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 .1    MC6_1904      ��]j  P  :-^OR,A.^^  ~.o-./  5 Legislature  �� $1903  libraryj'  Vol. 9.  GREENWOOD, B. C. FRIDAY,  DECEMBER 2 l%4.  No.   14  IN BUYING YOUR XMAS PRESENTS SHOW A PREFERENCE TO THOSE ADVERTISING IN YOUR HOME PAPER  T FOOTWI  t tfE FO UN D A TI ON 0 F COMFORT  ������ COMMENCE AT THE BOTTOM. See tliat your  feeit.are warm and comfortable. If you c tn secure  style and elegance at the same time you will g-aiu  another great point.! Don't forget the children going  ;to school.    "Dry Put"  shoes are invaluable,for boys.  Gentlemetl!   ^sk t0 see ll,e Box Galf which we are.maklng a     x,.   --.  specialty of at .���. . ........:... ..   fT.UU  McCready's Velour Calf bals���a well made, pop-    d-c n/%  ' '  ular and serviceable shoe for all occasions at.... .   !pO.UU  ������ - SveCtats * A.-few'odd lines oi high c1 ass .arid high priced  ^ *' g-oods- which  we ' are'offering  at about half  ,: ?     ;"!���;.���' price.    *L,OOK THEM OVER...  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The delivery of goods is what counts cr  1 Make a test case of it 1  *���+ ��� ��� .    ��� ���     ���. .      . ��w>  ^3 Try our lines of Men's Underwear on sale now at ����  ���j~B rock bottom prices. , We will guarantee there 5~  ^. never'has been better'values offered in the history S��  |~5 of the country   for-the same money.    Try them. 2~  1 It will not be disputed |  ^3 once vou have tried ..them. tr  5S>V -��� .:���;������-������. ' *  ''. ���-! {-. sr  3:'" "!;      '''   ' '"^ :   ��� '��� Signed ����  THE BAY  ^mntmmnimmmmmnimminnfmmmnmimmnK  CLAIM  In Skylark Camp Makes a  Wonderful Showing.  Brought to Town Wednesday  Excite  Universal Interest.  Skylark Camp that has long' been  neglected gives evidence of becoming  the banner one of the district.- In  recent months some. very fine claims  have been developing up there but it  remained for the Bay to yield the finest  specimens of gold; yet j brought/ town  from the canip. The E. P. !U. has  been a producing mine foe some time,  but.operations in the,camp jveire for a.  long time confined to that one claim.  During, the -present year, however,  other claims have been1 making very  fine showings. The Silver Cloud and  Skylark particularly have been yield-!  ing some very high grade ore. But the  new strike on the ��� Bay appears to  eclip&e'' them all. ���' Some- months, ago,  Mr. H'.'V. Fuller of Spokane bought- a;  half interest in'the Bay fora few hun-.  dred'dollars and bonded the other half;  for something like $2500. He hasbeen  quietly working away all summer in a  small way getting out some very, fine  ore, but on Wednesday of this week he  opened tip a lead from 12 to 15 inches  wide which- is literally spotted with  free gold. Thfe quartz is of a greenish  tinge and sets forth the yellow of the  gold to good advantage.  The Bay claim adjoins the E. P. U.  on the east and is only about a .mile  and a half from town. The E. P. U.,  Bay, Gold Finch, Skylark, Silver  Cloud and Dynamo, all close together,  promise to make a camp that means  much to the owners and to the city of  Greenwood. Thus, "again is verified  the .remarks rnade elsewhere that the  Greenwood district is' a' section , 'of  prize packages '"and' that so far there  are no blanks. ' The work of prospecting the field about us has scarce begun  and already a 'dozen' clainis justify  many times the amount of development work yet done.  If the Greenwood district were in  Nevada or Arizona or iriv some'remote  corner of the earth, men would be  flocking thereto by the hundred. Being reached however by parlor'cars,  'being well watered and' .well wooded,  opened up^with good roads, - and possessed of an excellent climate, there  does not appear to be hardship enough  about it to excite the capital from  abroad. The result may be better in  the end. however, for now worthy meti  without large capital are making the  handsome stakes of the district.  THE WAR  ' .--''' - '       ���        'v'        '"  General Ko'dama says th.at'th.e troops  of the Mikado will winter inside Port  Arthur. There appears to be considerable-strenuous work before them if  they accomplish this.  Skirmishes more or less seve-ie. are  tho order of the day along the Sha  river.. Neither army appears desirous  to precipitate a general engagement.  The Russian army stretched along  the north' bank of the Shathe .river * is  now reported to  number 300,000  men.  A general assault began on Port  Arthur on Nov. 24th and was stiil' in  progress Nov. 27th according to Chefoo  advices. It looks very much as if the  Japs wanted to clean i-.p some of their  business relations with Russia ��� before  the fleet would be required to meet the  Baltic fleet.      ______  It is claimed that with the capture of  203-Metre hill by the Japanese, ninety  per cent, of tne work of . tne complete  occupation of Port Arthur is finished.  PRIZE  May Still; Be Had in the  Greenwood District.  I f You Have the Courage to go After  Them Right..: T  LARGER  On Boundary Greek is: the  Order of the Day.  In-a Few Months Producing High-  Priced Copoer-  Now; that the election .is ,ove.r th^,  people'.of the country generally ;will'b'e  able to address themselves more closely  to business for after all business must  not be neglected'under*the most'happy.  auspices of government. ..It'is.tfue that  governments have to dp with conditions 'that make profitable business  possible, but after governments have  done all they may, thereal'question of  doing; things is up to'the people. That  government which,becomes too paternal makes weaklings of the people,. a.nd  that;government which neglects its  proper functions, discourages them'.'  There are manv   things   iii   this hew  ���     '      -,���    '    ���   I/   '-.       . A.K  couritrystill open' to reform ��� by; the  local government, there are many enterprises stiUdes'erving of the support  of the federal government. Gradually  these must be reformed by the one and-  assisted', by the. other,- and gradually  this: will doubtless be done. But the  great work of planning .e'nteiprise  and of carrying it forward-rests with  the individual. The depression of the  last' few years in Greenwood will illustrate out point. The people,had expected too much of the big corpora^'  tioris, too much of governments. Out  of the circumstances however'courage  was developed. A number.'of properties that for years' ��h ad 'lain- idle were  seized upon as fitting.-fields for work  and a few of the more courageousiones  of the district set themselves, to- work  thereon. Some were able-to interest,  capital, while others, the majority too,  took pick and shovel and with stout  hearts pitched in.. And. what a transformation they and their example have  wrought. At least 125 men immediately _ar mnd Green wpdd^are^making.  good wages Li what -were then silent  places, and quite a number of our citizens stand to grow rich therefrom. All-  these years these properties waited,  waited for the time when individuals  awakened to the fact that large companies alone.must' not be depended  upon to develop the country. Men  jgave up discussing taxation.and went  to work. They stopped debating.the  coal and coke question and drilled the  rock. They thought some and talked  some still of subsidies and bounties  but realized that work was magic, properly applied./ Arid so today a dozen-  high grade mines, some small and  others still smaller 'tis true, are working out their destinies, adding to the  comfort'of 'their owners and ably  seconding'the efforts of the big corporations to make the Boundary the  greatest mining.district in the West.  And the work has only begun; There  are others just as good. Time is being  lost 'in regret, that you did not get in  on this or that one now proven all  right. Get to work on some of the  others. ' Nature is not so partial as you  may.believe. She.did not unload all  her wealth into the Providence and  Elkhorn and E: P. U. and.Last Chance  and Strathmore, or the the others we  might name. Much of her stores of  gold and silver still lie close to you  untouched, and ten years: hence men  will lament lost opportunities just as  t^day. In every instance he who has  had the courage to draw an envelope  out of the box has drawn a prize.  There has not been a blank- and those  left in the box are not all blanks of  that you may be sure. Don't wait to  get a mine for nothing. They are  worth going after in the Boundary and  you reader, if you have the nerve and  judgment and industry may still draw  a prize.  The   present .indications   are.  that,  within six. months from  this date at  leastseven furnaces will be.in commis ���  siori at the smelting  works on  Boundary creek.    The Montreal and Boston' ,'  will have their second furnace busy in  a few days and  preliminary  work  is  'going forward  for  the  installation of  the third now at the works.   The B. C-'  Copper Co. will proceed to -set  up two' ���"' :  ^additional furnaces as,'speedily .'as  the   ������  matter can be discharged. 'At'a recent  meexing of the directors'of that com-1  pany* in  New' York if was decided to  double   the.' present-: capacity, ,-of it he  planf-'immediately.. '.This uf course will,,  require considerab.le-tinie but it is safe  to guess that the coming spring  wU\< '.'.-  see four furnaces pperating.at the one .;    ,'  plant and   three   at' the   other.    The ���  tpines of.both'comjpanies will then'be '  in condition to supply the needed  ore.  The price of copper is good  and  every  inducement eiist's'for'hii'rryihg things,  purveys are already under way at the  one plant and excavalbns at'this other  for the contemplated enlargements. ���  '���'; We are glad lo know that Col. Weir,  one- of the Boundary's  early :;fri'ends',  lias again become identified  with .the  B.  C. Copper Co.