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 ALL THE NEWS  While it's'       '  N E W S  The Oldest Established  Newspaper  in the Boundry.  '/'  VOL. 15  GREENWOOD,   B. C,   FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9,  1910.  No. 14  l(S  COUNT THE DOTS  AND   WIN   A  $35 GOLD WATCH  W��' are not allowed  to cut tho price on  REGINA WATCHES  but, wh are going to  give mm .away to  the w 'iinpr of t his  Dot ''uiiicht-, ju.st  to cr<!.'i.<<- .����� lit He  aimiHemett iinion^  our patrons during  thc holiday peas-on,  also to remind you  of the high qualities of Reginas.  Thc Watch to he  given to the winner of this contest  is on exhibition in  our window, it is a  21 Jewelled Regina  special movement,  in a guaranteed 20  year sold filled  case, and cannot  he bought anywhere for less than  8'}5. We give a  written guarantee  with it.  OUTLINES OF.  CURRENT EVENTS  The British  elections are held  on the installment plan.  Pomologically speaking the imprisoned suffragettes might be  classified "as canned peaches.  After serving another 23 days  the ca^e of Time vs. ]'J10 will be  struck from the mlcndar.  On   motion   of    Dr.  general     belief     that  reached   the North  made una nimbus.  Cook, the  he   never  Pole   is now  RULES   OF   CONTEST.  For each Cash Purchase, to the value of $i we will allow one guess, for a $5 purchase two guesses, and one guess  for each extra $$ purchase. For a Regina Watch valued at $8 you will have three guesses, a $10 Watch four guesses,  and one extra for each extra $5 value.  Any person who owes us an account iflcurred prior to Dec. 1st will be allowed two guesses on each $5 he pays on  account,- and one extra guess for full settlement. _  The correct number of the clots is known only by the maker of the cut. It was sealed in an envelope by mm aud  will be opened after the contest closes by a committee of three responsible citizens who will decide the winner.  In case more than one person has the correct count, their names will be put ou slips of paper and placed'in a box,  thoroughly shaken, and the first one drawn will be the winner.  Further information will'be gladly given at our store.  THE    CONTK8T    CI.OSKS    ON    DECEMBER   24th    AT   MIDNIGHT.  fl- Copt $ eov^6reenwood,B.&  Moving picture films of the  "action" scene* nt Ottawa would  be censored as incentives to crime  and profanity.  In oTder to get home in time to  help their wives do their Christmas shopping early the senate  has adjourned ' until after the  holidays.  Bishop DuMoulin, of Niagra,  suggests two schemes to suppress  the militant suffragettes���turning ou the hose, and liberating a  bag full of mice.  Owing to the numerous heated  debates in the House of Commons  the services of a number of stokers in the furnace room can be  dispensed with.  ago Abe Hallow of Cobalt conceived the idea of suggesting to  the Chinese government the purchase of a producing mine in  Cobalt large enough to supply  tbeir coinage wants, and a letter  was forwarded to the emperor a  few weeks later. A reply came  pointing out that the government is not officially at this time  ready for such a deal but that  tbe matter bad been laid before  some of the foremost capitalists  of tbe country. They decided to  ask Mr. Wang to visit thc mines  and report to them.  Rockers  Morris Chairs  Pictures  Mirrors  Rugs and Mats  Edison Phonographs  All Suitable for Xmas Gifts  ^^^a^^^^^^aaaaaaaamaaWataaaaaamaaWaaaaaWaaaaaaaaaaa^aaaaaaa^  Everything in the Furniture Line.  T. M. Gulley & Co.  =^  ^  HOUSE FURNISHERS  -   Phone 27  P. BURNS & CO.  Wholesale and Retail Dealers in  Fresh Meats  Poultry and Game  Weal,  Mrs.  McPherson,   hoos  aw wi ye the day?.  Gaily brawly  Mrs. McWerther,  hoos yesel. Oh  na sae badly.    I just ca'd tae tell  ye aboot my new cook stove.���the  ane Tack bocht for me the ither  day.   Ma cortes but I wis mad  when he came in and teld me he  had paid $10.00  for it.    I did gie  him an awful tongue diehting as  share as   ma   name's  Mrs.   Mc-  Whirter.     Hoosever.   I   got  the  stove aud wadna be  without ane  noo gin the  price wis twice as  much.    Whaur did  I get it?   A  got it frae A. L. White, ye kew  him?   No!   Hoots   a fehocht everybody knewt  A. L.    He's the  second hand man of Greenwood.  Sells everything a-bady wad need  and I'll buy ony thing ane  has to  sell.    Sud   ye   want any   furniture, sewing machines or pianos,  tae say nathingo' that new fang-  led business   that sooks   up the  stoor.    Yon   jist gang  too   him  and he'll fix ye up a richt.    Weel  I'll hae too be steerin or  Jack '11  be sweering if   his dinner is na  ready.    Guid dae the   noo,   a'll  look in an see ye again shure, but  dinna forget tae gae A. L. a look  in as yere passing a dinna thunk  ye'll fin him a verra  techt mon  tae dae business wi.    Weel, guid  day tae ye.  The curate in the East who  asked his congregation to sing  hymn '589, "Little Drops of  Water" and to put a little more  spirit into it, was an unconscious  humorist.  Late dispatches indicate that  the Mexican revolutionists are  getting their second wind, but  President Diaz4s lariat treatment  has a discouraging effect on any  prolonged deep breathing exer-  sises.  Sir Thos. Shaughnessy places  the operating cost of the proposed new transcontinental train  from Toronto to Vancouver at  $5000 a trip. It is reported that  the service will be inaugurated  in the spring.  Mr. Brodeur Defends Navy  St   John's.   Que.      A   definite  opening was  given   by the   government to a  campaign throughout this   Province  to  oppose the  Bouressa anti-naval, propaganda.  Hon. L. P. Brodeur was the main  speaker,   and   made   a   fighting  speech, full of  his  old time vim,  in which he declared that he had  prepared most of  the naval bill,  and regarded it  as the best and  most important measure presented   to    Parliament   during   the  Laurier   regime.      He    declared  that there were three policies before the country���the  direct contribution  idea of  the Conservatives,   the  do-nothing   policy of  the Bourassaites, and the project  of giving the Dominion a nayy of  its own, as provided by the government    measures.      This,    he  said, meant that the ships would  be   built in  the. Dominion, and  controlled  by the Canadian government.      There     were    about  1,500 people at  the'meeting, and  although there was a little heckling the speakers were all well  received.  sweeping and sure, but in the  ninety-ninth part, it has been  just.  The other consideration is the  barberity and utter inadequacy  of capital punishment. We have  long since learned to look with  horror upon the awful carnage  of the French Revolution, which  amounted to nothing more than  modern capital punishment exaggerated ro national proportions  ;ind inflamed by the mob element.  The taking of human life is justified by neither divine nor human considerations. Life imprisonment :irid hard labor are  far greater punishments than  death and far more juu. For  the reason that, in addition to  horror which must possess any  rightly ordered mind at the taking of  human   life,   either  judi-  of the thirteen-year old daughter  of a settler near Clementson on  the American side of Rainy  River. J. A. Hyer, mail carrier  between Beaudette, Minn., and  Clementson, was carrying half a  ton of mail on a dog sled down  the river when the whole outfit  went through the ice. Hyer  found the ice breaking every  time he got hold of the edge, but  his cries attracted Lizzie Allo-  way, who rushed down to the  river, and lying down ou the thin  ice, got hold of Ilyer's coat collar. She clung to him for twenty  minutes, even after the water  came over thc ice and nlmost  covered her. liver pleaded with  her to let go and leave him. as  he was convinced both would  drown, but their cries brought  three men,   who happened  t>>  be ���  ������''&m  m  ."m  m  "'���*A  over the ice, still clinging to  Hyer, who was but all unconsic-  ious. All the mail, including a  sack of registered letters, went  to the bottom of the river and his  not yet been recovered.  Copper Street, Greenwood, B. C.  Anatomical assayists. estimate  that the human body contains a  pound of iron. In the cheek lode  brass is visible on the surface  and silver in the tongue, formation. With a heavy deposit of  free milling gold in the corner  pocket consideration of the baser  metals is merely a matter of analytical interest.  