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 l��C  x / /I-  Vol. 10  GREENWOOD, B. C. FRIDAY, JULY   4,   1902.  No. X tf%  V  Eloquent Address From the  Socialist Orator.  I  The Trust is the Natural and Inevitable Outcome of Present System-  Eugene V. Debs addressed a large  audience at the Auditorium on Monday evening*- last.*, W,.;' JS, Gaunce presided arid sea ted* frith' him on the platform were.Mayor.Naden, several,of the  alderman and George Dougherty, sec-'  retar-y.ofTth'e Miners��� Union. "..-.' '*'���'.'������*...  Mr. Debs is an eloquent spieaker and  his address of an hour and a half's  duration was listened to with the most  careful attention. His audience was  sympathetic and his remarks were  frequently greeted with applause^ "y>.  "With all the intellectual'progress  of'centuries" he began- "'.*the' social  problem remains unsolved. The strong  still prey upon the .weak." -V ���;, ..;.*������*., '*.  .*.*J3e. did not come to appeal'to the  ^prejudice of his audience. He would  not1 ;if he" could' (excite .theirpassions'���  but he would address Himself to their  r��a��on. He then described the evolution *���'' from the time that article of use  were produced -by hand ,,until * today j  when everything is done by machinery '. Machinery which"should aid man  in his work is being used to make,profit for a few and to crush the worker."  Fifty years ago there were few ;mil-  lionaifs^ahd no mendicants. Through  machinery "more is produced than'can  be possibly used and still the worker is  suffering for the bare necessaries |of  life.  In vivid language he described conditions in the ��� great manufacturing  and industrial centres in the east. The  people of the west who had little  knowledge of these conditions were  sometimes inclined to think that those  conditions were exaggerated but they  were so awful that exaggeration had  _;.there,no.mission.__.He...particularly-referred to conditions in the anthracite  coal regions and the strike there.  Strikes were not effective remedies,  a strike never settles a question. The  settlement ia never a permanent one.  The employer who chafes under the  settlement seeks to get even with the  men. The strike is losing its efficacy.  The system under which' we live  sprang from feudalism and is fast  reaching the climax of its development.  * The trust is the natural and inevitable  outgrowth of the competitive system.  It is the ripe fruit of competition.  Talk of destroying the trust! As well  talk of forcing the world back to hand  labor; as well legislate against the law  of gravitation; as well trv to force the  apple back into the apple blossom.  Under the present system the man  with a heart was bound to be driven  out of business life. It was John  Rtiskin who said that to steal with a  long head was as bad as to steal with a  long arm. The commercial road is  strewn with the best and the noblest  in the human race,  The wars of today were but a struggle among nations for a market for  their surplus products.. When those  markets were;filled then the end would  come to the present system. Capitalism is the child of feudalism and  capitalism is* the parent of socialism.  There can be no political liberty and  economic despotism.- Every human  being has a right to exist. To exist  he must work and ho ought therefore  ' to have the right to work.  :. He urged his audience to learn. The}*  should educate themselves. Their  power lay not in strikes but the ballott  box.  Below are given parts of his eloquent lecture :  Man is the marvel of creation. He  has conquered nature; he has conquered his fellow man; but he has not yet  conquered himself.   We live in a com  petitive age, in which each seeks to get  the better of his fellow and if one succeeds another fails. Centralization i.s  tlie order of tlie day and is gradually  paving the way from the competitive  system to a more orderly one. The  present system has about run its  course and today the working men and  women are marshalling their forces  against it. Some of you are under the  impression that Socialism is going to  expropriate your private property and  take from you what you have, while  nothing can be further from the ideals  of the Socialist movement. You will  be stripped of you property���not by  the Socialist movement but by the  capitalist system which you uphold.  "Society like the individuals who  compose it.is under the inexorable law  of evolution. It is simply a question  of time until this system will be  abolished and a new co-operative commonwealth established. The strike is  simply a>question of endurance and is  a fight between an empty stomach and  a steel bank ;book. To be consistent,  union men, you must put your union  label on your ballot at election day.  Men strike against this system but  vote* to perpetuate it. There are.two  wings of the capitalist in politics and  no, matter;, which   wins   the workers  lose.'"*:   ���'���''���   .���' ��� *.*'    .;  "Socialism is a scientific analysis of  society.,It is not a dream but a science  as! exact as mathematics. The capitalist to-day. who produces cheapest is the  one who' sells cheapest, and he produces cheapest who paj'S the cheapest  labor. There never was a time when  the worker was paid less than to-day  when we take into consideration the  enormous amouht ot" his production.  "In the days of chattle slavery a  negro-wasplalced on, theauction block  -and.sold to .the highest bidder,.but today the worker is placed in the labor  .market and sold to the lowest bidder.  Worldngmen are forced to fight each  other for bread, and it is the same with  the middlemen; if you examine the  commercial highway 3-011 will find that  ���it 4s' strewn with the wrecks of*'-the  noblest and the truest of the human  race. There is no more political  liberty ou. this than on the other side  of the line. Political liberty is rooted  in ecotiomic freedom. The workers  must realize this fact that if it is wise  to. ..unite, .on ..the industrial.field where  the}' are the weakest, they mnst also  unite .on the political field where they  are invincible. Socialism is still unpopular, but in five years from now it  will be difficult to  find   the original  Socialist in Greenwood. Any one can  be in the majority, but it .takes, .'a, man  to be in the minority. Socialism does  not. propose to mend their system but  to end it. There is but one issue���it is  the simple question of the ownership  of the means of production. At the  best iu winning a strike you have only  increased the cost of production.  '���War to-day is only a reach for markets and the men who declare war do  not go to war. War is simply murder  in uniform. If there had been no gold  in the'Transvaal there would have  been no war and if there were no new  markets to be had in the Philippines  the United Slates govern ment would  not be anxious to civilise them. Nations go to war to-day because the getting of wealth i.s counted of more  value than human life.  "Socialism stands against individualism and for mutualism which is not  each for himself but all for all. The  Trust to-day is the half-way house to  Socialism aud cannot be put back and  is paving the way to the new social  order.  "Where justice is done there is no  necessity for charity. Men who believe in the principles of Socialism  must cut lose from the old capitalist  parties. The triumph of this movement is only a matter of time and we  know that emancipation will be  achieved and then shall we enjoy the  co-operative common wealth."  Mr. Debs was accorded a hearty vote  of thanks. He addressed a meeting at  Grand Forks on Tuesday evening and  at Phoenix on Wednesday.  From Anarchist Mountain.  S. A. Sanborn and wife of Camp  j McKinney who registered at the Im  perial this week were enjoying their  honeymoon here. The}- were married  at Midway last Saturday by Rev. A. S.  Thompson. The bride was Miss L.  Johnson of Camp McKinney.  R.  G.  Sidley. J. P ,  is Visiting the  Metropolis.  "The present rains will help the  farmers" said R. G. Si-dley, J. P. of  Anarchist Mountain who was in the  city this week. Mr. Sidley is one of  the best^ known agriculturalists in the  district. He has a large farm ou Anarchist Mountain and yearly grows  extensive crops. Anarchist Mountain  is being rapidly settled. A few years  ago there were oiib* a small number of  settlers but today nearly every acre of  available land'is taken up. The elevation is high but the soil is rich arid  grain grows luxuriantly and matures  satisfactorily. There is a large acreage in grain this year and the farmers  were getting anxious on account of the  backward season but the recent warm  rains have made them feel glad again,  giving ressouable assuranoe of heavy  crops.  Mr. Sidley also dabbles extensively  in miuing and has several promising  claims in Camp McKinney and vicinity. He has not lost faith in that  camp and believes that with systematic work several Cariboos' will be  developed in the camp.  "In discussing the political situation,  Mr. Sidley expressed, disgust at the  present state of affairs and joined the  almost universal wish that a strong  and settled administration could be  secured. He said there were several  men spoken of as candidates in the  new district of Similkaiiieen, but as an  election was not likely to occur for  sometime there was nothing definite  in. the political arena in so far as  Similkameen district is concerned.   .  Grand Forks Celebration.  