-and  has "joined'.'us  directorate. . '       <   -;' ;'"  j   We may mention also that New York'  papers report  a decided improvement  in the stocks of both these concerns.  The persistent courage of Mr. F.  Keffer of the B. C. Copper Co.' anil' of "  Munrp. Brothers' of the Montreal '&  Boston Consolidated is going ' to'..win"  out handsomely both for the corporations they represent and tor Greenwood and the Boundary.   " !'���'���''  CITY COUNCIL;  Indemnity  By-Law , Will  he  introduced Next Week.  The regular, meeting of, the City  Council was held. Monday evening  with Mayor Naden in the chair and  Aid. Caulfield, Bunting,' McKenzie,  Parker and Ross present. Routine'  business was transacted and Aid. McKenzie gave notice of an indemnity  by-law which will be introduced at the  next meeting of the council. The details of the by-law are not yet decided  upon but it is understood that the majority of the council are in favoi of an  allowance of SS for the mayor and S3 a  sitting for each alderman in-actual  attendance at meetings of the council.  Owing to the unsatisfactory condition  of city finances heretofore, the connoLl  did not think it opportune to impose  additional  burdens on- the  taxpayers  but now after four years'  careful   nd-  t  ministration, the city's finances are in  good shape and   the   majority  of  the  council   feel   that   a. small allownnce  should  be  made   particularly   to.  the  mayor who heretofore gave much time  and labor to the work of the city often  at a ifinancial;loss to himself.  Y  OKANAGAN ENTERPRISE  Shatford Bros, of Vernon and Fair-  view, general meachants, have managed-to. finance the. Ellis rancli deafand  the land will now be.subd-Lvfded.' The  amount mentioned in connection with  the deal is 3400,000," of which 3300,000  is for the land and 5100,000 for the  stock. The company in which the  Ellis ranch is to be vested is to be capitalized at $500,000. The shareholders  will comprise business men from every  part of Canada, from the Atlantic to  the Pacific, BOUNDARY   OREEK   TIMES  EMPLOYERS' LIABILITY.  Mr. D. C. McGregor was in town  this week conferring with his local  representatives, Gaunce & Wickwire.  Mr. McGregor represents the Employers' Liability Assurance Corporation of London, England, a concern  which carries on a large liability insurance in all parts of the world.  While here he paid the B. C. Copper  company's loss in the case of Christen-  son recently referred by Chief Justice  Hunter to Judge Leamy. Judge Leamy  adjudged thedefendant company liable  for the full amount of $1500. The case  of Oscar Hammar who died from injuries received at the smelter is also  in process of settlement.  PROSPECTS BRIGHT.  It cannot for a moment be believed  that with the increased smelter activity  developing on Boundary creek, the  Great Northern will long delay in  pushing construction iuto Greenwood.  A large part of the ore of the Montreal  & Boston Consolidated will be drawn  from their Phoenix properties and the  Great Northern is not likely to see the  Canadian Pacific carry this tonnage  exclusively very long, when the construction of nine miles of road wilt  put the Great Northern system in  touch therewith direct as well as with  the B. C. Copper Co. and the general  business of the best town in the Boundary. "We look to see the coming- winter and spring the liveliest Boundary  creek has ever seen.  You are invited to inspect our new  Xmas ���: stock���not to purchase���but  simply to examine our goods and  prices. You can save money. But  don't take our word for it, come and  see for yourself.���Smith & McRae.  CUT FLOWERS FOR XMAS.  Mrs. Benard wishes to announce thati  she can supply, in any quantity, Cut  Flowers for Xmas and New Years.  Parties desiring same should place  their order as early as possible; Cal  tip phone 31.  JOKES AND JESTS.  "She is worth a million in her own  name."  "Then she can take her own time  about selecting another name."  "I am afraid I can't raise the rent  this month "  "What'll the landlord do about it?"  "Raise Cain, I presume."  "What is the prisoner's reputation  for truth and veracity?".  "I don't know, except that I have  frequently seen him go past, with a  fishing pole."  Binks ��� The Russian fleet hasn't  scored a victory for a good while.  Jinks���No, the weather has been so  bad lately that all the fishing fleets  have had to stay in the harbor.���Cin-  cinnate Commercial-Tribune.., ^-ii_^^.=^.  CLASSIFIED LOCALS  Xmas goods arriving fast. Look out  for our announcement next week.���  Coles & Frith.  Sec our new line of Souvenir Postal  Cards���10 different subjects���everyone  a picture.���Smith & McRae.  "COMPANIES ACT, 1097."  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that  Henry Nicholson has been appointed  the new Attorney in the Province of  British Columbia for the "Waterloo  Consolidated Mining and Milling Company."  Dated this 8th day of November, 1904  S.  Y. WOOTTON  Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.  J. G. LANG  -PROVINCIAL-  ASSAYER  Spxciai/ties:   Checking   Smelter  Returns,    Concentration,   Cyanide   and  Amalgamation Tests.  GREENWOOD,    :   :    B. C.  GREENWOOD BARBER SHOP.  W. D. Flinn, Prop.  Try Our New Massage  Porcelain Bath Tubs.  Copper Stree*.       -     Greenwood, B.C.  Used in ! I.B.K. 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Larson, Free Miner's  Certificate Nos. B80579 and B80320, intend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to  the Mining- Recorder for a certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining crown  grants ofthe absve claims.  And  further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificates of iniprovements.  .   Dated this 20th day of September, A. D.. i90i.  VICTOR R. SWANSON.  SAMUEL T. LARSEN.  MINBKAL   ACT.  Certificate of Improvement.  NOTICE.  "Surprise No. 3" Mineral Claim, tsituate in the  Greenwood Mining Division of Yale'District.    Wherelocated: Ir, skylark camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I. F. W. Groves, Free  Miner's Certificate No. B 72155 intend, sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Recorder for a Certificates of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  Grant tothe above claim.  And further take notice that actions, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificates of improvements.  Dated this 22nd day of October, 1904  F. W, GROVES.  NOTICE OF FORFEITURE.  TO Robert Henry Bergman and Frederic W.  McLaine, or to anv persons to whom they  may have transfered their respective interests in the "Last Chance" and "New Oro  Fino" Mineral Clainis. situate in the  Greenwood Mining Division of Yale District.  YOU are hereby notified that I have expended the sum of $133.33 (one hundred  and thirty three dollars and thirty three cents)  for_ assessment work on above mentioned  claims, such being required and necessary to  hold the same for the yearendinir 2lst June,  1<XM, under the provisions of the Mineral Act  and Amending Acts, and if at tne expiration of  ninety days from the date of the first publication of this notice in the "Boundary Creek  Times" you fail or refuse to contribute your  portion of such expendituie namely $25.00 due  by you Robert Henry Bergman" and S20.40 due  by you Erederic VT. McLaine, together with all  costs of advertising, your interests in said  mineral claims shall become vested in me  (your co-owner(upoa filing in the proper oflice  in that behalf the affidavit required by section  4 of the "Mineral Act Amendment Ac*. 1900."  Dated this 7th day of November, 1904.  MARIAN ATWOOD.  Last issue Feb. 7.  MINERAL ACT  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  "Boston," "St. Louis" and "Toronto" Mineral  Claims, situate in the Greenwood Mining  Division of Yale District. Where located:  On Cranberry creek.  TAKE NOTICE that I. A. E. Ashcroft, acting as agent for John N. Greden, Free  Miner's Certificate No. B80547, intend, sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificateof Improvements  fot the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of  tbe above clainis.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37,  must be commenced  before   the  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 1st day of October, A. D��� 1904.  ALBERT E. ASHCROFT, P.L.S.  RAILWAY.  The only all rail route between points east  west and sonth to Rossland, Nelson, Grand  Forks and Republic. ,   .���'  Buffet cars run between Spokane and North-  port.  Effective June 14th, 1903.  LBAVB  8:45 a. m.  10:40 a. m.  7:20 a. m.  10:35 a. m.  8:30 a. m:.  Spokane  Kossland  - Nelson  Grand Forks  Republic  Arrivb  6:15 p. ta.  4:35 p. m.  7:20 p. ml  4:00 p. m  6:15 p. tn.  In Connection With  TICKETS All To POINTS  SHORT LINE TO  ST    PAUL,    DULUTH,    la NNEA-|  POLIS, CHICA.GO and ALL FOINTS  BAST. SEATTLE, TACOMA   VICTORIA, PORTLAND and all tACIFIC  COAST POINTS.   \  Through Palace and Tourist Sleepers.;  Dining and Buffet Smoking- Library,  car.. . ���  2 Fast Trains Daiiy 2  For rates, folders and full information regarding trips, call on or address a agent of the S. F. & N. Railway, or  H. A. Jacksok, H. Brandt,  G. F. & P. A., ...    C.P.&T. A.,  Spokane 7sl W Riverside A.ve  Wash. Spokane, Wash  CANADIAN  ..RAILWAY...  Lowest Rates       Best Time  Toronto,     Montreal;    New  York,     Martime Provinces,  New JBingland.  WEST  Vancouver, Victoria,  Seattle,     California Points.  Unequalled    Passenger   Service,  sleepers, tourist, couches, dining  cars.  Tourist  Sleeping Service :  WFST   Leayes  Revelstoke daily for  IlLiJl   Seattle and Vancouver.  FAST   Lv' nun,nore Jct- for Sl:- Paul  G����J*     daily.    Toronto, Wed., Sun.;  Montreal, Monday, Boston, Friday.  For rates, Folders and Tickets apply  to local agents.  E. J. COYLE, J. S. CATER,  A.G P.A. VanconvKr D.P.A.Nelson.  General Kuroki is still   alive   it is  claimed by those who think they know.  Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal of Minerals on Dominion Lands In Manitoba, the  Northwest Territories   and   the   Yukon  Territory.  Coal.���Coal lands may be purchased  at $10 per acre for soft coal and $20 for  anthracite. Not more than 320 acres  can be acquired by one individual or  company. Royalty at the rate of ten  cents per ton of 2000 pounds shail be  collected on gross output.  Quartz.���Persons of eighteen years  and over and joint stock companies  holding free miners' certificates may  obtain entry for a mining location.  A free miner's certificate is granted  for one or more- years, not. exceeding-  five, upon payment in advance of $7.50  per annum for an individual, and-from  550 to $100 per-annum for- a .company,  according to capital. ;  A free miner, having discovered, coal  in place, may locate a claim 1500x1500  feet by marking out the same with two  legal posts, bearing location notices,  one at each end on the line of the lode  or vein.  The claim shall be recorded within  fifteen days if located within ten miles  of a mining recorder's office, one additional day allowed for every additional ten miles or fraction. The fee  for recording a claim is $5 00.  At least $100 must be expended on  the claim each year'or paid to the mining recorder in lieu thereof. When  $500 has been expended or paid, the  has been expended or paid, the locator  mav, upon having a survey made, and  upon complying- with the other requirements, purchase the land at $1.00  an acre.*  Permission may be granted by the  Minister of the Interior: to locate  claims containing iron and mica, also  copper, in the Yukon Territory, of au  area not exceeding 160.acres.  The patent for. a mining location  shall provide for the payment of royalty on the sales not exceeding- five per  cent.  Placer Mining-, Manitoba and the  N. W. T., excepting the Yukon Territory.���Placer mining claims g-enerally  are 100 ft. square; entry fee, $5 renewable yearly. On the North Saskatchewan river claims for either bar or  bench'.the former being 100 feet long  and extending between hig-h and low  water mark. The latter includes bar  diggings, but extends back to the base  of the bill or bank, but not exceeding  100b feet.;: Where steam power is used,  claims 200 feet wide may be obtained.  Dredging in-the rivers of Manitoba  and the N. W. T., excepting the Yukon Territory.���A free miner may obtain only two leases of five miles each  fora term of twenty yisars, renewable  inthe discretion of the; Minister of.the  Interior. ���.''���'���'���  The lessee's right is- confined to the  submerged bed or bars of the river below low water mark; and subject to  the rights of all persons who have, or  who may receive entries for bar diggings or bench claims, "except on the  Saskatchewan river, where the lessee  may dredge to high . water mark on  each alternate leasehold.  The lessee shall have a dredge in  ;operatinn within one season from the  date of the lease for each five miles,  but where a person or company has  obtained more than one .lease one  dredge for-each fifteen railes-or^fracr  ion is sufficient. Rental, $10 per annum for each, mile of river leased.  Royalty at the rate oftwo and a half  pier cent collected on the out put after it  exceeds $10,000.  Dredging in the Yukon Territory-  Six leases of five miles each may be  granted to a free miner for a term of  twenty years, also renewable. ��� ;  ��� The lessee's right is confined to the  submerged, beds or bars' in the river  below low water mark^ that boundary  to be fixed by its position on the-1st  day of August in the year of the date  of the'lease.  ' The lessee shall have one dredge in  operation within two yeats from the  date of the lease, and one dredge for  each five miles, within six years from  such date Rental $100 per mile for  first year, and $10 per mile for each  subsequent year. Royalty, same as  placer mining.  Placer mining in the Yukon Territory���Creek, gulch, river and. hill  claims shall not exceed 250 feet in  length, measured on. the base line or  general direclion of the.creek or gulch;  the width being 1,000 .to 2,000. All  other placer claims shall' be 200 feet  Ciaimes are marked by two legal  posts, one at each end, bearing notices.  Entry must be obtained within ten  days, if the claim is within ten miles  of mining recorder's office. One additional day allowed for each ten miles  or fraction.  -The person or company staking a  claim must hold a free miner's certificate.  The discoverer of a new mine is entitled to a claim of 1,000 feet in length,  and if the party consists of two 1,500  altogether, on th�� output of which no  royalty will be charged, the rest of the  party ordinary claims only.  Entry fee $10. Royalty at the rate  of two and one half per cent, on the  value ofthe gold shipped frotn the  Yukon territory to be paid to the Com-  dtroller.  No free miner shall receive a grant  of more than one mining claim on e��ch  seperate river, creek or gulch, tout the  same miner may hold any number of  claims 'by purchase, and free'miners  may work their claims in partnership  by filing notice and paying fee of $2.  A claim may be abandoned, and another obtained on the same creek,  gulch or river, by giving- notice and  paying a fee. '  . ' ���  Work must be done a claim each year  to the value of at least of $200.  A certificate that work has been done  must be obtained each year. If not,  the claim shall be deemed to be abandoned, and open to occupation and entry by a free miner.  The boundaries of a claim may be  defined absolutely by having a survey  made and publishing notices in the  Yukon Official; Gazette.        .a   '.  Petroleum���All unappropriated Dominion Lands in Manitoba* the :N6rtlh-  west Territories and. Within the'Yukbn  Territory are open 'to prospecting for  petroleum, and the minister "rhky reserve for an individual or company  having machinery on the laniJ 'to be  prospected,'an area of-640 acres Should  the prospector discover oil in piying  quantities, and satisfactorily establish  sucih'discovery, an-arfea hot exceeding  ���640 acres, including the oil well and  such other land as may be' determined  will be sold to the' discoverer ..at the  rate of $1.00 an acre, subject to royalty  at su^h rate -as may be specified by  order-in-council. >,    .  JAMES A. SMART,  Deputy pf the-Minister of the Interior.  Department of the Interior, Ottawa.  S.BARRY YUILL  PRACTICAL      WATCHMAKER       AND  JEWELLER.-" *'fJ'  All .work"guaranteed    GREENWOOD.  THE  Luxury  of a  BATH...  ���*��-^,-- ,_^'  in  is  . IN REACH 0B EVERYONE'.  ���'-''  - See-the -wonderful ��� YOHO  WATER HEATER, the latest  invention, at -:  Hunter-Kendrick. Go.,  LIMITED.     ��� ��� ���. i  *"  Sole Agents,   Greenwood, B. C  NOTICE    ;':  Application ,>or>T��ansfer ;Litfuor  ' '"���' License--'   ��*'-.   *������'  Notice is hereby given * that thirty  days after date I will! apply to the  Board of Licensing Commissioners of  the City of Greenwood, for a transfer  of Liquor License held by me for the  "Clarendon- Hotel, Copper St> situate on  Lots 13 and 14, in Block 12, City of  Greenwood, to Bruce Craddock and R.  A. Nicholson. '*  JULIUS EHRLICH,  Dated at Greenwood. B. C, this 14th  dry of November, 1904.    "/;  .',"���   ,���  STANBARB  I  BATH TUBS  XXX AND XXX  LAVATORIES  !  E.   W.  BISHOP  PLUMBER ��MriMttBBnaMBSMHRS  &����2l��$aB.^^  -r_  bS��K����S�����E3Ec��  sfii-rtft'^^CWW**  u  'j f  l1* l  BOUNDARY   OREEK   TIMES  I  f!  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The officer in question claimed  that the governor's uniform was one  which only the governor-general or  an imperial privy cauncillor had the  right to wear. The governor asserted  that he had his London tailor's authority tor the statement that the uniform  was of the right class, and refused to  change it. The grades of official uniform are five in number, viz.: 1, governor-general and imperial privy councillor; 2, lieiit.-governor; 3, privy  councillor and solicitor-general; 4,  deputy-minister; S, secretary to the  governor-general. The uniform is the  same in all cases except that the higher  the rank the greater the amount of  gold lace worn.  " NAME ON  EVERY PIECr."  Chocolates  FRESH TODAY  Somebody at home will be waiting  :   tonight for a box.  Tie ^ Name on Every Piece" fa  the guarantee.  FOR SALE BY  White Bros  :....   Dispensing Chemists  GREENWOOD,   -    -   B. C.  Ottawa, Nov. 29���The total arrivals  of immigration in Canada for the four  months ending Oct. 31st were 40,880,  of which number 10,926 came from the  United States and 29,954 through ocean  ports. For the same period of 1903 the  total number of arrivals were'38,792,  of which 13,827 entered from the  United States and 24,965 through ocean  ports. Canadians are returning to  Canada in increasing numbers. 'In  July there were 311, in August 324, in  September 534 and in October 241. Of  the total emigrants in July 5014 were  males, 1825 females, and 2013 children  under 12 years of age. In August  there were 4377 males, 1945 females  and 1527 children under 12 years. In  September there 367 7 males, 2088  females and 1745 children under 12. In  October ti.ere^were 2803 males, 1479  females and 1426 children under 12  years.  SAFE AND SAM-  Dr. George R. Parkin, C. M. G., who  has chief charge Qf. the Rhodes' scholarship scheme,' recently asked president Roosevelt whether it would be  wise for the selecting committee in the  United Stales to take rthe governor of  each state, into their confidence in  making choice of students to send to  Oxford. The president replied promptly: "Not one of them; I wouldn't trust  one of them. The thing is academic���  keep it academic. Why," he added,  '���if you mentioned that scholarship to  my good friend, and one of my best  supporters, governor Blank, his first  thought would be how to use it for the  next election." All this at a large  political luncheon at the White House.  