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 j   legislature  41810 Llbr  V? /'  ary  rOL. 13  GREENWOOD,   B. C,   FRIDAY, AUGUST. 6,   1909.  No. 48  ���=^  MIDSUMMER SALE  For the next ten days we will offer  for sale our entire stock of SUMMER  GOODS at greatly reduced prices.  Our stock of Ladies' Waists and  Whitewear is very complete, and at  the prices marked, real bargains.  ,si���r\ i    <x   OO.  DRY GOODS BOOTS & SHOES MILLINERY  MANILA  AMERICANIZED  DOCTOR SPANKIE'S  DEPARTURE  ���"���H*"!  Greenwood's Big Furniture Store  H*  A Fine Line of  IRON BEDS  SPRINGS and  MATTRESSES  At Bottom Prices.  Everything in the  Furniture Line.  T. M. Galley ft Co.  HOUSE FURNISHERS -   -   Phone 27  i>  NEW:-:S0NG:-:H1TS  Daisy  Strawberries  Scented  Roses  The Love  Bug  Go   Easy   Mabel  Never   No   More  Set *Em Up On the Other Alley  Mother Hasn't Spoke to Father Since  THOMAS DRUG & MUSIC CO,  THE STORE OF QUALITY.  r  P. BURNS & CO.  DEALERS IN  FRESH & CURED  MEATS.   FISH  AND POULTRY  It is only a little more than eleven  years since Admiral Dewey fought  the battle of Manila bay. It is not  quite eleven years since the occupation of Manila by the American) their friends  troops, and it is only eight years since  American civil government was established in the islands. The achievements of American rule in that short  time have revolutionized the life of  thc islands from the topmost circles of  society in Manila to the everyday life  of the dog-eating, head-hunting savages of the mountains. More has  been done in a decade than Spain accomplished in over three centuries.  America found a subject people  which had absolutely no part in the  government, and which for years had  been in a constant state of insurrection against the authorities, America  brought about peace by making war  effective, and put down the bandits  and thieves, as well as the political insurgents. Today the Philipines enjoy  a tranquility never before dreamed of  in the islands. The Fhilipinos have  been granted almost complete autonomy in municipal affairs and have been  granted a large share in the legislative,  executive and judicial government of  the islands.  America found a people which had  never  enjoyed   free  speech or a free  press.    Men who spoke   for  the liberty of their countrymen   were  executed   without   trial.     Persons  who  complained of the corruption   of the  government were cast  into noisome  prisons.    All that has been   changed.  The press  is  free,   the right of free  speech is guaranteed, the right of petition is assured and men may talk of  independence as much as  they please  unless they advocate riot or rebellion.  America   found   the   church   and  state so combined that there was great  difficulty in demarking the province of  one from that of the other in government.    Complete separation has been  accomplished, the right of every man  to worship as he sees fit is guaranteed,  the lands of the religious orders were  purchased and held for  settlement by  freeholders.   And all of this has been  accomplished peacefully.  America found a fluctuating money  in use and replaced it with a fixed and  stable currency upon the gold standard, so that in every part of the islands the money is the same and its  value known.  Americans have constructed hundreds of miles of highways and are  unceasingly pushing the work of new  construction. They have built bridges  and culverts of steel and concrete,  and have connected widely separated  communities by easy transportation.  Where was one short railway is now  more than 500 miles of good railway  lines  America found 90 per  cent of the  people in absolute   ignorance.    Now  there are half a million pupils  in the  public schools.    A model  postal system has been  inaugurated   and  every  town  and village   is  supplied with a  regular mail.    Eleven years  ago Manila was unpaved, today it  is  one of  the finest cities in the   Orient.    The  prisons which under Spanish rule were  conducted like thc prisons of the middle ages, have been converted into reformatory institutions,  and   are clean.  The judiciary and civil  service   were  entirely   controlled    by    favoriteism.  Now they are maintained   as   part of  the judiciary and civil  service  of the  United States.    The old taxation system has gone.     It laid  the burden on  the very poor.    The Americans have  established a system that   secures   the  necessary revenues by a levy upon the  people in proportion to their ability to  pay.    Besides these manifold reformations, the Americans have taught the  rich and poor alike that  honest labor  is not disgraceful, and the old   dislike  of work has been superceded by business-like endeavor with prosperity as a  natural result.  SPAIN'S THRONE  IS TOTTERING  On Thursday last Dr. and Mrs.  J. E. Spankie left on the C. P.  R, for Vancouver, and were seen  off at the station by a number of  The Doctor was  so essentially a part of Greenwood that it will be Sotue li'|tle  time before his place will be filled. He was born at Kingston.  Ontario, and graduated from  Queen's university, after which he  moved to New York, to study  further, and practice. It was in  1896 that the genial doctor first  moved west, to Ban if, as assistant to Dr. Brett at the sanatorium,  Remaining at Banff  until  November 1899, Dr.   Spankie   then  moved to Greenwood.   That was  the year of Greenwood posperity.  Everyone was making money, and  the doctor built up a large   practice here.    He made a  big  circle  of friends and like   manv   others  lie made a goodly sum of money.  Hut he spent his   money   in   the  town, and encouraged the efforts  of several of our smaller mining  companies by putting his money  against tbeir experience, aud some  day these   same   properties   will  make   the   doctor   a   rich   man.  He has always shewn his faith in  the district   and has   evinced   a  public spirit which is a good example to those who are left.  In 1<)03 Dr. Spankie went to  New York for a holiday, but he  returned with a bride. The  townspeople turned out to welcome tbe popular doctor home,  and the city band serenaded him.  Since then the doctor and Mrs.  Spankie have made Greenwood  their permanent home.  The doctor has won the esteem  of all with whom he has bad to  do, especially those who have Had  occasion to experience his extreme  kindness and readiness to assist  those who were unfortunate.  For the past year he was the  British Columbia Copper company doctor.  Before leaving the doctor was  the recipient of an illuminated  address from the citizens of Greenwood, and a banquet given in his  honor at the Imperial hotel.  Mrs. Spankie was presented with  some choice cut glass by the ladies of the town, and this week  several farewell parties have been  given for her.  The Dector and Mrs. Spankie  carry with them to Vancouver  the heartiest good wishes of  everyone in Greenwood   and   its  The history of Spain has been  a series of wars, plots and intrigues for the past 500 years.  In the third century, B. C,  Hamilcar Barca, the great Carthaginian general, after whom  Barcelona was named, conquered  Spain. A century later the Romans drove out the Carthaginians, but it took them 200 years to  subdue all the native bribes. Then  for several hundred years Spain  was  the  granary  of the Roman  THREE CHEERS  AND THEN SOME  ABSOLUTE  SECURITY  empire, and filled the treasury of  neighborhood.  MIDWAY ITEMS  Wholesale and Retail Meat  Merchants. Dealers in Live  Stock. Pork Packers. . .  Markets in B.C., Alberta and  Yukon. ....  Copper Street,  Greenwood.  Thomas Hardy visited Greenwood on Wednesday.  The Harris Minstrel show favored Midway with two performances during the past week.  J. R. Jackson attended the  Spankie banquet at Greenwood  last Saturday and says it was the  best ever.  Mrs. J. M. Davidson, from Nova  Scotia, is spending a tew weeks  visiting her son, Joe Davidson,  C. P. R. station agent.  Misses Kathleen and Ethel Ferguson arrived last week from the  coast, where they have been attending school during  the past  year.  The extensive irrigation plant  being erected by George -^ee, is  fast nearing completion. By  means of a large current wheel  set on the rapids opposite the old  sawmill site, he hopes to be able  to furnish sufficient water for the  twenty acres of young orchard recently set out.  the holy city  with   gold   and silver.    This was an age of general  prosperity. Next barbarian tribes  desolated the peninsula, and after  the downfall of Rome it was conquered by the Visigoths.    About  400, A.   D., some  three hundred  ���years  later,   the  Saiaceas ruled  Spain, after a series of wars, and  after   them   the   Franks       The  Moors were the next invaders, and  until   1031   were   the   dominant  power.    As   is   the  case   todav,  their dominion was the  result of  a   futile   effort   on   the   part  of  Spain   to rule   Morocco.    It was  during the Arab Moorish   regime  that several separate states sprung  up, and the last  of these,   Granada, which rose to great brilliance  under the Moors, was captured by  the armies of Ferdinand and Isabella in 1492.    The Moors have  never relinquished   the   hope  of  recovering Spain.  