Although the. wet weather somewhat  marred the success of the big celebration at Grand Forks, there was a big  crowd from all Boundary points, The  mud also succeeded in keeping Greenwood from securing first place in the  hub and hub race. The street was  heavy and on the start F. J. Mitchell  the lead on the Greenwood team pulled  through his harness and consequently  was unable to give the team that great  assistance he usually does. Notwithstanding this the team were a close  second. Nelson' B. C, being first and  Grand Forks third.  In the wet test, Grand Forks secured  first placej.Nelson-secondiand^Green-  wood third. The horse racing was a  great success, many fast horses being  on the splendid new track.  THE GAME OF BASEBALL.  Dominion Day was quietly spent in  Greenwood. A great many people  went over to Grand Forks for the celebration. In the afternoon au exciting  game ot base ball vvas played at the  recreation grounds between teams  selected by W. M. Law and David  Bannerman. Each side had players  who had never handled a bat nor  caught a hall for nearly a score of  years and they gave numerous practical demonstrations of tlieir 1111 familarity  with America's national game. H. P.  Dickinson, the umpire, had a most  ditlicult position. While few could  play ball, nil were adept rooters  and kickeis and the umpire's lot was  not a happy one. Fortunately each  side secured the services of two or  three boys who were kept busy running after the ball. Five innings  were, played with a score of 67 to 25 in  favor of Bannerman's team. Law's  team will dispute this score but it is  correct since we were there and kept  a careful tally. o  Next Sunday afternoon the benedicts  of the city in the language ofthe street  arab will wipe the earth with the  bachelors, i The fame will begin at  three o'clock sharp. The married  men have generously arranged with the  medical men of the city to be present  so that the single men will receive  that attention they will require after  the game is over.  Brought to Justice.  Last week constable D. J. Darraugh  arrested an Italian named Joseph  Costonzo wanted for an assult upon a  fellow countryman named Angelo  Pasco on the railway grade near  Phoenix last October. There had  been previous trouble between the two  and Costonzo seeing Pasco passing  down the railway grade followed him  ank knocked him senseless with a  hammer. Pasco was seriously injured. Costonzo skipped out and nothing was heard of him until Constable  Darraugh learned he was working on  the C. P. R. near Gladstone. He went  over there and arrested him bringing  him to Greenwood where he appeared  before James Kerr, J. P. and pleaded  guilty to the charge of common assault. .The justice imposed a fine of  $15. Costonzo also paid Paso's hospital  bill which amounted to over 8100,  Mitchell After Raabe.  F. J. Mitchell of this city has issued  the following challenge to Gus Raabe  of Rossland who defeated him in the  220 yard race at the Rossland celebration :  '"Not feeling satisfied with the re-  cult of our foot race in Rossland on  Thursday last, I hereby challenge you  to a series of three (3) races at the following distances : One hundred (100)  yards, one hundred and fifty (150)  yards and two hundred and twenty  (220) yards tor two hundred and fifty  dollars (250) a side for each race, or  five hundred dollars (S500) a side for  the series, the best two out of three.  "The races to be run anywhere outside of Rossland, Grand Forks Association track preferred, and at any  time allowing me three weeks' notice.  If you are disposed to accept please  address me here, -when mutual satisfactory arrangements may be made.  Yours, etc. "F. J. MITCHELL."  Greenwood, B. C.June 28' 1902.  In reply to this challenge, Raabe has  made the following reply :  Rossland, B. C, July 3, 1902.  "I hereby accept the challenge made  by F. J. Mitche.ll, of Greenwood, to run  100 yards, 150 and 200 yards upon the  following conditions :  "1. That Mitchell, as the challenger  shall post with the Bank of Montreal,  brother absolutely bona fide person or  institution, -the sum of $100 to be for  feited to me in event of the balance of  his wager not being 'put tip after my  deposit is made.  "2, That the balance of the wager  be deposited in a similar bona fide  manner  at least a day previous to the  racesi--**-^-^***^""*--'"*"���"'"^'""'""'""''"^'"'  "3. That the races shall be run in  Rossland. As the challenged party I  deem this but a reasonable stipulation.  "4. That the 220 yard race be run  first, the balance to be run off as desired by Mr. Mitchell.  "5. The judges and starters to be  mutually satisfactory to both contestants.       (Signed)        GUS RAABE.  Copper Productions.  The 25,763 long tons product of  American copper mines in May makes  a new record of large output in a  month; it is 1,139 tons greater than  May of last year, and 6,808 tons greater than January this year, the month  of smallest American copper production in over four years, or sini-.e January, 1896. May exports were 141 tons  smaller than in April and 3,815 tons  less than in the record month of March  but 6,221 tons larger than in May last  year. European production '"fell 815  tons in May, compared with April,  which was a record month in size of  output abroad; compared with May  last year Europe produced 898 tons  more. In the first five months of 1902  the United States has produced 113,708  tons, against 110,693 tons in the same  time last year, increasing 2,715 tons.  Evports for the five m on His were 83,-  953 tons, against 40,185 tons, increase  43,748 tons���more than double. In the  five months just about three-quarters  of American copper production has  been exported against little more than  one-third in the same time last year,  leaving available for home consumption 92,000,000 pounds less copper in the  Wvc months this year, or nearly 60 per  cent. reduction���67,060,000 pounds  against 159,000,000 pounds, ora monthly average of 13,400.000 pounds where  a year ago the average for home use  was 31'800,000 pounds.  Great Northern will Hasten  Construction of Railway.  Wants Republic Ores and Must Have  Transportation.  The Great Northern has practically  completed its road into Republic.  Passengers and freight for the reservation towns are being conveyed on  construction trains and a regular passenger service will be established  shortly with direct connection with  Spokane.  The next portion of the road to be  constructed will be from Curlew to  Greenwood. Already a large and  steady business is offered this road as  the Sunset smelter at Boundary Falls  is anxious to get Republic ores: As  has already been stated in these columns the Sunset ore contains a large  excess of iron which can be ulitized in  smelting the silicious ores of Republic.  It is understood that A. A.Munro who  left for the east on Monday will interview the Great Northern officials in  St. Paul with a view to hurrying the  construction of the piece of road from  Curlew here.  Under present conditions the hauling  of Republic ores to the Sunset smelter  is rather an awkward undertaking.  As there is no connection between the  Great Northern and C. P. R. lines at  Grand Forks and as it is decidedly  problematical when the Hot Air line  will be in a position to do real business, it i.s impossible to secure Republic ores until the connection is made or  the Hot Air line gets down to a more  solid basis. These difficulties would  be overcome by the construction of the  railway from Curlew.  The Granby smelter is not in a position to handle much Republic ores as  the Knob Hill and Old Ironsides ore  will not stand a great deal of Republic  *ore"r"":"Oh^ttfe^ioth^F"HaM_d~'fii^Suliset'  smelter can treat considerable Republic ore. As soon as the Great Northern officials realize this the work of  constructing the road from Curlew to  Greenwood will be hurried as rapidly  as possible.  Amputated Leg.  E. W. Savage who was injured at  the Mother Lode mine when Richard  Babb lost his life, was more seriously  injured than was at first supposed.  One of his legs was badly torn and  bones broken and on Monday last Drs.  Spankie and Gordon decided that leg  had to be amputated to save the patients life. This was done successfully  and thr- patient is now doing as well as  could be expected.  Fire in Rossland.  Geo. E. Miliar, photographer, who  moved to Rossland a short time ago,  had his studio iu Rossland greatly  damaged by fire Thursday morning.  The fire broke out in the work room  and before extinguished by the lire  department S150 damage was done to  the building- and several thousand to*  Mr. Millar's stock and apparatus. Mr.  Millar carried ��3,000 insurance which  he states will not cover his loss.  Geo. W. Loudon, a cattle man from  Loomis Wash., was at the Armstrong  this week.  A.  F.   Lucning,   ihe  general agent  for Pabst was in the city this week.  D. G. Millet a prominent mining  engineer of Denver, Colorado, this  week exported the Mother Lode mine  and smelter in the interests of eastern  shareholders in the B. C. Coppet company. THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  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He  was an intellectual force reasoning-  with an intelligent audience. In  simple language he described existing  condition and suggested a panacea  for the ills that afflict mankind. Many  will differ from his conclusions, but  all who were there could not but  admire the ability with which he presented his argument in favor of  Socialism.  