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 r.H"     -     V-*  -f "       J.' '  Vol., 10:0  8     ?  ft  .^-wy.*-*. A    .  GREENWOOD, B. C. FRIDA^vQC^DBER-20, l%5  Ujg��-i'-it/ue  N^*^T24igo5  r  The.  Big  Store  THE    JBZIO      STOFg^  REMINDS us that we must prepare for winter.   If you are  '���,,.'���- '.'���-���. * ' ' - ,      ' -- ",'  in'-'neecLof .a good cloth coat for yourself or something warm  for the little ones, we can supply your wants.   Our Ladies'  i : r~, "        " '  cloth coats are splendid value for the money,    :   :   :   ;   :   :  e  @  Our Special Cine of  ^bildren'sFiir ����at$  x-  \Will   be   just, what, you are  *���    -��r      I ii  looking, for..  ���iderd$m  ���^-"MAW**?".'  at prices ranging from $2.50 to  $9.00, we think you will_*find  these excedtionallv attractive.  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"ATLUUAW"  JEWELERS  The- Week, a _ little hemaphrodite  publication, originating -.iu VictoriaJ  devoted to the advertising of pink teas,  ,'ladies' underwear -nd the interests of  the great" Consdryalive party of Canada, charge>-'lhe<Liberals��of KhsIo with  introducidg politics iuto the requests,  which were made * to Ottawa-*for a  change in the personnel of the zinc enquiry party. The Liberals" of ,Kaslo  have not interferred in this matter,  either .in support of J L. Retallack or  anyone else. The opposition to A..C  Garde's appointment came from those  directly interested in the zinc industry,  who, fro.m their close acquaintance in  the past "with Mr. Garde and his  methods, are the best judges of his  qualifications, U'e understand' the  parlies most active in condemning his  selection are his old neighbors in the  the Sandon mines, including the'Payne  mining company, by wjiich '-* ��� ~  employed.���Kaslo Kootenaian.  Do the values go down? Do "they  increase with depth ? These are questions which are often asked in refer  etice to the big'fow grade bodies of the  Boundary. Knowing;ones shook their  heads and expressed a fear that the  values might pinch out. The writer  had an opportunity a sihort time ago  of seeing a report prepared by an alleged mining expert, who solemnly  stated that there'were no values in the  Mother Lode'mine below the 300-foot  level.' The value of this report has  been, demonstrated by the diamond  drilling which the B. C. Copper company has been carrying on for several  months. This drilling was carried on  from the 300-foot level downward. The  result exceeded the expectation of  even the most optimistic. A body of  $14 ore was encountered.- This value  is largely in excess of that found in  the ore nearer the surface. This strike  is one.of the most important of recent  years. Should the values of the ores  in the -low grade mines increase to  this extent in the lower levels it would  change the status of the Boundary as  a mining district.  Preparations are now (being made at  the Mother Lode mine to 'stope this ore  from 'the lower levels and the main  shaft is now being sunk.  An important find of heavy sulphide  ore was'also made at *.he Mother Lode.  The surface ore has--scarcely enough  sulphide to make a proper matte, but  the diamondv_drill encountered an ore  body at the 300-foot level which carries  4t> per cent, sulphur. This will prove  of tho greatest possible value in  smelting other ores.  he ^ was  GREENWOOD.  RENDELL  These Chilly Nights  Make You Think of Heavier Underwear.  Read Our Special List lor This Week:  AGENTS  F��R  Mason &  Risch Pianos  and  Standard  Patterns.  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Late of Camn McKinney.  After   securing the opinion of the  majority of our local  mining men, the  Kootenaian is of the opinion   that the  report of the zinc inquiry commission  will be of no  practical   benefit   to the  industry and may result in positive injury.   The advice of those who were  most interested and  are best  capable  of sound judgment was ignored by the  permanent official���in   the  absence of  the minister, the field examination has  only   skimmed over the country and  the sampiing-of thelargerdeposits-has  been a farce; mine "owners  and   claim  owners have.become  indifferent to the  work of the commission; its members  are received politely, but there interest  ends. "Th<"  chkif  field  expert is to be  condoled with rather than criticized.  He found, on   arrival,   a  condition  of  affairs, brought about by Dr. Haanel's  selection  of  his  assistant,  as   to   the  merits of which he knew nothing and  which he has had the polite sagacity to  completelj ignore; and if the  number  of questions propounded  in   writing to  mine  owners  is  any  criterion, he has  been'embarrassed by detailed  instructions, foolish in conception and impossible of fulfillment.    Our  sympathies  arcwith Mr Argall,-whose professional  reputation   is  fortunately  such  as   to  remove   him   from  the  possibility   of  any loss of prestige  through his association     with     the     inquiry.��� Kdblo  Kootenaian.  A. A. Arthur of   New York arrived  Hi the city by the Great Northern train ���"-  on Wednesday  evening.   He was accompanied by C. B. Schmidt,  Pueblo,  Colo., and J. Harvey of  London. Eng.  Mr. Arthur is at the head of the syndicate which aequired  the Midway and  Vernon churter and is now constructing the road.   This was  his first visit  to   the   Boundary and   his   time was .  busily occupied inMnvestigating its resources and arranging details for the  completion of the railway. Mr.Schmidt t  was here in  the interests of German  capitalists   who' are investing iin the  enterprise. They have invested heavily  in irrigated lands' in  the vicinity of  Pueblo, and  Mr.   Schmidt  is looking  after their    interests   in   the   United  States.   Having had much to do with  the irrigation of the arid lands of Colorado,  he  was "naturally  interested in^  the   irrigation    of   British   Columbia  lands and   particularly    in   the   fruit  growing   industry.     In   Colorado  the  sugar beet industry has been developed  very. successfully   and  Mr,   Schmidt  sees no gQpd reason why  a similar industry should not be established in the  interior of  this  province,    He  is  investigating all matters connected with  agriculture   and    horticulture   in   the  country,tributary  to the Midway and  Vernon, and will reportVto his principals regarding the same.'  Mr! Harvey.; is ,a mining expei t^who  is examining into the mineral resour- "  ces of this district. He visited the big  mines of the Boundary and then went  up the West Fork country 'to see the  rich mines of that district. , s  ' The -party left this morning for  Beaverdell and Carmi. They will return the first of the week and, proceed  to Kelowna and Vernon to tee that  fruit growing district, a .new market  for which will, be opened up by trie  construction of the Midway arm Vernon  Mr: Harvey, who reprebented large  Englishfinancial interests, was amazed  at the remarkable character of the big  mines of this district. "The outside  people," he said, "do not know you  have such properties as the Granby or  the Mother Lode, nor did we know you  had-such_splendid-facilities.-for_cheap-  mining.    It is a wonderful district."  No argument is so convincing as  practical proof. Come in and let us  show you that we can fit your ey��-s  with the proper glasses after others  have failed. Hearing appliances and  artificial eyes. Satisfcction guaranteed. Dr. Mecklenburg, A. M., D. Sc,  the Winnipeg Eye Specialist, at the  Thomas Drug Stores,Greenwooa, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Oct.  23, 24 and 25; Midway, Thursday and  Friday, Oct. 25-27; Phoenix, Oct. 20-22  It does not ordinarily pay *o overlood  an air compressor with more drills  than it is designed to carry, and it  never pays to use a main pipe so small  as to reduce the air pressure inaterially.  During the next five years Canada  will probably increase its railway  equipment by the construction of some  seven to ten, thousand miles of new  railroads.