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 *wnm  mu  'C"J?.'i';T.'^t3p.rUBlC'fc>'i>V*r^*A*-i' " ~*      **t--"W���* ^&- ,���  ��� ' ...^  1/  VOL. 13  GREENWOOD,   B.C.,   FRIDAY,    MARCH 26,    1909.  No. 29  (F*  BOOTS & SHOES  WWA��^(*W  Our stock of Ladies'  and   Children's  Boots   and  Shoes for Spring is the largest we  have   ever   shown,   all   the   Best  American   and   Canadian    makes  represented���and at all Prices :   :  - _________���__________����������������������������_���_^___��������������������������_______������_���  BARCLAY 6L GO.  DRY GOODS BOOTS & SHOES MILLINERY  is ^  Regimi Watches  Diamonds  Jewelery   AT-  A. Logan & Co's.  Silverware  Cut Glass  China  N*_#  Do vou realize tbe great and  distinct advantage ot Buying  your Shoes from us ?  It is not the price which makes our Men's Shoes  popular, but our Policy of always having the best  Shoes possible for the price.  Every Shoe we   carry isimade specially for us,  by the largest Manufactures in Canada and the States.  We are receiving daily shipments"of all classes  of Men's foot wear.  The time is near at hand when you will be  looking for your Spring Shoes, Don't overlook the  fact that we can show ybu a larger range than all the  others put   together.  P^ Wj--(^pTO* CO-  The only Exclusive Dealer in Men'sWear in Greenwood  CORPORATION OF   THE   CITY   OF   GREENWOOD  BY-LAW NO.  6-1909  To dispose of real prope ty not required foe  corporate purpose*. I  WHEREAS uuderaiidtiy'Jyfrtueof sub-sett-  ion 99 of Section 50 of the Municipal Clauses  Act the Council in every municipality is empowered to make by-laws tor selling and disposing  of such real property as in the ' opinion of the  Council is not required for corporate ���purposes  and for accepting'as payment for such real property either money or real property:  AND "WHEREAS'ln the opinion of the Council the real property, mentioned in the schedule  hereto Is not required for corporate purposes  and it is desirable that it be disposed of and  that the Corporation accept as payment for the  several parcels thereof either money or real  property:��� ..  NOW THEREFORE the Municipal Council  of the Corporation of the Cl��v of Greenwood  enacts a�� follows:���  I. It 'shall be lawful for the Council by the  unanimous vote of the members present at any  regular meeting thereof :  (a) To sell and^dlspose of any lot or lbts.par-  eel or parcels of land mentioned in the said  schedule hereto for snch sunt of money and upon such terms as may. be agreed upon between  the Counciland the Purchaser.  (b) To accept as payment for any lot or lots,  parcel or parcels, of land "mentioned iu said  schedule any other real property within the  limits of the Municipality of the City of Green-'  wood.  (c) :By the hand of the Mayor and of the  Municipal Clerk to execute, under the seal of  the Corporation, a deed of conveyance to the  purchaser of any lot or lots, parcel or parcels  of land so sold and dispose I of.  2. This By-Law shall, before the final passing- thereof, receive the assent of the electors in  the mariner provided in the Municipal Clauses  Act and if snch assent be given shall take effect On April 14th, 1909.  3. This By-Law may be cited as the "Real  Property. Conveyance By-Law..  SCHEDULE.  Lot 12, Block 4 ; lotl8, block 5; lot 5, block 6;  lots 8.9,18, block 11; Part N 30 ft of Lot 10 block  It; lot 12, block 12; tats 17,18,fl9. block-13; l_ts  7, 9,13,19, block 14; lots 8, 9^ ID,'".block 15; lots  8,9, block 16 according to map 21, Cltv of fireen-  wood. ���   ���   "'���'���: ; ,  Lots 28, 29, 30, block B; lot 5, block C; lots 0,7,  8,13,14, block D; lots 16,17,block Eaccording to  Map28, City of Greenwood. >' ��� ,  Lot 9,: W half block 3; lot 23, block 4;  lots 6, 8. ���), block 5; luU 1, 2, 5, 10, 17,  22* block 6; lots 3. 4,8,9, W half block 7; lots 12.  13, block in; lot 9, block 12; lots 3, 4,5,10 block  13; lot 2 block 14; lots 6,10,11, 12. IS, 16, block 16;  lots 1, 2, block 19; lot 8, block 23, lot _, block 42:  lot 19 block 45 according to Map 34, >Citv of  Greenwood. '.-.'..  Lots 9, 10, block 48 according to Map 34 City  of   Greenwood.  Lots 3,11, 14, Block L except C. & W. Right  of Way. : Lot Is, Block N, according to Map  46, City nf Greenwood. Lots 5, 6, in Block 2  according toMao 57 City of Greenwood. Lots 5,  6,9, in Block H ; Block J (except C. & W.  Right of Way); Lots 3,4.5, Block K; E portion -of Lots 5, 6,7,8,9,10;"'and W portion of  Lots 8i 9,-10,11,12, In Block T,'; Lots IS, 16,17,  18, 19, 20, 22, in BlockM (Bxc. C & W. Right of  Way) Part of Lot I, and lota 4, 5,7,8, i a Block,  N. (exc. C. _ W, Right of Way) according to  Map 64 Cltv ���( Greenwood.   Lots 1,2, 3,4, 5, 6,7,  8, 9,10. li, 12, in Block 58; Lots 7,8, 9,10,, 11,  12, In block. 59 according to Map 70 City of  Greenwood.  " TAKE NOTICE that the above is a true copy  of. the proposed by-law upon which the vote of  the Municipality "will be taken on Wednesday,,  the 7th day of Aprll3909, from 9 o'clock, a m.  imtir7'6'c_c1ip^i:rattte:eity-B_nihtheCtty  of Greenwood.  B v order of the Council, G. B. TAYLOR,  City Clerk.  debt thereby created there shall'be rais;d ann  ually the sum ot $1,862.50.  3. Th* slid annual su n < in the ��e xt preceding-paragraph mentioned shall be raised aud  levied in.each yeir by a special rate sufficient  therefor on all the ratable land or improvements or real property, in the municipality of  the City of Greenwood during the currency of  the laid debentures or anv of them.  4. It shall be lawful for the Mayor for the  time being of the City of Greenwood to cause  debentures, to be called "Greenwood Phoenix  Tramway Debentures"' to be made in the usual  form earn of theanionntof SS000 and all such  debentures shall be sealed with the seal of the  Corporation and signed bv the Mayor and  countersigned by the City Treasurer.  5. The said debentures shall be made payable at the office of tlie'Cttv Clerk in the Cltv  Hall of the said Corporation and shall have attached to them coupons for the payment of the  interest and the signature of the Mayor aud of  theCity Treasurer respectively or��f either of  them to the interest coupons mav be either  written, stamped, printed or lithographed.  ��� 6. The Council may, from time to time invest  in Dominion or Provincial Government securities or may deposit in au incorporated Bank or  may invest in other securities such part of the  produce of the special rate levied In resp-ctof  thedebt hereby created and at the credit of the  sinking fund account or of the special rate account thereof as cannot be Immediately applied  towards paying the debt by reason of no part  thereof being yet payable and the Council shall  apply all interest receive! upon such investments to the purpose to which such part of the  oroduceof the special rate should be applied by  the requirement of the provisions in that behalf  ot the Municipal Clauses Act.  7. This By-Law Is passed upon the express  condition that the said company shill actually  and bona fide commence the work of the construction of the said tramway on or before the-  lst day of May. 1939, and thereafter prosecute  the same expeditiously uutil.the completion of  the tramway ready for active o^era'ions and  that the date of completion shall be not later  than the 1st day of November, 1917.  8. This By-Law shall before the final passage thereof receive the assent of the electors of  the municipality th the manner provided by the  Municipal Clauses Act and shall take effect on  the 1st day of November. 1909, and be registered  in the proper office of the County Court in that  behalf forthwith after the final passage thereof.  9. This By-Law may be cited for all purposes  as the "Green wood-Phoetiix Tramway By-Law"  Passed by the Municipal Council ou the 24th  i day of March, 1909.  SCHEDULE.  THE SMELTER WILL  NOT CLOSE DOWN  The management of the  B. C. Copper Company's  Greenwood Smelter received  word from New York : this  morning to go ahead. There  will be no cessation of operations.  [MINES AND MINING!  Walker Smith has charge of  diamond drill operations at the  old Payne mine in the Slocaaand  it is probable that this well-  knowu property which paid nearly a million and a half in dividends will be worked again.  An oil gusher has been discovered in Burmah Which is now giving the enormous flow of 160,000  gallons daily.  