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Boundary Creek Times 1910-07-29

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 ���4m i n in in m mm m m iww  Vol.. 14  THE LATEST AND BEST   ���THE      :   . '"������'' :���������  SIR/WILFRID  jRjpfejjSi  'WILL BE FIN-  ISHED IN 1913  Wide Smooth Mouth  No Rubber Rings  AH Sizes  SEE   IT  BEFORE   YOU   BUY.  (.-liti  GROCERIES^  CROCKERY,     HARDWARE,  $mtS'   FURNISHINGS.  t - . ���  Following are    --v extracts from I    TH   ��� ������ ���*    ,.  speeches made by Sir Wilfm. ������ " way  - BKf,d.,,, *, as reportt,     ...; .. .. ���,��_;,.  ,1:;;; ;~;  ^W^    ,. i��T"��*���� i,b,D. D. Lt  S,r W,lr���d r-ad ,h,   tewtaion   1>1'j .icc-rraiden, of the Canadian North  IGRATM  Mr. Borden condemning the government for not giving sufficient protection. The premier reminded the  audjience that, when he visited the  west in 1894 he had declared himself  for free trade as it was in England.  He had added.that conditions at that  time did not warrant it. He stated  that Liberalism would tend towards  that goal, with the expectation some  day to reach it.    The premier traced i  err. system does not n.iscurry-^nd  those who know Mr. Mann and his  works are well aware that it is not his  habit to shoot into  space.    When he  Colonel Seeley, under secretary for  the colonies, answering a question by  Mr. <Snowden, the well known Socialist Labor member in the House of  Commons, intimated that the moment  had come when the British government, charged as it is with the freedom of British subjects, felt it necessary  to  make  representations tothe  IBIS  jIlFFERENCE?  An intelligent interest in the  capabilities  of " Dry Farming"   in   the  semi-arid belts of the province is due  . --r ������b ���-"��� ���**������  ������jv**s<  from all who have the welfare of the game; districts   of,  thr? 'country,  district at  heart.    There   are  many for according to   the  regulations  THE CAME  REGULATIONS  In another month hunters  throughout the province will be  preparing for an invasion  of the  noes ou, to ���i��� ,��� ���bjc��� ,,ei,     ���    ~'   "  -- -P'=��n��o,,S ,��� ,hc  Greenwood's Big Fnrnitulfi Store  EDIsa  erally found holding it down at the  end of the trail. Recently M. Mann  said:  " All our pkms are being made to  finish the construction of the Canadian  Northern  in   Uritish  Columbia  . ,-���.-���������   "���   iJ''cisn   Uolumba  the steps taken ,���  fiscal  progress and  one year ahead of'the specified  time  rclnrm     c,n/-a     U'_       ... . ""���  s  Records in Stock at Gulley'  I)rbp in arid let  ,Jt$k  .O��iow you' the latest  model, with Cygnet horn.  Fire-  Same priceraTat Winnipeg ind Vancouver.  T. M.  ;Hdi/SE FURNISHERS  5 Co.  Phone 27  m  ;:s3|i  Needs  mm.  :��� /-;�����  peif^Creaq^  Hazei|?Snow  f?;S*i^^^jipreani  Daggett 4 BamstJell's Cream  "Milkweed Cream  Malvina Cream  Exora Cream  ���afc  -.-*-  THOMAS', WITGH flAZEJU* CREAM  7:7'" - . 7    ���*km^7M&7' "������ '  ��� ���. r.J*-  Talcrnn feWders, ToileWaters,  Shampoos, Etff  TBomas DrugM MusicCo.  reform   since   his   government took  office, showing the decreases  which  had  been   made  in the tariff.    His  reference to the  establishment of the  British preference was cheered heartily.    "Is" 1ln��M^afcv*m'an in this great  audience," said the.premier^' who  does not believe we^naVe made great  progress towards freer trade with our  great   mother   of   trade   and   commerce?"    (Cheers.)    The* premier  added that under the  British  preference free-trade England had  become  a regulator of prices.    Foreign competitors must meet the British prices.  " Rest assured,"   said  Sir Wilfrid,  " we are not satisfied with what we  have done.    We look  for new reforms.    We cannot afford to stand  still, we must march forward  as the  partj' of reform.    The farmer is the  basis of all prosperity, but the farmer  alone  cannot make prosperity.   'We  want also the manufacturer, the merchant, the trader.    We want to blend  the   interests   of   all   harmoniously.  That is what has  given us fourteen  years of prosperity, -as it will insure  prosperity for the future.  Your WiS^^jfrho met me today  urged reciprocit#;c|with our United  States neighbors. Our American)  friends have been revising the suggestion of reciprocity^ior fifty years.  So I. have said, 'Good-bye, Washing-  tqn; we willrnake no more pilgrimages! We will be independent, and  try to build up trade for ourielves, and  the next pilgrimage came from Washington to Ottawa.    (Cheers.)  "We are prepared to meet our  American neighbors, on  their solicitation, and see how far we  can agree  on  two conditions���first,   foremost,  and all the time, the  British preference, and second, protection to vested  interests.     I am  an admirer of the  American people; they stand up for  number  one.    I am of the opinion  that we can adopt something of that  number  one   doctrine.      (Cheers.)  That is where we stand  on  the tariff  question.     We   have   given   a . fair  measure of freer trade,   and  we are  ready to further extend  it when the  conditions require it for the common  good of our common country.''  for its completion. That means the  last touch on the undertaking in the  summer of 1913 for our agreement  with the government of this province  calls for the finishing of the work  within four years from the first day of  the present month."  This statement from the lips of a  great  builder of   Canadian  railways  means  many things.    It means that  during the next three years millions of  dollars will be placed in circulation in  British  Columbia consequent on the  rushing to completion of 500 miles of  railway construction*   it means construction  carried on  at many places  scattered along the route of the new  railway; it means development of zg-  ricultural and  mineral   areas   which  have lain  dormant since they  were  first located by the pioneers,' of half a  century ago; it means countless other  things  which  makes  for prosperity,  and to Vancouver it means that in the  summer of 1913 another ling between  the Pacific Coast, the Great Lakes and  the east, beyond will be forged.  ships arising out of the enforcement  of the new immigration regulations.  Mr. Snowden declared that British  subjects, while in charge of the Canadian immigration authorities had been  imprisoned in dirty crowded places  and herded with objectionable foreigners.  Colonel Seeley asked for definite  instances of hardship, and promised  an inquiry. It^s announced that the  secretary for the colonies is now considering the representations to be made  to Canada on the whole question.  Some emigration societies who feel  sore at the harshness of the new Canadian immigration regulations  are arranging to  give  immigrants  enough  money to enable them to land on the  understanding   that   the   amount   so  loaned will be returned to the  societies' Canadian representatives.    Canadian officials in London  say that this  manoeuver would soon  be  detected.  Meanwhile,   because   influenced   by  the   dissuasions   of   English    trades  unions,  Canadian manufacturers, especially in the cotton, woolen, hat and  cap industries are finding it difficult to t..t siiunage or supplies. We ven-  induce skilled hands to emigrateto ture to say that the whole blame lies  Pan-*/!-*     a   ���---**--   '-"��� ��� ��� '    -    -  thousands of acres of good  lands so  situated that irrigation   is  impossible,  but  which   could   be  made to yield  profitable crops under a system which  has for its object the utilization of the  natural rainfall.     It is   not,   however,  up to the merchants and business men  of the city to pay the same  attention  to the technical  part  of the   farming  industry.    