor's report was accepted by  the old council and referred to the new  for consideration, and two members  recommended for seats on the boards  of police and license commissioners,  Alderman Sutherland being selected  for the former and Alderman Derosier  for the second named position.  FOR  "*cs irrrni    id 1 iiiiiimwiii imiinuia  ill  CHILDREN  Watson's unshrinkable Underwear that will not  shrink, and Underwear that will wear. We are absolutely complete in al] prices and grades.  Ladies' knit to fit Combination Underwear, absolutely the best on the market.    We have them,  Hunter-Kendriek Co,, Ltd.  "The Big Store"  M ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty tytytytytytyty tytyty^  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  Nice convenient cottage iu nortli end of town,  with large garden.  Seven-roomed house in souih end of town.   Well  furnished aud up-to-date.  Two-roomed house with 25xl00-foot lot.    Close  in, $500. _ '   ';������'.  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