Sundry governors of states to whom  -Dr--Parkin told-the-stor-y-laughingly  lendorsed the.judgment as correct.���  i Nelson News.  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TAKE NOTICE that I, Elizabeth Galloway,  of Greenwood aforesaid,Pree Miner's Certificate  NO.BSS7S6, iritend,sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to theMinhtg- kecorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining- Crown Grants ou the above claims.  And further take notice that  action,   under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.  Dated this 16th day of September, A.D. 1904.  EDIZABETH GALLOWAY.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of ImDrovementS:  NOTICE. '���' ������  "Paymaster" Mineral  Claim,  situate   in   the  Greenwood Mining- Division of Yale District.    Where located:    Near Beaverdell.  West Fork Kettle River.  '"PAKE NOTICE .that I, Robert Wood, Free  J.      Miner's   Certificate No.  B85415,' intend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the  Minine Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaininfe a Crown  Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 38, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 1st day of Aupust, A. D., 1904.  ROBERT WOOD.  MINERAL, ACT.  Certificate of Iniprovements.  NOTICE.      ..'.-.   -  "Bay" Fractional Mineral Claim, situate in the  Grcraiwood Mining- Division of Yale District. Wherelocated: In Skylark camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Henry Fuller, Free  Miner's certificate No. B80586, acting- for  self and as ag-ent for David Manchester, Free  Miner's certificate No. B80S98, and Frederick  Hall, Free Miner's certificate No. B80S87, intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to the Mining recorder for a certificateof Improvements, for the prrpose of obtaining- a  Crown  Grant of the above claim.  ��� And further take notice that action,  under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 1st day of August. A.' D.. 1904,  HENRY FULLER.  NOTICE OF FORFEITURE.  TO RICHARD  McCULLOCK or to any person or persons to whom he may hav�� trans-  ^.fecred-his interest Jtu_the_Klondyke.Siand.  Nordac mineral   claims   situated    in   the  Greenwood Mining Division.of Yale district.  You are hereby notified that we have expended the sum of $400 in assessment work  on  the above claims togetner with  JlO.fcO for re  cording- the same, such work being required  and necessary to the said claims for the years  1902-3 ending August 2nd, 1903, under the provisions A the Mineral Act and Aratnding Acts;  and if at the expiratioa of ninety days from the  date of the first publication of this notice in  the Boundary Creek Times, you fail or refuse  to contribute your portion of such expenditure,  namely $153.75. together with all costs of advertising, your  interest   in   said mineral claims  shall become vested in us (your co-owners)upou  filing in the proper office in that behalf the affidavit required by section 4 of the Mineral Act  Assessment Act, 1900.  Dated this 22nd dav of April, 1904.  MINERAL ACT  Certificate of Improvements.  "VICEROY" Fraction Milling Claim, situate  in the Greenwood Mining Division of Yale  District. Where located: In Deadwood  camp, adjoining the No. 9 Mineral Claim.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Sydney M. John-  ��� son, Free Miners' Certiiicate No. U80515,  acting for self and as agent for Charles H.  Tve, Free Miners'Certificate No. BSS703; Pat  Hickey, Free Miners' Certificate No. B804%,and  Duncan Mcintosh Free Miners' Certificate No.  B8S697,intend sixty da3-s from the date hereof.to  apply lo the Mining Recorder fora Certificate  of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining  a Crown Grant of tlie.above claim.  And further take notice that action, tinder  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 12tli day of August, A. D. 1904.  Svdney M. Johnson.  MINERAL ACT  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  "Springfield" Mineral Claim, situate in the  Geeenwood Mining Division of Yale District. Where located:���In Beaver Creek  Canto.  TAKE NOTICE that I. Isaac H. Uallett. as  agent for James Napier Paton, Free  Miner's Certificate No. B62156. and Ralph  Smales, Free Miner's Certificate No. BS5521.  intend, sixty days from the date hereof to  apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate  of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining  a Crown Grant of the above claim .  And further take notice  that action,  under  Section' 7.  ro������   be "nmmen'"?'*   beforp   the  Issuance of such < erti   -ate of I>ni>iovemtv...  Dated :bis 3rd day of March. A. D., i904.  I. H. Hallett.  +  Stocks  The  Phoenix  Fire Assur-1  ance Co. of London, Enjj.  Liverpool and London and  Globe Insurance Company.  [The British   America  As-  ��surance Co., of Toronto.  > The    Caandian    Birkbeck!  [In-vestment   and Savings  (Co.  ��-  Estate  ��� *  GEORGE   R.   NADEN  MANAGER  ^   u^wiux,      ��.      x^x^x, . xu A��au.u   ^  Js**^* ��s����|*> *$���� ��$��*$�� *$* ��j**^> ��?*<^>��*j* *?***$���* *-*$* *?* ���"j** *���?��� ��f** *-��* *-$* *$* *?**$*  ^TOffOTTOTOTO^^^  Cr*  (r*  Cr^  <r<  e*  cP*  <r<  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  CF*  <��?  Cr*  Cr*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  ..Bank of Montreal.  Capital, all paid up $14,000,000.  Rest.  ..$10,000,000.  President.   Lord Stratbcona and Modnt Royal.  Vice-President:    Hon. Gborge A. Drummond.  General Manager:   E. S   Clouston.  Branches in London, Eng. .{&$*b?/rS.\ New York, Chicago.  .  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers : Grant Commercial an  Travellers' Credits, available in any partfof the world.  Greenwood Branch,       L. B. deVEBER, Manager.  x=5  *=��>  *-r.  Tmmimmmmmmmmmwmmmm  THE f AMDM RAM OF COMMERCE  With Whicti is Amalgamated  THE BANK OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE: TORONTO.  Paid-up capital ���..��� $   8,700,000  Rest :....      .....;      3,000,0o0  Agg-reg-ate resources (30 Nov. 1903) over....    83,000,000  London Office. ���'���''..''      Wm. Gray   "("���'.'��  60 Lombard St. E. C. New m* Agency  ��� ��. B. Walker 1 A��e^s-  16 EXCHANGE PLACE.  In addition the Bank has 107 bran��hes and agencies in Canada and the United  Sutes,t  including the following in British Columbia and the Yukon .Territory.  ATTAIN.  CRANBRCOIT.  DAWSON,  I" ERNIE.  NEW YORK;  GREENWOOD,        -���     NANAIvio, VANCOUVER,  [KAMLOOPS, NELSON, VICTORIA,  LADYSMITH, N.WESTMINSTER, WHITE HORSE,  Branches in the United States:  SAN FRANCISCO. PORTLAND, SEATTLE, SKAGWAY)  and sold and everv description of banking (  ;     GREENWOOD" BRANCH, '  W. ALLISON. Manager.  Deposits received, exchangei'boug-.Ut  business transacted (  THE JEIIQHESl^ ^^W^REI  ii  AND   GOLD  MEDAL  HAS BEEN GIVEN TO THE '  SALADA^ Tea Co.  AT THE ST. LOUIS EXPOSITION.  Union  Meat Market.  .���following Shipments Just im*  Tresb  Smoked  and Salted  ��biefien$ ^ and ^ Ducks  T. P. FLOOD,     Prop. BOUNDARY   OREEK   TIMES  Gbe  Boundary Creek Times  "Issued Every f riday  Doncan Ross Manaoino Editor  SUBSCRIPTIONS IN ADVANCE.  Pbk Ykak    2 00  Six Months   _  1 25  To FOKKIGN COUNTKIKS.  .. 2 50  FRIDAY  DECEMBER 2, 1904  A WORD OF CAUTION.  Greenwood today is in a better  position   financially    than    any  other town in the interior of British Columbia.    Overdrafts have  been paid to the banks,   there is  no current indebtedness,  there is  a good surplus available and  the  city's only liability is its bonded  indebtedness for   which  interest  and sinking fund have been fully  provided.    The ratepayers are to  be congratulated upon the healthy  financial condition of the city but  they should  also  remember that  this gratifying result was secured  only by hard work on the part of  the mayor  and aldermen and  a  policy of strictest economy. Four  years  ago,   the   city was financially     and     legally     involved  tnrough the vicious and extravagant administration of a gentleman   who   is   now    strenuously  endeavoring to rehabilitate himself   in   the   city.    It  took five  years of hard work  to undo the  evils of an incapable and spiteful  mayor.    The work has been accomplished and the city is again  in a   position   to  be   exploited.  Rumor has it, that same gentleman is going to make a second  raid on municipal offices.    Those  who want stagnation  and litiga-  0 tion, debt and turmoil  will come  to his assistance but those who  have some pride in their city and  are anxious to see it prosper will  be on their guard   against any  chances of a repetition of maladministration.  chief magistrate and it is hoped  that he will consent to accept  nomination for another term.  It is understood that the majority of the aldermen will consent to nomination. Aid. Ross  retires after four years' service in  the council and it is understood  that Aid. McNeill will not seek  re-election. Aid. Caulfield has  had four years' experience in the  council and to him much of the  credit is due foi the satisfactory  position in which the city now  stands. Aid. McKenzie, Bunting  and Parker have also proved careful and conscientious servants of  the city. With Geo. R. Naden  as mayor supported by the four  gentlemen referred to, in council,  the ratepayers and citizens generally will feel every assurance  that the interests of the city are  in capable hands.  Sjfc   BOUNDARV   VALLEY   LODGE  ���^5��*^ No. 38,1. 0. 0. F.  Meets every   Tuesday  Evening at 8 00 in  the  I. O. O. P. Hall.    A cordial invi tation is ex  tended to all sojourning brethern.  G. R. Naden, Fred B. Holmes.  N. G. Rec.-Sec.  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  r  HALLETT& SHAW  Barristers, Solicitors,  Cable Address  Notaries Public.  HAIXETT."  