I        The Tunnel By-Law  In another column we print the  by-law authorizing the bonus for  the Green wood-Phoepix tfatnsvjiy,  and on the passing of which depends the immediate return of  better times for Greenwood. -...-.,.  The Times expects ,tha.t��� property-holders will do their' duty  by themselves and their city by  recording their votes in favor of  the tunnel by-law.  THE BRUCE GROUP  Developments on Midway Pro*-  perty Showing Up Well.  DOMINION COPPER   PROPERTIES TO BE SOLD  fr  Before the little Chicks are hatched is  the time, to dust up the Hens and Coops  with : : : :  BY-LAW NO. 7���1909  In Aid   of tne   Greenwood-Phoenix  Tramway Company. Limited.  WHEREAS the Greenwood-PhoenU Tramway Company, Limited nas incorporated unde r  the provisions of the Tram way Company Incor  poratlon Act and amending A cts of the Province  of British Columbia with power to construct,  equip and operate a singleordouble track tramway underground commencing at a point in the  City of Greenwood and running thencs Easterly  underground toward and to the City of Phoenix.  AND WHEREAS under and by virtue of the  Municipal Clauses Act the Council in every'  municipality is authorized to make by-laws for  the issue of debentures and handing such debentures by way of bonus to any such company  whose lines, bridges or works are wholly or iu  part within the limits of the municipality upon  the conditions provided in snch by-laws:  AND WHEREAS the said Company has applied to the Corporation of the City of Greenwood for a bonus of $50,000.00 by way of debentures iu aid of the construction and equipment  of the said tramway and the Corporation, to encourage and assist in the undertaking, has agreed to t, rant the said bonus upon the terms and  conditions set forth iu the schedule to this bylaw: . . .  AND WHEREAS it will be necessary to raise  annually by special rate the sum of $1,862.50 for  the payment of the debt and $2,500.00 for inter,  est. making a total amount annually ofS*,362.50  for the term of twenty years for the payment of  the debt and interest.  AND WHEREAS the whole ratable land and  improvements and real property of the municipality of the .City of Greenwood according to  the la st revised assessment roll ia $972,950.00.  AND WHEREAS it is intended to reduce the  general rate so that the special rate imposed by  this By-Law shall not increase the total rate of  taxation.  AND WHEREAS this By-Law may not be altered or repealed except with the consent of the  Lieutenant-Governor in   Council.  AND WHEREAS a petition under Section 69  of the Municipal Clauses Act has been presented to the Municipal Council, signed by the owners of at least onc.tenth of the value of the real  property in the City of Greenwood as shown by  the last revised assessment roll.  THEREFORE the Municipal Council of the  Coiporatlon of the City of Greenwood enHcts as  follows:���  1. The terms of the said agreement in said  schedule shall be and are hereby accepted and  tne Corporation of theCity of Greenwood shall  deliver to the Company mentioned in the said  agreement debentures of the Corporation of the  City of Greenwood to the amount of Fifty Thousand dollars at the respective times and in manner provided in the said agreement, subject only  to the performance by the Uomoany of its obligations as iu paragraph 1,2, 3, and 4, oftuu  said agreement expressly 'set forth and the  condition expressed in paragraph "thereof aud  the said agreement is hereby incorporated with  and shall be read as part of this By-Law.  2. For tlie purpose of raising annually a certain specific sum for the payment of the interest  on the said debentures during their currency  there shall be raised annually the sum of $2,50(>,  and for the purpose of raising annually a certain  specific sum for the payment at maturity of the  We guarantee every ounce we sell to be  the purest powder on the market,others  may be cheaper, but not as good, or  effective. : : :  AGREEMENT made and entered into the  twenty-fourth day of March, l'KM, between the  Corporation of tlieCiiy of Greenwood, hereinaf-  ter.called "The Corporation'' of the one part aud  tlie Greenwood-Phoenix Tramway Company  Limited, hereinafter called "Tue Company" iif  the other part.  WITNESSETH that the parties here to mutually agree with ��ach other as follows:���  |. 1. 'An underground single or double track  tramway for the carrying of ore shall be laid  out, constructed and operated by the Company  from a point on or near the Nelson Mineral  Claim within the present limits of the City of  Greenwood by the most direct route to a point  under and within the present limits of the City  of Phoenix.  2. The Company shall' commence the construction of the said intended tramway on or before the 1st of May, 1909 and In default of so do  lug this agreement shall be null and of no effect.  3. The Company shall complete the first 3000  feet of the said tramway line on or before the  Tlrst day of November, 1911; the second 3000  feet on or before the Firstday of November 1914:  and the remainder of the lute on or belore the  Pistday of November, 191", and's^all thereafter  ixititihuiiitf. niriinmln1 and operate the" same  as one continuous line until tbe maturity of the  debentures hereinafter mentioned.  4. Plausof the location of so much of the line  and terminal works of theaald tramway as shall  be within the limits of the City of Greenwood  shall be filed.by the Company In the office of  the City Clerk and shall be subject to the approval of the Municipal Council before any work  of construction shall be proceeded with within  the City limits.        ;  5. In consideration of the construction and  operation of the said tramway the Corporation  agrees as follows:���  ��� The Corporation will deliver to the Company  debentures of the Corporation to the amount of  $50,000.00 payable to the Company or bearer in  the manner and al the times following, that is  to say:���  Debentures to the amount of $15,000.00 ou or lie-  fore the 1st day November, 1911 upon tne completion of 3000 feet and upon the Sling with the  City Clerk of plans for the tramway line  for the distance of 6000 feet from the City of  Greenwood Easterly to the City of Phoenix.  Debentures to a like amount on or before the  1st day ol November, 1914, upon the completion  of 600) feet, and Debentures to the amount of  $20,000.00 on or before tbe 1st day of November,  1917, upon the completion of the said continuous  tramway line from the City of Greenwood to a  point under and within the present limits of the  City of Phoenix.  6. The said debentures shall be dated the 1st  day of November, 19j9 and shall bear interest at  the rate of five (5) per centum per annum payable yearly.  7. Before handing to tbe Company the debentures which uuder this agreement are to be delivered to the Company on or before the 1st day  of November, 1911 the City Clerk or any person  acting under the authority of the City Council  may detach and mark as paid all interest coupons from the 1st day of November, 1909 to the  ! st day of November 1911 inclusive, and under  the same authority all interest coupons from  the 1st day of November, 1909 to tbe 1st day of  November 1914 inclusive, and from the 1st day  of Novembe-, 1909 to the 1st day of November,  1917. inclusive respectively on tbe debentures to  be delivered on or before the first day of November, 1914 and the 1st day of November. 1917  respectively may, before delivery of the debentures, be datached and marked as paid it being  the Intent of this agreement, and a condition of  the passing of any by-law relating thereto that  the Corporation shall not pay interest on debentures until the same Bhall have been actually  delivered  to the Company.  8 If a By-Law to ratify this agreement is not  submitted within 30 days from the date hereof  for the vote of the electors under the Municipal  Clauses Act and duly registeted In the proper  office uf the County Court in that behalf, or if  such By-Law be submitted and defeated at the  polls or shall not be carried then and in Bach  ca=e this agreement shall be void and of no effect.  IN WITNESS WHEREOF tbe parties taere-  o have hereunto respectively set their corporate seals the dav and year first above written.  RICHARD ARMSTRONG.  [l s] President  G reenwood-Pboenl x Tramwav Co,, Ltd .  HERBERT' BUNTING,  [l sj Mayor.  