Mr.   Lawrence  at a meeting of the Kamloops Board of.Trade  was  rather  out   of   court  when  he  urged the  members  of the  board to  attend the lectures to be  given bv experts   upon  agricultural subjects.    In  the name of all that is sensible are the  business men of the town to form the  greater part of the audience  at  these  meetings?    If the farmers and   those  directly  interested   in   the  raising of  produce   only turn  out a  bare half  dozen how can they expect  the business  men  to attend  them?    II  the  farmers of the district  cannot or will  not produce the goods which the mer-  chant   requires   the  merchant   must  send out of the district for them.    It  is a pity that so much good  money is  sent out of the province every year  for butter, eggs,   bacon,   poultry  and  other things which might well be produced  here,   hut is the  merchant or  board bf trade member to  blame for  issued by the government the first;  legal day when the quest of game  may be undertaken is  September  1st, when ducks,   geese and snipe  may be shot on the mainland and  islands  adjacent  thereto, but on  Vancouver island the season will  not be open  until   September 15.  Blue and willow grouse may be  shot in Kootenay from September  1 to December 31.    Prairie chickens may be shot  throughout  the  province during October.    Ducks  ...��  and  geese  between September 1.  and February  28.    Deer may be  shot between   September   1 ,sfnd  December 15. ���*  RETAINS CUP  Merely a picture of the Minto  cup will Manager Findlay and  his defeated and disheartened  .Montreal lacrosse team carry  with them to their old hometown.  But with that photographic copy  of the coveted emblem which they  sought to lift, goes a bag of gold  to cheer them on their way.  Nine is the sum total of their efforts iu the games Saturday and ���  week.ago to take the Minto  TEN YEARS AGO  Canada. A leading official of the  Dominion Textile Co., of Montreal,  recently visited Lancashire to secure  workers. ''  a  silverware, while 23 goals is  the  proud record of the fast victorious  the shortage of supplies.    We ven- Royals     Tfae gcore  wag lfJ  tQ 4  ture to say that the  whole  blame lies  ofl July ^  Md the champioas>  y/ith fhe farmers themselves. ���Kamloops Standard.  (From Boundary Creek Times of July 29, 1900;  Hon., T. Mayne Daly, is registered iit, tlie Arir.st.r.jng.  Aid. Scott Galloway returned  on Saturday from Boomerang  camp.  W. L. Hogg and -party are in  the city visiting the sunset properties.  D. McD. Hunter has been  ap-  FATAL ACCIDENT  Nels Haug, a Norwegian,while  assisting in moving a motor from  the.4th to the 3rd level in the  Mother Lode mine, at 9:30 Wednesday evening, lost his balance  and fell a distance of 100 feet  down the shaft. Death was almost instantanous. He was about  24 years of age and only came,  into the country last A.pril.  The prodigal son was a poor  ball player. He struck out and  then came. back to the home  plate.  encouraged by that lead of six,  made it ] j to 5 in the game Saturday.  I  The Kootenay and Boundary  districts are to unite in a comprehensive advertising propaganda.  - ���-.   ���-��-..��.���     una     UDCU     itp-  ������   pointed principal  ot  the public      A PALrMY DAY REGRET  school. ^;  It is reported that the Granby  smelter, at Grand Porks will blow  in, in two weeks.  Wholesale aiiiRetaii?palers in  :.   ��� ������ Yr'Y^y.fM-Y'; . -.  Copper Street, Gfeenwoodi 0. C.  . - ���'���!���' s~'.,  VANCOUVER EXHIBIT  The coming Vancouver exhibition, to be held on August 15-20,  will offer untold opportunities for  the first real attempt of Canadians to portray their own heritage in some manner. There are  prizes offered for the best collection of wood varieties, Canadian  woods, leaves and flowers. There  are abundant prizes for the skill  of the Canadian artist, whether  with brush or pen, for the architect, wood carver, modeller in  clay and the camera lover. There  are prizes even for those c' especial originality of mind, jmch  J. ���' -*i ��� ���?  Arthur Pelly, a brother of Bernard Pelly, the British vice-consul, arrived in the city yesterday..  Mr. Symthe, manager of the  Bank of Commerce, went to Cranbrook this week to bring his fam-  ay.    C. E. Tisdale, ex-M. P. and  president of the Vancouver board  of trade, is registered at the Imperial.  A large public meeting discusses the Chinese question under  the auspices of the Trades and  Labor unions, concluding'with a  vote, that all present would discontinue patronizing Chinese.  "Baseball isn't what it used to  be out in my old-town," said  the  bov who.was selling soft drinks-,  cigars, chewing gum and candy.  "What makes you think so?"       J  "People didn't  wait  till they  got thirsty to buy lemon soda and  sarsaparilla.    What    they    were  after   were  bottles  to throw  at  the umpires."  S^P INHIBIT  CONSERVATIVE MEETING  A special meeting of the executive of the Conservative association will take place on Friday  evening at 8:30 p. m., in the store  formerly occupied by the McRae  Bros., Copper street.  F. W. McLaine, Sec.  C F. STORK  HAVE YOU SEEN OUR NEW STOCK OP  Shoes. Lawns, Silks, Lawn and Silk Blouses, Ladies'  and Children's Hosiery, Calicos, Laces, Embroideries, Curtains, Fancy Dress Goods,  Collars, Skirts, Underwear.  And please reserve jour orders for our !arg*e and  up-to-date Pall Millinery, of which we have  'purchased a large stock, which will be  presided over by an experienced  and tasty millinery artist.  GREENWOOD, B. C.  BANK MERGER  Hot^Weather Specials  3*quari '* White Mom.tai��� '��� Ice Cream Freezers.  4-quart "Twin " Ice Cream Freezers.  6-quart " White Mountain " Ice Cream  Freezers.  12-quart "White Mountain " Ice Cream Freezers.'  as designers.  \.  Most  political  hlows: become  blowovers.  \  " W^%��uld respectfully SUg_  gest,'^|^trks one of the inter-  estin  topjs^t or Chilliwack send  pife|;;^.blind pigs' to. the  fair at   Spokane  iese creatures flour-  dry' districts,   and  [���pert   or    Chilliwack  folk* to make an  inter-  iustructi  A circular signed by the president and directors of the Union  bank at Halifax has been posted  announcing that they had agreed  to the amalgamation of the Union  and the Royal banks.  Adjustable Window  Screens, large  Adjustable Window Screens, small   Automatic " Hot Point�� Electric Irons   All Garden Hose, including �� Moulded ���- Hose, 9t2s"Z,'Znt off  Genuine " Ball" Fruit Jars, I pint JT ��� ���,  50c each  35c each  $7.50   .-"���  Genuine '* Ball" Fruit Jars, I pint.  Genuine ������ Ball " Fruit Jars, 1 quart   Genuine " Ball " Fruit Jars, % gallon..  7 XL  . ���������������>-.'������>'vatI  'YM;   ,  y:f;'MM  f: ��� ���'r!<^M  .-'���������*--i-U^i  ���^���sx��0M  - J 75c -doz  ������  90c doz    $1.20  ~K  I  i��*  /"*  "Yes," said the drug clerk, "I  am called up occasionally to compound prescriptions at night"  "Isn't a man apt to make mistakes working in semi-darkness?''  "You bett he is.   I took iu a plug-  ��j'"i'' *"  The Hunter-Kendrick Co.,  CliMITED  HARDWARE MERCHANTS  PHONE 9  r%  *w  ���***W  J-***  V THE    B01  ..Bank of Montreal..  ESTABL8SHEDJ81Z  apitai, ail W ��L��S  Rest $12,000,000.  "Pi    Hl��*|-v.,   UNDIVIDED   PROFITS  $217,628.56  Hon. President:   Lord Stkathcoma and Mount Roval, G. C. M. G.  President:   Sik Gborgk A. Dkummonp.K.C. M. <i.  Vice-President aad General Manager :   Sik E. S. Clooston, Bakt  Btancaes in London, Eng. Unuerinpr"c^adLl New YoiK, Chicago.  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange aud Cable Translers ; Grant Commercial an  avellen* Credits, available In any partjol the world.  SAYINGS BANK DEPARTMENT  Interest allowed at current rates.  *K~lMA^a/l  ucSuuj*->  Travellers'  with insect powder.  