Codes  Bedford M'Nelll's   Qrep.hvjood,  Moreing- & Neal's Si c>  Leiber's.  I. H.  HALLBTT.  H. C. SHAW.  RESERVED LANDS.  M��LEOD & BROWN  Barristers and Solicitors,  Notaries Public, Etc  o  Offices: Wallace-Miller block. Copper street,  Greenwood, B.C.  J. R. Brown. J. P. McLeod.  A question which should be  seriously discussed at the forthcoming meeting of the Associated  Boards of Trade of Eastern British Columbia is the lifting of  numerous reserves which have  been placed on the public lands  in this province. The day of  land subsidies is past. All available land should be thrown open  for settlement. A particularly  aggravating case is that of the  Columbia and Western railway  reserve which continues in effect  for reasons only known to the  McBride government and the  Canadian Pacific Railway company. These reserves are the  greatest obstacle to the opening  up of the province.  A. E. ASHCROFT.  Dominion and  Provincial Land Surveyor.  -    Alnlng and Engineering Surveys.  Underground Work a Specialty.  TVood Block (next Customs office.)  GREENWOOD, B. C  ARTHUR M. WHITESIDE.  BARRISTER and SOLICITOR  Rendell Block, Greenwood, B.C  CHARLES AE. SHAW.  Civil Engineer ,  Dominion    anb    Provincial  L/and Surveyor.  Office with Gaunce & Wickwire.  Telephone No. 32.  GREENWOOD.    :      :      :      :    B.   O.  PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYOR  IMPROVED MAIL SERVICE.  Daily trains will be running  into Phoenix over the Great  Northern before the New Year.  J. F. Royer, who is running the  present stage between Greenwood  "and Grand FbriS^intends^to run  a fast stage between Greenwood  and Phoenix when trains run to  the latter. The Great Northern  railway carries the American  mail and some Canadian mail. If  the mail for Greenwood were  hauled by stage from Phoenix, it  would mean a day's saving of  time. The Board of Trade  should take the matter up and  make representations to the  proper official who would in all  probability grant the increased  service.  The value of certain newspaper  support in a political campaign  is very problematical. The personality of the editor of a large  daily does not count. It is what  the paper says not what the  editor says the people consider.  But with a paper published in a  smaller town it is different. The  county weekly's influence depends  on the personality of its editor.  The editor who knows little  about the politics of this country  and cares less and who sells his  support for so many dollars does  not draw votes to the candidate  he is supporting. The money  spent by^ Jj^ Co^eryj.tiy.e���party1  in the recent contest on at least  two newspapers published in the  Boundary was money wasted.  These papers did not bring Mr.  Burrell a single vote;���on the  other hand they lost him several.  RICHARD H. PARKINSON,  A. M. Can- Toe C. E.  Surveyor and Civil Engineer.  Surveys on Kettle   River   and ��� "West  Fork promptly attended to at regular  prices.  Address :   FAIRVIEW P.   O., B. C  DR MATHISON DENTIST  Opposite Post Office  GREENWOOD      -      -      B C  j^mmwTmm^  VICTORIA.B.C  CITY COUNCIL.  The influence of the first Conservative government British  Columbia ever had was exerted in  the interests of Conservative candidates in this province. The  result accurately gauges the  amount of influence Premier McBride and his government exerts  over tbe electors of this province.  Our Large Illustrated  CATALOGUE  Of 230 pages,  1568 illustrations  would  be a great help to you in  the selection of your  CHRISTMAS"  PRESENTS  It fully describes thousands of  useful articles that everyone  appreciates ��� things that will  last���a perpetual reminder of the  giver. Things that make home  brighter and  Send us your address���  mention this paper and we  will send you a copy by  return.  There is a strong feeling in the  city that Mayor Naden should be  persuaded to seek re-election for  another term. To him, more  than any other member of the  council, credit should be given  for the splendid position the city  municipally occupies today. He  has already given four or five  years of active service, in two of  which he occupied the mayor's  chair. The city is now in a position to do things. The extension  of the waterworks and other important public works can now be  undertaken because the city is in  a position financially to secure  the necessary money for such projects. It is important therefore  that next year's council should  be a strong one. Mayor Naden  has proved  a wise  and capable  Wholesale Dealers  Liquors  in  Choicest Brands of Wines,  and Cigars.  -^ PABST  ^y Brewing K��  Sole Boundary  Agents For  COMPANY'S  CELEBRATED  MILWAUKEE  m LAGER  BEER  Drink Iron Brew  The Ideal Drink  JAS. McCREATH, Prop.,   Greeenwood  FALL AND WINTER  Suitings, Overcoatings  Trouserings  All Imported Goods of  tbe latest design.  2o see them is to  appreciate them.  PRICES ARE SURE TO PLEASE  WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED  W, ELSON  Copper Street,  THE TAILOR  Opposite the Windsor Hotel  z^  *ft#��ftvft#��ftftftft#*ft�� ft��ftft��ft������ft��ft��#��ft��ft��ft����������ftft��ttftft*��ft����  ft  ��  ft  ft  ft  ��  ft  ft  *  ft.  *i  ft  ft  *  *  ��  ft  ��  ��  ft  ��  ��  ��  ��  ...WINDSOR CAFE;..  HARRY C0UTTS. Proprietor  MEALS AT ALL  HOURS  NIGHT OR DAY  Dining Room  in the  Windsor  First-Class.  Hotel-  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  �����  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  -Everything %  ��  *  *  ��  ��  ��  ��  ft����ft����*ft��ft��#ftft��ft��������ft��ftftftft������**#*ft#��ft��ft��ft��ft��ft��������ft��ft��  EUROPEAN PLAN.  jf * * *%> * **��� * 4- ���& %> * * ��*�����'���*��� * * ��$��� 4* 4* * ���$��� *+4 *a?  THE BEST BEER IN  TOWN IS MADE BY  -THE-  ELKHORN   BREWERY |  - ���    ���- ������������=   ��� -��� ��� ��� - ���-������ ������ *>  <&t   The Elkhorn Eager Beer Contains only pure Malt Hops.   <����  ^u   Try it.     On draught on in bottles at all the leading hotels ,:��  Portman & Portman  Prop-  Ask For Elkhorn Lager Beer  FIRE,   LIFE   AND   ACCIDENT  ...INSURANCE...  MINING AND REAL ESTATE  ..STOOK AND SHARES...  Greenwood Liquor Co.  Cecal ment for ��. P. R. Cands  BONDS OF i'f'.Sif   Oiixil?U)).    EXECUTED  JUDICIAL ONES A SPECIALTY.  rrcderic OJ. mcCaine,  Opposite Postoffice GRElCNWOOD-  a$*��ft��#ftftftftft������^^0��Wft����ft��#������ft��ft*ft����ft*��ftS*������ftft����ft��ft  |        Head Office : 204 Dearborn St., Chicago; 111. |  �� .__ ��  *���'   ' I  ft HHfltnfcBAnKII       BAA A A ���  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  FINANCIAL I MINING AGENTS  ��  ��  PUR-  '"/W'/W^w,4  %   MINING    PROPERTIES    OF   MERIT  | CHASED   OR   HEVELOPED.  e����������saft0������aftft9����ft��ftftftftftftft��ftaft��ft��ft��ftftft����������ft��������ft��ft v-j^i#w&^$iffcto*£i^^
&rxt:tK;z!~-;;>zi ■JXiJl
Having rented this space for two months, we intend clearing out our present stock, consisting of
New and Second Hand Furniture and all household articles at Great Discount Prices For Cash.
It will be to the interest of every citizen in town and country to watch this space and note the
prices we quote as they will compare favorable with the lowest of eastern prices,
:-'r->0. r
•■J--/-';. ;■,
Special Cash
Chiffoners, regular price:.   ....$13.50
t> Sale Price   $1130
Chiffoners, with mirror $16.00
Sale Price $13.20
Bureaus, large size $17.00
Sale Price - $U.10
Centre Tables     $2.50
Sale Pride....... $2.10
Centre Tables , :..$3.25
Sale Price  $2.65
Centre Tables ..  $5.00
Sale Price •  $3-95
Ladies' Dressing Tables :....'.... ..$3.50
Sale Price     $2.85
Child's Folding Cribs $6,50
Sale Price   $5.15
6 ft. Extension Tables $13.i)iQ_s
■'-:~'- Sale Price.. ..^$ii=40
8 ft. Extension Tables .:..:........:.........$15.00       \\
Sale Price $13.30
8 ft. Extension Tables.........:....:...;.... $18.00
Sale Price    $1580
Dresser, regular price............ $11.25
Sale Price '.'■ $9.80
Dresser, bevel mirror :..................$12.50
Sale Price    $1070
Dresser, bevel mirror ;....$17.50
Sale Price......... $15.15
Dressers and Comodes .;...:..:.... $21.00
Sale Price $18.00
Dressers with or without comodes	
Sideboard, regular price   ..........:......$18.85
> Sale Price. .....$16.40
Sideboard, bevel mirror... ...:..............$20.00
Sale Price .     .$17.50
Hall Rack, regular price $12.50
■ Sale Price......... $9.90
Special Cbair Sale
Kitchen Chairs, regular SI.00, 1.10. 1.20
Sale Price 80 cts, 90 cts. $1.00
Diners, braced  arm -     1.25
Sale Price $1.10
Diners, braced arm, faucy...     1.60
Sale Price $1.4-0
Diners, braced arm, latest pattern      1.65
Sale Price $1.45
Diners, oak, "good enough for Teddie"......    2.00
Sale Prcie 180
Arm Chairs, large highback... '.    3.25
Sale Price 2.80
Arm Chairs, oak, large high back    3.75
Sale Price 3-25
Arm Rocker, large high back _ :.. 3.25 . 3.00
"SalePrice 2.85. 2,70
Arm Rocker, sewing , -    2.50
Sale Price 2.10.
Arm Rocker, sewing :.  2.65, 2.00
Sale Price 2:20.. 1-85
Arm Upholster ed Rocker....!.........         4.75
Sale Price 4.20
Arm, cobbler seat, Rocker    3.25
Sale Price 2.65
f^^lSiii:::';~^ ftfrt:;'
Single Beds, regular price   .. S5.75
Sale Price $ 4.80
Single Beds S7.00
Sale Price   -        5-90
-K Beds $5.25
Sale Price   .   4.45
Full Size Beds S5.50
Sale Price    4.65
Full Size Beds : ...$7.00
Saie Price     6.15
Full Size Beds $13.50
Sale Price    11.90
Full Size Beds $14.50
Sale Price  12.30
Full Size Beds     $18.75
Sale Price   15.65
Full Size Beds $18.50'
Sale Price  15-45
Full Size Beds .......$16.00
Sale Price    .. 13.80
Couches, finest figured velour  .$10.50
Sale Price      9 35
Couches, finest figured.velour §11.50
'■ ;■,   Sale Price     9.65
Bed Lounges, latest patterns   :' $20.00
Sale Price  17.50
Bed Lounges, latest patterns  S13.50
Sale Price   12.00
The last car of ore shipped. by the
E. P. U. weighing less than 20 tons
netted over $2000.
