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 VCMU 14  GREENWOOD,   B. C,   FRIDAY, JULY 1. 1910.  ���<4  THE STORE OF PLENTY  A FEW OF OUR PRICES FOR JULY:  Purity Flour, theb-at in the market. ...  Purity Rolled Oats, 8-pound sax   Edenbank Butter, 1-pound bricks   Chilliwack Butter, 1-pound bricks   Sugar, 20-pound sax..   Sugar, 100 pound sax .  Tomatoes, 3 cans for..  . ...$2.00  ... -'Oc  . -10c  . .. 40c  ...$1.40  ....'6.7.=;  ....   50..  TO BE BUILT  IN CANADA  Peas, 2 cans for..:. ^.... 25c  Corn, 2 cans for.. <...  25c  Beans, 2 cans for J^  25c  Jersey Cream, family size, 2 for.. ;!$L  25c  Jersey Cream, 20 ounce size, 3 for      50c  Nabob Tea, 1-pound  package ,  40c  Bulk Tea, Black, 35c. pound, 3 for $1 00  ; Fresh Fruit at lowest market price.  Russell-Law Caulfield Co., Ltd.  GROCERIES,    CROCKERY,     HARDWARE,  FURNISHINGS.  ���j*f  GENTS'  ��  M  Greenwood's Big Furniture Store  our values  61H1  ....".'GiWsyft^6ealiiti'."   Agents for    *;  0is1fer?iooiri Florida Felt and Health Mattresses  Several cheaper grades always ia stock.  Everything in thc Furniture Line.  T. M. Gulley & Co.  ^  HOUSE FURNISHERS -   -   Phone 27  fh the notices which will appear in  public press, says an Ottawa dis-  patfch, in a few days calling for tenders-for building vessels for the Cana-  I loi'nfiavy there will be a stipulation  .r,at tiiKvtessels must be built in Can^  ada and that they cannot be constructed on the Great lakes because of the  Rush-Bagot treaty between Great  Britain and the United States. The  building of the ships in Canada, it is  estimated, will make the cost 25 per  cent more than in Great Britain.  With a view of demonstrating to  the admiralty and other shipping in-  terests of Great Britain that the St.  Lawrence route to Montreal is navigable for deep draught vessels, Hon.  Mr. Brodeur has decided to have the  warship Niobe, which is to form the  nucleus of the Canadian navy on the  Atlantic, steam to Montreal. The  Niobe draws 27 feet of water.  The London Standard says: "We  in this country can feel nothing, but  admiration for the zeal and promptitude wi' #Mcn Canada has entered  updri tm vrreat enterprise of establishing a' navy."  The Standard adds that it is glad to  see that some of the vessels are to be  laid down in Canadian yards.  FINANCIAL    STATEMENT  mm u.umwauttma'ma'*!  THE LATE DR.  J. C HERMAN  4  Toilet Needs  ���'*��,w  FQR SUMMER  Sanitol Cream  Pompefan Cream  Hazellne Snow  Kosmeo Cream  bartett & Ramsietl's Cream  Milkweed Cream  "  _JHalvIna ^Cream  "���"- Exora Cream  The Presbyterian church has lost  one of its most efficient and honored  servants in the removal by death "of  the late Rev. J. C. Herdman, D. D.,  who so recently passed into the higher  life and service.  He came west in the autumn of  1885, and was tlie leading spirit  among the younger brethren with  whom he was associated in those early  days in the foundation work of the  church in the two provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. He was a  most indefatigable worker, of clear  vision and most beautiful Christian  spirit that endeared him beyone the  power of words to express to those  who in any way were ever associated  with him in the work of the church,  either as the minister of Knox church,  Calgary, or as superintendent of home  missions. He has been greatly missed from the counsels during the past  three years that he has been laid aside.  Now he has gone, but his memory  and' his monument remain as evidence  of the noble spirit's presence and influence as an abiding inspiration to  those of us who are left.  Following- is a statement of receipts and .expenditures of the  Baden-Powell Boy Scouts to 3ist  May, 1910:  Receipts���  Subscriptions collected by members of the Troop .$182 IS  Received from some of tbe  Scouts in part payment of  equipment ;      6 06  TH0PS* WITCH HAZEL CREAM  ^      Talcum Powders. Toilet Waters,  Shampoos, Etc.  Thomas Drug and Music Co  Total.......... '.'. : $188 IS  Expenditures���  Cabin repairs $ 13 IS  Cabin furniture    22 10  Equipment    45 55  Clothing    87 70  ;Fuel and light .......      1 20  General expense    13 SO  Balance in bank .;      4 95  TEN YEARS AGO  (From Boundary Creek Times of July 1,1900)  J. L- White and bride  arrived  home Thursday night.  Riotous times at Cape Nome  camp, culminate in the killing of  three men.  Tne Elkhorn Brewery awarded  first prize for the best float in the  procession.  Mayor McCallum and clerk  McCallum represented Grand  Forks at our celebration.  ^  P. BURNS & CO.  '-::��-���  Wholesale and' Retail Dealers in  '0 e  Poultry and Game  V��P^m  Total $188 IS  Greenwood, B. C, 20th Juire, 1910.  Audited and found correct,  W. G. McMynn,  J. T. Bbaotib,  F. W. McLaine,  J. S. Birnie,  Auditors.  In submitting this report we  would like to compliment the  Scouts and Scoutmaster on the  very creditable and business like  manner in which the accounts  have been kept, which reflects  much credit on tbe organization.  Subscription lists will shortly  be opened for the purpose of providing funds for the Troop, and  it is hoped that the public will  contribute liberally, as Scoutmaster Hargreaves has an important course of instruction to  give to the Scouts which will require financial assistance. In addition to the list which will be  taken around by the Scouts, the  Banks will also receive contributions from anyone desirous of  helping along this very worthy  cause.    Respectfully yours,  The Auditors.  SHOTGUN CLUB  3f|jpr Street, Greenwood, B. C.  i  The following is the score ot  the meet of the Greenwood Shotgun club last Sunday:  ���'���;���    Shotat  Wm. Hughes.................. 25  R. J. Sanders........  25  W. H. Logan.....;......  25  A. Logan .....;........ 25  A. J. Logan .....,..,.��� 25  K. Rees  25  A. S. Braithewaite  25  Broke  : 19  19  17  16  16  14  16  Mrs. Scott Galloway and her  two sons returned today from  Victoria where the boys were attending school.  ��it *-4*ra j r- ���tirauainamiBtKMm  MASONIC GRAND  LODGE OFFICERS  The 39th annual communication of  the Grand Masonic lodge of British  Columbia opened at Cranbrook on  June 22, advantage being taken of the  occasion to dedicate the eK-rar-: new  temple recently erected at : .. expense on Bunbury avenue.  The ceremonies bewail in the old  lodge room on Baker street from  which a parade of about 1.50 members, marched to the new temple.  The function of dedication having  been completed with all due ceremonial, the entire body of the members returned to the old lodge in processional order, where the usual closing ceremonies were carried out.  The election of officers for the Masonic grand lodge resulted as follows:  Grand Marshal���E. D. Paul, Victoria.  Deputy Grand Marshal���F. J.  Burd, Vancouver.  Grand Senior Warden���A. H.  Skey, Kamloops.  Grand Junior Warden���j. M.  Rudd, Nanaimo.  Grand Chaplain���Rev. H. G.  Fiennes, Clinton, Vancouver.  RIFLE ASSOCIATION  FOOD'S  CELEBRATION  If Dominion Day will act in concert with the committee who have  been giving its strenuous efforts to  have it pass off iii good shape, then  we will have a welcome day off from  business troubles and trials, and act as  if we were again kids, and bound to  enjoy tlie day. A fine, cool day is  what we want, and it looks as if the  rest will be provided for by those in  charge, to have a jolly good time.  Baseball teams from Republic, Phoenix and Grand Forks will be here and  assurance is given of a large number  of visitors from surrounding towns,  and we want them to vote it a first-  rate days' sport.  The football match in the morning  will be between Phoenix and the  Mother Lode teams.  WANT WHIPPING POST  Chas. A, Matthews, of Midway, married to Miss Hillman of  St Louis last evening by the  Rev. W, A. Robin of Greenwood.  A meeting was held on Monday  evening at the court house to take  steps to reorganize the Greenwood  Rifle association. A large number of  the old members, with the addition  of many who intend joining, gave a  very creditable showing and an augury  of future success. The Mother  Lode contingent numbered 17, which  will form part of the regular corps.  