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Vol. 1.
Good Work Being Done at
the Big Mines.    •
;Are Putting in a 200 Ton Cyanide
.Fairview, B.C., Oct. 20—Work on
-the big building for the 200-ton cyanide
plant of the New Fairview Corporation,
Ltd., is progressing rapidly. Dnring
the erection Superintendent Charles
Ostenberg hag a force,   building the
. tanks, as the company has .adequate
facilities to manufacture its own lumber, thus avoiding the excessive expense and frieght charge and effecting
* a saving of fully SO per cent in cost.
Meanwhile   there   have   been   stored
. redayj for treatment sufficient tailings,
the value of which, when they are
treated, ■ will;fully pay for the cost, of
the new plant.' From the results of the
present experimentalcyaniding plant
*:■ it. has been demonstrated that the
whole of the tailings, after leaving the
the tables where the high grade sul-
phrets are extracted, can bs run direct
into the tanks and treated at a very low
cost, which should increase the profits
on the Stemwinder ore considerably..
In fact, the management has every
reason to believe that 'the plant will
establish a new record on cyaniding by
saving 88 per cent of the values in the
_At the.mine.the ons,,JbQdy,M.the_3QO,
"foot levei is being further exploited
by a winze following the footwall side
of the vein. The policy of the management is to develop, as rapidly as
possible, the ore resources, of the  dif-
' fereflt levels, so-by the'timeeverything
is ready to put in operation at the 46
stamp mill and cyaniding plant, there
will be an abundance of ore for crushing. There are now over 6000 tons of
broken ore on the stopes. At present
. one drill is more than sufficient to keep
14 stamps running.
With regard to the values it is satisfactory to note that the greater the
- depth^thV high'erthe"values,~"A""twb
weeks lest, with14stamps, on ore taken
■exclusively from 300 foot level, gave
the following returns: One hundred
and sixty-eight ounces bullion $1630;
5 tons high grade sulphret, value per
ton $211, $1055; 50 tons low grade con-
''centrates, value per ton $18, $900; 600
tons tailings, value per ton $3.70, $2220;
total $5805, giving a val«e of $850 per
ton. In addition to these values,
about 10 per cent was lost .by being
carried off in the slimes, but this will
be saved by the cyauiee plant. A
second run of ore from the same level
of 846. tons and 454 from the second
level, or a total of 1300 tons milled, resulted as follows: One hundred and
thirty-seven- and one half ounces bullion, value $1557.87; 7 tons sulphrets,
value $145 per ton, $1015; 6o tons ■ low
grade sulphrets, value per ton $15.95,
$967.00; 1100 tons tailings, value per
ton $2.80, $3080; total, $6618.87, shewing
an average of $5.07 per ton in addition
to slime losses- In comparison with
the ore milled from the dump, with
values ranging from $2 to 53, being ore
extracted from the two upper levels,
the results are most favorable. With
the.use of larger screen there is no
doubt, say6 the managemeat, that with
the full 46 stamps running, from 150 to
175 tons of ore per day can be treated.
In discussing the experimental tests
of the Stemwinder ore, Superintendent
Charles Ostenberg said: "In our first
mill.test we found that we could not.by
the use of Frue vanners alone, make
concentrates high enough in grade to
net 60 per cent of their value, as the
freight and treatment charges are excessive. Consequently, I constructed
tables which separated the slime from
the sands and classify the concentrates,
taking of "a streak which contains the
galena, carrying a high per centage of
gold aud silver, and bringing the ship
ping product to a value of from $150 to
$900 per ton. The shipping and treatment charges are no more on this
grade of ore than on the lower values;
in fact, we also receive the lead values,
which on the lower grade are not allowed, and now obtain 90 per cent of
the gross value. The lea'd saving
alone pays for the treatment charges.
The second product which we run
over the Frue vanners and saved in the
shape of low grade concentrates was
worth about $15 to $20 per ton, and was
treated by the small cyanide plant with
which we made an extraction of 75 to
85 per cent,"with a perfect percipit-
ation. -We expected to run a considerable portion of the sand over with
this mineral, and have but a small loss
in- tailings. However, we found that
when we treated ore from the third
level, especially, which was of a higher
grade, that fully a third of our values
was being lost, as even the slimes contained values ranging from $2to$4 per
ton. ; '■
After many, tests the management
.concluded that nothing remained but to
erect large cyanide tanks, now in process of construction, and treat the
whole product of the mill, as with our
present small plant we have demonstrated that the whole of the tailings,
after-leaving the tables where the high
grade sulphrets are extracted, can be
run direbt into these tanks and be
treated at a very low cost, with consequent handsome profits. I expect that
the large plant will be finished about,
the first of next year, and meanwhile
only enough stamps are being opera ted
to crush the ore taken out in development,
A.  H.  Sperry has returned from a
visit to Spokauer"'*^^******,'-*^
Have you tried the oyster cocktails
at the Clarendon ? .
Dr. and Mrs. K. McDonald, of Grand
Forks, were visitors to the city this
.weelc-^^-^-unw*.„___ „    .  .-     ■»-
Anaconda lots—large variety—cheap
prices—liberal terms. Next Monday is
the date.
Wanted—A girt to learn telephone operating. Apply at the Vernon & Nel-
spn telephone.office. -
C. Gr. Cunningham and A. W. English left this week on a business and
pleasure trip to Edmonton and other
Northwest points.'
Mr. J. Wilmshurst of London, Eng.,
arrived in the city today. He will
likely, make his home here for the
future with his son.
J. H.- M;. Pustance,who went to South
Africa from Greenwood, has returned
to the province, and is visiting his
brother at Vancouver.
Rev. W. A. Robins, B. A., was in
New York Saturday on his way home
to Greenwood after spending a three
months' holiday in England.
Have you tried the oyster cocktails
at the Clarendon ?
A small office building owned by
John W. Lind of Anaconda was destroyed by fire on Tuesday evening.
In the absence of fire protection nothing could be done to save the building,
Paul Johnson, superintendent of the
Greenwood smelter, and Albert I.
Goodell, superintendent of the Sunset
smelter, have returned from a visit to
W. H. Webb and Geo. H. Mayuard
have opened a repair and paint shop:
on Copper street. Both are experienced-
mechanics. Any bicycle or machine
-repairs, painting or sign work, will
receive prompt attention.
Fred M. Munn has leased the New
Clarendon Hotel from A. Fisher. Mr.
Munn is an experienced hotel man,
who is prepared to give nothing but a
first' class service at the Clarendon,
which was recently renovated and refurnished.
The St. Andrew's Society has resumed its regular monthly meetings.
Last Friday evening the Society met
and decided to celebrate St. Andrew's
night with a banquet. A committee
was appointed to arrange for the same.
It will be held on Saturday evening,
Nov. 29th.	
$75—$150—$200—Pianos for sale or
rent. A. L. White New and 2nd hand
store opposite A. H. Sperry Co,
The Big Hotel Completely Consumed by Fire, School
Teacher Burned to Death and Several Fatally Injured—Guests had to Jump for Their Lives.
Manager of Hotel Among the Victims.
Word was received here from Fair-
view via Camp McKinney Wednesday
stating. that the Fairview Hotel was
destroyed by fire at an early hour that
morning. One person is dead, two
fatally injured, and several others
more, or less seriously hurt, also that
the local supply of remedies was exhausted, and appealing for surgical
and nursing assistance. It was stated
that a similar appeal had been sent via
Penticton to Vernon. As Camp McKinney, which is the nearest telegraph
or telephone station, is nearly thirty
miles east from Fairview, arid Penticton a similar distance north, whilst
Vernon is eighty or ninety miles further north, there must necessarily be a
long delay before help can be given.-
However, as soon as possible after
receipt of the message, Dr. Schon and
Nurse Flesher left Greenwood to drive
nearly seventy miles to Fairview, taking with them all necessary supplies.
The information received was mea-
gre-^and with nearly thirty miles between the end of telephone line at
Camp McKinney, it was difficult to
obtain particulars. News received is
to the effect that a lady teacher of the
Fairview public school is missing, and
it is believed she perished in the
flames ; Mr. Mathias, manager of the
hotel,; and an. engineer whose name is
not given, are both fatally injured ;
Mrs; Mathias -was'seriously hurt, and
Dr.  White and John Love, druggist,
It was stated that one woman had her
leg broken ; it is supposed' that this,
was Mrs. Mathias.
The fire started in basement of building, which is a three storey frame
structure having 28 bedrooms and
other necessary accommodation. It is
well built and furnished, with dimensions 60 feet by 60 feet. The building
had a wide main staircase leading from
ground floor to third storey, also back
staircase, and it is supposed that these
stairways formed stairways for the
flames, thus cutting off all escape except by jumping from upstair windows
for those ~who~at~ the early hour of
three o'clock would be asleep in their
beds. Dr. Foster, of Greenwood, who
is a close personal friend of Dr. White,
thinks the latter cannot be seriously
hurt, as he sent the message to Camp
McKinney, and had he been much
injured would doubtless have let him
(Dr. Foster) know.
From inquiries made since the foregoing was written it has been ascertained that the school teacher at Fair-
view waB Miss Smith, who comes from
Armstrong, a farming district in the
upper part of Okanagan valley, north
of Vernon. The engineer mentioned
is not likely to be Chas. Ostenberg,
superintendent of the New Fairview
Company's Stemwindes mine, since
his home is near the mine, a mile or so
from the hotel. The whole of the New
Fairview Company's properties.inc'ud-
ing townsite, hotel, mines, and big
group of mineral claims, stamp mill
with forty-six stamps, etc., are under
offer to an English company, who will
likely buy if mines stand expert examination, so it is considered improbable
that the cause of fire was anything but
accidental. As there was no water
supply, and the hotel is situated in a
breezy gulch, destruction must have
been rapid. Particulars of insurance
are not yet obtainable, but Mr. Naden,
agent of insurance companies represented by Ceperley, Rounsefell & Co.,
Limited, Vancouver, B. C, thinks it
likely one of their companies, probably
Phoenix Assurance Company, of London, England, will be heavy loser.
