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 ALL THE NEWS  While it's  NEVv/S  VOL. 15  The Oldest Established  Newspaper  in the Boundary.  /  ������'Syi  f  GREENWOOD,   B.C.,   E^RIDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 1911.  No. 25  See Our Window for  HOES  We have every kind and size  both men and boys.  Russell-Law-Caulfield Compy  Hardware, Crockery, Groceries, Men's and Boy's Goods  GREENWOOD, EG  LIST DUTY FREE ARTICLES  <F.  We are Offering Snaps in  FURNITURE,     CARPETS,     LINOLEUM  BEDS AND BEDDING,  Previous to our annual stocktaking.  NO TROUBLE  TO  SHOW GOODS  ^  Following' is.a' list of the principal articles to be admitted into each country from the other free of duty,  when th,ey are the,,growth, product or manufacture of  each country respectively, viz:  Live animals, poultry dead or alive, wheat, rye, oats,  barley, buckwheat, dried peas and beans (edible),, corn except into Canada for distillation, hay, straw and cow peas.  Fresh vegetables and fruits in their natural state,  dried fruits (apples, pears, Reaches and apricots), dairy  products, eggs, honey, cotton seed oil* oil. seeds, grass  seed, and garden/field and other seed not provided for.  Fish of all kinds except sardines and other fish preserved in oil, shell* fish add seal, herring, whale and other  fish oil. .   . ,     ' .  Timber hewn, sided or squared otherwise than by  sawing, and round timber used for spars or in building  wharfs, sawn lumber, paving posts.and telephone, trolley,  electric light and telegraph poles and railroad ties, wooden staves and stave bolts, pickets and paling* and extracts  of hemlock bark.     ',.;..''���  Natural mineral waters not in bottles or jugs, salt,  mica.- feldspar, asbestos, flourspar, glycerine not purified,  talc, sulphate' of soda, soda ash. coke and carbon electrodes. ������;:'������  Brass in bars, strips, sheets or plates, ? galvanized^  rolled iron or steel sheets or plates,,No. 14 guage or thinner, crucible, cast steel wire, galvanized iron or st'2l  wire, galvanized fencing wire- %i. iron or steel and round  rolled wire rods of iron or steel not over y% of an inch in  diameter nor smaller than No.. 6 wire gauge.  Cream   separators of   every  description" and   parts  The Times Would Like to See  Better mail service with the  States.  Frank Hines elevate himself on  stilts.  All the dogs in Greenwood in  one bunch.  Archie Aberdeen cut his crop  of alfalfa.  An. electric light over the bridge  of sighs.  Fred ��� Holmes .elected Mayor  nest spring.  A busier man in town than  Walter Watson.  A large��aud.ence at the hockey  match Saturday night.  The Sisters' hoHpital receive  the support it deserves.  A more dignified looking individual than Chef McKay.  A more aldennatic looking personage than James McCreath.  A Greater Greenwood and all  the citizens pull together to that  end.  The "marble heart" given the  gang of "inoocbers" that infest  Greenwood.  The Miners' Union give one  of their popular balls on St.  Patrick's Day.  The town in B.  C.   that can  produce more pretty  girls than  Greenwood.  ..JR. A.  McCracken  follow   the  and solid in the east and rising  on the horizon of the west, with  the meteor gleams of coming  greatness?  Surely not. >  Was it our industries?  They  were  never  better than  now.     ,  Our people never happier. Our  prospects never brighter.  See how we have grown and  prospered under the sturdy system of.self-reliance that we had  marked nut.  Vox ^0 years nasi we had been  selling (��ur faces steadily northward. We had looked away from  the grim smoke of Pittsburg to  lhe silver snows of N^w Ontario,  from the cornfields of thr Mississippi Valley to the sleeping  meadows of lhe Valley of the  Peace, from the orange groves of  Canadian  Capital Abroad.  While Canada is seeking fresh  capital abroad and is getting it  in large quantities from England  and France, Canadian banks and  financiers are backing heavily  traction, power and other enterprises in foreign countries, more  particularly Mexico and South  American republics to say nothing of the eoncerns in the United  States which is using a lot of  Canadian capital. Mr. Rudolph,  Forget. M. F\. thinks this i-- nil  wrong, and Iu; voices his *��*iiii-  ments in the course ol re isons  why another hank would Iir u  good thing in (J mad* H��' s:iy;  there are lots of good propositions al Iioiiii*, and thai Canadians should b.ivr faith enough  iu their own country lo put their  money   in   them  instead    ��l    ex-  Los Angeles to  the sunlit valley |I)ect;nK 0,ltsiclers   to do  ii while  Everything in the Furniture Line.  T. M. Gulley & Co.  HOUSE FURNISHERS -   *���   Phone 27  P. BURNS & CO.  Wholesale and Retail Dealers in  ,-.. .   ..... , ���. 1 example of the birds in the spring  .thereof for repairs, and type-casting andtypesetting ma-1 nd^t. .  &more genial,   quiet,  perfect  of the Okanagan.  Step by step we have been winning our way farther and farther  from the frontier, into the heart  of our- own country, into the  north, the country that alone  makes meu.  But now our water-lily rulers  turn shivering to the south again.  What is it that is wrong?  Is it not perhaps some poison"  that lingers ia their blood���the  smarting of the' old defeat���the  virus of the platform of 1893, that  cannot be conjured from their  veins?  thev  gooff  to   some oilier   place  with their capital.  The bank. Mr. Forget is organizing is the Ijanque <iei cralc  du Canada but lhe woid "(Jen-  erale" will be dropped if a charter can be secured lor one designated tbe Bank of Canada. Lis  capital will be $lO,O0U,00O, aud  of this amount the pre motor  states that French capitalists are  willing to put up $7,500,000 aud  Canadians the balance. Mr. Forget leads the public to believe  that his new  bank  will set  the  chines for use in printing offices.; '���',.. ^-:^7i) j  Pulp wood mechanically, groutid, chemical pulp of  wood, news print paper, etc., are niade free of, entry into  the United States on the condition'���''.���precedent that no export duty or other export charge of any kind; has been imposed thereon in Canada (jr. any of its provinces. :  Reciprocal rates of.duties; to be imposed' by each, coun-,  try are provided for at reduced rates in Schedule B, and  special rates in Schedule C. and P.V                       ���       ���'...;.  It is estimated that, the 'result b�� the agreement, if  brought into operation, would be on the basis1.'of last  years' business a reduction of Canada's taxation by an  amount of'$2,260,000. -        :  ';>  . *���'.". .*  \  Fresti Oysters, Fish and Dressed Poultry  Beef Mutton, Veal and Pork, all choice -  stock perfectly fresh.   We cannot fail  to please you.   Call or Phone.  Copper Street, Greenwood, B. C.  HOBSON PREDICTS UNITED STATES  M JAPAN CLASH WITHIN  War with Japan within the next ten month%ya? predicted in the house at Washington by -^epresen^tatiye  Richard P. Hobson. During a speech in favor of> definite;  constructive policy of defence, he declared that Japan now  is financially prepared for war, and that the United States  before long will be forced to make an. exhausting struggle  with the Japanese, ending in probable disaster, ��� '���'��_  I  �����  TO HOUSEHOLDERS  We offer the fnest butter made  gentleman of tbe old-school stripe  than Mr, Parry of the Imperial  hotel.'  * A hothouse in Greenwood so  that a girl's best fellow could  give her a bouquet at any season  bf the ��� year. *  A voice-tight muzzle on the  dub that brays all night and  keeps the guests from their peaceful slumbers.  Old Sol take a long distance  snot at the 18 inches of the  1 'beautiful" that it may come  rolling down the mountain side.  'Spring,, with its exhilarating  Chinook breezes, blessed sunshine,  and the robbin with his song of  gladness, entitled, "Spring Hath  Come."  Any stable in . B. C. that can  turn out "toppier" horses or more  handsome vehicles than can F. C.  Buckless of the Palace Livery  Stables.  A more home-like hotel than  "The Norden," with its genial  proprietors, Messrs. Sater and  Johns, whoHe latch-string always  bangs on the outside.  other banks a good  example and  The spite of   unfoigotten de_|that as a nwU there wi!1 nfit he  feat; a  vengeance  wreaked upon  the past.  Oh, silver-headed rulers of the  people.  Soothed with all the spoils of  office, does the old sore rankle  still?  ���k-  r.i  Get of the T^rack  This is the season of the year  when the bear has it over the  deer in the matter of the cost of  living. The bear sleeps considerably and takes its nourishment  by osmosis but the deer has to  rustle its keep by devious and. uncertain ways. Nowadays, the  rustling is poor and there is no  such thing as rapid transit. The  deer sinks in snow to the second  button on its vest at every step  and prefers the barren trough of  the railway , track to the fastnesses of the hills. The local  trains met them lrequently in tbe  right of way and whistle them off  the track.  such an outcry  about  the   tight  money market in future.  The Home Maker  Smiles should be the legal tender in ever family for the payment of aril debts of kindness and  each member should be willing  to take this currency at its face  value.    