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 Vol. 10
No. 3*. 3.1.
An Exposition of WliatSocial-
''■l-y-:ylX^^M:'f^ ■ ^:
. ; Elbauent1 Speaker.    : :T;>
Dr.. McRae spolce to *a larg-e audience
, at.;,the. ;;;bity^.kjall;; .Friday.;- -evening-,;
. .'^WhatSqcialisni'Ts!.'^
of his addr«ss.'whicli he delivered under
the following- sheadings;: •'■' (l)'Plac'eof
^Socialism;; iii ^Political Econ 6 my ";■'■' (2-)
Some: definitions ;bf. Socialism  :   (3)
.Special.aspects;;of''SocialLsJ3i;j;''.''(4) ;Re-;
"marks Vndjcrittcisrns.',j";v;;.:-;*' y :'-f:; '■- *.-'v;*;'-v •;
a- The objeist'jof 'A-SpcLa.li.sm ;is to .. ,'coni-'
bine.'-wealtli;with wen-being.    "Socialism is world-wide,;- it'.hasiiiyaded .every
country:. Lit'Europe..xand. Apierica. fin
Germany the Socialist party: Uiargei'-,
..than 'any . other- party!; ia;.,the ;fieldV,
Socialism; is ■ not   ' coininunisin,    not
philanthropy,; ..not   the "raying ;; of Ca
hungry mob, it .is a system-:bf government . having public  ownership . as. its
•'main*objept.y^\>t.* - v'-y- ;. .'':-'.;v:
?.;Socialisiiy:meaM.s;'a conipLete change,;
not-arnenduiehtVof'betteritieiit 'oEv.coh-
ditionsj .aiid-iiotspciaHstic legislation;
. Itadvocates-the.hequ^
opporturiittes^ncrt'';'a6£ *.;;;vvealt;h.;; Ult'
affirtns: tK ij: religion is: to be .a; matter
-of. ..private.'^
means of production are'to be held and,
controlled:- by. ^ the state.; :* Priyalte.
ownership;is admitted in:naeans'ybf'-fen-
joymerit,' furniture, cloth ing-, topics,
■ etc;Y;?:'::':Socialte
ownershi'E'control.'by the .'.govern ment
of..-process,;';of production:.;;; Private'
"capital,■'■'.loans',, hire. \ mortgages,' ' etc.,'
will be-curpsities.'Oi',.li.tei-a.tiire', ^Production,,, transportation and distribution will all be understate control.;;;   '.
Socialism will not- be brought into,
.effectin-'twenty *hours. All industries
will-be' slowly absorbed ;by the-govern-
or'legalfehactriient. SobEalism points
out what has already fc«n done, to
show that what they advo'cate is practical. "Present object.' oi 'SocUlism Is
tlie educ'a'tion of tlie people, awakening
•them to their own interests, All must
.liie workers' without distinction, and all
will receive!aivincome in porportion to
time ''spent'id /labor. All commodities
have !their" value, because they arc
definite masses of concealed labor
time. 'Labor checks are to pe means
of exchange. This does away with
all money, the root of alt eril. Capital
is dead labor, liYtug-a vampire life,
sucking the blood of la1>or, Surplus
values conies from unptiUl labor. If
labor received full value there would
be no surplus or capital.
Dr. McRae llicn brought forward
several of the strongest objections to
Questions were asked and answered
and short speeches tor aud against
V. V. fi E. Injunction; Case-
. G-rand Forks,'April 10,—-(SjieciaJ to
Boundary Creek Times.)'—-After several
months of 'dickering- the V, V, fi,,IE.
has succeeded in.'securing-'a.;rig-lit''of
way across the ranch of John A, jYTan-
ley, ,where an injunction1 secured by
the Yale ■ Hotel company*; has; stopped
bperations fur months past,'- The price
paid py.; the road is,not made .public to tit
with; the; dep'a rture o f several officials
of the V.'V, sii. who have been liere
for several days past it-is announced
that the deal is finally; arranged, and
that worlc -will bfe;;. commenced ..wi'fhin
the.next: twp'Or 'tlire'e.-;days lover ..the:
land .which .;ha;s,.!liefetbfbre ■ been -the
biockading;point;pii.'the Iine= of the toad
from flie.south^'-'-yyAy■■■'■...).-■',■:. ■'; ■:■
The special■• deputies who have been
on guard on. the; Madtey ranch, forthe
past two or three weelcs.have been cull.;
ed'in andfrbm n'ovroii.theM vrill 11no
delay in-; thejb'uildiiig. of fire Hill Road
tp,;Repnblic..;;It.;;is;more thaii.prob-able.;
th at this ^oad.V: w ill beat •;. the ^S. e tile
Valley;Lines'Intp'the^canip'by two or,
th ree ;wee,ks,;th,e'in juii ctibn oi the Kill-'
iiide,} company j-' precluding- wttte ;pqss-;
Ability; of the; ■ jpcaUrpad' getting '■ iiito;
Repubiic'iiqr jsome; time to,conie', ■ eyeu
tiioiigh;';Etiie;;dStb|bf i- opening ;tlieJlLne'
lssetfor Saturdayinext.;;' ■■-:;■■■'
: ,E^Gbarles^'A^'fe McNeil..and-; btber
'officials ■who'.lvvet;e.i-Hstruraen-tal iii put-
-ting- through itlie;deal; with; tlie';' kfcaniey
outfit; for .allowing, aright of over,
the disputed , land; are authority for ..the
stateinentvtliat'sucli ...an^arian gfentent;
has, been reached^ aithbug;is;. the -terms
are n ot as yet' annou need;;".;       ; X :'  ..-.
'y}t:--^': 4lSUgUfixer--::.:'A -'aa:a:
.: :',C..: Vi'iSeriierard had a narrow 'esca-pe
from ,>yh.at 'cameinear proving .a., yery
serious'. accident :Thursda3'. WIoraEbg.'.
■IiValteinpting^!. to place''a'kettle of.'boiling sugar on the lire,,his foot sLi^-ped
tlirbwiifg'liiiiri'ibrw'ard'.inad -■ppuriog; .the
the contents"of,the.kettLeineo tlLe<)pen
,'fire.""The roaring flanie envetopedaEii'm-
and extended, to the-adjiceat ivood-
work.' ,A.few pails of water IhajpUyVex-
tiiigui'shed , the i;-.flames,' .*;but , Mr.
Semerard'siaceandhands were Quite
seriously -burnt. ■; tflttle^; o titer .Kliuni age
:was;done".   ;,.*;,*">-;;;';;';.;'/. ;;; ;•-'.',; . ';■";;, ■'•'.-.
Once Again the Sons of Gan-
Tlteir^Btayery; the Subject of Faror-
'■''■■:' aible Report     .
. OTTAl^A,: April"!',—The following
li^-t of Lthe vfCanadian.. ,.casualities . at
Haft's river fight has; been, received:
J;';Sergrelant/; Jolin ;,.. Canipbell   Perry,
tiaeiph^Qnt...,- ■ ■'.    '■■■
.; Corporal Alf. Sherrittj';,'Gitelph,Ont."
.:■ .Private WI   T.   Peters,, Cranbrook,
i/?Gi;' A[yy:: ■ '.■•-:;■"'■ 'aa, . :-,:;.r*: . ':.
'   Private :W.   .Volrath,v.-Re'velstroke,
B.'c;*V   :--A:':A-.''"":y£y... ...;-';',:r::
Private   M. Huston, .London,   Ont.,
. PrivateC. - N. Evans, Lonion,; Ont.
