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 m  '/'���to  VOL. 11  GREENWOOD, B.  C, FRIDAY, JUNE 14,  190:  o&stss��sssss^ties3issra3ssss33sssssse^o  "V_t)j��nj- ��� ��  PERFUMES,  NEW   ODORS NEW   GOODS  FLORAL GOLD ORE AM.  iALOUM   ROWDERS,  ' ��� ��� ������. *  i/IOLET WITOH HAZEL,  VIOLET  AMMONIA,  BATH   ROWDERS,  TOOTH   PREPARATIONS,  SPONGES, BRUSHES.  Of the B. C. Copper Co. Have  Gone East  VERY FAVORABLY IMPRESSED  With What They Saw of the Company's  Holdings in the Boundary and  With the Country.  and the district by the visit of  these gentlemen, who made their  task no perfunctory one, but a  thorough auditing of the resources whose administration they  are entrusted with.  MIDWAY AND VERNON  8  J - We have the Finest Goods  e .lines.  -Men's and Boys'  Furnishings  We have decided to clear orl our entire stock  of Men's'and B6}*s' Furnishings, to accom-  plish.our end quickly, we will reduce our  prices on these lines, to less than manufacturers prices.    Don't miss this  opportunity  of  purchasing first  class goods at discounts vary  rag from  Thirty to Sixty Per Cent/*   im^nrmiwwii ��� i      iwwnwMTWWirmniiM nr���T-���-1 ' '��� '     ��������������*-     i ��� i     ���!-����� ������  Remember :    Everything for men  and Boys  to wear at less than wholesale cost.  TERMS CASH.  Women's Goods  " Men? sTGoods"  C'joaP-'-'-ifii  i"  IN THE HANDS OF AN ��� INEXPHJRTENO-  ED PERSON. , IF THERE IS SOMETHING  WRONG WITH IT BRING ��� IT TO A  PRACTICAL WATCHMAKER. OUR  SPECIALTY IS WATCH REPAIRING.  0��RW��RKIS GUARANTEED  Copper Street  Greenwood  COPPER STREET  St:  GREENWOOD  After a week spent in the district, visiting the company's properties, under the guidance of Mr.  J. E. McAllister and Mr. Frederick Keffer, the officials of the  13. C. Copper company from New  York, returned east on Monday  last.  They spent a strenuous week  in camp, making a most careful  examination of the .company's  holdings aud of its modern smelting plant. From early morning  until late at night they ,put in  seven busy days, only laying off  long enough Saturday afternoon  to make a friendly visit to the  Dominion Copper company's mines  at Phoenix.  According to representations  made by Mr. Hoyt. the president,  Ihe visitors saw much more than  they had expected. At }he Mother  Lode they found a mine such'as  they had not dreamed of, and one  which took two severe days to  make anything:like an inspection  thereof, Their other mines',' notably those at Summit camp, and  the Lone Star, were a great surprise as well.  ' The knowledge of the mines  thus gained will supplement the  standing of the president in financial circles east to the doubtless  benefit of the company.  The president was delighted  with the new smelting plant here  and its management, ��� and was  altogether optimistic over the  situation.  There was one discordant note  only in the president's words in  our short interview, and that was  the high price of labor and of  the apparent insecurity of labor  contracts. But we do not choose  to take the gentleman too seriously on the matter of high  wages, for with the price of their  product ruling high? the: danger-  ,ous work of mining, is entitled  pay living wages. The accidents  at the local smelters last Saturday may have served to impress  the president- of the dangers attached to working in his industries.  ' The complaint that the stockholders had not yet received; any  ,diyidends__was. not^a^valid=one,  although true in a sense. During these years the company has  chosen to acquire new properties  and to so improve them that the  stock today commands a high  premium, and that in in'self is'"a  dividend.  Much the same would be the  complaint of a farmer who, instead of banking his money,  would investit in new lands.  lie takes  up a quarter  section  say,   and   from  its proceeds iu a  year   or   two    acquires   another  quarter.     From  the proceeds of  the half section in a few years he  acquires another half, and so on  until   the   end of   eight or  ten  years he has  mail}- hundreds of  acres of land, but no reiuty money.  Who would  take his complaint  seriously if he said fanning didn't  pay because, forsooth, he was not  laying up money.    He was doing,  instead,   what   he   believed   the  wiser course, securing more lands  and bringing  all to a high  state  of cultivation.   Just so, the B. C.  Copper company  may not  have  been paying dividends  in   these  years, but it has been  multiplying values by acquisition and development.  The visitors were delig-hted  with the country and the climate.  Had they had the time to meet  the people^ we doubt not they  would have'thought well of them  too.,  We feel sure that  nothing  but  good can   come  to  the  company  Ralph Smailes.of Seattle was in town  the first of the week hopeful as ever of  the ultimate issue of the Midway and  Vernon, but not in position to make  any disclosures at present. The old  Midway-Vernon guard has become  considerably scattered. ; Christopher  Wood iu Armstrong-, Robert Wood in  Beaverdell, Jas. Kerr in Idaho, Duncan  Mcintosh in Manitoba, Mr. Pope in  Africa and Mr. Smailes in Seattle.  The only elements in the concern  that remain stationary are the grade  between Midway and Rock Creek and  the beautiful West Fork country,  whose people kept waiting- all these  years, make a rather pathetic picture.  A CHAPTER OF ACCIDENTS  No. 40.  PAY ORE COLUMN  About IS men are working on the  Cariboo and the property is looking  very promising. ���  Portniann and Zurfiiish have built a  nice cabin on the Johannesburg and  have four men at work.  DEATH.IN A COAL  MINE  The Skylark and Providence, alone  of the high grades, are using steam.  The rest have installed electric plants.  The Gold Drop is getting ready for a  250-ton daily output.  The wagon road from the Lone Star;  has been put in shape and  shipments   >n% when  will be resumed.  The seven-drill  electric compressor  f-jr the Crescent is overdue.  Saturday afternoon recorded two accidents. The ambulance had barely  returned from conveying an injured  employee of the Dominion Copper  company to theSisters' Hospital when  it was summoned to the B. C. .Company's smelter.  At the Boundary Falls plant a workman by tne name of,Clark, stepping  off the charge car on the wrong side,  got jammed between the car and the  Hue He wedged in so tightly that the  car was lifted from the track. Several  ribs were crushed in and the hip bone  broken. ,  At the B. C. Smelter, a car ot ore  was dumped on-va' workman's leg,  severely bruising the same, but breaking no bones.  On Su in lay an Italian laborer at the  B.C company's smelter got his head  quite seriously hurt, and on Monday a  workman in the shops at the Mother  Lode, Marshall by name, sustained an  injury to his hand.  Another car of S125 ore is being  hauled at present from the Duncan at  Beaverdell, to the Canadian Pacific at  Midway. .  Al-:x Robinson has received word to  continue work on theGolconda, both in  the tunnel and from above.  Stnathcona, Alta., June 10.���Six  men are dead as the result of a fire  Saturday night over the mouth of the  Ross & Walters coal mine, west of this  city. The fire began in the engine  room among some waste, at about 11  o'clock.  Thedead: George Eamb, Newcastle-  on-Tyne; G. F. Tettley, Barrow-in-  Furness, Lancostine; T. E. Tepot,  Bretany, France; W. McLellan, Durham, England; Percy Harrington, Essex, England; Joseph Hardy, Newcas-  tle-on-Tyne.  The financial loss is S10,000, with no  insurance.  Five men were in the mine titnber-  the fire began; and George  Lamb, night foreman, went down to  warn them. The (lames spread with  great rapidity, and the' elevator over  the main shaft was soon ablaze- Lamb,  with his retreat cut off, endeavored to  climb the air shaft. He was successful,  but was horribly burned, and died yesterday afternoon. None of the men  got above ground.���Tlfe Province.  CITY PARK"NEEDED  Before it Is Too Late to Secure the Same  THE TIME IS OPPORTUNE  For the Acauisition of Lands on the  Flat that Could Be Made Into  a Beauty Spot.  SECESSION AND ITS ANTIDOTE  The Dominion CopperCo. has retired  S2C0,000 for its outstanding bonds out  of earnings. The estimated net earnings of the company is placed at S100,-  000 a mouth, now that the capacity has  been raised to 1,500 tons daily.  BLOWN IN  The Dominion Copper company blew  in its third furnace Monday last.   This  furnace is the largest in   the  province  and doubles the capacity of the plant  The local smelters  are 'row reducing  nearly 3000 tons per day,' and this will  be materially increased in a short time  by the putting  in  commission  of the  B. C. Company's third 600 ton furnace.  The smelters in   the Boundary now  have   a   daily   capacity  of  over 6000  when   all  are running  and. although  considerable  time   was    lost    by   the  Granby and Dominion during the coal  strike the year's output is bound to be  be an increase on last year.  