There are six secular nights in  each week. Out ot the six some  men spend one at home and five  at lodge, while others spend five  at home and one at lodge. In  which class shall we register your  name?  The world is full of woiueu  who can amuse the ordinary m?:i  Can sing, dance or recite for him;  can write and rlecoraie in a manner most pleading, but the- poor  man often goes begging for a  woman who can sew on buttons nr  \  Greenwood Phoenix Stage Line  Leaves Greenwood Daily at   3 p. m.  Arrives Greenwood Daily at 10 a. m.  GREENWOOD  OFFICE:    L-   L.   MATTHEWS'  CIGAR  STORE  Prompt attention to Express and Freight.  H. M. LAING, Pro.  RUSSIA WILL SEND TROOPS  TO THE CHINESE  Late dispatches from St. Petersburg- state that Rus  sias near-ultimatum to China and the reply froni China is  unsatisfactory, and that the Czar has ordered troops to  the Chinese frontier with the object of of at once seizing  the Kuldja district in Chinese Turkestan.  The Chinese reply falls far short of the Czar's demands. China says that the granting of Russia's demands  (would give the latter a commercial monopoly of Mongolia,  even excluding Chinese trade. Russia demanded "freedom  | to trade and liberty to travel and residence to Russian  subjects in Mongolia and the territory behind the Great  Wall." China contends that this is unwarranted and not  provided for in the treaty of 1881.  In her reply China agrees to the establishment of  Russian consulates at all the points mentioned by Russia  except Chenguasua, but insists that article 12 of the' treaty  providing for the withdrawal of traffic exempting when*  ever trade warrants the establishment of a Hsasian consulate be adhered to. This denies Russia's general contention for freedom from Chinese tariffs.  mend   his clothes; who can cook  On Monday tbe west] his fooil with economy and' flavor  to bis taste.  Why? Why? Why?  Can any supporter of  the reciprocity    agreement   answer   the  following questions   propounded  by Stephen Leacock of Montreal:  Why are our chosen rulers contriving this thing?   Our chosen  rulers of the  fallen bridges and  tbe water lily canals, our double-  pivoted,   face-therwhole-compass.  pro-British, Pan-American rulers  of the people?    Why do they contrive?  What was it that was  wrong?  In what were we suffering?  Were we not well enough?  Was our trade failing, was our  treasure declining?  Look at it fairly.  Every   year   more   and  more;  since we laid our foundation deep  in 1879, since we  first  made our  national  policy,   when   were we  ever better than now?  Our farms, broad and wide, the  grain that ripened, the crops that  sold, each bushel better than the  last���was anything wrong there?  Or  was   it our   cities���strong  bound train stirred up five near  Morrissey and had .to slow up in  order to observe the game laws. |  On Wednesday the M. F. & M.  train nearly ran into a couple  just above the city. The two an-  inials struggled onto the cemetery-  hill where they were for some  time perfectly helpless in the  snow. No one molested them. -  Okanagan.  If you arc a subscriber of the  Times and not paid up, *2.0li from  you would be very acceptable.  Th" wag<-H nl women were never so high as now, \et it is almost  impossible to secure the service of  a young women at any price, tor  reason that labor is looked upon  as degrading. Young women  turn to all sorts of office work,  where snares and temptations beset them, because thev can dress  better and keep their hands whiter  than thev can when doing kitchen  work.  Subscribe for The Times.  THE CANADIAN  BANK  OF COMMERCE  /  SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., L.L.D., D.C.L., President.  ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager  f  CAPITAL, - $10,000,000  REST, - $7,000,000  FARMERS'   BUSINESS  The Canadian Bank of Commerce extends to Farmers every facility  for the transaction of their banking business including the discount :md  collection of sales notes. Blank sales notes are supplied free of charge  on application.  BANKING   BY   MAIL  Accounts may be opened at every branch of Tlie Canadian Bank of  Commerce to be operated by mail, and will receive the same careful  attention as is given to all other department of the Bank'*; business.  Money may be deposited or withdrawn in this way as satisfactorily sis  by a personal visit to the Bank. 231  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT  J T. BEATTIE, Manager.       Greenwood Branch  "%* ,THE   ��01JNE)ARY    CREEK TIMES  the  Boundary Creek Times  issued evtry ffrfdav  Children  Scalp  Sores  are  *  Healed by Zam-Buk  SUBSCRIPTIONS IN ADVANCE,  Pb* Yba*    ���< ��?  Six Months  I 25  To FORBIOlf COONTKIBS  2 ��0  <U1\MQN  Friday, February 24,1911  Mackenzie's Coal Deal.  Not much is likely to come out  of the pother and smoke raised in  the legislature by Dr. McGuire's  resolution on the question of the  price of coal. If the government  were really sincere* in this matter in the* public interest and  were not trying1 to hocus pocus  thr penplr in the Mackenzie &  Maun interests it cmild yery  quickly arrive at the facts without laying the cn-ie he fore the  Domitiiou government and at tbe  same time* protect the interests  of the watered *U..ck in Mackenzie's coal mines.  Mackenzie acquired control of  those mines by the very simple  expedient of taking au option on  them for $11,000,000; While the  option was in lonv he bonded  them for ten million, which he  used to pay lor them, ffe and  his aHsor.lates still have ten millions sti ck in them which cost  them around a million .dollars  Even if the bonded price is uot an  inflated one, which is more than  probable, it is a certainty there  is abmit nine millions* of watered  stock in the concern.  It was to pay dividends on this  vast iiilUtion that Mackenzie  tried to get other coal companies  to raise the price of coal a dollar  a ton to consumers. However,  the other operators knew the  temper of the public better than  McKenzie did, and refused to gu  into the arrangement ���Sunset.  A Light oh Maternity  The late Williams James Harvard's famous psychologist, would  often illuminate a misty subject  with an appropriate anecdote.  Discussing motherhood in a  lecture on psychology, Prof.  James once said: "A. teacher  asked a boy this question in fractions:  "Suppose your mother baked an  apple pie aud there was seven of  you-*���the parents and five children. What part of the apple  wonld you get for your portion?"  41 A sixth, ma'am,'the boy answered. "But there are seven of  you,' said the teacher. Don't you  know anything about   fractions?'  "Yes ma'aiu,' said the bov, 'I  know all about fractions, but I  know all about mother, too.  Mother'd say she didn't want no  piel"  5000 Facts About Canada.  The 1911 edition of thia iudis-  peusible collection of concrete,  crisp Canadian Farts, edited by  Frank Yeigb, of Toronto, ...the  well known lecturer nnd writer,  and author of the new book,  "Through the Heart of Canada."  has been iHSucd ami is filled with  fresh data of a most interesting  and illuminating character. It is  a marvel of condensation, presenting in small space striking  figures relating to every phase  and department of Canada's resources, trade  and  national life.  Its popularity and large sjile'  can easily be understood, in tact..  it is, as has been said, "worth its  weight in Cobalt silver or Yukon  gold." The booklet may be had  from the leading newsdealers, or  for 25 cents from the Ganadian  Facts Publishing Co., 667 Spa-  dlna avenue, Toronto.  If you are a subscriber of the  Times and not paid up, $2- 00 from  you would be very acceptable.  Mothers are well aware how frequently children contract scalp sores,  ringworm, etc., at school. Some little  sufferer is sent to school with a sore  of this nature. At play the children  change caps, and right there the infection is  spread���the  damage done.  Some children are particularly liable to scalp sores, etc., and often  these break out with annoying frequency. Such a case was that of the  daughter of Mrs. Albert Gaedike, of  485 Amherst St., Montreal. Mrs.  Gaedike says: "My little three year  old daughter suffered frequently from  sculp disease, and try as-we would,  we ((inUl not rid the little one of this.  We tried everything we could think  of, but failed to effect a cure, until  wc were advised to try Zam-Buk.  This balm seemed entirely different to  anything we had ever tried before,  and from first applying it there was a  marked improvement. The sores be-  came less inflamed and less irritable.  After a few days, they ceased to  trouble the child; and in less than a  fortnight from first commencing with  Zam-Buk, they were completely  healed. In view of these facts I feel  it my duty to let mothers know how  beneficial Zam-Buk is."  There is no doubt that for scalp  sores, ringworm, ulcers, abscesses,  cold cracks, chapped hands, frostbite,  and similar sores, Zam-Buk is absolutely without, equal. It is just as  good for piles varicose sores, poisoned  wounds, cuts, burns and scalds. Rubbed well in over the affected part; it  cures rheumatism, sciatica, etc., etc.,  and rubbed into the chest it relieves  the tightness and feeling of weight  due to contracting a bad cold. All  druggists and stores sell at 50c box,  or post free from Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, for price.     