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 ^  Vol. 7.  GREENWOOD, B. C. FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 1903.  No.  3.3  The World's Chief Source of Supply the Boundless  Boundary���A Well Known Mining Writer Graphically Telly the Story of Greenwood's Copper  Wealth.  The denizens of the Boundary district are so accustomed to seeing acres  of ore, miles of ^underground workings  and enormous glory holes from which  ore can be quarried at a lower cost than  any other place in the world, that they  abr longer enthuse over these things.  When an experienced mining man  comes from other districts and sees  the wonderful mineral resources ofthe Boundary, it ib he who gets enthusiastic. A few weeks ago P. A.  O'Farrell^ a well known mining man  and newspaper writer visited the big  properties surrounding Greenwood. P.  A", '.has been in every mining camp of  note in the west. He has pictured in  glowing colors the wealth of Montana,  of -Rossland, of silvery Sloean and of  dozens of other mining districts. There  he found plenty of material for interesting readable articles. He hasn't  lost the knack yet and with the mountains of 6rer as his theme- he told the  people of the Pacific coast through the  Portland Oregonian, something about  the Boundary country.  On March 23rd last he w rote to the  Portland daily as follows : British  Columbia.mining interests have had  stupid man  and wildcat  operators have all combined to mar its  development.    But in spite of all it  cade."  Idiotic legislation,  - -agemerit, foolish strikes  disadvantage in comparison with this  hew method established at Trail, and  Canada can; now supply its own markets-with all;the lead they need. This  will undoubtedly conduce to the imposition of a duty on lead in the  country equivalent to that levied on  Canadian lead in the United States.  Copper is found everywhere in  British Columbia.. Jt occurs . almost  entirely as a sulphide of coppe* mixed  with iron sulphide and some gold and  silver. At Rossland these copper ore  deposits are most refractory, and until  cheaper methods of treatment are discovered than now exist, Rossland will  not be a very large factor in thecopper  markets of the world. On* the other  hand the country tributary to Greenwood will some day take 'the place of  Butte'as the banner copper region of  the world.  The copper pre of this country is in  a lime gangue, and it is the easiest-reduced ore in the world. With a little  coke it is seif-fluxing. It can be matted for $1.50 a ton and it can be converted and refined at the rate of a cent  a pound. With such-ore 30 pounds of  copper to the ton is valuable at present  about 16,000,000 a year, but it could  produce 100,000,000 pounds of copper  yearly were conditions ripe for smelting. The ore is low grade, averaging  a iittle over thirty pounds of copper to  the ton of crude ore. In addition there  is $1.50 to $2 in gold and silver.  This ore can be mined and matted for  $2 a ton. This sounds incredible, but  it is true. The same is true of the  Mother Lode, owned by the British  Columbia Copper Company, and when  these facts are taken into consideration  the importance of British Columbia as  a copper producer can be easily seen.  ���" The deposits of copper ore in this  country surpass anything ever seen or  known to exist before, and the cheapness of mining and the small cost of  reduction   nia'ke thein  most desirable.  The Canadian Pacific Railroad taps  this wonderfull country, and J. J. Hill  is ramifying it with brauches of his*'  Great Northern system. But there is.  business here for still other railroads.  The railroad facilities are all right  however, but the coke supply is stag  nating and paralyzing the whole country. These is a mountain of coking  coal at the Crow's Nest Pass but the  coal company is three- years behind in:  its improvements and development.  I am confident in predicting that this  section of British Columbia, -of which*  Greenwood is the centre, will in a generation be the chief source of copper  supply of the world. The vast copper  deposits of Butte will in a generation  more have grown sadly less, and the  Michigan field will by that time be  thinning out. And their copper mining will be in its infancy here, for 30  years work will only scratch the surface of the marvellous copper deposits  of the Greenwood camps.  Greenwood, the Treasur Vault of Millions���Its High  Grade Properties Astonishing the Mining World.  Remarkable Assays  From  the   Providence.  '. 0   ��� ' .  Greenwood Booming.  Gold 2046 2-10 ounces, value $40,925.00  Silver 1920 4 10 ounces, value       960.20  many vicissitudes during the last de-|-prices.   But|n all the copper ores of  has gone ahead, and at no distant day  It will rank among the world's great  mining regions.  British Columbia coal and iron deposits are of immense value. The  csal: deposits at the Crow's Nest Pass  are as valuable perhaps as any on the  continent. They are located at the  lowest pass of the Rocky Mountains,  and no b-stter facilities for mining and  transportation can be had than these  coal fields afford.  the Canadian Pacific railroad and  the Great Northern railroad have both  entrance to these coal fields. Both  railroads furnish unlimited markets  for the-coal and coke of  the Crow's  Nest^ Butthe^ management  of  the  Crow's Nest Coal company- has utterly"  failed tomeet the requirements of the  Northwestern markets. Hitherto it  has lagged and lagged behind with development until the entire Northwest  is heaping anathemas on the fossils  who mangle the great coal fields of the  Northwest. This is the echo of the  gossip I hear on all sides. But the  management claims that labor troubles  are entirely responsible for the backward development of the coal fields,  and of course there are two sides to all  Conditions of affairs.  Montana's smelters need the Crow's  Nest coke, but they have not been able  to get a pound of it for almost a year.  And the Northport, Trail, Green wood  aud Boundary smelters have had to  clote down for lack of coke. The company is putting in 500 additional coke  orens and that will remedy affairs for  awhile. But it is safe to predict that  tbe^coal company will always lag behind as long as the present management holds sway.  Little has as yet been done to develop the iron deposits of this country,  but; in due time they will prove of vast  commercial value.  'iJhe lead deposits of .his province  arejehiefly in the territory drained by  tb^; Kootenay river. The enormous  dutjr levied on Canadian lead by the  United States has Checked the development of the silver-lead mines of the  Kootenays, but there need be no doubt  that these silver-lead mines are of  fabulous value.  The Canadian Pacific Railway company has equipped a lead smelter at  Trail, and it has established a new  system of refining lead which makes  the'old system look antiquated. The refining plants of the lead trust are at ��  Are Again Active.  this country there is some  gold and  silver.   -  The ore deposits here are simply immense. The smelter here is owned by  the British Columbia Copper company.  The mines of .the company are four  niiles away, and of these mines the  Mother Lode is the chief. The Mother  Lode is an immense deposit like the  Rio Tinto. The ore is not mined, but  quarried, and there are 5,000,000 tons  of this copper ore above the level of  the railroad track. That means that  this 5,000,000 tons can be mined and  run into the smelters at a cost of 50c a  tori. That means with right treatment  the British Columbia Copper company  can make copper for less than, 10 cents  a pound.  The Granby company, which owns a  group of mines at Phoenix is managed by thorough business men. Its  mine superiri tendent- has no "superior  in his line and manager of the smelter  is thoroughly competent. The result  is highly satisfactory. The Granby  smelter is completely up to date, and  it will soon be in a position to treat  4000 tons of ore a day.  -  Its chief mines are Knob Hill and  Ironsides. In order to make it more  clear, I should say that the Granby  Company owns a copper ore quarry a  mile long and 400 feet wide. The  quarry runs north and sou'h, and on  the eost it has a dyke of porphyry and  on the west a footwall of lime and conglomerate. This vast copper ore deposit has been tunnelled and cross-cut  to a depth of 1000 feet an a length of  3000 feet, and it is known to be one vast  body of low grade copper ore, contai n-  ing enough gold and silver to make  every foot of it of commercial value.  In oth ;r words, here at Phoenix, a  few miles above Greenwood, is the  most extensive deposit of copper ore  known to exist in the world. Just  think of it���six miles long, 400 feet  wide and 1000 feet deep and perhaps  5000 feet for all we know. And I saw  hundreds of men quarrying this ore  along 600 feet of the surface and trains  carrying over 1000 tons of the rock  daily to the smeltera. I asked S uper-  tendendent Williams how much ore  could be furnished the smelters daily.  "Ten thousand tons a day"," was his  laconic reply.  It is not a question of ore but, smelt,  ing capacity that faces those people,  and the smelter capacity is always at  the mercy u! the Crow's Nest Coal com  pany. But the right men are handling  the Granby Company, and within two  years it will be producing 50,000,000  pounds yearly.   