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/ Q
Vol. 8.
Great  Northern  W'ork  Soon to
P, Welch & Co,* Have Received Instructions to Begin Immediate  Construction   of  Grand  Forks^Phoenix
Branch 2£ Road Will Be Continued to Curlew Through Greenwood and Midway,
J. J. Hill has at last decided to encircle the Boundary district with his
line of railway. P. Welsh & Co. have
have received instructions to begin the
irriniediate construction of the road
from Grand Forks to Phoenix and it is
semi-officially announced that the road
will be continued down the Boundary
Creek valley, through Greenwood to
Midway and on to Curlew where it will
connect with the Republic branch. In
this way the road will encircle the
Boundary CreeV district and tap every
mining camp in it.
The Great Northern Company will
build'under the V. V. & E. charter
which was acquired some years ago
and under which the road has already
been built from Cascade to Carson.
The "forerunners' of railway construction are appearing. Wednesday's
train brought in a number of sub-
Italian "contractors whose familiar
faces had not been seen here since 1899
when P. Welsh & Co constructed the
C.&'W. railway. Railway men are
clannish and whether P. Welsh & Co.
are   operating  in   British   Columbia,
Montana or in the East, the same subcontractors can generally be found
working for them. Tony Scarpella was
among the first to return to the Boundary. He was here with P. Welsh in
1899 and has since been with him on
various contracts in other points.
Mr. Welsh returned this week to
Spokane from St. Paul where he received instructions to carry out the
contract awarded his firm some time
ago. It will be remembered that when
Mr. Hill began the construction of the
road from Marcus to Republic through
B. C. from Cascade to Carson, it was
then announced that the Phoenix
branch would be built and that the
contract for the same had been awarded P. Welsh & Co. Construction on
the main line was interrupted by litigation and by the time Mr. Hill had
got rid of various forms of litigation
which clever lawyers had instituted to
impede his progress, the money market was so unsatisfactory that it was
decided to postpone further building.
It was thought that the adverse decision in the merger suit would further
delay construction but evidently Mr.
Hill has decided to go ahead with his
Boundary railway at. once.
The branch from. Grand Forks to
Phoenix is an important one since it
will put the Great Northern in touch
with the Granby enterprises. It will
admit of that company competing for
the hauling of the Granby Company's
ore from its mines'at Phoenix to its
smelter at Grand Fonts, hauling coke
from the Crow's Nest Pass coal fields
to the smelter and hauling the product
of the smelter to the eastern markets.
This branch will follow the Fourth
of July Creek to a point near the
Athelstan mine, it will then diverge
eastward toward the ;North Fork and
creep along that divide until a low
pass is reached, thence westward to
Eholt and will take the eastern slope
of the Boundary Creek- watershed to
Phoenix. The road through Greenwood and Midway to Curlew will tie on
to the Phoenix road at a point near the
Oro Denoro mine, ' The latter road
will also be rushed in order that the
Great Northern may reach  the Green
wood smelters. This work will be
hastened should the Montreal & Boston Company's deal for the purchase
of the Dominion Copper Company arid
other big properties be successfully
floated. The Great Northern would
then be in a position to haul the ores
uf Phoenix camp to the company's
smelter at Boundary Falls.
Whether Mr. Hill has decided to continue his road westward through the
Similkameen has not yet been announced. Word comes from the coast
that Premier McBride gives as an ex
cuse for not holding the summer ses
sion, that his government is negotiating with Great Northern officials to aid
the construction of a Coast-Kootenay
line by that company and should these
negotiations be successful the necessity of holding a special session to
discuss railway matters would be
The announcement that work would
be commenced immediately in the
Boundary is the best bit of news received here since the days of the C. &
W. construction.     Old  timers remem.
ber the business boom that soon followed the advent of railway contractors. They also remember that P.
Welsh & Co. had the contract for the
construction of the C."& W.',\that this
firm paid its bills promptly and did
everything possible to encourage local
trade. The members ; of the big;railway firm will be cordially welcomed
back to the Boundary. It is understood that Mr. Welsh will have personal charge of the work in this
While the Great Northern is preparing to invade what has heretoforebeen
C.P.R. territory the C.P.R. is arranging to get into Spokane. D. C. Corbin
recently returned from Montreal and
while thete discussed the construction
of the road from Coast to Spokane
with the officials of theC.P.R.,., The
survey for the road is being made and
active construction is""likely to "commence this summer. ''.;   "'    •;
Wanted—A. young girl. to . do' light
hous^ work. Apply B.. X. Times
volving, time is gradually changed
either backward or forward according
to the longitude from Greenwich
whence tinv 's i-nlr.ulatvrl'.      It   can   be
Question Settled Satisfactorily to all
Mavemeiittoputthe Boundary a Head an Hour
Object to Afford  Longer Evenings
'..;' fAfter Hay's Work-
.preenwood is nearly an hour behind
People don't make their own time in
this country. Years ago when we
went to school,, we were taught how
the earth revolved on its axis and how
old Sol did his turning in an opposite
direction so that'when it was high
daylight in one part of this earth, it
was night somewhere else. The geographies of our school boy or school
girl days explained the matter so
clearly that every child knew how it
all happened. This explanation we
once knew, but breathe it not Gath,
proclaim it not in the streets of Aske-
ton, we have forgotten just how it
'worked out This we do know that 24
hours is gained or lost in travelling
■around the world. Railway companies pratically control the time in this
country; there are other things controlled by the same railway companies
but these need not be discussed here.
Now the railway companies regulate
time iu chunks. As they travel westward they let the minutes take care of
themselves and cut off time by hours
'only. 'For instance the C. P. R. leaves
"Montreal on one time and as it gets to
'Fort William it cuts off an hour, proceeds under the Fort William time to
Brandon, cuts off an other hour and
goes to Donald where another hour is
cut off. Time is not interferred with
Unless by. slides until the coast is
reached. The time east of Donald is
known a& mountain time and the time
west of Donald as Pacific time. The
Change in the South is made at Kootenay landing.
jNow all this is doubtless very interesting, but what application has it to
Greenwood? Let us see, Greenwood is
much nearer Kootenay Landing than
|t is to the Pacific coast. The ear^h
and the sun arrange things differently
from the C. P. R.   In the work of re-
ma" correct lime  is
-T.tUUliLlii.ii  j  r.4.;..IC
time tha'u Jb'aoihc iiuic.
The drawbacks of being nearly an
hour behind time are many. One is
.that.,the evenings*- Tirc-'aii.los,t''wipbd
out. We sleep in the mornings, -the
most perfect part of the day and quit
work at six o'clock; by the time'dinner
is over, night comes and the evening is
lost. Those who want outdoor recreation during the summer months find
no time after dinner.
Aid. Caulfield has discovered a remedy. He suggested that the mining,
smelting, commercial and financial
centre of the Boundary should set a
good example to other parts of the
district and make , time not for slaves
but to suit ourselves. At the regular
meeting of the city council Aid. Caulfield brought up the matter and point-
ed^out Jhat by beginning the day an
hour earlier work could be suspended
an hour earlier and leave a reasonable
long evening. The plan met with the
approval of the council and a commit'
tee consisting of Aid. Caulfield, McKenzie and McNeill was appointed to
interview business, mining and smelter
! men to ascertain their views regarding
this matter. I
Other towns in different parts of the
\ country have made time for themselves
I with satisfactory results.
j    Under the new   system   six- o'clock
' would come at five of the railway time
and   seven   o'clock. in   the   morning
j would mean six, railway  time.     This
i would get people out a little earlier in
the morning but bed time would also
. come   earlier   and   no   one   would be
, cheated out of their share of sleep. If
the people here agree to the change, an
; effort will be made to get other towns
in the Boundary to adopt the new
Keep your eye on  that $60.00 cash
prize at Hunter-Kendrick's.
A Noted Horseman's Experience.
Mr. Antoine Wendling, owner of
Deveras 2\\% and proprietor of the
Clifton House, Brockville, says no liniment compares with Nerviline for general use around the stable. For strains,
sprains, swellings, internal pains and
especially for affections of the whirl
bone Nerviline is unequalled. Mr.
Wendling believes Nerviline is indispensable as a horse linimenf; it has
strength, penetrating power and works
thoroughly. Every horse an-i stock
owner should use Nerviline. Sold iii
large 25c bottles at the Thomas Drug
Co. store.
'Similkauiicii uiani..... '».. a^urj iiom
the Dominion government, a smeltei"
site on the Chuchaw^ha Indian,Reserve adjoining Hedly City. Duncan
Ross, the Liberal candidate in Yale
Cariboo returned from Hedly City last
Saturday and reports that during his
visit there, he arranged on behalf of
the Dominion government for the immediate surrender of 148 acres of the
reserve to ths Daly Company. It is
now some time since Mr. M. K. Rogers
the manager of the company made
application tor 194 acreu of the reserve.
The minister of the Interior felt however that this was more land than was
required for smelting purposes and
the interests of property owners in
Hedley and also other companies who
are likely to develop properties in that
locality_haji_tp^b^ l
Ross arranged with Mr. Rogers to accept a lesser acreage and to give an
undertaking that none of the land
would be used for townsite purposes. The settlement of the difficulty
is satisfactory to the people of Hedley
and the company, and it is now confidently expected that extensive operations will now be resumed both at
the Nickle Plate mine and at Hedley
where the company has already erected large reduction works.
Chief Justice Hunter Presides at Sitting
ill CI w
Are Being Tried—True Bill   Found
Against Ah Sue.
Splendid  Program  of   Sports   For
Tuesday Next.
As in former years Midway will
celebrate Victoria Day The enterprising citizens of that town have completed arrangements for a grand gala
day on Tuesday next. Five hundred
dollars has been collected for prizes
and some events will be keenly contested. There will be some fast horse
racing, base ball matches and athletic
sports. The Greenwood citizens'
band will be in attendance. Excursion
trains will run from all points in the
Midway is a delightful spot for a
day's outing and there is sure to be a
large attendance from the Boundary
On May 24th the dining room of the
Crowell House, Midway, will be open
from the time of arrival of the special
train. Meals and ice cream, made
from pure cream, will be served at anytime during the day. Visitors from
Greenwood will find plenty of room to
be all served at once.
His Lordship, Chief Justice Hunter,
lost no time in getting into motion the
father "ponderous" machinery~~of "the
Supreme Court, sitting as a Court of
Assize, Nisi Prius, Oyer and Terminer
and General Gaol Delivery. Promptly
at eleven o'clock on Thursday last,
the Chief Justice took his seat o:i the
bench, accompanied by his honor,
Judge Leamy as a guest. After the
Grand Jury had been sworn in and had
chosen C. Scott Galloway as their
foreman, His Lordship briefly congratulated them on the absence of serious
crime in a mining community adjacent
to the international boundary line, and
still more briefly instructed them on
their duties with regard to the indictments presented. The Grand Jury
retired and applications were then
heard by the learned Judge.
The Grand Jury were: C. Scott
Galloway (foreman), J. A. Russell, W.
Allison, R.-D. Kerr, J. G. Laing, S. M.
