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,«1 /
1 ■<,
/» i,
IS >
Big Furniture Store
iv 1
For the Shack or Mansion
$3.50 to $5
•ft We are a bit overstocked in
this line and are offering Special
Values at Reduced Pric;es% Let's
convince you        :        :        :        :
•fl See the celebrated Ayrian AH-
Wooi Art Squares.   "Wears like,
IrW*—Price from $13 to $19.50
T. M. Gulley & Co
HOUSE FURNISHERS -   -   Phone 27
Greenwood, B.C. m
"    • ■   *   : |
^^| Always a Pleasure to  1^*1
^^° Show "Goods  ,       ■ •H
i /x
The Latest in Ladies'
Sailors Just Arrived;
All Styles* including
the Famous     i    \   j
» •
"Merry Widow
In large or small size. If you see
our styles and compare our prices,
your own; judgment will prompt
^^^ ] 7     j 7.   ••
Dry Goods.
W. 0. Thomas, manager of the
Dominion Copper Co.,'left this
morning for Salt Lake City, to
meet the company's engineer*
M. M. Johnson,, who was unable
to come to Greenwood as announced. Mr. Johnson's inability to come north will, perhaps,
delay tire  beginning of work a
few days, but Mr. Thomas, when
spoken to last night, stated that
everything was good, aud he was
more confident than ever of a full
reopening 'of the company's properties, although be could not say
definitely whether he would have
to remain in Salt Lake City one
day or several days.
First Car on Monday Last—
Treatment 12,215, Bigger
to Come,
The first car of blister copper
shipped from the B..C. Copper
Co's Smelter since the resumption
left the yards on Monday morning. Since then the converters
have been turning out nearly a
car a dav* a record that will be
beaten just as soon as the new
compressor at tbe Mother Lode is
in running- shape and the big tonnage from the Mother Lode starts"
It is expected that they will turn
the Compressor on Sunday but
it will be p. few days after that
before it is in working shape.
At the Smelter there are about
17,5 men at work and with the
operation of the new Crusher at
the custom ore bins, a force will
bxe put on amounting to about 20
men to handle the sample mill.
At present the delay in starting
the sample mill arises from the
C.P.R. not having laid the necessary trackage. This ~ will be
completed by Monday.
The shortage' in coke, feared
because of difficulty in obtaining
a Sufficient supply of cars, and
from the general 'tieing up of
business resulting from-washouts
on the Crow's Nest, is now quite
done away with and coke is com
ing in regularly and the supply
is plentiful.
-. The smelter of. the B. C« Copper Co. this week treated 12,215
tons of ore, which- was distributed as fellows: Mother Lode,
9,423 tons; Oro Denoro, 2,625;
Napoleon, 145, and Lone Star, 21
G. L. Walker in the Boston
Commercial has the following to
say of the Granby Consolidated:
Granby Consolidated directors
have declared a dividend of $2
per share. This is the first dividend since September of last year
when $3 a share was paid. The
company is now producing more
copper than at any previous time
in its career, its output being at
the rate of 30,000,000 pounds annually. ' As its copper now costs
about 8 cents, the company must
be earning at the rate of $1,400,-
000 annually1, or better than $10
per share for its stock. It is quite
probable, ttheretore, that the1
company .will continue the quarterly payments of $2 a share uninterruptedly in the future.
Improvements which are now
under way on the Granby Smelter will be completed iu September, and will enable the company
to produce 36,000,000 pounds of
copper annually thereafter at a
cost of 8 cents per pound. This
will give it earnings of $1,620,000
or $12 per share with copper selling at' 13 cents* - At present the
company is running 7 of its 8 furnaces, and treating about 100,000
tons of copper monthly.      »
Recent diamond drilling has
proved that the great ore body of
the' Granby extends entirely
through the ?4-mile of interven-
ng space between the Old Iron-
Rides and Knob Hill mines on one
side to the Gold Drop on the
other. This ore body is from
100 to 400 feet thick, and. m the
ar«a mentioned contains tens of
millions of tons of ore.-
The statement published recently that the Nichols Copper
Big Preparations Made for Monster Celebration on Canada's
National Holiday—$2,500 Purse
Greenwoo.d's Monster Celebration on Dominion Day will
be bigger* brighter, better than.ever. Canada's forty-first
national birthday'deserves-the recognition of all her people. To the appals of the Committee tbe residents of
Greenwood have responded and are responding liberally.
And Greenwood's holiday is to be the best ever held in the
City. t   ; ■
Every necessary arrangement will be made to have this
Celebration remembered as the-best Greenwood his ever
had. The race track will be^put in good condition so that
the best horses in the country-will have an inducement to
appear. Libferal prizes will be offered and a varied and
unusually complete program of sports provided.
The celebration, will begin on the morning of Dominion
Day with a grand; Calithnmpian parade with Jas. Cameron
and Aid. W.B. Fleming as Marshalls. Just 'how the
sports will*be divided during that day and the next is. not
yet determined but two brass bands will be all the time in
attendance and on the evening of the first, one of Greenwood's unequalled dances will be held.
The finance committee have met with really phenomenal ^
success an'd at least$2,500 will be disbursed in.prizes, etc.,
during the celebration.
The meeting: called by Mayor Bunting- on . Monday to arrange for
a Dominion( Day celebration drew; a \ large and enthusiastic
R J. Sanders was elected Secretary, and W. B: Fleming", Treasurer, of the Committee. The following were elected a*, 'a' General
Committee : I. Crawford, JhJ. B. Dill, Paul Meacham.A.D. Hallett,
J. D. McCreath," C.-s E. Summers, K. McKenzie, R. C.G. White,
A. Logan, H. T. Hqnter and A. D. Macfarlane.
It was decided to h#ve a two day's celebration,.July 1st and 2nd.
The following special Committees were then elected :.-''.'
Baseball—Dill, Meecham, and A. F. Thomas.
Horse Racing—Fleming, Wellwood and Hunter.
Caledonian Sports—Bert Logan, J. D. McCreath, K: McKenzie.
Hose Reel Racing—Crawford, Summers and Mortimer.
Advertising and Music—A. D. Hallett, Grier and Sanders.
Finance—White, Fleming, and Macfarlane. " \
Transportation—Redpath, C. J. Wilson and Bunting.'
Marshalls of Calithumpian Parade—W. B. Fleming" and James
Parade Committee—Evans, Hassard, D. O. McKay and Charles
Russell. '■"',.
A further meeting will be held Tonight in the City Hull when
the Committees will report and other details of the Celebration will
be arranged. ' .
Address all communication* to the Secretary,    -
R. J. Sanders, Greenwood. B. C.
At the C-.uncil meeting on
Monday night there were present
Mayor Bunting, Aldermen Wilson, Mortimer, Meyer, Fleming,
Sutherland and Gulley. In the
absence of the City Clerk, J. P.
McLeod, City Solicitor, acted as
The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.
After the reports of committees
the Council passed the annual bylaws, arranging for a temporary
loan to cover disbursements until
the taxes are received, fixing the
rate of taxation, and providing
for the appropriations.
■ The Temporary Loan By-Law
gave the Council power to borrow
from the Bank of Montreal $7,500
at an interest not exceeding 7
per cent.
The rate By-Law fixed the ordinary fate at .10 milis, and the
special rate for inteiest, staking
fund and hospital, at 14 mills.
The appropriation By-Law embodied the estimates for the current year, and was as follows: v
• Whereas, the revenue of the
Corporation of the City of Greenwood, from all sources? is estimated at-$35,182.67^ the year
1908, and it is expedient to provide for the appropriation and expenditure thereof*
The Municipal Council of the
Corporation of the City of Greenwood enacts as follows:
There shall be appropriated
and expended from the general
revenue of the City of Greenwood
for the year; 1908 the following
sums for the following purposes
respectively, namely: For
Fire Alarm System .......$4,265 00
Finding of Mr. Justice Clement in Portmann v. City
of Greenwood.'
Company and American Metal
Company are making profits out
of the handling of the Granby
product, while true literally, was
evidently intended to convey an
entirely erroneous . impression.
These companies; aim to make a
fair business profit out of all the
bullion they refine and all the
copper they sell, but there is absolutely no basis for the assertion
or suggestion that any more
money is made out of Granby or
higher rate charged it than is
charged any and all other companies served.
The management of the Granby
is above reproach. Indeed, it is
one of the most magnificently
managed mining enterprises in
the world. The company is in
splendid condition financially,
and its available ore deposits are
practically inexhaustible.
Scandinavians Organize-
Scots people have their St. Andrew's Society, Englishmen their
S. of E. Benevolent Society, and
Protestants their P. P. A.
lodges, so the Scandinavian peoples of America are organizing
for fraternal and benevolent purposes as the Scandinavian Aid and
Fellowship Society of America.
