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Boundary Creek Times 1909-04-02

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 4.^4i,Y.|,.-;,i   ::y^l  Y7%^^7:Vy0\  *\% -  ���^7 :i'^  4  jl;                                                        ��  %.'" "._' -'-7'y  . ,.->_-*J('>_,.                                 -  GRB&NWOQD,   B. C., JglDAY,    APM& %  1909.  **.&.������<  CORPORATION OF   THE   CITfc iX)F XlRfepWOO^I  ��� Y^^^^^W^^^^i^^��aaiaW^0^  *������>* 'JMf:.-*;.  $$*��  ���   V-O^C'';.'!;  E'-T&l  ^r*  ft*  .���ttttft-jtoX'sflJi^  wte,Ua^aatW����ytf^����ri.w^  felitoti^Cityat^  ���::^^myyyi:Y7yyii  ,r-'^^���'���^,^vLV)', *���*-���(.*���' ;' r " '���'' *���'.�� ���ftaT^*a��i*JalJt*is:-S>*f-i.lil. �����*-**- J- .V-.'.:--', '���''''..���. �����;.-*, .'jr.      '.'���,..   .j   ,.' -. .*���.''"����� "-*���'-������  ipins^'  '&&$���  '^&M&���*s%-  k.  'f.'fi  MM  ."iVr* ���'���.���../  -t?t-'. r-;-*ri?- ,**-7.-4**--i>.-Tj.  ��fc  a?  imY^OOpSv-BOOTS&. SHOES^ILilNERY  .t,-- '/��������� .*��� ������-���-���->��� y-.v- ������} i\{.-A iY\\y.:-t--yyy\t\\ .   ----   ?v^^^f:  and bona fide commence '.the "work of' the construction of theaaid-tramway on or before the  1st clay of May, I'M), and thereafter'-pro c.ute  Jtiie sam^e��pe��H'*k>n��l'y*-until tlin completion of  ^flte train way. (ready ..Cat* activj ivprriqi**, and  iiiial tlie*:d itf *P��#inj)l|:io i: ah ill bo' -jotiatcr  phauthSl'iyjs.^^Nov^m'jer^l'gr.'j    ���  *| 8.   This By-Liw shall, before.Wie final j-miW-  ane tlieffio1r&i^ve"t*ne':iVseii't'^ft^o^ftctorsSif i  the municipality In the manner provided by thej  .^Municipal Clatrtes'Act and-shall'lake; 6ffcct on  rtlie 1st day of November. 1W), ami be rc{rislcred  j^ii the proper office of the Couu.ljH Court in that  'yYy ^twlialf forthwithafterthe final pits lire thereof.  jjjjf; '-tit.   This By-Law may lieciterTforall purposes  fis the "'Gree^ woodr^hoeuix Trattawa.v By-Law*.  $��� Passed by thc'Muhicip'al Council on the 24th '  a:ae.aa**9aaa*0aaa&a*aa��a**��  llESlJ) mining!  S<- ���-,��� ���  ����s*-^*��*��a**��*������0������0o��0��  :. The   Snowshoa    C >mpany   at  PhceniJr have* started   up   their j  compressor and put. a few  michi-  ines to work.  schedule:  ..Jjifc AGREEMENT made and entered  into the  *_M8wenty-fourth day of March, 19t(9, between the  V  Work to the Yukon will  begin  three weeks earlier than last yeai  ^,_,_idi_  AND WHEREAS the  piled to th�� Colporatlpn _...  v. ...a-.���.  tnrei In aidop*t)ieC3U-traction  and equipment v  ofthesa.ftr|p.wa^^^^^  reeatftfcratiMfiea-iI-l bono***M f* terms and*  .-^iHiB     reemeaJtsha���uniM Ad of noeffect.  condltloaa set torth in tie sched .le to th.s by-      3    ^cort&fr shattcomplift the firat3000  l!   7itTv%^*t-^Ti;i-lii.'i.,Vi.;U-    'S'�� L       ,       feet of the said   franiwaV line o3*r before the  ���^W^?Ur!Lta"ee^.ttwtae   First day of November, WU; tlie second 3000  annnally by sbeclal rate the mm of ��t-8d.5} for   f ���-*_ tef     the Fi_;t a   . tf ttovelnbet. ������.  the payment ^the debt and T2,**J3.ro   for mter-       j       remainrterof the lu* onl_ ��,���,_, th^  3i|S_*^feW-.*��Pal^av-*''^- a 1 *. .��** ��*C�� ft rv^i?*'? 9.1. Eift dav of Nov-.mN.r_ 1017 ���..-* .��.i-f .*.-���->.-  1-TOr the. term of twenty years for the ��� '    -. ���. ."�� >iuc wu,.v&   injure  tne  Wt:'J%?"e Bi*t day af November,. 1917, ajtd snail thereafter  f?WrUV,"~"'-' ���*"*"4"' '"c^avme,*to^^niUUallv''WiaIn.3iri- arid hrie'rite  the  same  ^>.?lvESa*;rf.8.^- ������"���-_-,-��������� ���-���'���; -������; V -h,-- ���*,- --*������_-< Twmnt continuous line untilthe jifaturlty-of the  PjMTHEKtiASJhe whole   ra'able and and   detl'iuri,s ,1Crei,lafter me'-itlon&J:"   -'.  oVementk and nr^jropertv ot the muu'.c.-      H ipJa||s-_f the ,ocation,oJjJbtSWch 0f the line  iflr ty V the .City of^Optittu^cKl.accjjrd u-f t.f !arl(i],erminal worksof the��ald tramway as shall  The Crow's Ne-it.Coil Co. apd  employees bave entered into an  agreement for one ye; r.  The. Nugget mine Sheep Creek,  has sent put a$7000 gold brick.  Found Dead in His Cabin,  Alex.    Wilson,    carpenter,   of  Midway, was found  dead  in   his  cabin on Sunday last.  Deceased was a very respectable man of about 45 years of age,  and had been ailing for some time  i Constable Aston telegraphed to  bis lirother in Wyoming atd the  remains arc being held at T. M  Gulliey ;'&lCo'i*, pending his arrival.  -.     -��� i --_f- .--_.'   "n"��r'"���'"'T'^^-r:;-;"** -;f fcandRerininal worksof thesaldtramv   .       tUt if i? -_f_WlS3T9f *." *��$��%$ ^5 it : bss il lAl-tvaieilfml ts of; the. Citjiof. Greenwood  ANDWH*feBIM[4>lif ,"^��H$dTO^ .���*��",'�������������� ��l����-V ����'e ro��W> the office o  taxation, .  ANfS WH EREAS lifts^B^-^a^hiay ,ioi "be;*il.  the  filed, by the Company }u tbe office of  f'terkami shall^^be sultjeijt lo the approval 5rtf t'lie Municipal Council .before any  work  nf-i*_-l>il-i-��*.r--...-.i..>i* ii~ i..__'.jJ*< ---...."     ��������� ���   _,. ...���..-_.."jjetitioli tiii'd'cr' Section f>-i,  of the Municipal Clauses ActTitis; beeav. preseu>|  ted to Hie Municipal Council, slirned by the owners at at leastone.tenthat- tlie^vatuebf the real  . properly in the City ofGreenwoodasshowii. by  tlie last revised asseasn ent rctll.  THliREFORE the Municipal Council of the  .Corporation of tbe City of Greeuwood enacts as  fniij��ws:���  ������-'.l:: The terms of the said agreement in said;  schedule shall be and, are hereby accepted acid  tiie .Corporation of the City ofGreenwood shall  'deliver to the Compaay mentloueiMri.!the/said  agreement debenture* of the Corporation of the  City of Greenwood to theambunt 6f F.iflyTlrou-  sand dollars at tbe respective times and in man-  ner.provided in the said ag-reement, subject only  to the Mrform$nc*#t8e^*i��^  ligations aa \PWmi0^& ���mcWttmhe  liiald j agreement expressly;'set forth and the  ' cbaditlon expressed in pafa_-t*iph 7 thereof and  tlie said agreement is hereby incorporated with  .andshall be read as part of this By-Law.  Y'X'j [For lhe purpose of raising-annually a certain Btteclfic'siun for the paymeut.o' the Interest  oh tbe said "ifebeiitufes durlog- thetrcurrelJcy  there sfaanbe rilsedauriually the sum of $2,500.  and for thep-��rpo��eof raising-annnally-a certain  specific sum for the payment at maturity of the  ilebtLm-   * "'         '  ���-*fA-^��*'V-iv**j^ ���*.-��;    ���***���*' *p**n--�� *   Do vou realize the great and  I  t r.  distinct advantage ot Buvlnfl  Your Shoes from us?    : -  - It is not the price which makes our Men's Shoes  ���   '   - popular, but our Policy o( always having:   the   best  ~ Shoes possible for the price.  Every Shoe we   carry is made specially for us.  by the largest Manufactures in' CanadVand the States.  - We are receiving daily shipments_of all classes  of Men's foot wear.  -. The time is   near   at hand   when you will be  <        looking* for your Spring Shoes,   Don't overlook the  ' vfact that'wc can show you a larger.rarige than all tie '  ti;!'���''-'."'others put  together.  of ebjisirin-Uiin Shall lie proceeded with within  tlietjity limits. ?  5.* !In fedtfsldtfraUon i>t /thai construction and  (oi>ofdU(>ii of the said tramway tltf/Corporatlon  a(rrf>?.*ia*i follows:��� .'- i 'Twt-"':-..������ ���������':  Tlie Corporation will deliver, to the.Compaiiy  .debentures of the Corporation tothe amount of  ?50,JKK)^0() pajfable to the Compa��rv*or bearer iu  tlie^iiairiicr aiid at the'Um.Si'm<h)wlug-l that Is  to siv:���.  ,. ���     . j -   ' -.  De^rtt'JrcW'to'tliieantonnV-W^lff^M be  fore the 1st day November, 1911 upon; tqe com-  uletionof 3000 feet and upori1 tile'filing-with the  "Cllyi Clerk of plans for.the;tramway line  for the distance of 6000 feet from the City of  Gree'p~y **dJJasterJy. to; the Q\$y of .Phoenix. ,  Debentures to a like amount on or before the  1st day *rit;4_(o}ember, 1914^ uponj the completion  of (Kid' feet, audc' Debentures tn> the amount of  *B2),0i)0.{ip;qii or;befqre, tlie lst.day of Novamber,  1017, upon the completion of'ttie slid continuous  traniVajiline, from the Clt*r ofrOreenwood to a  point underand within the preseut limits of the  City;of Phoenix. . ...  ,  6 [The said debjiitiiresshall bis dated tlio 1st  day of Novem ber, 19 j9 aud, shall bear Interest at  the i^afcof five(5)'per fcSnlum per aiiuuin payable! yearly. .,..*  7. \ Before haiidinjj- to IheCompAhy the debentures which urnler this agreement are to be de-  livered'to-ithetompaoy'du Or before tlieast day  -otNbveniber, 1911 the .City Clerk or acy. person  actlifg under the authority of the Clt'yj Couiicil  The Border'Miaing & MilJiog  company, capitalized I or $10,000,-  000, full paid and oon assessable  s.tock at $1 per share par value,  has'been organized in Washington, D. C , to operate in the Orient  district.  Work is progressing satisfactorily in the Kamloops camp. The  arrivajPof W. O. Young id awat-  ed bv many, and no extensive  work will be undertaken until it  is definitely known just what  properties:Mr. Ybung will tak��*.  I  I  Pp.fipl|||&G0  ' The only Exclusive Dealer in Men's Wear ���in Greenwood  a  J  __ffl  ;_,     w . Vj^"       i. ,.t       ,"'j acting-unaer.me authority of t  i-a-dlVliriSl^^ mark as paid all interest <:ou  I   , *JE      .,    v***-*0-    ,    ,_ ��� Pq*H f rora tb*tet day of Ndvehlber, 1909 to the"  Is3. ijhesaidanniMilsumsio^th***��-��*'precei-t:   '*-*'-���-���*�����-------���    *- :-' ���-������*���������  Jt~vgjara^fbMaatlcntd afrtilyte raised and  -levied7 In each 3nrtr*by;a swiclai; rate aufficlefttl  therefor odillif the ratabM fatfit^ improved  wentsorreal property In' the' mtuitclpallt^ if\  theCltiy of Green weod" during "the durrency "of'  ���Q��e fald debentures or an�� of them.  ��� 4,   It shall bela-irWrforthe'lM-Jyor ;for the  time being of the CUy-of" GifeeaWaba tb cause  V Hebeatnres, to be ���all<rf-*fer��en*-ood Phoeiiix  M' 3Ptain*-ay Debentures*' to be'mada litthe usual  ,   .,  B -fotai-eaxai of the amonnt of $1000 and all such  ���'i~B- ae*r_B��a*t*es*s*ialt*��-sealed)with the seal.6f,Uie  ^m* ^Idfpilfatlon-and ^al��;ned by' the' Mayor'"aria  conntersignedby the City TlteaBiirer.'-J ij; ',/���;  5. The aaid debentures shall be mad* payable at tbe office of the City Clerk' It! the; c'ity  Hall of tke said Corporation and-shall hav? attached to them coupons for the payment of the  intareat and the- slgnatare of the-Mayor aud of  ��� tfieCity Treasurer reapectlvely or ait either' of  Jtfaeai to tha interest coapous may'be:'either  written, aUarped, printed or lithographed.  6. TheCflnacUr^rfrptott^Jo^tiftiein  !��� Ooaalaien or Provtnclai Government securi-  .Hesoraiardepoeltln an Incorporated r,*Bih_<-Jr  faaaj isivest ia other securities sucli -pairl.of :tho  ' prodttce of the special rate levied In respict of  thedabt hereby created and at the credit of the  ainklntr fund account or'of the special rate ac-  ecast tttrssJis c-snet be immediately applied i  towat-tU paying %lr>e debt by ^**es��bn^of>htf-^*^^^  thereof beiag'yet payable and tbe Council shall  apply all Interest received upon such Invest-  DMUts to the purpose to which such pat t of the  produce of the special rate should be applied by  the requirement of the provisions in that behalf  oftaa**U��telpalCla_sesAct.      ,'     .  1.   This By-Law la passed upotj the express ��  cottdlUon-that tho-said company siall'iacjfaillty J  The only metallic rival of copper today is aluminum.       ;*  \S  ii  . 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'��� ��� :   ���   ! ���       .-:       ���:���-������>;  Developments at the Nipissing  at Cobalt have disclosed a 35 inch  vein of solid first-class ore ola'the  172 footlerei.' -^->'-' -nv .w.-v  18^-J^o*^o,i^ber^UrJWanrt^;.as  the sjame authority'all Interest coupons from  tlifi 1st daypf Noyember.-190��. to . the 1st day ,of  N**yi*nBi?l'i*45frfcluslrt; aha "from the*- 1st day  ofaloMlube -f.ltW-faMhe 1st. dij- of.. November.  lobJlrtciiisive respec'tiVely on the debetitures to  be^deUyftrcd,on Qr before the first, day,of Nov-  enj^tr', l4w arid the ist day of November.r19I7  respectively may,fbefore: delivery of the debentures, be dstaclied aild marked as paid It belnf  tU'fc intent of this agreement, and a condition o'  the passhij.' of auy. by-law Relating thereto thai  tfejOoi-pacatioirKliall uoipny Interest, on de'-  b^flturcsiinlil the samcshall have been actually  deniered'' uttins Company-"���; ���    '   .:'  jl. ilf a By-Law to ratify this ajfrcement is noi  siiibmlttedwithiii 30 davs from tbe date hereol  for the vote of the electors under tbe Municipal  Clauses Act and (luU rej-1stctetl in the proper  office of the Coniuy Court in that bjlulf, ur if  s&li By-Law bJ submitted and defeated at the  pjlls or slial) not be carriel then and. .ia. snch  ca^e tlti's a<rree lent s'iail:be vo'd an<t of' no ef:  fejti  . _,.     ,���.,.  ;IN WrtfirtSSS WH^REOli' the paries here '  ojiave lierdUi-to_rfSpec:i.vety,act their corpor-  afx sekli,iiit*l"day^ai:d year-first aboie written.'  ]? j RICHARD ARMSTRONG,  [i#l--��>' .   -���'    ���-'' '-;i*/     -,Preai<,ent! '  Gr.cuwood-Phoen'x Tramway Co,, Ltd .  HERBERT" BOOTING,'  At the Phoenix Amalgamated,  development is being temporary  curtailed. A large amount of ore  has been, blocked out and the tunnel for shipping purposes is abou t  completed.  Provincial Grants  The grants for roads, bridges,  streets and wharves in the various  constituencies in K otetiay and  [the Boundary were as'fbPow's :  Ymir  Slocan     .Kaslo    Fernie  ...7   Cranbrook   Revelstoke   .  Columbia   Grand Porks.  Greenwood .  ��50,000  40,175  40,000  'i8.oob!-'  25,000  35.000  23,000  14,150  10,800  At the Iron Mask a big staff, is  maintained and great success is  attending the work. The owners  of the mine will be back in Kan-  loops very shortly.' They are  now in DulutH.  Thei Golden Eagle mine on Volcanic mountain is making small  sltipments to thtGranby Smelter.  A-rich mineral strike between  the Golumbia & Seymour rivers  is reported.  The Big Cranbrook Race Meet,  The Cranbrook Park; -Associa-  tion is arranging for a big meeting for Miy 24th aad 25th a 11 at  a recent meeting prepared the  following proposed program:  First day���2.12 trot or 2.17  pace, purse $350. Local J_ uule,  heats, purse $150. One mile running, purse $200. Y\ mile running, purse ��200. -;�� mile running, purse $150 >_ mile running  tor: local'horses. $0.'  Second day���Free-for-all trot  or pace, purse $400. 2.35 trot or  240 pace,, purse $300. Ji mile  dash, purse $200 5J. furlongs,  purse $150. 1 mile novelty race,  $50 each quarter.  Every property-owner in the  City of Greenwood should turn  out and vote for the -Tramway  bonus on Wednesday, April 7th.  The opportunity of a decade  is knocking at rour door, and .you  are expected to register your approval of the project that will  make a busy city of the Camp of  Greenwood.  The City aldermen have given  their sanction by submitting tbe  by-law sad calling for the support  of the rate-payers, and the business men of tbe city are a unit  in its favor.  Every thing is in readiness to  commence work cu the lunnel immediately (be j roperty-owners  express their approval;  Make the Vote Unanimous.  ���>A period of depression is generally succeeded by an increased  activity in mining.  'Greenwood, like other good  camps, has felt the depression of  the past year and a haif, we have  the. mines and the period of activity has already begun.  Work will be resumed oa  tbe  Eva mine at Camborne this spring.  ���a  . �����i  !*MS]  Mayor.  Of the City of Greenwood  TAKE NOTICE that the above is a. true copy  of tne opposed By-Law npon.'which 'the' vote of  the Municipality will be taken on Wednesday,  the 7th day,-of. AptHif'1909,; .ront T o'clock a.m  until 7 o'clock p.m. at the City Hall In  the City  f ��?i*oer ofthe 'Council;'''  G.B. TAYLOR,  City; Clerk.  Port of Greenwood,  A rumor is current that M. K.  Rogers will, again assume the  management of the Nickel Plate  mine at Hedley. .  With the Churches  ' The Sacrament of the Lord's  Supper will be dispensed next  Sabbath at the Presbyterian  church at the morning service.  Preparatory service on Friday  evening.  