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 K* «/
VOL. 1
FRIDAY,   JANUARY 31. 1908.
No. 21
Greenwood's Big" Furniture Store
ALE A Sale
on all the Time
Bargains in Iron Beds,
Dining Tables, Dining
Chairs, Linoleums,
Carpets    :      :      :
Now is a good time to drop in
and make a selection frotn our
Big Stock Always a pleasure
to show goods       s        ''       i
T.M. Gulley & Co.
Phone 27
Greenwood, B.C.
On cMonday, January 6th, we
commence our
Annual Stocktaking • Sale
At this time it is always customary to reduce-
the stock to the lowest point possible and
these generous reductions in prices of seasonable goods lies in the fact that w$ take stock
January 1st.    Now is, the time to buy "Winter'.
T    Goods^tf prices that will interest you.
Dry Goods.
their wgrks shd//ye
On die merit of their performances alone are
we willing to have them juoW,. Simplicity of
construction, combined with a skill in manufacture, which is the inheritance of generations, make
food time keepers and
consequently comfortable watches to carry.
Their efficiency is assured by a guarantee which enables
the owner to have any constructional defect remedied free of
charge by the nearest agent in any part of the world. They
are not made in grades which cannot be fully guaranteed.
A. Loaan &<Co*
Tbe comedy of misunderstandings, entitled, by Joseph Derrick,
"Confusion," presented last Friday night by the Greenwood Amateur Dramatic Society -was a surprise—a series of intensely interesting surprises, to even tbe most
sanguine boosters of the production. The bouse was the largest
of. the season and every man,
woman and child laughed themselves out. The usual marks of
an amateur performance were, so
far as could be detected by the ordinary theatre-goer, quite missing. The interpretation given
the.piece, while it is said to be
different from that put upon it
in Rossland and Nelson where it
was given be fore, was remarkably
effective and having seen it one
wonders how it could be bettered
in any way. Miss Beldon as Lo-
cretia Tickelby was particularly
worthy of commendation and the
reports we have of later productions, are to the effect that her appreciation of the. drama.tic. features of her part grew stronger
with each repetition. Mrs.-Stow
as Rose Mumbleford displaved a
great deal of power • in her expression of the peculiarly feminine enthusiasms of her part. As
Violet, Miss Oppenheimer was a
delightfully graceful person,
while as Maria, Mrs. McLaine
•excelled herself by the vim, and
withal the naturalness that she
put in a heavy and fairly unpleasant role.
As James, C. A.Thomas who was
on the stage a great deal of the
time, had an idea of fitful servility broken by recurring VrebelHbri;
and wilfulness that .grew on the
audience. Of his master, Mortimer Mumbleford, it is hard' to
speak. His character called for
continued and ready exhibition of
dramatic power ' and Randolph
Stuart was alwas perfect in his
work. Muzzle (R. S. Ross) was
humorously confident that he was
there with the goods, while Sun-
berry (O.JP. Hawtrey), kept his
character of an English dandywith
great cleverness. His ridiculous
diagnosis of Mumblef ord'a trouble
and his great belie! in his volatile
friend,! Dr. Jones (S. M. Tees),
who attempted to subdue the fran
tic Mumbleford, by the power of
his eye, added a great deal of comedy to the play. TJje remaining
character, Blizzard (F. W. McLaine,), throughout his furious
infatuation, his petulant and yet
insistent conduct towards Lncre-
tia, and his increasing burden of
misunderstandings and apparently hopeless entanglements kept
hobling along, putting real life
into his part. He will perhaps
be longest remembered of the
Of the orchestra we can only
echo our appreciation in the spirit of the card of thanks-published
elsewhere. R. J. Saonder's trombone solo was simply splendidly
given and the audience showed
its hearty appreciation by the
ringing encore it gave. Greenwood has every reason to be proud
of an orchestra that cannot be
equalled it is safe to say in the
Boundary or Kootenay country.
Duncan Ross, M.P., Charges Insincerity
of McBride Administration in Bowser
Bill---Bowser's Reply.
In Ottawa, on Jan. 22,s Duncan
Ross, M.P., made a speech which
from the splutter  it occasioned
in the McBride-Bowser household, may be considered to,have
been very much 'to the point. Mr.
Ross levelled a series ot definite
charges against the' sincerity of
the McBride administration Te the
Bowser Bill. '.; Attorney-general
Bowser and the, Vancouver Province have replied; mostly with
abuse. The Attorney-general
seems to think that calling Mr.
Ross the muckrake of the Liberal
party is sufficient to divert the attention of the people of ^is province from his own trickery. The
Province loses ail its notions of
journalistic, dignity as it pours
out a column aid a half of abuse
on what it terms an irresponsible
political parasite and a "vulgar
prevaricator who cannot be called
to account but who is regarded as
not only unreliable but worse
wherever he is Iknow.n." If we
are looking for proof of the charges which Mr. :R:6ss has so, fairly
brought, the fact thatf his words
are met with ;;such calumnious
and vaporous   fulminati0n3 is  a
pretty gtod4^iii^^cati0,:l; '9* how
near they couie- to the truth. In
order that his Constituents may
,have a fair idea of what Mr. Ross
did say, we ;givV at considerable
length thebest report of liis speech
'th^at^we; rhayc. jhaia^:;^Ti'i§;_^akeh
from Friday's "Victoria Times."
After,; asserting that the people
of British Columbia were' unalterably opposed to Oriental immigration, Mr. Ross continued :
VAs was our duty, representing
public opinion in' the Province
Of British Columbia' members
from British Columbia, have, in
this House, and outside this
House, endeavored to press upon
the government and upon parliament and the people of the East,
the views of the people of British Columbia.
*'On the other hand, friends of
the honorable gentlemen opposite, have represented*the other extreme views.  The Canadian Pacific Railway Company, the Canadian Manufacturers' Association,
and other large employers of labor, who have known to have been
friendly to the honorable gentlemen opposite, have laid  it down
as their policy that all barriers to
cheap labor in this country should
be broken down and that an   u n-
limited supply of Oriental, labor
•should be allowed   to come into
this country.
"Again,the right hon. the Premier, exercising that sound judgment which he has always displayed, stepped into the breach
and by a happy compromise, has,
I believe, succeeded in satisfactorily settling this question. It
has not been settled in the way
people of British Columbia wanted it settled, because, though we
were ready, and willing and even
anxious to take most drastic
measures to absolutely ensure
that there should be
The Dramatic Club speak very highly of the courtesy extended them by the
Miner's Union at Phoenix. The Union
■ot only treated, them -vvith' great generosity financially but also provided a
dance and gave their dance hall free of
charge, so as to give further attraction
to the public. No one could have done
more than they did to make the play a
success and naturally the members of
the Club and their friends are exceed .
ingly grateful to them.