Chas. Erickson, of Rossland,
who is organizer for tbe entire
society, organized a Greenwood
branch of the order in the Miners'
Union hall on Sunday night last.
The organizer was not supersti
tious, and after 23 members wera
admitted, the foliowing officers
were elected: , President, Pete
Benson} Vice-Pres., Oscar Johnson; Fin. Sec, Lars Danielson;
Treas., W. Nelson; Rec, Sec,
Anton Pearson; Marshal, Arthur
Johnson; Chaplain, George Swan-
lund^I. G., Peter Sten; O. G.
Nelson Haug; Trustees, Messrs.
Amerstedt, Karl Johnson, Sjal-
und and P. Nelson. Meetings
will be held twice a.month.
There are 54 lodges of the order now in America, some of
these, at Nelson, Moyie, Ward-
ner and Jaffray, having been recently organized by Mr. Erickson. Other lodges in this part of
the country are in Coeur d'Alene
City, Idaho,.and in Rossland and
Phoenix. Quite a number of visitors from the Phoenix lodge attended the meeting here on Sunday night.
New York, June 10-Silver 53 1-8;
electrolytic copper, 12 5-8 — 12 3-4
London, June 10—Silver, 24 1-2;
lead, £U 10s.
1,100 00
General Expenses	
1,100, 00
100 00
Office Expenses	
1,770 00
Legal Expenses	
650 00
Charity aud Indigent Poor....
100 00
Fire and Light. City Hall ......
210 00
Board of Health	
460 00
Advertising and Stationery...
300 00
360 00
Street Lighting	
1,526 60
6,541 00
Indemnity to Mayor and Al
dermen ....:	
.    782 00
. 1,260 00
Loan Account	
. 2,5Q0 00
Police Magistrate.. ■'.
. .300.00
Police Department	
1,940 00
Interest on Debentures..........
5,040 00
Sinking Fund..:	
4,313 15
This By-Law may  be cited as
the   "Appropriation    B5
The council concluded its busi-
ness by passing a vote of $2^0 in
aid of the Dominion Day celebration.
Opening Copper Quotations
(Reported by McDermid & McHardy)
Asked Bid
Granby - - - 104 100
Dominion Copper - l^z !-/'»
B. C. Copper     -       -       5      \Y\
Chief Dinsmore.
The Grand Forks Gazette has
the following in reference to Constable Dinsmore, who assumes
his duties as Chief of Police in
Greenwood next Tuesday:
•'It will be learned with much
regret that 1. A. Dinsmore, provincial police constable for the
Grand Forks district, is about to
sever his connection with the
city. Mr. Dinsmore, who has
baen a resident of this city for
the past fourteen years, thirteen
of which have been spent in the
government service, has accepted
the post of Chief oi Police of
Greenwood. ,
" Mr. Dinsmore has always led
a most active life. His district
ha's been large, and during the
first six months of bis^ thirteen
years as provincial* constable he
filled the office of road superintendent. He has always taken a
prominent part in all social life
in the city. Continuously since
1897 be has been a member of the
board of school trustees. He is
Captain of No. 3 tire hall, Captain of Kettle River Rifle Association, Senior Woodward of the
high court I. O. F., trustee of
I. O. O. F. hall and member of
the K. of P.'s.
"Mr. Dinsmore leaves to fill
his new position on tbe 16th inst.,
and Greenwood is to be congratulated in obtaining the services
of an officer of such efficiency.
The decision of Mr. Jus+ice
Clement in the case of Portmann
v. the city of Greenwood, was received here on Tuesday, the action being dismissed with costs.
The action was a suit for possession of water rights on Providence
creek for which both Messrs.
Portmann and the city held what
purported the Crown grants.. It
will be noted in the judgment
given below that Mr. -Tustice .
Clemen., holds that the record
held by Messrs. Portmann can
stand good only as an interim
record, and that the city: was
within its rights in diverting the
In my opinion the   plaintiffs
are estopped from setting up t"h«
invalidity   of   the    defendants'  '
record.   Both parties haye what
purport to   be   grants from the
Crown of the usuffuct.of certain
waters and the plaintiffs'-grant
was deliberately  taken by their
predecessors in title on the basis
of an existing prior grant to the
defendants,   out  of   which  the
plaintiffs' grant was in a sense
carved.     It  was   open  to;. the
plain'tiffs' predecessors in title to
take  in  1900  the  position the
plaMtiffs now' take in 1907-pB;v
and to urge upon the Crown the
invalidity of the record held by
the defend auts.    Had this position been taken it is altogether
probable that the Commissioner
would have retraced his steps in
such position as to place the validity ,of   the defendants' record
beyond cavil.    Be that as it may,
the plaintiffs' predecessors in title
chose to accept from the Crown .
a grant based,  as   I. have said,
upon,   the    defendants'    record,
that record being good by estoppel  as against these   plaintiffs.
The record relied upon by the
plaintiffs can stand   good   only
under Section 44 of the W, C. C.
Act, 1897, as an interim record
entitling- the holders thereof to
use. the water *' until. the same
shall be actually diverted  by the
Municipality under the record."
It is on that actual diversion, and
that   alone,   that   the action is
based as against the plaintiffs.
The defendants were within their
rights,  and the action* must be
dismissed with costs.
W. H. P. Clement, J.
June 4th, 1908.
Of the interest shown in the
tbe Ontario elections, Toronto
Saturday Night, the most independent paper in Canada has the
following to say :—
In many years Toronto has not
shown so little interest in a provincial election as in the present
one. It excites no real interest
except among the few who are
running for office, their intimate
friends and paid workers. The
chief reason, of course, is that
the general result is considered
certain. It is conceded tbat the
Whituey Government will return
to office'with a majoritv slightlw
if at all, reduced. Another cause
of the local indifference is that
the four Conservative members
who sat for Toronto in the last
legislature are, by the ingenious
A and B system of candidature
left without serious opposition.
There is none of the uncertainty'
that would have existed had the
city been divided inte eight ridings. One hears an astonishingly large number of men say that
they wili not vote at all.
y ■■ ■•■'•"' ';'%^
■-;" yyvM$i
■.-.' '7y-rtM®
;. -- \%-»vJ(
■   -.■"-,r>? ]%*$&.