Johnson, T. A. Garland, of Greenwood; J. R. Jackson, Midway; W. W.
Craig, Boundary Falls; J. W. McKinnon, Eholt; and Norman McLellan, W.
J. Cook and J. C. McGregor, Grand
Forks. H. C. Shaw represented the
Crown in the criminal cases and the
other members of the bar in the Boundary were present to represent various
clients. Miss Harris of Rossland was
sworn in as official Court stenographer
while Registrar McMynn, his deputy
Birnie and police officers Dunsmore
and Darraugh were present in their
official capacities.
H. C. Shaw, for H, C.sHanington] of
Grand Forks, applied for a foreclosure
order on behalf of the Standard Loan
Company against H. L. Mclntyre,
Thos. E- Birkbeck and Lionel Birk-
beck, an infant.    Order granted.
McLeod & Brown, on beha'f of Hunter-Kendrick Company, applied for
judgment on  a claim against Robert
Clark, Ella Clark and the'Roy^-i'Bank
of Canada for pincipal'and interest on
a mortfaire on lot 717.    Order granted.
.   .   '    '. .......I'was.stood
"■•■■ J.'.,A.,-Mac-
U'.'ii* i' , ;   .1. i.'.i i'>f Mr..'Graves.!': •[
A. C. Sutton, on behalf of David
Wobdi;.ead.and A. L:'Rogers owners:of
the Crescent Mineral; Claim on Eagle
mountain, applied,' for'i'ari injunction
againstcthe Hunter-Kerulrlckr Co., B.
Lequime, Yale-Columbia;Compahy and
others to restrain ;them ffrdrir- cutting
timber and railway ties on the said
mineral claim. The learned'-Judge
granted the injunction; the defendants
to have the right to apply to dissolve
the injunction by giving 48 hours
A. M. Whiteside, on behalf of Price
Bros, of Quebec, secured an additional
order   in   connection r with/'-,the,f'fore-
. ■'■ ' .*.-. ,'i .'. ■». ■■ I:. ■   ■'
closure proceedings; against jthetWestern Copper Company,- Hid.:.u\"'.}-y>J
The Grand Jury  not  being ready to
report in  connection  with the indict-
in en t s7"" a n"'" "ad j '6'u'f h ni e n V" w as""~t toi eff""'
ordered until 2.30 in the afternoon.
When Court resumed at 2,30 the
Giand Jury brought in a true : bill
against Ah Sue but Mr. McLeod, who
defended the accused, asked for-an adjournment to enable witnesses to get
here from Rock Creek. An adjournment was granted until ten o'clock.to-
day. The Grand Jury also found a
true bill against Louis Dubray but as
he failed to appear Mr. Shaw applied
to have bail estreated. Mr. McLeod
pointed out that Mr. Dubray came all
the way from Montana last fall to
stand trial, but no assize court was
held, that he had returned to work in
Montana and that he didn't know
whether the accused had been informed
of this sitting of the Court, in any
case the bail bonds we're irregularly
drawn. The learned Judge said he
would further consider the application
on Saturday morning.
In the civil case of Pastillo vs. ■ Albi
for the amount of S798 for work done,
the learned Judge held that as the
amount was within S1000, it should
have been tried in the County Court
and transferred it to that court, the
defendant to have the right to select
cither the June or the August sitting.
Mr. Shaw for plaintiff and J. R. Brown
for defendant.
An adjournment was then taken until ten o'clock today.
A number of civil cases and the case
against Ah Sue were still to be tried
when court adjourned yesterday afternoon. Some of the civil cases are
lenthy and important an. as both
Monday and Tuesday next are holidays in nil probability it will be late
next week before the docket is cleared. BOUNDARY   ORbiEK   TIMES.  ��� vV"*~WWAa/>'W'W#  ST00KE BR��S  Havinjr something else  in  view  offer their well known  For Sale  706 Acres  150 acres suitable for cultivation  balance pastures and range.  100 foot hay and cattle sheds.  First class fencing.  Extensive Hog pasture��� creek  running thro���well fenced���pig  proof.  Young Orchard just coming into  bearing stock at option ot purchaser.  50 acres Titnothy-Clover-Brome   ^  Grass. ��  Barns all floored���chicken and  root houses.  Current prices paid ranchers for  dressed meats, etc. Pork 8 to  10c. Beef 8 to 10c. Eggs 35  to 60c dozen. Butter 35c lb.  Oats 50c bushel, wheat $1.00  bushel.  There's Money In Ranching at the  above prices���you can't get away from  it. There Is no section so well adapted  to stock raising or fruit growing (as  Boundary Creek) that produces so little  of what it consumes. Market at your  door.  The Freight Is yours.  The Boundary for the  rancher is an empire of  its own.  Our market is protected on the East by  . the C- P. ��., on the south by the Custom  \> House, on the West and North by Land  limited and undeveloped.  For further infotmatlon see:  ��A*v''WA**^.wA��r'W'WA��/A/tf-'w^A*v$  RAILWAY.  The only all rail route between points east  west and sonth to Rossland, Nelson, Grand  Porks and Republic.  Buffet cars run between Spokane aud North-  port.  Effective June 14th, 1903.  Leave  8:45 a. m.  10:40 a. m.  7:20 a. m.  10:35 a. m.  8:30 a. m.  Spokane  Rossland  Nelson  Grand Forks  Republic  Arrive  6:15 p. m.  4:35 p. m.  7:20 p. m.  4:00 p. m  6:15 p. m.  In Connection With  TICKETS To All POINTS  SHORT LINE TO  ST.   PAUL,    DULUTH,    MINNEAPOLIS, CHICAGO and ALL POINTS  EAST. SEATTLE, TACOMA, VICTORIA, PORTLAND and all PACIFIC  COAST POINTS.  Through Palace and Tourist Sleepers.  Dining  and Buffet Smoking Library  ca r.  2 Fast Trains Dairy 2  For rates, fplders and full information regarding trips, call on or address a agent of the S. F. & N. Railway, or  H. A. Jacksok, H. Brandt,  C. F. & P. A., C. P. & T. A.,  Spokane 7sl W Riverside Ave  Wash. Spokane, Wa���  THE PRESENTMENT.  The Grand Jury Congratulates   His  Lordship���Local Needs.  When Court resumed this morning1   the   Grand Jury made   the  following presentment:  May It Please Your Lordship:  The Grand Jurj- desire to extend to you a cordial welcome on  this, your first visit to Greenwood, and to express our satisfaction at the fact that the Sittings  of the Court are being held in  such a building as we are now in.  We have examined the building  and find that the accommodation  provided for the work to be done,  and the provision made for prisoners, to be ample, and the  whole reflecting much credit on  those in charge for the very efficient manner in which it is kept.  The grounds around the building  are in a very uncompleted state  and we would respectfully suggest that a sum be provided sufficient to complete the ou tside in a  manner corresponding with the  building- and the fact that it is  the official home of your Lordship while in the Boundary  country.  We have examined the school  building1 and find the same in  excellent condition and well fitted  for the work which is being efficiently carried on.  The hospital is undergoing extensive alterations and repairs,  the authorities in charge taking  advantage of the small . number  of patients at present there; the  number is only five, which is a  good index of the ttealthfulness  of the district. These alterations  and repairs when completed will  make the building more suitable  for the care of the sick, and the  Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace express themselves as being satisfied with the arrangement at  present existing between themselves and the Government.  The main thoroughfare or  highway of this section follows  Boundary Creek, from Greenwood  to Midway, and portions of this  road have been improved, and are  now in good condition. But we  beg to draw your Lordship's attention to the section between  Boundary Palls and Mr. R. D.  Kerr's farm. In this two miles  there are no less than six crossings of the Canadian Pacific Railway, jsome of which are of a  dangerous nature, and we would  request that, if the ordinary  grant is insufficient, an amount  to obviate these crossing be recommended.  We would like to draw your  attention also to our proximity to  the International Boundary Line  and the consequent ease with  which criminals may escape to a  foreign country. We would recommend that Provincial Police  Officers be granted maintenance  for their horses, as was the custom a few years ago, so that  fugitives from justice may be  more readily apprehended.  We trust that your Lordship's  stay in the Boundary may be a  pleasant one and that you may  have an opportunity of seeing the  Avonderful mineral resources  which are responsible for the development that justifies us in  calling attention to the requests  that appear iu this presentment.  C. Scott Galloway,  Foreman of Grand Jury,  On behalf of self and fellows.  His Lordship thanked the  Grand Jury for the satisfactory  manner in which they had performed their duties. He appreciated the cordial welcome and  hoped that when he laid down  the wand of office, that it could  be said he had performed his  duties in a manner befitting the  high position with which he had  been honored; He would refer  the matters to the proper authorities and then formally discharged  the Grand Jury.  The trial of Ah Sue was further adjourned this morning.  Mr. McLeod who is defending  the prisoner, raised the point  that the Grand Jury had been  improperly summoned and that  consequently the indictment was  bad. He held that during the  absence of Deputy-sheriff Elkins,  J. G. Birnie served the summons  and that he was not duly authorized to do so. His Lordship gave  H. C. Shaw, the Crown prosecutor, until 2.30 this afternoon to  look up authorities on the point  raised.  On account of the amount of  work to be done here, His Lordship arranged with the solicitors  on both sides in the case of Le-  quime vs. Powers vs. R. A.  Brown, to hear the case at Grand  Porks on Wednesday next. A  large number of witnesses were  present from Grand. Porks and as  the case could not reached until  that date, His Lordship felt that  the public convenience would be  better served by hearing the case  where all the parties interested  and witnesses reside.  A Chance of a Lifetime.  I have just sold my ranch, and have  for sale a number of my choice laying  hens, thoroughbred Brown Leghorns  and Barred Rocks, also Pekin ducks  and"tufkeys7 They^^ are going quickly,  get in line while they last. Shall also  sell my implements and live stock,  (Horses and milch cows.) J. J. Bannerman, Boundary Falls.  WANTED���Faithful person to call  oil retail trade and agents for manufacturing house having well established  business; local territory; straight  salary $20 paid weekly and expense  money advanced; previous experience  unnecessary, position permanent; business successful. Enclosed self addresses envelope. Superintendent  Travellers, 605 Monon Bldg., Chicago.  May not be done just to  s i n ; if   done by east  ern houses. Bring it to us  and we will submit you a  proof, then if you want an  alteration it will be gladely  made  S.BARRY YUILL  PRACTICAL      WATCHMAKER      AND  JEWKLLER.  All work guaranteed   GREENWOOD.  COMPANIES' ACT, 1897.  Morrison Mines. Limited, (Non-Personal Liability.  Take notice that the shares in the  Morrison Mines, Limited, (Non-Personal Liability) hereinafter described,  have been declared in default and will  be sold at public auction to the highest  bidder for cash, at the office of the said  company, Rendell building, Copper  street. Greenwood, B.C.on Wednesday  the 18th day of May, A. D., 1904, at  the hour of four o'clock in the afternoon, to satisfy assessments which  have been made thereon and are in default for a period exceeding sixty days  after notice and demand of payment of  such assessments.  