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 I '
Vol. 10
a&r 2.$.
Despite the Prevalllue Reputed Business Depression  tBe  Entire   Bomnlary  Is Going
Ahead—Greenwood Leads.
A little over three and a half years
ago : the writer   first eaitie, into  the
-Boundary Creek district He made
the trip several times within a few
months of his arrival between Cascade
and Midway, extending it more than
once as far as McKinney.: He visited
every town and village in the region,
as well as every working mine. He
thinks the risk nothing in stating his
beiief that in August, 1898, there were
" not over 1500 people in all the territory
between the international line at Cascade and'Camp McKinney. In the
same ..stretch of . country :generally
known as the Boundary and embracing
several small towns there is today
doubtless 6,000 people. That is to say
that in the last three and a half years
the population lias quadrupled; and
though there have have been periods
since, when'there was greater surface
activity than now the time has never
■been when the actual volume: of trade,
that Is trade begotten by the district,
was as great as now.' Since then
many mining properties-have reached
the shipping point and the output of
Boundary mines which at that time
was practically nothing."is now  over
'10,000 tons of dre a week.
".   At that-, time, smelters were   hoped.
for,: were expected, today two  smelters
with 'phenomenal records are at work
and continually enlarging and a third
,'is neaping- - the point"where the fires
.will be lighted,   '
:"/*6f"c:otirs^': there -isn't much'.wild-.
catting being done now and too many
are apt to'gauge a country by .that.
Our ' Canadian-wild-catters bacU east
used up all their energy in getting the
money their friends had, when they
unloaded the prospects they bought
here   for   a   few   hundred  or   a   few
thousand dollars for many times their
cost and still owned the majority of the
stock.    The men back east who bought
War  Eagle  and   Republic and   Baltimore  and   a  dozen other stocks   for
"fancy creamery,  gilt-edge"  and all
that when it was the commonest  kind
of "ranch11, have no blame to lay upon
British Columbians. Their own friends
did it.    We out here in the hills got a
very ife'w dollars out of every  hundred
the promoters, got,'   Despite the   disadvantages     incident    to    such,   the
Boundary  and  particularly  the heart
of it—Boundary Creek—has gone fore-
ward, by leaps and bounds.    Schools,,
churches',    business'   blocks,     banks,
mines, ■BmeLtersj roads,  railways,  custom  houses  all  attest these.   There-
'turns   of. Provincial   and   Dominion
revenues in   Greenwood   for the last
fiscal year will exemplify our position
positively, and a comparison with that
of other years will show we are holding pur own.     '-   ' ■-.'.'',.
The 1901 provincial revenue collected; at  Green wood, was S23,197,7c compared, with $20,937.24 collected in 1901..
. Iyike the rest of the Province more-'
over  the: Dominion revenue will show
us paying-much morel than  we are getting.     The .Dominion  revenues were
enriched in Greenwood collections in
1901 as follows*: "\ -
Inland Revenue;...............:'...   $14 757 .52
Customs Du-ties.'......'......:...:....   S27 912 55
-:■:. ':-':::' \r''['A'-i:.- -. $42 570 07
The business of; the Post Office for
the year ending June last was 573,509.-
13. out of this the Dominion got
§4,366.35 for stamps alone not counting
commissions on money orders, etc.
•These.facts" do hot argue an absence
of progress but on the contrary imply
the     substantial■;. character   /of"   the
The .Boundary- is. all. right, : aud
Boundary Cre'elr its heart is all right,
and Greaawood the heart;of Boundary
Creekis ail right too.-   -    ;     ' ■,'      .''■.■.-;
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Simultaneously with the coronation
of King Edward will be that of Araeri-
ca.ii enterprise in - Loiidon. A great
American exposition is to open in
Crystal Palace in May, and the'great
crowd who will come tci'L,ondon to see
tlie: pageant of the King- will see a
great display of',-American products.
The Crystal Palace managers conceived the idea of an-'exhibition of American products and' the American society
iu Tydudon vigorously forwarded -it.
The - result wifl be a ^gathering tli ere
of manufactured, products that will'
give, an adequate . idea of American;
advance and even supremacy in many
lines. . -.- \:."A'A~.:-'a.'x' ' ' -\'-'"fy--:-
' Ah advisory' , board 'of prominent
English and American people,was
formed-and plans iaici'.for carrying but
a..display qn lines creditable to the in-
diistriar forces .concerned. 'WliiLeit
might be. charged as being.rather unpatriotic for; the Crystal Palace niJan-
agers .to^sug-gestsuch an exhibition at
such, a time, .no: blithe can attach to
the Americans.-, for embracing.' the
.greatest of opportunities for booming
their products. Under the great roof
of - glass the representatives from . the
farthest' corners.'*;.6f ; the ..great,British
empire; from' the very' ends of: the
earth itself, will have an opportunity
to study ■■■Aiae'ricari enterprise. .Some
ofthe millions- spent by Americans in
Europe everj1- year will be returned as
a, result of this ' exhibition into the
channels of American trade.
■ Call . it."mutual; trade interest if yoh
will, call, it the America.ii invasion of
Eondon if O'ou .choose, we prefer to
name it'a cornation of American products, .The gorgeous coronation scenes
of Westminster Abbey will redound to
England's name no more than the
American coronation imCrystal Palace,
will to'that "of the United States.;, A.
great n ationhas seized, a great oppor •.
-tunity and American -preeminence in
many lines will.be here recognized a.s
never before,
Valuable Lands-
The C. P. R. is reported as havirur
paid 3400,000 for between 300 and 4-00
acres -of land near Montreal on which
to erect their 51,500,000 shops.
The Governor's Speech-
The speech of the lieutenant-governor at the opening of parliament foreshadows legislation affecting redistribution, immigration, authority for issuance 'of a new loan; and construction of the Coast-Kootenay railroad.
Railway Work.
A party of Sclavonians • arriving in
town a few days since, and who have
been working on the V, V. & 33, over
in Kettle River valley claim to have
been sent here to await the opening of
work on the Midway-Phoenix branch
and which is to take place within the
next two weeks.
The Globe's "Wisdom.
How well Greenwood is known down
in Ontario may be judged "by the following from the,editorial, page of the
Toronto Globe. "The development of
smelting in southern British Columbia
is now encouraged hy a, combination
of favorable circumstances. Although
American capital and enterprise are
helping to build the extensive smelters
at Grand Forks aud Cascade, they are
both Canadian industries, employing a
great force of Canadian labor, and
affording a market for Canadian goods
as well as for ores from .Canadian
mines." Who ever heard of a smelter
at Cascade but the Globe editor.
Provincial Income and Expenditure-
.The Bodie inine on: .tlie rtsseryation.
is shipping ore to Midway for the
the Greenwood smelter..