cially    or   otherwise,    there    re-j near, and they dragged   the  girl  mains  under the more just punishment the  opportunity tor correction  if   the   sentence   should  ever prove to have been wrong.  The mere possibility of the discovery of Belle Elmore Crippen  is proof enough of this,,and while  it may not be possible, instances  have occurred within the knowledge of almost every one where  deathbed confessions or something else revealed the awful  fact that the wrong man had  been executed.  Young Girl's Heroism  A dramatic story of the heroism  City Council  Council met in regular session  Monday night, all members present.  The council closed the alley in block  97. The usual bills were allowed  for thc monthly expenses. The case  of Pat Fogcrty was referred to the  health committee.  Oysters cocktails at the Windsor  hotel.  L..  i  ma  Greenwood-Phoenix Stage Line  Leaves Greenwood Daily at   3 p. m.  Arrives Greenwood Daily at 10 a. m.  GREENWOOD  OFFICE:    L-   L.  MATTHEWS'  CIGAR  STORE  Prompt attention to Express and Freight.  GiLLIS & LAING, Prs.  Alien Labor.  Members of the city hotel and  restaurant employees union of  Montreal met recently, drew up  and adopted resolutions calling  upon tbe minister of labor to investigate the importation of alien  labor into this country, especially  the importation of alien cooks  and waiters. They further asked for the enforcement of the  alien labor law as a protection  for them as Canadian working-  men.  Wins Gold Medal.  Official notice has been received by the provincial government  that the British Columbia exhibit at the recent Toronto exhibition won the gold medal.  John F. Donahoe of Lynn,  Mass., for 12 years a confidential  clerk in the employ of Thomas  W. Lawson, the financier, committed suicide by jumping in  front of an electric train in the  Washington street tunnel. The  cause of his act is unknown.  Good Advice.  The   following   advice,  given  by the Vancouver  Mail, is well  worth noting:   If you are a member of the Board of Trade or the  Civic Improvement  League, or a  regiment, or a church, or  a fraternal lodge, be  an active member.    Don't put your name down  and put your money up and then  give it no further thought. Don't  join   unless you  are   willing to  help by ready and  active service.  Don't be a drone or a figurehead;  don't  be a kicker and a knocker;  do something to advance its objects.    Work on a committee and  work hard.    If you are a member  of the Board of   Trade,   be an  active member:  shoulder some of  the responsibilities of   membership.    Paying your  fees helps of  course,   but pav them promptlv  and then  place  yourself and services at the disposal of council  and  executive and work for the  general good.  Clothing for the Kiddies  We have lately stocked up a fine line of Boys'  Suits, Extra Pants, also Reefers.  Suits from $4.00 to $6.50  Extra Pants $1.25 to $1.50  Reefers $4.00 to $4.50  Manufactured by a first-class  house  and warranted  well made.    An inspection requested.  Russell-Law-Caulfield Compy  Hardware, Crockery, Groceries, Men's and Boy's Goods  GREENWOOD, B, C  ' i! iS ^���V,'.L,''''������ *��� .  r.��  ���:'���������.���f:':-5,vj��J  THE CANADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  HEAD  OFFICE, TORONTO  ESTA11USIIED   1607  B. E. WALKER, President  ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager  Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000  Reserve Fund, -   6,000,000  Subscribe for the B. C. Times.  China May Buy Silver Mine  Mr. Wang, Chinese consul general for Canada, returned recent-  ly from a visit to the silver mines  of the Cobalt district very much  pleased with what he saw in the  mining country. As a result of  his visit it is more than probable  that negotiations will be opened  up by some Chinese capitalists  and several of the mine owners of  Cobalt for the purpose of securing a source of silver for the  Chinese coinage. China consumes annually a great amount  of silver, and having to purchase  in the open market is sometimes  forced to pay the highest prices  for raw material.    Some months  Two Demonstrations.  The recent Crippen case has  drawn the attention of the civilized world to at least two considerations, which rise above a  mere criminal, procedure and, in  a measure, are diametrical.  One is the tremenduous advantage to a state or nation of  sweeping and highly intelligent  criminal processed. Not only are  the English laws and criminal  practice far more direct and ex-  expeditious than those of America, but the administration of  criminal justice is on a much  higher plane. In England criminal procedure lacks both the  maudlin sentiment and the technical trickery which are so conspicuous in this country, aud  from the historic case of Eugene  Aram down to that of Dr. Crippen, the administration oi justice  in  England has  not   only been  Branches throughout Canada, and in the United States and England  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT  Deposits of $1 and upwards are received and interest allowed at current  rates.    Accounts  may be opened in the names of two or  more  persons and withdrawals made   by any  one of them or by the survivor. 124  J T, BEATIE, Manager. Greenwood Branch  SQAPS  JAYNES' SPECIALS FOR THIS WEEK  25c  10c  JAYNES, grocerer  FAIRY SOAP,  3 cakes for  GLYCERINE  SOAP  TRANSPARENT"  and LILAC ROSE  Per  Cake THE^   BOUNDARY    CREEK TIMES  <F*  <P*�� ........       ...        .............  <r*      anUllllIl    VI     lf&VM tt V��fi��9  <r="��  <��!  CF*  CF*  CF*  <S  CF*  t4^  (P*��  0=*  ..Bank of Montreal  ESTABLISHED 1817-  Rest $12,000,000.  Capital, all paid up, $14,400,000.  UNDIVIDED   PROFITS   $217,628.56        ���  ��� ���  ~  Hon. President :   Lord Strathcona and Mount Ko-val, C. C. M. f..  President:   Sik George A. Drommond.'K.C M. (',.  Vice-President and General Manager :   Sir E. S. Clouston, Bakt  Brancbes in London, Eng. j c^? VcaiSL.} New York, Chicago.  Huv aud tell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers ; Grant Commercial an  Traveller*' Credit., available in any partfof the world.  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT  Interest allowed at current rates.  _ Greenwood Branch,    W. F. PROCTOR, Manager.  *~*  X=f*  tef>  ���9  1836  THE BANK OF  1910  British North America  74 Years In Business.  Capital and Reserve Over $7,000,000.  Have You a  Bank Account?  The money is safer  in the Bank than in  your house or pocket.  A   Checking  Account provides a safe and convenient way of  paying your bills,  as each check issued returns  to you as a receipt.  A Savings Account keeps growing all the  time,    with    Interest    compounded    at   highest  current rates.  Greenwood Branch^R. A. CHESTER,   Manager.  Cbc  Boundary Creek Times  Issued Every f ridav  SUBSCRIPTIONS IN ADVANCE.  Pkr Ybak    2 00  Six Months  1 25  To FOKBtON COUNTRIES   2 SO  <uni6n  Friday, December 9 1910  Tht; outlook for Greenwood in  the year 1411 is far better than  in any preceding year in the last  decade. Tlie various mining properties surroutidinjr the town are  taking on nt'w life and with the  adpent of sprit*"- many of them  will be conveying ore to the  smelter. Great encouragement is  expressed by the business men,  and a general all-round prosperous year is anticipated.  Our neighbor to thc south���  Midway���is destined to become a  town of considerable proportions.  Every indication points in this  direction. The Kettle Valley  railroad building- from this point,  the opening np of nearby coal  mines, and ber ideal location almost insures her fu!ure greatness.  The mutton-head who traveled  through Canada as a correspondent of "John Bull." a London  publication, and who said Canada  had seven months' winter with  the thremometer standing at 50  degrees below zero, aud that all a  man could do was to think and go  mad, ought to have spent a portion of his time this season in the  Boundary district. Up to the  present time the weather has  been mild and invigorating, and  do such conditions prevail in this  part of Canada as stated in the  London publication  Board of Control  Speaking before the Union of  Manitoba Municipalities, Hon.  G. R. Coldwell, of the Manitoba  government, took exception to  the municipal government of cities by the board of control system. He stated that it had failed in Toronto and was due to  fail in Winipeg.  