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 .-vt-  ^m  woLf^m  &-  GREENWOOD,  C,   FRIDAY, AUGUST 26, 1910.  &>���:  It  .*��rt_'.:  ^1  'TV  The Strongest Guarantee  s-.^ Ever put on a Wood Stove is behind  Cole's Air Tight ji  E\v''*i,he'5�� are the reasons we took on this stove and the reasons we recommend it'to you:  1. it Is guaranteed to remain air tit>M ar, lontr as used.  This is positive assurance of permanent satisfaction. Itir  a non-alt tight wood stove is as useless us a watch without a main spring.  2. It Is a pf.rfect radiator of heat.'rivlng-oft all the licut  produced by Hit Hie. Tlie heat li-oin burning a biiikIo  newspaper can be felt across a room.  3. It holds fire over nlpht with' Unlit wood, cobs or  trash. The fire is never out���anti by simply -nittintr iu u  little fresh fuel in the mornlm*-, you can hunt up a luuin  Irum zero to 80 degrees In live minutes' time.  4. It ia-ll*i at u reusoiiublu price���511 up and every sue  stuve is covered by tbe guaranty.  5. It bums wood and auy kind of lighter fuel, cobs,  rubbish, tie.  C. Its features nre ull patented nnd li.-ive been widely  Imitated but never duplicated. Tliis wmld-lv thtll ui the  desirable points Is Ko slionif n testimonial in favor of  Colo's Original Air Tl|flit Wood Stove as to liuvu been  ft decldinir point In our ln*,�� pun-base.  7. Made by one nf tliu greatest stove concerns on  earth, one whose guatunty. la us yootl as this L'overu-  ltient's.  Remember Price���$3 up  Each Stove Guaranteed  We  have the exclusive   agency  for Cole's  Air Tijrlit Wood Stoves.  You cannot buy them.anywhere else.  FOR SALE BY  Russell-Law-Caulfield Co.,  GREENWOOD, B, C.  _'s Big Furniture Store  BEITS AND BEDDING  We promise you good solid, values in  IHON BEDSrSPRINGS, MATTRESSES,  PILLOWS AND PILLOW SLIPS,  SHEETS, BLANKETS,  EIDER DOWN COMFORTERS,  < COTTON COMFORTERS.  ������'������������-**������-���  Everything in the Furniture Line.  ������&  & Co.  E FURNISHERS -   -   Phone 27  j)  w&siiry  %m-y;t  m  '~'7$$  %y7B-  .' ���"��*���  *'y*'??~\\i. :-������'������  ^��7tf7k  .������f.'iVri.'-'-^-'r  ���:.X&2%%B>  fliilet Needs  F-tDf-* SUMMER  $M  *m  Sanitol Cream  Pompeian Cream  0 Hazeline Snow  vC   Kosmeo Cream  y-tf:i  ���<;���-; '  Daggett & Ramsdell's Cream  Milkweed Cream  Malvina Cream  Exora Cream  imMAS* WITCH HAZEL CREAM  �� ^      Talcum Powders, Toilet Waters,  ....' Shampoos, Etc.  g and Music Co.  &  zm.  P. BURNS & CG.  -^���-iW 0fcy  'flf!&<yyi-S>   W   ��1  <S  Wholesale and Retail Dealers in  OPERETTER TO  / PpIER McBRIDE  -    .''   ' ���    \ ... ../  The following communication has  been received at this office for publication and 1b self explanatory:.  Midway, B.C.,1 Aug. 16, 1910.  Hon.    Richard   McBride,   Victoria,  B. C:  Sir���It   seems   to    me   that   the  "strong financial company,"   K. V.'  Railway, with its few miles  already  built from Grand Forks  to Republic,  Wash., and up the North Fork of the  Kettle river, on which they operate a  train once a week, which you found,  but which has failed to carry  out the  contract you  made  with  it,   and in  whom, if you remember the conversation we had the night, when on your  invitation,   I drove   with   you  from  Phoenix to  Greenwood, I  had very  little confidence, unless you  consider  the putting of two men and a wheelbarrow to work for a few  days, just  the day before  the  four  months expired,   is complying with the agree-r  ment.  Perhaps the public, who put so  much faith in your utterances last fall,  would like to know regarding this  matter and I take the liberty of addressing you and sending a copy to  the press.  When the-original company, the  Midway.& Vernon Railway people,  who got a charter from the Dunsmuir  government, commenced to build,  ySrYd after work had started and money  was being raised through a responsible New York banking firm, you and  Mr. R. F. Green, then a member of  vour Cabinet, drove from here to  'feock Creek and saw the work going  on for yoursfeiyes-jhen you and your  finance minister shortly*afterwards,  made^a trip east, when one of you in  an.interview with a prominent banker  of Montreal, said that you were not  sure whether your government would  pay the bonus or not, as you were not  sure that it could be legally collected.  This information was immediately,  as you knew it was intended to be,  wired to New York,.and put a damper  on the sale of bonds, with the result  that work stopped with no money to  pay for work done. Then, after  some juggling, of which you knew,  you transferred this bonus to the Kettle Valley Railway company, telling  the public that the debts contracted  by the Midway & Vernon Railway  company would be paid. A board of  arbitration was appointed to vflue the  ,/ork done by the Midway & Vernon  Railway company, and your government appointed Mr. R. F. Green to  act for it. This, I consider, is adding insult to injury, for this man,  with yourself, are responsible for  these debts, and but for your interference this much needed railway  would have been an accomplished  fact, and there would have been no  debts to pay. It is rather peculiar to  me that Mr. L. M. Rice, C. E., of  Seattle, Wash., arbitrator for the Kettle Valley Railway company, should  now run down and belittle the work,  done by the Midway & Vernon Railway company, which he laid out when  acting as chief engineer for that company.  You called the original people of  the Midway & Vernon Railway company "Charter mongers" and other  names, when you spoke at Greenwood last. Could you inform me  how Mr. D. M. Eberts, M. P. P.,  and Mr. Barnard, M. P., came to be  directors of the Midway & Ve,  company. ^aa*L-Aow  PREMIER LAURIER  AT VANCOUVER  FRIGHTFUL  CONFLAGRATIONS  . After a trip'across the continent,  which resembled more the triumphal  march of a conqueror than the peaceful perigrination of a political chief,  Sir Wilfrid Laurier arrived in Vancouver on the 16th inst. In the west,  as we of the coast know it, Sir Wilfrid made no pause.   At North Bend,  'V1      l i .  in the  early   morning,   ;i few British  Columbians, loyal Canadians, cheered  as the* "special train came  in and  as it  left.    At Westminster JunctionY'lvfff  George   H.   Cowan,   M.    P.,   was  sighted by one of Sir  Wilfrid   Laurier's party, and, in response to an invitation, joined the train.    It was not  till Vancouver was  reached that the  enthusiastic admiration which   British  Columbians cherish for the great Liberal chief found vent and expression.  Figure it as you will, no public man  ever got such a magnificent reception  in Vancouver as did Sir Wilfrid Laurier at the Horse Show  building.    At  a  conservative  estimate   there  were  present between 7,000 and 8,000 people,   and  they  represented  the  best  people  in  Vancouver  in  every class  that goes to the making up of a great  city!    And never, perhaps, was western democracy better represented, be-  cause bankef ,sat by logger, and baker  by financier, and as a  matter of fact  the pastor of a leading church sat beside one of Vancouver's best known  hotel keepers, xfhe   fair sex were  also present.in bright array, and truth  to tell, a edmely face here and there,  goes a long way to take away the mo-  notony of a sea of masculinity.  - -The Horse Show building was looking its best, being brightened here and  there with  new streamers,   bearing  such-legends as: "Vancouver Greets  You," "Canada's Grand Old Man,"  "Laurier   and   Greatest   Canada,"  Welcome to the Premier*"  It was, in fact, stated by the newspaper nien attached to  the premier's  party throughout the trip, that the reception  in  Vancouver in every way  exceeded that of Winnipeg.  ',Sir Wilfrid, tired though  he must  have been,   not  only  frorti  his long  trip, and from the somewhat strenuous day arranged  for him  in Vancouver, was in splendid form, and his  address was.a masterpiece of logic and  a  model  of well  arrayed   facts  and  fairly drawn deductions.  THE LAURIER    ,.  