Of the City of Greenwood  TAKE NOTICE that the above is a true copy  of the proposed By-Law upon which the vote of  the Municipality will be taken on   Wednesday,  the 7th day of April, VHyt,  from 9 o'clock  a.m.  , until 7 o'clock p.m. at the City Hall in   the Oitv I  : ef Greenwood. "  I  By order of the Council. G.B.TAYLOR,  City Clerk.  In the nitrate fields of Chili  there is enough of that commodity us'gti '��� supply the worldfor  100. years at the present rate of  consumption.  The Green-Meehan interests  has been absorbed by the Consoli  dated Cobalt Stiver Mines, Ltd.,  with a capital of $3,000,000.  It is announced that the lost  art ��f tempering- copper has been  discovered. Developments will  be closelv watched by those interested in the copper mining  dHstry.  in-  Butte is adding to the world's  supply at the rate of about 29,-  009,000 lbs, of copper a month.  The La Rose mine at Cobalt  employs 250 men.  Cobalt  on for  of  to  of  The Keakes vein in tbe  district has been drifted  130 feet disclosing 20 inches  10,000 oz. ore.  Tempering of Copper  A Halifax founder is said  bsve discovered the lost art  tempering copper, and is about  to promote a company to make  further experiments along this  line. For some years he has been  busily experimenting, and now  claims that he has the correct process. Some time ago he was at  New York, and had a talk with  the Guggenheim brothers. He  has hardened a piece of copper  and made a razor with an edge  keener than the best steel would  take. Blocks of copper have been  tempered that are harder to file  than iron. Not only has Mr.  Douglas, the inventor, been successful in tempering copper, but  he has also made a casting of copper and lead, that will stand inanv  times the pressure that the ordinary roller bearing casting will  stand.  . A large part of the Dominion  Copper company's famous Boundary properties are to be placed  upon the market and sold at an  early date under the mortgage  held by the National Trust company of Toronto, trustees for the  bondholder. .  It is practically certain that the  shareholders will buy in the properties in the plan for the reorganization of the company.  The sale will be under the authority of a judgement given by  Mr. Justice Clement for the foreclosure of the mortgage held on  behalf of the bondholders. But  while thev on out won one branch  of the case the court held that  that mortgage did not include  after acquired properties, those  obtained upon the credit or means  of the company other than were  acquired from the bond issue.  The National Trust company  contended that these, as well  as all other assets: of tha  company, were included in the  mortgage. But the court agreed  with the company, the liquidator  ���and theui��Mcure_rcre-Uor-&~ tfrat  the mortgage did not cover these  partcular properties.  This means that the unsecured  creditors will practically be paid  in full as well as all the others.  The bonds cover a million .butthe  propertiesareworthsevearl million  as they include the famous Brooklyn Stemwinder group of Phoenix  and the Sunset group of Dead-  wood camp, as well as ^several ot-  and the smel-  Falls.    Mr.  C, represent-  the National  her valuable mines  ter at Boundarv  Charles Wilson, K.  ing the plaintiffs,  Trust company. Mr. A. H. Mac  Neil K. C. representing liquidator, aad Mr. A. M. Whiteside the  company. :  THOMAS DRUG & MUSIC CO,  THE STORE OF QUALITY.  A  Amended Election Bill,  The compromise on the Elec  tion bill is six months in place  of the year asked by the Liberals  before a name can be struck Off  the voter's list by the registrar  at tbe court of revision, save  where the elector consents.  The Attorney-General's original amendment fixed the period  at one month in these cases where  All arrangements for the Birth  day Social bv tha Presbyterian  Ladies have been completed and  promises t�� be a great success-  Mrs. Belt, the contralto soloist,  will ba heard for the first time in  a large hall by a Greeawood audience. The program will begin  sharp at 8.30. There will be no  afternoon tea as formerly advertised.  the elector has ceased to reside  in the electoral district. In addition the Attorney-general has  added a section requiring the  publication in a newspaper in tha  district for 21 days of the   names  of voters proposed to be struck off  Ida Jero was committed to  the  J The Misses Murray and Graham | asylum   for   the   insane at New  who   delighted   the Greenwood | Westminster and left for that in  Dates of Spring Assize*.  The various assize court sittings  are listed iu the Provincial Gazette as follows:  Vancouver, May 3; criminal.  Nelson, May 4; civil and  criminal.  Revelstoke,  May  4 ; civil  and  criminal.  Victoria,JMay 11; criminal.  Ksmloops, May  11;   civil and  criminal.  Nanaimo,   May   18; civil   and  criminal.  Vernon, May 18; civil and criminal.  New Westminster, May 25; civil and criminal.  Greenwood, May 15; civil   and  criminal.  Fernie, May 25; civil and criminal.  Clinton, May 26; civil and criminal  The Donald Copper Co are proceeding steadily with development  work on their Bruce group three  miles west ot Midway. These  claims, which are t-ituated on the  bunch grass slopes at an altitude  of about 800 fee.t. and distant  three-fonrths of a tniie from the  railway line, were located some  years ago by Wallace and Sy-  monds, two of the oldest old-  timers at the prospecting business  in the Boundary country.  The assessment duties were regl  ularly performed and ih i properties in due time crown-granted ;  when the original discoverers  disposed of iheir holdings to S.  Mi Johnsoo, C E ,ind J. C. Haas,  M.E , who last July bjnd;d the  claims to the Djaald C yr>er cjm-  pany, the services of Mr. Haas being retained to superintend the  work of disclosing the ore bjdies.  Two shifts under the direction  ot J. D. Graham have since that  time driven 380 feet of tunnel,  which, owing to evidence of a  movement iu thi f>rmatiji, has  been turned 60 degrees to the  south from a due westerly direction; and gives promise of cutting into the ore body in about  another 100 feet.  * A considerable amount of surface work has also been done to  the south of the tunnel and the  older workings, which gives  strong indications ol a large body  of copper-bearing ore with a N.E.  and S.W. trend.  Tka general-distribution of tha  ore as shown in the surface cuts  and trenching, covera many aires  in extent; and when tapped by the  tunnel at a depth of about 200 feet  should prove the Bruce to be a  bonanza property.  Assays of surface ores taken  during the present week show  values in copper, silver and gold;  a picked sample going as high as  25.5 per cent copper. The new  work has disclosed $10 ore and  has added greatly to the prospective value ot the property.  Altogether it may be said that  the surface indicatijns with the  ore found in the open cuts, and a  marked change in the present  face of the tunnel, are an ample  justification for the undertaking;  the work is in competent hands;  and the location being all that  could be desired for a mine and a  smelter site, we will expect to  post the Bruce among the proven  mines of the Boundary in the  course of a few week's time.  The initiatery degree will be put  on by the LO.O.F. on Tuesday  evening next.  Get Your Name on the Voter's  List  As the time for the   registration of voters expires on  the   last  Monday of the present mouth, all  those who are uot already ou the  list should see to   it   that   their  name is put on as early as   possible. The qualifications necessary  are: Six month's residence in the  province,   including   one  month  in the city, and being    a   British  subject of 21 years of   age.    Apply to the registrar at the   courthouse, or to a  notary   public, or  .commissioner appointed   for this  purpose.  ed the rite of confirmation to a  audience at the Minstrels will be Istitution on Wednesday in charge inumoer of candidates at St,J_d4's  heard at 'ihe birthday social.        'of special officer A. D. Hallett.     (church en Wedeesday arenilf.  The most   remirkible   vote of  I confidence in any government i-i  The Right  Rev. Bishop Dart,  Caaada resuUed in the sustaining  of New Westminster, administer- .   .        .  of the Rutherford . dmiais'rauo i  tn Alberia v ith a following ol ."7  1 out of a total of 41, THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK TIMES  *m  iffffwiiY.tmmT"ffl^^ffl^���mroi,  ..Bank of  ESTABLISHED 1817-  $12,000,000.  