The hotel was built and well furnished
by the original Fairview Corporation,
which last year transferred all its
properties to the New Fairview Corporation. When the company last
issued a balance sheet, hotel and furniture was shown as an asset valued at
twenty thousand dollars, besides which
the stock and permanent improvements
represented fourteen hundred dollars
Camp McKinney, Oct. 24 (Special to
the Times)—Later news from Fairview
not only confirms the reports of sad
fatalities attending the destruction of
the Fairview hotel by fire, but also
shows that the actual state of affairs is
even worse than first reported. Miss
Smith, Ihe school teacher, perished in
the flames ; Mr. Mathias, manager of
the hotel, died from his injuries ; an
engineer named Allan or Allan Stewart jumped from the third storey, injured his spine and cannot recover ;
the housekeeper, Miss Lizzie Hunt, is
seriously injured from jumping'out of
the burning building, and two others
were injured.
The fire originated in the office of
the hotel about three o'clock in the
morning. Mr. ■■ Mathias heard the
crackling of the flames and went down.
He tried to extinguish the flames, and
was badly burned. Failing in this, he
ran back upstairs to get. his wife and
child, but she had jumped from the
window and escaped injuries. Poor
Mathias was again caught in the
flames, and before he could be rescued
was fearfully burned. He never regained consciousness and died Wednesday evening. Miss Smith, school
teacher, had a room on the second
storey. Whether she heard the . crackling of Ithterflames- or-not-wiil-never-be
known. She was not seen during the
fire, and portions of her remains were
found in the ruins.
? Lizzie Hunt, the housekeeper, cannot
recover. She is badly burned, and in
jumping broke her thigh and was
otherwise injured. The last news
from Fairview stated that she was
still unconscious and was being cared
for at the government oflice.
The engineer whose name cannot be
learned is also fatally injured. There
were 14 people in the building at the
time and all were more or less injured
or burned. _.......!       ^-.l,,-.-*-^*-*—*.—
Dr. Schon and Nurse Flesher, who
left here on Wednesday noon, arrived
in Fairview at 1.30 Thursday morning.
They changed horses at Camp McKinney, and lost no time in getting to the
scene. Dr. Morris of Vernon reached
thereon Wednesday evening, coming
down to Penticton on Wednesday's
steamer. Henry Main, druggist, of
Camp McKinney, is also at Fairview,
rendering all assistance possible, as
John Love, the Fairview druggist, is
among those seriously injured.
A man named William Kennaugh
died last evening at the head of-Providence creek, where he had been living
with his daughter and son-in-law, Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Whitwell. Finding
that the old man was not about yesterday morning as usual, Mr. Whitwell
went to his room and there found him
lying unconscious on the floor. He
had lighted his lamp and commenced
to dress when, evidently, he was suddenly seized with illness. He was
well enough the night before, and his
sudden death was unexpected. He was
72 years of age, a native of the Isle of
Man, and came to British Columbia
last year from New Zealand. Dr.
Boucher certified that the cause of
death was cerebral hemorrhage. The
body was carr'r ' on a stretcher two
miles out to the <?hoenix road, and
brought thence o G- -jnwood. The
burial will take pi a.. ** ylay morning at 10 o'clock. . »,,
Owners will Erect a  Mill
Near Hedley City.
Karl Nelson Goes There to Run an
Karl Nelson the well known hotel man
left this week for Hedley City where he
has purchased and 'will conduct ahot.l.
Hedley City is growing as a result of
the big undertaking of the owners
of the Nickel plate mine. The owners
are the Marcus Daly estate and associates. The property has been developed to such an extent that a.mill is to
be erected at Hedlay City to treat the
ore. J. A. Munson has secured the
contract for the construction of a tramway between the mill and the mine and
he has already beguu work. A recent
despatch from Hedley City says:.;
While rumours to thut effect have
been in circulation for some time it is
now definately known that the Marcus
Daly estate, of Butte,, owners of the
Nickel plate group of mines in the lower
Similkameen, have placed an order for
a 40 stamp mill, which it is expected
will be in operation some time late this
fall or early this winter. The mill,
which is. now in process of manufacture
a I. Sherbrooke, Quebec, will have a capacity of about 200 tons of ore per. day,
which can readily incresred by the addition of more stamps to the battery.
„,"-A. location;!;or-r-.the-si.te*. for. the mill
has. been selected, near the mouth of
-Twenty Mile creek, which is about five
miles from, the Nickel Plate mines.
The location is Indian Land, adjoining
Hedley City, and negotiations for the
acquiring of the land, which have beer
in progress for some trme, are now
about completed. When installed this
will be the first stamp mill erected in
the Similkameen district, the others
nearest being at Camp McKinney and
at the Stemwinder mine in Camp Fair-
Owing to the conservative policy pur--
Plate mine, little that is definite has
been officially given out in regard to the
property. For the past four years,
however, a force of from 20 to 30 men
has been steadily employed at the mine
and same months ago an air compressor was placed on the property for the
purpose of pushing development at a
faster rate.
The Nickel Plate has the reputation
of being the richest mine in that section, and is the only one that has been
systematically worked for several
years. The ore is said to run high in
copper and fold, large bodies averaging $70 per ton. On the dump are
many thosands of tons of ore awaiting
treatment at the new mill, besides
much ore for smelter treatment. One
indication of the value of the property
is the fact that the owners for the last
two years or more, have been buying
up adjoining mineral claims, until now
they have a large block. Tne Nickel
Plate itself cost the present owners
$60,000 some four years ago, and this
last spring two adjoining claims were
bought for S50.000 cash from parties residing in Phoenix. Other claims were
bought at lower figures'
Manly Arrested.
Camp  McKinnt   }
the Times)—Henr^
returned  from  Fa;
ing additional par'
accident. The list <-■■
ed is practically as giv,.  '->.\"!Nva'ir>
some additional  particulate j
(Continued on last page./?
Charged With Complicity in Columbia
Hotel Fire,.
John A. Manly, -. ""-GYaiidVorkE, was
arrested by the pro . ci? 1 "police this
week for alleged con. u> in the big
*">tel fire at Columbia i.-je years ago.
, -tly after the fire- two men -ere
f^ct* and one named.Cameron con-
.sed, implicating Manly ,*nd others.
rV- -:rossed over to tlie other side,
ained there until tb *-v>tof
^ juble blew over. It was thought
^.at the then sensation had died out,
^but evidently the recent arrest is based
on fresh evidence. .   ...
*   *. THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK  -TIME&.  K.  ��e�� j,>��#o-#-*#��#��-��*&o-��tt'*##i9 ���*��*�������#������������ ���#��-*��#;:* **#����������)�������*-*��*��-����-��  UNION  LABEL  #  ��� Xr on all  H G armeiits  THE BEST WORKMANSHIP  EVERYTHING GUARANTEED.  CLEANING, PRESSING AND REPAIRING DONE.  1 l&��  -���"���**��� your Plates   ���,.  mm$$Mmm& for development  SHOULD BE (dDIRED NOW  THE LATEST GOODS  thTlowest PRICES  W.  J  COPPER STREET,  GREENWOOD.  |  Merchant Tailor   ;'��.., OPPOSITE WINDSOR HOTEL,  She  Boundary Creek Times  Issued every friday  Duncan Ross Managing Editor  SUBSCRIPTIONS IN ADVANCE.  Per Ykak ;   -Six Months ...  To Foreign Countries..   ..$ 2 00  ... 1 25  ... 2 SO  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 24, 190.*.  THE FAIRVIEW FIRE.  The sad   fatalities  connected   with  .the  destruction  of the Fairview hotel  ;by firehaveshocked the people of the  -���interior. There have been some serious fires in the interior, but none  which'were attended with such serious  loss of life.. The hotel was one of the  best in the district. The loss is a hea'vy  'one. vBut provision against such loss-  e�� can'be easily made. It is:impossible,, however, to bring back* life to  those who  perished: in the  flames or  Tmet their .death in attempting to escape  from the ;terrible Iholacust.DNotwith-  standing this, it.is the general practice  ' to. exercise the greatest precaution in'  having adequate insurance,   and   the  ..least care in protecting human life.  In the larger cities hotels are igeneral-  'ly forced to make provision ] for the  escape of inmates in case of fire, but in  the outlying districts it is too often the  , practice to have absolutely no safe-  gu :rds. It is a matter that requires  consideration,  and to which attention  .is forcibly drawn by the severe loss of  Jife.in the.Fairview fire.  COAL STRIKE.  labor, more probably than organized  labor will do for John Mitchel.    - - ���* vi  TARTE'S DISMISSAL.  The great coal  strike is  prac ically  .settled.    Peace'was brought about  by  - President Roosevelt aud  others   who  "rdid'everything  in their power to end  the   strike.   The strike   produced  at  least one great  man in  the person  of  John.   