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 VOL. 11
GREENWOOD, ■ B. C, FRIDAY, JULY 19, ■ 1907.
No. #5.4 (°
Glad to get Back Home and
eternal iu Medicine Hat ,?'' said "Mr.
Thompson, before' rushing out to escort ii westerner around the Queen
city, "They are burning natural ;^as
both day and ni'rht on the streets, because it is cheaper than to pay a man
to blow it out." ■       .
WRONG    WITH   IT    BRING    IT   TO   A
Out in Uie West. Where People-are
Alleged to Lie, Steal and Cheat
for Their Town's Sake
The, Toll owing from the. Mail and
.iCinpirc is refreshing. Tf there is any
city on eiirili ean heat Toronto in the
inas|ics of booming, then the columns
of its greal riailicK'dc'iliug with Cuba It
.sloi'ks and oilier gamliliiig devices
have not been as inlluential ,is intended
But we g-ive the leiiderfoo(\ rep. rf
on tins west herewith:
''The west is truly the land of tlie
puhlicicy man, says Mr. Joseph E.
Thompson, Coinniissionerof Indn-arie^
and LJulilicity for Toronto, just returned home after attending the Orange
Grand Lodge in Vancouver. Mr.
Thompson told the Mail and Empire
Unit he was now better able to judpje
the land values of Toronto than ever
"Do you mean that our prices here
are rather stiff?
"SUIT! Not at all. In comparison
with what real estate in the west is
.bringing property in Toronto is being
given away at the present time. What
do you think* of a firm in Vancouver
refusing 553,000 fora building that cost
them S3,COO six years ago ?, You don't
hear of that often in Toronto,, I am
becter able now to put up a good,
strong, illustrated lecture on Toronto
land values."
I encountered publicity  com mission-
ers, agents, secretaries and representa
tives   wherever   I   went.       Even little
Nelson,  B.  C.   has-oue or two.    They
spring    up    strongly ■   around     Fort
William   and  increase in numbers and
persistency     as.   you     go     westward.
Reaching    Vancouver    on    a   Sunday
evening I was greeted by a  delegation
of   them   as  I   rose   from my   bed    on
Monday morning-.     "Didn't I think of
settling there ?'"     ."M'ght they be per-
"mitted   to  show   me  why  I    should."'
"If they managed to pursiiade me that
I should,   might they   go   further and
put  me  wise  lo some  very  desirable
real estate."     These were a few of the
questions buzi.ed  at me.     And  there
seems to be a gentleman of  that ilk at
every second door.
"The Westerners certainly know
how to boost their city. Farther to
the south in one famous city built on a
hill there is an unwritten injunction,
T-,ic, steal or cheat for Seattle,' and
the spirit of the same has been wafted
northwards By the way, the good
citizens of Seattle obey more than
three commands. They also pay taxes
for Sent tie-about 31 mills on the dollar."
—-Tin- publicity-ngetiHs-in-t he heyday
in Victoria, where they spend really
more on booming Ihe city than in Toronto. Kleven thousand dollars was
their bill last year. And Vancouver,
Medicine Hat and other pbcoa are
good spender.-, as well.
The great and perplexing question
at present in the west is how long will
the real estate' boom last ? We had a
pretty einply one and disastrous one in
Toronto about fifteen years ago, you
will remember.' Well, in rny opinion,
they have loss cause for a boom in the
west now than wc had then. And
that was 1 it:lo enough. The banks
have shut down tight ou western'real
estate-propositions. You can't raise a
dollar from 11.em on that commodity.
Regina spent over $2,500,000 last year
on building permits, ntid it hasn't
much over 7,000 population.
Tuosda.y. evening the. oll'ieers? of
.Boundary Valley lodge No. :;8, I.
O. O. I<\, wore installed by Walter
Cook of 1-libenixyI).I>. (? M. .fro
wok.assisted by-'t-he? foi liKying" past,
grand.--, acting ;is..#{.;:'n::d ollieer.s :
W. Ii. Fleming, grand in >rshal; .1.
A. Russell, grand warden ; l<\" i>.
Holmes,.grand sect elary ; W, .101-
son, grand linanoial ' serrelary.; B.
IJallett, grand treasurer. ' J.'ollow-
ing were, installed :.
A. \>:   Iirailhwa'ito, N. (,'.
Frank Spearing,  V. (.J.
Jl. .). Sanders.  \\. S.    \
V,. V,. Taylor,  V. S.    ' •  '
TC. Foyle Sinilli, Treasurer.
■ JJ. McDonald. \\\
Sid. Htoror, C!.
S. Belt',, I!,. S. A'. 0,
Ale.:-.  Robinson,  L. S. M. (i.
A i'tor lodge, work a supper was
served in-the banquet; hull.
A   Powerful   Agency- an
Copper Street "-"
'**M«iB-> .
WIIKATA   MONTH. 111*111X11 '
"About the wheat situation. Of
course, everyone talks with habitual
optimism- about the crop, but when
you get a real opinion it simmers down
to this—that everything depends on
,the length of the summer season and a
long season is needed. The growth i.s
now three or i'osr weeks behind and
the harvest ought to be in by Aug. 25.
If they strike an early frost there will
be a great shortage, undoubtedly.
"Gu the whole,   I think that Ontario
has  nothing  to fear for years from an
industrial.standpoint.     That circle of
••; towns   within   reach of Niagara power
; will   undcubteiiy   remain    the supply
j points  ior  the   west  beyond our time.
.1 The western towns  are  all dependent
■■ upon local conditions.    Vancouver has
x^S*-*¥.     T^i-KSS-r-v   ~£!T  irsr-  j lls  -um--er  and   its   iisii,  for instance.
-        ^    IPUJ  TW^   [O-^eofUiat,   it  has   praeti
ndustnes,   and   the
The results of the eiMriinee. examinations to high schools were
announced the past week. There
wns a general slaughter. Out of a
total of :M:* eandidatfis in the
province only, M" passed, or about
41 percent. Th this division, ISTo.
■3 inspectorate, comprising. East
and West Kootenay and Boundary
district, Jo passed  out of  40.    In
Greenwood only one—Jas. Galloway—passed.      Grand Forks  and
Phoenix were less fortunate. Midway and Deadwood each,'passed 1.
-Foilowing- aro-tJie* res_'.Tto'--i:i-—Inspectorate Xo. -*> :
Cranbrook—Number of candidates J-t, passed 2, Ruth A. Harvey (!2I, OhaHos A. TJcGowan 551.
Creston—Number of candidates
-J-, passed :>, George T. Huscroft
714, Vera Huscroft 001.
Fort Steel—Number of candidates I., passed 0.
Grand'Forks -Number of oandi-
"dates I, passed 0.
Moyie—"Number of candidates 1,
passed 0.
Golden—Number of candidates
5, passed .-*>, Charlotte Armstrong
7!).",, Charles O- Dalipiist 700, Dorothy -Humbly 0NS, ('eorge Parson
574, .John Rutherford 55.'!.
Bead wood---Number of candidates 1, passed 1, Blsie F. Craham
Greenwood—Number of candidates 7. passed j, .lames R. Galloway 5(!5.
Midway— N"innbe," of candidal es
4, passed 1, Barbara M. .Jaovson 507.
Phoenix—Numher of candidates
1, passed 0.
New Denver—Number of candidates 4,'passed 2, Joseph M. Turner 05:3, Richard S. Turner (i."I.
.Sandon—Number of candidates
1, passed 0.
Slocan—Number of candidates 2,
passed 1, Adolph Heck 55N.
A .Japanese has been taken in the
act ui making plans of For! K'osejrar.s
in Southern California That he had
been capable and industrious appears
to be evident from .his possessions of
200 photographs showing the locations
of the guns and general views of the
harbor nnd government works. His
plans and specifications of torpedo
casements, electric machinery and
control of the mine field would have
been especially valuable to any enemy
of the United States.
Believed to Exist, With United States
Senator Guffg-eriiieiin as it's
..} .      ...
'   Dominating Head
In vest iga lion by Attorney-(.ion-
oral Buonaparte has convinced the
United States Government that, a
trust exists, thatabsoluIely controls
the smelting industry of Ihe l.'nited
Stales. The Guy^enlii'inis. Senator
Giiji^enlieiiii of Colorado if you will,
is at the head of i|,. and his word
noes-i even winh such political forces
of the country as |<", II. llarrinian
and J. .1. Hill. H not, only controls rates from tlie railroads, but it
dictates as to'whether the roads
shall put spurs into a. mine or not.
If the mine is one (.he trusts w.'tnts,
and cannot buy at it's own iigures.it
in'-rely forbids the. railways yivivg
the accommodation sought. The
trust is now reaching out for ihe
Alaska fields and mil ess the Government is able to cope with it,
there i.s no limit to which it may
the Province hi ,the matter of law.