After regular routine opening enrollment followed totalling 30 men._ The  election of officers resulted as follows:  W. G. McMynn, captain; E. E.  Hibbert, 1st lieut., R. A. Chester,  sec.-treas. Managing committee,  Dr. McLean, R. J. Sanders, C. T.  Bailey, P.W. Lover and Bert Logan.  The association" starts off with a very  enthusiastic lot of members aiid we  trust they will stay with it, and not get  weary in well doing.  Provincial officer Darragh returned from Oroville, where he  captured one of the prisoners who  broke jail at Greenwood last  week.  Greenwood is in holiday attire.  A successful trade's procession,  athletic sports and hores racing.  Tbe fire brigade made a fine  showing and came out on top in  the events. A large number of  Kootenav visitprs  were  present.  IN THE WILDS 31 DAYS  Capt. Roland, an 83-year-old  mining ehgineer, lost himself in  the woods near Wabigoon, Ont.,  and lived ior 31 days on poplar  leaves and other herbage. Attracted by birch bark parchment  scattered promiscuously by the  captain, a Dominion government  geological survey party, including Dr. G. L. Parsons, of Toronto, and Messrs. Thompson and  Marguerah, of Kenora, searched  and found him crawling on his  hands and knees about one mile  from the trail from which he had  strayed. Save for physical weakness Capt. Roland is apparently  none the worse for his experience.  W. King, of Revelstoke, hag  received the commission for the  drawing of the plans for the new  government court houses at Kaslo  and Grand Forks.  The Toronto Synod of the  Anglican church has passed a  resolution calling for the use of  the lash upon men convicted of  crimes upon the persons of women  or girls. It is to be hoped that  the minister of justice will see  his way to insert iu the Criminal  code the necessary authority for  judges to send men to the whipping post for such offences. The  need for this change in the law is  a crying one. For some reason  examples of leuitv towards brutal  wretches at whose hands women  and girls Lave suffered the extreme of outrage have been frequent, and it is more than ever  desirable that parliament should  emphasize the gravity of these  crimes and increase the sternness  of the law for their punishment.  Orient will celebrate the Fourth  of July.  IS UNCLE SAJ  READY FOR WAR  After pigeon-holing Koprosent-  ative McLacblan's resolution* demanding that the war department  be called upon to show its preparedness for war, the hoine committee on' military affairs have  decided to report in favor of the  resolution.  McLachlan's 'resolution and his  speech, made at the time of its  introduction, declaring that ric  Japanese o>uld cnptire and Ik !d  the Pacific slates, has resulted in  thousands of lel'or-- '���> -ing sent to  thc military authorities ik'in;iidling that the war departmeut'make  a statement on tl��e matter.  INSPECTED THE GRADE  The valuators and engineers  have inspected the grade between  Midway and Rock Creek. The  advising engineers. McCullcugh  aud Smith, have finished the talcing of measurements for estimating the amount of unfinished  work. The board has prepared a  notice calling up claimants to file  their claims, properly verified,  with the secretary, Mr. Green,  thus giviug all those holding  cheques for wages ample time to  present their claims.  WILL BUILD THE ROAD  The Domiuion government has  decided to go ahead with the construction of the Hudson Bay railway. At the recent session an  appropriation for construction  purposes went through, and the  plans and specifications have been  in preparation for the section of  the line on which surveys were  completed. Tenders are to be  called for at once.  <?'  TOO LIGHTLY TAKEN  In the United States it is probable that the ease with which  mis-mated couples may be divorced tends to make them less  cautious in entering into the covenant. The tendency toward  childless homes has the same  effect. Marriage is coming to be  regarded as a casual 'relation, to  be discontinued whenever tbe  husband and wife fail to agree.  In a great many cases there are  no children to hold husband and  wife together, and they drift  apart, to become divorced, or,  without that formality, to enter  other temporary alliances. There  can be no shadow of doubt that  in the United States particularly!  matrimony is not considered the  solemn institution of forty years  ago. it is light-heartedly and  carelessly entered upon, and girlB  who earn their own living are not  more likely than other girls to  have elders who will oblige them  to realize what a serious step they  are contemplating.  =^  C F. STORK  A FULL LINE OF  Dry Goods, Boys, Girls and Ladies*  Shoes, Millinery, Ladies' Furnishings,  Laces, Silks, and everything for the  woman or child to wear.  We are getting: in the largest stock of  goods this fall ever brought to Greenwood.   Mail orders attended to.  GREENWOOD, B. G.  vif  FRUIT JAR  WELL LOOKED AFTER  "Give Alice .��50, and Sally the  other.    Don't deceive me."  This message was chalked on  a manger by Alfred William'  Bothwell, of Long Sutton, Lincolnshire, before he hanged himself in a shed.  The farmer's son had just returned to the farm after a few  weeks' sojourn in the wicked cily.  " Wuz yew guarded in yore conduct while yew wuz in teown,  son?" asked the old man.  "Sore thing, dad," replied the  boy. " I wuz guarded by two per-  licemen most uv tb' time,"  Genuine "BALL" Jars, Mason's Patent,  1 Pint      ,75 per doz  1 Quart ,90 per doz  1^2 Gallon  $1,20 per doz  WHILE THEY LAST  The Hunter-Kendrick Co,  LIMITED  HARDWARE MERCHANTS  PHONE  9  y>v.j  ���JAty.  -i2��� �����������--   <T��^rt CP*  G**  CP*  ..Bank jt Montreal.  ESTABLISHED 1817-  Capital, all paid np, $14,400,000.       Rest $12,000,000.  UNDIVIDED   PROFITS   $217,628.56  "\   Hon. President:   Lord Sthathcona and Mount Royal, Ci. C. M. G.  ���'  President:   Sir.Gbokqb A. Drdmmond,K.C. M. G.  -2J��cVlce-Presideat and General Manager:    Sir E. S. Clouston, Bart  Branches in London, Eng. j cu^VcSSL f New York, Chicago.  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers ; Grant Commercial an  Travellers' Credits, available in any part{of the world.  savingsbaSkdepartment.  Interest allowed at current rates.  jq Greenwood Branch,    W. F. PROCTOR Manager.,IC3  ��� ������  ��� ���B  M  3  *=S \  ��*=2  THE BANK OF  ble condition than to keep up the'  process     of   producing     copper  greatlj  in excess of current industrial requirements.''  THE BOSS  74 Years In Business. Capital and Reserva Over $7,000,000.  The Saving Habit  is tlie foundation of  independence.  Begin saving now  b)' opening an account with the Bank of British  North America and making regular Weekly or  Monthly deposits.  $x.oo starts a Savings Account and Interest  is compounded at highest current rates.  Greenwood ErancWR. A. CHESTER, Manager.  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  /. H. HALLETT  Ii A K K 1ST K It, SO Lit: ll'tl K,  No'l'AKV  1 "I'lH.IC.  Cable Address:       " IIallktt."  I Iti-tlford  M'Neill'.s  Coniis < Mtireiii}! >t Ncal's  j I,eib.T's  Gpeedwood, B. C.  JOHN D. SPENCE,  l'.AKKISTKK    AND   Sol.lCITDK.  Reixle'I   IJIoek,  Greenwood. B. C.  C. AE. SHAW,  Dominion  and  I'kovinciai.  Land Sukvkyok,  Greenwood, B. C.  I'. O. IJiijc  57. I'llnilL- .  WILLIAM FLEMING,  transfer draying j to impr0ve our railway  lines be-  ovoii tlio territories, are now sending millions of dollars each year  to Toronto aiul oilier Ontario  cities ar.d towns for manufacture?,  fi<r goods, and also as interest on  investments; so thej are lo Montreal and places east of Ontario.  And this flow from the west is  bound to grow and to add to the  orpatness of eastern cities.  The people of the United States  from their experience, know the  value of such a flow of dollars  from tbe abundant west, and they  would like to see the Canadian  stream diverted to fhe south and  southeast.  But our business is to keep our  lines of trade full  east and west,  The art of managing  men, the  ability to manage a crew of men,  is not measured by a man's intel-  lec tnal  accomplishments.    A  knowledge of human nature is of  the utmost importance, particularly   in   tbe matter of dealing  with the foreign element, and two  qualities are most essential, which  are firmness and tact.    