Mitchell.   It was   possibly the  greatest industrial struggle of history  and'John Michell showed tact, courage  and genius in  his generalship.     No  ordinary man  could guide and control  147,000 miners in Pennsylvania.   Many  of   them  were  uneducated  and came  from foreign lauds. All were desperate  .and   believed   they   were victims   of  gross   injustice.    Mitchell   kept  these  men under control for over five months  and won.    It was no ordinary feat and  no ordinary man could accomplish it.  The man who did all this could  successfully rule  a nation but.what  has  future in store for him?    His work has  been    done on  a   modest  salary   that I  would   scarcely    meet   the    everyday  wants of himself and family.    If his I  fate   Is  that of  a great  many  labor j  leaders,his good work will go unappreciated.    Jealousies,    and  doubts,   envy '  and the ambitions of others will   pos-1  ���ibly combine to relegate him to private  life.    John   Mitchell has   shown, his  fellow   workmen  how    to  conduct   a  auccusful struggle against gjeedy capital.   He has shown that violence is  a j  weak weapon but that through  organ- j  ixation and the exercise of good judge- j  ment most powerful ones.    John Mitchell    has done  much  for  organized  The expected happened. Tarte is' no  longer a member of Laiirier's cabinet.  Two courses were open to Sir Wilfrid.  He could have retained Tartetand lost  tht* great mass of*-the .Liberals, or tie  could get rid of Tarte and retJuna loyal  and united Liberal party. '.'"SiV Wilfrid  chose the wiser course. Mr. Tarte was  an anomaly in a Liberal government.  His recent political utterances'dtd violence to Liberal doctrine. ii-iVa's'Toryism pure and undefiled. Sil- Wilfrid  has given Mr; Tarte rin opportunity to  exploit his high protection views untrammelled ;by path, of office or party  loyalty. That he cando so with marked ability ho one will dispute ; it is  equally certain that while he may instil some life into the badly, disorgan-.  ized . Conservatives, ��� he   cannot   win  -- ...  Liberals from their allegiance to a low  tariff policy.  There was something else to be settled besides the disciplining of a man  who talked too much during the absence of his leader., Mr. Tarte's course  was a gross violation of his oath of  office, and' utterly opposed to the system of government which w'e enjoy,  No member of the cabinet has a right  to proclaim an entirely new-policy on  the stump without first submitting his  views to 1 he premier and other members of the government and! getting  their consent. If changes in the tariff  were to be made, they should be announced by the minister of -finance  when delivering his budget ^speech.  Many thought that Sir Wilfrid would  be afraid to lassoo his bucking minister, but Sir Wilfrid's ways are not all  sunny. When occasion demands he  can be firm and forcible. His notice  to Mr. Tarte is clear cut and decisive  Tarte found Laurier's sunny ways  loo tart.  Those Anaconda lots are going to be  sold.    Chea p prices and  liberal terms  A Chesaw Fire.  Information has been receivad here  that Barker's hotel, at Chesaw, was  destroyed by lire on Sunday, the 19th  inst. It is stated that Mr. Barker had  spent between $8,000 and $9,000on the  building and contents, so that the loss  will likely be a heavA* one since it is  not probable that much insurance  could have been obtained in a small  country town wher there is no water  system for protection.  Don't  forget the sale of Anaconda  lots, beginning Monday .next.  For Good Rigs  and Saddle Horses  -GO TO THE-  nil  A. G.  Manager.  Mitdhell Will Run.  F.J; Mitchell'formerly of this city,  has a big race oil at Cranbrook on the  27th. The Cranbrook Herald, speaking  of the race, says :  "Increasing, interest is being.manifested in the great. fo��t race betyieen  Nevin and Mitchell.' Both'men are in  hard training and each is confident of  v ictory. Aside from the $i ,000 purse  there will'be that much 'more in side  money, as the supporters of each man  are waiting to back their opinion; with  their coin. The foot race comes off in  the morning and there is sure to be a  bi >��� crowd to witness the. event."  st���!���s^s-i���~  ' ���  ;<>:0-&<>-0^00--i>0-00-^^  $$      ��;     if   |i-y   I,|j    IliApj:   g-4      l��\    pi   Kik-iij  |1 'i    I ���ijf''���'���.  '  Five years hence there will be a  dozen smelter furnaces in jBoundary  creek'valley. Laiid bought' nbw will  increase many times in value before  that.    ���-���.���'������"������ ,  OO��XX)<>0<>OOOO(>0<XkXX>OOO<>0<>  ��sUMlshe(l 18 ��6.-��� Incorporated by-Royal Charter.  CAPITAL,   /l,000l0OO��pj866J666".66  ...:���'���    ������ ��������� '���'���' !   ��� ���',* *     f.  !,   "I -i i! !"���   3-    ��*v      (i* ���      A.      H  .;   Londop JEngland.i tHrSTIKEMAN-General Manager* Montres!,  ...  J. ^LMSLY. Insr?ct-3|r*. Montreal. M-^-^ife .<-':���  Branches and agents In all the principal cities of Canada i*alV. -the United States,  . and correspondents in all parts of the Tjr^Jd. .   '  GREENWOOD BRANCH :   Copper Strt-!-��  OOOO-OO-l^OOOO-OOOOOOO-^^  00<)0<KKKK><J<*��000<K>CPPO<XXXJ<>< oooooooootfoooooooo:oooooooo  -:' ��� "        '.-���'*.      .* - ��� j   ; ^M       ���     t     r~j    , r '''.y-n    r. :--..  : THE*  MEALS AT ALL  HOURS  PRIVATE  ROOMS  FOR  LADIES.  i I  ��  Charles R; <Pittock,  *  *  trVour cofpe e  tProp'r.  Delicious   Peaches,   Plums^'5  Pears and-Apples at prices ��� that1'  are_,right-for;.preserving.; -also-  Tomatoes.   You can*t do better-'  than to buy from us.  Wholesale^ and 'RetailDealer.  ' /Copper Street,''Greenwood.;;;  -do^oo-boo-obc^o-t^  3��  Y  Y*.  f-*:  Y  -  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  f  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y-  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  V  Y  Y  Y  ABEL  'Begs to announce that he  ���   thas purchased the -stock of-  ,T-Q.Butler ;and:\yill open  .:  up in; a few days with a  "complete stock of  ' >*# SABLES    .;  and everything that; is to  ; be'found   in :a   first-class  ^ ^ _ Jiarness' ^hop^ ;_= ^ ^  Call on him for prices.  Repairing of all Rinds  Done.  %  ABEL HALLBERG. f  COPPER STREET. .*.  .    . ..*���      .'  ��� .'������.������ :>���.;���'���-- ���'������    ���''"<���  A.  Near McNeill's Feed Store,  'A  'A  r*  W  'a  k  k  ft  k  &  k  k  k  k  fa  k  k  k  fa  fa  fa  fa  fa  fa  fa  PACIFIC BLOCK,       Copper St.  SELLS  FRESH FRUITS,     :  CONFECTIONERY,  CIGARS  and TOCACebS.  Agent for the delicious  Hazelwood Ice Cream  -Cosy, Parlors.  Don't forg-et the place In   the   Pacific!  block next to Windsor Hotel.  I Greenwood S  25 Licsiior Coittipaiiy.    ��  H|^ fafa  %% ,���   '   !���     .       - p 1115 1-=   '.- ^  ��� *> �� * Pabst aiid      g  S ��.. 4 ^ galgary Beer, S  m  ��  55    R GRIEGER, Manager.  fafa  fafa  &$&��&&��#&&&��&&&&&&&&*? &fFtr*tvr#'iFtFie*'iF*i't?'  �� *  tbe Oyster Season  r i  Is now in full swing.    Try our  BU1K OYSTERS.  Imported by us direct from the beds.    Strictly fresh  and of good quality.  P. Burns $ Co. ;  A  carload   of   Dressed  Poultry * now   en   route for  Thanksgiving.    Send us your orders at once.  DEALERS IN  FURNITURE, * CARPETS,  LINOLEUMS, ETC.  GREENWOOD.  't    COPPER STREET, ���*:'~    ���  Y ,   . :  _-.'-.f .* .1--:*.   *:*-' i   -,.-,     >-,-:���;������:.'.:-.-.-���.>��� r-'ivr? '���:.  Just received, consisting of Steel Ranges, Cook Stoves,  both Coal and;Wood Heaters,. Queens, Box Stoves, &c.  A. long, cold, winter is ahead of us. You may as well  be comfortable and get a new Stove. We also repair  old ones.  A CARLOAD OF PEARL (ML  A CLEARAN6E SALE  Of Ladies' Oxford Ties and Slippers, One Dollar only  for any pair of Low Sboes in the house. See display  in window.  BfWIIWIW'W  ��p *? if *�������" *����� ir*1 ������� *p !����� ip �����? 1? **��� *? r  RUSSELL"-LAW-aGAULF!ELD CO,  n  "  i  2~x��:**<~k��!$>��<*:��^^  ***  V  En route.    Orders now taken for future delivery.  The cleanest and freshest stock in the city. Hazelwood  and Chilliwack Butter, Nabob. Tea, R.-L.-C. Co.  famous Mocha:and Java Coffee always in stock.  LIMITED. t%  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  Granby Company's Meeting  The annual meeting of the. Granby'  Consolidated Mining, Surelting and  Power company, was-lield.at Montreal  on the 7th inst.. The annual report  which was read and adopted was considered to be very satisfactory. Mr.  Miner, the "President, in an address  to the shareholders, said that the company had considerable to contend with  during the year. The price of copper  was exceedingly low, going down to  11^ from 17 cents. Mr. Miner .further  explained that owing'to the scarcity of  coke, it was found impossible* to operate over two out of the four,furnaces on  the property. In fact,* it was-,only during the mouth of April-that*the' four  furnaces were irj '. operation. Mn  Miner stated that a year dg'9 he had  hoped at this annual meeting to an-  ' nounce a dividend to the shareholders,  but.;'. unforseeri events, already men  tioned had madeihis impossible. The  properties are; all in fine' condition.'  