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 ���i;^!';".J*J''l!.l*!|r-.*.nlffl,M*f.l.^W��.'lr  <x6e*vAta��5��iii5EBm  ^  5~;  ^1  qr    *  ��o  ID  OS  "jyinrnun. rn  Vol. 10  GREENWOOD, B. C5. FRIDAY, JUNE^/3,   1902.  No. ^r.JfQ.  H  1.  '��� .*���  EITI  ui ju  High Grade Claims Near the  City are Showing up  Well.  A ��� ������' \  k Hicrti As&y Seeitfed Ffeia the Pro-  the Barbara  Well as' real  Slowly but surely the claims itn-  , mediately surrounding Greenwood are  bein-f opened up. In addition to those  "6laiffli*W*hose magnificent showing's of  ilijji ^ridte of��� ,drt��, attention ' Jto  ipbtett'iiaiities of. ihe kills overioo&ng.  .''WSit&wn new ground has been broken  "Vritfi Equally encouraging results. Ore  "littyfefrsfcre coming to the city, anxious  '^to purchase the high grade ores on the  '.aiitnpa.        -  - -     _- < :  . _. Some years ago the'Barbara mineral  ,.jdlaiiti Was locatedi--Th��r< Was rock in  ,-.J?iace but the locatefs placed  more im-  r-aSrUil<J* 6d ilie tfaitie! oi, thejrrotind  .-ior- townsite -pilri>6sei; ' The Barbara  -addition was   suveyed into   lots   and  'placed on the market and the beautiful  'residential sites were eagerly purchased.   But the rich finds   on   adjacent  '.properties encouraged  the belief that  was valuable -* for or*? as  estate   and   prospecting  f Work.waa begttn��   A promising ledge  8l   Hi��li"grad��S   giieria   drd   was ,tin-  6o<fefcd:;' ThS wSrk will 5b continued  and it is probable that in. a sriort t&tLe.  the Barbara will  take an- importan-t  place among the high   grade   mines  near  Greenwood.     The    Barbara   is  owned by Geo. ,R. Naden and associates.  iniiitediiteljr telotf the Pro/ldence  Wine is tlie liaririst gifdfcti df AddlpHiis  Ferguson, more popularly known as  Fungus. The genial proprietor of this  beautiful piece of earth has succeeded  in growing the most tempting products.; His trade in the city increasing so rabidly he found it necessary to  break new ground. In doing so the  ploiigh rati Into fock whidh Is a poor  _thio^ id rfJOw vegetables dn btit which  tVas fotind to Ue Hch id iriineral. M!r.  Ferguson stripped the rock and foudd  that' it. was no movable boulder but a.  continuation of ' the ledge from, thie  Providence. He theh: located his  ground as a mineral claim and being a  loyal Englishman he'named his claim  ���the Coronation in honor bj the auspicious event which vfill^take place thi*  Wpilth. Th�� otfe is sittiilar. to" that -on  jtHis ProVldeHce aiid is no doubt a  continuation of the lead on that f ataouv  ptoptiij.       ���   .-;;,'  -'.���On the Providence itself,;the work is  ,of the most encouraging nature. The  .dumps of high grade ores are rapidly  increasing and there is now a large  tonnege ready for shipping, Last  week an pastern capitalist visited.the  Providence accompanied by a local  businessman, . The easterner was not  it" all favorably impressed with the  -!propefty. He was accustomed to seeing expensive machinery on the properties in B. C. and operations on an  extensive sc^le and he could not see  how a mine could be an important one  when there were only a few men at  work breaking and sorting ore by  hand,. He considered that the property was merely in an early stage of  development and before it could  amount to anything, it must "have  modern machinery and a large force of  men like the Mother Lode and other  big properties. He took a piece of pre  from the dumps however and went to  Vancouver where he had it assayed.  In a letter to his Greenwood friend he  stated that his opinion regarding the  Providence was somewhat changed.  since the assay showed $486 in all  values; He thought the Providence  good enough, for anybody and would  like very much to get a slice of it.  working the property have considerable ore ready for shipment. W. T.  Smith left for Spokdn^ da Ihltrsday  and it is understood that cKg-otiafions  are in progress for the purchase of. the  property at a large flgaroi  Messrs. Wood and Galloway  are de-1  veloping one of their  properties * near  the Providence and are hopeful of uncovering the high grade lead that runs  through the hill. .  On the Gold tfincii ItfeSStS, Sutherland and McDonald are atill getting out  bihg grade ore and have a considerable  quantity sorted and ready dot shipment.  SALE OP CORD WOOD  'li- *        *>!*���-���',  It is undersood that the gcre-rtintent  are taking advantage of the recent  decision of Mr. Justice Walkem and  have instructed their agent to sell all  the wood seized and tu rn all the pro*-  ceeds into the government. The wood  affected waa origanially seized for non-  pilyirieilt tii tiihbef dtW*. Tlie owners  of the wood.objected folding iliat as  the wood was cut on mineral claims,  the government was not intltled to  royalty. Mr. Justice Walkem held  that while the seizure might "be bad,  still it was wrong to strip ' 'mineral  claims of the timber by catting into  cordwood tttld that he would not protect the defendants by abietfeting  witH ttie fieigufe:  . The government Hatfai Aon decided  to confiscate all interest in-* tlie wood  aijd will sell it next week to,*Ii< highest bidder.  THE SECOND FURNACE  TheB. C. Copper company had de-  eLdgdterUn both their furnaces this  yfeek, btt-t owing t<* ikn agcLient at the  mine,, the second" fttFnice *frtii flot'be  blown in until the firsi'of neart "week.  The smelter is receiving regalar shipments from the B. C. rnLiie,  THE SNOWSHOE  ���At the flith ordinary general meeting of the Rossland and Sloeaai. syndicate held in London, Ehtg., the  directors reported that they asTendors  of the Snowshoe mine* -at Plioeniic to  the Snowshoe Gold and Copper Mines  I/tdi, have agreed to accept the-purchase price of j��l50,0(X> La fully paid  shares in the new compay. -��&�� syndicate is therefore the largest shareholder.!  in the Snowshoe; dtidtwtroof tbe direct*  ors are also on the board tit this  ipromising new undertaking.. ' The  profit and loss account shows a net  profit of ;�� 17,367 10s 4d for preliminary  expences, development -work, office  expenees, directors and auditors .fees,  etc. In addition 80,000 shares in the  Snowshoe Gold and Copper Mines Ltd.,  Valued at ,��80,000, have been transfer-  ed to. reserve "account.   .  The nominal capital of tti�� company  is ,��100,000, and of this amount on  DeceinbeirAlst.last, 87,340, s.liat'es were  issued. Of tliese 70,0Wshares -were  fully paid and 17,307 were "\0& 6d paid  up, leaving a balance of ��2,640* shares  to be issued.  A1KJLI1U  0  Ritcl^rd   Babb   Met   His  Death at the  Mother  Lode Mine,  Two Men Were Injured���The Corner's  Inauest.  A fatal acciden t occu'red sii tlie  Mother Lode mine about nine o'clock  Sunday morning; Richard Bibb a.  miner about thirty five years of age  was killed and Ed Savage and Herbert  Redpath injured. The accident was  caiilsed thfougti premature explosion of  aholein tkV tfiofy'Hote.* The other  men in the gloryhole all iiiade gdod  their escape. Babb was the least, injured of the three and the doctors  decided that.death was occasioned by  a weak heart and" the shock from the  explosion.  The particulars of the accident were  brought otft at-the Coroners' inquest  Which was"he'ld-iri   the   citj1   hall   on  MEMORIAL BAT  Boundary Valley I. O. 0. F., ha s  fixed Sunday June 22nd as memorial  day. Members of the lodge and vis it.  ing brethern are requested to meet at  the lodge room at two o.-clock Sunday  afternoon. They will tlttu proceed to  the ccmetary where the 1>e��.atifiil and  impressive memorial seirice of the  order will be held over the graves ot  departed Odd Fellows.  The best potatoes ace "those that  have not been irrigated, you can get  them at Crowston's.  CONE FAST  The  Elkhorn   is  also looking well.  Messrs. Smith aud L,ongley who are  Mrs. W. F. Smith a.t>d fesaily left  this week for River Falls, Wisconsin.  Mr. Smith accompanied thenars far as  Kootenay Landing. The vUi* to their  old home in River Falls wall be an  extended one as advantage will betaken of the exceptional educational  facilities of that town to edsi-tate the  several little Smiths,  Monday bs'jfore Or. Foster coloner a!nd /  the following jurjr :    <$.  Arthtfr Rendell (foreman) J. J. Caulfield, Geo.  H.  Collins, C. H.  Phair, Ralph  Smailes  and Geo.R;. Naden.   I. H. Hallett was  present in the interests of the B.  C.J  Copper company  and J.   P.   McLeod  represented the Miners Un ion.  - Dr., J., Ei.Spankie ?,who in  company  with DKiSshdn* visited the j mine, and  atteiidedtiie   Woatided  was   tne   first  witness.     His   evidence ' Wds  to   the  effect that Richard' Babb's death, was  caused by a weak heart affected by the  shock from the explosion.    The injurie  alone were not sufficient to cause death  neither-would death have occurred in  the absence  of  the  shock. '   Harry  Pascoe, superintendent of the   Mother  Lode mine was,the next "���witneJsa,     He  worked at the Mother Lode for about  18 months.     He  was   superintendent  from May 2nd of this year.     He had  34 years experience  as   a miner,     He  said they went to   work   as   usual   on  "Su^diy~Tn6rnihg"V6~~do~sonfe"blM  in the Mother Lode quarry.   They had  several holes to blast and one hole   to  spring. Babb and his partiner "William  Bartlett proceeded to spring this hole  with 4 sticks of. powder, they had other  holes to blast and they were charged  up and blasted about two  hours after  the first hole was sprung.     The holes  first blasted were sprung the day before.     James Noel then proceeded to  put a fourteen  foot stick in the hole  that was sprug to find out  ii the hole  was clear or not.    Pascoe asked Noel  how the hole   was   and   he   said   "all  right". . Pascoe   then   asked   him  to  charge a hole further up the cut.    