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tuA^>^s'......... ..
. - * *    -*■■-.
x\s)*L> '°o'
jm 24 loos ■•: & 'i
-. '->^:'i.
Vol. 9.
No. 21
Sad  Fate  of George   McDonald at Tonapah, Nev.
Description of Goldfield Where ex-
Rosslanders Have Grown Rich.
I The ftussell-Law-Caulfield Go. I
We have just received a nice assortment of
FROM   $6.0©   T.0   $13.5©
Suit Cases" from .S3.00 to $13.50.     Grips' from $2.75
■   to $5 00, and Telescopes from 60c to $1.50.
-Gur-rang-e of- Gent's-EuT-nishiiig-s,-Hats,-Shoes,.Clothing-,.etc. _
is complete and at reasonable prices.     c
For fane}- and staple  Groceries,   we- make  it  a  practice  to
order lightly, but often, thereby assuring you that our stock
is always kept fresh.
Following is an extract from a letter
received by A. M., Whiteside of this
city from J. D. Swoid.M. E.', formerly
of .Greenwood, and now engaged in
mining at Goldfield, Nevada':   -
"By the way a man named Geo. McDonald, of Boundary district, was.paid
off some S1200 or $2000 in July or August and was never seen again until
his body was found in an old tunnel at
Tonapah. They say that his murderer
is known."
A. McDonald -was well known in this
city. He resided here several years,
and formerly worked at both the Elkhorn and Providence. He was about
thirty-five years old, unmarried and a
member of Sandon Masonic -lodge.
His habits were good. . McDonald left,
here for Tonapah last- March with H.
V. Fuller, of Greenwood, the well
known mining operator. It has transpired that he was grub-staked by
Phil McDonald and James Sutherland,
the owners of the Elkhorn.' :
Speaking to the Times today Mr.
Fuller expressed .the belief that McDonald was alive, and well, and that
the body found in the tunnel will"
prove to be that of another. Mr.
Fuller bases this belief upon a number of circumstances. He gave. McDonald an interest in the lease on the
Jumbo at Tonapah, placing him in
charge. On returning to the camp in
July Mr. Fuller met McDonald and it
was agreed that they should start next
day by stage for Goldfield. ' Next
morning Mr. Fuller learned that McDonald had sold his interest in the
lease for S1500 and had left by train at
mid night for Reno. McDonald, it is
.reported, _is_now___visiting. relativesin,
Michigan. ;
"Th:s is a wonderful camp as'you
can judge for yourself." Since January of last year, or in 12 months, the
camp has produced upwards of $3,500,'-
000 in gold and made many men rich,,
Dr. Bowes, John McKane, L. L." Pat/,
rick, C."\R. Lockhart, Taylor,1 !and
several others. On the Bowes-;Ker-
nick lease they took out $600,000 worth'
of gold in four months and a half. The
average value of the ore was $360. per
ton. Somejdays they raised from S15,-
000 to 520,600 to the surface. Bowes
shipped one lot that netted them 384,.-
000 and another lot of 15 tons that netted .£28,000. This is not a story but
facts.. The "Sandstorm" .shipped
about 12 tons that netted nearly S80,-
000. The "Combination" :has produced $650,000 since L. L. Patrick first
bonded it and has S1,000,000 blocked
out. The "January" on which he had
a lease together with three other men
has produced to date $575,000, that is
of course, including 5350,000 worth of
milling ore (535.00) on the dumps. The
"Florence" is now the big shipper and
is sending out some very rich ore. Two
days ago, they raised 1000 sacks of ore
worth $25 0CO per sack. A great number of 13. C. and Spokane men are here
and it is believed that 20,000 people
wil" be here before next June. The
area of the camp is about 25 square
miles and full of veins but is is a striking fact that there is but little low
grade ore. It is either rich or there is
none. Aboiit 25 properties are being
developed and there are 8 or 10 shippers. The altitude of this place is
5800 and the country a high plateau
with occasioned .eminences and covered with scrub sage brush. Certain
parts of the Ashcroft distric* bear a
resemblance to it."
Encouraging   Outlook   For  Skylark
Ca«*p Proposition.
The Coro-Canadian "group recently
acquired on a working bond by a
Grand Forks sy.nkicate is likely to
prove one of the best high grade propositions in Skylark camp. The
quartz lead at the bottom of a 30 foot
shaft varies from four to ten inches-in
width,'recent assays of the ore giving
returns, of $21:, £52, $83, SvO and $U54
respectively per ton in silver and gold.
Silver constitutes 85 per cent of the
values. Development work is in
charge of W. H. Jeffery, M. E., who
proposes lo drift on the vein after
reaching the 50 foot level.
•The group lies between and adjoining the Last Chance mine on • the
west, the Crescent mine on the northeast, the Lake rriine on the northwest,
the Preston on the east, the Hope No..
2 aiid Silver-King on the south. The
main lode or vein commonly known as
the "Crescent" lead has been traced
by open cuts across the Canadian, the
shaft being located about the centre o*
the claim. a
No work has been done on the Coro,
lying to the south,, as the surface is
covered with, wash, but the veins on
the Silver King and Silver Cloud head
in that direction. The formation consists of granitic rocks covered in places
by' metamorphosed rock, " which ■ has
been much altered in eruption. The
Canadian is also , traversed east .and
west by a .vein which has been opened
up on the Preston and disclosed high
grade ore.' ,
There, is an abundant supply of
excellent mining timber on the.Coro.,,
The members .of the s-yndicate tha
bonded the group are Lord Arthur
Rainey, Dr.' Kingston,' J. *W. McCallum,' W. J. Cook, Dr. Northrop,
Chas. Brogden, R. • Mcintosh, • W. J..
ford, ,of Grand Forks, and W, A.
Harkin, Greenwood.
The Last "Chance", the adjoining
piine, is the largest shipper in Skylark
camp,and. the'Crescent,a"soa neighbor
with 70 tons of ore on the dump, will
resume operations shortly.
city rouicit
Business Transactfeti^Utvliiii
augural Meeting 'Holiday
Occasion was a Joint Installation of
Phoenix and Greenwood Aeries.
The joint installation of the officers
of Greenwood "Aerie No. 308, and
Phoenix • Aerie No. 158, Fraternal
Order of Eagles; took place here Monday night, the 9th inst. J. W. Nelson,
D.^?D. -G. -M.- officiated. --At -the conclusion of theceremonies ,the -Eagles,
also including 35 brethren, from Phoenix, sat down to an enjoyable banquet.
The'distiict grand .officers are.: D. D.
G. M., J. W. Nelson?;. Grand Worthy
Chaplain, ,H. Ready;. Vice-President,
G. Mercer.; Inside Guard,,Mr. Brewer;
Outside Guard,s^r? McDonaldj Secretary. Mr ,;Mack;./Treasurer,?Mr. -,-Mc-
Kay.; ■ T^-':.' '."\" ? ';'.'"■ ■■■'■'"■"- - -'■ '■■
, The officers of Greenwood Aerie are
as follows : Worthy President,, E. J.
Carter; Vice-President, Fred Munn;
Chaplian, Ola Lofstad;Secretary, Fred
B. Holmes; Tieasurer, R. G. C. White;
Conductor, A. W. Young; Inside
Guard, Geo.'Wellwood; Outside Guard,
S. M. Alghren;' Trustees, H. B. Madden, J. McCreath, P. McDonald.
Phoenix Aerie:. Worthy President,
D. Docksteader; .Vice-President, Ed.
Brown; Chaplain, Lester Walter; Secretary, M. H. Roy; Treasurer, G. W.
McAuliffe; Trustees, Tames Marshal,
T. Collins and Wm. Docksteader.
J, Frank Fouche, the talanted American dramatic artist, will give an
entertainment in'the Auditorium, Monday evening, the 23rd inst. ' The proceeds will be applied to a fund for the
public school library Speaking of his
ability an exchange says: "Prof.
Fouche, wh6 had the leading role of
the evening is a polished and most
accomplished impersonator and elocutionist, and whether in. imposing and
majestic selections from Shakespear
eau masterpieces, or in lighter and
humorous veins, thoroughly pleased
and entertained the people.
:-.: *:■:
Provincial Government Requested to.
Appoint Licence Commissioners.
The new city council held its inaug-,
ural meeting Monday night^. when i =
Mayor Naden" and • Aid. Caulfield,
Bunting, Mcintosh, Parker; McNeil
and Smailes were sworn in by Police
Magistrate Hallett.
Mayor Naden after taking the chair'   '
delivered a   brief   address reviewing*
the municipal outlook  for  the coming,"
year, and announced the appointment
of the following standing committees":'- '■"'
Finance:—Aid. Caulfield,(chairman),:1
Aid. Smailes, and McNeil.
Street:—Aid. Parker (chairman),
Aid. Mcintosh and Smailes. '"
Water:—Aid. Bunting (chairman),
Aid. Parker and Caulfield.  *     / . * •
,Fire and . Light:-r-Ald.j , Mplntoshu.,,
(chairman), Aid. Bunting and McNeil.
Cemetery and Pound:'—Aid."', Mc-.--
Intush (chairman), Aid. Caulfield, and •'
Parker. -
.Board,   of    Health:—Aid.    Smailes.,.-
(chairman), Ald^McNeil. and Bunting...,,
--iOn--in-:otion?-(-)ft,.Al{'»' Par-ker^he city. '-.-•
treasurer was authorized -to pay the
following accounts:   Boundary Creek
Times, $39.50; S. A. Grierson,S3.50;
A communication from the mayor of   •
Toronto asking for the endorsation of \'
a   petition requesting   legislition   in .
favor of municipalities controlling the
erection  of telephone  lines, and asking the Dominion government to take
over the control orlong distance te!e-
phone lines, was read. !  •  '   : ;
On motion of Aid. Caulfield, second-   •..
ed by  Aid.  Smailes,  the mayor and
city clerk were authorized to sign the
petition. -
Moved by Aid. Caulfield, seconded
by Aid. Smailes, that the city clerk be
iustructed to write the lientenant-
governor-in-council asking him to
appoint the police and license coin-
missioners for the city of Greenwood.
Prior to the swearing in ceremony,
the retiring council met and adopted
t;ie minutes of the previous meeting.
Mayor Naden expressed regret • at' the .
retirement of Aid. McKenzie, paying
a high tribute to his services. Mr. -
McKenzie made a brief reply.
Chamberlain's   Coueh   Remedy? th
Best  Made.
"In my opinion Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy is the best made for colds-'"   •
says Mrs. Cora Walker, of Porterville,
California. There is no doubt about its
being the best.    No other will cure a
cold so quickly.     No other is so sure a>-"
preventative of pneumonia.   No others-
is so pleasant and safe to take. . These
are good reasons why it should be preferred to any other.     The fact is that
few people are satisfied with any other
aftor   having once used  this remedy.
For sale by all druggists.