The old boar'd'f'6f directors was re  elacted.  Stop paying rent and buy a home of  your own down in the industrial eud of  the valley. *...,���."' -  -   -  , MINERAL   ACT,  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  "LA -PLAZA" - Mi110r.1l Claim, si tunic in ilie  Keltic River, Minintr Division (if Yale Di.si;  rict.    Where located :    Providence camp,  Take Notice Hut I, Jol-n V. McLeod, Free  Minor's CertHicate No. J! SWi-l as airent for  fleorire 1*\ Miller. Free Miner's Ceriificale No.  11 /i50!i6' intend, sixty days from the dale, hereof,  to apply lo the Miuinn' Recorder for a Certificate of Improventetiis, for tlie purpose--'of  oblaiuiiiir a Crown Grant of the above claim.  And further tnl.o notice that action, amlci  .section 37, must ho eouiMeitced before the issuance of such Certiiicate of Improvement.1-.  Dated this 21st day of October, A. 'IL, 1902.  Last ins. Dec. 2-t. .      J. P.* McLEOD  K0T1CE OF* E0BFE1TURE.  To GEORGE R1TER, of the City of Greeiiv.-ond-  in the Province of British Columbia, Pros,  pector:  Yoii arc herein- notified that I have expended  $2iif>.0(> in pcrforntiiijr assessment worlc on the.  'Hunpiahala" ��;:ul "Paramatta" Mineral  claims, situate In Copper Camp, in the rC.ittie  River Mininir Division, Yale .District, J'du.sh,  Columbia, and the sum' of f5.ni) for reo-rdinjr  the said worlc. the same beinir necessary to hold  the etnims under the provisions of the Mineral  Act and Amending Acts, ami if at the. expiration of ninety days from the date of tile lirsl  publication nf Cliis notice iu the ISo-.tiidary  Oreelc Times, you fail or refuse lo roiiii.lntte  your portion nf .such expenditure, iiainelv the  sum of ft.s.33, together with all the i-o-ts of  ;ulvcrtlsinu-. your interest in the said claims  shall become vested iu your co-owners, pro  rata, according- to their several interests there  in, iu pursuance of the provisions of section 4  of the Mineral Act Amendment Act.iWO.  Dated' al .Greenwood, ISritisli Columbia, this  20tl!,' day or October, A. Do-1TO2.  MIKE MORRIS.   ���  NOTICE  1 ���  More furnaces in the smelter mean  more people and.more homes in Anaconda. Don't overlook" your opportunity.'   -   ���:*,-.'��� :'i;    -.;";/      "/'.?  .' ���'.'  '  Mineral Act 1896.  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  ��� . . .NOTICE. , . ;...,  "NICKLE PLATE" ��� Mineral Claim, situate  in the Kettle River Mining- Division .of  Yale District."' Where.located : About live  miles North of Canycn Creek and about two  miles West oi; the'Main Kettle River.  TAKE NOTICE that we. Charles Newman,  N; E. Peterson and P. A. Linbcrg, all of  Camp McKinney in the said Division. Free  Miner's Certificate Nos. B. 40.489; B. 40,447. aild  3J. 40,448 ressectively, Intend, sixty days from  the dale hereof, to apply to the Miutnir Recorder for a Certificateof Improvements, for the  ���purpose of ; obtaining- a Crown Grant ofthe  above claim. :*m. ;.:*' ;    ���'������'  And further take notice that action,  under  section 37,...must  be commenced  before   the  issuance of.such Certificate of Improvements.  CHARLES NEWMAN.  NILS EDVIN Pl-TERSON  PATRICK AXEL LINDBERO  Dated this 31st day of May, A. D. 1902.  Last issue Nov. 30.  LOTS 1 and 2, Block 4, Map 34, a valuable  business site, situated on Government  Street, Greenwood, near the. Armstrong Hotel,  will be sold by Public Auction to the highest  bidder, for cash, on Thursday, October 30th. at  11 o'clock a. in..' The sale will lake place upon  the premises. Intendiiifr purchasers will satisfy themselves as to title. The documents of  title mav be seen at the office of  ..*���     ARTHUR M. WHITESIDE,  liarrisier-al-law.  Rendell Building-,' Greenwood, B. C.  NOTICE  TRANSFER OF LIOUOR LICENSE.  Notice is hereby (riven that at the next sit"  liny-of the Board of License Commissioners of  the City of Greenwood held thirty days after'  the IIrst publication of this notice we intend to  ���apply for a transfer of the license now held by  us to"sell !'u|tior by retail at the premises known  as the Clarendon Hotel" situate on* Copper  street, Greenwood, to Fred M.JMunn.  Gxkexwood Clakrndon Co., Ltd.  W. O. Wright, Secretary  at _M  * Engineers   and   Mine  |/^3/|f Superintend ants will find  " it to tltelr interest to refer to ns when in need lot  anything in the Pumj  line. We make Pumps ot  every description for all  services.  H Pump Catalogues and  ^Specifications sent upon  jSrequest. We manufact-  fflurc also Northey Gas and  ^Gasoline. Engine���cheap���  handy���safe. *   Send for  Booklet.  Cunliffe& McMillan.  Agents at Sossland B.C.  ���f. Vancouver Engineering  g,Works, agents at Van-  E ouver, B. C  ���4  <|)'(l)"#<i>##4>#'  m ,  ��� ���-..,. -Thai is printing. ,  When  you   want cheap nasty"'printing,  send east for it.*_  Our stock and work is always* the .best;  '"'" ^vctwr*-prices   are. reasonable.    The office    now   has   power  presses  and  everything  necessary .*" for . good   work .'.. and  ,...:.*   prompt delivery.    We pay the highest wages and get the  .^-^"-.-----^-^bl^  Y  Y  hnrrini/non  illLLilfi'JUIi  n  iJlKProo  u  A List  of Firms Who  Are   Doing  Business in $  y  Greenwood. v  BANKS.  THE BANK OF MONTREAL.  F. J. Finucane, - Manager.  THE BANK  OF  BRITISH  NORTH  AMERICA.  \V. G. K. Bkl'J.,       -       -      Manager.  THE CANADIAN BANK OF  COMMERCE.  Henry F. MyTTOn,     .  -       Manag-er.  DRY GOODS AND CLOTHING-  REN DELE & CO.,  Dealers in Dry Goods,  Men's Furnishings, Boots and Shoes,EMason & Riscli  Pianos., etc., etc.  ���GREENWOOD TRADING CO'Y.,  Limited.  General Merchandise. Copper St.  HUNTER-KENDRICK CO., Limited.  General Merchandise,  Copper Street, Greenwood.  GROCERIES AND HARDWARE.  RUSSELL--LAW--CATJLFIELD CO.,  WMITKD.  Dealers  in Hardware,   Groceries   and  Furnishings.  JEWELLRY.  MILLER BROS.  Jewellers and Opticians.  The boundary Greek Times, j. @-  S: BARRY YfflILL  Practical Watchmaker   and   Jeweller.  Greenwood, B. C.  MEATS, ETC.  P. BURNS & CO.,  Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants.  CANDY FACTORY.  C. V. SEMERAD,  THE MART.  GAUNCK & WtCKWIRK.  Real   Estate.    Money   lo   Loan.    Fire  Life and Accident Insurance.  TAILORING.  WILSON & CO.  Merchant Tailors. Greenwood, St.  W. ELSON,  Merchant Tailor.  Copper Street. .     Opp. Windsor Hotel.  ASSAYERS.  WALTER E. SEGSWORTH  Provincial Assayer and Chemist.  Control Assays a Specialty.  Greenwood, B. C.  DRUGGISTS.  J. L. WHITE,  Drupfgist, Copper St.  AGENTS, COLLECTORS, ETC  FRED B. HOLMES,  Ag-ent,    Collector,     Janitor.       Large  warehouse for storing goods.  P.O. Box'25     Residence oppi city hall.  "REALKmE AND INSURANCE.  BEALEY INVESTMENT & TRUST  COMPANY, Limited.  Geokge R. Naden,        -       Manager.  Insurance, Mines, Stocks, Real Estate.  PROFESSIONAL CARDS.  HALLETT& SHAW  Barristers, Solicitous,  ; Notaries Public.  Calile Address :   " hallett."  Codes  Bedford M'Nolll's   Greenwood.  Moreiiiff & Weal's _   _  Leiber's. B.C.  I.  H.   HALLETT.  II. C. SHAW.  Candy Factory ancTlce Cream Parlors^  Fruits, etc.  ��  rf^S     $f  '   T'       T^-        $ �� T ^ .-���   ?.        ^ $       4 ^ ^ ^ ^ % ? ^*        -f ^.       ���?- $ ^ $      ^"K  ^amumuiaiauuaiaiauuiiiiaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaiiuiiiiuiiiiiiiiiaiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiaii  Greemvood is the financial and commercial centre 01 the  Boundar}- Creek District. It is the supply point for the  Mining camps. From the city roads lead to Greenwood.  Deadwood, Copper, Summit, "Long* Lake,. Skylark-, White  and Atwood, Wellington and other boundary Creek camps.  STATIONERY, ETC  SMITH & McRAE.  Dealers  in  Stationery,  Blank  Books,  Wall Paper, Tobaccos,  Confectionery.  H. B. MUNROE,  Doaler  in  Confectionery,   Stationery,  Tobaccos, Fruits, Etc.  J. L. COLES,  Stationery,   Newspapery, Periodicals.  McLEOD & BROWN  Barristers and Solicitors,  Notaries Public, Etc.  Offices: Wallace-Miller block, Copper street,  Rreenwood, B.C.  J. R. Brown. J. P. McLeod.  ARTHUR M. WHITESIDE.  ^^^���BARRiSTER^atifi SOLICITOR  Rendell Block, Greenwood, B.C  QHARLES AE. SHAW.  Civil Engineer,  Dominion    and ���   Provincial  Land Surveyor.  GREENWOOD.    ;       :       ;       ;    B.    C.  I-I. A. KING & CO.,  Tobaccos,   Cigars,   SiiK*k..rs Sundries,  Books, Newspapers and Periodicals.  ~5      For prices of lots -and other  -^   ''.** information address      ��� Robt Wood-or C. Scott Galloway, Greenwood    ^  tyw.i.*j��'*j^Ki3cgsat*.'wriii*^uipw^-t|�� i �����'M|jj**^-'j.��J'wt^��jwaTtacBJe.n  Mn!mmmmmm!t!mmn��iimmmmmmm?!��nmmmm!!itwn  *#-  -MONTREAL, QUEBEC.  MANUFACTURERS OF  HOTELS AND RESTAURANTS.  THE GEM RESTAURANT,  C. R. PiTTock, - Proprietor.  A.  E. ASHCROFT.  Dominion and  Provincial  Land Surveyor.  Mining and Engineering Surveys.  Underground Work a Specialty.  Wood  lilorlf (next Customs office.)  o OR KEN WOOD. I!. C.  FURNITURE.  T. M. GULLEY Si CO.  Dealers in Furniture, Carpets and  Linoleums, etc.  ROCK DRILLS, STRAIGHT LINE  DUPLEX. and CORLISS AIR COM- =3  PRESSORS . . 3  ^ BOILERS, HOISTS, PUMPS, Etc. c���p^#%%\f$il���F'��� %  S^     Agents For The BullocK Diamond Drills.  ^ stock carried in rossland. *���->  ^ R. 33. K. IllcKalSv, Rossisrsid, 8. 