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 m  hh  1'*?   f  VOL. 14  ��� GREENWOOD,   B. C,   FRIDAY, MAY 27. 1910.  No. 38  ^Great Reduction Sale  OF ALL MILLINERY, FOR CASH,  ^  -AT-  STORKS  DRY GOODS STORE  H  j!   ?<) per cent reduction on all'our new Ladies' Hats.  ��t Jt        The line is a fine one.  \\    '*���"'       y^your opportunity to get your new summer  \\ > Hat cheap, while they last.  Cr  Greenwood's Big Furniture Store  CHILDREN'S  GO-CARTS  In the newest and test styles.  amwksasaasyasa^aasaasaaasasasastaasaaaaiaamaaa  Everything in the Furniture Line.  T. M. Gulley & Co.  HOUSE FURNISHERS -   -   Phone 27  ^  HORORS OF  SIBERIAN PRISONS  /f  Get the Gopher  Gopher Death will rid your farm  or garden of gophers and ground  squirrels. It is put up in boxes  each holding 1,400 tablets, and each  ' tablet means a dead gopher. The  tablets are sweetened and flavored  and the gophers   hunt   for them.  $1.25 Per Can.    By Mail, $1.45  THOMAS DRUG & MUSIC CO,  THE STORE OF QUALITY,  "  Heartrending accounts are being received in letters from recent political prisoners sent to  Northern Russia and Siberia. So  many " intellectuals " have been  ''removed" from Russian cities  that these northern prisons are  horribly overcrowded. Look at  this plain statement from a prisoner at Algatchi:  "There are nearly 400 prisoners at Algatchi, of whom 200 are  'politicals.' The prison was  built for 297 persons, so that the  overcrowding is terrible. Forty,  fifty and sixty prisoners are now  cooped up in cells which can only  accommodate seventeen persons.  We have scarcely any clothes, no  bedding and no place to sleep.  At night the benches, the space  beneath the benches, and every  inch of the floor are occupied.  The air is frightful. Our linen  is filthy and we hav�� no change.  " We are allowed to wash our  linen once a week, but without  soap. They take us to the bath  once a month, but there are sixty  and seventy in a place which can  only accommodate twelve. It is  difficult in the daytime to find a  place to sit down in the cells.  Even for eating only a few can  sit down, while the rest are  crowded together on foot.  " But the most awful thing is  the scarcity of food. Those who  have no money to buy food are  constantly starving.  The prisoners are treated with  the greatest brutality. For the  slightest protest there is the  ' black hole,' for*the slightest resistance they are cruelly beaten  with fists or the butt ends of  rifles. Many are still chained up  who, according to their sentences,  should have been set free from  chains long ago. It is absolutely  useless to complain to the administration."  That description is fairly illustrative of a score of other prisons in Russia.   -  WHAT IT COSTS  UNITED STATES  It costs more than a billion dollars a year to run the United  States government, " iu all its  branches, but not one person in a  thousaud has auy reasonable conception of how much money that  is. In this age, when millionaires are becoming common in the  large cities, it does not sound so  large to talk of a billion dollars.  nevertheless a billion dollars is a  tremendous amount of money.  No better idea of real cost ot the  government was ever givo.n than  an illustration cited by Representative Fordney, of Michigan,  in a recent speech in   the  House.  ''This year congress will appropriate somewhere around $1,-  040,000,000 for the Tunning expenses of the government for the  fiscal year beginning July 1st,  1910," said he. "A billion dollars is such an enormous sum tbat  it is almost inconceivable to the  mind of thc average man, If a  fund had been started at the time  of the birth of Christ aud $1 had  been placed in that fund every  minute, day and night, from that  time to the present date, the fund  at this time would not be large  enough to pay the running expenses of the government for the  coming year."  And that is true, for such a  fund as Mr. Fordney describes  would today contain about $1,-  004,000,000, or S.36,000,000 less  than tbe total appropriations to  be made this session.  WILL START  CONSTRUCTION]  The middle of June, if present  plans are carried out, should see Mr.  D. D. Mann, vice-president of the  Canadian Northern Railway in British  Columbia, directing preparations for  the starting of construction of that  railway from Vancouver to the Yellowhead Pass. It is even possible  that Mr. Mann will be able to leave  Toronto for the west during the first  week of June, in which event proceedings incidental to the starting of  work will be more rapidly  advanced.  According to the terms of its contract with the government of British  Columbia the Canadian Northern  agreed to start the building of its line  through the Pacific province not later  than July 1, 1910.  Construction operations on the coast  will be commenced on the south side  of the Fraser river a short distance to  the east of the government bridge,  which will be used by the Canadian  Northern in reaching New Westminster and Vancouver. It is reported  that the first work to be done will be  on land which is said to be townsited  and named after Mr. Mann. This  place, it is said, at the outset of construction will form a general base from  which will be handled all the supplies  incidental to the work on the coast  sections of the road.  EMIGRATION  TO NECHACO  SCHOONER SUNK  TEN YEARS AGO  Mr. W. A. Lewthwaite, managing  director of the Nechaco Valley Land  company, a subsidiary concern of a  big Winnipeg and St. Paul colonization company, which settled 700,000  acres in the prairie country in 1904-  5-6, left recently for Ashcroft to meet  a number of parties of buyers from  many parts of the North American  continent and pilot them into the  Nachant valley to look over lands  which thev are expected to purchase  for colonization purposes.  It is the intention of the colonization company to commence operations on three demonstration farms  this year in order to be able to show  prospective farmers what the valley  will be able to do by the time the  metals of the G. T. P. have been laid  through.  Mr. Lewthwaite said he had been  in the Nechaco valley for the greater  part of the past three and a half years  and was satisfied that it offered great  advantages, more particularly as a  mixed farming and dairying country.  All kinds of grain will grow and small  fruits. Enough timothy hay will be  raised in the Nechaco valley to supply  the whole of the northwest. The  settlers now in the district will find a  good market for their feed, vegetables  and provisions at the railroad camps as  the line is carried through  the valley.  GREENWOOD  CITY COUNCIL  (From Boundary Creek  Times of Mav 2", 1900.)  The Hon. C. H. Macintosh is  holding a political meeting at  Phoenix tonight.  f���  P. BURNS & CO.  i  1/       if:  I  Wholesale and Retail Dealers in  Fresh Meats  Poultry and Game  Copper Street, Greenwood, B, C.  KENO'S DEMISE  An old attache of the Times  office passed away last Saturday  morning. Out in the road, during the night, Keno drew his last  breath, and quietly succumbed to  old age and heart failure. He  was a brunette dog, kind in his  disposition and moral in his habits. He always attended to his  own business and ate his mutton  chops with regularity. He was  contented with his lot in life and  died comparatively wealthy, his  taxes being paid iu advance.  Peace to his ashes, for never  again will his like be seen around  this print shop, as he left no family to mourn his demise.  An infuriated whale stove in  the hull of the whaler Lizzie  Sorenaon, of San Francisco, with  a tremendous blow of its tail,  sinking' the ship off Cape Om-  maney, according to news brought  in by the steamer Rustler.  The whale had been harpooned  and turned and charged on its  pursuers. Passing under the  stern the monster crashed in the  hull and the ship sank in four  minutes. The crew escaped in  small boats. They rowed to the  shore where they were picked up  by a passing steamer. The  whale was found dead the next  day near the scene of the  battle.  The last spike was driven today in the spur to the old Ironside bunkers at Phoenix.  A. L McEwan a London mining expert well known in this  district, will be here for a few  days.    John Mack, manager of the  Athelstan company, has purchased a pumping plant for the  mine.  JUMPED TO DEATH  John A. Ryerson, a prominent  Chicago business man, jumped  from the eighteenth floor of the  Chamber of Commerce building  and was instantly killed, his body  being smashed into an unrecognizable pulp. The only motive  advanced by the relatives of the  suicide is that of supposed financial difficulties.  THEEXODUS  The Mail and Empire says tbat  there are 63,000 less farmers in  Ontario than there were in 1901.  This is a startling statment, and  we do not feel like accepting it  without corroboration. The diminution is charged to tbe lure of  the cities. But whether the figures are correct or not, it is a  startling thing that there should  be any diminution of the farming  population o f that Province.  The markets are better than ever,  and so are prices.  j By an explosion of 3,000 pounds  jof dynamite at Havana, Cuba,  I over 100 people lost their lives.  STRUCK BY LIGHTNING  Fire at the Sisters' Hospital  Tuesday evening was caused by  lightning, which destroyed a portion of the roof, but not any very  extensive damage was done. An  alarm wars turned in but owing to  the efforts of near neighbors  Messrs. F.d. Hallett and W. A.  Keith, it was got under control  before the arrival of the fireman.  The Sisters' and authorities request that their most grateful  thanks be tendered to Messrs.  Hallett aud Keith for their timely  efforts, and also to the firemen  who responded so very promptly.  SHOTGUN CLUB  The following is the score ot  tbe initial Meet of the Greenwood Shotgun club last   Sunday:  Slim at  J. L. White  25  A. B). IRraitliewaite  25  W. H.Logan  25  A. J.   