Spain dominated the world  under Ferdinand and Isabella and  reached out and secured vast colonies in America. This was  Spain's brightest era. The next  ruler, Philip II, essayed to conquer England, and the destruction  of his Armada was the downfall  of Spain's naval supremacy.  Next came the war of the Spanish succession, and Spain was  only saved as a separate kingdom  by the powers who stopped the  French invasion. Steadily Spain  has declined in power. Though  Napoleon's brother once sat on  the Spanish throne, it was the  stubborn resistance to French  dominition that showed that Napoleon was not invincible and  ultimately led to Waterloo.  In 1859 Spain  fought  Morocco  with indifferent success,  and  ten  years later Spain was a republic.  After another decade  the  father  of the present king came to  the  throne and  for  the   time being  blasted the hopes of the Carlists.  The present reign has not been  a happy one for Spam.    The war  with the United States  stripped  her  ot  her  few  remaining possessions,   and   now  a disastrous  war with Morocco, civil war and  wild  anarchy  at  home are completing the decline of the last of  the   great  Latin   powers.    With  the  pretender,   Don  Jaime,   proclaiming his claim to the Spanish  throne,    mutiny    in    her    army  abroad,   aud   domestic    anarchy  rampant,   bloodshed   and    arson  rife, the intervention of  the powers alone can save  Spain   from a  reign of terror  unequaled   in the  history of the world.  The complimentary banquet  tendered to Dr. J. E. Spankie on  Saturday night was a scene of exceptional enthusiasm and brilliancy, and was attended by 50  representative citizens of Greenwood, Midway, Boundary Falls  and Eholt.  At 9 o'clock, the guest of the  evening, accompanied by Judge  J. R. Brown, the chairman of the  evening, took his seat. Rousing  cheers and "He's a Jolly Good  Fellow," started the ball rolling.  Never in the history of home hospitality was such a table spread  in the Hotel Imperial.  After the wants of the inner  man had been satisfied, the chairman proposed "The King God  Bless Him," and the loyalty of  those present was attested by the  united singing of the national  anthem with highland honors.  The toast list was long and ably  carried out, and the speakers vied  with each other iu their appreciation of the doctor and his good  services to Greenwood and the  district. Songs, recitations, sallies of wit and wisdom, were the  order ot the evening, want of  space alone prevents our presenting them in full.  In the wee small hours, "Auld  Lang Syne " and " God Save the  King," brought au exceptionally  enjoyable evening to a close.  During the evening the doctor  was presented with an address  signed by those present, and letters were read from several who  were unable to attend.  In his own carriage, and with  the banqueters as motive power,  the doctor was escorted home  with three cheers, and then some,  and then some more.  While the party press accuses the  Liberal government of extravagance  and worse, places a false interpretation  upon the resignation of Mr. Lums-  den, chief engineer to the Transcontinental Commission, unjustly represents Mr. Fielding as adding heavily  to the public debt, nothing is said of  the system of government���old age  annuities.  This is neither a party nor a political question, excepting one may truly  say it is a boon conferred upon all the  people by the Liberal government. It  is a subject of such wide-spread interest that every community will be interested to know something about it.  Sir Richard Cartwright, minister of  trade and commerce, was primarily  responsible for the measure known as  the Annuities Act, 1908. This act  solves the problem of securing comfort and happiness in old age at a very  trivial cost, and everyone is eligible to  share in the advantages which it otters.  Many men have been ruined, or have  seen their hard-earned savings disappear through improvident investment  or unwise speculation. Others have  wasted their savings in many ways.  By the purchase of an annuity such  experiences are impossible.  This annuity scheme of the government should appeal with special  force to the wage earner and man of  small means. Many people of limited resources find difficulty in securing an investment upon good security. The security in this case is the  Dominion government with its vast  resources.  GENERAL NOTES  There are 100,000 men idle as a  result of the labor strike in Stockholm.  Incendiary fires at Everett this  week have resulted in a loss of  nearly 5200,000.  THE GREAT SPHINX  Nelson has raised $6,000 for advertising purposes to be spent during the next twelve month.  Bills are already out anounc-  ing a monster celebration for Labor dav at Hedley, Sept 6th and  7th.    Sir Wilfrid Laurier, premier, of  Canada, has been invited to act as  the principal orator for Seattle  day at the A. Y. P. E.  In the Ukraine, Russia, the  maiden is the one that does all  the courting, when she falls in  love with a man she goes to his  house and discloses the state of  her feelings. What a pity some  of our weather worn old batchs  who are in imminent danger of  passing their days on the shelf  cannot be shipped to the Ukraine.  METALS.  The first official visit of the  Russian emperor to England on  Monday last was the most spectacular ever witnessed at Cowes.  On Saturday last a most distressing wreck occurred on the  Coeur d'Alene electric line, over  100 people being seriously injured,  while 15 were killed.  -Over seventy distinct shocks of  Earthquakes have been felt in  Mexico, and several towns are  utteriy destroyed. Thousands of  people are destitute.  L,  i  t9  Always go around with a long  face and complain of hard times,  especially to strangers. This  kind of preformance always creates favorable impressions.  -  Ladies white waists bargain prices,  Barclay & Co.  We can supply your wants in House-  furnishings.   A.  It. "White, Phone 16.  When you feel blue don't try to  paint the town red. This combination of colors often produces  black and blue results.  For Sale or Rent���Pianos, Sewing  Machines. The O. I. C. New and 2nd  Hand store.   A.  L��. White, Phone 16.  Castor and Carmangay are the  two latest C. P. R. towns to  spring into existence in Alberta,  S50,000 worth of lots were soid at  auction first day at the latter  town.  FIRE DEPARTMENT  Childrens dresses, very cheap,  clay & Co.  Bar-  New York, August 5���Silver,  50.^; Electrolytic copper, 12^' to  13, firm.  London, Aug. 5���Silver 2V/i\  lead, .��12.  12s. (,d.  Aug 5���Closing quotations on  the New York curb and Spokane  exchange:  Bid    Asked  B. C. Copper       7.25  7.37  Granby   95.00 105.00  Dominion Copper   .03 .05  Childrens red slippers, 1.50 lines for  95c.     Barclay & Co.  The annual meeting of the  Greenwood Fire department was  held at the City Hall on August  2. The following officers were  elected for the coming year:  President, J. D. McCreath; vice-  president, A. E. Braithwaite;  secretary-treasurer, R. G. Hargreaves. The new chief is A. E.  Braithwaite, with T. McArthur  and A. F. Thomas as 1st and 2nd  assistants. After the meeting the  boys had a fine supper and spent  an enjoyable evening.  (HY   A   HANK I-:*.!  Guarding the approach to that arid  and barren ocean of driven sand, the  Libyan desert, and almost beneath tlie  shadow   of   the    mightiest   structure  ever erected by man upon   this earth,  stands that strange wonder of thc ancient world, the Great Sphinx.    And  well might those superstitious and deluded   worshippers   of crocodiles and  mummied cats,  of Osiris and  Horns  and Ptah, regard the impassive  monster with awe and with the profound  est reverence; well might   they   look  upon it as endowed with   tremendous  authority and power, and with the absolute   control   over   their   destinies,  both in this life and in the realms beyond the tomb.     For to   us   even, of  this more intelligent age, emancipated  from those insensate   delusions which  held those mighty ancients   in an iron  grip and sunk them down in   abysmal  and benighted ignorance, it is a thrilling experience to stand   at   sunset before the towering,   majestic   form of  the stupendous figure.    Now, starting  as it were into life as the  golden   rays  merge into carmine, and the passionless vissage is gradually   mantled with  a   suffused   ever   deepening blush   as  though the   life-blood   were   coursing  through   it;   now,   as   the  great   red  luminary sinks lower  and   lower, the  roseate   hue   of  vitality   fading   away  into   a   sullen   and   lurid,   empurpled  lividity;   and   now,   as the   gloaming  advances and the stars, of heaven one  by one shine forth, the   massive   features   of   the   image   darkening   ever  blacker and   deeper,   until   the  rising  moon again lekmdles on   it a ghostly  and unearthly pallor.  Hoary   with  age a thousand   years  before Menephtah's  generals,   vainly  pursuing   the Israelite  host,   perished  ignominiously   in   the   Red   Sea,  tlie  blear,   stony   eyes of this   sculptured  monster of the past���a huge and stupendously colossal   man-headed   lion,  its pedestal a rock-hewn temple ���have  looked out with the same   impenetrable, visionless gaze upon some of the  greatest events of this world's history;  the triumphant progresses of the great  Rameses; the headlong Might of Pha-  roah Necho,   driven   back  by the invincible   forces   of Nebuchadnezzar;  the return of Shihak with his   plunder  from   the   Holy   City,   Jerusalem; or  the victorious triumph of that   mighty.  