Capital, all paid ip, $14,400,000.  UMB1V1DU   WJOPITS   $217 .$88.56        >, P M r-  Hon. Prealdaat:   Lobd Stbat-coba and Mount Koval. G. C. M. G.  President:   Sl�� Gmmb A. D��tj__OKD,K.C. M. G.  Vioe^PrMldent and Gencnl Manager:   Six B. S. Cxovs-ron. Bakt  Branches in London, Eag. \ C��V��5_ I Sew York, Chicago.  Btiv  aud sell Sterling Bxcnan^eand CaWe Tranafers ; Grant Commercial an  Travellers' Credi'j, available in any oertjof the world.  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT  Interest allowed at current rates  page weekly is a model for <j|-er  attractive and up-to-date Interior  papers.  Greenwood Branch,  W. F, PROCTOR, Manager.  mtttttkttlttmm  WAiiiiR  1836  THE BANK OF  190^  British North America  73 Years in Business.        Capital and Reserve Over $7,000,000.  Tbe movement for free trade in  coal is meeting with strenuous opposition in the Maritime provinces.  Nova Scotia miners claim that  if they were brought into competition with West Virginian coal  mined by cheap Negro labor they  would be ruined.  Ontario would undoubtedly be  immensely benefitted by ihe abol-  ution of the dulits; and the  prairie provinces and British  Columbia are strongly in favor of  free coal for Canada.  apy claim in respect to that part  of the speech of -Mr. MacDonald  which had appeared in his original statement of claim.  Banking  by Mail  is a great convenience to those  who live some distance from  town.  Deposits may be sent in, cash  drawn, or other business transacted by Mail, without  any trouble or delay.  Write or  ask  our Local  Manager to  explain   our  system to you.  Greenwood Branclv^H. F. STOW, Manager.  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  /. H. HALLETT  Bakkister, Soucitok,  notaky ptbuc.  Cable Addreas:       ���' Hailbtt."  i Bedford U'NeiU'a  Co out < Moreiaf a NealV  I Leiberg  Gummmwoob, B.O  BOUNDARY   VALLEY   LODGE  No. F.  Meets ererj Tuesday Evening al 8 0t in Uw  j. e. O. T. Hall. A cordial TiitJ tatloalaa*  tended lo all sojonrnin? bretbero.  D. A. MACDONALD  N. G.  A. LOGAN,  V. <;.  r. j. saunders. Rec s*c  Cbc  Boundary Creek Times  lc*ued 6vtry f rldav  MtM-AR <fc Davioson. Lessees.  may be very easily complied with,  aud it seems almost strange tbat  such necessary provisions have  never before fouad their way to  the pages of the Provincial statutes.  The Boundary Creek Times is  a philanthropic institution all  right, but we can't aff >rd to send  out the paper for nothing, so we  ask you to be good enough to send  in your arrears of subscription;  which,you will kindly remamber,  should be paid in advance.  t  J. M. MILLAR  Mamaosb  SUBSCRIPTIONS IN ADVANCE.  Pbk  Ybak     2 00  Six Months  1 25  To Foreign Cooktriks  ...      2 50  FRIDAY. MARCH 26, 1W  The far-reaching power of tlie  Mafia organiz itiin is sh iw.i by  the fact that the agent of a transportation company wbo had contracted to carry tbe body of Lieut.  Petrosino back to New York informed the American consul that  he was afvaid to do so on account  of warning he had received from  secret sources to have nothing to  do with the case.  THE JEWEL MILL  New Process Being Installed  There is now under erection  by the Jewel Syndicate at the  Jewel mine, neur Greenwood, a  new mill which is to test a slimes  treating process, which if it  proves successful will revolutionize the present method of separating the gold from tailing?.  The new process is the invention  of H. Nichols, manager of the  Ymir mine, and a company has  just beea formed to promote its  use in gold camps. The company  is entitled the Slimes Treating  Co., Limited.  The mill in course of erection at  the Jewel mine will be in operation in about two months, when  the commercial and practical  value of the inventionwi.il be  demonstrated. The inventor and  the other members of the company are confident that the tests  already made assure the success  of the process, but the new mill  will try it on a scale largeenough  for all practical purposes. On  the completion of a successful run  in the mill steps will be taken to  place the invention on the South  African market through Messrs,  Fraser and Williams of tbat coun-  try;  Immigration chaplains station-  edat landing   piers   at   Halifax  have resolved to petition the Canadian Moral aud Social league t<  ask   the   Dominion   governmer  for an  act   affording   immtrdiat-  protection to young women immi  grants landing  at any Canadiat  port.  KETTLE VALLEY FRUI'  LANDS  A deputation of tbe Canadiai  National association of Builders  waited on H ��n. Lemieux and  requested the extension of the  Lemieux act to coyer industries  other than public utilities, al-o  the enactment of a federal law of  government compensation for injuries and the enlargement of the  proposed insurance account.  Three million letters and two  hundred thousand telegrams are  held for delivery in Paris owing  to the strike of the postmen and  telegraphers.  Sault Ste Marie is to have a  dry-dock that will cost half a million.  It is said that E. H. Harriman,  who is now 61 year's old, will retire from active railroading.  The U.S. Treasury has a deficit  of $130,000,000.  The fact that the construction  of the great Greenwood-Phoenix  tunrel will begin at an early date  is a m tt r of happy moment  to the citizens of Greenwood  and the people of the whole  Boundary country.  Scientific mining has wrought  great changes in the plans for  extracting the precious metals  from the bosom of Mother Earth,  and consolidations of capital  have made such big undertakings  the most feasible and profitable  method of procedure where the  topography of the ground to be  mined is favorable.  The success which has attended the completion of like < enterprises in a number of other localities is a fair criterion of what developments may be expected from  the Greenwood-Phoenix tunnel  ���which wili traverse a series of  known veins proved on the surface to carry high values in silver aud gold, and which will tap  the great Phoenix mines at] a  ����ptfa of 2000 feet when the end  of the contract is reached.  The new president of the   U.S  presents �� striking contrast t:> his  predecessor.  Au air of calm is associated  with the personality of Mr. Taf%  and if he displays the firmness ot  purpose which he is expected to  9how it will be demonstrated to  the Am rican people that there  are more effective ways of controlling'critical situations than  the promiscuous wielding of the  "Big Stick."  . GENERAL NOTES |  -.Kv,/:.-.,/vyyyv-1^^yTO��:-.A."A--.^-.ra^  Edward Paysou Weston, the  veteran pedestrian, is, walking  from New York to Seattle, 4000  miles. He says he will do the  distance in 100 days, and at one  time he defeated all comers in a  match in England when he walked 5000 miles in the same time.  Myncaster on the Great Northern 4  miles-cMichfray on ���&%  miles,    Lands for Sate in 5 to 20   dicreLots, with water right]  For particulars apply to The Kettle Valley Irrigated Fruit Lands Co., Ltd)  D. R. TAIT, Manager, Midway, B.(  Pacific Hotel  Gribg & Morrison, Prop.  The Pacific is the  Headquarters  for Commercial and Mining1 Men  Is steam heated, electric lighted;  the rooms are large and cosy.  Statistics compiled by the de-  parment ot immigration show  there are still 200,000 homesteads  available in the three prairie provinces under the surveys which  have been completed. The extension of the surveys,of course, will  increase this number greatly.  The free farms are located as  follows, according to province :  Madame Modjeska, tbe famous .Manitoba, 18,118; Saskatchewan.  actress, is believed to be dying at: 106,560, and Alberta 71,286.  her California home.      Tbe   demand   for   lumber was  Col. Cooper and his son, Kobin   never so active on the prairies as  The Rest Cuisine between  Winnipeg and the Coast.  ���fr ���!��� ���!��� %f"f' 4**f* *f* ���$*  The Ambulance Act, by Parker Williams, M.L.A., for the  protection of workmen engaged  in industrial operations, is one of  the neatest and most worthy bills  put through the present cr any  other spssion of the legislature of  British Columbia.  The terms requiring first s-'d tn  the injured   are   such   that thev  The arrival of the great Pruh-  ling dredge at New Westminster,  which is to make the Royal City  an ocean port and give her a place  with the great manufacturing  centres ot the Pacific coast, was  celebrated by a procession headed  by the city band.  