A m'T of As-  No. OF  Certificate No.  45  70  95  383  384  419  776  823  1130  1155  1227  1264  1535  1548  1620  1621  1622  1623  1649  1676 ���  1725  1754  1755  1879  1880  1928  1981  1995  1996  2016  2018  2022  2029  2030  2031  2096  Shares  210  500  000  000  000  000  000  500  000  500  500  500  500  000  500  500  500  500  ���500  500  000  000  000  SOO  000  000  000  000  000  400  500  200  100  200  200  600  sessment  Due and  Unpaid  84  00  00  00  00  00  00  10 00  12 00  2 00  10 00  10 00  00  00  so  50  50  50  50  50  00  00  00  50  00  00  00  00  00  60  50  80  40  80  80  80  Dated March 25th, 1904.  A.  F. OLIVER,  Secretary.  (Ndtechangebt'date'of sale~from 22nd  April.)  WHEN IN NELSON  STOP  AT THE  The new manager B. Tomkins  has made it the leading hotel of  the Kootenays.  NOTICE TO CREDITORS  In the Matter ok the Estate ofB. Hahvky  Beach, Late of the Mothek Lode Minb  IN THE   DlSTKICT    OF   YALE,   CARPBNTEK.  NOTICE is hereby iriven, pursuant to the  "Trustees and Executtus Act," that all  creditors and others havinir claims against the  estate of the said B. Harvey Beach, who died on  or about the 19th day of June, 1902, are required,  on or before the 2.sth March, 1904, to send by  post prepaid or deliver to Messrs. Hallett &  Shaw, at their office in the Rendell Block, in  the City of Greenwood, solicitors foi Andrew  Sater. the administrator of theestaieand effects  of the said < eceased, thair christian and surnames, addresses and descriptions, the full particulars of their claims, the statement of their  accounts, and the nature of the securities, if  any, held by them.  And further take notice that; after such last  mentioned date, the said administrator will proceed to distribute the assets of the deceased  amongthe parties entitled thereto.having regard  only tothe claims of which he shall then hayeno  tice, and that the seid executor will not be liable  for the said assets or any part thereof to any  person or persons of whose claim notice shall  not have been received by him at the time of  such distribution.  Dated this 2Sth day of February, 1904.  Hallett & Shaw,  olicitors forthe said Administrator  SEALED TENDERS addressed to the  undersiirned, and endorsed "Tender for  Drill Shed, Rossland, B.C." will be received at  this office until Thursday, May 26, 1904, Inclusively, for the construction of a Drill Shed at  Rossland, B.C., according to plans and specific  cation to be seen at the Public Building-, at  Rosslaiul,B.C, aud at the Department of Public  Works, Ottawa, and at the oflice of Mr. William Henderson, Clerk of Works, Victoria,  li. C.  Tenders will not be considered unless made  on the printed form supplied, and signed with  the actual signatures of tenderers.  An accepted cheque on a chartered bank,  payable to the order of the Honourable the  Minister of Public Works, equal to ten per cent  (10 p.c), of the amou in of the tender, must  accompany each tender. Thecheque will be  forfeited if the party tendering' decline the  contract or fail lo complete the work contracted,  for, and will be returned lit case of non-acceptance of tender.  The Department does not bind Itself to accept  the lowest or any tender.  ��� By order,  FRED. GELINAS,    ���  Secretary.  Department oi Public Works,  Ottawa, April 26,1904.  Newspapers   inserting   this   advertisement  without.authorlty from the Department, will  not be paid for it.  NOTICE OF FORFEITURE.  TO DA VIC' BEATH, HENRYSHIELDS, or  to any porsonor persons to whom they may  have   transferred    their   Interest   In   the  Paymaster  mineral  claim,  situate in the  Greenwood Mininir Division of Yale district.  Youare hereby notified that I have expended  thesum of $100 for surveying the above mentioned claini and $2.50 for recording1 the same  for an assessment, such being-   required and  necessary to hold the said claim for the year  ending October 11,1903, under the provision of  the Mineral Act and 'Amending Acts; and If at  the expiration of n:nety days from the date of  the first publication  of'this  notice   in   tbe  Boundary Crtek ,Tlmes, you fall or refuse to  contribute your   portion  of such expenditure,  namety, S51.25. together with all costs of advertising, your interests  In  said  mineral claim  shall become  Invested' In me (your co-owner)  upon filing- in. the proper office in that behalf  the affidavit required by section 4 of the Mineral  Act Amendment Act, 1900."   i  Dated this 25th day of January, 1904.  P22 ROBERT WOOD.  PROVINCIAL, SECRETARY'S OFFICE.  HIS   HONOR  the Lieutenant-Governor in  Council has. been pleased to make the  following appointment;���  ljth March, 1904.  Arthur C. Sutton, of the City of, Grand  Forks. Esquire, Barrister-at-Law, to be Official  Administrator for that portion of the County of  Yale comprised wiihin the Grand Forks and  Greenwood Electoral Districts,'vice Mr. A. D  Mclntyre, whose jurisdiction for the County of  Yale is curtailed accordingly. \ ,  Corporation ot tie City of Gieenwood  NOTICE is hereby given that the Assessment Roll for 1904 has been returned, and  can be inspected by any person having an interest therein uatil the sitting of the Court of  Revision. The/first sitting of the Court ,of  Revision ou the said Assessment Roll iwiirbe  held in the City Hall, Greehwb^drt CHtj-;,on "  Monday, the 25th day oi April, 1904, at 10 o'clock  a. in. Any person desiring to make complaint  against his or her assessment must give notice  in writing to the Assessor, stating the ground  of his or her complaint, at least ten days before the said date. ..   '  G. B. TAYLOR,  C. M. C.  Greenwood, B.C., March 14th, 1904.  Cobaecos,  gigars and  Downey's,  and  Stewart's  ��������  3ust arrived  A Large assortment of  English Ju Jubes and other  fancy candies.  SI B. munroe  Copper Street  Mineral Act 1896.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTICE.  MAY DAY, DEER TRAIL, AND DIAMOND  JOE Fractional Mineral Claiit s, situate in  the  Greenwood Mining Division  of Yale  District.   Wherelocated:   Between  Greenwood and Summit camps.   .  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett, as  agent for Jane Russell, Free   Miner's  Certificate  No. B55293, "Wellington Elson, Free  Micef's    Certificate    No.    B55328,   aci    Evan  Parry,       Free       Miner's      Certificate      No.  B80121,       intend sixty        days from  the date hereof, to apply to the Mining  Recorder for Certilicatesof Improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants of the  above'.lalms.  And further take notice that actions, under  Section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.  Dated this 30th day of November, A.D. 1903.  *Mart i, H, HALLETT, BOUNDARY   GHkzEK   TIMES.  \P  Some Smart Things in  kadies' Muslin Waists  " *   If you don't wear one of Allen's blouses this season, we are  .   afraid you will  not look your best.   Not only are they handsome and well-made; being-purchased before the advances in  cpttons, the prices are right.  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Ill  r  TM��  Look   Through   Your   Stationery   and  see  that it is not short in an lines.  B. C. M. & M. Co.'s Properties Among First Located  I IIII.  Will   Again  Be   Developed by   Mr.  Haas and Associated.  The pioneers evidently knew  what they were . doing- when they  locatedi high, grade mines near  Greenwood. It is now 12.or 13  years since the first prospectors  made locations in the Boundary  and in those days high grade  veins were attractive.. Later .on  mining investors wanted large  bodies of low grade copper ore  and the high, grade claims were  overlooked. During the last two  years, after William Fowler demonstrated that the. quickest aud  surest way'of securing dividends  the Times last week he has  bonded the properties on behalf  of himself and associates and has  already Vegun work on the property.  The following description of  some of the claims was published  in the Times in January, 1S1J7,  and should prove interesting at  this juncture: v  On the "D. A." as shown by  the plan, are two shafts, one 20  feet deep and one 12 feet deep,  and a cross-cut 25 feet long bv 12  feet deep, from which ore was  shipped to the smelter at Everett  and gave a return of $440.69 for  8,653 lbs., afterpaying all freight  charges, railway aud smelter,  showing a clear profit of $110 per  ton....  The "G. A. R." has a 20-foot  shaft, sunk on a 2-foot: vein,  heavily mineralized with an intimate mixture of iron and copper  pyrites, galena, blende and silver  glance. The finest pieces of silver wire found in Boundary Creek  were taken from this shaft. Average assays from different places  across the vein gave $8.00 in  gold," 50 ozs. silver;' also $8.00  gold, 150 ozs. silver; and one, the  latest return���$15.05 gold and  196 4-5 ozs. silver per ton. On  the   "Big   L'eclge"   is  a   10-foot  gave, gold $1.50, silver 16 1-4 ozs",;  copper 11.96 per cent., or $40.44  for-all values.  The "Fred. D." was.located in  December, 1895, more as ground  for a basis for mining operations  for other claims than for its present value, although there is little  doubt that the large vein ou the  O. B. runs through it. There is  a small vein of gslena on this  claim.  The "S. F." lies between the  G.A.R. and D.A., in the direction  of the strike of the G.A.R. vein.  The location has been made on a  vein of pyrrhotite.  The "J A.C." has a large iron-  capping running through it from  the Anaconda, at a depth of a  few feet on the latter claim. The  ore carries a considerable ..percentage of copper, and -$10;-in  gold.  When You Need. Physic  Get a box of the old reliable Dr. Hamilton's Pills of Mandrake and Butternut, which loosens the bowels without  causing griping pains. No remedy is  half so satisfactory as Dr. Hamilton's  Pills.    Price 25c. at Thomas Drug Co.  The Providence Mining company  has authorized the payment of a third  dividend of ten cents a share. As the  par value of Providence stock is SS.00  this will yive a 2 per cent dividend.  f *���  '  f      j. ;  1  GREENWOOD IN, THE . SARLY DAYS.  The above cut.of Greenwood was taken years ago or at the time the B. C. M.  corporated.   The properties of the company are on the hill above, the city.  & ,M. Co.  was in-  itt" the~ Boundary-was-by developing high grade mines, there has  been a brisk demand for properties of- this class and several near  Greenwood are being worked with  gratifying results.  ��� It is now over seven years since  the Boundary Greek Times ventured an opinion that the Boun-  day Creek Mining & Mill iug  Company would become a dividend payer. This statement was  based upon the fact that there  were some splendid showings on  the several properties of the Company and conditions were favorable to the profitable exploitation  of the Company's mines. That  was an honest expression of  opinion on the part of the Times,  but like man)- another honest  opinion in reference to mining  ventures, it did. not bring dividends to the. shareholders in the  Bi C.