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 IaW-a  -.������..!:Q-\t*i-A-::  ���j ���'�����*',���"'���. I-',  ^  Vol. 10  GREENWOOD, B. C. FRIDAY, FERBUARY 7, 1902.  No. 2.2  I  ,C  r*.  1  8  This Canadian Line Palls Into the Hands of  the Americans���Sceculstlon Rife as to the  Full Intent aad Meaning.  Were the question not faught -with  possibly momentous issues to the Canadian people, the head-lines of the  eastern papers in discussing the sale of  the Canadian Atlantic-railway to the  New York Central would be amusing.  While one paper announces '.'means a  lot for the -west," another sees "a  threatened blow," and still another  "the beginning of the end."  Of course the purchase of a railway  "by an alien concern affords ample scope  for indulgence to the speculative mind  particularly at a moment when amalgamation in great concerns and great  public utilities |is. the order of the day  The millions'of; the great capitalists  appear -very uneasy these d-nys and  massed in the hands of the giant  organizers are capable of gigantic  operations. In fact one , alarmist in  dealing with this matter says, "already  a majority control of the Canadian  Pacific railway may be held by the  American combination." Of'" course  this is possible although hardly probable. Whether the purchase of thej|  Canadian Atlantic is merely the -possession, oi a road that will "dovetail into]  the Americans systems arid prove a  valuable feeder theieto, or whether it  is to be part of a consolidation whose  ultimate object is another transcontinental raiLway the public at present  cannot foresee. ��� This fact alone appears patent among the problematical  things, the possession of a road that!  has cost the Canadian taxpayer say]  two and a. half miUi:>ns in bonuses and  help, by one or more members of the  American octapus that is ready and  able to embrace, "the good things that  come within-it's reach.  If the scheme should contemplate  nothing more than another transcontinental railway through Canada,  whether in connection .with tlie Can*  adian Northern or otherwise, the Canadian people will doubtless regard it  with equanimity. The recent extension of Canadian Pacific stock to the  extent of twenty millions, is looked at  by some in the light of this latest purchase by the Americans, as a shrewd  move by the Canadians to restore .the  majority of Canadian Pacific stock to  CanadianLhands. Whatever the motive  may be that has led to the "absorption,  of the Canadian Atlantic by the Van-  derbilts,' the change of ownership is  not at all likely to operate against the  interests served directly by the road  whether points of transhipment therefrom are helped or injured.  Dr. Webb, the agent of purchase intimates that extensive improvements  will be the order of the day including  improved plant, elevator facilities, and  train service.  THE PEOPLES' FORUM  What Our Correspondents Think The Citizens oi Greenwood Mijrht do In  its Uutoilldinff���Plain Thoughts, Plainly Put.  The acting editor of the "Times"  recently sent out copies of the following letter to a few .business men of  Greenwood. Some'. of the replies re-  cieved are herewith submitted.  Greenwood BiC. January 29th 1902.  Dear Sir: We are asking1 a few prominent busines men of the city for a  brief statement of their views as to  how business interests of Greenwood.,  and vicinity may best be " developed?  and maintained.  These observations will be Published  in next week's issue of. the "Times''  and we shall be pleased to be favored  with yours thereon.  Yours Truly,  W. G. Gaunce,  Acting Editor.  Greenwood B. C.  Dear Sir :  I recieved your circular asking for a  brief statement of my views as to the  best way of developing and maintain-  the business interests of Greenwood  and must say when the question is put  in the concentrated form in which you  put it, I find great difficulty In even  begining to frame an answer, Like  every other question of importance it  can bedisinteganted and broken up and  it seems "to, me the only solution at  present is to attack the small pieces, or  in Other words do well what we can, do  and each and all o us do a little. The  representatives of the wholesale houses  from the coa t and other eastern centers are amongst the. best advertising  mediums we have, and if the people of  the town would make a point of meeting these gentleman . with hopeful  words instead of a tale of woe, it_ would  certainly help to impress those on the'  outside, who ha've never seen Boundary and only know abo'ut us what  the  ���  n  a  A  " f.  \  1  A  ���  -  \j  J  I'"  J  Fruit of all kinds at Setnerad's.  Mrs. R. Morkill leaves this day for  Greenwood where she will in future  reside. Her departure will be regretted by Her many friends and especially  by the church of England to whose  choir she was a tower of strength.  Rossland World.  You cannot fall to be interested in our superb  display of comic, lace and- novelty-valentines.  The novelties are unusually attractive tliis  year, the lace are just as dainty as U' is possible to make them- while the comics are  funnier than ever. Then we have a -very 'fine  line ol card mount valentines, printed or.decorated parchment, that are splendid values.  ; PRICES:  Comics :.....;.:.........5:Cts. to 15 cts.  Lace ...........10 cts. to $1.00.  Card Mounts:  ��� 5 cts. to 50 cts,  Novelties :5 cts, to $2.50,  SMITH i MAE  Books, Paper,   Office Supplies,   Wall  Paper, Kodaks and Photo Supplies.  I. .Amateur PMogfapto,,  ��  -��  O  6  ft a  tit  Bung your films and plates to  A  �� J.L. COLES g  % Developing, printing and mount-  ��  % ing $1.00 a dozen. %  * . ��� ��� ��� a  #'������������-���- *  ��� ��.    Unmounted 65 cents a dozen.      6  * a  ��- a  :.��.        Work strictly first-class. *  *���-."-.������' :     ' *  * __ ; :   ��  *-. "'       ,     . V ��� *  5 Always in stock a full line of j��  % amateur photographic        . ��� ��  * supplies '   ���'.*  13. ��. ��*tes��  *���'      ��� *^  *  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  5 Supplies, etc. 3t  ���*    ��� ' ft  ��*ft��ft��ftaft��ft#ft��<HOi����afta��>a��aft  %       Books, ��� Stationery,  Supplies, etc.  Office  ����0fte��06#0ftftft#afteft��>*ttft0ft*a  B. OIE & CO.  must  reduce their  large .  stock  of  OFFICE SUNDRIES.  They offer Brrgaius  ���m-  | Shannon Files,  *���  *  *  ��  ��  ��  it  1 ate.-  Blank Books,  Inlts o[ all kinds,  Typewriter Paper,  Writing Materals.  H, A. MEMO,  commercial men tell them that Greenwood is and always will, remain the  the centre of the famous -mining district known, as Boundary. It may he  outside the sphere of your question" to  mention the word politics but I can't  help saying,'that iu my opinion politics  and politicians have had and are having more to, do with the retarding; of  ..the country as a whole than anj other  single factor.  