ILogan  25  A. Logan  25  W. Hazard  25  The Greyhound shaft at Dead-  wood is down past the 50-foot  level, this mine is regarded as  one of the coming big mines of  that camp.  Dr. Schon presented a communication to the City council  concerning a isolation hospital,  the present quarters being inadequate, the needed change  could be effected at a cost of  about $900 in the present quarters.  The man who would go through  anything for his wife usually  starts with her bank account.  The City Council met on Monday  night, Mayor Mcintosh and Aldermen Sutherland, McKee, Craig,  Sater and Dixon being present.  Thc minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.  Moved by Alderman Craig, seconded by Alderman Sater, that the  C. P. R. water rate be $45U per year  for 20,000 gallons of water per day.  Carried.  Alderman Sutherland objected.  Alderman Craig asked leave to introduce an amendment to the revenue  bylaw.  Moved by Alderman Dixon, seconded by Alderman McKee, that  leave be granted.     Passed.  Moved by Alderman Craig, seconded by Alderman Dixon, that Bylaw No. 2 be read the hi st time. Carried.  Moved by Alderman Craig, seconded by Alderman Dixon, that Bylaw No. 2 be read a second time.  Carried.  Moved by Alderman Craig, seconded by Alderman Dixon, that Bylaw No. 2 be read a third time, with  amendments-    Carried.  Moved by Alderman Sater, seconded by Alderman Dixon, that we  adjourn.    Carried.  WILD LEAP FOR LIFE  At a fire recently at the Christian Brother's school, Ottawa, L5  brothers had to jump from the  windows for their lives aud race  down the fire ladders. Meantime a double alarm was sounded  and the fire department extinguished the blaze. About $4000  damage was done.  There are now 75 ordained  Presbyterian ministers at work  in this province.  A new jail is needed at Nelson  according to the grand jury's  presentment.  PISCATORIAL  Broke  13  IS  13  15  17  8  Contrary to the expectations of  some of the unbelieving element,  that the fish placed in Long lake  would not be a success either as  stayers there in the lake or fulfill  their hatching functions, have  proven them to be mistaken, for  in both of these the reverse has  been the fact. The fish are breeding in large numbers, as noticed  by several parties, and the scheme  has proven to be most successful.  What is required now is more  funds to place a greater number  of fish there, which will eventually prove a sportsman's ideal  fishing ground.  The aviator who would* enter  the contest for the latest prize  offered by Lord Northcliffe must  certainly be a man of flighty  idea?.  MATTER OF PROFIT  "Now, my friend," said the  M. D., as he was leaving the sick  room, "I hope you will profit by  my advice.',  " I would, doctor,"  replied  the  patient feebly, " if I got S3 a visit  I for giving it, like you."  THE CANADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  HEAD  OFFICE, TORONTO  ESTABLISHED  1867  B. B. WALKER, President  ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager  Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000  Reserve Fund, -   6,000,000  Branches throughout Canada, and in the United States and England  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT  Deposits of $1 and upwards are received and interest allowed at current  rates.     Accounts   may be opened in the names of two or  more  persons and withdrawals made  by any  one of them or by the survivor. 124  J. T. BEATTIE, Manager - Greenwood   Branch  AN ELECTRIC IRON  ���IS   A-  Great Comfort in Hot Weather  NO FIRE NO HARD WORK  HEATS IN 3 MINUTES  Saves Time, Trouble and Expense  The Hunter-Kendrick Co.,  LaMiTHD  Sole Agents for Hot-Point Irons.  HARDWARE MERCHANTS  PHONE   9  k*<WW  r ^W-'W-'WW '  r'��V*^4-  .���> isKi/atavfXia^jgsssxTx.:: ij.'ntjk  I  THE   BOUNDARY    CREEK  TIMES  33 rowgw^^  *-=D  Cr*  CF*  CF*  CF*  *-=-��,  CF*\  Cr*  CF*:  CF*  of Montreal..  ESTABLISHED 1317-  Capital, all paid upliyoojboo.   " Rest. $12,000,000.  CF*\  UNDIVIDED   PROFITS   $217,628.56  :    I.okp Stbathcona ��sn Mount Royal, Cl.C. M. (',.  i: i. kohi.i'. A.  l.)Hi:MMONn,K.C. M. (1.  :i! ('.i��ii-.-r.11   Manager:    Sin K. S. Clouston, Hart  .   Al. The Principal    ,     J^y    YOlK,    CMCagO.  i i.: tin  Canada. \  lion. Pre*. i>! out :  I'rcsidi-ui ;    Si i:  V;c>!-Pl I'-.li'lcu'.  .i  ��| Branches in London, Eng.  Cr**  ^,_/)' Huv  ami *.i-!i S-tr'.nu' hxiMmiife and Cable Transfers ; Grant Commercial an  Cp**!    Travol'iei>' C: i-di"..- . availah'.e in any partjiif tin: world.  CF*  ��;_Greenwood Branch,    W. F. PROCTOR, Manager.  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT  I uloro*-1. altoivcil at curri-iit rates  ���- **���  ���**=-��  *-��--5  >*=-5  *-*=P  *=9  74 Years In Business  lite Saving Habit  Li Illy &ai  Capital and Reserve Over $7,000,000.  is tlie foundation of  independence.  EDITORIAL COMMENT  Be;.*;in saving now  In* ()*)ri<i:i';' ;;n atvmt'it witli the Bank of British  North Ani-.-riea and niakin;,*; regular Weekly or  Monthly deposits.  Si.')'j starts a Savings Account  aud Interest  is compounded at highest current rates.  Greenwood Branclv-vR.  A. CHESTER, Manager.  It is most certainly due the different committees having  the direction   and management  of our  Memorial   services   that   special  mention  should be "made of the  splendid   manner   in which   the  routine of work was so admirably  carried out.    The  time of starting, promptly on the minute, the  formation     of    the   procession,  quietly   arranged,   was perfectly  executed.      The   seating   of the  immense gathering  at the Auditorium was done  noiselessly, and  all    were    allowed    comfortable  seats.    Much praise is due Scoutmaster   Hargreaves   for  his fine  generalship   of   the   procession,  also the Rev. Mr. Petrie   for  the  very careful attention to  details,  and   the   decoration   committee,  Messrs.    Randolph    Stuart    and  K. K. Redpath, for their excellent  decorations   at  the   Auditorium.  Taking  it  all   in   all,   it  can be  truly said that in all respects the  Memorial  services were most satisfactorily carried out.  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  /. H.  HALLETT  ilAKIv'ISTKI'  *..i):ii-.*i -  .m ...  I I..-..,  , Sulll'ITllK,  I*.". iT A KV  1'TBl.IC.  II.'.I  !   I.  I  I."  N'-ill".  C.Firrnwnnn.  D. O.  JOHN  D.  SP  f/VCF  .  i *. a i  ���' K 1  -���'(:��� i.'  ������> ������ i' : ������< i  ��� .' i   i >i   ..  I.K.  I'l'DK.  j . -*ii>  ..''    1       1 ,:> i'  ^irtri tvv.  i- .  ���ar.o.   P..  c.  C.  AE.  I>'..M  "'  HA'.'  r  j ���  ���-.[>    Pi."  vi:  '.'.! \l.  :��� -  ........  O.-..'-  ."/; OTOn,  P..  G.  I'll!  ���  LV/ /_ LI A :/!   FLEMING,  TRANSFER DRAYING  Viovi::ir a Specialty.  ��� .*.' i:i !k-'-.'.->'Cigar Store.  ��� u rni ���:: r-*  H. W. FARMER & CO..  REAL ESTATE AGENTS-  K'.ci-: Cki'.kk, l'>. C.  ���SK -  Mei/is   t-vi-t ���.     I ti  i. O. O.  :-'. Hall.  !l-llll��ll   U, .ill   M.i*  ri-jiui i: ir.ii.:���.  x. c,.  .-\ i.-1,  .irniur  b.-autiful, find tn lho-ie who can  recall past days when this was  he:iiil. accompanied l��v hundreds  iif vnio's, cmld just 1 ititen with  (U'li-'iil and in thought turn back  (..) the environment when last  heard. The solo of Mrs. S. Oliver was must excellently rendered.  She has a splendid voice, and each  word was so distinct that it was  a pleasure to listen to ber singing.  The Hoy Seoul r>, under  the direction     of    Scoutmaster     llar-  . greaves,   performed   their  duties  i excellently.    No  hitch   was   observed   and   the  boys carried out  | their instructions most creditably,  iln fact, they did splendidly.  i     The Masonic fraternity had the  finest parade in regard to appear-  ; ance   and   numbers  ever   before  i known     here.     Brethren     from  Phoenix   and   other  surrounding  ' towns rallied to the call, with the  , result that the parade  was  a  de-  j cicted feature  of the  ceremonies.  i So should it be,  when  he  whose  ; demise we deplored was  to  them  ;1iai"f;,;-itn;io,;'1s^!lhcir Hrothcr, our King, and  our  OUTLINES OF  CURRENT EVENTS  ence of the vice-president, tht  secretary of the Navy and other  notables, with 50,000 spectators.  Her tonnage is 21,825 and tc  carry ten 12-inch suns.  The Cunard liner Lusitania arrived at New York from Liverpool with 2,405 passengers, one  of the largest lists that has been  brought across from the Old  Land for several months.  At Plum Coulee, Manitoba, A.  Hardie, general merchant on entering his store in the morning  of May 10, discovered his safe had  been blown open and that $800 of [  r   , ,.        ,"-,,       .       r      i    i     ii    Never hesitate about  giving  Cham  International Elevator funds had I 6      s  been abstracted.  FAR BETTER AS IT IS  Visitor (in Washington)���Whj  is it that the capital of the United  States can't support a better baseball club?  Resident���My dear sir, it's  providential that we haven't a  first-class baseball team here. If  we had, by George, there would  not be any business transacted  either in Congress or the White  House during the entire league  season.  The milk of human kindness  usually has thejeream taken  off.  Serious bush   fires  are raging  in the Ouesnel country.  There are 100 men at work  on  the Van Roi mine near Silverton.  Granby mine is now earning  not less than $5 per share annually,    Two large deer ran through  the streets of Slocan one day last  week.  Canada will celebrate with  South Alrica May 31, the first  anniversary of South African  Union.  (Quebec's action in regard to  the pulpwood problem is creating  quite a tangle between the  United States and Canadian custom authorities and may lead to  complications between the governments,  Judging from the number of  people who are recalliug the fact  that they shook hands and conversed with the late King when  he was in Canada in 18t>0, this  couutry can not have gained  much in population since then.  berlain's Cough Remedy to children.  