The Boston News is authority for the  statement that M. M. Johnson, chief  engineer of the Dominion Copper Co.,  has been instructed by the board of  directors to prepare plans for au additional .1,500 ton a day capacity for the  local plant.  TALKED TOO MUCH  George Agnew of Rossland, thinks  that Rev. J. P. D. Knox talked too  much 'nnd, too libellously about him,  and has instituted a suit in the supreme  court against the; reverend gentleman  for sl-mder.  Mr. Agnew is a prominent member  of the Methodist church, and" until recently superintendent of the Sabbath  school. His pastor thinks that this  particular member of his church should  .not sell tobacco-lo minors -and others,  and do things which he claims to have  discovered the brother was doing.  WHY NOT?  All Ontario is divided into three  parts���Old Ontario, New Ontario and  the Rainy River and Thuneer Bay  country. * The dwellers in the Trans-  Superior region are in a stp.te of revolt,  and for several months have been holding meetings at which it has been seriously proposed that a new province  shall be carved out of the Rainy River  and Thunder Bay districts. It is a far  cry from tjie valley of the Rainy River  to Toronto, over 700 miles as the crow  fle3, and the members of the government in the Queen's park are only now  beginning to wonder'what all the noise  is about.���The Globe.  NATIONAL  IDEAS  HELP YOURSELF  We are interested enough in the  Boundary to be delighted to see anything that appears in the Times quot-:  ed by the coast papers, whether we are  credited with the same or not./. But at  the same time we do not like to see  the responsibility for the sanie shifted  to any other source.  In -our issue of May 31st, we had an  article comparing the Boundary and  Coeur d'Alene outputs for the first  seven years of their mining history.  The Vancouver World of June 7th  quotes the article in full but charges it  | up  to  Phoenix^c^n^p^dence..^Who.  "sinned ?    The World's correspondent  or the World's editorial staff.  At the meeting of the Montreal conference of the Methodist churches at  Gananoque recently, the stationing  committee recommended that the congregation in Megantic be united undei  the Presbyterian rule and those in  East Angus be united under Methodist  rule. The recommendation was adopted.  Why should not these two churches  draw.up a general agreement providing  for such union in all places in Canada  where small congregations think it  advisable? It would be a first step in  church union and it would enable many  self-sacrificing ministers to secure  larger, congregations and more adequate salaries. It would not be forced  union, but would only occur where both  congregations felt that something  would  be gained.���Canadian Courier.  HIGH SCHOOL EXAMINATIONS  JUST BURST  The Dominion Copper Co., should  take lessons from Harriman in the  manipulation of water. We do not  know that the company has tried to  handle it iu their stocks, but we understand that they made a flat failure in  their uew big water tank at Boundary  Falls. The water inside decided to  get out and to do so burst asunder the  big tank last Sunday and scattered  the timber around promiscuously.  ^^ E x a m i n a t i blTsT"f or~~en" t"ratice~ "to" 1 He  high school, for the district, will take  place next Monday, There are 21  candidates in all, 3 from Phoenix, 4  from Boundary Falls, 7 from Midway,  7 from Greenwood.  The examinations will be conducted  by Inspector J. D. Gillis, and will en.  gage about three days.  Hon. Frank Oliver, minister of the  interior, and therefore in. charge of all  immigration matters, has been talking  to the Canadian club of Edmonton, on  the treatment to be accorded to new  citizens. ' The immigrants from the  United States, Great: Britain and  Europe are welcome, but they must accept Canadian ideals and Canadian  ambitions. The Canadian clubs of the  country should take in the newcomers  and make enthusiastic citizens ofjthem.  These new citizens must- be impressed  with the fact that we do not want them  here to help build itp;>an.<.annex to the  United States nor a duplicate of the  conditions in Europe.  Hon. Mr. Oliver spoke frankly  and  freely, and  bacause  these  sentiments  are expressed by him they are particularly worthy of note.    Mr.   Oliver is a  thorough believer in the possibility of  building up on this  part  of the continent a civilization and a nation which  will be superior in many  ways  to any  others in the world. Hevholds the torch  high, and it is well that we  have leaders able and far-sighted  enough to  do  what he  seems  to  have  done  well on  this occasion.    A united Canada is not  sufficient; it must be  an  ideal Canada  as well.    If Canada's  national ideals,  morals arid, instituiions  are   not better  than those elsewhere, then she will not  have lived up to her opportunities. She  is the newest nation, and  she has the  experience of added centuries to guide  her as to   what   is. to  be desired, and  what to be avoided.    To do as  well as  Great Britain or as well as the  United  States is not  sufficient.    She jias/op-  poftu"nitiel^vti IchHih^e^oirntxies never  had. She has been born in a day when  order, equality and liberty have new  meanings. If her people realize these  advantages and press forward along  the right line, the world will freely and  gladly say, "Well done!"���Canadian  Courier.  THE SLAG PILE  FACTS AND FIGURES  fly a majority of 209, tho citizens of  Calgary passed a bv-law authorizing  the expenditure of S3I0.O00 for a  gravity water-level system. The voting was keen u,p to the last minute.  British Columbia's manufactured  products increased from 319,000,000 in  1901 to ?38,000,000 in 1900. While Canada as a whole made a gain of 50 per  cent, British Columbia made a gain of  100 per cent.  Smelters frequently decline to purchase the copper ore which contains  either bismuth, antimony, arsenic,  lead or zinc, because" the presence of  these alloys in copper lowers its conductivity. There are, howezer, smelters well enugh equipped to handle im  pure copper ores.  The carrying capacity of a 16 inch  diameter pipe, with a fall of 1 foot in  loo feet is 2,303 gallons of water per  minute.  OUTPUT OF  BOUNDARY ORES  On June 29th the Granby pays another dividend of S4O5,()0O which will  make a total of ��2,563,030 paid since  December, 1903.  Canaada's 22,000 miles of railway in  Canada in 1906 carried 28,000,000 passengers, 58,oi)0,()00 tons of freight, and  earned 8125,000,000.  CARD OF THANKS  ,The Pope brothers desire to extend  thanks to the many friends of their  late mother, for the kindness and attention shown in a trying hour.  The most explosive dust in mines is  that produced by coal arid shale, or  bind, the coal being that crumbling  from the sides of the roadways when  made in coal, or that shaken or blown  from trams, shale or bind falling from  roofs or sides, and becoming gradually  reduced to a tine mechanical mixture.  This, as it is stirred up, is carried with  the air, and deposited on sides and  roof. It is this fine dust tint is liable  to ignition.  Wages are rather low in Honduras,  where one American gold mining company is earning dividends of S!5,Olio  per month, and has already paid 52,-  487,500, or 165.8 per cent on its capitalization of SI,500,000. Miners earn 1  peso (about SOoents) perday;shovek*rs,  50 to 75 centavos (25 to 37;* cents): mechanics, 1.50 to 3 pesos (75 cents to  31.50); firemen, 1.50 pesos (75 cents);  blacksmiths, 1.50 to 3 pesos (75 cents to  SI.SO); titnbermen and carpenters, 2 to  2.50 pesos (51 to SI. 25).  For making brick it is not necessary  that clay be so pure.  The i.iiw gkadi* mines of the Boundary, which first began shipment in  1900, sending out 100,000 tons that  year, have been steadily increasing.  The 1906 shipments were 1,161,537 tons,  and tliat of 1907 will be a large gain  t hereon. _,  The men <*.kai>ks, up to the end of  1906, had in the past four years shipped  out over 10,000 tons with a value of  over 51,000,000.  Mines. Total to  LowCkahk. end 1906.  Snowshoe      102,466  Dciii Cop Co      400,000  B C Cop Co..  1,070,000  Granby   Cop Co... 3,000,000  High ciiaiik.  Tons  in 1907  26,570  61,627  90,713  201,432  When Greeuwood   was laid out  the ambition was to secure all the  town   lots possible.    Down   river  and up-river for a distance of over  a  mile  the  little square  stakes  were set, and  set 11 ui versa lly far  too close  tog-ether.    Twenty-five  feet between, they  ranged across  the flat, looking- in  the  days before the trees grew up again like  the   teeth   of a monstrous comb.  To each narrow strip  of ground  a large price  was  attached, and  as a result hundreds of them are  still   held   by  the townsite company  and   the Gauadian Pacific,  and of little present value. Scores  of -other lots lie here  and   there,  held by individuals, and  for sale  todav  at   a small percentage of  cost.  