- Whether this estimate is  below or above what will prove to be  the facts, it is 'certain that the Dominion is entering upon a period of  railroad construction which it has not  yet experienced^. Beginning with the  new transcontinental project of the  Grand Trunk Pacific, seconded by the  plans of the Canadian Northern,and  the inevitable growth of the Canadian  Pacific, the total railroad construction  in Canada, particularly iu the great  Northwest, is certain to be large.  There is room in Western Canada for  50,000 miles of railway. Today there  are bcarcely more than 5,000 miles.���  Western Mining World.  How to Cure Corns and Bunions.  First, soak the corn or bunion in  warm water to soften it; then pare it  down as iclosely as possible without  drawing blood and apply Chamberlain's Pain Balm twice daily, rubbing  vigorously for five minutes at each application. A i com plaster should be  worn a few days to protect it from the  shoe. As a general liniment for sprains  bruises, lameness and rheumatism,  Pain Balm is unequaled. For sale by  all druggists.  Dr. Spankie presented the Times  office staff with a bottle of��� this morning, which caused the devil to regret  *-h**.t it wasn't triplets- **"  /  /  V BOUNDARY   OREEK   TIMES  PROFESSIONAL CARDS..  /.   H.   HALLET i  Barrister, Solicitor,  ' Notary Public.  Cable Address :       halleti."  Codes  Bedford M'Neill's  Moieinfr & Neil's  Lei tier's.  Grbfnvjood,   b.   c.  J. P. MCLEOD  Barrister and Solicitor,  Ol'KICCS  IN  RBXD I'LL BLOCK  Over Bank of Mouirc.il  P. 0. Box 31.  Piioni-'si  GREENWOOD B.C  A.  E. ASHCROFT.  Dominion and  Provincial  Land Surveyor.  '  4'ning and EntrlnceriiiK Surveys.  Residence:   Chinch Si. 'Phone B15.  GREENWOOD, B. C.  malign   their  neighbors  for  the  other six days in the week.  The merits or demerits of the  tax on commercial travelers need  not be discussed here. The fact  that Toronto people want the tax  removed is one strong reason why  the tax should be continued.  portunities that presented themselves  LAND OF OPPKTUNITY.  THE   NEXT   BIG   SHIPPER.  ^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  ARTHUR M. WHITESIDE,  BARRISTER and SOLICITOR  Ftenuoll Block,  Greenwood,--B.C  OHARLES AE. SHAW.  Civil Enginkek. "  Dominion    anb    Provincial  Land Surveyor.  Ofiice with Gaiiuce & Wickwire.  Telephone No. 32..  GREENWOOD,    .-      ;      .���      ;    S.   O.  ,W. H. JEFFERY,  Consulting^lYlininj*: Engineer.  Properties examined  ami  icoorted   on.    Will  l.ike charge of development work.  Correspoiidciici1 solicited. i  GREENWOOD,  B.   C.  T. F, SUTHERLAND  B. 2$c.  PROVINCIAL ASSAYER .  Setpppers' Agent. Entire charge taken  'of consignments of ore. Checking,  .weig"hinq*, sampling- and. assaying  of samples.  GREENWOOD, B. C.  t$%0bk EOUNDARV- VALLEY   LODGE  ''���fwi.'S1- No. 38.1. 0. 0. F.  Meets every   Tuesday Eveniiij- at 8 00 in  the  I. O. O. I". "Hall.    A cordial mvi tution is ex  tended loall sojourning- brethern.  J. McCkkatu Fked B. Holmes.  N. G. .      Reu.-Sec  Clfc  Boundary Creek Times  "Issued every Triday-  Duncan Ro��s Managing Editor  SUI'SCRIPTIONS IN ADVANCE.  Per Ybak    2 00  Six Months -  1 25  To Fokbigk Countries 2 50  FRIDAY. OCTOT'ER 20, 1905.  .     J   POOR TORONTO.  The consistency of the Toronto  News is a beautiful thing'. Last  winter it was the most rampant  of the rampant Toronto journals  which catered to the prejudice  and bigotry of the people of Toronto bv howling against the  educational clauses of the autonomy bill. Its editor'was chief  organized of the new party whose  mission was to rescue the new  provinces of the Northwest from  the coercion of the federal party.  The position of the News and its  editor was. particularly pleasing  to the bigots of the most bigoted  city iu tbe Dominion,  Today the Toronto News is  equally strong in its denunciation  because, forsooth, the minister of  justice has refused to coerce the  province of British Columbia in  connection with the tax on commercial travelers. And the latest  position of the News is equally  gratifying to the good people of  Toronto.  The trouble with- Toronto is  that its people fail to realize that  it is no longer a factor in this  . Great Dominica. In these growing times there is no place for  people who drop a copper on the  collection  plate  on  Sunday and  The awarding of a six million  dollar contract to Foley Bros. &  Co. by the��� Grand Trunk Pacific  for the branch'from Fort William  north to the main transcontinental  line .draws attention to the personnel of the contracting linns.  The managing member of the  firm, J. W. Stewart, is well known  iu the Boundary, where he lived  for several years during the construction of the Columbia and  Western railway. Mr. Stewart  came to Canada from the Highlands of Scotland over twenty-  years ag*o. The only advantages  which he then possessed were a  clear head, an, abundance of common sense and plenty of Scotch  grit " and determination. He  worked on the construction of the  C. P. R. in the West. He-afterwards J went f with John, F.  Stephens, the then chief engineer of the Great Northern, who  had the happy faculty of picking-  out promising* youngsters and  giving them a chance. Stewart  soorT began contracting on his  own account and today he and  his associates are the largest firm  of railway contractors on the continent. In addition to the Grand  Trunk work, they have the contract for' double-tracking the C.  E. R. from Port Arther to Winnipeg, and the construction of  the Canadian side oftheV., V\  & $., which will run into millions, a big irrigation ditch near  Calgary and several less important contracts.'  Foley Bros, are also Canadians.  Thev were born near Almonte,  Ontario, and in their early days  ran a sawmill there, but like  many other young Canadians,  they left their own country1 to  seek," fame and fortune in the  Western States. ' They became  railway contractors' and were  eminently successful.  The rise of Pete Larson is  even more ��� remarkable. As his  name indicates, he also conies  from the north country. He  landed in America a poor boy  without any friends or influence.  He began contracting in a.small  way during the construction of  the Northern Pacific. Today he  is reputed to be.;worth $20,000,-  000.  P. Welch, the manager of the  V., V. & E. work, and another  member of tb,e firm, would be a  Scotchman if it wasn't for his  name. Like his associates he  has made his success in railway  building aud has established a  reputation iu the Northwest as  one of the most successful railway contractors in a couutr}-that  is the home of railway contrac-  tsors. Incidentally he h?s been  successful in keeping the wolf a  long* distance 'from the door.  Most of the railway building in  the Boundary has been done under his personal direction and  some of this work has been as  heavy as has ever, been carried  out in any other part of the continent.  This aggregation of men who  are today important factors in  carrying out these huge undertakings that are the natural outcome of the growing times in this  country, are the strongest possible  proof of the fact that there are  opportunities to succeed in the  West. They all began life poor  men. All they had was pluck  and determination and the knack  of taking  advantage  of  the op-  The construction of the Midway and Verntm railway will  open up another large shipping  mining district in British Columbia. Without transportation facilities the development of the  mineral resources of the district  has.been slow but no slower .than  that of other mining sections  similarly situated. The Boundary district today', is easily the  largest shipper in the province,  but even one year after the.Columbia and Western was built the  output was less than 100,000 tons.  Iu 1900 the total shipments were  about 96,000 tons, in 1901 this  was increased to 390,000 tons, in  1902 to 508,000 tons, 1903 to 690,-  000, 1904 to 830,000, and this year  from present indications the tonnage should, reach 900,000 tons.  This gives au indication of the  rapid increase that comes -with  adequate transportation facilities.  The West Fork country has  some veins of high grade ore, but  it also has large bodies of low  grade shipping ore. Up Beaver  creek, in the vicinity of Carmi, in  fact in the whole district from  Rock Creek fo ^the summit are"  big ledges of ore which can ^e  profitably mined and treated as  soon as the transportation facilities are - provided.