It contains no opium or other narcotics  and can be given with implicit couri-  dence. As a quick cure for coughs and  colds to which children are susceptible,  it is unsurpassed. Sold by all druggists and dealers.  The Chamber of Commerce at  Montreal strongly objects to reciprocity with the United States.  ACCIDENTALLY SHOT  The sudden death of Rev.  Father J. 11. Ruest, of Salmon  River, Digby, occurred recently.  He was cleaning his gun just  after dinner, when it was accidentally discharged and Hi*> shot  passed through his body about au  inch below lhe heart, breaking a  rib and coming out nt the back.  The reverend gentleman did not  know the gun was loaded.  A ROBIN'S CHIRRUP  Bearine, & delicate pomade*, grows  hair because it contains genuine Canadian t3t*ar grease.  Over 100,000 persons, forming  a line of humanity sis miles long,  were admitted to Westminster  Abbey to take a last look at the  late King Edward VII.  Most cases of baldness are  due solely to neglect. The hair  often becomes dry and dandruff  forms because the hair glands  do not supply enough natural oil. Nothing overcomes  this deficiency so effectively as  that delicately perfumed, re-  freshing hair pomade, Bearine.  Avoid baldness; apply Bearine  to your hair occasionally. All  druggists, 50 cts. a jar.  What Atls You?  Do you feel weak, tired, despondent, have frequent head,  aches, coated tongue, bitter or bad taste in morning,  "heart-burn," belching of gas, acid risings in throat after  eating, stomach gnaw or burn, foul breath, dizzy spells,  poor or variable appetite, nausea at times and kindred  symptoms ?  If you have any considerable number of tbe  above symptoms you are suffering from biliousness, torpid liver with indigestion, or dyspepsia.  Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery is made  up of the most valuable medicinal principles  known to medical science for the permanent  cure of such abnormal conditions. It is a most  efficient liver invigorator, stomach tonic, bowel  regulator and nerve strengthened  The "Golden Medical Discovery" is not a patent medicine or secret nostrum,  a full   list of   its ingredients being printed on its bottle-wrapper and attested j  under oath.   A glance at these will show that it contains no alcohol, or harm- (  ful   habit-forming drugs.    It  is a fluid extract made with pure, triple-refined  glycerine, of   proper  strength; from the roots of   native   American   medical,  forest plants.   -World's Dispensary Medical Association, Props., Buffalo, N. Yj  5C^*��^*^^^^��^4��4�� 4f��**����4****��*W  Electric current supplied for Power, Lighting,  Heating and Ventilating. Power furnished  for Hoisting and air-compressing plants, with  absolute guarantee of continuous power service  Get Our Rates. We Can Save You Money  +1  +1  X ��* *!��� ��f ���?��� ^ *t* ��� *fr *&* �������� *!��� **��� Jf*f*+*l* -f* ���*��� 4* ���*>��� ���!��� ���!��� ���?-������**��� *6  BOUlSbA.-tY   VALLhY   LODGE  Wo. 38. 1. 0.0. F.  !���. !������ isKowx. i Worshipful Master   of the  world  ' v. <;.  l-KKT  r.i.OAN. Kcc. Six.  of .Masonry.  The   Order  issued every Tridav  SnnsCKll"J'K>NS  IN  ADVANCE  T'r.H   Y i:-\k      Six  Months       To   ['ViK KIC N   IJOCNTKIJ'S   00  50   , =r^ of    Odd    Fellows  made a verv  creditable   showing  ���-������'}��  , indeed, and was another   marked  Boundary Creek 1 lines j feature that wCUt to make mc  ; ceremonies, and felt by all that  j the ** Link That Binds," be it the  j three links or the compass and  ! square, our aims and efforts are  all to the same end, to apply the  Golden Rule.  The decorations of the Auditorium were really impressive and  displayed extra good taste, particularly the stage. The organist did her duty excellently.  The school children, so nicely  arranged around the gallery, was  a picture, aud their singing was  excellent.  The whole sad 'iervices were  collectively moat feelingly and  appropriately carried out, and  they could not have possibly been  improved upon.  As a gigantic fake Halley's  comet will rank with Dr. Cook.  We are sorry we wasted so much  space on it.  The Fort George Tribune will  shortly be issued daily under the  control of a nephew of the late  John Houston.  A miner, accompanied by his  mate, who was rather deaf, was  walking along the railway line  the other day near Motherwell.  A train approached and on Hearing the men it gave forth an ear-  piercing shriek, A smile broke  over the deaf man's face. *' Man,"  he said, *' that's the first Robin  I've heard this spring.  The Canadian market for pig  lead   is   increasing  rapidly,   the  supply  coming  almost  from en  tirely from Trail.  A large lent town is growing  up at Fort Georg-e. There is a  great scarcity of lumber for permanent buildings.  ���:?&&���->  I'KIHA V,   MAY  MEMORIAL SERVICE  Onr last sad duties, as well as  our (riliLite to onr late King fid-  ward VII., wa:; mi Friday after  noon last, pcri'nnned by .a very  large assemblage of our citizeus  at the Audi tori inn in this city.  The,. published program was  carried out in its entirety, and the  full ceremony per fanned in a most  impressive tnnnin'i. It was really  a most feelingly and s:idh-solemn  sorvice, whirli e<uild not fail to  affect very visa'ulv one's emotions.  It was, indeed, grand run1, pa  thetic. The S-Ti^tural portion  of th<*: program -,vri.-, well and  effectively read by the He-  Mr. Petrie. The address nf Mr  J. D. Spence was a really capital  pffort, ana the matter it i...nitained  ail good, straight retnr.rl.-.-.. ir.ojt  interesting' 'And coiaprcliCii .;\ <. of  NATIONAL RAILWAY  ou;  Ki; ���{.  a splendid oi  of   Mrs.    If:.:  that   magi:;!!  the ori'Vr'-:  Redeemer    f,  !   i\;  (i    wa i   reali',  Th'*  siti-'ini;.  i   \ icloria. <;'  ���elecV' r.    fioii:  "..���   That   My  was   rea'lv  It is stated that the National  Transcontinental Railway will be  completed in 1912, but Mr. Hayes  is (piotcd as saying that the  Grand Trunk P-ieific will not be  able to get through its part of  the work before 1.913. Tie gave  as a reason the unwillingness of  the western people to consent to I  the use of Oriental labor on the  railway. There will be a good  deal of disappointment felt in  Prince Rupert at this postponement, although at the rate work  !>as progressed it has become very  unlikely that it could be completed anv sooner.  Mr. J. D. Prentice, formerly  Provincial Minister of Finance  and Agriculture, is paying a ten  days' visit to Victoria.  Ontario tanners are forming a  merger of all the tanning companies and is now under way  with a capital of $30,000,000.  R. H. Baird, of Nakusp, has  been appointed district fire warden for the upper Arrow lake, arid  the Slocan branch of the C. P. R.  Major A. B. MacKeuzie, of the  Rocky Mountain Rangers, is endeavoring to establish a corps of  the Baden-Powell Boy Scouts at  Rossland.  It is estimated that enough ore  is in sight at the Standard mine  at Four-mile creek, near Silver-  ton to keep a crew of twenty men  stoping for five years.  They say thc cost  of  living is  ���ming down���sometime.  Frank Jordan, of Fire Valley,  was killed last week by the vehicle he was driving, slipping owing to a recent slide, and falling  over a precipice 200 feet in  height.  The battleship Florida the biggest of the American dread-  nought's, was successfully  launched at Brooklyn navy yard,  on the 12th ot May, in the  pre*>-  Handy in the house   as   a.  clock.  Davis' Menthol Salve cures quickly a  great many of the simple ailments such  as cuts, skin injuries, insect bites and  sting's.    25c. a tin y.t druggists.  Upon the completion of tbe  Panama canal Vancouver will  certainly control the grain shipments to the Kast.  John D. Rockefeller would go broke  if he should spend his entire income  trying to prepare a better medicine  than Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and  Diarrhoea Remedy for diarrhoea, dysentery or bowel complaints. It is  simply impossible, aud so says every  one that has used it. Sold by all Druggists and Dealers.  LOAN NOT A SUCCESS  The underwriters have had to  take 95 per cent of the Dunsmuir  Colleries loan of ^1,250,000.  DANDRUFF GERMS MUST GO  In Canada the dandruff germs must  go. 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Wallace McKendry, of Anaconda,  In Yale Districl, rancher and smelterman.  b.���Tin* name of tlie lake, stream or source,  is a small creek called Porlcr creek, ranninfr  westerly through a part of the applicant's  lauds, and linlcin-r thtreon.  c. The point of diversion. About 75 yard*  easterly from the applicant's houseon the north  half of the southeast .quarter of Section 29.  d.���Thc quantity of water applied for, in cubic  feet per second.   Three.  e.���The character of the proposed works. A  dam with ditches aud pipes leading therefrom.  f.���The premises on which the wattr is to be  used (d scribe samel. Those portions of Lot  1015 and the north half of the southeast quarter  of Seetiou 29, in Township 70, lying east of  Boundary creek, and th�� southeast portion of  the northeast quarter of section 29 aforesaid,  held by the applicant under an agreement for  purchase from Robert Wood.  g\���The purposes for which the water is to be  used.   Irrigation.  h.���If for Irrigation describe the land intended to be irrigated, g-ivlnf acreage. The  lands mentioned in paragraph (f) hereof, containing 60 acres, more or less.  i.- Area of Crown land Intended to be occupied by the proposed works.   Nql any.  {.���This notice was posted on the 18th day of  May, 1910, and application will be made to the  Commissioner on the 28th day of June, 1910.  k.���Give the names and addresses of any riparian proprietors or licensees who or whose  lands are likely to be affected by the prspoged  works, either above or below the outlet. Not  any.  