The Elkhorn  has   a   car of ore out
running very high in g*"ey copper and
will make a new  standard of returns
not only for the mine but the district
W. T. Smith has another car. of ore.
from the Last Chance below town
ready for shipment. Mr. Smith is now
wondering why he has been spending
so much time looking for a good thing
when he owns one himself.
Hope No. 2 in Skylark camp, owned
by Robert Donnegan, has been bonded
to Mr. Cornish and work thereon has
begun. Hope No. 2 is in good company being near the Silver King,
Silver Cloud, Bav and Skylark.
? :.:■' ■■■'■■■■■"■■'■■$
Y ...
The°number of men on the Combination has been increased to six. The
property looks well, and some good ore
is being taken out.
□ It looks now as if the next high
grade claim to be seriously developed
would oe the Gold Bug. negotiations
to that end progressing favorably.
The Carmi, Wellington, Bounty and
Sally at least, and possibly other*,
will be shipping from the VVe.M Fork
this winter.
Negotiations are pending for bonding tne Riverside claim on the K'-ttie
river a few miles above Ruck Creek.
The claim was recent^- sampled an'd if
the values are satisfactory a deal will
go through.
INBS0R   £*$0TEL
ERNEST J. CARTIER, Proprietor.
Finest Furnished House in the Boundary
Steam Heated. Lighted throughout with electric lights.
We offer special inducements to travellers as we have the
finest sample rooms in the city.    Our  bar excells  all others.
Reform or revolution is near at hand
for Russia. The Czar appears to look
favorably on the Zerastro movement
but whether or not he will grant the
reforms is doubtful. The nature of
the reforms demanded spell constitutional government, neither more nor
less. Reforms will be granted or a
bloody revolution will deluge Ihe great
nation of the north.
Greenwood, |
B. C,     I
G-O^MS— S 4*E-E-F
Give Careful Attention to Business
Entrusted to Them
They Rent Houses,I
They Buy and Sell Real Estate,
They Loan Money For Home Building.
They Insure Anything Worth Insuring.
Agents For The Following Insurance
Leaves Greenwood 6 a.  in.    Arrives-at Phoenix 7 a.m.. Grand Forks l'\■•"'• ■>.:.-..
Leaves Grand Forks 3.45 p. ni.. Phoenix 7 p.m.,   arrives in Greenwood     ;>   •,..-.
Fare -Grand Forks  £3.00.      Greenwood to Phoenix SI.00      Phoenix i■■•
Greenwood 50 cents.
Great Northern express rates   made known at office.
J. F. ROYER, Manner.
S 1 \  BOUNDARY    OREEK   TIMES.  COMPANY NOT TO BLAME.  \V. F. Robertson, provincial miner-  ologist, and Mr. Roberson, spent yesterday in Nelson and leave foi Victoria  this morning by way of Spokane.  Mr. Robertson has been attending  the inquest into the death of the Morrissey miners at thp accident in which  14 men were killed. The coroner's  jury of six men had viewed the remains  when they were recovered from the  mine. The evidence of the doctor, who  made the post mortem examination  was to the effect that- all had died of  suffocation. The formal inquest began  at 7 o'clock Monday evening and lasted  until 12:30 on Tuesday. Twelve witnesses were in all examined and there  was no conflicting evidence of any  kind. The whole statement of fact  and cause is summed up with admirable conciseness in the finding of the  jury, subscribed to by all the members:  "We find that the deceased came to  their death from suffocation caused by  a blowout of gas in No. 1 mine, Morrissey, the property of the Crow's Nest  Pass Coal company, limited, on the  morning of the 18th of December, 1904.  We are unable to find that any blame  attaches to the Crow's Nest Pass Coal  company, or any of its officials."���Nel  son News.  Hon. A. G. Blair has returned from  his trip to the world'* fair at St. Louis.  Mr. Blair stated that there was nothing  definitely settled yet as to his assuming the managership of the Toronto  Roller Bearing company, and he has  nothing to say as to his intentions for  the future.  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby (riven tliat all creditors  and persons havinp-' claims against the estate  of the late Adolphus Ferguson, wliodied on the  9th September last, 1904, are required on or before the 31st December. 190+, to file a statement  (fiving- full particulars of their ;laims duly  verified, the statement of their account and the  value of their securities (if any)  held by them.  And further take notice that after such last  mentioned date the Administrator will proceed  to distribute the assets of the said deceased  among-st the parties entitled thereto havinp regard only to the clainis of which he then shall  have notice and that the said Administrator  will not be liable for the said assets or any part  thereat to anv person or persons of whose  claims notice shall" not have bean received by  him at the time of such distribution.  Dated this .14th day of October, 1904.  T. H. PATERSON, Greenwood.  Administrator of the estate of the late Adolphus  Ferguson, deceased.  In The Supreme Court of British  Columbia.  IN THE MATTER ofthe Municipal Clauses Act  and Amending Acts and  IF the MATTER of the City of Greenwood  Real-Estate Tax Sale Bylaw 1904  IN CHAMBERS 1    Law   I  Before the Chief Justice ���{ Stamps >  The 25th day of October, 1904. (   S1.3C    j  ORDER  UPON hearing- Mr. Gray of Counsel for the  the Corporation of the City of Grten-  wood and upon reading- the affidavit of George  B. Taylor, filed herein the 24th day of October,  1904.  IT IS ORDERED that service of the Notice  of Tax Sale, required by the provisions of .the  said City of Greenwood Real Estate Tax Sale  Bylaw 1904, by sending a copy of said notice  by prepaid registered oost to the last known  address of C. F. Alston; I,aura Ward; Tena  Branson; Mary Agnes Cornwall; W. A. Corbett; R. F Coates; iiouis Ernst; Corriene  Castlebar; J. B. Cameron; R. F. Coates; J. A.  Cameron; Alexander Cameron; H. C. Davis;   Munroe;   Ellwood   C.   Brown; Lena   O.  Cortes; Minnie Cameron; J. H. Wallace; Walter L. D'Eath; H. R. Elliott; R. Davidson;  ..Adolpli Fjsher: Sarah Doar_ing;sFred_Fisclier;  Alexander Fraser; Harry A. Guess"; Jaiie  Galloway; J. H. Heidrickson; A. B. Hart;  Olivia Hart; John Keough; Attwood Keough;  J. W. Keough; Delarin A. Holbrook; D. M.  Linnard; George W. Richardson; Walter J.  Leinon; Bernard Croft Murray; Edward Nash;  William H. Asquith; James McMahon; Fred  Munn; F. F. McDowell; ThomasF. McDowell;  Mrs. W. D. Palmer: Annie Jane Palmer; Das-  cow Holbrook; Earl Smith; Daniel Slteehan;  V. C. Younghusband; James E. Hoy; Angus  Nicholson; Jamas L. Steele; William Pero-  Smith; Ronald Harris; A. A, Burnett; William Galbraith; Henry C. Keedy; Hugh McKay and Laura Shonquest, respectively, shall  be a good and sufficient service of said Notice  of Tax Saleudon said persons.  AND IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that  service of the Notice of Tax Sale, required by  the Provisions of the said City of Greenwood  Real Estate Tax Sale Bylaw 1904, by sending  a copy of said Notice by prepaid registered  mail to Francis J. Finucane addressed to Spokane, Washington, United States of America,  shall be a good and sufficient service of sa:d  Notice of Tax Sale upon the estates of R. E. L.  Brown, deceased, aud E. A. Bielenberg, respectively-.  AND IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that  service of the Notice of Tnx Sale required by  the provisions of .said City of Greenwood Real  Estafe Tax Sale Bylaw 1904, by personally  serving acopy of said Notice upon I. H. Hallett  ofthe City of Greenwood, British Columbia,  shall be a good and sufficient service of said  Notice of Tax Sale upon F. B. Smith and upon  the estate of Annie Larkins deceased.  AND IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that  service of the Notice of Tax Sale required by  the provisions of said Citv of Greenwood Real  Estate Tax S��lc Bylaw 1904, by personally  serving a copv of said Notice upon James N,  Pa'.or of the City of Greenwood, British Columbia, shall be a good and sufficient service of  said No'ice of Tax Sale upon the estate of  William B, Paton, deceased.  AND IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that  service of the Notice of Tax Sale, required by  the provisions of said City of Greenwood Real  Estate Tax Snle Bylaw, 1904, by sending a copv  ofsaid Notice by prepaid registered mail addressed to John Ray Miller, Colman, Alberta,  shall be a good and sufficient service of said  Notice of Tax Sale upon the estate of Thomas  Miller, deceased.  AND IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that  service of the Notice ol Tax Sale required by  the provisions of said City of Greenwood Real  Estate Tax Sale Bylaw. 1904, by sending a copy  of said Notice by prepaid registered mail addressed to The California Wine Company,  Limited, Nelson. British Columbia, shall be'a  pood and sufficient service of said Notice of  Tax Sale upon the said California  Wine Coni-  P A&D IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that  this order shall be published foi at least four  weeks, prior to said sale under said Tax Sale  Bylaw, in the Boundary CreekTimes, a weekly  newspaper published in said City of Greenwood.  