- Then, too,  the mining district along the main  Kettle ' river around Canyon-City  and elsewhere in the drainage  area-of the main Kettle will become a factor to the West Fork  road at Westbridge.  With such a promising district,  it is gratifying to learn that  those who have secured cohtrol  of the Midway and Vernon  charter are now on the ground  determined to push construction  as fast as money and men can'do  so. >The construction of this  railway will be a factor in making the province of British Columbia whnt it ought to be, the  richest and most prosperous  province os the Dominion. It  will also insure a handsome return on the money invested, in the  enterprise. , - ���  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  Capital, all paid up, $14,000,000.  $10,000,000.  President.   Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal,  Vice-President:   Hon. George A. Drummond.  General Manager :   E. S   Clouston,  -"���--2  iH^  -*-=2  >*=5  Branches in London, Eng. \ c^Vrcn��8L} New YorK, Chicago; g  Buy and sell Sterling- Exchange and Cable Transfers ; Grant Commercial an'  Travellers' Credits, available in any partjof the world.    >.  Greenwood Branch,    W. F. PROCTOR, Manager.  **2  Timmmmmmmmsmmmmmmsaai  Your eyes thoroughly examined by  Dr. Mecklenburg, the celebrated and  sixteen-year-experienced eye-specialist  Possessor of four Diplomas from chartered institutions, who guarantees to  fit you with proper glasses after all  others have failed. Come and see for  yourself. __At__"rho_ma_s__Drug^Stores  Phoenix. Oct. 20-22; Greenwood, Oct.  23, 24 and 25; Midway, Oct. 26-27:  DR MATHISON  DEHTIST  Out of Town for a few weeks.  GREENWOOD  B   C  The OI'C flew &  2nd Hand Store  A... I*. WHITE-  Phone 16. v  -jj 4, ��$, 4.4,4,4 4,4.4.4. #> 4. # 4.4.4..4J4.4- *g- ^4. '��|. .$. #  ~W /-HE"*-**,    mil ilijjT-jljpML    -an^) ''."***  I COMFORTABLE 7HR00MED HOUSE +  I On Kimberley Avenue *  *  4-   .  J Apply to GEO! R. NADEN; Mgr.  *  ffifyfy^^^^fytyfytyfyfafyfyfyfytyfy^tyfymf>i%*<fyw  TIKT-H  THE CANADIAN-BftNK-  OF COMMERCE  Paid-up Capital,. $8,700,000 Reserve Fund, $3,500,000  , i- ���*  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO  -I '��� - ' !  B. E.-.WALKER, General Manager ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Manager ���  BANK MONEY ORDERS  '<' ' ISSUED'aT THE FOLLOWING RATE8:';'  $5 and under .'     3 cents  Over $5 and not exceeding $10......    6 cents -.  ���-   $10..    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During his twenty-five  years of public life there . was  never a suggestion,, not even  from his bitterest political .opponents, of any tiling> ,that was  not honor-able arid' .upright. A  loyal party man, a strong friend  of,/Sir Wilfrid, Laurier and a  courteous opponent, his ��� retirement will be regretted by boilh  sides of the house. ,-  'But men may come and men  may' go, the government of Sir  Wilfrid Laurier will still be doing  business at the old 'stand. , In  Mr.'Aylseworth Sir Wilfrid has  .found a worthy, successor to Sir  William- Mulock", !(He achieved  international reputation in connection with, the Alaskan bound-  . ary award, and he is ubig~ enough  and'able enough to.fittingly wear  the' mantle which "Sir William  Mulock has transferred to him.  Nicely furnished rooms, single"or'en  suite, furnace heated, witli baths at all  times'. . Reasonable Rates. Hotel National.   ��� <", ,  i" ,     ���~������-���������������������.������  - ', For use as money it is most certain  that silver was used before gold and  that both metals were really employed  in coinage as early as 1800 B. C. Dur  ing- all of this perion' otid certainly  until 900 B. C. the metals passed by  i*l weight, in bars or ingots or in crude  form, dust, etc. The shekel, the talenl,  the^a, of the ancients were weights,  jttBt as is the tael. of China today, aud  the names of certain coins were names  of weights, as drachma, mark, pound,  livre", lire, peso, etc. The use of the  metals a9-ihouey by weight proved an  objectionable process, involving continuous ufe ^of the s.caks, and doubtless'the defects in'the'means"of weigh-  ing.and in.determining the purity of  the .metals broughe about 'innumerable disputes. The introduction by  the early -Greeks in 900 B. B. of the  device of coinage brought about < a  great improvement,, and from this,a 11  nations have' profited, the admirable  system of coinage today being the outcome of this Greek innovation.   Although steel concrete is undoubted*/, much more durable tlian^-either  , steelor wood, it is far from perfect as  a material for water pipes. Concrete  is porous, and while theoretically it  might be composed of.-such material  as would render it impervious to water  under ordir.ary pressure, practically ic  is difficult to make it so. Water u-'der  pressure tells the truth without fear or  favor, and there are many practical  difficulties to be overcome in the construction of steel Concrete pipe. The  most careful attention to details and  rigid inspection and supervision are  necessary to produce a steel concrete  pipe that will stand 100 feet of head of  water without appreciable leakage.  As a result of extended experiments  in the London mint it has been determined that gold losses in the 'muffle  are not.uniform in all parts thereof���  being greater at the sides than in the  middle. To guard against this trouble  the mint has now constructed its furnaces so that the draft through the  muffle is independent of the draft  through the furnace. This permits of  better regulation of the heat and air  supply. The muffle has also been.increased in.length and the first row of  cupels or scorifiers is placed further  back���not nearer than seven inches to  the front of the muffle. This row is  further protected from direct draft by  a firebrick two inches high.  Some Seasonable Advice.  It iiybea pieceof superfluous advice to urge, people at this season "of  the.year to lay in a supply of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. 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Apply to <  L. SFEMCER.  On the premises, or Anacoiu'a, B. C  TAKE NOTICE tlir.t tliiityd.ijs after dale  \*e imeud lo auply th tlie lion. Chief  Commu-sioiu i of Lands and -Works foi ,i  special licence Lo oiu aud car-y invay timber  from Uio follow ill'- described lands, m Osoyoos^  di��triet: (  1. Coimiitnciii'' T a. post maiked Vale-Co-  liimbia Iiuml-ci -o'-. south west corner, east of  C. 1\ tt. Block No. 3u3-i on Hie V.'esl Fork of the  lvettle rivei, inuiiintr.lhence r.oitli 160 chains,  thence e.ist <I0 chains, thence south' 1011 chains,  thence west 40 chains to the point of commencement.  -paled-Scptc-mberl'"i:!irtpO."i���.   2. CoiniiuMicni'T al a 'post maiked Yale-Columbia Lumber Co's south west cornet, nortli  of limit No. l a art east of C. P. R. Jtlock No  3oJ8, on tlie West Fork of the Kettle river.  ritmiiiiR- tlience north 100 chains, thence east-to  chain-, thence south 100 chains, theu��_e wesi  -tO chains to the point of commencement.  Dated Septembet 1'Hli. l'JLs  3. CouiiiK'iK'inir at a post ni-tiked Yale-Co  liiiiibi-i Lumber Co's south east corner, on the  cast side of ,ne \Yesi Voile of Kettle river,  nortli of C. I*. li. lUork No. 27ol, uiiiniti<<- west  W> chaiii'i, "thence noith fo chains" thence east  Mlch't'-ns, thr-iKV smith SO eh mis to the'polnt or  cpinnu'iicerieiii.  Dated hi'pti'iuliei 2lM, 1W5.  ���{. Coiunmiiciiii.' at a. post maiked Yale-Co-  liinibia [.umbel Co's noith west corner, on the  north side of I In? main branch of tlie Kettle  rher. and e.istol C. l'.ji. jiiock No. 570S, iini-  .uii-r east 40 chains, thence -.jutli 100 chains,  tlu-tice Mest't'i cli tins, thence noith lOOcliaiii1-  to point of coiuinenceinent.  Dated Sepu i'tber JKu fin-;.  5. CoiuuieMcir..^ at a po-t marked Vnle-Co-  l-.inilii.il/iniil i Co'* iifnili west coi iii'r, on the  north side of the inaiii branch of tlie. Keith,  river, rtutiiinp; east >!0, chains: thence south !���/>  chains, theiu'C west SO chains, thence north !-:i>  chains to point of cunuum-e.Mer.t.  Ilaied Hol't'inibf.r 21st, VMl$'  0. 