1 ■ ,:.^yy^%
y ■■"'■■ •-'?■.' VJAiiSy
' ■■" .■'•"■■■ '•'<■■:■&*"$&$
'■ M" y-^ywSfa
' '; 7:7:7&0Mi
',' i;."'^-''-^
■ ■■ y-§/^
<■■    » '•v.1;
K*saa �����1  ���m$  "j \  wMmMM��m  ���V?  ���$Aiff\  THE  BOUNDARY  CREEK TIMES  <?=���<  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP"*  Cr**  0=*  CP*  ��2  0=*��  CP*  <��*  CP*  CF��  S=b  CP*  CF-*  ..Bank of Montreal  Capital, all paid up, $ii,400,O00.   .    Rest..... ...,$11,000,000.  UNDIVIDED   PROFITS   $422,689.98     ,  Hon. President:   Lokd Strathcoha a��b Modnt Royal, G. C. M. G.  President:   Sir Gxokqb A. Drtjmmond, K.C. M. G. ;���:'.?.  Vice-President and General Manager:   E. S. Clottbton,  Branches in London, Eng. Mti.i%prc��55U 5ew York, Chicago.  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers ;, Grant Commercial an  Travellers' Credits, available in any partjof the -world. /.''"..  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT *  Interest allowed at current rates  Greenwood Branch,    W. F. PROCTOR, Manager.  ���teS  J*s5  *2  The CANADIAN BANK  OF COMMERCE  HEAD   OFFICE. TORONTO  B. E. WALKER. President.  ALEX- LAIRD. General Manager.  ESTABLISHED 1867  Paid up Capital, $10,000,000  Reserve Fund,   $5,000,000  Branches Throughout Canada and the United States and England  SAVINGS    BANK    DEPARTMENT  Deposits of $1 arid upwards are received and  interest  allowed at current  rates.    Accounts may  be opened in  the names of two or more  persons, withdrawals  to be made by any one of  the number or by  the survivor.  jorities. But people in British  Columbia must not jump at the  conclusion that the feeling in  Ontario regarding politics is as  it is here. No other government  iu the Dominion, unless it is the  Conservative government of Manitoba, has ever devoted so nearly  half its time to an unreasonable  attempt to fret and harass  the Dominion government as has  the McBride government. The  election iu Ontario was fought  on provincial issues, and on provincial issues'purely. The provincial government did not concern itself with the Dominion  government's business, or vice  versa. For a great many reasons  it is safe to argue that the result  in Ontario will work favorably  rather than otherwise to the  Laurier government.  J. T. BEATTIE, Manager   -  Greenwood  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  /. H. HALLETT  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary Ptbxic  Cable AddreRx:    . ���' Haliett."  ( Bedford M'Neill's  Cocks -{ Morel njr & Near*  Qhsbhwood, B. O"  j Leiber'B  BOUHDARV   VALLEY   LODGE  HO. F.  Meets every Tuesday Evening at SCO iu tbe  I. 8. O. 7. Hall. A cordial iovl tation is ex  tended to all sojourning brethern.  W. B. FLEMING, S   KT^RER  N   R .   V. G.  FRED B.  HOLMES.  Rec. Sec.  Cbe  Boundary CreeH Times  Issued every Tridav  BV TUB  Boundaiy Creek Printing and Publishing  Co.. Limited.  SUBSCRIPTIONS IN ADVANCE.  Pbb Ybik '. i    2 00  Six Months I 15  To Forbign Couhtkibs 2 50  Editor  A. D. Macfarlane  FRIDAY. JUNE 12, 1908  THE ELECTIONS.  T be elections on Monday in  Ontario and Quebec will bring  very little satisfaction to any of  the people of either of these  provinces, outside a few hard-  shelled partisans who can consider only the momentary glory  of their own parties. In Quebec,  the evil of a negligable opposition was partly taken away, while  in Onario it was increased, In  the lower province the opposition  had been altogether too weak.  - The increase in tbe holdings of  the Conservatives should have a  beneficial effect in keeping the  Gouin government up to the mark,  as should also the election of the  brilliant but erratic Mr. Bourassa.  Mr. Bourassa's vigorous and extended parliamentary experience  should be of great value in the  legislature at Quebec.  In Ontario,  the record  of the  Whitney government has, on tbe  whole, been fair,    it is true, that  the   school   book   contract    was  fraudulently   awarded,  that the  partisan interference with the license commissioners in  the  various districts, and 'particularly in  East Toronto, was highly reprehensible,   and  that,  in   its last  days, the government succumbed  to  the  persuasive  arguments of  Messrs. McKenzie and Mann, the  Electrical Power people and others who had  fat  purses of campaign funds with which to buy a  nullification of.the vital points  of   the   government's municipal  power,  policy   to    which    Hon.  Adam Beck had so untiringly educated  the'people.    But this is  where Mr.   Whitney's cleverness |  came in.    The   vigorous educational  measures   had had  their  effect, and the impression of the  government's progressive policy  ���which has never been  carried  out���remained with   the people,  and Monday's vote shows the result.    JMr.   Whitney's   ebullient  temper has clothed him with a  personality   of   some   vigor,   so  that the reputation of his government has not lacked strength.  Under     the   circumstances;    he  might have been  more, generous  with his opposition in the gerry-  mander, which, after the manner  of new governments, 'was railroaded through the House. Particularly is this true of Toronto,  .where Mr. Whitney adopted the  very dubious device of giving the  seats a double representation. In  Toronto, in its present provincial  constituencies,' no   Liberal  ever  dreams of being elected, and majorities oi 3,000 for Conservative  candidates who make no pretence  of   having political   ability are  not unusual.   It is safe to say  that no other division of the city  that   Mr.  Whitney   conld   have  made would be able to continue  stifling the Liberal voice, so the  old boundaries were retained, and  each seat given two members, In  the long run, it certainly would  have paid Mr. Whitney to have  been fairer.  Mr.   McKay,   it   must be  admitted, put up a Strang, if not an  effective  fight.    He is a  young  man, left in the leadership of the  Liberal party because all his superiors had gone to strengthen  the  government  of Sir Wilfrid  Laurier.    Mr.  McKay is today,,  however, a  very much stronger  man than two years ago, and by  the time another election comes,  should be able to make an impression   on   Ontario   that   will  count.    The large majority of the  Whitney   government   will,   no  doubt, help him, as it will hinder  the provincial Premier.  > A great deal is  being said in  British Columbia of the influence  of these elections on a probable  Dominion election.    In Ontario,  if anything, it will bring a re- Phoenix Knights of Pythias  action. Ontario people do not have elected the following offi-  like governments with large ma- cers:   F. C Graham, C. C; R. J.  More From John Houston.  The Nelson Daily News, since  it has become Independent C. P.  R.-Conservative,     makes   statements that will not bear investigation.    One of its statements is  that " the procedure in making  up voters' lists in British Columbia is simole., and -because of its  simplicity no complaints of unfairness   are   heard.".    Yet   the  Daily News is printed in a small  city where an attempt was made  to disfranchise*485 residents of  the district, all because they were  supporters of   a  candidate who  was net running as a ConservaT  <ive. . The attempt did not succeed because the Supreme  Court  of British Columbia said it was  wrong to disfranchise hundreds  of men merely because one or two  or three irresponsifcle individuals  raised technical objections to the  names being placed ou the voters'  lists at a time when  it was not  possible for the men whose .names  were objected to to get a fair and  speedy hearing.    If 485 residents  of one district could be deprived  of their right to vote because of  " tbe simplicity of tbe procedure  in making up voters'jlists iu British   Columbia,"  is it not about  time    that   the    procedure   be  changed?  If the procedure in making up  voters' lists in British Columbia  is so fair as the Conservative  newspapers would have their  readers believe, why is it that the  men who have been appointed  commissioners for taking affidavits under the Elections Act are  all of one political party? It}  may be stated that 500 men have  been gazetted in the last *wo  years as commissioners to take  affidavits, none of whom are Liberals. Of course, if the assertion is true, that Liberals are not  to be trusted in British Columbia  because, members of that party  are crooked in Ontario, then the  people of the province should feel  grateful to the Conservatives for  protecting tbe good name of the  province. But, somehow, such an  assertion will not be accepted by  people who have had dealings  with Conservatives who got their  political schooling in Manitoba.  ���Prince Rupert Empire.  Gardner. V. C; W. X. Perkins,  Prelate; J. W. Hannam, M. of  W.; S. J. Matthews, M. at A.; R.  H. McCracken, K. R. S.; F. S.  