As we understand it that nir-ans that
the Province did not tell the truth
about the World but. that its falsehood
did not constitute libel. The case was
dismiss :il and each side pays its own
The Doukoljors in Manitoba appear restive.-* Last'Monday night
about 5o of tlieiu, men and'women,
tramped into Dauphin, Manitoba,
clad in blue and pink night'gowns
and straw hals.
They were, seeking for a wanner
climate, but were seeking it via the
Winnipeg route.
The I'onkhobors have strange
notions about, Winnipeg. Once
upon a lime they started fur tliere
siT-king the Christ, now it is a
warmer climate they are afler.
I-Yoni reports they are more likely
to succeed in securing (he. heat than
(hey wen- in looking for a Messiah
Preparations are being made to
resume work on the Canni property on the West Fork.
For Ihe two weeks ending- last
Saturday, the district smellers
reduced over 71,000 tons ol ore.
j places."
calls'   no
ame with other
won't i>r.ow ot;*. rny. oas
"Have   you  heard   about   the  light
President Fallieres of France was
last Sunday made the target at which
a naval reservist Jircd two shots.
Mercifully the bullets went astray, and
the would-be-assassin, went to prison.
The V. "A*, oc Y. railroad is perfecting
plans for the construction of a railroad,
bridge, across the second X.irroons,
near Vancouver. Speculation is rife
as to the full meaning of the move and
it is taken to indicate connections with
Ihe Grand Trunk Pacific- from - tiie
Mr. Louis W. Hill, accompanied
by a party of railway men, made
the trip from Keremeos to Princeton by automobile last Tuesday,
returning to Keremeos the following day. We should have been delighted to have had the party try
their njnebine on the road up .Boundary Creek, but the Kill family
does't appear to like the looks 'of
things in this valley
The diamond drill is now in
about 250 feet ou the Jill-horn.
In about. .-"() feet more the ledge is
looked for.
The pi iocs of the metals continue
very satisfactory, and with slight fluctuations, hover around   the   following:
Copper ?..      21 cents
Silver       05 cents
Lead        5 cents
The i.ow oi'muc mines of the Jlt-uud-
ary, which lir.-a began shipment in
L'JOU, sending mil iOi),u:i' tons th.it
year, have been steadily increasing.
The I'JUii shipmi-nts were l.lnl,5.57 tons,
and tli.it of l'Xi7 will be a i.iryi: gain
The iiic.il ''.kadi'S, up to the end of
t'Jiiu, hud in the p;i-t four sc.ir-i shipped
out over lii.uuO tons with a value ui
over SI,000,000,
Total to Tuns
end 1006.        iu 1007
■fOi.-iOf. !.',630
•luiUH'U b-l,o.'7
1,07u,000 131),785
3,000,000 3!)'),^-'5
Xc\v York parties are daily expected to conduct negotiations for
the Gold Drop group ou Wallace
mountain at Beaverdell.
Iu doing some prospecting,
work on the Duacau, T. T. Henderson has unearthed some very
tine lool-ring* ore veins..,
Considerable lillchoni stock is
selling in the east at present. It
would appear to be an excellent
investment aL present prices.
Looks   Over   the 'Cbpper
Mr. Geo. L. Walker, of the   Boston
Commercial, Does the Copcer Camps
of the Boundary
.   Low CiKA.nK.
IVm tiop Co	
U C Cop Co .....
Granby   Cup Co
High oradh.
Prince  Henry...
Don  Pedro	
Hay.? '...
K P U	
The Connection claim east of
town is looking' well. 'Messrs.
Sutherland and White are working iu the 7-inch lead, showing'
free yold.
Messrs. Scully and LCiig-lish,
who owtj some valuable copper
propcrtii's ik-ui* C'inni, are in
town pivp.'iraiiiry to leaving' ou
tuinuiorrow's stage to continue
developuHMi .Lv/urk. =	
The ek-cliic iioisliuy   plant lor
| the   Sudbury was   completed thi->
j week.       The   power   line  to this
property run-, trom the north end
ot   the   town,   passing-   over   the
tlold Buy; hill.
! A very flue lead ot* rich ore has
been   opened   on the Relief claim
'near   ihe k'ainblerut Beaverdell.
j A rdial't has been sunk   iorty feet
; on the ore and the vein improves
in sixer and character  with depth.
I !'. I'.ilti'rsoii, who was in town
;'i'hiic.-ida v reports tin:' Li-roi in
ii'ainji McK iuiH.w looking paiiimi-
:'la,rly well. The Phoenix .syndi-
M*;ite wlsieli iionded the. claim !-oiue
! three nioiiths ago have duno eoii-
i Kidcnibli* work on tlie. property
! since taking 'jharge. They iiave
'. erossetit the lead in several places
land find the ore iiodv '.Ml feet -vide.
<>ne of our most prominent visitors this week was Mr. Geo. L.
Walker, of Bexing'ton,Mass., who
accompanied by Mrs. Walker, is
making a tour of the Boundary.
Mr. Walker is Kditor and part
owner of the Boston Commercial,
and his weekly letters in that
paper, dealing- with the copper
situation, constitute a prominent
feature. Mr. Walker's views as
expressed through his "Weekly
Copper Letter," are eagerly
sought after by mining men aud
brokers, and are widely distributed.
In addition to being a newspaper man of experience, Mr.
Walker is a geologist ,arul keeps
in touch with mining' development generally.
While in Greenwood Mr.
Walker looked over tlie local
smelting plants, and some of the
mines and then went to Phoenix
to continue his study of the district.
Mr. Walker is very confident'
that the price of copper is to
remain tirm for some time. lie
said he had discussed the matter
with those most thoroughly conversant with the metals and-espec-
ially copper, and the opinion' was
•reneral that copper would not sell
down to 15 cents ag-ain in a generation.
This is Mr. Walker's first visit
to British Columbia, aud he and
Mrs. Walker, who is a Canadian,
thoroughly enjoyed their trip
west, even as they were eujoying-
their stay iu the Boundary.
: i,
The   Wcrid   and   the Pr.-.,vin -e :i-^ + -
papers have holh beer. ■•;rewind !ai(.!v.
^ro-.vin^ in si/..;, in  (jnality, in eireul;i
-ti.jti.     Apparently     t'ii.-ine--s   j-.-.i'.-n.-v
prompted the Province '" ;.t."-;,o'e   ;i:a'
its  circulation   \v;is   tv-iee' as  :;rc;,tas
thai   of tiie u*,jr;d.     H'-i.-iues-. -,'.:ivi;-y
j or self Tjrote-Jtior. r>ri part  <.>!' :h..-j ;Vor!d
; yruaipr-.d   that papc:'   to i.ri'j';- <-.!ir fo-
i libel   a-j-.titi-,'-   the  Provineo.    1 lie suit
L'-vas   recent!y   tried   .-.[it iivfon: Justice
i Clement. Mr. Martin appearing for',he
Work! and Mr. Davis I.-.r 'lie Province.
The   presiding   ju>tice   found,   for tlie
World   in    the  matter  of fact ami fo
between granite and diabase,
iind v*. ith shipping o-e no,v in niglii.
Very  Fine
T,*e I'u'oliciry lJe;,-i(r:iriet-L ot the',
; "i'dtn .;■!-. ton i*ja:<i of T. a .I.r lias i;.jlt en')
uiit .inite '.;!..• !; i::■: »'ji::o..t thinir; we ;
• ilave vet s'.1,.-:] ia t'.ie v.-;iy •>;' advert i.--
: oii,-. It i- 0i.!;*'el "i.- w-inrites '.vi:;] i
I ivinioir...,*!.'' a.nd a
ins tiirmiLtl! ti;;: cnr'.c-y ,,! i-i-i
I Dynes.
y   .).' ii come:; U
.-   o'
Calgary jilaces its population
today at 21,500.
Russia has decided to expend
815.50(1,000 from lOij'Uo I'Ul in
the construction aud ornament of
new warships.
The   government    has aulhor-
b/ed contracts fop 8-1 500 000	
worth of additional   rolling-stock
for the Intercolonial.
The total circulation of Dominion notes, banl; notes and
specie in June was 85^..U(),5.'U,
the largest in many months.
Since April 1 last the iunnigra-
ti >n lias totalled over 10O.000, s>
that the total population at tlie
present   dale   is in ihe neitrhb >r-
i. o .-s
hood of o.i'iUO.OOu.
A raft cutaiuiiig- lO.Oi'ui.oi'n
leet of lumber has been sn< n-c-
fully towed from the month ,■!
the (."(ilunibia to San I-'rancin'". a
distance of 555 ■ inii'-s done in 7
days. The raft was 7-o feet
long;. ~S feet wide and drew 2.>
feet of water.
Cauadti n.'e.v lias a population
of ov.-r si.\ :11-<I a half millions.
The i K-partmenl of Census and
Sta-.i-iics lias recently made -a
carefn! ,'iiul elaborate estimate of
tlie population. It found that on
the :irst day of April, this year,
the population of Canada was. as
.nearly as could be estimated. t».-
505,VuO. This is a growth oi-
populati.'in in six vears since the
last decennial census, of 1.155.-
5-s.s. The total population in
i'M'.l was 5.571.515. If the present rate of growth, is maintained
t'auatla wiil show a population "
of over sevettand a half millions
when the next census is taken.
