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 Ill  ���.* \  -v   OCT 251904     %.  i.     Im  ^il903't^-:t:-:.;gg^  -:i-< ���.;--'.'.'^-;''  Vol. 9.  GREENWOOD, B. C. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 21 1904.  No. 8  *���' ���' r>  &4>&4>&&&***%'4>^fy*&*&*4'&&&44?fy&fy&*&&&&&fy&&fy$&  *  *  *  A BIG DOLLARS WORTH  *  Gro-  4��  4��  cenes  4��  4��  In this line, we  ���  have   always  *  aimed to   give  4��  our patrons the  best, the fresh  *  est    aud   most  *  \v ho lesom e  4��  4��  goods at popular prices. Whether or not this  4��  has been done,  *  we leave to our  *  customers to  say.  You will find our prices this season a LITTLE  LOWER than ever before. We want to treat  everyone alike and to give you the best values  in our power. Give us a chance to supply  your wants.  W00ULENS  A bright new stock of Blankets, Comforters, Flannels and  Underwear. Dress Goods and  Suiting-sin all the fashionable  colorings.  SHOES  MEN���A most complete line  of the kind that make  your feet and your pocket-  book glad.  WOMEN���New fall line of  Bell's fine footwear, with  or without patent tips.  French and Military heels  CHILDREN-The largest stock  of childrens' shoes ever  shown in Greenwood. Let  us fit your little folks  MEN'S  GOOBS  The new Neckwear, Collars,  Shirts and Underwear and in  W. G. & R. Shirts are fast  colors, fast sellers but slow  to wear out.  Rubbers  and Overshoes  We are headquarters this year  for Rubbers and Overshoes.  See our immense stock if you  can't get suited elsewher. Better see ours first.  CLOTHING  See the new suits and ulsters.  Also a big new line of separate pants on which we can  give you exceptional values.  Does your boy wear a "Lion  Brand Suit" ?  Home  Necessities  At this season  every home requires numerous  articles replaced.  New Carpets,Lino  leum, Matting,  Rugs, Curtains  etc.serve to bright  en the home for  the long winter  months. We offer  bargains in all  these lines as well  as Stoves,Kitchen  Utensils, House  and Floor Paint.  =ae  Tire Big? Store  == *  JOSHUA BELL FOUND GUILTY  BY  A  JURY  OF TWELVE   AFTER  TRIAL FOR THE  A   FOUR DAYS  Murder oi Annie Allen  :*4!?'<f*��^ ���*!���*$��� ^'^4*^4*^.*^^  1 Fall Goods Arriving!  ���i "���"������������ ��*���  �������� We are showing tne  i~<2 nicest line of all-  �����; wool clothing at^~  -��* ever brought in town  Fall and winter underwear ranging from^*��*  a suit. The Wolsley at  $5.50 a suit.guaranteed  $11  "oil  Our     Mackinaws  English and Canadian  goods are union made  and guaranteed at:  A nice line of  Slater's Invictus  just in,  which  we   can highly  mendrand^at prices-to-suit���the  Stetson Hats best quality from $4.00 to S5.S0. ��r  -=-3         In shirts, collars and cuffs we' carry a neat range of the g~  H2 W. G. & R. goods,   g3  1RUSSELL-LAW-CAULFIELD CO., Limited.!  Miiiuiiiaimiuiiiuimiuuuiuuuiiniituaauiiiiuniuauu^  1    AT THE  1 BEGINNING  1    OF THE  1    SEASON  1 YOU WANT  1 A TOP COAT  Our new stock has  arrived and is ready  for your inspection.  ~~�� We  are  agente   for  :=3 the  3 20th CENTURY  |�� CLOTHING  i~3 See our fall samples  ^2 five hundred to pick  i~3 and order suits from  A TERRIBLE LESSON.  The recent trial of Joshua Bell for  the murder of Annie Allan was full of  painful and sickening revelations. It  told a story of the underworld full of  the play of'the worst of human passions  Here was a man of good appearance,  of good health, of more than average  intelligence, a victim to his own uncontrollable passions. He had seen  much of life's hard features, had  mixed with the roughest element of  society but held, he claimed, in his  heart a profound love for the woman  whose life he took. Out of his love  grew jealousy, out of jealousy grew  hate^and .^out^jof^hate^grew,^ murder..  He had allowed his mind to dwell on  the matter for months and years and  when the moment was ripe he demanded  the sacrifice. A soldier in the army at  an early age he had doubtless learned  to look on life with little reverence.  Twice that we know of now, he had  held a fellow's life a trivial affair, and  whether in defence of his own or not,  had attempted to take it.  Inured to life's worst, the good in  him had been suppressed, and it only'  required the exigency to find him ready  for the worst of crimes. And yet there  must have been much of good in Joshua  Bell. He could not have feigned the  emotion he displayed when describing  Annie Allan's death. Strong men  like he, with hardened hearts, do not  shed tears for effect. He doubtless  loved his victim but unschooled in the  art art of self-control, he sent her to a  swift and terrible death, when persuaded she would not marry him.  And so the mandate of the court must  be met. Nothing remained forjudge  and jury but to do what ihey did. The  lesson of Bell's life is written in letters  so large that they who run may read.  CUT FLOWERS.  Mrs. Benard wishes to announce to  all parties wishing cut flowers for the  coming dance that she can supply the  same. Orders should be given as far  in advance as possible. Call up phone  31.  3 RENBELL*  3       & C0.  CHALMERS VS. GRANBY CO.  The case of Chalmers vs. the Granby  Co which was to have been tried  before this session of the court was  settled. This was an action under  tiinployei er's Liability Act for the loss  of an arm.- It is understood that the  compensation sought was S3500 but  that a settlement was made for $600,  It was eleven o'clock Thursday eve-  nieg when an expectant throng frat  crowded the court room to its fullest  extent heard the -words uttered that  meant so much to Joshua Bell. At  twenty minutes past five the case had  gone to the jury who for over five  hours had been consulting with only  such seriousness as men charged with  so great a trust might consult, over  the nature of the verdict they should  find. During all these hours men and  women sat and stood patiently awaiting the verdict. Joshua Bell. who  must have lost all hope when he heard  the judge's charge to the jury, if not  before, was in his cell. The officers of  }he law stood about now and then  responding to calls from the jury room  when this cr that piece of typewritten  evidence was called for.  A few minutes before eleven a tap  was heard on the door of the jury room.  An officer opened* the door and the  crowd knew by his looks that the jury  was ready to report. A profound hush  fell upon the crowd that had been  growing restless and0holding consultations in whispers1 here and there.  The'jury returned to their seats'.-." The  prisoner was-again placed at the bar.  The judge took.his seat on the bench.  The face of the prisoner looked no  more serious than that of judge or  jury. A man's life was in the balance  and he whose life was being weighed  felt the burden no more than they who  weighed it.  The jury roll was called and in quiet  hushed voice each answered to his  name. Upon being asked if they were  ready to return a verdict, the foreman  arose and amidst a silence that was  awe itself said: "We find the prisoner  guilty of the crime charged, but  strongly recommend him to the mercy  of the court."  The judge evidently felt most keenly  the solemn "obligation -laid-upon -him,  for it was with deep emotion that he  proceeded to pass the sentence that  doubtless meant the extinction of a  human life. Asking the prisoner to  arise he said in effect in slow measured tones: "Joshua Bell you have  been tried for the murder of Annie  Allan and a jury of your fellows have  according to evidence submitted found  you guilty of the crime charged. I do  not think they could have done otherwise. They have recommended you  for mercy and I shall forward this  recommendation, but I would advise  you not to rely too much ou any clemency being shown, but to spend the  time left you in getting your temporal  affairs iu order and in preparing for  the future. The sentence of the court  is, that you Joshua Bell, for the crime  upon which you have been convicted,  be taken to the place whence you come  and thence taken to the place of execution and that on the 13th day of January uextyou be hanged by the neck  until you are dead."  Joshua Bell stood apparently less  moved by the sentence than many who  heard it pronounced, and after shaking  hands with the attorney who had plead  so valiantly for his acquital was conducted by the officers to his cell below  (stairs, while the crowd passed out of  fny court -join silent and awed like  'i{n, -jStelize they stand in the  ofgeath'.  vs '-jich had lasted four days  rder of Annie Allan, in  2th  last.      The  ted    by   Ernest  |   id   Forks,  while A. M.  V reenwood defended  against terrible odds for the life of his  client.  The only close at hand eye witness  of the tragedy was Annie Swan, who  described in detail the events of the  three days pieceeding its culmination  in which the murderer and his victim  were concerned, and most particularly  of the last morning. She told of the  conversation and events that led up to  the wretched affair, of Annie Allan's  attempt at escape, of Joshua Bell's  stabbing her to the heart as she lay on  the ground.  Another eye witness to part of the  affair, but from a distance, corroborated tne story of the struggle, and told  of seeing the hand raised that struck  the fatal blow.  Other witnesses told of having heard  Bell threaten he would kill Annie  Allan did she persist in her refusal to  marry him, and the accused confessed  that only a short time before her death  she had again refused. The story told  by the prisoner in his own defence  was that the woman's death was the  accidental result of a play'ful struggle  for the possession of his pocket knife.,  He allege-S that the. knife,; was tn-rhe-  hand of Annie Allan at-the titnei and  that she accidentally in the struggle  stabbed herself to the heart.  Medical testimony was submitted to  show that the fatal blow was struck  from above the deceased and could not  have been inflicted, from its very  nature, by her own hand.  It transpired during the trial that  Bell had shot two men in Montana,  neither of whom had died, in one instance being acquitted, in the other  being convicted with a short sentence.  The prisoner was at times deeply affected while telling his version of the  terrible story, verifying in appearance  the devotion he claimed he felt for  Annie Allan, whose life he took in a  .moment-.of-hate.-**^^-^^^*^----    -*^^-=^-.-,  The jury in the case consisted of:  George Chappie, foreman, C. H. Archibald, F. W. McLaine, Wm. Green,  Neil Lamont, Arthur M. Wilson, Randolph G. K. Stuart, Henry P. Large,  Edward Hardy, J. S. McDonald, C. W.  H. Sansotn, Wm. Bonthrun.  Those who listened to the evidence  in the case must approve the findings  of the jury.  MY FRIEND FROM INDIA.  \  met  pfesfev  The  was fi  Phoe.  Crow.  Millei  White:-'  prisonei  satisfa  to  the *.  ently ar^  link by lit.  ing   eviden  ,'-rder of /  -^   j   igust i:  \   I    ;present  th..-  gentlemen   have the  -iwing they did justice  The  case  was pa��i-  -osecution forging  chain of convict-  \ -fence    fighting  Walker's comedians in "My Friend  From India" drew a good sized  audience to the Auditorium last night  iu spite of large attendance at the  court. "My Friend From India" is an  excellent comedy, full of crispdialogue  and amusing situations.  Manager Walker has gathered together a dozen clever actors and  actresses who give an entertaining  performance. Special credit is due  Mr. Earle Sterling for his portrayal of  the title role. He was ably seconded  by Mr. Chas. DelVicchio as the ambitious but illiterate Kansas City pork  packer. Mr. William Yule played two  widely different roles���an Irish policeman and an amorous missionary���with  splendid humor. The ''Tilly" of Teab  la Force was a highly amusing characterization. Her dialect toast was  much appreciate.?. The other members  of the company gave creditable delineations of the roles assigned them.  Walker's comedians gave such thorough satisfaction that their return on  Nov. 1st will be awaited with pleasure.  '���Brown's in Town." a sparkling comedy which has enjoyed long runs in  New York and London will be the next  offering of Walker's Comedians.  