The. West Fork people are gtti.ug
pretty well discouraged. They, are
wondering which is the. Better "condition poor mines and good roads, or
good mines and no roads.
The corner stone ofthe lead refinery
in connection with the Canadian
smelting works at Trail has been laid.
Copper mountain,, near Bols-t-cr,
where several Greenwood people are
interested is sliowing up some fine ore
these days. Somebody . refjorts ore
running frojri 35 to 75 per cent in copper a.'.ad a large body at that. Mil Ice i t
3'/z to 7)4 per cent aud that will bt:
good enough. '
In addition to the paper .referred to
hist week, prepared by F. Keffer of lli«
Mother Lode mine, we see that tbe
program of the Canadian Mining-'lru-
stitiite provides for two others on the
mines of the, Boundary, one by 3)r,
Ledoux of New York and one by R. W.
Brock of the Canadian Geological
survey, Ottawa.
According to the public accounts
laid before the Provincial Parliament
ou; its open ing day, the expenditures
for the year , ending June'30th last, exceeded the income something over
$800,000 or in the ratio of ,33.00 expended for every S2.00 received. That
means that the province with a popul-
.xtio'n of say 200,000 is expending- about
S4.00 more per capita than it is receiving; . This is startling but with so
much new country clamoring for roads
and trails and bridges may it not be
wise to incur this debt. Progressive
communities like progressive individuals may som'etinics wisely mortgage
tlie futlire,
A Rich Country Standing Still Because the
G»v-ermnfcn.t 1s liocrPoor or too Careless
to Give It a Road.
There is no more promising section
in Britisl.i Columbia to-day tli an the
West Foii country and there are fewer
sections mote absolutely at tke mercy
of the -provincial treasury. TSi-ere are
many calls, on the latter and dowhtless
the government uses its hest discretion as to apportionment of its resources, but it seems very unfortunate
that so rich a region ' should lie held
back foi wajitof a road. This becomes
more apparent to a. Greenwood, man
than to a.ny other, doubtless because so
large a. part of its interests a.r e those
of Greeai wood men. Greenwood capital
has had nerve if not foresight and
u itselfts.li -often in building up its
direct concerns has gone out to new
fields and new enterprises with characteristic dash., Meyer's Creek and
McKinney, and Similkameen all show
this, but the. West Fork is, its most
signal instance.* ; The ina.bi.lity to
realise anything therefrom, therefore
comes; inest directly honte; to Greenwood people, .Lots of rich ore ls. lying:
to day cm. the dumps of the' Butcher
Boy and Bounty and RamMer audi,
Sally'which must remain there until a
good roadway connects Westbridge
wi th Beaverdell and the Carmi.
Meantime the owners are handicapped in their work of development
and their capital Lies helplessly tied
U]>, Ca.n the government, do nothing.?
"Willit if it ca.n ? This region pours
lots «of, money .yearly into ! th t pro-
vincial ■■ coBera. /the -stream would
graduallys"\vell.* 'While governments
do not exist to feed the people they
certainly -ought to exist tu g-ive the
people a thance io , be happy.and prosperous, -
The ^7estPork is being depopulated
because of existing conditions and
capital is not' coming to its relief on
account of these conditions;, i
Can nothing- be done to remedy this
state of affai rs ? fa it pcrsc ual or
departmemta.1 pique that is holding
the West Fork back, or its provincial
inability to provide funds ? Who can
furnish reply.
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Social,- Monday, /March 3rd.
The Epworth League of the Methodist church will give a social in the
church Monday evening, March 3rd.
commencing at S o'clock. A good programme of music and readings will he
rendered by local talent. Rev. Mr.
White of Nelson will give an interesting address. Refreshments will be
served by the ladies of the church and
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she displays, good style and considerable musical intelligence.
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I        THE BOUNDARY  MINES       I
Chinese Immigration to Get a Severe
Private information received from
Ottawa to-day is to the effect that tbe
majority report of the Chinese Corn-
mission, winch recently investigated
Oriental lahor conditions in- British
Columbia, n-iil recommend the increase
of the per capita, tax on Chinese immigrant^ to i'5"0, -while the minority
of the conittiissi-'u suggest $300 ;ts- a
compromise iigr.rc The commission's
report was delivered to the Secretary
of.State, Ken. K. W. Scott,"yeBterday.
by the corn:ni^s:un"s secretary, Mr, 1*.
J- Deaiu-.—\";::-.:oiiver V-.'orld.
 . ^
Total Amount of pre Shipments fortlie Year 1901 in rouninumbers. 4
v                                                              TONS. V
Phoenix Camp .,     23.5 000 x
Deadwood Camp      ^K)r 000 %
Summit Camp ;       40 000 y
Sundry other properties        4 000
A81 000
Treated by Granby Smelter in 1901 .{....	
Treated by Greenwood Smelter in 1901. >	
Treated by Greenwood Smelter in its first veaa- ending February 18th, 1<J02  .: ... .'. 	
Daily average of a 240 ton furnace deducting-  9 idle days  for
Daily   a-verape  of same (Greenwood  smelter) during" first *8
days in 1902  ;	
Gr--jeiiwood Smelter capacity now being douliled.
2WO00   Y
120- 000   £.
ljs 139 i;
388   Y
425   1.