The boss  must, of course,   thoroughly understand his work  and  just how  he wants   it done,  impress this  upon his men  and inspire them  with  confidence  and respect.    It  is not necessary   that a boss be a  bulldozer,   which  naturally sets  the men against him and detracts  from their labor efficiency.   Tact,  the ability to   size   up   men and  keep every one in a good  humor,  is us uecessary in  handling- men  aa in controlling childen.    A boss  is seldom liked by.his men. but if  the   men   know, that   whatever  happens, they can expect a square  deal, he will win their confidence  and   respect,   which   is half the  battle.    Kindness to the sick and  injured gees a long way  in raising him in the esteem of his men.  Furniture Moving a Specialty.  Leave orders jit Matthews' Cifrar Store.  H. W. FARMER & CO.,  REAL ESTATE AGENTS,  Kock Ckkisk, li. C.  j ! wceu our east and  the west   and  j to keep our own trade for our own  people.  TOO MUCH COPPER  Cd?sS��&  BOUNDA.KV   VALLEY   LODGE  "y^.u^ Mo. 38,1.0. 0. F.  .Meets every   luesilay  Evening at 8 00 in  -he  ]. O. O. Y. Hall.    A cordial  mvl tp.liuti is C3  tended loall eojonraiii(r brellicrii.  FKE11 IS. UOL-MES, !���'. K.liROVN,  N. G. V. G.  AI.UKRT LOGAN, Kef. Sec.  Cbc  Boundary Creek Times  issued ���very Tridav  The following, from the Los  Angeles MiningKeview, explains  very lucidly the copper market  situation:  "There is this much to say regarding the price of copper in  these days of jacked-up commodity prices. When the producer is  constrained to mine, refine and  j sell about eight pounds of high  grade American copper for a dollar the tudustry must be settling  down pretty close to a hard-pan  basis. Many millions of pounds  of the best copper in the world  were produced in this country last  FRIDAY. JULY 1. join.  CANADA'S TURN  SUBKCRII'TIONS IN ADVANCE.  Pkr  Ykak       2 00  Hi* Months -  -   1 25  To FOSKKin COUNTKIKO    .   2 50   _ ..[.vear at an absolute  loss.    Where  j is the  benefit  of doing   business  in that fashion? Copper in the  mine is too valuable an asset to  throw it away needlessly. The  large ijuatitity of copper which  was mined at a loss last year not  only reduced the wealth of the  properties affected, but contributed to thc general detriment of  the entire market.' There were  other prominent producers able to  carry on mining operations at a  profit, but after undertaking to  pay dividends were compelled to  confess a deficit iu connection  with 1909 business. Supply and  demand are the potent factors in  the situation, Speculation and  manipulation have uot been very  fruitful in practical results of a  permanently beneficial character  to values. The truth of the matter is the market is overweighted  with excessive supplies which  prevent it rallying from a depressed state. :i * * Curtailment of-output would prove the  most effective remedy for the restoration of confidence iu copper,  but it is a question if such a salutary measure will be resorted to  in the near future. If chrouic  market depression was the object  sought there would be no surer  way to perpetuate such a deploy  ment Agent Assher by the notorious McLean band of outlaws 30  years ago.  Mr. T. J. Smith,7.61 Keiowna,.  is negotiating with the Keiowna  Canning company for the purchase of the plant recently discarded on account of being too  small. He will operate this as a  fruit cannery at Summerland.  When the stomach fails to preform  its functions, the bowels become deranged, the Hver and th : kidneys congested   causing   numerous   diseases.  The Stomach and Liver must be re  -.tored to a healthy condition and  Chamberlain's   Stomace   and    Liver  Tablets can be depended upon to do it.  Easy to take and most effective.   Sold  >y all druggists and dealers.  Canada's treaty making powers  are being debated in the London  press and referred lo in the British house of commons.  B. C. FRUIT GROP  OUTLINES OF  CURRENT EVENTS  Kamloops is raising the saloon  license fee.  Fire wardens are to be elected  at Stewart.  The close season for beaver expires next year.  Cranbrook now has a continuous lighting system.  Rossland is showing unmistakable signs of revival.  A Bureau of Information is to  be established at Keiowna.  The C. N.  P. Coal company's  payroll for May totalled $177,000.  Tho remarkable growth of the  eastern cities of llu- United  Slates, which set in forty to  twenty-five yi-ars ago, of New  York, Huston, Philadelphia, Uuf-  falo, Chicago and then Cleveland  and a score of other places, was  primarily due to the opening up  of the western states of Ohio,  Indiana, Michigan, and later on  of Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Dakota, Kansas, etc. As these new  states were settled by the thousands and thousands of new settlers that rushed into them, millions and millions of dollars came  from them to the eastern citica  for goods, and a little later on  millions and millions more every  -year in" the way of interest on  eastern investments in these western states. Millions flowed from  the west lo these eastern cities  and towns, and they all grew like  magic.  The same thing is now coming  to Canada. Manitoba, Saskatchewan. Alberta, British   Columbia,  Many prospectors from Stewart  are going into the Gold Creek  country.  The Royal Bank of Canada will  shortly open new premises at  Keiowna.  The new $80,000 sanitarium at  Blairmore is well under way to  completion.  Construction has begun on the  new government bridge at Wild  Horse, E. K.  The Westbank sawmill at Keiowna has resumed cutting, with  a new plant.  The Stewart Club has been organized in the new northern city,  with thirty members and an initial expenditure of $600 for furniture    New walls are being built round  the New Westminster penitentiary, which will greatly diminish the opportunities of future  escapes.  Mr. Justice Murphy has refused leave to A. S. Cooper, of  Vancouver, aged 19, to take to  himself a wife, until assured of  the applicants' ability to support  the prospective bride.  It will be illegal hereafter to  sell Jamaica ginger to British  Columbia Indians,the courts hav-  declared tbe essence (which contains 9 per cent alcohol), clearly  an intoxicant in the view of the  law.  A gruesome relic was picked up  at Esher lake recently, in the  form of one of the pistols employed in the murder of Govern-  Strength and Vitality are combined  in the invigorating tonic Ferrovim.  which consists of fresh lean beef Citrate of Iron, and pure old Spanish  Sherry Wine. Nothing could be more  beneficial for anemic women and  children, elderly people whose strength  is failing and all persons run-down  and debilitated   $1.00 bottles.  THE BIGGEST FISH  This is the first year that British  Columbia will have exported any large  amount of fruit. The Okanagan  alone, it is estimated, will ship- 500  cars of fruit to the prairies. W. E.  Scott, deputy minister of .agriculture,  says it is difficult to estimate what the  whole output of the province will be,  but he expects that the/ will ship at  least 1,200 carloads, or over a million  pounds.  Prices will rule low this year. The  crop is very heavy in every line, prunes,  pears, cherries and early apples being  especially plentiful. If the weather  should prove dry during the next two  months Mr. Scott is of the opinion  that there will be some small fruit  where the orchards are not properly  cultivated, but where cultivation is  carried on the fruit should be unusually heavy. One difficulty at present  is that labor is so scarce that growers  are not thinning their fruit properly.  The result will be a large quantity of  small fruit, instead of the finer grade,  which demands higher prices.���Hedley Gazette. .  He came home with a string of  fish; his wife soon had them firied;  and, as he ate the fragrant dish, he  lied, my friends, he lied. "The fish  I brought were pretty fine," his children heard him say, "but ah! I had  a rotten line, and the biggest got  away!'' He goes down town among  his friends and wears their patience  out; he talks and talks till night descends, about his string of trout.  "My heart," he says, ''will know  regret until my dying day; alas! that  fish so large and wet���the one that  got away!" All -people know the  tale he springs is made of mist and  smoke, and heated air and dragon  wings, and prehistoric joke. But he  will tell his weary tale till he is bent  and gray: "The mem'ry makes my  spirit wail���the fish that got away!"  And you, perhaps, have some old  yarn, as tiresome, stale and vain, tbat  Adam told behind the barn, his sons  to entertain. Though it may seem to  you quite fine, it grates on others'  ears; O put it down, my friends, in  brine, and let it soak ten years?���  Walt Mason.  West of Edmonton the Grand  Trunk Pacific is finished for 110  miles. Work is delayed by a  scarcity of labor.  Welcome Words to Women  Women who suffer with disorders peculiar io their  tax should write to Dr. Pierce and receive free the  advice of e physician of over 40 years- experience  ���a skilled and successful specialist in the disease*.  of women. Every letter of this sort has the most  careful consideration arid is regarded as sacredly  confidential. _ Many sensitively modest women write  fully to Dr. Pierce what they would shrink from  telling to their local physician. The local physician  is pretty sure to say that lie cannot do anything  without "an examination." Dr. Pierce holds that  these distasteful examinations are generally need- ���  lets,  and  that ao woman,  except in. rare cases, Bhould  submit  to J them.  Dr. Pierce's treatment will cure yonright:fai the privacy of- fy'A  your own home. His " Favorite Prescription" has cured-"^'j^.'  hundreds of thousands, some of them 'the worst bf eases. "'tt  It is the only medicine of its kind that is the product of e regularly graduated  physician. The only one good enough that its makers dare to print its every  ingredient on its outside wrapper. There's no secrecy. It will .boar examination. No alcohol and no habit-forming drags are found in it. Some unscrupulous medicine dealers may offer you a substitute. Don't take it. Don't triflt)  with your health. Write to World's Dispensary Medical Association, Dr. R.  V. Pierce, President, Buffalo, N. Y.,���take the advice received'and be well.   ,  sc ih4f4fifif4f4p^ip4f^i^4^^^^4^4t4t4 *?  if . *u.vint  if  if  if  Electric current supplied for Power, lighting,  Heating and Ventilating. Power furnished  for Hoisting and air-compressing plants, with  absolute guarantee of continuous powerservice  Get Our Rates, We Can Savepn|opy  Invest 25 cents in a box of  Davis' Menthol Salve ("The  D. & L.") and be prepared for  a hundred ailmen:ts,;whi 9ji may  not be dangerous bu$ are very  annoying and painful*like neuralgia, earache, sprains, burns,  bruises,insectstings,cuts,piles,  etc. It is a household remedy  always useful for some trouble,  and should "be kept in the  family medicine closet.  WILL MAKE HAIR QPOW  BEARINE  Prepared from the grease  of the Canadian Bear.  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A  dam with ditches and pipes leading therefrom.  f.���The premises on which the water Is to be  used (d scribe samel. Those portions of Lot  1015 aud the north half of the southeast quarter  of-Seetion 29, in Township 70, lying east of  Boundary creek, and the southeast portion of  the northeast quarter of section 29 aforesaid,  held by the applicant under an agreement for  purchase from Robert Wood.  p.���The purposes for which the water is to be  used.   Irrigation.  h.���If for irrigation describe the land intended to be Irrigated, giving acreage. The  lands mentioned ln paragraph (f) hereof, containing 60 acres, more or less.  i.���Area of Crown land intended to be occupied by the proposed works.   Not any.  j.���This notice was posted on the ISth day of  May, 1910, and application will be made to the  Commissioner on tbe 28th day of June, 1910.~  k.���Give the names and addresses of any riparian proprietors or licensees who or whose  Undo are likely to be affected br tbe proposed  works, either above or below the outlet. Not  any.  WALLACE McKENDRY.  Greenwood, B. C  1. H. Hallett, solicitor for applicant.  MINERAL, ACT.  Certificate of Imorovents.  NOTICE.  "Eholt," "Tanglefoot "and " Sovereign Fractional " Mineral Claims, situate in Greenwood Mining Division of Y��lo District.  Where located:   In Skylark Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, C. JB,. Sbaw, agent  for Fred Hoser, Free Miners'Certificate  No. B26433, and John Zurflnh, Free Miners  Certificate No. B26485, intend, sixty days from  date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder  for Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown- Grants of the above  claims.  And  further take notice that action, under  Section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 7th day of March. A. D. 1910.  C. M. SHAW, B. L. S. S.  OVER  60 YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  stents  Tradc,Marks  Dmoris ���.���������  CoRVRiOrrrs Ac  ���ent free. Oldest agenoy tor���ecrmuffMtenLa.  Fate^ta Uken" through Mmm A Co. tt  afr'-uAnoUc*. withoueehMM, mtM  Scientific jfffitricaii.  A handsomely UlMbatod weekly. Igrgett etr-  culaUon of any (dentuto Journal. Terms for  Canada. $8.75 a year, poatags prepaid. Sold by  all twmdeaten;  Pacific Hotel  Gkirg & Morrison, Prop.  The Pacific is the Headquarters  for Commercial and Mining1 Men  Is steam-heated, electric lighted;  the rooms are lacge and cosy.  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Ik  Jb  at tr # *��� tr tr tf *r k* r tr *r *��� *r tr ir u*  ANY avallableTomlniortl^aitUB wituin&the >   Railway Belt ill British Columbia, maya^  homesteaded by any person whols thesole tread'  of a family, or any male over 18 years.iof age,  [to the extent of one-quarter section of 160 acres,  more or less. -S:|s j  Entry must be made personally at'the loca-  land office, for the dlsrlct in which the jand. is  situate. .Entry   by , proxy! ntayj however, bel  made on certain conditions! by    the "iather,  mother; son, daughter, brother or sister, of an  intending: homesteader.       -:���'      ,v   '  The' homesteader Is required to preform the  !ondUiojj&.fonnected  there with undergone of '  h^'AauBfiga^piajts* - ���-���'.-���iti. ���  ;6_i* niiriths'" residence upon and  'lb/; W ���& in  each  year "oir three j  yearn.        "  "'ti'.'.-..   ��� "���- ���'$������'���'  (2) If the-fatlfer-foT;. mother, if ihe f;ulier is de- ���  ceased), of the homesteader resides upon a farm  in the vicinity of the land entered  for,; the re  qulrements as to residence may - be satisfied hyi  such person residing with the lather or mother. ^  (3) If the settler has his permanent residence  pon farming land owr.ed by him in the vlcin  ity of his homestead, the requirements as to res \  idence may be satisfied by residence upon the '  said Iand.":.-'��� ���>���' ;        ," '' "���?     ���  Six   months' notice in writing should be given '  to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at'Ot  tawa of intention toapply for patent,     i .  Coal.���Coalmining rights may >be leased fora;  peHodof twentyrone years at an annual rental,  .of $1. per acre.; Not more than 2,500acres shall  be leased to one individual or company. A roy- 1  allty at the rate of five cents per ton shall be'  collected on the merchantable coal mined.  W. W. COBY, J   >-  Deputy of the Minister of the Interior  N, B.���Unauthorized publication of/this' advertisement will not be paid for.  Copper  *JNew BJditlon of the  CQPPgR HANDBOOK  T  "5*  Vol. VJII.; issued May, 1909, contains!  1,500 pages, with nearly 50 per cent,  more matter tharjithe preceding edition.  The chapter* with mine, descriptions t  and on statistics'1'have been carefully  revised vand the bulk of the  master'  therein la ~%  ENTIRELY NEW  There are 25 chapters.  Covering Copper History, Geology, i  Geography, Chetnis'ty. Mineralogy, j  Mining, Milling, Leaching, Smelting,'  Refining, Brands, Grades, Impurities,'  Alloys, Uses, Sub8titutes,Terminology(  Deposits by Districts, States,Countries j  and Continents, Mines,in I>etail, Sta--|  tistics of Production, Consitmption; Imports, Exports, Finances,.