The new license act of British  Columbia is a fairly good one.  If obeyed, there is not much  chance for a successful local option movement. Its success or  failure will depend altogether  upon the hotel men. If the local  option movement gains strength  it will be due to evasions of the  license act by the liquor men.  [J^jj The vast majority of the people  Ih^j aire opposed' to measures curtail  iug the liberty of the citizen, but  they are unqualifiedly in favor of  law and order."  select a ranch and stock  it  with  several hundred horses.  .The Duke of Sutherland,  wealthiest landlord in Great Bri-  tiarj, in an interview at Calgary,  said lie had concluded* plans to  bring out hundreds of Highlanders to settle in Alberta.  PROHIBITED  The world's most successful medicine  tor bowel complaints is Chamberlain's  Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.  It has relieved more pain and suffering, and saved more lives than any  other medicine in use. Invaluable for  children and adults. Sold by all druggists and dealers.  1836       THE BANK OF  British North America  74 Yoar�� In Busl��*��������������  Banking  by Mail  Capital and Reserve Over $7,000,000.  is a great convenience to those  who live some distance   from  town.  Deposits inay be sent in, cash  EDITORIAL COMMENT  The reception committee charged with carrying out arrangements in connection with Vancouver's welcome to Sir Wilfrid  Laurier on his arrival in that city  on August 16th. met recently.  iThe  Vancouver  Exhibition   as-  WATER POWER  The North Washington Power  company, of Republic, has leased  the Similkameen Power company's plant at Oroville and power  will be transmitted to the Republic mines. It is also reported  that a line will be  run   down the  /. ��� - ���  An official dispatch  from the  government of British Columbia  recently to Rev.   Dr.  Shearer, of  Toronto, secretary of the Lord's  Day Alliance of Canada, intimating that the provincial govern-  ment does not find that it possesses  authority  to prohibit,  as  requested, the exhibition  of mo*  tion pectiires of prize-fights, the  Johnson-Jeffries mill at Reno, being the case in point.   If,  however, when such animated pictoral  reproduction is made it should be  found contrary to any  provisions  ot* the Criminal code of Canada,  the persons exhibiting Mich pictures  will  be prosecuted criminally.     .  Dffpair andDespottdency  . o onc'JJut a -woman ceo tell the story of the suffering, tbe  leapaityand the despondency endured by women who/tarry   -  a daily burden of ill-health and pain because of discrdeyaud  derangements of the delicate and importantjor*JJwJlb*i^|*e���;  distinctly feminine.   The tortures so.bravely endured Cosv . ���  pletely upset the nerves if long continued. ���  Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription ia a positive wiwSrat^  -weakness and disease of the feminine orgamiim.       ��� >*' ���'"** -v^'-  IT MAKES WEAK WOJ1EH STRONG,  SICK WOMEN WELL.  It allays inflammation, heals ulceration and soothes pain. .  It tones and builds np the nerves.   It fits for wifehood  and motherhood.    Honest-medicine dealers sell it, and .,-.  have nothing to urge upon  you  as ''just  as  good."   )T'  Tt   is   non-secret, non-alcoholic and .has   a  record of forty years  of cures.  Ask Your Nhiohbors.    They probably know of some of its ms^iTMrts}-''""*  If you want a book that tells all about woman's disgsfe*> anj| bow *tojeeJ*e  them at home, send 31 one-cent stamps to Dr. Pierjee^to pay cos(f o! fUMM  only, and he will send you a free copy of bk treat t-hbusand-pa(e nluittMM  Common Sense Medical Adviser���revised, up-U) date edition, ia paper ��overs Vl  In handsome cloth-binding, SO stamps.   Address Dr. R.V. Pierce, Buffalo, N.YiJjfc  i^i  m  -m  ..., : . _   as���*��� -      i ���  drawn,  or  other business  transacted by Mail,  without  any trouble or delay.  Write or ask our Local Manager to explain   our  system to you.  Greenwood BrancWR. A. CHESTER, Manager.  sociation" proposes   to   tender   a  Effective,   economical,   pleasant,  What more can you ask. Davis' Men.  thol Salve fulfills these specifications  and is the best remedy, for bites and  sting's, skin  diseases,  piles, etc.   25c*  river,   and   that,  plenty of power per tin,  will   be   available  for   pumping |   BACK TO THE FIG LEAF  JWW ���*.*���-- r ft  luncheou  to tbe premier  at tbe  water u-, irrigate the  valley and  .    , ...... '_ I.    -.i-iof    r.rir>r  tnt*._    _...,.-..'..     1,'���-U ( ,,-, rr    r,nr\      nthpr  -5*  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  /. H. HALLETT  Barkistkr, Soucitok,  Notary Prur.ic.  CaMe Address:      "���IUm.ktt."  I Bedford M'NeiU's  Copkb���*! Moreiutf i NeaV*  I Leiber'H _ _ <-,  Gkbenwood, B.O,  JOHN D. SPENCE,  BARRISTER   AN*> SOLICITOR,  Rende'.l  Block,  QnacNwooo, B. C.  C AE. SHAW.  Dominion and Provincial  Land Survkvor,  fl��EE��WOOO, B. c  P. O. Box 57, Phone 32.  WILLIAM FLEMING.  TRANSFER DRAYING  Furniture Moving- a Specialty.  Leave orders at Matthews'Cigar Store.  H. W. FARMER A CO.,  REAL ESTATE AGENTS.  Kock Creek, 13. C.  FRATERNAL SOCIETIES  -   MASONIC  Regular monthly meetings of Greenwood  Lodge No.28, A. F. & M., are held on tbe first  Thursday of each montli at Fraternity Hall,  Government street. Visiting- brethren cordially  welcomed. W. EISON, W. M. J. S. 1IIRNIE,  Secretary.  I. 0. 0.  F.  Boundary Valley Iiodg-e No. 38, meets every  Tuesday evening at 8 p. m. In the I. O. O F.  hall. F. E. BROWN, N. O. GREY POND,  V. G. WALTER MTJRXAY. Rec. Sec. A  hearty welcome to all visiting brothers.  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS  Greenwood Tuodire, K of P., meets every  Wednesday evening at 8 v< ���*-��� >n K. P- Hall.  W. JOHNS, V. C. AUSTIN LOGAN, K. of R.  andS,   WM. LAWSON, C. C.  wTfTm.  G.eeawood Miners' Union No. 22, meets every  Saturday evening- in Union Hall, Copper street,  at 7:30 p. is., and at Mother Lode mine every  rriday-rtenlng-at 7:30 p. m. LESTER MACKENZIE, Sec:efary.  REBEKAHS  Greenwood Rebekah Lodge No. 18, I. O. O. F.  meets first and third Mondays of each month  at I. O. O. F. Hall. MRS. THOMPSON, N. G.  MISS MAY BUCKLESS, V. G. ROBERT  HALCROW, Rec. Sec.  Ch��  Boundary Creet Times  litiufl every irldav  4,000, wliicb iu twenty-four hours  was so thoroughly consumed that  out of thousands of buildings but  seven   remained   after   the   holocaust, aud the people ueed  help  and   assistance   with    food   and  clothing-.    To come, nearer home,  how many hundreds of our  own  B. C.   inhabitants  are  today deprived of all   thev   possess,   and  valuable lives lost in those lately  fire-visited   sections.    What   are  we  going  to  do  about  it?    We  have read about it  in  our  press  reports and commented  upon the  hard  luck  of those  who experienced those dreadful occurrences,  but sentiment don't cut much ice  when   thousands   are clamorous  for bread.    Let us substitute dollars for sentiment, and the change  will prove most palatable.  When  we think over the ever  recurring  calls for our aid to  the  suffering  and the God-blessed, whole-hearted responses so generously  made  by people everywhere,   that  this  has got to be placed  among our  I unforseen   liabilities   and    plana  made that  a  certain  amount of  our  income  must  be  considered  available for  this purpose only,  and that for relief to those  who  so terribly need it. We may have  escaped so far from these  fright-  I ful ordeals but to put ourselves in  their places.     "What  would   weL  think and feel  if our neighbors  and  people   gave   us  the truest  feelings of sympathy, but had no  dollars to  spare.    