Its present capacity is  A Hustle aiid  Biistltf at Mine��and'  Smelters. ,  The mines and. smelters are again  getting into shape for steady work. At  the Moth er Lode work was renewed on  Tuesday aiid shipments are-expected  to begin today. Should coke shipments  begin to arrive early next week as is  expected, both furnaces at the Greenwood smelter will be blown in. W. H.  Thomas, the B. C... Copper company's  expert arrived from New York on  Tuesday afternoon. He stated that he  had not beeu informed who the new  superintendent of the smelter would be.  The appointment had not been made  when he left New York, although  President Underwood had the matter  under coivsineration.  At the Sunset smelter, Superintendent Goodell has a large^ force_of men  at work getting the new furnace and  extra machinery into place. Two fut>  naces will be blown in just as soon as  regular shipments of coke begin to  arrive and a'third will quickly follow.  The annual meeting of the Montreal  & Boston Copper company was held in  Montreal a short time ago and from  the report of the various officers it was  shown that the company was in splendid shape with .i large cash balance on  hand. The directors decided to erect  a converter at an early date. The  officers were re-elected.  The Granby. company have three  furnaces running and the fourth will  probably be blown,in next week,  The outlook for a good summer is  now the brightest.  Clinton A. S. Atwood of the Hnnter-  Kendrick company has been appointed  manager for the company in Grand  Forks. Mr. Atwood has had charge of  the Grand Forks business for several  weeks and his appointment as permanent manager was confirmed last  week. Mrs. Atwood and family will  shortly join Mr. Atwocfd in Grand  Forks. While congratulating Mr.  Atwood on his promotion his many  Greenwood friends wiil regret the  departure of himself and family.  The last issue of the B, C. Gazette  contains a notice that the portion of  Yale district known as the Kettle  River Mining Division, shall, from the  1st day of May 1903 be known and designated . as the Greenwood Mining  Division. The change was made in  response to representations of the  Greenwood Bo^rd of Trade.  Are you using Blue Ribbon Tea ?  Total        - - $41,884.20  The sample was from the Providence  mine and the assayer Walter E. Segsworth. It was an "onery" looking  piece of ore too. In sorting on Saturday night Superintendent Mcintosh  noticed that this piece of ore was exceptionally heavy and he decided to  have it assayed to find out what was  in it. The above was the result. Some  years ago when Wm. Fowler was prospecting the property he secured similar assays.  ,; If all the Providence pre assayed  over $40,000 tothe ton, theie would be  enough in it to make all the people of  Greenwood rich. All the Providence  ore doesn't run that high but the ore  is rich enough and in sufficient quantities to make the mine 'one ef the  most profitable in the world to-day.  This statement is not based on assay  returns but on the actual proceeds of  the ore sent to the smelter. From  time to time reference was made in  this paper to the returns received from  the Trail smelter for shipments sent  there by tha Providence Mining company. The shipments netted the company ,pver $150- to the ton and as they  continue the. results are still more  satisfactory. Last week, returns were  received from'. a shipment of .22 tons  270 pounds sent to the Trail smelter in  March. The net proceeds after freight  and treatment were deducted amounted to $3,410.87. Up to date the mine  has shipped 429 tons. This includes a  carload shipped last Friday for which  returns have not yet been received but  which will equal if they do not exceed  those from the previous car. And the  net proceeds from these shipments is  upward of $44,000. There are 31 men  at work on the property and the management expect to make shipment of  three and possibly four cars a month.  After the initial payment of $12,500,  the mine has met all expenses and has  also paid two other payments on the  bond amountingin-all-to $37,500.__The  final payment of $12,500 will be made  on June 1st and this will also come out  of the. proceeds of the mine. After  that will come dividends. It is ex-  expected that the first dividend will be  paid about July 1st and the amount of  those dividends will depend upon the  management. They can make their  profits four or five thousands a month  or they can double or treble this  amount if they want to force the work.  At present the work is confined to  drifts running north and south from  the main shaft. The ore is strong in  the face of both drifts. The continuation of these drifts and stoping will  easily produce four car loads a month.  If the Providence were an isolated  property���a mere freak of nature���  there would not be so much cause for  enthusiasm although the Providence  is a valuable asset to any city. It hugs  the limits of the town; all the men employed there live in Greenwood and all  supplies for the mine are purchased in  the city. But the Providence is only  the chief among a dozen high grade  mines that encircle the city. Immediately adjoining the Providence is the  Elkhorn which is begining to run its  neighbor a heat. Development began there at a later date and taking  this fact into consideration the Elkhorn  today is just as promising as the Providence. Phil McDonald and James  Sutherland two Greenwood men bonded the Elkhorn about two months ago.  They sank a shaft 86 feet and drifted  on the ore 75 feet. This week a carload of 21 tons was shipped to the  Trail smelter. The returns will be as  high as those from the Providence ore  and altnough Messrs. McDonald and  Sutherland are not talking much, mining men who have seen the ore will  not be greatly surprised if the car nets  S5.000,. Another carload of high grade  ore is;awaiting shipment. The vein is  strong and is about 16 inches wide. It  appears to be richer and stronger the  deeper it goes. The Elkhorn and the  Providence will make two great mines.  They are the result of the enterprise  and pluck of local people.  Are there any others?    Mining men  are a much abused lot and often  their  statements are largely discounted.   It  is^now eight years since an experienced  mining  man���one  who had spent  the best years of his life among high  grade   properties���experted   the  hills  surrounding Greenwood.   He unhesitatingly  made the statement that be  tween   Twin   Creek   and   Providence  Creek  on  the east side of Boundary  Creek there was a belt of country filled  with small high grade veins that would  yet astonish   the mining , world. ' He  was   laughed   at then because, people  were looking for big bodies of copper  ore.   Years afterwards William Fowler directed attention  to the mineral  wealth of the belt of country and all  the signs point to the truth of the mining engineer's statement.   The E. P.  U. mines, the Gold Finch and farther  south  the Margorie and Dynamo are  all confirming this statement.   On the  Dynamo-.which is Owned by Portman.  Bros,   and  associates,   two   men   are  at work.   They have exposed a well  defined vetnxarrying values from $100  to   $500  to" the.ton.   What has been  done   offers every   encouragement to  men  of small capital and some push  and energy to lease,.bond or buy other  claims in the vicinity.   Failures are as  common ..in  mining enterprises as in  any other but with the exercise of a  little prudence and with plenty of hard  work there is no good- reason why a  dozen     Providences     and    Elkhorns  should  not be  develop"d during   the .  next twelve months.  From  a general point of view, there  is encouragement to be drawn from  ���the   fact   that   the   owners   of   those  claims  are not unreasonable in their  demands;���tA"gennine mining-man-can -  secure  a lease or bond en favorable  terms and he has also the additional  encouragement of operating in a country which enjoys to the fullest extent  all the "advantages that accure from  good laws sensibly enforced.   There it.  no distinct in  the world to day that  offers more flattering inducements to  the high grade mine operators.   Convenient to a city where supplies can be  purchased at  a reasonable cost, with  wagon roads running to almost all the  claims,   with' a   railway    within   two  miles from the  faithest   high grade  claini and with smelters  always ready  to treat his ores and give him honest  returns and  above all with the ore in  the hills awaiting  the   sound of   the  miner's pick, there is  no reason why  the mining  man  should seek  almost  unreachable   eldorados   where   conditions are anything but favorable for  tha investor.  It is not necessary to send away  from home to get delicacies. All one  has to do is to tell "Fungus" what is  wanted and he can furnish it on the  shortest notice. From delicate delicious products of the hot house, to  mushrooms such as cannot be secured  anywhere else, Ferguson's gardens  can fill any order. The mushrooms  would drive a satiated epicure into  ecstasies and the other products of the  gardens are no less tempting. Fungus  has demonstrated that right at home,  the soil, and the climate,.and a knowledge of the business can produce a  better article than can be brought at a  greater expense from a distance. It is  one of those home industries which  should receive universal encourage'  ment. Pac 2  ���THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES  ^3  TUP.  