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 7  Vol. 7.  GREENWOOD, B. C. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 20,  190.1  THE STRIKE  AT FERIE  .Commission Should be Appointed to Investigate.  IB' IE OF 61  -J)eputy Minister of Labor Coming to  ��� Fernie.  i'if��S  fa--1893- the- Liberal party of the  Dominion of Canada met in convention at Ottawa and there declared a  policy which in the words of the leader  of thepariy, the Rt. Hon, Sir Wilfrid  Laurier, not only dealt with, great is-  .sues but also with questions which  even reniotely affected the Canadian  people. The Liberal party was returned to power and how well the interests of the people were protected  .and promoted need not be discussed  here, because this is not intended as a  politically partizan article. The Liberals declared that they were opposed  -to anything which decreased the value  of property, which oppressed the masses to the enrichment of the few,  which checked immigration, which  impeded commerce; in a word it may  be inferred that the Liberal leader  and Liberal party believed it to be one  of the functions of good government  to war against anything that was an  obstacle to the country's progress.  The J whole record of Sir Wilfirid  ;Laurier and his government demons  strafes that that is yet their policy.  .-.' ' There is a strike at the Crow's Nest  Pass Coal company's mines. All the  coal- mines and coke ovens which furnished-fuel to the British Columbia  smelters,^are idle. If_the strike continues, all mines and smelters in B. C.  must close. Jay P. Graves, manager  of the Granby company, the largest  employer of labor in the mining district states that "things are most blue"  "It looks as if British Columbia is  cursed. With our coke gone in 10  days,, there will be nothing for us to  do but to close our mines and smelter,  letting out 640 to 700 men indefinitely.  "The British Columbia Copper company, operating the Greenwood smelter  i��ad-mines","with"abOiit"300 to 350"meh7  I suppose, on its payroll, is in the same  boat. The StandaTd smelter at Boundary Falls, which, with the Sunset mine  works, I per3ume, about 250 men. must  also close. The Snowshoe mine, working from 60 to 70 men, will also find  its market gone. We shall be unable  to handle Republic ores. It looks as if  the whole Boundary must close down  if we do not get coke speedily. I have  no jdea how long the famine will last."  "The accident in the Crow's Nest  collieries happened last Mav. We  closed down completely for a short  time and were never able to work more  than two of our four furnaces at once  until two weeks ago, when all started.  With copper around 13 cents, President  l^iper announces that we should soon  be able to pay dividends. Now this  comes and we are completely prostrated again."  Other mining men thoroughly acquainted with the situation have expressed similar views. It is certainly  a case for immediate action on the  part of the government.  The Pennsylvania coal strike completely tied up the coal mines in that  district, and the situation became so  serious that President Roosevelt interfered. ���'. He succeeded in inducing' both  coal companies ard men to resume  operations pending the finding of a  commission.  Up to the arrival of John H, Tonkin  from Pennsylvania in June last to  take charge of the Crow's Nest Pass  company's mines, there was no friction  between the company and its men in  reference to wages. Under the old  wage scale the company developed  its mines and produced coal and its  shares continued to advance in price,  demonstrating to some extent that it  was not being ruined by tho old wage  scale.  If this be true the company cannot  be seriously nfleeted by agreeing to  the operation of its mines pending the  finding of a commission. We think  the men would agree to this.  Sir. Wilfrid Laurier has a precedent  in the course of President Roosevelt.  In the interests of this province, in the  interest of this country, he should use  his office for the purpose of terminating the strike. This can best be done  by the appointment of a strong  commission who will inquire into all  the circumstances and condition surrounding the production of coal and  coke in the Crow's Nest Pass and its  relation to the mining and smelting  industries in British Columbia. The  mines in the meantime could be worked . on the basis which existed before  the labor troubles began.  The writer has before him a verba-  tion report of a magnificent speech  delivered by Sir Wilfrid Laurier in the  city of Victoria in the year 189S. Sir  Wilfrid holds the key to the situation  in Southern British Columbia. To  quote his own words used in another  connection in that speech "You are in  possession of the key and therefore it  is your duty to do; what you can to  swing open the gates so that prosperity  maj' 'come to this our common land."  Briefly the men place their demands  as follows:  The demands of the men are: Placei <  to meet in Morrissey and Michel or a  chance to buy land on which to build  one, a uniform rate of wages almost  identical with the rate paid before  the last Fernie strike and a full and  complete recognition of the unions of  the district."  BAffi OF  MONTREAL  Will Likely Open a Branch  in Spokane.  Arrangements Are Being Made With  That End in View  The Men's Side  Why the Strike was Ordered by the  Men  The Boundary Creek Times made an  effort to secure a story from aboth sides  in the coal strike. A telegram' was  sent to James H. Tonkin manager of  the coal company, asking himfora state  ment but up to the time of publication  no reply was received. A correspondent at Feinie sends the men's side. He  says:  "The men and boys working in and  around the mines and coke ovens of  the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co. at Morrissey , Fernie and Michel all came out  on strike on the morning of Feb. 11th  and there is not a wheel turning in  either of the three camps. In Fernie  the men and boys have been working  undr a protest since Aug. 4th 1902.  The public at large are more or less acquainted with their grievances. Just  6he~m6ritH~and four"daysafter the" big-  explosion of May the 22nd 1902 in which  130 men and boys were killed, James  H. Tonkin who by tne way came direct  from Pennsylvania U. S. A. after the  explosion'to fill the position of general  manager for the C. N. P. Coal company  without consulting the employees, imposed upon them an extra half hour  under ground or in oll.er words making  it nine hours from bank to bank instead  of eight hours from bank to bank as it  had been previous to his coming here,  aud as it is in every other coal mine in  British Columbia. The men were  forced to strike or submit to the imposition. After a six weeks strike on  August the 4th the Gladstone Miners'  Union No. 76 of the W. F. of M. enter-  (Cotitinucd on last page.)  F. J. Finucane of the Bank of Montreal returned on Saturday from Spokane. Mr. Finucane does not give  much bank news to a newspaper man  but it is understood that his mission  to the Inland Empire city may have  something to do with thevopening of a  branch of the bank there. Sometime  ago it was rumored that the Bank of  Montreal would invade Sookane although that city has a fair share of  banks now- Besides the business and  bustle which characterizes Spokane,  affording plenty of opportanity for  business for a strong bank like the  Montreal, the special! magnet which  attracts is the railway enterprise in  which D. C. Corbin, Senator Turner  and others are interested. They have  arranged to build a railway to connect  the C. P. R. with Spokane and as the  undertaking means an expenditure of  several millions, of dollars, t!-sre is a  chance for the bank to do some business.  Besides the Canadian banks are  popular-with-large .firms on - the: other,  side. State banks by law are not allowed to make an individual loan for  a larger amount than ten per cent of  its subscribed capital. This would  limit. the amount a single firm could  secure from any state bank to $20,000  or $30,000, while the Bank of Montreal  and other Canadian banks have been  known to make individual advances of  several millions.  The American banks do not like the  invasion and are endeavoring to secure  legislation at Olympia which if passed  will keep Canadian banks on this side  of the line. The legislation is to the  effect that foreign banks, having  branches in the state of Washington  .must pay��� ^ taxes_on .the.f ulLamount of  their capital. This would mean that  tne Bank of Montreal would pay on  $14,000,000 aud the Bank of Commerce  on 310,000,000. As neither' bank  would pay this tax, the object of the  legislation is to drive them from the  state. It is thought that'the bill will  not become law but in the event of. the  legislature passing it, the Canadian  Bank of Commerce will in all probability abandon its Seattle branch,  the Royal Bank its Republic branch  and the Bank of Montreal will not do  business in Spokane.  In the meantime the Bank of Montreal officials are not borrowing trouble;  they are not in the borrowing business.  Arrangements have been made to open  up  in  the  Ferndale  block, one of the  best locations, on Riverside, ave.  