Private W. P. .K: MullO£-an,"Pete'r-
l)(>n>. Qnt.'-."."•;.;.- ■';'; '.'-.■■■;■■■'■'■■./,    ■■}■■:.  ■'...;
".'=;.'.'.:'_".;\"::V -:" :':'"v  ^iEj6.v.'';."■■;;;'"■'■*■■';
Private A. "West, Montreal,; ;.;
■■,.-.Private H.' ;J>'  Campbell' ,Brandon,
Manr ■'.-'-. '• .-'". -... :,;';■ v'V-   - -.-.'*;. ,
1:Corporal,S.M"cL.;.Howard, Montreal.
:v Private; S. ; M, J^eze'rt,. Cianbrook,
^&7::-y-}y\::?K'y[h  ;''-;. :."'■.'■■':'
.Private J,. C. ; GrafBiis;'.,; Cranbrook,
%r c.a;;-y. ■ y. '■:;-;.-; :"";—'*'■'"r^r;";*;-^',.:
..;'■ ■'\. SEVERELY'-WOUNDED/ ■; ;•';■•'
;'; Sergeant^.. Milne', Calgary^N. W. T.
Shqeing-smith   G.  H.  Hunter, :Win-,
mipeg, Man!:, .:-" ,'■' ' .-',■..
^Private J.. C.iPisher, Vancouver, B.C.
PrivateL. Stratton, Virdeii, Mari.
Private B.;Hodg-es, Virden, Man.; :';■:'
Private T.  W.. Deunehy',; Calg-ary,
n.'.w. t. ; '■ ■    ;■*■>.        ;; •' ";■,;
Private Chalmers, Calgary, N.W  T.
Amos Derrali, St. John, N, B. ;;,
Paivate John Grant Gitnn, London,
Qnt, Tenth Canadian field hospital.
Tlse ftosstiiia Mystery,
In rcg-ard to tlic story in yesterday's
Rossland Miner, relative to the case
of Miss. Nellie Lake, our reporter was
able to leai'ji. the folLowitig- by interviewtliis nrorntng with Mr. W. B.
ColLinsoue of the genfenien in quest-
ionand no-w at the Mother Lode mine.
Mr, Collins admxts lie is the party being ia quired for, is familiar -with the
ciTeumstaarces of tlie case, knows
wliere; Mr. . G-ra.hatn is, and that he is
a;t pr e sent 3«i go <Hi heaLtht, had a tele-
plioue naessag'e yesterday- from 'Miss.
Lake and f nLly expected her- in Greenwood last even iaig:, In. fact Mr. Col-
tin s- wen t,to. the train yesterday ex-
pectLng':.t<> meet her. Mr. Collins repudiated the suggestion .of the reporter
that iit was. a. case of two tnen: being in
love with the sa.nl e woman: .Mr. .Collins goes- to .Kossland to-day to meet
the;lady. Dottbtk-ss he can .satisfactorily expla-iai1 the mystery attaching to
the' case. ■ .■'-''.'■:, :;;
EJpThe West Fork
. Messrs ;Finuca.nef Mytton Pa.rislj;and
Barrett liaye.returned from their' trip
as far. up the West Fork as Beaverdell.
They .report ;tlie road as in a disgraceful! cbJidilion for most of the way beyond Westbricge.; :
■-".; WasltOat,";,
- A wash opt .on, the Colanibia and
Western, near Coryell, delayed Tues-
da.y's train about.8 hours! The Greenwood train :f or Rossland vrent as far as
break in the road and. transferring the
West bounSpisscngers returned reaching-Green^vood about midnight",  * .
-';'   : ■■■'.'' ' '   ' "'. * . *i'. * ■
-■■   ■■'.■■■■"■.■•■■■■■>.■'    '     ■-'^'.   "--S     :
CeiBvent^oii At Kamloops
lt»is ProbabEe Tftat His Itoiyal Bigli-
,.ness W151 Visit ttje Unites States: ^
'■'-."-.  '.        Hext AutuiU'ii; ...
Home of the Bank of Montreal an
the Great Dry Goods Honse of Rendell
and Company,
Now that Prince Henry has-tome
and £one our .American fi'ieaulis' are
looking about for other, royal, guerfts.
The American people ire notlhdaijf if
iiot enterprising and they realise the
advantage's of good socia.1 tusiwell^as
u-iLdereiation.s with the great nations
if ISurope.
It will be a.happy event 5n the tiis-
:.orf of the two irrej.t Jinylish'-speaking
u.itions if the Prince of Wales, representing the ^reat British KtupEreshould
ho able tp m:Uce a visit to tlte&reat
American Republic.
The Prince uf WaLe^'tnim* btf"busied
with the social functions that falL to
die British Crown, but »E iaivhed., we
are hopeful that nothing- witl be allowed to interfere with liis su<;ep'Uinee.
The following is the I\rew York n'e^ort
of the situation:
Neu" York, April  5,~~Theire 5s the
highest   authority   for   tlie s-tauitient
that the Chamber ot Commerce o-f 3Cie\v
York will in-vite the Prince pfWsileri to
attend the dedication of its r\e-\\- iiome
in August or September. Negrotlittions
of a semi-official character ha'V-i!   been
uuder. way for the last two  mouths,but
nothing- definite vriM be  knovo nisi til
May or June,    A.s a   mattes'o£ fact no
formal invitation has yet fieen  sent to
the Prince of  Wales,  in spite  oi the I
statements tothe contrary. l>i«tifcis not|
too much to say thatsucli an invEtaaioii \
will be forwarded, with entity pro^ptict. I
of its acceptance. \
Considerable correspondence has \
pissed betweeu the chasuber atsd cer-j
tain high officials in London', but it is3
all of a privafe or tuiofjieial character, j
^Representatives of the leading com-]
mercial bodies of Europe vr'M Ji-eiti']
vited  to attend  the dedication,, which
promises   to be   an   e-v-emt    of   inter
national importance.
7' " ""SLLGiiTLY WOUNDED." ,*T ;
Sergeant C. R, Othen^rauclonjlMan.
Sergeant Thos. Western, Portage La
Piairie,; ..;.'',
Private A. Fortey, Winnipeg", Man.
Private J. Simmons, Kelson, "B. C.
Private P. Hendyx, Rossland, B, C.
Private Alexander McDonald, Fort
Steele, B, C.
Private H. Kavres, Halifax, N. S.
Private J, N, Biswauger, Halifax,
ET, S. .
Released men state that Corporal W,
A- Kinsley, Toronte, and Private T.
R:, Day were killed.
To tlie abo\'e list must be added the
KUtncs of Lieutenants R, H, Ryan and
W. G. Loiulin, formerly of N.W. M, P.;
G-, JJ, McKay, of Montreal1 and R. F.
Blarhlianj,of JTew. Britnswick|N. 13.,«all
olf whom, were dangerously wounded.
There is to be a conrention of the
Keform ioices of th e Province at Kamloops ;.:t'h:e,.latec„;p.aTt-'.of thisweek and,
tlie early part of next.' The Miners will
be in. session *,-Friday , and jtoday, and-
Messrs Kane and Dougherty left Wednesday as representatives of the Miners
Union ; o>f-Greenwood. .;
; Mr C. T.T, Stack'. representing the
Greenwood Socialists, and Carpenters
Union Left today to be in. attendance at
theSocialist Seetion of  the Conven-
tion on Monday nest.
Serious Accident
The Will of the Great Empire
The  DispositSon  of Cecil
Great Wealtft.
Wbile Jiecrg-e Pratt, bra.kemaa,jon.
The county court, Judge Leamy presiding, has been iu session the past
week. Several important local cases
have been engaging the courts attention.
tire ■C.'.P. R, was standing beside a
loaded ore ear at tlie Ironsides on- Wed-
nesdry 3ast,a piece ef ore . weighing
over 3<6 libs came down tlte open chute
s.trifeing- htm oa the top of the head.
The force of tlie 1}low knocked him under tlie anoTin if care. He was rescued
from lm perilous position just in the
nick of tEnie by conductor Waltnsey,
who happened to be standing near and
w ho realised the situation. Dr, Spanltie
'attended the injured anan and found it
necessary to pirt a ntimber of stitches
iu witat rs an ugly wound.