The miners at MiddlesboroColleges have signed an agreement  to work for thirteen months on  tbe contract system.  I Revenuecollection for the fiscal  'ft'  - '  I gear ending 31st March :   _   _  ^ustom^colit^ioiia- - $37;*ii.3l  i;JaT_B��H>5->-  .  To|aip|^o^s-:'i  $5o5ba"'S3  Dufing^he pitst..week thfr 8.-C.  I'bop^o^M^, treated 9��Ui.  tons oforeT^3ci3 from their Mither Lode mine and 729 from other  propertie'sv  ��� -ft.  uf-  '     ^ -METALS,    ���;  New ^iYa>rk,. March 31-rrSilyer,  50|-o; Electrolytic copper, 12>^ to  \->-\/.   fltijf**'*   ���i:'Jy -���������������'   ���  ���'"-'���"���  ^  During the past winter 300 feet  of driftiBg has been done in the  Winslow on Silver Cup Mountain.  Th�� vek is I to 14 ,|eet.-w4de. aad, i exchfttige:  the ore is arsenical irdtt carrying  good gold values/ ^ lUis inteode^d  to start stfippiiig;.'^re.4_/S��^..%is,  'property.. 7y-\ \ /' '^'77yyy y-yy ���  Gotvganda has a branch of the  :���     -   i >���-������ /  .-��� ������ 'i... j i -icS-^*��-: - ;  Imfteeiatlj Bank of Canada."  12H, .fiTOt.  London, March 31���Silver 24, 3-  16- leaci,/^i3.; i^s. 9d.  Hartb 31>-Closing quotations on  the New4 York curb aud Spokane  Wonderful ohanges ^lV^hprt-  ly tal*e place in .our. citv ^d:p^eo-  pl�� of every quarter of the glftbe  will know of the, great 4dpingi?Jis  Greenwood. - ... ...7.17" 77 "  Bid   Asked  $. C, Co'pper...;. .......6.87^ 7.12^  Granby;^;.:::...:���.   93.00 106.00  pomlriioii Copper -.0&X    >12^  '-'        Copper Quotations.  B.C. Copper .:...-. ......6.75      7.00  Granby-:::.:.-....-_..    93.00   99.00  i Addressing the* Empire club  at Toronto, R. W. Brock, Director  bf the Geglp-gj^al-Suryey, and -a  jtnan welf^^n t^ tke Boundary  coun tr y^Sjpy0k at Canada is des-  |tined^��*4j��^itet^OTe of the great-  :��st mir^ltlf��p(lttM^ in the w*?rld  It isclaimed that wi th reciprocity in coal between Canada and  U. S., that the latter country  would lose east of Cape Cod  and gain west of Montreal.  LOCAL ITEMS  J. L. White his tti) cd into  the Wallace-Miller b'oct.  SK Jude's Guild will meet at  Mrs. Bt*abury'j ou Tuesday.  A. C Meske-, of MuIjvi.*, i-i  shipping a car-load uf hor-es to  Sheep Creek.  J. Wilmsburst has charge of tbe  work of distributing tli^ grid****  on theGreenwood-Midway wagon  road.  See Barclay & Cu's showi g of  Easier Milliui.-y. O k: liig- F.-i-  day and Saturday.  S. A. Crowell, the wjll-knowi  horseman of Midway, will ship  two of his standard-bred trotting  stallions to Colville.  A* agreement has been signed  between tbe operators aad the  coal miners at Fernie and Michel  and all is quiet a'ong the Crow.  E. G. Cummings cam: down  from the West Fork this week  with a car of ore from the Bouatv  fraction for shipment to Trail  smelter.  All assessed property-owners of  the City of Greenwood being  British subjects, are entitled to  vote on the Tramway By-law o-i  April 7th.  Djn't fo.'^ut tlie M UU *.-y o_ -  ening Friday an<l St'.ur.lay at  Barclay & Co's.  A meeting of the Diam mtl-  Texas Development Syndicate  will be held on   Saturday   nig'it  ';y The Golden Z >ne of Camp Hedley will send a specimen ot HI00  ore to Seattle Fair that weighs  2401bs.  Collector of Specimens Broadbent of the Dominion Department  of mines reports an excellent  prospect for securing a representative collection of British Columbia minerals for the Alps exposition.  The temporary closing down of  the Le Roi and the big fire in the  Centre Star, gave things a blue  look for Rossland, but there are  still several properties there operating under lease and the big  mines are expected soon to reopen.  A 2* Stamp mill has been ordered for a mine on Queen Charlotte  Islands.  The Mc Gillivray Creek Coal &  Coke will install a $200,00 plant  on their property.   \  Next week   being   Holy   Week  the services at S.  Jude's church  will be as  follows:  Monday and (at the Pioneer hotel.  Tuesday at 4 p m. ;   Wednesday,'  7.30   p.m  ;   Thursday,   4    p.m.  Good Friday, solemn service with  sermon on the Crucifixion,at 10 30  a.m.    Eister day, Holy Communion,   8   a.m.; matins   and Holy  Communion (choral) with t-emon  at 11 a.m.    Festal evensong with  sermon at 7.30 p'm. (special music).    The church will be decorat-J  ed for the festival, and   gifts of lck,sc on A-'nl l0:h*  flowers, elc, will be much appreciated.  Tunnel Reports���Formation and  quality of thc ore is t!i_   best   in  Iron Beds oi   the   firs';   lewi at  A. L  White's St >:e.    Pane l'>.  Tbe c impetition for the $25  prize to be given by McClung  and G odevo for tbe b*-<t cssty  of 1,500 words or less, o 1 tho resources of Grt,enwooddi*tricf.will  On March 20lh Mrs. R. K.  Steven gave a farewell party to  tbe infant class of St. Colura'ia's  Suuday school of which she .bas  been the teacher for over three  }ears. At the conclusion of a  very pleasant afternoon spent ia  games, etc., Mrs. Steven was presented with a handsome cut-glass  bowl from her class, as a mark of  their affection and regret at htr  departure. Mrs. Steven has taken a great interest in the Sunday  schcol work and has had such  good results that she will be  greatly missed.  The future of Greenwood appears to be full of promise; as  the possibilities in development  of our mineral resources are beyond all computation.  The old-time prosperity is about  to return and Greenwood camp  will prosper and flourish like the  green bay tree. We have the  goods aud they are beginning to  be produced.  The gasoline wagons are agiia  in commission, anl the r >a Is arc  getting dusty.  The Ladies' AH ot the Presbyterian church will meet at Mr?.  Keffer's Tuesday.  F. C. Buckless has purchased  D. O. McKay's I ivory business  and took possession vesterday.  Mr. Buckless will in fu'.ure conduct both stables, and Mr. McKay  intends to go to the Territories.  Road-foremanWiltnshurst states  tbat work is progressine favorably on the Ingram bridge. Ftr  the present it is necessary to either ford the river at this point or  continue up the north side and  cro*?*3 at Rock Creek.  Don't forget that at the Auditorium on March Kth the people  of Greenwood will see for the  first time the wonderful electric  machine of Prof. Makeover in  which the "Old Maids" enter to  be ground up and made over into young and beautiful maidens  who will entertain you with singing, dancing, etc. Seats can be  had at Logan's Jewelry store.  i Admission 50c, children 25c.    ad TUE   BOUNDARY  CREEK TIMES  (/���-  tr"*-  <F"  CF-  c=-  Or"*-  tj="  o=*.  Cr*-  &*=��<  Cr*  cr*  .iBank of Montreal.  ESTABLISHED 1617-  Rest $12 000,000.  Capital, all paid np, $14,400,000.  UNDIVIDED   PROFITS   $217,628.56  Lion. President -.    Lokd SrsA.BCONA anl. Mount Koval. G  C. M. G.  rre->ld*ni *.   Sir Gbpkrb A. Drommosd,K.C. M. G.  Vic-- President and General Manager :   Sir E. S. Clocstok. Bart  Brancbts ia London, Eng. |AlJJh*.prcSSU 8w Ttork, inkago.  Roy  and sell Sterling   Travellers' Cre.tit*., available la anj part'ot the wvild.  iraVersed to plant the Union J&'ck^Canlf^a an&Mexico is rapidly as-  in the center of the Antarctic^ci*:; surging  large  proportions  is a  cle.  Exchange and Cable Transfers ; Grant Commercial an  ible la an) part'of the woild.  SAYINGS BANK DEPARTMENT  Interest allowed at currttit rates  W. F. PROCTOR, Manager.  Greenwood Branch,  The Canadian Pacific railway  company have issued a fine little  brochure full of interesting infor  mation en British Columbia,  The���o.-'ly fault we have to fi id  vith th'.' pim^hlet is the absence  f a r-h^t * descriptive of the t-lur  tng   scenery   of   ou- Green-vo;>l  landscapes.  matter of great importance to the  cpiftnierciai life of British Columbia.  ' In Ontario a man was sued for  hJs; subscription-to the bu:lding  fund of a Methodist church.  THE BANK OF  1909  itish North America  73 Years In Business.  The Saving Habit  Capital and Reserve Over $7,000,000.  is tlie foundation of  independence.  Begin saving now  by opening an account with the Bank of British  North America and making regular Weekly or  Monthly deposits.  $1.00 starts a Savings Account and Interest  is compounded at highest current rates.  