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Boundary Creek Times 1902-05-09

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 ^��3*~*-~  ,/*Vt* '.:-i:'V\   .���,**-,���*���-a-tV;��-�� **. **A--'   Ar ���'������i--,''1  ���(>*. &tsiaiV4vfesWv4-^*>8*s?i ���aw^-'-w'i-j'jv't'-;';���'.  y-.V'."."''^"���m^i.t*--'-*?"'-:-  j * -...y-..!,;. -���...- .t*.< .���..4..  \'W j.-A i\h y A  i 1J*i*',';,-Vv.A;,..'v)*;r;i:".*!  10  I  -u<  GREENWOOD, Bi; C. FRIDAY,' MAY 9, 1902.  No. an 5) fi,  W  1-J ���- ..;*.���  ���^k| liiasyi B^it^ii^ti*atcd tha* all the Ores of Boundary are  ,%**fiii '' ���   ' --���: "i>i. ���; <.-;:./. ..-.i :'- '  \- '���������   -'���������      -���-. ���������������.-...',_ , *     ���-* .. *. .*.���.,    ...- . a; Aj-',y\: .-������-. ���*  niot Low Gte<te*<Maiiy Probei!tii^Edi^i&us to the City tliat could be worked at  " Haisdsome Profit  a  Conditions. ate constantly chancing  la; al^M Jist^sq 4f��nl  Tii-frri^wiilreiotti^^f'thteSoun^ary,1;  energies, to the exploration 'of  high  - transportation ������ militated  rtOh.i]-*",'a,.l��*4v��*.v*;or~,,t.  '.-��� 'orVei  i    culties'' of  , t;_ agai^i. successful operation, and the.  development of these high-'grradifcjp^op^i  erties were practically abandoned.  JIJH high  price of copper.,,, the low  thje'li3gh'ei"gitad< propo��ition��,and1>o*ds  weie ta&en'on'low  grade properties'  The as*a;)r^||lues,,  ���'.a. atlvely"Bdi^|, l>ni  that bv worlchiff tnoae enormous bodies,  on alaig-fc scale big dividends would be  paid. Large companiestiacfeedf:up'by.  unlimited .capital opened up these ore  i.* t-.H't t.\y- fiU. .y.   I *.'*i   *       ���    ���*-    , ' .'        .  . - guari��8,-Bmelt^rB were erected and a,  successful industry  built up.   During  thi* period^theihigh grade properties  V ^v^ae^pi'apvsaliijr ^verloo&d.   The^men:  who operated in early days became dis-  /*  cStfifcl&St^heiael^  Vditfet��6d'fScilia��*V"*nd the continuous  ; S ^M^te^^p^&iiy  .'   frapbibited sending ore out by the then  S^oaif. means of communi^tipn-^ireiglit  :-.'-��� ^tjj��idM'- or pack horse��|i' Tfte~bfg co'jjn-.  '���'��� .'toW ciade minesbo shipping bases' and  "���' pfeWovide the necessary.smelters for their  "; '*?peitaieat.   It is scarcely to be won-  ',".��� peVed at then that although there arft,  * J^jS Ihe'vicinityioflCxi^nifood, and:B'<Hnc  \iM   them   wLriJnji |th* ��'��� City   ' '^ "'''  : .'*!|^any. propwtlp^' gorltdining-l  ".' .v^'t rich vei^s^or^-they^  ^���Pflrmant for several years; ��� '���'  ^SaBut now conditions have changed.  -^fcgpen.d.'Agon'a-sl*w freight wagon nor  'ipH an^nreU^liiie mule to^et hip'iwreCtb  *{sSme tjllstaii't' *��� smelter. The ' railway  eifiC^teF1re��ti5ul^elMi"aMl^hat"  :re are-'amelters;  Besides'if he  Kv * .  is   located    immediately   above    the  ESiWioW'tfrevter^aifil on theiScreekl  beariagjtheaattie nasric. It was located  r*41l^ feflWilli&li^ckma^a partner  to Howard C. 'Walters, the pioneer operator ia.the Boundary. Walters after-!  'Wardi:acqulre<l-'the whole property andj  i.R,,l^Ln?a^,e,��.ahjLp.m^^  amelter. Pack horses and wagons  ;werV*"us��d? to convey the shipment to'  a^S����>meTip^p#^h5,Mr> siLi  ;^k!i;uiidedi^i^d:Mr?*Walter8  ^i|Ser^|i^|^!(^f ^  quire-.fame and wealth ia trie flotation  o:  Britannia mine on the coast.The  propjr^y remaaned^idlejjintil last fall  w^en ^llf|m|i,o^lef itoplra bond for|  ^o3#S^^C%��5s!-ffl��^ lea.sing il:  agreeing to pay the owner lOper cent ��f  the .sm^iter returns. Mr. Fowler asso--  elated with him F, Whitewell and they  -   ���,.-<.��������� ;���'���.''<:.    .-a*' '^    r ���.���>���-. '������.'.    y. i. i*. .. *. - "ri  ^quietly went to- work developing the  property.' The success which haa at-  .tehd^4,!theirefforts, and.which culmini  ated in 'the saletof a'bii'i'halliriWrest  for$22.000 has already been told in the  '%iintsT-~r V. *���.-���"''���'* *���*"-"���-'<'���'*���-;.^'-" * ������i-|- ,*.  COK  .( :  SI^MSibroo^aiwayis 'hadvfaithittn  Providence camp and kept plodding  away developing-the properties of his  company,.,*,, the -Boundary;/' Cr-eei  Mmin'gr~an<l;;Milling Gompany against  adverse circumstances. This spring;  D. W. caught? the (Thunder mountain!  fever and left' for' the new gold fields  ^nv-^Idaho.;-.. Applications |are ..being  made".to him for a' lease of the Gold  -Bug,-'from which shipments oi high  grade - ore' havflsbeen made, and if satisfactory; .arrangements can be made  with jhim this promising property will  be.bpened. up. during the coming sum  mer.'j'-' ���'--. ;' J.--'.:'.-.;-     ������'���:��������� y ���;���..��� . ���������       y  The D. A.'-and the ;G.*'A. R, two  adjoining claims have also narrow but  rich-veins." On' tlie D. A'' is a'small  quartz -vein 2 inches to 6 inches thick,  assaying up to 200 ounces silver aid  about one half ounce gold. v  There, are also.several other clainis  like" the combination which may yet  prove to be paying propositions.  make a  handsome suni through their  mining venture near the City.  OTHER CLAIMS  Many other high grade clainis contiguous -to the city could be refered to.  ! They are receiving greater attention  now than-they have for years. Kego-  tiatons for bonds and leases are pro-  deeding and announcements of other  deals will be likely be made. '  WHAT IT WEANS  , s~  ���-./.. zv  THEDEFUHCE  -limits  ;* ��i, if K,,.  narrow'  P4*!^ P^cer 4  home to treat his ore.  ���ore eve^ shipped ifxbm  'ci:Mk;i<e^��vf^tfti.the;;l)er  fiance, a- claim further ��� up the creek  ���thiiv the������ Prouiflencei"The shipment  was made in 1892. The claim ���Wg.s.loj-  cated by Mr.��:Fowleri:. It^-afterwards  ?pass%l ^intb ithe InSads-Qf' Hal. J.^Gole  r.^.y^^ * ^^^stelie. ;&isl  behalf'Mr. Fpwler  a;h'd^.v:T^SrM,th'^tad:,bimself;secnre'da  bond oti this property and wbrk Wili'b^  commenced in a short time. Mr.-Fow--  lerexpe.ct.B/thatin a short time the lead  can be struck and sufficient ore taker!  ������ofit to 'pay:i5ot the*--jpcorerty. Mr.'Haas  faias gone to^ eolorado^^rom Spoteyisjj  expert   aVproperty3there for easlerri  'rj)vj*   V"''*''^ ��� * * -r'***-    i  parties.J  Upon his return he wilI��ome  <vlimsli.es, he can sell hia ore on the dump  a} property there for e:  fpo  itQ^Greenwood  ij>  SKYLARK CAMP  ! fi H  ^.TCHE'^Kp^RWj,  ���i-*'J>} 't  2v��j|Si -v, -V-;  '-t ������  ^produce a large  cure ore,<>/'thl&'character.--:Under-.such:a  :'. corabina<ion 'of favorable circumstan-.  ces it is rea,|onable to suppose that  '   PiDPi^'l a?rividen(^fitti��K. SkylaSk  seveial years, will now give employment to many men  - amount  terialiy  of ttfe ^ty^whl^4iiAy!8acroaflki.v;. ^  The good work has already begun  aml^*^^^|.^.pncqttraging....F��sults..  ��-TI��e seoect striWc* made on the Provi-  .^&fe^i|H^ri#a:od^6ltt ^ISch^minea)  *t��.s described in the Times last week,  ".^veevlery'tei'tirafacebf contia'tidtts and  'successful-$perafion of properties;,o|  ,jhi�� cla��*,ir^ifevelopment' of {all the  properties'in the vicinity will shortly  follow so. that the hiUs overlooking; the  ,'t1te';!cifc? will be hivoa.bf'indUBtry."-''   ''  ��-.--Anpther .one oi.the.early locations,!^  the Elkhorn. ' C'. I,'. Thomet and Mr|  .Fowler.located this property in ljS$jj>2J  .':' It was bonded several times,; 'land'  :L   .���*.'.  '���}<"% 4.'i. ��� .:Bf/*-.:*-_!-_>��!*M"iJ^y.J  speaking   the  ly north of the City. Mr, Fowler's de--  velopment of the Providence having  w:  darjr.  ^^|pioneers)jand''^.iC.-|L^ngU^ an  experienced raining man who'untill'  recently was in charge of the Carmle  on- the West -Fork, took a bond and  le'as4 oti'-tlie property. vTheyjiare down  about twenty feel, on ore going-high  ^values. ItjiB.aB pretty, an ore as'can  Wfound in! any high grade camp.,  ' But all the rich things are not in  Providence, camp. Adjoining; Green-  wood;:east., and south-east is Skylark  -bampV'^^Jtir"*its*'yelns'''-of silver [and  gold pre,:; Years ago the, Sky lark mine  .was considered one of the most important in the district.; iit was and is yet  owned by weil^^.B'utte'pa.rtites who  developed the p'rose'rty somewhat ex-  ;tensively. On the claim is a vein haying a ^northerly - and southerly trend  with .an. easterly!-diy^oftriigh--:grade  ;silver-gbld ore, varying iii?widtfi, from  ithree inches to 18 inbhes and which  'gave assays by,, carload lots up to"306  bunces in silver knd $20. 00 in gold per  iton. . It ��� Has' an Incline ;shaft -dbo ut 100  ,'feet deep and 3<K)io ^Ifeelbf drif tidg.  The property' .w'as^ bonded in 1893 ti  'the Spokane and Northern Compa��jr  vwho "went to work' and ^during' the  jwinter ot 1893���9+ shipped about I0Q  tons to1 the smelters/" The'firit'iclass  ibre running, 450 .^,300 ouuees silyW  $15 to $20 in gold.: J The second cla"^'90  to ISO oun'ces'ih1 silver and up to $15i00  ���gold t pei_. ton.,. In. 1897 another Bhip-  'ment-'Vaf snadesfp|. this Montana Bmeltr  ers and shortly afterwards the propertjr  was closed dowp by theownerBto await.  'trinsiibrtatton'facilities!;   \)f j /','    z V  , The .advantages to be derived from  the development of the high grade  properties' in the vicinity of the city  are many. The individual properties  will not employ a great number of men  it is true* but. the aggregate will be  reasonabley large. They will be men  who will make their money in Greenwood and spend it in Greenwood.  