Every intelligent person is bound to  admit that present social conditions  are an evolution which has almost  reached its climax and that while the  few reap the greatest benefit, the  many suffer the. greatest hardship. He  would be foolish indeed who would say  that conditions will continue as they  are. There will be many differences  of opinion however as to the force or  influence which will remedy economic conditions.      .  her wares upon the uncivilised nations  The  statement  was   received   with   a  great deal of dissent but it has after  all an element of truth in it.  When the uncivilized markets are  filled, when the over production still  increases, what then ? Mr. Debbs  says ��� Socialism, but is it ? Mr. Debbs  is not an agitator, lie is an educator  and does not deny anyone else liberty  of thought. He said that the acceptance of the teachings of Socialism is  very largely a matter of education, but  he would not have you accept the  principlesunlessyou could intelligently  subscribe to them. His statement contains sound advice to those who sympathize with Socialistic teachings.  Every man who has a bee in his bonnet or a wheel in his head is not a  Socialist. If the evolution from  capitalism to socialism, as Mr. Debs  says or. to something else, is to be a  peaceable one, there must be education.  A man would be foolish to stand still,  but he would be equally foolish to accept every nostrum that special pleaders may place before him without  intelligent consideration on his own  part.  CAPITAL, ' A00O,0OO--$4,866,666.66  Reserve rimd,^365,000--$l,7761333.33  of an individual company. When the l ooooo<>o<x><io<��5oo<��x��OOOoooo��  Crow's Nest Pass company went to 19^000000<H>C;**<><^^  the government for a railway charter,  it undertook to give Canadian smelters  the first consideration. The company !  should be made to live up to this undertaking. While this may work a hardship on the company under present  conditions, still the interests of our  own country are of more importance  to us than Ainericatt interests. If notwithstanding the accident and the  strike, coke is being sent to the American side while Canadian smelters are  forced to shut down, then the company  should be forsed to send its coke to  Canadian smelters. The coal company  no doubt has strong grounds for filling  its American contracts, but there are  more interested than the coal and  smelter companies. The people are  interested and the government should  first look after the people's interest.  HEAD  :   London England.     H. ST IKE MAN. General Manager, Montreal,  J. ELMSLY, Inspector. Montreal.  Brandies and agents in all the principal cities of Canada and tlie United States,  and correspondents in all parts of tlie world.  GREENWOOD BRANCH :   Copper Street.  Oo-0-**>-**K><K"i<><**<K**^^  <XM>0<*K>CK*--<K*"-0<X><>-^^  SO Pants patterns to choose from at  Mitchells.  On June 1st, we dissolve partnership.  TC   For  the next 30 days   we will sell at cost for cash  only,  A'baby.will cry and cry and cry and  not even' its own mother knows what  aiis.it'..' An enterprising firm knowing  the baby's weakness freely advertised  that what the baby wanted was Cast-  oria. They used every sort of con-  -vincin g-- argument y h at_ _CastqrJ.a was  the panacea' which would change cry-,  ing babies to laughing ones; many  were convinced and Castoria had a  large sale; but there are still babies  who cry despite Castoria.  Mr. Debs told the truth when he  stated that conditions have completely  changed in 50 years. Fifty years ago,  the handicraftsman got the full benefit  of his work. In the absence of machinery the workmen could do no more  than supply the demand. They got  more for the work and had greater  purchasing power. Fifty years ago  the price of an average article placed  upon the market was more than half  wages. Today by the introduction of  machinery that percentage is reduced  to less than one-fourth, the workman's  purchasing power is limited, and the  production greatly exceeds the demand,  By the organization of trust*, the  supply. i�� controlled by the closing of  factories and the dismissal of employes.  Now man being a human being has  a, right to exist. He received his being  from higher than human power and  that higher power alone has the right  to take away. If he has a" right to  exist, he doubtless has a right to work  for only by work can he exist.  It is not long ago since another prophet came into prominance. He had  discovered the remedy that would  effectively cure all social ills. His  name was Henry George. He saw the  evils of over production. He maintained that .the; reason for this was  that land had become the property of  those who could not or would not use  it and that the consequence was that  the working men were forced into the  great centres, there to sweat and starve  while they could have made a comfortable living on the land if available.  He urged that improvements be exempt  from taxation and that a single tax be  placed on the land, thus making it  unprofitable to hold it.. There are others  particularly on the American side who  Those who control the production  recognize this fact and they are making superhuman efforts to preserve  their profits and at the same time find  a market for the over production. Sir  Charles Hibbert Tupper donbtless had  say that the only effective remedy i  the abolition of the trusts. They are  directing all their eloqnence and their  energies with this object in view and  have so influenced the law officers of  United States that today in nearly  every 6tate in the union war is being  made upon the trusts.  Castoria may not be the only remedy  nor the proper remedy for crying  babies. It is equally possible that  neither socialism, single tax nor the  destruction-of the trusts can effectively  cure economic evils. It is a case  where haste should be made slowly.  Those who heard Mr. Debs enjoyed  an intellectual treat. The cause of  Socialism was advanced by his moderate and reasoning attitude. If all the  propagandists would say "let us reason together" reform's would come  without much bitterness, strife or  bloodshed. The ballot not the blud  geon is sure to be the potent force of  the future.  THE COKE FAMINE.  This week the British Columbia  Copper company's smelter was forced  to close down for want of coke. The  Granby smelter is in the'same position  and unless relief comes the Sunset  smelter will follow suit in less than  ten days. The closing down of the  smelters curtail operations at the  mines. Men are thrown out of employment and the business of the district is contracted to an enormous  extent. All these industries are on  Canadian territory and are supporting  Makes Your House  a Home.  If   you   intend   to   paper   your  house, see us.  We have the newest designs an d  will guarantee  first-class workmanship.  Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums, Etc-  jp.jp *? jp jp jf jp jp j?jp jPj? j? *p jp s*? jp  jp jp j? ��p jp jp j? as* j*.* jp jp j? jp jf jp j? jp*  to  Greenwood  Licmor Company.  jpapjpjpjpjpjpjpjpjpjpsp.jpjpjpirjp  .    -O* **5* t5* W* *2* *%7* V* V* ��( V*.*W**  V��� J* &* V* W* J*'  fcfc  ���*k*  "*.���-*&'.  ���ft1*  '%%  tv  Wfc'  Wsv  Vt.  ���**Calgary Beer.*'S  -��-�� -toft.  55*    R GRIEGER, Manager, **  %$i&%%#&&jsjsj* ##&#&>* jp*pjpjpjpjpjp.jpipjp|PjPjp*?jPiPjc.:  ����� -a ��. Pabst and  PAINTERS,  | PAPERHANGERS,  KALSOMINERS,  DECORATORS.I  ---Etc���Etc-.���-  site!  Shop on Silver Street  near  Government Street.  TELEPHONE NO. 13.  ���**^��: THE i^pse**���  Copper Street.  S��  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT,  MEALS AT ALL HOURS  PRIVATE ROOMS  FOB. LADIES.  A  Charles R. Pittock,  *  *  TRY OUR  COFFRK  drop's.  t2* <��*,��? ,��* n�� ����6 ,��5 -J* -J* t^E.*^! �������? *pJ *Z *�� **��i^ *S*S*5*^*3,ISIS*5*^%S *5 ^ *8 *G ^#   ��� *3  .i5* -J* v* t5* ^* ���3* i^* w* *3& tSF'Jw i$* !���*��� (5* w* v& *?���  v��� ��2* ��^* *��5* *?��� *t*r* i2* id* O* v* *?��� J* v* w* J* i#*iJ*  to  ���X*"X**MMHK*"M*"M*K"X��<*"XMX"MK-,'-H*��  0000<XK>0<X>0000<>000<>0(>0<><X>0  Has   opened   his Ice  Cream Parlor at the  the same idea in his mind when he  once said that Britain driven from the j men who live in this country. It is the  civilized markets of the world was | duty of the government to protect  using her men and her ships in forcing* j general interests in preference to those  in the Clarendon Block-  ICE CREAM  SOFT DRINKS  Fresh Candies Daily.  A  full line of all kinds of  fruits always on hand.  Strawberries  now on   sale  receiving daily.  and  C  V. SEMERAD,  | Clarendon Block.  0<KK><KK>0<XKX*>00<XKXKX**-<>0<>00<>  TO  TO  TO  TO  TO  TO  TO  TO  TO  TO  TO  TO  TO  TO  TO  TO  TO  TO  The Russell-Law  Caulfield Co., Ltd.  ��*���*  fcV;  fe-k  V&  Ml  ***��  ***��.  ���**-*  Have been too busy to tell you about   *%  their New Stock.     TC       TC      TC   ^  They will next week.    Meantime call   fcfc  in and look the place over,     TC    TC   ^  Ink  Jpjpapj-pjfjpjp*r>jpjpjpjpjf jpjPjpjp jpjpjpjpjrjpjpjpjpjpjpjpjpjpjpjpjp  TO  TO  TO  TO  TO  TO  TC  WANTED  RELIABLE  AGENTS  We want at once trustworthy men and women  in every locality, local or travelling, to introduce a new discovery and "keep our show cards  and advertising matter tacked up in conspicuous places throughout the town and country.  Steady employment year round; commission or  salary, $65.00 Her Month aad Expenses, not  to exceed $2.50 oer dav.   Write for particulars.  Postoffice Box 337  International Medical Co., London, Ont.  FOR RENT-  3 or 6 rooms partly furnished for  housekeeping, Silver street, Fisher's  addition, formerly occupied by Frank  Miller. Enquire on premises of Miss  Brooks.  