ruler  of a  world-empire,   Alexander  the Great.  Sidney Oliver,phone   B 51,  will supply your ice needs.  Childrens whitewear on  clay & Co,  sale.   Bar- -r'  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK TIMES  ..Bank of Montreal.  ^!  ��  i  (."'-'  cr-*;  CF<\  CF*  ir*  <F*  *i^  ir*  <S=*s  <r*  Cr  Cr*  cr*  p^>  Cr*  Cr*  (/-*  6-'s  ESTABLISHED 1817.   capital, all paid up, $14,400,000.        Rest $12,000,000.  UNDIVIDED   PROFITS   $217,628.56  llciii   I'rRM.leiu ���    Lokii Strathcona and Mount Kuyai., d. C. M. t..  .'���resident :    Sik Gkorgk A. Okummond.K.C. M. li.  Vicr-PieMJeui and General Manager :    Sir E. S. Clooston, B.ai  ,   All The Principal.   [.    JJCW    YOlk,    CMCilgO.  ; Uraut Commercial au  Branches in London, Eag. \ cfuw "����� caVaTu. r  Huj   aud iell jitei-liBK Exchange and Cable Transfer  Traveller." Credit, j v-aiiable U any pantoi Ilie Rorld.  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT  Interest allowed at current rates  Greenwood Branch,    W. F. PROCTOR, Manager.  >���=��>  i��3  ���**=��  ;��5  tfujioMfl^^  1836  THE BANK OF  1909  America  73 Years in Business.  Capital and Reserve Over $7,000,000,  Have You a  Bank Account?  The money is safer  iu the Bank than in  yourhouse or pocket,  A   Checking  Account provides a safe and convenient way of  paying  your  bills,  as each check issued returns  to you as a receipt.  A Savings Account keeps growing all the  time,    with    Interest    compounded    at   highest  current rates.  Greenwood Branclv-vH. F. STOW, Manager.  amounts. Like every habit, the  saving habit grows. Once the  person puts by in the savings  bank a small amount every pay  day it becomes a habit, and with  the incentive offered by the government it will be a matter of  pride to continue the same, and  when old age comes creeping over  us what a blessing the annuity  will be to those of us who have  not acquired a fortune.  The plan is simple and easily  understood, and the name of Sir  Richard Cartwright will be  blessed in every home where advantage is taken of tbe annuity.  The Ottawa government has hit  upon thf right plan to educate the  people that an independent annuity, earned by individual thrift,  is preferable to a pauperizing pension roll.  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  /. H. HALLETT  IiAHNisTKK, Soucitok,  Notakv Ptbt.ic.  i.'nhlp Address:       " JIaixktt."  U<'clfi>ril M'Neill's  'ilihs < .Moreiui; .fc Neal'.s  I Uodfiinl :  ���J .Moreiuj; 1  Greenwood, B. O"  i&^W-S -   BOUHDARV   VALLEY   LODGE  -'--.��<:...���-" No. 38.1.0. 0. F.  Mecis every Tuesday Evening at 8 00 in tlie  I. Q. (). V. Hall. A cordial In vi union iH ex  tended tn all sojourning bretlierri-.  AI.11MRT LOC.AX. I-1 RED 11. HOLMES,  s. <;. V. G.  K. KliWAKli liKOVVN. Ker. Sec.  Co��  Boundary Creek Times  Issued every frldav  sni!S0i.*ii-"noNs in advance.  I'm* \ kah    ...   2 00  MX Month*).      1 25  To Pori::.^n CortNTKiKS    2 ��0  -Shi7  I'HIIlAV,  AUGUST 6, I'M)  MAKE HASTE SLOWLY  Hif-li School, or no High  School'' That is the question.  Whether it ia better to let our  rising girueniticm train for and  pass the Entrance examinations,  held in ibis town each year, aud  then go away to the larger centers to attend High School, as bas  bo'ii du* pr. .���gram heretofore, or  to iiKil-i.' :iu early application to  the p<.',M-i:-, that Iifi for the estab-  li'ihinent ol a High School of our  07/11, nnd iry to kei-p our youth  ami h.-:inl y :il   home,  (irepnwo-iil 11 ;i���-; ;ui cftirir-iit pub*  iir ��� .1-! 1 <n.l, ;i-, ])|-nvcd 1>V lii'i' RUC-  <���("������;, in lli'' iiii-nl ;iiiiiii:iI exainin-  r:iioii-. when .-ill live nf her can-  di'l:ili-s w.-n* siirresslnl. Midway  lind four -^tii't-essful out of live  '���.uuliil.ile*;, and Phoenix three.  Tlii-; m.iki-s a total of twelve this  year in I lie district, which would  feed I'm* lii^h school, if located  in the near future in Greenwood.  Does thi; entitle Greenwood to  make i 111 mediate application to  tlie superintendent of education?  There is no necessity to dwell  on the advantages of having such  an excellent institution located in  our midst. The advantages are  obvious. Parents who are loathe  to part with their boys and girls,  after they have, left the public  school, could keep them at home,  and the town is tlie loser when its  young people spend the greater  part of the year away. Then,  again, a" High School is an additional attraction lo families aad  home makers, aud an ornament  to any town where such an institution exists. There are no disadvantages.  But while we have an excellent  beginning this year, with twelve  scholars to form the. nucleus, does  the average school attendance at  present in the six schools in the  district, aud the population of the  town and district, warrant a high  school being established today?  If it does, let us have one at once,  if we can procure it Places with  a far greater school population,  and consequently a greater number of entrance candidates have  had to wait a long tune before  their applications were granted,  and have experienced considerable  trouble to maintain thc requisite  number of scholars lo keep the  high school up to standard requirements. Of course no injury  can accrue from our making application, but at the present juncture would it not be better to go  easv and apply first for permission for the principal of the public school to take the work of the  first year in high school, in conjunction with that of the entrance  class, until such time as we can  boast of a larger school attendance in the surrounding district,  and consequently a larger field  from which to draw material for  the High School, and assure ourselves of the permanancy of that  most excellent adjunct to the attractions of tbe Boundary.  OUTLINES OF  CURRENT EVENTS  A fifth of the city of Osaka, Japan, was destroyed by fire Aug. 1st.  Fertile celebrated the first Anniversary of the Big Fire with a  rhonster Board of Trade Banquet.  At the National Apple Show to  be held at Spokane this coming  November, $35,000 will be expended in prizes.  Conference return from England.  The outcome of the conference  will be a decision to construct  drydocks on both the Canadian  seaboards capable of accommodating- the largest battleships."  CAVES OF ARIZONA  Great caves, larger than the  far-famed cave ruins of Kentucky, with chasms and vaulted  chambers in which an office building could be stowed away and  surrounded by ancient and mysterious ruins never before visited  by white men, have just beeu dis-  AN ANCIENT MINE  At Falum, Sweden, are the  headquarters of a company with  a history so remote that the date  of it origin cannot be definitely  fixed.  An original purchase deed dated iu the year 1288 has to do with  a sale of stock in the present  company, and charters given by  King Magnus of Sweden and  Norway are dated February 24  1347. At that time the rights  granted by Kiug Magnus1 pre-  de-asors were referred to as very  old.    The original business   was  covered by Prof. Edgar L    Hew-  .. ... t .   .  ' *- the inanut-icture uf copper,    and  itt,    the   archaeologist,   in    tbe  Mexico city has been visited by  Earthquake. Great damage to  buildings and some loss of life  has resulted.  northeastern part of Arizona.  The raves have long been told  of by Indians, but while men  doubted their existence until a  Navajo guide led Prof, Hewitt to  them. Hewitt *:i V". the caves,  ruins and natural bridge;', were  found without difficulty and were  exactly as the Indian legends had  described them.  Some of the caverns he and the  guide visited were largo enough  to contain the Singer building,  and others contained curious  formations unlike anything he  had ever seen. Several natural  bridges between hills in the vicinity were so large as to make the  rock bridges of Utah aud Virginia puny by comparison. The  ruins contain relics, household  articles and remains of a race of  which the archaeologists have  been in ignorance.  Upon the with drawal of the  Powers Crete raised the Greek  flag, in spite of Turkey's intentional suzerainty.  A GOSPEL OF THRIFT  Barcelona, Spain, was the  scene of much bloodshed, last  week. Spain has civil war at  home as well as her troubles in  Morocco.  It is reported in London that  tbe Earl of Aberdeen will shortly  retire as lord lieutenant of Ireland,  and tbat the Earl of *Grauard  may succeed him.  The colossal bronze bust of  James J. Hill on the A.-Y.-P,  Exposition grounds, was unveiled  by Gov. Johnson, of Minnesota,  on the afternoon of August 3.  Transcontinental and interstate  railroads operating in Washington. Idaho. Oregon, Montana and  British Columbia announce a rate  of one fare for the round trip  from points in the Inland Empire  on trains arriving in Spokane on  August 12, when the irrigation  and industrial army of 10,000 uniformed men will have its parade,  beginning at 4:45 o'clock in the  afternoon, in connection with the  17th session of the National Irrigation congress during the week  of August 9. 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* Satan «
Author or
Hearts Courageous. Etc.