It had been Mr, Cold well's experience that greater difficulties  were encountered in the handling  of the affairs of the town and  cities than of the rural munic-  palities. Changes came more  rapidly and there were so many  adverse conditions to contend  with. A vital question of today  was tbe management of tbe affairs of the townB and cities.  The board of control r;vstem had  failed in Toronto, add he felt  that it would shortly fail in Win  nipeg. Government bv commission was another system that had  been tried by a couple of cities;  the scheme having been originated in Galveston, Texas, and  tried in one other large city. It  might be found to work satisfactorily in a large city if the  proper men could be secured, but  he did not think it suitable for  small cities.  One great fault at present is  the lack of continuity in the  handling of municipal affairs.  Many cities today were undertaking large schemes of development, or were embarking on industries which required careful  management for a long term of  years by competent men. He instanced the Winnipeg power development. The trouble came in  the electing mayor and council  each year, and the resulting  change in the make-up of the  management. It took the new  men considerable time to learn  all the details of the work. In  some countries the mayor was  elected for a long term of years,  six or more years, and the term  of the council was thTee or four  years. This had been found to  bo mure successful. The electorate should be more careful in the  selection of men.  CONDENSED  NEWS ITEMS  A steel bridge contract has been  awarded a Winnipeg firm, for construction over the Thompson river at  Walhachin, B. C.  Harry Wright, M. P. P-, in  com  ing  down   Stanley    street.   Nelson,  slipped on some ice and fell, breaking  three ribs, he will be confined  to  his  house for some weeks.  this  was   a  horse  on him the officer  permitted him to get-  The hunting season of 1910 has  caused the death of 113 persons in  the United States by accidents.  Another very extensive business  house is about making it exodus, from  Greenwood, P. W. George & Co.,  are placing their entire stock upon  the market at sacrifice prices.  The Duke of Manchester, after an  operation for appendicits, is reported  dying at London, England.  The Pullman company, who owns  the entire Pullman car service, are reducing the prices on all their lines for  sleeping berths.  Curlers from all parts in the boundary met at Cranbrook on Wednesday  last, to consider affiliation and bonspiel matters.      Place your Christmas advertising.  There is nothing like getting early  after the Christmas shoppers. Greenwood has had a prospsrous year, and  the Christmas trade should be correspondingly good.  The Bank of Montreal announced  a general revision of its staff salary list,  the first one" in two or three years.  The increases run from $200 upwards, and practically include everv  start man wherever employed.  An increase of nearly a million in  the custom dept. receipts for November, is an official facf.  A Good Thing  At the present time lectures in first  aid to the injured are being given by  physicians to the C. P. R. employees  and to the Boy Scouts. The provincial government has also established a  mine rescue station in the Pass and is  establishing others at which instruction will be given to the miners.  All of this must result in a large  number of persons receiving instruction of a very valuable sort, and some  of them���perhaps many of them���  are certain to be able by means of  this to render indespensable service at  critical times, and to be of much use  in saving life or limb or in relieving  suffering.  Such works is one of thc good  signs of the times. It is a great  thing that this instruction should be so  widely extended and it will probably  lead before many years to its being  made almost universal.  New York is to have a dry dock  with a cradle 1000 feet long, and will  be constructed in the Erie basin  Brooklyn.        _���   The Royal commission is now  taking evidence at Vancouver, as to  the advisably of establishing Technical schools. So far all evidence is  greatly in favor of it.  Canadians and Americans in Mexican territory are in great danger of  famine, provisions not being procurable.    The mother of nineteen children is  now on trial at Philadelphia for starving to death her nineteenth child.  Canadian Population  Mr. McPhail, of the Canadian  Census Bureau, thinks we have 8,000-  000 in the Dominion. A nun of 23  years, with his wife of 22 years left  Montreal for Alberta. They had  with them ten children, all their own  five pair of twins born within six  years. If this sort of thing keeps up  we will soon have a hundred million  Canadians. The proud father told a  newspaper reporter that they were  going west where there was plenty of  room.    They need it.  Two thugs held up Hon. John  Oliver at Colbrooke, and ligtened  him of $100 and his gold watch, and  made their escape across the boundary.    Cutting off his hand with a razor,  when it had been crushed in a corn  sheller, was the nervy act of J. Bruce  Vaugham, of Virginia.  The Senate of Ottawa not having  any work to do, adjourned till after  the Christmas holidays.  The Liberals of Victoria have to  re-arrange their organization, having  a seperate organization in each ward.  Mr. J. C. Mcintosh is to be permanent paid organizer.  The mayor of New Westminister  has very wisely quashed an effort  made to restrain children from taking  in the moying picture shows. Where  there is nothing objectionable in these  shows. His conclusion was, let the  kiddies enjoy themselves as his  does.  Chilliwack has started a Boy Scout  corp, selecting them from the various  schools the   most promising recruits.  In addition to its natural attractions  the basket hat is also a life preserver.  A heavy bottle of milk fell from the  ledge of a window three storeys np  and struch a Detroit girl on the head.  The dome of the big hat acted as a  buffer, and the bottle was the only  thing that go smashed.  In crossing the line from British  Columbia to Washington the other  day the immigration inspector asked  ope of the passangers what his nationality   was.    He  replied   that  he  After the age of SO people find that  their strength is not what it used to be  and they frequently'suffer from sudden exhaustion, and weak heart action.  To all such we recommend the invigorating tonic Ferrovim. composed of  fresh lean beef, Citrate of Iron and  pure old Spanish Sherry Wine. Nothing could be more beneficial in such  cases.   ��1.00 a bottle.  Some men are unable to achieve  popularity even by staying out of poL  itics. i   An impossible thing to find a plaster equalled to "The D. & L." Menthol  and it is being imitated. Get the genuine. For side aches, backaches,  stitches, nothing equals it, Made by  Davis' & Lawrence Co.  A Valuable Journal.  The Britisli Columbia Mining  and Engineering Record, published at Victoria, is a journal  well worthy the consideration of  mining men and investors in  mining properties. It is an illustrated monthly magazine descriptive of the mineral resources,  development, production, industries and engineering achievements of British Columbia, the  northwest provinces, the Yukon  and Alaska. 10s editorial opinions and news information can  be relied upon to be unbiased and  truthful, and mining tnea and  those interested in mines who desire cold, unvarnished facts should  add it to their list of periodicals,  the price of which is $2 per year  in Canada and $2 50 in other  countries.  The Fountain Head of Life  Is The Stomach  A man who has a weak and impaired stomach an J who does not  prop.rly digest his food will soon find that his blood has become  iv?ak uisd impoverished, und that his whole body ii improperly and  u.Sui.icientiy nourished.  Dr. PimtGE'S GOLDEN MEDICAL DISCOVERY  Kiahcs the ctomach strong, promotes the. flow ot  digestive /usees, restores the lost appetite, mahes  assimilation perfect. Invigorates the liver 'ar.d  p:iri/!s3 and enriches thc blood. It Is the great blood-maker,  r flc-i.h.builder and restorative nerve tonic, it nial.es mea  strung  in  .body,  active   in   mind   and  cool in   iud&ement.  This "Discovery" is a pure, glyceric extract of American medical roots,  no����!iHeIy free from alcohol and all injurious, hahit-forming drugs. All its  i.���:���.;<:�� euts ore printed on its wrappers. It has no relationship with secret  ii..-;t.'u.n3.    Its every ingredient is endorsed by the leaders in all the schools of  n. ������:-,: ie. ��� Don t ilcccpt a secret nostrum as a substitute for ��hi�� tim'e-p a  iv:i:y op known composition. Ask yoor NEiGiinoKS. They must know of  ir -.y cures made by ,t during past 40 years, right in your own neighborhood.  \. ....j a D.spenaary Medical Association, Dr; R.V. Pierce, Pros., Buffalo N Y  1-1  The legislature of California  has passed a law making the unauthorized wearing of a union  button or display of a union card  a criminal offense.  The pecular properties of Chamberlains Cough Remedy have beeu  thoroughly tested during epidemics of  influenza, and when it was taken in  time we have not heard of a single  case of pneumonia. Sold by all druggists and dealers.  Every man is the builder of his own  fortune, and he needs plenty of sand.  Most cases of baldness are  due solely to neglect. The hair  of ten becomes dry and dandruff  forms because the hair glands  do not supply enough natural oil. Nothing overcomes  this deficiency so effectively as  that delicately perfumed, refreshing hair pomade, Bearine.  Avoid baldness; apply Bearine  to your hair occasionally. All  druggists, 50 cts. a jar.  DiwiSJQfr  A thick adhesive ointment, combined with  Japanese Menthol and Vaseline, two of the  most wonderful healing drugs known.  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OVER 68 YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  was a teamster and,   considering that I  Tradc Marks  Designs  Copyrights &c  Anyone lending; ��� sketch and description mar  quickly ascertain our opinion free whether au  Invention to probably patentable. Commnnlca-  tloniatrlctlyconudentlal. HANDBOOK on Patents  ���ent free. Oldest agency for securing patents.  Patent* taken through Mann & Co. receive  special notice, without charge. In tha  Scientific American*  A handsomely Illustrated weekly. largest circulation of any BcientlOn journal. Terms tor  Canada, JS.TC a year, postage prepaid. Sold by  all newsdealer!.  MUNN&Co.s6'8"-*^. New York  En a>ch Office. 636 F 8L, Washington, D. C.  It is always easier to straighten  out  the truth than it is to line up   with  it.  You.can't dodge thein all.    Mosquito  bites, sunburn, bruises, skin   injuries  Some   of them will attack   vou  this  season   sure.    Have   a  tin   of   Davis'  Menthol Salve on hand.   25 cents.  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LIQUOR ACT, 1910  (Section 42)  Notice is thereby given that, on the  first day of December next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for the renewal of the hotel license to sell  liquor by retail in the hotel known as  the Spokane Hotel, situate at Midway,  B. C., in the Province of British Columbia.  Dated this 10th day of October,  1910. L. E. Salter,  Applicant.  FRATERNAL SOCIETIES  MASONIC  Regular monthly meetings of Greenwood  Lodge No. 28, A. F. & M., are held on the first  Thursday of each mouth at Fraternity Hall,  Government street.. Visiting brethren cordiallv  welcomed. W. ELSON, W. M. J. S. BIRNIE,  Secretary.  1. 0. 0. F.  Boundary Valley Lodge No. 38, meets every  Tuesdnv evening at 8 p. m. in the I. O. O F  hall. F. E. BROWN, N. G. GREY POND,  V. G. WALTER MURRAY. Rec. Sec. A  hearty welcome lo all visiting brothers.  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS  Greenwood Lodge, K of P., meets every  Wednesday evening at 8 p. ni. in K, P. Hall.  W. JOHNS, V. C AUSTIN LOGAN. K. of R.  and S.   WM. LAWSON, C. C  W. F. M.  Greenwood Miners'Union No. 22, meets every  Saturday evening in Union Hall, Copper street,  at 7:30 p. m.. and at Mother Lode mine every  Fridav evening at 7:30 p. m. LESTER MACKENZIE, Secretary.  REBEKAHS  Greenwood Rebekah Lodge No. 1*, I. O. O. F.  meets first and third Monday- of each mouth  at I O. O.F.Hall. MRS. THOMPSON, N. G.  MRS. AGNES FLEMING, V. G. ROBERT  HALCROW, Rec. Sec.  AT THE CHURCHES  Methodist ��� Rev. I. B. Hibbert  will conduct services in the Methodist  Church every Sunday. Morning, 11  a. m.; Sunday School, 3 p. ni. Evening.  7:30,  PRKSBYTRRrAN���St. Coliiinba. Services will be conducted morning and  evening, 11 a. ni. and 7.30 p. ni. Sunday School 2.30 p. ni. Rev. J. A.  Petrie, minister.  Anglican���St. 'Jude's. Services:  Holy Communion at 8:30 a ni., on 1st,  3rd, and 5th Sundays; Holy Communion al 8:30 a. ni . 1st, 3rd and 5lh Sundays; morning prayer at 11 a. m.;  evening prayer at 7:30 p. ni.; Sunday  school at 2:30 p. m. Rev, F. M. Hilton, vicar.  Catholic.���Church of the Kai-rcd  Heart.���Divine service 1st, thirdand  fourth Sunday in each month. Holy  mass at 10 a. rn.; vespers and benediction al 7:30 p. in.; Sunday school a.*  2:30 p.m. Rkv.J A. I3tiDA.ttn, ���). M. I.  pastor.  +  *  Electric current supplied for Power, Lighting,  Heating and Ventilating. Power furnished  for Hoisting and air-compressing plants, with  absolute guarantee of continuous ppwer service  Get Our Rates. We Can Save You Money  Pacific Hotel  Grieg & Morrison, Prop.  The Pacific is the Headquarters  for Commercial and Mining Men  Is steam-heated, electric lighted;  the rooms are large and cosy.  rhe Best Cuisine between  Winnipeg and the Coast.  3F TO  GREENWOOD  and MIDWAY  ���v  Leaves   Greenwood at 7 a.m. to  connect with Spokane train; and  at 1 p.m. with Keremeos train.  J. McDonell.  ik  A  IP K" tf* ** V JT V? ff ** ** tr JP K* V Jf V K*  CO., L/T*D.  Leaves Mother Lode  9.30 a.  6:30 p.  m.  m.  Leaves Greenwood  2:00 p.  m.  8:30 p.   m.  Saturday last stage leaves  Mother Lode 6 p. m. Returning,  leaves Greenwood 10 p. ta.  Greenwood Office  NORDEN   HOTEL  ad& ��9* v* *J* v* id* *3* O* v* fcT** *t5* w* w* ic'* O* v* ^W  WATER NOTICE  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  /. H. HALLETT  Barristbr, Soucitok,  Notary Ptbuc.  Cable Address:      ''Hallbtt."  (Bedford M'Neill's  Codks -< Morelug- & Neal'u  I I.eiber'8  Smmtwooo, B.O.  C. AE. SHAW,  Dominion and Provincial  Land Surveyor,  Grbenwouo, B. O.  P. O. Box 57, Photie 32.  WILLIAM FLEMING.  TRANSFER DRAYING  Furniture Moving a Sneciafty.  Leave orders at Matthews' Cigar Store.  ;  H. W. FARMER & CO.,  REAL ESTATE AGENTS,  Rock Creek, B. C.  Make use of the want ad. column.  It will do the work for you at less cost  and be more effectual.  TvTOTICE Is hereby given that an appHca-  J-jL tion will be made under part V. of the  " Water Act, 1909." to obtain a license In the  Similkaireen Division of Yale District.  (a.) The name, address and occupation of the  applicant. Jerome McDonell, Anaconda, B. C  Farmer.  (b.) The name of the lake, stream or source.  Spring- on Little Frank mineral claim on South  I��iud creek.  (c.) The point of diversion is at the spring  close to the northwest corner of Little Frank  mineral claim.  (d.l The quantity of water applied for, In  cubic feet per second, is Ten (10) luches (10.85  cubic feet).  'e.) The character of the proposed works.  Pipes and flumes.  (f.) The premises on which, the water Is to  be nsc'l.   My pre-etnpilon No. 2935.  (g.) The purposes for which the water is to  be used.   Irrigation.  (U.)   tf for irrigation  describe the land intended to be irrigated, giving acreage.    My "  preemption   No.   2935, consisting of 38  acres,  more or less.  (j.) Area of Crown land iuteuded to be occupied by the proposed jvorks.   None.  (k.) This notice was posted on the 10th day  of September, 1910, and application will be made  lo the Commissioner on the 25th day of October, 1910.  (1.) Give the names aud addresses -of auy  riparian proprietors or llcencees who or whose  lands arc likefy to be affected by the proposed  works, either above or below the outlet. The  pipe will cross Hamilton mineral claim, owned-  by W. J. Harris, Spokane, Washington, the  Little Frank mineral claim, owned by Joseph'  J. McDonnell, Anaconda, B-. C.  JEROME MCDONELL.  Anaconda. B. C.  Copper  New Edition of the  COPPER HANDBOOK  Vol. VIII., issued May, 1W9, contains  1,500 pages, with nearly 50 per cept.  more matter than the preceding edition.  The chapters with mine descriptions  and on statistics have been carefully  revised and the bulk of the matter  therein is  ENTIRELY NEW  There are 25 chapters.  Covering Copper History. Geology,  Geography, Chemistry, Mineralogy, .  Mining, Milling, Leaching, Smelting,  Refining, Brands, Grades, Impurities,  Alloys, Uses, Substitutes,Termihology  Deposits by Districts, States,Countries  and Continents, Mines in Detail, Statistics of Production, Consumption, Imports, Exports, Finances, Dividends,  eic.J  The Copper Handbook is concededly  the  World's Standard Reference  Book on Copper.  "The Copper Handbook^ contains, in  this new and greatly enlarged edition,  about 50 per cent, more matter than  the Bible���though not necessarily a  better book because of its great bulk.  It is filled with FACTS of vital importance to.  THE INVESTOR    '  THE SPECULATOR  THE METALLURGIST  THE CONSUMER  THE MINER  Price is $5 in Buckram with gilt top,  or $7.50 in genuine full library morocco.  TERMS, are most liberal. Send no  money, but order the book sent to you,  all carriage charges prepaid, on one  week's approval, to be returned if un-  satisfactorv, or paid for if it suits. Can  you afford not to see the book and judge  for yourself of its value to you ?  WRITE NOW to the editor and publisher,  HORACE J. STEVENS  36, SHELDON BUILDING, HOUGH-  TON, MICH., U.S.A.  SUBSCRIBE FOR THE  TIMES :'*���'  THE  BOUNDARY CREEK TIMES  JjfVj5;.!t3f'l  3^  Jfi  This is what; Mr. Edward Bingham,  o* 218 Brant Ave., Brantfor.d, says oi  Z.am-Buk. After an attr.ck of typhoid  favor, uloera broke ont on his right fooC  and -inkle.   C-The i'ooi, and leg were  t'jrr^biyirfanied," he says, "and the  pai a was very acute.  I could not wear boot or shoe, and  oi.-t:;Id. not muva about; at all!   I used aJl kinds of lotions, _  i .���?,.'.?va aud ointments, yet nothing seemed able to heai th�� g  u'csrs until Zam-Buk was tried. ,   H  ���"i'h3 Vf;,ry first application of Zam-Buk lelieved the I  i:?r..'M.!;irt pf.in, and as I kept en using Zam-Buk the ulcers I  bevi;i to look Iit.aithter rnd were less painiul. ���  r..^."^^!*-^ ^-aung balm the discharging was  "      }f^S" commenced.    After a few weeks'  a'-/' ?'ii',;v"t'r-8WOl-,ns: a5rd inflammation were banished,  77 ".''.; ,V- ef"' v',ei'�� c'nln -j? Sealed.   J am so grateful for  II     /;.n,;i.1;:frou^ii^;n--^^at I consider it g-y duty to  | ]��:... o���.^o know or tae lutnts of this great balm "  >.:ir:-r;!:L- will *...> f.  C   /I'ilM,  ll'.OOi]  i'Vifi: .?,-::.nr^'Bulc should ha used for.  ���.������.it  :> euro Tor cold Bori'S, ciitipped hands, frost bites,  '. ,-o eoi'cs, piles, sculp : oi-es, vingworm, inflated  iMjripij'l  ])!;icea,  oi;l;i, burns, bruises, and skin  .���; ;.������;> . ;.;'<���.    A 1 ;liut;;:i.-ts iiml mores .-o.i at 6l*J box, or post  ������ i;-..': Xnin-!>iilv t.'o.. 'i'un.nto, upo/i rccuipt of price.    You are  ��� (K-!  ;i;r inst  Imnni'iil imitatioiiH and  substitutes.  . See tho  y   roginture I naisio "Z:ini-lJul; ���'' on c cry package before! buying.  {$        pi?..  ���   .v-<i  t& Aa  B? Jf  ���������> P-    M ���*���  pnpp Send this empon  i RLi/ nn<i j0 stamp  to  DflY Ztm-B k Cu.. To-  u v/j\ r ,n(0i ml(j recoiv  12 Z 2 freo trial box. 12  32SSE3asaBKCTBS  ���*��ft0��0����tftt**a����'*e��������o��'**o  fllES AND MINING!  ��� *  l*he British Columbia Copper  Co.'s net earnings in October  were approximately 17,500, which  compares with 27,600 in September. The falling off in October  is understood to have resulted  from a precipitation of dirt into  the ore at the Mother Lode mine  in the closing days of the month.  When operated to their full  capacity, the enlarged furnaces  should give a monthly output of  a million pounds of copper.  Canada's Banks.  Canada has  twenty-nine banks  nth about 2,000 branches.  Thev  ire practically controlled by the  Jankers'  association, a legalized  Institution with  certain  definite  functions.  The. governor aud two deputy  ���overnors of the Bank pf France  .re appointed by the chief of  tate. The general policy of the  Jank of France is directed by the  lank.  Before discounting any paper  lhe Bank of England requires at  The beneficial effect of iron  jipon   the   systeih   weakened  irough illness, overwork or  [liemia, is well known.    Fer-  )vim is a preparation which  Itipplies the valuable element  In the most efficient way, corn-  lining with it the nourishing  [ualities of beef and the mild-  stimulative effect of sherry  [*ine.   * Ferrovim costs $1.00  bottle at druggists.  least two good British names,  one of which must be the acceptor. It seldom holds over $150,-  000,000 in bills discounted and  securities of all kinds.  ,MENTH0L  PLASTER  FOR BACKACHE,  SCIATICA, PLEURISY,  STITCHES. CRICKS.  NEURALGIA, RHEUMATISM  Each 25c. in air-tight tin box;  yard rolls Sl.tiO, can be cut to any  size.  Beware of worthless imitations.  DAVIS &  LAWRENCE CO., Montreal.   ,  SCHOOL REPORT '  Following is the school report  for November.  DIVISION. 1���J. L. WATSON.  Pupils actually attending       21  Average daily attendance  18.91  Percentage of regularity  90.9S  Pupils present every session���  Donald McAllister, Sutherland  Smith, Ward Storer.  DIVISION   II���D. CLARE CALDWELL  Pupils actually  attending       23  Average daily attendance....;  19.86  Percentage of regularity  86.35  Pupils present every session���  Hazel Eddie, Mayme Lewis, John  McArthur, Arthur Rees, Tom  Taylor, Lucille Smith,  DIVISION III���V. M.   CUNNINGHAM.  Pupils actually attending .:       36  Average daily attendance.  31.64  Percentage of regularity  87.89  Pupils present every session���  Francis Jordon, Sam McAllister,  Annie McMillan ,Gee Yen,  Helen MacKay.  Bearine feeds the dry and unhealthy  scalp, softens and gives vim to. the  hair.    50c. a jar;- \  yNo man would listen to you talk if  he didn't know it was his turn next.  The Mayflovr, according to  report, is going ahead. The  lead in the shaft has widened out  to about 30 inches of almost solid  galena. So pleased is the, company that another shift of three  men is to be put on to work at  night. The shaft is over 5�� feet  deep, and as soon as it reaches  60 feet they will commence stoping.   There, are the best of reasons  for believing that there will be a  large amount of mining done in  Southeast Kootenay as soon as  the Kootenay Central railway is  completed.  Australia has another remarkable gold discovery to record. At  Kayarra fifty ounces to the ton  are being produced, and the boom  is steadily growing. British capital is being attracted, and still  further development may be looked for.  F. Keffer, mining engineer of  the B. C. Copper Co., of Greenwood, arrived in Princeton Saturday last, leaving on the following day with E. F. Voigt for  Copper Mountain. It is understood that Mr. Keffer is especially engaged to make final report  on Voigt's Camp, which is under  negotiation pf sale by ,a large and  well known mining firm. It is  some five years since Mr. Keffer  was here, then directing operations at the Sunset, under bond  to the B.C. Copper. Co. He has  been with the company for some  fifteen years, and knows the  Boundary and Similkameen mining district better than any other  mining engineer. Mr. Keffer says  that copper mining is sluggish,  the low, prices being responsible  fpr this condition. It is his, and  a general expectation, that copper will regain its old quotations  and revive the stagnant condition  of the market shortly.���Princeton  Star.  interested, and undoubtedly the  combination will be brought  about under his direction. On  the present price of copper tbe  world's producers are showing an  average net profit of between  three and lour cents per pound  on their output. <  Before you take your departure from  Greenwood subscribe for your home  paper, $1 for six months, or ��2 a yeai.  You will find it full of interest to you  wherever you are.  Let your tale of woe be a short one,  even if you have to tie a knot in it.  A.sprained ankle will usually dis  able tha injured person for three or  four weeks. This is r'tie to lack of  proper treatment. When Chamberlain's Liniment Js applied a cure may  be effected in three or four days. This  liniment is one of the best and most re-  markable'preparations in use. 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You know what oyster cocktails  are. They are at the Windsor Hotel  in Ihe bar or, dining room.  If you are a subscriber of the  Times and not paid up, $2.00 from  you would be very acceptable.  MINERAL ACT  Form F.  Certificate of Improvement  Notice���"Arlington" and "Head  light" Mineral Claims, situate in the  Greenwood Mining Division of-Yale  District.    Where   located���In    Arlington Camp.  Take Notice���That I, Isaac H.  Hallett, as agent for William Frederic Proctor, Free Miner's Certificate  No. B29169, intend, sixty days from  the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of the above  claims. :  And further take notice that action,  under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of suce Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 15th day of September, j  A. D. 1910.  I. H. HALLETT.     