NELSON EXCURSION  We give briefly in detail a summarv  of the terribly disastrous fires which  have caused such a loss of human life  and property, the full extent of which  will never be known.  The fire at Campbellton, N. B.,  starts the record with a loss of property valued at $4,000,000- and the  city completely destroyed. From this  period follows a continuous list of  most disastrous fires and which . have  culirltMted in those of the past few  days, notably among which is that of  Wallace, Idaho. A large portion of  this town is in ashes, and causing, as  far as known, a loss of 24 lives and  property to the value  of .$2,000,000.  Helena, Montana, is in grave danger. Sylvanite, Taft and St. Regis,  in Idaho, are in ruins and Libby,  Mont., is in the fire zone. The dry  spell continues and a more terrible  menace is added by the prevailing  high winds, making of no effect  whatever of any opposition to the fire  element, and reports are hourly received of many places doomed or  have been effaced from the earth.  The Liberal Association was unable to .arrange with the C. P. R. for  a special train on account of shortage  of passenger cars. Those who intend availing themselves of the great  treat of hearing Sir Wilfrid and his  colleagues at Nelson on the 29th, will'  take the regular daily train, which  leaves at 12:10. Tickets can he obtained from Friday, August 26th, and  up to the 29th, good for return on the  31st, at a fare of one and one-third  rate, or $6.20 for the round trip. A  large contingent from Phoenix, Midway and intermediate points and  Greenwood indicates a large number  of excursionists.  FIFTY THOUSAND  CHOLERA DEATHS ^  Reports from Russia indicate that  conditions there are far worse than  the Russian officials permit to be published. English health officers say  that estimates of 12,000 cases and  50,000 deaths are not half the total  actually existing in the Czar's dominions. A report that cholera had  gained a foothold in Rome has been  officially denied.  *��#������*>���  CITIZENSHIP  MINERS' PERILS  TEN YEARS AGO  (From Boundary Creek Times of A\\g. 26,1900;  The Grand Forks & Kettle  River Railway act, is fully explained in this issue of the Times.  OLD VETERANS  Few who learned- of the death  of Rev. Walter Ross at Grand  Forks would experience more real  regret than Rev. A. H. Cameron,  of Keremeos and Hedley, who  has been associated with him in  the work of the church in the  west for the past thirty years.  Of the men who have been associated with the work of the  Presbyterian church in the middle west and far west since the  days of the first Ri el rebellion or  even since the advent of the C.  P. R. the number is decreasing  rapidly and a marked feature is  that scarcely any of them retired  from the active work of the  church, but remained in harness  Alderman Cropley was acting  Mayor of this city in the absence  of our duly elected chief magistrate.  Jas. Wilson, superintendent  Pacific division C. P. Telegraph,  paid another visit to Greenwood  last week.  Paul Johnson, M. E., general  manager of the B. C. Copper Co.,  returned on last Monday's train  from Europe.  Prof. Emmons, of Washington,  D. C, and of the U. S. Geolog-  icial survey, is spending a vacation at Greenwood,  Jas. Burch, returned Friday  last from Victoria, where he had  been furthering the interests of  mining at Phoenix.  The Gateway Lodge of I. O.  O. F. instituted at Grand Forks  by members of the Greenwood  Lodge, which starts off with 22  members, nearly all old Odd Fellows from other sections.  THAT'S BUSINESS  Protect your town and thereby  show that you are iu favor of protection. As townspeople we  should favor our town above every  other, as the growth and development of it is what will enhaunce  the value of all property both in  and about it. Then buy your dry  goods, groceries, hardware, furniture, etc., at home; have your  printing and other work done at  home; patronize home in every instance that you can, The success  of our merchants and mechanics  means new business houses and  until the last, like their oldvbhief-.J ^idences additional demands for  tain, Dr. Robertson, the auperitt-  tendent of missions in* the west,  who passed away a few years ago.  ���Hedley Gazette.       ;    ���   r -  IQPOLY'  |Si<4!*S*s!-.��gs^as*i  |2*ir/ --- - ���^JlKimam^m  air-.  ewssg  Bay will  wned un-  sjid that  ntly effic-  nd grain  kfjQm be  labor and more prosperity. Unquestionably "irt union there is  strength." Let us pull together  and advance our city and district.  ���Grand Forks Gazette.  The very sad and terribly sud  den death of the two men, Mike  Bauer and Bernard Hannanin, at  Phoenix ou Wednesday last, called out very general expression of  regret. The men were working  close to the shute, and a mass of  rock becoming disladged, overtook the men and forced them  down the shute and thev were  buried under hundreds of tons of  ore. Their bodies, when recovered, were almost unrecognizable  and apparently every bone in  their bodies ground to pieces.  The funeral took place on Friday  last under the auspices of the  Miners' Union, of Phoenix.  i ii d  Our idea of a ��oort citizen, atld  we are glad there aro many in  this community, is one always,  ready to give, accnnlinir to bis  means, to community eutcrprizes.  He takes stock in tbcra all, and  doesn't lose his faith if au occasional venture proves bad. He is  not afraid to buy rea] estate and  to pay what its worth. He talks  up his town at home and abroad,  thinks it is the healthiest place;  on earth, believing ii destined to  be the biggest city in the. Interior  and wants to be buried here when  he dies. And he's worth a whole  regiment of the  lukewarm  kind.  m  m  BRUSSELS FIRE  t  %: j  -:^gjfe��-;  -   V ���      '���    ���'���-.  .*'���^���fKjrU;-  IMPORTANT INDUSTRY  A company has been formed  with L. W. Shatford, M. P. P.,  at its head, capitalized at $2��0,000  to erect a cement factory at  Princeton, B. C.    The plant will  be capable of turning outTOOO  barrels per day. The trade will  be handled by the Great Northern  Railway,   -  It is hard to tell the  truth and  still be polite.  Brussels dispatches do not report any damage to the Canadian  pavilian through the fire at the  exposition grounds by which some  $20,000,000 damage was done.-  The building containing the Can*-H|��p^|^^  adian Pacific exhibit also escaped@i|^l^$M^^  destruction.  m^^m&m  UP AGAINST IT  ".'���������'*>'-a'.- i"--  r  Fifteen hundred Hindoos have  sailed from Calcutta to the United  States. The consul general at  Calcutta states that they will  probably be refused permission 1o  land. Thev may be barred also  from entering via Canada.  Services at St, Jude's church  Sunday next at regular hours.  '--'ym&.yt  w  i':&  THE CANADIAN BANK  of commerce;  UEAV   OFFICE, TORONTO  ������   ���r-.v-j--?-*  ESTAIIUSIIKD .ltfe*r^:SjS>.-.-  ^:!;v'  B. E. WALKER, President  ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager  Paid-up Capital, SI0.000,000  Reserve Fund, -   $ ,00.0,00U-  Branches throughout Canada, and in the United States and England  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT  Deposits of $1 and upwards are received and interest allowed at curren:  rates.    Accounts  may be opened in the names of two or  more persons and withdrawals made  by anyone of them or by the survivor. 134  J, T, BEATTIE, Manager  I.  Greenwood   Br-  nch  T  "1        ���*)  Reliable information has been  received that the funds required  to cottthwje the work on the  Greenwood-Phoenix tunnel, is in  hand .amounting to $40,000 and  <jrffiH be proceeded with at  "r^Kifis good news indeed  ^tilielp our town some.        |  WE HAVE DECIDED TO  DISCONTINUE EZiolNESS  AT THIS POINT. OUR ENTIRE STOCK WILL BE  PLACED ON THE MARKET  AT ABSOLUTE COST.  Watch for particulars.  tKi  Hunter-Kendrick Ca,  s*  �����)��  LIMITED  HARDWARE MERCHANTS  PHONE  9  <\^*)V^AtfAM���^>/'WAM^'>VV^All/^l*>^'*'-''***''A',  ***-. ���fiSSE*  THE    BOUNDARY    CREEK TIMBS  2;!  IWV-'-v  r  pfe:-  mm-y  /  JT  ���MfflitfCmil^  <?**  <F*  CF*  <F*  <F*  CF*  CF*  O*  ���&���**���.'  ..Bank of  ������  ESTABLISHED 1817.  Capital, all paid up, $14,400,000.        Rest $12,000,000.  UNDIVIDED   PROFITS   $217,628.56  Hon. President -.   Lord Strathcona and Mount Koyal, G. C. m. G.  President:   Sir Gbokqk A. Drdmmond.K.C M. G.  Vice-President and General Manager:   Sir E. S. Clooston, Bakt  Blanches in London, Eng. {i&^r'&L \ Hew YorR, Chicago.  Bny and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers ; Gram Commercial an  Travellers' Credits, available in any partjof tlie world.  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT  Interest allowed at current rates  Greenwood Branch,    W. F. PROCTOR, Manager.  **-5  *3>  ***e5  >*=0  *c��>  >��=5  >���=-��*���  *=��  l-cr-9  what it has earned bv-straightforward work, and it abhors beating about the bush."  EDITORIAL COMMENT  wummmmmmmmmmMmmmiwK  1836  THE BANK OF  1910  British North America  feverfef? anxiety lest a few   millions may cross to Canada*.,^ .  The contract for the extension  of the Kettle Valley railway line  from Rock creek to Bull creek on  the west fork of the Kettle river  a distance of 35 miles, has been  awarded to L. M. Ryo & Co., contractors of Vancouver and Seattle. Construction work will be  started within three weeks.  74 Years In Business.  Have You a  Bank Account?  Capital and Reserve Over $7,000,000.  The money is safer  in the Bank than in  your house or pocket.  A   Checking:  Account provides a safe and convenient way of  paying your bills,  as each check issued returns '  to you as a receipt.  A Savings Account keeps* growing all the  time, with Interest compounded at highest  current rates.  Greenwood Branch'-vR. A. CHESTER, Manager.  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  /. H. HALLETT  Barrister, Soucitok.,  Notary Ptbuc.  Cable Address:      ���' Hallrtt."  i Bedford M'NelU'N  Codes ���{ Morelng St NealV  t tuelber's  GmsSKNWOOO, B. O.  JOHN D. SPENCE,  Barrister and-Solicitor,  Reiute'l   Block,  Greenwood, B. C.  C. AE. SHAW.  Dominion  and  Provincial  Land Sukvkvor,  Greenwood, b, C.  P. O. linj* 57, PIioiic  WILLIAM FLEMING,  TRANSFER DRAYING  Furniture Moving a Specialty.  Leave orders at Matthews' Cigar Store.  H. W. FARMER A CO..  REAL ESTATE AGENTS,  Rock Creek, 13. C.  FRATERNAL SOCIETIES  MASONIC  Regular monthly mcetiiiirs of Greenwood  Lodge No. 28, A. V. & M., are held on tlie first  Thursday of eacli im-mli at Fraternity Hall,  Government -street. Visiting brethren curdiallv  welcomed. W. ET/SON, \V. M. J.S. HIKNIE,  Sccreury.  I. 0. 0. F.  Boundary Valley Lodge No. 38, meets every  Tuesday evening at 8 p. in. in the I. O. O F  hall. F. E. BROWN, N. G. GREY POND,  V. G. WALTER MURRAY, Rec. Sec. A  hearty welcome to all visiting brothers.  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS  Greenwood Lixltfe, K. of P., meets every  Wednesday evening at 8 p. m. in K, P. Hall.  W. JOHNS, V. C AUSTIN LOGAN, K. of R.  and S.   WM. LA WSON, C C.  many of our principal streets. It  is really a black eye to any city,  and strikes the stranger, as well  as the resident, that matters are  not very booming in the town  wnen such conditions are allowed  to run riot. Ir. would not cripple  the city's finances to start a crusade against this evil aud have it  remedied at once bofore it arrives  at a stage whfln we can certainly  expect tho succeeding seasons to  add to the nuisance a thousand or  million fold.  This is respectfully brought to  the notice of our city council and  we trust will not meet with a  " turn down " decision.  There was another close shave  for the powder house near Dead-  wood on Friday last from a forest  fire in its near vicinity. When  discovered, burning embers were  ��� odging on the roof, which was  preparatory to a blowup, which  would not require the press to in. Only four applications for di  form our inhabitants of the oc- vorse have been entered for hear-  rence. After hours of fighting; ing at the next session of the  by C. P. R. section men, with Mr. ��� Dominion Parliament. In the  Good aud other neighbors, it was; Reno mill this grist would be  got under control. Another warn-j cleaned  in   tweuty   minutes and|  LOOK CAREFULLY  ing to get that dangerous powder  house removed from its close proximity to the town.  As an incident in connection  with the Phoenix fire wet-gladly  make public As stated in our  report of the fire, the almost  superhuman efforts made by the  fire laddies and citizens to save  the Black.block, the key note or  only obstacle preventing a clean  sweep of that section of the town.  In acknowledging and fully appreciating the efforts made to save  his property Mr. Black, has donated a number of lockets, nicely  engraved with their respective  monograms, to those who particularly exerted themselves, among  the firemen. Such acts speak  louder than words, and are not  forgotten, either.  OUTLINES OF  "CURRENT EVENTS  CROP SITUATION  The Census Bulletin shows that  the conditions of field crops in  Canada this year have been  greatly modified by temperature  and rainfall, and that between  the East and the West it is hardly  possible to make a statement of  averages that will not be misleading. In the eastern provinces  growth has been uniformly good  throughout July, and the percentages of condition have been high  for every crop; but in extensive  tracts ol tbe Northwest provinces  drouth has prevailed and crops  are reported in every stage of condition. The northerly parts of  these provinces have been largely  exempt from the drouth, and there  the per cent conditions are high.  It is difficult to indicate fairly an  rebekahs average of conditions for the East  GreenwTOdRebevahLodgeNo.i'*, i. o. o. f. and West which does not take ac-  of the areas sown, and  these have been considerably reduced since the June report. Tbe  August report will give revised  figures from which yields may be  estimated.  W. F. M.  Greenwood Miners* Union No. 22, meets every  Satnrday evening- in Union Hall, Copper street,  at 7:30 p. m.. and at Mother Lode mine every  Frlday evening- at 7:30 p. m. LESTER MACKENZIE, Secretary.  The Phoenix fire loss is estimated at $ 150,000, but fairly well  insured.  Vancouver defeated New Westminster at lacrosse last week by-a  score of 2 goals to 1.  thc applicants would have ample  time to form other alliance before  the accommodation train left.  Only successful remedies am ever  imitated., -It%evident that "D. & L."  Menthol Plaster successfully relieve  rheumatic pains, backache, pleurisy,  &c. The ."D. & L." have been so  widely imitated. Avoid dissappoint-  ment. Get the genuine. Made only  by the Davis & Lawrence Co.  FLORENCE   NIGHTINGALE  Mr. L. H. Keogh of the Ottawa  Collegiate staff announces that  he has succeeded iu transmitting  copper into iron. He states that  the discovery is of no commercial  value.  The Roman Catholic missionary priests Father Welch and  Father Nicholas attached to the  Lesser Slave Lake mission, were  drowned in the smoky river a  few days ago.  -1'  meets first and third Mondays of each month '  at I O. 0. F. Hall.    MRS. THOMPSON, N. G.   COUDt  MISS   MAY  BUCKLESS,   V.   G.   ROBERT  HALCROW, Kec. Sec.  Cbe  Boundary Creek Times  Isratd every Tridav  SUBSCRIPTIONS IN ADVANCE.  pbb y��aj*  2 oo  Six Mouths  l IS  TO FORBIOR COOHTXIBB  2 SO  FRIDAY. AUGUST 26,1910.  NOTHING BUT WEEDS  A few weeks ago our city fathers caused to be put to work men  cleaning up the streets of Greenwood, and a very pleasing job  they made of it. Now we would  like to call their attention to the  dreadful, prolific .growth of that  curse to any district, the Mustard  plant, which, if not weeded out  Sipsonpe, will eventually prove to  have got the upper hand and persistent efforts will be required to  obtaiu cuiitrol and stamp it out.  It ��s really disgraceful to find  jgvgywhere about our city such a  growth of weeds that are en-  aching upon our sidewalks in  BLUFF  An observant newspaper correspondent touring the West notes  the promptness with which the  people "size up" the difference  between the counterfeit and the  18-carat article. "One notices  that the West is not gullible.  