A great dexl too much of both time  and money ii spent in the framing of  new laws and the tinkering of old ones  for a population of two hundred thousand people and until that condition of  thin gs be altered those to. whom we are  looking for the "supply of capital for  the opening up and development of  the country will go where the laws  affecting them are on a more stable  basis,  As the recognized way of increasing  the sale of any commodity is to keep  telling the buyer in season, and out  of season that your goods, are "better  and cheaper than the other mans, so it  ���is necessary to let it be known to the  men who have money ��� to "invest that  this is the'right country in which to  invest it, and one of the best proofs of  that fact will be the declaring of a  dividend 1>y some of our local companies', a thing which we as a community, tinfortunatly-have-no control  over. One of the best fields we have  for advertising is of course London  and it seems to me unfortunate that  our government did not see its ,way to  sending there as agent general- or at  least one of his staff, a gentleman who  has experience in such matters and who  would, treat the whole matter as a  business proposition, sucli'foritlstance  as the immigration^ agents of the  great railway corporations.  The building of another railway  through the valley no matter whence  it comes or whether it goes" would  certainly help to develop and maintain  our intere-sts, it being an axiom that  themore facilities there are for doing  business the more business there is to  do, we should therefor as a community  stand as a unit in furthering any  scheme having for its object the building of more railroads, we can do that  without calLing existing railroad corporations lad names or resorting to  abusive language.-- _  Let every one who leaves Greenwood  if only for a weeks holiday refer to it  at all times and in. all placesas the  only pLace on earth worth living in  and certainty the only place in the  upper country worth considering the  buying of real estate.  Let every one who writes from  Greenwood refer to all that takes place  within its'Jigitimate radius,infactjtake  every legitimate means of letting the  outside world know that we are in. the  centre of a great mineral district which  only requires a little time to prove it a  great mining district.  Efind it hard'sir to propound any  new idea as to how best to deveLop and  maintain our interests but trust some  of your correspondents will be more  fortunate.  The very fact of your sending out  such circul ars is to me a novel and a  new idea and 1 trust it will be: acted  upon in the right spirit.  Yours Truly,  C, Scow Galcqway  ftftft��fta������ft����ftaft��ftaftafteft��ft��  Greenwood B. C,  DBAxEDiroR:  In yoHia of the Z9��th inst., you are  asking for my view as to how, the  interests of Greenwood way. be best  developed and maintained.  As regards mining 1 have no suggestions, first," because 1 do not understand it, and last, but not least, 1 am  strongly of the belief that our mining  and stneLting interests are in most  able hands,  As to how to help Greenwood I may  suggest ia to devise ways and means  and hold out inducements tor wage-  earners to build homes and bring their  families here, and then, but not unti  then will Greenwood prosper.'  "What Greenwood needs is a High  scljooL,  Had we a high-school hundreds of  farmers west of here as faras Fairview  and the Keremeos district "would during the winter season move their families to Greenwood to give their childern  the advantage of a good education. I  venture to say there are 500 men in  and around Greenwood, including all  classes, such as business men, mining  men, teamsters, lumber men, miners,  etc., whoat the end of every month  have to send money away to their  families, money which is earned here  and which they would gladlj' spend  here, if it were possible.  It is true we have done very well for  a small city, have a very fair school,  churches, etc., but we need more, and  then we will get to the bottom ot the  trouble why Greenwood is not getting  the benefit of the money earned in  and around her.  Yours Truly,  JuuuS'Ehrwch.  Greenwood, Feb. Sth, 1902.  Dear Editor :  As one to whom your recent letter  was addressed asking for my opinion  as to-how the business . interests of  Greenwood miffht be best conserved, I  beg to say that I am not a ready writei  and cannot say much on the subject. I  think your idea is an excellent one  however and merits attention. Without going into argument on the subject  I would briefly" say :  1. Let us all patronize our homo  merchants ahd-home products.  2. Let us always speak kindly of our  fellow-townsmen and hopefully of our  city.  3. Let us encourage our school  teachers and urge our school board to  to demand better school privileges.  4. Let us pull together for a court  house.  5. Let us pay our store bills promptly even if we have to deny ourselves  some luxuries.  ��� , *  6. Let us pay our taxes and keep  the tow'n treasury in funds.  8. Let its stake" fewer mineral claims  and develop.those.we.do hold. -���     -  8. Let unbuild our own homes arid  encourage our friends to.  9. Let us look forward hopefully  and not backward regretfully.  10. Let us think more ot bur heritage right- here and talk less of Cariboo  and Klondike and Thunder Mountain.  Yours truly,  A Bewever in Greenwood.  Greenwood, Feb. 5th, 1902  Dear' Editor :  Better education is the watchword of  the present day. I know of nothing  that would further our best interests  more.than first-class properly equipped  schools.  We may .reason ably expect the families of miners and others immediately  tributary to us to take up their residence here when our schools reach'that  degree of perfection which we expect  to see them attain.- In addition we can  then expect a large influx of families  and individuals from the territory .for  which Greenwood is now headquarters,  especially during the winter months.  Moreover the more accessable our  stores are to the people now tributary  to Greenwood the less familiar the^e  same people will be with the catalogue  of the eastern departmental store. The  sooner said department stores  are abandoned the better for  everyone, Some of our merchants also  would do well to bear in mind in this  respect that example is more imprea  sive than precept.  Our telephone syste'm both extensive  and reasonable in rates has done  much to centralize business. By further extensiou and more general-usage  it would carry on the good work.  If you have interests in Greenwood  join the board of trade and have a  voice in its councils. It is ever alert to  our best interests.  L>. C. McRae.  Bring in your news items to the  Editor. What interests you will interest the people.  It would now appear that Hans  Younger who was presumably hypnotized in Spokane recently was rather  the victim of a thief and a sandbag  than hypnotic influence. The medical authorties at the insane asylum at  Medical Lake have discovered marks of  violence on his body and head and his  repeated inquiry for the "thief" in the  earlier stages of the victims trouble  now take on meaning.  Encouraging Wards Coming la Froo the Lee-  ion of Properties Around Greenwood���A  Spit It of Hopefulnesi Everywhere.  Some very fine ore is being taken out  of the Providence mine and the leasee  is gratified with his work.  