'Coinniciicintr'al a post marked Yale-Co-  Inmbia Leuibi-.r Cnr~: iji>rt<i-wesl corner, on the  north-west side of Uie niai'i branch of the Ket  tie river, west'of "C. I'. R. Illock No. 3037, run  nin-r east 80 chains, thotics south SO chains,  thence wesi SO chaink, thenee nortli ^o chains  t<> point of cominer.C'.'ineut-  i'ated Sepi.i-mbei-22iui, l-)Or.  VACK-UOLUMillVv LUJIBER CO.,Ltd.  Nak'.-.sp, U, i\  NOTICE.  In tlie mailer ol" tiv- " Lani Registry Act." and  in tlie Mattsr of tiia Title to the South Half  of l,ot 16. Block ������ D." Rap 28. Greenwood  City.;  WHEKE.VS Certilicale. of Title tf Fr"in  - cvsco Fera. beinir Cer'iiicate Siuiilj'r  3043a. to the above heredr.rn-.ieuts, has been  lost or di s.troy'ed ai-'d apvlicatin.. has been  made to mn for a duplicate: thereof.  XOTlCi-: IS HEKKliY   GIVKN  that a duplicate Ctiiit'caie of Tit'i: to r]ie_ab��vc  here-j  -liKnu.'t'ts will ~r~: is'-ued  at the expiration of |  one m'-Rlh from His: date hereo'. unless in the  i-iea:il';r,-ie  valid  ohjiiction  to the coiitrarj  b.-  made lo nit; in wriiinj.'  (  RAILWAY.  The only all rail route between point'-east  west and south to -Rossland, Nelson, Grand  Forks aud Republic  i r i  Leave  9:45 a. ni.  11:05 a. m.  9:20 a. m.  11:30 a. tn.  10:00 a. in.  7:00 a. m.  Spokane  Rossland  Nelson  Grand Forks  Phoenix  Republic  Arrive  6:20 p. m.  5:15 p. m.  8:45 p. m.  4:25 p. ni  6:00 p, m.  6:30 p. m.  Buffet cars run between Spokane and Northport  Effective March 5th, 1905  ' '   In Connection With  GREAT  NORTHERN  RAILWAY  TICKETS All To POINTS  SHORT LINE TO  ST.   PAUL,    DULUTH-,-   MiNNBA  POLIS, CHICAGO and ALI P OINTS  EAST. SEATTLE, TACOM/   VICTORIA, PORTLAND and all PACIFIC  COAST POINTS.  Throug-h Palace and Tourist Sleepers.  Dining  and* Buffet  Smoking- Library  -   "       car.  2 Fast Trains Daiiy 2  For rates, folders and full information regarding- trips, call on or address a ag-etit of the S. F. & N. Railway, Of' '" .  H. A. Jackson, ' H. Brandt,  g. F. & P. A., '   ��� c. p. &T. A.,  Spokane 7srw Riverside Ave  Wash. Spokane, Wash  In ttie matter of the Railway Act and  in' the Matter of the Vancouver,  Victoria and Eastern Railway and  Navigation Company.  NOTICE is heteby'g-iven that the amended  plan/profile and book of reference of the Sec  tion of the Vancouver. Victoria and Eastern  Railway f i om Lot 641, Group One to Section 3,  Township 06, which has been.duly approved,  was, ou the 13tli dav of September, 1905, filed iu  the Office of tfie Registrar of Titles for tU .  District of Yale at Kamioops. and that the  plans, piofile and book of reference of the"preliminary location coveriu-r said Section "luly  approved were filed in said rep-istry office on  the 16Ui day of June, 1902.  i     '        A. II. MacNEILL,  Solicitor V.,' V. & E. Ey. & N.^Co.  MINERAL ACT  Certificate of Improvements  NOTICE  '"Pieston" Mineral Claim, situate in the Greenwood   Miuiuir   Division   of  Yale District.  Whera located: In Skylark Camp.  TAKE NoTlCE that I. -Arthur Murdoch  Whiteside, as ajrent for Livingston ThomaS  Dickasou, of Chicago, Illinois, U. S. A.,  l*iee Miner's Certilicate No. B91418, intend,  sixtv dai s from the date hereof, to apply to the  iMininjr Recorder lor a Certificate of Improvements tor t lie purpose of obtaining a Crown  Oi rant of tlie above claim.  And turther lake notice that action under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance  of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 3rd dav of October. A.D. 1905.  Oc6. 1 A.M.WHITESIDE.  MI2JEB.AL   ACT.  Certificate ol Improvement.   NOTICE.   "Bulldo*-"'' and 'Unll-lop Fractional" Mineral  Claim, situate iu tlie Greenwood Mininp  Dimiou of Yale District. Where located :  In Piovideuce Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I. Albert E. Ashcroft,  aciin<" as aeent for Charles Kinney, Free  Miner's Certilicate No. B91517. intend  sixty days from tho date hereof, to apply to  the "M'mit<r Kecorder for a Certilicale of Im-  pro\ement-. for the purpose of obtainiiijr a  Crown Gram to theabove claim.  Aud furll-ei take notice that, action under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  I'-ilid UiK;2nd day of October. A   f>. 1905  Oc6. ALHEIiT E. ASHCROFT. P. L. S.  R A I L W A Y<  THANKSGIVING  Oct. 26  DAY    1905  FARE AND 0NE-  F0R ROUND TRIP  Tickets on sale Oct. 25 and 26  at all Canadian Pacific offices,  Port Arthur to Vancouver, and  all Intermediate Branch Line  Points, g-ood returrfirjg until  October 28,1905..  THROUGH  SLEEPING   CAR  i  f ARROWHEAD to  ) VANCOUVER.  (*   SUN. WED. FRIDAY  For full particulars, flr-t class or  tourist sleeper reservations, apply to  local afrents or write  * .E   R.   RPDPATH,   AGENT.    C  s GREENWOOD,                  ,      )  J E. J. COYLE,        J. S. CARTER,            )  > G.P.A.Vancouver;           L.P.A.Nelson.  \  PLASTERS AND   v  GENERAL MASONS.  GREEBW0��B,BC  5  TELECRAPflERS  NEEDED  Annually,to fill the new positions created  by Railroad and Telegraph Companies. We  want YOUNG MEN aud LADIES of -food  habits, to ��  LEARN TELEGRAPHY  AND R. R, ACCOUNTINGEB-HB  We furnish 75 per cent of the Operators  and Station Afrents in America. Our six  schools are the largest exclusive Telegraph  Schools in the world. Established 2o  vearsand endorsed by all leading Railwav  Officials.  We.executca $2"K) Bond to every student  to furnish hint oi her a position piiyiui>-  from S40 to��60a month in States eiist o'f the  Rocky Mounl.iiiis or from S75 to $100 a  month in States west of the Rockies, Immediately upon graduation.  Students can enter at any jtime No vacations. For full .panicu'ars rcj-vrcUinr  any. of our schools \Crile diiect to our executive ofiice al Cincinnati, ���). Catalogue  free."  Ol Tttli  Cincinnati. Ohio.  Atlanta) Ga.  Tcxarkand, Tex.  Buffalo. N. Y.  LaCrosse. Wis.  San Francisco. Cal.  ^<^<<'^z<^:<<��>z<^z<��z^z<^:^z^<^z<^  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  "Hani   C.-f-h"'   Mineral  Claim, situate in  the  r.iueuv.ood  Mm.ii'f  Hiiision  of Yale District.    WIkmo located: IScaver Creek camp.  ���"PAXE "-'OTIvKthat we. George M. Miller,  1 Free Miner's Certilicate No. I19S803, and  William Kint/., l-'ri-e Miner's Certificate No.IS  S5S04, intend, sixty days from the datehcrcof.to  apply to the Miuiu>r Recorder ror Certilicates  of Improvements lor the purpose ->f obtaining,  Crown Grants of tlie above claims.  And lurther   lake notico  that  actions, miliar  section 37. mu.si be commenced before', the issu-  aticeolsuch oertMicates of improvements.  Dated this 3'th .lay of September, A. D. VMS.  NOTICE OF FORFEITURE.  li-inrl Rei,'istr*; Office; Kamioops. Ii. C. Aatfus  IS. Wr3.        ' W.U.EDMONDS.  1'istrict lie-i'strsr.  To Philip U. S STiiNiiopuor to any person or  persons to whom he. may, have transferred  his interest in   the "Prince of Wales" and  "Prince.ss Louise"  mineral  claims, situate  in   West '.'opper camp,  iu  the Greenwood  Mining- Division of Yale District.  You   are hereby   notified {that   I have expanded the sum  of 6237.05 in  assessment work  on theabove claims, such work being required  and necessary lo hold  ths said claims for the  year.-, eud'uiir the 10th day of July, V)05, and the  13t;i day of August, 19tti. respectively, under  the provisions of the Mineral Act aud amending acts, and if al the expiration of ninety days  from thedaie of the  first publication of tliis  notice in'he Boundary Creek  Times, you   fail  or refuse to contribute, your portion of such  txpsuditure, namely, S42.94. locrether with all  costs  of   advertisiiiL',  your  Interest   in   said  in'iii-ral claims :;!mll become  vested  in   me,  yott\|i*o���on-ill r.upo:i ray filin-rin the proj>er office  i'n that behalf the affidavit required by .-ection  4 ot the Mineral Act Amendment Act.* 1900.  Pitied this 1 Uh day of October. 1905.  jROUERT LEE.  T  V  t  I!  DAILY STAGE        i'  x ��� .-.  ���> wjavks: ' ���"���  2  GREENWOOD      9:00 A. m.   V,  *?  MIDWAY 5:00 i>. m.   *:*  A A  ���> i      AKKIVHS: ���*���  S  MIDWAY 10:30 A. m.   I*!  $  GREENWOOD    ..     . 6:30 P. M.   *  | FARE $100, HOUND TRIP $1.50 |  1 J. McDoneli, Proprietor \  ���:��-XK*'X-<"X��W��*^M>����M-K"><'-**>*>->  ffiffffffffflfflffffiffl  lueen's Hotel  ,   Dining Room  m*a fum ���w'-'iwup***!���!