A.Ltlic S,tcr«l Heart Hospital o«t tlte 10th hist.
A.M. Xoites oEWIdva-y, a.(,rc«l W yeitrs. Funeral
to-day Croan tho ti ltd crtalcbijr parlors of T. M,
Gillie}- & Cdm
To Mrs. CSh'o Pilnpl«, on Sunday morning
la.st, a <la«sf ■•• l*r'
iVtriieres-ideoceoc'Str. S, C, Eclf, Anaconda,
-A-1>ril lOtli- tlie Ker. J. 1>, P. Knox officiatitigr,
3fr. Harrj-Uiir««aawl Mrs. I/«na Luark.
The Hon Cecil Rhodes has outstripped all his fellows ini the breadth of
his views and aims by the yeraetous
lines on which his wealth, has been; devised. The great heart of the man i»
seen in his broad educational scheme.
Although men may; have tjiicstiohed
the method oi a;cq.uisition, they'■' must
honor, the spirit of disposa.1 of--his great-
wealth, .'■-.      ,-'..■.'.■■ i;Ayy;:.,,-,.i ...v:;;:*;,'s.■;,
By this one great act in thus bringing together at' Oxford Jthe.>flower'oif
American, G-erman and Bnglish youth.
Mr Rhodes h as shown hiinself not only
a large hearted citizen of the Empire,
not only a citizen ot.the great English
speak in g commonwealth, but a citizen
on broadest lines of a world-wide republic of letters.      '
I/ondoni Adril 4.—The will of Cecil
Rhodes provides for the establishment
of colonial scholarships to each, asprer;
yiously announced, and two Ameripari
scholarships to each of the present
states and territories' of -. the ; United
States. ; The will' of Mr ;;Rhode»' atw>
provides for;, five scholarships -for; atu-.
den ts of German birth, at Oxford to.be.
nominated by Emperor Williams, and
commenting on,the bequest Mr RHodes
in a, codicil telegraphed from South
Africa said:'*' ■■■'".■ ','"■)''■''■■ .■•':;';' .'■'iH,--"i'-
-, . "for la. good -understanding, between
England, Germany . and; the; United
States will secure, trie peace of the
world and educational relations form
the strongest lid." "'
All the Rhodes schola.rships American, Colonial and German, are at Oxford. *, '
ITour thousand   pounds   are left to
where his body is to be buried.
Greenwood Gettin? Ready for a Gala
Day—Committees Hard at Work-
Money ComiBf In,
The Best Equipped. Best Managed  Hotel in   the Boundary Country.
I. P. ARMSTRONG, Propraetor,
We believe in good neighborhood be-
twecn sister cities, but we fail to see
why any one town has. an immortal
cinch on any one day of the year, to
the exclusion of every other town.
Because Greenwood has decided to
have a general holiday and civic celebration on Victoria Day the Midway
correspondents the Rossland Miner
claims that Greenwood is trying, to
"jump" the day which Midway claims
its own, Greenwood is only exercising
its ordinary, every-day right in deciding to "celebrate." Greenwood has
been going abroad altogether too much
aud getting altogether too little returns
or even thanks for it. If has been con-
tent to plar guest in large part and
now desires to be host and hold an
"at-home" herself on May 24th.
And Greenwood is going. to do. it
sure. Her citizens are willing to pay
the price and it costs heavily. There
are big pur-ses to provide for a long
list of sports, but the people say the
committee shall have the money. So
just keep the date blank please or fill it
in at once as. Greenwood's day.
A Belt and Pio, between C. P. R. station and
Times office, A liberal reward trill be paid fot
return to tt« owner.   MRS. SWOJtD.
Jfew goods direct from Great Britain
just arri-ved at Mitchell the TailorT THE    BOUNDARY    CKEJEK TIMES.  Riverside Nurseries  Kraisd Forks *     �� .  Sttariin Bnrrc.l, Pros*.  .Maples. IClnis, L,iii<:rti,Mo:iiit;ii:i A-.li. L'o!,"ii|i:is. Cut-leaf liircli,  A liiii-<etfOtiini of JUiweriiiif ulii'iihs, including l'*n:iu:ll iincl IVrsian T.il.-ics.   II vilraiiireas,  Snow-  ���lulls, S;>U'i\'i>. Roso. etc.  Svoi-lii l!>- -i'U'l'ti-d NtniiM <>f Ijawii tl r:i��;s SomI.    H'i'iiil Trees,  lierry l!nslies, Strawberry  IMaiitw.  ami Afc|>:ir:ijfu.s Kouts.  SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO ALL ORDERS.  V. it N.  IMICISIC 25.  PEACE AT LAST,  SPECIAL. TO TIMES,  LOjSTDCXN, April 11.���The report is  current  here  that peace  terms have been accepted by the Boers,  Cbc  Boundary Creek Times  -Issued- every Triday  IJUKCAX ROSS..  .. Maxagixc Editor.  SUBSCRIPTIONS IN ADVANCE.  1>ek Teak , $ 2 00  Six Mosths'..:'.'.-'  l'2S'  To TOKEIGN- COUNTRIES '2 50  "FRIDAY,  APRIL 11, Wo'-.  thing's but he need have no fear of his  constituents believing him guilty of  dishonorable thin"rs.  It is reported that Capt. Howe  was killed iu the Waterloo  mine at McKinney to-day  iv*~,T,MT*i.w<MM*i*r,'rirangn^^  Messrs Fowler and Whitwell aae  taking-out some very bigfh rrade ore  from the Providence mine.'  00<KH><><>CK>00<>(X>0<>0<>0-0<>0<>0^  ���OWKK>0<K>-0<><XXK><K>00<KXK>**^^  II Ml 1  Established 1836.     Incorporated 6y Royal Charter.  Smith and Longley have begun work  on the Elkhorn adjoining- the Providence.  A big strike is on in the mines of  Butte. In and around Greenwood the  mining- shy is clear. Liberal mine  managers a nd sensible mine workers  ought to be able to prevent these  things so calamitous to all concerned.  CAPITAL,   ^"1,000,000���$4,866,666.66  Reserve Fun<U365,QOO--$1,776,333.33  HEAD OFFICE :   London .England.     H. ST1KEMAN, General Manager, Montreal,  J. ELMSLY, Inspector. Montreal.  55     Branches and agents in all the principal cities of Canada and the United States,  OO , and correspondents In all parts of tbe-world.  $$ GREENWOOD BRANCH :   Copper Street. 99  O<K>0<X)O(>0<KJOOO<>0<XK>OOOOO<X>ttO<>O<>0<>0OO0<XX^  <KKK>O<KK>O<KK>O-CM>C><>0O<K>0-CKKW* <>CKXK><KXK>0<>(XKK>0<>000000<>0<>  .-&r.tm'��czJVova  THE V. V. & E.  We are in position to state that a  settlement has been affected in the  case of the Great Northern railway and  the owners of  the  Manly  ranch and  that work will be renewed all along the  r  Line  at once.     This is good news forthe people of the Boundary. We expect  ��� ���  :���_      ' . i to see grading- between -Midway aud  The signs all point to the approach j Phoenix in a very short time.    Green-  of an era of great  railway  activity  in i wood's prospects were never so good as  RA1LMAY ACTIVITY.  British Columbia.  at present.     The pay roll all about the  tt v-ould look as if the g-overnment | town is steadily increasing as mine  were about to adopt a liberal and pro- ��� and smelter capacity are growing and  gressive, if expensive, railway  policy, ithe added stimulus of heavy.railway,  The indications are favorable t�� -railway construction by the Great Northern along the international boundary,  construction in the valley for the next  year will make everything prosperous.  Greenwood's  position  is   dominant,  by the Canadian Pacific up West Fork i.her resources unequalled-in the entire  and by ,-the Canadian Northern-up in ! country. All the 'city needs is a little  the jLortli' country.       