The Pacific . lunch counter will be
open day and night after Sat. January
21st. *
Rev. J. B. Bowell, bursar of Columbian Methodist College, Ne,w "Westminister, was a visitor here this week,
the guest of Rev. J. D. P. Knox. He
is making a tour of the Kootenays for
the purpose of drawing attention to the
educational facilities afforded by. the
Institution, and incidentally of soliciting aid from members of the Methodist church. The college has done a
noteworthy work during the past
thirteen years. It is affiliated with the
University of Toronto and provides a
four years art course. Curriculum also
embraces these courses of study: Col-
ligiate, four years; ladies' collegiate
course; theological, music, art, commercial as well as a course for teachers'certificates of all grades.
For Rent—Three roomed furnished
house.   Apply at this office, BOUNDARY   GREEK   TIMES  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.*', I  /.   H.   HALLET   .  .:    BAKItlSTHK,   SOI.ICITOIC,  .-   ���' -,.-?' Notary -Public.  C-ji-iK Address :       hallett."  Coo'lKS  Hertford M'Neiirs  Moreinir & Meal's.  Leiler's.        .. ���",-...  GftEc-Nwooa,   ft,   c.  McLEOD & BROWN  IUkkisteks and Soucitoks,  NOTAKIKS������PUBUC,   ETC  Utticeis: Wallace-Miller block. Copper stretsL,  y ���  lire-tin wood, B.C.  J. "I*. Hkow.n.    '      ���; j J. 1*. McLaon.  4,  E. ASHCROFT.  Dominion and  Provincial  Land Surveyor.  .. ���   fining and Engineering Surveys..  Residence:   Church.St: ''Plume EU5,  - ,.V ..GREENWOOD, B. C.  ARTHUR M. WHITESIDE,  -;: j    y     BApRISTER and SOLICITOR  'Rendell Block,  '������ ���"-:     Greenwdpd'j; B-G  GHARLESAE.SHAW,  ...      .,..-. ..Cl.VIX, ENGINEER,  _   .    '. ,_  Dominion    ANMpROviNciAi.  '     IyAND; SURVEYOR? '���:  '  -  Office with Gaunce &, Wickwire.  , Telephone No. 32.  GREENWOOD,    .-      .-      ;      ;    fi?-C.  PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYOR  RICHARD. H. PARKINSON,  .   A. M. Can- Toe- C. E.  Surveyor and Civil Engineer.  Surveys  on  Kettle   River   and   West  Fork promptly attended to at  regular  prices.  Address :   FAIRVIEW' P.' O., B, C  00<K>CK*HXH>0^<><KK>0<KX>00<>0<>a<7  l 0.  We M Your Inspection  ,   When in Need of .  ���inBrMaaaajaaaaH>ajaHaaairHaiaMB^^^BHnaHHaBBaa|BXMHr^^M.^aaB  BLANK BOOKS,  STATIONERY,  OFFICE SUPPLIES,  WAfcL PAPER, *,  .    CHINA AND  FANCY   GOOD!',  :   CIGARS AND  TOBACCOS.  COLES & FRITH  <K>0OOO0<>0O<><XK><XK>0<)<>CH>0O<K>  0  0  8  0  o  o  9  o  0  0  0  o  o  0  ,0  .8  o  She  -  Boundary Creel Times  -Issued every Triday ,  - OCNCAJJ-ROSS - .Manac'ixs -Edjios.  .SUBSCRIPTIONS .IN ADVANCE.'  ' Pkk Yea* ..'. .'.! .'          2 00  Six Months _  L25  To Porkirn Countries  2 SO '  FRIDAY JANUARY   20 1005  A PROGRESSIVE.-; COMPANY  The affairs " of the' Montreal and Boston Consolidated Copper company -were  never in a more healthy condition:" It is worthy ofr note that  the fears of the. quid nun'cs, following the suspension of Munroe  & Munroe, the New York  brokers, who had been handliua:  the company's stock, have���-iot  been realised. The. Montreal &  Boston in 'the opinion of people  best able to judge possesses the  best self-contained,, mining- proposition in the Boundary district.  It draws ore from half a dozen of  ���its. own properties, several of  which, tonnage considered, carry  higher uniform values than those  of, its big rivals. We, need only  instance the character of the ore  that is available in the glory  holes of the Athelstan mine and  Jackpot fraction. Then again  the Montreal & Boston is in the  fortunate position that it has in  the Sunset mine  mine enormous  reserves of self-fluxing ores, ren-  'lering the purchase of custom  ores uii necessary. Without resorting to shaft mining the Rawhide, another of its propositions,  is now producing a daily tonnage  of 350 tons, an output which can  be quadrupled should circumstances require. The Brooklyn  and- Stemwinder group, owned by.  the same company, with further  development, will, it is said, rival  the Granby mines in magnitude,  aud are already credited by no  less an authority than Dr. Le  Doux, the eminent New York  metallurgist, with carrying  values of one dollar more per ton  than any other group in Phoenix  camp. It is now producing a  daily tonnage of 350 tons. The  company's smelter at Boundary  Falls, operating two furnaces, is  treating 715 tons daily. Another  furnace .will be in blast at an  early date. It. is obvious that the  output of the company's mines is  restricted to the capacity of the  existin g smelter facilities, which  already..rival the capacity of the  Granby .plant of four years ago.  If eastern people were as conversant with the merits of the Montreal & Boston proposition as  residents of this district the company's stock would be closely held  at a much higher figure.    ���  normal increase in the world's  consumption now exceeds one  hundred million pounds annually.  An American correspondent is  quoted as saying that the United  States mills will need .from ten  to" fifteen million bushels . of  wheat from farming sources to  keep their, mills for export running until the crop of 1905 comes  in. If this production should be  realized the wheat will have to  come from Canada and will effect  prices to the advantage of the  Canadian wheat grower. A year  ago a Liverpool writer ventured  the assertion that the United  States would soon cease to be an  exporter of wheat. The idea  was scouted yet the late events  have .brought the thought of this  saying home .with surprising  force. Last year saw wheat imports into the United States of  6,852-bushels. . This is a beginning, but only a beginning. The  American . press, discussing the  reduction in the area under fall  wheat in the United States,  views the situation with no little  aeprehension. The New York  Evening Post, a well informed  journ al,--makes-this-comment-:���  "Fortunately there is a large area of  virgin soil still left in Manitoba and  the Northwestern Provinces, and  many believe that the time is not far  distant when we will be obliged to import more freely from that quarter. It  has even been predicted that the Treasury Department will finally be com  pelled to greatly reduce the import  duty, if not ultimately abolish it altogether. It is needless to say that our  farmers will oppose such a step with  great vigor, so that il may tane a long  while to bring about any noteworthy  modification. "  . Copper continues to advance in  price. The past year has been  more prosperous in the copper  trade than the season preceding,  which was in turn a decided improvement upon 1902, and 1905  promises to be even better, from  the standpoint of the producing  interests. The rate of increase  in the consumption of the leading  metals, and also of coal, averages  .very closely to six and one half  per cent, compounded annually,  but copper and nickel are in  excess of this percentage. Contrary fo the generally, accepted  impression, the electrical demand for copper is not the  principal source of consumption,  the engineering trades taking at  least half of the total output.  Great as are the amounts being  invested in new copper mining  enterprises in various parts of  the world, the work is beinsr  undertaken none too  soon.    The  The .'provincial- socialists at  their recent convention in Vancouver decided to extend their  propaganda to all parts of the  Dominion. They have two representatives in the local house.  These members submitted a report  of the legislation they had been  instrumental in passing. The  report must have been cold comfort to the McBride administration whose tenure of power is  now more precarious th an ever.  Its authors with admirable frankness declared that the struggles  of the liberals and conservatives  were of little real interest to  them beyond serving to give the  socialist party vantage ground to  fight' for .concessions for the  wording classes. ,  The promptness with which  the last payment;, of $20,000 on  account of the purchase of the  Athelstan mine, was made, furnishes convincing proof of the  financial stability of the Montreal and Boston Consolidated  Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd.  Better still, the money was received by Greenwood citizens.  WATCHES  C LOCKS  JEWELRY  'Watch Repairing a Specialty  !��#"''Remember a guarantee ���  is given with all our work.  EWELLERS  GREENWOOD.  MfffmmiiiiifflfflMMmtimmifflii  DUNN���ARCHIBALD  The home of Mr. and Mrs. 'Archibald was the scene of a pleasing event  oh Wednesday afternoon this week  w.hen , their daughter Lizzie May, was  united in marriage to Mr. J. H. Dunn,  of Eholt. After the ceremony was  performed by the Rev. M D McKee of  the Presbyterian church, the happy  couple amidst the kindest expressions  of well wishes for future happiness,  took the train for Eholt where their  home will be for the present. Mrs.  Dunn is one who.will be missed from  this community and so leaves here  followed by the good wishes of her  many friends.  The-St. Andrew's society of Grand  Forks will hold its second annual banquet at the Yale Hotel Wednesday  night next on the occasion of the  Burns anniversary. D, D. Munro and  K. W. McLellan are superintending  the making of the haggies.  Chamberlain's Cough  Remedy Absolutely Harmless.  The fault of giving children medicine containing injurious substances is  sometimes more disastrous than the  disease from which they are suffering  Every mother should know that Cham,  berlain's Cough Remedy is perfectly,  safe fcr children to take. It contains  nothing harmful and for coughs, colds,  and-croups-is unsurpassed.-���For-sale  by all druggists.  jm&Bawm^^^  We stock over 30 varieties of  Dining Tables  Here is one in Elm, gloss finis';,  extending to 6 feet  ��U  \#^���J**** -"  PRICE   ^JQ Each  Extending to 8 feet $12.00 each.  We make at our own factory a  very strong, serviceable Fit-  Dining Table which  extends  to  6 feet,.price $6.00 each.  For higher grades see catalogue  cIf you haveut a copy send for it,  it costs you only a post card.  Mention Thib Paper When Writing  i^gflffi   BOUNDARY   VALLEY    LODGE  ���^w^*" No. 3 8, I. O. 0. F.  Meets every  Tuesday Evening at 8 00 in the  I. O. O. F. Hall.    A cordial inri tation is ex  tended to all sojourning brethern.  W. El,son Fred B. Eodmes.  