Stuart Muirhead, secretary of the S
&. Association for B. C. will preach in
the Methodist Church on Sunday evening. After the service he will speak in
the Presdyterian church oh Sunday
School work. Rev. F. J. Rutherford
preaches to the children on Sunday
No Further Oriental Immigration
into the province, the people of
that province are reasonable people and so long as they have assurances that this question has
been settled in a manner that
will insure them what they want,
they are not going to complain,
because they did not get everything they wanted. There is no
good reason why if by diplomatic
action which has been successfully carried on by the honorable
the Postmaster-General, a. satisfactory solution of this dangerous
question has been secured, that
anyone should complain because
his own method of   settling   the
question was not adopted.
"'But, sir, notwithstanding
the fact that everYthing has been
done looking towards the settlement of this question, and every
effort that has been made to meet
the views of the people of the
province of British Columbia, are
to the credit of this government,
the premier of the Province of
British Columbia and his follow.
ers are day in and day out attempting to convince the people there
that the Laurier government is
hostile to their views and is not
anxious for a settlement of this
question. This government appointed a Royal Commission to
investigate the question a number
of years ago and in accordance
with the recommendation of that
commission, they i mposed a five
hundred dollar head tax on Chinese that with the result that that
portion of the question was settled • fo the satisfaction of the
people of the province of British
Columbia. In response to repre-.j
sentations made by the people of
the province, the Postmaster-
General was sent .to Japan for the
purpose of arranging a settlement
of the other side of the question
,and ■'•'   •".•'•'.'■'■-.
He Returns With a Settlement
which I am bound to believe will,
result-as satisfactorily so far as
is coh'cefiied a% the imposition of
a $50Q poll tax on the Chinese.
"Notwithstanding' these facts,
sir, it.cannot be disputed that'tbe
Conservative party in the province
of British Columbia are endeavoring to keep   alive the   agitation
and'by the passage of acts which
have   been   declared   again and
again to be ultra vires of the authority  of. provincial legislation
they are7 endeavoriug to make it
difficult for this" government   to
secure a  satisfactory -settlement
of the question.   No opportunity
is lost by Conservative leaders in
British   Columbia   to    endeavor
to place British Columbia representatives in this House in a-false
light   before   the  people of the
province   and. in   justice to the
course we have always pursued
here, I am compelled,to crave the
[.indulgence of t'he House, while I
give'a little   inside history.    By
relating   a. tew facts  connected
with this question it will immediately be apparent*  that   neither
Premier McBride, nor his attorney general.   Mr.  Bowser,   have
been either' frank or   sincere in
their attitude on this question as
they have been
Neither Frank Nor Sincere
in connection with   many   other
questions of a public nature.
"As is pointed out in the excellent report of Mackenzie King,
the origin of the influx of Japanese into the province of British
Columbia during 1907 began with
the advent of Sauri Gotoh. This
gentleman had a wide experience
in supplying labor to American
railways. He had furnished men
to the Oregon Short Line, Union
Pacific,Southern Pacific and Northern Pacific. In 1901 he came
from Tacoma to Vancouver and
established a connection with the
Canadian Pacific. He succeeded
in effecting an agreement with
that company similiar to the agreement between railway companies and Japanese contractors
across the line.    The
Agreement Was Prepared by Bowser
between Gotoh aud the Canadian
Pacific. Mr. Bowser was then acting for Gotoh. This agreement
was renewed from time to time
until finally in   December,   19i)(>.
Greenwood's victorious curlers
yesterday brought back from the
bonspiel just about all the silverware and cut-glass they could
handle. W. G. McMynn's rink
took both the Grand Challenge
cup and the Association cup and ]
with each of these, there are pre-
eented four individual prizes,
which are retained by members
of the rink. The cups return for
competition next year.
Dill's ririk captured one of the
most envied prizes of the bonspiel
consisting of four large pieces of
silver mounted cut-glass—a biscuit jar, a cake dish, a fruit dish,
and water pitcher—all presented,
as the Walkerville prize by H.
Walker, Walkerville, Ont. The
individual prizes with the Grand
Challenge are four silver mounted
eut-glasR decanter stands given
by G. P. Wells, Strathcona Hotel, Nelson. One of these goes to
each member of McMynn's rink.
Four • very handsome tobacco
pieces go with the Association
cup and are the donation of J. O.
Patenaude, Nelson. Some of the
members of the rink who neither
smoke or imbibe of "the flowing
bowl are said to bet afraid to take
the prizes home. They are now
exhibition in the window of Gulley's furniture emporium.
The Times extends its hearty
congratulation to each and every,
member of the rinks and to the
skips for the hbnor thev haye
brought Greenwood. The Greenwood Club are giving a smoker in
their honor tomorrow (Saturday)
night to which all the members
of the Curling Club are invited.
If You Wish
to Buy
Wire us for Quotations
Our facilities for buying
Dominion, B.C., or
Granby Stocks
on the curb in New York \
or Boston areunequalled
E&veu our competitors
acknowledge 'that .we
can buy these stocks
cheaper than they.
Why? Because- our
\" Eastern connections are
of the very best.
, The stock business is
a sideline with us consequently we can afford
to handle your business
on a very small margin.
Give us your limit and
we will fill your order at
a lower figure if possible
We will wire you the
New York opening quotations daily, if desired.
To the Editor ov The Times:
In order to correct an erroneous
impression that seems to prevail
in certain quarters in this community, respecting the stand taken by this Union regarding the
ineffiency of its individual
members, Greenwood Miner's Union No 22, W.F.M. takes this opportunity to define its position in
this matter ; namely, this Union
does not in any way either by
word or exam pie encourage inefficiency or shirking by its mem»-
beTS of the duties to which they
are assigned, and further, disclaims responsibility for the . acts
of individuals.
Regarding the suggestion also
rumored that there at present exists some slight constraint aad
antagonism between the Smelter
Co. and this Local, we wish to emphatically-con trad ict,and ridicule
such an absurd misapprehension.
The works closed down, the men
perforce quit work,and since then
nothing has been done or said between the B.C. Copper Co. and
this Local.
R. A. Matheison, Sec.
Gotoh organized the Canadian
Nippon Supply Company,Limited
and a similar agreemsnt to «bat
prepared by Bowser was entered
into between the Canadian Nippon
Supply Company and ihe C.P.R.
and also the Wellington Coiliery
Company. As I want the House
to be in possession of the nature
of this agreement, I am eoing to
place it on Hansard."
Mr. Ross then read the agreement and continued:
"I want the House also to keep
in mind that
Gotoh Was the Client of W. J. Bowser
and that W. J. Bowser prepared
that original agreement."
Mr. Ross then read at length
the Colonist's report of Premier
McBride's speech oil the day before the election in B.G. and the"
famous roorbach. in the Province J
about the employing of Japanese
labor by the G.T.P., the significance of which be explained.