- Dividends,  etc.. '���%<������'  The Copper Handbook is. concededly j  the  WfrW'�� Standard Reference  Bool: on Copper.  The Copper..IJandbook contains, m^  this new.and.greatly enlarged edition,  about 50 per cent, more matter than4  the Bible-rthough not .necessarily a <  better book because of its great bulk.  It is tilled with' FACTS of vital im-'J  portance to.  Greenwood Office  NORDEN   HOTEL  3*J*3tjfi#jXJtjtJ*jlJiJtJt.*JltjKjfi  MINING CLAIM FOR SALE  In Wellington Camp.   The property  known as The   Golden  Crown,   with  plant and equipetnent newfound thereon.  For terms and particulars apply to  G. R. OpicDWBlX,  Brandon, JManitolja.  V  THE INVESTOR   -.  >  THE SPECULATOR  :  THE METALLURGIST  ^  '/^V^THWedNSUMEi^  THE K-NES^v]  ��� '..'-��� >~    '    ��� "       ���    '.  Price is $5 in fiuckram with gilt top,.1  or $7.50 in genninCfull rfbrary moroccoS  TERMS?*re p^liberat.>;; Send no"]  money, but;aQler^rae.book sent to you,,  all carriage SBfl^esSprepaid, on "one...  week's approval,'To^be returned if ;uri- ���  satisfactory, or paiiffdr if it suits. 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The steamer Schwatka, from Fairbanks, .brought   down  ��100,0.00   in  f)gold from Tanaiia, and the next boat  will briny $100,000 more from  Fairbanks. ���   ���;      ______  Bakersfieltl,,California,   is producing  more   qjl-sthan  can possibly  be,  marketed.^Tliree million dollars was  'recently paid by an  association for a  ��� section.    -A British syndicate  made a  I "big buy^in  Fuilertcm  of   3,600,000  ['acres of oil lahd.  The coal property  of the  Mining  &'.Development  company at Midway  , was recently examined by  W.   Fleet  > Robertson, who recommended a shaft  for  ventilation,   and  drifting on  the  yam.^ Matters are Prog'vs___j��Sry  ' satisfactorily on the P>"oper|gi3pF^' *  ���-��", ���~Zj^^'"'--'-  "t .1 he  art  oi welding" copper   and  ���tyl ' '  L'steel, lost more than 2,000 years ago,  fshas  been  rediscovered.     Experts of  ^the Calumet & Hecla company, after  numerous tests of the welded  metals  .in the company's shops, declare  that  ^the process is entirely satisfactory and  |^��f supreme importance to the copper  "&j :  industry.   -_        ^here is some talk of the Granby  f^3b;i'fibine;- into Franklin  Camp: and  taking option on the   most  promising  mines  theie.      The   McKinley  and,  Gloucester properties  have  been examined and sampled by O. B. Smith,  superintendent of the   Granby mines,  accompanied    by    a   .surveyor    and I  diamond  drill  expert.    The  ore   ofj  the Franklin Camp  is of self-fluxing,  sulphide  character, and distant from  the Granby  mines  smejter about 45  miles.    Another big gold strike in the Sheep  Creek country, this time on the Nug-  gett property, is reported by Mr. J..S.  Airhealt, of Nelson, who received  word recently from ;i prospector working for him and liis associates in that  district that one of the most important finds of the history '���' ��� ������ mug in  the Southern Kn-itena . <i���<i !.��.'<;n made  there last week. , A gold ore vein 16  feet wide has been opened up for a  distance of 450 feet aiid the assay  which the assay promises is from $15  up. to $30 per ton. Hesitles this,  there is a streak some 18 inches wide  which carries about 7'.7. ounces ta the  ton, valued at about $150. The  Nugget people consider this the most  valuable find in the district, not even  excepting the Mother Lode strike of  a few months.ago.  Teething children have more or less  diarrhoea, which can be controlled by  giving Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera  and Diarrhoea Remedy. All that is  necessary is to give the prescribed dose  after each operation of the bowels  more than natural and then castor oil  to cleasne the^slm Tt is safe and  sure. 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MINERAL ACT  EXDY MWLFRID 1AURIER  The Wife of Canada's Prime Minister  Lady Laurier, wife of Sir Wilfrid Ltturier, Prime Minister of th�� Dominion, la one of the best-known and moat esteemed women in Canada.  High social position does not create fineness of fibre, and nobility of character; it merely affords a broader field for their manifestation. The grace,  ease, kindness of heart, simplicity and charm that distinguish Lady Laurier  to-day are but the flowering of the natural characteristics that made her  beloved, when, in 1868, she married Wilfrid Laurier, the "silver-tongued"  young lawyer, struggling for recognition.  The daughter of Q. N. R. Lafontaine, Lady Laurier, was born in Montreal, and educated at the school of the Bon Pasteur and the Convent of  the Sacred Heart, and there became proficient in music. Her love of music  has made her a patron under whose kindly sympathy and substantial support a number -of her proteges are winning laurels in the world of music  to-day. Losing her mother at an early age, Lady Laurier was thrown into  the society of her future husband under romantic circumstances, which led  to their marriage. Then followed days of discouragement, watching and  waiting, and of hope deferred in their home at Arthabaskaville, where the  future Premier, then in delicate health, was .working hard for recognition  with the untiring sympathy, companionship and inspiration of his wife.  Lady Laurier has always accompanied her husband to Ottawa during  the Parliamentary sessions, as she does now in all his travels, for, "life is  too short." she says, "to be separated long." Her acquaintance with the  great public men of the world is large, for in the hospitable home of the  Prime^Mlnistcr the leaders in all lines of activity are always welcome. Her  days.&V busy ones, filled to the brim with social duties and her charitable  and philanthropic work. She is one of the Vice-Presidents of the National  Council of Women of Canada, and Honorary Vice-President of the Victorian  Order of Nurses, besides being active in personal charilies.  In'her, home, at Ottawa, Lady Laurier has a superb collnr-lion of piffn  and souvenirs presented by royalty and others���the coronation medal from  Queen Victoria, a gold snuff-box set with diamonds, a medal from Pone  Pius X.. a curious cup from tho Chinese Prince-Regent,-a golden kr>y from  T'vpr-vm'. nutnrraph letters nnd portraits and a hast of otl^r trnasnro=���  b'u !-hr> ohfriFfcc! most the magnificent, tiara of one hundred and seven tv-fi\<>  <7::ivno!vls m-c'.-eiierl \-y mom hers of tho Scmt?. of Canada.  K..l.im: fTi'onll!!;; i,�� A��.-t cf tip, TMllsnlcitt i.f O, .la-t.,. In t!.e yc;:r JfT., I.? T7. C. Mr;-'-, ar- rr>- TVj.-rtir*- ��� -* ��-.���.���.,[.--��  PREFERS B, C,  The St. John Telegraph, commenting upon some observations, says that  it would prefer to see the young men  of New Brunswick go to British Columbia rather than to the United  States, but it urges them to remain at  home and develop theirown province.  To this advice no true Canadian will  take exception. We in British Columbia wish to see the West developed, but not at the expense of the  East. Our contemporary says that  thai- progress of its province is just  beginning. It looks for great things  to come .from a more thorough system of farming, from the development of its mineral resources, from  the'utilization of its water power and  from the more economical handling  of its forests. It points out what has  already been provided in the way of  railways, and what is to be the forthcoming from the Grand Trunk Pacific, the Canadian Northern and what  is known as the Valley Railway. We  are glad to see our contemporary in  such an optomistic spirit, and that he  is able to give good grounds for the  faith that is in it. All we have to add  is that if young New Brunswickers do  not take our contemporarie's advice  and stay at home, we hope they will  come to British Columbia.  Soreness of the muscles, whether induced by violent exercise or injury, is  quickly relieved by the free application  of Chamberlain's Liniment. This liniment is equally valuable for muscular  rheumatism, and always affords quick  relief. Sold by all druggists and dealers.   