The copper market keeps improving  both in demar.d and price. While we  may never see the old price maintained  for any very considerable length of  time, the day of 10 cent copper is without doubt passed away. The latest  quotations are 13 to 15# cent* and  holding steady.  Well authenticated reports are very  encouraging from Wellington camp.  The Winnipeg is showing up some  good ore in very good quantities. The  Golden Crown ia once more shipping.  Exploration wcik is going forward  with flattering results.  Mine Shipments.  The Rossland mines are maintaining a weekly output of about 5000 tons  and over,chief3y from the Le Rois. The  Boundary shipments are hugging the  8000 mark. '.- The Greenwood smelter is  treatiug oyer 3000 tons and the Granby  over 5000 tons, weekly. Both plants  will steadily increase in the amounts  handled^  The Sam bier  The Rambler property near Eholt is  improving. The diamond drill is at  work below the one hundred foot level  with good re&ttlts." Recent returns  from the.smelier of several sacks of ore  are very gratifying, runuing as high  as $15 chiefly in gold. <  The Bounty  "The" Bounty, near.Beaverdell, West.  Fork, is taking out some high grade  silver ore these days.  Enterprlre ana Anchor  The Enterprise and Anchor Gold  Mining company held a special meeting general meet! ng of stockholders in  Greenwood oh Tuesday' last. The intention of the new management is to  resume work on their property.  The big crasher has been placed in  position at the Mother Lode.  Large Body of^Ore^ottnlohjCppoer  Mountain  Chesaw, Wash., Feb. 1.���(Special)���  L. I. Baldwin, the civil and mining  engineer of Loomia, returned to his  home this week after completing  several surveys in tliis camp. Among  other properties surveyed was the  Buckhorn group on Copper mountain,  consisting of eight claims, on which  several thousand dollars' worth of work  has been done during% the past two  years. The last work done waa a tunnel  in which is reported that a body of  high grade ore has been encountered.  The management will have nothing to  say regarding the truth of the report,  but as preparations are being made to  patent the ground as soon as possible,  they undoubtedly have something  good. Attention of mining men has  been on this property for some time,  and the evident satisfactory results of  this company hare had a tendency to  revive the raining industry in this  camp. Several other properties will  begin work during the next month if  present reports are correct.  Our boys carried off quite a number  of prizes at the Phoenix carnival last  week. Some of the coontown ladies  had to divest themselves of part of'  their, finery when they entered the  races, but tney didn't mind trifles  when it came to a contest to win.  The Junior Hockey team from  Greenwood had its work cut out for it  all right in the return match with  Phoenix recently. The game stood 3  to 2 in favor of Phoenix at the close.  . The time allowance was shortened  15 minutes by the management as the  rink was wanted for other puroses.  The boys console themselves with the  thought of what that 15 minutes might  have meant  i: THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK TIMES.  \-  Fresh  White Fish  ;/>V'v1//\/l/<\<>,j\lvJ  AT  Only lO ets  ��  A A CROWSTO  Cbc  Boundary Creek Times  Issued ���very Friday  J>uncam Ross    Managing Ewiok.  Columbia. Telephone. ..  Vernon & Nblson Telephone. .  .. No. 40.   No. 29.  SUBSCRIPTIONS IN ADVANCE.  Pes Year   Srx Months   To Foreign Couktkic   S2 00  1 2i  ... 2 SO  FRIDAY,FEBRUARY, 7,  1902.  OUR AIM.  Nor friends, nor foes, nor politics for  a brief space, hut business will be our  aim.  No friends to tickle, no enemies to  tease, no politics to be.tied to will be  our motto for a time at least. We  want to say something,^to do something for Greenwood, for the Boundary,  for the province if we may be able to.  Our columns are both short and narrow so we cannot be long-winded, onr  resources are limited so we cannot  afford "special" and "direct" telegrams. Our desires are broad however  and our aim single���the production of  a small paper, well-filled with what  people will read and pay for.  WHAT DO YOU CAL,L, IT.  Will sombody name the ability to  pen the followidg, the ability to get it  inserted as legitimate correspondence,  "special" at that, in respectable newspapers. We have culled our vocabulary but it is unequal to the demand.  We started with "enterprise" but it was  too weak, then we tried "nerve" but it  was too mild, then "gall" but it too  seemed rather effeminate, and so we  gave up the endeavor and submit it to  - our readers'.     __             _      _       Grand Forks News.  Special to the"News.Advertisei.',  Grand Forks, B. C, Jan. 30.���Mr. J.  N. Greenshields, "L. C, of Montreal, a  director of the Montreal & Boston Copper compan3r, owning the Sunset mine  in Deadwood camp, has arrived from  the east, forthe purpose of negotiating  for the purchase of the pyritic smelter  at Boundary Falls. The smelter plant  is being examined on his behalf by Mr.  H. C. Bellinger, an expert of Butte,  Montana. The Sunset mine is now on  on a basis to ship 400 tons of ore daily.  The: "special" also appears in the  Seattle Post-Intelligeucer and other  papers. Of course it is true, but it is  not all the truth. The impression is  given that these gentlemen were iu  Grand "Forks and that the interests,  were Grand Forks interests when  as a fact the gentlemen tunned  have been at Greenwood, the Sunset  mine is at Green wood, and the smelter  plant referred to is two aud a half miles  from Greenwood.  We do not mind affording the Grand  Forks correspondent news of interest  for the outside world, but we do dislike  to see outside papers paying for Grand  Forks news, when the matters referred  to are transpiring 25 miles away from  Grand Forks and in and around Greenwood, the centre of the mining industry  of the Boundary* This reaching out  to Greenwood for news of world interest implies compliment to our town but  it betrays dearth of good things at  home.  CS reenwood has never been given  much to self-adulation and if those  past masters >in -the -art down at the  Forks would only even ever so modest  ly taint *o their poor dupes owlsido that  they    were   giving   them   Greenwood  news we would no! object lo their get-'  ting both the ylory and the price of the '  correspondence.  Play fair now boys. Write about  Greenwood and other Ivive matters .ill  you like, but let your readers t> el on to  the fact that 3rour best items are  gotten away from home. If you don't  we will.  To prove how just this criticism is  we may add that "The Province" of  Vancouver announces in so many  words that "Mh. Grkunsiiiklds is at  Grand Forks i'or thic puhi'ose ol-  negotiating l'ok thr  rvrcuasr   ol'  THIi   PYJUTIC    SMRLl'BIt,   BTC."    These  subtle "specials do fool them."  ARI3 YOU A "TIMES" SUPPORTER ?  