Their head offices will be here, not in  New York or L,ondon. Big mining  companies contribute much to the  growth and. development of a city but  the benefits arising from their undertakings are not so direct or speedy as  thoscwhich^the.small investors bTings  the men who dig the wealth out the  ground; and. cbhvertsit into cash right  in the city. There is a!lso the additional  advantage, that the high grade proper-  tiesjare'nearly all on the hills overlooking the town. The men who will develop thein will live in Gtreenwood and  make their homes here.  They also give an opportunity to the  man with small capital and plenty of  energy to.make -money<���..Already men  .without*, means'but 'with acknowledge  of mining and plenty of muscle are  negotiating:, to secure leases. : Should  ���     ���  . v.y. [i    r-'i-   ���'   ri "�����������*-���     -���'������'  ,they be successful, they-cah -convert  ;t-he ore as extracted into cash and thiis  fprdvidewthe~h'ecessa'ry!=fu"  further develppment;of the;properties.  ;Distance   lends   enchantment to the  *view; the fishing is always better on  ithe.,other.,side--of the stream; and far  '>ff gold fields may look more attractive  to the restless , Argonaut, but-it is safe  -'to say.Htfaf'near..Greenwood, within a  ^stone's  throw of the  City limits are  opportunities, greater than those offered by Thunder mountain, "Tonapah or  any other new and much  advertised  < Idbrado.  o-wing to the fact that the country was  far on. the frontier,  he   allowed  the  claims to lapse and drifted away first  to   tlie south   through   Idaho   to the  Mexico line afterwards back north and  was in   the  Klondike  rush   of   '98,  Throughout his wanderings however  ^ie had not forgotten the '���Providence"  and all the details in'connection with  finding of the rich   float.     He  kept  bright  and clear in his mind the idea  that if   opportunity   ever  offered   he  could find the Lead.   Two   years since  lie again came to the district to find a  railroad run ning within 1300 feet of the  spot lie remembered so well and the  boundary   line of  the   Province  the  boundary of the City  of Greenwood.  The claim had been crown granted.  years  ago, being Lot I in the district,  and the only way ! he could hope to get  a cliance to find the rich lead was to  get a lease and bond on the property,  After long negotiations, th'is he succeeded  in October last in doing,   associating with himself Mr. Whitwell a  mining man of experience from New  York, who has been, operating in this  district for the past three years.   Together they went to work with tare intelligence, good-judgment   and   hard  work Anally located the lead in place  and it has not, belied the bright promise held, out by ^the rich float found  ten years since.   TheyThave now six  men at work and taking'out ore from a  vein three feet wide which will average  every pound as it comes from the stope  $200 per ton.   The whole story  is one  more instance of the principal of "stick:  toitereneas" which is absolutely necessary   En   mining'.     Mr.   Fowler  is a  stocky  built, blue eyed Scot, hardy as  his Jia-tive "whim", one of the kind  who like  to  think of all the world as  their home, and although Arizona sun  aud Alaska snow  have bleached   hia  hair white he is still able to weild a  pick_orihiammer=with!_the best of them. _  Bringing his ripe experience and sound  judgment to bear he has no hesitation  in   saying, he ,is   convinced  there is  plenty  more reins as good as the one  he is working within sound of the  fire  bell of Greenwood, which only require  some Intelligent hard work to uncover.  Contract Let.  THE HELEN  .THE STRATHMORE  veins  in  "/^Generally     .  ���;��tnnin^��owi?few imjrlea'tb two.ieet,''  .Wt the ore" 'is,r1��n in gold and silver.  iThe',quartz cajrri��B;: fcalena,;'Zinc -blend;?  ^iapickel." Irbnind ���copper; pyrites ar-.  I^entite Iruby silvers knd^aative^goid  ;ihd silver.  T^E;pE|6yiDEMCEI"  i-T-t waa pecularly fitting that re-development .of^higfcgrade properties in  -"'*    s^i--*-'5?-" *     '"*'<"���      '-* ya  . BoanBaxy* dlitrict should begin with  It*? was  oae   of the  'hi  was s-.pae  t^e   districtl    and  I,  m  -tjie Provideace.  "first locations  ''Bat  of the'fiifBtprbpertiea.from which  -are    was    shipped.      The    property  i..!3p (�����)��*-$���������? 'A-h:y-'A -;������;   :Ta  - -. *4 -v, .;   - -������   ���  ���    .  The strathmore is one of the beat dc-j  ivelpped (^th^^igh gra^e; properties^  It is "owned by' Cl Scott Galloway! andf  ia   situated   immediately   above; the"  Sisters' -h<wpita% ,-||he're is a-"20ff:fpot;  tunnel,   a, &S ^foot abaft and about 100,^  !f��bt;of 'drifjtrtig on the property. t^The;  vein is from 4 to 9 inches in width^.and!  carries' high gold and silver  values.!  About.four years ago a shipment of 20;  tons was sent to the Tacoma smelter,"  which   netted   above treatmeat and  transportatioa   charges $64.00  aiton.  Whlleft it is taken; into; consideration  ttiaVthe freight to' the line of railway  ,was $30.00, a;ton it can be seen that the  grow valued"ot "the ore is veryhlgh.  Work may ahortly -.b6 resumed .on this  property.  The Helen is owned by a companyia  which ^Robert Woodris the;iprincipal  shareholder^ 'it liei'between Greenwood and Anaconda, The vein iB from  4 inches to 1 foot wide and can be  easily^ .^tracedi; along the surface ior  several "hundred feist. , A shipment of  ten tons was made from this property  in"189S giving smelter returns of $S��ia  gold and silver. Portions ot the vein  assay -very high, samples assaying up  to IS ounces gold and^60 ounces silver  per ton. ' Some litfledfiiyeippraent work  has bebn done on this iproperly.  WILLIAM FOWLER,  THE GOLD FINGH  y  *As stated in ttte'Tiiriwyil^^week  withia 'hali-' a mtie ���6ivttte*City haU U  another claim w^Jchjts likely tooroye  a high grade bbnan|a.'��� This is|tlie  Gold-Finch; located &1|me time ag^ by  C. W. H. Sansom but' now under bond  to, James Sutherland" and Phil' McDonald. Work this week has only con  firmed' what was stated in these  columns last week. The Gold Finch  vein gives high values. It has been  exposed for over 300 feet' arii'MeBsrs  Sutherland and McDonald'are* likely to  (By an Old-Timer.)  Ten    years    ago    in    the    spring  and Bummer' of 3892 prospectors froid  all parts,of the Rocky, mountains and  the   Northwest   were    attracted    by  the      reports<     of    the     wonderful  showing of both high and low grade  ore found on the slopes of Boundary  Creek and the hills immediately back  ,f rom it.   Amongst them was William  Fowler one of those typical pioneers  who has; followed   the   profession of  prospector for the last .thirty years, thie  pursuit of his calling during that period taking him into all thegstates, provinces   and   territories   between    the  Dakotas and the Pacific and from the  Yukon to Old Mexico.    During that  summer prospecting was being carried  on  in   an  energetic  manner on   the  "Providence"  lying    on    Providence  creek, a small tributary of Boundary  creek.    Mr. Fowler was not working  on the claim but happened to be on the  ground   when   float   consisting   of a  boulder  weighing   about  a ton and a  half and assaying $+78 to the ton was  found. The parties owning the claim  redoubled their efforts to find th? lead  from which it came but without avail.  Mr. Fowler located some ground but  Railway Men Will Take Out Ore For  s  Granby.  B. "3. Porter oi Porter Bros., the well  ktlowti railway contractors, has confirmed the report that h is firm has secured a contract for taking out a large  amount ot ore for the Granby minea.  The contract will practically revoluti-  ouiz<|��ninin^ in Phoenix camp. Aa U  general iuiown, the whole hillside is  solid ore and instead of mining iu the  ordln ary way, the railway coatractors  will proceed just as if they were making a big cut for a railway grade. The  ore will be loaded on the cars by means  of derricks.  The only difference between working  oa a railway and at the Granby mines  is that on the latter contract union  miners will be employed.  It is expected that the railway contractors will be to take out large quantities of ore at a very low figure.  REWARD.  Wanted to know the whereabouts of  David Henderson of Greenwood, B. C.  kaat beard of December; 1901, Reward  given by communicating with T. H.  HknkkrSOH, Fairview, B. C.  New goods direct from Great Britain  just arrived at Mitchells the Tailor, THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK TIMES.  -V  Riverside Nurseries  Brand Forks  ��     ��     martin Burrell* Prop,  Maples, Elms, Linden,Mountain Ash, Cotal|>as, Cut-leaf Blrcli.  A line selection of Roweriiiff shrubs, iiicludliij! French and Perelau Lilacs, Hydrangeas, Snowballs, S|>lreas, Koses. etc,  Specially selected strain ol Lawn Grass Seed.   1'ruitTrees. Berry Bushes, Strawberry Plant*,  and Aspirairns Roots.  ,   SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO ALL ORDERS.  V. & N. PHONE 25.  Che  Boundary Creek Times  Tssued every Triday  Duncan Ross Managing Ediiok.  SUBSCRIPTIONS IS ADVANCE.  Pish Year S2 00  Six Months  1 23  To Foreign Countries 2 SO  FRIDAY,-MAY 9,   19o'-.  ~rnr-'mTT-Y  ���WEST FORK COUNTRY.  The West Fork district should come  rapidly to the front this summer. A  sufficient sum has been placed iu the  estimates to complete the wagon road  and there are some hopes of securing  the construction of ihe Midway and  Vernon r.ailway. Major Ainslee  Meg-raw has been appointed deputy  mining recorder for the West Pork  district and has opened a sub-recording  office at Beaverdell, This means a  great convenience to the mine oirners  and prospectors who have property iu  the district.  