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 J ��<  3/  W  Vol. 7.    ���.-       a '.i-i1  i1 ."���..'..'���-.J !... ���."-.      . . Jji.j.   i j... �����  GREENWOOD,  B. C:-FRIDAY.  DECEMHER 26,  1402.  No.   IS  Gives an   Account   of   His  ��� ';'��M',  Stewardship Since: Elected  to  the Legislature���He scored  His Ex^leader Joseph  Martin  and Shows    Where  (lie   Latter  c4.j \'X/~\ ���  i i.U     ���} Abandoned  Principle For Dunsmuir aad the CP R  -v  .Smith  Curtis   has'spoken.    Joseph  Martin  is. no; longer  the idol of those  who 'shouted   foi"   liitiiV, iii-1 1900.i     In  , strong eloquent incisive language, the  member, for Rossland told the,story of  ..- his quondam   leader's   perfidy..    The  : man '.wlio fought the. battles- of the  people in M��iiiitoba,, wlio struggled for  railway competition was described���aa  Duiisniuir's left hand���^a: willing in-'  strumeiil: of the ex-premier and the.  /Canadian', Pacjific railway. The jpiirn-  ; ais'.of the house,: the -votes in the legislature', the speeches' of'Martin,' aud  sworn testimony of reliable witnesses-  were produced to prove the terrible' arraignment .that,,i the. ��� lirst   lieutenant  ,::..madc against the man he oncefought  with and fought tor. ..Incidentally the  story..tolcl.-ofi.his'own consistent course  since he was elected to the legislature  by Hut votes of his auditors. The  story carried conviction for at the end  of a 'brillanftwo "hours speech,1 the  large audience unanimously and enthusiastically passed a resolution fully  endorsing the course of Smith Curtis  -M. P. P., in. the legislature. , --  Considering the other attractions in  the city last. Monday evening the; meeting was n   large, one.' 'A: Christinas  ..tree  entertainment in . the Methodist  church',, stho_oth ice at the. curling rink  ��� and a band .concert at-the skating rink  all drew  a quota   of those who would  ,; have ,liked to'-, hear,Mr.'- Curtis. But  every sea*   in   the city ' Hall was filled  -and Ilie speaker expressed' his pleasure  :il seeing such a large audience at this  seasoii.of the year.  ,,y f  His. w'orsh ip,' Mayor.Nade^i \yas^ypt.-:  ed fto ' ttie^Eliai'r arid ; after a fewi introductory remarks ,he .introduced the  speaker of the evening.,/Mr.  Curtis  '   was 'received- with applause.  "���"��� ;.���������    .   l.OCAX  MATTKKS;  Ho lirst dealt/ with' local matters referring tn the fact that when minister  of mines, local requests that, were  with iii the" power of the government  had been promptly granted, sucli as  removal to Greenwood of the office of  Ihe mining recorder;and of the county  court, also r,the .establishment o.f a  ^.supreiiie^coiir^office^and ,the^appoint-  menf of a gold commissioner; * He had  strongly, urged .the. holding of assi'/e in  the district which was finally conceded.  With regard to school accommodation  lie had got1 on; the iloor of tl'e house in  1901 a pledge from the Hon. .Mr. Prentice that the interior cities should be  treated as we'll;as the older cities of the  coast had been. This had been carried out at Rossland where the school  buildings aiid sites had been "entirely  paid for by the government at a cost of  ���S.W.000, but he has not yet been able to  get.the pledge fully earried out in the  cases of Greenwood and Grand Forks*'  but.would continue to urge the cause,  nf these cities until th$t pledge was  made good, He ha'd got all the'roads  and trails asked for in the vicinity of  ��� Ireeuwood except a road to accommodate settlers northeast, of Midway  which road he hoped to get built iu the  spring. Another road of great importance lo Creeiiwood but which was  within the riding of-West Yale���that  i.s the West Fork road, he had worked  untiringly for. and last session, as Mr.  Duncan Ross knew, he had got the  promise of Hon.' : Mr. Wells' that it  would be .built this yean There was  an-estimate f6rr'it. While sorry for  the delay which was a sample of the  apathy of the government towards the  mining districts, he was satisfied the  road would be built-in'-"the spring.  He had pressed for an appropriation  of'510,000 for the court house hoping  that another estimate would be put  through next year so that a proper  building would be erected but the  government were putting up a cheap  structure that would have to be replaced in a few years���a penny-wise  pound-foolish policy. Rossland with  an ore out put of 325,000 tons a year  worth $4,000,000 or so was given a  $45,000 court house, the Boundary had  an out pur of 500,000 tons worth $3,000,-  000 which would wiihin three years be  trebled and quardrupled and should be  given a court house to correspond! with  ;its importance! ^i The local ^requirements pf G-reenwQod;-;would so long as  he was' iu the house; have his! best  attention.  TWO  I'RK  C'JCNT TAX. ,  Turning  to  the two percent tax'on  ���    ���        -   , ���' ,*! ., ������**' : ... j .*V  mines he said he had from the first op-;  posediti' '"tlkstsession he had brought  m.amem1 meats' to put -the; tax.- on the  net profit, that is the cosfbf mining as  well as freight charges should be first  deducted and' had also, proposed; that  that the whole-tax should be suspended, for three .years. The government  refused these" proposals. He, had fafa&<  little support in his opposition to this  law /that1 bore so heavily, ou low grade  properties, but the government : it is  said is now going to concede what it  '���haa'-^TO>*loiig"refuseUV'''*~'Persiiiidally''��h'e;,  favored a tax on the profits distributed'  only. Profits', put back into a mineitb1  develop it should be treated as capital  and be, free*of tax; .jivThe government  in othex^ways; had :tr.eated the mining  interedtH'^witli-: indifterence���and did  little.to assist although directly and  indirectly the milling industry paid a  very large amount of taxes. .  ���  DISCREDITED pIJ^IflliXT'ylR.'  The '"legislature''-was "'discredited.  Why ? - And- what- was the 'remedy ?  Mr. Curtis said at tlie end of ihe first  session- the legislature,was not in bad  odor. t-The Martin partytof'eightwith  three independents, often' voting (with  thein had made a good record. ;They  had stood by tlieir platform and had  gained friends.-���The gov��ranient vliad.  to declare itself, on a railway demanded by the Boundary cpuutryr-^th*  Kettle. River Valley railway, Puns-  muir and., most of his followers opposed'  it al though it asked no1 bonus. Th��r C.  Pv?R. fought it hard and thes bill was  carried by. two votes only. Why did  Dunsmuir.oppose.it ? For. no known  treason except his company's coal contracts with c-tlie C. P. R. �� A: tiwilto-  millionaireiis accepted by the co-nntry  as premier thinking he would lie ikbove  such 'mere sordidness.-��� ��� ���< An honest  poor in a n is the safer man'; Thei;��ext  session the government - had to tome.  forward .with a .railway "policy.'' Proof'  eaineiwith it that the'govern merit was  the mere tool; of the '<Cl P.^R.'{The  ..Crow's Nest Southern which -Jim; Hill  ���wanted .to, build without subsidy was  obstructed.._'"-' Dunsmuir \ personally  asked some of his followers to knife it  .iin1?: the railway ' committee..' Emailing  that an 'outrageous coal agreement was  proposed but finally was. modified.  Result we have the' road and the government will soon get $500,000 direct  and indirect taxes a - year as ^a consequence.] Why this > opposition ? Simply  to" please the C. P. R. Then the Coast-  Kootenay Railway matter made it  patent the government was sold to the  C.1 P. R. and along with it to my surprise aiid sorrow my 'leader Joseph  Martin'./  " UUHKLNG    KAH.WAYS.  Mr. Curtis here went into detail and  showed how-jttae aid proposed, forV this  road was -given' in such' a.way as to  prevent Jim Hill's line, thieY-'J-Y". & EJ.  from getting it/ Some of thie provisions -were good and in. line with the  Martin government platform, ��� snchaB  .the;aidSvav!it) be Recnr(ed; Vy.nior.tgage  bonds bearing interest���Martin -lauded  the bill and ;-weiit over to the govern���,  ment. declaring the C. P. R. should  build the line, denouncing competition  in railways, the fighting for which in  Manitoba had made his'.. political fortunes. Mr. Curtis proposed the government ownership of the railway, the  big plank of the Martin platform.  Martin promptly voted against it and  along with Dunsmtiir played the C. P.  R, game which was to build no railway  at all and they succeeded. On the competition vote,.had the Martinites stay  ed with their principles "and opposed  the government it would have l>eeu defeated.' A' government' could have  then been formed to pass a redistribution act and go; to the country.  :���     ��� MA'H'i'IN'S :HRRi-'inV.-'V:.'���'���  Mr. Curtis pointed out how on vote  after vote, same to secure wages to  labor, Martin voted straight' against  his professions or,else .sneaked.,out into  the corridors 'and shirked, the vote,  showing a- shameless ^abandonment of  his principles. Mr. [Curtis; took up  Mar tin's; attitude on the land grant to  the Columbia and Western railway.  How he had,in 1900 voted, against the  C. P. R. getting any land at all, how  he at the end of the session of 1901  tried to assist the C. P. R. in slipping  through a bill to give; them not only  the land earned'under their act but  nearly a million acres more, ho sv later  he denied ever hearing of the bill  though that could be proved and i then  stated his attitude was as it had been,  yet at .New Westminister claimed he  had always favored the C. P. R. getting-the. land earned���a statement  which \yas prpveii,:to,>,be false .by the  declaration of the; reporter who took  .down.; his ..words'.as well as by his recorded :.votes in the liouse which proved his word was absolutely worthless.  Most astounding of all  last session he  DBNaROmiNEB, LTD;FORMED  Smith Curtis and A MdftJish Haye, Secured An Option on King Company Stock���Circular  Issued by King Company  The King Mining company, Limited  has issued the following circularl'to  the shareholders :     .,..,,..  "The directors: "of - 'the The'King  Mining company, Limited, have for  the past two years endeavored either  to dispose of the mining properties of  the company or to get capital to pay  off the liabilities and to continue development work but on account" of the  unsatisfactory mining conditions prevailing in the province ; also the sudden 'decline in the price of copper a  year ago and not the want of. merit in  the company's holdings,-the many  negotiations that have been carried on  have not heretofore resulted in any  proposals the directors agreed to being successfully caiiried through by  their- proposers. ? At the- recent extra:  ordinary general meetings liel.l on the  4th and 19th instant two- proposal*  were considered one rv being by a  smelting and mining company which  asked an option on 45 percent, of the  company's assets in return for $90,000  to be paid out of the value of the ore  mined: by such-company from :the Oro  Denoro:claimeduring foui:j years;���in;  other words the interest to-be acquired  was intended to he paid out of the  mine profits. The usual commission of  10 per cent, was also to be paid by the  King Company on this $90,000.  The other proposition was by Messrs.  Smi'h Curtis and Angus MacNish  whose offer is embodied in the agreement with thetn herein after referred to.  The shareholders present representing  over two-thirds of sliares in the company unanimously approved of the  proposal of Messrs. Curtisand MacNish  and it has been accepted.  The agreement provides for the transfer of all King Company assets to a  new company the "'Denoro Mines, Limited," non-personal liability, with a capital stock of 51,500,000 in 1,500,000  shares of SI each, th* new cempany as  suring all obligations and liabilities of  tlie King Company. Rach King shareholder receives one share in the new  company (subject to pool foi" twelve  months with the right to the directors  to extend it for an additional period  not'sxeeeding six months) for every  two shares he holds in the King Company. Messrs. Curtis and MacNish  have the right to acquire the balance  of the shares in the new company for  $45,000 (less a commission payable to  them often per cent.) payable in bimonthly installments extending over  two years but any.King shareholder  has the right to buy: from Messrs.  Curtis and MacNish a portion of these  shares not exceeding one new share for  every three King shares he now holds  at 8 cents share by sending the'price  thereof and his application for th*  same to the Batik of Montreal, Rossland, B. C, on or before the 10th January-, 1903, if he resides in Cauada or  II. S. A., and on or before the 1st February, 1903, if he resides ia any other  country, i. Shares acquired in this way  will-be subject to pool. Form of application is herewith inclosed.  : Copper mining is'now especially  bright in the Boundary DUtrict in  which the Oro Denoro claim is situate.  Although railway and smelter facilities have been afforded only a little over  threetyears, theoremined (mostly quarried) this year will exceed 500,000 tons-  while the smelter capacity of the district is promised to be increased to  0,000 tons per day during 1903 enabling  2,000,000 tons of ore per year to be  handled.  As soon as the  snow i.s gone  iu the  spring       ,     it is intend  ed to mine ore (by quarrying as well as  tunneling) on the Oro Denoro and it is  believed that the proceeds of sale* together with the money payable under  the agreement will be sufficient to demonstrate that   the  laTge ore  bodies  shown on the surface ami the upper  workings of the Oro Denoro have the  necessary depth to make a valuable  mine.  Development work in the underground workings will likely be begun  in January 1903, and it i.s confidently  believed that a few mouths will see a  marked rise in the price of Oro Denoro  shares." ������������������  Mark Twain's First Money.  While traveling recently, according  to the New .York Times, Mark Twain  was asked by a friend aud fellow- passenger if he remembered the first money  he had ever earned.  ','Yes." answered Mr. Clemens, puffing meditatively on his cigar, "I have  a distinct recollection of it. When I  was a youngster I attended school al a  place where the use of the birch rod  was not an unusual event. It was  against the rules lo mark the desks in  any manner, the penalty being a fine of  $S or publitl chastisement.  "Happening to violate the rule on  one occasion I was offered the alternative. I told my father and beseemed  to think it would be to bad for uie to be  publicly punished, he gave me the S5,  At that period of my existance $5 was a  large ��� sum, while a whipping was of  little consequence, and so���" here Mr.  Clemens reflectively knocked tho ashes  from his cigar���"well," he finally added, "that was how 1 earned my first ��5,  The annual installation of oflioors of  Greenwood Lodge No. 28, A. F. & A.  R., will take place next Saturday evening, 27th inst. The officers for the en  suing year are : W. M., J. C. Birnie;  J. P. M., Wm. G. McMynn; i>. T., 1".  M. Elkins; J. W.. A. M. Whiteside;  Sec. D. A. McKenzie; Treas., Wm. G.  McMynn; Tyler, Geo. Cunningham  The installing officers will probably  be D. M's 1. Bernard and S. Harry  Yuill.  slond up in the house and openly advocated passing a bill to give the C.  P. K. the million acres they had never  earned and gave as a reason ��� statements that were proven lo be false���  and the bill in spite of his support of  it was through (lie tig-ht showi' by the  opposition withdrawn. It would liav<*  allowed Ihe C. P. R..\to picjc all Ihe  choice laud left in southern'IJ. C. in  blocks of ti'ti miles square and to liav<-  got a coveted .area containing immense  coal beds and petroleum doubtless  alone worth millions of dollars and  unless the government is defeated (lie  C.P.R. will yet likely get if Then  the Coast-Kootenay act of last session  was brought' iip, how all the safeguards  of the preceding aci were omitted ami  how it provided a straight gift of $4,-  500 per mile instead of a loan like the?  act of the preceding session, yet under  the latter act tlie V. V. & F,. hail  offered if it were made so that the company could lawfully make the bargain  it was ready to do so and put up security to build 60 miles immediately. The  slightest change was refused Now  McLaen Bros., without security are  allowed to peddle' around the world  their charter with this aid amounting  in fact to a million dollars more than  the V. "V. & E. were willing to accept  and build at once.  What stronger evidence of corruption ? Martin votes against either  shares or bonds being given the province for this aid in violation of the  niaiu plank of his platform. Still we  have no railway, and every 'obstacle is  put in the way of Jim Hill building  his line to Phoenix or Greenwood. The  government actually helps Ilif-.C. P.  R. in retarding Hill and tlifMarlinites  kee.pl the government in power.  Martin again votes against govern-  luenl ownership of tho Cuasi-Koolt.-iiay  through lliis year, had he and ll-osi-  elected on lliat planlc done, so Ilie  government would have been defeated  and turned nut of oflice. Fancy a  leader refusing to def.:at a govei nnieni  on the main plank of his policy! Never  again would lie trust Mr. Martin or  pi ace' an y' coil fid e liceTi I 11 i 111 (applause).  Mr. Curtis scored again and again  against the men who ahnndoufd principle and showed lliat llieir action  with the sale of the government to  Dunsmuir's private interests anil the  C P. K. was the cause of the legislature smelling to heaven, that members  should not be blamed indiscriminately  but that the public should put (lie  blame where it belonged and punish  the guilty parties. Let all the electors  act in the manly way West Yale had  done (loud applause) and the house  would soon be purged but when as in  North Nanaimo they approved nf  treachery and broken pledges they put  a premium on political scalawaggery  and were as much lo blame as the bail  iiieinliers.  I..WIOK  i,i-;('.isi.A'i'io.n.  Mr. Curtis pointed mil what lie had  done for labor and thai he had faithfully kepi every pledge lie had made  them. He referred In Ihe Trade  Unions Act passed the strongest safeguard of unions and legislature had  ever given and pointed mil that Haw-  thornlhwaites Workmen's Compensation Ac', would give great and needed relief.  He invi'ed the electors to express  their views on his actions, as he was  there to answer for thein and sat down  amid loud applause after speaking two  hours.  lius. Kricksou has returned fioni  Spokane where he went lately to have  his right eye attended to. The doctor  found that there was no chance of saving it so the eye was taken out.  Fortunately the left eye was unharmed  at the time the right one was injured,  and has not since been effected by the  smypathetic weakness thai sometimes  follows iu such cases. Mr. Krieksmi  will not be able to resume his work at  the (.ireeuwood smelter until some  time next month. >, \  P;i  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  o  \ O O O O O O OOOO OOOOCK>00-0<>-0<><>CKX><>0<>0<K>0<>0<>CK>^  ���  ristmas  rocenes.  Do you want to make your own Plum  Pudding <>i* Christmas Cakes. If you  do we have just what you want. : : :  Everything choice and fresh.    : : : : :  Still  Selection  Save the worry and trouble and buy  them ready made. Our baker has  taken special care and we guarantee  delicious cakes and puddings :  :  :  :  Of fancy Groceries, also staples  well selected. Cranberries, sweet  potatoes. Al pickles. Our prices  are jnst right.      :  :':  :   :   :   :    :   :  %    Wallace-Miller Block,   Copper Street.'        M*     E.   FRAZEEf  o ��� ... ........... r      _ t  oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo-oooo&ooooooooooo   000<>0<><>00<>00^<><>000f>0^  " ' '       " '     ' '��� ' ��� ' '  GROCER  AND  BAKER;  Inkster-Medill.  (Jcorgc A Iiikster anil Miss <Jlga  Medill v.