Continuing he said:
The hockey match between the
"sevens" of Phoenix and Green-
wood' last Monday^ flight provided
an exhibition of good, fist,  and
reasonably clean hockey.   Up till
half time, the Locals  in spite of
the fact that  their  ranks  were
broken four times, while they were
unable to put the elusive rubber
between the posts at all, put up a
pretty fair fight.    In the second
half, the visitors   weakened   and
towards the end of Lhe game only
the exceptionally  good ' work of
Biner,   the   Phoenix goaikee*>er,
prevented the evening up of the
score.   The  play  for  the   last
quarter was kept pretty cl->selv
in Phoenix territory.   The home
team stood four penalties at the
hands of Referee Chas. Summers,
whose indulgence toward the visitors was to say the least of it,
very  like" Charlie,   exceedingly
generous    The score was 4-i in
favor of Phoenix.
The line-up was as follows :
Phoenix, Gubbnwood.
Goal—   G., Biner W.Watson.
Point— A Clarke J. J. Feeney
Cover— S. C. Lackey     R. Card tig ton
Centre—L. McKelvie     H. Cameron
Left wing—I*onghur»t   W. McMillan
Riglit winsr—K. Clarke   G. Clerf
Rover—A. Macdonald    E. Medill
Goal Umpires- Sharkey aud WKArchibald.
(Con'.itiued on page Two)
To Mr. A. D. Hallett and the
Greenwood Concert Orchestra.
We wish to convey to you our united gratitude for the splendid assistance vou gave us in producing
"Confusion," and we feel certain
that it is only through your cooperation we are able to say that
the performance was a success.
We trust that this will only b»
tbe beginning of many happy
meetings and that we shall be able
again at no distant date to call
upon you for vour unselfish support.
We remain yours very truly,
The Greenwood Amateur
Dramatic Society.
■ y^ma
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Ps�� Yii.it -��   3 9��  Sir Mokths _ 1 2S  To FOIt��I��K COUXTXIBS  3 50  Editok  A. D. Macfarlane  FRIDAY,  JANUARY 31,1908.  THE RIGHT RING.  It is -with a great deal of pleasure tbat the times publishes in  another column of tbis issue the  communication from tbe Greenwood Miners' Union regarding the  efficiency of'its members and the  feeling existing between them and  the B.C. Copper company. It is a  statement that will interest every  one desirous of the welfareof thia  community.  It is not our intention now or  at anv time to probe the past for  what that holds. The editor of  this paper frankly confesses that  he knows practically nothing  about what has been the history  of the relations between the labor  organizations and the copper companies in this district. But facing  the situation as it is before us  now, the letter referred to above  bas the right ring. And if the  Union will continue to exhibit  that spirit and the copper companies will maintain the frank and  straightforward policy that has  characterized Mr. McAllister's  dealing with the circumstances  that caused the shut-down, there  should be very little trouble in  building up in Greeawuod a mining industry with ideal or nearly  conditions. And.it is claimed by  those near to the counsels of tbe  B.C. .Copper Co., that if such  conditions are obtained, the executive of that organization will  prove themselves not only fair  but benevolent administrators.  Referring to these things, from  a personal standpoint we have  been told that there is too Much  sentiment and not enough business in our view of the way in  which a man should regard his  work. That. is. that it is not  practical enough. But sentiment  is not impractical; on the contrary,  it is one of the most practical  things in the w.orld. Nothing"  more vitally affects what you accomplish in the work you are doing than the way you feeL in regard to it. It is because of this  that keen businessmen constantly  advise young men to seek out the  kind of work, they will most enjoy and refuse to encourage a  young man however capable he  may. be to remain in their employ  unless he can and does like his  work. It is on this ground then  that we are inclined to favor the  desire in the present situation, to  have the men look upon their employers as their friends rather  than as their enemies.  WHY BOWSER  BILL FAILED  (Concluded from page 1)  "The Province of the same  evening has an editorial in which  it commends W. J. Bowser for  drawing the attention of the public to the efforts of the McBride  government to prevent the influx  of cheap Japanese labor into this  country. He was also commended  for further warning the public regarding a contract entered into by  the Grand Trunk Pacific for a  supply of Japanese labor and the  Province 'intimated this contract  would be made effective if the McBride government were defeated  and the Liberals returned to power.'  ���'The editorial of the Province  concludes in the following words:  'Mr. Bowser's warning therefore  to the people of British Columbia  Liberal party did uot carry a seat  in Vancouver, although up to the  time this article ^as published it  was confidently espectedi by L ib-  erals that they would carry the  five seats in the city of Vancouver  and prominent Conservatives admitted that at least three of the  Liberal candidates , would have  been elected. Wherever the Province got this information', so far  as the G.T.P. railway was concerned, the report of Mackenzie  King conclusively proves that  there was ,  Not a Shadow of a Vestitre of, Truth  in the statement of the Province.  "The report of the Colonist  states that; details of this information were given by W. J. Bowser in a speech delivered in the  city ot Vancouver. The~Vancouver Province is the organ of the  Canadian Pacific Railway, a corporation which had entered into  a contract with Gotoh or the  Canadian Nippon Supply Company for Japanese labor. The  agreement entered into was prepared by W. J. Bowser.  "Then we have this suggestion  that W. J. Bowser, Conservative  candidate in the city of Vancouver, the present attorney-general  in the McBride government, solicitor for Gotoh, draughtsman of  the Gotoh agreement, goes to the  Vancouver Province, organ of the  C.P.R.,the night immediately before the general election, attaches  the Gotoh agreement (which he  himself had drawn up and which  had been entered into by the CP.  R.) to the United Construction  & Supply Company of Prince  Rupert, a purely mercantile concern, and tells the "people of British Columbia that under this agreement the Grand Trunk Pacific  is going to bring in 50,000 Japs.  "You can search the annals of  Canadian history, Mr. Speaker,  and you cannot find another instance to equal this for  Cold Blooded Mendacity.  The question of professional  ethics involved,I leave to the consideration of the lawyers of the  House. I ask them^if it is in accordance with best traditions of  the profession that a lawyer  should use information of his  client that could come to him in  no other way for the purpose  which I have mentioned.  "There has been a" suggestion  that legislation should be introduced making the publication of  election roorbachs: of this description a political offence. If such  legislation could have been made  effective in British Columbia, I  have no hesitation in saying that  W. J. Bowser, the new attorney-  general of the province, would be  mulcted in heavy penalties.  "Let us trace briefly the results  ol the contracts pf which W. J.  Bowser was the author and finisher. In an interesting table prepared by Mackenzie King, which  is published on page 11 of his report, it is demonstrated that outside of the Japanese which arrived iu Vancouver under the  Contracts Prepared by VV- J. Bowser  that only 290 arrived in the province of British Columbia during  the ten months in 1907, a number  far less than the limit allowed  under the arrangement between  this government aud the government of Japan.  "Or putting it another way, if  there had been no Japs brought  in under the Gotoh agreement  prepared by W. J. Bowser, there  would have been no Japanese disturbance in British Columbia last  year.  "Let us go further into the in  side history of the career of the  illustrious W. J. Bowser. During  the general elections to which  have referred, he claimed a good  deal of credit for the McBiide  government for having time and  time again introduced legislation  in the local legislature which had  for its object the uUer prohibition of Oriental immigration into  the province of British Columbia  legislation had al-  on April 2nd, 1907, he introduced  a pleasure in the local legislature  which will go down to history as  the Bowser bill.  "Tbe enacting clause of this  bill reads as follows:  ''The immigration into British  Columbia of any person w ho  when asked to do so by the officer  appointed, under this act shall  fail himself to write but and sign  in the English language or any  language in Europe, au application to the provincial secretary'of  the province of British Columbia,  to the, effect of the form1 setout in  schedule "B" to this act annexed,  ae well as read in English,of any  language of Europe, any test submitted to him by the officer appointed under this act, shall be  lawful*"  "It sounds alright, Mr.Speaker,  I will read it again.  .   Mr. Ross re-read the clause and  continued:  "It may still sound alright to'  the hon. members of the House.  I will now eliminate all the verbiage with which it is surrounded  andt'he intent of the legislation  is found in these words :  . "I shall be lawful fpr any one  who can not read and write in  English or in any European language to enter the province of  British Columbia."  "While we may not all agree  as to whether the honorable the  leader ��f the opposition is a great  ieader of a party, I think members on both sides of, the House  will admit that in committe work,  in picking out weak places in legislation, in drafting amendments  to cover these deficiencies that  there is no abler member iu the  House, and I will ask him if this  clause is not  So Cleverly Drawn  that' an ordinary mortal would  have passed it without discovering its defect, unless it was very  carefully dissected. It passed the  scrutiny of Mr. J. A. Macdonald,  the leader of the opposition in  the provincial legislature, than  whom there is no brighter or abler  lawyer in the province. After  the defect was discovered it was  thought that it was a lapsus linguae aud nothing worse, but taking into consideration the facts  that I haye given to this House,  facts which were not then known,  it can be readily seen that W.J.  Bowser had a very strong motive  in drafting-this bill, so that if  it ever became law, it should  prove contradictory in its language and nugatory in its effect.  He knew of the Gotoh contracts.  He knew of the contracts entered  into by the Nippon Supply Co.  There were contracts made between his clients and his powerful political ally, the Canadian  Pacific Railway Co. If the bill  which he introduced in the.legislature was passed and received  the assent'of the Lieut-Governor,  it would become law and once it  became law, the. Gotoh contracts  could not be carried out.    But he  had to make some effort to carry  put his pre-election promises, and  he-therefore drafted a measure  very cleverly, which even if it  should become law, could not be  made effective.  "The first thing he had to do*  was to    ���     '   -���  Protect the Gotoh Contracts.  His next object was to show the  people of British Columbia that  if Lieutenant-Governor Dunsjnuir  refused his assent to .the measure,  thatthe Lieutenant-Governor had  been appointed by the Liberal  government here, and was-anoth-  er illustration of the hostility of  the local party to any effort made  to restrict oriental immigration.  But even if the Lieut-Governor  did give his assent to thisl measure, and it wa3 vetoed on 'the advice of the government here; he  could always say to ihe people of  British Columbia that here was  anolber illustration of the hostility.of the government here towards any effort made to restrict  Oriental immigration in British  Columbia  "Clever, isn't it ?  "But let us look to for a .brief  moment a*, the ppsition taken by  his leader, the Hon. Richard McBride. Mr. Bowser introduces  his bill in the legislature on the  2nd April, 1907, it received, its  second reading in the -legislature  on April 10th,. 1907,, On April  16thJ 1907, Mr."McBride- was. iu  the city of Ottawa, en route 'to  England to place the grievances  Elkhorn Beer  Is' unexcelled, as is evidenced by  its popularity in all the towns  of the Boundary.  its  For Sale at all Leading Hotels  Either Draught or Bottled.  Patronise home industry by insisting on having-  'ELKHORN" BOTTLED MR  Y��)U CAN KEEP DRY  . AND .   .\ ^TV***.  m the      ijF��� jm^'  HARDEST STORM W  BY WEARING      > ���  WATERPROOF  OILED  O.CTOHN��  uuanwi*  who do not want the province  swamped with cheap labor is worthy of most serious consideration.'  "The people of Canada were  subsequently made aware of the  strong position taken by the people of Vancouver in regard to this  question and when the Province's  article appeared on the evening  before the election with its wealth  of detail, giving particulars of  this contract, telliDg them about  Gotoh being in Japan for the purpose of carrying out the conditions  of tbis contract, it would have  been absolutely impossible to have  elected the angel Gabriel in the j and that such  city of Vanccuver in view of thej ways been vetoed by the govern-  informatiou contained in that ai- ment at Ottawa. He made proir-  tide. It would have been equally I ises to the electors that if he were  impossible to have secured at that \ returned that he would again in-  time auy evidence.strong enough j.troduce such legislation and re-  to counteract the effects of this _ introduce it until the Liberals at  article before the election took'Ottawa were brought to their  place on the day immediately lol- senses/ He had to make some ef-  lowing the publication of this ar-; fort to carry out his pre-election  tide.    