The Oranby mines are sbippinp dailv ,  L 500   X
D p 1  !   I  I.' I  83 <  BMH  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK TIMES.  13 ?  I"jv  13 *'  P  White Fish  Only 10 cts. IK  AT  Cl��  Boundary Creek Times  Issued Every friday  ���s'4f      .���:r;-:-.r.-,-.      .���-..'.������:  Dukcan Ross.  . MAXA.CING EQr-raR,  Columbia   Telephone..;  No- =10.;  ���VkjOton ic Nelson Telephone No. 29.  SUBSCRIPTIONS IN ADVANCE.        .'<  Pek Yeak   ���Six Months   To Forbicn Countries....  ....$ 2 80    L25    2 50  FRIDAY, FEBRUARY  28, L'XB.  CONSOLIDATION   OF   SMELTING  ' " '" 'INTERESTS.'  '  While it is confidently believed that  if not already realized, the amalgamation of the interests of the B, C.  Copper' company and the Dominion  Copper company will certainly ensue  at'no distant date, no official information ofthe same appears forthcoming. Of course tlie companies interested nia.y not be so anxious for a  " speedy termination of negotiations as  '"aire' the people of Greenwood. While  amalgamations may appear fraught  with advantages to both parties yet  where it is a matter of bargain and  arrangement, business prudence may  demand delay and t.".at delay is what  the public must endure even if restive  meanwhile.   The amalgamation must  ��� .  ��� ..    .- .      , ^ . * . ...,| i  ^certainly come and it were wise that tt  came only or, correct conditions. Whesi  both parties to a bargain are anxious  as in this case it must prove to be only  a matter of time.  The acquirement ofthe Pyritic smelter by the Sunset people only whetted  the appetite of ' our citizens however  for bigger things  and ..they^are_n<w  who   are   willing' to'  work "as well'as  wait.   To wait patiently is_ n.t suflii-,  cient,    Waiting must be supplemented  . . .'  by  persistent, energetic effort even ifi  the returns are trifling meanwhile,  ,CLAGS TO BUSINESS.  The man who keeps a  larger margin:  .. at the bank will let his local' bills go  unpaid. "   "���������'-"���       j  The man who is never ready when you  call, and has not had time to look  it up.  The man who is always complaining  of no business and yet-hasn't time to  give an hour to a public question.  The man whose maxims of enterprise  are applied to'this'andnot toliimself.  The man who wears his worry on his  sleeve and keeps his little knocking  hammer out.  The man who overlooks the good  things at home and magnifies those  of his neighbprs.  The man who in reducing his expenses  cuts'out his home: newspaper'first  and buys the outside ones -or reads  his neighbors. * "'  , PIONEERS TME.^IICE.  Owing to the unavoidable absence of  the secretary and treasurer of Kettle  River and South Okanagan Pioneer  Society and consequent oversight in  sending but notices foi' the meeting to  have taken place at Grand Forks on  Saturday next, March 1st, the meeting  is hereby postponed. The next regular  meeting will be- held at Grand Forks  opMonday, Sept. 1st, next.  Thos.'McA'o^ey, President:  Corpprafion ol the City of Greenwood.  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that n Court  of Revision for the Citv of Oreenwdod, B. C,  on Monday the 7th day of April, 1902, al the  bour of ten o'clock in the forenoon, and following days if necessary, for the purpose or hearing- complaints apainst the assessment as made  for the year 1902 bv the Assessor, and for re-  visintj-and'corrcctinfr the assessment roll for  that year.  Complaints to be made in writing- (o the  undersig-ned. at least ten days before the sitting-  ofthe Court.  ������ ���     ��� ��� i  .-.\ -...  G. B. TAYLOR, C. M. C.  Greenwood. B.C. February 25th,1902.  straining theirears forthe voice from  the east which proclaims amalgama-  rnation a fact. It certainly looks now  as if Boundary Creek, and that for all  ' practical purposes means Greenwood,  was to be the greatest mining and  smelting*.- centre in'the' west.'' Whtu  three years ago the knowing ones foresaw aseoond'Butte here the unknowing  ones were incredulous. Time works  herjehanges however, and good things  like bad both to individuals and communities appear to chase each other Ln  rapid succession. Lots of smelters,  cheap fuel and competitive railway* is  Greenwood's destiny.  OFFICERS ELECTED.  Tea Boards of Trade Represented at Associated Boards.  Kasi.0, Febi'26.���The fourth annual  meeting of the Associated . Boards of  Trade pf Eastern . British Columbia,  met here ton igh't wit h C.' S., Galloway,  of Greenwood, president, in the chair,  the secretary,' '^.W. C. Jackson, of  Rossland, also bei.ig. present! .Tvventv-  four delegates were seated from the  following different boards : Nelson,  Kaslo,.'Rossland, Moyie, Grand Fqrksi  Cascade, Trail, Greenvybodj"; Phoenix,  and Fernie. '.The "election of "officers  resulted in prioice of G.' O. '."Buchanan,  pi Kasloj as president for tlie ensuing  yeaT with H. W.'C. Jackson','of Rossland, secretary-treasurer re-electedJ  The presideutin his addressj' referred to thegreat good which must result  from the appointment of' Scnotor  TeiKpleman to a seat in the cabinet,  and congratulated those whose efforts  resuLted" in'" s^iiringlhe gran^n^of a  bonus by the Dominion government  fonthe refining of lead" ores'.' His plea  for "free trade" in railway construction was specially strong and he suggested the appointment of delegates  to proceed to Victoria to impress uj>c��n  the legislature the n ecessity pf remo-v-  ingany obstructions to railway building bv any persons or corporations  willing: to invest capital in opening  new districts. He also referred to tke  disposal of coal bearing lands.  Yon can secure work to last yon  from X td Srytars owing to the course  you select: in the International Correspondence schools. 90 courses of  study. No books to buy, 400,000 students. Would'you like a free lesson in  Spanish;-French or-: German with  Phonograph.  -Write or call and see  C.  H.. Eshbaugh,  Lock.Box 751. Rossland, B.C.  STYLES,  'WW'  m=  >&,im*'6uityN��fifo,-  %-:-T:flE:-^^^r-,  1 si-i-ur  C^pper^reet.  ���M  OPEN  IllJ'iil  12,  V^vtcKChains  r,J_3JSC'>tJ-l--,-ifi ?'-r-=;l Vrr  -.-.;'������   '  //Every bit- as handsome.  as solid gold  chains, jfuliy as  serviceable and  a great deal  cheaper.  ������������,-1.;  Miller Bros J  . *. \.. ...  fltewelcrs  and  Opticians.  EDITOR'S ABSENCE.  