Copyright    1908.     Tbe
Bobbs-Merrill   Company.
an Intuitive knowledge gained in a
'slsaiflcant formative period. He saw
mora clearly than the townfoik who
■to a general way had known Hugh
Stires all their lives. Week by weel:
.Harry bad Been him regain lost
ground In bis father's esteem. Day.
by day he had seen him making stndl*
eas appeal to all that was romantic in
Jtawlca, climbing to the favor of each
on the ladder of the other's regard.
Hugh was naturally a poseur, with a
keen sense of effect He could be
brilliant at will, could play a little on
piano, banjo and violin, could sing a J
little and had himself well iu hand.
And, feeling the unconscious chord of
romance vibrate to his "touch, be had
played upon It with no unskillful fingers.
Jessica was comparatively tree from
that coquetry by means of wbicb a woman's Instinct experiments ln emotion.
Although she bad been artist enough
before tbe cloistered years of ber blindness to know that she was comely, she
bad never employed that beauty tn tbe
ordinary blandishments of girlish fascination. But steadily and unconsciously Bhe bad turned In her darkness
more and more to tbe bright and tender air wrth which Hugh clothed all
their intercourse. Her blindness bad
been of too short duration to have developed that fine sense-perception with
which nature seeks to supplement the
darkened vision. The ineradicable
marks which ill governed living bad
set in Hugh's face, tbe self Indulgence
and egotism, she could not see. She
mistook Impulse for instinct She read
him by the untrustworthy light of a
colorful imagination.   She deemed bim
He began lo pUiy
high spirited and debonair, a Prince
Charming, whose prideful rebellion had
been atoned for by a touching and
manly surrender.
All thia Harry had watched with a
painful sense of impotence, and this
feeling was upon bim today as he
stared out from tbe study toward the
white porch glistening in tbe sun.
At length, with a little gesture expressive at once of helplessness and
puzele, he turned from the window,
took bis violin and began to play. He
began a barcarole, but the music wandered away through insensible variations Into a moving minor, a composition of his own.
It broke off suddenly at a dog's fierce
snarl from the yard and the rattle of a
thrown pebble. Immediately a knock
came at the door, and a man entered.
"Don't stop," said the new comer.
"I've dropped in for only a minute.
Thafs an HI tempered little brute of
yours. If I were you I'd get rid of
Harry Sanderson laid tbe violin carefully In its case and shut the lid before
he answered. "Rummy is Impulsive,"
he said dryly. "How is your father today, Hugh?"
The other tapped tbe toe of his shining patent leather with his cane as be
said with a look of ill humor:
"About as well as usual He's planning now to put me In business and expects me to become a staid pillar of
society—'like Sanderson,' as - he BayB
forty times a week. How do you do
it, Harry? There-isn't an old lady in
town wbo taluks ber parlor carpet half
good enough for you to walk on. You're
only a month older than I am, yet you
can wind the whole vestry and tbe
bishop to boot around your finger."
"I wasn't aware of the idolatry."
Harry laughed a little—a distant laugh.
"Ion are observant, Hugh."
"Oh, anybody can see it I'd like to
know bow you do it It was always
so with you, even at college. You
cootd do pretty much as you liked and
yet be popular too. Why, there was
never a jamboree complete without you
and your violin at the head of the table."
"That is a long time ago," said
"More than four years.   Four years
■ and a-month tomorrow, since that last
evening of college.    Yet I Imagine it
will be longer before we forget it"
Harry did not speak. An odd confusion blurred his vision. Perhaps to
cover this, he crossed tbe room to a
small private safe which stood open in
tbe corner, in which'he kept his tithes
and his charities. When Hugh, shrugging his Bhoulders as If to dismiss the
unwelcome picture he bad painted,
turned again, Harry was putting into
It some papers from his pocket Hugh
saw €he action. His eyes fastened on
the safe avidly.
"I say," he said after a moment's
pause as Harry made to shut its door,
"can you loan me another fifty? I'm
flat on my uppers again, and the old
man has been tight as nails with me
since I came back. I'm sure to be
able to return it with the rest In a
week or two."
Harry stretched his hand again toward the safe, then drew It back*, with
compressed lips. He had met Hugh
with persistent courtesy, and the other
bad found him sufficiently obliging
with loans. Hugh's lowered gaze saw
the arrested movement, and his cheek
"Oh, if if s Inconvenient I won't trouble you for the accommodation," he
said.   "I dare say I can raise it"
The attempt at nonchalance cost him
a palpable effort Comparatively small
as the amount was, he needed it Ho
was in sore straits.
"It isn't that it Is inconvenient,
Hugh," said Harry. "If s that I can't
approve your manner of living latel*
and—I don't know where the fifty in
The mark on Hugh's brow reddeasd.
:-«*i -wasn't aware that I was expected
t&jxa&ez wo. an at**«on]*^*aft^bjssjB]dd
saucily, "it I ao Borrow a aoUar or two
now^and then. What if 1 play cards
and drink a little when I'm dry? I've
got to have a bit of amusement once in
awhile between prayers. You liked It
yourself well enough before you discovered a sudden talent for preaching!"
"Some men bide tbeir talents under a
napkin," said Harry. "You drown
yours—ln a bottle. You bave been
steadily going downhill. You are deceiving your father—and others—with
a pretended reform wblcb isn't skin
deep. Vou have made'them believe you
are living straight when you are ca- j
rousing; that you keep respectable.
company when you have taken up wltb
a besotted and discredited gambler!"
"1 suppose you mean Dr. Moreau,"
returned Hugh. "There are plenty of
people In town who are worse than be
"He Is a quack—dropped from the
hospital staff for addiction to drugs
and expelled from bis club for cheat
Ing at cards:"
"He's down and out" said Hugh
sullenly, "and any cur- can bite him
He> never cheated me, and I und bim
better company thau your sanctimonious, psalm singing sort. I'm not go
ing to give him the cold shoulder because everybody else does. I never
went back on a friend yet I'm not
that sort!"
"You .never had a friend, Hugh,"
said Harry steadily. "You never really loved anybody or anything but
yourself. You are utterly selfish. You
are deliberately lying every hour you
live to those wbo love you. You are
playing a part—for your own ends!
You were only a good Imitation of a
good fellow at "college. You are a
poor imitation of a man of honor
Hugh rose to bis feet as be answered hotly: "And what are you, I'd like
to know? Just boc.iuse 1 take my
pleasure as I plei*?'* while you choose
to make a stained s.ass cherub of
yourself, is no reason why I'm not
just as good as youl 1 knew "you
well enough before you set up for such
a pattern. You didn't go in much then,
for a theological diet Pshaw!" be
went on, snapping his fingers toward
tbe well stocked bookshelves. "I wonder how much of all that you really bellevel I imagine your friends
don't call you 'Satan' now?"