Webb's Chocolates, purest  and  best  always fresh at Smith & McRae's, BOUNDARY   CREEK    TIMES  <KXKK><XH>00<KKK>C>00<KKK>000<>0  SCISSORS  and PAS1E POT  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  HON. A. G- BLAIR   RETIRES   FROM  RAILWAY COMMISSION  FUNNIEST OF  COMEDIES  (Special to The Times.'  Ottawa, Oct. 18.���At the close of a  meeting of the railway commission  this afternoon, Hon..A. C Blair announced his intention of resigning his  position. He said that it would be the  last session of the commission at  which he would occupy the position of  chairman and of a member of the  board. He said he was going to work  which would be more congenial to him  but gave no hint as to what it w.isl  and added that he. had no complaint to  make. He expressed regret at parting  with his colleagues.  Blair is not going into politics and it  is likely that he will be professionally  employed by one of the leading railway companies.  B. C. FRUIT IN LONDON  Victoria, Oct. IS.���Premier McBride today received the -following  cable from Agent General Turner :  "London, Oct. 18.���B. C. fruit took  highest British award, gold medal  feoyal Horticultural Society."  The shipment which was principally  of apples, was made six weeks  ago.  Duncan Ross is expected to remain  in the Okanagan till election time. It  has been thought well to keep him  away from Greenwood, lest his presence should accentuate his unpopularity in the home district.���Vernon  News.  You have another think coming brother News. Keep quiet until after  election day and revise vour judgement of his home popularity.  HAD BEEN ILL-  The story is told of a man in a  Kootenay crowd who declared he could  tell a Liberal or a Conservative by  looking at him. He picked but a Liberal and was asked to show a Conservative. He hesitated, but walked tip  to a man and said, "You are a Con  servative," "You're a liar" instantly  retorted the man, '.'I've been sick;  that's what makes me look like this."  ���Kaslo Kootenaian.  BIG BLAZE  Winnipeg, Oct. 12.���Fire which  started last evening shortly after 10,  has already done damage to the extent of about $1,000,000, and got beyond the control of the firemen.  Wall Papers ! Quality the highest,  prices the lowest. This combination  does not knock at your door every day  in the year.    We have  them.     Smith  =&~MCR ae;"-���       --'-* =���'--      ------:.-���.--.,---,-.:-. --.  000006<KXK>(XK>00<K>0<KK>0<K)<><>  i Ttf NNEi*  \       ANB STOPE  0<KK>00000<K)<>0<)0(><X)<K><MXKH}0  The bondholders of the Combination  are at present drifting on the lead at1  the bottom of the shaft. Later they  intend to extend the tunnel into the  mountain and make connections with  the shaft.  Fred. Whitwell who has been on the  Coast ever since he left the Providence  two years ago, has returned with Mrs.  Whitwell and is at work ou his Maori  group up Providence creek. The  Maori group is on the line of the Great  Northern just across the gulch from  Bailey's camp. Whitwell is getting  some very fine assays out of his ore.  The number men being employed on  tha high grade claims of the camp is  steadily increasing. At present 16  such claims are being worked within  two miles of town employing about  150 men. The record t hese properties  are making is attracting the attention  of many mining men to the district.  The Strathmore is reported to be  looking well and sending out some  fairly good ore.  "Brown's in Town" to be Played  Here by Walker's Comedies-  Mr. C. P. Walker, to whom our theatre, patrons are indebted for immer  ous high grade dramatic perl'ormaiu:.-*-  is .sending n.-> now that funniest oi" aii  the comedies, "Brown's in Town." Il  is to be given here on Tuesday, Nov. 1  and the producing company is the  popular organization know i as Walker's Comedians. "Brown's iu Town"  is one ol' tne most remarkable laughing hits of recent years���as all who  pav any attention to theatricals are  ijitite weli a..rare. It had long and  highly successful runs in all the  metropolitan centres and made famous its clever author, Mark 12. Swan.  For this production Mr. Walker lias  considerably strengthened his company. Mr. George Berry, a comedian  of high standing, being one of the  recent acquisitions. The enterprising  manager gives assurances of the best  comedy performance yet, and promises  his patrons an evening of continuous  laughter.  NOTICE.  Providence Mining Company, Limited,  Non-Personal Liability.  NOTICE is hereby given that the  Transfer Books and Register of Members of the Providence Mining Company, Limited, Non-Personal Liability, will be closed from the 17th of  October to the 25!h of October, 1904,  both days inclusive.  Dated this 14th day of October, 1904.  W. M. LAW.  Secretary.  Bv Order of the Directors.  ���:������>���>:*-:���.:������  ���**���**��� T��i w^  \%   Dispensing Chemists.  ..;..;..;..:.,j.,��..;..^.,j..��.,j..;���j..;..^-,^,.��..��,.;..*..;,.;..j..;..X��<<n��>  Y  *?  V  ���:���  *!  %  t  t;  "WHITE BROS.  Greenwood, B.C.  ������;���*��;��� vvvs  ^X,^,^,J'W*/'X-,x,':"K,,',,;-vv-',-v-:-';"  ���:������:������:������:������:���  ��  -PROVINCIAL���  WT^  Specialties:    Checking   Smelter   Returns,     Concentration,   Cyanide    and  Amalgamation Tests.  GREENWOOD,  B. C.  Notice to   Creditors'-?  In Tlie matter of the Estate of Jolfii Sullivan  late of Boundary District, Kettle River,  near town of Midway. Britisli Columbia.  Deceased.  NOTICE is hereby given .pursuant to the  "Trstees and Executors Act*' that all  creditors and others having claimsayainst the  estate of the said John Sullivan who (lied on  or about the l'Hh day of February A. D. 1902,  are reon'ired on or before the Ist'day of October  A. D. 1904, to send by post prepaid or deliver to  the undersigned their Christian and surnames,  addresses and descriptions, the full particulars  of their claims, duly verified, the statement of  their accounts, mid the nature of the securities  (if anv) held by them.  AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE thai after  sucli last mentioned date the executor will proceed to distribute the assets of thesaid deceased  amongst the parties entitled thereto havinir  regard only to the claims of which he shall  then have uotice aud that thesaid cxeutors will  not be liable for the said assets or any part  thereof to any person or persons of whose  claims uotice shall noc have beeu  received  by  Mm at.the tiiiie.oLsucli.distributLoii.___ ���*���-._������  Dated this 15th dav of .Iiiur. A. D. 1904.  McPHU.LIPS" WOOTTON & BARNARD.  Of Hauls of Montreal Chambers.Victoria [-!. C.  Solicitors for the executor of the last will of  the said deceased.  MORTGAGE SALE  Used in H.B.K. Mitts, Gloves  and Moccasins���tough as whalebone, flexible, soft, pliable, scorch-  proof, wind-proof, boil-proof,  crack-proof, tear-proof, rip-proof,  cold-proof, almost wear-proof���  certainly the greatest leather  ever used in mitts and gloves.  Like buckskin it is tanned  without oil, unlike buckskin it is  not porous, it is wind-proof���will  outwear three buckskins.  "Pinto" Mitts and Gloves  M never crack or harden, never get  E sodden, are always warm, pliable,  soft and comfortable.  Sold at all dealers but never with-  out this brand :���  HUDSON BAY. KNITTING CO..  Montreal    Winnipeg    Dawson 2  SaagaisMiawB^^  NOTICE OF ASSIGNMENT-  MORTGAGE SALE OF VALUABLE  RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY  Under aud by virtue of the power of sale contained iu a certain mortjratre which will be  produced at the time of sale, then* will be for  sale by public auction by W. 1J. Gaunce. in  front of the Mart .at the'Cilv of Greenwood,  liritish Columbia, ou Saturday the 29th dav of  October, 1904, at 12 o'clock norm, the fullowiny  property iu ���.lie Citv of Greenwood, lo wi*:  Lot 0, Block 25," Map 34 in the Sub. or Hist.  Lot 711; ou which is erected a neat one slorv  cottayv at the corner of Church and Ida st reels.  For further particulars and conditions of vale  apply to Harris & I'.ull, Hank of II. N. A..  Hldtr., Vancouver, vendor's Solicitors, or ui  W. (J. Gaunce Greenwood, IS. C.  27th September, 1904.  TATOTICE is hereby iriven that Affiles Ethel  -I'M.-V.'ilsoii. of-tlie City of-Greciiwood,-in-thc  province ol ltrilisli Columbia, Tailoress, has,  bv Deed of Assijj-iiineut licarinir dale the 2(ith  day of September, 1904. A.D., assigned all her  real and personal property credits aud effects,  which niijrlit be seized aud sold under execution, lo .lames Stuart lliruie, accountant, of the  -���aid 'City of Green '.owl, in trust for I he purpose  ���.if pay in aand saiiKfy'njf rateably aud propor-,  lionaiely and without preference or priority all  the creditors of tile said Ay-nes Ethel Wilson.  All c.reiliioi-s are required to file will! thesaid  .'issi,* m-e fni) particulars of all their claii.is  dnlv proved .is required bv the. provisions of  llio" "Creditors Trust Deeds Act. 1902" and  aineudtuevis iliereto. and the nature of the  securities, if auv, held bv them, on or before  the Kith day of November. A.D, 1904, after  wliicli cla'e tlir assignee will proceed to distribute tlie asseis anion!-' the parlies entitled  -.herein. Iiavim; reirard only to the claims of  which lie shall then have notice.  A nicetiue-ol the creditors of the said Ajrues  Ethel M'ilsoii will be held in the ollice of Arthur M. Whiteside, liilrrister. Greenwood, 15.C.  ,,!i Thursday the 13-.li day of October, A.D. 1904,  ,u the hour of three o'clock in the afternoon.  Jlau-d the >7th day of September. A.D. 1904.  JAMES S. H1RN1E,  Assignee  THE "BEST BEER IN TOWN S MADE BY  iir  PORTMAN   & PORTMAN  Proprietors  The Elkhorn Lager Beer Contains only Pure Malt Hops, Try  Itiskeptondraught or in Bottles by all the leading Hotel  1   ooo'0M��T��E*  E CITY  Nicely Furnished  Rooms.  Hot and Cold Baths  Free to Guests  WM. GREEN, Proprietor.  OOOOOOOOO C C- '.'������ OO O O-OOO *. . ���* O 'j *>0O --vOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOod  Everybody Uses Soap  and everybody who uses our  speaks very highly of it  Your money back if you don't like it.  THOMAS DRUG  GUESS BLOCK  ,Jm.x��**>*<*~><"5"><~>,>,>>^^  ��?igg(M!��i*ffl@  THE COST IS SMALL THE BENEFIT GREAT  .INSURE  OO  Limited, of LondoiirEngland.  Work on the E. P. U. group has  recently consisted of drifting- into the  Margie ground. The present plan is  to commence sinking at once at the old  workings.  The Gold Finch is  one   of   the  best |  properties   in  camp, but lying idle because the owner  will not bond without  a cash consideration.  The Largest Accident vnd Sickness Company in   the World.   Nearly   One  Million   Dollars   Paid  in  Indemnities in Canada Alone Within the Last Eight  Years.    No   Medical   Examination   Necessary.  JHPreemently the most Liberal Policy Ever Offered to ihe Public. g  It is understood that work will be  vigorously prosecuted on the Crescent  group this coining winter.  General       |  Insurance Agent i  COPPER STREET (Opposite the Postoffice) GREW00D, B.C.  Wi8^&t-'-&C:-'."LK  '$%z&i��&&$  \ BOUNDARY       REEK   TIMES.  /#  . ���*'\/>i��'\/~'WA-*-r*'W'Wft  STOOKB'BROS  Having something else  in   view  offer their well known  For Sale  706 Acres  ISO acres suitable for cultivation  balance pastures and range.  100 foot hay and cattle sheds.  First class fencing.  Extensive' Hog pasture���creek  running thro���well fenced���pig  proof."  Young Orchard just coming into  bearing stock at option ot purchaser.  SO acres Timothy-Clover-Brome  Grass.  Barns all floored���chicken and  root houses.  Current prices paid ranchers for  dressed meats, etc. Pork 8 to  10c. Beef 8 to .10c. Eggs 35  to 60c dozen. Rntter 35c lb.  Oats SOc bushel, wheat $1.00  bushel.  There's Moiney in Ranching at the  above prices���you can't get away from  It. There is no section so well adapted  to stock raising or fruit growing (as  Boundary Creek) that produces so little  of what it consumes. Market at your  door.  The Freight is yours.  The Boundary for the  rancher is an empire of  its own.  Our market Is protected on the East ty X  the C- P. R-, on the south by the Custom ���**.  House, on the West and North by Land ^  limited and undeveloped. 3  i  )  .?  Five Miles North  of   Midway.   