���wr���nw������>  OHMWWW��*-HaBUH--SJiMB--MnWB  Our aim is to suit the most  fastidious.    On the table  will be found all the de-  licies of the season.  A new cook  having  taken  charge of the cullitiery department   Tour   wants  will cheerfully be given  the utmost attention.  Special Rates te Steady Boarders and Roomers.  iim^Mmm^  .i  4/ I , -  JS^jIaaj���ja^iiirt^totSSJiC^  1   *  BOUNDARY  THE WASTE DUMP.  Since its di  the  Klondike has  5120,000,000 Lo  nscover  contributed more than  the world's g"old supply. '���        /  ���/ In mineralogy the word aster ism refers to those minerals having- a property of showing- <> six-sided star either  by reflected or transmitted lig-lnt. Mica  and sapphire often show this peculiarity.  The Mohave desert, California, is an  arid basin lying* mainly in San Bar-  nardino county, in the southwest, and  also extending- into Arizona and forming part of the great Colorado desert.  The Mohave river, rising in the San  Barnardino mountains, flows through  it for some distance until it disappears  in the Mohave sink.  Sir William Ramsay states that not  more than one tenth of an , ounce of  radium is known to be in existence,  and that the amount of radium salts  commonly referred to as radium  very small.  In some of the older and more impoverished coal' mining districts in  Europe, where thin veins are being  worked, the coal is being haule. out in  100-pound lots. Sleds or baskets are  used aud the miners haul their own  coal.  One of the lines in which it is expected that great progress will be  made in the Orient, now that the war  is ended,, is in coal mining. It is reported that there are immense resources of this nature in the Chinese Empire.  The purchase price of Alaska was  $7,250,000, and it has been estimated  - that the money which its furs fisheries  and mines have returned to the people  of the United States since its'purchase  is in excess of ten billion1 dollars.  In a number of particulars the Bar-  i rientos railway tunnel, near the City  of Mexico, is unique. It is generally  creeited with having been driven without loss of jife, with the lowest cost  per unit of excavation of any similar  work in the republic and at the fastest  rate.  The greatest problem in cyaniding  slimea is the separation of the solution  from the , slime.1 Dec'antatiou and  filter pressing are both used to accomplish this purpose. Other patent processes are known and used with varying degrees of success.  The distance to which sinking may  be carried ahead of timbering will  vary according to the ground. It may  be that the walls will permit the operator to practically ignore the point,  while in other cases, lagging- ma}'  have to be driven ahead'of sinking.  The use of white phosphorus in the  manufacture of matches has been discontinued by common consent in a  number of foreign countries. The  prevalence of necrosis among the  workmen is reported to have diminished materially as a result of this  action.  In the Whiting system of d**ep hoisting the rope pa-sses several times  around two drums which, as a rule, are  both driving drums.    One  end  of  the   , rope is .made-fast -to the-cage or skip,-  while the other passes around an idler  sheave located on a carriage, and  thence to the other compartment of the  shaft. By means of the carriage the  positions of the two c"ges or skips may  be changed to suit the different levels  in the shaft.  The courses of study leading" to t.ie  degree of mining engineer occupy four  years, but exhibit quite wide variation  in plan and scope, according to school.  The requirements for admission to the  best mining schools comprise: Elementary and certain portions of advanced  mathematics, elementary chemistry  and physics, freehand drawing. English, elementary history, elementary  German and either elementary French  Latin or Spanish.  Compressed air is used in refining  gold bullion. By blowing the air  through the molten mass the base  metals are oxydized and may be slagged off by a mixture of borax and  sand. Lead anti antimony are removed  at an early stage, while copper is re  moved last and the silver remains with  the gold. The losses of precious metals-  are small.  if  Never la the history of the Boundary has the district had a brighter outlook than today.   With, the successful, de/  velopment of the immense large bodies of low grade ore and the enlarged and much improved facilities for treating ~-Jfj?  at a very small cost,   the continued opening up of new,high grade properties -and their successful and profit abl ^t \  operation has made the Boundary famous as a mining centre, and every day adds more to the list of new finds and  bigger values,,  It is readily admitted that Greenwood is the Eldorado of the Boundary with all roads leading thereto!  and surrounded as it is, with such magnificent resources is destined in a few years to be a second Butte.   If you. Z  J>W therefore want to participate in its  future prosperity, now is the time to invest both in mines and real estate,    For  -��|| NINETY DAYS we intend giving you a chance to make a safe and profitable investment. Every lot we own. will be 1  A put on sale at rock bottom prices during the above period,   Prices ranging from $50.00 up, at terms to suit the puiv  *��? chaser.   Make your selection and make it early, " -    tt Tr_0��X  AGENT FOR THE GREENWOOD TOWNSITE COMPANY.  ~ftS    �����-��-f-f^-fTNTTTTTT-*T^-^--rT--i--,--1-  ���tm4��  FLOYD & COX. Proprietors  PURE  MILK   AND CREAM  Delivered Daily to any part  of th-3 citv.  Wood's Ehoaplioaine,  The Great English, Remedy.  A positive cure for all forms of  , ��� ���. Soxual Weakness, Mental and  HEFOKE and aftek Brain Worry, Emissions, Sper~  matorrhoea, Impolency, Effects of Abase or  Excess, all of which lead to Consumption,  Inflrmitv, Insanity and an early Brave. Price  St per pkf?., six for ��5. One will please, six will  cure. Soldbyalldrugg-ists or mailed in plain  packagooa receipt of price. Writefor Pamphlet  The Wood Medicine Co., Windsor, Ontario.  14.  Could Not Be Better.  The uniform success of Chamberlain' Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea  Kemeda has won for it a wide reputation and many people throughout the  country will agree with Mr. Chas. W.  Ma-ttison, of Milford. Va., who says:  '* It works lik-: magic, aud is the best  preparation I know of. I couldn't be  a.iy better." He had a serious attack  of dysentery and was advised to try a  1; .ttle of this remedy; which he did,  \ iM* the resjlt that, immediate relief  was obtained. For sale by all drug-gists  c^>  StlS^-fe  m^*-  ���%S^i^^"��5-^vS.-^^  Synopsis of Regulations Governing t s Disposal of Dominion Lands within t e  Railway Belt in the Province  British" Columbia.  ���A LICENSE to etit timber can be  acquired only at public competition.  A rental of S5 per square mile i�� charged  for all timber berths excepting those  situated West of Yale for which, the  rerita.1 is at the rate of 5 cents per acre  per annum.  In addition to the rental, dues at the  following rates are charged:���  Sawn lumber, 50 cents per thousand  feet B. M.  Railway ties, eight and nine feet  lung, V/2 and 1)( cents each.  Shingle bolts, 25 cents a cord.  All other products, 5 per centoii sales  A license is issued as soon as a berth  is granted but in unsurveyed territory  no timber can be cut on a berth until  the licensee has made a survey thereof.  Permits to cut timber are also granted at public competition, except in the  case of actual settlers, who require the  timber for their own use.  Settlers and others may also obtain  permits to cut up to 100 cords of wood  for sale without competition.  The dues payable under a permit are  SI.50 per thousand feet B. M , for  square timber and sawlogs of any-  wood except oak; from l/z to 1}4 cents  per lineal foot for building logs; from  12)4 to 25 cents per cord for wood; 1  cent for fence posts; 3 cents- for railway lies; and 50 cents per cord -on  shingle bolts.,  Leases for grazing, purposes sre issued for a term of twenty-one years"  at a- rental of two cents per acre per  annum,  Coal lands may be purchased at $10  per acre for soft coal^ and S20 for anthracite. Not more thau 320 acres  may be acquired by one individual or  company.  