While it is quick to appreciate  candor and fair dealing, it is always suspicious of a bluff. The  Easterner coming to talk to the  West must needs put aside the  little platform devices that please  an Eastern audience. The Eastern audience sees through the  'jolly' just as well as does the  Western audience. But the West  objects to it. It takes ' jollying'  as an insult to its intelligence. It  is afraid that the Easterner may  think he is 'getting away with  it,' and that therefore he will go  back and boast of how gullible  the West is, and how childish.  And beynd  this, fifiLas  earned  For telephoning from a moving  train-an Iowa man has patented  a device consisting of a metal bar  to be suspended from a locomotive or car low enough to come in  contact with standards set in the  ties.  An Ontario M. P. is charged  with selling liquor to Indians. If  the aborigines were on the voters'  list instead of the Indian list  there might be some excuse for a  liberal interpretation of the law  of liquidation.  The suggestion of Prof.   Mac-  naugbton, respecting a memorial  to Florence Nightingale will appeal to some who recall her beneficent work.    Her  labors and direction   at  Scutari,   uearly three  score   years  ago,   not only saved  hundreds, of lives  in   that   war,  but were  a beginning  of the organized war  hospital  trealment,  which   has  gone  far to mitigate  the horrors of war and   of  pestilence  in  the  last  half  century.  Thc frail woman who  nursed the  Crimean soldiers, and who seemed  hardly   likely   to    survive    the  ordeal, has miraculously outlived  nearly   all   the  veterans of  the  war.    In her lifetime she refused  to benefit by the tributes lavishly  bestowed on her by an   admiring  and grateful nation, and now that  she has  found her resting place  in   the   Abbey,    where   Britain  buries her great benefactors, some  public tribute to her memory will  be paid.  If your liver is sluggish and out of  tone, an you feel dull, bilious, constipated, take a dose of Chamberlain's  Stomach and Liver Tablets tonight before retiring and you will feel alright  in the morning. Sold by all druggists  and dealers.  Hon. W. Shielding, M. P.,  Canadian FinanceVMuiister. said,  at a recent banquet' iir London:  "A time of prosperity is;'apt to  create enterprises, :a,*ad we must  ask ��� English invesfd'rs^o look  carefully into schemes./'so that if  they go wrong they^ will not  blame the country but tHgrnselves  for their lack Of care, It is a  common failing with the multitude when any country, any department of industry, any individual even, is being boomed in  tbe press, to rush to the crude  conclusion tbat anything and  everything ta connection with  that particular country, market  or individual must necessrrily be  good, and when disillusionment  comes, to blame with just as crude  a judgement the agents responsible for the boom.  In buying a cough medicine don't be  afraid to get Chamberlain's Cough  Remedy. There is no danger from it  and relief is sure to follow. Especially recommended for coughs, colds and  whooping cough. 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It makes unnecessary the disagreeable questioning,\x4mia*tio\u��l  local treatment so universally insisted upon by doctors, and so .bhor^nt to  every modest woman. -"mibm i��  We shall not particularize here as to the symptoms of 4Bk 4fba  those peculiar   affections  incident to women, but those                   *sa\W W~"r  wanting  full   information   as   to   their   symptoms   and  means of positive cure ate referred to the People's Com-"  mon Sense Mcdicnl Adviser���1008 pages, newly revised  and up-to-date Edition, sent free on receipt of 31 one-  cent stamps to cover cost of   mai'linr; only; or, in   cloth  biiidin-> for 50 stamps.   Address Dr. R. V. Pierce", Buffalo, N. Y.  /  *��� ���        ��� ; ���������        ^  4  4>  Electric current supplied for Power, Lighting,  Heating and Ventilating. Power furnished  for Hoisting and air-compressing plants, with  absolute guarantee of continuous power service  Get Our Rates. 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The Best Cuisine between  Winnipeg and the Coast.  4,*4,*J,*f**f**t*"*t**f**f'  JAPANESE  SUGAR TRUST  From Formosa comes the news  that all the Japanese sugar companies there have formed a trust  and will have a common agency,  The trust intends to push sales  in America.  At a meeting of the shareholders of the Le Roi Mining Co. in  London, it was unanimously  agreed to go into liquidation.  A. J. McMillan, late managing  director, of Rossland, was appointed liquidator.  A large party of East Indians  left Calcutta for the United  States the other day with the  expectation of securing positions  on the police force. On arrival  they will find this occupation is  practically monopolized by natives of the Emerald Isle.  Even if the world does owe you  a living it won't collect it for you.  It is no more difficult to make  a Hying in the United States  when that country had forty  millions of population than it now  is with eighty millions, and the  difficulties of that desirable  achievement will not be lessened  by an increase to one. hundred  and sixty millions.    Yet there is  MI-O-NA  Relieves Stomach Misery Almost Immediately  If the food that you ate at your last  meal did not digest, but laid for a long  time like lead on your stomach, then  you have indigestion and quich action  should be taken.  Of course there are many other symptoms of ingigestion, such as belching  up of sour food, heartburn, dizziness  shortness of breath, and if you have  any of them, your stomoch is out of  order and should be corrected.  Mi-o-na tablets hare cured thousands  of cases of indigestion and stomach  trouble. If you have any stomach distress, Mi-o-na will relieve instantly.  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C.  r  GREENWOOD  and MIDWAY  Leaves   Greenwood at 7 a.m. to  connect with Spokane train; and  at 2 p.m.  with Keremeos train.  J. McDonell.  ik  Ji  Snynopsis of Canadian North-Wesl  HOMESTEAD REGULATIONS.  ���? if ip ip ip ir ir *��� t? tr it *��� jc jt j-p jr ir  LAND ACT  Simllkan-eeul-aa-l District, District of Yale.  TAKE notice that Thomas J. Wilson, of Park  Rapids, Minnesota, occupation timber dealer,  intends to apply for permission to purchase the  following- describsd lauds:  Commencing at a post planted 2 feet north  erly from the N. W. corner or I��ot N��. 1193s,  thence north 40 chains tbence east 60 chains,  tlience south SO chains, thence west 20 chains,  tbence north 40 chains, theace went 40 chains to  point of commencement, and containing- 320  acres, more or less.  THOMAS J. WILSON.  Henry Straurs, agent.  Dated July 23rd, 1910.  MORTGAGE SALE  Leaves Mother Lode  9.30  a.  m.  6:30  P*  m.  Leaves Greenwood  2:00  P-  m.  8:30  *-.  P*  m.  Saturday last stage leaves  Mother Lode6 p. m. Returning,  leaves Greenwood 10 p. m.  Greenwood Office  NORDEN   HOTEL  ���j��j��j��j����**jj��jij��^j��jij��j*j,'��jij��ji  Under and by virtue of power of sale con.  taiiied in a certain mortgage, which will be  produced at the time of sale, there will be  offered for Rale br public auction by James S.  Birnie, Auctioneer, on Thursday, tbe 1st day of  September, 1910, at the hour of 12 o'clock, In  front of the Court House, In the City of Green  wood, B.C., the following valuable properzy,  namely: All and singular, I<ot numbered  thirty (30), In Block twelve (12), on the west side  of Copper .street, iu the City of Greenwood, as  shown on a registered plan numbered twentv-  one(21)  Ou this land is said to be erected the building  kuown as the Rossland Hotel. The property  will lie sold subject to a reserve bid. Terms  cash.  Fo;- further particulars apply to John D.  Spence, Mortgagees' Solicitor,Greenwood, B. C.  > OVEN S�� YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  STENTS  Trade Mark��  Designs  trntOHTS Ac  Hon may  AT THE CHURCHES  Mkthodist ��� Rev. I. B. Hibbert  will conduct services in the Methodist  Church every Sunday. Morning, 11  a. m.; Sunday School, 3 p. m. Evening.  