The development of the West Fork  country has been retarded by a combination of unfortunate circumstances,  the chief cause being the miserable  fiasco in connection with the construction of the wag-on road. There is no  more promising mining, district in the  province? but reasonable facilities  must be provided to those -who are  anxious to see its develppment. The  outlook for the necessary aid to development is bright and the coming summer shonld see a large influx of popuL:  ation into that district.  NEW LEGISLATION.  Two bills were introduced in the  legislature last week in response to  representations made to the government by the delegates from the Associated Boards of Trade of Eastern  British Columbia. One is an important measure from a labor standpoint.  It stands in the name of the attorney-  general and provides for the payment  -of----wages -of-labor-performed���in -the  construction of public works. The  necessity for this legislation waa made  apparent by the oonstruction of the  liardeau railway last year. The contract for th^ construction of the road  was awarded P. Welch & Co,, who  were in every way capable and finan-  ancially able to meet all obligations  connected with the undertaking, but  owing to heavy- contracts elsewhere  this work was sub-let and the sub-contractors went broke leaving the. workmen with time checks which could not  be cashed. The new measure provides  that on a< 1 public works claims for  wages must be satisfied before the contractors are paid in full and that every  company incorporated under any  general or special act of the legislature shall be liable for the payment of  the wages of all workmen employed in  the construction of any. work done by  the company.  The other measure provides more  stringent regulations for the preservation of forests from fires.  The holders of miner's certificates  are reminded that all certificates expires on May 31st. In order that they  may hold their claims, renewals must  be secured on or before that date.  $25.00 Reward  The above reward will be paid to any  one giving' information that will lead  to the conviction of the person who  stole a pick from the house of the undersigned on or about 6th inst.  J. W. PoweU.  Self Denial Week  The Work Done By The Salvation  Army  The Captain of the local army corps  informs us that the Salvation Army  throughout this /territory is now ac  tively engaged in preparation forthe  annual Self-denial week, which will  begin on Sunday May 25th. and end  Saturday May 31st. The purposes of  the army self-denial week are now universally known, and recongized as  worthy of every support, in this  country especially. Under the leadership of commissioner Evangeline  Booth, the army has made very satisfactory progress, and is on a sound  footing, its social institutions number  thirty five, and latest annual- report  shows a most satisfactory result,  Among the aborigines of all continents the Salvation Army desires to  to raise this year $25,000. Five thousand of this is intended to be appropriated toward the acquisition of a  central training, home at Toronto, as  Miss Booth realizes with the advance  of the times more thorough and up to  date training of Army officers becomes  imperative to! the continued success  of that organization. The public will  doubtless cheerfully give to the army  collectors, in due recognition of the  valuable work which that unique organization .does amongthe poorest and  most needy of our land,  50.00 in cash will buy'-a.'seven drawer  new Singer sewing machine. At A. L.  White's 2nd Hand Store.  reuaagb^ts WANTED  We want a.t once trustworthy men and women  in every locality, local or travelling, to introduce a. new discovery aud keep our show cards  and advertising matter tacked up in couspicu  ous places throughout tlie town and country  Steady employment vear round; commission or  salary, $65.00 per Month and Expenses, not  to exceed $3.50 per daj-. Write for particulars.  Postoffice Box 337  International Medical Co., London, Ont.  �� Headquarters for *  ��.'*.;.. Vi  t/k ft  I Fishing   I  ? Tackle     f  * *  $      ' A complete stock of every- *  ..ft^.,..__^^.._^.=_^^       ^  * thing in that line,reasonable *  * *  ��         prices. J  * ��  | 3, ��. ���ole$,  1  Books,  Stationery,   Office  Supplies, etc.  Kodaks and Materals, etc. ete.  Phone No. 33.  ������*a��*B��a��*��*6**o*******��  ���OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-  Has opened   his Ice  Cream Parlor at the  in tbe Clarendon Block.  ICE CREAM  SOFT DRINKS  Fresh Candies Daily.  A full line of all  kinds of  fruits always on hand.  Strawberries now on   sale   and  receiving daily.  C V. SEMERAD,  I Clarendon Block.  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  ���HELEN", "I.ADT OP THE LAKE", "GfcAS  COW FRACTION',, McSHEGOR", "FANNY H. FRACTION" and "TRIPOD FJtAC.  TION" Mineral Claims,, situated in the  Kettle Ri-ver Mining Division of Yalt District,   Where located :   In Central camp.  TAKE NOTICK that I, Isaac ft. Hallett, is  agent for the No. 1 Mining Company,  Free Mluer'R Certificate No. B40690, intend  sixty days from date hereof, to apply to the  MlniuifaRecorderfur Certificates of Improvements, Ifor the purpose of obtaining > Crown  Grautn of the above claims.  And farther take notice that: actions, under  section 37, must be commenced- before the 1b-  nuance of such Certificates of Iwurovemenu.'  Dated this Mtl) day of April, A-P. JWW  3m-ti r. ft itfA-tifcfcTT.  1 ���   ��� ; ��� '    - <��,,.����� \m i     i  00000000000000000000000000>��<K><>OOOC-C^^  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO* -^rr^f^nr^r^^^r^^^^^^^r^  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given HmtjitH .-t,lie nest  meeting of the Licence Comrai^wners of the  City of Greenwood, I intend.to apply for a  transfer of the Liquor Idcense held by me for  th* Gambrinus hotel, situate on lot 16, block li,  SI Wer street, to the bad/smith Hotel, situate on  Gold street. XOUIS FORSCHNER.  Dated this 4th day of April, 1<)02,  NOTICE-  A Special Meeting of the Board of License  Commissioners for tne Boundary Creek License  District, will beheld at the Government Office,  Greenwood, B.C., on Tuesday, May the 13th,  1902, at the hour of 10 o'clock in tho forenoon,  to consider the application ot J. W. O'BRIEN  for a Retail License for ihe "HOTEL VEN-  DOOM", situated In Anaconda, B.C.  I. A.D1NSMORE,  Chief License Inspector  ^yf.:.AWAcirpi&  RAILWAY  WORLD'S SCENIC  ROUTE  Disect Lines,   Lowest Rates  BAST  Winnipeg  Toronto  Ottawa  Montreal  New York  WEST  Vancouver  Victoria  Seattle  Portland  San Franciaco  via Soo Line, St. Paul, Chicago  and all U. S, points.  TOURIST SLEEPING SERVICE  EAST :   Leaves Kootenay   Landing Tuesday and Friday.  Leaver Duusmore Junction  -DAILY-  WEST :   Leaves Revelstoke dally.  Homeseekers Excursion Tickets on sale,  westbound March 1st to April 30.  Steamship Service.  From Vancouver  Alaska, Hawaii, China, Japan and Australia. - <  Through bookings to Europe via all Atlantic  lines.  E REDPATH, Agent.  Greenwood, B. C.  DO YOU     I  ??  ra  ONE OF MUNROE'S  in & i��o  THE BSST.UNES iN  CIGARS,  TOBACCOS  and CIGARETTES 1  *  ��  *  ��  ��  *  ��  a  a  ���  ��  ��  a  e  a  ���  ��  ��  *  ft  ��  ft  a  ���������  e  ��  ��  a  ��  s s  �� Copper Street. Greenwood,   q  Newspapers,     Periodicals  Stationery.  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Justice Martiri  will' preside  a  the sitting-of the assize  and  supreme  courts to'be'held'in  Greenwood on the  ���19lh inst,' .    ,  Monday for Nanainie where the >an  nual meeting- of B. C. Presbyterian  Synod was held last Wednesday, In  consequence of Dr. Ma.cRae's absence,  there will cie no services in the Presbyterian Cetirch next Sunday morninjr  but in. the evening the services will be  taken by Rev Mr. .Thomson of Midway. Kev J. P, Ktioxwas also away.  He went to Nelson to attend the annual  meeting- of Ilie Methodists for the  Kootenay district.  - 0\v,iug;. to the prevelanc'e of measles  .iriHhe City, the public' schools have  been.closed under instrtctions from the  medical health, officer'  '"������ R. H.-Hutchins'inine superintendent  at the---Motlier Lode, resigaed'his  position on May l'st ior cBtises which  . he is not- prepared to make public at  "present.  Mr. O'Hara will continue the photd-  topog-raphical survey of the International Boundary line during- the  summer. He will begin at Sheep Creek  where his party left oil; in October last  last-year. -.'-., ���������-...  Dominion Kx press Orders sold   and  cashed at Smith- ���& McRae's.  ���t**t**-i**��*��2*  ���>."������>���-,  WWV  .���.���X..J,  "��"���-'���*'���"���  *V.*****i*****X**X'*****��**X**��**X  <k***:**��h��*>*:*'H*^^^^  I/, J. D. Berg of Chicago is visiting-  thcCity., Mr. Berg- formerly conducted  the south end grocery here but has  lived for .the; .psist .two years in the  windy City. He has some heavy  interests iu this district.  Rev. VV. A: Robins, of St. Jude's  church,'Green wood, left yesterday for  the Boundary. "While in "the city he  spent a day fishing with G. D. Curtis  and secured several handsome trout.���  Nelson Newe.  It is reported that Mr. Coyle who has  been engaged to make the preliminary  survey of the Midway and Vernon road  ���will have his parties in the field in,  about ten days aud will complete the  preliminary survey in July.  