!s**-£**£'ia :J .
nfflriilii ,■■■!_ lnM.IHilwwpii.," II , fmu, ii   m i, I ■_■■ !!■ i i mi     ■   i i i      imi iiij i ■ ■ ■■   7n      .    wj'MMl ^ilil in iipWii .   |ip^ I ,1 Mll.M.    H       I Ml. II J^..j .   ■winin '  _ ■ I        m ,| n  ■  ■ .1. HJ. _JJ JUJ1II   ■ 'mill Wjl II". ■ ■   m ii iimi iim ■   inn ■ i|Bii m ■iihipiiiup iii  iibbii  ■■ JJ ?'' '������(���,  THE   B��tfNBARY   CREEK   TIMES.  ^  ^^^rrroiffliB-llsli  <8 H if  jC  (Pi  Cr**;  CP"1  ���  �� Capital, all paid npTwW-OoT  CQ        ' Ui'DIVlDEU   PROFITS   S422.689.98     ���  0^1 ii������   Prosidnni :    T,oki- Stkati.cona ani> Mount Koyai, <������ C. M. O.  !f;^^^ v    ' ,,���.   ,  Pranchcs in London, Eng. ^r^Pr=U ��w ��- <-��-���  ,.���v   .,,,,1 sell Sierlhur Kxcliatiffo a.i.1 Cable Transfers ; Gram Commercial an  Tr-ivelU'"' Credit*., availabltin any parltof Hie world. .  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT ���  Interest allowed at current rates.  Cr  Cr*\  ccr.i  it~-  CF*  <r*  cr���-  <?=*-  Greenwood Branch,    W. F. PROCTOR, Manager.  i.i=fi  ter9  *r5  heresies distractthe people. No  embroilment with other nations  excites fear. Steadily, serenely  the good ship sails on a roomy  sea to its desired end.% Its statesmen view its progress with satisfaction, its patriots thrill with  pride, its people dwell in happi-  jness and prosperity.  r^mswMsswm^^Msmmmm2K  EDITORIAL NOTES  Wok ie is life, worry is death.  >;S  The   Boundary's   Pay-roll in    p  industrial concerns alone, today    |>  totals a Quarter of a   Million   ||  Dollars monthly. &  :l  1  THE CANADIAN BANK  ^���i-.-**   irr-a   ,��r���**-** TT** XT*"?"*  Paid-up Capital,$10,00,000.   Reserve Fund. $5,000,000  HEAD OFFICE. TORONTO.  il   K. WALKER, President. ALEX. LAIRD, General Manager.  II.  H. MOKRIS, Supt.  Pacific Const Branches.  BANK MONEY ORDERS'  lasusn AT TH?. FOLlO-mHQ RATES '  t ? sn:l as:"��     3 can**  -'i-a>- $-> aijij n.*" exceeding S��"i     6 cents  "    r'-i>       '" " ?30    *a cents  *"   :*-.(*       " .. f* $50   15 cents  '.'"hfBa Orders ,i-e Pity able at S'ar m any office in Canada, of a Chartered Bank  (Yukon exci-pl-nl), and at the prindpa! banking points in the United States.  Ni;r;oTi\i:i.i- at a rtvi:i> r.vh- at  rilK CANADIAN BANK OV COMMERCE, LONDON, ENG.  They S'lirm an excellent molhod ��>f remitting small sums of money  with safety nnd at small cost.  Savings Bank Department  Interest allowed on deposits from SI upwards at current rates.  Greenwood Branch   -.   -        -IT. BEATTIE Manager  Waiting,  waiting long, wears  out the stoutest heart.  King Edward and Queen Alexandra as was expected, received  a right royal welcome in Ireland.  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  /. H.  HALLETT  13akk'istick, Solicitor,  Notakv Pri'MC.  Cable Ailrtri'ss:       " II am.i-tt.-'  I I'.ndfiinl iM'NeillV  Coi>KS -; Min'i'iiijr & Nu-U'-.  I Luib.  G*?t=f-��wooD. B. C.  F. M. LAMB,  Provincial Land Surveyor.  Ofiic.* will. 1**. W. Mi-Laiiitf.  'Copprr Street. Gn'KNWOOn  1'.. c  (&0gM   BOUMDAfiV   VALLEY   LODGE  ���X'  No. F.  Mkuir  every   Tuesday   Even in ���- al 8 00 in  Uie  J. 0. O. V. Hall.'    A* curilial  mvi .union is ex  imidecl to all sojoiiminy brelliern.  K. tl. MORTIiVUK. ������        B. A NOTCH SON,  N. O.      . Ren.-Scc  'Che  Boundary Creek Times  Issued every fridav  UY  TUB  Boundary CrecU Printing aM Publishing  Co., T-iImitkd.  suuscKiPTio-ys ra advanck.  t'liK   YlCAR      2 00  Six Months        ' 23  To   I'ORKION  'COUNTRIES 2 50  a��  FRIDAY   JUI,*.   l'.'l'D.'  oncerus operating in the district. There seems little ground  for doubt that their ores will be  smelted near to their properties.  Whether this . will be done at  Greenwood or some other point is  not of greatest moment. That it  will be done eventually in the  district is chief consideration.  Now thatore appears in plenty,  that transportation rates are reasonable, that fuel supplies seem  assured and that prices are satisfactory tlie industry would appear to have entered upon a  career of unquestioned promise.  The industry is on a profitable  basis, the district's welfare is  guaranteed. What towns and  what people shall share most in  this prosperity depends in the last  analysis largely upon the spirit  of the towns and the people themselves.  ON THE MOVE  From all parts of Canada come  reports of business activity.  From ocean to ocean the people  are busy. In the mines, in the  sawmills, at railway construction?  in manufacturing establishments,  in everything and everywhere the  people are busy. And they are  busy at remunerative prices  From every centre of the Dominion, the reply made to the  =Dep.'i}^ie*^^_Lff*^p^sJnatuiry^as  Politics is like checkers. Everybody wants to get into the  king-row. That crown looks  good.  Ii-' the pedlars of evil tidings  were obliged to takeout a license,  some of them would go out of  business.  Thi* local holders of Japanese  securities will not be overjoyed  at the tumble the Mikado's paper  has taken.  Pki'miei- McBkide denies that  he said "breakfast to perdition."  We didn't think that sounded like  him anyway.  The heart that sees only good  in others is a well-spring of peace.  The one that sees only defects is  like a graveyard full of decayed  and decaying things.  Premier' McBride's new version of "breakfast to perdiction"  is>. likely to become a classic. In  the vernacular breakfast was  the last thing mentioned but the  Premier has the good taste to  take his early on the trip.  " Experiments' with the air-ship  appear to have been very successful in Paris. Recently one was  navigated about over the heads  of the Parisians for three-quarters of an hour, sailing equally  well, with, . against, or broadside  to the wind.  It looks now as if prison bars  were likely to fence Harriman  from the people's pasture on  which he has been feeding for  years past. Should Roosevelt  make it stick, millions of the  people whose millions he lias'  stolen will applaud the "big  stick." ;  THE DISTRICT   SITUATION  The mining condition of the  Uoundary was never so satisfactory as at present. The mines are  all busy, the smeiters are busy,  the railroads arc rushed. Ore is  coming down from the hills at a  rate never before realized aud copper is going east fri'tn the smelters us never buf'-re. For years  Ihe different miniiV;-' cuinpanies-  , have   been    bnsv    yelling    their  in  'hape to ship for the full  untie;  'i*  Not only lias lh:ii point now been  reached,   but with smelter capacity   onlv   recently   very much enlarged." the mines are"capable of | ��  being maintained  supplying     the    district's   daily'certainly Canada's growing time  to  conditions comes the response  "busy."     The agricultural yield  of   the   magnificent fields yearly  grows   greater.     The  output of  increasing and enlarging factories  yearly grows larger.   The output  of   the   mines   increases yearly.  Railroad mileage is being rapidly  extended and new fields are being  opened up.     The  population   is  increasing  bj* leaps and bounds,  increasing not only by birth-rate,  but  by   the acquisition of thousands of the best from  the United  States and Europe.   Bank capital  is growing and the savings of the  people being  added  to.     Homes  are   being reared at a gratifying  rate,.     Hours  of labor are being  lessened even while the wage rate  This,   is  Despite all the talk of war between   the   United    States   and  Japan,   provoked   by San Fran-  cisto  incidents  and the proposed  removal of the United States fleet  of battleships from  the Atlantic  to the  Pacific waters, influential  men in  both countries most intimately affected progress to believe  that  these  two  nations will remain friends for many years.    So  may it be.  This a district of 10,(100 people   jg  at  inost,   means S300  per year  for every man, woman and child  in the district.  And   the pay-roll is growing.  <-KKX*KKK>000000000000<>00����0<>0  SI  1  B  '��  ^'t''^��^��;y^^  SUNDAY SERVICES.  Catholic���Church .of the Sacred  Heart.���Divine service 1st, third and  fourth Sunday in each, month. Holy  mass at 10 a. m.; vespers and benediction at 7:30 p. nl.; Sunday school at  2:30 p m. Rkv.J. A. I*board, v). M. I.,  pastor.  Akcmcan���St. Jude's. Rev. John  Leech-Porter, B. D., pastor.; Services  at 8 a. m., 10:45 a. in. and 7:30 p. m ;  Sunday school, 12 p. ni. All' seats  free. Services alternate Sundays at  Boundary ITuUs, at 4 p, m.,> and Eholt  at 3 p, ni.  