Refuse imitations.  ROSSLAND CARNIVAL.  Greenwood  and    Phoenix  Play Second Game of  1 the Series.  The Rossland Miner has the  following to say about the second  game of hockey, which was played between Greenwood and Phoenix: "   '  "The Greenwood combination  was the-onlv one in the Carnival  to play their usual line-up, the  other teams being considerably  strengthened. Certain Nelson  players telephoned asking if they  could come to Rossland to play  for Greenwood, but the Boundary team informed them there  was nothing doing.  "As Phoenix were the champions of the Boundary league they  were favorites, although general  sympathy lay with Greenwood.  The line up was:  Phoenix , Position Greeuwood  GOAL  Lang C.  McCarthy  POINT  Neill Cliff Russell  C. POINT  McVVha   E. McCaugherty  ROVBR  Sautid>rs G. MacDonald  CRNTRK  r.ynne F. McCarthy  LEFT WING  Ouilett D. J. MacDonald  RIGHT WING  Thrasher   - Clerf  A. F' H. Clark, Missoula, referee; Mercer, Rossland, judge of  play.  "Right from the face-off the  Phoenix team attacked and Ouilett. scored, well within 15 seconds. This sudden reverse did  not have any bad effect on Greenwood, who .pressed strongly and  McCaughtery put in a shot which  just missed the goal. Another  breakaway by Phoenix was negatived by off-side, but eight minutes from the start Lynne scored  the second for Phoenix, and three  minutes later added a third. It  looked at this  time as if it wer  going to be a  rutia.way.fof Phoc-.  nix, for,   try as   they would, the '  Greenwood team could not pene- j  r.  trate  the  strong  defense.     Just j  at the  close of   the  first   period  Greenwood    did -get    the   puck  through, but   as   the  referee had  rung the bell on account of a man  being hurt, as he thought, it was  not allowed.  In Hie second period, in spite  ot the fact that they were three  goals behind. Greenwood went at  it finely and in "two- minutes P;  McDonald scored with a lightning shot. The cheers that greet  ed this success.urged thcni'on mi'l  Phoenix had all they could do !������  keep their opponents out.. Then. >  from.a sudden., breakaway, Mr.  Thrasher added the fourth for  Phoenix, aud the --.frond purl ion  ended in favor ol. Phoenix bv  four to two.  Fast as the ^ame had been during the first two period-, it w:r-  nothing to what the '.sped a I or;;  witnessed in the closing period.  competent judges said it was tin-  fastest game they had seen ou  any ice, and certainly if was brimful of excitement* Indeed, there-  was not a dull moment all  through and the, ���'honors this  time was nearly all with Greenwood. McCaugherty put. on a  goal for Greenwood with.a long  shot and sometime later F. McCarthy added a third. ' Phoenix,  retaliated with, one from Saunders and Cliff Russel grave. Greenwood their fourth. Not for, a  single moment was there any letup and at the close Greenwood  were attacking vigorously. It  was a brilliant game in which'  both teams were to be" congratulated. Phoenix won by/fiye goals  to four.         ' '"  "'' ��� ���- ' .  The Real Estate Fever, wr  The recurrence of the-speculative fever is responsible for an.  awakening in the western-;; real  estate market, and a great Ideal  of noise is being created by certain interested elements for their  own benefit. There is> no doubt  that the prosperity and continued  development will give increased  value to land in all parts, of the  country. Opportunities fpr! legitimate investments will be off  fered, and healthy profits..wil1 be  secured.  There is a limit to real estate  investment, however, and an el-  fort should be made to check; tb��  fever which is now breaking ;out*.  Many-people know to their.son:.  rovy that success iu land deals;  requires close attention to 'market  condttionH and an intimate kiibwj-  edge of values. Men who specialize in that branch of business  activity are the only'ones' who  are in a position to form accurate opinions. Others should  leave the speculative field and  attend to their own business.  Warnings without ' number'  have beeu issued to merchants  about the danger's of'"real'estate  gambling, and most of "'these.  have been disregarded.-' The  temptation to "take a flyr-V" at  an attractive proposition'usually  overcomes Hip scruples' based'on  obligations to creditors. 'The  situation is not hopeless-, and if  is possible that thc dangers may  seen in time to be avoided/ If a  merchant intends to speculate'in.  real estate, let him abandon the  arena of retail trade. He cannot  give the proper attention to both  lines of activity. Bv giving up  his mercantile connections he  may make room for some man  whose heart will be' in his business and who will not neglt-ct his  opportunities for the sake of  prospective profits in land g a nib-  ling.-���Winnipeg Commercial.  Coal and Oil Notice  Notice is hereby given that 30 days  from date I intend to apply to theChief  Commissioner of Lands for a license to  iprospect fon coal ati'd'.petroleum.on the  following- described land .in the Similkameen District: commencing- at a post  planted at the sou ill west corner of lot  2337; thence south 40 chains; thence  -"west-ltSO'chalns; thence north 40 chains;  thence east 160 chains to'point of commencement',, containing 640-acres more  orless.-  ',-.-   '.-,-.. - J .. -':        v    ���    '  ' Located this 15th. day  cf December,  \9io.'--:J''7 ,::  ���"������ James McArdle,  7'.'������'''777   ���������   ��� ���'''_ J.. H,*East, Agent.  Subscribe to your town paper���the  Boundary Creek Times and keep  posted on all that is happening���only  $2.00 a year in advance; $LUO for  six months.  What To Do   FOR   Sickly Children  Letters from Mothers  "I wish .Ir-could induce every  mother, who has a delicate, sickly  child.to try your delicious Cod Liver  and IronfTonic VINOL. It restored oiir little daughter to health  and strength; after everything else  had failed."���Mrs. C W. Stump,  Canton, Ohio.  Mrs. F.'P. Skonnard, of Minneapolis, Minn., writes, "I want to  recommend VINOL to every mother whohas-'a.weak or sickly child.  My little boy was sickly, pale, and  had no appetite for two years. I  tried different medicines and doctors without benefit, but thanks to  VINOL, hefts a 'well and healthy  boy to-day. V  G. Allen; of New Bedford, Mass.,  writes,"Mytwo pmiychildrengained  rapidly in rle_sh and strength in a very  short time after taking VINOL."  We positively know VINOL will  build-up little ones and make them  healthy, strong aiid robust. Try  one bottle,'and if you-are not satisfied, we will retunryour money.  ,1. L Wliite, 'Driiftiist, (ircemvooil  Sale of Lots in Vancouver.  Lots 1 and 2, corner of Venables and Gordon drive; double  corner fi6x 122 feet; car line will  be through inside of_six months;  good opening for a business corner; �� blocks from Hastings street,  church and school in close proximity; concrete sidewalks within  three blocks: streets graded past  property. Price $4,500 cash or  on terms for $5,0*00; ,$1,250 down,  balance 6, 12 and 18.months al 7  per cent. Apply to K. J. Muir,  box 3, Greenwood, or C. E. Mc  Allister. Sherman hotel, Vancouver.  For Sale at a Bargain���One  Solid Oak Show Case, also  One Solid Oak Hall Rack  with Mirror. The Hunter  Kendrick Co., Ltd.  Patriotism  The stomach is a larger (actor in "life, liberty and lhe pursuit of happiness" thtm most people are aware.    Patriotism  �����"*��������� withstand liunge- but not dyspepsia.    The confirmed dyn-  rK'Ptifi "is fit for treason, stnuugems and s)-oils."    T-lie man ,  who goes to the front for his country with n weak stomach ,  v ill he a weak soldier nnd a fault finder. !  A sound stomach makes for good citizenship as well as for i  l.eultli-.uul happiness.  diseases of the stomach and other organs of digestion and  nutrition are promptly and permanently euiud by the use of j  Dr. PIERCE'S GOLDEN MEDICAL DISCOVERY.  It builds up the body with sound f/etih and  solid muscle.  The dealer who offers a substitute for the " Discovery " ii  only seeking to make tlie little more profit, realized'on (he  s.ile of less meritorious preparations. ���  Dr.  Pierce's Common Seniie  Medical Adviser is *eut free M  o.i receipt of  atamps  to pay expense of   mailing only..   Send S  31 one-cent stamps for lhe paper covered hook, or SO stamp* ,1  for Ihe cloth   hound.     Address  World's Dispensary  Medical  Association,  It.  V.  I'ierte, M. D., President, Buffalo, Nl Y.  TO LET���Furnished hoime, ceulrally  located, iiioilriate rent.    Knijiiire of A.  i Dig up your subscription to your  jliomepapei���terms are in advance  J Let us have it, please,  Coal and Oil Notice  Notli*f is'lierehy i; iviMi ihat .In days  fro in (kite I intend lo apply to lilt* < "hief  Commissioner nf I,amis for n license  ;(o prospect1 for coal and pHr^lt'iiin on  the following, (lesi-.rilieil kinds in the  SVimilkaiii'oelrt Tlislriet: c.oiiiiiieiii'iiig al  a post planted at lhe norl Invesl corner  Lot -122; thence-wi'sl SO chains: thence  south HO chains; thence easl 80 chains;  tlience north SO chains to point of commencement, containing 640 acres more  or less.  Treated   this   1 Mil day of December,  1910. C. M. Kingston, *  -..*,... J. II. East, Agent.  ���-Coaland'Oil Notice  Notice is hereby given, that 30 days  from date Iitite.n(3>tp apply to theChief  Comtnissioner of Lands for^a license to  prospect-for Coal and petroleum' on the  following described lands., in the Similkameen- District: commencing at a  pbst pntntedrat-the'southeast corner of  pre-emption Lot 685, thence 80 chains  west'; thence 80 chains'north; thence 80  chains east; tbence, 80 chains south to  point of ...commencement, containing  640 acres more or less.        ...  LocatecUthis l.Stli day of December,  1910.    ' ; o;V ,S. J. Miller,   -  ���.."i';;.--'      ���*; J. H. East, AgCnt.  Coal arid Oil'Noiice"  ...Njjticjjip.hereby jjiyflti that .30 days  f^o.oj;;da'tei|t6-|ii!dHo ajifily to theChief  C6mmissip''ii'e*V;rt'faLands-|f6r;a license to  prospee't for coal and pelrofeifm on the  ,;f(>llq\yin'g.rliisci*itit!:(l.l;liid; in' the Simil-  khmeen Jiistrictj.cpinnieiioiiig al.a post,  'at tlfeVst.nnlte'ii.*7tV.<w,ner'lof Pre-einptioii.  .���Lot.^S^'lhen'c!*. so iilh ^OclTa"ins y4. hence  west 100chains, thence north 40chains;  tlJW(c^i*a��l^'<jfelmJili-fo point of com-  ui,en*aeii��-nt, cout.ainfngu-hi-'acres more  or. less. . .  ��� ������ LiTscated., this   15th flay  pf December,  1910..              ' , '���'   . ��� :     (j. M.'Fripp,  '-,-������''.    .'.:-'     v'>  '���������     J". Tl.'lSast; Agenl,  i ; ::���l^^.L^���r^-y-  Coaland OilKfotice  a license toyrospeer furVijrial and petroleum s on 'the following deseriheii  laiid��_, iu. the ^luiilkani^eti 'Dislricl:  f.o'minVnein�� '.rt" a -post;'plained at the  southeast corner nf lo!,-l2-l,,. thence east.  80 chains;' thence north 80 chains;  lheiH'.e.wes,t SO'VitUiiiis; thence south to  point of 'coiniiieoi'i'iiienl, ccmtaiiiiiig  '640 a'cres~'nrare less.     ,  Located.this.l(>th day .of December,  1910. I*'rank L.1 Smith,  ...   ���        *      "..* -."       J.'H. Kast, Agent.  Coal and Oil Notice  Notice is.hereby given that 30 days  fronl date I intend to apply to.the Chief  'Commissioner of Lands for a license to  prospect for.c(oal and petroleum on the  following:4, lands in the Similkameen  District: commencing at a post planted  at'the' southwest" corner of Lot 424;  tnence north 80chains; tlience east 80  chains; thence south 80 chains; thence  west SOL'chaius to point- of commene-  meiit, containing. 640 a^res more or  less. Located this 16th day of Decem-  .bei ,-.1.910.. . .   . F. H. Knight, '  .�����.������ J. H. East, Agent  Coal and Oil Notice  Notice is hereby given tliat 30. days  from date I intend to apply to the Chief  Commissioner of, Lands'for a license  to prospect for coal and petroleum on  the following, describe* lands in the  Similkameen District: commencing at  a post planted at the southeast corner  of. Lot 637: thence south SO chains;  >  thence west 80 chains; thence north SO  chains, I hence east .10 chaine to point  of commencement, enntainiup 640 acres  more or less.  Located   ihia 16th day of December,  10KI. A. H. Noyes,  .!��� H. Kast, Agenl.  Coal and Oil Notice  Noiice is hereby given that 30 days  from dale T intend toapply to theChief  Commissioner yf Lauds for a license In  prospect for coal and petroleum on the  following described lands in the Similkameen District:, commencing at a  post planted about.40 chains south of  the northwest cornerof Lot 422: thence  south 80 chains; thence east SO chains;  thence north 80 chains; thence west  80 chains to point-of commencement,  containing640 acres more or less.  Located this 15th day of December,  1910. Martha W. Kingston,  J. H. East, Agent.  M  if " ���   if  if  *  *  if  *  *  *  *  *  if  Ji/lectric current sri-ppliod for Power, lighting,  Heating anti Ventilating. Power furnished  lor Hoisting and air-compressing plants, with  ���u^oliite guarantee of coiitinuous power service  Get Oar Rates. Wc Can Save You Money  ***** *<****.*.* 4.^4. ^^.4.4.^.^.^.}'  Coal and Oil Notice .  ��� Notice is hereby given that 30 days  from date I intend to apply tothe Chief  ���Commissioner of Lands jfor a license to  prospect for coal and petroleum on the  following described land in the Similkameen District: Commencing at a  post planted at the southwest corner of  pre-emption lot 2337: thence east-80  chains; thence nortti SO chains; thence,  west 80 chains, thence 80 chains south  to point of cohimencement, containing  64()acres more or less,  Located  this 14th day of December,  1910.     ~ W. F. Boettcher, .  J. H. East, Agent.  Coal and Oil Notice  /Notice is hereby given that 30 days  from date I intend to apply tothe Chief  Commissioner of Lands for a license  to prospect for coal and petroleum on  the following described land in the  Similkameen District; commencing at  a post-planted at the northwest corner  of pre emption lot 684; thence 'West 40  chains; thence north 160 chains; thence  east 40 chains; thence south 160 chains  to 'point, of commencement,  Located  this  15th day of December  1910.; 7'7'y-y D. H. McLean,  :1''- J. H. Kast, Agent.  FRATERNAL SOCIETIES  .   MASONIC  Regular monthly meeliugs of Greenwood  UoAge No. 2*j, A. F. A M., are held on tue first  Thursday of each mimth at Fraternity Hall,  Govern meat street. Visiting- bretliren cordially  welcomed. J. A . RUSSEU.,, W.M. J. S. BIRNIE, Secretary. . . <  I. 0. 0   F.  Uniiiidary Valley I.oilire No. 38, meets every  Tue-ubv evening al Sp. tn.-iu the I. O..O F  hall. tiKEV J'UND.N.C. WALTER MBR.  RA.Y..V. G. Win. 1-UIM.IPS Kec. Sec. A  jtea'rty wi'lcniue 10 all visiting- broLlters.  KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS  Green round I.od|je, K of P., meets every  JVedae^ilar irveniiitf at St |>, m. in K. 1*. Hall.  J. HADFIELIJ, V.C. AUSTIN-1.UGAN, K.  ofK.andB.    W.JOHN*., C.C.  wrivAt. ,  .'Greenwood Miners' U11 km No. 2J, meets every  K;ttunl:iv fvi-uinif in Uitinn Hall, C\kj.ner street,  ai7-.tn|i. in., uml ut Mother I.o.le mine everv  H'rid.u-evfiiiit|r :it 7:.!ii p. m. bKSTtit? Mac-  KKN/.IK, Sei-ietaiy.  REBEKAHS  Greenwood Koli.lcili I.odpje No, 1", I.O. O, V.  iin-eis lirst ami lliinl MniKla v.*. of i*acli mouth  ail. (I. .'). K. Hall. MKS. ACNKS HLKM-  ING.N.G. MISSU. UKVANT V. (1. KOH  KRT IIAI.CKI1W, Rec. S*e.  AT THE CHORCHES  Mktijowist ��� Rev. I. B. Hibbert  will conduct services in the Methodist  Church every Sunday. Morning-, 11  a. m,; Sunday School, 3 p. m. Evening.  7:30. '          Pkksbytekian���St. Columba. Services will be conducted morning- and  evening, 11 a. m. and 7.30 p. th. Sunday School 2.30 p. ju. Rev, J. A.  Petrie, minister.  AncloCak- St. Jude's. Services:  Holy Communion at 8:30 a. tn., on 1st,  3rd, and Sth Sundays; Holy Communion at 8:30 a. m.,'lst, 3rd and Sth Sundays; morning prayer at 11 a. m.;  evening prayer at 7:30 p. m.; Sunday  school at 2:30 p. m. Rev, F. M. Hilton, vicar.  Catholic.���Church of the Sacred  Heart.���Divine service 1st, thirdand  fourth Sunday in each mouth. Holy  mass at 10 a. in.; vespers and benediction at 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school a*  2:30 p.m. R>:v. Fathur Lambart, pastor.  Pacific Hotel  GKnrr*. ,*i MO.KRISON, Prop.  The Pacific is the Headquarters  for Commercial and Mining- Men  Is steam-healed, electric lighted;  the rooms are large and cosy.  rhe Rest Cuisine between  Winnipeg and the Coast.  *********  r  GREENWOOD  and MIDWAY  "^  Leaves   Greenwood at 7 a.m. to  connect with Spokane train; and  at 2 p.m,  with Keremeos train.  J. McDonell.  h.  A  New Scale of Advertising  Tlie   newspapers of   Phoenij  Grand Forks and Greenwood ba]  adopted  the  following   scale  prices  for legal  advertising fj  the year 1911:  Application for liquor licena!  30 days, $4,00.  Certificate of improvement nj  tices, 60 days. $7.50.  Application  to purchase  la��  notices, 60 days, $7.50.  Delinquent Co-owner   notice  90 days, $10.00.  Water notices, 30 days, $15.of  All other legal advertising u|  included in the above,  12 cenl  per single  column line   for tlj  first insertion and 8 cents a lit  for each subsequent insertion.  Before you take your departure froi  Greenwood subscribe for your  honl  paper, $1 for six months, or $2 a yeal  You will find it full of interest to y<i  wherever you are.  ���r K* t? ��p ��c jr *? jp ir jc ip tc tr K1 ic *��� tr  if tt She i  CO., LT'D.  Leaves Mothei Lode  9,30 a.  m.  6:30 p. m.  Leaves Greenwood  3:00-p.  8:30 p.  m.  m.  Saturday laal stage leaves  Mother Lode 6 p. m. Returning-,  leaves Greenwood 10 p. m.  Greenwood Office  NORDEN   HOTEL  v* J* *J* w* J* ��J* O* w* aJ* J* J* tJ* J* k" *J* i3* ��P  3v5  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  /. H. HALLETT  Uakhistkk, Sor.ICITOK,  NOTAKV P'fHUC.  Cable AildreRs:      *'Haixktt."  1 IJedford M'Neill's  Cooks < Moreinu & Neat's  I Lelber's  GnmaHWOOD, B. O.  C. AE. SHAW.  Dominion and Provincial  Land Survryor,  Greenwood, B. O.  P. O. Box 57, Phone 32.  WILLIAM FLEMING,  TRANSFER DRAYING  Furniture Moving a Specialty.  Le:< ve orders at Matthews' Cigar Store.  H. W. FARMER A CO.,  REAL ESTATE AGENTS,  Rock Crbek, B. C.  For Sewing Machine Needles and  Oil see A. L. White, the Stove and  Furniture man.   Phone 16.  New Edition of the  COPPER HANDBOOK  Vol. VIII., issued May, 1909, contaii  1,500 -pageB, with nearly SO per cenl  more matter than the preceding editio^  The chapters with mine deacriptiot  and ou statistics have bean carefull  revised and the bulk of the matt<|  therein is  (  ENTIRELY NEW  There are 25 chapters.  