N. G. Rec.-Sec.  M MATIISON   DENTIST  Opposite Post Office  GREEHWOOD  -  -  B G  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  -^  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  ���S  CF*  CF*  CF*  �����*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  �� ��  of Montreal.  Capital, all paid up, $14,000,000;        Rest ..$10,000,000:  President,   Lokd Stkathcona and Mount Royai.,  Vice-President:   Hon. George A. Drtjmmond.  General Manag-er :   E. S  Clouston.  Branches in London, Eng. Jcme^V'caiai} New York, Chicago.  Buy and sell Sterling- Exchange and Cable Transfers ; Grant Commercial an  Travellers-' Credits, available in any part'of the world.  Greenwood Branch,    W. F. PROCTOR, Manager.  **=5  *=D  *=D  **=��>  H  H  H  H  *=��*  **=5  H  *=9  *=D  *=!*  H  ���*=0  7immMm^mmmmmi3sms3m333mmz  m  i  The  Phoenix Fire Assur-)  ance Co. of London, Eng*.'  REPRESENTING  Real  ]ty  ty  'ty'  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  GEORGE   R.  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ���*  ty  ty  ty  .ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  Liverpool and London and \  G-lobe Insurance Company.  I The British' America As-  1 surance Co.,; of Toronto. ���  'The    Caandian    Birkbeck)  \ In-vestment   and Savings  'Co.  �����  NADEN  MANAGER  ty ty ty* itytynty ty ty ttytyttyty ty ty ty> tynty ass  ANK OF COMMERCE  _��_ With_ WhiCu-*s -Amalgamated ��   THE BANK OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE: TORONTO.  Paid-up capital .". $   8,700,000  Rest     "3,500,000  Aggregate resources (30 Nov. 1903) over    83,000,000'-  London Office. M      ���   .   . Wm. Gray      I .���*-.*  60 Lombard St. E. C. New York Agency     �� B. Walker 1 Aeents-  16 EXCHANGE PLACE.  In addition the Bank lias 107 branches and ag-encicR in Canada aud tli    United  State's,  iiu'.lndinp the followirin in British Columbia and the Yukon Territory.  ATUN. -*:RI-T*NWOOD, NANAIMO, VANCOUVER,  CRANHRCOK,        KA1MLOOPS. NELSON. VICTORIA,-  DAWSON, LADYSMITH, .   N.WESTMINSTER, WHITE*HORSE,  E'ERNI-E. ��� ���    ���  f   ,-  Branches In the United States: :  NEW YORK;      SAN FRANCISCO.       PORTLAND,      SEATTLE,     SKAGWAY^  Deposits received, excliainrej-bou-rht  and sold and every description of   tanking-  business lransactedl GREENWOOD BRANCH,  W. ALLISON, Manager.  NORWICH UNION   -   -   - Established 1797  HARTFORD -   - Established 1794  AETNA        -        -      -   Established 1819  Insurance Co. of N.America, Established 1792  CALENDOMAN -        Established 1805  SUN - - -    Established 1710  FOR RATES APPLY TO  agents; BOUNDARY 'OMEEK   flME&j  mining wim? Protest  Assessment Commission Hears Strong  OWections to 2 "per cent Tax.  The assessment commission in session at Victoria has heard a great deal  of- testimony respecting the hardship  ofithe'two per cent mineral tax on low  grade copper propositions. The en-  dorBation "of the tax by Byron While  would. ;-carry weight if if Mr.  White pretended to have spoken for  the Bbnhdary mining-- industry. - Mr.  White is a silver:lead mine owner and  is-not'farniliar with local conditions.  He can Well afford to view the tax in a  favorable light considering that his  propositions- are high grade ones  whoBe!; lead products earn a large  -bCunty from the Liberal government.  C. A. Gait, of Rossland, gave answerable arguments against the  beariM6*.,:.of this -legislation as it  affectfed low-grade mines.  ���Reading a review of the situation,he  p'bint'edfirutthat t"P,.,to 1896 the taxation -of mines was as real estate. It  was then that the system was altered  and a> tax imposed-upon, the output of  the mines. Up to that time the mines  in: operation were largely high grade  properties: The tax worked against  low grade ores. It became prohibitive  as - the. grade .got low. Referring to  the acquiescence of Messrs. White and  Cavanaugh with tha working of the  tax,?h*e.kaid it might be that in certain  instance's this tax did not work oppressively, but this was not the case  with-really low grade ores. In 1898  there were about 20 mines paying  dividends. These had been reduced to  a very-small number now.  With reference to a substitute for the  2'*per'.'ceri't.<-'tax,'-Mrl Gait suggested :  First, the reduction to 1 per cent as at  first. ' Second, abolish the mineral tax  altogether. ''The" Indirect pro6t in renewed activity in mining would recompense this. -Third, the levying of  a tax- on the net annual income.  Fourth, the collection of a uniform tax  of $10 on all claims. In support of  th;s Mr. Gait pointed out that instead  of.the-assessment' work being-put at  $100, it might better be ��50. Then the  amount would be paid rather than the  practical' ,. wasting/ of the money in  having-the work done on the. claim.  Fifth,''amend the law to exempt pay  roll from tax. Sixth, abolish the  mineral tax and adopt Australasian  form of tax on mineral lands.  Mines paid indirectly an enormous  /taxation. Rossland existed by the  mines there. All the taxes paid there  were practically paid by the mines  there The War Eagle aud Centre  Star took about $4,000 a cay out of the  mine's, and but a very small portion of  that found its way to the shareholders  in dividends. He personally approved  of removing taxation altogether from  the mines. ���  J. J. Campbell, business manager of  the Hall Mining and Smelting Company at Nelson, was then called. Mr.  Campbell * said - the points which he  wished to bring to the attention of tlie  commission were: The siiiellt-r was  _ taxefron'-Jlaut'-fuel supplies and fluxes  ores and metallurgical output. If edny  ditto us were more settled in -British  Columbia a customs smelter would follow conditions on the continent and  make contract:, accordingly, but ihe  mining industry-was in a struggling  coridition,' not being able to always  get out?ores? ���-;The_V; vvere counelle'd to  carry a; stock-;and get out ores wheii-  ever;?they''.were?sent them. As a con  veiiience to th'e mining industry they  carried stock oif.$150,000, and it was a  hardship to have to pay a tax on that  after -paying' the ,two per cent lax  which was intended to cover everything. So"few mines made profits the  smelters were compelled for the past  four.'years to do business without a  profit.'-,He had. the annual reports  With hiiti to substantiate it. The pay-  irig'oGin additional tax on ore which  .Happened'''to' be in'the smelter's hands  was.a hardship. If a merchant bought  a $5,000 stock he had it to manage and  develop. ��� It was different with a  Smelter's stock, as no charge was made  in relation to the value of the ore. The  smelting business should really be put  in a. class-'by itself, and he cited the  case of the Emma mine, which had  been acquired by the smelter. This  minfjpayi'ng the two per cent tax, the  .smelter would also be taxed on its ores.  Oiily a .portion of the mine was o\vne<"  by'his company, the other portion being owned; by the B. C. copper Company. ' Thus "both companies were  paying the two per cent tax,though  neither owned the mine absolutely.  The treasons ..which have weighed in  exernpting.merchants from more than  one 'tax should also be applied to the  smeltihg^business- As things worked  "the large;.opexator was favored if the  smelter- also owned the mine. The  principle of.equity should be applied  to.the smelter company   getting  ores  from a number of small mines. ,As a  .-suggestion, he would say that the assessor should value the smelter and  plant in a lump sum and cutout the  complications.  Mr. ��� Tatlow' interpreted Mr. Camp-  hell's suggestion to be that smelter  taxation should be placed nnder a  separate system altogether.  Mr. Campbell agreed to this.  Replying to the chairman, Mr.  Campbell explained the technicalities  of smelting in its phases as bearing on  the taxation question.  Replying to Mr. Ker, Mr. Campbell  said one poiut-was that the smelter  .should not be assessed for ore carried  in stock. There was a difference be  tween the smelter stock and the merchant's stock, as the higher the value  of the ore the more the smelter lost.  Contracted Chronic Diarrhoea While  in the Philippines?  "While with the U. S. Army in the  Philippines, I contracted chronic  diarrhoea? I suffered severely from  this terrible disease for over three  yea**s and tried the prescriptions of  numerous physicians, but found nothing that did me any good until I tried  Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and  Diarrhoea Remedy, two small bottles  of which entirely cured me and I have  since had no return of the disease."���  Herman Stein, 212 N. Union Ave.,  Pueblo, Colorado, For sale by all  i.rug-gists  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  COB NATION Mineral Claim, situa'te in tlie  Greenwood Mining* Division of Yale District" Where located: In Providence  camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, T. H Patterson,  "Free Miner's Certificate No. B85690 for  srlf and as administrator for a Ferpruson, Free  "Miners Certificate No. B85G8'*, and as agent for  ir. V. Fuller, Free Miners Certificata No. B8058l>  intend sixty daj's from the date hereof.to apply  to tlie Mininir recorder for a ceriificate'of Irii  proveineins, foi the pi-rpose of obtaining a  Crown  Grant of the above claim,  And further talce notice  that action,   undei  section 37, must "be commenced before the issuance of snali certilicate of improvements.  Dated this 2nd day of December. A.D. 1994.  T. H. PATER SON.  Made big enough for a big  man to work in with comfort.  -Has-more-material-in-it_than_  any other brand of shirt in  Canada. Made on the?  H.B.K. scale it requires 2>9rA  to 42 yards per dozen, whereas  common shirts have only 33  to '33 j'ards:  That's the reason why the  H.B.K. "Big" Shirt never  chafes the armpits, is never  tight at the neck "or wristbands, is always loose, full  and comfortable and wears  well.,  Each shirt bears a liny book  that tells the whole history  of the " Big" Shirt, and  also contains a notarial  declaration that the H.B.K.  "Big" Shirt contains 39^  to 42 yards of material per  dozen.  Sold at all dealers but only  with this brand:-1���  HUDSON BAY KNITTING CO.  Comfortable Living  WITH A  Chathamlricubator  Poultry raising with a Chatham  Incubator is a very profitable and  easily managed occupation. Unless  3-.011 want to go into it extensively it.  need talce but very little of your time.  