The management of the branch will  be one of the coveted positions in the  bank's service. Who the lucky man'  will be is' yet unknown but Mr. Fin-,  ucane's many friends in the west  would like to see him secure the position. In old established institutions  like the Bank of Montreal, long service goes a great way towards promotion but sometimes special ability  knocks out this rule. Mr. Finucane  has had a wonderfully successful  career in the west. He is intimately  acquainted with its resources and  thoroughly understands its people.  In the. Sloean and at Greenwood he  has had special opportunities for tie-  coming acquainted with the mining  possibilities and with the Spokane  men who have been investing their  money in,,British Columbia. To be a  successful business man in the west, a  western training is required.' As a  rule a man from the cent belt is not a  success in the west until he gets rid of  ��ome eastern ideas.  Mr. Finucaue's appointment would  be extremely popular in Spokane and  judging from his record during 15  years in the west the interests of the  bank would not suffer.  City Council.  Business Transactnd at the Rogular  Meeting.  The regular meeting of the city  council was held on Monday evening  with Mayor Smailes in the chair and  all the aldermen present. The auditor's report was received and the trustees'estimates were referred to the  finrnce committee to report. A letter  was received from Hon. J. D. Prentice,  acting premier, stating that no except-  ivjn could be made to crown granted  mineral _ claims within municipalities  with respect to the sale for delinquent,  taxes.  The indemnity bylaw was read a  first aud second time and considered  in committee. The annual allowance  mentioned in the bylaw for mayor is  $500 and for each alderman. $200. .The  bylaw will be again considered at the  next regular meeting.  Board of Trade.  Members of Progressive Association  Will Join That Body .  The members of the Greenwood Progressive Association will join the  Board of Trade at a special meeting  called for Wednesday afternoon at 3.30  andall_will.work._under. Jhe., Board ���,of.  Trade charter for the advancement of  the city. Committees from both organ  izations discussed the-amalgamation.  The Board's committee recommended  that the initiat-'on fee be reduced to  $2.50, the amount to also pay the first  quarter's dues and the quarterly dues  to be $2.50. This was accepted by the  board at a special meeting on Tuesday  afternoon, and at a meeting of" the association on Wednesday the Progressive Association decided to join' the  board. On this basis officers for the  year will be elected at the Wednesday  meeting. Nominations forany elective  office must be signed by two' members  and handed to the secretary before or  at the meeting at which the officers  are to be elected.   Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y.  J  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  X  4  '4  Y  Y.  Y  Y  i  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  ���>  f  Y  Boundary Ore Shipments,  ��*..%���?������%.%  Granby Mines..  Mother Lode   B. C. Mine...   Snowshoe   Sunset   Brooklyn   Morrison   R. Bell   Emma   Winnipeg   Golden Crown..  Athlestan   King Solomon..  No. 7   City of Paris   Jewel   Carmi   Providence   Ruby   Miscellanesus....  1900  64 533  5 340   ..  19 444   ..  297    ..  150  Total Tons  1 076  2 250  1 200  2 000  160  3 230  99 730  1901  231 862    99 548    47 517    1 731    800  :....  150    560    650    1 040  850   665    325    890    1902.  Week.  1903  310 601  8 836  54 762  141 326  1 S30  16 008  14 727  630  4 960  20 800  960  ' 5 851  8 010  458  2 364  7 900  670  5 220  785  1 i 625'  . . -  532  389 618  .2 175  172  55," ill  - 47  13 404       99 212  *<W��*<<'^>>>><>^>;*X^:<��X��^  WILL BE SENT  To The Provincial- Mining  Convention at Victoria.  A  At a Public Meefine' Held on Thurs-  Y-ii'i ;     i di��V.Evening.  An enthusiastic.-meeting was held  at thecity hall on Thursday evening  for the purpose of organizing a branch  ofthe Provincial Mining' Association  of B. C. and electing' delegates to the  convention which is to be' held at  ���Victoria on Wednesday nexti Mayor  Smailes presided, and H. C. Shaw5 was  appointed secretary. Among those  present were the managers and superintendents of the. various mines and  smelters in the district, also residents  of Eholt, Boundary Falls and other  camps. After "some discussion it was  decided to organize the branch and  appoint delegates. ��� The delegates  elected were Frederic Keffer- manager  of the B. C. Copper comyany, Albert. I.  Goodell superintendent of the Sunset  snipltpr, H;irry Johns siijWintendent  ul-tiu   i>u   o.. ,   ��� '������?:* W.  G. Gaunce. . H. F. Mytton, G. b. Taylor and J. R. Brown were a committee  appointed to solicit subscription- to  defray expenses of the delegation. The  B. C. Copper company and tlie Montreal ifeBostpn.Copper' company agreed  to defray, the expenses - of a- delegate  each. .   ,  The meeting was adjourned until  Friday evening when' a much larger  membership will be.enrolled.  The Globe tm the Strike  The president of .the Toronto Globe  is Robert Jafi'ray. He is also one of the  directors ofthe Crow's'N'est'Pass Coal  compan3'. Under the circumstances  the Globe^s opinion of managerTonkiu  prove interesting.   Itsays:  "The information at hand eonceru-  ing^the.disputeibetween^the-jnen-and  their employers at the Fernie coal  mines is not sufficient to ? warrant ��� a  judgment. There, one cause of friction which seems plain .enough, .however. One of the demands of the, men  is that their union be recognized! and  that this is a crucial 'poi'rit is evident  from the statement- of the'manager,  Mr. Tonkin, that he-.refuses .to recognize the union and that.he is prepqr.ed  to close up the mines for eight months  rather than do so.' In view of thisra'sh  threat"it is instructive' to hote'tn'e Statement that already local coal orders? Can  uot be tilled, aud that, .as an intense  cold snap prevails, suffering i.s alrejidv  bciugcaused.  This may be a correspondent's exaggeration,' ;is it would'be remarkable' if  these results followed-so quickly upon  the closing down of the mines..- LSut:ut  all events it will not be. long before  these results follow and some of the  industries'of British Columbia"will" be  prejudicially aH'cklcd by thc"*.s'chr��ity  of fuel. The public wih scarcely 'consider (Manager Tonkin's objection, to  the principal of unionism a sufficient  reason for incurring such results.  The'public will iiot p'rejuiige tlie' other  matters in dispute" between the''company-and its men, but the right of men  to unitQ to promote thcireommon interests is now so universally recognized,  even although the power thus gained  may be"occasion'ally"uscd improperly,  that manager will find hinfself-bn 'this  point alienated from the-' general -sympathy.. . -.   .   .  Highest prices paid for house goods  40niiles.i.o .nex^t 2.nd hand store the O.  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It is a strenuous life in these  day*'&nd when citizens expect that  provi'dence or .some other supernatural  agency is going to bring prosperity  they will be sadly disappointed. A  city is the result of the efforts of its  citizens. No matter how adverse the  circumstances, nor how discouraging  are the natural conditions, a body of  men battling together can do something. When these conditions are  moat favorable, united effortB can accomplish much. The Greenwood Board  ���f Trade with increased membership  sew blood and new ideas will be an  organization well fitted to advance and  promote its best interests.   -  (By the Boundary Falls Poet)  Old King Coal is a merry old soul  A merry old soul is he,  He calls out the men, shuts up the  mines  And all the smelters that be.  WHKN-O-UGHT   WTC TO  GO TO A DIONTIST?  Many think il imm.'ces.sary  to devote particular attention to the teeth until the  appearance of the mouth is  affected by damaged, decayed or broken teeth. Others  give the teeth no attention  till pain compels them.  The stupidity and shortsightedness of either policy is  evident.  Everyone who thinks a  moment on the subject knows  that food cannot be masticated  satisfactorily if one or more teeth  arc tender, inflamed, decayed, or  othervise out of working- order;  and if this be the case, the mouth  requires immediate attention.  DR. MATHISON  DENTIST  Naden-Flood Block, Greeawood, B.C.  EIKIE1S & HODGES  Insurance, Real Estate and General Agents  .   ^���Accountants, Auditors and Notaries Public���^  REPRESENTING-  Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society  Sun Fire Insurance Co.  Caledonian Fire Insurance Co.  Hartford Fire Insurance co.  Scottish Union Fire Insurance Co-  Queen of America F''re Insurance Co.  Phoenix of Hartford Fire Insurance  Co-  Aetna Fire Insurance Co.  Insurance Co. of North America-  A smelter process that would generate ���ufficient heat from the ores would  be a huge success these clays.  Has President Baer of Pennsylvania  "sluffed" his divine right theory to J.  H. Tonkin of Fernie.  