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 warn  1  VI  i  Vol. 10  GREENWOOD, B. C. FRIDAY, APRIL 4, 190?,.  No. W. 50*  A Citizen Points Out That  Business  Needed As Well As Location���Pessimistic But Pertimeirt-  Editor Times *.  Under....the head of Greenwood' interest I would like to say when any  . citizen of Greenwood  is   away   from  home he is, often introgated and the  following dialog-ue usually occurs.  Where is Greenwood ? ' About 10  miles North of the International  Boundary line and 100 miles West of  Rossland in what is termedthe Boundary country.  Is there any agricultural land in that  vicinity 1' Yes, from five to 10 miles  from Greenwood there is a larg-e, area  of farming- land.  How much of a town is Greenwood ?  There are three banks, three or four  mercantile firms which carry a stock  of from 320,000 to 560,000. Numerous  firms with S5;00O to--S10,000 stock.  Seventeen hotels; four of-them steam  heated. Several tailors, blacksmiths,  livery barns, drug stores, cigar and  fruit stores, butcher shops, etc.  Well ! you have, quite a town, what  does Greenwood depend on principally  for business support ? Principally  mining-.  Are the mines close to. the ;:town as  they are at Rossland ? No, the nearest mine is the Sunset which is two  and a half miles distant and they  rauge from that distance to 10 and 12  miles in \a circle.  How, mauy men are employed iu  Greenwood.other than those,employed  in the business houses ? Less than  100 men.  What effort is. being made to draw  the trade from those mines and the  agricultural country which you say is  quite a distance from Greenwood ?  Now Mr. Editor it occurs to me that  Greenwood is not a mining camp any  more than Grand Forks, but is simply  a town surrounded by several mining-  camps and there has been no particular  effort made to secure thai trade beyond  furnishing the mines in a wholesale  way. The individual trade is sadly  neglected. As a miliar said recently,  "The merchants- of Greenwood complain of people at the mines sending to  T, Eaton & Co., for supplies, but it is  really, less trouble for us to send to T.  Eaton & Co., for what we want than to  get it in Greenwood during business  hours kept by Greenwood merchants.  If we should get to town by six p. m.  and have several purchases to make,  unless we find what we want in the  very first store we visit it is soon seven  p. m. and we find it necessary to make  another trip. We have T. Eaton & Co.  catalogues at home, we select just what  we want, it comes promptly and seldom fails to give satisfaction."  Now shouM the V. V. & E. be constructed this summer as we hope it  will, those men probably know very  Wtle about sending to T. Eaton & Co.,  but when out stores are closed up they  will be forced to buy their -supplies  from any little store at outside points  where the proprietor 'does not observe  office hours.  You  may say the clerk who works  from seven a. m. to seven p. m,   works  *   ��� -' "-v V. ,   ' ..  long enough,  which.is quite true, but,  it seems to me. thatJSome kind of arrangements could beanie the sai.i-i as  cigar, fruit auddrug stores, restaurants  and hotels who keep open longer.  Agaiu you may say there is an ordinance against keeping business houses  open after seven p. m, If that is "a  good thing" why not push -'a good  thing" along and close cigar, fruit,  and drug stores, restaurants and hotels  at 7 p. ra. Compel the trade to come  just when we want them aud see where  we will "get off at."  As a matter of fact Greenwood  should be alive town and draw trade  from the whole surrounding country,  and if it cannot get that trade there is  no reason for its eststance. The ad-  mistration and chamber of- commerce  seem to be using- every effort to get  appropriations from the government  for public improvements but tlie merchants are allowing the ��� trade -which is  right under their noses and-which is  really necessary forthe building up of  Greenwood to pass "by unnoticed, unearned'for. . Some arrangement should  also be made to keep the post office  open until 7:30 p. ni, at least.  Greenwood should be metropolitan if  it expects to control the trade of the  country. It takes alL kinds of people  to make the world. It also takes all  kinds of people to make a city. Other  cities recognize this, why no* Greenwood and all pull together. I believe  a floating population helps the appear;  ance of any ' town..;! predict that it  will not be many years if Greenwood  pursues her present policy of- restriction ,and inactivity when the business  people of the country will be comparing Greenwood and Grand Forks.  Grand Forks, witli.no natural re-'  sources close at hand, no mines, no  payroll, no commercial club, m.o nothing but the matchless energy of her  people,'who do not care where a dollar  comes from so they get it| is a. thriving  little city able to take care of herself.  Then _they _will_ point... to_ Greenwood  completely surrounded with mines, big  pay roll, good banking facilities, commercial club to-entertain the guests of  the city who are -good respectable  people, and a big policeman with instructions to run anyone out of town  'who does not come highly recommended; a town which had; a good start  forced apon them, now,*nbt able to control the trade one mile,from town ; a  town where the dogs will baric at any  belated traveller who might appear on  the street after seven p. hi. The town  will be like the broken-down gambler,  they will still have .ther system but  "broke like a dog."  This may appear to be rather a pes-  simistic prediction to some, bnt I really  consider we are now well on our way  to that condition, and it only remains  to be seen if our citizens are equal to  the '..emergency 'and will' auake the  almost heroic effort necessary to build  up a city and com mciice by taking care  of the trade now in sight which justly  belongs to Greenwood.  H. B. MADDEN.  The Annual Meeting of the  Board of Trade.  1  Secretary's Reoort in Detail For The  Past Year.  .���The annual meeting of the Greenwood Board of Trade was held in. the  offices of the president, G. R. Naden,'  on Wednesday afternoon last, A large  number were present and a considerable amount of routine   work   trans-  attached showing .'-entire receipts and  expenditures 'for.i vthe year, with  vouchers for*each item,  ���, V   ;"-  The present;/membership of the  board numbers 25 persons and firms.  There would appear to be other busi-  ness housesln the town that ought to  be represented.  During the year I have made payments aggregating ��27.50 on the obligation due the'former secretary, leaving  a balance due him at this date of  $52.40.  This has been providied for in measure by two zealous members of the  board having advanced the same in  full'to Mr. Gosnell and being credited  thereon the amount -of their own  quarterly dues as they mature.  There was, in consequence of the  change made in the year of the Associated Boards, a double charge  against the treasury for membership  fee in said association during the past  year. Today our fees stand paid until  March,-1903.  