The editor of the Times has been attending the meeting of the associated  "Boards of Trade at Kaslo this week,  As most of his work: has necessarily  been done at long range he hopes that  any deficiencies in the appearance of  this'week's paper will be overlooked,  The work of the convention was  deemed of sufficient importance to  justify his presence there as one of  Greenwood's delegates.  Card of Thanks.  On behalf of the family ofthe lat  Joseph Murphy, we wish to thank the  friends who so kindly assisted in the  funeral of our deceased friend.  ���''   Mr. ahd'MhsG. T; Douchrrtw.  R. P. Rithet & Co.  LIMITED  WHOLESALE   GROCERS  WINE AND SPIRIT  MERCHANTS.  VICTORIA, B.  C.  DIED.  Atthe Sacred Heart Hospitalon Sunday, February 23rd, Joseph Murp'.liy  late of Camp McKinney. ���'���  BORN.  At Greenwood, B. C. on February  22nd to the wife of Julius Ehrlicti, a  daughter. ��� . ,    "     :' r  At Greenwood B, C��� on February  28uh, to the wife of Fred J. Mitchell/a  son. ' .   1  THIS SPIRIT OF THE  TIMES.  For Conventions delegation  Arid lands irrigation,  Taxation .legislation,  Fever fumigation.  Small pox.. ..'. vaccination.  Martinisra repudiation.  scenee in  real life,  and  they   occur,  ��n.       ���  x        * .,-       *    *     mi   oo"11*3����t by any possibility be more  The winter of our discontent mil potent and absolute to the eye of the  soon be made glorious summer. The j beholder than was the imitation pro-  '^. n��� t -   ^-       -xv. ���     x-      .,        Jduced by this talented  woman.���Aber-  outlook is big with promise for those��d een <S. D.) News."  The Nanaimo. B. C. Herald : M>,  Fellowes Hanson has a rich baritone  voice, with exceptionally good lo.w^r  notes. Oneof his encores, "Rockedfin  the Craple of the Deep," was a simply  perfect rendering, and brought out; all  the beauty of that old favorite.  The presentation of East I/ynn last  night by the Georgia Harper Co. was  at once a surprise and a delight. The  struggle between love, jealousy and  duty, as portrayed by Georgia Harper  touched the hearts of all.   The sabie  DO YOU  SMOEE ? ?  TRY  ONE OF MUNROE'S  CIGARS,    '  THE BEST LINES iN  CIGARS,  TOBACCOS  and CIGARETTES  Newspapers,     Periodicals  Stationery.  I A Full Line Choice Candy  ��  *  *  9  9  9  *  19  H. B. MUNROE  Copper Street.  Greenwood,  99999#9��lt949e999099tf99Q999  9  ���9  9  *  9  9  ��� 9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  MEALS  AT ALL, HOURS  PRIVATE ROOMS  FOR   LADIES.  >&  Charles Rffittock,  *  $KY OUR   COffffffB  s.  -T~  *  p. burns & eo.  Wholesale and,Retail Meat  Merchants.  Markets.at:   Greenwood, Grand Folks, Midway, and Phoenix.  ��  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  ��  ��  9  9  9  9  , 9  n  9  9  9  *&*.������<(.ajc;��g��ttft������tt��a^  veslMt a Trust Co. lid.  GEO. R. NADEN.  Manager.  , REPRESENTING :  The Phoenix Fire Assurance The British  America Assur  Co. of Evondon, England. ance Co., of Toronto.  The  Western Assurance Co.,  of Toronto.  "  The Canadian Birkbeck  In  vestment and Savings C3o.  MINES.  STOCKS,  -:REAL: ESTATE.  20 YEAR  ENDp WNMENT7.,,,'  ACTUAL RESUI/FSof "^��gs *��*<*'* 4y%.Np.  241,490 at end of its,accumulation period,  Twenty ye^ra ago, in 1882, Mr, F.-W. C���, then twenty-five j-oars of aprc, assured his life 111 the  Equitable, under Savings Fiiiid Policy No-2+1,490, foi-Si,000. This policy was. issued on tl�� 20-  Year Endowment form, on which the animal premium was ?47.68. For twenly years then Mr  C ��� Uas been, protected by 5I,C00of assurance, and if lie bad died at any time Bin family, .would  atorcehave received S1,000.-' However, he lias not died, and now, in 1902, he lias tlie choice ofthe  following options : ��� -  ,     > , "  1.���To Receive tbe Fndownmeiit in casli,      -      -      - -      $l.o00.t>0  andalso aCasli Diridend of      - -���'-.- - 467.25  TOTAL CASH,      - -      ' . . - - Sl.tt'J.TS  2.���To Convert-the Casli Value into paid-up Life Assurance for       53,200.00  i Subject to Society's approval of risk.  3.���To Convert the Casl Value into an Annuity for Life of -      $94.20  THE EQUITABLE  Life Assurance Society; of The United States.  W. ALEXAl^DFR,. President ' j. H. HYDE,,Vice-President.  &jfiJtjAj*JtJiSjjtjtjJtjitjKjjtjAj*jtjt j��J*jAjlj*j*J*jAMjV.J*&����'g��c,*  3%jjtjAj*J*JtJtJ*Jjrj*'#J*JA*,.*-* JiJ*.*jtJ)iJ*J>>JfiJtJ*J*J*J*J*#&J*  *fi"  Vh"  The Russell-Law  \>v��^  LIU��  %���������  �����/  x  Have been too busy to tell you about  ,theif New Stock.     X       XX  They will next week.    Meantime call  ia and look the place over,    X     X  V*.  h'f.  %*  rsv'��  '*.%  fc*'  Kg, THE -, BOUNDARY   CREEK    TIMES.  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  hfALLETT <�� SHAW.  Barkisters, Solicitors,  ;   Notaribs Pdbwc.  tCilile Address :   "hallett."  Coms ���! ?,edfl?rd M'Nelll's  Gmnvwooo,  ( r,elber'I.  t, H. HAM.KTT. '  a. a.  B. C. SHAW.  fW��t-EOD/4 BRpWN  Barristbrs and Solicitors,  Notaries Pubuc, Etc.  i ; Offices: Naden-Flood Mock, Copper street,  Greenwood, B.C.  /.R. Brown. J. P. Mcleod.  the question 'is being" told, and doubt  and distrust are fast taking" the place  of assurance. These stampedes will  happen thoug-h,   Men get wise slowly  -NOTICE TO CREDITORS.  CHARLES AE. SHAW,  .   Cmi, Engineer,  Dominion    and   Provincial  Land Surveyor.  fiREENWOOD.   i     :     :     :   B.C.  BAUER & ASHCROFT,  1 Provincial Land Surveyors  Mining and Civil Engineering.  Mineral Claims Surveyed and Crown Granted  ; Land and Engineering- Surveys  W. A. BAUERi C.E., P.L.S. A. E. ASHOROFT O.E IP.LS  VANCOUVER GREENWOOD    "  Wood   Block,  next door   to   Custom! office  GREENWOOD. B. C.  r  SOCIETIES.  BOUNDARY VA11.EY_J.0DGE  No. 38.1.0. orpr  Meets every Tuesday Even ing at 8.00 in their  lodee room at Masonic Hall.    A cordial invitation Is extended to all sojourning brethern.  Frbd B. Holmbs, N.G.   W. b'. Fkith,' Rec.Sec  President Roosevelt confirms late  President McKinley ..and. declines,to  admit Schley the hero of Santiago.  Uncle. Sam is getting ready to attack  the railway merger.  JDanny Maher the American jockey  has gone to Eng-laiTd to ride King  Edward's racing horses. This is business and not country however.  In the Mattel or the estate of Charles Wesley  Vedder, late of the City of Greenwood In  the Province of British Columbia. Insurance  , Agent, deceased.  