WALLACE McKENDRY.  Greenwood, B. C.  I. U. Hallett, solicitor for applicant.  MINERAL, ACT.  *-n/  Certificate of Improvents.  NOTICE.  " Eholt," " Tanglefoot" and " Sovereign Fractional " Mineral Claims, situate lu Greenwood Mining Division of Yale District.  Wliere located: In Sky lark Camp.  AKE NOTICE lhat I,C. iE. Shaw, agent  for Kred Moser, Frjee Miners' Certificate  No. 11264.13, and Johntfiirfliih, Free Miners  Certificate No. HJMSS/ intend, sixty days from  date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder  for Ci'ililicales of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants-of the above  claims.  And   further take  notice that  action, tinder  Section 37, must be commenced before the issn-  auceof such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 7th dav of March. A. D, 1910.  C. /E. SHAW, n. L-S. S.  OVER 68 YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  Trade Marks  Designs  Copyrights &e.  Anyone sending a sketch and desert pttor. mar  qnlcklr ascertain our opinion free whetiier an  Invention la probably patentable. Cominunlcn-  ; tons strictly confidential. HANDBOOK on Patents  sent free. Oldest agency for necurmz patents.  Patents taken throuKh Munn 4 Co. receive  special notice, without charge. In the  Scientific America*..  A handsomely Illustrated weekly, largest circulation of any scientific Journal. 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McDonell.  h.  jffl  ITlC*p"K*fri<'*rf^t^Jf*,irjPa^|P'r?,l��,jr  CO., L/T'D.  leaves Mothei L-ode  9,30  a.  m.  6:30 p.  m.  Leaves Greenwood  2:00 p.  8:30 p.  m:  m.  Saturday last stage leaves  Mother Tootle6 p. m. Returning,  leaves Greenwood 10 p. m.  Greenwood Office  NORDEN   HOTEL  ANY available dominion Lands within the]  Railway Belt in Uritish Columbia, may be I  liomesteaded by any person who is the Bole head |  of a family, or any male over IS years ofag'e, I  lo the extent of one-quarter section of 160 acres,]  more or less.  Entry must be made personally at the locaj  land oflice for tiledisru't in which the laud  situate. Entry by proxy may, however, bel  made ou certain t-oiulitii.ns by the father,]  mother, sou, daughter, brother or uister, ofan|  intend in ir homesteader.  The homesteader is required to preform thej  conditions con necteil there with under u'ne of J  the fi'llnwiiiirplaits;  1) At least six months' residoilce upon and j  cultivation of the laml in each year for three]  years.  (2) If the-father (or mother, if the father Ir deceased), of the homesteader resides upon a farm  in the vicinity of thelaud eutored for, the re  ritiiretueiits as to residence may be satisfied Iryj  such person residing with the father or mother.  (3) If the settler hax his permanent residencei  pou fanning' land owned by him iu  the vlci'n  ity of his homestead, the requirements as to rea j  ideuce may   be satisfied by residence upon the  said laud. .  Six    months' notice in writnifrshould tieglven '  to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ot  tawa of intention to apply for patent. ,  Coal.���Coal mining ri(flitsmay be leaser! fora  period of twenty-one years at an  annual rental'  of $1. per acre.    Not more than 2,560acres shall '  be leased to one individual or company.   A royal ity at the rate of five ceuts per ton shall he  collected on the merchantable coal mined.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy of the Minister of the Interior  N. B.���Unauthorized publication of this advertisement will not be paid for.  t3��   t*7* ���*?*���   tt?*   t(5*   t^*  fc5**  tP*  iS*   til?*   "�����������  It?*   liV*   I-*���   O* ���"J*  "at**  MINING CLAIM FOR SALE  In Wellington Camp,    The property  known as The   Golden   Crown,   with  plant and equipement now found thereon.  For terms and particulars apply to���'-'  G. R. COI.DWKI.L,  Brandon, Manitoba,  Copper  New Edition of the  COPPER HANDBOOK  Vol. VIII., issued May, 1909, contains  1,500 pages, with nearly 50 per cent,  more matter, than the preceding edition.  The chapters with mine descriptions  and on statistics have been carefully  revised and the bulk of the matter  therein ia  ENTIRELY NEW  There are 25 chapters.  Covering- Copper History, Geology,  Geography, Chemistry, Mineralogy,  Mining, Milling, Leaching, Smelting,  Refining, Brands, Grades, Impurities,  Alloys, Uses, Substitutes,Terminology  Deposits by Districts, States,Countries  and Continents, Mines in Detail, Statistics of Production, Consumption, imports, Exports, Finances, Dividends,  etc.  The Copper Handbook is cnucededly  the  World's Standard Refereif^r  Book on Copper.  The Copper Handbook contains, in  this new anil greatly eularged edition,  about 50 per cent, luore matter than  the Bible���though nut necessarily a  belter book because of its great bulk.  It is filled with FACTS of vital importance to.  THE INVESTOR  THE SPECULATOR  THE METAI,L,nRGIST  THE CONSUMER  THE MINER  Price is $5 in Buckram with gilt top,  or 37.50 in genuine full library morocco.  TERMS are most liberal. 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It is  reported that  among the points that are  to be considered as a site are  Midway,   Grand  Forks and Belcher mountain junction.  has produced, since 1880, when mining first began, $168,000,000, of  which all except $7,000,000 have  been gold.   Particularly gratifying returns for  the month of March are given out by  the British Columbia Copper company. During that month the production amounted to 811,419 pounds  of copper, 2,623 ounces of gold and  9,191 ounces of silver. This is an  increase in the red metal of over  200,000 pounds in excess of January  and February. There was also a material increase in the higher values,  the silver being about 20 per cent,  and that of gold 5.per cent.  A nvaram received recently from  tl';cjiir��>peities of the Stewart Mining  > & Development company at Portland  Canal, announces that the ore body  encountered a few days ago, in the  uni'-.el on the third level is turning out  even better than expected, having been  penetrated so far for 16 feet, and still  >i. ore.    A meeting of the directors of the  Argo Mining Co. took place on the  18th of May, and it was directed tha*  a general meeting be held on June  25. The financial statement of F. E.  Brown was presented and considered  satisfactory. The president of the  f company reported having secured a  I favorable bond on the adjoining property, the Barbara. Work on the tunnel is going on steadily, with two  shifts, employing six men. The outlook is most favorable.  The value of the mineral output of  Alaska for 1909 was $20,000,000, or  practically the same as that of 1908,  according to a report of the United  States geological survey. Of this total $19,460,00 was gold. The production of copper was $520,000. Silver, coal, marble, gypsum and other  minerals were about the same in production as the year previous.    Alaska  The possibility of a contest for the  control of the New Dominion Copper company at thc stockholders'  meeting in June has been eliminated  by the resignation of Directors Lewishon and Sussman, representing the  Lewishon and General Development  company interests. Charles A. Star-  buck, a director of the British Columbia Copper company, has been  elected to fill one of the vacancies,  while E. Summerville will temporarily  fill the other. Through the elimination of these two the British Columbia Copper company, which has for  some time owned 53 per cent of the  New Dominion company, comes into  complete control of the latter com-,  pany. An agreement has been signed whereby the New Dominion company will ship 25,000 tons of ore  from its mines to the British Columbia Copper company's smelter. The  ore will be sent out from the Rawhide mine, at Phoenix.  A touch of rheumatism, or a twinge  of neuralgia, whatever the trouble js,  Chamberlain's Liniment drives away  the pain at once and cures the complaint quickly.' First application gives  relief. Sold by all Druggists and  Dealers.  Ratification is announced that  the eastern terminus ot the Grand  Trunk Pacific will be at Quebec.  Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver  Tablets will clear the sour stomach,  sweeten the breath and create a healthy  appetite. Sold' by all Druggists and  Dealers.  IN THE  ARGO  MINING  AND  TUNNEL  COMPANY,  LIMITED.  25 Cents a Share  Capital Stock $125,000* Divided into  500,000 Shares at 25c Each,  A  NON-PERSONAL  LIABILITY  Now funning a tunnel (in 300 feet)  wAer valuable claims adjoining  Greenwood Townsite  on  w  Skylark Mountain,  OLA LOFSTAD,_  President r  A. S. BLACK,  Secretary  May Follow  That Cold.  f'botv   by   Lvoiidtu Tt'tu  W.  A.  FRASER  Canada's Author, Artist and Engineer.  Knowing the life of William A. I'mser, the hooks he hits written sr-pm inevitable. Kuril is tlie harvesting of^ certain distinct years "of his living; renewed,  revivified and transformed by his individuality. The nervous inlen.siiy of the  writing, the incisive, forceful phrases, the keen observation, the humor. 1 h<* -iri^i-  nulity, the sympathy.with nature in all its phases, the artistic genius in catching  instantly the essentials of a scene or an episode are eliaracterisiie of l'niser the  man, as well ns of Fraser the author. His books are himself; lie writes because  lie loves to write, because lie cannot help writing.  Horn in Nova Scotia-in 1859 of Scotch parentage, his early .school days were  spent in Boston and later in New York. His unusual artistic ability earlv Iiccaine  manifest, and it seemed that he was destined for a sculptor's life," but the death  of his father changed his plans. He now paints scenes in his novels iu vocabukuic  colors instead of with a brush. It was with regret- that he temporarily gave,  up the oils of art for the oil of commerce anti made a specialty of petroleum; but  he was thorough and a second time niastei-cd oil.  