-M.-&.M,- The Company  passed through sevev.il li.iancial  crises and changes of control  until finally its claims became  the property of the hn.:'.: to satisfy, a judgment.  But in mining the properties  are not. always to blame for disastrous financial conclusions. The  B. C. M. & M. Co's properties are  still as promising as they were  eight years ago and one of the  pioneer mining men, J. C. Haas,  M. E., has decided to give them  another chance. As was stated in  quartz-T-vein,^mineralized_. .with  iron pyrites. This vein h as been  opened up by cross-cuts on the  surface fpr 500 feet. A narrower  vein has been opened up, being  one foot wide, carrying conder-  able copper pyrites, aud runs into  the main ledge as a spur. Average assays gave $33 gold and  1 i-2'ozs. silver, and $49.35 gold,  17 lr2 ozs silver, and 2 per cent,  copper. The '"O.B." has two  distinct, veins; one 25-foot wide  which, from Us .strike and general character, would seem to be  the same vein as that on the Big-  Ledge, although sufficient work  has not been done to make this  conclusive. The second vein has  at present a width of nearly three  feet. Assays have shown values  in gold from $4.00 to $170.53  while a conservative sampling by  Mr. S. S'., Fowler, M.E., gave$20  iii gold.  On the "D. A." is a vein about  20 inches wide, with a pay-streak  of 4 to 12 inches; from this the  8,653 lbs. of ore was shipped to  the smelter, giving $103.15 gold  per ton, silver 74 7-10 ozs., and 2  per cent. lead. On the same property is a larger, vein (quartz)  carrying galena and pyrites, on  which no work has been done.  On the "S. H. B." are two converging veins of copper and iron  pyrites, on  which   work   is  now  �����  being done.  An  average assav  JUST  RECEIVED.  New: Trunks  AND-  Travelling Bags  Sclling'Ciicap.1 Sec Them1  . ���    -��� ������/ ,  New goods have arrived in ;���  Granite, Wooden and Tio...,  Ware, Potilty Netting,"  Pocket and Table KiiivuW."  Razors, Shovels, Riikes,. .  Rubber Hose. For hardware see us.  A-L  The 2nd Hand Man.  000<>0<)-00<><K>00<>CM>CKXK>0-0000<>  %   HAVING ADDED A '" ' %  am  -tinshop!  o  To my Plumbing SstaVnshment   ��  am pr��r>arcd todoall kinds of '   ��  T1NSMITHING AT  SHORTEST NOTICE.  curdac��   Crates   end   Stove" Retalrs  E W, BISHOP  <5   The   Most   Complete   Stock   in  O the Boundary.  O Phone 38      Naden-Flood Block.  O  <KH><>00<><>0<><>00<K><>00<>00<H><><>0 BOUNDARY   OHt=.EK   TIMES.  |        Boundary Ore Shipments.        J  Granby Mines   Mother Lode   B. C. Mine   Snowshoe   Sunset   Oro Denoro   Brooklyn    Morrison   R. Bell   Emma   Winnipeg.   Golden  Crown   Athelstan and Jack Pot   King Solomon   No. 7   City of Paris   Senator   Elkhorn   Providence   E. P. U. Mines and Gold Finch..  Miscellaneous   1900  64 533  5 340  19 444  297  1901  231 862  99 548  47 517  1 731  800  1902.  310 601  141 326  14 727  1903  393 718  130 492  19 365  1904  219 363  71 460  Week.  9 420  3 776  150  Total Tons  1 076  2 250  1 200  2 000  3 230  99 730  150  560  650  040  850  665  325  389 000  20 800  71 212  IS 731  IS 537  8 010  12 274  264  3 339  10 987  2968  1 756  265  316  184  204  7 900  785  625  22 937  2 435  5 646  960  532  400  993  167  5fc>  t  20  172  20  ^mmnmmmnmimmmmmm^  99  Capital, all paid up, $13,973,560.  Rest.  .$10,000,000.  President.   Lord Strathcona and Modnt Royal,  Vice-President:   Hon. George A. Drummond.  General Manager :   E. S   Clooston.  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Conservatives    who   are   still  hopeful   that their party has a  chance to win in the next general  election should visit Ottawa during the session of parliament and  they would soon become convinced that only  by the miraculous  intervention of Providence could  the   once   great   party    become  dominant in this country:     The  first   thing   that   impresses   the  visitor   to   parliament    is    the  strength o,f   the Liberals under  Sir Wilfrid Laurier and the  apparently hopeless weakness of the  Conservatives under Mr. Borden.  One cannot listen to the debates  nor watch,,the proceedings of the  house,    without    becoming   impressed with the remarkable contrast  between   the  two parties.  Sir Wilfrid has  fully recovered  from his illness and is stronger  physically    today   than   at   any  time in recent years; and never  had he a stronger   grip on his  followers. }  The affection for the  leader after seven years of power  is lemarkable.      It is natural to  suppose that   during that   time  there should be some malcontents  but they cannot be found on the  government side  of   the   house.  This' was demonstrated   in the  closing   debate    on   the   Grand  ���Trunk Pacific bill.     During the  long   night   the   speakers   were  backbenchers who were anxious  that  their constituents  through  Hansard should have the benefit  of   their views on this project.  ���The members were surfeited with  opinions   on   this   question   and  were anxious for a division. Only  a bare quorum was present in the  house until  Sir Wilfrid rose  to  close the debate.    Then the seats  were rapidly filled and for three-  quarters of an hour there were  such  scenes as   are seldom witnessed in the House of Commons.  The speaker was no sick man.  It  was the happy, buoyant, eloquent  Sir  Wilfrid   of   the   olden days  when he could rouse his hearers  to the greatest enthusiasm by his  matchless eloquence.    No wonder  his supporters   went   wild with  delight, no wonder that men like  big "Bill" Galliher and equally  big Bill McCreary, whose recent  sudden death is lamented by the  people all over Canada, serious  men like Frank Oliver, reverend  men like Dr. Douglas, solid business men from Ontario, enthusiastic Frenchmen from Quebec  and hardened veterans from the  Maritime provinces should use  their desks for thumping tables  and cheer to the echo the utterances of their leader. Even the  galleries where demonstrations  are vigorously tabooed by the  uniformed officers of the house,  would have applauded if they  dared. The subject matter of the  Premier's speech and his inimitable delivery would have been  sufficient to stir the blood of his  followers but this was not the  chief cause of the remarkable  demonstration. Intentionally or  not the Conservatives had been  exploiting the Premier's illness  for party advantages. "Sir Wilfrid is a doomed1 man" could be  heard in tones sympathetic, it is  true, followed by "there is no  other man who can so successfully lead the Liberal party."  The graceful form, the strong  distinct voice, the subtle sarcasm,  the powerful argument and the  lofty sentiment gave .the direct  lie to this suggestion. The men  behind him were convinced that  here was a man who could lead  the party to victory, here was a  man who had not lost his grip on  the party nor on the people of  Canada and who could again  sweep the country with policy  that means so much in the developing of its natural resources and  the upbuilding of a great Canadian nation. No wonder then  that his followers should go  fairly wild in the exuberance of  their enthusiasm and be responsible for a demonstration such as  is seldom seen in the house.  On the other side, the Conservatives are weak in numbers,  weaker in leadership and still  weaker in debating ability. Mr.  Borden is a nice man but the  party is still under the blighting  influence of the nest of traitors.  There are men on the Conservative side of the house who believe  that they could make better  leaders than Borden and who are  not giving him that cordial support that is so necessary in the  building up of a great party.  The majority of the Conservative  members and possibly Mr. Borden  himself is cursing the ill fortune  that placed them in opposition to  national   projects,   such   as the  to a national project by their  political bedfellows, the friends  and directors of the Canadian  Pacific Rail\i ay, who are in the  house and they realize that their  antagonism is only postponing  the day of their return to power.  The House of Commons reflects  public opinion of the country.  The Liberal government is  stronger today than in 1900 and  its return to power is absolutely  assured.  VACANT SENATORSHIP.  In a few days the Government  will probably announce the appointment of Hewitt Bostock .to  the vacant senatorship. While  a number of good men are applicants for- the position, the Government cannot pass over the  claims of Mr. Bostock. He it  was who first won Yale-Cariboo  for the Liberal party and after  four years of good service he voluntarily retired to private life.  Mr. Bostock was one of the  hardest working members of parliament and never lost an opportunity to advocate the interests of  the large constituency which he  represented. Ingratitude is not  unknown in political life but it  is scarcely possible that faithful  service such as Mr. Bostock gave  the country and the Liberal party  will be rewarded by the appointment of some one else to a position which he has earned and in  which he can continue his good  work for the country and particularly for the interior of British  Columbia.- ----   ^^_ ,^_^ -^^.^  HEDLEY.  The final settlement of the  smelter site difficulty at Hedley  means much for that busy town  and the Similkameen district.  The Daly Reduction Company  has already expended over a million dollars in the development of  the Nickle Plate and adjoining  mines and in the construction of  large reduction works. Now that  the Compauy has secured a good  smelter site adjacent to the town  of Hedley, it will continue extensive operations. The Nickle  Plate mine is easily one of the  richest in the Province and as the  Company.owning the mine has  unlimited capital and a management accustomed to carrying on  mining on a large scale, the outlook for Hedley and the Similkameen district is very bright.  immmMmmmmmmmmmmmmx  THE CANADIAN RANK OF COMMERCE  With Which is Amalgamated  THE BANK OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE: TORONTO.  Paid-up capital $   8,700,000  Rest .:..'. ,.'.      3,000,0otf :  Aggregate resources (30 Nov. 1903) over    83,000,000  London Office. *������     ���  .  .  60 Lombard St. E. C. New Yor;t Agency  16 EXCHANGE PLACE.  H.\ Walker {Mints,  In addition the Bank haa 107 branches and agencies in Canada and the United States,  including' the following- in British Ijolunibia and tho Yukon Territory. ���:'; :  NANAIMO, VANCOUVER,  NELSON, VICTORIA,  N.WESTMINSTER,WHITE HORSE,  ATLIN, GREENWOOD,  CRANBROOK, (KAMLOOPS,   '  DAWSON, LADYSMITH,  FERNIE.  Branches In the United States:  new york;    san francisco.    Portland,    Seattle,    skagway  Deposits received, exchanges-bought  and sold and every description of   banking-  business transacted, GREENWOOD BRANCH,  ' W.ALLISON, Manager. *  m  Two Dispatches From Baltimore  ��� WHICH TELL THEIR OWN STOREY-������-  ''Richard F. Post was appointed a receiver for the  Peabody Fire Insurance Company of Baltimore. The  Company lost,$700,000 by reason of the fire and ithad  assets of $300,000."    ' '  "The Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance  Company's   Baltimore   loss one million   ($1,000,000.) -j  Will pay by draft on Home Office, so as not to disturb  American or Canadian investments. Company has  subscribed ten thousand ($10,000) to relief fund.  THE LIVERPOOL & LONDON & GLOBE has over  three  million dollars invested in Canadian Securities. ���''*���'..  When insuring' why not be sure of indemnity in case of loss ?  Bealey Investment &, Trust Gompany, Ltd.  GEORGE R. NADEN, Manager  Agents for The Liverpool & London & Globe.    The Phoenix Assurance Company of London. Eng  The British America Assurance Company of Toronto, Ont.  | THE  r  x  r  r  r  r  x  r  r  r  ?  "V  r  r  r  r  r  r  D. .A. MacD0NALDs��� Proprietor. __i 'J.  Just   arrived,   a   nice    new   lot .of  Spaulding's   Sporting   goods.     Base-  people enthuiastically supported'. balls, bats and mits, etc.   At A. L,.  in the days of Conservative  strength. They know that Canadians like big undertakings, big  schemes for the development of  the country-and they realize that  the people will heartily endorse  the Grand Trunk Pacific scheme.  Mr. Borden and his followers find  themselves driven into opposition  White's, the Second Hand Man.  Bedding Plants  Mrs. Isaac M. Bernard will have for  sale after Mav 1st, all varieties of  Bedding Plants, suitable for this climate, also a nice variety of house plants  Orders may be left at the Gr-renwood  Fruit Co., Copper St., or at residence.  IF ITS GOOD WE HAVE IT  DROP IN AND SEE US  c  T  r  't  ?  r  i  CORNER COPPER AND GREENWOOD STREETS  DEALERS IN  I FURNITURE, x CARPETS,  LINOLEUMS, ETC.  COPPER-STREET,  GRKENWOOn.  <> v^~m*x^X"X~x~:~>��x*^  The Germs of Catarrh  Not only attack the passages of the  head and throat but finally reach tne  lungs and cause consumption. Nothing destroys catarrh so quickly as  fragrant healing Catarrhozone which  relieves the cough, stops the discharge,  takes all soreness from the throat. "I  consider Catarrhozone has no equal as  a cure for catarrh and lung trouble"  writes Jas. E. Wetherell of Brighton.  "It cured me after many good doctors  failed to even relieve my trouble."  Catarrhozone can't fail to cure���it's  guaranteed. Two months treatment  51 00; trial size 25c. For sale by the  Thomas Drug Co.  Notice.  In re Lot 1012, Group one, Osooyoos Division,  Yale District,  Whereas proof of loss of certificate of title  No. 2141a issued in the names of Robert Wood  ami Charles Scott Galloway has been filed in  the office. '  Notice is hereby g-iven that I shall at the expiration of one mouth from the date of the first  insertion hereof, issue' a duplicate of the said  certificate,-unless, In the meantime, valid objection be made tome in writing-.  W. H. Edmonds,  District Registrar.  Land Registry Offit e,  Kamloops, B.C., February 1st, 190+.  Wall papers, cheaper than Kalsomine  at Smith & McRae's.  Keep your eye on that $60.00  prize at Hunter-Kendrick's.  cash \Ji  r,  'k?  BOUNDARY   OREEK   TIMES  A Case of Partizan Politics  Phoenix Has No   Municipal Council  Thanks to McBride Government.  The introduction of partizan party  politics by the McBride government  even in the appointment of license  and police commissioners has created  much trouble for the government and  engendered bitter municipal strife in  several of. the cities of the province.  This it�� particularly true in Phoenix  where five of the aldermen resigned as  a 'protest against the action of the  government in connection with the  administration of police affairs. As  thtfgdverriiherit persists in accepting  ; the advice of a small clique of partizan  ., tories'in P.hoenix, rather than  the ad-  ', vice.'.of '.the great majority of the electors Who, gaYe the government candi-  .date'"loyal . support   in    the   recent  - campaign, in all probability no  council ��� will  be secured and the city will  .^suffer in consequence.  . The circumstances leading up to the  r. present unfortunate state of affairs are  briefly as follows: The Chief of  Police of Phoenix was accused in the  police court of a breach of the peace.  '. The magistrate who is also a police  commissioner, dismissed the case.  The majority of the aldermen who  heard the evidence, insisted on the dismissal of the Chief of Police and the  resignation of. the police magistrate,  /but the police magistrate and the  ; mayor refused to carry out the wishes  of the council. Five out of six of the  aldermen resigned and protested as  strongly as they could to the government but the government listened to  .the representations .of the mayor and  took action in accordance with his  .views.  ������ The aldermen who resigned are  backed up by public opinion in  Phoenix, three of them are Conservatives and supportered Mr. Fraser in  the last campaign. They refuse to  accept office until the wishes of the  people of Phoenix are complied with  ..and as the.r,^ .are, but few,other residents of Phoenix duly qualified for the  office, the present ruinous state of  affairs is likely to .continue until the  government sees fit to meet the wishes  of the public rather than pander to  prejudices of a small political clique.  Had the government followed out the  old policy of accepting the recommendations of trie council in the appointment of police commissioners, it  could have. saved itself much trouble;  the administration of police affairs in  several British Columbia towns would  = ^not^ hav^falien^  places like Phoenix where the members of the council worked as one  family in the interests of their town,  would not be cursed by bitter municipal strife.  >������ #  AT THE PRESENT TIME IS COAL.  AND OF THAT THE INTERNATIONAL COAL & COKE CO., IS THE BEST.  Wliere would our mines and smelters be to say nothing of the thousand and one other industral establishments,  without this commodity.      Have you ever thought about that ?  WE ALL ONE WAY OR THE OTHER INVEST EVERY CENT WE MAKE  Then why not put your money in something that is far above the average investment, something that in the near future will not  only return DOLLAR FOR CENT but whose interest from its investment alone will keep the average man in comfort for the rest  of his life. Some who have taken my tip have bought now, and why not you, put in a few dollars aud feel you have made the  best bargain in your life.    SHARES ARE GETTING SCARCE and soon will be all bought up, who will kick themselves then?  For further.information, apply to  F/W. McLAINE H[  Opposite the Post Office.  GREENWOOD, B. C.  night. For sale at Frad B. Holmes.  , F. F. Ketchum, mayor of Beaverdell  made a flying visit to Greenwood this  week. He reports that a gang of men  are at work on the construction of the  West Fork toad and that already considerable activity is noticeable in this  promising district.  WANTED���Faithful person to call  on retail trade and agents for manufacturing house having well established  business; local territory; straight  salary. $20 paid ��� weekly and expense  money advanced; previous experience  unnecessary; position permanent; business successful. Enclosed self addresses envelope. Superintendent  Travellers, 60S Monon Bldg., Chicago.  ^���.^���X^KK^X^X^X^X^XK^XK**  r  r  r  r  r  r  r  t  | Just Come  I And Look  y y.  I Our Window!  at I  Steve Irwin, who was superintendent  of construction in the Boundary for  the V. & N Telephone Company,-has  been appointed manager at Rossland  for the Company. Steve knows the  telephone business in all its details  and as he is obliging and popular with  the public, he is sure to make as many  friends in Rossland as he leaves in the  Boundary.  Geo. C. Hodge, general, superintendent of trie V. & N. Telephone Company, was over from Nelson this week.  Mrs. Bernard announces choice cut  flowers for   the   dance    on    Monday  Come  here and  let   us  show .you .the   elegent  new  designs   and   patterns in  BL.OUSE SETS  WiUST SEfS  and ��� every   thing   that  Ladies    wear    in    the  Jewellry line.  Don't think that you  must  buy.  We   know  that  if  you   see our  stock you will come to see  us  when you wish to purchase.  The beauty of this year's goods  is that you can get the  daintiest  aiid  most artistic    articles   for  very little money.  A, LOGAN & Co.  Watchmakers  And ...<��.  Jewellers.  !  X  r  ���:���  r  r  v  r  r  r  r  r  r  .x��^X'KX'M{,*u���xwX'M^������x���,x������x*'X������x������^  Timber Notice.  Notice is hereby priven tliat thirty days after  date we intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Land and Works, Victoria, B. .C.,  for a 21 3-ear lease to cut and carry awav timber from the following .described lands; com.  jnenciagf at a post placed ou the West side of  the main fork of Kettle river near the mouth  of Canyon creek marked, Heyland aud Hamilton's South west corner post, thence Kast 400  chains, thence North 400 chains, tlience West  160 chains, theuce North 800 chains, thenc��  East 400 chains, thence North 400 chains, thence  East 640 chains, thence North 400 chains,  thence East 160 chains, thence North 400 chains  thence West 4oO chains, thenceNorth 400 chains  thence West C4U chains, thence North 400  chai ns, thence West 400 chains, thence South  640 chains, thence East 160 chains, thence  South 160 chains, thence East 1(0 chains,  thence South 40o chains, thence West 320  chains, thence South 200!> chains to said place  of commencement. ., ,.  Dated this 12tli day of May, W04.  A. R. HEV-AND,  W. li. HAMILTON.  .   Locators.  Large assortment of bedroom  suits  at Clint's, Copper St.  RENTING  HOUSES  an easy matter and'a  profitable  business when decorated  with our  WALL PAPERS  Owners can make from  one to five hundred per  cent by doing the decorating right, and tenants are willing to pay  this" when the stock  comes from here.  (9>  W  W  w  w  w  OT  W  OT  <a  ��  m  US  ��s  OT  . ra  rn-  ��  as  COLES & FRITH  Successor to J. L. Coles.  Books. Stationery, Office Supplies, Etc.  %  ^asssssasssssgiS'ass^'ia^'  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-  0  SWAYNE & CO  Proprietors.  s  FIRST OF     TA,,ftnnA  TheSEASON  "GET THE SODA WATER HABIT"  Ice Cream Soda, Sundas  JUST RIGHT.  ALL, THE RAGE.  David Harum,   Phosphates and Still Sodas  We are prepared to furnish the  people of Greenwood  with  the  PUREST OF COW'S MILK  ALSO CREAM.  We intend delivering milk to  our customers every morning  in pint, quart and two quart  bottles, made especially for the  trade. WE SOLICIT YOUR  SUPPORT.  ft  ��  ft  ��  ft  ft  ft  *  ft  *  ��  #  ft  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  *  ft  ��  ��  *  ��  ��  ��  *  W��fti8��ft#<Sftftftftft��ft#ft��ftftttftftftft*������#��ft��#��ft������������������^^  urns  Co.  Greenwood,  THE BEST BEER IN TOWN IS MADE BY  **��?$���*  The Elkhorn Lager Beer Contains only Pure Malt Hops, Try  It! It is kept on draught or in Bottles by all the leading Hotel  Greenwood Laquor Co  WHOLESALE DEALERS IN CHOICEST BRANDS OF  WINES,   LIQUORS   AND   CIGARS  IS GUARANTEED  UNADULTERATED  OUR MILK  PURE AND  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  THE LATEST.  