LATEST  OfiSIGNS IN  i/>\i>oinT.n  WOOLl-HNS   TO  sr.i.r.cT runn.  t^Ai/ -������  fy^/'/fi-^.  CCU'I'liK   STKKKT  GREENWOOD,  B. C.  Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing Done  FIT AND  FINISH GUARANTEED.  P. O. BOX 252. (IIMT)SI'I'K  WINDSOR  1IOTRT.,.  ���be  Boundary Creek Times  Issued every Triday  OnucAN Ross Managing Editor  SUBSCRIPTIONS IK ADVANCE.  Pes Y.rak   Six Months   To Foreign Countries .  .$200  ......1 25  ..... 2 SO  FRIDAY,   APRIL 10, 1903.  AT THE LEGISLATURE.  The provincial legislature was opened on Thursday last. The speech froni  the throne foreshadows some important legislation including a conciliation  measure, amendments to the taxation  acts. After the ' formal opening the  house  was  adjourned  'until   Monday,  - not without protest from John Oliver  who waited to take advantage of the  first opportunity to slate the government in connection with the East  Kootenay coal reserve.  On Monday the. floodgates of oratory  W?re opened. Haywood of Metchosim  and Smith of Lillooet moved and  seconded the reply to the address in  five minute speeches and Dick McBride followed taking an hour and a  quarter in demonstrating to his own  satisfaction at least that Prior had no  business to lead the government as the  bye-elections demonstrated that public  Opinion was against him. Prior replied stating thit he was still wedded  'to the Canadian Northern schemes and  practically intimating that he intended  ���to force it through the house when he  could secure enough votes, The house  then adjourned until Tuesday.  On Tuesday John Oliver continued  the debate. He warmed things up.  He charged the government with malfeasance, misfeasance and several  other serious things. The gravamen  of his charges was that deliberate niis-  "relpreTentation was made in the preamble of the bill last session whereby  the voted land subsidy of the Columbia  & Western railway was declared abandoned by the original grantees so that  it might be more available for Mackenzie and Mann; that the grantees had  no intention of abandoning and in fact  obtained an extension of time from the  legislature that has not yet expired so  that the government disregarded the  statutory directions of the legislature  as to the withholding of sections of  the grant until specified portions of  the road were completed, notably the  fifth section into Penticton; that the  selection of lands at will throughout  Vale and Kootenay was permitted  which was never contemplated by the  legislature, and that grants had actually been issued bv the authority of  an improperly gained order-in-rouncil,  afterwards marked "cancelled,' by the  chief commissioner, although such  cancellation would not destroy the title  of ihe grantees without special repudiation by the legislature, which the  member for Delta now will move for.  His address was followed by a motion for a select committee of investigation consisting of Clifford, Helinc-  ken, A. W. Smith, Green and McPhillips, which was agreed to.  An associated matter in connection  with southeast Kootenay presented itself in the question by Captain Tatlow  M to whether the government had can  celled the reserve covering certain coal  aii'l oil lands in that district', and if not  whether it was proposed to do so. To  fiis the chief commissioner responded  that there had been no reserve and  consequently no cancellation or  thought of cancellation.  In reply to another of Captain Tat-  loiv's questions, the finance minister  presentated a statement of receipts and  expenditures up to 31st December, 1902  showing revenue al 3904,408 aud expenditures at 31,407,373, supplementing this with the oral information that  for the first time iu British Columbia's  his'ory the expenditure for the entire  year would be found within the revenue, and that iu many cases receipts  from stated sources exceed in one-half  year the estimate for the entire twelve  months, this being notable in the case  of timber royalties, etc.  Another important feature of the  afternoon was the statement by the  chief commissioner that he proposed to  extend the benefits of the South African war land grant lo those who had enlisted subsequent to the passage of that  measure.  On Wednesday Premier Prior introduced an Asiatic exclusion measure  identical wilh Capt. Tallow's bill of  two years ago. The bill met with almost unanimous approval but Joe  Martin look advantage of the opportunity to roast the Laurier government, particularly Hon. Senator Templeman. His criticism was strong and  so manifestly unfair that provincial  secretary Mclnnes eluded his old leader  for stirring up unnecessary strife.  The   Methodist   church    has    been  thoroughly   renovated   and     will    re  open ou Easter Sunday.    Services will  be conducted   at  11   a.   m.,  2.30 p.m.,  and  7.30  pJ~.ni.    At  the ' 2.30   service  Kev. Dr.   McRae  will address an open  session of the Sunday School   to which  service the parents and public,  are   invited.    At the evening service   besides  the congregational and   choir   singing  Miss  Gladys   TTarvev   will  sing  "The  Way of the Cross'' with piano acoomp-  auieiit.     Miss   Green   of   Kock    Creek  will  also   render   a solo.    Cn MoiK.l-.iy  evening the annual Raster concert will  be held for >vhich nn excellent   musica  and literary programme has  been  prepared.     The    following    ladies    and  gentleman' will take pari.    MestV.vmes  Oliver,   McCutcheon.    Omcara,    Dal-  magc  and  Tilsley.     Misses   Flesher,  Wilson,     Green,      Gladys      Harvey.  Messrs.  Rev.   Green.    Fee,   Kerruish,  and the choir.   =Mr.  \V. G. Gaunce will  preside and  will open the programme  at 8 p. tu.    Admission fee 25 cents.  WHEN OUGHT  WE TO  GO TO A DENTIST?  Many think it unnecessary  to-devote particular attention to the teeth until the  appearance of the mouth is  affected by damaged, decayed or broken teeth. Others  give the teeth no attention  till pain compels them.  The stupidity and shortsightedness of either policy is  evident.  Everyone who thinks a  moment on the subject knows  that food cannot be masticated  satisfactorily if one or more teeth  are tender, inflamed, decayed, or  othervise out of working order;  and if this be the case, the mouth  requires immediate attention.  DR. MATHISON  DENTIST  Nadeii-Flooil liloclt. Circemrood. U. C.  Do not wait till spring  is upon you with its enervating claims, but h  gin tc> brighten up your  rooms now. These new  light effects are just the  thing for our climate  mid delight all who  have seen them. Our  stock is already diminishing; it has proved to  he just what people  want.  I  y.y��k^m^  SI On short notice wc will liave  your   paper  put  ou  the  H3! walls.     Worlc  done only  by   the   best   and   experienced  ^3 tradesmen.  ~��  Books, Papers, Office Supplies.  m  m  KM*  ^Vr��  Sirf>  saw  KM*  m  SE5  GEO. R.-MEN,  REPRESENTING :  The Phoenix Fire Assurance  Co. of London, England.  Liverpool   and   London    and  Globe Insurance Company.  The British America  Assurance Co., of Toronto.  The  Canadian  Birkbeck   Investment and Savings Co.  STOCKS,  ESTATE.  SV^i^S    BOUNDARV   VALLEY   LODGE  .'"^ms' No. 38,1. 0.0. F.  Meets every   Tuesday  Evening at 8 00 in  tliu  1. O. O. P. Hall.    A  cordial in vi tation is extended to all sojourning brc'.herii.  D. A. IIannbujia.v, Fred 11. Holmes.  N. G. Rec.-Sec.  For Good Rigs  and Saddle Horses  -GO to tup:-  A, C. DAVIES,  Manager.  Near McNeill's Feed Store.  Corey's,  sm Hre$*,  and  Stewart's  Just Arrived*  A    Large   assortment   of  iglish Ju Ju  fancy candies  English Ju Jubes and   other  utiroe  Capper Street.  NEW SHOP  STRIKE  SETTLED  NEW TOWN  NEW  RRIOES.  COLES & FRITH  SttcotiNSors to  J. L. COLES  BOOKS. STATIOXKRy, ETC.  a matter of Foresight  : THE :-%%^  Copper Street.  OPEN DAY 'AND NIGHT,  i2?  MKAT.S  AT AT J.  HOURS  PKIVATE  ROOMS  FOR  LADIKS.  Charles R. Pittock  TRY  OUR  COFFBK  cProp'r.  V*.  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Prompt servicer Courteous  Treatment.      Good   Rooms.      Modern  Conveniences. j    Fred B. Munn,      Manager, j GREENWOOD,  ^y^mMm^^  NOTICE.  ���       XJ.     \J.  NOTICE i* lu-ivHy (riven that tin- portion of  Yulr Pistrict kimwr asthe Kettle River  Mining- division sliall, from the 1st daj of  Mnv. ViiC>. \v known and desisniUed as the  C.recinvnofl Mininir Division.  RinVD. RAW'LEK PRIOR,  Mim'sterof Mines '  l).:I}:irui'oi-it ol Mine.-.  Victoria, U. C.Zml April, 190.1. #  P:  ac  TBE BOUNDARY CREEK TIMES  pit Tfen  ilkm e*    it M%> ?  Jr  avoidable delay with the coal  on ��� ���-,^^j^j^-,^^....*^*,^,,.,.r*��>��>��:*<���>��t*��>*t����;��*>*t���t*C��->t:^���:���;-��>��t��*t*��x��t-<����:~r*<^><^t��<^t^��t^><**5��*S����2��*t����t*  1 account of the  fact that, both   at o<kh><>cmx><><>c>o-ock>o<>ck>oo-^^  VERNON- NEWS   '���  We have frequently drawn attention to 'he ch'^in to which this  Mn', or. . ��� .-i ��� ���ubjected.'.iand the  loss of trade sustained ['.by the  businessmen, from the practice  of those who make a living here  'v'"- ont their spare cash to  sua-! i llio bank account/of such  eastern linns as Eaton"& Co. of  Toronto. ���  TOKONTO   GT.ORE  Not only in British Columbia  but throughout the Ikniuriion  there will be general satisfaction  at Sir Wilfred Laurier's resolution  to impose a per capita tax of 8500  ' on Chinese immigrants. 