The result was   that   the promises, and it is quite true that  in Pries  "'mss*  TBL..13S  I  <     DOES THIS  INTEREST YOU 1  ��� * �����,  A prominent physician, famous for  hb saeoess in the treatment of kidney and bladder diseases, attributes a  great deal of his success to the following simple yegetable prescription:���  One ���uses Fluid Extract Dandelion*  One ounce Compound Sslatone)  Four ounces Compound Syrup  Sarsaparilla j .  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Mr.; McBride's  reply was 'No ; ' the Lieu ti -Governor ',  .i  Will Not Give His Assent  to it;'   This ��� was such a marvell-  Ladies' Calling Cards, Hoi  land   Linen, can  be  had at  The Times Office, 50c a box  and  Energy  for yon are to be found in a bottle  of Bovril.  "Bovril" contains all that is  good in beef. Jt not only feeds  you but it enables you to get the  full value out of. your ordinary  diet. ;  Sold by your Druggist and  Grocer in bottles containing 1 oz.,  2 ozs., '4..0ZS., 8 ozs., and 16 ozs.  Gribg & Morrison-, Prop.'  ' ���'   ���    ' -   t  The Pacific is the Headquarter*  for Commercial and Mining*Men  Ia eteam-heated, electric tig-hted;  the rooms are large and cosy.  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He takes the position in  the local iHc-use, according  to newspaper reports, that Mr.  '^'unsmiliT-^iS'. the, agent of the  . of the Dominion government and  that his government cannot be  held responsible for/any- of his  Actions, ' But I wish to ask if he  knew nothing regarding what he  intended to ido," how could he inform the honourable the secretary  of state* as to the, position he  Lieutenant-Governor intended to  take, seven days before the Lieut.  Governor took action, and one  day before the. bill even received  its second reading in the House ?  So you see that while the Liberal  party are receiving a great deal  of blame from Conservatives oi  British Columbia for their action  in connection with this matter;  the leaders of the Conservative  party in the province of British  Columbia were guilty of  Mendacity and Trickery  in connfection'^ with ; |legislation  which they tbemsel ves introduced. I am not here to defend' the  action of the Lieut; ��� Governor of  ' the Province of British Columbia,  but I am bound to say thai there  is a marked difference between  his   course  and that  of his two  most important advisors. I have  no hesitation in saying here, aud  now so far as his refusal to give  his assent to the Bowser'Natal  ,Act was concerned, that if he is  blame at all his blame is not to be  com**ar<"^ with that <which ou^ht  to be accorded Messrs. McBride  and Bowser. I do not believe  that Mr. Dunsmuir signed, this  contract of his own accord without somebody advising him, aad  if the truth'were known I think  it would be found out that about  that Jime there was a  Brilliant and Moiern Macbiavelli  of the W. J. Bowser stripe at his  elbow. Because of the fact that  the Lieut-Governor had signed  a contract of this kind made it  much easier to successfully carry  out a scheme of political trickery  the facts in connection with which  ���I have endeavored to make clear  to the House."  Mr. Ross, continuing, pointed  out that since the King investigation the Dominion government  passed an order in council absolutely prohibiting Japanese immi  gration from the Hawaiian Islan-  dus, that under arrangements  made by Hon. Mr. Lemieux in  Japan no contract labor could  leave there without the consent  of the"Dominion government and  consequently that txo Japanese  could be brought into this country  under Gotoh contracts, and therefore Mr. Bowser no longer had  any incentive to protect Gotoh interests by introducing a  Nueatbry Natal Act  in legislature.  To endanger, the diplomatic settlement; made with Japan, to still  further keep up the .political turmoil now that the question was  satisfactorily settled he introduces a properly drafted Natal Act  into the legislature.  In view of the facts which he  had given he trusted that the  members of the legislature would  refuse to be further buncoed by  W. J. Bowser, and that they  would so act as to forever make  it impossible for him to continue  the agitation against a sound and  wise diplomatiCsettlement of an  exceedingly dangerous question.  K3S  |Q the quickest pir ID-1?  i.'D\ cough & cold���:.\\*A/IVJCj  Get a bottle to-day from your druggist    If  it doesn't cure you quicker than anything     ,  ��� you ever tried he'll give you your-xnoney back  Shiloh's is the best; safest* surest and quickest medicine for your children's coughs  and colds. It has been curing coughs and 'colds-for 34 years. AU druggists���  35c, 50c, and Ji.00 a bottle. 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GRANITE   MOUNTAIN aud IRON   KING  MINERAL CLAIMS, situate In the Greenwood   Mlnlntr   DiTlslon of Tale   District.  Wkere located:    On Eholt Creak.  TAKE NOTICE that I. CM. Shaw,agent for  James Sullivan, Free Miner's Certificate No.  B6721 and Jerry Driscoll. Free Miner's Certificate No. B6720, -intend, sixty days from tbe dale  hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a  Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of  obtaining  B Crown Grant of the above claim,  And farther take notice that action, under  sectioa31. mast be commenced before the issuance of snch Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 8th day of November, A. D. 1907.  :  ' C. M. SHAW,  B.CX.S.  ;      Application No. 12535a.  LAND REGISTRY ACT.  TAKE NOTICE that an application has  been made to register Harcourt P. Dickinson as the owner in Fee Slmple.under a Tax Sale  Deed from Geor?e Birkett Taylor, Collector of  Municipality of tbe City of Greenwood, to  Harconrt P. 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Lot 2701, thence south 40  chains, thence west 80 rlialtis. thence north 40  chains,.thence east 80chains to placn of com  mencement, 320 acres more or less.  A. J. HUGHES.  SAM McORMOND.  Dated October II th, 1907.  Similkameen Land District.   District  of Yale  TAKE NOTICE That Ellen Long, of Park  KapldR,   Minn., occupation   Housekeeper,  intends to apply   for   permission   to purchase  the following described lands:  Commencing at  a post planted at the South East corner of Application to  Purchase Record No. 2648 being  Survey Lot No. 7SSS; theuce east 80 chains ;  thence sonth A0 chains;   thence west 80 chains;  thence north 60 chains to point of commencement, and containing 480 acres, more or less.  ELLEN LONG,  Per Henry Strauss, Agent  Dated December 9th, 1907  $50,000 DEBENTURE BONDS  ���OF THB���  Providence ftinlnsr Company, Limited,  Ron-Personal Liability. Situated  near Greenwood, B.C.. and Incorporated under tne Laws of  British Columbia.  