He  put 20 sticks of  powder  in   this  hole  which Pascoe told   him   was   enough.  During this time Babb and the shift  boss   were   charging   a   hole    below,  Noel put the stick in the hole that  was  sprung a second time.     Pascoe again  asked him how the hole was   and   he  again replied "all right".       This  precaution was taken to   find   out  if the  hole was warm or not.   Pascoe left  to  charge up other holes.   Noel and Sullivan then went to get some powder and  proceed to charge the hole up.    They  charged the hole np using Benn��tt fuse  and proceeded to do other work. About  9:15 they were ready to blast and blew  the warning  whistle.'    The   men said!  they were all ready and he  told  them  to set lire to the fuse.     Noll was the  first man to fire his hole.   The instant  he set fire  to his fuse  Pascoe ��aw  a  stream of fire and he yelled to the men  to run but before any of them could get  out of the cut the hole went off.   There  was about twelve feet of fuse . in the  hole.   It must have gone  off in leas  then three seconds.   The fuse nsed for  bulldozing went off afterward*.     He  and others who escaped came back to  get the men who were injured.    He  considered it was a bad piece   of  fuse.  j Babb's was on another bench about 30  feet below the hole that went off.     He  didn't notice whether Babb had stumbled or not. He would give as the  cause of accident a bad piece of fuse  the same as might be in any other fuse  He and Mr. Keffer afterwards tested  fuse from the same case and it took 30  seconds to the foot to go off. Noel is  considered a safe ttian. He charged  the hole and set fire to the fuse.  In answer to Mr. Hallett he said, the  hole tftts twelve feet deep. There were  32 sticks of powder in the hole. There  was 3 or 3j�� feet of fuse above the  ground. The fuse was not fired until  about 13 minutes after the hole was  charged. If it was a hot hole it would  have arone off when charging up. ��� He  knew of other instances wliere fuse  went off prematurely,  Thos. Corkih fofentan in the Glory  hole worked at the mine' sinefe September last. He corroborated the evidence  given by Pascoe in reference to the  work done the morning ofthe accident.  James Noel - the next witness  Wofked at the Mother Lode mine for  aboiit Wit months in the glory hole.  Had ' been mining'tof eight or nine  years. He told of going to work Sunday morning as usual, of the springing  of the hole by Richard Babb and his  partner and the shooting of the: .two  holes*, mentioned by Pascoe. He told  of testing the sprung hole to see if it  waswafiti. The stick vvas left in the  hole for 15 or 2(5 minutes, when the  stick was taken out it wad : .Cold.* He  told Pascoe the hole was a 11 right but  he put the stick back again and left it  there for ten minutes, he put the stick  in a third time and left it there about  15 minutes. He gave it to his partiner  Sullivan to show him it was all right.  They then commenced loading the  hole. They put 32 sticks of powder in  the hole, after putting in the powder  they waited ten minutes till Pascoe  was ready. The signal. for blasting  was then given. He split the fue and  laid it carefully from the hole. He  turned around and saw: the collar of  the hole; was-'" on. 'fire. ��� His partner,  yelled look out below! We ran and  just got clear over the embankment  when the report was off. The yell of  of Sullivan was loud enough for Babb  to hear it. . Babb was about 25 feet.be-  low th��m. The hole was 12 feet-deep  and 2'/i feet of this would be taken up  "with powder. After loading a deep  hole he always cleaned everything  away from the collar and did so in this  case. A twelve foot fuse would take G  or 7 minutes to burn. He coulden't  | say how the fire got to the bottom of  the. hole unless it was through bad  fuse".. He just saw the fire, there and  ran. He threw the match with which  he lit the fuse over the embankment.  Will Shortly Quote Freight  and Passenger Rates to  Greenwood.  IS  Stages and F/eteht Wagons to te run  from Curlew to this City.  The only reason he could give for the  accident was abai fuse through which  the fire ran like lightening.  To Mr. McLeod, he said the diameter  of the hole was 4J�� inches. The length  of the testing stick is 14 feet. The  object of springing* the hole is to enlarge the cavity for the powder at the  bottom of the hole. This cavity was  in accordance with the amount of  powder put in to spring the hole.  Four sticks a medium charge was put  in and if there was any heat it would  be around the sides of the cavity.  Mr. Mr. McLeod���A stick might be  down for 40 minutes in a hole of that  kind and be brought up cold.  The "Witness���There would be heat  in the bottom of the hole.  To the Coroner-- Rock could not hold  the heat for an hour and three quarters  not that rock there. They didn't think  it waa necessary to put any water in  the hole. He couldn't say how much  time it would take for heat to pass  away from the rock.  * To Mr. McLeod���A soft pine stick  would show indications of heat if any  there, after being down 15 minutes.  he."    was      satisfied the       hole  was cold. He put no weight  on the fuse to hold it down. It was  not customary to do that with a long  fuse.  To Mr. Hallett���Babbs body was  scarcely touched with dirt. Ke could  see no bruaes on him. There was one  smalt rock on his left leg. His body  was found about 20 feet from where he  was going to light the fuse.  William. Bartlett knew they were preparing to blast, he heard the order to  fire and when he heard the report so  suddenly he ran. He was 60 feet away  when the explosion took place, he  heard Pasce yell and it was then every  "Within 30 days the Great Northern  railway will quote through passenger  and freight rates to and from Greenwood. This important announcement  issemi-officially made. It does not  mean that the railway will reach here  by that time but until the work\of ex-  extending'the line from Curlew to the  metropolis of the Bounndary district is  completed a fast passenger stage and  .freight wagons will be but on between  Curlew and Greenwood; It is expected  that as soon as the line is completed to  Republic work will be commenced from  Curlew northward'. ���'   . ���... ������-,  The Great Northern expect to have  their line completed to Republic this  month and as. soon as this is done  traffic will be commenced giving close  connection at Marcus with the service  on the Spokane Falls and Northern  railway. These trains will of course  pass through Curlew on their way to .  "and from Republic- Curlew is nearly  20 miles distance from Greenwood with  a good wagon: road and an easy grade  all theway. vAistage line, can 'make  the trio from here to to Curlew in less  than three hours, so that passengers  leaving here in the morning will reach  Spokane the same evening, thus saving a day on the- present time. For  points beyond Spokane the same saving is made, ao that the Great Northern expects to secure not only the local  traffic but a big portion, of the through  traffic as well.  The big American company also  intend to quote freight rates that will  induce merchants to patronize their  line. The wagon haul is a drawback,  but then the railwayhas the advantage  of^an^easy-gradealoug-- the--Valley-of -  the Kettle River. The mountains  have been avoided and the natural  route for a railway followed, so that  the difficulties of a wagon haul are not  serious as would at first appear.  *  The most serious mroad into the C.  P. R. business is likely to be- made in  connection with the traffic to the coast.  With the long haul to Revelstoke and  then down the Arrow lakes, the C. P.  R., will be 24 hours behind the Great  Northern to the coast. The only way  this disadvantage could be speedily  overcome, is by the rapid const ruction  of the Midway and Vernon road. In  this way passengers and freight could  leave leave the C. P. R., at Sicamous  and come down over the Shuswap and  Okanagan and the Midway and Vernon  to the Boundary country. The difference in time and distance could be  thus overcome.  In the meantime Greenwood will  enjoy the benefit of railway competition. Doubtless eveu with stages and  freight wagons the business done by  the Great Northern will be sufficiently  large to hasten the construction of the  railway from Curlew to here.  SUNSET  SWELTER  All the machinery for the Sunset  smelter has arrived and is now being  placed in position. The day for blowing in the furnace has not been definitely announced but it will likely be  eary next week.  Continued on Page S.  NOTICE  Greenwood lodge A. F., & A. M��� No.  28 will attend divine service on Sunday evening 29th June 1902. Members  and sojourning* brethern are requested  to meet in the Masonic Temple at 7 p,  m. F. M. Eucrss,    secy. THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES;  .X  Riverside Nurseries  6rand Forks ��     ��     martin Burrell, Prop.  Maples, Elms, Linden,Mountain Ash, Cotaljias, Cut-leaf Birch.  A fine selection of flowering shrubs, iucln-lintf French and Persian Lilacs,   Hydrangeas, Snowballs, Spireas, Roses, etc.  Specially selected strain of Lawn Grass Seed.   Kruit Trees.  and Asparagus Koots.  Berry Bushes, Strawberry Plants  SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO ALL ORDERS.  V. & N. 1'HONK 25.  Zto  Boundary Creek Times  Issued Every friday  DVHCXN ROSS......  ........ Manasing Editor.  SUBSCRIPTIONS IN ADVANCE.  S��kr Year S 1 00  Six Months .%... 1 25 .  To Foreign Countries.. 2 50  FRIDAY   JUNE   13, Wo:.  WHAT IS WRONG?  "'Nor have I anything "of importance  to say on matters outside our own  statement. Generally speaking, the  past year has been a prosperous one  for Canada, and so far the hand of the  commercial barometer still stands at  ''fair.". The revenues of the country  are large; railway earnings are steadily increasing; farmers are prosperous;  the outlook for lumber is improving  ���and the tide of immigration has set in  with greater volume, ensuring to West-  ��rn Canada, and indeed to the whole  country, more rapid progress, in population and material prosperity. The  natural resources of the country are  being steadily developed; the output of  coalis increasing; and it looks as if we  were on the eve of important results in  the iron and steel industry. There are  indications'also that the recent consolidation of Atlantic steamship lines  by an American syndicate will compel  Canada, in self defence, to take up the  question of a fast Atlantic service, and  ���if we wish to secure immigration, re-  vtain the traffic properly belonging to  . oar own ports, and safeguard the interests of our-commerce, we-must see  that the service both passenger and  freight, is second to none in speed and  equipment. There have been exceptions, and some industries have not  shared in the general prosperity, but  these can in most cases be traced to  undue competition and bad management. Mining in British Columbia is  still highly unsatisfactory and.it may  be some time yet before it recovers  from the collapse of the last two or  three years."  There is nothing particularly new in  the above except from the encouraging  statement of General Manager Clous-  ton at the annual meeting of theshare-  -holdeis of- the Bank.of -Mon treal.--JThe.  heads of practically every financial institution doing a business throughout  Canada have the same story to tell.  In the maritime provinces, in Quebec,  ���Ontario, Manitoba and the Northwest  territories there is nothing but prosperity, but poor British Columbia is  dismissed wilh a few words. "Mining  in British Columbia is still highly unsatisfactory conditions are not hopeful  in British Columbia" etc., etc.  There is a general era of prosperity  A. BASHAM  PACIFIC BLOCK,       Copper St.  SELLS  FRESH FRUITS,  CONFECTIONERY,  CIGARS  and T0CACC0S.  Has a neat cosy and clean  ICE CREAM PARLOR  and will blend your Teas to 'suit  you.  but British Columbia the richest and  best province of all does not share in  it. What is the matter ? It is too  late in the day to say that the province  is not possessed of almost illimitable  natural wealth. The truth is that we  have a very bad feputation. Advantage has been taken of the absence of  political stability, of an epidemic .p:f  wild cat speculation and other ills, to  fasten an unwarranted reproach upon  the province. It is useless Quarrelling  with existing* conditions. They must  be faced. We cannot expect outsiders  to put our house in order, we must do  our renovating, and repairing. The  province is rich in mineral, timber and  fish and has areas of land capable of  supporting a large population. But  this does not help the province much  so long as the CloustonS and the other  heads of the big financial concerns  give it a bad report.**���-'   *���-  '*���  The first panacea for the evils that  afflict us is to put an end to the condition of political a narchy that has  prevailed for the last' four years. A  representative of the Toronto Globe  visited British Columbia discussing  the situation says ;  There are no party ties in the legislature of a binding nature, and men  who. in national politics are liberals  and conservative flock together here.in  the legislature and help out each others  schemes. Premier Dunsmuir and his  colleagues are confronted by an Opposition that just about equals the government supporters on such a matter as a  vote of confidence,; and the balance of  power is iti. the "Hands of Mr. Joseph  Martin and a knot of followers, who  constitute a third party. There is thus  reproduced on a minattire scale in the  legislature of British Columbia such an  condition as we often see in the chambers of France and Italy, where the men  in office have to make ali sorts of concessions to little groups of independ-  ,ants in order to retain power*.. In a  province like this, where there is-so  much local feeling in regard to the  policy to be pursued in development,  and where various, industries are concentrated at centres far apart from  each other, it can readily; be understood that a government can do much  either to help or hurt the industry and  commeirce of the~pebpie". It~ is said hy  one of Victoria's most prominent citizens that the hesitation of capital to  come into British Columbia and the  restleness of labor are alike due to the  uncertain attitude of the Dnnsmuir  government toward capital and labor,  and that until the legislature passes  out of the third party stage into one in  which a strong government, no matter  how constituted, nonpartisan, Liberal  or conservative, is confronted by a  united opposition, there.can be no hope  of a return of the prosperity and pro*  gress of four years ago.  S��CK><M><>CK><X>0<KKXK><K><K>0<>0<><>  r  Has   opened   his Ice  Cream Parlor at the  t ffll  J. J. Campbell, purchasing agent  for the Hall mines smelter met **ith a  rather serious accident iii Phoenix on  Thursday. He rode from here to  Phoenix and in crossing the railway  track his horse stumbled and fell  throwing Mr. Campbell on the track.  He was taken to the Phoenix hospital  where it was found that some of his  ribs were broken. He will be confined  to the hospital for several days,  For good dry  ston's.  potatoes go to Crow-  REWARD.  Wanted to know the whereabouts of  David Henderson of Greenwood, B. C.  L(a*t heard of December, 1901�� Reward  given by communicating, with, T. H.  Henderson, Fairview, B. C.      '!  %  ��� - '���_��������� *  -.-.���..  ���t  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  '.?  f  X  X  X  Established  Incorporated by Royal Charter.  CAPITAL,   ^l1000,0OO--$41866,666.66  KeserveFund,^365)0OO��$i)776)33i33  HEAD  GREENWOOD BRANCH':  -6<kXHX>00<XX>00000000000000<>��  London England.  J. ELMSLY,  H. STIKEMAN. General Manager, Montreal,  Inspector. Montreal.  Branches and'ag-cnts in all tlie principal cities oi Canada and the United' Statesj  and correspondents in all parts of the world. '.-*'"' . A ��� ���  Copper Street.  On June 1st, we dissolve pwti^hipi j A^'< For:  the next 30 days   we will sell at cost for cash  only.  Makes Your House  a. Home.  If .you   intend   to   paper . your  house, see usi,  We have the tiewest designs an d  will guarantee first-class: workmanship.  Reid&Co.  x  | PAPERHANGERS, 1  KALSOMINERS, *  DECORATOR?,!  LLEY  Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums, Etc.  Greenwood  jf j? jf jp jf a? 3? a? *���* sp j? jp jp sp sp a? sp.  *p sP *? sp jp *" s? & ** sp sf K" jp jp af af af  *>%  *&  <5* v* w* w* *?* *3* *3* ^* 10* w* ^*. c?* *5* tS* w* i5* t?*.  %5* (^* t5* *5* <5* *?* <3* tJ* u& v* v*-15& ��* O* *3* v* xS*  ^   <��  ��p jp jp jp ��p |P jp jp jp jp jp ji* if # K* i<* jf  %S* i$* i2* %5* v* v* *5* w* v* w*. w* vt i3* v* w* v* w^  to  to  to  %  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  Pabsf am  * ^ * ��algary Beer*  R GRIEGER, Man&feiS ^  Copper Street.  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT. W-  MBALS Af Att tiOXlAB  PRIVATE. ROOMS ; tfOR_tAblSSi  *  l Charles RTittock,  Shop on Silver Street  near  Government Street.   '  ���? ' A  in the Clarendon Block-  IGE CREAM  SOFT DRINKS  Don't lor-jet the place in the   Pacific  block next to Windsor Hotel.  Fresh Candies Daily.  A  full  line of all  kinds  fruits always on hand.  Strawberries now on   sale  receiving daily.   '  c  of  and  V. SEMERAD,   ;l| Clarendon Block.  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  ���9  9  9  .9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  a  a  a  a  a  a  a  a  a  a  a  a  a  a  *  a  a  a  a  a  a  a  a  a  9  9  9  9  9  9  a  a  tf��Y  dUR  CdFPBS  "Prop's.  The Russell-Law  TRY  ONE OF MUNROE'S  CIGARS.  THE BEST LINES IN  CIGARS,  TOBACCOS  and CIGARETTES I  'to  TO  TO  >��� TO  TO  TO  TO  *. .TO.  ~TO'  ' TO  'TO  TO  TO  TO'  ^  TO  TO  TO  TO  TO  -TO  TO  TO  Have been too busy to tell you about  ���X       their New Stock. . :X  They will next week.    Meantime  ia and look the place over,  ~X  X  call  X  Newspapers,     Periodicals  Stationery.  A Full Line Choice Candy  MUNROE  Copper Street.  Greenwood.  a  a  a  a  . a  a  a  a  a  a  a  a  9  9  9  9  ��  f��"���, �� ?�� �� ^ K K >�� ^ �����*" & # # & v #" i^ sf K* i? *p s��* sf ie \e *��� ������� *? ��?��� ^>���-*  afjp^K'jf^v^ss'sPsP^sfsfje'R'R' P'srsr^R'^lrjI'jr^^lpSSjS  kfe  kfe  HA.  %fc  %A.  *b  \%  k*  Ws  ,%k  kk  k*  fcfe  kk  kk  kk  kk  kk  kk  kk  fcfc  kk  sTfrsPlctPirirSc  WANTED  ���    RELIABLE  AGENTS  'We want at once trustworthy men and women  in every locality, local or travelling*, to introduce a new discover}* and keep our show cards  and advertising matter tacked up in conspicuous places throupl'out the town and country.  Steady employment year round: commission or  salary, $65.00 per Month and Expenses, not  to exceedS2.50 oer day.: Write for particulars.  Postoffice Box 337  International Medical Co., London, Ont.  FOR RENT-  3-or 6 rooms partly furnished for  housekeeping*, Silver street, Fisher's  addition, formerly occupied by Frank  Miller. Enquire on premises of Miss  Krooks.  