Government reports- show that the  demand for chickens in Canada is  greatiy in excess of the supply and  Great Britain is always clamoring  for more. " That means a steady  market, and good prices for chickens.  You cannot raise chickens successfully with a setting hen. She is wasting time setting when she should be  laying-. While she is hatching and  brooding a lew chickens she could be  laying five or six dozen eggs. The  . per'cen I ag-e of chickens she hatches is  much less than that produced by the  Chatham Incubator:  It will pay you to own a Chatham  Incubator.  Chatham Incubators contain every  improvement of importance in Incubator construction that has been produced. They are made of thoroughly  seasoned wood, with two walls, case  within case. Between these walls  mineral wool is packed forming the  very best insulation. Each piece of  the case is mortised and grooved and  screwed; making the whole as solid  as a rock. Chatham Incubators are  equipped with scientifically perfect  regulators which are an infallible  means of regulating the temperature.  No cash to pay until  October, 1905.  We will start you raising' poultry  for profit with a Chatham Incubator  without one cent of money from you  until next Fall. That means that you  can take off seven or eight hatches  and make considerable money out of  the Incubator before the first payment  becomes due.  We couldn't make this offer if we  were not certain that if you accept it  you "will get complete satisfaction, if  we were not positive that the Chatham  Incubator will pay you a handsome  yearly income.  This is a straightforward offer. We  make it to show our supreme confidence in the Chatham Incubator. We  want yon to accept this offer as we  are sure of the satisfaction our Incubator will give. Every machine we  have put out so far has made other  sales in the same neighborhood.  Bur offer is to send you a Chatham  Incubator at once, freight prepaid by  us without one cent of cash from you.  You make your first payment in  October, 1905. The balance to be paid  In October, 1906, or if a Gash Buyer  you get it cheaper. Oould any offer  be fairer or more generous ?  Smith FAi.r.?, Ovr., NovoihIkt 19th, WM.  ThoIiiciib-itorniHl Ilnto'ler llmt I linutrlit from your  scent, on time. I wihh now to i>:iy Hit; whole amount  this fall, if you will irive mc :i disannul. I am very  niiieh-i)leftS!?(Lwith_l��'��tli IiiiM��liitor_;inil J'rooder. ana_  would not,lie villi'.'it tli'-in, lia-ausi' I olenreil this  season, more than tin1 lnmhr.lor nwl llrooilcr cost ma.  Yours respft'trully.  MHS. W. IIVSLOP.  Write us to-day for full particulars  of our offer and mention this paper.  Don't put it aside for another time as  this special proposition may be withdrawn at any time.  THE MANSON CAMPBELL CO., Limited  Depti2l7chnthnm, Ont.  MAMIFACTUKKRS OP  Chatham Faimlm: Mills nnd  (Miatlmm Farm Scaler  uiSTitiBimxr; waiieiiousks at  Xlontrcnl, Qui*., l'.nmdmi, Mini.. Calpary. Alta..  Kev WYsimiiHt,"!-. H.C., Ilaliftix, N.3.  ���'AiTOKIKS AT  Chatham, inn., mid Detroit. Mich. 13  THE  Luxury  of a  BATH...  :.:,ftV?j*fcfg��aSft^v--  \   t'-V.^JV^1.''''"-.���-'  <���/" *���/"* <*^*  Jt*\f ��"%/���*>%*  AND  Ea  PLUMBER  0. S. FLOYD. Proprietor.  PURE  MILK- AND CREAM  Delivered Daily to any part  of th^ city.  11  RAILWAY.  '.The only nil rail route between points east  west and south to Kosslaml, Nelson, Grand  Forks and Republic.  Buffet'cars run between Spokane and North-  port.  Effective June 14th, M0"*.  Leave  - 8:45 a. ni.  10:40 a.m.  7:20 a. m.  10:35 a. m.  8:30 a. m.  Spokane  Rossland  ���Nelson  Grand Forks  Republic  Arrive  6:15 p. m.  4:35 p. m.  7:20 p. m.  4:00 p. m  6:15 p. ni.  In Connection With  GREAT :  NORTHERN  RAILWAY  ond Hot Waier in 90 seconds  IM REACH 0**- EVERYONE.  See the wonderful YOHO  WATER HEATER, the latest  invention, at  Hunter-Kendrick Co.,  LIMITED.  Sole Agents.   Greenwood. B., C.  TICKETS All To POINTS  SHORT  LINE TO  ST.   PAUL,    DULUTH,    NnNNEA  POIvIS, CHICAGO and ALL TOINTS  EAST. SEATTLE, TACOM/ VICTORIA, PORTLAND and all tACIFIC  COAST POINTS.  Through Palnce and Tourist Sleepers.  Dining  and  Buffet Smoking-Library  c:ir.'  2 Fast Trains Daiiy 2  For rates, folders and full information regardiui** trips, call on or address- a- agent-of-tlie-S.-E..��&_N._Rail-L  way, or  H. A. Jackso.nt, H. Brandt,  G. P. & P. A., C. P. & T   A. .  Spokane 7sl W Riverside Ave  Wash. Spolciine. Wash  CANADIAN  ...RAILWAY...  LOWEST RATES  BEST TIME    -  EAST  TORONTO  MONTREAL  NEW YORK  MARTIME PRONINCES  NEW ENGLAND  NOTICE OF FORFEITURE.  TO Robert Henry Berg-man and Frederic W.  Metallic, or.to anv'persons to whom they  may have trans-fered tlieir-.res-pi'ctive iii-  teiesis in the "X.ast Chance" and "Nc.'y Oro  Pino" Mineral Claims, situate in tiie  Greenwood Miitlii-r Division of Yal.- District.  YOU are herein- notified that I have expended the stun of S133.33 (one hundred  and thirty three dollars nnd.thirty tlm-e centsl  for assessment work on 'alwiva ineiitioii'ed  claims.such beinu* required and necessary to  hold the same for 11m year uiKliiiir 2lst J tine,  1104. under the ti.ovii-ioiis of Hie.Mnietal Act  ami Amending- Act=. and il al Pie expiration of  ninety days fro.i. the. dale of the firsl publication'of "this noticfi in the "JSoundary Creek  'rimes'' yon fail or refuse lo contribute..\ our  portion of such ex pen (lit uie. namely S25.nO due  by you R >bcrt Henry Hei*(rni*ul and S20.4') due.  by you Ereilerio W. Mckuini:. leiir��tlicr with all  costs of advenisiiiir, your i|ilc��'sis in said  mineral claims ' shall ' bocoiiin vested 'iii me  (your co-ownerjuin in lilinirin Hie- uropur office  Iii llmt behalf ihe alFiciavil reiiulivd by section  4 of the ������Mineral Act AmeiiiliiH'nt Ac1 twin."  Daled litis 7th il:iv of Nnvemhor. !"(.  MARIAN AT WOOD.  I.asl i��suc Fi-b. 7. ���  Notice of Forfeiture.  To ANDREW IIA��� U 11/1*0>;. or to any person  or persons to whom lie may have transfered  his interis-ils in I lie IIKHA V UAXIl'2 and  TWIN minerarclaims situate at Summit  Camp iu the Greenwood Milling Division of  Yale District.     ,  YOU are hereby nolified that'we have expended the sunt of S2nl)00 for worlc on the  above mentioned claims and SS.00 for recording  he same for an assessment on r>acli, siitdt be-  ujr required and necessary to hold the said  claims for the year endi it)/ the 3rd day of September, 19(14, uiicUt tlie provisions of the Mineral Act and A iViciidim; Acls: a*id if at the  expiration of ninety days from the date of  first publication of this notice in the Uoundary  CreeK* Times, you Fail or refuse to contribute  your portion of such expenditure namely, 508 33  tofrether with all costs'of arWortisinir your interests in said mineral claims shall become invested iu us (yotirctwi'i nersl upon filing iu the  pioper oflice in tliat behalf the affidavit required by Section-'4 of tlie "Mineral Act  Amending Act. 1900."  Dated this!2nd dav of December, 1904.  THOMAS KERMEEN  THOMAS COR Kill 01..  MINERAL ACT,  Certificate of Improvements-  NOTICE.  "Teutonic Fractional" Mineral Claim, situate  in the Greenwood Miiiluir-Divisioii of Yale  District.     Where  localed:     In   Deadwood  camp, adjoiniiifr the "Emerald"' claim.  TAKE NOTICE tliat- we,- Jobu W. Frost.  Free Minor's Certificate Mo. B80.141' and  M. McMynn, Free Miner's Certificate No.  B85,502, intend, sixty days fro'iii the date hereof,  to apply to the Briiiinj.' Kecorder for a certificate of 'Improvements, for the purpose of oh-  taiiiiiifr a crown ��-raiit of the above claim  And  further tal-e notice that action, under ���  section 37, nutst'br.t'O'i ineticed-beforu the issn-  anceof rucli Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 7th clay of October.A.D. 1904.  '.    ��� ���* ������* John >V. 1-kost.  M. McMynn.  WEST  VANCOUVER  VICTORIA,  SEATTLE  CALIFORNIA POINTS  UNEQUALLED PASSENGER SERVICE  Standard and tourist sleepers, couches  aud dinitiy cars.     ,  TOURIST SLEEPER SERVICE1  \XT*C,Crr Leave   Kevelstokc,   Monduy, Wed-  ���VV��i01 m>sday,   Thursday,   Saturday, for  Seattle and Vancouver.  "J7 A C'T" Leave  Duiisinorc Jet.  for_T.irn.iilo,  CtJ\Oi. Wednesday and Sunday  real,   Monday aud  Friday.  day.   .  ATLANTIC STEAMSHIP AGENCY  Through bookings to and from Great  Hritian and the continent.  For Mont.  For Boston  Hri-  For  rates,  folders,   and  tickets apply  to local agents or to  K. R. REDPATH,   Agent,  GREENWOOD,  B. C.  MINERAL ACT  Certificate of Imrtfovements.  N0T1CX,_       '-     '  "Boston-," "'St: ��ouis"a'nd "-Toronto" ���'Mineral  Claims,   situate  in the Green wood 'Miiiinj,'  Division of YaleDistrict.    Where located  On Cranberry creel;.  TAKE NOTICE that I. A. E. Ashcroft. acting- as acent for John NT.; Grcdeii, Free  Miner's Certificate No. K80547,' intend, sixty  days from the date hereof, io apply to the Mining- Recorder for a Certilicate of.f mprovenicnls  foi "the purpose oF obtain!iifr a Crown Rraut of  the above claims.  And further talce  notice thai action,  under  section 37,   must   be  commenced   before    the  issuance of such  Certificateof Improvements.  Dated this 1st day.if October, A. D.. 1904.  ALBERT E. ASHCROFT, F.L.S.  "MINBRAL ACT  *iS%.     "*  Certificate of Improvements  ���NOTICE.  "SLATE FORMATION" "Mineral Claim, situate in ihe Greenwood IMiniuir IJivision of  YaleDistrict- AVlicre located: In Smith s  camp.  TAKE NOTICE tliat I, Isaac H. Hallett. as  airent for Kcnuetli C. B. Frith, l'ree  Miner's Certilicate, JNo. MS5b2'), intend sixty  davs from the date hereof, lo apply to the Mining- Recorder for aCertil'n-ateof I niiJioviMiieuis,  for the purpose of oblaini n ir a Crown (Srantof  the above claim.  And further lake  notice llial   action,   under  section   o7r~nui|-iC���be-coniiiienceii - iiefore - the -  issuance   of    such     Certilicate    ol    Improvements.  Dated this 21st day of December. A. D-. 1TO4.  1. 11. HALLETT.  ���OTNE.KAL AC?.  ���   Cei1''."iiuti.-of. Improvement.-  XOTIC1C.  ���'Manie" Mineral Claini siluate in Grecinv-io'd  MiniiiL"- Division of Yale DUtrict. Where  localed:    On Hoisestme Mountain.  TAKE NOTICK that wc, N. E. Peterson,  Free Millers'Certill��ate,No. 1JS5.6X8 S. T.  