The Methodist and Presbyterian  congregations have united forces for,  the months of July and August. Last  Sunday, July 14tli, services were held  in the Presbyterian church in the  morning and in the Methodist church  in the evening. Rev, F. J. Rutheiford  B. A. officiating at both services. This  plan will be followed (I). V-) for the  following three Sundays. Then Rev,  M. D. McKee will preach'in the Methodist church in th0 morning and in the  Presbyterian in the evening during  August.  CONTRACTOR  AND BUILDER  Dealer   in    Sash,   Doors,  Turned Work and  Inside Finish,  Etc,  J        ESTIMATES FURNISHED-  �� GREENWOOD,   :   B. C?  8 PHONE 65.  00000<K>00<)0<>00<>0<>OOOOOOOOd  To Employers of Labor:  Are you conversant with the Workmen's'Compensation  Act. The only absolute protection offorded is a Liability Policy. The "OCICAN" Policies, (the largest  accident company in the world, with assets of over  Seven Million Dollars) provides a complete indemnity  against all liability, relieving- you from all responsibility, worry and trouble.  eric  vv. ivicJL..aine,  District Agent, Greenwood, B. C.  ^Jmij m  Al is. ~\r. I'm-  rolt,  0)2  IIor ,,..���  c:>n   St.,  Hon-   .    pi��  tvcul, says:- fe^-S  ���     ','A horrid .     .      .       . .  " rash came out all over r.iy biiloj-'s face and  spread 'until it had to" ally covered His scalp.  It v.r:is ���irritati'ij*'- and painful, and caused  the litllo ono hours of siilFeriiig. Wo tried  so i]>���.: Ja;d powders p.ud salvos, but ho jjofc  no better. He was so fretful.all-day loii��  that it made it very, hard for me. Ho  refused his for::*., got o.uite thin, and worn,  ���ukI wa- reduced lo a very serious condition. [ W.1.S one day advised to tryZam-  Uiik, and did so. Il> was wonderful how it  seoined to cool and case tho child's burn-  inij, painful skin. He gruduiUly became  more easy amiable to sleep. Xaiu-1'uUfroin.  tho very commencement seemed: to go  right to the spot, a.d the pi uptos and  sores and the irritation'grew less and less.  Within a few weeks my baby s skin was  nealed completely. He has now not a trace  of rash, or eruption, or oenuma, or burning  sore. Njt'only so, but cured of the tor-  liiontihg skin trouble, he hasiiiii'vovedin  'general health'. He has not fat and plump,��  weighs no less than 32 lbs., although only 7  months (dd.andis in first-class condition."  Hum-Bilk i.s sold at all stores aud mediuine vendors, 5(lo. ahox, orpostvree from Zam-Buk Co.,  Toronto, for price. 0 boxes for Si 50.   ���  Is. unexcelled, as is evidenced by  its  its popularity in all the towns  'of the Boundary.  For Sale at all Leading Hotels  Either Draught or Bottled.  Patronize home industry by insisting on having  'ELKHORN" BOTTLED BEER  THL.ISS'  IIIWII  We have them from SlO up. 1906 leaves us with three  good drop head machines, 1 bat ve had to take back and  which we are offering at reduced "'vecs. Call and sec  thetn at once,  as  we  have on c left;'S3 a. month  takes a new drop head Si..ge hmei &-Wilson, the ,  two best machines on the mark   1 todav  l  N. H. LAMONT, Agent  > Copper Street. Greenwood, B. C.  House, aign and all exterior and  and interior painting and decor  ating promptly done.  lUall Papering  End Kalsomitiitig  Send in your spring orders.  ����eo��l?Xbomp$on  Box 255, Greenwood.  Shop Government street.  C. S. BAKER  PROVINCIAL ASSAYER  AND    .���'-.  Ore Shippers Agent.  I Bill I! HUM  Electric  current   supplied    for  4��|       "��� :��������� ..-i4��:  +   ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  Power, Lighting, Heating and  Ventilating. Power furnished  for Hoisting and air-compressing plants, with an absolute  guarantee of cor ti" u< vs \ < wcr  service for operating.  Get Our Rates. We Gan Save You Money  ge^. ^.^^4.4,^,^^4,4, ^TJS^. j$. ty~jfrf -fr -$. * ty> tyty^  ty  'tytyty  ty  ty  <*��  ty  ty-4&  ������  ty  ty  ��f=>  ty  ty  ty  ty  -f->  ty  PHONE NO, 2  F0R-  *  CHOICE BEEF, PORK AND MUTTON  FRESH FISH    FI1  SALT HERRING  THE LIBERALS AND THE LORDS  tola! si!u:mnif ea-moity of f.OUO This uew century has opened aus-  t'.n>. l.ar-iel'aith and iiberal ex- piciously for her. To itsr*  puidiuir,- have been necessary to Hocking, <as to a laud cf promise,  realize this endition, but ineii of people from the four quarters of  faith v.-or.: in charge and men | the earth. The fame of its  with ci.co, w��ro behind them, (wealth of natural resources, its  and thu^  I Jouihiar \  Til'.- im  l:-('i ihe  "r  iijiiiied ?;i^ :-iipv:?i led' upbuildings     and     its    benefits.  <it c '-..:um v. ith  Its    recent    progress    stirs    the  Sir H.   Cambell-Bannerman has had  scorn heaped upon him for the evaporation ot his brave words about the House  j of Lords, and the  condensation  of  all  his   threats   into   a   mere   resolution.  That sort  of scorn   is  easy.    But-  the  resolution has been  passed demanding  that llie House of   Commons  shall,  in  case of difference 'with  the  Lords,  be  ultimately  predominant,   and that   it  shall be so without acknowledging- even  the limited right -which of late is all  that is claimed by the Lords���that  of  vetoing- a measure as an appeal  to the  people.    The resolution  demands  that  such change shall be made as shall secure that the will of the people sh ,11  prevail within tha life of a single  par  lianient.   This resolution has been supported by an enormous  majority,  and  when the country is appealed to,   those  who voted 'against  it will   find it very  hard indeed to answer for their course.  This move will go far to ensure the re--  turn again of the Liberals,v\vith a man  date from tlie people to bring- in just  snch legislation, so plain that the Lords  will not   have their usual excuse for  been made  in. copper  beinir  M"'-  lile iiu'i!!*-���*"  pie-.  -'���ved price reached   the    other   nations  and  M'cct of its they desire to share at once in its  n;  nl at ���'���.mine  r<.*aeh;;"!.!'    !  i*;.' c-..';iiva:iies P1"'-^ i-ts future, promise excites  fi'.r iTciti-T . the enthusiasm of those who love  thin"'H. And while in is is true't-10 country aud its institutions,  of A-v .;id. nv-v c ;;:corns are com-;Tn^cPei'^ent and fearless, this  ing into the field, seeking- a share'ncw country has set its course by  iu" ihe \'j imdarv wealth. The the stars, and wise heads aad  1 -test ia -ior to -,u\\' r the he'd.the' nrrn ^a-i^s :ire holding- it true ou  Cmadian On^'dida-ed. In-g-ts'its way*  f.-o.-h hope in the minds of the the harmony.  i,eo;*:e and adds to ihe trio of big; w-eates    discord  For  race feuds brealc  No creed conflict  No   financial  Livery Stable  in   v-vcu     years   the!,oPPortunit-es*   its  beneficent and | throwiiigout the bill, namely that the  deuionstra'tion     has! progressive      government       has j people have not pronounced upon the  question. The House of Lords has  only to throw out a few more measures  to prepare the country for pronouncing  wi'.h fair plainness. Mr. Birrell has  begun by launching one welt adapted  to be effective to this end in his Irish  Evicted Tenant's Bill which empowers  the government to expropriate land  for the reinstatement of evicted tenants  of whom there are about two thousand  in Ireland. This measure will be very  popular with the working and agricultural classes in Britain. It will not only perplex the Lords, but will go a long  way toward showing the Irish people  who are their friends.���The Montreal  1 Witness.  minis in t  I!  Illi loi  in Mves  DRAYING -- We Can Move Anything  F..C  CKLESS  PROPRIETOR  Dominion Exhibition 1906  CT g?w*l*fl*l-'t'-ut-''c ** aaMWJ t  ,J\  ERNEST J. CARTIER, Proprietor  Finest Furnislied House in tlie  Steam Heated.    Lighted   throughout   with  electric  lights.  First-class Bar.    Strictly up-to-date goods.  FIRST-CLASS CAFE, OPEN DAY AND MGHT '   ^    *
Enough to stretch one-third the way around the world. This
represents' the quantity of blue ribbon used by the Pabst
Brewing Company of Milwaukee during the past
year. About six inches of this blue ribbon is
stamped in silver with the words "Guaranteed
Perfect" and wrapped around the neck of each
bottle of
Some idea of the popularity of this famous
brew may be gathered from the size of this
order for blue ribbon labels.