Similkameen Land District   District  of Yale,  TAKE NOTICE 'hat William Edward McArthur ol Greenwood, British Columbia,  by occupation Lumberman, Intends to apply  for a special timber licence ��ver the following  described lands: Commencing at a post planted  at about five chains distant in au easterly  direction from the northwest corner of A.  Fisher's pre-emption. Lot 1098; thence east  abont 35chains; thence ronth 40 chains to G  Eustace's northwest corner; thence eatt 35  chains; thence norili 40 chains to Lontier'n  southwest corner; thence north 40 chains;  thence east 10 cba ns; thence north 40 chains;  thence west 80 chains; thence south 80 chains  to the place of beginning and containing 640  acres, more or less.  Located the 17th day of December, 1907.  William Edward Mc Author.  Dated 27th December, 1907. \ a3-5t  Hlfa.  This Far-famed Sanitar'"-m wild  its Sulphur Springs and tlr-sur-  passed accommodation is JUST  THE PLACE to build *nd get  a FRESH STAKT,  Kates $2.50 per Day and tip  i-'  This Company operates Through  Standard Sleeping Cars   Dlnijij;  Cars and Firet Clans Toiiriat  Sleepers,  For Fates, Reservations and any  information desired.  Call on or write,  J. MOE,  D.P.A. Nelson  E  J. COYLE,  A.G-P. A. Vkncom ��er  B.    R.  BHDPATH.  GREENWOOD.  AGENT  *,  ��004>04>00<>0��>00<>4>0��4><>OCKt��C>000  Synopsis of Canadian Homestead Rcgu  latloDS.  ANT available Dominion Lands within the  Railway Belt in British Columbia, may. lie  homesteaded by any person who is the sole  head 0! a family, or any male over, 18 years of  afe, tc ;he extent of one-qoarur section of 16')  acres more or less.  Eni-y mast be made personally at tbe local  land < ffice for the district In which the land is  situ e. Entry by proxy may, hswever, be  ma e on certain conditions by the father,  m/-lher, sob, daughter, brother or sister of an  in.ending homesteader.  The homesteader Is required to perform tha  conditions connected therewith under one of.  tbe following plans:  (1) At least six months' resldanca upon aud  cultivation of the land in each year for three  years.  (2) 7f tbe father (or mother. If the father is  deceased), of the homesteader resides upon a  .'arm In tbe vicinity of tl.e land entered for,tbe  requirements as to residence may be satisBed  by snch person residing with the father or  mother.   '  [3] If the settler has his permanent residence  upon '-���- alufr land owned by him In tho rlcin-  ity tt his homestead, the requirements aa to  residence may be satisfied by residence upon  the said land.  Six months'notice la writing should be given  to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at  Ottawa of Intention to apply tor patent.  Coal.���Coal mining rights may ba leased for  a period of twenty-one years at an annnal  rental of Jl per acre. Not mora than i��>-0  acres shall be leased to one Individual or  company. A royalty at tbe rate of tire cent  per ton shall be collected on* the merchantable  coal mined.  W. **?. COKf,  Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.  N. B.���Unamaorlred publication o f this ad  vertisement will not be paid for.  BIDS will be received bv the undersigned  until Mondav, February 3rd, 1908, 12  o'clock noon, for the purchose of the whole or  any part of the Fifty Thousand ($50,000.00)  Dollars. These bonds will be dated January  1st, 1908, and will mature January 1st,   1913,  Sayable at the First Trust and Savings Bank,  blcago. Illinois, and secured by all of the property of the Company, real and personal, bearine Interest at six (6) per cent per annum, pav-  able July 1st and January 1st of each year at  the First Trust and Savings Bank, Chicago,  Illinois.  The mine has shipped over Four Hundred  ��400,COO.OC) Dollars worth of ore to the smelter  in the past four years. These ^bpnds are  .authorized by resolution passed at the Annual  (Stockholders' Meeting of.October?ISth, 1907  The Committee reserve the right W reject any  or all bids.  Information of any character pertaining to  the property sr Issne of the bondsfwill bo fur-  1 nished by applying to :*'  M. S. MADDfcN,  ! Secretary,  ��� Rom 5Z5, No. 204 DeSrborn st,      Chicago, 111.  Form of Notice.  Similkameen Land District.   District  of Yale  TAKE NOTICE tha*. C. C. Rhodes, of Ncl-  sou. Province of British Columbia, by  occupation Accountant, intends to apply for  permission to purchase the following described  land: ���  Commencing at a post planted at the North  East corner of Gorman We��*.'s Lot No. 2847, on  the West Fork of the Main Kettle River, tliencc  south 40 chains; tbence East 40 cl...:.;.,; thence  north 40 chains : theme went 40 chains to point  of commencement-, aud containing 160 acres  more 'U less.  Dated November 20th, 1907.  C. C. Rhodes.  Fer Joseph H. Lbabia, Agent  Similkameen Land District.  District  of Yale  TAKE NOTICE tbat Joseph H. Leasia of  the District of Yale, Province of Britit-h  Colnmbla,by occupation timber cruiser, intends  to apply for permission to purchase thef ollowing  described land: Commencing at a post marked  J. H. Leasla's S.E. Corner Post situated at the  North East corner of J.H. Feeaey's application  Lot 622; thence north 20 chains; thence west  20 chains; thence sonth a) chains; thence eat.t  20 chains, to place of commencement, and containing 40 acres, more or teas.  Joseph B. Leasia, Locator  Dated November 2nd, 1907.  Similkameen Land District.   District  or Yale  TAKE NOTICE that Anna Wils jo. of Park  Rapids, Minn., occupation Housekeepers-  intends to apply for permissldu to purchase  the* following described lands: Commencing  at a post planted at the North Bast corner of  W. Hager's Pre-emption Record No. 11SS, being  Survey Lot No. 789S ; thence Eat>t 80 chains ;  thence south 60 chains; thence West 80 chains;  thence north 60 chains, to point of commencement containing 480 acres, more or less.  ANNA -WIJ.SON.  Per Henry Straass, Agent  Dated December 11th, 1907,  7,7i&i  ^"���'���"';(i";/:>r  -:m.  ���j-.:-. ���  ���yyy;M  '��� /'���*';*M  :mm  yfr-$M  *' '-���'''���'.s  77$m  :7��m  '-'X'y'ifM  .'������:!/��tM  ^'*Si*M  y-f-l  .-$1  *  -���/�����$  .    1 v-^MiteuRCiSaiW  W&i  ^Mmmm'?&m  ���;mmmmmi&m&  ��-^��aw*^^SQ^xw��'r!��w^  -a  "���:' yi<'  'IN*  v' !-  THE   BOUNDARY  CREEK  TIMES  ffif**/"-CvJ";,'-'  f*;;  ��������:  R  ���t  i  ��{-  r>  '8  m  % ���  N* '  iV-  i  '  v )~V  ;���.---  ty-      i.  ^-f'<f.. v.-'- .  to/:.-..���������,:���.���>���. .  *-&"���  ';?���. *_3---rr-i-^-*-^--.-^-5-^5--=--~-^*?-^ -r^* *^J **^*'^"-J-^J'^'4l^'^i^!if*^^^i^!  enable Goods  1  ft  We carry a full line of Cooking,  Heating, and Ranges from the "best  makers. : : : : i      :  rocenes  Our Grocer)'' Department is complete and we can outfit the smallest  house to the largest camp.     t       t  ;ents' furnishings  We carry none but the bestinMen's  and Boy's Clothing���In fact we are  THE OUTFITTERS in this line.'  1  COMPANY,   LTD.  