MINERAL ACT.  caaa^ftas^suene^jen^e^gHjfgi^^K-saa  New goods  Mitchells,  at  reduced   prices   at  To Leonard Simpson, J. R. Slmpsoa, Clurle*  O'Connor and any others concrrned:  You are hereby notified that I have expended  in labor and improvements * on the 'Oewel"  mineral claim, situate in Triple Lake camp, in  the Kettle River Mining Division of Yale District, the sum of One Hundred Dollars, and'$2.50  for recording the same, such being* the amount  required and necessary to hold the said claim  for the year ending the nth day of May, 1902,  jndtr the provisions ofthe 'Mineral Act" and  Amending* acts; and if at the expiration of  ninety days from the date of the first publication of this notice in the Boundary Creek  Times you fail or refuse to contribute your.por-  tion of such expenditure, namely $76.88, tog-ether with all costs of advertising, your interest in said mineral. claim shall become invested in me [yonr co-owner] upon filing in the  proper office in that, behalf the affidavit required by Section 4 of the "Mineral Act Amendment Act, 1900."  Dated this Sth day of. June, 1901  W. ELSON  Date first publication, Jane 6th.  Date last publication September 5th,  j>  M y  s  0  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK TIMES.  4  I  IN PRIZES  OFFICIAL PROGRAMME  DOMINION DAY  CELEBRATION  JULY 1, 2, and 3,1902.  GRAND FORKS  Under the auspices of the Grand Forks  Driving Park and Athletic Association  deemed advisable. The rules of the  American Trotting* Association (of  which this association ia a member) to  govern harness events. The rules of  the New California Jockey Club to  govern the running events (by permission). This association is also a  memberof the North Pacific Fair Association. Entry blanks can be obtained from the secretary to whom all  entries must be made.' Racing starts  each day at 2 p. m.  GBNERAIv INFORMATION.  Excursions and special reduced rates by all  railways entering the citv. See railway post-  erf-. Grand stand seats'1500 people! a section  reserved for ladies and their escorts. General  admission' adults So cents; children under 12  years 25 cents. General admission to grand  stand 25 cents. Restaurant aud refreshment  booths on the grounds. Competant judges  have been engaged: also an official starter.  Good stabling for horses at the track. Official  score cards for sale on the grounds. First class  bands in attendance each day.  DR. G. W. AVERILL, President.  W. A. HARKIN, Secretary.  LOCAL NEWS.  SUNDAY, JURE 29.  Excursion of Rocky Mountain Rangers and Rifle Association from Kaslo,  Nelson, Rossland and other points,  arriving in Grand Forks Sunday evening.  MONDAY. JUNE 30.  8:30 a. m.���Rifle competition, under  the auspices of the Kettle River Valley  Association, as follows :  Nursery Match,- 200 yards. $25.00 in  prizes.  Grand Forks Corporation Match, 200,  SOO and 60f> yards, SS4 and cup worth  $75.  Ladies Match, 500 yards, $25."  Rocky Mountain Rangers Skirmishing Match, $45 and shield worth $75.  DOMINION DAY. TUESDAY, JULY 1.  9:30 a. m. ��� Military manoeuvres including exhibition.with Maxim Guns  at Rifle Range. .  11 a. m.���Military parade through  the principal streets of the city.  12 o'clock noon���Baseball match on  the Athletic grounds.  AFTERNOON.  Opening of the new $10,000 regul-  tion half mile face'track of the Grand  Forks Driving Park and Athletic As-  sociati.n, five minutes walk from the  business centre!  RACING PROGRAMME.  First event called at 2 p. m. sharp.  No. 1. Running, quarter mile dash.  Purse $175.  No. 2. Three'minute trot or pace,  mile heats, best two in three. Purse  $250.  No. 3. Running.GrandForks Derby  one mile.    Purse $400.  Exhibition by Dr. M., the guidless  pacing wonder, who will endeavor to  break his record of 2.25.  No. 4.    Running, gentleman's saddle  horse, quarter mile dash.   Purse $75.  Open  to horses that  have never oom-  peted in any other class.  No. 5. Running, five-eights mile.  Purse $250.  A Lacrosse match, Nelson, B.C. vs  Grand Forks will be played between  the racing events.  EVENING.  General Illumination of the City.- "  WEDNESDAYVJULY 2.  9:30 a. m.���Firemen's Tournament.  Bridge Street.  Hub and Hub Race, distance 150  yards;, reels to carry 250 feet of hose.  First prize $100, second: prize $50.  Wet test, distance 100 yards to  hydrant, team-stolay 150 feet of hose.  First prize $100, second prize $50.  In both of above events three or more  teams to enter or no second money  awarded.  12 o'clock noon���Baseball on Athletic  grounds. .     ,  2 p. m. RACE TRACK.  No. 6. Running, three-eights mile.  Purse $175. u    ���  No. 7.   Free-for all, trot or pace,mile  eats, best two in three.   Purse $400.  ���  No. 8. Running, ponies 14^ hands  or under, one quarter mile.   Purse $50.  Exhibition by Dr. M., the guidless  paciag wonder.  No. 9. Running, half mile heats,  best two in three.   Purse $300.  No. 10. Running, three-quarter mile  Purse $250. '  No. 11.    Cowboy's rae, 300   yards,  three turns.   Purse $50.  EVENING.  General Illumination of the City.  THURSDAY, JULY 3  12 o'clock noon���Athletic Grounds���  conclusion of Baseball Tournament.  RACE TRACK���2 p. tn.  Consolation, Running, half mile.  Purse $150.  Consolation, trot or pace. Purse  $100.       .  Both of above events are open only  to horses which have not won first or  second money at this meeting. Post  entries, free. '���'���*.  CONCITIONS FOR HORSE RACES.  Entries in all events close with the  secretary, Board of Trade rooms, June  30, at 6 p. m. Entrance fee five per  cent of purse with five per cent additional from money winners. In all  races four to enter and three to start.  All purses divided 70, 20 and 10 per  cent. A horse distancing the field entitled to first money only.  Tlie association reserves the right of  changing   the   order  of  any  race if  J. W. Astley and wife were visitors  to the city this week.  Blake Wilson of P. Burns & Co., was  in the city this week.  E. Jacobs has returned  from a trip  to Nelson and Rossland.  His Honor Judge Leamy held county  court here this week. Several cases  were tried. -  D. L. Sterling representing St.  Charles cream was at the Armstrong  this week.  John Kirkup of Rossland was in the  district this week, collecting personal  property taxes.  H.' B. Munroe left on Monday for  New Westminster, where he will represent the local Odd Fellows lodge at the  Provincial grand lodge which opened  on Wednesday last.  On the evening of the 25th of this  month a band concert and Ice cream  social_will be given under the auspices  of the Presbyterian Women's association, on the three cornored lot opposite  the Ladysmith Hotel.  M.  McNamarae of Butte is  Geo. F;  Dougherty of this city and  will spend  the summer here.  Mrs.' T.  -  t* -  visiting with her sister Mr.  New goods direct from Great Britain  just arrived at Mitchells the Tailor.  Commencing Monday, June 16th,  mails will arrive and close as follows :  For Midway 1:30 p. tn. For all points  East, West and United States 2:15 p.m.  Arrive from all points East, West and  United States 2:15 p. m. From Midway 3:20 p. m.  Dominion Express-Orders sold and  cashed at Smith & McRae's.  IH. A. KING & CO. I  �� . * . ��  .��    ' ������..���:�����  * must ��  * reduce their 5  9    '                 ���    large *                      *   ��  * stock  of *  I    OFFICE SUNDRIES,     f  * . *  JJ They offer Brrgains *  9                           ���in��� J  * Shannon Files ' *  ���>)  Blank Books,  Inks of all kinds,  Typewriter Paper,  Writing Materals.  H. A. RING & CO.  ��*#*��fte*#fta*��#��##a��0e0��a��a  jui-rjt e|  CARPETS  LINOLEUMS  CROCKERY  GLASSWARE  CUTLERY  SILVERWARE  BAR GOODS  The  largest   hotels and finest  residences in B.C. were furnished by us throughout  V:!1. ERR0S.  VICTORIA. B. C.  It  6AUN0E   WIOKWIRE  Can sell you  a lot for a home in any part of town.  Can lend you money to build a home on easy terms.  Can insure your home in any ofthe following first-elass Companies  ATLAS, GUARDIAN,  THEY AS0 DO A BIT  OF  LIFE,  FIDELITY,  ACCIDENT,  PLATE GLASS a nd  STEAM BOILER  INSURANCE.  ROYAL,  UNION,  NORTHERN,  CANADIAN,  CONNECTICUT,  LONDON AND  LANCASHIRE,  PHEN1X OF  BROOKLYN,  PHOENIX OF  HARTFORD,  NATIONAL OF  IRELAND.  0{><><X>0��<>0<X>00<><>00<^^  THE PIONEER WEEKLY OF  BOUNDARY DISTRICT.  THE BOUNDARY CREEK T  ....Greenwooi THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK; TIMES.  Subscription List.  [Received from race entrance  Strickland   Received from Methot   25  25  25  15  20 00  25 00  00  00  00  00  00  40 00  30 00  40 00  20 00  30 00  20 00  20 00  5 00  10 00  Victoria Day Celebration, Greenwood  1902.  Armstrong-   Imperial   Norden    Queens   Rossland   St. Charles   Clarendeii      25  Windsor   Pacific   Arlington   National   .  Commercial   Kootenay   Greenwood   Ottawa   Pioneer   Alberta   B. C.   Ladysmith   Elkhorn Brewery      25 00  Greenwood Liquor Co      20"00  Lion Bottling Works      20 00  City* :  125 0C  Wood & Galloway   Batik of Montreal      25 00  Bank of Commerce      25 00  Bank of B. N. A       10 00  P. Burns.& Co      40 00  Gem Resturant       10 00  Hunter Kendrick Co        15 00  Russell Law Caulfield Co .'.     20 00  P. W. George & Co     10 00  Greenwood Trading Co      10 00  RendelL & Co   The A. H. Sperry Co. ...  Bannerman Bros   C. V. Semerad   A. A. Crowstou   G. V. Williams   Smith & McRae   H. A. King & Co   J. L. Coles & Co.   H. B. Munroe   8 00  53 40  31 216 40  Coipdratiou of tlie City of Greenwood,  NOTICK.  Paid out in prizes  754 00  P;ikl out ;is per vouchers   257 59  Paid  out Methot  and  Strickland expenses  10 00  Paid out J. .Ehrlich expense  6 60  Balance in bank   188 21  SI 216 40  Since accounts were made, one bill  ior $1.25 was paid leaving balance in  b;mkSlS6.96.  The  committee   donated   from   this  amount :  To   the   hose   team   to  go   to .  Grand Forks .....:.'.    20 00  Hose team to go to Rossland.-..*...   