New  goods  Mitchells.  at  reduced  prices   at  MINERAL ACT.  To Leonard Simpson, J. R. Simpson, Cbtrles  O'Connor tnd any others concerned :  You are hereby notified that I have expended  In labor and Improvements on the "Oewel"  mineral claim, situate in Triple Lake camp, in .  the Kettle River Mining Division of Yale District, the sum of One Hundred Dollars, and $2.50  for recording* the same, anch being* the amount  required and necessary to hold the said claim  for the year ending* the 11th day of May, 1902,  andtr the provisions of the -'Mineral Act" and  Amending acts; and if at the expiration of  ninety days from the date of the first publication of this notice in the Boundary Creek  Times you fail or refuse to contribute your portion of such expenditure, namely $76.88, together with all costs of advertising, your interest in said mineral claim shall become invested in me [jour co-owner] upon filing in the  proper office in that behalf the affidavit required by Section 4 of the "Mineral Act Amendment Act, 1900."  Dated this 5th day of June, 1902.  VT. ELBON  Date first publication, June 6th.  Date last publication September 5th.  I  ���   t THE BOUNDAEY CREEK TIMES  w  0*0<K*K>0<*K*KK"^^  -0<*K>0<><><K*K*H***<><>0<><><*^^  :*: A List of Firms Who  Are  Doing  Business in %  ���Jo *  Greenwood.  t Greenwood. $  BANKS.  THE BANK- OF, MONTREAL.  F. J. FiNUCANR, ��� Manager.  THE BANK, OF  BRITISH NORTH  AMERICA.  W. G. H. BET.T,       -       -      Manager.  THE-'CANADIAN.BANK OF  " ���;;  : .... COMMERCE.  HEN-ky/F: MyTXON,        -       Manag-er.  DRY.GOODS, AND CLOTHING.  'RENDELL & CO.,  Dealers in Dry Goods,  Men's Furnishings,, i Boots- a,ud;Shoes,[Mason & Risch  "Pianos., etc., etc.  CRBJENWo'iOD TRADING* CO'Y.,  Limited.  General Merchandise. Copper St.  GROCERIES AND HARDWARE.  RUSSELL--LAW-CAULFIELD CO.,  LIMITED.  Dealers, in  Hardware;  Gr6ceries   and  Furnishings.  A. A.CROWSTON,  Provision Merchant.   .   -     Copper St.  JEWELLRY.  MILLER BROS.  ���Jewellers and Opticians.  MEATS. ETC.  P. BURNS & CO.,  Wholesale and Retail. Meat Merchants.  CANDY FACTORY.  ''- C.'V. SEMERAD,  Candy Factory, and Ice Cream Parlors,  -Fruits, etc.  STATIONERY, ETC  SMITH & McRAE,  Dealers in  Stationery,  Blank  Books,  Wall Paper, Tobaccos,   Confectionery.  :*H*.**B; MUNROE,  Daaler in  Confectionery,   Stationery,  Tobaccos, Fruits, Etc.  J. L. COLES,  Stationery, .Newspapery, Periodicals.  ;.'." '.;  H.* A. KING & CO.,  Tobaccos;  Cigars,  Smokers Sundries,  Books, Newspapers and Periodicals.  HOTELS AND RESTAURANTS.  THE GEM RESTAURANT,  C. R. PiTToci-", - Proprietor.  CLARENDON HOTEL,  Corner Copper and Greenwood Streets.  Cl.ARKNDON HoTKT,  CO'V,  Ltd.  Proprietors.  FURNITURE.  T. M. GULLEY & CO.  Dealers in Furniture, Carpets and  Linoleums, etc.  BREWERIES.  THE ELKHORN BREWERY  Portma-n- & Portman,       Proprietors.  In draft or .bottles at all leading  hotels.  REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE.  BEALEY INVESTMENT & TRUST  COMPANY, Limited.  George R. Naden,       -       Manager,  Insurance, Mines, Stocks, Real Estate.  THE MART.  ��� Gaunce & Wickwire.  Real  Estate.    Money  to   Loan.    Fire  Life and Accident Insurance.  TAILORING.  WILSON & CO.  Merchant Tailors. Greenwood, St.  ASSAYERS-  WALTER E. SEGSWORTH  Provincial Assayer and Chemist.  Control Assays a Specialty.  Greenwood, B. C.  AGENTS, COLLECTORS, ETC  FRED B. HOLMES,  Agent,    Collector,     Janitor.       Large  warehouse for storing goods.  P.O. Box 25     Residence opp, city hall.  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  HALLETT& SHAW  Barristers, Soucitoks,  Notaries Public.  Cabin. Address:   " hallett."  (  J5edford M'Ncill's   Greenwood,  "j .Murcitig & Neil's  ( Lcibcr's.  i. a. HALLK-r-r.  B, C.  a. C. SHAW.  Mc LEOD <& BROWN  Barristers and Solicitors,  Notaries Public, Etc.  Offices: "Wallace-Miller block. Copper sueet,  Greenwood, B.C.  J. R. Bkown. J. P. McLeod.  CHARLES AE. SHAW,  Civil Enginkek,  Dominion    and]| Provincial  Land Surveyor.  greenw'oodT7"7"~~~T =T b."c:  A. E. ASHCROFT.  Dominion add  Provincial  Land Surveyor.  Mining and Engineering Surveys.  Underground Work a Specialty.  Wood "Block (next Customs office,")  GREENWOOD, 15. C.  & Jt ���** ���!* ,�� & JU J* J* v*** J* J* Jt J�� <�� <�� <���*  \ Clarendon  *  Corner Copper   and  Greenwood  *  -^m-  'Slreets.  *& Steam Heated  Throughout. ��  y' Rooms 50 Cents  *, and up. %,  ���* &-  M   Fine Assortment ,.  Vj - &  �� Liquors and Cigars.   ��_  ���% %  jv jr- s? t? ��f s*r* a? j? s^ sf* s*? a*? jf -k* s? s? ji''  MINERAL ACT.  WHOLESALE LIQUORS  THE GREENWOOD LIQUOR CO.  R. Greiger, Manager.  Agents for Pabst  and Calgary Beer.  Very best Cane Sugar 15 pounds for  one dollar at Bannerman Bros.  To Leonard Simpson. J.  R. Simpson,  Charles  O'Connor aad any others concerned :  You are hereby notified tliat I have expended  in labor and improvements on the "Jewel"  mineral claim, situate in Triple Lake camp, in  the Kettle Kiver Mining Division of Yale District, the sum of One Hundred Dollars, and $2.50  for recording the same, such being- the amount  required and necessary to hold tbe said claim  fo- the vear ending the 11th day of May. 1902,  jiult-r thi; provisions ofthe -'Mineral Act" and  Amending nets: and if at the expiration of  ninety davs from the date of the first public-  atiotfof this notice in the Boundary Creek  Times you fail or refuse to contribute your portion of such expenditure, namely *$'~6.S8, together with all costs of advertising, your interest in said mineral claim shall become invested in me [your co-owner] upon filing* iu the  proper o'.ice in that behalf the affidavit required bv Section 4 of the "Mineral Act Amendment Act. MOO."  Dated this 5tli day of June, 1*>02.  \Y. ELSON  Date first publication. June 6th.  Date last publication September Sth.  GAUNGE   IIIKWIRI  Can sell you  a lot for a home in any: part of town.  Can lend you money to build a home on easy terms;  Can insure your home in any ofthe following first-class Companies :  ATLAS, GUARmm,  THE?   A SO DO A BIT  .   OF  LIFE,  FIDELITY,  ACCIDENT,  PLATE GLASS and  STEAM  BOILER  INSURANCE.  ROYAL,  UNION,  NORTHERN,  CANADIAN,  CONNECTICUT,  LONDON AND  LANCASHIRE,  &HENIX "OF  BROOKLYN;  PHOENTX OF  HARTFO-RB,'  NATIONAL OF  IRELAND.  0-0<X"K*KK*'-0<^*K><"'-<'^^  <*X>CK><>0<>CK*><KKK'MX**^  **.** A  EPIONEERW  iSLdfiMS  iTK *1H1<1*!  BOUNDARY DISTRICT.  ;0MDARY CREEK Tl  ....Greenwood. THE   BOUNDARY   CRBEK   TIMES.
.',.. ..Hard Cash.
^?-E)   -  i?TTi?\'T'niMr. I
This is not after the story by Charles
Reade, but just the plain unvarnished
truth, about this and probably other
citiegi. The merchants of Kamloops
are always complaining of the evils of
the departmental stores and the injury
it works on local trade. Perhaps they
have never stopped to think of the
cause of all this. It can be sumined
up in a nutshell, in one word, and that
When people send east for goods they
do so because they can get them much
cheaper, but they ,.nnis.t send Cash or
do not get the goods'.      ' "'  ■
On these principles the eastern iirms
can'afford to sell miicli lower than the
local-''merchants, because there is no
waiting and they can" keep turtmig*
theif "money over at-a-very decent percentage.
Theilocal mercharits have ,to charge
considerably more for articles because
they'give so mucri, credit', and have.to
waitfor sixiuonths or a year or more
for tlieir money....If they were receiving cash right along they could afford
to sell just as cheaply.as the eastern
All book debts, however good they,
may:"; be,.*are:ba;d;*.as' they represent so
much of the merchants' capital lying
idle "arid \ ! 'unproductive!—Kamloops
R. T. Daniel,-** of Spokane, visited
Greenwood this week. Mr. Daniel was
a heavy real estate owner in Trail in
the early days. He has since made a
big fortune in Texas.
A. M. Whiteside returned today from
a visit to his old home in New West-
Letters of Administration of the
estate and effects of the late B. Harvey
Beach have been issued to the undersigned.
All  persons,, indebted  to  said estate
.are  requested 'to make* pay ment to the
undersigned,    to.   whom    all    claims
against  the  said  estate are to be presented.  , '.   .Andy Satbk,
■ ■■■        Norden Hotel.*
Greenwood, B.C., June 25th, 11102.
To  John   F.
■ Johnson,, and any others   con-
YoVvarehereby'jiotilied that Iliave expended
in laborifaii'd.-f'liri'proveinehts'oii the Uncle Sam
mineral-claim in .Skylark-camp, in the -Kettle
River-Mining* Division pf Yale District, British
Colunibiay.the'siim of One Hundred Dollars,and
$2.50 for "recording* the* same,' such being the
amount required aiid necessary to hold the said
claim for the year ending the 1st day of June,
1902. tinder the provisions of the "Mineral Act"
aud Ameudiiigacts, and if at the expiration of
ninety days f rorifvthe date of the first public-
...ation^of.this. _noti£eii.ii"^
Times you fail or refuse to contribute your portion of such expenditure, namely1" S34.1G, tog-ether with all costs'of. advertising, .your interest in said mineral 'claim shall become invested in ine [your co-owner] upon filing in the
proper oflice "in 'that behalf the allidavit required by Section 4 of the "Mineral Ac. Ain-
enduientAct; WOO." ,   ;.
Dated this 20tli dav of June, 1902.
Lastpublication Sept. 20.
To Charles N. Collins, or to any person or persons to -whom he may have transferred his
interest in the Amandy miueral claim, situate in the Kettle River Mininir Division of
Yale District, in the Province of British
Columbia, and to all other co-owners in
said mineral claim.