7:30,  Presbytbrian���St. Columba. Services will be conducted morning and  evening, 11 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Sunday School 2.30 p, m. Rev. J. A.  Petrie, minister.  ANY available Tominlon Lands wtti,|0 tbe  Railway Beltlu British Columbia, may be  hornesteaded by any person who is the sole head  of a family, or auy male over 18 years of age,  to the extent of one-quarter section of 1(0 acres,  more or less,  Entry must be made personally at the loca  laud office for the disrlct In which the land is  situate. Entry by proxy may, however, be  made on certain conditions by the father,  mother, son, daughter, brother or sister, of an  intending homesteader.  The homesteader 1b required to preform the  conditions connected there with-inder one of  the following-plans;       ...        ... j  1) At least six months' residence upon kUd  cultivation of the land In each year for three  years.  (2) If the father (or mother, if the father 'to deceased), of the homesteader resides upon a farm  in the vicinity of the laud entered for, tbe re  qulrements as to residence may be satisfied b-r  such person residing with the father or mother.  (3) If the settler has his permanent residence  pon farming land owned by him in the vlcin  Ity of his homestead, the requirements as to res  idence may be satisfied by residence anon the  said land.  Six months' notice in writing-should beglvea  to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ot  tawa of intention to apply for patent. '���-'-'"-'  Coal.���Coal mining rights may be leased fora'  period of twenty-one years at an annual rental  of $1. per acre.   Not more than 2��60 acre* ��hall  be leased to one individual or company.   A rov-  alltyatthe rateofnve cento per ton shall "be  collected on the merchantable coal mined,  W. W. CORY,  Deputy of the Minister of the interior  N. B.���UuauthorUed publication of thl* advertisement will not be paid for.  J  1  J  ,J..-"-  Cathomc���Church of the Sacred  Heart.���Divine service 1st, thirdand  fourth Sunday in each month. Holy  mass at 10 a. m.; vespers and benediction at 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school at  2:30 p.m. Rev, J. A. Bedard, O. M. I.  pastor.  MINING CLAIM FOR SALE  In Wellington Camp.   The property  "Wa as The   Golden   Crown,   with  ement now found there-  New Edition of the  COPPER HANDBOOK  Vol. VIII., issued May, 1909, contains  1,500 pages, with nearly 50percent,  more matter than the preceding-edition.  The chapters with mine descriptions  and on statistics have been carefully  revised and the bulk of the Sitter  therein is f  ENTIRELY NEW  There are 25 chapters.  Covering Copper History, Geology,  Geography, Chemistry, Mineralogy,  Mining, Milling, Leaching, Smelting,  Refining, Brands, Grades, Impurities,.  Alloys, Uses, Subatitates.Termlnology  Deposits by Districts, States.Countries  and Continents, Mines in Detail, Statistics of Production, Consumption, Imports, Exports, Finances, Dividends,  etc.   ���  The Copper Handbook ia concededly  the  World's Standard Referi  Book on Copper.  The Copper Handbook cont&ina, in  this new and greatly enlarged edition,  about 50 per cent, more matter than  the Bible���though not necessarily a  better book because of its great bulk.  It is filled with FACTS of vital importance to.  THE INVESTOR  THE SPECULATOR  THE METALLURGIST  THE CONSUMER  THE MINER  Price is $5 in Buckram with gilt top,  or$7.50in genuine full library-morocco.  TERMS are most liberal. Send na  money, but order the book sent to yon,  all carriage charges prepaid, on one  week's approval, to be returned if unsatisfactory, or paid for if it suits. Can  you afford not to see the book and judge  for yourself of its value to yon ?  WRITE NOW to the editor and publisher,  HORACE J. STEVENS  HLDING, HOUGH-  {[7  f <::-  CURE*  BfonchitI  mo  , mm THE  BOUNDARYICREEK TIMES  IminesandminingI  �� ��  The gypsum deposits in Nova Scotia are among the largest in the world,  though it is still an infant industry.  Mining affairs at Phoenix are going  along ...steadily notwithstanding the  mishap to"-the Granby plant by fire.  At the Van " Roi, at Silverton, a  large body; of good milling ore has  been developed on the 250 and 400-  foot levels.      :_   S. S. Fowler, general manager for  the; Canadian Metal Co., is expected  to reach Riondel, B. C., soon on his  "return from Paris.  Neil McL. Curran, for some years  manager of the North Star mine, near  Kimberly, B. C, has resigned because of ill health from lead poisoning. ;   At the Hedley mines about 150  men are employed. Additional machinery to the mine plant is being installed, and will, soon be in working  shape. ______  The Granby is one of the greatest  speculative possibilities among the  high^s|>^|t^SMpters. It is cer-  seiiintliiii^lent price, and  awake to the  Te highest price  fcliTt ever sold.f-Boston Commercial. ;������".'  -"  combination are given by  the  Standard.  The new slimes treating mill at the  Jewel mine has started work. The  average ore of the Jewel mine assays  $15 per ton. There are quantities of  galena, zinc blende, iron pyrites, and  occasionally ruby silver, teluride and  some free gold found in the ore, which  has so far been found difficult of treatment.  . Dysentery is a dangerous disease but  can ' be cured. Chamberlain's Colic,  Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy has  been successfully used in nine epidemics of dysentery. It has never been  known to fail. It is equally valuable  for children and adults, aud when rer  duced with water and sweetened, it is  pleasant to take. Sold by all druggists and dealers.  BRITONS STILL  The Nugget mine", one of the best  known properties in the Sheep Creek  district, near Nelson, has been bought  by the-.Guggenheims. It is understood that the sale was made on the  basis of $3.50 per share for J285.O0O  ^J/-'; '}:77777!77i7:iS��7^^^^     ������-.'���'  yy A*^5^^^pi^p|^iates are  rtported to be preparing to organize a  $200,000,000 copper tryst^accordiiig  . to the London Evening-Standard.    It  is said that conferences recently were  held at. the Hotel Ri_,  attended by  Thomas F. -Ryan and Samuel Unter-  meyeh'    No details of  the  alleged  When a German emigrates he  goes to a foreign laird and is lost  to Germany. When a Briton  leaves home the chances are tbat  he gees to Canada or Australia or  South Africa, where be not only  retains his British citizenship,  but, acting as a piece of leaven,  helps to make good citizens of the  nondescript peoples who are flowing in from other nations.  B^��n^���ressuND&Y  Anemic women and children who  frequently feel chilly, are pale and exhausted, will derive great benefit from  the use of Ferrovim, the invigorating  tonic, whic.h.consists of Iron in a form,  they-can-assimilate, fresh lean beef  and pure Sherry Wine. ^Nothing could  be better than this combination 6"f  strength giving agents in such cases.  $1.00 per bottle.  Sincerity wins respect not only  for the individual, but also for his  cause. -  When the digestion is all right, tire  action of the bowels regular, there is a  actual craving and relish for food  When this is lacking you may know  that you need a dose of Chamberlain's  Stomach and Liver Tablets. They  strengthen the digestive organs, improve the appetite and regulate the  bowels. Sold by all druggists and  dealers.-  _-U_.*_��iaMr BB_.*l!__>'  JBOSS JESSIE MSSLACHLAN  t- '*%.    . *   "J*-6 Pop-la* Scotch Prima-Donna V  In the picturesque little seaport town of Oban  Scotland  with if. iJk-  St,! S? f t��T' and_with a thrill of surprise the choi'-masterVeardher  w*�� S�� P^fed wff he with the Possibilities of her voice that he ureed  n����itci,gUaK(I ^ervB0lde.n treasure wiUl care' to avoid mdiscri-niate sinsfn-  S_?t,Sh*UlibettraIned and Perfected under the best teachers He refont-  SS _?_b_H!!, leTOte hver llfe t0 sonS' and told her. with a prophetifrtSwS  ��l*-M* be ?