B. C. Hair Goods Emporium  Announces to the ladies of British  Columbia that by recent importations  theis stock of Hair goods is most complete in all particulars. Wigs, toupees,  transformation pompadours, switches,  puffs and curls, all of which will be  furnished at less money than you can  obtain by ordering abroad. This  business is my especial calling, and  being thoroughly understood, we are  in a position to guarantee perfect satisfaction to those who favor us with  their patronage. Our new catalogue  will be mailed on application by post  card, and which will be found most  useful. We also make . up switches  out of your own hair combings, prices  ranging from $1.00 to $2.50. Our  mail order department has the most  prompt attention.  LEO MUELLER  Masonic Temple, * Vancouver, B. C.  LIQUOR ACT, 1910  (Section ��*2)  Notice is hereby given that, on the  first day of December next, application will be made to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for renewal  of the hotel license to sell liquor by  retail in the hotel known as the Riverside Hotel, situate at Rock Creek, in  the Province of British Columbia.  Dated this 15th day of October,  1910.   ' S. TV Larsen,  Applicant.  FOR SALE AT GRAND FORKS  A beauiifully situated home, new  building in perfect order, with water  and e'ectric light, with one and one-  half acres surrounding, planted with  all varieties of fruit trees and small  shrubs, grapes, etc.,. all in bearing.  Will sell en bloc or without furniture  if desired. Will sell at a sacrifice price  to enable owner to locate at coast immediately. Apply at, B. C. Times  office, Greenwood.  Never hesitate to tell the truth, and  force another to tell a lie.  :��� "ire-  Piping Hot Water Always Ready  for every occasion, with the Kootenay Steel Range,  without " driving" the fire or wasting fuel. The  generous firebox is built so that the water heats very  rapidly as it passes through the water front, and  gives a plentiful supply. One bath usually empties  the boiler heated by an ordinary range with the  result that the rest of the family must wait for .more  waterto heat. Not so with the boiler attached to  the water front of a .  i^Hligi:  because the Kootenay never fails to heat as much  water as is required and as fast as it is used. The  nearest McClary Agent will make clear to you the  reasons why you ought to own a Kootenay. 50  -...* "��*- -t   ;������'"  . -���..Ct��WV1.v. t.'T  R; L. Keinecke of the Canadian Geological Survey, has returned to Ottawa from his work  on the West Fork Kettle River,  B. C.   The Greenwood smelter of the  B. C. Copper Co. is now producing copper at the rate of 100,000  lbs. per month, and gold and  silver valued at 75,000 dollars,  Shipments of ore from the  Boundary district for month ending Nov. 12: Granby mines, ]9,-  370 tons; Jackpot, 350 . tons;  Mother Lode, 7,160 tons; Number Seven, 75 tons; Rawhide,  3,200; Snowshoe, 2,490.  The management of the Crow's  Nest Pass Coal company has  closed down tbe south side of the  creek temporairly which reduces  the daily output 3000  tous.  arys  Vancouver,     St. John, N.B.,.   Han  , For Sale by Russell-Law-Caulfield Co,  ondon,    Toronto,    Montreal,    Winnipeg,    Vancouver,    St. John, N.B., >  Hamillc   ,    Calgarr  The Boston Commercial has  the following: We can state from  positive knowledge that plans  for a merger of the leading copper producing companies of the  United States, and which will  probably include the big mines of  Canada, Mexico, S,outh America,  and possibly the Rio Tinto in  Spain, are being put in shape,  and the negotiations of terms  and prices will begin very soon.  Tlie world's leading  financier is  JACOB  COULD   SCHURMAN  The President of Cornell University  When Jacob Gould Schurman was a boy on his father's bactowootfs farm  on Prince Edward Island, where he was born In ISM. educational advantages  were scant in quality and costly in time and energy. Books were few, the  one newspaper that connected thc family with, the outside world was but a  provincial weekly, and the district school was taught by one teacher who gave  the stapde things of education, with no fancy dishes of the modern class.  When Jacob was thirteen he ha.d to become self-supporting, and secured  a clerkship of the general utility type in a country store at thirty dollars a  year and his board and washing. In his second year he received sixty dollars,  and with this coming of wealth came a longing for a better education.  In two years he had saved eighty dollars and with this as a -bulwark  against starvation he attended the village high school, studied voraciously  day and nislit and entered a competitive, examination for a scholarship at  Prince of Wales College at Charlottetown, on the islaad. He won the scholarship of sixty dollars and went to the college. Then after a year of teaching  he went to Acadia College, where his appetite for prize-winning became insatiable. Hp won a scholarship of $500 a year for three years offered by the  University of London, followed by his winning the traveling fellowship of  the Hibbert Society, and other prizes, scholarships and similar rewards, with  predestined certainty and monotonous iteration.  He studied in London. Paris, Edinburgh, Berlin, Gottingen, and half a  dozen other cities, aud when six or seven nations had given him all they  could supply but not nearly all he could absorb, he returned to Canada as  professor iu one cf thc colleges.  In 1885, Andrew D. White recommended him to Cornell, and the year  following, at the age of thirty-two, he became head of the Department of  Philosophy: in 1S01 '.vas made Dean of the Sage School of Philosophy, andj  in 1892 he received tho rfi'irree of Doctor of Laws from Edinburgh University  and became President of Cornell, being the only man even considered for a  moment for the jio; ition.  Dr. SchiiniiKTi ir, 'omarkaMe as a lecturer, broad and liberal as a teacher,  searching for truth with his students rather than giving them li is opinions  as finp.'iticF: rinrcrr: r;:id thai i;-:h as an investigator; cU'&r, eloquent and  effective as an orator: s-i::ipie p.ud dircit r.s an author; and as a man, pojit:lax,  magnetic. Fytnivuhr tic. 'trriin.'j and broad-gauge.  EaU.Tcd2i;tvlJl:.J iu.Vloftfcc 1'::: l;-uncut w'Cou In. latheij-r l>jl,   ��� Vi'. C. JlJi-i.. at tic I) ���;.:irtmeutvr A;rku;tu;o,  1  I  Wood Furnace  The McClary Magnet Wood Furnace has a fire-box opening  that admits the largest chunks of wood with ease^���wide,  deep, generous in size as the Magnet is in quality of material  and workmanship. The wide opening saves you work,  because you can use wood that you would have to saw and  split to get through the narrow, shallow fire-box openings of  ordinary wood furnaces.  Instead of making the fuel  fit the door, the Magnet  door is made to fit the fuel.  It is just as easy to get  the ashes out of a Magnet  as it is to put fuel in;  because the opening of the  ashpit is just as generous  as the fire-box opening.  You can get at the farthest corner and remove the  ashes with ease and speed  ���no turning and twisting; no trouble nor inconvenience. These two advantages are good reasons  why you ought to use*a  Magnet. The McClary  agent in the nearest town  will welcome the chance  to give you many more.  Write to the nearest McClary branch for booklet.  f    McClaryi  London, Toronto, Montreal, Wlnnlptfl. Vancouver, 8t John, Hamilton, r^ ^ *."  For Sale by Rnssell-Law-Caulfield Co.  THE  Boundary  Creek  times  -IS THE-  PIONEER WEEKLY  -OF THE-  BO  tt  Send for the paper,  Subscribe for it,  Advertise in it  And let us do THE   BOUNDARY CREEK TIMES  HUMta  K  CREAM  BAKING POWDER  A straight, honest, Cream ol Tartar  Baking Powder. Made from Grapes.  Makes better, more healthful food.  Soid without deception.  GREENWOOD GRIST  Items of Interest   Picked Up  Here and There For The  Times Readers,  h  Protect Your Town |     l'lans have brcn  drawn for the  ���� c   it. n *-~   I construction of a   great dirigib'c,  Many   of   the  weekly country & *  ���. ,      .   4l      ,���   ,. ,,���    am] it is  predicted   that  the first  papers  throughout  the  Wt st are | '  .   . . ,   ���      ,    ���.-    ,i American   passenger  car will be  doing a  good   work in educating, ' e  .. ..11     ���r;t ���<���  considerably larger   iban the gas  the consumer as to the benefit pi i H ��� *  *     i- ..i ���     .i ���.,  ^...., ibags   built and   Una ted  by Count  trading   at  home,   in   their  own i     ** J  town or village.    