The eastern funny man's coal jokes  . -will now   be   appreciated  in   British  Columbia.  Offic  e&  MINING PROPERTIES FOR SALE  Rendell Block, Greenwood, B. C.  00000<><H><><><M><>00<>0<>0<>0<>0<K>0��  <JOOOOO<>CK><)0<XX)0<XK>0<X>00<X><>a<>0<>0<HX>000000 OO^i  Established 1836.     Incorporated by Royal Charter.  CAPITAL,   ^Tl ,000,000���$4,866,666.66  Reserve FuinU365,000--$1,776,333.33  HEAD OFFICE  BOUNDARY   VALLEY   LODGE  No. 38,1.O. O. F.  Meets every  Tuesday Eveninir at 8 00 In the  I. O. O. F. Hall.    A cordial Invi tatlon Is ex.  tended to all sojourning-.brethern.  D. A. Basnbrmak, Fred B. Holmes.  N. G. Rec-.-Sec.  THE LEGISLATURE  The legislature will be Opened on  March 12th. This ia some six weeks  later than the usual time for assembling tbe members but the government  had much to do and could not in its  own interest hold the session sooner.  Its efforts to secure an expression of  approral from the elections have not  been crowned with success. West Yale  is almost certain to follow North Victoria in condemning the Prior government. But there are other means of  ���ecuring strength. Members can be  sometimes purchased mere cheaply  than the ratepayers. A speakership  here and a public office there and a  road appropriation in another direction  are often verr effective. So far aa the  mandate of the people is concerned the  bouse should be hostile to the Prior  government. The success which attended the proselytizing proclivities of  Col. Prior and his colleagues will not  be known until tbe legislature meets.  As the principal parts of the premier's announced policy is to give away  laadii north, cast, south and west to  railway corporations it is bojfed that  his handiwork has not been too effective and that the elec.ors will have an  opportunity at an early date of returning a government that will carry out  their mandates.  No point can be made out of the fact  that the directors of the Crow's Nest  Pass Goal company are strict members of the Presbyterian or Methodist  church.  If mines could be worked without  men, the owners could have all the  say.  This is a  greater coal  strike than  has been. .  Three sessions were held yesterday  of the presbytery at St. Paul's church,  and a large amount of business was  transacted, although it will require today to wind up all the matters that  are up for consideration. Tn the morning the committee to attend the gen  eral assembly, which will meet in Vancouver in June, was appointed, the following clergy and laymen being elected: Revs. Young, Robertson and Fortune, and elders A. K. Farquharson,  Greenwood; judge Forin, Nelson; W.  S. Graham, Greenwood. In the afternoon session a call from the Kaslo  congregation to Rev. James Hastie of  Okotoks, Northwest Territories, was  read, and the clerk instructed to forward the same. A provisional arrangement was made for the induction of  Mr. Hastie, Rev. Dr. Wright being appointed to preside and address the minister, and Revs. Young and Ball to assist in the inductions~ceremonies."~The  Sabbath school report was read and  considered clause by clause and finally  adopted. The rest of the afternoon  was occupied with a discussion of special evangelical work throughout the  province. Dr. Macrae, of Greenwood,  in the evening, gave an interesting  address on Buddha and Buddhism  which led to a long discussion. It was  decided to hold the next meeting of the  Presbytery at Rossland, if suitable arrangements could be made. This  morning the reading of regular reports  will be gone on with.���Nelson News.  Ralph Harron, the well known 'Frisco commercial man was in Greenwood  this week accompanied by Mrs. Harron.  A. R. Shewaii a Montreal wholesale  liquor dealer was in the city this  week.  Geo. H. Green, a Rossland real estate man and H. Henderson a brewer  from the same city were in Greenwood  this week.  For Good Rigs  and Saddle Horses  TO THE-  A. C, DAVIES,  ���  Manager.  fear McNeill's Feed Store.  ABEL HALLBERG  MANUFACTURER  AND DEALER IN  IR i, EtG.  London England.     H. STIKEMAN. General Manager, Montreal,  J. ELMSLY, Superintendent of Branches.  Branches and apents In all tlie principal cities of Canada and the' United States,  and correspond?uts in all parts of the world.  GREENWOOD BRANCH :   Copper Street.  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Board of Health   Street lighting   Schaol expense   Expenses re Tramway   Sewerage account written off   Depreciation:���  Isolation Hospital -   Street Improvement    3  Property account    Municipal buildings   Water Works     1  Bonus account   Cemetery account".   City Map   Fire Department   City Band   952 02  350 00  625 00  909 57  210 60  279 95  903 96  250 35  475 46  258 00  204 45  146 25  123 25  87 85  013 90  174 35  962 00  296 30  710 00  198 30  46 30  521 60  21 00  Balance   transferred   to   City   of  Greenwood account   7. 031 60  339 10  820 264 44  By gross amount of taxes collectable  for general revenue as per roll     11 614  Less allowance to persons paying  before October 3Ut        773 OS  Profit on wat jrworks  Interest  on    arrears  taxes   Trades Licenses   Liquor Licenses   Ceraetary account   Dog Tax   Road Tax   of   general  10 841 70  I 657 00  334 39  230 50  010 00  68 85  76 on  46 00  1902.  Jan. 1.   To balance owing  Jan. 1, 1902  To balance owing  Jan. 1, 1902  To Balance owing  Tax Statement. December 3let, 1902  BPBCIAI, TAX  1898 AND  1899.  Jan. 1 to Dec. 31.  1 323 15  By cash received. cUring year 1 179 40  Balance due".������'''���.''        143 75  $1 323 15  9PKCIAI, tax, 1900.  SI 323 15  2 72S 62  By cash rece&gd^fing year  1 698 OS  Balance ��%*..: ; .   "'' 1 027 54  $2 725 62  9PKCIAI, TAX,  1901.  $2 725 62  031 45  By cash received during year  2 609 65  Balaace due 2 421 80  $5 031 45  ���PJCCIAt, tax, 1902.  $5 031 45  To totol amount collectable  as per assessment roll 9 678 95  By cash received during year 3 903 25  Balaace due 5 775 70  Receipts and Expenditure Account. January 1st to Decemter 31st. 1902.  RSCKIPT3.  To cash on hand _ -...- "7 78  "   in bank, general ect  2 845 91  14     sinking fund  6 288 92  Masonic Lodge  -     Special tax 98 and 99   Special tax 1900   "        "   1901    "       "   1902    General tax 98, 99, and 1900   "       "   1901 .-   "       "   1902    Proceeds $5,000 school debentures..  Sundry persons for water rent   Street sprinkling   Police department   Interest on general taxes   "      ." special taxes   "       allowed by bank on sinking fund    Trades Licenses   Liquor Licenses   -   Cemetery act _   Interest and Discount   Indigent Sick,   Street Grade   Rent of City Hall         Dog Tax..   Road Tax   B. C. Copper Co. for Steel Rails   etc   Tax Sale act _......-....  Government for per capita  grant  to school -   Jencekes Machine company   Government grant to school building act   -  " Cash   received   from government  for exchanging sites   312 61  72 65  179 40  698 08  609 65  903 25  497 28  268 20  899 95  800 00  367 45  47 OS  103 50  330 59  302 69  239 50  220 50  010 00  120 00  3 80  30 00  5 00  22.50  76 00  12 00  285 25  53 20  976 55  30 24  4 125 00  1 000 00  $53 601 89  EXPKNOITUKS  By Alleyways _   Street Improvement (permanent) .  Fire Department expense   Bank of   Monireal hypothecation  debenture act-      Bank of Montreal loan act   Note re. Sisters Hospital bonus........  Sundry creditors for amounts owing on Deo. 31st 1901   Debenture interest   Waterworhs capital act ;...  " maintenance   Police Department   Cemetery act   General Expense Delegations   Donations   Entertaining   Sundries   Office expense   Legal expense   Interest discount   Indigentsick   Advertising stationary .-  Street repair maintenances   Fire and Light City Hall   Board of Health ,     Street Lighting   Expenses re Tax Sale   School act. expense   Expenses re Tramway   Payments on act. of School Build-.  ing and real estate      Cash on hand, general       "    "  special   Cash in Bank to credit of sinking  fund act   $20 264 44  255 95  222 90  1 592 18  5 600 00  4 500 00  1 000 00  525 00  440 00  92 00  930 00  205 99  137 50  981 30  803 85  308 00  51 IS  987 00  350 00  620 00  921 12  236 60  274 95  473 %  258 80  475 46  258 00  63 00  181 00  126 25  Jan. 1, 1902  To balance owing  Jan. 1, 1902  To balanee owing  $9 678 95  G8NBKAI, TAX, 98, 99, AND 1900.  $9 678 95  5 557. 95  By- cash received during year 3 497 28  Allowances for contra acts 56 40  Balaace due    . 2 004 27  $5 558 95  GBNSKAI. TAX,  1901.  $5 557 95  8 390 20  : 'i  By cash received during year 4 268.20  Allowance* for contra acts 58 75  Balance due 4 o63 25  $8 390 20'  OBKBRAI, TAX, 1902.  .$3 390 20  To gross amount collectable  as per tax roll 11 614 75  $11 614 75  By caab received during year 3 899 95  Allowances    to' persons  paying before Oct. 31       . 773 05  Allowance for contra act 10 85  Balance due 6.930 90  $11 614 75  Special Revenue Account January 1st to. December 31st. 1902-  To   debenture   interest   for  year ��.  Balance  5 137 50  5 083 64  By gross amount of special  taxes collectable   as   per  roll  For debenture interest  For sinking fund  Interest collected on special  taxes .  ���  Interest allowed by bank  on sinking fund  7 350 00  113 76  144 55  10 108 62  $10 221 14  {TOTAL AMOUNT OF TAXES IN  ARREAK9  1898 and 1899 special  . 1900 "    ���  1901  - "  1902  1898, 99 and 1900 general  ��� '���   1901   ���������   ��� ��� "  :  ��� 1902     -... "   ���  6 103 80  3 575 15  302 69  239 50  $10,221 14  $53 601 89  Balance Sfeeet December 31st 1902.  LIABILITIES.  Debentures Issued $^8 600.  25 000 at 92 ~   30 000 at 101 -....  15 000 at 101   ' 3 600 at par given as a bonus to      B. C. Copper Co.,   73 600  The remaining $5,000 debentures werejsold at 96 and appear in  "the school trustees account.        -  Bank of Montreal hypothecation of  Debentures act   Bank of Montreal loan act   Bills Payable   Debenture Interest accrued due to  December 31st,. but not paid   School Trustees   Salaries for December   Special Revenue act. Debenture Interest ������   Special Revenn* act. Sinking Fund....  City of Greenwood act. being the excess of assets over liabilities...   23 000  30 300  15 150  3 600  72 050  9 400 00  10 500 00  2 000 00  2 352 35  2 575 00  395 00  4 026 71  13 588 70  25 786 94  142 674 70  ASSKTS.  Cash on hand, special     Cash on hand, genera   14+  113  55  76  Cash in bank, sinking fund act   Taxes in arrears 98, 99,1900     3 175  " " 1901    6 485  " " 1902  12 706  56  05  60  258 31  10 108 62  Street Improvements  Waterworks   "Alley ways;:;^S.::7:~7S^;  Cemetery.  Isolation Hospital   City Map   Fire Department...".   Property act   City Band   Tax Sale act   Bonus act.   Sundry persons for water rent.  Municipal Buildings   22 367 21  57 263 83  26 655 36  - 482 50  3 767 89  790 75  416 95  4 694 79  475 18  189 79  9 80  6 390 00  144 95  8 658 77  142 674 70  This Balaace Sheet is true and correct, and it shows the City's financial position on December 31st, 1902.  W. E. HODGES,  Chartered Accountant.  Auditor.  143 75  1 027 54  2 421 80  5 775 70  2 004 27  4 063 25  .6 930 90  $22 367 21  To THS Mayok AND Al.D��aM*N,  Corporation of the City of Greenwood.  Gentlembh : I. have examined the books and vouchers of the city of  Greenwood for the year 1902 and they are all in order and correct.  I enclose herewith general revenue account, receipts and expenditure account and balance sheet. According to the general revenue account the Fire  Department appear to have cost the'city $938.18 for.the year, including. the  driver's salary, but they were credited with $654.for work done on the streets  and street sprinkling.  The School expense account was a charge on the city of $1,204.45 for the  year, but it was only credited with three quarterly grants from thie government  as the one for the last three months amounting- to $285.45 had not arrived when  the books were closed, therefore the school really cost the city only $918.00 for  the year instead of $1,204.45.  ^ As the fixed assets of the city were standing in the books at their-original-  cost I wrote off a certain amount for depreciation vis., 10 per cent on buildin(s  and fire department, 20 per cent on property account, 5 per cent on street.improvements,   waterworks   and   cemetery   accounts.   I   t1id- this on my  own  initiative and tnut that it will meet with your viewa.  The total indebtedness of the city on December 3lst, 1902, was $100,822.35,  (including $2,575 only on school account although $5,000 debentures were issued) against $110,720 a year ago, but then there was $2,991 cash on hand in  the general account against $113.76 now, so after making allowance for the  cash on hand in both cases the liabilities of the city were reduced about $7,000  during the year, which is accounted to a large extent by the proposed tax sale  which brought it a large amount of money outstanding for arrears of taxes,  and by a reduction in salaries of about $2,000 for the year.  Yours faithfully,  W. E. HODGES,  Chartered Accountant.  Auditor.  Goo  esolution  TO HAVE THE BEST WHEN THE COST IS NOT GREATER,  We keep only the best Staple and Fancy Groceries, all carefully selected,  Our prices are always right^~"*m&0  M. E. FRAZEE, Grocery and Bakerv,  CORRER STREET, GREENWOOD.  NEATLY AND QUICKLY  EXECUTED AT THE THE ��� :B0T:7ft >AT CREEK   TIMES  The  latest news   from   the scene of  the strike i.s le the effect   tli:il   I here   is  no change  in   the  sittinliou.    OHic-is  of the Western    Federal inn   I'd'   Miners  .���succeeded in j.',ettiii;f an iniei view wilh  Mr. Tonkin on Saturday hul il   proved  unsatisfactory in as'much   as   no   progress was made towards thesettlcn-ient  of the strike.  .On . the.-)7Ut   Senator  'LVmpleinaii  ��� 'wired  Hon.   Mr,   MulocU,   mihfst'er  of  Labor, asking him to use hi?; office   for  "tlie  purpose of endeavoring  to settle  the strike,    On   the  18th  Mr.   Muloch  sent McKenzie King deputy   minister  pf labour to Feruie  tn  effect   a   settle-  . .ment if possible.  Geo. F. Dougherty, District president  of the Western   Federation  of Miners  went over 'to t^ern'ie to look   after  the  . interests of them.    Wtu. Baker of Slo-  '. tan-city an executive officer of the Federation is also in Fernie.  ..   The Greenwood .smelter closed down  yesterday.   Its supply-pf fuel is not yet  exhausted, but it has been decided  to  keep on hand sufficient  to run- for a  week or two after the Crow's Nest Coal  miners' str.ik^shajl have .been -settled,  . soas not to have to wait for the receipt  ���of'fresh supplies when condition's shall  .be favorable for continuous  working-.  Meanwhile matters are being put .in-  shape at the Mother Lode mine to en-  -sure an increased trtitpiit of ore for fu-  i .ture.operations at the' *=melter.   Large  trainloads of ore and fuel  were taken  '.'down'*0 Boundary Falls yesterday,  so  it looks as if the smelter there will con-  tinueTit work for a week or two. longer  at least before closing tluivn. Possibly  a seitlemeiii will mea mvhile be arrived'  a I hot ween tin- slrikiny in'lnns and Ihe  <������ a I company, in which ca^<- lliis  .smeller will not have in Mow mil its  i'ni'iiaci'.-.  HENRI  G.   JOLY de LOTBINIERE.  -..--. ':������:} CANADA.  PROVINCE OF  BRITISH  COLEM-  ���': ''���    r:-BIA.' '   '  EDWARD VW.-,:/t).v- tiie- Grace of God, of the  United -Kingdom of/Great Britain and Ire-  laud and of the British  Dominions beyond  ,     the Seas, Kinp, Ilefendei; of the Faitli, -etc.,  '"     etc., etc. ,._   .....  To Our faitlifiil'tlie-Nlembers elected  to serve  : '-in the legislative Assembly of-Our'Province of. .British; Columbia, at our City of  .      yjctoria.���Greeting.-, ���   , '.  A  PROCLAMATION.  .'���   .   H. A.--MACI.RAN- i TXrifEREAS We  Deputy Attorney-General < W are desirous  aiid resolved, a's soon as may be, to meet Our.  people of Our Province of British Columbia,  and to liave tlieir advice in Otn Leinslati re.  NOW KNOW YE, that for divers causes and  considerations, and taking- into consideration  the ease and convenience of Our loving- subjects. We have thought tit, by and with the  advice, of Our Executive Council, 10 hereby  convoke, and bv these, presents enjoin you,  and each.of you, that nn Thursday the twelfth  day of March, ore thousand nine hundred and  three, you meet Ds in Our said Legislature or  Parliament of Our said Province, at Our Citv  of Victc.ria, FOR T..K DISPATCH OF BUSINESS, lo treat, do, aci and conclude upon  those.things which in Our Leg-islatiircnf the  Province of British Columbia, b.v theConimou  Council of Our iiaid Province may. by the  favour of God, be ordained.  IN Tkstimonv Wiibreok.  We' ha ve caused  . these.Our Letter,*.to he nfa.de  Patent  and  ���'.  -the! ftreat'-S&iVltlf Wir'said Province "in be  hereunto affixed.:      ��� ..  .Witnksb,   tlte    Honourable   Sir   IIk.nki  ...   .;'Gust.aVr -Joly ;��r: .T.oTniftiERE, K. C.  .;   M,i ,G��� I/ieiitciiant-Qov'enior of Our said  ���   :   Provitice: of- British1 Columbia,  at  'Our  Government Hqttfe, in Our, City of Vict-,  'oria', In Our said'Province, this thirteenth  ���:' ��� .-' day of Eebttiary. mi the year of Our Lord  one thousand  nine hundred   and  three,  and iu the third year ol Our Keig-n.  ���;���>:"���' .-il .���������By'Co*thaiid;  .  ... ... !fc,..,.,. ., , A. C.A^IPBELL REDDIE,  .   ..     ..       .', . Deputy-.Provincial Secretary.  "'* '"' '"*'  MINERAL'ACT  ��� ���..; Certificate;; of Improvements.  "HlYilTI.,E"?'Miiicrar"ci.iim'. situate in the  :'������Kettle   Rivur.'Mining-    Division   of    Yale  District.'  Where Located :    Iu Greenwood Camp.  TAKE..N.PT1CE that I, Isaac H. Hallett-, a  airent for James Sutherland Cbris-  holm -Kraseri. Free Miner's ��� Certificate No.  B 42433. intend -sixty, .davs from rthe  date'hefeof,' to Upply to "the Mining-R, corder  .ror. a Certificate of,Improvements-, for the. purpose, of obtaining'a. crown <rrant of the above  'Claim-; ���;. .'������ .'.-.*.:.���.���������  ,, Aud. further .talie notice that action,, under  Section'-37, miist'be.co'mnicnced before'tlie is-  stianceof such certificate of.improvements;  Dated this 2nd dav of February, A. D. l')03.  Last Issue April 23. ��� 1: H. HALLETT.  UJISsoii Bros*,  and  Stewart's  lust  RAILWAY,  '     RAIL SE'RVTCE  nelson and pKorrrw  DUEiNG   IC25J BLOCKADE  ON  KOOTENAY RIVEW  Lv. 