Westminster has begun to show  the effects of enterprising advertising and the futura of the Fraser river metropolis is now assured.  Cooper, were sentenced to twenty  year's imprisonment for the murder of U.S. Senator Carmack in  Tennessee. John D. Sharpe was  acquitted.  it is at the present time.  Thirty-five miners were killed  by fire-damp in the Sunnyside  mine at Evansville, Ind.  Canada's magnificent exhibit  that attracted the attention of  thousands of visitors to the Franco-British Exposition at London  last year has arrived in Seattle  and the big Fair will be ready  June 1.  According to a Brantford despatch an Irish girl arrested in that  city for vagrancy was given the  alternative of going to gaol or  marrying a Chinaman.  If the story is true, the sap-  head who pronounced on the fate  of the girl should be sent to Pcne-  tang; and a guardian should be  appointed for the clergyman who  performed the detestable ceremony.  The  Vernon  ic rto^r aupe.-)��-;  Olf'nrfTi tph;cl)  <       V-       "1      < tif'l  The Boston express train out of  control crashed into the Windsor  station at Montreal killing two  women and three children,  The British War department  will-organize an automobile transport system.  Hamilton, Canada, bricklayers,  and builders have renewed their  contracts for three years at ��0  cents per hour.  The Financier, suryeying the  Canadian railway systems, declares them to be in a very healthy condition and well deserving  the attention of British capitalists.  Copper  HANDBOOK.  (New Edition  issued March, 1908.)  Size :   Octavo.   Pages :  1228.  Chapters : 25.  Scope : The Copper, Industry   of  the  World.  Covering ; Copper History. Geology,  Geography, Chemistry, Mineralolgy,  Mining, Milling, Leaching, Smelting,  Refining, Brands, Grades, Impurities,  Alloys, Uses, Substitutes.Terminology  Deposits by Districts, States.Couatries  and Continents, Mines in Tietail, Statistics of Production, Consumption,imports, Exports, Finances, Dividends,  eic.  The Copper Handbook is conoededly  the  siiiD mm  e  9900000000000000000000040A  H. BUNTING  CONTRACTOR  AND BUILDER  Dealer in all kinds of  Rough and Dressed  Lumber, Mouldings,  Windows, Doors,  Shingles, Bricks,  Cement,    etc.,   etc.  ESTIMATES FURNISHED.;  GREENWOOD,   :   B. C.  O PHONE 65.  ��ooooooooooooooooooooooooo  AT THE CHORCHES  Presbyterian���Services will.be col  ducted morning and evening,  11  a.  and 7.30 p.m. Rev. M. D. McKee, Pas]  tor.  Methodist���Rev. F.J. Raitherfor]  B. A., will conduct set vises as usual  Methodist Church morning and evenit|  Services   every Sunday, morning ax  Sunday School at 3.  The   Interior   ot   Cuba is in a  state of insurrection.  Hon. George E. Foster has delivered his amended statement of  claim in the action which he  brought against Mr. J. A. MacDonald for slander.    In   the new  New Zealand's population December 31, 1908, was 1,012,000,  consisting of 960,000 Europeans.  40,000 Maoris and 12,000 Cook  Islanders. The excess of immigration over departures in 1908  was 14,000���a record ; while the  natural increase was 17.000, a total gain of 31,000.  When opportunity knocks at  some men's doors, they take it  for   the   collector and fail to ati-  Hotel.. .  Ladysmith  Close to the Smelter.  The Miner needs the book for the  facts it gives him reganlio Geology,  Mining, Copper Deposit - Copper  Mines.  The Copper Consumer needs the book  for every chapter it contains. It tells  what and explains how and why.  The Investor in Copper Shares cannot afford to be without it. The Copper Handbook gives statistics and gen ]  eral information on one hand, with  thousands of detailed mine descriptions on the other, covering the copper  mines of the entire world, and. the 40  pages'of condensed statistical tables  alone are worth more than the price  of tbe book to each and every owner of  copper mining shares.  Price : $5.00 in Buckram with gilt  top, or $7.50 in full library morocco.  Terms : The most liberal. Send no  money, but order the book sent you,  all carriage chatges prepaid, on one  week's approval, to be returned if un-  satisfactory, orpaid'for if it suits. Can  you afford not to see the book aad judge  for yourself of its value to you ?  WRITE NOW to the editor and publisher,  HORACE J. STEVENS  453 SHEL,DO'NBUIt,DING, HOUGHTON, MICH., U.S.A.  Cathouc���Church   of   the Sacrel  Heart.���Divine service 1st, third _ol  fourth Sunday in each  month.    Hofl  mass at 10 a. m.; vespers and benedirj  tion  at 7:30 p.  m.; Sunday school  2:30 p.m. Rbv.J. A. Bbdabd, 6. M.  pastor.  Church of England (St. Jude's)-  Every Sunday, Morning and evenii  Matins, 11 a. tn. Evensong, 7:30 p.  Sunday school, 2 30 p.m. Holy Oct  munioa, 1st Sunday at 8 a. m; ot  Sundays   after Matins at  11 a.m.  Saints'   Day services as announc  in  Church.  Rev. F Vernon Venables, Vicar.  St Joseph's School  NELSON, EC ���  PARENTS who wish to secure H  their daughter the benefits   of  solid and refined education will do wc  to consider the advantages the Co^  vent School. Nelson, offers.  The Convent is large and  comaac  ioua and a large, number  of Boards  can be accomodated.    The  8eho��l  superintended and taught  fay the S|  teis, who   have  much   experience  training and educating children.  The course of study comprise* Cbrii  Ian Doctrine,  Grammar,   Geogr&|~  Arithmetic,   English  and    C_aai  History,   Stenography,   Bookkosp  Typewriting, Drawiag, Algebra, (  merry, Needlework, Vocal and I_atr|  mftatal Music, French   and  Hygie  For further particulars apply '  SxBTBR Sopbriok.St. Jossph'8 Schc  Xbmon, B.C.  9  9  u  I  statemPi^  Mr. Foster   abandons swer.  DOWN    STAIRS   WITH    CHILD  The following testimonial proves once again the superiority of  "Nature's Healing Balm," Zam-1 uk. Mrs. L. .Spalding ol 505 1-rie  St., Stratford, Ont., says: " Some time back 1 met wi h a peculiar  accident white descending the stairs with a child  in my arms. I slipped, falling heavily on my It ft  arm and elbow, receiving a flesh wound. My arm  was inll.inied, swollen and very paii fill. I tiied  different 'preparations, hut the wound kept discharging and refused to heal. About this time mj  brother suggested using Ziim IJuk. 1 acied upon  his advice Zam-ltuk thoroughly cleaned the  wound, stopped all discharging and i olhed the  pain and in lour weeks ihe wi.und was nicely  healed. I have had perfect use of both elbi.w and  arm ever since and owe this good luck to the  wonderful healing balm Zam-Buk and would  advise others to use nothing else."  Zam Buk cures  cuts, bruitee, burrs. ��� taenia, festering wounds and  all skiit dise.-is*s���of all dniBgi*u and siorc*��� 50c.  Imx or po>t-paid from tbe Zam-Huk Co., Toronto.  Send for sample and enclose tc stamp for pos_gc  mm*3**  EVERY HOME NEEDS  The Best Appointed Work-  ingmen's Hotel in the City  Lighted    throughout   with  Electricity.   Hot and  Cold Baths.  The finest of Bars Stocked  with the Best Wines,  Liquors and Cigars  GREENWOOD, B.C.  OLA LOFSTAD Proprietor  5S_^N��^S^5^��^5^_H5��^_^^  McCLUNG and 800DEVE, Proprietors.  i Finest Fnrnisbed House in tbe Boundary  f  J j Steam Heated.   Uffkted   tluwafkout  with agastric lights.  *Q> First-class Bar.    Strictly up-to-date g��o_s.  \i  FIR6T CUSS CARL, OKW DAY AND NfrftJfT  Electric  current   supplied   for  *  n  *  *  4,  V  * _ _   Power, Lighting, Heating and  Ventilating. Power furnished  for Hoisting and air-compressing plants, with an absolute  guarantee of continuous | < v 13  service for operating.  t Get Our Rates. We Can Save You Money _*���__  THE  BOUNDARY CREEK TIMES  <lj>  .. x_��i�� A/lll^ A^/ijxv-Jt^l^yv/y.vjv^Aoya  1 PROVINCIAL ITEMS!  Victoria   is   to  have a fiO-day  racing-meet this year.  Aids Nature  The   Colonist Publish i n g Co.,  of Victoria, will start a   new  ev-'  i  eniag pa peri a that   citv wh:ch|  will be edited b.-    \V. Blakemore  who has been recently   employed  on The Wefk. '  Fernie Aldermen  are  at   the   acquirement  utilities.  arnvii g  of   pub ic  Mayor Weir, ot Trail, and his  aldermanic ticket were returned  by large majorities.  