80 00  To the Greenwood Band to go  to Grand Porks  :      25 00  Notice is herein* jrivoii tliat from and after  the dale of this "notice tlie provisions of tlie  Pound Bylaw will be strictly enforced and tlie  owner of any horses or cattle allowing tlie same  to loiter or run at large upon any of tbe streets  of the City of Greenwood will render himself  liable to i>e prosecuted summarily Under the  said I(yla*-.v. Penalty. Fine not exceeding*  ��50.00 aiid costs.  I)y order,  a. II, TAYLOR,  Dated June 13th, 1902. C. M. C.  For good dry  potatoes go to Crow-  ston's.  NOTICE OF FORFEITURE.  $125 00  15  00  15  00  5  00  10  00  3  00  3  00  10  00  10  00  5  00  R. "VV. Brock of the Department of the  Interior, Ottawa, arrived in the city  this week and registered at the Armstrong. Mr. Brock will continue the  geological survey of the Boundary  district, begun by himself last year.  He will be in the vicinity of Greenwood for several weeks.  CITY OF GREENWOOD.  NOTICE.  To Walter Death, and any jerson or persons  to *\vhom tie may liave transferred his in-  tersst in the Diamond Joe, Doubtful, Deer.  Trail and May-dty mineral claims all  situate In Greenwood Came In the Kettle  River Mining Division ol Yale District.  YOU i are ..hereby; jiotilied that I have ex-.  petided $410.00 In order to hold the said  miueral claims under tbe provisions of the  Mineral Act, that you should contribute $82.00,  as your proportion of tlte said sum for. your undivided one fifth interest ins'aid claims, und  that you are $10.00 in arrear for vour share of  the previous assessmetit-and'if within 90 days  from the first insertion of this notice you fail or  refuse to contribute the sum of $92.00 which is  now due by you, together with,"all costs of  advertising*, your interest iu tha said mineral  claims will become the property of tlie subscriber under section four of an Act entitled  the "Mineral Act Amendment Act," 1900.  Dated at Greenwood, B. C. the %h day of June  1902.      ' JOHN W. POWELL.  First insertion Iune 13.  Last insertion Sept. 13..  MINERAL ACT-  Certificate   of  Improveinents.  NOTICE.  ALICE, NELLIE and  May, Mineral   Claims,  situated iu the Kettle River Mining Division  ot Yale District.  Where located : Neiu to Dry Creek and  Spencer's ranch, about three miles from the  town ot Anaconda.  TAKE NOTICE that we, John N. Greden,  Nicholas Tholl, Donald i>. McLaren and  William G. McMvnn, Free jtluers Certificates  Nos. B40620, B40&27, B41523, C40601 respectively,  intend sixty days from the datehereof, to apply  lo the Mininir Recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining  Crown Grants of the above claims.  And further tnlfe notice that action, under  section 37, must he commenced before the issuance of such Certificates of Improvements   . '  Dated this 16th day of April, A.D.^190.2  John N. Grede,u,.NicholaB Tholl,Donald d.mc-  ��� : Laren,Wm. G.MCMyim, *'���'.���" ** *   '  .���!���-'  ���*  PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby, given to the  electors of the Municipality of the City of  Greenwood that I-reqiiire the presence of the  said electors at the City Hall..omTuesday the  17th dav of June, 1902, at 12 o'clock boonT^ror tl-e  purpose of electing a person to represent th* m  in the Municipal Council as Alderman for.ihe  South Ward, in place of D. J; Sullivm,  resigned.  The mode of nomination of candidates shall  be  as   follows :        The   candidates   shall   be  00 i nominated    In    writing     the   writing    shall  ! be  subscribed  by  two   voters   of  the muni-  5 00 j cipalitv as proposer and seconder and shall be  .    _,.  . - nri j delivered to the Returning officer at any time  A. Visiter.         o w 11-between the date of the notice an.d2p. ra. ofthe  5 00 ��� dav of the nomination, and in. the event of a  i poll  being  necessary  such poll will be opened  5 00 ; on the 20th day of June, 1902, at the City- Hall  in nn '��� between  the hours of S a. m. and 4 p.   m..  of  IU UU j ^hid! every persou Is hereby re-quired  to take  10 00 ��� notice and govern, himself accordingly-.  ! The qualification for Alderman is his beii>g  5 00 j a male British subject of the full age of 21  c nn years, and uotdisiiualified under any taw, and  ^ uu j being for the six months next preceding the  o cr.! dsi-i- of the nomination;** the registered,owiter, in  " ��� the Land Registry office, of land or real pro-  25 00 perty in the city of the assessed, value, on. the  - m I last niuuicipafasscssment roll: of live littndted  3 '-"-'; dollars or moreover and above 'any*-, registered  10 00* incumbrance or charge, and who is otherwise  10  00  3  SO  5  00  2  50  2  50  2  50  5 00  50  50  00  00  Curry &. Watson   M. A. Harvey   Ca.merot3 Bros..   J. h. White   W, E. Anderson     Miller Bros   Miller Photographer.  Sunset Mine   O. S. Floyd   T.:M. Gully & Co.   ' McKenzie & Co        5 00  J. L,uVto-v        3 00  Cttnning*ham & Co         5 00  Jenckes Machine Co   Dough tory Machine Co..... .*.  Hamilton.Powder Co   Giant Powder Co. ...  Cameron & Huff   T. B. Winnett   A. Jenson   A. L. White & Co. ..  D. J. Clint   M. E. E1 razee   Dr. Spankie   Dr, Foster   Dr. Schon   Dr, Malheson   Dr. Simmons   Dri 6ppelilieiiiier.".Tr.  Gaunce & Wickwire  Beaaly Investment & Trust Co.  Hallett a Shaw   Princle & "Whiteside    McLeod & Brown   J. P. Meyers Gray   A. Black   F. J- Mitchell   C. M. Wilson  "T. M. Butler  Miss. Kelly  Gwd. ISlectric Co,  Elson, Taylor  Gray, Shoemaker  Martin  E. VV. Bishop  E. Mellor  Thos. Heunmerle  William Frawley.  Shalifl, Barher  G. H. Crojiley  J. H. McNeil  Plemming*  P. Lewis  J, Morran  Swd. Meat Market  Yale Col. Lumber Co  C.J. Mc Arthur  John. Crabb  L,aville  Geo. Mayaard  Reid & Co.  Hop Chung*.  Quong Lung  F. Keffer.....      1�� 00  Paul Johnson  "Vianna. Restaurant  A. Beoham  R. P."Williams  Maxt-vell Photo Co  Swayne House  F. M. Elkins  J. S. Birnie  VVbi. G. McMynn  Total '.    1 109  STAtfiMEST  1902 CELKBRATION.  Received from subscription ..    1 109 00  Received from  race entrance  Ehrlich   46 00  qualified as a municipal voter.  Given under my hand at the City of Green?  wood theI2th day of Juno, 1902.  G. B. TAYLOR,  RETURNING   OFFICER^  =B=  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  ROCK" CREEK Mineral claim, situate iivthc  Kettle River Mining Division of Yale  District. Where located : On Rock Creole  at old trail crossing near junction with  South Fork.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Ainsley Megraw,  Free Miner's Certificate No. B55438, intend, sixty days from tlie date hereof, to apply  to the Miuing'Recorderfora Certificate of Improveinents, for the pnrpose of obtaining* a  Crown Grant of the ahove claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must he commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Im provements.  Dated this 12th day of June, 1902.  ~~First insertion Tune" 12,"  "  .__..-.,..,.,-_  Last insertion Aug. 12.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  notice. ..;:..  GOLD BUG So. 2 Mineral claim, situate in  the Kettle River Mining* Division of Vale  Distiict.  Wliere located : In Deadwood camp.  AKE NOTICE that I Sydney M. Johnson  _ acting as agent for Chris McDonell, Free  Miner's certificate No. ]$426(W and Thomas W.  Stack, Free Miner's certificate No. B42481. intend! sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to the,; Mining recorder for a certificateof Im.  provements, for the purpose of obtaining* a  crown Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action,  under  section 37,  must he commenced before the issuance of sucli certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 20th day of stay, A.D. 1902.  SYDNEY M. JOHNSON.  First iusertion Maj* 23.  i-r^i  MINERAL ACT.  : (ertificate of Improveinents.  ���������NOTICK  LEROY.   LIZZIE   and   WINEDOT  Mineral  Claims, situate in tlie Kettle River Mining  division of Yale district,  "Where located :   In Deadwood camp about  three quarters of a mile  North west of the  Mother Lode mine.  TTVAKE NtlTICE thatl, .Sydney-M. Johnson,  JL. !  acting as agent for E.  H.   Shaw, Free  Miner's certtficateNo. 1540479 and I.n. Graham,  Free Jtitier's Certificate:i.Na- B4O4O2,  intend,  sixty days from the dale'hereof,"to apply to the  Mining-Recorder for   certificates* i>f Improvements, for .the . piirjiose .'of,. obtaining*   crown  jrrauts ofthe ahove claims,-.;:'?'- *< iv-*  ���And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must b�� commenced before the issuance of such certilicatesof improvements.  Dated this 15th dav of May, 1902. ...  '   SYDNEY, M, JOHNSON.  First insertion mav 23.  ���'-MINERAL-ACT ..**::r::t:*->:;;  ���  Certificate of improvements.  ;-^-   NOTICE.  '^'."''-'M .      ��� ,;i  INDE��jENDENcE Mineral cla'im.sitniite in the  F/SuluiJiUer Mining* Division, Yale District  W he relocated : In copper camp adjoining*  the copper mine.  -  TAKE NOTICE that I, Cliv-e Prinffle, Free  Miner's, certificate Wo. B40314, intefld  sixty days from the'date hereof to"apply to the  Mining Recorder lor a certiiicate of :improve-  ments for ;the purpose of* obtaining* Crown  of the above claim.', '*       v;    ;  And further take notice thatiactiou andcr  section 37 must be commenced before the issuance of such certiiicate of improvements.  Dated this 16th day of Mav, A.D. 1902."  First insertion May 23rd.  SOCIETIES.  BOUNDARY VALLEY LODGE  No.;F.ri'  Meets every Tuesday Evening at < 8.00-in their  lodtrc room at Masonic Hall.    A cordial invl.  tation is extended fo.all sojourning brethern.  Freb B. H01.MR8, N.G.   W. B.Fkith, Reo.SeO  MINERAL -AGTr*   Certificate of, Imp^oyeme^t?.  notice. .'���*.:  IRONSIDES   FRACTION    Mineral   Claim,  situate in the Kettle River Mining Division  *   of Yale District.   ���."*.*��� -.*'..  "Where located :   In Greenwood camp west  of Banner Mineral claim.  TAKE NOTICE that I Sydney M. Johnson  acting as =gent (or Alex W. Douglas,  Free" Miner's Certificate No. B40491;* intend,  sixtv days from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Recorder for a Certificate or Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  Grant of the abovt claim.  ��� And further take notice that action, under,  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certi ficate of Improvements.  Datea this 21stday of May, A. D., 1902.  SYDNEY M. JOHNSON.  First insertion May 23rd.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of improvements  .,."'.,.....'.'..    .*,,.     NOTICE..'  "L"  Fraction  Mtiieral  Claim  situate  In the  Kettle River Mi nine Division of Yale Dis  trict.   Where located":   Boomerang camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, John P. McLeod,  Free Miner's Certificate Vto. B40&S7 as  agent for Philip ��� S. Stanhope, Free Miner's  Certificate No. B40S18 and Roger O'Hara Free  Miner's Certificate No. B304tt,intchd,sixtv days  from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining  Recorder for a Certificate of .Inrprovemenm, for  the purposeof obtaining*a Crown' Grant of the  above clai-.11. ".r '���  And farther takenotico.that action,  under  section.37, must be co'ramenced before the issuance of such.Ccrtificate of Improvements,  Dated this 30th day of April, A. D. 1903.  , ...  J. P. McLEOD.  .   MINERAL ACT.      .  Certificate of Improveinents..  NOTICE.  CLYDESDALE   and     MOUNTAIN 1 LION ���  Mineral cialms situate in the Kettle River  Mining Division of Yale District;;  ���  Wliere located :   In Deadwood camp. ..  TAKE NOTICE that I, John Robert Brown,  Free Miner's Certificate No. B40688, as agent  for David A. Good, Free Miner's "Certificate  ���No.  B4WS1, ��� intend    sixty.' i'Happ: -from ��� the  date hereof, to apply to,\he..ntinii)g recorder  for a certtficafes: of'- improy.ements,fpr the par-  pose 0 obtaining crown grants .of; the.above,  claim .  .And further take notice thtit action, under  section_37,'niu'8t be.'coninienced before the j issuance of such certificateo'f improvemen'tsB.  Dated-.this 2nd (lay ,of April, ,1902. ,;  -   '"..; .'.���'���������t ���-��� ' :;'.':  .    *;i;:R.tBR,pwN.- *  MINBEAL   ACT.  CertUlctte of Improvement.  .'-*���' ���' ...,,* notice..:  TIGER . Mineral Claim, situate In the Kettle .,  River Mining Division of Yale District;  Where located:   In. Beaver Camp, West-  Fork of Kettle River., -���       TAKE  NOTICE   that 1; John P.-McLeod,  Free  -Miner's   Certificate . No.     B406S7t   a�� .  agent  forj William.   M.. Law,   Free  Miner'��  cSrtlficate   * No.       B41382,      intend,;  sirty  days from the date hereof to .apply to; the '  Mining Reeorder'for a Certificate of Improve- .**  meat's for tho.purpose of obtaining a Crown  Grant of the ahove claim  And further take notice that action, under  Section 37, must be commenced before-the  issuance of simh CertL". Tate of.Improvement.  Dated this 20th day of Febrnarv, A.'D., i902.  Mar. 27���May 27. J. P. McLEOD,  Certificate of Improvements.  :  * NOTICE. .: .  ���HELEN", "LAD1 OF THE LAKE", "GLAS  GOWFRACTrON',. McGREGOR",' "FANNY H; FRACaUON" and uTRlPOD  FRAC.  TION"  Mineral    Claims,   situated    in  the  KettleRiver Mining Division of Yale  District,   Where located :   Iii Central camp.   .  TAKE NOTlCEthat I, Isaac H. Hallett, as  apent for the No. 7 Mining Company,  Free '^Miner's. Certificate  No.   B40690j-intend  sixty days from date .hereof, to fiapply"*tor"the  Mining Recorder for vCertificatesciof Improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining    Crown  Grants of the above claims. .''*.'���    :*"        -�����' .'*'���.'  Aiid further take notice that, actions, under  section 37; must be commenced- before the issuance of such Certificates of Iniprovements.  Dated this 14th day of April, A. D. 1902  .  3m-Sr ".**" ' I.-'H. HALLETT.  MINEvALACT.  . Certificate; of Improvements.  ': NOTICE... ''"���'  STi EUGENE Fractional * Mineral 'claim,  situate in the Kettle River Mining Division  of Yale District. '���*���:.*.���     >������;  Where located : In Deadwood camp adjoining the "Butcher Boy" and "St. Lawrence  Mineral claims. ��������� ':;.        -  TAKE NOTICE that I, Clive Pringle, Free  Miner's Certificate No. B40314, Agent for  -Lonis-IrOstroski,��Free-Mifler'^;-Certificate^No,  B41482, and I. Robert Jacobs ' Ffee'Miiier's  Certificate No. 350865, intend sixty days'from.  the date hereof, to apply, to. the Miuing Recorder  tor a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crowfl grantof the above  claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of imjprovethents. '���'��� ���  Dated this 2nd day of May, A. D., 1902.  NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION.  Notice Is hereby given that the partnership  heretofore subsisting;between the undersigned,  carrying* on business at Deadwood, B. C. as  Hotel keepers, under the name, style and firm  of Hartman & Henderson Is this day dissolved  by mutual consent,  The undersigned James Henderson will continue the business and will pay all debts due by  the firm of Hartman & Henderson and all accounts owing the said firm are to be paid to the  said James Henderson.  Dated at Deadwood, B. C, tUiB 14th day o  May. A. D-, 1902.  JOHN HATRMAN  JAME8 HENDERSON.  Witness :   PETER CORRIGAN.  eorge % Co.,  GREENWOOD, B. C,  Certificate of Improvement-  NOTICE.  BALTIMORE Mineral Claim .situate in the  Kettle River Mining Division of Yale District. Where located : In Copper Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, J. P. Myers-Gray  as agent for John A Moody, Free Miners  Certificate No. B4I498,intend; sixty days from  the date hereof,-to apply Jto the Mining*' Recorder, for a Certificate of Improvements for  the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of  the above claim.  And further take notice that action  under  Section 37 must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements:  Dated the 28th day of April, 1902,  J. P. MYERS-GRAY.  MINERAL ACT.  CERTIFICATE  OF IMPROVEMENTS.  NOTICE.  HOMESTAKE Mineral claim situated in the  Kettle  River, Mining  Division   of   Yale  District.  Where located : In Dayton .camp, 'adjoining the War Eagle claim, L. 1879.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Sydney M. Johnson,  Free Miner's Certificate No. BS120. for self and  as agent for Ainsley Megraw,, Free. Miner's  Certificate No. B30349 and S. - G. . Detchou  Free Miner's Certificate No. B37825, intend  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown  grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvement*.  Dated this 22nd day.of March 1902.  MINERAL ACT, 1900.  Certificate of Improvements.  ,NOTICE    '  MYRTLE Miueral Claim, situate In the Kettle  .   River Mlniiig.Division of Yale District.  Wliere located :   in Dayton camp, adjoining the Homestake miueral claim.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Sidney M. Johnson,  Free Miner's Certificate-No. B. 8120for self and  as agent for Ainsley Megraw, Free, Miner's  Certificate No. B30349, and Hugh MegrawFree  Miner's Certificate No B30341, Intend, sixty days  from the date hereof,. to apply to the Mining  Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant .of .the  above claim." "�����    ��.-i'*     -   >���    )  ������'���������And further take, notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the is-  suance of such Certificateof Improvements. ,  .   Dated this 22nd day of March, 1902.  Mineral Act 18,96.,  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.'.  :'.'���   NOTICE.  DON'T KNOW Mineral Claim, situated in the  Kettle  River, Mining . Division   of , Yale  District. ,-���*��� ,  ���   WhereLocated.:.*   Smith's   camp,    near  Boundary Palls.  TAKE NOTICE that .we, Geo. R. N24en,  Free Miner's Certificate No, 41655B, and  Sydney M. Johnson, Free Miner's 'Certificate ��� ': No.': 8120B i Intend sixty  days, from, the date4hereof to apply to..the  mining recorder for a certificate of Improvement* for the purpose of obtaining a'crown  grant for above claim., ..*.'  ~^And further; take -notice that action- tinder -  cection 37 must'be commenced before the Issuance of such certificate of improvements  Dated this JSth<(ay, of February, A. D.,  1902.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  .:>������;*.;���*. NOTICE.*   ;l ;;''" ���"     -   "  "No. 2" and "No. 3" Mineral Claims Bituate in  j   ihe Kettle River; Mining. Division of Yale.  District. ,  ;   Where located :   In Crow Point Camp on  Jaraes Creek. ���  TAKE NOTICE that I. Isaac H. Hallett,  ��� as apent for John Donglass, Free Miner's  Certificate No. 40253, James Atwood, Free  Miner's Certificate No. B402"5, Arthur N. Pelly,  Free Miner's Certificate No. B18275 and Gerald  T. Hodgson, Free Miner's Certificate No. B40490  intend sixty days from the date hereof, to apply  to the Mining Kecorder for] Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a  Crown Grants of the above claims.  And further talte notice that action . under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificates of Imorovcmeuts.  'Qatedthis 4thday of April, A. b., 1902.  1. H. HALLETT.  NOTICE OF FORFEITURE.  MINERAL ACT,  Certificate of Improvement.  noMcs.  "DON JULIO FRACTION" Mineral Claim,  situated in the Kettle River Mining Division of Yale Disrict. Where located: In  Deadwood Camp.  TAKE NOTIE that I, Isaac H. Hallett, as  aifent for tha British Columbia Copper  Company, Limited, Free Miner's Certificate  No- B49691 intend sixty days from the  date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder  for a Certificate of Improvements, for the  purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the  above claim. '    ~  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the is-  suauce of such Certificate of Improvements.  