You are hereby uotilied that I have expended
the sum of One hundred ($100) dollars in each
of the yearn 1S99, 1900 and 1901 iu worlc, labor
mid improvements upon the above men tioued
mineral claim in order to hold the same under
this provisions of the "'Mineral Act," K.S.I!. C,
Cap. 135, and amending** Acts, and If within
ninety (90) daysfroni the date of this notice you
fall or refuse to contribute your portion of such
exnendiluiu, together with" all costs of advertising, your interest in <he said mineral elaini
-will 'become vested in and the properly of the
undersigned under Section.4 of the Mineral Act
Amendment Act, 1900.     . *l
Dated at Rossland, IS. C. this 19tli day of
June, 1902.
DatiJlast publication Sept.20.
Tlie   largest   hotels   and   finest
residences in B.C. were furnished bv us throughout
Corporation oi' tlie City of Greenwood.
Kotice is hereby given that front and after
the dale of this uotice the provisions of the
Pound Bylaw will he strictly enforced and the
owner ofany horses or cattle allowing the same
to loiter or run at large upon any of tlie streets
01" tlie City of Greenwood will render himself
liable to be prosecuted summarily under the
said Bvlaw. PenaUv. Fine not exceeding*
"=50.00 aiid.costs.
]j\- order,
' Cr. B. TAYLOR,
Dated June 13th, 1902. C. M. C.
Certificate of Imcrovement.
EXCELSIOR   Mineral   Claim, situated in the
Grand   Porks    Mining   Division   of  Yale
District.    Where located :   Central camp.
TAKE NOTICK thai I, C. M. Shaw, agent
for the Vancouver aiid Boundary Creek
Developing and "Mininir company, Limited
Liability, Free Miner's Certiiicate No.
'15545,4'intend sixty davs from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for
a Certificate of Improvements for Uie purpose
of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, must be commenced before the
issuance of sucli Certiiicate of Improvements.
Dated this 3rd dav of Julv, 1902.
First issue Julv 4. C. A. E. SHAW.
Certificate of Smprovement.
No. 0 and No. 15 Mineral  Clai ins situate iu the
Ketlle River Mi niujr Division of Yalo District.   Where located Central camp.
•—PAKE   NOTICE that I. C.  A. E. Shaw as
J. agent for the Vancouver* and Boundary
Creek Develop*!njr and Mining* 001110*1113-, Limited Liability,* Free Miners Certificate No .B 55-
454' iutend, sixty days from the dale hereof, to
abply to the Mining* Recorder.for1 a Certificate
of Iniprovements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of the above claims.
And further lake uelice thai action, under
section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of sueh Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 3rd dav of Julv, A. D. W02.
First issue July-I. C. A. E. SHAW.
New house and 2 lots for s;ile in
Anaconda. Suitable for chicken or
milk ranch,g*ood garden also spring- on
premises apply to E. Penson, Anaconda. J13-3t
The best   potatoes   are   those   tha
have not  been irrigated,  you can get
them at Crowston's.
To Walter Death, and any person or persons
to whom he may have transferred his Interest in tlie Diamond Joe, Doubtful, Deer
Trail and May-day mineral claims all
situate in G'-.enwood Camp in the Kettle
River Mining Division ol Yale District
YOU are hereby notified that I have expended 5410.00 in order to hold the said
mineral claims under the provisions of the
Mineral Act, thiu you should contribute $82.00
as your proportion of the said sum for your undivided one lift It interest in said claims, and
that you are $10.00 in arrear for vour share of
the previous assessment and if within 90 days
from the first insertion of this notice you fail or
refuse to contribute the sum of $02.00 which is
now due by you, together with, all costs of
advertising, your iuteresi in the said mineral
claims will beeome the property of the subscriber under section four of an" Act entitled
tlie"Miuerul Act Amendment Act." 1900.
Dated at Greenwood, B. C. the 9th dav of June
First insertion Iunel3.
Last insertion Sept. 13.
Certificate of Improvements-
GOLD  DUG   No. 2 Mineral  claim, situate in
the Kettle River  Mining Division of Tale
Where located :    In Deadwood camp.
TAKE NOTICE that I Sydney M. Johnson
acting as agent for Chris McDonell..l-'ree
Miner's certificate No. B42G09 and Thomas ".V.
Stack, Free -Miner's certificate No. B4243L. intend, sixty days from the dale hereof, to apply
to the mining recorder for a certiiicate ot im.
provemeiits, for ihe purpose of obtaining a
crown Grant of Hie above claim.
And further take notice  that action,  under
section 37,  must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 20th dav of Mav, A. D. 1902.
First insertion Mav 23.
Certificate of Improvements.
LEROY.   LIZZIE   aud   AVINEDOT   Mineral
Claims, situate in the Kettle River Mining
division of Yale district,
Where located :   In Deadwood camp about
three quarters of a mile  North west of the
Mother Lode mine.
■""PAKE NOTICE that I,. Sydney M. Johnson,
JL     acting as agent  for  E.   IE.   Shaw,   Free
Miner's ceriilicate No. 3J40479 and I. r>. Graham,
l-'ree Jtiner's  Certificate   "No,    B4CMO2,  intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to the
Miuing Recorder for    certificates   of Improvements, for  the  purpose   of   obtaining   crown
grants ofthe above claims.
And ftirthor lake notice that action, under
section 37. must b,5 commenced  before the issuance of such certilicates of improvements.
Dated this loth day of May, 1902.
First insertion May 23.
Certificate of Improvements-
NOTICE.    •
ROCK CREEK Mineral claim, situate ir*. the
Kettle    Kiver    Mining    Division   of   Yale
District.   Where located :    Ou  Rock Creek
at. old" trail crossing  near junction   with
South Fork.
nPAKE NOTICE   that I, J» Uliley   Megraw,
J.     Free Minor's Certificate Wo.  B55438,  in-
teii(i7sixtv""'a"ay"s fr()iirUi"e""(taie"~herebf,"I"to~nppl*f"
to the Mining Recorder for a Certiiicate of Impiovemeuts, for the purpose   of   obtaining   a
Crown-Grant of the above claim
And further take notice that   action, under
section 37,  mubt be commenced before tlie issuance of such certiiicate of Improvements.
Dated this 12th day of June, 1902.
First insertion June 12,
Last insertion Aug. 12.
Certificate of improvements.
INDEPENDENCE Mineral claim,situate in the
K^ttle^Riier Mining Division, Yale District
WhereTocatcd : In copper camp adjoining
the copper mine.
AKE NOTICE that I, Clive Pringle, Free
Miner's certiiicate No. B40314, intend
sixty days fromthe date hereof to'iipply to the
Mining Recorder lor a certificateof improvements for the purpose of obtaining Crown
of the above claim.
And  further take notice' that   action  ander
section 37  must -be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this loth day of may, A.D. 1902.
First insertion May 23rd.
.       , ■-     •,---*■»    «-t *t-i       -T*--—.   f*.-„r,  •    . ^'i    .-*. Vl    •-.-•*• ..-.1.    j-**,  •—■       <«■
"i:.±i vrnJ W-dil-, lO iuli0v7
whm. bimM CloIMng"
f.» e**t 0-"^
\. ■3/' ?!
Certificate of Improve men ts.
g;        !'   M:;NOTICE.     *';.
TAMO'SHANTER Mineral  Claim,'situate in
• the KettlBUiver Mining Division of Osovoos
District.-'" Where* located :     In  Deadwood
Camp adjoining the Herliert Spencer.
TAKE NOTICF that I. Svdney M. Johnson
acting as agent for H. EiMacdonell. Free
Miner's Certificate No. B50301. A. M. Mcintosh,
Free-Miner's Certificate No. B50349, John A.
Kirkpartict. Free Miner's Certificate No. 1S3S774
Alexander Stewart Free * Miner's Certiiicate
No. B 2313, Cecil R. Forde, Free Miner's Certi li-
cate No. B50148 and George Kydd, Free.Minor's
Certificalc.;Mo**B5015o, intend." sixty, aft'ysirom
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose -jf obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further take notice that action, uuder
•ection 37, must be commenced before tlie issuance of 3uch Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 3rd day of July. A. I.).. 1902.
First issue J uly,4.    SIDNEY M, JOHNSON
We want at once trustworthy men aud women
in every locality, local or travelling, to introduce a "new discovery and keep -*nr .show cards
and advertising matter tacked up in c.>*.i**.picu-
ous places throughout the town and country.
Steadv employment year round: commissio;i_or
salary, SfrS.00 per Month and Exscnses. uot
to exceed SZ-50 ner dav. Write forparticular:*..
Postoffice Box 337 •       *   !
Internationa! Medical Co., London, Ont,
E. Ji. Small <§- Co. are Founders in the
Dominion of Tallor-JWade Garments
!;•""•■■'•.,"        C't. « T.*-****: *3 it*** ?->       v,■ .'■ n "V V»    'Jt r^e trb     \ I *>. * If f /\
i H, •& li ttbn9 rtca! as SO VdillZ
have created  a  large demand for Royal
Brand from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
for Sale by P. w*
§ go
For good dry*  potatoes g*o to Crowston's.
Certificate  of Improvements.
ALICE, NEr-LllJ and  May,  Mineral  Claims,
situated in tin* Kettle River Mining Division
of Yale District.
Where located: Nciu to Dry Creek and
Spencer's ranch, about three miles from the
town of Anaconda.
TAKE NOTICE that we, John N. Greden,
Nicholas Tholl, Donald d. .McLaren and
William C**. McMviin, Free Miners Certificates
Nos. U40026, B40M7, B41S23, C40601 respectively,
intend sixty days from the date hereof, to apply-
to the Mining Recorder for* Certificates of Improvements, for the purposci of obtaining
Crown Grants of the above claims.