^Um?ei^d among the world's 8��~teBt singers �� P '  q*JM wth? eilthn��Ja����c teaching of Edwin Holland of the Guildhall  School of Music, and other masters, her training was continued until -Si. x?al  f^f-w her flrS P?bl,c WP����**. Her intenseloveo^Scotland a ���trTo��  i?.u*that.Se.eums ,thekeynote of her whole nature, led her to reS th��- no^i  bi ities of the old Gaelic ballads, the heart songs of'hexpeonand when  Glasgow recognized her genius, her fame quickly sBread thwi-w p-SS''  Britain, and the doors of conservative London opened in welcome  gGfet  At Balmoral she was commanded to sing before Queen Victoria   who  the throne^the latest oneVel^  t0n���0f ������ Sfr f?rm^g ,before the KlnS a��d kissing his hand '     * the  liquid notes, that rouses fir.SflSSS. SfthfmaSicTree^of iSrS  sonality, her absorption of the spirit of the ame th-rf ���t1iJ fi of herpper-  the heart of some Scotch poet of centurieaebtcfind S? **? *ords��om  the Hearts of his twlssrlJa^f^^Q**? tbelr echoinS *��* In  ; On her fourth tour of the world she is awakening *��ntfnic5a=��� -,��.  her voice is heard, and is now singing in_u?tr_lia^ In bS w ^-ver  audience of 5,000. when she gave the stirring martial _ ������w'.'ffiw}  Pipers,', men jumped on chairs and waved their handsT'anT =b��,^ d t  T-opto. enrore after encore inspired new songs, Si, the *����?'*&  -onned���a welcome typical of her entire tour      ^  ' ger glW  *.**~4����-��,, ,������. orthe r.rn.m.-��� **_*,,.,_-��,���,b,- 0 ^���t th0BeMrtnleat0,^lc���;���v -  A MASONIC EVENT  Nature plans well for mankind's  needs. What could be more convenient than ears to hook spectacles over.  BUY  IN THE  i4*"^,  ARGO  AJI  IVI  ^ IN ING  AND  TUNNEL  GOMRANY,  LIMITED.  Cents a Share  If-:  Capital Stock $125,000* Divided into  500,000 Shares at 25c Each,  A  NON-PERSONAL  LIABILITY  Now running a tunnel (in 400 feet)  under valuable claims adjoining  Greenwood Townsite  on  Skylark Mountain*.  The resolution unanimously adopted at Chicago, Ills., establishing a  concordat between the Knights Templar governing bodies, is said by Masons to be the most important step  taken by the conclave in years. The  concordat establishes amiable relations  between the Knights* of England, Ireland, Scotland^ Canada and the United  States, and is an event that has been  crystallizing for many years.  Its consummation is said to be the  chief .object for which the Earl of  Euston, pro-grand master of England  and Wales, visited the 31st triennial  conclave.  All the Templars of the world are  affiliated with the governing boards of  one or the other nations, and this legislation practically consolidates them.  THE WORLD OF WORDS  Be sure and take a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea  Remedy with you when starting on  your trip this summer. It cannot be  obtained on board -the train or steamers. Changes of water and climate often cause sudden attacks of diarrhoea,  and it is best to be prepaired. Sold by  all druggists and dealers.  "Where the vanguard rests today the rear guard camps tomorrow."  The hot-tempered person is the  one who requires the cool treatment.  TEETHING  /  The poln la quickly nllayi-il  ���ml the fover mlm-cif hy  rubljlng tba sunn, ai-ninHm-  ta dtrcuttuiu an tliobux, with  MATHIEU'S  NERVINE.POWDERS  \  the wonderful headache cure  ���ATHIBU'S '  NERVINE POWDERS  la &__._ ���_&.  1  18 in a box, 25c Sold  everywhere. If your  dealer does not keep  them we'mail box on  receipt of 25c.  J. L.  There's many a man and :many a  dame defeated in this worldly game,  who might regain the upward track���  for has-beens now and then come  back���if we would seek them where  they stand, and offer them a helping  hand. But when we go to help the  lost, the beaten and the tempest-toss'd  the milk of kindness turned to curds-  we merely hand out bales of words.  If words were worth but one cent  each. If we would do instead of  preach. A lot of hearts bowed down  with woe would feel a new and cheering glow. How well we like to wag  our jaws to help along some worthy  cause, and how we hate to bend our  backs and get right down to old brass  tacks. "Oh, for a thousand tongues,"  we sigh, "to lecture poor folks passing by; to show them where they've  made mistakes, and forty kinds of  dizzy breaks; to hand them precepts  by the peck, and fill them up, clear to  the neck, with admonition and advice,  and solemn warnings, off the ice."  A thousand tongues we each might  use, to air our philanthropic views,  but when it came to helpful deeds,  one finger would be all we'd need.���  Walt Mason.  The Lake Superior mines have  always followed the practice of Sunday closing. In that district mining,  milling and transportation employ  about 95 per cent of all the workmen  in the district, and 5 per cent or less  are employed in the smelters. It is  not practicable to close down a smelter one day out of seven, and therefore the smelters in all mining districts  are run continuously making Sunday  work unavoidable.  Mining interests recognize the fact  that better results can. he obtained at a  lower cost per unit of service performed if thc men are given one dav's rest ���  out of seven. In districts like Butte,  Bisbee and Cananea, where smelting  operations are a very considerable factor, it has been necessary to operate  both mines and reduction plants continuously. In Butte it has been found  possible, through the  maintenance bf  very-large stocks of, ore'at the  smelt-  ,        " ' ���-'������jiij'.  ers and concentrators to  close down  the mines on Sundays.' It is quite  probable,that this example maybe followed by other districts with a view  bf-eliminating Sunday work wherever  possible. This practice will work,  we believe, to the decided advantage  of both employer and employee.���  Boston Commercial.  When you gO to the country take a  tin of Davis' Menthol Salve along. It  is unequalled to relieve earache, sprains  burns, cuts and bruises.   25 cents.  HIGH COST. OF LIVING  The cost of Hying continues to  rise. The United States bureau of  satisfies notes that whereas last  year the United States people  bought from foreigners diamonds  to the amount of $24,000,000, this  year the total was $39,000,000.  For works of art they paid $21,-  000,000, instead of the $3,800,000  last year. ,And so it goes. When  you feel inclined to grumble at  the increased costs of meats and  other plain necessaries, spare a  little sorrow for the trouble of the  wealthy.  Bearine, a delicate pomade, grows  hair because it contains genuine Canadian Bear grease.   50c. a jar.  QUITE A LITTLE ONE  A baby girl, weighing one and  one. halt pounds and less than  twelve inches in length, was born  recently at Duquoin, 111., The  infant is so tiny that a match  will hide one of her fingers, while  her head is about the size of a  hens egg.' The doctors say she  will live.  T. L*. Lewis, president of the  United Mine Workers, declares  that the men have $5,000,000 for  a strike fund.  There are still some people who  won't boost if they can't knock.  GOOD COUNSEL  m  ./:-,-'.  m,A  "Do a good turn every day, always try to help some human being or beast when ever you can,  and remember first of all, honor  your God and your King, obey  orders, and do all the good you  can.    God bless you all."  These closing words of ths advice to the boy scouts by that  splendid soldier General Sir Robt.  Baden-Powell indicate the spirit  of the organization and its  founder. The profession of arms  is sometimes represented as debasing, but it ha.s produced some  of the tenderest and truest of men.  The admonition quoted above  1 ii hi n_iri_-_________a_uts, and  iuts. It  rem.em-  cease to  joney to  to scat-  ZAMBUK  WEDlHISBABTl  Mm. M. Barrett,  60s Morean St.,  Montreal, says:  "A horrid  rash came out all over my baby's lace and  spread until it had totally covered his scalp.  