The  time has  come when the occasion  calls for  relief in hard money  to be given'  to those   unfortunates,  and  this  money  should   be placed   in the  hands of those of most undoubted  honesty and wisely distributed to  those in need.  exhibition grouiids jnst prior to  the formal opening of the exhibition. This matter was placed before the committee and the invitation was ordered communicated  to Sir Wilfrid. A sub-committee  was named to take charge of the  decoration of the Horse Show  building, in which the premier  will deliver a speech on the nigbl  Of the day of his arrival.  for electric  lighting   and   other  purposes.  Professional people, actors, lawyers,  doctors and ministers, who frequently  suffer from exhaustion and prostration  as a result ot excessive nervous strain  lind Ferrovim the invigorating tonic  unequalled to strengthen and renew the  exhaustive tissues of their body. Fer-  rovlm is composed of fresh lean beef,  citrate of Iron, pure old Spanish Sherry  Wine.    $1.00 per bottle.  THE HOUSEWIFE  Electric current supplied for Power, Lighting,  Heating and Ventilating. Power furnished  for Hoisting and air-compressing, plants, with  absolute guarantee of contiuuoiis power service  OUTLINES OF  CURRENT EVENTS  The coronation bf King George  V has been fixed for June 22nd,  1911.    A reduction of 10 per cent has  been made at Cranbrook in the  cost of electric light.  Word has been received that  the Doukhobors have cut loose at  Voregin, Sask., a small village  thirty mili*s west of Kamsack.  About thirty of-them,   it is alleged,   discarded   their   clothings  and burned the lot, together with!,  a considerable sum of money  Rven though a pawn shop is  jammed against other buildings,  it  invariably  stands   a-loau   for  ,.,iit        i      isecurity  She worked so hard, the .long, long  day, at putting  mislaid  things  away, . Don't  let an  unscrupulous  sweeping all the floors and stairs, and Jeiilcr force oil you an ilttita*  shaking rugs, and dusting  chairs, and tion of the "D..& L." 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"'*:-: -  > '���$t7*mgj%'  ./0tjg> hoiuesJPror'iliB requiredvfirVetdrm the  Condlt^oiMtcjJBnected there -with nnder one of  th��-fOl'ottjS& plans;  .l) At- feast six months' residence npon vand  cultivation of the laid in each year for three  years. -'-'TAb^  (2) If the fathJffp'r mother, if the father Is decease! ! of !s-*4^fomesteader resides upon a farm  In tlie vicinity of the land entered i-ior, the re  quirements as to residence may be satisfied by  ht^h person residing- with the father or mother.  ' (3} lithe set Uor has his permanent residence  pon farming? land owned by him In the vicln  H.7 of his homestead,'th'e reqniremcRl&s to res  Ideuce may. l>e satisfied by residence upon the  said land.  Six moiuhs' notice In wrhinpsbonid be given  to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ot  tawa of intention to apply for patent.  ^  Coal.���Coal mining rights may te leased ior a  period of twenty-one years at an annual"rental  of $1. per acre.   Not more than 2^60acre8jihall  be leased to one Individual or conrpany.   ���'fexgy-  ality at the rate of five cents per ton shaW'Se  i collected on the merchantable coal mined/     ';  W.W.CORY,   -        t  Deputy of the Minister of the Interior*  N. B.���Unauthorized publication oty-**Bls ad  vertlsement will not be paid for. *%,      >  ill:  Leaves Greenwood at 7 a.m. to  connect with Spokane train; and  at 2 p.m, with Keremeos train.  J. McDonell.  give   the   Conservatives  twentv-  make her heart grow young  again.���  seven seats and. the Liberals four- Walt Mason.  Chamberlain's Stomach aud Liyer  Tablets gently stimulate the liver and  bowels to expel poisonous matter,  cleanse the system, cure constipation  and sick headache. Sold by all druggists and dealers.  SUBSCRIPTIONS IN ADVANCE.  pm y��a��...   a oo  tin Months  To Foaaion CounrKiBS  125  2 50  Major Moodie of the Northwest Mounted Police, will accompany Earl Grey on his Hudson  Bay trip about the middle of  A.ugust.  Col. Septimus J. A. Denison,  chief staff officer ot Western Ontario militia district, has received  the appointment of commandant,  at Halifax.  OUR LATE CALAMITIES  What are we going to do in the  matter of immediate aid to the  sufferers from fires and flood so  fearfully prevalent during the  past few days and -weeks and of  almost daily occurrence. Our  press of late is filled with the  most heartrending accounts of  cities and towns totally destroyed,  and ranches, through forest fires,  LICENSE REGULATIONS  "The  new   license  act of the  province   will   go  into   force the  first  of   next   month,"  says  the  Slocan Record.    "On its  success  or  failure  will  depend whether  the local option agitation will be  supported or not by the same people who do not drink  intoxicants  and who would prefer that liberty  should be allowed the  individual  in   choosing  what he  wishes to  eat or  drink.    This is the class  whose votes will  either  carrv or  defeat local option.    In  Ontario  the   prohibition   movement   was  forced upon the public by the low  taverns  that   were  to  be   tound  every three or four mifc^s throughout  thc province.    Many  of the  men who 'ran1 these  places  vio-  Since the starting of the Carnegie hero fund about eighteen  months ago, there has been grants  for conspicious bravery to about  225 individuals.  Some widows wear their most  becomiug mourning during an  impending engagement.  Prosperity soon gets to think  it has been so always.  Scribuers have placed an order  for 1,000,000 copies of "Roosevelt  in Africa." This* is said to be  the largest single order ever  given by a publisher.  SOUR STOMACH  Is An Almost Certain Sign of  Acute Indigestion  VANCOUVER  The Great City of the Great *>?est.  FIRST  EDUCATIONAL  INDUSTRIAL and  AGRICULTURAL  EXHIBITION  AUG. 15-20,1910  ir it ir *��� *��� jr if if ip jp ��c ir tr it *��� ��r jr  ;ll��*w Edition otjbe  XJS  -'���M--  $30,000 IN PRIZES  COPPER U4P5  ..���'V-V-V-'   ���    \ ' SKlPJriv  ��� W,  Vol. VIII., lwued May^ Ipl;  1,500 pages, with  xn.'atji'7^0i^  morematter tlian theprec'^tiiir  IThe chapters v^ith mine. deawi;  and on statistics have been eajtj  revised and the' bulk of the  therein ia . *  m  ENTIRELY NEW  j  'M\  ��      There are 25 chapters.  W'  -h NORDEN  \gn |jK s^-V aj* td* ��3* |9* Irjfs* lJ* O* O* Sav* tjf��� *���*('* |9* t#V~ J*  Harry Cox, the pioneer "x"-ray  investigator, is dead in London at  the age of 46, He contracted  the "x"-dermatitis twelve years  ago and it eventually caused his  death.  bcinc instantly wiped out  of ex  btence and tens of thousands are laled the license law in every pos-  hoineleHs and in dire need of the sible wav.    They were got rid of  The Kettle Valley Agricultural  Society of Midway will hold a  fair at that place on October 6  and 7. There is a talk of the  Similkameen country also showing at the Midway fair.  If you occasionally have a taste of  sour food in your' mouth, it surely I  shows that the food that you are eating is not being digested, but instead  is fermenting and givingoutpoisonous  gases. y  Belching-of gas is a common symptom at such times, and also that lump  of lead feeling, as if your stomach was  carrying a much greater load than it  could stand.  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Deposits by Districts, States.Count  { and Continents, Mines in Detail, Stt  tiatics of Production, Consumption, IT  ports, Exports,  Finances,   Dividen-  etc.  The Copper Handbook is concedes  the ..,.. ���*-.-��� . -  World's Standard Referc  Book on Copper.  Methodist ��� Rev. I. B..- Hibbert  will conduct services in the? Methodist  Church every Sunday. Mortinfj,''11  a. m.*, Sunday School, 3 p.m.,Evening.  