The blue ribbon is the mark of excellence
and is used only on Pabst Blue Ribbon. It
is the maker's pledge of quality and your
guaranty of purity.
When you order beer, insist upon
having Pabst Blue Ribbon. You
can recognize the bottle by the blue
ribbon fastened to its neck, as
shown in the illustration.
Made by Pabst at Milwaukee
And Bottled only at the Brewery.
iisss**-, S*,
' ** '^-'-"-^Xli*^'2^'-"--**-
G i eon worn |  Mr-uoi  Co.,
Coppei   St    ("lopnwnod, B. C.
Phono   13
The Star Bakery
Is recog-nzed as the leading- bakcrv in
the city  for   MACAROONS   and" all
kinds Fancy Pastry, Bread, Cakes and
Buns,,    Tel   a65.
F. JAYNES,   -  Proprietor
Ordinarily coil miners in Montana
receive J3.60 per day of eight hours,
but --then mining- b\ the ton their pay
sometimes amounts lo So pei day.
Certificate of Improvements.
"Optic" Mnici.il 01 urn, siLuilP in tlie GiCun-
•Aond Mining Division of Vile Distiut
When Incited     In bl ".Ink Camp
T\KI" NO TIC C 'I li il I, I'd ium d T Willi-
wiie, I'i'p Mini-i''! Cei I ifi cue No P. CIV,,
foi self ami is n-jcnl foi Junes 1' Ei win. Tree
Minei'"- CerlifiLitL No U 10127, iiitiiul, "i\u
<1 13 s fiom ilie il ite lieu of. tn-ippl\ to Uie M.11
niif Peumler foi 1 Cei lificile of Iiiipicnciiii 11 s
for tlie pm pose of olit miinifa Crown Giant
of our 111 lei est 111 the alunc claim.
Ami   fiittliet   tike  iioiue  tliit action  under
section 37, must be comi'icuicd  liefore the is
1111 Le of sulIi cei tificite of 1 itini r>% ements
Dated tins Sill il u of J11H, 1007
Queen's Hotel
Tl o  only   Temperance House in towu.
The best meals that can be provided iu
this  market,  and    cooked   under   the
supervision of the Proprietress  who ia
favorite carteres.
Sunday tamilj Dinners a specialty.
Rooms Newly Remodlled. \-,.
Mrs. D. Manchester,   Prop?
The death of Mr. Samuel McAllister,
for forty-seven years a teacher in the
Toronto public schools, is an event
that may fairly ask some passing attention. Mt. McAllister retired from
active work only last December, and
consequently, had not long enjoyed the
evening of his days. It is useful to reflect on the almost incalculable benefits which such a career confers upon
the community in which it is tran
aacted. It is of course true'that all
good work has a beneficial inlluence
on the people amongst whom it is
done. It is so specially and discoverably true, however, in the case of a
capable and conscientious teacher that
the departure of one such is a fitting
time to proclaim the obligations. Both
here and far from here there are men
who derived some of their soundest
and moat sterling infltiioe-js from
Samuel McAllister. They feel their
debt and have acknowledged it, bi t
even if we did not know" these particular instances we would be assured ol
the quiet, steady power for good that
radiates from' srich a life throughout
veins and arteries of the community.
It is an occasion foi 'musing, for
thought both on the part of the teacher.-a id the society which they serve.
Such a calling- ought nevr to becorre
a mere conventional means of earning
a livelihood. By every art and effort
its. moral enthusiasm should be sustained. That is the individual's side
of it. It is equally incumbent on the
community that it should not treat him
as if he were the mere earner of one of
its .grudging salaries. "He should be
steadily recognized for what he is, the
greatest source for light i.nd leading
and uplifting that lies in the way of
the young in all grades of the social
scheme. Everyone recognizes the tre
rueadoua important e of parentage, but
it must also be recognized that the
work of the teacher is often* to neutralize the misdirection and misknowledge
of home. He should possess the directing'traditions and the wide culture
that may be lacking at home; the broad
mindednesa and the world outlook that
cannot be expected in all walks of life,
put which we -may fairly expect our
schools and schoolmasters to supply.
If it were more common to cross-examine ourselves in this respect public
education would be on a better footing
'than it is today. If parents would ask
themselves under what school influences their children are spending
those precious years there would be
lesB difficulty in achieving the ideals
at which educational reformers aim.
The influence of a wise and ever-green
teacher in a community is iinmeasure-
ablc and, humanly speaking, infinite.
—Toronto Globe.
Anyone having doubts ;is to capability of the,soil in this locality to produce
abundant crops of fruit could not do
better than pay a visit to those orchards
near town that are old enough to begin
bearing. We took a look at several a
few days ago and were more than surprised at what we saw. Even at this
early date tlie trees arc so loaded down
with fruit that the limbs are barely
able to support it. At \V. II. A'urris's
orchard, whijh has not received the al-
tention this year that it usually yets,
the trees are literally breaking-down
with their load'of fruit, and the same
may he said of the trees at C. J
-Lundy's. and at the Riverview Farm
Co's. place, while at several other
places the comparatively few-trees that
have arrived at bearing age are pro
ducing equally good results.
As a fruit growing locality the
Kettle river valley hereabouts has 1 o
yet been fully discovered by those
1 joking for fruit lands, d<>ub 1 :ss owing lo lack of publicity. This state of
things, however, caiirotcoutituie uiu h
longer, as newcomers are crowding us
both -on the east nnd on the we.-1.
Land iu this district has not reached
the fancy prices demanded in IheoUh r
fruit growing localities,- and .small
holdings are within the reach of the
average person. This will ultimately
have its effect, and we predict that h*
next few years wi|l see the entire valley devoted tn fruit raising. U id this
been attempted earlier, there would
have been a very different story to tell.
However, it is better late than never.—
Midway Star.
)&4h4b4b4b4b4b4b4b4b4b4b4b 4b 4>4xtKt) 4b 4NMHJMk &$
'-   g
For Business Men :
'     Billheads,
Receipt Forms,
Business Cards,
Posters. .   ■.  - '
Shipping Tags,
For Rent Cards,    >
For Sale Cards,
A Blotters,  Etc.
Society Printing :
Wedding Invitations,
Invitations for Balls, Etc.
Dance Programs,
Concert Programs,
Professional Note Paper
Private Calling Cards,
Lodge Printing,
Church Printing,
Score Cards,       '
Fine Half Tone    -
Note Paper.
We have the necessary machinery for doing this class of work, andean furnish you
with billheads no matter what system you are using.
■" "^
Mining Co.'s Printing :
Handsome Stock Certificates,
Legal Documents,
Notices of Meetings,
Special Receipt Forms,
Time Cards,
Mine Reports,
Shipping Reports, Etc.
Colored Poster Printing:
We are equipped to turn
out the best color poster
printing in Southern
British Columbia.
Work done
in two or three
colors or
in combinations.
and the quality of stock used are the main factors that have built us up the largest job
printing business enjoyed by any printing house in the Boundary country.
Government Street,
Phone 29
j Greenwood, B. C.
To work on   big irrigating
A Denver man had a friend from a
Kansas ranch in the city Saturday, on
a business deal, and at noon they went
to a down town restaurant and had
lunch together. The Kansas ranchman
ate' his entire meal with his knife,
when he was nearing the end he discovered that he had no fork.
"Say," he.said to the Denver man
"That waiter did'nt bring me a  fork."
"Well, you don't need one," replied
the Denver man seriously.
'. "The duece I don't," came from the
Kansan, "What am I going to stir  my
coffee with."—Denver Post.
Three Questions
If you «re tempted to reveal
A ta'e to you some one hrs told
About another, make it pass,
Bifore you speak, three gates of gold.
These narrow gates-First, "Is it true?''
Then, "Is it needful ?" "In your mind
Give truthful answers. And the next
Is last and narrowest—"Is it kind ?"
Andif to reach your lips at last
It.passes through these gateways three
Then youumay tell the tale, nor fear
What the result of speech may be.
The mails from the Mount Royal
have been'recovered. The Department
of Marine has ordered that the hulk of
the vessel which constitutes a menace
to navigation, be blown up with dynamite.
Zam-Buk    Succeeded    when
Doctors Failed
"I want to say that Zam-Buk
ia the finest healing balm on
earth." So writes Mrs. M. J.