But with all this breadth of  land to stake out, and hold and  pay taxes on, no thought was  taken"' for a city park or recreation ground. Upon much of this  land a beautiful second growth  growth appears, and it would not  be an expensive undertaking today to lay the foundations fora  beautiful city park.  Greenwood is not always to'be  a town of its present proportions. -  It may not become a great city,  ���but.lit must inevitably grow into  A good,-.substantial one. It has  the conditions for such. Man  may materially assist*'these conditions and hurry its day.  ? We would suggest that one of  the wisest steps the city council  could make today would be to secure a city park and recreation  ground close in while values are  low. Between Government and.  Copper streets "are some beautiful  blocks entirely vacant.  We believe that the townsite  people, who are loaded with real  estate, would make a reasonable  donation to the city for such a  purpose, and we believe that the  Canadian Pacific would do likewise.  *��  If two adjoining blocks, close  in, were secured, the one for a  park and the other for a recreation ground, the value of adjacent holdings would appreciate  sufficiently-to these-large -holders  to offset their donation. The individual holdings here and there  in these two blocks could be  cheaply purchased now.  Of the advantages of parks  and recreation grounds arguments  are needless.  ? We beg to commend the scheme  to the city hall people, assured  that such a movement would meet  with public approval.  SET STAKES SUNDAY  Duncan    Prince  Henry...  Preston   Mavis   Don  Pedro   Crescent   Rambler   Bay   Strathmore   E PIT   Elkhorn    Skylark   Providence   Jewel   Riverside   Sally    18  15  20  40  '95  90  7(j  75  160  662  1.075  1.176  3,948  2.670  310  40  Roiu.ik,  June 5.���The sensation  of  the hour here is the discovery of iron  deposits   in   the. Boggy creek  district.  Roblin   men   were  the  first to locate  claims, but before they could -jet them  registered, information aabout   the deposits leaked out of  the  land   oflice at  DaupV. iu,   and   the   result   w.is that a  party of about a dozen men   from that  town and several prominent Wjmiipeg-  gers arrived in the divisional   superintendent's f-rivatecaron Saturday night  and   spent   all   day    Sunday   staking  claims nnd managed to get them registered in advance of the local men. The  matter is being taken up with the minister at < tttiwa and developments may  be expected later.  Another phase of the affair, and it i.s  ia serious one, is that the party   are all  going to be prosecuted under the Lord's  Day   Act   for   working on   Sunday.���  Free Press.  /a  20  204  620  90  40  Mr. W. S. Calvert. M. P., chief Liberal whip, states that there is no  ground for the impression which  seemed to prevail in some quarters  that there would be a genera", election  this year. "We gave our word to the  leader of the Opposition," he said  "that there would be another session  before dissolution, and it  holds good."  <i  j>  w TYrnmnrrrnttnimmT -��� r ~   a -* ^  K^'M'ft,'*'  THE   BO^HBARY   CREEK   TIMES.  CF*,  CF*  Cr*  Cp"<  Cr*  CF*  Cr*  CF*-  CF*-  Cr*  <F*  Cr*  Cr*  C=<  Q=*  ^i  o���'  (?=-���  Cr"**  G*-*  cP*"  t*-=*  Capital, all paid up, $14,400,000.        Rest $11,000,000.  UNDIVIDED   PROFITS   $422,689.98  Hon   President ���    Lokd Stkatiicona and Mount Royal, G. C. M. G.  President:    StK Geokgk A. Drummond, K.C. M. G.  Vice-President and General Manager :    E. S. Clodston,  Branches in London, Eng. {c^rt/ttU New York, Chicago.  Buy and sell Sterllntf Exchange aud Cable Transfers ; Grant Commercial au  Travellers' Credits, available in any part'of the world.  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT  Interest allowed at current rates.  Greenwood Branch,    W. F. PROCTOR, Manager.  ���**��  ���**��  >-"  *=2*  >=��)  PimMmmmmimimiiismiiimiimm  THE CANADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  Paid-up Capital,$10,00,000.   Reserve Fund, $5,000,000  HEAD OFFICE. TORONTO.  B   E   WALKER, President. AL,EX. LAIRD, General Manager.  H. H. MORRIS, Supt. Pacific Coast Branches.  BANK MONEY ORDERS  I88UEO AT THe FOLLOW1W1 RATES s  $S ��nd und��    3 ceasa  \ Over $5 and not exceeding $10    Scents  "   $\0       - a $30   19 cents  *��   $30      " * $30    *3 cents  These Orders are Payable at Par at any office in Canada of a Chartered Bank  '{Yukon excepted), and at the principal banking points in the United States.  NECO-TIABLE AT A FIXED RAYS AT  THE CANADIAN HANK OF COMMERCE, LONDON, ENG.  Tliey form an excellent method of remitting small sums of nioue-y  with safety and at small cost.  Savings Bank Department  Interest allowed on deposits from $1 upwards at current rates.  Greenwood Branch   -   -    -   -   J. T. BEATTIE Manager  Francisco. Tlie following- extract  from the Nichi Nichi, is worth  reading: "What we want are  not so many expressions of civilized sentiments, but one act of  efficient protection of the treaty  of Japan. The waste paper box-  is no destination for a treaty between Japan and the United  States."  Whisti-ikr true or false, instigated by mine owners or mine  workers, the story as told in detail by Orchard is a sickening  narrative. Fey? men have ever  held life so cheap, or told of its  taking with such nonchalance.  It's a great pity -that when the  court is .through with him as a  witness as to the guilt of others,  it might not be able to summarily  execute him ou the confession oi  his own guilt.  THE ORE TRAIN  <KKK><KKK><-��>CK-K>CK>0<>OOC>0-CKh��0-C*  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  /. H. HALLETT  Barrister, Soucitok,  Notary Ptblic  Cable Address:       " Haliett."  ( Bedford M'Neill's  Codes \ Moreinjr & Near*.  Greenwood, B. O.  The plot to wreck the automobile of Grand Duke Michael,  youngest brother of Emperor  Nicholas, did not succeed, to. the  regret of many Russians.  ! Leiber's  F. M. LAMB,  Provincial Land Surveyor.  Office with F. AV, McLaine.  Coppre Street. Greenwood, B. C  Millie' BOUNDARY   VALLEY   LODGE  "'^iinf^ No. 38,1.0. 0. F.  Meets every   Tuesday E-redins at 8 00 in the  I. ��. O. T*v Hall.    A. cordial fn-vi tation is ex  tended to all sojourning brelhern.  E.U.MORTIMER, E. ANDERSON,  N. G. Reo.-Sec  GlK  Boundary CreeR Times  Issued every fridav  Boundary Creek Priuting and Publishing  Co., Limited,  "subscriptions IN ADVANCE.  Pek Ykak...    2 ����  Six Months..... -  l 2s  To Forkion Countries.. 1 50  FRIDAY, JUNE 1-4 IWI  And now Sir Chas. Tupper  claims the honor for having been  the originator of the "all red''  route round the world. Surely  there must be merit in the scheme.  It is a common thing to hear  the ambitions of small towns derided, but a town with 2,000 people and a 20,000 club, is better  than a town of 20,000 people and  a 2,000 club.  Why should overworked train  crews be made responsible for accidents on a railway as a result  of such overwork? Are not the  employers the ones who ought to  be punished?  C. C. Hapton has a bulldog  valued at $1,000. Some of the  papers are publishing pictures cf  the dog. We wonder what value  the owner puts on the man that  takes care of the dog?  Wiiit.k we are not in favor of  too Puritanic a Sunday, we are  not iu favor of too continental a  one. Wc do not believe that people can be legislated into the  kingdom of heaven, but we do  believe that law can make conditions, favorable to a man's living  in accordance with the dictates of  his conscience. We think that  people may be safely allowed to  enjoy the Sabbath in rational  amusement, but at the same time  we feel that such should not needlessly offend those whose views  favor a strict observance; of the  Sabbath. These observations are  suggested by the somewhat boisterous passage through the town  last Sunday morning of some of  the'patrons of the ball game at  Midway. ,       ?  The Lewishons are planning to invest many millions in British Columbia and Alaska.  A. A. Wheeler is convinced that this  summer's developments in Kootenay's  oldest camp, Ainsworth, will be even  better than Inst year's, and that the  wealth even now in sight warrants a  belief in the permanent prosperity of  the camp.    The Guggenheims have by no means  abandoned their active operations in  the Cariboo country. Some little time  ago it was reported that this company  had practically abandoned all operations in that section, owing to their  dissatisfaction with the mining laws  and other troubles, From recent re  ports, however, it appears that the  company, so far from having quit, are  preparing to carry out their extensive  planson a scale even larger than be  fore.  