OARDWARE CLOTHING GROCERIES  \i  It  \i  It.  f  \t  It  I  I  )���  I  1  t!  ?!  <!  ?!  a  ;i���.^���^^^^^^^ '- -' -  ."��   ��-v  -*&&\��&&&&&&��&j$&&jitj*.&jt&#&��j,# &&###&&#&  5 THE  STORE  5 WITH THE  ^REPUTATION  V __  i WANTED  Tr>i  FOR YOUR  -A  Sellers  of  Second  Hand  Stoves  STOVE TALK  While we are long  on New Stoves from  the best foundries,  we are short on  second-hand stoves,  and are prepared to  pay the best price  for the latter.  Call early and avoid  the mad rush.  WANTED  A. L. WHITE  FULL VALUE ��  W.  MONEY    .   . ��  ' %���.  *  V;  k  'A  Buyers  for  my  New  Stoves  FURNITURE AND STOVE MAN fc  Phone 16  <K>000<><>CK>00000'>OCKX>0<>(>0000<X>0000000<>000000<)^^  ON RANGES  wimmiM&&immKi!Hmga  aJ These are they that ye judge by.  % We can sell them cheaply.  A full  line���Ready for your  inspection.  r^  ishop  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO O-OO-OO-OO-OOO OOOOOOOOOO-OOOOOOOOOOO&OOOO  Get your Job Printing done at the Times'  Offices,   Prices Moderate,  TOWN 70<PICS  Dr. Mathison, dentist, will be  absent from Greenwood for some  months.  Everybody -dances at tbe  Eagle's hall, Friday night.  Born���At tbeJSister's Hospital,  Tuesday, January 28tb, to Mr.  and Mrs. Charlie Oliver, a son.  Valentines and valentine postcards, great variety���comic and  sentimental at McRae Bros.  Born���At the Sister's Hospital,  Sunday afternoon, January 26th,  to Mr. and Mrs. Charles H.-Tye,  a daughter.  There are three fine growing  Greenwood babies at the Sister's  Hospital this-week. Two of them  arrived in town since Sunday.  Guess Greenwood's growing.  Approximately ninety-nine and  ��ne-half percent of the audience  at "Confusion" laughed, more  than they had done for weeks.  This calculation is careful. There  were a few over 200 people at the  play.  If you want to know everything  about everything and to learn it  in the cheapest way,get a World's  Almanac at Coles' Bookstore.  Remember the reliable Canadian  Almanac.  The Reading club���organized  two weeks ago, will hold its' firs*  regular meeting at the home of  Mrs. Simmons on Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Everyone is requested to try to be on time.  The Young Men's club' of St.  Columba's church, next Thursday,  Feb. 6th, will provide an evening  of glees, vocal and instrumental  solos, recitations, and a   debate.  TMie public are invited.  I  A meeting of the Kettle Valley  Game and Fish Protective Association is called for Tuesday next,  the 4th of February* at 8 .o'clock  p.m., in the City Hall. If is desired to have representations mane  to the government at Victoria and  at Ottawa regarding the "wild  things of wood and stream."  Changes in the superintendent  of the Kootenay Division of the  C.P.R. rumored for some days,  have been confirmed. Allan Purvis, chief clerk in the office of the  superintendent atVancouver, will  be placed over this division and  D. C. Coleman,the present incumbent of that position will be transferred to Cranbrook, the headquarters of the Crow's Nest division. Supt. Coleman has been  on this division only about half  a year. His successor" is well  known among the railroad men  and held in very high esteem by  them.  A series of public debates are  being held in the Miner's Union  Hall usually on Monday evenings.  Three have been held. Resolved  "that whisky has been more destructive than the sword," was  the subject pf last Monday's debate. P. Poupard aud F. Onsfead't  leading the affirmative and negative 'sides respectively. The affirmative won. Industrial v. Craft  Unionism and the influence of a  war with Japan on the working  class were subjects of other evenings.. Resolved that the laws  of God are more feared than the  laws of man,is next Monday evening's subject. The meetings are  open to the public.  Lowney's Chocolates, in tasty  boxes, p!easant to look upon���  buy some for her at Coles' Bookstore.  Dr. Simmons, dentist, Phone 96  Wallace-Miller Block, open evenings  Remember the dance in Eagle's  hall every Friday night.  Last night, Thursday a social  evening and dance was given by  the Rebekahs.  Most of the men leaving Greenwood now are buying their1 tickets  for Rossland.  Conservatives of Greenwood  electorial division meet tonigtit  (Friday) in the old Times office,  Rendell block. How grieved the  shades of. the past will be to heresy about them!  The Anaconda News thermometer which is still doing business,  recorded the lowest temperature  last night, as 16 below zero. At  Hunter-Kendrick's store an active  thermometer froze at 30-below at  8 o'clock this morning.  Howard Moore moves into the  Windsor tonight where he intends  to continue serving the same good  meals as ever. The place there  has been thoroughly overhauled,  a complete new range installed  and tomorrow Howard will be  serving meals there. Mrs. Greig  is personally taking over the supervision of the Pacific restaurant.  Friends of W. F. Honey, formerly of the Winnipeg mine, in  Wellington camp, and one of the  pioneer promoters of the Boundary  district were grieved on Tuesday  last to learn of the death of his  eldest boy, Charlie. The boy was  18 years of age and when a mere  lad spent one of his summers,holidaying at the camp, and so he  too was known by many of the  men there, who remember him  very pleasantly. Death occured  on the 18 th of January, at. Park  River, N.D., where the family  home now is. The family, the  parents, two daughter, and a  younger son have the sympathy,  of.all their father's old friends in  the Boundary country.  The meeting ot the Royal Victoria Gold Mining Company,Ivtd.  was adjourned from last monday  until Monday the 3rd of February,  atS o'clock. The meeting was  called to consider the acceptance  of a bond on the Golden Eagle  from J.A. Thompson,of Spokane.  The Golden Eagle was formerly  owned by J. H. Fox and S. M.  Moulton-Barrett. It-adjoins the  Volcanic, the world-shaker on the  Kettle River and itself when  worked was looked upon as a gem.  It is understood the directors considered they could better by much  the bond offered and an adjournment was decided upon to allow  for developments.  An unfortunate affair, ending  ill the death of Andrew Johnson,  a native of Sweden, occured at  Phoenix last Saturday. Johnson  had been .drinking and it appears  had gone to a house near L. Y.  Birnie's. Birnie in some way attempted to turn the man away  aud it is claimed kicked him.  This was about one o'clock in the  afternoon. The man spent most  of the afternoon about the Knob  Hill hotel. In going from tbe  Knob Hill to the Central hotel,  he fell and was carried back to  the hotel where he died. Deceased  was 46' years of age, had two  children in Sweden and a sister in  Seattle. The Coroner's jury, on  Monday, returned a verdict from  alcoholic poisoning.  THE AFTERMATH.   ;  Mr. Ross has replied to the attacks on  liim from Vancouver. Mr. Ross says,  Let Gotoh speak. The question of verac  ity is between Gotoh and Bowser. The  latter han then challenged Mr. Ross to  debate which Mr. Ross has accepted  The debste will take place if Bowser is  agreeable just as soon as Mr. Ross can  g��t away from Ottawa. Mr. Gotoh is  now in Japan which is a far away country only when you don't want to Jiear  from it.  ���~ff  Purely Personal j  4, ��� <i ��i ���'�����' �� "^ "��� ��������� �����" ��-.jt  W. A. Keith, Beaverdell, was  a visitor in town today.  D. M. "Whiteside, of Grand  Forks, was in town Tuesday.  J. H. Hemmerle, returned on  on Mojaday to his borne in Seattle  Frank Mosher left on Saturday  for St. John, N.B- JSe'-expects  to return here in the spring.  Misses Alice McMynn and Hu-  berta Shaw, -eturned yesterday  to; "All Hallow's" College at  Yale, B.C. They left on the  afternoon train.  CRYSTAL BLEND *  OOFrEE  We all have our notions^ regarding  coffee, and it's not easy to produce  a bleiid that will suit everybody.  But WE seem, to have such a blend.  Iv.'s all coffee and all good coffee. ' If  you don't like, it you'H be the first  one.    Try , it.   ,   Per    31b   package  I  DEATH OF WM. DIAMOND  The death of William Diamond, principal owner of the Dia-  raoud Fraction, removes one of  the did prospectors of this district.  Deceased was 65 years old and  had been in the west ever since  '74. Ht had been in Greeuwood  fonten years and had lived latterly in a c?bin on the Diamond  Fraction claim. Here he was  found dead, in bed, on Sunday  last by G. Swanluud, with whom  he had arranged to work that  day. When deceased did not turn  up, Swanlund went up to his cabin and found him. An inquest  was held by Coroner Black on  Monday, finding that death resulted from apoplexv, following the  rupture of an artery of the brain.  Deceased had considerable property here and in Oregon, which  is . bequeathed to two neices in  Ireland. Dr. J. E. Spankie is executor of the will. Funeral was  held on Wednesday at 2 p.m.  $1.00  tThe HUNTER-KENDRICK C0���LTD M  ^*a9 aaaaaaaamm aaaaaaaaamM aaaaammm aaaWKaaaaaaa mkWkaaaWaa IsaW  v-j  a  if  if  *  if  if  if  if  if  4��  *4�� - of the City. ����]  * . *  ��� + ..*.   ...        "���"������'WWMM'���^1 ajA  +'���  ' *1  if  if  To Rent  Cottage,   4   rooms,   close   in.  "       4 rooms, near hospital  1   ' ���       4 rooms, near Smelter  Log House,4 rooms'" "  Cabins and Rooms in all parts  of the City.  Bealey Investment St Trust Co., Ltd. |  . OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE. ^'  M  The Gratiby mines have this year so  f^.r shipped 69,332 tons of-ore and the  smelter has treated 75,830 tons.  Both the Boston News-Bureau and  -the Boston Commercial publish rumors  of the consolidation of the three copper  companies operating in this district.  No local information of a definite character is obtainable as yet. 'Jay P. Graves Interviewed in Spokane diofnot deny, did not endorse. , It is ��o doubt of  value to the Granby from th e point o  vfew of their stock interesrs to have  such rumors in circulation. Some announcement is looked for in the affairs  of the Dqmi aion Copper company soon  but what the turn will be, little , seems  to be known hare. At the*annual meeting of the company adjourned at Phoe��  uiKon Monday and held in Greenwood  oa Wednesday, the directors reports  were endorsed. After the meeting it  was stated that early developments  were expected;  �����*��**������ft��*��a��#***>*��*������*����*������i��������������������*��*��***��***^jMJ  1"  aBjpsag^sggss  wm:zzzz&mm&^!��8mm3m:  Moore's Cafe  Moved to the WINDSOR HOTEL. Our  New Restaurant is newly appointed throughout. You have eaten your meals with us be-  fore. Try us in our new home. Anything  you want, at any time you say. ' Everythinp;  ' of the best. .   *  .''  HOWARD MOORE, Proprietor.  mmmm��&*wmm?m����$m3&ms&  Pr BURNS & CO.. Ltd.j  4  DEALERS IN  Tresb and Cured meats  Fisb and Poultry-  1  I  9%  *i  ��� r  a***��*��**����*��*��������a��*��***��*��*��*����*Av^H|i��**��^iif��*��*����***i  The Label on your paper tells when youi  Subscription expires*   We need the money]  BOUNDARY ORE TONNAGE  MINB CAMP  Granby Mines.. ........Phoenix  ^Snowshoe....... Phoenix  Mother   Lode  '     Deadwood  Brooklyn-Stemwiuder .......... -Phoenix  Pawhide ���....;... Phoenix  Idaho, Phoenix  PHqeuix  Sunset,    .., .'..-. Deadwood  Mountain Rose ,.; Summit  Athelstin-Jackpot  ........... Wellington  Morrison .' , Deadwood  B. C. Mine .'..Summit  R. Pell Summit  Emma  '.   Summit  Oro'Denoro  Summit  Senator .- '..Summit  Sulphur King...... Summit  BreyFogle...! Summit  No, 37   Summit  Reliance  Summit  Winrnipeir Wellington  Golden Crown     Wellington  King   Salomon W.  Copper  BigCopper W. Copper  No. 7 Mine Central  City of Paris. White's  Jewel Long Lake  Caxmi West Pork  Sally    ....' -   West Pork  Riverside .Vest Fork  Providence..........'. Providenec  Elkhorn ".Providence  Skylark.... - Skylark  Helen ���-.....i Skylark  Bonnie Bell   Crescent., ��������'���������  Don Pedro,   Mavis   Strathmore ; -   Rambler   Preston '���   Prince Henry...;... ...Skylark  Last Chance Skylark  ���15 PU. Mine ;... Skylark  Bay ...- Skylark  Ruby , Boundary Falls^  Republic. Boundary FaHs  Miscellaneous    ...' .......  1900  64,553  297  .5,340  1,200  19,494  1901       1902       1903       1904  231,762 309,858 393,718 548,703  : 1,731    20,800 -71,212 '    ...  99,034  141,326 138,079 174,298  ��� >" ���������;..���'        ...       25,950  7.. ...    .    3,070  802  7,455 15,731  3,250  ���. ......  4,586  550  47,405  650  ISO  14,811.  560  8.530  5,646  3,339  19,365  22,93.7  15,537  363  37,960  16,400  3,450  222  364  33  X076  2.250  160  1,040  875  665  ���2,000  350  890  785  625  482  2,435  1905  "174,567  55,731  25,108  3,056  4,747  9,485  3.007  1,833  33  ISO  1906  801,404  8,426  ,104,120  140.685  26.032  2,960  48,390  4,555  1,345  12,881  6,404  ' 1907  629,381  136,139  210,17a  44i004  63,219  15,092  29.949  4.192  649  1,370  11,287  11,997  *>*> nii  219  993  400  79  726  325  52  150-  80  3,230 3,456  325  167  500  50.  300  < 60  750  30  145  770  150  535-  ,80  20  90  40  20  20  689  255  73  20  500  586  30  86  1,140  150  589  45  140  76  20  15  55  60  7jM  '20  _212  20  171  30  20  97,600 390,500 5C6.816 690,422 829,708   934,708,,!,164,034 1,158,561 22,|  Total tons ���  Smelier Treatment                   * .              if- ��� ���:��� ^  Grs-.-iby Co, Grand Forks   62,387 230,828   312,340 401,921596,252 687,988.   838,847    622,013,  B.C. Copper Co Greenwood      ... 117,611   148,600 162,913 210,484 ' 21<>i830 , 121,031   344,749-  Dom. Copper Co; Boundary Falls -   ... ...           ...        132,570, 30,930 84.059    218,811    156,900  19-  Ict.al tons reduced...  62,387   348,439   460,940 697,404 837,666 982,877' 1,178,689    1,122,690      19,5


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