0. 3  ^iumiuuiuuuiUiuiiiiiiiiiUiiUiiiiiiUiaiiuaaiauauiuuuuumuiiuiu^  BREWERIES.  -     THE ELKHORN BREWERY  PokTmax & Pou'j'max,        Proprietors.  In draft or bottles at all leading  hotels.  WHOLESALE LIQUORS  -THE GREENWOOD LIQUOR CO.  R. Gkkigick, Manager.  Agents for Pabst  and  Calyary Beer.  MINERAL ACT 18%.  Certificate of Improvement.  NOTICE.  "SILVER DOLLAR" Miimr.-il Claim, situate  in tin- KciiU* Kiwi- .Minitij.' Division ol Vali;  DisiriiTt. Wli��r<; liic.-itcil : About.live niik-x  Noiih of Canvoii Crri'ltanil nliuut two miles  West of UK' MaVit KiJllIe KK-lt.  TAKE. NOTICE lliat w, Charles Newman,  of Oamp Mcl-riuuev iu tlie said Division,  Imcc Miner's Ccrtilieate X*>. I! -\()A>?> and Jacob  Peterson, of tlio same place, Free Miner's  Ceriilicate No. 15. *l:>.t-l'*, iiili.-iul. sixty days from  tlie dale "iiereof.-lo apply to the Miiiiiii,*- Recorder for a Ce.iilic.ue of Iitiprovements for  the purpose ol olilainhifj a Crown Grant to  the above claim.  Ami  further take  uotice that action,   under  section 37,  must be commenced  before  the issuance of such Certiiicate of Improvements.  Dated this 31st day of May, A. I)., 1'1<J2.  CHARLES NEWMAN,  JACOII I'ETERSGN.  Last issue Nov   30.  SOCIETIES.  :'.-    *X .-.'- BOUNDAltV   VALLEY   LODGE  "..".-" "   No. 38.1.0. 0. F.  Meets every Tuesday I'veninn at 8 HO in   their  lodjre room at the SVc.od   Hall.     A cordial ittvi  tiitliiu is extended lo all sojoumiufr bre'-hern.  \V. Ei.son, N.G. A. D. Hallett, KeC.SeC  F rel Fire! W. A. Chappelle, better  known as '"Old Cap," will act as Chimney Sweep, clean and set up your stoves  leave word at Pioneer Hotel or O.  I. C. New and 2nd hand store. ���V- .    :,T;;.rr <;:;;\      tr-c; a ., ^.p-^rjfj     >I :;*!**-f  ^.  THE   BOUNDARY   GREEK "*^PIMES^  ���vhK.V^���-  Wants Divorce,  The Spokesman-Review says:  Rose Orebaiif-rh wants a divorce  from Paul Orebatioh because, as she  alleges, he lives with another woman.  She says that she was married to Ore-  baugh at Princeville, Ore., Julyl2.1891.  Her husband, she says, became acquainted with a woman named Alice at  Greenwood, B. C,'and that he dishonored his marriage viiw.s. The intimacy  between Orebaiij,rh anil the wi-iiian, the  plaintiff avers, continued at Or rue n wood  from September, 1901, to May, 1902,  and that he is now living- with the  woman at Salmon City, Idaho, as man  and wife. Mrs. Orebaiigh asks for divorce and the restoration of her maiden  name of Rose smith.  Orebaiigh was the proprieter of the  O. K. barber shop until last spring  When he left the city.  No Court.  Wednesday supreme court registrar  McMynn received telegraphic instruction a from the attorney-general to notify all grand jurors and all petit juror's,  summoned to attend the court of assize  set for the 57th inst., that, their attendance willnot mow. be required. This  action was tilcen because Mr. McMviin  had in the performance of his official  duty informed the attorney-geuaral  }hat there were not any criminal cases  for this assize and in the only important civil case set down for hearing at  it the counsel concerned had consented  ��� to a postponement. It is an evidence  of the law-abiding disposition of'residents' generally that in a district in  which well on to a thousand men are  employed in mines, smelters, and other  Industrial works, no serious crime has  taken, place since the spring assize.  MINERAL   ACT.  Certificate of Improvement. [  NOTICE.  "ROD ROY" Mineral Claim, situated in tlie  Kettle River Mininir Division of Yale District. Where located : Providence Creek  camp, wu-il of ami adjoiiiiiifr "Iron Mountain" mineral claim,  TAKE NOTICE that I, James Alexander  Macdonold, aclittt; as ajjent for Janie?' 'J.  Warren, Free Miners Certiiicate No. B573<j0j  intend,  sixty   days from   the  dale   hereof to  npply to the Mining Recorder for a'Cortl flcate     -r      -,     ,  . ���*..���-������ ��� -   * ..  ol improvements for the purpose of obtaining   "l\ncTa] Acl?*��� :tiuder...the ��� jjroviBious  ofrt|��  Crown Grant of the above claim v .      Mineral Act, that you slioiildxontrlbute $102.50  ���\nd further hike   nnHee   Hint ' .ho Inn    niirtfir   as J'0"*   P��rtioil   of  the, said   Sum for vpur Utl-;  .\n.i itirinei take nonce that uu on, under jdh. , d j-|]e ,]al( illtcre^ insai(i claim.audjit  .Section 37,   must  be  commenced   beforo 'the , withilI 90 days from the firstinsertion of -tills  ' notice you fail or refuse to contribute the sum bf;  JPTICE,qjF?F^F;|ITyjRE..; ,tf  To George.Bear<Js]��y,of Crteowocd.B. C., aqd  shy person'h*pr:,]perepns!;'icyw.fwn,'te".iq^y  have have transferred-tils Interest in The  ';L.S.".Mineral:Claim, situate'ln Sfcyiafk  ..Camp in the Kettle Rlyer Mining Division  of Yale. District.     - "*���������* '���-���     ---i  YOU ARE. hereby" notified, thai i. tiaveeic-  pended $205.00. in order*;tp hold.-the said  Issuance ol such Certi-". ���".ate of Improvement.;  Dated this 22nd dny of Septembcr.A'. D., i902.  J. A., MACDONALD.  " "Hello, Bill." answer to the. call.,'.'advertise." Note us, the. O. I. C. New &  Second Hand Store, A. L. White & Co.  opposite A.   H. Sperry "Co. "  '    " **" '  3102.50 which Is miyvdue:tiy.'you.,, together with  all costs o(-��dvertlsinir, yourinterest Inthe said  mineral claim will; become the property.of the  subscriber under section four of an.Act.entitled  the ''Mineral, Act'Anieiidnieiit Act," 1900.  Dated at Greenwood, B.  C, the 26th day of  September,.l*W2... ,,,ROBERT.DEMPSTEK,  First lnsertion.~SeptTSi;t  Last insertion:Dec. 20;.:.    ���:������, ��� . i ��� :���*.  Is what they all say. about-- ._-. .--���.���.-'i  .THE NEW GElfi SAFETY JMZOrT  Impossible   to cut the jface 5 ^shaves  easily, quickly anpl cleanly,  *  Illustrated boo,klet;free. ;   -Mail Orders promptly filled.  j:r*.?*-r*viv-^H' .*-''.  4��  McUnjiafll^SsFNy   &   Company  Wholesale Hardware Merchants, 4 >  122 Cordova Street**- -.^ir ��� ::-yAlJ!(#UVER. JB. C.  4��  :;: -.-."*    - Connections' wltlr'J*'** .,"  Western Union Telegraph Company-  ....   [22,000 offices livO.S.A.]  Great North-Western of, Canada.  ,  ii',        ���  "' [2,<X>office�� in Canada.]   ���;        , .  GABLE SERVICE TO ALL THE WORLD.  '���     '     TELEPHONE NO. 12. ''    '        *'*  MINERAL ACT.'"  Certificate of Improvements-  ?.���:���::������ -��� ���������-,���?. ���!"'.;- NOTICE.,'- >-. ������* ''���''<*-������' i*  -TACOMA,Mineral iiaira sltu'atelii"'tlie���Ki'ttie  .. !..':R'l've'f'Mining; Division"& OaoyooS. District.  ", i "WTfe're ltKatedV:'.'.'N^r..Boitiid'ar-j1- Fallaiitdi  .,.','" '44jQ.ii.ilng^jthe^lJbplt'K^ow.ralueral.cialiti.  .'rpAKEMoTK^bii Lsiiaey iialjpiinBaa  -J.T-inactlWEas'ag-ont'lorSaitv.JvIJenseli, 'Pree  Miner's Certificate: K6i 'Bi41799*-r and -aAhiile  ChriBfetlsotf'5;";?Pree"iI Mln*r*B-:S Certificate No.1  B;*'.549l5,"=:i',-:lntend sixty days from the.  date hereof, .Vtovapply-to-; the; Mlnirtgitecoider  lor a Certificate of Improvitmeuts, for the pur-  pose of-obtaiainpf. a crown .grant of-the above  claim". "-'": '"        ���" ''" '   ���"-  And further take notice that action, under  section -37, must be commenced before the Issuance of such certificate of improvements. ..  "  Dated this 6th day of July, A. D.. 1902/ .  ������-; Sept.M���)-���",-j: SYDNEY M, JOHNSON  w.  Buy a bunch of cheap lots in Anaconda and go into the chicken business.  Rubber  SI5ALS, STENCILS, PRICE MARKERS,  PRINTING WHEELS, NOMBEKINO  MACHINES, BANI3 DATING AND NUM-  liEKING STAMPS, CHECK PERFORATORS, .RUBBER TYPE, PRINTINe  PRESSES. ETC. ���  FRAML18.: ST-AMP= WORKS, Vaticoiiver  MORTGAGE  SALE.  To Edward Nash and William H. Asqtiitli,  both formerlj' of the City of Greenwood,  British Columbia, Painters, and to the  Consolidated Stationery Company, Limited.  I, GeorgeR. Naden, of the City of Greenwood,  in British Columbia, Broker, hereby give you  notice that I demand payment of Hie sum  of  Two Hundred and  Eighty-five Dollars.  belnir principal1 and interest due and payable  to me upon a'certain mortgage, made bv vou,  the said Edward Nasli and William H. Asqtiitli,  to me, dated the 27th dav of February, 1901,  and registered at the Land Registry Office'at  Ktimloops on the 6th day of March, 1901, in  Charge Book, Vol..II, Folio 721, as No. 2OI5B.  The lands  included  iu  the above mort),'iige  All those certain parcels or tracts of land situate in the District of Yale, in said Province of  British Columbia, and being more particularly  described as follows  All that piece of land situate iu the   _  Division of Yale District and described  'STRONGEST IN THE J\iORLD"v  -*��. '���.}.:  Assets . . $304,568,063'.49 j    ^Surplus-. -*, $66437,*170<01  ...".,.*'..    H. ALLEN$E^r, Manager,*..''.'���-���;,  605-606-607 Empire State Building^   I   ���'--   ���  Spokane, Wash.  -CHARLES T.  Office Tel. Brown, 211.  KJPP4 Cashier-  ";:    Residence. Tel.  South, 801.  P. O. BOX 296."  <j$  4^ -i-?HQNE*':i79  WHOLESALE GRO0)3RSycA.*|rD AGENTS'.*F6R-T"|   7-t'r  TUCKET CIGAR CO.,! IKilON LABEL CIGARS.  MONOGRAM,  .    BRANDS. ' * V .,,  MARGUERITA,,./5;*    BOQUET,     ;; rOUR SPECIAL,*.  