In 1881 he went to India as an expert for some English capitalists, ami later  the British government employed him on some mission in Bcluchistau. Nine  years he spent in India, Burma nnd the neighboring countries, not studying tlie  country idly from an armchair, but in nine years of constant travel, where lie  saw everything nnd forgot nothing, and it is the splendid fruitage of these years  that is garnered in his stones of India.  In 1889 he returned to Boston and married 'Miss Barber of Toronto, and the  year following, went back "with his wife for au eight months' stay in the Orient.  On returning to Canada he settled in Toronto and for six years went each summer,  surveying and doing other engineering work in the North-West. It was faraway  from the whirr of humanity; lonely, often having no roof but the starry sky,  no bed but his blanket, no restaurant but his pouch. He met trappers and guides  sometimes, grew to know and love the animals better, and his splendid stories of  Canadian life and charmingly sympathetic animal stories would never have been  written but for the payment of price in months of isolation. His first story was  published in the" Detroit Free Press," and a. few others soon afterward gave him  that first rich taste of literary creation. lie went each year to tha North-West'  with greater reluctance as it cut out his time for writing, ntil finally reluctance  led to rebellion and then to revolt, and he turned his back on it all forever and  consecrated his life to literature ami art. Mr. Fraser has had the honor of haying his paintings hung on thc. line with the work uf professional artists.  Kmoreclau-oidlui'to Act of the 1'arlUmeut ot Canada, iutho year lsw5, by W. U. 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In this he is expected to be able  to render invaluable assistance to  the district residents, be having  had extensive nnd suecessful experience in other semi-arid dis.  tricts and with irrigating methods. Mr. Clark, who was for  18 months in charge of tbe state  experimental farm at Union,  Ore,, is to have charge of the territory trom Lytton to Armstrong,  Another horticulturist is shortly  to be appointed who will have his  headquarters in Victoria.  A MOTHER'S INFLUENCE  I asked of a writer whose wonderful words in behalf of animals  have stirred the hearts ot the  world, "What influence led you  to become a friend and champion  of the dumb?"  "More than all else was the influence of my mother," was the  reply. "She laid more stress  upon educating tbe morals of her  children than upon the cultivation of the intellect. Her name  stood for kindness to all who  knew her!"  A successful primary teacher  said to me recently: There is no  question as to the great need of  humane education in the schools;  and the need has been created  largely by the lack of such education in the home."  I heard a little girl reproving a  boy playmate for having-wounded  a robin and then beating it to  death against a tree.  "What would vour mother  say?" she cried, seeming to  think this the most crushing reproof imaginable.  "My mother!" laughed the boy  ���a laugh not pleasant to hear  from a boy's tips���"What does  she care? She wears dead birds  in her Sunday-go-to-meeting hats  and dead animal furs around her  neck!"  HIGH COST OF LIVING  In the excellent address by Hon.  Sydney Fisher, Canadian minister of agriculture, comment is  made on the exhorbitant cost of  living in this country. Mr. Fisher points out that bread costs in  Canada twice .what it costs in  England although made from  Canadian flour in both countries.  Canadian consumers have to  pay as much as 25 per cent more  for the produce raised at his own  door.  These are only fair samples of  a general system of exploitation  of the home consumer. What is  the remedy? Here is a subject to  which the attention of the Dominion Labor department might  well be directed, with a view to  ascertaining how this extraordinary penal levy is made on our consumers as compared with the  British and foreign market prices  for these same products. There  is a screw loose somewhere, aud  the sooner it is discovered, and  the wrong under which Canadian  consumers at present labor is rectified, tlie bettor. It is an outrage that such a condition of  things should be permitted to continue and a reniedy must be found,  even if thc government has to go  into the retail business to secure  to the consumer a svunre deal.  Ferrovim *s the pleasing name of the  best preparation of Beef, Iron and  Wine ever placed on the market. If  you or any of your friends are anemic,  ���generally run down, pallid, easily exhausted, try one bottle of Ferrovim and  you will be gratified by the result.  SI 00 al druggists.  The contributions toward the  Westminster Hall campaign now  reaches $75,000 of the $150,000  required.  ica-   tlie  Water Act, WM," to obtain a license in the  Similkameen Waler Division of Y^le District.  (a.) The name, address and occupation of  the applicant: The Csnsolidaied Mining- &  Smelting-Company of Canada, Limited, a Mining Company incorporated under tbe laws of  Canada, and whose Head Oflice is in tlie City of  Toronto in ihe Province of Ontario, and whou  registered office in the Province of British Columbia is at Hie City of Trail.  Free Miner's Certificate No. B24042.  lb.)   The name of the lake, stream  or source  is a creel*   known  as McCarren creek,  which  irises in  Central ' amp and runs  westerly and  implies into Boundary creek about 1500 feel be  low Boundary Falls in the District of Yale.  0.) The point of diversion: On Lot 328',  it a point about 500 feet above Craigie's saw  milt on said creek.  (d.) The quantity of water applied for, in  cubic li-i-i per second, is One.  ie.) The premises on which the waler is to be  us'.-d is a poniou of said T.ot 32)44 purchased  In m i he owner of the Lot for use as a cite (or  .1 Compressor plant.  If.) Tin* piirpisi- for which the water into  Ik* used is mining.  i i.) The rharacVr.of the proposed works is  a small dam \\ ith a pipe line leading therefrom  to lite Compressor station.  ii.) If iln-waler is to be used for powei or  illinium purposes describe the place where the  place wlier.' the water is to he returned to some  naiuiiil channel, and lhe difference in altitude  between lhe point of diversion and point of return. Tin- water is to lie returned into McCarren creek al a point approximately 100 feet  above Ciaigie's saw mill, and above intake of  llii'iie.tii said mill, and the difference in alti-  tu le between lhe point <n" diversion and point  of return is annul 25 feel.  i.) A r.-;i ot Crown laud to be otvupied by the  pi-.ipose.l wort,..:    Not any.  ,i.) Give lhe names ami addresses of ally riparian proprietor- or licenses who, or whose  lands, are likely u> be affected bv the promised  works, either above or below the outlet. D.J.  McDonald, i lie pre emptor ol t.ot 3284.  (If i The capital of lhe applicant Company  is JT.:0.i,i>imi. divided into 75,nm share- of flu)  each, and 53,552 share- of said capital stock are  paid iiji ami issued.  (1.) The following are copiesof stich pans'of  the Memorandum of Association of the Applicant as authorizes the proposed application  and works:  "To acquire by purchase, lea*?, hire, exchange, nr otherwise, such limber lauds or  leases, limber claims, licenses to cut linilier,  surface rights and rights of way, wat**r rights  and privileges, mills, factories, furnaces for  sm��ltiug and treating ores, and refining metals, buildings, machinery, plant, or othar real  or personal property as may be necessary for  or conducive to lhe proper earring out of any  of the objects of the Company."  " To construct, maintain, alter, make, work  and operate on the property of the Company.  or on property controlled by the Company, auy  trails, roads, ways, tramways for the conveyance of ores and other goods of the Company,  bridges, and reservoirs, dams, Humes race and  other ways, water courses, aqueducts, wells,  wharves, piers, furnaces, saw mills, crushing  works, smelting works, concentrating works,  hydraulic works, electrical works, and appliances, wareuousc. buildings, machinery,  plant, stores and other works and conveniences  required by, or conducive to, any ol the operations of the Company, and to buy, sell, manufacture, and deal in all kinds of goods, stores,  implements, provisions, chattels, and effects  required by the Company, or Its workmen or  servants.1'  im.) This notice was posted ill the 18th day  of Mav. 1010, and application will be made to  the Commissioner on the 28th dav- of June, 1910.  THE CONSOLIDATED MIMIMG & SMELTING COMPANY OF CANADA, LTD.  41 A. W. Davis, Supt. No. 7 Mine.  I. II. Hallett, solicitor for applicant.  v-r.1  Only successful remedies are ever  imitated. It is evident that "D. & L,.*'  Menthol Plasters successfully relieve  rheumatic pains, backache, pluerisy,  &c. "The D. & L." has been so widely  imitated. Avoid disappointment. (let  the genofne. Made only by the Davis'  and Lawrence Co.  At the third annual meeting of  the Stewart Land company, at  Stewart, B. C, it developed that  from a capital of $14,855, there  was divided a profit of $141,-  234.90 for the past year.  The C. P. R. has let a contract  for an irrigation system in Alberta amounting to $5,2.^0.000.  Sometimes cold  hot discussion.  facts create a  AT THE CHURCHES  Methodist ��� Rev. I. B. Hibbert  will conduct services in the Methodist  Church every Sunday, Morning, -11  a. m.; Sunday School, 3 p. m. Kveuing.  7:30,  SORES  Apply Zafti-Bufc to all  wounds and sores and you  will be surprised now quickly  |t stops the smarting and  brings case. 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Chief Commissioner of Lands for a license to  prospect for coal and petroleum ou the follow-  iug described lands, situate lit the Similkameen  district; Commencing at a post at the southwest corner of Lot 2,337, pre-emption, thence  east eighty chains, tlience north eighty chains,  thence west eighty chains, thence south eighty  chains to place of commencement, and containing 640 acres.  