A bunch of Japs broke the  small-pox quarantine at Ladysmith and crossed the Gulf in  small boats to Pbiiit Roberts;  The great success of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Dis-  covery in curing weak stomachs, wasted bodies, weak  fangs, and obstinate and lingering coughs, is based on  the recognition of the fundamental truth that "Golden  Medical Discovery" supplies Nature with body-building, tissue-repairing, muscle-making materials, in condensed and concentrated form. With this help Nature  ���applies ^the necessary strength to the stomach to digest  food, build up the body and thereby throw off lingering  obstinate coughs. The "Discovery" re-establishes the  digestive and nutritive organs in sound health, purines  and enriches the blood; and nourishes the nerves���'in  short establishes sound vigorous health.  it your dealer otters something "lust as 6ood,**  U la probably better FOR HIM-"it pays better.  But you are thinking ot the cure not the profit, so  there's nothing "lust as $ood" tor you.    Say so.  i^,Df,c?ie,!S|'s Common Sense Medical Adviser, In Plain English; or,-Med*  iotao Simplified, 1008 pages, over 700 illustrations, newly revised up-to-date  Edition, paper-bound, sent for 31 one-cent stamps, to cover cost of mailing  ���sly.   Cloth-bound, 50 stamps.   Address Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.  piles, bad. leg, suppurating wounds,  cuts,-bruises, chapped hands, cold  cracks, and allskin injures and diseases. Wribbed well in'o the p;irt af  fectetl. it cures rheumatism, sciatica,  neuralgia, etc. All rlrri^jjis'a ami sit.res  at 50c. yer box, or post free from Hani-  Buk Co , Toronto, on receipt   of price  _a_____t*  MRS. MURRAY, graduate in vocal  and instrumental music, is prepared to  receive putils in piano, organ and  voice. Latest Conservatory methods  tiaught. Class in Greenwood, Monday,  Tuesday and " Wednesday; Midway,  Thursday; Phoenix, Friday and Saturday.    For  terms  and  further partiou  AS   p  10 Costly  9 Piece China  Dinner Sets  RIZES  The Bank of Toronto, which  will open a branch at Vancouver  in April, will be that city's fifteenth bank.  It is claimed that Vancouver  receives and sends out nearly  twice as many sea-going vessels  as Montreal.  John J. Harrison, a well-known  citizen of Vancouver, committed  suicide the day after he had told  the police that a Christian Science  practitioner named Varey advised  him to give all bis money to Mr.  Varey's church.  : Harrison was worth about $100,-  000, and leaves a wife and daughter. The Coroner's.jury declared  that Varey was largely the cause  of Harrison's despondency,, and  recommends that the Attorney-  General investigate the case  forthwith.  Dog Lake is the name of the  newest townsite in Okanagan and  James Ritchie is the promoter.    .  Some 2,000 acres will be put  under irrigation at this point  which is seven/miles south of  Penticton on the Okanagan river.  The water will be piped from  two0 mountain streams.  The German-Canadian Economic Association will send a  delegation to Canada for the purpose of cultivating closer German-  Canadian trade relations,  Tito�� BouaimdaiFy^  is   the Pioneer Weekly  of the Boundary Creek  Mining District.  f The Times has the  moat complete Stock of  Type, Inks, Paper, in  the Boundary.  ^ The Times is improving- its stock, enlarging  its circulation, widening  its interests every  month.  ���J The Times, in Job  Work, Advertising, in  News Getting and Giving can deliver the  goods.  SEE IE IT CAN'T.  ��[ Subscribe For,Advertise In, Send Your Job  Work to the Boundary's  Pap���  Held Fast.  The old Eskimo lit a cup of  walrus oil and peered over the  sealskin curtain.  "Aurora," he called, sharplv,  "Is that young man down there  yet?"  VYes, Pa," answered the Eskimo belle, timidly,  "Well, I want vou   to cut him  out, understand ?"  "Er���you'll have, to do it yourself, pa. He has been here so  long he is frozen to the snow settee and you'll have to cut him out  with an ax."  NEGLECTED SCALD CAUSED MONTHS OF AGONY.  Spent Dollars in vain but Zam-Buk  Cured Her.  Following-we give the testimony of a  lady who if she had known of Zam-Buk  earlier would have been saved nine  weeks of agony':  Mrs. Frederick Bryant, of ��� 169, Rail  way Avenue, Statford Ont., says:��� "I  scalded my foot while prep��ringsupper.  Next day the skin came off and my foot  was in a'serious condition. I could not  wear my shoe and had to lay up for  nine weeks. During this time I used  dozens of salves but none done any  good, in fact the wound developed into  a running sore. I got no rest day or  night from the pain. At thi�� point a  supply of Zam-Buk was obtained and a  few application had immediate effect  In soothing: the pain and irritatirn. A  small supply proved aufficent to heal the  the scald, although I had spent dollars  in other remedies. New skin had now  formed nicely over the open sore.  "Zam-Buk is the most wonderful and  effective remedy I have used, and I advise others to use it"  Zam-Buk is equally effective in curing bnrns, Mr Geo. Gil more, caretaker  of the E. Clements Block, Winnipeg,  testifies as follows: - ''I sustained a  series of bad burns while attending to  the large furnaces which heats the  buildings. One burn on my wrist was  particular bad and gave me great pain  I applied Zam-Buk, and in forty-eight  hours all that remained of the burn was  a slight scar. Zam Buk seemed to take  the pain away like magic. It is a  splendid balm to keep handy, its heal-  ling powers being simply marvellous.'  There is nothing to equal Zam-Buk  as a family balm. It uses are so wic e  It has been proved a sure cure for eczema, ring-worm,   ulcer.s   abscesses,  r paruou- ���.fe ^very   m���*we ����� d'stnbiite 5250.00 worth of beautiful china dinner  lars apply at room 34, Pacific Hotel.        *fV"-.?^   A fr' ^ i-^' duPIicate c^uP��ns obtained from 491b. sacks  or Koyal Standard Hour. Save your coupon, compare them each month  with the prize winning numbers as they appear in this space When you  hnd your number amoriK them all you have to do js to return the coupon  to us, and we will deliver free of all charts a hanlsome and costly 1 09 piece  Eastern Capital ready to investigate legitimate investments���-lands,timber or min.  es���in British Columbia.  Address in first instance  with full purticulars���"Capital, " c-o Noble and Co.,  Molsons Bank Building, Van-  ouver,  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVE V that, thirty  (30) days after date, I Intend to apply to  tha Ho.i. Chief Commissioner of Z Land  and Works for a licence to prospect for coal and  petioleum on the following described lands,  situate iu the Greenwood District.  Commencing at a post about ten (10) chains  south of the northwest corner of lot 422, pre-emption, thence e'as\ eighty (80) chains, thence south  e:gruty (80)chains, theirce west eijrhly (80)chains,  thence north eighty (80) chains to place of commencement, and containing <>40 acres.  Dated this 13th day of March, 1909.  D.A. MacDonali)  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  Spring-dale and Mavis Mineral Claims, situate  in Greenwood Mining Division of Yale  District. Where located: In Skylark Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Ed_und T. Wickwire, Free Miners' Certificate No. BH251,  Intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining- Recorder for Certificates of  Improvements, for the purpose ot obtaining-  Crown Grants of the above claims.  , Aud further take notice that ac Ion, under  Section 37, must be commenced before the  Issuance of such Certificates of Improvement*.  Dated this 20th day of February, A.D. 1909  EDMUND T. WICKWIRE.  china dinner set.  The full details of the contest are on the back of each coupon.  A Word about the Flour itself.  You will require little inducements to use Royal Standard Flour aftef  once have tried it. It is the purest, strongest, most delicious and nutritiou*  bread Hour on the market.  Manufactured only by  VANCOUVER MILLING & GRAIN CO..LTD.  Vancouver, B.C.  Ladies' Calling Cards,Hol-  land   Linen, can  be had at  The Times Office, 50c a box.  M��tm��MMMIM��IMIH>  WORTH  TAKING  OnaoB-M Fluid E_tmot Dandelion |  ��aa os���m Oompound B��UUn> |  Tour   osaoea   Oompoaad   Syrup  Sanwp_ri__|-  Mlxed and Ukan to t��_po__-  dofloa altar mo_ _*���!_ad ���*_���___*,  ia ptowHoteed fay a pre������ub�� phy������  ���actabe tha bail __ttan Car tha  ��_�� ��f t_a kidMy, bU<Uar( aad aO  W-uugr tomblea.  ___ -yya tba doctor, ia tha sort  dmple though remark-H* ptaa���Ui  tion aver  written  to _�����_w tfia  ayatem   of   uap__Mm  aad   ���aate  aatter.   