There are no debts of any kind  against -the Board and a cash balance  on hand of S6.92.  Respectfully submitted,  W. G. GAUNCE.  Secretary-Treasurer,  CHICKEN HATCHERY  The old way was too slow for alderman  Kirkwood. The idea of keeping a good  hen out of-business for three weeks  just to hatch a dozen chicks did not  agree with his progressive ideas. So  the alderman devised a patent incubator to be run "by hot water, and today has chicken seeming by the score.  The judicious'use of two pails of hot  water daily has yielded him nearly two  hundred little chickens. A down cast  wood-chopping frolic, ot s. Missouri  corn husking isn't, iu it with the time  the little fellows had in trying to see  who would get out first.  A Lively Lot of Coons Make a Warm  Time at the Auditorium���For Sweet  Charity's Sake-.  Work on Riverside Showing  Gratifying Results.  I  Ore Ready   for.   Trausportatioa  as  Soon as Road is Ready.  acted. ���  ���'  The retiring officers aud council  were unamiously re-elected for the  ensuing year. G. R. Naden, president;  R, Smailes, vice-president; W. G.  Gaunce, secy-trfeasurer. - Council :  Belt, Finucane, Fair, Mcintosh, Shaw,  McRae, Sperry, McArthur.  The secretary's report was read and  adopted upon a very complimentary  resolution  proposed  by Mr, Finucane.  Greenwood. B. C,  ���   '   April 2nd, 1902.  To The Presides y asd Members  of the Greenwood Board of Te-a.de.  t Gentlemen : t^h-five the honor to  present herewith my annuaL report as  secretary of the Greenwood Board of  Trade,  Although the past year-lias not been  even t ful in the li istory of the Board  still there has been a lot of detail.-work  to attend to, some of whichhas already-  borne good fruit and some other of  which holds promise for the future.  The amount of correspondence with  the different departments of the provincial " and "federal" governments~re-  garding roads, general: and special  appropriations, mail service, appointment oE judge, the stocking with fish  of Christina Lake and the equipment  of a local company of; mounted rifles,  has entailed considerable work.  Everywhere our requests have been  met with courtesy arid an evident desire to gratify our wishes wherever  possible. The provincial government  has at length conceded the rights of  the Boundary country to larger  representation in the legislature and  in the near future the Boundary  Creek valley under the name of the  Greenwood riding will liave the high  privilege of having a voice on the  floors 'if the provincial legislature.  In June last year an issue of 10,000  copies of an annual report was published. Of these 1,500 were distributed  in London, England, 1,500 at the Glasgow exhibition and 3,500 at the Pan-  American exposition at Buffalo.  During tbe year our board suffered a  severe loss in the removal by death of  one of its most active and influential  members, the late J. W. H- Smythe.  Although the past year has been,  somewhat depressed iu business circles  the membership of the board haa been  particularly faithful and prompt in  payment of quarterly dues and z.t present the sum total of arreages is S10.  The thanks of the board are due to  Mr. W. G. McMynn for a contribution  tothe treasury, as well as to the City  council for 325.00 payment of J. R.  Brown's Ottawa expenses re appointment of judge, and S25.00 towards expenses of delegation to the late meeting of the associated Boards of Txade. I    =5,00  buys the 50 egg Incubator at  A full   financial statement isSiereto   the O. I. C. 2nd Hand Store.  A bumper house greeted the Phoenix  Minstrels in the Auditorium Wednesday last. This troup of Phoenix  citizens are making a tour of the  Boundary in the interest of the hospital at Phoenix. The show was a  Little slow in getting under way and it  was about 8:45 when the curtain went  up-and revealed a circle of 16: colored  gentlemen with the lofty Judge, Williams in the centre and Hemenway and  Flood at the ends.  "The chorus singing was-good-and-  some of the local hits were-excellent.  Some clever character sketches were  introduced and the cake walking was  immense. Little Gladys Harvey the  clever child artist of Greenwood assisted and made herself if possibLe a  greater favorite than ever. Her singing and dancing were bot h good and  she was recalled several times."  The make up of the coonnesses in  the cake-walk revealed the art of the  milliner and modiste.   '  The entertainment was far above  the average for amateurs and must  have been the result of severe work  and training. A handsome sura was  netted for the charitable object of the  entertainment. '  BASE BALL  The base ball season opened at Athletic Park, Monday last, between two  picked sides under the Captaincy of  Miller and Dill. What the final result  might'have been cannot be told. Bach  side claims to have had the other side  going when their only bat brolce,,  Heavy batting by Embree, base stealing by Hallett and slow running- by  "White were the features of the event. \  Of the total of 69 runs made, almost  equally divided, most were secured by  falling over the home plate just as the  catcher dropped the ball entrusted to  him. One sensational hit by Dill scored his side a base and better.  Dr. McRae seated on a cream-colored  cayuse and with blue overalls on, safely umpired the game behind a wire  fence.  When the Jones syndicate bought up  the Arlington-Burns and Riverside  group recently the people of Greenwood believed that they had made a  big stroke in acquiring the first-named ^  property, but few knew of the merits  of the last named proposition. They  knew that an expenditure of between  $10,000- and $15,000 had shown the  Arlington to be one of the promising ���  properties of the" camp, and believed  that if the late Mr. Bielenberg had  lived its great surface showings and  ore exposures would long ere this have  been, so far developed as to justify the  belief that a great mine was to be there,  added to the list of its next door neighbors the Mother Lode and the Sunsst.  The present owners however, as. if  satisfied that such was the case are  directing their energies to showing up  the Riverside group. Within a ,few  weeks a force of seven men under John  Johns haye made a great change in  the appearance of that property, and  have already put it in nomination for  a prominent place on the list of the  big. things of the Boundary. Mr.  Johns reports the disclosure of a very  fine ledge of high grade ore and has  over 1000 tons ready for the smelter'  with the fitness of the waron toad for  heavy traffic.  "What our own people are so slow to -  discover however strangers are quick  to detect. Recently a correspondent  of the Seattle Mimes, the biggest daily  on the North Pacific coast, after making a round-up of this section, has this  to say of the camp-in general, and of  these properties in particular.  "American capital and American  enterprise are coming in to the Boundary country. No part of British Columbia has grown in the last four years  as has this section, increasing in that  time from less than 1,000 to more than  6,000 people. Slowly the American  people are becoming aware of the possibilities of this part as a mining and  smelting center. The Great Northern-  Railway now building up the Kettle  River valley is getting here as fast as  possible. Generally we say the Great  Northern gets to any place aa fast as  m en and money will do it, but in this  instance we aay as fast as Grand Forks  and the Canadian Pacific will allow.  Every conceivable obstacle is thrown  in the way of the Great Northern to  keep it out of Boundary Creek and  Greenwood. Between the Crow's Nest  coal fields and the smelting concerns  of the Boundary the line of the Great ���  Northern will be so constructed as to  grades that it will place the Canadian  Pacific at a" great disadvantage in  hauling coal and coke, and corporations, like men, are jealous things.  Bat Hill is getting here. And with his  interest in the country appears to have  begotten a greater interest in the  American capitalist. For years some  .New York men have been quietly working away on the Mother Lode mine,  just west of town, until now they have  one of the biggest mines and oneof the  Continued on page three. THE    BOUNDARY   CREEK TIMES,  6*.  side  Grand Fopfts ��.     ��     ISSartisi; Bws'S'sM, Ptw.  Maples, Kims, r,incli:ii, Mountain A.*:i, C')i:il|>a.s, Cut-luaf Tlircli.  A line selection of flmvi'.riiij,' slirulis, inclJiiliiifj I-YimicH cmel Persian Lilacs,  IIyilran^.as,  Snowballs, Spircas. Ruses, oic.  Specially si'lucleil strain of La'-vn ftrassKwtl.   Kmil Trees.  Merry Bushes, St raw be try l'|.;iii|-s  and As|>araj.'iis Roots,  SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO ALL. ORDERS..   .  V. & X. I'JIOr-JE J5.  Cb��  boundary Creek 'Times  - Issued every fritfay  Dokcak Ross;....-. ..!.....Ma.kaging Editor.  subscriptions;IN ADVANCE.  Per Year ........ S 2 00  Six Months .'  .....       125  To Foreign Countries  2 50  FRIDAY, 'APRII, 4,. lOtf..  CIVIC HOLIDAY.  Green wood has always been a great  patronizerof outside celebrations. ��� The  people of this city have nothing of  narrowness iutheir make-up and whenever 6'ccats'On arises sends -binulrcds to  the sports of other towns. -Last year  they seiit.large;nuitil>crs to Midway on  tlie 2+th of May and to Grand Forks on  July 1st: There is a feeling in the  town that-Greenwood should now he  willing tb play host and that Grand  Forks and Midway and Phoenix  would ' be glad 'to reciprocate in  the roll of guest. ' With that in view  steps have been taken to provide a  grand celebration event for May 24th.  There is-no good reason why Greenwood should always continue to concede her neighbors the exclusive right  to this or that public holidrry. A little  selfishness, at least self-interest hurts  neither-man no coniinuiity. It is very  agreeable to have one's neighbor's  concede your generosity bnt there is a  possibility of carrying the generous instinct too far.  Be jnst before generous is a good  policy for individual or people. That  does not preclude being generous while  being-just.  menace to both Vancouver and Victoria. Ferries at any time are unfavorable for jjreat traffic and the passage  of a dangerous strip of water once the  sea coast has been reached will be a  deterrent to trade. .     .       /  We opine that a city .will spring up  at the terminus of the railway that will  con trol not only the trade of the great  interior along the line, but which wiU  be.an active competitor for the growing northern trade for which both  Vancouver aud Victoria are at present  struggling.  Railways are not particularly generous corporations and if a citv can possibly be built at Bute Inlet or thereabouts that will be to the Canadian  Northern what Vancouver ia to the  Canadian Pacifictliere would appear to  be no good reason why the' trade of  land mid water .should not combine at  that point.  These observations are mere speculation on an event some distance in the  future however and to the knowing  ones may appear invalid.  BOUNDARY SMELT]JIG-  BORROWED HIS INSTRUMENTS  While Dr. Oppenheimer was absent  from his office, in attendance at the eti-  tertainiiiciitin the Auditoriuuion Wednesday evening last, some one entered  his office borrowed some valuable instruments and a bottle of chloroform.  The instruments were found on the  road to 111 e Mother Lode mine, yesterday. Who took them and for what  purpose is -now agitating the Doctor  and the police.  TENNIS DANCE  0000<iOOOOOC<>00000<XK30<>OOOOa-000000000000000<X>000000000  <x>-o<>oo-oo<>oo{H>o-<>o-<>ao-o<H}o<}<>a^  0< -   * "  Dont forget the Dance in St. Judes  Hall on April Sth under the auspices of  the Greenwood Tennis Club.  50 Pants patterns to choose from at  Mitchells. ":.  ���^tztnTsavjaassoMaa  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby ;given tliat at Mc next  meetitiff of tlie Licence Commissioners of the  Cit3- of Greftnwood,. 1 intend to apply for a  transfer of tliu Liquor License held Ivy me for  ilie Gambriiius liotel, situate oil lot 16, liloclc 11,  Silver street, to IhuLadysinilli Hotel.situate oti  Gold street. LOUIS FORSCHNEIt.  Dated lliis 4th (lay of April, 19l>2.  NOTICE.  Notice is bore-by g-iveti tliat tlie partnership  heretofore s,ii-bsistiiiir between R. w. Jakes and  Sidney S, Oppenheimer, as Physicians and  Surpcon';, was this day dissolved by mutual  consent.  The practice and business of tlielinii of Jakes  & Oppenheimer will be continued by Dr. Oppenheimer to Whom all debts owing to tlie said  lirni must lie paid forthwith.  Whiles',: R. W. JAKES,  .1. P. McLEOD.     S. S. OPPENHEIMER.  RAILWAY  UTS SCENIC  Disect Lines,   Lowest Rates  Established 18 JS.     incorporated tjr Itoyal Charter.  CAPITAL,   A000.0OO--$4,866,666.66  Reserve Fund^365,000--$ 1,776,333.33  HEAD OFFICE i   London Enjlatd.     H-ST1KEMAN, General Manager,.Moatreal,  J. ELWSLY. Inspector. Montreal.  Branches and agents in all the principal cities of Canada and the United States,  and correspondents In all parts��i tlie world.  y9 GREENWOOD BRANCH :   Copper Street. '     Qo  0<KK>0<K>00<>0<HX><><><XK>CK>0<K><>-0 *0<K><K><K><><HKJOO<H>0<>0-00<><>0<><>0  0<>0<><>0<K>00<>0<><>OCKKH><>00<KKK>*. 0000<><>0<><>0-0<><>0<KXK}<>0-0<>00<>0  r  DIFFERENT  STYLES.  tiaes^  and:  i    Ht=  C* M. Qiilly $ go.  ^k THE:  BEHIND TIME.  Three years ago there was not a producing mine in the Boundary Country.  Today   in-the  vicinity  of Greenwood  there is oae fiirnace reducing- 450 tons  of ore clail}*-, another of equal capacity-  ready- to operate   within   a few   clays,  and stilL another equally large almost  ready. "Within 3 miles of town these 3  furnaces will be smelting- 1300 to 1500  tons of ore taken from the mines within.  3 miles in another direction.    Then at  the Granby,   4   furnaces of  1000 ions  daily nominal  capacity, arc   reducing*  the ores taken from  the great Granby  quarries less than + miles away. A daily  production and reduction of nearly 2500  tons of copper-gold ores implies unprecedented progress forthe Boundary  Country where 3 years ago there was  scarce a ton of o re on the dumps.  