Royalty at the rate of 10 cents per  ton of 2,000 pounds is collected on the  gross output.  Entries for land for agricultural purposes map be made personally at the  local land ofiice for the district in  which the land to be taken i-�� situated,  or if the homesteader desires, he may,  on application to the Minister of the  Interior at Ottawa, the Commissioner  of Immigration at Winnipeg, or the  local   agent  for   the District,  within  which the land is situated, receive au  thority for some one to make entry for  him.  A fee of $10 is charged for a homestead entry. '  A settler who has received an entry  for a homestead is reduired to perform  the conditions connected therewith  under one of the following,plans:  (1) At least six months'residence on  and cultivation of the land in each  year during the term of three years.  It is the practice of the Department  to require a settler to bring 15 acres  under cultivation, but if he prefers he  may substitute stock; and 20 head of  cattle, to be actually his own property,  with buildings for their accommodation will be accepted instead of the cultivation.^ -���  (2) If the father (or mother, if the  father is deceased) or any person who  is eligible tomake a hornest-eod entry  under the provUibns Of the Act, resides upon a farm in the vicinity of  the la*ml entered for"by such person as  a homestead, the requirements of the  Act as to residence prior to obtaining  patent may be satisfied by such person  residing with the father or mother.  (3) If the settler has his pe-manent  residence upon farming land owned by  him in the vicinity of his homestead,  the requirements of the act as to residence may be satisfied by residence  upon the said land! ,  Application for a patent should be  made at the end of three years before  the local agent, sub-agent or a homestead inspector. "���  Before making an application for a  patent, the settlter must give^six  months'notice in Writing to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa, of his intention to do so.  \ W. W. CORY.  Deputy of the Minister of the  'Interior.  Faith  You cannot be expected la hue faith in Shilob ���  CoRiurnptioa Cute, the Luna Tonic, at a. cure foi  Colds, Coughs and all diseases of the air passages.  if you haVe not tried it. We have faith in it, awl  to convince you that it will cure you we guarantee  it. If it doesn't cure you it costs you nothing. It  it does it costs you 25c. That ��� fair. T��y l��  to-day.  Shiloh  has cured many thousands of the most obrtJaal*  cases, and we do not hesitate to say that it will cuic  any Cold. Cough. Throat or Lung trouble. If we  did not believe this we would not guarantee it  absolutely as we do. Shiloh has had an unbroken  record of success for thirty years. It has alooa  every possible test without fsilure. I��n t that proof  of il* curative properties.   Further  is found in the many testimonials of those who have  tried Shiloh nnd_been cured;  Mrs. Archie Taylor, '-'  Asaph, Pa., writes:��� .... J, y\'-..;.���'.-,-���.-������''  "I bought a bottle cf SKiloh's ConiumptionCure  and found it very beneficial." 1 have two "children -  and they had a-'terrible cough.. .1 'gave; them..  everythina: I'could think' of,' but theygot no better  Luntil one evening my husband bought a bottle of  Shiloh. We gave it lo the children when they  went to bed, and they slept all night; It cured  them completely. 1 shall always keep it in the  house." ���'-' - ' fi��?  25c. with guarantee, wherever medicine is sold.  Cook's Cotton Root Compound  The only safe effectual monthly  medicine on which women can  depend. Sold in two degrees of  strength���No. 1, for. ordinary  cases, $1 per box; No. 2,10 degrees stronger for Special  Cases, S3 per box. Sold by ail  drugmsts. Ask for Cook's Cotton Boot Compound; take so  substitute. ' '".."- '".���".  Th* Cook Medicine Co.,     TOndfor^Ontazis-w *^y  eer f{i  Has  been  a ' favorite $  from  it  birth,   as  is ��?  ��� evidenced by is popul- \  Y arity in all the towns s  * " of the Boundary.       ^  For Sale at all Leading |  Hotels either jiraught ot j  ,  bottled. *     ?  ���T-  Insist or having   _,   �� ,  ,     ", "ELKHORN"(    :.' t>.  MADE BY'THE  -      |      ,  ,. , c?  &*\��rteA*+*?\r'**S^r'**J\*^\r*^r*~it ���*  I'  JOHN    HOUSTON    QUITS.  Sends in His Resignation from Gold  " Fields, Nevada,  Gold -Field, Nevada. Oct. 9,1905.  I should have, dropped a line before  now, but as I was a wanderer I thought  it best to defer writing until I had a  postoffice address. I have been here  and shall remain for a time. Gold-  field is a boom, town, built up inless  than two years on shipments of very  rich gold ore from a half dozen claims,  none of which came from below 200  feet. Property is, very high, 25-foot  ���lots on the main street being held at  from 200' to 400 a front foot. But I am  of opinion the town has seen its best  clays, although it will" be a, mining  town for years. Tonopah, 28 mile distant, is in the same condition. At  that place there are well-defined veins  of good width, carrying good values  in silver and gold. Several shafts are  down over 700 feet, and one or two  over 1,000 feet. Sixty-five miles south  is another district (Bullfrog), in which  several remarkably rich finds have  been made. But this is not a new  country by any, means. Old districts  are scattered all over this section of  the state, several having been scenes  of active mining operations thjrty and  forty years ago.  Goldfleld is a type of the American"  mining town,' Most of the residence  buildings are canvas. 'There are also  good frame buildings, and half a dozen  stone buildings', one almost as large as  the K. WYC. block, but the country  around is a desert.   ' ���  I might write something personal,  but the least said the better. The decision of Judge Irving made me disgusted; that decision, coupled with the  fact' that I seemed* to be unable <o  make any headway in business at Nelson, developed a fit of despondency. <  It was continual worry 'and borrowing from Peter,to pay Paul. -  "'I am discredited; I am broke in my  old age; but I gave'Nelson and its  people the-best that was in me'for 15  years, and every dollar I made is still  in evidence 'in Nelson in property that  is paying taxes.      ,   ,  The debtsJI left will be paid if I live;  fori-have good  health  aud  there are  OO0O00OO0O0O0OO0O0O0O<XKK)<>  H. BUNTING"  CONTRACTOR  , AND BUILDER  Dealer   in - Sash,   Doors,  Turned  Work and  Inside Finish,  Etc.  ESTIMATES FURNISHED-  | GREENWOOD,   :   B. C. |  0000<>00<>CK)<K)OOOOOOC)00<>0 OOO  CAU.UP A 86  STAR ^BAKERY  Where there is always on hand a good  supply of  HOME MADE BREAD,  CAKES. BUNS, Etc.  Fresh Stock of Groceries always kept  Phone us your order.  Jb  TRADE.  MAF-i  "   '       - REG. '     '  'After several  years of Western  experience   in   Rubber   Footwear,  and with the entire  dian manufacturers  have selected  field  of Cana-  open   co us, we  MAPLE LEAF  RUBBERS  as the most satisfactory brand for  -both dealer-and  consumer in-this  province.  They possess, all the qualities of  material, style, fit, finish and durability characteristic of good Rubbers, and are more serviceable under Western climatic conditions.  *Ju.��t ask your dealer for them.  If he hasn't them he'll get them if  you a*k tliem-but he surely has them  J. LECK1E CO. Ltd.  Vancouver, B. C.  Selling: Agents,  just  as  many .chances  to   get   ahead  now as in former years.  I sent in my resignation as mayor  today, to take effect at noon on Monday, October 23. The council showed  its calibre by passing that $1 a month  motion, but, then, all things will come  right in the end. HOUSTON.  The above letter, written by John  Houston to his late newspaper, the  Nelbon Tribune, cannot but arouse the  sympathy,of the many people in the  Interior who knew John Houston. He  was a natural born fighter. He gave  no quarter and he asked none. He  naturally made bitter enemies, but he  always worked loyally for Nelson and  its best interests. After, fifteen years  of a life more strenuous than mest men  lived, John Houston must have written  failure with a bitter pang. He had  ability and courage and was resourceful, and, had he been created in a different mold or trained in a different  school, in all probability he would today write success instead of failure.  . But his faults were his own, ard the  majority of people wiil admire the  glorious spirit which suggests that he  will succeed yet.  HIGGINS-CLARKSON.  By the Rev. father Bedard. in the  Roman Catholic chuech ..last Thursday  morning, yMr. ; James Higgins was  married to Miss Alice C. Clarkson.  Both are young people of Greenwood.  Mr. Higgins came here from Anaconda,  Mont., and has^ been in .employed for  the past year'as an electrical engineer  in the B. Q. Copper company's smelter.  Miss Clarkson, who is a Virginian'by  birth, came ,tO''Chesaw,,\Yash., with  her parents( two years ago, but for the  past year has resided in this city. Mr.  Robert Tbison acted as best man, and  Miss Bell Rositer was bridesmaid. Mr.  aud Mrs. Higgins will reside on Silver  street. The Times joins with their  many friends in offering congratula  tions. k  Tuesday evening his fellow employes  in the smelter presented Mr. Higgins  with a silver lea set. '  HAROLD NELSON IN TRAGEDY.  "Will  appear   here soon in   "FRAN  CESCA  da   RIMINI'',    the    greatest  tragedyof Italian history'.  Probably no character in dramatic  literature so; thoroughly runs the  gauntlet of human emotions as does  Lauciottot*the warrior hunchback who  is the,central figure ,of the powerful  tragic drama "Francesca da  Rimini".  This story, suggested by Dante, and  elaborated by Baker, tells of the, marriage of beautiful Francesca to the  deformed Lanciotto* and th; secret  love between her, and her husband's  handsome brother, Paolo. ' The hape-'  less passion of Francesca, the agonizing despair of Paola and' the awful  retribution of Lancitto gives scope for  thrilling situations and tremendous  climaxes. Mr. Nelson and his clever  associates take every advantage oi  these opportunities, and a perform  ance of unusual strength and merit is  anticipated when this clever company  appear here Monday October 30th.  Manager C. P. Walker has  supplied  a costume and scenic  equipment that  surpasses anything heretofore seen in /  Western Ga'nadaT��� ��� L  This will be Mr, Nelson's last ap.  pearance in Western Canada this season, as his manager has arranged for  an extensive tour tlnough the Central  States. -         .  A very fancy line of wedding stationery, printed from a very pretty  steel engraver's script, at this office.  $4.4.4* 4.4* 4* 4-4-*$��� 4- 4- ���K4--*!* 4**8-**4* 4- 4- *'b�� 3?  4-  *  THE�����  LIMITED.  :  IDlectric  current   supplied   for  *t|��  ���f  ��r  ____^__ 4��  gg-��sfr -f-f4.^^cf.^aftf.^4.^4.4^4-f.4.^��9.~4.^K  Power, Lighting, Heating and  Ventilating. Power furnished  for Hoisting and air-compressing plants, with an absolute  guarantee of continuous power  service for operating.  Get Our Rates. We Can Save You Money  In >the' art  of  meat  cutting  is  what all butchers  tshould possess to ensure their customers of getting  just what they ask for:,  /    '    This knowledge we possess, that's why  THE UNION MEAT MARKET  is so popular.  All kinds of "FRESH VEGETABLES kept in' big pans  especially prepared in which from a fountain pure Lynn  Creek water is constantly sprayed over them, keeping them  fresh aud clean.  J. P. FLOOD, ,   Prop.  > "V-V'WW!!'"  ty tytytytytytytytytytyty tytytytytytytytytytyty tytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytynatytytyty  ty . ���     * s ' ,ty  ty '.'.-' *  % The best ''���-;' -   ��  * &^% n% ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  *  ty  *  ty  ty  ty  rodncer  '      ' KNOWN  GREEN BONES,. CUT FRESH  THREE TIMES PER WEEK  *o  ty  ty  ty  ��  *  ty  ty  a  ty  ty  a  ty  a  i��  a  ��  a  e9��-ri��fts��afie*<��a�� a^ftj-maaaatfaawtf-froaeftoa^tt^aaaaeatttfe-"-**  ft"����''"*#..,C#i��*-)F-fc"'"��#��#"'-#*#^ .--.-��.*-  �����*s��OiJ-s-'��-v**��">*  J. P. GEAVUS RE-ELEGTED.  S.BARRYYUILL  Ten dollars is offered by Dr. Mecklenburg, the expert eye specialist, to  any person that he fails "to adapt the  correct "glasses, for after all others have  failed, satisfaction guaranteed.  New Yokk. Oct. 17.���At the meeting  today of the Gr.mby Consolidated  Mining, Smelting and Power company, J. P. Graves of Spokane was reelected vice-president and general  manager. '"Director.-, elected were: W.  H. NichoLs, John Stanton, George  Martin Luther, George C. Clark1, A. C.  James, George F. Baker, Jr., Payne  Whitney, Henry Lee Iligginson, W.  H. Robiri��on and A. L. White. Besides Mr. Graves, the officers elected  were: Jacob Langcloth, president;  Northrup Fowler, secretary; George  Woo*>ter, treasuser; A. I". W. Hodges,  general supe: intendent, and O. B.  Smith, Jr.. engineer. ,  PRACTICAL      WATCHMAKER  JEWELLER.  A Judicious Jnauiry. >  A  well   known   ti avelim;   man    who  visitb the drug tia.de .-ay->   lie has often  i heard druggists  mquiie of  customers  1 who   aaked    for   a.    cough     medicine,  ! whether il w.iv> wanted   for   a   child or  i an adult, and if for a child th-sy almost  i invariably recommend  Chamberlain's  ;..Cough Remedy.    The reason   for  this  j is that they know  there is   no danger  . ���.������ from it and that it alwavs cures. There  AND j . '....,  I is not  the  least danger  in   giving it,  ! and for coughs,  colds and  croup it is  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ��.  *  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  first-class Uleals Served  Slight and Day.  Marry C��utts,  Proprietor  v-  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ���ti  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  ty  a  tytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytyoonatytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytytyty  ^<AK><UEA**ff'C/'Ml&  fs/,n  P  Wv**i  WE3  0WNTAIN; View  SITUATED AT SIDLEY, B. C.  p| On the direct travel between.  m.  m  A--U1--  MIDWAY, ROCK CREEK, OSOYOOS, FAIR-  VIEW, KEREMEOS and HEDLEY. B. C  H Rigs and Saddle Horses can be supplied at  short  notice.  All work guaranteed   GRESNWQOP I unsurpassed. For sale by all druggists  seas:  ^i Travellers will   find  this  the  best  aud  shortest  *fiv>  ii route  from .Greenwood  to the Similkameen   and  UtT; Okanagan Valley,  m  m  ���">?-**  m  4  '.t  1  ^ (  c  , ,i BOUNDARY CREEK   TIMES.  f  *\  To reduce our present stock  of China belore new goods  arrive we will give a reduction of  25 PER CENT OFF  on any piece until November  1st.  COLES & FRITH  Booksellers,   Stationers,   "Wall  Paper Dealers, Etc., Etc. Etc.  ^  JJ  9 OtB tB~naSl*SE&&& 9 OB83!"tlB~S��3"> <333 �� SE�� ��  Opera House,    One Night Only *  Mr.  C. P.  Walker presents the eminent actor  Supported by Clifford Lane  |  Bruce  and'' a  capable  company in  da Rimini'  The   greatest    tragedy    of  , Italian, history.  Scenic  and  costume* equipment   surpassing   anything-  heretofore seen in Western  Canada.  PRICES  $1.00 and 75 cts.  Seats on sale al White Bros., and {��  g   _ Thomas Drug- Company.   S  TOWN TOPICS  J. N. Paton has returned from the  Similkameen district.  Born���In Greenwood, Tuessday the  17th inst., to Mr. and  Mrs. G. A. Ren  dell, a-son.  Thompson & Rouston have purchased the painting and paperhanging  business of S. A. Grierson. Both are  practical men and are prepared to do all  work entrusted to them artistically.  On and after Sunday next the C. P.  R~tinie"tables "for Boundary and  Kootenay will be changed. The change  makes but little improvement in the  Boundary service. Trains arrive here  au hour later and leave an hour earlier.  The only advantage is that Robson as  a transfer point is abolished and the  awfu" waits which were the rule there  will be avoided. The Boundary train  goes direct to Nelson, reaching there,  at 9:10. Passengers for the coast will  go via Slocan lake from Nelson. The  time from Nelson to Vancouver is  shortened 12 hours, but that saving of  time is lost to Rossland and Boundary  passengers by having to remain at  Nelson over night either way.       <N  All china reduced 25 per cent until  Nov. 1st.    Coles & Frith.  Cianberries, bananas and grapes for  Thanksgiving at Galloway Bros.  Bom���In Greenwood, Friday, 20th  inst.,   to Dr. and  Mrs. Spankie, a son.  