7:30,  OVER 68 YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  feady to re-  to cure acid  ;i  dizziness,  foul breath  common necessities of life. Take,  for ��ti ilUi-itration, that thriving  large ci/y bf Cambellton. New  Brunt*  not by the radical temperance  people, but by the moderate farmer  class  who   looked upon these  R W. Mathesou, of Pierre,  South Dakota, one of the largest  cattle owners in the Dakator. has  t��S^"W-*-"������" *��"����4b*!-��'��P- Rive'aUtric''��  Presbyterian���St.| Columba.   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SUBSCRIBE FOR TH  2I-ME3  r-T-  %7  ^^  ���oeL*. .' a 9��*9��9999��09^9*99*99��90��  .2 %ai^fa^'i^yA\T^'^Tiii\ii\in ���  I -ju-jjia mu mp^i  ��� ��� '" *  ����������*��������^��*������4fi������*09">',����  Work is to be resumed at the Corn-  stock mine, near Danville.  ��     The Snowshoe  mine is  shipping  about 1,800 tons per week.  ;   The Granby is mining and smelt-  V.   ing about 22,000' tons a week. *  .-U/%7   "    '  Shares of the Hedley Gold Mining  company are now listed on the Boston  �����.    exchange.  $*'������ Jr? :������-���    Eight inches of Galena have been  encountered on the Dvna.no claim,  near Greenwood.  The Queen mine, near Princeton,  is at present loading concentrates for  the Trail smelter.  The summary report of the geological survey' branch of thc. Department  of Mines, Ottawa, for the year, 1909,  has been issued.  ; Work has been begun on the road  to the Society Girl mine and other  properties in the vicinity. Sixty days  is expected to see the-road completed.  So rich is the ore in the Sheep creek  camp tharat is claimed that during the  past J 8 months more bullion has been  -���-^l^duced there than in any other free  gold district in Canada.  17&$  * It is f taved that good workirig  coal  ���has ii ��� *n found at Berjen, s. few miles  VrJC i ''������'���'        ".'* i"'  ^oiMidwayfiand  that   G. W  Rum^eI���geral!tr^ss"o^tes.havel(*(���ated  several claims ������> that district*  ^Late reports from-theVMid��yay coal  mine skate that the seam has.jwidened  !��i*v'   ���������*��� "*?' .  y^-\  -p^t to over seven feet and  is ot 'jsjpd  Jwllfc^ Experimental work has proved  this-lpa!' excellent  for  steaming and  take ore from the Rawhide as soon as  tne Greenwood smelter improvements  are completed.  ���   ��� '4.���  Nothit)'/. jKiTfjeen heard lately from  that fabulously rich gold strike at Stewart. A contemporary remarks that  surely a ledge of almost solid gold 20  miles in length and i miles wide has  not pinched out so soon.  "Bull Dog" Brown, of.Hedley,  is interesting himself in getting together a mineral exhibit from the Similkameen valley for display at Victoria  and Vancouver, being afterwards sent  east for permanent display. -1  ^���^^    ^Smf^m.7. %  The B C. Copper Co.   is   taking  ^���������ottt over 4,000 tons each week from  ��* the^Mother Lode jnine   and about  400 tons each'-fr^^the Oro  Denoro  artd--^|ick'^i^W*&'ifhe  company will  Despite the optimism of the leading copper producers of the country,  the June statement of the Copper  Producers' association, oh the surface'  at least, brings with it no joy tothe  producer. The statement just issued  is emphatically the most unfavorable  of the monthly reports given , out by  the association. There is evidence,  too, that exports of copper since the  1st of July, as well as the latter part  of June, were largely to warehouses  in continental Europe. The returns  seem to indicate a shifting of 25,000,-  000 pounds from the United States to  Europe in excess of consumption requirements.  ' ~ .'!>  When the stomach  fails  to preform  its functions, the bowels become deranged, the liver aad th'i kidneys congested causing " numerous diseases.  The Stomach arid ,-l,iver musljje re-  stored to a healthy eotw.'ttion and  Chamberlain's Stoma ce ind Liver  Tabl^stearKbedepended upon to do it.  ICaSy to'jfake and most effective. Sold  by all druggists and dealers.  Many people prefer being bored  to death on a pass to being tickled  to death'prj''a ticket.  ���i      ,','  If your hair is thin, brittle or poorly  nourished, apply Bearine (made from  Canadian Bear grease.) .It saves hair,  SOc. a jar.  The joy of living is chiefly the  joy of not dying.  Trading on a good name and deceiving the public is what tne imitators of.  the well-known "The D. & L," Menthol Plaster are doing. Don't be fooled.  Insist on the genuine, "The D.  & L."_  IN THE)  ARGO  MINING  AND  LIMlTEb.  #s  5 Cents a Share  Capital Stock $125,000, Divided into  500,000 Shares at 25c Each,  -\.  A JM>N**PERSQNAL LIABILITY  .a  Now running a tunnel (la 300 feet)  |mder valuable claims adjoining   .  Greenwood Townsite  on  '-.���'.       ' y \~y 7'7'  Skylark Movniakb-%^��:<  ;  l\  OLA LOFSTAD,  President.  A. S. BLACK,  ..-'  Secretary.  Copyright rhoto, Marcaau; New York  MRS. GEORGE GOULD  The Home-Life at Georgian Court.  One of the most magnificent country houses in the United States is Georgian  Court, at the head of the beautiful' lake Carasalio, among the tall, straight kingly  pines of Lakewood, N.J., and the wife and mother who makes this palace a home  is Mrs. George J. Gould, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Kingdon, formerly of  Toronto.  The' beautiful Edith Kingdon, after completing her education in England,  adopted the stage as a career, and her talent, grace, charm and presence were winning recognition when in 1886 she was married to George Gould, the millionaire  railway owner, and son of Jay Gould, at one time America's leading financier. x  Mrs. Gould soon became one of the most popular of the younger society women  of the country and a leader in the world of fashion. Beautiful is the house in which  she lives, but far more beautiful is the atmosphere of love, sweetness and companionship that fills the home with sunshine and happiness^ It is said that wealth often  makes fair favorites of fortune forgetful of the privileges and joys of motherhood,  sacrificing on.the altar of fashion, time and attention that should be paid to loving  watchfulness of Jj&faslfare of the children; but Mra. Gould is a model mother to  hai-iisx children, a devoted companion, confidant and friend.  The Goulds are practically the only members of the ultra-fashionable set who  reside in the country the year round. Georgian Court, built of light gray brick  and terra cotta in the style of the French Renaissance, lies in beautiful grounds  rendered exclusive riy a high fence of wrought iron with bases and interspersed  posts of gray ��to.ie to match the borne;. The stables, harmonising in architecture  with the mansion itwlf^are stocked w th horses of every description for the family  and gue&Ja. ���?}  Owr'the st;>.. 's.wthe theatre, a dainty, bijou play-house, complete in every  detail, iiiruishcd .. &\tfc red and gold and seating about one hundred and twenty-  live. The Casm., eevoted primarily to sport, has a spe.cial race-track, a great plunge  swimming lank, courts for all games, and about forty bed-rooms and half as many  bath-rooms, to be used when a large house-party overtaxes the hospitality of the  mansion. The Sunken Garden, which is sixty'feet in width and 120 in length,  is floored and walled with flawless marble, ajid fine sculpture peeping from a dark  background of evergreen shrubs and bushes, is reflected in the clear waters of a lagoon. Near,by, too, is the wonderful electric fountain, sixty feet in diameter,  of white marble; the centre piece consisting of a colossal Nautilus shell of bronze,  forming a'chariot on which stands the heroic statue of a man driving a pair of purest  marble sea-horses.  Enteral acconllm: to Act of tb�� Fuliunent of Cunda. in tho jeir'1805, by W. C, Made, at tho Deputneut of Agrlcultu��  MAJOR BENNETT'S ESCAPE  With Messrs. Loper, of Spokane,  and Proctor, of Nelson, Major Bennett was visiting the Lucky Jim mine,  on the line between Kaslo and Slocan.  