"No," returned Harry quietly, "they
don't call me 'Satan' now."
He went back to the safe.
The movement set Hugh instantly
to regretting bis hasty tongue. If be
bad only assumed penitence instead
of flying into a passion' be might have
had the money be wanted just as well
as not.
"There's no sense in us two quarreling," he said hastily. "We've been
friends a long time. I'm sure I didn't
intend to when I came ln. I suppose
you're right about some things, and
probably dropping Moreau wouldn't
hurt me any. I'm sorry I said all I
did. Only—the money seemed such a
little thing, and I-I needed it"
Harry stood an instant wltb bis
hand on tbe knob; then instead of closing tbe door he drew out a little drawer. He lifted a packet of crisp yeUow
backs and slowly counted out $100.
"I'm trying to believe you mean what
you say, Hugh." he said.
Hugh's fingers closed eagerly over
the crackling notes. "Now, tbafs
white of you after everything I said.
You're a good fellow, Harry, after all,
and I'lL always say so." He pocketed
tbe money with au air of relief and
picked up bis bat and cane.   .   •
Just then from the dusty street came
tbe sound of carriage wheels and the
click of tbe gate latch.
"Its Bishop Ludlow," he said, glancing through the window. "He's coming in.- I think I'll slip out the side
way. Thanks for tbe loan, and—I'll
think over what you've said."
Avoiding the bishop, Hugb stepped
toward the gate. Tbe money was in
his pocket. Well, one of these days
he would not have to grovel for a paltry $50. He would be his own master and could afford to let Harry Sanderson aud everybody else think what
they liked.
"So I'm playing a part, am I!" he
said to himself. "Why should your
holiness trouble yourself over it if I
am? Not because you're so careful of
the governor's feelings, not by a long
shot! It's because you choose to think
Jessica Holme is too good for me.
That's where the shoe pinches. Perhaps you'd like to play at tbat game
yourself, eh?'
He walked jauntily up tbe street—
toward the door with the little barred
"The old man is fond of her. He
thinks I mean to settle down and let
tbe moss grow over my ears, and he'll
do the proper thing. It'll be a good
way to put my bead above water and
keep it there. It must be soon,
sated tor an Instant a whisper of early
prodigalities and wUdnesses .which he
had beard.
"I looked ln to tell you a bit of
news," said the bishop. "I've just come
from David Stires. He bas a letter
from Van Lennap, the great eye surgeon of Vienna. He disagrees with tbe
rest of them. Thinks Jessica's case
may not be hopeless."
Tbe cloud that Hugh's call bad left
on Harry's countenance lifted.
"Thank God!" he said. "Will she go
to himr
Tbe bishop looked at bim curiously,
for tbe exclamation seemed to bold
more than a conventional relief.
"He is to be ln America next month.
Be will come here then to examine and
Chapter 4 T
NSLDK tbe study mean*
while "the bishop was
greeting Harry Sanderson. He had officiated
at his ordination and
■*-* ^ liked bim. His eyes
took in tbe simple order of the room,
lingering with a light tinge of disapproval upon tbe violin case ta the corner and with a deeper shade of question upon the jewel on the other's finger, a pigeon- blood ruby ln a Betting
cozionarjr twisted of tbe two Initial tetters of hJ» name.  There aaaaJaJSa
1Z2J \ /   ' \.
■'Will the go to htmt"
perhaps to operate. Poor child I It will
be a terrible thing for her if tbis last
hope falls ber, too, especially now,
when she and Hugb are to make a
match of It"
Harry's face was turned away, or tbe
bishop would bave seen It suddenly
startled. "To make a matcb of it!" To
hide tbe flush he felt staining bis
cheek Harry bent to close tbe safe. A
something tbat bad darkled iu some
obscure depth of his being whose existence he bad not guessed was throbbing
now to a pulnful resentment Jessica
was to marry Hughl
"A handsome fellow—Hugh!" said
the bishop. "He seems to "have returned with a new heart—a brand plucked
from the burning. You bad tbe same
alma mater, I think you told me. Your
influence bas clone tbe boy good, Sanderson!" He laid bis hand kindly on
the other's shoulder. "The fact that
you were in college together makes
him look up to you—as the whole parish does," he added.
Harry was setting tbe combination
and did not answer. But through the
turmoil in his brain a satiric voice
kept repeating:
"No,   they   don't   call   me   'Satan
-   •        *••->»•
The white house ln tbe aspens was
ln gala attire. Flowers—great banks
of bloom—were massed in tbe hall,
along the stairway and in tbe window
Beats, and wreaths of delicate fern
trembled on the prim bung chandeliers.
Over all breathed the sweet fragrance
of jasmine. Musicians sat behind a
screen of palms in a corridor, and a
long scarlet carpet strip ran down the
front steps to tbe driveway, up which
passed bravely dressed folk, arriving
iu carriages and on foot, to witness
the completion of a much booted romance.
For a fortnight this afternoon's
event had beeu tbe chat of tbe town,
for David Stires, wbo today retired
from active business, was its magnate,
the owner of its finest single estate
and of its most important bank. From
bis scapegrace boyhood Hugb Stires
had made himself the subject of uncomfortable discussion. His sudden
disappearance after the rumored quarrel with his father and the advent of
Jessica Holme bad furnished the community sufficient material for gossip.
Tbe wedding had capped this gossip
with an appropriate climax. Tongues
had wagged over Its pros and cons,
for Hugh's past had induced a wholesome skepticism of his future.
There was an additional element of
romance, too, in tbe situation, tor Jessica, who had never yet seen her lover,
would see her husband. Tbe great
surgeon on whose prognostication she
had built so much had arrived and
had operated. Tbe experiment had
been completely successful, and Jessica's hope of vision had become a sure
and certain promise.
The operation over, there had remained many days before tbe bandages
could be removed—before Jessica could
be given her first glimpse of the world
for nearly three years. Hugh bad
urged against delay. If be bad stringent reasons of his own be was silent
concerning them. Aad Jessica, steeped in tbe delicious wonder of new and
Inchoate sensations, had yielded.
So it had come about that the wedding was to be on this hot August afternoon, although it would be yet some
time before tbe eye bandages might
be laid aside save in a darkened room.
In ber girlish, passionate ideality Jessica had offered a sacrifice to ber sentiment She bad promised herself that
the first form her new sight should behold should be not her lover, but her
husband. The idea pleased her sense
of romance.
It was a sweltering afternoon, and
ln the wide east parlor limp handkerchiefs and energetic fans fought vainly against the intolerable heat There,
as the clock struck 6, a hundred pairs
of eyes galloped. between two centers
of Interest—tbe door at which the bride
would enter and the raised platform at
the other end of the room where,
prayer book ln hand, in his wide robes
and flowing sleeves, Harry Sanderson
had just taken his stand. Perhaps
more looked at, Harry than at the
He seemed bis usual magnetic sejf
as be stood there, backed by the flowers, his waving brown hair unsmooth-
ed, tbe ruby ring glowing dull red
against the dark leather of the book he
held. But Harry Sanderson was far
from feeling tbe grave, alien figure he
appeared. In the past weeks he had
waged a silent warfare with himself,
bitter because repressed. The strange
new thing that bad sprung up in him
he had trampled mercilessly under.
From the thought tbat he loved the
promised wife of another a quick, fastidious sense in him recoiled abashed.
This painful struggle had been sharpened by his sense of Hugh's utter
worthlesaness. To that rustling assem-
(Continued next week.)
The first Russian newspaper
was published in 1703. Not only
did Peter the Great take a personal interest in its editorial
composition, but also in correcting its proof, as appears from
specimens still in existence, in
which are marks and alterations
with, his own pen.
Imines and MINING I
« «
« «
The LiK'ilt* Dreyfus mine at
Danville is heinfc surveyed for
The tniea dej'tisils of South
Dakota occur in simihn* rocks to
those in which incrclniiilahlemir.a
is found in Idaho, ■je*.; untile dikes
and veins.
Manager D. McTntush has installed 3 compressor f>>r llu* (ireen-
wood-Phoeuix linn-el and air
drills will he workinc; in n <* 'iiple
■>f vm ks. Ovc-r ."MU feel wov
driven by hand.