Covering   Copper History, Geology  Geography,    Chemistry,   Mineralog^J  Mining, Milling, Leaching, Smeltini  Refining, Brands, Grades, Impuritiel  Alloys, Uses, Substitutea,Termiuoiog|  Deposits by Districts, States.Couutrit  and Continents,  Mines in Detail, Sti  tiaticaof Production, Consumption,It.  ports, Exports, Finances,   DividendJ  etcj '   n  The Copper Handbook is concededl]  the l  World's Standard RefereocJ  Book on Copper.  The Copper Handbook contains, i\  tliis new and4greatly enlarged editioni  about SO per cent; more matter tjia^  the Bible���though not necessarily S  better book because of its great bulk]  It is tilled with FACTS of vital luifl  portance to.  THE INVESTOR  THE SPECULATOR  THE METALLURGIST  THE CONSUMER  THE MINER  Price is $5 in Buckram with gilt topi  or $7.50 in genuine full library moroccc  TERMS are most liberal. Send nl*  money, but order the book sent to you'J  all carriage chatges prepaid, on omfl  week's approval, to be returned if unjf  satisfactory, or paid for if it suits. Caij  you afford not to see the book and judj:  for yourself of its value to you ?  WRITE NOW to the editor and publ  Usher,  HORACE J. STEVENS  36, SHELDON BUILDING* HOUG1  TON, MICH., U.S.A.  SUBSCRIBE FOR THE  TIMES  y  -���**���   f-v>  Sufi**  "��fe-v-y,!��;5  -jBS*-  ��� *..^Tr -"' '--' ���^*?c*^       *i  ,.7g^ THE   BOUNDARY CREEK TIMES  Cold Feet  A famous physician once gave  his rale for health, ' 'Keep the feet  warn,  ImsmI cool and bowels  regular."  When the feet get cold or wet, a  cough   or   sore  [y'.throat  usually  ttfollow.  MATHIEU'S  SYRUP  of Tar and  ;, Cod liver Oil  taken at once, wards  off all colds.   It is  ithe most successful  f 'Cough Remedy.  Large  bottle 35  cents; all dealers.  Cfe^FM***.   MerkrMk*. Qae.  For Sale by J. L. White, druggist  [CONDENSED  NEWS ITEMS  After il- flaring  dividends  ami  providing1'  fur  nil ��� expens.'**)   thp  Canadian Pari lie   will   nrry forward a surplus of more than $10,-  | 000,000 on   the  half year's busi-  II ness ending December 31st last.  This is remarkable. Tt testifies  eloquently to the manner in which  that groat enterprise is managed,  | but even the best of management  could not make such a showing if  it were not that the whole Dominion is in the enjoyment of exceptional prosperity.  The relations of Russia and  China are strained to the breaking point. Russia notified the  governments of Great Britain,  France and Germany of ner intention to make a military demonstration on the Russia-Chinese  frontier .owing to China's persistent violation of the St. Petersburg Treaty of 1881. Russian  troops will be sent forthwith to  the district of Hi. The extent of  the demonstration, it is added in  the diplomatic note, will depend  entirely on the attitude assumed  by China. The vital question involved are free trade in Mongolia,  the extra territorial concession of  Russians in China, and the establishment of a Russian consulate  at Keobdo, Mongolia.  Mr. Champ Clark may be several things. He may be ��� "the  most influential man in the United States, not excepting the President," but we "but we "ha'e.oor  ���doots" In any case, he's several  other things that politeness prevents us from characterizing.  ')  "The disappearance of  the Brit  ish flag from this continent wil  be the end" of more than Mr.  Clark seems to dream of. But he  may be only champing. Horses  do; asses may.  Rev. T. Albert Moore and Rev.  Cannon Itiglis left Toronto for  Ottawa to interview the Minister  of Justice regarding the niiitnend-  ment of the criminal code. The  department of Temperance and  Moral Reform of the Presbyterian and Methodist churches with  the assistance nf the Anglican  church, will seek to have tho ago  of consent raised and tlio practice  of men and women living lofjpth-  er unmarried in ado a crime. They  will also seek some change in the  law so as to prevent fallen women  who are convicted before a magistrate, and appeal from his judgement, going before another magistrate and incuririg bail.  "Resolved by the House nf Representative0., the Ronnie concurring, that the President of the  United States be requested to enter on and to prosecute, from time  to time such negotiations with  the British governraeut as he may  deem expedient for the annexation of the Dominion of Canada  to the United States of America."  An increase of 22 in the number  of cases of typhoid fever at Ottawa brings the total number  registered at the city hall up to  601. The fever continues to develop at an alarming rate, and in  Water Street hospital, . death  claimed its twenty-second victim  since the outbreak of the epidemic. At the emergency hospital there are 89 cases of typhoid  fever. The nurses' quarters are  being moved to the annex and  their rooms will be used as wards  making rooms for about 40 more  patients.  The visit of the Grand Forks  Ladies' team was quite one of  the features of the Rossland carnival. They were a jolly bunch  of girls and thoroughly enjoyed  th.eCarnival. Rosslanders would  like to see them again in another  game with the local ladies.  per that does not keep under the  lock of secrecy scores of derogatory things which never meet tbe  public eye or reach the public ear.  Deciding what not to print is the  most troublesome part of newspaper work.  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamaaaaaaaaa  I MINES AND MINING:  o ��  �� a  ��s��*������*����������tt*��"������*a��a��o  The easier money market in  this country, Ihe growing demand for new investments, the  expressed determination.of several large railroad corporations to  make hoaw expenditures on construction this year, and the activity iu electrical circles encourage the belief I hat the general  business situation will undergo a  very decided improvement in the  coming few months, and that  with it will come a heavier con-  Hiimptiion of copper. While the  outlook for the metal market is  somewhat depressing, as viewed  nt short range, future prospects  arc even brighter than they were  three or four months ago.���Boston Commercial.  The Con. Co. will commence  shipping from its Rawhide property this week. The diamond  drilling that this company has  been doing on the Ironclad and  Fairplay claims has been stopped  for the present.  Sydney, N. S. Record: Very  many people harbor the belief  that newspapers are eager to publish derogatory things. It's a  mistake. There isn't a newspaper that could not spring a sensation in the community at any  time by merely telling what it  knows.    There is not a   newspa-  The Phoenix Mining, Smelting  and Development Co. has raised  a sum of over $12,000 from the  sale of stock and will soon resume operations on the Woodburn  group.  At the Midway coal property  of the Boundary Mining & Exploration Co. the engineers have  decided that tbe work has now  reached a stage where they are  in a position to put in an initial  plant and begin work of a permanent character. The work so  far done has developed No. 3  vein about 500 feet. There are  six veins on the property to be  developed,'which the new shaft  will provide means of working.  The management is looking forward to placing the property on  a steady producing basis in the  near future. A contract has  been let for 50 feet of tunnel  work on the Myers creek coal  property.  The Granby Co. has now bonded a group of mineral claims on  Copper mountain near Chesaw,  Wash. This deal will involve an  expenditure of over $100,000 if  the bond is finally taken uo.  Diamond drilling is to be started  at on on.  are invested in the mining ventures of Ontario, British Columbia, the Yukon, and eastern or  maritime Canada.  Germany is without doubt the  largest foreign consumer of  American refined copper, her importations last year totaling approximately 350,000,OGfj pounds.  France is second witli approximately 110,000,000 and England  third with 86,000,000 Ins.  Japan produced approximately  2,000,000 bhls. of petroleum in  1910.   ������,  ������ .....   Dam Across St. Lawrence  The Sena I e .Committee on eom-  mercial trade, decided a favorable  report on Sena lor Olivei's bill  authorizing the Long Kinilt Development company of New York  to mustruot a power dam across  the St. Lawrence river, south of  the international boundary line,  near Long San It Island, New  York. It is understood lhe bill  is designed to enable a manufacturing concern of Pittsburg to  obtain power from a plant on the  Canadian border.  After the a.ge of SO people find that  their strength is uot what it used to be  and they frequently suffer from sudden exhaustion, and weak heart action.  To all such we recommend the invigorating- tonic Ferrovim, composed of  fresh lean beef, Citrate of Iron and  pure old Spanish Sherry Wine, Nothing could be more beneficial in such  cases.   SI .00 a bottle.  An impossible thing to find a plaster equalled to "The D. & L." Menthol  and it is being imitated. Get the genuine. For side aches, backaches,  stitches, nothing equals it, Made by  Davis' & Lawrence Co.  , You can't dodge them all. Mosquito  bites, sunburn, bruises, skin injuries.  Some of them will attack" you this  season sure. Have a tin of Davis'  Menthol Salve on hand.   25 cents.  