These' develop-j touching up  of some .of  her business  ments wrill cost the   province  an  im-! merv  a   little   tonic, administered   to  ......      -     ���   '     ���     I ...:'.���"  niense sum, but the question   arises, : some of her  business  methods.    The  which is better the  entire public do-  old quotation   is; very*  applicable   to  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that at the next  iiieetiiipr of the licence'Commissioners of the  City of Grc.firi-n-ood, 1 intend to apply for a  transfer of tlie Liquor License held by" me for  the (iambi-inns hotel, situate 011 lot 10, block li,  Silver street, to the Ladysmith Hotel, situate 011  Gold street. LOTJ1S FORSCUNER.  Dated this 4th day of April, 1902.  NOTICE.  Notice is Hereby given that the partucrstliip  heretofore subsiistinir between R. W. Jakes and  Sidney S. 0])])enlieinier, as Physicians ami  Surg-cons, was this day dissolved by mutual  consent. '������.''.  The practice-und business of the firm of Jaltcs  & Oppenheimer will he continued by Dr.Oppcn-  lieimer to whom all debts owin^ to the said  firm must be jiaid forthwith.  Witness: R.'YV. JAKES,  J. P. McLEOD.     S. S. OPPENHEIMER.  DIFFERENT  main undeveloped,', or- a-larg-e proportion of ii:'-with .great public works constructed " at   the expense of the other  Greenwood��� "God made the country  and man made the.town." The country  is a complete success,   bnt man's part  portion..    If a  proportionately   small j of the., contract has not been kept.   G-et  pa.rt of the public lands can be used to  pttrchas'��i'' means of development- for  the remaining part�� the ipolicy would  seem sound, but great care should be  taken that, .public-.waste, ���aad,- public  iiijns-tdce' should not ensue, and that  the people's heritage should not be  ruthlessly'sacrificed to great corporations. There is a possibility of being-  progressive and yet careful of the  pablic estate and we. trust this will be  the.go-vernnient line of action.  ready andstoji knocking-.  SHED FOR THE EMPIRE.  Cantidiaii blood has once ag-ain been  freely shed ior the empire. Our boys  have iigain manifested a proverbial  braverya'aml.unflinchingly met wounds  and death on ah African battle field.  Ther are doing what idealists and  orators and politicians were making a  failure of, or realizing very slowly,  cementing t'.ie empire, working out  the grind idea of Imperial Federation.  Blood makes an iinpcrishahle cement,  and the boys of the colonies from the  North, land .to the South seas are by  sacrifice in life and in death doing  grea* worlc in federating the empire.   ���  Tlie hoys ljuve built their own monuments, The stones of Saint Saphia  have Ei3i imperishable odor in the mu.sk  mixed with tlte cement ages since, and  so tlie grca.1 structure of Imperial  unity will forever smell sweet to the  empire by the blood cement which her  world wide so us have supplied.  MR. SMITH CURTES.  We liave not thought that Smith  Curtis acted wisely in bringing the  charges he did against Premier .DunS-  tiiuir, nor have we thought his case  has been presented and conducted so  as mot to prejudice it, but we do sympathize witn him in the attack made on  him "by the Colonist in its -well-written  in.naem.does. That the Colonist has  since apologized for its cruelty is  hardly suBtcient. The organ of a  government in the capital city of the  province owes itself greater respect  than to hare made its insulting insinuations in the first instance. We  think: Mr.   Ctirtis   does   Home unwise  GRAND FORKS AND REPUBLIC  RAILWAY. -  We are indebted to Mr. W. A. Hark-  ins.of Grand Forks for a sketch of the  building of the Kettle Kiver Valley  railway between Grand Forks and  Republic, which want of space prevents our making use of in this issue.  "VVe trust to give this enterprise extended notice next week, meantime  wishing the promoters aud'their friends  atf auspicio^  morrow, April 12th.  On Wednesday evening last the ledge  was encountered on the 300 foot level  of the No 7.  The  price of Copper Continues firm  aud steady. i  Mr. R, Plewman of Rpssland Manager of the Winnipeg is in town.  The Redistribution Bill has passed  the final reading iii the Legislature.  Over 60 per cent of the Manitoba  Electorate voted against the Prohibition on the 2nd inst.  0-0<K>CKK><K><>0000<X>hD<K><>000<3-0-0  $ THIS SPACE IlELOXGS TO 6  Who  will open in the CLARENDON BLOCK next week with a  ��   full   line of Fresh    Fruits   and  O   Canoies. ������*������������ " �����������   <2  0<X><H>CK>0<><>-<>0-CVO-CH^^  ftd��$'fe  and:  m  ���    HH��*  Quily $ ��$���  RAILWAY  9  E  Dise'ct Lines, ���: Lowest Rates  EAST  '    ��� WEST  Winnipeg  ���''i Vancouver  Toronto '      Victoria  Ottawa Seattle  Montreal Portland  New York San Francisco  via Soo Line, St. Paul. Chicago  ..  and all U. S. points.  TOURIST- SLEEPING SERVICE  EAST:   Leaves  Kootenay   Landitipr Tiiob-  day and li'riday,  ������ I/caver Dnnsniore Junction  -DMLY-  WEST :    Leaves Revclstolte daily.  Honieseelcers Excursion Tickets on sale.  'westbound March 1st to April 30.  Steamship Service,  From Vancouver  Alaslca, Hawaii, China, Japan and  Australia.  Through boolriiigs to Europe vin all Atlantic  lines.  E REDPATH, Agent.  Greenwood, B. C.  ti  --^^^: THE :^^^�����  Copper Street.  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT, i  P5  MEALS  AT ALT. HOURS  PKIVATJS  KOOMS  FOR LADIES.  TRY  OUR  COEFEli  *  Charles- R. Pittock,     :    drop's.  OKE ??  --���r4KY   ONE OF MUNROE'S  CIGARS.  THE BEST UNES iN  CIGARS,  TOBACCOS  and. CIGARETTES  Newspapers,     Periodicals  Stationery.  A FulPLinc Choice Candy  ��  a  a  *  a  H.B- MUNROE  Copper Street. Greenwood.  MW^^gc^��Tf^imi.>lA.ABIM��*a!yyi.^<UMIMlUWBf|B|)||)imifl 1  GLASSWARE  CUTLERY  SILVERWARE  BAR GOODS  The  largest   hotels  and finest  residences in B.C. were furnished bv us throughout  WEILER BROS.  VICTORIA, B. C.  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C.     ��t��  <��  Cosgrove Orchestra  Hpril VLAk*  Tlie Finest Musical Company that ever -visited the Boundary.  April 12, HIGH CLASS CONCERT  April 14th, FAI^CY DRESS BALL,  Seven Piece Orchestra.   F:'�� '��� H- htk Pancing-.   Aaditoriiim.   Tickets for concert and dance on  ^ le at White's Drur Store.  Don't miss It. fluspices Citizen's Band* ./  t  the; boundary crbek  times.  i>-  I       BRIEFLETS.        |  9 *+*  0*I**Z4#***t**t'M��''^ ��^*,^*-*t',C*��%C��**#*S**J**t*,.*C��****t-**i''**',0"..  Don't forget tha Fancy Drea.-i Ball  for   Mondny   crening;    next.     