Figures, which have jus' !*rm
published, show Hun ill m;n"ral
•utput of K'hoihsi.i I'm liie ni-.ntli
>f April has been decbnvd nf the
value of ,£'237.214. :is rotup.ird
villi ,£'21'',242 for March,
Thef) P. k\ h.isc njpln,-,! iiu*
ocation of tin- line for Ilie spur
from Han foul Junction to the
British Columbia (.op-.rr r-.-m-
panv's Lone Star mine near Danville, The line will bo nboul
twelve miles Ion}*; and is estimated to cost #300,000. Construction
will begin as soon as the plans
are approved by the division officers at Nelson.
;CHAF£p RLA^il
Are your feet* hot,
sore and blistered?
As   soon   as
Zam-Buk is applied
it cools and soothes idMui
injured smarting
skin and tissue.
Its rich, refined
herbal -essences
penetrate the skin;
its antiseptic pro- v
perties prevent all *
danger of festering
or  inflammation
from cuts or sores;
and its   healing   essertces
build up new healthy tissue.
For stingi, sunburn, cuts,
burns, bruises, etc.—just at
Mothers find h Invaluable for
baby's sores!
Dealer in all kinds of
Rough and Dressed
Lumber, Mouldings,
Windows, Doors,
Shingles, Bricks,
Cement,    etc.,   etc.
GREENWOOD,   :   B. C.
PHONE    65.
Certificate of Improvements.
"Floinnoe" Mineral Claim, situate in th-
i.ipenwond Mininir Division ,,i Yale HI-.-
lijc.l. Wliere located: Ou Wallai
aiu joining- 'he I'avmasicr M   i'.\
•yAKF.   NOTICE   turn    1.   X.   11.   T,;.„„Mn
are n.outi!-
Vree Miner's rvrtifirn.it* Nn. I'.Wil, intend, sixty days from time heit-of, t., apply
to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of ini.
piovements, for Hie purpose ,,t nlnaiuinfj'a
Crown Grant of tlie above claim.
Ami furtlier tHke notice iliat action underset:.
linn 37, must be commenced before lhe is-, nan..-
of sticli Certificate nf Improvements.
Hated this UHi dav of Jnl.v. A. r>. niW.
All Druevists and 3loru.-t0c box.
'am Buk
Newfoundland is a land of surprises. Mr, Walter Monroe is
resident secretary of the Newfoundland Oil Development Co.,
Ltd. Their oil wells are situated
at Parsons Pond, on the Newfoundland coast, and have been
examined by an English and
American expert. On their most
favorable report, both'as to the
quantity and quality of the oil,
London financiers have taken hold
of the business and put up a large
capital to work the oil wells. .
A party of prospectors has left
Prince Albert on a six months'
trip to the country lying between
Isle la Crosse and Athabasca lake.
They have been sent out by the
Lands branch of the Canadian
Department of the Interior, and
will work their way across lo
Fort McMurray by water, and return by dog trains. The object
of the expedition ip. to discover
definitely what coal deposits are
in the north, and to find further
outcrops which the Indians report to have found from time lo
The big Monarch lead mine at
Field, 1J. C, which has been under bond to the Vancouver Mining & Smelting Company, Limited, has been bought by a syndicate of mining men representing
both eastern and western capital,
and the work of developing the
mine on an entirely new basis will
be started at once, and a carload
of new machinery is being shipped to Field. Thc mine has been
worked in the past from a surface
level at a point about 700 feet
above the C. P. R. tracks. It is
estimated that at. least 10,000
tons of lead are in sight, while it
is difficult to place a limit on the
extent of the mineral in the
mountain. Recent examinations
have convinced the new owners
that the ore body is very much
greater than was at first estimated. Samples taken from all
parts ot the property average in
value over $25 per ton.
Excursion  Rates
Tickets on sale daily, May
29th to Oct. 14th. Final return limit IS days Corresponding lares from other
will also be on sale on
June 2nd and 3rd,
July 2nd and 3rd,
August 11th and 12th, to
Eastern Destinations
in Canada and the United
States, with choice of routes
and final return limit of Oct.
31st. For full particulars
npplv to      J. K. Proctor,
" P.P. A., Calgary, Altn.
E. R. RiCDPATH, Agent,
Greenwood, B.C.   '
Snynopsis of Canadian Norlli-Wcst
Noiice Is hereby iriwn tliat '. intend innpply
In Hie Superintendent of I'm. i ik'I.-iI I'nliiv for
a nans e. from me to Kiaul, ll.-II of Anaconda,
li. <'.. ol Un* lliiiel l,i,vniv ni.iv lii-lil by Im-in
respect ill tlie "Veudiillli* llol.-l". situated on
I.nt x. ltlock -.Map ii. iii Hit*Tiiwuni Aiiariirda
in Ilie District ill Yale.
Jiait-.l at Aii.u-oiiiIj   15. c. April lr.t)i. r>iM.
J. VV. O'ISiieil, I.icencee.
Certificate of Imorovements
"Taiti.-ir.-ii- fraction •• Mineral claim, situate
in Illef.reeiiM.iotl Mininir I'i \ isioil of V'-l;
llistrict. VVli.-re located; Carmi Ciuup,
West Turk ot  Ilie K.-ti le Kiwi.
TAKI". NOTIcK that I. K. II. Kerr. Vert
Miner's Ceriilii-at,' No. h,;m, ,ni,.nil, sixty days from date hereof, p. apply ■•■ the Min.
iuir Recorder fur CeriluVaics of Improvement.-!,
du tin* ptii'pose of iiiiiainii,,. (-,.„«„'ir:l,,| , ,,f
tlie al.ove claim.
Ami   further   tak tice   tli.-u aniim, under
section 37, must l.e c.itmnci.ceil Weft-re the   i.,^u-
aiite of such Certificate of lnipiii%enii-ni-.
n.-itetl this'liJ) day of Jills. A. I).. !•««.
and Extracts
Received Highest Award
Dominion Exhibition 1906
Tlbie BdMitMairy's
PS®tHi©@ir Paip©n\
Creek times
is   the Pioneer Weekly
of the  Boundary Creek-
Mining District,
Furnished   houses  for  rent.
White, Phone 10.
Next winter you can get ice for your
self, but uow you must phone B51 for it
ANY avail.ililt* romiitiiiii I.antls within the
Knilu-ay Hell in Kiitislt Cnliimlii.'i. nifty Im'
lioinesieatled by any person wlm is tin* sole head
of a family, or any male over Is years of ni_'e,
to tin- extent of oiii*-t|ii:ii'ter section of 1MI acre
more or less.
Kiitrv must be made personally at tin* loca
land ollice for tin-dis.icl in which the land is
situate. Kit try by proxy may. however, bf
ni.-iili* on certain conditions by the father,
mother, son. daii|*Ii:er. brother or sister, of an
intend ini.' Iiomesteatler.
Tlie lioii.esteatler  is  required   to preform tlie
condition- connected   there  wilh under  ' nf
tlie fnllowitiir plans:
1) At least six months' residence upon and
cultivation of Hie land iu each year for three
(1) If tin. falln-r (or mother, if tlie father'is deceased), of the homesteader resides uikiu a farm
in tlie vicinity of tin* land entered for, the re
ipiiremetits as to residence may lie satisfied liy
such person resldine; with the father or mother.
(S) If ilie settler has his permanent residence
pon farinin*.' land mvi.ed 1>\" him in tlie viciu
ity of Itis homestead, lhe requirements as to res
iiliMice may be satisfied by residence upon tlie
i said land.
I Six months' notice in writi.iirshould beiriven
I to tlie Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ot
j tawa of intention to apply for patent.
| Coal. -Coal minii!-.' rights nifty lie leased fora
j period of twenty-one years at an annual rental
i of il. per acre. Not more than 2.£biiacres shall
i be leased to one individual or company. A roy-
I al ity at tlie rate of live cents per ton shall lie
'-<• ■ nllet-led on the merchantable coal mined.
i Deputy of the Minister of the Interior
N. B.—Unauthorized publication of this advertisement will not be paid for.
  NOTICK is hereby iiriven that thirty
] days after date, I, Frank Bell, of Ana-
„ o  i        -n r   n     1   i conda, B.C., intend   to  apply   to F. S.