There were signs that a big fire was  raging somewhere in the vicinity, for  the smoke hung heavily about. It  was impossible for the party to determine the exact direction, but it did  not seem particularly near. About  lunch time they went down the mine  and traversed the various 'workings.  They had been told that the tunnel  would be safe even if the fire did approach, but while they were there the  foreman of the mine came to them  and said the fire was upon them and  it wpul^be better for them to go.  With the immense quantity of dry  timber in the district, the fire had advanced at a rate of about four miles  in half an hour, and it was still rapidly coining on. At top speed the  party took the trail for' Whitewater.  There were about thirty men working  in the mine and they had been warned  by the foreman of the impending danger, and the party thought the workmen had also got away: Those who  first reached Whitewater sent back  aid, but information subsequently  came that all the-surface works of the  Lucky Jim had been swept away by  the all devouring flames. The fire,  driven on by a fierce wind, rapidly  approached Whitewater and then,  about a mile away stopped, as the  wind died down. Unfortunately, the  next day the flames sprang up again,  and Whitewater was burned up. They  subsequently learned that four men  were found dead in the Lucky Jim,  and this was confirmed. Three others, including a woman cook, were  missing. The women and children  of'Whitewater were taken away on  the train.  Major Bennett afterwards went or.  to Nelson. He says it was a terrible  experience. The roar of the flames,  the crash of falling trees, were awe-  inspiring. About half a ton of, dynamite exploded at the Lucky Jim and  about one and a half tons in the powder house simply burnt away. He  could not account for the death of the  men in the mine, as they were told  the tunnel would be safe. ���Rossland  Miner.  JAPAN TREATY  According to information received in London from influential  sources, negotiations of an important character affecting com'  mercial relations between Canada  and Japan will be commenced,  immediately after the arrival of  Earl Grey in Ottawa.  The general outline of negotiations have already been discussed  between the imperial authorities  and Earl Grey and Mr. Fielding.  Mr. James Bry.ce, British ambas-  ador at Washington instructed to  afford and assistance the Canadian   govern aient  may require.  ASSISTANCE NEEDED  Governor Tweedie, of New  Brunswick, who personally visited and inspected the situation  at Campbellton, states as follows:  "Ithink that it is absolutely  necessary for the people of the  province to act at once. In 12  weeks the cold weather will be  upon us and I dread to think of  the suffering at Campbellton if  people are not properly housed.  One can understand how, to the  casual observer, the situation  looks favorable, but when one  stops to think that many are now  living in lents, while hundreds  of other poor people are staying  with friends in thc surroundinj*;  towns and villages, many of them  having little means themselves,  the outlook takes on a serious  aspect. A great deal of this  financial assistance must necessarily be devoted not only to those  who have suffered, but to those  Who are befriending and providing for people who lost everything in tbe fire. We are apt to  forget that whatever insurance  was carried will be paidsto those  who are in most cases ablrs to insure again and will not aid the  hundreds of-people who have absolutely nothing.  -IRRIGATIONCONVENTION!   MP vr&n i aiip.uo r act   .   | _ __      .,  ��� mw    j^j ��w�� 1\J   l^l 1U jj  BAD FOR THE WHEAT  Warm, dry weather continues  in Manitoba, with occasional  scattered showers. There are  many reports of showers in Saskatchewan, but it is now admitted by leading grain men that  great additional damage was  done last week, and that the estimate of one hundred million  bushels made public ten days ago  is now away above the mark,  with no steady rains, and reports  of showers very conflicting, it is  exceedingly difficult to estimate  the exact progress of the crop  from day to day, but it now looks  as if a half crop throughout the  country is ihe-most that can possibly be looked for.  MOOSE AND DEER PLENTY  Teething children have more or less  diarrhoea, which can be controlled by  giving Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera  and Diarrhoea Remedy. All that is  necessary is to. give the prescribed dose  after each operation of the bowels  more than natural and then castor oil  to cleasne the system. It is safe and  sure. .Sold by all druggists and dealers.  REPUDIATION  Ex-President Roosevelt, the  preacher of the strenous life, has  repudiated prize-fighting, for  whit'h he was supposed to have  formerly a some what friendly  feeliug. Writing in the New  York Outlook of the Reuo contest, Mr. Roosevelt says:  "I sincerely trust that public  seutiment will be so aroused, and  will make it self felt so effectively, as to guarantee, that this  is the. last prize-fight .contest to  take place in the United States,  and it would be an admirable  thing if some method could be  devised tp stop the exhibition of  the motion pictureB taken  thereof.".  Since the ex-President is supposed to do the thinking for a  greai many people, his view in  this matter will have widespread  weight and influence.  Moose and deer are becoming  bolder near Moncton, N. B. Ken  Miller, farmer and milk dealer,  living about half a mile outside  the city limits called on Chief of  Police Ridout and informed him  that moose and deer are destrpy-  his crops. He'says that he has  seen no less than thirteen deer  and six moose in his fields at one  time, and was compelled to set a  dog on three moose to drive them  off. The animals have destroyed  about two acres of oats and his  garden.  Soreness of the muscles, whether induced by violent-exercise or in jury, is  quickly relieved by the free application  of Chamberlain's Liniment. This liniment is equally valuable for muscalar  rheumatism, and always affords quick  relief. Sold by all druggists and dealers.          A germ is said to cause our desire tor beer. This country is  certainly well germ-anized.  Tbe WesternCanada Irrigation  Association will open its fourth  annual convention at Kamloops  on August 4th, 5th, and 6th..  Most interesting papers will be  delivered by Mr, Newell, chief of  the reclamation department of  the United States; Clifford Sifton  M. P., on Conservation of natural resources; R. B. Bennett of  Galgary, and Chas. Wilson K: C.  to legal luminaries on water  questions connected with irrigation. A. E Ashcroft of Vernon  and A. E. M.-ighen of Kamloops  will nlso deliver addresses ou pra-  tioal irrigation from the standpoint of investing companies.  scver.il other interesting people  will be heard on this burning  question of irrig.uing 'water aud  it isliM(),:,i that a large attendance  will ho prevent to take part in  the discussion*.  A  The old colored man had jusif''  climbed  into  the dentist's chair  of torthre. ,;  " Shall I give you laughing gae,  uncle?" queried the tooth carpen**  ter.   '  "Not till after de toof am out,  boss," replied the old man. "Reckon mebby ah'l feel mo' lak laffiu'  den."  Most I. O. U.s' are indefinitely  written.  ill  p'stZMZSHaV)'.'.)  3|;  You will find relief in Zat.vliuk!  It eases the burning, slinri>;;  pain, stops bleeding and fcrf ;���;!'  ease. Perseverance, with Zarn-  Buk, means cure. Why not prove  ihlS 7   ^" Druggist* and SUirec.���  KM box.  r-      f "h Al-l- SUA\A\ER SQR?  ^vwxttaasBlf&KSBKEBETsaBaBiiMxjm.-  .4  Is a man "a man for a'that"  when he turns to rubber?  Reginald McKenna, the first  lord of the admiralty, says the  price paid for Niobe, the cruiser  sold to Canada, was $215,000.  