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN in pursuance of the Rules of Uie Revised Statutes  of BrltlBh Columbia, 18��, Cap. 187, tliat all  creditors and other* having- claims ng-altist the  estate of the said Charles Wesley Vdddcr, who  died on the 27th day of December, A. D., 1901,  are required on or before the 17th day of April,  A.D. 1902, to send by post prepaid, or deliver to  the understg-ned, solicitors for Mrs. Cora May  Vedder, Administratrix of the personal estate  and effects of the said deceased, their christian  names, surnames, addresses and descriptions,  with full partlculais of their clainis, a statement of their accounts and the nature of the  securities (if any) held t>y them, duly verified.  And further take notice that alter the said  17th day of April A. D., 1902, the said administratrix will proceed to distribute the assets of  the deceased among the parties entitled thereto,  having-regard only to the claims of which she'  shall then have had notice, and that the said  Administratrix will not be liable for the said  assets or any part thereof to any person or  persons of whose claims notice shall not have  been received by her at the time of such distribution.     -  Dated at Greenwood, B. C, "this 17tli day of  February, A. D., 1802. ,  PRINGLE <fc WHITESIDE,  Solicitors for Cora May Ycdder,  Administratrix,  let, lease, demise, maintain, develop, operate,  distribute, transmit and furnish water, water  rig-hts, water power, electric lights, electric  light plants, electric power, steam power, and  anv and all kindsiof power and power olants  ���for mining and milling purposes :  7. To purchase, acquire, construct, build,  own, hold, operate, maintain, equip, sell, lease,  dispose of, mortgage, and deal tn .and with'  ditches, Humes, railways, and tramways, both  surface and aerial, for mining and milling  purposes, aud for transmitting and transporting supplies to, and the products of, mines,  mills, smelters, and concentrators; and finally,  to do any aud every thing necessary, proper or  convenient In order to have, possess, and en joy  all and every of the powers, rights, and privileges herein set forth,and to fully and conplct-  cly carry out the said purposes and objects  above specified, in tlieir fullest and broadest  sense and meaning.  NOTICE TO CREDITORS.  in The Matter ol the estate of Thomas Wilier,  late of the City of Greenwood In the Province   of . British   Columbia,   capitalist.  ... deceased.  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN in pursu.  a nee of the Rules of the Revised Statutes  of British Columbia, 1897, Cap. 187, tliat all  creditors and others having claims against the  estate of the said Thomas Miller, who died . on  the 10th day of Jnly, A. D-1901, are required on  or,before the 17th day of March, A. D., 1902, to  send by post, prepaid, or delivered to the undersigned, solicitors for John Rae Miller, Administrator of the personal estate and effects of the  said.deceased, their Christian names, surnames  addresses and descriptions, with full partic-  nlais of their claims, a statement of their  accounts and the, nature of the securities [if  any) heldby them, duly verified.  And further lake notice that after the said  17th day 6f-March. A. D. 1902, the said Adhiini-  stratorwill proceed to distribute the assets of  the said deceased among the parties entitled  thereto, having regard only to the claims of  which lie shall then have had notice, and that  the said Administrator will not be liable for the  said assets or any part thereof, to any person  or persons of whose claims notice shall not  have been received by him at the time ot such  distribution.  Dated at Greenwood, B. C, this 37th day of  Febraary, A, D. 1902.  PRINGLE & WHITESIDE,  Solicitors for John Rae Miller,  Administrator.  l>Tr. Abbey the American. ,ar,tist_,has  been_g!ven the commission -by King.  Edward to paint the coronation scene.  This may be courtesy but not business'  l?��s there were men who kissed the  back of King Edward's hand the other  day. Rather poor kissing we judge.  The veriest husks to one who knows  the real thing.   -  .The work of annexation goes forward. In his ..testimony before the  court the other day J. J. Hill said that  the Northern securities were negotiating for stock in the Crow's Neat  Coal company. ��� ���  The Chilkat Indians at Haines' Mis  -sionare-reviving old" Salem"practices.  Recently they bUried a young Indian  alive because he was deemed guilty of  witchcraft. . Westward , the . star of  empire takes its way.  . The German Oriental society have  recently unearthed in the ruins of  Babylon wfl at is believed to be the  royal banqueting hall where King  Belshaaar gave the feast to a thousand  of his lords the night he was slain.  What men are pleased to call the fables  of the bible are being strongly attested  in modern times.  It cost four_ citizens of Montreal  $500 cash or six months imprisonment  for borrowing a neighbor's<name just  long enough to vote thereon at the  recent civic election.  The large amount of money the  patriotic Kruger carried away from  Africa when seeking personal safety  doesn't appear to make him happy.  If the Prohibitionists of Ontario are  real anxious for their cause they will  be absent from the polls at the next  general election and present when the  vote is taken on the referendum, In  that way they will increase their  relative strength on the latter question  very materially, as the vote cast at the  general election is to be baais for the  latter.  Great excitement is reported from  Dawson over the concessions made by  the Dominion Government to the  Treadwell Gold syndicate, of all the  ungranted claims oh the Klondike and  tributaries with water rights.  The provincial government's majority seems rather slim for comfortable  working. A majority of two in a  working membership of 35 may easily  be converted into a minority especially  where the majority combines tnree  distinct factions.  NOTICE TO CREDITORS.  In The Matter of the Estate or Luclan Tedrow.  late of.Anarchist Mountain,. In the Province of British Columbia, farmer, deceased.  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN in pursii  aucc of the Revised Statutes of British  Columbia, 1897, Cap. 187, that all creditors aud  others having claims against the estate of the  said Iiucian Tedrow who dies on the 22nd day  of November, A. D., 19ol, arc required on or before the 17tb day of April, A. D_., 1902, lo send  by post, prepaid, or deliver to the undersigned,  solicitors for William Lflvlesi, Administrator  of the personal estate and" effects of the said  deceased, their Christian names, suVuames,  addresses and descriptions with full particulars  of their claims, a statement'of their accounts  and the nature of the securities, (if any] held by  them, duly'verified.  