EAST  "Winnipeg-  Toronto.  Ottawa  Mon tvcal  New York  WEST  Vancouver  Victoria  Seattle  Portland  San Francisco  via Soo Line, St. Paul, Chicago  and all U. S. points.  TOURIST SLEEPING SERVICE  EAST :   leaves   Koolenav    tiaiidiupr Tuesday and .Friday.  Leaver Dunsntore J miction  ���TJAILY-  '   WEST :   I/cavcs Revclslohe daily.  Homeseekers Excursion Tickets on sine.    .  Vcstboiind March 1st to April 30.  Steamship Service,  l*roin Vancouver  Alaska, Hawaii, China, Japan and   Australia.  Through bookings to Eui'opft via all Atlantic  lines.  E. REDPATH, Agent.  Greenwood. B. C.  n  [snail   flpfcirtrm  UKliN liUMI  Greenwood is falling info a very bad  habit; -;Everybody  aud everything is  drifting- into the habit of being-behind  time.       Tardiness,   quickly    becomes  ~cKronic";withti'ndiviaual-'or"cqtnniiiriity.  Entertain men ts be^rin a half hour later  than   advertised.      Engagements   are  not promptly  kept.:   Men  appear   to  think .that  their   neighbor's   time   is  worthless and that he can  wait their  pleasure.-. Oncslow man who keeps a  dozen   waiting  15  minutes    for   him,! .���,,���,.'>,  ,,     !     Ihe concert-in the Methodist church  thoughtlessly,  �� needlessly   generally, j M<>s.aay ^.^ ^^ ^ cxhibition  wastes three hours aggregate time.   It, q[ th<, ^^ ^^ of feUowship betwcen  is  not intent to  do wrong  it.is pure j ^ster communities.    The Mother Lode  A   Very  Pleasant  Entertainment in  tlie  Methodist  Church, Monday  Even in g-  thoughtlessness. The prompt man  does more work and at a greater ease to  himself than the tardy fellow. The  man wlio is always late does not economize even his own time while squandering that of others. In the dispatch  of private or public business promptness invariably p:ivs. Churches,  entertainments, ptililic meetings like  trains ought to be run on schedule  time. "On time" is a good motto for  man or community and the habit once  acquired makes business, as well as  social relations more pleasant. If you  are tardy in your habits niakcachange  to-day.  people at considerable inconvenience  to themselves, assisted local talent in  giving an entertainment of much  varied character. 'The Mother Lode  choir rendered several choruses with  good efFect.  Little Master McICinnon made a hit  in his recitation aud was Loudly applauded. The Misses Hagerniau were  well received in a very sweet duet.  The whistling- and imitation sketches  by Mr. Dan.scn -were encored ;unid  thunderous applause. Songs by  Messrs. Fee, B-irt and Johns were an  agreeable feature of the program and  merited the reception accorded them.  Too much thanks cannot be given R.  Hutchins for his interest in making  the affair a success. Recitations by  Miss Greenwood and Mr. Collins also  of ihe Mother Lode party were well  rendered. Little Margucrjte Reese  was happy in her .story "the captain  who had hjst his arms.'' The local  talent assisting wer-e the church choir  and Miss Minkler whose welf-trained  voice always pleases. Her rendition  of tcMarg-uerite'r ainT'Coiuin thro the  Rye" added to the reputation she already enjoys. A hearty vote of thanks  was extended to all who took part.  New goods direct from Great Britain  just arrived at Mitchells the Tailor.  serious accident  While Peter Pollock was loading car  wheels at Eholt Thursday one fell and  broke his leg. He was placed under care  of Dr. Spankie who found it necessary  We see  therein    rather   a   today to remove the crushed limb.  A RIVAL  We entertain the "belief that the construction of the Canadian Northern  railway will not do for Victoria what  what that city is fain to believe it will.  Victorians are exultant in the hope  that the building of the gr at north  country road will make of the capital a  great commercial city. We wish Victoria the very best of good-luck and  prosperity but we cannot see in the  building- to the coast at Bute Inlet of  another trans-continental railway, any  prophecy of the future up-building  thereby of Victoria's commercial importance.  1 SMOKE ? ?  TRY  WE OF MUNROE'S  CIGARS,  S  THE BEST LINES iN  *:  Copuer Street.  ^L  MEALS AT AU  HOUKS  2'KIVATE  ROOMS  FOlt  LADIES.  %  Charles R. Pittock,  *  *  TRY  OXJS.  COPFBtt  cPropfs<  tlr* (5* (����������� to* vr* %5*  .^^���stststst  ?>%  TO  TO  TO  TO  TO  ^  TO  TO  TO  TO  TO  TO  TO  TO  TO  St<��jtSlSt<��j*StSIS.St StStStSiStStStStStSPStStStSLStSti*  t3* w* ����* t5*'trr* iJ* ��^ v^ v" t5* (A* to* w* *��* *3* t5* v* w* v* w* *��* t5* w* w��� ��& �����* 0*h3*  fefc  -fer��  Have teen too busy to tell you about    fc1S  theif New Stock,     X       X      X-    Mr  I fc%  They will next week,    Meantime call    fc%  in and Look the place over,    X    X   &1b  s^ ai* ai" s? a? js" jc af a? *? ��f* tc ��^ ar a? *t ��f a^ a** s*" ^" sf ^ 3? i? *?* af a?  �����*���  TOBACCOS  and CIGARETTES 1  Newspapers,      Periodicals  Stationery.  ���ft  f    .c  A Full Line Ciioice Cundy |  IS  ft  ig   Copper Street  ���& ��  Greenwood,   ft  iw^-^-��g����/*a^v��3g��aaeaBmp3e!B��PBi��B  '.��     ���-���-������'       f  ;���?   /,'/������!-i   df  ..3.MJI  >?-r-'----'--:=;-ji'vr'r.fa?i?.i  I        )\ n &  u 'J  si  US  umim e  CARPETS  CROCKERY  GLASSWARE  WILM\  SllYEBtURE  BAR GOODS  The largest   hotels and finest  residences in B.C. were furnished bv us throughout  WEILER BROS.  VICTORIA, B. C.  4*  Is what they all say about  .THE NEW GEM SAFETY RAZOR. ���+  *  Impossible   to  cut the   lace;   shaves  easily, quickly and cleanly,  Illustrated booklet free.       Mail Orders promptly filled.  I McLennan,   WcFeely   &   Company j  4e Wholesale Hardware Merchants, 4>  4��     122 Cordova Street, VANCOUVER, B. C.     4��  ^"p $r *!"��� 4* *8�� ^ ���$ 'f* ���$��� ^ *f* "f* $* %* $* ^ $��� ���!��� ��� *f�� ��� ���?��� ���^3'  ���osgrove Orchestra  H|>rilI2=I4*  . The Finest Musical Company that ever  risiwd the Boundary.  April 12, HIGH CLASS CONCERT  April 14th, FANCY DRESS BALL.  Sc-rcm PEece Orchestra.   Ftvo ir*mrs Dancing.   Auditorium;   Tickets for concert and dance ota  sate at White's Drug Store.  Dotf^ Ittiss It. jFBuspiees Citizen's Band. ���v  '#���;���  :KE}   BOUWDA.RT   CREEK    TIMES.  YffDICATE  Continued From 1st i>ag-u.  6,  best sitielters to be found,  A few months ago a number of  Chicago people put a plant up on the  kake claini two miles east of town, itiid  settled down to steady development.  Following- theni came Detroit capitalists, and they seized upou the Ruby,  two miles south of town, aud are open-,  ing- up a rery promising- property. .  A few Aveiiks ag-o J. P. Flood of this  city returned from the East, Imng-int*  with him more American people. The  result is that-another important deal  has just been consum'ated, In the purchase oi the Arlitigtoa-Burns. group  just west of town and;'the ii-Riveraide.  .group' of claims near Roclc Creek'by  Stephen H. Jones, and associate capitalists of Diiluth, Minn. Tli^Arling-  ton-Bums group lies just:soatli of: the  Mother jUode and Sunset- pto-jierties In  Dead wood Ca.nip; ���'The Mother .Lode'is;;  shipping 400 ;tons ; daily^ t^j their own'  smelter at Greenwoodj eulcI the Sunset  people are in.-. position t-V do the same.  Their, smelter 'will T>'6' reafly for pper-'  ation tlie first -week of ApiiL, The ore.  of Deadwood;Cajup is copyer-gold:; and  self-fluxi��g-, making-- the properties, although: low grade, very desirable..This:  is manifest when, it is; stated, that for  erery toii.iiominal ca!pacity of the smel ���'  ter, nearly' two tons of ore axe'.'s'meited,':  and at tlie lowest rate of any known  smelter..:.'*. ;,4 .,',' .;,v.; './..a.;.aa ���';-,'.'-:.,-.), ,':*-..-'.  The EiVerside.gfoui3; enibraces/three  ^claims, on the main Kettle River.  The  projected .railway   through.,the* ."West  - Fork country will run neari'the :proper-  ty, bring-in g- its output.' within twenty  miles of two smelters. ;:X;,  '. i-L-'./,  'The-work done on this-property has  resulted  in -proving-"a ffoqd^ body, of  liig-h -grade -g-old-siiyerbre^,.; Assays'  from the property have''riiri',.,aO the .way  from.SL3to;$160 =pe&*tcmi.^;!A;:oarlpad ^  shipped to the Granby .sfflelfterTetuiii'ed-  .���^l,.arid���attoth'.ep;-.cai;;iQltbe.-*Cireenwp6a.  "smelter .^l,.p.eE.,Wn..V.-*��i--'-.:^-'-i';~.;;---; a:-a  ���;*���>������: ������-:-;���'* ��� -.   '' ' * - - '1;-;',->?.  ���'���; Mr, 'I)unca.n . Ross, Editor -of ' 'the  ���Times,-:'reports that he will -.-.-re turn .'to.  greenwood early in May. ��� ... !'���/���:.'  . A party of C. P. R. > oBLcials visited:  ; Greetnvpod during the -'litst'-week.' Tli-ey,  -were reticent about the future plans of,  * - ���*,*.    *   ���:    . *.*��� ''    * ** *.\*. *       -*���'    **'.  ���  ���the road'.   ,    ���'-. .  *;--..:'*;������'; v':  .-,   Mrs:*'Olivers,   song :*';Ang-els, ever  ,hrightand.:fair,'^ was a ���tr-ea.t to^the  L-'-Svorshi'ppers/W^  lasiSuiiday evening;:' .;-.'  , :. Easter services * in: all tlie ���cliu.rche's  were largely attended and w��r�� interest-..  ;ing."-..*A:.fea.tiire,of service. in 'all the  churches was the music,   :   .:-' .'���'*. ,'.  '-. "We regret-to learn that Mr.-Whitbeck  the popular.n^anager)'of:'tlte;;,llara^yare  department- of the .';.Ranter-K��ndri.clc  company will leave for Boise e^rlyiir  . Mayjwhere a good position* a-w'aits him.'  .   -The Bank of B. N. "A. whose 'report  in last weeks issueyvas.so,-flatteriiig to  ^tlie-mariagcment'pf-that'isistitu'tioa-has-  inoyed its local branch into its elegant  new quarters in the, Mellor-Block,  ,Rev.:D..H..Reid;.of the Congregational "Church in PhOenix/wiLl preachi in  the G-reen'wpod Methodist Church riek't  Sunday'.'..morning and evening. ' Rev..1  J. D. P. ECnox, goes to-Phoenix^to take  Mr. Reid's-work.  ��� ������'..'  The sale and New England Dinner  in the Clarendon Hotel .1)lock.'.by, the  Presbyterian ladies on Saturday evening last was well patronised' by the*  public; ,The -financial results were  very gratifying to the management.  Mr. Moffatt of the World, Rossi and.  who is just returning front itjirolonged  visit oil the Coast and in the south  favored the Times office with a very  pleasant visit Thursday last.  Mr R. h. Patterson represent ing the  firm ofMillcr aud Richard of Toronto  was in town this week. ELis'finn repre-  in Canada Tlie Scotch Type Founders  of Edinburgh, the largest institution  of its kind iu the world. Mr..Patterson  is also Director of the Maimfacters  Life Insurance company which holds a  hlock of City Debentures.  GRAND CELEBRATION  An enthusiastic public meeting was  held in the City PIa.ll Last evening,  on call of the Mayor, to consider the  advisability of having a grand Ho'iday  Celibratioh on May 24th.        -  C. J. McAurther presided and Juiius  Ehrlich was Secretary. Everybody  appeared enthusiastic over the idea and  the following committee was entrusted  with arrangements. Henry E. Mytton  A. W. Strickland.'H. B. Madden, Philip  McDonald, J. H. Methot.      -  IVTOTICE is Hereby Oiven thai wttJiiu s'i-xi.y  XjL days from date I intend to apwljr to Uie  Honourable Cluef Commissioner cf Lands anil  Works fdr permission to purchase tlie follow-  i��1g described laad, situate in tlie Osoyoos Division of Yale DisUict : Commencing at a. post  planted, on the North-n-est carreer <if .lolm A.  Con'.son's pre-emdtion. thence JTorth twenty  chains, tlitncc east forty chaired, tberecc South  t-wentj chains, thence V\rest forty chains lo liiu  point ol commencement, contai it'iufi- ISO] acres,  raoreor:ess. JOPN A. CQUE.SON,  Bated, March 16th, 1902.  First publication April 4th, 1W2.  N-cw   (joods   at   reduced   prices   ,a.t  Milclulls,  MINERAL ACT, 1S<>&,  Oe-rtfficate of Iiiipro'vcmsttts  NOTICE.  (XYDESTMI-IC    ami     MOUXTAIN     1A(��1  MJnenul claims .situate in  tlie   Keltle KLrcr  Mini ii.jr I) IviRion ol Vale. District,  Wjiciu located :    In J.>e^il\vo(xLcani.|>.  1 iVKil XOTtCU ibnt I, John Htili'ort 11 rovn,  Free Mliicr'&'<!ertlfi��ite No. J{4��6Sij aw litrent  f<jr l>a.vl��l   A.,  Good.  Free  Miner's-.C��rtHic:m;  No,   13W51,    iulend ���'sijctj    days     (roni     Hit!  date Iiereof, t(5 applj- to ilie. mining ieci>rd��r  fora cenLltcatu of  improvements, for Ui-c pur-'  l>'ose of oVtaiiihijr a crown g-raat to Uui ;il)<n-c  c3ai id,  Aiul Jiqrnicr take  notice that axtton, tuuler  section'3-7,'iunst be coiiimencod Tiefore tLie  is-  stiaiice of saicEi certificate of im \> voveni c-irts. .  Dateit this 2ml day of, April, 1902..;  ���'<'��� J. E. iKRO TO, ���'���'.'  MIUERAL   ACT.  >  C��tlifca.tc of ImjTo-venient.  NOTICE.  TTG-ER ' Matieral  Claim,  situaie in tlaelCettU  Haver Minium' Division of "/ale Distrkt,  MTIaer<! 3ocaled :   in1 Buaver  Canij^  West  Fork of Kettle Kiver.  TAKE KOTICIC that 1, John P.^IcLeoil,  Feat Miners Certificate No. li-KJf-87. aa  aperitt forJ"\Villiaiu M. Law, Free. Miner's  Ceriilicate 3fo. I5413S-2, intend slxly  dii-rs fioni Lite ilntc IictgoC lo np]>lj' to tli��  MiniiL|cKc��ortlerfor a Certifical-e oi Improve-  inocusfor the purpose of obtnlninu iu Crown  (Jrn-al of tlttal)ovi!<!'iiiin  ^\3id Citrl!i��i till-to notlee that' notion, nndoi  Section. 87, hitist tie commenced betoa tlio  IssniLiite of sneh Certi"'mte oi Improvcniaent.  Datea this 2Qtkday of February, A. D.^aOM.  Mae. 27���May2". . J. P. McLEOD,.  .   MINERAL ACT.--  CERTBFICATE  OF  IMPROVEMEHTS.  NOTICE;   :       .    ���  JI03IESTAXE Mineral clainr si mated. 'In the  ���"������iCeClle* Biver   Mining-   Division    of    Yale  district, .  ':' IViicce 3oca.ted :   In Dayton icantp., adjoin-  'Sn'pr'Hio War Eajjle claim,'r^.1879.*''  TAKE NOTICE tliat I, Sydney *.M. .'JoJmson,  Tree atinci-'s Certificate No. Tm20, for self and  as a-seot for Ainsley   iVleg-'nuv,. Free   Hinei-',s  C��rtlfi��ite  No.  B30349  and    S.    G.    Dctelton  Tree Mlnoc's Certificate   No...B3"782j,  intend  s'LJCly   (Lays   from  tlte  date   kereot, to apply  to tlie Silining Recorder for Certificates of Im-  proTOineats-, forthe purpose of: obtalninp; C row it  fjiaatcf thea1>ovc claim.'