-i-ro marricil on Christ ma.J* Eve  at the home of thc.liridi?. Rev Dir McRae ofliciat ing A number of firiends  of the bride and groom attended the  wedding and partook of an excellent  supper after the ceremony '  The bride wore a brocaded sat;in, a  very pretty blue, with lace trimmings  Mis Wal ters of Phoenix acted ns bridesmaid was dresccd in blue .taffeta, silk  Mr l.ikstcr's suit included a liancSsomc  tig red vest, which hisfather had worn  nl his own wedding Mr Wm K Medill  broliie:" of the bride gave her away  A number of valuable and appropriate gifts were presented to the happy  couple. Thev drove to Curlew on  Christmas day where they took train  I'or Spokane and Dovcnport. They  will reside, at Mr. Inkstcr's home at  Davenport , for the winter. Mr and  Mrs Inkster were among the first residents of the district and the Times  joins their many friends in extending  eongrati.il ill ions  On Xuins day the CPR. ore train  crew presented A I Goodell, superintendent of the Boundary Kails smelter  with a handsome gold ring. On the  ring was engraved Mr Goodell's initials, and on the inner side the words  "presented by C P R train crew Dec  ember 25th. 1902.  A Merry Xmas to All  We are on the firing line again with our handsome  Holiday1 Goods.    ": :'  Holly in wreaths and, vines,  Manicure, Brush, and Toilet Sets in  Ebony, Sterling Silver and Cherry.  Military Brushes, Gent's and Child-  rens' Brush Sets.   Perfumes, singles,  doubles and in cases.  Atomizers and  Sprays, Sachet Bags and powder.  Tripple and single Mirrors.   Patriotic  China ware.  Our if noils are .beautiful, fall and inspect for yourself.  J. L. WHITE,  Druggist.  i 11  si 8 if.  Boundary Ore Shipments,  Granby Mines..  Mother Lode   B.  C.  Mine   Snowshoe   Sunset   Brooklyn   Morrison   R. Bell   Emma   Winnipeg-   Golden   Crown.  Athlestan^,......^  1\ i ii "j*"SolonioiiT  No. 7   City of Paris   Jewel ..   Carmi   Providence   Ruby   Misccllanesus....  1900    ,  64 S33  S 340-".:  19;444;':  :* '297 '.,   150    ".  1901   231 862  .*.  99 548  - 47 517  1 731  800  Total Tons  1 076  2 250  1 200  000  160  3 230  99 730  150  560  650  1 040   850  ~ 665'   325  890  Past Week.  5 899  4 538  420-  720-  160  ".'. 450  1902.  281 152.  138 952  '14 301''  '���' 26 518  11 348  12-51178"  ,      785   482  ;   2 175   160  vw^I^X^wOvvWK^X**  389 618 12.187 482 051  V  Y  f  Y  Y  'Y  if  .vT  Y  Y  Y  Y  -Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  ' t  ?  V  Y  i  ABEL HALLBERG  MANUI'ACTttHliK   ANI>   I1KA1.ICK   IN  ilS,  LI,     biu.)  GREENWOOD AND MU1WAY,  It. C.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  AMANDA   Mineral    Claim,    situate    in    the  Kettle    River    Mining-  Division   of   Vale  District.   Where located :    In Long Lake  camp.  TAKE NOTICE mat 1, C. JK. Shawagent  for James Hunter, Free Miner's Certificate No.  It.%922 intend, sixty davs from the date hereof,  to apply to tlie Mining-Recorder fora Certificate  of Improvements, for the mivpose of obtaining  a Crown Grant of the above claim.  'And further take notice that action, lutider  section 37, must be commenced before the Issuance of sueh Certificate of Improvements.  ��� Dated thlsSth day of July, A. D. 1982.    I  First issue Nov. 28. C. A. E. SHAW.  Mineral Act 1896.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTICE.  "NICKLE PLATE" Mineral Claim, situate  in the Kettle River Mining Division of  Yale District. Wliere located : About live  miles North of Cauycu Creek and about two  miles West ol the Main Keltle River.  TAKE NOTICE that we.  Charles Newman.  N. fc. relei-Kou and P. A. Linberg, all of  Camp McKinney in the said   Division,   Free  ^ ,��r,;SoCe,tir'c?te Nos" B-40.4&9; B. 40,447. and  If. 40.44S resseclively, Intend, sixtv davs from '  the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Ree-  order lor a Certiiicate of Improvements, for the  purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the  above claim.  And further take uotice that action, under  section 3i,   must  be  commenced   before   the  issuance of sucli Certificate of Improvements.  CHARLES NEWMAN.  NILS EDVIN PETERSON  PATRICK AXEL LINDBERfi  Dated this 31st dav of Mnv.A. D. 1902.  ELast issue Nov. 30.  The South End Grocery has a select  stock of candy at very reasonable  prices, some, good stocking-s and a number of toys���Call early and g-et first  choice.  It i$ getting  *        ��-��,*.��� ���        0        i _     t        0        0 I      0  Hear Xtnas  You will want to send  your'  friends     east  ' something-! .  '-They are interested   in <yoii j  and .consequently    in   the :  city and district where yon .  live.    Why not send them  the LTimbs ;forpi a year.    It  will' cost   ybu ' only    Two  dollars; mailed  direct from  this office to anv address.  Boundary Greek Times  CHAPTER 41).'  An Aci to amend the Liquor Licence Act 1900.  "1900 c 18."  (21st June, 1902.)  His Majesty, by aud with the advice and cou-  seot of the Legislate Assembly of the province cf British Columbia, enacts as follows:  1., This   Act may  be cited   as   the   Liquor  License Act (1900) Amendment Act, 1902.  ^ Seiuion 37, of chapter 18 of the statutes of  1900,-being, the "Liquor License Act 1900" is  hereby repealed, and the following substituted  therefore, :  "37. No, license under this Act-shall be issued or transferred to any person of the Indian  race, or to any person who isnot on the list of  o,?Fs, i?r. '-^.Legislature of the province of  British Columbia."  .    MINERAL ACT,  Certificate of Improvement.  NOTICE.  FOURTH-OF-JULY,  Miueral  Claim,   sit.iale  in the';Kattle River Mining- Division of Yale  District.  -Near to Can von  Where located:-  - '-'!-r.l: 'iiiKettle'Rii-er.1"1 "'s ''���"'���'>"  Ooek. Mai ICE that we Alex. Waddell aud  TAKE. NTOFree,-Miners' certificate Nos.  F. Si'llivan. 40,449 respectively, intend, sixtv  n. 40,4=0 p|,,i t>. date hereof, to' apply to the  davs from llio for a Certificate of Improve-  Mittiiur Recorder rposes'ofj obtaining a Crown  piptits. for ilin nn claim.  Ornh' of C e above     notice:.that. action   under  And ���fnrlher ln1( 0mmenccd  before the issn-  sertioii 37.mnit be c    e of Improvemonts  ni��<"fi of si.rb fVrt.lficatftMay, A. D. l'K)2.  Dated (bis 3lst. dav o '  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements-  ..NOTICE.,:  BOSTON Mineral Claim, situate iu the Keltic  River Mining Division of Yale District.  Where, located :   On (Sanvon Creek,  Main  Kettle River. ,,  TAKE;NOTICE that we, Felix Darragh and  Wiiliam Dacey, Free Miners Certificate Nos.  01.857 and B30.3H8 respectively,intend,slxty days  from the^date hereof, to apply tothe Mining  Recorder f��r a Certificateof Improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining a Crown Oram of Uie  at>\Ih CJatther take  notice that action, under  .        ��� must be commenced before the is-  section 37,, Ch Ceriilicate of Iniprovenieiiis.  suance of su 31st dav of Mav, 1902.  Dated this Jan    li  V.  y.  Vi  St.  w,  J   IMPORTED    DIRECT  v!    : :    :    FROM    :    : :  $���  ,   r jzjijz&jtjtjtjjtjjtjt'&jjtjjtjtjjtjfij* jtj*jtjJLjAjJ.jJtjtjKjAj*jtjfijAjfijtjJ. .jjtjtjt jJijAjtjt jjt jA jjt jjt jjt jjt jA j* jjt JA jjt jjt jt jjt jjt jjt j* j* jjt jt jt jt jS JA JA jA Jjt Jtj4tJtJ*jAJAj��jAJtJA.JAjtjtjAj��jAJA  *. %  -A  V;  t.  ���h  v,  i  - %  THE   OLD   WORLD. I  - ��� - ��� ��,    %   %  R TH  ��� . . HOTEL.  NEXT T�� THE  CL.ARENB0N  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate  of Improveinents.  NOTICK.  MONTANA.     MONTANA      FRACTIONAL.  COLORADO.   IDAHO.   MIJLDOON.   and  Ni'.VADA,   Mineral   Claims, situate in Ihe  Ki'ttli'   River   Miuing    Division    of    Vale  liislrii-l.    Wlmre located :     Near to Canyon  Creek, Main Keltle Ki\er.  r.iKI-'. NO'I'Il.'IC llmt we, Alex.   Waddell and  V.'l .li.'.in )'.r:ihaui McMvnn. Free Miners Cerli-  lii.-:iie N'l-i. 1140.45''ami 'Ii-Ui,601  rvsjiciilively. in-  teiiii. -iixtv days from Hie dale   hereof.-lo apply  t.i tin- Miiiiiig'Rei-Di-der for Certilicates of   I in  IMoveiiii-nts. for tlie purpose of obtaining Crown  1.1 nil is of tlie above el.'iillls.  And  further t:il<e  notice   that  action,  under  -,ei:ii..u   37.   nnisi   lie commenced  before llio issuance of -.n.-li Certilicates of Iinprovemenes.  D.-it.-d this list dav of May. VX12.  Al.KX Wauoeli..  William Mkaham NkMvxs  f.abi issue Jan. J5.  MINERAL ACT..  Certificate of Improvements  NOTICK.  MONA,  Miueral Claim, situate  in   the Keltle  River Mininvr  Division   of   Yale , District.  Wliere located :    Near to and West of the  Canyon  Creek   Lakes,  Main   Kettle River,  and   South of the EI Dorada Mineral claim.  TAKK NOTICE that we, H. D. Barnes,   Ed.  Ruckle, aud    Marv    McMvun.     Free    Miners  Certiiicate  Nos.   B'40801.  134213X. and B4oM)2 respectively, intaiid, sixty  days from  the   date  hereof,   to apply   to the Miriiutf Recorder for a  Certificate of Iniprovements, for the purpose of  obtainiuir a Crown Oram of tbe above claim.  And  further tak'.-.  notice that action, under  section 37, must  be commenced before the issuance of such Certificateof Improvements.  Dated this 31st day of Mav, 1902.  H. D. liilRNEX..  Ed. Ruckle.  Marv McMynn.  Last issue Jan. 25.  MINERAL ACT.    .  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICK.  MOGUL.   UTOPIA,   RAMBLER, DENVER '  andCIIAMPION, Mineral Claims,situate iu  the  Kettle  River  Mining Division of Yale  District.       Where    located :       Horseshoe  ' Mountain, Main Kettle River.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Albert E. Ashcroft.  Free Miner's Certificate No. B30265, act-  iup as agent for Charles Dunbar Temple.  Free Miner's Certiiicate No BM431, intend  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mininir kecorder for certificates of Improvements, for the purpose of obtainiuir crown  grants ofthe above claims.  And   further take notice that action, under  section 37, must  bs commenced  before the issuance of suchcertificatesof Improvements.  Dated tbis30th day of September. 1902.  ALBERT E. ASHCROFT, P.L.S.  Last insertion Dec. 31. ���  MINERAL ACL  (ertificate of Improvements.  NOTICK  "MONITOR" Mineral Claim, situate in the  Kettle River Mining Division ot Yale District. Where located : On Horseshoe  Mountain, Main Kettle River.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Albert E. Ashcroft.  Free Miner's Certificate No. B302<'-5 acting  as agent for Owen Mellow, Free Miner's Certificate No. B742��.2. and Jacob Peterson, Free  Miner's Certificate No. 