Kings,  Queens ancl TiotibadoiiTs wilL be there.  W. H. Norris recentLy married to  Mrs. J. M. McDonald is a guest at the  Imperial with Mrs. Norris. They are  en route to Llieir home at Midway.  Mr. E-'J. Wilson returned to G-reen-  wood Tuesday*- last. Report connects  his name vrifh the general-maiiag-e-  inent of the Sunset smelter. We are  not able to confirm tlie report but from  the habit the.Sunset people have of  getting- ouly tlie best, we incline to  believe it is-true.  J. C, Haas has returned to Greenwood after a prolonged: visit in ;Spok-  ane and tire east. Mr. Haas is quite  sauquiiie over the future of the' copper  market ,and over the outlook 'for-Ihe  Boundary.  The excursion to Deadwood, Sunday  .'was-not'a great success but the boys  report a jroofl time and royal treatment  by the kingi^ ones of the hills.    -v:-V  M.   "Ei.   Frasee.lias .purchased   the  baker}' business ,;Of J-plin 'Huiner.' on  -..  .Silver streetj.ind plaiis'the earl}'re-  '      nioval of his busluess.to 'the :\Va.llace-  ' Miller brick Hock on Copper street.:    ���  ':  TIiieXatfc:A��clideacon Shaw;  , A. press .despatch  published .lately,  .'��� mentioned tlie death .pf   Arclideacon  ? Shaw :The:late: Alexander Shaw,;M.A:;:  : Archdeacbriof Soitthi'Tokyo -and Chap-  ���,'.   lain of H.B.NC, Legation, died at Kas-  ��� '. umi-cho, ���'Ax.a.iDO,   Tokyo,, Japan,;   on  .   March. 13, aged. "56/The funeral service  . * was   held';.;_it:' St: CAiuLrew's ^Church,  Shiba, on Marcli"* 15th and the inter-"  nient took pLa.ce in, Aoynna  cehietery.  The Japan  DaiLy Mail. ptibLished the  "���.".   following* )ot��itxia.ry,notice of ..the de-  ':; .' .-, ceased, prelate:���"The VeherableArcii-:  deacon Sliaw expired aslL his. residence  ';���',' in Tokyo oil., the 13th j ast. ,; During the  three yeais  that preceded'.tlie,end'-he  :.:sufifered,:::froin.;ra? failing.-heart,  aud  death was liltima tely due to that cause,:  though 'the Lin ihediate��4eternnning f ac-  ���tor was an attack  of Influenza, from  ',-". wh'kh/Jhe.: rallied once, only   to -sin k  -.:,,;'���: again under its debilitating effects, v...  The Archdecaa'scareer.was in Japan,;  during nearly thirty years of his'com-  ��� ���-.   paratively short life  his ministrations..  were entirely  iii this country.'.' Archdeacon' -Sha-w's. was one of those rare  natures' rich in nobLe qualities only,  and absolutely.f ree,from the: smallest  trace of guiLe,   Without commanding-  presence and, conspicuous chiefly;.: for  .gentle, self effiLcingwajs, his influence  c     was profotinder and more permeating-.  '':'.' than that exercised by niauy a man of  the most!)rilLiaut,gifts,  He won everywhere not nrerly affec,;  ���"^"^ibn'bth'-love^atta^thbnglr^^lilrr^r  working, with ordinary anatrials. could  never have shaped such a. chara2ter,he  was none the less *,a.n honor to the  Christianity-lie so ardentLy espoused.  No system of niorality, however finely  conceived or , ably expounded, could  have done so much to elevate those  '' with whom he earne in contact as did  his blameless and beautifully altruistic  life, and it inay Ire truly said thatjthe  country of shis adoption as im measurably the poorer for his Loss.  It may be added that the Emperor of  Japan sent to Mrs Shaw a sum of money in appreciation   6�� what the late   Archdeacon liad done for education in  0 that country. ;  A, J. M, Shaw eldest son of the deceased, who for some time vvas living:  at Green wood with his uncle, Mr. C.  AE. Shaw, C. E, P. JU S., joined  the Strathcoua. Horse from here and  saw active 'service in South Africa,  afterwards4>n>cecdiiig to England.  *  �����������  s-  *-  si.  Sift-  ��-  "*t  ���ft  *  Headquarters for  ��l  iti  ��  ft  ft  a  A complete stock of everything in fha.tlEne.reasonable  prices,  "*7f  Books,   Stationery,   Office  Supplies, etc.  Kodaks and Materals, etc. etc.  Phone No. 33,  L  a-  New goods   at   reduced   prices   at  Mitchells.  ['jMINEKAIv ACT.      .  Certificate of Improvements  NOTICE.  CLVIHSSDALE    and      MOUNTAIN     UON  Mineral claims Kltmitu hi  the Kettle Kiver  Ml u Ititf Division of YaleDistrict.  Vliure loc.itiid :   In Deadwood camp.  TAJCE NOTICE lliat 1, Jolui  Uobi'.rt Krowii,  I'rce Miner's CcrtiliciUe 2To. B4MSS, ;ih atrenl  l'nr David  A. Good, Free  Minor's   Certificate  3Tt>.  3M0451,    iiuuml     sixty   days    from     llio  date hereof, to apply  to the miiilntr recorder  for a'.jrLlficatBs of ini|)rovciuciils,for the pur-  pose of obLalnlnir   crown grants of the abo-vc  claim .  Km! fiiitlier take notice tliat action,  under  .section 37, must be commenced  before the  issuance of sucli certificate of liuprovemeitlss  Dated tli is 2nd dav of April, 1902.  J. It. BROWN.  st'^t & :$i,& jsjzjxj. s jf jx & ��t&;jt.j*.  V  V  ��f Corner ,Copper  and Green wood *  ^ > "'.'."Streets.' '   - *  ������%������  %.������������;������:..-";���-''������ ���--**-'  vs Steam Heated  Throughout.;  v Rooms 50 Cents  % ' and up.  ��" Fine Assortment '   ��� .���  ��      i Liquors and Cig-ars,  %.  & ^ ��f X" sf. *? tf asP-.aP ag'j? K" ^ sf & a? jf  NOTICE TO CREDITORS.  In tlie IMa1te.i of the estate of Charies Wesley  \��dder, late of tlie City of Greenwood la  the Province of British Columbia, insurance  Agent, deceased.  MOTIVE IS HKREHVGIVI3K- in'pursu-  ance of tlie Utiles of tlie Revised Statutes  of Brltisli Columbia. IS1,'", Cup. 187, that all  Creditors'and others Itai-lnjf claims against the  estate vi tlio said .Charles M'esley Vdader, wlio  died on the 3~tli day irf December, A. D��� IWL,  are feitui red oil or before the 17tli day of April,  A . l>. ]ft'J2, lo send by post prejiaid, or deliver to  t|jBiniderslj��iit'd, solicitors fur Mrs. Cora. May  Vedder, Administratrix of the pergonal estate  and effects of the said deceased, their christian  names, surnames, addresses and descripliuns,  vitli full particulais of their claims, a state-  mciil of llieir nccouuts and ilie nature cf tlte  Keciirities [If any) held 1>y tliem, duly vorHicd.  And furtlier take notice tliat alter the said  iftli',��lay of April A. D.. T302. thesaid adnilni-  siratrlx" ���\vlll proceed to distribute the assets o(  theddceasod ainon<r tlie parties entitled tlicrelo  liasl njr regard only to the *elalnis of which sli��  shall then have had notice, and tliat the said  ^dinliihtratrU will not be liable for tin; said  nsscts or any,part thereof lo any person c  persons of wliose claims notice sliall not lia\e  been received ')}��� litu" at tlio time of such distribution.  I>at��d at Greenwood, B. C, this 17tlid��v of  FebrnniT, A. D., ISO:.  PRIXGLE ��t WHITESIDE,  Solicitors for Cora May Vedder,  Administratrix.  NOTICE TO CREDITORS.  