-.,.'':  , And Eitrther ta.lce notice that action, under  aecttoi. ��� 31," imisfbe commencei "before the issuance: oE'sbchCerti ficate of Iraproveme;itts.  ���' Hated tltis'22nd (layof Marclt 1902.  sxmmmffimnn^  Cr*  (F*  CF*  Cr*  (F<  <F*  CF*  Cr*  CF*  CF*  (F*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  !F*  CF*  CF*  �� Q  Capital, all pild up. $12,fl(H),000.  Eest.  .$7,000,000.  President.   XiOko Stkatiicoma asb Moont Eoval,  Vice-President:   Hon. Gkorge A. Drommond,  General Manairer :    E. S  Clodston.  Branches ia London, M \ cn^ VcSlSl f Hev Yort, Chicago.  Hay and sell Sl-erlinjr Exchange and Cable Transfers ; GTatit Corani-ercill an  Tra.rcllers".-Cr��d;ts,aTailable in au>--part^of Ihe world,  Greenwood iBranch,     F. J. FINUCANE, Manager.  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmim  :       .-.. ' MIKERAr, ACT, 1900.  :���'���������' Certificate:bf Jmiiro'VetneBls.-  ���.:.:.'���'���:������ ������'���:-.notice .*  BI^R*rT(E MLitersii Claim, situate in l��ie Kettle  .',;    Hiver Miuiiiff Division of Talc District.  Where Located :   I��:Dayton .camp-, a.(ljoia-,  . i-nir'tti'e Stomestalre mineral claim.  TAKE: NOTICE tliat I, Sydney M. Johnson,  EreeJiIl.ucT's-Certificate No.B, S120 for self an<l  as a_(cfcii.t fdr Ainslcv Meyraw, Tree 31Lner's  Ceirnedate. -Tdo. B30J49,���iiiid.H.a'g-U MerRrn-Free  Dlliier's. CertiBoate No 333034L, intend sixty days  Erom^Jllic^datc '.Itcrebf,.-' tol* apply-; to tlie Wininjf  Eecocder for a Certilicate.of iMprovc'raeitls, for  tlie:purpose.of pbta.lning- a Crown:Grant of tke  above clahh.' :':,;'.' '"���, 'A.~:Aa:-'- -  And fnrtlt-cr. take, notice tliat action, under  section:' 37, nui&t-lie commenced lieforc the is-  saal��ct of; snch Certificate of luipiroventen.ls.  Dated tliis 23��ici day of Marclr, 1902.  u7* t%r* ���*&** (5*1 leM. to* w* t?�� t&fr ^* ^^ i?* (5* w*1 w^. &" *&*  :':''SSa0''S'aV\.''^a^- ;,;,���������;��� :^:  ���**'  ������v  .%  "*'  :v  ������*:   :v  ���;;-;Y:v.: - \;^a^hroughoiit^/J  ^ Eooms 50 Cents * '���;���:   - ���"%  %:"~A::a.   " ',  ,*:;*:v-':v- ���-.".' '-<&  ���%���  %  %A  %  CpcQef -.-Copper--'; and G-reenwood  .:;������'-:.- ''a. -..:''Streets, a:    ::\  .  Steam Heated:  TLne Assortment  IS'  -^     . .     - .  I/iquors aad :"Ctg;aTs. :'��.-  NOTSCE TO CREDITORS.  In tlte PEittteJ of tlie,estate of Charles Wesley  yit\teir late of the City of .Greenwood ia  -tee Pri)-v3ncc of British Coltitnfeia, lasurasice  A-joirt, deceased. .  ���'.:  MOTIVE IS 'KER-RKY GIVE'S 'in 'pursit-  amcc of tlie W n Ies of tlie lle-vuked Statu tes  of DritSslJ Cnlumbia, IS')", Cni>. 13", tltat all  creditors'and 'o titers liavinprclaiiiis aj-alnstthe  csta.te-of.Hi-e ��a.ld Charles Wcsky V<l-o A ci. vho  dietioti tlie 27th day of December, A. I).," 1901,  are reQUtrctl on.orbefore tlie 17tli day of A-pTi|,  A. D, UMG, to se n d by jiost ptvptiid. or del ii-er to  the ti-n-deiel(rned,solicitors for Mrs, Cota *,Mir  Tedder,AiUtiiiiistnurixof tlio por-on.a.1 Estate'  ati<l efCecls of Uie said deceased, their cliristiaa  naiaeR, surnaities, addresses and <Iescrl3)1ions,  -with full particulars of tlieircLa.itu.s-, a state-  utenL of thelj- accounts and die nn tare-cf the  securities (if any) held by tlieni, duly i-erjlic-d,  AikI ftirtlter talra notice tliat afUsr the said  lltli day of April A. D.. 1102, lhc said aiLmini-  str-atrl.c' williiroceed to distribute tlie assttsof  tlie d-eccasi-d atnon>r the parlies eotltleil thereto  liav-lop r*gard only to I ho clainis of xvlLleh she  sliall tlieti IiaTe had notice, and lliat llic said  Allot 'mistral rix will not 1>e liplile (or tlwv said  assets or any pari thereof to any person or  1>CTSoiE?of,^rItos<! claims notice shall not have  "b��eti recelveil by her at the time of such dis-  tri1>ni tloiL,  Dared at (rrcenu-ood. B. C., this li'tli ilitr of  rel>riiai-\.A, D.,lSt>2.- ���      '  " PRINOLB & W3ItTESn>E,  Solicitors for Cora May Ye<l<l��r,  Adiul ii i-stratrije.  KOTICE TO CREDITORS.  In Tfie Hatter of the Estate of LiKiircTVdrtw,  late of Aaarcliist Mountain, iit 15ie Pro-v-  iaz.? ot British Columbia, farmct.deceased.  MOTICE IS HEREBY GIVION iu pursu  .tii.ee of thelierised Statutes -of liritish  ColaiiLbia.lSn, Cap. IS", that all cr-'dit-ois and  olliers tia-Enpr claimsatrainst the estate of '..he  saidlriiciati'fedrmv u-hodieDon the I2t\c\ day  of Noveni l^e r, A.. 13.. 19ol.arereriu[r��!d on. or "before Ui��! 3~tli day of April, A. D,, JM2.ro send  1)3'post,-prepaid. or deliver to the-uiHlersijrued,  solicitors for William .Iiiwlesi. Adniinistralor  of tlit personal estate and effects of the said  deceased, their Christian names, surnames,  addresses and descriptions -with full particulars  of tlieircliulms, a statement of their iLce��nst3  nnd tltitnatitr* of the securities, ii f any] held be  tliem, (111j verified.  And furtlier take notice that after the said  nthelaj rafA-piil. A. D. 1902, the said Administrator tvill-proceed to distribute the .-issu'ts <if  llic deceased among-the parties entitled tlio-retii^  lia.\-lnji,' Jeganl onlj- to the claims *>i which he  sliall then ha-.e had notice, and that Uie said  Adni inistrator -��-iU not he liable Uir iSic said  assets, or any part thereof, to any person or  ]>eTsoiis, of whose claims notice shall riothaTC  lyecn receired by liini atthetimeof suchdistri-  hiition.  I)atei2at'(Jreenirood. B. C, this l"t1i day ol  February.A. D. Vh)2.  PRINGLE & VU1TESSBE,  Solicitors for William 3��awless,  Admlnistratoi",  ;:.viHliiferal [Act 1896.*   : ,  > '-. CE��TiriC\TE OF'iMPROyEMEHTS. '  ::;':*;',.y,���;���:.���;.-. :':-NoricE. ..;'.,'.;       .-'. .  3>OM'd KNOiv Mineral Gla'nii, sitiiated I n the  .'.' HCeltl e Rlyer Milting-.'Division: of Yale  .district,';. , .-;���'; ;��� : ���*,.'-  ���'.. ��� "Where-locaied : :. Smith's'"'-. cam.pt,.' :near  .- 3Joii.iLdao- Talis.. ���'���-: ���' ���' '-"  '.'���'.������:������ A a,  TA1CE.KOTICE ''tliat,-n-ev Geo. AIL, TStAexi,:  . Tree Miner's Certificate;Ho. 4KJ55B, aitd.  Sydiicj Ml' Tohnson, Free .*���? Miner1s .'Certilicaie -."Sa. :''���'/ 8120B:>��� .: intend * : sixty  days from the date hereof'to apply to the  Tubi-iny recorder; for a certificate of |ji��pro-ve-  iueict for the1: purpose, of ob'tilltiiug- a crown  gracit for above claim. . .'������;.'. *. _ i  And furtlier-take nolice that: action, under  <ecLion': 37Yimist:.be commenced, before tlie is-  siiacice of such certificateof iniprdvenicmts   :  Dateilthis 15tliday of February, A. D;, 1902;  ;A-\'rA -MINERAL: ACT 1S96. ::_;   '  ..���'''"���'^'.Certificate-of.Improvement.  <a:-a-'-���������������-������'.-.;���:���-.;.notice;, ;*���; :*;  WHITE .HOE SE, mineral claiiu in the Kettle  : J��iv ci Miuuig Division ol -Yale, ������; ��� *y  ,'    "\V3i-cre situ ate:   In Copper. Camp,   .    .  ''T7A3CE' NOTICE that I, B. AL,.: Wool, Free  ���AX."'