B.   C,   3  For further Information see:  1   "-"*"  i  RAILWAY.,  The only all rail route between points east  west and south to Rossland, Nelson, Grand  Forks and Republic.  Buffet cars run between Spokane and North-  port.  '���"'     Effective June 14th. WOi.  Leave  8:45 a. m.  10:40 a. ni.  7:20 a. m.  10:35 a. ni.  8:30 a. in.*  Spokane  .   Rossland  Nelson  Grand Forks  Republic  Arrive  6:15 p. m.  4:35 p. tn.  7:20 p. m.  4:00 p. m  6:15 p. in.  In Connection With  A state owned Transcontinental line  would be no opposition at all to the  C. P. R. Under a Conservative government the C. P. R. would own both  the government and its railway lines.  ���Kooteman.  We endorse and approve the a<-.tion  of the Liberal government of Canada  in advancing the Capitation Tax on  Chinese entering the province, first  $50 to S100 and again from S100 to $500,  a total increase under Liberal administration of $450 per head.���From the  Victoria Liberal platform.  "Mr. R. L. Borden, in one of his  policies," said Sir Wilfrid Laurier,  "suggest that we extend the Intercolonial to tiie Pacific coast, and he asserts that our Grand Trunk Pacific will  cost $117,000,000. or even more than  that. From 1868 to 1902, a period of 25  years, the working expenses of the Intercolonial amounted to $92,600,000,and  the receipts to $84,000,000. If the interest is added, and calculating it at about  $2,000,000 a year, then the loss to the  people of Canada by government operation of the Intercolonial during this  25 years was almost 560,000,000. If  this loss has been endured by the peo  pie of Canada, how mucn will it be if  the line is extended to the coast?  "They had heard a good deal in the  past of the folly of public ownership.  Sir John McDonald and Sir Charles  Tup'per had condemned it, and now at  this late date the Conservatives were  asking to revert to it in this'exaggerated form.���Sir Wilfrid's special.  Canada's increase in trade since 1896  has been greater that that of any other  country in the world. Here are some  of the figures:  Canada, increase per cent..  97 3-5  Japan, increase percent  97 1-5  United States, inccrease per cent 47 1-5  Germany, incre---.se percent  38 2-3  Great Britain, increase per cent 26 1-3  France, increase per cent   22  Our trade increase in the corresponding period of the Tory regime was only  18% per cent.  GREENWOOD     OPERA    HOUSE  Return     Engagement  TUESDAY   NOV.  1ST  First Time Here of the Cleverest of Modern Farces  BROWN'S IN TOWN  Written by Mark ID. Swan and Interpreted by  WALKER'S    CQ/nEDIAES  A Company of Metropolitan Players' under the management of Mr. C. P. Walker  ��� Mr. George Berry  Mr. William Yule  Mr. H. B. Carpenter  Miss Christine Prince  Miss .Martha Shields  Mr. Earle Stirling  Mr. Chas. Del Vecchio  Mr. Chas. 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Spokane, Wash  "Roy a  It has this label  in the pocket of  every coat or overcoat.  -fi  &L.J*l'  11  I  I  Royal Brand  CLOTH!NG  REGISTERED  This label is a guarantee that "Royal Brand"  is tailor-made aud manufactured under our own  roof. That only durable cloths aud the best of  trimmings are employed in the make up.  The "Royal Brand" Clothing is of the latest  fashion, cut by the highest authority possible  to obtain.  Ask fur " Rpya! Brand "���Then look in the  pocket for the label���that is your protection.   ��  Certificate of Improvements-  NOTICE  SNOWSHOE, DIAMONfJ.. and TOLEDO,  Mineral Claims, situated in the Greenwood  Mininir Division of Yale District. Where  located:    At Camp McKinney.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Hnirli Megraw,  Free Miner's Certificate No BS7303. act-  inn- as agent for William Claude Fox, Free  Miner's Certificate No. B6207f��� intend sixty  dav�� from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mfning Kecorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  Gram of the above claim.  And further take notice that action,  undei  section 37,  must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 7th day of July. 1903.  HUGH MEGFAW  NOTICE-  NOTICE is hereby given that all creditors  and persons havine-" claims against the estate  of the late Adolphus Ferguson, who died on the  9th September last. 1'ilM. are required on or before tlie 31st December. l'JIM. io file a statement  Riving full particulars of their claims duly  verified, the stnit-mem of their account and the  value of their securities (if any',  held  by them.  Ami further take imtiee Unit after such last  mentioned date the Aihuii-isliaior will proofed  to distribute lli-u assets of Uie said deceased  amongst tin: parties entitled thereto having re-  gard only to the claims of which lie then shall  have notice and thai the said Administrator  will not be liable fur the .���-ii<| assets or any part  thereof to auv person or persons of wli'-se  claims notice shall not have beau received hy  him at the time of such distribution.  Dated this 141 h day of October, l'HH.  T. K.'PATER SON. Greenwood.  Administrator of theestate.if the late Adolphus  Ferguson, deceased.  ^.xusamxni^Tr^cjeiT^wiMiifKsiK^v'^iTr.'ti-XAajrx-.iraCMX'aijnyxB  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements-  NOTICK.  "Strathmore," '���Callao, and "Nelson" Mineral  Claims situate iu the Greenwood Miuing  Divisio of Yale District. Where located:  In Providence Camp, near to the Defiance  mineral claim.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Elizabeth Galloway,  of Greenwood aforesaid, Free Mi tier's Certificate  No.B8575G, in tend,sixty days rrom the date hereof, to apply to theMiiiiug Recorder for it Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown Grants on the above claims.  And further take notice, that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificates of Impi-oveme.iils.  Dated  this ldtli clay of September, A,b. l'llH.  ' EDlSJABliTII   GALLOWAY.  NOTICE OF FORFEITURE.  TO RICHARD   McCULLOCK or to any person or persons to whom he may have transferred  his interest in  the KUmdyke   and  Nordac  mineral   claims    situated    in   the  Greenwood  Miuing Division  of   Yale district.  You are hereby  notified  that we have expended the sum of S-400 in assessment work-  on  the above claims togetner with tflO.W) for ire  cording the same, such  work  being required  and necessary to the said claims for the years  1902-3 ending August 2nd, '.'JOS,  under the provisions  ,f the Mineral Act and Amending Acts;  and if at the expiration of ninety days from the  date of the  first publication  of this notice iu  the Boundary  Creek Times, you fail or refuse  to contribute your portion of such expenditure,  namely S153.75, together with all costs of advertising, your  interest  iu   said mineral claims  shall become vested in us (your co-owners)upon  filing iu the proper oflice in that behal �� the affidavit required  by section 4 of the Mineral Act  Assessment Act. l')00.  Dated this 22ud day of April, l')04.  MINERAL ACT.     '  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.   *  VBay" rractioual Minera'. Claim, situate in the  Greenwood Mining  Division   of Yale Dis-  ���   ti'ict.' Where located:    In Skylark camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Henry Fuller, Free  Miner's certificate N'o. BS0586, acting for  self and as agent for David Manchester, Free  Miner's certificate No. BS0598, and Frederick  Hall, Free Miner's certificate No. BS0587, intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to apply-  to the Mining recorder for a certificateof Improvements, for the prrpose of obtaining a  Crown  Grant of the above claim.  And further lake notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of improvements.  ���Dated this 1st day of August A. D., 1904,  HENRY FULLER.  MINERAL ACT  Certificate of Improvements.  ttotick.  "Springfield" Mineral Claim, situate iu the  Geeenwood Mining Division r.f Yale District. Where located:���In Beaver Creek  Camp.  TAKE NOTICE thai. I, Isaac H. Hallett, as  agent for James Napier Paton, Free  Miner's Certificate No. B62156. and Ralph  Smales, Free Miner's Certiiicate No. B5S521*  intend, sixty days from the date hereof to  apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate  of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining  a Crown Grantof the above clnim .  And further take notice that action, under  Section'��� 7.   m*j.sf.  be  -ominen-rcc!   before   the  issuance of such Certi'- '.ate of ImptovemtMkt.  Dated this 3rd day of March. A. D., iD04.  ' .     ���  I. H. Hallett.  _^-_--.,.-_MINEKX:^c,r���Ilgg6v-..��� ,_.���__  Certificate of Improvements  NOTICE.  OWL Mineral Claim, situate iu the Greenwood  Mining Division of Yale District.    Located  in Deadwood Camp-joining iheTimic   M n  eral Claim.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Sydney M. Johnson,  Free Mineis Certificate No.  B. 5525C, acting for  self  aud as agent for George R. Nadeu. Free  Miners Certificate No, B 41655, John N. Greden,  Free Miners Certificate  No.   P.  55145. and  the  British America Development  Co.,  Ltd.,  Free  Miners  Certificate No.   1! 71612,  intend,'sixty  davs from the date, hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificateof Iniprovements,  for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grantof  the above claim.  And further take notice  that  action,   tinder  section   37,    must  be commenced   before   the  issuance   of    such    Certificate,    of    Improvements.  Dated this 30th day of April, A. D., 1904.  SYDNEY M. JOHNSON.  Meets every Wednesday evening  at 8:00 in the K. of P. Hall,  All Brothers welcome.  A. T>. HALLETT, A. S. EMBREE,  k. of r. and s. c. c  CANADIAN  RAILWAY.  AdditionalSelling Da  St. Louis, World's Fair  Rates  211,29  On same dates reduced rate round  trip Excursion tickets will be  sold to all eastern points  TORONTO MONREAL  NEW YORK, Etc  CHANGE OF TIME  OCTOBER 9th.  For   full  particulars apply  to loca  ag-ents.  E. R. REDPATH, Agent,  Greenwood.  E. J. COYLE, J. S. CATER,  A.G P.A. Vancouver D.P.A.Nelso  n.  MINERAL ACT  Certificate of Improvements.  "VICEROY" fraction Mining Claim, situate  in the Greenwood Mining Division of Yale  District. Where located: In Deadwood  camp, adjoining  the   No. "Mineral Claim.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Svdnev M. Johnson, I-'ree Miners' Certiiicate No. IS80515,  acting for self aud as agent for Charles H.  Tyc, free Miners'Certiiicate No. H.S5703; Pat  Hickey, Free Miners' Ceriilic.atc No. HS04%.and  Duncan Mcintosh, I'ree Miners' Certificate No.  B85697,intend sixty days from the date hereof,to  apply to the Miuing Kecorder for a Certificate  of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining  a Crown Grant of the above claim.  , And fuither take notice that action,'under  section 37. must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this I2th day of August, A. I). 1904.  SvuxiiY M. Johnson-.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  "Paymaster'-' -Mineral-Claims situate^ in=the=  Greenwood Mining Division of Yale District.    Where located:    Near Beaverdell.  West Fork Kettle River.  '"PAKE NOTICE that I, Robert Wood, Fre��  X     Miner's   Certificate No.  B8S415, intend,  sixty days from the date hereof, to apply to tha  Mining Recorder for a Certificate of  Improvements for the purpose of obtaining- a Crown  Grant of the above claim.  And  further take uotice that action,  under  section 38, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 1st day of August, A. D., 1904.  ROBERT WOOD.  ������:��w>>*>*x��:��x��:^��:-kk��w��:��xk*<>��:**  IHE Mil  Comfortable Rooms.  Everything First Class.  THE SWAYNE  HOUSE.  Silver Street,  . Green wooa,  ���*���* X  MINERAL, ACT 1896.  Certificate of Improvement.  NOTICE.  "Gold Drop Fraction" mineral claim situate in  the Greenwood   Mining  Division   of  Yale  District.     Where  located:      On   Wallace  Mountain,   joining   the    Gold   Drop   and  Alaska Mineral Claims.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Sydney M. Johnson,  acting  as  agent  for  Wilfrid   Cdokson,   Free  Miner's Certiiicate No. B85419, and Thomas W.  Murray, Free Miner's Certificate  No.   