Dated the 25th day of October, 1904.  (   Greenwood,   1 . HUNTER.  \ Oct, 27, 1904   >��� C. J,  I    Reg-istry.     I  Entered October 27th. 1904.  W. G. M.  R.  Corporation of the City of Greenwood  Collector's List of Lands or Improvements or Real Property within the Corporation  of the City of Greenwood.  To be sold for Taxes, Interest and Costs on the 28th day of December, 1904, at the City Hall, Greenwood, B. C, at 11 o'clock a.m.  in pursuance of "The .City of Greenwood Real Estate Tax Sale By-law, 1904," unless in the meantime the Arrears of Taxes, Interest and  Costs due in respect of each Lot in the Schedule hereunder written be paid.    If sold, the said Lands and Improvements will, pursuant to  the provisions of the "Municipal Clauses Amendment Act, 1900," be chargeable with a portion of the legal costs of and incidental to the  obtaining of the Judge's order confirming such sale.  ASSESSED OWNER  REGISTERED OWNER  o  i4  Alston, C.   P   Bank of British North America  Barrett, L.  S. M   Bannerman^, D.   A   Blue, Louis .'   Blue, Louis    Blue, Louis    Blue, Louis    Blue, Louis    Blue, Louis  s  Co.  The Columbia & Western R  Wm. Thomas Oliver   Barrett,  L.   S.   M   Ward, Laura A N portior  Fraser, Jas. S. C   ��� N %  S.  s.  s.  s.  s.  s.  s.  s.  s.  s.  s.  s.  s.  R.  ���R.  .  J  Fraser, Jas. S. C  Fraser, Jias. S. C.  Fraser, Jas. S. C.  Fraser, Jas.  Fraser, Jas.  Fraser, jas.  Fraser, Jas.  Fraser, Jas.  Fraser, Jas.  FraseT, Jas.  Fraser, Jas.  FraseT, Jas.  Fraser. Jas.  FraseT, Jas.  FraseT, Jas.  Fraser. Jas.  Fraser, Jas.  Naden, Geo.  FiniTcaiwe, F  Branson. Lenta -...  Smith, W.  T  ,    Smith; W.   T   Cqmiadian Bank of Commence     Corbett. Wm.   A   Oaistlebair. Corintue  N 30 ft  Cameron. John B   wood.   Robert    '   Canrmron. Alexander   rtaiiflfleifl.. TWarearet. M. & Gnvleson. B.L.  Louts   Louis      C.  C.  C.  C.  C.  C.  C.  C.  C.  C.  C.  C.  C.  C.  Blue, Louis    Blue, Louis  ���   Blue, Louts    Blue, Louis   :   Blue, Louis    Blue, Louis   Blue, Louis    Blue, Louis    Blue, Louis   Blue, Louis    Blue  Louis ,.   Blue, Louis    Estate R.   E.   L.   Brown   TCstate E. A.  Bielenberg   Branson, Lena   Belt. W. G. H   Belt.  W. G. H ..,  Collins,   Cr.   H   Corbett, W.  A   Castlebair, Corinne    Cameron, J.  B   Coates. R. F ,  Cameron. J.  A ,  Caulfield. J. J. and Munroe    California Wine Co.  |i-nrn��t..  California. Wine Co JTh-rvst  Collins.   Amelia    iCol'Tin*.   Amelia      Canary Milling- Co.   .' |RroTVn   Fl-wood' C   Cookson, Wilfrid |nook>son. "Wilfrid   Davis, R. C.  and Wallace. J |r��wvH TTenirv C. & Wallace. John R.!.!  Dean.   M'at.tle    Jnean.   IWjaW.le      D'Fat.h. W. and Flliott H. R iTvmaith. Walter L   David'soni,  R ]wioiod.   Robert.   Davidson'.   R JTOtood.   -Robert;   Fisher.  Adolph    JTrorr. .T0.n.. Ostroski. L. T.. Froser. .T..  V   S.   C.. Ffsher Adolnh    DeniHn s.   Ral-ah    | raairHtiid'   TWInlrv   ���"Yirischner.  Loiuls :...- |c\vH��o(hTiier.  Lowis    ...........  finucanle. F. J. Iwcvort. -Robert.   ���"'inuoa-nie. F. J  jw0rvl. Robert !!.!!.!  '"''nucajwe. F.  J jwmnrt.  Robert.   ���"Mfiuwune. F. J. jwon-fl. -Robert,   ���"''micaine; F.  J ��� j-rovvv?, Robert.    !!.!.';!  ���^'tincame. F.  .T  ..j-TO>v->rt. Robert. 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'  >  Lj       1  v        1  >        1  axes  1903.  1904.  .2 u  ai  �� a  ASSESSED OWNER  REGISTERED OWNER  i-t      j  it of T  Dec,  18th,  onnnis  g-ent  le.  ��� in  O -*-.  ���.-���������  o  - X  ' o  o  a  rt  ands   and  meuts.  5 *��� ~  oj2 =  - "a  *^ -u ��  ,�� a J:  ���a ����� '" ;  -.CM :  ��  O  O    i  Ti           10      :  ���7.'�� a   ���:  u  < ��> ,i  O ra o  .: .   ���      ���  i                        *           .         .  a  ffl  S  >4  H-0&  O rt P.  j  i���i  HhO  Hardy, T.   J.   Keough, J., 1A1 E. anti J. W.  Keough, J., A.J.E-.*' amd J. W.  Keough, J., A. E. and J. W.  Keough, J., A. E. -anid J.' W.  Kinney, Charles  .-. .-;.-..-...;���.....  Lin-nard, D. M.   ..................  Lemon, Waltpr J.   ,.    Lemons   Wailter  J. ���< .;   Miller, M. E..'& G. F.   Miller, M. E., & G. F ,.  Murray, B.  C.   C.  Muirray, B  Murray, B.  Murray, B.  Murray, B.  .Murray, B.  Murray, B.  .Murrav, B.  flmrmv. B.  C.      Mortimer, Ed   Mortimer., Ed .,  Mfliiomlic -Lodge -...".  JVmiler. Tho��., Estate  /Miller. Thos., -Estate  Miner. Thos., Estate  Miiller. TTios., Estate  C jMwrraT, Bernard C'-' ft  C ...,.,.,.  o .:':..,:.  c   c   c :.;.....  Miller. Thos., Estate  IMWer, Thomats  Munn. Fred jWood, Robert  Munn. Fred,.-^   IWjraji. -��� -Fred A ... -,-b. .7. -....-....- -.-.  lUcTVnpfrife-Tlt. Thomas /.."..'.�����./.-  ivfcTCb^tiieilT -Thomas'. .'......i.'..,.  McTCwv.  Htreh   .. .....   ..���Nplsjrvn'.' .7? W,; ft Nelson. Susannah...)  Hardy, Edward & McMahon, Jas   Keough, John, Keough, Attwood E.,  Kepugh,   J.   W   Keough, John, Keough, Attwood E.,  Keough,   J.   W   Keough, John, Keough, Attwood E.,  Keough,   J.   W   Keough, John, Keough, Attwood E.,  Keough,   J.   W   Blue, Louis, Fisher, Adolph     Rldhardson,  Geo.   W   Wood, Robert     Wood, .Robert      Miller, Martin Elmer & Geo. Franklin.  Miller, Martin Elmer ft Geo. Franklin.  Muirray. Bernard Croft   Murray, Bernard Cr~ *-t  s %  Muirray, Bernard Cro Et    iMnirray, Bernard Crof*  ,   Murray, Bernard Croft   Mwrray, Bernard Croft   Mwrray, Bernard Croft   Muirray, Bernard Croft    Nash, Ed., Asquith, Wm. H   NiSh.. Ed., Asquith. Wm. H   Ofreenwood Lo-dere, No. ;28, A.F.&A.M.s%l  Miiiiler. Thomas  I  Wood.  Robert    ...j  ^Tiller,  Thomais   I  M-iTler, Thomas '.. j  Wood.  Robert  I  Munn,,Delia" .\.......-...-. v... I  MoDomtniell: rTh6mas' .- .-:...-."..''...j  McDomraiell.. Thomais   .* .',...........!  lWcKa.v.  Hugh   .'.:..".'..   I  NelsQTi. .TohnJW.. ft Nel-son. Susie ....!  rvRTien. J. W., ft Demnsey. Chas.... .|n'Brien._T: W^. ft Dempsey, Chas. A..  .^ifoTi'.' .Tas..- .Nl'ft.  Triton.- Jas;  fJi r.-\  Part-on.   .Tas." N.   .  Porter. W.  ,T.   ..  Porter: W.  J.  .RimfliPWffe. R.ichard  Rio'fiip;Ti ff��.' -TR.'i ch ard  , .. .-IFatoh.. Wm.  B: ,..  ;'.....JRO'it. .'Fmnk w;1....'':'���..���:';/.:.?;.  .. JGflirlaJild.  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This year the interest had not lacked  any of its old time vigor and all offices  were closely and keenly contested for,  in fact in one instance the NobleGranU  was compelled to cast a deciding vole.  The following officers-elect will be  installed in their different offices on  January 3rd: N.G., W. Elson; V G.,  James McCreath, jr.; Rec.-Sec, Fred  B.-Holmes; Fin.-Sec. (4. B.Taylor and  Treas., Frank Spearing.  Much credit is due the retiring officers for the manner in which the  affairs of the lodge were handled  during their six months' term and if  the example set by them is maintained  and carried forward by the new officers  Uom.dary Viilley lodge will in a short  time have a larger membership, a  larger bank account and a larger  amount of brotherly love among its  members than any other fraternal  organization in the interior. May the  good work continue.  CURRENCY.  And now the majority for Duncan  Boss, meinber^elect for Yale-Cariboo,  stands at over the 200 mark.  The current prices of metals are certainly eri'courqging. Lpad ;is steady,  silver climbing, copper -soaring and  even zinc jumping at a lively rate.  , To all,appearances both, provincial  and federal parliahient'wilJ be convened early in Tanuary. ��� Few towns of  the size of Greenwood loses two citizens  temporarily by such events, but Greenwood has the distinction of having a  resident member of ea'ch house.  The Phoenix Pioneer ought to be  liable to action for libel-foe the publication last week of that picture labelled  Duncan-Russ. If,that pictfire b^d appeared before election in the place of  the Pioneer's editorials Ross' might  have been defeated."     ���������������--  It is reported from Victoria that the  breach between premier McBride and  his Socialist: supporters in the provincial parliament over the government's  declination to cancel the appointment  of Mr. Adolphus Williams police magistrate of Vancouver, lias been .widened by events in the late election  campaign.     , , ,...-...,-  Tne Thdrriks Drug Co. has been incorporated under the Companies Act  with a capital of;-$15.,000.. . ��� ,-  It is claimed that despite reports to  the contrary none of the mooted places  will become the Pacific coast terminus  of thrGfaWd'TninlT^acificrbluriniaF  a tow'n to be called Laurier will be the  terminus. Where Laurier will-be, however, is still kept in the dark.    .  Jndge Spinks has been appointed a  commissioner under the Public Inquiries Act to examine into the conduct  of Alexander Dick who, in his capacity  of government mine inspector, is  charged with having given untruthful  reports as to the conditior. of the Coal  creek mines prior to the terrible accident of a few years ago, and for doing  which he was paid by the company.  