For    bale—30    acres    Ot   black j Hnssey.    Esquire,   Superintendent   of
Provincial Police, for a renewal cf  a
sandy loam, partly cleared, well
suited for fruit growing-, one-half
mile from railway station. Will
sell for $20 an acre in whole or
part. 810 will finish clearing.
Half cash, balance on terms.
{Apply to Times office, box 150.
retail liquor licence   for  the Vendome
Hotel in  Anaconda, BC.
Anaconda, B.C. FRANK BELL
May 10th, l')09.
t The Times has tInmost complete Stock- of
Type, Inks, I\iper, in
the Boundary.
"If The Times is improving its stock, enlarging
its circulation, widening
its interests eve ry
Times,   in    Job
f The
Work, Advertising, in
News Getting and Giving can deliver the
■f Subscribe For,Advertise In, Send Your Job
Work to the Boundary's
Leading Paper. THE  BOUNDARY CREEK TIMES  appy Home  to be had on a BRITISH COLUMBIA FARM  in the British Columbia Southern; Columbia and  Kootenay  and   Columbia   and Western   Railway  TOWN 7OTICo  Companies' Land Grants,  suited for the raising of  Farm Lands eminently  Fruit, Grain or Stock  mav be purchased in these Grants at low ligures  for cash, or on  EASY TERMS, from  THE  CANADIAN PACIFIC RY.  Timber Lands of the highest character, situated  in these Grants, are offered for sale in blocks of  from 640 acres upwards,  GOOD SHIPPING FACILITIES     EASY TRANSPORTATION  For Maps, Application Forms, Regulations and  Literature apply to  J. S. DENNIS,  Asst. to 2nd Vice-Prescient,  Desk 20,  Calgary, Alberta.  Town Lots for Sale in Greenwood, B. C.  STRIKE'S OFF  NOTICE TO  * Housefurnishers =  We have the goods, both old and  new,  Phone 16  Greenwood,  We  have   the stock  at the right  prices,  You will be the loser if you fail to  see our goods,  FURNISHED  HOUSES FOR RENT  A. L. WHITE I  B. C. I  iSMagamamkawM  %-b 4* ^ 4> 4> 4-4> 4* 4* 4* 4r 4r 4r4t,4r4,4,4'4* 4" 4-4'4,4r*la  4r  k Bealey Investment & Trust Co-, Ltd. +  T nlM'oK.TK THK POST OH-'iaC. j.  41 *5r*v<- "^'l-���^*'*^'l*,^*t*'^"^^4',^,'4'^^^,^���^*'J^*^���J^'?* 4*  **  ���4*  ���A.  TO RENT  Fine (>-roomed modern house.  4-Roomed   Cottage,  Suite of Rooms in a Block.  One Furnished Room.  FOR SALE  City Lots at all prices.  Fine Ranch comprising 71S   acres.  Wild raspberries are ripe.  Mrs. Mulligan left on Thursday  for New York.  The    Greenwood    Hotel     has  changed proprietorship.  Smoke is coming out of the  smelter stack once more.  Mr. and Mr9. Wm. McLennan  have returned from the  East.  Dr. and Mrs. Spankie and child  leit for Vancouver on  Thursday.  Mr. and Mrs. A, H. Meyer returned from Vancouver on Saturday.  Mrs. K. G. Hargreaves has  gone to the Coast for a month's  visit.  J. McKellar of Eholt attended  the big banquet on Saturday  night.  Mrs. H. F. Stow gave an afternoon party for Mrs. Spankie on  Tuesday.  Mrs. J. Saunders and children  arrived home from Spokane on  Wednesday.  Married���On Wednesday after-  Tlarry Peterson to Ida Nystrom,  both of Molson.  C. T. Bailey, store keeper at the  Mother Lode mine has returned  from his vacation.  Married���On Wednesday afternoon Harry Rose to Ethel Flan-  igan both of Hedley.  G. B. Tayler. city clerk, and  family left for Rock Creek for a  two weeks vacation.  G. A. Rendell of Eholt was a  visitor to town on Saturday and  attended tho banquet.  Miss Bertha Shaw loit Tuesday for Keremeos to visit her  aunt Mrs. W. M. Frith.  TI. Browning, purchasing agent  for the B. 0. Copper Co., returned from tlio coast on Monday.  Ed. Moore, an old timer in the  Boundary returned this week after spending three years in  Southern Oregon.  The banquet tendered to Dr.  J. E. Spankie by the citizens of  Greenwood on Saturday night  was largely attended.  The Ladies of ixreenwood presented Mrs. Spankie with some  very beautiful cut glass at the  tennis court on Saturday afternoon.  Wm. Wilson returned to Greenwood on Saturday and will renew  his acquaintance with the Mother  Lode mine, where he is an old  litnc-r.  W. L. Hogg, at one lime tbe  largest holder in the Sunset and  Crown Silver is visiting old  friends here after an absence of  eight years.  Mrs. Kirby, of Keremeos, came  in ou Tuesday's stage, returning  the same day. Miss Violet Kirby  who has been visiting Mrs. C. M.  Shaw returned with her mother  to Keremeos.  J. H. Methot, deputy collector  of Customs at Myncaster paid a  flying visit to town on Tuesday.  Mr. Methot is also Dominion Emigration Inspector.  Father Bedard left on Monday  for Spokane and will return tomorrow. Next week the kindly  father will go into retreat for a  month at Vancouver.  ly caught on in Vancouver, B. C.  The Empress Theatre, where the  companying is appearing, is comfortably crowded nightly and the  the management has been compelled to place seats on sale two  weeks iu advance  Mrs. J. T. Beattie, (nee Mink-  ler), will receive, for the first  time since her marriage, on Wednesday, August il, afternoon and  evening, and will be at home the  first Wednesday in every   month.  The management of the Greenwood Auditorium arc trying to  arrange for tin* San Francisco  Opera companv. now in its sixth  week at the Empress Theatre,  Vancouver, to visit Greenwood  soon. Thc coasts papers have  nothing but good things to sav  about them and we hope they will  come here.  11. P. Dickinson, of the Giant  Powder company, was a visitor to  town on Wednesday. He has just  returned from San Francisco,  where he has been in consultation  with the head officers ot his companv, with results of a material  reduction iu the price of explosives for B. C, to take effect the  1st of August. This means a  considerable saving to large, operators and to those who are endeavoring to prove prospects.  SMELTER BLOWS IN  TEN YEARS AGO  i$@H3St'>^ii&5t<'��*^;H*^^ -  The B. C. Copper Co.'s smelter  will blow in tomorrow. Shipments of coke are coming in  slowly, and the company is waiting till there are 2,500 tons on  hand. The company has, so far,  60 men employed at the smelter,  and lf>0 men at the Mother Lode  mine. The !��� mall crew at the Oro  Denoro nrn engaged in diamond  drilling. There are 20 men working nt the company's properties in  Wellington ramp, under Harry  Johns.  (From Boundary Creek Times  of Xng. 5,1899.)  Phoenix is experiencing a building- boom.  The Josie, in Summit camp, is  being incorporated.  A big strike is reported on the  Lottie F. on Copper creek.  P, J. Dertnody and bride returned from Spokane on Tuesday.  The whistle of the tracklaying  locomotive is heard daily at Cascade.  VV. II. Norris has severed his  connection with the Midway Advance,  J. W. and Mrs. Nelson left Sun-  for a visit to friends in North  Dakota.  About 40 men are at present atj  work on thc Greenwood waterworks system.  The railroad cut in Summit  camp has uncovered a large body  of ore on the Emma claim.  Rev. Dr. Robertson, superintendent of Presbyterian missions,  was a visitor to Greenwood this  week.  Work on the Greenwood Masonic Temple has been commenced  under the superintendence of W.  D. Palmer.  The Pacific and Windsor hotels  were destroyed by fire on Thursday morning, between two and  three o'clock. Henton's barber  shop and Hallett and Shaw's law  office were also sufferers.  genuine  "BALL" FRUIT JARS  MASON'S PATENT  Pints  $1.15 per dozen  Quarts     1.50 per dozen  Half gallons      1.75 per dozen  ALL, SIZES IN STOCK  The Hunter-Kendrick Co. Ltd.  I ����y��%'')^  f  r./**V-'*'V  Palace Livery Stables  JUGGED VENISON  ���ii  LAGER AND PORTER.  GINGER ALE, GINGER BEER,  ALL KINDS OE  ^ARDONATED DRINKS  PINT BOTTLES FOR  FAMILY  USE  Bottled and Draught Beer.   Phone 138, Greenwood  Phoenix Brewery Co., tK^Wco  I  The many friends of Mrs. D.  McRae will be grieved to hear of  her sad illness. Her brother and  sister in law accompanied her  last Sunday to the eoast.  Lome Campbell, of Rossland,  was a visitor to town last Saturday. Mr. Campbell is lookiug  over the 0. P. R. line to Phoenix  with a view to its electrification.  