Bi5599,  intend,sixty days from the date hereof, to applv tc ihe Mining Recorder for a Certificate of  improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a  Crown tyrant of the above claim.  And -urther take  notice  that  action, under  section 37. must be commenced before  the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Oated this 14th day of Jcue A. D., 190*.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  ���"UTE" Fractional Mineral Claim, situate in  the Greenwood mining i!ivisi*>n of Yale  district.    Where  loe.-Ue.i:   In O.-pper camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I. C. /E. Shaw, agent  for John .Moran. i'ree Miners* Certificate  No. U. S' 1433. iutend. sixty days from the date  hereof, to appl v to the Mining Recorder for a  Certificate o! Improvements, for tile purpose  of obtaining a Crown Grant of tile .-tbure claim.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37. must be comr.K*U'<*rt before the issuance of such Certificate of i'.!:*:'"vemeti!s.  Dated this 23rd day ot Jul-.-. A. i>. :'��>;.  C. .E. Sii.-.w P. .L. S-  i-n  UL,  w  0- S. FLOYD, Proprietor.  PURE  MILK   AND CREAM  Delivered  Daily to any part  of the city. BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES  'Boundary cMines in'1904  have Mined  633,414 Tons  all of which   has   been  treated at local smelters  AGEBflBBDB  Abuhbv  tLmmom  IL  P  AMBBaa  Smmoom  DUNCAN  ROSS,    MANAGING    EDITOR  The  Times Job  Printing  'Department  Is The Leader  For Neat, Clean and at-  SUBSCRIPTION PRICE  *\,+   /^^   i\/&  s/m\    *s4*\    ���*������*  $2.00 PER ANNUM IN ADVcANCE, - tractive Printing  BORDEN RAILWAY POLICY.  If we understand the position  of the Toronto News aright, it  supports the policy of government ownership of railways in a  general way. It professes also  to see merits in Mr. Borden's  criticism of the Grand Trunk Pacific project. In its issue of Sept.  23, in an article on "The Railway Policy," it has this to say:  '"The general attitude of the  Conservative party towards Mr.  Borden's declaration for State  ownership of. the transcontinental  railway is remarkable. Outside  of Mr. Borden himself and one or  two western conservative journals  there is hardly any advocacy of  the leader's policy."  Now these remarks of the  News are unquestionably justified by the facts. The most influential elements in the Conservative party refuse to countenance the government ownership  platform, for any other than  purely election purposes. Mr.  Borden is angling for a certain  vote supposed to exist amongst  citizens of socialistic views. The  Montreal Gazette, Sir Mackenzie  Bowell, Mr. E. B. Osier and  other leading lights of the Conservative party are perfectly willing to receive these voters, but  will take precious good care never  to permit the platform to take  legislative form. They have before them the illuminating lesson  of the Manitoba Conservatives  catching the prohibition vote and  then telling it to go hang.  But why is it that we find the  Conservative party unwilling to  seriously advocate the policy of  its leader. The answer is found  in the same editorial from which  we have quoted. The News tells  us that, at the last session of  Parliament, the Grand Trunk  promoters demanded and received  from the government an "enormous betterment" of the contract  entered into the previous session,  and that thereupon Mr. Borden  "' *hiet"th^sit-uationT'witK'a bold  declaration for public construction of the whole undertaking.  He told the country that if.we  had to meet nine-tenths of the  cost, meaning probably nine-  tenths of the liability, it would  ' be better to meet the other tenth  also, and own the whole road;  and that the people must choose  between a government-owned  railway or a railway-owned government."  If the editor of the News, who  has given the question of railway  transportation close study for  many years, does not understand  what Mr. Borden means, can only  guess what he "probably means"  then we ask what in the name of  common sense is the average  elector going to say about it?  The two statements thus epitomized by the News are Mr.  Borden's platform at this election. He repeats them in erery  speech, and they are repeated,  with parrot-like reiteration, in  the Conservative press daily and  weekly from coast to coast.  The first statement of Mr. Borden's is: "If we have to pay  nine-tenths of the cost, why not  pay the other tenth and own the  road?" Mr. Borden may vary the  expression slightly, but that is  what he means and that is precisely what he wants the country  to understand he means. We  challenge the News to deny this.  There is no "meaning probably"  something else and entirely different about it. People are not  fools. They know the impression that Mr. Borden is asking  them to accept, and they also  know that his statement is not  only not true but is the exact  opposite of the truth. Because  the contract clearty provides that  verv much less than one-tenth of  the cost shall be actually paid by  the government. About ttih  there is not the slightest doubt,  and to reverse the fact is simply  an act of dishonesty.  If the statement is not untrue  then it is obviously a stupid interpretation of the contract. In  either case Mr. Borden is not  worthy to lead the conservative  party.  The solemu deliverance about  the.necessity of choosing between  a government-owned railway and  a railway-owned government is a  jingle of words, clever no doubt  but ancient (having long been  used by the Kansas populists),  and somewhat obscure. But the  News, as an independent journal,  is at liberty to use them a dozen  times a day if it thinks fit. But  we protest against their use by  genuine old-fashioned Tor}*- newspapers like the Mail and Empire,  the Montreal Gazette, the Ottawa citizen and others which for  eighteen long years supported a  government (and how support an  opposition) at Ottawa owned by  the Canadian Pacific Railway if  ever a government or an opposition was owned by a railway on  this footstool, excepting, of  course, the absolute, undisputed  and undisputable ownership of  the Conservative government-of  Manitoba by the Canadian Northern.���Winnipeg Free Press.  more years of it may mean for Canada ���  they can only conjecture. Eight i  years of Liberal rule has g-iven Can-  apa confidence at home and esteem  abroad. What Laurier has begun, the  people will see Laurier continue���a  policy of great development and  growth. When trade is declining,  credit becoming prejudiced, public  debt increasing, party promises broken  and corruption permedthig the administration of* affairs people naturally  look to a change of government for  redress, but when the opposite of :i 11  these obtains the mind of man is loo  logical, despite the sophistries of i lie  placeseeker to make any change. It  would be contrary to all laws of self-  interest; or public policy to * shift governments at such a time as this. No  motive appears tor such a course, save  the motive of the'ambitious one,'out of  office and power, to again get.back into  control. But the people may be depended upon to serve their 'own interests rather.than seek to aggrandize  ihe ambitious fellows, tired of being  in opposition.  THE WAR.  Some Conservatives are giving  utterances to views favoring construction of a government road  across the continent. This is not  their party policy. Sir Charles  Tupper said in the House of Com-  mons in 1897: ' 'Whether Liberals  or Conservatives were in power I  would deplore in the strongest  manner any attempt in this country, by any government, I care  not who they are, or who they  are composed of, to construct another government railway.  RETIREMENT OF HON. A. G. BLAIR.  The Dominion of Canada loses much  by the retirement of Hon. A, G.-Blair  from his important position of chairman of the Railway Commission.  Men of Mr. Blair's ability and experience are few in Canada. His retirement first from politics was a loss to  his party and the public service and  his present withdrawal from his high  official position is an equal loss to the  administration of so important a public  trust. Mr. Blair gives no intimation  as to his immediate plans but they  must be definitely known and appear  favorable to admit of his leaving a  position that would appear congenial  and for which he was so eminently  fitted. The hope of the Conservatives  that he would join their ranks and  assist in the' party's redemption appears doomed to disappointment.  The terrible tragedy of the east still  goes on. Slav and Jap are still in the  work of-killing. Men are falling by  thousand's but neither side shows signs  of Weakening. Battles that last a  week or more are rare in ihe world's  history. It remains for these hitter  days of Peace Congresses and dreams  to witness a blood}' battle extending  over a period of S or 10 days, day and  night almost. The story of the battle  of Liaoyarig was 'a' surfeit of blood to  the reader, but Liaoyang 'has been  eclipsed by Mukden. And still the  armies are at it. Scarce time to bury  the . dead. No time to mourn the  50,000 dead. Russian pride and ambition one the one hand, Japan's struggle  for existence on the other are exigencies that admit of no delay, and so  while the faces of yesterday's dead  still lie white on the field to-day is  dealing death to thousands more. The  plains and passes '"of Manbhuria are  being drenched, with blood, blood shed  in atonement for the blunders of men  who never see the battlefield.. For  nearly nine months now this libation  of blood has been pouring out to the  god of war and no sign yet appears to  indicate the offering at an end. On  sea and on land the advantage has  been with the Jap thus far. The wonder is that his successes have been  almost uninterrupted. It will be  greater wonder should they continue.  Russia surely' must soon win something large or the spinto'f;1t'ffa_troops''  will be broken.  After all what a blind, stubborn  | fighting machine the Slav must be to  go on day after day, week after week,  unflinchingly against an enemy that  appears to be his better. Neither side  has right to complain of strategy.  Neither side anything to be ashamed  of in the matter of the army's bravery.  The whole civilized world looks on  and yearns for peace. Japan appears  willing to catch the first symptom of  couciliatio'n by her foe, but Russia  wounded and smarting, confident in  her millions says, "Victory, and not  intervention, alone will satisfy,'.'  MOTTOES WITH MEANING-  LIBERAL VICTORY SIRE  Advices from all parts of the Dom  inion point to a decisive victory for  the cause of liberalism and progress in  the coming elections. The Laurier  ministry will be returned to power  with an increased majority. Incited  by the party's clean and progressive  past, the people are determined to continue the same policy and progression into the future. The nature of  the Liberal party's policy the people  now know, the measure of  what  four  We reproduce below the mottoes that  were inscribed on the'-banners that decorated the walls of Massey hall, Toronto, on the evening of the 14th inst.,  the occasion being a  reception to Sir  Wilfrid  Laurier.     We  regret that we  cannot  reproduce   the   speech  of   Sir  Wilfrid or describe the enthusiasm of  the event.   The former was peerless  among the utterances of the campaign  thus far and the latter hitherto unpar-  alled  in  the staid  City of the Lake.  "Good Times."  "Listen to the Hum.".  "Sec Our Tall Chimneys Now."  "Ciieap Postage and a Surplus."  "Do You Feel 'em iu Your Pocket?"  "No Soup Kitchens Under Laurier."  "Maintain the British  Preference."  "Canada Leads the World as a Busy  Country."  "Give the Country Five More Years  of Progress."  "Laurier a Great Canadian, With a  Broad.Canadian Policy."  "The Tall  Chimneys Are Smoking  As They Nevr Smoked Before."  "Liberal Finance Lowers Taxes, Increases Revenue,  Decreases Indebted-  To   The Electors of  Yale-Cariboo  -   ������;>"S.*-.tJ*4,v-s   -. '\Jwv-y-*. A\?&5��Ti^<r& i?Tr - -A.J-1K  ���{^���wygg^/*!** v.  < i& *t*',;;-;  ���!^.#P!*S&  K*  ,.:.*H  .Y'-t  As the Liberal candidate in this  electoral district, I respectfully s'olicit  your votes and influence.  