An excellent varietj' of fancy and  useful .irticles for sale at the Bazaar  on the 27th.  The Rev. E. Manuel of Grand Forks  will preach in the Methodist church  Sunday at 11 a. m. and 7:30 p. m.  Don't fail to see Coles & Frith's  reduced line of China, 25 per cent.  H. M. Moffat of San Francisco was  visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.  J. Moffat, of this city last week.  A carload of "Souvenir" steel ranges  and fancy parlor heaters arrived this  week at the Russell-Law Caulfield Co.  It is well worth a few minutes of your  time inspecting these stoves.  Norman McLean, of McLean Bros.,  Vancouver, arrived from the coast  Tuesday. His firm' are superintendents of construction of the first ten  miles of the Midway and Vernon.  E. B. McDermid, chartered accountant of Nelson, and auditor for the  Providence Mining company, was in  the pity this week auditing the boons  of the company for the annua, meeting. .    "  O. Wethered of London, England,  president ,of the Cascade Power and  Light^company, and G. S. Fowler, the  company's manager in this province,  were visitors to the i Boundary this  week.  t  At a depth of 112 feet in the shaft of  the Prince' Henry the ledge is 2 feet  wide, with a very rich paystreak from  6 to 12 inches wide on the footwall.  This paystreak shows considerable  native silver.      (  There will be a union Thanksgiving  service iu the Methodist at chursh 11  a. m. ou Thursday, 26th inst. Rev. Mr.  McKee ��will conduct the service and  the collection will be for the free reading room.  Rev. J. Leet-Porter, the* new pastor  of the Episcopal church here; held services on Sunday last. A reception  was held in the church Monday evening, when Mr. Porter met the 'members of his congregation. ,*  J. B. Heeney, secretary-treasurer of  the Providence Mining compa-iy, arrived from Chicago gn Tuesday. He  and Mr. Madden, the president, are  here to attend the annual meeting of  tha company next week.  In the Methodist church on Sunday  evening,' the *29th, the Rev. H. S.  Hastings will deal with certain statements made by Miss Lena Marrow  Lewis in an address delivered in the  Eagles' hall on-the 18th inst.  For Sale���Queen'b hotel, Greenwood,  B. C. I will sell furnished and give  lease on property. Easy'terms. Reason  for selling, going out of hotel business. Apply on premises to D. Manchester? ' 7-10  At the Dominion fair iu New Westminister the Greenwood public school  exhibit was awarded a diploma. It a  letter to G. B. Taylor, secretary of the  school board, Inspector- Davids Wilson  says: "Allow me to offer congratulations of school exhibit committee on  the character of the work presented by  the Greenwood public school."  It wasn't a bullett; the doctor'didn't  proDe for it, and didn't find it; the  man wasn't married; he wasn't on Gold  street; he didn't try to outrun a bullet; the bullet didn't try to catch him;  there wasn't a gun, and there was no  one to discharge it, at the time and  place at which the man was supppose  to flee from and the bullet pursue the  aforementioned male, who had at some  previous period entered into a legal  and valil matrimonial  contract.    The  :"*-<"X*<'<'-*:-��x*<-^  Perfect Harmony of Style and Good Taste;  an Even Balance of the Nlclties That  Render Our Clothing Superior,  There is harmony of taste and fashion in our garments that instantly  commends them to particular men.  Following' the newest styles of the  day, they unite the fashion, the fabric  and the color iu a perfect blend of  good taste. \  5uSSb the perfect square cuts as  shown in illustration and the latest  for winter wear, from  $7.50 T�� $2��  OVERCOATS like the accompanying illustration and are quick  sellers, thev range from ,.     ��  $12 TO   $20  UNDERWEAR  '- itt  Foremen who wish an extra fine garment we highly recommend the .....        IHULOLi  Cheaper Lines and an extra good buy from $1,00 and up.  11  LIMITED  ���<��x~x-m:-<":~x*--xk��^  Is very, palateable and a sure cure, for troublesome coughs  and colds.    The Australians use it extensively  for that purpose,  3/.00   PER   BOTTLE  WHITE BROS.  DISPENSING   CHEMISTS   AND^ OPTICIANS.  foregoing are all the facts obtained by  the staff of the Times in reference to  the rumor current in the city a few  days ago that there had^been shooting  with serious results on Gold street. It  was one of those rumors that occasionally start without any foundation.  The Ladies' Aid society of the  Methodist church will hold a bazaar in  Fraze'e's~bld -stafrd"on~ the" "afternoon  and evening of Friday, 27th. Refreshments at all hours.   Tea served 5 to 7.  Dr. Mecklenburg, the famous eye  expert, will be at the Thomas Drug  store, Greenwood, Oct. 23-25; Midway,  26-27; Phoenix, 20-22. , Save your sight  by consulting him.      '   ' '  Don't miss the Old Curiosity Shop  at the Bazaar. Fun and instruction.  IMPORTANT CHANGES  BARTENDERS���You can get neatly  printed cards with the following on  them: '-Tom and Jerry" "Fresh  Buttermilk", "Hot Whiskies", "Egg-  nsg" Ect., which are business bnngers  for the bar, the same to be had at 35c  a piece at the Times Job Dept.  The Equal of Cut Glass in Appearance and Weight, at One-  Fourth The Price.  This lot of Vases was shipped to a dealer in a nearby town' who has since gone  out of business.    We purchased them at a big reduction and  offer  them to  you  at a little over wholesale cost.  See  Window This  Week.  GREENWOOD  MIDWAY  ���PHOENIX  t&j$��g����GSZXSt  Mark the Annual General Meeting of  the Daly Reduction Co.  Last week the Gazette made reference to the arrival in Hedley of principal stock-holders in the Daly Reduction Co. but at the time of going to  press nothing definite had^been^given^  out. , The occasion was the annual  general meeting of the share-holders,  held in the offices of the company  here on October 4th, at which most of  the stock was represented by proxy.  Tte directors elected by the shareholders were: -  Marcus Daly and J. C. Lajor, New  York; C. A. Crawford, Anaconda,  Mont.; J. G. Morony, Grand Falls,  Mont, and A. J Campbell,Butte, Mont.  At the directors' meeting which followed, the officers elected were:  Pres^ and Trean. J. C. Lalor.  Vice-Pres., Marcus Daly.     ;  .   Secretary, C. A. Crawford." ' - '   ,'  Asst. Secy., A.' J. Campbell,  General Manager, and/Superintendent' R. B. Lamb.-; -      > -    ' -  The Daly." Reduction Company is incorporated, under the Companies'  Act,  British Columbia, and own* all the  plant used in the reduction of the ores  "of the Nickel Plate mine," including-'  mill, power-house, flume, tramways,  (both gravity and electric) ore bins etc.  ���in fact all to .the mouth of the mine  tunnels.   The mine and.other mineral  claims belong to the YaleMiningCom-'  pany, incorporated under the laws of  the state of Montana and registered in  British Columbia' as an eztra-provin-  cUl company, and is at present under"  the management of M;:K. Rodgers.  THB     NEW .   MANAGER,  Mr. R. B. Lamb, is an- Australian  by  birth, has spent all his life in the mining and reduction business,, both, in  Australia and  in the United. States,  "and is eminently qualified to take hold  o*Ltll��._c/>nc_erii._ IL^?r.4��''_-na��1'��g cement the company look for a record .  for economical extraction,and there is  good reason to believe   that .they  will *  not look in vain.    During the past few  days he has been taking his bearings  and re-organizing his forces.  That important improvements in the  plant are contemplated is quite evident '  but. what tthese will "consist, of remains to be seen. In all probability  neither the manager nor the * directors  themselves have ' yet fully decided  what they shall be.���Hedley Gazette.  ?a  ANNOUNCEMENT  TO THE PEOPLE OF GREENWOOD  Having purchased the Tailoring business of Mr, B.  Li. Wood, I beg to announce that I am putting/  in a very handsome stock of fall and winter  suitings.    In the meantime I -am offering  some exceptional bargains in  any of the suitings in stock  ���  A Trial Order  Solicited  Special attention givep. to repairing and  cleaning.  Thomas Thomas  MERCHANT TAILOR.  Next door to C.P.R. Telegraph office. GREEN WQOD.  1!  3*-/W-,v-��"  J  ������t


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