FOR THE THIRSTY.  WHITE BROS.  DISPENSING CHEMISTS. GREENWOOD.  0. S. FLOYD. Proprietor.  PURE  MILK   AND  CREAM  Delivered Daily to any part  of the city.  Sole Boundary Agents for  Pabst Brewing Co's Celebrated Milwaukee Lager Beer  Also Manufacturers of all kinds of Carbonated Beveraees  DRINK IRON BREW, a Life Preserver  JAS. McCREATM, PROP  GREENWOOD,  B. C.  ��ft����ft��ft*ftftft��#fto��<����ftft��ft����ftfc��ft������������efteftftft��ftftft��ftftftftftftft��  Head Office : 204 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111:      ��� |   ;  ft  ft  *  ft  ft  ft  *  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  a  ^5.      naiiilllM    nMBalV ��� W    *  ft  ft  ft  ��  PUR-  ��  ��  ��  NANGBAL1 MINING AGENTS  MINING    PROPERTIES    OP   MERIT  CHASED   OR DEVELOPED.  *��$#*��$$$*$*$ sso��*��ftftftft*ftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftftft0ft0Ofte<iaft**o BOUNDARY   OREEK   TIMES  MINERAL ACT-  Certificate of Iniprovements.  NOTICK.  Gkanitk Mineral Claim, situate in the Greenwood   Mining   Division of   Yale    District.  When* located ���In Skylark camp, joining  the SmuiiL'ier mineral claim  TAKK NOTICE tliat I. Sydney M. Johnson  actiin; a* :m.vmi   for M. H. Kane. Free Miner's  Certificate   .So.   Bs0171,   ami   I.  U.   Breslauer  Free      Miner's      Certificate      No       B 55286.  intend,     sixiy   days    from   the.   date   hereof  ���oapply to lhc Mining Recorder  for a Certift-  tcate of Improveinents, for tli.". purposeofob-  ainini; a Crown Grant of the aboveclaim.  And further take notice that section 37," muBt  be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 2.*jth duv of Jauuarv, 1904. A. D.  apl SYDNEY M. JOHNSON.  MINERAL ACT*  Certificate of Improvements*  NOTICE.  "Alma"    and    "Scorpion"    mineral   claims,  situate in the Greenwood Mining division of  Y.-.le disfrict.    Wheio located :    At Camp  McKinney    joining   the    Peudre   minera  claim.  TAKE NOTICE that Sydney M. Johnson,  acting for Philip B. S. Stanhope free miner's certificate No. B5s487, intend, sixty pays  from thedate hereof, to apply to the Mining- recorder for a ceriilicate of Improvements, foi  the pi'rpose of obtaining a crown Grant ofthe  above claim.  And further take notice   that   action,   undei  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of mi provemeiits.  Dated this 30th day of January A. D., 1904,  Sidney M. Johnson.  MINERAL, ACT 1896.  Certificate of Improvement.  . NOTICE.  "GLOBE" mineral claim situate in the Greenwood Mining Division of Yale District.  Wliere located: on Horseshoe Mountain, on  Main Kettle river.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett, as  Ajrent for James Anderson, Free Miners'  Certificate No. B75359, intend, sixty days from  the date hereof, to apply tc the Mininir Recorder  for a Certificate of Iniprovements. for the purpose of obtainiuir a Crown Grant ot the"above  claini.  Aud .'urther lake notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of sucli Certificate of Impiovements.  latfd this 12th dav of December. A. D.. 1!K)3.  iuch2S " I. II. HAI.LETT.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  Bengal and Bristol mineral claims, situate  ir. the Greenwood Mining Division of Yale  District.   Wliere located:   In Smith's camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, '.--tliur Murdoch  Whiteside, airent for Henry <f. Machin, Free  M ner's Certificate No. B. 8iuJ6. intend, sixty-  days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining; Crown Grants of  the above claims.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before tlie is  suance of such l.'erlificateof Improvements.  Daled this 28th dny of January. A. D. 1904.  A. M. WHITESIDE.  MINERAL, ACT.  CertlHcjte of Improvement.  NOTICE.  "Luckv   Boy,"   "Red   Jacket"   and   "Never  Sweat" mineral elaims, situate iu   the  Greenwood   Mininir    Division of   Yale District.  Where located:   On China Creek, on West  Fork of Kettle river.  TAKE NOTICE that Sydney M. Johnson,  Free Miner's Certificate No. B41751 for  self and as, airent for Geo. R. Nadeni Free  Miner's Certificate No. B41655: W. G. Gaunce,  Free Miner's Certiiicate No. B80205;Tlie British  American Development Co.. Ltd.. Free Mintr's  Certificate No. R71tl2. and F. F. Ketchum, Free  Miner's Certificate No. BS5500.intend, sixty days  fromthe date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of Improvements, for  the pnopose of obtaining a crown Grant of the  above claims.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, most be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 20th day of February, A. D. 1004.  Sidurv M. Johnson.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  Marshall,   Marshall   Fraction,    Little  Annik, Little  Brown Miueral   Claims,  ������ situate -in-the Greenwood Mining Division  of Yale District.   Wliere locaied���In Greenwood   camp,'  at   the   head  of   Providence  creek.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Sydney M. Johnson,  acting  as agent  for  James   McNulty,    Free  Miner's Certificate No. B55171, John Bresnalian,  Free  Miner's   Certificate   No.  Bs0208,   Daniel  Bresnaban, Free Miner's Certificate Vo. B5sl70,  and Thomas Clark, Free Miner's Certificate No.  B55299, intend, sixty days from tlie date hereof, to apply to the  Mininir recorder for Cert -  ficates of Improvements, for the purpese of obtaining Crown Grants of the above claims.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, mnstb'* commenced before the issuance of ruch Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 22nd duv of Jauuarv. A. D. 1904.  apl SYDNEY  M. JOHNSON.  MINERAL ACT  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  Klne Solomon. Queen of Sheba and Jumbo  Fraction Mineral Claims, situate in the  Greenwood Mining Division of Yale District.  Wherelocated: On Heaver Creek two ml.es  Norlh of Peavcrdcll.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Svducy M. Johnson  uctinir as agent for John A Crawford,  Free Miner's Certificate No. BSH201. Wm. Olsen,  Free Miitci'K Ceriilicate No. P.30572. Win.  Kiuu. Free Miner's ('ertificate No. 1155130 and  Joseph P. Kelly, Free Miner's Certificate No.  B5.')3.S9. intend, sixty clays from the date hereof,  ��o apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificateof Iniprovements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above claims.  And further take notice that action, uuder  section 37, must be commenced before the  issuance of such   Certificateof Improvements.  Dated this 10th day of March, A. D.. 1904.  SYDNEY M. JOHNSON.  NOTICE OF FORFEITURE.  TO RICHARD   McCOLLOCK or to any person or persons to whom he may. have transferred  his interest In the Klondyke   and  Nordac mineral   claims    situated    in  the  Gieenwood Mining Division of Yale district.  You are hereby  notified  that we have expended the sum of S400 iu assessment work on  the above claims togetacr with ��10X0 for recording the same   such  work being required  and necessary  to  the said claims for the years  1902-3 ending August 2nd. 190:1,  under the provisions jf the Mineral Act and Amending Acts;  and if at the expiraiio.. ol ninety days from the  date of the lirst publication of this uotice in  the  Boundary Creek  Times, you fall or refuse  to contribute your portion of such expenditure,  namely $153.75. together with all costs of adver.  tising. your  interest   in   said mineral claims  sliall become vested ��� ii us (your co-owncrs)upon  filing in the proper oflice in that behalf the affidavit required  by section 4 of the Mineral Act  Assessment Act,190O.  Dated this 22nd div uf April, 1904.  Geo. A. McKague,  Hakky A. ShallknuekGER.  Certificate of Improvements,  NOTICE.  HIGHLAND MARY. THUNDER HILL  and  GOLDEN NUGGETT Mineral   Uaims situate in the Greenwood Milling Division of Yale  District.     Where;    locaied:     Ou    Horseshoe  Mountain near Silver Dollar Claini.  TAKE NOTICE that I,  Sydney M. Johnson,  Free   Miner's   Certilicaie     No.      B41751.    intend sixty   days from the date hereof, to apply  tothe   Mining  recorder for :i certificate ol Im.  provements.   for   the   purpose  of  obtaining a  crown Grants of tin* above claims  And furtlier take  notice that aclion,  under  section 37,  must  be cnuiuitmccd   before the issuance of such certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 1st dav of .November, A. 1). 1903.  Ap20 '    SIDNEY M. JOHNSON.  MINERAL   ACT.  Certificate of Improvement.  NOTICE.  Gem, Big Bend'and Moreiia Fractional mineral claims, situate, iu the Greenwood Mining Division of Yale District. Where located:    In Skylark Camp.  TAKE NOTICE, that I, I-iac H. Hallett,  Free Miner's Certilicaie No. BS0140, for myself,  and as agent for George R. Naden, Free Miner's Certificate No. H4IG55. and Edmund H.  Mortimer, Free Miner's Certificate No. B80224,  intend,- sixty days from the date  hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder  for Certilicatesof Improvements for the pnrpose of obtaining Crown Grants tothe above  clainis.  And furtlier take notice that actions, under  section 37, must be commenced before the is.  suance of such certificates of improvements.  Dated this 10tli dav of December, 1903.  I. H. HALLETC  Where locater:  Ou Wallace Mountain.  TAKE NOTICE that T. -Sydney M. Johnson, Free Miners' Certificate No. r.55250,  acting tor self and as ageul lor Robt. Wood,  Free Miners' Certificate No. B55517. ami Ralph  Smailes, Free Miners' Certiiicate No. B55521,  intend sixty days from the date hereof, to  apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate  of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining  a Crown Grant of the aboveclaim.  And fuither take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Iniprovements.  Dated this llth day of Marcli, A. D. 1904.  Sydney M. Johnson.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  DOUBLE STANDARD Mineral Claim, sltu-  ���ite in the Greenwood Mininir Division of  YaleDistrict. Wherelocated: In Central  Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Sydney M. Johnson,  acMng as agent for Elizabeth McKcllar, Free  Miner's Certificate; No. I! 77140, intend, sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder ror a Certificate of Iniprovements  for (lie purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of  the above claim,     j  Aud further takei notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Iniprovements.  Dated this 30th day of April, A. D. 1904.  SYDNEY M. JOHNSON.  Miners Certificate No. B 41655, John N. Greden,  Free Miners Certificate No. B 55145, and the  British America Development Co., Ltd., Free  Miners Certificate No. B 71612, iutend, sixty  davs from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grantof  the above claini.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the  issuance of such Certificate ol Improvements.  Dated this 30th day of April, A. D., 1904.  SYDNEY M. JOHNSON.  MINERAL ACT  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICK  "Duncan" mineral claim, situate In the Greenwood   mining   division   of    Yale   District.  