No attempt 'will ;be made to discuss  the general issues of the campaign in  this address. Since receiving the Liberal nomination in January last, I  have visited many parts of the riding  and made myself thoroughly acquainted with its requirements. This work  will be continued until election day  but owing to the large extent of territory to be covered it is a physical impossibility to visit all sections or personally interview all the electors. I  therefore avail myself of this oppor-  tuni ty to a*k for your suffrage.  Permit me to direct your attention to  some matters of local importance.  Yale-Cariboo fully Warrants the expen  diture of public money in its^develop-  ment* ^^h^govewtnenJ.JhW.-^ite^y^  done much in' this direction;. It has  granted aid to several lines of railway;  government owned telegraph'and telephone lines have been constructed; the  necessary moiiev has been voted to  secure telephonic communication  through the rich Nicola and Similkameen districts, and telegraphic communication between Vernon and Kel-  pwna. In order .that the practically  inexhaustible mineral, timber and  agricultural resources of the district  may be fully developed, this policy of  governmental aid must be continued.  It is important that* Yale-Cariboo shall  return   as  its   member one   who   can  direct the attention of the goventnent  to matters of vital importance to the  district and who will support the government in its aggressive policy of development. It is particularly important that the electors of this riding  should show their appreciation of the  government's broad, statesmanlike  plan of constructing another transcontinental railway which will be the  chief factor in opening up the northern  portion of .the riding. Branch lines to  connect/with the southern transcontinental lines will surely follow and the  whole interior of the province will be  opened up.  Briefly, my policy, so far as Yale-  Cariboo is concerned, is a policy of development of all its important sections.  With a leader whose record fills with  pride all people of this country, irrespective of party affiliations; supporting  a government whose eight years_of'  wise, progressive administration has  placed Canada in a proud position  among the nations of the world, and  at the same time has more closely connected the ties which bind us to the  mother country, and fully endorsing a  policy which means so much to the  western portion of the Dominion, and  more particularly to the District pf  Yale-Cariboo, I await with confidence,  your verdict.  Yours very sincerely,  Duncan Ross.  ���   Greenwood, Oct. 6th, 1904.  ------M^S.  z&$Z0&k   BOUNDARY   VALLEY    LODGE  r^'V*:?,..*^* No. 38,1. 0. 0. F.  Meets every  Tuesday  Evening at S00 in  the  I. O. O. P. Hall.     A  cordial  lnvi tutioti is ex  tended to all sojourning bretlicru.  G. R. Nadicn. I*'iii:i> I!. Hoi.mbs.  N. G. Roc-Sec.  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  HALLETT tS SHAW  Barkistkrs, Soucitoks,  Notaries Public.  Cable Address :       hai.t.ett."  ,- ���'~*   ) Bedford M'Neill's   Qreehivood,  Cotieb   -j Moreinjf & Meal'.--      ! Leiber's.  1. H.   IIAIXKTT.  G. C.  It. C. SHAW.  MGLEOD & BROWN  Barristers and Solicitors,  Motawiks Public, Etc  Offices: Wallace-\liUer block. Cupper street,  .*���*.;v.-.'*:������ T.-otui. V..C. ;' ���  J. R. Brown. J. P".-'McLeod.  ARTHUR M.WHITESIDE,  BARRISTER and SOLICITOR  Rendoll Block, Greenwood, B.C  OHARLES AE. SHAW,  Civil Encunkkk,  Dominion    ans    Provincial  Land Surveyor.  Office with Gaunce & "tYickwire.  Telephone No. 32.  GREENWOOD.    :      :      i      :    B.' O.  PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYOR  4. E. ASHOROFT.  Dominion and  Provincial   Land Surveyor.  ���lining and Engineering Surveys.  Underground Work s Specialty.  TVood Block (next Customs office.)  GREENWOOD, B. C  RICHARD H. PARKINSON,  A. M- Can- Toe- C. E.  Surveyor and Civil Engineer.  Surveys .on   Kettle   River   and   West  Fork promptly-attended to  at  reg-ular  prices. v  Address :    FAIRVIEW  P.   0.;, B. C.  FOR SALE  j Six roomed house and out buildings,  j situated on Everett avenue, Anaconda.  ! Lath and plastered throughout, good  I cellar, Lynn Creek water at door. Can  j be purchased cheap and on easy terms  I Apply: B. J. CAMERON, on premises BOUNDARY        REEK   TIMES.  W  "BROWN'S IN TOWN."  Who's Brown? Well Walkers's Comedians Are  Returning- to In-.!?8  troduce Him to Us-  If your're fond of clean comedy and  an evening of hearty laughter���and  even the wisest of us relish a little  nonsense now and then���you'll surely  get just what ydu like when Walker's  Comedians return to us on Tuesday,  Nov. 1st. This time the organization  will present the particularly funny  and 'remarkably successful comedy  "Brown's in Town," a farce,which  ���made famous its author.Mark'E.Swan.  Mr. Walker, for-this new production,  has strengthened his cbmpany very  materially, retaining all 'his most capable people, but adding several clever'  players. Among these acquisitions is  Mr. George. Berry,, a., talented actor,  who played with "Brown's in Town"  in all the large cities of America  With a strong-company and a great  comedy it is''not taking* any risk to  predict an evening of unrestrained  merriment.  BENEFIT-CONCERT AND DANCE-  * Arrangements have been'completed  for"the": cbncert ' and dance under the  'auspices'of the city' band, to beheld in  the Auditorium on Wednesday next,  26th "inst., and those in charge of the  programme assure us that it will be  the best entertainment of a local  nature ever given here. The best talent-in the city, both' musical and literary ,thas been engaged and our citizens  aire promised a real treat. At the conclusionof the programme the hall will  be cleared' and a social dance will be  given..-;.  . Our band has attained a state of proficiency seldom reached by similar organization in any community of this  size; and-we-have  every-reaspivto feel  -proud of the-' i* 'efforts and appearance,  ' sd they nia3r~ expect a* bumper -house.  Tickets.;' admitting holders to both concert and dance, have been placed at  the reasonable price of $1 Ot) each, the  funds going to -pay for the neat uniforms lately received. There will be  no reserved plan,' as -tickets are good  for any part of the hall. We would  bespeak, on behalf of the band boys, a  >'larjge attendance as a means/of showing' bur appreciation of their efforts  during'the past season.  See those "old and reliable' in  quality, but "up to dale" in style, note  -papers at Smith & McRae's.  HEADQUARTERS.  The Conservatives are opening local  campaign headquarters in-the room on  Copper street, next south of White  Bros', drug store. The"headquarters  of * the three parties are-somewhat  suggestive. The Liberals are in the  building so long occupied by the solid,  substantial, reliable institution the  Bank of British North American; the  Socialists have their ' home in the old  JSscalet restaurant room; where every  'man* got what he could pay for, no  more and no less; while the Conservatives are housed in the room where  King sold cigars, that ended only in  smoke.  THE PROVIDENCE CASE.  The case of Mark F. Madden against  the Providence Mining Company is  being put into shape for submission to  His Honor Chief Justice Hunter in a  few "days. Mr. J. P. Myers-Gray was  named commissioner in the case and  has been engaged all the week in hearing evidence for submission to the  Court. Messrs. W. A. McDonald cf  Nelson and C. D. McNeil of Vancouver  have been representing Mr. Madden,  while Mr. J. A. McDonald of Kossland  has been representing the Providence  company. ' The case in question involves the right of the directorate to  purchase the Diamond Fraction as well  as the administration of the company's  funds.  mmmmmwnmm  SCHOOL BOOKS  SCHOOL BOOKS  SCHOOL BOOKS  Complete stock of Text  BookK, Scribblers Exer-  cise Books, Pencils, etc.  ROCK BOTTOM PRICES  COLES & FRITH  Books,   Stationery,  Cigars,  Wall Papers, Etc.  m^^^yjjffijjjffij  'DITMATHISON        DENTIST  Opposite Post Office  GREENWOOD      -      -      B C  fr*>*v\r/,'V.<W*��W'  ALL KINDS  ALL QUALITIES  ALL PRICES  And Each Watch  the latest of its  kind, whatever the  kind.  We mend   watches' too  mend them in the right  way.  A. LOGAN & CO.,  Greenwood, B. C  j*CH*>*0<K**>OK*K*K*KKXX*K*K*K"K^  PRESSED HAY  FEED, OATS  TRATHMORE TRADING GO  -DRAWER 557-  CALGARY,        -       ALBERTA.  Dealers in BAILED HAY.   Best Quality  Prompt Shipment.   Lowest Prices.  Satisfaction Guaranteed.  WRITE   US   FOR   QUOTATIONS.  >ooo<>c>oo<x>o*oooo<>o<>oo<>oooo<>of  ...WINDSOR CAFE,,.  HARRY COUTTS. Proprietor  MEALS  AT ALL  HOURS  NIGHT ORDAY  Dining Room  in the  Windsor  Hotel^Everything %  First-Class.  *  -*  a  a  *  a  aaft����*��<5��*ftaftfta��aaa��*��*��*#a��*ftaaaftaft��ft����aaaa*aaa*aftaaa  EUROPEAN PLAN.  MONTREAL   &  BOSTON  COMPANY.  The latest g-iant corporation of the  Boundary is making- thing's hum.  Their several properties are being-  hurried into shape for large ore output.  The Brooklyn will soon be in position  to ship 300 tons a day, while the Rawhide by the latter part of November  will be able to send out 600 tons daily.  A spur now being hurried into the  Rawhide will be ready for traffic in a  week.    THE SOCIALISTIC CANDIDATE.  Despite rumors to the contrary  Ernest Mills will be a candidate in the  coming Dominion elections in the  interest of the Socialists. He has his  campaign in this end of the riding in  good shape and is now in the upper  country organizing for the contest.  ft*-������  INBS0R   |4��TEL  ERNEST J. CARTIER, Proprietor.  Finest Furnished House in the Boundary  Steam Heated. Lighted throughout with electric lights.  We offer special inducements to travellers as we have the  finest sample rooms in the city.    Our bar excells  all others.  ��#*��o����*####*������*��-5����*�� *��������*##��**#��* �������#*��)��*#**��*�������#��##*��  1 Head Office : 204 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111.         |  a  a  *                 ���.  2  a *  * nna    nnAA ��  a ^^ a  a a  3  FINANGIAL I MINING AGENTS  Cr***  a=<  (r*  0*=-**-  (P*  Gr*  (j*****  <P*  (F*  G"-***  <r*  (r*  <S  Gr=*-  ��?=*"  CP**  C/*"**"  G-"***  ��/"***  G*"***  Capital, ail paid up, $14,000,000.  $10,000,000.  President.   Loud Stkatiicona and Mount 1,'oval.  Vice-President:    Hon. Gkokgic A. I)iu..mmon|).  General Manager :    12. S   (--.ouston.  Branches in London, Eng. {effiV'fflk. r New York, Chicago.  Buy and sell Sterling Exchange and Cable Transfers : Gram Commercial an  Travellers' Credits, available in any pail'uf Uie world.  Greenwood Branch,       L. B. deVEBER, Manager.  te9  JO  7immmmmm$mm3m$$Mm2m2Mi  [AM OFfOHMERCE  i���a���wijwm ��uw    \^/ ���������CT-mMUirnwiiBi���^^t���r  With Which is Amalgamated  THE BANK OF BRITISH COLUMBIA.  HEAD OFFICE: TORONTO.  Paid-up capital $   8,700,000  Rest       :      3,000,0o0  Aggregate resources (30 Nov. 1903) ovet*     83,000,000  London Office, ���     ���,   ,  , wm. Gray      I . ���* *  60 Lombard St. E. C. New York Agency     �� B. Walker I ASc"ts.  10 EXCHANGE PLACE.  In addition the Bank has 107 bran��hes and agencies in Canada and the United  States,!**  including- the following- in British Columbia and the Yukon Territory. |^  ATLIN, GREENWOOD,  CRANBROOK,      "KAMLOOPS,  DAWSON, ���     LADYSMITH,  FERNIE.  Branches In the United States:  new york:    sanfrancisco.    Portland,    Seattle,    skagway  Deposits received, exchange}-bought  aud sold and even- description of   banking- i  bnsiness transactedt . GREENWOOD* BRANCH,  W. ALLISON, Manager.  NANAIMO, VANCOUVER,  NELSON, VICTORIA,  N.WESTMINSTER,WHITE HORSE,  H *8* 4r 4* <#* �������� <fr *k 4r 4* 4r 4r -k '���$��� <%> <%* 4*��4��^��4��4��-4,-t,4,.4��.'4,-i?"  ��<|i>������ *��* 'f3 ��f* *^ "^ *$***���$* ty<fyfy^fyty^&ty&<&<& <&><&*>&'1&  REPRESENTING  The  Phoenix Fire Assnr-j  ance Co. of London, Eng-.  Liverpool and London and ���  Globe Insurance Company. ���  The British   America Assurance Co.,  of Toronto;  The    Caandian    Birkbeck i  Iti-vestment   and Savings j  �����*-  NADEN  .J    ���  MANAGER  ��� A  ���  r  *������  %  t  -?  V  V  t  X  *?������  LINOLEUMS, ETC.  %    COPPERgSTREET, GREENWOOD.   ��  A ' -J*  GRAND F0RKS.--PH0ENIX--GREENW00D  BAILY STAGE LINE.  Leaves Greenwood 6 a. m.    Arrives-at Phoenix 7 a.m., Grand Forks 10.30 a.m.  Leaves;GrandjForks 3.45 p. m., Phoenix 7 p.m.,   arrives in Greenwood 8 p. m.  Fare -Grand-Forks IS3.00.      Greenwood to Phoenix SI.00     Phoenix to  Greenwood 50 cents.  Great Northern express rates  made known at office.  J. F. ROYER, Manager.  ��  _____:.���..^ : ��  %   MINING    PROPERTIES    OF   MERIT    PUR- f  I CHASED   OR   T'.EVELOPED.  ��  ft  ��  ��  a  ��  ft  ft  ��  ��  e  ft  If   %  %   that will not do, trj- our stock of second hand machines of all    *  WHY RUN THAT OLD MACHINE WHEN YOU CAN TRADE  IT FOR A NEW DROP HEAD  SINGER AND PAY THE BALANCE MONTHLY  The Singer leads and can be bouarht on   vou   own   terras.  makes.    A full stock of needles and sundries for al  makes.  standard    ��  ft  ft  ft  SINGER MANUFACTURING CO.  ��  ft  ft  ��  ��  a  a  ��  ft ft  * T. M. Gu'lley & Co.'s Furniture Store.       N.   H     LAMONT,   A^dlt.     5  ft ft  aftft��o��fto������aftftft��ftftft��****e��oft����a��ft��ft��ft*��!f-r---tr*ftft��ftftftft*ft*��  $?0?&��Z&Z  ��iJSw.*��3i%ffl  '9SiSl!^UESS)BS^XI^SS^Si BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES  LO:T. oTRAYv.D OR STOLEN  Strawberry roan mare, 14  hands high, weight 1400 lbs. A  reward of $25 will be given to  the person delivering same at  Baunerman's livery stable Greenwood.  J. D. MacAULAY.  Phoenix, B. C. Oct. 21st.  Bargains-Bargains  The GREATEST on Earth  New Iron Beds, Springs, Mat-  trasses. Dining, Rocker and  Children's Chairs. Dressers,  Wash Stands, Sideboards,'Bureaus, Extension, Common and  Centre Tables, Couches, Bed  Lounges, Kitchen Queens, Cupboards, Window Shades and  Poles. Toilet Sets. All lines of  Dishes. Cooking- and Heating  Stoves, etc., etc.  WE WANT YOUR OLD GOODS  A- L WHITE  "NEW STORE"  National   Hotel  Block.  STANBARB  E.  W.  BISHOP  PLUMBER  S.BARRYYUILL  PRACTICAL      *WATCHMA1CER      AND  JEWELLER.  All work guaranteed    GREENWOOD.  THE  Luxury  of a  BATH...  in  IN REACH 0= EVERYONE.  See the wonderful YOHO  WATER HEATER, the latest  invention, at  Hunter-Kendrick Co.,  LIMITED.  Sole  Agents,   Greenwood, B. C.  MR. BLAIR'S FUTURE.  Here follows two stories about  Mr. Blair's future. The reader  may take his choice:  Montreal, Oct. 29.���The Her-!  aid tonight states that the Hon.  A. G. Blair has decided to accept  the managership of the Lake of  the Woods Milling Co., at a  salary of $20,000 a year. The  general meeting of the company  is to take place on October 2(>th.  Toronto, Out., Oct. 20.-���A despatch from Montreal today says  Mr. Blair is the purchaser of La  Presse. He already owns the  Times and Telegraph, of St.  John, N. B., and according to a  report is negotiating also for the  Chronicle and Echo of Halifax  and the Star and Herald of Montreal. He is also said to be endeavoring to get a Toronto paper  and also one in Winnipeg and  Vancouver.  X  ^-^K^-mX-^-*^-*^^  oundary Ore Shipments,  Granby  Mines   Mother Lode   B. C. Mine   Snowshoe   Sunset   Oro Deuoro   Brooklyn   Morrison   R. Bell   Em ma   Winnipeg   Golden  Crown   Athelstan and Jack .Pot   King Solomon   No. 37   City of Paris   Senator   Klkhorn       Providence.   E. P. TJ. Mines and Gold Finch..  Rlioderic Due   Ruby, Boundary Falls   .Cat-mi, West Fork   Jewel, Long Lake ���   Brey Fogle   Mountain Rose   Reliance   .Bay : '.   Miscellaneous     1900  64 533  5 340  19 444  ���     297  ISO  1 076  2 250  1 200  000  160  !���;���  Total Tons  3 230  99 730  1901  231 862  99 548  ���  47 517  1902.  310 601  141 326  14 727  20 800  8 010  1903  393 718  130 492  19 365  71 212  15 731  15 537  3904  439 340  147 044  Week. .  9 000  2 944  I  1 731  132  2 010  X  800  405  14 538  6.063  1  V  150  3 339  V  560  29 444  3 386  346  1 954  . 305  661  246  20  330  X  650  1 040  7 900  785  625  22 937  2 435  5 646  1  '  850  665  180  X  ���>  <��  < ���  < ���  < ���  <.  <>  <>  ::  <  <  <  * <  <  <  <  <  <  ��  <  325  400  993  167  172  80  890  350  222  1 090  33  20  S69  90  569  389 000  507 811  682 541  648 690  14 554  ������'���>*J-**!*��J��<X-*��j����j*Hi-**^ >  first year, and $10 per mile for each  MINERAL   ACT.  Made big enough for a big  man to work in with comfort.  Has more material in it than  any other brand of shirt in  Canada. Made on the  H.B.K. scale it requires 30%  to 42 yards per dozen, whereas  common shirts have only" 32  to 33 yards.  That's the reason why the  H.B.K. " Big" Shirt never  chafes the armpits, is never  tight at the neck or wristbands, is always loose, full  and comfortable and wears  well.  Each shirt bears a tiny book  that tells the whole, history  of the "Big" Shirt, "and"  also contains a notarial  declaration that the H.B.K.  "Big" Shirt contains 39^  to '42 yards of material per  dozen.  Sold at all dealers but only  with this brand:���  Certificate; of Improvements.  NOTICE.  'Barnato" and "Barnato Fractional"  Mineral  claims,   situate  in -.he Greenwood Mining  Division  of Yah; District.   Where located:  Horseshoe Mountain.  TAKE NOTICK that we, Victor R. Swan-  sou and Samuel T. Larson, Free Miner's  i Certificate Nos. B80579 and B80320, intend,  sixty days from tile (late hereof, to apply to  the Miniupr Recorder for a certificateof Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining- crown  grants of the abavc claims.  And   further take-notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certilicalesof improvements.  Dated this 20th day of September, A. D.. 1904.  VICTOR R. SWANSON.  SAMUEL T. LARSEN.  MINERAL ACT  Certificate of Improvements.  **'  NOTICE.  "Boston," -'St. Louis" and "Toronto" Mineral  Claims, situate in the"Grcenwood Mining  Division of Yale District. Where located:  On Cranberry creek.  TAKE NOTICE that I. A. E. Ashcroft. acting-as airent for John N. Greden, Free  Miner's Certificate No. BS0547, intend, sixty  days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining- Recorder for a Certificateof Improvements  for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of  the above claims.  And further take uotice that action, under  section 37,   must  be  commenced   before    the  issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 1st day of October, A. D., 1904.  ALBERT E. ASHCROFT, P.L.S.  c=^%^^m^^^  SEALED TENDER**, addressed to the Postmaster General, will  be  received  at  Ot-  1 tawa until Noon, on  Friday, 7th October next  | for tlie conveyance of Her Majesty's Mails, on  | a  proposed   Contract   for   four  years, twelve  I times per week eacli way, between Anaconda  and.Green wood from 1st November next.  ���   Printed notices containing further information as to conditions of proposed Contract may  be seen  aud blank forms of Tender may be  obtained at the Post Offices of Anaconda "and  Greenwood and at this office.  Post Ofi-tce Inspectors Office  Vancouver, B. C, 26th Aug., 1904  JOHN R. GREENFIELD,  Post Office Inspector  w  NOTICE  8P^    I  HUDSON BAY KNITTING CO.  Montreal        Winnipeg        Dawson  IN THE MATTER of the Railway1 Act. and  Amending Acts, and In the Matter of the  Columbia and Western Railway Companj-  and portion of Lot 534, Group 1, Osoyoos  Division,*Yalc District, British  Columbia.'  NNOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the  said Railway Company is the owner and  in psssessiou of its'Riglit of Way over the subdivided portion of tlie West Half of the above  described lot. as shown ou the map or plan ot  tlie main line of the Columbia aud Western  Railway, ou file at tlie Land Registry Office at  Kamloops, bv virtus of an agreement in writing dated tlie Sth day of August, A. D.,1898.  made between Edward Ruckle and- Francis  Ruckle of the one part aud the said Railway  Company of the other part, according to the  provisions of the Railway Act, 51 Vict., Chapter  29, and Amending Acts, an authentic copy  whereof is filed in the office of the Clerk of the  County Court of Yale, at Greenwood in thesaid  County.  AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that the  sum of S2C-2.40, theaniouut of compensntion for  the said lands,"aud interest thereon, has beeu  paid into Court, and  all  persons claiming an  interest iu or untitled to the said lauds or any  part thereof are required to file their claims to  the said compensation or the portion thereof to  which  they  may claim to be entitled, in the  said oflice.  Dated this 9th day of September, A. D. 1904.  A. M. WHITESIDE.  Solicitor for the Columbia and  Western Railway Company.  To Edward Ruckle. Francis Ruckle, the Grand  Forks Townsite Company and to all others  whom il may concern.  9 9  9  The Finest  Turnouts  in Boundary  Crce  District.  .,T,  tt-J  ������...-:��� --;^v.  �����  Extra  *  *  Well  9  Fitted  9  9  9  For Long  9  9  Drives.  9  9  a  .���Bannerman. <  Proprietors.  *AA  Our Phone Number is    -     -     -.-���'-    13.  ##999999 99999999999999999994t99999&9999&999*99999%9&&9  Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal of Minerals on Dominion Lands In Manitoba, the  Northwest  Territories   and   the   Yukon  'Territory.  Coal ���Coal lands may be purchased  at $10 i>er acre for soft coal and $20 for  anthracite. Not more than 320 acres  can be acquired by one individual or  company. Royalty at the rate of ten  cents per ton "of 2000 pounds shall be  collected on gross output.  Quartz.���Persons of eighteen years  and over and joint stock companies  holding-free miners' certificates may  obtain entry for a mining- location.  A free miner's certificate is granted  for one or more years, not exceeding  five, upon payment in advance of $7.50  per annum for an individual, and from  $50 to $100 per annum for a company,  according to capital.  A free miner, having discovered coal  in place, may locate a claim 1500x1500  feet by marking out the same with two  legal post3. bearing location notices,  one at each end on the line of the lode  or vein.  The claim shall be recorded within  fifteen days if located within ten miles  of a mining recorder's office, one additional day allowed for every additional ten miles or, fraction. The fee  for recording a claim is $5 00.  At least $100 must be expended on  the claim each year or paid to the mining recorder in lieu thereof. When  $500 has been expended or paid, the  has been expended or paid, the locator  may, upon having a survey made, and  upon complying with the other requirements, purchase the land at $1.00  an acre. ,  Permission may be granted by the  Minister of the Interior to locate  claims containing iron and mica, also  copper, in the Yukon Territory, of an  area not exceeding 160 acres.  The patent for a mining location  shall provide for the payment of royalty on the sales not exceeding five per  cent.  Placer Mining, Manitoba and the  NrWrTr~exceptingtheT Yukon-Territory.���Placer mining claims generally  are 100 ft. square; entry fee, $5 renewable yearly. On the North Saskatchewan river claims for either bar or  bench' the former being 100 feet long  and extending between high and low  water mark. The latter includes bar  diggings, but extends back to the base  of the hill or bank, but not exceedin'g  1000 feet. Where steam power is used,  claims 200 feet wide may b? obtained.  Dredging in the rivers of Manitoba  and the N. W. T., excepting' the Yukon Territory.���A free miner may obtain only two leases of five miles each  for a term of twenty years, renewable  in the discretion of the Minister of the  Interior.  The lessee's right is confined to the  submerged bed or bars of the river below low water mark, and subject to  the rights of all persons who have, or  who may receive entries for bar diggings or bench claims, except on the  -Saskatchewan river, where the lessee  may dredge to high water mark on  each alternate leasehold.  The lessee shall have a dredge in  operation within one season from the  date of the lease for each five miles,  but where a person or company has  obtained more than one lease one  dredge for each fifteen miles or fract  ion is sufficient. Rental, $10 per annum for each mile of river leased.  Royalty at the rate of two and a half  per cent collected on the output after it  exceeds $10,000.  