EL JTJSTILLO,       :EL, CONDOR, ,���   ,SARANTIZADGS,   SCHILLER  Osoyoos    as   Lot  fourteen (14) in Block thtrtv-tivo (32] in the  Town of Midway, as the same is shown 011 the  map or plan of said Town deposited in tlie Land  Registry Office at Kamloops and numbered  three |3;.  Also all that piece of land situate, lving. and  being composed of Lot twenty-three (23) '������ In  Block "1," ae-c.r.liiig 10 a map or plan deposited in the Land Registry Office al Kamlooj s  and numbered forty-six (46). of llio subdivision  of parlof the ���'ManimoiU" Mineral Claim,being  Lot 879, in Group ;, 011 the official survey of the  snid Osoyoos Division.  Aud also that piece of land situated in said  City of Greenwood, mid being composed of Lot  eighteen [I-] iu Block -'N," according to the  plan of the subdivision of said "Mamnioiit"  Mineral Claim, deposited in the Land Registry  Office at Kamloops and numbered foriv-six  146.]  And take notice that unless pavmeul of the  said mortgage money and interests and costs  be made within three weeks from the first pub-  lication hereof, I will proceed, with or without  any consent or concurrence ou your pari, and  without any further notice to vou. to enler into  possession of thesaid premises, and to sell and  absolutely dispose of thes.iid lauds and premises, either by public auction or private sale, as  I. the said George H. Naden, mav deem proper,  either for cusli 01 upon such terms of credit as  I may think proper, and 10 convey ain! assure  the same when so sold unto llie* purchasers  thereof, as 1 shall direct or appoint.  Paled at Greenwood, B.C.. this 10th day of  October, A. D. 1002.  GEORGE K. NADEN,  HALLETT & SHAW, Mortgagee.  Solicitors for Mortgagee.  Under and by virtue of the powers contained  in the above recited mortgage, which will be  produced at the time of sale, the above mention-  ed and described lands and premises will be  offered for sale by Public Auclicu nt the Post  Office in the City of Greenwood iu British Columbia 011 Monday the Third dav of November,  1902, at the hour of Twelve o'clock noon.  On one of the lois in Greenwood, are a house  and paint shop aud a two room shack, and on  the lot in Midway a shack.  Dated this 14th dav of October, 1902.  GEO. K. NADEN,  MOKTAOEE.  For terms and conditions of sale, apply to  Hallett &' Shaw, Solicitors for Mortgagee,  Greenwood, B. C.  Corner"Alexander-Street-and-Golumbia AveiiUeff<V-jfnct)Uver^B��.'^'~4>., 1:  -   |.   -=f,:t*3    ?.      .'.. -c.j...,,2!S;, V-E-.V Si   ���   ./'f-v?-***-..* S.W*^  Certificate of Improvements.  CORNWALL Mineral Claim situate in the  Kettle River Mining Division of Osoyoos  District. Where located : About two  miles North east of Camp McKinney 011  McCarren Creek.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Sydney M. Johnson  acting'as agent for V. U.S. Stanhope,  Free Miner's Certificate No. B��S422, intend,  sixty days from date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Recorder for Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown  Grant of the above claim.  And further take notice that actions, under  xeciion 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certiiicate of Improvements.  Dated this 3rd day of Julv. A. D. 1902  Sept. IS. SIDNEY M. JOHNSON.  g3��-3��..J  Do You  ...... > ,1   , \   '���'  FasfiionaMc  Then :B��y   v.  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St. John .- .':        Davrson ,.;;  .V Halifax     "--.v    .jSeatft-scSu;.^,..  ^Boston    .... :'-;:*..Ji...j;;jPo'^tiaLnd.?.;':;"  New York...��'--^sj-*- San'oFratjcisco  Lake Route  From Fortn-Wiijiam,Jthe ,*ayo^ite t��p m-  mer route for all eastern. p6iiits.'*  '  **"        *l ���*:.       t'       -1-..      *=-.  ---.'-i.    ������'.   "  #    ��   ��   ���>��������<*    t  ���-v.  Yo.u_wiil,'��f��St.tOiB-pndr:yoME��  iA: :iSSS^ri*.--^uir*ffl^}B��-s*  * il ;rliYe..:,-JVhy Aot -*end., them-,.  -��� rtn��j--^^?-'#ri?l^^^-:iiif  will  coat  you    only. Tj*jo  '  dollars; mailed, direct from'  .this office to any address.  *:,.iii-'5Ui;-;:'j:;s ;:::r.'jl-~: iiir>'   ^�����fX'*:'-r''|   ^'i.vs'r.  IV-II  *,  ��� B^ *" ��� ��� *#�� ��� IB* *  I  For St. Paul, Duluth, Sault Ste. Marie  ....  *.*���:   -^--"'CJ^jg^g^ e^��'--.-.-.W--:v----:,*..  ,*!���   *  ThrpgI^pri|]^Sle|j^!ig Cars v, (  Le'-SyeS itoun more Junction:  ;jflailly'f6r*-St^Paul;' leaves'1  Kootena^i~Xi'a(gdin;g Tuesday and Saturday forl^bfentoV'lM^ntireal and 'all  eastern points. -'-���; -^.v ''-i. ;,--jV. - -ssj'...-. Cr. '*i.*;;',-;  I<eav��s:" ReVelstoke. daily  for Seattle and Vancouver.  Through bookings  to. Europe via c;.  ....,.   '(.'.alL^tlainHc li^es.    .      :....*V|  .Prepaid tioketsgat lowest, rates issued  S ftjSm Jall EiBoopean countries. "  Complete Equipment  jUn^equ^ll^dinnthe?West;  For;itirne*'tables, -rates"-atadfull fa.tr  ticulajt^apjpjly to locallag^nts.  J. S. CARTER, E. J. COYLE,  dp;a.  Nelson.-VT^.P.A^Wncouver  Spokane Falls & Northern, Railway Co  -: ;" . ���--���f-'i"*-;-*"-:-'!'''! "iiV.h'i-ifj-ijrpferj.'.-s.-jfeVi&Si'S.  Nelson & Fort S&eppaLrd jgM^Co.  MioBntaiiiA  ;. The. only allxailroute betw-?enp6ints  "ea*t|;"?rea.t^n^8<su|hvtpp6i|il  sou, Grand Forks and Republic^Con-  nects ait Spokane witK" tfie^" Qr^Lt! Northern, Northern .P^ficia^fS^R. &  $[�����; Co.0forgj*i|inttf^||tV **weift: "'and -  south; ^nnccts^|f|ljS|s^antf{iM^Nelson with��� the Canadian PacifiicRy.  . Connects at"Nelson "withY ttjife"K. R.  '-knia-NrCor>*-KaalQ''an-dfK'.r^.^*^^tB*i  Connects at Curlew with' stage for  ���'��� -.^-;���  Greenwood and Midway, B.jC;i-.-'*>  Buffet^bars run on   traiqiaLb^twccn  STOka.ne-siiid Republic,     t:������... '&&:..  L-baVe  ?Effectlye AB-e-xlXth. W-M-  ,;.i**IJ,RIVB  9:15 a. m.  Spokane  5.:4S p. m.         ^  10:30;a.m."  ���    -Rossland..  5iWp. m.  7:lS;a..m.  - . :*Nelson  8:00 p. m.  11:07, a. m.  (Miners, Grand  '���Forks)*  ..;*fS.*".; '  9.20 a. m.  ��� *��� ������ .-Republic  ���.n:��v-         '*-���    I  5:45 p. m.   .__  j..  . ~.u\i".".���-.:._ . _..  -..-; ;Hi'Ai JACKSONj���'������^  General Passenger AgeitJ-1  Spokan*��vWaBh  for Sale by  Mimm �� So  ���1  GREENNW00D, B. C.  Is the last dayupoa which taxes caii  be paid to save the itebate of ONE/  SIXTH off the ordinary taxes for the  current year,  Pay your taxes payr and  tthey  collectors office wUfy^ipjpen  Irom 7 to 9 on the evening of the  29th, 30th and 31st-  G. B, TAYWK,  <-��^��-��-��-����->-��-��������-����*������<'������-��>��'��<��<<����<^"e^ I  x;d  I.1*'  i1  I:.  4-;  ��'������  I-  !>.  V  {if to  THE   BOUNDARY   CREEK   TIMES.  ���*5W>*-&M^*M��<-^>*>-*i<-*>^��-^^^  ���00O0O0O0O0OO0OOOO0OO0O<K)OO��OO00O0iK)OO<KK>OO0OOOO0<^^  EDITORS  EASY CHAIR.  ,00<>-0<-><XX>00*-X>��0��00-0<^^  AQAQfy^fAAQA^fAAAAAAAt^fAAAfyfy.'y^^p^  \.f  It is much easier to knock a man  down than to get him on his feet again.  The withdrawal of a single prop may  bring a building tumbling down, but  "it requires-a"* great deal of labor and  -skill tOibuildit up again.    Dull  times  come so easily, but a revival is often  Slow and difficult.    A combination of  unfortunate  circumstances  succeeded  in bringing dull times to the mining  districts of the interior,  and notwithstanding the   bright   outlook  at   the  mines and smelters   the   revival has  been slow. "' But it has been sure.   Business is better and the outlook brighter.   The   improvement   was   so   slow  !th'atit was almost imperceptible, but  step by step things have been reaching  their normal state.   When the top of  'the. hill is "reached then  things   will  '- i'imove at a^ rapid gait  Right here in Greenwood the outlook  was never brighter.   The success of ���  '" this district must- necessarily depend  upon the operation of mining properties,  and the employment of a large  number of men,   combined   with  the  treatment of the ores right at home.  We have here conditions that obtain in  .scarcely  any' other   mining  district.  Mining, and.its allied industry, smelting, must be carried on in th<> district.  The ores are not hauled out of the district and treated elsewhere ; even the  matte will be treated at   home.   All  that is in the industry will be the por-  . tion of. the district.    The  profits will  ���- -not be divided.    With plenty of mines  '" working there will be plenty of smelters', and these two great industries are  sure to make a district prosperous..  ,i.     . - ���     u.- -        .      t  -A brief review of the situation  will  demonstrate that we have some reason  " "for the faith that is in us":   When  the  ���-"^1"$ C* ���Cop^i*ix-1'Oo'mpiny,'erected=iit8  !-'smelter at Greenwood, its one furnace  ^'yras considered  sufficient to meet the  .'.-then requirements of the mine.    Since  then  another furnace has been added,  and.the-Mother Lode mine itself could  easily furnish sufficient   ore  for two  '- additional furnaces.   The character of  the ore has greatly improved.   In  fact  a' new mine has been opened up at the  Mother Lode.    Recently started glory  -   holes are in a large body of ore, giving  ���much higher values in copper. _ This  - has increased 'the quantity of   matte  . manufactured  by   the   smelter   until  - -today-a carload of matte is shipped  '"- daily tothe converter.   