Greenwood Branch--v*vH. F. STOW, Manager,  Eijwln Ban well, defaul i ig  batik c erk uf the Crown Bank,  has iK-eti paroled froin K'ngston  penetentiary six -months before  the senterca of ftur years bad  been completed.  Considering thc fact that his  salary was only $54 a tno-.itb, aud  that nearly all the mon,;y was re  turced, the Departmeut.of Justice  has shown a cemmebdab'e spirit  in giving the unfortunate y<un^;  man a chance torehabili'a'e himself as a responsible cifciz*n.  PROVINCIAL ITEMS  Nelson waats. a   telephone Iii e j  to Salmo.  Two   Japanese   warships  will  visit Vancouver in May.  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  I. H. HALLETT  Barkistkr, Soucitok,  Notary Pthlic.  Cable Address:       -'Hallett."  I I'.r.H.ird M'Xelirs  CoDliS ���' Moreinir A Keal'*.  | Leit*��r*s  GRCEWWOO0,  B. O*  '^%^-fe  BOUNDARY   VALLEY   LODGE  ������:*6W-ifr- Wo. 38.1.0. O. F.  Meets every   Tuesday Evening at 8 00 ln the  I. O. O. T. Hall.    A  cordial tnvt tation la eS  tended lo all sojourning brethem.  n. A. MACDONALD A. LOGAN.  X. (i. V. G.  K. J. SaUNDEKS, Ret*. Sec.  Che  Boundary Creek Tiies  issued Gvtrv f ridav  Millar & Davidson, Lessees.  is the place where the trails converge, and Greenwood is rapidly  coming to ber own.  Greenwood need*; n i sympathy  at the present juncture of- her  history.  No camp iu British Columbia  has a brighter immediate "future  than the City of Greenwood, and  all we ask is fair rep rts from the  provincial press.  J. JL MILLAR  Manaobk  SUBSCRIPTIONS IN ADVANCE.  Pin Yut    2 00  S?a Months  1 25  TO   FOKBIOH  COCMTKIES.   2 50  rKIDAY. APRIL 2. 1W)  The centenary of K��n.l->ops will  be celebrated in 1'JlJ.  The * mall-pox quarantines at  Nat aimo :-r��* being rapidly lifted.  Rear-Admiral Robley D. Evans,  U.S.N., piid a flying vbit to  Vancouver.  ii-  il  The Victoria Colonist commiserates, and compliments, the people of Greenwood on their pluck  and fortitude in what the Colonist considers are trying circumstances for the banner mining  camp of British Columbia.  The Grand Forks Gazette ab'v  abelstbeir.correct and misleading  statements of the Nelson News,  with their expressions of grit f  for the disastrous misfortunes  they proceed to cook up tor tbe  mining center of the fabulously  wealhy Boundary country.  Grand Forks is a pleasant plac  in which to live and produces a  big red apple that may not be excelled.  Nelson is a place of some pretensions as a point of distribution  for mercantile wire* sad rumors  that <*���> iae&lcttlable- damage lo  thebtasisess interests ai JaVjutbem  " British Colombia.  But Greenwood is a minirg  camp, at d as such may not expect  to receive due recognition from  elam-beach journals that know so  little about the mineral zones oi  tlie great rr.i -ing belt of the Interior.  It would be futile to contradict  specifically, and to try to correct,  tlie many wrong impressions of  Greenwood that are given to the  suffering readers of the outside  j ress.  Greenwood is surrounded by  mines and material for mines,  and Greenwood's great smelter  has not shut down.    Greenwood  Immigration to tbe Ctnadhu,  Northwest has already assumed  large proportions.  The passenger trainsare thronged with settlers from Eastern  Canada and the United States,  Many of them have sufficient  money to pay their way until they  get returns from their harvests  and will be independent of moneylenders. The acreage of grain  will be immense! v increased, and  nothing but unhetrl of misfortunes can stay the progress ol  the prairie provinces.  British Columbia will be iin  meusely benefitted by the prosperity of the neighboring provinces, and the overflow from the  great population that is even  now inhabiting the great stretches of the wheat belt will fill the  fruitful valleys of this province  with a myriad happy homes,  where our genial climate gives-  greater comfort than mav be  had on the casiern side of the  great divide.  Land values in tbis district are  feeling an cxbiliarating effect"  from tbe success of the prairie  farmer, and the tim: is fist approaching when tbe reasonable*  prices of laud in this locality will,  attract so many people that the  Boundary ctuntry will be one of  the most favored sections of the  province iu which to live.  The proposal of Sir James  Whitney to give a bonus of 2,000,-  OCO acres of the public lands if  Outario to the Canadian Northern  railway is a disastrous departure  from the trend of public opinion  in Canada.  Too much of the public domain  has been given to great corporations in the past, and if any subsidy should be given it should be  in cash, with *he control of rates  and other matters thrown into  the bargain. '  The business men of Salmon  Arm have Organized a Board of  Trade.  The Pemberton block,Victoria,  was (destroyed by fire.  New Zealand's offer to build a  Dreadnought for lhe British navy  has inspired the'Vancouvei* Board  of Trade to demand that Canada  shall do the same.  Myncaster on the Great Northern 4  miles-cMid^        CaWfR* 6  miles,    Lands for Sale in 5 to 20  &  For particulars apply to"'the Kettle Valley Irrigated Fruit Lands Co., Ltd.  .yyy D. ^  Public feeling is decidedly  against the idea of granting timber leases iu perpetuity for a  small annual sum pier acre ; and  we believe that the provincial  government is making a big mistake in considering the proposition.of the speculators that the  lumbering business should be  placed in their hands.  Ihe forests oi Biitish Columbia  should remain under government  control.  The Xale-Columbia Lumber  Co. commenced operations at their  Nelson mill on Monday.  The Toronto Globe is still in "a  state of mind" because the Oil tar -  io Gove r n men t i n sis t s upon se 1 -  ling mining properties and placing the revenue in the Treasury  instead of giviug such properties  to speculators, aud allowing them  to get the cash. There can be no  doubt that thc Conservative policy of the mine for the highest  bidder and the money for the people is a tremendous departure,  aid it is hard for persons who  bas?e been accust med to the others} stem to beet me reconciled  toit.���Mail and Empire.  The C.P.R. has made appropriation for a steel passenger boat  for the Arrow lakes which will  be ihe finest boat on B.C. inland  waters.  . The Prince Rupert Board of  Trade has entered a proteBt  against the sale ol Prince Rupert  lots at Victoria or Vancouver,'  The repOFE that the lease of  Dead man's Island in Vancouver  harbor has been transfersed from  Theodore Ludgate to J.W, Weart  is authoritatively denied.  Gsibg & Morrison, Prop.      '  Tbe Pacific ia the Headquarters  for Commercial and Mining Men  Is steam heated, electric- lighted;  the rooms arc large and cosy.  Li  The Beat Cuisine between  Winnipeg and the Coast..,  ����* ��fe *����� aft *|t *|* >���$> JL ���$���>  00000000��0000*00000<>*00*t>0<K>ife  The Evening Bulletin, Prince  Rupert's first daily paper has  made its appearance. In politics  it is Independent Liberal.  Perhaps the most graphic story  of rxjloration is Lieut. Shackle-  ton's narrative of his partv's ex-  t eriences in their search for tbe  Antarctic pole.  The disappearacce of their pony  in a crevass* of unknown depth;  tbe ascent of a great volcano  mountain having a crater 8,000 ft  in depth; the encountering Of a  temperature of 89 degrees of frost;  the discovery of a glacier 120  miles long and 40 miles broad ;  the fact that they have beaten  the record of the Discovery expedition by a distance of 354 miles  and reach a point Hi miles from  the South Pole, and learned that  that long sought for goal is doubtless situated on a great plateau  10,000 feet above the sea where  raging blizzards blow, make the  story one of the most interesting  explorer's tales that bas ever  been told, and will spur the adventurous on to carry tbe flag the  few  miles   that   are still to be  , That  fact   that- the s'.eamsbi*  trade between tha PaciGc ports o  It is reported that W. W. B.  Mclnnes will be appointed to the  vacant County C;url judgeship < f  Vancouver in the place of tie  late Judge Cane..  