Dredging in the Yukon Territory���  Six leases of five miles each may be  granted to a free miner for a term of  twenty years, also renewable.  The lessee's right is confined to the  submerged beds or bars in the river  below low water mark, that boundary  to be fixed by its position on the 1st  day of August in the year of the date  of the lease.  The lessee shall have one dredge in  ooeration within two' yeais from the  date of the lease, and one dredge for  gach five miles, within six years from  such date      Rental  S100 per mile for  Royalty,  same   as  subsequent year,  placer mining.  Placer mining in the Yukon Territory���Creek, gulch, river, and . hill  claims shall not exceed 250 feet. in  length, measured on the base line or  general direclion of the creek or gulch,  the width being 1,000 to 2,000. All  other placer claims shall be 200 feet  squatv  Ciaimes are. marked by two legal  posts, one at each'end, bearing notices.  Entry must be obtained within ten  days, if the claim is within ten miles  of mining recorder's office. One' additional day allowed for each ten miles  or fraction.  The person or company staking a  claim must hold a free miner's certificate.  The discoverer of a new mine is entitled to a claim of 1,000 feet in length,  and if the party consists of two 1,500  altogether, on the output of which no  royalty will be charged, the rest of the  party ordinary claims only.  Entry fee $io. Royalty at the rate  of two and one half per cent, on the  value of the gold shipped from the  Yukon territory to be paid to the Corn-  dtroller.  No free miner shall receive a grant  of more than one miningc'.aim on e*��cb',  seperate river, creek or gulch, but the  same miner may hold any number of  claims by purchase, and free miners  may work their claims in partnership .  by filing notice aud paying fee of $2.  A claim may be abandoned, and another obtained on the same creek,  gulch or river, by giving notice and  paying a fee. -  Work must be done a claim each year  to the value of at least of $200.  A certificate that work has been done  must be obtained each year. If not,  the claim shall be deemed to be abandoned, and open to occupation and entry by a free miner.  The boundaries of a claim may be  defined absolutely by having a survey  made and publishing notices in the  Yukon Official Gazette.  Petroleum���All unappropriated Do-  minioh.LandsinlManitoba,.the North--,  west Territories and within the Yukon  Territory are open to prospecting for  petroleum, and the minister may reserve for an individual or company  having machinery on the land to be  prospected, an area of 640acres Should  the prospector discover oil in paying  quantities, and satisfactorily establish  such discovery, an area not exceeding  640 acres, including the oil well and  such other land as may be determined  will be sold to the discoverer at the  rate of S1.00 an acre, subject to royalty  at sur-h rate as may 'be specified by  order-in-council.  JAMES A. SMART,       x  Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.  Department of the Interior,  Ottawa.  NOTICE OF FORFEITURE.  TO DAVID HEATH, H^NRY SHIELDS, or  to any person or persons to whom tlicy mav  have transferred their interest in the* Pay.  master mineral claim, situate iu the Greenwood Mining- Division of Yale district.  You are hereby untitled that I have expended  thestmi of S1000 for Rurvc.dnir the above men-  tiotiod claim and $2.50 for recording the same  for an assessment, such being required and  necessary to hold the said claim for the year  endiuir October 11,1903. under the provision of  the Mineral Act and Ameudiiiir Acts: and if at  the expiration of ninety days from the date of  the first publication of this notice in the Bound  -try Creek Times, vou fail cr refuse to contribute your portion of such expenditure,  namely, $51.25. topet her with all costs of advertising, your interests in said mineral claim  shall become invested in me, [ your co-owner]  upon filinjr in the nropcrofficc in that behalf  the affidavit required bv section 4, of the Mineral Act Amendment Act, 1000."'  Dattd this flth dav of June, 1904.  ROBERT TVOOD.  GREENWOOD  BARBER SHOP.  W. D. Funk, Prop.  Try Our New Massage  Porcelain Bath Tubs.  Copper Streei.       -     Greenwood, B.C. i a  i  H  m  BOUNDARY        REEK   TIMES.  Below we present to our readers the second annual report of the Providence Mining Company.    The features of this report are very creditable to the management  that property and very encouraging for the district,    In anything, results are what are demanded, and in mining affairs no  results   appear quite so satisfactory as  [���ofits and dividends.   The report of the Company's second year ends with Sept, 30th last, since which date another dividend of 10 cents a share has been paid the'stock/*  >lders.    One particularly pleasinf, feature of the report is the small amount charged  up to office salaries a total for the year of only $740.55.      At present the company  |iips the ore without sorting, the output of 944 tons for the year averaging in value $72.48 per ton after freight and treatment had been deducted.    The  net profit on this  was $27.61 per ton after deducting all costs and charges of every nature,  The net profits for the year were $26,066,15 being over 16 percent net profit on the entire issued capital of the company. As much of this stcck ccst a very small  ft of its par value it is evident that the stockholders have a property of which they may justly feel proud. The property never looked any better than at present and its  >spects for frequent and increasing dividends are excellent, The acquisition of the neighboring property, the Dimond, would appear to have been very wise on the part  the Directors and we only wonder that they have not embraced other claims in their ownership. It is desirable that mining companies should fortify themselves well  th adjacent ground before the effect of their work has resulted in enhancing neighboring ground too much, ?  Profit and Loss Statement For The Year Ending  September 30th, 1904.  ORE SHIPPED, Net Smelter Returns  |ne Costs, direct  Mining ,...���. .'.:.,.-   '���Fuel..-. :...:... :.....���.....:.....:..J ....  Maintenance Machinery   Blacksmith Shop   Salaries .'..'. v..  Assaying and Sampling   Hauling     Mine Supplies   Explosives  Development  68 424 84  24 736 12  1 011 70  214 93  173 45  1 800 00  2SS 80    1 164 96.       ,'..'      1 Sdl 54   ;.::...:. ': -.....'.-.:....,.:     2 893 50  written off. .'      4 972 50  62 23  2S5 68  Surface Improvements���Depreciation    Plant, Machiuery and Equipment Depreciation   Idii-oct Costs  General Expense Account... '.   Salaries .: :.   Interest and Exchange   Taxes *  -���  NET PROFIT  ON YEAR'S OPERATIONS   BALANCE FROM LAST  YEAR   Total   -   -   -   -  DIVIDENDS PAID DURING 1903-4       Amount written off for Discount on Shares Acet  Balance at Credit Profit and Loss Account  Issets  We the Auditing Committee of  The  Providence Mining Company,. Ltd., N.P.L., hav  examined  and compared the within  report   with the  books of the Company aud find the  same correct.  ( H. V. FULLER, Chairman.  Auditing Committee: ���! CHAS. KINNEY.  ( D. B. SCULLY.  Examined by  H. V. FULLER, Chairman.  922 67  740 55  165 4S  367, 59  42 358 70  26 066 14  28 432 84  14 800 00  16 437 50  54 498 98  31 237 50  23 261 48  23 261 48  "-Providence^Mine-^.v.*���,*^^^  Dimond Fractional Claim       Development ..           Plant, Machinery and Equipment ...^      .: ���   Less Depreciation 1x/> %.     Surface Improvements and Buildings   Less Depreciation 10 %    Unexpired Insurance (Liability)    Explosives and Mine Supplies    Furniture and Fixtures   Sundry Debtors  Canadian    Smelting   Works   lOshmatcd  balance  due   B. C. Copper Company   Dominion Government Bounty due   Cash in Bank   3 S09 07  285 68  622 36  62 23  .!50^jgjHLQQ_  8 000 00  14 917 52  3 523 39  560 13  363 75  329 82  25 00  TO THE SHAREHOLDERS  PROVIDENCE MINING CO., LTD. N.P.L.  GREENWOOD, B.C.  G-ENTIvEJMEJN : I beg to report having completed my audit of your books, vouchers, etc. for the  year ending Sept. 30th, 1904, and now hand you herewith certified balance sheet and Profit and Loss  account. ;������"'.'  I have pleasure in reporting-having-found your-books in excellent order, all statutory requirements  have been complied with. Your Directors have supplied me with all the necessary information'. I consider they have made ample-provision for depreciation. They have also written off a fictitious asset  represen+ed in your ledger under the title of "Discount on shares" amounting to $16,437.50. The Balance  sheet as now presented to you is, I consider an exceedingly conservative one, and you nre to be congratulated on having Directors who take so conservative a view of your affairs. The only omission I have to  report is with reference to the dividend paid in October, 1903, there being nothing in the Minute book to  show that this dividend was authorized by your Directors.    Evidently a mere oversight.- \  By refering to the Profit and loss statement you will notice the total net returns for ore shipped amount  to $68,424.84. The entire direct and indirect charges including depreciation amount to $42,358.70 leaving a  net pr-ofit.on the years operations of $26,066.14. Of this amount you have already been paid $14,801.00 in  dividends and the $16,437.50 above referred to over absorbs the balance.  Respectfully, submitted,  .15. B. -McDEJRMID,  Auditor.  2 421 05  167 65  32 99  2 621 69  5 330 21  185 671 51  (Liabilities  Capital Stock  Authorized 40,000 Shares (**: S5.00   Subscribed and Paid-up 31,700 Shares.  Pav Roll, Balance for September  Sundry Creditors   200 000 00  158 500 00  2 193 50  1 716 53  Balance at Credit of  Profit Loss Account Being  Excess of Assets over Liabilities  162 410 03  23 261 48  185 671 51  I hereby certify that I have examined the above balance sheet with the books, vouchers  etc. of the Company and it is in my opinion a full and fair balance sheet and exhibits the  true'' financial standing of the Company as at Septcmbei 30. 1904.  E.  C. McDERMID,  GENTLEMEN :  During the year just ended we have shipped 944 tons of ore at a net value, after deducting freight and treatment, of $68,424.84. ���'The average value per ton, after the same  deduction, is $72.48. Last year the values were $100.00 net, showing a difference of ��27.52,  per ton. This loss has been principally in gold, if not entirely, the silver values being  about the same as last year.  -���The total cost of-miniugrafter both direct-and-indirect-chargesriiiGluding-deprcGiation-'  written off machinery, taxes, liability insurance etc. was S44.S7 per ton. Or a net profit on  944 tons at $27.61 per ton, amounting to S26,06d.l4. Of which $14,SOO.OO has been distributed amongst the various stock holders iu dividends. After charging off, as you' will  see by the balance sheet, depreciation on surface improvements, mining machinery, mine  equipment and mine development. The amount of work d.-ne during the year was. as follows: 650 feet drifting, 91 feet sinking, and 119 feet of raising. There was much more  work done, in what should properly be called cross-cutting through faults, and rising  through faults, which I have not entered up in this, but have charged direct to stoping.  The faults are still here, we have not yet got through ''hem. nor from general appearances  will we do so for some time to come. They come in from the south, striking to.tbe north,  and dipping to the west, throwing the ore shoot in a northerly direction at each fault. The  north end of the mine still continues to be the profitable end, the best ore being there and  less disturbances. The faults seem to become smaller as they work northerly, or at least as  far as present experiences shows.  We have an ore shoot ou the number four level, or the lowest level in the mine, 343  feet long. It cannot be called an entire shoot, as there are spots in it which become barren,  and other spots where it pinches down to an inch or so, but at no point does it entirely pinch  out, therefore I call it a continuous ore shoot, and still the ore continues in the North end.  