The Hot Air line's railway bridg-e  across the Kettle River at Carson went  out this week with high water. The  company is also getting- a taste of injunction proceedings, a Republic  miner having started suit to restrain  the company from crossing his mining-  property. r  ������:*���-,                i_z   - ;" -  ���  ���_,-\Vork is being pushed on the V. V. &  B' now that all legal barriers to its  construction have been removed. The  contractors exyect to have the rail laid  into Repulic byJtily 1st. Before that  time work will be'commenced from  Curlew northward, towards Greenwood.  EJ. W. A. O'Dell, agent ot the Boot  and Shoe Workers Union was in the  City for several days tliis week. Mr.  O'JDell comes from Hamilton Oa t. and  the object~bf ~his" ~visit,"is to point out  to the wearers of shoe leather, the advantages to be derived from buying  union made shoes. He distributed  some cleverly prepared literature dem-  q'ns'trating.-/that.rigit buying, is a'union  dity. ''���";-'.' v   '.":'��� :*;*'f..  Hugh McG-uire; until recently: an  hotel .'keeper iri-'Phoenix,.'; got ��� into,  trouble' in Rossland through a debt  owed Crowe and Morris. He gave unsatisfactory answers to the magistrate  as to his ability to gay the sum and was  committed for 20 days for contempt.  McGuire broke jail in Rossland and  evidently'got. safely .across to the  American side, *  . The Greenwood smelter Has not been  treating ore for the last few days. It  ran steadily for IS' months and advantage was taken of the completion  of the second furnace to make necessary repairs to the old furnace aud  make connections between the new one  and the blast pipe. This work will be  completed early next week when operations will be resumed on a larger  scale than ever.  '  Among those who joined the fourth  contingent for South Africa were  Neville Leese and John Holmes of this  city. Mr. I,ease was in charge of the  recruits from Grand Forks. He was a  resident of Greenwood for some time  and untill his departure for Africa was  employed at the Greenwood smelter.  Mr. Holmes was messenger for the  Bank of B. N. A- and a brother of  Fred. B. Holmes of this City.  Greenwood was somewhat short on  persons  this Week.    Rev W. A. Robb  ins was in Nelson iu the early par* of  the week.  .Rev Dr.  MacRae left  on  SS.OO1'buys  the SO egg Incubator at  the 0. I.  C. 2nd Hand Store.  ������SO Pants patterns to choose from at  Mitchells., :  .    New. goods, at   reduced -prices   at  Mitchells-     ' "      . ..  y.  'ASSIZE COURT.    ���."   ,  The sitting of the Assize and  Supreme". Court will be held ih Greenwood on the 19th hist. There are five  criminal cases on the docket. Three  come from Grand Forks, and two from  Eholt. The'Eholt cases are the two  men recently committed for burglarizing-Torn ey's store at that place.  The Graud Forks cases are as follows  Rex. vs. Queen Hector charged with  sthaling furniture front Monte Carlo,"  Rex. vs. Taylor charged with allowing  the Blue Goose' to escape and Rax.vs.  Andrew F. Mowat charg ed with stealing a chair etc from the Vancouver  MoL-caiitile-CompEiny.  'Presentation  Miss E. Laid   Remkeiei   hy Young  People  Miss i). L��;iid who wis prominent in  Church work aud j oung people's  society iu the Presl>3'teri,in Church, is  returning to Boston this week. Last  Tuesday evening the young people of  the Presbyterian Church presented her  wilh au illuminated .uldret-s and a  beautiful ebon}' toilet set, silver  mountedin an elegant Prussian leather  case, aud a handsome album containing views at a social ia the church  Mrs. B. Dill presided,and D. C. Mac  Rae read the address and made the  presentation.gMiss Laird acknowledged the gift in tilting terms. The address is given below.   ,   ,  _To Miss E. I��air:i>, We the young  people of the Presbyterian church and  other friends, on the occasion of your  departtire from Greenwood, take this  opportunity to express to you our appreciation of your noble character,  your untiring devotion to the welfare  of our church and its chief ally, the  Sunday school. Please accept this  Album and Toilet case as a small token  of our esteem and regard. Our best  wishes for your health, happiness' and  prosperity go with you to your new  field of usefulness. -     ���-  Greenwood, B. C, May 6th, 1902.  MTNERxVL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements  NOTICE.  CLYDESDALE    ;uid     MOUNTAIN    LION  Mineral claims situate in the Kettle River  ������"������'Minjiisr Division ofTjxle. District. -  '���'  ..'VYliere.located-.:.   IivJJejulwood. ca'iiip.'  ''TAKK NOTICE tliat'i. Joli'ii "Robert Brown,  Free. Miner's CcrLificate^No. B40G3S. as'iurc.ul  foi'David   A.. Cluorl.  Free'Miner's   Certificate  No.   1MCH51,    intend    sixty   clavs    rrpm     the  dale hereof, to apply '-to'tlie ���mnhiij  recorder  for a-ceriificaios nf   iinttroveiire-iits,-jror Uie purpose :>   oT>tiiiniti-,r   cro'.yiv y'tantR.ot  tlte. above  'claim . "' '��� ...;.--.  And furtlier take notice' tlurt action,:;iiiu)cr  section ST, in list bu cnnuneiici-il before, the issuance of sucli ivrii lien to of Unproventeiuss  J).tied tliis 2nd :luy of'Aiiril. I'tti. :  .   J. 1?. BROWN.   '  Mi NERAL ACT.    ''..  Certificate   of   lir/Diovements.  NOTiCI",.  AT, It: I-I, XI-:LUIS and  M.'->',   Mineral  Clainis,  situ.-ueit in the Kill le H ivt'i' ..Miuimr   Division  of Tale pistricl.  V.'hen- locate<l : Nen.i to Dry Creek and  Spencer's I'.tncli, aliont thre�� Jiiilos frtjiu the  tou'n of Anaconda.  TAK IS XOTtCF. iliat we, John N. Oreden,  Niclioias Tluill, Ilonalil ii.-McLaren ami  Williar.i '.;. MeM-nn.Fr.-e jrincrs Certificates  Xo.-;. li-tO-Ci'i, ti-iw..'?, J.:-t1?>.'i. CMOiOl reNpectiVely,  iiiti-ml sixlv ilavs s'r.iiii liiu tlnUi.ljeivof, to apply  lo tliu Mini-.' K(!,:n:-(!-r I'm- Certi licaius of Ini-  |ii''ivt!iti y.r-y. for i'.'r i-ui]i"'-<:- of obtaiiiinsf  Cro'vn '.i'vui.h of ;l;o .'.liovi''cU'ipis-  An.! :'oi'i!i--.r ial.o n-.-i'ei-' II';-'. JCtion, under  secti'ii! .',. :i:!l;-: ':..: ������(.::' :iic-':c i-.'l b. lore tile issuance o: mm;.I l.:ei"' 'k'.Ui'S i.f I ki;.:*vvi-:;k-iUS  !):i'i-,i iii"..-. !(���,: d.-.yo; Ai;;'.l. ,V. I)..IVt).2   '.-  John X. ;'ri'ei!;-ii. X Jumi.is 'i'l.'-'i.', uiinabl   d.mc-  LareiT. Win. O. sen;. ;iu.  LAND REG^TRY ACT-  la   t"ie   Alitter of  tlio  "Lzti  Rcristry  ACT'' anc:  In :![-:���'''������...::���-:' o" -.':;���'.: :~Ai :.::���; ��" Tine to  L':i*5 21. li dill 1 -  ':1 "���*.).'-;   K> M'.jw.'.y  In-irim   ii.. U;  ami   ::ii:!'!--.-:'lii  ,'.   r;*-,...r M:i-tey  in lit ��� -iri-n-i'i-.n.' tv.li '. "'i.i-'J.; >'-' ������-' .' ^le co.::.-.'.���:.  V- i:t---it- ti- ni : i;- -.���;A<. A. ..y.  Duti.-d '.Iti-i jicli.i'1 ly <���  Lund y. -*;:**> .-y ��� ��� '���: ;���-,  Kaiiilooii^, li. C.  \\. h  F.'':.!'-y.ns.  Dwtricftte:.'K;r:ir.  For  Best  Quality of Potatoes Grown Without  Irregation from the ranch of A.  A,  Crowston-  sale only at a. A. Crowston's.  ��* *F* A&   ��&  W'  %% .  w ���  %*>  ���ff$  ft?  ifffff  i?iff  ^.-5)   .fT.  ^/Ji  1 *"' J> S^"  ��&       ^  R GRIEGER, Manager  j��*'jf jf   j? j��"- j? j? jf j? ��r -j4�� ��f a? ��' *? iff *? iff jff iff  iff Jf Jf    Jt # ����� <* S �� �� J* J* ���*���<* v* -^ ���<* S w* ��  JL fcfc.  Va  Va  Va  Va  Va  Va  Va  Vs  r*A  Va  Vfi  ifffi  <&' �� �� gaBgarv Beer*  J* ��� J��, J�� vJ* Ji J* S J* & J* # �� <S�� ���* J�� * 8f' Sf Jf Sf Jf Jf Jf Iff iff iff iff Sf if & Sf  Jt & I* &%<*# J & & J & 3 3 �� # Jf J? Sf Sf Jf iff Jf iff iff Jf sf >" sf iff sf  v>*~'  lmmmmaimEm&iase&^^as^  Engineers and  Mine us  ���-x/'pO. /�� Superintcndants will find Rj  ' ������>  ' 4ll] it to their interest to re- ��j  n fertons when in need of pi-   ,_    ^ fa  .t,j.u ^ j.' anything in   the    Pump Ef  ���~*- '^    I  line,  We make Pumps of &���  -'"*.'���":' /    every description  for all [V  ���0<>0<><><>CK>0<>0<><>CK>00<K><K><>OP-CK>  D. bannerman  j. 11&***  GROCER  Dosn't advertise   very  much but he sells lots of I  Good Groceries for   Very  Little Cash,    :    :    :     i  vs  ~~^ _s  ii-.^��� ..��-���  services.  EasffiiaiMBiaiii^^  ,    Pump   Catalogues  and  ! Specifications sent upon  reauest.   Wc manuract-    "  j ure also Northey Gas and  I Gasoline En|lne���clieaj��� tME  handy���safe.     Send for ���(  Booklet. .  Cunllffe& McMillan. ^  k Agents at Rossland B.C.       w  \   Vancouver Engineering  8 Works, agents at Yan-  |i couver, B. C.  (St  f ��� V I. I  t/- -'   i '. J   KJ  J i  Bannerman s  Cash Grocery  OOCKK>0<>0<>OH>0<>0<><>0<KKK><>00<X>  House and Lot  in Anaconda.  Cheap and Easy, Terms.  GAUNCE k WICKWIRE  ^iiiiiiiiiiuiuiaiiiiuiiuuiUiuiuuaiiiuiaiuiiiiiii^^iiaiUiiiUiuuuuuuiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiuiaiiii  For prices of-jots'^ and other  iuformatioiiacl'^rfess .....  Greenwood is  the financial aud commercial centre oi the ��� ^  Boundary Greek District.    It is .the supply point' for the S=  Mining camps.    From the  city roads lead to Greenwood. ^  Deadwood,   Copper,  Summit,   Long-Lake, Skylark, White ����  and Atwood, Wellington and other Boundary Creek camps. j~  Robt. Wood or C. Scott Galloway, Greenwood. |=  O^S^S^000000^*0^0^^^ OOOCKXK><>aO<>0<KKH><>0<KKXXK>CK>  Xxs-kw'��<kkh:k:kkk^^ OO^CKK>0<>00<>CKKKKK>0<KK>0<>00-0  GAONOE   WIGKWSRI  Can sell you  a lot for a home in any part of town.  Can lend yoii money to build a home on easy terms.  Can insure your home in any ofthe following first-class Companies  ATLAS, GUARDIAN,  THEY AS0 DO A BIT  OF  LIFE,     ,  FIDELITY,  ACCIDENT,  PLATE GLASS and  STEAM BOILER  INSURANCE.  ROYAL,  UNION,  NORTHERN,  CANADIAN,  CONN EOT IC UT,  LONDON AND  LANCASHIRE,  PHENIX OF  BROOKLYN,  PHOENIX OF  HARTFORD,  NATIONAL OF  IRELAND.  