It was irritating aad painful, aad caused  the little one hours of suffering. We tried  soaps and powders and salves, but he got  no better. He refused his food, got quite  thin and worn, and was reduced to a very  serious condition. I was advised to try  Zam-Buk, and did so. It was wonderful  how it seemed to cool and ease the child's  burning, painful skin. Zim-Buk from the  very commencement seemed to go right to  the ."not, and the pimples and sores and the  irritation grew less and less. Within a  few weeks rr.y baby's skin was healed  completely. He has now not a trace of  rash, or eruption, or eczema, or burning  sore. Not only so, but cured of the tormenting skin trouble, he has improved in  general health."  - Zam-Ba\cii sold at all stores and medicine ven-  djm, 3~> ��� oox, or post free from Zim-Eak Co.,  TOTOOtO,_fOTtirice,61>o^esforS2.5c% A certain cure  tar all tltin diseat es, cats, bums, etc., and for piles.  * 1  n  The McClary Magnet Wood Furnace has a fire-box opening  that admits the largest chunks of wood vvith ease���wide,  deep, generous in size as the Magnet is in quality of material  c,-id v. orkmanship. The wide opening saves you work,  I.--.cause you can use wood that you would have to saw and  i.p!it to get through the narrow, shallow fire-box openings of  ordinaly   wood   furnaces.  )..i:t:nd of making the fuel      >'.'.  I--? door,  tlie  Magnet     g jj  1 -.::- ly mride to lit the fuel.  il is jubt as easy to get  ije r.ahcs out of a Magnet  ; :. ii: is to put fuel in;  i .:.. -;:.e the opening of the  ; ���-...; it is just as generous  ������ ��� the fire-box opening.  Vou c::n get at the farthest coiner and remove the  i..h',"j v/uii ease and speed  ���r.o turning and twisting ; no trouble nor inconvenience. These two ad-  vantr^;.-!s arc good reasons  v/.'V vj;i o;!?ht to use a  1.1b g net. The McClary  ;'.-* ::V. i * ilie nearest town  will i' c-i;r:;s the chance  to :-h;/J yo-.i many more.  V'r'.'z !o t". ���' nearest Mc-  C'.-:y branch for booklet.  S'1  ���? '�� 1  \ *W��^  'X  1v  :!on,   iorcnlo, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver, St. John, Hcmilton, C-. ���;  For Sale by HUNTER-KENDRICK CO.  -���#  -7^%  ���������:-w  ���-:'&te  .-���S  ���k  ry.  THE  Boundary  Creek  times  wan  1 ":>--  -IS THE)-  PIONEER WEEKLY  -OF THE-  m7  ���f [��m  ini  I        U  Si  Send for the paper.  Subscribe for it,  Advertise in it  And let us do  -**"                                                    "I.      <-  r^t. -"*  ^v^SiSSi  *�� tr"''  -Mm  ';.i��H3  "^rm&iair^**  .,&%&  WMW'-  " * "-"ssl  __Esl&ia*J  ,". ��$  ��� -;-^r-s "A-3  _��^_��r*_5_  .'���'-���"���i."'!^  _f�������4_ui  .':-:;-;���:;��� * *.*;_  /.  ���st    * '>  ���"���������\W  ;; 'V  !-->-  j  y  /  ���fiOjK-,-,*.  mi  I **"  THE   BOUNDARY CREEK TIMES  TO WH TOPICS  'his >"o ��'. fi'hole NEW Simmy Goodclieer K n.e, with reservoir, wns 570, s Lie price :5<i2.  No o, 4 hole ste-1  1'alt range,  was-j2f>, sale price 521 Hr>.  No  8. 4 hole c;ist   Cm k  Stov  wa- .520, sale price $17 oS  4-Violc i-;i<l C.u'ik  Stov  sale pri'.-e ?1" 50.  New Sideboard, was $24.50,  now $19.85..  New Sideboard, was $30.00,  now $23,00.  A. L, WHITE,  The Furniture and Stove Man  PHONE 16  GREENWOOD, B. C.  ;���:*-���- ���������-������  I  it  LADIES  Do you want (��lh iEugltelt initial note  paper and envelopes to write your  letters on?    If you do  Call at THE TIMES OFFICE  Frices moderate (  FOR  TRY THIS  T*��.  _*j#k"^��__9  DOMINION LANDS  BOUNDARY CREEK  TIMES  Job Department  GOOD WORK  FAIR PRICES  Dom in ion Lands Railway nelt British C.oliiinljin, The date for the coining i ii lo force of the new regulations  has been changed, and a new date will  lie set Inter. Until further notice no  entries to be granted in the New Westminister district and east of range  thirteen west of sixth meridian inclusive. P. G. Kkvs,  Secretary.  Ottawa. June 20, 1910.  Before you take your departure from  Greenwood subscribe for your home  paper, SI for six months, or ��2 a year.  You will find it full of interest to you  wherever you are.  Parties requiring money on farms  can be accommodated on application  to A. S. JUi.ack, Solicitor, Greenwood,  Ii. C.  .For Sewing Machine Needles and  Oil sec A. L,. White, the Stove and  Furniture man.    Phone 16.  Make your  wants known   through a  want ad.    Three line ad. for 25c.  Advertise in THE TIMES  . Judge J. R. Brown, made a  professional trip to Greenwood  this week,  A. J. Hancock, of Winnipeg,  representing the Great West Loan  Co., was in town this week.  The new Leggatt clay pigeon  trap was used for the first time bv  the gun club on Wednesday.  Mrs. F. W. McLaine, who has  been visiting friends at Seattle is  expected homo at the end of the  month.  John Barclay, now of Vancouver, and formerly a merchant  of this city, was in town meeting  his old friends.  W. Marchmoul, inspector of  customs, Victoria, inspected the  custom oflke at this port on Monday and proceeded to Phoenix.  Miss May Lawson, who haH  bpen enjoying her vacation at  Vancouver, has returned to her  post, in fino health and spirits.  Over fifty Doukobors arrived  on Monday,s train and some  hundreds are following to increase the colony at Grand Porks.  Geo. Clark, of Grand Forks,  representing Marcus, Wash.,  truit men, was in our city during  the week, taking orders for fruit  C. J. Campbell and wife of Nel.  son, was registered at the Imperial this week. Mr. Campbell  is sales manager for P. Burns &  Co.  Jas. Rooke, secretary-treasurer  of the Grand Forks Fruit Growers association, was in town soliciting trade, and was very successful.  Miss Lavinia Moffatt, who bas  been visiting her friends Mr. and  Mrs. Hugh McCutcheon, returned  to her home in Spokane, on  Thursday.  Gerard Gait is installing a  cyanide plant at the Napoleon  mine of the B. C. Copper Co. near  Marcus, which will be in running  order this fall.  1 C. Scott Galloway, formerly of  Greenwood, and now a rancher at  Grand Forks, was in town this  week taking stock of his interests at this place.  The Freemont mine will start  work in a short time and iu such  shape that it will be continuous,  and good men backing it and indications first class.  The Midway coal properity  appears to be working along very  satisfactorily. A number of men  are steadily employed, and the  output very encouraging.  Dr. Barrett, inspector of inland  revenue, Winnipeg, E. B. Parkinson, collector of inland revenue,  Vancouver, inspected the local  office at Greenwood on Monday  last.  Married���At Calgary, Alta..  on Wednesday evening. Mr. T.  Stuart Palmer to Miss Adams.  His many friends warmly congratulate him and express best  wishes.  A. E. Braithwaite has returned  from his outing celebration at  Vancouver, contrary to expectations he returned with a lone  hand, but that will be improved  upon at a later date.  W. J. Keyes, representing  Miller & Richard, type founders,  with branches in nearly all of  the leading cities of the Dominion, was a caller at the Times  office on Thursday of last  week.  Roderick McCutcheon, who has  been spending his vacation with  his parents at Greenwood, has  been promoted to the position  of  teller ofsthe "Bank of Commerce,  Vancouver, and has left ������������������iot- his  new post.'  The Rev. J. Knox Wright, B.  U., of Vancouver, B. C, district  secretary Canadian bible society,  gave a very interesting discourse  on bible society matters at the  Presbyterian church on Wednesday evening.  Miss Minnie Hart, of Greenwood, who was stopping with  Mrs. O. B. Smith, at Phoenix, at  the time of the fire, had such a  close call, that she lost all her  personal effects and seventy-five  dollars in money.  Take notice that owing to lack  of coaches on the C, P. R.. The  excursionists to Nelson to hear  Premier Laurier on the 2l)th will  go by regular trains at one and  one third and return. See particulars in this issue.  A im st enjoy-able dance was  given at Phoenix on Monday  evening last by the businessmen.  Complimentary to the firemen and  citizens in appreciation ot their  services at the late conflagration.  Tt wns voted a high elass event.  The following guests were registered at the Pacific Wednesday:  W. W. Ross and Gilbert Kay, ol  Phoenix; A.���W. Smith, of the  No. 7 mine; A. D. Broomfield, of  Westbridge; J. Sullivan, of  Eholt; C. L. Coburn and wife, of  Philadelphia, Pa.  