In the absence of the editor of the  Times we take occasion to ask the  citizens of Greenwood and vicinity if  they are supporters, of tlieir local  paper. If they are not why not ? "We  believe thereare quite a irunbcr of  people iu Greenwood who are vet subscribers to their old home paper back  east who do not take the Greenwood  paper. Their plea is that they like to  hear about the old home and the old  friends, but surely the new home and  the new friend* are worth knowing and  cultivating and keeping too. The  Times is not up to the standard that  the organ of the leading town in the  Boundary onght to be. Neither can it  be without the encouragement of the  people. The relations between press  and people are reciprocal, each helps or  hurts the other. If the people patronize their home paper it has encouragement, incentive, aid to improve, otherwise not. Editors like other people are  Loo apt to live on a plane of selfishness.  Indifference in tlieir readers is apt lo  beget indifference in an editor. Few  of "lis are inclined _fb~live ~ on tliat"  exalted plane where we do duty for  duty's sake, aud so we bespeak for the  "Times" kind reader, your suppoit, if  ever so little, with the view of encouraging the enterprise aud helping 3-0111"  town.  One paper otitrlit to Lhrive in Greenwood. One is sufficient. To those  business men who patronize onr ad-  veitising coin 111 ns from a motive of  self interest, a motive of public spirit,  or a motive of regard for the editor, to  alL alike thanks. To those of our business men who do not patronize the  Times' advertising columns we extend  an invitation to call and select  space and make contracts, and to those  who:either don't rend the Times or read  their neighbor's or the news agents  copy we extend our   kindest sympathy.  f *  ! mitcbell I  I    *Xbe Cailor I  ���5* Has the ihost complete  ;|[ Stock of Tailoring  -ii   Goods in the Boundary  Charles R. Pittock,  *  Trop's.  ���^'>.s\ ^^^^SsSSJ^^^ ^���^^������^^���^^���'Ks^Q^tt/^>J*.^& Ad   "'g-*^C"=asg':g'CTy^<si<S''gra'e&>.^^  > "S^srs^sr-^ssr-sv-ss^^'w'vvs'.^'vjrj.'  ' o  &0  For an  up-to-date suit   &  call ou    ::::::   *  Greenv\ood's   -Reading    Tailor.  ��� at  - Smoke a William Pitt Cigar,    A jolly given  -with  every cigar at FlShftSf'���     Ask for it.  ������Cite 1 !$ t Olortb-: Civing*.  H When you.   can   get   the   best   cigars  if the. country   at   Fishers,' j :      :      :    :  I'-Don't ��� be^�� a * Dead ��� One-  'if     CLARENDON HOTEL BLOCK.        - -        Conner Street.  ti- -,- v V w -.- v -1- v v v V v�� v i.�� *,- "3 * ii* v V v v 7j>*!?      (5to ssre^s-w-M.-s^ww^"y*T5! ���PS?"iy^iyS<'^ra^-K--r3^i"g>5fg*^ <���*  "W  D, B. C.,'1  J. C. DOUGLAS,   Prop;       <  EVERYTHING FIRST-CLASS..  TEIE   BEST   OF , FOREIGN   AND  DOMESTIC WINES, LIQUORS  AND   CIGARS.  FIRST-CLASS    SAMPLE    ROOMS  FOR   TRAVELLING   MEN.  ACCOMMODATION FOR75 GUESTS  Tfear ihe   oruir of Govern ment and Greenwood  Streets.  * 4 *��� <t tk >;.- ifc -S te '? -Ir -I' i? ���* il- V S- # Sr ���',- sS # =i  *�����:-  MINERAL   ACT.  Certificate of Improvement.  XOTICE.  "DOMINION" am! "NUMBER TWO" Mineral  Cliuins situate in  tile.   Kettle  Kiver  Mining  Division of Vale District. When; located:���In'  Deadwood Camp.  TAKK NOTICIi lliat'l, Clive Prinirle, Tree  Miner's Certiiicate No. B40311, imend  aisLy.clnysfrom the ilivte hereof to apply to the  Mining Recorder for a Curtificntc of Improvements Cor tho purpose of obtaining n. Crown  Gnuitof the above claim  .And further lake notice that action, dinder  Section 37,  must he  comincnued  before   tlie  laauiince of such Certi ' lata 01 Improvement.  Dated this lOUidrty of November, A. D.,i901.  CLIVE l'KtN'CLE  Provincial Secretary's Office,  HIS HONOUR  the- Lieutenant-Governor in  Council lias  teen  pleased  to  make the  follow! 11 �� appointment:  3rd January- 19r>2.  Geokge May Foster, cf the Citv of Green  wood. Esquire, M.D., CM., to be a Corner for  the Province of British Columbio durinir pie  absence of Dr. R. W. Jalces from tlie'said citv.  MOKE ? ?  TRY   ���  ONE OF MONROE'S  %   THE BEST" LINES iN  ��  1?  e  SI  i�� w  CIGARS,  TOBACCOS J  I and CIGARETTES I  a a  �� '    ������������.,    ., ���     a  ft      ' ::::   rr-v . : v ��  3        Ncwsjiapei'Sj     Periodicals        &  S ",  Stationery. '   '     3t  1 A Full Line -'Choice Candy 1  ���i  MUNROE  �����   Copper Street.  Greenwood.  "j��<*t��i!t!i*����it'*.**St*��*s*a��**!ts*ig#  iO.CO in cash will buy a seven drawer  ne-iv Stumor sawing" machine. At A. L.  White's 2nd "Haml Store.'  THE. BEST BEER IN TOWN IS MADE BY '  BREWERY  PORTMAN^ & PORTMAN,  Proprietors ���  '^?f..,J;  ASK FO/?  ���'I 31  m^>m  k"2" &r  fi  ,  The Elkhorn Laget Beer Contains only Pure Malt Hops, Try  It! It is kept on draught or in Bottles by - all the leading Hotel.  &i4  'ti  S2te  l?4  mi  1  m  REPRESENT1WG :  The Plioenix Fire Assurance Tlie. British America  Assur  Co. of London, England. -       iioce Co., of Toronto.  The  Western  Assurance Co.,  o f Toron to".  The Canadian   Birkbeck In  vestment and Savings Co.  HIKES.  REAL ESTATE,  We are moving our Stock from the old store of Law  & Co. to our new store, and wall open up for business  there on MONDAY MORNING- While we will be upset for a while, ���aiid unable to have a proper opening, yet  we will be prepared to handle .your CHRISTMAS ORDERS. Our Grocery stock is entirely new" and fresh,  the greater part of it just opened up. As -heretofore,  we will carr3r only the very -best quality of -g-oods. We  will set apart ah OPENING DAY later on, to ' which you  will be invited to '.critically inspect our new Building... In  the meantime, just come in and "have a look" and incidentally leave your order for Holiday Groceries.  e Rits$ell*��aw�� Caulfield  0e<Eimited  ���v  �����*'  -c ^?  M SMBBM  /  t  ii  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEKTIMES.  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  HALLETT A SHAW,  Barristers, Solicitors,  <   , Notaries Public.  Cable Address :   ".hahjitt."  Codes  j Bedford M'Nelll'i  J'-Morelng1 & Neal's  ( Lelber's.  i. n. HAL1BTT.  R   Qrbbnwood,  *   '"a. c. "  ;    H. C. SHA-W.  M��L-EOD A BROWN  Barristers and Solicitors,  Notaries Public, Etc.  Offices: Naden-Vlood block. Copper street,  Greenwood, B.C,  J. R. Brown. J. P, Mc1>bo��.  CHARLES AE:SHAW.  Civil I<ngineeh,  Dominion    and    Provincial  Land Surveyor.  GREENWOOD.   ;     .'     .-      ;   B.  O.  BAUER A ASHCROFT.  Provincial Land Surveyors  h mining and Civil Engineering.  Mineral Claims Survej-cd and Crown Granted  Laad and Engineering- Surveys  IV. A. BAUSRi C.E., P.t.S. A, E. ASHCROFT C.E rP.LS  VANCOUVER BREENWOOD  "Wood   Slock,  next door   to   Custom   oflice,  GREENWOOD. B. C."  SOCIETIES.  BOUNDARY VALLEY  LODGE  No. 38,1.0.0. F.  Meets every Tuesday Eveninpf at 8.00 in tlieir  lod/re room, af 'Masonic Hall.    A cordia.1 invitation Is extended to all adjourning brctliern.  Fred B. Holmes, N.G. "W. B. Frith, RecSec  EDI70RAL CHA1.  Representation in Parliament  The recent Canadian census shows  British Columbia entitled to another  representative in the Dominion house  of commons. At present British Columbia has nine ^representatives in  parliament, three in tlie, senate and six  in the commons. ��� Of- the former two  live on the coast and one in Cariboo.  