r>3vXK><K><><><>c><><>OO<>CH>0-C>^  00-0<>0<X>0<><>0-<><>00<K><>00<^^ TH13   BOUNDARY   CRSQK'    TIMKS.  m:  The Legislature.  Proceedings at Victoria During the  Week-  There huvv been i-itlli-er cxoitiiig  times in lhc legislature during the hist  week. Tlie govertitneut was defeated  on Monday evening. John Hinision  moved ;m adjournment which the  govermrii:nt and Mr. Martiu opposed  but the adjournment eiu-ried on a vole  of 17 to 16. Later in \he. evening the  government had a majority of two und  this was taken us .xliovYi'.ijr* tliat the  government still liad control of the  house.  Houston also got into ;tu altercation  with speaker Pooley -who asked him to  take his seat. This Houston refused  to do and the speaker appealed to the  government to protect 5i Un from insult  but the government were afraid to act.  The long looked i'or nulwuy bill was  brought clown by message on Monday  evening. It provides Uie aid already  stated for the Canadian Kbrthnni  and  34,000 a mile for a portion of tlje  Coast-Kootenay line and 34,300 a mile  for the most difficult part. A laud  grant of 1,000,000 acrca is also given to  the latter road.  Aid for the Midway and Vernon road  is not metitioned.lu the bill, but the  G-overnment organ, the Colonist lias  an inspired article, urging tne granting of the necessary aid to build this  railway and it is possible that a separate measure dealing; ".villi this road  will be introduced. Should this be  done, its chances of passing will be  excellent as many of the opposition are  i:i favor of assisting tliis project.  Another Big Order  Six Weeks at Hard Labor.  That  is   What   Two   Men Get For  Daroafiing- Property-  EHOiyx, B. C, May 3,���M. 13. Coaltas  and Fred Pttckwith, who had been in  the employ of the C. P. R. eonipany'as  , brakemen on local ore trains, -were  yesterday sentenced by Justice of  the  ��� Peace I. H. Hallett of, G-i-eenwood and  G. Arthur Rendell of. E}holt to sis  weeks' huprisoment -villi hard, labor  on the charge of damaging the property  pf the railway company and assultiag  ou-2 of its officers. Tliey -were taken  out on the afternoon train by Provincial Constable. I. A. Dinsmore to Nelson, where they will be imprisoned in  the provincial jail. Evidence was  given to the effect tliat while drunk  the prisoners broke the windows of a  caboose, damaged a stove, and then  interfered, with tlie operator at the  Eholt railway station.'  Subscription List.  Subscription towards  delegates to Victoria in  the V. V. & E. railway.  "Hr BrMadden AAA^TATAyyyt:  D. Mcintosh   A Friend .,   C. Scott Galloway   Bealey Investment Co....  Greenwood Trading Co..  E. C. Carter '. :   Dr. Spankie.   Smith & McRae .'.  Chas. Pittock   M. A. Harvey   Cameron Bros.,   Pickart & McDonald ......  Louis Bosshart  ..  Thos. Walsh   R. L. C. Co., Ltd  .  Commercial Hotel   II. A. King & Co   A Friend  ..  Miller Bros  _  J. W. Mellor & Co.,   P. W. George & Co.,   Graham & Perry   Kiinter-Keudrick Co ,   J. Lttlcov   I). A. Bannerman   T. M. Gulley & Co.,   AV. H. Belt   Clarendon Co.,   J. McCreath   E. G. Warren   Gaunce & Wickwire   Greenwood Liquor Co.,...  Kendeil & Co.,   sending   two  the interest of  -S-20-00-  .. 20 00  -���    20 00  5 00  .. 10 00  . 20 00  .. 2 00  .. 10 00  ..  5 00  5 00  ..-  2 00  3 00  10 00  ..  5 00  ..  2 00  .. 20 00  2 00  5 DO  .. 15 00  . 2 50  .. 5 00  .. S 00  .. 15 00  5 00  .: 2 00  .. 2 00  ..  2 00  5 00  .. 2 00  ... 2 00  .. 10 00  5 CO  ... 10 00  ... 10-00  Granby Company  Purchases Electric j.  Plant 1  The Granby   company   litis,   awarded'  tlie \\\:.sUi)ghousc KluCaii.-- i;.nu;i;u:v of ?  Schenectady   the  cl-i":U'.ic:.   IVp.siv. >p:Y-  ! iug  two  electric   i;:^'.-.>:'o,  ea.'ii   of Ti'O  I horse  power  capacity, :f.jr driving'tliu  J two   thirty-drill oomprrj.-j'-xu.'s in be m-  i installed   at   the   ihine;-,    in    I'iioi-nix.  The CainuiiKji OeiK.'t.'d i'/let'tric cuni-  pnn-y wits given un iii-.U'r' iur.i hundred i  horse  power  motor1   foi' opc-i-ating Ihe ,'  crusher, tlie contract for ivliieh will be J  given later in the week,    The crusher i  will be located at (lie mines and  win j  have  acapacity  of  1,00;)  Ions every 10*  hours.    The   ore will   be   reduced to a. I  size  not exceeding lire indies.    The!  contract for ihe   traiisffrniers, winch'  will connect the voltage ot: Uie Granby ';  company,   has   been   awarded   to. ihe  Canadian General Elect tic coin pan v.  FOR RENT-  o  or 6 rooms   partly   fnrTii.s't:e:l    cor  housekeeping,   Silver  street,   Fisher'.-;  addition, former!}' occupied  by   L-'rauki  Miller.    Enquire on premises of Mi.ss !  ]! rooks. ;  ��� Certificate of improvement-        ;  xoti ce. ;  UAXTliMORE Mineral Claim, situnlr in the;  Kettle Kiver -Mhiicjr l>i visio-i of Yah- D:.;;- ;  rid.    Whwe lo-vstcd :    In .Co*-;vr pain;-.  ���"TAKE  XOTieiC tiiiit   t, .i,r'.:-:,:.-1;-s i-;i-,i-.-:  JL as p.ifiNit do'Jol;;i A r-.fi--.nlv-, :';-, .- .din,'-'* ���  Ci-rt-iicai'.-* No. 11. ���:'.-f'��,i!iLi.ii-ti: '-;:.i v.,' iv.s : r,.:i'  tlio date Li.;!.'i-(��U- In ;i|,i>lv��toil)i- .viii)i'a.-.' InVi:-;  order. 'Ar.' a C-a.itificate ���>:" *Iui jii\p.p:::,*:ii-, !'.;.**  tho purpose (ii ofo'.aiiiiii.y a. Crown ICrnul of :  the above clai in<  And  -furtlier Miko noUee tliat action   under'  Section  37.niusl be commenced  belVj.ro llic.issuance of sucli CerliRc'itW of Improvements.  . Dated the 2Si.li dav of A'priL'3502, '  . " -.. J, P..MYERS-GRAY.  vrtiwii Jtuiivtj-Af.  m  ^>AA>y   ^y-^x   <T  J*..: '   !���'������!   ���   /---i- -i J,     i-i  fa--- :'^"%v ��� Jvte  MINISRAL, ACT,  Certificate, of Inipro'veKiieiit.    .  NOTICK.'      ' '    " -  "OOX J OlwIO   KRACTLON" , I'-liner.-il   CUtini,  ��� .'iitiiateil in  l.lu: Kellie���l.'.h-ci- M'iiiiny Di ri-  sibii. of Yale Disriot.    Wliere loctled:   lis  ' Jk-.uhTOiVi Camp..  rpATCK NOTIIO Hi a;' T, Vs.ir.c H. Ealk-tl, :i����  JL asr^nt for t'.ia JSritislJ Colnnibi:i C.'JT.ipt-r  Compuny. biinilod, fret-. Mhit'i'*;: CVrti lic:iln  No. 1!-W(,'>1 iuLeiul si.-^tv c\ny.�� from'* ilie  date lici-L-of, to apply to the Miniujr Recorder  for' a'.Certificate of Iiuproreineiits, for tlie  purpose of oliiai-.tiiig- a Ci'ov.-ia Grnut of .the  above claim. ;'���"'  And furtlier ta.lce  nottee  Hint action, umicr  section 37, must be\ cor.uuenmcI bcfcu-e'tlie Issuance of aucl'i Certificiite of Iiup-.-o-.-ciiic-.uts.  Dated this 2Sili dxr of April, W02,  I. O. HALrrdSTl'.  %m&,   M  JT.::  r  ��� '���''JSSsJSi  .\a  'M  issid|' pis.  1    : '11 ��� Itesuji: ferns ��� i  .116H.TOCJt w ��i��u^K'BC"M3.'��oji:."����'ti��; Astu unwJniiHrr.wK -jucwita k ^VMr-fuiro & ^;  n^Hiuu n >��x^au nranw rnm  MSN ERAL   AC'T,  Certificate of Ira provements..  ��� '   NOTICE. ':  ABERDEEN Mineral claim, situated   in   the  KettleRiver Mialsig I>rvisioa of Yale District.   -\Vliere looateil:   In. Coiijier camp.  TAKE NOTIE ' that' wc. Joli.-i  D. Jforrlsli,  Free Miner's C ertificate No.  B-M333, A.  E..Cross, Ii'ree Miner's  erti'icateWo n-IOliOS and  Louis  Bryant,   Free   Miners'   Certiiicate    Ko.  B40025 Iutetul, sixty days from uli.e date  hered  to apply to flic  liilniiiij'  recorder   for a certi:'  cate of improvements for tU'cjuirpoKe of ohtai  inpf s. cro��-u j.'1'aut of tlie al)OT�� claim.  _���  And  furtlier take   uoliee Ui.'tt uctiou, under  section 37, must be commenced before 'tlie- j  suaiiceof such certiltctt.e of inii:rov*C)iicius.  Dated this 2��tli den- of April, A. D., I'i02.  NOTICE TO'CREDnORS.'  S266 50  Received   from   Julius   E-hrlica.    the  lunount of S266.50 towards our expenses  on trip to Victoria.  RALPH  SMAILES.  DUNCAN McINTOSH.  In tlie Matto.i of the estate si CJiaticg Y/esliy  Vedder, late of the City of Grteriwocil in  tsic Province of British Cidimibia. insurance  Ac;ciit, deceased.  TCTOTICE IS'HEREBY GIYKK in pursn-  J.M. anceof the Kuloa of tlte Keriscd Statutes  of liritish Colunihia, IP1.)",-Cup. IS", that all  creditors and others liavinc eluiins n^ai-.i^t tlio:  estate of the s;s.id Chark-s Wesilty .Yd.-iucr, '.viio  died on the 27th day of l">oceui1iur, A. 1>��� 1'Xll,  are required on or before the ITfii tiny of Aprif,  A. D. 19l)2, toseud by j-.ost pivpi'Kl. or deiiyer lo  the iiiulei':iiiri!ed, solii-i! nrs for r.'r>\ C;--i'u ,Mav  Vodilor, AiliiiiiiistriltriK of tho i>er-:.in:tl estalo  and lil'fects of tlie kl'J<| ilitceasei!, tlieir cliristian  names, surnames, acklressi/s ituil iii-scriplions,  Willi full jnuliciihtis of I Heir claims, it slate---,  int'iil of tiinir' acei Mints and ,1m imiure of tlie  securiiie-i (if any) liel'd uy ilu-in, Uulr vurilk"!.  And furtlier t:H��: notioui lh;i l :iifer tlie saiii  17th day of. April A.-7.I.. I'-ll'.'. thr-:-.:>ii| ;.idiv.iiiL-  slr.'iti'i.--: will procet*:;1. tot-ii.-ilril^uu.' the assets of  the dece.'is.'d anion;,' tlio parties im, Iith.-d thereto  linviiijr ivifiti'd only totlur elaHiiof which sii'i  shall then have liad uotirc. it ml that the sai '  Aduiiuistratrix will nut [>t: liaWo fur tiu-. so id  assets or any pair itieri-ol' iti ;-,riy porf-r-u m'  persons of whose elahns r.ui ic-.- sli;vll not Iia.-e  in-eii receivwl liy ii-.!:' ,'-.t iho I i-.ni-of such d'a-  tribuiion.  Daled at Kreiuni-oixl, IJ. I'., I liiu 17th (lav ��(  I'Vurnary, A. II., UiUJ.  ruixci.E & wur.ncr.niTi,  Solicitors  (or Cora May Vedder,  AdiiiitustniU'ec.  NOTICE TO CREDITORS.  In Ti;;: Miincrorinc F.statonf l.t-cisr.Tcdruv,  lata of Anarchist Wo;i,i1ai.':, in the r'i'uv-  iacc of British CcVirnsia, f^r.r.t-r, tiecessi;;;,  T\TOTICK IS UK1-:R;1Y (!IVE\f in pursn  J.H anceof the K'o-.