'It is not  to the advantage of Canada that  this immigration shoukl'be longer permitted. We have au undesirable Chinese colony iu the: city  of Victoria, adother smaller bnt  growing in Vancouver, with" a  scattered element in all the important cities of the Dominion  that we would be far better without. One effect of the'more ef-  fiecient policy will be to- create a  . better feeling toward,- Canada  along tee American border.  While the United States pursued  a policy of virtual exclusion, and  "our percapita tax was only $100  Canada was a back door for the  entrance of Chinese to that country.-  will be greeted with delight.  But such lcgislatation, if it is to  accomplish anything of -real  bchcJit. nuiS't be .made simple and  effective in its operation. Another important paragraph in the  speech is tlio reference to ihe readjustment of the present svstem  of taxation' of metalliferous  ini'.ie-i. This probably mean's that  ���an ..attempt'will be made to 'wipe  otit the two per cent tax.  KOSSLAND JIINEK  Calgary and other towns in the  Northwest are protesting against  the exorbitant prices of lumber,  claiming they are not commensurate, with the cost of'production  and that the lumber dealers regulate the trade in their, own interests and prejudicial tof-the ..development of the Northwest:' They  have asked the Dominion- government to investigate the' workings  of the lumber associations interested and find out whether these  associations arc not violating' the  statutes of Canada and imposing  upon the consumer. The government is asked to remedy the.price'  as soon as possible.  The treeless prairies of the  Northwest are at the present' time.  at the mercy of the Pacilic Coast  combine. But that is no loss to  the lumber industry of the Koot-  enavs. ._       KA MT,Opl>S   SENTINEL  The sessional programme as  outlined in the Speech from the  Throne gives promise of some useful'.legislation. ��� U indicates, too,  b}- the very fact of contentious  legislation being contemplated,  that the Government arc a-.suri'<l  Of sufficient support to carry them  thrin'^h .;thc session, and this is  borne put by the report that at the  Government caucus held at the  beginning of the week the major-  it}T was .set down as five. The  Government,.impressed doubtless  by the injury done to the mining  industry and to the general publicity the frequent -recurrence of  labor disputes, promise to provide  a remedy, for the speedy settlement of such differences by 'conciliation. Until the provisions  of the measure are made, public,  however, it is not possible to discuss the general question of arbitration iu relation to this'special act.  Michel and Coal creek the lower {'  levels of the mine were flooded. ; *  This was.being rectified as quick-; *  ly as'possible, and as mentioned ���*  before, in a short time everything y  will be iu full swing again. At i  present about sixtv percent of the v'  minors haw: been  Tie thought tlie <  coming summer v<  presen i a gives: i e;;'  a three year one  was   iintiei- ,-.���'" '  put to work. . x  utlook for the ��o  :ry good.     The   Xi  i was virtually  and no danger  ���"-f   11ie*'e   boi':!.'.'  ahy-further  fiction...-   The  coin-vO  pany were .ilread v pushing (level- I ���>$  - i ����� < -I'O  opmeut Avork as fast as possible j-JP  and at all the coal c-nnpMhe ��e-i- ��� *o  son would be a bui,- one. foa-  tracts had been let 2n0 ,iew coke  o\ v-;i-> o.i.ii at Michel and Morri's-  s.-.. At :he former town F. !.).  Aie.vauue' wiis i> construct 12-^  and'Lv.Wri!;".;"i'"sv,-'>rih the balaace  an I at " h r<":- ev   Fi.ink  Oldhand  vived the con-  ,. }  vO  ���:��� p  'I'O  n  tp  Is  *>o  ���:*6  Oi   .'1..;..- )'.:'.; ha-  traci for the whole -.lumber to be.*0  built.    '! he trailer ol tlie store- v0  formerly   held  by  the  company  had  been  completed,   and   thej*-  were now altogether in the hands  of Trites, Wood & Co.  The brick for the coke ovens  whs now ou the way, and should  have arrived last Saturday, but  had been .delayed a few days on  the road. At Michel a good  hotel was g'oing up, and there  was other buildiug going ou there.  Morrissey townsite would be placed on the market probably about  tlie first of Mav.  Kootenaians have the satisfaction of knowing that- there are  big fortunes in Kootenay timber  limits, whether or not there-is.^  Pacific Coast combine.       ;!--���-  A Pacific Coast combine adds*  greatly to the value of Kootenay  timber. But without any combine, Kootenay timber, of alHtiH���  ber, is the most valuable in the  prairie market because it is most  available.  NELSON NEWS  Sir William Mulock made a  very'important statement in the  houscthe other.day in reply to a  scries of questions raised by British Columbia members ��� in reference .to' thc''St'r-ikes>"at thc'coal  mines. He said that the government might be justified in assuming-jurisdiction so as to enforce  the settlement of strikes at coal  mines, coal being- an essential  product. The government can.  not very well ignore the-arbitrary  coiiductsiof James Dunsmuir in  closingi?aowu his mines because  his employees choose to exercise  the God given right of thinking  jf^Sliejjisclvcs.''*" This is a matter  thaf more nearly affects our provincial legislature and wc hope  to sec same member bring .tlie  subject"to"the front at'once. We  hear a good deal about intimidation and boycotting upon the'part  of the unionists but the worst  form \ of ' .boycottiifg cannot be  .compared to.ifc.he monstrous tyranny eo'w being exercised by James  Dim'smuir,. owner of ������ the'.Ladysmith' collieries.      '  NELSON ECONOMIST  The Speech from the Throne  .gives evidence of careful consideration. It proves, that some  members, at least, of the Prior  Government are not too dense lev  understand that the wretched  state of affairs existing in this  province must be (lea1t^vith,.:,np.\y.  and the proper remecriew applied  at once. This may be the result  of Col. Prior's various trips  through the province, for it must  be confessed that the premier has  shown a disposition to probe the  wound to the bottom and if possible remove the cause of the  trouble. The presence ...of Hon;  W. W. B. Mclnnes in the cabinet  may also have had "s'ohie'thing* to-  do with the up-to-date character  of the document. The' proposal  to introduce legislation that will  prevent as far as possible the disputes between capital  and  labor  Falls &. ffortta Railway C;)  Nelson & Fori Sltepparfl Railway Co,  lied Mountain Railway Co.  Washington & G, K. Co,  Van. Vic. & E. Ry & S. Co.  The only all mil routi: between points  east, west aticl'south to TCosshnul, Nel-  hou, Grand Forks awl Republic. Con-  tieds at Spokane with the Great Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R. &  N. Co., for points east, west and  south; connects at Rossland and Nelson with the Canadian Pacific Ry.  Connects at Nelson with the K. R.  and N. Co., Kaslo and K.  & S.  points.  Connects at Curlew with stage for  Greenwood and Midway. B. C.  Buffet cars run on trains between  Spokane and Republic.  Effective Nov, 22, 1902-  Lkavk  9:35 a. in  10:15 a. in.  7:00 a. m  ll:i'0 a. in  Spokane  Ros-M.-uirl  9.15 a. in  Akrivh  5:45 p. m.  5:10 p. in.  N-.'^'ni 8:00 p. in.  (MilW-.. Grand    4:00 p. ni  I-\)--k.-i  Keiut'ulic       5:40 p. m.  H. A. .TACKSON,  -General-Pt���.-,rir>;*L-r Ag-ent,    _  "  -i.) i   Ian .Wash  NOTICE 01- FORFmVPE.  ..NELSON   NEWS  . General Manager J. H.��� Tonkin  of' the Crow's Nest Pass Coal  company, arrived in. the city last  evening- on business connected  with the platting of the Morrisey  townsite. which is shortly to be  placed on the market.  ;;;iT'o a-reporter of the Dail^^  Ne'ws he stated that while at the  mines the men were being put to  ���work as fast as room could be  found for them 3-et it.would be a  week or ten days before ever}--  thing would be in working order  again.. At. the time'of the commencement of the strike the company had a large amount of coke  which had-not. been placed ou the  cars. As soon as the strike was  settled this coke'was shipped out  to the smelters, and as the new  ;coke'willbe ready by Wednesday  there was' not likely to be auy  furth'er delay <'tt smelters* or mines  from this source. As to coal thev  would probably start shipping it  todav.    There had been some uu  T'-.\. fiRANSOl'.  11. ��. CAMITU'T,!..  n. .\.  1 A MICK ON :i;ii! :iuy oUii'is i-insceriici! :  You arc liercby iiotiOccl lliat T liiuv e:, pi>i,cl,;<!  in   lalniM'  and  niii>rovtfii:��;nis on   lhc Y-f^<->-t,m��"*  .���'Tei'iinti)" and '-St, L��n:s'- MiiiBi',1 claims.  siinaU'.' < n v'i-aiih'-i'i'y Crock. West Kink ,,f  ol'-lCi.'. il-��� Kivci'. in -t-l'.o Ki'lHc Riv'i-r Miniii"  Ui-.i'-iiMi i:i' V.-t'i: Di^Li'it-t. the siimi of ThtT<-  }Iniiili'.'��l 1 loll M'-;. -:i!;! $7.50 for rciv.reliiif.' the  K.r.ii-. Hiic^i i'l-in-: Oi-! .-iMi'.'tii!i. r*-({tiirc-ti aad  i!i:i:.-s.sarr ::> hf'tl t!:,: s.n\! -lain;*- tiritnM- tiio  p.-... ;.-,;,/asi-i' ih. ' ',; i;i.'t-;t. Act' ;ni''. A-a:<'m!i'i-7  /.i-i": ;-ciil ii .ii thi.- i-:.-|i;r:iii'u hi aiin'ty days,  fiuii: 1 i.c- n.-i'-j T Ti.-.-ihst |uilikii:.ii.iiiii iif tliis  liol I.."'- It! UU' la.--.ir.:.-, vy I'n-t-i. rl"n\:rs J'otl f;.'i!  ,.l- !'�����!;::���;;' in 0     't:Wl    ',' -. .--it' jmt't 'oil   til' such ux  |--i'iiilii 11 ������������ ,   iia.��!���:.'.   v.?oii.jn,  t,. ..'ni I11T    willi   sil  i-o-ii.-: t.T ;t('n 1 ni 'V:-. .-i".:;- .atc.ost. in s.-it.i  inini-t'.'tl L'lai'i!