OVER 08 YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  Trade Marks  Demons  Copyriqhts 4e.  Anrons lending a iketeti and description mar  ouloklr aicorUln our opinion free whother bo  liiventlon In probably p��.M��at��**L��s.f!ommunlm.  Invention la probably patentable. Co  tloniatrlotlyoonOdentlal. HANDBOOK on Patent*  . lent free. Oldest agency foraeounngjjatenti.  Patents taken tEroush Mann ft Co. recelrt  tptcial notfcj, without charge, la tna  StienHfic American,  A handsomely Ulmtrated WMkly. Largest circulation of any sulentlno Journal. Terms for  Canada, fs.is a year, postage prepaid. Sold, by  all newsdealers.  MUNN& Co.*�������* New York  Branch OtBoe. 835 �� Bt, Washington, D. C.  Stopped One Awful Blow  Bat Nelson gaye Owen Moran  one awful punch. It was a swing-  to the little Briton's left ear, and  it started a cauliflower. Moran's  left ear was uninarred until he  met the Dane. Cauliflower ears  are the result of several ye-irs of  hammering as a rule. "That is  just about the hardest swinjj I  ever stopped," said Moran.  (!  &  "at n KfcitE .smci: !'>!.*.:  IB!  ���"feminevice Now!  \(/e want eveiyoueto kiow  %t we arc paving.-  c~4�� Merestr^  peranum crett nrthlf  on. savings, deposits ($1-  j. upward) subject \oWih-  drawallrr cheque &->  ^ 5% Interest^  em Me Deposits of-  We invest nqnef for clients  m first mortgages S'So a  general ffnanciaUusiness.  We warit"i&ur swings accnl  & if you are aot saving  sysTematicallY", --<--**- -i-  Commence NOW WiMIS.  Deposits \rf mail ^^  - -+- ���**��� + easily "handle*} ���  "Youcansend hyDraft,  Post Office * Cypress  Or&er or Re^istcreS"^  better & withdrawals  can. be made* + -+��� ^ -*���  ���any way you  wish.  Responsible  Refer W^** ->-�����-  Dun&^radstvecfo,  or to anyone ia -  VMG0UV6R-  us about jt War  now  t nn  11 * i *  Doit  321 Oatnbie Stmt  L?Vai\co\iver B.G.<5,  BY FANNIE M LOTHROP    .'Sf^jfc^'  FAMOUS PEOPLE"  MAGNET  Wood Furnace  is where it ought to be���at the front, readily reached without  groping in the dark or taking unnecessary steps. A turn of  the lever instantly changes the draft so the fire is quickened  or checked, at will. Turned on, McClary's Magnet Wood*  Furnace produces the strongest heat in a few minutes; and  the nickelled steel tubes radiate this heat for hours after  the draft is shut off. Because of this stored heat McClary's  Magnet Wood Furnace is economical and a continuous roaring fire is unnecessary. The heat that goes up the smoke pipe  of ordinary wood furnaces, goes into the register pipes of the  Magnet. Like the position of the damper, the Magnet Wood  Furnace is right all through. Right in principle, right in construction; right in materials. See the Magnet at the McClary  agent's in the nearest town. Write to nearest McClary branch  for booklet, giving a detailed description. Free, postpaid.  511  4  Jidon, Toronto, M.ntrwl, Winnipn, Vumuvar, St John, Hamilton, Calgary.  Iii America, lhe British appear  to lead in the amount of tniney  invested by foreign ��� countries in  mining ventures. The French  public, which has the reputation  of investing prodigious amounts  iu enterprises abroad, and which  has in factcontributed largely to  American industrial corporations  seems, comparatively, to have neglected the mining industry in  this country. The English funds  tied up in the mines in the United. States reach the sum of ,��21,-  500,000, or $107,500,000, approximately. T.his doee not .include  funds, probably exceeding $50,-  000,000, invested' by tlje British  in the steel corporation, smelters,  mining lands, and in similar in-  vestments only indirectly, though  insepeiably connected with mines.  All in all, British capital invested  in the United States reaches the  monster total of ^,'688,000,000, of  which nearly ^600,000,000 is in  railway securities. In Canada,  the visible investments of British  capital reach ^373,000,000, with  an additional yearly influx of over  30,000,000 . in progress. Of  these sums it is safe to assume  that 10 per cent, or a little more,  SIR THOMAS SHAUCHNE88Y  in by  NottlLUJ. Mylilr.'  President of the Canadian Pacific Railroad.  To be the guiding spirit, of a great rnilwny enmp.-iny, wiili u firm hand on  the lever of ji thousand |di;ises of thu work. rii|iiirr.- lung. |iraetie;d, thorough  fNperii'Wo, splendid exeeutive. ability in rli'MiMiig ami handling men, and :r<|iiie!c  mind to decide vital issues on tlie moment, if need be. Sir Thomas (1. Slmuich-  iirssy has these, essontiajs and more; ho is a tireless worker, a man of energy and'  enthusiasm, a keen rommon sense tliat. cuts Cordian knots of diflieulty Villi ea.su,  and .a prodigious memory that is always ready on tlie instant.  Ho was born in Milwaukee, Wis., nf Irish parentage in IS.">3, and after taking  tin; usual course in t^e public schools had a iit-tle supplementary smmiiiiitig ilmvn  and polishing in :i business college, and was then ready at, sixteen i.> ln^m tin-  battle of life., lie. entered the kindergarten of railroading in his fir.-t pusiiion  in the purchasing department of the Milwaukee and **>t. l'aul mad. mid it w.is  not long before it *,vas recognized that he had a good business head firmly .-��� ' 'H  his broad shoulders; and will) constant purpose mid undaunted deiermi.i ' "a  lie worked his way. never looking al the clock nor stinting his .���lTurt-. m. .1 in  1S79, at the age of twerity-six, he was general store-keeper ol l.m- road.  Tn 1SS2, Sir William Van Home, another alumnus nf'fhi.-: niinvei which  wns ,i splendid college t,f training and experience, resigned fr<>m tiii- M.:���.���������.!'.!;'������!  and .St. l'aul to assume the management, of the Canadian f'.-n iiie.. !!>��� had b������.���n  keeping close tally on Mr. Shaiighnessy's work; he reali/.ed ho pn.��� ibiliiie-, and  was confident that the young man was hrnail-guage enough to b" ���nail to l.u-g'r  opportunities, and took him t.o Canada as general pureha-ing a'crni. 'lv.e >..!.���;  later he won. by his ability, the post, of a��istanl general inanagir. laor I> rnaiing  assistant to the President and in IS!)I was made Vice-l're--id'-iil nad i !������.���*.-d a  director, and in IS! IS when Sir William Van Home relied from th- pi" .': ' :,.-\-,  the opportunity of his life, the climax of the rosie.-.l. ilreanw of bis :\:\-.'<y a a ���:������  tn Mr. Shutighncssy when he. was made President.���the kindly a r :... i '���' :���;������  Canadian I'acilie. '  In October, lilljl, his old folks at home in Milwaukee* were roe , ��� 1 :><��� ���< ���' ��� ������>  one night by a messenger with a telegram.    In trembling tear I; - i ���.':.; o .   .   i  tin* envelope and with wonder and delight read aloud ihe.-; word- >:������ a -e,   ������:  great railway kings of the western hemisphere: "Vou m-v I..- ui .     .   !  , . .  that His Majesty bas conferred on me the honor of knighthood.    *>..���     .a       ..:  deal to a good father and motht-r.    T. <J. Shaughn..-, y."  Er.t-.-0'J accj-a :; .o \>:\ot tlio Fariiamcu: ef Cicala, ir. tk ��� ycir r*ii, ijj' A\ i.'.i,:...ia;.- In  .;:..���:   t i^;.     .. i  Piping Hot Wafer Always Ready  for every occasion, with the Kootenay Steel Range,  without " driving" the lire or wasting fuel. $The  generous firebox is built so that the water heats very  rapidly as it passes through the water front, and  gives a plentiful supply. One bath usually empties  the boiler heated by an ordinary range with the  result that the rest of the family must wait for more  water to heat. Nut so with the boiler attached to  the water front of a  KOOTENAY  - Steel Rangvg  because the Kootenay never fails to heat as much  water as is required and fts fast as it is used. The  nearest McClary Agent will make clear to you the  reasons whv you ought to own a Kootenav. 56  MSGlaiys 4  '.uuJon,     Toronto,     Montreal,    Wianipeg,    Vancouver.     St. John, H.B.,    Ecir.Hron.     Calzary  For Sdle by Russell-Law-Caulfield Co.  THE  Boundary  Creek  times  ^  -IS THE-  PIONEER WEEKLY  -OF THE-  80  lllli;  Send for the* paper,  Subscribe for it,  Advertise in it  And let us do T"*~T  "^  Hi  \<.       ,  v"t  Wit  <J '  T  <  \  ii?  p  �� >������*  'r  >  )'  r ���.;' ������.'>���������  .^.-/-^iAV'"r>*A-i-V*-��.t-  THE   BOUNDARY CREEK TIMES  .,rf~ *��-����- ���  ���������V  in buying baking powder  examine the label and take  only a brand shown to be  made with Cream ol Tartar  CREAM  GREENWOOD GRIST  Items of  Interest   Picked   Up  Here and There For The  Times Readers,  BAKING POWDER  A pure, wholesome, reliable Grape  Cream of Tartar Baking Powder.  Improves the flavor and adds  to the healthfulness of the food.  JVb Alum���No Lime Phosphate  Both Reduce the   Healthfulness  of the Food.  ������ I am qnlte positive that the nse of alum baking  powder should be condemned."  ���Pruf. Vaughan, University of Michigan.  i  Read the Label anil remember that  "Aium, sodittfia aiuin, basic aluminum suipliate.  sulphate of aluminum, all mean lhe same thing ���  namely. BURNT ALUM."���Kansas Statt Board ofHtc'lth.  The Liquor Law.  One featute ol" tin* provincial  liquor law which 11:1**. 1 n��o 11 somewhat nf a dead lelli-r is ihaf pro  bibit,in��j (lie s:ile(ir "ill of intoxicants to uiiiKirs a minor being defined as a jk*is<>u under 21  It is understood tbat steps have  quietly been taken (if late lucm-  phasi/.1.' dial the law a.