In some quarters objection has  been raised to the cat on the  wall. Not so much the cat, however, as the waul.  L  HEADACHES  ' ara cured in a few minutes by  MATHIEU'S  NERVINE POWDERS  ' Belne In form of a powder they act Instantly and cure the pain before any tablet  or cachet could begin to work.  Absolutely Safe.   Sold by dealers 25c.  per box containing 18 powders. 5-3-��  J. L.UaaueuCo.,aUrf^ Shertrookr. P.O.  The wllolusalfc Distributor- for \Ye*.u-rii Canada of Mathiea's Nervine Powder* and also of  Mathieu's Syrnp of Tar and "-'oil Liver O.i,  the great remedy ttir f* vufibs, an-  FOLEY BROS. LARSON & CO.  Winnipeg, Edmonton- Vancouver  THE  Boundary  Creek  times  -IS THE-  PIONEER WEEKLY  -OF THE-  u  v   i e   ��  Send for the paper,  Subscribe for it,  Advertise in it  And let us do  -:"Y..<  J  >  A* '���irrxxs"  i;.' i  ii:  �����;���  TOWfil TOPICS  4  '^^^^��y^f^^&^-  We offer   150  feet  of new  wire-wouud   -V'-inch    Hose,   in   50-foot  lengths, regular price SI 1.00,  July snap S7.95  50 foot best  American   -7 -inch cotton  Hose,  regular price $12.00,  July snap  9.85  Ice Cream Freezers,  new   and  old,  4-quart New White Mountain,  regular price$5.50, July snap   4-(j5  6-quart New White Mountain freezer, regular price 36.50, July snap 5.70  12 quart New White Mountain freezer, reg. price $15.00, July snap 11.00  4-quart old Freezer         - so  6-quart old Freezer  3.00  12<iuarl old Freezer, White Mountain  8 00  Screen Door.*:, complete with  hinges, etc., S1.75 to  2.25  Tents, new. 5x7, SS.50; 6x8, $4.00; 8x10, -56.50.  A.L.WHITE  The Furniture and Stove Man  Phone 16 Greenwood, B. C.  LADIES  Do you want ��Ih iEttgltfllt initial note  paper  and  envelopes  to   write   your  $ letters on?    If you do  i  | Call at THE TIMES OFFICE  \l Prices moderate $  $5SH***��SS��3&W3fc*^^  FOR  CLOSING OUT THIS LINE  TRY THR  BOUNDARY CREEK  TIMES  Job Department  GOOD WORK  FAIR PRICES  Tackle that will gel   Ihe   fish,   prices  that will get the lackie.  1 dozen Trout   Flies,   A-gracle,  40;; in  3 dozen lots, SI.10.  L-e'aders, regular 10 centers, 3 for 15c.  Leaders, regular 10 centers, 7 for 25c.  Leaders, regular 15 centers, 3 for 25c.  Leaders, regula1" 15 centers, 7 for 45c.  Reels, regular 35 centers, 25c.  Lines, regular 50 centers, 35c.  Fish Poles, steel. 10-foot, jointed  rod, $2.00.  Fish  Poles,   split  bamboo,   10-foot,  jointed rod, 33.75, now S2.95.  Fish Poles, split bamboo, trunk rod,  S2.50, now SI.75.  Trout is a fish, and a game one, and  they are looking for a snap at the Uy  you can get with the leader. The line  we have, and the pole, too, at close-out  prices at the O. I. C. 2nd-hand store.  A. L. White, Phone 16.  Parties requiring money on farms  can be accommodated on application  to A. S. Br.ACK, Solicitor,   Greenwood,  B. C.   For Sewing Machine Needles and  Oil see A. L. White, thc Stove and  Furniture man.    Phone 16.  Make your wants  known   through a  want ad.    Three line ad. for 25c.  Advertise in THE TIMES  Mayor Mcintosh arrived in  Chicago on last Sunday night.  Mrs. J. R. Jackson and family,  of Victoria, are spending the  summer at Midway.  Greenwood has proved a city of  refuge this week, for an eloping  couple from Republic, Wash.  Doc Thomas made a flying trip  to Spokane the end of last week---  caught it on the fly as it were.  A. H. Noyes, has gone east to  Chicago and other points in the  interests of his mining propositions.  Jake Saunders has hiked to  Nelson to take in the gun shoot  match. We wish him the best of  luck.  R. McCutcheon, son of our Collector of Customs, arrived last  week to spend his vacation with  his parents.  F. H. Knight, one of the pioneers of this district, leaves  shortly for Portland, where he  will open a mining exchange office.  Miss Ida Hartinger, daughter  of Prank Hartinger the Grand  Forks brewer, is engaged as bookkeeper with L. A. Smith & Co..  of Anaconda.  Miss Ella Lyden, of Grand  Forks, has taken a position at  the Windsor hotel. She is small  in stature but smart as a trap  and no long waits.  The compressor building of the  No. 7 mine was struck by lightning on Thursday night last and  caused total destruction to the  building, and its contents badly  damaged.  Miss Beldon, pur very courteous and genial post office assistant is off for a few days on a  vacation, and will visit at Spokane. What a relief. No mails  to make up or assort, or foolish  questions to answer at the wicket,  that in itself is as good as an out-  Married���At the Norden hotel  parlors on the 19th of July, by  the Rev. J. A. Petrie, Wm.  Brierly, to Miss Ada Danner,  hoth of Oroville, Wash. Mrs. J.  Holmes, pf Oroville acted as  bridesmaid and Mr, Currie White,  of Greenwood supporting the  groom.  Bush fires in the vicinity of the  Providence mine on Sunday last,  assumed such a dangerous aspect  as to require a call upon our citizens to assist in sf~-r*oing it.  They succeeded in doing so, and  saved some valuable buildings  and machinery of the Providence  company.  Geo. Redpath, son of E. R.  Redpath, of this city who is now  a-t Chatham, Ont., with his  mother, having lately had an operation performed,' has resulted  most satisfaetorly and his recovery is proceeding very fast and  which will enable mother and son  to return to Greenwood early in  August,  A convention ot all the Provincial as well as the American  brotherhood of constables, will be  held at Vancouver, B. C, about  the 3rd or 4th of August. When  a general pow wow of all matters  relating to effectiveness and other  important affairs will be discussed  in council. Our local staff propose attending and feel very enthusiastic o *er it.  Miles Barrett, managing overseer of the Granby smelter and  Miss Barrett, of Grand Forks,  Mr. Wekell,  chief electrician of  the Granby smelter, accompanied  by Mr. Meyers and his son, of the  Tacoma smelter, autoed their  way from Grand Forks to Greenwood, via Curlew, Wash., on  Friday last, and took in the mining and smelting plant at the  B. C. Copper works and returned  to Grand Forks the same evening.  Henry Berry, of the Canadian  Asbestos Co., is here on a business trip.  R. Weaver, of Turner Beeton  & Co., Victoria, is in .town hustling up biz.  A. L/. Patrick, representing  the Empress Manufacturing Co,,  of Vancouver, is in the city.  R. H. Coleman, traveller for  the Ferry seed house, paid a business visit to the city last week  Geo. Williams, of Mullen,  Idaho; J. W. Johe, of Oroville,  Wash.; Oriel Barnett, of Tanas-  kit are at the Pacific.  We are requested to state, that  great difficult was experienced in  obtaining men to help to fight  the fire to the east of our city on  Sunday last, and which were at  times a very serious menace to  Greenwood. If it had not been  for the strenous efforts of Fire  Warden Oliver backed up by the  CORONATION MEDALS  A London, Eng., dispatch says  that Bertram Macbennal, A. R.  A., has been chosen to design and  model the new coinage and the  Coronation medal, which will be  struck next year in commemoration of King George's accession.  The appointment has a special  fitness from the fact that Mr.  Mackennal was the.jfirst artist  from the Overseas Dominions to  secure election to the Royal Academy. But apart from sentiment,  he has justified his latest commission by the beautiful series of  medals which he executed for the  Olympic games of 1907.  1  S-S^^NSSi^*^^  A Summer Measure  is good beer.  ���   ��� ������    f  That's our kind  I  I  I  1  tt  I  C, P. R. Wardens E. Collier and  P. H. McCurrah, there would  have been a very different ending  to the fire.  Rev. Mr. McKeever, of Midway, officiated at the services of  the St. Columbia Presbyterian  church on Sunday evening last.  The resident pastor Rev. Mr.  Petrie being absent conducting  communion services at Midway.  