- s':',;! h-.'curti-' tiiMr'-k'J in tin-  (vivir tai-ij'.v.u-:-; uptip !i!i;:;.-- in tlui nrojjo.r i.|-firv  Intnal hchah'liicaftti.iavll fjiiiiirt'tl l>y Stvuiijit  4 nl U11; "Mineral Aft Aiiu-iKliiieiil A.-'t, I'liKl."  l>.iti-<I this 2Sth ii.-iy nl' Ocloi^r. l'W2.  JOHN N. CrKEOKN  Jwsist tiitiilicitiioii Jan. 31, 1!)0>.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of improvements.  NOTICE.  AMAKDV   Mineral    Claim,    ftilnalt;    in    tlif  Kettle     Kivrr    Mitiiujr  Division   a!   Yale  district.    Where  located :    tn Lone Lake  camp.  TAh'E XOTICT3 tliat I, C. JR. Plinw a^'elit  for James Hiiiiter. Free Miner's Certificate Nn.  J35o'J22 inteiul, sixty 'days jroin tiie tlat�� hereof,  toapply fothe Miniiitr Kei'order fnra Certificate  of Iniprovenieiiis. for the mtrpose of ol>Utiniiiy  a Crown Orant i,f tin; aboveirlaim.  And fnuiier lake nritio,! that action, under  section .~w. nui>l l>e c,>i;^i:n-aci-d heiVirt^ llic issuance of--it' !'�� Ac: tilicate uf ti!i]irovo:ii-'iits.  ri.'Ui.d tliis-'ti: dav of-Jalv. A. O. V'��2  rii-sl issue N.ie.ii. C. A: E. SII.A1V.  ���>0  ���i'O  ��� 0  :-0  THE���#  Established 1S96.  lished   at  Greenwood.    B,   C.  T  1  he Mining* Smelting and Com^  merciai Centre of the Boundary.  lonnawwa  ���.T.r-tfui  IA  i|K . Jiju-Y.*   .^Tr-'  I m iii  rimcs~$2.  1 Ji&WFy^F'  Mailed to Great Britain* Canada  and United States for $2 per an^  nuni^ Other-countries $2,5G<  ;tTMl   ijUiClvl  a at the::::  fi       n^   W y ir- r-T *\J?   *-!ri    ?\ r.  -7 -.i C :*���     t-^        i  \l  %  Y  %  st  r  r  r  >f  'v  'f  <r  I  "?  >r  v  "?  !Y  Y  'Y  ly  'f  i'f  ir  ir  '?  ]?  ir  GREENWOOD, B, C  ��� oooooooowooooooooot-ooo: v co o o 0-0 aooooooooooooooooooo-  :<jooooooo��ooofroooooooc o ^ ���^<-vvvv��M-*:";��X--:-*K*':'��X'':->X"'>**<����:�� THE- BOtTIS >AY ��REEK   TIMES  Page3  How to Ward off an Attack of Rtiue-  matism  "For years when spring- time came  on and I went into gardening-, I was  sure to have an attack of rheumatism  and every attack was more severe than  the preceding- one," says Josie McDonald, of Man, Logan county, West Va.  "I tried everything with no relief what  ever, until I procured a bottle os Chamberlain's Dain Balm, and the first application gave me ease, and before tlie  first bottle was used I felt like a new  person. Now I feci that I am cured  but I always keep a bottle of Chamberlain's Pain Balm in the house and  when I feel any symptoms of a return  I soon drive it away with one or two  applications of this liniment. Forsale  by J. L. White Greenwood and A. F.  Thomas Midway.  NOTICE.  RESPECTING TIMBER LICENCES.  m  OTICE is hereby g-iven, pursuant to the   provisions  of  Section SO of the "Land  ' .'Act," that In future no special licences lo cut  ^timber on Crown lands will be granted or re-  'hewed until after the applicants have had the  ���limits surveyed by a duly  qualified Provincial  . .'Land Surveyor to ihe satisfaction of the Lauds  and Works Department.  w. C. WELLS,  Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.  Lands and Works Department,  Victoria, B. C, 26th March, 1903. Ait  PROVINCIAL SECRETARY'S OFFICE.  HIS HONOUR the Lieutenant-Governor in  Council has been  pleased to make the  following- appointment :  .' 20th March, 1903.  William Graham McMvnn, of the City of  Greenwood, Esquire, S. M., to be a Magistrate  under the "Small Debts Act" in and for the  ounty of Yale.  MINERAL ACT  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE. -;....  "MYRTLE" Mineral Claim,   situate  in  the  Kettle  River  Mining   Division  of   Yale  District.  ,,   Where Located :   In Greenwood Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett, a  acrent (for James .Sutherland Chris-  holm Fraser, Free Miner's Certificate^ No.  B 42433, Intend sixty days from the  date hereof, to apply to the Mining-Recorder  Ior a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining- a crown grant of the above  claim.  '. And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated tliisf2nd day of February, A. D. 1 903.  Last Issue April 23. I.-H. HALLETT  MINERAL ACT-  Certificate of Improvements-  NOTICE.  KAFFIR KING Mineral Claim, situate in the  Kettle River Mining Division of Yale District.      Where   located:     On  Horseshoe  Mountain, Main Kettle River, lying ���southerly from the Barna'o mineral claini,  TAKE  NOTICE that we   Alex.  Waddell,  E. Sullivan, J. S. Harrison and M. McMynn, Free Miners' Certificate Nos. B 40,450;  B.40.449; B 30,500, and B 40,602 respectively, intend sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply  tothe Mining" recorder fora certificate ol Im.  provements,  for  the  purpose of obtaining a  crown Grant of the above claim.  'And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of Im provements.  Dated this 31st dny of May, A. D. 1902.  Examination For Assayers   For  License to  Practice in British Columbia.  TN ACCORDANCE with section 12 of the  J_ Bureau of Mines Act. examinations of efficiency in the practice of assaying will be nold  at Nelson, B. C., on 27th April, 1903, and on such  following days as may be found necessary.  Entrance for any examination must be made  in writing to the Secretary of the Board of Ex-  aminers, at least seven days before the date set  for ���beginning of examination, and must be  aoconipanied by the prescribed fee (S15).  The examination will consist chiefly of the  practical assaying of samples, and while the  Department of Mines will provide all the apparatus and chemicals usually necessarj, it  will not undertake to provide any special or  unusual appliances nr chemicals which might  be called to.-, and if a candidate should require  such he will have to provide them at li i.s own  expense.  Candidates mrst provide themselves with  such platinum ware and sets of weights ns they  may require.  The Department of Mines will make no  charge for the use of chemicals or apparatus,  but a candidate will be charged for all breakages or unnecessary loss caused by hi ��.  Any additional information desired maj- be  obtained from H. Carmicltael, Secretary, Board  of Examiners, Victoria.  E. G. PRIOR,  Minister of Mines.  Departmeni-of Mines,  Victoria, B. C, 17th March, 1903.  Notice to Creditors.  In the matter of the estate ot George Munroe  late of Boundary Falls In the District of  Yale, Farmer, deceased.  NOTICE is hereby given that all creditors  and others having claims against the  estate of the said George Munroe, who died ou  or about the 20th day of January, 1903, are required, on or before the 12th day of May, 1903,  iO send by post prepaid or to deliver to the  undersigned. Greenwood. B. C, their Christian  and surnames, addresses aud descriptions, the  full particulars of their claims, the statement  of their accounts and the nature of the securities, if any, held by them.  Aiid further take uotice that after such last  mentioned date the undersigned will proceed to  distribute tbe assets of the deceased among  the parties entitled thereto, having regard only  to the claims of which he shall then have  notice, and the undersigned will not be liable  for the said assets or any part thereof to any.  person or persons of whose claims notice shall  not have been received by him at the time of,  such distribution.  Dated the 24th day of March, A. D. 1903.  T. M. GULLEY,  Administrator of the estate of  April 27. George Munroe, deceased.  MINERAL ACT 1896.  Certificate of Improvement.  NOTICE.  GOLD FINCH Mineral Claim, situate in the  Kettle   River   Mining  Division  of  Yale  District.   Where located :   Skylark camp  TAKE NOTICE that I, John P. McLeod  Free Miner's Certificate No. B54954 as  agent for Charles W. H. Sansom, Free Miner's  Certificate No. B. 54978,, intend, sixty days from  the date hereof,-to apply tothe Mining Ree  order for a Certificate of Improvements for  the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant to  the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the is  suance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated'this 13th day of December. 1902.  J. P. McLEOD.  Last issue March 31.  ^-������MINERAITACT"   .  Certificate of Improvement.  .. ��� NOTICE.  FOURTH-OF-JULY, Mineral Claim, siUate  in the Rattle River Mining Division of Yale  District.   Where located:���Near to Canyon  Creek. Main Kettle River.  TAKE NTOICE thnt we Alex. Waddell and  E.   Sullivan,   Free   Miners'   certificate   Nos.  B 40,450 and B. 40,449 respectively, intend, sixtv  days   from   the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  Gran" ofthe above claim.  And  further take uotice that action uuder  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificatcof Improvenionts  Dated this 31st. day of May, A. D. 1902.  SPOKANE i HN  P  . H MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements-  NOTICE.  "DIAMOND JOE" and "DOIT'.VFUL" Mineral   Claims   situate  in  th*.  Kettle River  Mining Division of Yale Disti ict.  Where located in Snmmit Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I. C. A. E. Shaw, agent  for Jane Russell Free Miner's Certificate No. B54807, James C. Helm, Free Miner's  Certificate No, B55085. Wellington Elson, Free  Miner's Certificate Nc. B5W04, Evan Parry,  Free Miner's Certificate No. B5500O, and William B. Peterson, Free Miner's Certiiicate No.  B 64807, intend, sixty days from the date hereof,  to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of" Improvements, for the purpose of  obtaining a Crown Grants of the above claims.  