And further take notice that after the said  17th day of April, A. D. 1902, the said Administrator will proceed to distribute the assets of  the deceased among the parties entitled thereto,  having regard only to the claims of which he  shall then have bad notice, and that the said  Administrator will not be liable for ihe said  assets, or any part thereof, to any person, or  persons, of whose claims notice shall not have  been received by him at the time of such distribution.  ���Dated at Greenwood, 3. C, this-17th day ci  February, A.D. 1902.  PRINGLE & WHITESIDE,  Solicitors for William Lawless,  Administrator.  Certificate of the Registration of an  ' Extra-Prpvincial Company.  "CO/nPANES ACT/1897"  T HEREBY CERTIFY that "The Waterloo  ,L Consolidated Mining and MlllidR- Company" has this day been replsrered as an Extra-  Provincial Company, under the "Companies'  Act, 1897" to carry out or effect all or anv ot the  objects oj.tlie Company to which the legislative authority of the Legislature of British  Columbia extends.  The head office of the Company is situate In  the City of Spokane, State of "Washington, U.  S.A.  The amoun t of the capital oi. the Company is  $125,000, divided into 1,250,000 shares of J0 cents  each.  The head ollice of the Company in this Province is situate at ^Carnp McKinney, and Patrick H. Graham, miner, whose addross Is Camp  McKinney aforesaid, is the attorney for the  Company.  Thetlme of the existence of the Company is  fifty yearn.  Given under mj- hand and seal of office at  Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this  10th daj- of February, one thousand nine hund-  and two.  [J..S.] S, Y. WOOTTNN,  Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.  The following are the objects for which the  Company has been established :  1. To do, transact, carry- on, ard engage in  the business or undertakings hereinafter eaum  erated and "specified within the United States  of America, in the Province of British Columbia, and throughout the whole Dominion of  Canada :  2. To locate, buy, purchase, acquire, hold,  own, maintain, equip, work, develop, improve.  operate, sell, let, demise, exchange and snort  gage mineral claims, diggings, mines, and  mineral rights of any and every kinU, nature or  description whatsoever :  3. To buy,purchase, hold, own, deal in, sell,  exchange and hypothecate metals, ores, minerals, concentrates and bullion of every kind,  nature and description :  4. To treat, smelt, mat, mill, stamp aud reduce ores, minerals, metals, bullion and concentrates of every kind, character and description :  5. -To ecect, construct, maintain ,'operate,buy.  purchase, acquire, sell, dispose of. lease, let,  exchange and mortgage mills, smelters, concentrators, and any and all kinds of machinery  and appliances for the purpose of smelting,  matting, concentrating, working, reducing.,  crushing, refining and handling ores, minerals,  metals and bullion of all kinds :.  6. To acquire, locate, boy, hold, own, sell.,  Mineral Act 1896.  CERTIFICATE OP IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTICE.'  DON'T KNOW Mineral Claim, situated iu the  Kettle River.Mining Division of Yale  District.  Where Located :      Smith's    camp,    near  Boundary Palls.  TAKE NOTICE that we, Geo. R. N2den,  Free Miner's Certiiicate No. 416S5B, and  Sydney- M. Johnson, Free Miner's Certificate No. 8120B intend sixty  days from the.date hereof to apply to the  raining recorder for a certificate of improvement for the purpose of obtaining a crown  grant for above claim,  And further take notice that action   under  cectlon 37 must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements-  Dated this 15th_day of February, A. D., 1902.  Royal Victoria Gold Mining- Company  Limited, Lty.  Notice is hereby given that a special meeting  ofthe shareholders of this Company will be  held at the office of the Company, Rendell building, Copper street, Greenwood,rB. C, on the 7th  day of March, A. D. 1902, at the hour of-3 o'clock  in the afternoon to discuss, and if deemed advisable, to authorize the sale of the assets of  the Com pany. '  Dated this 5th day of February, A.D. 1903.  A, M. WHITESIDE,  22-26 Secretary.  ^TOTO^TOTO^^  <F*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  SO  Capital, all paid up, $12,000,000. Rest $7,000,000.  President:   Lokd Stkathcona and Mount Royal,  Vice-President:   Hon. Ghokgk A. Drummond.  General Manager:   E. S  Clouston.  Branches in London, Eng. \ ^UV'iSSlSSL f New YorK,' Chicago.  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers ; Grant Commercial an  Travellers' Credits, available in any partjof the world.  Greenwood Branch,     F. J. FINUCANE, Manager.  *=9  J* Jt & Jjl ��t Jt Jjt Jjt Jjt jjt'jt jji jjt Jjt j$ jt Jt  I Clarendon   I  I Hotel��� I  ~  Corner Copper   and Greenwood  *  !? '   Streets. fc  TimmmmmmmmmmmmmfiSfl^  THE BANK OF  ritish North America  Established 1836. ���   Incorpooated by Royal Charter.  Capital, ^1,000/000-$4,866,666.66  Reserve Fund, ^350,000-$l,703,333.33  HEAD OFFICE:   LONDON, ENGLAND-  H-STIKEMAN, General Manager, Montreal,  ���'  ���' J ELMSLY, Inspector, Montreal.  Branches and agents in  all the  principal cities  of   Canada and the  United States, and correspondents in all parts  of the world.  Greenwood Branch:-W. G. H. BELT. Manager.  m  % Steam Heated.  ^ Throughout. J  ����� ��,  ^ Rooms 50 Cents      .   . ^  Fine Assortment  fc  and up. fc  fc  Liquors and Cigars.  ^.  fc  Sf J? JP Jf Jf J? Jf 1? J? Jf Jf Jf S? jP Jf jf jf-  McKINNEY  ...HOTEL...  Hugh Cameron :-: Prop.  Best   Brands  Wines,t'Tjiquors  and  Cigars.   Good Stabjing-.  CAMP McKINNEY. B, C  fHE CANADIAN gMOF COMMERCE  With Which is Incorporated'the  THE BANK OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO.  Capital, $8,000,000.       -      Rest, $2,000,000  HON.GEO. A. COX. President.   B. E. WALKER, General Maaaeer  HENRY F. MYTTON  MANAGER GREENWOOD BRANCH,  Eaeiaeers and mat,  Superintendents will find  it to their Interest to refer to us when In need of  anything in the Pump <  line, We make Pumps cf  every description for all 11  services.  Pump Catalogues and  Specifications sent udou  request. We manufacture also Northcy Gas and  Gasoline Engine-cheap- tHE  handy���safe. Send for ''  Booklet. .  