D"ated this 28th dav of April. 1902.  ���-*���'.'���������"        I. H; HALIrETT  To  George D. Edwards, and to any penon or persons to whom he may  have transferred his  interests in the "Uncle Sam" mineral claim  dud "First Chance"   mineral claim, both  situate In Sky lark Camp in the Kettle River  Mining Division of Yale District, British  Columbia.  You arc hereby notified that I have caused to  be expended {205.00 to hold the said mineral  claims under the Mineral Act, that the proportion you should contribute for your undivided one-third Interest in each of tbe abovedai ms  Is $68.33, and if within ninety days from the first  publication of this notice you fall or refuse to  contribute the said sum of $68,33, which is now  due, with all costs of advertising, your interest  In each of the said mineral claims will become ,  the property of me, the undersigned, one of  your co-owners, under section four of an Act  entitled the "Mineral Act Amendment  Act,  1900."     ' *.:..-  Dated at Greenwood, B. C, the 25th day of  March, A.��., 1902.  EMANUELE PASTRO N E  MINERAL   ACT,  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  ABERDEEN Mineral claim, situated  in  the  Kettle River Mining Division of Yale District.   Where located:   In Copper camp.  TAKE NOTIE that we, John D. Norrish,  Free Miner's C ertificate No. B41333, A.  E. Cross, Free Miner's ertificate No B40605 and  Louis   Bryant, Free  Miners   Certificate_   No.  B40625 intend, sixty days from the date herwf  lo apply to tne mininir recorder for a certi  cate of improvements for the purpose of obtal  ing a crown grant of the above claim. .  And further take  uotice that action, nnder  section 37, must he commenced.before the a  suance of such certifictte of improvements.  O^ted this 26th day of April, A. D��� 1902. .: THE)   BOUNDARY   CREEK TIMES.  jr-  s  Mcl*ean. Richard. Babb was from  Cornwall where his parents resides.  He has a married sister in Phoenix,  Arizona. He worked in the mines of  B. G.i for several years.  THE CITY COUNCIL  FATAL ACCIDENT  Continued from Page 1.  man for himself. He was Babb's  partner but left after loading the hole.  ��� , ttaftrjr StilUraa, Noel's, partner was  the next witiiesS. Me Said .the Stick  was a little warm the first time the;?  took it out. The stick wss left in the  hole the second time about 15 minutes.  This time the stick was quite cold.  Noel handed it to Sullivan, he felt it  and the stick was quite cold.. They  totd-PascO* Mt Wtts all right. After  io'adirig-tHe hole: they Wilted half-an  hour for Pascoe to load some cracks.  As soon as Noel lit his fuse he saw fire  shoot from the hole; Pascoe run and  they, ran.* In; less than two or three  seconds it exploded. They couldn't  have i got morei;than ten feet in the  tiittel flie Hole hie was going to light  Wafeafebiititi itti [ iroffi the hole thtt  gfcplbcted: Se sawNqeSlii^hi IhSi. fuSe  :fae sa.w.-fuse-iijfht as ijuiclti^r a�� tiiis  'before. The heat on the stick was  quite appreciable. Noel said to him, it  is-to hot too load that and he answered  they "told" Pascoe  hours after this  the     hole   with  At the reg-ular meeting of the city  council held on Monday evening the  resignation of Aid. Sullivan was  accepted with regret, and the council  placed on record its appreciation of the  vaulable service's rendered to the city  by the retiring alderrriafi; Tuesday  the 17th was fixed as the day to receive nomanations for the vacancy  and Friday 20th the day ot* election if  necessary. G, B, Taylor was appointed  retiir'riing* officer.  J. S. Alexander Secretary of the  Fernie Relief Fund wrote ackntivHedg  ing the receipt of, donation from  Greenwood and heartily thanked the  city for its liberal response to the  appeal for aid.  The city elerk was instructed to have  notice in the TimCS ftotif ving owners  of horses and cattle that tiriifc'ss the  provisions of the pound bylaw were  observed action would be taken by the  council.  Aid. Kirkwood gave notice that he  would move an amendment to the  revenue by-law with a view to taking  the prohibitive tax off fruit peddlers.  __..,.,,nl|rT1)|t| t|iM til] t   | .   [    IIM>1JI  New goods direct from Great Britain  just arrived at Mitchells the Tailor.  Dominion Express Orders sold  and  cashed at Smith & McRae's.  SO Pants patterns to choose from at  Mitchells.  YOUNG  G.M.Patchen  JR.  This celebrated horse will stand  for the season at  SIDLEY  Terms . for the season $10.00 or will  nsure for $10,00 if paid for in advance  money to be returned if mare not in  foal.  Pasturage $5.00 a month.  Young G. M. Patchen, Jr., is a  i>'fight bay with black points. Stands  16 hands high and weighs 1286 pounds.'  The pedigiee of this horse can be  seen by applying to the undersigned.  YEB. KIRBY,  SIDNEY, B. C.  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  <^  6=*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  <��*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  WEmmmmmmmmimmm^m^i^  ������  Capital, all paid up, $12,000,000.  Rest.  ..$8,000,000.  I��resIclcut.   Lokd Sthathcos-a and Mount Royal,  Vice-President:    Hon. (Ikukok A, Diiummosii.  General Manager :   E. S   Ci.ou.ston.  Branches in London, Eng. {^Jvai,,! Xew Yorli, Chicago.  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transf.-r- : Cram Cniiini.-rrial in  Travellers' Credits, available In any part'of the \n���M.  g$ Greenwood Branch,     F. J. FINUCANE, flanagei. ,��.  THE B^ST BEBK IN TOWN IS MADE BY  THE ELKHORN BREWERY  PORTMAN  & PORTMAN}  Proprietors  ASK FOR  The Elkhorn Lager Beer Contains only Pure Malt Hops, Try  It! It i�� kaf��t ��fl draught or in Bottles by all the leading Hotel  THE CANADIAN RANK OF COMMERCE  Witli Which is Incorporated the  THE BANK OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO.  Capital, $8,000,000.       -      Rest, $2,000,000  HON. GEO. A. COX. President.   B, E. WALKER. General Manager  HENRY F. MYTTON  MANAGER GREENWOOD BRANCH.  REPRESENTING :  The Phoenix Fire. Assurance T^e British  America Assur  Co. of London, England. ance Co., of Toronto.  ��� this: It would be two  before they loaded  powder.1'      '  To Mr. Collins���The blaze from  the  ,4Sotlat*qf the hole fo*e five of six- fe��t,  It-Waati't fuse tliat blaaed.  ; fd Mn Cattlfietd���1 shouted yf&ttiitig  and rah afcthe saiiie time:  i T'd &n Mctieod���As a niie holes are  sprung on' Saturdays  and biasted oii  Sunday.       He knew of no accidents  when this "rule was followed,   A simu-  lar incident happened in the   mine six  "weeks ago-when   a   hole  was   sprung*  and loaded the same day.     He loaded  the hole and lit the fuse  and it went  off right away just like this one.     No  : ^one/was hurt this time.  '   To the Coroner���I consider a hole  safe to load if the stick comes out cold.  I wouldn't leave  it   any   longer   than  this.  To Mr. McLeod-r-Sometimes water is  ,jwtt in lo cool the hole but ii  the stick  ia right this is not necessary.  .,   To Mr. Hallett���The case mentioned  six weeks ago was a case   of   a  quick  fuse-  To the Coroner���Fuse is often tested  to see if it is good.  After "William Serrick gave evidence  regarding Pascoe giving warning to  the men, the jury retired and brought  in. the following verdict :  That Richard Babb came to his death  through a premature blast in the glory  hole of the Mother Lode mine.  Edward Savage was seriously hurt,  his leg was fractured and he was badly  bruised. Hubert Redpath escaped with  some bruises.  The funeral of Richard Babb took  place on Tuesday afternoon and was  very largely attended. The Greenwood  Miners Uuion turned out in body.  Services were conducted at the Methodist church and the cemetery by Rev.  j.p. D.Knox. The pallbearers were:  James Noel, S. Shovel, Frank .Tram-  Win, Geo. Johns, Sam Johns and D. B,  KlugStSqn-w*  The Western Assurance Co.  of Toronto.  The   Canadian  BirkbecU   In  vestment and Savings Co.  MINES.  STOCKS,  REAL ESTATE.  999999*999999999999999p99999999999a99^999��999999999��9  *  *  *  P. BURNS & CO.  j.  ��  9  9  ��  ���  ��  *  .*'������  *  *  9  9  ft  ft  ft   ���  *��  9��9?��Q999999999#99999a&99999&��9999999ti99999#a&*l*itt#*i#%  Wholesale and Retail Meat  Merchants.  Maitets at:   Greenwood, Grand Forks, Midway, and PJiociiix. -  9  9  9  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ��-  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  IS  Excursion ^fidies Emt  CANADIAN  RAILWAY  <.*  May 26, 30, June 29  July 2, 3, 4.  From   Rossland,  Trail,   Nelson and  intermediate points.  To Minneapolis $44.50  Chicago ..........54.50  Detroit... :  77.00  Toronto 89.30  Montreal... 100.00  Corresponding reduction from all  Kootenay points. Usual diverse  routes. Meals and berths included on  Canadian Pacific lake steamers.  Through bookings lo Europe via all Atlantic  lines.  ttuiuiuuum^^  Greenwood  is  the  financial and commercial centre oi* the ��j~  Boundary Creek District.    It is the  supply point   for the sS  Mining camps.    From  the city roads load to Greenwood. g~  Deadwood,   Copper,  Summit,   Long Lake, Skylark, White icr  and Atwood, Wellington and other Boundary Creek camps. jE  Robt. Wood or C. Scott Galloway, Greenwood fi  i~3      For prices of lots and other  ^S      information address   ^mn?!!!rnnniH!tmHm?m!mm!?mfnmn!nrt!?!H!!?mmmt??H!i!immH!???n!ffnHfr!f??r!!!!?  The James Cooper Mfg. Co  9��  Oft-  -MONTREAL, QUEBEC,-  MANUFACTURERS OF  -99  1 TnflersoH*$ergeatit  ������  machinery**  ROCK DRILLS, STRAIGHT LINE   2  UPLEX and CORLISS AIR COM-   25  PRESSORS ... "i  E REDPATH, Agent.  