Dated this 14th dav of May, 1910.  O. A. MacDONALD, Locator.  H. Bunting, Agent.  NOTICE Is hereby given that an application will be made under part V. of the  " Water Act, 1909." to obtain a license iu ihe  Similkau-eeu Division of Yale District.  (a.) The name, address aud occupation of the  applicant. TlieConsolidated Milling ,v Smelting Company of Canada. Limited, a Mining  Company incorporated under the laws of tbe  Dominion of Canada, ami whose Head Office is  in the City of Toronto In the Province of Ontario, and whose registered oflice in the Provinceof British Columbia is at tin.* city ol Trail.  Free Miner's Certificate No. H24042.  (b.) The name of the lake, stream or source  is Boundary creek, a stream running through  the towns of Greenwood. Anaconda and Humid-  ary Falls, and empty in if into tiie Kettle river  at Midway, in the District of Vnli*.  ic.) The point of diversion is at the overflow of the dam of the Greenwood citv Water  Works company, at Unnndary Falls, ami which  dam is situate about UiM feet aljovc the Falls  on said creek; aud during such seasons of the  year as aU water in the creek may be 11-ed l.v  said Waler Works company leaving none pa-sing over said clam , the point of divei-.-ii.ush ill  Ik* ai a point on said creek iuimeiHau-'.i l.eb.w  where the water used by the Greenwood City  Water Work*, company is reiuree.i oitu said  creek.  {d.l The quantity of waler applied for. in  cubic- feet i>er second, it Four.  'e.J The premises on which ilie \viii.-r Is to  be used is n Mill Sile I'oriiiiui! the souihtv, si  part of Lot 4'2'i. and lyinir bciiM-en tin* Columbia and Wesii-ru Railway rit'ln 1,1 mv and  Boundary creek.  (f.) Intakes with pipe lines leailinj.' iheie  from to the Applicant's OiiK'eutiaior on said  Mill Site, and puiiipiiif/ stations ami pumps.  (if.) The purposes for which the waler is to  be used are Mining; and MlHiiit*- piupo-os, und  purposes incidental the eto.  (h.) If the water is In tn; usu-d tor powei or  minlutt purposes describe the plaiv wbi-re the  water ia to be returned to s.oin* 1ialu1.1I chriii-  uel, ami the- difference iu altitude between wie  �����->lut of divi*i-s!nn and point ,,f reiura. The  water taken at lhe overll tu of lhe dam is lo oe  returned into Koiimlary ci.-ek ai..-.n 1-iM i.ret  below Itoutidarv Falls, and th*- dih'*'i-*ni-��- in  altitude between ihe point of di>er-i.Mt and  uoiat of return is about liM feet: lhe water  taken from Houmlary creek below the point of  return of the Greenwood Citv Water Works  Company's water is to lie returned into siiid  creek at practically the point .if diversion, and  there will he practically no difference iu altitude-between the point of diversion and point  of return.  (i.) Area of Crown land to be occupied by  the proposed works.    Xoi any.  ;j.,; Give the names and addresses of anv  riparian proprietors or licensees who or whose  lands are likely lo be affected by the proposed  works, either abuve or below the outlet. None,  (k.) Tlie capital of the Consolidated Miniiu*  i Smelting- Company of Canada, Limited, i*  fl,50f>,000, divided into Ti.lKJu-liares of $Ui.ieach,  and 53,552 shares of said Company are paid up  and issued.  (1., The following! are copies of such parts of  the Memorandum of Association of tlie Applicant a�� authorises the proposed application and  works:  "To acquire by purchase, lease, hire, exchange, or otherwise, such timber lands or  leases, timber claims, licenses to cut timber,  surface rights and rights of wav, waler rights  and privileges, mills, factories, furuac-s for  smelting ��n��l treating ores and refining metals,  building*, machinery, plain, or olher real or  personal properly as may be necessary for or  conducive to the proi>er carrviitgout of any of  theobjectsof the Company.''  "Tnconstruct, maintain, alter, make, work  and operate on the property of ihe Company,  or on properly controlled by the Company, any  trails, roads, ways, tramways, for the conveyance of ores ami other goods of the Company,  bridges, and reservoirs, dams. Humes, race and  other ways, water courses, aqueducts, wells,  wharves, piers, furnaces, saw mills, crushing  works, smelting works, concentrating works,  hydraulic works, ���lectrical works, and appliance!, warehouses,buildings, machinery, plant,  stores and other works and conveniences required by or conducive to any of the operations  of the Campany, anil to buy, sell, manufacture,  and deal in all kinds of goods, stores, implements, provisions, chattels und effects required  by the Company or its workmen or servants."  (na.)   This notice was posted on tbe lHth day  of May, 1910, and  application will be made to  the Commissioner on tbe 28tb day of June, l^M.  THE CONSOLIDATED MINING A- SMELT.  ING COMPANY OP CANADA. LTD.  A. W. Davis, Supt. No." Mine.  I. H. Hallatt, solicitor for applicant.  WATER NOTICE  NOTICE is hereby given that, thirty days  after date, I intend to apply to the  Chief Commissioner of Lands for a license to  prospect for coal and petroleum on the following described lands, situate in the Similkameen  district: Commencing at a post at the southwest corner of Lot 2,33", pre-emption, thence  west eighty chains, thence north eighty chains,  thence east eighty chains, thence south eighty  chaius 10 place of commencement and containing1 6*0 acres.  DaTed this 14th day of May. 1110.  E. T. WICKWIRE, Lccator.  H. Bunting, Agent.  NOTICE is hereby given, that thirty days  after date, I intend to apply to the  Chief Commissioner of Lauds for a license to  prospect for coal and petroleum 011 the following-described lands, situate in the Similkameen  district: Commencing at a post at the southwest corner of Lot 2,337, pre-emption, thence  south forty chains, thence west one hundred  dred and sixty chains, thence north forty  chains, thence east one hundred and sixty  chains to place of commencement, anil containing 040 acres.  Dated this 14th dav of Mav, 1910.  H. HUNTING, Locator.  N  OTICF. Is hereby given,  lhat  thirty   days  ff,  NOTICE ia hereby given that thirty days  afterdate I intend to apply 10 ike lion.  theChief Comniissiouerof Lands, fora license  lu prospect for coal and petroleum on the following described lauds, situate iu the Siniilka-  nieeii land division of Yale District: Com  meucing al a p'Ht at the soulheastcorncr of Lot  (i87, being also the soul li west corner of Lot  145os, iheuce west SO chaini, thence soulli 8U  chains, tbeuce east 80 chains, iheuce north HO  chains to place of commencement, and containing Mi' acres.  Dated this 18th dav of Mav. 1910.  SPENCER HBNEBMAX.    j     PRESBYTEKIAN---SI.   Columba.    Scr-  The splendid work of Chamberlain's ', vices will be conducted morning and  Stomach and Liver Tablets is daily ; evening-, 11 a. in. ami 7..^�� p.m. Sun-  coming to light. No such grand rem-1 day School 2.30 y.. in. Rev. J, A,  edy for  liver and bowel troubles was j Petrie, minister.  ever known before.    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Dai-d iIns lath day uf Mav. 1910.  GEORGE W. KI'MUEKGEK.  Spencer Benrrman, Agent.  ���|\TOTICEis hereby  given  loat  1 Jt    after date t intend lo apply  thirty days  r* tiie Hon.  tin* Chief Commissioner of Lands, lor a lici-tise  to prospect for coal and oelroleum on lhe following described laud.-, -itua'.e in the Siniilka-  ���neve lnii'.l division or Yah- lii-njct: Com  iret'Caig at a post at the >-imheast corner of  Lot 0s", being alio the :.o-jih��-sSt cornerof Lot  14iis, thence iM'i *' chains, tlience north 8I>  Chains, iheuce ivei' " cludiis. thence soulh .k0  chains to the plac - of commencement and ci>n-  lainifg 04D.-ICO- .  Dated this l.'-o tl-iv ot May, l'HO.  WILLIAM K. WILLIAMS  3peucer Uenerniaii, Agenl.  Chief Commissioner uf Lands for a license lo  prospect for coal ami petroleum ou the follow,  ing described lands, situate in the Similkameen  district: Commencing at a post at the north,  west corner of Lot -til. pre-emption, thence  west eighty chains, thence soulli eighty chains,  thence east eighty chains, thence north eighty  chains lo place of commencement, and contain-  ing f*40 acres.  I'al.id this 'ith dav of Mav, V'lO.  I*. T. W1CKWIKK, Locator.  II. Hunting, Agent.  MOT I Clatter  is  hereby  given, tha-   thirty days  lute    I    intend   to   apply    to   the  Chief  Commissioner  ot  Lands  for a license to  prospect for coal anil petroleum  on the following described lauds.kituate in the Similkameen  district:    Commencing at a post  at  the south  east   corner   of   Lot   (.37,  pre-emption,   thence  south eighty chains, thence west eighty chains,  thence north eighty chains, thence east eighty  chains to place of commencement, and containing (eto acres  Dated this iih day of May. 1910.  II. Bunting. Locator.  MINERAL ACT  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  Nightingale Fractional " Mineral Claim, situate iu the Greenwood Mining Division of  Yale District. Where located: In Skylark  Camp.  KE NOTICE that I. Edmund T. Wick-  re, Free Miner's certificate No. B263S6,  intend, sixty days from date hereof, to apply  to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a  Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance  of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 25th day of .*��� pril, A. O. 1910.  ��X EDMI ND T. W1CKWIR1'.  TAKE  wir  NOTICE is hereby given that an application  will be made under P��rt V, of the "Waler  Act, 1909," to obtaia a license in the Similkameen Water Division of Yale District.  a.���The name, address, and occupation of tlie  Applicant: The Consolidated Mining 4: Smelting Company ot Canada. Limited, a Mining  Company iocorporated tinder the laws of the  Dominion of Canada, and whose Home Oflice  is in the City of Toronto, in the Province of  Ontario, rnd whose registered office iu lhe Provinceof British Columbia is in the City of Trail.  