'NELSON    . Ar.  7:15     Crow's Neat Connection       1,3:15  S. S, Moyie, Daily.  16:00   Kaslo 'and Kootenay Lake 10:15  ��� S. S. Kokauee, ex. Sunday  LOW SETTLERS RATES  .    WESTBOUND.  For time tables rates and iri-  fortnation, apply to local agent  E. R. REDPATH. Ageut,  -,    ���       Greenwood.  E. J..COYLE, J. S. CATER,  A.G P.A., Vancouver. P.P.A. Kelson.  CARPETS  LINOLEUMS  GLASS ftjffiG  CUTLERY  SILVERWARE  BAR GOODS   I  The   largest   hotels  aiid  linest  residences in B.C. .were fur-,  nished by us throughout  VICTORIA, B. C.  MINERAL  ACT IS'Jii.  Certificate of Improvement.  NOTICE.  f;01,l> D'INC. II Mineral Claim, siiuale in die  Ketlle River Miiiiii*>.' division of Yale  District.    Where  located :   SlA-l.irk caiuii.  TAKE NOTTCE dial 1. Jolin' P. McLeod  l-'ree Miner's Ceriilicate N.i. PS-l'l/i-l as  ayeui for Charles W. IT. Sanson!., Free. Miner's  Ceriifieale No. V,. S4'')7S., inieifd: sixiy'ilays finni  (lie,(laic iiereof.-to. ajiplv to Ilie Mitiiiif.' Kee  oriler for a Ceriilicate iii' IliiyirnvoiuenIs for  the��� purpose of- (tlitainini.1- a Crnwn fU-.'ini lo  the alioi-e. claim.  Ami further take'' notice thai aclion, ninlei  section 37, .uiust.be. coiiimencctl liefore the is  suance of such Certificateof IniprovoiiiiMils*.  Dated tliis-13ili tia.v nf Uecomhi'i-. l'HG.  J. P. McLKOD.  Last issue. Marcl'31.  MITTREAI, ACT. ��� :  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICK.  MONTANA,    MONTANA ������ KK ACTIONAL.  COLORADO,   IDAHO,   MULDOON,   and'  _NK VADA,. Mhieraf Clainis, J��iliiatijiin,t.lici  Kettle   River   Miiiint;    Division   of   Tale  Districi.    Where loca'i'eil :   'Xe'ar loCanVon  Creek, Main-KettliVRive'r. ���'  ��� r TAKE NOTlCH.tlmt \vf, Ale.\.:. Waddell .and'  William f?ratiam McMvnn. Free Miners Certi-.  laTicatc Nos. '])4O,450 aiid 'ft^D.MU : re'sp'ectiVeH .in-:  tend, sixty days from ihe 'lalu. hereof, to a]iul>*.  to'tlici Mining- Kecorder for Certificates of' t'ni-  .provenietitSi for the purpose of obtaining- Croivnj  Giants of tlie above clainis.  Aiid fiirtlier take notice  that action,  under  section ,37. .must be commenced before the issuance of sucli"Certificates 'of Ilii'prbveinelies'.  ,  Dated this 3lsi day uf.Ma/.,.,l'X)2.  Alux Wai)pi:i.i,.  Willi a m Ckaii a m McM vkn  Last issue Jan. 25.  ��� ������  '���-. ������ '.-��� ,-~i.  A 'Large assortment'"of  English Ju Jubes and other  fancy ca.ndi.es.;>.   ,/ \  MTNKKAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements,  MOSA,  .Mineral  Claim, siluato  iu  the Kettle  ..River Mining  Division   of  Yale   District.  Where located :    year to ami U'usl nf the  Canyon   Creeli   Lakes,   Main   Ketlle Kiver,  and   Smith of the Kl Doiada Mineral claim.  TAKE NOTICK that we, II. I).  Itariiei-,  ICd.  K'.'.chle. and   Marv   McMvmi,"���'"Krcc   Miner's  Certilirau-  Nos.   ItlO.Miil.  H42US. a ml J MoMi2 respectively, intmid, six-iydays Innii the   date  hereof,  to apply  10, the MiiiiuiriKecnnler for n  Certilicaie of linproveiueiils. for ihe purpose nf  obtaining a Crnun Ciiaiii of ihe above clajin.  And  fnrlher take  notice lliat action, under  section 37,   iniisi   he  initiiiii'iit-eil   before the is  suance of such ".-erlilicaleof I niiiroveii-etiis.  ��� Dale'il tliis3lsiil.lv of Slav; I'JOS.  "H.-D. Raknki..  Bn.  Kt'CKI.K.  ��� Makv  Last issue Jan. 2s.  1 -. Ijiinc.Fiills iV Northern Ra-ilway Co  Re<l I\l oil 11 LaJii" in.  'Wiisiiingltiii ���'* C/iV.'i'o.  Villi. Vic. & !���',, H,V. & Ji. Co.  'I'hi- imiIv all rail p'oilc Ih'Invi-i-ii puinis  ���"���ast. west and ,-;riiilli Ir. kosslaii'l,    i\cl-  >inu. frrainl  l.'orlc;: .a lid  K'cpnlilii'.     l!(ni-j  ilccts ill Spolc.i in- will) Iin-   (ii'i'.-it    -Xi'i-  thi-rn,   \'ortiioi-u   I'iioilic   ainl   '-'. K.. -.V  N.   Co.,    for   points, c.it-l,     wcsl   and  i south; conu.'ots at   Kosslantl  unci   iCol-  son with tho Can atlin n l^aciiic .Ry.  Cortnoct.*--.  at  Nelson   will)  the K. R,  i aud N. Co., Kaslo ;nid K.   ci- S,   points.'  :     Connects;   ai   Curlew   with   slaee for  Greenwood and Midway, li. ('.  Blilfel   ears  rim  ou   trains bcitvveen  * Spokane ami Republic.  Effective Nov. 22. 1902-  Leave Arkivh  9:25 a. tn. Spokane.        5:45 p. m.  10:15 a. in. Rossland       5:10 p. tn.  7:00 a. m. Nelson 8:00 p. m.  11:00 a. m.   (Millers. Ornuil   -1:00 p. in.  Forks)  9.'5 a. in. Republic       5:40 p. m.  H. A. JACKSON,  General Passenger Ag-ent,  Spokane, Wasli  < >  ��>  |   A   List   of Firms  Who  Are   Doing   Business in |  | Greenwood. J  ���;s'.:..k..:..x~x~x-:-:":��:-k��:��:��:- :  ���:<������:<-���:������.":������:<  ������;<.:��.:-<��:'<->:.<*<��X"X"X��:*'X":"X��X''X~><��:'  :unks.  THK J3ANK <1F MuOTKKAL.  F. J. Finiicank, ��� Mana-TCT.  NOTICE OF FORFEITURE.  To JOHN COLL1XR and  any   person  or  persons to whom lie mar have transferred  his  inteiusts in the "TIP TOP" Mineral claim  .situate on tlie West  Fork of  Kettle  Kiver.  lviiifr  North  of aud  adioiniti^r   the  Knob  Hill  Mineral  claim    in" the   Kettle   River  Mining- Division of Yale restrict.  You are hereby notified lliri II have expended  5102.5(1 in order to hold the  said,mineral* claim  under the provisions of the Mineral  Act, that  you should contribute :?51 25 ns your portion  of  tlte said  sum   for your undivided one half interest in said claim "anil if within 'JO days from  tlie lirst insertion of this notice you  fail  or refuse  lo contribute ihe sum ���of"?51.25Vliich is  now due bj  you, together with   all   costs of  advertising,  your   interest    in    said    mineral  claim  will become the  property of the   subscriber under section   four ol" au -Ac!.entitled  tiie"Miieral Act Amendment Act."lW.  JJteilaat Creenwood,   II.  C.  the 2Sth dav of  October, 1W2. JOHN MATTIIKW'S.  T.ast iuserli-io nan. .tlsl. l'KC  NOTICE OF F0RFEITVRE.  MAIL  CONTRACT  'To A. JJRANSON,   L). li. CAMJ'HRl.Iv,   I).  A.  CAMERON and any'otheis concerned :  You are hereby notified Dial 1 have e.s-jieuded  in labor aud iiuproveiiieiiis on the '"JSoshoh"  "Toronto" and '.'St. r.oiiis" Miiier.ali.-rlaiins.  situaie en Cranberry Creek. U'esl I'Vnk of  "of Ketlle River, in ilie Kettle River Mining-  ���Division of Yale liisirici, the sum of Three  .Hundred Dollars, ami -JT.Eli for recoj-dint;- the  same,, such beinf (he auioiiiit required and,  necessary to hold ihe said elaiuis under die'  provisions of the "Mineral Act" and Amending  Acts;, and if at the expiration of ninety dnvs  from tlie date of the lirst publication of tliis  notice iu tlie Boundary Creek Tinies you fail  ���or refuse to contribute'your portion of such ex  penditure, namely S23O.5O, together with al  costs of advtrtisinji-. yoiir interest in said  mineral claims shall become invested in. me  -'ynnr co-o^vner) upon filing in the proper office'  .in that behalf the affidavit requirod bv Section-  ���I of the "Mineral Act Amendment Act, 1100."  Dated lliis 2Sth day of.October, 1902.  - ���' '- ���"''���''" Jcii'iN n.''grkd'en  ' l.asi piiplii'stiou .fan. ill. 190.1.  MI'NER.Mv ACT,  Certificate of-Improvement.  ... . NOTICK. ...  KnnKTH-OK..IIir/V.   Mineral   Claim,   sit.iale  iu the Koilli- l\'i\f|- Mining Division of Yale  Disniel.    Where loCaied:'-Near lo   Canyon  Creek-. Main Kettle k'i\er.  ��� TAKE NTO'ICK ihai   we Alex. Waddell  anil  li.    .Sullivan,   Kree   Miners'    ceriifieale    Nos.  II. 'I0,-I5U and U.4(M-I:i 1vs11ec1ive.lv. iiiieiul, sixty  days   from   ihe date  he'ivcif, to"  apply 10  the  Mining Recorder  for a Certiiicate of-. lu|pjrove-  meins, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  Craiii of the above claim.  And   further take  notice lliat  action  under  section 37, must be commenced  before the issuance of such Certificateof rmprovemonts  . Dated this 31 si. day of May, A. D. 1W2.     -:  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICK.  AMANDY   Mineral    Claim,   situate    in    the  Kettle    River    Mining  Division   of   Yale  District.    Wliere located :    In Long Lake  camp.  ---TAKE-NOTICE -Uiat-Tr���CV-vICrKhttw-'aarenr  for James Hunter, Free Miner's Certificate No.  BSMl'22 intend, sixty days from the dale hereof,  to apply, to the Miuing Recorder fora Certiiicate  of Improvement?, forthe ourpose of obtaining  a. Cro-wn Grant of tlte aboveclaiui.  ��� And further take notice thai action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of Mieh Certificateof Improvements,  Dated ihisSth dav of Julv, A. D. 1902  .'.'.First iSsueNor. 28. '  C. A. E. SHAAV.  ,';; '..-.���      MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICK.  '.'MEXICO''   Mineral   Claim,   situate    in   the  .Keltic River  Mining Division of Yale Dis-  ��� "trict.   'Where   located :     [u   -Triple   Lake  camp. .. .        ������-,..,    .���     .  TAKE NOTICE that I, Albert  E. Ashcroft,  Free Miner's Cej-tilicale No. .B.Kr.V,?. act-  ing.as agent, for John ;C. JFarr,   Free   viinct's  Certi licate"No: IS5H5S2. ii'iteild. sixty  days from  tlie dale hereof, lo apply lo the Mining Recorder  fur a Certiiicate nf Improvements, for '.lie  pnrpose.   .f obtaining a Crowii Oram, ofthe above  claim  And   furiliei   inke notice  thai action,  under  ecliiiu o7,   uiusl  he coinmeiiccd before   Ilu* is.  suance of snijji Cerlidcute of Improvements.    ,^  Dated llii^3nih day of Sepicnilier.  ���>., f).. K'OS  *'     :;;     ^-MtNER^L.AeT:;   "  ��� ���'���'��� Certificate of Improvemeilts.  M1TICI'.  KAFI'IK KINC Min'e.ral Claim, siiuale in (lie  Kettle River Mining Dirisiun  of   Vale Di:,.  . trici.       Where . located :      On- Horseshoe  Mountain, Ma'ni Kelde.River,  lying ���Koulli-  . ei:ly from llio Caraa'o mineral claim.  TAKE NOTIPE thai we Alex. Waddell.'  K. Sullivan, ,I. S. Hanison and M. McMvnn, Free Miners' Certificate Nos. R 10,450;  B 40,449: IJ J0,500, and IJ -10,602  respectively,  in-  j tend sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  tothe Alining recorder fora certificate oi Ini.  proveiueiils. for the jiurpose.nf obiaiiiinif a  crown Cram of liie above claim.  !     And further talte  notice that aclion.  under  jst'clkui .17, must be cniiiineiiL-ed befi>re the issuance.of -sucli cenificato of 1 niprovemeiiis.;-  ]   .Ditteil thr's'Slsiiliiy o'f,.May. A. D..MH2.  THE 13ANK   OK   BRrTTSH   NORTH  AMKKI'CA.  W. G. IT. Bki.t, -      Manager.  THR CANADIAN HANK OF-  COMMKKCK.  Hknry F. Mvtton,        -       Miniajjur.  DRY GOODS AND CLOTHING-  KRN'DRLIv vSr CO.,-  Dealers in Dry Goods,   Mcn's-.Ftirnisli-  itiffs,   Bouts and Shoes, Mason & Risch  .  Pianos., etc.. etc.  GREENWOOD TKADING _CO-Y.',:  Iviinitod.  Gciioral Mcroli'Lniliso. Copper St.  HUNTBR-KRNDR1CK CO.. Rhnilc.l.  General Mcfcliandiso,  Copper Street, Greenwood,  THR MART.  Oaiinck .V WlCKWIRU.  Real   Estate.    Money   lo   I.oan.    Fir  Lif�� a.n:l Accident [nstirancc.  TAILORING.  c  WILSON iV CO.  Merchant Tailors. Greenwood, St.  wTljlvSON,  ���'    Rcrcliant Tailor.  Copper Street.        Opp. Windsor Hotel.  *JW**.IMIIII li i I.H llil I 1^1 II I  ASSAYERS-  "'GROCERIES AND HARDWARE.  RlTSSRRI,--RAW--CAULFTRbD CO.,  ��� '        I.IMITKD.  Dealers' in   Hardware,   Groceries   and  Furiiishiiig-s.  JEWELLRY.  ", MILLER "BROS.  Jewellers and,.Opticians.  S. BARRY  YUILL  Practical -Watchnia.ker   and   Jeweller.  Greenwood, B. C.  'MEATS, ETC.  P.  IIIIRNS .(���'{'<)'.,"  Wholesale aiid-.Ret.iil 'lVIeaf Merchants.  WALTER R. SEtTS'w6ttTH  Provincial Assayer and Chemist.  Control Assays a Specialty.  .   .._.. .       Greenwood, B. C.  DRUGGISTS.  .1. L. WHITE,   ��� '   .-  Druggist. ("opper St.  AGENTS, COLLECTORS, ETC  l^RRO B. HOLMES.  Agent,    Collector,     Janitor..      Large  warehouse for  storing-' goods.  P.O. Box 25     Residence;opp, city' hall.  c****ir?Tfcynr!xaia,rA^Mt3*^^!t'eg��M����xjiviigflar^  REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE.  BE A LEY 1 N VESTMENT. A. TR LST  COMPANY. Liiiiiled..   ;  Gi.{okc;i5 R. Nad)-:n,    . ' -       Manager.  Insurance, Mines, Stocks, Real Estate.  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  HALLETT & SHAW.  - .-    B.\RK1STKK.S,   SOJ,lCIT<)RSV. ���������     '"'  .,       -  ...   . Notaries .Puiu.i.c.,''  Calile Address:        UAr.l.RTT;" ���     .   .'.-.  f.niixi   V I'.edfonl M'^Ieiir.s GRtPmvooD, '"���)  t'"'s   ) Moraine &��� deal's r  (  neiher's. :    '������   :,'.       B' c'  i. ii. riAi.r.KTT. -���������        ���' ��� ��� .-"'     it. c. siiaw.  CANDY FACTORY.  M��LEOD & BROWN  Barkistkrs and Solicitors,  j ��� -.Noyauiks Public, Etc.  I ��� ��� ..' -...-���    X   .  !      Oflires:  Wallace-Miller block. Copper street.  i r.reeiuvood. I).C.        , ���  I J. K. I5KOW.NT. J.   P. MclvF.OI).  C. V   SEMERAD,  Candy Factory and Ice Cream Parlors,  Fruits, etc.  STATIONERY, ETC  ARTHUR.M. WHITESIDE,  BARRISTER and SOLICITOR  Rendell Block,.' Greenwood, B.C  SMITH & McRAE.  Dealers   in   Stationery,. Blank   Books,  Wall Paper, Tobaccos,  Confectionery.  ' I-I. B.' MUNROE,  Daaler  in   Confectionery,   Stationery,  Tobaccos, Fruits, Etc,  CHARLES7AE. SHAW,     i. .:  Civil, Encineick,   ...  Dominion    anb ;  Provincial  Land Surveyor.  GREENWOOD,    :      ;       .-    ' ;    B.   C.  J. L. COLES,  v ������������?.���...���..-. ���     ..-..;    ....  Stationery,   Newspapers-, Periodicals.  I-I. A. KING  ,V CO.,  -Tobaccos;   Cig-ars, .Sinoker.s.^i.ii.idriesi  Books, Newspapers and Periodicals.  TENDERS.  Contract-ioiv/jmf years once oer week each \\'.i>  lietweeti Penticton mid Princeton from the 1st  May next. /���    ���? :  Printed notices containing fu-ther informa..  tioti as to coil ."itiojls <if proposed Contract in.iv  , he. seen and blank forms ot' Tender in a y lie  j olitniiied a* .the 'Post Offices of Penticton.  Princeton, Ol'allaJ Kerenieos. White Lake.  ��� Fairview; Greenwood and Midwav. and at tlii*  1 oRice. : .     '      *���  W. II.  DO KM AN,  Post Oflice Inspector.  _ ���. .   |    Pont Oflice Inspector's Olliee.  Vancouver. B-  ���opper Street.! c ntu Febmarv, ra.  The 'ntidersi*o-ned-, being- the holder  of a certHiciile. from, the Coininissioner  oif Croivn Lands of Ontario, which entitles him to a g-rant of 1C0 acres of  land in thai Province according- to  selection to be made 'under the provisions of Act I., Edward VII.. Cap. ti,  irivites tenders for purchase of his  interest, in same for cash. For particulars enquire at this office.  SAMUEL IOHNSTON.  Dated this 20th day of January 1903.  ...HOTELS AND. RESTAURANTS.  THI"-: GEM RESTA'PKAftT.  C. K. Pittock, ,       ��� Proprietor.  FURNITURE.  T.   M.-GULLEY &..CO.      .,  Dealers in' Furniture'. Carpets iiikl  Linoiennis, etc.  f\.  E. ASHCROFT. :: ���'  Dominion and  Provincial  Land Surveyor.  Mining and Engineerinc Surveys.  ���  Underground Work a Specialty.  Wood  IliocU- (nexi Customs oflice.)  .     '.   (-IRHKNiVOOl), 1.1. C.  ?^AZKrj&^zittrr^*��~^jcs*r%jjvjmm*iLvxMimumuiamBuamBm  MINERAL ACT.  Ceitificate of Improvement.  NOTICK.  CAR1.HTTA and YOITNC CKORGP. Mineral  t laims. :-ilit:ite in ilie ICeitle River   Miuiiij.'  |)ivi:-ioii 'O Vale DiMiiei.    Where located  ���  l'as>, Creek i.'aiii|i,  '������TAK I'.   NO'I'ICF.   \\jf\l   I.   .lniiu   P. McLeod,  l-'ree.JI iiiei's Cei'i i lic.ij.9-!>?!.. 1 :SI'i>l ;is .-ii'e'ill; for  Anilrjii'Poj.'-yi, I'ree Jyjiu'tr's   Ci-rtilir,ile.. ^To.'l!  M*2-'2 aiid   l''i-aii.-'m  .P.- tc j nti..-;t r i,*   Pree   ^liner's  .Ci-.rlilir.ii.-      \',..    :-j:T-t.702 .      iiiieiul sixlv  il.lj"'. ' frnni   Hie dale   hereof lo  apply    to   'ill.  tiiiuln^   rei-nrilei-  ho'  a  i-erl ilicaie  of iiii].irpve  ineiii   \nr  the   purpose   ol   i-hi.-iiniii;.f ,i  rfnwi-  "irr.-int!: fur aliove-claiiii':.  Ami furl her take notice thai action i.c.lei  ceclion .i" ullirt l.e coinnieiiceil 1-efnre lliei-.  'Miance of Mich i:ertilicaie ol iinin-oveineno  Haied alii-- 'iVd day of December. A. Ii., l'ii��.'.  I. P. McI.T'Oli  l.asi is:;ue Marcli i.l  BREWERIES.  THE ELKlloKN P.REWERV  Po'KTMAX -.'v. Pok'J'.man. Proprietors  Tn drai.f.-or_hQ,l:t]os nl. .nil leadinp;.-_j_  hotels.  WHOLESALE ?il(iiJ0|S  the GREEi:.wobrrijft:)"iT6R; co:  R.  (i KHic.KK'.  Manager.  Ag-euts for  Pabst  and   Calirary Peer.  ���' MINERAL ACT -'    '���'   ������  NOTICE OF FORFEITURE.  lr.o Lli'W{S MKYJCkv.li>l-:i<.lilNAMi- IIASSK.  f- aiill lo ruiy-pt-r--iiirnr~'|ier;;iiii--tc wlioni (liev  ! iii.u  have iraii--!'er��ed tln-ir  iniert-si   in   tlie  i        "WHITI-'.  IIOK'SI-V;  .Mineral   claim   siiuale  in   (.;,'nit)e:-  r.-iiiiii.   in tin- Kettle River Min-  iit*Lr l��iviKi-ni  of Yale  liisiriet.  P.riiisli Col-  niiiliia.  Ytm are lu-reli.v nuiilieil dial we  have  caused  lo he expended t'_'I'5.im l-.i hold the  said   miller.')!  claim under iin- ������.Mineral   Aci"  Ihai  the  proportion .v.oii should conU'ibule. for  von  nndivid-  ��l oii��'li'ali'-iiili,rewi-iii'-Uii>rtbi>ve cC-iiin-is $102.50  and ii witliin. iiinei\- day*-, Iroin tin.' first pnblie-  f-alieii   olVttieij-'Jiiitiee yon   \ti\\ or refnscito ,'.:oii-  ti'j.bnle liie   sftld  sum   oflWfi^2.50i \vliiclV>is iioiv  iIii'k .Willi all cOsis nf a,li;ftirtisiiiif', your interest  in Hit sa^l ni.Hic-r.-il I'laiiii^willibeconie voided iu  11s il.'e Mndersij^iied, your.'c-owners iimler seci-  ioii t-of an Act 'tu lit led thpuMineral Act-Amend  ineii��.Ai't" I'HJO; '���".-���     '.    ;r . A  Haied at Creel!wood tliis'THi XoVeinlier."],302.  Mahc..-\xivT i-'.. Mkkci:k.  It. L. Wool.  J.AMES  GKAIIA.M,  A.VN'IE   ItU-DSCN, THE   BOUT* )AY CREEK   TIMES  sge  /  Bring your plates  and films to us for developing-���  satisfaction guaranteed.  A   complete   line  of   Kodaks,   Cameras   and photo  supplies at the maker's prices.  We also offer for sale excellent views of Greenwood  the smelter, mines, etc.  Write us   for Eastman's latest catalogue if you are  interested in photography.  Books, Papers, Office Supplies.  Smith & McRae.  AMOK THE  ODDFELLOWS  Successful Social Gathering  Held Tuesday Evening.  fi  Presented to Fred B.  Holmes  For  GOOd Work-  stimulate the younger members to promote the best interests of the lodge.  During' the eveniuing- short but eloquent speeches were delivered by E.  Jacobs.Thos. Hardy,J. R. Brown.W.M.  Law, W. G. Gaunce, W. S. Keith, J. S.  Birnie and others all of whom congratulated the lodge upon its good work  and the spirit of good fellowship shown  at all its social gatherings.  