And further take notice that action, andei  section 37, must be comMenccd before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 26th day of March, A. D. 1903.  C. A. E. SHAW, P. L. S.  Boundary Ore Shipments,  Granby Mines...  Mother Lode   B. C. Mice   Snowshoe   Sunset   Brooklyn   Morrison   R. Bell   Emma   Winnipeg-   Golden  Crown.  Athlestan    Kin); Solomon....  No. 7   City of Paris.   Jewel   Elkhorn   Providence.!   E. P. U. Mines..  Miscellanesus   1900  64 533      5 340      19 444      297        150   '."."."." ' "  '"��� 1901  1902.     Week.  'Total-Tons  1 07G  .2 250  -1 200  2 000  160  3 230  99 730  231 862  . 99.548 ....  - 47 517 ....  ;  1 731 ....  '���:     , 800     150    560    650 .   1 040    850    665  . *  325  890 .  ......  310-601  141 326  14 727  20 800  8 010  2 649  1903  91 SOO  16 698  6 810  10 320  2 864  7 900  785  625  532  6 756  175  172  22  389 618  429  43  I  ..- ;   ..JL .  505  811    .   2 693     135:419.(:  \  K"XK��K"X~X"X"X^^^^ %  ^irmmmmmmftw^^  ��#~  ' MONTREAL, QUEBEC,-  MANUFACTURERS OF  ywwwfV'v ���  ^���-^,*^��*^9f*^ff\f0'^&^f. '  ~3  3'.  3  ������.  ������  ROCK DRILLS, STRAIGHT LINE 3  DUPLEX and X0RLISS AIR COM 3  PFisSORS���������-. . . ; 3  BOILERS, HOISTS; PUMPS, EtC;  comple^ mjn^eo^ipmenxs  �����Z    Agents For The Bullock Diamond Drills.  OF ALL KINDS.  STOCK CARRIED IN ROSSLAND.  B'-'"' ���'��� R. fl. C. IHcKaHv�� R^��*land�� B. C. ^gg  ^iiummmiiuummuimmuu^^^  32      For prices of lots and other  "ZS      information address    Greenwood is the financial and commercial centre of the  Boundary Creek Districts It is the .supply point" for the  Mining camps. From the city roads lead to Greenwood.  Deadwood, Copper,. Summit,- Long1 Lake, Skylark, White  and Atwood, Wellington and-other Boundary Creek camps.  ST  B  Robt. Wood or C. Scott Galloway, Greenwood    B  ^mmmmwm?m?!mmmmmmmmmmm  i -lli���ixtam  CANADIAN  MINERAL   ACT,  Connections with  Western Union Telegraph Company  [22,000 offices ill U.S.A.)   AND   Great North-Wcstern of Canada-  [2,00 offices in Canada.]  CABLE SERVICE TO ALL THE WORLD.  J. C. HELM. Office Manager, Greenwood, B.C  TKI.E1MIONR NO. 12.  NOTICE OF FORFEITURE.  To JOHN COLLINS and  any  person or per-  .   sons to whom he may have transferred his  inletcsts in tlie -'TIP TOP" Mineral claini  situate on the West Fork of Keltle River,  lyinp North of and adjoining-   the  Knob  Hill'Mineral claim   in   the   Kettle  River  Mining Division of Yale District.  You are hereby notified that I have expended  $102.50 in order to hold the said mineral claim  nnder the provisions of the Mineral  Act, that  you should contribute $51.25 as your portion of  the said sum  for vour undivided one half interest in saidclaim'and if within 90 days from  the first insertion of this notice you fail or refuse- to cpntribnte the sum of 551.25 which is  now due bj  you, together with   all costs of  advertising,  your  interest    in    said   mineral  claini will become thrc property of the subscriber under section four of an  Act entitled  the "Mneral Act Amendment Act." 1900.  Dtedaat Greenwood, B. C. the 28th day ov.  October, 1902. JOHN MATTHEWS  La��t iu8ertriooan.3lBt. 1903.  ���CertiflcateTof Improvements.  NOTICE.  "BLACK DIAMOND" Mineral Claim, situate  in the Kettle River Mininjr Division of  Yale District. ��  Where Located .   On Beaver Creek.  TAKE N"TICE that I, Isaac H. allett, as  ayent for Robert Wood, Free Miner's  Certificate No. K5S455. (jeorjje Smith. Free  Miner's Certificate No. B41753, William E. Mc-  Bovle, tree Miner's Certificate No. B55407,  WUliam Kintz, Free Miner's Certificate No.  B30S99. Geowc McKajrue, Free Miner's Certificate No. 1554898 and William Olson. Free Miners  Certificate No. TSS0572, intend, sixty days from  the date hereof, to aoply to the Mining Recorder  fora Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose A obtaining- a Crown Grant of the above  claim  And further take notice that action, Uuder  section 3", must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 9th day of March, A. D., 1902.  I. H. HALLETT.  Last iseue 9th May t;  RAILWAY.  EASTER EXCURSION  RATES  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICK  "TRAPPER" Miueral Claim, situate in the  Kettle Kiver Miniiifr Division of Yale  District.  Wliere Located : On Horseshoe Mountain.  '"PAKE NOTICE, thai I. Isaac II. Hallett,  J. as a|-ent for Herbert R. Davidson, Free  Miner's Ct tificate No. B4I9O5, and Henry B.  Thoen, Free Miner's Certificate No. H41731,  intend, sixtv days from tho date hereof 10  apply to tke Mining Recorder for aCertificate  01 Improvements for tho purpose of obtaining  a Crown Grant of the above claim  And further take notice that notion, under  Section 37,  must be commenced  before  th  issuance of such Certi" late of Improvement.  Dated this 10th day of Fcbruary.A. D., 1903.  I. H. HALLETT.  Last issue 13th May.  MINERAL   ACT.  Certificate of Improvement.  NOTICE.  "HIGHLANDER    FRACTIONAL"   Miiiiinp  Claim, situate in  the Kettle River Mneral  Division uf Yale Distric.  Wherelocated :   In Bearer camp  TAKE NOTICE, that I.Isaac H, Hallett.as  apent for John Thomas Bell, Free Miner's Certificate No. B554M). and John P. Anderson, Free Miner's Certificate No. B30271, intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose ofobtaininjr Crown  Giant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under-  section 37. must be commenced before the is  .suance of sucli Certiiicate of Improvement*.  Dated this 18th day of February, 1903.  *May 27 J. B. HALLETT.  FARE AND THIRD  FOR ROUND TRIP  APRIL 9th, 10th, llth, 12th  Good to Return till  April 14th.'  Reduced Settlers Rates  Date-o of sale extended till June ISth.  Por time tables rates and information, apply to local agent  E. R. REDPATH, Agent,  Greenwood.  E. J. COYLE,        J. S. CATER,  A.G P.A., Vancouver. D.P.A. Nelson  ST- JUDE'S CHURCH  OF  ENGLAND.  Holy Week and Easter Services :  Monday, *th.���8 p. m., Evensong-and  reading-.  Wednesday. 8th.���11 a. tn. Litany  and Ante-communion service. 3.45 p.  m., Children's service. 8 p. tn.. Evensong-and Address.  Maunday Thursday, 9th���8 p. ni.,  Service of Preparation for Easter communion.  Good Friday���11 a. m., Matins,  Litany. 12 noon, Address on the  Words from the Cross. 2.30 p. m.,  Children's service. 8 p. m. Evensong  and sermon.  Easter Day���8. a m , Holy communion. 11 a. in., Matins. 12 noon. Holy  communion. 2.30 p. m , Children's  service. 7.30 p ni., Ev-'ris >ng, Anthem  and Sermon,  P. O, BOX 296.  ���PHONE 179  m. j. mctriHfaii $ go  +9  WHOLESALE GROCERS AND AGENTS FOR  TUCKET CIGAR CO., UNION LABEL CIGARS  BRANDS.  MONOGRAM,    MARGUERITA,    BOQUET,    OUR SPECIAL  EL JUSTILLO,  EL CONDOR,  SARANTIZADGS, SCHILLER  Corner Alexander Street and Columbia Avenue, Vancouver, B. C, C($  THE   BOUh )AY CREEK   TIMES  PageS  DRY GOODS AND CLOTHING.  GREENWOOD. TRADING CO'Y.,  Limited.  General Merchandise. Copper St.  MEATS; ETC.  P.^gJRNS-&.CO.,'  Wholesale andjRctiul Meat Merchants.  AGENTS, COLLECTORS, ETC  FREDiB: HOLMES,  Agent,    Collector,    Janitor.      Large  warehouse^ for storing goods.  P.O. Box 25     Residence opp, city hall.  ASSAYERS.  WALTER E.-'SEGSWORTH  Provincial-Assayer and Chemist.  Control Assays a Specialty.  Greenwood, B. C.  TAILORING.  WILSON & CO.  Merchant Tailors.    -"   Greenwood, St.  W? ELSON,  "   Merchant Tailor.  Copper Street^     Opp. Windsor Hotel.  BAJtBER SHOPS.  ,   GREENWO0D  BARBER SHOP.  W. Fkawlky, Prop.  Finest Bath Tubs iu city.     Baths 25c.  Razors Honed.  Copper Street       -     Greenwood, B.C.  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  HALLETT & SHAW  BarrisijSrs, Solicitors,  ^Notaries Public.  Cable Address :v<   tiaixbtt."  Codes  I. H. HALLETT.  s ' Greenwood, i~i  B. C.  H. C. SHAW.   jftfc -   M��LEOD��& BROWN  f?  BarristMss and Solicitors,  I^Nc  ^���Notaktiss Public, Etc  Offices: Wallace-Miller block. Copper street,  Gteenwood, U.C.  J. R. Brown.     ��l J. p. McLnon.  , 2* :   ARTHUR'JM. WHITESIDE.  BARRISTER and SOLICITOR  Rendell Block,?  Greenwood, B.C  CHARLES. AE. SHAW,  Civil vEnoinrer,  Dominion    -an��    Provincial  LandvSukvkvor.  Office with Gaunce & Wickwire.  ' KS Telephone No. 32.  GREENWOQP,    ;      :      ;      ;    e.   C.  A.  E. ASHCROFT.   $?;'-Dominion and���:   "'   Provincial  Land Surveyor.  Mining and Engineering Surveys.  ���^Underground Work a Specialty.  Wood Block (ilQJU Customs office )  ���-.'-���>! GREENWOOD, J3. C.  I  MANUFACTURRK AND  DKAI.RR  TN  18,  |8, Etc., iit.  GREENWntpi) AND MIDWAY. 1!. c.   ���-;- --5:;-  rr~- ; **���'��� ~  Do you Hse-^li-.i Rinhon Ton ?  OF TRADE  Business Transacted at the  Regular Weekly Meeting.  fl KM LETTER IK  Addressed to The Farmers re Market  day- Ore Collection-  .. .The .reg-ular meeting- of the Green*-  .wood Board of. Trade, was held Wednesday afternoon with President Mytton in the chair. Several matters of a  routine character was dis nosed off and  the committee on market day reported  thai they had decided to send the following circular letter lo the farmers in  the surrounding'district :    ,  Greenwood, B.C. April 8th.  