A COMPARISON  An Irishman one day met hia  priest at the milestone. "Arrah,  your riverence, saving your presence, there's a prayst," said he,  pointing to a milestone. "A  priest! Why do you call that. a  priest, Mike?" "Why, your riverence, 'tis at least like a prayst,  for it points to the road it never  goes itself."  DANGERS OF THE FLY  An anti-fly campaign has been  inaugurated. The house fly is a  pest that ought to be exterminated. The Ladies' Home Journal  says that it has been largely driven out of England.- because its  breeding places have been destroyed. The house fly breeds in  stables, in neglected places where  hodsehold refuse is thrown, in  garbage cans that are left open  and not properly cleansed, and so  on. Keep such places clean and  the house fly will become to a  great extent a thing of the past.  Here is a case iu which an ounce  of prevention is worth several  pounds of cure.  Tlie wholesale !)lsttil> jtors for VW.iern Canada of Mathieu's Nervine Powder* :in(| also (if  Mathieu's Syrup of Tar and CcmI Liver Wi,  the great remedy for Coughs, aic  FOLEY BROS. LARSON & CO.  Winnipeg, Edmonton. Vancouver  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  ' Nightingale Fractional " Mineral Claim,sitta-J  ate  in tlie Greenwood Mining Division of  Yale District.   Where located:    in Skylark  Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that 1, Edmund T. Wickwire, Free Miner'8 certificate No. 1526386,  intend, sixty days from date hereof, to apply  to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, foi- the purpose of obtaining a  Crown Gran', of the above claim.  And further take notice that action under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance  of snch Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 25th dav of April, A. D. 1910.  42 EDMUND T. WICKWIRE.  NOTICE 1b hereb> jriven that thirty days  . after date I intend to apply to the- lion.  theChief Commissioner of Lands, fora license  to prospect for coal aud petroleum on the following described lands, situate in the Sitr.illca-  raeeu land division of Yale District: Commencing' at a post at the southeast corner of J,ot  687fcj*6ing'-.4jfio the southwest corner of I,ot  MSWj'th'ence-west 80 chains, thence south 80  chains, thence east 80 chains, tbeuce north 80  chains to place of commencement, and containing-640 acres.  Dated this JSth day of May, 1910.  SPENCER BENEIHtfXN. *  ifi  u  t-  Application lor Liquor License.  1 IVTOTICE is hereby given that thirty day,  i-M. after date I intend to apply tothe II.. n.  theChief Commissioner of Ii'aiuM, for a license  to prospect for coal and (>ei��'u euni on the f.il-  lowiogr descrihed lands, situate in 1 lie Similkameen laud division of lhe District of Yale ���  ' Commencing- at a post at the snutlieasi- corner  . of Lot 687, being- also the southwest comer of  j IiOt 149s, tbence east 80 chains, tlience south 41  [ chains, thence west 80 chains, thenr<- :..-ntli &)  chains to the place of commencement, and c-ni-  Take notice that LXewis E. Salter, of Spo-   talninjr 640 acre*,  kaue  Hotel,  Midway,  intend   to apply tothe      Dated this 18th day of May, 1910.  ���Siipcriiiipudeut of Police at the expiration of                           GEORGE W. RUMBEROER.  out  nioiitli  front  the date hereof, for the re-                                     Spencer ltenermaii, Agent.  :il of a retHil liquor license for the Spokane'   =   UNCLE SAM'S MUTTON  Geo. W. Loudon and Clay Fruit  passed through Oroville, recentty  with bands of sheep, headed for  markets in British Columbia, Mr.  Loudon was taking out 550 head,  and his destination was Vernon.  He expected to make the drive in  about ten days. Mr. Lruit had a  bunch of 230. which his assistants were herding over the hill  to Greenwood. The animals were  yearlings. Both gentlemen unload large consignments across  the border every summer. Mr.  Loudon states that a few years  ago there was no market for lambs  on the British Columbia side of  the border, although a good demand for matured mutton has  always existed. Now the Canadians have acquired a taste for lamb,  and it is difficult to fill orders.���  Oroville Gazette.  BIG PREMIUM LIST  The premium list for the first  Canadian Apple Show, to be held  in Vancouver this fall, noes cash  prizes ot various classes of $17,..  000, double the amount previously  given at Spokane. A large number of medals will also be awarded. Maxwell Smith says the exhibition scheme is receiving hearty  support throughout the province,  Dominion and States.  MAY FIGHT  Hotel, s'tnateil at Midway, B. C  Hated this Uth day of May, 1910.  42 L. E. SALTER.  NOTICE is hereby tfiven, tbat thirty days  after date, I intend to apply to the Hon.  Chief Commissioner of Lands for a license to  pr.mpect for coal aud petroleum on the follow-  in ir described lands, situate in tbe Similkameen  diMrict: Comtneucliitr al a post at the south.  wist center of I.ot 2,337, pre-emption, thence  e.ist eiirhiv ch:i!iiK, theiu-e north eighty chains,  ll-.ptiee vi-.t i.iulity chains, thence south elKbtv  ch:i its t i |<laceii( I'oiiiuu-nccnieut.aiid contain-  in..' Mil aril's  Hate.l this Nth ilav of May, I9W.  1>. A. MacDONALD, Locator.  II. llunliti", A Kent.  Chamberlain's Stomach aud Liyer  Tablets gently stimulate the liver and  bowels to expel poisonous matter,  cleanse the system,- cure- constipation  and sick headache. Sold by all druggists aud dealers,  POOF MAIL SERVICE  The Nelson News complains of  the inadequacy of the mail service in that part of the province.  Unfortunately Kootenay is not  the only part of British Columbia  to be inconvenienced by the failure of the postoffice department  to meet the reasonable requirements of the peoplo in the matter of mail accommodation. The  principle seems to be to give the  public just as little as possible.  In a new country the postal service ought to be ahead of the requirements, instead of lagging a  decade behind them.  American interests are libeling  Canada.  AT THE CHURCHES  DaviS' Menthol Salve i�� a handy  pleasant and efficacious household remedy for Insect and mosquito bites and  stings, skin diseases, piles, etc. Try  it.   25c. per-tin.  Naval tenders for Canada  to be privately called.  are  Methodist; ��� Rev. I. B. Hibbert  will conduct set vices in the Methodist  Church every Sunday. Morning, 11  a. m,; Sunday School, 3 p, tn. Evening.  7:30,  PkBsbyXKKiai.-���St. Columba. Services will be conducted morning and  evening, 11 a. m. and 7.30 p. m. Sunday School 2.30 p. m. Rev. J. A.  Petrie, minister.  Catholic���Church ot the Sacred  *Heart.���Divine service 1st, thirdand  fourth Sunday in each month. Holy  mass at 10 a. in.; vespers and benediction at 7:30 p. ni.; Sunday school at  2:30 p.m. Rsv, J. A. Bedard, O. M. I.  pastor.  A Methodist minister, who has  lately returned from Japan, says  that country is getting ready to  fight the United States. There  is no casus belli in sight, but it  would not be difficult to convince  us that Japan one day will take  it into her head that she wants  the Phillipines. If war comes  that is where it will be fought.  The population of Coleman has  increased 700 within a year.  NOTICE is hereby uiven that, thirty days  after- date, I intend to apply to tbe  Chief Commissioner of Lauds for a license to  prospect for coal and ]>etrc>leuni on the following-described landK, situate in the Similkameen  district: Commencing at a pout at tlie southwest corner of Lot 2,337, pre-emption, thence  west eig-hty chains, thence north eighty chains,  thence east eighty chains, thence south eighty  chains to place of commencement and containing- M0 acres.  Dated this 14th day of May. 1910.  E. T. WICKWIRE, Locator.  II. Bunting, Agent.  NOTICE is hereby tfiven, that thirty days  after date, I Intend to apply to the  Chief Commissioner <if Lauds for a license to  prospect for coal and petroleum un the following described lauds, sitnate In tin-Sinillkameeii  district: Commencing at a post at tlie south  west corner of Lot 2,337, preemption, thence  south forty chains, tliencc west one hundred  dred and sixty chains, tlieDce north forty  chains, thence east one hundred and sixty-  chains to place of commencement, and containing 64<> acres,  Dated this 14th day of Mav, 1910.  H. BUNT1NO, Locator.  