Aud further lake notice that action, under
section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificates of Improvements
Dated this 10th day of April, A. D.,190.2
John N. Greden, Nicholas Tholl, Donald d. McLaren, Wm. G. MCMynn,
Certificate of Improvements.
situate in the Kettle River Mining Division
of Yule District.
Where located :    In  Greenwood camp west
of Uauuer Mineral claim.
TAKE NOTICE tliatl Svdney M. Johnson
acting assgeut for Alex W. Douglas,.
Free Miner's Certificate No. B40491, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to applv to the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Iniprovements. for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the above claim.
And  'further lake  notice that action,  under
section 37, must be commenced  before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Datea this 21stday of May, A. D., 1902.
First insertion May 23rd.
Certificate of Improvements
"D" Fraction Mineral Claim situate iu the
KettleliiverMiniug Division of Yale Dis
trict.   Where located :    Boomerang camp.
TAKE NOTICE that I, John P. McLeod,
Free Miner's Certificate No. B400S7 as
agent for Philip S. Stanhope, Free Miner's
Certificate No. I14051S aud Roger O'Hara Free
Miner's Certificate No. B304fj6>intend,siily"days
from the date Iiereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Iniprovements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant ofthe
above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, must be commenced before Ihe issuance of such Certificate of Improveinents,
Dated this 301U day of April, A. D. 1903.
Certificate of Improvements-
TION"  Mineral    Claims,    situated     in  the
Kettle River Mining Division of Yale  District,   Where located :    In Central camp.
'-pAKIS NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett, as
JL     agent   for the No. 7  Mining Company,
Free   Miner's  Certificate  No.   B40690,   intend
sixty days from date hereof, to  apply to the
"Mining Recorder for   Certificates of Improvements,   for the purpose of obtaining    Crown
Grants of the above claims.
And further lake notice that actions, under
section 37,  must be commenced before the issuance of such Certilicates of Improvements.
Dated this 14tlt day of April, A. D. 1902
3m.<) I. H. HALLETT.
Certificate of Improvements-
ST*^EUGENE--Fraetional- Mineral- claim,*
situate iu tlie Kettle River Mining Division
of Yale Dislrict.
Where located ; In Deadwood camp adjoining the "Butcher Boy" and "St. Lawrence
Mineral claims.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Clive Pringle, Free
Miner's Certificate No. B40314, Agent for
Louis I Ostroski, Free Miner's Certificate No.
B414S2, and I. Robert Jacobs. Free Miner's
Certificate No. B5O865, intend sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to tiie Mining Recorder
ior a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above
Aud further take notice that action, under
section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 2nd day of May, A. D.. 1902.
Notice is hereby given that the partnership
heretofore subsisting between t)ie undersigned,
carrying on business at Deadwood, B. C. as
Hotel keepers, under the name, style and firm
of Hartnianifc Henderson is this day dissolved
by mutual consent,
Tlie undersigned James Henderson will continue the business aud will pay all debts due by
the firm of llitrtman & Henderson and all accounts owing the said firm are to be paid to the
said James Henderson.
Dated at Deadwood, B. C, this 14th day o
May. A. D-, 1902.
Witness :    PETER CORRIGAN.
Certificate of Improvement-
BALTIMORE Mineral Claim situate in the
Kettle River Mining Division of Yale District. Where located : In Copper Camp.
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. P. Myers-Gray
as agent for John A Moody, Free Miners
Certificate N<i.B41498.'mteud; sixty days from
the date hereof.-to apply jto the Mining Recorder, for a Certificate of Improvements for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the above claim.
And  further take notice that action  under
Section  37  must be commenced  before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated the 28lli dav of April, 1902,
Certificate of Improvement.
"DON JULIO FRACTION"  Mineral   Claim,
situated in the Kettle River Mining Division   of Yale Disrict.   Where located:   In
Deadwood Camp.
TAKE NOTIE that I, Isaac H. Hallett, as
agent for ths British Columbia Copper
Company, Limited, Free Miner's Certificate
No. B49091 intend sixty days from the
AiKp hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim.
And  further take notice that action, under
section 37, must be commenced before the is-
suauce of sucli Certificate of Improvements.
T>ited this 23th dav of A-oril, 1902.
No. 38.1. 0.0. F.
Mecls every Tuesday Evening at 8.00 lu their*
lodge room at Masonic Hall.    A cordial Invitation is extended to all sojourning biethern.
Frbd B. HoLmbs, N.G.   W. B. Fxith, Reo.See*
Certificate of Improvements
Mineral ciaims situate in tbe Kettle River
Mining Division of Yale District.
Wliere located :   In Deadwood camp.
TAKE NOTICE that I, John .Robert Brown,
Free Miner's Certificate No. B40688, as agent
for David  A. Good. Free  Miner's   Certificate
No.   B404S1,    intend    sixty   days    from     the
date hereof, to apply to the mining  recorder
for a certificates of improvements,for the purpose 0  obtaining   crown grants of the above
claim .
Aud furtlier take notice that action, under
section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements!)
Dated this 2nd day of April, 1902.
Certificate of Improvement.
DEER HORN mineral claim, situate in th
Ketl!« River Mining Division of Yale Dis
trict    Where located :   Deadwood camp.
Take Nocice that I, J. P. Myers-Gray, Free
Miner's Certificate No. B549S7, agent for Rose
C. Davey, Free Miner's Certificate No. B5444s,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining
a CrownGrant of the above claim
And furtlier take uotice that action, under
Section 37, must be commenced beforo tha
Issuance of sueh Certificate of Improvement.
Dated this 20th day of June.A. D., 1902.
HOMESTAKE Mineral claim situated in the
Kettle  River   Mining   Division    of    Yale
Where located : In Dayton icamp. adjoining the War Eagle claim. L. 1879.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Sydney M. Johnson,
Free Miner's Certificate No. B8120, for self and
as agent for Aiuslev Megraw, Free Miner's
Certificate No. B30349 and S. G. Detchon
Free Miner's Certificate No. B37825, intend
sixty days from the date iiereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown
grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,  under
section 37, must be commenced before  the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 22nd day of Marcli 1902.
Certificate of Improvements.
MYRTLE Miueral Claim, situate in the Kettle
River Mining Division of Yale District.
Where located :    In Dayton  camp, adjoining tlie Homestake miueral claim.
TAKE NOTICE that I. Svdney M. Johnson,
Free Miner's Ceriilicate No. B. 8120 for self and
:y daye
from the'date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim. ;;     .,
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 22nd day of March, 1902.
»      Mineral Act 1896.
DON'T KNOW Mineral Claim, situated in th*
Kettle  River Mining   Division    of   Yale
Wliere Located :      Smith's    camp,    neat
Boundary Falls.
TAKE  NOTICE that we, Geo. R. N2den
Free Miner's Certificate No. 416SSB,  and
Sydney=!__M.    Johnson, _ Free_ Miner's,. Cer_
tificate No. 8120B        intend sixty
days from the date Iiereof to apply to the
mining recorder for a certificate of improve
ment for the purpose of obtaining a crown
grant for above claim.
Aud further take notice that action undei
cection 37 must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this 15th day of February, A. D., 1902.
Certificate of Improvements.
"No. 2" and "No. 3" Mineral Claims situate In
he Kettle River Mining Division of Yalt
Where located :   In  Crow Point Camp on
James Creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I. Isaac II Hallett
as agent for John Douglass, Fre; Miner'i
Certificate No. 40253, James Atwoo 1 Free
Miner's Certiiicate No. B40265, Arthur i ■'. Pelly
Free Miner's Certificate No. B18275 and Herald
T. Hodgson, Free Miner's Certificate No. B4049C
intend sixty days from the date hereof, to applj
lo the Mining Recorder for] Certificates of lm
provements, for the purpose of obtaining
Crown Grants of the above claims.
And further take notice that action undei
section 37, must be commenced before the Is
suance of such Certificates of Imorovemcnts.
Dated this 4th day of April, A. fa., 1902.
George D. Edwards, and to any person or per-
sons to whom he may  have trau  • rred hi*
interests in the "Uncle Sam" nr: oral claim
dnd "First Chance"   mineral   claim, both
situate in SkylarkCampin the Kettle Rivei
Mining Division of Yale District, British
You are hereby notified that I have caused to
be  expended 5205.00 to hold  the said mineral
claims under the  Mineral Act, that the proportion you should contribute for your undivided one-third interest in each of theaboveclaims
is $08.33, and if within ninety days from the first
publication  of this  notice you fail or refuse tc
contribute the said sum of S08,33, which is now
due, with all costs of advertising, your interest
in each of the said mineral claims  will become
the property of me, the  undersigned, one of
your co.owners, under section four of an Act
entitled  the  "Mineral   Act Amendment  Act,
Dated at  Greenwood, B. C, the 25th day of
March, A. D., 1902.
Certificate of Improvements.
ABERDEEN Mineral claim, situated  in   the
Kettle River Mining Division of Yale District.   Where located:   In Copper camp.
TAKE NOTIE that  we, John  D. Norrish
Free  Miner's C ertificate No. JJ41333,  A.
E. Cross, Free Miner's  ertificate No B4000S and
Louis   Bryant.  Free  Miners   Certificate    No.