MINERAL, ACT 1896.  Certificate 'of Improvements  NC-TTCE.  OWL Mineral claim, situate iu the Greenwood  MiningDivision'of Yale District.    Located  in. Deadwood Camp joining the Tintic   M n  eral Claim. j  TAKE NOTICE that I, Svdnev M. Johnson,  Free Mineis Certificate No. B. 5525C. actingjfor  self and as agent for George R. Naden. Free  MINERAL   ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  TOBOGGAN Mineral Claim, situate iu ihe  Greenwood Mining Division of Yale District Where located: At Hartford Junction.  TAKE NOTICE that I. Svdney M. John-  ecu. Free Miner's Certiiicate No. B55250,  acting for self und as agent fur Joseph Bassett,  Free Miner's Certificate >No. B55154, Harry L.  Morgan, Free Miner's Certificate No. B55290  and James Newby, Free Miner's Certificate  No. B 74437, intend, sixty days from the  date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorde  for a certificate of Iniprovements, for the  purpose of obtaining crowngrant of the above  claim.  And  further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certilicatesof improvements.  Dated this 10th day of April, A. D.. 1901.  SYDNEY M. JOHNSON.  Camo.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett, as  agent for James Napier Paton. Free  Miner's Certificate No. B62156,- and Ralph  Smales, Free Miner's Certificate No. B55521,  intend, sixty days from the date hereof .to  apply to the Mining Recorder for ft Certificate  of Improvements lor the purpose of obtaining  a Crown Grant of the above claim  And further take notice that action, under  Section! 7,  must be  conimencod  before  the  Uauance of such Certi-' ''.ate of ImprOTemei**... '  Dated *hiB 3rd day of March, A.D., 1904.  I. H. Hallett.  MINERAL, ACT  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  "Springfield" Mineral Claim, situate in the  Geeeuwood Mining Division of Yale District.    Where  located:���In   Beaver   Creek  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICB  "Alameda" mineral claim, situate In the Green  wood mining division of Yale District.  Where located: In Deadwood Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett,  as agent for Everett E. Bartlett, Free  Miners' Certificate No. B80373, and B>len H.  Bartlett, Frer Miners' Certificate intend sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining* Crown  Grant of the above claim. J' "   -  And further take notice that actipn, under  section 37, must be commenced'before-the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 14th dp-- of March. 1904.   ; !   .  I. H. Hallett.  Bounday-Helen Gold Mining Company,  Limited Liability.  NOTICE is hereby given that a Bpccial general meeting of the shareholders of the above  named Company will be. held at the office of the  Company at Greenwood, B. C, upon the 8th 'day  of June, 1904, at the hour of three o'clock ia the  afternoon, to consider and if deemed advisable  10 pass resolutions to authorize the sale of the  Helen Mineral Claim, and for the disposition of  the remaining assets of theOompany.      '  Dated this 2nd day of May, 1904.  M.J. M.WOOD,      .  Secretary,  r  y  y  r  '������  lose  .^SjS��s  rt >w  rs.  rintn  w.  Styles are constantly changing- and you do not want to use  out of date stationery. We are keeping abreast with the  times by adding new stock, new type, and all material  necessary for the execution of first-class work. Look over  you stationery and if you are in need in any lines drop in and  make known your wants and we will do our utmost to satisfy  you, or easier still call us up on phone 29 and our solicitor will  call on you.  tbe Only  Printing Plant in tbe  Boundary Country Run by Power  T his ^enables us"l;o f/urrT " mitT^a greater Amount; "of "work""  than the other offices. The capacity of our three presses for  a days work of nine hours is 50,000 impression^ thus enabling  us to do your work quicker, cheaper and better. If you have  never seen a power printing press work, come in and we will  explain  it to you, it is kept here for your purpose���printing.  .Xbe  Boundary Creek times..  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Solicitors,  Notaries Pubuc.  ��� Cahie Address :      hallett."  �����.".* ) Bedford M'Neill's   Grefivwooo,  LODBS  -^ Morei���e & Neal's _   _  1 Xelber's. s' c"  I. H. HALLETT.  H. C. SHAW.  MfOLEODy& BROWN  ;. , .Barristers and Solicitors,  Notaries Poblic, Etc  '*    Offices: 'VValiace-Miller block. Copper street,  ��� Greenwood, B.C.  .J. R. Brown.     '��� "    ; J- P. McLeod.  ARTHURS.WHITESIDE.  .BARRISTER and SOLICITOR  Rendell Block, Greenwood, B.C  GHARLES AE. SHAW.  Civil Engineer, ���*  ; DotiiNioN    anb    Provincial  IAnd Surveyor.  Office with Gaunce & Wicltwire.  .������..*,'. Telephone No. 32.  ftGREENWOOD,   -.      :     s      :   B.   O.  fy. E. ASHCROFT.  y       .> "Dominion and  ,< Provincial Land Surveyor.  - /lining and Engineering Surveys..  v Underground Work a Specialty.  v.Wood .Block (uext Customs office.)  GREENWOOD. B. C.  " Comfortable-Rooms.  Everything First Class.  THE SWAYNE HOUSE,  ���; i   :' ��� ; .'Silver. Street,  y .5 ;';���':       .*' Greenwood,  . !|Pcfr*<^<M*>o<^<Mj��:WK��K��x^x~:��  :  ?  ?  ?  X  X  r  r  r  r  r  x  r  r  r  ���?  NOTICE  Notice is hereby given that  sixty days after date we intend to apply-  to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works  - for permission to purchase the following- de-  Scribed lands: Commencing1 at tin: northwest  corner of lot No. 2036; theuce west aloui; north  houndary .of lot No. 849; tlience to-the east line  ��� tlf lot No.'ZW; tlience north alonir east line of  ��� lot  2337, to the  southwest corner of lot 2336;  tlience east along-south line of lot No. 2336. to  , the  northwest  corner  of   lot  No. 848; therteu  south alonir west botmdarv of lot'No. 84S, to  point of cpnimenceiuent, containing about 147  acres. .   .   '..'.   .-   ���,..  i ROBERT HAMILTON  .  i SAMUEL   G.  STOOKE.  f Dated the lirst day of January, 1904.  �� "Caledonia" and ''Gold Dollar Fractional"  mineral claims,situate In the (Ireeuwood Mining Division ot Yale District. Where located :  On Horse-shoe Mountain, Main  Kettle River.  ' TAKE NOTICE that' we Alex. Waddell, E.  Sullivan and M. McMynn, Free Miner's Certiiicate Noh.* 1180,260; B80,?6��, and 1180.182 re-  spectlvclv, Intend,,sixty days from '.he date  Hereof to. apply to the Mininir Recorder  ffar Certificates of Improvements for the pur-  jjoseof obtainiuir Crown Grants of the above  claims. '-.  j Ar.d further take notice that actions, under  Section 37,- must be commenced before the issuance of sucli Certificates of Improvements.  I Dated this 7th day of September, A.D., 1903.  Ralph Smailes, the representative of the West Fork Railway  company who was iu England during the winter is at present in  New York. It is understood that he has arranged for the immediate construction of the railway from Midway to Vernon. Particulars of the arrangements made are not yet to hand, but more  definite information will be made public upon the return of Mr.  Smailes from the east. The railway will be 115 miles in length  and will open up the rich "West Pork mining district besides connecting Okanagan farming district with the mining district in the  South. The road has beeu subridized by the Provincial government for $4,800 per mile and by the Dominion government ,for approximately 36,400 per mile.  The construction of this road and the Great Northern will  certainly make busy times in the Boundary during the coming  summer.  S^: "We  live  to eat, and eat to Live" is an old axiom ^2  �����: but in order to live you must get the best to eat. zzz  TRY   OUR  ts, ii a  UI  g      OYSTERS, FISH AND GAME IN SEASON       3  Tlie MIMPJIDEKT MEAT MARKET ��  The Union Meat Company 1  'Phone  No. 20.  ^iiiiiiuiaumuuuuiuuiiuiiiuiummmuiuauiiuuuumK  Proare  ��  H. T. Pemberton, general manager of the Montreal & Boston  Company, returned yesterday from Spokane. He reports that the  details in connection with the big merger' are being successfully  worked out and that the lawyers are now engaged in making the  necessary transfers and inquiring into titles. He hopes to be able  to report the final completion of the big deal at an early date and  the resumption of operations at the smelter and mines' of the  Company.  MINERAL ACT-  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE  "Alameda" mineral claim, situate in the Green  wood mininir division of Yale District.  Wliere located: In Deadwood Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett,  as agent for Everett E. Bartlett, Free  Miners' Certiiicate No. B80373, and Helen H.  Bartlett, Frer Miners' Certificate intend sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining-Kecorder for a Certiiicate of Improvements, for tlie purpose of obtaining a Crown  Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, undei  sectioit 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certiiicate of Improvements.  Dated this 14th dav of March. 1904.  '   i       ��� I. H. Hallbtt.  MINERAL ACT-  Certificate of improvements.  ���NOTICE.  Gkanite Mineral Claini, situate in the Greenwood Mininir Division of Yale District.  Where located���lit Skylark camp, joiiiinif  the Smugirler mineral claim  TAKE NOTICE that I, Sydney M. Johnson  actiuir as ajrent for M. H. Kane, Free Miner's  Certificate No. ES0L71. and I. B. Breslauer  Free Miner's Certificate No B 552S6.  intend, sixty days from the date hereof  :oapply to the Mining- Recorder for a Certili-  tcate of Improvements, for xlvi purpose of ob-  ainiuir a Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that section 37, must  be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Impi-ovcmciits.  Dated this 25tli day of January, W04, A. I>.  apl SYDNEY M. JOHNSON.  00<KXXX)000<K)<KIO<KKK}<>0<XX)<>OCKKK><>OM  <><>0<>0<>0<>0<>00<K>000*0000000<>00<K>0<X>0<^  ooo  BEST $1 A DAY HOUSE IN THE CITY  Nicely Furnished  Rooms.  Hot and Cold Baths  ���    Free to Guests.  WM. GREEN, Proprietor.  > CX>O<K>OO-OOO<>0<KX>00<>CK>O-0<><>C)<l O0<XMX>OOO0OOO<KXK>0O<>0OOO0<J  THE:-  Copper Street.  I OPEN DAY AND NIGHT.  |2>  ��5>  MEALS AT ALL HOURS  PRIVATE ROOMS FOR LADIES.  *  Charles R. 'Pittock,  *  *  TRY  OUR  COFFEE  cProp'r.  Is in nine volumes and contains a  cleat*, vivid and accurate account of  all nations from earliest time to the  present,  It is divided conveniently into periods:  and so enables the reader  to  conv  pare the events of different nations,  It contains maps of all countries, Face  Charts, Chronological Tables and is  well indexed.  Pic mm i a  Payable at $3.00 a Month,  ORDER AT ONCE  GRAND FORKS,--PR0EMX--GREENW00D  AILY STAGE LINE.  Lieaves'Greenwood 6 a. m.    Arrives-at Phoenix 7 a.m., Grand Forks 10.30 a.m.  LeavessGrand|T?orks 3.45 p. m., Phoenix 7 -p.m.,   arrives in Greenwood 8 -p. rn.  Fare -Grand Forks ;S?3.00.      Greenwood to Phoenix Si.00     Phoenix to  Greenwood 50 cents.  Great Northern express rates  made known at office.  J. F. ROYER, Manager.  RAILWAY . . .  MAY 24.  CARPETS  LINOLEUMS  GLASSWARE  CUTLERY  SUA'ElttYARE  BAR GOODS  Celebration  Gee Publishing   Co.  