'E40446, intend  sixty days jVfrom? the date hereof, to apply  tothe Mining recorder fora certificate 01 titC.  provements, for the purpose of obtaining a  crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action,-under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance 6f such certificate of-Improvements."-  Dated this 30th dav of September, A.D. 1902. ,  ALBERT E. ASHCROFT, P. L. S,  Last i��ne Dec 31.  MINEEAL   ACT.  Certificate of Improvement.  NOTICK.  "ROB ROY" Mineral Claim, situated in tlie  Kettle River Mining division of Yale District. Where located : Providence Creek-  camp, west of and adjoining "Iron Mountain" mineral claim.  TAKE NOTICE  that  I.   James   Alexander  Macdonold, acting as agent for James J.  Warren, Free Miners Certificate   No. BS7360,  intend,  sixty   days from   the  date  hereof  to  apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate  01 Improvements for the purpose of obtaining  Crown Grant of the above claim  And further take notice that action,  under  Section S7,  must  be  commenced   before   the  issuance of such Certi". ^ate of Improvement.  Dated this 22nd day of September.A. D., 1902.  A).   A.   MACDONALD 0  n  THE   BOUH )AY   CREEK l TIMES  'She Great Question Will be What to "Buy for the Holiday gift and Where  ^ to Jf$u$ it    c/i  Visit to  Out Store will Suggest cMany Pleasing Gifts.  CIGcARS  F/yerytliitij*;" is to be found here. l>oxes  1 of 1011���50-25. What pleases a man  more. For a beautiful Christmas  gift lo a. gentleman friend try a box  of lrior De Murias at $5.50.   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Robert'Wood and Mrs. Christopher  Wood returned on* Thursday's belated  I rain from Armstrong.  Mrs, Eaton of Spokane is spending  the holidays .with her sister Mrs. I. P.  Armstrong.  F. W. Groves, ip. L,. S. who now  makes his headquarters at Princeton  is spending' the holidays with his  family. He intends moving his family  to Princeton.  Kmuer's FirstLion Hunt.  The following story is condensed  from the German editition of Paul  Kruger's memoirs :  Kruger was only fourteen years old  when hi. shot his first lion. He accom ���  panied his father, biothtr, and uncle  on a hunt, for a lion that had been  injuring their Hocks. They soon sight  ed the lion, but at the same instant the  lion sighted them and charged. They  dismounted and separated, leaving the  boy with the horses.  "T crouched behind the horses,"*  ���_Kriik?r says, J_|with iii.Y^ gun aimed at  the approaching lion. As he came  near, he crouched with the intention,  as it seemed to me, of springing over  the horses upon nie. As be sprang. I  fired and luckily shot him dead. He  fell almost on top of me."  Mr. Kruger's companions and three  others who had formed a separate hunting parly came up. The lion was a  large one and his teeth were so big that  one of the hunters knelt le measure  him.  "In examining the animal," says  Kruger, "I thoughtlessly put my foot  on its belly, whereupon it uttered a loud  rojr which sent Hugo over his back  in terror, The others laughed, for  every hunter knows that a dead lion  will roar once if stepped ou. The roar  is caused hy the expulsion of the air in  the luii^s. Hugo knew this, but he  had been too much seared to remember  it. He mis very'much ashamed and  very aiiK'ry."  Hugo, indeed was on the point of  thrashing the future president, but was  prevented by the others.  Ahh SENSIBLE PEOPLE TRAVEL }  BY THE C. P. R. , -  PEED  AFETY  ATISFACT10N.  Do you use Blue Ribbon Tea?  MINERAL ACT  NOTICE OF FORFEITURE.  Binds  As a specimen of ready wit it would  be difficult to beat tbe retort of Charles  Burleigh, the great opponent of the  slave trade. He was in (lie middle of  one of his elorpien.t denunciations of  slavery when a w?ll aimed and rotten  egg struck him full in the face. "  "This," he said calmly, as he produced his handkerchief and wiped his  face, "is a striking cvedence of what.  I have always maintained, that pro-  slavcrv arguments are unsound.'1  The East  and West   Tog-ether.'  Leaves Greenwood 2:37 p. m  Arr Winnipeg 3rd day 8:45 a in  Arr St Paul 3rd day 6:40 p m  Arr Chicago +th day 9:40 a m  Arr Toronto Sth day 2:45 p m  Arr Montreal 5th day 6:30 p m    -  Arr New York 6th day 8:55 am   -  Through Tourist  Sleeping  Cars.  EAST���Leaves Dunmore Junction  daily for St Paul Leaves Kootenay  Landing, Tuesday and Saturday for  Toronto, Montreal and; all Eastern  points ���'���'���  THROUGH BOOKINGS'to BUROPR  Via all Atlantic Routes Prepaid tickets at lowest fates issued from . all  European countries  The C P R is. was. and ever will be  the "Only Way" All doubts of this  will be dispelled bv application to  E REDPATH, Agent.  Greenwood,B. C.  DP.A., Nelson.     G.P.iT. Vancouver  Spokane Falls & Northern Railway Co  Nelson & Fort Slicppard Railway Co.  lied Mountain Railway Co.  Washington & G. N. Co,  Van. Vic. &K. Ry.fr 8. Co.  The only all rail route between points  east, west and south to Rossland, Nelson, Grand Forks and Republic. Connects at Spokane with the Great Northern, Northern Pacific and O.iR. &  N. Co., for points cast, west and  south; connects at Rossland and. Nelson with the Canadian Pacific Ry.  Connects at Nelson with the K. R.  and N. Co., Kaslo and K. it S.   points.  Connects at Curlew with stage for  Greenwood and Midway. B. C.  Mullet  cars  run on   trains between  Spokane and Republic.  Effective Nov. 22, 1902-  T<> T.1SW1S MrKYKR. KBROINAN1J HASSE,  .amltoaiiy person or persons to tvlimu thev  may have transferred tlieir,-interest in tlie  M 'fWHlTE HORSE" Mineral claim situate  in. Copper Camp, in tlieKettle River Min-  inif Division of Yale District. Uriiisli Col-  ���      urabia. ��� '    ' ���    ' '.������������  You ace.hereby notified lliat we hare caused  to be expended $205.00 lo liolil the said mineral  iclaim timlcr tlie '���Minei'al Act" lliat the proportion you should concribule for yon iuidivid-  ed one half interest in die above claim is $102-50  and if within ninety days from the first publication of this notice you fail or refuse to contribute tin-, said sum of S102.50 which is now  due, with all costs of advertising-, your|interest  iiu tbe said1 mineral claim will become vested in  us the undo isi(rtmd, your co-owners under section 4of an Act eutitlecl the"Milioral Act; Amend  ment Act" 1900.  Dated at Greenwood, this 7th,November, 1902.  ��� i ��� ��� Makgaret k. Mkrcer,  15. r,.,,WoOD. !������������  James Graham,  ANN3E Hciiscn.  MINERAL, ACT.  Certificate of Improvement.  NOTICK.  "HUNTER1! Mineral Claim, situate in the  Kettle River Mining- Division of' Yale  District. Where located : Horseshoe  Mountain, Main Ketlle River. \.     ,  TAKE NOTICE that I, Albert E. Ashcroft.  Free Miner's Certificate No. E3026S, acting-  as airent for Owen Mellon, 1i*ree.���Miner's Certificate No. B7+202 intend sixty  days from the date hereof to apply to Hit  mfnliifif��� recorder for a certificate of improve  merit for the purpose of obtainiui.' a: crown  Ijrant for above claim.  And further lake notice that action. i,.:dei  cectiou 37 must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of Iniprovenieiiis.  Dated this 2Cth clay of September, A. D., 1902  ALBERT 13.' ASHCROFT, P. I.. R.  Last issne Dec. 31  NOTICE TO  CONtRACTORS".  SCIIOOl,, KHOI.T.  SEALPD TENDERS, indorsed '-Tender for  School Hoiisis" will tie received by the  undersigned up to noon of Monday, tlie Rlli  December, 1902, for ihe erection anil completion  of a one-room frame school house at Ebolt.  Plans, specifications, forms of tender anil  contract may be seen ou and after Ihe 24th  November. l'*X>2. at the ollice of the Government  Airent. Greenwood, anil at tlie T.auds and  Works Department, Victoria.  Tenders will not be considered unless made  upon the printed forms supplied for the purpose  anil the agreement to execute a bond appended  lo the forms of tender is duly signed by the  coiitnietor himself and two oilier responsible  residences of the Province in the penal sum of  SIR), for Ihe faithful performance of the work. .  Tlie lowest or any lender not necessarily ac-  CPIlli-ll.  \V. S.T.ORE,  Deputy Commissioner of Lands and Works,  bauds and Works rjepurinient.  Victoria, 15.C. lflh November, l'M2.  Corporation of The City of Crecnwoml.  r.K.-wrc  9:25 a. m.  10:15 :t. in.  7:00 a. m.  11:00 a. in.  "Did yuu hear about Ciilson V He  proposed to Miss Wautiin while thev  were bathing in the surf.'*  "Did she accept him'?"  ',No : as the words fell from his lips  he was carried away by the undertow."  "Not drowned ?"  "Oh, no ; nothing- serious."  "What a ticsely rescue!"  "Y��i, that's what he said !  Akkivk  Spokane 5:45 p. tn.  Kossland 5:10 p. ui.  Nelson 8:00 p. m.  (Millers, Grand   4:00 p. m.  Forks)  9.15 a. rn. Republic       5:-10 p. tn.  II. A. JACKSON,  General Passenger Agent,  Spokane, Wash  ~   MINERAL ACT 18%.  Certificate of Improvement.  NOTICE.  GOLD FINCH Mineral Claim, siuiate iii Ihe  Keltle Kiver Mining- Division of Yale  district.   Where located :   Skylark camp.  TAKE NOTICK that I, John P. McLeod  True. Miner's Certiiicate N<��. 1554954 as  airent for Charles \V. 11. Ransom, Fi-ei- Miner's  Certificate No. B. 54'ITS., iutenil. sixty days from  ihe dale iiereof,-to apply tothe Miiiiinr Kec  order for a Certificate of Iiiipnivemeuts for  Ilie purpose of ohta'minir a Crowo Ifrant to  the above claim.  And further take notice that action, undei  section 37, must be commenced before tile is  'nanceof such Certiiicate of Improvements.  Dated this 1.1th day of December. 1*102.  J. I*. Mcl-KOD.  Last issue March 31.    |S���l|& BOUNDARY   VALL EY   LODGE  ~'-*'Wi$��s' Ho. 3 8. 1.0. 0. F.  Meet* every TueHitnv .Evening at 8<��> in  then  lodjje rvooi at tbe W'ood Kail.     A cordial Invt   j  tattoa t�� extended to all sojourning- bre'liern.  W   "SAitcrs, S.G. A. 1>. HAiuETT, Ksc.See j l>a  MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS, 1903.  VOTERS LIST.  The   followiiiir  persons are entitled  to   have  their unities placed on  the Voters f<ist for the  Municipal    Kleclioiis   for   tlie year   l'iu.1.    fo  Mayor and Aldermen of the City ofjflrecuwood.  