In the south it is cut by a dark grey rock dike, which I would call gabbro. We have not  penetrated this dike to any extent, merely gone far enough to determine its character, strike  and dip. From indications on the surface, 1 should judge that the dike is of considerable  extent. Still I believe in drifting through it ore can Ik* found on the south end. The dike  is very hard, and it would be very expensive to cut through it by hand work, therefore for  the present we have left it alone.  , Ore in Sight. It is very hard under present conditions ;i t the mine, to estimate the  ore in sight. In the first place the size of the lead varies very much. Varying all the way  from a foot to one and a half inches, with an average not exceeding six inches. This to  gether with the hard rock, is one of the great reasons the cost of mining is so high. There  is a fault of about 14 feet running the entire length of the stope. We have cut through  this fault in two places and found the ore. In two other pi ices instead of finding the ore.  we found what I believe is a spur of the dike of porphory. which lies between the number  three and number four levels, which cuts the vein, faulting the vein for SO feet. The  amount of ore that would be in sight depends entirely on the extent of the spurs through  this dike. If the dike were regular, it would be possible, to estimate the ore both above and  below the dike, between the two levels. But being what we found it. not regular, it would  be merely a matter of guess for me to state the ore in siirht. as there is but one openin-*-*- on  the ore between the number three aud the number four levels. Still there should be several  hundred tons of ore between the two levels, of :i grade similar to that which we have  shipped during the year.  Greenwood, B. C, October 10. 1904.  Chartered Accountant,  Auditor  Respect fully submitted.  DUNCAN McINTOSH,  Managing Director.  _>A_ BOUNDARY        REEK   TIMES.  TOWN lOPICS   f(  Try a Peterson pipe���from SI.50 to  S6.00���at Smith & McRae's.  His Honor Judge Leamy is in town  having arrived on Tuesday's train.  Patrick Welch, the railway contractor, spent sevcra* days in town this  week.  G. Arthur Rendell is enjoying a  well-earned holiday in the Okanogan  country.  We are glad to see Mr. Docksteader  again on the street after a short sojourn in the Sister's hospital.  Mr. Desbrisay, right-of-way man for  the Great Northern, came in on  Wednesday evening's stage.  Philip Wells has retired from his  position with P. Burns & Co., and has  joined the staff of Rendell & Co.  David Bannerman has succeeded to  the Uvery business of Bannerman &  Lewis, having bought out his partner,  Frank Lewis.  Harry, Coutts, for a long time cook  at the Gem, has opened up the Windsor Cafe on Copper Street and solicits  public patronage.  George Findlay is at present at work  on a road into Skylark camp, a road  intended to serve several high grade  claims on Twin creek.  Herbert Bunting has bought out the  building supply stock of Hunter-  Kendrick Co., and intends to make a  specialty of that line.  Smith Curtis, "Esq., is becoming a  frequent visitor to Greenwood. He is  identifying himself with the mining  interests of the camp.  The Ladies Association of the  Presbyterian church will give one of  their delightful socials al the manse  on Friday, October 28th.  Albert Pipef who constructed the  government bridges across the West  Fork this autumn, has finished his job,  and travellers speak highly of the work  done.  ��� W. A. Feith of Beaverdell. is in  town this week. He reports business  at his general store in Beaverdell as  very good,-the past summer having  been the best yet.  An alarm of fire from a shack on  Mineral street, near Government,about  half past five Sunday evening- last  brought the fire department out in  great haste. Its services, however,were  not needed.;  The town is filled with notables this  week. The list embraces Chief Justice  Hunter, attorneys J. A. Macdonald,  W. A. McDonald, C. D. McNeill,  Ernest Miller, W. H. P. Clement and  H. J. Hannington.  Rev.' E. Manuel, of the Methodist  church in Grand Forks, will preach in  the Methodist church here next Sunday  morning and evening. Mr. Knox goes  to Grand Forks to preach the church  anniversary "sermon��"thef e^  Rev. W. O. Robin was subjected to a  surgical operation the first of the  present week. He sought relief in  surgery for an old injury to the wrist.  He is getting on nicely, nursing the  injured part.  The Grand Jury was comprised of  the following: C. D. Hunter, Thos.  Hardy, Donald MsCallum, H. E. Woodland, Leonard Vaughan, John Leamy,  E. T. Wickwire, G. O. Gordon, C. J.  McArthur, T. H. Patterson, John  Donaldson, L. S. M. Parrett, John A.  Motrin.  Berry, son of Zac Watson, was  buried on Tuesday afternoon. The  lad had beeu a most patient sufferer  for many months, but he was unable  to throw off the strong hand of disease  laid upon him. His father gave the  little fellow the most devoted attention,  in which he was assisted by kind  neighbors.  Arnold Hallett returned on Monday  after a visit to the old home in Sussex,  New Brunswick, whither he went several weeks ago to visit his father who  was ill. Mis father still continues in  delicate health. Mr. Hallett says general improvement is noticeable everywhere in the east but the west looks  good to him.  The Epworth League of the Methodist, church will meet as usual at 8  p. m. onMonday, when they will give  an evening with Longfellow. A short  sketch of the poet's life will be'read,  also selections from his works. A few  musical numbers will also be rendered.  The monthly collection will be taken  up during the evening. Everyone is  invited to attend.  greater patience, greoter care," said  lie, "than 1 received of the Sisters,  those veritable creatures of mercy.  Their devotion to duty is sublime and  if ever I am again unfortunate enough  to need such ministrations I trust I  may be fortunate enough to recive  the care of the Sisters of St. Joseph  of Peace."  MR. FISHER PROMOTED.  Mr. H. G. Fisher, for several years  teller in the local branch of the Bank  of Montreal, has been promoted to the  management of the branch to be opened at Kelowna on November 1st. We  congratulate Mr. Fisher on his deserved promotion. He has been courteous  and obliging here and we are sure he  will be popular as well as faithful  there. Mr. Stevenson will succeed Mr.  Fishei in the Greenwood branch.  McRAE VS. C. P- R.  The case of McRae vs Canadian  Pacific Railway has been engaging the  attention of court today, and is not  finished as we go to press. This is a  case under the Employer's Liability  Act. Mr. W. H. P. Clement of Grand  Forks represents the plaintiff and Mr.  C. D. McNeill of Vancouver for defendants.  TAX SALE OF MINERAL CLAIMS.  If vou want any crown granted mineral claims on which the taxes are unpaid, don't overlook the fact that all  such are advertised for sale at Rossland on November 7th next. The sale  is not advertised in the Times, but we  insert the above that claim owners  may learn of it.  LATEST WAR HEWS.  The latest news from the seat of war  in the east indicates some slight Russian gains followed by a general lull.  The Russians are reported to be entrenching themselves north of the  Hun river, and both armies, are being  disposed for another great struggle.  Heavy rains are proving a great hindrance to military operations. An  Associated.dispatch from Mukden yesterday says: The cessation of hostilities, enforced by the bad weather, even  it the Japanese offensiveness has not  really been, exhausted, gives both  armies a chance to breathe and to pull  themselves together and would seem to  insure as much benefit to one side as  to the other. When, operations commence they will assume an entirely  new phase with new dispositions and  new objectives. Practically last week's  battle has ended and it goes into history as a Russian defeat. When the  operations are resumed a new battle  will begin.  The re-appearance of viceroy Alexieff  at Mukden today for a conference is  not particularly reassuring, as such  conferences in the past have not been  fruitful of success.  GRAND JURY PRESENTMENT.  The Grand Jury in its presentament  to His Lordship Chief Justice Hunter  on Monday last, called attention to  several matters of a public nature.  They took occasion to express the  hope that a former recommendation in  regard to the improvements of the  courthouse grounds could be carried  out.  The Jury spoke in very favorable  terms of the condition of the Greenwood public school and of its effective  management by Mr. Sears and Miss  Martin.  In regard to the hospital of the  Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace the Jury  referred to the great improvements  made there during the present year  and to the efficient service it was rendering the public. The Sisters' Hospital is an institution of which all may  be proud. To him unfortunate enough  from._sickiiess���.or^accident,to1need1.the.  very best of ministration the Sisters'  Hospital offers a veritable heaven. Intelligent care, conscientious devotion  to duties that must be most exacting  and incessant kindness to all, regardless of class, creed or color, are characteristics of this institution at once a  home and a hospital. The Rev. J. P-  Knox, pastor of the Greenwood Methodist church, in a recent interview  spoke in highest terms of the management of the hospital. He had just returned from a sojourn there where he  had been lying ill with typhoid fever.  ''Iconldnol ask  for   greater fidelity,  See those "old and reliable' in  quality, but "up to date" in style, note  papers at Smith & McRae's.  \WEILER BROS.\  H.  DEPARTMENT  VICTORIA.   B.   O.  SHOW US A LIGHT  I for reading or sewing which equals [  that from/a good tamp  IH.&B Metal  Table Lamps  J 50 c.  p. and 75 c. p.  1     with opal shades  $2.50, $3.00 each  green shades 50c extra  STUDENT LAMPS  2o candle power  olio  The    most    popular  | reading lamp on  the  market  $5.00  HANGING LAMPS  Library Lamps ltlce illustration from  |$3.50 to $11.00 complete  Semi for catalogue of Complete  House  furnish', nps-  Eastern Goods  ... at Eastern Prices  VIOLINS, new and old  GUITARS,  MANDOLINS.  BANJOS,  ACCORDEONS  $5.00 to $50.00  10.00 to   20.00  10.00 to  15.00  10-00 to   25.00  2 00 to  12.00  AUTOHARPS, ZITHERS,   MOUTH  HARPS,   HARMONOPHONES,  FLUTES  BAGPIPES, ETC. ETC.  Music Folios,      Song Folios,      Sheet Music.  200   - - GRAHPOPHONE   RECORDS.   THIS   WEEK   - - 200  THOMl:  & WICKWIRE  COPPER      STREET  GREENWOOD  Give Careful Attention to Business  Entrusted to Them  They Rent Houses.  Ttiey Buy and Sell Real Estate,  They Loan Money For Home Building.  They Insure Anything Worth Insuring.  Agents For The Following Insurance  Companies:  ATLAS.  UNION,  WESTERN,  NORTHERN,  GUARDIAN,]  CANADIAN,  CONNECTICUT,  CANADA LIFE,  ONTARIO ACCIDENT,  PHENIX OF BROOKLYN.  PHOENIX OF HARTFORD,  EMPLOYERS' LIABILITY.  LONDON AND LANCASHIRE.  HARTFORD STEAM  BOILER,  WE COVER MOST ANYTHING LIABLE TO BLOW UP,  BURN UP OR BREAK UP  ������������#����������� **��o*o����ao������**��0**��*��o*��*o����*��#��������������aao������ a  ��  ��  0  ��  *  ft  9  9  9  9  9  ��  ft  ��  ft  Greenwood,  ��  ��  a  ft  ft"  ��  ft  ft  ��  ft  ��  ����#sft-��ft��ft��ft������#��������9��ft-��������ft������������������a����ft����������aft��0������ft  \ Union  Meat Market.  I beg- to announce to the people of Greenwood  and vicinity that I have taken the business of  the Union Meat Co., over, in this city, and  ask for a share of your patronage. My  wagon will call mornings for your orders and  the greatest care will be taken in filling of  same and prompt delivery. Everything carried in stock that can be had in any up-to-  date butchering establishment. Trusting  you will favor us with an order  Yours etc.,  I. P. FLOOD,     Prop. I  .���v**\r**v '���*V*''*,VWA<��-��**V-*<  Greenwood Liquor Co.  Wholesale Dealers  in  Choicest  Brands  of Wines.  Liquors and Cigars.  Sole Boundary  Agents For  PABST  Brewing [*  COMPANY'S  CELEBRATED  MILWAUKEE  u  Drink Iron Brew  The Ideal Drink  LAGER F(g]  ���Jffl  BEER  JAS. McCREATH, Prop.,   Greeenwood


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