Is your subsription due? You  can easily tell by looking at the  label of your paper, If thc dale  of the label has passed, kindly  remit us $2 without delay, and  save our collector a trip this hot  weather.  Frank W. Healy's San Francisco Opera company hascertain-  When President W. TT. Taft  visits Seattle the latter part of  September, to attend the Alaska-  Yukon-Paci fie exposition, it is  predicted that the largest gathering ever known on the Pacific  coast will congregate. Special  arrangements are already under  way to provide special entertainment for not only the president,  but the crowds also. Three previous presidents have visited Seattle while in office���Hayes, Harrison and'Roosevelt. Each visit  was a memorable occasion. The  records for crowds established on  these visits are certain to be shattered when "Big Bill" comes,  not that he is a stranger to Seattle and the Northwest, but because he is so well known and so  well liked here. Many prospective visitors will put off their com-  iug until thc visit of the president, when they "will kill two  birds with one stone." The president will leave the cast September 15th, stopping en route for  brief visits in Denver, Salt Lake  and Spokane. Owing to Mrs  Taft's poor health, he will not  be able .to make the contemplated  trip to Alaska this year.  An official census of Calgary  has just been issued, and the population is shown by it to be 29,265,  Two years ago a similiar census  showed 21,000. The eucrease is  regarded as verv satisfactory,  especially iu view of the accom-  paniug'increase in general prosperity aud thc flourishing condition of all local business enterprises. Calgary's growth in population is not only rapid but along  the best possible lines.  After having made a journey  from Tailcm Bend to Lonton on  the Murchisou river, the crown  lands commissioner of South Australia reports the "discovery" of  1,000,000 acres of good agricul  tural land ou which 700 farmers  could be settled if the country  were opened up by a light railway. Another party reports having found 2,000,000 acres in the  northern portion of Eyre's peninsula.   Seasonable jrootls���very cheap at the  sale���Barclay & Co.  {A Bachelor's recipe)  Wash well and put in a stew  pan about four pounds of venison  steak without water, Bet on back  ol stove, 'being very careful it does  not burn.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  One or two apples quartered.  One onion sliced.  Celery salt.  Three or four whole cloves and  alspice.  One teaspoonful vinegar.  Let same simmer four ur five  hours, keep well covered.  When cooked enough, add  enough water to make a gravy  and put through cullender, after  taking out the meat.  WOMEN'S SUFFRAGE  Suffrage meant at firflt the hoof  or pastern of a horse, so called  because it bends under and not  over like the knee joint. This  joint is brought in to.play when  a horse wants to rise on his legs,  and when standing, it supports  him. Figuratively voters are the  pastern joints of a candidate for  Election, one who wants to rise on  his legs, because they support  him.  in  DRAYING���We Can Move Anything  F. C.  BUCKLESS   PROPRIETOR   THE CANADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  UEAI)   OI-T1C1-', TORONTO  B. E. WALKEH, President  ALEX. LAIRD, General Manager  EST-BUSU-U   18S7  Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000  Reserve Fund, -    5,000,000  Branches throughout Canada, and in the United States and England  COUNTRY BUSINESS Kv^^^^^{armers&nd  banking- business.  suction of their  Sales notes will be cashed or taken for collection.  RANKIftlft RY MAM Accounts maybe opened by mail, and  DHnimE*U Dl limit, -monies deposited or withdrawn ia  this way with equal facility. 116  SAVING'S BANK DEPARTMENT.  J. T. BEATTIE, Manager - Greenwood   Branch  The Revolutionaries have proclaimed a republic in Barcelona.  Wc have the largest, cleanest and  best kept new and 2nd Hand Store-in  B. C, and prices right. The O. I. C,  A. L. White, prop., Phone 16.  Childrens lace hose on sale.    Barclay  & Ct,  WATER NOTICE  Phone B51 if you need ice.  -JVro'1'lCK Is herehy Riven that an applica-  1 _. tion wi 11 be made under Part V. of tlie  "Water Act, I'M1)," to obtain a license in tlie  Similkauieeii Division of Vale District.  (a.) Tlie name, address and occupation of  tbe applicant: Patrick Burns, of the city of  Calgary, in tlie Province nf Alberta, wholesale  till teher.  tb.) Tbe name of the lake, stream or source  (if unnamed tlie description is': A spring arising- ou the land of tlie applicant near its noitli-  west corner, and the water from wbicli, in its  natural course, sinks intj' the ground a snort  distance from such spriug-.  i.e.)   The point ol diversion:    At such spriug-.  (d.) The quantity of water applied for (in  cubic leet per second):    Four.  (e.) The character of the proposed works:  A pine leading from the- point of diversion,with  liraucb pipes and open ditcues.  (f.) The premises ou wbit-li the water is to lie  used (describe same): Subdivision "A," being  parts of the northeast quarter bud the north  half of the soutlieast i|nailer of Section 29. and  a pari of tin* sun lb In If of the sou I beast t|iiarter  of Set-liiiM M. in Township 70, in s.iitl Sithilka-  meeii division.  ((?.��� Tlie purposes for which the water is to  be used: Are lo supply to anti iu connection  with slock yards and a slaughter house on said  Subdivision "A.''  (h.) Area of Crown laud intended to be occupied by tiie proposed works:    Xone.  (i.) This notice was pnsled :!i the 2Sth day  nf July, l'X>9, and application will be made lo  the Commissioner ou the Ith day of September,  l'KM.  (j ) (live the names and addresses of any riparian proprietors or licenses who or whose  lands are likely to be affected by the proposed  works, either above or below the outlet.    None.  P. BUPNS,  4T4t Calgary, Alberta.  Just the thing  CORBY'S SPECIAL SELECTED  RYE WHISKY  Greenwood Liquor ��o.  IMPORTERS  GREENWOOD  n  ft  ft  n  ft  $  i  ft  ft  i  ft  i  lift  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ^ S=��55��*'i*'7S''*S=iM**^^  r  ^  GREENWOOD  and MIDWAY  ST^GE  Leaves   Greenwood at 7 a.m. to  connect with Spokane trains and  at 2 p.m    with Keremeos train.  J. McDonell.  St.  A  A SNAP���For Sale, the improvements on a good Homestead.  50 acres in wheat, 30 acres summer fallow. Will sell at a very  reasonable figure. 9 miles from  Ferry, Wash. Come and look it  over.    Joe Cox, Ferry, Wash.  Ice equally suitable for refrigerators  or ice cream.    Phone BS1,  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Jmsrovements.  NOTICE.  "Wonderful" Mineral Claim, situate in the  Greeuwood Miulupr Division ol Yale District.  Where located:��� South East of Boundary  Falls ueartlie Garnet.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Mark Christensen  Free Millers' Certificate No.- B14482,ln-  tcud, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate;.oMntr  provements, for the purpose of obtaining-a  Crowa Grant-of the above claim.  Aud further lake notice that action, under  Section 37, must he commenced before the  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements,  Dated Ibis 17lli day of May, A.D. 1909  Hotel licence.  Take notice that I, Thomas Walsh of Brides* ^1  ville, B. C, intend applying- to the Superintendent of Provincial Police, at the expiration of  one month from date hereof, for a Hotel Licence forthe premises known as the Bridesville  Hotel at Bridesville, B. C  Dated this 4tU day of June, 1909.  (-. Thomas Walsh.  Does the milk som?   Phone B 51 for  ice.  Rods, Reels, Lines, Baskets, Straps* Flies, Casts, Spoon  Baits, Gut Hooks and Devon Minnows,  Our stock is most complete,  BOOKSELLER AND STATIONER,   KODAKS AND SUPPLIES


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