The Jordan river lumber corn-  pan v, of Vancouver Island, have  disponed of 32.000 acres of timber  to Michican and Seattle capitalists for a million dollars.'  . ��� >i ���������'������������        .   ,, ', ���   ��� ,,  Get   your , Job Printing at the  rimes' Officer  H.  ATTHECH0RC3HES  Prbsbytbrian*���Services will be con  ducted morning and evening, 11 a.m.  and 7.30 p rn. Rev. M. D. McKee, Pastor.  iHANDBOOKi  (New; Edition  issued March, 1908.)  Size :   Octavo. , Pages : 4228.  Chapters-.': -?5.' ,.;, Mbthodist���Rev.   F. J. Huthwford  Scope:JThe Cppper;;In��^st?ry Toi  the  b.A., y^ill conduct seiylses as usual at  >���;.��� >.'   '.       J;~ . Methodist Cnurclii morning and evening  Covering; Copper-History. Geology, .������;.-. ^    v.     ^       v  Geography, Chemistry, Uineralolgy, Services every Sunday, morning and  Mining, Milling, Leaching, Smelting, Sunday School at 3.  Refining, Brands, Grades, Impurities,  Alloy6jf Usee, Substitutes,Terminology  I>eposiis.by Districts, States,Countries  and .Continents, Mines in. .Detail, Statistics of iPrc^uctlorj^Cjsnsumptiop, im-  ports, ^ipor^^iiian^es, ^ipividcg|s^  'etc. i  . a-  The Cgpper Handbook is concededly  thel' %%  wpi am mem  i Hooki copper  Li  CONTRACTOR  AND BUILDER    ^  Dealer   in, all kinds ' of:  Rough and Dressed ,  Lumber, Mouldings.; Y'y  Windows,     Doors,  Shingles,     Bricks,  Cement,    etc., - etc., 7 <  ESTIMATES FURNISHED  GREENWOOD,   :   �� fc  PH01SE 65.  ��i��t>e^oei>apa*i>eww5*(H>v<-H^  TrieSfiliner  needs  the book for the  facts it%ivM-*inf**tagaTd-i��3*��" Geology���.%,  Mi-ies..  .������..   ��� ���.���.. ..  The Copper Consumer needs the book  for every chapter it contains.    It tells  IVhitjt-tftfe^taiin^^  * The Investor in Copper Shares can  notia^ford to be without it.   The  Cop-  Cathomc���Church of the Sacred  Heart.���Divine service 1st, tbirdaod  fourth Sunday ia each month. Holy  mass at 10 a. m.; vespers and benediction at 7:30 p. m>; Sunday school a1:  2:30 p.m. Rbv.J. A. Bbdard, O. M. I.  pastor.   Church ov Enguv.nd (St. Jude's)���  Every S.unday, Morning and evening.  Matins, 11 a. m. Evensong, 7:30 p. m.  Sunday, school,. JJ.30 pfc,*ra^ Holy C��m-  munioer, lax and<i3rd Sundays at.8 a.m; -  other Sundays; at  11 a. m.  Saints1 Day services as announced  In Church..  .-^MAM^iaivjlgSJf;* ���.��*fc��-*!��-*ft.>W,*,��-|>i? ���L.-v-V't*:'-   - -  Rev. F Vernon Venables, Vicar.  Ht  I��*tti.ia-ndbool!fci**i^  ersiporma^Ci^c^^Ul^^  thoulands of detailed mine descript-  lions&n theother^cpyeriB**f^Jhe^coppfr  mines of theJ^tfrfeA^t!,?'.&dU*rie 40  pages of condensed statistical tibles  alohijare worth more than.^he^^t-J.ce  of the book to each and everjt-ow-ner of  tiopppr mining shares. *"""  , Pr|ce : $5.00 in Buckram with gilt  top^ pr S7.50 in full library morocco.'  .' ,T��ms : The most liberal. Send no  ���monij, but order tbe book sent you,  all carriage cbatges .prepaid, on one  -wesl^s approval, to be returned if un-  satiRSfactorv, or paid'for if it suits. Can  yotj jtsfford not to seethe book and judge  forypurself of its value to you ?  V ;w|.ITE NOW.tp theeditor and.publisher, ,  ,.:...'.'.''   , ���,, ,  HORACE J. STEVENS  463 SHUl,DO NBUILDING, HOUGH-  : I ' TO^M^fc^vU;^     ���"'"  Close to the Smelter.  J^iS<^jfR��i  P  r'Si't-;-' <-, ���-  . ;.-3���� -* iv i^.r   .;��� **r ��������� -f; -. :,. ^, -    ^  ARE NTS who' wish ��� to secure lor  their daughter the.benefits  of., a  |iiolid;an4rcSned^M  to consider the advantages the Convent School. Nelson, offers.  . The Convent is la rge '- and  oomtoiocl  lous and a large' nnmber of Boarsjen  can se accomodated.    Tho :Sohoel  U  superintended and taught by tbe BSo-  tets.who have-;,much  experience ia  training and educating children.  Tlss course of study eomprisea Christian Doctrine, .Grammar, GM-graeby,  Arithmetic, English and Canadian  History, Stenography, > Bookkeoputg,  Typewriting, Drawing, Algebra, Goo-  metry, Needlework, Vocal and laottru-  montal MubIc, French and Hygiene.  . For further particulars apply to���  SlBTBR Su5>*WOR,8T. JotUtTH'S ���CSOOI.  _...-., . VHWOW, XF, C.  I  *,*t^*S-H*S^*4��^^^^  Mothers who have used Zam-Buk know how it cure* .  Spring Skin Troubles In Children or Adult*.    Mothers  who have not* yet tried It should note these fact* I*���  Zam-Buk was unknown ten years ago, yet such la Its  merit that to-day It has become the standard salve In  the homes of four continents!   Zam-Buk is purely herbal %  contains no poisonous colouring matter; Is used by leadta***  raedlcal men;  used In the British Army and Navy| use*  by all best fitted to know the needs of the skin.   Make  It your family balm 1  Mr. J. C. Bates, of Burks Falls (Ont.), says :������"Zam-Buk cured my  three children, who were all broken out in sores to such an extent that it  was pitiable to see them: These sores had defied all remedies prerknutly  applied, but I am glad to say Zam-Buk healed them."  Miss S. G. Hamilton, of Alliston (Ont.), says:���"My face sad hands  were one mass of pimples raid blotches. These would^itch, and when ���  rubbed, broke out into sores.; Whenever I put water'near tbe affected  parts it caused a stinging sensation and much pain���just as if 1 bad  been scalded. Nothing that I applied seemed to do me any good until  I tried Zam-Buk. That gave me relief, and a few weeks of the  Zam-Buk treatment resulted in a perfect cure."  '.am-Buk cures   pimplts.   skin, eruptions, cuts,  burns, .  piles, festering sores, ulcers, bIodii.fx>inoninf,ccatma,ri#gv>orm,  bad leg, diseased ankles, and all skin diseases and iiju  Rubbed well into the parts affected, it cures nttira,  rheumatism, and sciatica.   All Dru&gista amt%  Stores selljtt 50c. box, three for %1.23, or Psat  (reaYrotn Zam-Buk"Co., Toronto, far <Mc��.  The Best Appointed Working men's Hotel in ihe City  JL-ighted    throughout   with  Electricity.   Hot and  Cold Baths.  The finest of Bare Stocked  with the Best Wines,  Liquors and Cigars  GREEKWpODi ��u��Z'X  OLA LOFSTAD Proprietor  IHB3QR   MOTEL  ���������    McCLUNG and 600DEVE, Proprietors.  Finest Furnished Bouse m the Boiudary  Steam Heated.   Light-ad   tkwmghout  with eleatric lights.  First-class Bar.   Strictly ap-to-date g-oods.  FIRST CLASS CAF1, 0PBN DAY AND NMiT  X*^4'4>4-^^^^^^^-��^4'^^��^^^^^4'-*�� jt  ITOU^I KEEP DRY  4f  t  *  .4*  5 if  Electric current   supplied   for  i^pweH tfig^ting^j Heating and  Ventilating., Power furnished  for Hoisting, iand air-compressing ^plants,, With an absolute  g.Ujarante^^ yt v tr  service for operating.  M Our Rates. We Can Save You Money  "o-v-  *  *  4>  *':���  I*  4;-  4  4  t  4  t ., ��r^tto^-jttwc��a��-wt*^!3*w^-c*aa;a:  mtaaas  ^^vv^^VVV-A^V^J>>fVVvV��^^^v.v^J^���^l/vvvv^.V^^.v^.^J���������^  "3  General Castro will return to  renezuela and seek to regain, his  ?st power.  GENERAL NOTES  ���a,. ..m... -r*r,7fl'~"|,'*'",~-'r"*"'""^  Colonel Roosevelt has gone to  unt wild beaslsin Africa. .  Count Z-ppelin's airship raide  flight of 15) miles cxrrying 2(>  asaengers.  Many   pecp'e   are leaving On-  Eario to settle in the Northwest.  Contracts haye been let by the  vP.R. for part of their new line  rom Weyburn to Lithbridge.  It is said that the promoters Of  |he Great Northern railway have  ,Uready divided amongst tbem-  telvea $407,000,000 in profits  |s Fred. A. Lee,   the absconding  slier of the Northern Orowa bank  tt   Saskatoon, was  captured   at  *os Angeles.  Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription  Is the best of all medicines for the. cure of diseases,  disorders aad weaknesses peculiar to women. It is tha  only preparation of its kind devised by a regularly graduated physician���on experienced and skilled specialist in  the, diseases of women.   :  It is a safe medicine in any condition of the system.  THE ONE REMEDY which contains no alcohol  and no injurious habit-forming drugs and which  creates no era ring for such stimulants.  THE ONE REMEDY so good that its makers  ore not afraid to print it* every ingredient on  each outside, bottle-wrapper and attest to the  truthfulness of the  same under oath.  