B40625 intend, sixty days from the date herec f
to apply to the mining recorder for a certi
cate of improvements for the purpose of obtaj
iug a crown grant of the above claim.
And  further take   uotice that action, unde
section 37, must be commenced before th« •
suanceof such certifictte of iraprovem en  t
Oated this 26th dav of April, A. D., 1902. THE BOUNDARY CREEK TIMES  M  'jftiftKMASas  James  Dale is  down from the West  Fork country.  ��     #     -ft       -ft       6  ft     ft     ft     #      ft    .  ft*      ft  IS TO SUIT OUR  CUSTOMERS. .  ,  We sell goods  That They Want  at prices they want  and  Wp They Watrt  fliem  ^->You wild Always find  US READY TO DO BUSINESS  J. P, Keane, manager of the Cariboo,  registered at the Imperial this week.  James Kerr  and  Thos.   McDonnell  have returned from a visit to Colville.  R. A. Sanborn arid wife of Cnmp  McKinney were guests at the Imperial  this week.  Sandy Cameron of Cameron Bros.,  lias returned from a trip to the Northwest territory. J  J. W. Mellor, Victoria, spent this  'veek in'.Greenwood where he has exclusive business and property interests.  Wv-F., .p'1-Iara....ha.vinj* completed the  work on the International boundary  line west of Midway, moved camp last  week to the,vicinity of Cascade.city..  A. A. Munro, secretary of the Montreal and Boston Copper company left  for the east on Monday. He intended  visitiiif*- Chicago and New York before  returning to his home in Montreal  YOUNG  JR.  This celebrated horse will stand  for the season at  JL JL^r jLrf HZs   1L  CF*\  CF*,  CF*\  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  cr*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  CF*  0 e  Capital, all paid up. $12,000,000.  Rest.  ..$8,000,000.  President.   Loud Stkathcona ash Mount Royal,  Viee-riesidcni :    IUin. ('. i;ok(;i: A. Dkum.mond.  General Manager:    K. S.   Ci.ooston. . .  llranclics in London, Enj|. -! ��^l"\^XL < %w York, Chicago.  Buy and Kelt Sterling E.xeiian-.'e unit Cable Transfers -, Grant Commercial an  Travellers' Credits, available in anv pacilof tlie world.  Greenwood Branch,     F. J..FINUCANE, Manager.  *=��>  *K=5  ���*=**2  >=*2  s_-fi  ���*=*9  x*��>  *��=9  ;������*=��>  >=5  TimimjimimmMMmmMmmmmmMm  ''��� A 'n umber' of Greenwood citizens  spent the 4th in Spokane, going- via  the Great-Northern. Among those  who went to pluck some feathers from  the eagle's tail were L*. Ostroski, Jas.  McCreath.and'Tlios. Walsh.*  Terms  for  the  season.S10.00 or will  nsttre for 510,00 if paid for in advance  money to  be returned  if mare not in  foal. y' >i ''.���'���'������ ���  Pasturage S5.00 a month.  Young G. M. Patchen, Jr., is a  bright bay with black points. Stands  16 hands high and weighs 1286 pounds.  The pedigree of this horse can be  seen by applying to the undersigned.  YEB.KIRBY,  SIDLEY, B.. C.  ��� ��������� frazee  Grocery and Bakery.  Wallace-Miller Block',  y    Copper Street,  GREENWOOD, B.C.'  Local and Personal.  Clive-Pringle .and wife left-on-Monday for the east.  THE BEST BEER IN TOWN IS MADE BY  f  PORTMAN   & PORTMAN  Proprietors  ASK FOR  With Which is Incorporated/the  THE BAM OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO.  Capital, $8,000,000.       -      Rest, $2,000,000  HON. GEO. A. COX. President.   B, E. WALKER, General Manager  \M F. MYTTON"'J  ���  MANAGER GREENWOOD BRANCH.  &M3M  A. McLennan who has been connected with the V. & N: Telephone  company left on Wednesday for his  old home in A"shfLeld, Ont. He expects  to return next fal*."  The large cake raffled by the ladies  of the R; C. church was won ' by D. J.  Darraugh. ,:.Mr. Darraugh generously  presented the cake '���'.-to the Sisters'  Hospital.    ":!���- , *,.  Members of Greenwood Lodge A.  F. "'& AC', M.;J attended'*, devine service  last Sunday evening in St. Jude's  church. Rev. E...P.. Flewelling a  brother Mason conducted the services.  Some changes have been made at the  ' Mother^Code"'ittine:" ^Harry-fPascoe,;  the, mine foreman has been succeeded  by SVC. Holman who for two years  had charge of the No. 7 mine'in Cent-'  ra.1 camp. 'Mr. Pascoe left for South  Africa last week. George Johnston  succeeds Mr. Holman at the No. 7.  H. F. My.tton's .Irish tcrrior. was  poisoned on, -Wednesday last. The  bitch was playing- on' the street near  the Bank of' Com'inerce when she  picked up some strychnine an ddied in  a few minutes. How the poison got  there is a mystery as it is scarcely  po��sible that anyone would purposely  place it on the street.  Mr, Geo. Stanley, a hardsyare merchant of Chistlcy, Ont., who has been  viiiting his daughter Mrs. Ii. H.  Rotithier at Boundary Falls, left for  the east on Monday.  Tho sneak thief succeded in getting  away with valuables belonging to  Greenwood boys during their visit to  Grand Forks, The heaviest loser was,  J. B. Morgan.' The majority of the  fire boys were quartered at the Alberta,  and as the house was crowded many of  them slept on cots in a large room.  During the night a thief entered and  rifled.-their pockets. Morgan lost a.  gold watch and several dollars. Other  members lost valuables.  ������'���;   ������������������ #Wf3  ^f*i--*a^5*)v.*^-A-.  .   ���,.....,...     ....  ^-^ifiV.-V*������ .*��� ���-���.. .      "'���"'���.  The Elkhorn Lager Beer Contains only Pure Malt Hops, Try  It-1 It is kept on draught or in Bottles by all the leading Hotel  * Engineers and Mine  Superintendants will find  it to tlieir Interest to refer to us when in need'of ���  anything in the Pump  line,' We make Pumps of  every description for all  services.  i Pump Catalogues and  Specifications sent upon  I rcsuest. i We manufacture also Nortliey Gasand ������  �� Gasoline EnBlne-elJca-g-* fHt  Ihandy-safe.     Send-. for..�� *���   *  *0CU&ftMemilW��     ���        g**  Agents at Rossland B..-U  a   Vancouver Engineering,  storks, aeen*ts at VaT1"  Tcou"ver,"B'. C; *"'���* - "**       l^}Si?SSSSS^cSSS����a^S3S.*si  GEO. R. NADEN,  y REPRESENTING:  The Phoenix Fire Assurance The British  America Assur-  Co. of London, England. ance Co., of Toronto.  The "Western Assurance Co.,  of Toronto.      ���  The  Canadian   Birkbeck   Investment aud Savings Co.  STOCKS,  REE. ESTATE,  '-*-#*�������-*�����*��������*���##*���#*��������# *��*#^  For Live Stock  We have received a car of Sale, the right kind  for Cattle and Horses.  5tit.a^��ii-a ���������  KingStS  % ' It's also good for making Ice Cream. *  !���'������ ^__^���P. Bums ���"$ ��o. I  *����� ft  ������x-'ny'-:!.,!1*^''^-^"Mmw " ****a>**w���  RAILWAY  A~NEW FEATURE  Blake Wilson of the P. Burns & Co..  came over from Nelson this week expecting to continue his trip with Julius  Ehrlich the local manager to the  Similkameen, but his driving.team decided that it was easier to kick holes in  each other than wade through mud to  the cattle country. Oue horse is now  carrying several stitches. Mr. Wilson  returned to Nelson, aud Mr. Ehrlich is  on the hurricane ��� deck of a cayoose,  hunting cattle in the Similkameen.  Even popular officials of the big meat  firm have their strenous times.  COLUMBIA $��� KOOTENAY  between  NELSON  MEALS'  A LA CARTE  TxVBLD UHOTE  ^aiuuuiiiuiiiiiaiiuuiuiiiiimiiiiiiummuiiaiuiiiuuiiuiuiiu  For prices of lots and other  information address   Greenwood is the financial and commercial centre oi the  Boundary Creek District. It is the supply point for the  Mining camps. From the city roads lead to Greenwood.  Deadwood, Copper, Summit, Long Lake, Skylark, White  and Atwood, Wellington and other Boundary Creek camps.  Robt. Wood or C. Scott Galloway, Greenwood,    g  ismtmmmmwmwi^  ames  Liquors and Cigrrs at  Standard Prices.  Complete Equipment  Unequalled in the West.  For   time   tables,  rates and full particulars apply to local agents.  E REDPATH, Ageir  Greenwood, B. C  J. S. CARTER, C. J. COYLE,  I     DP.A., Xelson.      G.P.A. Vaneouvur  -MONTREAL, QUEBEG-  MANUFACTURERS OF  -*���*  ��� ���  ery*  BOILERS, HOISTS, PUMPS, Etc.  Agents For The Bullock Diamond Drills. _-�������.  ROCK DRILLS, STRAIGHT LINE  UPLEX and CORLISS AIR COMPRESSORS ...  COMPLETE MINE EQUIPMENTS  OF ALT. KINDS.  STOCK CARRIED IN ROSSLAND.  ~ R. B. e. mcnally, Rossland, B. 0. - =3  liiiiiniiuiuauuiiiiuiuauuiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaiuiaiuuiuiiuiiuiiiiiiiiiiuiuiiiiia^ THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK TIMES.  