CunllffeS McMillan, J  Agents at Rossland B.C.  Vancouver Engineering  Works, agents at Vancouver. B. C  t *: it.     Sufcwa  grnmiHmmmmipmm  I    TM James Cooper Mfg. Co.,    I  ���**���  -MONTREAL, QUEBEG-  MANUFACTURERS OF  -99  I Ttiger$olI=$erfleant  1     ������SHacbinery*.  ROCK DRILLS, STRAIGHT LINE 2  DUPLEX and CORLISS AIR COM- 3  PRESSORS .... 3  BOILERS, HOISTS, PUMPS, Etc. COMPTE^^rK^PMENTS  gr-     Agents For The Bullock Diamond Drills.  STOCK CARRIED IN ROSSLAND.  H. JI. e. radially, Kossland* B. ��.  ^iiiiiiiuaaaiUiiuuuuuiiiiiuiiiiiiiiuiaauiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiaiiiiiiMiiiuaiiiiiiiiUiiiiUiiiis:  ^aaaaiaiaaaaiiaaiaaaiiaaiaaiauaaiaiiiiiaaminiiaiaiaaaaaaaaiaiaiaiaiaiaiia  ���MB-flU.  Greenwood  is  the  financial and commercial centre 01* the sr  Boundary Creek District.    It is the  supply point for the Xz  Mining camps.    From  the city roads lead to Greenwood. �����������;  Deadwood,  Copper, Summit,  Long Lake, Skylark, White ZZ.  and Atwood, Wellington and other Boundary Creek camps. j��~  formation acidre^..0?.^        Robt.Wood or C. Scott Galloway, Greenwood. H. THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  |        BRIEFLETS.        I  ���East Lynn  ��� Til Auditorium  ��� Monday, Marcli 3rd.  H;tvc  you  noticed   the   broad smile  Julius wears these days ?  Hous^kwper desires situation in  ei liter town or country. Apply sir (his  oflice.  THE WOODMEN OF AMERICA  Arizona, New Mexico ;md Oklahoma  haye been reporb.-d favorably for admission into the sisterhood of States.  The "Western Mining World calls our  attention to the removal of its headquarters from Butte to Chicago.  Dr. Simmons and family have moved into the residence on Kimbe;ley  street, recently vacated by Andrew  Laidlaw.  Mrs. J. R. Porter goes to Spokane  next week for a visit with her friends,  incidentally looking- for a betterment  of health.  Dr. MacRaehas returned from the  recent meeting-at Nelson of the Kootenai Presbytery. He reports a good  attendance and an interesting session.  Buttercups in Boundary Creek on  February 23rd is the report brought in  by Mr. Robert Wilson who picked  several f ull-blowsi ones near the Sunset smeltar on that day.  We are getting-a nice'line of eastern  catalogues and price lists in for which  we ha.ve no use. Lf any of our readers  are not receiving these as promptly as  usual they can borrow our copy.  The Grand Forks News comes to lis  thi* week in most creditable condition  ; everyway.     Its    appearance    reflects  credit on its management  and  on the  town that handsomely supports it.  Col. Holmes, district officer, com-  ���minding- will be La Greenwood, Monday next, March Srd. A meeting will  be held the evening of theisame day,  M&rch.3rd to consider the formation of  Mounted rifles.  And soon the alleys with a season's  collection of strange bric-a-brac, running all the way from cast off shoes to  wofn "<mt cats, will need somebody's  attention. Spring has evidently put  her foot down in the valley.  Prom the New "Westminster Colum-  bia.ti,: Mr. Bayliss, one of the best  organists in the Province again shewed remarkable skill in handling the  large organ, and yv�� ��� bespeak him a  very successful career.  Mr. W., B. Keith the enterprising  merch^tjfpf Beayerdelljs j a. town buying goods and incidentally kicking  over the condition of the West Fork  road or rather trail, The kicking exceeds the buying and he is right.  Messrs, Rendell & Co., are in receipt  of a letter from a business house in  Vancouver in which very favorable  mention is made of the "Enid Martin  company," soon to appear in Greenwood. Commendation of this company appearsg-eneral and spontaneous.  Mr. C. Scott Galloway and Mr. W.  G. ftutmce left nn Tuesday as Greenwood's delegates to the associated  Boards of Grade annual meeting- at  Kaslo. Mr. H. C. Shaw was prevented by business eng-agenients from  taking the trip.  The commercial travellers who have  been in town are loud in their praises  of the Enid Martin Concert company.  They say no one should miss seeing  and hearing the attractive soprano,  Miss Enid Martin. Her singing" of  "Home Sweet Home" and "Robin  Adair" is soul stirring.  The opportune discovery of fire in  the JJad en-Flood building Sunday  morning and the timely arrival of the  lire department prevented what might  otherwise have developed into a serious  lire. The building is frame and in the  heart of a frame range and once under  headway would have proved troublesome.  At the regular meeting of the Greenwood Literary Society on Wednesday  evening-, a most interesting paper was  read by Mr. A. E. Ashcroft on the  Ma.oris of New Zealand. The ground  was too large to l>e covered in one  evening. It is the hope of man)- that  Mr- Ashcroft will consent to give the  society another talk on this remarkable  /ace. Next Wednesday Mrs. Keffer  -will favour the society with a paper on  'The American Illustrators."  Ceiebra-kd Washington's fclrthaay With a  JYIasiiurade Ball, at Chesaw.  The Modern Woodmen of America  held a grund masquerade ball in honor  of Washington's birthday ou Friday  evening Feb, twenty first and was the  largest awd most brilliant affair'that  ever took place on Myers Creek,  Representatives from CampMcKinny  Kc��:l( Mountain and Midway B C and  Molsuii, Kipling, Uodieaiul Wiiconcla,  Wash.,10-iitlLng about 100 couples.in attendance. The costumes were rare and  beautiful, rendering real difficulty  for the judges making impartial decision which however was done as follows  Best Ladies costume Miss Graham,  Midway, five dollars. Best Gent's costume Lyors, Bolster five dollars.  Mrs Jiarker Chesaw best all round  Ladirs dance, five dollars. Best Lady  w'altaer, Miss Myerhoff, Midway,  prize perfumes from Chesaw drug  store. Best Highland fling dance,  Miss Day, Rook Mountain, cutlery  prize from McGregor & Campbell's  hardware. The well rendered music  furnished bv Messrs. Bressfield Bros,  and N icicle brought buoyancy to every  heart and elasticity to every foot that  will make this event one long" lo be remembered by lovers of the light  fantastic.  .XHe Cailor  '�����  ; ft  \9  19  \9  | *  Has the most complete  If  Stock    of     Tailoring  \9  *  *  �����  *  '.9  Goods in the Boundary  " #  ft ��� 9  9 5J  9 '                '                9  * For an  up-to-date suit *  * 9  * call on    :    :    :,   :    :    :  *��  * 9  I* . . 