Any male or female, beinu a T.riiish subject  of the full ape of twenty one years who,  a. Is the owner of real estale of the assessed  value of not less than one hundred dollars or.  b. Is tlie representative, beinir a resident  Itritish subject duly authorized by thn directors  of an incorporated company, which is the assessed owner ,,f lands, or of improvements of  lauds.situated within the Municipality or.  c Is the holder of a trades license, the animal fee of which is not less limn live dollars  or. ..      ' -'  d. Is a householder, who has paid, on or be.  fore the 31st. day of Peceniber iu llio year immediately pJior lothe day of the nomination, all  municipal rates, taxes, assessment rentals and  license fees, which are not ceautreably on laud,  payable by him or her to the Municipality.  Provided however that iu the case of the  holder of a trade license' or in the case of a  householder, he or she shall, during the Mouth  of December, lu each year, make and cause lo  be delivered lo the C:ly Clerl; it statuary declaration set out in Section 2 of The Municipal Elections AcL Amendment Act l'fc'2.  Forms of the said declaration may lie obtained at the ollice of the <"ity (.'lei U at tin-City Hall  Greenwood B.C.  G. B.TAYLOH  C. M.C  *  4��  4��  +  4��  "WELL THAT'S FINE" I  Is what they all say about  'I*  t  .THE NEW GEM SAFETY RAZOR, t  Impossible   to  cut  the   face;   shaves ***  easily, quickly and cleanly, ^  rilustrated booklet free.       Mail Orders promptly tilled.  *  *  *������ McLennan,   McFeely &   Company f  4,             Wholesale Hardware Merchants, 4,  ������     122 Cordova Street, . VANCOUVER. B. C. ^  4��' *��*  "STRONGEST IN THE WORLD"  Assets . .  $304,568,063.49 Surplus-- .  .  $66,137,170.01  H. ALLENBERG, Manager,  fiOS-fiOft-CiO? Empire State Building". -- Spokane,  Wash.  CHARLES T. KIPP. Cashier-  Ofllec Tel.  Urown. 211. Residence Tel. South, 801,  V:V~T   YCUR   I.N'l :ZIU:STS.  ���a  .-1. /io Small & C'q^  i  o  j.  i/'���-^ fi3(f?i '"-f?,1  f~k  Clothing.  Then ��ce...  Thai t".:! ��� : :->.-.c-   \  i  tion label is ir. tho   |  inside   coat   or  overcoat pocket.  ci>*&^'  "Royal BranJ" i.s T:ii!or-made.  "P.oycl Drar.J " issv.pcvior iu Fit and Finish  " \\cyu\ 'Cr:.vA " costs  in.) more than puorly       |  unulo Cloth in a".  " Roy^l BranJ" is guaranteed to give entire  sati.-f.ic"i..{>n.  " Roy.il [':l .1" ;n:iki.-rs are fo-ir.CL'rs in  Cauai'.a t>ir Tail.ir-nuule Clu'.i:i;:g ready-  to-wear.  aaaf^.V-Vrvu  '�����553380?  Tor Sale by *P U). George �� ��o.t  GREENNW00D, B. C. X  Payc 4.  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  *S12fzr.  Have you made any New   Year resolutions ?  /ire you going to keep them ?  Perhaps you are not  f^lenty of them hal>e been broken  You tan make one that is easily kept.  j\fo man can afford to not dress well  ��~ven in Greenwood,  Why not resolve to get a new suit ?  You can get what you want at home,  EJson the tailor can supply you  And guarantee satisfaction,  f^emember the name and place  ELSON  THE  TAILOR,  COPPER STREET, GREENWOOD.  CfoC  Boundary Creek Times  Issued every fridav  Duncan  Ross      Mammiikb EniTOK  STTUSCWP'fIONS IN ADVANCE.  IM- K   YliAII  ....  Si:-: Months   To   KOUBICN   CrtlTNTKII'.S.  ..!? 2 (XI  ... 1 25  ... 2 HI  KK I M A Y    I)ICCKM I!KR 2d 1 IfC  CORBIN A Nil THE C. P. K.  who  took  a   consistent course  in the  .i  lioii^e,  Smith Curtis   is  among- thein.  Amid the strongest temptations, the  most seductive promises and notwithstanding the conduct ot his leader!  whom he almost worshipped iu the  Manitoba days, he remained true to  the cause which he mapped out for  himself and fought valiantly for the  best interests of the people. Smith  Curtis has made mistakes, who has  not ? Whether he remains in public  life or not he has earned something  thar is more valuable than power nr  Dutisniuir gold. He has won the confidence and respect of the honest  electors.  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO iSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ���HOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOO OOOOOOOOO  Established 1836.      Inc irporalvd by Royal Charter.  A'ictim : "Phew ! what kind of i-heese  is that ?" !  Waiter : "De Brie, monsieur."  Victim : "Well remove the debt is."-  Harvard Lampoon.  CAPITAL,   A0( 0,0OO--$4l866,6(i6.6f>  Reserve Fund,^3ri5,000--$1,776,333.3X  London England.     It. ST1KEMAN. General Manager, Montreal,  J. ELMSLY, Inspector. Montreal.  Urnnclies ami aireuls in all Uie principal oitii-.s of Canada and  the  United Slates,  and correspondents hi all parts nf the world.  GHEENWOOD BRANCH :   Copper Street.  ooooooooooooooooooooooooooaoooooooooooooooooooooooooo  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO* OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  If Ihe announcement made by the  Spokesman-Review regarding the intention of the C. P. K. be correct,  Ihi'H railways as well us polities make strange bedfellows. It  is only four years ago since Sir  William Van Home and his then  trusty lieutenant, endeavored to convince a patriotic parliament that it  would be a most dangerous thing for  Cnna:1aif a shrewd American like D.  C. Corbin was allowed to build a railway into British Columbia and haul  awny its mineral wealth. In a most dramatic way Sir William Van Home told  the railway committee of the House of  Commons that he had no hesitation in  saying that if Corbin built liis railway into the mining district of British Columbia this country should be  plundered to the tune of at least  10,000,0(10 dollars a year, The C. P. R.  oilieials convinced the ignorant and in-  dilTercnl members of the east that  wbile railways from the Unitccl^ States  were all right in Ontario and Quebec  and the Maritime Provinces they were  all wrong iu British Columbia���unless  built by the C. P. R. Mr. Corbin got  tired of trying lo force a. railway on  the intelligent legislators of this country without, a .subsidy or laud grant  and sold out his syslein to the Great  Northern.  The Canadian Pacilic railway lost a  golden opportunity to absolutely control the Kootenay and Boundary trade.  II-ul   the company   purchased the  Cor  bin system not a pound of merchandise could have come into or'gonc out  of the interior without paying tribute  to the C.P.R. The Coi'bin system was  the avenue through wfiich all American trans-continental lines secutred  business in the mining- districts. -. Had  the C. P. R. purchased the roa<l the  Canadian company wonlcMiave absolute  control of the mining traffic. In adldition  it would have secured a natural route into the Boundary and have saved the cost  of building over several mountain  ranges. The. C. P. R. was either without the money or did not appreciate the  importance of securing the Corbin  system, They fully realize it now and  it would not be surprising if the company decided to get into Spokane.  The old flag will be no longer waved  and It will be now a good thing to  secure connection with the American  railways. D. C. Corbin is no longer  a masked robber who- is going to steal  the gold and copper out of the hills.  He is an astute railway man. A man  who did a great work for this province  b3r building railways into it when no  one else had sufficient confidence in its  resources to invest capital in railways  or other enterprises. We hope the report is true. We can't have too many  railways, it was an absurd mistake to  prevent Mr. Corbin from investing his  money in this province when he wished  to do so and if he still feels that he  should do so but under the sheltering,  wing of the. C. P. R, he should still receive every encouragement.  WHEN-OUGHT  WE TO  GOTO A. DENTIST?  Many think it unnecessary  to devote particular attention to the teeth until the  appearance of the mouth is  affected by damaged, decayed or broken teeth. Others  give the teeth no attention  till pain compels them.  -' The stupidity aud shortsightedness of either policy is  evident.  Everyone who thinks h  moment on the subject knows  that food cannot he masticated  satisfactorily if one or more teeth  are tender, inflamed, decayed, or  othervise out of working" order;  and i 1* this he the case, the mouth  requires immediate attention.  DR. MATHISON  , DENTIST  Naden-Flood Block, Greenwood, B. C.  It! Ill*  I  sfes  m  GEO. R. NADEN,  ��  ��fc  The  Western  Assurance Co.,  of Toronto,  REPRESENTING :  The Phoenix Fire Assurance The British  America  Assur-  Co. of I,ondon, England, ance Co., of Toronto.  The  Canadian   Birkbeck   Investment and Savings Co.  :THE:  SMITH CURTIS.  This is an age of political expediency.  Men who are otherwise honest, think  that it is the proper thing to give support to the party in power no matter  how viscious or corrupt, but after 'all  the great bulk of the electors stand up  for principle and have no hesitation in  denouncing political pefbidy or cor  ruptioii. To those iu this district it is  peculiarly gratifying that of the few  men elected to the legislature who remained true to policy which they  advocated   previous  to  their election  ABEL HALLBERG  MANUFACTURER  AND   DKAI.EK  IN     ,,  , EIC, EIC.  OR13RNWOOD AND MIDWAY, B. C.  Copper Street.  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT.  MEALS   AT AI.I, HOURS  122.  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The weather in a measure interfered with the programme but otherwise there was nothing to marthe pleasure of the pleasure seeliers. Previous  to Chrisimas day the weather was  crisp and frosty and <freat preparations  were made to get as much fun as possible out Jack Frost, Olil .Santa however  broug-lit with hint a warm Chinook that  simply put Jack Frost out of business  Skating at the rink had to be abandoned and the curlers whose enthusiasm  could not be curbed by anything put  - stones throng h.a.sliish.  V  i'l  Preeeedin^ the holiday proper there  were several entertainments. The  Sunday School entertainment in the  Methodist church last Monday night  was a success in every respect. The  church was appropriately and tastefully  decorated, the Xmas Iree well supplied  with books, candies, etc. from the  scliO'.l. Each ��� in ember of the school  receiving1 a carefully selected book.  