In view of the fact that a great deal  of farm product, such as, hay, oats,  chickenfeed, butter, Eggs, Potatoes,  Vegetables, pork, etc., has been and is  now shipped into Greenwood and surrounding camps from farming districts  in Manitoba, Upper Okanagan, the  Colville. valley and other distant points  the citizens of Greenwood have been  discussing the best means of assisting  the farmers near Greenwood by securing for them, if possible, all the trade  in their line from the city and surrounding-mining camps.     ���  Both the City Council and the Board  of Trade have taken the matter up and  the council has agreed to pass a Bylaw  increasing the license for peddlers so  th.it Chinese peddling will prove unprofitable. If this is done, it should  not be a difficult matter to - establish a  market day which will put everybody  having anything for sale:on~an equal  fooling.  Greenwood being in the centre of  many mining camps, such a's', Phoenix  Eholt, Summit, Deadwood, Copper,  Long Lake, Central,' Providence, Skylark, Kimberly and Summit camp  make's it the natural market centre and  il is only reasonable to suppose that a  Market day being established in  Greenwood, hotels and boarding house  keepers of the various towns and  camps would make a practice of com  ing on market clays to purchase their  supplies..  ��� To make a success of this^it istabsolutely necessaey to have the hearty  cooperation of every farmer in the  district and with this end in view it  has been thought advisable to call a  convention of everybody interested in  this matter, to discuss the best method  of putting the plan into operation.  To further explain the'advantages to  be derived from the_PS_tablishmen_t__o_f a_  Market and arranging for a suitable  date for the convention a representative from Greenwood will call on you  within two weeks.  Trusting:,you will  give  the  matter  your careful consideration,  wc remain  Yours truly,  GEO.   K.   NADKN,  '     ' W.   M.   LAW,  |.   KllKl.lClI.  Committee of Green Board of Trade.  After   some   discussion    the   report  was received   and    adopted   and   Mr.  Ehrlich was requested to  interview a#  m my farmers as he could meet  on his  ��� p to L,oomis next week.  J. "W. Nelson and A; X). Hallett wer :  -KendrickCo.Ltd  I ^M^^^^J^SL^??^  CljSrtiiiiig creations in Black Taffeta Silk Skirts, by far the most  etaSorate ever shown in Greenwood.  AjSitll assortment  of real  elegance and beauty you will'find in  oitfLMtislin Underwear Department.  Wpghave  the  popular  Golf Jacket in all the leading colors, just  thfcjjjfcarment you want for spring.  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G.  Gaunce, F. Keffer, M. P. Mc Andrew  and H. G. Seaman, members of the  conciliation committee of the Provincial Mining Association of British  Columbia, and Mr. Geo. F. Dougherty,  ���president of District No. 6, Western  'Federation of Miners, in bringing  about a settlement of the recent labor  troubles at the Crow's Nest Pass Coal  Company's collieries and in arranging  between the company and the Miners'  Unions an agreement tliat bids fair to  ensure to the copper mines and the  smellers of the Boundary district over'  a comparatively long period the regular and sufficient supply of fuel necessary for their continuous operation.  And this board hereby tenders its  hearty congratulations and sincere  thanks to those who, despite many  discouragements, worked patiently and  persistently until eventually their ar-  dous labors were crowned with success  to their own credit and the great and  lasting advantage of the important  mining and smelting industries of this  the leading copper producing district  in the Dominion of Canada." The  secretary was instructed to send a copy  of the foregoing resolution to each  member of the conciliation committee  and to Geo. F. Dougherty.  A. K. Stuart, Canadian commissioner to collect mineral exhibits for  the St Louis exhibition, briefly addressed the board, statine that he had  made arrangements with the B. C.  Miuing association that each__branch  association collect mineral exhibits  for the district which it representee!.  Under these circumstances the board  decided to turn over the.work which  they had undertaken to the Greenwood  branch and the president and the  secretary were appointed to interview  the officers of the local branch regarding this important matter.  The board then adjourned.  4? Jf j? 8? Jf J? i<" Sf ��n J? J? J? S?* JP JS* i? J?  Chocolates  -AND-  Bon Bons  IN THE CITY.  ..Buy Cfoem**  For "Your" Sweetheart   or  Wife.  TDSTFcor  COPPER STREET.  ��� ^5* ��** (��** tffi v* tp* \3& v* t?* v** *��* &5* ^* "v* ��* *<5* *w*  &&W4ty^&%&^^*<&^***%  ll  BICYCLE AND  MACHINE REPAIRS.   \  SKATES SHARPENED. $  PAINTING AND |  SIGN WORK. %  Copper St.-    Greenwood, f  X  ���.   ���     ....u*U*U*lAA.*U*te%At*u'M'M'M*M'MWM*M%AA  VVWWV*.**.rWVWWW*.%*v%?\f*9^w  X Well heated rooms  at moderate ���*.  '������ prices.     Also    first  class hoard X  ��������� by day ur week. *t*  $        THli  SWAYNE  HOUSE, X  2 Silver Street. ��  'f Greenwood, <���*���  SSEL-LAW-GAULF1ELD GO.,  LIMITED.  i;r,''v',',''-,,f,i'i,if/'*^;1'  ii-  n  n  The Store Where Goods and Prices Are  Always Right.  h. B. DeVebei arrived from New  Denver Thursday to take churge of  Greenwood branch of the Bank of  Montreal. A. W. Strickland returned  to Rossland on Friday where he will  take his old position of accountant in  the Rossland branch.  NOTICE OF FORFEITURE.  To C. D. CAMPBEI*!/. and PETER MCBRIDE, late of Greenwood, ir. Yale Dis.  trict :���  Sirs: You are hereby notilicd tli.it I have  expended One Hundred Dollars (S10O.0O) in h.iv-  iiiir the "Admiral" Miner.ii Claim, situate in  Providence Camp in the Kettle River Mining  Division of Yale District in British Columbia,  surveyed, to count as an assessment, and the  further sum of 52.50 in recording such survey  as an assessment in order to hold said claim  uuder the provisions of Section 24 of the "Mineral Act," as will appear by a Certificate of  Work recorded iu theoflice of' the Mining Recorder for the Kettle River Mining Division of  Yale District, on the 12th day of May, 1902;  such expenditure beinir the amoti..t required to  hold the said claim for the vear eudinu- on tue  14th day of May. 1902;  And if within ninety days after the publication of this notice, yon, oreitlierof you fail or  ivfnse to pay or contribute your portion of the  iwpendituic required under said section. 24, to-  irelhcr with your portion of all costs of advertising, the interest of such of you as fail or  refuse to contribute your portion of said expenditure and costs of adverlisini;, shall become vested in the subscriber (your co-owner)  under section 4 of the "Mineral Act Amendment Act, 1900."  Daled at Greenwood, B.C., this 13th dav of  March. 1903.   Last issue June 13.  Hallett & Shaw,    THOMAS HEM MERLE.  . Solicitors.  A. K. Stuart who will have charge  of the mineral exhibit for the Dominion  government at the St.: Louis exhibition is in the city.  Thos. McDonnell returned from  Collville on Wednesday last.  S.BARRY YUILL  PRACTICAL      WATCHMAKER      AND  JEWELLER.  All work guaranteed   GREENWOOD'  0<X>0000<>00<>00<><>0<>0<>0<><>0<><K>#00��^  The Jenckes Machine Co.y  "-���.?  AND  ....CANADIAN RAND DRILL COMPANY....  Manufacturers Boilers, Hoisting Engines, Narrow Guage Locome*  tives, Compressors, Drills, Etc. ������-r���������  R. P. WILLIAMS,  AGENT. GREENWOOD, B. C.  <KJOO<>0<>0<><><M><X><>OOOI><XK>0<>00��^  (Christenson's Addition)  F-0R SALE  L����TS (50 x 100)  TO INVESTORS A iirst-class chance to  obtain a suitable site on which to erect a residence for rental to smelter employees.   Buy  build and own your home.  EASY TERMS.  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P. McLEOD.  Last issue March 23  NOTICE OF FORFEITURE.  To  J. S. McCLINTOCK, JOHN REYNOLDS  and any others concerned :  Vou are hereby iiotilied that I have'expended  in labor and improvements on the ''Deerhorn"  Mineral claim, situated in Deadwood Camp, in  the Kettle River Mining Division of Yale District, the sum of SJOO.i'n, and S2.S0 for recording-  the same sncli lxMUfr the amount required and  necessary to hold the said claini under the  provisions of the "Mineral Acfiind Amending-  Acts; and if at tlie expiration of ninety days  from the date of the first publication of this  uotice ill the Houndary Creek Times you fail  or r fuse to contribute your portion of such expenditure. iiainely'S-7.17 together with all costs  of advertising, your interest in slid mineral  claim shall become vested iu me ;'your co-owner)  upon filing in the propei office iu tli.it behalf  the affidavit renuired by Section 4 of the "Mineral Act Amendment Act. WOO."  Dated this 3rd dav of March. l'WS.  ROSE C. DAVEV.  Last publication June 15.  R. H. Anderson Will Have  Charge of the Mine.  KII ON GOLD Fill  Three Feet of High Grade Ore in the  Drift. v-:  Early next week work will be commenced at the Oro Denero mine, Summit camp. Smith Curtis, M. P. P.,  who recently floated a company to take  over the property paid a hurried visit  to the mine on Saturday and arranged  for the commencement of active operations. R. H. Anderson foreman at the  B. C. mine will have charge oi the  work. Five men will be employed at  the start and the force will be increased from time to time. A glory hole  will be opened up and shipments made  therefrom to one of the local smelters.  The B. C. mine spur and the Phoenix  branch run alongside the property so  that shipping facilities are the most  convenient. In Mr. Anderson the  company has secured one of the best  men in the country to take charge of  the work.  