Larson, Free Miner's f.'crtUicate. Mo. BS6,32l\  and M. T. McMynn, Free Miner's Certificate  No. 1185.502, iiiKMKl, sixlv days from'the date'  hereof, to apply to llic Minintr Recorder tor a  i crtificate of Improvements for the purpose of  obiaiuiiu   it Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further talce in.lice that action, under  section 37, must lie commenced ticfo-e the issuance of such cert! lie a to of improvements.  Dated this 20tli day of September A. D. l'XH.  N. E. I'liTKI'SON  S. T. Lakskn  M.T.McMvss.  S.BARRY YUILL  E. J. COYLE,  A.G P.A. Vancouver  J. S. CATER,  PRACTICAL      WATCHMAKER      'AND,  JEWELLER.  D.p.A.Noisou.   All work guaranteed    GREENWOOD. BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES  &  AUDITOR'S STATEMENT FOR THE YEAR 1904  General Revenue Account, January 1st to December 31st. 1904.  To fire department expense S  .   Police department expense -  ���Street sprinkling '  . ..   General expense, including salary  of bandmaster   Office expense            Leg-sil expenses   Interest and discount   Charity   Advertising and,stationery '  Street repairs unci  maintenance..  Fire and light,' city hall -.   Board of health   Street lighting   School expense   Expenses re tax sale... '..   Depreciation written off���  Isolation hospital   71 15  Street improvement      2,842 90  Property account  39 25  Municipal building-!*........        779 30  Bonus account        710 00  Cemetery        178 90  Fire department        441 70  City band .'.       ���   20 25  School build ing         607 15   j $  Balance   transferred   to   city   of  Greenwood account , ?  2,216 26  303 25  232 00  944 52  1,360 00  625 00  775 S3  10 00  258 70  1,970 64  284 55  397 50  1,272 00  1,786 93  239 25  5,690 60  1,317 33  $ 19,666 33  By gross amount of taxes collectable  ��� for general   purposes as per  tax roll $ 9,789 85  Less   allowance  to persons  who  paid prior to October 31st         813 60  Profit on waterworks (gross)     3 775 77  Less depreciation. 5 per cent         1,425 40   -S  Interest  collected   on   arrears of  general taxes   Trade licenses ;   Liquor licenses    Dog tax..   Road tax    8,976 25  2,350 37  1,139 96  1,120 75  5,755 00  200 00  124 00  Tax Statement, December 31st, 1904.  si'EcrAi, fAxics, '98, '99, and 1900.  1904  Jan. 1    To balance owing....S     969 03  By cash paid during year.....  Balance due.   ��     969 03  SI'KCIAI,  tax, 1901.  Jan. 1, 1904  To balance owing ..-..$  1,874 57  ���$���' 1,874 57  SI-BCIAI,   TAX,  1902.  By cash paid during; year..-.,.;  Balance due   ��� ���.������..'������������...������>;  .$     499 02-  ..   ���    470 0T  $     969 03.  ;$,;|,293^0>  .:-. .1 581 37?  ���''$��� l;,874-*s��  Jan.1, 1904  To balance owing    ''. $ 4,499 05  By cash paid during year..  Balance due   .$3,664-90  ;. :     834 15  5 4,499 05  SPKCIAI? TAX, 1903.  Jan.\,1904  To   balance owing...  Receipts and Expenditure Account. January 1st to December 31st, 190-4.  To cash on hand, general :........ ...S     193 70  cash on hand, in bank        364 37  cash on hand, debenture in. acct       130 51  cash  on deposit,   sinking  fund  account  9  Water consumers   .    Special tax '93,'99, 1900  .... 499 02  General'tax '98, '99, 1900   874 76  Special tax 1901  1,293 20  General tax 1901.....? :....... 2,159 01  Special tax 1902 ....:.. ..;.'.'���- ... 3,664 90  General tax 1902  4,395 40  Special tax 1903............-; ......:..: 4,246 00  ���    General tax 1903........  4,629 75  Special tax 1904...:....  4,605 20  General tax 1904 ............:................. 4,211 45  Interest on special taxes........  -920 86  Interest on general taxes...:..  1,139 96  ,,-':-���-A-..i"./' '..-.??'.; .���������3  Sundry persons ��for .-water con-    .  :  nections.. ���....;...,?........:...;....  .   Trades Licenses...?...?..���.....?...............  . Liquor Licenses :d.-. J.....:-���.---'-���  Dog tax   ...............;:......   ..i....^....--  Road tax;...; ....'...���.'..:���:���.   ���    Sundryjl receipts .....:.,....-;........ .... ���  Government   per   capita' grant  for schools :...... ?..���'.:........................  City band    : ......:...:..... :...........;.  Receipts re tax sale .........  , ���..?  Interest   allowed   by   bank   on  ';-.'���     sinking; fund... ...........;.:...       :  $       688 58  8,334 86.  3,177 00  32.639 51  162 50  1,120 75  . 5,755 00  200 00  124 00  33,00  1,114 15  ���200 00  325 85  184; 40  $ 54,05960  By Street improvements  Water worl* s capital  .Purchase of Si4,60 0debentures  Bank of  Montteal, hypothecation Loan  Bank of Montreal loan account  Bills payable, Sisters' hospital  note.:.....   Debenture interest account, including interest on hypothecation loan   Maintenance of water works  Maintenance of fire department  Maintenance police department  General expense, including band  master's salary..  Office'expense . .. .   .  Charity........  ?���������   Street repairs, and maintenance  Fire aad light, city haLl  Board of Health  .Donations, to city band  Street lighting ...  '������     Expense re tax sale  -    School expense    . ...  ���   School building  Advertising and stationery  "'���'' ^Interest and discount  A Legal expense  Fire department.capital account  '.Cash, on hand, general  Gash on hand, in bank, general  Cash on hand, in bank, Debenture interest account  Cash on deposit, siuking fund  account...      ....  S 19,666 33  51 2*>  537 80  12,400 00  7,000 00  8.000 00  1,000 00  5,671 49  493 98  1,919 26  278 25  944 52  1,360 00  10 00  1,524 43  254 55  379 50  231 25  1,272 00  565 10  2,805 08  347 10  258 70  775 83  625 00  391 76  403 95  1,915 49  1,045 32  3,364 76  1,597 99  5 54,059 60  Balance Sheet, December 31st, 1P04-.  ISABEL-TIES.   :   '  Debentures issued��� ' '���������''���.'  25,000 at 92 :.. .;.... $23,000 00 A-  ���'���' 30.000 at 101......;.........?���...;.;............... 30,300 00  : 15,000 at 101...  15,150.00  3,600 at par bonus tc B.C. Copper Co  3,600 00  5,000 at96 ? A.......  4'800 00     ;  78,600 .     ,   $76,850 00  Less debentures redeemed ���  5,000 at90  .. S 4,500  1,000 at 90.... ���       900  10,000 at 85  '8,500 ,   =__ "     3,600 for.... _. ^   3,000.  19,60tT" ���     7r^^~^^^^^^^^16',900-^^^Ti-^  _  ��� ���$ 59,950 00  59,000  Bank of Montreal, hypothecation of ?������,���;  debenture account  '8,000 00  Debenture interest accrued to December 31st, but not payable  till due  1,683 00  Salaries for December *_  434 00  Special   revenue   account,   sinking ���       .  fund..    :  21,305 40  City of Greenwood account,   being '���".���'  excessof assets over liabilities 43,396 48  '     ���   .'���' $134,769 88  ASSETS.  Cash on hand, general  Cash in bank, general  Cash in bank, special .  ...$     403 95  ..     1,915 49  1,045 32  Cash on deposit, sinking fund acc't  Taxes in  arrears���  '98?'99, 1900   T901 . ;....:        .   .  1902..       ...  1903       .   .  , 1904   Sundry persons for water rent  Sundry debtors.  ^StreetHmprovements��� - ...  Waterworks...   Cemetery  ...    Isclation hospital ,  City map  :. .'.-...'!   Fire department ���..   City band.   Municipal buildings     School b lildtrig :   Bonus account '..:..;   3,364 76  1,597 99  1,241 44  1,572 58  1,839 90  1,867 40  9,133 60   S  15,654 92  ,  438 75  19 79  54.517-31  27,083 36  3,400 64  " 640 60  375 25  3,975 36  182 00  7,013 60  11,535 55  , 4,970 00  $134,769 88  This  Balance  Sheet is true and correct and shows the true financial position of the City on December 31st, 1904"  W.   E.   HODGES,  Chartered Accountant,  Auditor.  Spscial Revenue Account, January 1st to December 31st, 1904-  To Debenture Interest for tlie year  for debentures issued and  hypothecation   account.   Amount required for sinking  fund as per by laws   Balance   5,073 64  3,321 23  1,684 39  3  10.079 26  By gross amount of special  taxes  collectable as per roll..   For Debenture interest....3  5,659 30  For Sinking fund       3,314 70   S    8,974 00  Interest   collected   on   special  taxes  920 86  Interest   allowed   by bank   on  sinking fund.  184 40  S  10,079 26  MINERAL ACT  Certificati* of Improvements.  NOTICK.  "Pa'adora" and "Suinmercst" Mineral Claims,  situate in the Osoyoos Mining- Division of  YaleDistrict. Where located: T-ivom.les  east of Kettle River and one mi lc north of  Fire Valley Cr ek.  TAKE NOTICE that I. Joint B. Old.  Free. Miner's Cerliiicate, No. R 836+7.  acting- as a-reiit for Arthur H. Old, Free  Miner's Certificate Xo. RS3MS. and Wni.  H. Pac-e. Free miner's Certificate No. BS3649.  intend, s.xtj- days ironi tlie dale hereof io  apply to the Mining Kceonlcr for ji Certilicate  of Improvements for tho pnrjioseol obtaining  a Crown Grunts of the above claims  And further take nolice that anion, under  section 37. must be commence*! before the issuance of snch Certificates of Improvements.  Dated ;hi�� 12th day of January .A. D., *905.  JOHN B. OLD. Tire Galley, B.C.  MINERAL ACT  C&nificate of Improvements.  "Meadow View- No. 2" Mineral Claim, situate  in the Osoyoos Minintr Division of Yale  District. Where located: One mile nortli  of Fire Vallev Creek and four miles east of  Kettle River.  TAKE NOTICE that I, John B. Old actinjr  atfeut for myself Free Miner's Certilicate  No. Ii 836+7. intend sixty days from the date  hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a  Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of  obtaininp a Crown Grant of the above claim.  Ar:d futther take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 12th day of January. A. D. 1905.  JOHN B. OLD, Fire Valley, B. C.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  "Globe" Mineral Claims, situated iu the Greenwood Mining Division of Yale District.  Wherelocated:    [n Deadwood camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, C. JR. Sliaw. aye.it  for William Law, Free Miner's Certificate No B80518, and John Gray. Free  Miner's Certificate No. B8.J551, intend sixty-  days from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Kecorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  Gram of tlie above claim.  And further take notice that action,  under  section 37, must be commenced before the is-  suaiicerf'f such Certificateof Improvements.  Dated this 2)th dav of December A D. 1904.  C. &��� SHAW, P.L.S.  ,S 5.M0 35  By cash paid during ye'af.::'::.  Balance due..:.-:.?. ....'^''ii..  Jan. 1, 1904  To amount collectable as per  $ 5,140 85  SPKCIAL  TAX,  1904.  Jan. 1,1904  $ 4,499 05  ..$ -4;ij4fc-W  io ?-;i-894 --33  tax roll  Jan. 1, 1904.  To balance owing'  Jan. 1, 1904.  To balance owiiip*  Jan.1,1904.  To balance owiii"-  Jan. 1, 1904.  To balance o win if  S  3,974 00  By cash paid during- year...  Balancedue           S  8,974 00  GKNKRAL TAX,   '98,   '99,  AND  1900  $ 4,60520  .    4,368 8C  $  8,974 00  $ 1,646 19  S 1,646 19  GENERAL TAX,   1901  By cash paid during* year.' . $ u '&?* 76  Balancedue.'   ...���..-?. "���'.   ?��� 77143  ll   *. *. C. i   ,^-r-���k r-  lV.   <$. 1,646 1��  S 3,150 22  By cash paid during year . . $ 2,159 01  Balance owing. .. 991 21  ���5 3,150 22  GENE1--VL TAX,   1902  $ 3,150 22  S 5,401 15  By cash paid during, year , .$���,4-395 40  Balance clue .    '   . , 1,005 75  S 5,401 15  CKNEKAL TAX,  1903  "     ''-' -"$ ;5,40f"l��  li'ik.* .,')' C"v        -     "?  1     d , f*     :". "'-f.  S 5.602 80  By cash paid during year.' $ 4,629 75  Balance due      . . '        973 05  S 5,602 80  CrRS-RRAL TAX,  1904  $ 5,602 80  Jan. 1, 1904.  To   amount   collectaole    for  general purposes ,ts per  tax roll .        S 9,789 85  ���5 9,789 85  TOTAL  AMOUNT OF   TAXES  IN  ARRKAItS  Special taxes  1898  '99, 1900             S 470 01  Special taxes 1901 581 37  do            1902 S34 15  do           1903 8<-*4 35  do           1904 4,368 80  By cash paid during y��ar   ..$ 4,211 45  Rebate allowed 'to   per-.. , o  sons  paying   pr.ior   to    ,   ���   ^.,. ���  October 31st        *...'.'     Sl3 "60  'Balance due  '4,764 80'  *���. :_;  $ 9,789-85  General taxes 1898  '99, 1900. $     771 43  General taxes 1901       991 21  do 1902    1,005 75  do 1903"     973 05  do 1904    4.764 80  -S 7,148 68  -S 8,506 24  S 15,654 92  -���*i  ' \  Greenwood, B. C.\' Jad. 9th, 1905  To the Mayor and ArvDEK-MFN, '      ' '  Corporation of the City of Gieenwood.   Gi'NTUS-Mi'N :���I-have-etaunned���the books_atid_vouchers^of_._the_ City  of  Greenwood tor the year and they are all in order and correct?" "  I herewith enclose Balance Sheel. receipts and expenditures account, general revenue account, special'revenue account and tax statement. . .'.'>,:  "' ��� The receipts and expenditure account shows'the actual;receipts.and disbursements of the city for the year and need no explanation..   (      . ?.?  "The general revenue account shows on the credit side the amount of taxes  levied for general purposes only, and the total revenue of the'city for-'general  purposes from  all sources, including the profit on the.waterworks'which.has  the city for the year (exclusive of debenture interest) and depreciation ori fiis'eid'-  assets ...,'. ?.v? ." '���?':���':?.';���>"!;. .������;;>:���-.'  The special revenue account shows on the credit side thearnouqt.levied?^?^ -  the  year for  debenture   interest  and  sinking fund, the interest collected*p'n'  arrears of special taxes .and the  amount allowed by the bank on .the sinking-  fund; on the debit side is  shown the  amount paid for debenture interest and  hypothecation account and the amount required by the by laws for sinking fund..  The balance sheet shows the liabilities of the city on December 31st to be  $59,000 for debentures issued, S8000 due the Bank of Montreal on hypothecation account and 82118 for sundries, in all 869,118 as against $100,290!85 on the  1st of January, which is a decrease of $31,172.85; against this there is-noV?:  only 51,597.99 in the siuking fund as $12,254.00 was taken out.during:the-year ,  to redeem debentures. ' ?.  '.V.?   -j'.     "'���'���i?-..  The amount which now, according to the by-laws;.shou'd be iii tlie sinkijig  fund is 318,005.26, but  S17.947 has been withdrawn during the;yeirVl903! ��*nti'v  "904 for  the redemption   of debentures  which would onlyTeaVe'a.'-baiaTic'e'of >  S"8.76 due'the sinking-fund.    As there is now S1,57Q.99 on de;po6it/itj>.thi-3-fund-;  there is a surplus in cash of Si,521 23 and in outstanding taxes belonging to the  sinking fund 32,638,48.  The item, special revenue account, sinking fund $21,305.40 appearing in-the  balance sheet amongst the liabilities is the total amouut of taxes levied by-the  city for sinking fund purposes since incorporation.  W.E.HODGES,  Chartered Accountant, -.-,..-  .'!*,... Audj.tor,.: ,  MINERAL, ACT 1896.  ���  Certificate of Improvement.  NOTICE.  "Xo. 12   Fractional"   mineral Plaint  situate in  the,("reenwood   Mining   Division   of   Yale  District.    Where   located:     Itl  Providence  emit p. v. .'*'"���  TAKE NOTICB that I. M. D. Schenclc.   Free  Miner's Certificate No. 1)55593 intend . sixtvdays  from the date  hereof,  to apply  tc  the -Mining-  Recorder fora Certi ficatu of Improvements, for  the purpose of olitaiiiiiiir a Crown tJrant ol the  above claim.  And .'iirther lake   notice   that  action, under  section 37. must be commenced before   the issuance of such Certificateof Improvements.  ')ated this 29th dav of Dec.  A. D.. 100".  Jul. D. SCHE^K.  MOTICE is hereby fe-iv6h tliat tUeTNtcola':''  Kamioops   and  Simillcamee'r::.Coal n.n$.  KaiUvav Company will'appiy tr>:the~Parll*i*-"'  ment of Canada, at tlieensuiuc Sessfe.n tliereof 4' ���_  for an Act declarintr that the sald?rb.rnpatiyis-,  and  has been since   its- Railway -was- by  3  Edward VII, C. 164, declared to- be a -work for  the general advantage of Canada, a Company  under the legislative jurisdiction of "the. ParT  liament of Canada, and authgj-Uing' the Company to construct and operate- in extensionof-  the Railway it is now authorized to construct,.  a Railway from Osoyoos Lake to a point at or''  ucartxraud Forks with power to connect with..-  the Vancouver, y.ictoria anrl. Eastern Railway,  at or near Grand Forks, arid-with-tUe Cislwmbii '  and Western Railway at or.near..^idway, and .  extendinir  the times limited' bj**-tlieJ*A'cStsTe- ���'  sooctiug- 'he Company for .the^cptrnnertcftmeulj,;  and completion  of its undertalfiiip,   and   for  other purposes. -���.--.      .-.: :!.'��t-.-.-^i. '������;���'..���.:>.r;. ';���,."  Dated at Toronto this 7th.day. of D.ecpmbar ..  1904. ���'    ���������-..:    -"';':   '-.-* ''-''''  H. S. OSEER, . ......  Solicitors for the Applicant, BOUNDARY   GREEK   TIMES.  The Ben Harrison mine at Chesaw,  Wash , is to erect a concentrator. ,  The Eucky Jim, a Slocan silver-lead  mine, has just paid a $10,000 dividend.  The Canadian GoldBlds syndicate  has declared a dividend of two cents a  share.  The Belcher mine, south of Curlew,  Wash., is shipping ore to the Granby  smelter.  The Skylark mine shipped a carload  of second grade ore to the Granby  smelter last week.  Tuesday waspay day. at the Elkhorn  and Providence mines. The monthly  payroll exceeds $6,000.  The output of the mines of the  Boundary district during the past five  years is estimated at $12,000,000.  The Similkameen Waterworks Co.,  capital $10,000, has been incorporated.  It will provide a'service at Hedley,B.C.  It is estimated that the total output  of gold by the whole.world for 1904  reached the enormous figures of $340,-  000,000.    ���The Sally mine, west fork of Kettle  river, shipped another carload of ore  from Midway to the Trail smelter this  week.  It is said that the Ironclad, Wellington camp, owned by Geo. Rumberger,  W. J. Porter and J. J. Farrell, will  shortly make a series of experimental  shipments.  After a brief shut down owing to  lack of electrical power, the second  furnace at' the B,' C. Copper, Co.'s  smelter was. blown in Monday.   .  pauy's property, at Chesaw, Wash.  This property is located four mile** be  low Chesaw and consists of four  claims���the King Solomon and Daisy  running east from the valley, up on  Copper Mountain and the plub Flush  and JEtna Fraction extending,.;west.  This company is composed principally  of Spokane men.  At present three coal drills are  working in the Nicola district: One  at the Diamond Vale Co's property,  and one each at Lumbuni lake and the  Coldwater. These properties are all  believed to contain a large area ot  coal and '.he drilling is to ascertain  the extent and' quality of it. First  class coking coal is known to be in  the Nicola but its extent has never  been defined some of the strata being  at great depth.  On Friday last the Montreal and  Boston Consolidated Copper Co., made  the second payment of $20,000 cash to  W. T. Hunter and Geo; Collins, of this  city, on account'of the purchase price  dl the Athelstan /-mine and Jack Pot  fraction in Wellington camp. This  brings the total payments todate to  $40,000.- One additional payment,  which is not due, has yet to be made.  The promptness with which theJMont-  real and- Boston company has met all  its payments is conclusive proof of the  financial'standing of its management  shipping 200 tons per day early this  spring. During the past few months  thie company also installed a 60 h p.  boiles, and erected a compressor building, boarding ahd bunk houses, etc.  Besides building a quarter of mile of  wagon road to the railway. The  group is Dwned by the Betts and Hesperus Mines Co., Ltd., of Chicago, the  officers being Chas. J. Magee, president; P. B. Fridkin, treasurer, and  John Clancy, secretary. The general  manager is T. H. Rea, an experienced  mining man, formerly of Rossland.  The enterprise] of the Chicago people  promises to be richly rewarded.  Rich ore was struck this week in the  shaft of the Paymaster fraction, near  Midway, now being developed by Geo.  R. Naden.  ..CAR OF NEW..  Surface work was started this week  on the Meadowlark claim, recently  bonded by. Mayor Naden on behalf of  Greenwood and outside parties.  M. S. ,L,ogan. .and J.-C.-'Moen', of the  Jtino mine, near Nelson,. B. C, were  here this week inspecting various properties in Skylark and Deadwood  camps. , -  The Slocan Star has contracted 2500  tons of zinc to the United States Zinc  company at Pueblo, Colo. ' It. will run  thirty-five per cent zinc. Three months  will be needed to ship it/    ��� ' {  J. M. Hagerty states that he now  has all the men at the Similkameen  falls that can work there to advantage  and that the plant will be installed  complete, ready to turn on the current  during the month of April. The Great  Northern officials want power to run a  large tunnel through Shanker Bend  just above the falls, and they, will  complete the road this year.