The tree was well patronized also by  parents and others who took advantage  of it to remember their friends.  At tin; close of the entertainment  Mrs. Pope and Mrs. Haas came forward to lite platform and on behalf of  the members and adherent of the Methodist church presented their pastor  with a silk hay containing the handsome sum of $.15,00 and '���end the following address,  Rev. J. 1)  P. Knox  Greenwood. It. C. Dec. 2?.tul 1��)02  Dour Pastor-  The members, adherents  and attendants of the Methodist church  iu Greenwood desire, on this occasion,  to convey tcyou their deep appreciation  of your labor here during the time it  has been their privilege to have, you as  their pastor.  ' We recognize that your worlc here  has not been easy that you have not  had the same facilities for carrying it  on as exist in many places but in spite  of this you have labored quietly, uncomplainingly and a1 the same time  zealously and persistently from the  time you came amongst us up to the  present.  While we, as a congregation, may  not have been particularly demonstrative during your stay here, we appreciated none the less your kindness, your  unfailing courtesy, the work you were  doing and the sacrifiice you were making on our behalf.  As the days passed by you gained  not only our appreciation and our entire  respect but our sincere affection and  svhile w��?  understand there  is a   possi  bility of your leaving us in the near  future we trust that may not come to  pass, as we regret exceedingly a severance of the ties that have become so  close and i ritiinate and of relations  that to us are so pleasant and so satisfactory.  In conclusion we wish you the compliments of this festive season, that  you may be blessed with health and  happiness andthat your Master niay  crown your labors with abundant, success, and we ask you to accept this  small sum of money as a Christmas  gift from the congregation you have  ministered to faithfully and well.  Signed on behalf of the congregation of the Methodist church of Greenwood. ���.'.'.'������'.  Mr. Knox replied suitably expressing his pleasure at being so kindly remembered.  On Tuesday evening the children of  the Presbyterian Sunday school received a visit from Santa Claus. Rev.  Dr. MeRae presided aud an entertaining programme was carried out by the  children. The presents were distrib  uteil from a tree, there being a suitable  token for each pupil. .     .  Wednesday evening a similar tree'  and entertainment was held in St.  Jud:'s church.  The Anaconda children had their  tree on Tuesday .evening and the  Mother L,ode children on Wednesday.  A social dance was given by the residents at the Mother Lode on Wednesday  evening. Several went out from the  ��Ity and were delighted by the genuine  hospitality of the hosts.  ^..Special- services..jverc.heldJn^St.  Jude's church at 8 a. m. to 12 o'clock  noon and for the children at 2,30.  Midnight mass was celebrated at the  R. C. Cathedral. There was a service  at 9.30 a. ni. and Vespers at 7. 30 p. m.  The hospital was not forgotten on  Xmas day. Drs. Foster, Oppenheimer  and Spankie, Rev. J. Bedard, Hunter-  Kendrick Co., P. Hums & Co., J. I/.  White, Mr. and Mrs. Mathot, Mr. aud  Mrs. Ceo. F. Dougherty, Mr. and Mrs.  Duncan Mcintosh, Mr. and Mrs. Haverty, Mrs. C. AS. Shaw, and Jas. Sullivan of Phoenix all contributed towards  making Christmas pleasant for the  patients.  The Sisters gratefully aknowleilgo  contributions from the following during the year: Messrs, 11, C. Shaw, A.  M. Whiteside, Mayor Naden, J. .1.  Canllield, .1. A. Mathot, K.J. Finucane,  diss. Warren, Duncan Ross, Mrs. McBride and all who remembered the patients during the year by sending flowers, papers and magazines.  The city council presented the lire  department with twenty-Iiive dollars,  accompanying which was a letter wishing the department a merry Xmas and  complimenting them en their good  work during the year. The boys were  at home to themselves aud friends in  the afternoon aad evening. In th  afternoon the citizens band played several selections at the corner of Copper  and Greenwood streets.  Skating had to be abandoned on account of the warm weather but several  rinks, entered the bonspiel married  men agai.ist single. The scores follow:           ; ' ���T! .--..' .... .   ��� .-���  J. A. Russell ���9      C. E. Merritt���12 j    .>>K-��*'>'W��*��*��K<��KK��<K^  i   <fr  J. Iv. White  R. W. Bishop  J A Russell  H Bunting--16  C. A'. Bell  A. Wilmot  Dr. Foster  J M Humphrey-4  R Wilson A Logan  W T Hunler A M Whiteside'  J McCreath A McDonald  W G McMynn���O     J S Birnie���0  Total single 39 total married 38  7$r  HEADQUARTERS FOR  I         AV  THIS SPACE BELONGS  TO  I  l��  Y  y  I  I  A LARGE CONSIGNMENT OF  1 ��MIDI  , TO ARRIVE IN A FEW DAYS AT THE  South End Grocery Store  MaaL-m.WT��jiffii.aiiiii���mwi   mmr   w~m imwi w���^iwi���aww���i������nn���wwb  cAll frill be   Welcome.  t     '  T  T  Y  Y  Y  Y  X  \j> ft  <��>*k~:-wk~x~x��^^^^  The Pioneer Stationer and  Confectioner"of"" Boundary  Creek.  <r*  CP*  (r<  (r*  <P<  <P��  Cr*  <r*  <r*  CF*  Cr*  <r*  Cr*  (r<  Cr*  ..Bank of Montreal.  Capital; alllai4-up;iI2;oOo;o<)(r  Hesl.  $8,000,000.  President.   Loud Stkatiicon.i and Mount Kovau  VicL'-Presiileitl:    Hon. CiKoKdic A.  Dkitmmonii.  (iuiieral Miuiaifer :    15. S   Ci.oijston.  Branches in London, Eng. \ ��UJU���;���,,,'^;^l. \ New York, Chicago.  Buy anil sell Rterliiiir Kxclianire anil Cnl.lt.' Transfers ; I'Jraiii CouiiniMVial :��� it  Travellers' Credits, available in any partfiif ili�� world.  Greenwood Branch,     F. J. FINUCANE, Manager.  Makkihd  G. B. Paul  Dr. Mathison  H. L,. Johnston  Duncan Hoss -4  Singlk  Chas Dempsey  G. F. Ricliardson  K. C. B. Frith  F.F: Ketc.hum-14  .��� M"  M  li���r.  *=��>  M  '4 SKATES SHARPENED. |  | PAINTING AND  SIGN WORK. $  i Copper St.    Greenwood.  %H*H.w.iH.H.H.'*.*'A*VVVV'.w.'V*.'*A*V*?**V  H. C. Shaw  Dr. Simmons  E. G. Warren  R. Smailes  C. A. Steer  A. D. Hallet  X Well healed  rooms  al  rnodera��?  Y. prices.     Also    first  class  board  ���|* bv dav or week.  Y  %        THR SWAYNE   HOUSR,  ���j- Silver -Street,  X Greenwood.  i  Y  I  V  Y  x;  Y\  i1  [HE CANADIAN RANK OF fQMMERCE  With Which is Incorooratcd'the  THE BANK OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE. TORONTO.  Capital, $8,000,000.       -      Rest, $2,500,000 m  HON. GEO. A. COX. President.   B. E. WALKER. General Manager  HENRY F. MYTTON  MANAGER GREENWOOD BRANCH.  P. O   BOX 29o. 'I'lIOXK  17"  m. % mcltiillan Sf ���o..  UrHOI/ESAL10 GROCKKS AND AGKXTS 1'iik'  TUCKET CIGAR CO., UNION LABEL CIGARS  BRANDS.  MONOGRAM. MAKCIIEKMTA. I'.OijIIKT, dUK SPECIAL  EI> JUSTILLO,        EL CONDDK.        SAKANTIZA DCS.    SCHILI.KK  Coroer   Alexander Slr.'et  urn! Cnlmntiia  Avenue, Vancouver, ��!. (.'. Pat*- 6.  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  ���*.�����>���>���>  '���>���>���>���:������������&<������*< ���:������:������>���>���>���>���:������:">���:�����>���:���  il  nlfeuui  p����lHil��,  ow  'I'o 1'iiv V"iir u'ii'is, vmi will gvl the hc-lte r selection and  wilh :..iu-.elves In- better satisfied. _ Tticrcfore COME  KA.KMA'. We are :in:<ious to satisfy <nir customers  and have just what you   want. _  Our Xmas cards with a local view and  an- sure lo interest v��')ii :  ���foil  ownii;- verse    a  ..U  '*'-��,'&"<������  .-, .-, =-tfc.va ,t0 "i,ot ale''' uo in our bills  ������ "      Co pljsc you off today,  Uie'vc-aiilv "l>op.c*" to pay our bills,  Jltid so 7 p'��i>c ��fo I* ����V t~    . ,  "im.v Sanla Nl�� vow Kbristniiis sochs  '���Ulitbqpod Ojrtnjjs, <��4��c feplcte,  "lttv currency i-�� laraely rocks  '���not pay, but biii-d to beat.  "Some day tube*' o'��,s turned to matte,  "Of lean sell a claim,  beg you to remember that  ..���Vf/.V.--A  "Til write aud shin my name.  "Our mines are sfi'owin0 very line,  'Hut fellows east get all tberswaa.  "Jind meantime T am taking mine,  "3* part in worlc and part in slag."  'CK.3LQi  *>���>>��>*��>>���:<���>���:������;*���>���:'�����;���  Books,  Paper,  Photo Supplies,  !EJtc.  I  T  Y  Y  Y  ?  *  Y  Y  Y  Y  ��� v  il JL.  D. C. Corbin Again Gets Into Harness.  To Connect Spolcane With The C. P.  R.���Railway Notes  t''or several days reports have been  current on the streets that the Canadian Pacilic railway will extend its line  to 'Spokane during'��� Uie coming- year.  ������From sources which admit of no question. The Spokesman-Review learned  J;is't nitfiil thai Senator George Turner  and I). C. Corbin have made arrangements for (lie construction of a road  from here to the Canadian boundary  line in northern Idaho, where it will  join ihe Crow's Nest Pass system of  (Ik? Canadian Pacific railway.  Iiilerchts friendly to the Canadian  Pacilic will .furnish all funds with  which to build the 201.1 miles of road. It  is said by promoters that the chief aim  ' in the construction of the new line is  to furnish terminal rates  for Spokane.  I). C. Corbin will probably be the  president and Senator Turner will be  chief counsel, at a salary, it is unofficially reported, of $20,000 a year. Mr.  Corbin has gone lo New York on business in connection with the road.  Senator Turner is now on the Sound,  lie i.s expected back today.  In addition to these, there will probably be niiother Spokane man on the  ('ireclorate, and two men'''from Pugct  suiuid, whose names are not yet made  public.  Tin; Canadian Pacilic lias had a  jealous eyooii Ihe trade of Spokane for  years. It has wanted to get into this  lield, not only to haul in freight from  the i.'.'isl; but ;:lso lo get some of Ihe  wheat business of Ihe Palou.se anil the  ure trallic of the mines. It was restrained from entering this lield, however, until now il has a light on its  hands with James J. Hill of the Northern Securities company, who announc  ed to a. Spokesman-Review reporter  yesterday that he will push His line  from Curlew. Wash.,' on iii tip the very  heart of the Similkameen. country, in  British Col'iuibia, on. his way.to the  coast, withiai a year. His entrance in  the British' Columbia field with the  charter of the Vancouver, Victoria &  Eastern road, has been fiercely l-esent-  ed by the Canadian . Pacific, which has  considered that province its own particular preserve. ' The invasion of  British Columbia by the Hill road has  stirred things up to the point where  the Canadian Pacilic is now.residy't'o  build into Spokane to reach" iitVter the  magnificent Held around here. It is  believed that nothing short of a settlement of the serious difficulties between  Hill and the Canadian Pacific will stop  the building of the road.  