It is sold by medicine dealers everywhere, and any dealer who hasn't it can  get it. Don't take a substitute of unknown composition for this medicine of  known composition. No counterfeit is as good as the genuine and the- drugfcist  who says something else is "just as good as Dr. Pierce's" is either mif taken  or is trying to deceive you for his own selfish benefit. Such a man is not to be  trusted. He is trifling with your most priceless possession--your health���  may be your life itself.    See that you get what you asli for.  THE   BOUNDARY CREEK TIMjSg'    be widely separated by meuataiu  ranges and the ores occur in cif.  ferent formatioi s. sTl ese balte  of mineralization continue fer  c icsiderable distances i i a d< finite direction, and the ores may  occur in fissure veins where they  lie iu.ffrai i.ic iock4 aid wh.::e  the hells ic e sects;t-cdinientary  rock, such as lime st. : e, they ������ r��  irregularly deposited. ���Mi- ng  Sc'cice.   "���"."��� '  Hon. Rodolphe Lemieux con-  dems the system ot using political influence-, in appointments to  positions on the Intercolonial  railway.''.  The C.P.R. has started an im-  ligr at ion campaign in the United  States to secure settlers   for   the  Irrigated lands in Alberta.  Andrew   Carnegie    denounces  |{he   augmentation   of navies by  le world powers.  C.P^R. mechanics at Winnipeg  re asking for a clear 24 hour's  est during the week.  Until Anne of Bohemia's time,  women rede astride. On account  of her deformity, she had to use  a side saddle, and the women of  her court, to flatter her, adopted  a saddle of the same make.  Saxton's ttack-laying machine  in use on the G.T.P. has a record of 123 miles in 56 days.  Only 20 or 30 miles of the Chicago Milwaukie and St. Pciul Ry.  remain to be built to close up tbe  line between Cbicig-v and the  Northwest.  Lieut. Sbackleton, the Antaftic  explorer, reached a point ^within  100 miles of the South Pole.  MRS. MURRAY, graduate in vocal  and ii)*>trnmcntui music, is prepared to/  receive pu*��i!s in piano, organ and  vo'ce. I.<alcNt Conservatory methods  taught. Class in Greenwood, Monday,  Tuesday and Wednesday; Midway,  Thursday; Phoenix, Friday and Salnr  day. For terms and further particulars apply at room 34, Paci6c Hotel.  Manitoba and the Federal government are unable to agree in  respect to the enlargement of the  boundaries of that province.  Billie Whitla. the 8-year-old  boy of Sharon, Pa., kidnapped  from schod1, has been returned to  his father after the raytnenfc.of  $ 10,0001 ransom. A man and woman have been arrested and charged with the kidnapping.  Tin�� BoMmtoiry9s  is   the Pioneer Weekly  of the Boundary Greek  Mining District.  ��f The Times has the  most complete Stock of  Type, Inks, Paper, in  the Boundary.  T The Times is improving its stock, enlarging  it's circulation, widening  its interests every  month.  t The Times, in Job  Work, Advertising,' in  News Getting and Giving can deliver the  goods.  SEE IF IT CAN'T.  A timely bulletin en'itled  "Sheep Husbandry in Canada,"  by J. B. Spencer, BS.A., has  been issued by the Live St ck  Branch at Ottawa.  . The production of soap in Great  Britain is about 45,000 tons per  week, of which between 3,000  and.4,000 are made in London.  Eastern Capital ready to investigate legitimate investments���lands,timber or min.  es���in British Columbia.  Address in first instance  with full.purticulars--"Capital," c-o Noble and'-Co.,  Molsons Bank Building, Van-  ouver,  The Prizewinners  For March  it  NOTICE IS HEREHY GIVE V that, thirty  (301 days after date, I intend to apply t"  tb.2 Ho i. chief Commissioner of " Laud  and Works for a licence to prospect for coal and  pot oleum oi the following describe.! lands,  situate iii the Greenwood District.  ���Commencing- at a post about ten (10.)chains  south of the northwest cornerol lot*>22, pre-emption, thence east eig-hty (80) chaius, thence south  eighty (80)chain 5, thenca west eighty (80)chains,  tlience north eighty.(80) chains to place of commencement, anJ containing-040-acres.  .  Dated this ISth day of March, 1W>.  D. A. MacDonald  Little drops of water poured into the milk, give the milkman's  daughters lovely gowns of silk.  Little grains of sugar, mingled  with the fatd, make the grccer'i*.  assets swell to beat the band, it-  tie bowls of custard,, humble  though they seem, help enrich  the fellow selling pure ice cream.'  Little rocks and boulders,.little  ehunks of slate, make the coalman's fortune something fierce  and great. Little ads, well written, printed nice and neat, give  the joyful merchants homes oil  Easy Street.���Walt Mason in.the  Vancouver World.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  Sprlngdale and Mavis Mineral Claims, situate  tu .Greenwood   M.l.nittjr,..; Division   ol   Yale  !   District. Where located: tn Skylark Camp-  TAKE NOTICE that I, Edmund T. Wickwire, Free Miners' Certificate No. B14251,  Intend, sixty days from the date hereof, toapply tothe Mining Recorder tor Certlfica'ea of  Improvements, for the pnrpose ot obtaining  Crown Grants of the above claims. -  Aad farther take notice that ac ion, under  Section 37, mutt be commenced befcre the  Issuance of snch Certificates of Improvements.  Dated this 20th day of February, A. D. 1909  edmund T. Wickwire.  Do you hold the duplicate coupon bearine; one of the numbers below?  so you arc entitled to W elegant 109 piece china dinner set. Remember if  you do not find your number among the list this month, reserve your coupons,  gather vvliat more yon can, your are just as likely to win next month on this  month s coupon as not.  46878       31910       .HI48        36663        36449 '    '  l* ^J*5%f]?m9 +8857 +7555 49852  bvery 491b sack'WJtoyal Standard Flour contains a numbered coupon cn-  titlinu the holder t<f:t,cnance to win one of ten beautiful and costly china dinner sets that are kivhik away monthly to the users of this famous bread flour,  bave your coupons, make an effort to gather all you can���you will find your  number amone the list one of these days. The winning numbers will appear in this space trie first issue of each month.  VANCOUVfR MILLING & GRAIN CO.,LTD.  Vancouver, B*C.  Snynopsis oi Canadian Iforta-Wesl  ;���   HOMESTEAD REGULATIONS.  ANY available C-nninion Lands within the  Railway Belt in British Columbia, may lie  .ImnieMra.k-d. by any person who is the sole lieail  of a family, or any male oTer IS years of age.  to the exteutuf iine-i|iiarter section of 160 acres,  more or -loss.  Entry must be made personally at the local  land oflice for the disrict in which the laud is  xiiii.i't*. Entry by proxy may. however, be  niaileiin ct-rtain coii'lilior.s by lhe father,  iinillicr, smi, il.injrli'er. briil her or sister, of an  intendiiij�� lniiiie*.t<>ail(r.  'l'he lioiiiesteader. is re<|iiired to preform the  I'ondilioiis ciiiincctr-d there will* under one of  tli- (ollowii'i; ptaiiK;  1) A t least kis uniiillis' residrtu-c *i*>'iii and  ciilliv.illon o( the Jand iu each year fur three  years.  - (2) If the fathen'or m-.ilier, if Hie father is de  ������cased), nf thc homesteader resi>l<s npou a farm  ill thtf vicinity of HicI.iikI entered for. lhe re  qnircilieiits as to resirleme may he satisfied by  Mtrh *h-i>i>ii residing �� iil> die fntln r <.r imnlii-r.  (o) If the settler lias his permanent ii::i.l.*i'ee  pon farmiti*.' laud mvi.i-cl h,- him in Ui: vi.-l i  ity of his homestead, tlie rcqairenieius as m iv��  idencemay bo satisfied by rer.id.-ace npmi the  said land.  Six month*,' notice in writi.i;r:.lioiilil Wei-.> n  to the Coii!ini*si'*i:er of I'oniiiiion f^aiuls at (>t  tawa of inleiiiioii lo apt''} f"r patent.  t'o.'il. ���Coal ini.iiitt; risrhtsnwy bele.t.-eil I����ra  iveriodijf lw**uty-*tiir years at  an  atiumi*  re.tal  of SI. |>er acre.   Nut   mure than 2..r<>Hacivs (ball  . 1)0 leased t.v one imli-\ idtinl ur cmtipanv.    A rny-  ' alli.i al Ilie ivu* of five ce. is pi r ton  shall   l>e  ollrcKd oil the ii:cicli::nia|il<- nial miiiiil.  W.  V%. LUKV,  Peptilv of 'Il !   Miai.-ner ot llu ltiterir*r  N. U.