The   Raymond  Z-ppelin.  tt    .,      -��� . - ,   ���   ,.,  o.      Chief Engineer Van  Inman, of  Hustler   in a   recent issue   says:      v"u c        *-*  un   ��� ��    . �����,.,,,   ,���;i   Walter   Wellman's ill-fated  bal-  Protect   your    own   town   and,  ,i-      v.       u        .uo^   , ������    ^rr>   :���! loon America, has charge of  the  thereby   show  that   you   are   in i .  , c .    .. Tf   ���,ifo���  i work of construction for the Aeri-  iavor  of   protection.    It   protec-,  ... ,   c     ,.      ���,��.���������   :.:0!al   Navigation   company.     It   is  tion is good   for lhe   nation   it is! & r    i  if      .v,Q  ������ ,.-,      a*  ,���,�������� ! likely that  lie   will   be in charge  good   for  the town.    As  towns-1 &  people w�� should   favor our town |of  the   lirHt  liner  to leave   on a  above every other  as tbe growth \V���^'   over   the   450-mile    air  and   development  of  it  is what' lancs-  will   enhance  the   value  of   all;     The cost   of   th* tickets   fora  ,    ���     ���   ,  , ,, ,,, ,,     Tv,cn i trip has not yet   been annouueed.  properly in   and  about it.     I nen       j ���'  buy   your  dry   goods,   groceries, !  hardware. furniture, etc . at  home; have your printing, your  blacksmithing, your shoemaking  done at home. Patronize home  in every instance that you can.  The success of our merchants ;ind  mechanics means new business  houses and residences, additional  demands for labor of various  kinds. To the farmer a first-  class town affords a better market  for his grain, a better tradiug  point and such a town is bound  to increase the va'ue of his land.  Unquestionably *iu union there  is strength.' Let us prolcclcur  town.   Aerial Service.  Aerial liners capable of carrying ZO passengers and a crew will  be plying the airways between  Boston, New York, Philadelphia,  Baltimore and Washington within six months, according to Chas.  Glidden, president of the Aerial  Navigation company.  Postoffice Receipts  The Postmaster generals report for  the year ending March 31 shows the  following:  Boundary Kails���Gross revenue',  $126,75; money orders issued,  SI 098.75; money orders paid, $284..-  65; postal notes  naid, -546.50.  Grand Forks���Gross revenue, $5,-  087,(J4; money, orders issued, $99,-  222.34; money orders paid, $26,-  224.64; postal notes paid,  $1203.01.  Greenwood-Gross revenue, $3567-  71; money orders issued, '367,613,-  49; money orders paid, ��20,408.12;  postal notes paid, $954.80.  . Midway���Gross revenue, $431,12;  money orders issued, $11,651.15;  monev orders paid, $1792.36: postal  notes paid, SI26.44.  Nelson���Gross revenue, $24,796.-  42; money orders issued, $115,799.-  46; money orders paid, $141,868.47;  postal notes paid, $12,280,60.  Phoenix���Gross revenue, $3138.-  80; money orders issued, $142,985.-  85; money orders paid, $13,618,59;  postal notes paid, $363,20.  JtjXJsJtJtJtjXjUjXJXjXjXjXjXJtJXJ* JtjXjXjXjtjXjXjXjXlXJljXjXJtjXjXjX*.  5 FIRST RATE CAFE 5  %  ft  '*  'ft  ��  ���a  A  V.  A  'A  *1  AT  THK  WINDSOR HOTEL  greenwood, b. c.  Open Day and Night  ERNIE CARTIER, Manager  '*jxjxjXMjxytjtjxj*^^jtj*^^jxjxji.'Xjx..-��jxjt^jxjxjx^jxJijitjxji^  i!  ���*  i  Do you want (��lh iEngitfilj initial note \\  paper and envelopes to write your |  letters on?    If you do \i  Call at THE TIMES OFFICE  Prices moderate ;(*  %am  Gerry Mead has returned  to town.  Mrs. Wm. Lawson returned from  the coast last Thursday.  Found���A clinical theremometer.  Apply at Mrs. C. JE. Shaw.  Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Smith, of  Phoenix, were visitors to town on  Wednesday.  It is reported that an eastern syndicate will start up the Silver Plate mine  at Beaverdell.  An anxious mother would like to  know where the small boys are net-  tine their cigarettes and tobacco.  The Pacific had for its guests: J.  Carlisle, Phoenix; W. Richter, Keremeos; J. Rush, Brandon, Man.,  The woods are full of them- A  large number of our men have taken  to the brush, for winter work, lodging and tie making.  Our curling and skating rink begins to come up. The wall timbers  are going up fast. It looks like good  for skating this season.  A.most elaborate display of China  from the markets of England, Germany, Austria and Frrnce, at Coles.  An inspection requested.  Mr. D. McPherson, of Bank of  B. N. A., returned to this city after a  vacation divided up between Spokane,  Seattle, Vancouver and Victoria.  Mark Myca, a gentleman of note in  culinary art, left for his old home in  Greece, but will remain a few days  prior to going, at Oroville, Wash.  The powder shortage which has  been hanging up our Greenwood-  Phoenix tunnel work, having been received the work is going on in good  shape.  Piano for sale, never been used.  Lady having no use for it, wishes to  dispose of it. Sacrifice price $250.  Apply Mrs. A. G.Mungean, 2040  Columbia St. Vancouer, B. C.  Granville St. Vancouver property  purchased for $1500 twenty years ago,  was recently sold for $2600 a foot.  The deal was put through by R. K.  Stevens formerly of Greenwood.  Little kiddies and school children,  .as well as grown ups, can counts dots,  and they have just as much chance of  winning the gold watch, that Logan  & Co., are offering in their dot contest.  Parties having maps, plans or specifications, which they would like backed with cloth for frequent use or preservation can have the same done at  very moderate cost at the Times  office.  Mr. Loucks, who has been in the  employ of the B. C. Copper Co., for  some time past, and wife are leaving  for Portland, Ore., where Mr.  Loucks has taken a position .with a  railroad there.  By attending to your Christmas purchase at an early date, you will have  the advantage of a greater range for  selection, and you will also gain the  approval of those whose business it is  to contend with the usual rush of the  Christmas trade.  The Dramatic performance, on  Wednesday evening, of the Sanford  Dodge company in the Drama "The  Three Musketeers," which was very  creditable put on the boards and well  carried out in detail.  P. Burns & Co., have received  two drives of cattle this week. The  first consisting of 100 head from  Richters ranch Keremeos, and the  second one consisting of 250 head  from Val Haine, both droves are  splendid looking cattle.  Mrs. E. Winnerend, proprietor of  the  Central  hotel,   Midway^   was  a  caller at this office last week, subscrib-  to the good cause of publicity of our  paper, and incidentally remarked th at  the Midway coal was quite extensively  used at Midway and gave every satisfaction.  Logan Si Co's dot contest which  appears in this issue, is sure to cause  considerable interest among the people of the Boundary. The prize  that they are offering is a valuable one,  which makes it worth any persons  time to count the dots.  The following were registered at  tthe Windsor this week: G. R.  Campbell, Spokane; Miss M. B.  Wright, Seattle; W. H. Adams,  Golden; W. A. Cudworth, Anarchist Mountain; Mr. and Mrs. Rose,  Midway; J. McKellor, Eholt; D.Kent, Moyie,  The Imperial has on its register:  C. T. Pincptt, J. M. Walke, R. S.  Whaley Spokane; R. S. Pyke,, J.  H. Murphy, Vancouver; J. R. Jackson, Midway; Er. "Col. Glossop,  T. R. Hanson, Rock Creek; J. A.  Farmer, Vancouver; J. E. LaVasuer;  Nelson; R. Roberts, manager of  Jewel mine.  W. H. Barnett having taken a  contract from the Yale Columbia  Lumber Co., will proceed to West-  bridge and remain in the bush all  winter. We have much pleasure in  informing that his son now at Vancouver under medical treatment is improving most satisfactorily and a perfect cure is anticipated.  The annual Christmas entertainment for the Children of the Sabbath  School in connection with St. Columba Presbyterian church, will be  held on Tuesday, December 20th, at  8 p. m. An admifsion fee of 25c.  will be charged to adults, children belonging to the Sunday School admitted free. To all other children tickets will be 15c, or two for  25  cents.  The Dot contest of Logan & Co's  is the first one to be held in the  Boundary. Our local jewelers show  a great deal of enterprise in launching  this plan and we hope thev will benefit by it, in advertising the superior  qualities of the Regina watches, for  whicn they are agents.  Christmas greetings to the absent  ones, in the shape of any one of  those excellently gotten up Christmas  annuals, is not only a most welcome  event to the receiver but also a yery  sensible and valued one. You have  your choice of the London News,  London Graphic, Sketch, Holly  Leaves, Black and White also the  Toronto Globe.    