The Oregon eight hour mining law  became'effective last week. It prescribes, among other things, that "all  miners working in any mine in the  state at or over a depth of 150 feet, or  over 200 feet in a tunnel, is entitled to  ah eight hour day," and that "failure  on the part of the mine owner, manager or superintendent to comply with  this law constitutes a misdemeanor,  punishable with a line of not less than  $50 nor more than S300, or by imprisonment of not less than 30 days not-  more than three months, and the courts  shall have discretion to impose both  fine and imprisonment."  CONTRACTOR  AND BUILDER  Dealer   in    Sash,   Doors,  Turned   Work  and  Inside Finish,  Etc,  ESTIMATES FURNISHED.   '  GREENWOOD,   :   B, C,  5 PHONE  65. O  0<*>0<>CH>CH-K><>000<>0<>0<*K-H>CK>0<-M-M>  To Employers of Labor:  Are you conversant with the Workmen's Compensation  Act. The only absolute protection offorded is a Liability Policy. The "OCEAN" Policies; (the largest  accident company in the world, with assets of over  Seven Million Dollars) provides a complete indemnity  against all liability, relieving you from! all responsibility, worry and trouble.  Frederic W. McLaine,  District Agent, Greenwood, B. C.  [���E&f.'fc-'-A  ii*.7i-'-..-.-i7  K*v*:.lS-'.-*  'axilSrszsj^  *-:~x-<��<-<~:-<��x*<~:~^  Y <f  WHO'S YOUR TAILOR?"  The  Compliment One  Man  Pays to  Another Man's Appearance.  When one gentleman asks another,  the address of his tailor the compliment  is not a concealed bouquet. The touch  of warmth and brightness in*the winter styles of the Semi-ready tailoring-,  supplemented . by the carefully expressed detail which appeals to men of  cultured taste, brings this question to  the patrons of Semi-Ready, "Who's  ��� your tailor?"  The answer is generally made by a  display of the front emblem of Semi-  ready���the silk label sewn on the inside  pocket of every Semi-ready garment..  P. W. George & Co. will be pleased  to show you how what "Semi-Ready"  tailoring profits the wearer.  SHARPS AND FLATS  BY  T-   MARVIN  NICHOLS.  The theories of today  seem destined  to be the trash of tomorrow.  Idleness  never   fails   to demoralize  the mind, body and conscience  ^PARBTNEEDEB=  With 5,000 well-armed women  in the "red army" of Finland,  and with nineteen women recently elected to the Finnish parliament, something ought to be  doing along the shores of the  Baltic.  Each successive    birth   marks  more incarnation ot all the past.  one  Houses, ships and men, were never  made for sunny seas���they were built  for storms and tempests.   ,  Work on the various properties in  Aspen Grove and Ten Mile camps is  again being resinned. At Aspen Grove  a good deal of development work has  beeu done, and there is an evident intention on the part of the owners of  several promising properties to still  further develop them, so that when  railroad transportation arrives in the  vicinity, wh'ich it is expected will be by  next year, very little work will he re  quired to make them active producers.  While this is the case, capital is keep  ing a watchful eye on the camp and  there is not the slightest doubt thai as  soon as the railroad arrives at Aspen  Grove many of the properties in -.hat  camp will be taken over on a working  bond, ' Some of the finest showings iri  the province are to be seen in this  camp, and while^ development work  has not been carried on at depth, there  is nut the slightest doubt that when  teis is done, the ore bodies will not be  found wanting either in quantity or  richness.���Nicola Herald.  Is  unexcelled, as  is evidenced  by  ��� its popularity in all the towns  *    of the Boundary?  its  I am now conducting the wood business  formerly owned by Hugh McKee aud am prc-  prepared to supply the best quality of wood  at lowest prices. Good wood and  measure.    Phone your orders.  good  RIVER3IBE_ LIVERY  The best of Horses and Rigs at all times.  HAY, GRAIN  AND FEED STORE  Chopped  Feed,   Hay   and  Grain.  Livery Phone 19. Feed Store Phone 124  POINT TO REMEMBER  . Many women too often forget that  there is'such'a thine as a dowdy mind,  as well as a. dowdy frock.  ITALY BETWEEN THE POWERS  Germany: ."She is bound to me by-  links of iron!"  Ungland: "And to me by links of  love!" - Pasquino, Turin.  For Sale at all Leading Hotels  Either Draught or Bottled.  Patronize home industry by insisting on having  'ELKHORN" BOTTLED BEER  TEL.. 133  | GEO. H. CROPLEY,     -   Proprietor,  ���>.���������'.-������' .;.  x  X  X  X  x\  X  ���  I  V  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  '4  t  n  Hyker���My hearing is unusually  keen. Pyker���Is that so? ' Hyker���  Yes. For instance, at the distance I  am from you now I can hear your watch  ticking. Pyker���Marvelous! My watch  is six blocks away, but I have the tick-  els for it in my vest pocket.  House, sign and all exterior and  and interior painting and decor  ating promptly dene.  all Papering .  MM Kaisominiiig  Send in your spring orders.  eo��fiXI)omp$oii-  Box 255, Greenwood.  Shop Government street.  "I see where your new enterprise has  gone into the hands of a receiver.  "Yes, and I wish it was a telephone  business." "Why?" "So I could  hang up . the receiver."���Baltimore  American.  In   another   column    we   deal  briefly with the matter of a  recreation   ground  and  city  park.  Now,   while land, is  cheap,  the  ciry might very properly take the  matter up. It is due to our young  men to  give  them  a recreation  ground, close in, so that so much  of the  time they   may  have  to  spend in pastime be not  wasted  in walking .back and   forth to the  present park.   Moreover, a tenure  under rent is  not desirable,   and  the ball club  and  others should  not be called on  to  solicit   funds  that have to be paid out  in rent.  W'e have public  spirit sufficient,  surely, to justify this step, and if  some of the  present  waste  land  on  the   flat   can  be   made   into  healthful   resorts,   it   were   certainly wise to do so.  It is time we outgrew our village ideas if we are to be what  we aspire to be, the metropolis of  the Boundary.  The World's S. S. convention,  which recently met in Rome, in  the shadow of the Quirinal, was  thrill.ed by the greeting extended  by the granddaughter of Garibaldi, herself a Sabbath School  worker.  If the dents in the brain are evidence  of its use, then some men's brains must  be as smooth as glass.  I IlUIf ill  4��  ���+'  +  +  +  ���4-  �����*��&  4*  4��  4*  ^4.^^4,4,4,^^.^,^  Electric  current   supplied   for  Power, Lighting,. Heating and  Ventilating. Power furnished  for Hoisting and' air-compressing plants, with an . absolute  guarantee of contim-fus rower  service for operating.  Get Our Rates. We Can Save You Money  4*  -o|->  t  4*..  4>  ***  PHONE NO. 20   : FOR   CHOICE BEEF, PORK AND MUTTON  FRESH FISH    FINNAN HADDIE  '.���  SALT HERRING  The commercial honesty that seeks  simply to avoid the law and escape the  jail is not honest enough.  EDITORIAL NOTES  Canada must needs hang her  head in shame.at the story of the  human wolf who a few years ago  left Northumberland to prey on  human life. Call himHorsley or  Orchard, or what you will, he  is a very brute, or a terrible liar.  Just now the people beyond  the head of the Great Lakes, aud  in the Rainy River district, are  talking revolt and secession and  and other disagreeable things,  the result of a waut of roads and  other conveniences that the Ontario government seems slow to  grant.  I would rather have a plain coffin  without a flower, a funeral without a  eulogy, than a life without the sweet  ness of love and sympathy���so said  August Gast.  II  :   Can you, in the presence of a man,  speak of his merits with discretion?  Can you, in his absence, speak of his  faults in love? If so, you are a kingly  spirit.  If you want to have smoothe sailing  just grant that every fellow totes as  much gray matter in his pate as you  do and tliat your hearts ate just about  the same size.  CoppKk is the thing of fashion  today. British Columbia has it  and the world is looking for it.  A movement is on foot to confederate the five Central American republics. Such a movement,  if successful, would allow a lot  of their people to go to work,  people now busy in maintaining  state dignity.  At a recent convention of teachers in Ontario it was reported that  there were 1,200 teachers iu the  province who did not hold certificates of even the third class. It  would appear to us that this emergency list is altogether too large,  and altogether too heavy a discount to place on normal school  qualification. Is Ontario losing  her old-time educational prestige?  The Japanese newspapers are  making some severe and very  caustic comments on the treatment   of   tbe   Japanese   in- San  What boons dear old nature brings  us ? In a thousand little nooks and  corners of "the woods and mountains  oue finds what he is seeking. Little  places where no one cates; where the  sea murmurs atid moans on a rock \  shore, where the wild ocean winds I  bring their soft whisperings from  afar, where the deep forest's heart is  full of fascinating vistas, where two  can wander and he quite alone, where  the twilight will keep the secret, where  the perfumed breith of the evening-  hour is full of uweet and soft suggestions.  "Be keerful o* them city ways," said  the old man to the youth who was  leaving home, "but if you've got to git  run over try an' let it be by one o"  them big red automobiles that kin  afford to pay'you damages enough'to  buy Sue a piauner an' help me take  the mortgage off the mule. Don't let  no cheap hoss knock you out, ner any  telegraph pole fall on you. Go in fer  big things whilst you air in the way of  "em'."���Atlanta Constitution.  DRAYING --We Can Move Anything  F   C.  BUCKI.ESS  = PROPRIETOR  INBS��R   M ��TEL  ERNEST J. CARTIER, Proprietor.  Finest Furnished House in the Boundary  Steam Heated.    Lighted   throughout   with electric lights.  First-class Bar.    Strictly up-to-date goods.  FIRST-CLASS CAFE, OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  m^amm  Warn Si^ftaaa*^^  ���������������nriir**'5'"-'''^���'-''^^  r<%  7  THE   B'eHNBARY   CHEEK TIMES,  Dr. Liebig, the famous German Chemist, says that  beer ts^liquid bread." "By this he means that beer  is a food���full of life-giving, health-sustaining qualities.  The value of beer as a food is becoming well  known, and it is now used by many who have  hitherto looked upon it as a beverage only.  e of  In Short Meter  Sir.   Wilfrid   Laurier    will  sooner than he had planned.  \  1  -4  return  Some  of   the   missionaries in China  have been very rouirbly handled.  Paul Johnson is going to Europe to  spend the summer and .expects to interest.capital in mining.-  Joseph Chamberlain is still a very  sick man, although considerably improved by his Southern trip.  Pope Pius  llth just :celebrated his  2nd anniversary.  lj|l||f  BiiC,5l  is  nature's own  essences  mi  Wlm heal  gatl  over the world, <$^f-i  scientifically   $$�������  |  A T ! O N  gathered from al! //?$[  I  TKe   B  eer  of  uaiity  is the most nourishing of all beers���because it contains every  particle of the healthful, wholesome-nutriment of the malt and  all the tonic propeftiesof the hops from which it is made.  The Pabst Eight-JJay Malting Process follows nature by  slowly transforming the substance of the barley into pure,  nutritious food. The-quality of the materials used and the Pabst  method of brewing nlake Pabst Blue Ribbon not only a pure  beer, but a healthful, tissue-building, muscle-building, life-giving,  'liquid bread." Drink Pabst Blue Ribbon, and you put  health and strength into your system.  When ordering beer, ask for Pabst Blue Ribbon.  Made   by  We have them from $10 up. 1906 leaves us with three  good drop head machines that we had to take back and  which we are offering at reduced ��� oes. Call and see  them at once,  as  we have "��� r left; S3 a month  takes anew drop head SL.ge ' ,\-iC:  ,- Wilsuti, the  - two best machines on the marl rj today  N. H. LAMONT, Agent  PROVINCIAL ASSAYER  AND  Ore Shippers Agent.  Samples receive prompt attention.  P. O. Box 123 GREENWOOD.  Copper Street.  Greenwood, B. C.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  "Ella E" Mineral Claim, situate in the Greenwood Milling Division of Yale District.  -VVhcro located:    On Wallace Mountain.  rpAKE NOTICE  'hat I. Isaac H.  Hallett,  JL Free Miner's Certilicate Mo. H9U48, intend,  sixtv davs from tlie date hereof, to apply to the  Mini ng Recorder fora Certificate of   Improvements, for the purpose ot obla'miufr a   Crown  ("rant  of   my   undivided moiety   in the aliove  claim. .  Aud fitrtlier take notice tliat action,  tinder  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificateof Improvements.  Dated this Mill day of April, A. D. 1906.  3^.(3 I. H. HALLETT.  ^i^<^4)<l>^-#(i-#cl)''<i)<l>-cl�� 4)4>S4>4j4y<b4>S 4Mb- &  Mr. .Alexander Henderson, who * for  several years-was county court judge  for Vancouver, has just been offered  and has accepted the coinniissioner-  ship of the Yukon. He leaves for  Ottawa tomorrow' to confer, with the  govern ment.���The World.  THINGS DOING  A Japanese gardner in Victoria is  going to experiment in bamboo culture  on Vancouver Island.  Despite the cold and backward  spring Mr, William White declares the  crop prospects of the"northwest" to be  excellent.  James Crockett of the Frcdericton  Gleaner is to be tried at the county  court which opens on June 18th for  libel against ex-Minister .Buitnersoii,  London reports a treaty in progress  between England and Japan in regard  to India. The conditions are that in  case of trouble from an outside source,  Japan's navy is' to be placed at the  service of England.  Statistics show that more than SS00,-  000,000 of North American (United  States and Canada) capital is invested  in banking, railroading-' mining and  other industrial  enterprises of Mexico,  The great distillers of Canada,  Gooderham & Worls, of Toronto; the  Hiram Walker Company, of Walker-  vine; Joseph Seagram, of Waterloo;  tbe Wiser Company, of Prescotl; Harry  Corby, of Belleville, and the Hamilton  Distilling Company, all of whom are  iuterested in the General Distillery  Company of Toronto, are completing  arrangements to institute a great distillery pl.int in Winnipeg, which will  make Winnipeg the greatest distilling  centre of Western Canada and the  Western States.  Thirty-five acres will be required for  the enormous plant, one of the largest  on the continent, and twenty-five acres  additional for cattle sheds, capable of  housing 3,000.to 4,000 head of cattle for  fattening purposes for the British  market, -  ?purifieci, concen- \|p3sf  ; trated, combined S0M  i-and handed to you te;��|  ready for use.       y<0  lat's all! No magic! W$  No trickery! A pure ijjSf  natural   healer   of     p^jl  liseaseauclinjury.|--��:   '  Make inquiry.    t?M  A FARMER'S'���TESTIHOMY  Mr. Francis Renoit, of St. Anne's  (Que.), says:���"I suffered from eczema  for two years, and tried a great number  of remedies in vain. The ailment was  mostly in my legs, and both these were  actually raw from the knees down. I  obtained some Zam-Buk, and by the time  I had used a few boxes, am glad to say I  was completely cured. " '  Cures skin injuries and diseases, piles,  chafed places, insect stings, sore feet,  prairie itch, ulcers, festering sores, etc.  Of all stores and druggists, 50c. a  box, or Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, post free,  for price.   (O. E. Fulford, Limited.) o  the supply increases, to'ship  to   many  parts of the^world. ������?''  The plans for the big plant have  been prepared and accepted. They call  for the completion of the, building -by  September next. The plant will be the  largest in Canada, and will compare  very favorably with the big plants of  Swift and Armour in the United States.  TOO SHALLOW  THE TRIALS OF A PREMIER  *>M  e  ���*>����)  * s  ->g|  *#  *>��  *��B  For Business Men  Letterheads, ...  ���   Envelopes, "  Billheads,  . Statements,  ��� Receipt Perms,  Business Cards,  Posters.  Dodgers,  Shipping* Tags,  For Rent Cards,  For Sale Cards,  Blotters,  Etc.  -Society! Printings  m  ��� Wedding Invitations,  Invitations for Balls, Etc?  Dance Programs,  Concert Programs,  Professional Note Paper  Private Calling Cards,  Lodge Printing,  Church Printing,  Score Cards,  Fine Halftone  Printing,  Note Paper.  LOOSE LEAF SYSTEMS  We have the necessary machinery for doing this class of work, andean furnish yon  with billheads no matter what system you arc using.  Mining Co.'s Printing :  Prospectus,  Handsome Stock Certificates,  Legal Documents,  Notices of Meetings,  Special Receipt Forms,  Time Cards,      0  Mine Reports,  Shipping Reports, Etc.  Colored Poster Printing:  We are equipped to turn  out the best color poster  printing iu Southern  British Columbia.  Work done  in two or three  colors or  in combinations.  *i*  NEATNESS AND PROMPTNESS  and the quality of stock used are the main factors that have built us up the largest job  printing business enjoyed by any printing house in the Boundary country.  *w���  ^ir  %  'm  Government Street,  Phone 29  Greenwood, B. C.  At first, it seems as if Sir Wilfrid  must have had a happy month in England, but when one considers the following narrative, as related in an English magazine, there remains only  compassion:  "I had the pleasure of accompanying  three of the premiers the other day to  Edinburg. We left at 10 o'clock in the  morning from King's Cross. At precisely 10:30 there came along refreshments in the shape of pineapples,  peaches and grapes; at 10:45 champagne and cigars made their appearance;���at_ll" "o'clock -further���tangible  evidence of British hospitality in the  form of chicken sandwiches, cakes and  more champagne: and a light collation  of plums and plover's eggs and champagne, this time a different brand,  occurred a quarter.of an hour later.  