- Unauthorized   pubUi-iiim of  lUif   ad  tcrtiMXiient will  lot tie t>u     tat.  1  Tea  Coffee  Spicea  and Extracts  i  Received Highert Award  Dominion Exhibition 1906  \  Cor relation ot Mineral   Belts  in the Rocky Mountains,  That there is a close relation  between the different mining districts that are located upon great  zones of eruptive activity, lault-  ing^ and Assuring, has been cor*  clusively shown. The mineral  fceltxoirjcides with.and continues  along the zone of? porphyrie?,?al-  though the mining, districts may  WORTH TAKING  Om ot-tnee Mali stalnai Vamllallmi  Ona aaaai Ooggwaa ��aXataa�� t  Vour.  ovaoM   Camfoami  ifnp  SututfMlBai  itlxad aad iakm hi tavaamiml  *m Uaa th�� iaa\ alstan *�� *���  amaattU Uteif,UmUm, aa* a*  rutaasj araaalas.  IUsmvi *��� fast**, to taa  iiaini iu dttw, it utaM ,,  dabto tatmmh tiiMkr-M** *a*waari��* -  Uoa aver Mttss ��9 obaaia Ha  tjatam at  lafMMlH aad  vaata  .  oultar.  II aata �� ���  iaVaaaTlAaaWatm'  ami tha m��2> oal  tog ���AwTwrttiaif, h.   aad otter aJwUMo arfatog from  Hw lauj ii iHitato *������ m^jaaaani at  - m_Bjuyyi JtKsaaa%J aatoaaa9aa\l CUbcX \maa\a9aa* a^aaWaawM  yagSUaUami mtiiatj asVtSata,aaa  caflh/baastxadataaiia.  i* j��**f fc��g�� ^ -wiiiMjtw ft^rH rtair  Osto to bins, u aair^Badoaktaihr  bafjiMiJ t��la��m al watealaaal  J^rJ^**a4aA*t*^7.  4 a a a aa a �� a �� ai > 4 a"a' ��� a'a a ��� t a a a s#  The oven does  the baking, the  fire-box controls  the oven heat,  and the grates  hold the coal or  wood that produces the heat.so  THE GRATES  are important.  Range  lug  v.  u.  \DqubIe    \  \Duplex   )���  Orates  "Sask-alta" Double Duplex Grates are made  in four pieces, each grate shaken separately.  Ashes over one grate can be shaken without  wasting good fueliover other grate. No poking  necessary, thereby/saving fuel; Dampers at both  ends of fire-box secure perfect drafts. When  grates are inverted for wood a patent clamp  retains them in position. The easiest-working-  way is the surest-serving j way ��� and that's  "Sask-alta  We will send you The Boundary Creek  Times with ail the News of the Boundary  and The Farm and Ranch Review, Ca.^  gary, a first-class Rancher's Paper, from  now until January 1st, 1910.  ���������-)��������������������*�������>��>������>��������->  HOME-MADE  MEDIOINE  Said to Relieve Kldnay Trouble  and Rheumatism  One ounce fluid Extraol Dandelion ;  One ounce Compound SaUtons ;  Four   ounce*   Compound   8rrup  "  SareaparilU j *  Mixed and taken in teupoonfttl  dosea alter meal* tad at bedtime, is  stated by a prominent nhrafoUn to  give most excellent retnuta in kidney  or. urinary afflictions, and alio in  rheumatism and eoiatJaa. Tna mixture opens tho dogged porea of tbe  kidneys, thus assisting them in tbeir  work of filtering all waste and poisonous matter from the blood, ana expels  these in the urine. To allow this  poisonous matter to remain means  that it will settle in the muscular  tissues or joints, and cause the untold  misery known as rheumatism.  The mixture is composed of harmless vegetable ingredient,* which can  be put ohased at any good drug store,  and mixed at home.  Anyone suffering froea any of these  affliotions will no aoabt ba pleased to  learn cf so simple aad highly raoom-  <.   mended remedy.  <>>��>���>>,�� ��s>e��>>ooee��oee��ol  Everybody  Agrees  that COD LIVEH OIL and IRON arc  beyond question tlie gieaf^st medicines knnwn. "Then why ooes not  everybody '$>** <<-ciJ .Jlivii Oil and  Iron? Simply vbecause-'liiettt people  cannot take the Oitand few can digest  the Iron in any-ordinarylbroi. Tbe��e  difficulties havtj* bjectt fewtirilv removed  by the introduction of TERSOL, in  which the I ron is scieutificaUy combined wjth^t.te Oil, rendcrin}1 the C-I  palatable smi the Iron rii^cstible.  While  is manufac-.urc-l from the best <j��.ility  " of Cod Liver Oil (the uiiole of the Oil;  and is richer   in o^l th-m any othei  eiiHihion.and wliile it enmains just thc  ri>-i��l quantity of thc best fom of Inn  ind  I'liosphorti-j, it i= >m scicntificalh  prcpureJ '.h.it r.ot or.c \ c-rron in :i thou-  sand  limls   -��11 y trouble in  tal-in.;   it.  ind infants digest il v. itlior.t dtiTi��.u!ty  Moreover ilv* weil-estabhshcd valur* t..|  the    Oil    an-J     Iron     is    ininvns-*-,  enhanced by the process nf inanul.'c-  itirc, and i:S the formula i-s freely ��*.\-  prised it'is'no; to bs   wondered at thai  physicians    everywhere     have    full)  endorsed I-EHROL and used it lnrgcl)  in their practice.  - FERROL is invalu-  niil* for tbe treatment of any k'nd of  Lung-or Bronchial troubles, while fir  wasting diseases it has no equal, and  "You Know What  You Take"  BOVRI  the kitchen  economist  Lk*4*����M-T��iPML4t\ M��^^  We will send you THE HOME JOURNAL  and the Boundary Creek Times for one  year*  Send us $2.25 and *afc��ive the Greatest Canadian Monthly  and The Times, witti all the News of the Boundary for  a "whole year.  Much of tho U'-ft-ovor food \ c ���-'. ik :i  throw Out call l>>* l-.:n*od i:it-> ���.'>���!:-  cious dishes by th-i :-.d'.!l:k":.i i '" <x  little Bovril.  It gives warmed-over '..u-at-i t'.ia  juiciness of the oi ivfiii���1 cooIc:;'v;.  It gives body and :.trr-iv;l'.i t > ::.->j - ;  and gravies.  It gives a delicious, p:;jt:^:.t . .v.v;*  to cold meats and li.ishc:..  Every day you will find Uovrll :: l.^'.y  and an economy  in   your k!:u:!o:i.  Bovril contains lhe esscric;*, flavor  and nutrient substance ofll:e v> :;.*  beit beef. It gives :.'.rcn-*-th .- ui  nourishment to the invalid, and Iu*;p-  fulness and economy to  ;*,���-..- coot:.  All good grocer? sci? "iOVRTL THE   BQU��ARY CREEK TIMES,  =*E3?=  .��� -a    jtr-rmuM .ayu->f-f tr" ��� ,-mhi, 'tctiec  A flour of the finest quality, which the choicest Manitoba  Hard Wheat and the most expert milling can make ; a  flour that never fails to give satisfaction ; a flour that enjoys the confidence of those who have tried it���that's  puRiry  FLOUR  No one wants to eat anything but the best bread. Purity  Flour wins its way by what it does���the best flour makes  the best bread. Try it to-day. Ask your grocer for Purity.  See that  is on every  bag or barrel  you buy  WESTERN-CANADA FLOUR MILLS CO.,  Limited  Mills at Wisnipko, Oodsbicu j,ar> Bhakvus  8ai  I  U  ell Go  SOLE   AGENTS  Greenwood and Anaconda  ust the thing  Bass and  Guinness in Nips  Direct Importation.  m reenwood Liquor *2&  W U- CHEFS GREENWOOD  >?&&  Mice to our  $  After April 7th cars will run in two  sections to and from the Tunnel direct  to the 01C New and Second-hand Store,  Purely Pertsonailj  Robert   Wood   is   dowa  trom  Beaverdtill. " .'���'  N. II;. Lamont was over to Nelson this week.  Wm. Eddy, of Rock Creek was  iti town on Tuesday.  . A. D. Hallett returned from the  coa.-t on Wednesday.    '  '    VV. R. Phillips, of  the Oro Denoro mine, was in town Monday.  Geo. H. Deane, School Inspector of Nelson, is in the Boundary  listrict.  W, E Hodges, chartered ac-  ���< untant, of Vancouver, is in the  :ity.  . R. D.Kerr, collector of customs  -i.fi Mid .vay, wasiutw.i yester-  <la3'*  Mis. Wuttmi-rshieft on Wednesday on a visit to Sp>kane and  We na tehee.  Bjrn���At Boundary Falls on  20:h, lo Mr. and Mrs. S C. Stn'r.b,  a girl,  ���-..  Messrs. K-lly and Ruscb, cat-  tilemet], wero in from the Ktttle  River-ranges on \Ve(tnesday.  ���....'[  Bjra--.lt Boundary Palls on  the2uth,t6;Mr.and Mrs. S. G) d-  ell, a girl.\. .;.    ''*..:    ' ���  James Wbaleu, prospector, left  for Gowganda yesterday. Three  years ago Mr. Whalea was at  Cobalt but left on account of the  unhealthy condition of that camp  at that time.  'A i ;.,   ' ��� >...-������-���  C. W. Stevenson, representing  {the American,Xype Founders, of  Vancouver, was ia Greenwood  this week.  Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Feeney left  -for '���'���Ontario oh Tuesday.',:' Mr.  Feeney has been 13 years in Brit  ish Columbia and was formerly  superintendent of the Crescent  mine.  Miss McKenzie, of Comox, who  has been visiting with Mrs. E H.Mortimer aud Mrs. M. D. Mcintosh  bas relumed to her home on Vancouver Island accompanied by  Mrs. Mortimer and children.  .Messrs. Palon and Walkenshaw  joi-Blackstone Castle ranch, Kerr  CTreek, are spending a few days  in the city.  Frank Gome, prospector, and  the holder of several fine claims  up uo. 7 road, was in town yester-  - tJi,r:-r..;. . .-.a*." :"-"t   ���-���:-..  4 **I^    :       '*."��� -Mr.  .        ������'���  Married���At St. JtidVs'church  on Wednesday. March 31st, by  the Rev. F. V. Venables, Miss  Jessie Knight to-Mr. Harry Gray;  both of Sidley, Jfi.C, ^  Mrs.-Si: 8J. Oppenheimer: and  son'are;: leavin* for. Colfax- on  Monday to visit Mr***. Oppenheim-  er's mother, Mrs. A. Fisher.  James Blake, a former engineer  on the Mother Lode branch, has  returned t* Greenwood to take  charge of the yard engine.  Miss Belfry, of Varcouvc,  arrived ia Greenwoc d vesterd ay to  jre.Ue.ve Miss Crowley r.f th��. ,-J.ccal.  I'&SB.it. Telegraphs who leaves pa  'fiT'trip to Boston shortly,  TOWN lOTICo  4  e for the  Tunnel   By-  Itaw and watch Greenwood  rise to her own.  .    Work is under way on the new  Ingrain bridge on Kettle river.  Wm. Robinsou is. prosecuting  development work oa his claims  opposite the C.P.R. station..  A petition is being circulated  among the ranchers of Boundary  Falls asking the Government to  improve the wagon road up Kerr  Creek.  Monday, April 5'.h, is the last  day to get your name on the voter's lists.  All the newest designs iu Parisian Millia-'ry at Barclay &Co's.  The new C.P.R. station at Mid-  wav is abaut completed and is a  very attractive building of the  Swiss chalet type.  Ploughing tfas commenced in  the Kettle river valley and everything points to a prosperous season.  The reading club will meet at  Mrs. Bunting's on Saturday afternoon.  Watch Greenwood grow with  two sm>l ers in the valley, a third  o m now sure to come with ihe  tunnel going, and a concentrator  and a sampler which will stimulate the development of the little  properties around Greenwobd,  Long Like, and up the West  Fork. We will soon have a town  of 10.000 people.  ;N-jtice to ourCustomers���After  April 7th cars will run in two  sections to and from the Tunnel  direct to The O-I.C. New and  Second-hand Store���A. L. White,  Phone 16.  Chief Timber Ranger Mallan-  daine will be in Greenwood next  week to "start out several gangs  of surveyors and timber cruisers  on -the C.P.R. lands in the  Boundary country.  Greenwood; Auditorium, Wednesday evening-,' April 14th, the  Lidies of St. Jude's Guild will  present a  oneract Play   by Mrs.  Herbert; Stow .and Miss. Sliaw;  followed by the 'most-laughable  play-ever give^a "in- Greenwood,  " The Spinster's Convention."  T wo'hour's solid-fun. Admission  50c to all parts of the hall. .Children 25e. .'���".'.' '.' .  ad.  Every blast id the Greenwood-  Phoenix tonuelwill increase the  value of your city property.  J. J. CTMailey, R.O., the  Expert Eyesight Specialist, of Grand  Forks, will be at  the  Kootenay  Hotel, April 2nd  to   10th.    Save  your eyes tor him. adv.  Greenwood   and   Phoenix  will.;  play the   first   baseball game oft  the   season   at    the    recreation  grounds oh Sunday at 2.30.  Hugh Lang is temporarily filling the position of city-driver. .  Game is becoming plentiful in  the vicinity of Greeuwood. During the past week eleven deer  have:been seen in the district and  there are more prairie chicken in  eviderce than for many j ears past  The Methodists will give their  annual Beef-steak Pie dinner Easter Monday, April I2tb, in the  church. Dinner served from 5.30  t) 8. A program consisting of  musical numbers and a scarf drill  of several young ladies will be  given after the dinner. Admission 50c.    Children half-price,  This includes OUR ENTIRE STOCK  of House, Bard and Floor Paints, Enamels, Stains  and Coach Paints.     " ;  Everything in the above lines must go /^"f J.T5  PER GALLON,  The Hunter-Kendrick Co.,  Ltd.  HE   BIGSTORE  Greenwood's Big Furniture Store  s  ���J "-J:-  SCHOOL REPORT  FOR  MARCH  Division I.���J. L. Watson.  Pupils   actually   attendirg..    26  Average daily attendance   .... 24.17  Percentage of regularity...'.....  ...: 92 96  Pupils present every session  ; Ernest  Anderson, Frederick Jaynes, George,  Red path,Frances Rowe, Norman Shaw,  Alex Shaw, Ward Storer.  Division II.���J. I. McKenzie.  Pupils actually  attending  28  Average daily attendance  26.21  Percentage of regularity .....93.61  l'upils present every session:  Henry Anderson, Lena Archibald,  Georgia Eales.Matulie Eales,Worthington Fair, Earl Johnson,-Eileen Jakes,  Anna Mackenzie, Donald. McAllister,  James Oliver, Winnie Skelton, Robert  Smith, Sutherland Smith, Dick Taylor,  Joy Cummings, Ted Proctor,Xeo Barnett, Jack Wilson.  Division III.���C. E. Stevenson.  Pupils actually attending. 23  Average daily attendance. 25 61  Percentage of regularity. ?1..46  Pupils   present every session:  Ernest   Archibald Jack Eales, Jim-  mie   Hallett, WalUo   Jordan, Francis  Jordan, Harold McKenzie, .John!; McArthur, Muriel Redpith, Arthur Rees,  Tom Taylor. ' ''���".'"'  WANTED.  Wanted���A man to do general work  during the day arid to take charge of  FlreTeitn. Must be at the F.ire jJall  from 9 p.nr. to respond to; emergehcy'  calls... $110 per month and room,. Writ-!  ten applications should be made to the  City'Clerk not later than April 8th. - -  ���i.'J.iH.jmUL-  A.L.WHITE  Furniture and Stove Man.  Phone 16  ^&  An'.iseptic Hand Cleaner has  {,-ot soap skinned a mile. We  ���;i.arantee the goods. 2nd Hand,  A. L. White.  Pianos, sewing machines, stoves, etc., for sale or rent. The  O.I.C., Second-hand man, A. L.  White. Phone 16.  Wanted-  housework.  -A   girl   for   general  Mrs. D G. McRae.-  For Sale���7 acres of good soil,  cleared, small creek on property,*:  near Sunset and Mother Lode,  very cheap.    Applv Times Office;;  For Sale���A 5-room cottage in  good condition, with chicken coop  and woodshed. Easy terms. Apply to L   Daignault, Anaconda.  s For Sale���160 acres fine fruit  soil, 2 miles from railroad. 80  acres timbered balance suitable  for range and cultivation. Price  $700. Lots of water. Apply  Times office.  For Sale���Buggy in good condition; $65. Light wago'i, in  good condition, $65. Light single harness, $15. Also g ~*od 7-  .year old horse, weight; 1150 lbs.,  he's a beauty. A. L. While'  Second-hand Man.  TO THIS  Go-Carts & Carriers  AT GULLEY'S.  Ten Styles ranging in price  From $3.75 up  T. W.  HOUSE FURNISHERS -  .IT-  tr  * 7  * ������  * y  *. ':  TO BENJ  Fine 6-roonied modern house.  4-Roomed  Cottage. ���������:-*_-;���:/  Suite of Rooms in a Block.  One Furnished Room.  FOR SALE  City L-ots at all prices.  Fine Ranch comprising 715  acr;^f&.;  ^'::L  4��  if  i  ���I  m^mm  rxi'  *��,' *,! fey  ii"  '������ f&*"'%\  I*"  | pealey Investment & Trust Co., Ltd.*������* w  ��#aaaaaaaoaaaaaam��aaaaaaB��aaaa#aa0am9aa*sf��*}aaa��a��^a  fe  v-fe..   ,��&>.. .*. a. xk  'sm ml  IP.  &  DEALERS IN  ���i. i  Next Door to P. W. George's  JL. WHITE  ;/ Successor to White Biro*.   v*;| "';;  gf^Sr Sale-^50:jacres'6f.tib|ack  sandy loam, partly cleared, well  suited for fruit growing, one-half  mile from railway station. Will  S��rll;ifpr $20 an acre in 'whole or  part. $10 will finish clearing.  Half cash, balance oh* terms.  Apply to Times office, box 150.  When you want Wa-1-paper,  send for us. We will give you a  figure on the finished job. Mc-  Rae Bros.    ,  LAGER AND PORTER,  GINGER ALE, GINGER BEER,  ALL KINDS OR  CARBONATED DRINKS  PINT BOTTLES FOR FAMILY USE  Bottled and Draught Beer. Phone 138, Greenwood  Successors to tlie  i  ?!  i  :r  'ft  I  '���ft  4  <\  n  Phoenix Brewery Co., liK^r^o I  v*^  ��� '  9.i  ��  tern  9!  9  s  ��  9  9  ��  *  9  ��  ���  O  '���  *  ���  9  9  9  flti��*��i*��tcti��M����������*tt��ta������tt>v>^>'**��������*f��t��tft*ff  frcsb and Cured meats  Fisb and Poultry.  Palace Livery Stables  lurnouls in  Cum  Extra Wei  fi  il  DRAYING--We Can Move Anything  F. C.  BUCKLESS   ^PROPRIETOR���������   GET YOUR EASTER CARDS AN&  EASTER NOVELTIES AT


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