- Miner's Certiiicate No.B. 41502, on behalf  ���of a'acsislf and asaprentfor James Grahwn, Free  ���Miner'sCertificate No. B -106��9ancl. Annie H��<1-  ,:*''.;a, Free 'Miner's Certificate-No. B4J634 and  jiariritret'E. Mercer,' -Free Miner's Ccttlficate  Ha, SiiSOb,. intend sixty days, front', (lie date  Iiereof, to apply'to tlie Minirig Kecorder for  a-Certlficate of linproyeiueuts for tlie purpose  ���of* obtiLlning a Crown. Grant of the,above  clal in. - ���; *",,   : '-* v      ..* '���-   '-   '..  ; Aaul-furtlicr ��� take notice that acttoit, under  section.'37, ,ibust be commenced, before������ the  iissaiLitce of sucli Certificate of Iniprovenicnts,  ;, bated this 1 Gtli day of December, 1990-  Eirst Issue Jantiarv 10. ���'.-..    .B. I/. WOOD.  TJj^PMAmEASK OF COMMERCE  With WhicTi is Incorporated^  THE BANK OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO.  Capital, $8,000,000.       -.    Rest, $2,000,000  HON. GEO.A, COX.President.   B, E. WALKER.General Msurer  HENRY F. MYTTON  MANAGER GREENWOOD BRANCH.  REPRESENTING :  The Phoenix TLre Assurance The British Am��rica  Aasur-  ���Co. cf L,oa6ot\^ EJnglaud.    "' ance Co., of Toronto.  The  Western Assurance Co.,  of Toronto.  m  The Canadian  Birkbeck In-  vestment and Savimg-s Co.  THB1S.  STOCKS,  .REAL ESTATE.  SfisS  MINERAL ACT.     :/  =Ceitif ic atfclo.L ImEirojrem fciits..  ..-,-���       -..:-.: NOTICE.   .  2U3>EN, CAXn^ORKIA and AST03t Mineral  ���ela'uns, situated in tlie Iicttlc Rirer Mining  ,I>l-vislori of Yale District.  l,ocated about VA miles sortli easterh- froia  Ciutip MtlChaiey.  TAKE NOTICE that I. Theodore Cubbe  Tree Miner's Certiiicate No, IKiOSOj,  act'un g- as agent ior the Rock Creelc Gold! Mines,  U<U. Xiy., Ptee Miners CertilJcate N<i,'3*t(jOSM,  intend si xty ixys from the date liereot, to apply  to the Mining-Recorder for a Certificate of Liti-  iiroveraeaits, for the purpose of obtaining. ;i  t-'ro^rn Grant of tlie above claim, ;���' .-'  AikI iurtlicr take notice that action' tinder  section 37-must be commenced before the' issuance of such Certilicateof Improvements.  DatedtltianllLdav of 'February, A. B,,-1902.  TBKO'DOKE I/UtUiE,    .'-,'���  Aisratit-for tlie Roclt Creek Gold Eiues, 1,1ml t-  ecl LiaMlit.v.  * ��  * ���  ��� - *  *  *  ��  ��  ��  ��  *  ��  ��  *  -*-  ��  *  ��  *  *  P. BURNS & CO.  ..Wholesale .and.Retail Meat  Merchants.  Marltts at:   Greenwood, Grand Forks, Midway, and Phoenix.  ��  NOTICE OF FORFEITURE.  THE BEST BEER IN TOWN IS MADE BY  HORN BREWERY  To  (i-eoTse D. Edtrards, anil to any |>ctsciii or l>er-  saas lo -M-liom he may  have irausfeirired liis  Siite rests In the "Uncle Sain" nil neiat claim  *\i\t\ -I'Mrsl Cliance"   miiieral  claim., both  situate in Skylark Camp in tlie KetllisRIvor  Mlttliip IMvisloii .of Yale District, British  Columbia  Von :tre ln-Mbj notified that 1 liave caused to  b�� expended S205.0O lo hold  the saiilMineral  ���claiiKis under 1ii�� Mineral   Act,  that the \>t<i-  -jiortlon yon stumlil contribute for your undivided o-ne-tlilrd Interest in each of Hie aboi-e��laims  3sS&!t.S1and If-within ninety days front tlie first  publication  of this notice vou fail or refuse to  ��inli-|biitp "the said sum of &>H,33,  whkh la now  ^hie.with alLcosis of advertising, .voni ijitercwt  in each of tbe said mineral claims will become  the property oE me, the  iiri<l��rsi;rn<;��|., one of  jotit co.fl-u-aers. nnder section four cif an Act  entitled the   "-Mineral  Act Amendment  Act,  191W-'-'    '.. . . ���       "  Dctte;! at Crreenwood. B.  C. the 251h diLyof  Match, A. IL, L903.  EMANUEIjli l>ASTKOXE  f. x  ri\\     \  *$&i$9\      %   V      ��&  JUv  fts.V"     -.  UWj  PORTMAN  & PORTMAN  Proprietors  ASK FOR  Ai Si  |    The Elkftorn Lager Beer Contains only Pure Malt Hops, Try  'It I It ss kept on draught or in Bottles by all the leading Hotel  James Cooper Mfg, Co.,    1  *0-  -MONTREAL, QUEBEG-  iSCANT?FACTURE}ES OF  -*�����  3  3  lH9^f$0��1g��^ffl^^l1l      ROCK DRILLS, STRAIGHT LINE   ^  DUPLEX and CORLISS AIR COM-   ^  PRESSORS .... ^s  �����  BOriERS, HOISTS, MfffllPS, Etc, COMPtE^l^EKiE^JPME5i:r3 ^  Affems For The Bulloch Diamostl! ftrills. ���...,..,,__,__,_,_ STOCK CARRIED TN ROSSLA2JD. 3  K. H. &. lncnallv, "Rosslandt B; G.  Z3  ?i^u-^iu^ THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  *    . t  I Pong  The: New Game���very *  pojnilar ��� wherever   in- X  traduced. jj)  Also extra ra.quets and ���*.  bsiLLs. will   arrive  very X  shortly. '/  OVK. MNli.OF  I Easter  rd  is s.imply grand. Call  atifl see them., They  -will Interest you. ..  &  Books;  Paper,- Office   Supplies,  -    ' I'a]i��r, >li��to Supplies.  Wall  T  V  V  X  X  X  X  X  V  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  Strange Story of an African  Expedition.  Ill fl llltt  !.'  Participants Hot Unknown in Creen-  wood.  ^^j^Xw^^K^^K^K^S^X*^,*'^  ;'$4000 in Prizes $4000  1  jS8! pfPlif  And Supplies  Stejp' i n t o our Kodak department  arid hear about the'progress competition-. 84000 iii prizes offered.  Yott*;:ha.re 200 chances to g-e't'a-  . prize ra-tsgidg-  from ��5 '.to  SL50.:  Otii-'dark room is at' YOUR ser-.  vice', anybody using-,the supplies--.  .' :\ve.hau(3Le'can compete.     .     Sj  '���J-r,eor B.C. Assay &Che- .&  rlllN mi9a-1 Supp1>'-Co- A $  |,J-*ltu large  stock to, meet ||  demands oE-mining- co's carried,  jg  ���^ ���ji"i. -'White ';.������'���*  MOTHER LODE ENTERTAINMENT  Tlie Methodist Cliurcci Choir assisted  Tlie Mother Code people in giving- ;tn  entertainment ;tt tlie inine this Frl<La.y  evening-. It Ls. il great pleasure to be  able to reciprocate with the Mother  Lode people in work of this character.  The editor oP the Times vvas unable to  accept an invitiLtioji to deliver: an address on the occasion, but he appreciates the courtesy extended and trusts  to be abLe' to talk to the boys at* some  inture date. '.:.-���  For sale Ho. 5 Hydraulic Ram 6 to 10  gallons -water per anintite, 2 inch drive,  1 inch dischirg-e,     bee Ai X- "White  2nd Hand Mail,  F0HSALE.   Successor-to Miller Bros.  Dispepsang-.Chemist, Greenwood  '.' 8*m#&#%*'%-****#**%*��,#**��#��-  ��  *   -�� *  *  H.A,IIK&:C0.  *ft'  ��� ft.  ft  *  *  *  ft  *  . must  reduce their  large  stock  of  OFFICE StiNDRlES. "  ft  ft1  ft  ft  ft  ft  ��  ���ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  They offer Brrgains.  ,              ���''.:. '-���in���,   ��� ,  ft  ft  ft  ft .  .   ��  ft  Shannon Tiles,  ft  a  ��  ft  a  a  ��� BLa.uk Boohs, (  a  a  a  ��  Inte-pf all Muds,  a  ft  a  o  ��  ��  tt  - Typewriter Paper,  ;';"' .Writinglateials.  a  a  a  a  a  a  ft  ft  B, 1, IfflG I CO.  a  *  a-  a-  ��fti��ft*��t*��<*A s��ft��ft ��ftftft*oftft*e*o %  *  *  4(t  The Safest and Quickest way tc  *  ft  send money is by the  ft  ft  ft  ft  -ft  DOMINION  ft  ft  ��  ���     ��  ���ft  ft  ft  EXPRESS CO.  ��  a  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  Payable mtpiir anywhere on the  %  ft  ft  ft  continent or Europe.  a  ft  ft  a  ��  a  Expressorders of all  company's  cashed at face value at  a  a  a  9  a  a  a  a  3. C. Koles,  ft  ft  a  a  a  a  Books,   Stationery,   Office  a  ft  a  Supplies, etc.  a  a  a  a  Kodaks and Materals, etc. etc.  a  a  a  a  p-hone No. 33.  