Beers, of L'Orignal (Ont.) She
adds: "I had a bad open sore on
my nose, which for many years
refused to heal, and caused me
many hours and hours of pain,
especially in the hot weather. At
different times five doctors treated
the wound, and I was also in the
hospital, but I could not get a
cure. I recently tried Zam-Buk
and a few" boxes healed the
wound. I am 73 years of age, but
in all my long life I have never
met anything to equal Zam-Buk
as a healer of skin sores and diseases."
Zam-Buk also cures blood
poison, festering, inflamed sores,
insect stings, chafed places, sore
feet, sunburn, cuts, bruises, etc.
Gives ease in cases of piles.
Stores and druggists at 50c a box
or Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, for
$2.00 a Con
in carload lots 1*.
o. b.
Get Your Orders in
IE Mil Vim
j    ',.-'.:.   .       .  I/IM1TKD.
Notice of Six Applications for Special
Timber Licenses-
NOTICK is liore.liy frivcti Unit lliirlr rtavr-
after clati;, ye iiilciiil to applv to the Hon.
Chief - Commissioner of r.anil and "Works fora
special license to cut and carry away timber
from Ihe folloivintf described lands:
No. 1. Cmii'iie'ici'ifr ai a post planted on the
north Side of > opper creek and abom one anil a
hall miles from Hip uain Kettle rircr nnd
nlxiut one mile from the west line of C. P. R.
lot No. 2"l't. Janil- ninniritr west li.O cliiiiis,
thence south 40 chains to point of commencement. 1:
Dated Mav 30th, 1907.
.* ;
* .*.
: t
h CJ
■    WW
JUlll) 1
* V- f-nti.jji.-ww* W.w
'M I
00.. ltd.
w Westminister, B. C.
New Westminster. B- C.
Receives lioili.'ladies and jjentienien as t'esi-
d^nt or day students, lias a Complete, business
or commercial course. Prepaie-. ~lnd>*nl-« 10
jr.iin le.iclifi.s* cfiiifir.iu-s of all ^rr.nles. r.iv-s
II.e four ye.us* course for the V.. \. debtee, and
tlielii^i ye.11 of ihe of the School of Science
i'onise. \n afliiiat'nin with Toronto ITniversity.
Has .1 special '*1'rospector.s* Course" for miiiei-~
who work in 1!. (J.
Instruction is aUo (,'iven in Art, Music, I'liys-
cal CnUuieaiul F.locuticm
Term opens September 17. 1W7. Tor calendar,
tc. address COMTMIIl ANCO I. 1 1 tl E
No. 2. Commenciii','at the southeast corner
of No. 1. andruniiinir south 40 chains, thence
west 160 chains, thence north -10 chains, thence
east 160 chains to point of commen'ement.
Dated May 30th, 1('D7.
No. 3. Commenciiii.' at the northwest corner
vof No. 1. and running south SO chains, tlience
west SO chains, thence, north 80 chains, 1 hence
east 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated May 31st, VW7.
No. 4. Commeuciiitr at the northwest corner
of No. 3. and rnniiinir south so chains, thence
west SO chains, thence noiih SO chains, thence
castSOcltaius to point of commence. 111:111
Dated May 31 •-•, l'WV.     v
No. 5    Conniieiiciii'/at the northwest
of No. 1, and   rniniiiir west  ^0 chains,  thenc
north .HOchains,  thenee «ra«t  SO chains, ihenci
south SO chains to point of commeui:enH-ut.
Dated June 1st. l'W7.
No. fi. ComnienciiiL' at the sniiOiw-. st coruei
of N-i 5, and runniitLr wesi so chains, tln-in*.
north SO chains, ihence e:jsl >p cn.-tie^, three
somh SOchains to point of,commencement.
Daled June 1st. 1''07.
Yai.k Cei.tMiii.'. I.i'miii-.k Cr
Synopsis of Canadian North-west
Homcsicad F?ce-iiiations
AN V I'vt*-!! n 11 n 1U*!'■.-•! srr! ii mi nf I )**tMiuiin-
LaiuN In M:inii<ili.i. S-t^kriU-iii-'-v'tii iiiwi
Alh»!rt;t, f-xcoinintr ■** ;utd !>•. imm i«-s,-i Vfl. tn,i\
bo home^t*-a«!cil by :iuy pt>i>nii who i-; iii-* >*>I-.*
lie;nl of a family, .irany malt* nvor is >**,ir- «•!
a-^e, tt» tht" «xtt**ui t)f 1 mi.' «| narit-r scci ion »if i'. i
ncr*'s, 111 oft: or loss.
Kntry must Ke m.nle pfi'Mniallv at thr* i.H-iii
land otVicc for tlie district in whiclj Uiv \;\n<\ '•• ~
The h(ni»"St<*:wk-r is r-.*(-nirt:il l-v -j..'t furtu ti:r
COH<IHiritm cnutirotiMi tlhri'fv.'ith wmiI-t otit* i.
tlie fiiltou'in-f plans;
(1/ At least six miMiili-'* r'-viilej-re upon .'-\'\
ciiltivati«)n of the land in ■.*■•<■ !i >i*pr \a\- t-<n.-
yenrs. ,i
(2) If th** father (ux tucth.-r. if tlie fat Sn-r t
ilpceasedj, uf the ho!r,t*sti*;:<',er re-i-h-s ;:p-in :•
farm in tin: \kiuily of the i-nul -.'iil--i''<i f-'*r. -kf
rC'tuireu'ent-i l\u to n-siiltMi-'e uki.v !-«'. i* ■)i*-!i-,«:
V*y Such per*-ni re-.i-linj.' ■villi the *.:ihei* -t
<3 If the --etiler ha- !ijs u«-i n!:*:n-:i! rt'-i.h-ni-.-
upon farntini/ lajui ■>■.■.■■■■■! !<y him in th-* •. u:\u~
ity of his limuf-ste:i>). the re---jii 'mii«-i-;s ;*s l-
esiik-mv mav hi- s:»ii-,!i.-.l \>\ i ■ MtV'-vr u^>:.
the sai«l lan.l.
Six mouths' tint Ire in writSc.r '-houltl 1»- ^i*. ei:
10 the 0*mm:--:'n:er <»f P<niiin>oii I,:nnl- ai
Ottawa »>f intention t*» ripuly l-rr p.i!---*t.
w. \v. coin".
Uepnty of the Miuisii.T "*i" Ihe Inferior
N.B.—Unauthori'/ed   puhlit.-niiini   of  iltk, ad
vertisemeat will not be paid tor. 32-5>
When You Need a Specialist, Consult One of
Wide Experience.
Wa arc ju»l now completing «ar twen-
tltfsli -jnar aa ip-cn-dint* in men'» dr*«iikea.
Uuo'n^ ihctc )ear* of cIck appliefition to
a <*'ni;lc cl.11* oi ailmenti n« linvn ori^in-
toej atlj j.irfrctfj the only Bcicntific upd
cc:ti.'n tii^li>c>js by which th^ac dtteMmes »ro
ciorj \{ xi acropt your ca»c for treat*
ti;i>nt, a at* in Uji * mitur ot . rcaxooJibla
Wa Bn.-.ranteo svary mwi a llfolons
euro for Varicocele, Hydrocele, Urethral Obstructions, Blood «.nd Skin Dls-
\ ''. oa-;ci, Prostatla Troubles, Piles. Fls-
' [■: f.iila, Loss cf Vlta.1 Powor. -Kidney,
\ 'A   K::UJf-r  and   Spoc!»l   Dlsonsoj.    We
■ ?.j osoocially ofTor our sorvlces to thota
I U who arofntnioted with weaknosi bi a
; l\   result of tholr own folUet or «xcos«e«.
! j| Our methods  are  up-to-d*te,  tnd
I ;;:] aro endorsed by the hlghert medical
I j-" authorities of Europe  and Amorlea,
I V: 1 Hence our success In tho treatment of
• '-; Men's Diseases.   Remember, our sps-
i A el.tltj b Hmitad to th» dUeaiasor MEN
; { .tnd ME?' oaly.                                    "
■ '* Wo covor the entire flold ornsrvouj,
; *.] chronie, d»ep-»«xted «ui<S to*aj>!ient*d
: i'l   di«o».ses.
' i'i
_' $54.55 .""''■'
To   Winnipeg-,  Port   Arthur, St.
Paul, Duluth, Sioux City.
St. Louis, S62.05; Chicago, =66 05;
Toronto,  SSO.SS;   Ottawa, S8+00;
Moiitrecil,S36.05; St. Johu,S96.05;
Halifax,  3103.85
July 3, 4 5,. Aug-. 8, 9, 10.
Sept. 11, 12, 13.
First-class round trip 90 days
limit.    Corresponding- reductions
from all Kootenay points.    Tickets available  for  lake   route, including- meals and berths on lake
y   steamers.    Through rates (-noted
5   to any station,   Ontario,   Quebec
5   or Maritime provinces  on  appli-
V   cation.
2       For  further   particulars, rates
0   and folders, apply to,
■■}   ?.. J. COYLE."        J. S. CARTER.