Phoenix Building,    Minneapolis, Minn.  <y)<M>00<W>OOCK)00<X>0(K'00&-MOOOOOOOOO<>0<>OOOCKKM>^^  ..Special Train..  'V  �� �� CYCLOPS MINING STEEL  HE  A3  Q     RUSSELL, LAW, CAULFIELD, Co., Ltd.  AGENTS, GREENWOOD.  SHOES AND DIES  11    G Et  II.  9:15 0.1  RETURNING  RETURN FARE  ADULTS     -     -    50 cents  CHILDREN    -    -  25 cents  Tickets will also be sold at fare and  one-third from May 21st, good to return until May 25th.  E. R. REDPATH, Agent,  Greenwood.  E. J. COYLE, J. S. CATER,  A.G P.A. Vancouvi-.r n.l\ A . Nelson  The  largest   hotels and finest  residences in B.C. were furnished bv us throughout  WE1LER R0S.  VICTORIA. B. C.  ���x~x-��x< ���:��x��X"X"��,i' x~x~XmX~>  81  I.  BICYCLE AND  MACHINE REPAIRS.  SKATES~SHARPENED.  PAINTING AND  SIGN WORK.  | Copper St.    Greenwood.  .r~x��x��x-x~x-:~x��x~x��  ������.������.��� BOUNDARY   OREEK   TIMES  UMiat is Qoing on Hnd Being Done by People Ulbo  --������-  Fresh bread daily ;it  Galloway Bros.  Mr. Thurston of the Carmi was in  the city this week.  Alex. Robins-on is doing some work  on the Trilby claim iu Skylark camp.  The best oranges, lemons, and fruit  in season at Galloway Bros.  It is reported that Major Megraw is  going to start a weekly newspaper al  Hedley city.  The Provincial Government has  gazetted Monday 23rd a public holiday  as well as the 24th.  H. B. Munroe left on Tuesday last  for St. Lonis where he will join the  Canadian Exhibition staff.  The McGill University students who  are studying B. C. mining under the  direction of Dr. Porter are expected  here tomorrow.  F. M. Elkins has returned from a  holiday trip to Calfornia. Mrs. Elkins  who accompanied him, remained in  Vancouver to visit friends there.  The announcement is made that the  West Fork road is . to be completed.  This it the leuth time this announcement reached those anxious to see the  work completed.  A. D. McLennan of Rock Creek was  in the city this week. He reports that  the farmers have enjoyed first class  seeding weather and that the most of  them in his district have finished this  important work.  The Roderick Dhu which has been  under bond to a local syndicate composed of Dr. Spankie, Dr, Gordon. Dr.  Simmons, Thos. McDonnell and others  has been rebone'led to the B. C. Copper  Company. Considerable work was  done on the claim last fall and a fine  showing of high grade ore was uncovered. The B. C. Copper Company  desired the ore for converter linings  and rebot.ded the property at a higher  figure. The ore will be hauled to the  railway at the old Burns' slaughter  house siding. Four men have been  put to work on the property.  Inhabit tbz Great Boundary country.  ��  ��  A. Portman of the EJkhorn Brewery  is enjoying a holiday at Halcyon Hot  Springs.  Frank Richler of Keremeos has returned from Pullman, Wash., where he  purchased a beautiful Pecheron stallion for his fine ranch.  Good progress is being made in the  erection of the converter at the B. C.  Copper Company's smelter. Additional machinery is being put into  place.   .  "A Thoroughbred Tramp" amused a  large a.:dience at the Auditorium on  Wednesday last. The play itself is  full of funny situations aud the specialities were clever.  New line just received, '"selling  cheap": bird cages, child's baths,  graniteware, "screen doors," poultry  netting or anything else to a litter of  kittens. See A. L. White, New and  Second Hand Store.  For Sale���Good saddle horse and  cheap pack horses also a g<.od 2700  pound work team, light and heavy  wagons, carts and a black dress with  2nd hand marriage license. A. L.  White, 2nd Hand Man.  Delicious cream puffs, cakes and  pastry at Galloway Bros.  Karl Nelson an old time resident of  Greenwood returned this week from  Whitefish, Mont., where he is engaged  iu business. Mr. Nelson has valuable  mining interests in the Boundary and  after arranging to have assessment  wont done on some cla,ims will return  to Montana.  Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Frazee and Miss  Laona left this week for Vancouver  where Mr. Frazee will engage in business. He was one of the pioneer merchants of the Boundary and by careful attention to business made considerable money here. Their many  friends in the Boundary will wish them  every success in the larger city.  New drop-head Singer sewing machine, S50.00, at Clint's, Copper st.  Among the barristers attending the  sitting of the Court are J. A. Macdonald, Rossland; W. II. P. Clement, J. D.  Spence, A. Harrington, A. C. Sutton,  Grand Forks; R. B. Kerr, Phoeaix.  Mr. John H. Peet, one of the directors of tne Providence mine near  Greenwood, has just returned to Spokane from a trip to the property, and  reports that work is moving along' rapidly and the mine is looking in the best  shape, says the Spokesman-Review.  Mr. Peet said:' ''The shaft is now  ci.wn about 325 feet and we are drift  ing off, and have just struck some  more ant1, better ore than we had before. The vein has widened about 10  inches, and is now about two feet wide.  The property i^ showing up much better than we expected. We have just let  a contract to sink 100 Feet more, and  are figuring on iputting in electric drills  We have electric air fans, and the mine  is lighted with electricity. We have a  big blower in the blacksmith shop and  all the machinery to run the mine until we get to the SOO foot level, and  this will be increased as we see fit.  The ore' we are now in is a very high  grade arid will assay about $500. The  camp never looked better than now,  and Greenwood will see a good year.  The E. P. U., the Trilby and the Defiance have started work, and all the  properties will begin as soon as the  weather will permit."  TEL  ERNEST J. CARTIER, Proprietor.  Finest Furnished House in the Boundary  Steam Heated. Lighted throughout with electric lights.  We offer special inducements to travellers as we have the  finest sample rooms in the city.    Our  bar  excells  all others.  <t * *  Young Ladies, Read This.  If you are   bothered   with   pimples,  rashes or ugly blotches  on   your  face,  if your complexion is   sallow,   it's   ati  evidence that vou require Ferrozone to  tone up your   blood.      One  Ferrozone  Tablet taken at meals  makes the complexion like peach  bloom, cheeks soon  become rosy, cges bright, you'll be the  ��� picture of health.    Thousands of ladies  keep   up  their    youthful    appearance  i with Ferrozone, why not you ?     Price  150c.    For sale  by  the   Thomas   Drug  'cc  Meets every Wednesday evening  at 8:00 in the K. of P. Hall  All Brothers welcome.  A. P. HAr.r.TCTT, A. S. EMISKEE,  K. of k. and S. c. C.  J. M. McCloskey, the Phoenix miner |  who  lost  his eyesight in an explosion |  in the Knob Hill mine  and  who gave-  entertainments in various towns in the |  Boundary,   has   organized   a    strong  Comedy   Company   who    will   appear  here on Monday next.     The Company  is said to be a very clever one and  has  received  flattering notices wherever it  appeared.    The entertainment itself is  well worth the prices of admission and  a full  house  is expected as the Boundary h;is never been slow  iu  showing  its sympathy for the man is making a  brave  struggle  to  make a living- notwithstanding   the    terrible    calamity  which  befell  him in one of the Boundary, mi nes. ���������-���_ -^ .-���_---������- =^ ���---���=-=���' ���*--'���-   Boundary Valley Lodge, I. O. O. F.,  were at home to a large number of  friends and outside visitors in their  lodge room last evening. Mayor  Naden presided. Refreshments were  served and a programme of songs,  instrumental music and short speeches  was carried out. In addition to brief  addresses from local me.i, J. D. Spence  and J. A. Dunsmore of Grand Forks,  congratulated Ihe lodge on its success  and thanked its members for their  wholesouled hospitality.  DR. MATHISON  DENTIST  Naden-Flood Block, Greenwood, B. C  Read "Biters and Grinders," by  Eupene Wood, in Everybodj,'s  Magazine tor April, 1904.  WR ARE CONSTANTLY ON THE) ALERT FOR  NEW GOODS, THAT ARE, GOOD GOODS.  and recommend our  BUCHU JUNIPER PILLS.  NATIVE HERB  Our Red Cross Soap is a winner.     If }tou  dont like it, we refund your money.  HAVE Y��M TRIED US, IF MOT, WHY M0T7  WHY RUN THAT OLD MACHINE WHEN YOU CAN TRADE  IT FOR A NEW DROP HEAD  SINGER AND PAY THE BALANCE MONTHLY  Tlie Singer leads and can be bought on  you own terms. If  that will not do, try our stock of second hand machines of all  makes.    A full stock of needles and sundries for all standard  makes.  SINGER MANUFACTURING CO.  OFFICE AT:  T. JV1. Gulley & Co.'s Furniture Store.  ,��  *  9  *  9  *  *  *  *  ���  0  *  ft  ft-  ��  ft  ft  ft  ���ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft '  ft.  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  N. H  LAM0NT. Agent. 5  �� ... *     *  ����#��#��K^si*a����**��*^***��H!t**i!*i:m����>ft###��*��#ft*ft*ft9#*ft<iftftftftft  ft  *  ft  .Palace Lmry Stable**  ��Ki#������%ft��ftO#��������������t$��������ft��������fti!>��#������0ft0������������ft0ft��0��ft.  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ��  ft  ft  ft  e  ft  ��  ��  'ft  ��  ��  ��  ��  ft.  ft  ft  ft  ft  ��  * ��  . ft  ft  ��  ��  ��  Tie Finest  Turnouts  in Boundary  Creek  District.  ���*,  iatitiermati # Eewts,.  Proprietors.  -     -    "    "    13, J  t- ft  ����##����*#*<H��*5^*<H��#*#***^**ftft*ft#*ft��*��ft##*ft��^0ftft#ftft**ft*��  Our Phone Number is  INSURED* A COMPANY WITH LOW PREMIUMS  AND THAT GUARANTEES PAYMENT IN CASE OF LOSS  In reference to the recent Great Fire in Toronto the following- is from the  Companies General Manager, Mr. W. Greenwood Brown :���  THE EQUITY FIRE INSURANCE 0)MPANY 7~T"  This Company will be pleased to facilitate the settlement of all fire losses  in the Great F're in which all its patrons are interested and will pay all claims  promptly without reference to time allowed by statute, (Signed)  W. GREENWOOD BROWN, General Manager.  Greenwood policy holders also are strong- in their praise: I beg to acknowledge receipt of p.iymeut in fall (through the hands of Mr. F. W. McLaine,the  companies local representative) from the Equity Jiire Insurance Company, aiid  to thank them for the prompt metnod in which my loss was adjusted and settled.   Signed, J. WALKER HARRIS.  For particulars of the rates of Aon Board Fire Companies, apply to F. yjf,  MCLAINE,   Broker and Insurance Agent, Opp. P. O. Copper St., Greenwood.  g IN PERFECT SIMPLICITY ~  g    PERFECT RELIABILITY AND  B STRENGTH  J-~   Tlio Wnlurmnn  Ideal   Fountain  c��~ Pen excels in  ~r Quality of Materials  Sz. Perfection of Workman  oZ.       ship  Simplicily of Construction  With  no nuance for deterl- ^JJ  oration, and  no   valves or *"*?*  complicated   mechanism   to ^3  get out of order, it is the ^3  Pen without a Peer. ~��  FOR SALE BY .    SS  ��3  Smith & ZMcRaef  We keep your pen in perfect order. .   ��3  ^auiuiitiuiutiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiijiiuiiiiiiiaaiuiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiK  ���ubseription Price is Only $2.00


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