Free Miner'* Certificate No. 1)24042.  b.���The name of the lake stream or source is  a creek known as McCarren creek, which arises  in Central Camp and runs westerly and empties  into Bouddary creek about 1S��1 feet below  Boundarv Falls, in the Disl rict of Yale.  c���The point of diversion is ou Lot 2osJ, immediately above the Falls ou said creek aud  ���ear where the Road from lJouiulary Falls to  Bravard*s ranch crosses said creek.  d ���The quantity of u-alur applied for, in  cubic feet per second, is Four.  e.���The premises on which the water is to be  used is a Mill Site forming a part of Lot 42->.  and lying between the Columbia and Western  Railway right of way and Boundarv creek, on  the southwest part of Lot 42-).  f.���The purposes for which the water is lo be  used are Mining and Milling purposes,aud purposes incidental thereto.  g.���Tha character of the proposed works: A  dam with a pipe line leading therefrom to the  Applicant's concentrator building ou said Mill  Site.  h.^���If the water is to lx* used for jiower or  milling purposes, descrilve the place where the  water is to be returned in some natural channel,  and the difference in altitude between the point  of diversion aud point ot return. Tlie water ia  to be returned into Houmlary creek about 1200  feet below Boundary Falls, nnd the difference  in altitude between the print of diversion and  point of return it about 250 feet.  i.--Area ol Crown Laud to be occupied liv  lhe proposed warks.    Not any.  i. Give the names und addresses of au\ riparian pioprie.tors or licensees who, or whose  lands, aro likelv to Im affected by the pro|>osed  works, either above or below the outlet. Mark  Llu isteiisou. Lot 20S.5, ll.iiin.larv Falls, I!, c.  Sliluey T. Smith. Grand Forks, |:, c. Isaac N.  Hallett, Lot 2724, Gre��nwn.nl. 11. C. Robert  Wood. Lot .<21, Greenwood, II. C.  k.���Tbe capital of the Consolidated Mining &  Smelling Company of Canada. Lin iled, is  f7..stX),00O, divided into 7.-.JXJO shares ol -I OH each,  anil 53.552 shares nf said Company are paid up  and issued.  I. The following are copies of snch parts,���)  eht Memorandum ol Association of the Applicant as authorizes the proposed application and  works;  ���'To acquire by purchase, lease, hire, exchange, or otherwise, such timber lands or  leases, timl>er claims, licenses to cut timber,  surface rights aud rights of way. water rights  and privileges, mills, fsctorias. lurnaces for  smelling and treating ores aud refining metals,  buildings, machinery, plant, or other real or  personal properly as may bo necessary for or  conducive to lhe proper carrying out of any of  theobjectsof the Company."  "To construct, maintain, alier. make, work  aad ot*erate on the tir.i-.wiriv of the Coinoinv  or on prot*erty controlled by the Comp.-i ������ . i.'v  trails, roads, ways, tramways, for the ci.c :  ance of ores and othc-T goods of the Company,  bridges, and reservoirs, dams. Humes, ,.ice and  other ways, water courses, a.jueducts, welN,  wharves, piers, furnaces, <aw m:lls. crushing  works, smelting winks, concent rating works.  hydraulic works, electrical works and appli-  aLces. warehouses, buildings, machinery, niam  stores aad  olher works   no.I   eon-'L-r.ieiices   le-  f  -.  Advertise in THE TIMES  i|uired by or conducive lo  of the Company, and to hu> . -������  audd��at in al' kinds of c ��ovl-  I ments. oro\ is:aus, chattels :vjci  | bv t'te Company "r i'.s v>-'<i-'<n*ci  | in.���This notice ����� ��� t��V. ,-.i  j Jdar, BIO. and applicru;   -i     il'  !��'Jornniissiuner cm i.a.'St.    'riv of Jan.  TIC:- CONSOLIDATIT  M1X1AG ,*  i -SiiCOMPAKY OFCA.NaD.'.I  I ,\. W  Da- s. Si ;.:. No  1     1. H. H^ii. ���-. solicitor fot .-.ppoLuit'  oe o}*eratior:3  , laa-ii.l.ictioe  -i o'es. iraple-  tTects reijiiiied  ��� ir-e. vanis.  ibc i.-th ���!..> ot  >e m ule   :������ the  -, l'��l".  SMKl.'l-  -TIi.  . 7 '.line.  I Ji ���P-WPIIMI'IPW  B9  THE  BOUNDARY CREEK TIMES  TOWN TO TICS  the stock at the ri^ht prices.  liliti?  *r**��  The Furniture and Stove Man  Phone 16 Greenwood, B. C.  S&8S&J&S3EPA  GrecRwood Phoenix Stage Line  Leaves Greenwood Daily at   3 p. m.  Arrives Greenwood Daily at 10 a. m.  GREENWOOD   OFFICE:     L-   L.   MATTHEWS'   CIGAR   STORE  l'i'..ui]il  nMintioti  lo  I'",xjiri'.s.s :iii<I   l'*rr'ifrhl.  GILLIS <3c LAING, Prs.  'isssxmssmss^sssEa^smss^^s^&kamaWamii  >**   .** :< :  .<,#  It ..* Jt ,* ..�� ����� ..�� ���* ,** ,**l Jt Jt Jt Jl Jt Jt .3* J* Jt Jt Jl Jt J* Jl Jt Jt J* *}���,  ft  %  A  A  A  !*  ?A  A  A  A  A  A  A  J3>      I.  RATE CAFE  AT   THE  ��,  t.  *���*  V. ,<*��� t>t,��: ..-* v��x ,.��*;, ���! ,< .y, vie ..* .,����� tss,-j������* t* ,** ,** ,m #..��,��������:..*,** jt & Jt Jl Jt.jt jt Jt Jl ji  INDSOR HOTEL  greenwood, b. c.  pen Day and Night  ERNIE CARTIER, Manager  ;��  i't  it  lit  DIES I  Do ycu want ��to iEtUUtuli initial note $  "* *ii  paper   and   envelopes  to   write   your J  letters onl    If you do  Call at THE TIMES OFFICE  Prices moderate  ft  !������< Hv  TKY Till  BOUNDARY CREEK  TIMES  Job Department  GOOD WORK  FAIR PRICES  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTT.CK.  "Crescent No. 2*' aud "Noreue Fractional"  Mineral Claims, situate in the Greenwood  Mininir Division of Yale Utstrict. Where  located:    lu 1'ioviileinc Camp.  T.AKI-: NOTICK thai I, Isaac if. Hallett,  as aireiit for ll.'irrv II. Shalleiiber-j-cr,  Free Miners' Coniltcatc No. i:2hr(i(i, intend  sixty davs from I lie date hereof, to apply to the  Mininir KVcoi'iIcr for Certiticates of I inprove-  iin-iils, for the purpnse of olilainiiiir thrown  (i ranis ol tlie above claims,  And further lake notice that action, under  Section .". must be commenced before the  issuance of siicii Ceititicale   of Improvements.  Hated this 2Nt dav of March, A. D. 1910.  ���,'�� I. II. HALU-'TT.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  N'OTICIC.  Alliinii " Mineral Claim, situate in the Greenwood MinoiL' l>i\i*iou of Vale District.  .Vh..ii.   loi'.iied:    (in   .l.i���!,-.(   creek,   Kettle  TA IC'���:  1'iv.  ii-inl.  ,i \i\  tin-  Minim  Mirn:i.  Min.'i's  ��� l.i-. . 11.>ni il.il  [,;,-.,.i<l,-i    I..  Ib:il    I,  .1 oli il Goi.iiiiH'-.  .-.in- No. Iil4l-I6, iii-  lii- I,   lo applv In  .   t'l-rtilii-ale  of   1 m-        ol   c.liCii n in,. ,i  MIX hi.'A I.   .\CT.  Certific.it*.' nf iniui'ovoments.  r.n'i H i  i ��� I't-iMi-n I.    toi     ilie   |iiir|..  i.i\ it  G ran i ol  i lo- :iu .-... ,(,u ni.  An,!   lin-ilii-r  lake   noiice   that  action, under  ..���rtioii   .17,   inn.t   In.-   (-I'limu-iu-ei!   lietore   the  ...iiii-c ol such   iVi-iilii-.ite of Improvemenib.  Idled this llih dav of Muv, A. I). l'llu.  JOHN HOODING.  MINERAL ACT  - I5l.ii-k .:.i  IT,I. ti,.  iiimi-ral  .-.liiiin-.'  TAV��X  ��� ������I'i'.i. 'i  mi f,.i- i  -ii*- .\>  i.'.'. ���   i r  i   V..I.   .i  ('.-���in .  ,,.|    I.   I    I. = 11 tr  li.i - fi ���  ���   I.-,,-.-1  ii.��� II. ll.iileii j  ..l.iii-il Minin;' ;  :iii.t.    I. im i li-.'.  Certificate of Improvements  NOT i ci-:..  M.'iiiiiir  St;ir" Mineral Claim, situate in the  I. u.v.,,i,l   Min'ui|.   Division  of Vale His-  n iii.    '.Vhei-i* located:    About  three  miles  r,"-.t of tlie ArliiiLjion lake;.  TIKi.  N  .'.I '���: .T  u.'-r.-. -.  'ji:,nts  . ���.. ;i|.|-!..  tn  !������   .-I :min���  rii-iini;   Ci-<  1.   lold,-  .; .ihMiii-.I p. I. i  I.    of    hr   -!-..V|.|  o   Apnl. A.I'  '    II.   HA  .l.l'.'i'T.  G'J D:K That I, I-;.  G. Smith,   Free  Ci-rtitii-aie   No.    I1I4XH,  intend,  is|., ,t:t\-   from date   hereof,  to apply  to  tbe  Miiioii/   I,'. cord.1 r lor a Certificate of Improve-  iii.'ni-..   tor the juirpose  of obiaiuinir ,-i, (jrown  I i,ram of tin-ah..vi* claim.  And   flintier  t:il<e  noiice  that  action, under  ��� .s'-i-ctniii .17. nil.st lie coiliiui-nreil before the is'.ue-  . ane*-of sucii Ci'iii licate of 1 inprovenieiits.  !     D.-iu-d :his .".1st day of March. A. D. '."HI.  :     :���' K. G. SMITH.  C. JE. Shaw, P. L. S. arrived  in town Sunday last.  A. M. Whiteside, of Vancouver  was a visitor to the city on Tuesday.  G. W. Gilchrist, agent for the  singer sewing machine, is in  town.  A. D. Hallett, formerly of  Greenwood, is now located at  Stewart, B. C.  J. H. Bray went to Phoenix  on Tuesday last, for duties as  Provincial constable.  Scoutmaster Hargreaves paid a  flying visit to Nelson on Saturday last, returning to Greenwood  Monday.  Judge Lirown and family arrived on Tuesday from Grand  Forks, and are registered at the  Imperial.  O. Ii. Leroy, head of the Geological survey is now in town and  will prosecute the work in the  Phoenix district.  C.   A.   Galloway,   son   of  C.  Scott   Galloway   of   Grand,   arrived on Tuesday, and   will  take  a    position    on   the   Geological  survey party,  Eddie McCutcheon, son of our  worthy collector of customs, arrived home on Monday last and  will probably join the Dominion  Geological survey party, working  in the Boundary district.  Rain, rain, rain, nothing more  welcome than the heavy showers  of warm rain we bad on Tuesday  night and all day Wednesday.  The country was terribly in need  of it and every drop of rain is  good as a dollar.  Among those who done most  effectual work in getting the fire  under control at the Sisters' Hospital, we are requested to mention  Rev. Father Bedard, Rev. Father  Roche and the hospital staff generally and including many of the  convalesent patients.  John C. Tait has left Phoenix  for Juneau, Alaska, to accept a  position with a mining companv.  On the evening prior to his departure he was presented with a  gold watch-chain and locket  mounted with the triple-link emblem by the Snowshoe lodge I.  O. O. P.  