The maledictions of the bad are as  complimentary to -a "man' as the benedictions pf the good. ��� Seethe Grand  Forks GaVettfe of t'tie! ]26tti'. tilt, in its  eulogy oif;Duncan Ross.   ���,.;  'The Kind's head series,of postage  stamps lias been enlarged by the addition of a twenty-cent one." The series  now consists of one, two, .,five, seven,  ten and twenty'cents.' iThe color of  the new stamp is similar to that of the  Queen's head series of the same denomination.  Don't you believe that Sir Wilfrid  Laurier ever gave an interview in Salt  Lake ; or elsewhere in which he said  Port Simpson would be the Pacilic  coast terminus of the Grand Trunk-  Pacific railway.  O-.S. FLOYD. Proprietor.  PURE  MILK   AND CREAM  Delivered Daily to any part  of the city.  ft �� "'.J.  U  JC  O  BOUNDARY   OREEK   TIMES  f  "eep Your Eye on this Space Durinsrf  The HOLIDAY SEAS   Owing to an extra Big Stock of Christmas Goods this year, we find it necessary  to get More Room so Have Taken Store Opposite Our Present Stand  DOLLS  All Sizes and Prices  from���  Sets   to $750  IRON TOYS  Of All Description  Mechanical  Toys  THE LATEST MAKE  Children's  Books  Linen and Paper.  Board Books.  SLEIGHS  FOR BOYS AND GIRLS  $1.00   to   4.00  Xmas Cards  And Fancy Calendars For 1905  ALL PRICES  GAMES  THE LATEST  SHERLOCK HOLMES  FLINCH  STAGE  DEPARTMENT STORE  WIGGS  ;:  I  The Above Goods Will be Found Opposite  IN THE OLD STAND WE WILL ASK YOU TO INSPECT OUR STOCK OF FANCY GOODS AND FANCY  CHINA, BOOKS ETC., WHICH ARE ARRIVING DAILY  I TWO STORES  GREENWOOD  $������0<Hfr(HKf��fr����><Mfr<,^v-^  TOWN TOPICS   fC  Robert Wood and Ralph Smailes  went to Beaverdell on a business trip  on Wednesday last.  R. G. Sidley of Anarchist mountain  sent in 100 head of hogs this week to  the local market of P. Burns & Co.  Xmas goods, new and nobby, fancy  7 piece glass water sets, $1.60 to $2.50  per set.���A. L. White & Co.  ^.J5dward__Perry is.= making- arrangements for a masquerade ball at the  Masonic hall on Dec. 15th next.  Messrs. Fuller and Mcintosh went to  Spokane on Thursday, it is understood  in connection with an important mining deal.  George B. Leyson who has been in  Montana for the past yeat returned to  Greenwood on Monday evening's  ���tage.  The new furniture department annex  to the O I C, A. L. White & Co., will  be called the Red From Furniture  Store.  Smith Curtis was in town this week  hustling about in his usual active way.  Patrick Welch, Great Northern contractor, came down from Phoenix  Tuesday.  Herbert Bunting is removing the  Dempsie building which last spring  took a plunge into Boundary creek.  St. Andrew's day was celebrated by  several, festive ones���Scotchmen and  others���in a season.of good fellowship  at the Imperial hotel in the evening.  A young man soliciting orders for  Clark & Stewart of Vancouver, without  license, last Tuesday found it wiser to  TakVa~iay6ff��ndiger6"utibf tdwnf""""';  "Dead" in line; the very latest in  plain and fancy toilet sets.���A. L.  White & Co.  E. J. Wilson has been in Greenwood  this week looking into his business  affairs here. He was greeted by a host  of friends, pleased to see him looking  so well.  Mr. Stowe of the Bank of B N. A.,  has returned from a two weeks' holiday at Beaverdell. He reports a good  season of recreation with enjoyable  company and good shooting.  Mrs. H. C. Shaw and family left on  Wednesday to take up residence in  Vancouver, her former home'. Mr.  Shaw will remain a few weeks longer  to close up business before joining her.  Just received large consignment of  latest patterns in iron, stone, crockery  and glassware. See these goods and  get our prices.���A. L. White & Co.  Rev. E. W. C. McColl of Phoenix,  who exchanged pulpits with Rev. W.  D. McKee last Sabbath, preached very  acceptable sermons. The Rev. W. D.  McKee will supply his own pulpit this  Sabbath.  As an evidence of the firm's business  prosperity and of its faith in Greenwood, Messrs. Holmes & Kennedy have  purchased the property on Capper st.  in which it is now doing business.  LeB. Deveber, for the past two years  manager of the Bank of Montreal here  has been promoted to the management  of the Nelson branch.' While congratulating Mr. Deveber on his deserved  promotion we regret the loss to the  good citizenship of Greenwood, sustained by his removal. He will be  succeeded here by W. F. Proctor of  Vancouver.  D. W. Duke of thejB. C. Permanent  Loan and Savings company, is in the  district showing investors where they  can place their surplus money to good  advantage.- The loan company Mr:  Duke represents has enabled several  pesple.in Greenwood and Anaconda to  acquire homes on the monthly payment  plan.  The regular monthly meeting of the  Greenwood Curling Club will be held  in the club room at the rink on Tuesday evening next. The election of  skips for the winter's campaign will  take place in about two week's and it  is desirable that ��� all- contemplating  joining.the.clubjshoulJ^.send j{n ___.th.ein  names at once.  K. OF P.  Played or Sung in Your Own Home by the World's Best Artists  ^fWe will supply you with either a Berlines  or Columbia Gramophone, for less than you  can get the same for from the factory,  either for cash or on the installment plan.  |We will take back your old records, and  give you a cash allowance or a new record  on the latest exchange plan.  Thomas  Election of Officers Held Wednesday  Evening.  At the regular weekly meeting held  on Wednesday evening the local lodge  of Knights of Pythias elected the following officers for the coming term:  C.C., L. B. Hodge; V.C., J. Cameroa;  P., J. Wilmshurst; M. of W., A. Hall-  berg; F. and R.-S., A. D. Hallett; M.  of F., C. Dunne; M. of E., K. C. B.  Frith; M. at A., N. McLeod; I.G., A.  Lind; O. G., H. Wells. The lodge is in  a good healthy condition, several members being added to the already large  membership of this fraternal organization during the last six months.  Presbyterian church, Seattle, in a recent lecture at Bellingham, said: "John  D. Rockefeller is the biggest criminal  walking on the face of the earth today." That's pretty hard.on the  deacon, but if the remark had been  uttered in a prayer meeting we think a.  hearty response would have come from  the "Amen corner."  BRIC-A-BRAC.  It seams rather absurd but it is true.  The Canadian Goldfields Syndicate is  declaring a dividend out of profits on  stock held in the St. Eugene, a silver  lead mine.  Some of us would like to have a few  pleasant moments with a banker like  President Beckwith of the Citizen's  National Bank of Cleveland, Ohio,  who loaned Mrs. Chadwick four times  as much money as the entire capital of  tbe bank.  Mr. Cortelyou was accused of being  a "lightweight" before election and  some knowing republicans thought he  would "mix" things. The mixture  was a good one certainly.  The Methodists of Winnipeg deny  the fake story sent out that they were  about to inaugurate a cluii run on the  plan of Dr. Potter's New York saloon.  Rev.   Dr.   Matthews  of   the  First  There appears to be a boom on in  Boundary copper stocks, the Montreal  & Boston, B. C. Copper Co. and Granby  all going up at a lively clip and are  being freely traded in both east and  west.. * J ..    ,....' ;.,.!'..,  ^PHOEKSX-GREESWOOJB SERVICE^  Long since some of Ihe enterprising-'  ones of Greenwood discussed the matter of an automobile service between  Greenwood and . Phoenix and some  gentlemen went so far as to inquire  into the possibility of the same.' They  learned that such a thing was feasible  so far as grade was concerned, but  doubted the quality of the road and-,  the degrees of curves which obtain' to'  make it a successful undertaking.'  Since then, however, the roadbed has  been vastly improved arid many of the  worst cutves considerably reduced.  Mr. J. F. Royer says it is feasible and  has accordingly ordered a machine  with accommodations for twelve people for delivery here April 1st next.  Meantime Mr. Royer plans to put on  an excellent stage service between  Greenwood and Phoenix beginning  with the date of running Great Northern passenger trains into Phoenix  which from , present appearances will  be early in the New Year. Mr. Royer  has been in town this week looking up  office and warehouse rooms and stables  and will move his outfit into Greenwood. If arrangements can be made  for the carriage of mails between  Phoenix and Greenwood by stage, we  may hope to receive our American  mail a day earlier than' now' and, our  Spokane papers several hours earlier  each day, than now, -  Tokio, Nov 30���Imperial headquarters marie this announcement: "Our  force operating against 203 Metre Hill  advanced at 10 o'clock today from  trenches already capttired near the  summit .of the r hilli" and are now  struggling for the southeastern portion  of ihe fort on the summit. A fierce  battle was still in progress at 7 o'clock  tonight."  Tokio, Dec. 1���The Japanese hav��  captured and now hold 203 Metre Hill,


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