In The (Matterof the Estate of Lucian Tedrow.  laic ot Anarchist Mounlain, in tlie Prov-  iticeot Brit|s!i Columbia, farmer.deceased.  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN in pursu  ance of the Revised Statutes of British  Colurabia, JS'>7, Cap. 187, tliat all creditors and  otliers liavinjj claims against the estate of the  said Laciaa 'i'edrmv whodieD on the 22nd dayof November, A. D.. l9ol,are required on or-befoie lite 17th day of April, A. D., Wt>2, to send  by yost, pre-paid, or deliver to the undersigned,  solicitors ior William Lmvless, Administrator  of tbe persona! estate and effects of the said  iJeccasen, their Christian names, surnames,  addresses arid descriptions ivith full particulars  of tlieir claims, a statement of tlieir accounts  ftis�� the nature of the securities (if any) held by  Litem, drily Terilied. vl  And farther take notice tliat after the said  Llth day of April, A. D. VW. tiie said Administrator will proceed to distribute tlie assets of  the deceased among tl>c parties entitliyi thereto,  haviiijj- regard only to the claims ot tvhicli be  shall Oien liave had notice, and that the said  Administrator will not lie liable for the said  assets, or any part thereof, to any person or  persons, of wHose claims notice shall not have  been received by him attbetime of sucli distribution.  3>a.led at Greenwood, B, C, this 17tli day oi  Febcu2.ry,A; D. 1902.  VRINC-LE & WHITESIDE,  Solicitors for William Lawless,  Administrator.  .BtrifERAL   ACT.  Certificate of Improvement.  NOTICE.  'JMOBR   Mineral  Claim, silliate in the Kettle  Uiver M lti:n(�� Division of Vale District.  ���Where linaied :    In   Beaver .Camp,   West  b'ork of Keltle River.  TAKE JTD'J'ICE that I, John' P. McLeod,  B'ree Miller^ Certificate No. IWOC-S". as  ,-igeist for; Will la in M. Law, Free. Miner's  Certilicaie No. B413SH, intend sixty  days from llic ditto hereof to npply to the  Mining Kecorder for a Cortilicate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining n Crown  Griiut ot the abovecliiim  And further Xnka nollee Unit notion, undor  Section 117, icuist be commenced before the  issuance ot sitcli Cortlliato of Improvement.  B.-i-lud this 20th day of Fehruary, A. D., i902.  Mar. 27-ara.j-27.     ���.'' "J. P. McLEOD,  MINERAL ACT.  CERTIFICATE  OF IMPROVEMENTS.  .   NOTICE.  HOMESTAHE Mineral claim situated  in  the  Kettle   River  Miniiijir   Division   of    Yale  District.  "Where located : In Dayton .camp, adjoining the War Eaprle claim, L: 1879.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Sydney M. Johnson,  Free Miner's Certificate No, B8120, for self and  as-agent-for Ainsley Megraw, Free Miner's  .CcrtlJDcate No. E30349 and S. G. Detchon  Free Miner's Certificate ,* No. B3782S, intend  sixty days fiom the date hereof, to applj  to the Mining Recorder for Certilicates of Improveinents. Joe the purpose of obtaining- Crown  grant of the aSiovc claim. .' "    '  And further take notice that action,  under  section 37, must be' commenced before the issuance of siic.1l Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 2Siid,day of March 1002.  yffiMlTO^  <p*  CP*  (pf  CP'  (pi  CP*  Cr*  CP*  (p*  CP*  CP*  CP*  CP*  <J="  CP<  CP<  CP*  CP<  IP*  CP*  Capital, all paid up, $12,000,000.  Rest.  ..$7,000,000.  President.   Lord Strathcona andMoont Roval,  -    Vice-President:   Hon. Gborge A. Drummond.  General Manager :   E. S  Clooston.  Branches in London, Eng. {cm'wV'cSlaLf-New YorK, Chicago.  Buy and sell Sterlinpr Exchange and Cable Transfers ; G:' -it Commercial an  Travellers' Credits, available in any part'of the world.  Greenwood Branch,     F. J. FINUCANE, Manager.  **9  '" ���.,-���.:���,..MINERAL ACT,: 1900.  Certificate of Improvements.  *��� '-NOTICE  MYRTLE MUieral Claim, situate in the Kettle  '.. River.Mininpf.Division of YaleDistrict.  'Wherelocated::   In Dayton camp, adjoining- the Horaeslalte miueral claim.  TAKE KOTECB that I, Syduev M. Johnson,  Free Miner's CertiScate No. B. 8120 for self and.  as afent for  Alii'slev  Megraw, Free  Miner's  Certificate JNo. E30349. and Hugh MeprawFree  Miner's Certitcate No B30341, intend sixty days  from'C-tlie'd-ite hereof,   to apply to the Mining  Recorder for is.Certificate of Improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the  aboveclaim. ' : ,_  And further talte  notice that action, tinder  section:37,iiuist be. commenced before the. is-,  suance of sucli Certificate of Improvements.  Dated tlfis2Siid day of March, 1902.  'v':y:-y./'."Mineral ActlS96.      .  'CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  .j/V:'" ���""''���' -:"'.:aa notice.'.:.   '���. *  DON'T KXOVT Miiieral.Claira,situated in the  -Kettle -Uti-ver Mining- Division of Yale  ' District.* : .;. *: ':;,*'���  ,: .Where Eiocate'd :      Smitli's . camp,    near  ������' ;' 'Boundary FaUs.       ���;.'���' '..>,. -  TAKE NO-i?ICE tliat we, Geo. R.' N2den,  ���Free Blhlcr's Certificate No. 4165SB, and  Sydney. M, Jofinson, ; Free - Miner's... Cerr  tificate'":.���'" No. ���...���.: :.S120B     ..intend sixty  days front tlie date hereof to apply to the  mininir recorder for a certificate of' improve-  m cut _: for.tlie purpose .of obtaining", a crown  grant'for aboTe claim.   ���  iiid further tat<e notice, tliat action under  cectiou 37 riiitst be commenced before the issuance of sudL certificate of improvements-  Dated this IStli day of February, A. D., ,1902.  ",'"'"��� MINERAL, ACT 1896,    ,  ^Certificate of Imnrovement.  <���:;.:���;.���';      .,'��� notice..   . " y.".  "WHITE HOItSE ntineral claini ln: the Kettle  :. River Miiijiifj Division of Yale..  ���'.'��� Wliere situate :   In Copper Camp.       ���  TAKE NOTICE that I, B. I,. Wood, Free  .Miner's Certiiicate No.B..41502, On behalf  ofmj.self and as agent for James Graham, Free  Miner's Certi li cateUo. B 40609and   Annie Hud-  ,a,' 1"ree. Miner's Certificate No. B42634 and  Margaret ' E. aiercer, Free Miner's Certificate  No.B5'"'805, Littend sixty-��� days from the date  hereof(:to . apjly to the Mining- Recorder for  a Ceruiicaieoi Cinprovements for the purpose  of obtaining J. Crown Grant of the above  claitn.   .'.;  Aiid further ta]<e notice that action, under  section 37, insist'be commenced before the  issuance of such Certificate of Iniprovements.  Dated thisJ&tli day of December. 1900.  Tirst issue Jauuarv 10.       .,. "S.X,. WOODi  Timmmmmm&MMiMwmsmm  THE.rAHAPiM.RANR OF COMMERCE  .,..-."���'. * o  With Which is IncorDorateiTthe  THE BANK OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO.  Capital, $8,000,000.       -     Rest, $2,000,000  .   HON. GEO. A. COX, President.   B, E. WALKER, General Maiawr  HENRY F. MYTTON  MANAGER GREENWOOD BRANCH.  �� ��  :-;; .'HIINERAL ACT;  Certificate of Improvements.  I        NOTICE.  QTj:EE?rf-CA-3.-nr.OK.NIA-aud,AST6R-=Mineral  ��� claims, sit-iiateilin the Kettle River Mining-  Division of YaleDistrict. :  ". -i r<ocatcd al>oitt 1% miles sorlli easterly from  '"'������ Camp McKhiitej.  TAKE NOTICE that I. Theodore Lubbe  Free Miner's Certificate '.. No. B60SG5,  actiiifr as agctn for the Roclc Creek Gold Mines;  I(t(l,.' ky., Eree Miners Certificate No, B60864,  in tend s'ixty days from the date hereof, to-apply  to lite Mininir Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, f-<ir the purpose of obtaining" a  Ccotvn Grant of llic above claim.   .-  Ami further take notice that action tinder  section 37, must lie. commenced before the issuance of sucli Certificateof Iniprovements.  Dated tliisatlidav of February,-A. D., 1902.  TEIEO'DORE LUHBE, ���  AirenI for tlie Roclt Creek Gold Eines, Limited Inability.  NOTICE OF FORFEITURE.  TO  Georirc D. Edtrards, and lo any person or persons to whom he may have transferred his  Interests I ii tlie "Uncle Sam" mineral claim  (Lud ''FltBt Chance"   mineral  Claim, both  sitirate In Skylark Camp in lhc Kettle Kiver  Miiilntr I>hiBlon of Yale District, British  Columbia.  You are iieralo* notified that I have caused to  be expended B05.00 to hold the said mineral  claim* under  Itlp  Mineral  Act, that the proportion vouohould contribute for your undivided one-third-Interest in each of the above claims  lsS(JS.3S,aiid It'-M-ittiiu ninety days from the first  publication  ol Shis  notice you fail or refuse to  coinrllinle the said sum of fdf,33, whicli i.s now  due.-villi all cosit.s of advertising-, your interest  in each of tlie paid mineral claims will become  the property of me,  the  undersigned, one of  vour co.owiicts,   under section four of an Act  entitled  the   "Mineral   Act  Amendment  Act,  19O0."  Dated at Greenwood.  B. C, the 25th day of  March, A. I)., l-ioa.  EMANUELE PASTRONE  R BURNS & CO.  Wholesale and Retail Meat  _   ___'_.... _ Merchants.. ....- .'���  HaiKets at:   Greenwood, Grand Forks, Midway, and Phoenix.  ��  ��  a  *  *  ��  *  *  *  ��  ��  *  ��  *  ��  *  5**a**#��###****#��*#*��***��***��#****1',��***#��*��*****��*������  THE BEST BEER IN TOWN IS MADE BY  PORTMAN   & PORTMAN  Proprietors  ASK FOR  Mm.  The Elkhorn Lager Beer Contains only Pure Malt Hops, Try  It! It is kept on draught or in Bottles by all the leading Hotel  ^l111!11?^f^?11H????fn?nfH!!!!?f!!n!n!!!!t^H?!mi!m!!??!!?!!f!!!frn!f!n!!!!!!!!m?!!!Hmmmmt1!  /TP  ames  fg. Co.,  **-  -MONTREAL, QUEBEC, **  MANUFACTURERS OF  ROCK DRILLS, STRAIGHT LINE  UPLEX and CORLISS AIR COMPRESSORS ....  COMPLETE MINE EQUIPMENTS  OF ALL KINDS.  STOCK CARRIED IN ROSSLAND.  B BOILERS, HOISTS, PUMPS, Etc.  ��^     Agents For The Bullock Diamond Drills. ��������������������  ��= R�� JI. ���. mcnally, Rossland, B. C. ^ THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  ^  ���5^2������t{**<**fr����^������**����i5^ |  l  V  V  Y  V  ������'y^m  Tennis Clufc Dance  i :*. ���yMi^if  ";������ v '>- v-'��� f'/:'..'J- -f -1  1 ������'.'.. |A'.:S'��.--*'/[   V.V���cl  ! ;r;i__ >      -\ '^V.:'=%<->  f.--?--  !  v  v  I  Premature Explosion at Mather Lode  Costs George Johnson His Life,  V   A CaiiJi'ra is Iciuvvvii hy I!iu  picluro it  ial(��s���,ikii l),v il siHO.  The Folding Pocket  Kodaks  liavn llio c^iiabilii ius of cameras o(twice  tliftlr ImlV. ���'Tltoui'-li small ot coiiiiKi.ss  .tlifty [insscss.Hit! vei'j- uli'iiK'iits of suc-  cassi'ul picturii uil<inu~a simple meeli-  ritii.ini, mi o-piical^Wfection.  Kodaks; $5,00 to $75.  We sell yo'u'ilie':tl>ov�� at strictly list  jirices.' : Remember its Eastman's*  Kodnk"-and tliu only instrument of the  k-ind on sale in even,- civilized country  in the world. Otir cliirlc room is at your  disposal���lrec of .chacg-e, -: .'.    .  Smith & McRae |  *��   Books; Fajier, .Oflice,   Supplies,   Wall.*)*  ���J. Paper, ' Pliu'tn Supplies.       ' ���!*  ���Ji ���;<��  .J��jMjM5��^Jl<J.>jM^J����J��J<��^Jf��J��tJ����;��tJ��.^����Mj��^..J^jM'}.  m&m&  $4000 in Prizes $4000 |  *  _^ , , 31  " i<h   Litei !#^38  if|SSBS  ��� i-ivaii'^-'i-"^5-^-'-1  i V$x:  "  And Supplies. ��  ' Step into our Kodak department #  and hear about the progress com- Jg  petition. S4000 in prizes offered.- jji  You Have 200..clianc'es to get a fl  prize /ranging ' from S5 to $150.: M  Our dark room is at YOUR ser- ||  vice, anybody using",the supplies j|  we handle can compete.      .    ^  ,for B.C. Assay;,& Che*-  I  mical Supply Co.   A  %  la.rge stock  to meet M  demands of mining co's carried.   ||  .   J/L. WHITE        1  Successor'to Miller Bros.      ' '&  Dispensing,C]teiiiist, Greenwood  ��  lAgits*  .����###��#�����*##*�� $o��s*jf��#��#fc��$  *  *  *  ���a  H. A. RIM & CO!-  must  reduce their  larg-e  stock   of  ^(iFFTCE SOSDRlESr  They  offer Brrg-ains  ���in���  Shannon Files,  Blank I)��oXs,:  ���lifts of all Kinds,  Typewriter Paper,  ���. Writing laterals.  H.;A, DBG & CO,  <i  #*���#��#��#��#��*�����#��#*#*�������������� 6  <>OKXKK>OCH><>(><>0<><>0<>0<>CK>00<><K>  53* ^Bannerman  The...  GROCER  Dosn t advertise   very ��  .o  moc/z /6a^ #e se//s lots of ��  o  Goocf Groceries for  Very g  o  Little Cask,    :    :    :     : ��  Bannerman s %  Cash Grocery). ��  o 2  o o  <><M>CKXK>CK><HXK><KX>00<>OO<^>CK>O  S5.00  buys the 50 etrg Incubator at  -.he O..I. C. 2nd Hand Store.  A sad accident occurred ;tt the  Mother Lode mine early this m-oi'iiiug.  Li would appear that three men, Pasco,  Redpath and George Johnson were  loading a hole, the two former iire-  paring the poivder, the latter putting  it in position. Part of the charge was  already in, when Johnson dropped his  tamping stick into the chamber and  an explosion followed. Joltnsoti was  frightftilly mangled but tlte others  escaped practically '��� miinjure-d. The  injured man was at las.t reports still  alive but in a dying condition. Johnson formerly worked. in tlte Morrison  ard Ruby mines. .'  The Tennis club dance in St .Jtides  Hall last Tuesday evening, is reported  a great success,  CITIZEN TAKES ISSUE-  Greeu'wood, B.C. April 9th, 1902.  Editor Times. '     - :  Dear Sir: I read Mr, Madden's  letter in your last issue with considerable interest, but I cannot say that I  ���think he-shews very much knowledge  of the business conditions o-f this community. In the first place there is far  less money sent to the.eastern departmental stores by, the miners than is  sent .by. the citizens of .Green-wood,  this is easily understood as very few of  the miners are married'xnen aud they  don't require much outside of \rhat  tiiey eat and working clothes which,  they can get at. the nearest store. The  principal way".