NOTICE is hereby Riven, that thirty days  after date, 1 intend to i|>|>ly to tbe  Chief Commissioner of Lands for a license to  prospect for coal and petroleum on the following described lands, situate in tbe Similkameen  district: Commencing at a post at the northwest comer of Lot 422, pre-emption, thence  west eig-hty chaius, thence south eighty chains,  thence east eighty chains, thence north cighty  chaius to place of commencement, and containing 640 acres.  DaUid tbis 9th day of May, 1910.  E. T. WICKWIRE, Locator.  H. Bunting, Agent.  N  OTICE is hereby given, that thirty days  Chief Commissioner of Lands for a license to  prospect for coal and petroleum on the follow  ing described lands,sitnatein the Similkameen  district: Commencing at a post at the southeast corner of Lot 637, pre-emption, thence  south eighty chains, thence west eighty chains.  thence north eighty chains, thence ��ist elifhty  cbains to place of commencement, and containing 640 acres.  Dated this 14th day of May, 1910.  H. Buntiuif, Locator.  NOTICE is  hereby  giveu  tout  thirty d:i>s  after date I intend to apply to  the  1J..U.  the Chief Coiumissiont-r of Lands, for a license  lo prospect for coal  and  netrolvum  on   the followiug described lauds, .sitnate in  the Siniilka  nieeu  laud   division   of   Valr Dlstrlc':   Com  nteucing at  a  post at tin- Miutli.-asi corner of  Lot t>S7, being uKo the southwest  corner of I.ot  1456s,  tlience cast M chains, tlience north  SO  chains, tbence west Ml) chains, tlience. south   Ml  chaius to tbe place of coinuieiicenieiii and contain! fig 640 acres.  Dated this lHtli dav- of .Mav. 191n.  WILLIAM li. WIM.IAMS  SpoitciT ilcfii-inian. Agent.  Advertise in THE TIMES  THE  Boundary  Creek  times  -IS THE-  .y  PIONEER WEEKLY  -OF THE-  lory  ���i ilm:  Send for the paper,  Subscribe for it,  Advertise in it  And let us do  te.  '���>.\as.-  ���faJBtai  ^iE  Sn*'i^ BUY  -OK-  A. L. WHITE  ANT)-  Save Money  We have tlie stock at the ri��rjit prices.  ii*  nn  VI  P  J  sf\  The Furniture and Stove Man  Phone 16  Greenwood, B. C.  ���yi-^r^^-^r-'r-'r^r-'^r^^^  LXDIES  ijj Do you want (��lb Ettrjlijalj initial note  J; paper and envelopes to write your  I letters on?    If you do  Call at THE TIMES OFFICE  Prices moderate  FOK  it  TKY THR  BOUNDARY CREEK  TIMES  Job Department  GOOD WORK  FAIR PRICES  Application lor Liquor License  Taki- notice thai i, S '1'. I.arsi'ii. of Kock j  Creek. !!. C. intend to apply to the Supi-rln- ,  tent'ient of i'olic*-. at the r.xj.irution ol oi:r -  month from tin: date hereof, for the renewal of <  a retail liotior license for the Kiverside Hotel  Roi'--.- Creel.. II  C.  D.'ted this Ttii day of  Mav, HMO.  SAMUEL  T. LAKSKN,  ��:> Rook Creek. B. C,  Make use of the want ad. column.  It-will do the work for you at less cost  andjbe more effectual.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICR.  1 A Ihioii " .Mineral Claim, situate in the (Greenwood Mining Divisinn of Yale District.  Where located: On James creek, Kettle  river.  Joint flooding,  te Nn. I!14U6, in-  tciid, sixtv days from date hereof, to apply to  the Mininir X coord er fora Certificate of Improvement, for the pnrpoM? of obtaining a  Croivii Oram of tin-above claim.  And  further lake notice that action, under  Section   .17.   must   lie   commenced   before   the.  issuance of sucli  Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 11th day of May, A. f>. l'Mll.'  JOHNGOOMNiJ.  TAIC1C    XOTICH   that   I,  Free   Miner's  Ce.rlilicat  Form 9.  L,AND ACT.  Similkameen Land   district.  District  of Vale.  TAKK N'fi'l'ICIC that .lames I'oire/i, of (ireen-  ��'ood. I'.illisli Columbia, occupation  miner, i nteinl-; to ripply for permission to pur-  ebiisetlie fi.lli.v.inir ili'seribed land:  ' oniiiieiii-ini; at a p.e.t planted at the north-  east corner of Lot i.vi. Similkameen Ifornu-rly  O-ovoos,, Division nf Yale District: tlience  n.nth toity cliainu. more or less, to the south.  ��� Th limit of tlie fnhimhi.'i and Western Railway Lonipaiiy's riiiht of way: tlience southwesterly [i.l low ine- ilie said sotllllelly limit  forty cliaiu-. inure or less, in ihe easterly limit  ol I.ot 1\11; tlience sniiiliteii chains, more or  less, to the northerly limit of sa'ol Lot i.s'i;  tlience east twemv en-'tuis, uioie or less, to the  point of comnu'iiceuieiii. .unl coutainiiiu- sixty  acres, ni.ire or less. JA.MKS !*��><".��; I."  Dated ll.th .'uni-. I'll". 50  TENTS!    TENTS!  Xcw shipment just received. See  the line. Thc O. I. C. store, A. h.  White, proprietor.  Ileforc you take your departure from  Greenwood subscribe for your home  paper, Si for six months, or ��2 a yeai.  You will find it full of interest to you  wherever you are.  want ad.  Three line ad. for 25c.  FOK RFNT���A 2 room house, neat  and nicely furnished, suitable for  batching, located side of J. H. Mc  Neil's residence. Other furuislied  houses for rent. Sec the Furniture  and Stoye man, A. L. V/hitc,  .    TO WH TOPICS   ,,  Phoenix and Greenwood public  schools closed for the summer  holidays on Thursday June 30.  Labor is scarce in the Boundary  at present. Particularly experienced miners which are in great  demand.  Robt Keffer has returned from  Pullman college, Wash., to spend  his vacation with his parents at  Anaconda,  R. N. Green, a cattle buyer  from Toronto, who is making a  business visit to Greenwood, is  registered at the Imperial.  Don't think it is a fire when you  hear the alarm given at about 7  p. m Monday evening. It is only  the boys having a practice run.  The Oddfellows lodges of Phoenix and Grand Porks, unitedly,  will celebrate Dominion day by  an excursion by special train to  Christina lake.  The following people are registered at the Norden hotel: T.  Kingman and J2. Knight both  trom Michigan; Mrs. Radcliffe  wife of A. W. Radcliffe of Mother  Lode; D. Roy of the Jewell mine;  Jas Mellen of Grand Porks.  The following C, P. R. officials  visited Greenwood on Tuesday:  F; E. Busteed, general superintendent; H. Rendell, divisional  superintendent; J. C. McMullan,  legal adviser; C. S, Mos*, resident engineer; W. E. Knight,  chief clerk.  Negotiations are completed for  a new road from Phoenix to Central camp. This for Greenwood  may mean a black eye, as affirms  that all men for the property are  to be employed at Phoenix, aud  supplies purchased from there  also, and Greenwood cut out.  The C, P. R. is constructing a  new road bed from Phoenix to  Eholt and grading and track-laying under full swing This will  be a boon for the ore trains from  the Granby, Snowshoe, Jack Pot  aud other mines, as tbis ten miles  of the present one of the busiest  highways in the country.  J-. Patterson (or Pat as universally called) the C. P. R. agent  at Eholt, and Miss A. Robinson,  niece of Alex Robinson, of Grand  Forks, was married by Rev. M.  D. McKee, on Tuesday of last  week. The couple will take a  tour through the Rockies, Banff,  etc. Our warmest congratulations are tendered Pat and his  good wife.  A terrible accident occured at  Grand Forks on Saturday last,  when Wm. Keron driver of the  city team, whose horses became  unmanageable and bolted, throwing Keron to the ground in such  a manner as to bread his neck and  causing  instant  death.    He has  been for many years skating  rink manager, and filled tbat  position with, great credit. A  wife ancf children are deprived of  a good husband and father. Very  general sympathy is felt for them.  Archdeacon Beer will hold services in St. Jude's Anglican  church next Sunday, July 3rd,  morning and evening, at regular  hours.  Mr.    Eugene    Herrick,     fruit  rancher of Grand  Forks,   paid  a  business visit to Greenwood  and  Phoenix last week in the interest  of the Grand Forks Fruit Grower's association,    He was delight  ed with his reception by the mer  chants of Greenwood   and Phoenix, and the splendid  number of  orders for fruit he has booked up.  He estimates  that  it  will total  eleven or twelve cars  for summer  and   fall   delivery.    That   looks  good   for   tho Boundary production.  