Lundie, M. of F.'; G. W. Mc-  Auliffe, M. of E ; Jas. Batemarr,  I. G.;G. L. Elkins, O. G.  According to the results of  Commissioner King's investigation, the Vancouver riots will  cost Canada $50,000, of which  $25,000 will go to Chinese and  $8,000 to Japanese claimants.  Revelstoke is getting excited  over the possibility ef tbe route  from there north via the Big  Bend and Canoe rivers to the G,  T% P. line, being chosen as a supply route. Revelstoke is 180  miles from the new line, and 140  miles of the distance is good  water transportation.  Nine million feet of lumber belonging to the Patrick Lumber  Company, in boom on the Slocan  river, ,went out and down the river on Saturday last The loss is  said to be about $60,000. The  booni was situated about four  miles from the junction ot the  Slocan and Kootenay rivers, and  about twelve miles" from the Co-  lumbia river. There are several,  mills oh the Columbia river, and  it is hoped that their booms will  catch most of the logs as they go  down.  The    Registrar-General     has  issued his report on vital statistics for the  year 1907 under the  Births,   Deaths   and   Marriages  Acts, statistics which do not include Indians..   The returns aire,  among other things,   noteworthy  for the very considerable excess  of births over deaths,  which is  remarkable in a new country containing more than the usual proportion of unmarried persons. In  1907 there were 3,047 births, registered,   2,396 deaths and   2,025  marriages.    These figures show  a yery appreciable advance since  1906; when the figures were 2,470  births,  1,778   deaths   and   1,"587  marriages.  Ladysmith smelter arid runs 12  per cent, copper, $5 in gold at d  60 ounces of silver per ton. Tbe  vein varies in size from 5 to 11  feet, the narrower vein carrying  a higher grade,ore. The superintendent of this mine is a white  man. There are 87 men employed.  The Swede group at Jedway. a  large low grade ore body, is said  to possess the magnitude of the  Granby with a higher grade oj  copper. It is owned by Johann  Wulfsohn, of Vancouver.  Work on ��� construction of the  Golden Zone stamp mill near Hedley, has been progressing satisfactorily. The owners of the  Golden Zone are- cutting a trail  from the mine to connect with  the end of the wagon road.  Hydraulic  mines  on   Downie  creek, on French creek, and on  A Constant State o! I^ar,  To successfully combat the germs of disease and sickness, of,  which the atmosphere is full, you need something more man  ordinary food.     A daily cup of "BOVRIL" will give ijjje  extra strength and vitality to enable you to successfully resist  any attack.  Keep �� BOVRIL" in the house.  who acquired the property some  Tears age.  ' *������ -^���  i  Sam Hunter, of Kaslo, and Ole  Larsen, of Whitewater, who own  the Mayflower and .Hilltop ;on  Sheep creek, near Salmo, have  some good. -ore. Assays have  given 16 ounces gold, 64 ounces  stiver, and as high as 7 per cent,  copper, ; ,,        '  W. Fleet Robertson, Provincial  Mineralogist,   is on bis way to  visit the hew placer strike on the  ������ - ���      , ,    .     ,,      Tj.'Findlay river. He left Vancouver  McCullough  creek- in   the   Big,  1 on the 4th 6f June and  will  go  Bend district north of Revelstoke, will be worked this year.  Fifteen men are already at work  on French creek.      7  Sales were completed last week  of 40,000 shares of Diamond Vale  coaPstock at 25 cents,,in two lots  of 20,000 oach. ; It is expected  that the townsite of Diamond  Vale, located close to the mines,  will be put on the market shortly.-  Work has been completed upon  the two tramways at the Hewitt  mine, Silverton, and the mill is  now being fitted up to treat the  ore in the same neighborhood.  The Fisher Maiden is to be reopened in'khe beginning of this  month   by   Spokane   capitalists  Provincial Items  The B. C. Provincial government has subscribed $10,000  towards the nationalisation of  Quebec battlefields.  The incorporation of the Phoenix Mining and Development Co.,  capital $1,000,000, in shares of  $1, is gazetted this week.  Archie Clements, formerly C.  P. R. agent at Grand Forks, was  made on June 1, general freight  agent at Vancouver.  The Fruitful North.  ' The Department of the Interior  recently issued an interesting  map of Canada, on which it  superimposes the Siberian province of Tobolsk, in its correct  position as to latitude. The ear-  tire province falls several degrees  north of Edmonton, Alt a., -and  covers the Peace river, Great  Slave lake and the eastern side  of the Great Bear lake district.  In 1900 Tobolsk had a population  of 1,438,484 people. Its grain  yields in that year were;  Wheat    6,480,060 bushels  Rye.*  3,130,358 bushels  Barley      172,916 bushels  Oats-'. - 10,617.823 bushels  It also has about 3,000,000 bead  of live stock and an annual export of butter exceeding $1,500,-  000.  l    MINING   I  ��� . *  The Poland-China mine,  near  Molson, Wash., has been closed.  The Japanese company operating the cppper-g��ld mines at  Ikeda bay, near Jedway, Q. C. I.,,  will increase their shipments  from 200 to 2,000 tons monthly  next month. The ore goes  to the  ooooooooooeooooooooooooooo  H.  i  CONTRACTOR  AND BUILDER  -    *! ....������" ;  Dealer   in   Sash   Doors,  Turned Work and  Inside Finish*       <  ��� Etc.': '"���'..'".:  ESTIMATES FURNISHED.  CREENWOOD,   :   6. C.  PHQNE65. ��  ^'OO0��0O0<K>OOO0OOO0<>O<��O0s!X>  directly to McConnell creek, going from there to Thutake lake,  on the headwaters bf* the Ingeri-  ika, and down thence to the  Fiudlay river. Mr. Robertson's  vi8.it. will be appreciated, ��� as it  will do a-great deal to give reliable information about the geological conditions of the country  Us well as accurate data of the  much advertised strike on McConnell creek. The Firidlay  fiver country has, of cqiirse,  never been properly explored. Mr.  Robertson will be away probably  three months. ".:''������-'���  MRS, MURRAY, graduate ia vocal  and instrumental music, is prepared to  receive pupils in piano, organ and  voice. Latest Conservatory methods  taught. Class in Greenwo6d, Monday,  Tuesday and Wednesday; Midway,  Thursday; Phoenix, Friday and Saturday. For terms and further particulars apply at room 34, Pacific Hotel. -  Pacific Hotel  Grikg & Morrison, Prop.     ,.  The Pacific is the Headquarters  for Commercial and Mining-Men  Is steam- heated, electric lighted;  the rooms are large and cosy.  {he Best Cuisine between  Winnipeg and the (Joast.  *f *f *fr *��f"t"f'f ��f  i  Ivadies' Galling Cards, Holland Ianen, can be had al  The Times Office, 50c a box.  A Razor new every morning is  what you can have with one of  A. h. White's Everyman's Wet or  Dry Hones, price $1.50.   :  ;>t  For Trunks, Suit  Cases, Travelling  Bags, see   :   t   :  A. L WHITE   -  Hotel.  Close to the Smelter.  I  Tea  Coffee       ~  Spices  and Extracts  Received Highest Award  Dominion Exhibition 1906  I  �����*  The Best Appointed Work-  ingmen's Hotel in theCity  i  I/ighted    throughout   with  Electricity.   Hot and  Cold Baths.  The finest of Bars Stocked  with the Best Wines,  Liquors and Cigars  GREENWOOD, B.C.  dLA L.OFSTAD,        - Prqpreitor  im ii i ism     mi���11    '       >  WETWEAtHEBWDBKI  HEALTHFUL  .       AND  PLEASANT  IP YOU WEAR  H  ' mTOKPROOF  ?��n��DaOTrHNG  wuwRi��vsuow   .  h Qjafatt Proteriloo  3   ii uTroi .'",  \^?NBS0R   ]  McCLUNG and G00DBVE, Proprietors.  Finest Furnished House in the Boundary  Steam Heated.   Lighted   throughout   with electric lights.  First-plass Bar.    Strictly up-to-date g-oods.  FIRST CLASS CAFE, OPEN DAY AND NIGHT  f^"E��^^^^0%^^a��  A, ���        ������ : : : - r��� -r-^- ^  *��  *  4��  *��  *��  *��  *��  *  4-  ���.**;'  4  !  -S/lectric current   supplied   for  Power, Lighting, Heating and  Ventilating. Power furnished  for Hoistirj g and air-compressing plants, with an absolute  'gt araiit.ee-of contirucus power  service for operating. ������:'  Get Our Rates. We Can Save Yon Money  *���������  4- ;��S5S��H  ���"vhjfsa  �����& '  m  mw.  m  vm,  ���5gtii&  wj&v:."  ^  w��^m7mMmm.  ����!**��  :rSM  i-S&EI  v^.'*A  '���f wi'nj )'i  Fruit Industry  , ,���   t Profits from Fruit  ,    Two hundred and forty dollars  *,  per acre is the return  from. frUit  'growing, estimated  by Prof.  W.  S. .Thornber,    of' Washington  - State Agricultural College, for  yrbat he calls the inland upland  . region >of that state east of the  Cascade mountains, which is very  similar in character of the soil,  following data was secured from  two distinct sections of this region and illustrate what is possible:  "A saiall unirrigated orchard  of King- of Tompkins County  apples, in the vicinity of Spokane, yielded at the rate of 32  boxes ofUmarketable fruit a tree,  which was sold in Spokane markets at $2 a box. Estimating 40  trees an  acre;   which  is ten less  THE   BOUNDARY  CREEK  TIMES  ���'���"f-'C"  in<climate and in altitude  tothe|*ess tliaa the average   orchard,  this would to.,al $240 an acre.  " The possibilities of the land  z v Kettle valley fruit lands.    The  following  description   will'   ex-  *    Plaln: ��      s '   -   <    \    *  "k    L." The inland upland region is  ~ east of  the Cascade mountains  and is characterised by an alti-  ';v tude of "from lyOOO to 3,000  feet,  an   annual   average  rainfall of  , about 19 inches, a deep, rich soil,  ' retentive of moisture, cool nights,  ' clear   days.     Eesides _ peaches',  pear9,n and   apples,   these inland  J valleys are adapted to apricots,  > cherries,   European   as   well   as  'American grapes, and all kinds'  of small fruits.  " The commercial fruit  grow-  . ing bf rthis region is confined almost entirely to the production  of   Winter   apples  in the immediate vicinity of SpO'  kane may be shown by mentioning that tbe gross receipts for an  acre'of dewberries, grown under  plied all will have an equal  chance to develop; the result  should be a crop of even-sized  potatoes.  In irrigating the water should  always run shallow  in  the  fur-  low in the furrows,  never deep  enough to stand  around the tubers, bu* a sufficient amount applied 90 that the moisture may  seep up;into the ridges.    In this  way the soi| about the growing  tubers may be kept damp but not  s��ggy��   This is the ideal condi-  tion for the potato plant, 'but unfavorable for the growth of potato diseases.  An effort should be made to  irrigation, were $1,650; and that  nearly a third of an acre of  strawberries yielded $200 worth  of fruif in the spring crop, and  more than $100 in the -fall, making a gross yield of $900. to the  acre."'  Growln? Potatoes.  -Few things seem so simple of  I cultivation, and few things reach  the market  in a worse condition  tjian   potatoes.    The   irrigation  and   pears. or ^e drainage' of the land seems  ' Sweet cherries, peaches and a'pri-.t�� ��e the great difficulty.   Too  co& may be   grown   in favored |nmch water before the tubers are  "set, leaves the plant open to attacks of disease which will result in serious injury throughout  j'the growing season. If the tubers have a chance to form in a  comparatively dry soil, the ma  jonty of them will, be formed at  .one time; then whea wateris ap-  spots. but the sour cherry is one  of the marvels of ^this region,  * and as soon as the* dryers aud  . evaporators get to handling this  fruit, the .upland region s will produce dried ,aud evaporated cherries for the world's "markets. The  keep the soil moisture uniform by  frequent light irrigations.; If the  ground is allowed to become dry. j  the growth of the tubers is checked; then when water is again a p.  plied, second growth starts in,  which results in nobs and irregu-  lar growths. The tubers of some  varieties crack badly under this  treatment.  It is essential that the potatoes  should mature in comparatively  dry soil. If tbe soil is kept wet  until harvest time, the tubers  contain an excess of moisture  and this necessarily results in  p>or quality. Then, too, potatoes dug when the soil is wet present a poor appearance on the  market, because of the quantity  of soil that is bound to stick to  them.  cease the girding of pines in East  Kootenay.  That the balance of timber on  provincial lands be for some time  to come retained by, the government (or by the forestry commission if formed.)    That the  government be advised to offer liberal terms for the,-surrender of  existing licenses and leases. That  the largest possible   amount of  timber be withdrawn and kept off  the market, the government retaining it. with a view to future j  revenue possibilities, and also tp  prevent the acquisition by middlemen of a monopoly, such as may  easily in the near future become  one of, the most oppressive that  can be imagined.  That the Dominion government  be advised that the present is a  most-inopportune time for the enforcement of an order recently  made by them, requiring lessees  in the 40-mile belt to^ cut their  timber, and that the operation of  such an order should be suspended. /  That nothing contained in this  paper is to be construed as in  tended to detei any person  pres  ent from making investments in  such timber berths sys ^re in the  open market.  .V  In order to have1 'the soil  in  ��  proper condition at digging time,  and the potatoes of the best quality, it is< necessary to stop irrigation three ,or four weeks before  the usual time for frost.  PIMPLES ANJ) BOILS  Healed by ZiipBuk.  Mr. Joseph Arsnault tjestdes al Cas-  [says: '"About  is   the PioneerVWeekly  of the Boundary Crefek-  '.'���'��� Mining District.  r  ]  I  f The Times has the  most complete Stock of  Type, Inks, Paper,' in  the Boundary.  1" The Times is improving its stock, enlarging  its circulation^ widening  its i n t e res t s every  month.  f The' Times, in Job  Work, Advertising, in  News Getting and Giving can deliver the  goods. ;��� -"'������'..'  SEE IF IT CAN'T.  ^Subscribe For, Advertise In,   Send  Your Job,  Work to the Boundary's  Leading Paper; ..:  tp  FOREST PRESERVATION  Important Factor In Rartorlnr Nat-  %;. jaral Resources-' ���   ~  The following suggestions were  held out fcjG. O. Buchanan, of  Kailo, in a recent lecture on forest preservation;  That the acquisition of timber  lands even under 21 year licenses,  is likely to be a good investment.  ' That B. C. should shave a for-  I eslry commission, aud that every  acre of timber lands, the ���'title of  which remains in the province,  should be turned over to the control of such commission.  That fire protection should be  nnder the supervision of a body  of men of the training, discipline  and freedom from political influence ot the Northwest Mounted  Police. V  That the first department of the  B. C University to be equipped  should be���not one  of mining,  nor agriculture, nor of law,  nor  even  of   arts,   but of forestry.  That the endowment lands should  be turned over to such department. That funds should be-provided   (chargeable   against   the  lands),     for    their    protection  ugainst fire, and for the beginning,   at least,; of the work of  forest improvement.    Such work  to be carried oa by the staff and  students of the forestry school.  That all lands in B. C. in the  interior above 4,000 feet in altitude, and on the coast above  3,000 feet, should be at once and  forever reserved from every form  of alienation of title. Mining  and lumbering under strict supervision as to forest protection, to  be provided for.  That the cutting of immature  timber should everywhere be prohibited, That the use of hewn  ties by the railways be at the  earliest possible moment discontinued, and sawn ties be substituted.  That the manufacture of lumber in advance of requirements be  in every way discouraged. .  -. That, the Indians be bribed by  bales of silk to cease the stripping of cedar trees on Vancouver  bland, and oj barrels of sugar to  eumpec, P. J$. I.,  and  five month, ago sores broke out oa my  body.   They came in the form of sinal  pimples    which    disch  sored would   grow   until they got as  large as a nickel. I used carbolic salves  without effect.   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Cure the cause and yon {  ��are the disease.  Easy to take as candy. !  dont  ndoo��  FSOVTO  .     OaaraiitMd'  -fe  Copper  HANDBOOK.  '   (New Edition issued March, 1908.)  > . Size :   Octavo.   Pages :  1228.  Chapters : 25.  Scope: The Copper Industry  of. tbe  World.  Covering ; Copper History. Geology,  Geography,  Chemistry,   Mineralolgy,  Mining, Milling, Leaching, Smelting,  Refining, Brands, Grades, Impurities,  Alloys, Uses, Substitutes,Terminology  Deposits by Districts, States,Countries  aad Continents, Mines in Detail, Statistics of Production, Consumption, imports, Exports,  Finances,   Dividends,  e.'c.  The Copper Handbook is. concededly  the  MINERAL ACT.  '   ���. --  Certificate of Improvements.  ; NOTICE.        .'  Kaimy Joe Mineral Claim, sltuatejn tlie Kettle  River Mining"  Division- of Yale   District.  Where located: Welling"ton Camp (South]  TAKE NOTICRthatI, Charles H. Tye.'Free  Miner's Certificate  No.  B10018, intend,-sixty  days from tbe date liereof. to apply to the Mining Recorder for a.Certificate oi ImproveaifinU  for the purpose of obtalninsr a Crown Grant of  the above claim,  And farther take notice'that aotion, nnder  section 37; must lie -commenced before .the issuance of such Certificate of Improve'tnents.^  Dated this 6th day of May. A. D. 1908.  CHARLES H. TYE  I npAKE NOTICE that an application ban been  j I made to register James Henry Bigsrlnsas  'the owner in Fee. Simple, nnder a Tax Sale.  