There has been quite a little  pow wow among the rate pavers  of our city, questioning the legality of our council using tne sinking funds monies for loaning purposes to private parties. Legal  advice is given that the city has  no', the authority to do so.  The Rev. M. F. Hilton, the  new incumbent of St. Jude's pariah, ifrived in Greenwood on  Wednesday last, and was met at  the C. P. R. station by the vestry  officiers of the church and also a  guard of honor formed by the  Boy Scouts. The reception waB  most pleasing to the reverened  gentleman.  John Eist, also George Cook  left on Friday last for the Clearwater district, to thoroughly examine and prospect the mining  claims located in far Cariboo by  Mr. Noyes, of thc B. C. Times,  and John East, of Midway, they  will probably remain there two  or three months.  OPEN LETTER TO  PREMIER McBRIDE  (Continued fro��� Pag* 1)  the original owners of the Midway &  Vernon Railway company was carried  out, and how, as directors, these gentlemen, with other directors, transferred, as I am told by the Canadian  Bank of Commerce, who held my  interest as security, to the Kettle Valley Railway company? Do you consider them charter mongers, too?  Please'tell me why you came and  the work going on, and why you went  east and gave out the statement re.  the bonus if it was not to damn the  project and serve some company or  gratify the mercenary cravings of satellites which were, and still are, your  master f  I, with others, would also like to  hear what Mr. J. R. Jackson, M.  P. P., thinks of the promise he and  Mr. Lennie made at Midway when  he, Mr. Lennie, in replying to what  I said at a public meeting there, stated  that as president of the Conservative  association, of the Kootenays, he  pledged that association to see that  whatever agreement you entered into  with the Kettle Valley Railway company would be fully carried out.  Has this been done? Come, Mr.  McBride, Mr. Lennie and Mr.  Jackson, speak out, or have you no  power? Yours truly,  James Kerr.  A Summer Pleasure  is good beer.    That's our kind.    It is exhileratlng and invigorating-.  Manes perfect sleep possible"  and good health is assured,- *  Our   beer   is popular  witH  both the ladies and gentlemen...  It is well made and well cured1  and will prove a pleasure  Wtf  are  very careful to see ctaJL,  nothing.injurious enters into  its brew In/j. <��� �����,*���;  A GLASS '"^  of   our Pabst   beer   will  fg$  new lii'e into any one. It cuSsS*���,*.  the thirsty feeling and makeft-^f'  you feel light and gay.        i- a S!  Greenwood Eiquor <_o|  IMPORTERS GREENWOOD  fetV  We are all apt to be prejudiced  against what we don't understand.  Great fortunes a re founded upon  misfortunes.  INFORMATION WANTED  I will reward anyone who will inform  me of the wtie.rabouts of my son, Hay-  den Brooks. Was last heard from in  Greenwood, B. C., in December, 1908.  I think lis is going under the name of  Harvey Ferguson. He is about 5 feet  10 or 6 feet in height, dark red hair,  light blue or gray eyes, clear skin aud  somewhat freckled. Any information  givea of him will be gratefully received and remuueraiion made by addressing A. J. Brooks, Monroe, Louisiana, U. S. A.  NOTICE  To the Public of'Greenwood:  I strongly advise all who use our city  water for drinking to boil the same before using, and continue to  do so  for  the next few weeks.  S2 '*��� Dr. J. D. MacLkan.  TROUT FURS, 3 dozen for $1.00, to  effect a clearance.  A. L. Whitk, Phone 16.  FOR SALE AT GRAND FORKS  A beauiifully situated home, new  building in perfect order, with water  and e'ectric light, with one and one-  half acres surrounding, planted with  all varieties of fruit trees aud small  shrubs, grapes, etc., all in bearing.  Wilhsell en bloc or without furniture  if desired. Will sell at a sacrifice price  to enable owner to locate at coast immediately. Apply at B. C. Times  office, Greenwood.  TENTS!    TENTS!  New  thc lincj  White,  Invest 25 cents in a box of  Davis' Menthol Salve ("The  D. & L.") and be prepared for  a hundred ailments, which may  not be dangerous but are very-  annoying and painful, like neuralgia, earache, sprains, burns,  bruises,insectstings,cuts, piles,  etc. It is a household remedy  always useful for some trouble,  and should be kept in the  family medicine closet.  Cool and refreshing drinks for hot weather  Walker's Grape Juice  Tho Pure Juice of the Grape.  Quarts on]y 75 cents, Pints only 40 cents.  THE SIMON PURE M0NSERRAT  LIME JUICE  Imperial quarts, $1.00; pints, 65 cents.  F. JAYNES  COPPER STREET. GREENWOOD  \  t   *  WILL MAKE HAIR GROW  BEARINE  Prepared from the grease  of the Canadian Bear.  Delicately perfumed.  The Stu-urd Pomade  for W Yean.  AU Dealers 50c per Jar.  Davis & Lawrence Co.. Montreal.  For prices that will Jar your nerves  see the ad. of A. L*. White, New and  2nd Hand Store, Phone 16.  Form 9.  I.AND ACT.  Similkameen I<and  District, District of Yale.  TAKE NOTICE tliat James Po-jgl, of Green-  wood, British Columbia, occupation  miner, Intends toapply for permission to purchase tlie follow-in*,' described laud:  Commencliiirat a post-planted at tlie north,  east corner of I.at _f), Similkameen (formerly  Osoyoos), Division of Yale Diiurlci; thence  north forty chains, more or less, to the southerly limit of the Columbia and Western Railway Company's rlfflit of way; tlience .southwesterly following- the said southerly limit  forty chains, more or less, to the easterly limit  of Lot 2227; tbeuce south ten chains, more or  less, to the northerly limit of said I.ot 6H'>;  thence east twenty chains, more or less, to the  point ol commencement, and containing-sixty  acres, more or less. JAMKS POUOI.  Dated lGlh June, 1010. 50  THE  Club Cigar Store  Cigars, Tobacco, Pipes,  Candies, Fruits, Nuts  Phoenix and Midway St;ii;e Office,  A (rent for Keen Laundry, Phoenix.  L.  L.  MATTHEWS,  PHONE A-45. '  FINANCIAL.  MONEY TO LOAN  On farms in amounts not  less than $1,000.  Apply to  _L JJ^ BLACK, Solicitor  c.  ���50 Round  Trip  June 2,17 and 24; July 5 and 22  August 3;   Sept. 8, 1910  This low rate is via the Great Northern Railway from Seattle, Tacoma,  Portland, Everett, Bellingham, Vancouver, Victoria, New Westminster,    ,  Wenatchee, Spokane and many other points in Washington, Oregon and'  British Columbia to .  :o  gfjo.oo to St. Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth, .Superior, and Kansas City. Proportionate fares to New York, Philadelphia; Washington, D. C, and other  eastern points. Stop-over anywhere on the Grea^ Northern Railway.  Name your train���tell thc agent you want to go oh the Oriental Limited, Fast Mail or Gnat Northern Express. Better still���write me for  full. information -and our "East Over the Mountain" folder.'  Describes the routes past the new Glacier National Park to St.  Paul, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Chicago and  points east.  V. KISTL,ER,  D. F. & P. A., Grand Forks, B. C.|  H. K. BRENIZER,  Ageut, Midwav, B. C  thern  "RaU-V^  .-~-M  ��fc,?J.��  I  BUY YOUR MILK   FROM THE ������-   GREENWOOD DAIRY;  Fresh Milk and Cream Delivered Daily  BOTTLED   MILK  A SPECIALTY  Fred  Jenks,  Prop'n  Jt.j*jtjljljljljtjtjtj*jld��jtjljtjl JtJIjIJtJIjtjIJijIjtjIjBjf jUtje,*---,  FIRST RATE CAFE %   : at the; ���.  kj  1s  1*  1ft  In  Ik  1ft  1��  1ft  1ft  fc *Jt Jt Jt J�� Jt jl jl Jl it Jl j�� Jl j* Jl Jl Jt Jl .jt jt jt Jl jl jl jt jl JB Jt 'Jl jl Jl Jl Jl Jfr��  WINDSOR HOTELS  green wood; b. o.        * *-  Oren Day and Night  ERNIE CARTIER, Manager  L  Greenwood-Phoenix Stage Line  Leaves Greenwood Daily at   3 p. m.  Arrives Greenwood Daily at 10 a. m.  GREENWOOD  OFFICE:    L-   L.  MATTHEWS'  CIGAR STORE  Prompt attention to Express and Freight.  GILLIS & LAING, Prs.  '^y  *^mm':  ADVERTISE IN THE TIMES  ':tW?&��tM'\  ���. ,r^'.v'i'ri.SijlMJ- 1  ���*���  Our Magazine Department is  of the leading ones are Cosmtj  Home Journal, Windsor, Arj  We also carry English W��  #*��^in


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