At 12:30 luncheon was heralded by  olives, anchovies,vermouth and sherry;  and a still further and stronger portent  of events in that direction happened at  1 o'clock, when the waiters brought  round hors d'oeuvres of sardines and  caviare with cocktails a l'Americaine.  Luncheon lasted from 1:30 to 3:45, and  after a slight interval of seven or  eight minutes., preliminary tea was  served, a substantial meal not making  its advent until 4:30. None of the  premiers appeared daunted. If these  were British traditions, not a statesman from overseas shrank from upholding them. At last a slight, tin -  pretentious observation escaped the  lips of the New Zealand premier. He  wanted to say that he was full of admiration of th; hospitality of the  mother country. But he got no farther  than 'I am full,' and tho waiters came  along with champagne. Then the  premier of Natal pathetically remarked: 'Waiter, it's very short time  between meals."  Now, if our own Richard could have  left the "foot of the throne" long  enough to have takon that trip in, it  might have relieved life's tedium.  A BIG THING  w-'-?--f-?-f-?^^jf     ^4^*     >��-**-?���---     -r-r^r-f  m>m  One of the largest industries ever  started in Edmonton, or even in Western Canada, is the big meat packing  plant that is to be established there  this summer by P. D. riwyer. With a  capacity of 6,000 animals per day this  mammoth plant will easily be able to  use all the caltle, hops ant' sheep  grown in Western Canada. They will  control the market of the west for  canned meats, and  expect, in   time, as  Unless the word "short" in. letters  half an inch high, is stamped on all  strawberry boxes sold in Vancouver,  dealers and importers are liable to be  prosecuted for a breach of the fruit  marks act. Mr. Maxwell Smith, Dominion fruit inspector? discovered recently that all the strawberry boxes,  which are supposed to contain four-  fifths of an imperial quart of berries,  were a quarter of an inch too shallow,  and that purchasers were therefore not  getting the proper quantity of-berries.'  The strawberry boxes which are the  correct size should measure 4% by 4%  by 3 inches, but the boxes now being  sold are only-23{ inches deep.  DON'T MEDDLE  Mexicans in trouble in Guatemala  through alleged participation in a  treasonable plot are likely to embroil  the two nations in war. The meddle-  scniie~citizeti~o"f!T~fo'*eigircoiin try is the  most familiar cause of nationan entanglements. It is impossible lo determine the merits of this case, but  every nation should decide that such  citizens as interfere in the affairs of  foreign countries do so at their own  risk.���The Globe.  Hon. Chas. Hyman insists on' his  resignation and retirement into private  life.  Notice of Six Applications for Special  Timber Licenses-  NOTICK i* liori-ln- ���riven tliat tliirly iI.i.vk  after ilaie, I ii:ti-ii'l to aiM'''- t" tin; Hon.'  Cliii-f Coiiiinissi'>n.->r lit I,.-iiid ami WoiUs fur a  special liceilse to cut ami carry away tlinlu-r  from tin: following ilosxril<u<l la nils in tin/  Osoyoos l.>i*t net.  1. Coinnn'iicini; at a !>u>t ntarlu'il P. I*.  Tail's N. W. conicr post sitnali"! about four  miles Kast of Uouiiilar.v Kails It. C. ami tmi-  nici; Kasi Sil clirins, tln-uo: South w> cliaiii>.  llii-iice West SO chains, tln.-nci; Nortli fct' chain*'  to post of commencement.  Yams Com'MM.i I.i-miii-k C'.v.  I). U. 'Cut, Aevnt.  Dated Apr'l K.tli, l'lO".  2. CmmiUMicint: at ')��� K Tail's X. W. corner  post and rumiiutr West SO chains, (hence Nm'tli  SO chains, llience Kast CO chains, thence Sunlh  80 chains to point of conimeiH-enicnt  Vai.i: Coi.u.miua I.r.MHi-:;; Co.  J. Melx-rvKK. Ae-ent.  Dated April U'tli, I'm".  .-j. C'ommencinir at P. K. Tail's X. W. corner  post anil running' Sonlh S" chains, thence West  .SO chains, ilience Nortli Si) chains, thence I'a��-t  SO chains to point of commencement.  1       Yai.k Chi-i-mhia  I.t:MIlKJ" Co.  W. II. Ckah'. Aireut,  Dated April 16th, 1917.  4. Coniinencintr at [>. I!. Tait's N. \Y. corner  post ami rt-nuiiifr North 5.(1 chain*.. tii.jncc  Kast so chains, thence Souili N) chain*.  Wesi Sil chains in point of commenci-mei  Yam: Com;mi:ia I  P. Ciii.i.ins, A-rent.  Dated April 16th 1"H7.  5. Comnienoino- at a post marked ���'J. Can  voti*s s. iC. corner post" planted   al ,N.   Koy'-  W. corner a>--oiit three mile* fr"pi   ilienioir,;.  lloundarv Creek on the   East *'nie. am:  North ."o'chains. thence West so chait:  South >0 chains, tln-nce Kast  >o chain:  of commencement.  Yam: Coi.'-mi'M   1.1 ������  J.   C.AMMKOS. Ai.'Cllt.  Oatc-il April 2'!ih. l'")7.  fi. Cimimeiiciiiir at a post mirke.: -  N. W. corner post" planted ..11 tin- 1.::  Hmniilarv Creek aliotit three miles: from tiie  moiill.i, and runnine: south S" chain*, thence  East sa chains, thence North S=r chains, thencu  West S^cli.'.iti* lo point of commencement  Yam: Coi.vmi-.ia l.t-M-ii:  N.   Kov, Anelll.  Dated April 20, l'XC.  ilence  wVMl.i.iC     Co,  Ihel  Two whole days of pleasure and sport  Monday and Tuesday, - -  July 1-2  List of Events larg-cr and more elaborate than ever.  PRIZES -������$5,000 " PRIZES  Grand Parade, Caledonio Sports, Children's Sports,  Lawn Tennis,    Cricket,    Pony Races,    Junior Baseball,  Firemen's Sports, Football, Lacross.   Shooting-Tournament.  C.ratid Street. Parade of the Voeckhel & Nolan  Minstrel Show, with their own Brass Band.  Grand Aquatic Carnival. Boat Races. Canoe Races.  Concluditi-r with an elaborate Pyrotechnic Display aud  Illuminated Parade.  j| The Nelson City Band will be in attendance each day.  || Excursion Rates from all parts. EVERYBODY COME.  E5 His Worship die Mayor. '  I Wm. r.-vine W. G. Gillett, G. Horstead,  p| Chairman. Honorary.Chairman. '  Secretary  '&EE-**Hi!**gsg~*a*^^  Synopsis of Canadian Nortlt-west  Homestead Regulations.  ANY even numbered section of T>nmiiiion  r.anils in Manitoba. Snslcttclicwan and  Alherla, e.scentin^ s ami 20, not reserved, mav  be lioinesteadeil by any person who is the sole  head of a fatnih*, or any male over IS 3-ears of  aire, to the extern of oitc-qii-iricr section of 160  acres, more or less.  Entry must he made personally-at the local  land office for tlie district in which, the land is  situate. , '  The homesteader is required to perform the  conditions connected therewith under' one ol  the following plans:  il) At leaKt six months' residence upon and  cultivationof the laud in each year for three  years.  ��� (2) If the father (or mother, if the father is  deceased), of the liomesteader resides upon a  farm In'ihe vicinity of the land entered for, the  requirements as tn residence may be satisfied  by such person residing -with the father or  mother,  (3 If the settler has his permaneiit'restdence  upon farmini,' land owned by hiiti in the vicinity or his homestead, the requirements as to  esidence , may be satisfied by residence upon  the said land.  N Six months' notice in writing- should be given  to the Commissioner of . Dominion.. Lauds'at  Ottawa of intention to apply for patent.  W.'W.CORT?".  Deputy of tlie Minister of the Interior  X.r*.���Unauthorised   publication   of- this ad  \eriiscmeiil will not be paid for. 32-39  ��<",<><><*,<-sO-00<M-K>0<XX-K*K^  6  1  OUR GUARANTEE:  NO PAY UNLESS CURED  When You Need a Specialist, Consult One of  Wide Experience.  W. tre 'u*t new( completing- ��vr twea*  tied] yejr i. ��p��.i'aliat�� in men. dtoeiie*.  I'uriti!; thc��e yeari of clo��e application to  x :,in:;!c cb���� of Ailment* we hav�� origin.  alcJ und perfected tho only scientific aod  ccrlain methods Uy which tilde di��ea��ea aro  cured. If ne accept your caic for treat-  ment, s cu<�� ������ but a matter of a reasonable  time. 7  We jruaranteo every m*n a lirelonc  euro tor Varloocolo, Hydrocele, Ureth-  r.al Obstructions, Blood and Skin Diseases. Prostatic Troubles, Piles, Fistula. Loss of Vital Power-, Kldnoy,  Bladdor and Spaolal Disease*. We  especially offer our services to those  who aro allllctcd with weaknesa as a  raault of their own folllos or excesses.  Cur mothods aro up-to-date, and  arc endorsod by tho highest medical  authorities of Europe and America,  Hence our success In the treatment or  Men's Dlsestses. Remember, our specially is limited to the diseases of MEN  and DIEK only.  Wo cover the entire n��ld of nervous,  clironlc. d*ep-Eeatedand complicated   Li  diseases. H  J?j CONSDLTATION TREE.  I f/j Ifyou cannot caii, write for Symptom Blank.  i rc\ "-"y canei can be cured    - *  j ������'.{ "-espcaceace confidential.  O  :"f i M  <:<!  SCOTT  MEDICAL COMPANY 1  109 Marina St., Cor. F"iri* Arc,  SEATTLE. WASH.  |R A I L WA'.YS  ���aiaii-.EXCURSION RATES  KAST  t*KOM  GREENWOOD  $54.55  To  Winniper*-, Port Arthur, St.  Paul, Duluth, Sioux City.  St. Louis, SC2.0S; Chicag-o, =66.05;  Toronto,  =80.55;  Ottawa, S8-" 60;  Montreal,SS6.05; St': John,S96.05;  Halifax,  $103.85.     *  TICKETS .ON SALE  July 3,4 5,. * Aug. 8, 9, 10.  : Sept. II, 12,13.  , First-class round trip 90 days  limii. Corresponding- reduction s  from ajl Kootenay points. Tickets available for lake route, including- meals and berths on lake  steamers. Through rates quoted  to any station, Ontario, Quebec  or Maritime provinces on application.     " ' '���"'.'  For further particulars, rates  and folders, apply to,  E. J. COYLE,        J.S.CARTER.  A.G.P.A.Vancouvcr        D.P.A.Nelson  ..."S.-'fif?   REDPATH,   AGENT  GREENWOOD,  <3<*<><>00<>OOw1^JOO<XX>0<X>0^^  ���     -.:-.�����.    :'   'THE?  GOPPER  HANDBOOK  (New edition issued Nov. 15, 1906)  Ts a dozen books in one, covering- ihe  history, Geography, Geology,, Chemistry, Mineralogy Metallurgy, Terminology, Uses. Statistics and Finances of  Copper. It is a practical book, useful  to all and necessary to most men engaged iu any branch of the Copper  Induetry.  Its facts will pass muster with the  trained scientists, and its' language is  easily understood by the everyday man.  It gives the plain facts in plain Eng--  'ish without fear or favor.  '^li s-"i istl-rlrt 'till���ti es'eribles^Gao^Copp-or"  Mines and Companies in all pai Is of  the world, descriptions running- from  two lines to sixteen pages, according  to importance of the property.  The Copper Handbook is conceded to  be tlie  1  The Mining Man needs the book fur  the facts it gives him about mines,  mining aud the metal.  The Investor needs the book for ihe  facts it gives him about mining, mining investments and copper statistics.  Hundred of swindling companies are  exposed in plain English.  Price is S5 in Buckram with gilt top;  $7.50 in full library morocco. Will be  sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to ;niv  address ordered, and may be returned  within a week of receipt if not loiiiul  fully satisfactory.  HORACE J. STEVENS  Editor and Publisher.  453 Posloflice 1'lock. Hough tor:,  Michigan.  COLUMBIAN COLLEGE  New Westminster. B. C.  ���.:--.-' ',:*-/;c^^4^-*^rf**^��J?5f -IP*v*  ^���^J^iiiJ^^SiS&^SSiS^^l^^^^Sa  K,-ci.-iv,-�� Null 'aditf!- -ii:il tri-ntlenion as resi-  ili-r.t tir ii.iv stuilfiiti. 1IA-- "I conipK'U- luisiii-.-^  or c,',ti'in<Ti:ial ci'iirsp. 1'ieprtres >tutients ti-.  U'.-iin traclu-rs* cerii!ic-t:i'*or all irrades. (iive-  lilt* :��fiir years* cow rs��- f'tr tho 15. A. vlCLTre. antl  thi* fir-t vear <>f tin- *'f tlie School of Sci��"nci-  Cf.ursi*. in af-ioaiio'i v\ itli Tori->nlo Utii\t-i^it>-.  Has a sin-cial "Prostxictors* Coarse" for miiu-r-'  wlio \\-.*rk iti 1>. C k.  liistrtictioTi is aisi) -riven in Art.Mt;s;c. I'hys-  cal Culture and Elocution.  Torn* opens. September IT. 1907. For calendar.  ctc.,aik!rc�� COLU.MBIANCOLLEGE SjgSS  ��ARY   CREEK TIMES,  Two Piece  Summer Suits  in Flannels and Homespuns  $10 to 13.50  Fancy Summer  Vests  a very neat assortment  $1.50 up.  SUMMER UNDERWEAR  in cotton and light wool  $1.25,   $1.50,   $2.00,   and   $3.00  rv\  i  company; ltd.  HARDWARE  CLOTHING  GROCERIES  H��� ���*  This Cast Stove  Special value  Extr well made   and  finished  with  nickle  trimmings  and its a bute.    Strictly guaranteed.     The best  value on earth for  $24.50  Say, mama,"ain't you getting tired trying to cool-  on that old stove ? Well then, did you know The  O. I. C. Store will give you all its worth and six  bits more in exchange for a new steel range or cast  stove.  Jr\*   JLa��  White  Phone 16  Always Ask for  onion's  Nam  n  reenwood Ciquor  IMPORTERS GREENWOOD  *  Dr. Mathison, dentist, Naden-Flood  block.  Ice cream social at the manse on 1'Jth  inst.  Georg-e Kumberg-er was in town during- the week.  Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Wilmshurst have  been taking- iu Spokane this weeK.  Rev, J. P. Kiiox was iu town Friday  attending- the funeral of the late Mrs,  Pope.  Martin Anderson,has been taking a  well earned holiday���a few days iu  Spokane.  Postmaster Frith returned on Friday  evening's stage from a short visit to  Spokane.  The Moore Concert and Vaudeville  Co. at the Auditorium this evening and  Saturday.  A. H. McNeil, barrister of Rossland,  was registered at the Imperial last  Saturday. '  The demand for is houses ou the increase, aud rents show a tendency lo  go up a little.  Walter Frith will enter the customs  service on July 1st. He may be stationed at Midway.  Found���Between the Skylark mine  and Greenwood, a child's coat, now at  the ofiice of the Times.  W. J Nelson returned on Saturday  from Rossland where lie had been on  some mining- business.  T. I. Smith, general manager of the  Diamond Vale ccal mines, at Nicola,  was in town last week.  R-. W. Yuill has been doing considerable work in Pass creek this spring  on some iron cappings.  Alderman DeRosiere has been at  Phoenix during the week looking after  some contracts he has there.  F. M. Elkins, who has been touring  the Northwest, has returned, glad to  escape the wind and the dust.  Dominion Day at Sidley is set for a  gathering of all the clans, with races  and sports to suit the taste of all.  Don't throw your old furniture away.  "Jap-a-Lac" will make it look like new.  You can get it at Hudter-Kendricks.  The Canadian Pacific is  stocking up  with a large number of 50-ton steel ore  dump cars, for work-in the  Boundary.  Thomas Murray is down from Beaverdell.    His deal with  New York: peo-  o  pie on ihe  Gold  Drop  group is in progress.  Furnished room to rent with board,  if desired, convenient to smelter. Apply at house opposite old south end  grocery.       . 40 41  .She was dressed in white, and everybody passing, halted to stare, at her���  the figure in the window of Hiinter-  Kendrick's store.  J. W. Mellor of Victoria came in on  Tuesda3* evening's stage on one of his  periodical visits to Greenwood, where  he has large^holdings.  The meeting of the Board of Trade  last Saturday was not a success. The  secretary and Mr. Mortimer were the  only ones in attendance.  W. 13. George, in chaige of the Cariboo, was down this week looking for  men to supplement the number now  working on the propeity.  Master Mechanic Brandon of the  B. C.,Co., went io Nelson today to meet  Mrs. Brandon, who is abandoning California for the Boun 1 lry,  Harry ��� Simmons, who has been ill  with diphtheria, in Calgary, has sufficiently recovered to be able to take his  examinations now in progress.  ' A number of our young men took a  canter over to Sidley Saturday afternoon. The coutury is looking beautiful now and they report au enjoyable  ride.  0-neliu��rTo-f-*vJa^a^Ea^,''^4lTmaKe"  your old chairs, picture frames, iron  beds and other furniture look like new.  Ask for it at Hunter-Kendrick's big  store.  After you have once tried "Jap-a-  Jwac" you can't keep house without it.  It brightens and renews everything it  touches. Get a can at Hunter-Ken -  drick's big store.  That ice cream social by the ladies  of the Presbyterian church on the  grounds at themanse, on the 19th inst.,  will be worth attending. Now, don't  overlook the occasion.  Dr. Simmons, dentist, Phone 96  Wallace-Miller Block, open evenings.  Call at the Greenwood Bakery for  New England bread.  Montgomery's wood team went over  the bank near the Bishop residence  Saturday afternoon last. No serious  damage resulted .but the driver did hate  to throw.that wood back, up-hill too.  A large number of the disciples of  Isaac Walton, tried to lure the festive  trout last Sunday but with indifferent  success.' Sid Storer was the most successful one, reporting a catch of over  30 fine ones.  Charles J. Wilson has just returned  from a trip to the Okanagan. While  away he purchased for P. Burns ct Co.  2,000 sheep at L,oomis. The company  shipped four cars of sheep from Greenwood to Nelson Thursday.  The immense iron caps of the district must be responsible for the yearly  increasing crop of old iron wire that is  to be found everywhere ou the town-  site, ensnaring thecfeet of man and  beast. Nobody seems to want to reap  the crop.  On Sunday last a large number of  our people went to Midway to witness  the ball game between Oroville and  Phoenix. The resultant victory of 10  to 8 in favor of the American team  brought considerable money into the  pockets of the Greenwood sports.  Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Massey returned  on Friday from a several weeks' trip  into the northwest, glad to get back to  the Boundary. While north Mr.  Massev made an investment in farm  lands, but he didn't like the country  well enough to settle there. He thinks  that a large number 'of the people of  the prairie country are bound to come  into B. C. in the next few years.  Everything is expensive on the prairies  but labor and  that is ridiculously low.  The Knights Deep and Simmer and  Jack East joint reduction plant on the  Rand, is the largest milling plant under one roof in the world. It treats  Upwards of 70,000 tons of ore monthly.  