Peed from George Birkett Taylor. Collector of  Municipality of City of Greenwood, to James  Hmiry'HigrK'tns.beartitg date the Twentieth day  of December. A ,D. 1907, of all and singular that  certain parcel or tract of land and premises situate, lvlnj? and being lit theCity of Greenwood,  In thoProrinceof British Columbia, more particularly known and described- as L'ot twentr*  three,Bio ck J, Map .46, (;ity o"f Greenwood,  BiC.  Yon and^ach of yon are required to contest  the claim of the tax purchaser within fortv-  fire days from thedatsof the first Insertion of  this notice, and indtfanlt of a caveat or certificate of llspendens belnr filed���and. in default  of redemption���within snch period, yon will be  foreve- estopped and debarred from setting no  any claim to or in'respect of the said land, and  T shall register James Henry Higglris as owner  thereof. - .���-".'���    - ���' ..  Dated at Land" Registry Office, Kamloops,  "Province of British Columbia, this Thirty-first  day of December. A.D.. 1907. -,  ' V. H. EDMONDS, District Registrar  To EnwABp Nash; Esc.., and *  William H. AsqottH.  CANADIAN  RAILWAY  SUMMER  EXCURSION RATES,  EAST  MINERAL ACT  Certificate of Improvements.  ���  NOTICE. '[' .  Ko. 2 Fraction. No. 6 Fraction, and Hartford  Mineral Claim," situate in the Greenwood  Mining Division : of Yale District. Where  located: Carmi Camp. West Fork of the  KettleRiver.. /      ;  ��T?AKE   NOTICE that I, Robert D.  Kerr,  ;:"1  Free Miner's certificate No. B68O0 acting  for myself and as agent for James C, Dale, Free  Miner's Certificate No. B101O4. sod F, ��J. S.  Stanhope, Free Miner's Certificate No.  B6667,  Intend sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to the Mining Recorderfor a Certificate of Improvements for   the   purpose  of obtaining a  Crown Grant of ^tlte above claim.  c And further take notice that action under section 37, must be commenced before the Issuance  of snch,Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this Eleventh dav of May. A .D.1908.  ROBERT D. KERR  Application Ns. 12535a.  LAND REGISTRY ACT.  LAND NOTICES  TAKE NOTICE that an application has  been made to register Harcourt.P. Dickinson as'the owner in FeeSlmole.nnder a Tax Sale  Deed from George BirkettTavlor. Collector of  Municipality of.the ,City of Greenwood, to  Harcourt P. Dicklason.baarinedate the 7th day  of December,A.D. 1W7. of a'l and singular tbat  certain parcel or tract of. land and premises  situate, lying and being In the City of Greenwood, in the Province nf British Colnmbla.raore  particularly known and described as���the North  36 feet olVot Five 75). Block Eleven (11), Map  Twenty-One (21), City of Greenwood.  Yon and each of you are required to contest  the claim of the tax purchaser within forty-five  days from the date of the first insertion of this  notice, and la default of a caveat or certificate  of lis pendens being filed���and in default of re  demption���within snch period, you will be for  ever estopped and debarred from setting np any  claim to or In respect of the said land, and I  shall register Harcourt P. Dickinson as owner  thereof.  Dated at Land Registry Office, Kamloops..  Proviace ef British' Columbia, this Sixth  day of January, A.D. 1908.  W. H. EDMONDS,  District Registrar  To I. AURA A. WARD-    , 7t  From Greeiwood to Winnipeg, f  Fort William. AulDtn. St. Paul-  Chicaco, $72.50- St. Xonis,$67.50  New York,108.S0 ^orointo, 94.40  Montreal, 108.50 Ottawa, 105.00  St. Jobn.N B.120.90 Halifax 131.20  Sydney, OB.,$136.90  Tickets on sale May 4 and 18,  June S, t, 19 aid 20, Jniy 6, 7, 22.  and 23,Anfuat6,7, 21 and 22,1908] 2  First class, Round Trip, Ninety f  Day Limit  Routes���These tickets are good  via any recognized routes in one  or both directions, To destinations east pf .Chicago are good via  the Great Lakes. For further information, rates, Sleepi-- car  reservations, etc, apply f>>  J. MOB}, ��. J. CO YtB,  D.P.A. Nelson      A.G.P.A./nucotiver  8.   ft.   BBDPATH    AGEST  GREENWOOD  ��. '   " :'X:  c-oooooooooooooooodc��occ>o>  District  ���The Miner', needs the book for the  facts it gives him regarding Geology,  Mining, Copper Deposits and Copper  Mines. ��'  The Metallurgist needs the book for  tlie facts it gives hint regarding copper milling, leaching, smelting, and  refining.  IThe Copper Consumer needs the book  for every chapter it contains. It tells  what and explains how and why.  The Investor in Copper Shares cannot afford to be without it. The Copper Handbook gives statistics and gen"  eral information on one hand, with  thousands of detailed mine descriptions on the other, covering the copper  mines of the entire world, and the 40  pages of condensed statistical tables  alone are yrortrj more than the price  of the book to each and every owner of  copper mining shares.  Price : $5.00 in Buckram with gilt  top, or $7.50 in full library morocco.  ,  Terms : The most liberal. Send no  money, but order the book sent you,  all carriage chatges prepaid, on one  week's approval, to be returned if unsatisfactory, or paid for if it suits. Can  you afford not to see the book and judge  for yourself of its value to you' ? -  WRITE} NOW to the editor and publisher, '  HORACE J. STEVENS  Siailkameen Land District.   District  of Yale.  TAKE NOTICE that I Frederick Crawford,of Park Rapids,Minnesota,occupatlon  I Farmervlutends to apply for permission to pnr-  ' chase the following described lands:  Commencing at a pott planted 60 chains Northerly from the   Nortb-west   Corner   of   H.  Strauss' Pre-emption. Lot No.WS, thence 1 ,-^ *��.u���j, d.v., ov occupation farmer,  north 60 chains; thence west 2u chains; thence I {^'ai to apply for permission to purchase the  soath60 chains; thence east 20 chains to point, /���_,.,0WAn*. described land: _Commenclng at  a  LAND NOTICES  Similkameen Land District-  of Yale.  TAKE HOtfCCI! that I  Henrr'Strau's of  Midway, B.C., bv   occupation Farmer,  of commencement, and containing 120 acres  more or lsss.  FREDERICK CRAWFORD,  Per HENRY STRAUSS, Agent.  Dated the 15th day of February. 1908.  453 Sheldon building, houghs  ' ton, mich., u.s.a.  House, sign and all exterior and  and interior painting and decor*  ating promptly done.  Olal! Papering  3fnd Kalsominiiid  Send in year spring orders.  Box 255, Greenwood.  Shop Government street.  post planted at the North West corner of H.  Strauss Pre-emption Lot No. 7S7 S, thence north  80 caiins; thence east 80 chains; thence south  80 chains; tkence wast 80 chains to point of  commencement, and containing M0 acres, more  or less.  HENRT STRAUSS,  Dated February 3rd, 1908.  Similkameen Land District.   District  of Yale  TAKE NOTICE That Ellen Long, of'Park  Rapids,   Minn., occupation   Housekeeper,  intends to apply   for   permission   to purchase  tbe following described lands: Commencing at  a post planted at tbe South East corner of Application to  Purchase Record No. 264S being  Survey Lot No. 788S; thence east 80 chains ;  tbeuce south 60'Chalns;   thence west 80 chains;  thence north 60 chains to point of commencement, and containing 480 acres, more or less.  ELLEN LONG,  Per Henry Strauss, Agent  Dated December 9th, 1907.  Snynopsis of Canadian fforth-West  HOMESTEAD REGULATIONS.  ANY even-numbered section of Dominion  Lands in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and  Alberta, excepting 8 and 26, not reserved, may  be hometteaded bv auy person who la the sole  head of a family, or any male over 18 years ot  age, to the extent of one-qnarter section of 150  acres, more or less.  Application for entry must be made in person  by tbe applicant at a Dominion Laud A gene v  or Snb-agsncy for the district in which the land  is situate. Entry by proxy may, however, be  made at any Agency 011 certain conditions by  the father mother, son, daughter, brother or  sister of an intending homesteader.  Duties���(1) At least six months' residence  upon and cultivation of the land in each year  for three years.  (2) A homesteader may, if he so desires, perform the required residence duties by living on  farming land owned eololy by him, not less  Uian eighty |80J acres in extent, in the vicinity  of his' bone estcad. He may also do So by living  with father or mother, oa certain conditions,  joint ownership In land will not meet this requirement.  (3) A homesteader intending tp perform his  residence duties In accordance with the above  while living with parents or on farming land  ownod by himself must notify the Agent for the  district of such intention.  W. W. CORT,  Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.  N. B.���Unauthorized publication of this advertisement will not be paid for.  Simitkameea Land District-  District  of Yale.  TAKE NOTICE that William Edward Mc-  Arthur of Greenwood, British Columbia,  by occupation Lumberman, intends to apply  for a special timber licence ��vcr the following  described lands: Commencing at a post planted  at about five chains distant in au easterly  direction from the northwest corner of A.  