The Oro Denoro was secured some  years ago by the King Mining company and considerable work done. A  small plant was installed on the property. Financial difficulties came and  work was discontinued. Some months  ago Mr. Curtis organized the Denoro  Mines, Ltd., and secured sufficient  capital to make initial payments and  begin work.  The Oro Denoro is one of the most  promising properties in the district. It  contains large bodies of ore which  runs higher in gold and copper than  the majority of the big ledges of the  Boundary, It adjoins the Emma  which has already shipped over 15,000  tons to the Nelson smelter. The ore  is easily treated and there will be no  difficulty in securing a favorable rate  from any of the local smelters.  Mr. Curtis is coniident that he can  finance the company until such time  as regular shipments will be commenced when in all probability the mine  will take care of itself.  New Organdies, New Dress Linens, New Linen Skirting  New  Ghambraj'-s,   New   Dotted  Swiss    Muslins,   New-  Linen Batie, New Grenadines, New Black Dress G<todfej  New-  Dress  Trimminjjfs,  P  rints.  New  Lace  Lisle  Hose.  New  Cotton Hose.   New Shirt Waists  Blouses?.    New Dress Skirts in  broadcloth,   cheviots.  It would require a daily paper to  chronicle all the events connected with  Greenwood's high grade mines. A  day does not pass without some new  strike. Since the article in high grade  mines was written a big strike has  been made on the Fold Finch owned  by C. \V. H. Sansom of this city. Early  in the week J. J. Jeffery, M. E- took  charge of the work on the property.  He" put"bn"twb shifts of three men  each. A 100 foot shaft was sunk by  C. M. Fassett of Spokane when he had  the property under bond. Mr. Jaf-  fery began drifting on the vein at a  depth of 85 feet in this shaft and the  work was continued only a few feet  when the 16 inch vein widened out to  36 inches of solid ore. The Gold Finch  ore runs high in gold and contains  some copper. The two carloads shipped by Messrs. McDonald and Sutherland to the Trail smelter when they  had the property netted over $100 to  the ton and the ore from the present  workings looks even richer. A horse  whim will be placed at the shaft in a  few days to facilitate the hoisting of  ore. It is expected that a carload can  be shipped in about ten days and  regular and more frequent shipments  made after that.  George Wcllwoocl and partners relocated ji fraction adjoining the Gold  Finch last week. Prospecting work  uncovered a nice vein of high grade  ore and it looks as if they had discovered another promising high grade  mine.  Poultry Pointers.  W. F. Brace, (single comb Brown  Leghorns specialist) won at the recent  show held in Madison Square Gardens  (one of the hottest shows ever held in  New York), six prizes. I have some  tine birds hatched from eggs from the  same mattngs, from which I will sell a  few settings at SI.50 per 13. First  come, first served.  Can also spare a few thoroughbred  Mammoth Pekin duck eggs, at SI.50  per dozen.    Imported slock.  J. J. BANNERMAN,  Boundary Falls.1  X Venetians  and  Lustres,   richly trimmed  and handsomely  l ��� ��� ;  X finished, '   "   ' "   '   '  t  f  ��.;���j.,X"X~K"K~X~K��>^  RENBELL & C@,  Local and Personal.  Mrs. I. P.   Armstrong left 011  Tuesday on a visit to Spokane.  Geo. F. Dougherty and wife are in  Nelson where Mr. Dougherty attended  the annual meeting of the District No.  6 W. F. of M.   A contract was let this week for  another residence 011 Kimberley Ave.  which when completed will C09t ��1200.  There is a good demand for houses in  that portion of the town.  Philip Christopher who was president of District Union No. 7 W. F. of  M. during the recent coal strike has  moved to- Greenwood where he will  make his home.  At the Presbyterian church on Sunday next Easter, the communion will  be dispensed at the morning service.  In the evening Rev. Dr. McRae will  take as his subject for discourse "The  Resurrection and Modern thought."  W. M. Frith has entered into partnership with J. L. Coles in the post office  stationery store. Both are popular  young men and should do a large business during the good times that are  coming quickly.  Mr. Joseph Martin threatens to leave  British Columbia if he does not receive  the leadership of the local Liberal party. Joseph began going West at an  early age, and stopped off at several  points. Uproar ensued everywhere.  If he makes the move with which he  menaces the coast Liberals, he is likely  to be heard o�� next as being engaged  in an endeavor to smash the' Japanese  Government. He ha.s come to his ter-  ritoriaMimit-itrCanadav���The political'  limit he arrived at some time ago.���  News, Toronto.  Several prominent Liberals from various parts of the district met in the  Board of Trade rooms last Tuesday  evening for the purpose of discussing  the advisibility of organizing an electoral district assosiation and other  matters of party interest. Ii addition  to local liberals there were present  Messrs. J. McNicol, C. M. Crouse, D.  McPhail, H. A. Hain, A. S. Thomas,  J. S, Harrison and C. Bush from Midway, J. McKinnon from Eholt and J.  McPherson from Boundary Falls. The  Midway liberals thought that effective  work could be equally well accomplished by local associations working independently. The chief object in organizing a district association was to se  cure a fair aud representive method of  nominating a candidate ic the event  of a provincial election. After considerable discussion Messrs. J. R. Brown  Greenwood. J. McNicol Midway and  J. McKinnon Eholt were appointed a  committee to draft a plan for holding  a representative convention, their  report to be referred back to tl'e Greenwood and Midway associations for ratification.  MINERAL, ACT, 1900.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE  "MAYFLOWER" "LILLIE MAY" aml"7:3o"  Mineral Claims, situate in the Kettle Kiver  Mining- Division of Yale District.  Where Located :    On Horseshoe Mountain.  TAKI! NOTICK, that I. Isaac H. Hallett, a.s  ajreiit for Herbert R- Davidson. Free  Miner's Certificate Xo. Ii 41905, intend  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the  Miufiijr Recorder for certificates of Iniprovements, for the purpose of obtaining- crown  gwmts of tile above claims.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certilicates of improvements.  Dated this 10th dav of February, 1903.  *Mav27 ' I. H. HALLETT,  >t��XK"tt'��ttK,��W��i"Z,��l"i'>''^^^  DEALERS IN  f FURNITURE, * CARPElf  Y ; -i-A  I LINOLEUMS, ETC. i  $    COPPER STREET, GRLENWOpXj.  ���  &C0.  Ji:  CP*^  ��  *  *  ft  *  ��  Vl J.lJ.n.1 JVV^L^    111    till     kills      ISi  Ul^lUlV.       LU YVUO      \JL       JL#1 �� LlOll       V-*V/114111M 1&%T g�� .-  * ' Alberta and the Yukon. "  th    t-  �� .     -   ��� ���-�����   ��-���  �� 0  WH0LSALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN  Fresh and Cured Meat!  *  *  *  I  ��.  *  0-  ��  *  *  Markets in all the principle towns of British  Columbiajj    ���  Alberta and the Yukon. "  th  1  X:>  rmroofflTO^^  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*  (p*  CP*-  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*  0 9.  ;ank of Montreal  Capital, all paid up $12,000,000.  Rest.  $8,000,000.  President.   Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal,  Vice-President:   Hon. Georgr A. Druim.hond.  General Manager:   E. S  Clocston.  Buy and sell Sterling- Exchange and Cable Transfers ; Grant Commercial an   ���  Travellers' Credits, available in any part;of the world.  Greenwood Branch,    F. J. FINUCANE, Manager.  Wi-  m.  7mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmM  THE CANADIAN RANK OF COMMERCE  With Which is Incorporated  THE BANK OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO.  Capital, $8,000,000.       -     Rest, $2,500,000  HON. GEO. A. COX. President.   B. E. WALKER. General Manager  HENRY F. MYTTON  MANAGER GREENWOOD BRANCH.  MINERAL ACT  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  "DANDY" 51 d "SURPRISE FRACTIONAL'  Mineral i '��� :iims, aHuate in the Kettle. Kiver  Mininf   ! ivision of Yale District.  Where ��� i.ated :   Greenwood Camp.  TAKE sOTICE that I, John P. McLeod,  Free Miner's Certificate No. B54954, as  airent for Svdney N. Johnson, Free Miner's  Certificate No. I!417.il. Intend, sixty daj'S from  the date hereof, to applv to the -Mininjr Recorder for a Certificateof Improvements, for the  purpose of obtainiii).' �� Crown Grants of the  above claims.  And furtlier take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the  issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.  Dated this 12th day of March A. D., 1903.  Last in 6. May 13 J. P. McLEOD .  Certificate of Improvements-  "HIGHLAND LASS" Miueral Claim, sitrite  in the Kettle River Mining- Division of Y��le  District.  Wherelocated:    In Beaver camp.  TAKE NOTICE, that I, Isaac II. HalletUis  agent for John Thomas Dell, Free Miner's Certificate No.-BrS4C0. and George AHSor  Reddel], Free Miner's <\ r'.ificate No. B41903,  intend. sixty days from tlie 4��te  hereof, to appl3- to the Mining- Uecordef for  Certificates of Improvements, for the pur6c��e  of obtaining- Crown Grant of the aboveclaiS.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before th�� issuance of such Certificates of Improvement*  Dated this 26th day of February, 1902.  *way27 I. H. HALLETT,


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