9  ||       o^mifcbell I  ' ii  Greenwood's    Leading    Tailor. -$  * 9  9 9  ### 99 #99Zt iai|t 9Q99 90,99 99 #��#��#  ft  ���  I  ?  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  ?  ?  If  Y  Concert &��.  GRAN  IN THE  Sat tllarch 1st  Y  Y  Y  f  Y  Y  Y  ���;���  Y  Y  Y  ���:���  Y  Y  Y  I  Y  B. C. HOTEL  CUEESWOOD, B. C,  J, C, DOUGLAS,   Prop,  EVERYTHING FIRST-CLASS.  ACCOMMODATION FOR 75 GUESTS  ADMISSION  50 and 15 cents.   A  Y  Tickets for sale at J. Ix. White's   Drug  StOie,   corner  Copper  and   Greenwood  StrActs.  Y  I  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  I  Y  Y  Y  MINERAL ACT 1896.  Certificate of Improvement.  NOTICE.  WHITE HORSE mineral claim in  the Kettle  l?u-cr Mining- Division of Yale.  Wliere situate :   In Copper Camp.  TAKE KOTICE thai I, B. I,.. "WoocJ, Free  Miner'sCertlfieate No. 15. 41502, on belialf  of inyscliaiul as agent for James Rrabum, Free  Miner's Ceitificate Ko. B4OI>09aiid   Annie I��ud-  31, Fret Miner's Cerlificule No. H-I2G34 and  .uarmrct 35. Mercer, Fret Blincr's Certificate  No. B��580>, intend .sixty davs from the date  hereof", to apply to the Min Uifr. Recorder for  a Certiiicate ot Improvements for the purpose  of obtiLininp a" Crown Grant of tlie. aliove  clai in.  And further lake notice tliat action,  under  section 3T,   must   be  coimnenced   before    the  issuance ofsuch Certificate of Improvements.  -  Bate,! this Uith-day of December. ilOO.   ".  First issue January 10. 13, I/. WOOD.  rlcar tlie   ot iter of GcYertimeat and Green wodI  Streets.  50.00 in cash will buy a seven drawer  new Sing-er se-iving machine. At A. L.  White's 2nd Hind Store.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of improvements.  .' ��� '"    NOTICE. ..-.������"  QUEEN, CAllfORNIA and .A STOR Mineral  ��laiins, situated iu tlieKuttle River Mininp  Divislcn of Yale District.  .'  located about 3J�� loilessortli easterly from  Camp MtKltiiicy. ���-.*.���,  TAKE NOTICE that I.Theoilore tubbe  i'rec Miner's Certificate No. '1160805,  acting- as agent for the Rodr Creek Gold Mines,  Ltd,, J^y., Free Miners Certificate No, B608G4,  intend sixty days from the .late hereof, lo aimly  to the Mini ngr Recorder for a Certificate of Ini-  orovenieiitP, for the purpose of obtaining- a  Croiru Grant of the above claim.  And ^iirtlior take uolice tiial action under  section J7, -must lie commenced before the issuance of such Certilicalo of linorovenienls.'  Bated tlilnStliclay of PebruttTv", A. D., W02,  TIIEODORK T.UI1KE,  AjCin for tlie. Kocl< Creeli IJnKl F.ineK, Limited Liabnit.v.  GEORGE H. MAYSARD  GUN  AND LOCKSMITH.  ALL, KINDS  OF REPAIRING   '  NEATLY DpNE  Bicycles Repaired and Rented.  CORKER 0? SILVER AND GREENWOOD  STREET.  ��� inn iiunma���a  UKNITURE  CARPETS  CROCKERY  GLASSWARE  CUTLERY"  SILVERWARE]  BAR GOODS  MINERAL   ACT.  Certificate ol Improvement.  NOTICE.  "DOMtNIO'K''' and "NO MB ER TWO" Mineral  Clalmii situate in  tlie   fettle Jtivoi- Mining  Division of Vale District. "Where localwl:���In  Peackvood L'ant|>.  TAKB NOTICE that I, Clive 1'rliiK^, I''ree  Miner's Ciirtlllcate No. IMU3H, iiileml  ��ixty duys from tlie duto hereof to Apply to the  Mining Recorder lor a Curtll5c.it.le of Improvements for the |)iir|>oso of obtaining it Crown  Grunt of tke nbovcclnirii  And furtlier tnke nollee eliui netlon, under  Section :I7, must be commenced before the  Ibsuh-UM of such Certi ' inte of Improvement.  Dated this T>th day of November, A. D., i901.  CLIA'E PR1NGLK  The   largest ; hotels and finest  residences in B.C. were furnished by us th roug-hout  WEILER BROS.  VICTORIA, B. C.  CANADIAN  THE   BEST   OF   FOREIGN   AND j  ���������.'��� I  .     DOMESTIC WINES, LIQUORS  AND   CIGARS.  FIRST-CLASS    SAMPLE    ROOMS  FOR   TRAVELLING   MEN.  :*.  argams m  Shirts,  eckwear  Pants,  Shoes, Etc  Heavy and  Shelf Hardware.  Groceries  and Provisions  -AT THE���  COMPANY, LIMITED.  . '"Vr'"-WW��v>/WAA/1  THE BEST BEER IN-TOWN IS MADE BY  '���������^Lj��i��;'r ''������  Af     .  PORTMAN  &POETMAN  Proprietors  ASK FOR  RAILWAY I  TEMPORARY   CHANGE  OF SERVICE.!  111 IB ill  LOftlPANIhS' ACT, 1897-  Morrison   Mines,   Limited,(Non-Personal Liability.)  Tithe notice that the slmrcs in tlie Morrison  Mines, lihi-iiled, CNnn-lJersonal I,iabilit.C) hereinafter described, haveIjceu declared in default  and will 1w sold al public auction to tlie highest  bidder foi cash, at the office of thesaid company, Rciulell buUdiujr, Copper street, Greenwood, Jt. C, on Tuesdny Uie 18th day of February, L9o2. ��t tlie hour of four o'clock in the  afferuoon , to satisfy assessments ivhicli have.  been 3iin.ite tiicreou and are in default for a  period es-ccedintr sixty days after notice and  demand of -payment of sucli assessments.  Until furtlier advised the steamer  "Kokaneo" for Kaslo and "Moyie" for  Kootenay Landing- will leave Proctor.  Connection from Nelson bcinj; as  follows:  For Crow's Nes.t. Winnipeg, St. Paul.  Chicago, Toronto, tvfontreal and all  Eastern po-laits,  Leave 33elson,  7:15 a. ni, Daily.  The Elkhorn Lager BpS^Qontains only Pure Malt Hops,  It 1 It is kept on drajigftt or in~Bottles by all the leading H  Try  Hotel  Arrive  6:15 p.m.  For Kooteiiity Lake  points and Kaslo.  Leave 2Ielson Arrive  4:00 p. in.    Daily ex Sun.    10.15 p.m.  For Kooten ity Lake points Proctor to  Koltanee Creek, connection front  Nelson ��� will ��� be 7.15 a.m., Monday,  Wednesday and Friday, rettirning-tlie  aame evening-<>.15 p. m.  Full particulars from local agents.  E. R. REDPATH,    - -    Greenwood  J. S. Cakibk, J3. J. C6vi,d,  Die. Pass. Agt.    Nelson.  A. G. P. A.  Vancouver.  For Sale.  A complete stock of watch materal with catinet. ore Vatcli glass cabinet  coraDle-te with glasses, tliree work benches, two tables, one watch board, one  watch sign 40 inches diameter. 22 k ?old ieaf and sundry other articles,  These sroods are part of tlie W. E. Macphersoiiestate and must besoWat  once.   For particulars apply to W. O, WRIGHT.'Assignee-  4��  ! "WELL THAT'S FINE"  Is what they all say about  �� .THE NEW GEM SAFETY RAZOR.  jjV'-..        Impossible   to cot the  facei  shaves  ^ easily,Vquickly and cleanly,  *  ' ��� ' '   ������' "��� ���" '" :*v '  Jn-' lllustrited booklet free.      Mail Orders promptly filLed.  4o ' '���".-'���''  | McLennan,   McFeely   &   Company  Wholesale Hardware Merchants,  4��      122 Cordova Street,  4��  VANCOUVER, B. C.  of9  >


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