1.  We are prepared to do your  DEVELOPING, PRINTING and MOUNTING  and guarantee to you in every instance  only  -��� FIRST-CLASS WORK ���  Our facilities for giyinz the best results are unequalled in the  Boundary.  Complete Line of Photo Supplies and Easttnen Kodaks.  Dominion Express Orders Sold and Cashed.  Smith & McRae  BOOKS, PAPERS, PHOTO SUPPLIES, ETC.  A SIMILKAMEEN MINING ROMANCE  The bonding* of the Winnipeg- claim  in Hedley camp to the Standard Oil  Co*, by the locator, Mr. Geo. Stumps,  for $30,000, makes an interesting ��tory  and illustrates the great element of  chance there is in mining.  Mr. Stumpa liter*tlty stumbled upon  a fortune. By a lucky accident he  chanced upon a ��howing that had been  Yainly sought for during the past two  years, and without doing a dollars  worth of work he was able to sell his  flad to one of the richest corporations  on the continent lor the goodly sum  mentioned above. The buyers already  own the famous Nickle Plate property  which they hare developed extensively  That they are well pleased with the  results attained is amply attested by  the fact that they have been buying  all .the adjoining claims at large figures. The characteristic ore of Hedley  camp is an arsenical iron, in some  cases carrying very high gold values.  Rich float had been found a couple  of years ago near Winnipeg, which is  about two miles north of the Nickel  Plate and lower down the mountain  side. Careful search was made to  discover the source of this float, but  without success until last summer.  The story as it is current is to the  effect that Mr. Stumps, while out prospecting, was crossing* an awkward  place oyer a fallen tree when his foot  slipped and he fell a short distance to  the ground. A growth of moss covered the rocks upon which he fell, and  his foot in striking, scraped the moss  ^ff. and__brqke_^ away a small point of  the rock. Mr. Stumps noticed the  mineral in the piece and examined it  more closely. It was a piece of arsenical iron resembling very much in ap.  pearance the ore of the Nickel Plate.  The fortunate discoverer lost no time  in staking his find, and an assay of  the ore showed it to carry good gold  values.  The Standard Oil Co., now have a  force of men at work developing the  property. The lead where exposed is  in the neighborhood of 20 feet wide. It  runs in the direction of the Nickle  Plate, and is thought to be a continuation of that marvellously rich lode.  The property was secured by the  Standard Oil people on a working bond  the payments extending- over a period  of 14 mouths.���Star.  New goods direct from Great Britain  just arrived at Mitchells the Tailor.  ��**��#e**��**��<K**��*-��06<��*:**0*��0��0  * 2  ��� Headquarters for ft  ���a  *��  *��  ��  ft  ��  ft  ft  1 Pishing  I Tackle  ��  ��  ��  ��  *  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  d  A complete stock of every-   -*****.  ft  thing in that line,reasonable   ft  ft  prices. J  ft  3, C. Coles,  ��  e  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  e  M UUUMB nuu   iiiakviaM)   t*-k\*.   <~ki*> *.  ft W ft  0 Phone No. 33. ���*���**���*  �� ��  ������0ft ����������������*��#�����������������*������������������  ��� Books,   Stationery,   Office  ��� Supplies, etc.  ^ '��� Kodaks and Materals, etc. etc.  Phone No. ^3.  Auditorium,   -   Greenwood;  MONDAY  JULY .. 7TH,... 1902.  iss Morietio La De  B. E.  n li  WHAT THE PRESS SAYS  Duncan Mcintosh has received a  letter from Capt. J. Edward Leckie of  the fourth contingent written from the  hospitai in Johannesburg. Capt.  Leckie had been ill with enteric fever  but wan rapidly recovering*- when the  letter was written. His brother R. G.  Edward Leckie was also down with  enteric fever.  s5* *���?��� J* *0* <j* i3** *^* <3* w* *9* t3* J* ���w* i!& ��3* w** *w*  i-k  A. BANHAM  PACIFIC BLOCK.       Copper St.  SELLS  FRESH FRUITS,  CONFECTIONERY,  CIGARS  and TOCACCOS.  Has a neat cosy and clean  ICE CREAM PARLOR  and will blend your Teas to -suit  you.  Don't forget the place in  the  Pacific  block next to "Windsor Hotel.  -^���^jCiftis-*-"  Look to Your Eyes  Toronto Evening Globe, March 19,  1901 : "Miss Flanigan earned the  rounds of applause that she received.  The numbers rendered by her were  quite as well done as anything* she  has yet sung in Toronto, and that  is sayiug a great deal. Miss Flanigan  has a grand future before her."  Springhill News and Advertiser:  "Miss Teresa Flanigan has a  sweety "full and~tremMdtt"s~mMzo^sor  prano voice and proved to be a host  in herself  Consult an Optician.  Halifax Herald : Miss Flanigan  sang two beautiful solos, and made  an excellent impression  Toronto Mail and Empire : "The  gems of the evening were the recitations given by Miss Marietta La  Dell,  an   elocutionist of rare ability  Telegram :"The feature of the  evening's entertainments was the  delightful readings of our Canadian  elocutionist,   Marietta   La   Dell  Moncton, N. B,, Transcript :"Miss  La Dell has the happy faculty snd  rare knack of taking a house by  storm. She has only been equaled  by   Siddons.  Reserved Seats 50 cts.   Gallery  25.  H. A. KING & CO. I  e����ft*����fttf��0ft��a0������*����ft��aftft  must,  reduce their  large  stock   of  OFFICE SUNDRIES,  They offer Brrgains  ���in���  % Shannon Files,  |    Blank Books,  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  Inks of all kinds,  Typewriter Paper,  Writing Materals.  hjuihc & co.  ���a*��ftfta����tf��ftaft������ft��ft������ft����  When j-our eyes dim and when you cannot con-  tlnnc tor any length of time to rcg-ard small  objects as iu reading.  When you involuntarily frown or partly close  the eyes when looking at an object.  When thing's "swim" or become dim after be-  iiilT looked at for some time.  When the eyes aclie, smart or water; when  your eyelids get inflamed often, or when  you have pain in the eye ball, orbit, temples  or forehead.  When you have any nervous derangement that  you cannot otherwise account for.  Don't let" the' matter of "expense keep you from  visiting us. Sig*ht is as precious tn yoa as  life itself, and we test the eyes free of  charge.  MILLER BROS.,  OPTICIAMS AND JEWELERS,  ��ft����������**��ftftft��ft��e��*����ft��*ft s  DO YOU  SMOKE ? ?  TRY  ONE OF MUNROE'S  CIGARS.  ft  a  a  ft  ft  ft  ft  ft  ��  ��  ��  ��  ft  ft  a  ��  ft  ��  a  ft  ��  ��  ��  ft  e  ��  ��  ft  ft  ft  ��  ��     �� =====  ���5.        Newspapers  5 Stationery.  ft  ft  ft  ft  THE BEST LINES iN  CIGARS,  TOBACCOS  and CIGARETTES  ��  *  a  ��  ft  ��  a  ft  ft  ft  ��  ��  a  ft  ��  ��  ��  o  a  ��  ��  a  ft  ��  ��  ��  e  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ft  ft  ��  ft  ft  ��  ft  ��  ��  ft  ft  ft  ===== a  Periodicals        ���*��  ft  ft  ft  Full Line Choice Candy ��  ��  ��  ��  *  tt Copper Street. Greenwood.   *���&  �� ft  ��*ft����ftftftaftftftftftft90ftft��a����*��*  H. B. MUNROE  OF CANADA  Is we believe second to none for style,  finish and durability,   and  cannot be  duplicated at the price,  We have just opened up several cases  and invite your inspection,  Special Line of *>  ���  '  Ladies Canvas  Tennis Bals and  Oxfords  in Black, White and Tan,  "STRONGEST IN THE WORD"  Assets . . $304,568,063.49        Surplus . . $66,137,170.01  605-606-607 Empire State Building, -- Spokane, Wash.  CHARLES T. K1PP. Cashier.  Office Tel. Brown, 211. Residence Tel. South, 801.  ^4. $> 4�� <%> ���$��� ������$��� <k ��$��� ���ft* *&��� ���$��� 4t "fr *%��� *b 4�� ��� 4�� Ap 4* ��fr 4�� �����*�� 4  "WELL THAT'S FINE"  Is what they all say about  .THE NEW GEM SAFETY RAZOR.  Impossible   to  cut the] face;  shaves  easily, quickly and cleanly,  4��  4��  4��  * McLennan,   McFeely   &   Company *  a Wholesale Hardware Merchants, &>" ,,  4��     122 Cordova Street, VANCOUVER. B. C.     4*       *  Illustrated booklet free.      Mail Orders promptly filled.  P. O. BOX 296.  'PHONE 179  iu. % tnemman $ go.,  ���WHOLESALE GROCERS AND AGENTS FOR  TUCKET CIGAR CO., UNION LABEL CIGARS.  BRANDS.  MONOGRAM, MARGUERITA, BOQUET, OUR SPECIAL,  EL JUSTILLO,       EL CONDOR,       SARANTIZADGS,   SCHILLER  Corner Alexander Street and Columbia Avenue, Vancouver, B. C.


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