The name of the new company to be  incorporated by Senator Turner and  Mr. Corbin will be the. Spokane & Kootenay road, although tliat may be  changed. According to the plans it  will run from Spokane over to L,ake  Pend d'Oreille, touching Sandpoint,  and will then extend North through  the Idaho penhandle, probably along  the Kooteny river, to the Canadian line  where it will join a brancn of the Canadian Pacific. The distance.ia estimated at about 200 mites.  A crew of men, it is planned, will  start the first thing in the spring, and  the road may be completed in a year,  as operations can he pushed from three  or four points at once.  J list before his departure for Pew  York-, Mr. Corbin was asked as to the  truth of the reports that he was interested in the road. "I have nothing: to  say on the subject," was his only ans  wet. Senator likewise refused to discuss the matter. Yesterday, however,  from sources which could not tje disputed, The Spokesman-Review learned  the facts of the case.  Articles of incorporation of the  Spokane & Kootenai Railway company, which is to connect Spokane  with'the Canadian Pacilic system,  were filed yesterday in the oflice of  County Auditor Hubbard. The incorporators are D. C, Corbin and Senator  George Turner of Spokane; Jacob  Furth, president of the Paget Sound  National bank of Seattle and Charles  S. Bihler of Tacoma, formerly assistant chief engineer of the Northern  Pacific railroad. The capital stock i.s  placed al 33,000,000, divided into shares  of S100 each.  The articles of incorporation declare  the purpose of the company "to locate,  construct, own', use, maintain, operate  an-l en joy a standard gauge railway,  with -;ingle or double tracks, as the  Cui p.-ration may determine, beginning  at a point in , >r near Ihe city of Spokane, stale of Washington, ami extending in n general northeasterly and  northerly direction, via Pend d'Oreille  river and lake, the Kootenai river and  tributaries, to a point in Kootenai  couutary, Idaho, on the international  boundary between the United States of  America and the Dominion of Canada  a distance of 200 miles, more of less,  all in Spokane county' state of Washington, and Kootenai country, state of  Idaho, for the transportation of passengers, freight, etc.  J. J. Hill who visited the const last  week, while in Spokane, announced  the intention of his company to prosecute the work of extending the V. V.  & E.- coastward with vigor and that  they expected to reach th.- Similkameen district next year.  The Midway and Vernon railway  company, the incorporator of which  are Robert Woo'dif James Kerr i-atid associates is making application through-  its solicitors Messrs. Wilson an.l  Sinkler, Vancouver, for a federal  charter. ���'���'.'��� .--'������������������  A Michigan man owed another man  $10. It was due on Tuesday. At midnight on Monday night, the man who  owed the money came around, woke  hi.s friend "up and told him he couldn't:  pay the bill.  "It worried   me  so  I'couldn't  sleep  and so T just thought Pel tell you now,'  he said.  "Dern it," said theiOtherman, "why  didn't you wait till morning? No.v T  can't sleep, either."���The Ivyre.  Farmer : "See here, boy 1 Whai are  you doing up that apple-tree  ?  Kid : "Can't yer see nothin' 't One of  yer apples fell off de tree an' I'm tiein'  it on again !"���Brooklyn Life.  MINERAL ACT. l'Mxl.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE  N O K T U K T A U, R I .N 0 .SI L V R K 11K LI,. 11A l< 0  TO-l!EAT,AfOUNTAIN VI EW.MASKINC ER  .-mil liOBBJE" P.ITRNS' Fnu-linn.-il Mim-ral  Claims, sltlllllf in 111.' Kollli:  River   Mining  Division nf Ylilu Disiriol.     When' lovali'cl:  On   Horseshoe.   McMiiilain.    Main     Ki'l.tlu  Kiv.>r.  TAKK NOTICK lliat wi". M.-ir.v  Tnrin'i-   Me.  Mvim  anil   Wlllinni  Ci-.iIkiiii    Kle.Mvini.   free  Miiutk CiTlilii-an-  Nils.   IS>I'III2 ami   Us-l'iiH   re-  s|>i!Otivi'l_v,  inliMul,  sixlv ilays  from   tin;  ilalc  hereof,  lo apply  lo ihe" Minii:ir  Recorder i'or  CisrllliC'ilPK of litiprnwiiicuts,  for  Ilie ]imi>nsi>  of oblainiliir Crown (.'.rants of tlie aliovo claims.  Anil   I'linlitir lake  notion  thin  action, miller  seel ion   .1",   must   lie  communed) Iti'liu-i; llio issu a ih-w of such CYi'tilU'nti'K of Iiii-provi-itR'nts.  balcl lliis 15th iln.v of July. 1W2.  Marv Tounku McMynn.  Wu.i.ia.m (Ikaiiam McMvnn.  J.asi issiifjnu. 2s.  E. W. BISHOP  SJEA-MFITT1NG, HOT  WATER HEATING.  Rstimatcs Oiven.     Satisfaction  Guar"   anteed.   Naden-Flood Block', Greenwood"  For Cood Rigs  and Saddle Horses   GO TO TIIK-  A. c; DAVIES,   ���   Manager.  Near McNeill's Feed Store.  HEADQUARTERS  FOR  DOLLS,       TOYS,  LEATHER   - GOODS,  CHINA WARE,  CHRISTMAS  NOVELTIES,  and hosts of things  suitable for Christmas presents too  numerous to mention  Prices at Rock  Bottom.  J. L.COLES.  BUNTING & DEMPSEY  Contractors and Builders.  ESTIMATES ': FURNISHED     FOR  ALL KINDS OF WORK.  GREENWOOD,  B. C.  Rubber Stamps  S1!ALS. STKNCILS, I'ltlCli JIARKRKS,  PRINTING      VVIIICEI.S,       NDMIIKKINd  MAcmxiis, n.iNn u.iTmo/ixi) mum-::  HEKING STAMPS. CHIiCK PICRKOKAT-  OHS, RUBIIKH TVPE, I'KINTINC  PRESSKS,   ETC. ���   FRANKLIN STAMP WORKS, Vancouver  ^Mimimmimmiimmmm  Green-wood is tlie financial and commercial centre oi the ^z.  Boundar}'Creek District. ! Tt is the supply point for the �����:  Mining- camps. From the city roads lead to Greenwood. t~:  Deadwood, Copper, Summit, Long-Lake, Skylark, White S^          ____^         alK^ Atwood, Wellington and other Boundary Creek camps. jE  H '������"infprmatioS vMress J.!!....?!        Robt. Wood or C. Scott Galloway; Greenwood ^  ln.ttt.An...-r./vAf%A-��.ilU^ ~"  rgrto.,  ��#-  MONTREAL. QUEBEC.  -�������  MANUFACTURERS OF  TMersoH��$ergeant  $*  $0  ROCK DRILLS, STRAIGHT LINE 2  DUPLEX and CORLISS AIR COM ^  PRESSORS ... 3  COMPLETE MINE EQUIPMENTS ^  OF ALL KINDS. CCS  STOCK CARRIED IN  ROSSLANtt. ~��  g BOILERS, HOISTS, PUMPS, Etc.  ������     Agents For The Bullock Diamond Drills. ��������^���  ^ R. JB. ���,. mcllallv, Rossland, B. C. ^  rff&fc''-  mi  li|  fell  j.   - -t-^-��^U i-.^!,  ii  i:  ! ��� *&.  y&ik  A NEW LINE OF  SCISSORS.   POCKET KNIVES.   RAZORS,   TABLE   CUTLERY,  TOBACCO.   CIGARS   AND   HOCKEY   STICKS.  WE HAVE SOME FINE JEWELRY, DIAMONNS, PINS, STUDS  AND RINGS, FINE PI RE OPAL PIN, LADIES,   EM ERAL  RING  WITH   DIAMONDS,   SOLID   GOLD   AND   SILVER   WATCHES.  AND  CHAINS.  '1$  PIANOS,   SEWING    MACHINES,   OLD   AND   NEW,   A   COMPLETE  LINE OP HARNESS,  HOUSE GOODS OF ALL KINDS OLD AND NEW.  Come And See  Our Big Stock of Goods   tH  THE  O.  A  C.   A. L. WHITE, <Sl GO, Opposite the A. H. Sperry. ft  /#  1 THE   BOUft >AY CREEK   TIMES  JUST A FEW SUGGESTIONS FROM OUR EVER POPULAR GROCERY DEPARTMENT.  RECEIVED TO-DAY ONE CAR OF SPECIALS FOR THE CHRISTMAS TRADE.  I~3��~: A complete assortment of Ramscys Candies, in .bulk and boxed -goods.  rrsSS New Dates. -v New Nuts, including shelled Almonds.  :~ssE Full assortment of Ciiristie's and McGormick's fancy Biscuits.  3��g We Have ������HEINZ" Celebrated Sweet Girkins.  New Table Raisins. New California Figs. =|��=  Crystalled Cherries, a NJQW THING very choice. |f��|  Latest Noyelfless in Fancy China Ware. ljf|  WE ARE SOLE  AGENTS FOR THE  GOLD DROP  FLOUR.  Re Butter  J A^ For Our Special  '=����- i 50 -cent Tea and Coffee.  The best ever put up for  =|g the ihoney.   They are sure trade winners.  Having purchased a full car of Creamery Butter we slU  are prepared to give lowest quotations in this line.  Resolution of Confidence^  After Mr Curtis tinishefl.speaking at  the meeting-' on Monday evening-Mr  McKinnon pf .Eholt moved a resolution to the effect thatthe meeting fully  approves of 'the ��� course^ <jmrsiied\,by  Smith Curtis, MP P since<his election  to the legislature.  Mr Brown seconded the'^ resolution in  a neat speech in which he 'commended  the sterling integrity and boundless  energ-y of Mr Curtis, He was found  advocating a policy ithat was in the  best interests of ��� the province (applause) .  The resolution  was   passed ..unanimously.     Mr  Curtis  briefly   acknow-  . ledged his great   appreciation   of the  ^confidence expressed   in   himselt and  the meeting adjourned  Local and Personal.  The contract for sinking the hundred  obt shaft on the -Gold Finch recently  bonded to New York parties represented by C. M. Fassett of Spokane, has  been; awarded to. Stephin & Griffen.  They began work on Tuesday morning  with four men.  R ? Williams resident ageirt of .'.the  Jenckes Machine company has sold  to the Montreal & Boston Copper company a 40iirich^gag^'.6xl0 Porter steam  locomotive which' will bb used at the  company's smelter to haul slag from  the furnace to the dump. :The iocom-  ^otive is-tobe delivered-wUhitiGO.days.  Christmas morning P. Burns & Co's  meat market vyas broken into,and several turkeys stolen. The culprit endeavored to sell the turkeys to the Norden  who refused to buy. The thief then  got frightened left the turkeys there  and struck the trail The turkeys were  returned to the meat market and today  Geo Arthur Rendell of Eholt reported  having the man suspected of the theft  in custody at that place The St  Charles hotel was broken into the  same evening and liquor and cigars  stolen  Thos. Berry, a ��� Camp McKinuey  rancher died at the Sacrad Heart hospital on, Tuesday last from complications arising from typhoid fever. The  deceased was a native of England and  about 47 years of age. His aged  mother lives at St. George, Ont., and a  brother resides at Revelstoke. He  formerly lived on a ranch near Boundary Falls before taking up a homestead above Rock Creek. The funeral  takes place this;(Friday)afternoon. - ,  The next issue of tlie Boundary Creek Times  will contain a review of development and niin-  iiiK oper.