■t    A.G.I'.A.Vancouver Li.I'.A. Nelson
/   -E.    R.    RffJDPiA.Tr-1.   AGKNT
•** GRKEN.V\"OOI),
,      THE
(New edition issued Nov. 15, 1906)
history. Geography, Geology, Cliein-
istry, Mineralogy Metallurgy, Terminology, Uses, Statistics and Finances of
Copper. It is a practical book, useful
to all and necessary to most men en-
gi'geri in any branch of the Copper
Its facts will pass muster with tho
trained scientists, and its language is
easily understood by the everyday man.
It gives the plain facts in plain Rug
*ish without fear or favor.
Its lists and describes 4G26 Copper
Mines and Companies in 'all.pat ts of
the world, descriptions running from
two lines to sixteen pages, according
to importance of the property.
The Copper Handbook is conceded to
l 1
If TOu CMfict <:>:!. writo for Symptom Blank.
JlMjrairr'aiiW curol *I Imum. All cor-
rcvosuiro£« coa£d«nt»a!.
103 M«w, St., Cor. Hnl Ar...
The Mining Man needs Ihe book for
the facts it gives him about mines,
mining and the metal.
The Investor needs the book- for the
lact.s it gives him about milling, mining invest ments and cupner .statistic*.
Hundred of swindling i-oinpanies are
exposrd in plain Kngli.-h.
Price is to in lltickram with gilt top;
£~ 51) in full library morocco. Will be
sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to nnv
address ordered, and may be. returned
within a week of receipt if not found
fully satisfactory.
Kditor and Publisher. .«
'.:.-> I'-ostoflice Block, Houghioii,
tv  3
You can double
your Business by
advertising in The
Boundary Creek
Times    :    :    :    :
■ v-= ME   B��.#NBARY   CREEK TIMES*,  ~i** *?���.*? K*  fr  ���  ��  "���v  tt.  II  ������ii":i*.'~-':'"*,  i \  V   "   .-A  A'-^-iV  _,,-* \  ii-i ">-  ���; . \ ;.-/     ���  A  \  I  \  r-  1'C  /I 1-!  "r{ -7  ?.'-i;i-f.  ;iil^��  uj*~.  ���n:<iss  "ianne:  is and  I*;  lorries  ipuns  10  to  I  3J  50  \  /?'���  '.- :>)  V  i  'J   /':f?-:  ft i  - 1  i  '.-���'' ���'  i  '!  I  - 7    i  Y  :\  ,  ���r  ?-*j **?-?'"' *-F1-'v*} ffss ^^ **'*, F   ^  "���?  *y     ^s.  Dr. Maihison.  iiloii-:-  ilenti  Nit den 1'loorj  9  L,   II.  HI    <.L>'\ 11.  Moli'aU, of the Grevhou'rid, is  li^ri; to Judge atul Mrs. Brown on  Sunday, Juiy 14, a sun.  A-. iv. White has returned from a  short trip to Spokane and Medical  kmo.  ���C.-J. i-Kiggall,.barrister oi Aiidway,  was tiiscnai'giug . business here liua  week.  eiliation   (tnd Investigation' in coi -  neefion   with   the-Spriughill mines  ���     ,..7'?"     -     ..   '  n,         (.,j has   been   rccinved   by-life depar  Dr..Simmons, dentist. Phone %!  ,  '.Valhice-Miller  ljlock, open evenings.  I ment,   but will not lift made public  until eomininiioated to the company  Bom to Mr.  and Mrs. Alex. Kobiu-j and   the   miners   there..    Another  son     on     Saturday,    July    13th,    a j application has been  received from  j the,   men   asking   for  the appoint-  daughter,  C    M.   Cror.se   formerly  of Midway., . , ..  v..   m.  v.,ioi..se .������ J'   ters  concerning   yardage,   etc.  butrecently   of   Xelson   was a Green-1 . -  ...,'. ,. 1 the tsprmfnuli mines.-  wood visitor this week. I' i   ���    *->  ���it  I 1  IIIflF^^F  %  l-tm  ��w���. if**  t  AV.- T. Hunter left this week for his  annual pilgrimag>- to Dakota. He.ex-  icct.- to he a way for three weeks.  ���Or. ii.n11 Mrs. Simmons lei ion Thursday lor ,i two-week*' ouu'ig on Hie  :akes in the SiOcan.  Koberl '.v'uotl came down iruin iieav-  erucii on Tuestiay's stage. lie wiil  remain tor a  tew n ly.n.  Mr Fred iloplans and Miss Annie  Cin ihleilaon were inairieil ai l.Voinuiai *,  Kails, la.^t Saiuuliiy  eveiiin-;.  Dale, the Caruu hoiiucide, met aim  ausweret! tiie law's iast ileuiaiai at  Kainloops last 1 imrsuay moruiui;.  Mr., A. Lucas, of Kaslo, chief district asscsnur, and Mr. J. Kirkiip of  Kosslaud were Green woud visitors during tlie week. '  A. R. Thomas, otherwise 'rRed" lias  removed to Greenwood and will have  charge of the'local business of the  Thomas Drug Co'y. A  Mr. \V. E. George who has been su["-  ||, ei'tnteudetit   at   tiie   Cariboo    for some  *j [months past, has resigned and is plan-  I n ing a trip tothe old country.  The Thomas Drug. Co'y. having purchased the business of C. M. Crouse, of  Nelson, Mr. Arthur Thomas .has left to  assume charge of the new store.  A1111ctigh last Hiin.;ay was far from  an ideal day for fishing, John Cule  landed o. pound and a quarter beauty  i'rbm the waters of Boundary creek.  J��s."W. Ellis and Ed. T*owlaud "lit"  out last Monday for the coast. With  good weather and good roads they expect to make Vancouver before tlie  hop-picking season sets in. .  Mrs. James E. Simmons and. Miss  Edna..Simmons who have beeu visiting  in Arcomvood for. the past week left on  Tuesday for   Vancouver    where   they  "i make their future home.  u mwF'^mmmommm^M  Mrs.   Sidney   M.  Johnson received.a  somewhat serious fall Sunday last  while driving with a party to Midway.  It appears that some part of.the running gear of the wagon gave way  wliile going down hill. Mrs. McMynn of the party and Mrs. Johnson  were thrown out. Mrs. Me-My.un escaped injury luckily.  Harvest Outlook  :    Private,  advices   received d    j the   past   low   days from'Sonlhern  \\ hat with cheeking up the customs, ! Manitoba- indicate, that,  the dr.outh  scrapping .  mosquitoes   -and   killing !,��   having disastrous cfiects on the  crops   and   failure- is. "-taring many  'districts   in   the," face.-    Hain  has  i .'..������  ; fallen   in   "-freaks* iilrTng the creek**  rattlesnakes, Walter Erith is.having a  busy lime at Cliapaca.  Mr. Wm. Whyte of the Canadian Pacific was in Greenw ioil recently, but  he came right in and turned around  and went right out again.  D. L. Tait, -it' the Yale-Columbia  Dumber Co, -who left here recently  to cover Die distance to Vancouver ou  horseback, when hist heard of had  readied Princeton.  i'.ert Eogan returned on Wednesday  from a quick trip as far west as Princeton. He reports the country lookir g  beautiful, business quiet and tlie  people yearning for that railrotul.  George - itarreft, of ilea verticil came  in on Tuesday's-stage from; the West  Fork. . He. reports mini-eg properties  on Wallace Mountain -looking well and  everybody anxiously waiting for a  railroad.���'_ ".  The Mother I,ode was closed down  lastSunday to give the men.a lay-off.  The ore situation 'at .the-smelter permitted of cutting out the supply for  that day', the policy of the management being to do no - more., work  than is necessary on Sunday.  Reginald Gardam, .collector of customs at Midway has tendered his resignation lo take a fleet at the end of  August. T\Tr. Gardam has been a  faithful and painr-taking ofri.-;er and  hf'S administered his duties during the  strenuous clays of railroad, building  with tact and fidelity.  King' Reese, of the P. Burns it Co.,  left on Tuesday' with Mrs. and the family for Eos Angeles. The trip is necessitated by the serious illness of  Mrs. Reese, and the public will heartily join iii the hope of the anxious bus  band, that health may come to the  wife and mother as a result of-her  stay'in ���tlic';sotr't!i: "'..���'.".''.'"'.'������'���'  ',;.'  and rivers, and other-' have got no  rain at all. "Many farnier.s are re-  [lorted to be ploughing up their  liclds.    ' '" '  ������ North of the 0. IV II. main line,  ���'xteiidiiig lo the bou'ndary'of the  province and w('st into Sa-katche,  wan, there arc excel lent crop prospects.  Double Tracking-  The ('.!. 1'. J}, will constructi a  double.. tniekin^ system from Winnipeg west, but not, .before the  double tracking from Winnipeg  ea.Kt. to Fort William .is completed. 