All these  are  exe-  Mother.  Go back tonight in memory to  the old home, far East, far West  ���across tbe seas maybe, and  take a peep at mother. There  iu the old home she's | waiting to  greet us on our return from the  office, shop or the busv streets.  Supper is oyer; the dishes are  washed. Mother picks up the  piece of work laid down when  supper was announced. Adjusting her glasses, she bends low to  see the stitches are right, and  proceeds in silence. Brother aud  sisters are- there. They take up  their bonks to read, and stretch  out for a lazy,evening. Perhaps  it is tbe first evening thev have  all been home in many. A busy  day at the office or in tbe shop  makes the quiet rest needful.  They do not want in lie disturbed. Mother has been aloue all  dav, with nobody ab>ut with  whom she could talk And she  wants to talk now. A question  or two is asked, bui, receiving  only a disinterested yawn for an  answer, she concludes to not say  any more, and silently works on.  A sigh from- the heart tells of  a-load there, but she chokes it  back and bends closer to her  work. Her thoughts turn to the-  son or daughter far east, far  west���across the seas maybe���  you and I. Green fields are always oyer there. Angelic daughters and affectionate srJn are too.  If she could only have one of  them by her side! The word of  love and confidence that her ears  have so long wanted to hear,  would in love be spoken, and the  tears of anguish now suppressed  would give place to tears of j vy.  Yes, indeed!  Collection Letters  "Vancouver Merchants have given  systems a three year trial and are satisfied."  J wsll send copies of three specially  drafted "COLLECTION LETTERS" upon receipt of ONE DOLLAR, and invite you to investigate  the statement at the top.  Thos- Connor,  Room 3, Court House Block,  Vancouver, B. C  MINERAL ACT  Form F.  Certificate  of Improvement  Notice���"Arlington"  and "Head  light" Mineral Claims, situate  in the  Greenwood Mining Division of Yale  District.    Where   located���In    Arlington Camp.  Take Notice���That I, Isaac H.  Hallett, as agent for William Frederic Proctor, Free Miner's Certificate  No. B29169, intend, sixty days from  the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of the above  claims. -        v  And further take notice that action,  under section 37, must becommenc-  ed before the issuance of suce Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 15th day of September,  A. D. 1910.  I. H. HALLETT.  B. C. Hair Goods Emporium  Announces to the ladies of British  Columbia that by recent importations  theis stock of Hair goods is most complete in all particulars. Wigs, toupees,  transformation pompadours, switches,  puffs and curls, all of which will be  furnished at less money than you can  obtain by ordering abroad. This  business is my especial calling, and  being thoroughly understood, we are  in a position to guarantee perfect satisfaction to those who favor us with  their patronage. Our new catalogue  will be mailed on application by post  card, and which will be found most  useful. We also make up switches  out of your own.hair combings, prices  ranging from $1.00 to $2.50. Our  mail order department has the most  prompt attention.  LEO MUELLER  Masonic Temple,  Vancouver, B. C.  ���^��*  SEALED TENDERS addressed' to  the undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for Public Building, at Grand  Forks, B. C." will be received at  this office until 4-00 P. M., on Wednesday, December 28, 1910, for the  construction of a Public Building at  Grand Forks, B   C  Plans,   specification  and  form   of  contract can  be  seen  and   forms oL.|  tender obtained  at the  office of Mr.| 4  Wm.   Henderson, resident architect,V<|  Victoria, B. C, at the   Post  Office,  Grand   Forks,   and   at this   Department-  Persons tendering are  notified that  tenders will not be considered  unless  made  on  the printed forms supplied,  and signed  with  their  actual  signatures,   stating their  occupations  and  places of residence.    I'n  the cases of  firms, the actual signature, the nature  of the occupation,   and  place of residence  of  each   member of the firm  must be given.  Each tender must be accompanied  by an accepted cheque on a chartered  bank, payable to the order .of the  Honorable the Minister of Public  Works, equal to ten per cent (10 p,  c.) of the amount of the tender,  which, will be forfeired if the person  tendering decline to enter into a contract when called upon to do so, or  fail to complete the work contracted  for. If the tender be . not accepted  the check will be returned.  The Department does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender.  By order,  R. C. DESROCHERS,  Secretary-  Department of Public Works,  Ottawa, November 24, 1910.  Newspaper  will   not be  paid   for  this advertisement if they insert  without authority from  the   Department.  Better a witty fool than a fool  wit.  TO RENT���Pianos also sewing-  machines.    Enquire of A. L. White.  Dig up your subscription to your-  home paper���terms are in advance.  Let us have it, please.  Hot house lettuce and raddishes re-  Law-Caulfield Co.  k }  cuted typography  perfect and   the F���^^���}1 Week at   Russdl"  colored plates are gems of art. These  come in telescopes ready  for mailing.  For sale by J. L. Coles, stationer.  TO LET���Furnished house, centrally  located, moderate rent. Enquire of A.  L. White.  Right Sort of Enterprise  One of the most gratifying evidences of local enterprise that has come  to our notice in a long while is a copy  of a handsome Jewellery Catalogue  issued by A. Logan & Co., in advance of their Christmas trade. It is  elegantly printed, and everv article  picked out for illustration is intended  to make somebody Christmas happy.  It gives an new impression on the re- j  sources and facilities of this well  known Jewellery store, and shows at  a glance their ability to supply anything that may be wanted ln their line.  Our readers should make- it a point  to get a copy pf this Catalogue, which  is crowded with singularly appropriate  Christmas suggestions.  WILL SELL  One large, handsome Golden  Oak Sideboard, one Extension  Oak Dining Table, and six Oak  Chairs to match. Apply W. C.  H. Wilson.  JAMES  THE  Photographer  Christmas Gifts  We are now carrying an exceptionally fine line of all classes of articles suitable for presents at this season���nearly everything you could  desire:  FOR THE HOME  Handsome Cutlery Cases, Spoons, Knives and Porks, Reading Lamps,  in fact. Furniture and Furnishings of all kinds from the smallest  household necessity to the greatest domestic labor- saver���The Electric  Vacuum Cleaner.  FOR  GENTLEMEN  Guns, Revolvers, Ammunition and Belts, Pocket and hunting Knives'  Shaving Outfits, Razors, (Bull Special guaranteed for two years),  Strops, Brushes and Hones, Gloves of all qualities and kinds.  FOR LADIES  Pianos and other Musical Instruments, Music and Music Stands,  Dressing Room accessories, useful and ornamental Comb and Brush  sets, and Decorative Combs, Mirrors, and all the best of girls could  wish for.  We also have on show a large and varied assortmens of Shades, sizes  and prices to suit all.  A.L.WHITE  Phone 16  Greenwood, B. C.  From Finest Grapes to the Purest Wines  . A cool glass of rich, luscious  fragrant wine with your  meals insures appetite, good  digestion, health and pleasure  Our Stock of Wines & Lipors  is well chosen, and every  drop is well aged and splendidly blended. You should  have your wine closet well  filled with our viands. You  will then be recognized as a  good judge of liquors.  iV,  i\  i\  Greenwood Ciquor go*  IMPORTERS GREENWOOD  For Sewing Machine Needles and  Oil see A. L. White, the Stove and  Furniture man.   Phone 16.  DrCADWOOD  ST.  GREENWOOD,   B. C. ���  Has a new equipment for  Photo work and can turn ont  as good work as any in the  land.    Give him a trial.  BUY YOUR MILK  ��������� FROM THE   GREENWOOD DAIRY  Fresh Milk and Cream Delivered Daily  BOTTLED   MILK  A SPECIALTY  Fred   Jenks,   Prop'r.  Vi  ���:'i  This Store  is perfectly  With complete stocks of the best kinds of gifts.  With gifts for men and women, children and babies.  It's the result of years specializing on Xmas goods linked by Fair Prices  BOOKS, STATIONERY, FANCY GOODS, MAGAZINES, ETC.  -*u-St!i  EH  FBBB


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