The Knights Deep unit of the plant  has 150 stamps of 1,350 pounds, the  Simmer and Jack East 250 stamps oi  1,550 pounds. The former practices  with stams crushing through 200-mesh  screens, with subsequent regrinding in  tube mills, while at the latter stamp  crushing through screer.s of 1,200 mesh  (.0171 inch diameter apertures) with  discharge of 8.5 inches, is followed.  The percentage of extraction is higher  with the Simmer and Jack East equipment.  The Missis���Mary Ann, please explain to me how it is that I saw you  kissing a young man in the kitchen  last night. The Maid���Sure; I dnnno  how it is, ma'am, unless yez were  lookiu' through the keyhole.  The tailor's sign in a little inland  town was an apple, simply an apple.  The people were amazed at it. They  came in crowds to the tailor, asking  him whul on earth the meaning of the  sign was. The tailor with a complacent smile replied: "If it hadn't been  for an apple where would the clothing  business be today?"  The trust-busting officials of the department of justice at Washington  have the opinion that the recent court  decisions will result in the dissolution  of the Standard Oil trust.  The ladies of the Presbyterian  church will hoi a an ice cream social on  the lawn at the manse on Kimberly  avenue on'-'the evening of June 19th.  TOBACCO GROWING  The tobacco.men who recently purchased land near Nanaimo to experiment with tobacco growing on Vancouver island, are more than pleased  with the success they have met with so  far. All their plants are now above  ground and doing well. The place on  which they are located is an ideal one  for their purpose, giving them plenty  of freshwater, with which they are  irrigating the land, tobacco plants taking a lot of water. They intend building a concrete dam on the creek at  their place and form a reservoir. -  Canadian.  GOT HIS  There is a story about a company  promoter who advertised, for an office  boy.-' He received one hundred replies.  Out of the hundred he selected ten,  and with the writers of these ten replies he had a personal interview. His  final choice fell upon a bright youth,  to<whom he said: "My boy, I like your  appearance ^and your manner very  much. I think you may do. Did you  bring a character?"  "No, sir, said the boy. "I can go  home aud get it."  "Very well, come back tomorrow  morning with it, and if it is satisfactory  I dare say I shall engage you." Late  that same afternoon the financier'was  surprised by the return of the candidate.  "Well," he said cheerily, "have you  got your character?"  "No," answered the boy, "but I've  got yours���an'I ain't coming."  A large business is being done in retreating zinc concentrates hierh in iron  and, by roasting and magnetic separation, raising their grade.  SUNDAY SERVICES.  Cathouc.���Church   of   the   Sacred  Heart.���Divine service 1st, third and  fourth Sunday in each month. Holy  mass at 10 a. m.; vespers and benediction at 7:30 p. ni.; Sunday school at  2:30 p.m. Ri?v. J. A. Bkdakd, O. M. I.,  pastor.  Anglican���St. Jude's. Rev? John  Leech-Porter, B. D., pastor. Services  at 8 a. m., 10:45 a. m. and 7:30 p. in..;  Sunday school, 12 p. m. All seats  free Services alternate Sundays at  Boundary Falls, at 4 p. tn., and Eholt  at 3 p. in.-  PrkshyTurtan���St. Columba, Rev.  M. D. Mckee, pastor, Services 11 a.  m. and 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school 2:30  p. m.  Methodist���Rev. H. S. Hastings,  pastor Services at 11 a. m. and 7:30  p. m.; Sunday school. 2:30 p. iu.  t*.   l     ���  :)���?.  O  Tlie Star  Is recognzed as the leading bakery in  the city  for   MACAROONS   and   all  kinds Fancy Pastry, Bread, Cakes and  Buns.    Tel. a65.  F. JAYNES,   -   Proprietor  :���AN ID-  Stages leave daily for Ferr}*,  Wash., Mother Lode Mine, and  Phoenix. West Fork stage  twice a week,  COMPLETE LINES OF  PIPES, CIGARS aud  TOBACCOS.  M00RE CONCERT CO.  It Will Appear in the Auditorium for  Two Nights  The Moore Concert Co. will appear  in the Auditorium Friday and Saturday, June 14th and 15th next. This  company .has occupied four months in  playing tlie towns between Winnipeg  and Rossland, and appeared in Cranbrook to good houses for eight nights.  The prices for admission are, 25 cents,  50 cents and 75 cents. The Megrath  Pioneer has the following to say of the  G:>mpany:  "The Moore Concert Co. will be here  oiuFriday night. Having a personal  acquaintance with this company we  have no hesitation in recommending it  to the good people of Magrath as one  of the best concert companies on the  road. The instrumental aud vocal  music is'new and up to date, the moving pictures and illustrated songs are  of the highest order and clearest type,  while 'he'orchestra for the dance is the  best by far that ever reached this neck  of the woods. If you love music take  it in, if you want the best dance you  ever had, don't miss it; if moving pic-  turd's please you. ses them with the  Moore Concert Co. Popular prices prevail, not the 'high dollar' limit.  HE HAD HIS ANSWER  J. A. CHENISR,  PROPRIETOR  'Twas a glorious night, and two lov--  ers sat upon the cliffside, with the  eternal ocean flowing at their feet  with a calmness and placidily that was  almost appalling. They were looking  at the stars above, and he turned tohis  girl and said, tenderly:  "My darling, I don't understand what  you see in me to love me so." "  She replied: "That's what everybody  says."  The silence was greater than ever.���  Tit-Bits.  | $2.00 a Cord |  in carload lots f. o. b.       '|  Greenwood. J  Get Your Orders in       (  early. ���". (  mi mm iwci  LIMITED.  GREENWOOD.B. C.  &  AT  KEREMEOS, B. C  To work on  big- irrigating  ditch.  FOR SALE  Milch cows.  2 )rear old steers.  Mare 5 years old.  Buggy and harness.  Organ and numerous household effects.  Ranch with large house and  land irrigated.  J. H. McNAMES  Midway, B. C.  MINERAL ACT, 1896.  Certificate of Improvements.'  NOTICE.  "Commander" Mineral Claim, situate   in   the  fireetnvoud Mininir Division of Yale District.  Where located:   In Copper Camp.  TAKE NOTICE That I, Isaac H. Hallett.  Free Miner's Certificate J"o. 13 2093. intend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to  the Mining- Recorder for a Cerliiicate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a  Crown Grant of our interest in the above claim.  And further take notice that action under  section 37, must be commenced before the is.  uanceof such certificate of improvements.  Dated this l6ih day of April. 190".  33-37 I. U. irAI,I,ETT.  When placing your  next order for  don't forget that we carry the largest and most complete stock in the city.  GIVE ; US  A , TRIAL    .  Our goods are always fresh,' and we guarantee  satisfaction.  Hunter-Keiidrick.. Co.,  "The Big Store"  !* 4* ���& 4- ��-$? 4�� <$r <-�������� 4�� 4* *-*$-��� 4- 4* ���$- ^ ^-i--4-4* 4 ^���^���^4-4-3?  4*  4*  <����  4*  4-  4*  4*  4  4��  4-  5 Roomed Flat and Bathroom  6 Roomed House  8 Roomed House  3 Roomed Cottage  Cabins and Rooms in all parts of the city.  I Bealey Investment & Trust Co., Ltd. %  4��  4  Opposite Post Office.  ^^^^^4.^^^4u^j^^^^^^ujj**|*jf.^^jj.^^.-f5-  An Eye for  O��0��  is alright. We have sonic* beauties in the shape of  Carpets  both in the piece and in squares  that we shall be glad'-to,-show  you.  >e have squares in Velvet,'  Brussels and Tapestry, arid one  of the most complete lines of  Ingrains in the Interior.  T.  Gulley S�� Co.  Greenwood's Big Furniture House.  ��ft#ftft'ft������ft��*ft����#������ft��ftftftft��������#a��������ftftft��#ft����^  ��� .'    ��� �����  **-  ��  ��  ��  ��  a  a  ft  ��  a  a  .��  ft  ft  ��  ft  ��  .. DEALERS IN ..  fresb and Cured meats  Fisb and Poultry*  *  ft  a  it  *  �� .   .       ��  ft ��� ��� :��  ft u                                                                                                                                  ft  ft ft  �� -'                                                                                                                        ft  �� ft  oc-ftftftaftftftftftftftftftaaftftftftftftft ftft ftft ftftftftA/^A^ftftfta��ft��ftft#ftftftft����ft  THE   NEW  Pft  Biggcc  and Better  Than Ever.  The finest appointed  dining room in the city.  Large roomy Lunch  counter.  All t"he delicacies such as  Ice Cream, Strawberries and  Cream, etc. has now taken  their place upon the bill of  fare.  *  4-'^  fe, ��� Pi.  PRICES OF METALS  The prices of the metals continue  very satisfactory, and with slight fluctuations, hover around  the  following:  Copper      23 cents  Silver      65 cents  Lead        5 cents  AUDITORIUM  Fri&lay and Saturday  JUNE 14-15  The Always-Popular  MooreConcert  AND  Vaudeville Co  Singing all -llic Latest Songs.  Playing all the Latest Music.  Also introducing' clean and  up-to-date Vaudeville Acts.  After the show each night there  ���will be a social dance free with  the compaby's orchestra of six  pieces of music.  Prices 25c, 50c, 75c  No Higher.  Seats now on sale at both drug  stores.  ? J


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