- So many  strong assurances from so many different sources have been received/that  the Great Northern will build up.the  Similkameen this year that there is* a  littlcroom or reason left for doubting.  .And , at .last the great problem ' of-  transportation, which has so long retarded the advancement cf that section, is about tc be solved.  Three shifts are now employed at  the Bay mine in Skylark camp.' The  vein now averages two 'feet ,in." width  and ftee gold continues to occur in  the ore now being extracted. '  The second furnace at the Boundary  Falls smelter will,not be.blown in until  the completion  of the repairs to the  .Rawhide..Jxamway;,_recejitly damaged  by the surface quarrying dperetipns.  The development in progress at.the  Stem-winder mine, Phoenix, belong  ing to the Montreal.and Boston,��� Consolidated, will presently- enable the  mine to maintain an butputof 150 tuns  daily.  The Golden Eagle mine in Brown's  camp, north font of Kettle river, has  been bonded by a Spokane syndicate  organized by J. H. Fox and comprising  John Mcintosh and E C?Tousley. According to. the terms of the bond,  which is to run for 18 months, at least  $1,000 must be expended monthly in  development work. The. plant and  shaftiiouse were destroyed last summer by bush fires. It is the intention  of the Spokane; .syndicate to begin  operations, forthwith. A new boiler  will be installed. The Golden Eagle  several years ago made several carload-shipments to -the Granby and  Trail  smelters,   the  ore averaging $30  -per- ton The_shaftJextends_to a.depthj  of 150 feet and there are several hundred feet of drifting. The property is  owned 'by the Royal Victoria Gold  Mining Co..Etd., its principal shareholders being L,. S? Moulton Barrett,  of Greenwood, J. H. Fox, Spokane,  and Chris. Tobiassen, of Grand Forks  Just Received,  *  We have the very latest patterns  and styles in  DRESOERS COMODES  CHIFFIONERS SIDEBOARDS  KITCHEN, EXTENSION  and CENTRE TABLES  SECRETARIES FLAT and ROLL  TOP DESKS  New   Line   of   Rockers,   Kitchen,  Diners and Office Chairs,  wn  1 HUM  A. L. WHITE & CO , Props.  CH>0<>CK><>000000<K>000^>000<S<*K>Oi  H. BUNTING  CONTRACTOR  AND BUILDER  Dealer   in   Sash,   Doors,  Turned Work and  Inside Finish,  JEtc,  <?        ESTIMATES FURNISHED.        $  l GREENWOOD, ":   B. C. 1  $ $  OOOO OOO OOOOOOO OOOOOOOO oooo  *?��� sf j? af j*1 jf av j? so s? af a? a? af as- a? a*?  1S. A. Grierson 1  Tom McAuley, of Beaverdell,."j^est  Fork, was here this week. He says  there-are about 50men at work in the  . mines on the West Fork. The ship-  pers arethe.Sally and^Rarnbler. T*Ue  Carmi stamp mill is also (;in operation, jj  C. Scott Galloway and Malcolm  Nicholson, of this' city, have secured a  working bond and lease on the Noonday, a silver-lead proposition, near  Silverton. The Noonday was formerly a"'iwell known shipper. * De-  velopment work- is ndw in 'progress.  James Cronin, general- manager of  the St.., .Eugene- silver.mine- in East.  Kootenay, has accepted the general  managership of the War Eagle ;a;nd  Centre Star mines. Mr. Cronin is a  director of both companies. He succeeds E..'B: ���Kerby,'\>vhb recently n*e-  signed. '.-���'     .      ..  A three Rand drill compressor was  recently installed at the Betts and  Hesperus mine, "Hardy mountain,  Wellington camp. Two shifts are  .emploved. A, tunnel to tap the ore  body, and to gain a depth of 275 feet  from the old workings was started a  month ago. After going forty feet  the. men Contrary to expectation, struck  solid ore, *,vhich is at least 600 feet  from the main ore body. If this ore  should prove continuous the proposition will be another Granby or Mother  Eode. . /The company recently acquired  the 'Lancaster, M ?C. and Chicago  fraction, adding 50 acres to the group  and; affording, right, of way to th  Great Northern track along Fourth ot  July creek.    The intention   is to begin  PAINTER  *��  &  HOUSE  V. SIGN and  % ORNAMENTAL  m. Nice Stock of Wall  %* Pacer to choose from  if,  e.   Opposite the B. C. Hotel in Build-  f        ing formally occupied by the  * ,-. Postoffice.   Phone 15.  | Greenwood, B. C. ?  -**."ttf*3*r a*?* aff* a*?��? ��? a>��* sP ar? tf aP **?" af as* a<f��  %'  **  �����  ���f.  When  you can get .your eggs hatched! cheaper at the Midway Poul'ry Plant  than it costs you to run them in a small incubator.  Largest ftut.it of Incubators and toilers in tlie Boundirj'?  Specially Built  INCUBATOR   CELLARS.  Hatching and Brooding capacity 1000 Chicks Per jfloiith.  SEVERAL YEARS EXPERIENCE  SATISFACTION     GUARANTEED  Don't delny-.writing fur terms nnd  particulars to ���  B. C.  Made that resolution to begin the new  year right by buying your Meats, Fish,  Etc.  at  the   UNION   MEAT   MARKET.  ( Call  That's us  ���tt'v\/rfw\/*'W-A/vr''Vw-/\��^j*Vyvr/W  Prop.  Q.  v\r/,rV''\<w��'W*if  ^!!!?n?H?^???^H1H!tH?H?!???^Hn!m!!!!?!f?!H?n??!H^!!!???^  FIRE. LIFE <&  Insurance   1  J. G. LANG  �� ACCIDENT.... __  | STOCKS AND SHARES A SPECIALTY |  |^ LOCAL, AGENT FOR C.P./R. LANDS.  g  OPPOSITE POSTOFFICE.      GREENWOOD, B. C. ||  iaakaiuuaaaaaaaaaauaaiaaaaaauiaaaaaaaais:  1  DEALkJRS IN  ^i,  LINOLEUMS, ETC.  COPPER STREET,  ���'GREiSNWOOn.  .x^-^x******-***:^^^^  a * ����� * ���$..,_#a * ���;��� j^-a* ��*��s- *��ir!- ��������!*�������� a ��-s*_�� �� �� �� ����:�������� ��=* ��� _* �� * �� ��*_* ��ty*. ���> o * o  * " - '  -PROVINCIAL  ASSAYER  Specialties:   Checking   Smelter   Returns,    Concentration,   Cyanide    and  Amalgamation Tests.  GREENWOOD,  B. C.  The steam locomotive formerly used  for hauling slag at the B. C. Copper  Co.'s smelter, *will be u.tilized in 'hauling ore from the tunnel" at the Mother  Lode mine to the ore bins. The trol-  ley^. wrir.es in connection-r. ..-with tlie  electric^ locomotive ' \yhich' Will . -: be  utilized in conveying the slag from  the furnaces, have already aeen  strung.  .--- t\ .-.- - ���/-������ ;-\ .'.. .'   ~, '��� .      '- ..'   t. ., r .-  '.Work? is * soon to; be resttrned 'on the  Minnesota  Mining   &   Milling Com-  TEL  ERNEST J. CARTIER, Proprietor.  [Finest Furnished House in trie Boundary  Steam Heated. Lighted throughout with electric lights.  We offer special inducements to travellers as we have the  firiesf" Sample rooms in the cit/y.    Our  bar  excells  all others.  ��a$  DSOR CAFE  HARRY C0UTTS. Proprietor  ��������  EALS  AT ALL  HOURS  NIGHT OR DAY  Dining Room  in the   Windsor  Hotel���Everything  First-Class.  EUROPEAN  PLAN.  **���  ��  **  *  ���ft  *��  ��  ��  ��  ���a  it  *  a  a  *>  a  <�����-�� <t �����;��� ������������?�����;' o *s o ��������**�� ���* st*!-��*�������:��� ��:�������' ���c,<*4��*��ta<-e*��**��*��o***'��*>o*it*9 00o*��)on{nii-o  ���SUHJUS ���S-!'8SO*��*����'*S��*tn9'��a4!n9 ��������>���>*�� C'��O*��0O<��*��O��O��0a��<*��'O*>Sl<* OOffOOO****  o  o  0  ���a  o  <j  0  ��� V  ���>  ii  ���a  4*  ��  i*  *>  *>  0  ��  *  tk  �����  c  ���s  a  a  a  0  0  0  0  0  0  ^fj0-5^��#**i-io*i-*ia-jo*;*56*'>*����0o->00Sij0��*eeo0*00 0*0��o00aee��0oop  Greenwood,  B. C,  m BOUNDAHY   GREEK   TIMES.  GRIPS, TRUNKS & VALISES  ANY STYLE?    -..ANY QUANTITY  ANY   PRICE  NEWliST and LAiliST in SUIT CASES  A. L. WHITE & CO.  J    TOWN TOPICS   /(  C. M. Crouse, visHed Midway on  Wednesday.  The custom revenue here last month  was 51,955.99.  Rossland  winter   carnival   will   be  , held February'15th to 18th.  The Great Northern Express Co. has  opened an office at Phoenix.;  Ronald,C. Campbell-Johnson, M. E.  left last week for California.  Smith Curtis of Rossland was here  this week on mining business.;  Mrs. ;G. H/Fair/and.'son^'Master  Worthington, returned Tuesday .from  an extended visit to relatives at Colling wood, Ont.-  T. A.: Mclntyre.a'i-d J.'J.. Thompson  of Vancouver, -were recent visitors  here. Mr. Mclntyre is a brother of  Mrs. R..Mathison."   ....���'.  Alex. Robinson returned Wednesday  from Vancouver and Harrison Hot  Springs. , His^ f riends , are booming,  him fork senatorshi'p. :  Greenwood ^Miner's, Union  No.  22,  will-give a ball here .on March 17th.  Great preparations' w*"ill be made for  the event, which promises to be large-  /        ly attended.: ���-  For Sale���Baby buggy with runners  complete, in first class, c'oh.dition, also  canary bird and "cage. Apply at this  office or PO box 1, city.  A Great'Northern construction train  o        ran   into  a   hand  car  near   Danville,'  Wash., last Friday,  upsetting one of  the cars  and  killing  Michael   Kelly,  the conductor, of Hilliard, Wash.  The Ladies Philharmonic Quartette,  of Chicago, gave a very enjoyable  entertainment\in ��� the ;Auditorium on  Saturday. The various numbers vvere  heartily applauded by a good sized  audience.   .������;...  .- .,-��� ;���'   -.  C.'A. Des B.risay, rigtitof way agent  of the Great,Northern,.recently visited  New Westminster, and rumor has it  that his mission there was in connection with the extension of the line from  Midway to the coast.  The Knights of ;Pythias ;and Rath-  bone Sisters of Grand Forks, will give  a ball on Friday, February 14th. A  cordial invitation has been extended to  the Phoenix and Greenwood brethren.  Great preparations for the event are  being made.  -^**Prof:-';!"HepburilrWhoi=recentlT-con-"  ducted a dancing class here,- has skipped from Ver/uon after/letting in many  people there. He is ' now- in Snow-  homish, Wasli., and the Vernonites  will try through legal process, to recover the amounts owing them.  F. C. Gamble, engineer of the lands  and works department, Victoria, was  here last week on a regular tour of inspection. Accompanied by W. G-. McMynn, government agent, Mr. Gamble inspected the roads of this district,  proceeding west as far as Rock Creek.  Lind Creek was frozen   solid   during  the recent cold snap.  -   The new electric  slag  locomotive at  the local  smeller  was  given   its trial  run Tuesday.  The nup'inl.s of two popular voting  peu*ulc aro announced lo take place  nes I week.  James Findlay, of Calgary, arrived  last -week on a brief visit to Dr. Foster,  his brother-in-law.  The sinking of a new two. compartment shaft at the Em ma mine, Summit  camp, has just been started.  Chinese New Year is.approaching.  