The programme also included songs  by F. Fee, R. Stephenson, W. G. McMynn, H. W. Harris, J. L. White, F.  Rice, Walter Hadden and Fred B.  Holmes. Grauaphone selections by  F. Lewin, recitation by C. W. Wilson,  and an excruciatingly funny recitation  by C. R. Craig of Boundary Falls; musical selections by Messrs Harris and  Saunders and several selections by the  orchestra. It was two o'clock before  the gathering broke up after one ofthe  most enjoyables evenings ever spent  in a lodge room.  Boundary Valley Lodge I. O. O. F.  No. 38 held a social evening in its hall  on Tuesday evening last. In addition  to a large representation of members  there were visitors from Phoenix,  Mother Lode, Eholt, Boundary Falls  and other surrounding points The  attendance was a large and thoroughly,  representative one. Noble.grand Bannerman presided. The first part of tht.  evening was devoted to cards after  which an excellent programme was  carried out and refreshments served  by the members of the lodge. After  music by the Greenwood orchestra who  by the way received numerous compliments for the excellence of their playing, Noble Grand called on Mayor  Smailes to address the meeting. His  Worship revealed the particular reason  for the social gathering. He called  Junior Past Grand Fred B. Holmes to  the platform and on behalf of the lodge  presented him with a handsome past  Grand's collar. In doing so the mayor  in fitting terms referred to the magnificent work done by Mr. Holmes' in upbuilding the lodge and also in carrying  out the tenets of the order. The collar  was o'uly a small token of the great appreciation held by every member of the  lodge of Mr. Holmes great services to  "ltrrHe^iSed"'tl^l:611aF_itpbn Mr.'  . Holmes, and the applause which greeted the incident showed that the compliment paid was no empty one'  Aid. Ross supplimented the address  oif presentation by a short tribute to  Mr. Holmes' efforts in the interest of  Oddfellowship.  Mr. Holmes reply was particularly  appropriate. The gift from Boundary  Valley lodge would be;one of his'great  treasures. He had alweys endeavored  to promote the interests of the order  and the token not ouly told him that  His work was appreciated but also re-  tuiiided him of the many warm friends  he had made within the lodge room.  It was a proud moment for him when  he received the beautiful collar and he  hoped that the social evening would re-  d iiind the advantage of the lodge, because it demonstrated that good service  was appreciated and he hoped it  would  STbAR-PY YUILL  Local and Personal.  Mrs. S. H. Sauve of Spokane is visiting her sister Mrs. Duncan Ross.  Just received a fine new line  trunks, come and see them. A.  White 2nd Hand Man.  C. E. Steer of the Hotel Armstrong  has returned from a vacation spent in  Spokane.  Percy F, Godenrath came in from  Spokane on Saturday last and left on  Thursday for Fernie.  The post oflice will shortly removed  to Copper street in the building adjoining the Rendell block.  For Rknt With or without furniture a new house in Fisher addition.  See 2nd Hand White.  Mrs. R. K. Steven left for Nelson today called there by the serious illnes  of her aged father.  The Sunset smelter received a I2S  horse power boiler and another of similar capacity is expected in next week.  John H. McKenzie until recently the  manager of the Le Roi came in on  Tuesday iu company with C. M. Fassett  of Spokane to expert the Gold Finch.  The contract for the 100 foot shaft on  the property is completed and several  samples were taken of the ore in the  shaft. These will be assayed by Mr.  E'assett in Spokane and upon the result  will depend further operations.  A. K. Ashcroft's illness became so  critical last week that the attending  physicians decided an operation was  necessary to save his life. Dr. C. P.  Thomas of<Spokane was sent f ir and  on Tuesday evening he performed the  operation assisted by Drs. Spankie and  Schon, Foster and Gordon. The  operatioti was successful. Mr. Ashcroft is now rapidly recovering.  Sewing machines for sale or rent  "the best what is '. The O. I. C. New  and 2nd Hand store.  BUNTING & DEIPSEY  Contractors and Builders.  ESTIMATES     FURNISHED     FOR  ALL KINDS OF WORK.  GREENWOOD, :  :   :  B. C.  E. W. BISHOP  PLUMBING  STEAMFITTING, HOT  WATER HEATING.  Estimates Given.     Satic  an teed.  Naden-Flood Block,  .f.ictii.m   Guar  Greenwood*  <><X-��<<^>^4M-><^X~X">M"X<KHSM'><'>  *r ar sP ip ** jp *��� j? *��� jf #��� ip *��� ** jp jt jp  " DrM."Dean of Cheney Washroiie" of  the commissioners for Spokane county  was.here this week. He is interested  in some coal speculations in the Similkameen.  R. P. Williams local representative  of the Jenckes Machine company left  for Sherbrooke on Thursday to consult  writh his principles. He will be away  about three weeks.  Chocolates  -AND���  Bon Bons  IN THE CITY.  ������Buy Cbetn**  For   Your    Sweetheart   or  Wife.  H. A. KING & CO.,  COPPER STREET.  Jw tjn ^% ^v ��& i��n ^v ^C ijb |S% Jv fcJS ^M t0* ��#��� ��JV *?���*  RUSSEL-LAW-CAULFIELD GO.,  LIMITED.  Store Where Goods and Prices  Always Right  (r*  <r*  <r*  d=<  0=*  <��*  CP*  (r*  CP"*  ..Bank of Montreal.  Capital, all paid up $12,000,000.  Rest  ..$8,000,000.  President.   Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal,  Vice-President:   Hon. George A. D'rummond.  General Manager :   E. S  Clocston.  , -5. , S^?*&L \ New Yo% Chicago.  Grant Commercial an  Branches in London, Eng.  Buy and sell Sterling- Exchange and Cable Transfers'  Travellers' Credits, available, in any part^of the world.  : \   '*       .;'*,-'. ���  Greenwood Branch,    F. J. FINUCANE, JWana&r.  TimMmMMMMMmmMMMmimmmmMi  THE f AMMAN RANK OF COMMERCE  With Which is Incorporated  THE BANK OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO.  Capital, $8,000,000.       -      Rest, $2,500,000  HON. GEO. A. COX. President.   B. E. WALKER, General Manager  HENRY F. MYTTON  MANAGERGREENWOOD BRANCH;  m  ������~.~5K**W,***.~.^*~��*.~.~$M.'**^  Four men from Phoenix driving- a  rig from Mclntyre & McDonald's livery  stable, were capsized on the road to  Greenwood Monda}' evening. The  team came tearing- down the hill and  succeeded in badly smashing the sleigh  against a telephone post.  At its annual meeting in Toronto,  the Dominion Copper company owning the Brooklyn, Stemwinder and  other claims in Phoenix camp decided  to issue 8100,000 in bonds, the .money  to be used in developing the company's  properties. How soon work will be  etarted has not been announced.  �����* ���%  Y  Y  y  ?  y'  i  Y   _  j*  I   MACHINE REPAIRS,   f  7.  P. O. BOX 296. 'PHONE 179  01. 3. mclftjilan $ ��o.,  WHOLESALE GROCERS AND AGENTS FOR  TUCKET CIGAR CO., UNION LABEL CIGARS  BRANDS.  MONOGRAM, MARGUERITA,  EL JUSTILLO,       EL CONDOR.  BOQUET,     '     OUR SPECIAL  SARANTIZADGS,'   SCHILLER  Corner  Alexander Street and Columbia Avenue, Vancouver, B. C.  ��ftaftftftft����ftftft##��HGlft��ft��aft#��#tttfafta0O��afit����$e��ea��������aeS*��e*  9 .-...-.-a: 9  9  BICYCLE AND  MACHINE REPAIRS.  j SKATES SHARPENED. |  I PAINTING AND ��  PRACTICAL      WATCHMAKER       AMD  JEWELLER.  All work guaranteed   GREENWOOD.  SIGN WORK.  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  ft  ft  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  ft  a  ��  ft  ��  ft  a  ��  (F**^  WHOLSALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN .  Fresh and Cured Meats  Markets in all the principle  towns  of  British  Columbia,  Alberta and the Yukon.  9  ��� ft  ��  ft  ft  ��  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  ft  ���  ��  9  ��  ft  ft��fti9��0ftftaft����ft��i����0��i��ft��#��*0������0��t��ftaft��9��a����ftft��������*0e��eftB  The Greenwood Liberal Association  will meet in the city hall next Wednes  day evening at eight o'clock p. m. As  business of importance comes up foa  onsideration a full attendance is requested. Liberals, not members of the  association are cordially invited to attend.    F. H. Oliver managing director of  the Morrison Mines Ltd came in from  Spokane on Wednesday last to complete  details with Albert I. Goodell, regard  ing the shipment of Morrison ores to  the Sunset Smelter. The Morrison  will ship 100 tons a day as soon as the  spur is completed provided always that  coke is available to run the smelters.  1 Copper St.    Greenwood. |  ��� .*.  ���xk~k~x^k^~x~>,im*>,x*��X'mJ"J'CmS',>>-:��  VVVVVVVvVWW**Nw��wwv��wvvW  t  V  Ci, (MM  Well heated rooms  prices. Also first  by day or week.  THE SWAYNE  at mod crave  class board  HOUSE.  Silver Street,  Greenwood.  ''���'���;������'    ��� y  <MHfr$<>**6*6<>4��*0<<^**<>**6*  *  I  Y  Y  Y  X  DEALERS IN  FURNITURE, x CABPE  LINOLEUMS, ETC.  T  COPPER STREET.  GREEN WOOD.  ���jr&Cr<Xf&i*W&<r&<K^  _A_^��� Page 6  tfHE   BOUTS JAY CREEK    TIMES  Will not sfu on  forever.  ����� It   needs   fixing   some- $  Y  y times.    X   That is our  \  ", " "~-  31 business.  X Don't wait  % -   �� until your   watch  gets  X clogged  up  and   won't  % 'go.     Have   it cleaned.  I A, I*��GAN&CO.  X Watchmaker  jj| and Jeweller.  i GREENWOOD, B.  C.  J*J*J��jAjAjJtjAjJtj��jJl\jJ,jJtjttJ.jAjJt4t  J. A. ZELLER,    Prop.  )     Comfortable rooms by day o*  month.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS.  Board mi Rcom byt he month  $25,00.  ' j? f*" ** Jf iP'.��p'ir if ** jf *��� # ** jJ- a?*  Connections with  Western Union Telegraph Company-  [#,000 offices in U.S.A.]   AND   Great Nortb-Western of Canada-  [2,00 offices in Canada.)  CABLE SERVICE TO ALL THE WORLD.  J. C. HEI<M, Office Manager, Greenwood, B.C  TELEfHOJJE^O. 12.  Thorough Instruction  Careful Training  Vigilant Oversight  Ideal Location  Experienced Teachers  Refining    Influences  Homelike in Character  7  U  P.O.Box 1026. SDokane.n.  The Strike at Fernie.  Continued from first pag-e.  ed into an agreement with Mr. Tonkin  on behalf of the C. N. P. Coal company  and clause five of that agreement in  part reads as follows: "If at the expiration of two mouths I'rnni dati�� of  this agreement, tlte Union shall signify  by writing-after a votr by ballot among-  the employees employed by the company under "round, that they are dissatisfied with the extra time under  jf round, the company hereby agree  that this agreement shall be at au er.d,  and thereafter a day's work shall consist of one eight hour shift". The day  they signed this agreement Mr. Tonkin  told the committee that he intended  in the near future to draw up a scale  of prices which he wanted the committee to sign on behalf of the Union.  He assured the committee that he  would not cut prices or in other words  the prices would remain as they were  when he came here. The day following  the signature of this agreement he  submitted his scale of prices to the  Union and to the surprise of all concerned there was a general cut of from  5 to 20 per cent. Of course the Union  refused to aiga it, but what could they  do. They had pledged their word of  honor to try the new ��� system for two  months, they went to work under protest of prices. At the expiration ofthe  two months the Union took the vote  by ballot which resulted as follows, 33  forthe new system who by the way  were largely petty bosses of the company an-2 129 votes for the old system.  The Union notified Mr. Tonkin in  writing that thev wished to return to  the old system but he ignored their  notice.  Section 6 of the agreement read in  part as follows: 'There shall be no  discrimination on the part of company  against auy of the miners as working  men employed by the company orevi-  ous to the inauguration of the strike'.  This the company wholly ignored and  many a good man left camp rather than  allow the Union get into trouble fighting his case. At Morrissey they have  been working tinder a ��� protested wage  scale since the middle of October 1902.  Forty cents per ton for digging coal  and company stores to deal in. . If I am  correctly infoimed, this is the lowest  price evei paid for digging on the continent of America. At Michel where  everything is owned by the company  except the C. P. R. track the Union  men in order to hold their meetings  have to walk about three miles into  the woods to an old logging camp with  neither doors nor windows. The company have positively refused to rent  them a place to hold their meetings.  The company stores are at the mines  in all the three camps and no others are  allowed.  Men and boys are killed or crippled  almost daily in.these mines, it would  take a whole column to enumerate all  the grievances in the three camps. I  do not pretend to give them all I merely  mention a few, so it will be seen that  the employees oj the C. N. P. Coal co.  have not been waiting for an opportunity to strike. All these months they  have been working under protest, with  the hope that they could adjust their  gfie-.-ances without a "strike knowing  .that to win a strike all three camps  mnst atriks together and in that way  shut of all the coal supply, thereby  closing down the smelters of the West  Kootenay and also all the quartz mines.  This will throw thousands of our fellow  workmen out of employment and pract-  cally stop the wheels of industry.  Realizing all this the employees of the  C. N. P. Coal company have done  every thing in their power during the  months they have been working under  protest to get the company to adjust  their grievances without a strike. All  persons are asked to keep away from  the Crow's Nest Valley until the district Union and the W. F. of M. give  notice to the effect that the strike is  .off.  Where the Trouble Lies.  John Houston, M. E*. P. in the Nel-  soa Tribune sizes up the situation at  Fernie as follows :  "The miners and the management  of the Crow's Nest Coal company are  again at loggerheads. The conflict  between these twe forces seems to be  irrepressible. On the one side are  men who want freedom of action; on  the other side are men who want to  mine coal and make coke, aud at the  aame time they waut to own the men  who do the work. The miners want  so much money for the work they perform, and want lo be free agents when  not at work; they want to own their  own homea aad be able to sell their  holdings a�� freely as men in other-  callings are allowed to; they want to  purchase what they eat and wear  where   tbey  pleaae and   when   they  please. They do not want to be  peons. The coal mine management,  for some unexplained reason, want to  have strings-on every man in their  employ. They want to dictate who  shall work, where the work is to be  done, when the work is to be done, how  the work is to be done, the amount to  be paid for the work done, and the  hours in which the work shall be done;  and, in addition, want to dictate how  the workers shall live, where they  shall live, and what they shall live on.  The self-respecting men who work in  metalliferous mines would not for a  day stand any such impositions, and  that coal miners do in every section of  the world where coal is mined is in-  explainable."  At the meeting of the Kootenay  Presbytery Thursday the following  resolution was moved by Rev. Ur.  Wright, seconded by Rev. Dr. McRae,  and unanimously carried :  "That in view of much important  information received on the coal strike  at Fernie and associated camps; and  being profoundly convinced of the  immense importance to this country  that an immediate settlement of existing differences should be earnestly attempted; and further, that it is freely  alleged and by many fully believed  that these difficulties have, arisen not  so much from  a  complaint of insuffi  cient remuneration for labor, as from  repeated breaches of faith on the part  of the managers, and their failure to  meet the men and their representatives  in a brotherly spirit or to recogni ze  either their feelings or their rights;  and whereas, we cannot suppose that  the directors of the company or their  president can have any sympathy  whatsoever with anything that savors  of persecution or tyranny, or with anything that is unbrotherly or unjust;  and whereas, we sincerely belie%*e that  the application of Christian principals  to this dispute is not only in harmony  with sane business methods but will  infallably result in an amicable and  permanent settlement:  "Therefore, the Presbytery would  respectfully, but earnestly entreat and  implore the directors of the Crow's  Nest Pass Coal Co., and especially the  managing director, to adopt the most  prompt and energetic measures to  hear, consider, and adjudicate upon  the alleged grievances of the men,  with a view to the immediate resumption of work, and thus avert the hardships and sufferings with which so  large a porportion of our population  are already face to face; the discouragement of our business men; the complete alienation of capital; the ruin of  (our industries, and the rapid depopulation of the entire Kootenay and  Boundary countries; and further, that  THE BEST BEER IN TOWN IS MADE BY  'E  PORTMAN   & PORTMAN  Proprietors  ASrv f-Orr   ~"~~^-���=-��� ^   .  IN LIB i  The Elkhorn Lager Beer Contains only Pore Malt Hops, Try  It! It is kept on draught or in Bottles by all the leading Hotel  a copy of this resolution be sent to the  president and to the managing director  of '.he company."  J. P. Vance a C. P. R. engineer well  known in the Boundary during construe  tion days got caught in a:Manit;oba  Wizard last week while out for the  C. P. R. and perished from exposure.  His Honor Judge Leamy and Mrs.  Leamy were over from the Forks this  week.  We Handle New as Well as  2nd Hand Goods.  -All Lines of���  Tin, Granit and Dilf Ware,  Flour Cans, Bird Cages,  Wash Boilers, Beds, Springs,  Mattresses, Tobacco, Harness,  Saddles, Trunks, Etc., Etc.  We have a fine line of New0  Cook-StovesandRanges.- and we  will exchange for your old stove.  WE BUY EVERYTHING.  The 0.1. C. New and 2nd  0  Hand Store,  A. L. WHIRE & CO.  ^&4MNH^NlM^  _m  4&  .WHEN YOU WANT.  ����  That is printing. When you want cheap nasty printing  send east for it. Our stock and work is always the best;  our prices are reasonable. The office now has power  presses and everything necessary for good work and  prompt delivery. We pay the highest wages and get the  best workmen.  ����-  The ^Boundary Creek Times.


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