COMMUNICATION  QUEEN MOTHER'S FLAG  Since the death of King Edward, the royal standard was  flown over Buckingham palace in  honor of the queen mother, who  is still in residence there. As  the royal standard is flown only  for thc monarch, the fact that it  was used by the queen mother  was a source of considerable speculation. The only reason for  her use of tbe standard was that  there was no flag existing for  that rarity in Great Britain, a  dowager-queen consort. Now,  however, a flag has beeu specially  designed for her use and it will  be hoisted at the palace. It is  24 feet long and 12 feet deep and  is equally divided, tbe British  standard being on the left and  Danish standard on the right.  Editoh Boundary CkbkkTxmxs.  As you are aware, my claim to reside in Greenwood and prosecute my  business as hotelkeeper, etc., has been  turned down, and I will of necessity  be compelled to pull up stakes and  leave the town of Greenwood, - in  which I have resided for the past 15  years, and have yet to be informed of  any irregularity or black mark in any  respect against my character. To  show the public that I have not had  it all my own way, or all that I earned  was solid cream, I beg to quote the  following, taken from the city records  and properly vouched for as strictly  correct. From January 1, 1898, up  to January 15, 1910, I paid into the  city treasury,the sum of five thousand  nine hundred and twenty-nine dollars  and thirty-five cents.  I have staid with the town during  its many ups and downs, but the action of the license commissioners  makes that now an impossibility, and  I am very reluctantly forced to close  up my hotel and other business and  trek for a more congenial district.  J. W. Nelson.  i  A Summer Pleasure  is good beer.    That's our kind  It is exhilerating and invigorating.  Makes perfect sleep possible  and good health is assured.  Our  beer  is popular  with  both the ladies and gentlemen.  It is well made an3~tr#U��ufadr*?j  and will prove a plkksffiPt^W*  are very careful  to ����|  nothing injurious apt  its brew Ing. '  AGLASS";$p  of  our Pabst  beer  WuE  new life into any one.- iii  the thirsty feeling aad n?��  you feel light and g��y.  te  Greenwood Ciquor Co.  IMPORTERS  GREENWOOD  MIDWAY & VERNON  RY,  NO MORE SALOONS  By a vote of 4 to 3 the city  council of Blaine, Wash., has refused to grant licenses for the  new year beginning July 1st.  Since the license was raised to  $1,000 a year, three years ago.  the town has had only four saloons. The council's action was  influenced by a petition with 480  signatures asking that the licenses be refused.  " Why do you have such enormously fat servant girls?" "Clever  idea of my wife's. They can't  wear her clothes on their evening's out."���Cleveland  Leader.  FOR SALE���One six-room house  and one five-room house, very cheap  for cash, or small payment down, balance to suit purchaser.    Apply to  H. Bunting, City.  FOR SALE AT GRAND FORKS  A beautifully situated home, new  building in perfect order, with water  and e'ectric light, with one and one-  half acres surrounding, planted with  all varieties of fruit trees and small  shrubs, grapes, etc., all in bearing.  Will sell en bloc or without furniture  if desired. Will sell at a sacrilice price  to enable owner to locate at coast immediately. Apply at B. C. Times  office, Greenwood.  NOTICE .  During my absence of some weeks  in the East, I shall be constantly in  touch with my office by telegraph, and  have made arrangements by which the  work of my clientn will receive im-  unsdiate and continuous attention.  J. D. Spknck.  LOST  A gold cuff link engraved  with in  itials S. T.  H,    Finder rewarded by  leaving same at Times office.  FOR SALE���At Fort George, \%-  acre lots $325.00 to $450.00, adjoining  25-foot lots sold as high as S650.00.  Foster & Fisher, 310 Hastings street,  Vancouver, B. C.  The following is from the Vancouver  World of June 20th:  I hope the government will insist that "justice be done, though  the heavens fall," to all having a  charge on this ill-fateStT scheme.  The merger into the Kittle River  Railway should allow every liability to be covered, and not evaded by paltry technicalities.  My son, a C. E., has a considerable charge for surveying the  line some five or six years ago,  and the disgraceful way in whica  his charges, and that of the poor  navvies, were evaded, was no  credit to the promoters. The  time has arrived to rectify this  gross injustice.  H. Goddard.  F. JAYNES  COPPER STREET. GREENWOOD  GOLD COIN  BUTTER  45G.  PER  POUND?  Something extra choice.  Measles has made its appearance in Fort George.  Don't let an unscrupulous  dealer force on you an imitation of the "D. & L." Menthol  Plaster. Look for the "D. &  L." trade-mark on the tin. It  guarantees the genuine* and  the most effective remedy for  Rheumatic aches and pains,  Lumbago, Sciatica, Backache,  etc. 25c. each. Yard rolls  equaling seven of the regular  size $1.00.  50 Round  June 2,11Hglv24; Julv 5 and 22  August 3;' Sept. S, 1910  This low rate is vi;i the Great Northern Railway from Seattle, Tacoma;  Portland, Everett, Bellingham, Vancouver, Victoria, New Westminster;  Wenatchee, Spokane and many other points in Washington, Oregon and  British Columbia to  Chicago  5$6o.co to St. Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth, Superior, and Kansas City.   Proportionate fares to New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D. G, and other  eastern points.   Stop-over anywhere on the Great Northern Railway.  Name your train���tell the agent you want to goon the Oriental Limited, Fast Mail or Great Northern Express.    Better still���write me for  full   information   and our "East Over the Mountain"   folder.  Describes the routes past the new Glacier National Park to St.  Paul,_ Minneapolis, Kansas City, Chicago and  points cast.  -V. KISTLER,  D. F. & P. A., Grand Forks, B. C.  H. IS,. BRENIZER,  Agent, Midway, B. C.  1ail*a'  FERBffi  THE   BEST  TONIO  for all sickly people.  Makes neur bloods  Gives strength t  Restores vitality.  Takan after any lllnaaa It!  bastena a raturnto health.  Davis & Lawrence Co., Montreal.  THE  Club Cigar Store  Cigars, Tobacco, Pipes,  Candies, Fruits, Nuts  7  i  c  PUoenix and Midway St.i^e Office.  Agent for Reco Laundry. Plioenix.  L. MATTHEWS,  PHONE A-45.  MINERAL ACT.  For Sewing- Machine Needles and  Oil see A. L. White, the Stove and  Furniture man.    Phone 16.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  "Black Jack," "55," "66," "77," "Caberfae  Fractional" and "Hit Me Fractional"  mineral claim.1:, .situate in the Greenwood  Mining- Division of Yale district. Where  located:    In Central Camp.  TAKE NOTICE Tliat I. Isaac II. Hallett  as agent for The Consolidated Mining  aud Siiiell.inif company of Canada, Limited,  Free Miner's Certificate No. 1124042. intend,  sixty daws from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mituiitf Recoider for Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crovirn  Grants of the above claims.  And fuithcr take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issue-  anee of such Certificate of Imsrovemcnts.  Dated this 20th day of April, A. I��. 1010.  42 I. H. HALLETT.  v&mvzmsm.  BUY  MIlvK  FROM THE  GREENWOOD DAIRY  Fresh Milk and Cream Delivered Daily  BOTTLED  MILK A SPECIALTY  Fred  Jenks,       ���'  r.  FIRST RATE CAFE  AT THE  jt J* JC jl Jt JK jt jl Jt j*Dt jl .St Jt Jt Jit Jt, Jt JIJIJI Jl Jtjl Jl J> JO J$ J* Jljl Jl Jl.  *  '*  '*  t.  k  WINDSOR HOTEL  greenwood, b. c.  Open Day and Night  ERNIE CARTIER, Manager  fc Jt Jt Jt Jt Jt Jt Jl Jt Jl Jl Jl Jtijl Jl Jli'JI Jl jjl Jl Jl Jl Jl Jl Jt Jl Jl Jl'jl Jl Jl JS Jl.  B  Greenwood-Phoenix Stage Line  Leaves Greenwood Daily at   3 p.m.  Arrives Greenwood Daily at 10 a. m.  GREEMW00D  OFFICE:    L   L.  MATTHEWS' CIGAR STORE  Prompt attention to Express and Freight.  GIULIS 6t LAING. Prs.  UBKrssS  ADVERTISE IN THE TIMES  Fancy Cane Baskets for |  Picnics and Outings  A Fine Variety  FISHING  TACKLE  The dependable kind that delivers the goods.    RODS, REELS,  FLIES, LINES, LEADERS, BASKETS, SPOONS, LANDING  NETS, Etc.   A complete stock at reasonable prices.  BOOKS AND STATIONERY, KODAKS AND SUPPLIES  ���' ;:;��S%.  ���^���>my*-y


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