The racket in Chinatown will indicate  the date when it arrives.  J. M. Turnbull, of the Trail sm -Ium*  was here this   week   in order to negu-'  tiate ore contracts   with   various  high  grade shippers.  Joshua Bell, the colored man who  killed Annie Allen at Plu-cnix. on  August 12. with a pocket knife, was  hanged last Friday in the jail at Kamioops. He died game. He made no  statement. During his last night ou  earth Bell slept the sleep of an uu-  ���-roubled child. He made a. good  breakfast and maintained his courage,  while executioner Radcliffe pinioned  him. Sheriff Kermau, of Grand Forks,  was in- charge of the proceedings,  which passed off without a hitch  Fuller particulars have been given  regarding the scholarships presented  by A. C. Flumerfelt, president of the  British" American -Trust company of  Grand Forks, so that high school  pupils of British Columbia may have  an opportunity- to take up university  education. There are two scholarships, of two yeats each, their values  being S250 each per annum, or-551,000  altogether. The committee in charge  of the allotment is composed of Mr.  Justice Irving, Lieut.-Col. Gregory,  Superintendent Robinson and City  Superintendent Argue of Vancouver. .  A fatal accident occurred on the  Great Northern near DencHO,, Saturday  afternoon. While a construction train  was making the run from Phoenix to  Grand Forks, William Reeves, brake-  man,' attempted to go from the cars to  the engine to warm himself. He made  his Away <> without difficulty until he  reached the engine, which was headed  south and pushing the train in-front  of it; but in trying to reach the pilot  of the engine from the flat car he fell  to the track below, and had both legs'  cut pff. The train went two miles  farthenbefore Reeves was 'missed. He  died at Grand Forks three hours later.  He was forty-five years old and unmarried. Tne jury returned a verdict  of accidental death.  ' The Epworth League of the Methodist church held a very interesting  meeting last Monday evening, The  pastor presided and business of a  general nature was taken up, after  -which the officers were elected for the  ensuing term. The following are the  names of the officers for the term:  President, Mr. A. H. Clark, re elected;  Vace-Pres., Mr. W. E. Dynes; 2nd Vice-  Pres.,'Mr. P. Wells; 3rd Vice-Pres.,  "Miss���Green ^4th--^"^Vic"e-Pres"-f\r^HNliss;  Wright; Secretary, Mr. T. Webb,  Treasurer, Mr. T. Rowe; Organist;  Miss Dynes, re-elected. The executive met at 7:30 p. ni. on Wednesday  at the parsonage to draft the various  conimitlees and prepare the programme for the-;..term. The president occupied the chair and all present  entered heartily into the plans, and  arranged a very interesting programme. - The League is in a healthy condition and will no doubt do good work  in the future.  Tenders are to be asked for the  driving of -a 300-foot tunnel on the  Gold Bug group. Work will start  about Feb. 1st.  The local order of the Fraternal  Order.of Eagles, Greenwood Aerie No.  308, will give their first annual ball  on St. Valantines day,   February 1+th.  Thirteen hotels and two saloon  licences were granted Saturday for six  months by the licence board. The  Ottawa and Commercial did not ask  for renewals.  The dance at the Masonic hall last  Friday night proved to be a very enjoyable affair. Although the attendance was small, the sum realized will  form a good-sized nucleus for the am-  la-tlftnce fund. Credit is due Mrs. Geo:  Williams for her unselfish and devoted  labors in behalf of a worthy cause. It  is proposed to give another ball after  Lent and Mrs. Williams will have the  co-operation of the Miner's Union and  leading citizens.  At a' meeting of the school board  held-Monday afternoon, A. H. Scriven  of Vancouver, was appointed principal  of the Greenwood public school, Mr.  Scriven will asstime.hi'* new duties on  Feb. 1st. His salary was fixed at $100  per month. C. J. McArthur, chair-  presided. Fourteen applications for  the principalship, mostly from teachers at the coast, were received. The  appointment of Mr. Scriven was made  ou motion of S. M. Johnson, seconded  by H. L. Johnston. The hew principal  who is thirty years of age, comes very  highly recommended by clergymen  aud university- professors. He is a  graduate in arts'of the University of  Manatoba. and also took a two year's  supplimen.tary- course at McGill University. Prior to that time Mr.  Scriven enjoyed the benefit of a partial  course oE normal training in New  Brunswick. He .graduated with honors  in the general course at the University  of Manitoba. Mr. Scriven taught for  five years, three having been spent in  New Brunswick, and two at St. John's  school, "Winnipeg" Before adjourning  the school trustees ordered Queen  stoves for each class-room to supplement the existing heating facilities.  cellence of the menu and her proverbial graciousness and hospitality.  Mr. Hunter also dispensed good cheer  among the other guests of the hotel.  During the evening a number of vocal  and instrumental selections were rendered by Messrs. Pemberton and  Barrett.  The passenger service over the Great  Northern between Spokane and Phoenix will be started on Feb. 1st.  By the accidental slipping of his axe  Chas. Gilberson, of Ferry, Wash.,  served the veins and tendons of his  left wrist. He is at the local hospital,  with Dr. Oppenlieimer  in   attendance.  John Ingalls, employed on the night  shift at the local smelter, had his face  and eyes badly burned by an explosion  of matte last Friday night. He is  doing nicely at the* hospital. Dr.  Oppenlieimer is in attendance. This  is the third time Ingalls has been the  victim of accidents.  Magistrate McMynn this week  sentenced Tom Shalkato -30 days imprisonment in Nelson joil for assaulting John Shaika with an axe at Eholt.  The-Shakas-are C P R sectionmen.  The morning service in the Methodist church will be conducted by Mr.  Edgar Dynes. In Ihe evening the  pastor will preach his third sermon on  the Prodigal Son.  On Friday evening Feb. 3rd, a big  dance will be held in the Auditorium.  Music will be furnished by Greenwood  Orchestra of eight members. Tickets  $1. Further announcement next week.  Police Magistrate Hallett disposed  of the following cases this week:- Kid  McKoy of Phoenix, stealing a dog,  fined $20; Wm, Downey smashing a  door, fined $25; C. E. Farquharson,  peddling meat without a license, fined.  Two rinks from Greenwood will  leave Monday for Nelson to participate  in the seventh annual bonspiel of. the  Kootenay Curling Association. No. 1  rink will be made up as follows: McCreath, Falconer, Dill and Frith  (skip). The-other rink has not yet  been chosen.  Cured His Mother of Rheumatism.  "My mother has been a sufferer for  many years from rheumatism," say3  W. H. Howard of Husband, Pennsylvania. "At times she was unable to  move at all, while at all times walking  was painful. I presented herewith a  bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm and  after a few applications she decided it  was the most wonderful pain reliever  she had ever tried, in fact, she is never  without it now and is at. all times able  to walk. An occasional application of  Pain Balm keeps away the pain that  she was formerly troubled with," For  sale by all druggists.  ���t*  *x��<kk*>��x��x��x��x��X"X~x^^  A HAPPY'EVENT  W. T. Hunter- of this city gave a  dinner party at the Imperial last Friday night. His guests were H. T.  Pemberton, general manager of the  Montreal and Boston Consolidated  Copper Co., W. G. H. Belt, manager,  and Ii. S. Stowe, teller, respectively of  the local branch of the bank of B. N.  A., L. S. Moulton-Barrett. and the  Times man. The significance of the  event was realized when Mr. Hunter  made the announcement that the  Montreal and Boston Co., a few hours  beforehadma.de the second payment  of $20,000: dash tb h imself ,and associates on account of the sale of the  Athelstan mine and Jack Pot fraction.  After full justice had been down to the  appetizing menu, Mr. Pemberton pto-  ,posed the health of Mr. Hunter in a  few well chosen words. The host de-  live'ed an.eloquent reply in which he  paid  a high   tribute to  the integrity  and~^iTy^r?p7is^^f~��h^?"Montreanaird  Boston Co:, .and congratulated Mr.  Pemberton for the success achieved in  securing for 'the company the best  combination of properties' in' the  Boundary. Mr. Hunter also dwelt  upon the great possibilities-;of mining  in the Boundary. The toasts of the  M. &"B., arid the Bank of B. N. A.,  were also honored and evoked eloquent  replies from Mr. Pemberton and Mr.  Belt. The health of Mrs. Graham  was then proposed by Mr; Pemberton,  who  complimented, her upon   the ex-  mmmmmm^sm.  LINSEED  LICORICE  CIILORODYjVE  LESSENS  LOOSENS  CURES  ����R   WAY   OF   B0ING IT  You  buy a bottle of our Cough Cure and'if after  'taking six doses you are not satisfied that it is doing  your cough good, bring it back and we will give you  your money.  R9T   THAT   FAIR ?  THOMAS DRUG CO., Ltd.  x  4  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  WE ARE SATISFIED S  ARE  YO^?  Well the year has opened in a good healthy,. and we  rmay say brisk manner. We are. holding the reins  and will allow no stumbling--at least in the Drug  business.      Eternal   Vigilance   is   the Motto���and  we're ''it,"  Come in and allow us to show you our  Cough Remedy. This is the season for it.  x  X  X  X  t  X  X  X  X  X  T-  X-  *  *  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  2  WHITE BROS.  Dispensing  Chemists. GREENWOOD, B. C.   |  !'  Greenwood  .. RINK ������  | Is Now Open To The Public 1  X  t  "CohsideTab^ the"  rink this year, most notably the erection of a promenade with seats down one side?    It is now an enjoyment for the spectators as well  as   the  skaters  to visit this resort.  Open in Afternoon  from 2:40 to 4:30  Open in Evening  from 7:30 to 10  ce in Good Condition  >%.>>.x��^;.ck<*:-<*<~x��-x��:��x����x��*��>��:~:'<* <��x��x��x*<~>x<��xk*><��x<��x����x*��x*��:  Y  f  X  X  X  x  V  x  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  ?  Greenwood Liquor Co  WHOLESALE DEALERS IN  WINES, LIQUORS and CIGARS  Sole Agents for PABST FAMOUS BEER.  Build up Your System With Iron Brew  JAS. McCREATH, Prop-,   Greeenwood


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