The smelter is  making big money; Two new furaaces  -5 i;;and:a" converter - will be installed at as.  early a date aa possible.   Now all this  i;-{sh<i*wa tlijkt the company is doing- well,:  ;��� and; they deserve to do well; but we  ;   are not-particularly interested in that.  The additional furnaces and a converter1 mean the employment of more men  "'arid the treatment of more ore; and  the treatment of more ore demands the  /''mining of more ore, which will require  the-'employm'ent. of more men.   It-is  men after all that make a town  and  district���not mines.    It is the men that  mines and smelters employ that build  up towns and create business, make  real   estate   valuable,   in   fact   make  everything of a commercial nature valuable.   The more men that are employed, and the more they earn, the bigger  the town to which they are tributary.  Additional furnaces, a  converter,   and  the   doubling  of   the   output   of   the  Mother Lode-mine, will of. themselves  double, the population of Greenwood.  The  men  will live here,  build   their  homes  here,   and will be an important  factor in building up the town.  But the Mother Lode is not all. The  Sunset and its smelter are not standing still.' In fact conditions are such  - that the mine is handicapped by the  capacity of the smelter. Since the  smelter was blown in both the B C.  and the Snowshoe mines have been  . sending down so much ore for treatment that the output of the Sunset  mine had to be limited.   There is only  one good r:medy for such a state of  affairs, and that is to increase the furnaces at the smelter. This will be  done as soon as the manufacturers can  supply the material. Not only is the  smelter handicapped in so far as the  Sunset ore is concerned, but it is losing  good trade in another direction. The  Sunset smelter could get lots of Republic ore���profitable ore to treat and more  profitable for this smelter since its own  mine, the Sunset, has just ���-the right  kind of ore to make a proper blend  with the Republic ore. Republic ores  are searching for a smeller to treat  them, but none of the smelters can  handle them until they get more furnaces. The Greenwood smelters are  treating over 1,000 tons daily now.  Within a year they will easily double,  their capacity.  The mines are now employing more  men. The B. C. mine, which was  closed for over a year, is running full  blast. The Emma is shipping to the  Nelson smelter, the Providence has six  men at work getting out high grade  ore ; other high grade properties will,  shortly be opened up.  These are Greenwood properties. A'  Phoenix the outlook is equally bright,  While the Granby mines have been  handicapped by low water and consequent lack of power at the smelter, this  difficulty will be overcome by introduction of power from Cascade. When  this is done, and the smelter is running at its full capacity, more men  will be employed at the mines, and  business will be better in the dinner  bucket town.  These improvements have had a noticeable effect in the city. Business is  brisker, building is active, and there is  a noticeable improvement all along the  line.  mssssR^^  (r*  (r*  <F<  G=*  Cr<  Cr<  0=*<  CP*  CP<  <f*  Cr*  G=*  (r*  G*"***  CP"*  (r*  -5="*  0=*-*  (r***  (r*  <r*  99  Capital, all paid up, $12,000,000.  Rest..  ..$8,000,000.  President.   Lokd Stratiicona and Mount Royal,  Vice-President:   Hon. Gkokgk A. Drommond.  General Manager:   E. S  Clouston,  New York, Chicago.  : Grant Commercial an  Branches in London, Eng. {c^JhiaPrc���S3!.. \  Buy and sell Slerliiiff Exchange and Cable Transfers  Travellers' Credits, available in any partjof the -world.  Greenwood Branch,     F. J. FINUCANE, Manager.  fc=9  *=*-9  **-��  >=��>  ��=9  TLMMMMMMmmmMMMMMMMMMMmMM  With eggs at 60 cents a dozen, what  more profitable business can you desire  than a poultry and egg farm.. The.  sale" of Anaconda property will give  you a chance to get the land rights.  ^f^f^^fAAAAA^AAAAAAAAAAAAA"  Y.  Y  Y  V-  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y.  Y  % grown prunes from  his  y own  orchards.*    These  W. H. Covert begs to  announce that on or  about October 15th, lie  will be able to supply all  the Boundary market  with     delicious     home ��  prunes will not be picked  green as are prunes shipped from a distance but  will be allowed to ripen  on the trees, thus secur.  ing a delicious flavor.  The price will be cheaper and quality better.  There will be enough  for everybody and housekeepers and others are  strongly advised to wait  for the home  product.  grown  I  Y  Y  t**  y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  V  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  I  *;  ������**-M����-����-M��-����4--lg*��^^  BICYCLE AND  MACHINE REPAIRS.  | PAINTING AND .  I sign work;  i Gopper St.    :Greenwood.^  ���J���^J^���^*^^^^4|^J^'^��J^^���>*5KJ���^4,'iMl^������-,  *  ��������--  #"  ��  ft  ft  ��������������  ft-  ft  ft  ft..:  ft'"  ft'  ft  ft  ft  ft.  ��'���  ft  ft  *  .�����.  ft  ft -  ftJ  ft  ft  ft  -*  ft  ft  ft  ftftftftftftftftftft��ft��ft*ftft��ftft��ft#��-��ft��  Now received on day of  Subscription $1.00 -per   month.  ,  Delivery in central district.  H, A. HNG & CO,  v, AGENTS.,  S^���-;  FURNITURE  LINOLEUMS;  CROCKERY ;7  GLASSWARE  CUTLERY  SILVERWARE I  BAR GOODS  The  largest   hotels and finest  residences in B.C. were furnished by us throughout  WEILER BROS.  VICTORIA, B. C.  MINERAL ACT  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  "BRUCE", "NORTH END", "JUBILEE",  "PRIDE OP PERTH FRACTION"  "MAGNETImE" and "FOG HORN'-  Mineral Claims, all situate in the Kettle  River Mining: Division of Yale District.  Where located :   In Graham's Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H, Hallett, as  agent for J. C. Haas, Free Miner's Certificate No. 'B41913, and Sydney M. Jolirsoii,  Free Miner's Certificate No. B417S1; intend,  sixtv days from the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Recorder for a Certificate ot Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining-a Crown  Grants of the abovt claims.  And  further take notice that action, under  section 3", must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.  Dated this 30th day of August, A. D., 1902.  I. H. HALLETT.  ���***<&����*^8^>*4��^����>&****��>��*��:-��  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  BURNS and BURNS FRACTION Mineral  Claims situate iu the Kettle River Mining-  Division of Yale District, Where located :  in Deadwood Camp.  TAKE NOTICE that I. Isaac II Hallett  as agent for Francis J. Finncanc, Frea  Miner's Certificate No. B40367, intend  sixty davs from the date hereof, to appl \  to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of Iri  provements, for the purpose of obtaining  Crown Grants of the above claims.  And further take notice that action   undei  section 37, must be commenced before the is  suance of such Certificates of Improvements.  Dated this 25th day of July, A. D., 1902.  1. H. HALLETT.  1  tali liii I Trusi 111.  m  m..  w  y**j-s  GEO. R. NADEN,  REPRESENTING:  The Phoenix Fire Assurance The British America Assur-  Go. of L,ondon, England.  The "Western Assurance Co.,  of Toronto.  ance Co., of Toronto.  The  Canadian   Birkbeck In-  vestment and Savings Co.  STOCKS,  REAL ESTATE,  THE BEST BEER IN TOWN IS MADE BY  THE ELKHORN BREWERY  PORTMAN   & PORTMAN  Proprietors  T&VUM  The Elkhorn Lager Beer Contains only Pure Malt Hops, Try  It! It is kept on draught or in Bottles by all the leading Hotel  Co the  Public!  We beg to announce that we  have disposed of our ' Jewelly  business to Mr. A. Logan. We  desire to thank our many iriends  for their liberal patronage during the six years we have been  in business in Greenwood and  'ask for our successor the same  kind treatment that has been accorded ourselves.  EHiller Bros.  September 20th, 1902.  f DO YOU  #  ####*#��)'f*��#*#��fc#i'��#)��ft.$SH*i#-a��)H!t  *  ��  ��  ���a  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  ��  !SMOKE ? ?  TRY  ONE OF 3  CIGARS.  'S  THE BEST LINES iN  CIGARS,  TOBACCOS  and CIGARETTES  Newspapers,      Periodicals  Stationery.  A Full Line Choice Candy  H. B. MUNROE  ��  ��  ft  ��  ft  ��  ��  ��  ��  ft  �����  ft  ft  ��  ��  o  ft  e  -a  ��  ft  e  ��  ft  ��  a  ��  -s   Copper Street. Greenwood,   ft  ft ft  ft#$6ftft$ft3��^ft��ft��fte��ee0ft#ftft�� the boundary creek times.  V  <K>000<><>0-0<><>0<>0-0<>-0-0-0-00^^  IN YOUR PARLOR, DIN- j$m*$  ING ROOM OR KITCHEN  APPROPRIATE  ������  *aper  To suit your surroundings, we .sell at reasonable  prices. An excellent line is selling for 20 cents, a  better line at 25 cents and 30 cents, neat an attractive gilt nt 40 cents, ingrain's at 60 cents, etc. etc.  We Tiave just what you want. It is never any trouble  to show }'ou our goods, even when you don't bny.  Call and see them.  Smith & McRae*  Books, Paper, Photo Supplies, Dtc.  00-000->0<M><><--H>CXX>0-^^  a postponement of her marriag-c  The funeral took place from his late  residence at Rock Creek, Mr. Hackney  Presbyterian Missionary at Camp  McKinney conducting the services.  H. N. Galer of the Granby Syndicate was in the city this week.  Geo. D. Curtis architect for the new  school and court house was here  this  week.  