Driver Grey Pond, of the fire  service, made marathon time  on his ran to* the fire at the Sisters' Hospital on Tuesday. He  was at thc extreme end of town  when notified by a bike rider of  the fire. He travelled to the fire  hall, turned in the alarm, hitched  up his horses, and was at the hospital ready for work within ten  minutes.  A strong move is now being  made to revive the interest in the  rifle association, aud have it a  very live factor, further particulars will be given of date of  meeting of all interested. Do  not let it go down, if that happens it is a most difficult matter  to have it started again, so all  pull together and bring it up to  a live issue.  The 24th of May, Empire day,  was observed as a public holiday  by our citizens, all places of business closed. Fishing, excursion  by rail, and a general exodus  from town, gave it an appearance  about the city ot a second Sunday  iu the week.    Fish yarns, antic*- i  ccived notice of his removal to  Vancouver Island It is to be regretted, for Mr, Pickering "has  made good" in this town. He likes  the berg, and speaks very highly  of the fine treatment he haB en-  eujoyed here and regrets leaving  the place. Mr. Royds will succeed him.  A reception was given at the  residence of Mrs. E. R. Redpath  Wednesday evening to the choir  of St. Jude's church. The occasion was taken advantage of to  present Miss Ward, one of the  highly esteemed members of the  choir, with a handsome testimonial of tbeir appreciation. Miss  Ward will leave tor Vancouver  next week.  80UND  FOR MACKENZIE  After a six month's leave of absence, spent at his home in the  maritime province, Corporal Fitzgerald, of the mounted police  who has been insolated for six  years on Hershell Island, at the  mouth of the MacKenzie river, in  charge of a police detachment, is  returning to his lonely post  among the Esquimos, with the  rank of inspector, to which he  was promoted while in the east.  Mr. Fitzgerald is one of the oldest policeman in the force, and  has an intimate knowledge of  the habits and customs ot the  Esquimos.  POPE SOLVES PROBLEM  WHITE SLAVE TRAFFIC  The holy father, always interested in the affairs of his cbil  dreu. is desirous that Catholic  women who take an active part iu  social affairs be not restricted  in tbe dress proper for social requirements by any open insignia  of their faith, and therefore dispenses them from wearing their  scapulars where they will be conspicuous, or doing away with  them altogether if they desire.  This edict, however, does not mean  that they need not be enrolled in  the order, for that obligation still  holds, but after they are once enrolled they may put aside scapular and iu its place carry .a small  medal of the Blessed Virgin in  their pockets or wherever they  please.  GOES TO REPUBLIC  A Large Consignment of  TRUNKS  AND  &,  SUIT CASES  There is a talk of suppressing  the "white slave"  traffic.   Parliament can help the work by enacting that a part of the punishment for persons found guilty of  this abominable offence shall  be  imprisonment with  whipping at  tbe beginning, middle and end of  the sentence.    Kindness is thrown  away upon the cur who would engage in such  transactions.    For  a second offence the punishment  ought   to   be  imprisonment   for  life,   with   a   whipping to start  with.  AT  Russell-Law Caulfield Co.,Ltd.  GROCERIES,     CROCKERY,     HARDWARE,  GENTS'   FURNISHINGS.  The National hotel changes  hands at the expiration of the  month of Mav, Mrs. Harry Towns  going to Republic, Wash., to  carry on the Hotel Delaware, a  deservedly popular hostelry. The  many guests of the National will  certainly miss Mrs. Towns and  her many kind ministrations  which made the, hotel so homelike and comfortable.  "Here's an article in this magazine entitled "How to Meet  Trouble," said Mrs. Wedderley.  "Shall I read it to you?" "No,  thank you," replied his wife's  husband. "How to dodge trouble  is the brand of information I'm  looking for."  WANTED���Girl for general housework. Good wages to right party. Enquire Mrs. R. J. Sanders, Kimberley ay,  For Sewing Machine Needles and  Oil sec A. L, White, the Stove and  Furniture man.    Phone 16.  Before you take yonr departure from  Greenwood subscribe for your home  paper, $1 for six months, or $2 a yeai.  You will find it full of interest to you  wherever you are.  TENTS!    TENTS!  New shipment just received.' See  the line. The O. I. C. store, A. h.  White, proprietor.  Make your wants known through a  want ad.   Three line ad. for 25c.  FOK RFNT���A2-room house, neat  and nicely furnished, suitable for  batching-, located side of J. H. Mc  Neil's residence. Other furuished  houses for rent. See the B'urnilure  and Stove man, A, h. White,  Make use ol the want ad. column.  It will do the work for you at less cost  and be more effectual,  ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE BY TENDER  SEALED TENDERS, marked "Teudcrs for  Stephans liauch," will he received ay the uii-  d��;r:.iy-n��<l al the office of John D. Spence, bar  ri ter. Greenwood, British Columbia, up to the  IliU.layof June, l'MO, inclusive, for the purchase uf the' following- laud, namely: The  "--.nliea.si quarter of Section 13, aud the soutli-  I east i|unrler of Section 24, in Township bd,  pated     Which      will  be    published j SirillkaiiKeuaortnarly  <is(i.v��,n:,   Dhibioii of  ' I Yale Dititrict, British Columbia, containing 31*0  under protest, unless vouched for.  3*.r"* ""'�� '"' less' fo''"u-'1'lv *fi*<"*��* *���* tue  1 j Kichard Sleplipns pre-emption.  1 He highest or any tender not necessarily ac-  cepted.   Sale snhiect lo the approval of ihe Supreme court,  Dated lhi*j 23id ��ljj ni Mav, i''U).  W. J. STRl-HHNK,  -\<l ii.ii4t.ator  A fire at Carleton Place, Out.,  caused the destruction of ninety-  five buildings and a loss of $300,-  000.        Nelson has defeated by 13 a  bylaw to give the Y. M. C. A.  free water and exemption from  taxation.  The beneficial effect of iron  upon the system weakened  through illness, overwork or  anemia, is well known. Ferrovim is a preparation which  supplies the valuable element  in the most efficient way, combining with it the nourishing  qualities of beef and the mildly stimulative effect of sherry  wine. Ferrovim costs $1.00  a bottle at druggists.  ".  .MENTHQL  PLASTER  FOR BACKACHE,  SCIATICA. PLEURISY.  STITCHES. CRICKS.  NEURALGIA. RHEUMATISM  Each 25c. in air-tight tin bim;  yard rolls $1.00, can be ent to any  sisie.. '���'.-''  Beware of worthless imitations.  1>AVIB 8e LAWRENCE CO., Montreal.  -THE-  National Hotel  A first-class house at very moderate rates.  SUNDAY DINNERS A SPECIALTY  Meals served  from  6 a. m.  to 9 p. to.  A Bar in connection.  Rooms warm, clean and pleasant,  and prices reasonable.  Baths free to guests.  MRS. HARRY TOWNS  PROPRIETRESS.  THE^  Club Cigar Store  Cigars, Tobacco. Pipes,  Candies, Fruits, Nuts  Phoenix and Midway Staye Oflice.  Apeiitfor .Reco Laundry, Phoeaix.'  L.  L. MATTHEWS.  HHONE A-45,  Application lor Liquor License  Doctors Recommend  A stimulant of pure unadulterated liquor in all cases where  the use of medicines or drugs  may safely be delayed or entirely avoided.  Absolutely Pure Liquors  arc a temperate drink to the  temperate; but, line water or  milk, if taken to excess is apt  to inconvenience any o rgan-  ism. No household should be  without a moderate supply of  selected pure liquors, and we  have them in convenient  quantities and trifling- prices.  Greenwood Ciquor Co.  y  IMPORTERS  GREENWOOD  ff&3&%&5&?&?&��&2^^ i)\  F. JAYNES  COPPER STREET, GREENWOOD  Ogilvie's Rolled Oats  4-LB. PACKAGES 35C.  3 for One Dollar. .  ���f;Yy- \    -V}- ��;y  --*?#!  ii  pfmmnffitmmHtmtmnnf.51  On May 9, June 2,17 and 24, July 5  and 22, August 3 arid September 8,1910,  the Great Ntrtlretn wilt sell round trip  first-class tickets to points in EASTERN  CANADA, NEW ENGLAND, CENTRAL and  WESTERN STATES at very low rates,  good for three months. Liberal stopovers. Direct com* awns. Through  trains from Spokam ���., - rf'' " ;c " h "trie  lighted, vacuum clea ...  SE*; The Oriental Limited, ieavinb opokan.... '   .-'    uail> ...i 7:55 a.m. *25  SZZ is electric lighted, has individual berth lights, and is equipped with :"*3  Jfe: electric fans, has vacuum cleaning ���jiach'rr, which has displaced the *^2  S2Z old-fashined broom.   Telegraph news '.:iiV-i--,p.-: a*-p   '".'"ived  daily. ;**���*"{  ���� Afternoon tea is served in Stand;       I'.'.qiing Cars anu .., .-. rvation -*-*3  5**; Car.   Telephone in the Observa. i .. .. u ?������ ".onnectrd up with City *^3  ST*^ circuits at principal points *^j  |~ H. E. BRENIZER,                                         V, KISTI ER. -**3  j-***; Agent, Midway, B. C.           D. ?. {. V, A.. Gratjrl .T;'orks, B. C, *-*3  wmwtt&K^-^imwtfmm^/XY-    4--''t&m^mm^'$&��g<-c<!im  BUY YOUR MILK  FROM TIIK  ��*     ."������..*���������    *   ���T-k.kf-^l^FHl'.  GREENWOOD DAIRY  | Fresh Milk and Crew Delivered Daily  BOTTLED  MILK   A. SPECIALTY  So getit'n be as true as v<*u can,  Manager    Pickering*,    of    the  Bell Telephone services,  has re-  i  T.i5i��* notire that 1, S T. t,ar*ii*ii. of R-clr  Creek, U. C. intern! to apply to the 9iipr*iiii-  li-uclem of Polio*, :it :l>t- **piiJli..ii rt ot��e  muuth from the dai<-hereof, fi-i tu? i?imni ur  a retail liquor liceiibe for lhe Ri/*���..���: kle ilotel,  Ku-k Creju, B  i;.  Date.] this Jth da., of M;..y. 191 ii,  S/.MUJ'i.  ������'. X."vK.��IiN.  *?. Tvi.r.v.-':.���:*���!-. V.. C.  -i  il Ffe  ! fi  I zt  l��y/$t->^'v:;;'./.^  eriXB,  ,   rropr.  P^H'&yi'.. :,;  J9.-ltXCe<AMaaarAM��*-'***r^\ ViCiKT ������*fT=*��iaCaCT1*7��..  flKTta*  i  ADVERTISE IN THE^Tls  SI  fvmp  iTliilJ  PAPERS  NT DESIGNS  Hundreds of Patterns to select from,    The cre.<;cn of  Canada's Wallpaper manufacturers at prices  ranging from 20c to $1 per double roll  mmaaBms^  ^  I  Bookseller and stationer, kodak suppjjj  attia  --"Jfe


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