a  a  a ftftfta ��ft-��a*ftftOft*��-ft��-��*-��*����-#a  Corporation oi the City ol Greenwl  XOTICE IS -HEREBY GIVEN that a Court  <iE Revision for tlte City ni Greenwood, B. C,  i in Monday- tlie-Sth. <lav ot April. 1902, at tint  hour often o'clo-cl in tbe forenoon, and follow-  inirda-vs li nc��*ssary,forttie purpose or licai-l .��� ���  iiiircoainlatnts against-the assessment as Jtiaife! stuuiu  The local friends of the 'g-entlemen  jtanted in the following story which.tve  clip iroin the-London Daily Mail oi  March 12thinst., will doubtless be iti-  tetested in their African adventures^ .  "Iwo bronzed travellers, Messrs.  Ha.rrison and Bacpha'rd, have just ar.1  rired in London after ten months spent  tight avray from civilization in the  shooting oi elephants, rhinoceri, gir-  raffes, and hippopotami in .Africa.  Raging lions prowled around their  eii-ca-inpitientat night, "rhinos" started  up in front of them here-and'there, as  they pushed on with their force oi black  carriers, and alligators gazed at tbant  irora.rivers and pools.'-'One night a  ,lion Was driven oS With .firebrands,  hastily.snatched up, bntonly. after he  had fastened his teeth into the: flesh pf  icalf beLonging- to the party.' .  "We started from the coast at the  end of April,1'.said Mr. Harrison,, "and  pushed out into the interior of Ang-ola.,  south-west Africa.   '������-..-.  "One dav : the hlaclts brought us  three lion cubs-dine youn^-thing-s about  a .month, old. .They .were skipping  about and-fortithatelylthe mother'vvas  not, present. Tli ese lions I have broug-ht"'.  to EngLand -sv-ith -me.' I shall sell the'nt |  if a.ny, body, wants them, as one'ean-  scarcely carry such things about* as  <Lrawing--rootn pets.  "'One. evening-\ near dusk Ityas hmit-  iiiif.for small buck, and was not thinking-oi any thing else when! suddenly  heard a^-reatsctiSling; justiri front oi  me  Hooked up expecting.to see zebras  or something-oi  the kind, but to my  ... , ^.    .-.'.. ,' * * ���  aistonishtheiit there stood two enormous  rhinoceri.;.* *. I'  ' ' -.   ' ���  ^_^ihadpnly^gun,^pf _,small,_caliber,_  with soft-iiosed bullets inside for shooting small buck. I was afraid'that to  their toug-hhides, this ivouId be only an  irritant. However, I took the chance  and fired-it was to g-ood an opportunity  tobethro-wri away. They both fled,but  but the one I hit only went about hali  a mile before be died.  "In shooting- elephants I had but  Little trouble. I put the bullet right  throug-h the lung and it was done. One  I chased from eleven o'cloek in the  forenoon-a.nd shot hi in at dusk.  "As evidence that there are lots -of  g-imein the Anglo interior I may say  that one black hunter shot forty-one  .elephants -while \vc were out there,  " Psrhaps the most curious experience 1 had was the dynamiting of a crocodile. We put onechiurgeoi dynamite  into the pool and it surprised him, - He  dashed round and round on Wearing the  the explosion, goin^r up and clown, like  a porpoise. Then he retired to a muddy  depth and cogitated. We could see the  bubhtes from his nostrils coining up  all in one place, so knew he was staying still, Then we put in another  charge and that killed hitn.    a  f        "      '  FANCY DRESS BALL  20iresli3n5Lk cows with calves.-- Particulars under "-W this office'.'  PROFESSIOmL CARDS;  ff/i LLETT & SHA W.  ���"';      B-A-RRIIStfiBRS, .SoMcrroKS,    :  ': *.:N6toLREE;s PubHc.  Ca>>lft'Adare83 : -'''iijLL.t.Err."  ���rnr,K��i-J. Bedford. M'Keill's, GfieeNwdot>r .-'  teib-ij-'s.   ...;������ *   B-��' '  I, H. HA.LI.ErE. :  H. C SUAW.  Ii/I��yLEOD& BROWN  ".-'-. BA-RHlSttiKS hsss; Sowcitoxs, '  ;;/.;'' NOtAlUEs '.PllBUC, ETC.  .Offices: M'-tiLeii-E'laoil block; Copper streat,  i*.-���!��� :','���.'.'���;"'.'...-;'"���,iGreenwdod, B.C.,���''.,���  jJr, beown. :':-' ��� j, p.Mcdboe.  &HA'RLlE[S['AiE.. SHAW, -; v  ...'..'  '"Cprru EirprNEER, '.:'  .  '���.'Dominion'.  anx>3 PROVHTcrA.r,  ;;   Iva:kd-Surveyor.   ;  GREENWOOD, ���! ; ������':'., ':'���'��� :;.��   O.  ]0:"Ev AGHOROFT.      " ;���'���'".  '���'.' tientliifon and-:  Provincial- Land Surveyor,  minlnf and'Englatering.Surveys/ .  ,:-': UaJersround Work a Specialty,  "Wood. Bloclt (3i��st Customs office,)  ,,;'.;:   -! .���:  frREENWOOD,;B. C.  ties, SpriiiQ: an  itii  0>upSpecial ��me of$J)iH0JaSste  at)7%anfbe^  SOCIETIES.  The Greenwood Fire Company as,  working hard to make a grand success  of their jp-eat fancy difess ball to be  given in the Auditorium on the 14th  lost. The Cosgrove Merry Makers wi 11  be in Greenwood on Saturday the 12th  tnst and the fire laddies here embraced  the opportuti ity to secut e the sen-ices  of their excellent band of mu-  for   tin*   occasion.   The Fire  f,,r the year VM2 5y tbe^Assessor, _a.i^for ��-| Comi>;Lny esi)CCts t0  t,e  assisted  by a  vising .tniJ ��orrectinir tlie assessment  ilsat year. , ...       .  Complaints to be ma.de   in  writmtr to _  tindersipjied. as least ten days beforethesittmr:   .    .^  of the Court. ;  BOUWB^RY VALLEY LOME '  V- "'.''No. 38;1.0.0iF;    v  Meets ererj Tuesda-j-ETiiiiiigf. at S.OO Lil'. their',  lodffe'room atMasoii-acHall."  A cordial, iu\-l-  tation is extended to all sojottrningr bretbera.  yitED;Bl H'o-i.MES, N.G,* W. B. Finn, Kec.Sec  ���������" ������-������������        **���*���-       *        *.'-������ ���-       -.-.:.���.... *. ��� ���������.-���-���.���  XXX.  ���jvO. ��� ���  XXXa .  XXXa  ���>���>���>'  ��>.;.��>���  X'iX:  ���*������**���>;  ���;�����;.%*,  ���>��** i    '  'K��iV*''  $xX  V"J*V."  xkc  $*%  ��>��:������{���'  *��K**t*'  v��H*'  xo��  ���vvv  C��W .-  and PteoMsions  -AT THE���  COMPANY, UM1TSD,,  xxx  XXX  XXX  XXX  XXX  XXX  ���  XXX ������:  XXX  XXX-.  XXXa:  t t f-  xxx  XXX  ���ve��*>  ETBRTTHIICG FIRST-GLASS.  THE   BEST   OP.   FOREIGN   AND  DOMESTIC WINES; LIQUORS  ���     A.ND   CIGARS.  FIRST-CLASS    SAMPEE    ROOMS  FOR   X32AVEI/EING-   MEN.  "STRONGEST IN THE WORLD"  accommodATiONforrsG-UESTs 'Assets . . S304; 568,063,49        Surplus ., . $66,137,170.01  ricar tlte  t��u��;tf��f fic-rerrment and Grceawood  .'��� Slr��ts. ''���   ��� ���  .SO .00 in cash will liuy a seven dra.w��r  new Singer se\\*\ ng machine. At A. E.  White's ind Hand Store.  H. ALLENBERG, Manager,  605-606-607 Empire State Building.  CHARLES T. KIPP. Castler.  Office Tel. Brown, 211. '      Residence Tel. South, 801  Spokane, Wash.  OCKKXK><><>0<<<><X>-00<><K><>00<^  GAUNGE & W1GKWIRE  '"V>  Can sell you  a Lot for a home in any part of town.   ���  Can lend you money to build a home on easy terms.  Can insure your home in any ofthe following first-class Companies :  ATLAS, GUARDIAN,  tl3B.l comraitlffi i>f jadies, prominent in socia.,1  in   ar.Lkintr   this evening the  1 THEY A.LS0 DO A BIT  OF  LIFE.  FfOELITY,  AGO* DENT T  PLATE GLASS and  STEAM BOILER  INSURANCE.  ROYAL,  UNION,     '  NORTHERN,  GANADIAN,  CONNEGTiGUT,  LONDON AND  LANCASHIRE,  PHENIX OF  BROOKLYN,  PHOENIX OF  HARTFORD,  NATIONAL OF  IRELAND.  ||oSo^oggSoSoSoSoo^^  i


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