Of the latter five live on the coast and  one' in the interior. Kootenay and  "Yale with one-third of the eritirte  population of the province have one  representative, Williatn'A. Galliher of  Nelson.  "With"its population ' and" interests  growing and expanding it would seem  to be only fair that this district should  have further recognition at- the-hands  of the government. Vf hy seven of our  present nine members should live oh  the' coast' passes understanding,' why  the tenth should not be given to this  section with its distinct, needs -is incx-  -pli.ca.ble,   But we believe it will be.  Remains ofJ Roderick-Robertson  The remains of J. Roderick Robertson in accordance with instructions  found in his will,, were cremated in  .New York^the.other.'day: -  Northern Pacific Enterprise  '. In a recent publication issued by the  Northern Pacific Railway, "an advertisement -appears _settih'g_ _forth__the  different points in the west along its  line where new industries and" new  enterprises may be profitably startpd.  This is well directed effort and will  prove invaluable to eastern capital  -seeking western embarkation.  Loss of the Condor  The most reliable news goes to confirm the dreaded suspicion that the  Condor is lost. Some wreckage picked  up renders doubt longer impossible.  This unseaworthy vessel' it is believed  carried her brave cargo to their death  in the severe storm which raged off  Cape Plathery the day she left port.  The Sctiley Controversy  The people of the American Republic  must be weary of the Schley controversy. The findings of the cotnmissio"  were rather adverse to the admira.1, but  the findings ofthe people are unmistakably in his favor. With the people's  view corroborated by that of Admiral  Wervey the admiral might ha\�� been  content. ��� With his opponent Admiral  -Samson fast losing mental vifjor he  could afford to act generously. Schley  has the best of it and can now afford to  quit. This is hard for the old fighter  to doTi'owever.���.'���'-...���  1  !n a Hurry  The Crow's Nest.Coal company appear to have been in a hurry in regard  to selling lots, in the town of Fernie.  Without/waiting for the government  to make selection of its one-fonrth interest in the town lots, the company  went about selling lots and giving  guarantees of title.  The government initsrecent selections have chosen some of the best im ���  proved lots in the' town notably the  block on which the company's offices  and the Royal hotei stand.   The com-  Corporation ot The City of Greenwood.  BUM M. 11  A By-law to authorize the sale of lands within tlie Municipality of the Citv of Green wood,  upoii which Taxes have been due and in arrears  for two years prior to the passing of this Bylaw.  "WHEREAS It is expedient that all lamls.'or  Improvements, or real property within the  limlw of the Municipality of the City of Greenwood upon which Municipal Taxes have "been  due and III arrrar for two years prior to the p.is-  hIiii; of this By-law, shall be sold and the proceeds applied in the reduction of sucli taxes.  Be it therefore enacted by the Municipal  Coimellof the City of Rroenwood as follows:  1. The collector of the Municipal Council of  the City of Greenwood, is hereby authorized and  directed whensoever taxes on any land? or improveinents or real property have buen due for  two years prior to the passing of this Bylaw to  mibmitto the Mayor of the said City 01 Greenwood allst, In duplicate, of all lands, imp rove-  men tnor real propcrtyllablc underthe provision  of tlt'etylaw to be sold forjtaxes with the amount  of arrears against each lot set opposite the same  and tlte Mayor shall authenticate such list hy  afli'ciiiK thereto the Seal of the Municipality and  hisSiiftiattire. and one of such lists shall be de-  ooslted -with the City Clerk of the Municipality  and the otlie shall be returned to the collector  with a warr nt thereto annexed under the hand  of tlie Mayor and the Seal of the Municipality  com manding-him to levy upon the land.ot improvements, or real prperty for the arrears due  thereon, with costs, Collector's commlnslon  authorized by this Bylaw and coiitinpr-JiU expenses  Z. It shall not be the duty of the Collector to  make inquiry before affecting a sale of lands,  or improvements or real'property for taxes, to  ascertain whether or not there Is any distress  upon the lands, nor shall he be bound toiii^uire  into cr form any. opinion of the value oi the  lands, or improvements, or real property.  3. The Collector shall prepare.a copy of the  list oC lands, improvements, or property to be  sold, and in such lists shall be scheduled in  separate columns:���        ���: ���  (l) The amount of taxes unpaid up to the  flMc of tlie passing-of this Bylaw:  (i) The Collector's commission authorized  by this Bylaw to be paid to him and contingent  expenses of sale; and  ($) The total amount of taxes and cost tor  wltich the property is liable to be sold.  And the Mayor shall authenticate such list  by affixing1 thereeb the seal of the Municipality  andliis signature; and the Collector shall cause  a copy ofthe last mentioned list to be published  for at least a period of one month proceeding  the date of such Intended sale in some, weekly  newspaper published In the Municipality of the  City of Greenwood. -    , t  4. The advertianien t shall contain notification that unless the arrears aud cost arc sooner  paid, lie will proceed to sell at. public auction  thejaitds, or improvements, or real property  foe the taxes, on a clay, a time, and-at a 'place  named in the advertisement, but it shall'itot he  necessary for such advertisement to state  whether the lands offered for sale are patented  or tin patented,  '5. The Collector shalj, at least two-months  hefore the tlmeof sale,'deliver or cause to be  delivered to the registered owners and' holders  "of charges' on each parcel of land contained lit"  said list, a notice in writing signed by him of  said sale and the consequences,ithereof. and oC  Uie amount of taxes due on sucli parcel .t-iid for  which said parcel is'being sold; and' the amount  of commission "and expenses "charged against'  each -parcel. In case personal service cannot  be effected "upon any person entitled thereto  hereunder, then substituted service upon such  personsliall be effected insuch manner as any  JTudgeofthe Supreme Court may direct; and  the cost of obtaining such direction shall be'  added to the cost of sale charged against the  particular parcel of. land in respect of which  snch duectton is obtained. "He shall also,  at least two months before the time of sale post  asimilaT notice in writing'and so slgned,'in  some convenient publicplace within the Mucl-  cljallty, such as the front door of the City Hall  of the Municipality or other .conspicuous place,  ~"t. Thedayof.tiie sale-shall be tlte thirty  third day after the publication in a newspaper of such list, exclusive of the day of such  publication except in case the said llilrly third  day shall fall ou a Sunday or holiday in such  case such sale shall take place on the following  day at'the City Hall in the Municipality of^tlic  City of Greenwood and shall begin at eleven  o'clock in the forenoon.  ~1, -If it any time appoidted for the sale ot_thfc  lands, or improvements, or real property, no  ���bidders appear, the Collector may adjourn the  sale from time to time.  5. If the taxes due on any lands, real  property or improvements contained iitsuchllst  and Collectors commission thereon and legal  expenses incurred in connection with the sale  uiidcrtltis Bylaw and chargeable thereto, have  not been previoasly collected, orjf no one appeals to pay the same at the time and place  appointed for the sale, the Collector shall sell  at public auction so much of the land, ot improvements, or real property, as may be sufficient to discharge the taxes, interest tltcreou' and  all lawful charges incurred in and about the  sale and collection of the taxes, belling iu preference such part as he may consider best for  the owner to sell first, and in offering sucli land  or Improvements, or real property for -bale it  shall not he necessary to describe particularly  the portion of the lot or section as shall "be ueces-  sary tosecure the payment of the taxes due, and  and the amount of taxes stated in the advertise-  nielli shall in all cases be prima facie evidence  of the correct amount due.  9. If the collector fails at such sala to sell  such land or Improvements, or real property for  the full amount of arrears of taxes due, lie shall  at -such sale adjourn the same until a day to be  puhllcly named by him, not earlier Uian ime  wecV nor later than three months tlicreaf tor,  of which adjourned sale he shall give notice liy  advertisement in the newspaper in which tlte  original notice xyas advertized, andon such day  lie shivll sell such lands or improvements, or real  property for anv sum he can realize. Provided,  that in the event of of the price offered for any  land or improvements or real property at  such adjourned sale being less than the  ainonnt of the arrears of taxes due In respect  of such land, Improvements, or real property,  the collector shall have power, if he thinks fit  so to do, to pr-rchase such land impiovements,  or real property in the name of and In behajf  of thesaid Municipality.  10. If the-purchaser of any land, improve-  metitsj or real property at such' sale fails Immediately to pay the collector the amount of  the purchase money, the collector slia.ll forwlth  again put the property up for sale.  LI. Immediately after every sale the collector  sliall return a list of the arrears satisfied t>y  such sale to the Clerk of the Municipality, aiid^  shall at the same time pay the proceeds to the*  Treasnrer.of the said Municipality.  12. The collector shall be entitled, to 2J4 per  centum commission upon all sums collected, by  h. masaforesaid-  13. This Bylaw may be cited for all purposes  as the City of Greenwood Seal Estate Tas Sale  Bylaw 1902.  Read a first and 6econd time Dec. 13,190L  Read a third time January 20th 1W2. :  Reconsidered, adopted,  and finally  pissed  January 22nd, 1901  Q. B. Tayxok. Duncan Ross  ��   City Clerk. Acting Mayor  pany offered to turn' into the government the money obtained ���'from the.  sales but this -was declined by thelands  a.nd works department: 'Red tape is  very tedious, even tiresome, butit must  ueeda be respected. The government's  vigor here might well be repeated in  other departments. .  The Sunset Smelter  We are not yet in position to state  with authority the status of the impending- deal for the Pyritic smelter  near town. The telegrams sent from  points 25 miles away to the outside  papers may eventuate all right. Being  particularly interested mi this strictly  Greenwood enterprise we cannot affoid  to make any guesses" however. So  &oon as matters are definitely arrrang-  ed either favorably or unfavorably the  Times readers shall have the news.  Cr*  Cr*  CF*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  cr*  Cr*  <S  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  Cr*  'r*  7=*  ���r*  r*  �� ��  Capital,, all paid up, $12,000,000.  Rest.. .-..47,000,000.  President:   Loud Stkatiicona ani> Motot Ksval,  .Vice-President:-  ttos. Geobob A. Dhoswond.  General.Manager :   E. S  Cr.oc.STo:*,'. --'  Brandies' in London, Bug.., icwU'hinPrCMS3il. F ^v ^ CMwgo.  Buy and sell Sterlinif Exchange ami Cable Transfers ; Orant Commercial an  'Cravellers' Ciedils, available in any pari'of the world.  Greenwood Branch,     F. J. FINUCA.NE, Manager.  *=9  7immmmmmMmmmmmmmMMMK  ����an\Nwi��  THE BANK OF-  _�����>  .^^L^  FIFTH ANNUAL  ..ROSSLAND..  Winter  Carnival..  Thursday. Friday, Saturday  Feb.; 20 to 22, 1902  Grand Hockey Tournament, (for the  senior and junior hockey championships of the province.) Five Skating  Races., Six Snowshoe Races, Ski Running and Jumping, Carnival Masquerade, Cutter Races , for Pacers or  Trotters.  Sing-le fare for round trip on all railways. Tickets on sale February 20,  good to return until February 24. For  programmes , or airy information,  address  H. W. C. Jackson,  Sec. Carnival Committee, Rossland.  *SS,*W^^SfS'  GAMP McRIMEY  ...HOTEL...  Hugh Cameron :-: Prop.  Best  Brands  Wines,l���Ijiquors  and   Cigars. -Good-Stabllsig.   CAMP McKINNEY, B. C,  America  Estalllshea 1836.     Incorpooated ty Bojal Charter.  Capital,/t>000,000-$4,866.666.66  Reserve Fund. ^350,000-$1,7039333.33  HEAD OFFICE:   LONDON. ENGLAND.  H. STIKEIWAN, General Manager. Montreal,  j  ELMSLY, inspector. Montreal.  Branches and agents  in  all  the   principal  cities   of  Canada and the  United States, and correspondents'in nil parts  of the world.  Greenwood Branch:   W. G. H. BELT, Manager.  ASK OF f OIIERCE  With Which is Incorporatedstlie  THE BANK OF BRITISH COLUMBIA,  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO.  Capital $8,000,000.       -      Rest, $2,000,000  HON. GEO.'A. COX. President.   B. E.WALKER,' General Manager  ACTING MANAGER GREENWOOD BRA.NCH.  |v"^'"   V-J"'"'$     f      o      'T'- - ,-/^7fi/��SiiferiDteiiiints will fla'd  r?     " te    ,-.,,-.       '"'    iii      p fWfi ? ' ' ~; '  ^f/H ittothelrtatewst to re-  tj$     l  ''" "'.?i! : S r'*'$$'% '���   ''" ' V'V   ZZ? I terto us-when lo needjof *  " '��� '"' "-'^ �� H fl ?</*" y"ZZ' ���    - i-fP I aching 3a the   Pump  ZiC"ZyZ, .r'^'% / 'I1*' Wis make pumps of  ��� &   '-., ,?*''StfBS    e\ery description tor all  \ht&"Z~-^        services.   -  4i'�� V< %&''" X<--'  Pump Catalogues and  Specifications sent upon  request. Wc manufacture also Norltiey Gas and  Gasoline Engine���cheaT��� ?!���;��  liandy���safe. Send for 4'  Booklet.     . i  CunliffeS McMillan, J  Agents at Rossland B.C.  Vancouver Engineering  Works, agents at Vancouver, B. C  gaeaa^iss^Mig^giamm^a^s^ii  ���     \i,i     .���/-'   A,'  Z   --" :'hM  \Z.  ���^$  0 Kins St Subway  I    The James Cooper  ��*  *#-  -MONTREAL, QUEBEG-  MANUPACTURKKS OF  -*#  1 Ingersoll-Sergeatti  ������  macbinery..  ROCK DRILLS, STRAIGHT LINE 2  DUPLEX and CORLISS AIR COM- 3  PRESSORS ... '   -      -'3  BOILERS, HOISTS, PUMPS, Etc. c  CO.Min.ETI-; MfNR KlJUIE'MEttTS  Jj;     Agcnirs For The Bullock Diamond Drills.  