-uioiis duriug- 1902: also statistics -re-  Ifardinp ore shipments, buildintr operations  and various records at the u-overiiinent oflices  These tell an cucourapinif story of progress  and development. It will he just the thing- to  send to friends. -Those desiring- copies should  notify the oflice as early in the week as possible.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvement.  NOTICK.  CARLOTTA and YOUNG GKORGE Mineral  Claims, situate in the Kettle River Mininir  Division ol Vale District.   Wherelocated :  Pass Creek Camp.  ���TAKE   UOTICE   that   I.  John   P. McLeod,  Free Miner's Certiiicate i<Io. BS4954 as ag-ent for  Andrea Poirfri, Free Miner's Certificate No. B  30252 and  Francis S. Finucane Free  Miner's  Certificate      No.        B74202        intend        sixty  davs  from the date hereof to apply   to    the  ininlntr recorder for a certificate of improve  ment   for the  purpose  of obtaining* a crown  irrants for above claims.  And further take notice that action   u.:dei  cection 37 must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements  Dated this 23rd day of December, A. D., 1902.  I. P. MU^-ETJD  ]ft*t ferae- Mill* ��  ^MINERAL   ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  "LA PLAZA'-   Mineral   Claim, situate in the  Kettle River, Mining Division of Vale Dist  ricl.   Where located :    Providence cam p.  Take Notice that I, John P. McLeod, Free  Miner's Certificate. No. B 54954 as agent foi  George V. Miller, Free Miner's Certificate No  B &5OO6' intendj'sixtv'davs from the'date heieof,  to apply l'o;$he'Miiiing..Rcco.rd(��r 'for;a. Certili-  cate of Improvements, for the pin pose ol  obtainiuir a Crown C rant of the above, chum.-  And .further take-.;notice'j.-that action, aiidei  sectionV37,7must',befcouiMenced before the issuance, of such Certificate of Iiriprovenieul>-  Datcd'this 21st day of October, Ar D , 1102  Last ins. Dec. 24. J. P. McLEOD  Certificate of-Improvements-  NOTICE.  CORNWALL Mineral Claim situate in the  Kettle River Mining Division of Osotoos  District. Where' located : About two  miles North east of Camp McKlnuev ou  McCarren Creek. i  TAKE NOTICE that I, Svdney M. Johnsou  acting- 'as agent for ]?. B. S. Stanhope,  Free Miner's Certificate No. B5S422, intend,  sixty days from date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Recorder for Certificate of Improvements, for-the purpose of obtaining a Crown  Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that actions, under  sectiou 37, must; be commenced before the issuance, of such Certificate of Improvements! �� ';.  , Daied-this'Srd dav of July. A, D. 1902        ;*    ;  ; sept.in; a'; ,-.; ^Sidney m. Johnson  MINERAL ACT.   j J \ 'f{  '-:fc Certificate-of Improvements-  .   / I NOTICK.   :  TACOMA Mineral claim situate in  the Kettle  River Mining Division  of;Osoyoos District.  "������ Where located':" Near Boundary Falls^i'ijil  adjoining the Don't Knouf mineral clafii'tiiA  TAKE NOTICE-that I, Sydney M. Johnson  acting as agent for Sani .1. Jensen, 'Free  Miner's Certificate; No. B 417')9 and Annie  Christenson, JFree- Miner's- Certificate No.  B 54915,* intend \ sixty days from the  date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder  tor a Certiiicate of Improvements, for the*, purpose of obtaining a ciiowii jj-rant of the 'above'  claim,    y.-    .;.-��- ,."-5( ���>���'*���   s !j ...'"  i�� And further ^tike- notice that action, under  section- 37, riitist'be commenced before the issuance of sucli certificateof improvements.  Dated this 6th day of July, A. D., 1902.  Sept. 18. SYDNEY M, JOHNSON  J*JAjAj*jAjAjAjAjAj>%jAjAJ,Jl&jJtjA  J. A. ZELLER, ��� Prop.  Comfortable rooms, by^dayjot,  monthf?' "-v'' ������;.-;'"'  MEALS AT AL,L; HOURS.  Board  and Room  by the month  .$25,00.  .J|* JP Jf; jf Jf" JP JP JP JP |P JP JP IP JP JP JP J  ^HENEW  !/  ^NOTICE OFJfORFEllilRE.   ;a  yir~T    ]  V      i,  To George Beardsley of Greenwood, B. C.aod  any person or persons tc whom ,he may  have have transferred his Interest, in the  "L. S." Mineral Claim, situate In Skylark  Camp In the Kettle River Mining Division  of Yale District,   i !"',"  YO!I ARE hereby notified that I have expended $205.00 in'-, order: to hold the said  mineral claim uiideiS the provisiiuisvof the  Mineral Act, that you should contribute' $102.50  as your portion of the said) sum for your undivided one half interest in said claim and if  within 90 days from the lirst insertion ot this  notice you fail or refuse to contribute the sum of  $102.50 which if now (liie by you, together with  all costs of advertising, your interest in the said  mineral claim will become the property of tlie  subscriber under section four of an Act entitled  the "Mineral Act Amendment Act," 1900.  Dated at l.reeuwood, B. C, the 20th dav of  September. 1902.        KOBKRT DEMPKTUk.  Remodelled, Renovated' and; Refurnished. Only the best'��� Liquors- and  Cigars. Prompt servicer Courteous  Treatment. Good Rooms. Modern  .:,;���',-). Conveniences. :, ./  Fi^d B. Munn,     Manager.  i   By Eastern   catalogues.  Dont'sjsentlv east, for Xmas-  present^ because ^tKey   kvc)  cliea:i3   and   g-dt?   something-  ydTA don't want.     Come and  see our  goods andg-et om  I         We guarantee satis-  factidn- '���������^��� ���  -*;, ,i Aji *..-  A.  Watchmaker ;:  and Jewellers.  "\  f ^THE BEST BEEriN TOWClS^WMplfit  NOTICE OF FORFEITURE.  To JOHN COLLINS aud"any person <ir 'per-  sons to whom he mav hare transferred  his  interests in the "TIt'.XOKl.%Mlneral claim  .'���   situate on the West Pork of Kettle River,  lying- North of i��td adjoining  the* Knob  Hill Mineral claim   in   the  Kettle   River  <  Mining Division of Vale Dlutrict.     .{,'  You are herebv notified that I' have exiHtnded  J102.JO iu order to hold the said mineral claim  under the. provisions of the Mineral Act, that  you should contribute $51.25 as vour portion of  the said  sum  for your  undivided one indftli-  terest in said claim and if withlu 90 days from  the first insertion of this notice you  fail  or refuse to contribute the sum of 351.25 which is  now due;bj jyouj lojretber.-withjr.all  costs of  luivertisinir.1'your  iiiter��iti,   in dsald    mineral  claim  will  become  the property of the   subscriber under section  four of an  Act entitled  the "Mineral Aci Amendment Act." WOO., ,.>  Dated, atfiOreenwood>B. G.sthe 28th d&y.ol  October; WOS. ':���        .* Vi .5 JOUNliM ATTHBWS.  Last insertion Jan. 31st. W03.:ty.  NOTICE OF-FORFEITURE.  To GEORGE RITER. of the City or Orce.n wood-  in. the Province of British Columbia. Pros,  pectorii li   ;i;   "A ;.; ���/,  You are hereby notified.tint Ifihaye expended  J2W1.0O in performintr assessment work ou the  "Harquahala" and "Paramatta" Mineral  claims, situaie iu Copper Camp, i 11 the Kettle  River .Mining- Division,.Yale-District. British  Columbia, and the sum of $5.00 for recording  the said work, the same beinjr necessary 10 hold  the claims under the provisions oT-the"Mineral  Act and Amending Acts, and if at the expiration of ninety days from the date of the lirst  Sublicatiou of this uotice in the. Boundary  reek- Times, yoii fail! or .refuse to contribute  your portion of such: expenditure,,namely the  sum of $1^.83, together with allKthe costs of  advertising, your ihteresf in the^ said claims  shall become vested in your co-owners, pro  rata, according to their several interests there  in, in pursuance of the provisions of sectiou 4  of the Mineral Act Amendment "Act. 1100.  Dated at Oreenwood, British Columbia, this  ^Bth. day of October. A. D...M02   -               - MI&E MORRIS.  THEELKHORNBREWERY  [ PORTMAN   8r PORTMAN  I Proprietors  ASK FOR  ���^^^'f'';'  It  ItillMl  The Elkhorri Lager Beer Contains only Pure Malt Hops, Try  I.^t ^kept on draught ot in Bottles ty all the leading Hotel  fit About Your Mas ad. ?  Write to  AND ALL KINDS OF  HORSE GOODS.  Special prices to Green-  .     wood customers.  ftMail orders  promptly  attended to.  ��� :     2��  Comiecliniis with  Western Union Telegrach Company.  122,000 oflices in' U.S.A.|  '-. -i-ANn^���  Great North-Western of Canada-  12.00 ollices iu Canada.J  CABLE SERVICK TO ALL THE WORLD.  J. C. IIICLM. Oflice Manager, Creeuwooil. li.c  Tltl.Bl'IlON-lt xo.  12.  NOTICE OF F0RFEITVRE.  T<��A. IJRANSON.  D.R.CAMPHKU,  I).  A.  CAMKKON and any others concerned :  Yon are hereby notified that I have expended  in labor and iniprovenieiiis 011 the '���itoMtou"  "Toronto" and "SI. Louis" .Mineral claims  situate en Cranberry Creek, West Fork of  of Kettle River, in the Kettle Kiver Mining  Division of Yale District, the sum of Thie*  Hundred Dollars, and S7.50 for recording the  same, such being the amount required and  noceKsary 10 hold the said claims under the  provisions!.! the "Mineral Act' and Amending  Acts: and If at the exii!ration of ninety davs  from ihe dale of the Ihki publication of this  notice in the Boundary Creek Times you fail  or refuse lo contribute vour portion of such ex.  penditiire, namely $2.10.50. toirethur with al  costs nf. ailvi.rtisluir. Y"ur interest iu said  iniueral claims shall become invested in nn-  fyoiir co-owner) upon filing in the firoper ollice  111 thai behalf ihe allidavit re((iiired bv Serliou  ���t i,f the "Mineral Act Amendment Act. W\> "  Hated this ZSth day of October. 1'XI2.  ,     .        ,.      .      , JOHN N. (JRKDKX.  I.asi puplicHtioii Jan. 31, I9H3.  miNERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  N'OTICK.  "MKXICO"   Mineral   Claim     ci,     .      .  1��   Triple   r.au-e  tnci.  camp.  When-  I'K-ated  TAKK NOTICEilm r  in  . Free Mi���M% i*?l lUl'^ %*��$!  Certificate No. Bajfisi. intend c-.. "*,  the date hereof, to aop) v o t h'. M* f dj  fora Certiiicate of ImPp". veme.nV'r'jl  , And  further take notice th-ii  na.edlhisiot^o"/^^���  AT. The Radcliff and Orthopedic American Shoes for Ladies   and  Gentleman have never jieeri equalled at the price.  Men's Suits Md Pante ^  m


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