1  No ajiproDriafcion has been made, by j  the directors of the company but it j  is the intention to carry it out as \  "������oon as Ihe transjiorlation necessities of the country will warrant  such a course beinn taken.  Each 50c purchase entitles you to one chance  on the beautiful 97 piece Combination  Dinner and Tea Set-in our window.  ��  t coupons. at time: of  se  ���rVr-'VNy-A^j-  /A//*'WArA^*A'V"'W-vV'  t 'Vs^Vv/'Aa/ ?lf  hen placing your  ' @��<9  HINT OF INSIDE HISTOITY  Mr. C.' Tj. Trolter of Toronto, ac-,  conipanied by Mrs. Trotter, is visiting  with his br.other-ih-hiw,- Hugh ...McCutcheon. Mr'. Trotter is interested  in the fruit' tree and fruit industry in  Ontario and intends taking a trip  through tne Okanagan- aud Similkameen with a view of inquiring into the  fruit possibilities of that district.  I  -;iv'r?>  si 'ii  \$V���i  V. o  ��M  A  ^f. tj c5 ip* t-*r^i li w%w  jf*  ****  T  O ii   ���:  -���i \v-'    _v,��s;' li'"* ���; t- S  .-J >!.       %' "j  ii ��� O -2-  B'-?, ���***>.'-'  11; ���*��"  kik.  ie  V  glass ware and on  in  ,a(l  l'*t     & f\  ;  m  A  \k'i  I ft  ���4  Q  S3  ?  -*��� a  1^ S ilM'P  jf*S   *<y^    &A  *  $    -*1  *T   /   "4  a nil  it  r*  -V  t   1  k    ho a <^ *'A A P i  ;] S S *    "   '-1  .1 ^ Bjii.    i    trj  ty '%���% (\ %^J%  ��  The Boundary did uot make a very  brilliant showing in the'recent high-  school examinations.  ?Out .of 13 -." candidates examiiied  Green wood only 3'reached the required  standard, viz: Barbara M. Jachsoh, of.  Midway; James K. Galloway, of  Greenwood and Elsie F. Graham of  Deadwood. Phoenix an:l Grand'  Forks each sent up one candidate and  both scored failure.   .  Our of fourteen candidates in all  these towns 3 only passed, or about 21  per   cent.     The  total   number  in   the  'proVi7T^l'KaT~\vciiin!^^  districts  was  345  of   which 143, or 41  per  cent,   passed.    There's something-  wrong with the Koofenays,  Frustration of an Attempt tn Steal t!ie.  Semi-Ready System       ���  .  A vear ;\ga the .Semi-Ready eu-  co'untered an experience1 which  might .be likened .to"'the history*,  of a gold mine. Years.'."'of effort  and of splendid energy .had.been  spent 'iu "promoti'tfg the Semi-  Ready ?system now so geaerally  accepted' by gentlemeu?  One can recall.instances where  years'' of labor and thousands of  dollars had been spent in developing ulan-y a gold mine before  the. true vein of -quart's-- is uncovered in all its richness���the rich  strike - to be. quickly, followed, by  the. quarrels and law suits '/which'  follow the quest of gold.  The   Semi-Ready tailoring, its  physique .type  measurement sys-  tem,   and its valuable trade-mark  passed -t-ii-roug-h-tlae..sauie-stage..of.  hot warfare when some onlookers  saw,, that the vein of popular acceptance  had been reached.   .An  attempt  to. separate the workers  who.had carried it to success was  frustrated.        The    Semi-Ready,  company is today one of. the most  successful  industries in Canada;  With fiuelv equipped shops, built  expressly for their tailoring, and  with   (i9 Semi-Ready- wardrobes,  established   throughout   the  -D6-  miniou, their international  trade  emblem "has been estimated  to be  worth a million dollars.  ' B;ut ./the  gold mine allegory is  complete.- only -when a gentleman  realizes?that  he  can "clean up a  five  or   tea   dollar nugget every  time -he  SBves: that  amount  by  preferring  a  Semi-Ready suit or  "overcoat^-    ~       ^^^^^-^^^^^^^  P. W. George & Co., will  be pleased  to  show  you  how   what Semi-ready"  tailoring profits the.wearer.  don't .forget that wc'carry the largest and'most co  plete stock in tliti city.  ���GryJS; US - A ^TRXALi :? ���  -Our goods are always fresh, and \ve guarantee  satisfaction:..' -...'���'  m-  ounter-ft.endrick  "The Bif? Store'  r�� ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ' X* ty ty ty ty ty ty ty tytyty 3?  4*  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  f  4��~  ~ty~  5 Roomed Flat and Bathroom  6 Roomed House  8 Roomed House  \3 Roomed Cottage  'Cabins and Rooms in all parts of the city.  ���+j  Bealev Investment & trusv  ml  ���._���        ���   Opposile.Pest Office.  Co.,  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  '�� 4, Wj?o .|* ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty ty    ty ty  tytyty ty ty ty ty  Jfcty ty JJ  SCISSOR WORK  There have boon .')-! fatal accidents and ~) Filicides in Winnipeg  since the. first of the yi-ai'.  Tiie   Cobalt  strike appears to be  li i yet   unsettled.      .I-aru'e numbers of  jjlthe miners are leaving for the west  rood waK'.'S are assured.  ln-re  Iaz    - w  -li' -; ' '  '  ��� t?\  \.  ���\\ ������    t  A--.   !    \i ���������.-/ /  All tlie. \yay from  Smswlft  B mi ���;?���� W - - - ,  -v_t. ���,-��.*-���--za-'r *i;*2V**t.t?.'-ajiX��?GrarX  '/!>"'  A\ H-  //%>?:. Jll-W       ^A\   ���-  X^-,  Sea Grass ChaiJS,  -Laundry Baskets  Versr.dah Cushions,  Waste Paper Baskets.  A    ri might   ��'.' i*    of    np-to-flale  T''as1eui    gcr<'s     'i'��s[    unicrckcl.  Xo tie tihlc to s-liow you.  A  Greenwood's Big Furniture House  C  ���va  \  ���HI  j|t .   Japanese Comin-r  Iii     Tin*    steamer   Kumerick     with  ji! 1.1"00 Jajianese pasM'iigers. is ready  jl: to    sail     for      Vancouver.      The  ��� ���. charterer,    51.    Orivama.    lnisde-  [| posited    si~5   for   each-  passenger  I j with   the   ship's  agent,   to comply  ���[with   the   Canadian    iiiin'iigration  |j ] law,    which   requires   tliat    every  iil.Tapiiiif.se  immigrant must possess  ;f Uwerdv-five dollars.  iiUittUH!  ���ting Go  *t3  ���*-*   ,'  .J-OU'-l."!,  Mew and. Second Hand Steel Ranges  Tackle. Etc, Etc,  Si?  ^      All  iii  - .- r\ -,  pli  fin        .  |i;! received  #-*-B*->-s*��.��at'**-s#'����'��,**����-a������o��'-'��*��  a      ' - "���*  !#����%   rip-  p   S I  k\ i a WJ>?   *&&    ^ ^J��,  ��i^  lj--i-  Mil  _*;,���-..    ^.^  Xim       -- ��> hmfff J  . -��  .-v----   S  ���,a  mi  hniJ m mm  Miners Want Conciliation  Tiie Department of Lab.M* lias  in anjilication from the;  ij' ] emplopees of the'Inverness Kail-  li-i wav and (."o.'il Co.. Cane Breton, for  jij \ a Board of Conciliation.- and Tn-  ij;! vesiigatior under tbe I.emieux act  j'l; to inipiire into questions at i.-sue  \'\'; wiili the company in n.-ferenco to  . over-time, .Sunday work.  John I). Matheson. barrister,  ���of   Port 'Hood.    X.    .*���?..  has been  wi tn  i*i i  Ji! I wat;e  T;  !  Bigger  and  Better  Than Ever,  The   finest   appointed  dining room in the city.  Lars^e   roomv  Lunch i\t  counter.  - All the delicacies such as  Ice Cream. Strawberries and  Cream,- etc. has now taken  their place upon the bill of  fare.  ilUfiulu mm,      hup. \  ��� FOS SALE    ���  Well-locatcti liouse   in   Anaconda, in  oo'.l condition and at a snoriiice .price  CiAirxci' ..v ',Vic:  DEALERS I  gy.  ".   Flsi) anfl Poultry*  a        v  a         <  ����� .  ��  *>���  li  *^  ��  ��  ti  *              <  a  0  *        1  ��  a  ��  ��   # (  ��       1  2         N  %.  a-  a  ��  a    *���  0    ���   >  9  a  a  a  Ct  a  ��t  ��  a       ,��  ���#a#*5*��a''ft��^se��i*',-i---5**i'ais*655att!*-��-s  !,���> j  ���I  II  TO  W 1 M  \ \ PP �� \  8  ! ' 5 2  I  . no  ���IRK,  Mart.  named as the ineir  ij i on the board.  i\      The  report of the Board of Con-  m"'eHentrit!VCiSul)scrii)e Tor The  ������* a>"  **��,      *a �����*}   .  *>w��^  mtaamm  3m��!j^^&


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