ItaotaatftffM  to tbe Mdam lai-M-H-i 1  ���u* tha aaWa mat MMk) ��  rhaa__t__w MM ���Ms*  other __k4_���> ���-tag  from  sow, tap���* MONTI���* !agr*d___ aaa b�� fNoazed at  any good drag store, tad Mag put-jf  vagetoble and entirely _____*, oan  oeafly ba mixed at hiama.  It 50m have a aoffaring -iand show  this to him, aa be will nndoabtadte  ba alaaaad te laua al ao staple and  Mgkrjr roco���mended a laannr/. ^  The oven does  the baking, t_te  fire-box controls  the oven heat,  and the grates  hold the coal or  wood that produces the heat, so  THE GRATES  are important  \D'oubIe  \Diiplex  Grates  "Sask-alta" Double Duplex Grates are made  in four pieces, each grate shaken separately.  Ashes over one grate can be shaken without  wasting good fuel over other grate. No poking  necessary, thereby saving fuel. Dampers at both  ends of fire-box secure perfect drafts. When  grates are inverted for wood a patent clamp  retains them in position. The easiest-working  way is the surest-serving way ���and that's  "Sask-alta" way. ^  "1  Tea  Coffee  Spices I  and Extracts  Received Highest Award  Dominion Exhibition 1906  Snyoopsis ol Canadian Noith-Wesl  HOMESTEAD REGULATIONS.  AN Y availnble oniin'n.n r.aiuls within t!i<:  Kailwiiy Ul'H in Hrili^-li Columbia, limy bt;  liontosuadt'tl by any ix-r.-on w li���� is tlu- .-..��Ut lu-ail  oi a family, t��r :tny niaU* ovt-r bs ^.*ars oi a^i*.  l�� llif extent nf <nn.-(|ii:irii��r svcti.m of lulacn^,  mure or less.  Knlry must be maib-iiersiin.-ill.v at tho local  laud ortic�� fur thf tlisricl in wbicli the laiul is  situate. Entry by proxy may, however, be  made on certain cumlitiniis by the father,  motlier, son, dautrh:i'r. brother or sister, of an  inteiKlitifcf boinesteiulvr.  The lioitiesleader is reipiired ^o prcforiu the  Conditions connected tliuru with under one of  tii^ followlit^jilans:  1) At least *ix inoiitlis' rOMiIeiice u|>f'ii and  cultivation of the laiwiin each year for three  years.  (2; If the father Cor mother. If the father is do"  ceased), of the homesteader resides upon a farm   '  in the vicinity of tlielaml   entered   for,    the  requirements as to residence  may   besatislied  by  such jierson residiue: witlillit* father or inolher.  (3) If the settler has bis permanent  residence  pon farniine; land owi.eil by him in  the   viciit  ily of his homestead, the requirements as to re s  itlcuce  may   lie  satisfied by resilience upon the  said land.  Six months* notice in writi.i^sbouUI beuiven  to the Commissioner of Dominion Lauds al Ot  tawa of luluiilioii to apply for patent.  Coal.���Coal miiiiiie; rights amy Ik-leased fora  period ��f twcnl.vHiiii! years at an  annual rctnl  of ?1. per acre.    Not   more than 2.5oOacres shall  be leased to one individual or company.    A roy-  alily al tlie r-leofDve ce.its |>er  ton  shall   be  ollecled on tile merchantable coal mined.  W,  W.CORY,  Uepulr of the   Minisier of th i Interior  U. H.-Unauthorized   publication of. this   ad  vertit-lNiiem will not tie puirt for.  We will send you The Boundary Creek  Times with all the News of the Boundary  and The Farm and Ranch Review, Cab  gary, a first'class Rancher's Paper, from  now until January 1st, 1910,  ��������>������������>����>>���>����>���>�����  HOME-MADE   MEDICINE  Said to Relieve Kidney Trouble  ,'  and Rheumatism  One ounce Fluid Extract Dandelion j  One ounce Compound Saktom;  Pour ounces Compound Syrnp  Sarsaparilla;  Mixed and taken in teaapoonfnl  doses after meala and at bedtime, is  stated by a prominent phycio_��� to  ^ive moat excellent reanlU in kidney  or urinary afflictions, and also in  rheumatism and soiatioa. The mixture opens the ologged pores of tbe  kidneys, thus aea_ti_g them in their  work of filtering all waste and poisonous matter from the blood, ana expels  these in the urine. To allow this'  poisonous matter to remain means  that it will settle ia the muscular '  tissues or joints, and cause the untold  misery known as rheumatism.  The mixture is composed of harmless vegetable ingredient which can  be purchased at any good drag store,  and mixed at home.  Anyone sufferia* frees any of these  afflictions will no ismmt ba pleased to  learn of so simple and highly recommended recaedy.  Everybody  Agrees  that COD   LIVER OIL and IRON   are  beyond question the greatest medi.  cines knnwn. Th��n why does not  everybody _ke Cod Live. Oil and  Iron? Simply because most people  cannot take the Oil and few can digest  the Iron in any ordinary form. These  difficulties have been entirely removed  by the introduction of FERROL, in  which the Iron is- scientifically combined with the Oil, rendering the Oil  palatable ;md the Iron digestible.  While  is manufactured from the best quality  of Cod Liver Oil (the whole of the Oil)  and is  richer  in  oil than any other  emulsion, and while it contains just the  right quantity of the best form of Iron  and l'hosphorus, it is so scientifically  prepared that not one person in a thou-1  sand finds   -my trouble in  taking it,  ind infants digest it without difficulty.  Moreover the well-established value of  the    Oil    and    Iron     is     immensely  enhanced by the  process of manufacture, and as the formula is freely exposed it is not to b�� wondered at that  physicians    everywhere     have    fully  endorsed FERROL and used it largely  in their practice.    FERROL is invaluable for the treatment of any kind of  Lung or Bronchial troubles, while for  wasting diseases it has no equal, and  "You Know What  You Take"  BOVRIL  the kitchen  economist  1 fceiH!oo,Tcrente, Montreal, Wlanipti Vancouver1, St Jdbif, Hamilton, Cal<_ry  We will send you THE HOME JOURNAL  and the Boundary  Creek Times  for one  year*  Send us $2.25 and receive the Greatest Canadian Monthly  and The Times, with all the News of the Boundary lor  a whole year.  Much of tho U:fi-oviT (���'���'���>��  throw out  i';in   be tiirn.-il i  cious dishes  by the-  ;;-.'.:':i;i  little Hovril.  It  jjives  warisu^l-ov-.-r   ���.:  juiciness of llu: ori.ci:i;J loo  It (lives body an.l :.tr<*n;tt-J  and jjravitrs.  It gives  a  dclit.':;".! -. ; .  to coli! nu;:ils ;\:::l :       ....  ���Very day you v.  .and at: ui'oium;.  Bovril contain < '.  and milrifnt r u!  best I'lM-f. it ���  nouri-ihm*rt to :\  fulness and e;;v  -.[���!  It: mvi  .".o:r;V  All good grc=<r=  ��li T>o^irB.t<  - 4RQBBS3 THE BOUNDARY 3 *��_.:<: n:\f.i3  3EK  Purely Personal  No one wants lo eat anything: but the best bread. Purity  Flour wins its way by what it does���the best flour makes  the best bread. Try it to-day.  Ask your grocer for Purity.  SOLE   AGENTS  Greenwood and Anaconda  Just the thing 1  Bass and   ���--^     1  Guinness in Nips 1  Direct Importation. M  ���0Od Eiquor Cd. ��  r-i  A.L.WHITE  Furniture and Stove Man.  Phone 16  Miss Ruby Bryant left (or New  Westminster on Monday.  Mrs. P. McCalman, of Elm-  wood, Winnipeg, is vislttng with  her neices Mrs. E. R. Redpath  and Mrs. A. M. Davidson.  James MeCreath returned Monday from a business trip to tbe  Similkameen.  J. D. Spence, barrister, was in  Grand Forks last Saturday.  P. W. McLaine, C.P.R. Land  A^eut bas returned from a conferee at Nelson with chief C.P.  R 'imber ranger Mallandaine, oi  Crr-ston.  G. A. Rendell, M. V. Ludlow  and J. Luce, of Eholt, were in  town   on Tuesday,  Miss Daisy Crowley will accompany her mother to Boston next  month where Mrs. Crowley will  make an extended visit to ber  talented daughter, Miss Winifred  Crowlev.  Norman McLeod is again in  charge of the Boundary Falls'  power plant.  Mrs. R. K Steven will leave on  Monday on an extended visit to  the coast. On her return Mr. &  Mrs. Steven will build a cottage  on their Summit street lo',  C. Scott Gallowav, of Grand  Forks, was in the city Saturday.  J. S. Birnie left ou Wednesday  to pay an official visit to Harmony lodge A F. & A.M , Grand  Forks.  John Barclay, of Barclav & Co.  is on a business trip to Spokane.  J. 1. Feeney will leave next  week to prospect in the new Ontario si'ver district. Mrs. Feeney  will visit relatives at Guelph and  o her points in the E?sf.  School shoes, boy's and girl's���  tbe best.    Barclay & Co.  Geo. R. Kiddie, son of Thos.  Kiddie, manager of the Norlhport  smelter is in the city.  William Plunket, Meichant, of  Chesaw, was in town the first of  the week.  The boys of the Presbyterian  Sunday School have organized  into a camp of the order of the  Knights of the Holy Grail. The  following are'tke officers : Esq.  