-iscd S*;;Li;l'S of l:ri;i.:'i  C-iliiiiiliia, l.s')7, Cap. ],S7. thai r.ll ciVi.iixrs a;i-l  others h,-u-i:|._r claims nirah.st tho ���.���,::-.l.- of lit;-  said f^uciaa'fedr, >v\- \vli--i iii=:ri ivn th:- 2^iiii day  of Jio-.-eiiiiior, A. I")., l'l. il.are r-.'"| uire 1 mi nr'l.r-  fore the. 17th day of .) ri';i. .���'-...').. IVi'.:. i-i .-e:i-l  hy pom, prei):'.!!1.. I--'-!cl i-v-.r :i. I'ne i*,:-i:i^--:ir-,,*,:.  solicitiirs fur '.V'in iron T,av,-|-:- .-.-, Aihi-in'.siraior  of llio pors-nal >--.;i..-,-.o an: i-.,.',-ct*- of the s;��i-l  <k:ci-aF.:rl. tii;--r C'lri-,'Ian n*-n:,-<- suMiari ���:',  a.-Idre-i .-���_'> and <l--i-.a.-i i, : ��� < -. -:AA\ i -., ��� 1 ->.i r- i o..";- - ���  and iiie itati'-x- i-i' A...- --. ;:: :/.i **-   d; :;-, . ; h<-u- ���-..> v  t:U-ia. .\-.y.;:   \ i-.A i',-,1.  .   And   iunli'.-r tah*  p, a'������-..-  ������.-; ���    ;.;i.--,-  liie ,-;:!:!  ������'tr.-. Im-'v.-ill pi -^..- ���:���,:.:���-. :'A;\\.\  v.\.\ :��� .-;-- , ���  1 l-l,- .le.a-ase-l a a; ���-'.:' ;!.!.: -:: :** ,i.- . :\ :..{'.������:' : her,.**' -.  |liav'.n.- 1-i-ira.id -i.i ��� t-i';:- * -.::.\ '���-,-���. ���*; ,-.-! 'c!i h-.-  j shall 'then have liad so;;.*,:. ;-. :-.,\ -A,:::: the A-l I  ' A<!r.iiiii.-.ti-;'.t-.ir v.-ill i;,,i i.,- iiahl- o-r'. hu'i-ni-l  I a*-.-rts. or any :*:���.-**. i i--r,--.-f. i��� a.-.i.v ;a-:'.-oa ��� ;  I persons, of ���.el-.,.-*.- ria'.!-: ; i:iiin-ii .-had li-.n ha*.-.  J iiec-n veeei ve-.l by hira a ���. A.:- 1;i-i-o of  slip!! ,ii:-'r:  itimi.  Daicd nt Croon'.v.-i.-i.!.':!. :.'.,   -id?   H'-h  d:.y  '1  ebruary, A. J). 1 ���' A.  vm.\G-y: & ti'jirri-'siDE.  Solicitors for Y.'H3ia.iii Lan'lcbs,  ���'*|v#l !H  $La :   li ,- ii '^ II'Bin JU  ' ': r  h*��> 1%,* }*%J> a. .\-tto&  aJ^pafe.:-...a  ViA    W   nS  ft   -    ���''    ������'     ���'<  it A&-i>^i  S-;  >'  n  1-1 ao  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  Moftri to it About  'W��ayst.-,.  HEiiiE  nt. BiUJss*r WIU A?riT*   Earl  Ctat w��ab, 3. C. Bellinger left the  copet whtre haI -ud hie awoclatea are  erecting a larg-a ���mflter ��t Crofton ior  tha treatment of Vancoaver I��14nd and  Pacific coa^t ore*. Upon his arrival at  Spokane, be Waa called suddenly to  Idaho thaa delaying- hia arrival here  for about ten dajre. He ia expected  here earlr neat week and shortly after*  ward* the Sunset ewelter at Boundary  .���FalU^Ul;iiebloirn;;in;   yy.'.y:  A. large force of men are at work on  the Bnneet smelter .and the many alter*  atlone which are being .made will boob  be completed. The amelter will then  be ae perfect and convenient as it ia  poeaihle to make-It. The additional  ntachinery, although delayed ..for'eoae  time ia now arriving.'and the whole  plant will be ready for operation inside  .of two.weeke, ,.,,���!,*-,.'.....,.-..,*��� ...��  The operation ��f the Snueet amelter  will add materially to the pay roll tri>  "biliary;;'t��'Oreenwood.^ The amelter it-  oeli which will lie ran to ita full capacity will give employment, to a large  number of men and the force at the  Suineet mine will be doubled. to maintain the oatput necessary to keep the  amelter running.  K. J. Wilson of the company's staff  will purchase ores lot the smelter. He  will be prepared to bid for not only  tha high grade ores of the surrounding  mine* that are now being developed  but those of outside camps as well.  The facilities tot handling ores at  the smelter are perfect, and as the  Colnmbia 4t Western railway runs to  the very doers of the works a large  district canbe.drawn from conveniently  and cheaply.  , A. A. Munroe, of Montreal, managing-director of the .Montreal and Boston 'Copper .^company owning the  aunset mfiae and. the amelter who has  bees in tke city for some time will re-  .main, here natfl the smelter Is blown  in.  Midway v* Gwwnwood  n�� tneawoog fetm Shut Out Tlw  . .u -J *Idw��yh����,��n Sub4w.   \ Notwithstanding' the threatening  waather about 200 people turned out to  the eacarilon to Midway last Sunday  which was gotten up by the Greenwood  Band] and Base Ball Club. Those that  went were ��welT repaid for the trip ae  the day waa beautiful and Midway  looked lovely In ft* robe of green grase  and 9weetamoUittff flowers. The base  ball match between Midway and  Greenwood renattsd in the defeat of  the former b* a ecore of 7 to 0, nevertheless ike game waa a very good one  in spite of the useve aess of the score.  The. Midway wen.were naable to find  Parker the Greenweod pitcher, while  the straight skoots of Doc. Thomas  were an easy mark for.the boys from  the metropolis. There will be a- return  game at Greenwood next Sunday when  the Midwayltes hope to reverse the  ecore.  George's colts arc all rig htfbtit they  needn't think, that they do not require  any more practice. Dill - wasn't a sleep  when.Smith threw the ball to him; he  d waa dreaasiag of that 3rd base hit he  made.  ������ Miller was a little slow picking np the  ball atehort but he will be all right  with more practice.  ' Bay that fellow Parker can pitch a  ' little/''"  Doc Thames* Loba fooled the boys  Qtite often.  ; The Band played on" bnt most people  thought 11 had stopped in that March.  A Big Order.  Greifcy syafltcste PurcuMe* Additional Jtaeblaary.  a. P. William* resident agent of  the Jencka Machine Company has a��-  csred a bly order from the Granby  Company.  The new plant comprises  the following:  Two dupl��s tandam compound Rand  air.compressors, cylinders high pressure 16 in, k36 in., low pressure 28in. x  ���36 In., having a capacity of 8 200 Cubic  feet of free air at 80 revolutions per  minute. High and low pressure cylinders to be connected by latest type of  Rand water tube iutf rcooler. Actual  capacity of engine, which will weigh  in all about 300,000 lbs.wlll be 60.. 3%  Hand drills at aa altitude of 5,000. feet.  Included -with the order is an after-  coaler of auffiicient capacity for botli  compreaaOni, which will be driven by  an electric motor through the medium  of a rope drive. The: approximate  horse power will be 1300. & Altogether,  including an extra rope, there will be  10,5*0 feet of rope sent with the machine. One 10 ton traveling crane, 20  % New Giant drills, one 72 in. x20 ft.  air; receiver, also .form part of the  order. This compressor plant  will be the lafgeat yet for the Bounary  district and its use ia rendered necessary by the greatly increased output  ot ore the Granby Company is steadily  working up to. The new hoisting  engine ordered some months ago from  the Jenckes Machine Company for tbe  Granby mines ia expected to reach  Phoenix about the Uth inst.  MINERAL. ACT.  Certlficite of Improvements  NOTICE.  CIilTDBSOAXiE   and    MOUNTAIN    LION  Mineral oUlms situate In the Kettle River  Mining- Division of Yale District.  Whsrs located :   In Deadwood camp.  TAKE NOTICB that I, John .Robert Brown,  Free Miner'i Certificate No. B40688, a* ajrent  foi David A, Good, Tree Miner's Certificate  No. B*M51, Intend slaty days from the  date hereof, to applr. to the mining recorder  for a certificates of ImproTements.for the purposed obtaining crown Brants of the above  clalat  Aa-S farther take notice ttat action, under  section 37, ����tt be commenced before the Is-  isnaace of ��ach certificate of Improvements*  Dated thia aad day of April, 1902.     -  :��������� J. R. BROWN.  MlflERAL ACT.  Certjile��te> oyinjroveinents.  ALICE, NEIME and May,' Mineral Claims,  situated in tbe Settle River Mining Division  oi Vale District.  Wliere located: Neaj to Dry Creek, and  Spacer's ranch, atcut three miles from the  town af Asaconda. *,  TAKE NOTICE that we, John N. Greden.  Nicholas Tholl, Donald o. McI��*ron and  William. 6. 'McMynn. Free Miners Certificates  Nos.B*��M, B40627,B��523,C��6Ol respectively,  Intend slaty days fromthf datejhereot, to apply  to the Mininir Recorder for Certificate* of Iiu-  grorements, (or   the purpose,  of   obtaining  rotvn Grants of the above claims.  And further take  notice that action, 'under  section 37, mast be commenced before the issuance of such Certificates of Improvements  Dated thi? 16th day of April, A. D.,190.2  John N. Greden, Nicholas Tholl, Donald - d. mc-  Lar��n, "Ww. G. ucicynu,  LAUD REGISTRY ACTIO the Wetter or the "Lend aegletry  Act" fit  In tke Matter of the Ctrtffloite of Title to  tots % It 23 MS 84 la Block 26 Midway  1***1!  Whereas tbe Csftifieat* of Title cf Mackey  Ingrlm to thi ab��v�� mentioned hereditament,  bearing date the 20tb dav- of September, 1900,  and numbered 38��a baa been lost or destroyed,  and application ha* been made to me for a  duplicate thireof:  Notice is Hereby Given that a duplicate  Cert!&��s.!s 4f Title Hill be isssed-at -the- sspir~  atlon-oi on<| moath from the date hereof unless  la the meantime valid objection to the contrary  1* made to mt In writing-.  Dated this i5th day of April, 1902.  W. H. ttDMONDS,  District Registrar.  Itand RsfUtr; Office,  XamltwpJ, B. C.  MASLGONTRAOT  SrALBOTBNOBrtS, *<Uff**i to the  Peataastsr Otneral, will be received at Ottawa  until noon, oa Friday the 30th May, for the  conreyasceof Her'atijssty'o Mails oa a pro.  pos*4 contract for four years, twslva time* per  weeh tick, -way, between the Greenwood Post  Office and Colombia and Western Railway  station, from tbs 1st July next.  Printed notices ccniaUIng- further Informa-  tlen m to conditions o( proposed contract may  be seen and blank forms of Tender may be  obtained.at the Poat Oficeof Greenwood and  at this office,  Poat Office tsupe-ctor'* OSes IW.E. DORMAN  "Vanconvsr, B. C. >       Post Gffice  18th April, 1902. ) Inspector.  