*��� a miner :. spends his  money if lie spends it at aLI - is on  amusements, and I believe that- would  be one of the best ways for-Gieeawood-  people to attract trade to this place.  Take for instance any show.that cotnes  here, a large pari, of the audience is  usually from' the Mother,L,od�� or Sunset mines and probably'.more' would  come if .they could get here more easily.  I believe it would be a. good idea to'  have a half holiday, on "Wednesday of.  each week.during the suninter months  and provide special attractions . 4uch  as base ball, or foot ball games, horse  races, drilling contests, etc. . The.  stores could close between ojieands'ix  and open again, in the .evening, so as  to catch any. trade that might be  brought in, in that way. The stores  might also keep open till eight during  eight months'of the year, but, close at  seven during the four summer months'.  We all. know that Greenwood issuf-,  fering from an over growth, at the  same time our trade has always been  better than Grand,'Forks,' except'perhaps the last six mouths when the railway building has helped them. out. The  B.-C.:iMining^Record^estLnviites..J:heJ:ou-_:  nage from the Boundary mines for the  present year at about one million' tons.  This means that about' two iniLlion  dollars will be paid in wages for, ore  mined alone, besides which will be  large sums for development work and  railway building so the outLook is most  promising.  Here are a. few things Greenwood  people can work for ���' and I believe if  they work hard enough'can get. (1) A  good school building. (2) A court  house. (3) The improvement of the  streets and all roads leading to Greenwood, especially the road to Deadwood  camp. (+) A regular and clteap stage  or train to Deadwood camp, this should  not make less than four trips a day.  (o)' Au artificial lake or resevoir above  the town, lo store the surplus water  that conies down in the synug which  will provide more water for manufactories and also provide a place of  amusement.  Yours truly,  A CITIZEN.  injured His Eye  While Henry Sauve was breaking  ore at the Mother Lode mine on Monday last, a fragment of rock struck him  in the eye inflicting u painful but not  serious injury, He has since been able  to return to work.  Administrators Notice.  In The Supreme Court of British   Coluratia  re Joseph Murphy. Deceased-  NOTICK is hereby iriven tint by an order  made in tliis llonouruble Court ��l.ited the 3rd  day of April, 1902, the undersigned ��ris appointed admiustrator of the jierKuual estate and  effects of Joseph Murpliy. late -rif Greenwood,  B. C, deceased. -All persons lifivinir claims  ajrahist the estate of the abore nanic<Ndec��a-el  are requested to semi the same. eUuy verified, to  the undersigned before the HUh, day of May,  1W2: and all persons indebted to the said <le-  cea-ptl are reqnested t'> pay the amount of sucli  indebtedness to the Uiidersiyned forthwitli.  l>ateri the 3n1 day of April. I'M!, ai Kamloops.  "   " Ar.ECP.M-VClXTVHE.  Official administrator for the County Court,  District of Yale.  SO Pants patterns to choose from at  Mitchells.  MOTICB is Hereby (,Jveu thaC -within sixty  <lays from date 1 intend to apply  to the I  Jiouourable Clncf Commissioner of Lai:ds   and |  Works for permission to purchase the follow-  iiiK described land,situate in the Osoyoos Division of Yule Distil-.'t :   Conimeiioint; a.1'a post I  planted on  the Nortlnvost corner of John A. |  Con'.son's pre-enuUion,   thence  North  twenty  chains, thence east forty chains, thence South  twenty chains, tlieuce \Vest  forty cliains to the  point of commencement, containing [SO] acres,  more or less. JOHN A. COIT^SON,  Bated, Marcli 16th, 1902.  First publication April 4th. 1902.  For sale No. S Hydraulic Ram 6 to 10  gallons water per minute, 2 inch drive,  i inch* discharge. See A, h. White.  2nd Hand Man.  FOR SALE.  20 fresh hi ilk cows -with calves.  ticularsunder';"B" this oflice.  Par-1  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  HALLETT & SHAW  Barristers,- Solicitors,  _ "Notaries Pobwc.  Catile Address :   " irA.i.r,KTT.V  Codes   \ \  Bedford M'NelU's  Moreinfe' & Ncal's  I Ivciber's.  I, H. ItALLETT.  Greenwood,  B. C.  \  'It. C. SSIA.W.  f\flCLEOD &BROWN  Barristejis and Sowcwors,  Notaries Public, Etc  Offices: Nadcit-Flood block. Copper street,  Greenwood, B.C. '  J. Ii. Brown. J. P.McI<eoi).  CHARLES AE. SHAW,  Civil, Enoineek,  DoMrNroN ' and" Provincial  Land Surveyor.  GREENWOOD,   ;      :    ':      ���   B.   O.  A. E- ASHCROFT.  Dominion anti  Provincial Land Surveyor.  Mining and Engineering Surveys.  Underground Work & Specialty.  Wood Uloclc (nest Customs office.)  '-   GREENWOOD, B. C.  aists and  jmim.  pedal Cine of Sbirl Ulai$ts  75c are tbe Msf value we have  seen M tbe Price   .  SOCIETIES.  S<^^fe BOUNDARV VALLET LODGE  ~-''^w.^ ^o. 3 8, i. a. o. f.  Meets every Tuesday Evening at 8.00 in tlieir  lodge room at Masonic Hall.    A cordial invitation is extended to all sdjouriiiujr fcrethcrn.  Fbbd B. Holmes, N.G.   AV. B. Trith, Rec.Sec  GREENWOOD, B. C,  J. C, DOUGLAS,   Prop.  *H4  *fTf  TT?  VVY  Tr?  vtv  VVY  O ���������**���  4**  Groceries  a i in. ii ��� mm mi ������mum ������ iwiiiiriBiim n ���mi���ffrw  and Provisions  ���AT THE-  w v ���  W ��  &91.&.Z  COMPANY, LIMITED.  ft: *  Tt"r  ���>���:�����,*  Tr?  ���>�����������>  ���K��*  ���H*y  yI'V  Trr  Y?Y  YYY  Ytt  YYY  YYY  YYY  YYY  YYY  YYY  YYY  YYY  YYY  YYY  YYY  YYY  YYY  YYY  YTY  ���>���:���  ���x<��>,i'*X'"-��  EVERYTHING FIRST-GLASS.  THE   BEST   <iF   FOREIG-N   AND  DOMESTIC AVINES, .LIQUORS  AND   CIGARS.  FIRST-CLASS    SAMPLE    ROOMS  FOR   TRAVELLING   MEN.  ACCOMMODATION FOR 75 GUESTS  ilear The   onier of Gcvernment and Greenwood  Streets.  SO .00 in cash will buy a seven drawer  new Singer sewing machine. At A. L.  White's 2nd Hand Store.  "STRONGEST IN THE WORLD"  Assets . , $304,568,063.49i        Surplus-.;. $66,137,170.01  H. ALLENBERG, Manager, '  605-606-607 Empiic State Building, ..-- Spokane, Wash.  CHARLES T. K1PP, Cashier- >  . Office Tel.  Brown, 211. Residence Tel.-South, 801  66 vv  Can sell you  a lot. for .a home-in any part-of town.  Can lend you money to build a home on easy terms.  Can insure your home in any ofthe following first-class Companies  ���~     ATLAS, GUARDIAN,,  THEY ALSO DO A BIT  OF '  LIFE, ,..-  FIDELITY,  ACCIDENT,  PLATE GLASS and  STEAM BOILER  INSURANCE.  ROYAL,  UNION,  NORTHERN,  CANADIAN,  CONNECTICUT,  LONDON AND  LANCASHIRE]  PHENIX OF  BROOKLYN,  PHOENIX OP  HARTFORD,  NATIONAL OF  IRELAND.  2S  ' Oh  . :'   *  r


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