*; enacted is  meant In be 1 beyed, and carelessly in their dealings witb this  particular feature nf the law may  mean I be pa\ment of heavy penalties by the thoughtless licensee  or the loss of license. The trade  cannot deny that ample warning  hus been given, and it will be  well for licensees throughout the  province to remember that auy  sale or gift of liquor to a minor  in British Columbia is an infraction of the law; that a minor is  any person under the age of 21,  and that the burden of proof is  upon the accused.  Object to Being Excluded.  The London A=sociated Chambers of Commerce has resolved to  make representations to the  Colonial office regarding the new  law of taxation of commercial  travellers in British Columbia as  a. consequence of which large  numbers ceased to send representatives to the extreme west.  The Colonial office points out  as there have been several occasions when tbe Dominion government has complained of the legislative acts of British Columbia,  it is possible that the offending  act may come before the Privy  rnuiir.il for review.  The Speech of a Statesman  While Champ  Clark's  opinion  tliul lhe   ultimate destiny ol   the  United Slates  and   Canada is   to  become   one   people   will   receive  very little attention in diplomatic  circles   in   Europe,   tbe   reply of  the   United   States   Secretary of  State will be  regarded as ol   the  utmost   importance.     Mr.    Knox  bas gone   farther iu his expressions of   friendship and esteem for  Great Britain   and   Canada  than  either   John   Hay or   Mr.   Root  could have done.    When it is remembered that only fifteen years  h'ave   elapsed   since   Mr.   Cleveland's      notorious      Venezuelan  message, with its   threat of war,  tbe change in  the outlook of the  political   leaders  of   the United  States seems little short of marvellous.-  Mr. Knox in the couise of his  Chicago speech   said:    ''If  there  should be any great world movement involving this continent,  Canada and the United Stales  would, as a mailer ol course, act  in tlie most perfect concert in defence of the roiumon rights of a  common blood and civilization.  Tbe United Stales recognizes  with satisfaction that the Dominion of Canada is a permanent  North American political unit,  and tbat her autonomy is secure.  The United States appreciates  the addition to the common welfare of the continent tbat Canada contributes in heT own strength  plus the strength ol Great Britain."  Mr. Knox is right. Canada is  a permanent political unit. Her  place on the American continent  is not that of a hostage for the  continuance of good relations between Great Britain and the  United States, but of a free nation proud of her positron as the  greatest of the oversea States of  the Empire. It is well that men  so influential in the moulding of  public opinion in the Republic as  Secretary Knox understand the  national aspirations of the Dominion and make them plain to  their fellow-citizens. The speech  of Mr. Knox was the speech of a  statesman  The Panama Canal  The completion of the Panama  Canal means a tremendous increase in the Pacific coast trade  of British Columbia.  California has appropriated  .S47,ij()0,o0lJ to finance and to prepare for the Panama-Pacific International exposition in PH5.  The people of the state haye given  $17,500,000 to build the exposition itself, and November Kth they  authorized, with a tremendous  {majority of,.votes,' the influrance  of $lx,0f)0,000 in highway bonds  that California in V)\5 may be  good to look upon when thc exposition visitors crowd toward  the Golden Gate. At. the same  time 811,500.1)00 in bonds was  voted to make sure that the harbor of San Francisco and San  Diego arc in condition by l'Jl5 to  handle the increased shipping  that must Tesult from the opening  of the Panama canal. Altogether  $47,000,000 has been provided for  improvements and the glory of  the world show.  Subscribe to your town paper���the  Boundary Creek Times and keep  posted on all   that is happening���only i open at 8   p.   m.     Games,   contests,  Miss May Buckless was taken to  the hospital suffering; from rheumatism  E. Enjen the famous ski performer  won the championship at the Rossland  carnival.  For Sale���An A. 1. cutter practically new, with pole, $35.00 Apply  A. L White-  The pool table raffled for at Greenwood was won by Jack Ludlow of  Republic, Wash.  Love in Mexico,' Brothers Fued,  Shootiim Mania and other selections  at the Star Theatre tonight.  Fishing in the South Sea Islands,  an interesting film for young and old  at the Star Theatre tonight.  The Greenwood hockey team went  to Grand Fork on Thursday to play  the  second   last   game   of the series  Jas. Kerr, and old timer well and  favorably known in our burg, was a  visitor from Midway on Tuesday last.  The B. C. Copper smelter and  Mother Lode mine was closed down  for a few days, pending an overhauling-  Owing to Rector Hilton having a  severe cold there will be no service  this Friday evening at St. Jude's  church.  Rev. Mr. Pike, of Nelson will  preach in the Methodist church on  Sunday Morning next, February 2uih  at 11 o'clock.  The trial of- Bian   Sung  the Hindo  arrested for assault  and  robbery took  place on Thurdsay, result not   known  up to going to press.  ��  Duncan   Ross   Esq.,    came in 011  Tuesday evening from the  coast  and  registered   at  the  Imperial.     He will  remain a few days.  The last hockey match of the series  will take place at the local rink tomorrow night, (Saturday) between  Phoenix and Greenwood.  The finals in the Warren cup contest was completed on Tuesday evening last, with victory for Skip J. A.  Russell defeating Skip Birnie. The  cup going to Skip Russell.  Miss Beldon has partially recovered  from an attack of la grippe. Her  young gentlemen friends have shown  great solicitude in her case and smile  to see her once again behind the P.  O. wicket.  M. A. Trehune, who has a brother  residing in Greenwood committed  suicide in Spokane by jumping out of  a hotel window breaking his back, dy-  soon afterwards.  P. W. George, of P. W, George  & Co., is renewing acquaintances  with his many old tillicums of Greenwood. He purposes paying a visit to  his brother at Springdale, Wash., before returning , to his own home at  Bellingham. Wash.  Geo. T. .Moir, C. P. R. agent at  Grand Forks, who was summoned to  Greenwood to give evidence In the  Hindoo case was with us Wednesday  and Thursday.  The bachelors of Rock Creek will  give a ball on March 3 at the River-  side hotel. Music will be furnished  by the Bush orchestra and admittance  with supper will be free.  The Star Theatre will not be open  Saturday evening, Feb. 25th, owing  to the Phoenix and Greenwood  hockey match at the local rink nn  that date.  Mr. Roy of ihe National hotel, returned on Tuesday from his vacation  of a couple of months in rhe east.  He states his fur coat was his warmest  and constant friend while in the far  east.  The St. Jude's Guild social at the  Hall, Wood Block, . for Tuesday,  Feb.    28th.     Entrance   25c     Doors  $2.00 a   year in   advance;  $1.00 for  six months.  and amusements and refreshments included.  Mr. and Mrs. K- M. McAllister,  of Winnipeg, stopped in town a few  days to visit their son Robert who is  in the employ of Kootenay Power  Co , on their way to Princeton where  they will reside in future.  Mr. and Mrs Strickland son and  daughter, of NicoIav who have been  visiting Mr and Mrs. E G. Warren  for a number of days returned home  on Tuesday's train.  The Hockey match between the  Grand Forks and Greenwood intermediates, at the local rink last Thursday, resulted   in a tie, 3���3.  The final hockey match between  the Mother Lode and smelter took  place at the rink on Friday last. The  Mother Lode team winning by the  score of 2-���1.  have failed to return.  Two natives who accompanied  the Englisnmen arrived at Gouri-  bari with the tidings that all the  rest of the party were killed by  trie natives.  The Rush For Canada  The imigration rush to Canada  for l*ill is on. The advance  guards from England will arrive  some time this week. Scouts  have already put in their appearance to look over the ground.  The Grand Trunk, the C. P. R.,  and the Canadian Northern have  all carried on an unprecedented  campaign tbis winter to secure  immigrants in Great Britain for  their respective lerritoricsin Canada, and this alreadv showing its  effect in the tremendous rush of  bookings for all tho bonis coming  to Canada this spring.  The starting ol the grand  rush of immigrants the first  week in February is eloquent of  "tbe popular feeling in England  for Canada as a land of opportunities, for lhe immigration  agents discourage as much. as  possible the coming of new settlors lo lb is country before March.  Thousands Are Dead.  The viceroy of Manchuria estimates the fatalities in Manchuria of bubonic plague at f*5,-  000," while the foreign office believes that inside the great wall  there have been 1000 more deaths.  It is the belief, however, th,at the  number of deaths will be nearly  double the official estimates.  