Joe Genelle and J. G. Billings of the  Yale-Columbia Lumbei' Company were  among this week's visitors to the  city.  FAIRVIEW FIRE.  Webster of Keremeos was a guest at  the hotel and had to jump for his life.  One hand and his face are badly burned.  Frank French, manager for Shal-  ford, was badlj' burned. He made an  heroic "attempt to rescue Miss Louise  Smith, the school teacher.' lie was  awakened by the crackling of the  flames, he thinks, about 2.30 o'clock,  as he went to bed at 11 arid read till  one.. He thought someone had started  a fire in the fireplace in the office below. It then sounded like children  playing, and finally he got up to see  what it was. As he opened the door  the flames burst in. He quickly closed  the door, put on his trousers, and rushed into the burning flames to try to  rescue Miss Smith. He burst open her  bedroom door and dragged her from  the bed. He took her to a portion of  the hall where there were no flames  and told her to remain there until he  could break the window in his own  room, so both could jump to the ground  and safety. He returned to his room',  succeeded in breaking the window, and  again ran through the flames for Miss  Smith, but she was gone. By that  time the flames were in all parts of the  hall, and a gust of fire struck French  and knocked him down. He does not  remember how he escaped, but when  he regained consciousness ho was on  the ground. Mr. French deserves the  greatest praise for facing death twice  in his efforts to save the life of the  unfortunate girl.  Miss Smith was a universal favorite,-  and her untimely end has cast a gloom  over the entire community. A good  teacher and a lovable lady, she ingratiated herself in the affections of young  and old alike. She was only eighteen  years of age, and the Fairview was  her first school. Her bereaved parents  live near Enderby.  Mr. Mathias, the manage of the  hotel, got out safely once but returned  for his wife and child. When he got  back to the room they were gone. He  ���.jumped-through-^the���window,, but-the  poor fellow was terribly burned. Every  particle of clothing was burned from  his body, and he lived only five hours  after the fire. Mrs. Mathias injured  herself in jumping, but the child escaped unhurt.  John Love, the druggist, had a trying experience in the charnel house.  His face is badly burned and his right  hand, a portion of which he is likely  to lose. His room was in the third  story, and Miss Lizzie Hunt.the housekeeper, had a room on the same flat.  Mr. Love rescued Miss Hunt, and  as the flames were in all directions  there was nothing to do but get  her through a window aud let her drop  to the ground below. She is very  badly injured, the thigh bone being  broken and her back injured. She is  paralyzed from the hip up and is not  expected to recover. Mr. Love jumped but landtd on soft earth and escaped injuries other than his terrible  burns.  Peter Town ley and Fiank French  had to jump from second story and  both have bad face burns.  Mr Birch, manager of Swinburne's  butcher shop, jumped from third story  and is badly injured. Mr. Allan the  fireman at the Stemwinder miue jumped from third story breaking the  ankle bones. He is also injured internally. Mr. McKink-3' also jumped  from third story and had ankle bone  broken.  The injured are being cared for in  private residences in the town. The  people of Fairview are doing everything for the sufferers.  Yesterday Dr. Morris, corner of  Vernon, held an inquest on the bodies  of Mr. Mathias and Miss Smith Of  the latter only a few charred remains  were found in the ruins. Mr. French  and others gave evidence but nothing  was learned regarding the orgin of the  lire.  years deceased.-had had several long  illnesses from ulceration of the bowels  but each time recovered and returned  to his ranch. Early this year he ap  peared to have been quite cured after  a very bad time in the hospital, and  afterwards did a lot of hard work  through the summer. Last month his  old trouble returned and then typhoid  fever came to aggravate his condition,  from the first his case was regarded  as hopeless and latterly he longed for  death to end his agony. The body  will be interred in the" * Greenwood  cemetry the funeral taking place this  afternoon. Deceased was an Englishman, unmarried, and had a brother  living on the ranch with him.  Death of John Lindsay.  John Lindsay, a rancher well known  in this district for years, died Tuesday  in the Sisters' hospital, Greenwood,  after having been ill 15 days witq ty  phoid fever. Deceased was 31 years of  age, a native of Wentworth county,  Ontario, his home having been near  Hamilton. He came west, about 13  years ago, and to the Rattle Rivey  valley about nine years. At one time  he had charge of the provincial government road repair party in this dis-  rict. After selling out his ranch near  Midway he removed to Rock Creek,  where a sister and brother lived with  him. Miss Lindsay was to have been  married to John McKenzie last week  but her brother's serious illness led to  We   are   retiring from the  Grocery    Business   and  wish  to  dispose  of  our   stock   of  Death of Mr. Stephens.  A    Long   Seige    of   Suffering   is  Ended.  Richard Stephens, a rancher from  Anarchist mouclt.tin, died attheG-reen-  wood hospital early on Thursday  morning.       During    the    past   three  as quickly as possible.  EVERYTHING MUST  BE SOLD  regardless of price during the  NEXT 30 DAYS.       |  Get your winter's supply at ex-   '  ceptionally low prices.  AIM  Chas. H. Wolf,  a broker of Spokane  was in   the city this week.  Geo. C. Tunstall jr. general agent  for Hamilton Powder Company was  over from Nelson this week.  Col. Armstrong has returned from  a .  three   weeks'  visit   to   Halcyon   Hot  Springs.  Rrlph Smailes of Rendell & Co. has  returned from a business visit to the  big commercial centres of the East.  The Volunteer Fire Department will  be the hosts at-a social dance given in  the city hall next Friday evening  October 31st. Music will be furnished  by the Firemen's orchestra consisting  of seven pieces. Tickets may be secured from any member of the department. ���  If you want to have a good evening's  entertainment go to Miller's hall on  Wednesday evening and get your money's' worth by seeing a good play.-  Prices IS cents for adults and 10 cents  for children to be paid at. the door  This entertainment is being arranged  by the young people.  His Lordskip Bishop Dontenwill of  New Westminster arrived here on Monday night and spent the week visiting  his people. Next Sunday morning he  will officiate at the interesting ceremony of blessing the new bell. The  services will begin at teti o'clock in the  morning. The choir will be assisted  by several local vocalists.  E.vW. BISHOP  PLUMBING  STEAMFITTING, HOT  WATER HEATING.  Estimates Given.    Satisfaction G uar  -    ' .    . anteed.  Naden-Flood Block,  Greenwood11  THE NEW  i  j  Remodelled,-Renovated-^ and ^Refurnished. Only the best Liquors and  Cigars. Prompt servicer Courteous  Treatment. Good Rooms. Modern  Conveniences.  Fred B. Munn,     Manager.  AND ALL KINDS OF  HORSE GOODS.  ��R  Special prices to Green- |  wood customers.      i  1 Mail orders  promptly  attended to.  *���������  All the Leading Styles including several exclusive '  creations at sensationally Jow prices.  ELEGENCE AND EXGELLENCE IN APPROVED  ' ��� ��� ���;������ ������������ '������:���������'. ' '��� v.  Oi  HIGH'CLASS KNIT UNDERWEAR  JUSl.RECEIVED.: : :  COLD WEATHER FOOT WEAR.  ,x~:~:"H~h^  Hunter-Kendrick Co.,  '...-'..."'. LIMITED.    : '  EVERY DAY IS BARGAIN DAY WITH US.  A large variety of fancy patterns iu French Flannels and  Bordered Cashmeres.  A complete assortment of the Corticelli Art ..Embroidery  Silk now in stock. -   .  Received  today a  shipment  of Flannelette Underwear  For this monthls selling  We Have Arranged Some Unusually Attractive  Bargains.  THE HUNTER-KENDRICK COMPANY, LIMITED.  GENERAL MERCHANDISE,  GREENWOOD, B. C.  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y>  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  Y  *  Y  Y  Y  v.l  ISM  (  >H~K~K-*<--*X-"X^^^  000000<H><>OCH><XKXX>00<>00<>0<>0  We have just received a fine lot  includlnif  Double Hyacinths,  Single  Roman     .   "  Narcissus,  Crocus,  Tulips RainbowMixture  Chinese Sacred Lily,  Plant them uow and they will bloom for  Xnias.  t.;..j..;..j��j*-.j..j��j��;~;��,j--.j-**;,H;^^^  Well heated rooms at moderate'  prices. Also first class board  by day or week.  THE SWAYNE HOUSE,  Silver Street,  Greenwood.  Jul  ���l-si  0k  ^X^<^^^H<<^>4A4444<i<>44<i>4<*  ft*!  m  ss  #  and supplies can be procured  at right prices at  -  Drug-jfist and Optician.   6 :  oooooooooooooooooooooooooo'  We have just received a fine line of  new harness and all parts of harness,  saddles, bridles, spurs, whips, snaps,  etc. The O. I. C. New & 2nd hand  sto re, A.L. White & Co,  a  *  Books,   Stationery,   Office  Supplies, etc.  Kodaks and Materals, etc. etc.  Phone No. 33.  '#  ��  V  *  *  ��  ��  ���$**���*���$ *****$#<HS-*��#*<H&#*<H��*-*$


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