BP  t  ���  |  I Hotel ��� !  5 *  5 Corner Copper  and Greenwood ^  J Streete. *  2 ������-���������    . *  q, Steam Heated  % Throughout.  5 Booms 50 Cents  * and up.  2 Tint Assortment  i.  Liquors and Cipara.  r r gr r jp fff # *p ip r %* %f ��r if iff r.  HINEEAL   ACT.  Certificate of Improvement.  NOTICE.  TIGER  Mineral Claim, situate In the Kettle  .     River Mining Division of Yale District.  Where located:   Iu   Beaver  Canup,  West  Fork of Kettle River.  TAKE NOTICE that I.John P. McLeod,  Tree Miner's Certificate No. B��*87, as  agent for! William M. Iiaw, Free Miner's  CertlBcate No. B41382, Intend slaty  days from the date hereof to apply to tbe  Mining Recorder-lor a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining; a Crown  Grant of the above claim  And further take notice thai action, under  Section 87, mutt be commenced before the  Issuance of such Certifitate of Improvement.  < Dated this 30th day of February, A. D., iM2.  J4'ar.J7-MayJ7. J. I'. MclEOD,  ���fiww,.*' MINERAL ACT.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  �������>".'.; NOTICE.  KOMESTAKE Mineral claim situated In the  Kettle River Mlnlnr Division of Yale  District.  Where located: In Dayton icamp, adjoining- the War Eagle claim >L. 1879.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Sydney M. Johnson,  Free Miner's Certificate No. B8120, for self a.ud  aa agent for Ainsley Megraw, Free Miner's  Certificate No. B30J49 and .S. G, Detchon  Free Miner's Certificate No'. S37825, intend  sixty days'froti the date hereof, to apply  to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crowa  grant of the above claim.  And further take notice.that action, under  ���ection 37, must be commenced before the Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated.this 32nd day of March 1901.  MINERAL ACT, 1900.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE  MYRTLE Mineral Claim, situate In the Kettle  . River Mininir Division of Yale District.  '   Wherelocated :   In Dayton camp, ad joining the Homestake miueral claim.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Sydney M. Johnson,  Free Miner's Certificate Ho. B. 8120 for self and  as agent for Ainsley Megraw, Free Miner's  Certificate No. B30349, and Hugh MegrawFree  Miner's Certificate No B30341, Intend sixty days  from|the*date hereof, to apply to the Mining  Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for  the pnrpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the  aboveclaim.  And further take notice that action, nnder  section 37, must be commenced before the Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 22nd day of March, 1902.  Mineral Act 1896.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPR0VEMENT&  NOTICE.  DON'T KNOW Mineral Claim, situated lathe  Kettle River Mining Division of Yale  District.  Where Located :      Smith's   camp,    near  Boundary Falls.  TAKE NOTICE that we, Geo. R. NMen,  Freo Miner's Certificate No. 416&B, and  Sydney M. Johnson, Flee Miner's Certificate No. 8120B intend slxty  days from the date hereof to apply to the  mining recorder for a certificate of Improvement for the purpose of obtaining a crcw-it  grant for aboveclaim.  And further take notice that action under  cection 37 must be commenced before the Issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this lSth day of February, A. D., 1��2.  MINERAL- ACT 1896.  Certificate of Improvement.  NOTICE.  WHITE HORSE mineral claim in the Kettle  River Mining Division of Yalo.  Where situate:   In Copper Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, B. L. Wood, Free  1 Miner'B Certificate No. B. -11502, on behalf  of myself and as agent for James Grak&m, Free  Miner's Certificate No. B 4O609and   Annie Htid-  ^n, Free Miner's Certificate No. B42634 und  mare-aret E. Mercer, Free Miner's Certificate  NO.BS5805, intend sixty davs from the date  hereof, lo apply to the Mining Recorder for  a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose  of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above  claim.   ������...'���  And further take notice that action, under  section 37,   must be  commenced   before   the  Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements,  ;   Dated this 16th day of December, 1900.  First issue Jauuarv 10. '  B. L. WOOD.  CP*  (P<  <P<  e*  (P<  <r*<  <P<  (P*  <��<  <P<  <P*  <P<  <P*  (P<  <P*  (P*  <P*  CP*  (P*  CP*  mmnmmmm^  99  ontreal.  Capital, all paid up, $12,000,000.  Rest..  ..$7,000,000.  President.   Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal,  "Vice-President:   Hon. Geobgk A. Dkummonu.  General Manager :   E. S  Clouston,  Branches in London, Eng. Uwl��1-prcS��ala.}' New-York, Chicago.  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers ; Grant Commercial au  Travellers' Credits, available in any partjof the world.  , Greenwood Branch,     F. J. FINUCANE, Manager. ^  THE fAIADM RANK OF fOMMERGE  With Which is Incorporatedithe  THE BANK OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO.  Capital, $8,000,000.      -     Rest, $2,000,000  HON. GEO. A. COX. President.   B. E. WALKER, General Manager  HENRY F. MYHON  MANAGER GREENWOOD BRANCH.  m  =ai.  REPRESENTING:  The Phoenix Fire Assurance The British  America  Assur-  Co. of l^ondon, EJngland.  The Western Assurance Co.  of Toronto.  ance Co., of Toronto.  The Canadian  Birkbeck  Investment and Saving's Co.  I  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  "No. 2" and "No. 3" Mineral Claims situate in  lUe Kettle River Mining- Division of Yale  District.  Wherelocated:   In  Crow Point Camp on  Jamea Creek.  .?"P AKE ^NOTICE , that,!. Isaac H. Hallett,  X as agent for John Douglass, Free Miner's  Certificate No. 40253,' James .Atwood, Free  Miner's Certificate No. B4026S, Arthur N. Pelly,  Free Miner's Certificate No. B18275 and Gerald  T. Hodpson, Free Miner's Certificate No. B4M90  Intend sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to the Mining-Kecorder for| Certificates oflm-  Srovements, for the purpose of   obtaining-  a  rowa Grant* of the above claims.  And further take notice,that action cede-,  section 37, must be commenced before tbe Issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.  Dated this 4th day of April, A. D., U02.  1. H. HAifcETT.  NOTICE OP FORFEITURE.  To  George D. Edwards, and to any person or persons to whom he may have transferred fair  Interests In the "Uncle Sam" mineral claim1  dnd ''First Chance"   mineral claim, both  situate in Skylark Camp In the KettleRlver  Mlulnr Division of Yale District, British  Columbia.  You are hereby notified that I have caused to  be expended 1205.00 to hold the said mineral  claims under the Mineral Act, that the proportion you should contribute for yonr undivided one-third Interest in each of the above claim*  is $68.33, aud If within ninety days from the first  publication, of this uotice you fall or refuse to  contribute the said sum of $68,33, which is now  due, with all costs of advertising, your Interest  in each of the said mineral claims will become  the property of me, the undersigned, one of  your co.owners, under section four of an Act  entitled the "Mineral Act Amendment Act,  1900."  Dated at Greenwood, B. C, the 25th day of  March, A. D., 1909.  EMANUE&E PASTR ONE  P, BURNS & CO.  * ������������-.-.������,.���*  * ��� *....-��  * .- �����  ��  ��  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  ��  Wholesale and Retail Meat  Merchants.  Markets at:   Greenwood, Grand Forks, Midway, and Phoenix.  00090000000000e0000*��******��#****��*��#*<��00000��tt00000  #  0  0  0  00  THE BEST BEER IN TOWN IS MADE BY  THE ELKHORN B  PORTMAN  & PORTMAN  Proprietors  ASK FOR  LDNIIR Bi  1 The Elkhorn Lager Beer Contains only Pure Malt Hops, Try  It 1 It is kept on draught or in Bottles by all the leading Hotel  girom���^^  The James Cooper Mfg, Co.  t  *���-  -MONTREAL, QUEBEC-  MANUFACTUREXS OF  -00  I TngersoH'Sergeant  ������  machinery**  ROCK DRILLS, STRAIGHT LINE   5  UPLEX and CORLISS AIR COM-   ^  PRESSORS .... ^  y    Af eats For The Bullock .pttpoad Drills  BOILERS, HOISTS, PUMPS, Etc, ^^^^muipments  '4 H. B. 0. mcllally, Rossland, B. C.  OF AUv KINDS.  STOCK CARRIED IN ROSSLAND.  ^4UuaiUUiiiiiuuiiuauaa4auuiuu��^iUiUiaiUiUiiiUiiuauiiiiiaiiUiniiiiiiaiiuuiiUiiuu^  ^  %-t. THU BOUNDARY CREEK TIMES  x  x..:..:��j..x��x..:..:.c��:��:'����x-W'":'',t";",>X";  A Camera is known by the  picture  it  takes���not by it size.  The Folding Pocket  Kodaks  have, llio capabilities of cameras ofuvice  their bulk. Though small of compass  thev possess tlie verr elements of successful picture taking���a simple inecli-  anisin, an optical perfection.  Kodaks, $5,00 to $75.  We sell you the above at strictly list  prices. Remember its Eastman's  Kodukaud Ihe only instrument of the  kind ou sale in o-ve'ry civilized country  in the world. Onr dark room is at your  disposal���freesf charge.  Greenwood Will Have a  Celebration.  Big  Smith & McRae  ���r  Books,  Paper,   Office   Supplies,   Wall   ,t,  F.Tper, Photo Supplies. -.��&  IH. 1 KING & CO. I  must  reduce their  large  stock   of  OFFICE SUNDRIES.  They offer Brrgains  .'.-."   ���ill-  Shannon Files,  Blank Books, .  Inks of all Kinds,  Typewriter Paper,  Writing Materals.  ? 1CUUUU      L11V,J4 g,  �� ,������������ ^  �� stock   of *  |    OFFICE SUNDRIES.    I  * '��  * They offer Brrgains *  J .'.-."      ���in��� ���     *  | Shannon Files, I  #  *.