Commander, W. Bryant ; vice  c< mmander, R. Hunter ; esq. of  scroll, E. Anderson; esq. of purse,  TOWN lOTICo  ft  S   Sm;t;-;  <<*.eiate.  ���V  : r h  Mclnty-e ;  '|iv c   H.  Vote tor the Tunnel By-  Law and watch Greenwood  rise to her own.  The last issue of "The Ledge"  in Greenwood was published yesterday, and that paper will hereafter appear in Nelson, where  much of the patronage of "The  Ledge" is centered.  The Boy's Brigade promise  some new features in the program  on Tuesday evening.  Peter Boucher, formerly of  Phoenix, died at Cobalt from  pneumonia.  Bass's Ale on draught may be  had at the Windsor hotel during  the summer iiu,nthn. advt  Judge Brown will preside at a  session of the County Court on  Tuesday 30th and will hear the  casesof Hanson vs. Lawless and  Mas ey vs. Brown.  Tbe Knights of Pythias smoker  has been postponed till April 7th  The remains of John Melville,  au old-time resident of Midway,  were interred at that place on  Sunday last-.  John Lucy will prospect in  Sheep Creek district this summer  Every civilized m\n who has  been in the provimw for the requited length of time should lake  out his papers and be enrolled ou  the voter's list.  In the arbitration suit of Taylor v��. B.C. Copper Co,, on March  18th, Judge Brown, who was appointed arbitrator under the  Workmen's Compensition Act,  made an order for the examination of other wituesses; and the  hearing of the^arbitration is adjourned until the return of the  commission. I. H. Hallett appeared for the company and Taylor and Shea for the heirs of the  deceased.  The iight,of-way for the power  line from the Mother Lode to the  Jewel mine has been completed;  and the contractor, C. J. McArthur, stales that. the.line will be  ready for stringing the wires by  April 15 th.  St. Jude's Guild will meet at  Mrs. Venables, Tuesday next.  Mr. McCammon, the Phoenix  tenor, will be heard at the birthday social on   Tuesday   evening.  A cordial  invitation is   extended  ���nail.  Chief Bunbury states that the  report that the provincial police  were calied up to the Mother  Lode the other day is without  foundation. The chief constable  says tbat as a remit of rumors  which were circulating he went  up to tbe mine on his own inia-  tive just to satisfy himself that  there was no cause for apprehension, and that is all there is to it.  The ladies of St. Jude's Guild  intend giving an entertainment  in the Auditorium, Wednesday  evening, April 14th, The program consists of a 1 act play by  Mrs. Stow and Miss Shaw, an exhibition by the Bov's Btigade,  and 'The Spinster's Conveulior,'  a very laughable play, including  specialties in music, songs and  dancing, in which thirty ladies  will take part. The Greenwood  Orchestra will play between the  acts. Admission 50c to all parts  of tbe ball.  As an evidence of the arrival of  the veinal season we vemure to  inflict the following contribution  upon our suffering readers.  ANODE  If you upon the street should meet  A friend whom you desire to greet  And if convention you respect  Call him mistkr, 'twill be cor-eot..  Now if in any business way  A visit to this friend you pay  And on him wish to work a charm  Call hiui mistkr 'twill do no hara;.  Nu ���utter what and where you '.rac'.e  However much or little you're paid  Whatever the pl;ue,   where  ever   the  meeting'  mistkr at. all times is the proper greet  ing.  Take warning readers great and small  That on this p lint you do not fall  Although at times   your   tongue   will  blister  W'.ieu you meet   this friend  you  must  call him MISTKR.  You Will Skve Mbney  by having a couple of pair of odd   trousers   in  in your wardrobe.    For you will get   double the  wear out of your coats and vest and   the  general ���  appearance of your clothes will be so much   im- P  proved through having a change. .   ;  After all, the greatest Wear comes oii the trousers and once they are shabby, the   sttit is  'dbout \  all,in- ...  ,;-. v-.:'-,������;'; ":..'��� -;���';  ...  Isn't this reasonably.  Think about it and then come   in and see the'  snappy, well made, fiine-fitting  Campbell's   Clothing  odd    trousers we  3.00 to &8.50.  are    showing.    Prices   from  METALS.  New   York, March 24���Silyer,  50?��; Electrolytic copper, 12-H to  12>{>, steady.  London, March24��� Silver 23, 3-  16 lead, ��U. 8s. 9d.  March 24-Clostng quotations on  the New York curb and Spokane  exchange:  B, C,-.Copper   Granby    Dominion Copper..  Bid  ..    6.00  88.00  ���-MX  Asked  6.26  ..12#  Copper Quotations.  B.C. Copper .' .��.87# 6.12^  Granby      90.00 100.00  D iminion Copper ..06^{    .18^  ' ���   ��� ���   0        ":i ..lull,'  i.-i   .iuii.    liUin   April l4in.     adv  J. J. O'Malley, R.O., the Expert Eyesight Specialist, of Grand  Forks, will be at the Kojtenay  Hotel, Apul 2nd to 10th. Save  your eyes ior him. adv.  For Sale���7 acres of good soil,  cleared, small creek on property,  near Sunset and Mother Lode,  very cheap.    Apply Times Office.  Wanted���A girl for general  housework.    Mrs. D C. McRae.  The Methodists will give their  annual Beef-steak Pig dinner Easter Monday, April 12th, in the  church. Dinner served from 5.30  to 8. A program consisting ol  musical numbem and a scarf drill  of several young ladies will be  given after the dinner. Admission 50c.  Boy's shoes���the kind that wear  -Barclay & Co.  i  ?  '4  I  f  i  Removal Sale"  Big Discount for Cash in  the following lines:  Hair Brushes  Combs  Purfumes  Toilet Cases  Leather Goods  Ladies' Hand Satchells  Ladies' Purses  Gentlemen's Purses  Hot Water Bottles  Fountain syringes  Razors  Razors Strops  Soaps  Mirrors  Antiseptic Hand Cleaner has  t*ot soap skinned a mile. We  guarantee the goods. 2nd Hand,  A. L. White.  Pianos, sewing machines, stoves, etc., for sale or rent. The  <>.I.C., Second-hand man, A. L.  White. Phone If,.  For Sale or Rent, immediately.  Two-storey 10-room House on  Kimberlev Avenue, property of  R. J. Moffatt. Apply E. H. Mortimer.  For Sale���A 5-room cottage in  good condition, with chicken coop  and woodshed. Easy terms. Apply to L  Daignault, Anaconda.  For Sale���50 acres of black  sandy loam, partly cleared, well  suited for fruit growing, one-half  mile from railway station. Will  sell for $20 an acre in whole or  part. $10 will finish clearing.  Half cash, balance on terms.  Apply to Times oflice. box 150.  To reduce our stock before moving to our new store in   the Wallace Millar Block we will give great bargains in the aboves lines.  J. L. WHITE  :;  Successor to White Bros.  The Hunter-Kendrick Co.,  Ltd,  Greenwood's Big Furniture Store  s   -���:  Go-Carts & Carrif s  AT GULLEY'S.  Ten Styles ranging in price  From $3.75 up  T, M. Gulley & Go.  HOUSE FURNISHERS  \m  Phone 27  4* 4* 4* *h 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4�� 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* 4* ��� 4*  TO RENT       j  Fine 6-roomed modern house. .,.,.-, %.  4-Roorned  Cottage.  Suite of Rooms in a Block.  One Furnished Room.  FOR SALE  City Lots at all prices.  Fine Ranch comprising 715 .acres.  *  * __   + ���������������������������  I Bealey Investment & Trust Co., Ltd.  T OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE.        :  ~ v:   ' vi. ':.-���������.  '������. .--'i ������;���      .;���:: y ',>}': .;*- yy-'~-y   ;,-.-  4�� 4*v 4* 4'4,4*4^4*4,^yI,^4^4^4^^;^^^^^4^4*^  �����������a��������o��a��������������a��������a����*������**������������*����***��***����  P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.  DEALERS in  .53^=srS����SS��SSHS��S3��53?3S�� 5^a^SJ>  When you want Wall-paper,  send for us. We will give you a  figure on the finished job. McRae Bros.  LAGER AND RORTER,  GINGER ALE, GINGER BEER,  ALL KINDS OF  sj ARB ON AT ED DRINKS  9  i  9  ��  f  9  u  f  PINT BOTTLES FOR FAMILY  USE  Bottled and Draught Beer.  Phone 138, Greenwood  Phoenix Brewery Co., ;��B5X*$0  ��� '���  ��  * ���  *  e  ��  ��  *  *  ��  *  ��  *  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  *  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  *  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  Tresb and Cured meats  Fisb and Poultry.  Palace Livery Stables  in  eouniry  Extra Well,  DRAYING���We Can Move Anythingj  F. C.  PROPRIETOR  PERFECTION IN CONFECTIONERY  THE "COPPER SEAL  BRAND"


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