The -success which the anti-  plague commission working below Mukden has achieved has  been a surprise and a cause of  great gratification to the foreign  legations general ly. The Chinese  railway, though it is losing  heavily, "continues its curtailment pf traffic,.  ,;-Many -of the people in the  famine, district of Anhui are being employed by the government  in building levees. The financial drain on the government is  most'severe, and it is believed it  will be forced to negotiate more  exterj||i^;<3[pans thau has been  contemplated.  According to advices received  at Washington from the American consul, none of lhe plaguo-  slricken people recover.  The Japanese have checked the  plague in South Mukden, but the  remainder of Manchuria is being  ravaged. ' The pestilence is now  spreading in Shautuug. A dozen  doctors are dead. Reports from  Harbin show 250 deaths daily.  The frozen ground makes burial  impossible. The people have  finally consented to tlie cremation ol" 4000 bodies.  Massacred in New Guiena.  Word has been received at Brisbane, Aits., from Paupn, a division of the island ol New Guieria,  of the massacre of Sinn i forth  Siniib, the British administrator  of Papua, two white officers-and  a partv of natives by inhabitants  of the interior. Smith, accompanied by the officers, twelve native police and fourteen carriers,  left Port Moresby, the capital of  Paupa, on Nov. IS to explore the  interior. The party was last  heard from Dec. 7. Subsequently  searchers were sent out and these  Slowing Passing  Can any broad-minded s man look  over this situation with a keen, open  mind, and not come to the conclusion  that Canada is slowly passing from  the list of protectionist countries?  We are not arguing against protection, or in favor, but simply trying to  face the facts squarely. We are  simply repeating our warning, that  the advocates of free trade are doing  broader and more effective work than  the advocates of protection. If Canada moves towards free trade  as fast in the next five years as it has  in the past five years, there will be a  tarriff for revenue only instead of a  tarriff for protective features. When  the Democrats came into power in  the United States Congress, as they  likely will shortly, what is to prevent  their enlarging the present reciprocity  arrangements so as to include many  other lines of manufactured goods?  Is there any reason to believe that the  farmers of Canada are likely to be  content with their present victory.  Langford Defeats Bill Lang  One of the largest crowds which  ever witnessed a. prize fight in London  was on hand last Tuesday when Bill  Lang, the Australian champion, and  Sam Langford, the Boston ' Tar  Baby" entered the ring for their 20-  round contest- Both fighters looked  fit and with the added incentive of a  probable battle with jack Johnson for  the world's championship each was  confident of victory. The fight was  for a guaranteed purse of $15,000 at  Hugh Mcintosh's Olympia annex.  Langford ruled favorite before the  fight, odds of 10 to 7 being offered  oh the negro.  Lang restorted to rough tactics in  the sixth round and fouled the American scrapper. He was disqualified  and the fight given to Langford. He  slipped down while making a swing  at Lang and the Australian punched  him before he got on his feet.  Guests at the Hotels  Windsor: G. Hv Jernberg, Van-  couver; J. F. Venables, Seattle; Max  McSweeney. Nelson- G. C. White,  Midway; Seret Major Wheeler, H.  W. Ewan and wife, Grand Forks;  W. Swain, Prince Rupert.  Racine: D. H. Ritchie, Grand  Forks; E. E. Reichbeld, Calgary;  C. Kelmer, Eholt; D. McKinnon,  A. D. Broomfield, Westbridge.  Imperial: Martin Anderson, Rossland; J. F. Creen, Montreal; W. J.  Creen, Toronto; J. Parkinson, Ottawa; I- H. Glass, Penticton; Harry  Berry, Montreal; C. G. Beasley,  Vancouver; H. Marshall, Toronto;  P. Wade, Nelson; O. Johnston,  Eholt; Duncan Ross, Victoria.  Vancouver Gives $12,000.  At a mass meeting of Vancouver  citi/ens on Tuesday night, $12,000  was raised in a lew minutes to aid. the  relief fund opened for the famine  sufferers in China An appeal in the  form of a resolution was made to all  citi/ens and a committee was appointed to devise methods for making the  response to the appeal as generous as  possible.  NOTICE is hereby g-iven that application will be made to the Legislative  Assembly of the Provinceof British  Columbia at its next session for an Act  to incorporate The Greenwood-Phoenix  Tramway Compan3', Limited, w:th  power to run, construct excavate and  maintain a tunnel through and under  the mountain lvinjr. east of tile Ci;:v of  Greenwood, in the -county of Yale,  from a point ou tlie JNTels hi mineral  claim, which claim adjoin the i-.'ist  boundary of said City of Greenwood  to a point at or near the Victoria mineral claim under the City of Phoenix;  and for the purposes of the undertaking to rutl exploring- and branch working tunnels from the main tunnel; also  to sink or raise mining, working or  ore shafts along the line or course of  the said tunnel or its branches; to explore for minerals by the use of drills,  shafts or excavations; to construct,  maintain and operate by electricity or  otherwise tramways and roadways for  the purpose of carrying ores, 9r as may  be otherwise required to erect and  maintain crushing, electrical, hydraulic, concentrating or smelting works or  for plants and deal in the products of  the same; to supply, sell arid dispose  of light or power, and to erect and  place any electric line, cable or other  electrical apparatus, above or below  ground, along, over and across streets,  bridgesand lands; to erect, construct  and maintain any dam, raceway, Hume,  or ofcer contrivance, or plan for diverting and utilizing water, or for  drainage, and to construct all works  necessary to obtain and make water  power available; to carry on the business of mining in all its branches; to  purchase and deal in ores; to enter into  any agreements and make contracts  with persons or companies owning  any interest in mining lands or otherwise, contiguous to tlie said tunnel  and to receive compensation for the  use of the tunnels or works of the Company, and for drainage or other benefits derived from the tunnels or branches; tp acquire and take over thc busi:  ness of the Phoenix Tramway Company, a company incorporated under  the Tramway Company Incorporation  Act, and to acquire and obtain all  concessions.-bonuses, or other rights  and privileges belonging to said Company; to purchase, lease or otherwise  acquire and hold patents, machinery,  lands, premises, buildings and all real  and personal property necessary to  carry out the objects of the Company  with all necessary or incidental rights,  powers and privileges as may be necessary: incidental or conducive to the  attainment of the above objects or any  of them.  Dated at Greenwood, Ii. C, this 24lh  day of December, A. I")., 1910.  I. H. HALLETT.  Dec. 30. Solicitor for Applicant.  JAMES  THE  Photographe?  DEADWOOD ST.  GREENWOOD,   B. C.  Has   a new   equipment ft!  Photo work and can turn oii  as good work as any in tf  land.    Give him a trial.  B. C. Hair Goods EmporM  Announces to the ladies of  Briti's  Columbia that by recent impoitatiojjj  theis stock of Hair goods is most coijj  plete in all particulars. Wigs, toupetllj  transformation pompadours, switchcif  puffs and curls,   all of which will &'  furnished at less money than you c i  obtain   by   ordering   abroad.     THfli  business is  my  especial  calling, aidf  being thoroughly understood, we aj|'|  in a position to guarantee perfect sati'^J  faction to those  who  favor us  wit  their patronage.    Our new catalog^]  will be mailed on  application by pq  card, and which  will be found  nvi  useful.    We also  make  up switch'?  out of your own hair combings, prie'l  ranging from Sl.OO  to $2.50.     Of  mail order department  has the mq|  prompt attention. $  LEO MUELLER  M asonic Temple, Vancouver, B.  Nomac Investment Co.  419-420 Lindelle Blk.  SPOKANE, WASHINGTON  Exclusive Brokers for the sale of the Western j!  issue of the Greenwood-Pnoenix Tramway Company. We shall be glad to answer any inquiries  regarding this stock. We also handle the stock  of the Boundary Mining and Exploration Co.,  Ltd., and of the Freemont Mining Co.  It is time  Special Values in  SINGER MACHINES  We purchased from the Singer Sewing Machine company a few new Drop Head machines  and offer them for cash at the  following low !  prices:   $35, $40, $45 and $50.  We are agent for tlie Singer machine, and  keep supplies for every machine.  . A. L.WHITE  j        Phor  Phone 16  Greenwood, B. C.  New  Westminster  Splendid building lots  close to city limits,  guaranteed dry and  level. Lots 33x132  $3,00 and up, $20.00  $1.00 per month.  ight Investment Co.  Nelson.  R. J. MUIR, Local Agt.  Office Matthews' Cigar Store  ts^^i^vS^5^^-��^^55?^>=e��^����^SJ  WHEN YOU OPEN onr liq  ors their fragrance immediately  tells you that they are the kinci\  to drink.  They-have been the choice o  the connoisseur for a long tim<  and are first in his popularity today.  WINES AND LIQUORS Ar,  j.ure and perfectly  aped.    Tbe3J  are distilled   from   the   choicest  material  and  please  with   their,  general wholesomeness.  $ Greenwood Dquor 0o.  I IMPORTERS GREENWOOD  'kC  ������;/��:������..-v.     *


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