The attendance at this service  was not of a flattering nature to  a clergyman and a well prepared  sermon did not provoke much interest from empty seats, neither  was it very complimentary to the  pastor.  Invest 25 cents in a box of  Davis' Menthol Safve ("The  D. & L.") aud be prepared for  a hundred ailments, jwhich may  not be dangerous but are very  annoying and painful, like neuralgia, earache, sprains, burns,  bruises,insect stings,cuts,piles,  etc. It is a household remedy  always useful for some trouble,  and should be kept in the  family medicine closet.  It is exhilarating and invigorating.  Mattes perfect sleep possible  and good health is.assured.  Our ' beer is popular with  both the ladies and gentlemen.  It is well made and well cured  and will prove a pleasure. We  are very careful ;to see tbat'  nothing injurious enters into  its "brewing.  A GLASS  of our Pabst beer will put  new life into any one. It cures  the" thirsty feeling- and makes  you feel light and gay.  /,*' i  S>Ti"i  Greenwood Ciquor Co.  IMPORTERS GREENWOOD  ?.%��sa��%w**i��5a>iS'*>^^  FISHY  One of our most enthusiastic  Walton disciples took a fishing  trip to Midway last week and his  luck was extra good. Having  got a fine raise, he struck his fish  good, and succeeded in landing a  beauty of a water snake three  feet long. A banquet a la burnie  is now in order for the boys.  PRICE OF FLOUR RAISED  WILL MAKE HAIR GROW  Prepared from the grease  of the Canadian Bear.  Delijjately  perfumed.  The Standard Pomade  Ior 40 Yews.  All Dealers SOc per Jar.  Davis & Lawrence Co., Montreal.  DOMINION LANDS  Dominion Lands Railway Belt British Columbia. The date for the coming into force of the new regulations  has been changed, and a new date will  be set later. Until further notice no  entries to be granted in the New Westminister district and cast of range  thirteen west of sixth meridian inclusive. P. G. Keys,  Secretary.  Ottawa, June 20, 1910.  Cool and refreshing drinks for hot weather  Walker's Grape Juice  Th* Pure Juice of the Grape.  Quarts only 75 cents, Pints only 40 cents.  THE SIMON PURE M0NSERRAT LIME JUICE  Imperial quarts, $1.0.0; pints, 65 cents. . -  F. JAYNE  COPPER STREET, GREENWOOD  ���Y-'-.'mi  Round  V  ������������������'    ��������� 73��vi:  ���������    7 , ���z&M  r- ::.f"7mm  ^^. ' ���:. -���'���V'.^-.l-.  i!f��(P.1 ,'���**��*���  June 2,17 and 24; July 5 and 22  August 3;   Sept. 8,; 1910  . ���        '��� ' '-I*1 -*I  This low rate is via"* the Great Northern Railway irom Seattle", Tacoma, ;^  Portland, Everett, Bellingham, Vancouver, .Victoria, New Westminster^  Wenatchee, Spokane and many-other points in WasMngton, Oregon an*  British Columbia to- .,'   ''������.}$$��� ''-'$��3  Trustee's Sale of Valuable Mining  Property by Tender.  Sealed tenders will be received by the undersigned, up to and inclusive of Thursday, the  11th day of August, 1910, for the purchase of  the followiug Interests in Mineral Claims hereafter mentioned:  Denoro Grande, one-fourth interest. This  claim is crown granted and situated at Long-  Lake Can-p, Greenwood Mining Division, Yale  district. Not No. 85).  Laura, one-sixth interest. This claim is  crown granted and situated in the Long Lake  Camp, Greenwood Mining Division, Yale district, Lot No. 1417.  Hard Cash, one-eighth interest. This claim  is crown granted, and situated,at Wellington  Camp, Grand Forks Mining Division, Yale  district, Lot No. 1062.  Rouse and Lot, No. 6, Block 27.   Five-roomed  In Vancouver, local ftour,which | q^^lS^^*^ ��tt Klmberley avenne*  Tenders will he received for any or all of  these claims. Terms: A deposit of 10 per cent  to accompany each tender, balance to be paid  in thirty days.   The highest or any tender not  a week or two ago was quoted at  $6.50 per barrel, seems to have  taken a balloon ascension, for it  is now standing at $7.40, nearly  a dollar higher, and the dealers  say that before long the price will  mount to $8. Crop shortages are  responsible.  Often a man will run for a  street car after watching another  man's business for 15 minutes.  The small  slop over.  tub  is  the first to  FOR SALE AT GRAND PORKS  A beauiifully situated home, new  building in perfect order, with water  and electric light, with oneand one-  half acres surrounding, planted with  all varieties of fruit trees and small  shrubs, grapes, etc., all in bearing.  Will sell en bloc or without furniture  if desired. Will sell at a sacrifice price  to enable owner to locate at coast immediately. Apply at B. C. Times  office, Greenwood.  Before you take your departure from  Greeuwood subscribe for your home  paper, $1 for six months, or $2 a year.  You will find it full of interest to you  wherever you are.  TENTS!    TENTS!  New shipment just received. See  the line. The O. I. C. store,' A. L.  White, proprietor. '_  necessarily accepted.   Tenders to be addressed  to M. M. CAULFIELD, Trnstee,  Box MS, Victoria, B. C  Form 9.  LAND ACT.  Similkameen Laud District, District of Yale.  TAKE NOTICE that James Poggi, ol Green,  wood, British Columbia, occupation  miner, intends, toapply for permission to purchase the followiug described land:  Commencing-at a post planted at the northeast corner of Lot 689, Similkameen (formerly  Osoyoos), Division of Yale District; thence  north forty cbaiiii, more or less, to the south-  erly limit of the Columbia and Western Rail.  way Company's right of way; thence southwesterly following the said southerly limit  forty chains, more or less, to the easterly limit  of Lot 2227; thence south ten chains, more or  less, to the northerly limit of said Lot 689;  Uiccice east tjventy chaius, more or less, to lhe  point of commencement, and containing sixty  acres, more or less.    " JAMES POGGI.  Dated 16th June, 1910. 50  T  THE-  Club Cigar Store  Cigars, Tobacco, Pipes,  Candies, Fruits, Nuts  Phoenix and Midway Stage Office.  Aifent for Reco Laundry, Phoeuix.  ..  L.  MATTHEWS,  PHONE A-45.  gfjo.oo to St. Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth, Superior, and Kansas .City.  portionatc fares to New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D. C., and other *  eastern points.   Stop-over anywhere on the Great Northern Railway.  Name your train���tell the agent you want to goon the Oriental Lim~  ited, Fast Mail or Great Northern Express. '"JJettcr still**���write me Ibl;;^  full   information   and our "East Over.'~the MouNTiUtM''  foldeh'^f  Describes thc routes past the new Glacier Natt6i^'Park,to.^t7   i  Paul, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Chicago and '^j^-M^M^f^fM  points cast. *         V. KISTLER.  D. F. & P. A., Grand Forks, B. Gilj  H. E. BRENIZER, ���%*  Agent, Midway, B. C. .'V^|  ���*���"-*-  pgi����>3k'$��  .V!';  BUY YOUR  ��� ������ FROM THE  m  ks2t  Fresh Milk and Cream Deliyi  BOTTLED  MILK  A SPECIALTY  Fred  Jenks,  Prop'iv  JtJ*Jtj*JtJtJtJiJtJt!Ji#JtJtJlJlJt JtJtJt&JtJIJtJtJIJtJtJijIJIJIJtJIg  * FIRST RATE CAFE \   -AT THE  : 1 '..   %  fa  f.  1ft  '*.  f.  '��  **  fc JtJiJtJIJSJiJiJtJtJtJtJiJtJtJIJtJt ijtjtjtjtjtjljtjljtjl'jtjtjtjl&jt  WINDSOR HOTELS  greenwood, b. c.  Or en Day and Night  ERNIE CARTIER, Manager  PINANCIAL  MONEY TO LOAN  Apply to   ,  ' A. & BLACK, Solicitor  Grbknwood, B. C.  Leaves Greenwood Daily at 3 p. m.  Arrives Greenwood t)aily at 10 a. m.  GREENWOOD OFFICE:    L-  L.  MATTHEWS'  CIGAR OTORJjp.;  ;- ' Prompt attention to Express and Freight. -'Hi  GILLIS & LAING, Prs:  hto.  ADVERTISE IN THE TIMES  ���������-':' .' alt  Fancy Cane Baskets for  Picnics and Outings  A Fine Variety  L  FISHING  TACKLE  The dependable kind that delivers the goods.    RODS, REELS,  FLIES, LINES, LEADERS, BASKETS, SPOONS, LANDING   NETS, Etc.   \ complete stock at reasonabjje^priees.  BOOKS AND STATIONERY, KODAKS,AND SUPPLIES  \7  i****-.  ~��y  -ip-:


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