OT A 1.1/ KIJNfeS.  STOCK CAI-iKlliD IM ROSS.LAJJD-  �����������������' R. B. C. mcnallv* Rossland, B. C .33  ^iiuiiiiiiaiiuuiiuuiiuiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiiuiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiUiuaaiiiu^  Grecav/ood .is tlie financial and coinmerciial centre <>l the ^  ���BouudaTjCrcok District. It is the supply point for. the . S^:  Mining camps. From the city roach lead to Greenwood. ;*��  Deadwood, Copper, Summit, hong Lake- Skylark, "White S^  and Atwood, Wellington aud otlier Bouudary Ci��eek camps.       g��  ��� *~-  y>*-  Robt.Wootl or C. Scott Galloway, Greenwood,    g  n mm m  in  --5:      For prices of lots and other  ZZ      information address THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK    TIMES.  V  THE  MEMORIAL FUND  Efforts Belae Made to Erect a Becoming; Monument to Memory of " Father   Pat"-Com-  mlttees at Work.  The Times is in receipt of the follow  ing letter and {fladlj-gives it space in  this weeks paper. The effort is com-  raenda-We and deserving support. To  act promptly is to act wisely.  -To'TksEjmtor  Of The Greenwood Times  Dear Sir: I take the liberty of re-  quc&Hng spa.ee in your valuable journal  to Atayr a-ttentiou to the effort that is  being made by the friends and admirers  of the late Rev. H. Irwin, more  familiarly known as "Father Pat,"  to raises fund to be expended-in some  suitable memorial in recognition of his  aplendid. life and cl.arities while a  resident of British Columbia.  The ffood works ��f "Father Pat"  were lsnoivn in every mining camp and  settlement in southern British Columbia.; but because he resided in Rossland  for a considerable period and thereby  especla-lly endcTed himself to this community, the citizens of Rossland, at a  thoroughly representative public meeting held on January 27th, appointed' a  committee to arrange for a fund for  the purpose mentioned. It was desid-  ed tha.t subscriptions shouid be limited  to$1.09, and all those who desired to  contribute should be invited to do so.  With the most gratifying promptness  the people of Rossland, reg-ardless of  religious belief, have very generously  responded to this appeal, but the com -  mittee a.lso aims to include "Father  Pat's" friends in Greenwood and all  others who knew him and respect his  memory, and now invite their contribution to the fund.  AH subscriptions to the "Father  Pat" Memorial Fund should be sent to  Mr. J. S. C. Fraser, Manager Bank of  Montreal, Rossland, who has kindly  consented to act as honorary treaurer.  I ha.\re the honor to remain,  -YourObedient Servant,  C. S. Walws  Secretary Father Pat Memorial   Fund.  ��� A. g-(w��d deal more snow and a good  deal te^s frost have improved businss  conditions' the last week.  The "voice of the west' appears to be  damaged by the severe cold. It doesn't  seem to be heard any distance away  from: loin*.  The Presbyterian ladies made things  very pleasant for the patrons of their  Jumble- sale on Monday evevening  last.,; Some of the young men have an  idea, now * as .they look into their empty  wa.Uets, of jast what a "jumble" sale  is,   '.'���'  Patrick Welch the railroad contractor was in town over Sunday. He is  Y��ry reticent over railway matters.  We presume that the errors into which  some of our comtemporaries were led  anent the building of the Grand Forks  Phoenax branch last autumn, naturally  makes railway men disposed to little  By the-way we desire to state the next  road into Phoenix will go from Greenwood, and that the coming spring.  Elsewhere in. our columns will be  found, the official announcement of the  appointment of Dr. Geo. M. Foster to  the position of Coroner ior Greenwood.  The rapidity-with which settlement  is going on in the west is well indicated by the' records of the dominion land  agencies. From these reports it would  appear that for the year ending Dec.31  - 9,100 homestead entries, representing a  gui&of 28,054 in population, were made  as againat 7,850 entries, representing  an addition of 24,568 in population, for  the previous calendar year.  Card of Thanks-  "We wish to return our sincerest  thanka and gratitude to the numerous  friends who t>y many acts of thoughtful kindness showed their respect for  the late Mrs. Hamilton and sympathy  with u& in our recent bereavement by  which vre lost a much beloved wife and  sister.  J. W. Hamilton,  Mrs. Peter Cox.  John R. Toole.  Royal Victoria Gold Mining Company  Limited. Lty.  Notltti is hereby g-iven that a. special meeting-  of tli�� shareholders of this Company will be  held a-Uhe office of the Company, KcnclcUbmld-  Intf, Copper street, Greenwood, B. C, on the 7th  day of .March, A. i>. 1902, at tlie hour of 3 o'clock  In tlie afternoon to discuss, and ir deemed ad-  vittLble, to authorize the sale of the assets of  tlieCoiepnuy.  Dated tills 5th <Uy of February, A.D. 1902.  A. M. WHITESIDE,  B-26 '  Secretary.  CITY OF GREENWOOD.  Application for the position of Collector of  UeltnqiiieBt Taxes for the City of Greenwood  will baieceked 1>j the City Council up to Monday tbe 10th day of February, 19o2, at 8p. m.  Applications to to In writing.  By order,  G.B, TAYLOR,  City Clerk.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  QOEEN. CALIFORNIA and ASTOR Mineral  clttaris, situated in the Kettle River Mining  DWaslon of Yale District.  X,od.ted about 3J�� miles sorth easterly from  Cttnp McKinney.  TAKE NOTICE that I. Theodore Lubbe  Free Miner's Certificate No. B60865,  actlnp as agent for the Sock Creek Gold Mines,  Ltd,* l,?., Free Miners Certificate No, B60864,  Intend filtty days from the date hereof, to apply  to tlie Miaittp Recorder for a Certificate of Im-  pro\entfcnts, for the purpose of obtaining a  Crown Crant of tie above claim.  And. further take notice that action under  section 3T, must be commenced before the is-  suanceoi such Certificateof Improvements.  Datedtb'uSth day of February, A. D., 1902.'  THEODORE LUBBE,  Ay Mil for tie Rock Creek Gold Eines, Limited ClabllLty.  ST. JUDE'S HAIL  Tuesday, lltli February  8 p. Ml-  Ping, Pong Tournament- - Social  Admission 25 cents. - Entrance to  tournament 25 cents. I*a<3ies and  g-entleitienij prize.   Coffee sapper.  COMPANIES' ACT. 1897.  Notice of Assignment.  PURSUAWT TO   THE   "CREDITORS"  TRU��T DEEDS ACT, 1901.  Notice Is Hereby Given tint Jacob  Fleislnnatin. of the City of Vancouver I a the  Province of Utrltlsh Columbia, Marclta.ii.1, has  by Deed of Assignment for the Benefit of  Creditors Tearing date the I7tli day of Ja.niia.ry,  A. U, 1W3�� tita.de In pursuance of tltft'-'Creditors'  Trust Dcsds Act, 1901," granted ami assigned  unto Alfte-3 S. Black, of the City of Greenwood  in tlie said Province, solicitor, all his personal  estate, credits and effects \dilcli may be seized  lud sold under execution, and all his realesta.lt  in trust for the benefit of bis creditors for the  purpose of distribution .amongst the said  creditors as i> rovided by law. Tlte said need cf  assignment was executed by the said Jacob  Fleishmaii iu on the 17th day of January, A. D.  19CB, and afterwards on the said 19th. <ta.y of  Januiuy., A. D. W02, by the said Alfred S.  