Fisher's pre-emption, Lot 10W; thence cast  about 35 chains; tbence south 40 chains to G  Eustace's northwest corner; tbence east 35  chains; thence north 40 chains to LoDtlcr'x  southwest corner; thence north 40 chains;  tbence east 10 cha ins; thence north 40 chains;  tbence west 80 chains; thence south xo chains  to the place of beginning and containing 640  acres, more or less.  Located the 17th day of December, 1907.  William Edwahd McAbtbur  l;atea37th Decemb��r,1907.  Similkameen Land District-   District  of Yale  TAKE NOTICE that Joseph H. Leasia of  tbe District of Yale, Province of British  ColumMa,by occupation timber cruiser, intends  to apply for permission to purchase thetollov-lng  described land: Commencing at apost marked  J. H. Leasla's S.E. Corner Post situated at the  North East corner of J.B, Feeney's application  Lot 622; thence north 20 chains; thence west  20 chains; tucuce south CO chains; thenceeas  20 chains, to place of commencement, and containing 40 acres, mors or less.  Josen'u U. Leasia, Locator  Dated November 2nd, 1907.  Similkameen Land District.  District  of Yale  "PAKE NOTICE that Anna Wilson, of Park  A  Kapids, Minn., occupation   Houtekeeper,  .���ueads to   applr  for  permission to purchase  the following described lands:  Commencing  at a post planted at the North East corner of  \V. Hager's Pre-emption Record No. 115S, being  Survey Lot.No.789S; tlience East 80 chains  tbeuce south 60 chains;  thence West 80 chain  tbence north 6u chains, to point of commence  meat containing 480 acres, more or less.  ANNA  WILgON  Per Henry   Strauts.Agen  Dated December lltb,19ti7.  Experienced Waitress or chambermaid wants position in B. C,  apply B. G., Post Office, box 330,  'jaSit I Calgary, Alberta.  Mm  - {-  ;-':-i|$P  y<&m  ������{������:mt  ��w  ,>  MX  .-;�����,?  ��  .;',^< i  y(M, jh  ^"���^707^^  'ticykvk.  'M  y-:i7Wlis  '���..���������������������A'.-m'^.  ^m7mm  ''-������'��� :7t7i0$&  ..���������.������������:r i.v.-'M.-^g:  '.���::-''��� ^X-i'^ilSM  ���} ���: :;��� y:0c*lkf^e  ������:.::.::^':����0$s��  7,y77Sgm  ' '. i-���������������:��� -".-WrtiSrft  ���. ���'^Ol-'i'^i'asjtBS  -"-..'.' "*^-;'<'??#iJ  ���. ���������y^r'':i-ii?.$m  mm  >:s?i  '������;��� ������.������v^ff^-  ��� h7y^t  ������\:i].)~7f^o'  f'K ���'$'��'$!?&  ���^70mi${  ���':77y70  v 77^m  y y :W^m'M  707.  11  'J  t '^S  V4* J?      1  'THE, BOUNDARY  CREEK  TIMES  HE  ft  Brand  Your clothes cannot be neglected.  Every year it is becoming still more  important that the clothes. you wear  should be well-made.  THE BROADWAY BRAND  is made by the Chalcraft Co,���who  employ the most skilful tailors. Their  clothes embody the best shrunk Linen  Canvas,best Felt,best Silesia and Body  Linings, best Haircloth, best Wool  Pads, best Stays,  Well Worked - Perfect Fit ��� Correct Cut  Try   the  Broadway  foryour Spring Suit  j Purely Personal   ' \T~~  V' ���*���" *  * " "* " '*'* **" *" *���" " * *'"*    //  Dr. Simmons, dentist, Phone 96  Wallace-Miller Block, open evenings  &  TOWN 7OTICo  B. A. Isaacs, of tbe Nelson Iron  Works, Nelson, was in town yesterday.  R. J. Sanders spent Suaday in  the metropolis of the Inland Em-?  pire.      .        '������...  Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Sutherland  of Greenwood, are on a visit  here/���Vancouver Province.  James Dale returned from Spokane on Wednesday, and goes up  the West Fork tomorrow.  !��  ��  .THE   rl (In  >  *      AGENTS,  Invictus Slater  Shoes,   Pitt Hats.  SPECIAL SALE OF SPRING HATS  Furniture is a Family Necessity.  Like  new clothes, you  need  new furniture.  We take your old and give you new.  The Cheapest Place to Buy Furniture is from  A. L. White  Phone 16.:  ^Furniture and Stove Man.  The Palace Livery Stable  DRAYING���We Can Move Anything  P. C. BUCKLESS     PROPRIETOR   Duncan Carry returned last  week from Molson, where he was  working on the Poland-China.  Mrs. Leo J. Stalls and Mrs. L.  Y. Birnie, of Phoenix, were  Greenwood visitors on Wednesday.  j Jas. S., Btrfiie leaves Saturday  for Victoria to attend the Masonic Grand Lodge, which meets  on the 18th.  J. McDermid, who has been.at  his home at Bonners river, N. S.,  since January, returned to Greenwood this week.:  A. E. Braithwaite takes a position in the store of P. W: George  & Co. today, having come in from  Bridesville yesterday.  DRev. Father McCullough, of  Rossland, was the guest of Rev.  Fathers Bedard and Hartmann on  Tuesday of this week.  Born���At the Sisters' Hospital, Greenwood, on Thursday,  June 11th, to Mr. and Mrs. Geo.  Pratt, of Mother Lode, a son.  Duncan Mcintosh went to Spokane'on Monday to meet Richard  Armstrong. Both are expected  to return to the city tonight.  John R. Reed,' Canadian West-  inghouse Co., Vancouver, is in  the city. Mr. Reed is now manager of the Vancouver branch.  Howard Loeran returned yesterday from Enderby, to. take his  old position in the Hunter-Ken-  drick Co.'s grocery department.  A. Harry Hook is fruit ranching hear Robsbn. While assaying at the Nipissing' mine, Cobalt he contracted arsenical poisoning.  Marsh Miles, of .the Greenwood  Steam Laundry, returned Wednesday from Spokane, where he  has been since the closing of the  laundry.  J. I. Feeny and J. D. McCreath  returned this week from a trip up  the Kettle river. They went as  far as Copper creek, about 75  miles from Greenwood.   *".''  Morgan Lewis, first violinist  of Greenwood Orchestra, has arrived in the city and will be a  welcome addition to musical circles here.���Forks Gazette.  Mrs. Stanton, formerly in  charge of the boarding house at  the Crescent mine, has taken over  the dining room at the rooms -of  the Greenwood hotel and. will  provide clean board aud fresh  rooms for the people. Mrs. Stanton's reputation is for excellent  housekeeping.  Miss Minnie Hart, who came to  Greenwood from Burton-on-Trent,  England, last fall, leaves tomorrow to take a position with a  large music firm in Cranbrook.  Miss Hart has furnished the music  for a great many of the entertainments of this vicinity since  her arrival here, and will be  missed at them. Miss* Hart is a  graduate of the London College  of Music,' Marlboro street, Lon-"  don, Eng.  A Double Wedding.  A double wedding, which will  be of very great interest to Greenwood people, was celebrated in  Trail on Tuesday of this week.  The contracting parties were Rev.  S. Lundie, Presbyterian minister  of Phoenix, and Miss Clarke, sister of James Clarke, of Gulley &  Co.'s undertaking business,Greenwood, and James Dewar, of the  Hunter-Kendrick Co., Phpenix,  and Miss.Lundie, sister ot Rey.  S. Lundie, who has also been residing with her brother. Miss  Clarke's mother is living in Trail,  so tbat both weddings were celebrated at her home.  The Rebekahs.last night had a  SQciaVevening, with dancing, in  Miller's hall. ' ,  ���'������'���'Quite a number ot Midway people attended the baseball match,  Chesaw v. Greenwood, on Sundays  The Boys' Brigade- turned put  in full parade on Tuesday night.  The boys are doing splendidly  and should be encouraged.  The Eastern mails have been  delayed this week, several days'  mail having.been held up by the  floods on the N. P. and G. N.\ in  Montana. Part of the mail came  in last night. \  At the meeting of the License  Commissioners held on Tuesday,  all existing licenses were regranti  ed and the license of the Victoria  Hotel transferred to the name of  James Cameron. Mayor Bunting  and Alderman Sutherland were  present.  The 'election returns from Ontario and Quebec were received in  the city by special service on  Monday night, and were posted  in the RJendell block. The interest excited here was about the  same as] perhaps, a little more  than, in pntario.  If youiwant to rent or buy a  Piano orjOrgan see A. L. White.  He has 'em.  northwest, to take charge of this  part of their business. A. A  Luke of Spokane, is the man, and  is now doing all the horseshoeing  at their shop" on Copper street.  Mr. Luke has been doing the  shoeing far Spokane's best horsemen and is considered to be away  up in the game. As a result niore  satisfaction than ever ought to  be received by the public from  Greenwood's horseshoery.    ."���>���'  A dance will be given at the  Mother Lode tonight.- It is just a  social dance, where a real good  time is expected. There is'also a  dance of a similar kind tonight  in Sam Larsen s Riverside Hail,  at Rock Creek.  BLUE AND  BLACK  ��� ��  SERGE SUITS  An Ice'Cream and Strawberry  Festival will be held in Anderson  Bro.'s old store on June: 18. Doors  open in-the afternoon from 3 to  6. Admission free. In the evening doors open at 7:30,- when  the orchestra will be; in attendance    Admission, 2c> cents.  Jl J. O'Malley, R. O., the Eyesight Specialist, of Grand Forks,  B. C, will be *at the Kootenay  Hotel, Monday to Saturday, June  15th to 20th- As I am permanently located here you are guaranteed first-class work at right  prices.    Save your eyes for me.   '���  Fishing Tackle, Rods, Reels,  Lines, Flies, etc. It pays to deal  at McRae Bros.  Notice has been received at the  pDstoffice that the mails will,  st artiug, ' nex t Monday, leave  Greenwood for the east via. Q. P.  R. at 3:55, instead of at 3:20  p. m; The mail from the east is  due here at 3:55, which means  that the trains to and. from Nelson will cross at Greenwood. .    .  An excellent topographical map  of Rossland camp, issued by the  Geological Survey branch bf the  Department of Mines, was received at this office this morning.  The map gives most minute details of the development ��f the  camp, .along with particulars of  altitude, geological formation and  a verp accurate description of the  contour of the hill.  A reduction of 25 per cent, en  last year's Wall Paper loeks  good to many. How about you ?  This reduction means money saved.   McRae Bros.  The Windsor Hetel was purchased this week by Chas. McClung and Harry Goodeve. Mr.  McClung. has been manager of the  hotel for nearly two months now  and has had a previous experience  of several years in the hotel business in Phoenix. Mr. Goodeve is  also an experienced man at the  business. They should be able  to add another to the list of Greenwood's superior hotels.  Low prices combined with high  quality conduce , to economy.  This combination is pre-eminent  in our new 1908 Wall Paper stock  ���McRae Bros.  Kinney &- McDonald have secured the services of one of the  best horseshoeing experts in the  Granby's Dividend.  After passing two dividends,  in December and March,   on  account of the low price of copper  the Granby Consolidated  has-de  clared a dividend of two i>er cent,  upon the 135,000 shares of the  company's stock outstanding. The  dividend is due and payable out  of the net earnings of tbe company, on June   13th, "1908.    The  dividend amounts to $270,000.  This will be the ninth dividend  declared by the Granby Consolidated. With the exception of  the first, paid in December, 1903,  all previous to this dividend-have  been paid at the rate of three per  cent.-j-a dividend of two ,per  cent., and an ��xtra dividend of  one per cent.  The dividends paid are  as follows:  No. 1���December, 1903- $133,630  No. 2���January,   1906     405,000  No. 3���February, 190b- 405,000  No. 4���September, 1906 405,000  No. 5���December, 1906-    405,000  No. 6���March, 1907     405,000  No. 7���June, 1907.........    405,000  No, 8���September, 1907   405,000  AT all times the most useful in a man's wardrobe,1  btttparticularlysoin summer, when the coat worn with'  aljght vest & trousers makes  a refreshing change from  hot and dusty office clothes.  Let us show you the snappy  single  we art! showing" this summer.  and double breasted Serge  Suits that  They retain all'the good features of  Fit, Finish and Quality of  but ABOVE AL,L. they are ABSOLUTELY PAST COI,OR.  v  This is one;of .the tnbst important  items for you \t> consider when you  think of buying a serge suit.  The Hunter-Kendrick Co, Ltd  ���J  '<*lose  Cottage, 4 rooms, *<*lose m.  " . 4 rooms, near hospital  '*.      4 rooms, near  Smelter  Log House, 4'rooms " "  Cabins atrd Rooms in all parts  of the City.  ���'���'I  ������HN  Bealey Investment & Trust Co., Lyv^l  OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE.  P.  t  & CO., Ltd.  i  No. 9���June, 1908    270,000  Total................... .,.$3,238,630  AT THE QHURCHES  PkBSBYTBJUAN���Services will be con  ducted morning and evening, 11 a.m.  and 7.30-p.m. Rev. M.J). McKee, Pastor. ;..-..-.  *  ��.  ��  ���  ���..  �����-  ��..  ������  a  ���-������:  ���  ��  ��  ft  ��  e  ��  ��  a  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ������������  a����S��*����������aM������*����t��HI����M��M����'V>^W��������**��*ff*t������M��|  ..DEALERS IN  MbthodisT���Rev., F. J. Rutherford  B.A., will conduct: set vises as usual at  Methodist Church morning and evening  Services every Sunday, morning" and  Sunday School at 3.  GaThowc���Church of the Sacred^  Heart.���-Divine service 1st, third and  fourth Sunday in each month. Hob-  mass at 10 a. m.; vespers and benediction at 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school at  2:30 p.m. Rev,-J. A. Bbdard, O. M. I.  pastor.   v .  Church of England (St. Jude's)���  Morning and evening. Matins, 11 a.m.  Evensong, 7:30 p. m. Sunday school,  2:30 p.m. Holy Communion, 1st, 3rd  and 5th Sundays at 8 a.m; 2nd and 4th  Sundays after Matins at 11 a. m.  Saints'. Day services as announced  in Church. Rev." F. Vernon Venables,  Vicar. .  Trcsb and Cured meats  Fish and Poultry.   ,  ��  3  ��  t  :  *  ��  ���j  WAGONS  One 4 inch Ore Wagon.new-  One 3 J^ inch Lumber Wagon, new.  One 2% inch  Half Truck  Wagon, new.  One  One  \%    inch   Express  Wagon, new.  V/z  inch    Express  Wagon; new.  Also Buggies���1 Open Buggy, Rubber Tires^second-hand]  ^���1 Open Buggy, second-hand. ~  '    \  All as good as new.  We Put on Rubber Tire?.  KINNEY & MCB@NALB  PHONE 19     -       -    GREENWOOD, B. C.  LICENSE ACT, 1900.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Evan O. Lewis, of  Boundary Falls, intend applying" to the Superintendent of Provincial Police, at the expiration of one month from the date hereof, for a renewal of my hotel, license for the premises  known as the Smelter Hotel,at Boundary Palls  Dated at Boundary Falls, the 7th day of May,  I9o8, Signed, E. O. LEWIS  -������������''"'.'      -������'.���."���������"'. ;1    June 12, 'OS  BOUNDARY ORE TON MAGE \  The following latlepi-ves the ore shipments of Boundary mines for 1900, 1901; 1902,-1'  1904, 1905, 1<K6 and 1907, as reported to the Greenwood Times���  ������ Pasti  Minb. 1900       1901       1902        1903        1904        1905*    1905    "1907        1908   Wee"  Granby Mines.... 64,533   231,762   309,858   39"��,718   549,703   653,889   801,404   613,537     479,860   17,;  Snowshoe..       297      1,741     20,800    71.212        8,426   135.001 367  B. C. Copper Co.  99,034   141,326   138.079, 174,298   147.576" 105.90C   208,231  J.340  19,494  Application for Liquor License.  In thirty days from date, I Intend to apply  to the Superintendent of Provincial Police for  a renewal of "Liqoor License for tie premises  known as The Riverside Hotel, Rock Creek,  B.C., to commence on Juiy 1st, 1908.  S. T. LARSEN, Applicant,  May 1st, 1908. '�����" Rock Creek, B.C  I  w  T  I  I  I  $  ft   > uvv...��   _*,,,,-..,   ww., tiKnurnBrewery ^u   <��  DRINKPHOEN  The best Beer Brewed in Western Canada  For Sale at all First-class  Hotels in the Boundary j s j  Phoenix Brewery Co., SK^ryt  Mother  Lode...,  B.C. Mine   Rmma......;   Oro Denoro.   _   Bonnie Belle   _   Dom. Copcer Co...  Brooklyn-Stem.  .......  Idaho .-.   Rawhide    Sunset    Mountain Rose.     Athlestan    1,200  Morrison..   ....  R.Bell      Senator ,..���������  Brey Fogle.        No. 37.  ,   Reliance   SulphurKing   Winnipeg    1,076-  Golden Crown..":...   2,250  King Solomon ......  Big Copper    No. 7 Mine..    City of Paris _    Jewel.'       160  Riverside, ���...   Carmi '.   Sally.. ;.    :...  Rambler .....:   Butcher Boy   Duncan ,....  Providence .....  Elkhorn :  ���   Strathmore   Golden Eagle -.      Preston.. "....  Prince Henry   Skylark   Last Cbance.���   E. P. U. Mine ;':   Bay .'..  Mavis   Don Pidro .'    Ceesccnt .-....::   Hel-n ."....  Ruby.   ���....,.  Republic *  MUcellIa,icous.���...   3.230  47,405  650  14,811  8,530  19,365  22,937  15,537  ���  16,400     32,350  3,070  ;802  '���"'550  " 7,��5  ".150  15.731  5,646  3,339  560  363  3,250  1   1,759  4.586  3,450     222  364  33  l,r40  785  625  ""482  2,435  875  665     2,000  360  2,060  890  ..  a  j\9,48S  ^��3,007'  1,488  11.804  3.177  '   -20  55,731  25,108  3,056  4,747  140,686  2,960  26,032  48,390  3,556  1,833  33  150        586  1,712  18374  14,481  43,295.  12,253  64,173  31.270  31,258  649  17,202    5,4'  6,160    2,��  79  219  3.4��6  993  400  167  726  325  52  50  300  325  500  .66  ^750  30  I4S  770  150  20  535;  689  255  73  20  40  90  80 ;  " 20,  500  30  106  76  9  18  1,140  40  140  20  15  ���589  ��0  65  ....80  ...J  40  700.  20  55  60  224  30  ....  c:  45  ..53  Total, tons  9(i.��K>   3'.'0.!i00   50i,876  690.119   829,808   933,5481,161,5371,141,237 503,606   25,71��'j  ������nii'l'tT   treatnipnr���           '.'������:���                                                                        ������ ii  Granbv C    ��,2 *��7   :3f>,H8   212.i?40   401,121   596,252" 687,988   828,879   637,626 465.456   W*  B.C. fi pper Co     _    117,611    14?.'.00   162,913   219,484   210^30   123,840   341,952 18,862 12Jlif  I)oin.Up.Co���.    ....-'���             132^70      30,930.    84,059   218,311   153,439 ..._...  Total reduced;.. 6?,?8��   34S,439   460,040   697,404   837,666   982,8771,172,4031,233,017     484*30 8 31^  If Ill In  ���-.'���f- -


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