��  �����  ��-  *  * Timnwriinr  l>:inr>r *  *  IS   _,    -s  I ""hTIIincTcoT I  Look to Your Eyes  Consult an Optician.  When your eyes dim anil when you'cannot continue for "any length of time to regard small  objects as in reading..  When yon involuntarily frown or partly close  the eyes when looking at au object.  When things "swim" or become dim lifter being looked at for some time.  When the eyes ache, smart or water; when  your eyelids (ret iullamed often, or when  you have pain in the eye ball, orbit, temples  or forehead.  When you have any nervous derangement that  yon cannot otherwise account for.  Don't let the matter of expense keep you from  visit!nil us. Siirht- is as precious to yon as  life itself, and we test tli ft eyes free of  charge.  MILLER BROS.,  0PTIC1AMS kW JEWELERS.  . HOTEL  CKEEKWOOD, B. C,  J. C. DOUGLAS,   Prop.  EVERYTHING FIRST-CL,ASS.  THE    BEST   OF    FOREIGN    AND  DOMESTIC WINES, LIQUORS  AND    CIGARS.  FIRST-CLASS    SAMPLE    ROOMS  FOR   TRAVELLING    MEN.  ACCOMMODATION FOR 75 GUESTS  rlear the  onier of Government and Greenwood  ,. Streets.  !  Firemen's Races and Base Ball Are  the Chief Attractions.-  Greenwood's gala, day, May r,4th,,is  g-oing- to be properly observed this  year. Judg-ing- from the,large.number  of letters received by Secretary Ehrlich  of the celebration committee, in -which  the writers tell of the various .teams  that are coming to take part in .the1 different events, and the' many friends  who" are coming' to boost the teams  along. The town will be crowded with  visitors. The committee are hard at  work perfecting the necessary arrangements and it is safe to say that when  Victoria Day comes rouud everything  will be in ship shape so that the visitors will be given a royal time.  Among those who are anxious to  seek fame in the contests here on the  24th is the War Eagle and the Centre  Star hose team. Mr. Ehrlich, has received a , communication from ,the  secretary of the organization in which  he states that his team : will come with  a' determination to capture all the firemen's races and incidentally the big  purses hung up in connection therewith. This team has been organized  for the purpose of giving lire protection to theCentre Star and War Eagle  mines. A team from'the Rossland tire  department is also likely to come, as  well as the Nelson team.  Grand Forks is going to send a. big  contingent over to the celebration. The  hose team from the peaceful [prairie  city are coming an��l its "ball twirlera  will try conclusions with Miller's colts.  Then Phoenix will have its hose tearii  here and probably abase ball team, if  one can be organized and trained before that date. And Chesaw is coming  over. The Myers creek town will send  horses and base bailers. The latter  believe that they can shut out any.of  the Canadian teams and are ready and  willing to back up the faith that is in  them.  These are only a few of the attractions. Next week the Times will tell of  further events for the big day.  lime and pyrites), lime ores 20per cent,,  low grade matte 10 per cent., slag 5 per  cent., coke coal, which costs at the furnace in question about half the price of-  coke.   The charge of fuel added is thus-  about 5 per cent, of the. total.    Whilst  the furnace is at work slag is run.off  continuously, whilst the matte which  contains gold, silver and copper, in the  original charge is tapped out from the  bottom   of   the  furnace ,,as required.  "When  copper contents of such matte  amount to 45 per cent.', it is standard,"  and can be sold to the large^copper rie-  fmers.who will extract from it the gold  and   silver.   If  this   standard is: r:6i  reached,   the . matte   is. passed again  through the furnace till it is enriched  to the necessary degree.   The'slag'cpn-  tainsonly traces of gold and silver and  is thrown avvay". A plant,  capable ' of  treating; '40 tons of ore per day,''and  yielding 3, to; 4 .tons of standard matte  costs, it is'statedjbut a couple of thousand pounds, and stamp;mills are\ribt I  required, since it is unnecessary to pulverise .the .ores before passing' them  into the furnace.'' Mr. Koch holds that  this method is likeley.tortake a great  development in ithe future,   and will;  with the cyanide process, be response  ble for a large proportion of,the world's  outjiut of-gold.    The process of extraction by chlorihatioh will, on theother  hand; tend to dissappea'r, as it is only  suitable when ores free from lime, and  water, also lime free, aire both available,   though    at    Cripple   Creek   this  method is so far the favorite.  Pyritic Smelting  Some mining men still have faith in  the Pyritic system of smelting as may  lie seen by the following article re^  cently published in London E'ngeueer-  iuSr; ' '"' ���   '.- -���' ':. ,, y:  Sulphur in gold."ores has long been  one of the banes of the mining engineer, since with the'usual methods of  gold extraction it has been necessary  to remove the sulphur pretty'completely by roasting beforeattemptirig,to recover the precious metal. -In a paper  recently read before the Engineers'  Society of Western Pennsylvania, W.  F. Koch claims that this sulphur, so  far from being adeliterioiis ingredient,  may often be a positive advantage if  the older methods of treating such  ores are abandoned, aud the gold is obtained by "pyritic" smelting. In this  case the sulphur, instead of being  wasted by roasting it off, serves as fuel,  replacing an equivalent quantity of  coke. The ores charged into the furnace arc quartz ores, lime ores, quartz  and lime ores, quarlz and aluminous  ores, all containing gold, in varying  amounts, and a small percentage of  copper. Mixed with these are the pyretic ores, ranging from pyrites with  quartz, quartz with pyrites, lime and  pyrites,and quartz, lime, alumina and  quartz, which form a fairly representative list of refractory gold ores. The  furnace used is a simple water-j acketed  blast furnace, having proivsioti for  collecting the waste heat which is utilized for warming the blast. This blast  should be [powerful enough to get a  hot zone right at the tuyeres, a greater  supply of air being a disadvantage,  since there is then a tendancy toaet up  re-actions in the decending column of  ore and fuel. For similar reasons the  height of ore above the tuyeres should  not be too great. The charge consists  of a mixture, in the following proportions, of ores, such as those already  mentioned: Pyrites IS per cent, quartz  ores 45 per cent,  (these usually contain  Foi- sale No. 5.Hydraulic Earn 6 to 10  gallons water'per minute, 2 inch drive,  1 inch discharge. ' See ,'A'. L. White  2nd Hand Man. ���  TVTOTICE is Hereby Iriven that -within.'sixty  _LsL days from date'I intend to apply to the  Honourable Chief Commissioner of Lands and  Works for permission to purchase tWe following described land, situate in the Osoyoos Divi-.  sion of Yale District : Commencing- al a post  planted on the North-Vest corner of John A.  Conlson's p're-emdtioh,: thence North twenty  chains, tlience east forty chains, theiice South  twenty chains, thence West forty chains to the  point of commencement, containiuff [80] acres,  more or less. JOHN A. COULSOIf,  Dated, March 16tli, 1902.  First publication April 4th, 1902.  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  HALLETT & SHAW  barristers, solicitors,  Notariks Public.  Caiile Address :   " hallett."  Codes  Bedford M'Neill's  Moreing & Neal's  Leiber's.  I. H.   HJLLETT.  Greenwood,  b.c,  H. C. SHAW,  M��LEOD & BROWN  Barristers and Solicitors;  Notaries Public, Etc.  Offices:  J. Jt. Brown,  ���        block. Copper street,  Greenwood, B.C. ���  J. P. MclilJOD  CHARLES AE. SHAW,  ��� ������;-   Civil Engineer,'-  andS Provincial  Dominion  Land Surveyor.  GREENWOOD,  B.   G.  A. ]E.. ASHCROFT.  Dominion and ;  '  ���provincial Land Surveyor.  Mining and Engineering Surveys.-' ��� -  Underground,Work a Specialty.  Wood Block (next Customs office^),,.���;  ,., ���  GREENWO.OD,-B; C.  SOCIETIES.  Assets  ;''STRONGEST  $304,^68,063:49  WjnM  US'-  *t(���"--.',��*>f:-  ^  __     BOUNDARY, ,VALLEY; LODGE  '^^^    ". ..: :��<>: a* ,:'*\o;f: ;���     ".   s6bs*06^07 Ettipir^Stat^'Btulclitig.^::  Meets every Tuesday Evening at 8.00 In their '      ..,'������   ���:.-   " -^ '.  ;,'     ��� y_ '���__./���_'���>-..-_��� j_ a��    _  .  A, cordial invi  tation is extended.to all sojourning .breiliern.  Fred B. Holmes, N.G.   W. B. Fkith, Reo.Seo  lodpe roonrat,Masonic Hall.  :lo  Office Tei. Brown, 21111"''.  *$5i^iL70rOl  pvknn*y-y>vir y\yy  CHARLES T.klPP; Cisliiei', * -*t! �����%***&*?: 'a-a  W��pLLENBERG^Maiinagc^  ���-'"- ���'���r-s'-*>\;it*',-y-;>nj;;aMv;.-������(i:v.��.- ,v,  S-000<>0<><K>00<>Ob<>000<X>C>000<>0<><X><>00<^  5-0<KK><K><><><>0<>0<><>0<>0<KK>CK>0<>0<>0<><^^  "-���������'���--���������-    *;,*<S ���������>.  {li t, ������  ' .���.yA\ ,���'���'���'<aJ  v-t-'   :.��-'��i :i :  \ ;���'(.'��� -tzii.4. ���>  :.',���;.,.:,-:. .ji  .-'-..-;., . ��*���",>.''<;  ���/:0:    il^  a'-'th'..,-;���/:'  J     .':��������� *.\  VaJtT.r.i,  T r��' >i*u  ' ii  ;>v><>.).'  -t���*���  ','��-  " ;LARGE PRIZES GIVEN IlTji- ^','^,;,- .'���',,: ���-itv,:���  Horse Races, Bicycle Races, Fireititfs TournafflesaiS'  ��� ���������''r^Wtlie Firemen's Toumameiit Fi^e Tejwns wffi compete.  Base Ball Match and Numerous Small Spdftll  Excursion Rates From 111 Points on ti  v>:t5^<  00(K;CK>0<>00000<K><>0<>000<XKK><>CKK>00<M>0<>&^^  ��<><XXM>00��0<>0<>0<>00<><>0<>0<>0<K>0


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