Bla.dc.  All Creditors having claims against tlie said  Jacob PUislimami are required to lile tlieh  claims wllli the said Assignee, Alfred S. Black,  duly prored as provided by the Act. In default  of tlie said Assignee receiving latisfactory  proof thereof, any creditor is liable to lia-ve his  claim barred.  And. notice is hereby further ffiven tliat a  meeting of the said creditors will be held at tlie  offices of the said Assig-nee, in the Guess Block,  Copper street, Greenwood, B. C, on the 3rd day  of February, A. D., 1902, at the hour of four  o'clock in the'afternoon.  Sated at Greenwood, British Columbia^ this  21st day of January, A, D. W02  A. S. BI,ACK,  Assignee.  Thealxwe meeting has been adjourned until  \yeditesday, Feb. 12th inst., at the same plac<i.  MINERAL ACT 1896.  Certificate of Improvement  NOTICE.  WHITE HORSE mineral claim ia the .Kettle  RivecMining Division of Yale.  Where situate :   In CoppeT Catu.|>.  TAKE NOTICE that I, B. T,. Wood, Free  Miner's Certificate No. B. 4L5C2, on belialf  of myself and as agent for J ames G ralinxa, Free  Miner's Certificate No. B lOttSand  Annie Hnd-  .n, Tree Miner's Certificate No. B+26S1- and  DLargaret E. Mercer, Free Miners Certificate  JNo.JJSSKW, Intend sixty days from the date  hereof, to apply to tbe Mining Recorder for  a Certificate of Iniprovements foe the purpose  of obtaining- a Crown Grant of the above  claim,  And further take notice that action, under  section SI, must be commenced before the  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 16tti day of December, 1900. "  First issu�� Jauuarv 10. B. ti. "WOOD.  GEORGE H. MAYNARD  GUN  AND LOCKSMITH.  Klfh KINDS  OF REPAIRING-  NEATIiY DONE      '   -"'    '  Bicycles Repaired and Rented-  CORNER OF SILVER AND GREEmOD  STREET.  . P. Rithet & Co,  LIMITED  WHOLESALE   GROCERS  WtKE -AND SPiifiT  MERCHANTS.  VICTORIA, B.  C.  SS���-1  UlLTORF,  CARPETS  LINOLEUMS  CROCKERY -  GLASSWARE  CUTLERS  S1LYERME  BAR GOODS  Tlie largest   hotels and fine&t  residences in B.C. were furnished by us throughout  WEILER BROS.  VICTORIA, B.C.  Morrison   Mines,   Limited,("Non-Personal Liability.)  Take notice that the shares lu the M-orri suit  MIji��s, Limited, (Non-Personal LilaMlltJf) licre-  Inafter described, have been declared 3n <l��fault  and Till be sold at public miction, to tbe liiRhest  bilittr for cash, at the oflice of t1u.sa.ld company, Reiidelltwildlng, Copper street, G reen-  woflri, B. C, on Tuesday the 18th ���d-iT of February, 19o2, at the hour of- Tour o'clock hi the  aftctaioon, to satisfy ajisessmetits. v li Ich have  been made thereon aud are In d��fanU for a  jicrliwl exceeding sixty days after notice and  deiiuutil of payment of sucli asucssnmn Is.  t"A^A<w*^/^V',V/wV^O<vJV^'*V^wVr'wVyJ>^''  Waist  Ceriilicate  No. of  Ajnouat of  As  No.  Shares  sessment  Sue  4-ud. Un.iM.ld.  36  ��00  1-  *,oo  ���8  4000  32.��o  &5               .      1000  3,��o  94  ��00  4,��o  95  1000  3,��o  Ml  2500  7.5o  178  icoo  8. OO  176  1000  S.oo  18J  lOOOO  So. (in  191  1000  S, oo  29T  2000  SS.oo  33+  3000  14.0O  361  2500  2o.oo  362  2500  2o.oo  363  2500  .    2o.oo  36+  ,    1000  S.o��  36s  1000  S.00    ���  366  1000  8.o��  367  LOOO  S.OO  368  LOOO    -  S.Ofl  369  SCO  600  ���4.00  870  4.��o  371  x    500  4.00  372  500  4.oo  373-  500  4.oo  +06  21 500  M.5o  .420  1.000  8.��o  428  500  4.(>o  429      '  500  4.oo  430  500  4.oo  431  500  4.oo  480  iSS  L2.00  481  Smo  700  L6.O0-  482  &A<y  530  -000  |ow  4��.0��'  534  W.oo  6J>5  500  L.5��  686  500  L.5->  706  s��S  4o.o��  713  soo  4.o��  714  soo  4.I39  715  500  +.o*  '    716  500  4.o��  720  2����!  T.S��  742 .  40 000  32o.o��  744  1Q00  8.o��  745  1000  8,oo  746  1083  s.ts  793  500  +.oO  T95  3000  &.oo  T96    .  1000  S.oo  1076  10 000  Ro.oo  1077  LO 000  8o,oo  1078  10 000  Bo.oo  1095  2000  1I..OO  1123  150  L.20  1130  3000  ��.oo  1155  500  L.5o  1227  2500  2��,oo  1264  2500  2o.oo  1367  1000  S.oo  1407  -    ' 500  ���l.oo  1408  ' 500    -  4,oo  1535  -    1500  12.oo  1599  SOO  +.oo  1654  ,     5000  4o,oO  16M  J009  4o,oo  1692-  5000  4o.oo  17+8 '  1000  S.oo  1758  5000  15,00  1759 -  5000  15,oo  1802  3600  28.8o     *  1822'  500  4,oo  1831  .000  8.��o '  1835  1  .OO  1854  3.����l  18&9  1876  1000()^  Dated this i7tit day January, A.n., L9C2.  '   -      ���   A. F.OXXVER,-., -  Secretary Morrison Mines, Ijlmited.  The New  Century  Perfector  aud   Long Waist  Foi itier.  *��  vf- '���*��J  IrV  *#1K  "W  r>Mlm^y  I'MliSk  ..SPECIAL LINES OF..  CANADIAN  -'-   RAILWAY  World's Scenic Route  DIRECT LINE  EA.ST  Winnipeg  Toronto  Ottawa   _  Montreal  New York  WEST  Vancouver  Victciaa  Seat-tie   _��� _  Portland  Sati Francisco  Tia Soo Line, St. Paul, Chicago  and allU. S. points.  TOURIST SLEEPING SESVICE  17 ACT       Lv   Revel��toke   V/'ednes-  r*flil 3     day�� Friday and Sunday.  jjlxvj m.        hy^ Dunmore Jet. Mon-  da.y, Thursday and Saturday.  1(V. Kootenay Ldjf. Friday, St. Paul,  Toronto, Montreal and Boston.  WI70T      Lea-ve Ferelsi��ke: Mon-  n��/ul    day, Wednesday and Sat-  ��� urday, Vancouver, Seattle,  Coast  STEAMSHIP SERVICE  Vancouver to Alaska, Hav-radi, China,  Japan, Australia.  Through bookings  to   IStiTope,   via  Atlantic Line  Prepaid tickets -from all 3>olm ta   at  loivest rates.  For berths, time tables,  rates  and  t��13 information apply to  E. E. REDPATH,  Crwnrood.  J, -S. Carter, EJ. J. Covxi>,  Die. Pass. Agt. A. G. P. A.  Nelson. Vancouver.  "STRONGEST IN THE WORLD"  Assets . . $304,568,063.49.      Surplus ... $66,137,170.01  H, ALLENBERG, Manager,  605-606-607 Empire State BuiLding. - - Spokane, Wash.  CHAMES T. KIPP. CasSier.  OfBce Tel. Brown, 211. .ResidenceTel. South,801.  Ladies WAists - ,- 11.00.  Ladies Freucli Flannel Waists, $2.50.  Ladies Silk Waists      -      $4.00.  Rendell & Co,  ���'WW  2  1  ^^jt*^/��A^0)S^^^^ 4  Heavy and  Shelf Hardware.  Groceries  and Provisions  ���AT THE���  * s  !    P, BURNS 8z CO.    !  �� ��  Wholesale and Retail Meat  Merchants.  Markets at:   Greenwood, Grand ForKs, Midway, and Ptoenix.  a  ���  a  a  a  a  ���  -��-  a  a  a  a  B  ��  a  �� a  �� ���     ��� a  a a  a a  a0atf��0*0*0**tt��ft#3-#��'*a'*aaa*e*ei*<i��aa*a#a*a*aea*e*a��*��#a  I "WELL THAT'S FINE" |  4��  Is what they all say about  * .THE NEW GEM SAFETY RAZOR. *  Impossible   to  cut the   face;   shaves  easily, quickly and cleanly,  Illustrated booklet free.      Mail Orders promptly filled.  *  4��  4*  | McLennan,   McFeely   &  Company  <���� Wholesale Hardware Merchants,  4��  4��  122 Cordova S-treet,  VANCOUVER, B. C.  Kor Sale*  A complete stock of watch materal with cabinet, one watcli glass cabinet  complete witli glasses, three workbenches, two tables.one watch board, one  watebsien 40 inches diameter, 22 k gold ieaf and sundry otfoer articles.  ���These soodsare Dart of the W. E. Macpherson estate and must be sold at  once.  For particulars apply to W. O, WRIGHT. 'Assignee.  ��� ��� v ���.  ��� ' ' '���������  ^>  ��� ^J  :p


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