Greenwood. B. c  BOILERS, HOISTS, PUMPS, Etc. co���E?#jRE^^PMM,TS  ���r-    Agents For The Bullock Diamond Drills.  STOCK CARRIED IN ROSSLAND.  5= ft. H. e. mcnally, Rossland, B. ���. ~��  ^iiiiiiiaauuuuuiuuauuiuiuiiuiuuiiiuiaiuiuuauiiiuiuiuiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaiii^ THE BOUNDARY CREEK , TIMES  We are prepared to do your  DEVELOPING, PRINTING and MOUNTING  and guarantee to you in every instance  only  FIRST-CLASS WORK  Our facilities for giYinff the best results are unequalled in the  Boundary.  Complete Line of Photo Supplies and Eastmen Kodaks.  Dominion Express Orders Sold and Cashed.  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  HALLETT& SHAW  Sakkisters, Solicitors,  Notaries Public.  Ca'.ift Address:   "hallktt."  Codes  Bedford M'Neill's   Grhf/vh/OOD,  Moreing & Neat's *,. _.  Leiber's. B'c"  I. n. UALUKTt*.  H. C. SKA.W.  /W�� LEOD & BROWN  Barristers and Solicitors,  Notariks Public, Etc.  Offices: Wallace-Miller l>lock\ fiolijier street',  Grefenwood, B.C.  J. R. Brown. J. P. McLeod.  OH A RLES A E. SHA W,  Civil Engineer,  ... Dominion, ^andj. Provincial  :   Land Surveyor.  greenwood, .-    ;    ; '"*; b. o.  BOOKS, PAPERS, PHOTO SUPPLIES, ETC.  LOCAL NEWS.  A fine Photograph is an ointment to  the eye. A poor one is an eye sore  Carpenter the Photographer can  furnish the ointment.  Very best Cane Sugar 15 pounds 'for  one dollar at Bannerman Bros.  New house and 2 lots for sale in  Anaconda. Suitable for chicken or  xnilk ranch,good garden also spring- on  premises apply to E. Pensoti, Anaconda. J13-3t  - The Ladies of the R. C. church, are  making extensive preparations for a  .social dance to be given in Millers hall  ,oti Friday June 20th. r  AT THE AUDITORIUM  On Monday evening* frrof. Parkes  company entertained a large audience  with a panoramic Kinetoscopic picture  show. The pictures were interesting  and the descriptions by Prof. Parkes  entertainiug; It was the best show of  the kind ever.seen in Greenwood.      .  A roaring farce eomedy describes  "Too Rich to Marry" which appeared  at the. Auditorium Friday evening.  The, play abounds in absurd and impossible situations and gives plenty -of  opportunity for specialities by members of the company.  A. E. AQHOR&Pf.  Dominion and  Provincial Land Surveyor.  Alining and Engineering Surveys.  Underground Work a Specialty.  Wood Block (uext Customs office.)  ' GREENWOOD, B. C.  <st j* js & jx & & ja js ^t & & j* ��,����ji ��>��  FINE PHOTOS  Miss 0'.Coiinell who has been visiting in the-.east for sometime will return shortly to take "nor, position with  Rendell and Co.  If you want a strictly first elass  photograph you can get it at Carpenter's Gallery. (Miller's old stand) I do  the very.finest grade of work at current  prices, satisfaction, guaranteed, will  remain here until July 1st only.  Get your Photos taken now while  you can get something good. Carpenter (Millers old stand) can make them  for you if you will hurry up and come  in before July 1st.  Rev. W. A. Robins, Dr. Schon and  A. E. Ashcroft attended the annual  meeting of the Episcopal Synod at  Nelson this week.  ": DK^1AT"0"McRa~e "will "conduct the  services at Phoenix next Sunday evening. His pulpit will be again supplied  by his venerable father.  F. J. Fiuucaiie, manager pf the Bank  of Montreal, is expected back from his  visit to the old country next week.  Rev. J. Efierton R. Young a pioneer  missionary of Manitoba and the Northwest was in the city this week. He is  making' a tour of the country, to see  its development before going to England where 'he will ^deliver a course of  lectures ou the Dominion.  SO Pants patterns to choose from at  Mitchells.  New goods direct from Great Britain  just arrived nt Mitchells the Tailor.  ��t 9 99 if 99 999V 99 99& 9 <���' e 19 99 99%  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  9  ���$��  9  9  9  9  a  9  9  ���a  9  9  Headquarters for  A  complete stock of every-   *j.  9  thing in that line,reasonable   *  prices. f  ^  NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE.  IN   THE   SUPHEME   COURT   OF  COLUMBIA.  BRITISH  Between   JAMES W HAMILTON,  Plaintiff.  and FREDERICK W. HAYES,  Defendant.  Take notice that by virtue of two writs of  fieri facias issued in tlie above named suit an'l  requiring* me to levy by the sale of the goods  and chattels of the above named defendant tbe  sum of One Thousand and Forty Xiue Dollars  and sixty four cents [31,049.64], and interest  thereon at the ra*cof live percent perannum  from the 2-)th day of March, 19K. I have talceu  in execution and will otf.&t for sale at the Ruby  Miiie Near Boundary ^alls-at"ll~o'clbck bit'the  moj niiijir of the 23rd J unc instant-the followin g*  ������foods and chattels oj the above named defendant or sufficient thereof to-satisfy the -judgments and costs, unless they are previously  paid to me.  Terms of sale, cash.  1 40 h. p. Boiler. 600 feet T Rail. 300 lbs  Giant Powder. 100 feet Rubber Hose. 2 Air  Compressor Drills complete. 800 lbs 1^ inch  Steel. Blacksmith outfit and a large���quantitv  of tools, etc., etc.  For further particulars apply to  F. M- ELKINS,  Deputy Sheriff  Look to Your Eyes  -����-  ? Corner Copper* stnd 'Greenwood  J*  5 Streets.                          %  ��> Steam Heated               J  y> Throughout. J  ��*  tf5 Rooms 50 Cents <*  i and up. %  2 Fine Assoirttheiit ?  �� Liquors and Cigars,  y,  ss-jS'jfje'sPjf'jfii'sPsf'jfs^jPtfs? J? #*  GREENWOOD, B. C,  J. C. D0CCL4S,-   Prop.  EVERYTHING FIRST-CLASS.  THE   BEST   OF   FOREIGN   AND  DOMESTIC WJNES, LIQUORS  AND   CIGARS.  FIRST-CLASS    SAMPLE    ROOMS  FOR   TRAVELLING   MEJN..  ACCOMMODATION FOR 75 GUESTS  floar the  orntr of Gcmnment and Greenwood  Streets.  NOTICE OF FORFEITURE.  Consult an Optician.  Books,   Stationery,   Oflice  Supplies, etc.  jif     Kodaks and Materals, etc. etc.  J Phone No. 33.  �����9989#99&&&999&99ti&99&9��&9  When your eyes dim and when you cannot continue for any lenjrth of time to regard small  objects as in readln g*.  When you involuntarily frown or pari lv close  the eyes when looking at an object.  When things "swim" or become dim after being* looked at for some time.  When the eyes ache, smart or -water; when  your eyelids -ret inflamed often, or when  you have pain iu the eye ball, orbit, temples  or forehead.  When you have any nervous derangement that  you cannot otherwise account for.   *  Don't let the matter of expense keep you from.  visitin.lt us.. Siifhl is as precious to yon as  life itself, and we test the eves free of  charge.  MILLER BROS.,  To  George D. Edwards, and to any person or persons to whom he mav  have transferred his  interests in the "Uncle Sam" mineral claim  dnd "First Chance"  mineral  claim, both  situate in Skylark Camp in the Kettle River  Mining Division of  Vale District, British  Columbia.  You are hereby notified that I have caused to  be  expended $205.00 to hold  the said mineral  claims under the  Mineral  Act, that  the proportion you should contribute for your undivided one-third interest in each of the above claims  is S48.33, aud if within ninety days from the first  publication of this notice you fai 1 or refuse to  coutribute the said sum of S68,33, which is now  due, with all costs of advertising, your interest'  in each of the said mineral claims will become  the property of mc, the  undersigned, one of  your co.owners, under section four of an Act  entitled the   "Mineral  Act  Amendment  Act,  1900."  Dated at Greenwood, B. C, the 25th day of  March, A. D., 1902. .  EMANUEI.E PASTRO NE  MINERAL   ACT,  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  ABERDEEN' Mineral claim, situated   in  the  Kettle River- Mining Division of Yale District.   Wliere located:   Ih Copper camp.  '"PAKE NOTIE that  we, John  D. Norrish,  J_ Free Miner's C ertificate No. B41333, A.  ��. Cross. Free Miner's ertificate No i;4000S and  Louis Bryant, Free Miners Certificate No.  33*10615 intend, sixty days from the date heirecf  to apply to Uie raining recorder for a certi  t:ate of improvements for the purpose of obtai  iug a crown grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that action, uuder  section 37, must be commenced before the *.��  suar.ee of such certiSctteof improvements.  lated this 26th dav of April, A. D��� 1902.  i ��� li*i fl4��*iS2ZmiL*ml**\  OF GANADA  Is we believe second to none for style*  finish and durability,   and cannot hi  duplicated k fefriee, :   :  We have just opened^ up several cases  acid invite your infection.  m.i   rihniiM  Spfeeki Line of ���  f> /  Ladies Canvas  Tennis Bals an4  Oxford��  in Black,. White and Tan,  ~r  7  "STRONGEST IN THE WORD"  Assets . . $304,568,063.49.;,     Surplus . . $66,137,170.01  ���.:.. .���:���_... _.vl;^L&j'&I^NBB^  605-606-.60!r Empire State luiidlrig,      . >- poking, Wasli:  efi^RLiS f. KIPP, (Cashier,  Office Tel. Brown, 211. Residence Tel. South, 801..     -.-.,���.  ^^4^ �� 4*44444444440  4  4  4  (i  WELL THAT'S 1IK  Is what they alt say about  4  4  4  4  4  4  f .THE NEW GEM SAFETY RAZOR. 4  4  4  4  4  4  4  Impossible   to cut the ^ face j  shaves  easily, quickly and cleanly,  Illustrated booklet free.      Mail Orders promptly filled.  4  4  4  4  4  4  4  4 McLennan,   McFeely   &   Company t  4�� Wholesale Hardware Merchants," %  4*     122 Cordova Street, VANCOUVER, B. C.     4  4 A.  #444444*444444444444*4444��  P. O. BOX 296.  'PHONE 179  OB. % mclTiilian $ Co.,  WHOI/ESALE GROCERS AND AGENTS FOR  TUCKET CIGAR CO., UNION LABEL CIGARS.'  BRANDS.  MONOGRAM, MARGUERITA, BOQtJET, OUR SPECIAL,  EL, JUSTH,LO,       ~��,h CONDOR,       SARANTIZADGS,   SCHILLER  Corner Alexander Street and Columbia Avenue, Vancouver B. C.


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